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Name: 20210612_Sat_Alex
Air Date: June 12, 2021
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The speaker discusses the increase in anger due to lockdowns and claims that it is part of a "Great Reset" agenda. They criticize Klaus Schwab for suggesting people will become angrier until they accept this agenda. The speaker also mentions censorship of information about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as potential treatments for COVID-19, as well as the suppression of Senators discussing this topic. They argue that world governments are moving towards a single global government control under the guise of the Great Reset, which they see as an effort to take away individual freedoms and rights. In another video, a person tries to enter a park for a free Philharmonic Orchestra concert but is denied entry because only vaccinated individuals were allowed in the park. The individual argues that it's against their rights as taxpayers since the property belongs to them, but the authorities do not care. This is part of the Excelsior Pass policy in New York City. The person expresses concern about this situation being an example of a dystopian takeover where governments and big corporations work together to enforce their agendas on society. Alex is offered to join powerful individuals involved in sinister activities but refuses because they are attacking the family, among other things. They discuss mega banks starving millions by blocking treatments for COVID-19 and how the UN is blocking these treatments in hundreds of countries. Big tech censorship AI prevents people from accessing important information and reports from scientists. The video shows clips of speakers discussing various topics related to control and power dynamics in society. One speaker emphasizes taking back control at the local level, while another criticizes modern identities as superficial and policies that prioritize boys' wants over girls' needs. The discussion shifts to the UN advisory board promoting a carbon and gender-neutral society, which is seen as blaming humans for climate change and implying they are the cause of it. In another video, the speaker discusses how big corporations have prospered during the COVID-19 pandemic due to shutting down smaller businesses. They criticize the left for not standing up against corporate giveaways and point out that big businesses often benefit from close relationships with the government. The speaker also mentions various topics including race division, gender politics, climate change, and the idea of whiteness as a malignant parasitic-like condition being published in a medical journal. They argue that these ideas are being used to create divisions among people and control them. The speaker discusses how control theory, cybernetics, and human behavior can be used for malicious purposes if individuals with financial power enter the domain of genetics and brain control. They draw parallels between historical events such as the Magna Carta and current struggles to control money lending and its influence on society. Alex Jones discusses with Dr. John Diamond how the Constitution of the United States is the answer to the current state of affairs in the world today. He mentions President Putin's recent constitution, which should be seen in the context of the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, and other constitutional changes aiming for human rights and spiritual life. Alex emphasizes that a robot cannot have a spiritual life but humans do, and young people possess immense power to change the world for the better.

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Tomorrow's news today.
So we will see definitely a lot of anger already now, but probably increase by the end of the year.
So we have to prepare for a more angry world and I see the need for action.
I see the need for a great reset.
Whether it is the highest levels of the United Nations and the corporate world, or whether it's your local school board,
In Australia or the United States, it doesn't matter.
It's all the exact same propaganda in the exact same order being deployed.
And what is the agenda?
It's not to have families.
It's not to have children.
It's to have chemicals, change our very biology to have a sexless planet.
We are being culled.
And of course, the political class and their controllers are doing this because they are extremely selfish and they want all the life extension technologies and all the incredible
Scientific breakthroughs for themselves.
Now, when I made the film Endgame 13-14 years ago, it was off their own statements and documents, but most of it was hypothetical.
Most of it was theoretical because they had not yet carried out more than 20-30% of it.
Now, they are well into their operation and are specifically being detailed that this is indeed their takeover.
So you saw that little funny piece I saw on Twitter, so I thought I'd play it here.
But Klaus Schwab, in his book, and the Davos Group, and many other statements, has said, we're going to make the world uncomfortable.
We're going to shut down small businesses.
We're going to bankrupt families.
We're going to deploy all these systems of massive control.
And then once people get angry and upset,
Then we're going to tell them the answer is a Great Reset, which it's the Great Reset that's causing all of this.
It's the Great Reset that creates a post-industrial world.
It's the Great Reset that gets rid of single-family dwellings.
It's the Great Reset that takes away your car.
It's the Great Reset that tells you you will have nothing, you will own nothing, and you will like it.
You will eat bugs.
You won't be allowed to travel.
We'll forcibly inoculate you.
You'll live in a 200 square foot coffin apartment.
Robots will make you obsolete.
I mean, these are all statements out of their mouths.
So they're going from beta to full operational.
And so I tend to get up here
On the weekday show.
And I tend to focus on each hour on five or six stories and then really pontificate on and get upset.
And I think sometimes the breaks make me become a little bit ADHD.
But I wanted today on this special Saturday, June 12th, 2021 transmission, this emergency broadcast, whole planet's in an emergency with megalomaniacal predators taking over, to really just go clip an article intensive
And as fast as I can go through these clips and tie all this together, because on the Friday show, I had tried to get to a lot of this, but ran out of time.
And I wanted to tie together the climate lockdowns of the Great Reset with the supposed COVID lockdowns and how they're seamlessly now meshing the two agendas together.
At the same time, and admitting it's for a post-industrial, post-human world.
So, simply incredible.
But let's just look at that clip again of Klaus Schwab saying, people are going to get angrier and angrier and angrier.
He just said that last week.
With the ongoing global lockdowns, the ongoing losing their jobs, the ongoing... In the United States, $4,000 in a year to the average person taken out of work.
Canada, similar numbers.
I mean, this is subsistence level.
This is prisoner training.
This is martial law.
This is cult control.
I mean, martial law, the third world is just, don't be out after 10 o'clock at night.
This is don't go outside your house, period.
And you notice the areas that submit, they're now saying in London, they're never really gonna end the lockdown.
And all these world leaders are saying, if you don't take the inoculation,
You can't have a job, you can't go out.
And they're making people not just wear Jewish stars, like Hitler did, stars of David, if you were Jewish.
In places like India, they're making you wear big skull and crossbones signs around your neck if you don't take the deadly injection.
So this is all really coming to a head in Pakistan.
They're taking your cell phones away, just turning them off if you don't submit.
And we've got world leaders
And leaders of the United States calling for the same thing.
So it's here, ladies and gentlemen.
But here's Klaus Schwab saying, we're going to make people angrier and angrier and angrier until they accept the Great Reset.
And they're now announcing what that means.
A universal income of $1,200 a month, 1,200 euros a month, or about 1,800 Canadian dollars a month.
I mean, it varies.
We're talking about less than a thousand pounds a month, but you still got to work.
They just dictate every facet of your life.
So today you see a lottery in all these states with the governors up there going, Oh, you won 10,000.
You won 50,000.
You took your shot.
You're a good little creature.
And people are learning to have their medical details on TV and then announce how much they loved it so they got money.
This is getting you ready for the universal social credit score, the universal medical app that Klaus Schwab has called for, where you can buy and or sell without it and tied to it is a digital wallet to buy and sell Australia's leader.
Their prime minister just announced that on Thursday.
I played that clip on Thursday and Friday.
And so this is against standardized.
From the big corporations, from the UN, and a major senator, it's on Infowars.com, had hearings and had medical scientists stand about the suppression of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin that are very, very cheap, $20 or so per drug for a full regimen.
You can take them preemptively, prophylactically.
And YouTube banned his video and blocked his channel, saying only the UN
Well, the U.N.
says it's not a man-made virus.
It doesn't come out of Wuhan.
The U.N.
is the globalist group that actually cooked it up and launched the attack.
And we're going under world government control.
That's what the Great Reset is.
And Congress sits there stupidly.
Put it back up for me.
Yeah, there's the headline.
When gubernatorial hearings, Senate hearings, House hearings.
Hell, the former president had his Twitter and Facebook taken away and YouTube.
YouTube has suspended Senator Ron Johnson for COVID-19 misinformation.
So see, three years ago it's Alex Jones, now it's Senators.
And the Senators sit there, cucked, and let themselves be run to the ground like this because they're scared.
There's also city council meetings where doctors and scientists get up and families and people go up in wheelchairs and say, I took the shot and I'm paralyzed now.
That's taken down because you're not allowed to give your human testimony.
You're not allowed to give your human review online.
Your consumer human report isn't valuable because the UN said so.
Because big tech is merged with big pharma and the UN.
So without further ado,
Right now, let's start going to these clips.
But first, one more time, Klaus Schwab saying, we're going to make everybody so angry.
They're so angry, they're going to demand a great reset when it's the great reset that's bankrupting you.
But they think you don't have a memory, so you won't know why your life's so horrible.
And why things don't ever financially come back like they did.
And now they're saying, oh, don't worry.
The Great Reset's really going to continue the third world now, where they're going to collapse them worse than ever with ongoing lockdowns still in Africa, still in Asia, still in the subcontinent of India, still in Latin America.
You see the videos in Chile of an old lady going up.
There's new videos of this, and she doesn't have a smartphone, so a Storm Trooper cop says, no, you can't go in the grocery store, because she doesn't have proof that she's been vaccinated.
I played this on Friday, it gave me chills, nightmares.
I had nightmares about it last night.
And a nightmare is like, I couldn't like go to the grocery store.
It was just my brain going through this.
You try to go to the park where they've had free Philharmonic Orchestra for almost 100 years.
They said, sorry, only the vaccine allowed in the park.
It's city property.
Taxpayers paid for it.
That's illegal, but they don't care.
It's the Excelsior Pass.
It's just a total, total dystopic takeover.
They're not going from 1 mile an hour to 10 miles an hour, then 20 miles an hour, then 50 miles an hour.
They're going from 1 to 1,000 miles an hour, and then 10,000 miles an hour, then a million miles an hour.
I mean, this is full-on stampede, full-on blitzkrieg, full-on normalization of tyranny, full-on.
And here is Klaus Schwab, the former head of the UN Sustainability Board, that heads up the big corporate global Bilderberg consortium with Bill Gates and others, telling you, here it is.
So we will see definitely a lot of anger already now, but probably increase by the end of the year.
So we have to prepare for a more angry world.
And I see the need for action.
I see the need for a great reset.
Problem, reaction, solution.
Create the problem.
The public begs for it to be fixed.
And of course, the same people that created the problem offer
A planetary world government and a system where the science of tyranny is law.
Tyranny is a science to these people.
Overhead shot, please.
I love going on Twitter.
I love going on Reddit.
I love going on Instagram, even though I'm banned from these places, and scrolling through and just seeing what great researchers and activists pull up.
And I knew about this, but had forgotten to cover it.
And this fellow here did a great job digging it up.
About us, World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
It's got all the big major global corporations here and they call for lockdowns controlled by big tech and the corporations coordinated with the large banks.
Very important information and that's going to tie into all the climate lockdown news.
I'll just move that camera up a little bit higher for me.
There we go, thank you.
So this ties into all of it and the announcements that you'll notice the corporate leaders are saying, and when I play you G7 clips, then the puppets are then regurgitating.
And then you'll hear that at your national level, your state level, your local level.
You'll hear it in your church.
You'll hear it in your business.
With all these little bots that don't even know what they're part of, they just know they get patted on the head and get given a metaphysical cookie
When they parrot and push and nag and nanny all of this.
But it has nothing to do with saving the Earth.
It's a total, absolute, complete power grab.
So here's this Twitter researcher pointing this out and giving you his analysis of the public announcements that are the London Guardian, everywhere that, oh yes, we're not going to have climate lockdowns where your smartphone tells you when you can go out, where you can go, what your thermostat can be set at, when you can have beef,
Remember, they were showing school children 12 years ago in England in UN-funded, Rockefeller-funded, Carnegie-funded, Bill Gates-funded, it's at the end of the videos, 10 films on the Plandopolis, where it said, a smartphone will tell you when you go outside, when you eat food, you'll get meat once a year, you'll be able to travel outside your town three times in your life, you will be authorized to have children or not, and they're teaching this to school children 12 years ago.
Now we'll show you what they're teaching you today here in a moment, but let's start getting to it.
Here he is breaking it down.
Are you ready for climate lockdowns?
What, you think I'm making that up?
Avoiding a climate lockdown by the WBCSD.
That rolls off the tongue.
That stands for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Bloomberg, BMW, Chevron, BP, Dow, DuPont, Google, IBM, Ikea, Kellogg's, Nestle, Procter & Gamble, it just keeps going.
This was published way back in October 2020, so it's not even a new thing.
They say in the near future, the world may need to resort to lockdowns again, this time to tackle a climate emergency.
Wait, how could the climate create an emergency that we need a lockdown to solve?
Who cares?
They say under a climate lockdown, governments would limit private vehicle use, ban the consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures.
Fossil fuel companies would have to stop drilling.
To avoid such a scenario, we have to overhaul economics and do capitalism differently.
This is a total tyranny, which they themselves are exempt from, and that they rule over.
And you can see all the documents and all the proof from them, yourself.
I suggest you go read it.
I suggest you go look it up for yourself and see who's on the board.
The Carnegie Endowment is over it all, and the CIA Director is now the former head of the Carnegie Endowment.
So I'm going to be hitting that, as I said, here in just a moment.
But first, let's go to the next clip.
This is a top professor, scientist, on the London Telegraph podcast saying, looking back,
Lockdowns are the most catastrophic event of all of human history, starved tens of millions to death, and destroyed decades and decades of development, which is a death sentence to the third world, which we already knew, and they knew.
So remember when you hear, oh, we saved lives by doing the lockdown, all based on false PCR tests, the rest of it.
This was done to kill people, and all the little heroes that say they love it, and they're so cool to be part of it, are literally the equivalent of people that aided Hitler.
So here it is.
I do think that future historians will look back in this and say this was the single biggest public health mistake possibly in all history in terms of the scope of the harm that it's caused.
Every single poor person on the face of the earth has faced some harm, sometimes catastrophic harm, from this lockdown policy.
You know, the UN in April of last year estimated that 130 million people
Around the world would face starvation as a consequence of the lockdowns.
Hundreds of thousands of people would die from tuberculosis because they didn't receive basic treatments that would have saved their lives.
That's in developing the world.
The UN in March of this year estimated in South Asia alone 228,000 children have died from starvation and missed medical care because of the lockdowns there.
In developed countries we have similar problems, although maybe not quite the same scale.
Right, so women this year will come in with late-stage breast cancer that should have been diagnosed last year and they'll die from breast cancer that they should have survived.
Men and women together will die from colon cancer that should have been picked up last year.
Diabetics will have kidneys fail that should have been addressed during previous years.
We're going to have an enormous aftereffect of these lockdowns.
It's not simply one.
I mean, it's very, very simple.
You can't think about public health as if it were a just one thing.
Health is a multifaceted thing and public health should focus on all the facets of health.
Humans need more than just infection control.
Alright, so this is a nice guy, smart guy, but he's missing it.
It wasn't a mistake.
It wasn't a screw-up.
Klaus Schwab and them all admit Bill Gates is for depopulation and to create rationing of care and to create a global carbon ration that's controlled by a smartphone to begin with and then a microchip under your skin.
That's from Klaus Schwab's own mouth.
I probably played the clip 50 times.
Want to see it again?
Just type in Klaus Schwab calls for global medical ID and implantable chip.
I mean, you can watch him say it yourself.
That's what's so frustrating.
Yeah, when I read this stuff 30 years ago and 25 years ago and told people, it's one thing to go, well, that's theoretical.
It's here.
It's going on.
Go watch it yourself.
It's not my opinion.
And I'm going to explain this to you again.
They tried to hire me, the head of the Kissinger group in front of John Harmon, our oldest employee here.
And I'm like, you're saying this in front of John Harmon.
They're like, yeah, Alex, come on.
We're offering you to come meet with us in New York and join us.
And I said, I'm not gonna do it.
He goes, I just can't believe you're not doing this, Alex.
This is gonna totally change your life.
You're part of the superclass.
You're already the main leader of US populist resistance.
Just join us.
I'm like, no, no, I just, I gotta go then.
I can't talk to you.
Cannot believe you won't come to New York?
You're getting this offer?
And that's what Kissinger would tell people too.
He's like, you're about to be a billionaire.
And those people just sign right on.
Man, I can't, and I only tell you that not to go, oh look, they tried to hire me.
I mean, this is real.
This is as real as a fricking brain tumor or a heart attack.
And if they wanted me to sell out to football and cheeseburgers and happy families and church on Sunday, I'd do it.
But man, I'm not selling out to pedophilia and devil worship and world government and an attack on the family because, quote, humans are bad and you want to play God.
Not going to happen.
So I'm going to get back to their global climate lockdowns that are coming next, because we want to give you tomorrow's news today, not talk about how we spiked the football being right so long.
That's easy.
It's not about that.
It's about warning others so they understand what's happening.
So let's go to the next one here.
This is a G7, G8, and this is, used to be G8, they took Russia off of it, and this is
The puppet in chief that runs things there in the UK that sold people out on Brexit and the rest of it.
This is Boris, the New World Order agent, Johnson, saying, build back better.
And when Boris Johnson says build back better, that means climate lockdown, starving the third world, collapsing things.
So when they say build back, they mean collapse.
And then take over and build on your ashes what they want.
Kind of like concrete's made out of the bones of
I think so.
Have sex is any more the answer than he adds the little entree and some more femininity.
That means only fat disgusting men in clown outfits.
That's the official policy that are pedophiles.
And sexualized children, that's the new feminine.
The new feminine is a big, fat, ugly man because Satan hates women because through women, you know, God creates more humans.
So the woman is very sacred and they're going after that goddess archetype.
So only a big, fat, disgusting, pedophile man is a woman.
And then women don't look like women.
They look more like men and men don't look like men.
They look like a weird, twisted woman.
And so that's what this whole thing is about is sexualizing children.
And we have these, these people in these demonic alien clown outfits that they call the new woman saying in hundreds of videos, we're here to groom your children.
We're going to get them.
We are the priesthood.
You will not stop us.
This is our time.
We're taking over.
This is a satanic invasion.
So here is Boris Johnson, build back better, more general, neutral and feminine way.
Here it is.
But it is vital that we don't repeat the mistake of the last great crisis, the last great economic recession in 2008, when the recovery was not uniform across all parts of society.
And I think what's gone wrong with this pandemic, or what risks being a lasting scar,
Huge opportunity to do that, because as G7 we are united in our vision for a cleaner, greener world, a solution to the problems of climate change.
And in those ideas, in those technologies, which we're all addressing together,
I think
Discussing how we'll never have a repeat of what we've seen, but also that we're building back better together, and building back greener, and building back fairer.
Shut him up!
God Almighty!
What a monster!
Hunchback troll.
What a Renfield of Satan.
You have the mega banks, like never before in history, starving tens of millions to death that have died.
It's now 280-something million that are on the verge of death, the UN says, while they run the lockdowns.
You have the UN blocking ivermectin and steroids that are inhalable and hydroxychloroquine in hundreds of countries, including India.
And so the biggest lawyers guild in India is suing the UN to make them allow it because
India, like us, is under treaties to follow what the U.N.
It's the U.N.
that says we can't have ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine that's great for any of these viruses.
And so remember, U.S.
Senator can't have medical doctors in a Senate hearing room in a marble room we paid for on TV
Facebook, Google, Twitter all took it down and said, you can't tell us that fish live in the water.
You can't tell us grass is green.
You can't.
I've got articles here where people are being kicked out of colleges.
People are being arrested in Scotland for saying women have vaginas.
You know, in 1984, it's the ability to be free is to say two plus two equals four.
Well, the modern equivalent of that now, ladies and gentlemen, is to say that men have penises and women have vaginas.
And women can make babies and men can't.
And H2O is water.
Carbon dioxide is a life-giving gas, but they've listed it as poison.
You know, this is preposterous.
If they can get you to agree to that, you can do anything.
So, that's what's happening here, ladies and gentlemen, is they're keeping you.
It'd be like if you came out of the desert, and you're collapsing, and a local doctor said, give him or her water and electrolytes, and the UN said, no, sorry, we don't say you need water, we don't say you need electrolytes.
You'd be like, get the hell out of my way.
But with this big tech censorship AI, we're all wired into, they're doing it.
I've seen hundreds of cases.
Where Twitter is blocking governors and legislators and senators and house members and scientists when they have scientists on TV with documents giving reports to our government.
And imagine if the Chinese or Russians came in and blocked Congress and said, you can't hear what a senator said.
We'd be at war with them.
We should be, but no, no, no, no.
Big Tech, see, it's a new type of enemy.
We don't recognize what it's done.
So we built this little ragtag InfoWars and you promote it.
But I mean, you realize how important InfoWars is?
We're one of the only outlets that gets it.
And my analysis now gets picked up by the few people left in the Pentagon that are good.
And the few people left on Fox and talk radio.
That's why you spreading this article, this live video, and this report later when it's archived to freeworldnews.tv.
That's the new URL they're not censoring yet.
Only you can override these people.
And the good news is we are overriding them.
All over the world, people are getting ivermectin, and they're getting hydroxychloroquine, and they're surviving these very easy-to-survive viral infections, not just of COVID-19, but other viruses.
But India, its government's so controlled, they are embargoing it.
They are holding what's in the country and not allowing it to come into the country because the United Nations said it's genocide.
Imagine you stepped on a nail, your foot swells up.
The doctor says you need antibiotics, but the UN says that's not approved because they want to give you their unapproved, deadly vaccine.
All of it is about whatever is in there that they're trying to put into us.
So the Indian Bar Association flips it and says, you can't block us getting ivermectin, you monster.
These people truly are massive criminals.
You know, if you could deny people sanitation, if you could deny people basic medicine, you could kill them.
What do you think's been going on for a year and a half?
What do you think's been going on in the third world?
They're killing people!
And all the money you paid your whole life into insurance, well, imagine the insurance companies, the big profits they made never having to actually pay out.
Because the hospitals were closed.
And if you went and tried to show the hospitals were absolutely closed or empty, except for a few little special wards they set up where they sent people with common cold, flu, and COVID-19.
Why Facebook and Twitter and YouTube wouldn't let you show that, even though it was real?
Because that makes their house of cards fall.
Because it's a criminal move.
It's a criminal takeover.
And it's an attack on our very biology.
Let's continue.
People are fighting back at city councils, county commissioners' courts, school boards, everywhere.
And this has got to continue on and on.
You've got to run for school board.
You've got to replace them.
This is you and Agenda 21, Agenda 2030.
And the answer is, realize, internationally, they control it.
The banks
But they don't control local governments yet.
In some areas, they've got partial control.
We've got to get in there and take back control or maintain control now.
Here's a 14-year-old girl who speaks out about trans bathroom policy.
Here it is.
Two years ago, I was told policy 1040 was just an umbrella philosophy, and you weren't going to allow boys into the girls' locker rooms.
But here you are doing just that.
Everyone knows what a boy is, even you.
Your proposed policies are dangerous and rooted in sexism.
When woke kids asked me if I was a lesbian or a trans boy because I cut my hair short, it should tell you these modern identities are superficial.
My guidance counselor's response to my concerns about bathroom privacy and safety was, well, there are stalls in the bathrooms.
Now boys are reading erotica in the classrooms next to girls, and you want to give them access to girls' locker rooms, and you want to force girls to call those boys she.
You do this in the name of inclusivity while ignoring the girls who will pay the price.
Your policies choose boys' wants over girls' needs.
And then she's having to wear a stupid mask over her face, all part of the symbol of slavery.
Simply incredible.
All right, now let's go to other folks waking up and fighting back.
Angry mom blasts school teaching five-year-olds about anal sex.
Here it is.
She came to your school when she procures bids for ISU with construction and came to your school and spoke to your staff for two straight days.
Why did she do that?
This is why she did that.
This is why she did that.
To make sure that when our students want to know whether or not they have a vagina or a penis, they have pictures from your staff to be able to help them.
They don't have enough sex.
They don't have enough anal sex.
They need adults to tell them how to masturbate.
And what I call that is... So here's what I'm asking you.
You have a hard time hearing this from me, but this is for 10 years old and up, and this bill was passed for 5-year-olds.
And you have a hard time me sitting here telling you the words anal sex, masturbation.
That's hard for you or the time's up?
Because the time's not really up.
I don't believe you, Mr. Wiley, that my time is up.
But I'm gonna end with this.
I'll close with this because this was too much for you, I can tell right now.
And that's why you're cutting me off.
The last time I said, you know what?
Critical race theory.
Little girl in the back was laughing every single time Megan said something because white people oppress black people, right?
Isn't your principal black?
Isn't your mayor black?
Now I would like to introduce to you Tyson.
And they did try to cut her off a minute early.
So, that's what they say.
We've tried to play videos that are shown to five-year-olds on air, and TV stations call us and say, you cannot air that.
I'm like, I understand.
Adults on TV cannot watch what they show five-year-olds and six-year-olds.
You understand?
And so the city council's cutting her off, saying you can't show what's on the pictures.
His kid's been over, getting banged in the keister.
And again, the reason this is done
They did psychological testing in the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s with all these different pedophiles.
All the top major psychologists and psychiatrists were like devil-worshipping pedophiles.
Just look them up yourself.
It's just incredible.
They tortured their kids, made them live in boxes.
Their kids would commit suicide.
They had sex with them.
And they said, we've got to sexualize children early so they never form a loving, monogamous relationship and have children to break up the family.
And that's what free love was about, and the counter-revolution, the counter-culture, all that stuff in the 60s was staged, run by the CIA, Timothy Leary, the LSD, all of it.
And they did that to create the counterculture so they could control it.
They knew a revolution was gonna come.
That happens every generation or two.
So they controlled it and made it this leftist thing that sounded like, oh, free love, everybody love each other.
Next is you can't be men and women.
Next you can't have children.
Next we're gonna mess with your five-year-old and mess with your kids about sex to confuse them during puberty, to make them pick some weird selection of hundreds of things like bondage and all sorts of dangerous things.
They're trying to screw up their development.
Because 99% of people are going to get in the groove of heterosexuality.
And for people that don't get in that groove, we don't hate those people.
But this was never about not hating them.
It's about a big, fat, disgusting pig creature coming in and having her children sit on her lap and saying, that's femininity.
Women can't be women.
Men can't be men.
Only big, fat, disgusting pedophiles and homosexual men can.
It's literally predators taking over everything.
But let's go back to full circle where we started.
Here's Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister at the G7, saying we need more lockdowns and if you're not injected and vaccinated, you stay locked down.
So admitting these new ID systems, these new vaccine passes, these new vaccine passports are about putting people in jail in their own homes.
that don't comply with their sinister, psychotic activity.
Look at those eyes.
And by the way, it came out in the news that he worships Lucifer, along with his wife, and that every morning, he is possessed by the spirit of light in a ritual, where then he then flops around on the ground screaming Lucifer.
Folks, if you don't believe me, a search engine, it was in major British newspapers when he was in office.
20 years ago.
So a man that flops around, but you're like, well, that sounds radical.
Well, he wants you locked in a cage if you haven't taken his deadly shots.
I mean, that's just as bad, right?
He's a rapist.
He wants to rape your genetics, rape your DNA.
Look at those eyes.
He wants to kill you.
He likes power.
He likes control.
And that entire group over there has been infiltrated by incredible generational evil.
And most British prime ministers aren't just pedophiles.
They've murdered children.
And that's come out in the news, ladies and gentlemen, that they, it's unbelievable.
They lay plastic out on the ground.
They bring in little girls to slit their throats.
They have sex with the dead bodies.
That's what Jimmy Savelle would do with Lord Heath.
Later it came out, he did have the devil dungeon and all the dead bodies of kids.
And that just gets swept under the rug because that's how they control.
So that's who wants control of you and wants you disarmed.
So that monster,
Can have his way with you.
Here is Tony Blair.
Unvaccinated should remain in lockdown.
The June 21st deadline is fast approaching.
We've all looked at the data.
Do you think if you were Prime Minister you'd be delaying that deadline?
Well, I just, you've got to look at the data as it proceeds.
But my point is, if you do get into a situation where you're finding it difficult to keep to June 21st date, then look again at distinguishing between those people who are vaccinated and those people aren't, because it really makes no sense to treat the two groups as if they're the same.
And when people say, well, you're discriminating against
You're not discriminating against them.
They just don't have a choice.
They're going to be locked up.
This is the guy that lied about WMDs in Iraq knowingly.
The members of British intelligence that blew the whistle all died.
They try to make all these things that are illegal under common law, federal law, state law, Nuremberg Code, normal.
This isn't normal.
These are experimental.
They don't protect you.
They're dangerous.
It's causing mass death.
It's about the population.
Now it's time.
To look at the global COVID rollout and lockdown two and three and all that's coming and the merger with the whole climate tyranny and how we can fight back against it.
But we just showed you the big UN advisory corporate board saying they're bringing in a carbon neutral, gender neutral, because we're carbon.
They're saying carbon's bad.
Carbon Doc, they're saying cut down trees because they're carbon.
What is that a metaphor for?
Well, now they tell us it's us.
This is a 10 on the Richter scale.
I mean, this is their big move, their big assault.
It should be rejected.
It is outrageous.
And we're going to take a break, and I'm going to play a very special report that Greg Reese did this last week that's at Bandot Video that I hope you share that's called Nuremberg 2.0.
We're going to play that now, and when we come back, I'm going to
We're good to go.
To go over the fact that we're kicking their ass.
I mean, they tried to suppress ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and other things.
It didn't work.
They tried to suppress the fact that they were lying about the PCR test.
Didn't work.
They tried to lie about making the virus at that lab.
Didn't work.
Every damn thing they've done has failed, except they just keep pushing.
That's where they succeed.
All we need to do is have more whistleblowers come out.
All we need to do is keep exposing them and get the word out at public events and on the street and at church and at grocery stores.
And all of you have just got to keep spreading the word about this broadcast and sharing the live feeds and the videos and articles via FreeWorldNews.tv.
And start your own sites and doing your own work and being your own leaders.
Call into C-SPAN.
Every globalist goes on C-SPAN.
Every call is against them.
Ryan Stelter goes on C-SPAN.
Every caller is against them.
Biden has 10,000 votes to 50 votes for him.
They push transgenderism videos.
They get rid of the comments.
98% of the votes are against them.
Everything they're pushing is blowing up in their face.
We are rejecting them.
You go into mama on Sunday at night after church and she made that delicious chicken fried steak or maybe a filet mignon like my grandma used to make.
Chicken fried steak, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn on the cob, salad, and a big old chocolate cake and bluebell ice cream for dessert?
You go in there, you eat like a pig, you feel great, you go home, you sleep like a baby.
You go into some crappy diner or someplace, you're on the road working, you're eating something that kind of tastes weird, something tells you don't hold it down.
But you're busy, you're tough, you hold it down.
You're throwing up for two days, seeing stars with food poison, and almost die!
Humanity needs to stick our finger down our throats and vomit this crap out!
And that's what we've been doing.
And so they just stick a funnel down our throat and pop more in.
I had to throw that stuff back out.
Just keep, keep, and then grab that funnel and pull it out and say, Hal, how about you take it, Fauci?
Oh no!
And that's going to be their undoing because any scientist worth their salt, any doctor is coming public, and they are!
And that's why they're racing to have diagnostic computers and surgical computers, robots, to replace us because humans care about humans and humans start fighting back against slavery because we know if you can enslave one person and you can kill somebody in the third world, I'm next!
I've got solidarity with those people!
I've got empathy!
It's criminal what the globalists are doing, and they need to know we know that they're doing it.
And we need governors, and we need legislatures, and we need the system everywhere to understand what is happening, and understand that we gotta rally and get our growth curve, our learning curve up, and realize what's going down, and mobilize together to defeat this and say no!
If not, it's an absolute hell on earth we're just all accelerating into with these psychotics running everything.
You're like, why would they do it?
Well, the excuse is saving the earth, but the real reason is total power, total control.
Here's Nuremberg 2.0.
Dr. Reiner Fulmik is the public frontman for an international team comprised of hundreds of lawyers and medical experts who have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, the WHO, and the Davos Group for committing crimes against humanity.
The protocol for the PCR test given by the WHO and the CDC was knowingly set to a level that guaranteed 100% false positives or false negatives.
So there is no pandemic.
This is all about getting people to take the shot.
Their argument is that we are at the very least being subjected to an illegal experiment.
And at the worst, global genocide.
Dr. Fulmick points out how the experimental jab is in clear violation of all 10 of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the penalty of death for those who violate them.
Number one, voluntary consent is absolutely essential.
There should be no intervention or any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, or any form of constraint or coercion.
By definition, a vaccine must provide immunity to the virus, protect recipients from getting the virus, reduce deaths, infections, circulation, and transmission of the virus.
We are told the experimental jab does none of these, yet they fraudulently call it a vaccine.
As far as duress, constraint, and coercion, it's everywhere.
If you want your life back, get the shot.
The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results unprocurable by other methods.
The most fruitful method would be a healthy immune system, which can be achieved through good health and natural supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.
But the people are not being told this.
In fact, those who point it out are being vilified and silenced.
Number 3.
The experiment should be designed and based on the results of animal experimentation.
This experimental jab skipped animal testing.
Number four, the experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
According to official reports, there are already thousands of deaths and over a quarter million injuries from this experiment.
No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur.
Past trials have shown a strong possibility that these new spike proteins will cause a body to attack itself.
This is known as antibody dependent enhancement or ADE.
A Nobel Prize winning virologist says the vaccine is creating the variants.
Number six, the risk should never exceed the benefit.
COVID-19 has a 98 to 99% survival rate, less deadly than the seasonal flu.
The experimental jab is already the most dangerous vaccine in VAERS 30 year history.
Number seven.
Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
There were no preparations made.
There are no facilities.
The subject shows up for their shot and goes home.
Number eight.
The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons.
This experiment has been exclusively run by politicians, the media, celebrities, and big pharma bureaucrats.
Number nine.
The subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end.
Thousands of medical experts have attempted to end this madness, and their voices continue to be silenced.
Number 10.
The experiment must be brought to an end if resulting in injury or death.
And yet, the experiment pushes on.
Once again, those who violate these international laws are subject to the death penalty.
Legal proceedings are moving forward and evidence is being collected.
Whistleblowers are directed to contact the international team at www.securewhistleblower.com.
This is likely the biggest crime ever committed against the world population.
And the question is, do we still have a judicial system to exact justice?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
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See you next time!
And welcome back to this June 12th Saturday emergency transmission.
We're laying out here this evening the scientific program or revolution to replace everything we know of as a human system.
In the globalist's own words, world government, plantable chips, no families, you name it.
So when you hear the G7 say we need permanent lockdowns, we need to have gender neutral, that means no humans, carbon neutral means no humans, carbon itself is evil.
When they tell you that, they're saying, your small business is not essential, it's not us.
Your small farm is not essential, it's not us.
It's not sustainable because you are non-essential.
You don't exist.
That is a declaration of war.
If aliens landed in Central Park and said, I am Gorkon.
I am here to kill all humans on Earth.
Prepare for war.
We would organize and fight.
But if it's all our academics and our leaders and, oh, humans are bad and the Earth's overpopulated and we're just trying to run things to save it and, you know, we need to be carbon neutral, gender neutral, you know, what plants breathe is bad and you're non-essential.
Meaning you don't count.
You don't have value.
But, oh, the very same group is so worried about black people while they cut off their resources and starve them to death.
While Apple runs slave camps.
It's so cynical.
It's camouflage.
It'd be like Hitler and blackface.
Saying, I'm coming to kill Africans, but I've got blackface on.
It's that cynical.
And the globalists brag, oh, it's so good, we lowered carbon, now we need regular carbon lockdowns, which are gonna be implemented through the phones.
You go, well, they'll never get away with that.
The corporations are implementing it.
I talked to a major executive, works for a major oil company, and they were told, you leave your house, you're fired.
And then that went down from the top of the company to the bottom.
And so it was first, the big oil companies, the big tech companies, the big banks that did all this.
And now it's the same one saying, you've got to be injected by our people, our medical corps that comes to your house.
The corporations are absorbing the leadership first.
They're not just killing poor people.
They're not just starving them to death.
They are literally making their employees bow to them and give them their medical records and let them know what's in their body.
And all these big banks like Goldman Sachs and others announced,
We want your medical records now.
We want to know if you've been inoculated.
If you haven't, we're going to make you work from home.
We're going to ostracize you, you see.
Oh, no one can talk to you.
You're like a prisoner that's on Zoom from their jail cell.
If you think about all the abuses in this system, it's all been designed like this.
And by the way, it's all over the news, and I'm going to get to that in a moment, that they're forcing people to take the shots or they lose their jobs.
Oh, well, you'll be all right.
Get another job.
In places like Chile or particularly India or other countries where the IMF and World Bank says, if you don't do this, we're going to take your loans away.
The people will starve to death.
They will die.
But of course, when they take their shots, they will anyway.
So now they are shaming them, the military police,
Are coming into the towns, making people wear the equivalent of dunce hats, like the communist Chinese would do with their enemies.
That was only phase one of the Cultural Revolution.
Next is taking you away to a work camp.
To punish you for not submitting.
That's because India doesn't get its IMF and World Bank loans if they don't do this.
None of this is about protecting them.
It's about the state having the power to put in your body what it wants.
Oh, but that won't happen here in America.
178 staffers at Houston Methodist Hospital suspended for not complying with COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
So I got a bunch of other clips I want to go through that tie into this in different ways.
Obama, and you're going to see how this matters in a minute.
You're like, what does this have to do with this?
Here's Obama saying white Americans need to reconcile with their terrible history.
Imagine the idea that because you're white, what some white person did a thousand years ago, a hundred years ago, or five minutes ago across town has something to do with me?
What an authoritarian idea.
That's how the Nazis and Soviets operated.
Hey, you had black guys a couple weeks ago in Miami shoot a bunch of people, other black people.
Do I say black people are to blame for what five guys in a car did?
It'd be really a lie.
And beyond racist, it would be taking their individualism away.
Now statistically, are there a lot of black gangs killing each other?
You know, nine out of ten blacks that get killed get killed by other black persons.
Same thing with white people.
Yet a reported black guy last night in downtown Austin shoot 13 people.
Some were black, some were white.
I believe it'll come out as a gang-related thing.
They already think that.
Some idiot shoots at another gang, doesn't know how to shoot, hits them.
But do I say, well, black people got a really bad history to deal with with mass shootings.
You'd be like, don't you blame me for what somebody else is doing.
It's like, I mean, again, I'm part German.
Am I to blame for what Hitler did?
Hell no, I'm not.
If I was the grandson of somebody in the German army, I'm not to blame, because that was a different person, a different time.
What I do in my life is what stands for who I am.
That's crazy talk.
You know, they got Africans still killing each other and cannibalism.
You go, oh, Africans in some areas are still eating each other.
Well, then all black people are cannibals.
So, think about the magnitude of that statement, and now they've got psychological papers in major journals saying white people are inherently evil because of their genetics.
And you're like, well that doesn't make sense, that's the left, because they're racist folks.
The bankers are racist.
So if they get the immigrants and brown people to be racist, it's going to make whites join with the globalists in the extermination operation.
And of course, they're all going to get it too.
But this is how divide and conquer works.
And they've all written white papers on that as well.
So I'll show you.
All of that in a moment.
But first, here's Obama, just last week, saying, Whites have got to deal with their history?
Well, you're more than half white, mister.
Your dad, Frank Marshall Davis, was half white.
I don't know why he is from Hawaii, by the way, not Kenya.
That was all something he put out on purpose to distract.
He said in his Harvard Law Review that he was the editor of for three years, that he was from Kenya.
All the cover story, all white.
Frank Marshall Davis is a dad, half white, half black, 100% human.
And then you got his mom's white.
So he's three-quarters white lecturing everybody about whites have got to deal with the fact... What kind of guilt?
Don't you lay that on me, you pig!
You racist, globalist pimp!
God, you make me sick!
So, here it is.
The majority in this country are white Americans.
To recognize that, look, you can be proud of this country and its traditions and its history and our forefathers.
And yet, it is also true that this terrible stuff happened.
And there he is with his boyfriend, Anderson Cooper, who's one of the richest men on earth.
The heir to the second richest family on the planet, and the media says he has zero wealth.
Let me give you a little tip.
When you're really rich, Richard and Bill Gates, they claim you have nothing.
So, Obama, all his surrogates are out saying inherently white people are bad to create division.
Remember that.
Okay, let's go to the next clip.
This is Mark Zuckerberg training to be an apex predator.
We'll just roll the video of it.
Here's the deal, real predators like tigers and lions and alpha male humans, Conrad Lorenz found this in studies and you can just see it common sense, the really bad asses
The toughest men I know are all very nurturative, very paternal and maternal, very strong.
Their killer side is also matched, many times more than matched, by an extremely loving side.
And the attack side is only a small manifestation of their...
We're good to go.
It's that he's on stolen land in Kauai.
He literally bought land around it and then blocked the main religious center that the people owned to build his house.
But it's okay because he's liberal.
It's like Tim Cook runs death camps but he's gay so it's alright.
And you know, Mark Zuckerberg's got his wife so it's okay.
His beard.
But, you know, he's up there
And he's the apex predator.
No, he's not.
We have bowed to him and we've let him dominate us and control us.
And so he wants to carry out predatory activity against us.
He needs to know it will not be accepted.
And I publicly call for the people of Hawaii to take back their land with lawsuits and actions and however they have to because it's disgusting
That he stole our freedom, he stole our privacy, he sold us out to China, he works with Bill Gates to suppress the news of dangers of these vaccines, he election meddles, he does all this, and then he sits there and tells you how liberal he is all day on stolen land in Hawaii.
Because he looked at the maps and was able to get state land sold to him that was the variance
For him to get to his property and then he stole all the land around it by doing that.
I mean, it's just, it's just like, and, but then he tells you how much he's liberal.
Like, like if I stole whatever that much money anyways, if I stole people's land, I would feel bad.
He loves it.
He can do whatever he wants.
He's God.
And then he helps run the lockdown that's basically destroyed the farming communities in Kauai.
It's just disgusting activity.
He's a monster.
So let's continue now.
There's another very important clip.
I'm just going through all of these today.
This is UK government advisor says mask mandates should continue forever.
This UK advisor is an admitted member of the Communist Party, by the way.
The Communist Party wants me to wear a dirty mask over my face all day and wants lockdowns to last forever?
Of course!
Here it is.
Professor Mickey, if I can start with you first.
Do you think that this is going to be right?
We've had so much hope on the vaccines, hopefully changing everything, bringing an end to the pandemic, bringing an end to these changes we've had in our lives.
Do you think it won't be enough?
Vaccines are a really important part of the pandemic control, but it's only one part.
Test, trace and isolate systems, border controls are really essential.
And the third thing is people's behaviour.
That is the behaviour of social distancing, of when you're indoors making sure there's good ventilation or if it's not wearing face masks and hand and surface hygiene.
We'll need to keep these going in the long term and that will be good not only for Covid but also to reduce others at a time when the NHS is going... Sorry to interrupt Professor Mickey, when you say long term what do you mean by that?
How long?
Very quickly.
Um, I think forever, to some extent.
Why didn't you say that?
Oh, gosh, forever.
Okay, let me on.
So, you have this communist...
Up here telling you that you're dirty, you're bad, you're evil, and there's going to be now surveillance over you, where you go, what you do, and what you put over your face for your own good.
I mean, they're organizing just outrageous power grabs because this is a depopulation agenda.
And they've got to teach us to hate ourselves and to see ourselves not as second-class citizens, but as people that need to be killed, people that need to die.
That's the whole monstrous agenda around this thing.
All right, let's go to clip number 17, and then I want to play her original clip.
Mom Who Survived Mao's Cultural Revolution Rips School for Critical Race Theory.
It hits the nail on the head.
They know that Americans know that capitalism, as corrupt as it is, the problems it has, gives you a lot more choices and a lot more productivity and a lot more success than communism.
So that wouldn't work for them.
So instead they use critical race theory to divide and conquer while the very banks and globalist groups doing it are above the law and have doubled and tripled their profits.
So here she is on Fox News talking about it.
And then here she is in the viral video where she exposed it all in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Zee Van Fleet.
Here is this lady that barely survived the communist purge when she was a little kid, warning the world exactly about what she's facing.
And let's remember, the Chinese didn't come up with this.
The CIA and the globalists on record put Mao Zedong in power in 49 and ran the whole thing the whole time.
So this woman's actually a victim of the same globalist Carnegie endowment that put V.I.
Lenin in charge and that put
Can you explain what you experienced and the similarities you see?
OK, I just want to let the American people know that what's going on in our school and in our country is really a replay of the Cultural Revolution in China.
And I want people to see there is similarities, and the similarities are terrifying.
They use the same ideology and same methodology, even the same vocabulary, and with the same goal.
The ideology is cultural Marxism.
And we were divided into groups as oppressor and oppressed.
And here, we use race, and there, they use class.
And the people here, who have a different review, were labeled racist.
But in the Cultural Revolution, the label is counterrevolutionary.
So it is a hat that fits all.
And once the hat is on your head, your life is ruined.
And the methodology is also
Very similar.
It's cancel culture.
We basically canceled the whole Chinese civilization, pre-communism.
And we changed our school names, street names, store names.
We changed even our personal names.
My name is Xi, and I was named after the city I was born, Xi'an.
Xi means West.
It also refers to the imperialism.
So, I wanted so bad to change my name, because I want to be more communist.
I'm glad my parents convinced me not to.
And the vocabulary is even the same, wokeness.
And, to be specific, we use class wokeness.
In Chinese, it is jieji juewu.
Your level of wokeness determines your chance to get a promotion or to get benefit.
And who decides your level of wokeness?
It is the party leaders.
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is pure cancer, and here's its Achilles heel.
If it keeps buffaloing us to run off the edge of a cliff, it's going to win.
There's Trudeau's dad meeting with Mao Zedong.
If we don't resist and don't say no and don't speak out,
It's all done by peer pressure.
They will continue to have the dominoes fall.
But if we expose this and say no, and go to all the city councils, all the county commissioners, all the meetings, and get in their face.
Look when they're coming to town.
You don't realize your power.
And then get that out.
Even if you don't know how to use the internet.
Get your grandson or your neighbor to do it.
I don't care if you're 90 years old, a black man, or 90 years old, a white man, or 70 years old, a white woman, or 30 years old, a Chinese person.
I don't give a damn.
You got red blood.
You're under globalist attack trying to set up an authoritarian system that says
You're non-essential and shouldn't exist!
Now, it's obviously tongue-in-cheek, and I said that, but I made the point of the suicide challenge to Bill Gates.
Yes, you did.
You want everybody to die?
You said there's too many of us.
You do it first!
And they know the Christian churches that are real churches are gonna stand against us.
That's why all over the world, the churches are still closed in many areas.
But not the Walmarts.
Not the...
Big globalist stories because they're essential, but your church isn't essential.
This is all, again, an exercise to see what these monsters can get away with.
But here's a clip from Fox News where they got it right and pointed out that this has been the best year and a half for corporations ever.
The big ones.
They've doubled, tripled their profits because we all closed and they stayed open.
And then they dictate to us how to live.
This is corporate fascism.
So here they are.
But to your point before, this isn't good for some businesses.
This 2020 was the best year for big business in the history of the world.
Between the bailouts of taxpayer money that they got and the shutting down of all their competition in midsize and small businesses.
And where, who would be typically the ones who would stand up against big business?
Oh, well that would be the left, but they're a little bit busy with microaggressions right now.
So they can't stand up to the biggest corporate giveaways in human history.
That's a good point.
Going back to, we're switching sides.
The right is going to become the left in order to stand up to, because right now, the left is so sold on the woke culture, they're getting
And here's the whole thing you just need to figure out, right?
It's what me and Kat have been telling you for a decade.
That big business loves big government.
And that to oppose one is to oppose the other also.
That's the whole game right now.
It's collusion between giant corporations and the government, and that's why they're pushing all this woke stuff to distract the rest of us.
So that's what we talk about.
Well, I think I'm evolving.
You have.
You have gotten a lot better.
Trump made you better.
Trump broke some people, Trump improved some... You know, you have a pure libertarian thought that tells you just leave corporations alone.
They've become bigger than government.
But I agree, making government bigger to counter them only makes them both bigger.
We need to stop complying with any of this crap and say no.
So let's run through and race through a bunch of articles now, because I think we've done a pretty good job going through those clips of how they use racial division as one pincer attack, and then saying humans are dirty, you're all got COVID, you've got to be watched and tracked, you're all not essential.
So they're dividing us to fight with each other, while they're telling us all we're obsolete and should go die in a hole, while we go into deeper debt, and they go, oh, you poor babies, we're going to bring in a carbon tax and a universal social credit score, and
Universal Guaranteed Income to track and trace everything you do and make you live at subsistence level, but it's okay because, you know, the Great Reset is going to save you from the Great Reset.
This is siege.
It's economic war.
Typal things that make us normal again.
Busy, industrious creatures that know how to build things and do things, not jellyfish that watch television, watch Netflix, and then perform rituals of our wokeness to prove to the AI gods that we're dancing to their tune.
This is all dog training.
So you just saw Obama.
We need to admit that white people are bad.
Let's continue.
Law student, 29, who said women have vaginas, faces disciplinary action by university.
It's happening in Australia, the US, UK, everywhere.
At this Aberdeen University, they were in a call, they were saying in the class, the online class, that there are not men and women, there are 50 genders.
She said, no, women have vaginas, they have children.
They were going to kick her out of school.
She fought back, didn't back down.
Student cleared of misconduct ever saying women have vaginas.
She shouldn't just be cleared of saying women have vaginas.
You know, there's male and female bald eagles too, and whales.
The people that did that should be fired and removed for being cult leaders, wanting people to deny reality to prove their subservience.
Because that's all this is, is a litmus test.
Here's a microcosm.
It's like, the more elite the fraternity, the weirder it is.
You know, if you're 18, they want you to have sex with a goat or a pig.
That tells you right there it's going to get a lot worse from there.
You don't think they're just having sex with goats, do you?
Say, I don't want to be in your fraternity.
Well, they want us to take a deadly shot from Bill Gates and want us to say that men with large genitals are women, penises are vaginas.
That's a cult and you should run for the exits.
See how that works?
Let's continue.
President Trump says the Joint Chiefs of Staff should all be fired if they think climate change is America's greatest threat.
Responding to the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Biden's orders saying it is the number one threat is quote climate change, which means pay carbon taxes, let the UN run things, shut down all your jobs, you be non-essential.
And Trump's right.
But wait, Biden can't have it both ways.
Because what's the theme?
Climate's dying.
You're bad and dirty.
You're a human.
You've got COVID or you could have COVID.
Your existence is evil.
You're a failed creature.
That's what the Wall Street Journal said.
Get rid of humans because we can get sick.
Lay down.
Let us run your life.
So you're bad because you're white.
You're bad because you're black.
You're bad because you're human.
You're bad because you're a carbon-based life form.
And that's what the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military that supposedly protect us, this just obsolete group of people, is there telling us that.
And that ties into this.
White supremacy, the most lethal threat to America.
Biden says, I thought you just said carbon is.
Oh, we are carbon.
So if we can all learn that white people are bad, we can learn that all people are bad.
See how it works?
See the theme?
Carbon's bad.
White people are bad.
Everybody's bad.
Bad, bad, bad.
But the good people at the big banks that created thousands of trillions of fake dollars, quadrillions, have taken over the world, but they don't know how to be able to come in and buy everything up and then get us off the land.
So they teach us to take the shot that sterilizes us, which is a good start, and gives us a heart attack or a stroke, but it varies with different people, so they're now managing the killing of us to see if we wake up, to see how far they can push.
So climate change is the most lethal, but we're the cause, so we're the most lethal threat.
People are what causes climate change, he's saying.
So Biden says people are the worst threat.
Biden says white supremacists are the worst threat.
Oh, now you get the theme.
Just people are the biggest threat.
But don't worry.
There's an exterminator in town.
His name's Joe Biden.
He'll save you.
Research article in Medical Journal describes whiteness as a malignant, parasitic-like condition published in an official, prestigious journal.
Medical Journal published a study attacking whiteness as a malignant, parasitic-like condition.
So because you're European and were attracted to another European and had sex with a European and got married with a European, you're inherently a parasite.
See, the real parasites are the globalists, and a lot of them end up being white.
And so imagine if you just changed this word.
Medical Journal published a study attacking whiteness as malignant parasitic-like condition.
That's word-for-word what Hitler said about a certain group.
We need Vanna White to, you know, do the little word game with us here?
Medical Journal labels whiteness as malignant parasitic-like condition and there's not yet a permanent cure.
Well, there's a final solution.
I mean, you gotta kill the group that's a malignant parasite because their race is bad and they happen to have white skin, Hitler said.
So if you just remove whiteness and you put another name right there,
Does the ADL say a word about that?
Oh no, the ADL's the one saying this.
Why would the ADL, the Southern Provincial Law Center, teach us, it's all over the news every day, that whiteness is inherently evil, and needs to be destroyed?
I mean, last time I heard somebody saying that,
The last guy I heard saying we need to kill a certain group of white people, his name was Adolf A. Louis Hitler.
Just don't know why this keeps happening.
But see, you didn't think when they hit us this time they'd be wearing black boots and black helmets and all this.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Comes as the victimized group, you see.
Whites are evil and must be exterminated.
We're liberal.
So, Medical Journal published a study attacking whiteness.
What if you put blackness or brownness or Jewishness in there?
Oh, or Islam?
Oh, well, whoever did that would be fired and in deep trouble.
And I wouldn't agree with that statement that person made, but see, because it's just whiteness.
You know, a guy from Alabama or a woman from Texas or somebody from California that's working three jobs.
But you know what?
You're white, so you're bad.
Oh, but nobody's making anybody wear yellow stars anymore.
No, now you wear skull and crossbones, or you have an app that says you don't have it so you can't go to the park in New York City to hear the Philharmonic Orchestra.
That's all happening now!
Right now!
Oh, you're in India.
You won't let us shoot you up with this shot you see hurting the other villagers.
We're gonna make you wear a big sign saying you're poisonous and you're dirty and you're bad!
Why, if you're Indian, you're bad.
If you're a man, you're bad.
If you're a woman, you're bad.
If you've got genitals, you're bad.
Why, if you haven't had a shot, you're bad.
Oh, we're just learning we're all bad, aren't we?
While the bankers that created thousands of trillions of fake money are just taking over, laughing at us, and running death camps.
Let me tell you who's bad.
It's Tim Cook.
It's G.G.
It's Boris Johnson.
It's Bill Clinton.
It's Jonathan Greenblatt.
Those are the groups.
And some are Christians and some are Jews and some are white and some are black.
But they're all tyrants and they're all out of control.
Black Lives Matter says we're a Marxist movement that believes in the end of the nuclear family.
That is Space Force says it and gets fired.
Medical Journal labels whiteness as a cancer.
I say, whoever says that's a cancer.
Imagine a headline saying, Medical Journal labels blackness as a cancer?
You replace it with any other name, what would happen?
Is that who wrote the Medical Journal?
And it's always white people teaching us that we're evil.
Because all they've got is race to control.
It's in the Hillary Clinton WikiLeaks.
These people are sick freaks.
And they can have... You know they don't have any of these views.
They just want power and control.
And you go to a Black Lives Matter event, there's no black people there.
Look at them.
Thousands of white people.
There might be one black person for every hundred.
And they all bow and say, we're here to worship black people.
And it's a George Soros group that raised over
A billion dollars.
Look at it!
That's the new religion!
So literally, white people, old weird crazy leftists, that signed on to all this crazy crap, and signed on to this utopia, and signed on to all this evil, now they go out because of George Floyd dead, and they say, oh we represent black people, we speak for black people.
And meanwhile, you get deep in their literature, they hate black people.
They hate anybody that's strong, anybody that's wild, anybody that's got red blood.
They hate people from all over the place, folks.
What they really hate is red-blooded people.
That's why they want to get rid of all our sports, and all of our boxing, and all of our tough stuff.
Because if you're tough physically, you're tough mentally.
They don't want any of us together getting strong, going to the stars.
They want to divide us, and it's sick.
Here's the actual journal.
Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association.
On having whiteness, a disease.
Humans are a disease.
But what do they tell us?
Carbon's a disease.
When the whole planet is carbon-based life form.
Yes, kiss the boo.
I mean, this is all meant to turn white people into racists.
This is all divided.
For every cuck you've got, for every weird
Leftists doing this?
This is only enraging people.
And just like the KKK are useful idiots, so are these black Israelite morons.
American Medical Journal says whiteness is a disease.
Let's continue.
At G7, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson signed charter committing to defending against disinformation.
That's a charter to stop free speech exposing their criminal operations and for a global tax
But you notice the only country that's exempt, everybody else will have to pay a 50% tax on top of everything.
But the big corporations, they want this because China will be exempt.
Where do you think everybody's going to move?
They already have.
China has a 0% tax and says it will continue so.
But the average person goes, oh, that's really nice of Joe Biden.
He wants to lower my taxes.
It'd be like in a video game giving the person you're playing against 100 extra lives.
China doesn't do carbon cuts.
China puts you in jail if you're a homosexual.
You do a drag queen story time over there, you're dead because they're already taking over.
The globalists just want this to bring us down.
China's their engine to take over.
Oh, no carbon taxes for you.
Oh, no minimum tax for you.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, because that's a tariff against everybody else.
And that means if you buy anything from China, you've got to sign on to a social credit score, you've got to sign on with the Chinese government, if you want to suddenly build anything.
Soon, all the millions of manufacturers that buy stuff from China, that have always been allowed to get stuff out of China, China's now announcing that they're going to vet everyone that's allowed to buy products from China.
Ha ha ha ha!
So they get all the weapons, all the technology transfers, all the chips, all the control, all the rare earth minerals.
They get the lowest taxes at zero.
They get everything and we get nothing and can't compete.
And then the media calls that fair.
Trump's like, uh, we need to lower our taxes to zero, China's to zero.
In fact, China's was at 15%.
We lowered it to 15%, China went to zero.
But then Joe Biden's like, I'm getting tough with these big corporations that I'm owned by.
I'm going to say, don't move to the country that you've already moved to.
No, we're going to just raise taxes on everybody else outside of that country to make sure everybody moves to you.
This is elemental.
This is elementary.
I do not understand why people don't see this is economic war.
We had a caller who's been calling in for 15 years who's a really smart guy.
I know who he is.
I don't know if he wants to give his identity, but I wanted to get him on today.
I don't know if he has time anymore.
I don't know if I have time anymore.
So I've been going a long time and I swore to go through these articles, but we're going to do it.
But let's continue.
Exemption to the Rule G7 Tax Deal on Tax Trigger's CAVE carve-out talk.
I butchered that headline.
Exception to the rule, G7 deal on tax triggers carve out talk.
Oh, certain corporations aren't going to have it no matter where they are.
Oh, and then China's exempt.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, yeah.
G7 leaders to discuss COVID global minimum tax.
Oh, they need a global minimum tax because of COVID.
That's, that's right.
China's likely bid for tax exemption poses risk to global accord.
The G7's global tax deal faces a China test.
Treasury floats global corporate tax.
Oh, the IMF says this working paper, MP2161, that we should adopt a global social credit score like China has and unify under China.
Meanwhile, BlackRock is buying every single family house they can, paying up to 50% above asking price because they have unlimited capital.
What happens when the globalists see, because their ultimate weapon, because they've always held their quadrillions of fake currency and just use small pieces of it to control markets and consolidate power and manipulate things.
But beyond inflation, what if they just take all that fiat money that they don't let us have access to and buy up the entire market?
That's why you're not essential.
And that's what this is.
Total, complete economic warfare and takeover.
So guys, let's just take a break right here.
We'll be right back.
The image of this airplane's engine burning in flight is quite the allegory for this very moment in time for the United States of America.
After his first month as president, Joe Biden has canceled the Keystone Pipeline, terminating thousands of jobs and raising fuel prices.
Suspended protection of our bulk power grid, which has already been infiltrated by the CCP.
Nodded presidential support for the CCP's strong arming of Hong Kong, Chinese death camps, and the Uyghur genocide.
Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord to further destroy U.S.
industry while China's industry burns at full throttle.
And rejoined the CCP-run World Health Organization, pushing the COVID-19 hoax.
The federal government has completely fallen to the CCP.
America has lost one of its engines.
It is now up to our one remaining engine, the states, to pull us up before we crash, or at the very least, give us a good landing.
Tomorrow's news.
So, the family.
Small businesses, capitalism, Christianity, the engines of success and freedom for humanity are under attack.
We're being told humans are bad, humans are ugly.
We want a post-human world.
We want to end the genders.
The leader of the G7 said as his main mission, wow, this is not just some quacky academic stuff, this is a takeover.
Well, the guest we have, first time he's been an official guest, I really appreciate his time on this Saturday evening.
is Carlos E. Rowland, PhD.
He's a neuropsychologist and a very accredited, successful scientist and leader of major chambers of commerce and governmental advisory organizations in Canada
Thank you very much, Alex.
Well, I'll be brief.
I was just a little kid.
I was 11 years old when I came from Spain, from Madrid to Montreal, Canada.
And worked, you know, just any little kid.
I went to school, but I had good parents and I had good teachers.
And they always told me the very, very, very simple thing in life.
It was do the best you can for yourself, for no one else, but for yourself.
Be the best you can be.
And, you know, believe in God and believe that there's something greater than yourself, that there's a future for you in the universe and that in your spirit, which you always know is inside of you.
Everyone knows that there's no evil.
We're all
And that's the Christian lesson.
So I took it, and I was fortunate to come across individuals and people all over the world.
I think from my Vita you've seen, I met some pretty important people, but in the context I always was a humble little guy from Spain who cared about the world and life, and they liked that.
And they promoted me upwards, upwards, upwards.
I was like a ping-pong ball in a swimming pool.
Everywhere I went, I went from bottom to top.
Like that.
Because I really wasn't thinking of anything other than to prepare myself to jump into God's arms when the time comes.
That's it.
Beautifully said, brother.
But your own research, your live experiences, give you a lot of perspective on what's currently happening.
Oh, I had the best teachers, Alex.
I had tough teachers.
I was taught science from people who told me.
Listen, you're not going to learn anything about psychology or hearing or the human brain until you know what a neuron is like, until you know what a sinusoidal wave is like.
I studied control theory.
I studied cybernetics, control, human.
I want to tell you something.
You mentioned in one of your programs years ago, I wasn't listening, but I know that from the research that you did, that Jose Delgado was a scientist who had control of the brain with an electronic implant.
And, you know, this was in the 1960s, and you qualified him as a crazy scientist.
Well, you know, the idea of controlling the human brain is pretty old, but it's also pretty dangerous.
We've gotten to the stage right now where there are some individuals who are not scientists, who are really not qualified to make these decisions.
And this is the theme of my talk to you, which is very, very important.
It's that people with great financial power, great ability to, you know, command the respect of everybody by throwing money at them,
By buying their time, by buying their judgment.
These individuals have now entered the domain of the molecules, the domain of genetics, and the domain of brain and human control and behavior.
And this is very dangerous.
This is where politicians have to own up to their responsibility or the world will suffer.
The greatest, greatest, the end of mankind will be guaranteed because you're playing with genetics.
You're playing with the loss of evolution.
Very dangerous.
You're playing with fire, and I said I wouldn't interrupt, but you're very kind, but I want to expand on that.
Whether Atlantis existed or not, we're approaching a real Atlantis moment, where if we don't control what we're doing, we're going to destroy ourselves.
That's a guarantee, and I use the Deepwater Horizon as a great example.
The movie, by the way, is very accurate, where BP executives in Europe, in England,
Ordered hundreds of engineers to stop dumping concrete on a super deep well And they said we think salt water will hold it down and they said mathematically it will explode and then it did explode so that's the point of That's a quote in the movie where they go we're a 48 billion dollar company that was a real quote came out in court as if 48 billion dollars is
That's correct, Alex.
And that's why my teachers always told me, start at the beginning, Carlos.
Do not take a rabbit in mid-air and ask where you come from or you're going to.
But you will find out.
You'll have to study right from the beginning.
And when you look at this, I want to concentrate on something specific, OK?
This is nothing new.
We have gone through these inversions in history.
The barons in the year 12,000, 1,215, they took the king, John, aside and they pushed in front of him something which became the Magna Carta.
And they, these barons, told the king, listen, you cannot do this.
You cannot do that.
We're individuals.
We have rights.
This became, if you want to call it, the Charter of Rights for Mankind.
It was altered by his son because there were quotes in that charter that dealt with usury, that dealt with moneylenders.
Since then, since the Magna Carta onwards, since Jesus Christ went after the moneylenders and the temple, we have not been successful at controlling the
Spirit of money lending and the control that people can have through the lending of money on each other This is something that in the Constitution of the United States was implicit when it's in the Treasury You're not supposed to delegate the Treasury the treasure and the money and the labor of the of the human Americans who were individuals free to assemble in a constitution you are not supposed to delegate that to anybody else, but the Treasury of the people and
And the government of the people, by the people and for the people.
And this is a big, big problem because, you know, although in history, as I mentioned yesterday with you, there was a division of church and state, which was in the Constitution, but only implicit in what's now the first clause of the Bill of Rights.
It says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.
May I read it?
And Jefferson was running to, in 1802, a letter to a Danbury Baptist Association to calm their fear.
To let them know, look, please, the Establishment Clause is really a wall separating the government and the Congress from telling you how to run your spiritual life, your religious life.
And we're not going to, you know, it's a wall which will not allow us to create religions
Or to force your religion to be amended by the Congress.
So, the Constitution of the United States, which is the answer to the world today, Alex, there's no other constitution in this world other than, if you want to call it, the good constitution that President Putin has just instituted recently, which is admirable, but it's in the context of the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, the United States government, and of course, other
Countries have constitutional changes that are leaning towards the supremacy of the human being and the right of the human being to have a spiritual life.
A robot has no spiritual life.
A human being does.
An 11-year-old girl that has a child has more power than all the corporations in the world put together to make a human being with a spirit.
Try it.
You can't.
You can't even tell Mr. Fauci that he's going to take two cells and put them together and he's going to make himself, you know, an Einstein.
Please, give me a break, okay?
And they're scared of what the young can do.
Instead of empowering the young, like my dad was involved in one of those.
In the 1990s, in 1992, a very very special year.
Something happened, okay?
I don't know why this happened, but it did.
The government of Israel opened an embassy and started relations with China, with communist China.
Now, Canada had done it, other countries had done it.
It's nothing new.
But in 1992, there seemed to have been a great need for
Whether he was pushed from the United States or whether he was from Israel's initiative, but to transfer technology to China in a way that was way beyond the normal course of interaction.
They were looking, I guess, in business senses, not just Israelis, but other countries, of course, and many businessmen in the United States, I know, because I was part of that system.
I can go in details, I won't, but I can give you a chapter and verse on how it was done.
I was one of the people that led a transaction with China that was done in three months when they used to take years to do them.
So I know a little bit about the system and how it works.
I received an award from CITIC, China International Trade.
So I know a little bit about it, but I can tell you that there was great interest in doing business with China at the time.
So the transfer of technology, the first to develop, was there.
Well, there's been a governmental institutional directive since the 90s to accelerate towards China being the unipolar center of the world.
When the Soviet Union collapsed, we had, and this is very, very important, the rise of Putin will go down in history.
I mean, this is a man of the century, the millennium.
But, you know, it's my personal opinion.
I'm not a Putin fan, but I believe that, like the Buddha once said, whenever the need arises among you, so shall he.
I believe that that's what happened.
They have a leader who at the time was young enough to be able to carry through the big changes that are bringing Russia forward.
Now, I cannot understand why the United States was so opposed to Russia's interactions when President Putin and President Trump made a tremendous team together.
I think you and I mentioned, I mentioned to you that by just linking Alaska with Russia, you can go all over four continents.
You can go on a car without getting off your car.
Yeah, for those, the globalists are scared of a U.S.-Russian alliance.
Putin commented on the G7 and said,
Trump is an amazing person, a man of the people.
Biden is a man of the system.
He goes, I still want to try to work with him, but boy, you really lost something losing Trump.
And it wasn't because Trump was an agent of Russia.
Russia has gotten partially away from the anti-human globalists.
They've banned the anti-family propaganda that Boris Johnson announced the main mission of the G7 is to break up the family.
Incredible statement.
It is a very, very wrong kind of statement.
That's why we have an inversion.
You know, Ron Paul,
And we have crazy people trying to reinvent feudalism and Malthusianism, projecting that onto growth as if Malthusianism will protect them from super science when all it's going to do is destroy them.
You got it.
That's exactly the point.
The point is that we have taken and we have not realized that we have a breech birth.
This is going to happen either positively by saying, let's make sure that we do have the baby in possession.
The new civilization is going to come in beautiful and explosive and powerful, guided by God, or it's going to come in as a disaster.
And I think that the answer to the United States is, first of all, the Constitution.
And the answer to the changing of the world begins with the governors of each individual state.
You know, I welcome with great, great, great enthusiasm that they examine the election results very, very carefully, because even if they were to be shown to be absolutely wrong,
It will be a lesson for the whole world that yes, wrongs can be, mistakes can be corrected.
You can have repentance.
You can be forgiven for the worst things, even when you're on the cross.
You can still be forgiven at the last minute, because what you've got to do is admit the truth to yourself.
And if you keep lying and lying and lying and lying, you end up in disaster.
And what you're saying is key.
These globalists want to turn a life through technology because they know they've sold out their humanity.
I did plenty of evil things.
I repented.
I became even stronger after.
God wants that.
They don't get that.
I've talked to so many people.
They don't believe, Carlos, you can turn back because they haven't just opened themselves up to God and said, I'm weak.
Save me.
Make me strong.
Show me what to do.
But God's all about free will.
Explain it to folks in your own words that you've got to reach out.
You've got to knock on the door.
The shortest words in the English language are the words closest to God.
I hope you realize that.
The word I, me, I, is from idiot.
Idiot is a person who cannot leave his own, you know, world of thinking, perspective.
But I is the individual.
And the second word which God gave us, in a sense,
To deal with Satan and the temptations of the flesh and so on, is no.
You say no, and it all disappears.
It vanishes.
Because the I of the self controls the no, and that's what you have very rightly called free will.
And that free will makes everybody, including, look, if tomorrow morning,
You know, somebody comes forward and says, look, I was wrong.
I thought I could make a lot of money selling vaccines by doing this and so and so.
I apologize.
Sorry, I'm going to use my fortune, like, you know, to correct the mistakes and invite everybody else to get on with life.
Well, that's a mistake which can be corrected.
But to continue and continue and persevere, seeing millions of people that are going to be suffering the unknown, it is really, really not a good thing.
And, essentially, what I wanted to draw your attention to is, why should governments take control of the finances of their people, of their nation, respectively?
Why should the governors of each state make requirements that corporations – you see, I know a little bit about corporations, because when you issue shares, the corporation is like a baby.
It issues shares in goodwill, in good faith, to its directors, to its shareholders.
And it issues them with the understanding that they're not going to turn the corporation into a criminal enterprise.
When you do that and your corporation becomes a criminal enterprise, you have violated the principle of good delivery of shares.
You forfeit your shares.
That's right.
The globalists are breaking the social contract.
Why are they doing it?
Why are they so reckless?
I don't know.
But they're reckless because, like someone said correctly yesterday, they're not accountable.
They can buy the... Okay, so let's put it this way.
Look, let's look at Cyrus Vance Jr., for instance.
He's the Attorney General, I believe, of the state of New York, who's after President Trump, by the way.
But let's look at him, for example.
You have Tony Acosta, who was told, hey, listen, leave this affair, because it's intelligence, and all the pedophilia from Jeffrey Epstein.
Just leave it aside.
Be cool with it, you know?
Don Agosta said, OK, well, we'll make a deal and whatever.
But, you know, Cyrus Vance went to the courts when 80 cases were standing where these individual little girls could identify Jeffrey Epstein from his sexual organ, OK?
And they were proven to have been victims of this man.
And he went and told the courts, please, please, he only has one offense.
Don't make him a pedophile that has to be registered.
Well, obviously, the judge threw a canary, said, never in my life have I had anybody do this.
But do you think that he did that for Jeffrey Epstein?
No, he also did it for other pedophiles, okay?
You understand?
And this is what I'm telling you.
This is where you have to stop a second and say, listen,
We cannot have justice in this world when individuals can be coerced or corrupted to this level.
That's right, and that goes back to Faust and all of it.
Evil always wants immunity, but no one really has immunity.
You can run on for a long time, like the Johnny Cash song says, but sooner or later God's going to cut them down.
So Carlos, big questions here.
What would you call this period of time we're in right now?
What do you make of the Great Reset, the attempts at race war?
You look how desperate and scared that G7 looked.
I mean, they just looked like garbage.
But that's really a sign of their strength, I think, because they don't want real leaders in there, real leaders that actually believe in humanity, good or bad, that want to be a leader.
The real leaders are in the shadows.
That's why the placeholders act so
We can fix this.
It's not easy, but it is not impossible to fix it.
We can fix it.
First of all, corporations have to have integrity.
The Board of Directors of corporations is supposed to maintain that integrity.
Unfortunately, they have not been able to control the integrity of the corporation.
Therefore, the government, the governors,
Are, in my opinion, should hold the shares of the directors signed but not dated.
And if any of these directors are adjudicated criminal by the courts for deceiving on the product or whatever, they forfeit their shares.
Because you have taken a corporation that was a baby and turned it into a criminal.
You're not supposed to do that.
This business of lying to shareholders, lying left and right, and getting away with things.
Second, do not fall into the trap
Of saying, oh, you have to tax the rich.
Sorry, that doesn't work.
It's a disincentive to innovation and enterprise.
What you have to understand is what President Wilson, I believe in one of your great, great videos recently, they quoted, I think it was recent, mentioned President Wilson in his diary writing and saying that he has made a great mistake.
Allowing the Federal Reserve, because a small number of men, with their ability to control credit, will destroy America as we know it.
Well, they did.
They control credit.
Now, the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, because when it has demand, it prints credit.
And if you are a billionaire, you don't need credit.
Oh no, yeah, they use credit to purchase anything they want.
Oh, but you who work hard and you go to the bank, you don't qualify for the kind of credit that you should have to make America great again.
So I say after a certain amount of wealth, a million dollars a year or whatever, you should be running your own business on your own credit.
You shouldn't be allowed to parlay billions into trillions, because what happens is you create monsters who think they can run the world like the masters of the universe.
They have so much money.
Well that's it.
They've given themselves free credit at our expense and now the real market is like a tiny thing compared to all the fraud they've created.
They're believing all that fraud they made is real and so now they want to take over the planet saying our existence is infringing on their property.
When they stole the planet, it's not their planet and we still have free will and still have value despite the fact that they don't corporately put any value on us.
The government of the United States has to—governors of each state have to get together.
And like the apostles, you know, after Jesus was crucified, they changed the world.
It wasn't—Jesus was discredited.
He was crucified.
He was called every name in the book.
He was whipped and everything.
He was—he had absolutely no credibility.
In the eyes of anybody, he was considered a criminal.
And a blasphemer on top of that, you know, so that you wouldn't even look at the man.
But, you know, the apostles after that, they got together and they said, hey, there are certain things here that we want to talk about.
There are certain things here that ring true.
And the governors of the states of the United States have the responsibility, in my opinion, to make sure that elections are handled almost with, if you don't believe in God, believe in democracy, for crying out loud.
Because it is the paramountcy of the individual in a republic that makes America great.
Well, that's right, and you can criticize the electorate all day long, but most of the time they make the right decision.
They reject 100 to 1 Biden speeches.
They reject 50 to 1 drag queen story time.
We are rejecting it, but they just keep force-feeding it, even though it's against their own self-interest, which shows this is a very anti-human system.
All right, well, Carlos, it's been great.
I want to get you back on as a guest.
You should send us a list of topics sometime when you want to come on.
Well, yeah, there's a principle, in my opinion, that everybody has to learn right now, and that is that the individual child, that the government and the United States of America should invest its capital in making sure that every kid, regardless of color, religion, or background,
What Melania Trump so rightly said, be best, okay?
If we don't take our little kids as parents, as neighbors, as friends, and bring the best of them forward, and bring them to their full potential as human beings, regardless of what orientation they take, we're finished.
We lost the purpose of evolution, Alex.
Well, that's what I'm getting at, is instead of them trying to empower and make upright children so they don't kill you, the globals are trying to create little demonic demons.
So, I mean, what do you think the sick, twisted thinking is on that?
Well, I don't know, but there's a defining moment, you know, when a comedian by the name of John Rivers said something like, oh, you know, President Obama and so on and so forth.
You know what she said.
Basically, uh, that he was homosexual and she was a, uh, um, a tranny.
And, you know, I thought that moment, it seems as if the hell gate opened up and all of a sudden, like, everybody was talking about, oh, you know, you gotta change.
It's acceptable.
It's normal to be this and to be that.
And look, with all respect, okay, I, uh, you do whatever you want with your life.
You're going to sleep upside down, hanging from the ceiling.
But don't force feed our children.
Hands off children, Alex.
Hands off children.
To quote Tony Montana, no women, no kids.
All right, Carlos, well, you've gone public here.
We appreciate your courage coming on the show.
Is there an email anywhere, if anybody wants to contact you to get you on their other shows that you'd like to give out?
Well, yeah, of course.
It's PLC for PLC, Peter, Larry, Charlie, Carlos at Hotmail.com.
All right, say that one more time.
C-A-R-L-O-S at Hotmail.com.
All right.
Thank you, sir.
We really appreciate you.
Been a great call over 15 years, and God bless you.
Thank you.
All right.
We're going to take one more break.
And then I'm going to talk about this picture and we're going to end this special Saturday night transmission.
I really like the fact that these Saturday shows are so popular because I love the radio format.
I've been on it 27 years.
When they tried to de-platform us, we were able to stay on air barely because of over 200 radio affiliates.
They tried to harass the affiliates.
The Globalist did it.
Most of the affiliates took us from nighttime
To live.
And I don't want to give the globalists any secrets, but that was one of the times when messing with radio stations and threatening them and stuff didn't work.
We got a lot of great affiliates supported us even more because of that.
But the Saturday shows are not on those affiliates.
They're just like live or taped to air like today is, and just teleprompter free, very few breaks, and we can really roll here.
So I want to thank the incredible crew that come in and do this.
We're going to go to break real quick.
I'm going to come back with a conclusion here on Saturday evening.
Please take this feed.
Please take the link.
Please take the archive and share it on your email list, on your text messages.
That's one of the least censored areas.
Gmail does censor it.
They censor InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, and video.
Remember 79 Days of Hell?
That was good for a month, got banned, and all the other URLs, ban.tv and all of it?
Well, FreeWorldNews.tv is the full index of banned TV.
And it's all the articles, all the videos, all the same material, same site, freeworldnews.tv.
That's what they hope you don't share.
So please keep sharing it.
I see you sharing it.
I salute you for sharing it.
The truth will be televised if you carry the ball and you are.
So thank you so much.
We'll be right back.
The BioPros are the new non-GMO pollution solution, using eco-friendly products to treat everyday problems while supporting our environment.
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And welcome back on this Saturday evening.
I am not Hunter S. Thompson.
I'm not trying to make myself the center of the show, but Alex Jones is one of the top trends on Twitter right now.
Because the Democrats are calling for my arrest everywhere.
Right now there are 34,000 plus tweets calling for my arrest.
And I started seeing this this morning.
People were sending it to me saying, you talked to Trump and launched the attack?
I never said I talked to Trump that day.
I didn't talk to Trump that day.
But they just make this stuff up.
Then there's this trending video, because I saw it, where it's like me in the Georgia Capitol in November with Vernon Jones having a peaceful demonstration, like all the other ones I have at Capitals.
That's not what I do, is storm Capitals and attack police.
And they go, look, he's in the Capitol!
Arrest him, FBI!
It just goes on and on.
So now there's all these people defending me.
And I tried to find this morning.
I didn't have much time.
I was cooking, you know, bacon and eggs for my daughter.
But I spent like five minutes trying to find, like, where are they getting it that I'm saying I talked to Trump that day?
Other than, I'm in the second row there.
I'm told, yeah, Trump wants you to lead the demonstration.
It's so huge.
I think that's impossible.
And then he goes, and everyone peacefully go and the march, and he's like looking right at me.
Then the Secret Service opens the gate up and I go, you know, lead a march that had already gotten to the Capitol before I got there.
I mean, it's just bizarre.
I mean, I guess, yeah, he looked right at me and said, lead the march to the Capitol and the Secret Service opened the gates.
I mean, I guess I did talk to Trump that day from like 30 feet away, but I'm not even, people say, are you worried about being arrested?
If they want to arrest me for attacking the Capitol or planning it, I mean, I still believe in justice at some level.
Why would I have attacked the Capitol?
We wanted a 10-day investigation.
They were about to pass that.
We want a peaceful investigation now, and the Justice Department is threatening to block it.
So, but man, Roger Stone makes really good points because he called me during that short break.
He said, have you seen you're trending on Twitter and you've seen all this stuff?
And I said, yeah, I got to get back on air.
He goes, call me back, call me back.
And then Rob Duke was walking down the hall and he goes, Hey, you're trending.
I go, okay, I better cover this.
Cause I just got a call from Roger Stone five minutes ago, right when we're about to go back on air.
And then he literally just brings me this about the Twitter thing.
Man, all I know is these people are crazy.
I mean, they've known since January that I didn't go in the Capitol.
They keep running me inside the Georgia Capitol with Vernon Jones like pointing, okay, direct the crowd to get in for a group shot.
Like, shh, no one's allowed to talk, now be quiet.
You know, now Vernon Jones is in the conspiracy and Trump's telling him to do it and all the rest of the stuff and I'm just like,
Napoleon said, don't interrupt your enemy when they're destroying themselves.
Why would I want to storm the Capitol and look like a buffoon and see people get hurt?
I mean, that is preposterous.
It is preposterous.
I just do not have words to describe, because it's not just Twitter.
There's newspapers everywhere saying, oh my God, it's over!
Jones talked to Trump and they coordinated.
What, Jones coordinated blowing his feet off with a shotgun?
Jones coordinated himself jumping into a pool of piranhas.
Jones coordinated himself burning, I mean, there's a thing called motive in things?
So let me get back to what I was trying to cover, these poison shots and eugenics and world government and mega banks robbing everybody and everything else.
When I saw this this morning, though, I mean, I got to tell you, I'm so bummed out about it because I just counted on the Secret Service and the federal police that they wouldn't stand down like that.
Because I didn't try to manage the events.
I was just there.
And then I couldn't believe how we walked right into that trap.
Huge success for the Deep State.
I mean, they're Super Bowl MVP level.
I mean, they played us like a damn fiddle.
And then they want the cherry on top to somehow convince people that I cooked my own goose.
That I wanted this idiocy after the hundreds of rallies to help more than that.
Probably a thousand rallies?
I don't know.
How many rallies has Trump had in six years?
Because he's running for office for two years.
He was in office for four years, and now we're like six, eight months in and out of office.
Yeah, thousands of rallies.
As sweet as a cupcake.
No violence.
I was punched drunk the same way, not believing that people would get out of control, but they did.
And see, I'm not like the left.
I don't lie and say it was all Antifa and all leftists, and the whole thing was them staging it.
No, they were there, they started it, they set people up, and they got people believing that Q was real to attack the damn Capitol.
And they did beat cops over the head.
They did ram down doors.
It was scary.
And they did.
It was bad.
Was it as bad as Pearl Harbor or 9-11?
Not even close.
But yeah, it happened, okay?
We got conned, we got set up.
Let's not lie about how we got our ass kicked.
Let's not lie about how we got set up.
Let's not be delusional like the left.
They won that day!
They set us up!
They screwed us over!
And now they got 470-something people, almost none of them were violent.
Almost none of them did anything wrong.
And they admit that the almost all black jail in DC is beating up these old white people, knocking their eyes out, everything, breaking their jaws.
I don't want to see black folks beat up by a bunch of white cops or any of this.
This is all BS.
There it is.
I've seen this video.
It's got millions of views.
This is some other video they found, a copy.
I mean, I've seen this video hundreds of times said to me like, oh, you're going to jail, buddy.
Here's you and Allie launching the attack.
And they call Allie a terrorist.
They go online, like mainline publications go, terrorist leader Allie Alexander, under the command of Alex Jones, launched the attack on the Capitol.
You know what my main concern was?
On the day of the 6th, listening to hours of boring Republican
speeches and watching how petrified, not in fear, but like dead, the Republicans were.
Watching them prance up in front of the crowd, watching them get off in that freezing weather, and I had to take a piss.
And we got up so early, we couldn't get breakfast because everything was shut down.
So my wife wants food, I want food.
We haven't eaten since like seven the next day, the day before.
And I'm like getting up to go try to find a port-a-potty with big lines of people and mud everywhere on the Ellipse.
And I'm just out there and I'm looking, I'm looking around me.
And there's nothing but red all around us.
We're in this little bitty postage stamp ellipse by the Capitol, by the White House.
And that's 30,000 people all jammed.
And I'm looking up at the Washington Monument.
I'm looking every direction.
There's red.
There's red.
There's red everywhere.
And these are pissed off Americans.
These are people that are sick of being screwed over and have been locked down and lost their job and are going bankrupt.
And their son committed suicide with fentanyl.
And I mean, I could feel their anger.
I was scared.
And I'm not somebody who scares easy, but I was like respecting this, like,
I mean, this is a freight train, baby!
And then I got walked right up to the gallows pole.
And those dumbass leftists thought I was gonna get my blood up and storm a Capitol and turn those criminals into victims?
Jesus Christ.
God help us.
So don't even get me going on it.
Just watch the left salivate over the FBI and salivate over the CIA and just have orgasms over intelligence agencies and former deputy directors of the FBI on TV going, we're going to arrest Trump supporters.
We're going to arrest Congress.
We're going to put them in camps.
I mean, this is all like, I'm not even scared of these guys at that point.
I'm like, wow, you're really starting a war with me?
All you are some jerk lawyer whose whole life's been acting tough.
And I go look up your families.
You know, I always look up somebody's family to see, did anybody in this family do something?
Because that's always the evidence.
And you know what scares me?
Is that none of these people attacking us families ever amounted to anything.
They were all chosen because they were sellouts and scum.
Oh, I wasn't scared because their families are powerful!
I was scared because these people don't hunt.
They're like a dog don't have teeth, but they run their mouth all day.
But when they go to Guatemala or China or Europe, everybody laughs at them because everybody knows they're a fraud.
Everybody knows they're a joke.
Everybody knows they stole what they've got.
Whereas my family was all the romantics.
All the soldiers, all the winners, all the leaders, all the real people who never even told you who they were.
And then I sit there and I look at you, these pathetic maggots, trying to convince me that I'm the bad guy.
You think you attacking me makes me want to give up or go away?
It's the opposite.
I just want you out of my life, away from me, but oh no, you're busy hyper-inflating the currency and causing race war and imploding the border and smuggling kidnapped children, because you're playing God, and your God is Joe Biden stumbling around on stage.
All right, I've got to stop now.
We've got to move on here.
But yeah, there's my response to...
Alex Jones was coordinating the attack with the president that day.
I wish they had real congressional hearings I could testify at.
They don't want those.
Because it would come out what Antifa did and how they set us up and what they did.
Instead, they want to sit there and act like we're scared of a hearing or we're scared about our insurrection going to come out and what are the things we did.
It's pathetic!
I just can't believe there's so many people in this country that actually behave like all this and that do all of this who actually believe their own BS and that live in fantasy land.
But here's the good news.
At the end of the day, we'll have hundreds of thousands of new listeners and viewers.
While you defame us and lie about us and say things about us that aren't true, while you sit there and tell your fraudulent stories all day long, that will just send more people to freeworldnews.tv to find out, what is it this demon's saying?
What is it this monster's doing?
What is it?
That's so bad.
All right.
I'm going to hit a few final articles that I swore I'd get to, and then we're going to end this transmission for this Saturday evening.
But let's go ahead and get to it right now, as judiciously as I can.
Shocking jump in vaccine deaths reported this week at CDC-linked VARS tracking website.
And let's put that up on screen.
For TV viewers.
Because that's the government's reporting thing that they say is so accurate, even though they estimate it's going to be 10 and 100 times more people that actually get sick that don't report it.
So it's up to 100 times worse than they're saying.
So imagine this could be 100x bigger.
But that's what it is right now.
But oh, Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about that.
But who do you think their main target is?
When you're the New World Order, this is a real photo, people are in pools, people are in lakes, people are doing this, they're dumping off diving boards with masks on, because they're the globalist target of the Stockholm Syndrome.
So if you're this person, you're the problem.
You're who Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are targeting.
They had to put signs up saying face coverings could not be worn in the water due to increased drowning risk.
And the British government said a month ago, in London officially, wear a mask in the pool and exhale underwater.
It's all to see what you'll submit to, what you'll do.
It's all a giant test of submission.
Let's get ready to play this video.
It's Mexican program accidentally proves COVID vaccine magnet theory while attempting to debunk it.
Now, this has been going on for several months and I'm not weighed in because I've seen a lot of her videos.
I've seen some videos where obviously it's just because of the slant of the person's head or whatever that it's sticking.
But I've seen videos where the magnet jumps onto clearly something going on there.
Well, Mexican TV had a medical doctor on and was trying to discredit it.
But then suddenly, it actually happened, and he didn't have an explanation of why it was unfolding.
We've got other videos that show this.
So, I was like, a couple months ago, okay, that's not happening.
Then I was like, the medical literature is it grows prions that are magnetic in your body.
And that the studies were warning it could do this.
So I'm like, wow, this is really, really crazy, isn't it?
Here is part of that Mexican TV show where this actually happened.
Sam discredited it.
Look at that, 100%.
That is sticking to his arm.
Just like lighting with a phone.
I mean, it's electromagnetic.
It's growing a crystal matrix that's magnetic, and it's sticking to the body.
Look, he's turning, and then it falls off.
That is incredible.
Look at that.
That's 100% sticking to him.
Then they put the phone on, it sticks.
Look at that!
I mean, wow!
They are effing us over, man.
The doctor's like, okay, this is really happening.
So here's the deal, guys.
We should do a public event in Austin next week and invite vaccinated people there, buy them free dinner or something and see what happens.
But, wow.
Okay, let me continue here.
This is a home stretch here, folks.
I got like 10 times this actually, just the last.
I'm serious.
My frustration is it just goes on and on.
CDC calls emergency meeting after reports of heart inflammation following vaccination.
We showed you the studies, the numbers.
It's 50 times what it's ever been.
It's just incredible.
Florida urologist finds signs of infertility and prostate cancer in the men in his practice that have taken the shot.
COVID lockdowns found to be major factor in doubling of Australia's attempted youth suicides.
That's very real.
Same numbers worldwide.
Biden has shipped 500 million doses of COVID vax after demand slumps and Trump exonerated in Capitol riot.
So they're going to dump all this poison on the third world, of course.
Tucker speaks out against push-to-vax young people.
Very powerful video he did.
Goldman requires workers to report if they are vaccinated.
New York City Philharmonic Concert, it's public park, it's free.
Checks for vaccine passports, denies unvaccinated entry.
You talk about discrimination, baby, this is it.
You're not taking an experimental shot, you're banned.
You are not God, Dr. Fauci.
If science was never challenged, we would never make any progress.
And it goes on and on and on.
What's in your Happy Meal?
Bill Gates runs it.
Greg Abbott has got a bunch of articles on that front.
Wisconsin ex-pharmacist who intentionally destroyed COVID-19 vaccines gets three years in prison.
So you give people secret deadly poison, you're good.
But you do something about it, you go to prison.
Another big study that, oh, COVID-19's causing Alzheimer's.
It's growing prions in the brain.
A new major study, oh, and the vaccine creates that same protein in the body, which studies show is causing Alzheimer's.
COVID-19 leads to brain changes and Alzheimer's, like dementia.
A new AI-powered study finds, ooh.
YouTube suspends Senator Ron Johnson for COVID-19 misinformation for having a hearing and questioning it and having scientists on.
You're not allowed in the U.S.
Senate to have a hearing?
To have scientists?
Why, Google, Sundar Pichai, who testified just two years ago when I was there, we don't censor anybody.
Now they censor those very senators because they're a bunch of nerds with all the power who are eugenicists.
And they've learned.
If they were wearing black uniforms and acted tough and strutted in and said, screw you, Senator, you'd do something.
They're like, oh, I'm weak.
I don't know anything.
That's all their camouflage.
God, wake up to that.
You see, I don't put on an act.
I'm strong.
I'll fight you.
I don't want to dominate your life.
But if I, if I was like, oh, yeah.
So you'd like, oh, I'll do whatever you say.
They're screwing you.
They're censoring you.
They're muzzling you.
They're putting physical muzzles on your face.
Here's the worst stuff yet.
No jab, no phone.
Unvaccinated to have SIM cards blocked in Pakistan's second most populous city.
Punjab government decided to block SIM cards of people refusing vaccines.
Hell, in India they just make you wear a skull and crossbone thing around your head.
CDC calls emergency meeting after reports of heart inflammation.
Already covered that.
And then this big report on the CDC's own numbers of hundreds of times previous levels of heart attacks in young people.
But they go, don't worry, no one below 12 has had the heart attacks.
But then someone pointed out, yeah, because it's not authorized below 12 yet.
All right, I'm gonna stop laughing or I'm gonna start crying.
Great job to the crew coming in.
I told the crew it'd be a one-hour special transmission.
I think it's a lot longer now, but that's okay.
Tim Cook's gay.
Runs death camps, but he's gay, so it's alright.
Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, great job today with the crew.
Great job, listeners and viewers.
I hope you share the live feed.
I hope you share the archive feed at FreeWorldNews.tv.
And I just want to close with this.
We were in the red the first five months of this year.
Because we couldn't get a bunch of our best-selling products in because the whole supply chain broke down.
I'm not mad at listeners, I understand.
And a sick part of me just kind of wants to say, hey guys, sorry we're closing.
I'm out of here.
I've kind of done my job and like Obi-Wan Kenobi, go to the desert and see what happens later.
Maybe later I get called back in the fight.
I mean, seriously.
I've been doing this too fast, too furious.
I don't want to give up.
It's the opposite.
I just, I'm not going to get nervous about getting shut down.
If you don't support us, fine, we're going to go off the air.
If not, we're just keep going full bore, 100%.
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We have 10 new politically incorrect stickers we're selling at cost.
10 stickers at cost.
It's like $5.95.
And that is...
Tough like a Russ Fauci or Russ Gates.
Whatever you do, don't put these up anywhere.
Just submit and roll over in a ditch.
I'm being sarcastic.
Okay, so I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
And Lord willing, myself and Owen Schroer will be back live tomorrow evening starting off at 4 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
A compendium of powerful info, a blueprint to defeat the enemy, a blueprint to understand what's happening.
That's what it's all about.
So thanks for keeping us in the fight.
It has become one of those annoying reminders of impending doom that we all choose to ignore.
But like any disease, it is always best to catch it early, while the symptoms are still growing.
We are all aware of it.
We are in a covert war with China.
Sure, the Chinese suck-ups and our government wouldn't admit it, even if we were under imminent attack.
The reason that we're in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did.
It's not because of anything the WHO did.
Yeah, I mean, as you say, the events have really gone underway here now.
We can see President Xi Jinping standing on the Gate of Heavenly Peace, symbolically above the portrait of Mao Zedong, who of course proclaimed the foundation
And the media would gaslight you into a corner if you let them, as Kellen McBreen revealed, China Daily, a Chinese state-run media outlet, is currently paying multiple US news agencies millions of dollars to
We're good.
For example, as part of a $700,000 advertising campaign paid for by China Daily, Time published 75 online articles from the outlet in the past year.
The lucrative deal resulted in Time posting content promoting a Chinese drone maker that provided products to surveil Uyghurs being held captive, an article promoting China's five-year plan, and several other pro-China pieces.
Unlike the Wall Street Journal who once took money from China Daily, Time Magazine failed to disclose the fact that the outlet is funded by the Chinese government, as we experience a soft kill strategically tearing our country apart.
Socialism used to be a really scary word in the United States.
It helped fuel the Red Scare when Congress carried out massive witch hunts to weed out suspected American communists and traitors after each world war.
Democrat lawmakers are now embracing socialism.
They want to replace individual rights with total government domination.
So is this political zeitgeist that's upsetting the status quo a fad or the future of politics in America?
Tell me what democracy looks like!
This is what democracy looks like!
I can give you about 20 million reasons why socialism doesn't work.
That's how many people lost their lives under Joseph Stalin.
And a lot of them starved to death.
I mean, I'm sure Ms.
Brunick, if she would go read a little history, she would understand that.
Before she reaches a final conclusion, though, I would suggest that
She may want to visit North Korea.
I hear it's lovely this time of the year.
China is eating our lunch and the sack it came in.
China is going to eat our lunch?
Come on, man.
Last night, I was on the phone for two straight hours with Xi Jinping.
And you all know as well as I do, these folks, and it was a good conversation.
I know him well.
We spent a lot of time together over the years I was vice president.
But, uh, you know, they're gonna, if we don't get moving, they're gonna eat our lunch.
Every single federal employee, U.S.
media organization, Hollywood celebrity, or professional athlete supporting the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable because the point of no return grows on the horizon every day.
John Bowne reporting.
The BioPros are the new non-GMO pollution solution, using eco-friendly products to treat everyday problems while supporting our environment.
For the first time, the BioPros are bringing to the public market a suite of bioremediation products to the everyday consumer.
Their first product they are launching is called BioSeptic Pro, a product specifically designed to establish a healthy septic system.
BioSeptic Pro contains live microorganisms, not traditional enzymes like its competitors.
This stuff lives in your septic system.
It's really like probiotics for your septic tank.
Say goodbye to septic problems.
Gas buildup and odor guaranteed.
BioSeptic Pro is light years ahead of traditional septic treatments.
They have a revolutionary patented delivery system that carries live microorganisms to treat the problem at its core, making their products up to 100 times
I think so.