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Name: 20210621_Mon_Alex
Air Date: June 21, 2021
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In this broadcast, Alex Jones talks about the globalist agenda, its impact on COVID-19, and how it ties into the UN's plans for communes. He also discusses the power of magnesium and social engineering war on children, as well as Chinese spies in major American institutions. Additionally, he criticizes Apple and the NBA for profiting off human rights abuses in China. InfoWars offers discounts on certain products and encourages customers to support their immune system with the Mega Immune Support Pack. The company faces opposition from globalists and urges customer support through shopping at Infomercial.com and sharing products with friends and family. Jones also touches on various topics, including a violent incident in Reynosa, Mexico; commercial real estate; the banking industry; and health-related issues such as COVID-19 restrictions and vaccination requirements for children.

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We now know that the Biden administration is actively covering up intelligence that COVID-19 was a Chinese bioweapon.
They're actively doing that.
And what you had was a high-ranking Chinese defector.
This guy was on the highest levels of the
People's Republic of China's, you know, intelligence agencies, and he gave the US government over two terabytes of information, and for people that may not be computer savvy, that's basically two entire computers.
Like if you had a computer in a lab, just you put all your data on there and processed all of it, it's like he turned that over and nobody's even hearing about this.
The mainstream news isn't reporting this.
Top-level Chinese defectors saying, look,
Here's all the data out of the lab.
Here's their bioweapons experiments.
Here's the Chinese military involved in the Wuhan lab.
Here's all the data.
And the FBI and the DIA have had this intelligence for months, Alex.
For months, Alex.
And they are sitting on it.
Because they know, like we've reported, Fauci's involved, Obama's involved, Google's involved, Facebook is involved.
So they have to cover all this up.
While they're sitting on the biggest intelligence that's just raw data from a Chinese defector saying this was indeed a Chinese bioweapon, here's all their other bioweapons research, and the Biden administration and the FBI sits on it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Live Monday Worldwide Transition.
And I say that on purpose because I'm here in New York City.
And a lot of people are awake, a lot of people are aware of what's happening, but others are under this total scientific takeover that is transitioning us from a human family and from the way we've been biologically designed by God into this artificial system.
You see more rainbow flags than you see American flags, and that's a symbol of the globalist transhumanist UN takeover.
I went down to the United Nations yesterday
And even though I'm aware of the New World Order's takeover, you would think more than most people, I was blown away by the signs they had there saying, soon you won't live in cities, you'll live in communes.
Soon, you won't have families anymore.
And science will take control of all life on Earth, including the weather.
And so it is a total scientific dictatorship declaration of war, and under this tyrannical science, you are not allowed to question anything they do.
They are the science, and you will bow down to the tyrant.
So, it's like I said in the film Endgame, that I made 14 years ago, it's a world where the science of tyranny
Is law.
There's different schools of science and thought but the classical Western science that goes back to the Greeks 2,300 years ago is now being replaced with this modern transhumanist system.
I want to talk a lot about it here in the first hour today because everything else is window dressing.
I also went to the Pfizer headquarters.
They had similar revolutionary statements up and it all sounds like Klaus Schwab wrote it because Klaus Schwab did.
He used to head up the United Nations sustainability operation.
You hear the word sustainability, that means they're gonna put you under siege, cut you off.
And even on the side of the UN, a building had these huge posters here in New York that said, soon you won't live in cities, you'll live in communes.
And my camera guy goes, what's a commune?
And I go, it's like being in boot camp for the rest of your life.
You're in a dormitory.
Women are in a different area.
Men and women are segregated.
Your children are taken away from you if you're even allowed to have children.
It's truly a nightmare scenario.
Facebook's pushing it, Twitter, all of them.
This is a real revolution, but it's beyond communist.
It's a transhumanist revolution.
And I just saw articles on Infowars.com where in the UK, the US, Australia, it's all the same.
They're setting up, even at the famous Oxford, the birth of real classical modern free speech, where the newspaper, one of the oldest student newspapers in the world, has a group of woke students, of course, who are self-appointed, that the university says will give all the orders, and who will proofread and allow what is to be published or not, and will also put notes
In the newspaper about what's bad, what's hurtful, and what's evil.
So this is, again, the plan is everything's pre-approved.
They wage war on language.
They had Esperanza at the United Nations in the 60s and 70s where they thought they would get rid of all the individual languages and make you have one language.
But that didn't work.
People liked their languages.
And so Esperanza, the mix of English, Spanish, German, and Chinese, Japanese, it never took off.
But now they can destroy the language by claiming all of its evil and hurtful and bad, and bringing in all these pronouns and cult programming.
This is a very scientific plan.
We've got a lot of other big news today as well.
As you can see, I'm here in New York.
If you're a TV viewer overlooking Central Park, Owen Schroyer will be hosting the second and third hour.
We'll be hosting a lot of this hour as well.
Owen, tell folks some of the things you're focused on.
Well, Alex, quite frankly, the news that I have to cover today, I'd like you to cover it with me because it's just so over the top.
We now know that the Biden administration is actively covering up intelligence that COVID-19 was a Chinese bioweapon.
They're actively doing that.
And as you reported 10 years ago, they're now making police boards that are just all liberal leftists.
They're now going to be deciding who gets to be a police and who doesn't.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we're going to be here for the next four hours on this June 21st, 2021 transmission.
I want to be very, very clear here that everything we've ever talked about on air has basically already now come true.
And that's not because we were even that smart, but we understood the globalists actually were in partial control of the planet.
Now they're attempting to get full control, not just of all the corporations and military, but of our bodies themselves.
The final frontier is to be able to play God as mad scientist.
And what I've seen in New York City has been very paradoxical.
A lot of people are awake and are upset about what's happening, but a lot of other people are like zombies.
And are just caught in the throes of this anti-human takeover, this eugenics depopulation takeover, wrapped in a rainbow flag.
And so that's what this evil is, is coming at us in a non-threatening sparkle unicorn outfit, but it's actually deadly, deadly dangerous.
And they are moving ahead at
laser light speed just to overwhelm us.
They know the program they've launched is unpopular.
They know what they're doing is being opposed across the world.
They know their operations behind schedule, but they are moving really quick.
Now, the central control system to all of this is the fact that Big Pharma and the mad scientists that run the world are really
The people that are in full control of this system.
And everything else flows out of that.
And so, Fauci talked about how Trump would be challenged by a deadly virus.
The UN drilled and prepared to use a virus for world government.
They did all the preconditioning in the news, with the movies and the shows.
They bought off all the major national health departments to be prepared.
They pulled the wild viruses out of the wild.
They integrated them together into a new virus to create fear.
And then they preconditioned the public and then rolled it out.
So we know that it didn't just come from the lab, as we told you 16, 17 months ago.
We now know that it was always planned and done by design.
So I really like Rand Paul.
He's a great guy, but he's still on Fox News with the big news.
Well, it looks like it probably came out of the lab.
So we can't even get from it's man-made when all the science shows it is to the fact that it was released on purpose to create the fear and they wanted to be artificial so that when scientists looked at it they would get really really scared of it when it's not a very dangerous strain of real super strains they've made.
I want to be clear, new COVID versions, not the new ones they're scaring us with on the news.
Oh, we got to keep you locked down because this variant or that variant.
They're getting you ready in the future when they release super deadly variants that are in the same family of cooked up virus that you will then basically accept permanent martial law, staying locked in your house while the economy collapses around you.
That everyone's going to be formed into community work brigades in communes.
There's posters all over the UN, all over Pfizer, all over the streets.
New York is a fortress of globalist evil, even though a lot of the people are awake.
And they're just everywhere announcing it.
It's like living in a Body Snatcher movie or something.
And people are like in this daze, just walking and just chirping that they love, you know, the New World Order, basically.
And you can palpably see it and feel it, and it's all the end of humanity.
These leftists all look like some type of satanic spider who sucked their soul out.
And you can see the people that are awake, race, color, and creed, they have light in their eyes, they love God, they're awake.
And those that have been taken over, it's like they're sleepwalking, old and young, just like, oh, what?
And so this really spirit of evil is upon people.
In these cities where they've got full control and are able to, I believe the 5G and the studies show it, are able to manipulate their minds even further and keep people in a trance-like state.
I mean, this is really a scientific takeover.
And it's the globalist playing God.
But the huge news that Owen Schroer's got that now we know, Biden said two weeks ago in 30 days, so now that's another 15 days away, that he will tell us whether it came out of the lab or not.
When the same group is running that cover-up that ran the cover-up a year and a half ago, and you've got Peter Daszak, of course now we learn, working with Google to cover all this up, and working to weaponize viruses with Fauci directly.
So it's all one big, sick, evil club.
Facebook's heavily invested, they all are, because if you're going to be invested in a genetic takeover, you've also got to control all the different facets of news and information you've got to be able to censor.
So that's why they were confident enough to launch this attack.
They thought that they would keep it secret that it came out of a lab, but so many whistleblowers came forward, like I told you months ago, now they admit it's whistleblowers, that didn't want to be implicated or go to prison, and now a lot of their own people realize this is about depopulation.
DASIC is a big depopulationist, all the top managers are, but the mid-level people are like, whoa, this is really real.
This isn't just to save the earth or, you know, create deadly weapons, so in case somebody else makes them, you know, we've got a parallel project.
Or even those that sign on to depopulation, now that they see it's going to be them and their family as well, and that everybody's going to be affected by this, they're having second thoughts.
So that's why we've got to stay on air as everything we talked about unfolds, as our credibility goes up.
We're not supposed to be on air right now.
We're supposed to already be forgotten about and memory hole, but thanks to you, we're still here.
Because as they ramp this thing up, we need to be there talking directly to people in the system at the FBI, at the NSA, at these private corporations, at big tech and saying, is this really what you want for you and your family?
Because this is a dystopia we're being taken to, not a utopia.
I want to say this again.
We have footage that I won't be able to air for a couple days because there's so much of it.
It's so incredible.
I'm going to really do it some justice.
But let's just say I've shot hours and hours of footage.
Probably shot three hours of footage.
All of it's powerful.
You saw four minutes of it last night when I went to Jeffrey Epstein's compound.
That's a powerful little four minutes.
That's unedited, one take, me out there talking about it right in front of his place.
I've shot hours of that at the CFR, at the UN, at Pfizer, at other facilities.
I'm going out today to shoot more, and I'm doing some big interviews.
So just incredible time to see all this unfolding, but we've got to stay here.
You've got to keep us here, because I realize how critical we are together, this whole InfoWars family, because people are listening on the inside, a lot of them, and we're helping decompartmentalize them.
That's my power.
That's our power.
People are always asking me, who are your sources?
You know, how do you know all this stuff?
And it's not about bragging, it's about understanding that I've read so much source material, studied these people so long, and also have a lot of great guests on that can also reverse engineer all this, like Dr. Francis Boyle and others, that I know what they're doing.
I'm my own source.
I can put all the pieces together.
And so I advise a lot of former intelligence agency heads, not just a few of them.
I advise heads of state, government, overtly and privately.
Bolsonaro's son reached out and said, come down here.
You help wake my dad up.
We want to have you here.
Wake me up.
I haven't had a chance to go down there.
It's not about bragging.
It's about you knowing why InfoWars is so special, because I'm able to really change world views and very important people because they know.
How does he know all this?
How does he know all this?
And I'm like, this is secret.
I go, no, it's not.
Here's where the global is pre-programmed and got it ready and then made it secret when it goes operational.
But the preparation and building is almost always public.
And all intelligence is transparent because it's happening in the real world.
And so our credibility is just incredible thanks to the prayers and support and the rest of it.
We've got to stay on air now because we've got to be here to decompartmentalize people in the system so they know how dark this tunnel is.
We're going down and so we can turn back.
Oh, and start getting into the big story here with Biden suppressing that it was a Chinese bioweapon with the globalists, with the UN for a worldwide power grab.
And that's really the big next shoe to drop.
Well, that's it exactly, Alex, and they know that this is inevitable.
And what you had was a high-ranking Chinese defector.
This guy was on the highest levels of the People's Republic of China's intelligence agencies, and he gave the U.S.
government over two terabytes
I think
Here's all the data out of the lab.
Here's their bioweapons experiments.
Here's the Chinese military involved in the Wuhan lab.
Here's all the data.
And the FBI and the DIA have had this intelligence for months, Alex.
For months, Alex.
And they are sitting on it.
Because they know, like we've reported, Fauci's involved, Obama's involved, Google's involved, Facebook is involved.
So they have to cover all this up.
While they're sitting on the biggest intelligence that's just raw data from a Chinese defector saying this was indeed a Chinese bioweapon, here's all their other bioweapons research, and the Biden administration and the FBI sits on it.
And remember, we're going to come back and talk about this.
This is a key.
I want you to read that whole article on air when we come back because people need to focus on this.
Now imagine it broke over a week ago, exactly what we told you.
Over a week ago.
It came out that the equivalent of the head of the Chinese CIA had given two terabytes of material to the U.S.
government because this individual understands it's a war crime to release a bioweapon like COVID-19.
Now, there's been a total news blackout on this information.
We've had it at Infowars.com, it's been at Gateway Pundit, it's been in the Daily Mail, but it's all confirmed.
And the fact of the...
The Communist Chinese military was in there with the UN, with Gates, with Fauci.
And from day one when they released this, Fauci and Gates always said China was good, America was bad.
That their response was good, that our response was bad, that we should never reopen, that they should stay open.
This is economic warfare by the globalists.
But there are other camps that are aware of this that think this is wrong and are standing up.
But other whistleblowers are coming out.
That's why you've seen the former head of the CDC, the former head of the NIH.
That's why you've seen all of these individuals, including now from the FDA, come out and say, yes, this is horrible, this is evil, because they know it was a serious crime that was committed.
And if they don't get out ahead of this, they're going to be held responsible when this all comes out.
So this is a big, big deal, folks.
And I want to explain something.
We didn't pull it out of a hat a year and a half ago and then just turn out to be exactly right.
It's well known what happened at Chapel Hill.
It's well known what Obama did, how he expanded these bioweapon labs.
The scientists in the U.S.
protested and said we should not be taking already dangerous pathogens and making them where they can spread to humans.
There's lots of zoological stuff we can get sick from, from animals, but most of it isn't airborne.
So why are you making it airborne?
Why are you making it where it can deliver into the human body?
That's a crime.
Punishable by death, by the way, and I'm not calling for killing people.
I'm saying that's what the federal law is and that law makes sense.
So it makes it that much more crazy when Frank Figliuzzi is the FBI official spokesperson for the media.
He does the official FBI show.
It's on NPR this morning, saying I'm under criminal investigation, saying Roger Stone, we need to be arrested, saying two weeks ago we need to quote
What was the exact words he used?
We need to attack Congress, members of Congress for radicalizing the people and need to take out their terror networks and then now that's the official U.S.
government policy of Joe Biden.
So while his son's selling art for $500,000, a million dollars apiece, as a money laundering operation for his dad for payoffs, and while the borders are wide open and Biden's human smuggling children by the tens of thousands a week, hundreds of thousands a month total now, while all this is going on, Frank Figliuzzi is tweeting yesterday,
Alex Jones and Roger Stone are under criminal investigation.
He says yes.
He's so happy about it.
Again, I'm not concerned about being indicted for something I didn't do.
I'm concerned that the official FBI has their spokesperson, that's what he is, on CNN, on MSNBC, on NPR, on Twitter, licking his lips, looks like Avenatti with a wig, up there
To get me, instead of the Communist Chinese, the bioweapon that's killed millions of people.
Because some of us go, oh there is no such thing as viruses, and oh this isn't real.
They're allowed to have their opinions all day, folks.
I've been growing up.
I had somebody who was sick cough on me, and I got sick.
Viruses are real.
Bacteria are real.
If you're healthy, you can deal with them.
The point is, is that it's a real virus they made, and it's only one generation.
They've got much more destructive ones.
That's what Senator Paul keeps warning about.
Why are we doing things that don't have one-tenth of one percent kill rate?
I don't
Eat the paint off your house to give you a permanent orange afro.
That's a quote from some movie with Bette Midler.
I forget the name of it.
But I mean, this is deadly serious.
So I want you to get into those articles at Infowars.com.
Read about this guy and the fact there's a blackout on this.
And remember, I told you months ago
This is coming out about the lab because of whistleblowers.
They've got to get ahead of it now because the stonewalling is collapsing.
So another big victory for humanity.
But meanwhile, the FBI is not trying to stop Chinese spies.
They're literally on the FBI spokesperson that hosts the FBI's radio show.
Licking their lips about trying to have Owen and myself and others arrested for the fiasco at the Capitol and saying Congress people wanted that to happen when we were about to get a vote for a 10-day investigation.
That's the last thing we wanted to have happen.
But oh, now it's like, oh, he might have talked to a Russian.
Now it's like on TV, like Owen said last night.
We're not sure that someone that was in DC that week at the Ellipse might have talked to a congressperson.
So if you went and talked to a congressperson a mile and a half away while there was a speech being given, Figliosi and all these people say you should be arrested as a terrorist.
So now it's not talking to Russians that gets you arrested.
Of course, none of that was true either.
Now it's, oh, the Congress people are talking to other patriots.
We better not talk to each other or the FBI will get us.
I mean, how disgustingly corrupt.
How archetypally evil.
I mean, talk about thugs.
Talk about political intimidators.
Talk about the KGB, the NKVD.
This is it, Owen.
Well, and that's the danger, is once people like this, with this type of psychology, they have a will to dominate you, you know, you meet a bunch of different people in life.
Some people are driven by success, by wealth, by family, by friends, by love, whatever.
These people are driven to dominate you.
That's their entire will, is to dominate you, and they're mad scientists at the top, and all these things are just the pillars that hold it up, Alex.
So, there's been a lot of developments on this story, and what
What it really comes down to is, yeah, okay, it was a Chinese bioweapon, but I think the bigger story here is, Alex, the Chinese clearly have infiltrated every major institution in the United States of America, including the FBI, including the White House, even under Trump, and that's what this story really proves more than anything, Alex, because if you go back to January 2020, and this even ties into Pelosi,
Trump wanted to ban travel from China in January of 2020.
I'm just going way back before we even get to the current timeline.
And so all these Chinese spies, many of them posing as students at major universities, they somehow got the intelligence that Trump was planning on banning travel from China.
So all these Chinese spies headed back to mainland China in January of 2020 when Nancy Pelosi went to Chinatown saying, oh, no, no, no, nothing to be worried about, nothing to be worried about, trying to run cover
While Trump is trying to shut down China travel, trying to run cover so all the Chinese spies can get back to China!
And so you had Democrats running that operation, trying to delay the travel ban, saying racism, so that the spies could all get out of town.
And so that's why you say, oh, well, now why are they saying Trump was bad?
He didn't ban it earlier.
Why are they making a big deal out of COVID?
But here's Nancy Pelosi saying, come dance in Chinatown.
They were running an operation to get all the Chinese spies out.
I mean, it's unbelievable.
But here's what we learn now, Alex.
Not only did the US government have direct intelligence that this was a Chinese man-made bioweapon, they have also now been running cover to make sure that this information doesn't get out.
So, I mean, again,
Every major institution has been corrupted by Chinese spies.
The White House, the FBI, the DIA, all of it, Alex.
I mean, this is like red flags, like alert, emergency alert!
And let's be clear, that's exactly why the globalists set up China to leverage this out economically and to allow them to be the muscle for the globalists.
I don't even blame the Chinese.
I want to be totally clear.
I don't want war with China.
I don't like the Communist Party that's in charge.
The Chinese people are good people.
But when I come back, I'm going to explain that the globalists have set up this whole conflict with China.
There's got to be a way out of it.
The truth is, there are a lot of really powerful different factions who all want global government, who all want to play God, who all want to legalize testing all sorts of horrible genetic engineering on the public, because they're selfish and want the fruits of that experimentation.
Life extension.
And that's the holy grail of why they're doing all this, why they think they're God, and they see us just wanting to go play football or go watch TV and think we're idiots and deserve to die.
The scientific elite, the mad scientists that run things, see us as animals.
But what they need to understand is, in the process of them trying to play God, a lot of us aren't acting like animals.
A lot of us do exercise our will.
And we're not going to sit here and take what they're doing.
And we're not going to take our free will being violated.
We're not going to take the Nuremberg Code that just codifies our natural rights that are already there.
And if they assault us with their biological pollution and their mad scientist crap,
We're going to take back control of our governments.
We're going to indict you.
And we're going to have you found guilty.
And then we're going to have you march up on a gallows.
And we're going to open a trap door and break your damn neck.
And I don't talk about killing people to act tough.
You need to stop killing people.
You need to stop playing God.
You need to stop pushing it.
Because I am not going to sit here and watch you run rampant over everybody.
You're going to end up getting killed.
That's how this works.
That's how you start wars.
Remember folks, we project our decency on the globalists.
These are mad scientists who have been in these agencies like Fauci for 45 years that thinks he's God.
And you see Fauci on the news again today.
It's on Infowars.com saying, questioning me is questioning science.
You cannot question me.
The essence of science is questioning.
Well, he's not talking about the real science, ladies and gentlemen, of what temperature water boils at or, you know, the periodic table or the speed of light.
He's talking about his scientific dictatorship and the world he's establishing and going through.
So Owen, read through some of that article, because we covered it some last week.
It's gotten almost no attention.
Next week's news today, the fact that they have this defector and Biden's trying to figure out how he wants to use this against China to get out from under their full control, because he's been a Chinese agent.
But without burning up his networks.
Well, we want it all out to burn up Gates politically.
To be able to go after Fauci legally and lawfully.
So all the rest of these mad scientists get the fear of God into them.
Let's just remember.
We'll keep hammering this.
Six years ago it was in hundreds of publications.
I had top scientists on, I had Dr. Boyle on at the time, saying they've got 14 level 4 bioweapons labs that we know of in the United States and a bunch of other places doing level 4 type stuff that is illegal.
And it's dangerous as hell.
And it's going to end up getting out.
And that's what's happened.
I mean, they had a hurricane in Florida 20 years ago, and one of those little tiger fish or two of those tiger fish got out, and now they're all over the Caribbean killing most of the other fish like cockroaches.
Well, that's a fish that got out and is causing all sorts of problems.
This stuff is out of control.
And if they can release this stuff and then be the saviors and control the narrative and censor everybody, they're going to do more of it.
This is just the beginning of the psychotic Great Reset.
I'm going to say this again.
I have footage of that cameraman sitting 10 feet from me, shot yesterday, that even blew him away.
And he's not even really political.
And my crew, who were a bunch of off-duty NYPD, they were blown away.
Because they're smart guys, but just average guys who aren't even trying to be political either.
They're like, what is this?
It says we're going to live in communes, and it showed where you live in a commune, and it's in a cage.
It's in a dirt bunker.
And it says you will live in a commune.
And it says you will own nothing and have nothing.
Whenever we show that video, that's from the UN.
So this isn't a game.
And I see how domesticated and how passive and how weak the general population is and how emasculated they are.
I don't
But we're going through the process of awakening, and the minute we awaken and say no, that's it for the globalists.
So in the time we've got left, get back into this big defector.
Then I want to segue into that other news that you brought up, and also the social war that's the other side of the equation.
Because this whole takeover of the family, takeover of free speech, takeover of the churches, everybody's got to lower whatever their flag was and hoist up that rainbow flag.
That again, if Hitler would have had a rainbow flag, he would have won.
No, I'm not joking.
If he'd have worn a pink suit, he would have won.
If he'd have had lipstick on, people wouldn't have taken him seriously, he would have won.
These people have camouflage.
In fact, I ought to do a piece where I dress up in a rainbow outfit and, you know, chop people up with hatchets.
I mean, not for real, but theoretically.
Because, I mean, if I stabbed you with a knife that had a rainbow blade, would it be okay?
If it had a black blade, it's more scary?
Darth Vader's big, tall, and black, and he looks ominous.
What if Darth Vader was rainbow colored?
Well, you know, and he'd say, I'm gonna stick my lightsaber in you, it's gay.
And you're like, but I don't want to die.
And he goes, but it's, it's gay.
Like Tim Cook.
Like, I run death camps.
I'm gay.
You understand how that works?
They literally hide their whole corporate evil behind this stuff.
Owen Schroyer.
Well, it's just incredible that we're witnessing this, Alex.
And like you said,
It's hard to say, but as soon as people realize this, and this is why they're so scared of January 6th, I mean, Americans are going to be turned into savages when they realize what's been done to them, what's been done to their family, what's been done to their country.
And that's why they're so panicked over that tiny little uprising on January 6th.
It's a tiny little Inchcote Bibble.
Of what Americans will turn to.
You're right.
It was that image of a million people who weren't attacking the Capitol, that if we would have wanted to take it, nobody could have stopped us and the country would be ours.
Because they're the revolutionaries taking the country through fraud, and there they see the rightful Americans there of every race, color, and creed.
It's that image that scared the hell out of them, that if we really wanted to have an insurrection, we'd have taken the whole damn city, the government would have, quote, fallen to us, the military and police would have joined us instantly, but we didn't do it, so they tried to trick us into a limited level of that, so we'd lose our power.
And I'm one of those people that likes, I like to play golf.
I like to have a cold beer at a ball game.
And so I don't want to see America turn into that.
It's just, you know, when people realize what's been done to them, there's going to be a response.
But so let's get into this story, Alex.
And you see, here's here's why it's so important for us to talk about this and you to have your historical reference point, because you.
You started at my final conclusion of just reading all these headlines, which was, the way the globalists have set up the new global market, the new global economy under the global government, is to have China with basically all the real blackmail against nation states.
Not Epstein running sex stuff, but no, China has 99% of the rare earth minerals.
China has 90% of the world's manufacturing and production.
Soon China will be the only source to even get energy out of at this rate since it's all being cut off.
So then it's like, oh, you can go to China as, let's say, as if Biden was a real guy and he'd say, well, China, you have all these spies here, you know, we're kicking them out and we're going to take recourse.
Well, China would just say, OK, fine, you're not getting any rare earth minerals, you're not getting any energy, you're not getting any manufacturing.
So good luck with that.
And then, of course, the Western leader would stand down.
That would be a scenario if they weren't already compromised.
But so Alex, quickly here in the last 90 seconds, let me just kind of do the boil down here, and we can get more into this in the next segment.
But it started with this story out of red state.
High-ranking Chinese defector has direct knowledge of several Chinese special weapons programs.
Not only did he turn over terabytes of information to the federal government, the DIA, the FBI, the Biden administration,
He was also whistleblowing that there were Chinese spies inside of all of these federal agencies as well.
And now that we're learning new details, we're starting to connect the dots of where these Chinese spies are at, where their influence is being felt.
In the news, in social media, in the Democrat Party, in the Republican Party, in Congress, in FBI, in the rest of these things.
And so, here's just some of the follow-up stories.
High-ranking Chinese defector working with DIA has direct knowledge of Chinese bioweapons programs.
Why is the DIA covering that up?
Chinese defector was shielded from FBI leadership and other agencies because of concerns that they are deep state entities who would try to bury the information.
In other words, the Chinese defector knows there's Chinese spies in all of these agencies.
And our people aren't even smart enough to figure that out.
Chinese defector claims to have evidence that Chinese military coordinated creation and release of COVID-19.
Yes, we know that now.
Defector claiming Chinese military responsible for COVID-19 identified as top counterintelligence official.
So that's the new one, is that it's now official.
It's not a theory, oh this is top, maybe it's a top Chinese guy, I don't know.
He was one of the top ranking ones, Alex.
We have terabytes of top Chinese bioweapons research and the FBI is covering it up.
All right, so welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm about to bow out here and go to these reports.
Owen Schroeder is going to take over.
I wanted to get into the social war on our children.
I know everybody knows this is happening, but when you're in a city like New York or San Francisco, you really see it.
It is the culture.
You will give up.
It is.
You will give up.
You're a man.
You're a woman.
You will let our special boards control all speech.
I mean, this is a dangerous evil cult.
And the people here don't want to be in it, but they're very weak.
And they've been brought up and been to conform and been brainwashed.
And people just have to start saying no to all this.
But going back to this, head of a major Chinese intelligence agency, their agencies are so secret, they don't even have names for them, giving them all the data.
And that's because
The infiltration goes both ways.
When we hear the FBI doesn't want to know about Chinese infiltration, it's because the globalists set China up with 98% of rare earth minerals and everything else, where China's been allowed to operate above the law.
And so there's so much investment there that it's like we're Siamese twins that are attached to each other.
And that's how a global system works.
It's how a takeover happens is, the old days they'd have the daughter and the son of the two empires would marry, and that's how they would merge their empires.
It's basically China's been set up to take the world over, not to empower their people, but to basically lower us to their level of slavery, to set that standard, the giant sucking sound that Ross Perot talked about so accurately back in 1992, has now come to fruition 21 years later, 22 years
I guess 30 years later.
Man, time is flying.
I'm getting old.
There you go.
Yeah, 28 years later.
So, oh and finish up with that and I've got a few other big points I want to hit here.
It's just that people need to realize this isn't well-meaning liberals.
This isn't confused different projects and operations.
This is you will live in communal homes.
You will have nothing.
You will own nothing.
You will be sterilized to get your
Thank you.
Construct of the social contract.
And so this is organized scientific evil to take humans out of their natural environment, dumb us down, and basically make us obsolete.
And they're using the whole liberal safety net nanny state as the cover for it, so it appears non-threatening on the surface.
But they have gone full operational.
I've said this a thousand times, but being here in New York, I mean, staggering.
Staggering transhumanist Great Reset artwork is all over the place.
The American flags are gone, the flag of the world government is up, the rainbow flag, but just finish up with that point and then Owen you had another big topic we were gonna hit together and then you're gonna take over.
Well, there's just so much to get into.
I mean, I've got these other stories just talking about what you're describing, the social engineering, where you now have Manhattan City Council members that are in dominatrix porn films.
You also have the same groups that cancel Fourth of July parades and fireworks now launching LGBTQ pride events.
So, you know, it just shows you the agenda.
But back to the story, Alex.
You know, the Biden administration, the FBI, the DIA, and anybody who's involved with this Chinese defector right now, Dong Jinwei, the top Chinese official, the Vice Minister, Secretary of Beijing,
Who is telling the US government this was made in a lab, the Chinese military knew about it, they released it as a bioweapon, here's all their other bioweapons research.
Well, all the corrupt officials and Biden, who's corrupted by the Chinese too, blackmailed by the Chinese with all his secret deals.
They don't know what to do, because there's probably some good people in there, Alex, that are like, hey, we got this defector from China, he gave us two terabytes of information, and then they're probably scratching their heads like, why are these FBI officials, why are these DIA officials, why is the Biden administration stalling this?
Why are they trying to cover up this rollout?
And so, I mean, seriously, this guy needs to be under suicide watch, not because he's going to commit suicide, but because he could get Epsteined at any moment.
They have to cover this up, Alex.
This is bombshell.
Well, absolutely.
And again, this was done strategically to get rid of Trump.
They released it out of Wuhan.
But we need to understand and let the Chinese people know, let the world know, it's not just China.
Because they're going to try to say, oh, it's just China.
No, this was done because it was outlawed in the U.S.
Obama got in trouble.
Good U.S.
scientists, just like this whistleblower in China, said, hey, we shouldn't be doing this.
You sure as hell shouldn't be doing it at a college laboratory.
It needs to be outlawed.
So Obama moved it.
And listen, I talked to the people involved.
OK, I'm going to leave it at that.
A couple of months ago, and I said, you will soon see
Seth Rogen, come out at the Washington Post and say Fauci's bad and yeah, it came out of the lab, but that's going to be a limited operation to act like it was an accident or to act like it was just Fauci.
It's the Communist Chinese government with the corrupt elements of the U.S.
government through the global government project of the UN, the U.S.
government, the Chinese government doing this
To put the UN in place as the world government that dictates our medicine, that dictates the lockdowns, that dictates the contact tracers, to establish and transfer nationhood and power and elected governmental officials into a multinational UN unelected system controlled by corporations.
So this is a corptocracy.
This is a fascist corporate takeover that's put all its eggs in the Chinese basket, that has pretty much already taken the world over,
That now has multi quadrillions in fake currencies.
They're buying everything up at 50 to 100 times what it's value, because it's all workless.
And by the time that trickles down the inflation, it's going to devastate everybody, where we're left with no jobs, no security, no savings, inflated currency that doesn't work, and the globalists own everything, and they admit that's their plan and hiding behind it.
Are these big corporations that run death camps on China?
But oh, Tim Cook's gay, and there's rainbow flags, and all the major corporate spokespersons are black people, which is great.
If normal, that was the case, okay, fine.
Have every corporate ambi a black person.
But AT&T's not black.
Apple's not black.
The New World Order's not black.
The Xi Jinping thing.
They hide and they admit they're hiding behind it because the general public literally thinks that who the spokesperson is of something is who they are.
So I mean, if Hitler
I guess would have hired maybe, if Hitler was alive today, he'd hire LeBron James as a spokesperson.
Because Xi Jinping is as bad as Hitler, probably worse on a mass scale.
But instead, the NBA, through China, is their biggest sponsor now, controls LeBron James.
So LeBron James says, I don't care if 3 million Uyghurs are in death camps, I don't care if a million Christians are in death camps, because he's getting 20, 30, 40, 50 million a year in extra from just sponsorship out of China.
And so here you got this big, you know, six foot nine black guy who's literally the front guy for China.
Why do you think Kim Jong Un wanted all these black players there over there with him in North Korea?
These guys are smart, man.
And they know that they see American culture supposedly black because the corporate media did that to hide themselves.
And the Chinese and others know the U.S.
has the best propaganda.
So they go, oh, yeah, we're black, too.
I mean, this is like if I put a black face on and went and robbed a bank and shot and killed ten people, they'd say a black guy did it.
You go, well, you're setting blacks up.
Well, they are setting blacks up.
They're putting their whole agenda of world government, new world order, transgenderism, everything, with a black face on it.
And a rainbow flag.
And man, they got people adopting that here in New York.
I mean, I've never seen what I've seen here where the black men, all basically 80% of act like women, talk like women, and run around, you know, doing that.
And that's what people say, oh, Black Lives Matter is crazy run by Soros.
Where it says, we're going to get rid of the family, nuclear family, and we want black men to transition.
You're like, that just sounds crazy.
Let me tell you, they've done it.
Maybe not 60% of the black men I've seen, 80% of the young ones I've seen are trying to look and act like women.
And man, I mean, it freaks me out.
Because I know it's affected.
And I know that they've been told, we will accept you, we will employ you, we will make you managers, as long as you don't have a woman, and as long as you act like you're a woman,
Talk about the emasculation.
Talk about the enslavement.
And I'm not here virtue signaling to black people.
What they've done to black people, they're doing it to everybody.
But I look what they've done to them being captured going back 120 years ago with Margaret Sanger and the Rockefellers right here in New York and all their psychological studies.
And we're 120 years into this and I see the result of it, Owen, and it is pure nightmarish death.
Well, that's why U.S.
corporations go along with all of this because they know that most of the goods that they profit off of are made in China.
So they go along with it.
That's why LeBron James goes along with this.
He knows his shoes are made in China.
He wants his movies to be in China.
And that's why, you know, when Kanye West was kind of reaching this new point,
You're dead on.
Well, that's it.
All right, final segment here, Alex Jones.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
John Bowne always does really important reports.
He's done one on Juneteenth and how it's been weaponized.
And he did one on another big important subject, Hunter Biden, just to show how the corruption works.
One of the biggest ways to launder money.
One of the biggest ways to pay off politicians is their wife's an artist, and then, oh, it's subjective, you buy her painting for half a million dollars, and then, you know, the mayor does what you want him to land deal or whatever.
He's selling him these paintings that he could never sell before as fast as he can for half a million, a million dollars.
It just shows the insane level of corruption.
And what's happening and how the system wants to make America as dysfunctional as they can, but not just the United States, the entire world.
And if we just become conscious of that, we can change it.
So I hope that Owen has time to air those reports.
I know he's got a lot on his slate and a lot of guests and also taking calls is always really important.
We're going to have some amazing reports for you.
It'll take a couple of days to get them out, but I would imagine that
Sometime next week, we'll put out this big special report that really answers a lot of questions and strikes the heart of the New World Order and who runs it and how to stop it.
That should be out sometime early next week.
But I want to take some time to voice it.
We've put a lot of work into it.
I want to add some clips and really have a mini documentary about what's happened here in New York.
Separately, I'll tell you what's not made in China.
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You can't find them.
We used to sell Grundig that was made in Germany.
That went out of business like 10 years ago.
I was a Grundig dealer, and people didn't buy enough Grundigs.
It went out of business.
So when people used to say to Trump, hey, why are your ties made in China?
He's like, they'd be three times more if they were made in America.
I'm trying to do a deal where it would be half the cost that it currently is in America, still more expensive than China.
And he did that.
But then those unfair deals that he got rid of have been put right back in place.
So that's how this whole scam operates.
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Into the second hour of this Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, I did all of this work to prepare for today.
I'm going to be hosting the War Room as well.
So that I understood this story about the Chinese defector and the latest developments and that I could come on here today and be very eloquent and coherent and decisive in my explanation and coverage of this.
But you know, you get onto the stage and you have it and you have all the prep work and it's just like, I can't really do it justice.
Again, this is the type of information that InfoWars has to cover on air.
And so then there's like all this other psychological stuff that goes on behind it, and it's like why they want to attack Alex Jones.
But it's like, this is beyond my pay grade.
This is the kind of stuff that Jen Psaki should be telling you about, but she's a joke.
She's a clown.
And quite frankly, she doesn't even know what's going on.
The Biden administration doesn't even communicate with her.
So yeah, she gets up there, she can't answer questions because she doesn't know.
She has no idea.
Her job is to stand up there like a clown and take questions from the media when she has no clue what's going on.
So here we are, and InfoWars, and thank God for the others that are breaking this and reporting this,
They are out there.
But it should be universal in the American media, and it's not.
And I wonder why.
Because some in the American media are truly the enemy of the people.
That's why Donald Trump said that.
And that's what it is.
Boy, that's extreme.
Well, it's the truth!
COVID is just one example.
Or covering up the
Manufacturing of COVID in the bioweapons lab is just one level.
And once you understand how the media has covered that up, or how they cover up all the crimes of the Biden family, or protect Joe Biden in his embarrassing, whatever, 130 days in office that it's been so far, his sloppy G7 Putin summit, that's why the media is the enemy of the people.
You've got, again, just... I'll finish up on it now and get some of the other news.
Because... Again, this is something that you should be hearing from Chris Wray.
You should be hearing from the DIA, the CIA, the DOJ, the White House.
You're not going to.
They're not on our team.
They are against us.
They are against We The People.
They are against America.
They are just like the media.
They're connected at the hip.
It's a symbioid.
The corrupt media, the corrupt politicians.
So again, here are the headlines.
This is the latest from Daily Mail.
Has a top Chinese official defected to the U.S.
with Wuhan Lab secrets?
Vice Minister of State Security fled Beijing in February with information that sparked Biden to U-turn on COVID origins.
And so that's why you see that flip, but of course it's just a cover-up.
They know the information is inevitably going to get out, but how do they control it and then steer the narrative in a way that protects themselves and protects their Chinese allies?
And so that's the...
Real debate that's happening in D.C.
right now, in big tech right now.
That's why you see all the censorship of these stories.
That's why you saw the censorship of these stories a year ago when this was coming out.
That's why you had people kicked off of Fox News for daring to report this stuff.
Like Fox Business, a couple popular hosts just gone overnight.
Who had the top ratings, by the way, Trish Regan, Lou Dobbs.
Yeah, they were a little suspicious of the COVID
Leak out of the lab.
They were a little suspicious of all the shutdowns, and well, they talked about it on air, and so they got the hammer.
By the way, you have another Fox News reporter at a local level going to Project Veritas to report corporate censorship, but that's another story.
Moving on.
So again, high-ranking Chinese defector has direct knowledge of several Chinese special weapons programs, but not just that.
Red state sources say that it's partially true.
I'm skipping ahead in this story here about
The U.S.
intelligence agency is getting all of this information.
FBI Director Christopher Wray was ambushed with the information and Langley was unaware.
Sources say DIA leadership kept the defector within their clandestine services network to prevent Langley and the State Department from accessing the person whose existence was kept from other agencies because DIA leadership believes there are Chinese spies or sources inside the FBI, CIA, and several other federal agencies.
So it's so bad, in DC, with Chinese spies around every corner, they don't even know what to do with this guy.
So it's kind of like Epstein on a new level.
It's like, okay, here's Epstein, here's a triple agent, quadruple agent, whatever, running industrial-level sex trafficking stuff, pedophile island, the whole nine yards, all this blackmail on all these people, used for control and capitulation and power, and now you've got him going to jail, and so it becomes an issue of, wow, how are we going to protect this guy?
And they couldn't!
So again, it's a different level, but it's the same thing.
How are they going to control this intelligence asset out of China, and the two plus terabytes of data that he has on Chinese bioweapons research, including the COVID lab, and intelligence on U.S.
officials that are bought and paid for, owned by the Chinese communists as spies?
So again, how do you control Jeffrey Epstein getting all that information out?
Well, you kill him in jail.
How do you control this Chinese defector from getting all this information out?
How do you control those terabytes of information from getting to the public?
Well, they're running that scam right now.
They are answering those questions internally right now.
And to the good people that are actually in the CIA or the DIA or the White House or any of this stuff,
They're going to learn real quick how bad it is.
And you know that the Biden administration and the FBI and others are going to do everything they can to keep this information from getting out and to keep this Chinese defector from going fully public.
So that's the operation they're running right now.
So yeah, they basically have this guy probably in jail.
The Chai comms are begging them to send him back.
And they're holding on to that intelligence.
So, I mean, they're literally keeping this guy from going public.
They're keeping the information from being public, and they're keeping this defector from going public right now.
That's the Biden administration.
That's the FBI.
They're covering up the origins of COVID.
They're covering up a Chinese
Military operation that was used against us and used against the world.
Because they're involved with it.
And so that's why Xi Jinping laughs at Biden because he owns him.
Joe Biden is Xi Jinping's bitch.
Putin's bitch too apparently.
But for this it's more important because
Xi Jinping knows.
China owns your corporations, China owns your media, and China owns your intelligence agencies.
What are you going to do?
You're going to come out and tell the world that we launched this bioweapon?
Guess what?
We're going to tell the world who you are!
So Xi Jinping, the mafia gangster of the Communist Party in China, now owns our intelligence agencies, owns our major corporations, owns our media,
Owns Biden and we get nothing.
We don't even have enough leadership in DC to blow this story wide open yesterday when we have the terabytes of information.
Why aren't the Chinese spies in the US government being arrested right now?
Who's gonna save the world from the corrupt globalists?
Who's gonna save the world
From the global government tyranny being foisted upon us right now, the medical tyranny, the oppressive global communism that, I mean, you'll wish you had communism when this thing rolls out.
Yeah, communism, uh-huh.
Just another lie of the New World Order.
Well, it's going to have to be us.
It's going to have to be you in the audience.
It's going to have to be leaders in politics, leaders in business, everything.
That's the only way we can get out of this, ladies and gentlemen.
And so I'm going to finish up on this Chinese defector story the best I can.
And it's frustrating because I can't possibly do this story justice.
I mean, this is just it's just unbelievable.
I mean, we have
Our federal institutions and D.C.
and the media are so corrupted and so against us that they're burying this story.
That not only we were lied to about COVID in the outset, but that it appears to be by design
That this was a bioweapon and that the Chinese military knew all about it and were even running the program.
And that's just like, again, that's one level.
The Chinese defector is also warning Americans, all of your top institutions are infiltrated by Chinese spies.
And we know about Swalwell, we know about Feinstein, we know about Nancy Pelosi running cover, I explained this earlier.
Running cover for the Chinese spies to get out of the U.S.
while COVID was breaking out and Donald Trump was becoming privy to all of it.
So Pelosi goes down to Chinatown and says, Oh no, everything's great.
Come down here.
Nothing to be afraid of.
Trump's racist.
Don't ban travel from China.
So that all the Chinese spies could get back to the Chinese mainland safely.
And then they did, and then of course, just, you know, as they would, Democrats came out, now we're for all the travel shutdowns, blaming Trump for everything, shut down the economy, all of it.
After all the Chinese spies got out.
And again, this is a complex thing, when dealing with COVID, because people will say, well wait a second, you say don't be afraid of COVID, we shouldn't have shut down, it's not a big deal, but you're saying it's a bioweapon.
Well, yeah, okay.
Both can be true.
Both are true.
We've been around long enough through this thing to know that both of those things are the cases.
We actually have the real data on COVID now and now we know how and where it came from.
And there's the mainstream media still there covering it up.
And so they'll slow roll out the revelations that it came out of the Wuhan lab while they're covering it up that it was a military bioweapon and that
Western big tech companies were involved, and that Fauci and Gates and Obama were involved, and that through this revelation that we're now learning about how the U.S.
government is completely just covered throughout with Chinese spies.
And again, you already know, Dianne Feinstein, driven around by a Chinese spy for two decades.
She knew.
She knew that.
Eric Swalwell, sleeping with a Chinese spy.
He probably didn't know that.
So what is going to happen to the Chinese intelligence official, Dong Jingwei, that the federal government is currently, basically, keeping under wraps, basically, you know,
being put in jail.
I mean, I don't think they have him in a jail cell, but you know, they'll probably keep him in jail essentially so that he can't go public and other media won't cover this.
Because they're all filled with Chinese spies.
You had the state-run Chinese media in 2018 promoting their labs.
Take a look at the largest virus bank in Asia.
Wuhan Institute of Virology in central China's Hubei province preserves more than 1,500 different strains of viruses.
That came out in May of 18 from Chinese-run media China Daily.
They've now deleted that tweet!
Oh, I wonder why!
And then, now that again it's come out that this came out of the Wuhan lab and it's pretty much just accepted without it being admitted, the Biden security advisor refuses to say how China will be punished for non-cooperation with COVID investigations.
So that's just with the investigations that were covered up.
Not even with the manufacturing and release of the virus.
Totally against the law, against the everything.
Geneva Convention, Nuremberg Code, all of it.
Oh, well, the Biden administration can't say how China will be punished because China won't be punished by the Biden administration because China owns the Biden administration.
The Biden administration is China.
But see, that's just another bubble waiting to burst in this deal.
And the more dramatic the effort is by the mainstream media and our politicians and our federal agencies to cover this up, the more dramatic the revelations will be, the more dramatic the responses will be from the American people when all of this finally is revealed and understood.
And it is inevitable.
It's hard to say on a gauge where it's truly at right now, simply because of all the censorship that happens, and that we just don't even have a real media.
I mean, InfoWars is as real as it gets in the media.
I mean, it's hard for us to really know.
I mean, how many people understand the true origins, the true story of COVID-19?
How many people really know about that?
And then how many people, forget about the totally brainwashed leftists out there, their soul is already merged with the death cult.
So that's a non-entity.
But there's still good Americans out there that just want to live their life and don't really know any of this is going on.
What happens when they realize this?
The people whose lives have been destroyed with their businesses getting shut down or families being torn apart.
Suicides, all of it.
Are they going to be more mad at China for doing this?
Or are they going to be more mad at the American media and our federal institutions that covered it all up?
And so that's why the Biden administration, the FBI, the DIA and others are just in a panic behind the scenes right now because they're sitting on the, they're sitting on basically an atom bomb that is going to blow them up.
And they don't know what to do with it.
Because they'd like to blow it up, but for nobody to see.
But how do you do that?
How do you blow up a... How do you have a nuclear detonation without anybody noticing?
So that's the challenge that is upon the White House and Chris Wray and others right now.
With this Chinese defector being held right now, who's given them all the intelligence that they already knew.
They already knew all the Chinese spies were here.
They already knew it was a Chinese bio-weapon made by the military.
They already knew all that, but now here's a Chinese defector saying, hey, you're gonna expose this, right?
You're gonna do something about this, right?
The Chinese communists are evil.
They're launching bio-warfare.
It's only gonna get worse.
And he hands it over and then Chris Wray and the Biden administration are kind of scratching their heads like, uh, okay, yeah, yeah, we'll get this to the public, sure, just stay here for a minute, yeah.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex for the rest of this transmission.
Gerald Cilenti hosting the fourth hour, then I'll be back hosting the war room as well.
So much to get to here.
I'm going to move on now from this huge story.
It's tough to because it's so big and no one else is making a big deal out of it.
But we talked about it for about an hour plus now, so it's time to move on to some of the other stuff here.
That the media won't tell you, like the vaccines are hurting people, and then just the complete, now the Stockholm Syndrome is just complete.
When it comes to what some of these leftists, some of these liberal progressive leftists are now willing to commit to, where they'll have friends and family who die from the COVID vaccine, and they'll put out the information on their social media accounts saying, yeah, my kid, my cousin, whatever, died from it, but you should still get it.
That is the completion of Stockholm Syndrome right there.
But I've got other big news here as well, and then what we witnessed from Juneteenth over the weekend.
I think we're figuring out where this is going, and really quickly as well.
With what happened over the weekend for Juneteenth, quote-unquote, celebrations.
Celebrations is, I suppose, what we're going to be calling those.
So we'll have all of that coming up.
I'm going to get to some news clips now, but first, remember folks, InfoWarsStore.com.
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Let's take a look at what happened over the weekend during quote-unquote Juneteenth celebrations.
And so Juneteenth, which
I don't know, maybe Trump saw this coming.
Trump wanted to make Juneteenth a federal holiday and make it a thing that American patriots could own and that we could be proud of.
And we could say, this is when America ended slavery.
This is when we set an example for the world to stop having slavery.
It's not a good thing.
And so America set that standard and we freed our slaves and we fought a battle over it and we came out of that.
But they want to turn it into something negative.
Oh, America's racist.
Oh, America's all about slavery.
To then turn it into some weird, like, purge-style thing where, because of Juneteenth, you can just go out and riot and loot and do all this stuff again.
Like, oh, George Floyd, I'm rioting and looting.
Oh, okay.
Oh, Breonna Taylor, I'm rioting and looting.
Oh, Mike Brown, I'm rioting and looting.
Oh, Juneteenth, I'm rioting and looting.
So it could have been a good thing.
It could have been a good thing for America.
Another thing for us to wave the flag and be proud of what we've done here.
Not proud that we had a sordid history at times, but proud that we came out of it.
Proud that we learned.
Proud that we became better.
Proud that we set a standard again for the globe.
No, now it's been weaponized and it becomes a new, I'm riding, I'm looting because of George Floyd.
And yeah, you've got George Floyd statues going up coast to coast.
It's just, it's insane.
So they tear down Thomas Jefferson or Columbus and then replace it with George Floyd, a career criminal who once held a loaded weapon to a pregnant woman because he was robbing her.
And now he's a hero.
Amazing how that works.
But so, let's take a look.
Yeah, this is just some of the B-roll
That's what George Floyd would look like if he was white.
Yeah, they have white statues of George Floyd, too.
I mean, that's how insane this is.
But let's go to clip one.
This is in Oakland.
Just some of the scenes, guys.
Just roll the B-roll from clip one.
This is just the scenes in Oakland where Juneteenth was.
And you had one dead and five injured in mass shootings at Juneteenth.
And then the EMTs arrived, and look at what happened!
So here, let's roll this from the top with audio.
I think it's okay.
I'm pretty sure it's censored.
So here you go.
So you had a mass shooting in Oakland at a Juneteenth event, and when the EMTs arrived to treat the people that just got shot, look what the people that were attending the Juneteenth quote-unquote celebration did.
Check this out.
So as the EMTs are unloading gurneys and getting medical instruments, the Juneteenth celebrators, whatever you want to call them, take over the EMT ambulance and turn it into a Cardi B WAP video with their asses hanging out, their breasts hanging out, they're grinding on one another, they're climbing on top of the ambulance and they're cheering it all on.
And it's just a big joke.
Yeah, people got shot here and the ambulance is here to help them.
So let's just dance on the car and let's twerk on it.
Let's turn this into a Cardi B WAP video.
Juneteenth, man.
You know, cause Juneteenth.
So is this what we're gonna see on Juneteenth every year now?
Is this the new regular thing for Juneteenth?
Is it gonna be now?
Businesses are gonna board up their windows and doors and shut down on Juneteenth because it's gonna become an insane
Spectacle of criminal and debauchery activity.
So there you go.
Here's another one.
Here in clip four, guys.
Roll clip four.
Another Juneteenth celebration that resulted in four being shot.
So there you go.
So there's another one.
Here's another Juneteenth celebration.
Four people shot.
And of course that didn't stop the ongoers from having their party.
And continuing to party in the streets, you know, because of Juneteenth, you see?
And then you have, this was in Chicago.
I'll tell you, there was something even more disgusting, perhaps, than the event itself.
Guys, just roll the B-roll of clip five.
In Chicago over the weekend, a father and his wife, who have one child together,
...were pulled out of their vehicle in Chicago and shot, executed at point-blank range.
The father is now dead, the wife is in critical condition.
It's just regular day in Chicago now.
Just a homicide every, there's multiple homicides every day.
At the end of the year, it's gonna be on average about three homicides a day.
And then, now is the media gonna show you this footage of this guy dying after being executed on the streets of Chicago?
Pulled from his vehicle and executed as he's trying to protect his girlfriend?
By the way, what is one thread that all these videos have in common?
It's all white supremacists, isn't it?
This is a bunch of white supremacist activity, isn't it?
Are they going to show you this individual dying on the streets of Chicago, being murdered?
By a bunch of white supremacist thugs?
Oh, that's right.
White supremacist here is code word for black people, I guess.
Where in the media, white supremacist is code for Trump supporters.
So I guess we all have coded verbology now.
No, let's call it what it is.
Black thugs murdered a guy in Chicago.
Black thugs celebrating Juneteenth around this country.
Multiple shootings.
Dancing on EMT cars.
And they say white supremacists are the biggest threat.
Here's what's even more disgusting, though, about that individual.
Leftists are going on Twitter, commenting on people posting that video, defending the murderer.
I'm not kidding you.
Defending the murderer.
Saying, oh, Whitey in the car must have deserved it.
The guy was from Puerto Rico.
Saying, hey, he had a Confederate flag, he deserved it.
It was a Puerto Rican flag.
So that's how brainwashed leftists are now, is they defend criminals that are black and they say that it's the victim's fault.
I mean, this is unbelievable!
This is who they are!
So the left is all about division.
And the agenda of the globalists is to divide America so that it can be conquered.
So it's all this race baiting.
It's all this identity politics.
It's all garbage.
The average American doesn't care what color your skin color is.
What color your skin is.
Redundant there.
They don't care about your upbringing, your class.
Most people.
It's only leftists that really do.
They're the ones that seem to be obsessed with race and class and all this stuff.
But see, it then becomes this issue of
How do I even cover what's happening without adding to the problem?
Because there's obviously emotional levels involved here when, whether you're black or white, you're getting pulled emotionally
On your heart strings here by all the propaganda.
So it's like, here comes the FBI and all this mainstream media crap where if you're white, you're the problem in the education system everywhere.
You're white, you're bad.
You're white, you're the problem.
You must be eliminated.
You must be disseminated.
Your days are over.
And so the white person's like, what?
What are you talking about?
And then you're
If you're a black person, the propaganda targets you, saying you're a victim, you've been wronged, it's the white person's fault.
And so you don't want to buy into any of it.
But see, it's my duty here to this audience that tunes in to tell you the truth about what's going on.
When all of our media and our federal government is telling you that white supremacy is the problem, but you look at inner inner inner city run by Democrats with a majority black population, it's the most violent criminal areas that you can live in.
And then you have a Juneteenth celebration over the weekend in multiple cities where there's mass shootings, people dancing on EMT ambulances when they arrive to stop the bleeding out of people that have just been shot.
And then in this clip too, in clip eight, just breaking out into fights.
This is in New Jersey.
So like I said, just roll clip eight, just roll the B-roll.
So like I said, literally from coast to coast, Juneteenth weekend became an exhibition in total thuggery.
But see, that's what it's all about.
So, oh, I'm black, I'm a victim, so I get this day like a purge-style event to behave in a debaucherous, criminal manner.
And so this is what the media does.
Oh, George Floyd died.
Go out and loot and riot.
Oh, Mike Brown died.
Go out and loot and riot.
And they lie about how they died.
And then cities are decimated by this massive crime wave.
And then the white person, and then the white man is blamed, even though whether you want to watch the videos of all this going on, or look at the FBI crime statistics, it's not white men!
No, it's not!
But they're the ones that are told they need to be blamed.
They're the ones that are told they're bad.
And so, again, how do you even cover that without becoming part of the problem?
How do you fix an issue where
As long as people are still buying into the mainstream media propaganda, it's never going to be fixed.
Whether that's to hate a white person, or hate police, or whatever it else is.
So again, I could sit here and roll this footage for you all day long, and you'll notice there's something in common with all this criminal activity.
I mean, I'm not the one obsessed with race.
But if you're observant and honest and you want to talk about race, well go ahead and have that conversation.
The left won't have it.
And of course they won't because it's every Democrat city.
Look at these numbers.
Crime surges in cities across the country, every single one run by Democrats.
Atlanta, up 58% in homicides from a year ago, 40% up in shootings.
New York City, 13% up in homicides, 64% in shootings.
Portland, 533% increase in homicides, 126% increase in shootings.
Chicago, up 5% in homicides, up 18% in shootings.
That number's actually wrong.
I don't know why.
So now I'm wondering.
I know for a fact Chicago is up more than 5%.
I've run those numbers myself.
Chicago's up 50%.
Chicago is on pace to double, actually.
So would that be 100% then?
So that number's actually wrong.
You can go look at the homicides in Chicago.
There have been over 300 homicides in Chicago so far this year.
There were 290 in Chicago last year.
So that number is actually inaccurate.
Los Angeles up 22% in homicides, 51% in shootings.
Philadelphia up 37% in homicides, 27% in shootings.
And if the number in Chicago is low, I'm wondering if the rest of them aren't low.
Those are just numbers from Fox.
But see, this is what's happening now inside of
Law enforcement.
You know, and this is such a critical thing.
You should do like a whole hour just breaking this down and discussing it, but the story in the LAist, and this story is elsewhere too, but this was the source I was researching mostly.
Here are the people Los Angeles' District Attorney, who is funded by Soros, that's George Gasson,
Here are the people Los Angeles' district attorney, which is really Soros' district attorney, has named to review past police shootings.
So get this, police shootings in Los Angeles that have already gone through the system of review and court and all of it, are now going to go back through the system.
Now that would be illegal.
That's like double jeopardy.
You can't do that.
Oh, but see, they found an end around.
And so now this Soros paid for
Soros bought and paid for DA George Gascon has hired a group of Black Lives Matter protesters to review past police shootings and if they find any proprieties in those rulings there will be new cases brought up.
You can go back 10 years, 20 years, they don't care, they're gonna find you!
So this is giving
The anti-cop Soros-run left-wing, a knife to hold to the cop's throat politically.
You think there's going to be fairness?
You think there's going to be neutrality in those decisions?
And see, if you understand this, you understand what happens when this goes exponential.
They'll hire all of their brainwashed, propagandized
Minions and goons to select committees and boards that are above law to then say, yes, these people committed crimes.
Yes, these police committed crimes.
Yes, they committed an insurrection.
And then the and then whatever law enforcement agencies will say, see, these are just neutral committees.
You know, these are just neutral committees and we find their decisions to be neutral.
So we're going after the people that they said are the criminals here.
We're going after those cops.
We're going after those Trump supporters.
This is what they're doing right now.
And that's why you have people like Frank Figluzzi, Frank Figloozer, celebrating stories from the Washington Post saying that the federal government wants to arrest Alex Jones.
And the funny thing is, in the Washington Post story, it even says, it has to admit, that Alex Jones was calling for peace that entire day!
Which they lied about in their first publication, but then we sent them all the videos of us saying, don't go in, it's time to be peaceful.
Don't go in, be peaceful.
And they had to retract and rewrite their story.
But they didn't change the headlines, and that didn't stop Frank Figluzzi, the FBI official that wants to arrest all Trump supporters, from celebrating the fact that the federal government's being aimed at Americans.
He loves it.
So that's what they'll do.
And he has a new podcast now.
So they'll put their ideologues on unofficial committees and boards that will act as some sort of surrogate for actual law enforcement but has now been defunded.
So there's no real local law enforcement, that's all been defunded.
They have these left-wing Soros-backed committees and boards that'll then be making decisions like some sort of a courtroom jury
And then if they decide you're a racist or you're a bigot or you're this or that, oh, and then they'll send their actual compromised law enforcement to come scoop you up, which will be nothing but leftist at that time because anybody that doesn't want to be a tyrannical, corrupt, political,
Enforcer of the Democrat Party like in Portland will quit.
So that's why you're seeing all the Special Forces and police quit that are like, you know raid people and Riot squads and rapid response squads because they know like in Portland.
Oh, okay They went hey a group of people are burning down a building with people inside so the rapid response team shows up and
One of them happens to barely breeze a journalist who's like flopping and flailing and then he gets sued and he gets arrested.
Not the people that burned the building down, but the police that showed up to stop it.
Infowars is here because there's a war on for your mind.
That's why it's been our motto for more than 25 years.
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Tri-Iodine is from a patented
Oh, that's a shame.
That old Foo Fighters song that was all about fighting the establishment.
Turns out that Dave Grohl that wrote it is nothing but an establishment hack.
Doing concerts for only vaccinated people.
So he ends up being the pretender in the long run.
I want to play a couple videos showing you how racist the Democrats actually are.
I know, it's not that hard to find, but the media won't cover it.
Just go back to the founding of the Democrat Party.
The former KKK members that took their hoods off and then declared themselves Democrats.
Yes, that's how it was founded, and still to this day they execute their racism across this country.
Even maybe even worse nowadays, because it's nationwide.
And in the White House.
But here is Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, who belongs to an all-white club in Rhode Island.
Now, I can't even believe these things still exist!
But you know where they exist?
In Democrat liberal elite areas, they still have whites-only clubs.
I'm not kidding you.
They have whites-only clubs, and Democrats are members at them.
And so Sheldon Whitehouse was questioned about his
Membership there while pretending to fight racism and his response is classic.
Okay, back in 2017 you had expressed concerns about the membership of the all-white Bailey's Beach Club, said that you hoped it would become more diverse.
Now your family's been members, your wife is one of the largest shareholders.
Has there been any traction in that?
Are there any minority members of the club now?
I think the people who are running the place are still working on that, and I'm sorry it hasn't happened yet.
I mean, obviously it's been four years.
Do you have concerns in 2021?
You had remarks on the floor following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd saying, you know, hoping to root out systemic racism in the country.
Your thoughts on an elite, all-white, wealthy club again in this day and age?
You know, should these clubs continue to exist?
It's a long tradition in Rhode Island, and there are many of them.
And I think we just need to work our way through the issues.
Thank you.
You have to continue.
The car's here.
Oh, he doesn't want to talk anymore.
He gets whisked away by the security.
Mr. Richardson, your wife is one of the main decision makers at an all-white country club in Rhode Island that you've been a member of for decades.
What do you think about that bigotry?
Well, it's a tradition here.
That's his excuse!
It's a tradition!
Oh my God!
Yeah, it's a tradition in the Democrat Party to be racist and openly segregationist now as well.
So that's the racism of the Democrat Party showing there.
Hey, it's a long tradition!
He's right!
It's a long tradition of Democrats to be racist.
Oh man, don't expect the media to call him out for that.
Can you believe that?
A Democrat is a member at an all-white country club and says, well, it's a tradition.
And says, well, the people in charge may want to change it.
His wife basically runs the place.
I mean, it's just hilarious stuff.
Now here's Joe Biden on a Zoom call on Juneteenth with all black people, by the way.
Listen to this.
This is stunning.
Listen to this quote from Joe Biden on a Zoom call for Juneteenth with all black people.
Clip three.
Clip three, guys.
This country is doomed.
It is doomed, not just because of African Americans, but because by 2040, this country is going to be minority white European.
Hear me?
And that makes us doomed!
Minority white European.
And now we're doomed!
And you guys are going to have to start working more with Hispanics.
You guys, what does he mean by that?
So, Sheldon Whitehouse, prominent Democrat, belongs to whites-only country clubs that his wife runs, and then Biden, on a Zoom call with all black people for Juneteenth, says that America's doomed because it's too many black people!
You can't make this stuff up!
And then even does the whole you people thing live on the Zoom call.
So according to Biden, America is doomed because the white race is becoming a minority.
Biden's words, not mine.
Happy Juneteenth, America.
Your president is a racist.
Alright, we're in the third hour of the Alex Jones Show now.
Gerald Cilente going to be hosting the fourth hour.
I'll be back hosting the War Room 3 to 6 p.m.
and so I want to let you know that I'm going to take calls on the War Room today.
I do have some other news stories that I'm holding over to cover exclusively on the War Room.
But I believe we're guest-free today, and so that means I can take calls for at least two hours probably on The War Room today.
So if you're chomping at the bit to get through to InfoWars today, The War Room will be the time.
What is that?
What was that, guys?
Hold on, the crew has something.
Oh, okay, that's right.
We've got... Oh, yes!
We've got Noor Bin Laden joining me on The War Room today to discuss what happened to her in Switzerland
Last week, with Dan Lyman, when she held up a Trump 1 banner flag on a lake in Switzerland outside of the Putin-Biden summit, and the police and the military showed up and threatened to arrest her.
So she'll be giving us her first hand account of that that happened to her.
But other than that, we're wide open, so we'll be taking calls on the war room, probably right out of the gates even.
But I've got this other news I want to get to here in the meantime.
This is truly a freaky phenomenon here, and it's really scary to see this from your fellow humans.
I mean, imagine if... I mean, this is graphic, but this is a real illustration.
Imagine if you're, you know, walking down the street in your neighborhood, and there's a line of people, and you just, you don't know what's going on, and you say, what is this line of people doing out here today?
And someone says, well, this is the woodchipper line.
You say, woodchipper line?
I'm sorry, I don't understand.
So yeah, there's people lined up to jump in the woodchipper.
You say, what?
They say, yeah, these people are lining up to jump into a woodchipper.
Okay, this is insane, I don't believe you.
And so you walk to the front line, and sure enough, they're just hopping in, just, you know, jump in, who's next?
Chopped up into, into pink mist.
And you're like, what the hell?
That'd be pretty shocking.
That'd be stunning.
That'd be something that changes you.
Well, that's basically what's going on with this COVID vaccine.
Yeah, it's not bloody people getting chopped up in wood chippers, but when you have people that celebrate, when you have people that celebrate the COVID vaccine side effects and saying, yeah, my friends, my family died from the COVID vaccine,
But I think you should get it anyway.
Again, that's like watching people hop into a wood chipper.
And so, here's just another story here.
By the way, even CNN is being forced to cover this.
Heart inflammation condition looked like heart attack in kids after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, according to pediatricians.
A local NBC and then it was also covered by CNN having to admit this.
The teenage boys all looked like they were having heart attacks.
They complained of chest pain and general discomfort and tests looked at first as if they were suffering an acute myocardial infraction, a heart attack.
But they weren't.
Instead, the seven youths aged 14 to 19 were suffering from a very rare type of heart inflammation linked to COVID-19 vaccines.
So, the COVID-19 gives you cancer and heart attacks, and then they just say, oh well, you know, it's not actually cancer, it's not actually a heart attack, it's just a rare side effect of the vaccine.
Well, what the hell does that mean?
It means they're covering it up.
The vaccines are giving you cancer, they are giving you heart attacks.
You're not even allowed to say that!
But that's just it, is, oh, I'm not saying it's giving you a heart attack, I'm saying it's giving you heart attack-like symptoms.
Oh, oh, I'm not saying the vaccine gives you cancer, I'm just saying it shows up as cancer when we do tests.
It's like Dr. Spichemin.
It's like, oh, how come my kid is having a heart attack after the vaccine?
That's not a heart attack!
That's just heart attack-like symptoms!
Hey, uh, you say we shouldn't have cancer screenings after we get the COVID-19 vaccine.
Why is that?
Well, because you test positive for cancer!
But it's just a test!
Oh, you're having cancer-like symptoms from the vaccine?
Oh, you're having heart attack-like symptoms?
You're nine years old?
You just got the vaccine and you're having heart attack-like symptoms?
Well, those are just symptoms of the vaccine!
Just heart attack-like symptoms!
The guy falls over in the middle of a soccer game?
He got the COVID vaccine, collapses in the middle of a soccer game?
Oh, he's just having heart attack-like symptoms!
It's heart attack-like symptoms from the vaccine.
It's not a heart attack.
Big difference.
So it's not, oh, the vaccine causes heart attacks.
It's, oh, the vaccine causes heart attack-like symptoms.
Oh, the vaccine doesn't cause cancer.
It just shows up that you have cancer after you get it.
How about the freakiest part?
People get the vaccine and then they become magnetized.
And by the way, now it's unvaccinated people or non-vaccinated people becoming magnetized.
I have people that contact me who work as nurses or work in healthcare and they say, we've never been vaccinated, but because we're in hospitals all day long, we're around vaccinated people and now they're magnetic.
There's a guy in India who they look at as he's like a superhero now.
Got the COVID vaccine, says, after I got the COVID vaccine, I turned into a human magnet.
He's like a legend, like comic book character in India, just sticks everything to him, like dozens of forks and knives and everything.
And it's like, oh, look, he's a superhero.
He's got special powers.
Oh, the COVID-19 vaccine doesn't turn you into a magnet.
You just have magnet-like symptoms.
I mean this is, but so here's the sickest level I didn't even get to.
Here's the woodchipper part.
Now, again, I don't like taking news off of Twitter and Twitter accounts because you just never know what's really behind it.
It could be a bot, it could be fake, it could be anything.
By the way, this is just the crew pulling up all these stories of all these other people being magnetized.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Yeah, it's like, go home, Matt, check yourself.
And so, I don't like making news reports or stories out of these Twitter accounts, because you really never know.
But, I went back, I looked at this lady's Twitter account, appears to be real.
It's hard to believe these are real people, but I mean, it's either a real hardcore leftist, or some bot that's just a leftist bot.
And so, guys, will you please print me the other tweet that I sent you from this lady, from the other, because it ties it all together.
Here's this lady on Twitter, her name is Tammy Burgess, and this tweet's now going totally viral.
A week ago today, my brother's 13-year-old son had his second COVID shot.
Three days later, he died.
The initial autopsy results were that his heart was enlarged and there was some fluid surrounding it.
You mean a heart attack?
He had no known health problems, was on no medications.
So again, vaccine gives him a heart attack.
Oh, no, no, no, I'm sorry.
It's not a heart attack.
It's heart attack-like symptoms.
Big difference.
Come on.
Come on, man.
You can't say it's giving you a heart attack.
It's heart attack-like symptoms.
You know.
So wicked.
Then, she has all these people responding saying, oh, my kid's about to get the second shot, I'm nervous, or I was thinking about vaccinating my kids, but I'm seeing all these people die, I'm not gonna do it now.
And she's responding, still promoting the vaccine!
Saying, I would definitely still get your kid vaccinated.
So here she is saying a kid died from the vaccine but then promoting it.
Now here she is, in December of 2020, saying casting doubt on vaccine safety might result in millions of deaths.
Oh, the irony!
So, what do you think of reporting on a vaccine killing your own family members is going to do?
Oh, but see, in her own twisted leftist ideology, her own brainwashing, she realizes, uh-oh, yeah, that's right, if people learn the vaccine is killing people, then they might not get it.
But then she says, oh, I don't want people to not be, I don't want people to be afraid of the vaccine because it's life-saving.
So she admits the vaccine kills people, but then she says she doesn't want negative reporting on the vaccine out there because she thinks that will kill people.
Do you understand how gone these people are mentally?
Liberalism is beyond a mental disorder, folks.
They are under complete and total brainwashing.
There is so much developing here and I think what we're gonna see in the coming weeks is they have to cover up the vaccine deaths that are about to really start to take off.
And I think they're gonna do that with
The revelations that this did come out of the lab, there's going to have to be some kind of twist there because they can't be fully transparent about that lab, they can't be fully transparent about the Chinese military involvement, and they can't be fully transparent about the U.S.
government involvement and big tech's involvement, but they need something right now
To distract from all the vaccine deaths and I just got another story out of a Taiwanese news agency that said in the last three days, 56 people have died from the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine that are now being investigated by a health agency there.
So, I mean,
I don't know what they're going to do to cover this up, because when you vaccinate such a large percentage of the population, which I'm really not even sure what it would be, but let's go ahead and actually roll this clip now, because again, I just saw this story in the break.
A Taiwanese news source saying that in three days the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine killed 56 people and a health agency is investigating.
So when you try to have, they say they want 80% vaccinated in the West within the next two weeks.
So I mean, yeah, you're going to have people that die, people that have all these different side effects like heart attack-like symptoms, cancer-like symptoms, paralysis, blood clotting, all of it.
And you're not going to be able to cover it up, so how do you have the media not report on it?
Well, you distract them now with the Wuhan lab story.
Which was really revealed in January and February of 2020, but they didn't cover it then.
So now they'll cover it to cover up all the vaccine deaths.
But how many people are really getting vaccinated?
Let's take a look at this.
This is a high school graduation.
Do we know where this is from, guys?
Okay, so I'm not sure what state this is in.
The crew will try to find out as we play this.
But this is a high school graduation, segregated, a vaxxed section and a non-vaxxed section.
And so, guys, let's just go ahead and roll this.
So, I'm guessing that's the vaccinated section is almost completely empty.
And then, I guess, was that music from the video?
So yeah, that was just music from this video.
So I'm guessing that they, so the people in, so they let the vaccinated people sit on the field for graduation, and the unvaccinated people had to be in the bleachers, and there's about 100 people in the vaccinated section, and about 1,000 people in the unvaccinated section.
Now again, I'm not sure where this high school graduation is at.
This is in the state of Washington.
Thank you, crew.
So, if these numbers are any indication of where we're at as a nation, what would you say?
15% of the population has been vaccinated?
It's hard for me, you know, this is one that we could probably actually go out and find out, maybe.
You know, we've got so many great people now that are on board at Band.Video.
So many independent journalists that are there, too.
So, I mean, folks, you gotta understand, like, you know, it's time for, and people are doing it.
I'm just saying, like, I'm just, like, wargaming out here on air.
I'm glad to see it.
How can we get a real number of vaccinated versus unvaccinated?
And I guess one way to do it is just go out on the streets and just ask people.
Just ask people and just see what the, you know, the returns are there.
Because that's a high school graduation, probably a pretty fair depiction in eastern Washington.
About 10% of the people there got vaccinated, the other 90% didn't.
But I'm saying even through my experience, I don't think I could give you a fair number because when I'm with the people that I know and when I go to the places that I go here in Austin, which is not too many, most people aren't vaccinated.
So by that measurement, I'd say
20% of the population is vaccinated?
Uh, based on the vaccine is the best way.
But they're obviously lying about the numbers.
There's no way 80% of the population is going to be vaccinated by July 4th, but they may claim, they may try to make that claim.
Uh, but man oh man.
Yeah, and they do have vaccine passports, they're covering that up too.
The vaccine passport is a very real thing, ladies and gentlemen.
And it is already being implemented in many places.
Not completely enforced yet in those areas, but it is there.
So, man oh man, but again, how do you properly illustrate the Stockholm Syndrome
Of people that get the vaccine and have horrible side effects, but still promote it.
Who have family that get the vaccine and die, but still promote it.
They're in a cult.
And it's this level of never wanting to admit that they were wrong about anything, because then they'd have to admit that they were wrong about everything.
And so they're clinging to their false narratives.
They're clinging to their false narratives of COVID.
They're clinging to their false narratives about the vaccine.
They're clinging to their false narratives about January 6th.
They cling to these lies because if they admit one of these things was a lie, they have to admit all of them were a lie.
And so they hate the fact that it's mostly Trump supporters that are the most vocal about this, at least.
They hate the fact that, or whether it's InfoWars or The Gateway Pundit or whatever reporting on it, they hate the fact that we're out here for over six months now telling people that this vaccine is going to be deadly, this vaccine is going to have horrendous side effects.
They hate us so much that they just discount whatever we say.
Doesn't matter we have the proof.
Doesn't matter it's just mainstream news half the time.
And so it shows you the level of commitment to their cult.
It shows you how complete the brainwashing is.
It shows you how they are literally right now in a pattern of mind control.
Mind control!
Mind control!
I mean, this is epic!
You're talking about
Millions of people that are under complete mind control, ladies and gentlemen, that is not an exaggeration.
They are under a spell.
They are under mind control.
And so much of it is derivative off the hatred that they're taught.
So, they hate Trump, they hate Trump supporters, they hate America, they hate you.
So when you say six months ago, this vaccine is going to have deadly side effects and a lot of bad side effects, they deny it.
Then when it all comes true, and it happens to them, and it happens to their family,
They just say, no, still get the vaccine.
That's how committed they are to their brainwashing.
That's how deep their Stockholm Syndrome is.
That's how overwhelming their hatred is.
That's their commitment to this crime.
The media's commitment.
They're bold.
Blatant commitment to protecting the crimes of the Biden family is really incredible.
In fact, I'm not sure what's more bold, the Bidens and their willing to commit crimes just right in front of the public in broad daylight, or the fact that the media is so in the tank for the Biden crime family that they won't report on it.
Both are pretty astounding.
The latest has to be Hunter Biden's art scandal.
Here's a guy who's never sold art before, never been an artist before, selling art for a million dollars, half a million dollars.
To secret buyers.
That's right.
Nobody gets to know who the buyers are.
So when Joe Biden said, hey, none of my family members will be in my administration as a shot at Trump.
Well, I guess Hunter Biden isn't an official member of the administration, but believe me, he is selling influence and access
Laundering that access and influence with the money involved through his artwork.
Hunter Biden, now the number one selling artist in America, not even an artist, a guy that smokes parmesan cheese because he's so addicted to crack.
And so this is going on, the media is covering it up, they won't even report on it, just like they don't report on any other of the crimes of the Biden family, just like they've covered up for all of the scandals of Hunter Biden.
This will be yet another one, and perhaps the most blatant one.
I mean, at least the stuff that came off of his emails, you know, that wasn't out in the public.
We had to get the emails, and then those had to be released for us to see all the stuff that Hunter was up to, all the sordid activities there.
But this is just broad daylight.
Hey, Hunter Biden's selling his art for half a million dollars apiece to secret buyers.
Boy, that's not suspicious at all.
So yeah, Biden didn't have to put Hunter Biden in his administration because he knew he'd be selling art for political influence on the side.
By the way, though, I forget the story I saw this weekend.
It's basically like 12 members of the Biden administration have like 28 members of their family now getting paid by the government.
But that's neither here nor there.
That's just...
Other nepotism, but whatever.
So here is the John Bowne report.
The media won't cover this.
I mean, it's the most obvious thing I've ever seen in my life.
It's well known people use art to launder money and other such things.
So Hunter Biden just does it publicly and the media doesn't even blink an eye.
Here's the John Bowne report.
Under the soft scrutiny of the media, Hunter Biden has been allowed to walk away as the intermediary for his family's pay-to-play scheme that turned the Oval Office into the Biden family's personal ATM machine.
And now, suddenly, Hunter Biden is selling abstract paintings for $500,000 apiece to unknown nefarious donors as those donors will remain confidential.
As Hunter's resume of zero experience continues to land him the big money funneled in for the big guy.
In dealings with the Chinese, I've heard Joe Biden say that he's never discussed business with Hunter.
That is false.
I have first-hand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden.
Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine?
As I said, the only time was after a news account.
There wasn't a discussion in any way.
There's no but to this.
No, we never did.
Your dad said, I hope you know what you're doing.
I hope you know what you're doing.
And you said, I do?
And I said, I do.
And that was literally the end of our discussion.
A lot of the Ukraine charges about you have been debunked and were unfair.
There's one thing that a lot of Democrats even do wonder about, and that is Hunter Biden, your son, was getting paid a lot of money to serve on the board of a Ukrainian energy company facing serious corruption charges.
You were the vice president running point on Ukraine.
The average Joe hears that and says, that sounds fishy.
What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?
I don't know what he was doing.
I know he was on the board.
I found out he was on the board after he was on the board.
Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani business associates of his son's at a dinner in Washington, D.C.
And that was it.
while he was vice president, according to records on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop.
Hunter's Soho art dealer has strong ties to China and was once arrested for terroristic threats.
Also, Hunter never relinquished his 10% stake in the Chinese company BHR Partners that is partly owned by the Bank of China.
So, while Hunter Biden
We're good to go.
The institution admitted to it over eight years ago, as The Independent reported, unknown to the artists, the new American art was secretly promoted under a policy known as the Long Leash, the decision to include culture and art in the U.S.
Cold War arsenal.
...was taken as soon as the CIA was founded in 1947.
Its agents were placed in the film industry, in publishing houses, even as travel writers for the celebrated Fodor Guides.
And, we now know, it promoted America's anarchic avant-garde movement, Abstract Expressionism.
$24 million now at $24 million, $25 million, $26 million, at $26, $27 million, $28 million, $29 million.
Just how stupid does the Biden crime family think the American people are?
And if they get away with this, they can get away with absolutely anything.
John Bowne reporting.
Seriously, I mean, this is so obvious.
I mean, you're just at a loss for words at this point at how corrupt the American media is.
The cover-up of the Biden-Cram family, the protection that the media runs for the Bidens and the Democrat Party is just criminal.
It's unbelievable.
I mean, what do you even do at this point when everything has become so corrupted?
The media, all of our institutions, our law enforcement, our judicial branch.
I mean, that all the crimes of the Biden family can just be well known in public from their own documents, from their own activity, their own words.
And the media just says, oh, this doesn't exist.
And that's it.
And they continue to run their gambit, they continue to run their crimes.
Stunning, really.
I mean, I just... Ooh, boy.
What do you do?
But it's kind of like this, how they cover up the election theft.
We caught them.
Trump has recently put out new statements.
President Trump warned Raffensperger and his attorney Ryan Germany about election fraud.
New evidence shows Germany was made aware
Of election fraud on election night and hid this from President Trump.
Same with Raffensperger, who said, oh, I did an independent investigation.
We found no chain of command issues, nothing.
Now even Raffensperger is coming out and saying, oh, wait.
We do have chain of command problems.
We do have sequential ballots.
We do have illegal ballots.
This is odd.
After all the facts.
So he covered it up at the time.
Now he's willing to come out and talk about it, but it's too late.
Or is it?
There was a hearing today in Georgia on Fulton County.
That's Atlanta.
Absentee ballot audit.
And that's where they had the no chain of command.
That's illegal, so they shouldn't have counted.
No chain of command record.
And they had sequential ballots, some of which were never even folded.
Mail-in ballots never folded.
No crease in them.
You know what that means, right?
They were never mailed out.
So that's all coming out during these hearings.
And just like in Colorado,
When it was suggested that there be a vote audit in Colorado, like the one in Arizona, the Democrats in Colorado made it illegal!
They made it illegal to audit!
Well now, Nevada's doing the same thing.
So Trump won Nevada too, probably!
State GOP chair wants Arizona-style audit in Nevada.
Democrat leadership pushes back.
So they made it illegal in Colorado to audit the vote, and now the Democrats in Nevada are trying to do the same thing.
So Trump won Colorado and Trump won Nevada.
That's what that means.
So what does that put Trump at now?
Like 340 on the Electoral College?
Now that we know all the states that were stolen from Trump for Biden?
Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania.
New Hampshire.
And our media is in on all of it, man.
They are in on all of it.
That's why we have to keep InfoWars on the air, folks.
Shop at InfoWarsStore.com.
We will take this corrupt media on head-on every day as long as we're on air.
Alright, this is my final segment here hosting the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer filling in today.
While Alex is on the road working, I will be hosting the War Room again 3-6pm.
I'm going to take calls there too.
So, anything I've talked about today on the Alex Jones Show, I'll take calls on on the War Room.
We'll also be joined by Noor Bin Laden, who was almost arrested for waving a Trump 1 flag outside of the Biden-Putin summit in Switzerland.
So, that's what's coming up on the War Room.
Let me do just a news blitz here on some of the rest of the news on my desk before I take off and Gerald Salente takes over.
This is becoming a trend in many different industries.
American Airlines cancels hundreds of flights amid staffing and maintenance issues.
I mean, this has just been a weird phenomenon to witness and experience even firsthand since the fake pandemic shutdown of just the service industry not
Being able to get back to where it was at, not being able to recoup, and really being worse off than I've ever seen it in my life.
Not just with supply chain shortages, but just people don't give a damn anymore.
And I guess it's because they figure they can get on unemployment, or they're on unemployment so they don't want to go back to work.
It's a very strange thing.
And most businesses, at least I'm seeing here in Austin, are so desperate to get people working, their starting wages right now are $15 or $20 an hour.
I'm not that old, folks.
I am not that old.
I'm 31.
And I mean, even when I was young and working, had my first job, I believe when I was 14, reffing soccer games, which was actually good money compared to the hourly wages I got.
But I mean, I remember you had to work at a job for at least a year or two before you could even get to $10 an hour.
And you felt great when you got to that.
Now people are so desperate to hire, they're offering bonuses just to get interviewed, and starting wages at $15-$20 an hour, and they still can't staff!
They still can't get a crew.
So this is just the collapse of the service industry in many different fronts that we are witnessing right now.
This is just wild, but it shows you where the left is at.
And so we don't, you know, it's not something we do for shock jock radio when we talk about the sex cults that have all of their operatives inside government.
It's very real.
It's beyond just the Epstein blackmailing.
It's, no, there's active members of these sex cults that get into government.
For example, Zack Weiner, go figure, Zack Weiner, 26 year old city council in Manhattan,
A candidate, well, a candidate no more.
He was in a dominatrix sex video getting tortured for sexual pleasure.
Do I need to tell you what party he was affiliated with?
Do I need to tell you that?
No, I think that one's pretty obvious, isn't it?
And so, apparently he's a regular at this BDSM dungeon where they do sex torture on you.
And he was going to be in City Council as a Democrat.
So, uh, yeah, that's pretty commonplace, actually, in the Democrat Party.
You may be surprised.
Maybe not.
You know, the people that hang out with Ed Buck.
People that sleep with Chinese spies like Eric Swalwell.
People that promote drag queen story time and teaching your kids how to masturbate.
Yeah, that's the Democrats.
And they cancel 4th of July parades and fireworks as they launch new funding and operations for Juneteenth and LGBTQ pride events.
So this is happening across the nation, but National File has a story out of Chicago, Illinois.
Illinois City cancels 4th of July parade, launches Juneteenth and LGBTQ pride events.
So you're not allowed to do 4th of July celebrations because of COVID, but you can go out and have gay orgies on the street for gay pride, or riots on the street for Juneteenth, and that's all good.
That's all good.
Tell me how you haven't heard about this, and I haven't!
But I saw it today on the Gateway Pundit.
Biden administration and American media silent after Texas family goes missing at the border in cartel territory, reportedly kidnapped.
Not even a story, ladies and gentlemen.
This is devastating.
A family on a border town, in a border town,
On a border ranch, kidnapped by cartel members, and the media doesn't cover it.
See, here's why this is so incredible.
The media really, at least it used to be, really mostly driven by ratings.
And so they'd see a story like this and they'd say, we're going to run with this 24 hours because it's going to be great for ratings.
Now there's a new thing that's more important than ratings and that's protecting the Democrat Party because they're all Democrats.
Protecting the globalist agenda because they're all in on it.
So you won't hear a bleep of this.
A family in Texas kidnapped by the Las Zetas Mexican cartel because it's bad for the Biden administration.
A whole family kidnapped by the Mexican cartel won't be in the news because it's bad for the Biden administration.
Neither will this!
Gunmen kill 15 in Mexico-U.S.
border town.
A bloody rampage rocks city next to McAllen, Texas, which is where we were at just a few months ago, in Reynosa.
And they're saying it could be as high as 18.
They haven't gotten the most updated numbers.
Not in the news!
I mean, again, they love the ratings.
They love the mass shootings.
They cover it all the time.
They demonize guns.
Not at the southern border.
Because it's bad for the Biden administration.
Family kidnapped at the southern border?
Bad for the Biden administration.
They don't cover it.
Absolutely stunning.
Or maybe not so much.
Court upholds FDA approval of controversial GMO fake meat ingredient.
Yes, so get ready.
This is just the beginning of you not even be able to get meat anymore.
It's gonna become this new thing where like, oh, people hoard emergency food or hoard gold or cash or other stuff.
People are gonna start mass buying quantities of actual beef and just freezing them, knowing that they may not be able to get them in the future.
I'm not even kidding you.
So, get ready for that.
IRS denies Texas-based Christian group tax-exempt status, claims Bible teachings affiliated with GOP.
And there it is.
And there it is.
So that's next.
So now Christianity is going to be considered offensive because we live in fag world.
So because I live in the gay pride fag world, I can't talk about Jesus or celebrate Christianity because it's offensive
To all these militant liberals out there.
And see, notice how I didn't say it's offensive to gay people, because it's not.
Most gay people don't care what your religion is.
It's live and let live.
It's the militant, radicalized, hate-filled left that hates Christianity.
Doesn't matter if they're gay or not.
They hate Christians.
So now, they're going to make the argument that Christianity is offensive to the LGBTQ plus movement, and so therefore it needs to be outlawed and banned, and if you wear a shirt that has Jesus on it, or a crucifix around your neck, you're bad!
You're a bigot!
You won't be able to go to a restaurant, you won't be able to go to a ballgame.
So this, institutionally, with the IRS, is just a sign of where it's going.
So get ready.
I mean, within two years, most restaurants and bus stops and everything will say, oh, I'm gay.
I love gays.
Don't, you know, don't offend me because you don't like me because I'm gay.
And so it's all about ending Christianity, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's another example.
Leftist furious over
Straight Pride posters in Ireland.
So there's a poster going around Ireland that says Straight Pride.
It's got a man and a woman in wedding garments.
And this is offensive because it's far-right and homophobic.
So being straight, being heterosexual is now a far-right thing.
Imagine that.
But in a way that's, it's just indicative of everything else.
Common sense
The truth is now considered far right wing.
So if you're just honest and have any common sense and logic left, you're considered far right.
So hey, heterosexuality, a man and a woman makes a baby, makes a nuclear family, that's far right!
Because the far left is far out of their minds.
Oxford alumni warn woke mob wants sensitivity readers to vet and edit university's oldest newspaper.
So yeah, all of these
Alumni that just write in this paper are getting edited by a bunch of woke liberal leftist mental defectives and they're like, what the hell is this?
Why am I being censored by a bunch of mental defectives here?
Because it's the new religion of liberalism, of being gay, of being black and caring about your skin color and your sex is the first thing.
That's all you care about.
It's your sex and your skin color.
And if somebody offends you because of that, well, then they'll get canceled.
They'll get banned.
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Hello, hello!
Creeping on the Alex Jones Show!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
And as I keep saying, you better do all you can to support InfoWars because...
They're robbing us of our freedom in a country near you.
Yeah, it's one place after another.
Hey, how about this?
In today's toilet paper record, the New York Times.
New York faces lasting economic toll, well this is yesterday, even as pandemic passes.
Oh, the pandemic passes?
Oh, did you get a pandemic pass?
This is a lot of crap.
It's not that the pandemic passed.
It's that the low-life pieces of scum, politicians, politics that suck all the blood out of us and suck the joy out of our life, lock down the place.
Got it?
As pandemic pauses.
And then this little crappy, arrogant boy, the daddy's boy, Andy Cuomo, born on Third Base and thought he had a home run, Governor Cuomo,
Governor, calling this clown governor, that's profanity.
Calling this piece of scum a lying S.O.B.
who took sick people out of hospitals and putting them into nursing homes so they could spread the virus, when he declares... You could take off your masks.
It's my daddy's birthday!
It's June 15th!
It's my daddy's birthday!
And I renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge after my daddy!
The Mario M. Cuomo Bridge!
Oh, they forgot to put the M there, take down all the signs, and redo it, and charge we the stupid people of Slavelandia about 20 million bucks to do it.
Yeah, when he declared you could open things up again, this is the clown that closed it all down.
Arrogant little boy.
Look at his Dunkin' Donuts cup there.
You drink that crap.
Shows you what a crap head you are.
And his story.
You ready?
They got... One crucial factor in the city's economic trajectory, civic and business leaders say, is addressing safety concerns.
Violent crime has risen since the pandemic hit.
No, you pieces of scum!
Not since the pandemic hit, since the low-life moron imbeciles who closed down the joint caused crime to rise.
When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
You go to Midtown, man, it's drug town.
Go down to Washington Square Park, it's crazy park.
But I gotta tell you, the vibe is really good in this city and a lot of places.
People are coming back, but guess what?
For rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent.
For rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent.
People aren't coming back to work.
They got about a 15% office occupancy rate.
So we come back, we're going to talk about more.
Because this economy... Oh, the markets are up today.
Wonder what it means.
Hey, how about inflation?
Where's gold going?
Bitcoin, bye-bye, bye-bye-bye.
We'll be right back-back.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember, do what you can to support InfoWars.
Keep the truth alive.
Because they're locking down everything, man.
Anyway, going back to what's going on.
You're estimating in New York that only 62% of the office workers will return, mostly three days a week.
This is the new abnormal.
And I don't blame him, man.
I wouldn't want to commute an hour and a half each way on the LIE.
But this is going to go on all around the country.
Less people are going to be commuting.
So where is commercial real estate going to go?
Read your Trends Journal.
Well, this week's was only 149 pages.
No advertisements.
And how about with interest rates going up?
Yeah, New York City lags behind other U.S.
cities in getting workers to return to office.
But even when you look at that number, the office rate in the state, around the states, is only around 31%.
And most places rebuilt.
And you see that picture?
That's how ugly New York has become.
All steel and glass crap.
Ugly, ugly.
One time the place had style.
But style's gone.
We're going to get to that later too.
Our style is dead in this country.
And a lot of places.
So what does it mean?
Office buildings are opening up, not all employees want to return.
This is big stuff.
It's not bad.
There's good parts to it.
It's a new world.
Who would have thought that there'd be all this online education?
Trends are born, they grow, they mature, each old age and die.
I've been writing in my book, Trends 2000, 25 years ago.
Of interactive you, interactive university.
The system we have stinks.
It was created by the Germans, the Weimar Republic, at the beginning of the Industrial Age.
People used to make all their own things by hand, and they became industries.
They took these people that couldn't work anymore, baking their own things, because they couldn't afford to, they had competition, wiped them out, mass production, and taught them how to read, write, and do math, and follow orders.
So, the new education system that has come about from this is big.
And it's an entrepreneur opportunity.
Going back to working at home.
You know, you don't have to commute every day and a lot of jobs.
And it's going to be part of the 21st century.
So what does it mean for commercial real estate?
The places were overbuilt before.
In New York, before this happened, east side, west side, all around the town, for rent, for rent, for rent in 2019.
From the West Village up to Fifth Avenue.
Madison, Park, all over.
So, major companies ask Colorado residents not to apply for remote positions.
And they're not alone.
Because what you have also, is you got the bankster crowd.
We wrote about this in the Trends Journal this past week.
You got the guy from Morgan Stanley, Gorman.
Or is it Horman?
He may have misspelt it.
I'm not sure.
The chief executive of Morgan Stanley told investors and analysts this month, if you want to get paid in New York, you need to be in New York.
And then you're hearing Blackstone.
You're hearing
JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, Jamie Cole, Jamie Crapp, Jamie Dimon, they're headed against a bank that got, what did they get, hit like five times for fines and they still do business while we little people get our
You know, chops busted for the minor crime that we did.
Oh, you're going eight miles over the speed limit.
Stand on your head.
Where were you?
How many drinks did you have?
Repeat the alphabet backwards.
But slimers like Diamond and the rest, they get a free ride.
Trading practices, not trading practices.
They rigged the precious metals market.
Going back to them, they're pushing big time
For employees to go back to work.
You know why?
You know why?
Not because it's inefficient.
Because these scum loaned all the money to the big guys to build all these big buildings.
And they want to get paid back.
Because the floors are empty.
I don't need 16 floors anymore.
I only need two.
Sub leases, yeah, they're really hot now.
These are the scum that are telling people go back to work, go back to work.
Because they know how bad it is.
And now it brings us back to the markets.
You saw what happened last week.
The bank stopped.
Jerome Powell.
And one big club and you ain't in it.
Jesus Christ, right, makes his own whip, drives the money changers out of the temple, has his Last Supper and is hanging on a cross, is screwing with the banksters.
They know how bad it is, and with interest rates going up,
As Powell, who worked for the Bankster Clan, as well as Janet Yellen, who quit earlier so she could make millions of dollars, shooting off her blubber mouth.
She never made any sense talking when she talked like this and about that, but gets paid like $270,000 to speak for an hour by the Bankster Clan.
Yeah, they're all a member of that criminal group, the Banksters.
That have made the bigs bigger.
The Blackstones, the Black Rocks, the Blacks, the J.P.
Morgan chases.
One after another, they're buying up everything.
Before we become our plantation workers of Slavelandia.
They're going to do everything they can to reverse this trend, and it's not going to work.
Even at a 10% loss of people coming back, you're losing hundreds of thousands of workers in New York.
All the people that used to buy the bagels and the coffee and going out for drinks afterwards, they're gone.
Yeah, interest rates would be good for the country, Treasury Secretary Yellen says.
And then she backtracked on that like in 60 seconds.
Because all that debt I was talking about, guess what?
As interest rates go up, that debt load goes up.
And by the way, that debt load, it's submerging the emerging markets because they borrowed that money in dollars.
The greatest depression is on the way.
It's in front of everybody's eyes.
The gangster bandits are in a corner.
How are they going to pull it out?
How are they going to do it?
Bankster, Blackrock, under fire, amid reports, private equity.
Remember when the Citigroup, the criminals that Obama gave $2.5 trillion to to bail them out with the subprime mortgages, and then Blackrock went up and bought all those places?
The people lost, they're doing it again.
All the big firms.
Again, it's one big club and you ain't in it, Sir George Carlin.
And this is the criminal club of the First Order.
We've never seen anything like this before.
They are in control of everything.
Control of everything.
The banksters, the military-industrial complex, and the drug lords that morons and imbeciles and stupid little jerks that have been brainwashed in school
Call Big Pharma.
It's Big F-U.
We got some drugs to screw you up.
Hey, how about a little opiates?
No, they're fine.
They're not addictive.
Hey, would I lie to you?
Who buy the FDA?
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And I was talking before about the markets.
So let's get this straight.
They closed down the country.
Most of 2020.
How could the equity markets go up?
The reason the equity markets went up is the unprecedented amount of money the government and the Federal Reserve pumped into the system.
Keeping interest rates near zero, so the black rocks and all the big private equity groups, all the hedge funds, all the big dealers could gobble up company after company, borrowing money for virtually nothing.
Artificially boosts the equity markets.
We are in front of our eyes.
This is one is going to be the biggest market crash in history.
Never before in front of our eyes as it had been pumped up so artificially.
Again, the trillions and trillions of dollars they pumped artificially into the system
To prop it up, to make the bigs bigger and the richer richer.
Again, the trillionaire, billionaires got eight trillion dollars richer during this time.
And then that New York Times article I was writing about in New York, about New York, about the thousands of businesses, small businesses that have gone out of business.
Because you're not essential.
And let me tell you something.
I'm the lowlife, piece of scum, arrogant crab daddy's boy from a state near you that I'm going to play governor and I'm going to say who's essential and who's not essential.
You could go into Walmart, walk all over the places you want.
You could go into Costco, you could go into Target, you could go into Kohl's, you could go anywhere.
Kroger, it's okay.
Can't go into that small shop over there.
Nah, nah, they're not essential.
And we're going to make alcohol essential because they get a lot of taxes on alcohol.
And we're politicians.
We don't work a day in our lives.
All we do and all we ever have done is suck off the public tit.
So we need your tax money.
That's an essential business.
They have artificially propped up the markets to enrich the rich.
Never before like has ever been done.
It's going to crash.
You go back, read what we've been saying in the Trends Journal for several months.
Listen to what I've been saying on InfoWars for several months.
That inflation is real.
The facts are there.
All you have to do is live and go out and buy things, and you know how bad it is.
You don't need a lot of statistical data to support it, although it does.
But yet, you have the Bankster Bandits shooting off their fat mouths, or I should say money mouths, like, what's his name over there, Jerome Powell.
Saying that, ah, big short investor Michael Barry warns the mother of, uh, what?
All crashes is coming.
Little late.
How long have we been saying this?
How long?
But hey, if he said it and I respect him, oh, then it's real.
Anyway, you go back and listen to Powell do Fed share shooting his mouth off month after month after month after month after month after month.
All of them.
And the media repeating it that inflation is only temporary.
Oh, so lumber prices went way down.
But how much higher are they than where they were?
Oh, they fell 50% but they're still 50% higher?
And they're going to stay in that range.
So, I do not give financial advice.
Today the markets are up sharply and gold took a nice spike up too.
They're going to do everything they can to keep precious metals down.
Just as the slimy low-life pieces of garbage scum crap JP Morgan Chase did in rigging the precious metals market.
That is not a conspiracy theory.
That is a fact.
As the InfoWars people just put it up before, about how they were fined almost a billion dollars, 900 million in 20, I think it was 2019 or 2020, for screwing with the little people.
So they made all this money, this is chump change to what they paid.
So precious metals prices should be much higher.
And, and as you well know, and I've long been saying, the
Crypto markets are going to keep rising until governments do what they can to shut them down.
So today Bitcoin had another big hit because China putting more pressure on them.
But that doesn't mean it's over.
And we have a lot of articles coming up.
It was in last week's Trends Journal and the one going out tomorrow about where Bitcoin is going.
And before I forget, we're having a Fourth of July Festival for Freedom, Peace and Justice here at the Four Corners of Freedom, John and Crown Street, 2 p.m.
And, and, breaking news, breaking news, Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox News is going to be one of the speakers.
As is Lynette Zhang and Patricia Finn, who's an attorney that knows a thing or two about getting vaxxed and why you shouldn't and don't have to.
Fourth of July, Sunday.
The Four Corners of Freedom, Crown and John Street.
I'm fighting for freedom, peace and justice and I need you to help.
You can't win this battle alone.
We have to unite.
United we stand, divided we fall.
So go to OccupyPeace.com, learn more about it, donate what you can, and of course, subscribe to the Trends Journal, and support InfoWars.
Great products they have, particularly in this time, because when things go down, things are going to get ugly.
And you better be prepared, because we're going to see a crash like we've never seen before.
And you know what I say, when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.
So you're going to see crime go up too.
Oh, you remember those shortages that we had?
Get ready for more.
You ain't seen nothing yet.
So there's Infowars stores products that you need to prep.
They're prepping for you.
So, get ready for the market crash.
See where the cryptocurrencies are going to go up as long as the governments don't keep pushing them down.
They're going to be very volatile in the meantime.
And we have the bottom line, by the way, in the Trends Journal, the bottom line for Bitcoin.
If it hits that, breaks that point, I buy Bitcoin for a long time.
We'll be back in a few.
And remember, InfoWars stores.
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Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
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Supporting your natural immune system.
Well, I believe that's a conspiracy theory.
You don't have to get in good health.
You don't have to be in good health to beat the coronavirus.
No, you need that shot.
You need that shot up.
You know you'll want.
Never a word from the prostitutes in the mainstream media about getting healthy.
And as you well know, I've mentioned it before, one of my first books I worked on, didn't write it, Natural Healing, 1984 I began working on this book, came out in 86.
The total health and nutrition program that helps you keep your body disease-free every day of your life.
You mean eating healthy and doing healthy things?
No, you need that Vax.
It's a conspiracy theory to think differently.
And vitamins don't count?
No, I'm Big Pharma.
You're drug lords.
Anyway, talking about health, fitness, nutrition, the great products that they sell at InfoWars, and you see the people, the shape they're in, but look what shape America's now in.
How about going to last Thursday's toilet paper record, the New York Times?
This they call the business section.
This stupid moronic stuff.
Check these photos out.
You see it?
Victoria's Secret swaps angels for what women want.
Look at this.
I mean, I'm not talking about the color thing.
We can't make it.
How about black and white?
But I mean,
The chick in the middle, man, is not a picture of hell.
And they have the line under there, the lingerie brand tries to redefine, not just the self, but the meaning of sexy.
So I would say to anybody, person to person, man to man, women to women, go, I can't say the word, but it begins with an F and ends with a K yourself.
Don't you tell me this is sexy.
This is the epitome, the epitome of why the people dying from coronavirus that are not elderly with
2.6 comorbidities that are younger is type 2 diabetics and obesity.
Only of which 4%, excuse me, 42% of Americans are.
70% overweight, 42 obese, and these clowns are trying to tell me that this is sexy?
Who the hell do you think you're talking to?
You're nothing but low-life scum that'll do anything to sell your product.
Look at the junk that people are shoving down their throats.
Look at the crap that people are eating.
It all happened when fast food happened.
Go back to my generation, 1969.
Take a look at the pictures of Woodstock.
People in their 20s.
Look at the shape they're in.
You don't see it as chooch.
You want to look like that?
But don't tell me this is sexy or healthy.
Tell me this is America going down.
And it's been going down a long time.
And here's another article.
Yeah, there it is.
Look at them.
Look at the shape of the people.
Whole different world.
Not anymore.
Then you look at the Wall Street Journal.
June 5th.
You're going back to the office?
What are you going to wear?
And then they show you the photos of what it used to be in the 50s.
In the 1960s, in the 70s, the early 90s, the late 90s.
And here's the picture of the late 90s down the bottom here, on the right.
Look at the stupid little freaky cut zone!
No life scum, not a drop of boogie, not an ounce of jive, tech slobs!
In their jeans and their t-shirts.
Look how low this country's gone.
And these are the freaks like that little sucker Bergen, you take that S out or the Z out and throw in an F. Look at this clown.
Look at Cook.
Look what we've become.
Fast food, high tech, high tech, no style, no sound, no vibe, no passion, don't need it!
For America to come back, we need a renaissance.
Because art
Is the way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit, not your digital crap.
And I don't carry a cell phone.
I got an old flip phone that I take with me when I used to travel by air, but won't anymore because I won't take the fax.
So I tell the quote, I'm at gate seven, pick me up.
Because I know about radio frequency radiation and on and on.
But anyway.
They robbed us of our style.
Fast food.
And the geeks.
Could you get less stylish than the geeky freaks?
Hard to do.
A renaissance.
Art is the way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit.
Oh, by the way, the renaissance followed the Black Plague.
Hey, renaissance follows the COVID war.
That's right.
We'll be right back.
It's against the law, what my mama saw.
My papa saw it.
Yeah, goodbye Rosie, queen of coronavirus.
Oh, you gotta change that name from Corona over there in, uh, in, uh, Queens.
You can't call it Corona anymore.
Boy, it must have killed business over there.
My father's side of the family, may they rest in peace.
They lost their farm up in upstate New York and they moved down to Corona back in the early 1900s, but I used to go to Corona all the time.
You know, we complain about the idiocy and morons running our government, but this is global.
And that's why I'm starting this movement, the Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
That any religion you believe in that supports freedom, peace and justice, we have to come together.
This is the breaking news out of Australia, the News Daily.
This is before I got on the air.
Coronavirus restrictions are expected
To be extended in New South Wales, as a cluster continues to expand across Sydney.
A Monday state official, state health authorities.
By the way, that's profanity.
Calling these little low-life pieces of scum authorities a health authority.
Screw you!
You're little, little pieces of crap bureaucratic garbage.
That sucks their way into the political system.
And by the way, did you see the thing now with the latest, uh, Juneteenth?
The federal employees get 44, 44 paid holidays.
Get it in your head, everybody.
It's these scum politicians.
They bring their buddies in and they keep them in office because they keep voting for them and create jobs for them.
Anyway, going back to this stupid crap going on in, in, uh,
New South Wales.
Premier Gladys Bejerkenhoff indicated the rules which have been imposed for just a few days were likely to be extended to fight the Sydney COVID cluster.
The Sydney COVID cluster.
And then this I'm reading this because this is the scum, the prostitutes,
That repeat this crap spewing out of the mouths of these politicians without looking at the evidence.
She goes on to say, I can foreshadow that it's likely we will have to continue with the existing settings in place past Wednesday night.
Two more COVID-19 cases were detected in the community on Monday, bringing the total number of infections connected to 11.
Victoria records one new case of COVID as Sydney on edge as list of exposure sites grows.
25 million people.
March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June.
What is that?
17 months?
The grand total of deaths in Australia, according to Worldometer, 910.
910 deaths in 17 months out of 27 million people.
And I believe the average age is about it's well over 80 years old.
We had it in the last week's Trends Journal.
I can't remember the number right off.
And they're locking down cases.
And then, of course, this just came out today.
It's been reported before.
It's been on InfoWars and Watson has been reporting on it continually.
It was published June 19th.
A new German study confirms and explains the failure of PCR mass testing.
And it goes on and on.
They're useless.
But yet, all this article is written about by the prostitutes
Is the fear of the virus.
And now, get ready.
Things are going to cool down.
The economy is going to boom back.
I've said this in the beginning.
No question about it.
If it's down, it's going to come back up.
What's been lost is lost.
And as I showed you before.
Yep, there it is.
Test was flawed, but released it anyway.
That was last year.
It just keeps going on and on.
And again, going back to what's going to happen with the economy, it's going to come back.
But as they showed you, they showed you before in InfoWars was 100,000.
I think 90,000 restaurants have been closed down for good.
So it's going to be a temporary boom.
And then you have this stuff coming out.
Hotel industry.
This is by the
Chip Rogers, President to the CEO of the American Hotel and Lodging Association.
In response to increasing vaccination rates across the country in our workforce and consistent with the CDC and OSHA guidance, the hotel industry supports vaccinated employees being given the choice whether to continue wearing face masks in accordance with state and local laws.
So you got to wear face masks if you don't get the vax.
And then there's that picture in Al Jazeera today.
Showing little kids, little tiny kids, looks like they're in kindergarten, wearing face masks in school.
What will public school look like for U.S.
students this fall?
Look at this stupid photo that you can't make up to show you what insane imbeciles
are running and destroying our lives and sucking the joy out of life and infusing fear in little children and adults.
The chances of young people getting the virus are next to none.
The recovery rate for people 1 to 20 years old, according to the CDC, is only 99.997%.
Yet they're forcing them to get vaccinated, forcing them to wear masks, for a virus, if the virus, you know, is what it is, is doing what it does.
Why are they doing this?
Look at that poor little kid's eyes.
Look at the eyebrows.
Look at the sadness.
Look at the confusion.
And look at the stupid jerk putting the mask on the kid.
You're too damn stupid to read the facts.
No, facts don't count.
I believe in Andy Cuomo.
I believe in Gutzon Gavin.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Witless, wit me is for me.
Whiny DeWine in Ohio!
How about Hogan?
The fat daddy's boy out of Maryland!
Another boy that's been sucking off the public tit!
Telling people what to do!
This big slob talking about health!
And one of the first to lock it down.
Facts don't matter.
Today, today is an important day in history that no one's talking about.
Tomorrow, actually.
June 22, 1941.
The Nazis, in Operation, what a wonderful name, Barbarossa, launched a war into Eastern Europe against the Soviet Union.
After they made a deal with the Soviet Union, they wouldn't do it.
You know how many Eastern Europeans were killed?
30 million.
30 million.
You don't learn about this in school.
All you learn about is to hate the Russians because right after the war, they started the Cold War.
The Russians helped America win World War II.
Remember, they were in Germany first.
30 million Eastern Europeans dead.
But they sell us the Cold War.
I'm mentioning this because of all the news of Biden meeting Putin.
And what was it?
In this report, they had 5.7 million Soviet prisoners.
Three million died in prison.
So it's a time to unite for freedom, peace and justice.
So join me on July 4th with Judge Andrew Napolitano and others at the Four Corners of Freedom.
Nascent sodium and potassium.
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