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Name: 20210623_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 23, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses a wide range of topics on InfoWars including coronavirus, election fraud, vaccine mandates, censorship, corruption, and standing up against injustices. He interviews Melissa Caron, an IT professional who claims to have witnessed election fraud in Detroit. The show features promotions for health products and criticizes Anthony Fauci's role in disease response. Jones also talks about gain-of-function research, vitamins, magnesium, spiritual battles against fallen angelic entities, UFOs, and the use of propaganda in Hollywood movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still". He connects modern alien mythos to Aleister Crowley, Michael Aquino, Scientology, and psychological warfare doctrine.

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And this makes me have hyperventilate.
I mean, I had an anxiety attack when I finished reading this article.
Because these people are killing us, man.
As a man, I am... My body is not like, I'm a tough guy, I wanna come after you.
It's not like, I'm mad, I like to get mad and act like I'm mad.
My body goes... And my brain starts saying, what are you gonna do right now to stop these people?
And I just have to intellectually figure out a way to politically, legally, and lawfully wake enough people up, take control of our governments, so we can arrest these people, indict them, try them, and then put ropes around their goddamn necks.
You murdering trash!
I'm gonna get your ass if it's the last thing I do!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The policies of the Democratic Party have left the realm of reality and are opening the gates of hell.
We're back.
We were talking about U.S.
Catholic bishops who are talking about denying President Biden communion for being pro-choice.
Joy, what's your thoughts on this?
Instead of really trying to fix things and talk about things that actually matter to people, the most important thing being climate change, they go to these cultural issues to distract.
It's very similar to what the Republican Party is up to right now.
They're grasping at straws because they see that they will be extinct very soon, which is why they're trying to stop people from voting in many of the states.
While the Republican Party continues to slumber.
Since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated, the Democratic Party has been helplessly disorganized and totally ineffective as a political party.
They wasted years chasing invisible Russian agents and then making weird and unintelligible sounds about something called Ukraine.
It's still not clear what they meant by that.
Their entire political strategy was bizarre, and in the end it was counterproductive.
It hurt them with voters.
They went down in the polls.
Only buffoons do that in politics.
These people couldn't organize your kid's birthday party.
They didn't make their beds this morning.
And yet suddenly, out of nowhere, they roared back and took over the country.
They did it in less time than it takes most people to go on spring vacation.
What happened?
How'd they do that?
Well, it's simple.
Nobody stopped them.
Whether it's critical race theory... A lot of things under attack, including critical race theory, which is being misrepresented by a lot of its opponents.
You are accused of having little white children hate themselves.
Can you please correct the record for me?
Clearly there's nothing in this project or in critical race theory that says anything about little white children and how little white children should feel.
That is just Republican strategy.
You talk about critical race theory, which is pretty much going to be teaching kids how to hate each other.
How to dislike each other.
That's pretty much what it's going to all come down to.
You're going to deliberately teach kids?
This white kid right here got it better than you because he's white?
You're going to purposely tell a white kid?
Oh, the black people are all down to suppress.
How do I have two medical degrees if I'm sitting here oppressed?
Two medical degrees.
No mom, no dad in the house.
Worked my way through college.
Sat there and hustled my butt off to get through college.
You're going to tell me somebody that looked like all y'all white folks kept me from doing that?
Or the desperate lunge towards a one-party government under a New World Order.
I believe H.R.
1 is a broad-sweeping piece of legislation, S.
1, and of course I wish that that would get to the floor for a vote, but I would very much like to see us getting something done, and I think it's very, very important that we recognize that if we don't do something at the federal level, the democracy, in my opinion, is threatened.
Or igniting the fuse on a nationwide crime epidemic.
Crime is the number one issue among Democrats.
Those are the people voting.
What does that say about the defund the police movement?
Do people know what it means?
Do they know what it is?
Do they know what they want?
I think that there are a lot of police unions and GOP operatives that would like for us to believe that this recent crime wave has everything to do with this idea of defunding the police.
But guess what, Stephanie?
The police haven't been defunded.
The Austin City Council making major cuts to the Austin Police Department, voting to slash about $150 million from APD, about a third of the police department's budget.
So this rising crime is not the fault of the movement, it's actually the fault of the police and this has been our point all along.
Why should we keep funding systems and institutions that keep rendering themselves ineffective?
We should be talking about gun control, livable wages, fair housing, education.
That's where we should be moving the money to, to ensure truly safe streets.
Fueled by a border crisis that has reached epic proportions, the Democratic Party has proven what we all expected.
They are as incompetent as they are deadly.
And November 8, 2022 can't come soon enough.
There are 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate that will be contested.
39 state and territorial, gubernatorial, and numerous other state and local elections will also be contested.
This election will be the first to be affected by the redistricting that followed the 2020 United States Census.
America, we must not be caught sleeping.
And we must become more grassroots and active than we have ever been.
This may be the last chance our crumbling republic has before it is potentially and finally destroyed from within.
John Bowne reporting.
More than 30 years ago I discovered a public plan to establish world government
To use automation to make humans obsolete and then to exterminate at least 90% of the people off the face of the earth.
I began to try as best I could being a person in high school.
To learn about this plot and develop a plan to stop it.
And I'm just an average person from Texas, but being aware of this information and being able to reach out to other like-minded humans that are against the globalist program, we've been able to put up a pretty good fight against these people, showing that if we can get mainline humanity
And especially the middle class and also a lot of wealthy elites who aren't on the inside eugenics operation.
To say no to this plan we can save humanity because where the New World Order is taking the planet is an extremely nightmarish place.
Now what's really incredible
Is that they wouldn't pass some legislation to ban human animal cloning in the United States.
They've also got just straight up human cloning going on for at least 40 years that the documents admit have happened.
You notice the specific type of clones I told you about is what's now in the news.
And implanting humans inside animals, animals inside humans, all sorts of just nightmare stuff that Fauci, the mad scientist, has been quarterbacking
For 45 years.
So that just gives you an idea of what type of monster he is.
And when I come out and criticize that, they have mainstream news articles attacking me and major memes being pushed by Twitter that I'm a white supremacist.
What does that have to do with not wanting human animal clones?
I care about the sanctity of all human life.
It means nothing.
It's just a label they use.
Same thing on Tucker Carlson.
I've got Daily Beast articles and Newsweek articles and all these stories attacking Tucker Carlson because he attacked one of the top bioethicists in the world, that's who the Rockefellers have put in, this new ethics board.
Oh, we don't follow the old ethics.
This board says we can merge humans with machines.
This board says we can put chemicals in a vaccine to sterilize you because it's the greater good and we're the scientific rulers that control all of this.
Dr. Matthew Lau.
One of the top bioethicists in the world, heads up a major university operation in New York, and when you read the articles and see the attacks, it's like, the dumb conspiracy Carlson, and just claiming this is going on, he's totally nuts, like that psycho Alex Jones, white supremacist.
When these are globalists playing God, taking over civilization, and setting the precedent to force all this in your body, in Klaus Schwab's own words.
So here's part of Tucker Carlson knocking it out of the park last night, getting into this incredibly important issue of genetically engineering us so we can't eat meat and shrinking down our size.
Right now, in this and other countries, funded by the secretive daisy chain of government health agencies and powerful NGOs.
Experiments you have never heard of, but that could change your life forever.
If they can engineer bat viruses to make them more infectious, and whoops, they escape from a lab, what else are they doing?
You're not supposed to ask that question.
You've been commanded to trust the science and get back to watching Netflix, plebe.
Only Neanderthals ask questions.
And honestly, that has been the arrangement in science for quite a while now.
You pay for it.
We do it.
It's all good.
But why should that continue?
Now that we know that liars and moral pygmies, people like Tony Fauci and the soulless bots at Google HQ, are running global science, maybe it's worth being slightly more inquisitive about what's happening in labs around the world.
Why not?
It could affect us.
For example, take a look at this tape.
It's from an annual conference called the World Science Festival.
A few years ago, the conference featured a professor of bioethics and philosophy at New York University called Matthew Lau.
Lau is among the most influential bioethicists in the world, and that's a fact that will amaze you once you see this tape.
Here is Lau explaining that climate change can be solved with something called human engineering.
My view is that what we need is a really robust ethical framework.
And within this ethical, robust ethical framework, we can, I think there's a way going forward where we can do this ethically.
There's actually a lot of opportunities for this to solve big world problems.
So, one thing is the climate change.
And there, I'll just use, you know, sort of climate change is a really big problem, we don't really know how to solve it.
But it turns out that we can use human engineering to help us address climate change.
Okay, here's a tip.
Anyone who uses the phrase robust ethical framework wouldn't know ethics if they got in the shower with him.
And you know that for a fact because he uses the phrase human engineering.
Human engineering?
The name alone should make you pause and take a deep breath.
People are not bridge abutments.
You can't just add rebar, pour a few yards of concrete, and improve the human condition, much less the human soul.
People are living beings.
They're alive.
They can't be engineered.
Lau, the eminent bioethicist, seems unaware of this.
So he outlined some of his proposals in a recent paper in the Journal of Ethics, Policy, and Environment.
In that paper, Lau suggests a solution to the problem, the pressing problem, of people eating hamburgers.
People like hamburgers, it turns out.
How can we get them to stop eating hamburgers?
Well, not by convincing them that hamburgers are bad.
That was the old way.
That's how democracy worked.
You would tell people something, and if they believed you, they did it.
And if they didn't, they didn't.
Because it was their country.
It was their government.
It was self-government.
But it turns out that's too time-consuming.
The new model is, we just use pharmaceuticals to make people comply.
If your kids are getting uppity, dope them out!
And they'll obey.
And Lau proposes a nationwide system like that.
A pill that would make people nauseous at the sight of red meat.
Now given that climate change is an existential threat that is limiting our time on Earth to 20 years or 12 years or 6 months or pick your exaggeration, it's pretty hard to believe a pill like that would be optional.
It would be mandatory pretty soon.
Does that sound like a dystopian fantasy?
Oh, it's not, because Lau is deadly serious.
Watch him explain at the World Science Festival.
So here's a thought, right?
So it turns out that we know a lot about, so we have this intolerance to, so I, for example, I have milk intolerance.
And there's some people are intolerant to crayfish.
So possibly we can use human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins.
So that's something that we can do through human engineering.
We can kind of possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.
Human engineering.
Why do we laugh at Alex Jones again?
Sincere question.
But again, says the bioethicist, human engineering is the answer.
But wait a second, you ask.
Human engineering?
That's kind of creepy.
Didn't we try this kind of thing in Europe 80 years ago?
And at the time, didn't we agree we're not going to do that ever again?
But bioethicists have short memories.
In any case, climate change is a pressing emergency, so we don't have time to consider the consequences of our response to this existential crisis.
So here's an idea, says Lau at the World Science Festival.
Let's fiddle with the human genome to see if we can make human children smaller than they are now.
A race of dwarfs!
They would eat less, and they'd be cheaper to transport.
And that would reduce greenhouse gases!
So it turns out that the larger you are, think of the lifetime sort of greenhouse gas emissions that are required to sort of the energy that's required to transport larger people rather than smaller people, right?
But if we're smaller, just by 15 centimeters, right, that's a mass
I did the math, and it's about mass reduction of 25%, which is huge.
And 100 years ago, we're all on the average smaller, exactly about 15 centimeters smaller.
So think of just the lifetime greenhouse gas emissions if we had smaller children.
And so that's something that we could do.
Imagine if we had smaller children, little tiny children.
Think of how little they would emit in greenhouse gases.
Think about how easy it would be to pick them up, juggle them around, control them.
All we need to do is experiment on human children, and we can solve climate change!
That was at a public conference five years ago.
Nobody said anything.
That's where we are.
You shouldn't be surprised.
In fact, what you just heard is less ghoulish than some of the things happening in labs right now.
This is what science looks like when it's been completely decoupled from wisdom and from decency and from Christianity.
It is a science fiction novel come to life, except it's real.
In fact, Google might be funding it right now.
Well, there are three major
There are college schools of health in the U.S.
that produce the top bioethicists, the thing created by the post-Nazi globalists about 60 years ago.
And bioethics, well, they decide the new ethics.
And you've heard Governor Northam, where he says, we keep a baby alive, we take its organs, even after it's nine months old, and we kill it, but it's not a human because the bioethics board
Decides whether you're viable or not, even if you have all your fingers, all your toes, and are a perfect little baby boy or baby girl.
Black, white, doesn't matter.
They decide who's human.
They decide who isn't.
They're God.
But they're liberal, so it's okay if they dress up in blackface and KKK outfits.
Because, you know, they're going to give illegal aliens free tuition, like Governor Northam.
Has just announced, but in-state people don't get that.
It's all about rubbing it in your face.
Now, we just joined us.
I played a Tucker Carlson clip from last night.
We, of course, covered the last few days here as well.
The great Owen Schroer sitting in for me.
And this is a top bioethicist.
He heads up the major college
On Global Health Center for Bioethics at New York University, and he sits on some of the biggest boards in the world, including the UN, and he just says he suddenly got this idea to genetically engineer us where we can't eat meat.
Oh, and he also just got an idea to make the general worker class three feet tall.
But of course, Aldous Huxley wrote in 1932, Brave New World, his brother founded the World Eugenics Society, his brother founded the transhumanist movement, his brother founded UNESCO, and really founded the United Nations, and ran the whole thing for 30 years.
And he wrote in 32 the entire plan of injections at first in utero to stunt the IQ and size of the general public.
Then they would add chemicals to basically make the genitals shrivel away and go away.
And that's if they decided to even keep humans around.
So when you hear Dr. Matthew Lau on TV telling you how great it is, that they're going to engineer your body, and they're going to make you take these injections, and now they're doing it.
Remember, this is part of a long-term strategic plan.
And some would say, well, why don't they change their plan?
Because the plan's 160 years old.
It was launched in the 1850s.
A 20-year study was done.
And by 1870, they had an official battle plan.
And they said, we're going to figure out how to smash matter together and create huge explosions.
We're going to learn what makes the body tick and learn how to reprogram humans.
Oh, oh, and I forgot the rest of it.
It's in my film, Endgame.
This is in mainline history.
It's about Galton, Wedgwood, Darwin, the Huxleys.
They all intermarried to try to create Superman.
And they found that when they created these inbred people from the smart people they had, that they became very attuned or psychic to what they believed were extraterrestrials.
Who would then tell them about the plan?
And now you're living it.
The 5G, the making us midget creatures, the poisoning us where we can't eat meat, making us eat bugs.
I mean, this is what you'd do if you were evil aliens that wanted to toy with us and, you know, basically watch us tear each other apart.
Now, whether you believe in that or not, that's mainline history.
Let me show you real quick here.
This is just three weeks ago.
Senate Dems reject ban on certain types of human-animal hybrid.
Of course, it's always existed.
That didn't exist.
The Bible talks about it.
Senate votes down legislation to outlaw creation of human-animal chimeras.
And this is out of Brave New World, 1932.
It was published.
The lower cast, said Mr. Foster, the shorter the oxygen.
The first organ affected is the brain.
After that, the skeleton.
At 70% of normal oxygen, you get dwarfs.
At less than 70, eyeless monsters.
And you know, at first, when they took over in this fictional world that's really in our future, written then,
But now in present time, they first started having women wear masks.
They told us we were dirty and bad.
Humans are evil.
You need to have your children artificially born by cesarean.
You need to be programmed.
You need to be controlled.
You need to be forced to be inoculated.
And then they take full control of society in about 50 years.
And then they basically grow most of the population in tanks.
And they like to keep them just a few feet tall so they can feel powerful and big and rule over them.
Then you've got the super class that gets all the life extension and all the rest of it above them.
You go, oh yeah, I've seen like 50 movies like that.
Logan's Run, the list goes on and on.
Because they're preparing you for it.
Because they're doing it to you.
And they think you're so stupid you won't stop them.
We literally have hundreds of TV shows and programs now saying it's time to sterilize everyone with vaccines to save the earth.
Why do you think they're telling you that in movies and cartoons and everywhere?
Because they want to condition you to accept it, and they know as the general public wakes up to it, they can convince the general public, oh, you're part of it!
You're not being sterilized, you're not being dumbed down, you're not being poisoned.
Even though you are, they've trained the public to be evil, to imagine and pretend
That they're part of the captors.
And they have a name for that called Stockholm Syndrome.
And so you see all these people going along with pedophile story time at schools and all this is about getting you to do unnatural things.
Can a big fat man dressed like Hit the Clown come and have your daughters and sons sit on their lap while they hump them?
And if you'll let a big fat goblin man hump your child at Drag Queen Storytime, you'll let them do anything they want.
So it's about, oh be so loving you have no instincts, you have no common sense, go talk to the man at the park in the white van.
Hell, they have that in school, in elementary schools.
Get in the back.
Books, it's turned out, nationwide, sitting in England, teaching seven-year-old boys.
If a man comes to the park and takes you to the bathroom and pulls your pants down and starts, and they say what they do to the kid, enjoy it.
That's public schools.
Teach your seven-year-olds to be kidnapped and murdered.
Because the whole thing is about murdering you.
They're going to murder you.
So we've let it all out.
I don't know if it's aliens that run it, but I know in the ancient, every ancient text, it said entities come and they demand children be sacrificed.
Under the Babylonians, under the Egyptians, under the Mesoamericans, the Aztecs, the Toltecs, under the Druids, every culture built pyramids and sacrificed children to what they called snake gods.
And now they've got all these shows about not just kids having sex with kids when they're eight years old.
Now it's about having sex with animals.
And sex with clones.
And sex with demons.
And it's all just meant to make it look hideous and strange and weird to get you confused so that when you start seeing all these horrors and all this death, you'll conform.
Remember what I told you?
Three years ago I got invited to the Sundance Film Festival.
And I didn't have time to go, so I sent an associate, a smart guy.
And he said, none of them knew why they were being told to do it, but everyone said, in the next few years, everything's got to be destroyed, everything's got to be ugly and confusing.
It's like we're trying to make everyone commit suicide.
And now you see the Netflix shows, that's exactly what it is.
Every deity that demanded human sacrifice, that demanded death.
And the UN said in the 60s, once they launched their takeover plan, they would reinstate human sacrifice.
It's called partial birth abortion.
When we come back, I'll give you the rest of the story straight ahead, but they are making their move on us right now.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m., we're here live.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
So, there is a scientific takeover plan of the earth taking place by people that want to play God and think they're God, and they follow an exact mission.
It doesn't matter if it's stuff I read that Darwin was saying in the 1870s, or what his cousins were saying, the Wedgwoods and the Galtons, or what Aldous Huxley wrote in 1932, or what this head U.S.
world bioethicist, he decides what's ethical and not, and then they try to tell police you have no jurisdiction.
Remember Governor Wortham?
Three years ago when he said, when we make a decision to take baby, keep it comfortable, but take its organs, and he goes, and we don't get law enforcement involved, the government, it's between the government, it's between, not between the government and the mommy, it's the mommy and the doctors and the board.
So they're announcing their own law, their own system, their own Sanhedrin, where this professor says, we're going to come in to save from global warming, engineer you to be shorter.
We are going to inject you with things where your body has an autoimmune response to red meat and attacks itself if you eat it so you get sick.
Well, what do you think happens now once you've taken these mRNA injections?
I've talked to multiple doctors.
They say no woman that takes the vaccine while she's pregnant ever delivers the baby.
And we've got big headlines out about, oh, more!
Record numbers of rare heart problems and blood clots.
In fact, I had that article, Rob Due gave it to me.
I think I went and left it at my office, so just have Rob Due reprint me that latest article, because every day it's the same thing.
Oh, more rare cases!
Oh, a bunch more people died!
A bunch more people got sick!
A bunch more young people had heart attacks!
But it's okay, because it's rare, and don't worry, the CDC, the very group running all this, the very group in charge of all of this,
The very group launching this is the group that is investigating itself.
But at least we got rid of Peter Daszak, didn't we?
The head of the Bill Gates program, the head of the Google program, the head of the Fauci program,
All the major programs at Wuhan, he was the bag man.
He just so happens to want to depopulate the earth.
He just so happens to be a eugenicist.
He just so happens to believe we need global carbon taxes.
He just so happens to believe there are too many people.
But he loves you so much.
He's the guy that got the zoological diseases and souped them all up into this virus.
Well, he was over the investigation a year ago and six months ago, and the public said, wow, we shouldn't have the guy that was involved in running the second cover-up when he ran the first cover-up.
We even got emails where he said to the Lancet, well, I wrote your paper, but you just put some people's names on it, and don't tell people I'm on the paper, because you know I run the lab.
It's like there's a murder.
Your next-door neighbor gets murdered.
And you just happen to be the police chief.
You say, well, I'll investigate who killed my neighbor.
You wouldn't be a suspect at first, but then your lieutenants, your captains, would probably say, well, why is that chief that you're going to run the investigation?
And that's not normal.
You need to recuse yourself.
It's a congressman.
Oh, no, I'm going to run this investigation.
Oh, remember like a year ago and again six months ago?
I mean, look at it.
Oh, it's the International Coalition.
The UN is there with scientists to investigate.
They show up for three hours and leave because they had offices inside.
It's Peter Daszak in the car!
Leading the group!
So these oily criminal control freaks working for ultra-rich bankers and inbred families that have trillions of dollars who say they want to get rid of you and your family, well now we find out Google was one of the main sponsors of the gain-of-function program.
Well of course they were involved in suppressing treatment for it and they were involved in suppressing those that were critical of the lockdowns.
And what is in Biden's new anti-terrorism package?
The new directive for the U.S.
military, CIA, FBI?
Domestically, the American people and anyone questioning lockdowns, that's an act of white supremism.
It actually says it.
It defines white supremacism as terrorism and then says, like protesting lockdowns.
Or criticizing the vaccines.
Or questioning the election.
You don't question some experimental injection.
No, you don't question any of that.
You sit down, you shut up, you roll over, and you die.
And you're like, this is over the top.
That's the whole point of a tyranny.
It is over the top.
When the Soviets started taking over the whole planet, or when Hitler started attacking all his neighbors.
But that's what crazy madmen do.
Yeah, there's articles.
The whiteness of anti-lockdown protests.
This isn't a joke, ladies and gentlemen.
And look, that was last year.
It's all the same group running it.
They had articles everywhere saying protesting lockdowns is white.
The same thing was said in Australia and then now it's in the official.
I had it like last Tuesday printed off.
You guys reprint me the new terrorism directive of Biden.
It's got a blue eagle on the front and it's signed by the president and it says all this.
It says, you do not question us, period.
There's another one.
Why anti-lockdown protests are a magnet for white supremacists and far-right extremists.
That was in May of last year.
That was the talking point.
Now, a year later, it's in the official U.S.
government policy.
And they were all over Twitter last night, and all over the internet today, and a news article was going, well, the white supremacist, Tucker, has gone one further now.
He says, you know, we laughed at Alex Jones for this, but it's true.
They want to engineer the human body.
Klaus Schwab says the final revolution is to take over our bodies.
And who's taking them over?
And for what purpose?
Here's the article, it's the CNBC.
CDC finds more cases of rare heart inflammation than expected after COVID vaccine shots.
Finds more than expected!
But the word rare is always put in there because that's the order.
You pick up all these patterns, folks, and later you get the actual documents.
Like I pointed out a year ago, the people running the Wuhan lab were the ones writing the reports.
They tried to hide it, but we noticed it.
But don't worry, McDonald's is giving out the shots, the other is the drug report.
But here is... Bioethicists calls for genetically modifying humans to...
We're good to go.
It's like the globalists say, you don't have children, but they do.
So they'll be six feet tall, you'll be one foot tall.
During a lecture, 2016 World Science Festival, Dr. Matthew Lau, Director of the Global College of Public Health Center for Bioethics at New York University, explained his vision of the future for you and your family.
But why is this important?
Only now do people care, and only now are people starting to read what they're doing, what they're saying.
I've got stuff Microsoft's saying even worse we'll come back with, but here he is.
You go first.
So it turns out that the larger you are, think of the lifetime sort of greenhouse gas emissions that are required to sort of the energy that's required to transport larger people rather than smaller people, right?
But if we're smaller, just by 15 centimeters, right, that's a mass, you know, I did the math, and it's about mass reduction of 25%, which is huge.
And 100 years ago, we're all on the average smaller about
Oh wow, and you're the big global group that's going to decide how tall we are.
Wow, this isn't a nightmare situation and it's all in Brave New World.
And you're like, well that's just fiction.
No, Huxley said it's a real plan by the elites and my brother runs it at the UN and it won't be 1984, it'll be Brave New World and that's how you live.
And now they're doing it.
What a sick, evil power trip.
So they've got us fighting for what color we are, all this.
They're ruling the whole future, taking over our bodies, robbing everything.
It's just so incredible.
We've got to organize.
We've got to awaken.
We've got to mobilize.
We've got to become aware of all of this.
We'll be right back.
Oh, and we also have a very special guest that's going to be joining us.
It's at the very tip of the spear.
Stay with us.
But that's the thing is, we're being stood up against the gates of hell.
And only calling out to God, to lead God and direct us can defeat this evil.
This morning, I got on my knees because that's when I can really put my head down and get that really powerful connection where I don't even ask anything.
God just communicates to me.
And God said, I know you want to save your children.
I know you want to save all these different innocent people.
We have to save the whole world to do it.
And men must sacrifice.
You must have courage.
You must be bold.
And that doesn't just mean have courage.
You must not be lazy.
You must work even harder and more focused.
And let me lead God in the right direction and that will happen.
And that's the main energy.
And also, don't get so obsessed with the enemy and wonder why the way they are and try to change them.
God's trying to do that.
It's up to us to say the right thing, let people know what they're doing is wrong, and then not submit to the Antichrist's takeover.
Imagine if American churches were speaking out against all the things that are happening.
Hardly any of them are.
It's all manifesting.
It's all coming to pass.
It's all happening.
You hear nothing.
Oh, come to church for your injection.
Come to church, show your QR code that you're safe.
Social distance.
The UN suddenly is in control of your church.
Just like that.
I got sent a text message by one of my law enforcement friends this morning.
They're like, wow, have you seen CBS News saying the UN is now in charge of our immigration?
And I said, I didn't see that, but I said, yeah.
Trump pulled us off the U.N.
control of our immigration, 2017, and now they've put us back under it.
But I said, until Trump pulled us off, we would tell the public, they're like, yeah, right, the U.N.
runs our border policy.
Oh, they don't just run it, you have to register with them, and the Border Patrol basically has to register with them, and that's in CBS News today.
I'll show you that in a moment.
You have to understand, this isn't hyperbole.
It sounds like hyperbole when I say, in the new official government threat assessment,
The main enemy is the American people.
And if you don't like lockdowns or forced inoculations, you are a white supremacist.
And you go, what the hell does that have to do with it?
They call you a white supremacist, they say that's the main terror threat, you're a terrorist.
And now somebody says, why don't let my neighbor hauled away because they're against forced inoculation.
Oh, you're a white supremacist too?
And the woke mob will, they just want to guillotine somebody.
So as dumb as all this seems to an informed person, remember the globalists are targeting the dumbest, low-information people who have no idea.
And if they hear that somebody's a white supremacist, they believe it.
So I've always said white supremacists don't deserve to be killed.
They have a right to their views, just so don't black-racist anybody, as long as you don't act on it.
But see, now the idea is, oh, it's okay to punch a Nazi.
Then it's okay to kill a Nazi.
Well, now we're all Nazis, you see.
They're not going to call us Christians when they're hauling us off to the death camp.
We're going to be white supremacists.
Because the majority of the world is brown.
Meanwhile, the globalists are really killing them, just as much or more.
So let's get into it.
Here's a mainstream article.
I told you this last week out of the document.
People didn't believe it.
They've had Media Matters articles making fun of us.
George Soros is a Tennessee star, major paper.
Joe Biden asked Americans to report radicalized friends and family to the government.
What's radicalization?
It says protesting inoculations, protesting lockdowns.
That's not InfoWars last week telling you the exact same headline.
Finally, it's in the news today.
Here's the National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
Incredibly says, it's not Russia, it's not China, it's not Al Qaeda, it's not open borders, it's not MS-13.
No, ladies and gentlemen.
Read it for yourself.
It is.
Gun owners, veterans, patriots.
And then we've got this guy.
Five years ago, one of the top biologists in the world sang, we need to genetically engineer people where they can't eat food.
And that's done with a vaccine.
You just simply inject somebody to teach their body to not be able to handle bovine protein.
Then you have an autoimmune response.
Just like these Pfizer shots and Moderna shots and others aren't vaccines, they're gene therapies that teach your body to attack a spike protein that's on the virus that they added to it that just so happens to be the same protein in your lungs, your heart, your uterus, your ovaries, your genitals.
So they just gave you a shot to make you allergic to yourself.
So five years ago, he goes, we'll give you a shot so you don't eat beef.
Or we'll put chemicals in your mother to make you smaller.
Oh, just 15 centimeters at first.
It's always just a little bit.
Well, it's for the earth.
I'm going to let the government genetically engineer my child.
See how that works?
They've already done it with chemicals in the food and water to make your genitals smaller, your sperm count plummet.
To make girls go into puberty at age five?
They're assaulting you!
And they're little twit nerds like Dr. Lau and so-called Dr. Gates, who you don't see as threatening.
You think the people that have been hit by this are going to complain about it?
You think they're going to admit they got hit?
Because they have Stockholm Syndrome.
So let me finish the clip that I only got the part of.
Here it is.
Possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.
Another example is... You go first.
Another example is sort of... And here I'll go first, right?
You'll see that I'm the smallest person here, right?
And well...
So it turns out that the larger you are, think of the lifetime sort of greenhouse gas emissions that are required to sort of the energy that's required to transport larger people rather than smaller people, right?
But if we're smaller, just by 15 centimeters, right?
That's a mass, you know, I did the math and it's about mass reduction of 25%, which is huge.
And a hundred years ago, we were all on the average smaller, exactly about 15 centimeters smaller, right?
So think of just the, you know, like lifetime greenhouse gas emissions if we had smaller children, right?
And so that's something that we could do through some sort of human... So I'll give two examples.
So one is that people eat too much meat, right?
And if they were to cut down on their consumption of meat, then it would actually really help the planet.
But people are not willing to give up meat.
Some people will be willing to, but other people, they may be willing to, but they have a weakness of will.
They say, this steak is just too juicy, I can't do it.
I'm one of those, by the way.
So here's a thought.
Right, so it turns out that we know a lot about, so we have this intolerance to, so I, for example, I have milk intolerance, and some people are intolerant to crayfish, so possibly we can use human engineering to make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins, and there's actually...
Oh, back in a few seconds, yeah.
Like you've done to make us allergic to ourselves.
And all the top scientists that weren't part of this said, this will make people attack their own bodies, it'll make us have heart attacks, it'll make us have strokes, make the lungs bleed out, and make us sterile.
And now we know it's happening.
But they control big tech, they control the media, they control the hospitals, and they're just saying, hey, it is the way it is, we're gonna gaslight you, we're gonna save the Earth.
Just like they did in that 2013 show, Utopia, remade last year, about they hype up the fear of a virus, you take the vaccine, it sterilizes you for three generations.
And what do the white papers now say?
For at least three generations, this is going to sterilize everybody that takes it.
It'll pass this autoimmune disorder on to the next generation.
You see how it is to get hit by a high-tech weapon?
We're in the year 2021.
My God.
And of course, Google is running the Wuhan lab to kill you and your family.
That's who they are.
And all you that work for Google, pretend like you're not part of it or you work for Microsoft.
You work for them, but don't pretend and think they're not going to get you too.
Don't pretend like you're immune from all this.
Go ahead and finish the clip up.
...make it the case that we're intolerant to certain kinds of meat, to certain kinds of bovine proteins.
And there's actually analogs of this in life.
There's this thing called the long star tick, where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat.
I can sort of describe the mechanism.
So that's something that we can do through human engineering.
We can kind of possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.
Human engineering.
Why do we laugh at Alex Jones again since he asked a question?
All right, so let's talk about this.
He says we can do that, so we should do it.
Well, I could walk up to him, I mean, I'm not going to, with a hatchet, and say, you know, it's science that if I hit you in the head with this hatchet going 100 miles an hour when I swing my fist, and I split your skull open, you're going to die, and that's less people, and that saves the Earth.
So I'm allowed to go kill him with a hatchet now.
Because there's too many people, I play God, I know science, and this hatchet's gonna kill him.
Oh no no, that's too direct, too bloody, too obvious.
You need to die slowly, have the hospital system, he and other bioethicists run, suck everything out of your family, then they'll be the heroes while they kill you.
You don't do it with a hatchet all quick and bloody.
You do it elegantly and murderously and sneakily, like this little bastard's talking about.
All right, we've got a lady who's been at the tip of the spear when it comes to exposing election fraud that has really been documented and is being rolled out now, joining us coming up next segment.
She's testified around the country with folks like Rudy Giuliani, so we look forward to talking to her in a moment.
Look, this is a scientific takeover by people that have decided to be long-term, very manipulative, very psychotic.
But if you just recognize their plan and don't comply with their different phases of operations, successive approximation, their plan can be easily defeated with non-compliance.
But you got to start doing it now before they really get you in the noose.
So I have a plug yet today and I need to plug right now.
We're not going to be on air any longer.
Ladies and gentlemen, this plug to keep InfoWars on the air is extremely important.
But also, the story behind what's unfolding affects not just this broadcast, but it's going to affect you and your family.
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But talking to major suppliers, they're being bought up by multinational corporations at 20, 30, 40, 100 times what they should even be worth.
They are consolidating with the trillions and quadrillions of money that these multinational megacorporations have to buy up everything.
So they're compartmentalizing the inflation of all this fiat currency they made to buying up the infrastructure so that visible inflation, the general public, is not as bad, but it's still creeping up very, very fast and it's going to balloon later.
But when you get into the economics of this and just the real world numbers of it, it is so diabolical because they're passing on
All the massive cost of when they buy up these companies to you, the consumer, on top of all the money printing, on top of all the stimulus money, and on top of the lockdowns that have made the actual items much, much more.
So this is an incredible time to be alive, and it is devastating the small economy, the local economy.
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So, they've been preparing a globalist, cashless society, Mark of the Beast system where they take over our bodies and reprogram us and merge us with the system.
And now the horsemen aren't just drawing nearer, the four horsemen are here.
And this is going to be a big decision point for all of humanity.
We have a special guest joining us at the bottom of the hour who's been helping spearhead investigations of election fraud.
That is coming up.
And I've got the huge COVID news, the big Democrat attempt to take over the elections and federalize them.
That barely failed, which should scare the hell out of people.
I'm going to be hitting that next segment.
But I wanted to go to some of these reports that Jon Bowne's been putting out.
There's so many of them.
Leave Your COVID Cave is very powerful.
Also, You Have The Power, another piece he put out that's really gonna fire people up.
Let's play Leave Your COVID Cave first, and then back-to-back, we'll air his next report, You Have The Power.
So leave your COVID cave.
This is the type of stuff posted at band.video and infowars.com.
Hope you share it.
The pandemic has progressed, and Dr. Santiago says almost every patient who comes into the hospital has COVID-19, with no family by their side for support.
As soon as someone who looks like they're pretty sick enters the emergency room, I'm calling their families.
I'm letting them know how bad this is.
At the peak of the pandemic, Boston Medical Center filled nearly two-thirds of its beds with those infected with the Chinese bioweapon.
And now there are exactly zero COVID-19 patients.
The COVID count in Florida is at its lowest despite only half of Floridians being vaccinated and all restrictions lifted far earlier than blue states where the lockdowns reign supreme.
Today, Florida's governor granted a full pardon to anyone who violated local COVID rules like social distancing or mask mandates.
The Carnavales feeling vindicated Wednesday.
The plantation gym owners now fully pardoned after several arrests last year.
Mike repeatedly disobeying Broward County's mask order.
Falling on the sword was something I had to do in Broward County for the greater good of Florida.
I was more than happy to do that.
The couple felt masks were impractical in gyms and a violation of individual liberties.
Governor Ron DeSantis agreeing, granting that pardon during a clemency meeting.
So motion carries.
Thank you guys.
Sorry about what happened.
It applies not just to them, but every non-violent Floridian who broke similar COVID ordinances.
The Republicans saying the rules have gotten in the way of recovery.
We just want to say, you know, we've got to stop that.
You know, let's focus on the real criminals and let's make sure that that's where our effort is.
What CDC has done by closing the cruise industry for over a year, they do not have the authority to do it.
A federal judge in Florida recently ruled that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's coronavirus-era sailing orders were an overreach of power
Governor DeSantis called Friday's ruling a major victory against the CDC in their obstructionist no-sale orders.
The injunction stays until July 18th when the CDC's orders will be considered recommendations or guidelines, the judge saying in this order.
And according to the CDC, the current seven-day moving average of daily new cases has decreased, but you wouldn't know it listening to the Legion of Doom.
This is concerning because the variant has been demonstrated to be more transmissible, more easily spread than the original COVID-19 virus, and it has potentially been shown to be
To lead to more severe disease, and disease that actually progresses more quickly, leading to more hospitalizations.
Meanwhile, United Nations tool, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that non-essential travel between the US and Canada will continue to be banned for another month, despite mounting pressure from businesses to ease COVID-19 travel restrictions.
We'll provide that information to the provinces and territories right away so that they can plan to get those doses into arms as quickly as possible.
Because that's what this is about.
Getting you your vaccine as soon as possible.
Getting it to your parents, friends and neighbours.
Because every dose keeps someone safe.
It has turned out to be more of a serious issue than previously thought.
We're talking about myocarditis happening to some young people after getting the coronavirus vaccine, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.
The CDC is looking into
We're good to go.
I'm not vaccinated.
I will be outside doing what I do.
I'll be out in the public.
If you're scared of me, then steer clear or get vaccinated.
Point blank, period.
John Bowne reporting.
All right, that's one of the reports.
Now, I haven't gotten to the COVID news, and it's really bad.
And it's what we knew was going to happen.
They take the restrictions off for just a few weeks or months, clamp them right back down.
And that's what the UN is announcing.
And you're like, well, screw the UN.
Well, exactly.
And that's why they either go down or we go down.
I'll be talking about it, but I want to hit something right now because I just want listeners to understand this.
Infowars almost had to lay off a bunch of people in 2019.
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And it's destroying a lot of businesses.
Half the businesses, you know, in the country went out of business.
That's why they want to keep the lockdowns going to destroy the small businesses.
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And so now we can't get most of the products like Brain Force and so many others in.
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Now I've learned what's going on.
Almost all the companies we use have been bought up.
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And so I guess we call this Operation T-Shirt.
I don't know what to call it, but I don't like right on the red, right on the black.
When I got a lot of stuff I want to do to take on the New World Order and a lot of people I want to hire, I want to go on the offense, man.
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This is the most trouble we've been in so far because, I mean, I'm right here in the middle of the economy.
Let's do a show.
I've got to fund this operation.
So I'm experiencing, you know, it's actually good because I get to see what's really going on in the world.
And how devastating it is.
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This is very triggering to leftists.
They hate this.
They're going to have it at the Olympics.
The new Olympic player, transgender U.S.
Olympic BMX rider, says his goal, it's now her, is to burn the U.S.
flag on the Olympic podium.
So, we need to champion the flag and it funds the InfoWars.
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So please get them, InfoWarsTore.com today.
Operation T-Shirt, Save InfoWars, we'll be right back.
Everybody knows that I love to talk.
But the COVID news I have in front of me is so insane, so over the top, so powerful, that if I just release this information, it'll have almost no effect.
But if I make a big deal about it and build it up and did, say, a special show tomorrow night, we'd have a couple million extra viewers tune in, and it'd be being talked about in a week on big national talk shows, and then you'd have congressional hearings about it a week later.
But if I just report this, it'll go out to a couple million listeners and people just kind of pick it up like it's par for the course, which I get.
I'm not criticizing anybody.
I understand human psychology.
I've lived it.
But nevertheless, there isn't time for that because I don't know how long we'll be here.
So let me go ahead and just hit this for you now.
And when I read this article,
That just went up like 30 minutes ago on Infowars.com during the last few breaks.
It was like a punch in the stomach because every damn bit of it is true.
And every damn bit of it
Links to all the stuff they've done, and that's the point, is that it's total proof.
We have every angle.
It's not like I just read this and go, oh, is this accurate?
We already know all about the pieces.
It's just another angle of what they did to us.
It'd be like if you saw a video of, say, your mother having her brains beat out with a hammer.
And you saw surveillance footage from, say, 20 feet in front, and when a thug kills your mother, somebody goes, oh, I've got another angle.
I hate to see it, but I want to know who the thug is.
Okay, let me see.
And then all of a sudden you realize, after you've been shown about 20 angles, that the person showing you the footage is the person that did it.
And then what do you want to do?
You want to break their neck.
Because, I mean, this is real!
I mean, they're really killing us, they're really poisoning us, they're really attacking us, and they're really messing with my family right now, too, off-record, behind the scenes.
And because they know they're losing, and they want to trick us into a fight, and they're using psychology on us.
They were really smart in one of these videos I've got that's on InfoWars.com, where they have transgenderism and critical race theory coming into school, and they're going to teach the five-year-olds that they need to have their genitals cut off.
And to Virginia, so some of the moms and people get up, but they're not allowed to talk.
Oh no, we're only gonna let the people calling you hate mongers and calling you devils, they let all the anti-human people, all the Satan's little helper collaborators, get up there and speak first, until the crowd got uppity and yelled and screamed over them, and then the police brutally assaulted the peaceful people and shut down the whole event.
And that's going to be the formula everywhere.
The cops grabbing people.
Because let me tell you, everybody lionizes the police.
When the left gets control of your police, they're now North Korean prison guards.
They're now captured in the hands of the enemy.
They want to prove themselves the system.
Violence against a Christian.
Violence against a patriot.
Violence against a pregnant woman.
Violence against a gun owner.
Violence against a conservative.
That will be glorified and supported by the media and the police.
In areas they control.
And they come and they say, we're getting access to your children, we're gonna teach them that white kids are bad, we're gonna teach your son his genitals should be cut off, we're gonna teach your little girl that she's a boy, we're gonna form a relationship with them, and if you try to say no, and don't go along with it, we are going to put you in prison.
And that's all any of this is.
So let me give you the big nish.
You know Google, and you know Apple, and you know Bill Gates, and you know Fauci ran the Wuhan lab.
You know that.
And you know every major scientist that comes out from there is a transhumanist that wants to get rid of humans or murders with machines, like the guy we just played last hour, saying we're going to make you short and make you sick if you eat meat by changing your genetics where you have an autoimmune response with a vaccine to make you allergic to cow.
To bovine?
Well, how about this article by Kellen McBreen up on Infowars.com.
You know, I was in New York walking around, and I probably shook 500 hands.
Most folks were fans.
But I had one lady walk up to me and say to me, why don't you cover the viral shedding, Mr. Jones?
I've tuned into your show.
Why don't you cover the viral shedding?
We covered the viral shedding first.
So just because you tune into the show and don't hear it being talked about at that particular moment does not mean that we haven't covered it.
Like, Joneses have covered the Federal Reserve being private.
I've done that about 10,000 times, sir.
Joneses have talked more about 9-11.
I'm the first guy to expose it.
And I'm not tootin' my horn.
I just, sometimes even our awake people aren't thinking.
But let's just move on from that.
I know I'm going to be hearing about this in a couple weeks.
And I really don't want to hear about this in two weeks.
I want to hear about this tonight.
I want to see other people write about it.
I don't want any credit.
I don't care.
I want to see it promoted all over Twitter and Facebook.
Take our names off of it.
Republish it.
Say Bilbo Baggins published it.
I don't care.
Whatever you do, get it out.
Because this is the smoking gun.
In fact, tell him it brings a great researcher and writer, but I want the question mark taken off.
It's like, Hitler?
Was Hitler racist?
You don't need a question mark.
Hitler was a racist.
What state come from?
It comes from cows.
Does the left want to ban it?
Let's start being like, is drag queen story time wrong?
Yes, it is.
Even criticize if you ask, is it wrong?
So here's the article, here's the smoking gun, and after our special guest leaves us, I'm going to start back up in the next hour on this enchilada.
Because man, I read this article and it gave me a headache because I thought of literally, that's the skill I've got, is like all the data comes up.
You don't really want a fully photographic memory, because mine's still quasi-photographic.
And so I see something like this, I'm like, a hundred things pop up that back it up that I already know, and then I get a headache trying to extrapolate how to connect it and say it all to you, because it's not like it's just one article.
It's just another one cherry on top, straw that breaks the camel's back, whatever you want to call it.
And again, I'm building this up.
I didn't used to do that, because if I don't build it up, no one cares.
And this makes me have hyperventilate.
I mean, I had an anxiety attack when I finished reading this article.
Because these people are killing us, man.
As a man, I am... My body is not like, I'm a tough guy, I want to come after you.
It's not like, I'm mad, I like to get mad, act like I'm mad.
My body goes... And my brain starts saying, what are you going to do right now to stop these people?
And I just have to intellectually figure out a way to politically, legally, and lawfully wake enough people up, get control of our governments, so we can arrest these people, indict them, try them, and then put ropes around their goddamn necks!
You murdering trash!
I'm gonna get your ass if it's the last thing I do!
Politically and legally and lawfully.
But I'm not going to sit here and take these little murdering science nerds killing everybody because they play God and they're their own little jack-off groups.
They all hate themselves, so they're projecting their hate of themselves onto us.
I love humanity.
Well, guess what?
I don't want to kill humanity.
And you know who I don't like?
It's you!
Dr. Lou!
And the rest of you that didn't want everybody else to die.
You need to go first!
I demand you kill yourself if there's too many people, you little sack of trash!
You out-of-control megalomaniac!
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Here's the deal.
News is broken at Infowars.com.
That is just absolutely over-the-top important, absolutely devastating information that is smoking gun beyond smoking gun beyond smoking gun, and there's no way they're gonna be able to hide this, no way they're gonna be able to spin it.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It has the word smoking gun in the headline.
I'm not gonna cover it till next hour.
But as a man, as a father, as a human,
It made me physically ill to actually read the article, then check the documents, and to know that this is indeed what happened.
We already know it.
We already know they cooked it up on purpose.
We already know they released it on purpose, but now we have the documents.
I mean, this just makes me physically... I mean, quite frankly, it's a normal behavior.
We should probably just go off air at this point.
I mean, this is like... What we've been trained to sit here and accept, and just take from these people, because it's a scientific tyranny, is absolutely out of control.
All right, folks.
Melissa Caron is an IT professional.
You probably saw her all over the national news being demonized and attacked with Rudolph Giuliani in Michigan and other areas really challenging the fraud and showing what was happening.
She's running for state representative, which is what we need to get people to take action.
She stepped forward as a mother and a whistleblower bringing attention to this systemic voter fraud that stole the election for President Trump.
She's a proud mother, Christian, and courageous truth teller looking to take her
Fearlessness to Lansing.
More recently, Melissa has announced her intention to run again for State Rep.
Michigan's 46th District.
And she joins us now.
That's C-A-R-O-N-E or carone.com.
She's a great lady.
And she told the truth, and now she's being vindicated.
Here's some of the headlines before we go to her.
Wednesday Live, GOP torpedoes federal takeover of elections.
Oh, it's bad.
Oh, that's racist.
No, it outlaws what the Democrats did that was already illegal.
Republicans block Democrats sweeping voter rights bills.
It's not a voter rights bill.
Lets you vote same day with no ID.
Lets you mail in ballots.
Basically lets illegals vote.
Trump's coming out saying he never admitted defeat last election and says that he was not conceited.
Trump keeps stoking resentment and reinstatement talk.
Well, because if we prove the fraud, that's what happens.
So they are in full control.
Panic mode.
Melissa, thank you so much for joining us after going through this.
You know, it seems like a long time ago, but it was just, it was just, you know, seven months ago that we were all embroiled in the middle of this six months ago and everything has happened.
I know you've been in the middle of it in Michigan as an IT specialist that works with elections.
Expanding on what you've been through with the whole country, what you expect to happen, what your contacts are saying.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Thank you so much for having me, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
You know, in Michigan, I know a lot of people don't know this, probably not, but Michigan has to be the worst, the most corrupted state when it comes to politics.
We do not have a single senator, we do not have a single state rep that is going to call for a forensic audit.
They're trying to trick us, they're trying to call for a regular audit.
They're trying to say that it's not in the Constitution, that they literally can't do anything about it.
Just last week, myself and a group of other individuals, including Patrick Kohlbeck, a former senator here in Michigan, and Matt DiPerno, the attorney for Antrim County, we went to Lansing and we delivered over 70
There were 7,500 affidavits calling for a forensic audit here in Michigan.
And some of them were completely rejected by the legislators.
Most of them ended up in one legislator's office.
We are all calling for a forensic audit.
Not a single one of our legislators went to Arizona to witness their forensic audit.
We had a candidate for state representative, Christina Caramo, who went to witness that.
I'm sorry.
Oh, that's okay.
That's okay.
We just lost your video Skype for a moment.
Go ahead.
We like your cat.
Is that Sylvester?
What's your cat's name?
No, actually, my son names him Mr. Sir, but he gets in all of my videos every time I'm on any kind of media call.
He loves mommy.
Yeah, yeah.
He's great.
Well, we like the cat being there.
Please continue.
But thank you.
So Michigan is very corrupt.
We just, Edward McBroom, he is a senator here.
He just came out today with his investigation report of the 2020 election.
And in this report, it's about over 200 pages long.
It goes through all of the testimonies of the witnesses.
And then his conclusion at the end is that there was not enough fraud to change the election results.
He's literally saying that everything that was said to him in the testimonies isn't true.
And he's not going to do it.
He's done.
It's just, all of our legislators here are terrible.
They are not Republicans.
They are not.
Our Michigan GOP, our state party is awful.
We have people in our state party, the executive director, Jason Rowe, who came out a couple of weeks ago and said Trump blew it.
He didn't win the election.
There wasn't enough fraud to sway the election results.
This is a huge problem in Michigan, and we can't get anywhere here.
Well, I'll tell you that the good news is Trump is either the best president or the worst president ever.
I know he's a good guy who means well, but he energized the left to censor, to steal, to lie.
And if that drawing them out and them stealing the election backfires and we bring them all down, then he's the greatest president ever.
But if he doesn't, and if we don't succeed in defeating them, he'll be the last president, basically.
And so that's why I was on a big podcast, Andrew Schultz's podcast, and I said, you know, Trump's the worst president ever, unless, of course that's clickbait I was putting out, and saying, unless we take action, he can't do it alone.
That's why what you did was so important.
I mean, Michigan was one of the most blatant with the, I mean, for folks that don't know, recap what happened in Michigan.
Yeah, okay, so the video you were just showing,
That video is the ballot dump that occurred at 4.30 a.m.
That was also in my testimony.
I worked for Dominion, so I heard all of their conversations.
Nick is his name.
He was my manager.
I didn't know at the time he's a co-owner.
He was at the TCF Center in Detroit for the whole 27 hours I was there.
That is the ballot dump that happened.
We thought it happened once.
It actually happened three times now that we've got the video surveillance.
It was all of those, that van was, three times it was escorted by a police escort.
Um, you know, now we have the chief of police, James Craig, here in Michigan running for governor.
And that is a question I want to ask him.
But back to what I saw, I witnessed, just like in every other swing state, re-scanning of the ballots several times without discarding them.
That's the key point, without discarding them.
If they were discarding and then re-scanning, it wouldn't be a problem.
But they were not discarding, so it was counting votes several times.
I was initially scheduled to work at the Detroit Department of Election Center, which Dominion employees referred to as the Chicago Warehouse.
I was trained in the adjudication and tabulation process.
I recorded my whole training session with Dominion on my phone.
Everything I saw that night was fraud.
Nick, my manager, sent another Dominion employee, Samuel, to the Chicago warehouse at around midnight to assist with ballots.
What he was doing was he was assisting with filling out fraudulent ballots for getting ready for that ballot dump at 4.30 in the morning.
Um, you know, the TCS... Melissa Caron, stay there, because I should have said up front, you're a whistleblower that actually heard them saying this.
We'll come back and talk about what you witnessed.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Melissa Caron is our guest, and she was working for Dominion.
She witnessed what was unfolding there on election night in Michigan, and I wanted to get her on just about all the current things she sees, and the evidence coming out in Georgia, in Arizona, that now the governor and the Secretary of State and others are having to admit that, okay, there were ballots that were counted repeatedly.
That night at the CNN Center where they've got him hidden and they're running the machines over and over again.
I mean, they've got a real problem.
I don't see how they ever end up gaslighting people.
Polls show that...
More people think the election was stolen than just thought six months ago.
70 plus percent of Republicans, 30 plus percent of Democrats, and those numbers are growing.
What's your take on the big 35,000 foot view here, Melissa, on just the overall, because I understand you're saying Michigan's really bad, you witnessed all this, it was crazy, we'll get back into that in a moment, but just as somebody that stood up as a mom, as a patriot, as a software, you know, IT engineer that was witnessing this,
I mean, it's going to be you, moms, you know, working hard, you know, from home with their cat.
They're going to save the country.
It's going to be regular people stepping up and saying no.
What do you think as a citizen who's been in the middle of this from the beginning, watching this thing unfold?
You know, from the very beginning, I'll tell you, I honestly thought that this, all of this would be exposed by now.
You know, with the Arizona audit coming out or the report coming out, I know for a fact that it's going to show massive fraud and it's going to show that Trump won in a landslide in Arizona.
You know, all we need is three states to prove this.
Georgia is next, I believe, New Hampshire, and I hope that we can get this approved in Michigan.
But, you know, I'm concerned.
Because when the reports come out, Alex, what's going to happen next?
You know, is it going to be left to the people?
No, and I agree.
I'm just rhetorically here listening to you.
You're absolutely right.
So where do you see this going?
Well, I feel like it's going to be left up to the people to do something.
And I feel like that this is going to cause
I hate to say this, but almost a civil war in our country.
Well, this is a foreign takeover.
And I mean, now you've got the vaccine they're trying to force on people.
You've got the censorship going on.
You've got all the tyranny.
You've got the big corporations that are buying up all the raw resources that they use that year lockdown to take that time to buy up all the infrastructure and to go in and get all the suppliers.
And so this is a crippling of Europe, the United States.
The Western world.
I don't think people realize this is modern, economic, psychological warfare we've been hit by, and along with that goes all the election fraud.
That's right.
See, in Michigan here, we have Whitmer, we have Benson, everybody was in on it.
They were all in on it, working at that TCF center.
That's all.
I knew everybody in there was in on this.
They were all, all the workers were in on the fraud.
They had to have been.
And the way they divided the fraud up between people and, and it's just, it was very clever on their part.
I must say that.
But, um, I just can't believe it didn't leak out to
To anyone.
You know, I can't believe that we didn't know.
We knew that there was going to be fraud.
We didn't know we were going to have fraud to the level we had it.
I mean, it goes all the way up.
And nobody's going to get prosecuted for this because our Attorney General was in on it.
You know, I mean, Dana Nessel, she's awful.
The way they were threatening attorneys that were working for the Trump
Uh, you know, for Trump during the, um, during all the, the election and threatening them to take their licenses.
I mean, what's going on in our country is, uh, it's communism.
It's communism and people, you know, and it happened, it happens from the school boards up.
They got control of our school boards and that controlled the kids and
And they work their way up.
So we have to get Republicans, conservatives, America first Republicans to run for school board.
County clerk is a very, very important position.
They determine whether these counties use Dominion machines.
We shouldn't be using machines at all to count our votes.
I know several people that will volunteer their time and count ballots.
And, you know, they say that it's not accurate.
Well, I'm sure that it's more accurate than a machine flipping an entire county.
Sure, and the same people running our voting machines want to get rid of your cat.
They claim humans are bad, anything that eats food is bad.
They claim that smoke is bad, even though smoke out of chimneys is what creates nuclei in the rain.
It's part of the life cycle on Earth, burning forests from lightning strikes.
This is a cult of control freaks!
Absolutely it is.
It is.
And they don't want anyone, everyone, look at what they did to me after the election.
I was all over the media.
They made me look crazy, like I was completely insane.
And I would do a two hour interview with a news channel.
They would cut it into five minutes and make me look like a complete, I mean,
Like I was completely insane.
And it happened so many times that I... And let's talk about, let's talk about what you witnessed.
I mean, with Dominion.
Because... Yeah.
I mean, what do you want to say on record that you want to say you witnessed?
Yeah, yeah.
So working with Dominion, I was hired because my resume was all over at the time on job websites.
So they called me and they asked me to work the election.
They said it was going to be a very long shift.
It could be up to 72 hours.
I agreed to work it.
I was very excited to do it.
When I got there, I was on a stage in the middle of, like, say, a big huge gym is what the TCF Center looks like.
And, you know, the first thing I noticed was I was told not to wear anything that was political or that proved what party I belonged to.
I wore a red shirt just because.
And I just noticed that people in the room were wearing masks that said, Black Lives Matter.
You know, they had on their shirts, Black Lives Matter.
Nothing was said to them.
Dominion employees were speaking
Terrible about Republicans saying that anybody that had an American flag on their mask or their shirt were Trump supporters.
You know, at that point I knew who I was dealing with.
So I didn't talk about what party I support.
I didn't even talk about anything.
Not one time did I see a single ballot in 27 hours for Donald Trump.
In 27 hours, I did not see that.
I was there.
As an IT professional, my job was to walk up and down the tabulating machines, and they were in a row, and answer any questions that any of the workers had.
That's how I noticed that they were re-running ballots several times.
Now, something very important at the TCF Center, normally the steel ballot box is under the tabulating machines.
At the TCF Center, the steel ballot boxes were behind the workers.
Behind the city workers.
So that means, several times I've been asked by Senators here in Michigan, they say, how are they re-running these ballots when the ballots drop directly into a steel ballot box?
Well, they didn't drop directly into a steel ballot box.
The steel ballot box was behind them.
So they had access to these ballots
Thank you.
I know that it's connected to the internet.
About 11 p.m.
on November 3rd, my manager Nick and Samuel, they were panicking.
They were on their phones.
They were all stressed out.
Hold on, we've got to go to break.
I want you to come back.
I want you to come back and do five more minutes with us on what you witnessed that night because the system is really trying to suppress this type of discussion.
The system does not want people to know this.
We'll be right back.
With Melissa Corone on the other side.
Couldn't think of a better person for you to get in there.
And even though there's all that fraud in Michigan, she's going to run to expose it.
And that's why the state's marching to reform election fraud is so key.
And she's going to get to them panicking as they obviously will pull up the famous Michigan graph, where Trump's way ahead, they close things up, ballots keep getting counted, and then magically
Magically, ladies and gentlemen, Biden wins the same scam over and over and over again.
All right, we'll be right back, and then I'm going to hit the biggest news ever.
The biggest news in everything.
It's bigger than election fraud, bigger than everything.
The smoking gun of Fauci.
Wait till you hear this.
This is unbelievable.
But we all knew it was what they did, but they've now been caught.
Stay with us.
All right, Melissa Caron, final segment, got cut off by the break.
And then we got smoking gun documents on Fauci that have just got me totally blown away.
I just keep thinking I can handle the next thing that's going to happen.
It just gets so insane.
Wait till you see this coming up next segment.
And then the documents we've got.
It's unbelievable.
These people are so sloppy about what they do.
They're so arrogant, I think, because they control big tech and big media.
They can steal elections, release coronaviruses.
But in the end, just like Hitler's little monkey cohorts,
They're gonna be swinging from the end of a rope.
So just keep pushing.
It's not gonna be me that does it.
I want legal, lawful systems.
No vigilantes.
We want them alive.
Facing trial.
To quote Darth Vader, no disintegrations.
So Melissa, finishing up with what you witnessed on election night.
Yeah, so around 11 o'clock p.m.,
Again, my manager Nick and Samuel were panicking and I walked up to them and I said, is everything okay?
They told me that they just had a data loss.
I just stood there and he said, well, we took care of it.
Don't worry about it.
Everything's fine.
Well later on,
I was putting everything together and I realized that it wasn't a data loss.
This was when they found out Trump was ahead, 150,000 votes in Michigan.
And then Nick continued to send Samuel to the Chicago warehouse to assist with ballots for that big ballot dump at 4 30 AM, the three ballot dumps.
So I heard all of their conversations, you know, this, this,
The stuff that these people did, the fraud that they are responsible for, I posted their first and last names on my Facebook.
I posted their phone numbers.
I posted everything about them.
Screenshots of their social media.
Our Department of Justice has done nothing about this.
They have not even looked into this.
There's a judge here in Michigan that was going through the affidavits that was reading mine and specifically
Named me and said, um, I'm not a credible source because my affidavit doesn't match up with anybody else's.
Well, why would it?
I was working for Dominion.
I overheard their conversations.
Nobody else is gonna know who Nick is.
Nobody's gonna know who Samuel is.
Nobody's gonna know that they were sent to the Chicago warehouse.
You know, the
Detroit Department of Elections.
And when that judge did that, it really negatively affected the case in Antrim County.
Oh, of course.
Well, I mean, look, this is systemic corruption.
An election fraud of the Democrats is well known.
And what you've done has been one of the most credible people out there to expose it.
It's been beautiful.
I just hope you get into the state legislature
Again, Trump overwhelmingly, you didn't even see Trump ballots because they were stuffing them so bad.
But because the outside counties, it was so overwhelming that they knew they had to just push it above and beyond.
And that's why I created that graph that no one else has ever seen except in this election where it closes Trump's ahead.
And then magically when that reopens, he's way behind and Biden has surged the lead.
That's what you call fraud.
And without people like you doing this, we would not know the inside baseball.
But of course, you're the eyewitness.
You're the person on record that worked for it.
They don't deny that.
You saw it.
They just say disregard our affidavit.
So just absolutely disgusting.
It is, Alex.
It is.
And, you know, this is
We have to have America First candidates.
We have to.
Right now, I am falling behind in donations.
I have Roger Stone's endorsement.
I have Mike Lindell's endorsement.
I have Rudy Giuliani.
And I have a couple more.
Well, you got my endorsement, Melissa's endorsement, and President Trump can come speak in Michigan after he's done in Tampa.
So votecorone.com.
Melissa, I want to get you back on soon with an update.
Hell, we ought to fly you down here to Texas.
But regardless, everybody's got to get behind you because you're a key eyewitness.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Have a great day.
Wow, she is an eyewitness.
Boy, they don't want to touch her.
Notice that.
They don't want to go after her.
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If you were going to make a run at humanity and set up a worldwide government to steal the future, would you do it with tanks or aircraft?
Would you do it in black uniforms?
No, that's always failed.
But if you did it, through the medical system and through propaganda and through a rainbow flag, you'd have a good shot at catching humanity with their pants down.
Now I want to explain something when I cover this next story.
Everything in this article makes me physically sick because I was studying who Fauci and all these people were 20 years ago.
So to sit here and try to explain it to the public, it's like somebody trying to teach somebody Martian that never knew how to speak Martian.
But I think you've seen so far that we're not making this stuff up.
For whatever weird reason, I got into studying this stuff very, very early.
You know, we're the 27-year overnight success story.
And here's why I'm really frustrated.
And the best way to describe this is just tell you my own personal psychological processing.
Because if I don't do this, you're not going to get it.
And I'm the same way.
We don't have much time to stop this.
And they believe you're idiots, and they believe you're fools, and they believe they can depopulate you, and that you're going to do nothing about it.
And if you do nothing about it, they metaphysically, through survival of the fittest and social Darwinism, believe that you deserve it.
So it is not theatrics.
That I almost went to tape for 10 minutes to just try to go in my office and read over these articles again and just try to come out here and give this speech.
Because even a statesman, even a great orator, delivering this type of information would take months to prepare something like this.
We don't have months.
Here's an analogy.
Imagine you're an astronomer.
I think so.
So much bigger than you've ever seen, and you realize the sun has just exploded.
Like, well, that's not a mass coronal ejection.
That's not a sunspot.
It's as big as the sun now.
Wait, the sun is exploding.
It's a supernova.
We're going to be dead in seven minutes, because you've measured light.
You know light gets here in seven minutes.
And that's what this is like for me.
I'm a father.
I'm a regular person.
I mean, and I'm here watching them destroy our economy, watching them turn us against each other, watching them enslave us, and I'm just like you, and I'm watching the equivalent of a political, cultural supernova.
And the destruction of humanity.
And I'm looking at it through a telescope right now, and we got seven minutes to live.
But we don't have seven minutes.
We got two, three years until it's too late to stop their operation.
And I'm not gonna join them in their operation.
Even to save my family.
It's probably not too late, because I could still join them, but then I'd lose my soul.
And so it's physically nauseating to sit here and talk about this.
And I'm not building this up.
I'm just teeing it up that... Imagine if you were an astronomer, and the sun started having a bunch of coronal mass ejections, and... Use the Superman analogy.
You know, his dad says, this planet's gonna collapse and explode.
We've taken too much energy out of its core.
They were using like thermal, some type of thermal, geothermal energy.
He said, you've exhausted the core of the planet.
The planet's going to implode now after hundreds of thousands of years of never advancing, being stagnant.
And it's my estimation that within six months, this planet will explode by imploding.
And then that's what happened in that fictional world.
So that's the allegory of where we are.
They have flipped the switches.
They have initiated the depopulation.
And I know the sick part of you, because I'm just as sick as you are, probably sicker.
You're like, screw these leftists and idiots with their mask and their shots, let them die.
We're going to have to take care of them.
They're going to sap and destroy all the pension funds, the economy, and implode it all.
And then it's going to get worse.
They're going to release real deadly variants as they're now announcing.
I'm just like you.
I'm like, screw them.
Let them down.
I'm like, no, wait a minute, because that's going to come back on us.
Anything evil always does.
That's why joining the globalists is only pretending because there is no joining with evil like this.
So I'm going to, I promise I'll cover it next segment.
I'm happy to go throw up.
Because I won't take what Fauci and Gates have done to us as just some new piece of news and like not make it a big deal.
I'm going to fully absorb it and I'm going to do whatever it takes to stop them or I'm going to die trying.
See, that's what's normal about a commitment against evil.
And that's what you're going to have to do and I'm going to have to do.
We're all going to have to do it and not just take the next piece of info as they piss in our faces and as they kill our children and as they do this is normal and something we're going to accept.
We cannot do it anymore.
And of course he predicts what he's about to already do.
Yeah, print that off for me.
I mean, this is so easy to predict.
Look at those two psychotics.
The headlines on InfoWars.com.
Smoking gun one month before COVID outbreak.
Fauci and Moderna sent an mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to the Wuhan lab-linked doctor.
What's that mean?
Well, I had my big smoking gun a few months ago.
Head of Gates Program... Head of Gates Program admits to developing COVID-19 virus.
Peter Daszak, same one that ran the whitewash of it all.
But this is them, right when they knew they were releasing it, saying, okay, go ahead and produce your vaccine, which this lab was involved already developing under other names.
They just changed the name so they can go, oh my God, look how incredible we are.
We already have it ready for you right now.
And how they transferred it from Chapel Hill to Wuhan,
So they can hide their operations.
I mean, the smoking gun is them running the lab, saying they didn't do mRNA, getting the viruses out of the caves, bringing it there, making it all.
I mean, that's all there already.
This is just like almost as bad as a confession video from Fauci.
Because they wanted the money on top of it.
So, did you know Fauci
Was already giving candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine before anyone even knew about it or announced it.
Isn't that cute?
Oh, the IMF and World Bank had articles two years before about COVID-19 and their internal documents have come out.
It's all been actuary.
It's all been prepared.
That's why Fauci got up in 2017 and said, soon Trump will be challenged by this big pandemic.
And they're all, got it all prescripted, all ready, and we're all supposed to just sit here while they kill us, and shut us down, and bankrupt us, and say we're not essential, and just say, oh, save me, Bill Gates, save me, Fauci, instead of arrest their asses right now!
The hospitals in the last year and a half were empty.
And all those cancer patients, and all those heart patients, and all those patients that had flesh-eating bacteria, they had to die.
They admit that.
And the 15 plus million that starved to death in the first year alone on top of the 15 million that normally starve to death.
And all the millions that died of other diseases that couldn't get treatment.
We're all sacrificed the name of this hysteria and this lie.
So what's the name of today's broadcast?
Learn how the Great Reset plans to kill you and your family.
That's not a lie.
That's the truth.
A psychotic cult of scientists, backed by the richest corporations on Earth, have launched their post-human endgame.
You want me to play 10 or 15 top scientists saying we should depopulate the Earth using viruses?
Or maybe the Queen Elizabeth's husband's saying it.
Or maybe their son's saying it.
Or maybe Ted Turner's saying it, maybe Bill Gates saying it.
We played all that before.
They're doing it to us!
And the good news is, they're a little pissed.
They can't believe, actually, that they're only getting like 50% inoculation rates.
It's not as high as they're saying.
And they're really upset that people are talking about them, and the things they've done, and the things they've been up to.
We got a real fighting chance at this, but we knew what was coming.
A world ID, a world social credit score, where you don't have a job unless you take whatever it is these corporations want to put in your body.
And I was wrong!
Everybody gives me credit for being way ahead of the curve and knowing all this stuff.
I predicted, when they launched their simulant bio-attack, that it would be real to a certain extent, but a carrier for a future more deadly version.
And that was true.
That was right.
But not that when they gave the first vaccine, I figured it would be basically placebo to set the precedent that it wouldn't hurt you, so you'd trust the next big one.
I was wrong.
They're so far behind, they said, screw it, let's kill a whole bunch of people, maim a bunch, sterilize a bunch, and see if we can manage this and carry this out.
Because they're psychos, and that's what they're into.
You're like, why do they do that?
They got all that money, so they should be out on yachts and airplanes and having fun.
Because they're killers, they're of their father the devil, they can't help it.
Yeah, we'll play the surprise outbreak clip next segment.
So, yeah, they've got a beating up villagers, force-inoculating them, making them wear skull and crossbones, necklaces.
I talked to my wife about it.
She goes, I don't believe that.
And she looked at the videos.
It's on National Hindu News, them doing all this.
Like, you know, even the religious news of India is putting it out.
To the Indian Times, all of it.
I mean, that's what's happening.
This is a cult of control.
And people are told, you can't go out, you can't have a job, you're going to go bankrupt, your business is shut down, you can't ship your farm produce unless you take a shot.
Villagers start coming and kicking your ass.
They go, listen, they're not going to let us ship our produce out of here or have electricity until everybody's inoculated.
Until the villagers beat your ass themselves and hold you down and make you take it.
They want to make... What did another Brahmin say?
Our Vice President.
Kamala Harris, I'll play the clip next segment.
Hell, in fact, cue her up right now.
She says, I want you to go door-to-door.
Not even their contact tracers.
Not even their own Clinton Foundation, you and intimidators with your cell phone data that Google and Apple make you have on your phone regardless, illegally.
Not just the weird, crazy, gay pride armies of folks going, we're gay!
Take our shot!
Take this shot!
Take it!
Like, okay, okay, you're gay.
You want me to take something out of my body, too?
You want to rape me?
I mean, that's how sick the cult of these lost poor people.
Like, I don't hate these people because they're attracted to the same sex.
I dislike them because they're totally brainwashed loser followers that love the system and will take into their body whatever they're told whenever they're told because they've been separated from God.
And now when they're separated from God, they become engines to attack my freedoms.
And then to come to my door.
And say, put this in your body.
Let me genetically rape you.
Here's Kamala Harris.
What to share with people when you're canvassing in your community to help address their legitimate concerns and needs.
So, for example, if you knock on the door and someone says they don't have the time to get the vaccine, because people aren't busy.
They're trying to just make it through the day.
Or they say that pharmacies are never open when they do have time.
Well, let's address that.
Because now you can let them know that pharmacies across our country are keeping their doors open for 24 hours on Fridays in June, including today.
Because we need to meet people where they are.
Some folks are working two jobs.
Some folks are working three jobs.
So let's figure out how we can make it accessible for them to get a vaccine when they're able.
And once they say,
They can't miss work.
Well, you can tell them that there are employers across the country who are offering paid time off for their employees to get vaccinated.
And we want to encourage... Alright, so there you go.
They'll do anything to get you to do this.
And then out of the gates, heart inflammation, heart attacks, strokes, death.
We'll show you the numbers when we come back.
But the smoking gun, I've not been building it up for no reason.
I'm going to read the whole thing.
I'm going to show you the documents.
It makes me physically sick.
It's Fauci, months before it was announced COVID was out there saying, get your COVID-19, by name, virus vaccine ready, because they already had it named, they already had it ready, they already had it prepared to come out and be the saviors of the earth.
All run out of that criminal command base, Wuhan.
That arrogant monster, Anthony Fauci, that's been running the federal government's disease response for 45 years.
Allied with Bill Gates, allied with the globalists, thinks we're too stupid to take him on.
In fact, he says questioning him is questioning science.
Well, I thought science is questioning.
He said, don't question me again last week.
He helped set up the major illegal, under international law, bioweapons labs here in the United States.
And in 2015, when there was a major pushback by US scientists, he moved the illegal
Gain of function, coronavirus, operation to China.
So they could dummy up the records and claim it came out of a zoological area.
But it's those documents that showed they were dummying it up, so it's their attempt at a cover-up that has covered them up with their own corruption, which is now sinking them to the bottom.
It's covering up their political grave, burying them six feet under.
So here's Fauci, right after Trump got in, saying, don't worry, there's going to be a big pandemic coming.
It'll be a major challenge to Trump.
And you look at the self-satisfied announcement, he's like Hitler announcing the invasion of North Africa or the bombing of Britain.
I mean, he is as pleased as a pig.
And you know what?
Here it is.
If there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that.
But also there will be a surprise outbreak and I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history, the history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIAID, will tell the next administration that there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
So for those...
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's get to the big news that's been on InfoWars.com now for over an hour.
But I've been giving you some of the backstory and hopefully getting everybody's attention to share this information.
And I don't know how you have a hardcore enough headline.
I'm not saying Kellan McBrain's headline isn't strong enough.
It's strong.
But it could be more strong because this is hardcore.
It's the truth.
Smoking gun, question mark.
Let's pull the actual article up, see if he's changed that to just Smoking Gun.
He can do what he wants, he's a writer here, but I'm just saying, Smoking Gun, exclamation point, one month before COVID outbreaks, Fauci and Moderna sent, quote, quote, mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates to Wuhan lab-linked doctor.
Well, he's not just the doctor, he was the actual head of the project.
Peter Daszak was above him, but he was the doctor at Chapel Hill, North Carolina that actually ran it.
Documents show Anthony Fauci's NIH and pharma giant Moderna shared mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates, that's a quote, with an expert who mentored the Wuhan bat lady and helped test the COVID vaccine one month before COVID-19 was identified.
Originally posted at Axios last year.
It's all hiding in plain view.
Documents revealed that U.S.
government and Moderna teamed up to send material transfer agreements to top specialists just days before COVID-19 was leaked in Wuhan, China.
Remember when Fauci got confronted, they said, you're doing gain of function.
Senator Paul goes, that was Chapel Hill, not the other place.
Playing games.
The transfer agreement was signed by multiple parties between December 12th, December 19th, 2019, months before we hear about the Wuhan situation.
According to official narrative, the World Health Organization, WHO, became aware of the pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan in December 31st, 2019, but kept it quiet.
That's still well ahead of this, so that's right on time.
Remember this in Fauci's voice, not until January 9, 2020 did Hu release an official statement regarding the novel coronavirus found in a hospital patient in Wuhan.
One of the signees of the transfer agreement, Dr. Ralph Baric of UNC Chapel Hill, headed up the whole project, has extremely close ties with the Wuhan Institute of Technology.
I don't know, does my genitals have to do with my body?
Or maybe my eyes?
In the material transfer from me, Fauci, and Moderna, asked Barrick to perform challenge studies with mRNA vaccine in a redacted model as described by Exhibit A. So, they know this is about to happen.
They're running Event 201 a month, two months before Fauci is with Gates, where this exact thing happens out of a city in China, a SARS-like disease, all of it.
It was in Crimson Contagion a year before that.
It was in 10 years before that.
It was in a lockstep.
But now it's going from drills and preparations to the real thing.
So now it's time to get the vaccine ready.
With the level 4 bioweapons lab connected system at Chapel Hill that's really working for Fort Detrick.
And here's what you don't get anywhere else.
As I told you a year and a half ago, as I told you 10 years ago, and as Dr. Boyle told you 15 years ago on my show, it's globalists in charge of our bioweapons using Gates and others and Fauci to transfer it over to the Chinese to a multinational UN lab so they can release it and attack the world, take over the world, but the Chinese are like, don't release that, we won't be part of the thing if you release it here, or if you release it in America, we can blame you, we'll do it at a multinational lab.
That way it's a multinational lab and so no one will tattle on what they've done because everybody's involved.
That's how you get the global government in charge.
That's how corruption works.
You get everybody involved in a smaller corruption, now they'll all support the big corruption.
And it was J.R.R.
Tolkien wrote of the allegory, he was a big Christian, but also a world historian, about the ring, where Sauron makes this many rings for the men, this many rings for the elves, this many rings for the dwarves, but when they take on those rings, they're all controlled by the one ring.
You see?
And that's why they've even had all these different events and things where they show it as the power of Sauron and the All-Seeing Eye.
And so once all these countries and all these groups and all these people have signed on to the one power, well, there's a secret that controls it all.
And so that's the allegory of the one ring and all the other rings.
And so all these bioweapon labs give their weapons to this one lab.
It's released.
China doubles as GDP.
America's in deep trouble.
Everything falls apart.
They keep us closed.
It's all working wonderful.
There's social engineering, everything.
They bring out the vaccine that carries out the depopulation to get rid of aging U.S.
populations and to reduce fertility.
After all, China killed 500 million of its people under the one-child policy, so we're showing China we're on board.
Look, we'll really do it.
But China this year said, we're having three children now.
We're not following a new old order.
Thank you.
We're done.
And by the way, we control your agents in the United States.
So, just like Hitler and Stalin turned against each other,
Gates and Fauci and their system that was under Chinese control, the Chinese have thrown them to the wolves and are saying to Western intelligence, go ahead and burn Fauci, burn Gates.
We don't care, but we know it came out of Fort Detrick, fenced through Chapel Hill, sent to China to then attack America.
military attacked us.
But it wasn't the U.S.
It was globalist criminals inside working against all nation states and all peoples.
And that's why you can't let these bioweapons labs produce this stuff in the name of finding a treatment for a future attack.
Because someone will always use that power.
A big corporation, a U.N., a world government.
Who's the winner?
The U.N.
The big corporations.
That's why Apple and Facebook were all heavily invested in that very Wuhan operation and then helped cover it up.
Because they know the big bio-attack they launched was the future of the world and their takeover.
We'll talk about it straight up.
What happens next?
So these social engineers don't just want to depopulate and quote save the earth.
They want to play God and genetically engineer every single one of us.
They are psychotic degenerates and most of them are pedophiles from our research.
They're demons.
They're anti-humans.
They're destroying human progress.
They're suppressing us on our arc to the stars to touch the face of God.
They're in the way of God's plan.
They will be removed.
So the big article is up on InfoWars.com.
Smoking gun one month before COVID outbreak, Fauci and Moderna sent an mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidate to Wuhan lab-linked doctor.
He's not a linked doctor, it's head of Wuhan Projects, who was running it out of Chapel Hill and transferred it to that facility.
And it goes over all of it, it shows the documents, it's all right here.
And the material transferred from Fauci and Moderna asked Barak to perform challenge studies, that means tested on animals and people, with an mRNA vaccine.
Even though they'd already done it at UT and found it caused massive death in animals.
Dr. Shia Gengali, infamously known as the Wuhan Batwoman, was the lead researcher alongside Barak until she left the UNC Chapel Hill Lab for the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015.
I know as listeners you've heard this 50,000 times.
It's in the documents now.
In fact, Batlady and Barak published a paper in 2015 describing a SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses whose potential for human emergence, which they then souped up,
How would they know the cluster specifically associated with the Chinese horseshoe bat shows potential for human emergence?
Well, in their own words, they built a chimeric, this is a quote, and I'm going to pledge to you Peter Daszak a few months ago saying this, no one's picked up on that.
In their own words, they built a chimeric by encoding a novel zoonotic COV spike protein.
Oh, which they then create the vaccine for, which is the spike proteins in your body.
See, that's, that's the, which, and UT already found this.
They already knew what this was going to do.
So they target you with that protein.
From the S-R-S-S-H-C-O-14 COVID sequence that was isolated from the Chinese horseshoe bats.
Next research is purposely infected human lungs for H-A-E cultures that were procured under University of Northern California Chapel Hill.
Institutional Review Board approval protocols.
Oh, infecting humans.
Oh, secret evil testing on humans.
While gain-of-function research was banned in America in 2014, the 2015 Barrick-Batlady paper admits continuation of these studies was requested and this has been approved by the NIH.
In all old news to you, but it's in all the public documents now, he lied to Congress.
Imagine if Santa Claus was in Congress.
He said, do you wear a red suit?
Do you have a white beard?
I mean, this is like, this is ridiculous.
Interestingly, a note at the end of the research paper explains the authors originally admitted the fact that EcoHealth Alliance funded their work.
That's Bill Gates and Fauci.
EAH is the same group.
Fauci's NIH used to funnel money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology where Barrick's co-worker, the bat lady, is the lab director.
They also run all the internet fact-checking there, and Facebook and Google pay for it.
And then they censor you while they kill you, and censor treatments while Google knowingly goes like, we want to be in on killing people, we want to be in on sterilizing people, we want to be in on this, but we gotta like shut them up while we kill them!
We're liberals!
We're good people!
What a bunch of sickos.
From Wuhan to investigate the lab leak theory, which is unsurprisingly dismissed.
In fact, lead investigator of the WHO investigation, Daszak, determined within three hours of visiting the Wuhan lab in February 2021 that there was nothing to see here.
But Daszak's obvious conflict of interest, going to the Wuhan lab and gaining a function of research, now making headlines.
He was just recused from that position.
It goes on with all the background groups, the people that are involved, and the CRISPR companies, and how they're splicing everything together.
An overhead shot.
Here's all the documents that you've got to read that are linked in the article at InfoWars.com.
There's the material transfer, public health service, all the documents, all the names, the COVID transfer, the COVID vaccine, COVID-19, all of it.
And here's Giuseppe Siramala.
You're not allowed to say Eric Siramala, only if you say his name.
He's the guy heavily involved in it all.
He now works over at Beam Therapeutics that works with the CRISPRs.
Oh, and you got the bioethics guy saying it's fine to inject you with something that makes you not be able to eat meat or make your children short.
Because, you know, it's fine.
I'm liberal.
No, the Senate rejects ban on certain types of human-animal experiments.
Merging humans together.
No big deal.
It's all liberal.
Senate votes down legislation to outlaw creation of human-animal chimeras.
So, that's where they are.
Oh, here they are in 1932 saying they'd do it.
We're going to make women wear masks so they get lower oxygen to lower the IQ of their children and make them dwarf-like.
Well, you're wearing your mask now, aren't you?
But that's okay.
I mean, it's liberal.
It's cool.
Here's Fauci at a conference in 2012, nine years before he lies and says, I've never heard of gain-of-function.
We shouldn't study it.
No one's studying it.
You're a liar.
I'm science.
Don't question me.
Here it is.
Always been the issue of gain of function research.
Not only for influenza, but essentially for all infectious diseases research.
Now there are a few ways to look at gain of function research.
There's the naturally occurring mutations which naturally give gain of function.
And investigators study these effects on the phenotypes of interest.
Does this mutation make something more transmissible, more pathogenic, or adapt to host better?
Or, what historically investigators have done, is to actually create gain of function by making mutations, passage adaptation, or other newer genetic techniques such as reverse genetics and genetic reassortment.
When we do that, often some phenotypes appear, and others disappear.
For example, it is commonly seen that when you increase a transmissibility, you may see a decrease in pathogenesis, or vice versa.
You may deliberately increase pathogenesis and see a decrease in transmissibility.
But the bottom line is that gain and loss of function... Can you pause?
Back it up.
Back it up ten seconds.
What Fauci's really doing though is...
They learn different mutations in pigs than in human test subjects.
They torture the death of China.
That's going to come out soon with those labs, with the weavers and others, to where they actually can put it in your body with a higher transmissibility one that then mutates.
They've already mutated it before.
Genetic reassortment.
When we do that, often some phenotypes appear and others disappear.
For example, it is commonly seen that when you increase a transmissibility, you may see a decrease in pathogenesis, or vice versa.
You may deliberately increase pathogenesis and see a decrease in transmissibility.
But the bottom line is that gain and loss of function research is critical to understanding disease pathogenesis, antimicrobial resistance, and host responses, as well as to developing better techniques of surveillance, vaccines, and therapeutics.
Specifically, to gain a function research on HPAI H5N1.
What we're talking about now is the gain-of-function research in studies that increase predominantly the transmissibility, as is the case that I'm going to get into in a moment, as well as pathogenesis and alteration of host range of the virus.
Okay, so this is an ongoing program he's running.
He gets in front of Congress and says, I've never done that, I'm not involved.
A lying, horrible, mass-murdering criminal that thinks you're an idiot and thinks you'll never figure out what he's done.
So there you go.
But what has been done, and what's come out now on Infowars.com and Axios and these documents, is the smoking gun.
A month before it's announced that COVID-19's out there, he calls the lab that they do their illegal research at in China, and he runs and funds and says, get ready for an mRNA vaccine for a transmissible-through-the-air coronavirus right now.
Get it ready.
So that again, they can be the savior and bring it over here for everyone after they were the ones that clearly did the illegal testing, created it, and then released it right at the time to embarrass Trump and everybody else.
As Fauci admits, Trump will be challenged by this new novel virus because they had cooked the whole thing up.
And Fauci owns part of all four of the major approved vaccines in the United States, along with Billy Boy Gates.
I don't get that type of Bill Gates money.
I don't want it.
I got you supporting and funding us.
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We'll be right back with our number four, Mike Adams.
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All right, it's Mike Adams tomorrow.
We switched it.
He does a great job.
So does Jay Dyer.
Jay Dyer's about to take over.
I think I got a question for Jay Dyer.
Smart guy when it comes to the Great Reset, the New World Order.
Come up here in about five minutes.
But I wanted to air this piece just again for people that haven't seen it.
Because whoever wrote this, I've gone and seen the authors, so they don't have a globalist background.
Might have been a good person trying to warn us.
It was a book like 13 years ago, got turned into a TV show a few years later.
It's been redone last year.
It was called Utopia 2013.
Now it's Utopia 2020.
But they're really warning you about what the globalists have actually done.
Eerily accurate.
But it turns out there are UN-funded sterilization vaccines and other things that talked about
Using autoimmune response to proteins in the uterus to actually do this.
That's why Wolfgang Wudarg last year and others top scientists warned against exactly this, but here it is in fiction.
How much evil do you have to do to do good?
You've desecrated all of my work!
You disrespected science!
What the hell did you put in that vaccine?
We created a flu that sparked a demand for a vaccine that doesn't work.
After everyone in the country is vaccinated- And the world!
He'll have murdered millions.
You don't have it.
Give a certain percentage of the population a fatal illness, and you make sure it's genetic.
See, that was the exciting part.
You pass it down.
So you can have children before you die.
And when this vaccine fails, I'll be the scapegoat.
People are driven by the need to know what happens next.
Do you want to know what happens next?
Your father created a world-changing, not world-ending, a world-changing, world-improving omnivirus.
And we have taken that virus and embedded it in the vaccine of the Stern's Flu.
I knew it!
I knew it!
He created a panic and now everybody's begging for the vaccine.
No, no, no.
Demanding it.
And now we have exactly what we want.
Hundreds of millions of Americans lining up, offering us their arms, and letting us give them our creation.
I'm pretty sure when every vaccinated person starts dying, they'll trace it back to you, undetectable virus or not.
You've all been very busy.
You're all very sharp.
Are you sure none of you would like to come and work for me?
Better than dying a terrible, violent death?
Then understand this.
What we are doing is far bigger than death.
This virus is not deadly.
It looks pretty damn deadly.
Tell me this.
What have you done today to earn your place in this crowded world?
Everything I do is a cure for our current
How's it a cure if you're killing people?
I told you it does not kill.
That was the amazing epiphany we had.
We didn't have to kill to accomplish our goal.
We intend to stop human reproduction for three generations.
The busy endless global assembly line of babies will grind to a halt.
You're sterilizing people?
In the first five years, we'll start to see major birth rate declines as teenagers vaccinated stay in their childbearing years.
You're controlling the future of human civilization.
Is that what they're calling it?
It's a very nice euphemism for a species that has replicated like a contagion across the planet, killing all other species in its wake.
Except things that are cute, like puppies or koalas.
You hate people that much?
On the contrary, I love people.
Then how?
Doing what our government or citizenry is too spoiled or self-indulgent to do.
Why would you?
We are saving ourselves from ourselves.
Halting overpopulation.
A hundred years ago, the global population was 1.7 billion.
2011, it reached 7 billion.
So, what this is, is a seduction.
And by the way, they always lie to their lower people.
I explained this a thousand times.
I'm not just applying this to this story to make it sound like I've already predicted that everybody knows this.
They told people, oh, we're just getting rid of half the population in the 60s, then 80%, then 90%.
The internal documents are basically 100% post-human world.
And so they tell the kind of mid-level folks, oh, we're sterilizing everybody with the new vaccine.
And the death's a side effect.
No, it's meant to kill people too.
So they're killing folks and sterilizing them.
It's here.
You're inside it now, folks.
So guard your life.
We'll be right back with Jay Dyer.
Stay with us.
All right.
Jay Dyer is a TV host and a really well-researched author.
And he's taking over this hour.
I appreciate him doing it today.
I was going to host the hour, but I've got very important things that I've got to finish that I can't do on air.
And then we've got Mike Adams hosting tomorrow.
But we're making a lot of big announcements soon about some of the things we're doing, all the things that are unfolding.
But I wanted to ask Jay before I turn the baton over to him, the microphone over to him, his view
On the paradox, because, you know, if you talk to a globalist, and they put this in their writings, which I've had some tell me in my face, one of them even in front of the producer, which wasn't off record, so I can tell the story, that the public doesn't want your help, they're a bunch of dumb animals, and we're just really sad about this, but you need to join us, and we're going to try to save the Earth, and...
It's kind of like you live out in the country and people have dumped a bunch of wild dogs out there.
There's 20 of them running around eating each other.
A lot of the farmers just go out there and shoot them.
Spade them and keep them all?
What do you do?
Or cats.
Cats get overpopulated.
You're like, oh, the local animal shelter's killing thousands of cats a month in Austin.
Isn't that terrible?
Well, nobody's taking care of them.
But then you study the globalists, they're so inbred in evil and almost all their kids commit suicide and are into transgenderism.
I mean, I know some of these people.
I know folks that know the other ones.
They're all extremely depressed, extremely unhappy, and they just want to kill everybody.
They've got their excuse of like, oh, we've got to get rid of everybody, you know, but to save the earth.
But again, as I said, 50 years ago, they taught we've got to cut the population by half.
Then it was 70%, 80%, 90% in public documents.
You know, the famous Georgia Guidestones put up by Ted Turner says 500 million.
But now they say, oh, transhumanism.
We want all humans gone.
Humans are bad.
They're a scourge.
And it's all people like Webster Hubble's daughter that are pushing this.
Like, how about you go?
I mean, I'm not going to come attack Chelsea Clinton.
I don't want to even.
The point is, you want me to die.
You've been caught giving us deadly vaccines.
You're doing all this.
You're imploding the world economy, flooding us with third world populations, you then teach to hate white people, so white people will then become tribal to defend themselves and survive, and then you've got what you want.
We wipe them out, you wipe us out, and then Pelosi and her evil daughter, these selfish monsters, go forward?
Years ago it was estimated, even by the Federal Budget Office, Congressional Budget Office, that there was over two quadrillion in fake money worldwide.
A lot of it the U.S.
Now it's probably 10 times that money velocity.
So they've created enough money to buy the world hundreds of times.
Every car, every building, every painting, every piece of gold.
Hundreds of times.
So they're looking at it going, well, what do we do?
Well, they collapse the economy.
They do lockdowns.
To make what's left of the economy implode, so we've got to go more into debt to them, because the debt has no value until we are in debt and have to get it from them.
And then, oh, you've got to take an inoculation to get this money.
You've got to have a social credit score.
You've got to do what we say.
You've got to have a vaccine passport.
And then they admit that's their plan.
And look, it takes a lot to shake me up.
We're going to J. Dyer on this, but this is my question.
I went to New York for three days, got a lot of stuff done publicly and behind the scenes.
And I went to the U.N.
and I didn't even know this was up there.
Big, giant paintings.
We're going to put out in the next few days.
We're going to shoot a whole report.
Saying, you will soon own nothing, you will have nothing.
Just like Davos says.
But it got worse.
It then said, you will soon live in a commune, not a city, not a house, not an apartment.
And it showed people in a concentration camp.
It showed concrete bunkers and people in a camp.
So what's the psychology?
Instead of saying, oh, it's a utopia we're going to build for you, everything's free.
They go, you will soon live in an open air camp.
You will eat bugs.
You will get no meat.
You will drink sewage.
These are statements on the wall.
And I was there.
With the off-duty Newark police, we had a security.
They hadn't been down there like, what the hell's this?
They thought it was a joke.
My camera guy was like, did we put this up?
This looks like a joke.
No, it's not a joke.
So what is the psychology behind that, Jay Dyer?
Let me ask this first question.
What is the paradox of those of us that know this is going on, know we lose our soul if we become these globalists trying to kill everybody, plus we know they're going to get us too.
We're lying, pretending we're with them.
They're all going to be betrayed by this evil.
What is the paradox?
As now we're inside the nightmare, the trap is shut, it's just now beginning, and all these idiots are going along with it, who really do deserve to be destroyed, but see, because it's not Satan in control, and it's not humans in control.
God is letting these forces play out through free will, and it's a test.
So all these idiots that ran like teacher's pets to give an apple to Satan, he already gave us the apple, thinking, oh, we're teacher's pets, let us rule, he's only the tester, they're fools, aren't they?
Yeah, absolutely.
I think the key here is understanding that what we're dealing with ultimately is a spiritual battle.
It's not just a battle against oligarchical moneyed elites.
That's one strata of what we're dealing with.
But at the top of that pyramid, above the, you know, the top layer there is something spiritual.
It's the eye in that pyramid is a spiritual entity.
That's why the eye is levitating.
It's not in this world.
Yep, exactly.
It's a spiritual dimension that goes beyond the physical, and in that dimension, which I think is the fallen angelic realm, you have a spiritual power, a fallen cherub, according to Ezekiel 28, who is envious of mankind because of the destiny that man has.
You know, Jesus became incarnate in our theology, in Christian theology, to raise man to a status of immortality, and Satan and his rebellious angels were envious of that.
They did not want to partake of that.
And so they rebelled, and so they have it out to destroy humankind.
And that's, it's no accident that the elite who go into their, you know, trance states, and who go into these demonic states, all these LSD states, and get this information literally from clockwork elves, from the entities, they all say, you got to depopulate.
Why is it?
It's not an accident, right?
If you go watch 50 videos of people who've done DMT, right, on YouTube,
Almost all of them will say that they got the same message.
Oh, dude, I was in the DMT dimension and the clockwork elves told me to form a world government and like depopulate and stuff, dude, and then everything will be fixed.
Why is it the same message?
Exactly right.
So Paul was telling us 2,000 years ago, right, in Ephesians 6, that the real power is a spiritual battle, and most people who are in the Matrix, the people that are going along with this system, they're spiritually diluted and blinded, and until they repent, until they come out of this, they can't see the big picture, the real metaphysical battle that's going on.
You're absolutely right.
So what do we do about the fools that aren't Satanists but are caught under a spell?
Well, we keep doing what we're doing, right?
I mean, the more that we point this out, the more that we show the truth, the more that we give a coherent narrative, right?
Because they're not hearing a coherent story.
They're hearing constant contradiction.
They're being brutalized by that O'Brien methodology of constant gaslighting and lying and getting you to buy further into the lie.
And you're right, there is a paradox in that, in God's providence.
If you go along willingly with the evil, you get what you paid for.
We're at the juncture now where it's no longer theory.
It's not just theoretical arguments around the Thanksgiving table to debate with your so-called conspiracy theory.
Don't question it!
Don't do it!
I appreciate you taking over, my friend.
What do you make of the smoking gun?
We now learn that Fauci had him making the COVID-19 vaccine a month before they announced COVID-19.
I mean, a smoking gun.
Oh, yeah, exactly.
Yeah, that's amazing.
Good work.
And I mean, that just fits perfectly in with the rest of the smoking guns.
It's just another in this long line of things that
Obviously, show foreknowledge, planning, strategy.
You've got five known exercises, which we've covered many times.
You've covered, did a whole documentary.
We've got Clade X, we've got Crimson Contagion, we've got SPARS, we've got Event 201, we've got Lockstep, and now we've got even more evidence.
It should be open and shut.
It should have already been open and shut, but yes, that's awesome.
You add another open and shut where we have foreknowledge, we have planning, we have strategy, we have them.
But as you know, even the Crimson Contagion and the Spars drills have it coming out.
They're even prepared the drills that it's going to come out that it's deadly and the rest of it.
And then to blame it on, right, the government stooges and kind of the low-level people while the Gateses are immune, right?
This is called function stacking, where you have one operation that serves multiple purposes, right?
So it's not just a big money operation to make billions.
It's also a long-term, right, experimentation depopulation strategy.
You're taking over Jay Dyer, jaysanalysis.com and then the War Room with Owen Schroer in T-minus 45 minutes right here on the InfoWars TV slash radio network.
Welcome back to Fauci's Diner.
I'm your waitress.
Did I get you any
Virginia Slims, if they have some box wine with those tater tots.
Welcome to Fauci's Diner.
Please get your mandated stabby at the door and help yourself over to the salad bar and get lots of coleslaw.
Yes, Fauci definitely sounds like a diner waitress.
Now, we were talking about mutations and we were talking about different plans in the past that I've been on.
And I wanted to kind of follow up with what I see the UFO alien psy-op to be.
So, you know, Alex has had quite a few guests on.
I think either John Bowne or Greg Reese have done some reports which are really good highlighting some of these topics.
And I've got quite a bit of information on this because I did several sections in my book
On the notion of alien propaganda.
Why is Hollywood so married to this?
Is it just to make money?
Or is there a deeper agenda at work here?
And it relates to the Great Reset because even to my surprise, right, in that video that we saw earlier where
You know, four years ago, the World Economic Forum put out a viral video on Twitter saying, here's the eight or ten things that will be, you know, the characteristic events in the next ten years.
You will see alien life, I think was number five or six or so in that sequence.
And in my book, I did a whole analysis of a Brookings Institute document.
And this is actually from, you know, one of the top think tanks.
There's a famous academic.
Her name is Brenda Denzler.
She wrote a book on UFO cults.
And the manipulation and social engineering that could be used, could be had through alien cults and alien engineering.
And in this 1968 NASA Brookings Institute report it says, quote, the Christian religion would be particularly compromised by the discovery of extraterrestrial life since it makes so much of the incarnation of Christ
Again, that's from a 1968 NASA Brookings Institute report.
Now, if the elite, if the strategists, the social engineers have known that since the 60s,
I think it's a good bet that when we look at the history of the so-called UFO phenomenon, the outbreak of all these sightings and whatnot, going back to the 40s, certain people and certain events were chosen to be actually propped up.
The first of which, of course, is the George Adamski story, right?
He's one of the first close encounter abductee type persons where he had this, you know, direct encounter.
And then it was later outed that this was
Curiously parallel to a science fiction book that had been written around the same time.
And so a lot of people started calling out George Adamski as a fraud.
And none other than the head of the CIA himself, I believe it was Helms, stepped up to the plate to prosecute anybody who would call out or question the narrative of George Adamski.
Soon after that, you have the story of Betty and Barney Hill.
They're another early case of abductees.
And what do you know, Betty and Barney Hill go on to start an alien cult.
Now, the interplay between intelligence agencies, cults, psychological operations, and alien phenomena is always there.
There's always this link.
They're always in the background.
And in fact, some of the biggest cults of the 20th century have what you can call
All that means is space opera.
It means a theology of space or a mythology of the planets and the beings or the entities or the inter-dimensional angels, whatever you want to call it, which are really just replacements for aliens.
They're all talking about basically the same thing.
And as I mentioned to Alex, there's this notion of what's called function stacking, right?
We saw that with the QFID and all that nonsense, right?
That it served multiple purposes and multiple agendas.
Well, the UFO phenomenon bears all of those same patterns of function stacking, multiple use cases.
So early on in, say, the Cold War period, the UFO phenomenon served as a good deflection.
It was a red herring, right, to dupe foreign analysis.
To cover for maybe experimental stealth aircraft that were being developed, right?
The stealth bomber or whatever.
And in fact, a famous CIA operative, Miles Copeland, was actually involved in staging some of these events back in the 60s to dupe the Chinese, believe it or not.
And it worked so well that the information that was intended to dupe the Chinese came back domestically to the U.S.
in the 60s, and an early UFO alien cult sprung out of that.
And this cult, by the way, tacked on a new gospel to the Bible, which detailed the alien rapture.
So they actually co-opted this dispensationalist evangelical doctrine of the rapture and tied that into the alien mythology.
Oh, the space brothers are going to come.
They're going to beam you up into the ship or whatever.
One thing's immediately here of, right, Heaven's Gate, Marshall Applewhite, right?
And definitely there are Fed connections, believe it or not, to the Heaven's Gate cult.
Jim Jones' cult had an exo-theology space component.
A lot of people don't know this, but actually Jim Jones said that the universe was part of this big space opera, and if people followed his cult, and they followed his dictates, they would be led into, you know, the heavenly vaults, the many mansions, right?
So they take these verses in the Bible, and the many mansions, that means space brothers, that means aliens, right?
But the pattern is always the same, right?
We see intelligence agencies in the background, deep state people, and it's not surprising because where does the alien mythos in the 20th century actually come from?
Does it come from people who saw strange unexplained phenomena, which definitely exists?
Sure, there's a lot of inexplicable stellar spatial phenomena.
But does it follow from that that it's therefore space brothers or extra biological ETs?
That's a non sequitur, right?
In logic that's a non, it doesn't follow.
So the fact that there's inexplicable phenomenon doesn't automatically lead to the conclusion that it's beings from other planets who are biological entities who evolved like us or something.
But why do so many people think that it does?
Why do so many people think that strange aerial phenomenon automatically leads to extra biological entities?
Well, this is the role that Hollywood played.
This is the role that the science fiction machine played.
Where does the science fiction machine derive its origins?
Well, for us, in the 20th century, there's no other figure more important than H.G.
So I've been going back and reading some of these fiction works by Wells, Orwell, Huxley,
And it's amazing at the multifunctional level that these books played, right?
So they're not just kind of telling you at one level what's going on.
They're really setting the stage for the inculcation of a new paradigm, a new worldview.
Just as that Brookings Institute document said, we'll institute a new paradigm, a new worldview based around an alien mythology.
Aliens seeded us here.
We're just the creation of alien engineers, right?
Like out of Ridley Scott's Prometheus, literally.
So Ridley Scott of Prometheus is literally based on the ideas of Watson, Crick, even Isaac Newton, right?
These people, they believed in the notion of panspermia, that we were seeded here by some other's planet or perhaps by intelligent Archon engineers, right?
And all of that is relevant because it doesn't matter so much whether it's true or false or to what degree it's true or false.
I mean, I believe it is, but the point, false, but the point is that if they can get the majority of the population to believe this,
Then it can be used as a strategic social engineering tool to just further funnel people into the world government.
The alien space religion has a very good chance of being used by the elite to be part of the global religion.
The global government will need a global religion.
Wells even said that.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
This is the Alex Jones Show and I'm Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
We were covering the story of alien deception, propaganda, how it's being used.
And an important thing to remember is that there were several key movies back in the 40s and 50s that came out that really promoted this idea.
One of the most famous of which, of course, was The Day the Earth Stood Still.
And if you go back and watch that film, it's amazing the level of overt propaganda in that film.
In fact, the Klaatu character, right?
Everybody knows who this alien is.
He comes and he threatens to destroy Earth because Earth is unevolved and the humans are violent or whatever.
So Irene, of course, is
He's going to kill everybody because humans are violent?
Isn't that an action of violence, right?
So it's like, it kind of defeats the purpose of what he says he's here to do, but...
You'll notice that the motivations and justifications that the aliens often give in the movies just happens to coincide with the Malthusian attitude of the global elite, right?
That, oh, we have to solve the problem of humanity by getting rid of humanity, right?
If we become post-human, that will solve the problem of what it is to be human.
We'll just get rid of the humans, right?
And this character Klaatu was intentionally intended to be a replacement Jesus character.
So the background to this is in 1949 there was a scientist named Dr. James Lipp and he wrote this report called Project Sign.
And Project Sign went into what would be the plot of Day the Earth Stood Still.
There's a famous figure involved in the production of The Day the Earth Stood Still, a famous CIA psychological warfare figure named C.D.
You may have heard of him.
He's the guy behind the doctrinal warfare program where the CIA, as we know from the Wim Hof book, attempted to co-opt and did successfully co-opt the Roman Catholic Church during the Cold War.
Now, this project was intended to create a CIA, an OSS slash CIA narrative
That would be used to socially engineer the notion of science, progress, denuclearization, all these kinds of ideas that were so-called progressive at the time.
And another way we know this is the case is that the head of 20th Century Fox at that time, Daryl Zanuck, actually went to the Office of Wartime Intelligence and told the OWI, you can have 20th Century Fox to do whatever you want in terms of propaganda.
So again, all the way back in the 40s and 50s, the very beginning of the OSS and CIA, you had the immediate usage of Hollywood for propaganda.
Now, of course, Hollywood was being used prior to that.
But these are just great examples.
And another key documentary I would recommend people see if they haven't seen it, it's called Mirage Men.
Mirage Men, I think it's free on YouTube.
It's just a investigation into how the alien UFO narrative
was used in several instances of psychological warfare and disinformation.
So again, I'm not claiming that it's all fake or that there's no unexplained phenomena or that there's no spiritual component or dimension.
I'm not saying that.
I'm just saying that one important aspect or angle is the disinformation psychological warfare angle.
And in fact, in that documentary, they interview multiple counterintelligence operatives, including Richard Doty, who talks about how, yes, we would just pick
Narcissistic kind of self-involved, self-important individuals who we would give this runaround that, oh, let's go meet General so-and-so at a base.
He's got some important things to tell you.
And General so-and-so brings him in and he pops a tape into the VCR and says, son, we've chosen you to be the information outlet for the dissemination of our covenant that we've made with the space beings.
And by the way, here's this
We're good to go.
CIA narratives or science fiction narratives that promoted this.
There was also black ops groups, the Aviary, there was also black operations that were done to use alien and cryptozoological narratives, I'm not joking, by the CIA to dupe people during the Cold War.
There are famous cases of this in Latin and South America where they would actually use Merian apparitions
Literally, in Latin and South America, to say, oh look, Mary has appeared and she's telling everybody that you need to go fight in this XYZ warfare operation, this guerrilla operation, whatever.
Don't listen to the opposition, they're of the devil, and Mary says it, right?
Again, we can begin to see how this might be the explanation for other events like this.
In fact, even some Catholic analysts and traditional Catholic theologians have opined that the Medjugorje apparitions perhaps could fit into this Cold War narrative of Mary suddenly appearing and giving the messages that just happened to back up the CIA's narrative in the Cold War.
I'm not saying that that makes the Soviets good, right?
So both sides of the Cold War engaged in these kinds of deceptions.
It's including the Soviets, including the West.
But I'm just saying that we have its specific documented instances.
In fact, Victor Marchetti in his book, I believe it's CIA and Cult of Intelligence, or it's one of his books, he talks about them using in the Philippines the mythology of a local vampire myth, right?
And basically staging vampire events
Right, to utilize the psychology of fear during some CIA black operation.
So we have documented instances of different intelligence operations and networks using cults.
In fact, let's not forget one of the greatest examples, Alistair Crowley himself.
Crowley was an agent, an asset for MI5.
This has been well documented in the book, Secret Agent 666 by Dr. Richard Spence.
I don't think so.
Ian Fleming was involved in sort of being part of that operation to get Hess to fly into Scotland.
That was a British intelligence.
And so they used Crowley to do this, right?
Well, Crowley also is one of the founders of the modern alien mythos, because he claimed that the entities that he was interacting with and channeling and all this stuff were beings that he drew pictures of, one of which is called Lamb.
And Lamb just happens to look exactly like the modern greys, right?
He looks just like the description of an alien.
And in fact, today,
People who follow the Crowleyan route of his satanic invocations, they will actually say, we're doing nothing else than interacting with interdimensional entities or what other people call aliens.
In fact, people from Hollywood who claim to have been involved in Crowley cult will say, yeah, we're just talking to aliens.
Yeah, there you go.
There's land, right?
The aliens are the same things that we're invoking in our ceremonial rituals in our trance states or when we're doing high doses of LSD or when we're doing DMT or whatever.
It's the same entities.
And why is it that the entities always have the same message?
Again, they always tell people
Bro just set up a global government dude and like everybody would be like happy and then you know everybody could just be like you know watching porno all day and like we could all could just be like Coomers in space or whatever like it'll be awesome or whatever right?
That's literally the narrative that all of the aliens and the DMT clockwork elves tell everybody that goes into those dimensions.
was instrumental in formulating the modern army's psychological warfare doctrine.
He wrote a famous essay, I think it's Mind War to Psy War, and at the end of that document he says that we're gonna have to geoengineer, we're gonna have to change the atmosphere, he says human cells operate like antennae, we're gonna have to mutate man, right, and basically blast him with different frequencies.
This is in the footnotes of his famous army document.
And then thereby we can mutate man.
Now, who was Michael Aquino?
Well, he's not just a famous Satanist.
He also started a Satanic cult called the Temple of Set.
He studied under LeVay for a while and was a devotee of Crowley before going on to start his own cult.
But he was also one of the key researchers at Spacecom for many years.
And then he went on to do deep, intense research in MKUltra and MKNaomi, MKSearch.
So, Michael Aquino, who studied the UFO phenomenon at Spacecom, who studies MKUltra, who then writes part of the Army's Psychological Warfare Doctrine, right?
Is it any surprise that we see so many parallels to the UFO phenomenon and the Satanic Ritual Abuse phenomenon, right?
And the Mind Control MKUltra phenomenon.
They're all connected because it's the same people who run these scams.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Day's Analysis.
We were getting into the parallels and similarities between the people who undergo different versions of ritual abuse, the accounts that we have of people who underwent various studies.
In the MKUltra panorama, there's actually a whole bunch of different studies.
And then the military research into psychological warfare and alien engineering.
So let's remember that there's many other alien cults, right, that we can point to.
Scientology, remember that L. Ron Hubbard came out of the the Krolian system of
We're good to go.
And what use would this kind of a religion be?
Well, we've seen the Vatican, actually, in the last few years, come out and kind of hint at admitting the possibility, oh, maybe there are alien lives out there.
Maybe when the aliens show up, we'll have to baptize aliens.
Maybe they can be saved, too.
Oh, maybe we should just, you know, revise all of our religions.
And oh, maybe all the world religions were more or less kind of just teaching us this alien myth, right?
So they all have
Fragments of the truth, and then the real religion is the overall, right, alien mythos.
The superstructure religion or something like that.
Now, I think there's a good chance that they could play that card.
I think what they do is that the elite is that they will actually float different ideas and articles and see the response.
And wait and see if the public has basically been engineered to a point where they believe in or are susceptible to the accepting of the alien mythos.
So they're probably not at that level yet, even though studies do show a growing percentile of people that do accept the alien origins myth.
And this is why we have the new atheists, basically, right?
Richard Dawkins, people like this, coming out.
Oh, I believe that alien life is definitely possible.
We were seeded by aliens.
That's probably likely very much true.
And that's more reasonable somehow than God.
I don't know why that would be more reasonable than God.
But behind all of this, of course, is the manipulation and planning of the deep state.
And that's why Klaus can come out and say,
Right, so it just happens to be the case, right?
How is it that Klaus is always so right?
He just happens to know, right, that there's going to be something like the COOF coming.
He just happens to know that cyber polygon, right, there will be all of these attacks on the infrastructure from a cyber vantage point.
He just happens to know that there's going to be alien disclosure.
Or do these people know because they're in on planning it?
What's more rational?
What's more likely in that scenario?
Well, obviously that they're part of planning it.
It's a no brainer.
And so how does this fit into this narrative?
What's the point of this?
Well, remember that the guiding strategy that they continually reuse and just recycle, rinse, repeat, is problem, reaction, solution, right?
We've all heard this.
Well, it just means controlled chaos, right?
But what does that mean?
It means managing chaos, right?
And steering the chaos in the way that the elite want it to go.
And that could involve them actually starting the chaos in the case of false flags, or it might be a situation where something organically happens and then they co-opt and steer it, right?
On a smaller scale, right, you could look at COINTEL operations or black ops where you have like a McVeigh type of situation or a
Group that's co-opted, steered by informants and honeypots and all that.
That's a smaller scale version of, right, controlled and managed chaos, right, where they come in and solve and save the day or whatever, the feds and whatnot.
Well, this is a bigger scale of that where we go back to the 50s, 60s and 70s and the alien narrative, the alien myth was humans are the problem.
We've got a global crisis.
There's no way to fix this without a global solution.
Remember the famous
Reagan speech at the United Nations, I think back in the 80s, right, was if we just had a global government or if we just had a global crisis, right, and he says perhaps a space-based crisis of aliens, perhaps an alien extraplanetary threat.
Good to go.
In my view, perhaps that's why they set SETI up.
You know what SETI is, right?
It was popular in all these 80s and 90s, you know, sci-fi movies.
Go watch Contact and Michael... You know, you got Matthew McConaughey, he's out there at SETI, right?
He's just trying to hit on, get him a little piece of Jodie Foster while Jodie Foster's sending emails to the aliens from SETI, right?
So, Matthew McConaughey is in all these SETI movies, right?
Well, SETI was just part of the propaganda to let us think, right?
What was SETI?
That, yeah, that Werner Von Braun, of course, talked about this.
So, this has been in the cards for a long time.
And SETI could say, oh, we got a message.
SETI got an email, right?
ET sent SETI an email.
What does it say?
Oh, it says we're coming.
And this potentially, right, could be where Bluebeam comes into play here, perhaps some advanced version of holographic imagery.
We've seen a lot of videos going around viral for many years of, you know, pretty elaborate holograms, right, that people could be duped into thinking
Thank you very much.
Apparitions are a great way to do people, to serve function stacking, right?
A magical apparition, right?
Yeah, there we have it.
So SETI's gonna find some code, right?
Remember in Close Encounters, right, all the nerds are sitting there at SETI or CIE base or whatever, NSA or something, and they're, oh, look, we got coordinates of where the aliens are gonna land, and it just happens to be over here by the Denver airport, right?
Well, no, this is all really just stage managed.
It's stage planned.
It's not a real alien disclosure.
It should be patently obvious because by the way, if you want a template that they'll probably use, have you read Childhood's End?
Childhood's End is the template for this very thing.
And again, Arthur C. Clarke, he didn't just write that, he wrote 2001, 2010.
By the way, 2010 is just as important for the narrative as 2001, because in 2010, the aliens are revealed to be these basically advanced AI beings, right, that shepherd mankind into their evolutionary ascent to deity.
There you go.
Everybody should watch, right?
If you can't read it, go watch the Sci-Fi Channel's version of Childism, because it's the same pattern.
Arthur Ziegler, by the way, was hanging out in the circles of Aleister Crowley.
So, you can look at Carellon, right?
The demon figure there, who literally looks like a demon.
I mean, how much more obvious could it be?
Oh, he's got cloven hooves.
I wonder what this is supposed to be.
Hmm, I wonder, right?
And what does he do?
He comes and he offers everybody global government.
He offers medical miracles.
He offers a solution to the wars and the famines and the pestilences, right?
The alien salvation narrative, which is a Gnostic mythological narrative.
But do you know how, spoiler alert, Childhood's End ends?
Well, he does the same thing that Starchild does in the original story of 2001.
Oh, sorry, but in order to save you, we're going to have to take your generation of children
On our spaceship, and we're going to have to nuke the rest of you.
So Earth gets nuked, just like in 2001, Earth is supposed to be nuked.
A demon comes to save humanity, to nuke Earth, to save us.
Again, the aliens are always doing what the global elite are doing.
Why are the aliens always Malthusian?
It just happens to be the case that the aliens are, you know, mouth-using.
It just happens to be the case that they're all, oh, it just happens to be the case that they're demons, and that they say the same things demons say, right?
Oh, kill everybody for us, and we'll give you a utopia, right?
Wink, wink.
I mean, it's so obviously baloney.
It's so obviously propaganda, and it's so obviously demonic.
And so that's how this narrative, this fake story fits into the mythos of the Great Reset, is that it's exactly the religious pattern of the things that Klaus and the global elites push.
Mankind is the problem.
Man has to be put to death because he is a resource vampire.
He's sucking up all the resources.
He's, you know, harming the planet through climate, right, through his exhalations of carbon dioxide.
And carbon dioxide is a toxin, none of which is true, by the way.
Um, and so it's all fake.
It's fake and gray.
You thought I was going to say something else.
No, it's fake and gray.
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