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Name: 20210622_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 22, 2021
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The Amazon show "Utopia 2020" presented a plot where a fake virus and global vaccine program was used to sterilize the world population. This idea is not new, as Aldous Huxley's book "Brave New World" and the Georgia Guidestones reveal plans to reduce the world population. Scientists believe that current COVID-19 vaccines may cause fertility issues. Alex Jones of InfoWars explains how his company operates and relies on revenue from products to fund its work, highlighting challenges faced due to COVID-19 such as supply chain breakdowns and encouraging viewers to support by visiting InfowarStore.com or using the AutoShip option.

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So you're not going to see, oh, look at the worst mass murderers of the 20th century with Mao Zedong and Stalin and Lenin.
No, it's going to be, wow, look at what happened when the global government came in, call it the UN, call it whatever you want, and overnight a quarter of a billion people died.
And you see, if they can mandate you to take a vaccine that might kill you, they can mandate you to take a vaccine that will kill you.
And if they can lie about the COVID vaccine that's not actually a vaccine and is still in trial phase, emergency use, for a pandemic that never happened, If they can force you to take that and they can lie about that, they can give you a lethal injection of cyanide and tell you it's for your health.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is live!
On this Tuesday, June 22, 2021, this is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex today.
He's going to be on his way back to the studio.
May even pop in before the end of the transmission.
And if you can understand what is in the stars here with this constellation of news that I have, and if you can identify the picture, Then you see the current path that humanity is on, and how it's been documented throughout history, it's been written and played out in science fiction, and we are now in the opening stages
Of 21st century tyranny, slavery, oppression, the likes of which human history perhaps has never seen before because it can be on a global scale with the new technology that has shrunk the world.
And if you took a look at each star or each news story that I'm going to put together in this constellation, it may not seem like much.
But when you see how each of the stars connect, and then you see the picture,
you understand why it's so imperative that this has to be stopped.
And the intellectual hurdle that we have Is that we realize there's something on top of all of us, whether you're left, right, center, conservative, liberal, black, white, brown, you know, all these other boxes that people end up in or get put in.
There's something bigger sitting on top of all of us, an elite secret society been in control of the world for centuries.
Humans have been propagandized for thousands of years.
Who knows what kind of scientific tests have been run on us at a mass scale like what we're seeing right now with COVID.
But see, that's the big, esoteric, existential stuff that's sitting out there.
The secret histories.
The race for life extension.
The race to be multi-dimensional.
The race to capture unlimited and harness unlimited energy.
And then the elites that have been in that battle for decades and centuries, perhaps millennia, Waging war on humanity, keeping us divided so that we can be easily conquered at any stage of our development or evolution.
And so our intellectual hurdle is that even though the challenge is to identify and discover all of that secret information and understanding in history, And in the real elite that sit on top of all of us, exposed, we can't even get through this hurdle of fighting ourselves to even have the collective consciousness to achieve a higher consciousness and be able to wage war against the secret societies, the social engineers, the engineers of the planet.
The people that would make a decision to intentionally poison the food and the water and the medicine.
And so I get frustrated because I'll spend six hours on air talking about the left because That's an actual hurdle in our way right now politically of achieving a higher consciousness because they're playing games and they're lost in a world that doesn't exist and we just want to get real about things and they're sitting here playing games like children.
So how do we get over that hurdle?
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is live.
Us just being on air right now frustrates the enemies of humanity.
And so InfoWars lives, and America lives on, the great legend, the great test of free speech and human freedom.
On this Tuesday, June 22, 2021, Owen Schroer sitting in on the Alex Jones Show.
We may be hearing from Alex before the end of the transmission.
And I have a constellation of news stories today that really show you the picture of where we're going, humanity's current path, and how the political left is being used in a very complex game of chess on planet Earth How the current political left phenomenon and movement is being used as a Trojan horse to bring in worldwide tyranny and to corrupt the hearts and the souls and the minds of man so that it will be easier to conquer and enslave for this next revolution or evolution of human development
Where a breakaway, elite, technotronic, kleptocratic society will be formed sitting on top of the ashes of society or the remains or the rubble of society that we live in today.
And so there's a reason I build this up because it truly is like a great work of art.
And so I'm going to really explain it in the next segment and then a report from Alex Jones, Utopia 2020, which I haven't seen yet, but I have a feeling just in the five years and change that I've worked here with Alex that we're probably synced up on a multi-dimensional level today and that the message is going to be resonating Like a perfectly molded and crafted bell on top of the largest steeple in the largest church in your neighborhood.
And it will be ringing.
But see, we have reached the point where the mask is being removed, the veil is being removed, And what we're, what, where we're going can no longer be denied.
Except by those who are now fully into a Stockholm Syndrome psychological paralysis.
Where they're paralyzed by their own pride, they can't admit they've been fooled, they can't admit they've been
lied to, and if they admit it on one of the subjects, then they have
to admit it on all of the subjects, so they can't go there.
And you know, this is really why abortion is such a key issue.
Because The very people who want to oppress you and bring in medical tyranny and bring in communism and end the idea of self-government and individualism, the only real legitimacy or the only momentum that they believe they have is they have a moral high ground.
They're morally superior to you.
But wait a second, you Like chopping up babies.
You're into human sacrifice.
You're not coming at me from any moral high ground on any of these issues.
I don't care how much you love gay people, or minorities, or whatever else your latest phenomenon trend is.
If you don't even stand up for the unborn and the innocent, then you have no moral high ground whatsoever.
And so all of their other moral high ground arguments disappear.
And then you realize they have no soapbox, no pedestal, nothing to stand on anymore.
And that truly is why the abortion issue is so key, because it removes their moral high ground.
That's why they're so defensive of it.
And so then they come at you and, oh, you know, racism and homophobic and Islamophobic and, uh, All these, all these things that they make up in their mind, which are really just their own problems, xenophobia, all these things, when they tell you, hey, you need to talk about race relations, or you need to talk about xenophobia, or you need to talk about homophobia, or LGBTQ plus rights, and all this stuff, that's them projecting onto you what bothers them.
They're the ones that have a problem with race relations.
They're the ones that have a problem with their sexuality.
They're the ones confused about why we have borders.
These are all issues that they have to figure out and they're in this arrested development phase that they can't figure it out because of the poison in the food and the water and being mind-controlled and brainwashed by television.
So they're stuck in this arrested development loop while the rest of us have actually matured and grown up and want to actually live in reality, deal with common sense, have logic and reasoning.
There will be discourse, there will be disagreements, there will be debates, but We're all at least in the same level of consciousness and we have the same goals about where humanity wants to go.
But see, when you fall for all the lies on television and when you fall for all the lies of Hollywood, you've been crippled and you can no longer walk for yourself.
You can no longer think for yourself, talk for yourself.
And so we have to sit here and watch them play these little games Mostly peaceful protests as cities burn all around the country.
Oh, America's the most racist nation.
America ended slavery.
America's a melting pot.
America's the least racist nation.
Oh, there's voter suppression.
You just had 20 million, a record number of voters in the United States in 2020's presidential election by 20 million.
Astronomical high voter suppression.
White supremacists are the biggest problem in the United States of America, not according to the crime statistics.
And so it's frustrating because we sit here and we just want to live in reality, and we're dealing with these children that play these games, and they don't even realize that they're affecting real people.
Hey, your problem with race relations and wanting to teach critical race theory to children, those are actual lives.
Those are actual kids that are going to have to grow up in a world that you created for them to be racist.
We don't want to play these games anymore.
We want to live in reality.
But see, we're stuck here playing these games, and big tech is censoring, mainstream media is censoring and lying and misleading, and now they're moving into the next phase of the global tyranny, which is just total control of the energy now.
And that's why Energy companies are announcing, you know all those smart thermostats that you got with the app on your phone.
Hey, it's cool.
Look, you can move your AC around or heat around when you're not at home.
It's plugged into the internet.
Oh, yep.
Now the energy companies are going to be taking that over and deciding how much energy you get to use on a daily basis.
See, that's the new world order.
That's global tyranny.
That's 21st century technotronic slavery.
And We can't even come together to deal with that inevitable future because I'm sitting here having to deal with a group of people that want to teach your kid how to masturbate, put fake penises in their daughter's diaper, wave gay flags at military bases.
Have the front of the book section all about how to be gay for your kid?
So they're playing these little games.
Meanwhile, they're pawns in a bigger game of chess and they don't even realize it.
So I'm going to lay out this constellation of news when we come back.
21st century tyranny is on the rise and only can free men and women around the world stand against it and stop it.
It works in a cycle.
It's a cyclical procedure, and in order to get it moving, you must insert the big lie.
So let me lay out now the constellation of where we're going with each of these little stars, each of these news stories here.
And paint the picture of the future that is being built for us and how the left is being used as a Trojan horse to bring it in.
And so, insert the big lie.
Because, where do you really begin here?
Like, what is the start of a circle?
Well, I don't know.
I guess it's just wherever you choose.
So, insert the big lie.
January 6th insurrection.
Now, just for a quick recap, the documentaries are out.
Some footage has been leaked from inside.
The government is still keeping that secret.
The government is still keeping the names of the murderers who killed multiple people there in the police force.
The people inside the police force that killed multiple Trump supporters that day.
We have that video.
Ashley Babbitt got shot.
Other people got pushed from a ledge.
They were firing explosives into the crowd.
One guy had nearly his face blown off.
And so you're not allowed to hear about any of that.
That's not allowed to be in the media.
Now again, if this happened in Minneapolis to a black guy, it'd be the biggest story for a year and cities would burn and there'd be riots and looting nationwide, which also comes into play here.
But so, again, I'm just showing you the big lie.
There was no insurrection.
There's never been an insurrection that when people get a message from the government on their phone saying, go home, they actually go home.
No guns were found.
That was a lie.
No cops were killed that day by Trump supporters.
That was a lie.
The congressional vote that was going down was able to start up again within five hours.
There was no insurrection.
So, boom, insert the big lie.
So now you have Hundreds of people who have been arrested for being in D.C.
on January 6th because of the big lie.
And so the big lie is now what the tyrants and the authoritarians use to come scoop you up, literally, arrest you, bring you in, censor you.
So you get arrested.
Well, what comes next?
And you see this in communist countries throughout history.
Well, now that they've got their hands on you, Well, they'll be merciful right now.
They're just going to take you to a re-education camp.
And so here we go.
A lawyer for January 6th defendants is giving her clients remedial lessons in American history, making them read books, do book reports, watch movies, reflect on the capital attacks and their role in it and what they represent.
It's called re-education camps.
They do it in China, they did it in Nazi Germany, now they're doing it here.
And who's doing it?
The left!
Because they fell for the big lie, or they like the big lie, they like playing along with the big lie because they're filled with hatred, of January 6th.
And so now, again, I'm just showing you the constellation of stars so you can see the bigger picture.
So here's the re-education.
You think Trump won the election?
Come sit down.
We need to re-educate you.
Oh, you don't think Trump was a racist?
You don't think Biden's legitimate?
Oh, you think Hunter Biden's laptop is real?
Oh, we need to sit you down.
Oh, you don't want to sit down?
Well, we have straps.
We have sedatives, too.
So, why don't you just come with us and be re-edumacated?
So, there you go.
But now, you're considered the criminal because you don't go with the big lie that Biden won the election.
So they put out their big lie.
If you don't believe it, they come mop you up, take you to a re-education camp.
But what about the other criminals out there?
Charges against hundreds of New York City rioters and looters have been dropped.
So you know those videos that you've seen from New York where buildings are burning and all the windows are smashed in and people getting their heads beaten in in the streets and billions of dollars of damage and who knows how much worth of goods stolen?
Yeah, if you took place in that, all the charges have been dropped and you were already released from jail too.
And they're even so bold to admit they don't have time to deal with all these
rioters and looters because they're focusing on Donald Trump's taxes.
So Donald Trump, an innocent man being investigated in New York,
but all the violent criminals being released.
People who were in D.C.
executing their First Amendment right on January 6th, that survived the onslaught and murder done by police that day, they're being arrested, they're being re-educated, Truss being investigated, he's being lied about, but if you were burning and looting in the name of George Floyd, another big lie, then you're good to go!
Good to go.
Then you have this!
Now their symbols of conquering you are being flown.
Nellis Air Force Base hosts first ever Drag Queen Show.
Essential to morale and readiness.
Why are we doing Drag Queen Story Shows, Drag Queen Shows at an Air Force Base?
Well, this is the Conquering group waving their flag over what they've just conquered.
This is the radical left wing as a Trojan horse of globalists and global tyranny with population control built into the system with medical tyranny forcing you to take a vaccine that could kill you and will eventually kill you.
This is the Trojan horse of doing it.
Oh, we're gay!
We're victims!
Oh, we're men that dress as women!
We're victims!
So put us at your Air Force base, and that's just them waving the flag, we've conquered you.
State Department to fly progress flag in honor of Pride Month.
Again, waving the flag, you've been conquered!
In bookstores all across the United States of America, you walk into the children's section and what is it?
All gay pride.
Books teaching your kids how to be transsexual, teaching your kids how to be gay, and it's all promoted right there.
Telling your kids to be fat and gay.
Again, waving the flag, waving the flag, we've conquered you, we've conquered you.
And then there's this part of it.
Amazon commits $300 million to develop affordable housing in three cities.
BlackRock buying up all the housing.
Bill Gates buying up all the farmland.
Warren Buffett buying up all the farmland.
Now the Monopoly men are going to own everything and you won't be able to opt out of any of it.
And they'll be able to bring in voter blocks with the open borders and they'll be able to bring in voter blocks in the impoverished inner cities where Amazon and BlackRock are going to own all the houses.
And they'll just get them to vote you into total tyranny.
And you better go along with it or you won't get energy to your house.
Thermostats in Texas homes are being accessed remotely and turned up due to an energy shortage.
So, I can't even cover the full constellation, but do you get the picture?
Do you see where this is going?
Total tyranny, global government, forced vaccines that could kill you.
Do you see where this goes?
Do you see why it needs to be stopped?
Did you know they discovered a new species of frog and named it after Led Zeppelin?
Did you know that?
New species of frog named after Led Zeppelin.
They haven't turned all the frogs gay yet.
We're still finding new straight frogs, heterosexual frogs.
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And so we celebrate that victory together today.
So I laid out the constellation, and I couldn't even get to all of it in an eight minute segment, but I think that you get the picture.
And so there's some other dots that we can connect here as well.
But it's all about understanding, and with the historical context and the future sight, to see where all of this goes.
The forcing of vaccines, the indoctrination of children, the lying mainstream media, the politicization of the Justice Department and the courtroom.
Again, you need the historical context and the future side to see where this goes, but it's a 21st century global tyranny, the likes of which human history has never documented, to our knowledge.
Who knows?
Maybe a million years ago we've been here before in this development of humankind, but as far as known human history is concerned, the 21st century tyranny that we are Or that is encroaching on us, is nothing like this world has ever seen before.
And so, if you look at the biggest authoritarian, all communists by the way, dictators of the 20th century, you see, by design the history books written by the Those that have already conquered the planet.
I want you to believe that Hitler was the biggest mass murderer or the worst person in the 20th century when indeed Mao Zedong was about 10 times worse by the death count, probably more, maybe more like 30 times worse.
So, you know, most people don't learn about Mao Zedong like they learn about Hitler.
But that's not even the point.
It's not a debate about who was the worst, you know, man in human history or who killed, what regime killed the most people.
It's about understanding that in the 20th century, between, say, five of the top communist dictators, whether it's Pol Pot or Lenin or Stalin or Mao Zedong or throw Hitler in there, you're talking about around a hundred million, on record, Maybe about 150 million on record people murdered by just those five regimes.
So that was the 20th century.
You're in the 21st century now.
And so, if you have a global government with global tyranny, it's not going to be Mao Zedong killing 78 million It's going to be the global government killing a quarter of a billion people overnight.
So you're not going to see, oh look at the worst mass murderers of the 20th century with Mao Zedong and Stalin and Lenin.
No, it's gonna be, wow, look at what happened when the global government came in, call it the UN, call it whatever you want, and overnight, a quarter of a billion people died.
And you see, if they can mandate you to take a vaccine that might kill you, they can mandate you to take a vaccine that will kill you.
And if they can lie about the COVID vaccine that's not actually a vaccine and is still in trial phase, emergency use for a pandemic that never happened, if they can force you to take that and they can lie about that, they can give you a lethal injection of cyanide and tell you it's for your health.
And that's just where this goes.
So these are the willing stooges, these are the willing guinea pigs, these are the willing sacraments and sacrifices to the New World Order, to the Satanist secret societies that just don't realize what's going on.
But because of them, and their acceptance of this medical tyranny, It creates the precedent that, oh, and the social pressure, like, oh, you haven't gotten the vaccine?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with you is that you're educated.
You think for yourself.
You do your own research.
You're not under mind control.
But then they want to force you into their mind control, and that's why you see the re-education camps emerging.
And so, you know, this is just another star in the constellation that I laid out in the last segment, where the young Turks are now having mass debates on should all Trump supporters and right-wingers be turned into the federal government.
And they have a poll doxing extremists Now, the funny thing is, it shows you not many people are visiting the Young Turks website.
The voting number is very low.
But it's not about their numbers, it's about their mindset.
And so you just saw a poll that came out last week where people that identified as liberals said that they would turn friends or family or colleagues in for saying wrong-think.
90% of liberals said they would turn in colleagues for doing wrong things or saying something offensive.
And so now they're just having the discussion.
Okay, well, we like doing this.
Should we start doing it?
Well, they're already doing it.
You've already had friends and family call in the FBI and say, hey, I know someone that was in January 6th in D.C.
I know someone.
It's my neighbor.
It's my cousin.
It's my brother.
It's my son.
And then the lawyers and the feds come and scoop you up and they say, do you think Trump won the election?
And if you say yes, you're going to jail.
Or they'll give you two options.
They say, well, we can take you to jail or we can take you to a re-education camp.
So do you think Trump won the election?
And you say, oh, I'm not sure.
Well, we're going to take you to a re-education camp and we're going to indoctrinate you and get you under our mind control, or at least make you pretend to do it so that we don't fully enslave you and lock you up.
In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.
Prince Philip, reported by Deutsche Presse Agentur DPA, August 1988.
Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, and brother of Julian Huxley, gave a speech at Berkeley in 1962, shortly before his death.
He admitted that his best-selling book, Brave New World, written in 1932, was based not on fiction, but on what the elite were actually planning to implement.
Everything I do is a cure for our current situation.
Wait, how's it a cure if you're killing people?
I told you it does not kill.
That was the amazing epiphany we had.
We didn't have to kill to accomplish our goal.
We intend to stop human reproduction for three generations.
The busy, endless global assembly line of babies will grind to a halt.
Why do the globalists over and over and over again show us what they're going to do to us in comic books, in science fiction, in movies?
Well, there's a lot of reasons that they do that.
I'm going to explain a few of them right here, but this particular case of Utopia 2020, a remake of a British sci-fi show from 2013 that aired last year via the production system of Amazon, Literally mirrors what's actually happening in reality.
Now, why are they doing that?
I'm gonna explain in a moment, because if you understand this, you understand everything.
Amazon's show plot features fake virus, global vaccine program to sterilize world population.
And he explains, I'm about to play about four minutes from the TV show here, why they're doing it.
You learn that we're going to trick people to opt into a vaccine and that it's not going to kill them right away.
It's going to sterilize them and they're going to pass this virus on that causes sterilization for at least three generations until the world population is held at 500 million.
Well, what's on the Georgia Guidestones?
500 million, that's what the globalist group set up by Bill Gates, David Rockefeller, Prince Charles, and of course the man that paid for the Georgia Guidestones, Ted Turner, have openly said they're going to do.
They're the good guy club, the billionaire club that wants to set up world government to depopulate the planet.
And so they want to tell you in these films, so that some of the public, when they get warned about what's happening, live time will say, oh, you just got that from Black Mirror, the social credit score that we told you was coming 15 years ago, long before Black Mirror.
Oh, you just got that from the Amazon show, Utopia 2020.
So people then think it's theater.
They think it's fiction when we're warning them about the real plot.
And all these top scientists and white papers are out, as you know, that the vaccine isn't a vaccine.
It makes you create spike proteins that attack fertility and that will pass this on for generations.
That's what the scientists have said clearly.
So here they are in a film that's produced at the beginning of the pandemic and put out during the middle of it.
Mirroring what's really happening.
And then you have all the real globals publications saying, oh, the lockdowns are good for the Earth.
It cuts carbon.
No, people aren't having as many kids during lockdown.
That's good.
We need regular climate lockdowns because humans are bad.
They're hitting you at every level.
And it's an excuse for these globals to take full control of all human development, not just, quote, save the planet from overpopulation.
And they also like to tell the world.
In a very thinly veiled way what they're doing and why they're doing it.
So we're in the process of this depopulation.
We're in the process of this mass culling.
We're in the process of the social contract being broken where no one's going to trust medicine or governments again.
And that also adds the horrible dystopia that's unfolding.
So here is Five minutes or so from the show.
If you're a radio listener, it's posted at BandawVideo and Infowars.com.
I suggest you share it.
And I suggest you share it with my little intro here so people can understand the perspective of why these people continue to carry this out.
And then I hope you'll actually see my film, Endgame, Blue River Global Enslavement, that's free in the Infowars documentary section of Bandaw Video that I made 14 years ago that shows all the actual documents and video and proof of this plan.
Because this is the future of the world.
They've hijacked the future, and I think we should at least know what's going on and try to put in our two cents on this operation that's taking place.
But this is all out in the open right now, and so here's an excerpt where the star of the show, the mad scientist, is explaining what they're doing to the world and how they're really giving us a great gift.
And I guess if we don't care and don't stand up, we kind of do deserve what happens to us.
How much evil do you have to do to do good?
You've desecrated all my work.
You disrespected science!
What the hell did you put in that vaccine?
He created a flu that sparked a demand for a vaccine that doesn't work.
After everyone in the country is vaccinated... And the world?
He'll have murdered millions.
Nope, nope, you don't have it.
Give a certain percentage of the population a fatal illness, and you make sure it's genetic.
See, that was the exciting part.
You pass it down.
So if you have children before you die, And when this vaccine fails, I'll be the scapegoat.
People are driven by the need to know what happens next.
Do you want to know what happens next?
Your father created a world-changing, not world-ending, a world-changing, world-improving omnivirus.
And we have taken that virus and embedded it in the vaccine of the Stern's flu.
I knew it.
He created a panic and now everybody's begging for the vaccine.
No, no, no.
Demanding it.
And now we have exactly what we want.
Hundreds of millions of Americans lining up, offering us their arms and letting us give them our creation.
I'm pretty sure when every vaccinated person starts dying, they'll trace it back to you.
Undetectable virus or not.
You've all been very busy.
You're all very sharp.
Are you sure none of you would like to come and work for me?
Better than dying a terrible, violent death?
Then understand this.
What we are doing is far bigger than death.
This virus is not deadly.
It looks pretty damn deadly.
Tell me this.
What have you done today?
Earn your place in this crowded world.
Everything I do is a cure for our current situation.
Wait, how's it a cure if you're killing people?
I told you it does not kill.
That was the amazing epiphany we had.
We didn't have to kill to accomplish our goal.
We intend to stop human reproduction for three generations.
The busy endless global assembly line of babies will grind to a halt.
You're sterilizing people?
In the first five years we'll start to see major birth rate declines as teenagers vaccinated today hit their Of humans, I believe.
Is that what they're calling it?
It's a very nice euphemism for a species that is replicated like a contagion across the planet, killing all other
species in its wake.
Except things that are cute, like puppies or koalas.
You hate people that much?
On the contrary, I love people.
Then how?
Why would... Doing what our government or citizenry is too spoiled or self-indulgent to do.
We are saving ourselves from ourselves.
Halting overpopulation.
A hundred years ago, the global population was 1.7 billion.
2011, it reached... 7 billion.
People live too long, die less often.
In 2050, they say it's gonna plateau.
We'll blow past 11 billion and then slowly begin to...
Global warming.
Mass extinctions.
Food, water shortages.
All these problems can be boiled down to one thing.
At 1.7 billion, we can be as decadent, self-indulgent as 10 billion.
We have to live strategically.
We have to live modestly.
What about what this does to people, society?
We can form a new society.
And you're beta testing it on Americans since we're the worst.
The grand social experiment.
So, is the television show Utopia 2020 predictive programming?
Or is it just a coincidence that that plotline from that cable news special series Utopia 2020 Is it just coincidence that the exact plot of 2020 is in the show called Utopia 2020?
And I've got more vaccine news now.
Have you noticed something?
That the left and the media is rooting for the virus?
Have you noticed this?
Do you know why that is?
Because they see it as a source and a means of power over you.
So they want this new Delta variant to break out so they can get at you to wear a mask, get at you to take a vaccine, and blame you for it.
Not the lab where it was made or Fauci who helped make it.
No, but you, the free thinker, the free citizen.
Infowars is here because there's a war on for your mind.
That's why it's been our motto for more than 25 years.
And if you research even the UN's own admissions, over 2 billion people on planet Earth, out of 7.5 billion, have cognitive disabilities, lower IQ because of lack of iodine.
That's why they work to make sure iodine isn't in the food, isn't in the salt anymore.
Now regular iodine that you find In food is bound to different minerals, and so it's hard for your body to absorb.
But if you get the proper type of iodine, there's three types that are good for the body, it does amazing things.
It's essential in the body.
Well, we have our amazing Tri-Iodine.
A big shipment came in, and so we're able to offer it at the lowest price ever, 60% off.
That is Survival Shield X3, 60% off with three types of powerful iodine.
Tri-iodine is from a patented process that stabilizes the iodine and makes it even more
powerful at the cellular level. You and your family will love it. It's incredible for your
body. Get it at InfoWarshaw.com today. What have you noticed most likely in the
last couple years about the Democrat party and the mainstream media?
Well, it's the same entity.
They carry the same water.
They tell the same lies, the same myths, and they enforce the same tyranny.
And so, I really don't even know how to cover this irony that I'm about to show you from the Democrat Party with Chuck Schumer and Ilhan Omar, other than to just feed it to you raw and just witness it for yourself.
I mean, again, I have no real words.
This is the epitome of irony.
This is the epitome of hypocrisy.
Everything Chuck Schumer says in this clip is true of himself and the mainstream media, but listen to what he says to Congress yesterday.
By the way, they're still not over Donald Trump.
They still can't get over this guy.
So here's Chuck Schumer in front of Congress yesterday.
This is the epitome of irony.
Just a note.
How despicable a man is Donald Trump?
That's him.
He's despicable.
Chuck Schumer.
He lost an election legitimately.
He can't face that.
That it was his failure.
And he creates a lie.
A big lie.
And wins so many people over to that lie.
With the help of news media.
And other news commentators who are lying as well and they know it.
Donald Trump with his despicable lies.
So, Chuck Schumer says Trump is a liar and that the media does the work to carry out his lies.
sweeping voter suppression efforts in at least in at least 80 years.
Pause it right there.
More than 200...
So Chuck Schumer says Trump is a liar and that the media does the work to carry out his lies.
I mean again do I even have to explain the ridiculousness of that statement and the irony?
And then as if it wasn't enough he goes on to tell you a massive lie that Republicans want voter suppression.
A voter ID is somehow voter suppression?
It's common sense to show an ID when you vote.
How am I going to know it's you voting?
How am I going to know you didn't vote already?
Well, you have an ID.
Okay, makes sense.
How are you going to argue that you had voter suppression in 2020, which is what their basis of all of this is, is, oh, there was all this voter suppression in 2020.
You had a record number of voter turnout, an astronomical record.
Donald Trump got a record number of votes in a U.S.
presidential election, and he lost!
At least they want us to believe that.
So how are you going to tell me you had voter suppression and that Republicans want voter suppression when you had an astronomical record of voter turnout in 2020 and the only thing you can point to that Republicans want is voter ID, which is just common sense.
So Schumer tells the Whopper Of a lie, or I should say, a whopper of an ironic statement saying that Trump lies and the media carries out his lies.
It's the exact opposite.
The Democrats lie and the media lie all day long about everything!
And they always get caught!
Russian collusion, hands up, don't shoot.
I mean, I could go on all day.
But then Schumer tells you a lie after saying Trump and the media are lying.
He must think that the American people are really that stupid, and I hope he realizes how dumb he looks.
What an embarrassment!
But he has no shame.
And then here's Ilhan Omar!
Again, tell me, do I even have to tell you how ironic this is?
Does this not just slap you in the face, the irony of this statement from Ilhan Omar?
Republicans love to create outrage over things that aren't actually happening.
People should be asking them, what elementary, middle school, and high school is teaching critical race theory, and why they are spinning false narratives?
So she's saying that critical race theory doesn't even exist!
When it's their own creation!
And then she says that Republicans create outrage over things that aren't actually happening.
Again, that's the Democrats!
All their minority arguments that minorities don't really care about.
I mean, again, the irony, the epitome of irony is in these Democrat politicians lying and the media lying.
I'm just floored.
I'm just floored at the boldface phoniness of Chuck Schumer and Ilhan Omar.
Schumer says that Trump lies and the media carries his lies.
It's the exact opposite.
Trump is lied about all day long and the media carries out those lies.
But that's just one example of the media's lies.
And then Ilhan Omar saying that Republicans love to fake outrage over things that don't happen.
No, that's you!
That's you guys with everything!
Voter suppression?
Not true!
America's racist?
Not true!
There's more of a demand for racism from the left than there is a supply.
So they fake it!
Like Jussie Smollett and dozens of others caught at Ivy League schools and universities and pretending that a rope on a garage is a noose and was sent as a statement.
So again, Chuck Schumer says Trump's a liar and the media carries his lies.
The exact opposite is true.
Ilhan Omar says Republicans like to fake outrage over things that aren't happening.
Again, that's the Democrats.
So desperate for America to be racist that they fake hate crimes.
This is hilarious here.
I don't know if this is true or not, but I swear to you, I was just thinking in my head when they put this up, is the media gonna start whitening people's faces when they put out their photos?
If it's a criminal?
Are they gonna whiten the criminal's face?
So that they can carry out their false narrative that it's white supremacists doing all this?
And then the crew pulled this up.
So, this is apparently CNN, a story, Covering a violent criminal, a non-white supremacist, and they have the real picture of the individual there carrying the gun, and then the CNN story of it, and they make him look white.
Yeah, and I got this story right here that correlates with it.
Austin American statesman shares fact check, claiming it's false.
They omitted suspect's description because he's black.
Except their fact check, which was done by PolitiFact, Shares that the Austin American Statesman did indeed not share the fact that the suspect was black because, quote, it could be harmful and perpetuating stereotypes.
So it's true!
They didn't put his picture out because he was black and then PolitiFact admits it but says no, it's not true.
By the way, The one in Austin was a mass shooting and the suspect was still at large and so they still didn't put out the photo because the guy was black and they didn't want to perpetuate stereotypes even though it was a mass shooter at large in downtown Austin, Texas.
These people are psycho.
So like, now you see them, now they're pushing to put Trump supporters in re-education camps.
Again, it's all projection, man.
They belong in the re-education camps.
They're the mental defectives.
And I don't want to put them in mental care facilities.
I don't want to put them in rubber rooms.
But they're coming for us!
So it's like, what are we supposed to do?
They're the psychos!
They're the psychotics!
I mean, for God's sakes, have you seen Keith Olbermann lately?
The guy has rubber room written all over him!
And they put that psychotic on television!
Keith Olbermann!
But oh, Ilhan Omar says Republicans fake outrage about things that don't exist, and then we point out... Again, I mean, I don't know who else was reporting on it.
We reported on it the day of, and the next day, because it happened here in Austin, I said, I mean, I don't live far from the downtown area, and so they get the notification sent out, mass shooter at large downtown Austin, and I go to the story, and there's no picture of the guy.
And I know why they don't share a picture of the guy!
And then people tweet at the Austin American-Statesman, they're like, why aren't you showing a picture?
It's because he's black, isn't it?
And then PolitiFact runs a fact check, and they ask the Austin American-Statesman, Why they didn't put the picture of the black suspect out, and the Austin American-Statesman said because it could be harmful and perpetuating stereotypes, and then PolitiFact says it's false!
That they didn't put out the picture of the suspect because he was black, even though they got the answer from the Austin American Statesman that said they didn't do it because he's black.
I mean, I am living in the clown world.
Paint my face, give me a honky nose, give me a flower that squirts water on ya, you know, I mean like, give me a hula hoop.
Is it, should we just all just be total clowns like these people want us to be now?
So again, I don't want these
mentally defective mentally ill liberals to be put in a re-education
I'm all about freedom.
I know that what I wish on my worst enemy could ultimately be done to me.
So I don't want this to be done to them, but they're calling for us to be put in re-education camps.
They're doing it to Trump supporters right now.
And they say, oh, did Trump win the election?
If you say yes, time to take you to the re-education camp.
You're going to have to do a book report.
And these are the same people that want to force you to take a vaccine.
And you know why they hate Infowars so much?
I mean, the globalists, like the real secret societies, they almost really don't even hate us.
They almost, truly, they respect us.
Because, in a way, they look at us as, like, metaphysical redemption for them.
Because they're like, hey, you were warned!
You know, InfoWars told ya!
And, like, inside of their mouth, they're like, you know.
But see, the left really hates us and lies about us on a daily basis.
Like, again, I'm not litigious.
I don't want to sit in courtrooms all day long and deal with lawyers, but it's like, after how many lies about me in the mainstream media do I just decide I'm going to start suing people?
New York Times, Washington Post saying lies about me, and then friends send me a story saying, why did you do this?
I say, I didn't do it.
Here's the video.
They didn't show you.
And they say, wow, that's true.
You didn't do it.
it why do I so They want to put you in re-education camp, that's tyranny.
They want to force you to take a vaccine, that's tyranny.
And they're cheering, they're cheering for a virus right now.
They are on the side of the virus, they're rooting for the virus, this new Delta variant, this is their new big thing.
They want it to outbreak, they want people to die, because then that gives them this false sense of superiority An authority to make you wear a mask and make you take a vaccine and then blame you for a virus.
So, you know, the media will probably build up this Delta variant.
We'll see.
And they're already pushing it in stories like this at NPR.
Delta variant of the coronavirus could dominate.
In US within weeks, they're rooting for the virus.
They want it to dominate.
Because that's who these people are.
It's like Ed Buck, or it's like the Democrat Manhattan City Council candidate who does pornography in sex dungeons where he's being tortured by dominatrix.
It's not really one of the things I wanted to cover here on air, so I didn't show you that.
But yeah, you know, that's what they're into.
The Knicks of them, sex cults, all of it.
Bill Clinton with the women he raped, you know, saying that they bit him so hard it went a hole in their lip.
But hey, this is them.
They want the virus to dominate.
NPR says the Delta variant of the coronavirus could dominate.
It's gonna dominate.
And they want it to dominate, because they want to dominate you.
And so it doesn't matter that we have all of these pilots that are being forced to take the vaccine that are dying.
It doesn't matter that you had a cruise ship where everybody on the cruise ship was forced to take the vaccine and you had multiple COVID cases.
It doesn't matter that you now have 4,000 fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts tested positive for COVID.
It doesn't matter that the World Health Organization has even admitted that the COVID vaccine isn't going to work for the Delta variant, and that's an argument they make in this NPR piece saying, this is all the more reason to get vaccinated, and all the more reason to be mad at your friends that don't get vaccinated, even though they admit this vaccine will do nothing for the Delta variant.
And these people want to run your lives!
What an incredible time to be alive.
But are you truly living?
Are you expanding your consciousness?
Or are you shrinking it into the vortex of global tyranny being brought in with the Trojan horse of modern-day liberalism?
Ladies and gentlemen, Ivory Hecker is a true American hero, one of the latest Project Veritas whistleblowers.
Not like the coward over there at ABC News, Amy Rohrbach, that spiked the story of Epstein's sex trafficking to protect Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.
That's a coward.
Ivory Hecker is a courageous woman and a hero.
Here's just part of her latest breaking story in the revelations that she is being censored by Fox News Corporation.
So my YouTube video showing my Fox bosses in their own words with their tyrannical control of the narrative was deleted from YouTube because it didn't meet community guidelines.
It's nice to know that YouTube and Fox are good buddies.
I'm going to post the video again here and on Telegram definitely.
Telegram Is where you can see it's not going to get deleted.
I'm dumbfounded.
I'm dumbfounded that video of Fox bosses talking about controlling the narrative is censored out of YouTube.
So think about this, we now know for a fact, it's on record, that Fox has a direct line of communication with Big Tech, CNN and all these other liberal outposts on the internet have a direct line of communication with Big Tech, and that the Democrat Party, which was revealed by Mike Cernovich the other day, has a direct line of communication with Big Tech.
And so anytime they see something they don't like, they send a message to Google or Facebook or YouTube or Twitter, and it gets read, and what they asked to be censored gets censored.
The best place now for all news, current events, politics, whatever on the internet is Band.Video and InfoWars.com.
The most uncensored, raw, real, expansive and full encompassing news coverage you're going to get is InfoWars.com and for videos and live streams it's Band.Video.
And I have to say, what we, that's the crew here, that's you in the audience, what we've done to build Bandot Video is truly incredible.
And so, you really don't need any other sources anymore.
Even if you don't like, necessarily, myself or Alex or Harrison Smith, the three hosts here of the live shows on InfoWars every day, There are so many contributors now to Band.Video.
It is incredible, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, so you may not like the InfoWars host.
Hey, that's fine.
I get it.
I'm kind of loud and obnoxious sometimes.
May not be your cup of tea.
But we have all these other great reporters.
Greg Reese, David Icke.
The list just goes on and on and on.
Paul Joseph Watson, Nick Fuentes, John Bowne.
The Liberty Broadcast.
All of it at Band.Video.
So we built this.
You, us, all of us together.
We've done this in the age of censorship.
And this is what we do with your financial support at InfoWarsStore.com.
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And you'll notice, and some people are starting to notice this too, and it's just kind of funny because we're just like, grab the hard hat and the pail and, you know, the lunchbox and just get to work.
And so, We don't really sit down and take time to reflect on what we do, but I have people sending me stuff, other people that work in media or just friends and family, and they'll send me these news stories that they see that come across their newsfeed or they see on TV, and they'll say, hey, didn't you say that last year?
Like, hey, I saw you guys reported this first.
They won't give you credit.
Or hey, did you see this person lying about you in the paper?
I know that's not true.
And I'm one of the most banned people in the world.
So again, it's like InfoWars is really the only gauge right now to see where the Liberty Movement is really at.
Trump is kind of dormant.
You know, he's about to start having these rallies, and I'll be honest, I'm like... I just can't really get that excited for a Trump rally.
I don't know.
I don't know.
So, maybe InfoWars will go to some of them.
I'm just not really excited.
You know, maybe if he made some announcement, then maybe there would be some excitement there, but to me it's just...
Exercise and futility at this point, but hey, I mean it's fun You know that the thing about it is it that is the reason I bring it up is that is one of the only other gauges out there For will where the Liberty Movement is that so I mean Trump will have a rally and get 30,000 40,000 50,000 I don't know where the I forget the venue he announced in, Ohio I mean Trump could go to he went down to Houston a few years ago.
He went to the Toyota Center It's the big NBA I mean, it was totally sold out, you know, 25,000 people, the stands plus the seats on the ground.
So, I mean, Trump could go to a football stadium and probably fill it if they did the right marketing campaign.
So that's the only other gauge, really.
But the fact that I can't go out without being recognized, the fact that I have friends and family sending me stuff almost every day like, hey, you reported that first, or hey, look, this person is lying about you.
And people are seeing our reports and seeing old reports that have come true and saying, wow, when did you report this?
So, that's just me telling you.
The gauge of freedom and Americans wanting to be free is going in the right direction.
But the gauge of tyranny is also encroaching.
So, I mean, that's the yin and yang.
That's the balance.
And as long as InfoWars on the air, you know that the resistance is on.
And we will be right back with more.
So the crew, and I guess it was a caller into the American Journal with Harrison Smith this morning that brought this up.
And the crew is all in an uproar about this document here.
The 2030 spike countdown to global catastrophe.
And so I don't really know much about this.
I haven't really seen it, but I mean literally the crews printed it three times and brought it to me.
So they're panicked by what they see in this or whatever was covered on the American Journal this morning with Harrison Smith.
I was tuning in but I must have missed this when I was getting ready for the Alex Jones Show today.
But you know, here's what I'm going to say in general because The whole operating procedure of the New World Order is deception.
And so just like they faked a pandemic and are telling you man-made climate change is the biggest threat, or white supremacy, I guess it depends on the day, that's really irrelevant.
But the point is, It's all a manufactured crisis.
It's all manufactured.
None of it's organic.
None of it is because of divine creation or God's will for us or human activity.
It's all the globalists.
It's all the elite, secret, technotronic, separate societies that have broken away from civilization in general and are now trying to plan a whole new separate society for themselves with an underclass of humans That they can force vaccinate, force microchip, force to be locked in a cage, whatever, as they sit on top of the planet.
And so, you'll see fake pandemics, you'll see real pandemics, you'll see weather manipulation, you'll see weather phenomenon, you'll see all of this stuff, and it'll all be blamed on humans, it'll all be blamed on you, but it'll all be the same A group of world elites running all of it.
And that's why exposing the COVID hoax is so important.
Because if you see how they ran the COVID hoax and the fake pandemic, it opens up your mind to understand and see the signs of all the other fraud and all the other things that they're going to fake in the near future.
Like an alien invasion or an alien attack or something with all this UFO psyop bullcrap that's going on.
And you know, and I was mentioning Banned Out Video in the last segment, because here's another key to this.
I have been a media... I don't even know what you call it.
I mean, addict, quite frankly.
I consume 10 hours of talk radio a day.
If I have extra time, I'm just browsing through internet video channels like YouTube, just searching for any kind of esoteric stuff as entertainment now.
Secrets of the Egyptian Pyramid, Secrets of the Megaliths, Is the Earth Flat?
I mean, all of it.
I love all of it.
It's all fun to me.
And so... What I've noticed though, is that... And I've finally been able to hone it to find the stuff that I like again, but...
The stuff that was very esoteric and kind of out there, you can't find on YouTube anymore.
It's all shadow banned or completely banned, and you have to really dig it out to try to find it.
And so that's why banned out video is so great, because it's just, it's all just right there.
But why do I bring this up?
Because the UFO and the alien channels that I've been following for years, Who are actually into this stuff and studying this stuff and trying to discern what's real and what's fake.
I'm not saying I agree with all of it or not.
I'm just saying I trust them as sources.
Like Secure Team 10, I think, is one of the best.
I forget some of the other ones out there.
And none of them are really buying this government revelation of the UFOs.
And there's one thing I noticed, and it's the same thing that happens in any other aspect of society, whether it's politics or whatever, is that For any one movement, like take the Flat Earth Movement.
I'm not saying I'm Flat Earth, but what they do is they take a real debate that people are having on the internet, and they cherry pick one person, once something becomes such a big phenomenon, they cherry pick one person to then synthetically make the leader of that movement.
And so they took this one guy, When the Flat Earth thing was really peaking on YouTube, and then they censored all the Flat Earth videos on YouTube, and then Netflix picked one guy that they were gonna do a documentary on, and do their Flat Earth documentary, who then became the voice of all the Flat Earthers, then all the Flat Earthers reject his theories and this individual.
But see, that's what they do is... So again, I'm not saying I'm Flat Earth.
Their censorship of the Flat Earth makes me curious, but... That's what they do, is they censor the real stuff out there, That are just people questioning things, and then they take the one individual they can control, and then they make that the entire movement, stealing the movement, and saying, oh no, this is the movement, now he's in control.
And so they do the same thing now with the UFO phenomenon.
And so they censor all the legitimate UFO alien investigators out there.
And then they take one, and they put him on national TV, and they put him as the one voice of all of it.
And of course, he's buying into everything the government says, everything the Pentagon says.
Oh, it's legit.
This is the big revelation.
We finally got it.
And then stealing all the energy and attention from the real UFO investigators, alien historians, all of that stuff, and then giving all the focus to this one guy who's clearly controlled opposition.
But see, just like Everything else that's going to come, that's going to be used to bring in global tyranny, it's all synthetic.
And so that's why you can't live in fear.
That's why fear is the greatest enemy.
They want to use our fear against us.
Fear of a virus, fear of an alien, fear of whatever, fear of getting sick, fear... And they use all of these things that they created against us as the excuse that they need to be in control because, oh, they love you so much, when they're the ones that caused all of it.
It's the classic Pied Piper scenario, except in a 21st century science fiction rollout.
You're afraid of a virus?
Well, get this vaccine!
And then you've completely remade your human biology.
I mean, seriously, like... How many people in this audience... In fact, you know what?
Here's what I think I might do.
Because I'm hosting the War Room again today as well, and I've got a lot of news I'm holding over for that anyway.
But I was thinking about doing this, and now I just kind of want to do it right now.
I should open up the phone lines, and we should take calls, and I'll ask you outright, and maybe you haven't even tried this yet.
Are you magnetized?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetized?
Because I'm overwhelmed here with people sending me pictures and videos of how they're now human magnets.
And you have people in India, and they think it's like a comic book, like, hero or something.
Like, they've been given superpowers.
I'm not even kidding you.
Now, it's a phenomenon in India.
Multiple people are like, I'm a new comic book hero.
I'm the magnet man.
And they have, like, massive plates and everything.
Their whole body is magnetized.
It's from the vaccine.
So what is this crazy phenomenon?
I've never had a magnet stick to me.
I know people that have never been vaccinated but work in the healthcare industry around vaccinated people all the time.
They're magnetized.
People sending me videos all day long.
People sending me entire files of videos and photos of meats and humans magnetized.
They send this to me on my Subscribestar.
I can't even get to all of it.
And again, the crew can sit here and pull up videos all day long.
So you know, maybe that's what I'll do in the third hour today, and then Paul Joseph Watson has the fourth hour, and then I can just carry it over onto the war room, and we can just do a mass... Because how else are we really gonna test this?
Have you been vaccinated, and are you magnetized?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetized?
I mean, this is psycho stuff, man!
I mean, forget about your politics, dude!
Why the hell are humans and meat magnetized all of a sudden?
I mean, that's not... whether you like Biden or whether you like Trump or... whatever!
Like, are you a magnet, bro?
So, I think I'm gonna do that.
But I'm gonna do it in the third hour.
So I'm not going to give out the phone number right now because I'm going to come back and then I'll give out the phone number and I'm going to cover the rest of this news.
But just know this, all the coming catastrophes, fake pandemics, alien invasions, terrorist attacks, all of it, it's all going to be false flags.
It's all going to be synthetic.
And they're going to say, look, the world is burning.
Look, the world is out of control.
You need global government.
You need government tyranny.
A 21st century science fiction Pied Piper rollout where they cause all the problems and then they rush in as the heroes and seize power.
This is, this is, it's about to get nuts.
It's about to get more insane than you've ever seen it in your life.
Ladies and gentlemen, Kamala Harris, I can't even deal with this man
Give me shelter Give me shelter from this insanity.
Give me shelter from this New World Order insanity.
Give me shelter from this medical tyranny.
Oh Lord, give me shelter.
It's not when you turn the stones down, you turn them up when you're asking God for shelter from these damn tyrants!
It's just a shot away.
*poof* *awkward silence*
*laughs* Oh man, I'll tell you what.
So now, what have we been telling you?
What have we been warning you about?
So, you see that the left is now wanting to send Trump supporters to re-education camps.
The left is now chopping at the bit to become like secret FBI agents turning in their neighbors If they don't believe Trump lost the election and now Kamala Harris has just made a public statement saying that if your neighbors have not been vaccinated to go knock on their doors and harass them to take a vaccine.
Remember when Whoopi Goldberg did that whole thing on The View?
Stay out of my vagina!
Stay out of my behind!
Stay out of my body!
But then they want to forcefully inject you with an experimental vaccine, even if you have immunity naturally to COVID.
This is the most evil, diabolical thing, but they show up with a rainbow sweater and a Black Lives Matter flag to come rape you medically.
And so now there's this video out of India.
I'm reaching the point of gallows humor now, folks, that you're watching now where they're trying to force this lady to be vaccinated.
She doesn't want to be vaccinated.
She fights tooth and nail for like two minutes and then they chase her into a field.
Chase her into a field to force-inoculate you!
And so, this is exactly what the New World Order is.
You can't outrun it.
You can't escape it.
It will enslave you.
You want to escape?
There is no escape.
It's totalitarian in its very nature.
In its conception.
So you will not be free if this New World Order arrives and becomes entrenched with the AI that they're building, and then putting you into the Internet of Things.
I thought the left was all about freedom.
I thought the left was all about my body, my choice.
No, the left is all about being brainwashed slaves.
Unbelievable to witness this.
This is the New World Order Materialized in a short video clip.
Chasing an old woman through the field because she didn't want to be vaccinated.
You can't escape it.
You can't outrun it.
It will force you.
It will enslave you.
Absolutely stunning.
I mean, seriously, like, have you seen the VAERS graph of the vaccine deaths?
Oh my!
Folks, I mean, we should pull the graph up, guys.
Let's pull that graph up that we covered yesterday on The War Room, because I can sit here and I can cover for hours all the vaccine deaths.
I can cover for hours all the admitted side effects.
I mean, you know, why though?
I'll just show you this.
This is the official vaccine adverse reaction website, the government website, that tracks vaccine adverse reactions.
This is the graph for death.
Do you notice anything?
Does anything stand out to you about this graph?
I mean, a three-year-old that barely has the concept of mathematics could point out the anomaly in this graph.
You know, you find a five-year-old, you know, hi little girl, hi little boy!
I'm going to present to you a graph.
Now you tell me if you notice anything about this graph.
And every single one of them, it pretty much goes from zero for all time to all the way up!
Good job little Johnny!
Probably smarter than the average liberal.
So again, why should I even sit here and cover all of the news about the deadly vaccines when I just can show you the graph that does it all for you?
So it's like, guys, let's just do this.
Cue up some elevator music.
And let's just put the graph on TV.
I mean, I don't know.
What else can I do?
Again, I've been covering this for months.
We sit here at nauseam and report all the news with the adverse reactions from the vaccines, all the deaths.
But why?
Why should I?
Why should I stress so much?
So let me just, guys, cue up some elevator music.
And let's just sit back!
Let's just sit back and show the graph of all the people dying from the vaccine.
And this is the official government numbers!
And they assume that less than 25% of people who have vaccine-adverse reactions even report it.
So this number you could probably multiply by four, which is what the experts have done.
There's been about 25,000 vaccine deaths.
So, yeah, let's... Oh, yeah.
Hello, InfoWars audience.
You're on the Infovator.
And today, instead of doing news coverage, we're just going to play some relaxing music and let you stare at this vaccine adverse reaction graph that shows how many people have died from vaccines.
And if you'll notice, for almost 30 years, the number was below 500.
But now in the year 2021, it's up over 6,000.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, that number is off the graph.
This is how you respond to the vaccines killing people now.
Just play some hip music and dance.
Oh, yeah.
Grandma just died from the vaccine.
My neighbor just collapsed.
Yeah, take that force inoculation.
Take that government-mandated death.
It's cool.
It's trendy.
Do your part.
You can't be free till you take the vaccine.
You can't be free till you take the vaccine.
The hospitals, remember they were so overwhelmed, so overwhelmed with TikTok dance routines.
Now the hospitals can't figure out how to dispose of all the dead from the vaccine.
But don't worry, they're making videos on TikTok.
Ah, celebrate that death.
Celebrate that murder you're a part of.
Celebrate being a brainwashed, mind-controlled stooge.
A dummy.
Get your vax.
Kamala Harris says it's time to harass your neighbors to get the vaccine.
The government says I shouldn't have any rights until I get the vaccine.
And I, and Big Tech tells me just to ignore the vaccine adverse reaction graph that shows that deaths from the vaccine have increased 10,000 fold since the COVID vaccines roll out.
The COVID vaccine's only been out for six months and it's already the deadliest vaccine in world history.
Get your vax.
We're going to chase you through a field in India.
I mean, seriously, like, what?
I mean you, seriously, we should just be doing comedy at this point.
We should do a video where...
Someone comes to my house to force inoculate me and I kind of put up a fight and then I and then I run out to the parking lot and then they chase me through the parking lot and then I like dive into a river and I'm like swimming across a river and then they hop into the river like 10 of them swimming through the river and then I'm like scaling a mountain I'm like climbing up this mountain like looking behind me desperately and I turn around and there they are with the vaccine and the needle like I'm like skydiving off a plane like, and then there's 30 people skydive off the plane all with needles.
Oh my god, dude!
Put that graph back on screen as we go to break.
I'm gonna give the phone number out when we come back from break.
Have you been magnetized by the vaccine?
In fact, let's take calls from all those that have died from the vaccine.
Oh wait, that's right, the vaccine killed them.
They can't call in.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
Well, I'm trying to be a good man.
I'm trying to stand up and do the right thing.
And I've seen huge effects with what we've done here at InfoWars.
Other good men and women getting together and telling the truth and standing up to corruption.
But now the globals are coming after us.
And so I need your prayers.
I need your financial support.
I need your word of mouth to stay in the fight.
We've got a big sale going right now.
Free shipping, double Patriot points on three items that have been sold out.
Ultimate Krill Oil 40% off.
X3 60% off.
Best you'll ever own that.
More informative than the mainstream news and funniest, funnier than the funniest bit on Saturday Night Live.
It's Info Wars, and that's why they hate us.
And by the way, we do all of it live, unscripted, no teleprompters, nobody in our ears, no agenda,
and we're still better than everybody in the mainstream news.
Blast off with us!
Alright, I'm going to open up the phone lines.
I specifically want questions on this.
I want people calling in on this issue.
Have you received a vaccine and or are you magnetized And is the raw meat in your refrigerator magnetized?
So many of you may not even know.
Have you tried?
Many of you may be listening to this and might try sticking a magnet on you for the first time and realize you're magnetized.
The number to call in, 877-789-2539.
Have you been vaccinated?
Are you magnetized?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetized?
And what do you think all this means?
It can't be a coincidence that all of a sudden people and raw meat is becoming magnetized overnight as this vaccine rollout is going on.
It can't be coincidence that people are just now noticing this phenomenon for the first time.
So, are you magnetized?
Are you vaccinated?
Is the raw meat in your refrigerator magnetized?
Because they just say, oh, it's a conspiracy theory, and then reporters go out to downtown Austin and just ask people, have you been vaccinated?
And they say, yes, they stick a magnet to their arm.
They say, oh, it's debunked.
No, it's been fully bunked.
It's double bunked.
So we'll take your phone calls on that.
Here's last night, Tucker Carlson.
Also funnier than Saturday Night Live, making fun of Don Lamont.
Don Lamont is a cable news host and our competitor over at CNN.
And most of the time he talks about cable news host type things.
What the Royals are up to.
How a commercial airliner might have flown into a black hole.
You know, the news.
But Don Lamont is, most importantly, more than that.
Don Lamont is a civil rights leader.
And just the other day he spoke to the Washington Post about his feelings on civil rights and he declared,
"You may not be surprised by this, that America is a racist country."
Quote, "We're living in two different realities as black and white people," said Father Lamont.
It was interesting.
We read that, and we thought, well, here's a guy who makes millions of dollars a year for presiding over a show that is failing.
That seems like a pretty good deal.
But, like so many, Don Lamond is also a victim.
A successful victim.
And so we asked, on the victim scale, on the scale of, say, Meghan Markle to Michelle Obama, just how oppressed is Don Lamond?
What is the different reality he is forced to live in as a black man in America?
Well, we did a little digging, and here are the details.
Don Lamon lives in a $4.3 million home in Sag Harbor, New York.
No, he does not live in Section 8 housing.
He lives in one of the whitest towns in America.
In fact, 80% Sag Harbor is just 3% African American.
Now, in the interview, Mr. Lamon said America needs to see more people like him.
He regularly lectures America about diversity.
What he didn't tell the Washington Post is that in his free time, he runs away from diversity.
His reality is that he doesn't like diversity at all.
None of them do.
But here's the most troubling discovery about Mr. Lamont.
Now, you have heard from the White House, from the President himself, that white supremacy is a lurking threat.
You might not always see it, but it's always there.
Like Russian spies, white supremacists come in the dark of night, in the most surprising form.
They're shapeshifters.
Now we're not calling anybody a white supremacist here, but you have to ask yourself, I'm going to put this on the screen now, what is this, this symbol of hate, symbol of hate posing as a cookie jar, doing in Don Lamond's kitchen?
Do you see that?
That right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a white supremacist QAnon cookie jar.
Now, we're not calling for the Department of Justice to look more deeply into this, because that's not our place.
We're a cable news show, not a law enforcement— It's a Ralph Northam statue!
And we are into the third hour now.
We're about to start taking your phone calls.
Have you been vaccinated and or are you magnetized now?
And again, if you're just joining us, it's a worldwide phenomenon.
People are becoming magnetized with magnets and keys and silverware and all this stuff sticking to them.
Unbelievable stuff sticking to raw meat as well.
And it's vaccinated people and now it's unvaccinated people too.
But so we asked the audience today, have you been vaccinated and or are you magnetized?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetized?
So as we load up the lines there, let me just cover some of the rest of this news.
Again, the media and the Democrats are cheering for the virus and this new Delta variant, you know, because COVID is pretty much a non-issue now.
Hasn't been for a while.
They faked a pandemic, but even the fake pandemic is over.
So now they want the new pandemic, and it's this Delta variant, and they're rooting for it with this story in the NPR.
Delta variant of the coronavirus could dominate the US.
It's going to dominate you, just like they dominate you.
So, they're rooting for the virus, and They're going to use this Delta variant to say, oh, you're bad, you didn't get the vaccine.
Oh, you're bad, you didn't wear your mask.
It's all your fault.
They're cheering for the virus because they want that fake moral superiority over you.
And then they're even saying this is I mean, here's the sub headline right here.
Another reason to get vaccinated.
This is.
NPR publicly funded telling you to get vaccinated because of a Delta variant, even though the World Health, which is totally bought and controlled by China, World Health Organization and Bill Gates, tells you that the COVID vaccine won't work for the Delta variant.
But that doesn't stop NPR from lying to you.
And promoting the deadliest vaccine in world history.
By the way, you can say that with confidence as a fact.
The COVID-19 vaccine is the deadliest vaccine in world history, at least that we know of, on the VAERS report that they're admitting.
Maybe it may not be, but from the actual statistics that they'll admit to, the COVID-19 vaccine is the deadliest in human history.
And they are telling you to take it, forcing you to take it, saying that if you don't take it, you're bad.
And because of the new Delta variant, that's another reason to take it, even though it doesn't work for COVID-19.
In fact, the COVID-19 vaccines don't work at all, unless they're meant to maim and kill you.
Then they're working fine.
But if they're supposed to stop COVID, they're not working at all.
You had the cruise liner ship, nothing but vaccinated.
People on board, multiple COVID cases broke out.
In Massachusetts, you now have 4,000 fully vaccinated people testing positive for COVID-19.
And you know, Duterte looked like he may be a force against the New World Order, and he still may be, but he's turned into a real authoritarian, and it's not good.
And now Duterte is saying, you're gonna get the vaccine or you're gonna go to jail.
That's not good.
So imagine Duterte Whose big thing was stopping the drug cartels and he shut down and killed a lot of drug dealers and drug cartels.
But now he's working for Big Pharmaceutical, the most deadly drug cartel in the world?
Saying vaccine or jail?
Boy, he went wrong quick, didn't he?
And then, sad to see, this in Russia, Kremlin says people without vaccine or immunity in Russia will have limited work options.
Boy, that is...
I can't tell if Russia's just playing along with this, just pretending to play along with this, or they're really doing this, but it's a worldwide agenda, ladies and gentlemen.
It's a worldwide agenda.
And they've lied to you about this vaccine, they've lied to you about this virus.
Why would you trust these people at all?
Why would you let these people Control your life when they lie to you 24-7.
And why would such an evil group of people force you to take the deadliest vaccine in known history?
That cannot be debated.
And you know, I know all the people at Left Wing or Right Wing Watch and Media Matters and all the other people that transcribe every InfoWars show.
And then lie about us and then use us for clickbait every day.
What would you do without us?
You'd have nothing to do.
You would have nothing to watch.
You'd have nothing to report on.
What would you do without us?
Have you realized that yet?
And so, you're listening right now, like, you understand you're not immune to this.
You may think you're in control of this whole thing right now and feel empowered by it for the first time in your life.
You're not in control of this.
So you need to start really reflecting on your lives and understand that this isn't a game, this isn't a joke.
The COVID-19 vaccine is the deadliest vaccine in U.S.
And there's no amount of mental gymnastics you can do to hide that.
So you may be concocting some story in your head about this news coverage today and all these callers I'm about to take who are now magnetized by the vaccine, but just understand this is being done to you and you're promoting it.
You're now part of it.
So you're now part Of the most authoritarian global takeover in world history.
And you're being used like a stooge, like a dummy, like a pawn in this operation.
And you like it because it makes you feel empowered.
You know how powerful this group is.
But don't you realize that our fate will be your fate?
Or you're just still in denial of that, aren't you?
I guess so.
So here we go, ladies and gentlemen.
We asked the callers, have you been vaccinated and are you magnetic?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetic?
And again, I know the audience knows this, but just so people understand, nothing we do here is ever scripted.
I didn't even plan on taking calls.
So this may blow your mind what you're about to hear in the next hour.
But this is all real.
This is as real as it gets.
So we start with Adam in Delaware.
Adam, have you been vaccinated?
Are you magnetized?
Hello Owen, it's me.
Yes, hi.
Hi, I was vaccinated earlier this year and I work in an industrial field and you wouldn't believe, it's hard to get to work because my keys, my keys to my vehicle stick to my hand.
Are you serious?
Yeah, it's not a strong... I don't want people thinking that, you know, you can't, you know, walk down the street or a telephone pole is going to get you, but things stick to your hands, which is... it's a strange phenomenon, to say the least.
See, I haven't seen that.
I've seen it, like, on the chest and on the head and on the back and the arm, but you're saying even your hand?
Well, that's the thing, that's how I noticed it, because it sticks to your hand, you couldn't drop it.
I was only vaccinated a few weeks ago, so maybe because it happened so recently, it's stronger, but it's concerning.
And so, but you know, because this is an interesting part of this experiment that we're doing right here, you've never had a key appear to be magnetized or stick to your hand ever before?
No, because you turn your hand upside down, it should fall.
So, when this first happened to you, and when you first noticed this, what was that like?
Well, I didn't know what to do.
I was at work, and I was trying to pick up some tools, and I was like, well, you know, occasionally things get on your hand.
I was like, that couldn't be anything.
And then it happened a few more times, and I was listening to Alex talk about it, and that's what, you know, I put two and two together there, and I was like, wow, my work forced me into getting this vaccine, or else I couldn't come back.
And, you know, it's just one thing after another.
It boggles the mind.
Have any of your work colleagues had the same phenomenon of being magnetized that had to take the vaccine?
This guy I work with, Rocco.
Rocco, he's very magnetized.
More so than you, even?
Yes, he hasn't been.
Rocco hasn't been into work for several weeks now because of this.
Did he get the vaccine before you did?
He was one of the main factors in getting everyone else to get the vaccine.
He was, you know, the big, we got to do this.
So he was one of the first and now he's the sickest and most magnetized.
Yes, Rocco is easily the most sick out of all of us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, that's just the leadoff caller for what is going to be a very scary hour, quite frankly, but very revealing.
So there you go.
This is just crazy, man.
What is this science fiction reality I'm living in?
What would you say if there was a storyline in which a global government forced the population of Earth to take an experimental injection that in the first six months of its Release to the public has already been the deadliest vaccine in world history.
What would you think?
Well, that's where we are, ladies and gentlemen, and we're taking phone calls right now.
We're asking, have you been vaccinated and are you magnetized?
Is the raw meat in your fridge magnetized?
We just had the last caller.
Explaining that phenomenon that happened to him and some of his colleagues at work.
So this is a very real thing and PolitiFact and Washington Post and all the other liberal liars out there can say it's a conspiracy theory.
It's not happening.
You have hours and hours and hours of video.
I have people sending me pictures of how they're magnetized every day and we're going to take about 10 or so calls of people saying the same thing.
Let's go to Liam, who has dialed in from Illinois.
Liam, you're on the air.
Have you been vaccinated and are you magnetized?
I'm not vaccinated, nor will I ever be vaccinated, but a buddy of mine at work, one of my actually best friends at work, let's call him Jack, he always laughed at me for listening to Infowars all day at work or wearing your guys' hats or shirts and stuff, and he always thought Alex was a crackpot.
I mean, no offense, but Yeah, I was telling him, like, yeah, people are getting magnetized, dude, and he kind of, like, laughed it off, and I said, you know, go get the trail magnet off your car, let's figure this out now.
So I grab it, and I stuck it to his arm, and he, like, stared at it for a good five, seven minutes, and he started laughing.
And it stuck to his arm?
Yeah, it stuck to his arm, exactly where he got the shot, and he's like, no, there's no way, like, this can't be real.
So then we found another co-worker, you know, same thing, it was a Moderna shot, put it on her
arm, and he started freaking out, and he wanted answers of what in the damn hell did they put
in my body? And I mean, from...
Now see, imagine this though, see, see, this is like the first level of
subjugation, or this is the first level of bowing down, is that he has to ask that question after
he's gotten the vaccine.
So it's like you're already such a slave and I'm just speaking general here is that it's like the woman said from the NAACP.
I'm not looking at the ingredients.
I'm not looking at the side effects.
I'm not thinking about anything.
I'm rolling up my sleeve and I'm taking that shot.
So your friend.
Well, now he wants answers.
He wants to figure out what's going on.
vaccine, then realizes in shock he's a magnet now, and is thinking, "What did I put in my
So it's like, why wouldn't you ask that before you take the injection?
You've already been completely subjugated.
So what was the response now?
I mean, what is he thinking now?
Well now he wants answers.
He wants to figure out what's going on.
I said, "Listen, man, you need to sit down.
You need to stop caring what people think, and you need to listen to Infowars.com, and
you actually need to get answers what's going on, because it might be too late, because
you can't take a multivitamin or a detox pill or whatever and get this out of your system."
Once it's in there, it's in there!
You're done!
So, I figured I'd call in and hopefully I can get his attention and start listening to you guys and just thank you for everything you're doing, Owen.
You have no idea what you mean to the little people out here, man.
Well thank you Liam.
You have our word to never give up in this fight.
We're not sure what that means yet, but I'll just say this too.
Maybe your friend wants to start listening to InfoWars, maybe not.
The point is that, folks, you're seeing now Even the level of censorship that happens at Fox News.
And so, I had friends and family members that I would explain that Fox News censors.
Yeah, it's not as bad as the CNN and the MSNBC, but Fox News controls the narrative too.
And they'd say, no, no, no, they're all good people.
But I mean, now look at what Ivory Hecker has revealed.
Now look at what these other local Fox reporters are revealed.
How Fox News even censors them.
So, I mean, I'm just saying, there's no agenda here, folks.
Nobody controls the narrative here.
It's just as real as it gets.
And that's why people come to InfoWars because they just know this is true free speech, this is true free media, this is people who really care trying to tell you what's going on.
No corporate censorship except the fact that we're censored off big tech platforms because we tell you the things that otherwise networks would censor.
Now let's move on though.
We're asking the callers.
Have you been vaccinated and are you magnetized?
Let's go now to Angus in Pennsylvania.
Have you been vaccinated and are you magnetized?
No, no, I wasn't vaccinated.
You know, I listened to a lot of the callers.
The last one said that he had a coat, he had a friend and then another friend.
He said she or her and then he turned around and said he.
So that's I think a lot of this is disinformation.
One of the easiest ways to dismiss the real side effects like heart inflammation and these different things is to
throw in some hokey uh bullshit okay story and try to make somebody believe
that okay since that's not true then I guess the other side effects aren't true either. But but
you can't deny that people are being magnetized and and I listened to the last caller he said
his friend was a guy and that the other I tried my own brother man
I got a tactical flashlight with a magnet on it.
I put it right where he got vaccinated.
He did Moderna.
It did not stick.
Magnets will stick to other magnets, but they will not stick to pennies.
They will not stick to 10.
It's either something slimy on their skin, like sweat, or just stickiness of skin, or something.
It's a hoax.
They're trying to discredit the other.
So you're saying that the thousands of videos of people being magnetized, and reporters going to random people on the street, sticking it to their arm, wiping it down, nurses sending me photos about how they're not vaccinated, but ten magnets stick to them, you're saying that's all a hoax?
I'm saying that they can discredit the real side effects.
They'll make up something silly so that somebody will look at it and go... But here's what I'm saying.
That's a real side effect.
I get what you're saying in that, hey, let's not distract from the fact that these vaccines are killing people and the heart attacks and everything else.
I get what you're saying.
But see, most people can't really accept that or come to terms with that.
But when they see a magnet stick to them, that's kind of an awakening process.
I've tried people, my neighbor, I've tried my brother, I went to the grocery store with my tactical flashlight, it's got a magnet on the back, I've tried every piece of poultry and hamburger meat, nothing.
Well, good!
I'm glad none of these people are magnetized, but you can't deny that this is a real thing.
The meat gave me a vaccination.
I'm sorry?
How would the meat... Did the meat get a vaccination?
How could meat become... Angus, I'm not providing the answers.
We're just learning.
This is all happening right now.
We're not gonna get anybody else to do this research, so I have to do it in real time on air.
But again...
I mean, I could sit here and for hours play you videos of meat magnetized and people magnetized.
So, I understand you're saying, hey, let's not distract from the deadly nature of this vaccine with people being magnetized, but that's a very real thing.
You cannot deny that that is really happening.
I'm glad that it's not happening to you or your family, but it's definitely happening to people.
Angus, thank you for the call.
Let's go to Jose in Dallas.
You're on the air, Jose.
Are you vaccinated and are you magnetized?
Hey Owen, I'm not vaccinated, but my parents are not vaccinated either, and they're getting magnetized, which is weird.
I mean, they're not vaccinated, and the magnet sticks on them, which is so weird.
And that last caller, I think he's lying to you because, like you said, there's a lot of evidence.
And I went around and tried to magnet test some of the people that were vaccinated, and it does stick to them.
Jose, hold it right there.
Let me come back to you because I want to ask a question about your parents who have not been vaccinated but are magnetized.
And so, is this an example of vaccine shedding?
And that's why un-vaxxed nurses are magnetized and elderly who are un-vaxxed are magnetized?
We will be victorious.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
We're taking your phone calls.
Are you magnetized?
Are you vaccinated?
Jose, we held over from the break.
I wanted to ask Jose, who says his parents are not vaccinated but magnetic.
So, Jose, I'm just curious.
Do your parents hang out with other elderly people who have been vaccinated?
Because maybe this is an example of the shedding that happens with these prions or whatever.
Again, I'm not saying I have all the answers.
Nobody else is covering this, so we're just doing it grassroots organic style here.
So, why do you think your parents are magnetic even though they haven't been vaccinated?
Uh, Owen, like I said, I'm not sure why I've been magnetic.
Like, I... They're working the fast food industry, so they've probably been hanging around with vaccinated people.
I'm not sure.
But I work at a cubicle.
You know, I work at an office.
And, uh, all the people around me are vaccinated.
I mean, I'm not magnetized, and I'm not vaccinated, so... I'm not sure.
I'm not sure what's going on.
But I have one more point to make.
I have a... My neighbor has a 14-year-old sister.
That went to go get vaccinated without anybody's consent.
Okay, so she went with a group of friends.
She got vaccinated under their group of friends last night.
So that just comes to show you the corruption, and I just want to say to all the info warriors out there, just take care of your kids, please, because this is real, and the corruption is real, and it runs so deep, and it just brings tears to me.
You can just hear it in my voice, and it hurts me deep down inside.
Our future humanity is under attack, man, and y'all know the real deal.
Yeah, and I mean, people can write stories and all this stuff saying it's a hoax all day long.
Or, hey, why are you covering this?
Folks, this is a real international phenomenon of people having magnets stick to their arms and their heads and their chests and their backs.
And no one else is covering it!
So it's like, of course I'm going to cover it!
Let's go to Margaret, called in from Massachusetts.
Have you been vaccinated?
Are you magnetized?
Hi Owen.
Hell no.
Me and my family are not injected.
I'm sorry.
I'm just going to correct you.
They're not vaccines.
So let's stick with we haven't been injected.
We're not magnetized, but I actually checked because I was curious.
Thank God we're not.
And so far, The meat in our fridge isn't either.
We tend to eat high-quality foods, which, you know, we're blessed enough to be able to afford that.
But who knows how long that will last.
I just want to tell you quickly, you're right.
This is the deadliest injection and experiment in human history.
And there's data.
There's your data.
There's your facts, people.
There's facts.
Look it up.
Just so you and your listeners know, some of the major Boston hospitals, big Harvard-affiliated hospitals, are starting to realize maybe there is some type of connection.
One of the biggest ones in Boston has been in code help for over four weeks.
And code help is when a lot of the patients have to board in the emergency rooms because the hospital is full.
And unfortunately, these patients have A lot of cardiac issues and they're post vaccine.
So much so that the physicians are finally starting to notice, excuse me.
And I'm sorry to cut you off, but if you notice, because I just want the crew to pull this up.
If you notice now the CDC is getting called out.
Uh, for pushing this vaccine on people and not having the emergency meetings fast enough because of all these people having heart attacks and blood clots.
So yeah, I mean, it's all come out.
This is truly the deadliest injection in human history.
And now the CDC, who's having emergency meetings about how deadly it is, are under fire for not doing it soon enough, but they're still promoting it!
I know, that's the outrageous part.
But, you know, your last caller, and I'm not picking on him, Angus or a few calls before, just because he's not magnetized doesn't mean that other people aren't.
He needs to educate himself and his friends and his family.
He can go to Dr. Tenpenny or Dr. Madej's website.
There's plenty of information out there.
But these people better wake up.
I mean, I find it kind of sickening.
And I'm sorry that people who look at him are magnetic.
Like it's cute and funny and it's a TikTok subject.
These people need to wake up.
This isn't funny and they need to close their lying eyes.
Well, and that's it exactly.
It's like, fine, okay, say whatever you want or think whatever you want about Owen Schroeder or Infowars, I'll put on elevator music and dance and just show you the VAERS graph.
I mean, it's just like, boop, just straight up.
Here's vaccine deaths, and it's like basically zero, and then boop, just straight up.
And they even admit most people that have vaccine side effects or deadly reactions don't even report it.
And so the numbers are who knows how many people have died from the vaccine.
I mean, seriously.
Folks, Hank Aaron, one of the greatest baseball legends of all time, dies after getting the vaccine and then they barely even do anything for Hank Aaron's life and times because they know he died of the vaccine!
And so they just bury Hank Aaron's history and his great life and his great MLB career.
So that's just one example.
Thank you for the call, Margaret.
Let's go to Robert in Washington.
Have you been vaccinated and are you magnetized?
Okay, no, I did not take the vaccine, but yes, I am magnetized.
Okay, the medication I was taking for is called Humira.
It's an auto-injection.
Basically, you take it twice a month.
Okay, I was taking it for my medical condition.
But anyways, though, but since you guys had mentioned this, I decided to test it out myself.
So, the parts of my arm where I was injecting myself, okay, yes, those areas are magnetized.
Okay, even after several months, when I stopped taking the medication, I switched over to Cosentix, but even still, it is still magnetized.
Okay, the medication I take is called Humira.
Now, they've had problems before with this product, though.
In even the trial stage, people have had neurological issues when they took Humira.
And the company even got sued, also.
Okay, it's like a multi-billion dollar product, and the product's called Humira.
It's also for auto-injection.
Basically, it goes through and it suppresses the immune system.
Okay, that's part of what it does.
Okay, but yes, I am hypnotized.
So, did you bring this up to the doctors that prescribed you that?
Did they say anything about that?
Yes, I did.
As a matter of fact, I talked to them because the new medication, I told them I wouldn't take that because of what was going on with me right now.
And I, as a matter of fact, I asked if I could see the, as a matter of fact, because I'm going to their shock clinic.
So I asked if I could see information on it.
They actually allowed me to take pictures of the outside of the box of the new medication.
I saw some of the paperwork on that.
But now, as far as for the Humira itself, though, I did someone else in the shock clinic, they also called me up.
I talked to them on the phone and explained to them, yes, I'm magnetized.
So they looked at the other materials that are in it and they're like, well, we can't see what there's any type of like metal particles in it though.
So they couldn't understand why it is that was happening.
You know, so I explained to him, Hey, look, okay, so I'm just going to kind of want to do some more research into this.
But I've researched this product before though, it in a trial stage for Humira, people have had neurological issues though, and they've actually sued the company.
People have, I've actually found a law firm online where there are supporting people that were suing that company because they did not report that people are having neurological issues with Humira.
Okay, so, but yes, both of my arms where I was getting injections and all that though, they are magnetized.
And you know, the other thing about this too is that no two vaccines are necessarily the same.
This is an experimental vaccine.
And so, and no two bodies are the same.
So some people may get magnetized, some people might not.
Some people, some vaccines may do something to you, others may not.
So this is all an experiment.
Nobody else is reporting on it in live time.
So this is just human intelligence from the ground.
Robert, thank you so much for calling in.
But to deny that this phenomenon is happening is just ridiculous.
It's just ridiculous.
And it's a slap in the face to the people that are having magnets stick to them and are just like freaking out.
You say, oh, it's not exist.
So no, it definitely exists.
So we're going to continue to take your calls.
The callers still still calling in.
I may continue this on to the war room.
I still got a bunch of news to cover, but this is just too much and nobody else is covering this angle.
So we may just continue to do this for three hours on the war room.
Remember, folks, two days left on the big sale at Infowarsstore.com.
Up to 40% off top-selling supplements and double patriot points with every order.
And remember, only two days left to get the Immune Support Pack for 40% off.
That's the Vitamin C, the Vitamin D, and the Multivitamin Pack at InfoWarsStore.com.
You know, it's one of those days where I have the privilege and the honor to be hosting here at InfoWars for six hours for the second day in a row.
And for the second day in a row, I have six hours worth of news to cover.
We are reaching out to America's nurse, is what I call her, Erin Olszewski, with just... I don't have time to really look into this.
I was just kind of browsing through this in the break.
The crew brought this to me.
Here, I'll just read one of the headlines in a series of them.
Florida Republican recorded threatening opponent with Russian hit squad, close battle combat, MAC-10's silencers.
And you may have heard of Anna Paulina Luna.
And this guy is saying he's going to kill her as a sacrifice with hitmen on a recording by Aaron Olszewski, who's now being attacked by the mainstream media simply for recording a guy threatening to kill a political opponent.
So we're gonna try to get her on The War Room and then I've got... I have tons of news still to cover on The War Room today and I've got people on the line calling in about how they're magnetized either from the vaccine or from the vaccine shedding.
So we're doing it all today on The War Room.
We're doing it all today on The Alex Jones Show.
And let's go back out to the line now to Alex, called in from Dallas.
You're on the air Alex, go ahead.
Hi, Owen, how are you?
I just called in basically to talk about the Moderna patent that I actually found online.
And I wanted to point out that in their patent, they admit that they have a protein called ferritin, which basically has a function of iron storage in the cell.
So this is obviously magnetic, it's iron.
And not only that, I'm looking at a fact checker right here that says it doesn't contain lucifrase.
It's also a lye.
It has another protein in it.
It's called limosine synthase.
Yeah, this is, the way they do this is, it's like lucifrase is a sub-ingredient of an ingredient.
And so they just say, oh, there's no lucifrase, but lucifrase is just a sub-ingredient of the ingredients they list.
So this is a bacterial form of lucifrase.
It absolutely has it in it.
But it also has, what is it here?
Oh, collodial silicone oxide, which is basically a quantum nanoparticle, the quantum dot.
So that is all in this vaccine.
I sent you guys the patent on the whistleblower email has all this research on it.
It is magnetic.
And the scary thing about this is that this could actually be used as a strategy for nervous system control.
And I've also included all of those studies.
So basically the mechanism for this is they use an adenovirus vector, right?
It has the crystallographic geometric parameters that are suitable for quantum computing.
And I've also included that in the study.
The silicone quantum dot is used for photopolymerization and as a catalyst for neuronal prosthesis.
So basically creating false neurons and for enhancing the quantum yield and So this is actually really scary.
Yeah, and by the way, the crew is pulling this stuff up.
We had stories back in May saying how they were bragging about turning people into magnets to control their brains.
There's another video that just went up in InfoWars.com I was going to cover later on The War Room where this guy says, no, we have to genetically modify humans.
So, I mean, they're not even hiding it anymore.
So, again, I don't want to go back about all this existential stuff about, you know, how many times have humans gone through periods of synthetic or forced evolution like this, but I mean, that's what we're going into right now.
This is forced evolution, this is synthetic evolution of humanity, and we are being built and programmed to be enslaved in a 21st century technotronic era.
I mean, it's just, it's incredible that we're actually witnessing this and experiencing this right now.
And it'll be the same thing, and they'll just discount all this and call it crazy, just like they said the Wuhan lab leak theory was crazy.
Oh, now it's all true, everybody knows it.
So that's just the trend.
Alex, thank you so much for sharing that with us.
Let's go to Jane in Florida.
Jane, you're on the Alex Jones Show.
Are you vaccinated and are you magnetic?
I'm not vaccinated, but my family was over this past weekend, and my stepmother, her arm was magnetic.
She had had the Pfizer shot, and it only stuck to the area where the vaccine was administered.
And what did you stick on her arm?
A magnet or what?
Yeah, I took two magnets off my fridge.
I got a small one and a big clamp one, and I put both of them on her.
They both stuck to that area.
She said that it kind of stung whenever it got into that vaccine area.
That it kind of bothered her skin.
Like a tingling sensation?
Yeah, kind of like just like a tingling feeling, kind of stinging.
And she was freaked out.
She had never heard about this whole vaccine magnetized phenomenon that was going on.
My dad also had taken the vaccine and he's not magnetic.
So clearly there's just certain people are magnetized and certain people are not magnetized.
And the insane part is you can go Google right now vaccine magnetic And again, this is why it's so key that we expose all of their cover-ups, whether it's the Wuhan lab leak or all their other stuff, because they just continually lie.
And they're doing it again.
Oh, people aren't being magnetized.
Oh, magnets aren't sticking.
It's a conspiracy theory.
They did the same thing with the Wuhan lab leak a year and a half ago.
Now they're admitting it's real.
When are people going to catch on that when this news really breaks, they cover it up and then they tell you the truth like a year and a half, two years after?
You could just go through articles upon articles from USA Today, Wired, Health Magazine, all saying that what I saw is impossible and it's not happening.
Yeah, don't believe your own lying eyes.
Unbelievable, but that's part of the overwrite of humanity, is you have no consciousness anymore.
You have no unique individual experience anymore.
Nothing organic, it's just whatever the internet told me, I didn't see this happen.
It's just really sick and when does it end, you know?
When does it stop?
Yeah, well, there's the ultimate question.
Thank you for the call, Jane.
Let's go to Jeff in Canada.
Have you been vaccinated?
Are you magnetic?
Little background, Owen.
I took the Trump shots.
I took the one Moderna and the Pfizer shot.
One for the free hamburger and one shot for the free beer.
That's all?
You didn't milk the system for more?
Well, I'm just going to let you know, since then I've taken 10 shots in the past two months.
I won two state vaccine lotteries and a new Ford from Tiami Ford.
So basically everything is magnetized now, like Lybtards, Cairns, literally can't shake them off.
When I've tried Bear Spray, Pepper Spray, Buckshot, they just keep coming.
You walk through a Like a souvenir shop in the Magnet section and then they just all fly to you?
I went through a drive-thru, I'm not gonna say the name of the place on air, but I took, I went through the drive-thru and they're like literally coming through the drive-thru window.
It's like a frickin' tractor beam, Owen.
You know?
It's like I'm magnetized.
But seriously, Owen, there is no virus.
But a lab-leaked fable lends to the lie and the collective belief a virus exists.
If there was a pandemic, we would have been dropping like flies.
But instead, they switched out the flu with COVID-19, and I'll finish with this.
Once you realize they lied to you about the virus, you'll realize this was all to roll out an unproven Toxic vaccine shot on a panic-induced population world over.
Question everything.
Where is Dr. Fauci?
Have a good day, Owen.
Absolutely, and where is Don Weijong, or the Chinese defector that said this was a Chinese bioweapon?
Where is he as well?
And by the way, we can debate, is there a virus, is there not?
That's perfectly fine, that's healthy.
What's undeniable is that this is an experimental injection that's killing people the deadliest ever.
Let's go now to Chuck in Indiana.
Chuck, are you vaccinated and are you magnetized?
No, Owen, I have not taken the vaccine.
Actually, I called in because a co-worker of mine, she had COVID, I'd say about a month or two ago.
She's in her mid-60s, and after she recovered, her doctor recommended her getting the vaccine.
She took the vaccine, had trouble breathing, fever, you know, sort of having COVID symptoms again.
They took her to the hospital.
Uh, they put her on a respirator, put her on life support, and then another week went by and, uh, she passed away.
That doctor is guilty of malpractice.
And... Yeah, and, um, the thing that's actually funny, sorry to cut you off, the thing that's actually funny is when you read the obituary, they say that she died from COVID, not that she recovered from COVID, took the shot, and then died.
And so I don't want to sit here and think that that doctor is evil, but Wittingly or unwittingly, that doctor just murdered that woman.
And he should have known that if you've had COVID and you have natural immunity to it, that the vaccine is actually more deadly.
So either through malpractice or ignorance, he just killed that lady with the COVID vaccine.
I'm up in Northern Indiana.
This is kind of Trump country up here.
Not a lot of people are I'm in between four and five.
We gotta go to break.
I'll do five more minutes of phone calls and then Paul Joseph Watson.
Alright, final five minutes with your fill-in host for Alex today, Owen Troyer, and then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
This has been so powerful with these callers.
I'm going to repeat this process on the war room today, and I'll also cover all the news I didn't get to for the three hours of the war room, but Paul Joseph Watson about to take over.
We'll take a couple more calls, but I'm going to repeat this process on the war room, opening up the phone lines and asking Have you been vaccinated?
Are you magnetized?
And we'll just continue to get this report from Boots on the Ground because no one else will even cover it, so.
We'll just knock it out of the park and just put it all out there and, you know, we'll see if anybody else wants to talk about it.
Let's go to Jay in Virginia.
Jay, are you vaccinated and are you magnetized?
I am.
Long time listener.
First time caller.
No, I'm not.
vaccinated, or they're sperming or shot.
But I did have a graduation party for my daughter here three weeks ago.
And I showed up late.
And I got to talk about the shot.
So I tried it on three different people, didn't know what they took at the time.
So there was Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and a Pfizer shot, and every person I tested with the
magnet test.
And these were high school graduates just graduated.
Yeah, there's a college graduate, but I tested their parents.
OK, so so so you just tested a wide variety, all ages, different shots, and they all had magnets stick to them.
Yeah, about 30 people on that deck when I first did the first person.
And the first person, she freaked out.
The deck got quiet.
My ex-wife came out, said, oh, you're playing tricks.
Try me.
And it stuck to her arm.
And another lady walked up to me, and she said, can you try me?
I said, sure.
Try her.
And I tell you what, there were three or four other people sitting there.
They said, please, do not try me.
I don't want to know.
See, and here's the thing.
This is like, folks, this just shows you how the actual practice of journalism is dead.
This is Pulitzer Prize winning stuff here.
And that's not me patting myself on the back cheering on I should get an award.
I couldn't care less about an award.
I'm saying this is an incredible phenomenon of people becoming magnetized.
It's directly connected to an experimental injection.
It's like And I just have to open up phone lines to get people's reports organically here because no one else would report on it.
It's like, this is crazy.
This is like Pulitzer Prize winning stuff.
You get to the bottom of this, I mean, you should be a hero.
But all the media is compromised.
All the media is in the pocket on the take from Big Pharma.
So it's just like, okay, fine, we'll just do it live on InfoWars and they'll just act like it's not going on and they'll continue to censor us.
And it's just unbelievable.
And like Jay just said, folks, people will be stunned when you try this experiment on them at home.
They will be stunned.
It's a consciousness-expanding, mind-opening, eye-opening thing.
Because it's, I mean, because, because see, we're still all connected in a way and so there's still that consciousness and people are in denial that they're under attack from the poison and the food and the water and the air and all of it, but it's like now you have the direct evidence, undeniable, why the hell am I a magnet?
You're under attack.
There is a global government That at the foundation is eugenics and population control.
You're now experiencing it in real time.
Let's take another call before I sign off from Ray in Canada.
You're on the Alex Jones Show.
Are you vaccinated?
Are you magnetized, Ray?
No, sir.
No vaccine.
No magnetization from this guy.
I bet I'll never ever take that stuff.
I had a book, Owen, that I read a few years ago.
And I didn't even remember it until yesterday when I heard Mike Adams talking about the possible 5G connection.
The book is called Cell and it's by Stephen King and it's from 2006 and basically what happens in this book is a call goes out and anybody who's on their phones at the time that this call goes out gets turned into a zombie.
It's absolutely terrifying.
And that's also part of the plot line of the film Kingsman, where this tech billionaire elite gives out free phones with internet, but in the microchip is this receiver, and once he flicks the switch, the humans interact with the receiver and start going crazy and killing themselves and everybody.
So yeah, is it predictive programming?
Is it just future sightseeing where society is going, knowing how corrupt it all is?
But we're seeing all of it rolled out right now.
Alright, I sign off.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I'll be back on The War Room in 50 minutes.
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It is the Summit News Hour, and for the first time in about eight months, I'm not going to spend the first 30 minutes banging on about coronavirus lockdown rules here in the United Kingdom.
Probably will get on to that later, but I'm going to start the show with something a little more relevant and fresh, which is the Juneteenth violence in America, in Chicago and other cities over the weekend, and more specifically, The new attempts by media outlets and fact-checkers, which as we know now solely exist to bury true information, literally the opposite purpose of what they're purported to exist for, choosing to now urge news organizations not to report on crime stories, with a specific attention on local crime stories for local TV stations, because it could be seen as racist.
Gee, I wonder why.
Headline out of Summit News, Fact Checker Pointer demands local news reduce coverage crime stories because it fuels systemic racism.
This is Fact Checking Institute Pointer, which again controls a lot of the Facebook.
Fact checking was instrumental in burying a lot of the true information on the source, the origin of the coronavirus out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Well, now that they've been proven sufficient, efficient in suppressing that kind of information, they've turned their attention to crime in the United States and are now demanding that local news stations reduce coverage of stories that connect, quote, black and brown communities to violent crime because it's fueling systemic racism.
Now, if black lives matter, if every black life matters, then maybe we should look at the actual primary cause of how black people lose their lives, which, as we know from all the statistics, is literally, in terms of murder, homicide, 90% other black people perpetrating the crime.
You'd think that if people really cared about black lives, that would be front and centre of the narrative.
Not only is it not, but now Poynter is demanding that news organisations don't even talk about it.
The Institute, which oversees the International Fact-Checking Network, which operates PolitiFact, which again, when they put this tag on news stories on Facebook, it not only serves to debunk the news story, despite the fact that, as we'll see in a moment, literally the opposite of what they're saying is true, it serves to relegate in the algorithm that news story on the likes of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, therefore decreasing its spread.
We've seen for years in the past, News websites removing their comment sections entirely because they saw the studies which showed that people who read the news article go off the comments to judge how accurate or trustworthy it is.
Now they've got this new manipulation technique which is fact-checking on social media websites.
And they put out a statement today, or yesterday, this is Pointer, the fact-checking network, Which basically any news organization has to abide by.
They have to get their seal of approval or their content gets relegated in the algorithm, even before the fact check.
They said that they're urging journalists to break the cycle of crime reporting and they added arrests for misdemeanors disproportionately affect people of colour.
Gee, I wonder why that is?
Is it because those people are more likely to get involved in confrontations with police and commit crimes?
The FBI statistics say exactly that.
But no, apparently it's just because we're all racist.
Systemic racism compounds the injustice as reviews have shown prosecutors are more likely to exclude black jurors from trials Crime and courts be exist because it's constantly churning out stories.
Well, if you've literally got mass shootings taking place in major cities, then yeah, they should probably be covering those stories.
As much of that content is directly related to public safety, journalists can be smarter, literally calling for them to be dumb, to close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears and be dumb about it.
But yeah, let's use the word smarter.
About who we cover and the follow-up stories we provide.
This is Kelly McBride who chairs the Craig Newmark Center for Ethics and Leadership.
Literally the complete opposite of ethics once again.
Said local news reporters have amplified narratives that connect black and brown communities to crime.
I wonder why that is?
As a result we have fostered systemic racism through our crime coverage.
So they're literally tying news stations If, you know, through the back door, not explicitly, but it's overwhelmingly been suggested, that if violent crimes are committed by black or brown people, don't cover them, or at least drastically reduce your coverage of them, because that's racist.
It doesn't matter if they're actually perpetrating the crimes, which they are, and I'm going to come on to that with the Juneteenth weekend, Just cover it up.
Just don't say anything about it and then maybe it'll go away.
Maybe it won't exist.
No, not to the victims of those crimes.
Who, by the way, are overwhelmingly other black people.
So, sod them.
Let's just not even talk about 90% black-on-black homicide, shall we?
Because it's racist to talk about it.
Those black people are still dying.
Maybe if you just pretend it doesn't exist, then at least we can't be called racists.
And that's more important than people actually dying, according to these people.
Statement continues says it's within our power as journalists to break that cycle.
So you're literally telling news stations to not give coverage to black lives that have been lost as a result of homicide simply because the perpetrators of those crimes are other black people.
So you're literally devaluing black lives in order to stop racism.
Okay, that makes sense.
Continues, it says, it's within our power as journalists to break that cycle.
We don't need to publicise the crime blotter simply because it fills airtime or generates clicks.
Oh yeah, so now they're concerned about clickbait all of a sudden.
Yeah, the announcement was made at the same time the PolitiFact discerned that the claim the Austin American statesman deliberately omitted a mass shooting suspect's description because he was black is False!
However, the original report stated the reason for not including a description of the suspect was because it could, quote, be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes, meaning that PolitiFact is outright lying.
So the Austin American statesman responded to this mass shooting, I think it was about a week ago now, or 10 days ago, By refusing to report the identity of the suspect, who, within hours, turned out to be black, because they didn't want to perpetuate harmful stereotypes.
So explicitly censoring the suspect's identity, despite the fact that he was being widely reported at the time, because they don't want to be called racist.
And then PolitiFact fact-checks this and says that that claim that the Austin American statesman censored the suspect's identity because they didn't want to know that he was black, is false.
It's not false, it's 100% true, based on their own friggin' statement.
Once again, these fact-checking organizations literally exist to deny reality and censor the truth.
They did it with the Wuhan lab.
This same organization is over Facebook with their fact-checkers, one of whom, Dr. Dajek, by the way, Literally was involved with the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab.
He was given the power to be a censorship moderator on Facebook through this network.
Censored the fact that it came from the lab.
Now he's been totally exposed.
A massive example of how these fact-checking organizations are literally used to cover up massive real conspiracies that later turn out to be true.
Pointer President Neil Brown hates the fact that people can still see what's really happening in our streets despite their massive censorship regime and their blacklist rights.
Chris Mannan of InformationLiberation.com and in fact they have the article up on their website.
Austin American Statesman shares fact check claiming it's false.
They omitted suspects description because he's black.
Even though they literally said it.
They said we don't want to perpetuate harmful stereotypes.
Okay, so what's the stereotype?
The stereotype is that these shootings predominantly are being committed by black males.
That's why they didn't report the identity of the suspect.
Then they share the fact check saying, oh, there's no evidence they didn't share the identity of the suspect because he was black.
They literally admitted to it in their article.
It reminds me of the time when BuzzFeed fact checked one of my claims, which was that Muslims weren't celebrating the fire of Notre Dame because they claimed in the Facebook video you couldn't see what they were reacting to with smiley face emoticons on Facebook, when in the video at the top of the page it was Notre Dame Cathedral burning!
These fact-checkers are liars, manipulators, absolute scum, and they're up to their old tricks once again.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
So we have Fact-Checking Institute Pointer, which is over Facebook and all these other social media networks, literally telling local news reporters across America to not report on violent crime because it doesn't fit their narrative, because they don't want the perpetrators being identified, despite the fact that they're killing black people.
Sod them, apparently.
The Austin American-Statesman's already gone along with this by Sharing a fact check which said that claims they omitted a suspect's description because he's black was false, despite literally admitting it in their own article.
And why are they doing all this?
Well, we had the Juneteenth National Independence Day over this past weekend and it was marred, as Information Liberation reports, with mob violence, mass shootings, public executions and attacks on police.
You probably wouldn't know that because the media barely reported on it.
Imagine if white supremacists had carried out this level of violence.
It'd be a national news story for the next six months.
Like the Capitol siege where a bunch of boomers rearranged some furniture for a couple of hours.
But America's first National Independence Day was marked by widespread violence and chaos breaking out at Juneteenth celebrations.
So this wasn't even shootings that were happening anyway.
It was specifically Triggered by these celebrations that got out of hand in California, Illinois, South Carolina, New Jersey, Indiana and Colorado.
A couple celebrating Puerto Rican Day in Chicago, Illinois with a large Puerto Rican flag on Saturday night, which now falls on the same day as the new Juneteenth federal holiday.
Was filmed being pulled out of their car and shot in the street by a mob of black men.
Now we can't say they're black men because Poynter Institute and Austin American Statesman and the rest of them say, even though they're literally on video doing it and it's a gang of black men, you can't say that because it might be racist.
Sod the poor Puerto Rican family who died.
It's very important to protect the identity of the literal murderers, apparently, according to the mainstream media and Poynter Institute fact-checking network.
So we have that, we have the photographs of the victims shared on social media.
Poynter Institute doesn't want you to share those photos because these brown lives, these minority lives that were lost in this mob violence apparently don't matter to them.
What matters more is to not be called racist.
Says the graphic racial execution apparently isn't newsworthy as it wasn't carried out by white extremists.
Seven people were also shot in a mass shooting at a Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California.
Video shows the crowd fleeing for their lives as shots rang out.
Police said they located six victims, five males aged 16 to 27, one female, 22, suffering from gunshot wounds.
So that was just two of them.
There was another one in New Jersey, Long Branch.
It showed another violent mob celebrating Juneteenth, National Independence Day, by attacking a white woman who had apparently come in to join the revelry.
So she was there to show her solidarity.
No, she was attacked by a mob.
Can't say what ethnicity that mob was because, again, you might be called racist and that's more important than justice for the victims, apparently.
The Juneteenth partygoers could be heard loudly cheering, the mob beating.
And then there's a bunch of others.
Mass shootings, violent mob attacks over the weekend, over just two days alone in the United States.
Barely a blip, it was forgotten about by Monday.
Can you imagine if white supremacists had carried out similar violence?
There would be national revulsion and moral hysteria across the board.
And that's what Tucker Carlson spoke to on his show last night, or a couple of nights ago now.
Headline again out of Information Liberation, Tucker, white supremacists are not carrying out the violence in our streets.
Tucker Carlson called out the Biden regime's lie that white supremacy is our nation's most lethal threat.
Just as it was a threat as we saw with the whole stop Asian hate narrative when they tried to suggest that white supremacy was responsible for hate crime attacks and violent crime attacks on Asians in major American cities.
Then all the videos started coming out and it was the usual suspects and suddenly that hashtag and that whole campaign Just kind of disappeared.
Gee, I wonder why?
So Tucker talked about it during his monologue on Monday night and highlighted the widespread violence that took place over the weekend during Juneteenth celebrations all over the country.
He said, quote, Just in 2020, last year, more than 750 people were murdered in the city of Chicago.
And we can say with some confidence that the overwhelming majority of those suspects in the city of Chicago were not members of QAnon or white supremacists.
I don't think a single one of them has been identified as one of those boomers who rearranged furniture at the Capitol building back on January 6th.
He said, how do we know?
Informed guess, but sometimes there's video!
He said before playing clips of a public execution that took place in Chicago and a mob twerking on an EMS ambulance responding to a mass shooting in Oakland.
You've probably seen that clip by now.
While Tucker noted that some 25% of violent crime is linked to gangs, he failed to explain the nature of the majority of violent crime which is not committed by gangs.
The police have come out and said in numerous cases, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago and so on, that this violent crime is being committed over minus likes and beef on social media.
So you had basically an orgy of violence over the weekend with this Juneteenth celebration.
Not much of it committed by white supremacists.
In fact, literally none of it.
But we need to censor local crime stories.
We need to censor the identity of suspects, if they're black, according to Poynter and the Boston American Statesman.
Because being called racist is worse than helping minority victims of violent crime, apparently.
Meanwhile, RT reports Karen horror movie about evil white woman accused of exploiting black trauma for profit.
So there's no actual orgy of white supremacist violence against black people happening in real life.
So now they have to make movies where it happens and convince people that way.
Of course, you saw the, what was it, the Jordan Peele movie a year or two ago.
I think it was called Get Out, yeah?
2017, a few years ago now.
About a killer white family targeting black people.
Well, now they've got another one.
Again, this is in the context of LeBron James saying last year that every time black people leave their house, they're literally hunted down on the street.
Yeah, again, quite the opposite.
You look at the FBI crime stats, but they've got a new movie based on the Karen slur against white women.
And they've dropped a trailer.
It's directed by Cope Daniels.
Stars a bunch of people I've never heard of.
I don't think it's a massive movie, but it's generating heat on social media.
So they've got this Karen who terrorizes an African-American family that moved into a white neighborhood.
The trailer, which was released last week and gained traction on Tuesday, shows Karen installing extra security in her home after the black family moves in across the street, as well as complaining to them about leaving their trash can on the curb.
During another scene in the trailer, Karen O'Connor remarks that the black woman is slaving away in the kitchen, and in another scene she appears to call nine or more on a group of black teenagers who are then harassed by police.
So again, they've put out this whole narrative that there's this moral panic over violent white supremacy targeting black people in America.
The actual main violent threat to black people, as it has ever been, is other black people, but you can't talk about that because it's racist and they've literally got Fact-checking institutions, censoring media outlets, or urging them to censor themselves to not report the truth.
So they literally have to create movies and TV series where you have white racist Karens being bigoted, being discriminatory towards black people, and then turning to violence and hunting them down on the streets.
Because it doesn't exist on any scale in reality, so they have to pretend it does via the medium of TV and movies.
Summit.News, we'll be back.
Don't go away.
So the fallout from last year's Black Lives Matter riots continues to be felt now in the production of movies which portray racist white women killing black people, apparently despite the fact that there's literally zero examples of that happening in real life, which is why they have to make movies about it.
Now we have another situation in the United Kingdom where of course we've had this whole take a knee imported from America.
Big controversy about that with the England football team continuing to take the knee despite the fact that many fans have started booing it much to their credit.
England are playing right now and they took a knee before the match against the Czech Republic which started about half an hour ago and it literally lasted for about two seconds And they all immediately got up.
It seems to have lost its steam.
Thank God.
But what hasn't lost its steam is the zeal on behalf of corporations to exploit this woke bandwagon to claim they pretend about any real world issues while actually cynically exploiting division, racial tension to sell more products.
We have another example of that with Marks and Spencer here in the UK, which has announced today that it's going to be selling lingerie Inspired by George Floyd.
Yes, really.
We have the clip.
Let's roll it.
UK department store M&S has launched a new line of inclusive underwear inspired by George Floyd.
Because there's nothing that says female empowerment more than celebrating a criminal who robbed a pregnant woman at gunpoint.
Oh, come on, man.
There's nothing that speaks to racial justice better than idolizing someone who pistol whipped a Hispanic woman in front of her kids during a home invasion.
Coming next at M&S, a range of children's clothing inspired by Myra Hindley and Ian Brady.
Jeffrey Dahmer range of ready meals.
George Floyd's guide to sobriety.
Love it!
Love what?
Men who attack women?
The chain has expanded its collection of neutral or nude coloured underwear so it comes in five shades designed for different skin tones instead of focusing on lighter hues.
Because apparently before June 2021, white was the only colour of underwear that existed.
M&S, the UK's largest bra and knickers retailer, said the range was partly inspired by the global conversation on racial inequality following the horrific death of Mr Floyd in Minneapolis, US last year.
So just to be clear, this totally isn't another cynical marketing ploy to attract free media advertising by pandering to woke imbeciles.
It's totally not that!
The new collection is part of what M&S hails as a bold and relevant campaign called Nothing Neutral About It.
Because really not enough of fashion, sports, culture, entertainment, and even inanimate objects have been politicised, have they?
No, let's politicise knickers.
That'll stop racism.
Meanwhile, there's no truth to the rumor that Walmarts in Chicago are gonna start giving away free handguns to
celebrate Juneteenth Well, there you have it
You can now get your George Floyd lingerie from Marks and Spencer.
And again, this ties back in with something I was talking about before.
We're talking about woke virtue signalling these global corporations.
Again, jumping on the bandwagon of this racial tension that's being created by Antifa, by the BLM movement.
Again, making out that there's nothing worse in the world than being called racist, and we saw that with the fact-checking organizations, we saw it with the Austin American Statesman, now resolving to not report the identity of violent criminal suspects if they're non-white.
I'm sure if they're white they'll be all over the identity reporting within literal nanoseconds.
But this idea that there's a greater concern to not be called racist than to actually Prosecute laws in many cases, and we saw that with the Manchester bombing, where political correctness actually kills.
It actually leads to people being blown up by terrorists because those attacks could have been stopped.
Specifically in the case of the Manchester Arena bombing, which by the way was carried out by a guy, Salah Abdeslam, who was literally rescued by the British government at Salmon Abbey, I correct myself, Abdeslam was the Paris massacre terrorist, but Salman Abedi, Manchester arena bomber, rescued by the UK government by the British Royal Navy back in, I think it was 2013, off the back of the invasion of Libya, which of course saw the overthrow of Gaddafi, the secular leader, and the empowerment of literal jihadists and ISIS.
Of course we have the whole refugees welcome campaign.
We have people campaigning for these people to be let into the country.
They're let into the country on a daily basis still in the United Kingdom with no papers, no documents whatsoever.
They disappear into the general population.
They go on in numerous instances to carry out mass casualty terror attacks.
We saw that with the Paris massacre and we saw it with the Manchester arena bombing.
So they let them in based off of these leftist campaigns that we have to absorb the world's persecuted populations.
In numerous cases they've literally gone on to blow up Westerners in European cities.
And before the actual attack itself, we had concerns of racism being felt as to why security guards and police did not stop the Manchester Arena suicide bomber from carrying out his attack.
His suspicious behaviour was noted right before the attack on numerous occasions by security guards and police, but they did nothing because they didn't want to be called racist.
This sounds like a Babylon Bee article.
It happened.
Manchester Arena Bombing Inquiry finds fears of security guards being called racist prevented jihadists from being stopped.
This is the official inquiry into the Manchester Arena Bombing which found that one of the reasons for authorities failing to stop jihadist Salman Abedi from blowing himself up was the fear that they would be called racist.
Political correctness kills!
Literally, solid example of it right here.
Sir John Sanders, who is chairing the probe into the 2017 terror attack, said more should have been done by police and security before Aberdeen detonated his device outside an Ariana Grande concert, killing 22 innocent people and injuring hundreds more.
Most of them kids, by the way.
Despite security guard Kyle Lawler saying he had a bad feeling about the terrorist and felt he did not belong there, he was basically Had a huge rucksack, was sweating profusely, was fidgeting, was acting nervous.
He was on his own, sat amongst a bunch of white people.
He knew that was suspicious.
He knew he said, quote, he did not belong there.
But he took no action to report the issue or intercept the terrorist because he was, quote, scared of being wrong and being branded a racist.
So his fear that he may be called a racist, maybe he'll be cancelled by a social media mob, maybe he'll lose his job.
That was paramount in his head when he literally had a chance to stop this jihadist terrorist scumbag blowing himself up and killing 22 people, most of them children.
Oh, political correctness is just being nice to people.
No, it friggin' isn't.
It literally kills people.
This is not the only example.
The Paris massacre terrorists were let into Europe on the refugee wave.
They pretended to be refugees.
Refugees welcome!
The Cologne mass rape of women on New Year's Eve 2015, again.
How did the feminists react to over a thousand women being sexually molested and raped in Cologne?
The next day, they went to the migrant centre and gave them flowers.
As we previously highlighted, another eyewitness to Aberdeen's suspicious behaviour reported the activity to security guard Mohamed Agha 17 minutes before the bomb was detonated, but said he was fopped off.
Oh, imagine my shock.
Mohamed did nothing.
Wonder why.
Both Lola and Aga failed to properly inform security control.
Another woman interviewed by Sky News in the days after the attack also revealed that she reported a woman who was acting suspiciously and fidgeting with a bag to security, but again, they did nothing because the woman was brown, and again, it's worse to be called racist than to prevent 22 kids from being blown up.
She said she was looking in the direction of where the explosion actually happened and smirking to herself all night, Said the woman, adding that the suspect spoke with a foreign accent.
Oh my God, really?
The islander said she was lectured by security.
Lectured by security for reporting the suspicious behaviour.
Remember a time, this is at a time when we had the London Bridge attack, we had the Westminster attack, all these Islamist plots against major UK cities.
These people are desperately trying to report this terrorist and potential accomplices to the police, to the security.
Completely ignored.
Because of political correctness, which kills 22 people dead, hundreds maimed, people's lives traumatised forever.
But yeah, hashtag refugees welcome.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
So before the break I was talking about how fears over being politically correct and not to be seen as racist literally facilitated the mass murder of children at Manchester Arena in 2017.
Fears over racism also facilitated what is potentially turning out to be one of the biggest cover-ups in modern history, which is the fact that COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
We had this headline a few days ago Report scientists admit lab leak theory was dismissed due to fear of racism accusations.
So literally, finding out where this virus leaked from, which has killed God knows how many million people now in the world according to them, that was curtailed, that was stymied, again because they thought they'd be called racist against Chinese people.
Can you believe it?
Leading scientists, this is the same thing with the WHO.
They told countries back in March not to close their borders because it would cause stigmatisation of Chinese people.
Now that was a real measure.
If you believe in the actual, you know, real semblance of this virus that's killed a bunch of people, then Closing the borders is a measure that everyone can agree on, whether you're anti-vax, pro-vax or whatever.
Most people can agree that if you've got a pandemic circulating the world, the first thing you do is close the frigging borders.
What was the first thing the WHO said to countries?
Don't close the borders because that's racist!
And they never had to answer for that.
Now, leading scientists in the US have admitted that they originally dismissed the theory that the coronavirus could have leaked from a lab in Wuhan because they didn't want to be associated with President Trump and his supporters, or accused of being racist against Chinese people, just like the Italians in Florence and other major cities who were told by authorities in that city to go out into the street And this was in late February 2020.
Find Chinese people and hug them just so they could communicate to Chinese people that they weren't racist.
The authorities in Italy literally told the population to find Chinese people and hug them and kiss them and breathe on their face.
They never had to answer for that.
Oh no, but it's Trump's fault that he calls it the China virus.
Yeah, you were literally telling people to hug Chinese people.
Nancy Pelosi, Governor Cuomo, literally telling people to congregate in huge numbers for China's Lunar New Year celebration in major cities in America.
Absolutely incredible.
NBC News notes in a report that at least five virologists noted that the context and circumstances of the origin debate have changed.
The shift reflects how sometimes scientists who previously avoided the topic or were quick to dismiss it are grappling with enduring uncertainties about the virus's origin free from the politicization that clouded such discussions during the Trump administration.
So just because Trump said it may have come from the lab, they deliberately avoided that and we know it was all covered up.
Which I probably won't have time to get into, by the way.
Today it turns out that Google was literally funding the main scientist who was funding the Chinese Wuhan lab for virus research for the past decade, while simultaneously censoring information about the lab leak theory for the past year.
But again, they thought they'd be called racist, they thought they'd be called Trump supporters, so they zipped up and remained completely silent.
Let's go to this second video now, though, because we've had a lot of stories about the UK education system in recent days, which I'm going to get onto in a minute.
This is the Goldsmiths University farce.
Headline was London Uni allows non-whites exam extensions if they say they've experienced racial trauma.
Here's the clip.
Smith's University in London is allowing people of colour to extend assignment deadlines if they claim to have experienced racial trauma.
Yeah, really.
Sky News reports the university has changed its deferral policy after a proposal from the Students' Union updating the extenuating circumstances they can cite when applying for extensions for exams or essays.
The new policy will incorporate racial trauma, which means black students and those from ethnically diverse communities can apply for an extension or deferral on an assignment on that basis.
Goldsmiths Student Union President Sarah Baffow tweeted this.
The university has agreed to our proposal to incorporate racial trauma as a reason to defer essays and exams for black and POC students.
It will be done through self-certification, moving away from providing so-called evidence.
In other words, they don't have to give any proof whatsoever and can just exploit the policy to gain an advantage over non-POC students.
This is even more egregious given that there are more students from, quote, ethnically diverse backgrounds than there are white students studying at Goldsmiths.
Meaning that the white students represent a minority who are being discriminated against.
The nebulous category of Racial trauma has been added to the list of extenuating circumstances, which includes things that are actually genuine, like medical conditions, trauma, bereavement, court attendance and caring responsibilities.
There are four main takeaways from this utter farce.
One, it's obviously just going to be exploited by lazy people who will claim fake victimhood status because they haven't completed their work on time.
Two, the policy is clearly discriminatory against white people and is therefore racist.
Three, on that basis, this is yet another example of how the only allowed form of systemic discrimination that still exists is against whites.
And four, by treating non-white students differently, the university is engaging in the bigotry of low expectations.
And the policy will actually harm those non-white people when they enter the jobs market or further education, because it will lower their standards.
Of course, none of the media coverage of this story even mentions those four crucial points.
Now there's been a spate of news stories about the UK education system, CRT, over the past few days,
one of which is headlined "Schools warn that promoting concept of white privilege is harming
disadvantaged white students". They're absolutely furious, furious that anyone could think of poor
working-class white students who are the most disadvantaged compared to any other race in the
The mere fact that they're being considered has caused a massive uproar in this country over the past few days.
Schools in the UK have been told by a cross-party committee of MPs that promoting the notion of white privilege, which completely doesn't exist for them in any way whatsoever, Could breach equality laws while also harming disadvantaged white students.
The committee report found that despite the relentless narrative that white privilege is holding back non-white students, white students are actually underperforming compared to everybody else.
Teacher investigated after using N-word to help students properly pronounce name of African country.
He's looking like he's going to be hounded out of a job.
Meanwhile, the Telegraph reports Stop using terms boy and girl.
Stonewall tells teachers.
Stonewall is the taxpayer-funded LGBT lobby that literally campaigns to lower the age of consent.
Do you know why that is?
They're now saying teachers should drop the terms boys and girls in favour of learners and mix up the sexes in PE classes.
Again, this is about controlling the language.
You control the language, you control the boundaries of discussion, people's behaviour.
It's gone way beyond gay marriage, equal rights, all of which homosexuals, LGBT have got over the past 10 years.
Now it's literally about telling teachers they can't say boy and girl because they want
to get kids into this mindset of developing mental illnesses where they think they want
to change gender, which leads to dreadfully unhealthy lifestyles, which leads to massively
high suicide attempt rates for transgenders and the like at increasingly younger ages.
Not a good lifestyle to be drawn towards and of course kids shouldn't be hit with any kind
of sexualisation at any point, even with their parents' permission, until much later years.
Meanwhile, UEFA refuses to light up football stadiums in LGBT colours to chide Hungary
So basically, Hungary passed a law last week which bans showing children under the age of 18 material related to homosexuality or transgenderism.
How dare they?
How dare they not expose kids to trannies below the age of 18?
Not just in education, but on television, movies or in advertisements.
They don't want to expose people to a lifestyle which literally leads to half of them trying to kill themselves.
Oh my god, what a horrible thing, right?
But now UEFA has refused a request by the city of Munich to light up the Allianz Arena in LGBT rainbow colours.
After authorities insisted it would be a way to oppose Hungary's new law which forbids promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism to children.
So basically, UEFA came out and said that they don't allow political or neutral symbols to be displayed.
Although they allow take a knee and don't say anything about it.
Because again, being called racist is worse than anything else on the planet right now.
But they've refused this request by German authorities to light up the stadium in LGBT colours.
So the mayor of Munich has basically responded and said he's going to light up the rest of the entire city.
What was good about Budapest and East Hungary is the fact that a rainbow-coloured statue erected in Budapest by leftist activists in honour of Black Lives Matter was demolished within 24 hours.
What a crying shame.
That's going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next with Owen Schreuer.
Be sure to stay tuned and check out the latest news at summit.news.
We'll be back.
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