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Name: 20210623_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 23, 2021
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John McAfee did not kill himself in public statements and on his own Twitter as early as just last week He said I will never commit suicide if I die in prison.
I have been murdered by the US government I'm gonna listen to a man I knew and respected not the lying corporate media that before his body's even cold Officially says it's a suicide with no coroner or no inquest this thing sneaks to high heaven and
They're not serious.
They just want to say, we contacted McAfee, he gave us some advice and we're going to implement it.
Which is utter nonsense.
They're not.
My advice would be, throw it away and start over.
You cannot fix the system that's there.
It is impossible.
The way it is architected, any good programmer will tell you, it's just not going to work.
Obamacare is the same thing, you know.
They've imagined the rollout as being successful, and therefore they've met their expectations.
I want to do the same thing with my target.
I'll hit it point-blank every time.
I'm sure every shot is going to be a success.
That's right.
Photon torpedoes away!
John McAvee has been found dead in a Barcelona Spanish prison at the age of 75.
I got a chance to get to know McAfee back in 2012, right after his escape from Belize into Guatemala, and found him to be a larger than life type character.
Then a few years later, he came and visited us several times in Austin, Texas.
I had a chance to go to dinner with him, had a chance to go out shooting with him, and he was even more larger than life in person.
The guy was definitely an American success story.
He made billions of dollars with his McAfee antivirus software.
But the last four or five years, things got very, very dark.
He said that he was being hunted by men that were trying to kill him because they thought he had billions in cryptocurrency, which he said on air he didn't have.
And then before he was found dead, supposedly today in his cell in Barcelona by the Spanish prison guards, he was able to get out tweets saying that he feared to be Epstein.
Let's go over a couple of these tweets right now.
Just one week ago on June 16th, on his official Twitter,
John McAfee said, quote,
That is very powerful, last known words of John McAfee.
I have nothing, yet I regret nothing.
Again, larger than life.
I would compare the guy to like Captain Morgan.
You see on the side of the rum bottles, the pirate.
And he certainly tried to go retire down in Belize and live like a pirate.
Are you going to reconsider giving us a donation to the party?
And I go, no I'm not.
I went to the press.
At that point I started handing out presents.
Computers that I had my own software on just to monitor things.
I gave them to all the government ministers and their secretaries and their aides.
And that's how I found out what was happening.
So you gave them a Trojan horse.
You made them think they'd won.
You started giving them goodies.
And just like the general public, they just take devices.
They take devices.
They don't think.
They don't think, well, who is this man?
Well, I'm John McAfee for heaven's sake.
I invented computer security.
You think I can't turn on your microphone on your laptop in your office and watch what you're doing?
That's so trivial!
Anybody can do it!
But now he's dead, and all we have is his last communications this year and last year, and the year before saying he would never commit suicide.
Here's another one from October of last year, 2020.
I am content here.
I have friends.
The food is good.
All is well.
This is in the Barcelona prison.
Know that if I hang myself, a la Epstein, it will be no fault of mine.
So that's a second time he's saying I will not commit suicide, and if I die in prison,
It's a setup.
Here's another one that was put out in November of 2019.
So a year before the one in 2020.
Getting subtle messages from US officials saying, in effect, we're coming for you McAfee.
We're going to kill yourself.
It's a nice turn of phrase.
We're going to Arkansas you.
We're going to kill yourself.
I got a tattoo today just in case I am suicide myself.
I didn't.
I was whacked.
Check out my right arm.
And there is again his tattoo with the money there and the whack saying why he was killed.
So within minutes of him being announced dead, we're told it's a suicide.
Just like we were told with Breitbart, it was a heart attack before his body was even cold and no coroner's examination.
And the coroner that finally looked at him then was poisoned by arsenic and died.
Political assassination is a very real thing in America, a very real thing around the world.
And I think the evidence is overwhelming that John McAfee was targeted, he told us why, and was killed in a Spanish prison for the cryptocurrency they believe he had or for other secrets.
But regardless, his work will live on promoting libertarian ideas of basic freedom.
I don't think he was a bad person.
I think he was somewhat of a wild man.
But compared to Hunter Biden or Joe Biden or Bill Clinton, there's no evidence he ever flew around on airplanes with kidnapped little children.
Regardless, a lot of our interviews with him over the years were on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Dozens of them got banned and knocked off.
We'd never re-uploaded them to ban.video.
This reminded us to.
So we're going to create a John McAfee archive page and we'll post all the interviews we've done with him and any other interviews that are out there that have been censored.
And so we're going to put a
Override big tech censors.
Click the link below and share this important report.
It was just about an hour ago that I learned that John McAfee had supposedly committed suicide or had been arsonicided.
And I went and put this shirt on that says free American, because he was certainly, if anything, a free American.
And all free Americans, all humans, are threatened by a system.
That even though you're a political prisoner, even though you're being death-threatened, even though you warn the world that they're threatening to kill me, I'm not going to commit suicide, and then they kill you, just like Epstein, who was not a patriot, and just like McAvee, and then before their bodies, even cold, were told that it's a suicide.
This is the murder of truth and it's so dangerous.
So we're going to investigate what happened to John McAfee.
We're not going to let this thing just get basically pasted over, covered up.
And we're going to continue to make sure that more people are not being tortured to death and killed in these gulags run by the globalists around the world.
So to John McAfee and all the other patriots out there, we're going to continue to investigate and not let you die in vain.
And I just want in closing, I want to say to listeners,
We've been getting a lot of threats, a lot of attacks by the globalists as well.
They are making their move worldwide.
They are killing so many reporters, so many journalists.
So I want to be a thousand percent, a trillion percent clear to infinity.
I will never commit suicide.
I will never kill myself.
And if I'm found dead in a jail cell, or if I'm found dead in a hotel room with a needle in my arm, or anything like that, it is the deep state that did it, and I want them held accountable.
If anything happens to me, look at Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, the deep state of the new world order.
They are the enemies of America, the enemies of humanity, and they're the ones that have long histories of serious criminal activity and never being held accountable.
So if anything happens to me, the thunderbolts that strike me, what the Godfather says, blame those people.
The same ones, like the Clintons and the others that probably killed John McAfee because he was a rebel they couldn't control.
Well, he's coming to us first, and I find it flattering and interesting that he's a listener.
He's going to be on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.
Coming up later this afternoon, I talked to Joe, by the way, this morning.
Joe's going to be on with us, I think, Thursday.
He's got his national tour going around the country.
Always great to have my friend Joe Rogan on the show.
But it's funny, I talked to Joe this morning and then separately talked to John McAfee and he was telling me that he was going to be on Joe's show.
Just a plug there.
I hope they don't come after him.
He's been on the phone with a Forbes writer when the police show up with armed men.
And he's offering a huge reward to find out who really killed the person in Belize that they're saying he's the main suspect in.
And of course he's the inventor of one of the most well-known antivirus software, John McAfee.
And he worked for Lockheed until 87, then ventured into the antivirus business as one of the first people to understand that that was an obvious problem out there with the viruses.
And he joins us now.
He's been on many TV shows with his different businesses down in Belize for tourists and things.
Then he got raided by police in a bizarre event, and then now they're saying down there in the piratical area of former British Honduras, what is Belize, beautiful area, I've been there many times, that he's the murder suspect.
Now most of you probably already know that.
John McAfee.
From tech pioneer to murder suspect is one of the headlines.
McAfee on the run.
Murder and mayhem but few taxes and police.
That's Forbes.
The continuing story of John McAfee is told by John McAfee.
So he is speaking out.
And McAfee's former girlfriend says the internet pioneer is fighting for his life.
And he is on with us today.
Sir, thank you for reaching out to us, because I have to tell you, when I saw this break in the last few weeks, I was like, that sounds like pure bull to me.
That, you know, what they're saying happened, plus the Belizean police.
I've only been on there eight or nine times, but I've read about it.
I mean, they're well known for being pretty darn corrupt, but I've seen them do some shady things in Belize City, but enough of me.
You've got the floor.
Good to have you here.
Start at the beginning.
Tell us what really happened, or as best you can tell, and where all this is going, and about the reward that people can find there on your website that I'll also put up on screen.
Well, thank you, Alex.
I'm really happy to be here.
This breaks my boredom tremendously.
I've been living in a very constrained environment for a while, so this is quite a thrill for me.
Okay, where did it start?
It started the last day of April of this year when, at 6 in the morning, I was woken up to the sound of bullhorns, dogs barking, and gunfire, and got out of bed stark raving naked.
Went out on my porch and saw 42 armed soldiers with automatic weapons in full ride gear storming my property.
When I heard the commotion, I picked up a handgun, which I keep for protection.
I put the handgun down on the step, went back inside, put my pants on, woke up my girlfriend.
She got up calmly, got dressed, sat on the edge of the bed.
I went outside, was grabbed by a bunch of people, slammed up against the wall, and told that they were there with a search warrant for an illegal meth lab.
Meth meaning methamphetamines.
I was handcuffed, held in the sun for 14 hours without food and water.
At one point, I did ask for some water and some food for the people who were arrested with me.
The soldier standing nearby said, do I look like a chef to you?
Indeed, he did not look like a chef, so it was my mistake.
In any case, they hauled me off to the Belize City Jail.
I spent six hours sleeping on a concrete floor and was finally released with no charges being filed.
The following day, I asked for publicly an apology from the Prime Minister, who privately responded, who does he think he is, to his close confidants.
That was the beginning of my story.
Since that time, I've had nothing but harassment from the authorities here.
They've attempted to charge me with a variety of charges.
The very first was running an antibiotics laboratory without a license.
That didn't go very far because what I was working on was actually a topical antiseptic, not an antibiotic, which we
And by the way, before this interview, I did some more research on you.
They've had national TV shows here in the U.S.
about the little laboratory you've got that's discovering things in the rainforest and patenting plant derivatives and things.
So you're an entrepreneur down there, well-respected, because I did a lot of research before we did this interview, and it really does look like they're targeting you.
Why do you think they began to come after you?
I have not played by the rules.
The rules in Belize are, if you're a rich foreigner, you have to pay your dues, and you pay them to the higher-ups in the government, the high officials.
I've donated about $7 million worth of gear to every aspect of the Belizean economy, the Belizean police force, to schools, to charity organizations, you name it.
But my donations, rather than giving the money to the government and letting them dole it out, where 90% of it goes to the families of the officials, I donate directly.
For example, I bought boots for the entire Orange Walk Police Department.
I got their sizes first, bought them, and requested an inventory of who they went to.
Now, there's no way for the government to skim anything from that.
I built a police station for the village of Carmelita, a very nice
They did not like that because I should have given the government the money and let the government build the police station.
So I'm not playing by the rules.
I refuse to donate to either political party.
The current party sent, just prior to the last election, just a few months before I was raided by the way, an envoy demanding a large sum of money in exchange for which I would be treated very nicely.
I ordered them off of my property.
That was a serious mistake.
You can attribute it to my advancing age.
But that was the beginning of my trouble.
So, you're a well-known inventor, well-known businessman, started all sorts of tourist businesses, tours, you name it, all over the islands, and you were not being shaken down, kind of like our founding fathers didn't want it to be shaken down, and so they've started trying to set you up, and now there was a murder, and it's convenient, and they want to basically send you down the river.
I mean, is that a fair assumption of what your side of the story is?
I would say it's exactly my side of the story.
And basically, they're opportunists.
Somebody's murdered right next door to me.
Well, not right next door, but a few hundred yards down the beach.
Let's grab the bastard.
Absolutely amazing.
I mean, most people know the story.
It's been one of the biggest stories the last few weeks.
And here you are.
You've been communicating via text and things.
Now you're on the air.
Obviously, national media is going to be tuning into this.
A, what do you want to say to the national media?
B, what do you want to say to the Belizean authorities, if you can call the CD operators that?
What would you like to say to them as well?
And then, where do you want to see all this go?
First of all, what I'd like to say to the national media is, number one, I'd like to make an apology to Jeff Wise, the intrepid reporter who has been bulldogging my ass for two and a half years now for unknown reasons.
In an effort to understand his animosity, I confused him with yet another reporter that reported on my flying activities in New Mexico.
During that time, I did probably 20 magazine interviews.
I publicly stated that Jeff had acted improperly to one of the women.
Unfortunately, when I was going to actually post the picture, when I got the picture, it was a different reporter.
Okay, so you're correcting that.
That's good.
It's horrifying.
I'm going to go ahead, sir.
No, no, so you're correcting that now.
Correcting that hypology.
To the rest of the media, I would say get a life.
Let's do some real reporting.
Everything in the national media is basically regurgitating what somebody else has said.
So we're not getting the news third hand, we're getting it 50th hand.
So get a life.
Get a job.
A real job.
To the Belizean authorities, please take a look in the mirror.
As to where this is heading, sir, I have no clue.
I'm flying this by the seat of my pants and taking this a moment at a time.
Now, what's the best website for people to visit to find your side of the story in text and also find out about the reward?
The best website is whoismcafee.com.
It's my blog.
Also, we have an official Twitter site.
This is called Official McAfee.
I very strongly would advise people to go to my blog site, whoismcafee.com, to get my side of the events.
And also, three of my best friends have also been arrested on my behalf, unfortunately.
This is the way they do it here in Belize.
If they can't grab you, they grab your friends, your wife, if they can grab them, your children, and arrest them.
They have been arrested and are being held in prison unjustly.
On my website are all the email addresses that you can write to please, please demand their release.
They have nothing whatsoever to do with anything.
Well, again, sir, I want to believe you.
You sound legitimate to me.
I already knew who you were.
I did some research.
I also, again, have been to Belize many times as I was a child, and my father's been down there even more to scuba dive with my mother, and he researched the area and talked to friends that live down there over the years who left, saying that even if you don't have a lot of money,
Now, the government tries to shake you down.
The people overall are pretty good folks, but it is a famous, you know, kind of pirate cove, archipelago of islands down there.
And so that's why I tend to lean towards believing what you're saying, knowing what I know about the so-called Belizean government that might as well have the Jolly Roger as their official symbol.
Any other points you'd like to make on that front?
And, I mean, obviously you don't want to get into how you're evading specifically, but first tell us about the reward.
Okay, I've offered a $25,000 police reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the real killer, Mr. Fong.
That's obviously in my interest.
I'm not doing it out of altruism.
I don't quite believe in altruism, but I'm a man of my word.
If someone provides information which does get the real killer, you will get the money.
That's your first question about the Jolly Roger.
Keep in mind Belize was founded as a pirate colony.
That's why I said that, yeah.
And for 200 years it had no flag other than the Jolly Roger.
The British, when they took it over, didn't really take it over as a country.
They were actually helping the pirates because the pirates attacked the Spanish galleons coming from South America that had to go right by the reef outside.
And so they were a belief was a benefit to the British and continued to be a benefit up until the 1950s.
And that's when England abandoned it.
As with many colonies that England has abandoned, self-governance is not as easy as it first appears.
No kidding.
Continuing here, I could ask so many questions, and I will, but what else do you... I mean, obviously, you're now just not writing on your blog.
You've reached out to Infowars.com to speak to folks.
Why did you reach out to us?
I'll be really frank with you, sir.
My advisor suggested it.
This is the very first time I've had contact with you, so not because of disinterest, but because the bandwidth here in this country does not support podcasting by and large.
I'm surprised you have not asked about drug use.
Okay, well, no, I mean, it's not that.
It's just that we've seen all the demonization in the media, and so I always go with the little guy, because it's better that ten guilty men go free than one innocent man go to jail.
So I kind of take the defense attorney position in life because I grew up seeing the system posing as good guys, generally being the bad guys.
Now maybe my life experiences skewed me towards always being for the underdog.
I just wanted to, since you contacted us, I wanted to give you a chance to basically lay out all your points before we got into any hardball questions, as you call them.
Alright, I think my points have been laid out, and I have appreciated that opportunity, sir.
Well, okay, let's get into standard media questions then.
Where are you right now?
How are you hiding now?
How dare you kill that man?
I mean, if you want those type of questions, you know you did it, McAvee!
Just turn yourself in, it'll go easier on you.
Come out with your hands up.
Sure, sure.
No, no, seriously.
How are you evading these guys so successfully?
Number one, I did not kill Mr. Fall.
That's the most absurd allegation of my entire life.
Number two, I really cannot say anything about where I am, how I've evaded detection, what I look like, or anything else.
I apologize for being evasive, but by saying something on a show of your size, I know for a fact the Iblisian authorities are listening as we speak.
So please
Oh, no, no, and listen, I was playing devil's advocate.
I mean, obviously, you are an innocent man until proven guilty, and I don't think you would do this.
I don't think you'd go down the beach and, you know, kill somebody, you know, when you have so much to lose, and I don't trust the Belizean
Authorities, but obviously people are wondering well you told me off there.
You just said somebody of quote your age Who's been around?
Certainly knows how to to hide out and I guess your point is you know that you're streetwise
I am streetwise.
The first half of my life was spent sort of on the street.
So, 33 or 34 years ago, my life changed radically, hopefully for the better.
When I stopped using drugs, I stopped drinking alcohol.
I have not had a sip of wine, beer, or anything else in over 30 years, and neither have I taken drugs in that period of time.
If I will be honest, I have started smoking cigarettes again, which some people call a drug, and I will fess up to that.
Why do you think they're claiming in the media?
Yes, sir.
Sure, sure.
And I also drink coffee, which contains caffeine, which if you have four or five espressos is a pretty speedy hit, but beyond that, that's the extent of my drug use.
What would you like to see, best case scenario, them start a real investigation instead of just saying, you did it?
Well, I would love a real investigation.
However, it's not in the government's interest.
If the real murderer is found, then suddenly this whole opportunity to remove McAfee as a major thorn in the government's side simply disappears.
Now again, you've had national media in your lab.
I've seen the newscast.
You're very proud of what you've developed.
You've told the press that you believe it's when you came up with this tropical antiseptic, or a topical antiseptic, that they came after you.
Um, had I continued and been successful, it would have been, you know, a multi-billion dollar company, and the government would want their dues.
However, it became also clear that I am not a game player, not by the game that's played here, and that just pissed everybody off.
It's just not the way the system works.
The government allows you to do something, and in exchange, you have to pay up.
I don't mind doing that if you want to do it in the form of taxes and tax everyone.
I don't care how unjustly or how skewed it may be, but for someone to come and say, here, give me five million dollars, you know, that doesn't cut it.
You know, my answer is get the fuck off my property.
Excuse my language, sir.
I know, and I've been reading news articles where they do talk about claiming that you were on a forum bragging that you developed some new drug that you were on.
I mean, anybody could go to a forum and say that I, in fact they do do stuff like that, that I'm developing a drug.
In fact, I've had them say that about me.
I had to sue somebody one time just making it up.
I mean, I've never been involved in any drugs, period.
I mean, I've been Mr. Straight my whole life other than stealing beer out of golf carts a few times on the golf course growing up.
When we come back, I want to ask you about those allegations though.
Straight ahead, any other points you want to make?
And who knows, he's on with us, he can stay on with us a little bit longer before he goes on Joe Rogan's show after our show ends.
Perhaps we should open the phones up for John McAfee.
Alright, John McAfee, sex, drugs, and antivirus software.
And there he is looking like the older brother of Rob Zombie.
I saw the police coming up the beach.
They're remarkably inept when it comes to hiding themselves.
Well sure, and instead, and you'd already been harassed by him quite a bit, so I guess you knew to get out of there.
I did, I did.
Okay, specifically, we were talking during the break, why are you reaching out to Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, and why are you going with alternative media?
Okay, I'm reaching out to both you and Joe, because my advisors suggested it.
To be really frank, I've never heard your show before, nor Joe Rogan's.
Again, not because of disinterest, but because... No, no, but that's a good place to go, because we're at least real people.
Because if you look at traditional news, traditional media, it's nothing more than regurgitation of what's been said.
Whereas on the internet, you're more real-time, you have access to more facilities, and it tends to be a little truer story.
Yeah, I mean, exactly, because I don't have so many pulling my strings.
And I can tell you, big network people, they've got people pulling their strings.
They're reading off teleprompters, so at least here we're having a real discussion, you know, person to person, man to man.
Now, expanding, I guess I'll put my foot in my mouth, because, I mean, I wouldn't make these statements.
You say you don't use drugs, so why are you on a drug forum making these comments?
I made the leap, but then I see how ridiculous the comments are.
It makes sense.
You were being sarcastic.
Tell folks about the MP, the MDPV.
You were making jokes about bath salts.
I wasn't actually making jokes.
I was trying to sound as serious as possible to tell the story.
About 10 years ago, a drug showed up in Europe called MDPV-10.
Now, MDPV stands for Methylene Dioxy Pyrovalerone.
The drug was the magical sex drug.
It's what the world's been looking for as the ultimate miracle aid.
It was obviously a made-up story, but millions of people believed it.
They kept talking about it.
They were still talking about it on Blue Light, which is the world's largest drug forum board.
I think?
Well, that may be why you got raided, because the idiot believes you're in authorities, knew you were running a laboratory, you've been on the news about it, they probably thought you had it and were going to torture you to get it.
Well, thank God they didn't torture me.
I got out of jail in time and took refuge on the island.
But it was so obviously a prank, so obviously, because that board does have legitimate chemists on it.
All couple of hundred of them who were reading it, they all said, this is a hoax.
People don't believe this crap.
And so they left.
But the rank and file, they just kept the thing going.
I mean, anybody who reads it will know, obviously.
Now, now, my gut tells me that you screwed around about this.
Sure, my gut tells me... John McAfee's our guest, the software developer famous, and now even more famous, being a murder suspect in police.
We're back in 60 seconds, let's talk about it.
I 100% believe John McAfee did not commit this murder that he's alleged to have committed by the Belizean polices.
But do I put any stock in the Belizean government?
The answer is absolutely not.
And my gut tells me that he's a very eccentric person, but there is something else afoot here.
Now, I could be wrong.
But I am certainly more than happy to let this gentleman be heard, and we're glad that he chose this broadcast to do it first, other than text that he's been having with the media.
And, you know, I should, in the time we've got left, Twitter.
Go to Twitter.com forward slash RealAlexJones, and I can pull this up during the break.
Tweet me, and then guys, print them off for me, because I'll be busy trying to go through them, then I won't get to it.
Tweet right now to RealAlexJones, or I guess we should tweet out questions for John McAfee, to RealAlexJones if you've got a few questions for him.
But repeat to me, sir, what you just said in that one-minute break as we ended the last hour.
I said, who do you think killed Gregory Fall, the guy that was down the beach from you?
And you had a very interesting answer.
Please repeat that.
Okay, the first thing that came to my mind, and this perhaps bolsters those who say I am paranoid, my first thought was that the government had sent someone to kill me, pretending it would be a robbery, and they simply got the wrong white man and got a neighbor instead.
That thought didn't stay for long.
But quite frankly, sir, I have no idea who killed Mr. Fall.
I mean, why would you kill Mr. Fall when you've got all these beautiful boats and businesses and all this money?
I mean, you sold, what, your antivirus company for $100 million?
I mean, why on earth, you know, you're down there, you look happy in these photos, why on earth would you go down the beach and blow your neighbor away?
I barely knew my neighbor.
Now, to be frank, he was not my favorite character.
He pranked a lot.
He did not like my dogs.
They barked a lot at night, and it annoyed him.
And to be frank, they annoyed me, too.
And I fully sympathize with him.
Yeah, my dogs annoy me, too.
My dogs were poisoned, by the way, the night before.
And I had to put four of them down.
But Mr. Fall also had dogs.
Dog lovers do not kill dogs.
This is a fact of life.
If you have a dog, you know this is a fact, sir.
No, I agree.
It could not have been Mr. Paul who killed my dogs.
And that is what the government is saying.
That because he poisoned my dogs, I then shot him.
I can't think of anything more absurd.
So you are innocent.
Tell people.
I mean, state it.
People want to hear it.
In your words.
Well, I am innocent.
I am absolutely innocent.
It is not something that I would ever do to anyone under any circumstances.
I mean, if I really were that pissed at someone, I would want them alive so that I could continue to torment them in other ways.
I mean, it's totally ridiculous.
Yeah, I mean, I'll tell you right now, if somebody poisoned my dogs, I would find them, and I'd say, okay, get ready for a fist fight, and I'd say, put your fist up, punk, and I would probably, you know, get in a fight with them.
I certainly wouldn't kill somebody.
Actually, my chihuahua's 15 years old, and I love it, but I might give them a check if they killed it.
I'm joking.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
No, I'm being sure.
Well, sometimes, I tell you, that dog's barking at 3 a.m.
I love the dog, though.
It's like an heirloom.
It was a year old when I met my wife, and now it's 15 years old and blind and stumbles around all over the house urinating on the rugs.
But, anyway, sad issue, sir.
We've got a final segment coming up.
What do you want to cover when we come back?
Anything you want.
I understand that you just Twittered for questions.
I can assure you some of those were going to be very intense.
Can you please put the ones that would paint me in the worst light, sir?
Yes, why did you want me to be more aggressive earlier against you?
I mean, is that, you know, that you know you're... Only because I didn't want it to come up.
I don't want the program to come up sounding like, you know, that this is a one-sided program.
I think programs that present two sides are always better.
No, no.
I agree with you, but here's the deal.
There's a guy who had two teens break in his house in Minnesota.
He shot one.
They started laughing, which I believe.
That's how trendy these are.
They think if they laugh, something isn't real.
So he shot him again.
They're charging him with murder.
They're going to use that to take my right to shoot people that come in my house because the guy said, yeah, I probably shouldn't have shot him that many times.
If you're innocent, bro, you don't need to show both sides and show you're reasonable.
The system's going to use that against you.
You should just stick to the facts.
Okay, we got one segment left here on this Tuesday show with John McAfee, the tech pioneer to murder suspect.
Terra.com has a bunch of hard statements, claims they make about him, so he wants hard questions.
I'll throw them at him.
You got it.
I was planning a few of those, but I wanted to let him have his say first.
But here are some of the questions we've got coming in at Real Alex Jones on Twitter.
Is the anti-virus business legit?
Or are the same companies creating viruses to push their products as we've always heard?
Or is that a urban legend?
Or is it a mix of both?
I mean, I know our government created Stuxnet, launched it on Iran, and then said they wanted cyber security takeover in the name of fighting Stuxnet, which they admittedly created with Israel.
So what's your breakdown on that, because you're the big granddaddy of antivirus, Mr. McAfee?
Okay, I'd first like to say that I've had absolutely nothing to do with the antivirus business for 20 years.
The idea that antivirus companies would create viruses is utterly absurd because there are hundreds of thousands of people out there doing it as we speak.
Why would you waste money?
Why would you waste the effort?
You know, if I were running an antivirus company and I had the choice of hiring a programmer to fight the viruses to make my product better or hiring one to create a virus, only a madman would do the first
Because there's so many new viruses, what you want to do is create something to counter them, but also go out and hype how deadly the virus is.
You might market how deadly they are, and maybe you might exaggerate that, I don't know, but even then there's no need.
But certainly creating them would be counterproductive, and such a company I don't think would last long in this business.
Yeah, it would be very, very reckless.
I think that's more of a government purview against other governments.
Great question.
More questions coming up.
Okay, you want tough questions?
Here it is.
McAfee retires to Belize, setting up an Ambergris Cay.
I've stayed on Ambergris Cay.
A tiny island 36 miles off the coast.
He builds a fence compound and staffs it with armed guards.
Yeah, when I used to fly in, it was a dirt runway.
February 2010, Quorum EX, a new venture by McAfee, headquartered in Belize, launches its purpose to develop commercial antibiotics.
In 2012, one of his properties is raided by Belize Police Force Gang Suppression Unit as he is arrested but not charged with suspicion of making crystal meth and possessing unlicensed firearms.
In the raid, he is reportedly pulled out of bed with a 17-year-old girlfriend.
Is that accurate?
That is accurate, yes sir.
So, you probably would be, it wouldn't be in trouble if you were a congressman chasing a 14-year-old page though, mail page.
Or even a female page at 14.
The age of consent in Belize is 16.
I did not say I was a perfect man.
Everybody has their likes and dislikes.
I like women.
Some men like bowling, golf.
It's my choice.
Perhaps it's an unwise choice to hang out with a 17 year old girl when I could be, especially in this country, her great-grandfather.
But that does not make me a murderer.
No, I don't think it does.
Okay, continuing here with these points.
Hey, you interrogate yourself.
You want tough questions.
What are some tough questions I should be asking?
Good Lord.
Are you the Easter Bunny?
Again, I would give the same answer.
We all have our likes and dislikes.
I'm not sure.
Did you get no Twitter responses, sir?
No, no.
I've got a ton of them coming in, but we just tweeted it during the break.
And my problem is I can't really walk and chew gum, so I can go to my tweet.
They're actually bringing me a whole stack of questions here right now.
Here, I'll ask you the questions.
Ask him if he is concerned his guns will never be given back, and if he will be an excuse for the government needs to outlaw them.
Well, I mean, they've already pretty much restricted them in Belize, right?
So there's a question about guns.
Yeah, the question, guys, all of my guns were licensed.
Why do they have so many?
When I moved to the mainland, to the interior, on the river, I was the only white man living in an entire district of 30,000 people.
And I was apparently wealthy.
I had cars, I had big houses.
It's an extremely poor district.
It was unwise for me to display my wealth, perhaps.
But we had many, many robbery attempts, and it just occurred to me that there's no way to protect myself and my property without security, hence the guns.
As to will they be given back, for seven months I've been attempting to get them back.
Well, I mean, you can never have enough guns.
So, I mean, they're a great investment, and it's like a dragon's hoard.
They say the more gold a dragon has, the more psychic they are, the more guns you have, just the better you sleep at night.
I mean, it's fun to, like, sleep on giant crates full of .50 calibers.
Don't you agree?
Well, I'm not sure about that, sir, but I think under some circumstances, guns are, in fact, necessary.
Yeah, well, I like, personally, you sleep better on just a huge mountain of crates of firearms and ammunition.
I'm not sure I've ever tried it, but perhaps you're right.
No, I'm serious.
There's something magic about it.
Okay, I'm being a little sarcastic.
Not really.
It's actually kind of ridiculous.
I don't need to get near gun shops, is the point.
I'm not really a big shopper unless I enter a gun shop.
And, well, you ever seen Rodney Dangerfield in, what's the movie, Caddy Shack?
He goes, I'll take one of those, two of those, and three of those.
Oh, look at this hat.
Looks like, oh, looks good on you.
Okay, what is his take on Steve Jobs' death?
You want questions?
Here they are.
I'm not sure what the relevance is, but I thought that Steve Jobs was certainly one of the premier entrepreneurs of America.
He was one of the few that had heart and sense.
His passing was tragic.
Okay, here's another one.
For those who are interested, I would recommend strongly his commencement address to Stanford.
Probably one of the finest commencement addresses I have ever heard, and very moving.
I actually cried at the end.
Here's a serious question.
Why don't you give yourself to the authorities for due process?
Because the due process of pulling me in a cell, hanging me with my own belt, and then telling the world that Mr. McAfee in shame hung himself is not exactly what I would like to do this.
Yeah, I had the Rockwall cops tell me they were going to kill me in a jail cell, but I didn't stop talking about their drug dealing, so I believe you.
How do you feel about the outcome of the election here in the U.S.?
Well, I had predicted it well in advance.
Since I don't live there anymore, it doesn't affect me very much, but I have no problems with Mr. Obama.
To be frank, sir, I try to divorce myself from political affiliations.
I think that in the end, no matter which party wins, nothing changes.
I got a bunch of other yeah I'm just reading all these questions trying to think of which one to read because a bunch of them are profane.
It says if you went camping when you woke up and your bleep was greasy would you tell anyone?
See see see that's the problem and there's a whole bunch more of these coming in they're printing them off to bring them into me.
Well you know when this interview ends...
Exactly, but let's expand on this.
After you leave us in five minutes, you'll undoubtedly wish you would have said something.
Let's say that now.
What do you most importantly want to transmit to the Belizean authorities?
In their little, greasy, tight-fitting police uniforms.
I mean, I've seen the Belizean police.
They look like something directly out of central casting of Third World.
The seedy people, but I'm not trying to be mean, but it is a fact.
What would you like to say to them?
I'm sure, but you know what?
Maybe, maybe just because they're bad, I'm thinking you're good.
I mean, how do we know?
No, and I wouldn't, I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't even say they're bad, sir.
I think by and large, the Belizean police are decent people.
We're good to go.
Are you related to Rob Zombie?
Rob Zombie, the rock and roll star, you look a lot like him, or he looks like you.
No, I don't think I'm related, but then, you know, much of my family background I don't know about, so who knows.
You're not really his father, are you?
God, I hope not.
Just joking, I'm gonna stop right now a little.
Listen, it's really interesting talking to you.
Do you know about the New World Order, the global government, the NSA spying on people, the cancer viruses and the vaccines, ever heard about that?
Well, there is a New World Order, we all know that, but I think that I would point my finger first at the global press.
Not yourself, sir.
I'm talking about the classical press that is interested in making money and making it as quickly as possible and making it through sensationalism and perversion of the facts.
I think that we first get our ideas from what we see on television and what we read in the press.
Do you think that we could have convinced the world that there were weapons of mass destruction
Absolutely not.
They didn't have those when I was doing drugs some 30 odd years ago.
I'm sure I would have at the time, but no, I did not have those.
Well, you don't look like you're doing drugs.
You look like you're doing the Caribbean sun and, uh, you know, living at the beach.
And from the photos I've seen, the recent photos from Wired Magazine, you name it, you look like you found the fountain of youth, buddy.
Thank you very much, sir.
I appreciate that.
At my age, you have no idea how good that sounds.
How old are you exactly?
Sixty-seven years old.
And if you're doing methamphetamine, I'm a monkey's uncle.
I appreciate that, sir.
I would be a monkey's uncle too.
We've only got a minute left.
You've got our number, you've got our contact, you've got my producer's number.
If you're in the middle of something and they're coming after you, we can call you and we can record it right here so we can get it on the air at the latest, I mean even late at night, as soon as possible.
So you've got our contact info and you can also call my producer's phone.
It's got a recording app on it so that we can catch anything and I'll talk to you during the break, okay?
Anything else you'd like to add?
That's it.
And believe me, sir, when I do see the police closing in, I will pick up my phone and I will call this number and I will start talking and will not stop until they forcibly rest the phone from my phone.
Well, we've also got some backup numbers that we'll actually automatically record.
Let's, guys, let's get him that number, get the I.T.
I forget the number.
John, we'll give you that.
And again, I hope you're innocent.
I hope you're telling the truth.
I certainly got a side with an American against the Belizean police when their story doesn't add up.
And there is a history of them persecuting you and having to release you, so...
I don't know.
I think you're telling the truth, but I may be wrong.
I'm not often wrong about things like this.
John McAfee, they say he's the devil.
I say he deserves to be heard.
You just heard him.
I love American...
Okay, Shane, what's the kick like on this thing?
Well, it's actually not going to be too bad because there's some features it has.
This right here will kick back and take some of the recoil out of it.
Also, this muzzle brake.
It's got a muzzle brake on it, I notice.
So it's about like a 12-gauge.
The problem with muzzle brakes is it increases the sound coming back this way.
That's the one thing you're going to realize.
I know that for a fact.
The sound is pretty powerful.
The problem I've got here is it's been a long time since I've shot a .50 caliber, and I'm sure I'm not as good as I used to be, so if you don't mind, I'm going to imagine my target out there, and I'll tell you whether or not I hit it in the center, okay?
You don't have a problem with that, do you?
No, no, no.
Obamacare is the same thing, you know, right?
They've imagined the rollout as being successful, and therefore they've met their expectations.
That's right.
I'm sure every shot... I'm going to do the same thing with my target.
I'll hit it point blank every time.
I'm sure every shot is going to be a success.
It's perfect.
That's right.
Well John, it's daytime and these armor-piercing tracers, U.S.
Army issue, won't be as spectacular as nighttime, but you want to shoot a couple of these?
Alright, we'll do that next.
Never shot a tracer round.
Photon torpedoes away!
I like these .50s.
My type of gun.
Well, John, you just got done shooting the .50 over there.
We're going to put that on the TV show next week, but right now you've got that .223 M4 Scorpion.
You ready to try it out?
Well, I don't even know what's here compared to the .50 caliber.
This feels like a feather.
So this is a piece of cake.
It's one of my favorite guns.
The AR-15 or its equivalent.
There's some equivalent here.
Yep, M4.
Alright, buddy, we'll let her rip.
Check this one out.
It's got the aim point sight?
Yes sir.
The last time I talked to you, you were hiding out somewhere in the Belizean jungle and you made it out.
How did you do it?
Uh, you know, mostly by misdirection.
You know, the, uh, uh, telling friends that I knew were unfaithful friends that I was in one place when I wasn't, and they would then tell the government and they would all rush there and I'd be somewhere else.
Uh, and I got across the border because the, um, the Southern border was completely, uh, manned with guards.
Uh, I managed to arrange to get arrested in Mexico.
It was a double that looked like me.
Uh, and, uh, and had that reported in the international press and everybody went north to the Mexican border and I just waltzed across the southern border into Guatemala.
You sound like a James Bond character.
We're hanging out with James Bond right now.
Did you know that?
That's amazing.
Well, Shane, we just did a lot of shooting.
What was your favorite part of all the different guns we shot on the upcoming Brothers in Arms?
Well, it was actually watching John shoot the .50 Cal.
It was pretty amazing.
Especially the fact that you're right-handed and you shoot left-handed.
That's pretty amazing.
You were doing pretty good for having that handicap.
I was amazed I could even lift it.
It weighs more than my wife.
So, yeah, I had a blast.
I really did.
You did a great job.
Thank you, sir.
Alright, John McAbee, thanks for talking to us.
Folks, check out your website.
Give them the address.
It's whoismaccovy.com.
And we're at InfoWars.com out here with Shane Stanner on his beautiful ranch doing some shooting.
Shane, thanks as always.
Have fun.
Alright, Alex Jones signing off.
For InfoWars.com.
Thank you, Alex.
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I'm Tommy Shane Steiner, and this is my brother Sid.
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You can't find them.
We used to sell Grundig that was made in Germany.
That went out of business like 10 years ago.
I was a Grundig dealer and people didn't buy enough Grundigs.
It went out of business.
So when people used to say to Trump, hey, why are your ties made in China?
He's like, uh, there'd be three times more they were made in America.
I'm trying to do a deal where it would be half the cost, uh, that it currently is in America, still more expensive than China.
And he did that.
But then those unfair deals that he got rid of have been put right back in place.
So that's how this whole scam operates.
Most of our products are made right here in America.
The t-shirts are textile here in America.
They are printed here in America.
I think some of the textiles we use sometimes, if there's a shortage because of the shutdown, we had to buy some from like Honduras.
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I mean, that's another problem we've experienced with the COVID lockdown is that economies that aren't command and control like China, when they shut down for over a year, most of our companies that we were getting supply from couldn't supply anymore.
I think so.
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