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Name: 20210616_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 16, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses concerns over a global awakening and false flag operations surrounding January 6th, which he claims were staged by criminal elements within the federal government with the help of Revolver News. He warns that massive false flags will be staged in the future to lead to civil war and gun confiscation. The show promotes Infowars products while discussing an investigative report by Revolver News that suggests undercover FBI agents were among those who attacked the US Capitol on January 6th. The speaker discusses the possible manipulation of government, specifically the FBI, in orchestrating some events and infiltrating groups to create chaos and further their agendas. Finally, Alex Jones discusses the importance of challenging corrupt institutions of power and the need for a major investigation into recent events, drawing parallels with George Orwell's 1984.

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So here's the big announcement.
They got court documents and others are now having to come out as they try to try and have trials.
We're almost six months out, these people being held in solitary confinement, that the feds had up to 20 agents, hundreds of informants inside, and they were basically leading the Proud Boys, leading the
Other organizations like Oath Keepers, and that doesn't mean that the majority of Oath Keepers are bad or Stuart Rhodes is bad, but I mean it was riddled, riddled with actual federal officers.
So it's all coming out.
We're going to talk to the investigative reporter coming up next hour, but I just want to telegraph to all of you and be one billion percent clear, one trillion.
I want to be just to infinity clear on this, okay?
They didn't produce hundreds of TV shows, hundreds of movies, hundreds of thousands of news articles the last five, six years about race war and killing the white people and white people are the devil and white people are killing blacks in record numbers.
And really all that is, is the globalists take the nation over, as the globalists try to take the guns, they will stage events, they will escalate a civil war, and they will call everyone fighting for America and freedom and the Second Amendment and the right to life, Nazis, and then stir up racial conflict in the middle of it, to then try to sell that idea in the media, and get everybody else to come out and declare, no, we're with the government, and we're with the confiscation of guns, we're not Nazis.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news, today.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
It's Wednesday, June 16th.
The year is 2021 and I am your host, Alex Jones.
Incredible things are happening as we speak.
The fires of liberty and a global awakening are exploding.
And the forces of corruption are striking back.
You know, I always have, I don't want to call it guilt, but a lot of drive and inner fire that makes me angry at myself for not doing more and not really stating how real this tyrannical takeover is to really get it across to people that fighting back is what makes our world good and that lying down is what makes our world horrible.
And that I'm usually years ahead of major developments
But sometimes when I'm too close to something, I'm behind the curve, and that's not really the case here.
But at the same time, I think I could have done a better job, and I'm just going to leave it at that, because it is overwhelming the evidence that criminal elements of the federal government provocateured and staged January 6th
And I saw it coming.
I warned people they were going to pull a false flag.
And they did it masterfully the way they roped in a bunch of people through Q and the way they infiltrated the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and others.
And now because of court documents that have come out, it's confirmed that 20 FBI agents, actual agents, and informants
He led the attack with a consortium of Antifa like Jaden X on record admitting days before they were going to try to burn the Capitol down.
And of course the police were put in the middle of it, under band, by design.
This was a psychological warfare operation to manipulate a crowd and President Trump was set up, I was set up, and I've been saying that since the day it happened.
But I've been in contact with the great folks over at Revolver News.
I've been working with them some, giving them my feedback on this for several weeks.
I had been working with other folks to get the information, obviously, out to the great Tucker Carlson.
And Tucker did a really splendid job last night.
So I'm going to air the entire 15-minute monologue coming up.
And then the investigative journalist from Revolver News
That really should get a Pulitzer Prize for what he's done.
Darren Beatty will be joining us, but you need to read the full report at Revolver News, and that is,
And I've wondered if I subconsciously haven't really gone after this because I was in the middle of all this and felt guilty for not seeing it coming.
And I really think that's the case.
I mean, I've been all over this like flies on you-know-what, but we should have been even more intensely focused on this.
Because this is the key, and I'll explain when we come back.
They're getting ready to stage massive false flags to blame on us, so we need to expose this false flag to stop the next false flags that I believe will be much bigger and more devastating and will usher in hell on earth that I'll lay out so you get tomorrow's news today when we come back.
And, I mean, I'll give you all the inside baseball.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this live June 16th Wednesday transmission.
Every day I'm on air could be my very last.
Every day that you're tuning in could be the last time you ever hear this broadcast live.
I am like a man on a piece of wreckage in the ocean with large tiger sharks circling me.
But that's okay.
I didn't think that I would make it this far in the fight against the New World Order.
I always knew it would be up to others that will win the fight in the end because we don't have a choice.
This is such an incredible anti-human evil that we face.
But you saw it trend over the weekend, arrest Alex Jones, the number one thing, a political search term.
Alex Jones trended number one, period.
And you see the left just lying about us constantly.
I'm saying arrest me for January 6th because they know they staged it.
They know they did it.
They even had that Time Magazine article.
In fact, print me that again, guys.
The Time Magazine article from a few months ago.
I forget the exact headline, but it was a headline like, learn about the secret coalition that worked together and the cabal that stopped Trump.
And they admit they set us up on January 6th, all of it.
So criminals love to brag.
They love to celebrate.
At the same time, while they try to put myself and President Trump in prison for January 6th, that's not going to happen because they don't want a real investigation of it.
I could destroy them in court, destroy them in Congress, destroy in front of any grand jury in five minutes and show that 20 FBI agents and hundreds of informants in federal court documents that Tucker Carlson covered last night.
I made the decision not to get into this until it broke on Tucker.
Because I thought he'd do a better job than I did.
He did a great job in 15 minutes.
He did.
We're going to be playing it coming up.
And we have Darren Beattie, the incredible investigative journalist, who I did work with some on the story, joining us as well in the second hour.
Been working on it with him a little bit for the last few weeks with some other great folks.
So that's all happening.
That's all about to unfold here.
But you need to understand that the reason this is so important
Is that they are preparing massive false flags, probably at the end of the summer, maybe even sooner, that are going to trigger a huge, bloody race war in this country and the attempt to have gun confiscation, which will cause a civil war, which is the plan of the globalists to once and for all scuttle and wreck the country for communist China and the EU to take over.
The globalists hate Russia and they hate America.
Because of the two linked up, the Carnegie Endowment always admitted you would have a land bridge from Alaska to Russia, and you could have a system linking the whole world.
We have the troops, we have the resources, we have the culture, we have the ingenuity, we have everything.
And that a Russia-U.S.
linkup would be the world power, period.
No debate.
Geographical control alone, and it basically ends it at that point because Russia sits in the middle of the main world and then the United States sits in the middle of the Americas, the new world, and I'm not going to go into all the books, scientific reports and historical analyses that have been done on that, but we are to be destroyed, so is Russia, and then out of that the EU and China are to rise and rule the entire planet and then depopulate.
And so they have a KEPP group of criminals, globalists, communists, perverts, pedophiles that run the Justice Department.
I mean, it's a club of pedophiles at the top.
They're pretty much all pedophiles.
And that's why you saw them cover up Penn State and all the rest of it.
And I knew about that from Ted Gunderson, who said the pedophiles were taking over the FBI.
He learned after he retired and left the FBI.
He was in line to be the FBI director.
He's the kind of guy that wanted to be the director.
That was the old FBI that had its own problems, but the new one was just satanic.
And we can all see the fruits of that.
So here's the big announcement.
They got court documents and others are now having to come out as they try to try and have trials.
We're almost six months out, these people being held in solitary confinement, that the feds had
Up to 20 agents, hundreds of informants inside, and they were basically leading the Proud Boys, leading the other organizations like Oath Keepers.
And that doesn't mean that the majority of Oath Keepers are bad or Stuart Rhodes is bad, but I mean it was riddled.
Riddled with actual federal officers.
And that's why you'd see a few of them indicted and later they had to drop the charges because that was one hand not knowing what the other hand was doing.
But we're in there leading it just like Jaden X was inside leading it with his crew of Antifoam.
We have video of them getting out of their black uniforms into their Make America Great Again gear.
So it's all coming out.
We're going to talk to the investigative reporter coming up next hour, but I just want to telegraph to all of you and be one billion percent clear, one trillion.
I want to be just to infinity clear on this, okay?
They didn't produce hundreds of TV shows, hundreds of movies, hundreds of thousands of news articles the last five, six years about race war and killing the white people and white people are the devil and white people are killing blacks in record numbers.
Not just here, but Black Lives Matter is a worldwide movement that Western countries are bad, that capitalism is bad, that white people are bad.
So the government can then speak for black people.
Corporations can hide behind black people as their spokespersons.
It has nothing to do with black people.
They're just being used as the guilt figurehead to then get everyone to sign on to a globalist agenda.
And then out of that, they're going to trigger events, bombings, shooting attacks of black churches, colleges.
Events that will then be blamed on the secret underground foggy, you know, right-wing white supremacy that Biden and the Attorney General and all of them tell you is the number one threat and is going to just kill millions of people.
I mean, they're saying it's about this giant secret army of white supremacists are about to take over.
And really all that is, is as the globalists take the nation over, as the globalists try to take the guns, they will stage events, they will escalate a civil war, and they will call everyone fighting for America, and freedom, and the Second Amendment, and the right to life, Nazis, and then stir up racial conflict in the middle of it, to then try to sell that idea in the media, and get everybody else to come out and declare, no, we're with the government, and we're with the confiscation of guns, we're not Nazis.
So that's the whole movement to Buffalo everybody into that.
And when the FBI says, oh,
The Q movement is getting ready to start killing federal agents everywhere and killing citizens.
They mean federal agents that are Q, manipulating people who are not part of the federal government or the FBI to carry out attacks.
And that's the FBI specialty.
Even 10 years ago, the New York Times had the headline that the FBI triggered and created all of the last decade's terror attacks.
And I can go through every major event where it was a black supremacist, white supremacist, islamicist, you name it, they would go wind them up, they would direct them, they would give them the bomb, they would let them then carry out the attacks so the FBI would get more funding.
So, yeah, the FBI created the Unabomber as well.
There's the headline right there.
And the CIA.
So, this is done over and over again and this time,
The Secret Service, the FBI, at the highest levels were all involved.
And they directly tried to set the President up, they tried to set me up, but it misfired.
There were people that thought they were going in there with some rapid reaction team that's come out with the zip ties.
To grab the members of Congress and all that, and then it would have been such a huge real crisis that they could have brought in permanent martial law, which they already had set up and ready with the barbed wire and the troops they were going to call up, but it misfired.
So that looked like tyranny instead of a response to a horrible attack.
And it's because a bunch of people thought twice at the end, a lot of veterans and people that thought they were being secretly commanded by Trump, but really it was the FBI through Q.
And so it was going to be so horrible that they thought that they probably would have then killed Trump that day, probably would have killed me, and then started their civil war with America.
But by the grace of God, the whole thing basically was a flop.
It fizzled out.
Not really a dud.
You can have a hot shell, a hot round that was overloaded, and boom, you fire your rifle and you tell it was a hot load.
Or you can have one that's a misfire, or kind of a fizzle-out is the term I hear my grandpa use, but where the shot goes out, it's like a shotgun, but you shoot a slug out of the shotgun and it doesn't even go through the piece of metal you were shooting.
It was kind of a weak load that didn't fully
Detonate all the powder?
That's what happened there.
But they're organizing rapidly and getting total martial law set up and everything, and the lockdown was a drill for that, for the big event.
And we better start talking about that and getting ready, because they're not going to give up, I guarantee you.
The Attorney General's got car bombs loaded up right now, truck bombs loaded up.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back.
This is the Alex Jones Show, and I want to be completely clear again.
The globalists have been massively preparing the minds of the public for huge false flag terror attacks to be blamed on their political opposition.
There is basically no white supremacist violence or attacks in the United States.
It's incredibly rare.
But the head of the FBI, the head of the Justice Department, are all over TV, all over Congress, saying it is just incredibly deadly, and it's imminent, and everyone's gonna be dying.
I'll play some of those clips coming up next segment.
So that when it happens, everybody's got their talking points, and they're ready, and they're lined up.
And with it comes extrajudicial gun confiscation, which is gonna kick off real resistance.
And listen, I don't want a civil war.
I'm not going to be involved in this.
I'm not enemies with anybody at the FBI.
If I was in federal law enforcement, I would be the last person that would want to be in the middle of a civil war with the American people.
This is so stupid how the globalists are playing everybody off against each other.
But that's what's happening and they haven't just arrested one of our crew members that did go into the Capitol and was peaceful as a journalist and recorded what was happening.
They have pulled in other people that work here and have interrogated them.
They've asked me, my crew has, not to get into the names of who that was done to.
But it's all about me and it's all about are we planning this and that.
So this is going on everywhere.
They're not asking us what we did on January 6th.
They know we tried to stop what federal agents did, provocateuring the crowd.
They, by the way, did a pretty good job, but it fizzled out.
So, you know, at first they were winning, but then the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
They're wanting to know about what we're planning and what we're going to do because we're being framed and set up for a massive false flag where the truck bomb gets detonated or somebody shoots up the church, the black church, and then they did it for Alex Jones.
They did it for Donald Trump.
They did it because they were mad about
Forced inoculation, whatever the case is, you can see it, and you turn on the TV, the plots of the cop shows and the movies, the state of Jones, it's just everywhere.
I can't turn television on, and it's evil white people are killing black people.
To create this guilt, and then the media goes, well, we represent the black people, so do what the government says.
It's a very, very simple equation.
In fact, I saw a meme I'm going to send to the crew of Big Fat Cat Corporation sitting on top of the Capitol.
The big fat cat's like a pig.
He's got his big top hat on and the left's like, you fascist, you know, rich billionaire, I'm going to get you.
And now the left's all hugging him because he's put a rainbow flag out in front of the Capitol and has a rainbow flag on his hat.
I mean, that's all that is, is
Again, big corporations hiding behind, oh, we're gay, we're rainbow.
And you can't criticize gay.
So they need a takeover.
And this is the most important point I'm going to make here.
They know it's coming out about the massive concerted election fraud.
They know states are passing laws under the Constitution to block further fraud.
They know Biden's falling apart.
They know Kamala is falling apart.
They know that all their agenda is in trouble.
They know that the truth is coming out about the deep state.
Under Obama and others command, launching the attack out of Wuhan.
So they know this is all going on.
And they know that it's all coming out.
And so they desperately need a big victory to cast everyone in America
As evil.
All whites are evil.
All capitalism is evil.
America itself existing is bad.
That's taught in the military now, officially, as a litmus test to identify who says no to it and fire them, whether they're the head of Space Force or whether they're a captain in the Army.
It doesn't matter.
So these are classical things authoritarian regimes do, and if there's a checklist of 1 to 100, they're getting down to about checklist number 90.
And the last 10 things or so they do lead us not into a tyranny, because we're already in a tyranny, with censorship, surveillance, control, harassment, peaceful people that just were waved in by police, held in solitary confinement, their eyeballs knocked out because they're white.
I mean, we're already in a tyranny.
But you see, it's about to get white hot, ladies and gentlemen, and they're going to try to legitimize their takeover, their cultural takeover, and commit massive false flag terror attacks.
That make Oklahoma City and Waco look tame in comparison.
Because Waco, as the Feds went in to start a fight and start a shootout and then got their ass kicked, so came back with the Army and had the Army burn everybody up and blow everybody up inside with the Delta Force.
And then, I mean, the ATF couldn't even kill those people themselves.
I mean, what a joke.
And so, that's what they're going to do.
That's how Hitler got into power, was they firebombed the Capitol building.
He had already been elected president, but he wasn't chancellor.
And Hindenburg was about to die, February 27th, 1933.
And so they firebombed the building.
They found a autistic, mentally retarded man, Marinus van der Lubbe.
And they had a show trial for him and executed him very, very quickly.
And the rest is history.
You know how the Nazis
We're good to go.
They attacked their own radio station and even dressed up some concentration camp workers like German and Polish soldiers so it'd look real.
They didn't use mannequins.
They shot them up.
Shot newsreels of it.
And that's how World War II really went into high gear with the invasion of Poland.
So this stuff's done over and over again.
I know the names of the feds that planted the bombs.
I know the witnesses that saw it.
I know the cops that got killed.
I've interviewed their wives, their daughters.
I've interviewed Don Browning, the head of the K-9 unit.
He listed the FBI agents.
He was the second cop to get to Oklahoma City.
Like five minutes after it happened, Terence Yankee got there right away.
And the feds came into his office and they said, we're going to kill you if you keep telling people there were bombs in that building.
And he needed to shut up, so the next day he came back a month later, he named them on my show, Marine Corps Veteran of Vietnam, and he named the FBI guys, and they came back in and they said, we're going to kill your wife too.
So, he needed to shut up by the way, he said, you better get out of my office.
But, I mean, America's got to stop being intimidated by this, and stop being so scared.
People better start being scared of God.
The last thing I want is any type of violence, okay?
That's what they want.
But we have a compromised criminal government at the top, totally run by foreign banks that have sold the country out, who want to get rid of the nation itself and fold us into a world government.
And so they are preparing false flags, they say the terror attacks are coming, they stand to gain, and they ran the January 6th operation.
That's what we'll go to with Tucker Carlson next in this incredible revolver report that
is at Revolver's website and obviously Tucker Carlson covered last night and we have the Revolver investigative journalist joining us coming up in the second hour.
So you do not want to miss any of this today.
This is going to go through the whole thing, name the names, all of it, straight ahead of exactly who they are and what they did and how they carried out the attack, how the FBI did it.
Welcome back.
I think?
I don't think so.
And so we have China on one side, NATO and the globalist system, and then Russia is to be taken down as well and absorbed into NATO.
But any group that is sovereign and not part of the globalist system is to be gotten rid of.
So that's why you see this project of demonizing America, demonizing veterans, demonizing gun owners.
It's outrageous.
It says the country's evil and shouldn't exist.
They're the bad guys that run the Justice Department and that run the FBI now are just hideously evil.
And we have a nation of yes-men that just have gone along with this and so now they are prepping everyone for massive terror attacks.
They are preparing the public for that and
They are going to go ahead with it.
Clearly, it's their only move, or they're going to be exposed for the election fraud, and their system's going to come hurtling down.
So this country is in a crisis.
It's on its last legs.
And I'm very, very sad for this nation.
You know, I'll tell you, if the globalists weren't pedophiles and devil worshippers, I would just leave the country.
Uh, if they were just corrupt and looting it for fun.
Uh, I have to stand against them.
I have to not back down.
I will not evacuate.
I've made the strong decision that I'm going to go all the way against them and just turn loose everything I've got in information warfare and truth and prayer.
Uh, because I will not be a coward in front of God.
But I will tell you something, all the fools that are going along with this, you're destroying yourself in the process, but I know you can't help it.
It's why you're evil because you're weak.
I get it.
And so this is the good old fashioned good versus evil.
And everybody that's going to try to sit on the fence, you're going to find out that's the worst place to be.
So I commit myself into God's hands, and all of you should be doing that as well, because this country is in deep trouble.
We've got terminal cancer.
And we can come out of the ashes if we had a revival, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
So, human-animal cloning, just total nightmares everywhere.
The stuff coming out now in the schools, I can't even believe it.
Where they are bullying children to saying they're another gender and then taking the children away from the parents.
All over the country, I mean, we are just entering hell.
We are entering hell.
So the first part, Tucker Carlson gets into how they're trying to create racial division, how they're covering up black-on-white crime, and then he gets into why that happened, and then he fingers the FBI with the documents for actually leading the attack on January 6th, which they did.
Special units, controlled by the deep state, the same ones that did Oklahoma City, literally, the same ones that illegally spied on Trump, that criminal group, working with intelligence agencies as cue around the operation.
Here it is.
This weekend, police in Columbus, Georgia arrested a 35-year-old man called Justin Tyren Roberts.
Over the course of a single day, Roberts shot five separate people in two different states.
We know this happened because Roberts has admitted he did it.
He also said why he did it.
In his confession, police say Roberts, quote, explained that throughout his life, specifically, white males had taken from him.
So he decided to kill them.
In one case, Robert Roberts walked up behind a white man, a total stranger, as he was getting out of his car and shot him in the back.
By any definition, these were crimes of viciousness motivated by race hate.
They're not unique in this country, not by a long shot.
If we wanted to, and we don't want to, we could do a whole show on crimes like these.
Nor are they especially surprising, really, when you think about it.
If you really believed what the Democratic Party and BLM were telling you, that white males are intentionally destroying the world, you might be motivated to hurt someone.
Why wouldn't you?
What's striking is how little attention Justin Tyrone Roberts' shooting spree has received.
Imagine if the colors were reversed here.
Roberts will be leading every newscast tonight.
Needless to say, he's not.
In fact, this may be the last time you hear his name on television.
Okay, let's hit pause right there for a moment.
Because, oh, guess what?
Just to back up what Tucker's saying, look what came out today, ABC News.
17-year-old suspect arrested in Austin mass shooting that left one dead, 13 injured.
Well, guess what?
He was black, 17 years old, along with his accomplice.
And so the statesman said, we will not show the race because it perpetuates stereotypes.
And they would not say the description.
And neither would any of the other local news except for Fox.
So that's the control where you don't show a suspect when he's at large if he's the wrong color.
There you go, and I've got a bunch more examples.
So my point is, this doesn't fit with, oh, there's white supremacists killing people everywhere, so the media like lapdogs all over the country won't tell you.
Oh, by the way, I've got five more articles I wasn't even looking for of black-on-white crime, but it's just a little footnote.
Just cold-blooded executions because the media said that the whites of this army of devils killing everyone and some young black folks didn't believe it's the right thing to do!
And that's the FBI and the media and all of it pushing that narrative to get white people killed!
Because that's gonna be their new war!
Holding white people hostage by turning a race war loose on them that if you don't come with your hat in your hand to Joe Biden
He'll turn these groups loose on you.
Remember, if you don't vote for Joe Biden, you ain't black!
He owns you!
And he's selling white people, he owns you too!
Let's continue with Tucker Carlson.
Well, honestly, that is fine with us.
Picking at the wound, America's wound, is unwise.
We've always thought that.
We think it more now than ever.
A multiracial country can only survive if it self-consciously de-emphasizes race.
If it treats every person as an individual and not a member of some larger group that's guilty or innocent.
So that should be the goal, that's our history, and we ought to get back to it as soon as we can.
But that is exactly the opposite of what our leaders are doing.
They're working hard to divide us into warring camps and they're using lies to do it.
They're telling us a story that is completely and very much intentionally disconnected from reality.
They're claiming that something called white supremacy, and that's a term they never define, is the single greatest threat we face, a greater threat than Al Qaeda or ISIS.
Here's our thoroughly craven Attorney General telling us that very lie today.
In the FBI's view, the top domestic violent extremist threat comes from racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, specifically those who advocate for the superiority of the white race.
Alright, that's the Attorney General of the United States making a statement of fact, backed up by the FBI.
So it's fair to ask obvious questions.
Who exactly are these violent white supremacists?
What are their names?
What crimes under the U.S.
Code have they committed?
We still don't know.
Merrick Garland didn't tell us today.
Instead, he spent most of his time talking about the riot at the Capitol on January 6th, an event that had nothing whatsoever to do with race.
Alright, let's stop there.
It's really powerful.
We're going to come back.
And then he exposes who's really behind it, the FBI.
And we have that investigative journalist coming on for a whole hour to go through the names, the background, the documents, everything.
But understand, I've got the new counterterrorism report, the new policy of the, quote, U.S.
government that's run by these CHICOM agents that now control our FBI.
And they tell us the main threat and the entire posture of the CIA, the U.S.
military, the Navy SEALs, the Army, everybody, is white people, which are then gun owners and Republicans.
So it's literally the government declaring war on Trump voters.
And saying everything we always were concerned about, police state, CIA, secret arrests.
They said they're going to arrest members of Congress.
They said they're going to kill them.
They said we're going to interdict these terror networks run by the Congress.
I mean, look, you don't say that unless you're planning to kill the Republican leadership.
And I believe that they're going to actually make a move and that they're going to try to kill myself, Tucker Carlson, the Republican leadership, everybody else.
And Tucker thinks that too, by the way.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I just saw John Harmon.
He's been here 18 years.
He worked for GCN before.
He's been here, I guess, about five, but he's the longest-serving guy at InfoWars.
And he said, man, you've been setting the stage for this for 25 years, saying this was coming.
And I said, no, I've been watching them build the stage.
And now they finally are putting America's head in the guillotine, and they're hauling up that big blade right now, getting ready to pull the switch.
And man, they look scared, too.
When you look at the Attorney General and the FBI Director and all of them, they look really scared, because, I mean, they're gutting America.
I mean, they are.
They're shipping in kidnapped kids out of Latin America.
They're committing massive crimes.
They're bankrupting the nation.
I mean, they are just involved in hardcore crime.
They're breaking records right now for American crime.
Stalin, Hitler, Mao.
They killed a lot more people than these guys have.
But they're definitely doing it.
And they're all a bunch of jerk lawyers.
Now playing psycho general.
So, we're in a lot of danger, ladies and gentlemen.
A lot of danger.
People say, well then why the hell are you fighting them?
I'm not doing it as an act of macho.
I understand that there's no way out of this except staying known to these people.
And it's a great opportunity to actually be able to stand up against evil, folks.
So, what can you do?
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All right.
Next hour, the Revolver investigative journalist is on to dig through all this.
The huge news that the feds led the operation.
And now we've had a time to put all the pieces together and to witness it.
And I've got my own revelations as an eyewitness to all of this coming up in the next hour.
But here's more of Tucker Carlson last night.
He, like most people you see on television, wants you to believe and wants history to record that January 6 was an attempted insurrection by white supremacist revolutionaries bent on taking over this country.
We came this close, Merrick Garland said, and that's why, quote, we must adopt a broader societal response to tackle the problem's deeper roots.
So because of January 6th, says the chief law enforcement officer in the United States of America and many other members of Joe Biden's cabinet, we must now use law enforcement and military force to arrest, imprison and otherwise crush anyone who leads opposition to Joe Biden's government.
That's their position.
They say that out loud.
They did today.
So what is this exactly?
Well, it's a big change in the way the United States government assesses and then treats its own citizens.
We are living through the transformation of a formerly democratic republic into something else.
We're looking at growing authoritarianism.
That's not an overstatement.
Vladimir Putin knows authoritarian systems very well.
And he sees clearly what is happening in this country.
Watch this.
Did you order Alexei Navalny's assassination?
Of course not.
We don't have this kind of habit of assassinating anybody.
That's one.
Number two is, I want to ask you, did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?
Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering the Congress and they didn't go there to steal a laptop?
They came with political demands.
Okay, so yeah, we just played tape of Vladimir Putin.
Now, under normal circumstances, we would never play tape of a foreign adversary criticizing our government.
But honestly, those are fair questions.
Who did shoot Ashley Babbitt?
And why don't we know?
Are anonymous federal agents now allowed to kill unarmed women who protest the regime?
That's okay now?
No, it's not okay.
It'll never be okay.
And why are all those January 6th protesters still in prison on trespassing charges, as so many Biden voters who torched federal buildings walking free?
What's the answer to that question?
If all of that was going on in Russia, we would rightly call it scary.
We would call Putin a dictator.
In fact, we do call him a dictator.
And speaking of January 6th, why are there still so many things, basic factual matters, that we don't understand about that day?
Why is the Biden administration preventing us from knowing?
Why is the administration still hiding more than 10,000 hours of surveillance tape from the U.S.
Capitol on January 6th?
What could possibly be the reason for that?
Even as they call for more openness, we need to get to the bottom of it.
They could release those tapes today, but they're not.
We ought to be asking those questions urgently, because as the Attorney General reminded us today, a lot depends on the answers.
And at least one news organization is asking that.
Revolver News.
It's a new site.
It's turned out to be one of the last honest outlets on the internet.
A new piece on revolver.news suggests an answer to some of these questions.
We know that the government is hiding the identity of many law enforcement officers who were present at the Capitol on January 6th, not just the one who killed Ashley Babbitt.
According to the government's own court filings, those law enforcement officers participated in the riot, sometimes in violent ways.
We know that because, without fail, the government has thrown the book at most people who are present in the Capitol on January 6th.
There was a nationwide dragnet to find them, and many of them are still in solitary confinement tonight.
But strangely, some of the key people who participated on January 6th have not been charged.
Look at the documents.
The government calls those people unindicted co-conspirators.
What does that mean?
Well, it means that in potentially every single case they were FBI operatives.
In the Capitol?
On January 6th?
For example, one of those unindicted co-conspirators is someone government documents identify only as Person 2.
According to those documents, Person 2 stayed in the same hotel room as a man called Thomas Caldwell, an insurrectionist, a man alleged to be a member of the group the Oath Keepers.
Person 2 also, quote, stormed the barricades at the Capitol on January 6th alongside Thomas Caldwell.
The government's indictments further indicate that Caldwell, who by the way is a 65-year-old man, this dangerous insurrectionist,
was led to believe there would be a, quote, quick reaction force also participating on January 6th.
That quick reaction force, Caldwell was told, would be led by someone called Person 3, who had a hotel room and an accomplice with him.
But wait!
Here's the interesting thing.
Person 2 and Person 3 were organizers of the riot.
The government knows who they are, but the government has not charged them.
Why is that?
You know why.
They were almost certainly working for the FBI.
So, FBI operatives were organizing the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, according to government documents.
And those two are not alone.
In all, Revolver News reported that there are, quote, upwards of 20 unindicted co-conspirators in the Oathkeeper indictments, all playing various roles in the conspiracy, who have not been charged for virtually the exact same activities, and in some cases, much, much more severe activities, as those named alongside them in the indictments.
So it turns out that this white supremacist insurrection was, again, by the government's own admission in these documents, organized at least in part by government agents.
Are you shocked?
We're shocked.
We shouldn't be shocked.
Because in March, the FBI director admitted that the Bureau was infiltrating as many dissident groups that oppose the regime as it possibly can.
All right, folks.
Let me explain this.
I know you already know this.
They knew that there was a million people there coming.
They knew that it was exposing election fraud.
They knew there was about to be a 10-day investigation.
And so they infiltrated it.
They had weeks to do it.
They provocateured it.
And they got a couple hundred extra fools to follow him in, who they've now put under the jail, while the actual controllers go free.
And that's just the Oathkeeper indictments.
It's in the Proud Boys, it's in all the other indictments that are out there, the same thing.
These other persons, unindicted co-conspirators, unindicted.
And one of them was an FBI agent, 60-something years old, so they dropped the charges on him.
Active duty, FBI agent about to retire.
So, total setup, and I've gone back and looked at all the things that happened at the time, and I saw how they were trying to set me up.
And it's just really, really despicable how they did this.
And they're going to be brought to justice.
They're not going to get away with this.
They're not going to get away with the next false flag.
We are watching everything they're doing.
You're watching what they're doing.
And we're still on air.
And so these globalist traitors, these enemies that want to stage events so they can have an excuse to try to crush their opposition, are going to fail.
Say a prayer for justice.
Say a prayer for awakening.
Say a prayer against racial division.
And come together and defend the republic.
Stay with us.
Hour number two straight ahead.
All right, Darren Beatty, the big reporter over at Revolver, blowing it wide open with this giant investigative report, joins us next segment.
The FBI has a long history of staging almost every major event, provocateuring the organizations and groups that do it.
We'll be talking to him coming up here in just a moment.
But after he leaves us, there is even bigger news coming out in major medical journals, major scientists, that it's causing massive heart attacks, these so-called COVID-19 vaccines.
So we're going to be hitting on that in the third hour.
And we have that Fox News reporter that was blowing the whistle on them being ordered to cover up COVID damage because they, quote, get paid big money by big pharma.
That's coming up, too, with a whistleblower with Project Veritas third hour.
But first, let's go to part of this report from the great Greg Reese.
The first autopsy conducted on a person who received the new experimental COVID jab confirms what we are being told by experts worldwide.
The so-called cure is far worse than the disease.
According to the post-mortem report, the 86-year-old man had never had COVID.
and received a single dose of the Pfizer shot on January 9th.
18 days later, he was admitted to the hospital where he got infected by an asymptomatic hospital roommate and died four days later.
The molecular mapping shows that nearly all of his vital organs were infected with viral RNA.
As a result of being exposed to his asymptomatic roommate, a rapid fatal autoimmune response was triggered throughout the body.
People are being told to trust the science.
But the science has been saying all along that these mRNA-induced spike proteins being produced in the body is a terrible and deadly idea.
A former Pfizer head and former head of the Public Health Department tried to warn us back in December of 2020.
Scores of medical experts from 30 countries came together just weeks after the vaccine went public to warn people of a wide range of side effects.
They pointed out how care homes across the world were being infected with COVID-19 within days of residents getting vaccinated.
Their main concern was that the spike proteins will be produced throughout the entire body, causing the body's own immune system to attack itself, and pointed out how the entire thing is a human experiment in violation of the Nuremberg Code.
French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier agrees.
He calls it an unacceptable mistake and went on to say that it is unthinkable that any expert would not be aware of how potentially dangerous this shot is.
Even the corporations seem to know.
The owner of an oil and gas recruitment company, who hires for dozens of major companies, says that succession planning is now looking at all employees who have received one of the new COVID vaccines.
Succession planning is the strategy that ensures businesses continue to thrive after employees move on, retire, or die.
She says that the entire oil and gas industry is planning on having to replace all personnel who receive the vaccine within the next three years.
Recruitment firm.
And the reason that this is important is because of what I am seeing as an executive in this industry happening right now as a result of the COVID vaccines.
And it's something called succession planning.
Well, what's really interesting what's happening right now, and it's actually mortifying, not just interesting, is that
Executives are having their HR staff and their managers, superintendents, foremen, so on and so forth, go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines and they're planning to have to replace them all within the next three years.
And through all of this, the mainstream media never once questioned the big pharma puppet in charge with the criminal past.
Throughout all of this, the media told you to get the shot.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men do nothing.
Well, I'm trying to be a good man.
I'm trying to stand up and do the right thing.
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And of course, Bio.
The headline last night was incredible.
Tucker Carlson tonight, FBI, behind the January 6th insurrection.
It's all coming up for the investigative journalist, Darren Beattie, who broke it in the major publication, investigative publication, Revolver.
But here is a short excerpt of them preparing the new class war in America.
With the left is Captain America and all conservatives, Christians and gun owners, capitalists as well as Red Skull.
According to the intelligence community.
Terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today.
Because of this growth in polarization in the United States and domestic violence in white supremacist groups.
So I know looking forward that the members of the Biden team who have been nominated or have been appointed.
Really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically.
You've got to attack and dismantle the command and control element of a terrorist group.
And unfortunately, and I know this is painful to hear, that may mean people sitting in Congress right now, people in and around the former president.
That's how you do this.
Otherwise, recruitment, inciting, and cult-like leadership continues to recruit people to violence.
Our initial work on DVE will broadly fall into three areas.
The first is a tasking from President Biden sent to the ODNI today, requesting a comprehensive threat assessment coordinated with the FBI and DHS on domestic violent extremism.
You can be darn tootin' that we are focused very, very hard on how can we get better sources, better information, better analysis, so that we can make sure that something like what happened on January 6th never
Oh golly, I'm just a nice regular guy.
I'm not taking over and saying we're going to kill members of Congress with the Green Berets.
Golly gee darn tootin', let me put on that goofy act.
I'm not threatening at all.
These guys are really dangerous.
National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism.
And it says they're going to work with private companies, citizens, it's just there's a new war on white people.
Which is totally insane, which is the racial attack itself they claim that white people are putting out.
It's led by a bunch of Ivy League white people.
Classic divide and conquer.
Dr. Darren Beattie is a really smart guy.
He is a former professor of political science for Duke University who went
On to serving the White House as a speechwriter and policy aide to Trump.
He is now founder of revolver.news that is doing probably some of the best investigative journalism out there, period.
I would even say he gives Greenwald a big run for his money.
Very, very fair, I would say nonpartisan, scathing.
And I've been quite the expert, just covering it for 27 years, on false flag terror.
I cut my teeth on
Oklahoma City interviewed survivors, police officers, you name it.
That was a false flag.
It appears they're cooking up something even bigger.
So, Doctor, it's good to have you here with us.
You were on Tucker last night.
Congratulations on your great work.
You've got the floor for the rest of the hour if you can be here to just walk through your article, walk through the FBI informants inside, and then I witnessed a lot of this now and can confirm that
No, it's an honor to be here and thank you for covering this.
I think this is the most important story right now.
I've been told this Revolver.News investigative piece, it is the most important and it is the darkest
investigative work they've seen in years.
And this piece, thanks to Tucker, thanks to Steve Bannon, and thanks to you.
Now, this piece is becoming the biggest story in the country, and for good reason.
The American people deserve the truth, no matter how dark it is, as to what really happened on 1-6.
And as I say, it's not just on behalf
Of Ashley Babbitt, who was shot in cold blood by somebody we still don't know.
It is not just for the hundreds of prisoners being detained and abused unjustly.
For their political beliefs and participating in a political protest.
It's actually bigger than that.
It's for the 70 plus million people who voted for Trump, or really any American who dares challenge the corrupt ruling class.
Because all of us, you, me, everyone, we've all been declared potential de facto domestic terrorists by our own government.
And as a means of promoting that narrative, they seize upon a certain story of 1-6.
And to get to the bottom of that story, to get to the truth of that story, I think we need to ask the following simple question.
Was this the result of an intelligence failure, as Christopher Wray said?
Oh, they just didn't have any idea anything was going to happen.
And so there you go.
Or was this a result of an intel setup or a counterintelligence setup?
And we can get to that by asking the following precise question.
Of the three main groups, the three main so-called militia groups most closely associated with One Six, at least in the government sides, Proud Boys, Three Percenters, Oath Keepers,
To what extent were those three groups infiltrated by government agents up to and on 1-6?
And to put an even more fine point on the issue, how many, if any, of the unindicted co-conspirators who enjoyed senior positions in these key militia groups remain unindicted on account of some prior relationship with the federal government?
These two questions, these questions, they create a thread.
And I believe, Alex, we pull this thread, the ugly truth about 1-6 and about perhaps our entire country will reveal itself.
And this is what this piece is doing and what I hope it will continue to do.
And I know in your piece, you're mainly focusing on the buildup to the 6, what happened on the 6, and then since then, and it's extremely powerful.
I've read the piece now three times.
But the bigger area is your knowledge that was very impressive to me when we had him talk a few weeks ago off-air about the pedigree of the groups in this Justice Department that were holdovers who had done similar things before.
And I know that kind of puts the cart before the horse because then they'll, you know, bring up those issues instead of this current one up front.
But the past behavior of these people
At Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, and just everything they do, the pathology of them doing this over and over again, plus the last 20-30 years, the FBI behind almost every other major staged event, be it white supremacists, Islamists, any of these groups, and I'm not saying there aren't some crazy militias or some crazy white supremacists or a lot of crazy Muslims, but then there's the FBI always holding their hand there.
This is a very well-known phenomenon.
Absolutely, no, you make a great point, and that's why it's so exciting to be on this show, because, as you said, you cut your teeth on this precise narrative that the American people need to understand.
I think it's unfortunate that there's been so much distraction related to 1-6, and I'm really glad that this Revolver news piece has helped to clear that up.
In my view, it's not about, oh, whether it was Antifa, this or that.
It's bigger than that.
Don't ask whether it was Antifa.
Was it the federal government?
What did the government know?
Well, there's no doubt that Antifa was there in a foundational level support role and had been tipped off that this was about to happen.
We have him on video, Jaden Eck saying it, but exactly.
That becomes a distraction because it gets...
Yes, but this gets into detail maybe for another report, but just quickly on the Jayden issue, what was he?
Was he actually Antifa or was he himself some kind of operative or informant?
So I think we need to really be precise about what we're saying.
And really, all roads lead to this question is what did the government know?
When did they know?
Was this a setup?
That is the key that unlocks this.
And you can go all the way back to J. Edgar Hoover.
Every single incident, like you were saying, from
Stay there.
We've got plenty of time.
Let's get into that.
And I totally agree.
You're right.
Jayden X isn't really Antifa.
He's whatever they need him to be.
And he actually brags about that and has that background with Anderson Cooper and these weird international journalists that are in conflict zones.
I would say CIA.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Alright folks, we're back live with Dr. Darren J. Beatty, and he of course is with Revolver.News, the founder of it, a doctor, a professor of political science, and of course he went to work at the White House with President Trump as a researcher, strategist, speechwriter, and he's here now quarterbacking the resurgence of investigative journalism.
I want to explain something.
This Revolver story,
And what they really did at the Capitol is the whole future of America, one way or the other.
It's as big as the Wuhan lab.
Why is that important?
Because it's all the same globalist group using crises to take control.
And they are saying the whole posture of the U.S.
military and the CIA, its main focus...
Is not the Middle East, is not China, is not even the Russians.
It's now us and branding us all terrorists and white supremacists to then start a war with us and to start false flags as the trigger for that, the Capitol being the first.
So this is very historical.
Anybody that studied history knows it repeats.
So obviously the professor understands that because he's researched it.
So when you know what you're doing, when you've researched this, it's all crystal clear.
And they're even telling you what they're going to do in that montage earlier, Dr. Professor.
You saw a show, just a small taste of them saying the new enemy is the American people.
A white supremacist is a capitalist, a Christian, a conservative, someone that loves our country.
And so this is a great way for the Democratic Party to outlaw its opposition.
So we've got the rest of the hour.
We got a break coming up, longer segments coming up, but wherever you want to start, back with Jaden X, or January 6th, or the FBI operatives inside, or what you think is coming in the future, because this story is the most important, because it's the entire program this corrupt deep state has launched.
Yes, no, I agree with all of that wholeheartedly, and I'd like to say that investigative journalism is nothing if it's not attached to a narrative.
The investigative work is only important insofar as it's connected to an important narrative.
And the narrative here is crucial for everyone to understand.
January 6th, it's not just about Babbitt.
It's not just about the people indicted.
It's about all of us.
Because the biggest trend, the most terrifying trend, the most important trend in politics that Revolver.News has covered in meticulous detail,
Is that our national security apparatus in this country has been politically weaponized, repurposed, and redeployed domestically to silence, suppress, and destroy the energy associated with Donald Trump's victory in 2016.
It's as simple as that.
And the narrative for One Six that the government has seized upon, that the fake media has seized upon, and so forth.
It's entirely for that purpose, to serve as a pretext to advance this new domestic war on terror.
This new Patriot Act, which, you know, as opposed to the old Patriot Act, which was horrible, this new Patriot Act is tailor made to attack patriots.
And the left is, we're talking hundreds of thousands of tweets a day just of my name saying arrest me, kill me, tear me apart, about Trump, about Ted Cruz, about Josh Hawley, anybody that says hey we should investigate election integrity, something the Democrats always agree with before, should be put in prison because we're terrorists?
And they have like
Army officers online saying Alex Jones is a terrorist and he needs to be taken out.
And Twitter is allowing that.
And I'm not here bringing myself up because I want to be a victim.
It's crazy to watch organized calls for violence like this.
This is dangerous.
No, it's absolutely the case.
And I think if your listeners can take home one thing, first of all, I encourage them, go to revolver.news, read the full report.
And I think you have a great audience.
You have a very big audience.
And I'm calling upon them to help this story become the biggest story in the country.
It's got the momentum.
This piece deserves to be the biggest story for the sake of all of us.
Because I said, we deserve to know the truth.
We need to keep in mind, though, the narrative.
The narrative is that the national security state has been weaponized against the American people here.
And frankly, and I think you know this, and you've known this for a long time, all of politics in the United States is basically going to be fake and performative.
Unless and until we keep our national security agencies under control and in their proper place.
If we don't do that, we don't have a country.
They passed a federal law, he also signed executive orders to turn the CIA and other disinformation groups loose domestically, which had been illegal previously.
We have the Washington Post headlines, propaganda legalized by Obama.
That's what you're hitting at is, it's these groups that are doing this, that are then organizing the mainstream media to engage in this weaponization.
Right, absolutely.
And we need to bring the intelligence apparatus, the national security apparatus to heel or we don't have a country.
And other than that, frankly, all the political discussions we have are fake performative distractions.
We're not going to have politics in this country in the real sense.
Until we get that situation under control.
And that is what I think is at stake in this one, in this one six piece.
And so I'm happy to go into the details of it because I think it's a very important argument to follow.
Where do we begin?
Where do we begin on January 6th?
Other than the details, I just wanted to emphasize the why is this important?
Why are these details important?
It's important for the reasons I described, but the details themselves are quite explosive.
Now, if somebody is hearing this for the first time saying, well, I think that's a little bit far-fetched.
The possibility that the government could have infiltrated these militia groups, the possibility at the very least that they knew there was potential for violence and they didn't stop it.
And the even more disturbing possibility that it's not simply that they didn't stop it, is that some of the key players were actually informants or undercover agents playing an instigating role.
That's too far for a lot of Americans.
That's too dark for a lot of Americans.
But as I was saying, we don't need to go back to J. Edgar Hoover to prove this.
We just need to go back a few months before the so-called Capitol siege.
We just need to go back and look at what happened in Michigan, which is a very, very curious coincidence here.
In a nutshell, what happened in Michigan?
There was a plot in Michigan, a so-called Whitmer kidnapping plot, that also involved, coincidentally, a plot to storm the Michigan State Capitol.
This plot to storm the Michigan State Capitol, just coincidentally, happened to involve
The same militia that the government has now imputed to the 1-6 storming of the Capitol.
One of those militias is called the Three Percenters.
The government claims that Adam Fox, the so-called mastermind of this Michigan plot, was a leader of the Three Percenters.
So we have a same militia group, the same style plot to storm a Capitol.
We have
The fact why was it stopped?
Well, of the 18 plotters were ultimately mentioned as part of this plan.
We now know that at least five.
We're either undercover agents or informants and the fifth one came out in a very spectacular fashion, by the way, which we can get into later.
All right.
Our guest is a smart guy.
He's done a really good investigative report.
He's also been exposing himself and other writers over at Revolver.News how they're creating this radical race theory, how they're taking over not just the colleges but the military, and it's just hardcore Marxist racial division.
Instead of class envy, it's all racial division.
It's pure poison.
And it's extremely authoritarian.
I mean, this is Hitler-level stuff.
But in the name of fighting race, you then obsess over race and create real racism, real classism.
It's cyanide.
And it's in the WikiLeaks, you know, where Hillary's talking to this professor, and he says, we just got to have more culture war.
That's how we're going to, you know, beat the Republicans.
And so it's just the nastiest stuff ever.
We're going to be talking about that.
With our guest, Dr. Darren J. Beattie here in a moment, what really happened at the Capitol and how it's the big rollout, the big launch of the takeover, and I believe more false flags.
But first, please remember, we're listeners supported, and we have to run our own infrastructure, our own satellite uplinks, our own encoders, our own streaming, our own bandwidth.
We have our own network.
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So thanks for thinking about us and keeping us on air.
All right, going back to Dr. Darren J. Beatty at revolver.news, at Darren J. Beatty on Twitter.
All right, I got two more segments with you.
You've got the floor here.
Anywhere you want to go with this, what happened then before Oklahoma City, the FBI's history of this, what you think is coming up in the future, how does Congress counter this?
I think you alluded to that.
We need to get on the offense with these senators and House members to call for hearings on this.
This is a real Achilles heel for the system if we go on the offense instead of, again, arguing about what really happened.
We know what happened.
I'd like to make three points.
First, I'd like to complete the point about Michigan, because it really is striking.
So in a nutshell, this Michigan plot involved a plan to storm the state capitol and involve the very same militia group imputed to 1-6.
It was heavily infiltrated by federal operatives to a ratio of 5-18.
And as a cherry on top, the head of the Detroit field office, the Detroit FBI field office, who oversaw the infiltration of this so-called Michigan plot, Christopher Wray, quietly, mysteriously, and suspiciously gave him a promotion just days after
The so-called plotters were arrested for the Michigan case in October, and he got a promotion to the D.C.
field office, where, you guessed it, he came to oversee the investigation into January 6th.
That's a hell of a coincidence.
And now they've indicted more three-percenters, so they're, like, literally going out and finding weak-minded people to manipulate.
It's a hell of a coincidence.
And look, that fact pattern alone, of course, doesn't say anything definitive about 1-6, but it sure as hell aids our intuition.
And anyone who thinks, oh, our government just doesn't do that, you don't have to go back to J. Edgar Hoover.
Go months before with the Michigan plot that was infiltrated and incited.
The same people, the same groups, the same plan.
And we see it again in 1-6.
And as for the 1-6, just so people get a sense of how we set up the argument, it's really quite simple.
The stated standard of prosecution for 1-6 cases by an individual named Michael Sherwin, who's a real piece of work, he says we're using a shock and awe standard of prosecution.
That's the most aggressive standard imaginable.
He's alluding to the shock and awe campaign of the Iraq War, by the way.
And according to this shock and awe standard, if you want to know what that looks like, I would present the case of this poor fellow called George Tanios, who's facing 60 years.
What is he facing 60 years for?
What did he do?
Well, George Tanios had bear spray in his backpack.
His friend said,
I want to get the bear spray.
It's time to spray some people, spray some of the Capitol officers.
He said, no, no, not yet.
On the basis of saying no, no, not yet.
He's charged with conspiracy to insult Capitol Police officers and facing 60 years.
And by the way, as a side point, the whole reason this bear spray was relevant was that you'll recall this officer Sicknick who died.
Originally, they were saying he died because he was bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher by the MAGA mob.
Then when that was exposed as false by Revolver.News, by the way, the New York Times changed the narrative.
The second narrative that they seized upon was he died of bear spray.
So that's why it was relevant.
But it turns out it wasn't even that.
That Sicknick died of natural causes.
So this bear spray isn't even relevant to the death of Sicknick anyway.
But this guy, Tanios, for saying no, no, not yet, when his friend reached his back to grab the bear spray, is facing 60 years.
I think that's a horrible standard.
That's unjust.
Well, they're setting the precedent to arrest whoever they want, whenever they want, and disappearance.
And that's precisely, first of all, that's outrageous.
But that is the crux of our argument here.
To say, if they have such an aggressive, shock and awe, standard of prosecution for this poor sandwich shop owner, George Tanios, who said, no, not yet.
Why is it that it seems like
Senior people within militia groups remain unindicted.
It's very curious when you look at that double standard.
And I think one possible, indeed compelling, explanation for that standard is that some, if not all, of these major unindicted co-conspirators are unindicted to this point as a result of some prior agreement with the federal government, either as an informant or maybe even an undercover agent.
And we know that that's exactly how the FBI does it, the same way they would turn members of the Taliban or Al Qaeda, quote, against their leadership, or try to get leadership on their side.
That's the exact same thing.
We have a famous history of the FBI actually getting their people in as the heads of militias and the heads of white supremacist organizations, like Elohim City with Oklahoma City.
That was run by the Southern Property Law Center.
That was run by the feds, literally.
No, you're right about this.
And, you know, Oklahoma City is, of course, an entirely separate can of worms.
But it might be time for the American people to reassess what actually happened there.
The thing about these events is they're so emotionally charged.
And one thing that you see is that the official narrative becomes sacred
Before it can be challenged.
That's one of the reasons I think it's so crucial that we make this revolver.news story the biggest story in the country.
Because we're challenging this false narrative before it becomes sacred.
But what they try to do is they say, okay,
People died.
It's horrible.
They use the emotional valence of an issue in order to solidify their false narratives of events.
I think that's what's happened in prior attacks.
I think there's an element of that.
You're 100% right.
We've got a final long segment with you coming up to get into where we go from here and other details because they're so scared of this story.
I want to explain to the listeners again, and the listeners get this, this is their whole new threat posture.
It's not China.
It's American people.
On the asinine claim that there's an army of white supremacists that are just going to go and, again, they're branding Trump supporters because they're so scared of that populist movement that was the opposite of white supremacism, brought us all together, as that to declare war on us.
So this is key.
You found it, the tip of the spear, the front lines in the war for American unity and a true future built on justice.
All right.
I want to have our guests have a rest of the 10 and a half minute segment here to lay out other key points.
But just it staggers the mind to think about the people doing the staged event, provocateuring the militia out in
We're good to go.
The KGB and the GRU did it.
Hitler, it's in the Nuremberg trials, did a bunch of false flags to start World War II.
He didn't just go attack those countries.
He said Poland attacked them.
Operation Himmler at Gleiwitz.
In other areas.
They staged mass shootings with real people they killed from the concentration camps.
So this is something that goes on in politics.
This is something that's in history books.
It's something our FBI has a long history of doing.
So we should be looking at it.
Then their fingerprints are all over it.
And notice, they didn't want a real hearing.
They didn't want a real commission at the end.
Because they don't want a real investigation of this.
So I think we do need a major investigation.
A public investigation.
I want to say Tucker Carlson has a lot of courage.
Dr. Beattie has a lot of courage.
The system comes after you when you do this, but we need to get more Americans out front exposing this, because I cannot stress enough to Lister, just as he's done five times, and I've probably done ten times in the last 45 minutes.
This is the big enchilada.
This is the sweet spot.
This is their whole political plan to brand all their opposition, and make America great again, Nazi.
So if you don't want to be branded as a Nazi, you're like, well, they won't get away with this.
They're getting ready to stage more stuff, folks.
That's obvious.
You can look at this.
Okay, so I'm going to stop ranting, Doctor.
Go ahead and make any other key points.
A couple things I want to say, and this is why the narrative is so important.
This is why the dominant and overriding, really singular question that matters right now in relation to 1.6.
Was it an intelligence failure, like the FBI director says?
Or was it an intelligence setup, like this revolver.news story suggests?
Now, I want to make a point about political psychology of the left and the right.
It's actually remarkable that a lot of the literature on the left on 1.6, they actually think, well, a lot of these people, these unindicted people, aren't being indicted because the government is secretly right-wing and protecting them.
The left psychology is so attached to this idea that the leftists challenge corrupt institutions of authority that they can't even conceive of what's really going on here and that actually it's the government on their side in this case.
There's an analogous problem on the right.
A lot of people on the right spinning wheels now with
Narratives that get close to the truth, but don't quite get there.
The stuff, oh, this was Antifa, this was this, this was that.
They can't quite seize upon the real question, is this an intelligence setup?
People on the right, generally speaking, have a political psychology that instead of challenging corrupt institutions of power, they want to venerate just and well-functioning institutions.
Look at how Q fetishized the FBI when Q's run by the FBI.
So I think there's a special difficulty on the right to reorient ourselves to this new reality in which we need to learn how to challenge corrupt institutions of power, including and especially our national security apparatus.
On that point, I'd like to give credit to politicians who are actually doing something on this.
First, I'd like to give credit to the great representative in Arizona, Paul Gosar, who entered this Revolver.News report into the congressional record, demanded answers.
Representative Matt Gaetz, great representative, he just issued a letter asking precisely those questions stated in the Revolver.News report.
So I encourage all of your listeners,
Demand that your congressman sign up to this letter and don't stop pressing until Christopher Wray gives his answers.
That's right.
Now is the time.
We've got to get this out to everybody.
We've got to call Congress.
We've got to flood everybody with this article, with this story from Revolver.News.
And generally, and finally, what we need is not just pressing for the answers on 1-6.
What we need on the left, on the right, we need a new church committee.
We need a Church Committee 2.0.
Because look, as I said at the beginning, if we don't bring our national security apparatus to heel, if we don't remind them of their proper place, we do not have a free country.
Well, that's right.
Doctor, as you know, this, because you've got a doctorate in this, but for people that don't know, explain to them.
I'm sure most listeners get it.
They see it.
But for some that don't, maybe the left that doesn't, or some of the right-wingers that fetishize the military and intelligence agencies.
Historically, I mean, this is exactly the type of stuff that's happened to other places that went down the rabbit hole of tyranny.
I mean, this is very classical
This is a classic move they're making.
And I think the only way to stop that is to not be distracted by fake and performative politics.
We need to keep our eyes on the prize.
We need to focus.
We need to target national security apparatus.
We need to bring them to heel.
Because if they don't
Restore themselves to the proper function within a free society, we will go down that road to tyranny like what you're saying.
And it's crucial that we do that.
And the way I see it, all other political talk, it can be exciting, it can be entertaining, it can fulfill a kind of emotional, even pornographic function, but it's ultimately not real.
It's an opioid.
It's like popcorn.
I want people to understand that we're watching an intelligence agency coup and Brennan and Clapper have had meetings back before they removed Trump on C-SPAN saying he'll be gone watch ha ha ha and Pelosi said oh the military will drag him out you watch he's gone one way or another we don't care we'll have our own government form the New York Times was quoting Podesta in a war game of even if Trump wins we'll break away states and form a new government they have signaled that they're going for broke
With the type of megalomania that has led the world into war and darkness so many times.
I mean, they really are cancer.
And as you said, to watch the left fetishizing intelligence agencies and the FBI that they used to be so concerned about is just disgusting.
It's really remarkable.
And again, I'll reemphasize, do not get distracted.
The number one threat to the safety, security, livelihood and freedom of Americans, it's not any foreign government, it's not any foreign adversary.
The number one threat, the American people, the people and the institutions that control America.
It is the deep state.
At the time we have left, Doctor, you know the President well, I know, I can get messages to the President, I know that, I'm going to leave names out, but they've met and brought this up to him, and Trump's very angry right now, and you know, he's getting geared up to try to get Republicans elected, and that's great.
But they know Trump is going to beat them again.
By energizing the Republican Party, they're going to make a move on him.
I think, obviously, if you can talk to him or others and give him a path to come out and expose this, because if Trump got behind exposing how they tried to set him up on January 6th and were partially successful, I think that would really devastate the enemy and change the narrative.
How do we get the president, the real president, to do that?
I think that's, that would be absolutely a very important thing to do.
I know the president reads Revolver regularly.
I haven't confirmed whether he's read this particular piece, but I will certainly press to get that to him because I, you know, we need all the help we can get on this.
And it would be huge if the president, Donald Trump, would focus on bringing attention to this issue.
Because as I say, it's really the only issue that matters and that was
Basically, the biggest problem in his presidency was that the national security state was disrupting his agenda at every step.
That's right.
In closing, when is the part two coming?
I mean, there's got to be a part two.
I mean, is that going to be about what to do now or go back into the history?
Because I talked to you quite a bit when you were researching this.
You've got great knowledge on all this and obviously have a big command of these hundreds of different operatives.
So I hope you can get that out to people.
Yes, there are going to be multiple follow-up reports, so some of them very disturbing, and we're not saying anything definitive, but we are asking very, very important questions.
And so I hope everyone watching this, go to revolver.news, share this piece,
This is the biggest story in the country right now.
Well, Darren, I mean, you saw what happened to the award-winning journalist who exposed the tarmac meeting.
I mean, he was fearing for his life, and then somebody executes him in his house.
Watch your back, brother.
We're all in this together.
So, Dr. Darren J. Beattie at DarrenJBeattie on Twitter and Revolver.News.
Go with God.
We salute you, my friend.
Thank you, sir.
Wow, that was a super important report.
Doesn't get more important.
Hope you spread it, listeners.
We'll be right back with hour number three.
Infowars is here because there's a war on for your mind.
That's why it's been our motto for more than 25 years.
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Tyrants always push too far.
And I hate the Globalists so much that I don't even want to destroy them.
I hate looking at them.
I mean, you look at the Attorney General.
That guy's ready to star in the Dark Crystal Part 3.
I mean, you just look at these people and it's like they've got a real hard-on for America because they're scum.
And if you get into the psychology of them, they want to mount our head on the wall.
We got a special guest coming up, the whistleblower from a local Fox affiliate.
In Texas, with Veritas.
And when I heard, when I saw this two days ago, before I called Veritas to find out, I said, I said, can we have our number?
And I said, let me guess, it's vaccines.
They're covering up vaccines.
And they said, yeah, how'd you know?
Well, of course it's vaccines.
That's everything.
It's just sick.
Like, why would you go along with something this psychotic?
And by the way, I've got a stack of news of new studies where it's giving people heart attacks and killing folks.
There's a big crisis at the CDC because their own people know that hundreds of thousands are getting sick in the U.S.
Tens of thousands.
I've got the numbers.
24,000 have died from the vaccines.
From actual death statistics from the heart attacks.
And they can then look at it and say, why is suddenly for the first time ever, thousands and thousands a week of young people dying of heart attacks.
And they can follow the graph as each new group was allowed to take the shot.
Suddenly there's like spikes and people dying.
And imagine how many never reported it because they just had a heart attack or had an arrhythmia or a problem.
I mean, this is just mind-blowing.
It is mind-blowing to be living through this.
I don't think so.
Electronics, all your electronic messages, blah, blah, blah.
And it's just, then you know it's them that provocateur-ed it and led it and did it.
You even know the names of the people, you know how they did it.
And it's just surreal.
It's like, people are like, aren't you scared?
I'm like, aren't I scared?
Why would, yeah, I'm scared for the country, but like, me?
Sure, they might indict me, whatever, but it's like, so what?
They're criminal scum.
They didn't stage the Capitol attack.
That hurt us.
That hurt our movement to challenge the election.
That hurt the 10-day investigation the Senate was going to have.
That got all that killed.
Any idiot could look at that and say, Jones isn't suicidal.
Jones doesn't want to destroy himself.
Jones doesn't want to shut himself down.
There's not even a motive.
Plus, there's me there trying to stop it from happening.
Trump needs to go on the offense.
That was one of his major speechwriters we just had on and I can tell you I've talked to two people that talked directly to Trump about this and going public with this.
I was in Florida months ago and advised Trump through the grapevine to do the same thing and he just
It's hard to get him excited about going back and exposing it.
It's cough and nails politically for them if that happens.
And it needs to happen.
And we need to go on the offense.
And I've told General Flynn that as well.
And, you know, General Flynn said some nice things after that.
He's a great guy.
I hope he runs for president.
But Flynn agrees.
We need to expose January 6th and how Q got taken over.
I'm like, General, it's not the idea of Q's bad.
It's that it's run by the feds at the top.
Got to be Q. I've said that on air.
And then it's a real person.
We trust you.
And then you can be our intelligence analyst on an 8chan board.
And so I'm trying as hard as I can.
Or I told Trump to take over Q. I mean, I'm not going to do it.
Because I tacked it up front and so some of the cue cards won't won't won't listen to me.
That's fine.
I told him what was happening.
So we're gonna come right back on the other side of this quick break and talk to our special guest who is a trailblazer and who's blowing the whistle on corruption inside the media.
We're now into our number three of the Alex Jones Show, Ivory Hecker.
Was, until I guess today, a very popular reporter on Fox 26 in Houston, Texas.
But she saw so much going on, the suppression of knowledge, information, cover-ups about vaccines because the companies were spending money with them, that she had to go public and she did it really in a great way.
She did it live on air.
Here it is.
Outages across the region.
Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker is live in Montgomery County to take a look at that aspect.
Thanks, guys.
That's right.
Before we get to that story, I want to let you, the viewers, know that Fox Corp has been muzzling me to keep certain information from you, the viewers.
And from what I'm gathering, I am not the only reporter being subjected to this.
I am going to be releasing some recordings about what goes on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you, the viewers.
I found a nonprofit journalism group called Project Veritas.
It's going to help put that out.
Ivory Hecker is a hero, just like the revolver head journalist we just had on is, because they're doing what's right.
And they're going up against the system and whistleblowing against real corruption.
is what's going to save this country and this world.
It's what the system is most afraid of.
So, Ivory Hecker blew the whistle on her own network for what she says are acts of deception.
She is saying the station's editorial decisions are an affront to honest journalism.
Ivory Hecker was a general assistant reporter and fill-in anchor on Fox26 News in Houston.
During her time in Houston, Ivory was covering the Gulf Coast recovery, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey,
She covered the death of former President George H. Bush and also covered President Donald Trump's visit to Houston.
Ivor was also live from the scene of the Santa Fe school mass shooting with network breaking news coverage for Fox Channel.
GoFund or GoSendGo.com GoSendGo.com forward slash support
Ivory, we need to support all these people to continue to blow the whistle.
That is what is going to stop the incredible corruption.
So she joins us.
We're going to air some of these recordings coming up later in the hour.
But wow, tip of the spear when it comes to exposing this.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks so much for having me.
We'll start out about the process or what it was like when you started to have questions and what brought you to this point and the things you witnessed.
It all really got weird the end of last July, actually.
It happened, you know, the very start was when Fox did a manual doing that famous or infamous press conference about hydroxychloroquine.
She was a local Houston doctor, so they assigned me to cover her, you know, and I covered her local hospital and actually talked to patients there who were taking her treatment.
Fox said that the coverage was great, but
What we witnessed that day was across the board social media censorship like we had never seen before.
The sort of social media censorship that I had studied happening in China for years prior to that.
It shocked me that something similar to China was happening in America.
So after that report, I just did a side social media video just talking about censorship, explaining what China has been up to and how we're now seeing it right here in the United States.
And even though social media is not the government, it does have a monopoly and it is indeed
I think having success at crushing the free sharing of information, which as we, if we look at history, that is never a good thing for free people.
So I did that social media video and put it out there.
It got a ton, a ton of reaction.
My boss is freaked out at me because of that.
You shared your opinion about something I've read.
You're never allowed to share your opinion about anything.
You're a straight reporter.
Here's the thing.
Free speech is the bread and butter of being a reporter.
Journalism can't exist.
Without free speech journalism.
Well, exactly, and your own discretion, your own view, your own humanity.
But it turns out, though, they're the ones up there that are getting the corporate view, the corporate money, and they only want that view and to have you be a puppet that puts it out.
So it stunned me that Fox, which is a member of the free press, was taking this hard stand against
Publicly saying censorship is not a good thing for free people.
And so, because they were just really coming at me on the phone, I hit record that day because I was concerned and shocked.
And that's when I started recording.
And then a few weeks later, they sent me to cover COVID treatment at a local hospital.
And the doctor says that he's had a lot of success with his patients and he's using hydroxychloroquine.
So that sound bite was never supposed to reach the public ears, according to my bosses, because that drug was no longer a part of the narrative.
So even though the fact was a local doctor was indeed giving his patients this, Fox didn't want to let people know that.
Later on, I researched the death rates at that hospital.
They are incredibly low.
Very few COVID-19 patients die at that hospital.
So it's very interesting.
I don't
Him talking about hydroxychloroquine, including everything else he uses to treat patients.
The whole recipe on my Facebook.
Think about how crazy that is.
These are doctors with degrees, but the UN says, oh no, there's no approved treatment, as if the UN's in charge, because they wanted to be able to push experimental vaccines.
You've got to have no other treatment available that has any efficacy to get that emergency authorization.
This was all done cold-bloodedly.
Estimates are in the millions of deaths worldwide with remdesivir, with hydroxychloroquine,
And now the British are also approving the thing that Trump- Ivermectin?
Yeah, Ivermectin, all of it.
So there has just been such a huge suppression.
So I guess that just drove you over the edge watching them tell you don't do this.
This is criminal.
Well, because they didn't just tell me that.
The lengths that they went to try to shut me down.
I don't know if it's because I'm a very bold, fearless person, and that they could tell I wasn't being phased by them saying, Ivory, watch out, people aren't liking this, aren't they?
Truth seekers are liking the truth.
So, I don't care if one person doesn't like the truth.
This doctor's using that drug.
That's the truth.
If you don't like it, I don't care.
But my bosses saw that I didn't care, so they had to take a bigger measure.
And what they did next is internally defame me.
They wrote a letter of warning that was full of falsehoods.
It created this switched up timeline that made it look like I was
That they had banned me from covering COVID treatment, but I was so passionate about it that I was pushing hydroxychloroquine.
Anyway, to this day, I've never advocated for that drug.
So I was just reporting what they sent me to go cover.
And so they wrote a defamatory letter of warning.
I had to get a lawyer involved to fight off their lies because they didn't just write this and give it to me.
They put it in my file at Fox.
Which hurts me, because all of the Fox executives, if they're looking to move me up, they look at my file, they see that, ooh, don't touch her, she is very rebellious.
And where are you now?
Have they suspended you?
Are they going to fire you?
What's happening?
I heard a rumor that they fired me.
They didn't tell me that themselves.
I think that's weird.
But yeah, I'm apparently fired, according to some news.
Well listen, I think you're a hero, and I just hope we can create a network, or somebody does, of all the people that have conscience.
Because, I mean, I would always tell a reporter, go out and see what's going on, talk to that doctor and see what they say, and then it's all about that doctor.
The idea that, like, well wait, you can't say ivermectin, or you can't say hydroxychloroquine, or you can't say remdesivir, it's just so criminal.
It is so strange.
It's so un-American to be shutting down certain words and phrases.
Plus, it must be hell to be these people.
When you hire a reporter, they do a good job, and now you're hovering over everything they do.
That must be exhausting.
Oh, yeah.
And here's the thing.
Another Fox executive named Ralph Frenden pulled me aside one day, quite recently, and tried to give me advice on how to stick in this company and actually go places.
And he was like, you know,
You've got to kind of get in line, Ivory.
But he told me that my boss, who was issuing these disciplines on me, that she was behind the scenes in meetings with Fox Corp in New York.
She was defending me vehemently.
She was trying to apparently allow me to continue just reporting.
Sure, so that shows that they had guilt, but were still following the orders.
And so the issue is, it's that corporate system.
It's all the way up to the top.
See, that's the thing.
When you're trying to control the narrative, the big danger to the narrative is the reporters on the ground.
Because what's happening on the ground never really aligns with this rigid narrative.
Ivory, you are an amazing person.
Stay there one more segment with you.
I guess you're at the Veritas headquarters.
That's amazing.
I am.
I'm hanging out with that team, yeah.
If you really want to join some people, folks, you've got a job opening right here in Texas, in Austin.
But we'll be right back.
Stay with us, folks.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You can see the whole report, it's incredible, at ProjectVeritas.com of the executives telling her to do this, telling her to do that.
And then she learned some of them are up there advocating for her.
They want to save lives.
They want to do interviews about the good news of this is 99% effective.
But again, oh no, you're not supposed to do that because Big Tech said, the UN said.
So now if Big Tech censors you for something, well then I guess news stations have to follow what the fact checkers
At Big Tech say, but wait a minute, they're the ones that said that didn't come from Wuhan.
They're the ones that said Iraq had WMDs.
I mean, since when did Big Tech, that isn't journalist, they're just big corporate hacks that take advertising money from big companies.
Since when did they become in the hierarchy above you, Ivory?
I don't know, but I can tell you Fox got right in line with Facebook and Twitter and YouTube's rule not to discuss the H-word.
Well, keep elaborating.
I've got a thousand questions, but what do you want to impart to our viewers?
Well, here's the thing.
Today I'm going to release some more soundbites from my bosses, specifically when they tried to take me down with that defamatory letter and I had to get a lawyer involved.
The fact that they would go to those lengths to ensure I stick with the narratives shows
What reporters have to grapple with in this industry, and I think it sheds a little light for the viewers, because I think a lot of viewers, probably most viewers, get that something weird is going on with some of these narratives.
I think that's key, and you're explaining to them how it happens, why they get intimidated in that process.
And I should have said that.
You know, why are you leaking this?
Not just to save lives, but they were trying to destroy you and your career internally.
They were attacking you, so you're just defending yourself.
Right, and I just think the public should know this is kind of how it works sometimes.
What has happened to me is what a lot of journalists fear.
So a lot of journalists don't even try for a story that they know is outside of the narrative because they don't want to become a target.
So that's kind of how the narrative self-continues.
I keep going, sorry I interrupted.
Yeah, yeah, exactly.
News outlets self-censor, sometimes by the boss telling a reporter, don't do that, and sometimes by a reporter just knowing.
I know that story is not within the narrative, so I'm not going to touch it.
So just go with the national New York Times, CNN narrative, you'll be fine.
Yeah, it's the safest route, yeah.
That's what happens a lot.
And I just want to shed light on this, because this is, what happens is a lot of real stories get crushed with this narrative.
I bet they're not too happy now though.
They got to be looking over their shoulder.
For sure.
And you know, since I came out with my true story, we are already hearing from other people who have reached out to Project Veritas, people within newsrooms,
Who also want to come forward.
So I'm really, I'm really hoping that other journalists stay, you know, stay bold or get bold with this, you know, reporters and any anyone in any position in a newsroom needs to
Stick with the facts regardless of what the bosses try to mess with you.
And look, if a boss tries to mess with the facts, hit record and put that out.
And here's the thing, now that bosses know that reporters
You know what's funny?
You're telling this story and I see the other recordings and I see the proof of it
And I remember the New York Times had this fake article written a few years ago about me that I told a camera person to do this, and the tactics that they lied and said I was involved in, the rest of our crew laughed at it because they know it doesn't go on.
I was like, but those were their tactics put to me.
They were saying I was doing that to my people when it was actually they were doing it.
See what I'm saying?
I said, where'd they come up with this?
But then you're saying it, others are saying it, that's what they do routinely.
It's really sad.
It's really sad.
When blatant lies are made up, that really shocks me.
Oh, the New York Times made up.
They said that we had a fish tank and I ate the employee's fish.
We've never had a fish tank.
Just total lies.
Total lies.
Yeah, some of these news outlets, they think that they can get away with lies, but it's kind of interesting how dumb they think viewers are.
When viewers can sense out the truth, viewers compare
Compare stories, compare facts.
Viewers have learned to self-verify.
So many viewers don't trust the news anymore.
So what these news outlets do when they come up with blatant lies about you or anyone else, is they
Are in the process of committing their own slow suicide, I think.
You're seeing so many people stop turning to mainstream outlets.
I totally agree.
Statistics show lack of trusted news has got their ratings down over two-thirds the last ten years.
Nickelodeon's lost two-thirds in two years over all the sexualization of children stuff.
My own outlet, Fox 26 Houston, the ratings are down 30 to 40 percent on my show this year compared to last.
So people are turning off their TVs, yeah.
Though they're trying to censor us, our quote ratings are up.
People don't get that.
It's crazy.
It only grows you when they try to squash you.
If you find back like you've done.
So where are you going from here?
Because we need to support you.
We need others to see whistleblowers like you being held up.
People should really donate because you know you're probably gonna get fired here until you get a new job.
GiveSendGo.com forward slash support.
Oh my gosh!
I'm looking at that number now for the first time.
That's incredible.
Thank you so much.
But here's this is that number of donations is a testament to the fact of so many Americans are so sick
Of this narrative.
And they're just glad that, like, it's coming out.
It's incredible how the news is turning a blind eye to its own audience.
Well, listen.
Whistleblowing and stuff like this needs to be... This is way more important than being able to throw a ball through a basketball thing or being able to hit a golf ball.
What you're doing is having moral integrity, so we should celebrate.
People should go there right now.
Yeah, I am too, and I'm working on my first independent report soon, coming out very soon.
Well, I'm excited about that.
So, I was about to ask, what's coming next?
I guess you're gonna just do some independent reports?
Yeah, well, yeah, I just want, I want to continue my journalism.
I'm passionate about it.
Wherever that, wherever that news lands on the internet, probably not on TV anymore,
But I'm going to follow through with that first COVID treatment story that I got in trouble for.
The information I'm finding in the story is incredible.
This is going to be a very compelling story on how COVID drug treatment has happened over the past year and the media's role in everything.
I can't wait for you to see it.
I agree.
That's one of the biggest, most important stories is how they killed a lot of people, not letting good treatments get to folks.
That's evil.
I mean, that's like being an assassin.
So yeah.
From what I'm finding, it's pretty disturbing.
It's almost like there's blood on the media's hands.
Well, the good news is you're not going to have it on Ivory Hecker's hands, are you?
That's right.
I will not.
So, again, you're at Project Veritas now.
When are you going to be back in Texas?
Sunday, for sure.
I'll probably fly back Saturday.
I'm hosting a charity event Sunday.
If you're in Texas, come out to that.
Tell folks, how do they find that?
It's the Emerge Gala for International Refugee Day.
My friend, who is a proud American after being a refugee from Africa, is putting this event on in Houston.
I put it on my Insta story.
If you go to real.ivory on Instagram, I put the event information on there.
I'll put it back up in case it deleted in the past day.
Great job.
God bless you.
You know, I didn't get a little stuttery with her because she's a very attractive lady.
The left toes, you don't say that about women.
No, you're supposed to say a woman's beautiful.
I get stuttery when I had that revolver professor on who's kicking ass.
I get stuttery with her.
I mean, both those guests today that the producer Scott Bronson did a great job getting,
Or the future.
Whistleblowers about hiding medical treatments that are saving 99% of people?
That's murder!
And I know when I get near the zeitgeist that, victory, victory, victory, I start, ah, ah, ah, and I have the other guy on, if we expose the FBI, the criminals that have hijacked the FBI, because I don't want the FBI to be a bad institution, I don't want to be enemies with these people, but I mean, I'm not going to sit here and watch you start a civil war!
You crazy morons!
I know we're close to the zeitgeist with both those guests.
I have a literal intelligence.
But the intelligence always tells me when the hair on the back of my neck stands up.
And today I've had the hair on the back of my neck stand up with both those guests.
I got a lot to cover in the time we got left.
And then Jay Dyer is really smart, a great researcher, because I mean, I'll be, I've been honest with you.
I read a lot of documents and I read a lot of synopses and I, the guys will give me some new hundred page report and I'll like highlight two pages and I read that.
Jay Dyer reads it all.
Like, like I used to read everything 20 years ago, 10 years ago.
Now I don't read whole Klaus Schwab books.
I just cheat sheet and go to the pages and look at it to make sure it's there.
He does massive research.
He'll be hosting the next hour.
And so many people that are smart as I am are smarter.
They always tell me, Alex, just worry about the good people, let the dead bury the dead, knock the dust off your feet like Christ said, and I should listen to Christ.
That's my leader.
That's my father.
That's who I'm under the command of.
But God made me, and I just, I really don't want to turn loose with these people.
I want to save.
These people that are doing all this evil stuff, I can't believe that they don't know God.
I can't believe they don't know how invigorating it is to be a good person.
How empowering it is to not be a coward.
See, my problem is I don't have any fear anymore.
Except fear of failure, and fear of not doing what I should, and fear of being weak.
I mean, fighting tyranny is intoxicating.
When you're doing what you're supposed to do, and you're lined up with things, and your head's screwed on straight, it feels good!
Why would anybody not want to do what's normal?
Men and women!
We're powerful!
We're gonna build some incredible stuff!
You see all this crap you already built?
This is tinker toy!
This is finger painting!
And then I think about,
Being a Mark Zuckerberg or being a Bill Gates and what it's like to be a sack of garbage.
To be real trash.
And imagine you see all these people and you hate them because you hate yourself.
You're not figuring out how to help all these people.
You just want to kill them.
Imagine how nasty and dirty that must feel.
And then you camouflage it in a pink sweater and you just indiscriminately then try to deny medical care to a virus you've released so you can make more money.
Killing people with a poison shot.
I mean, it all makes perfect sense.
When you're in their perspective, when you're in their mindset.
So... I just thank my lucky stars twice.
And twice again, that I am not one of these people.
I mean, look at those guys.
They hate themselves so much.
They're so ungenuine.
They are so fake.
Can you imagine how poor they are, spiritually?
A beggar!
With no legs!
Living in a ditch that can see the beauty of God's creation is infinity better than those men!
Or Fauci!
I mean, look at that face!
That's a killer!
That is a sick freak!
That is your inner man!
That little arrogant garbage needs to be grabbed up by the scruff of his neck and thrown into a deep prison!
But he thinks it's gonna be me and you that's in that prison.
It might actually be that way, Fauci.
For a little while.
But you're not gonna outrun God, son.
And after what you've done to all those children, all those innocent people, you deserve what's gonna happen to you.
You asked for it.
You're gonna get it.
I just hope I'm about a trillion light years away when it happens.
Because the type of bully that he is, and the type of sack of garbage he is, and the type of coward he is, he will be 100% cut off from God.
You know what that means?
But you're a psycho, psycho killer, whose whole life is about killing people and getting off on it?
Can you imagine being that little monster?
Burn in hell, Fauci!
Alright, I want to hit Senator Paul on something really important that we do not want the same criminals that ran the Wuhan cover-up running the new cover-up.
And a lot more, I'll do it next segment.
But if I don't remember to do this, hell, 10 years ago, I didn't think I'd be here in 10 years.
So, I always try to get this laissez-faire attitude.
Eh, so what?
There's not enough money to run the operation in six months at current rates.
God will provide, but God helps those that help themselves.
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Thanks for keeping us on the air.
It's been one hell of a run.
You know, I don't like Joe Biden.
Stay with us.
He's a globalist.
But I'm ashamed as an American to watch that skeleton toddle around on the stage and the gaffes and the stuttering and the bumbling.
But it's all meant to break our will and rub it in our faces.
He's not an American.
He doesn't represent us.
He's a joke.
We live on together.
And we're not going to be enslaved by that piece of trash.
But speaking of him,
Here is a clip of him talking about, as usual, I have a list of reporters I'm going to go to before.
Remember a few months ago, they even zoomed in the list, the face, who they are, the questions already asked, the answers already there.
It's scripted press conference.
So Trump got like, ah, we hate you, because they didn't run it.
Trump wasn't perfect.
They just didn't run it.
But now with Biden, he admits it's scripted.
It's just all out.
And then no other media will call it out.
But we will.
Here it is.
You will.
Yeah, so, remember there's photos and articles about it where they zoomed in and like saw like, it was like a picture of what the question, what the answer is.
I mean, this is like scripted, like a play, you know, fake.
Oh man, you know, just from a journalism perspective, if I told a guest, we're going to script every answer, every question, they'd say you're crazy.
I get sending talking points, some shows, you know, hey, send me 10 questions or whatever, that's fine, I'll do it.
But this is just, this is just asinine.
But it's all, yeah, there it is, there's a photo of it.
Their name, what the question is, all of it.
I mean, this is criminal behavior.
And by criminal, I mean a crime against truth.
That's hyperbole.
All right, let's go to this stack.
Let's go to this stack right here.
I tended to get into the whole race war false flag they're planning today.
That's important to do, you know, get off the whole COVID stack, but COVID is the big enchilada.
Other than the coming race war that they're trying to start that, as a law enforcement officer, or as the FBI, I would not want to start if I was you.
But hey, I get you're tough, you're badass, you're invincible.
So a war with
$200 million is going to really go well.
I'm just going to stay out of it.
I'm not tough like you.
I'm also not suicidal.
You know me, I'm an extremist.
I'm a bad guy.
I'm into freedom and stuff like that.
But here it is.
Rand Paul demands exclusion of Wuhan lab funders from investigation.
Gee, think so?
If you arrest a group of bank robbers, you don't have the bank robbers as the judge or the jury.
So here's the Senator talking about that.
Here's the problem.
The WHO investigated this the first time.
We suggested three people to send to China.
They rejected all three and they accepted a guy named Peter Daszak, who was the one who funded the lab.
So you can't have the people like Anthony Fauci or Peter Daszak, who were part of the funding mechanism, to send these funds to Wuhan lab.
You can't have them investigating themselves.
They have a definite conflict of interest because if this
The pandemic started in a lab that the U.S.
was funding.
The people advocating for the funding obviously will have, you know, culpability, at least moral culpability, so they can't be investigating themselves.
The WHO did a terrible job the first time.
There needs to be investigation, but I've been advocating for a congressional investigation in the Senate.
I've asked two committees that I'm on, Homeland Security and the Health Committee, the Health
Yeah, exactly.
So, there we are on that front.
And I just go back to this, because so many people are like, oh my god, Jon Stewart's turned into you.
No, Jon Stewart's brother runs the New York Stock Exchange.
Jon Stewart is more than meets the eye.
He knows this is all coming out.
He's getting ahead of it.
And of course, the left is attacking him.
They released it on purpose.
That's what's going to come out.
CDC panel to discuss COVID-19 vaccine rare heart issues, which are not rare anymore.
And look at this poor young lady.
College student abruptly dies two weeks after receiving second Moderna shot.
Beautiful young black girl, top of her class, doing great in college.
19-year-old Northwestern University freshman, Simone Scott, took the second shot.
Her liver, her heart, all failed.
They did a heart transplant.
She died.
And it just makes me sick.
But you're not going to hear a damn word
I don't know.
Of course.
Bill Gates is involved.
Here's another horrible, this is a white devil though that died, so I guess it's okay.
Tearjerker, COVID vaccine killed 32-year-old son, grieving parents warn.
Powerful video!
Do you care, audience?
Will you go to InfoWars.com?
Will you share it on your Twitter, on your Facebook, on your email?
Will you tell people, before it's too late, about Simone Scott?
Will you tell people about all this evil?
These are all things I should have played on the show today.
It's this guilty thing, you know?
I mean, these videos are powerful.
And this young lady sitting there talking about everything she's looking forward to in her life and everything.
She wants to be a hero and she wants to help people so she's going to take the shot and the parents say, is this what we've got to do?
This is horrific, this is criminal, this is murder, and people need to wake up and speak out.
Oh, but don't worry, Big Tech's censoring them.
Shut up while we kill you.
Your son's not enough.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Mark Zuckerberg's living in Kauai!
He's a god!
Bow to him on his stolen Hawaiian land!
COVID vaccine killed 32-year-old son.
Even parents warned.
Within 12 hours, he was dead of cardiac arrest, mother said.
ABC Journal is chased and confronted by anti-lockdown protesters after Boris Johnson extended the lockdown another six months.
CDC says vaccine linked to heart inflammation is stronger than previously thought, The Hill reports.
Oh, really?
And then the big article that I'm going to shoot a special report on.
Today, researcher Steve Kirsch, inside source that confirmed over 25,000 deaths from vaccine, and he released the report.
It's an InfoWars.com massive bombshell.
Unexplained deaths skyrocketed, heart attacks and strokes, during COVID vaccine push.
More people under 25 died of heart attacks and strokes than have ever done it.
And right as the vaccine goes up,
The deaths go up, right?
As the vaccine goes down, the deaths go down.
Man, you talk about some evil!
Oh, but don't worry, we've got a creepy OBGYN doctors read off same script telling pregnant women to take the vaccine, and I talked to a medical doctor.
Who won't come on the air, of course.
Who said every woman he knows at his practice, he said OBGYN, who's taken the vaccine, has had a miscarriage.
But it's okay, because Tim Cook wears a black turtleneck.
It's just the other liberals are doing it, so it's like, oh, you know, it's a liberal.
Former CDC head, who too compromised to conduct COVID origin probe.
Same thing Ron Paul, Ram Paul, is saying.
Oh, turns out a study says plexiglass spread COVID.
Okay, I'm gonna shut this down.
We've got Jay and I are about to take over.
Please don't forget, we are supported by you and InfoWarsTore.com with the great products, but if we can't get the supplements anymore because of the shutdown of the economy, well then I guess we'll go shut down.
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An Ashley Alex Jones special.
All right, that's it for this leg of the Alex Jones transmission.
With FBI sharks circling, I love it!
I'm in the attack!
I hand the baton to Jay Dyer, great researcher, author, and talk show host, for the fourth hour.
Then, Owen the Destroyer takes over.
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Welcome to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
Today, I'm going to give an analysis of something that we've all heard of.
We probably read it in high school.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We know we're living in 1984.
I recently went back and read it again and watched the movie, and obviously the book's a lot better, but there's something, I think, there's a lot of things that we have missed.
I mean, this book is so profound now, so telling that it actually deserves an entire treatment.
And again, I'm sure most people are familiar with the overall story.
Okay, there's Big Brother and yeah, he surveils, you know, everybody in society and everybody's put under these, you know, tyrannical boot, you know, of the police state and all this.
That's true, but
There's so many pieces of nuance, so many details that deserve to be covered, that I beg you, please go listen to this on audio.
If you don't have time to read it, if you drive to work, listen to 1984.
Because the story is coming from a guy who had seen both sides of the dialectic, right?
He had seen different intelligence agencies and their secret police, how they worked at different times.
I'm speaking of Eric Blair.
He has seen the communist, dialectic, the socialists, and even the Western power structure and their so-called democracy really all kind of being these systems that are used to manipulate people.
And to what end?
Well, if you saw recently, Klaus Schwab had said that now it's time for the Great Reset.
In fact, I think Alex covered this a couple of days ago.
He said that, you know, COVID, all of this is our opportunity.
It's our great opportunity.
Don't ever let
A crisis go to waste.
This is our opportunity to reset all of society to year zero, basically, right?
And bring in this technocratic order by which you'll have a universal basic income.
And essentially what he's talking about is the combining the elements of Western capitalism with Eastern socialism.
And that synthesis, which is a Hegelian philosophical idea, to synthesize two opposing structures produces
This higher level order, at least that's how the philosophy of dialectics and Hegelianism and Marxism thinks.
And so the idea would be that the super state that's created out of these kind of smashing the things together would be that higher level next order.
Now, again, Eric Blair, George, he wrote this book in 1947, 48.
So he was privy apparently to what the Royal Society, the Western elite, the Atlanticist establishment had planned
For the global order, and so people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, they represent the kind of technocrats that he's talking about with the inner party, right?
The O'Brien, right?
This O'Brien type of character is perfect as an image, as an archetype of the kind of people that are now saying openly that it's time to bring in this technocratic year zero Great Reset.
Where's year zero come from?
Well, if you remember in the book, Winston is writing at this sort of ambiguous period after a revolution.
There was a great revolution that occurred to overthrow this older bourgeois, this older control structure that supposedly now Big Brother had saved everybody from.
And Big Brother has this powerful propaganda outlet, right, the Ministry of Truth, by which they rewrite history and they rewrite the news as it comes out.
OK, so the news that comes out in the novel is fake news, fake news, literally fake news.
OK, so we were told about fake news a long time ago in this story.
And I want to stress that this is not just a fiction novel.
It's not just a dystopian story.
It's actually a really profound study in psychological warfare.
And this is an important discipline for understanding how the world works, what we're going through in today's society, how to break down these supposed false dialectics, the fake news, the psi war.
Excuse me there.
Anytime I break out these old books, I start sneezing.
Mind war, psi war, these are key elements.
And that's really the big weapon, right, that Big Brother has over the population.
And so when we come back after this break, we're going to break down the mind war, the psi war, the super state, the power block structure that Big Brother had broken the world into in its technocracy, which was a powerful prediction, right?
Somewhat 50, 60 years ago, where we are today.
Don't go anywhere.
This is The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Jay Dyer.
Welcome back to The Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of jaysanalysis.com.
If you want my books, by the way, where I cover these kinds of things in film and fiction, go to my website and you can find the shop section there and you can get signed copies of my books, Esoteric Hollywood 1 and 2, which again, covers this stuff.
Now we were talking about how Big Brother had broken the world up into these power blocks.
And Winston, of course, lives in
I don't
East Asia, right?
That they're in war with, a perpetual war, right?
So the revolution, we learned, didn't end, even though it brought in this technocratic world government.
It's a never-ending perpetual revolution.
And there's another key, and of course in its, you know, compliment, you could say cousin book, Brave New World, that Aldous Huxley wrote, if you read that and you read the introduction,
That Aldous Huxley wrote in that novel.
It's really important because Huxley says in the introduction to the novel that this is not a fiction story.
It's not just some dystopia.
I'm actually telling you what my brother, Julian, and the people at the UNESCO Royal Society, the plan that they have for the technocracy to bring in.
So this is an expose, a kind of gaslighting in a way, because I don't believe that Aldous was a hero who was telling us the truth.
I think he was in on this as well as the rest of these people.
Perhaps Orwell was trying to tell the truth because he had seen from the inside how this is a managed dialectic.
So the super states, as we said, are all kind of ruled by this inner party.
And the inner party is kind of like a secret society.
We don't know a lot about it.
Winston has scant details about it.
He just knows that they're kind of revered and given this priest of power kind of reverence and deferment, right?
They're worshipped because they have raw power.
And Winston starts to realize as he's working in the ministry of truth, that as he's basically mandated with updating history,
Because there is no such thing as objective truth in history.
So, Big Brother's world is relativistic, right?
But it's not a pure relativism where there's no such thing as truth, there's no such thing as right and wrong.
Objectively, it's a mandated truth that the system gives to you.
So, in other words, Big Brother is truth.
The party is truth, right?
In fact, I just had a debate with an atheist not too long ago and
The first thing he said in his opening statement was something to the effect that, look, truth is just simply whatever the collective majority of scientists say it is.
Because he's literally mimicking and echoing the very point of Orwell's novel, which is that truth is whatever the party says it is.
And this is crucial to understand that
This occurred because Big Brother was successful in demoralizing the population, right?
Who's the population?
Well, they're called the proles.
They're called the proletariat, the working class, right?
The middle class and the lower class.
And what Big Brother had done in terms of the revolution and over time was basically so beat them down and so demoralized them through intentional confusion and contradictions
That the society actually developed a dissociative state?
Yes, 1984 is literally about trauma-based mind control.
And you think, well, that sounds like a weird conspiracy thing and that's in culture or something.
How is that this fiction novel?
Because if you get to the end of the novel, which we'll get to in a second, but getting a little ahead of myself, Big Brother lays out the metaphysics of Big Brother, the philosophy of Big Brother, the reality that Big Brother has, the ethics that Big Brother has, the epistemology or the doctrine of knowledge that Big Brother has.
And those scenes where he's going through the torture with, you know, with Winston are so powerful precisely because they give this terrifying dark logic, you could say, of the technocratic system.
But before we get to that, I want to point out some of the other insights that we were given, which was that the first thing Winston notices as he's, you know, figuring out the Big Brother's full of contradictions is that
They're told every day that they're free.
They're told every day, right, that the system loves them.
They're told every day, right, that it's essentially a liberal system.
It's liberal and loving, even though it's totally brutal.
It's totally a culture of death, a cult of death, basically.
And in fact, O'Brien will more or less say that at the end of the book, that it's a death cult.
But everybody had been so dissociated and so put into a double think state, a double mind, mind control state, that whatever they were told, even though in their face the reverse was true, they believed the inversion.
So to get to a place where the population believes inversion, psychological warfare specialists, social engineers, right, they have to perfect the technique
Of demoralizing the population.
Because when you've demoralized the population, this is part of the strategy of how you overthrow a population.
All the way back to Sun Tzu.
All the way back to even Machiavelli's book, Art of War, right?
He has an Art of War as well that talks about all these techniques and strategies to demoralize the enemy.
So if you demoralize the enemy, they don't have a basis from which to judge true and false, to judge right and wrong.
Thus, the super state loves relativism
And basically subjectivism.
Now, I hope you know what that is, but if you don't, it's just simply the idea that there's nothing true.
Whatever floats your boat, dude.
My truth is my truth.
Your truth is your truth.
Why does the state love that?
Well, if the state is able to have that as the majority view amongst its population, then most people are going to defer to whatever the state says.
The state now becomes the incarnation of truth.
It becomes the arbiter of truth.
It will tell you what vaccines do, regardless of what they actually do.
No, no, it doesn't matter what happens.
If we say that this will save you, it will save you.
It doesn't matter if millions of people end up dead.
None of that matters because do what we say because we say so.
And if you object to this, you're mentally insane.
So that's the next key point here is that a lot of people miss the fact 1984 is a medical dictatorship.
It's a medical tyranny.
Because Winston is constantly told that his life is healthy, right?
He's got victory gin.
He's got victory smokes.
Everything that he has in his life, which is just this dismal, right?
Like a gray blue jean worker outfit existence, right?
He's told that he's healthy, he's free, and he's prosperous.
And some days they even give him chocolate, right?
And what does Klaus say?
You're going to eat, you're going to eat the bugs, you're going to eat the sewage, you're going to eat the pizza, right?
All of these things Klaus is telling us we're going to do is basically the life that you see in 1984.
That's Winston's life.
But Winston starts to realize that something's wrong here, right?
And perhaps he thinks there's hope in the resistance that O'Brien initially thinks is leading.
He suspects that there's this kind of
Revolution against this counterinsurgency against Big Brother that maybe O'Brien is kind of the head of.
Now, ironically, Winston's suspicions are kind of on point, right?
Like he's kind of correct, if you know the story, that there is some truth to the notion that O'Brien is involved in the figure of Emanuel Goldstein and this revolution against Big Brother.
But as you all know, spoiler alert,
It's actually O'Brien that has written the manual of oligarchical collectivism that is Immanuel Goldstein, the fictional terrorist or revolutionary force against Big Brother.
It's O'Brien himself that has written the text and manual for opposing Big Brother.
Now, if we think about this and applying to what Alex talked about in the first couple hours, isn't it interesting that, do you remember what we saw with the QAnon nonsense, right?
We saw this idea of Operation Trust, going back to what Bolsheviks did, where they had a false, right, opposition that was actually led by the system.
And what they did through this was to smoke out all of the potential counter-revolutionaries.
That's exactly what O'Brien does in 1984.
Emmanuel Goldstein is a front.
It's a cutout.
And by the way, isn't it interesting that he's a terrorist and throughout 1984, they're conducting a war on terror by an opponent created and controlled by the system.
Well, it sounds exactly like the Mujahideen, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden.
Exactly right.
ISIS, right?
Western created things that become a
Skeleton key, right, for wherever we want to then go in and invade.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm breaking down found things in 1984.
J. Dyer, Jason Alasdair.
Don't go anywhere.
Stay right there.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, J. Dyer, Jason Alasdair.
We are breaking down 1984 and all the profound and nuanced insights into the modern day, where we are in this technocratic emergent dictatorship.
And I was speaking of the way that Big Brother mind control people.
I want to point out the rituals, too.
There's this notion of humiliation rituals.
And remember that in the conception of Eric Blair, Orwell, the problem would be something communistic, right?
It would be this authoritarian police state dictatorship with the boots, you know, stamping on your face.
And then there's an insight, I think, that
I think so.
Vegetable state, right?
Like you just lay around basically stoned out of your mind all day long on these different pharmaceuticals, Soma as it's called in the novel.
And maybe that would be a better way to actually make people love their servitude.
So there's definitely an element that, you know, Huxley got right that was missing in 1984, but there's no shortage of the jackboot kind of stuff going on, especially with the lockdowns that we've seen now that was in 1984.
And on top of that, remember that yes, there is the mass surveillance state.
Literally everything that he does is surveilled.
In fact, there's a great scene in the movie where the John Hurt character playing Winston Smith, he basically has to huddle in the corner because that's the only area in his apartment where the cameras
Right or the TV screens don't watch him and so another predictive prophetic element that all of the TV screens all the devices the listening devices the communication devices are two-way and you're being recorded you're being listened to at all times.
Another, I think, terrifying element to this is that they weren't just concerned with outward forms of tyranny, outward forms of expression against Big Brother, writing a book or having secret meetings.
They were concerned with your thoughts, with your thought processes.
In other words, they want to know and make sure that you're not just outwardly giving deference to Big Brother, but that there's not even any mental option of defying Big Brother.
Now, Orwell is giving you the plan of the elite of the last hundred years at least.
He's telling you that that's their mindset.
And if you think, well, now, wait a minute.
Is there any evidence that they might try to do this to actually control thought?
And again, this may seem a little crazy or a little out there, but if you look into like the article you just saw there about the proteins, if you look into the possibilities of what nanotech can do and perhaps might be the case with these stabbies that everybody's getting,
I mean, there is the potentiality here.
We don't even know what's in these.
We don't know what is really going on for sure.
We have some ideas.
There's a lot of speculation, a lot of whistleblowers.
But the effects of this are unknown.
In fact, you might actually get a situation where people can literally be mind controlled via signals, right?
Via ELF, via VLF, through the nanotech, through the magnetized particulate that's going into people.
And so that would be even beyond.
We're good.
If CERN blasted us into the wrong timeline, where basically we're getting every dystopia blended together.
But one thing they didn't get was the total clown world cartoon level of the dystopia, right?
I mean, again, even Orwell, even Aldous Huxley couldn't have predicted the cartoonish absurdity of what we see.
But again, if you know the psychological warfare study that's going on here in 1984, you can begin to see it.
So I want to talk about the espionage elements, right?
The control of thought, the psi war that Big Brother does, which is so effective because on the one hand, it's really intricate.
But on the other hand, it's also really simplistic, right?
Because we know Big Brother is evil.
We know he's out for control and he wants to control the mind.
So he's interested in mind control.
So what's he going to do to do it to affect this mind control?
As we said, he creates a fake resistance.
First of all, it's actually called the Brotherhood.
So I don't know if that's the, you know, to give perhaps a deference to or a nod to Freemasonry or something like that.
I don't know, but it's basically a secret society that Big Brother has created as its fake resistance, its controlled opposition.
Meanwhile, Big Brother says, let's destroy the language so that the prole, so that the population can't even effectually communicate.
Because if they could communicate, they might could create art, literature,
Truth, commerce, anything that would show objectivity and truth outside of Big Brother.
So you see the reason, and this is a really profound insight on the part of Orwell, the reason that Big Brother has to control all thought, all actions, and language, all meaning, is because if it were to allow freedom, if it were to allow things outside of its
its definitions and determinations of what is true, then it would show that Big Brother isn't God.
And that's essentially what Big Brother is doing, is being and becoming God.
Think of the empires of the past.
Think of Nero, right, in the Roman Empire, or Pharaoh in Egypt, right?
The representative of the whole universe is the Emperor, is the God-Man, right?
And he demands you to worship him,
And then you can basically do whatever you want, right?
In the first 300 years of Christianity, this is why there were so many martyrs, is because the martyrs wouldn't admit that Caesar's God.
But a lot of people don't know that you could have any religion you wanted as long as you said Caesar's God.
Yeah, go worship those other gods, just remember that you do what we say.
And the same temptation has existed for any state
In history, to step into that place and decide that they're God, to control the churches, to control religion, to control everything in society, basically they have to become God.
That's the dark logic of the status system.
In 1984 is the ultimate status system, and it's the ultimate prediction of where we are now.
Remember too that in British intelligence, at least the way the Official Secrets Act worked in Britain, people that worked in intelligence couldn't write openly about what they had seen.
So what did they do?
Well, many of them would write fiction.
And this is kind of the beginning of what we might call fiction propaganda or predictive programming, right?
You would get writers like Graham Greene where they would write their intelligence exploits into the fiction.
So you would get more truth in the fiction than you would get in the Ministry of Truth's fake news that they would put out.
And this is another example of this, right?
Orwell is telling us that this is how the priests of power work in their system.
Even to the point where he predicts social justice warriors.
Yes, the youth justice leagues that go around basically tattletaling on anybody who says something about a woman being beautiful or something like, you can't do that, right?
You're evil.
You have to become shouted down, right?
You get these two minutes of hate, which are public humiliation rituals, the two minutes of hate, right?
Where you scream at a screen.
He predicted social justice warriors ratting out their parents.
Welcome back to the Oxygen Show.
I'm your guest host, Jay Dyer of Jay's Analysis.
You know, we were talking about the priests of power.
We were talking about the techniques of social engineering and social justice lawyering that exists in 1984.
Yes, it was the youth leagues that were tasked with pointing out the moral infractions, right?
Pointing out the
The harnessing of the youth, right?
Like the youth in Mao's revolution, right?
To overthrow the society so that everybody was basically in fear and in terror of being ratted out to Big Brother.
Now, that exists now.
We've seen this in other countries.
We see this in the U.S.
We see it where COVID is right now.
You can rat people out for COVID.
You can rat people out for their infractions, right?
Deplatform them for social justice violations.
At the same time, as we're told, there's no such thing as right and wrong.
There's no good and evil, that's a fiction, but it's wrong, right, to violate the laws of social justice morality.
So it makes no sense, it's totally contradictory, but that's the point of 1984, is that contradictions are truth.
Truth is contradiction.
Truth is whatever Big Brother says it is.
And that's why, again, language had to be destroyed.
Language had to be brought down to a debased level so that you couldn't communicate and you couldn't say anything objectively true.
There is no such thing as objectivity other than the objectivity that Big Brother says is the case.
I mentioned perpetual war, I mentioned the fake revolution.
Now remember that this includes a kind of a fake counter-revolution and re-education.
Winston is eventually taken to be re-educated and that's because he had wrong think.
He had these ideas that he could learn and discover truth apart from what Big Brother dictated was the truth.
And he's punished for this and it's a collective punishment.
The rest of the society is then tasked with excommunicating and humiliating and not having anything to do with him.
And so I want to just remember all of the elements, right, of the strategies of the Cold War, of what happens during the periods of the Bolshevik Revolution, of communism.
They're being applied now, not in a communist way, in a strict communist way, but in a melding of the two.
Monopoly capitalism and the, you could say, socialism, right?
Marxist collectivism.
They're being melded together, the worst elements of both of them, into today's society.
And that's why Klaus is now saying, you can see him talking about, right, the melding of these older orders into the new order, right, the Great Reset.
Why is it called the Great Reset?
Well, it's a reset because in the philosophy of the Weishaupt Illuminists, right, the Jacobins, they had this idea that we had to have year one.
We're out of year one because you can't have a reference to a history that tells you something about you, your tradition, your past, because that would be contrary to Big Brother's narrative.
Big Brother's narrative is that all the past was an oppressor-oppressed narrative, right?
There was an oppressor group.
We are all the oppressed.
That's all history is.
History is one giant conspiracy theory.
Oh yeah, by the way, there's no conspiracy theories except what we say are the conspiracy theories of Emanuel Goldstein, who doesn't exist and is just completely made up.
So there's a controlled chaos, a managed crises, there's a dialectics, there's an austerity that's enforced upon the population, right?
Winston doesn't have anything but basically cheap Viceroy cigarettes and Victory Gin, right?
He's got
Rolling blackouts.
There's all these kinds of things that we think of in terms of the shortages that are that are coming now.
The Klaus said we would have now.
This kind of stuff is coming here, right?
He's happy to get chocolate like once a month or something ridiculous like this, right?
He's constantly in a state of threat, fear, and anxiety, not just from the fake news, right?
Because they're constantly told about how they're going to be attacked at any moment.
There's going to be war at any moment.
So they're always in a state of agitation.
And this throws everybody for a loop, as well as at the same time constantly being surveilled, and thus the enforced self-policing, right?
So there's a psychological component to, if you know that you're always being watched, you will then train yourself over time to adapt to self-policing.
It's called entrainment.
And this occurs via the studies that were done at the time of Jeremy Bentham and the social theorists who concocted the Panopticon, which was a prison with a guard tower in the middle who could see into all the cells of the prisoners around him.
So this eliminated the need for a huge amount of guards, because if there's just a couple guys up there basically just staring and watching at all times,
Then what they learned was that the prison complex would self-police over time if they just knew, if they just had the psychological thought that they were being watched at all times.
Over time, they would be trained to police their own thought and to police their own speech and actions.
And that's exactly what's present in 1984, right?
In fact, Winston doesn't even necessarily know if at all times there's a person on the other side of the telescreen watching him, but just the thought that there might be is enough, right?
And so as Winston starts to kind of do things against Big Brother and he gets a little bit of rebellious streak, we know he starts going after this woman that he falls in love with, which is all forbidden, right, in this system.
One thing that was missed was the total inversion of
Human biology and anatomy, right?
So, I don't think that even Orwell could have believed that we'd be in a situation where, you know, black is white, white is black, the sky is green, to the extent that they can literally reverse biology and people believe it and enforce it, right?
So there's this, you know, sequence as you see there, the notes being passed of Winston thinking, I'm getting in on the revolution.
I'm going to, you know, we're going to, we're going to fight this.
We're going to, we're going to see through Big Brother's lies.
Let's get the word out.
But what Winston hasn't realized is mob psychology, right?
He hasn't realized, he hasn't figured out how the collective has been so demoralized and so debased, right?
That they are now basically a giant blob army for Big Brother.
And from the technocrat perspective, we are seeing this right now, right?
The half of this country is now a blob army for this, for Big Brother, for O'Brien, right?
For the technocrats.
Because they will believe anything that they're told.
Now, the other half of the population is awake in varying degrees, right?
It's about half and half.
And I think that Alex is right that ultimately, really, all this only makes sense if we are understanding this as a foreign
Take down operation, right?
That they want to destroy, demoralize, and take down this country, as well as others, because it's one of the, not the only one, but one of the main stumbling blocks, roadblocks, to the full technocratic order.
And it's not because they want to empower China or some other country, right?
The long-term goal is the total obliteration of humanity.
That's the key here to understand.
He said, well, how does that relate to 1984?
How does Winston, how does O'Brien end the story?
What does he start telling O'Brien at the end?
He says, don't you understand that it's anti-logic on purpose?
It's confusing.
It's absurd on purpose.
You're sitting around trying to figure out why we're doing these things that are absurd.
Why are we telling you to wear two, three, ten masks?
It makes no sense.
Yes, exactly.
It's intended to not make sense, right?
And I'm sure you've heard Alex say this over many years, right?
They're doing it on purpose because it doesn't make sense.
And people still can't get this.
Why would they do something that don't make sense?
Because that's a psychological warfare tactic.
It's in this book.
It's one of the key weapons
In O'Brien's arsenal, is to get you to do absurd things, right?
If you know about the Cold War, there's all these stories of people in camps who were, they would be told to do absurd activities.
I want you to take this pile of rocks, and I want you to spend the entire day moving this pile of rocks over here, five feet.
And then you do that, and then, oh, thank you, prison guard, I've done it.
No, now I want you to take all those rocks and move them right back.
And it's like, why?
And the point is, because we say so.
Because it's to train you, to demoralize you, to break your will.
And I was reading about MKUltra, and I was reading about some of the studies that were done, and how parallel it is to what O'Brien's doing.
And they say, in some of these MKUltra studies, and the things that Dr. Ewan Cameron did and others, is to break the person's will.
Now, everybody knows this goes on in torture scenarios of governments, right?
But why do we think it's strange that they wouldn't take all that information and study and research and apply it to the population?
Of course they are.
We are living in this right now.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Jason Nelson.
I guess I was getting into the psychological warfare, mind control, MKUltra.
Breaking the will, breaking the spirit of man.
It reminds me again of that quote from Bertrand Russell, who's in these circles of these technocrats, who said that the spirit and will of man would have to be broken down, which is interesting because if there's no spirit or will of man, which he also said as a materialist, then why does it have to be broken down?
But he's just expressing that mindset, that metaphysic or that worldview that O'Brien expresses at the end of the book.
In this last segment, I want to get to the crux of the book and talk about the inner party.
If you remember, over time throughout the story, Winston knows and learns a little more, a little more, a little more about this inner party who seems to have all these amenities.
They're radical socialists, equalitarians, yet they have all of these elite amenities.
And isn't that the case, right?
The socialist leaders are always millionaires, multimillionaires, billionaires, right, that have
Offshore accounts, islands, palaces, but they're socialists and they believe in equality for everyone.
And so he's starting to realize again, at every level, it's lies and inversion.
Everything is the opposite of what it's supposed to be and what it's said to be.
And then we get to this story about how there's an inner party and an outer party that he's being introduced to.
Who is the inner party?
Well, isn't it interesting that this matches up almost perfectly with what Dr. Carol Quigley wrote in The Anglo-American Establishment about how the Western world was structured in terms of its inner core of what is called the elect.
And the elect being, of course, the top 10, 12 families, banking elites nowadays, right?
The corporate and tech elites.
And those top 10, 12 people
And bloodlines and families are aided by an outer party called helpers, the society of helpers, the outer crew that serves this inner crew and the outer crew, the outer party, which Winston, they don't know what the inner party is up to.
They're intentionally kept at a dumbed down propaganda, stupid level.
And they simply can't figure it out.
Why can't they figure it out?
Well, as Winston and O'Brien have this protracted, wild discussion, Winston is given this opportunity to ask all these questions to Big Brother.
And you might think, well, Big Brother's just going to lie to him.
No, he doesn't lie to him, because there's a gaslighting phenomenon here that's so profound and so in your face.
That O'Brien literally just tells him the actual truth, right?
So he doesn't have to lie to Winston because he knows that the profound evil of what O'Brien is doing and what the party is doing is so astounding that Winston won't have the will and spirit to oppose it because nobody can see that it's that evil.
So do you see the power in that?
What's the phase that Rudolf Hess or Goering that had the famous statement that the lie is so big, right, nobody will ever challenge it, right, because nobody would think that you would lie that big.
Well, that's kind of what's going on here, right, is the society is so duped and so traumatized
That they're demoralized to the point that they can't oppose it.
And in this story, we've passed the point where there could be resistance, right?
The family has been eliminated because the family is obviously a competitive firewall of a sphere of authority that Big Brother doesn't control.
So that has to be eliminated, right?
And what are we seeing now?
We're seeing not just the elimination of family, but of biology.
But if you think about it, the elimination of biological categories isn't really an actual elimination of biology.
It's the control of language.
It's the control of speech, which, if you remember, we're told in the book, in the story, that when newspeak, the dictionary of newspeak, is complete, that is the destruction and control of the language, when that's complete, then the revolution is complete.
And you might think, well, why is the revolution complete when it comes to speaking?
Wouldn't it be, you know, guns and being out in the street?
No, no, no.
That's the point.
That's the point O'Brien makes to Winston, which is that, don't you understand that this was all a revolution of the mind?
And they have this amazing discussion towards the end of the book when Winston's being tortured.
And O'Brien says, there is no individual.
There's only the collective.
The collective has all power.
And so that's why you are depersoned when you are not in line with the collective.
And the collective isn't actually even what all the people say.
The collective is expressed in Big Brother.
So actually, Big Brother is just the party.
The collective is just the party.
And he says to O'Brien, the party is what's immortal.
The party is what's eternal.
The party is what is power.
It is reality.
Everything that you call the person, the individual, he says, none of that even matters.
We don't even acknowledge its existence.
O'Brien silenced him by a movement of the hand.
We control matter because we control the mind.
So he says it doesn't matter what your theory of matter, pun intended, is.
It doesn't matter what you believe about the external world, what you think about logic, what you think about metaphysics, blah, blah, blah.
None of that matters, he says, because all we have to do is control people's perception of reality and we control the world.
That's a profound statement and we've seen people like Karl Rove, Henry Kissinger echo that, right?
The control of the public's perception is really the control of reality.
For the priests of power, they don't care about the metaphysics of what's true and let's get out there and solve the secrets of nature.
They only care about solving the secrets of nature insofar as they're useful to the power structure to control the mind.
And that's what O'Brien says.
He says,
Reality is inside your skull, Winston, and you're going to learn that, that there is no law of nature.
We make the laws of nature.
And so Winston is confused by this because he thinks, well, you don't control the external world.
You don't literally control the laws of nature.
They are without you.
And O'Brien replies by saying, no, no, no.
Did you not hear what I said?
He says, have you forgotten your double think?
He says, the universe, it may be out there, but we don't care.
Because what we're concerned with is the control of your perception of the universe.
And as long as we control that perception, it doesn't matter what is actually going on out there.
Thus, that's the sense in which O'Brien says, we, the party, make the laws of nature.
You probably heard about Soviet science, or Lysenko, or these kinds of things.
Well, those are examples of this, right?
And people nowadays kind of look back and, ha ha ha, we laugh at how silly it was for the Soviet scientists.
They got everybody to believe this, right?
Or the Teutonic philosophy of the superiority of some German tribe.
Ha ha, how did people believe this?
Well, now we live in a situation where we're told the exact same types of lies, it's just a different lie, and everybody believes it, right?
Because everybody believes that we are just simply to trust the science.
There's no better example of trust the science, right?
Dr. Fauci saying, I am science.
That's what O'Brien says.
Do you see this?
This is O'Brien level stuff.
He's saying, I'm the science.
If you define me, you're defying science.
That's like straight out of O'Brien's playbook.
And Winston says, so you're telling me basically a form of solipsism, right?
And this is the philosophy that all that exists is what's in your mind.
And O'Brien says, no, no, no, you misunderstand me, right?
You're still thinking in terms of philosophy.
And he says, Winston, metaphysics is not your strong point.
He says, because you're missing the point that I'm making, which is far more simpler than you're making it.
Which is, again, it's not a theory of what's out there in the world.
It's just a theory of mind control, you see.
What does Fauci say?
Fauci says, you just do what I say.
Just do what we say.
Just take your damn shot, right?
So, again, it's not a philosophy system that's out there to discover truth, that's trying to figure out a consistent, logical approach to the world and blah, blah, blah.
All that stuff
O'Brien just laughs at him, right?
And this is why, in my view, O'Brien is really one of the greatest villains in all of fiction.
Because what he says is so horrible, so horrifying, so terrifying, and so plausibly real, that that makes him far greater a villain than anyone like Darth Vader or whatever, right?
And then it moves into the torture and the power is pain, pain is power.
You cannot have family, you cannot have free associations.
We will decide that you are a heretic.
And he basically, it's couched as kind of religious, right?
The big party is likened to God in this final great discourse between O'Brien and Winston.
And he says, basically, you are no more than an animal in our zoo.
You are no more than a test subject in a lab.
The world is our lab.
You're an animal test subject in that lab, and you will dutifully do what you're told, right?
And what happens?
Of course, the story is a great warning tale, because Winston goes through this process, he rats out his girlfriend, and basically he finally learns to love Big Brother.
And so this conditioning process, right, it works.
And that's what we have to be aware of.
Nascent sodium and potassium.
Three forms of pure elemental iodine that went together, fused together to create what is called stable iodine.
Now I'm not a chemist, I'm not a scientist, but years ago when X3 became our bestseller, we went to top developers and we said, how can we make an X3?
And they said, well,
Some people can't absorb pure atomic nascent iodine, but if you add the other two types, it supercharges it and delivers it into the cells better.
So I said, which one's better?
They said, it's really apples and oranges.
It depends on the person.
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All of these things are essential, meaning if you do not have it, your body breaks down and you die.
What a thought.
Takes 3-4 days to die without water, takes about a month or so to die without food on average.
But what's in the food?
Well, it's the vitamins, it's the minerals, it's the different elements our body has to have.
One of the big ones is iodine.
Check this out for yourself.
Even Wikipedia links to UN reports that over 2 billion people on the face of the earth have lower IQs and other cognitive disabilities because of iodine deficiencies.
Wherever you get iodine, get it.
Sea salt has it.
Fish has it.
The problem is it's not strong in sea salt and a lot of the stuff in fish is contaminated with mercury and other things.
This doesn't have any of that.
Totally clean.
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