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Name: 20210612_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 12, 2021
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The speaker criticizes the corrupt globalist elites who aim to control human evolution and future through various means such as fake prosperity, poison culture, and environment. They are against the open society promoted by classical Christianity and the United States. These globalists exploit beyond slave labor, test lockdowns on cities to implement their control, and plan to replace humanity with automation robots. The speaker believes in trusting their Creator and urges others to join them in fighting against these evil forces that deceive and betray for selfish gains. They promote InfoWars products to boost overall health and happiness at a discounted price on their website, InfoWarsStore.com.

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The corrupt, overarching technocracy that controls the consortium of elites on the planet, and is directing the post-human, post-industrial world, wants to control the future, wants to be able to direct human evolution, and is directly opposed to the laissez-faire, open society that the United States stood for, or the whole free will system promoted by classical Christianity.
So everything you're witnessing is the future being stolen by a group that's hell-bent to absolute power.
The only way to do that is to end the human species as we know it.
Because the species is designed to be free and designed to rebel every time it's oppressed.
So they're killing us with fake prosperity and poison culture and quite literally poison environment.
While holding themselves up as the guardians of that environment so that as that environment implodes The script's written where the general public's told that it's their fault, so they must sacrifice themselves to save humanity, to save their children.
Just as ancients would sacrifice their children if the crops weren't coming in.
But in reality, it is the globalists that are on such a megalomaniac-backed power trip, such a maniacal system of thought, that They don't even care if the planet is expended in their quest for Godhood and their quest for God-like powers.
So everything else is just window dressing.
I mean, I could go on my show and talk about Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather.
And as a man, as a human, that has my primitive side, that's an enjoyable circus, it's fun, it's the present circuses that served as a distraction in the Roman times and serve as a distraction Again, today.
So we have to recognize what that is.
Just like food can be a diversion.
Sex can be a diversion.
You control churches or diversions.
But I mean, what is reality?
Well, what is your destiny?
What do you stand for?
What do you want to build?
And it really is the recognizing of beauty, God's creation, and the appreciation of God, the Creator, that will then allow us to understand what God's plans for us are, if we accept those plans.
And grow the way that God would have us grow with the template we've been given.
To go against that is basically a malfunction or what you'd call sin.
So I'm going to trust my Creator, not those that hijack the creation and reprogram it to build abominations.
Because everything these globalists construct is an abomination.
When the impetus, when the Influence That they're getting their Their ideas from is he's anti God it's always destructive and ugly But when they imitate just nature That is just the extension of God's creation It's always elegant incredible and beautiful So I could talk about
All the incredible things happening, but it's all just pieces to the larger system, and if you can't pull back and witness it for what it is, and realize that this is all about a choice we're making, you don't have any hope.
Just one example is this Global UN Corporate Council headed up by Apple and the rest of the Fortune 100.
They're all on there.
Name them.
And they've just come out and announced, oh, do this.
To avoid a climate lockdown, which means shutting off the resources to select areas, having an app on your phone that controls everything you do, everywhere you go, that tracks you.
And this is all being openly introduced to us.
The infrastructure is already built and we're all addicted to it.
We're all inculcated to it like a face sucker.
That's our pet, but really it's our master and our destroyer.
And then you just think about the incredible selfishness and evil and just anti-human corruption of those very executives like Tim Cook, the most complicit executive in international studies by prestigious organizations, human rights organizations.
Look it up.
Apple is amongst the very, very worst offenders in exploiting beyond slave labor.
I mean, these are high-tech psychological warfare prisons that the Uyghurs and others are in that are being tested for us.
And all the lockdowns around the world in their own admissions, Klaus Schwab and others, are beta tests being carried out by corporations and by psychologists and psychiatrists.
And they admit they're carrying out these lockdowns of cities and things as a test to see how they get implemented on a planetary scale.
And how they implement it to shut down all businesses and corporations they don't control.
And then once they control the resources and put us on universal income, after they've bankrupted us, their big goal is, quote, debt forgiveness, but it won't be debt forgiveness.
You'll have to sign on to the new system, the new code, and it'll just be credits put right on your phone.
And because of computers and systems coming out, automation robots, It makes humanity step aside to become obsolete.
We step into the office of obsolescence ourselves in the name of saving the Earth, in the name of building some new great future, but really we're building our own guillotine.
But then we understand that these globalists don't just want to molest our children and start wars and Poison the planet with radiation, and play God with all these genetic monsters they're splicing, but that they really do themselves follow a group collective, an entity, just from a purely scientific perspective, I could say I don't know.
I mean, I know God, I feel God, I have a spiritual connection, but just, I could turn that off, or let's say set it aside, and only focus on this like a general would, or a scientist, A futurist.
And it's post-human.
And then they tell you it's post-human.
So they're not even lying about that.
They're quite proud of their project.
But they teach the public that, you know, what left are children.
Like, oh, that doesn't exist, sweetheart.
Like you tell a three-year-old, there are no bad men in the world.
And of course there are.
And this is humanity having its senses cut off, being put in an artificial reality to be weakened.
So basically, political, cultural, psychic vampires, but also physical vampires.
They don't live forever in their bodies, but the spirit is, let's just say, very old.
And it is a draining, it is a process of taking the image of God, the image of the Creator.
And I'd read that when I was a kid, and go, what does that mean?
Look at what we can build, what we can do, anything we want basically.
That's about taking that and removing its arms, its legs, its eyes, its nose, its taste, and then putting it into a box so you can program that brain that is that interface to the universe with whatever false program you want so that you can then enslave it and have it trick itself into turning its free will over to this entity, or entities, or a genetic expression that's stamped into us, maybe a self-destruct code?
Maybe it's just a self-destruct code that was put into us, that if we follow certain paradigms, certain thought processes, and we're bad, then we just kill ourselves?
I mean, you can say that's it.
That would just get into the more modern psychological narrative, narrow strictures, paradigms that the controllers brought forward.
I just know I've been around globalists, I've been around Armenians, and they're just creepy, weird, unhappy, scared people.
And... I just can't turn my will over to these people.
And I don't take any pleasure in their destruction, but I would liken it to trying to come up for water.
Come up out of the water.
Trying to get oxygen.
You've been 50 feet down skin diving and you're about to get to the surface and you just really want that air.
Unless you tear through the water with your hands, kick through the water with your feet.
In the process of getting this artificiality off of you, I would assume I guess that's seen as assaulting it.
But really all I'm trying to do is escape it and return to the equilibrium of the atmosphere of the universe from which I come, from which I was cut, from which I was made to serve the Creator.
And I seek I'm in communion with that Creator.
And I ask the Creator to strip me of my weakness, my impurities, to raise me up so that I can be strong and help myself and help others.
And I will carry out whatever that Creator's will is to the own destruction of this body and the great pain.
I commit myself in the belief that God will carry me through it and that I am a soldier that stands Willing to be destroyed if need be.
To stand against this monster so that innocence and creativity and free will can continue on in the universe.
And I pledge myself to God.
And I ask others that see the world as I do and wish to build a better planet, a better universe to join me in this eternal struggle so that we can separate ourselves from the pain Deception.
And the betrayal.
And the loneliness.
That is the enemy.
Oh, there's a lot to cover.
A lot to go through.
But we are witnessing evil try to convince us to go along with it and it will give us resources, but the whole time it's cutting off our resources and blocking free energy resources to make us poor.
Try to convince us to then sell our souls.
When the food and the shelter they offer is all nothing but a poisonous prison.
We'd better starve to death and physically die than to even think about turning our will, our soul, over to this, this disaster of true ugliness.
and death.
Except for stitch and shade.
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