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Name: 20210624_Thu_Alex
Air Date: June 24, 2021
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This episode of InfoWars covers topics such as mainstream media manipulation, government cover- ups, recent assassinations, scientific issues related to vaccines and mRNA technology, targeted political assassination, globalist control over the United States, and the importance of staying informed and taking action against tyranny. Dr. Peter McCullough discusses his concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and their distribution while Alex Jones talks about how the Deep State controls America and the Pentagon being taken over by globalists. The broadcast also discusses potential invasion by foreign troops, election fraud, and staying prepared in these trying times. Mike Adams urges listeners to stay informed, be self-reliant, and continue supporting InfoWars

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This is an emergency red alert worldwide broadcast on June 24th.
The year is 2021.
Every hour, every minute that we're still on air is very, very precious.
We are witnessing the birth of the anti-human, satanic world government.
And with it will follow death and hell.
The majority of the population of the world will go under mass learned helplessness Stockholm syndrome and will submit to the takeover.
They will grease the skids into an accelerated nightmare collapse.
Submission to this evil will only accelerate your destruction.
Groveling to it will only get you killed.
And serving it spiritually will damn your soul
To hell.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
I love American freedom, baby!
Okay, Shane, what's the kick like on this thing?
Well, it's actually not going to be too bad because there's some features it has.
This right here will kick back and take some of the recoil out of it.
Also, this muzzle brake.
It's got a muzzle brake on it, I notice.
So it's about like a 12-gauge.
The problem with muzzle brakes is it increases the sound coming back this way.
That's the one thing you're going to realize.
I know that for a fact.
The sound is pretty powerful.
The problem I've got here is it's been a long time since I've shot a .50 caliber, and I'm sure I'm not as good as I used to be, so if you don't mind, I'm going to imagine my target out there, and I'll tell you whether or not I hit it in the center, okay?
You don't have a problem with that, do you?
No, no, no.
Obamacare is the same thing, you know, right?
They've imagined the rollout as being successful, and therefore they've met their expectations.
I want to do the same thing with my target.
That's right.
I'll hit it point blank every time.
I'm sure every shot is going to be a success.
That's right.
It's perfect.
Well, John, it's daytime and these armor-piercing tracers, U.S.
Army issue, won't be as spectacular as nighttime, but you want to shoot a couple of these?
All right, we'll do that next.
I've never shot a tracer round.
Photon torpedoes away!
I like these .50s.
My type of gun.
Well, John, you just got done shooting the .50 over there.
We're going to put that on the TV show next week, but right now you've got that .223 M4 Scorpion.
You ready to try it out?
Well, I don't even know what's here compared to the .50 caliber.
This feels like a feather.
So this is a piece of cake.
It's one of my favorite guns.
The AR-15 or its equivalent.
There's some equivalent here.
Yep, M4.
All right, buddy.
We'll let her rip.
Check this one out.
This got the aim point sight?
Yes sir.
The last time I talked to you, you were hiding out somewhere in the Belizean jungle and you made it out.
How did you do it?
Uh, you know, mostly by misdirection.
You know, the, uh, uh, telling friends that I knew were unfaithful friends that I was in one place when I wasn't, and they would then tell the government, and they would all rush there, and I'd be somewhere else.
Uh, and I got across the border because the, um, the southern border was completely, uh, manned with guards.
I managed to arrange to get arrested in Mexico.
It was a double that looked like me.
And I had that reported in the international press and everybody went north to the Mexican border and I just waltzed across the southern border into Guatemala.
You sound like a James Bond character.
We're hanging out with James Bond right now.
Did you know that?
That's amazing.
Well, that's a blast from the past, seven years ago.
I'm Alex Jones, stay with us.
Well, we've got the red emergency radar scan background up, and that means one thing.
Patriots are being assassinated.
It was just ten days ago or so that we talked about the very famous Emmy Award winning
It was a Grammy award-winning for TV news individual who had exposed the tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
They said they were death-threatening him and trying to kill him and that he would never commit suicide.
That he would never commit suicide.
And then he was found shot in the head inside his home alone, a happily married man with two children.
We'll be revisiting that here in a moment.
Well, now we have John McAfee, who I knew very well.
I've been on the show 20 times.
We haven't talked in the last few years because he was in a Madrid jail awaiting extradition to the U.S.
He said last week, I'm getting threats from the U.S.
government that they will suicide myself, they will kill me.
And McAfee basically, as you already know, then ended up being found dead yesterday.
Pretty amazing.
And he said he had a dead man switch.
We have found the dead man switch buried in a crypto wallet.
And we're going to be talking about that coming up here on the transmission today.
You know, it's really hard to say what the biggest news is when it's all so ultra massive.
Look at this one.
US to add heart inflammation warning
To COVID mRNA vaccines for teens.
Wow, a big victory as the House of Cards collapses.
Something just as huge.
Inventor of mRNA vaccines, of the entire technology, says people should not be forced to take experimental COVID vaccines and that they are dangerous.
And that children should not take them.
Young people should not take them.
It gets even crazier.
confirms removal of Wuhan virus sequence from database by Fauci.
So they're covering it up because it came from Chapel Hill, was transferred over to China.
And of course we were reporting on this yesterday, now you see it in the news today.
NIH deleted coronavirus sequences at request of Chinese scientists.
Congress probing new lead, but it was the U.S.
government that did it.
And it was scientists in the United States that went back and reverse-engineered and found the Google cache of the deletion.
And of course, it's completely man-made.
That's all coming up, and it dovetails with the smoking gun yesterday that Fauci, one month before the COVID outbreak, told them to prepare to activate their COVID vaccine, COVID-19 vaccine program, with those exact sequences.
Total premeditation.
Total, complete, open and shut case.
Everyone involved is lucky if they end up in a Supermax prison for the rest of their lives.
Notice they've been the ones investigating this thing the entire time.
But first, let's just go to this.
Tucker Carlson knocking it out of the park again with the inventor of mRNA technology, Dr. Robert Malone.
Here it is.
But new numbers are coming in.
The Norwegian Medicines Agency, for example, has found that the vaccine may increase the risk of death in the elderly as well.
The Norwegian study conducted a study of 100 nursing home residents who died after receiving Pfizer's Corona shot.
They found that at least 10 of those deaths were, quote, likely caused by the vaccine. 10%.
And of those, in 26 other cases, they believe they were possibly caused by the vaccine.
So what explains those numbers?
This appears to be happening.
Why is it happening?
Well, a physician called Robert Malone tried to address that question recently in a podcast that was broadcast on YouTube, but YouTube immediately took it down.
Now, they did this even though Dr. Robert Malone may be the single most qualified person on planet Earth to discuss this subject.
Because he helped create the mRNA technology behind the COVID vaccines.
We think he has a right to speak.
Dr. Robert Malone joins us now.
Doctor, thanks so much for coming on.
In a way that's accessible to non-scientists,
I hope you'll tell us, do you have concerns about these vaccines for people who aren't at great risk?
I think that one of my concerns are that the government is not being transparent with us about what those risks are.
And so I'm of the opinion that people have the right to decide whether to accept vaccine or not, especially since these are experimental vaccines.
This is a fundamental right having to do with clinical research ethics.
And so my concern is that I know that there are risks.
But we don't have access to the data and the data haven't been captured rigorously enough so that we can accurately assess those risks and therefore for folks like your audience, you and me, we don't really have the information that we need to make a reasonable decision.
Here's a simple formula that most people use when they're trying to think about, you know, should I take this or that?
Do the benefits likely outweigh the risks?
So for the specific population, the largest population in America being forced to take the vaccines right now are college students, kids between 18 and 22, a huge number of whom have already had and recovered from COVID, very few of whom, stats show, will die from COVID.
For that population, particularly those who've already had the virus,
Do the benefits outweigh the risks, in your view?
So, I have a bias that the benefits probably don't outweigh the risks in that cohort.
But unfortunately, the risk-benefit analysis is not being done.
So that's one of my other objections, is that we toss around these words risk-benefit analysis casually.
As if it's very deep science, it's not.
Normally, at this stage, the CDC ACIP would have performed those risk-benefit analyses.
They would be data-based and science-based.
They're not right now.
It's kind of a little bit of the seat of the pants.
And that I really object to.
So you ask me, do I think the risk-benefit ratio is appropriate for this age cohort?
The truth is, I can't really say.
But certainly I can say that the risk-benefit ratio for those 18 and below doesn't justify vaccines.
And there's a pretty good chance that it doesn't justify vaccination in these very young adults.
It's hard to believe that anybody would push universal vaccination on a country of 340 million people without getting the data you say don't exist.
How did no one think to do that?
I think that what we have is a structural problem in how the databases were built and how they're being analyzed.
My understanding from colleagues inside the FDA is that the CDC is overwhelmed.
They aren't even processing the data they have.
And by the CDC's own admission in their recent MMWR report on safety in pregnancy, the v-safe database, which is the one that they hold internal,
is so poor that they can't draw any definitive conclusions about whether or not these vaccines are safe in pregnancy.
They believe they're generally safe, but the databases aren't sufficient to really demonstrate that.
We're left in a position where we're waiting for data from places like Norway, Finland, Scandinavia, and hopefully from Israel.
To back up our decisions in public health.
Unfortunately, the Israelis that we've been relying on did not pick up these cardiotoxicity risks that we now are learning about.
They were first picked up by FDA people looking at the VAERS database.
And in an environment like this where we know so little, voices like yours are essential.
And the thought that you're being censored by the tech platforms is a scandal.
And I appreciate your coming on this show tonight.
Doctor, thank you very much.
A good friend of mine, a really smart individual, a true American rebel, John McAfee, died in his jail cell in Barcelona, Spain, at 75 years of age, in good health.
After he had just warned the world a few days before that they're threatening to kill me, the U.S.
government is, and claimed it was suicide.
He said, I will not commit suicide.
And I believe him.
We've seen a lot of suicides lately of people that challenge the Clintons and others, and McAfee had definitely done that.
In the last segment of this hour, I'm going to get into McAfee and why I think he was killed.
But first, let's hear him from the grave.
A few years ago,
Talking about the political process on this planet.
The deep state is a conspiracy theory.
It's defined as the people within the U.S.
government and military who are in secret control of government policy.
Please, people.
The deep state is those people.
Within the U.S.
government that are career employees that cannot be fired by people that we elect by the Congress or the President.
There are the FCC, the CIA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the IRS.
Are these people in control?
Can they enact laws?
Yes, they're called regulations.
For every law that Congress passes, and we elect Congress to pass our laws, there are 20 regulations enacted by federal agencies that have far more impact on our lives than anything Congress can possibly pass.
Is there a deep state?
Can we fire these people?
Can presidents fire them?
It's designed that way, so that political parties and political interests cannot affect the deep state.
Do you understand the nightmare of our situation, people?
I'm sorry, it's not secret.
It's as open as anything could be.
In the past, since 1975, 200,000 regulations have been passed by our federal agencies, encompassing 800,000 pages of fine print people.
It is no secret.
It is as open as it can be.
The Deep State does control America.
Wake up, people, please.
God, use some common fucking sense.
Thank you.
Use some common sense.
Well, he's dead now.
And he told us they're gonna kill me in my jail cell.
But he said, I regret nothing.
Because I've lived a free man.
And I'll give you the inside scoop on Mr. McAfee, because I've got a good idea exactly who he was, what he was doing.
And he was a mercenary.
And he did work for a lot of the different spook agencies, including the CIA, including NASA.
And including shadow government groups even above that.
He was definitely part of the scientific dictatorship for a while.
He was recruited into it as a young man because he's off the chart intelligence level and good looks.
We had it all.
And the rest is a history that killed him deader than a hammer.
Because he was going to release information when they extradited him back to the United States.
That guy had back doors into things going back to when the internet was started.
So does Brennan.
They all do.
So does Clapper.
That's how they maintain their power.
And he's one of the original greyhats that had access to that information.
And believe me, I've talked to a lot of the people connected and involved, and I'll just leave it at that.
I mean, you ought to try going out to dinner with somebody like the former head of the NSA, technical operations, like I've done.
You've got literal spies following you the whole time.
It's just absolutely crazy.
How insane all of this is and how real all of this is.
And just to be at this moment in history in the world is crazy.
So let me just try to process this for you, the reason I'm going to be covering things the way I am here today, because I am poleaxed.
Trying to really cut to the heart of the matter.
So let me just put this out now.
There comes a moment when the tyranny really launches its full attack, that all the window dressing falls away.
And you learn more in a day than you learned the previous year.
And we're in that zeitgeist, that quickening, that acceleration, that revelation, that apocalypse, meaning apocalypse of old ideas dying, new ideas coming forward.
And we're really seeing the death throes of the old world order that calls itself the new world order, wanting to control the future of humanity.
Everything they say is an inverse.
They say they're the new age, they are the dark age.
They say they bring love and liberty, they bring death and tyranny.
And so simply invert anything they say and anything they do, and you have the answer to what's going on.
We're in an atmosphere of blood and death and darkness.
That's why I've got a red apocalyptic background, I'm wearing a black shirt.
I'm not going to wear a pink shirt.
I'm not in an Easter egg hunt with two-year-olds.
Getting time to play patty cake.
We're in darkness.
But in our soul and mind, we connect to Christ.
So, I'm gonna hit the McAfee inside Intel and show you a lot of really amazing stuff coming up.
Hell, to give myself time, I'll just say start of the next hour.
We got a special guest, Black Lives Matter, Black Guns Matter, host and rapper in studio coming up in the third hour.
But in the second hour, I will start off with McAfee and what really happened there.
And then I will hit the other news we've not gone through.
But let me just in a few minutes to break tell you what's coming up.
What's really behind General Milley and Secretary of Defense Austin saying they want to understand white rage because white rage attacked the Capitol?
And then Biden said, you can't fight the US government.
We have nuclear weapons.
He threatened the American people like Swalwell did with nuclear weapons again in a speech yesterday.
This is the stuff going on behind the scenes with these un-American maniacs.
Austin and Milley are globalist CHICOM agents sworn to destroy the country.
That's not hyperbole.
They're enemies of the country.
And they're pushing a program to divide the military at a critical time when cohesion is critical.
We'll be hitting that.
We've got the smoking guns of smoking guns of them creating the virus, launching the virus, and having the vaccine already ready before they launch it.
All the documents are coming out, all of it's been found, and...
The Deep Stater is trying to hide that information.
They've all been caught red-handed, and the wheels are coming off, as regulators themselves and even high-level bureaucrats go, the vaccine's deadly, don't take it, stop, don't take it!
And what'd you think last year when the head of the EU Commission said don't take it, and the former chief scientist at Pfizer said don't take it, and the Nobel Prize-winning discoverer of HIV said didn't take it?
They know!
They don't want to be part of this!
So the real moment of truth's hit right now.
They've already started the mass calling.
I mean, we're gonna have
I bet 20 million extra dead people in a year.
The numbers are already showing that.
I mean, it's an apocalypse in America alone.
Hundreds of millions worldwide.
And this is just the start.
So the question is, how far are we going down this hellhole before we wake up?
It's all coming up today.
This is an emergency Red Alert worldwide broadcast on June 24th.
The year is 2021.
Every hour, every minute that we're still on air is very, very precious.
We are witnessing the birth of the anti-human, satanic world government, and with it will follow death and hell.
The majority of the population of the world will go under mass learned helplessness, Stockholm Syndrome, and will submit to the takeover.
They will grease the skids into an accelerated nightmare collapse.
Submission to this evil will only accelerate your destruction.
Groveling to it will only get you killed.
And serving it spiritually will damn your soul to hell.
I normally, about 10 minutes before we go live, come up with a headline for the live show of that day for an article we post at Infowars.com, the unbattled tip of the spear.
Today I was too busy, didn't do it.
So during this little break I walked out and I said,
Total emergency Thursday broadcast.
I used to say emergency broadcast once a year or something, now I say it almost every day because we are deep within the emergency now, and I went on to try to write the sub-headline.
That the next phase of where the globalists have gone and what they've been doing, and the next phase they're set to carry out in the United States and Europe,
And Australia and New Zealand, Canada as well, is the same phase they've already carried out in countless other countries.
And that is massive targeted political assassination, large numbers of people being killed.
And being killed quite obviously.
And I'm going to be talking more about that next hour, but just 11 days ago, I talked about Christopher Syne.
Christopher Syne, dead at 45.
Said they were coming to kill him.
They were threatening to kill him.
He won a TV Emmy for his news reporting on the criminal activity of the Deep State.
And his family's now reached out to us.
We're going to be working with them.
And I said, if more deaths pop up in the near future of other prominent anti-establishment individuals, it's a message to everyone ahead of massive killing.
And I've got a clip of myself saying that just 10 days ago that we're going to play for you right now because it dovetails with what General Milley and General Austin had to say in Congress yesterday about any resistance to communism, pedophilia, open borders, Karl Marx,
And it's just, it's just absolutely over the top, ladies and gentlemen.
Absolutely over the top.
And so here is a clip of myself talking about this 10 days ago.
What is the next thing to come in a season like this?
What is the next move always?
And the move they've been carrying out all over the world?
Well, it's this right here.
That's what it is.
Forty-five-year-old Christopher Sine, the award-winning, Emmy award-winning TV anchorman and reporter, who just had his book published and is doing great, and was super happy.
Well, he got executed inside of his house yesterday.
And his body wasn't even cold, the blood wasn't even coagulated before they said it was a suicide.
Just like Breitbart.
Hell, they'd say Kennedy was a suicide or whatnot.
Do you know John F. Kennedy committed suicide?
Do you know that?
I guess going up against the deep state, he kind of did.
But he's dead now.
And he said, I'll never commit suicide.
And he said, I'm getting massive death threats, my family, my children is, from the Clintons.
Because, remember he exposed Loretta Lynch, the head of the Judge Department and the FBI, having a corrupt meeting on the tarmac and lying about it all.
That basically finally brought down the Clintons partially.
Well, they've been waiting for a green light time to go offensive.
I'm talking about Canaries and the coal mine.
His execution is a message to everybody, and I would expect to see a lot of these killings now.
He was definitely murdered in my view.
You know, they'll tell you not to say that.
So if we start seeing more deaths the next few days, the next few weeks,
It's a message to threaten everybody to shut up, or there might be 20 deaths by tomorrow.
And what does it even matter?
What does it even matter to the general public?
They don't care, they're all just gonna die.
But I just want everybody that's part of this to know you're gonna die too.
The system's gonna get you as well.
Yeah, that's a classic photo of your radio list where you can't see it.
People just mowing their yard with a tornado 200 yards away or playing golf with a giant forest fire 300 yards away.
And it's just absolute learned helplessness in such a big, big way.
Now look at all the people that have sold out the system.
They love it.
They love the death.
They love the destruction.
They love being fools because they're followers, because they're idiots, because they're morons.
And that's really what all of this has come down to.
Look at that colosomy bag that is General Milley.
He walks in acting all tough and he struts around, he's intimidating everybody.
The man is a sack of cowardly garbage who will burn in hell.
In the name of Jesus Christ.
These are trash trained and picked because they were enemies of this country.
Because they wanted to destroy it.
So we're going to cover that when we come back.
And Biden's latest threat of nuclear war against the American people, the dovetails of the Chinese communist agent, Eric, swallows well.
So it's all coming up!
Come hell or high water!
Straight ahead!
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to this live Thursday transmission, June 24th.
And let's just cut right into it.
You have the CIA and the Ford Foundation developing liberation theology that they use to create the dialectic of a communist takeover of Latin America and areas of Africa.
Then those populations would become communists,
And then the West would have an excuse to bring in a fascist counter to that communist counter to make sure those countries never developed and had an authoritarian schism.
And that's in the white papers, that's in the mainline politics.
It's an evil thing our government started doing really intently by the mid-1960s.
Yes, elements of our criminal government put Lenin in, along with British intelligence.
British intelligence really did, to take out their cousins, the Tsars.
And so they've just been doing this over and over again, putting Mao Zedong in, putting Hugo Chavez in, letting Fidel Castro stay in, while they sabotage Bay of Pigs and embarrass Kennedy.
And it's that dialectic we've all got to understand, that they set up the different factions to kill each other.
And once you figure that out, it's all very easy, but we're supposed to be morons and never figure out how this ruling class of scum is running everything.
And so remember Swallowswell?
He famously came out and said a few years ago, Oh, we're going to get your guns.
Don't claim we come to confiscate them.
You're going to defeat us because we've got nuclear weapons and we'll just drop
Nuclear weapons on the American people.
Yeah, there's the quote.
And it would be a short war, my friend.
The government has nukes, too many of them, but they're legit.
I'm sure if we talked, we could find common ground to protect our families and our communities.
So here's Biden, the imposter, the stooge, the puppet, the pretender, the
Death that rides on the white horse?
Figuratively and literally.
A skeleton?
Reanimated by Satan?
The Usurper?
Basically admitting in his own senile rage that, oh, we want your guns because don't worry, you can't fight our military anyways, we've got the nukes.
Saying the military is separate from the American people and that their plan is military action.
As if you'd use a nuclear weapon on a rebellion and blow up your own cities and your own systems that are full of your own people.
The cities are 60% Democrat slave or more.
It's not even theoretical to use nuclear weapons to, quote, dominate the American people, unless you meant nuke our major power production sites, which they're already turning off via carbon taxes, so that's not needed.
They're already turning off our pipelines, destroying our borders, bringing in dependent populations they control.
They're already doing that.
So to say, hey, don't worry, you don't need those guns anyways, we've got nukes.
We, oh, you're separate from us.
So what a statement, here it is.
I'd add, the Second Amendment from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun, and what type of weapon you could own.
You couldn't buy canon.
Those who say the blood of the, the blood of patriots, you know, and all this stuff about how we're going to have to.
Move against the government.
Well, the tree of liberty is not water in the blood of patriots.
What's happened is that there never been, if you wanted to think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.
The point is that there's always been the ability to limit, rationally limit the type of weapon that can be owned and who can own it.
The last time we had
So, there you go.
Oh, like the nukes the Democrats gave, and the missile secrets, and to China.
And of course, you can buy cannons.
And the people that own cannons never see crimes being committed with them.
Just like 50 cals is a cannon.
Almost no crime, in fact, one crime has been committed with a 50 caliber rifle.
That was the robbery of an armored truck back in the 80s.
I mean, the new head of the ATF lied and said that the Davidians shot down helicopters with 50 cals.
That wasn't true either.
It's just lie after lie after lie.
So let's move now to General Milley, who
Looks like a 10-year-old punk kid trying to act tough when he climbs up in the clubhouse at the Oaktree and tries to kick other kids out.
I mean, he struts around acting powerful.
He struts around acting like a clown.
He looks like Brian Stelter.
The man is a joke.
And Austin's an even bigger turd, I'm told.
So these are fake political operatives that have done whatever they've been told by the system.
Under Bush Sr., under Clinton, under Bush Jr., under Obama to get to the top and Trump was just a speed hump to what they were doing.
And here's Milley who apologized for marching with Trump to the church across the street that they tried to burn down and saying, oh, I shouldn't be seen with a president.
I shouldn't be political.
Now he says, I like race theory, critical race theory.
I want to learn why white people for white supremacy attacked the Capitol.
That's the Southern Poverty Law Center ADL Democrat talking point.
So under Trump, he'd never agree with Trump on anything.
Oh, but now he's going to repeat exactly what President Obama once said, because that is who the real president of this country is.
So let's play clip seven, which is after
Congressman Gates, who the deep state's trying to put in prison, and both Austin and both Milley were very, very arrogant to him.
Extremely arrogant, and were very dismissive of it all.
Austin said he didn't know anything about it.
Even though the guy they've hired to run the Pentagon operation is a total communist, anti-American, burned the American flag guy on record, whites are inherently evil, all this crap.
It's how you destroy the military.
It's how you split the country.
And here they are, knowing damn well what they're doing, running an illegal operation against us.
Biden has announced the new enemy is the American people.
Anybody that supports an election investigation, or guns, or Christianity, or questions lockdowns, or the vaccine, their own national
First of all,
On the issue of critical race theory, etc., I'll obviously have to get much smarter on whatever the theory is.
But I do think it's important, actually, for those of us in uniform to be open-minded and be widely read.
And the United States Military Academy is a university.
And it is important that we train and we understand.
And I want to understand white rage.
And I'm white.
And I want to understand it.
So what is it that caused thousands of people to assault this building and try to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America?
What caused that?
I want to find that out.
I want to maintain an open mind here.
And I do want to analyze it.
It's important that we understand that.
Because our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and guardians, they come from the American people.
So it is important that the leaders, now and in the future, do understand it.
I've read Mao Zedong.
I've read Karl Marx.
I've read Lenin.
That doesn't make me a communist.
So what is wrong with understanding, having some situational understanding about the country for which we are here to defend?
And I personally find it offensive that we are accusing the United States military, our general officers, our commissioned, non-commissioned officers of being, quote, woke or something else because we're studying some theories that are out there.
That was started at Harvard Law School years ago and it proposed that there were laws in the United States, antebellum laws prior to the Civil War.
Let's stop right there.
Harvard, the group that sold us out to China, this is all about Americans are going to bitch when we're taken over by foreign powers, the military's been taken over the top, they're traitors, and they want to declare the American people the enemy while all this is going on.
And now, if you're not a communist, you don't get into West Point, they tell you.
And if you're the head of Space Force, you say, hey, these guys are communists, you get fired.
And they went on to defend that, attack them, and all of it.
These are the sacks of garbage.
These are the Benedict Arnolds.
You want to see the face of the end of America?
The guillotine knife is General Milley and General Austin.
These men are a curse.
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Welcome back to the most censored, banned, demonized broadcast in the world!
And thanks to you supporting us and spreading the word, we're still on air, and thanks to this great crew, we are marching forward in the fight against tyranny.
Look, I'm a real person.
I get upset seeing all this news and trying to cover it all.
In the next hour, I'm going to get my most professional, focused analysis that I can give you on how the Pentagon's now been taken over by the globalists.
The final institutions have fallen, but it's okay.
We're going to bring this whole thing out in the open.
That's coming up.
John McAfee's death.
The political assassination's going on.
It's all coming up.
But first, there's a special report.
On how we have the power.
The Berlin Wall wasn't actually built in a day.
It was built quickly.
But the checkpoints already existed.
It's just that people were accustomed to passing from the American zone to the Soviet zone to the French zone.
And what changed on the day was that all of a sudden, the turnstile didn't lift.
You weren't allowed through the checkpoint.
Then the wall was built in.
But in building the checkpoints, in building the control mechanisms, we're already putting in place the infrastructure for those who will abuse them in the future.
The globalists want a police state in place to destroy the middle class, collapse the economy and consolidate absolute total control.
They're trying to put that police state system in place and turn the entire anti-terrorism apparatus on the American people.
It was not long until the work of the greatest minds of this generation reached what I call the atomic moment, which is somewhat different from what physicists consider the atomic moment.
And this is where this generation corrupted
Or rather, those in power at the head of this generation corrupted our knowledge, our science, our findings, our tools toward a military purpose.
Its reach is unlimited, if you will, but its safeguards are not.
Now, this technology allows these institutions to monitor and record the private activities of people on a scale that's broad enough that we can say it's close to all-powerful.
This is just a extremely toxic, extremely criminal, extremely out of control, poisonous, cancerous...
Malignant system they're building.
Has anyone from the administration reached out to Governor DeWine or anyone in Ohio's government about the possibility of violence resulting from his return to the trail?
And is there any concern about him going back out there and continuing to insist that the election is fraudulent and that he actually won could result in people being hurt or killed?
Obviously we take the rhetoric of the former guy, as we like to say, quite seriously.
In the aftermath of an insurrection, with our democracy on the line, and many of these same Republican senators going along with the notion that somehow there were irregularities and problems with legitimacy in our most recent election,
They're suddenly afraid to even talk about these issues and figure out solutions on the floor of the Senate.
We heard it from the Secretary of Defense, we heard it from the FBI, and we heard it from the ADL, the Southern Primary Law Center, where they said, arrest people that disagree with our views.
But using the slogan, they got through the USA Patriot Act, which removes many of our liberties.
Nobody made a sound when we lost habeas corpus.
Due process of law.
And suddenly Bush managed to get rid of it?
Where was the voice on television, aside from mine, that spoke out against this?
Where are all those noble jurists, those great lawyers, those lovers of liberty?
Where the hell were they?
They were nowhere!
Now we have a totalitarian government.
And the totalitarian government wants to watch everybody, total surveillance of everyone.
They listen to the telephone conversations, they look at your credit cards, they work where you travel.
We are totally policed.
This is contrary to everything in our Constitution.
To quote Winston Churchill, we will go on to the end, whatever the cost may be, and we will never surrender.
Because that's a drug better than anything I ever felt in my life, being on the side of right.
And not bound to evil and not bound to a bunch of cowards and a bunch of scum lawyers that have been all over boardrooms hyping themselves up how tough they are and how badass they are and how they're gonna whip those Americans and teach those Midwesterners and teach those Texans and teach those people that are hard-working that they're scum and we're under your thumb!
No, we're not under your thumb!
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us.
We're now into hour number two, and there's a lot of good news happening, a lot of bad news happening.
But at the end of the day, all the denial that's taken place, all the people playing games with themselves about the nature of the New World Order and about whether or not it's real and what they're going to do about it, they are not going to be living in denial much longer.
Again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Thursday broadcast.
I already spent a lot of time on General Milley and General Austin, the Secretary of Defense, who gave testimony yesterday in the morning.
And I watched it by the time the show was over yesterday.
And there's a lot of it, and I'm not going to play an hour of it here because we don't have the time, but it was bad.
And the arrogance and the disdain and the aggressive posture of Millie, who looks like a mental patient psychotic.
I mean, if I was going to hire, like, somebody to play Frankenstein, but kind of like a dwarfish Frankenstein, it would be him.
He has that same look as Brian Stelter.
Very unsavory, very untrustworthy.
Wouldn't leave him alone with my kids.
I'll leave it at that.
Along with the just dictator-looking arrogance of Austin.
I mean, they look like two criminals.
I'm not going to go off my gut here.
But hey, you know what?
I mean, I'll say this, Millie looks more evil than Austin, but Austin's a close second.
My gut just says this is a fake, this is a fraud.
This is a dangerous person.
You look at Tucker Carlson, your gut says that's a good, well-meaning person who's been naive in the past, but now has woken up and is fighting for freedom because he's really concerned.
Same thing with a Ron Paul or a Rand Paul or a Trump.
You just go with your gut.
Your gut feels good about them.
Austin, I mean, that's a piece of crap right there.
Same thing with Milley.
I mean, these are frauds, little power tripping pieces of crap.
But let's just move past that to the first thing Austin did as Secretary of Defense was say the Capitol attack was the number one thing in America, mirroring the leftist propaganda, and that they had a
Huge, month-plus long shutdown of the U.S.
military to out the white supremacist in the ranks and go harass white people because they were white, they must be guilty and bad.
The opposite of common sense, the opposite of Martin Luther King.
Just an outrageous statement like, let's check and see if the Jews are loyal, or let's check and see if the black people are loyal, or let's check and see if the Japanese are loyal.
You know, we know that's a fraud.
You go off the individual and their background and what they've done.
But there was Austin announcing the most authoritarian, destructive, divide-and-conquer tactics
That were right out of the Southern Poverty Law Center in the ADL.
He was told to do that, which is why he's been advanced to where he is.
And he defended saying, I don't know what critical race theory is, but I defend the curriculum of the man they appointed that is a cartoon level black supremacist that says whites are inherently evil and America is bad and shouldn't even exist.
And so you read the actual manuals.
Revolver did a great job showing what the guy taught in the past, what he teaches currently.
It is what you would do to destroy the morale of a country and to break it up.
But it was the body language and the arrogance of the congressmen and women that asked them questions.
I've never seen the military, because the
Civilian side of the government knows to keep that on a short leash, because you get a Napoleon Bonaparte by letting the military get control, you get a Hitler literally sitting there with just disdain in those hearings.
Because they've been told by Biden and by the deep state, hey, your main enemy is the American people, and they've announced it's anybody questions the election.
That's in the official U.S.
government prospectus put out last Tuesday by the puppet president.
And they say right there, you question the election, you question lockdowns, you question vaccines, you are a white supremacist.
You know, that doesn't make sense.
It says it in the report.
It's a designation that you're the enemy.
Then they go through the litmus test inside the military, and anybody that questions, anybody that says, I don't like this, this is Marxist, whether you're the head of Space Force or a sergeant in Fort Hood, you are fired because there's a lack of confidence in you because it's now a litmus test that you accept Marxist, racist, racial division, class warfare, or you're out of the U.S.
All the other institutions, the universities, the corporations, the big banks, the establishment wants racial division to conquer America and divide us.
It's their whole agenda.
It's their plan.
The virus to lock us down, make us not essential and bankrupt us, and the racial issue to attack anybody doesn't go along with your agenda.
They're now a racist, and what do we do to the racists?
We punch them.
And now the US military, that wouldn't even criticize burning of churches by BLM, because that would be political, says, oh, we need to know white rage.
We need to understand why white people are bad.
He goes, I'm white, and I want to understand why I'm bad.
So see, he's the Uncle Tom of white people.
If they claim an Uncle Tom goes and agrees that black people are bad, which isn't really what Uncle Tom even did,
But the point is, is that he's saying, oh, I want to go tell you white people are bad.
What does this even have to do with any of it?
It's a distraction and a cover for the takedown of the country by an outside power that stole the election and is selling the country out and dissolving the borders into a one rule government program.
But first, Austin just says critical race theory doesn't exist.
Like Antifa doesn't exist.
First, it's just the military tactic of this doesn't exist.
Then he gets real animated and a really powerful look in his face as he's letting them know, I'm in charge now.
I'm taking over the country.
You'll be swept aside soon.
I'm in promised control along with General Honore.
Because you're not going to attack the black generals that lead the gun confiscation group.
You're not going to, oh, if you attack the black generals leading gun confiscation across the country?
They've already briefed, they're already ready, they're already preparing the cadres to train for total gun confiscation, to be led by the Secretary of Defense, and the national Sherman 2.0 is to be General Honore on record declaring war on white people and gun owners.
And it won't matter what color you are when they're taking the guns and killing you, you'll be a white supremacist, you don't turn them over.
That's how they were always going to come for the guns.
And so you see their entire plan.
24-7 training to get your guns.
24-7 to get your children.
To dominate you.
To control you.
It happens everywhere else in history.
The military gets taken over by a special interest group.
They decide to go for it all.
They take over.
They have a litmus test.
You better salute to us or we're going to demonize you.
And if you don't, they come after you.
This country, in its 250 years history, has never had traitors as bad as Honoré and Milley and Austin.
These men, once they've been politically, culturally, economically, and using the criminal justice system, defeated, will be known as the new definition of Benedict Arnold.
They are the plague.
They are a curse.
And they are planning, in my view, false flag terror attacks here in America to submit their rollout against us.
They're spoiling for a war.
They're spoiling for a coup.
They're spoiling to overthrow.
And they're getting ready to carry out terror attacks, that is their handlers are, to be blamed on those of us that are loyal Americans.
In our opposition to the destruction of the country and the sellout of the nation.
And they're all over television saying Trump questioning the election is an act of terror and he's got to be dealt with by the military.
And they're on channel saying we need to get members of Congress using the military.
And then General Milley and General Austin and General Honore get up there and click their heels and say, we want to slug out with the American people and every white person that doesn't salute us is a white supremacist enemy and we're the Americans and they're Hitler and we're gonna get them!
We're ready for war!
Turn us loose!
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
We're gonna get America!
Death to America, says Milley!
Death to America, says Austin!
Death to America, says Honore!
You know, I didn't play a lot of it because I already watched it yesterday and I figure most of you already seen it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show here.
Of General Milley and General Austin and all the rest of these guys up there with just such demonic looks on their faces, hateful towards Congress, when they brought up critical race theory that is a Marxist-Leninist globalist
Liberation theology to bring down the country on record, that America's a colonialist country shouldn't exist.
This is pure poison.
And then to say all our white members of the military have to be asked whether they're good people or not.
That is so racist, so evil, so abusive.
And to see the enjoyment of Milley and the enjoyment of Austin, knowing this is their takeover plan and they're in on the takeover of America and they're these big conquerors, to see them abuse their position, betray us like this, it's just, it's blood-curdling.
But then we've got all the critical race theory documents from it.
Preschools now, they're teaching white children that they're bad because they're white.
That'll stick for life.
This is super abusive.
That article's on Infowars.com.
And I'm sure the general agrees with that, because he said the Capitol was white-ranged.
He wants to know why white people attacked this Capitol!
2,000 of them!
Oh, you mean a million people showed up to protest the fraudulent election, our right to do it?
And then your provocateurs helped trick maybe 500, 600 inside that walked through the velvet ropes, and maybe 20 fought police, and the police stood down?
So you can now say, all of them are white supremacists, and then all of America is, and you're the big, the big U.S.
military gonna teach us, because Biden said, you've got the nukes and the F-15s to show the gun owners.
This is what they're talking about while they sit around the Pentagon with Swallow's Well, the Chinese agent, and all their other Chinese agents is how dumb Americans are and how they're going to crush us.
Believe me.
That's their attitude.
And so that's the crap they teach.
That's all you find at Target and all the stories is, you know, the anti-racist baby.
All whites are bad.
This is a disgusting criminal takeover.
And you've got these crazed-eyed teachers from the teachers unions that are really the new Communist Party.
Look at this article, Infowars.com.
Teacher loses her mind because she can't teach CRT anymore.
And then she admits we're supposed to be activists.
And look at this crazed lunatic.
It's all a bunch of weird white women who are all alone, hate men, trying to teach kids from age 3 to age 18 that they're bad because of what color they are.
These are freaks!
But we can't even get our own military to decry it because they're not a military.
They got the colleges.
They got the government.
They got most of the police departments.
The last thing they got to get is a military.
And now they know how to come in and say, we're having a meeting about how whites are bad.
Knowing a lot of red blooded Americans, including minorities, are going to say, well, it's not we're a majority now.
That's even what Congressman Gates said.
He said, most of the people complaining are not white.
They said this is creating division.
They said they're all getting along great.
Oh, I don't believe you, said General Austin.
So that's what they're teaching is how to have a chip on your shoulder, how to be weird, how to be neurotic.
Oh my God, there's a camera on a white person's house, they're looking at you.
How to create schizophrenia so you have a chip on your shoulder to create division between us so foreign banks can rape and loot and get rid of all of our freedoms.
But there's our military leaders who aren't ours.
They're captured, they're controlled, and they are enthusiastic.
And Trump, of course, fetishized Millie and others when they were all working against him, just like Mad Dog Mattis.
I guess they call him Mad Dog because he's such a homosexual or whatever.
And, you know, I guess he is Mad Dog against a room with a bunch of peepees.
But, I mean, that's who these guys are.
And the point is, there's nothing wrong with the fact that Mattis is homosexual, probably.
The point is, is that they blackmail him with that.
They call him Mad Dog Mattis because he's like three feet tall.
Everything they say about him is a fraud.
He's not a mad dog.
He's a mad creep.
He wanted to have a coup against the president.
They're sacks of garbage.
They're enemies.
They're un-American.
They're... Oh, oh, the media tells you he's an intellectual.
He reads books.
Ooh, Mattis reads books.
Ooh, Millie was a Green Beret.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, look!
Judge them by their fruits.
And look at their phreakazoid operative in the street.
Some bug-eyed lunatic woman who wants to tell your kids they're bad because they're white!
And then she wants to probably teach them about, you know, being sexually augmented by having their genitals cut off.
It's a cult of phreakazoids!
Here she is!
This is what's bullsh**.
Today is the first time our country has recognized Juneteenth as a national holiday.
And yet I'm getting ready to go back to school in the fall.
And my governor has put into place some ridiculous legislation that many governors across the country have put into place, such as, I can't teach anything divisive, I can't teach critical race theory, and I can't teach about racial equity.
This is at our public schools, colleges, and universities.
So, teachers, in the past,
We've been activists.
After the s**t show of last year, we really need to stand up and do what's right for our kids right now.
So, this is a call to action, teachers.
We've got to stand up and fight for our kids because this is bulls**t. We can't lie to them.
You can't lie to them about the death camps in Chama that Apple runs?
You can't talk about how all the brown people want to get into this country?
You want to bully a bunch of kids and teach them about sex?
Teach them about race and screw with them?
But all the studies show what you're doing is creating more division.
Oh, you won't tell them about the thousands dead in Chicago, black-on-black crime.
You won't tell them about all those crime waves.
No, no.
Because you're the woke person with all the corporations and the Pentagon and all the universities and the whole system in Hollywood behind you to mess with our kids and screw with their brains.
With big tech censoring everybody and the rest of it.
It's totally disgusting.
All right.
I haven't plugged yet.
I'm just going to tell you this right now.
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That's InfoWarStore.com or 888-253-3139.
And I want to tell the anti-American scumbags, Millie and Austin and Honore, burn in hell!
We all hate you and know you hate America.
Burn in hell, racist pigs!
It was about two weeks ago that Christopher Sine, the award-winning investigative reporter with Fox for that ABC, had exposed Bill Clinton meeting with the Attorney General Loretta Lynch on that tarmac illegally.
He'd said he was being death-threatened, had to move back from Arizona where he won an Emmy for his news reporting to be the top anchor host there in his Alabama city where he'd also been a star football player.
He was totally happy with his wife and two children.
We're very close to probably getting the family on.
We're in contact with him, I'll tell you that.
And it looks clearly like he was executed.
He said, if I'm killed, it is not suicide.
He was executed before his body was even cold.
The media said that he committed suicide with no evidence.
Same thing with John McAfee, who I knew well, who personally told me the last time we talked on the phone,
A couple years ago, before he was thrown in that Madrid prison for no reason, awaiting extradition by Julian Assange, the U.S., that he would never commit suicide.
So as soon as I heard yesterday afternoon, right after I went off air, that John McAfee was dead, I was in my office taking like a 30-minute nap to reset my brain.
A little trick to trick your mind that you haven't been working since 5 a.m.
to go back to work.
And Rob New's like,
John McAfee's dead.
Dead in a Madrid, uh, not a Madrid, a Barcelona, um, Barcelona.
It's not Teleprompter Free, folks.
And I said, go check his Twitter, see if he said he would never commit suicide.
And sure enough, he said that.
We found videos of him saying it on my show.
So, just like I tell you, I will never commit suicide.
I have no desire to commit suicide.
I love life.
I might end up dying someday defending freedom, but that doesn't mean I'm ever going to kill myself.
If I ever am found dead at home or dead in a jail cell, I was murdered.
I was murdered.
And I hold the deep state and the globals responsible.
Now, it was 11 days ago that I did a broadcast the day after he had been found dead, shot by himself in the head in his home.
And again, within hours of being found dead in his home, they were saying that Christopher Sine had killed himself, just like Breitbart died of a heart attack two hours after he was in the hospital.
Well, they never say that.
They didn't say that.
The media lied.
He had information, a video reportedly, of Hillary Clinton doing absolutely horrible things.
I talked to Eric Muller, Mancow Muller.
I was good friends with him.
I talked to him every day.
They hung out all the time.
Mancow was out in LA.
He said, no man, they might kill me.
They're after me.
They're following me, but screw them.
Breitbart did not kill himself.
So you ask why Matt Drudge finally bowed out.
Well, I mean, they were probably threatened to kill him.
I don't know.
I still admire Matt Drudge.
Wouldn't have gotten Trump elected without him.
The point is, is that some people can't take the pressure.
I can't take the pressure of looking at these people.
In fact, I'll be honest.
I'll never commit suicide.
I have no desire.
I do have a desire to quit and walk away.
But the globalists sue me and mess with me and I just, that's why I haven't.
I kept looking for people better than me.
Tucker Carlson is basically there and does a better job than I do and a nice concise show.
So if we get another five or six Tucker Carlsons, I am stopping.
I'm quitting.
But not because the globalists are messing with me.
They're messing with me.
Makes me fight even harder.
But I'll never give in.
I'll never sell out.
But I could give out.
You know what I mean?
But enough about me.
It's just that I told you, my wife this morning was asking me, she goes, how did you know?
Because I saw your show a few weeks ago where you said they're going to start killing prominent people.
How did you know that?
And I said, it's, it's like night follows day.
Or you see somebody at a gas station, gas in their car up, you go next, they're going to go turn the key on and drive away.
I mean, uh,
How do you know if somebody walks into a restaurant, they're going to order food?
How do you know they're going to order food while they walked in a restaurant?
Like, if you're in a bathroom in the stall, like, somebody walks in, gets on the toilet, like, how'd you know I was about to take a dump?
The surveillance, the tyranny, the harassment, the deplatforming, the taking of bank accounts away, the saying, we want the CIA to take out Trump supporters, we want the CIA to take out the media, we want to arrest the press!
That's like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10?
Try it again!
1, 2, 3... I told my wife this morning, I'm like, it's like counting.
I wasn't being sarcastic.
I was explaining it to her.
I said, it's like counting numbers down.
So on a scale of 1 to 10, they're at about a 7 or an 8.
And the next few numbers are start killing targeted people to scare everyone else to shut up.
Then the mass roundups happen if we cower.
So a nine is starting to kill anybody prominent to scare everybody to shut up ahead of the real takeover.
It's what the Pentagon did in South Vietnam before they did a big offensive.
They ended up backfiring on them because the Vietnamese weren't wimps.
I'm not picking sides in that war.
I'm just saying they started assassinating in the mid-1960s who they thought were sympathizing with the North Vietnamese.
Now you think killing everybody's grandpa made the Vietnamese go get in a fetal position and cry to mommy?
Made them get machine guns and hand grenades.
So, here's the difference.
You're not going to have Big Tough Guy Milley and Big Tough Guy Austin waging war on us over in Vietnam.
It's going to be here.
And they want that war with us.
They were trained and bred to hate this country.
They were trained to infiltrate our government.
They're globalists.
And now they want that war and they think we're such cowards that they're going to be able to take it over and win this attack against us.
I don't want that.
I want this to stop.
But they're on the news, the official battle doctrine of the U.S.
Army and the military is now war with America.
That alone is total treason.
Biden should be impeached right now.
But instead, it's full scale ahead with war.
I hope to avert it.
I hope to stop it.
The last thing we need is any offensive violence.
But the Pentagon has declared war on the American people.
The Pentagon is taken over by the New World Order.
At the top.
And we're in a lot of trouble.
I don't want people in the military to get mad about it.
I don't want you to even try to, don't even talk about it.
They want you to identify yourself so they can get rid of you.
Just sit there and keep your mouth shut, but understand this.
This country's two minutes to execution.
And maybe that's what we deserve.
We killed 60 million babies.
We let pedophiles teach our kids in schools.
Hell, we worship the devil.
Maybe it's God's plan.
And I'm not saying hand it over to Millie and Austin and those little creepozoids.
They're so fat and out of shape they can't even wipe their own asses.
I'm just simply saying, recognize that this is our country under judgment.
So, here's a few minutes of me back in, earlier this month, talking about the season we're in, and the next move is political assassination to scare the entire body politic into total collapse, capitulation, and surrender.
Here it is.
And so let me tell you what's coming up today.
We're going to hit it all when we come back.
What is the next thing to come in a season like this?
What is the next move always?
And the move they've been carrying out all over the world?
Well, it's this right here.
That's what it is.
45 year old Christopher Sign.
Award-winning, Emmy Award-winning TV anchorman and reporter, who just had his book published and is doing great, and was super happy.
Well, he got executed inside of his house yesterday.
And his body wasn't even cold, the blood wasn't even coagulated before they said it was a suicide.
Just like Breitbart.
Hell, they'd say Kennedy was the suicide and whatnot.
You know John F. Kennedy committed suicide, you know that?
I guess going up against the Deep State, he kind of did.
But, he's dead now.
And he said, I'll never commit suicide.
And he said, I'm getting massive death threats, my family, my children is, from the Clintons.
Because remember he exposed Loretta Lynch, the head of the Justice Department and the FBI, having a corrupt meeting on the tarmac and lying about it all.
That basically finally brought down the Clintons partially.
Well, they've been waiting for a green light time to go offensive.
I'm talking about Canaries and the coal mine.
His execution is a message to everybody and I would expect to see a lot of these killings now.
He was definitely murdered in my view.
You know, they'll tell you not to say that.
All right, we'll be right back.
Wow, the same background, even same shirt I was wearing 11 days ago.
Funny how things work in a rhythm like that.
Things repeat.
You know, I almost started the whole broadcast today just with the insanely over-the-top news on COVID being cooked in a lab, released on purpose.
British government announcing what we already knew.
Depending on who you are politically, you won't be allowed outside.
But if you are deemed politically correct, you'll be allowed to leave your house under future lockdowns.
This is just martial law digital passes.
If you're caught outside without your phone tracking where you're going, what you do, you're permanently detained.
I mean, this is martial law, period.
Hell on earth.
And a lot of people are so trained to approach things where, well, let me just comply with this so I'm a good boy.
That's like a fly complying with a spider.
So maybe if I behave myself with a spider's web, spider's web, it's net, I'll be okay.
So back to John McAfee, who is a very interesting larger-than-life character.
In my view, I mean, I know he worked for NASA, I know he worked for, and did software work for some major intelligence agencies, but I wouldn't call him a spook later in life.
He became a private
Operative for himself.
And he escaped police when they tried to shake him down.
He did give them computers, Trojan horses, and ended up tapping and recording the leaders of that small government with all their money laundering and ties to radical Islam and human smuggling.
I didn't believe him when he first told me that nine years ago.
It all came out later.
He was truthful.
I interviewed him first.
I was very blessed that people said, either go on Alex Jones or Joe Rogan first.
Ended up doing my show first.
The memory serves, I gave his info to Joe and that happened, but... He had a lot of secrets.
And we know the head of Homeland Security traveled to Spain and was in Madrid yesterday while McAfee died.
So that's another headline we can put up on screen.
Very interesting that that just so happened to happen.
But we don't know if, quote, Homeland Security killed him.
Could have been the Barcelona police at that federal prison thinking he had billions in Bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.
But what we do know is his lawyer says no indication of suicide.
He just talked to him days before.
That article's on Infowars.com.
Just like 45-year-old award-winning investigative journalist Christopher Sine said, I will not kill myself, the Clintons are threatening me, that he kills himself by himself.
We're told none of this holds water.
None of this is truthful.
And then we've got all the old emails and the latest new emails and text messages and Twitter postings that it turns out McAvee had put out on a dead man switch that we're going to get to here.
In just a few minutes.
But first, let's remember, he said, I am content here.
I have friends.
The food is good.
All is well.
Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.
That's when he was first in that prison in October of 2020.
And there's another one I don't see in my stack.
I found it.
Oh, here it is.
When he put out this shot of himself.
2019 saying, getting subtle messages from US officials saying, in effect, we're coming for you McAfee.
We're going to kill yourself.
We're going to kill yourself.
I got a tattoo today just in case.
If I suicide myself, I didn't.
I was whacked.
Check my right arm.
And then when people searched that, they found a wallet he controlled with Jeffrey Epstein information that I'll show you here in a moment.
I am content here, again.
I've collected files on corruption in government for the first time.
I'm naming names and specifics.
I'll begin with a corrupt CIA agent and two bohemian officials.
Coming today, if I'm arrested or disappear, 31 plus terabytes of incriminating data will be released to the press.
That was June 9, 2019.
So, there's a big, big motive.
For him to die.
And then they put out on Instagram an image of Q, which people scanned.
It had a digital image that led folks to this that's on screen now.
And then it lays it all out for you.
Right here.
Holy bleep!
The code of the Q-Pitcher was actually the hexadecimal representation of the private key for an Ethereum wallet.
The wallet is empty and has no transaction history or mananet.
But if you look at the Ropsten
Testnet, there is a test development of the WACT contact prior to it being launched on the mainnet.
There was also a new test contract launched six days ago for the same address, but the code is not published to scour mainnet to find a similar contract.
WTF is going on here?
I am pretty good with Ethereum.
Do some solid programming, but might need some assembly ninjas to help reverse engineer the content code and see what the F is going on.
What the F is deploying contracts and posting on social media with hidden keys to the wallets creating the contracts for a jail and or dead.
This had my heart rate through the roof.
I need Xanax.
You can go look at it.
It's all about Epstein.
It's all a bunch of files.
And now that information is being hacked.
This U.S.
believes I have hidden crypto.
I wish I did, but it has dissolved through the many hands of Team McAfee.
Your belief is not required.
My remaining assets are all seized.
My friends have evaporated through fear of association.
I have nothing, yet I regret nothing.
We got a special guest coming up.
I want to hit the big COVID news next.
But let's go ahead and go to this important report about leaving your COVID cave.
The pandemic has progressed, and Dr. Santiago says almost every patient who comes into the hospital has COVID-19, with no family by their side for support.
As soon as someone who looks like they're pretty sick enters the emergency room, I'm calling their families.
I'm letting them know how bad this is.
At the peak of the pandemic, Boston Medical Center filled nearly two-thirds of its beds with those infected with the Chinese bioweapon.
And now there are exactly zero COVID-19 patients.
The COVID count in Florida is at its lowest despite only half of Floridians being vaccinated and all restrictions lifted far earlier than blue states where the lockdowns reign supreme.
Today, Florida's governor granted a full pardon to anyone who violated local COVID rules like social distancing or mask mandates.
The Carnivales feeling vindicated Wednesday.
The plantation gym owners now fully pardoned after several arrests last year.
Mike repeatedly disobeying Broward County's mask order.
Fallen on the sword was something I had to do in Broward County for the greater good of Florida.
I was more than happy to do that.
The couple felt masks were impractical in gyms and a violation of individual liberties.
Governor Ron DeSantis agreeing, granting that pardon during a clemency meeting.
So motion carries.
Thank you guys.
Sorry about what happened.
It applies not just to them, but every nonviolent Floridian who broke similar COVID ordinances.
The Republicans saying the rules have gotten in the way of recovery.
We just want to say, you know, we've got to stop that.
Let's focus on the real criminals and let's make sure that that's where our effort is.
What CDC has done by closing the cruise industry for over a year, they do not have the authority to do it.
A federal judge in Florida recently ruled that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's coronavirus-era sailing orders were an overreach of power, issuing a preliminary injunction temporarily barring the CDC from enforcing those guidelines.
Once again, the cruise capital of the world, exciting news, and what this is going to do is support jobs, jobs, jobs.
Governor DeSantis called Friday's ruling a major victory against the CDC in their obstructionist no-sale orders.
The injunction stays until July 18th when the CDC's orders will be considered recommendations or guidelines, the judge saying in this order.
And according to the CDC, the current seven-day moving average of daily new cases has decreased, but you wouldn't know it listening to the Legion of Doom.
This is concerning because the variant has been demonstrated to be more transmissible, more easily spread than the original COVID-19 virus, and it has potentially been shown to be
to lead to more severe disease and disease that actually progresses more quickly, leading to more hospitalizations.
Meanwhile, United Nations tool Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that non-essential travel between the US and Canada will continue to be banned for another month despite mounting pressure from businesses to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions.
We'll provide that information to the provinces and territories right away so that they can plan to get those doses into arms as quickly as possible.
Because that's what this is about.
Getting you your vaccine as soon as possible.
Getting it to your parents, friends and neighbours.
Because every dose keeps someone safe.
It has turned out to be more of a serious issue than previously thought.
We're talking about myocarditis happening to some young people after getting the coronavirus vaccine.
Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
The CDC is looking into it.
While California has announced an Orwellian digital vaccine record system, as the vaccinated and unvaccinated continue to be segregated by the powers that be.
But if you are vaccinated, what do you have to worry about?
In the words of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley,
Infowars is here because there's a war on for your mind.
That's why it's been our motto for more than 25 years.
And if you research even the UN's own admissions, over 2 billion people on planet Earth out of 7.5 billion have cognitive disabilities, lower IQ because of lack of iodine.
That's why they work to make sure iodine isn't in the food, isn't in the salt anymore.
Now regular iodine that you find
In food is bound to different minerals, and so it's hard for your body to absorb.
But if you get the proper type of iodine, there's three types that are good for the body, it does amazing things.
It's essential in the body.
Well, we have our amazing Tri-Iodine.
A big shipment came in, and so we're able to offer it at the lowest price ever, 60% off.
That is Survival Shield X3, 60% off with three types of powerful iodine.
Tri-Iodine is from a patented
Well, I'll be honest with you folks.
I'm completely freaked out.
I'm completely blown away.
The world government's now here.
They're actually depopulating everybody in front of me.
I have articles founting out like a firehose of people dead and dying all over the world by these so-called vaccines.
And then you have the top scientists in every field saying, these are poisonous, these aren't vaccines, these are deadly, don't take them, including the discoverer and the inventor of mRNA technology on Tucker Carlson last night.
And I turned the TVs and stuff off by seven o'clock last night.
I didn't watch Dunker.
Last night, I usually watch him early in the morning.
And I already knew all that, but I watched it.
It was just like, it's sick to sit here and just talk about this at a certain point.
And I'm not calling for action, because they've set it all up where any action we take, they call terrorists.
But they're the ones killing us.
They're the ones terrorizing us.
And I am fundamentally freaked out.
I'm not going to sit up here and act like a tough guy like Austin or Millie or all these assholes.
I'm a real person and this stuff really affects me and I can't just sit around and kiss the system's ass and act like everything's okay with all this evil going on.
I fundamentally am very upset and I pledge to God, everyone else, that I'm going to fight as hard as I can and I'm going to rack my brain to figure out how to stop these people.
Because that's my big frustration is, man, I got a stack of evil here in front of me, that I read this stuff last night and today.
I mean, some of these articles, I read the whole article, and I read the documents attached to them.
I spent probably two hours this morning, got up at 5 a.m., and I read all this stuff, and it just, at a certain point, it's like, what are you reading it for?
It's already well known what they're doing.
But see, it's all about repetition, isn't it?
They put out so much fake news and so much garbage.
They just hope people get lost in all the chatter and don't know what's true.
This is the Times of Israel.
It's being reported in U.S.
publications, but barely.
They're just covering their ass by fine printing it out there.
to add heart inflammation warning for COVID mRNA vaccines for teens after they found that it's not rare.
It's causing a large number of people to have heart attacks.
Many of them are dying.
And they're going to have heart problems the rest of their lives.
Scary enough to grow up and be strong and have kids and get into your 50s and have heart problems, learn how to deal with it.
Imagine being 10 years old.
Killing everybody.
While our own military, you know, look, I don't lionize the military, I'm not naive, but to actually watch the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chief openly promote Marxist-Leninist stuff on TV, just, it sent me beyond a wild rage.
And how much they enjoy it!
Like they're, like they're rats eating pumpkin pie or something, man.
It's like, that's gotta be dealt with!
And that's their job.
They want to invoke rage in us to bring the country down instead of politically, culturally exposing them, cutting their funding off, and annihilating those enemies of America.
Those Chinese agents.
God Almighty help us.
So, inventor of mRNA.
Vaccines says people should not be forced to take experimental COVID vaccines and that young people should not take it, that the benefits are outweighed by the cost.
But that's just the inventor of the whole technology.
confirms removal of Wuhan virus sequences from database by Fauci and the NIH.
After Communist China requested it, Bloomberg.
Here it is, yesterday, NIH deleted coronavirus sequences at request of Chinese scientist.
Congress probing new lead report.
Oh, but don't worry, the main enemy's white people, the Secretary of Defense said.
This isn't a Twilight Zone episode.
This is actually happening.
And then Millie up there always like, imagine if I came on the show and was like,
He just acts tough like Brian Stelter.
I see you maggot!
You're a joke!
God's gonna get you.
Scientists recovers deleted genetic data proving COVID vaccine was likely circulating in Wuhan before wet market cases.
And that's good old U.S.
scientist went, hmm, this has been deleted.
Let me see if Google saved it.
Oh, you deleted your criminal activity.
A Steve Watson Infowars.com article.
Merkel says Germany should expect more virus variants to emerge.
Yes, martial law to keep that pig in power.
Burn in hell, Merkel.
And in this clip, we're going to play in a moment.
MP says important people, that's a quote, shouldn't need to quarantine under COVID rules.
Remember, you're essential, you're non-essential.
And I warned everyone.
The media made itself essential, but nobody else.
And he says, oh, we need football players to come here.
But if you need to go visit your dying mother in China or Spain, that's not essential.
Hollywood and the big tech, they're all essential, you're not.
So, here's that clip.
Conservative MP, John Whittingdale, says, oh, and I've told Paul Watson this, Paul thinks he can't come to the U.S.
And I said, Paul, have you checked your media?
You're essential.
He believes he's not even allowed to leave the UK because he's got that stiff upper lip just power through it that's programmed into Brits to believe that he's in one group working together.
Even though he consciously knows that he's been betrayed, the social contract's been broken, his subconscious is to put up with anything being done to him.
And here I am, some loud mouth Yankee, telling him, hey, Paul, you're exempt.
You're in the media.
But now he writes articles about it, so.
Looks like he's starting to figure it out.
One rule for them, one rule for us.
Here it is.
David Davis has called that morally inconsistent.
Well, we've always said that for some people who are important players, for instance... So people who want to go on holiday are not important?
Is that what you're saying?
No, of course not.
But we're talking a very limited number of people who are coming in and they're also subject still to quite significant restrictions.
They're not just able to come in and travel around Britain.
They come in to attend a match and then go away again.
We wouldn't have been able to host the tournament at Wembley if we hadn't allowed the players and people associated with
So these are domestic passports that they can turn on and off and have set, like Israel's doing, the UK's doing, the little computer, like a little credit card scanner.
And they stick a thing up your nose and the robot says whether you have it or not.
The government sets the standard for what's positive, what's not.
It's all a technocracy.
It is a fraud.
It is a lie.
It's all a lie.
It's all a global I.D.
Let's continue.
I haven't even gotten to half the stack.
Here, let's continue.
Hillary Clinton warned about biological weapons proliferation concern at Wuhan Lab in 2009 to cover her disgusting ass.
They always do that.
One month before COVID outbreak, Fauci and Moderna sent mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to Wuhan Lab doctors.
Smoking gun!
Smoking gun!
Teen who had heart attack after COVID vaccine.
I'd rather have COVID.
High school football player they admit had a heart attack after taking the second shot of Moderna.
And it goes on and on and on and on.
On and on.
Oh, and don't forget yesterday's news.
Oh, we're gonna give you an injection that makes you allergic to beef.
Oh, we're gonna put chemicals in the water that make women have smaller humans.
Oh, they're just introducing their whole sick plan.
You're like, well, this is just some quack.
No, he's the head, basically, of the U.S.
Bioethics Board.
Because he believes in it.
Doesn't matter he's only 30 years old.
He's in charge now.
He's Dr. Matthew Lau.
And he's a new kind of weapon.
All right, we got a special guest coming in, studio.
Maz Toure, Black Guns Matter.
Really look forward to him being here with us.
He's all hooked up with the great Judge Joe Brown, who recommended him.
My crew was a big fan.
I didn't know who the guy was, but I'm excited to have him in here.
And so, look forward.
To that here in T minus four minutes straight ahead.
And I get it.
This stuff's all stressful to look at.
Other people give you lots of peaches and cream.
We're not going to do it.
And I'm going to keep just going through this no matter what happens.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
All right, Ma Cheré is here with us in studio on the Alex Jones Show.
He's an American political activist and rapper at M-A-J-T-O-U-R-E on Twitter, website, solitarylifestyle.org, blackgunsmatter.shopify.com.
I've seen some of your works as folks told me about it.
I know that Judge Joe Brown's a big fan.
We had him in here just a few weeks ago, and I know a lot of the crew's a fan.
Great to have you with us.
I appreciate it.
Same here.
So what already brought you to Texas?
I know you were up in Dallas, now you're down here.
Tell the audience who you are, what you're doing, just your overall view.
Yeah, my view is freedom over everything.
My view is make sure that the American people and humanity in general has the means to defend their life from tyrannical governments, from bad people generally.
My view is that all gun control is racist and has been a racist tactic to make sure that the people don't have the means to protect their life.
I mean, we've seen it play out.
I mean, if you watch him right now, you already know what time it is.
You know, so that's my viewpoint.
But it's very interesting, because you reach a lot of people, you're a prominent guy.
What woke you up?
Recognizing history.
They say you can only, you can do two things.
You can either, you know, know history or trust the government.
And I chose the right, you know, to be on the right side of that thing.
So just in studying, it's not knowing the future.
It's looking backwards and knowing what's happening back then.
That's a great quote though.
I mean, to paraphrase it is, you're either going to learn history or get run over.
And I think in that space,
We have been.
When we, so we, Black Guns Matter, we targeted black communities because that's what a concentration of control.
Tell listeners about Black Guns Matter.
I agree.
Black Guns Matter, we basically do firearm safety and training all across the country.
We go to the areas where there is tyranny.
Again, to the viewers, some of you may know, some of you may not know.
Gun control in this nation was specifically started to make sure that black people did not have the means to defend their life.
Simple and plain, straight like that.
The KKK started it.
And so with that being the case, it's like, yo, when we started this thing, we said, OK, how can we, one, offset the price, you know, the financial barrier to entry to make sure that people have the means to defend themselves?
Um, so the classes are free or they're crowdfunded, um, you know, as voluntary.
We do everything by voluntary association.
If you donate, cool, we get a bunch of people, you know, and I stated goal in the beginning was to make sure that, um, the black community, which was targeted for, you know, anti-gun agendas, made sure, making sure that the black community in essence, uh, was now the largest gun buying group in America and starting of, I want to say March of 2019.
That's when that shifted.
And by the way, you're a major leader of this is I've looked, looked you up since you came on the show.
I was already aware of your work, but hadn't put it together.
CNN was panicking last week, going, why are blacks the biggest buyers of guns now?
That makes me happy.
That really scares them.
I don't fear law-abiding good black people having guns.
That's going to make their neighborhoods safe.
That's why, quote, other neighborhoods have been savers.
We have guns.
The twist is to make it backwards, because somebody just put out an article saying that, oh, the Second Amendment was started for white men to have that to be able to stop black rebellions.
Here's the reality, though.
I don't care what was written.
I don't care what was called.
It's yours now.
It's mine.
It's mine.
You know, that's the argument to have towards anybody that's presenting this, this, this.
Yeah, it's like this building got built by an alien.
I don't care.
It's mine now.
I mean, what does it even matter?
The conversation comes almost like if I walked in a building and somebody said, hey man, there's a hundred million dollars in this bag.
And when you come in, you get to take $500,000 to pay some of your bills, but only $500,000.
You go in that building and somebody's in the front going, hey, well, I know that that's what they wrote, but they only meant that for like white dudes.
Are you going to go by what the person at the door is saying?
Oh my God, I'm in love with you already.
That's exactly, exactly.
They try to act like it's bad to say we've all got freedom.
The freedom exists because we demand it.
Right, right.
It wasn't white people gave it to us, it was people demanding it, period.
Right, and I think that's the part of America right now that's being siphoned out of us, slowly, slowly.
Well, keep rolling with that, because you've got my attention with that.
Yeah, the reality is, I mean, you know, I'm not even allowed to have a complete thought.
I'm not even allowed to have a conversation in regards to anything that I think in regards to specifically the black community, but not limited to.
When you have a conversation about the facts of the matter in regards to self-defense and saying, hey, this was started to keep a demographic down, that doesn't mean it's going to just stop there.
It just means we're going to use this as the test market.
If we can get it off here, then we're going to expand it to the rest of the country.
That's what I always explain to people.
And that is the part that
Left media afraid.
I mean, legitimately afraid.
We've had three years of more prominent African-American so-called platforms that know that this makes it safer.
Dr. John Lott wrote a great book, More Guns Less Crime.
We've had three, four years of them pretending like they wanted to have a conversation in regards to, oh, well, what about black gun ownership?
What about black gun ownership?
But they don't, because they're afraid.
Then, when I come to do Alex Jones' show, you say media
Cowards are in essence going to say, oh, he's over there talking with the white supremacists.
See, I see how you... When all I am is a human supremacist.
Right, right.
That false narrative is so corrosive to the actual... When I'm a human supremacist, freedom supremacist.
Right, right.
But the media is going to try to spin a particular narrative.
Y'all see this shirt?
Most effective devil in America.
That's what media is.
You have to be very, very careful.
And it's a very powerful drug at the same time.
The thing that you can use for your emancipation or liberation can also be something that's used for your enslavement.
You have to be balanced and very careful.
I agree, but I'm going to try to give you the floor next few seconds because I'm blown away.
You're deadly on target, and most people aren't, unfortunately.
When was the epiphany that they're telling me, I don't know, the birthright of private property, gun ownership, religious freedom?
Who cares where it came from?
We need to promote it.
It's better than the Soviet Union or China.
The idea of the big corporations that are enslaving everybody, saying, oh, no, no, no, no, everybody come into America.
You don't want to have guns.
You don't have private property.
That's so transparent to me.
But most folks don't get that.
They don't get it because most folks are conditioned to not believe it.
My demographic, there's a reason why, again that target demographic, there's a reason why that community is made to believe this is separate from you.
This wasn't yours.
Never mind even talking about the conversation, we want to make you believe from the very beginning
That this is something that wasn't for you, and if you try to embark on that journey of it, somehow now you're down with violating... And aren't they panicking that the evil white devils pro-gun guys are like inviting everybody?
They're panicking all day!
I'm treated like a rock star in the community for this specific reason.
Because of the fact that there's a respect and empathy for the fact that, okay, I understand that this demographic didn't have the information.
I know that.
And then I can translate that information into action.
We had a stated goal.
The urban demographics that are leftist-controlled centers are now going to be the most powerful gun-buying demographic.
We did it.
The next phase will be, and we all know how my movie ends for me after that, the next phase will be shifting that into voting trends going a different direction.
No longer are the days going to be where you just maintain the black vote and have them docile and timid.
We working out, we being healthy, we got guns, and we are willing to kill and die for our liberty.
That's the end story of it.
And that's why they're panicking, trying to get the most disadvantaged Latin Americans without families, women they can program and control, rushing them in to be their new group.
That's the purpose.
The reason for that is now what they'll do is they'll highlight people that, in essence, won't say that that way.
They'll highlight people in the conservative or libertarian movements that won't push that unity and tell that harsh truth at the same time.
What the new crop of puppets for our demographic is, they'll make that conversation now that, oh, oh, oh, nobody else, they'll make it infighting.
Hold on, you know what, wow, I'm blown away.
Black Guns Matter.
How do people find all your great material?
They get us on Google, YouTube, whatever.
However you come about it, come about it.
Type into your favorite search engine, Black Guns Matter.
We got to make sure that we're presenting the information that's necessary to the people so they can recognize it.
All right, stay right there.
That's great.
Biden, who was basically the KKK candidate up in Delaware, according to Judge Joe Brown and his own quotes in newspapers,
He really likes to have a double, double speak, where he thinks the general public gets one thing, but his people get another.
And he just came out and he said, oh, you can't defeat the U.S.
We have nuclear weapons and F-15s.
Plus, there are a lot of people couldn't own guns from the start of this country.
Oh, so, so now he's endorsing slavery again, and he's basically saying everybody's a slave now.
You really get the mindset.
Here he is just yesterday, giving a speech on it.
They're phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we're talking about.
But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.
You can't yell crowd, you can't yell fire in a crowded movie theater.
We call it freedom of speech.
From the very beginning, you couldn't own any weapon you wanted to own.
From the very beginning of the Second Amendment existed, certain people weren't allowed to have weapons.
From the very beginning, certain people.
So we fix that.
And then the KKK was basically founded to stop that.
The NRA was founded to train poor people, including blacks, to own guns on its charter.
But then now I see activists on TV saying the KKK is the NRA.
So Maj Touré, who leads up Black Guns Matter, great talk show host, great rapper, great influential leader of the black community, getting folks to learn how to shoot.
I feel great.
When I see CNN panicking, going, look at all these Americans that happen to have dark skin out shooting.
What do we do?
Because this is a big deal.
I think that big deal is exacerbated by the fact that their truth of who they actually are, their truth of who they actually are is actually being exposed.
It is a big deal.
They are, listen, let's be very clear.
Joe Biden is the most racist president of American history.
Simple and plain.
50 years of being in office, all he did was make a concentration of locking black people up.
He gets the woman to run for him, that's not African-American.
He gets her to run, the same woman that didn't want to let people out of jail for weed convictions, even though there's weed dispensaries all over, up the street by the Starbucks.
She didn't want to let those guys out, quote, because they wanted the California Free Slave Labor.
And that's the tandem.
And so now the woke folks, allegedly, right?
These are their candidates.
Joe Biden is a piece of trash.
That statement right there explains thoroughly and simply, even with, and I know it's a Freudian slip because of the fact that, you know, he's going through some dementia issues right now.
But the reality of the matter is he explained exactly what his philosophy has been and his policies have been.
And like you said, they literally admit they test things on the black community and do it to everybody else.
And because they had captured black people first, they want to capture us all.
He's saying slaves don't get guns, and now he's saying you're all my slaves.
And that's the reality.
That's the reality of the scenario.
That's the area that they actually want to put people in.
You know, if I can do it to the bad guy, if I can make the black community look bad through TV, media, and all these things first,
Anything we can do to them is okay because they are the other.
They're the bad guy.
Same concept and we'll just roll that out.
That's the test market.
Now let's roll it out to all of America.
We've got, again, the founder of Black Guns Matter here with us.
How do we counter this?
How do we fight back?
You counter this by being armed.
Go train.
Go buy guns.
Go grow some food.
Stop buying as much.
Stop thinking about everything as if from a consumer state.
Think about, okay, do I really trust my government?
Do I think that my government, this government, not limited government like the founding fathers initially created,
But this thing?
This thing.
Do I think that this has our best interest?
And if not, if not, if you happen to land there, go buy some guns, go train, go get some first aid training, go support the people that are actually doing the work to protect liberty in this country.
That's how we counter that.
Well, what a great idea, because I know you're leading a movement to get black Americans, I want everybody to get armed, that's great.
They've got to be really scared of what you're doing, and it's really exploded.
They're just playing a clip of B-roll there.
I mean, again, when was your awakening?
What happened?
I just start seeing how much I didn't know.
And seeing how much I did not know, I go, okay, there's not enough here.
There's not enough information.
Why was this information held from me?
Then you go, oh, so the holding of the information was also something that was, that was deliberate.
And since that's deliberate, now what else are you hiding from me?
So now everything that you tell me I shouldn't, that's not for me.
This isn't for me, this isn't for you.
Now those are the things that I actually have to go, you know, look into.
Oh, don't go over there with the gun thing, that's where all the crazy white dudes are at.
Oh yeah, like the same crazy white dudes that were fighting for liberty from a different nation?
Those guys too?
I don't allow the media to put the spin on me and put me to sleep in a space where... Well sure, it makes every man or woman stronger if they know how to use a gun and they have it.
I don't care what color they are.
So we need that.
We need stronger individuals.
And anybody that isn't for a stronger individual, they are an oppressor.
Right, and that's the reality of the scenario.
And you've got to start calling them those things.
You have to start saying, these people are oppressors.
And I like how you go out with a toy gun for folks that are so scared of them.
Because I'm taking women out shooting with Mike Judge and others, who are big liberals, within 10 minutes of shooting saying AR-15, and they're shooting bullseye at 50 yards, they're sold right there.
Like, I was so scared of this.
Once that information shows up and you get past that initial scare tactic the media put into your mind, it's all downhill from there.
Describe what that's like.
You learned this just by trial and error.
I'm learning from you.
How did you get liberal women, white, black, it doesn't matter, to suddenly deprogram and become pro-defense?
One, because we take this Planet Fitness approach.
We don't care what you look like, we don't care how much you know, how much you don't know.
The reality is, there's a very simple equation when you're talking to women.
You say something like, hey, I want you to have the means, there's weirdos out here, I want you to have the means if this weirdo attempts to rape you,
I want you to put that weirdo down and not be raped.
In order to argue against that, you'd have to be arguing against the fact that there's not weirdos outside, or you're, you know, arguing against your own self-defense.
But that has to come from a place of empathy.
We care about the American people.
We care about humanity.
We care about breaking a false narrative.
And in doing that from that space, being from the cloth, doing the work with the people that you care about,
It's undefeated.
Keep going.
It's undefeated.
The reality of the matter is, I don't have to have a conversation with that person initially about politics just yet.
But then when you have somebody that has spent six, seven, eight hundred dollars for a firearm.
Now you got Joe.
Sleepy Joe doing some of the most insane, archaic, racist policies of gun control.
Coincidentally, right when all of the black people have been buying guns, now we gotta make these people felons in jail and federal penitentiaries for 10 years if they don't comply.
Because if the black people get guns, the crime wave ends and they're no longer under the control.
So these are the things that we have to make sure that we're having that conversation for.
Now when we had that conversation with the people,
The people, individually, from a place of love and empathy, the people will hear you.
The people will listen.
Well, I've seen the videos.
You sell black, white, old, young, it doesn't matter, they get it.
Everybody gets it.
Everybody gets it because everybody understands the basic conversation about freedom and liberty.
If you want to slather yourself up with butter every Wednesday in your house, you have the right to do that.
And if someone wants to come into your home and try to murder you because Wednesday is Butterslather Day, I want you to have the means to defend yourself and your butter.
That is the reality of the scenario.
Everyone can relate to that.
These terms of trying to separate the people.
When you look at the fact that the government overreach over the last year has been some of the most extreme, you cannot deny it.
The people will not deny it.
The people are getting stronger.
The people are getting smarter.
The people are getting, these same sweatshop phones, they're also actually using them for actual liberty at the same time.
No, no, I agree.
I agree that the reason that the lockdowns, all this is they're in panic mode.
Yes, they're in panic mode, and that panic mode, the government is trashed.
Because people, like Martin Luther King said, are actually coming together.
And that's it.
They're coming together because the government is doing the heavy lifting for us.
They're showing how corrupt they are.
They've always been that way.
They haven't been less corrupt.
They've gotten more corrupt.
And now... We've just forced them out in the open.
That's it.
That's it.
And I need you to come all the way from behind cover and concealment.
I need you to come all the way from behind that cover so we can stitch you right up.
And that's what's happening with the people.
The people are seeing that.
And this isn't an advocation of any type of violence.
This is we, as the people, have the right to stand and exist on these lands.
These documents were just codified human and natural law.
This isn't something special.
This is in nature.
And it's what you're doing that's got them panicked.
Wow, that's beautiful.
I'm on fire.
This is exciting.
I love it.
I'm 100% sold.
I want to do it.
But let's talk about this when we come back.
The evil is going to counter-strike.
How do you think Maj 2 Ray, Black Guns Matter, how
Because I'll be discriminatory.
I like black guns better than other color guns.
How do we get people to understand they're going to counter-strike?
How do we counter that?
The reality is this.
There are 7,600,000,000 people on this planet.
The best part about my job is I get to meet so many of the cool people.
But every time I think I've met all these cool folks, I meet even more.
Judge Joe Brown was here two weeks ago.
Incredibly popular shows, but I already liked Joe Brown years ago.
I like the things he said on air, but man, in person, so damn smart.
It's very refreshing to find somebody that actually knows more than I do.
I don't mean that as an arrogant statement.
I get scared because a lot of folks hear me talk about history and facts and they think I'm making it up or showing off.
I was at dinner with Brown for three hours.
He would correct me on a Roman history point or correct me on a killer whale statement.
I didn't get pissed off by it.
I was like...
This is refreshing.
This is what we need, is smart people engaged of every damn color.
It doesn't matter, we're all humans.
We want to be team human, but the globalists, the media tell us humans are bad, and families are bad, and nuclear families are bad, and men are bad, and self-defense is bad.
We should reject all that and reject the people saying that.
Is that what you're saying?
No, I'm saying anybody that is down with that agenda to try to weaken the man, the family, the defense, the nuclear family, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, these codified natural rights, anyone that's saying that is a great litmus test to see where they stand if they're on the right or the wrong side.
That's what I'm saying, so do we say no to them, right?
We absolutely say no to that.
We say no to that not only in verbalizing it, but we say no to it indeed by maintaining what we have, those values, and having the means to defend them.
Because if you don't have the means to defend it, great.
That's cute that you have a really cute opinion about what you think the nuclear family and self-defense should be.
But if you don't have the means to defend those things, you just have an opinion that can easily be taken over.
No, I get it.
So we have to exercise it.
You have to exercise it.
Or the potential for you to exercise it known by the opposition.
There's a reason why the Greeks... So it's a right.
We have to exercise it.
You have to exercise it.
If not, it's like going to the gym.
You don't work out.
You okay?
The muscle's gonna... It's gone, bro.
It's gone.
It's just gone.
That's what happens.
We as Americans, and I say this from a very loving and empathetic place...
We let the system get us soft.
We've allowed it.
You've allowed it.
You didn't sit back and go, I need to have the means to control my destiny.
This is what manhood, womanhood, strength, American values, human values are about.
This comfortable bubble that we're living in right now is an anomaly.
In nature, everything is actually... Before we even get to tyrants.
In nature, everything is actually trying to kill you.
That's the reality.
So you gotta be the steel that sharpens the steel that's in your house.
And what's happening is, we've allowed a lot of these comforts... We've become creatures of comfort.
We're not thinking.
And that lack of thought has made us inactive.
And we've allowed the opposition, the globalist terrorist tyrants,
To conform us into this smooth little pieces of putty, easily mounted... And victims!
Oh, I'm never supposed to hit in the opposition.
Oh, somebody was mean to me.
I'm supposed to curl up in a ball and it's all over.
No, you're supposed to organize and overcome it and get stronger.
And you have to defend yours.
I'm not mad at the opposition for playing a game that they planned.
In chess, the other side has to make a move.
They've chosen a side of the board that they choose to sit on.
That's fine.
With that being the case, I've chosen the side of liberty.
And if I have to punch you in your face after you violate me to defend what's on this side of the chessboard, there's nothing more American about that.
But see, they've made us bitches, and being a bitch is un-American.
It's un-American.
They're attempting to make us un-American and un-human, or maybe even trans-human.
That's right, keep going.
If it's trans-human, and if you choose to not be a part of that agenda, you have to have the means to defend that.
And I know, I know, it sounds Maj is up there with Alex and clearly they're crazy.
How many times has this dude been right?
Just forget me for a second.
We're doing work, no doubt.
We're crowdfunding, all that other good stuff, the Solutionary Center, all of that.
That's great.
I want to talk about that next hour.
We can go into all of that.
But the reality is, I've watched you for years, and I get it.
I don't agree with everybody.
You're not supposed to.
But forget the newcomer, newbie guy with the hat backwards for a second.
How many times has this guy been right on a percentage scale?
So if you don't want to hear me,
The history of actually what has been right for some time now, you should think about that.
And if we're now sitting, the thing that they're saying we're not supposed to do, the urban black dude isn't supposed to sit with the crazy theory guy, right?
And if we're gelling and having legitimate conversation from a place of empathy and passion for America,
Then that tells you that that narrative is false.
And we can break that narrative.
They are afraid.
I know y'all think it's hard.
I know.
I know.
I know y'all think it's hard.
However, they are afraid.
They are afraid.
I've accepted what comes with my position in it.
We all know.
Y'all watching.
Y'all know what happens to people like me for fighting for liberty and unity.
We already know how my movie ends.
We battle that by creating a legacy, a dynasty.
And you don't lose your soul.
See, they think those of us who get attacked are losers.
We're winners.
You want to be somebody like Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton, or any of these people that are sold out?
They look like living dead.
They are literally.
I love people that are living like you're like on fire.
You're so alive.
Other people, I don't care what color they are, they're on fire.
The people that serve evil, they're not on fire.
They've given the essence of who they are.
You can see it.
It's in their eyes.
Yeah, what happens to them when that essence is gone?
If you look at all old photos, even 30, 40 years ago, white people, black people, Hispanic, it doesn't matter.
They're so alive.
Their eyes are so awake, even more than us, compared to these dead globalists.
What is that?
I don't know.
The lack of it?
I mean, look at these liberals.
That's a conspiracy theory.
I mean, what happened to them?
Look at these people.
I don't feel good they look like idiots.
But they all look like that.
Like, what happened?
What happened was they forgot the thirst for life.
They forgot that in the middle of working, even, you know, the late and God bless the dead Nipsey Hussle, he said one of his final tweets was, having strong enemies is a blessing.
They forgot that the fight for liberty, the fight for freedom, these things are passionate.
These are recycling to the human spirit.
These guys forgotten gave up.
And they are our brothers and sisters still, but they've chosen to deny.
They think not being opposed is good.
You want the opposition.
Right, because that's how I get stronger.
Having strong enemies is a blessing.
That's like weight.
I love it.
This is what's going to save the Republic.
This is going to save the republic, and to delve back into Black Guns Matter and our work, you know, black people in America, we've all built America.
We've all built it.
We've all had a part in it.
Right now, the onslaught on black America for these very basic human rights, black people, more specifically, not limited to our white brothers and sisters, aging, whatever,
The black community may be responsible for helping again and saving the republic.
We are past the amount of time that the founding father said this experiment would last.
Black people may be the group of people in America that actually saves our Constitutional Republic, but we have to all work together to do it.
And you have to have the means to defend yourself in order to do so.
But I get tears in my eyes because can't you feel, Monster Ray, that we're at the crossroads right now?
I think we've got a few months.
It's going to be a fight after that, but right now the decision is being made about which side, like we're both evil and good powering up.
You feel that?
This is what life is about.
This is that same, we are in the histories.
We're in the histories that they talk about.
We're in them.
Right now.
I gave up the accepting of, you know, you're going to be super famous.
Nah, nah.
As an activist, as a worker, as a man and person of the people.
That is what that passion is about.
Did you have that epiphany slowly or at one moment?
It's waves.
It's waves.
If you go to my office back there, all I get are pictures of waves.
Because everything's waves.
It's waves!
And it's like, that one moment of, why didn't I know that?
That one moment of, why didn't they teach me that in school?
That one moment of, well who created the Department of Education?
That one moment of, why don't I know about central banking?
That one moment of, well wait, they said that they didn't want a party system?
That one moment of, well, why are they doing this?
That one moment of, we don't like gangs, but we're doing this gang mentality thing.
Those waves of understanding and that appreciation for the knowledge and then the respect.
What's crazy is the more you get in touch with God, the waves go faster and faster and faster.
Bam, bam, bam, bam.
So like every month a wave.
That's every week a wave and every hour a wave, every second a wave.
But what do you do once you get where you're in the wave, it's so intense, you can't even, that's where I've reached.
I'm sure you've gotten there.
When you're in that wave, you do two things.
I'm a point guard.
You pass off to people and pass the wave.
Pass the wavelength, the frequency, the electromagnetic current.
You pass it.
That energy that stops those people from, stops us from looking like those people that don't have that electromagnetic pulse and energy and vibration.
You pass it.
That's the passion of the torch.
That's the freedom.
That's the liberty.
I feel it.
Oh God, I feel it so good.
These are the things that we have to do.
The force is strong with this one.
A powerful Jedi you have become.
All right, let's do two more segments, my friend.
And then we got Mike Adams taking over.
You made me feel good.
I'm glad you came in there.
Thank you.
Now, I tell you, I was...
Really depressed today.
I don't get depressed a lot, but I read hours every day what they're doing to people and how stupid it all is.
And it frustrates me.
And I get down sometimes.
They kind of put a spell on me.
To quote the song we're listening to right now.
But you help break that spell and just energize me with what you were saying today.
And I know you were saying off air that I helped wake you up as long as the energy bouncing back.
Because how do you deal with
Let me be positive, the level of this evil, because it's so frustrating.
You see it, I see it.
We're trying to educate people about it.
And I don't get mad at them, but I get mad because I am just sick of fighting this.
It's so ridiculously obvious.
You fight it and maintain your charge by remembering that you are a part of that weight.
You're, you know, we don't have to, in a baton race, we don't have to, I don't have to finish the race.
I can pass off to people, and we still gonna get that Olympic gold.
We're still gonna win.
And, and, this isn't some pie-in-the-sky thing that we gotta see it 40, 50, 100 years from now.
Because we're at this precipice right now, it's coming.
They're not doing all of these things to stop you from being a human and force you into compliance because they're winning.
They're doing it because they're losing.
Their control is slipping and they know it.
They're doing a great job of making the wand in Hollywood and the magic of making it look like they're winning, but I promise you they're not.
They're working too hard.
They're working too hard.
If I'm winning, I'm cruising.
I'm cruising.
They're not cruising.
They're putting every single foot that they have down at the bottom.
They're in panic mode.
That's right.
That, and knowing that alone.
But you know being at the tip of the spear though, then you pick up their hate though.
Well, absolutely.
They got their own waves going.
It's good to step back into yourself.
It's good to step back into loved ones.
Retreat a little bit.
You know, course correct.
Drink plenty of water.
Work out.
Get some sun.
Go outside.
Breathe deeply.
Put on your armor and go back outside again.
We are going to win.
We're going to win.
These are the spells that you have to tell yourself.
It's spelling.
We are going to win.
That's it.
We've got to state it.
It's true.
So how did you wake up?
You said it was a process?
Yeah, I just kept reading.
I kept reading all of the things that they said I shouldn't read.
I kept reading all of the things of people that were evil people that almost took over the entire world.
How did they do it?
What were their dietary habits?
Who were they studying?
He just kept reading, and if you keep reading and then questioning, now we're in a space where you're not allowed to question.
You're not allowed to question the so-called science that Fauci's presenting.
You're not allowed to ask those questions.
And since you're not allowed to ask those questions, you should ask them more.
You should be empathetic, and you should have a ruthless objectivity.
That ruthless objectivity will maintain your standard and being consistent on what your standards are.
And then that wave, other people, you may not think that you're impacting them at that moment, but when they go somewhere else, when they talk to somebody else, they repeat what you said to them.
And then we got another soldier on our side and another soldier on our side.
And we are going to win.
Well, I agree the system's in panic mode.
I'm just concerned about what they're going to do next.
How we, I guess, whatever evil they do, we can't stop, we just have to react to it.
But they got some evil stuff up their sleeves.
They have evil stuff up their sleeves for sure.
However, an armed society blocks a lot of that bullshit.
A lot of that, you know, you have guys that, you know, maybe some enforcers for the state.
Those guys are also going to have those come-to-Jesus moments.
Because they know, you want to start your gun confiscation, your fake race war?
They know.
They're going to try to go, it's not going to work.
It's not.
And we can't, we got to make sure that we're pulling those people in.
Because there's not a bunch of disarmed people that the Nazis or the KKK or the left can attack.
There's no left, they can't do it if we're armed at equalizing.
Right, and that's the beauty of the work at Black Guns Matter.
Going to the areas where the people have been left outside of that conversation about gun ownership.
Shifting the pattern.
Shifting the mentality.
And transferring power to the people.
And the real power is arming the people.
The slaves aren't disarmed.
Stay with us.
Back in 60 seconds.
Black Lives Matter has been countered with the truth.
Black Guns Matter.
And I agree, guns do look good in a nice blued finish.
But we've got Maj Suraj here.
You can find all his great information.
At SolitaryLifestyle.org.
I can't even read right.
Thanks for correcting me.
I'm brain dead today.
Solutionary, not solitary.
So that's my own Freudian slip.
I want to run and hide in the mountains.
Oh my God.
Forward slash F. Forward slash black dash gun dash matter dash tour.
Tell us about that tour you're doing.
So the tour, all of this is paid for by the people.
Every single dollar.
You know, when people say, who's in your pocket?
All of this work has been funded by the people.
Gofundme.com forward slash Black Guns Matter.
And again, we're asking everyone, if you agree with the things that we're saying, we've been a good steward over the money.
We got a million dollar goal.
We raised 400,000 and gave it all away over the last few years to make these classes free to all.
Free to all.
So we appreciate it.
People got infested in this war of human empowerment.
GoFundMe.com forward slash Black Guns Matter has been our way, as well as the merch, our way of showing that you can voluntarily do something.
Oh, people have got to fund human empowerment.
That's why the corporation is only saying we're non-essential.
Only give your money to Walmart and Amazon.
How sick is that?
It's the play.
So because of that, our counter was, the people wanted to fund a movement.
If you want the people to be armed and informed, and if you feel like, hey, I already know about guns, I want to inform somebody else, cool.
Do it.
Gofundme.com forward slash Black Guns Matter.
And you should have corrected me up front when you first came on.
That's my own Freudian slip, because I want to be solitary.
You've got Solutionary Lifestyle.
Tell us about that.
The Solutionary Lifestyle is basically the overarching encompass of all of the things that makes you a Solutionary.
If you're on point with your health, if you're on point with shooting, self-defense, if you're on point, we're opening a center in Philadelphia.
We have a Solutionary Summit.
Tell folks about that.
Yeah, that center's gonna be great.
Every class, everything, home economics, trades, first aid, all of those things are gonna be free.
All of those things are free.
The event that we do annually is the Solutionary Summit.
This year we'll be in Miami, September the 3rd through September the 5th.
Everybody, please hit SolutionaryLifestyle.org, grab a ticket, come through, learn, share, you know, promote your business.
We have to make a collective effort to highlight each individual group or person.
Oh, they're so scared because America was evil and had its own problems.
But compared to other systems, it was light years ahead because you had a shot as individuals.
If you built something, everybody would buy it.
Like Martin Luther King said, it wasn't about the color you wore, it was about the character of the content.
And so they're so scared when we still have a little bit of daylight, a little bit of financial power, if people spend money with you or me or others, that will turn the engine up because folks want it to quote,
Greatest guitarist ever, come stand next to my fire.
They don't want us to build that fire of free market because people want to come to our fire, not their fire.
Right, and that's the beauty of it.
The beauty of that, in that scenario, it becomes a space where if the people didn't want it, we raised and gave away, again, over these last four years, we gave away over $420,000 for this work.
If the people didn't want it, you can't get people to buy something for $5 if they don't want it.
They don't want it, they don't want it.
The people have supported, and the people have even said, hey, I'm not even in your state that you're going to, but I want to make sure that this work is going to somebody that's a beginner.
But the proof's in the pudding.
CNN yesterday, I sent it to the guys, I don't know if they have it today, it was yesterday, it was like, why are black Americans buying guns in record numbers?
Why are liberals buying guns?
Because they get it.
The state's not going to protect them.
Defending themselves is an incredible right and a value that's as good as having a million dollars in the bank, having a gun, knowing how to use it.
Stop being a victim.
Only your enemy would tell you to be a victim.
And that victim mentality been done.
Anybody that's believing in that victimhood, that this conversation that somehow you don't, you should, guns are bad.
Gun isn't an adamant object.
I go everywhere with a gun.
That's just the reality.
It's like a car.
I want to use the tool to get from point A to point B. I want to use the tool to defend my human liberties and protect the people against imminent threats to life.
That's what these classes are about.
That's what the solutionary lifestyle and the solutionary brand and the solutionary... I totally agree with you.
So Mike Adams is about to take over from NaturalNews.com.
You're back with me tomorrow for an hour.
You're on The War Room today.
I look forward to watching that.
It's 3 to 6 p.m.
So let me ask you this.
Monterey, Monterey.
How do we counter the media and the universities and the Pentagon, the establishment, trying to push radical race theory, extreme race theory to divide us?
It's so obvious.
How do we counter something that ridiculous and not feed back into their system where, well, if you oppose radical race theory, you're a white supremacist, and that's obviously ridiculous.
How do you counter that?
You counter that by teaching all of history.
You counter it by saying, these are things that we got right, these are things that we got wrong.
We are not going to repeat the wrong things, and we're not going to allow a massive so-called overcorrection, which is not a correction when it's an overcorrection, it's imbalance.
Well, it's globalists using that to take over.
So we just go, hey, these are the things that happen.
I don't want to tear down a Confederate flag statue.
I don't want to tear down anybody's statue.
I want to explain what happened in our nation's history.
I want to explain that from a place of... Because that actually takes the power division away to just say it's historic.
It's a thing we talk about.
And that... Because I go to a museum, they've got the Nazi stuff, they've got the American stuff.
I'm like, why is a Nazi thing here?
It's part of history.
I don't even agree with the Nazi thing.
This happened.
And if we're, you know, more freedom-based than liberty-based, we can't just cherry-pick when we want to tell whatever.
We got to deal with our ugly stuff in our history and our past, too.
That's called accountability.
And the best place to counter that is in the home.
That's how we counter that.
In the home.
That's how we break that narrative.
In the home, explaining fully and recognizing that other people are under that same media hypnosis.
Embrace your brother and sister or your neighbor and say, hey, I know, these are the things that we know, we know these things happen, and I don't want any of these things to ever repeat because they're repugnant.
That's how we win.
When actually the system's repeating it in the name of stopping it.
By design.
By design.
That's not an accident.
And the left doesn't know what to do with exploding black gun ownership.
I love it.
Because, I mean, I trust the type of good people, black or white, that go out and do it legally and lawfully.
That just counters criminals.
There's more good people than bad people of any color.
So it's beautiful.
You empower good people.
Bad people get killed or go to jail.
I'm with it.
I mean, I'm good with that, those odds.
You're the bad person.
You're making threats to life imminent right now.
People are there to stop you.
Maybe we'll patch you up.
If somebody around has a tourniquet, we'll try to get your life saved, and then we want you to have your trial, and then we want you to go to jail.
I'm fine with those outcomes, and most people are.
So in closing, you're going to be in the war room today, you'll be back with me tomorrow, Mike Adams is about to take over.
What is your gut level about the future?
Do you feel optimistic?
I feel optimistic because
Every time there's been a tyrant, and it looks like for a very long time that they're gonna win, individually, collectively, but in hindsight, in reality, every single time there's been a tyrant, freedom has always won.
Every time.
I'm optimistic.
Our work is booming.
The people are buying firearms.
The people are training.
The people are learning.
We're having this dialogue when everything around us in media land is telling us we're not supposed to.
I'm extremely optimistic and I just want everybody to support the work.
Support the work.
Beautifully said.
Alright, tomorrow you're on the show for an hour.
I want you to talk about in the next 30 seconds, 45 seconds, you talk about the family, it starts at home.
They tell us don't talk to our children, don't give them our view.
No, we should explain to our children what we are passing down.
We should explain that as well as we should listen.
It's like when dealing with people, you know, there's 22 vets a day that commit suicide.
When I engage those men or women, I just want to listen to them first.
I want to hear them.
So even with our children, not comparing, you know, obviously, you know, guys to children, what I'm saying in that sense is, we want to listen to our children.
Hey, this is what's being said.
This is what, this is what school told me.
We want to hear that, and maybe the reading, writing, and arithmetic is correct.
But these other things, oh no, that's not incorrect.
Then we go to the encyclopedias and we pull out, this is actually what happened.
Now let's counter that with this.
Let's share this information as well.
That's how we do that in the home.
You listen.
You listen first.
That's the first step.
That listening, seeing what is, maintaining objectivity to see what actually is working and useful.
And the biggest thing is showing people you care and giving them interface.
A hundred percent.
A hundred percent.
And the solution to every lifestyle is boiled down to three points.
I can't engage with you if you don't feel as if I care about you.
That's the first step.
Second, now that you know that I care and we care together, it's facts.
Now that these facts are here, because they're cold, then we can create the solution together.
All right.
Mike Adams taking over.
Thank you, Master Ray.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
Well, I'm trying to be a good man.
I'm trying to stand up and do the right thing.
And I've seen huge effects with what we've done here at InfoWars.
Other good men and women getting together and telling the truth and standing up to corruption.
But now the globals are coming after us.
And so I need your prayers.
I need your financial support.
I need your word of mouth to stay in the fight.
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All right.
This is Mike Adams here, the health ranger from NaturalNews.com.
We're going to be covering the rest of this hour.
I've got a lot of bombshell news for you that has been gleaned from sources and many interviews that I've been doing each week that you may not have seen this information or heard from these guests.
But I just want to say, by the way, the guests that Alex just had on, Maj, they're from Black Guns Matter.
It's so inspiring.
For me, to see a real leader like that extraordinary man, and he's teaching people, he's inspiring people, and I completely agree with the philosophy that he just mentioned, the solutionary philosophy, which is that every citizen, every law-abiding citizen in America should know how to achieve good nutrition, how to do emergency medicine, how to handle a grid-down scenario, basic prepping, basic survival, and firearms skills.
Every person should know how to defend your loved ones, how to defend your family, how to put on a tourniquet, how to stop bleeding.
I mean, I took a live firearms medic, what was it, an army medic training course in Texas last year just to do that.
Stuffing gauze into simulated wounds under live fire conditions and so on.
Every person should know about radios and comms.
Every person should be ready.
For what we are about to face.
And what I'm going to be sharing with you here today will, I think, underscore why that's the case.
But I'm just, I'm really, I'm just really inspired.
So a big thumbs up to Maj Touré, if I'm pronouncing his name correctly.
That's the first time I'd seen him.
I'm glad I was able to kind of join here via video early and listen to him.
I even, funny story, I even had a left wing, like a female liberal person
A challenge me is like a couple years ago.
She was like, aren't you afraid of black men with guns?
And I said, are you kidding me?
A black citizen with a gun who knows how to use it, who's got morals and ethics.
Are you kidding me?
I want to be by his side.
What I'm afraid of is you lunatic leftists who don't, you know, and how you think you want to kill everybody that you don't agree with.
That's the problem.
Not men with guns, or black men with guns, or white men with guns.
We are citizens who uphold the rule of law.
We are the basis of society.
Those of us who have morals, ethics, compassion, knowledge, wisdom, and are looking for solutions to share with others.
And that comes down to firearms,
Training for safety and effectiveness in a defensive posture so that we can defend our families against the rising violent crime that leftists are unleashing across this country.
So I just wanted to put those comments on the record there now.
Getting to my main emphasis of what I'm sharing with you today.
I want to thank Alex for inviting me on here today to give you the down low on all of this.
We are
According to the sources that I've interviewed, and again I've done just this year maybe over a hundred interviews at this point, it'll be a couple hundred by the end of the year, these are experts in medicine, experts in academia of communism,
Experts who understand the military stance of nations like China and Russia.
Experts in border control and border security.
What else?
Experts in microbiology, virology, and so on.
I mean, it is across the board, but it's enabled me to put together a picture that is devastating.
And some of the experts I interview are former DEA agents, former DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, you know, former people inside what you might call the swamp, who came out of the swamp and are now speaking out to try to save America.
Let me see if I can encapsulate this correctly.
America is about to face an imminent attack by China
And possibly aided by elements of certain narco cartels from Mexico and certain elements of Russia.
And this attack, well, it's already underway.
In terms of the biowarfare that China launched in 2019 against us.
You know that, that's COVID, that's the pandemic, and the weapon is the spike protein, not the virus itself, not the viral replication engine.
That part, the coronavirus engine, really is harmless.
It's the spike protein payload that it carries, which is what's dangerous to people, and that's what they're putting in the vaccines.
So as Dr. Peter McCullough has said publicly, to the astonishment
Of so many people.
Because he is an acclaimed mainstream western scientist, well I should say a doctor and expert in internal medicine.
Hundreds of published papers.
He has said that the purpose of the release of the coronavirus was to drive people to take vaccines.
And the vaccines contain the spike proteins.
The spike proteins are the biological weapons that are designed to maim and kill and cause infertility and depopulation, global extermination.
Now, that's phase one of the war against the United States.
That's just phase one.
And let me take a quick detour here.
I was told by a deep
State source that reached out to me unsolicited a few weeks ago.
I was told by that source.
I was also given a warning by that source, but that's another story.
I was told by that source that if Joe Biden does not reach 70% vaccine uptake by July 4th among US adults, that the Biden regime will be removed from power by the globalists to be replaced by someone who can achieve the extermination goals of the American people.
This is why Kamala and Joe and the Democrats are pushing so aggressively to try to reach this 70% number.
And I just checked the CDC website.
It is currently 56%.
56% of U.S.
adults have now received both shots and are quote fully vaccinated.
So they're not going to hit 70%.
In fact, just about everybody that wants to be vaccinated has already been vaccinated.
And those who don't want to be vaccinated are not just saying no, they're saying, you know, hell no.
And by the way, speaking, you know, of black communities in America, because of the guests that Alex just had on, it is black Americans who are far more informed on this issue than the typical white American, for whatever reason.
Probably having to do with Tuskegee and the history of government experiments, obviously, on black soldiers and black prisoners and black children and so on.
I mean, if you knew the history of medical experimentation on blacks in America, if you knew what I know, you would be astonished.
And if you're a black American watching this or listening to this, you already know.
You can never trust the government.
When it comes to medicine and coercion and injecting you with something.
You can never trust the government when it comes to gun control.
You can never, I mean, the black community knows that you can't trust the FBI either.
And look at what the FBI did to black Americans over the last half century or so, but I'm not even going to go down that road.
That's a, that's a whole nother show.
The point is Biden is going to fail by July 4th.
And according to what I've been told, Biden's going to be removed.
Not immediately, not July 5th.
But that things will be set into motion to remove him from power.
And I don't know if it includes Kamala or not.
I suspect it does.
I suspect that Biden and Kamala may be gone before the end of this year.
I don't know exactly how it's going to play out, but that's what I've been told is going to happen.
Now, when we come back after this break, I'll give you more information about what's coming for America.
I'm Mike Adams.
Thank you for tuning in.
We'll be right back after this break.
Welcome back.
It is more important than ever that we the people form friendships and bonds between people of different races and colors and
Male and female and even different religions because they are trying, they the globalists, are trying to weaken the United States and soften us up with an induced race war.
And in order to achieve the race war they have to invoke mass hatred among the people.
They have to turn us against each other.
You know this, you've heard this here on InfoWars many times.
It's more important than ever to realize that if you feel a sense of hatred rising in yourself
Because the media is pushing hatred, that, oh, these white people did something to these black people, or these black people did something to these white people, or Puerto Rican people, or whatever the case may be, or these Asian people were victimized by these people.
You've got to realize that's all trying to get you to invoke hatred, to hate each other, because they need internal chaos in order to weaken the response when they plan the invasion.
Yes, I'm talking about an invasion of the United States of America through the southern border.
I have specific intel from multiple sources.
That indicates an invasion is in the planning.
We don't know the timeline, but we do know the sequence of events that are planned to soften up America, and we know that the journo-terrorists, which I consider to be the New York Times, CNN, and so on, you know, the left-wing media, they are journo-terrorists.
Their job is to create fear, hysteria, and internal division and chaos in preparation
For the invasion of the United States of America.
And by the way, Governor Newsom of California, I've been told, is planning a land invasion of Communist Chinese troops in the ports of California.
With his permission, and according to my sources, he has stockpiled weapons and physical gold, too.
By the way, where do you think a lot of the tax surplus goes in California?
It gets laundered through Chinese companies.
Governor Newsom, for example,
Back in 2020, he sent a billion dollars to a Chinese electric vehicle car company, and he claimed it was for buying masks for COVID.
Well, the masks never showed up, and the media was told to stop talking about it.
Where did the billion dollars go?
Guess what?
It came back.
It came back to Newsom's, you know, mafia members in the form of
Maybe some crypto used to buy gold, ammunition, firearms, weapons to pay off bribes, you name it.
That's what's happening in California.
It's a giant criminal cartel.
And they do plan to have Chinese troops land in California and start occupying and taking over America.
But let me lay out what I've been told is going to happen before that.
Number one, there will be cyber warfare attacks on the United States.
Now those of you
Who are listening to this, watching this inside the deep state yourself, in the intelligence community, in the FBI, wherever you work, in the State Department.
I know that you monitor InfoWars for Intel because sometimes your own departments don't tell you what's happening, whereas people like myself have contacts outside of your circles that actually know what's going to happen.
So here's what you need to understand.
Is that, that you, who think, you think the threat against America is white people, for some reason.
You think the threat against America is Christians, or conservatives, or gun owners.
You need to recalibrate rapidly.
Because the real threat against America is Communist China, and the collaborators with China, such as Governor Newsom, and maybe 30 to 40 other governors across America that are taking money from China,
As well as US senators and other lawmakers that are taking money from China.
Let's not even get into Hunter Biden's hard drives and laptop and Joe Biden's deals with China and so on.
You need to realize the enemy of America is not the people who love America.
The enemy of America is those who hate America and want to destroy it and occupy it.
China is facing famine.
China cannot feed.
It's 1.4 billion people.
China is silencing, arresting and in some cases executing their own internal economists who are reporting grain shortages.
Because China can't feed itself.
China's buying up desperately corn and soy and wheat on the world market in record numbers and beef.
Anything to keep their population fed.
China needs America's farmland.
In order to continue to expand its economic power and keep its people fed and avoid a massive uprising that would overthrow the communist regime from within.
So I just want to say that again.
China needs America's farmland.
In order to take over America's farmland, China needs America to destroy itself from within.
They will augment this effort through cyber attacks on the power grid.
They will attempt to take down the grid, take down the pipelines, take down the energy infrastructure.
They will launch economic warfare against the United States.
Another wave of a biological warfare agent, which will be a high kill rate bioweapon that makes COVID look like a walk in the park, by the way.
On top of this, we have absolute confirmation, in fact Customs and Border Patrol has confirmed this.
China has been shipping in and staging weapons systems to be used by their agents who are already located inside the United States upon activation to fight
A war inside the United States for them to mass murder American mayors, governors if they can, governors who aren't on their payroll, military people, patriots, leaders, whoever.
They want mass murder and they have smuggled into the United States
Full-auto AK-47 weapons, RPGs, mobile mortars, which I believe are 60mm mortars.
And remember, RPGs can take out helicopters, aircraft, vehicles, and so on, including some military targets.
Well, quite a few military targets.
And then I just got intel, after I did an interview yesterday,
That there is a Russian group that is paying Mexican narco cartels to smuggle Russian weapons across the border into the United States to be staged at certain locations awaiting activation.
And by activation, what I mean is, at some point they're going to get the order to activate their people who are here, go grab the weapons.
They've even got uniforms stashed there.
They've got vehicles and comms equipment in addition to uniforms and the weapons I mentioned.
And then they're going to go on a mass murder spree and try to take over regions of America, create a beachhead, and then start landing Chinese troops in California and flooding troops in from the southern border.
So when I say that you need to be ready for war, you need to be ready to defend your nation against foreign invaders, I'm not joking.
I am not joking.
This is coming.
Now, there's a publication called The Drive, thedrive.com.
That has done a great job documenting this mysterious stealth drone that was spotted over Tucson, Arizona.
It was chased by a Customs and Border Protection helicopter, as well as a Tucson police helicopter.
This drone, according to my sources, was a Chinese-built custom drone.
It was able to climb and fly into 14,000 feet altitude.
It was moving at over 100 miles an hour, not battery-powered.
This is an exotic stealth drone.
They could not even see it with night vision equipment.
They were trying to chase it with their helicopters and couldn't keep up and they lost it.
The drone was hovering over the Kinder Morgan natural gas infrastructure in Tucson and also monitoring the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base with thermal cameras in order to get a pattern of activity at that Air Force Base.
This is one drone of hundreds of Chinese-made stealth drones that are currently operating in the United States.
This has all been documented even by the FBI.
The FBI put in a report on this.
The Tucson Police put in a report.
They were baffled by this.
They had never seen anything like it.
My sources say this drone was launched from Mexico, flew to Tucson, as there are hundreds of these deployed across the country that are monitoring critical infrastructure.
Kinder Morgan handles over 40% of the natural gas distribution pipelines in the United States.
They are targeting the energy infrastructure.
Now, I've got one more segment ahead after this upcoming break.
And in that segment, I'll give you additional details about this threat that's coming and also how we can prepare against this threat.
This is a very real threat.
And those of you who think you're in the deep state, you think you're going to win?
Believe me, there's a communist out there with a bullet with your name on it.
They want to kill you as much as they want to kill us.
If America is to survive, we're going to have to work together and defend this nation.
I'm Mike Adams.
We'll be right back after this short break.
Stay tuned for the conclusion of this information.
All right, this is Mike Adams here with the final segment today.
I'm going to give you more information about preparing for the eventual attempted invasion of the United States of America by foreign troops.
Now, another way that the globalists think they may be able to achieve this is by provoking
An uprising response in the United States from armed citizens and then begging for United Nations intervention and then landing UN quote peacekeeping troops in the United States and those UN troops might end up being, you know, communist Chinese troops.
It's just insane at this point.
So who knows exactly how that's going to look.
But the point is they want an uprising and they want people to try to fight
The government, which is why we must find a deeper, stronger truth in this.
The government will destroy itself through its own lies if we just give it the opportunity to do so as the truth comes out.
For example, in the Maricopa elections.
I don't think that it's a smart move for
For the left to try to say that these election audits are fraud or bad audits, bad numbers, because as the truth comes out, it's going to completely discredit them.
And it's going to show that the election was in fact stolen, starting with Arizona and then moving to Georgia and Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and so on.
This should result in a peaceful
Not an armed uprising, but a peaceful uprising where people are expressing their First Amendment, expressing the truth about how our democracy has been stolen, how it was rigged with the help of foreign enemies, including China and other enemies of the United States, by the way.
But we must keep this peaceful because they want violence.
They want violence.
Remember what Biden just said.
You said that, oh, the only way you're going to overthrow the government is with F-15s and maybe nuclear weapons.
I mean, I'm paraphrasing, but that's basically what he said.
Contrast that to the narrative
Of leftists in the Biden administration, which says, gosh, they were almost overthrown by a mob of unarmed people on January 6th who crossed the barriers into the Capitol building and were hanging out taking selfies.
That almost overthrew the entire country right there.
But now it's like, no, you got to have F-15s and you got to have nuclear weapons, Biden says.
Well, so that just exposes the hypocrisy.
But I've got news for Biden.
The enemies of America don't need nukes.
All they need is computers.
Because everything is vulnerable to cyber warfare attacks.
And what we've seen so far with the attacks on the Colonial Pipeline, and what was it, JBS meat processing plants, and the New York transit system subway control systems in New York City and so on, these were just probing attacks.
They're not the real attack.
They're just probing attacks, and there's much more coming, and the entire United States power grid is vulnerable to these cyber warfare attacks, including attacking natural gas generation facilities, coal plants, and transportation and banking that is necessary to supply fuel to the power generation plants in order to power, you know, everything that we come to depend on.
Getting to solutions.
Number one solution, as I said, do not think that any sort of armed uprising or any sort of violence is going to be the answer here.
It's not.
We have to have patience with this process of vetting the election results and we have to be prepared to survive famine, a downed power grid.
We've got to survive attempts at gun confiscation.
We've got to survive another wave of a bioweapon that's going to be unleashed against us.
So among the things that I believe every American needs to be doing right now is number one, you need some kind of a solar generator, which just means solar panels and a battery and an inverter.
There's all kinds of brands out there.
I don't have any specific recommendation, but you can get energy from the sun.
With solar panels, when the grid's down, and you can use that energy to charge a radio, charge a mobile phone, charge a satellite phone, charge a laptop computer, charge a flashlight, charge your night vision goggle batteries, or whatever, so that you can stay functional.
Secondly, you need to grow your own food as much as possible, even hydroponically, if that's all that's available to you, or container gardening, because this is off-grid food.
I can assure you that food limits are coming, Venezuela style, in the United States.
You will be limited on the amount of food that you can purchase at the grocery store.
Food that you grow yourself, I call it off-grid food because it is additional food that the authorities don't know about and they don't need to know about.
If you're growing tomatoes and lettuce and cucumbers and, you know, figs or whatever, they don't need to know about it.
You're staying alive by being self-reliant and growing your own food.
Heck, in World War II, the government, what are they called?
Victory Gardens.
They encouraged people to grow their own food.
Today, they treat you like some kind of a criminal for growing your own food.
It's crazy.
But you need to be self-reliant.
You need to stockpile antiseptics, medicine, communications gear, and of course self-defense ammunition to be used defensively to protect yourself against the violence and the looting that has been unleashed by leftists defunding police and deliberately turning their cities into basically zombie apocalypse zones.
So again, I'm only saying defensively for self-defense and community defense situations, perhaps in conjunction with your local sheriffs and sheriff's deputies.
They may need help to defend your region, your county, your road.
I don't know, wherever you live, you might need some help for community defense.
They might need help from you for community defense.
So these are just the key elements of, I think, what's crucial for each of us to do.
I do a daily podcast on this.
It's on Brighteon.com.
I call it the Situation Update.
So I'm giving out this kind of information every day and I listen to people like Matt Bracken, for example, and others who are well into prepping and a defensive posture and surviving what's coming.
Because I believe it's going to be just really atrocious and I think that they will, the globalists, they will manage to kill at minimum tens of millions of Americans.
But those of us who are prepared and who are aware and informed, we can survive.
We can make it through this.
So I just want to encourage you, keep watching InfoWars broadcasts.
Check out my podcast if you'd like on www.brighttown.com.
That's the platform that I built in addition to the InfoWars platform.
It's great to have all these platforms of good information, freedom of speech, and so on.
Share information.
Check out videos on other platforms like BitChute, for example.
And or rumble and get good information that can keep you alive.
Start downloading videos that you need to have on hand.
I went on eBay.
I bought a CD-ROM the other day that's got like 400 firearms manuals for how to disassemble and reassemble hundreds of firearms.
I bought it on a CD.
I mean, how can you how can you go wrong with that?
So, you know, if I come across a firearm, I'm like, how do you take this thing apart?
Guess what?
There's a PDF for that, you know?
And start printing things out.
Save articles for offline use.
Plan for the grid to go down.
Plan to have to defend your nation against foreign invaders at some point.
Plan to survive.
Know that it's going to be very, very difficult, and that many people won't make it, and there will be another wave of a biological weapon.
So you've got to be ready on all fronts, folks.
This is no joke.
This is not a drill.
This is a red alert emergency.
And I think this is coming eminently.
I can't name an exact date, obviously, but I think that China is in a hurry because they know the election results are coming out and they know there is a possibility, although I'm not predicting that this would happen, there is a possibility that Trump could be possibly reinstated.
I don't know for sure if that can happen.
I don't want to spread hopium, but it's a possibility based on audit results coming out and the Supreme Court potentially making a decision in that realm, as Mike Lindell says.
So there's a time clock counting down, and the enemies of America want to take down America before there's even a possibility of Trump returning to office, because Trump is China's worst enemy, and China knows it.
Whereas Biden is China's best friend to help them take down America.
That's where we are today.
So folks, read your Bible, practice compassion.
Don't let yourself be invoked into hatred or violence.
Don't be used by the deep state to create a narrative that they will exploit to try to take away your guns.
Practice peace, but be prepared for what's coming because the day when you will be called upon to defend your nation,
Perhaps to the death against foreign enemies that are trying to destroy us?
That day is very near.
That day is coming.
I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews.com, and I send you my prayers and blessings and hope that you will take this message seriously and that you will continue to support InfoWars.com.
Their nutritional products can help you keep your body and your mind prepared for what's coming.
It will not be easy.
But God will be on the side of those who are on the side of humanity.
And that's you and I and Alex Jones and all the others at InfoWars.
So thank you for watching today.
I'm Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
Until next time, be safe and God bless.
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