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Air Date: June 25, 2021
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I can consciously handle death, and I'm ready to die.
But I've made these decisions now.
I mean, they're probably... I mean, I don't like to say things that haven't come true, but they're very close to killing me, folks.
Very close.
They're very close to going after Tucker Carlson.
They're very close to trying to kill Trump.
And I don't say that to be dramatic.
We need to know the zone we're in.
And this is my lane.
I asked to be in this lane, I am extremely honored, and it feels really good.
I'm going to try to take Gandhi's example, he took it from Christ, or Martin Luther King's, and I realize they want to trick us into violence right now, so I'm not going to do it.
But I'm going to fight them in the information war as hard as I damn can, and in the end when we take this country and plant it back, they are going to pay, legally and lawfully, for what they've done.
And I just want to make sure we beat them as quick as we can.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
I got them 1.9 trillion dollars relief so far.
They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential.
I wrote the bill.
This is an employee's bargaining chip now.
What's happening?
It's a live Friday transmission.
On this June 25th, and General Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, former National Security Advisor to the real President, has come out in a absolutely key analysis and said, the globalists are going to stage false flags ahead of the evidence of the audit being overwhelming and other states joining the audit.
This is just simply what all the preparation has been about at the Pentagon, what the critical
Radical brainwashing has been about with the race theory.
All of this has been prepping it to say that anyone that opposes open borders, global government, election fraud, disarmament, sellout to China is a white supremacist.
And even mainstream news has now basically gotten that and understood that and are now saying any opposition to even forced inoculations or lockdowns is white supremacist.
So that's how they're dividing the American people up.
White against black, hoping they can confuse people to join the globalist side.
It is an incredible time to be alive.
And the wheels are all really coming off right now.
Look at this interesting tweet by Major Patriot.
Let me get this straight.
Within 24 hours of Mike Lindell, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani appearing in court to address Dominion,
Voting system lawsuits.
Giuliani gets his law license yanked.
A building in the same neighborhood where members of Trump family reside completely collapses.
John McAfee commits suicide.
Biden threatens F-15 airstrikes armed with nukes against Americans who want to take on the government.
It's just all part of the crazy atmosphere that is unfolding.
You know, I'm taping some big interviews today and tomorrow for a special Saturday show we're going to air at 4 p.m.
And I was talking to Ted Nugent, his great wife, today.
We were taping for it.
She's like, hey, I was watching your show yesterday.
I was listening and you were really down.
You need to be more upbeat.
And I haven't had somebody at a gas station say, Hey, Alex, I was listening today.
You really need to be more upbeat.
People are really waking up.
And then I've been contacted by a lot of really prominent people saying, Hey, there's a great awakening happening.
You're the tip of the spear and we're with you and be positive.
And so I appreciate all of that.
And I appreciate the crew putting up with me.
People were asking me yesterday why I was flipping out.
It's just this stuff starts to really get to me.
I mean, this is so real, and I knew it was real, but it's so sad to see this evil still going forward despite the fact it should be easy to defeat.
But really, that's part of God's plan.
So we got one hell of a broadcast lined up for you.
I just wanted to thank all the folks that support me, and I need your prayers, so thank you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
When you live in denial, you live in great tyranny and bad times, and there's no safety.
But when you embrace God and justice, well then, ladies and gentlemen, you live in a world that is a lot safer and a lot better.
More like Mayberry RFB.
Again, thank you for joining us on this June 25th, 2021 Friday transmission.
Let me do my best, as I try so often to do, and just give you an overview of what's coming up today.
We have several big guests in studio, one of which I already had in the studio yesterday, that I was very impressed by, and whose sincerity and energy brought tears to my eyes.
I was like, quote,
Great guitarist, a great songwriter, standing next to his fire.
We have Maj Tor joining us again in studio.
And we have Jeremy Brown, who is the Green Beret, who the Feds tried to get to infiltrate the Patriot movement and set people up.
And that goes into all the new news coming out, documenting that most of the people that first attacked the police and triggered the police response, but then triggered
The leading edge of the Trump demonstration to fight back and then breach the Capitol, that indeed that was a provocateured false flag operation.
So that is coming up.
And Jeremy Brown, who was just on American Journal, doing a great job with the program reforming here at InfoWars.
Harrison Smith, he will be in studio with us as well.
And then Friday's host, fourth hour, Stu Peters and Owen Schroer and The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
Okay, so that's what we've got guest-wise.
The COVID news gets more intense every day.
A lot of this is news that came out yesterday that I didn't properly cover, and new stuff that's broken, but it's just one of these articles alone you can do the whole four hours on.
The CDC and the FDA have come out and said,
We're putting a warning on the mRNA vaccines, Moderna and Pfizer, that it can cause heart attacks.
You saw what happened in Europe where they started giving the shots first in the UK.
Well, we already knew that.
So incredible that they brought an experimental vaccine on the market, that when they did other tests on rodents eight years ago in Texas at UT, it did the same damn thing.
Oh, but Fauci didn't know about some study at UT.
Yeah, he did.
He paid for it and his name's on the study.
That's why I get physically angry here, because I care about people.
Because I have empathy.
And when I see young people having heart attacks and dying, and strokes, and now being in wheelchairs, and I know they're targeting my children with peer pressure to take this stuff, it makes me at a cellular level extremely angry.
And I'm trying and praying every day that God can help me with this, but it's getting to the point where I have trouble doing the show.
And I understand.
Ignorance is bliss.
Well, I'm not living in ignorance, and I'm getting pissed.
And you know what?
That's natural, but I'm going to put my energy into taking action.
There's a big march coming up tomorrow in Houston.
I'm going to try to make it.
I think Owen's going.
We should get that lady to pop back in, at least for 10 minutes today, so people know about her event.
That nurse that got fired, along with 180-something other ones, because they wouldn't take the deadly injection.
I mean, this is experimental, this is dangerous, it says it can make you have a damn heart attack or a frickin' stroke, and you're fired if you don't want to take it!
It's incredible.
So, we've got, that's just one article.
Talk a whole show about that, couldn't we?
The ramifications of that.
An experimental injection.
But it wasn't experimental.
They'd studied it all over the world on animals and humans, and they knew that if you made a vaccine to attack the spike protein on a virus, the delivery system, that that spike protein is made up of the same stuff we're made up of, and would make us attack our bodies.
And then you see the head bioethicist in the U.S.
on TV saying, we're gonna give you injections that make you allergic to red meat.
And the globalists said, son, we ain't doing that.
We're going to give them a shot.
Makes them allergic to themselves.
They did it.
And here's why I'm so upset.
You know, Snowden's come out, who is a good person and really had a lot of courage and is not an insider.
I don't
I started crying in the third hour yesterday while I had that guest in here talking about self-defense and coming together because that was just my endorphins being released and my brain soothing me because I can consciously handle death.
And I'm ready to die.
But I've made these decisions now.
I mean, I don't like to say things that haven't come true, but they're very close to killing me, folks.
Very close.
They're very close to going after Tucker Carlson.
They're very close to trying to kill Trump.
And I don't say that to be dramatic.
We need to know the zone we're in.
And this is my lane.
I asked to be in this lane.
I am extremely honored.
And it feels really good.
The crying is just the emotion of it all becoming true and all being real and how epic it all is on a planet in space and all this incredible stuff happening and our average human friends are asleep and don't even know what's happening.
And then I've got all these videos of Democrats that are in all white clubs that Hispanics, blacks and Asians aren't allowed in.
And I'm for free association.
If you want to have your own racist club, you can do it.
But it doesn't mean you can then lecture us how we're all racist when we're not and you are.
It's just the overwhelmingness of the fraud of these people.
And I like John McAfee.
I thought he was a cool guy.
You know, I like Joe Rogan.
He's a cool guy in person.
You know, one of the boys, hanging out with him, you feel cool, you feel fun.
It's not because they're a celebrity, it's just that they have that energy.
And you know they went in there and tortured him first before they killed him.
And that's me next!
So I got a lot of empathy for him, and I'm pissed off, you understand that?
But here's the thing.
I'm going to try to take Gandhi's example, he took it from Christ, or Martin Luther King's, and I realize they want to trick us into violence right now, so I'm not going to do it.
But I'm going to fight them in the information war as hard as I damn can.
And in the end, when we take this country and plant it back, they are going to pay, legally and lawfully, for what they've done.
And I just want to make sure we beat them as quick as we can.
All right, let me hit the big news.
Oh boy.
General Flynn has come out and rightfully said that they're gonna stage massive false flags.
That's just what comes after 11, 12 on a clock.
What comes after 5, 6 on a clock.
It's a no-brainer.
It's absolutely true.
It's gonna happen.
Unless we expose it.
Question is, how do you expose it?
I mean, the clock is racing down here.
We're going to play that when we come back.
Right out of break.
Him yesterday issuing an emergency warning.
It's on InfoWars.com, the full hour interview.
I suggest you share it.
And I'm going to just leave it at that.
People say, well, why is it full on your show?
Well, you heard him endorse the show.
I've met with him.
It's great.
I'm not going to say what he's up to, but we're going to be doing some stuff together in the near future.
He's got a plan.
And I'm working with him and I agree with his plans.
They're just right with mine because we didn't sit there and finish each other's sentences.
We're in this.
We're immersed in this.
We've got knowledge.
And so we're simpatico because we're singing off the same sheet of music that's called reality.
And you live in the real world, you know what's coming next.
And so they want to kill Flynn.
You can make your damn sure of that.
We're all targets and none of us are suicidal and none of us are going to kill ourselves.
We love life.
I love life.
Flynn loves life.
Tucker Carlson loves life.
Julian Assange loves life.
And Julian Assange is a damn hero.
And it is a black mark on Trump that he didn't do anything for Assange when he told Assange to leak that information.
People go, how do you know that?
He said it on TV.
He said Assange released it.
A week later, Assange released it.
And I'm not here to just bash Trump all day.
We need him.
I'm glad Trump's in the fight.
It's just that now is the time to not leave our people behind, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back on the other side with General Flynn's emergency warning.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show on this live Friday, June 25th transmission.
We got another special Saturday transmission coming up for you that will air 4 p.m.
Central tomorrow with some big guests.
Not just Ted Nugent, who's huge, but we're working on some really big guests that are up to the boat, but we want to get them in the boat first.
Big breaking news tomorrow.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
Now, let's get back to the big issue at hand.
This is on Infowars.com.
Warning America, General Flynn says globalists will pull something big before the Arizona audit goes public.
And he says not UFOs, and I agree with him, not
You know, a nuclear war, but blowing up a church, shooting up a black church.
That's what all the pre-programming is.
White supremacists are everywhere, they're about to kill black people, and it's all Trump supporters' faults and all people that question the election.
And you're like, why is this on every channel, every news show, every Democrat politician is just everywhere like a parrot.
White supremacists are going to attack!
White supremacists are going to kill everybody!
I mean, if somebody said somebody's going to burn your house down for a couple months, when your house burns down, who would you think burned the house down?
The person that kept telling you that your house was going to get burned down.
They talk to you like you're idiots.
It's like when they're rolling out a new Mustang, they have ads for it.
Or a new flavor of Coke, they have months of ads for it.
Well they're rolling out that white supremacists are everywhere and are going to kill everybody and need to be put in FEMA camps and that the CIA needs to arrest members of Congress because they're planning a giant overthrow and we're going to kill everybody.
With zero evidence or anything of it.
They're not doing that for no reason.
They're going to stage something.
And the Arizona audit, they're debating whether it's going to be done in two weeks, a month.
Massive evidence has come out, so much every day, I can spend the whole show on what they found in Michigan and Arizona and Georgia.
And that's why the Justice Department, run by Mr. Garland, has now sued Georgia today.
As soon as they couldn't get their federal takeover of elections, that violates the Constitution,
Total federalization.
As soon as that fraud didn't pass, he comes out of his little snake hole and says, we're taking over the Georgia system.
We've sued.
But their lawsuit wants to federalize it state by state now, so they can have people vote curbside with no IDs, so no signatures needed on a mail-in ballot.
They've got all these illegal aliens voting, dead people voting.
It's on record.
They've now confirmed Georgia was double counting ballots that night.
We could watch the video back when we got it, but now it's confirmed.
Now, the Republican leaders that have denied it in Georgia are now having to admit it.
So what are they going to do?
They're going to attack a minority church or college or grocery store, some type of minority gathering.
And they're either going to completely false flag it and do it 100% themselves, or they're going to find mentally ill, in-cell, white supremacist types that'll really be devil worshippers, whacked out of their minds on prescription and illegal drugs.
It'll be a two or three man idiot squad that'll go in and start shooting black people at a church.
Then there'll be a backup team that'll kill them, claiming they committed suicide, who will then actually kill a couple hundred black people.
Cause the Satanists always start shooting people and they kind of, wow, I'm actually killing somebody.
This isn't as cool as I thought.
And then they get killed by the black op team.
The black op team then kills the lion's share of the people.
They're going to want a big number, hundreds of dead black children.
So if you go to a black church or you go to a, you know, rural, say black grocery store, you better.
Be packing.
You better be watching.
Because let me tell you, the deep states are coming.
Here's General Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence, former National Security Advisor to the President, giving the same warning.
And do you think it's going to be, God forbid, some sort of a 9-11 event, or are they going to just hang their hat on the UFO noise that we now are seeing, you know, in mass reporting by mainstream media?
Nonetheless, they're now talking about UFOs and zombie apocalypses.
Actually, they reported about zombie apocalypses.
Which city might have the biggest zombie apocalypse?
And that was actually New York City, by the way, for those of you in New York, sorry to say you might get eaten by a zombie.
I mean, do you have any feeling whether it's going to be a 9-11 type event or is it just going to be some noise like UFOs which have been around forever?
Yeah, no, I mean, there is going to be something that's going to happen, and I'm afraid that what it's going to do is it's going to further divide the country.
I mean, it's not going to be as dramatic as something as you're talking about with 9-11, and the stupidity of this nonsense of UFOs and this apocalyptic crap is just such garbage.
People need to face reality.
We need to face reality.
They are going to continue to go after Donald Trump.
They're going to continue to go after Donald Trump.
And I'm glad to see the president finally getting out and doing rallies.
He's going to be doing one in Sarasota here on the 4th of July.
I think he's going to be up in Ohio, you know, tomorrow, Saturday.
So he, he's going to get back out and he needs to light the world on fire.
Because I know that they are going to go after him.
And whenever they go after him, it's never pretty.
It's going to be ugly.
And that creates a lot of media attraction.
Everybody has to cover it.
What does it mean?
What is it going to do?
And it keeps everybody off of the election fraud.
As I said at the beginning of this show, repeat after me, the 2020 presidential election was stolen.
There's no doubt in my mind anymore.
There's none.
And there's too much evidence that has come to the top, and the truth will continue to come out.
So something is going to happen.
I don't think we're going to have to wait until the end of the summer.
I think it's going to happen here fairly soon.
Because they do not want, they're going to, in fact, they must create noise prior to the Arizona audit starting to really bubble out.
They're going to have to do something.
That's right.
So, warning America!
General Flynn says globalists will pull something big before AZ Audit goes public.
That is, I agree, one of the top issues we're facing, if not the top issue, because all the preparation, all the demonization, all the prescripting that this white supremacist army, this phantom menace, is going to be doing all of this.
So, we're going to go to break in a few minutes.
I'm going to come back and I'm going to shift gears into that entire area and look at why they're promoting black-on-white crime while then hyping up white-on-black crime that is almost non-existent.
What is the larger issue behind that and how do we expose that?
Then we've got the huge
I don't know.
We also have some really important information dealing with the economy.
And of course, this came out yesterday, but I wanted to learn more about it.
I've had a chance to read the Supreme Court of New York's disbarment of Rudolph Giuliani, and they just say with no proof, you question an election, that's not allowed in America.
They actually say that.
So, this is just outrageous behavior by the New York Supreme Court, and it shows that the judiciary is in the pocket of the globalists, and it's gone full weaponization against humanity.
So, there that is right there.
It's all coming up.
Remember, this is not a spectator sport.
This is toe-to-toe with the New World Order.
So please, however you're listening, on radio or TV or at InfoWars.com, share those links with everyone you know and tell them to share it.
That's how we trigger the chain reaction.
That's how
We defeat the globalists.
Stay with us.
The clown-in-chief who stole his way into the White House is disintegrating in front of all of our eyes.
What's happening?
Thank you for listening.
Is Joe Biden really a racist?
I'm gonna hit you with my view on this.
He's an anti-human.
Joe Biden hates everybody but himself.
Joe Biden is a psychotic, sociopathic control freak who lies to everyone.
And yeah, were there old alliances of elitist white people that didn't want you in their country club if you weren't related to them?
Snobs to white people as well as black people or anybody else?
And Joe Biden belonged to those all-white clubs until the 90s.
And he defended those.
Now look, you're allowed to have your own all-black club, all-Asian club.
Hell, you know, you have fraternal clubs that are all-Polish, or all-German, or all-Japanese, or all-Mexican.
That's fine.
But it's not like, oh, this is our Italian culture center, or the Jewish, you know, center.
This is only white people, period, by invitation to be part of this club, and those clubs are all about saying we're the elite, better than everybody.
And you have a right to do that.
I have a right to say you're a fraud, especially when I have no desire to be any part of a club that would have me, to quote Groucho Marx.
But the fact is, is these guys are part of a globalist club.
Let's see, everyone else is a commodity and everyone else is worthless and everyone else to be abused and fed off of.
And they've got their own cloistered separate clubs from us because they want to be able to suck us dry and make us poor and dumb us down and not even look at us while they live on all of our stolen energy.
Whereas I want to see everybody successful and empowered through competition.
These guys want monopoly systems.
And so, yeah, he's super creepy.
Let's actually play the non-edited, non-joke one.
Let's actually play the whispering club from him yesterday, just with no editing.
So you get an idea of the serious cognitive freak show decline of this guy that doesn't know what planet he's on.
Here it is.
I got them 1.9 trillion dollars relief so far.
They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential.
I wrote the bill.
This is an employee's bargaining chip now.
What's happening?
I want to explain something to black people or anybody else that has never lived around a country club.
Something about country club folks.
A lot of them are really nice people that like to play golf, like to play tennis.
Whether it's an elitist country club or whether it's just a, you know, blue-collar country club, and they got those.
I grew up on a kind of a mid-level, middle-class country club.
And I would routinely have old men drive up on a golf cart when I'd be walking down the street and ask, are you part of the club?
Do you live around here?
And they just do it to act official and powerful.
And you better believe if they're black, they're gonna come over and ask why you're here as well.
But that goes on to everybody.
I live on a golf course.
And everybody walks on the golf course about 9 in the morning when the golfers get out there.
And I've probably had 20 times over the years, old ladies see me walking along with one of my kids and ask, do you live around here?
And I'm always polite and I say, yeah, sure dude, do you live around here?
Well, I just wanted to make sure you lived around here.
Oh, cause how would you like it if I asked you that?
Oh, you wouldn't like that.
See, you're in a position of the elitist, and you're the boss, and so you're at, see, where do you live?
Well, they'll start stuttering.
I live at the stretch.
So, you're on a power trip, and I'm not sneaking around your backyard.
I'm here with my three-year-old, walking over here to the creek.
God forbid you got fishing poles over your shoulder.
Because to these mummies that live in high-rise buildings or on these golf courses, it's weird to go fishing in a creek.
And that's why when they walk around the golf course, they wear like polo shirts and, you know, even in hot weather, these like Thurston Howell III outfits are stuff from Bushwood in Caddyshack.
I grew up in a Caddyshack neighborhood.
I actually grew up basically at a place just like Bushwood.
And I got to actually see how the world worked, because you see all the different stratas.
You got the guys gambling behind the, uh, greenskeeper shop.
You got, I mean, literally the exact, got crazy Vietnam vets that want to blow up the gophers with explosives.
I mean, I think that must have gone on at every golf course because that was actually going on.
So you've got to get it.
It's not black against white.
It's elitist against everybody else.
And Donald Trump's the guy that bought all these clubs and opened them up to everybody.
He's like, Hey, let's have a party.
And they're the ones that didn't.
So if you don't understand their mindset, they're not taking these deadly vaccines.
They're not doing this.
No, they want you to take them.
They want to dominate you.
So this came out a few days ago.
I was in New York, didn't have time to cover it.
I want to cover it now because imagine if Donald Trump was in an all-white club.
No, no, he actually opened up the all-white clubs, bought them up when they were failing and opened them up to everybody.
Dems send White House defense families membership in all-white club.
It's a long tradition in Rhode Island.
Oh, like the KKK?
So again, this is the big Democrat that lectures us how all whites are racist and America's bad, and the military needs to tell white troops they're bad and create this racism system, but then he's in an all-white club in Rhode Island that's famous and racist.
And then Joe Biden's the exact same way, in speeches saying black people are cockroaches.
But that's okay, because he's a Democrat.
And it's okay if Tim Cook runs death camps.
For Apple, because he's gay.
I mean, literally.
It's like, oh, you're a Democrat?
Oh, you're gay?
Oh, then it's okay if you're a pedophile.
So, here he is, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who portrays himself as a progressive social justice lawyer.
But see, the mainstream media won't ask him, can you imagine if I was in an all-white club?
Can you imagine what they would say and do?
But oh no.
Oh no.
I don't want to be in an all-white club.
They do.
I want to be in an all-patriot club.
How about that?
I want to be in a club where if Democrats don't like it, don't join.
How about that?
How about I'm in the American club?
How about that club?
The club, you know, of free speech and guns and family and fast cars and lots of wealth and power and success and Jesus Christ at the center of it.
That's why we got all that power.
Here's this piece of crap.
Here he is.
A little close.
Back in 2017, you had expressed concerns about the membership of the all-white Bailey's Beach Club, said that you hoped it would become more diverse.
Now, your family's been members, your wife is one of the largest shareholders.
Has there been any traction in that?
Are there any minority members of the club now?
I think the people who are running the place are still working on that, and I'm sorry it hasn't happened yet.
Do you have concerns in 2021?
I mean, obviously, it's been four years.
You had remarks on the floor following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd saying, you know, hoping to root out systemic racism in the country.
Your thoughts on an elite, all-white, wealthy club again in this day and age?
You know, should these clubs continue to exist?
It's a long tradition in Rhode Island, and there are many of them.
I think we just need to work our way through the issues.
Thank you.
So he and his dirtbag wife are part of a literal KKK club, but he's going to divide us on race and tell us we're all bad to fight with each other, which is exactly what the KKK does.
So, Jim Senator Whitehouse, burn in hell!
Burn in hell!
I hate you!
How dare you spew your racism?
How dare you spew your division?
How dare you sell us out to China?
How dare all of you leftists do this?
Lock us down, tell us we're not essential, sit there and teach us, and then cut the police so crime explodes and all the other criminal activities you engage in.
What a slimy, he's so arrogant, he's so conceited, he's so...
Not even effeminate, he's just this soft dough boy laughing at everyone because he's the elitist, he's part of the club, he's gonna screw you over.
It's a long tradition.
He's the KKK teaching you how to be racist, using race to control you.
Burn in hell, White House, burn!
I'm elemental!
My sight is clean!
I am perpetual!
I keep the country free!
All right, let me just finish up with this piece of crap and then I'm done.
I'm gonna move on to the other big news and a special guest in the studio and a lot of key information.
My frustration is if you want to have your own racial club,
Or your own group, have at it.
In fact, if you're proud of your group and say, we're into Celtic tradition, and if you've got Celtic bloodline background, we want you to be part of our organization, or we're an African group that's all about African culture, and if you're part of an African culture, come.
It's not that you hate other people, it's that you're proud of your culture.
I'm 100% for that, but these weird East Coast, that's where they mainly have them, clubs,
We're good to go.
You're an elitist, and then I'm really allowed to say I hate your guts when you run around sowing racial division and telling five-year-olds... I'm sorry, now it turns out the feds are funding it in preschool.
Three-year-old white children are being told they're bad because they're white by these racist freakazoids that want to create division.
Because you know it's going to make white people racist, right?
I never grew up seeing racism, didn't hear about it.
Now that whites are being told they're racist and they're pieces of crap, a lot of white folks are getting really racist.
And you know what?
I don't blame them because that's tribalism.
A lot of black people that have been suppressed become racist.
Because if somebody doesn't reach out to you and explain the bigger picture, that's what you'll do to protect yourself.
But the crew pointed this out, and this is admitted, I forgot to point it out myself, that this Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Democrat Rhode Island,
Who runs around pushing critical race theory and all of it.
His wife runs the 200-year-old, all-white, super-racist KKK club.
So when he says, oh sorry, the management can't do anything about it.
Ha ha ha!
And look at the arrogance and fakeness and disingenuousness of him.
When you have discernment, you look at him or Stelter or Tim Cook and you just see a demon.
The average person, oh that's a nice gray-haired man in a suit.
He's a dude that runs a creepy old white club that's 200 years old that then tells everybody else they're racist.
Fuck you, Senator Whitehouse!
Fuck you!
And Northam in KKK outfits and all of it.
I mean, that's, they're race controllers.
And back when whites were the majority and they could trick them into being racist, they'd do it.
And now they're trying to make the minorities all racist to control them.
It's the oldest trick in the book and it's disgusting.
And I personally am sick of it.
And you got the Democrats on every channel saying whites are inherently evil and whites are bad.
And we have record numbers of innocent white people.
White babies, white women, white men, grabbed out of their cribs, taken and murdered by black racists because they were white.
I never even played that crib footage, the little kid, the baby being grabbed out and taken and I guess raped and murdered in the street because they were white.
The black guy watched, watched there was a little white kid there, figured out where he lived and wanted to kill a white baby.
And when he got arrested by the police, he said, white people are racist.
Like this black guy that just shot all these people.
He said, well, there's all these white racists.
I mean, they're Nazis.
I'm Captain America.
Because Senator Whitehouse gets up on television and says white people are inherently bad.
In fact, I forget the little boy's name.
It was in Dallas.
You have the black racist, crawls through the window, grabs a little kid out of his crib, and then takes him to kill him.
And again, I don't blame all black people for that, but I do blame White House.
I do blame the media.
I do blame Jeff Zucker.
I do blame Google.
I do blame, I mean, look at that little smart-ass face on him.
He's got a lot of nerve, doesn't he?
If I was up here all day telling you that I love everybody, and I believe in Martin Luther King's statement of judging people on the content of their character, which I do because it makes sense, and then you found out I was in an all-white KKK club, you wouldn't have much faith in me, would you?
But his constituents, because the media cover it up, do!
We need people protesting outside this KKK member's house every damn day.
If somebody wants to honestly be a member of the KKK, that's their right.
We don't need to protest their house.
We got plenty of racists on all sides.
But when you want to lead us into a race war, when you're a damn member of the KKK, I say you are a special case and you need to burn in hell!
You race-baiting son of a goddamn goblin!
Excuse me, Lord.
Oh, I'm so sick of these people!
Gosh, I'm tired of frauds, aren't you?
I haven't even gotten into all the attacks on white people articles and General Milley, oh, the white people are evil, and oh, he wants to know why we're evil, because we attacked the Capitol because we're white.
No, no, you lured us into that.
You were obviously part of it.
Out of a million people, you got a few hundred idiots to do what they did, and it was all run by the leftists, and we'll cover it next hour with a witness to it.
Now, look at this.
I mean, he crept in there to grab the little kid out of his room and then take him and torture him and murder him because he was white.
Can you imagine if they tried to turn this into a George Floyd thing and blame all blacks for what this guy did?
That'd be a crime.
Just like turning what one cop did by accident into all whites did.
It is a crime.
And you've got this mentally ill dude that looks like he's about 80% white anyways, going in here because a demon's in him, a demon's in him, wants him to kill a child.
Oh, but don't tell General Milley about that.
Or the latest thing, I mean, look at this vampire, standing above the crib, and then he finally grabs the little boy, the little baby, and takes him out to kill him.
And they found the kid dead in the street.
Yeah, keep rolling until he grabs the kid.
It's for TV viewers.
Black extremist shoots Daytona cop in the head as DOJ and FBI stay laser-focused on January 6th protests and white extremists.
Well, don't worry.
There's one less devil, that three-year-old boy.
Get that devil!
Get him now and take him away!
He's gonna show that white devil what Senator Whitehouse taught him to do.
We're going to go to break.
I just want to put this out right now.
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And we're neck and neck in the red.
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We got a special guest in studio the Feds try to hire to set up Patriots straight ahead.
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Tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of mentally ill vagrants wiping their butt on your lawn every day, literally, and you can't do anything because they have autonomy, and you can't tell them what to do, but Britney Spears can be prevented from having kids by conservatorship?
I mean, it just seems very strange to me.
Well, the difference, Tucker, is that Britney Spears had a lot of money.
And therefore, she had a lot of people who were willing to go to court to try to get access and control over that money.
And that's exactly what they did.
She can't decide how to spend anything.
Now, I've talked to some people here in California.
I'm in L.A.
I've talked to some people here who say that the attorney that is the court-appointed attorney for her and the judge are very fair and just people.
right now.
The problem is, Britney Spears didn't pick
I don't know.
I just think it's so, it's so strange and worth paying attention to.
I remember when they took Alex Jones off all platforms, people said, oh he's Alex Jones, he's just crazy, you know, who cares, we're not gonna defend Alex Jones.
And the next thing you know, it's like, Parler's gone, everyone you know has been deplatformed.
Right, or Julian Assange, they didn't like what he, he printed, so they threw him in prison.
Oh, it's just Julian Assange, don't worry.
We shouldn't worry.
When an American citizen, when an individual is treated like this, I think, so I am really glad that you explained that for us tonight.
Francie Higgs.
Thank you.
Rose McGowan, thanks so much for coming on tonight.
Hi, Tucker.
Nice to meet you, too.
I also have an open mind.
Well, this is my favorite quality in a person.
Thank you.
So, I'm coming at this cold.
I, again, haven't seen Britney Spears since 2003.
I just read she's been under conservatorship.
Make the case, if you would.
What is it, and why is that bad or good?
Well, in my opinion, and in many others, it's bad.
Imagine you're a 25-year-old young woman, or young human, who has been forced to perform since as long as she could walk to support her family.
Her father put her under conservatorship at age 25.
Many in the media laughed and scorned her when she shaved her head.
I lived in Hollywood during that time, and I made it my life's mission to tell all of you out there what so many of you really know deep down.
That fame and Hollywood and the media machine are rotten to the core, and they do hurt and they do damage.
At age 25, her father and a judge ruled, with many paid off doctor's help, that Britney Spears had dementia.
Since then, she's gone on to do a five-year residency in Vegas, two shows a day.
She's gone on a tour in 2018.
And what happened today is literally a cultural landmark moment.
It is a cultural reset.
She got to speak for the first time, I believe, in her life, honestly and openly.
And what has been done to her is horrific.
And I know it seems like why should we care about a rich pop princess, right?
But I think it's deeper than that.
And I think it goes to what you talk a lot about, which is the rot in the machine and how society also plays a part in a weird form of oppression.
Man, I mean, you've pushed all my buttons, I have to say!
I mean, the idea that the individual is crushed by forces larger than her, and that deep down it really is rotten, and that people are treated as disposable objects rather than as human beings with souls, I mean, that's all on display every single day.
So, pardon my ignorance, but quickly, conservatorship means she can't make basic life decisions for herself?
Absolutely none.
She can make no decisions.
When she sees her kids, what medicine she takes.
She said today, Britney Spears said they put her on lithium.
That is an incredibly helpful drug for some, but a hardcore drug.
She said she was doped out, I'm summarizing.
And she, I think, is ready to blow the lid.
She said today she's so angry it's insane.
And I understand that kind of rage after being the... Sorry, go ahead.
No, no, no, I didn't say anything.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us.
Alright, he came out a few months ago.
With the video that's posted at GatewayPundit.com and we may get it in play later, but if you want to see it, GatewayPundit.com has a whole article about it we'll put on screen for viewers so they can go see this and back this up for themselves.
And so that's the one request I have.
We just put the article on screen.
There it is.
Now we have proof.
FBI and DHS attempted to recruit Green Beret to infiltrate Oath Keepers before January 6th riot and he recorded it.
And that full interview and the full video of all of it
is at gatewaypundit.com and has been a major, major, huge, important breakthrough piece of information.
And I was just glad that Bandot Video was there because they tried to censor it on YouTube and Twitter.
It got, I think, a couple million views last time I checked when we were able to repost it to Bandot Video.
That's why Bandot Video is so precious and why I'm so glad that Jeremy Brown and some of his folks reached out to us because this is key
Key information in all of this.
And now we're getting more video as they continue to try to recruit other people to do similar things like this.
Jeremy Brown's a U.S.
Army veteran whistleblower.
He's a proud father, former small business owner, and decorated U.S.
Army Special Forces combat veteran who served for 20 years in the U.S.
He's an American first patriot who has challenged the Democrat establishment in Florida when he ran for the U.S.
Congress in 2020.
To this day, he still fights for the promises of our forefathers, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which means he is a white supremacist, according to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Good to have you here, brother.
Well, thank you, sir.
And Alex is actually better than that, because it was Bandot Video that broke the story.
Brandon Gray at JustAnotherChannel.com, a fellow Info Warrior, he's the one that broke it March 5th, and Gateway Pundit picked it up from you guys, and then now we're basically recycling it again.
So, it just goes to show the value of the InfoWars audience and the various channels that are out there on Bandot Video.
And if we have time, we'll play that video.
The importance of this, obviously, is right in front of us.
You've got the floor here.
Talk about your experience, what they said, what they did.
People can see the video for themselves at GatewayPundit.com.
Talk about where you see this going, because for me, just as a guy that researches history, they're branding the American people as white supremacists.
Anybody that's pro-gun, pro-family, pro-election integrity.
And actually, that's what brought me out of the shadows, because this happened December 9th.
We're good to go.
Other veterans to know that you're the targets of this, right?
They're going to continually do this.
They're going to try to infiltrate you because this is unconventional war, asymmetric war, unrestricted war, whatever title you want to give it.
The idea is to destroy these groups that they see as a threat.
First of all, the American people, they see as a threat.
But those that are already awake and understand what's going on, like the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, or any variety of other organizations that are out there that have been following this for years, they are the threat to these tyrants.
And so, after November 3rd, I said, you know, it's time to link up
With one of these groups or multiple of these groups and let them know what they're about to go through and what I explained to them is exactly what happened.
They were they were attempted to be and obviously were infiltrated by federal agents and federal operatives.
And more footage is coming out of not just Jaden X working for CNN 90,000.
We now learn to go stage it's trying to get folks to burn it down working with other groups.
We now have more videos of more leftists dressing up, posing as media, provocateur-ing people.
I mean, this was very easy.
You get a million people, you trick a few hundred to attack, the police are going to attack back, then more are going to attack.
You've started a barroom brawl.
And it's even worse because, see, and I talk about this a lot, they projected their insanity onto us, and so they expected, what you see in the media, the narrative, is what they expected to happen.
So they already had the scripts written, it's just like everything else, the Spars pandemic, Klaydex, Event 201, they script all this.
And so they already have the storylines written to deliver to the Mockingbird media, and so
When we didn't react like a bunch of mind-numb robots, well then their narrative didn't match what everyone who was there saw, and that's why it's falling apart.
So you agree that it was a misfire?
Like what we saw was one thousandth of what they wanted?
Oh yeah, of course, 100%.
It would be the equivalent if only Building 7 fell.
That's what it would be the equivalent of, right?
But see, they know that if everything would have went the way they wanted to, then everything would be matching and then it would take years to discover the truth.
But now you see only a few months.
After the events, it's all falling apart, and it's because their narrative doesn't match what hundreds of thousands on the Capitol grounds and millions who were at the actual rally saw that day, and so now people are coming forward.
Because, honestly, people have been scared up to this point, and now I think they're seeing people like myself.
And I'm a nobody.
I just don't like liars.
You're not a nobody, you're a great patriot, a veteran.
And you have video that we can play later of them literally coming to your house and before this and trying to get you to go be part of this and lead this.
And not only that, I actually recorded their recruitment interview.
And I told them I was going to be recording.
It took about 15 minutes.
And if you go to the video on Just Another Channel through Band.Video, we go line by line.
We pause it.
We say, what were they doing here?
What did they mean by that?
Literally mentioned something happening in January and this was before the president had even tweeted about the events.
See this was December 9th.
He didn't tweet about it until December 19th.
This is the smoking gun for radio listeners.
It's breaking.
FBI agents
Attempted to recruit former Green Beret to infiltrate Oath Keepers Proud Boys.
We should probably add to the headline, ahead of January 6th.
I mean, this is smoking gun and it's got a million and a half views.
It needs a hundred million views to literally expose what's happening.
And in fact, I bet you'd love to be called to Congress to testify.
I would love to address my employees because they have not been performing to standard.
So let's start at the beginning, and we're going to play the video coming up later, but start at the beginning.
They come to your house, what they say to you, and then what it's like then watching January 6th unfold.
Well, so they came to the house.
They actually knocked on the door.
My girlfriend answered the door, even though she wasn't supposed to, and had already told me that somebody was at the door.
We thought it was the air conditioning repair guy.
So I actually come to the door only to find two federal agents, and they're asking for me.
But, of course, they never ask me directly, so I never say anything.
So they're standing there, we're looking at each other, he hands me their card, and they're like, you know, just to let him know that, you know, we'd like to talk to him.
And they use the cover story of, we want to talk to him about some things he had posted online.
So, you know, they called my cell phone, I didn't answer.
Finally, I emailed him and then started the negotiation about when we would meet, the circumstances of the meeting.
And then that's when, on December 9th, I actually sat down with the two agents, I audio recorded the whole thing, and then kind of kept it to myself.
Then I actually went up to January 6th to help pull security for the Stop the Steal.
The detail I was on was actually the same detail Jessica Watkins, Kelly Meggs, who are all in prison now, was on of the mother of one of the speakers.
And we escorted her from the Ellipse down to the Capitol.
And so I had first-hand knowledge.
Of just everything.
The run-up to it, you know, and the narrative that there was massive planning.
Look, I was pissed at the lack of planning.
So it's completely comical.
They have a word for it in the Marines, I guess.
Cluster F-U.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
But hey, you know, I was the F-N-G.
The F-A-New guy, right?
So I kind of just stood back.
And the reality is that we were there to protect people.
And hundreds of people that day would come up and say, thank you for being here.
Gosh, we feel so safe knowing that y'all are here.
And that's the reality.
We were there to protect American citizens that were exercising their First Amendment right from those who would have wished to cause harm on them.
And that's the true story.
We're good to go.
And the video from a few months ago was powerful.
Him sitting down with the FBI and them saying something big's coming up on January 6th before Trump had even announced it.
They were pre-programming.
We want you to infiltrate these groups.
The footage of them coming up the front door, we'll roll some of that B-roll for TV viewers, but the most important thing to do is just go to BandOnVideo and we'll post it back right now, guys, as the featured video at the top.
Because with everything happening right now, this is smoking guns.
So Jeremy Brown, former Green Beret patriot, who they tried to infiltrate.
Then you went to D.C., you witnessed what really happened.
Lay out where you think we are now and what they're currently doing.
Because you're an expert on this.
You experienced it from before it happened, the day of the event, with all your background in the military.
You know, you're an expert on this.
What do you see in the programming of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Chairman, the Secretary of Defense saying,
The new doctrine of the entire government is attack white supremacists.
That's defined as anyone questioning elections, anyone questioning open borders, anyone questioning forced inoculations.
That's in the new official policy report that Biden put out last Tuesday.
I mean, this is a declaration of war against the American people, in my view.
Am I wrong?
No, you're not wrong, and luckily we have the recording of the President of the United States threatening the American people that if they want to overthrow the government, they're going to need F-15s and nuclear weapons.
I mean, if that doesn't wake people up, I don't know what will.
I mean, and I've been calling over the last few days for SF Command to strip General Milley of his Special Forces tab because he has literally allowed an unconventional warfare operation to take place and be successful.
Right under his command, on his watch.
And so he does not deserve to wear the same tab and the green beret that I wear.
In my opinion, and I guarantee there are thousands of green berets that would agree with me, because on his watch, America, the Republic, has fallen.
And I truly believe that.
And it's not just January 6th.
This is just one of the many different things that are leading up to this.
Look at the vaccine death, the psychological, biological attack,
No, the attack has been underway for quite some time and I tell people all the time this is the most successful sneak attack because most people don't even realize that it's happened.
I mean it makes the Trojan horse tactic
That Troy looked tame.
Yeah, exactly.
You know, I think bad things are on the horizon and I would love to be positive.
Your guest yesterday from Black Guns Matter, I can't remember, I'm horrible with names.
He's coming back up today.
He had some great... Tell Host Willie when he's here.
Yeah, he has great points, but the problem is that, you know, I think it's just dire.
I mean, I want to be hopeful, but I believe that we're not going to make it out of this calendar year without it.
Well, that's the thing is, I was even talking to Ted Nugent and his wife today, because we're going to air it tomorrow, this morning, taping it.
They're like, Alex, it's okay.
They are waking up.
People are waking up.
They should wake up even more.
This is the final assault.
They should have woke up four years ago, or ten years ago, or before they passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, right?
I mean, this has been going on a long time.
So when you say Dyer, as an expert, what do you expect to happen?
Because to me, it's clear.
They've committed to full attack, and that means hack attacks, grid shutdowns.
There's a declaration of war against the country itself by CHICOM agents.
I mean, it's literally a takeover.
Well, this is what I fear.
And just like with any surreptitious approach to a target, you want to gain the surprise on the enemy.
And what I think is they expected to sneak Biden in there and everyone to go along with it so that they could then gradually just continue to incrementally take over America.
You know, call some race riots in the summer and then invite the U.N.
They'll just all happen to be Chinese.
I think that was their original plan.
But the problem is that the election fraud is being exposed.
The COVID fraud is being exposed.
It's all coming out.
So just like if I'm moving from my last covered and concealed position up to the breach point and I get compromised, then I just go full kinetic.
Then it's be as loud and as many explosions and everything.
And I fear that the exposure of all this fraud is going to launch the kinetic.
The kinetic aspect, that's correct.
And for those that don't know what kinetic is, think guns and explosions.
And so how do you expect them to hit?
Claim a cyber attack?
Takes out part of the power?
To distract us?
To have a mass shooting?
I think we're starting to see that, right?
I mean, oddly, buildings are collapsing again.
I mean, where have we seen this before?
We've got odd explosions off the coast of Florida.
I mean, and these are just the things that are actually making it into the news.
How many things are going on across the country?
We know McAvee was a spook with, like, the, what do you call it, Majesty 12 group, the NASA breakaway group.
He was actually part of that.
He did have a lot of dirt.
They killed him.
And everybody's just dropping dead these days, either from the vaccine or from suicide.
But I'm not suicidal, Alex.
Yeah, let's be a million percent clear on that.
I'm never getting along myself.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I mean, I've had dark days in my in my life.
You know, most veterans have, but not these days.
So if anything happens to me, ask them how do they explain all the explosions and piles of brass?
I just want to say to veterans, don't kill yourself because you feel not needed.
Commit yourself to the fight for the republic.
That's right.
Fight for your life.
Fight for the buddies to your left and right.
They just happen to now be your neighbors and not the guys you went through basic training with.
So what do you, I mean Millie's obvious, when I saw the body language of Millie and Austin in that hearing yesterday, or the day before, their arrogance, their hate, how when they heard about critical, radical race theory, they got so excited, their palpable hatred was clear.
Well, and the fact that he referenced the Three-Fifths Compromise tells you what side he's on because no conservative that's ever read a history book believes that the Three-Fifths Compromise was to degrade the status of black Americans.
It was actually to weaken the South.
By not giving them full credit so that they get more representation in Congress.
But see, only morons think, oh, we're such a horrible country that we only thought black people were three-fifths of a person.
No, it was a political strategic maneuver that actually led to the ending of slavery.
You know, you've got Juneteenth.
Well, how come they don't say millions, or not millions, but hundreds of thousands of white men are the ones that died, as well as, you know, free blacks that died for the abolishment of slavery?
See, that's actual history that we should expect the generals of this country to be reciting when they're testifying.
He said, he goes, oh, Harvard came up with this.
Yeah, Harvard that sold us out to China.
He's like, well, Harvard did this.
Yeah, it's liberation theology.
They used to take down Latin America.
Classic communist ideology being taught in America with our own Chairman of the Joint Chiefs up there acting like a tough guy.
Well, it's embarrassing, but you know, I'm just some enlisted swine.
What I'd like to see is someone like General Flynn, a general officer, come out and call Milley out.
Because, see, one, that just doesn't happen, right?
I mean, flag-level officers, you know, general officers, are the politicians of the military, right?
So they don't talk bad about each other, just like senators.
You know, my friend from
But now the chairman's talking bad about America.
I think the rules are out the window.
He said he wants to learn about his white anger.
You know who my white anger is directed at?
The globalists, the satanists, the...
Yeah, the baby murderers, that's who I'm angry at, and if I've got a platoon of blacks, browns, you know, whatever, we don't care, alright?
We're Americans, we want to be free, and we don't want to hear our generals up there telling us that, well, we really should study Marxism.
Well, that's what Congressman Gates that they're trying to put in prison for no reason, he says, I talked to everybody, minorities are calling him in the military, they say it's for the military, and Austin goes, ah, here they love it!
And he goes, yeah, because you gave the order!
Yeah, we love it, sir.
We love it, sir.
What a jackass.
That's really how it works, right?
I mean, it's called a dog and pony show.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
So look at him.
He's looking at my flag because my flag is displayed upside down.
For those of you that don't know, an upside down flag is the official symbol of distress.
My name is Rick with Homeland Security.
We are looking for Jeremy Brown.
Again, this is some of the raw footage at Jeremy Brown's house.
Army veteran Green Beret, 20 years U.S.
military, with the FBI visiting him long before January 6th, saying something's coming up in January.
We need your help to infiltrate.
These Patriot groups, we know that indeed happened, and now the evidence is mounting.
We actually have good audio and video, and he did agree to interview them, or have them interview him, with him admitting to that.
So, this is a big deal.
You're there witnessing it, you're also there on January 6th.
What do you expect him to try to pull?
You know, I don't know exactly what they're going to try to pull, but you can see the narrative unfolding, right?
They have the narrative of how evil Oath Keepers are, how evil the Proud Boys are, and their active infiltration of these groups.
And so it almost feels like they're setting up them as the fall guy for the next big thing.
And, you know, I have a few human sources out there in the countryside, and I'm actually hearing
I mean, I went to DC not as an Oath Keeper.
I was going there because I felt like something was going to happen and I felt like somebody needed to be there that knew what was going on.
And then from there, I said, hey guys, I'm going to be there.
Can I help you all with anything like that?
So, you know, you've done this long enough.
You've been engaged in war all over the world and you just begin to develop that sense that something's not right here.
And I hope it's nothing, but it feels like they're preparing for something much bigger.
Well, all the pre-programming is.
This is imminent.
So how do we counter a group that says any political opposition to Democrats is white supremacism, and now the official doctrine of the U.S.
government is you're a terrorist, we're going to quote, attack Congress.
These are quotes of Frank Figliuzzi of the FBI and others.
I mean, they're really setting the stage for that.
And I don't just think out of bravado.
I think they really plan to try to wipe out their political opposition because they know election fraud's coming out.
They know the public's turned against them.
Well, of course.
And we have a template of how this works.
I mean, we have 1775 and 1776.
You know, the founders attempted to rationally explain that, you know, you're not doing this the right way.
But it was when they moved on Lexington and Concord where we were forced as the colonists at the time to stand up and say, no, you're not going to take our guns.
And, you know, the rest is history.
And so I think that's what we're going to be building to.
Is America going to be prepared?
I hope so.
I know that there's a lot of people that are preparing for it, but we need to expose them, right?
We need to be the Alexander Hamilton's of our day and go to these board meetings, these school board meetings, these city councils.
Because they're afraid of us.
They're ultimately a bunch of cowards, people.
And if you confront them, which is why they go to D.C.
and they stay there.
They have apartments in D.C.
They've got their little bubble.
And if we dare go in their bubble, they shake in their bubble.
But let me ask you this question.
Clearly the chi-coms and the globalists want a civil war here to take the U.S.
out for their power takeover.
So that's why the left thinks they're about to conquer America.
They don't get it.
They're about to scuttle and break the country.
So how do we deal with that?
The fact that some want to break the country up in a civil war.
They're going to precipitate things that will trigger a civil war, but at a certain point giving into the civil war gives them the breakdown of the country they want.
Well, if it's a civil war, I think what's coming is... No, I agree.
This is more of a globalist posing as a civil war.
I mean, we're defending our homeland.
They want to make the narrative that it's about black versus white, but it's not.
It's really about good versus evil, right?
Oh, that's a total red herring they're trying to superimpose.
Yeah, yeah.
They're wanting to, they know something's going to happen because they're pushing it.
They know there's going to be violence because they're going to make the violence happen.
They want the narrative to be, look at these white supremacists killing black people, when really it's going to be probably federal agents, you know, it's going to be more like your Bundy ranches or your Waco's.
That's what we're looking at.
And do the federal agents themselves, who I know just follow orders, realize what a horrible war this will be?
Even if they end up winning the war against America, like to be a federal agent in an artificial civil war with America, that is not a good place to be.
You know, honestly, I don't know what they're thinking, and I would love to believe the Sean Hannity line that 99% are good, but that's impossible.
There's no way that only 1% are making all this happen.
So if you're a federal agent out there, now is the time to look inside yourself and say, you know what, maybe I don't want to be a part of this.
Early retirement might be the thing for you.
And I jokingly say all the time, I wouldn't want to be the FBI agent that gets the Jeremy Brown target packet one week from retirement.
You know, you might want to take that weekend vacation because
We have to start standing up.
You can't just stand around and expect that, oh, don't worry, my lawyer will get me out, because that's not what it's about, folks.
These political prisoners have been locked away for six months, some of them not even being able to see their attorneys.
And even if they see their attorneys, I'm telling you, the defense attorneys are in on it.
And that doesn't intimidate people.
That makes the veneer of civilization peel off.
And then, a real thing starts, I mean, it's really bad.
It's going to be bad, and the less we're prepared for it, the worse it will be.
So, we need to use our first amendment, and then once we exhaust that fully, be prepared to use the second.
And if you don't know the order of the amendments, I definitely suggest you pick up a copy.
But does the left know they're being walked into a trap?
I mean the leadership knows exactly, but the Stooges know nothing about what's going on.
They are literally just mind-numbed robots being marched off the cliff.
They think, and you talk about this, like they think there'll be a, I don't even think they're gonna be in the power structure.
They don't think that.
They just, they think that they're right.
Doesn't Merrick Garland get
That they now captured America.
They can be the leaders of it.
Why not be in charge of it?
Why do they have this instinct to run in the ground?
Where does that come from?
Because they're globalists.
American sovereignty is not a thing to them.
It's an impediment to their... They like going to Davos.
They want to leverage America into their takeover.
Yeah, yeah.
And so us wanting our rights and everything, that's just an impediment.
Yeah, they don't understand the concept of American exceptionalism.
They don't understand the concept of rugged individualism.
They're collectivists.
They think that the world is their playground.
And we are, you know, the domestic terrorists like ourselves who believe that, no, we're America and we are better.
Look, equality is
It's ridiculous, okay?
Special Forces doesn't select based on equality.
We select based on excellence.
My business wasn't run based on being equal, right?
We wanted to be better than everybody else.
And see, that used to be the mantra of the American.
We're the best.
We want to be the best.
But see, they want us to all be equally miserable.
And that is socialism, communism, and, you know... And look at Klaus Schwab saying,
I will control your body, you will have nothing, you'll own nothing.
He's announcing slavery like it's the new cool garment.
And instead, I just see an enemy right there.
Their followers... Push Schwab back on screen.
I mean, look at that sack of filth.
Look what they've been able to prove.
Their followers will accept anything.
And so, yeah, they can come right out.
I mean, they know these people are in a cult.
I mean, Jim Jones...
They knew that they were all going to die.
They knew they were going to die.
And they did it anyway.
This is the problem with mind control.
And whether it's through the media, whether it's through the chemicals, they know what they've done.
They've existentially set themselves up for a takeover.
And Milley and Austin are all signed on in a literal war against America.
So this is it, folks.
Traders inside, traders without.
The old Marine Corps General, a quote from Korea, said, thank God we're completely surrounded.
We can attack in all directions.
I mean, that's where we're at, ladies and gentlemen.
We knew it was coming.
This is it.
This is it.
So get close to Jesus and get ready.
We're going to try to transmit to the end here, but this is it.
The end of America or its rebirth?
You are going to decide.
Stay with us.
So, humanity began to wake up in the last few years, so the globalists have launched their counter-offensive, but that will end up bringing them down.
Majd Toure, with my special guest, will steamroll into the third hour.
Coming up in a few minutes, we have an eyewitness to the false flag setup of January 6th with us right now.
We're going to be talking more to him.
Here in just a second.
But before we go back to Jeremy Brown, please remember, without you, we're not on air.
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If you wear it in a liberal area, you may get attacked.
In a conservative area, somebody might buy you lunch.
But to see how much the left hates American flags, like it's a vampire hates holy water or the cross, you've got to experience it for yourself.
Let me ask you this question.
Why do you think the left hates America so much?
Not just the higher-ups, Mr. Brown, but the low-level
I only learned this because I knew they hated America 20 years ago, but I would, there was an event like three years ago in Austin, they shut down downtown and it was called President Trump and Alex Jones and Fake News.
So they shut down downtown at thousands of people there and I showed up and they freaked out that I showed up at my own event.
And they, but when I got up and spoke, they didn't care.
They let me speak, but as soon as I said, America's a great country, we should love it, we should unify behind it, they started howling, screaming, and grabbed the mic away from me.
They really hate America, but they all want to get here.
What is that about, Jeremy Brown?
Well, I mean, we know the answer to this question because Reagan warned us back when he was the president, and he warned us that America will fall at the hands of our education system.
And Hitler knew this.
If you control the youth, the mind of the youth, you educate them and indoctrinate them, when they grow up they will do whatever you tell them to do.
And that's what we're seeing.
We're seeing a multi-decade operation
To infiltrate the education system.
Obviously it started first in academia, but now you can't even go into preschool and kindergarten.
Preschool teaches critical race theory.
Yeah, and guess what?
Now we've got VPK.
We've got to get those kids at age 3 and 4, Alex, because they need to know that America is bad, and that is why it is so bad.
And see, you basically have a line of generations where I didn't have that when I went to school.
So you're starting to see the culture clash between those who were educated from start to finish in a completely compromised and captured education system against those who went to school and didn't have that level of indoctrination.
So that's how they were trained.
They were trained.
And it doesn't take much to train them.
If you start young enough, they're going to be exactly the way you want them by the time that they grow up.
So what do we do?
How do we stop this?
Because clearly a false flag is about to happen.
They're already killing a bunch of people.
What do we do?
To be honest, I don't think that we're going to stop it.
I think we're going to win it.
The fight is here.
It's coming.
It's like Hitler invading Russia.
You're not going to stop the invasion.
You're going to win it.
I mean, we're not going to appease them.
They hate us.
We're not going to maintain our sovereignty.
So just get ready.
It's coming.
It's coming.
But build your communities now.
Oh, the power we have to warn this is about to happen.
You're not going to have food.
You're not going to have water.
They're going to cut your power off.
People will remember that later.
We've got to tell them now.
The globalists did this to you.
And I say this.
I've lost my five daughters.
And my knowledge of what's going on has been used.
I mean, I can show you the court documents where I'm dangerous to them because I'm a conspiracy theorist.
No kidding.
And I say to my girlfriend, I go, you know, maybe someday they'll see these videos and they'll realize that I was right.
I mean, I was literally accused of being dangerous because I was teaching my daughters how to start a fire.
I mean, this is the insanity.
This is the anti-human programming.
It's the mind control over our youth.
But you know what?
Talk about that though, because I've been through similar things where if you're literally a Christian, they say you're in a cult, or if you're a pro-gun, they say you're going to kill everybody.
Well, they project their mental illness.
So you have five daughters and you lost them because you're a patriot?
Five daughters, yeah.
I literally, if I want to see them, I have to coordinate as if I'm going to visit the skiff, basically.
A secret base.
And be babysat, right?
I have to have supervised... All because you're just a patriot.
All because... By the way, they train you to be a defender of the republic, but then they treat you like an enemy once you are.
I mean, I had a judge tell me that because of my background as a Green Beret, he was concerned I was going to kidnap my kids.
I mean, they, veterans, and this is the struggle that people don't know.
I lost a soldier to suicide, and it wasn't because of PTSD.
It was because... They were discriminated against.
His children were taken from him.
He had four kids.
And the system uses... Well, it fears capable men.
If you are living a wonderful life right now, then you're doing it wrong.
Those that are under attack,
They're under attack for a reason because they're the threats to evil.
Evil is trying to conquer the world and it only prospers when good men do nothing.
So if your life is awesome right now, and I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a positive attitude.
No, but it's all peaches and cream.
You're not taking on evil.
That's right.
I mean, if you're waking up and butterflies are fluttering around your head and you're dancing through the house singing about your vaccine, then you're doing it wrong.
You're going to be dead soon.
And so this is why we know that it's getting near the crescendo because the attacks are so heavy.
And so that's why they got to round up as many of these patriots as they can.
It's like the, you know, Emanuel Goldstein and the Brotherhood, right?
January 6th is being used as the, they're the ones we need to get first, right?
They identified themselves by taking part in a presidential rally and now they're going around door-to-door rounding them up every day and they brag about it.
Which is a form of intimidation against anybody else.
I mean, the feds literally brag.
We've made arrests in all 50 states.
We've intimidated political action.
I mean, really, if you thought that we were under attack from domestic terrorism, you would make that statement sad.
There would be sadness in your voice.
You'd be like, oh my gosh, it's so bad.
We're having to arrest people in all 50.
But no, they're bragging about it because they know that they're evil and that they're trying to take us down.
But you know what?
And look at your house.
The flag's upside down because we're in crisis.
That's right, we are in crisis.
And when I go to RV parks, I fly it upside down and people come up to me and they're like, do you know your flag's upside down?
I go, oh, you're damn right I know it's upside down.
Do you know why it's upside down?
And they go, yeah, I know.
Because they're mostly veterans.
They just want to make sure that I'm not a leftist that hates America.
But then when I tell them that I'm not, they understand one hundred percent.
I personally can feel, look at that National Strategy for Counting Domestic Terrorism.
Official policy declares war on people that question checkpoints, that question forced inoculations, that question elections or gun control.
This is a declaration of war, like December 7th, 1940, whatever, against the Japanese, but instead it's against us.
It's just mad.
Well, I mean, it was one thing when Eric Swallowswell says that he's going to nuke us because he's just a joke, right?
You know, sleeping with a Chinese spy.
But when the sitting American president with an asterisk says that you can't overthrow us, we have F-15s and nuclear weapons.
I mean, people should take that seriously.
Well it also shows a serious misunderstanding of military stuff.
They control the cities, why would they use nukes against their own infrastructure?
It'd be very easy actually with ideology to overthrow these people physically.
So the idea, you wouldn't use a nuclear weapon against a guerrilla attack, you couldn't defeat it with that.
It just shows, it just shows delusion.
They're mad with power.
They're mad with power.
And of course, he probably doesn't even have the nuclear codes now, I'm sure.
Well sure, but then the idea like, we'll just nuke some cities, that'll make us win.
Yeah, right.
And if you're wearing the uniform, and that message comes through... Nuke America?
Nuke San Antonio.
Whoever gives you that order, you know what to do.
We've got to uphold our oath.
We are... Hold on, we've got a whole other hour, brother, coming up.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
According to the official narrative, COVID-19 was first discovered as a pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan on December 31st of 2019.
And it wasn't until January 9th of 2020 when this supposed mystery virus was officially diagnosed as a novel coronavirus.
Operation Warp Speed began on May 15th of 2020 to facilitate and accelerate the development of COVID-19 vaccines.
Of the companies receiving research funding, the one responsible for the mRNA vaccine was Moderna.
But we know that none of this checks out.
We now know that Anthony Fauci used NIH funds to create a novel coronavirus capable of directly infecting humans.
And we also know that Moderna has been working with Fauci's NIH on the mRNA COVID vaccine since December of 2019.
Born in 2010 as Mode RNA Therapeutics, they were criticized for their radical specialty of mRNA biohacking that transforms human cells into drug factories, and later changed their name to Moderna.
With a reputation for losing top talent and keeping investors in the dark due to dangerous, unpredictable side effects, Moderna somehow became Big Pharma's golden unicorn.
They went public in December of 2018 with the largest ever IPO in the biotech industry.
Without even having a safe, effective product, they blew up faster than Uber.
And a year later, before COVID-19 ever made headlines, Moderna was working with Fauci's NIH outsourcing redacted challenge studies, where subjects are deliberately infected with the Fauci-funded Wuhan lab-made coronavirus and treated with Moderna's experimental gene therapy.
And as fate would have it, the massive investment in Moderna paid off.
Operation Warp Speed brought Moderna's COVID-19 payoff to just under $2.5 billion.
And actual sales to the U.S.
alone is already over $15 billion.
There does not seem to be any breakthrough science.
The mRNA shots are still proving to be as unpredictable and deadly as experts have been saying for years.
And we now officially know that the shot is permanently changing the person's DNA.
And yet, people are still lining up to get the shot.
Thanks to media and Big Pharma.
And thanks to the self-proclaimed philanthropists who fund the media and Big Pharma.
The ones who call themselves the Good Club.
The ones who met in 2009 to discuss how to save the world and how overpopulation was a major priority.
How much more evidence do we need before we collectively realize that this entire thing is a scam?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Just went live, the latest bomb to destroy tyranny from the great Greg Rees, now live at Band.Video and FreeWorldNews.TV, back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
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It's Friday, June 25th.
The year is 2021.
And here is the archetypal puppet of the globalist, unable to even talk when he's not groping a child, now whispering like a demon into the microphone.
I got them 1.9 trillion dollars relief so far.
They're going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential.
I wrote the bill on the environment.
Pay them more.
This is an employee's bargaining chip now.
What's happening?
So we are literally seeing the fraud that stole the election
Insanely shutting down the economy for a year and a half with his deep state, before he even got in, and now saying, I gave you consequential money.
You get $1,600 twice a year, which won't even pay for your rent.
Aren't you lucky?
I control you.
It's all that sick idea of, I need to control somebody.
I need to be in charge.
All right.
We have several great guests with us.
Maj Touré is Black Guns Matter, doing an incredible job.
I'd seen some of his work, was blown away by him in studio yesterday.
He was gracious enough to stay with us today.
And of course, we have known well the last few months, exposing the FBI false flag that was January 6th.
Jeremy Brown, I haven't even played the clip yet, of him recording them saying something big's coming up big in January.
We need you to infiltrate this.
So guys, you really hit it off during that last five minute break while I played that
Gregory's report that just broke.
Where should we start with the false flag that General Flynn's warning about, claiming anybody that's pro-gun, pro-America is a white supremacist, as if anybody's buying that?
Or should we get into Biden?
Should we get into the Second Amendment?
Should we get into CNN panicking that record numbers of black Americans are buying guns, which I love?
This is an exciting time.
Where should we start?
Well, first and foremost, I think the first place that we start is making sure that we're recognizing that all these things are interconnected.
You know, and knowing, you know, that grand chessboard, it creates a space where, hey, we'll set this move up over here, and if you forget, after a while, oh, we'll come right back to that.
We gotta remember that all of these things are interconnected.
So when you're pushing for a bunch of black people to buy guns because urban America's waking up,
Then you get some massive overreaching anti-gun bills.
Fortunately, you know, even with that 9-0 ruling with the Supreme Court saying, no, thank you for this disrespect for the Fourth Amendment, you have to remember that those things are connected.
If we can get through your privacy, and we can get you to stop talking, and we can get you to not have the means to defend yourself, especially targeting black communities first, that's all connected.
And by the way, I don't say this as some SJW, like, oh, poor black people.
It's true.
Why do the globalists have a particular love of depopulating, disarming black people?
Because I agree, black folks start waking up, becoming free, buying guns.
The left goes crazy.
I feel good because criminals, whether they're white or black, are going to own guns anyways and use them wrong.
I love black people buying guns.
I mean, I got my concealed carry from a black guy.
I mean, why are people afraid of that?
I feel good.
They're afraid because the vast majority of the people
Aren't afraid.
The vast majority of the puppets and their puppeteers, those people are absolutely afraid.
That's right.
It's like a guy that can manipulate a bunch of women because he's actually not a strong dude.
He's actually a lame.
The lames, I call them cowards.
There's nothing worse than a coward with power.
And so these guys that are in the actual minority, those guys are afraid.
But the general public feels more safe, feels more, I'm accountable for my life and my defense.
That's the thing that we got to make sure that we create that distinction.
The next step is this.
After we wake them up on an individual level, we do this.
They want to divide us, and we say, hey, I'm a white supremacist, right?
But yet, I offer my skill set to your group.
We bring white and black together.
Because see, we are the same people, right?
Take out your knife, cut yourself, and see what color you bleed.
We're all in this together.
They're coming for all of us.
They just think that they can manipulate black people more, first, and harder.
And then Trump got triple the votes that panicked him.
So what happens next?
What happens next is the reality that they are coming.
When you ever try to catch an animal that's very, very cornered, they're very, very dangerous.
Right now they're cornered.
And that doesn't mean we let up on liberty or unity or things of that nature.
That means we double down on what our actual standards are.
We're honest about these things.
There's nothing wrong with you being a, if you're a gay man, cool, that's your thing, but I'm allowed to be a straight man, too.
I'm allowed to be a gun owner.
I'm allowed to hold public, you know, so-called officials accountable for their actions.
That's the thing that we gotta double down on.
I agree.
How do we get on the offense to let the left know we're awake and aren't buying their BS?
Speak out.
I mean, and I keep going back to this.
These school board meetings, these city council meetings,
People are letting the little, the mini-tyrants, the mini-me's of tyranny, they're letting them know, and you can see these cowards, I mean, they don't even know how to react.
I think the one school board literally, they just got up and walked off from their platform seats, right?
You notice how they build the platforms up high so they can look down on you?
I noticed a lot of the leftists speak at first knowing they would manipulate the parents, and I'm not against the parents, I'd have gotten mad too.
Now we know they're trying to make us mad.
Right, but this is what they do, Alex.
So I did, during my congressional campaign, I attended one of these delegations, right?
You know when they schedule them?
A Monday at 10am.
When everybody's at work.
When we're at work, right?
When those who don't need the government are out working hard for their families, for their communities, and all the leftists are there.
The room's full of leftists with their pet project, everything that's like a quarter million dollar project, right?
So they know what they're doing, right?
And then they can claim, oh well nobody showed up to tell us.
No one spoke out.
Here's another angle that I want people to really understand, and I'm saying this from a place of unity and understanding.
There has been racial hatred stoked in America by the media by design.
With that being the case, one of the most, and this is more for the suburban if you happen to identify, using their term, as white, right?
You have to make sure that you're putting the effort in and saying, OK, I see where the divide is.
I have to make sure that my neighbor that may happen to be African-American, my neighbor that may happen to be Mexican-American, I'm making sure that I'm creating that bond and creating that neighborhoodly thing because that goes... I totally agree because they use the separation to create the fear.
And that and by breaking that, when you run across the person, you're like, oh, man, that guy was like super nice.
Then when that media spin comes, your point of reference, your lived experience is now
Nah, I know he's from urban America, but nah, that dude's like super nice.
You have those barriers up, you know, or those filtration systems to weed through a lot of the foolishness.
They want us to focus on the fact, on our differences, not our likenesses.
When we're all under attack by globalists that are poisoning us with a vaccine, with GMO, with 5G, we should all come together.
They want us to say, they want me to look at you and go, oh you can't hang out with him, he likes rap music, maybe you like country music.
Never mind the fact that I listen to classical music all the time.
But see, they put in my mind, they don't want me to look at him and be like, I bet he's a father who loves his kids, who mows his yard when he has people over so that his house looks nice.
So they want disunity.
How do we have unity not under their leftist control?
Because they want to terrorize us and make us unify under their control.
How do we unify outside their control?
Exposing that contradiction to the maximum degree.
So when you have, there's a great meme of a picture of Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.
And under it it says stereotypes.
They're amazing, aren't they?
Only one of these people is a convicted felon.
Now, it's not Snoop.
Now, the reality is that's not an attack on Martha Stewart or anybody or any ethnicity.
That's a good point.
The point is, that contradiction is there.
The thing that you've been told to receive as fact isn't.
Most times, especially if it comes off of MSM or corporatized media.
And we have to recognize that and find those little pockets of unity that we can create and that breaks that over time.
I totally agree.
General Flynn warns, and I agree, they've pre-programmed a false flag.
How do we stop the coming false flag?
You cannot stop it.
It's not a stop.
It's like a wave, like we talked about yesterday.
You're not going to stop it, embrace it, and be prepared for it.
Some things are inevitable.
So they're going to shoot up and blow up a black church.
Or a cobbler to kill like 300 black people and then say, I did it.
I'm gonna be sitting here on Monday morning like I'm being blamed for this.
How do I counter that?
But Alex, we defeat it by knowing that it was after the fact.
And you're part of this, right?
September 11th, ladies and gentlemen, was a false flag.
It was an inside job.
Look into it.
Don't believe me?
From September 11th until 2007 is how long it took me to learn that, right?
But now what do we see?
January 6th, ladies and gentlemen, was an inside job.
Now, how long has it taken it to get exposed?
A few months.
So what we're doing is we're condensing that awaken time, right?
And that's how we defeat them.
So if everyone is looking for the false flag, it doesn't work.
The beauty of that is, it's no different than with this so-called, so-called vaccine.
The reality is, the reason why they're going so hard is because, especially in urban America, we're seeing black people going like, nah bro, I'm not taking that.
They're trying to pay LeBron to take it.
That's right.
Yeah, come out here.
Stay there, let's talk about it.
Here's the thing, I've been on air 27 years, and I know when the mission is nearing completion.
And it makes me like really breathe hard because there's a new world ahead of this and I hope to still be here after it's done.
I'll never commit suicide, but by that I mean I can tell this is the big one folks.
This is the big final takedown of America.
I hope it doesn't succeed.
We're all in a lot of danger and all these idiots that go along with the evil.
I feel so sorry for them because they're going to be destroyed as well.
We got Maj Touré here.
We also have Jeremy Brown here.
Two smart guys.
A Black Guns matter and a former Green Beret and Patriot.
The Feds tried to infiltrate January 6th and do a setup.
Going back to this moment, Mr. Toure, what would you call this moment we're in?
And Mr. Brown, what would you call this moment we're in?
Because I can feel the energy, not just intellectually, but spiritually, the energy's never been this strong.
The moment is, we're at the Planck scale, in quantum physics, on the lowest amount of where you can- Max Planck.
When you get to that point, it's just choices, and it bubbles up into the physical reality, then you have physics and physical laws.
We're at that tipping point where it turns into, which direction are we going to go?
We're all made of the same stuff.
The direction that we're going to go and creating that physical reality.
That's heavy.
So it's all primordial right now.
And we make the decision to make it bubble up.
But you do that, like you were saying, by speaking out about it.
And the word became flesh.
If we don't speak out, we submit to whoever did speak.
And your silence is an acceptance.
No, no thank you.
My quiet about it, you know, Dr. Martin Luther King said there comes a time when silence becomes betrayal.
We cannot betray ourselves to our own liberty.
I know all these men that are tougher than I, better looking than me, they sit there and play the system like they're smart.
I agree.
They make me so mad.
Because they sit on the fence.
And I would describe this as the crescendo, right?
Right, right, right.
We're coming into the final act.
Where all the heroes and the villains, they've all set up all the characters, you know, the drama is building, and now we're about to see, does the good guy win in the end?
And, you know, in Hollywood they make the good guy win in the end, which is kind of weird, but in real life, I don't know.
Sometimes it takes generations of good guys losing.
Yeah, hey look, we might get sucked under into a thousand years of slavery.
The American Revolution, we were getting our butts kicked the whole time, until the end.
But George Washington persevered.
And George Washington and those guys were able to say,
Not for my future.
I'm a coward if I don't do anything.
For my future and my children's children's children's children's children's future, again, that baton, we have to stay the course.
I have a different take.
I don't think there's a, the bad guy wins.
I think the bad guy knows how to slow up time and stop the inevitable, which is... Yeah, well Satan sends the beast with a wrath because he knows his time is short.
In any operation... Well, talk about... Go ahead, go ahead.
In any operation, we say, the enemy has a vote.
You can have the best plan in the whole wide world, but the enemy has a vote, meaning their actions can change, and I think that's what you're seeing.
You're seeing the move counter-move, right?
Yeah, sure, the globalists have a plan, Satan has a plan, but our actions shift that plan, right?
It's like shifting the flow of water, right?
You put some sand there and it goes that way.
We can't do nothing.
And I get emails from 70-year-old women who ask me, well, what can I do?
We can all do something.
The saying doesn't say evil prospers when good does this specific thing.
No, I agree.
So I want to expand on that, Mr. Brown.
So what are you saying, Maj, about this time in history?
You were trying to say that.
This time in history is actually a repeat.
I totally agree that we're all interconnected, and I believe, and I have to say believe, I believe that we are.
And if we are, our decisions, based on how we view the world, based on the information that we receive, that's why the opposition, the minority of lower-level, lower-dwelling energies, the minority, they're hate.
Hate moves faster, but love is more powerful.
That's the reason why they go so hard to make sure that this information, this wavelength, this vibe, this vibration is not, is subdued.
So we make that decision by collectively making that decision, individually and collectively, to shift that paradigm in our direction.
I totally agree with you, because that's what I've seen.
I mean, we're saving the world by taking an action.
And it's an action, whatever it is, whatever your action is, whether it's speaking out, whether it's writing letters, whether it's going on media shows, whether it's... Because there's not just evil in the universe, but God wants to see us put ourselves in that position to make the decision.
I mean, if you know how to grow a garden, teach your neighborhood how to grow a garden, and then start your own little collective... Because that really, the message I keep getting is,
Like, you want to save your family, save the world, you've got to get back to the earth.
You've got to become self-sufficient.
Yeah, absolutely.
Is that the message you get?
That's the difference between conservatism and liberalism.
Conservative in that ideology, based on the actual definition, right?
You change yourself, you become better for the world.
The world becomes better.
The liberal agenda is, let's use the state to force people.
The problem with that is, it influences and restricts individual liberty.
So for us, as having more of a conservative, respectable, freedom-based liberty, hey, those are your freedoms and your liberties, these are mine over here.
We're going to change internally, change our children, change our neighbor, show our neighbor how to grow a little bit of food, and then before you know it, the price of cabbage changes.
Because when we all become producers, we become rich, we're not slaves.
When they know that if they can keep us ignorant, then they can go out on national television like the President and make claims like, well, you know, the Bill of Rights has never been absolute from the very beginning.
That is correct.
In fact, it was in there to be absolute.
Let me ask you this, guys, because I used to get tears in my eyes maybe like once a year on air.
I'm getting it every day now.
Can you feel the force of humanity's will rising against evil?
Like, humanity feels the attack.
I would say you're a much more positive individual than I am.
Because I mean, maybe it's the basis of I fear war because I lived in war.
I don't want what's coming to happen because I know how horrible it is.
I've lost so many friends in war.
And and sadly, I think that is the mindset of most of the guys that I know.
My friends, a good buddy of mine, I'm like, I really need to talk to you.
And you know, this response was, I'm not leaving my family.
I didn't even tell him what I wanted to talk to him about.
But he knows what I know.
I mean, he knows where my mind is.
We were roommates in Special Forces.
And that was his response.
So you're already staked out.
Well, guess what?
They're going to take his family.
They're going to take his family.
And we all know that.
But we hate war so much.
And see, they're lucky that we hate war so much or it would already be over.
And all these wimps want to play at war.
But they have no idea.
Here's the balance.
Mark Milley.
And I know we're about to go into a break.
Here's the balance.
The balance is what Krishna told Arjuna on the battlefield in the Bhagavad Gita.
And we only got a few seconds left.
In that story, Krishna shows Arjuna the visual of the war against evil coming, shows that it's already done.
You have to pick up your mantle, and you have to do it, or the very nature of who you are will force you to do it, and you'll just suffer the entire way.
We have to act.
Explain that when we come back, because that's heavy.
All right, it is the Guru Dalaran.
You're absolutely right.
It is the battle of the gods, straight ahead.
Jeremy Brown and Mahshu Ray in studio now, ahead of the War Room.
So, I can feel the energy of humanity rising to the challenge of the globalist contest.
Mr. Brown and then Mr. Ture, what is the globalist endgame?
If we gave them full power, if we submitted to their will, if we bowed and became slaves of this world system, what is their goal?
I say this a lot, and you have to first realize that they're all under the power of Satan, ultimately.
Whether they call it that or whatever.
And we know what Satan's plan is.
To destroy the creation.
And so, if you look at the Georgia Guidestones, it has 500 million.
But you know, once they get to 500 million, they'll tell 100 million, you know, we don't really need those other 400 million.
And then he'll say, oh, well, we don't need it.
And the ultimate goal of Satan is to be down to two people left.
He'll convince one to murder the other one, and the last one to commit suicide.
You just released the main transmission.
That's it right there.
I mean, that's the plan.
That's the reality of it all.
God literally told me, as did you, that's the plan of Satan.
And God gave us the plan to counter it.
The reality is, remember the movie where Heath Ledger played the Joker?
In the beginning of the movie, he did exactly that.
He had a bunch of guys and they were going to rob the bank.
And nobody knew who the Joker guy was.
And he was like, oh, and this guy on the roof shot that guy, his plan was to shoot this guy, and his plan was to go down there and you gotta shoot this guy, and I don't know where this Joker guy's at, and then stand right here, and then a bus came in and knocked the last dude off, and the last guy was the actual Joker.
The Joker, in the movie also, the statement was, Alfred told Batman,
Some people just want to see the world burn.
He has no interest.
I don't care about the money.
I don't care about... He burnt a half a mountain of money.
The reality is that's the agenda.
So when it's talking about what they... Okay, let's... And they say it.
The population control, it is.
The vaccine, it is.
So-called vaccine.
To get it down to, I win because I took out.
But we have a play in that.
Again, like you said, we're the opposition to them.
We get a vote.
We get a mask.
But you're right.
So if they're the Joker, who are we?
Oh, absolutely, Batman.
Absolutely, Batman.
When we need to be.
We're Batman when we need to be.
At a certain point, we don't need Batman to show up.
We need Bruce Wayne and his resources.
And his mind.
And at certain times, I have to be Bane because of the fact that I have to put on this mantle of, you are unjustified.
Going to the thing we were talking about before the break.
At a certain point, in the story of the Bhagavad Gita, Arjuna was an archer.
He lost his way, he lost his focus.
Krishna materializes the Godhead to be, to carry his arrows for him in his, you know, his archer's bucket.
And Krishna's teachings up until that point was empathy for all, including the enemies.
But the reality was Krishna told Arjuna, listen, your teachings of empathy were only up until this point.
The reality is now the enemies of good are coming, and they don't have this dilemma that you have.
You're not picking up your mantle because you're afraid, and you're using empathy to not fight in a war.
And he shows them a vision, hey, these enemies of good are already dead, and life is already connected.
You can pick up your mantle and do what you need to do, or the very essence of who you are will force you to do it, and you'll just suffer the entire way.
And that's my frustration, because I feel like killing these people, but I don't want to give in to how they'll spin that.
Like, who do I kill?
I don't want to kill anybody, but they're attacking us.
My body's like, kill!
Kill these people!
Well, I mean, I think it ends like the way V for Vendetta ends, right?
We're going to all come together at some point.
Whatever part of us is left at that point, we'll all be the same, marching on the powers that be.
And good always wins, but not all of us are going to get out of this struggle alive on this planet, right?
I mean, none of us get out of life alive, so we should all be in it together.
And the beauty of that is, is just knowing that life isn't limited to this physical shell.
Life isn't.
Oh, the spirit's definitely real.
It's real.
It's legit.
So there's no more fear once you get there.
Fear of what?
False evidence appearing real.
I'm good with it.
Because it's literally not what color we are, it's what our spirit is.
What are we doing with that animated spirit that's in this shell casing?
Those are the questions and the choices.
When you have those internal conversations with self, legit, am I being a coward right now?
Am I being brave right now?
Do I know how to move different?
Am I ignorant?
Having those legitimate conversations with self and that higher self, that Godhead, those are the things that we have to start focusing on.
Right, and we're all here for a reason.
I mean, if I told you my life story over the last ten years, it's not pretty.
I mean, I struggled.
I literally had moments where I wanted to end it.
You shouldn't.
And we all have had dark times.
Everyone I talk to is like, man, I feel like I'm prepared for this moment.
I'll tell you what's crazy is about both Jeremy Brown and Mosh Ture.
I feel like it's how the universe, like I've known you guys forever.
That's why like, I'm like, this is, I mean, they actually said, what did Jones take, Molly?
When, when Monster Ray was, I started crying.
No, I like, I was totally upset yesterday.
I, I, I feel like I'm not doing enough to fight this.
And then I met you and I felt so good.
Thank you.
I'm humbled.
It's real.
Yeah, it is real.
They're about to kill a bunch of people.
No, they're killing them now.
They are with the fact.
I mean, and this is what I like to tell guys.
We've got to defeat them.
We've got to defeat them.
And I'm telling you, everything's coming together right now.
And I'm just glad you guys are here right now because you can feel it.
The enemy's about to hit us.
And then everything's over, folks.
All the games, the movies, the TV shows, the BS.
It's all over, man.
It's world government killing everybody.
And I always knew this was coming.
And now we're here.
Well, and Einstein knew it.
He said that, you know, his favorite quote was, I don't know how to fight the third world war, but I know the fourth one will be with sticks and stones.
And you know what?
Maybe this is what we need.
Maybe we need to be returned back to our original state where we have our homesteads and we take care of our families.
That's what happens.
I mean, and maybe that's our fabulous reset.
We'll call it the fabulous reset.
How about that?
The beauty of it is,
Technology will still exist.
The human experience will still be here.
But we'll hate it.
Or maybe.
Or maybe the reason why there's so much suicide and death is because we're chasing these artificial realities that aren't actually beneficial.
Now don't get me wrong, technology's great.
It's advanced humanity for some time.
Too much of anything is a trap.
Well, it's a Trojan horse.
That Trojan horse of, oh man, this is great.
Oh yeah, this is great.
But now, do you want to live every single portion of your life sitting down in front of a camera?
In front of a screen?
Do you want that?
That's what I'm saying.
It's the will to defeat this, and then meeting folks like you that are ready to defeat it.
Does that make sense?
And we have no choice.
I love my family too much.
And even if the school system or whatever has twisted their mind against me, it doesn't change my love for them.
And if I have to continue to fight outside of their view, then that's what I'll do.
That's what I've always done.
Not one time did I ever take my children to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, or any of these places, but I was fighting for them.
And that's what we're doing now.
That's where I'm at.
We're fighting for the next generation.
I just want to protect my family.
I love everybody.
The love is returned and the love is what will drive us forward.
That love and that passion for humanity, that's the power.
Let me tell you why I know I'm just about to get mad.
I literally have 50 times the discernment and power I've ever had now.
It's like just... And you have the platform.
But I'm saying something big is about to happen.
Because it's like big now.
It's powerful.
And I've heard you say that you have way more listeners now.
That's not by coincidence, right?
Oh, it's exponential.
I mean, all I'm saying is, it's all of us.
They're about to, like, I don't know, nuclear war?
I don't know.
It's bad, folks.
We've got to get ready.
We've got to get next to Christ.
And we've got to get ready.
We've got to prepare.
I'm telling you, I can feel it.
It's a hundred times anything I ever felt.
What you're talking about is what I call a beautiful ugly.
It's beautiful in the synchronicity and working of it, and we're here to be a part of this experience.
It's ugly because A, some people may not be aware, or B, the outcome of what those unaware people that won't be prepared for that.
Well, because they can't handle it.
And because we're empathetic beings, for sentient beings, we feel for them.
We pick up the feeling that you don't even know what's happening.
I feel your death.
Stay with us.
I feel the death.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, McAfee.
So McAfee's dead.
So, I mean, I'm not an emotional guy on air.
Unless I'm emotional.
When I'm emotional, I am emotional.
I can feel the energy of humanity is at full power.
And you can all feel it as well.
It's at a magic moment because a major assault is coming.
What is that major assault?
My shooray, and then I want to get Jeremy Brown's take on that as well.
Unless you disagree, that clearly a quickening is coming.
A great moment is coming.
They're very, very afraid because their power is slipping.
That speed pattern of, we knew about this and we found out seven years later, now we know about this, a few months later we can debunk these things.
It's not the Tower of Babel anymore.
They want us babbling, communicating around each other, over each other, babbling.
Now we're actually having communication.
We're interfacing.
So because of that, you know, there will be... So that scares the aliens, the devils?
But it's scared in a good way.
You're scared because we're winning.
We are already winning.
And how that transpires in whatever physical realm of them trying to apply... So it's because we're interfacing they're going to panic and launch a war?
Which actually may work out in our favor.
Because all of the things that we've been saying for however long, now it's, it's definite.
Now this is what happened.
This is what they did.
And we have the information in a paper trail to show that.
Now there's the skepticism that we may have, you know, been engaging.
Now it's to a certain extent it's like, nah, you know what?
We're not skeptical about this so-called vaccine.
People are going like, nah, I've read Medical Apartheid.
I know what y'all doing.
They're informed.
And since they're informed, it's harder to trick them.
And they're so pissed that black folks aren't dumb.
Absolutely, because it's contrary to the entire narrative.
It's contrary to the entire narrative.
Because if I can get black people to do it, black people created hip-hop and jazz in America in the middle of, you know, enslavement or negative conditions.
So if black people can create this thing and make an impact on the world, right?
Okay, we definitely... We're trying to hijack black people.
We gotta subdue those people first.
So if we can subdue those people there, oh, we can roll the marketing out to the rest of the world.
But if it's not working in your primary demographic, your target market, now you got a problem.
Now you actually have to deal with humans as humans.
They're afraid, and it's in a good way.
When your patsies go off the rail, you're in trouble, right?
Your statement is wrong.
The war has already started.
They're not starting a war.
They're engaged in a war.
We're just starting to fight back.
And what they want is order out of chaos.
They want the war to be blamed on me and my fighting each other.
So they can say, oh, well, look at them two, that white
Supremacists and that poor black guy fighting each other.
We've got the solution.
See, they want the order out of chaos.
They create the problem and then they offer the solution.
But by exposing that actually their start, they started the war.
Now we can all unite.
And the best way to end a war is win decisively and quickly.
And if we come together, that will happen.
But, if we continue to buy into their order-out-of-chaos model... We've got to figure out the scam.
Do you not feel the energy in this room?
Yes, of course, yes.
All bullshit aside, do you feel it?
Yes, yes.
Listen, as we're discussing this thing, again, going back to that joke about... I feel victory.
Literally, going back to that same reference, right?
Heath Ledger's Joker put a bunch of so-called criminals on one boat and regular citizens on one boat and told them, yeah, that side over there is gonna blow you up.
Told the other side, that side over there is going to blow you up.
God bless the dead, Tiny Zeus Lister was one of the characters.
And he took the remote detonator from one of the citizens on one boat and he just said, we're not going to do anything.
And the Joker was maniacal because I wanted to scare you both into blowing each other up.
I wanted to convince you to kill your fellow countrymen, your other patriots.
And the people in recognizing that and having a little bit of trust in the vast majority of humanity, the vast majority of humanity, having a little bit of trust for your fellow countrymen and countrywomen and saying, no, you're the enemy, you're the joker.
So how do we, I agree, how do we do that?
That obviously Joe Biden and his KKK group is the enemy.
How do we do that?
You gotta want it.
You gotta want it.
You've got to want your liberty.
You've got to want your liberty.
We were telling a story between break of a class, it's like a ranger school class, a guy dies of hypothermia and it was like 50 degrees.
He gave up.
Because nobody else died in that exact same conditions.
They wanted to live.
He decided to be a victim.
And he died.
And of course they blame it on hypothermia.
But no, that isn't what killed him.
His lack of hope.
It was a mental decision.
That's right.
A mental decision to give up.
They've shown that.
Like if you decide you're sick, you die.
And it's no different than those in the persecuted church that they say, get down on your knees and kiss our feet or bow down and they don't do it and what do they do?
They kill them.
So what?
Kill me.
We have to stand up because, look,
Humans, you know, courage is contagious but it also is suppressed if nobody steps up.
Oh, absolutely.
No one will quit until the first one does and no one will fight until the first one does.
A depressed person or collective group of people is far easier to control.
Far easier to control.
You depress, you make that decision to give up.
Well, take like, they had, Facebook Dog was released five years ago, where they said, our goal is to make you alone and depressed, so we control your whole, and we have bots that control you.
Imagine being those people that would come up with something like that.
Because that's the only way they can defeat us.
See, it's just like they think they can censor us and what's happening.
More people are learning the truth because of their censoring.
You know what, if they didn't censor,
No one would probably even be paying attention.
Let me just say in the four minutes we got left, I'm so blessed by our listeners over the years supporting this, that in this time and space in 2021, we're on air fighting them.
They didn't expect this to happen.
If they censored Bigfoot, we would all be believing in Bigfoot right now.
See, their plan is backfiring.
Their censoring is driving people to the truth.
And they're finding the truth.
Whether it's their neighbor that watches Bandot video, or reading the Gateway Pundit, or any of the Revolver, they're finding the truth because it just doesn't make any sense if it's not true that we're censoring it.
So what do we expect to see happen next?
Because we can sit here and say, oh there's a Great Awakening, things are great, but they've got a lot of curveballs.
What do you think is going to happen next?
I think one of the things that's going to happen next is we have curveballs.
The curveball is in the fact that we're going, nah, that's not cool.
Five years ago, a high school dropout from urban America saying, hey, I'm going to go on Alex's show.
I'm going to be talking to a green beret.
And we're going to be communicating about higher enlightenment.
We're going to be communicating about unity.
That would have been unheard of.
The curveball is in the fact that we're collectively going to that Planck scale.
Those groups of people are now bubbling up into consciousness.
That's our curveball.
I do believe that they're going to try something extreme to knock us off of our square.
We have to stand on our square and maintain the position.
We are winning.
We're good to go.
Prepping and gardening and we just get more powerful every day.
That's how people now get we got to get ready, right?
We can't trust the system, right?
And it's that idea once you turn it loose and make that rock star not your plan to rock start gathering But you're building a farm employing people feeding people.
That's the future
And we have to continue to maneuver on the enemy.
Keep moving.
Keep speaking out.
And I talk to people all over and they're like, man, I'm starting to do this.
I say, you know, we have a saying in the military, always keep improving your fighting position.
Every day that you have, make it better.
Because the battle may never come.
But when it does come, the condition of your fighting position at that time is what's going to keep you alive.
What about not getting the military to commit suicide because they feel worthless?
We need all those people to enjoy themselves in the fight against tyranny, expend themselves on that, not blowing their head off.
Well, and we talked about this in the break.
We could never have this deep of a conversation on an electronic device.
So that's what we need to do.
We need to reconnect with each other.
We need to shake hands and hug and break bread.
That's something that Brandon Gray said the other night.
He's like, man, we're breaking bread.
We stayed at his house.
I hadn't heard that in forever.
But see, that's what we used to do, right?
The dinner table.
Invite your neighbor over.
Don't talk about politics.
Talk about your garden.
And these are the things that if we watch the enemy, we can see that these are the things that they want to snatch away.
Don't stand too close to each other.
That's right.
Don't destroy the human connection.
It's so obvious.
It's coming together.
Act like a teenage girl and do opposite of what they tell you to do.
And these are the things that the American spirit is doing.
Like you said, we're seeing it.
We're seeing massive amounts of people, guys like Ian Smith at the gym over here.
Hold my hand.
Let's hold hands.
They don't want this right now.
Let's do it.
You see this New World Order?
You failed right here.
Humanity is together.
We love Jesus.
We love God.
We're gonna win.
We're together.
See that, Satan?
We are together right now.
They cannot stand that image of human enlightenment, human connection.
Alex, I think the health departments outside are violating COVID regulations.
They hate it.
Let them be.
Let them be.
No, that's what it's all about, and they hate that.
Because now we're connected, now we have the same destiny, now we're going to the future together.
And no matter, we're not physically connected, we're spiritually connected right now.
That's right.
Yeah, and that's what we need to do.
We need to connect in the real world.
See, I don't know if the viewers can see this, but
Alex has had tears in his eyes for like the last hour and, you know, it's uncomfortable for me.
I'm a man.
I know when a man is crying and it's serious, right?
And this is what's going on.
Hold on.
Jeremy Brown and Majdu Ray.
Final segment.
Ahead of Stuart Peters.
Taking over.
No, I'm talking about tears in my eyes.
Humanity coming together.
The zeitgeist.
I always feel it.
And now things are so intense.
So in closing, gentlemen, what is the zeitgeist?
Where are we right now?
We're in a place of beauty.
We're in a place of the balance.
The person that may be a little more so-called pessimistic as a caution.
The person that's tremendously optimistic as hope and balanced in between.
You're talking about something that is balanced.
We're cautious enough, you know, my friends say things like, you know, trust God, but tie your camel, right?
There's a balance there.
It's like, yo, I'm not dumb, but I'm also trusting.
That's the place that we are right now.
That feeling that we're having right now
Is that bubbling up of that?
And there's an outside attack against humanity driving us together.
And our souls saying this is what we should do.
Well, yeah.
And I was telling you in a break, Alex, that I hear you saying the same thing.
I want to run for the hills.
I want to get my family, get in the RV and go high because we'll survive.
We'll survive.
People like us will survive.
But yet, we can't pull the trigger on that, and the reason is because we're where we are, because we're supposed to be here.
We were built this way.
You were built your way to do what you're doing, right?
I have my knowledge and skill set because I'm built for this time.
And no matter what my selfish desires are, right when I make the decision, that's it, screw these people, they can fend for themselves, I get an email from a 70-year-old woman saying, thank God that you're out there fighting because I can't.
And it just, it's like bringing it home.
Like that, that's, that's the, that spirit or, or whatever you want to call it is, is confirming that what you're doing is the right thing.
Their prayers have enlisted you.
Their prayers have enlisted you.
It's really that connection being reconnected.
It's that, again, we're all the same stuff.
It's that tentacle re-reaching back and forming that form of connection.
But the question is why is it so intense right now?
It's intense right now because it's like right before the expansion.
When there's a woman giving birth,
The time in between contractions is longer until the baby gets there.
That time in between contractions contracts, like everything in the universe, expansion and contraction.
And they get more painful.
And they get more painful.
And you had a little bit more time in between the pain.
Where have I heard this before?
As the pain becomes closer and closer and closer,
You give birth to something beautiful.
It's almost like there's a book that describes these times using the birth pain sonality.
So what do we do?
Because we've got a guest host taking over.
In closing, 60 seconds apiece, what do we do?
We fight.
We stay aware and we be prepared and we unite with those who are going to help us get through the fight.
I mean, don't give up.
Never give up.
And we thank God that we're not Chuckie Schumer and
What's that guy's name?
Evil always suffers.
Prime Selder.
They're going to get what is coming to them.
For me what it is and what it looks like for me is just staying on top and on the physical plane, making sure that you're supporting shows like this, the work that you're doing, the companies that are getting behind this because they see it, as well as making sure that on the physical realm we're defending ourselves.
Organizations like ours, Black Guns Matter,
I want everybody to come out to the Solutionary Summit.
Come learn, engage with people that have a basis of solutions.
This is how we win.
It's beautiful.
So people find that where?
Where do they find your great work, my friend?
Well, I don't really have any great work, but you can email me at ggsol at ProtonMail.
That stands for Great Grants.
Well, you expose the feds, and that's pretty good work.
That's a great word.
And I do have a Gibson Go to take on the Washington Post for defaming combat veterans, and you can find that at gibsongo.com slash combat vets, V as in versus, VWAPO.
All right, Stu Peters is about to take over.
We're going to get some Texas barbecue, which is not as good as North Carolina barbecue, right?
That's what I say.
No, it's all good actually.
I've had Tennessee and North Carolina barbecue.
It's all good.
Neither one of those are better than Philly cheesesteak.
We're just going to eat meat so that we make sure that we don't let the globalists get what they want.
Philly cheesesteak is great stuff.
Alright, I feel empowered.
I love this crew.
Thank you to the great crew for what they've done.
Stu Peters takes over right now and then I'm going to tape some big shows.
Coming up for Saturday, this weekend, 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
So give me a few minutes, because I've got Max Keiser up to tape for tomorrow.
Alright, that's it for this transmission.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you.
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It's like this waterfall.
It's like, what is the old saying?
You're drinking through a garden hose.
It's more like a fire hydrant now, as these waterfalls of proof and these mountainous piles of information and evidence become exposed.
And, you know, the term fight back, all this fight back stuff that we keep on talking about, it doesn't have to be like that.
If you fight back, you're on the defensive, and it is time for us now to go on the defensive, to take this information that we have, because the takeover is on, and these globalists will absolutely stop at nothing to complete their mission, and they know that they're running out of time.
It's Stu Peters from StuPeters.TV here.
I'm happy to be with you on this final hour of the Alex Jones Show every Friday.
It is really, truly an honor to spend my Friday afternoons with you, but I am closely in contact with people who are at the highest levels of government.
People both in the government and the private sector, people in the military, and I have conversations with these people.
Now, we have a lot of stuff to break here today and a very short amount of time to do it, so stick with me for this hour because we're going to try to jam it all in here.
I was texting last night, and I was texting last night, I'm going to protect this person's anonymity, but I was asking this person whether or not Trump lost his military support.
And what I was referring to was Trump losing his military support before January 20th.
What this person thought I was referring to was whether or not Trump had military support to run originally on this in 2016.
So we kind of got a little bit mixed up, but Trump's closest advisors, what you need to understand, a lot of people ask, why did Trump just walk away?
Why didn't he do anything with Section 230?
Why does he continue to promote these jabs?
You have to stop thinking about this in a light of you and your individual family and how this impacts you because you have to make these decisions based on the information that you have.
Whether or not you go out and get inoculated with this poison that we have now exposed as a bioweapon, I don't know why you would ever do that to yourself.
And you should be at the top of every hill in your town standing on top of the highest roof anywhere and grabbing the loudest bullhorn you have and going everywhere that you possibly can and warning everybody exactly what this thing is.
That is your patriotic duty to your brothers and sisters in Christ and to your fellow Americans and really global citizens as this thing is not just an effort here in the United States but Fauci and Gates and the global cabal
Has a concerted effort all the way around the world to try to incapacitate you.
Now, I used to say this was the plan for depopulation and they're gonna kill you.
Well, in a certain respect, that is true.
But being the most rich or the most powerful man on the face of the planet with nobody else on it but you seems kind of meaningless.
So really what this is is about subservience.
They want to reign and control.
And as we see this inoculation continue to roll out and more quote-unquote variants coming, we have this Delta BS now, more fear-mongering by these Satanist globalists,
As we see this thing progress and more people get inoculated, what we're going to end up with is we're going to end up with teenagers, 15 years old, 20 years old, 25 years old, suffering with dementia, being physically incapacitated.
And that's going to require you to support these people.
And insurance is not going to cover it.
We already know that.
Because these people have already said, everybody that takes this thing is part of an experiment.
This is a trial.
And so you're not going to be covered by your insurance companies.
You're not going to be able to go after Moderna, not after Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, or anybody else that wants to put their hands in the pot.
So Trump's closest advisors had cut him off from the military and military support before January 20th.
Now, he sent cash over to the Pentagon to have another avenue of contact with the military, but they cut that off as well.
So his position and his control and his support by the military was very much unknown at the time that he left.
And this is coming from somebody who is directly, I don't want to say associated with, but right in the middle of all of it.
This is a very reliable source who I have vetted, who I deem to be 100% credible.
Now, I'm in close contact with a source that I trust tremendously.
And again, I'm going to protect the anonymity of that person that I was exchanging these text messages with last evening.
But I want to illustrate for you how realistic a return to office is for President Trump and why he just walked away.
It's my opinion that Donald J. Trump is the ultimate white hat.
And while others are
Disputing or pontificating or shedding their opinions around social media and the Twittersphere and everywhere else that it's fake about the reason why he left or why he didn't act on 230 and why he continues to push the jab.
It's my thought process to look at this at a reality from Trump's perspective in a time of war, because that is where we are.
If it's not completely evident to you, Joe Biden just told you today that he's going to nuke you if you should put up any resistance to his globalist takeover.
So I want to refer you to one of the first text messages that I received that I thought would be appropriate for you guys to look at today, that I'm protecting the anonymity of this person.
But he said, when I was asking about Trump's military support, he said, I thought you meant military support to run for president.
If you meant the January 20th time period, again, his closest advisors had cut him off from the military and the military support.
He sent cash over to the Pentagon to have another avenue of contact with the military, but they cut that off as well.
So his position and control and support of the military was very much unknown at the time that he left.
So think about that.
Think about exactly what that means.
If Trump doesn't have the support of the military at that time,
If he doesn't really know how much support he has, we've already been told that top military commanders denied his request for military presence to be there on the 6th of January.
That was part of the setup.
That was on purpose.
The military could not be there.
As a matter of fact, they had to act against him.
And the only people that could do that were the top commanders.
And in the next segment, we're going to get into exactly who it was that was responsible for that.
So I mentioned to this source that is close to the situation, who again, I trust
I mentioned to him that it appeared to me, and here I go with my tinfoil hat conspiracy theories, but listen, I worked in the private sector of law enforcement for almost two decades.
I chased very wanted, very violent people wanted for crimes against persons, and I jailed them for 18 years.
Very successfully.
I'm a trained observer.
And being the trained observer that I am, I have seen Joe Biden out here speaking.
It appears to me that he's wearing a ballistic vest.
I take that to believe that they're expecting something to happen.
If something is going to happen, it's going to come within his camp.
I know that.
And it's not above these people to take a shot at him.
It's not above these people to put him on his back and then you know who they're going to blame.
White supremacist, Trump supporter, anti-vaxxer, you know, us.
So I asked him about this and he said this.
I'll put the text on the screen here.
I haven't heard anything about killing him.
But I did hear that after Biden takes away all the guns or introduces legislation seriously restricting them, that Kamala is going to come on strong and remove him, or he'll take a bow out for health reasons, but he's on his way out.
So if you are still able to screw around on Twitter, if you're still over there, you might know who John here to help is.
His name is Dr. John McGreevey, and he actually wrote about this months ago.
And basically, essentially what he came to the conclusion of is what we talk about here all the time is that Biden is a Trojan horse.
He'll sign anything that is put in front of him.
So they'll use him to sign and enact the most restrictive legislation, especially when it comes to gun control.
That way when she comes in, when Kamala comes in, she can look like the voice of reason, despite the fact that Kamala Harris is quite possibly the most radical progressive ever to occupy a Senate seat.
She'll still look like the voice of reason as compared to what they're making Joe Biden do now.
These globalist handlers that have propped him up and put him there against the will of the majority of Americans.
So she's taking the middle road right now.
She's sort of the dealmaker.
That's how they'll present this, is that she's working with both sides.
So it's a way to cut down on her radical image, but still get what they want.
And this is being telegraphed.
It's right out in the wide open.
Over at StuPeters.TV today, we published an article specifically about this.
There are very sneaky maneuvers being performed by Kamala, but they're not sneaky at all.
She's being caught at every turn.
Now we're going to break all kinds of extremely important pieces of information over the course of this next hour.
I've got about 30 seconds left here, but you need to listen.
You need to carefully pay attention.
We know the virus was engineered, and we know by whom.
We know the insurrection was set up.
We know who the Deep State is, how they orchestrated everything.
But until just yesterday, we didn't know specifically who it was, and now we do.
We know about a high-ranking military general and how he denied Trump's request for military assistance with security on the 6th.
But you guys, this gets really, really deep.
I'm going to play a tape recording for you here shortly.
This tape recording should go all the way to the highest levels of government.
And that's coming up next as the Alex Jones Show continues.
My name is Stu Peters.
It's not hard to believe how Alex Jones looks so good every day with the production staff here at InfoWars.
My name is Stu Peters at StuPeters.TV, where you can find me in my ear over the break.
I was reminded by one of the extremely intuitive, attention to detail oriented trained observers here at InfoWars.
You know, Biden has brought this up in times past.
They have telegraphed this whole thing about dementia.
And, you know, remember six months ago when everybody looked at this guy like he was crazy when he said, soon hospitals will be full of dementia patients.
And again, he just said it just the other day.
If we're paying attention, we don't have to be fighting back.
We have to stop the fight back mantra, get off of the defensive and get on the offensive.
We have to take the information that we have and get out on the offensive by exposing these people.
We're doing nothing but providing all of this exposure information and now it is time for people like Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul to start acting on this information.
I specifically mentioned to you guys that I had some tapes that I wanted to break.
Some tapes that I was going to release to you about the exposure of people at the highest levels of government.
And this is the stuff that Senator Ted Cruz specifically and Rand Paul should immediately act with their authority and use their offices to begin doing what they are there to do.
I spoke with John here to help.
That is Dr. John McGreevey.
Those of you that don't know, he has been very plugged into the government and the military and information gathering on behalf of the government.
He is absolutely credible.
And he was on my show at StuPeters.TV just the other day.
And here's the tape.
Now the thing is, there are FBI agents and federal agents all over January 6th.
They're all over the place.
And they were one of the persons who corroborated this was there.
They set this up.
They needed a thing because everybody wanted to stand up and use this.
It's the same thing with the bombers.
You know, the bombs that were placed.
Listen to this now.
And the FBI knows who they are.
I'll put it right out here publicly.
I know who they are.
And I can tell you that the person who transported the bomber and the devices has a direct connection to the DOJ.
Who is it?
They were both taking their orders.
Who is it?
He's related to a DOJ official.
Do you want to name these people?
Not that one.
Not yet.
But he's related to a very high-ranking judge.
Anyway, so they know who they are, but it's more valuable to them to keep the myth going.
Oh, this is a terrorist, a white terrorist.
And there's a bomber out there, so we have to keep our building closed.
I mean, they're placing bombs.
We could be a victim.
Well, they know who it is.
They supplied the crappy device.
It didn't work.
But, you know, we have to keep boarding up because there's a bomber out there.
We can't find them.
They know who they are.
I got a picture of them on my phone.
So they know all this.
And it's just to keep the thing going.
Pelosi, who was masterminding this stuff, really stepped out from behind the curtain to do this.
Normally she works through patsies, and she did to an extent on this one.
But she didn't trust anybody to get it right.
She didn't want to call it into orders to get someone to sacrifice.
Now, if you get these videotapes, you'll see them going around questioning people, leading them... They were leading other people up to the stairs, and they didn't go that far.
Because the noise or whatever scared them.
They thought something was wrong, and they just backed off and went the other way.
You'll see these on there.
They finally got someone up there.
It's Baba.
And you'll see the shooter.
And you can actually see it in the video.
Watch it.
As I described.
You'll see him move forward, back off.
Move forward, back off.
Because he's accepting his orders.
Who is it?
That one?
That one?
And a lot of people had their faces covered.
Things like that.
So he wasn't sure who was male, who was female.
He had to get an identification of who to shoot.
And there was a video recording of this because we know who he was talking to.
And we know who he was talking through.
You could not use normal communication systems because
The officers are all over the place, and there are people who regularly, including reporters, but just general citizens, listen to police scanners and listen to the Capitol Police.
Find out what's going on, get tidbits of info, whatever.
They know this.
This is how they get tips.
So you couldn't be talking through there.
You couldn't have somebody say on your radio, shoot.
It would be way too obvious.
They also wanted to protect
Their phones and their transcripts.
The FBI has taken all those.
Their text messages, things like that.
So they were using military encrypted communications.
The one who helped set this up.
The person who provided a lot of this.
Pelosi did not want the FBI coming into her house.
They're not going to come into her house and do this and mess it up.
Because that's her house, and that's how she refers to it.
Urban and her house.
She's in charge.
She has her own little secret Gestapo police force, and they take the orders.
However, they were using, I guess, military communications at the time, and they were provided by a certain person.
This person was rewarded for what was done.
They helped set everything up.
This is the same person.
Who had a duty to protect everything he didn't.
Because of his hatred of Trump.
And because he saw a way to get inside.
And I'm putting this out there because I'm relying on this person's honor and sense of duty to come forward.
So you're not going to name this person?
Oh, I'm going to name this one.
I'm going to tell you who it is.
I would like to speak to him and understand your hatred and your entirety of your opinion.
But you swindled, same one million of us have, more than once.
You were paid off, okay?
You got your ticket in the inside, but you're not.
You're not as safe as you think you are.
You are a connection between what happened on January 6th, as fake as it is, and the federal agencies, and Pelosi.
You are a knot that's easily untied.
You have to think of that.
And you know how these people are.
You don't know the extent of it,
He's playing in a league that he's not used to.
So, I'm speaking to Major General William Walker, the commander of the U.S.
National Guard in D.C.
and the brand-newly promoted Sergeant-at-Arms, promoted by Nancy Pelosi.
So, General, I would never attack our military.
I would never besmirch someone who wears the uniform, especially a general officer.
I'm asking you, sir, to please stand up and defend us as you have done in the past.
It's going to come out.
I have heard that all of your private and social communications, email, text, phone calls, everything has been archived for well over the past year.
So I would implore you, sir, to do your duty and come out and defend us once more.
Well, you don't realize the level that these people will go to to protect what they have.
I really, really hope that you paid very close attention to this.
Not only has the bomber been identified, the FBI knows who it was that transported these bombs, who transported the bombers.
There are pictures of these people.
Now, the current Congressional Sergeant-at-Arms, promoted by Nancy Pelosi,
Former Major General William J. Walker has been implicated in orchestrating the execution of Ashley Babbitt by providing to Nancy Pelosi, at her request, encrypted military-grade communications.
Now, I don't know why Dr. John McGreevy specifically named Senator Rand Paul and Senator Ted Cruz.
As who he wants to be aware of this information.
But that is who he is calling on to act and act now.
Knowing this information.
See, William J. Walker is in a very precarious position right now.
We saw what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.
We saw what happened to John McAfee.
If they're dead...
This is really where we're at right now.
And if they want to get rid of Major General William J. Walker, he means nothing to them anymore.
His job has already been done.
He did- To ignore Donald J. Trump's request for the military, and then went so far as to be an active participant in setting up Trump supporters.
Who are now being jailed, imprisoned, put in solitary confinement, being targeted by the weaponized FBI, and this guy is stuck right between Nancy Pelosi and the FBI.
That's unbelievable stuff.
Now, it is not my job to determine whether or not a whistleblower is telling the truth.
That is not my job.
I'm not the judge.
I'm not the jury.
My job is to determine the credibility of whistleblowers and I not only do I believe that Dr. John McGreevey is a credible whistleblower, but I also do believe that he is telling the truth.
So take that information and become on the offensive.
No more of this fight back.
We're not on the defense anymore.
We are on the offense and we are the majority.
So in saying that, I went to this other person that I was texting with last evening, the person that was telling me how the military abandoned Trump towards the end.
Nobody really knew what his communication even was with the military as it came up to the 20th when he was supposed to leave.
He never conceded, but he left.
Why did he leave?
Well, what were his choices?
He didn't know what his backing for the military, what the military was going to do.
And now we see that a major general in the military actually used military resources to participate in a Marxist coup to remove the sitting president of the United States of America.
Was he supposed to sit there and fight them?
What were we supposed to do?
We didn't know anything.
It was all a part of a huge mis- and disinformation psyop that has been carefully and methodically planned and orchestrated and then implemented over the course of the last decade.
And it started before President Donald Trump was there.
He was only a speed bump in the road that they needed to get out of their way.
They tried to do it in 2016.
It did not work.
And then they did it in 2020 and it did.
They stepped up the algorithms.
They stole it.
We know it, but we know it.
Doing something about it is key.
Communication is key.
The information war is on, which is why you're here every day.
You're part of the resistance.
Alex Jones does a tremendous job.
I hope that you follow me over at StuPeters.TV.
There are a handful of us out here on the front lines, risking it all, fighting for it.
We know that you are too.
We are all in this together.
This is a global citizen thing.
This is a concerted effort.
To tear everybody apart limb from limb, force them to their knees, and make you and your kids and your grandkids for generations to come subservient to these criminals.
Switching gears a little bit, they're doing this with the bioweapon.
We know 100% for sure that it was man-made.
We know that it was engineered.
We know about Christina Cassetti by going through Fauci's emails.
We know that he was in communication with her.
He was asking her to discredit viable treatments, things that would kill the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
We know why.
Because he wanted it to succeed.
These are the people that tried to steal a virus.
And Bill Gates, the guy that offered a billion dollars to obtain a virus,
That had an effective rate that was so astronomical, it would blow up everything.
95% of males would become sterile, and up to 35% of females would become infertile, wiping out mankind in just one generation.
And these two criminals, Gates and Fauci, and whoever is pulling their puppet strings, tried to get their hands on this thing so that they could intentionally release it to the world.
It was then destroyed when the person who engineered that virus found out who was trying to get their hands on it and for what purpose.
So Fauci, being undereducated like he is, being the narcissist that he is, being the criminal that he is, went and manufactured what we are looking at now, known as COVID-19.
He's like a little illegitimate schoolchild running around on the sandbox with a squirt gun that's ineffective.
But what was effective was the fear technique that they used in order to perpetuate these lockdowns.
We have breaking news from a brief that we had that was leaked, an internal brief, that Dr. Gene Ruby is now joining us here to talk about this brief.
This has to do with airline pilots.
Dr. Gene Ruby, you have heard that 60 to 80 percent of pilots have been inoculated at one airline.
Is that true?
Sue, thanks for helping get this out.
I have a document from United Airlines to the American Pilots Association of America that's based in McLean, Virginia.
In this document they actually, it's upwards, it's 80, it's at least 80 in their words, provided your producers with a copy of this document.
It's called the brief and it is internal and actually it was sent to me by several United Airlines employees.
I'm not going to specify what their roles are in the company.
Because I want to keep it as high level as possible and protect them.
But 80% in this document it says that 80% of the entire United Airlines family is now injected and what they're doing is they want to before they go to mandates which they are headed for
Even for that last 20%, they are incentivizing or attempting to incentivize pilots, flight attendants, and other staff, believe it or not, with extra hours, with a bonus payment.
And they calculate it in hours.
So 5.15 hours for this company.
And if you get the jab from Johnson & Johnson, you get this amount.
I mean, it's just preposterous.
On what scientific basis
Are they doing anything like that in terms of the bonus?
And they say in the document
That they want to get as much volunteer compliance as possible before they get to the mandate.
And so this is really unbelievable.
At the same time, these airlines are warning publicly, the flying public, that if they've been injected with these experimental jabs that they should reconsider flying right now because of the high risk of
I don't know how much time I have left here.
I'm kind of going blind.
My clock is dead.
If a producer could tell me in my ear how much time we have left in this segment, I don't want to be just rambling on here without knowing.
So if you can keep me up on the countdown, I'd appreciate that.
Go ahead, Dr. Jane.
I just wanted to say that at the same time they're warning the public that they could have a higher risk than normal for blood clots in flight, which as we know is a normal, especially for long hauls.
But with these injections causing myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes, these jabs force you to make the spike protein.
That then gets involved in your blood and does make you clot and throw these clots.
So flying, you could potentially have pilots flying you that develop a blood clot in their head and they pass out.
And you know, with the restrictions on the door, nobody can get into that door unless it's unlocked from the inside, the cockpit door.
So this is just absolutely ridiculous.
While they're pushing their pilots and flight attendants to get jabbed,
They are telling the public that it's dangerous.
Stu, it's atrocious.
And this document proves it.
I've got about 15 seconds here left, but I want to keep you on the other side of the break as we continue on the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
We'll be right back.
Dr. Jane Ruby is joining us.
We have internal leaked documents from the airline that suggests a very horrific reality.
Now, Dr. Jane, we were fact-checked on this from our broadcast on the Stu Peters Show by this Lead Stories or USA Today or whatever, saying that, no, fact-check, this is false.
This is not a horrific reality.
Unconscious pilots having blood clots and planes occupied by hundreds of people falling from 35 or 40,000 feet is not a horrific reality, then I don't know what is.
Dr. Jane Ruby, we can spend all of our time exposing this stuff and warning people about these inoculations.
We can choose not to be vaccinated.
We can do
Yes, in fact, if the number in this leaked document, the brief, is correct, that 80%
All right.
I don't know about you, but I can do the math.
That means that four-fifths of their entire flying fleet is running with this extra high risk for blood clots that can hit the lung, the brain, the heart, and you'd have a stroke, a heart attack.
These are fatal situations, Stu.
Since you started talking about this, we've broken this.
I'm getting even more sources that are coming to me.
There are flight attendants and pilots that are petrified.
They're trying to bide their time.
They understand the danger of this.
They do not want to take these injections.
Nothing makes any sense.
And recently, American Airlines, I think everyone has been seeing that they've been shutting down, you know, 25, 30, 40% of their flights.
And they're saying that they have a pilot shortage.
You know, airline operations are some of the sharpest people in the world.
They can plan months in advance, down to the T, what kind of equipment they're going to need, how many airplanes, what kind of staff.
So, you know, don't tell me that these pilots aren't there because of a shortage.
They're not there because I think a lot of them were jabbed.
A lot of them are ill.
They're not allowed to speak about it.
And even worse, who knows what we're about to find out, Stu?
And if you're flying United Airlines, I mean, look at the risk that you're at.
I mean, this is a legitimate document that was published on the 4th of June, just a couple of weeks ago.
They are now pushing more and more of these pilots towards this jab by incentivizing them monetarily.
They are hiding behind fact checkers who are propagandists for this installed Biden regime.
They're no different from the mainstream media.
These people are projecting misinformation intentionally knowing that it's going to result in catastrophic death.
It's absolutely insane and as you were saying to me that you had more people that were approaching you when I was talking and I interrupted you inadvertently due to a little delay here, what I was going to tell you is that I also too have received
Dozens of emails from airline employees who are looking to protect their anonymity because this is their career.
They're trying to, as you said, bide their time and not take this injection.
But they are going to be forced to or they're going to lose their flight hours.
They're going to lose their flight status.
If they're international, they're not going to be able to fly anymore.
They're going to lose their income, everything that they've ever worked for.
Not to mention, I have also been approached by somebody who has been involved with the process of training thousands of pilots from all of these different airlines.
She is telling me that she has received phone calls from a plethora, so many different airline pilots that have said, I don't want to do this.
We're looking on the screen right now.
Four British airline pilots die after getting a COVID jab.
We reported that.
We were fact check on that.
They didn't take down their tweet over at British Airways, but now they're saying what?
Well, they're coming out and saying that they didn't all die in one week, they didn't die of the jabs, they weren't all jabbed.
Listen, Stu, this is something that we have encountered over and over and over again.
We get the information, we get leaked documents, we get multiple whistleblowers to corroborate these stories, and then these companies or the media, they're all in lockstep, they're all zombies as far as I'm concerned.
And they all say the same thing.
It's a lie.
It's not happening.
Well, I really dare those fact checkers to go back and look at the British Airways tweets.
Four pilots in one week don't die, you know, out of the blue as a coincidence.
So this is getting really crazy.
And like I said, since you started breaking this, we started talking about it on your show.
You know, they're just coming out of the woodwork because I had a flight attendant write to me today and say, you know, thank God that you and Stu Peters are a voice for us.
And I think now that they see that we are talking about it, Stu, and we are making it a little more public, they are getting courageous to come out and talk to us even more.
So I really predict in the next few weeks, Stu, we're gonna have more and more corroboration, we're gonna have more people coming through, and maybe they'll even, even with a dark speed in front of them, you know, come and tell us directly what they're enduring.
We're talking about four British Airways airline pilots.
There were also unconfirmed reports of a dead Delta airline pilot and I have heard two now from Delta Airlines.
We had a report of a Canadian cargo jet.
Or a cargo aircraft, I don't know if it was a jet, but a large cargo plane on the runway in Canada, where the pilot was suddenly rendered unconscious, who had, by the way, had one thing in common with all of the rest of them, he had been inoculated recently, and he was rendered unconscious.
They had to remove him with a medical crew EMTs.
Thank God that plane didn't get into the air.
We're talking about
Massive aircraft potentially falling from the sky.
Now, aside from the lost souls on board, what about where that thing lands?
I mean, this is intentional domestic terrorism, premeditated murder.
They know what this thing is doing.
Dr. Jane Ruby, we have talked about the VAERS data.
We have talked about the Harvard study that suggests that less than 1% of these things are being reported.
We are at 60,000, suggesting that 600,000 or more confirmed injuries from these inoculations, many hundreds of thousands of assumed deaths as a result of this vaccine.
You stopped a study, personally, you did, a trial, when beagle dogs ended up dying.
Just a handful of them.
Not 600,000, not several hundred thousand, but just a couple of dogs.
What are we doing?
That's exactly right, Stu.
I mean, and I could give you countless examples in my pharmaceutical drug development experience of 20 years, where there are many situations like that, where during the preclinical, or what we, you know, preclinical refers to petri dishes and animals, and during the preclinical phases, when we're testing them through various breeds of animals, okay, if animals get sick, even in small numbers, everything is shut down
The companies are always previously directed to go back and find the reason why.
In the case of the famous antidepressant Celexa, which was superseded by its enantiomer Lexapro, when Celexa was undergoing the animal trials in the 90s before it went into human trials,
I just wanted to say, sorry, technical difficulties, Dr. Jane's on the road.
When those six, there were only six beagle dogs, so one breed and six dogs.
That study was shut down for two years and the company was able to detect that it was a genetic anomaly specific to that breed.
Can you imagine?
I mean, look at that level of detail.
Now we have children that are starting to die.
We have babies that are bleeding to death after breastfeeding their inoculated mothers.
Stu, I agree with you.
I don't think we have to figure it out.
This is intentional.
Please protect the babies.
Is we have to figure out how to take this information and now get on the offensive.
Fight back is something that I just, I can't, I can't stomach this anymore.
Fight back.
We're on the defense here for no reason.
We are the majority.
We have the information.
We have the upper hand.
There are waterfalls of proof.
There are mountains of evidence.
They are right out in front of every single one of these so-called elected representatives.
All of these America first.
Congressional office seat holders, these Senators, America First, this and Patriot that.
I'm tired of hearing it.
I'm tired of the grandstanding.
Where in the hell are you?
Get out here, get out in front, and absolutely do something.
You have sworn an oath to office.
It is time for you to uphold it.
The military needs to be involved, too.
Look at the purge going on here, with the chair of the Joint Chiefs out here saying that this whole woke thing is great to him.
It's unbelievable.
Dr. Gene Ruby, thank you for joining us on the road.
We know that you're a very busy individual, and we appreciate you making the time for us.
The Owen Schroeder War Room is coming up next right here on Info Wars, so make sure that you stick around for that.
I will hope to be back next Friday after all these technical difficulties.
I don't know that they're going to have me.
Visit Dr. Jane online anytime at drjaneruby.com and make sure that you come and check me out at StuPeters.tv.
Again, that's StuPeters.tv.
Thank you so much for letting me join you here today.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
We'll see you next week.
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