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Name: 20210619_Sat_Alex
Air Date: June 19, 2021
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It's Saturday, June 19, 2021.
The emergency transmission is live.
Tomorrow's news today.
In the FBI's view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocated for the superiority of the white race.
According to the intelligence community,
Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.
Because of this growth in polarization in the United States and domestic violence in white supremacist groups.
So I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed.
The rise of domestic violent extremism is a serious and growing national security threat.
The Biden administration will confront this threat with the necessary resources and resolve.
People sitting in Congress right now.
People in and around the former president.
That's how you do this.
Otherwise, recruitment, inciting, and cult-like leadership continues to recruit people to violence.
Our initial work on DVE will broadly fall into three areas.
The first is a tasking from President Biden, sent to the ODNI today, requesting a comprehensive threat assessment coordinated with the FBI and DHS on domestic violent extremism.
You can be darn tootin' that we are focused very, very hard on how can we get better sources, better information, better analysis, so that we can make sure that something like what happened on January 6th never happens again.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
I'm betting on you.
So is Tucker Carlson.
So is General Flynn.
So is President Trump.
So is Roger Stone.
So are so many other big guests we've got coming up on this Saturday Transmission.
Dr. Steve Pucinich.
Nick Fuentes.
Pete Santilli.
Robert Barnes.
My head of security, Tim Inlob.
And so much more to put on record while we've still got some type of outlet left.
Because we're in serious times.
Honestly, in front of God and country and my grandma and my grandpas and the whole nine yards before them, who we are and what we did and what really happened on January 6th of this year, six months ago.
Because they have created the whole new world.
Not 9-11, so Islam's the enemy, or not World War II, Hitler's the enemy, or the Cold War, the Russians are the enemy, but that the American people that question elections and that don't like communism, we're the enemy, we're white supremacists!
That's a big deal.
And so, we've got these four big guests,
Coming up this afternoon, and I want to just say something, and I'm not bitching and I'm not complaining, but I'll just get this out because I'm my own worst enemy.
I got a crew in here that's been working seven days a week for months.
Some of them are, one of them's got a cold in there today.
He's sick.
He's got sick kids at home, but he's got his wife there doing it because he believes in what we're doing.
And I give them a round of applause for being committed because do you think I want to be up here on Saturday?
Do you think I want to get on an airplane later to go to New York City to fight the new world order politically?
I'll blow something up in DC or New York and say, I can't even do that.
No, but non-violent.
No, but I've got a responsibility because where we are in the zeitgeist today and what's happening on this planet.
So we're going to lay out the false flag of January 6th.
We're going to lay out the whole globalist program and a blueprint to defeat it.
And just like I told you, I'm not on a power trip.
It's the opposite.
But I know when the back of my neck, the hair stands up, that that's what I'm supposed to do.
And the back of my neck, the hair stood up three weeks ago when I decided to do an emergency Saturday show calling for a global awakening about January 6 and calling for Tucker Carlson and calling for everybody else to expose it was a false flag.
I didn't have to call Tucker Carlson up.
I didn't have to call revolver up.
I didn't have to do that.
I knew baby, it was zeitgeist.
It's the spirit.
If you had those six cents, we all got it.
But if you could see it, that was angels swimming around folks saying do that.
And I learned the older I get, I follow what those angels say.
Cause they just tickle the back of your neck and they just let you know you're supposed to do it.
And now the globalists are panicking.
They're so scared that the truth's coming out.
And here we are two, three weeks later, and it's the biggest story ever.
And the new old order scared because they want to stage a bunch of crap.
They want to get everybody scared.
They want us to fight with each other and kill each other over what damn color we are and all this stupid ass BS.
Well, we're not looking for a fight.
We're not looking to die, but we'll assure you it's time for black people and brown people and white people and pink people like I am to stop killing each other and to start killing bad ideas.
To start rejecting evil.
So I love that crew and I love the boom operator that's been here seven days.
So I know he's going to be here tomorrow for the Sunday show.
I just want to thank them and I'm going to hit this big news.
Then I'm going to go right to these guests, but instead of always doing it as a footnote at the end, I'm going to do it right now.
Because I've got a bunch of reporters I want to hire and I got operations I want to launch and I got things I want to do.
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That's how we fund this operation.
People always ask, why do you got so much energy?
I remember one time I was totally down, exhausted.
I've been on air about 10 hours and I went in the bathroom to take a piss and I walked out and one of the security guys saw me ranting and rambling on air and he said, my God, what drugs are you on?
You're going to have a heart attack.
Are you on cocaine?
I said, I hate cocaine.
I'm not on drugs.
I said, I'm in a war.
Well, how'd you go from looking completely exhausted?
Look like you're ready to kill somebody coming out of that bathroom.
Cause I looked at that mirror and I said, I'm not going to be these people's slaves.
I'm not going to bow down to them.
I will not be your slave ever.
And it's going to take that type of attitude.
That's going to smash these pedophile scum that are anti-human and are jacked into some evil.
So that's what I'm on is a life force.
And to quote John Paul Jones, I've only begun to fight.
But I really appreciate this crew and this audience for keeping us in the fight.
And I need you to keep me in the fight now!
I'll give you everything I've got, because to submit to these people's death.
But all I need is your word of mouth and your prayers and your support.
All right, let me show you these articles.
We'll start going to these guests.
Look at these.
The big revolver article that's got the globalists running scared.
And that's a good thing.
And we literally foresaw it and pushed it together three weeks ago.
This enemy of freedom.
White House unveils new strategy to counter domestic terrorism.
They mean real Americans.
Laser focus on violence.
The same thing Brennan, that communist pervert, said.
White House unveils strategy to combat domestic extremism.
It's everywhere.
It's their whole operation.
Let's go back a few years.
Fake terror plots.
Paid informants.
The tactics of the FBI.
Entrapment question.
To fight crime, the FBI sponsors 15 crimes a day.
Big article from top lawyer John W. Whitehead.
Civil rights photographer unmasked as informer.
Informant's role in terror cases is said to have deterred FBI.
Bomb informer's tapes give rare glimpse of FBI's dealings.
The big one.
David K. Shipper.
Terrorist plots hatched by the FBI, the vast majority.
FBI found to violate its own rules.
All your precious godlike New York Times.
Tapes depict proposal to thwart bomb used in trade center blast.
Their own informant tried to stop the bombing.
The FBI ordered it to go forward.
I've interviewed them.
FBI sent an investigator posing as a citizen to meet with Trump.
It's all there.
It goes on and on and on and on.
Just as the old czarist would stage attacks, and just as the old KGB would do it, and Hitler launched World War II on the back of stage attacks, this is part of statecraft.
And it's something that corrupt, declining systems do.
And that's where we are.
And it wasn't until I confirmed that they were running major patriot groups in this country, groups I even believed in, that I had to face this for myself.
And it wasn't until, even though I knew all this stuff, that they have gone around the country
The people's hands I shook, or people I talked to and said, we want you to say Alex Jones told you to attack the Capitol, that I knew for a fact, from the top, almost down to the bottom, that those agencies are controlled.
It's a very, very sad thing, but it's okay.
Did you think we'd take our country back without a fight?
Politically, culturally, without resistance?
They want to make it physical because we're about to re-elect Republicans.
We're about to take control of the House and Senate.
We're getting record numbers of state reps in all these different special elections.
95% of the time, we're winning.
They're scared!
And the globalists want to sew this country up and finish their work now.
But you tonight,
Can make that million, whatever it was, maybe put it back on screen.
Was it a million three?
Uh, I need to get glasses.
I can't see the screen anymore.
It's a little bitty and tiny on the screen like that big, but like a million, three views on that special Saturday show two weeks ago.
That's a great million.
Three is wonderful.
We're independent platform.
Cause you put it out an email, you text message it.
You told folks tune in to that emergency broadcast concerning a commission to investigate January six.
But what if.
20 million people get the views.
I guess that was just last weekend.
So there's the one before that, the one before that.
There's been a lot of emergency broadcasts.
The point is, is that we need to get this out so that other people know what's happening.
But instead of just questioning what happens later, the people being set up, the people held in solitary confinement, their lawyers now know the truth.
They know the truth and we've had their lawyers on.
And so America understands what we're facing and it's a beautiful thing.
Let's go to our first guest.
Right after I play this very short clip of an FBI agent, good old Frank, on national TV, telling the world that we need to quote, assault members of Congress.
I would never say something like that.
Because if we assaulted these people, the next group would just assault us.
We need rule of law.
And if I talked like that and said we should take over Congress and use anti-terrorism forces against them, I deserve to be arrested.
But they're doing it, and you can't look for the FBI to arrest them, and that's why these confident criminals are doing it.
But the court of public opinion, just like Fauci, and just like Bill Gates, they need to be exposed.
So, here is this.
Enemy of America.
Blowing his horn.
Declaring his war against us.
And then we'll come back with the first big guess.
And which one is it going to be?
Will it be Steve Pchenik?
Will it be Nick Fuentes?
Will it be Pete Santilli?
Will it be Robert Barnes?
We'll let you know which order straight ahead on the other side.
But right now, realize the power you've got.
A lighter without kindling is nothing.
A match without fuel is nothing.
You are the fuel.
You are the initiative.
You take this live feed.
You take this archive feed.
You share this now.
We won't have 1 million views.
We'll have 50 million views and we'll change the world ahead of the false flag.
They're planning to stage right now to blame us, to shut down our political speech because we were going to peacefully defeat them.
So we've got to expose their false flag preparations now more than ever.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
In order to really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically, you've got to attack and dismantle the command and control element of a terrorist group.
And unfortunately, and I know this is painful to hear, that may mean people sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former president.
That's how you do this.
Otherwise, recruitment, inciting, and cult-like leadership continues to recruit people to violence.
And here we are, my friends.
On Saturday evening.
Oh, there's all sorts of TV shows on.
There's all sorts of movies on.
There's all sorts of diversions.
Then there's the American people fighting back against the globalist takeover.
There's the resistance.
And we're it.
And the fact that you're tuned in means you're part of that resistance.
The fact the crew's here working late and working hard means they're part of the resistance.
So all I can ask from you is to take this feed and share it.
Take the archive feed.
I'm going to hand this over to an interview I did on Friday with one of the main lawyers who is defending people arrested in the Capitol.
This is an interview from Friday.
And then I've got an interview that some watch, but not enough of my head of security, Tim Enloe from set from January 6th.
When he witnessed what he saw and what happened, he ended up telling the story, uh, a little while after it unfolded.
Well, we were on a family vacation in Utah, but Tim Inlow goes through exactly what really transpired and what happened.
Wrote notes down, looked at his notes and got as good as he could.
This is really Alex Jones and my head of security telling you what actually happened on January 6th, just a month later or so.
So it's a very, very important piece of the record while the left tries to deny everything and tries to obfuscate, tries to distract and claim all this crap.
Here we are just honestly putting out the truth as a historical record.
So here it is.
Then I ask you to go to infowarestore.com because we can't fight this fight.
We can't take the globalist on.
We can't do what you're doing without your support.
So get a Save the Frog shirt or get a America is Free shirt or get a book or get a film or get some vitamins and minerals.
Get some X3.
It's absolutely shameful how people have sat there and now all run for cover about January 6th.
They're all running away as if it's something to be ashamed of.
And what I want to state is this.
Yes, a few people did some bad things on January 6th.
But the majority of Americans that came there and expressed their First Amendment rights did so peacefully throughout the event, even after the breach occurred.
The majority, 95%, 98% of that crowd never went inside that Capitol.
And yet we are being told that January 6th is something to be ashamed of.
We have the leaders in this country who are running away from that day and trying to disassociate themselves from any involvement with that day when the opposite should be true.
We should be proud that Americans came from all over the United States to express their First Amendment rights peacefully and to stand up against the election fraud that we know that occurred.
19 days ago on January 6, 2021, we were told by the Democratic Party, by the mainstream media, that the greatest assault of U.S.
history happened, that it was as big as Pearl Harbor.
They've now likened it to World War II and the Nazis.
Well, it just so happens, I was there.
And you've seen the mainstream media, hundreds of publications, frontlines, CNN, say that I led the assault, that I wanted to go there and
Destroy Trump's chances of having a 10-day investigation by the Senate that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley and other senators were about to launch.
No, it's the last thing I would want.
But now, starting on February 8th, they're going to have the actual trial in the Senate of President Trump.
They talk about how he was basically convicted last time.
No, that was the indictment in the House.
And then the Senate acquitted Trump.
Seems like a million years ago, but it was only a year ago.
They have brought forward new impeachment saying he incited the mob to do this on purpose.
And they're claiming that he directed it.
That impeachment passed the indictment.
Now they're having the trial in the U.S.
So imagine I'm one of the main organizers of the big stages and the secret services there and metal detectors and port-a-potties just like other big events we've put on fighting election fraud.
Previously in the months that preceded what happened on January 6th.
So I was talking to my head of security, Tim Inlow, he's a great guy, a veteran patriot, about what really transpired and how the media was lying about the timeline.
So I thought we'd put together as best we can.
This isn't exact, but it's close of what really happened because there's a trial of the former president of the United States coming up in mid-February saying he directed this, even though they now admit, we'll show you some articles,
That, okay, it wasn't his speech inside a desk, it was pre-planned.
And we know who the pre-planned groups were.
Strangely enough, they've all bragged about that.
But first I wanted Tim to talk about what happened that day, what unfolded.
The fact that of my security team, that was more than 15 people, we sent an advance group down before Trump even spoke to witness what was going on at the Capitol.
And they texted back and called back to Tim.
Oh, there's already a group here attacking the police before Trump even took the stage, which again confirms all of that.
But the media and the FBI know this.
There was a CNN article out today about, oh, the FBI has gotten the low hanging fruit.
125 people that were nonviolent that just went in the federal building without authorization.
They're the ones between the velvet ropes, but they haven't gone after the groups that actually orchestrated the breaking in.
Glad to be here.
Okay, so our part of this started probably around 7.45 in the morning on January 6th when we proceeded to leave our hotel and go to the Ellipse where President Trump was going to be speaking.
By the time we got there and actually got inside the Ellipse, it was around 8.55am that morning.
Huge crowds outside the Ellipse, stretching all the way back beyond the Washington Monument.
It was clear that only a very small percentage of that crowd was going to be able to get into the Ellipse.
President Trump was scheduled to come on around 11 a.m.
that morning.
I don't believe he actually hit the stage until closer to noon is when he hit the stage.
Now, some people may notice, some people may not.
We have been informed that the organizers who were handling the actual logistics of the stage and of the speakers and everything involving that event of Trump's speech, that they wanted Alex to lead a march along with some other personalities from the Ellipse to the Capitol.
That was planned.
And it was always planned to be a peaceful march.
There was no plans of violence or anything of that sort.
Now, what transpired was, or what the original plan was, that about 15 to 20 minutes before Trump was finishing his speech, they would come get us and escort us out of side entrance, past the Secret Service, to the 15th Street side there.
And that's where we would meet the crowd to sit there and start to march to the Capitol.
Around noon, Trump comes on, okay?
And to everyone's surprise, around 12.05 p.m.
of his speech, he sits there and announces that he may even join the march.
We're going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I love Pennsylvania Avenue.
And we're going to the Capitol.
And we're going to try and give... The Democrats are hopeless.
They're never voting for anything.
Not even one vote.
But we're going to try and give our Republicans the weak ones because the strong ones don't need any of our help.
We're going to try and give them the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country.
So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue.
I want to thank you all.
God bless you and God bless America.
Thank you all for being here.
This is incredible.
Thank you very much.
Around 12, 15 p.m., I started getting notification that they are going to pull us out any minute to take us out to the 15th Street side and await both the crowd and Trump's departure so that we could all march up Pennsylvania Avenue to the Capitol.
That was the plan.
Trump's speech went a little bit longer than anticipated around 1 p.m.
is just before 1 p.m.
I want to say maybe around 1250 they came and got us and asked and took us out the side entrance past the Secret Service to the 15th Street side.
As we got to the 15th Street side it was clear that many thousands of people were already starting to head toward the Capitol.
Now let me back up just a little bit as Alex mentioned earlier
My security team did a reconnaissance of the Capitol around 1133 a.m.
that morning before Trump even came on stage.
And they reported at that time on the West side of the Capitol, there was already about 120 people gathering in front of the Capitol.
According to my advance team leader, it looked as if some of those people were already kind of, uh, uh, reconnaissancing the Capitol and kind of checking things out.
Some of them had tactical gear on, things like that.
So there was already some concern.
12.05 PM, Trump announces that he may lead or he may join the march of Pennsylvania Avenue.
12.07 PM, two minutes later, as Trump was speaking,
We were already getting calls over the radios and on text messages that there were problems starting to happen.
There was problems happening at the Capitol already between Capitol Police and some of the people that had made their way there.
Let me interject in right here.
We then talked to multiple witnesses you've seen at Bandai Video.
Some of our combat veterans and others that said, yeah, we'd already gotten there early too.
And as soon as we now learned at the same time, they heard Trump.
So again, 1207, we start getting reports over the radio and via text messages that there's starting to be problems at the Capitol.
1 p.m.
we sit there and depart and go to 15th Street side.
We already see at this point thousands of people walking in the direction of the Capitol.
So Alex made the decision at that time along with Owen that we were going to start walking to the Capitol as well.
We were not going to wait on the president and we were going to just start doing the march.
When we get to 14th and Pennsylvania right around Freedom Plaza
We got there, I believe, let's see here, we got there right around 1.10 p.m., we got to Freedom Plaza, and Owen and Alex addressed a crowd that had started to gather there on the way to the Capitol.
Alex stressed to the crowd that we needed to be peaceful.
He stressed that several times.
Like John Taylor said, we're not burning buildings down or shooting cops.
We're building America up!
We're here to take our rightful country back peacefully!
Because we're not globalists asking for criminals.
So let's start marching, and I salute you all!
Around 1.21 p.m., we then begin to march to the Capitol, because by that time, Trump was wrapping up his speech, a lot of the crowd was starting to walk, and Alex started to lead a good-sized chunk of that crowd up toward the Capitol.
That's at 1.21 p.m., that we start making our way up there.
As we're going up there, you can already hear some bangs going off where Capitol Police are deploying flashbangs and things like that.
Around 1.48 p.m., we arrive at the Capitol grounds.
Again, we can hear flashbangs going off.
Alex stated to me, hey, this is bad.
This is not good.
I need to talk to the crowd and do something here.
Around 1.50 p.m., Alex gets on a large stack of chairs about five feet high to get some high ground so more of the crowd can see him.
And he gets on the bullhorn and for about five minutes addresses the crowd and starts telling the crowd to be peaceful, not to antagonize the police, and not to go inside the Capitol.
You guys are great, but the police provocateurs have caused a problem and the police are throwing flashbangs.
We don't want to have a Kent State here.
So, I love you, we're saving the republic, this is beautiful, but please tell everyone you know, march to the other side!
Now, around 1.55 he gets back down, and by the way, this is all backed up by our body cam footage from our security personnel with time stamps on that footage.
Around 1.55 p.m., he finishes his speech on top of the stairs, chairs, gets down, and we start making our way from the west side of the Capitol over to the east side of the Capitol.
Along the way, we encounter a Capitol Police officer.
We talk to him.
We try to get him to let Alex address the crowd, maybe on some type of PA system that the Capitol Police have access to.
That police officer was very unhelpful at that time.
Basically, he just told us to move along.
Bro, no hand, nothing.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
I'm telling you right now, he just tried to de-escalate this stuff.
If we can talk to someone and get him up there, we can get them to back off.
Take him to the East Front.
The East Front's a problem now.
This is the problem?
The East Front is a problem now.
Okay, so we need to get him up there to tell people to... The East Front's a problem now.
Is there a way that we can get him to a position?
Through the hole you guys breached right there.
We didn't breach anything.
Well, the whole group is with you guys.
We just showed up.
The front said come down here.
We're trying to help.
Up through there.
All they are up there, take them up there.
Alright, let's go.
We get to the east side and let me check my timeline here.
We probably arrive right on the east side of the Capitol at 2.03 p.m.
Maybe a minute or so before that we arrive on the northeast corner of the Capitol and at that time my advance team leader approaches a group of about 15 Capitol Police officers and again implores them to let Alex address the crowd.
To kind of start getting the tensions down, de-escalate the situation.
I'm with Alex Jones, man.
He's a big, big, like, populist movement guy.
He will de-escalate this situation, but we gotta put him somewhere to speak to them.
We just did it on that side to pull people off the scaffolds.
If not, the mob's the mob.
But I'm telling you, this entire crowd will listen to him.
It's a fact.
So where can we take him and talk to the people so that this doesn't turn into something it doesn't need to be?
Who can we coordinate with?
We got tons of law enforcement with us.
Is there somebody you can speak to?
I get it.
And we're trying to help, dude.
And I'm telling you, you will see a miracle happen if it happens.
And just to add a point, I want a permission to go up the big steps on the other sides where they had Biden's inaugural stage, people taking over.
I tried to get folks off that.
A bunch came with us, but most of them couldn't hear me.
It was over a hundred thousand people were there already.
Hundreds of thousands more are already arriving because they think Trump's about to speak.
Most of them left once they saw Trump wasn't there and flashbangs were going off.
I don't think so.
Which they later use the next day, announcing anyone around or after 6 will be arrested, deafening for 500 yards away.
I said,
Let me get up there.
Let me use that.
They'll know my voice.
They'll get out of there.
But they said, hey, just go to the top and use your voice there.
Well, again, telling the rest story, I was unable to even reach anybody because it was such a huge crowd.
So 2.03 p.m., we started addressing the Capitol Police there on the northeast corner.
My advance team leader talks to Sergeant Dare, who then gets a lieutenant.
And that lieutenant then radios inside the Capitol building to try to get permission to see if Alex could get on that PA system.
So, at this point, precious minutes are ticking by, and that's when we heard a roar go up in the crowd, and we looked toward the steps, the main steps, and we start seeing a surge of people up there, right?
So at that point, we believed that the Capitol had been breached.
On that side, they'd already breached it.
Yeah, they'd already breached on the other side, but we already made our way back around to that side.
So, at this point, again, as Alex said, the Capitol Police tell him, well, if you want to address the crowd, go up there to the steps.
So at 2.18, it took us a while to get through that crowd, and at 2.18 p.m., Alex makes his way up the steps to the top steps of the Capitol there on the east side, the Supreme Court side.
Again, he addresses the crowd.
Again, he stresses that this is a trap.
Don't fall for it.
Don't fight with the police.
Don't go inside.
But by this time, the breach had already occurred by the time we made it to the top steps on the east side.
Trump's not gonna come if we don't come down!
Let's be peaceful!
You're doing a great job!
Everybody be peaceful!
So we could see things were going bad, obviously.
We spent about three minutes or so on the steps.
We got off, then they threw flashbangs as soon as we left.
So they gave us a chance.
Yeah, exactly.
So we come down the stairs probably, I think, right around 2.21 p.m., we come down the stairs.
235 p.m.
Alex interviews an individual there.
We have that footage as well and it was around just before that time that we see a red flare go up and that we took that to mean that was some kind of distress signal from the Capitol Police and right then we got radio traffic that there were shots fired inside the Capitol building near the Senate floor and that a white female was down at that point.
So then around
2.38 PM is when we made the decision to get Alex off the Capitol grounds.
And I told everybody over and over again, it's on tape.
I said, this is going to be a new Kent State.
And again, we were set up.
We walked in the trap, but it's not our fault.
We came to fight election fraud.
We came to support our president.
We had so many other events that were peaceful, other than Antifa attacking a few people, that we had a blind side that the Capitol police would be outnumbered.
And that, of course, a group of Antifa we now know,
Along with the Boogaloos who online said that they went and they had teams and they broke in and they did this.
I'm not calling for their arrest.
I'm simply saying that all these other peaceful people that just wandered in there are facing 25 years in jail.
These guys are online saying, we went there, we broke in, we were part of it, and they're all just walking free.
And they run security for BLM, funded by George Soros and taxpayers, and $10.6 billion in donations just last year alone.
And I'm telling you, this is the establishment.
So most of the Boogaloos, I'm sure, are well-meaning people.
And maybe their leader is.
I don't know what you guys are doing, but boy, you're sure helping the state and the system here.
And that's the final point, is you've been talking to some of those people.
I've been talking to them.
I've invited them on the air.
We know Antifa went in.
They said they were going to bring 100 people in stage events.
We know that some of them did do it.
Some got arrested.
Some got charged.
That's gotten very little coverage.
Then we've also got, again, the Boogaloos that we now know were dressed up in the camo, part of that first group attacking and breaking in.
Then pulling back, though, once the crowd went in.
That doesn't sound like revolutionaries that were really trying to take the Capitol and hold it.
Sounds like a setup to me.
Of course, that's 2 plus 2 equals 4.
Did some real people go in?
Yeah, mainly Q folks that thought, we're liberating!
This is the storm!
That's who's been indicted, most of the 125.
Ashley that got killed, she was a big Q person.
She believed she was there liberating the facility.
I feel very sorry for her, but this was the PSYOP.
You know, Tim's a smart guy.
I've done a lot of stuff in a lot of agencies and groups in his career, and he believes this is a setup.
So do some of the other guys working with him.
They're also smart, but this is an obvious setup.
And so all I'm saying is people called me a wimp when I said, don't go to these events on the 20th.
And then in Austin and other areas, we got video clandestinely, and it was just Antifa.
They even admitted they were Antifa dressed up like Patriots.
Antifa now dresses like Boogaloo.
It's camouflaged with the floral Hawaiian shirts.
And I'm not saying all Boogaloos are necessarily bad.
I know there are good people who get recruited by things.
But this is how they set up the militias in the 1990s, how they infiltrate them.
And this is going to be their model into the future, saying patriots are domestic terrorists.
The main threat is conservatives, nationalists, people that challenge election fraud, people that challenge Biden being a Chinese agent.
They're saying they want to use the CIA, FBI, and NSA.
Intelligence, that's illegal by the way, those groups work together, against us.
Even Tulsi Gabbard has said this is martial law.
You have the head of the House Intelligence Committee, Schiff, introducing a bill five times stronger than the Patriot Act that the left didn't want against Muslims.
This is like five times stronger for citizens.
We don't have to guess about where this goes or how this ends when you have people like former CIA Director John Brennan openly talking about how he's spoken with or heard from appointees and nominees in the Biden administration who are already starting to look across our country for these types of movements
We're good to go.
So, when you look at their process and they start looking at, okay, what characteristics are we looking for as we're building this profile of a potential extremist, what are we talking about?
A religious extremist.
Are we talking about Christians?
Evangelical Christians?
What is a religious extremist?
Is it somebody who's pro-life?
I mean, where do you take this?
You start looking at, okay, well, obviously you have to be a white person, obviously.
Likely male libertarians.
Well, if anybody who loves freedom, liberty, maybe has an American flag outside their house or people who, you know, attended a Trump rally.
And so do I feel guilty for what happened?
No, absolutely not.
I'm in the arena.
I meant well.
I went.
We had all these other peaceful events.
We were rallying for our First Amendment.
We were rallying for election integrity.
The Democrats said they were going to challenge the election no matter what.
They said that was the best thing you could ever do.
They challenged
Electors four years before it got voted down by then Vice President Biden.
So we did everything the Democrats did four years ago, minus a couple hundred idiots going into the Capitol.
We didn't burn down cities like the Democrats.
We didn't shoot cops in the head and citizens.
We didn't burn down police stations.
And so to have this group calling us terrorists.
And to have Frontline, who I may have to sue, they don't have the money.
I mean, Frontline edited these tapes together last week and put me on air as leading the attack.
Had me at the Capitol breach going, 1776!
Get them!
Get them!
Cut out all the clips where I said be peaceful.
If they'll frame me on Frontline, they'll frame anybody.
And so, remember, how do we start?
There's a trial of the President coming up February 8th for inciting and running this.
Now they're going, okay, maybe he didn't, there was planned groups.
Yeah, groups, Southern Poverty Law Center that specializes, that's them saying that they're the main suspect, get into and provocateur.
So that's why I thought it was important to lay out the timeline.
Tim, I appreciate you doing a lot of research and get this together as best you can.
Most of it's 100% accurate, but nothing's perfect in the whole fog of this.
But I want to just get you as a citizen and a patriot, but also your law enforcement, military background, looking at this, talking to some of the other folks that are smart that you work with.
Yeah, I think first of all,
What's concerning is that there was absolutely chatter before January 6th.
The FBI knew, Homeland Security knew that there was chatter.
That some of the fringe elements, not the main groups, not the main grassroots groups that wanted to go there and demonstrate peacefully.
But that some of the fringe elements and militias, that they were talking violence, okay, prior to January 6th, okay?
So it's mind-boggling to me that there was lighter than usual security from the Capitol Hill police at the Capitol that day.
That reeks, okay?
The second thing is, the President of the United States announces on stage that he's going to be joining a march to go up to Capitol Hill.
And yet when we arrive there, there's not a single Secret Service advanced team person, there's no Secret Service uniformed police to supplement the Capitol Hill police, even though supposedly the President's going to be arriving in a few minutes.
I've protected Presidents from Bush, Obama, you know, every dignitary you can imagine over my career, okay?
That's concerning.
The FBI and Homeland Defense were aware that some of the groups had stated online that they wanted to engage in violence.
There were news articles everywhere!
Yet again, there was no proactive enforcement, no search warrants, nothing executed to sit there and prevent that violence from occurring.
Again, huge failure if you want to call it a failure or if you want to call it dereliction on the part of federal law enforcement.
And then the last point that I'd like to make is this.
It's absolutely shameful how people have sat there and now all run for cover about January 6th.
They're all running away as if it's something to be ashamed of.
And what I want to state is this.
Yes, a few people did some bad things on January 6th, but the majority of Americans that came there and expressed their First Amendment rights did so peacefully throughout the event, even after the breach occurred.
The majority, 95%, 98% of that crowd never went inside that Capitol.
And yet we are being told that January 6th is something to be ashamed of.
We have the leaders in this country who are running away from that day and trying to disassociate themselves from any involvement with that day when the opposite should be true.
We should be proud that Americans came from all over the United States to express their First Amendment rights peacefully and to stand up against the election fraud that we know that occurred.
Well, that's right.
Perfectly said.
Totally true.
Because when the left goes out, BLM or Antifa, 80% of them are violent.
Breaking stuff, smashing things, beating people up, burning things.
And then we have probably a million people out there and I'm surprised there weren't more people hurt.
I mean, a major football team wins a championship and 10, 15 people die and they overturn cars and tear up 15 restaurants.
That's not right.
But we have this huge event and it was a standout.
I mean, I got there and saw the flashbangs going off.
I couldn't see any cops.
A few dozen.
And here was like a hundred something thousand just standing there waiting for the president.
And those troublemakers knew what they were doing and
Buffalo jumped or stampeded people in.
And once the doors were open and the police said, okay, it's been breached.
Let's not fight them.
Wave them in.
We need an investigation.
We need Freedom of Information Act requests.
We need to know what really happened that day.
And I'm not up here talking about this to protect my height.
I would love to be called before the Senate in Trump's trial.
I'm sure, Tim, you'd be happy to, but you know that I can let that happen.
They're going to lie about us like they have these hearings about me all the time.
Tim's been in hearings years ago with me where they're talking about me and how I'm banned off the internet and all this stuff and telling lies while I'm out there in the gallery.
I'll wait and get in, be in the back row, and they're sitting there talking about me up there while they have witnesses lying about me.
Well, imagine Trump.
This isn't about defending Trump, it's about defending the truth.
He's out there, he always has these peaceful rallies.
He thinks it'll be just like that.
He tells the Secret Service days before, I know, that, hey, I want Alex Jones to lead it with other people.
I want you there.
I want it to be peaceful.
I want a stage set up.
And we get there and that's not the case, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're like, oh, he's coming.
Let's just not have any security.
Let's order him to stand down and let's have our people, Antifa and other groups we've infiltrated, stir things up, attack the cops, get the cops to attack the crowd.
About 30 minutes before I got there, and 20 minutes before I got there, and then say, attack, attack, take it, take it.
And a bunch of witnesses told me they were saying, Alex Jones says do it.
And then the crowd still wouldn't really take over.
So then they got up on the scaffolding and they're like, attack, attack.
It's those people that aren't getting arrested.
So I want to know who's in the Uncle Sam outfit saying attack.
I want to know who these groups are, these people wearing masks doing all this stuff, okay?
Almost all of them are Antifa and FBI infiltrated militias.
The rest are accelerationist criminals that just came because they're like pyromaniacs and want to see the Capitol burn.
And Tim, what about the point of dodging a bullet?
I know you're just sticking to the facts here, but I mean, talk about dodging a bullet.
They planned something much worse that day, I think.
Yeah, I mean obviously talking to some of the law enforcement people that were involved on January 6th, obviously they did discover some pipe bombs.
So this is not something you put together in your car five minutes before an event, right?
This is something you put together days, weeks in advance, okay?
You plan where you're going to plant it, you plan the actual
The devastation that you want to accomplish, right?
You're already taking all that into your planning considerations, okay?
And the reaction that you're going to get as a result from that, whether it's the media, whether it's the military, whether it's police, okay?
So this was absolutely planned to be much worse than what it was, and I agree with you.
I think we dodged a bullet that day, and again, that's not being talked about.
All that's being talked about is less than 200 people entering the Capitol, and even a majority of those were
What do you think President Trump could do?
Because he never has good lawyers.
He never has good defense.
That they're going to like show clips of what he said out of context?
I mean, Don Jr.
said over and over again, we're not violent.
We don't burn down buildings and shoot cops like Andy, but we're going to march down there peacefully.
They edit the tapes so you watch the tapes.
It sounds like they were like, kill them!
Well, again, we were there.
We were right up by the front of the stage.
It's not like we misunderstood Trump.
And he was very clear that it was going to be a peaceful march.
Again, like you said, with Don Jr.
as well.
So, you know, one of the things I think that, again, needs to be looked at, and I agree with you, is
Who made these calls in these militias to sit there and break into the Capitol?
When were those calls made, right?
And the only way you're going to get to that is if those people actually pulled in and interviewed, right?
And so far, it seems like we're the only ones being contacted by the FBI, Alex, right?
And the people who are online taking responsibility for the break-in, somehow the FBI is mysteriously just looking right over them.
So you draw whatever conclusions you want from that.
But as Alex said, we know that was a template that the Feds used in the 1990s to infiltrate those militias.
They got them to believe that they were acting on their own accord, when really they were being manipulated the entire time.
And I'll say this in closing.
We were watching the lady that was working with the Secret Service, with the Secret Service behind her.
I've been hearing for three days that they want me to lead this march.
I told them I can't do it with a bullhorn, it's going to be a million people.
They thought it would be 50,000, but that's the average Trump rally, or smaller.
They were blown away.
And people told me a lot of Trump's blown away.
And I see the lady with Trump and then behind the thing.
But me and Tim are sitting there, you know, right there in the front, front and second row.
And I'm going, I got a bad feeling.
I think we should get on down to the Capitol now.
And I don't know if this is real.
And he's like, yeah, we're supposed to lead this.
And all of a sudden here comes the secret service, opens up the front gate right below the president.
Here's the president speaking.
They open the gate up.
I'm like, he's right there.
I'm like, okay.
And they open up the back and there's the secret service in the uniform back there.
And they let us out the back.
And then I'm there on the street and the people are already starting to march.
And I'm like, okay.
And then, so this was, the president was set up.
We were set up.
I'm not a whiny victim about this.
I mean, I admit we got set up.
I dropped the ball, but I have no culpability in what the Antifa and other criminals did, but this needs to get out.
And that's why they silenced everybody about this.
They put out false narratives.
False narratives about COVID, false narratives about the election, false narratives about Biden and Communist China, false narratives about the Second Amendment.
This country's in a lot of trouble and so that's why I want to ask listeners, send this out to all the media.
I'm going to send this to Frontline with a cease and desist letter as soon as this video goes out today.
I'm going to send one tomorrow for my lawyers.
The Wall Street Journal had to retract and say Jones, they said Jones was there on top of a car, no, he was on top of chairs, telling people to attack.
I sent them the video, they retracted.
I don't want to have to sue.
I'm being sued.
I don't want to be involved in this, but I cannot have front line editing tapes of me saying attack the Capitol.
I mean, it just has to stop, okay?
I don't want stuff blown up in this country and have the country hurt, much less blame myself.
There are Democrats everywhere saying, put me in prison.
And despite the fact they know the truth, they know the opposite, and that we're on thousands of different videos trying to stop what happened there.
So, the idea that I got power out of this?
No, this was a defeat for us.
It was a great day for people coming out, but that little one half of one percent messed it up.
And that was obviously
So the idea that I'm getting off on this, the left is getting off on this, is a huge victory for you and you know it.
And now you want to hang around my neck.
All the things you're obsessed with.
Nancy Pelosi saying people burning down buildings and shooting people.
It's just what people do.
And Maxine Waters saying go out and attack conservatives and get in their face everywhere.
That's BS.
So that's it for this piece.
I appreciate Tim Inlow speaking with us.
Rob Booze behind the camera.
Rob, you were there that day.
You want to make any comments?
Oh, you caught me off guard.
Um, yeah.
And I actually went a little further than you guys.
I walked up the steps to the back area to see what that was looking like.
And I have video there.
Everybody's hanging out.
It was like a block party atmosphere.
It wasn't people trying to tear it out there.
Now there was a small group, uh, scrumming with the police at the door.
I didn't even get that close to it.
I could see him from a distance, but the majority of the people there were, were
Went there with the intention of getting the election investigated because we know what we saw on November 3rd was totally fake.
It was a robbery.
It was a robbery of our Republic.
And now we're living with that aftermath and we're seeing what it's doing to us.
We're just a little bit into Biden's term and we're seeing all the things he's tearing back, all the jobs he's killing.
And we're being told we're terrorists if we question the election or support Trump.
So they've got us backed into a corner.
So it's our job just to keep getting the truth out.
And by putting videos out like this and showing people what really happened.
Because we put out videos of Alex Jones all the times he said, we're going to go peacefully.
We're not going to go in trying to get people pulled away from the area.
Talking with the cops.
We put all those videos out.
And it doesn't matter.
Frontline still just says, oh, we're just going to frame him because we can do that.
And they get away with it.
And nothing ever happens to him.
Isn't that funny?
Nothing ever happens to him.
I'm sorry, I'm getting a little heated.
No, it's criminal.
I'm done.
They took the very videos of me saying don't be violent and have me saying be violent.
Alright folks, help us get this video out.
Thanks for supporting Banned.Video and BullWars.com.
Send this to everybody you know in Congress.
This is the truth from Alex Jones from Eyewitnesses.
Thanks for watching.
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We're good to go.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, on this Saturday afternoon.
I'm very, very thankful to the crew for coming in, and I'm very, very thankful for Nick Fuentes of America First being with us.
He was there with us on January 6th.
And just a few weeks ago I did a special Saturday show with him as well saying we need to make the focal point January 6th and how they try to provocateur people to do violent things to demonize the million patriots that showed up in DC.
And now they say the main thrust is
The American people, period.
Not just if you were the million that showed up that weren't violent when a few dozen were.
No, if you're a Trump supporter, period, you're a bad guy and you need to be in jail.
And trending on Twitter every week is arrest Donald Trump, arrest Nick Fuentes, arrest Alex Jones.
And now we've got the big revolver report coming out.
I'm going to back up with some documentation here in a moment showing the fact
That clearly there were federal informants and FBI involved, and they are so scared of this story.
They're so scared of Tucker Carlson right now.
Nick Fuentes joins us.
We appreciate his time to talk about this.
Wow, what a historic point.
What a crazy thing to be involved with, Nick.
Yeah, well, and it's a really groundbreaking new report here from Revolver.
I think it's blown the lid wide open on this entire situation and hopefully given some clarity about what really went on on that day, right?
And listen, I've got a lot of points to make, but you're a smart guy.
I've been watching your show lately.
I've been seeing the archives and Man.
Video where you're kind enough to post your great nightly reports or clips of your show.
As someone that was a participant, but also somebody that's a major leader of a populist movement in this country, what is your view?
Cover the waterfront.
So, you know, in my opinion, this is something that was actually a concern from the very beginning with Stop the Steal.
And I think back to when you and I were on the ground in Atlanta and when Stop the Steal went to Phoenix and every capital of every swing state to campaign against the election fraud after the November 3rd election.
And I remember explicitly warning my viewers and my followers when they were attending these rallies and protests to be on the lookout for suspicious behavior.
And it only dawned on me this past week when this report came out, I remember explicitly warning my followers that this is going to become a target of the Deep State.
This will be a target of people that are trying to shut down, stop the steal by maybe trying to turn it into something other than what it is.
And now we've got this revolver report, which goes into the charging documents of particularly the groups that were involved on 1-6, which are the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.
And what we have now is
Perfect, verifiable evidence that you had massive involvement at the highest levels of the groups by the FBI, by the intelligence apparatus, by federal law enforcement.
And what this indicates to us is that maybe this was not the spontaneous, organic, so-called insurrection that the media is making it out to be, but actually something like a trap.
And if you look at the consequences of the January 6th events,
And obviously the inauguration of Joe Biden, which is DHS surveillance.
It is DOJ persecuting and prosecuting its political enemies.
It is surveillance, it's infiltration, it's a new war on terrorism, as you said, against all Trump supporters in America.
You could see exactly what the motive was behind doing something like that.
You could see exactly what the endgame was from the very beginning of a false flag-type, Reichstag-fire-like event
On January 6th.
And so what I found most interesting about the Capitol, about the piece that came out about the Capitol from Revolver actually, was its comparison to the so-called plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan.
Because they talked about how if you look back at that plot which happened shortly before the election, it was the exact same story as what they're now trying to tell us about the Capitol.
Here you had a couple of I think it was Oath Keepers in Michigan who said that actually initially they were going to storm the state capitol in Michigan.
It turned out that there was FBI involvement at every level, federal informants,
Actual FBI agents embedded in the organization in the, I think it was either Oath Keepers or Three Percenters at every level.
And it turned out that the initial plot was not actually to kidnap the governor, but to storm the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan.
It so happened that 25% of the people involved in that plot wound up being federal agents, and the plan that they had was to go to a pre-existing Second Amendment rally outside the state capitol, rile up enough people
That they could convert a peaceful unrelated demonstration into some kind of a siege or some kind of an assault on the state capitol building and to occupy it.
Of course later all the people involved got busted because of course they were all infiltrated by feds.
But this is well documented.
This is covered in government documents.
This is something that was totally memory hold by the media.
We haven't heard anything since then, since these guys were busted before the election.
Of course, since that it has come out again from government documents that that was a total government operation and this was covered extensively in the Revolver Report and that is exactly the same story now that they're telling us about the Capitol.
You're dead on here and it's all in the Revolver story which links to all the mainstream news admitting it.
The FBI operative that controlled the FBI operatives that led the three percenter group that went after Whitmer right when she was in lawsuits, right when she lost the Supreme Court bid to keep the state locked down.
This group was stalking your house was led by the FBI informants and agents.
Then the man leading that the FBI goes and runs things at the Capitol and is involved in January 6.
So they took that very model.
Obviously the militia didn't come up with the plan to go to a gun rally and hijack it and take over the Capitol.
That was a federal plan all along.
And we'll just leave it at that.
We know the names of the FBI agents that are actually in the building, not just informants.
What are they going to do, Nick, in the next few weeks and months when that's all released?
I mean, it's perfect.
If they'd have spun and said, yeah, we were in there to try to stop it, they could.
But no, they did not at all, Nick.
They've taken the bait again.
Well, you know, what's funny is because you're right, it's all over social media.
They have covered it on every major cable network, which, you know, it's like,
If this is as, you know, discredited and baseless and without evidence like they say, why are they panicking to the extent that they are?
I think the day after Tucker Carlson covered it on his show, there was a special section on Twitter.
On their front page on Twitter moments saying, this is debunked, this is not happening, actually unidentified co-conspirators are not federal agents, but in every one of these so-called corrections in the Washington Post and CNN and NBC, all these other experts, they all say, well, you know, an unidentified co-conspirator isn't necessarily a government agent, but of course it definitely can be.
And you're right, this is going to come out in the coming months that
The FBI played a role.
They were high-ranking members of these groups.
They were probably the so-called tip of the sphere of people that instigated violence at the Capitol on that day.
And Darren Beatty put something out on Twitter, Darren Beatty of Revolver.
He put something out on Twitter earlier this week where he said, watch how the narrative is going to change.
It starts out with, there was no FBI involvement at the Capitol.
Well, there was FBI involvement, but actually it was a good thing.
And you're going to see, just like with the lab leak, just like with COVID, they're going to have to shift the goalpost on this because the evidence is going to come out and it's going to be unimpeachable.
And so, we're going to get to the point probably within this year, shortly within a few months, where they're outright, openly saying, yes, we did participate, but
But we had to, but this is a good thing, and we need more of this.
But this is going to unravel the whole thing in the minds of the American people because it's going to show them exactly how our government works, which is that they deceive us, they have a concealed agenda which they are working towards, and they undertake these kinds of activities all the time.
They will go out and create events, AstroTurf history, AstroTurf
People and events and political movements in order to get the desired outcome.
And so what's going to unravel in all of this is the myth of January 6th.
That will unravel the myth of the 2020 election, the Biden landslide.
That will unravel the myth of COVID, which was the pretext to use the mail-in ballots to rig the election.
It's going to unravel all the events of the entire past one year, and how all of this was culminating in the overthrow of Donald Trump by the deep state.
It was all just a big color revolution, and this is one of those things that is going to, if this comes apart, will unravel a series of huge, massive lies that have been told to us over the past year.
And you're right.
They have struck out a rigid and very fragile position.
They can't now come out and say, oh, well, I don't know, maybe there were Feds.
They're coming out there and saying there was no Fed involvement.
I mean, they're saying they're still carrying on with the Brian Sicknick thing.
And the DOJ is saying they're going to bring conspiracy charges.
They're talking about arresting you and me and Ali and Donald Trump.
Well, that was my next question.
I mean, we went, you and I, to multiple states.
You went to even more states than I did.
Totally peaceful.
If you were a total gentleman, I watched you.
Completely calm at all these events.
So was I. Last thing we want anybody to get hurt, we're there to draw attention to election fraud, not to burn a building down or hurt cops or hurt anybody.
That's not our MO.
And they are all over the news saying, we are co-conspirators, arrest us.
Just showing how authoritarian they are.
And then you've got these hundreds of people in solitary confinement.
And you've got the FBI and the news saying the biggest threat is white supremacists.
I mean, they're really trying to declare war.
With Trump supporters to like make us be intimidated.
That's doing the opposite with everyone I know.
So where do you think that psychology comes from?
Well, I think the psychology comes from, I think it's still the continued shock and upset from the 2016 election.
And I keep going back to, you know, reframing the past five years based on the events of the past one year, which is to say that
They said after Donald Trump got elected, this can never happen again.
We have to make sure this never happens again.
And they said that, I'm sure, at the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, Facebook, Google, all the major corporations.
And so when you look at the past five years in the context of this overthrow of the past one year, suddenly it all starts to make sense.
The Russia hoax, the impeachment, the gradual and crescendoing tech censorship, which is so pervasive.
Finally culminating in the COVID which was the destruction of the Trump economy plus the pretext for the mail-in ballots and the election fraud and all these other things.
And so the psychology is this.
They have been on track for the past 30 years to create a total new world order where using climate change and the public health emergency of racism and all these kinds of global universal problems
Gradually, they were going to subordinate America to rule by multinational corporations, global governments, that kind of thing.
America was supposed to be on a very specific calculated trajectory by these people.
Of course, Donald Trump comes along and completely upsets the apple cart.
This is something that should not have happened.
It could not have happened, at least that's what they believe.
And so your point is, they're going to escalate to any point they can to suppress the populist movement, even though that's going to make the populist movement that much bigger.
So the question is not, will their globalist movement be defeated or extincted?
The question is, how crazy will it get before that happens?
Because clearly, you're right, they're just pushing to like authoritarian levels never foreseen.
Even though that's going to defeat them, it's the only option they have.
That's right, and that is the question, because now they're going all out, and they're showing everybody exactly what they're doing.
These are desperate actions that they're taking, this outright, explicit persecution of Trump supporters.
They are revealing themselves to people, and you're right.
They know that this is going to wake a lot of people up.
They know that this is making a lot of people like you and I only fight harder, but this is their only chance.
This is the last stand, because if they don't take aggressive, desperate actions to course-correct, the populist groundswell that put Trump into office is going to defeat the entire globalist project that's going to derail the European Union.
It's going to derail what they're trying to do in America.
So it is a question of how far they're going to take it, how much are they going to ratchet things up.
Are they going to
Start going door-to-door confiscating guns?
Are they going to use the surveillance data?
That's my question.
How do they try to start a fight where they cast themselves as the hero?
What's their next move?
I mean, to me, I see false flag about to happen.
I agree with you 100% and I think that's what they did on January 6th.
I think that
QAnon, you know, for example, they just covered in the media, they said, QAnon supporters are going to start to get violent because they can't trust the plan anymore.
And it's like, you know, I don't think anybody's heard anything like that in Q circles, Trump circles, you know, even after the events of January 6th.
In the same way, what were they going on to all the major networks and saying?
All the major networks and all law enforcement was saying,
Well, we're preparing for a big attack on Inauguration Day.
And then that never materialized, as far as I know.
Nobody was talking about anything like that.
Then they said, well, they're planning an attack in March.
They're planning an attack on Tax Day.
They're planning an attack.
And there was no hint, there was no evidence of this happening.
And you know, I'm involved in a lot of different right-wing circles, and I see a lot of what goes on in the right wing.
Sure, the opposite.
We're all saying, how do we stop them from hijacking a movement we have?
But that becomes a problem.
Trump's about to start rallies again, wanting to get good Republicans elected, populists, American firsters.
We need to have rallies.
It's time to have them again.
How do we make sure they don't hijack them?
Well, it's tough.
I think we just have to maintain what we're about.
I think we have to maintain scrutiny on these things.
The good thing is that we have a platform now through InfoWars, through Tucker Carlson, Revolver.
It seems like patriots have recovered in a sense.
Plug your awesome platform.
It's doing great.
That's right, thank you.
Yeah, it's AmericaFirst.live.
I'm on Monday through Friday at 8 p.m.
We've just got to keep on with this message about what's happening.
By the way, how much does that upset them that we've all built our own things, and thanks to listeners spreading the word, we're surviving and actually growing?
Because they see we're not getting weaker like they want.
They crushed us down to nothing, but now we're growing again.
They're getting scared.
Well, I'm sure it must be very frustrating.
I know that the SPLC was trying so hard to get me banned from Twitter after the events of January 6th, and one of their people named Megan Squire, she went and lamented to mainstream media and said, I don't know how to get this guy off the internet!
He's not on DLive, he's not on YouTube, he's on his own homegrown site, and I just don't know how to get rid of him anymore!
And I'm sure that's the same feeling they impotently have watched you
Do amazing over the past year a couple of years since you got deplatformed off of everything and I think was what late 2018 or 2019 And so they've they've got to be furious that they work so hard ADL SPLC these kinds of groups activist groups They tried so hard thinking that well, that's the end of Jones.
That's the end of Fuenzas That's the end of all these different groups and then to see us all hang on and not only survive But to thrive and grow and do better than ever before, you know It shows the resiliency of us and it shows that
You know, at the end of the day, they can ban us all we want, but we're still here.
And the 75 million people that voted for Trump are still here.
And Trump is still here.
So, you know, we're not letting the country go without a fight.
I totally agree.
And what's crazy is, I know you read it because I read it, it's almost entertaining, it wasn't so sad.
Major, quote, journalist whose jobs defend free speech go, gosh, we ought to really work to get them off.
They're so popular.
How do we silence them?
They're like, they're so tone deaf that they're jealous, envious.
And that, and that we're just actually saying true, real things, and they go, man, they sure are racist.
Like, the other thing is, like, Tucker Carlson is such an incredible racist.
Tucker Carlson's like, yeah, we shouldn't show black mass murderers because it'll cause a race war, which is actually...
Partially true, we should show whoever's killing anybody, but I get his point, they want the race war.
So here's a guy saying, don't show the black guy executing white people, which I get his point is to counter the left, and they're calling that white supremacist.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
He's trying to stop a race war.
He hates everybody dying.
It just shows how sick and evil they are.
Then they go, oh, oh, Tucker Carlson is such a white supremacist.
Meanwhile, George Soros is this literal demon.
Absolutely, and that's just it.
I mean, I've been pushing the message on my show, and I know you've been doing the same, and same with Tucker and everybody.
It's like Donald Trump tweeted shortly before he left office.
He's just trying to stop the world from killing itself.
That's how I feel sometimes, you know, is we're out there, and we're trying to prevent the crackup of America.
We're trying to prevent a violent breakup.
And the left, let me ask you that, Tim.
Start over.
I'm going to shut up for five minutes.
I want to hear you, Nick.
I love listening to you.
Why do they love to run whatever they got control over the ground?
All their cities, all their companies, everything they do.
Is it envy?
Or, I mean, what is it?
Because they just, they, we want to hold the world up.
We want everybody to do well.
They want to destroy the world.
I think ultimately it's just about control.
I think it's really that simple.
If you look at the kinds of things that they're promoting, the things that they're promoting are things that are disempowering working class people, middle class people, upper middle class people.
It's disempowering everybody other than the ultra rich.
And so you look at a city like
Chicago or LA or New York City and when you have a city full of renters and when you have a city full of people that feel unsafe when you have a city full of people that don't make a high wage and don't have any real wealth you've got a city basically full of consumers you've got a city full of serfs
And so the kinds of things that we would interpret as bad for a civilization, you know, when we look at people getting poorer and we look at civilization becoming more violent and more chaotic, obviously we look at that and say this is preventing people from living reliable, nice, you know, decent lives.
This is preventing people from living a pleasant life.
And the way that they're looking at it is more that
Well, if people don't have a lot of wealth and if people don't have confidence in safety, if people are living in a constant state of terror and fear and rentership, well, of course, who do they rely upon?
They rely upon the state.
They rely upon these giant corporations.
They rely upon the ultra-powerful and the ultra-elite.
You know, America, I think, was for a time a country that was truly, truly independent and free in a certain sense.
We were a creditor nation rather than a debtor nation.
We were the original country with the strong and thriving middle class, which was the financial base of a Republican form of sovereignty.
We had a constitution.
We have this states and federal government balance.
We really were an independent constitutional republic.
And by the way, a system like that, Nick, not that it was perfect, but heads above the rest, that threatens a globalist system or a communist system.
That's why we've got to fail, because our system works a lot better, brings people together.
It's about meritocracy.
It's about freedom.
It's not about what color you are.
It's about the content of what you build.
Like, I know you'll go to a restaurant.
They got great food.
I don't care what color they are.
You'll buy a car.
Whoever made the car is great.
I'll buy clothes.
I don't care if it was a black guy, a white guy, whatever made it.
I'm not looking at what color somebody is, but the people telling me not to look at color are the ones actually injecting that because they're racist dirtbags or they're control freaks and they're running an old tired playbook and it's not going to work anymore.
How do you see them extricating themselves from this?
Or are they going to try to launch this race war?
What do you see Biden and his controllers doing?
Because this is going really horribly bad for them right now.
We know they stole the election, so it's not buyer's remorse, but the people that signed on to vitriolically defend everything this Crypt Keeper does, they are not happy right now.
Well, I think they're going to keep pushing because they don't know how to do anything else, and I don't think they know how to pull back.
All they've known for the past five years and really for the past 30 years is just doubling down, silencing, oppressing.
I think they really underestimate the extent to which people are waking up to the fraud and people are getting agitated.
And so, you know, here we are five months into this administration and the country is, it is spiraling out of control in literally every way imaginable.
You know, the border is just gone.
Every single month, illegal immigration is 20 year high, 20 year, you know, worse than in 20 years.
The situation with Russia, the situation in the Middle East, gas prices, taxes, inflation, the country is imploding every way that you look at it.
And you almost wonder if that's part of the design, but I foresee them continuing on down that path.
Now, this is their entire ideology.
It's an ideology of
Destroying the country, ideology of wrecking the entire system.
And so I think that they'll continue on down that path.
I don't know about you, but I totally agree.
Because they're in control, then they see a crisis as good because they always get more power as the crisis manager.
And then they, as narcissists, get to be the savior over and over again.
But let me ask you this.
You're a great guy.
In the morning, at night, I watch clips of your show.
I rarely watch it live, but I do watch it at Bandot Video.
But sometimes I watch it live.
The point is, it's a great show.
You do weeknights.
You've got a lot of your own points, a lot of your own angles.
Instead of me asking questions, in the six, seven, eight minutes we've got left with you, Nick Fuentes, what else do you want to put on the radar screen for viewers out there?
The biggest thing that I want to put on the radar screen for people is something that, you know, I've been covering on my show pretty closely since January 6th and since the inauguration and everything.
And that is this anti-white strain that you see happening on in the country.
And this is something I've covered on my show.
I wouldn't call it a strain.
My God, it's like a beating drum, a giant gong.
It's all you see everywhere.
That's right.
It's like an epidemic in the country.
And, you know, this is something that is deeply unsettling to me.
It's not just unsettling because it's happening, because it's been happening for a long time, but what's unsettling is that people are so unwilling to call it what it is and talk about what it is, you know?
I mean, and I don't know how many of your viewers are aware, I think you've covered this before, but... No, tell folks not to go in.
I'm going to shut up.
Tell them about it.
The COVID stimulus that they just appropriated, $1.9 trillion in COVID stimulus that they just passed after Biden got inaugurated,
That's not available for white people.
I had a good friend of mine, my friend Jayden McNeil, who he helps produce the show and everything.
He told me that he called up his bank trying to get a PPP loan, the Personal Paycheck Protection Program loan, and the bank told him, well, you're not actually eligible even to apply because you're white.
And there was a lawsuit by farmers, lawsuit by restaurant owners, white, who they tried to apply for their specific, their sector specific relief, you know, for farmers, for restauranteurs.
And they couldn't get it because they're white.
They filed lawsuits.
And it was upheld in the court that you can't get it because you're white.
And I see Lori Lightfoot says, we're not going to talk to white journalists.
And then you see some of these anti-white hate crimes going up.
And you know, at a certain point, we've got to realize that
Like, we're under attack as a people.
Our country's under attack, but we're under attack as a people.
And you've got this Juneteenth holiday and this critical race theory stuff amping up.
And so, you know, to summarize it, we're seeing a lot of these troubling developments, and I see too often people are describing it as something other than it is.
People are calling it socialism.
People are calling it CRT.
People are calling it Marxism.
It is a form of economic ethnic cleansing against Europeans.
Exactly, and don't get me wrong, there's components of all of that in it.
There's components of socialism, there's components of Marxism and so on, but there is also a racial element too.
And we're going to live in a country very soon where if you're a conservative, particularly if you're a white Trump-supporting conservative, you're not going to be able to get a job into a decent school.
And let's be clear, before they normalize all this, we have to realize we're being targeted, and it's the establishment doing it, and get in their face now instead of groveling to it.
That's right, and that's one of the messages on my show, and I think you've covered this on your show as well.
Well imagine, your child goes to school, and they go, oh, white boys over there.
Girls are okay.
Your baggage are white.
That teacher needs their ass fired, not, oh, is this okay?
Let's have a debate on whether it's okay.
Yes and parents need to go to the school boards.
Parents need to go to the schools.
We need to get in people's faces and we have to challenge it now because the cost of not challenging it will be greater for us in the future.
Let's be clear, it's South Africa and again it's globalist interests are going to organize groups into thinking it's okay to literally attack and overrun and attack white people.
This is the sick Marxist plan.
They're not going to do it according to class.
They're going to do it according to race.
They admit that.
And so they do.
They do, and you're right.
That's what's happening in South Africa.
That is what happened in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia.
This is what's happening all across the world.
And, you know, people are just going to have to make a really tough decision, which is, what are we willing to do to save our Western civilization?
We were given this great inheritance.
You look back throughout the millennia, throughout the centuries.
Everybody wants to come here because something special is happening.
So what do we do?
How do we go on the offense, Nick Fuentes?
We've got to go on the offensive by protecting the America First agenda.
There are enough Americans.
The infrastructure is there.
We voted and elected for Donald Trump not once but twice.
So, the people are there.
The infrastructure is there.
We can do it.
It's just that enough people have got to sort of break the collective conditioning which says, you're alone.
Nobody believes this.
This is never going to happen.
You have to know you're right.
This is what I did 27 years ago, 28 years ago.
You have to know you're right and believe you're going to warn people, they're going to listen.
Instead of trying to overthink it, exactly do like you've done.
Take action, speak out, say no, and it's everything short of war.
We're not killing people, we're not burning things down, but we are aggressive, and we're serious, and we sue people, and we boycott, and we let folks know, hey, I'm not here to be walked on.
That's right.
And you're right.
We are in a war.
We're not using the means of war.
We're not using violent means, of course.
But you're right.
Everything's short of war because we're in a struggle.
We are in this big conflict for the future of our civilization.
And it's going to affect each and every one of us on a very personal level.
It's going to affect each and every one of us in a very general way.
People have got to get out there and realize that you are.
And the longer we don't push back, the worse it's going to get.
And let's be clear.
Sure, it's mega banks manipulating color skin off against each other.
We get that.
And most folks of color, you know, get it.
The problem is most white people don't get it and are backing the persecution of other whites for their political views.
And so whether they're black or whether they're white, whoever they are, I was at a major event with
Kill Tony.
Tony is Hinchcliffe's name.
I've known him for years, but I forget the name.
And Brian Redman.
I've known him for like 15 years.
Great guy.
And Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell.
And they just have an open thing, a raffle deal for anybody who puts their name in, like 100 names, to be this thing where you get up as a comic and talk for two minutes.
And a Hispanic guy gets up and he says, why are there three white males on the stage?
And I loved how the Kill Tony guy shot back and said, well, because we rented this space and had the event and did the advertising and got the big names here.
But he said, you know, in this bucket of names, half of them are Hispanic and a bunch of others.
It was mainly Hispanic and black guys.
They were all great comics, by the way.
I wasn't looking, oh, that's a Hispanic or that's a black.
I wanted to hear their thing.
So I got up and said, screw you, you freaking racist.
Don't try to play that card on me like I shouldn't be on a stage because I'm white.
The idea of that is just sick.
But this is what people are being taught, Nick, is power.
And it's not.
You're following somebody else's sick, racist, divisional crap.
And I want to reject that type of stuff.
Absolutely, absolutely, and you're right.
It's something that's unnatural, because I think people want to get along, and I think that this is something that white people don't like to think about, and normally they wouldn't, but this is something that, you're right, is being forced upon us by very evil actors, very sinister forces, that are trying to break apart the country.
Well, it's bullying!
I mean, here's a guy saying, you're bad because you're white.
Hey, hey, bitch, we rented that place and have you up there on stage.
I don't care what color, you see how sick that is?
But that guy couldn't believe it when we all called him out.
Right, well, and they're not used to getting called out like that, because that is, the social proof is in favor of that.
That is conforming to what most people are like these days in the society, is that white is problematic, too many white people, you know, not enough diversity, that kind of thing.
And so, you know, people start to finally get up and say, hey, you know, white people deserve the same dignity and respect that everybody else does.
I don't think that's a radical take.
That's not a supremacist belief.
It's not white nationalism.
But the whole point was, is I didn't walk in there and say,
There are three white people put this on.
It was a whole diverse group having a great time together, and then that guy thought that was like a magic card he was playing to say, why are white people on a stage?
Imagine the university he went to to be brainwashed like that.
Right, and it's being pushed in the universities, and universities create all the professionals.
The professionals are the ones guiding the society.
This is the kind of vitriol and hatred that is motivating the people in the highest places in the society.
And so, people have got to be afraid for this.
They've got to be afraid for their kids.
I mean, how's that going to affect kids in school being brought up, being taught that their ancestors committed all the evils in the history of the world, being taught that they don't deserve what they have, that they owe the world something, you know, that they don't deserve the same
Respect, dignity.
You know, imagine being a little kid in a classroom and having that same kind of, well, what are white people doing here, kind of attitude directed towards them.
This is very evil stuff.
Well, exactly, but imagine you're in a venue with like 400 people, jam-packed.
Joe Rogan's there.
You're there with his host.
Everybody's having a great time.
And then you bring up, why are there white people on stage?
I mean, it's so racist.
It's so divisional.
It's so evil.
And we're just supposed to fall down and worship it.
Right, we're supposed to go along with that, we're supposed to say, oh yeah, you're right, you know, I'm sorry, we need to get more, I'll replace myself on the stage with somebody else, right?
And people have just got to start getting used to saying no, you know, no masks.
No anti-white hatred, no vaccine, no none of this stuff.
People have got to start getting used to saying, you know what, no, this is insane.
We live in an insane society.
I'm sane and I'm saying no to what's being pushed.
That's the problem is a lot of people, I think too often, they see where everybody else is falling in line and they go, well, everyone else is doing it.
I think, and this is more to what I was saying earlier,
There is a resistance in the country.
There are millions of people that are fed up with this stuff.
The race stuff, the COVID stuff, the Democrat policies, all this.
And the reason why we've been suppressed, I think, for a long time is because
They've successfully convinced people that you're alone.
If you believe these things, well, there's something wrong with you and you're the only one.
So, that's why people have these conversations quietly at the dinner table, maybe at work, somewhere else.
They don't raise their voices, they kind of look around before they talk about it, but these conversations are happening across the country and everybody feels this way.
And if we had the same kind of confidence like you had in saying, hey, you know, that's obviously racist.
We put on this event and everything.
If people had the same kind of confidence in resisting the stuff that you did, that we are in doing what we're doing politically, this kind of stuff would end tomorrow.
This stuff would end before you know it.
It's just incumbent on everybody who feel this way.
The tens of millions of people throughout the country that are fed up with this stuff just start to get used to saying no.
And just start, not in a violent way, but civilly begin to resist these arbitrary and evil plans that are being forced upon us.
Well, just stop saying, I'm the villain.
You're right.
I'm the villain.
I'll shut up.
I'll go away.
Like, I don't care what color you are.
Screw you.
I've done nothing wrong because of what color I am.
And I respect you for what you stand for, not what color you are.
Nick Fuentes, in closing.
I already kind of asked this, but really, what do you think happens to Biden?
What do you think they do next?
Not just false flag, but just they are, they're out of gas.
They're pathetic.
They're shutting the country down in front of everyone.
Almost all the liberals I know are now like freaking out going, Oh my God, Joe Biden's evil.
What do we do?
We wish we had Donald Trump.
What comes out of this?
Well, whatever it's going to be, it's terrifying, because, you know, the only thing that they know how to do is manufacture crisis.
When people are doubting the regime, and when people are starting to believe the truth, that's when they start killing people, that's when they start doing false flags, that's when they manufacture crises.
You know, the problem is that these are very twisted, sick people that are running our country, and they're scared, and they're desperate.
They're hanging on to the reins of power.
And they know that if they lose their grasp, that it's the end for them.
They know that they're going to jail.
They know that bad things are going to happen to them if it doesn't go the way that they want it to.
So, I mean, we're seeing people that are in control of the most powerful apparatus in the world, which is the American regime.
Not just the government, but the whole deal, the whole system.
And these people are afraid and they're desperate.
And I don't think there's anything scarier for people in the world, and particularly for Americans and dissidents in America,
Then these people with all this power at their disposal starting to feel like their power is being threatened.
And you can see lashing out more and more wildly, more and more desperately.
I'm sure that you've been covering this for decades, the kind of conspiracies and what they've been up to.
And I'm sure a lot of people never thought they'd see the day when they saw a manufactured pandemic, voter fraud in six states.
False flag like the Capitol attack and so on like it's happening before our very eyes This is like the endgame for them.
So it's very terrifying.
So people got to stay vigilant.
They got to protect themselves They got to be really watchful and careful in the coming months and years because we're strapped in until 2024 at least with either Biden or Kamala Unitary control by the left-wing regime and so it's a lot of time to run out the clock
We have got to protect ourselves.
We've got to be very watchful because this is scary times right now.
This is definitely game time.
All right.
We've got America First dot live at Nick J. Fuentes on Twitter.
Very powerfully said and I look forward to speaking here in the near future and I hope we don't
Oh, that's the last thing.
You know, they've got FBI all around you, they've got FBI all around me, but I get calls daily now of people that I barely shook their hand or barely knew, or people that were like a contractor here for a few months that were just a guest.
They're literally telling them, just tell us Alex Jones is a criminal.
Tell us Alex Jones said attack the Capitol and we'll let you go.
I mean, this is real mafia tactics.
That doesn't make me think they're strong.
That makes me think they're weak, Nick.
Yeah, it does.
I mean, these are the actions, like I said, of a desperate system.
They wouldn't need to do this if they were in a strong position.
They wouldn't have to worry about people like you and I. They run the government, and they're worried about people that are making free, you know, internet content online.
People that are
You're in your studio, I'm in mine.
We comment on the news, we comment on world events, and they need to throw us in jail to prevent us from doing that because that's how tenuous, that's how fragile the system is.
It's because they know, exactly, they know they're liars, they know they're corrupt, they know they're bad.
Nick Fuentes, thank you so much.
Thank you for having me, I appreciate it.
All right, there goes Nick Fuentes.
I'm going to air a clip here.
We're going to come back with a man that was a political president for two years.
They had to drop the charges on him.
And that, of course, is Pete Santelli.
And he's got a lot to say.
But I want to air this clip.
I've been talking about this here with our first guest.
And then we do have
A guy that was involved in black ops, a guy that was involved in overthrowing countries, a guy that was involved in the deep state, Dr. Steve Pchenik, is going to be joining us coming up with that, and the constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, who's been on top of this since day one.
You know him, of course, also from the famous Nick Fuentes debate that was so powerful and informative.
Also quite entertaining.
So here's Judge Napolitano and FBI involvement in terror attacks.
This is from eight plus years ago.
And then we're going to air the domestic terrorist montage where they're introducing us as the new enemy.
Here it is, and we'll be right back.
Can the federal government take credit for saving us from a plot of its own creation?
Tonight, has the federal government kept us safe, or does it just want us to think that it has kept us safe?
If you ask the leadership of the FBI, most of whose field agents are tireless, dedicated, Constitution-supporting professionals, it will tell you that it, the FBI, has foiled about 17 plots to kill Americans during the past 10 years.
What it will not tell you is that there have been 20 foiled plots, and of them, three were interrupted by members of the public.
The 17 that were interrupted by the feds were created by the feds.
They were planned, plotted, controlled, and carried out by the federal government itself.
In all of these 17 cases, from the Fort Dix 6, to the Lackawanna 7, to the Portland Parade bomber, the Feds found young men of Muslim backgrounds, loners who were bitter in America.
They befriended them, cajoled them, and persuaded them that they could change the world by killing Americans.
In all these cases, agents worked undercover and portrayed themselves to the targets as Arabs of like un-American mind.
In some cases, the federal agents used third parties to act as middlemen.
The third parties were typically persons who had been convicted of crimes and who, in return for leniency at their own sentencings, were willing to work with the same feds who prosecuted them in order to help the feds entrap whomever else those feds were pursuing.
Thus, in all 17 of these cases, because of the command and control of federal agents, no one was ever in danger, no one was harmed, no bomb went off, and no property was damaged.
But in all those cases, the losers whom the feds targeted, each believed that they were interacting with real plotters who would bring them cash and bombs.
As we know, sometimes the cash arrived, but the bombs never did.
Are any of these plots criminal?
Can the government just pick and choose whom to seduce and then lower the boom at the right time and arrest its would-be Confederates?
Is this a proper and efficient use of law enforcement resources?
The answers to these questions are obvious and they are not good.
The courts have made this legal so long as the target of these plots had a mental predisposition to cause harm.
But none of this keeps us safe.
All of this makes us less free as any one of us can be entrapped.
And we are fools if we praise the government for exposing a plot of its own creation and saving us from a danger that never existed.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this special Saturday transmission, where we've got Steve Pchenik, Nick Fuentes, Pete Santilli, Robert Barnes, and others.
We've talked to Nick Fuentes, now we're going to talk to Pete Santilli, then Robert Barnes, and then Dr. Steve Pchenik, who has overthrown major governments and involved in black ops.
And I know I talked to him before we go live today, and
He does believe January 6th was a staged event.
That is coming up in the final segment here tonight.
But it was just two weeks ago on Saturday that I had Pete Santillan and I said we need to get Tucker Carlson to cover this.
We need to get a big debate going nationwide because they're saying off of January 6th that the new enemy is white supremacists.
That's anybody that supports freedom.
Incredible division, and that they're going to, quote, frustrate and attack members of Congress that are the ideological leaders.
So if you promote election fraud, or you promote controlling the borders, the Second Amendment, or pro-life, you're causing people to be violent, so you deserve to have the intelligence agencies come after you.
And I've played that clip many, many times, but that's Frank.
Frank, how do you say his name?
Who's been saying that over and over and over again.
So we'll cue that up and play it here just in a minute because I had him on my list but I can't find it.
I mean this is just crazy.
So it was over a month ago, several months ago actually, that Pete Santilli
Desperately wanted to talk to me.
So I said, okay, I'll talk to him.
He said, listen, you got to really watch out.
They're going to try to set you up, they're going to try to get you.
And I'm like, well, I didn't do anything violent.
The last thing I wanted was this.
But now since then, I've had major law firms, other groups call me and they said, listen, we've got clients that weren't even at the Capitol or other clients that did nothing.
They're literally threatening to put them in jail unless they make lies about you.
And you think, oh, the government doesn't do that.
No, yes, they do.
So as crazy as this is,
The Deep State, the globalists, the Chai Com agents that are Biden's people, are going to try to use this as a blank check to go after Trump, Tucker Carlson, myself, Roger Stone, everybody.
So, Pete Santilli, that's kind of a long, ranting intro, but wow, this is getting crazy.
What do you want to tackle first?
What happened to you?
What Tucker Carlson's saying?
Where this needs to go?
The fact that it's a big story?
The fact you're trying to set me up?
I mean, what the hell's going on here?
You know, I've been saying this, trying to emphasize this point that over time, and now I'm going to put it on full blast right now, we need reform within the FBI's informancy program for many different reasons that we're going to discuss today.
And I've seen it.
I'm not just conspiracy theorizing.
We've heard over time, even before the Bunny Ranch and the Malheur, the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge set up entrapment, that is.
But there are instances now, you can go do some research, the FBI, they just recently released a report where upwards of 4,000 to 5,000 FBI informants that were working with the FBI on the payroll were actually allowed to break the law.
And I've been saying this even on your show, I think Mr. Graham Poobah Boogaloo Boy, Mr. Dunn,
I called him out and actually he was on in one of the segments we did back on January 27th and he was suggesting breaking the law and I came right out and said the number one indication because we the people on on this side of the political spectrum ultimately through our you know truth movement and MAGA movement we're not lawbreakers.
We're a people of due process.
We're not burning buildings down.
So when you're standing next to somebody that's suggesting breaking the law, number one indication might as well put a Dunn's cap on their head.
They're on the federal payroll.
Just treat it that way.
Remain lawful and just stay away from people, lawbreakers that is.
Well, it just turns out that Mr. Dunn is actually an FBI informant.
Isn't that interesting?
The Tucker Carlson article, I know
Alex, I was reaching out to you because back in December, I think it was, shortly after President Trump obviously announced that we were going to have a rally on January 6th, I was really, really concerned.
And as you know, I'm friends with Roger Stone.
And I said, Roger, just be real, real cautious.
In fact, you had Roger ready to not go.
He said, he was like, you got to talk to Santelli.
He says we shouldn't go.
Well, what I did say, I may have caused him to think twice about it, but I said, by being surrounded with certain factions and groups, let me tell you what happened at Bundy Ranch in Malheur.
We're talking about legally documented, this is what they do.
They had surrounded me, they had surrounded others, and in fact, one dramatic incident where they were surrounding people, I was supposed to be in the convoy,
That was set up, it was an entrapment.
There was an FBI informant that was paid, his name is Mark McConnell, upwards of $100,000, former meth head.
He led Lavoie Finnegan to his murder.
So, not only have I seen it, people have died as a result of what they do.
Then, when they arrested me, now Alex, you even asked me, how could you
How could you be so naive?
You know, I've been, you know, I've been listening to you for decades, and you even challenged me in our last visit.
How could you be so naive?
Well, no, I was naive, too, in the January 6th thing.
I'm not saying you're bad.
I'm saying, how did you not see it?
Well, but guess what?
Let me tell you what the line of demarcation was.
I never, during Malyar and Bunny Ranch, I never stood around anyone.
As a matter of fact, there was a Jared Miller.
He actually came to Bunny Ranch and he said, I'm a felon.
I need an AK-47.
I'm like, get this knucklehead out of here.
That's against the law.
So I'd always stayed away from the lawbreakers.
So I was actually part of these protests and part of a movement that was lawful compliant.
You know, friends with the sheriff, friends who are calling.
You're projecting your own decency onto them.
So let me ask you, everybody knows you got set up, they've heard the story, you get into it if you want, but what do you make of January 6th now, the fact that Carlson's there, it's all coming out, and what do you expect him to do next as they try to say their whole system, the entire Pentagon, everything is the American people.
We're now seeing what was in the MIAC report 12 years ago, everything come home to roost,
That we're all domestic terrorists and that the system's at war with us.
Why are they making that announcement?
Because it's such a bold, crazy announcement.
Every single thing that happened into before, during, and after January 6th has all of the earmarks of exactly what I had experienced.
I called it, it's the same exact motif over and over again.
To cause provocateurs, to energize an already emotional crowd.
And I'm going to bring up this name, a man named Norm Eisen, who I know was under investigation by the DOJ.
There were stuffing ballot boxes, essentially, prior to the election.
He was under investigation.
That same Norm Eisen has been working on color revolution.
I mean, he's got writings out there on how to launch a color revolution on behalf of the CIA and other countries.
Very well written.
He's involved, of course, with the impeachment trials.
He was actually that staffer in Congress.
He was involved in ballot box stuffing.
He was found to have been communicating in the threads.
And then he also wrote a report that said, here is how we're going to transition from President Trump to an inauguration on January 20th for Joe Biden.
So I saw all of the earmarks.
Now, of course, this is a color revolution that we just watched right before us.
They had to get their pictures, of course, of all of their pre-staged provocateurs that had the people around them energized to possibly
Break a window where they normally wouldn't do that, but because of the emotions, I've actually, Alex, for the past, since the last time I spoke with you for the past couple weeks, around the clock talking to defendant families.
Um, we have a bunch of, I would say upwards of 80 people behind bars.
By the way, you've got to have special empathy for how many years you spent in jail proven not guilty.
They had to, very rare that you, that you actually were released.
I mean, what's that like for you who was in there for years to be reliving this through these other people?
That's got to be painful.
You know, I would say that that led me to prepare for this moment in time where I can actually, especially talk to people on the outside.
If there's anything that I can convey to everybody, what I knew when I was incarcerated is the Constitution right now is only as strong as what the people like us on the outside are willing to do for these people that are being
Indefinitely detained without due process.
We have people right now, I'm understanding, that have not even been indicted or arraigned.
Despite your strength for those years falsely incarcerated, it was the love outside and the support outside that helped you make it through it.
Oh, absolutely.
I would have never been able to survive it if we didn't have a support network.
Because guess what?
These guys, the guys I've spoken to and I've talked to a lot of them, there's 500 plus and I'm just plowing through them.
And I'm listening to the stories about why they're incarcerated, maybe what they did wrong or not wrong.
I'm actually working with John Pierce at the NCLU as well as a defendant advocate.
And what I am discovering is... Oh, we had Pierce on yesterday on the Friday Show.
Very powerful.
That's right, very powerfully he's doing great work and I'm also helping to identify and also communicate to the defendants because guess why we ended up saying that we were going to go to trial?
If our families fell apart, we had no support network,
I'm not going to sit there.
I mean, if the American people are not going to be supporting, you know, me, why am I going to, you know, why am I going to go to trial?
I could, you know, plead out after one month and take my time.
I actually ended up spending 619 days.
But the support that they will receive, I know that these guys are, every single one of them, of course, innocent until proven guilty.
But they will be energized to go all the way to trial and expose the truth about what happened.
Now, we're already, early on, Tucker Carlson,
And Alex Jones from InfoWars and Roger Stone didn't come to our case until, you know, we were a little bit closer to trial, but certainly at the perfect moment because we needed the media exposure.
But right now he's coming out early on.
And exposing that there were FBI informants.
We also know that the FBI launched an operation that I think may have involved using foreign surveillance.
The FISA warrants that were executed in October and in November, they were using surveillance.
Essentially, this is what they did, Alex, and we're finding this out early on.
That's good news.
That's really got to scare the system.
Well, they should be scared.
I'm gonna say this right now.
I mean, listen, lawbreakers should go to jail.
I mean, if you, you know, punched a police officer and you broke the law, that's for a jury.
Grab a woman, burn down a building, throw you into the jail, but yeah.
You should go to jail.
I'm not advocating for lawbreakers, but I'm also saying they're innocent until proven guilty.
Let's get them to a jury.
What we're discovering right now is that some people may have even broken the law by walking into the rotunda.
Those people that walked into the Rotunda, Dr. Simone Gold, she was indicted, may have been entrapped.
The lawbreakers that we have right now, 99% of them right now were entrapped into doing so.
I've said this over and over again, they reverse engineer- Oh you know, they open the gates up, I was there a few hundred yards back, you didn't know what was going on, and then all of a sudden people are going forward and I said, don't go forward, stop.
It was a total trap.
Not only was it a trap, I mean, I literally, we were down early on, we were down at the Washington Monument, and we're looking down, it's about a mile away, a mile walk.
I'm seeing tear gas and I'm like, what the heck is going on there?
Then I started getting word, as we were proceeding down there to find out what was going on, that somebody had gotten shot.
Well, we had a pregnant woman with us.
I had my co-host Deb Jordan.
I'm like, that's not what we signed up for here.
This is, this is going to get out of control here.
People getting shot.
I mean, if we wanted an insurrection... What about the idea, too, that because 500 people out of a million went in, all of us, all the way back to the monument, we all were there as, not just as terrorists, we're all white supremacists.
The idea to say that a pro-Trump rally is a white supremacist from the Attorney General, you talk about incitement!
You talk about dangerous!
I mean, it's just... I'm glad you were talking to Nick Fuentes about this particular topic because just today I spoke with a witness that's come forward who also was brought forth because one of the defendants
His name is Tim.
I'll say his name is Tim.
It's Cusinelli, actually.
He's in the public.
I shouldn't have to defend.
He's a young kid.
Bright kid.
He's a historian.
Alex, when you were young...
You read everything you could get your hands on, and that's why you were able to build such a successful show.
I have learned that this kid is absolutely brilliant.
He's a historian, and they have tried to flag him because, for some reason, he's got these books and propensities to make jokes about Germany and World War II from a historical perspective.
But because when they raided his home he had Mein Kampf,
He's now being indefinitely detained without bonds because they found Mein Kampf.
Now there was his supervisor... By the way, I have Mein Kampf on the shelf.
I don't agree with Hitler.
That's a famous book.
I have the Koran at my home.
I'm not a Muslim.
Yeah, I can go buy Mein Kampf on Amazon.com.
But even if he was a Nazi, he deserves the same rights.
Well, here's what they try to insinuate, and here's the key element.
The NCIS, which is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, had met with a supervisor and sat him down and said, did he ever tell any off-color jokes, so on and so forth.
But this guy's in law enforcement.
There's security for the base.
So the supervisor said, you know, people make off-color remarks, but, you know, no, he's not racist.
He's not a white supremacist.
He just told, you know, everybody tells racial jokes.
I was his supervisor.
I probably should have told him to cool it a little bit more, but we all do.
Well, when his supervisor was asked to give a recommendation as to whether or not he should be released, he said he's not a racist.
He's not a white supremacist.
He's a good kid.
He's had no record of discipline.
They fired his supervisor because he gave inconsistent testimony that was favorable to the detainee.
By the way, I'll just be point blank.
There are plenty of black people that are racist.
As long as they don't attack people, they can get their job.
And so I'm sick of this thing of like, oh, just because a white person maybe got beat up when they were a kid, whether or not they're racist at that point in their life, they may change.
Just because they're that, they don't deserve to go to jail.
And I'm not saying he's a racist, I'm saying the mere allegation sends you to jail now.
Well listen to this, not only that, he was denied bond, he's being held without a release, he can't prepare for trial, all because he had mind-conf during the raid.
I've told this story because I got really into history, and like one year it was German, World War II history was really interesting, but I did a bunch of other history too.
Roman has traded about a year on.
I walked into a bookstore when I was about 14, had money, went and ate a piece of pizza.
My mom was gonna pick me up.
And I wanted to read Mein Kampf because I was studying World War II and I thought, well, I want to hear what Hitler had to say.
And the woman, when I walk up to the counter, it was an orange cover of Mein Kampf, she goes, oh my God, are you a Nazi?
And I said, are you a Nazi?
You're the one selling it.
So even at 14, I got that.
But I mean, why are they selling the book if I'm a Nazi to buy it?
Like, I'm listening to Malcolm X. It doesn't mean I agree with everything Malcolm X said.
I'm not comparing Malcolm X to Hitler, by the way.
My dad fled fascist Germany when he was eight years old.
He watched Mussolini and Hitler marching in a parade.
So when my dad, when I got out of the Marine Corps, he gave me a sit down.
He was telling me how powerful the Nazi, you know, socialist movement was.
And he, in fact, and my dad is not a white supremacist, but he did describe to me historically, he said it was so powerful.
You know, 99% of the people in Germany, you know, voted for Hitler.
It was the people that allowed Hitler to rise to power because of the trinkets that they offer.
You know, of course, freebies for everyone, schooling for everyone.
He said it was so powerful that it was the people that actually propelled Hitler to power.
But from that perspective, he was not saying that he, and my dad is certainly not a... No, he was saying it was a powerful control.
It was almost as powerful, I would say.
I would liken it based on what my dad told me in the mid-80s.
He was describing exactly what our millennials are being mesmerized by.
Oh, the left and this racial... It's very Hitlerian.
It's just the reverse of it.
Yeah, and the people get mesmerized with offerings of free schooling and, you know, fair treatment.
And by the way, that's what Hitler said.
You're going to get free schooling.
They had free, it started with free beer, the Nazi rallies.
You know, free whatever.
They told the women, have sex with anybody that's a Nazi.
They said, big sluts.
And so the guys are like, suddenly I have women having sex because I'm a Nazi, thereby joined.
Yes, of course.
You know, it's like, you know, I use the Agenda 21 analogy.
These communitarianists, these socialists, will phrase everything to sell their, you know, their communism and socialism.
They'll phrase everything in the form, you know, in the form of a question you would never say no to.
They'll say, you want to save the environment, don't you?
And you're going to say, of course.
Well, all you need to do is just install, you know, bike paths and Agenda 21 in your community and surrender your sovereignty.
So they convince the people, they trick the people through this communitarianist approach to accept their communism voluntarily because you want to save the environment.
Even Republicans want to save the environment.
And we've accepted, you know, the UN Agenda 21 and surrendered our sovereignty.
So anyways, back to our point here.
This FBI entrapment, period.
I'm already seeing the signs.
I know exactly how to go in and start extracting the information.
I'm reading the indictments.
I'm reading all of these statements of facts by FBI's.
Alex, you need to know this.
I'm going to tell you this right now.
We now have an FBI.
I'm reading their writings.
We now have leftists
With badges and guns.
You might as well just call them George Soros bloggers with badges and guns.
They're putting this stuff on the docket.
These people internally are approaching these cases with a leftist tent, of course, but their upper echelon at the seventh floor at the FBI is using those that may have a constitutional approach as far as rank and file.
And they're lying to them.
I've heard many stories.
By the way, you may have gotten wind that they're trying to go after you by friendly FBI agents knocking on doors saying, we just want to talk to you.
You might have some information.
And I immediately say,
Do not talk to the people that essentially want to general fling you.
They already know the answers to the questions that they're going to ask you.
Now, how do we know this?
I already know they had a surveillance investigation program in full effect prior to January 6th.
They were listening to everybody.
Well, sir, they were obviously there.
So here's the deal.
We know they tried to set you up.
We know you spent almost two years in jail.
You're an expert on this.
My only issue is the whole threat posture, a sea change in counterterrorism, is the American people.
Clearly, they're going to want a new false flag to try to legitimize this new war and to try to demonize anybody that exposes election fraud.
They know they're going to be thrown out in a year and a half at the midterms.
They know the clock's running down on them, just like in 1995.
They knew they were in trouble, so Garland and others got together and they did Oklahoma City.
How do we short circuit that?
How do we stop that?
I think it's what we did two weeks ago.
I think it's what Tucker's doing tonight and yesterday and the day before.
I think we exposed false flag in that paradigm.
Just as I cut my teeth exposing Oklahoma City and Waco, you cut your teeth being set up and put in jail wrongfully, which you were later released because it was a fraud.
One in a million.
So how do we now, before it happens, what do we do?
I walked into that trap January 6th, okay, but luckily it didn't go as bad as it could have, and things de-escalated.
How do we stop the next trap?
That's why we're doing this special Saturday show, that's why the crew's been here so long.
First and foremost, sunlight is the best disinfectant, and I would say rather than, you know, during the Bunny Ranch cases, finding out as we got closer to trial,
That the entire system was corrupt.
We had FBI informants.
It was a complete and total entrapment.
The prosecutors were coaching the federal agents on how to entrap- Let's be clear, because I've read your case and seen hundreds of others.
I got right here.
I showed the start of the show.
They know how to lead this!
They know how to run this!
They actually will do this, and we've seen it over time.
Prior to Waco, they spent months warming up the populace with a PR campaign.
That way, when they come in and kill them, the populace says, oh, well, David Qureshi was molesting his children, running guns, and these are religious fanatics, so it's okay that they burned up with a Janet Reno tank.
They're doing the same exact thing right now.
How many months have they spent calling it an insurrection, putting up pictures of white supremacists, saying that these are all bad, bad, bad people?
Why are they doing that?
Is it to attack the defense?
They're perpetrating a psy-op and mind control on the populace.
So that they will accept when they launch their false flag, they'll allow these as part of their investigations like they did in the World Trade Center bombing in 93.
They'll remove the agent that's supposed to deliver inert explosives.
Next thing you know, one of their people's gonna be inserted with real explosives.
And who are they gonna blame it on?
It'll be easy, just blame it on the people you've been calling white supremacist terrorists for six months.
And the populace will accept it.
I don't see how this works.
They could stage, blow up a black college and kill a thousand people.
Nobody's buying it.
They could shoot up a black church.
I mean, I'm only telling Garland and Ray and folks, I don't think this is going to go the way you think it is.
Please don't do it.
I mean, I feel like a hostage negotiator with a terrorist going, listen, this isn't going to go well.
We're watching you.
We know who you are.
We know you're CHICOM agents.
We know you.
You tried to steal the election.
We know you spied on us.
Come out with your hands up.
I mean, I'm like dealing.
I feel like I'm like the negotiator talking to the cult, trying to get them to come out.
Alex, we've seen it time and time again.
They will use the lawbreakers are the people that are on the receiving.
They're on meth.
They're down on their luck and they also use as leverage if they broke the law or made a bad judgment call they say hey we'll make that go away if you just go walk over here with these people with some tannerites and explosives and just kind of lead them along see if they'll they'll go ahead and and and break some laws and then we'll make your your crimes go away you won't have to worry.
So the biggest thing we can do is tell everybody viewing and listening
We don't want to attack FBI agents or police or firefighters or UN people or George Soros.
That's what they want.
We want to politically speak out and say no.
Violence is not the answer.
So we are 100% non-offensively violent.
If somebody attacks you, you've got to defend yourself.
Be judicious about it.
Be Christ-like.
But you've got to defend yourself.
But we really need everybody.
They're like, well, the U.N.'
's taking over.
Bob, Bill, we better get organized.
Remember the Atari militia?
They were going to the Knob Creek machine gun shooting contest thing in Kentucky.
They're just a normal, good militia of farmers and ranchers and auto parts, you know, people.
And they got feds in the van with them going, what if the UN takes over and starts killing all the local police?
Well, I guess we'll have to fight.
That's why they got indicted!
And a judge ordered that dropped!
I mean, the UN's invading, killing the police?
We're gonna have to fight back?
Yeah, I'm gonna fight back!
Are you gonna indict me for that?
But that's...
What they did, but because there was independent media, that came out, the Atari Militia case got dropped.
But people need to know, that's how easy it is to get set up.
Alex, one quick thing about Malheur.
For folks who don't know, spend five minutes, ten minutes, and then we're going to go to our next guest.
Spend ten minutes first on who you are and then how you got into media and then Bundy Ranch in Nevada that then leads to Washington State and Malheur and Oregon and all of it.
So break that down.
November of 2011, you were screaming on your show.
I used to listen to you.
I used to go on 20-mile bike rides.
You said, I can't do this by myself.
I need your help.
Grab a camera and a microphone.
I started my podcast in December 18, 2011.
Then, as a matter of fact, I came awake to 9-11 evidence.
In 2013, I was basically amazed by this Obama administration that was just flat-out communist.
As a Marine, I recognized what it was, and I started really coming awake.
Then I got actually wind of a, in 2014, of a rancher.
Through Paul Joseph Watson, he dropped an article showing a helicopter with a gunner hanging out the side and a $100,000 FLIR equipment flying over cattle.
I said, what's going on with this?
Obama's federal agents were pointing guns in 2014.
They spent $6 million to build a military compound to go and pound $300,000 worth of cattle.
Do the math.
But what they did was, long story short, on 2014, the federal government overreached with their militarized style.
I mean, they literally had 70, 80, David Knight had 70 guns pointed at him.
He didn't even know about that.
He's holding up his iPhone out in front of the gate there, in front of Daniel P. Love, 70 plus.
I don't know.
That was exactly about law enforcement.
The protest was about calling the sheriff in to intervene, protect life, liberty, and property, and assert his constitutional authority to say the BLM is out of control.
You guys need to leave.
You shouldn't be pointing guns at unarmed protesters.
That actually panned out that particular day.
No loss of life.
Two years had transpired and the bodies came to the rescue in 2016 of a rancher that was pursued by the federal government falsely.
They wanted terroristic charges.
Well, Dwight Hammond
Is a rancher.
He set a backfire to stop a major fire in southeastern Oregon.
The Obama prosecutors declared him to be an arsenal terrorist.
And because he didn't have a permit to set the fire, they insisted that he get a five-year mandatory minimum.
So we went out there to protest that and say, hey, you know what?
Don't take him back to jail after, because the judge says, he's not a terrorist.
I'm not going to give him the full sentence.
The Obama DOJ came in and said, nope, he needs to go back to jail.
So January of 2016,
I traveled as a member of the independent media, covering many, many stories, exposing the truth.
I went out there to help out with broadcasting the message, bringing public awareness to the plight of this ranching family in southeastern Oregon.
Well, while I was out there, January 2nd, 2016, we were doing a march, and eight of the protesters spun off,
And they went to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, which is, you know, it's a, you know, I call it a bird farm.
We call it the bird farm.
Eight of them, and led by Ammon Bundy and a couple of others.
And they said, we just want to continue the protest.
They went out there.
I didn't know how far away it was.
It was like 30-something miles away.
I wasn't aware of what the heck was going on.
I was involved in covering the march.
Um, we actually, a group of us, hundreds of us actually went to the local fairgrounds.
I said, I want nothing to do with law, not lawbreakers.
I heard they just took over a federal building.
Well, long story short, after a month, Alex Jones of covering five to eight hours a day doing live streams, um, countering the narrative that the mainstream media was putting out there in three and a half minute packages saying that there was a bunch of white guys with guns, domestic terrorists,
And I said, no, they're not.
They're, you know, Mormons.
They're godly.
They're making really good soup and having barbecues.
Come out here and see this.
Alex, the bottom line was that entire takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was essentially surveilled in advance and
I believe that people were entrapped into doing what they were doing, and in the end, over that entire month that we held off the Comey's FBI, 450 agents they sent out, the HRT team members, and on January 26, 2016,
Finally, they led with an FBI informant who got paid upwards of $100,000.
That, what you're seeing on the screen there, was the end result of an ambush that was set up by an FBI informant and also provoked by HRTT members who fired provocative rounds with very nervous Ohio State Police.
They were, I'm sorry, Ohio, Oregon State Police.
They were already on edge.
They were pumped up on adrenaline.
HRT team members fired a couple of rounds.
How do we know this?
Because they were caught on camera firing the rounds.
And they killed that man.
So here's the question.
Last time I heard they didn't die to that FBI agent.
Whatever happened?
Well, here's another trick that they use.
There was a team.
It was a team of HRT team members that were involved in picking up the rounds.
And they actually ended up, uh, not ended up, I think they did it intentionally.
They indicted the one HRTT member, uh, that they...
He was brought forth.
He was brought to trial.
We discovered all this evidence that not only did he was involved in an ambush, but he was involved with the cover-up of the assassination of Lavoie Fennecum.
It's still still in court, but he was never he was never prosecuted, but that will trigger with switching, you know potential defendants.
He wasn't the true culprit.
All right, well, Pete, we just spent some good time on this and it's important, but people need to understand that when you see them on the news saying it's preposterous that FBI informants were in there, it's preposterous.
This is the Super Bowl of Super Bowls, January 6, 2021.
This is the Deep State wanting to discredit calls for election investigation.
This is what they did and they got caught and it's coming out with these 20 unindicted co-conspirators.
I don't think there's any way they're gonna be able to cover that up.
Alex, two things I want and I want to call upon you.
You know I've been a fan of yours for decades now.
First and foremost, it's important.
This is how all of this information came out in our trials and why I'm standing here today.
There's one reason, one reason only.
It's because we kept fighting, fighting, fighting to expose the truth and whistleblowers, high-level special agents,
Federal agents within the inside, they know the truth about this operation.
We need to encourage them to do the right thing and come forward with what they know.
That's right, because we demonize the people running the agencies, but there are a lot of good people within, and so we need to remember there are good people, and that's how you and others were able to not be actually put in prison, because they knew you hadn't done it.
So, what type of whistleblower do we need to see right now?
We had FBI agents get on the stand, and all they had to do was to tell the truth.
They just get on the stand and they'll tell the truth.
They will refuse to lie.
Their careers will be put in jeopardy, but there's a process by which they can blow the whistle internally if they're aware of wrongdoing.
They need to protect their careers.
There's a proper channel to do that.
Make sure you protect yourself because you can't trust anybody.
But that's the only way that this is going to be exposed.
What's beautiful about what's happening right now, Alex, the conversation we're having, the coverage that we're doing, and
The suggestion to do a January 6th investigation in the public is this stuff is coming out early on before not one trial has taken place.
Well now we can soften up the battlefield.
Like I told you when you were on a few weeks ago off air I said listen we're just gonna spur others us just saying do an investigation which we're doing on air now Carlson revolver believe me it's happening so that's what we're doing right now.
There's going to be some information coming forward, and at the appropriate time, I'll be able to supplement what's going to come forward.
It's going to be shocking.
I'll tell you how shocking.
I mean, it was shocking at a much smaller level.
Our family member, an estranged family member, was wired up by the FBI and paid an envelope of, you know, $4,000 in cash over time.
It will be shocking to find out how many
FBI paid informants and confidential human sources.
It will shock the world.
You mentioned the Boogaloo!
And we got a lot of threats, by the way, from them whenever we were questioning it.
Plus, I don't want violence, and I don't want to kill FBI agents and people.
That's dumb and starts a civil war.
So it's not like I don't do that because I'm scared.
I don't do that because it's a dumb idea.
But I noticed they're allowed to make threats.
Not all of them.
I'm not saying they're all bad people, but the leadership.
They're allowed to make threats.
They're allowed to do things that I'm not allowed to do, which I wouldn't do.
And so I didn't know that you were saying the head boogaloo that's come out was an informant?
Done as an informant.
As a matter of fact, I need to get this out.
What's the proof of that?
Of Dunn being an FBI informant?
Well, I will certainly provide you with documentation, but I actually got a telephone call from a reputable journalist who actually
Congratulating me on calling him out for being an FBI informant.
By the way, I accused him on air.
I said, you look like a duck, you walk like a duck.
But I accused you of that because you were gullible.
I've been gullible too before I woke up.
You saw me, you know, you're not an informant.
And I've accused you of that, so I just want to be careful.
You want me to tell you how we're going to find out early on?
And most people don't know this.
An FBI informant, okay, here's another super big indicator.
An FBI informant, once the person is indicted, I'm just going to use an example, the Boogaloo Boys.
If there's a Boogaloo Boy leader or an informant and his job is over and five people get indicted, he's no longer allowed to associate and communicate with the Boogaloo Boys.
He won't be indicted.
He'll be gone.
He'll head to the hills.
And he will cut off all communications.
Because it's federal law.
How do I know this?
Because there's a huge investigation going on regarding the FBI informancy that was involved with January 6th.
The minute that you see the communications cut off after the indictment, and somebody runs for the hills, and they're not indicted themselves,
That right there is a confidential human source because federal law requires that they can't, because they're essentially a contracted FBI employee.
They're not allowed to continue to speak with family members and other associates involved.
Pete Santilli, you are a...
Treasure trove, a fountain, an armory of experience.
And I just thank God that thanks to our listeners and others supporting you, you were able to get out of prison before they could set you up.
Because again, you were never convicted.
Briefly in 60 seconds, we got Robert Barnes coming up.
How did they finally have to let you out?
Well, long story short, we can talk about that at a later date.
My mom was actually dying.
She had terminal cancer.
And right before trial, I had prepared for trial.
And I ended up coming out at that point, number one, first and foremost, because my mom was dying.
I did not go to trial.
I was hoping I was going to be able to help the defendants at trial.
But on my way out, they had negotiated
That I was not to be involved, but ultimately within a matter of a couple of weeks after that, I think it was two weeks after that, everything was fully exposed and the case was actually dismissed itself.
All right, thank you Pete Santilli.
Sir, thank you.
It's going to be an ongoing project.
You're doing great work out there.
How are we supposed to do anything else?
Thank you.
All right, folks, we have had some amazing interviews so far here, and so I'm going to take a break right here, and we're going to get constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes up, and then I'm working on Monday or Tuesday.
Joe Bannister was an armed treasury agent, whole nine yards, did a great job, whole family law enforcement, and then he
He got indicted twice and found not guilty by juries for exposing the IRS system being a fraud.
I mean, these are scary people, man.
They will put anybody in jail, but at a certain point, we're not with the drag queen story time.
We're not with the devil worshippers.
At a certain point, we just got to say, okay, whatever.
So we're going to go to break, come back with constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, and then Dr. Steve Pachinik.
Hadn't been on in about six months.
He'll be joining us.
All the evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
Well, I'm trying to be a good man.
I'm trying to stand up and do the right thing.
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Other good men and women getting together and telling the truth and standing up to corruption.
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Well there's been an enormous amount of hyperventilating in Washington over a segment we did two nights ago in which we pointed out that there were pretty clearly a number of people in the crowd at the Capitol on January 6th who had been in previous contact with the FBI about what was going to happen that day.
Some of them may have encouraged others at the scene to commit crimes.
Now, if that happened, and we believe it did happen, it would not be out of character for the FBI.
They've done things very much like that before.
That is beyond dispute.
But in this case, they are disputing it.
Not the FBI directly, they haven't said a word, but the obedient minions of the national security state who run the social media accounts of the New York Times and occupy the anchor desks at CNN.
They became hysterical when we mentioned it.
You can't say that, they screamed!
That's not allowed!
The geniuses at Twitter weighed in to inform us that the people we had described as agents of the FBI were in fact just FBI informants.
So shut up.
But we won't shut up, and we shouldn't.
It could not be more obvious at this point that the government is in fact hiding something, probably quite a few things.
So best to abandon theatrics and find out what they are hiding.
That's our job.
To many in corporate media who claim that we are spreading Russian disinformation, instead please calmly answer these three questions.
First, how many of the so-called insurrectionists on January 6th had a relationship with the FBI?
How many of these FBI moles encouraged others that day to break the law at the Capitol?
We haven't heard anyone answer these questions or even address them.
If the answer is none, if none of the protesters were secretly working with the FBI that day, then we were wrong.
And we will apologize for it sincerely.
We'll admit it immediately.
But if the answer is not none, and we're pretty sure it isn't none, then people who claim otherwise are liars and hacks and should leave the public stage immediately because they have betrayed their readers and viewers.
Two, if the Justice Department knew there were going to be protesters massing at the Capitol that day, and it's clear they did know, then why didn't they do anything to stop the riot?
Why did police at the Capitol allow protesters to walk in as video shows that they did?
That doesn't make sense.
What's going on here?
Why is no one asking that question?
Third and finally, why can't we see the tape for ourselves?
The government is hiding more than 14,000 hours of video surveillance tape that shows exactly what did happen at the Capitol that day.
Why are they hiding that?
And why aren't news organizations demanding to see it?
You'd hate to think that NBC News, for example, or Vox, or the Atlantic, or the Washington Post, or the Daily Beast, or the New York Times, or any of them, are in fact working to protect the regime at the expense of the public.
But unfortunately, we are starting to conclude that.
Please prove us wrong.
So, we've reached a very paradoxical moment in human history, where everything is just right out in the open.
It's gotten really frightening.
Robert Barnes, a really smart constitutional lawyer, one of the best historians I know, and he also does some work for InfoWars.
And since I asked him to come on this morning, on this Saturday broadcast, since he agreed, I have learned that
More people that briefly worked here or that I barely know or that I shook somebody's hand, having the FBI come to their house and say, just give us Daryl and Alex Jones, we won't indict you.
So to me, that doesn't scare me.
I'm not a guy that's into chutzpah or bravado or being macho.
I don't want trouble with a very dangerous, evil domestic intelligence agency.
I just know I've done nothing wrong.
I'm a very straight-laced, very straight-shooting person that's honest about everything in my life, including the fact that I've been a drunk from time to time.
I mean, my superpower is just being honest about the world, and that I love America, and I love the world, and I love humanity.
The fact that they would say 65% of the U.S.
public is a white supremacist, the fact that they would say the main terror threat is the American people, and even PBS says, wow, the new Cold War is with the American people, the fact that they would continue to, like, charge people that walk between velvet ropes that police waved in and won't release the footage, and then lie about provocateurs,
We know that we're running cube movement and that infiltrated Oath Keepers and Proud Boys.
I'm not against any of those groups.
I'm just, it's a fact that happened.
The doubling down at Tucker Carlson and Revolver News.
To say it's preposterous, to say that's like saying it's preposterous that the sky's blue or the sun's yellow or grass is green.
So I couldn't think of a better guess.
He represents some of the folks involved.
He's been, I mean, he's been involved, you know, suing over the forced inoculations and the police state and all of it.
His constitutional lawyer, Robert Barnes, just to give us his overall view of what's currently happening and where he thinks this is going.
Because I'm not just a spectator in this.
God is a spectator to be exciting enough.
We're all players on this stage and it's very dangerous.
So thank you for joining us.
Robert Barnes, what is your overall 65,000 foot view?
Well, from the very beginning of this event, it smacked of some aspects of government complicity and staging it, creating it, instigating it.
Uh, and in creating a narrative afterwards to justify various forms of politicized repression, as we even saw in the summit this week, where the president of Russia, Putin, pointed out that the most egregious example of politicized prosecutions in the world right now is happening in the United States to the January 6th protesters.
One of whom was summarily executed by an unidentified officer.
But so, when we talked in the build-up to the event of doing a rally, when you expressed, you know, how do we make sure that an event like this doesn't occur, we both noted that there's extraordinary security at the Capitol.
And yet, the one time there wasn't extraordinary security at the Capitol was this day.
The three signs of government complicity in an event.
An unusual lapse of security,
Unusual failures to follow up on investigative information and advanced warnings, and unusual aspects of the criminal investigation including seclusion, secreting, and disappearing evidence are all now present in a January 6th event.
Everything about this points to what, and this goes a long history.
I mean, we have the most recent version of it, to a certain extent that's analogous, was the PACCON.
And they hid that, remember, for like 15 years.
That some of us at the time, and you and other people, were pointing out that there was likely government complicity connected to events that took place at Oklahoma City.
The government said they had no such program.
And then 2007, 2008, it comes out that in fact they had created, in 1990, called PACCON.
And they were infiltrating, along with the Southern Poverty Law Center, people connected to the events related to Oklahoma City.
So, the fingerprints are all over this, and good work by Darren Beatty at The Revolver, good work by Tucker Carlson to out this publicly, because one of the ways you would find this
Is you would look okay if there was somebody else that was involved in instigating this one method of finding evidence for that would be that they would be identified as causing this event but not their identities hidden and they would be listed as on and they would not be actually indicted for any crime in other words they would be on an unidentified unidentified co-conspirators in the indictment.
Well, that litters the January 6th cases.
There's a bunch of people the government admits were complicit in creating and instigating this event, that they refuse to publicly identify, and that they refuse to indict.
That smacks- Hell, hold on a second.
CNN Sinicadre, the camera people with Jaden X were NBC and CNN.
Now it's 90 grand paid.
Total, I mean, you could just, the whole thing is a joke.
In fact, that same photographer that you mentioned, the videographer, who was paid by CNN, who is clearly complicit, clearly instigating, found on tape doing so.
They found tape yesterday of him involved with another federal agent trying to do it the night before, trying to instigate this activity.
We know there's still been no explanation for the whole QAnon phenomenon.
You had people on the QAnon-related boards
Pushing for this event to occur.
There was even published articles a day before.
And you warned about it.
I'm about to say you warned for weeks before.
So they couldn't have Ant even try to attack us.
That'd be discrediting.
So instead they just try to provocateur us.
And the question is, the Fed, they knew all about this, and yet there was an extraordinary, almost effective, de facto, stand-down order with an unbelievably low security.
I mean, when you got down there, you saw it.
We're trying to get everybody out of there.
I mean, that's the problem with their attempts to try to accuse you.
They had the people stage the attack on the Capitol when you and most of the people at the rally were not physically present.
So I'm going to be selfish here.
Let me be selfish about myself, because you're really a smart guy on this.
Okay, I got calls months ago it was happening, then weeks ago.
Now every day, the feds are dragnetting, going and threatening people to say that I did all... I mean, so they are clearly trying to frame me, Robert.
What do I do?
Well, I mean, the advantage you have is you documented it all live on tape.
So you're there live on tape, telling people to stay out, telling people to get out, telling people to pull out.
Where the rally was supposed to occur was not supposed to be there.
Your people are on tape asking the Capitol Police that you be allowed to speak to everybody, to get people out, to get people away.
The Capitol Police chose not to act on it.
We have more.
Like, why are they hiding 14,000 hours of footage?
Well, why is this evident?
This should all be publicly disclosed.
And we know why.
They waved them in and we've got the feds on tape leading the damn attack.
And that's why I don't want to be mean to Oath Keepers or mean to Boogaloos or mean to Proud Boys.
They all started out good.
I don't think their leaders are even bad.
But clearly there's stacked up groups of men led to attack.
And now we know those were federal officers leading those attacks very professionally.
And that's just a fact.
We have to expose the whole thing.
Exactly, and I think if you dig in, I've been telling people that are part of the defense related to this, that they should be requesting everything related to QAnon and the message boards, because I believe that QAnon was a government op that may have included artificial intelligence that was intended to inspire and instigate, because what they were doing was a unique form of entrapment.
They were convincing people like Ashley Babbitt that the good guys on the government were actually asking them to do some of this activity, to go along with this activity.
This is like Pokemon Go, that they were literally seducing them with weaponized game theory, which is documented to do this.
Exactly, and a fair number of the people that did bad stuff that day thought they were doing so at the behest and the behalf of a high-ranking government law enforcement officer.
Robert, it goes back now to the two days I was there before.
I'd have folks walk up and say, with a Q shirt on, I used to lie to you, but now I work for Trump.
I'm under direct command.
I mean, listen, that's a setup.
Yeah, you wish you were in contact with the leader.
I mean, they were like on a power trip, like on cloud nine, that they were in this role-playing fantasy.
Well, exactly.
And now they're in solitary confinement.
Yeah, exactly.
Remember, QAnon was having people take an oath just a month or two before all of this.
So the, you know, take an oath to the QAnon.
So this was a sophisticated effort to induce people, many of whom former law enforcement, former military, to believe that they were really acting on the behalf of the secret white hats within the government against rogue actors.
So these are people who did not think what they were doing.
Because there's a real desire to fight tyranny, but there's no leadership when you lead the opposition right into hell.
Exactly, and then this goes back to COINTELPRO.
I mean, the government has made a habit, and not only the CIA overseas and sometimes domestically, but the FBI here domestically, made an effort to create movements, to instigate problems, to instigate issues that goes all the way back.
I mean, so the idea that there's no government complicity here, no involvement here, the same set of lawyers who defended Durham and defended Barr and defended Comey and
There's a whole right-wing cottage industry of defending the FBI.
Exactly, they're defending the institutionalists.
There is no doubt to me whatsoever that there were government instigators and informants there that day.
As Tucker pointed out, the only question is, how many?
And why don't we know their names?
Of course, it was a Super Bowl of this.
It was crawling with feds.
In fact, the only mistake they made is they thought people would take more dramatic action.
And they couldn't get people to do anything worse.
And then a really bloody kidnapping.
They'd have had real idiots to kidnap Pelosi, but Pelosi got out quicker.
I mean, they were hoping that people would do something really violent, that people would actually be successful with bombs, be successful with physical violence.
They were trying to instigate this for weeks on these message boards, particularly QAnon-related message boards, and they didn't get it.
And they were hoping to get it so they could use to basically criminalize, as you point out, 75 million Americans.
That's what this goal was, was to make being a Trump supporter a crime.
It's the biggest political attack and the criminal weaponization of our justice system against political adversaries in the modern contemporary America.
So you warned of it and people didn't listen and it happened.
What about now?
What does Garland do?
What does Wray do?
What do you expect them to pull next?
This mass announcement of not a pivot to China, as they kick our ass, but a pivot inwardly, historically on the American people.
I mean, this is everything we warned about for decades.
It's all here now.
What do you expect them to do?
How do we peacefully fix this?
I mean, their goal is definitely to accelerate this into a new domestic terrorism law, Patriot Act Part 2, to impose federal red flag laws that will disarm the political opponents and adversaries.
That's it, it's extrajudicial power, because have you seen the Frank...
I think so.
Yes, and in fact, I mean, not only that, if you look at the other patterns, they already have the bill ready to go.
They also put out last week that they want to ban a bunch of people from social media by labeling them domestic terrorists.
And so that's part is to use any connection to January 6 to tar and feather an entire group of people.
And then it's a domino to everybody else.
In fact, since I mentioned it, I want your take on it.
As a constitutional lawyer, here is the former assistant deputy director of the FBI,
Saying we need to attack Congress.
Here it is.
In order to really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically, you've got to attack and dismantle the command and control element of a terrorist group.
And unfortunately, and I know this is painful to hear, that may mean people sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former president.
That's how you do this.
Otherwise, recruitment, inciting, and cult-like leadership continues to recruit people to violence.
So I know listeners are smart, but let me decipher that for folks that are new viewers, maybe Democrats.
They're saying, if you incite, that means your speech may be, man this government's corrupt, I'm sick of it, we should get rid of it.
That is an act of terrorism.
Because someone we claim walked between velvet ropes, that's an act of terror.
So you're now a terror commander because people went and maybe beat up some cops.
The worst of them are pooped on Pelosi's desk.
So now because someone pooped on Pelosi's desk, all Trump supporters, 75, 76 million of them are terrorists and Republican leaders need to be assaulted and taken out.
This is a, it's not just him though.
It's all over their spokespersons as if Barnes, they're really going to try this.
I mean, these people are nuts.
They absolutely planned on doing this, and the only thing that's thrown a hitch into it is that January 6th didn't turn out as violent as they kind of, I believe, wished it would have been, and that there's been continuing efforts by people like Tucker, by people like Darren Beatty, by people like Julie Kelly at American Greatness, exposing the fraud that this case is.
And that they're basically locking up mostly grandmas for taking selfies after they're invited in with open doors, walking between the lines while they did so.
And so that the smallest group of people you had was basically just some pranksters in the end of the day.
You had nobody who, nobody within this group killed anybody.
One of them was killed.
So the, the, uh, but they're, that's why they have to continue to build up the mythology, build up the narrative because the goal is to criminalize political disagreement, criminalize political opponents.
And by the way, back this video up, I'm going to shove your bar on the floor.
Look at that video of those mind-controlled Q people all on their phone wanting to get orders from their Q master.
They're all literally waiting for the orders.
Who gave the orders?
Arrest them.
I want them in prison.
I mean, what's amazing is here we are six months into this, thereabouts, and the federal government has refused to disclose who QAnon is, or who else was posting on these boards that was inspiring this behavior, that was leading people to believe that they were acting at the behest of the federal government.
These QAnon people sincerely believed they were acting at the behest of the government.
They thought what they were doing was lawful.
That's why they're doing what they're doing 9-10-0.
They had no idea that they're in the middle of the U.S.
government taking over and they're all about to get arrested.
They literally believe they're all about to win.
I mean, this is why they're filming themselves and each other.
And nobody's complaining about filming.
If they thought what they were doing was criminal, they wouldn't have been doing any of this kind of behavior.
They thought what they were doing was what the legal authorities did.
And what if QAnon or some of those other people on those boards was in fact a government source?
That was deliberately lying and misleading them as a psy-op of a kind of psy-op they've been talking about for a half decade using artificial intelligence and digital borders.
How do we go on the offense here?
Politically, non-violently, how do we counter this level of idiocy and how are they going to try with the Q database?
You saw the FBI this week.
Oh my God, the Q people are going to kill federal agents.
Do you mean your operatives or Southern Primary Law or intelligence ops?
I don't think the FBI is the only group.
They're obviously kind of just a mid-level group.
These private corporate intel groups, what's their next move?
Well, I mean, we know of FBI complicity, we just don't know the scale and scope of it, because the 7th floor of the FBI was warned by the FBI offices in Virginia and New York that this event was going to happen, and they lied to the Capitol Police and the President and said just the opposite.
Even though the President originally requested... He wanted troops and they said, no problem, we're not doing it.
That's precisely right.
And so you can expect the same politicized groups to continue to weaponize their powers to go after people, to continue to misuse and abuse grand jury power, secret subpoenas, to ultimately use this as a political predicate and pretext to pass new Patriot Act laws, to try to ban people from social media, to try to push through new red flag laws like they're using mass shootings to try to push and propagate.
So the first level will be, they've said, take the bank accounts and communication further away of everyone that an AI computer says is affiliated with Trump.
That's going to be stage one, stage two.
So stage one is, you know, shame them and censor them and put them in isolation.
Stage two, eliminate them from social media, from being able to post or be present on social media.
Stage three, start to take away their gun rights, take away their ability to bank.
It's all part of the broader, if you put it in the context of the Bill Gates COVID agenda, when you look at digital currency, biometric identification, control over your body.
It's about digital gulags.
That's exactly right.
And the political pretext, the moral justification for it, is the fake narrative around January 6th.
Well Barnes, I know the President listens to you and I know Senators and others do.
What is Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz and Governor DeSantis, they need to get on the offense now.
People are ready.
If they stood up and led against this, it would be incredibly popular and successful.
We need to get on the march against this.
Absolutely, and it's essential.
It's great to see the work that Darren Beatty and Julie Kelly have done because now that Tucker's taking the lead on it, that's fundamental.
And the InfoWars audience, it will continue to be the tip of the spear to spread this information and message because winning in the court of public opinion is the key to counterbalancing and exposing this for what it is.
And if that occurs, then that will prevent them from being able to use this as the predicate and pretext they want and need it to be for these extraordinary power grabs.
All right, I've been ranting for 20 minutes at you being on this.
You've got the floor the next 15.
You're great when you're left alone.
Robert Barnes, you've got the floor.
What is your address to America, the world, during this emergency Saturday broadcast about the state of things and where it's going, where Biden is, what you expect him to do next?
Because they're betting the farm on a war with America.
I mean, this is very, actually, I'm very concerned.
And people should be concerned because what you have is you have an administration that's more focused on criminalizing its internal dissent than on dealing with its external threats and risks.
And we're just seeing it at a different scale.
I mean, it is sad and pitiful and tragic.
When it's the Russian ambassador to the United States, the Russian president identifying how politically overt and apparent this is to the world that the federal government is weaponizing its criminal power to effectively criminalize political dissent in the in the United States.
And so the key for people is to continue to push back, continue to resist, continue to win in the court of public opinion, continue to share information, continue to expose this for what it is, and that's the first and fundamental step that has to occur.
Because there's a reason why they're doubling down and tripling down on trying to push this narrative.
There's a reason why CNN and everybody else panicked the moment Tucker Carlson started talking about this and publicly disclosing it on cable news networks.
So it's because they know they needed a fake narrative and the only way this fake narrative works
And they're used to getting away with it.
After 9-11, they got away with a lot of the fake narrative about what happened, and why it happened, and how it happened, and who was responsible and culpable.
They did the same thing to a large degree after Oklahoma City, effectively suppressing information about Pacton and informant complicity at some level of what happened there.
No matter what interpretation you have of those events, they clearly covered up government culpability and how those events occurred at some level.
And the same thing is happening here and the key is they've been surprised at the inability to have to control and monopolize the narrative.
And it's where ordinary everyday people pushing back through every platform they have access to that has been essential and critical to undermining that.
We are at a place and a point.
Where something like the lab leak 10 years ago, 20 years ago, definitely 50 years ago would have been a pain of 5 to 10 percent of the country a year after it occurred because of the suppression and gatekeeper control by big tech and big media and big government and keeping that information out and away from the public.
Well now, according to public opinion polls by Richard Barris and others, more than two-thirds of Americans know that, in fact, COVID-19 is not nature-made, but man-made, Chinese Communist government-made, and came from a Chinese government lab.
And the only real question is, was it deliberate or accidental?
Was it intentional or accidental?
And that is the extraordinary power and capability of the InfoWars audience and ordinary everyday people having their voice heard and sharing opinions and sharing information to get around and outside and under and over the gatekeepers who want to control and have people in lockstep as to the narrative.
And Robert, let me ask you that question then.
What is your, this is all a guesstimation, I mean, we know it was the name of the lab, we know Fauci and Gates were cooking it up there, we know they moved it from Chapel Hill, so when China says, hey, you made the weapon first, it's actually true, but they were involved, but they did it in a no-man's land, so the UN could say, was it China, was it the US, you're not going to launch a bio-attack unless you can have plausible liability where the missile was fired, where the bullet was fired, where the microbe was released, so
That, to me, points towards intentional.
The timing of Trump was going to be his impeachment.
They knew that.
They already had it on the books in Operation Lockstep.
To me, all evidence points towards done on purpose, worked for about a year, but people woke up thanks to independent media, and now it's in shambles.
And now the intelligence community that knew it was intentional, they had denied it.
Now they're having to admit it's true.
That's another question.
Why are they now admitting the reality you and I talked about 16 months ago?
I think there's two different things going on.
One is that because of FOIA information and independent scientific research... Whistleblowers!
Sorry, go ahead.
That's exactly right.
That too many whistleblowers were coming out and disclosing too much information and too many sources for them to continue to pretend and stick their head in the sand and maybe fear that it would become even a greater scandal.
I also think the Biden administration wants some leverage with China because they're in a weak position because of the Biden family historic corruption.
Start over because I interrupted you.
You're dead on target.
Start over.
This is the enchilada to everything.
People have got to understand this.
Start over.
Why is the truth coming out now?
I believe the reason that the truth is coming out now is because a combination of whistleblowers and FOIA requests and independent investigators and independent scientists like Brett Weinstein and others who are identifying that clearly the lab leak or the lab source made more sense than anything else.
There were recent scientific reports that were showing the only explanation for this was this was man-made.
That was part one.
Part two is I believe the Biden administration needs leverage
Exactly, so Barnes, how big is it
That China was saying it didn't come out of the lab until two days ago.
Now their official People's Daily says, no, it's out of North Carolina and calls checkmate on Obama.
I mean, that is a big deal.
And I think this was always their objective was to reverse this because they hinted at this early on when there was early talk about this that they were going to blame it and they're partially correct.
Fauci helped fund this and some of this originally was being done in the United States, this research.
I agree.
So who's really behind it?
Here's smart.
I want your view.
Who's really behind it?
Who has the motive?
Who really pulled the trigger?
Who is the power group?
Is it the UN?
Is it Gates?
Is it a consortium?
Was it U.S.
Was it the Chinese?
Because they were the big winners in the lockdown of America.
I think it was a consortium of China files, a globalist with China thinking they get away with it.
That's where I may be wrong.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
No, I think that's absolutely right.
I think the Chinese Communist Party was the original source of it, but was by no means the sole source of it.
This has the fingerprints of that Gates group that met in 2009.
Because they wouldn't do that unless they had a consortium of Westerners they believed that would protect them.
Precisely, and remember the whole anthrax scare.
There's been efforts to do so through the U.S., but it would likely be too obvious and too evident.
Also, it would be like the Chinese to want to engineer it so that it would be less threatening to their population than foreign populations, which magically, going back to the evidence you point out, all the evidence points to intentionality.
The ability of this disease to not really impact China but impact everybody else, the fact that China's economy has almost a 10 double digit growth while the rest of the world went down, that China has more monopoly over the supply chains than it does today than it did before, that China removed its number one political adversary in the world using this virus to do so with taking out Donald Trump, all of this points to China being the principal beneficiary
But not the only beneficiary, because this is exactly what Bill Gates' agenda was.
And is it a coincidence that the World Economic Forum that was pushing the Great Reset Agenda and the Bill Gates Foundation were the sponsors of Event 201 that predicted this was going to happen?
They war-gamed it, tested it, got China to release it.
This is a very dangerous moment right now.
And I think that was part of always the reason they had China be the release point, that if it ever came back as being identified as man-made, they could use it against China down the road in order to advance the political interests of the American elite, even though most of them are fundamentally in bed with China at a core level, just because they're always competing for who's going to get the top seats at the first floor of the Titanic that they're both driving right now.
I agree.
So how does the UN Rockefeller trilateral system with Klaus Schwab
How does that come in with his open bragging they were behind it basically?
Wanting the world to know we're using this to re-engineer to save the earth.
Hey, go along with it.
I mean, they didn't even really deny that.
Why would they be so arrogant and open about that?
I mean, I think because for them, I mean, I think this was something that was launched as a plot over a dozen years ago at Rockefeller University when they had that secret meeting that included Oprah and Bloomberg and Soros and, you know, Ted Turner, Gates, Rockefeller, all of them.
And the Rockefellers have been obsessed with this for over a century.
I mean, they helped fund Nazi eugenics research all the way back to the 90s.
So it's simple.
They've all been talking about it forever, and finally somebody pulled the trigger.
And they got someone with plausible deniability, someone with happy culpability, someone they could later point the finger at and take sideways, and at the same time achieve all their objectives.
So let me ask you this.
It worked really well up front.
Seems to be falling apart now.
Maybe I'm wrong.
Do you think they're feeling good right now?
Because I see them moving the halo from Gates to his wife.
I see Gates being sidelined.
I see Bezos being sidelined.
I mean, I see major movements in the power structure.
They don't look too pleased right now.
Give me your view.
How did this go for them?
How did this project go?
I mean, I think to some degree it went fantastically.
I mean, they got massive compliance, massive lockdowns.
Almost every World Health Authority went along with these strategies.
They got the vaccine is the magic solution for everybody's problems.
They got people talking about forcing vaccines.
What they did not expect is the popular pushback from ordinary people who have independent sources of information outside of their gatekeeper control.
And the blackmail that comes with all their operatives now.
And you do have people who have connections who want to resist this agenda.
And they're doing all they can.
There are some of the people who are waging political war on Gates as we speak.
And so there are still a lot of white hats out there.
They just don't have the degree of institutional influence that the system that these other elites have.
But they clearly, you look at some countries, they're getting countries talking about not even being able to use your SIM card to communicate unless you get the vaccine.
Other places conditioning social media access on this.
They're accelerating the takeover too quickly.
If they did it slower, they'd win.
But by forcing the World ID takeover that Swab wants, it's going to force resistance.
Exactly, and they keep underestimating, they're like the British Empire in 1776, they keep underestimating the power and potency of the American resistance, and the global resistance in that sense, that who believe in freedom, believe in liberty, and have been increasingly on to what they are about and what they are up to, and increasingly able and willing to resist it, and that's been the key.
The key has been ordinary people fighting back against this ability to try to force this down the world's throat.
Well, that's my final statement.
I don't just try to put a good picture on things.
Barnes, neither do you.
That's why I respect you.
But, man.
So many people I've known for a long time that are very prominent.
They are more hardcore than I am now.
And it is exponential.
My family, liberals I know are awake now.
I think they've really poked the bear here, brother.
I don't see how they get out of this now.
They have really pissed off women.
They've really pissed off the medical community.
They've really pissed off the military.
I mean, humans really sense this is an assault.
And I just think that...
I don't see how the globalists recover from this.
I mean, long term, I don't think they realize what they've summoned.
Oh, I agree.
And I mean, we went from a country that had two to five percent of people not, you know, believe, understand the risk of vaccines to over a third of the country understand it.
The African-American community is awake.
The Latino community is awake.
Working class communities across racial and political lines are awake.
People across ideologies are awake.
You're seeing people like Naomi Wolf to other people, Bobby Kennedy on the left.
Be awake and alert, pointing out the problems of Gates and Soros and these mandatory vaccines and connecting it to this great reset control agenda that's all about surveillance and control of the individual, your body, your liberty, your freedom, and your property.
And you're seeing a degree of awakening that at least I haven't seen in my lifetime, and I think that's the sign.
The old saying, there's two great schools you can't close.
You can't close the archives of nature and the conscience of man.
No state can do so, no system can do so.
They underestimated the power and potency of God's fingerprint on the soul and mind of ordinary everyday people, and that power is the power that's the ultimate source of successful resistance at any point in history.
Tell us about the great show that I watch all the time, you know, that other Canadian lawyer, and then spend five minutes on our Achilles heel, because the enemy knows our Achilles.
What should we watch for?
What should we look for?
What should we be concerned about?
Robert Barnes here in closing, but then also tell folks about not just the show you do here, you do a lot of shows.
The main one I catch is the one on YouTube, and I know you've got backup channels as well.
So our job is to get everybody to tune in to all the great guests we've had today.
Sure, so that people can go to VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com and that's where everything is.
That's where we have exclusive information, also links to any other information, and it's a great curated community.
It's an exit ramp from Big Tech that was set up by Dave Rubin and some others, and that's where people can go.
VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com to find any of that intel and information.
Okay, the Achilles heel, the Achilles heel.
The Achilles heel is still institutional power.
They still control most government offices.
They still control the top ranks of law enforcement, the national security state, and the big think tanks.
They still have a lot of control in the big tech world, the big finance world.
So we have to continue to push.
We are still, like my great great granddaddy, we got to wait until, you know, Warren did Bunker Hill, which we just had the anniversary of, you got to wait until you see the whites of their eyes.
So because we are understaffed, we are ill-equipped against them in that sense.
But what we have is our collective capabilities, our God-given abilities to be able to use our conscience and minds to resist.
So doing things like supporting InfoWars.
So keeping InfoWars was supposed to be removed.
Imagine if InfoWars had been successfully deleted more than a year ago.
90% of this information never would have been developed.
The very first place to identify that this was a man-made disease was InfoWars.
So it's only because ordinary people were doing things like getting their health supplements,
From InfoWars that was able to keep InfoWars alive that got the intel and information out that then got into the rivers of information that led to the ocean of information to where ordinary everyday people all around the world were able to connect the dots.
So that's the key for people to do.
Continue to do things like support InfoWars.
Continue to do things like share information and links.
Continue to educate yourself and educate your others and be active and smart at the same time.
And it's that collective capability and capacity that will ultimately shock the world and protect freedom.
In that capacity, one of the key things is for people to continue to stay alert to what's happening in the January 6th cases, to educate people about those cases, continue to alert and educate people about their rights against coerced vaccines.
So the letter, there was a letter that I drafted that people can see, that people can look at.
There's a lot of legal arguments against it.
You're seeing an acceleration of it.
There was a bad case out of Texas that's
A very questionable case that doesn't meet with constitutional scrutiny.
So continue to assert and educate yourself on your rights.
Continue to assert and educate others on your rights.
And in the process of doing so, it's that collective conscience.
It's that collective conscious awareness.
It's that combination of the two that helps change and shape reality in ways that can make real, meaningful, lasting, impactful differences for everybody going forward.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he did not exist.
The greatest trick the system ever pulled is convincing ordinary people that they cannot resist.
Study any tyrannical system of government and that's what it survives on.
That's what sustains it.
Once that fifth pillar of power underneath the other four pillars of power, as our own CIA used to teach people destabilizing governments around the world, by the way, is once you remove that fifth pillar of power, which is the perception of power of the other four pillars of power, that's how the whole system crumbles.
So continue to do what you're doing, understand your importance, understand your significance, understand that what may seem like a small and minor and little act is often the drop in the ocean that changes the waves, that changes the world.
So continue to understand your own self-empowerment, continue to engage in self-empowerment, self-education, and you will ultimately be today's Paul Revere that helps bring freedom and liberty and protect it and preserve it in our world as we know it.
Well, that's right.
Don't just buy into the official narrative.
Realize our views have power, and historically, as I covered at the very start of this broadcast hours ago, it's all right there.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much for the time, and I appreciate you joining us on this Saturday afternoon.
Glad to be here.
Thank you.
There goes Robert Barnes.
We'll be back with the final conclusion of this special transmission I think the crew's coming in on Saturday for.
That's Dr. Steve Pachetnik on his take.
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I think so.
Well, he's one of our most popular guests, and he is back by demand.
Dr. Steve Pucinich is a best-selling author.
He's also a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, Harvard and MIT trained.
And of course, he co-wrote a lot of best-selling books and films with Tom Clancy.
And he's been on my show for almost 20 years, since 2002.
He was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And he joins us today to talk about regime change.
His website is stevepchenik.com.
You can find him on Twitter at Steve Pchenik right there on screen.
We've already built this up today.
This is a big discussion of the huge sea change.
Even PBS calls it a sea change.
That the American people are the terrorist and the military and the CIA need to quote take out members of Congress as Frank Figliozzi of the FBI says on CNN and MSNBC.
So I wanted to get an actual regime change guy on who's actually overthrown foreign governments before.
At the behest of the U.S.
To give us his take on the real lay of the land, and what Garland of the Justice Department is saying, and all these announcements, and 500-plus people arrested, 300-plus in solitary confinement.
I know the FBI is questioning people that I've never even talked to, plus folks that I've barely talked to, saying, we're going to put you in jail unless you say Alex Jones told you to attack.
And so that's interesting to have them circling around me.
So, Dr. Pacino, good to have you here with us.
It's always a pleasure, Alex.
Always remember you and I are the focus of the rage of the left, and particularly when you have what we call liberal fascism.
This is what you're beginning to see with the Biden administration, with Susan Rice, with Obama.
Biden isn't running anything.
He had three aneurysms.
He's cognitively impaired.
There's a demand for him to take a test.
The real issue now is that
We are in the midst of a military coup.
I said it to you a year and a half ago.
We marked the computers.
We marked the ballots.
We know exactly who's corrupt.
We know where the corruption is occurring.
And what you're seeing is the federal government trying to hold on.
And they're not succeeding because the powers are going down to the states.
We marked
The computers we've marked the ballots with crypto engraving, and it was a sophisticated engraving.
This was a sting operation run by many of our military intelligence, civilian intelligence,
Key selected people who knew that we were having a corrupt government and they were tired of war and we went on your show to basically pronounce that and make that announcement clear to the American public because you became the one source that was reliable, valid and important
To our institutions.
That's ironic because people consider you and me to be conspirators.
Well, since 9-11, we were proved to be correct.
We have a false flag now that occurred on January 6.
And that continues because we have people in the administration who are not very bright.
We have the Brennans again of the CIA.
I have Susan Rice, who was implicated in the death of a million Tootsies and should have been convicted for slaughter.
I have all of the other people, Brennan, who is an incompetent DCI.
And what you're seeing is the eruption of a party that will no longer exist within a few more months.
They sound as if they're going to be successful, but they're not at all.
January 6th was nothing more than another 9-11 false flag.
What you're seeing now is the fact that we are in the midst of a military coup.
Dr. Pucinich, what about the amazing statement by Trump two weeks ago where he said, we're going to win the House, we're going to win the Senate, and we're going to win the presidency a lot sooner than you think, basically saying Joe Biden would be gone.
And now you see prestigious Democrat doctors saying he needs to step down.
We see all the evidence of election fraud and the proof coming out.
And I look at the body language of Garland and of others.
They look like deer in the headlights.
So can you lay out for us what you thought was going to happen on January 6th versus what's happened, but what's then now unfolding right now?
And what do you think Trump's cryptic statement meant?
What Trump's statement meant was simply to say that he knew and was aware in part talk of the fact that we in the military and in the intelligence community selected a certain number of people to be involved in what we call the sting operation where we put watermarks and encrypted code on the machines, the voting machines and all the ballots.
In the process we understood that there would be a lot of people implicated, indicted and convicted
Thank you.
We have the FBI totally inept, incompetent, from the very beginning of J. Edgar Hoover through the Nixon administration, through 9-11 where they partook of it, to now where they implicate people in the false flag of January 6th.
There was no assassination.
There were no riots.
I happen to know people from this area called Melrose Patriots who found it to be very quiet and they enjoyed going there and they spent 12 to 20 hours going up by bus or train and they wanted to basically support Trump.
In turn what happened is the CIA, FBI, and a bunch of the idiots on the liberal side with the approval of
Alessandro, Nancy Pelosi, who never fails to fail.
For 30 years, I can rely on her incompetence, stupidity and arrogance to come through.
And this is once again, Nancy Pelosi agreeing to have this type of false flag using another one of our Washington based, quote, Attorney General's Garland.
It's a fool.
Garland went to a school called Andover.
He was a little prep school from a WASP family in New York, then went to Yale, and then went to a prestigious law firm where he only earned $9 million, Alex, in one case and is worth between about
16 million to 24 million, never having served our country, never having built a business, never having to take a risk like you and I have.
So basically, oh, Garland, I'm sorry, it's the Jewish guy.
It's the other guy.
No, that's yeah, he's the Jewish guy who also went ironically to Harvard.
That's nonsense.
What you're seeing is the end of a political party, the so-called Democrats.
In turn, we will end the Republican Party as we know it because Trump came in as a black sheep in the dynamics of politics.
In other words, he was so far out that we, the people, understood that we needed a businessman to come in and no longer a politician.
As Vladimir Putin said it correctly when he saw Biden, or if he did see Biden, he said, look, Biden is nothing more than a political hack who's been around for 43 years.
What I need is a man who has character, personality,
And is able to take the risks that I, Putin, have taken before in running Russia.
So what you see is instead of alienating Russia, or even alienating China, at this point we're basically cleaning out what I call the lavage of 21.
This is a political lavage of America, both Republicans
And Democrats.
All right, Dr. Puccini, explain what a political lavage is for those of us that didn't live in France.
A political lavage, it's a basic, I'm using a fancy term that I created to make sure that the American people understands we're basically cleaning out the system.
An alternative term for that was a coup or regime change.
When I came on your show and I explained that I had the right to say publicly that we were in the midst and the beginning of a military coup, which was a sting operation, I wasn't coming to the forefront and saying something that I wasn't allowed to say.
In fact, Garland is not relevant to us.
As I said, he's part of the Harvard-Yale elite club.
Really not relevant.
Department of Justice is not relevant to us.
The other Republicans are not relevant to us.
Long before January 20th, back in December, and it had like 5 million views at Band.Video, you said that there was watermarks on the ballots, on some of them.
Then I watched the national news in Arizona, and there's the head guy finding watermarked ballots with the 3D, just like you said.
So, what's going on there?
Well, what's going on there is that we outside the administration, some of them are famous generals.
Keith Alexander is one.
He's on Amazon.
We threw out Bezos.
He's head of the chairman of the board at Amazon.
But the reason we took over Amazon was we wanted a cloud, a civilian cloud, the largest cloud.
In turn, we placed in a four-star General Nakasone, third-generation Nisai, whose father had fought on the Western Front.
He was in cyber command.
We put him into the White House.
So what we did was to take over this administration and allow it to play out in their own corruption
In their own miscreant way, because we knew that everything they were about to do would be either ignorant, corrupt, and dangerous to the United States.
Well, let me tell you what's crazy, what you're saying.
ZGP won't even talk to Biden or any administration.
They won't even talk to him like they're scared, like they know it's a trap.
Because if they own these people like they did, they'd be running them.
Instead, they won't even touch them.
Well, let me explain something to you.
When I came out a year and a half ago, I have what's called, I don't work for the administration, I don't receive money or anything, so your public knows that.
But I said a year and a half ago, I said China will not be a problem for us.
And in fact, I have what's called a nanny in China.
In other words, somebody who's been following me for 35 years, whenever I go there,
They're very hospitable.
I understand what they want.
They in turn came to the United States and not 30% of their students, but 100% of their students were operatives for the Chinese intelligence.
That's not new to us.
For 40 years, we've understood that.
But the key point here was that Xi Jinping understood that Biden was not in control.
I had sent him a message with the approval of my people a year and a half ago,
That this was not relevant to China.
We would remain friends of China.
At the same time, we sent a message to Modi of India to say, we are your friends as well.
The reason for that is that whenever we have a problem with China, we use India to create some type of agitation.
Expanding on this though, what are the different factions?
What faction is in control from your perspective of Biden and their attempt to start a race war and all this Black Lives Matter and the Secretary of Defense putting out communist black fists today on Twitter?
What the hell's going on there?
Well, what's going on there is
Our allowance to that, to show how incompetent and how ignorant, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is, and many of the people in the White House who've been there before.
We wanted to show, I couldn't just tell the public, nor could you, but we wanted to show for once and for all what America was witnessing.
They were witnessing the fact that the machines were doctored.
They witnessed how people get voted in
We're good to go.
Well, what I said a year ago, and I'm not a magician.
I mean, I know a medicine.
There are only six amino acids in the coronavirus epitope.
It was written by my brother.
It's been written by those who understand molecular biology.
Unfortunately, Fauci, who was my intern at Cornell Med,
Became a buffoon and became somewhat of a sociopath and really should resign.
But we allowed him to go to the greatest extent of his narcissism to show what happens when you have a dysfunctional CDC, you have a dysfunctional HHS, you have dysfunctional Pfizer, Lilly, J&J.
You're talking about companies that are billions of dollars.
Why was Merck smart?
Why did they pull out of the vaccine six months ago?
Because they understood they didn't have the right sequence.
The right sequence is not 1,300 amino acids.
What that created, and unfortunately we were showing that to the public, it created side effects of heart attack, Bell's palsy, trans spinal myelitis.
It was an incredible amount of side effects that had nothing to do with actually defeating the coronavirus.
And that's going to super discredit that entire power structure.
That's exactly what we were saying.
But unfortunately, people and what we showed America was what liberal fascism was.
Where else could we create a scenario where I would have said to you, Alex, I bet you that I can have people wearing masks, staying at home,
Fearful of going to work, fearful of going to school, making sure that children had masks.
And you would have said to me, I'm crazy.
And you would have been right a year and a half ago.
But in fact, I did say that.
And what happened?
We had children not going to school, people still wearing masks, thinking that a mask can prevent them from some absurd disease, which still comes around.
A coronavirus has never been touched.
If anything, there's a stronger variant which may or may not exist.
The flu is still there.
Well, let me ask you this.
Tomorrow's news today.
How do you expect this whole China virus, Fauci, Bill Gates, who's now had to step down,
And we know it's all about his Jeffrey Epstein connection and that honeypot.
What was the Bill Gates Epstein connection to the honeypot and the kids?
Because we know Gates was involved to corrupt the scientist.
Was he involved in it physically or was he just using Epstein to frame the scientist to get under his control?
And who controls Gates?
Who controls Gates?
We'll go once again.
When I told you about Epstein,
The issue of the honeypot and the use of little young girls to compromise an operative was the basis of what I said to you years ago.
Epstein has been and was recruited into the CIA and to the Mossad.
The one person who brought him into Dalton school, the girls school,
Was Bill Barr's father, who was the head of Dalton School, Bill Barr, who was brought in as Attorney General under Trump, I said repeatedly was a CIA operative whom I've had known about for 30 years, and incidentally went to law school.
He's never been really a great lawyer.
He's never been to court.
Very often.
And what happened is Trump fell into his own trap and didn't realize that many of the people he picked were the ones we didn't want.
In turn, what happened is the people I work with and who knew about Barr and knew about John Bolton.
Remember on your show, I said, get rid of John Bolton when Trump came in.
And then I said, get rid of Elliott Abrams.
These were all the neocons who started 9-11, never went to war on their own, but in turn sent my people and the war, Iraq, Afghanistan.
This is the payback.
To the people like Bush Sr.
who went to war with no justification.
So you're saying if we let Trump win, and he won, they can still blame the whole agenda, block us, but if we let them in for a little while in a controlled way to destroy themselves, then it will cause just like what we saw with Jackson, where they stole the election from him, so he came back ten times stronger.
Is that what you're claiming the Hegelian dialectic was?
The Hegelian dialectic, yeah, is between the master and the servant.
But what comes here is a constant relationship between two entities.
I guess it's the final forces of nature.
Well, these are not only forces of nature.
These are really the forces of the dynamic of the Republic.
When Owen asked me, what's the future of the Republic?
I said very calmly, it's brilliant.
What you're seeing now is the ability for the American Republic, not democracy, Ms.
Pelosi, because you don't understand that.
Our founding fathers were afraid of exactly having a democracy because that meant every idiot like you and in the Democratic Party and even the liberals
Well, but that's fine.
That's what our system has made.
When you have an entity, when you have a palace or a gated entity, that's called Washington DC, and you're selecting only from that gated entity, what happens is you enter self-destruction.
And that's what Washington was all about.
And that's what Trump was trying to show the people, and those of us who worked in Washington but no longer live there, trying to show the American people how incompetent, corrupt,
I love hearing all this confidence.
It's wonderful for radio, TV, a lot of what you said has come true.
They're now saying they're a secret
Watermarks, 3D holograms on the ballots, and now I see certified experts, it's true.
So, let's walk through some of these areas.
You're just saying you were specifically told everything's going to be okay, it's a sting, here's the documents.
Maybe they were able to run past that, still had so much power they got in.
I don't think you illegitimately lied to us when you said Trump would still be in and that things didn't happen the way they were supposed to.
Now you're saying, to be optimistic, or maybe I'm wrong, hey, it's still going to discredit them, let's move forward, let's not give up.
I'm the same way.
Good things happen, I say, look out, we're about to get screwed.
Bad things happen, I see opportunities.
That's just how my brain works.
So I'm not saying you're wrong, Dr. Puccini, I'm saying let us in on your real thought process from your own view, because nobody in intelligence agencies knows what's going to happen.
Everybody pretends they know.
We know this is your own best analysis, your history, your sources, but I agree.
People that I knew that were dyed-in-the-wool liberals are now patriot populist across the board.
This Biden thing has caused a total conversion ten times better if Trump would have won again.
We would never have gotten this far.
I'm just concerned that they know that they're gonna try to start a race war.
They are going to try to do a bunch of fake hacking they blame on foreign enemies and that they know they're losing and they're going to really, I mean, they're trying to arrest me right now, which I'm not scared of at the end of the day.
I signed on for this.
But at the same time, these people are reckless.
So I respect, like a blind, insane bull, their danger, even though they're dumb, even though they're going to the political slaughterhouse down the road.
Still, they're dangerous.
Okay, the point is clear.
They seem or appear to be dangerous, but in reality, they really aren't that dangerous.
You've been a target for 20, 30 years.
I've been a target for 20, 30 years.
The minute I said 9-11 was a false flag, Paul Wolfowitz had to come back, Bush Jr.
We stuck our head in the lion's mouth 20 years ago.
You're right.
That was the Rubicon.
Let me go on.
I'll stop.
I'll stop.
Go ahead.
Start over.
Let me go on.
9-11 had a major impact on me and you.
There's a reason why Liz Cheney has been thrown out.
It was not an accident.