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Air Date: June 10, 2021
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Alex Jones and Dr. Reiner Fulmik are leading efforts against the CDC, WHO, and Davos Group for crimes against humanity regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. They argue that the PCR test protocol given by WHO and CDC was set to guarantee false positives or negatives, making the pandemic a pretext for getting people to take experimental vaccines. The team claims this violates the Nuremberg Code, which prohibits actions like coercion, duress, inadequate animal testing, and more. Legal proceedings are moving forward, with whistleblowers encouraged to contact the team. President Trump has praised recent Republican election victories and shared his thoughts on current events, including the COVID-19 vaccines, globalist agendas, and supporting InfoWars. Alex Jones discusses the impending collapse of civilization due to globalist elites orchestrating it through measures like vaccines and climate change. He criticizes Big Pharma's death cult mentality and calls for supporting our natural immune systems with proper nutrition. Jones also describes the globalists as mad scientists, pedophiles, control freaks, devil worshippers, and vampires who want to change human DNA. Around half of medical staff at CDC and NIH have refused to take COVID-19 vaccines, raising concerns about trust in them. The speaker discusses society's increasing reliance on technology, the globalist system pushing towards a robot-controlled society, and the importance of prayer, research, preparation, and warning others. They introduce BioPros, a suite of bioremediation products designed to treat everyday problems while supporting the environment. Jones criticizes companies requiring COVID-19 vaccines and warns about their potential long-term effects. He argues that Democrats are intentionally inviting low IQ individuals into the U.S., which he believes will lead to a decline in overall intelligence and societal issues. He expresses concern over the left's anti-white rhetoric and predicts potential conflicts related to these issues.

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I mean, I've seen the whole plan, I've read the whole plan, and they're going ahead with it.
I mean, I guess that's really... For me, I'm not a wimp, but I mean, I'm pretty shook up right now.
Because I theoretically knew all this, I knew they tested it out on small groups, and my God, injected black people with syphilis and all the rest of it, and radiated foster kids to death.
I mean, you know all the stuff this cult's done, but now they've built it up incrementally, where they got the whole system working for them now.
The system, the banks, the insurance companies, the AI systems, and then now nurses and doctors and people are learning.
They're just like attendants that are just there overseeing the system that's automated.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Dr. Reiner Fulmik is the public frontman for an international team comprised of hundreds of lawyers and medical experts who have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, the WHO, and the Davos Group for committing crimes against humanity.
The protocol for the PCR test given by the WHO and the CDC was knowingly set to a level that guaranteed 100% false positives or false negatives.
So there is no pandemic.
This is all about getting people to take the shot.
Their argument is that we are at the very least being subjected to an illegal experiment.
And at the worst, global genocide.
Dr. Fulmik points out how the experimental jab is in clear violation of all ten of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the penalty of death for those who violate them.
Number one, voluntary consent is absolutely essential.
There should be no intervention or any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, or any form of constraint or coercion.
By definition, a vaccine must provide immunity to the virus, protect recipients from getting the virus, reduce deaths, infections, circulation, and transmission of the virus.
We are told the experimental jab does none of these, yet they fraudulently call it a vaccine.
As far as duress, constraint, and coercion, it's everywhere.
If you want your life back, get the shot.
Number two.
The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results unprocurable by other methods.
The most fruitful method would be a healthy immune system, which can be achieved through good health and natural supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.
But the people are not being told this.
In fact, those who point it out are being vilified and silenced.
Number three, the experiment should be designed and based on the results of animal experimentation.
This experimental jab skipped animal testing.
Number four, the experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
According to official reports, there are already thousands of deaths and over a quarter million injuries from this experiment.
Number five, no experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur.
Past trials have shown a strong possibility that these new spike proteins will cause a body to attack itself.
This is known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement, or ADE.
And recent doctors have blown the whistle that this could end up killing everybody who's been vaccinated in the next two years.
Number six.
The risk should never exceed the benefit.
COVID-19 has a 98 to 99 percent survival rate.
Less deadly than the seasonal flu.
The experimental jab is already the most dangerous vaccine in VAERS' 30-year history.
Number 7.
Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
There were no preparations made.
There are no facilities.
The subject shows up for their shot and goes home.
Number 8.
The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons.
This experiment has been exclusively run by politicians, the media, celebrities, and big pharma bureaucrats.
Number 9.
The subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end.
Thousands of medical experts have attempted to end this madness and their voices continue to be silenced.
Number 10.
The experiment must be brought to an end if resulting in injury or death.
And yet, the experiment pushes on.
Once again, those who violate these international laws are subject to the death penalty.
Legal proceedings are moving forward and evidence is being collected.
Whistleblowers are directed to contact the international team at www.securewhistleblower.com.
This is likely the biggest crime ever committed against a world population.
And the question is, do we still have a judicial system to exact justice?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level with y'all, man.
What y'all... Like... Wake up!
Come on, man.
I want people to wake up right now.
I want people to listen to me and just come out of your trance.
We have got to realize that we're being conditioned on a mass scale.
So Alex Jones' whole brand is based around the idea that he's giving you the real story, not the fake news out there.
Hey, listen!
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Humanity is awakening!
This is Alex Jones.
The tyrants did it.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
And I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
It's Alex Jones!
Infowars.com I just don't know who you are.
You guys know who he is?
You know who Alex Jones is?
Very popular.
It's a radio show hosted by Alex Jones.
You need to listen to Alex Jones.
We know we're under attack!
We know it!
We're breaking the conditioning!
I'm talking about Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
That's just level one.
What's level two?
I'll tell you.
The animated contest of liberty is waiting for you.
You've got to take it in your hands.
You've got to have a will.
Accept the truth and fuck the system and the group collective.
Do that and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the InfoWar.
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***.
Thank you, Madison.
Thank you.
What a great guy.
What a good future you've got.
Where the hell is Madison?
Thank you, Madison.
Great job.
Thank you very much.
If I had a face like him, I would have been president.
20 years earlier.
20 years earlier, Madison.
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
Great job.
Greg Murphy.
Where's Greg?
Where's Greg?
Thank you, Greg.
You're doing a really great job.
We're proud of you.
We're proud of you.
And a friend of mine and somebody that's really been incredible, respected by everybody, Congressman Ted Budd.
Where's Ted?
Where's Ted?
Good job, Ted.
Good job.
And here, as well, are two people that you may know of.
Actually, I probably like her better.
Because he was a supporter of mine before he was.
People don't know that.
Deb Meadows, stand up.
Stand up, Deb.
But we have to say, Deb, he wasn't far behind.
It wasn't like, you know, many, many months.
No, he was... He had somebody else in mind, but he switched over very quickly.
I don't know if he had a choice, right, Deb?
Mark Meadows, everybody.
Real great guy.
And with the spirit and energy and commitment of everyone in this room and the voters all across this state, 2022 is going to be a banner year for North Carolina Republicans.
You know, they said this state was, if you look back 10 years ago, Michael, they said this state was finished.
It was not going to be a Republican state at all.
And they had elected a governor and it really looked bad.
And then
These guys some of them that I just announced but others also we all got together and You've never been in a stronger position and now you're going to have another senator.
We just elected a wonderful friend of ours and Tom is gonna be great.
I think Tommy she got off to a little rocky start With protect Bob Mueller, but you know what he
He flipped in the other direction totally, and he's been terrific.
And he had a great race.
He ran a great race.
He really did.
And he had my total support.
And he called me just a little while ago to tell me, enjoy the state, because I love the state.
I love being in this state.
But I just want to say that this was going to be a Democrat state.
And here we are, and we're really dominating when you look at everything that's happened.
So congratulations.
It's really great.
To you, congratulations.
I think we're going to gain two or even three U.S.
House seats.
We're going to take over.
If you look over the House, you're going to get rid of Nancy Pelosi.
Remember, they stick together on an impeachment hoax.
Not one Democrat, not one, voted against.
Well, actually, we had one that came over to our side, who was a terrific person, actually.
But you take a look, and they didn't want to do that.
But they just do it a little bit differently.
They play very tough, very dirty.
And we just can't let it happen.
We're going to win North Carolina's all-important U.S.
Senate race.
And we're going to lay the groundwork for making sure that Republicans once again carry the great state of North Carolina in a number, a year, that I look very much forward to, 2024.
Numbers like you've never seen before so many things are happening right now But they're we're gonna do things like you've never ever seen before I stand before you today confident that the people of North Carolina will decisively reject Joe Biden and the radical Democrats the war on the American worker the American family and the American nation and
And I have to tell you that I have a very special person.
You know, she's been... I love my family.
I love my family.
And I happen to love this particular young man that she's married to.
He's a very tall person.
By the way, but not as tall as Barron.
Barron is 6'7".
You relate it?
And he's 15.
And Eric is short.
He's only six foot six.
But we love our Eric and we love them all.
They're all great.
And he is married to a very special woman, Laura.
And I'd like to have her.
You know, she was born in this particular state.
She loves this particular state.
And maybe I'd like to ask Laura Trump to come up and say a few words.
Laura, please, come on up.
You know this is just surreal that the current president of the United States is a puppet that stole his way into there and then the real president of the United States has not been in front of a high production live studio audience since he was kicked out and it's left to right side broadcasting
That looks like the camera iris isn't even set right to be able to get footage of the president.
I'm not putting right-side broadcasting down.
I know they operate on a shoestring budget.
And it's just indicative of how much trouble we're in.
And that skeleton, that that that Chicon agent
He's up there with all the slick production, everything, but in a way that's better because you can just see the HD of him rotting in front of you and what a fraud he is.
Now, I've been saying this a lot before the show is just because all I do is tell you how I feel that I'm having real trouble doing these broadcasts lately.
And it's because of how this is really starting to set in on me that this is it.
And they're really killing people all around us and maiming people all around us.
And I was already ready today to come on air and look at the real numbers of the unprecedented amounts of young people having heart attacks, having strokes, even dying from the so-called COVID vaccines.
And then I was sent a big Twitter feed by a good friend of mine, a national talk show host.
About 30 minutes for the show, so I ended up reading this Twitter feed of medical documents and CDC numbers, and I actually got dizzy and almost passed out.
You know, you have that effect where, quote, women would get overwhelmed by something and just pass out, and that's really the point I've gotten to where I'm just like, because nothing's stopping any of this.
It's just rolling forward.
I was reading
About hundreds of thousands of people getting sick from the shots that are young, how they're targeting our children, and it just pisses me off.
And so my brain says, go out and you know, do you know what?
People are doing this.
I just, it's just overwhelming.
It's just overwhelming to watch them kill us like this.
You know, I know my brain is reeling and that I'm kind of in a constant reset mode because there's an answer
That I'm supposed to come up with, that you're supposed to come up with, to counter this.
This unprecedented criminal takeover.
I mean, the quickening is here.
And that's really the issue.
20 years ago, out of 100 articles or so, there might be one really big one.
I have more than 50 devastating reports that are confirmed that send chills up my spine.
And it's just, it's the real realization of how screwed we are.
It'd be like if I walked outside and looked up at the sun and saw it like explode, and I'd go, oh my gosh, that explosion's gonna get here in just a few minutes, we're all dead.
It feels something kind of like that.
It's like the, ooh, wow.
Because they have set something in motion that is the planned, organized, total collapse of civilization and mass death.
And that's why they don't care that they're killing hundreds of millions right now that have been injected, that are the walking dead, that are dead already.
Because by the time those people are dying, there'll be so many calamities, so much collapse, that it won't matter anymore.
It's the end of civilization.
And it's not even a selfishness, but my very cells say, get out of Austin, get your family out, and go to the most remote area and dig in now.
But if we do that, the globalists win.
And they're going to accelerate their collapse and finally dig us out of our holes later.
Every movie, every show is now coming out with dystopic mass death, planetary extermination, robots killing us under you in command because they're pre-conditioning everyone to accept that and that that is the future that's about to unfold.
And I mean the video games, the movies, all of it.
This is the genetic engineering mad scientist revolution.
You see, we fought Hitler in World War II, and the Soviet Union in the Cold War, and, you know, we got China as this big enemy, but it's really the mad scientist's laboratory.
Yeah, here's some of it for TV viewers.
I mean, this gets really bad.
Robots invading the U.S., U.N.
slaughtering everybody because of climate change.
Climate change is just the excuse for total collapse, while the globalists are actually collapsing things.
So, I'm going to be laying all of that out today as well.
But, this is not a deer in the headlights moment.
It's almost obscene to even tell everybody this.
It's kind of like they put a blindfold on somebody who's in a firing squad.
So they'd have to watch themselves be killed.
And they give you a cigarette, maybe a little bottle of brandy an hour before.
So, you know what?
The public's not going to wake up and stop this anyways.
They don't want to.
We're cursed.
We kill our babies.
We kill our old people.
And so I guess...
I just guess prepare to have everything collapsed and destroyed and to die.
I mean, I guess that's just really it.
I mean, that's the wages of sin.
That's Satanism.
And so that's who we are.
I have all the battle plans.
So they now admit the global lockdown is never going to end, as we said.
They're just loosening it up in areas that would resist.
So when they finally clamp down again, you think, oh, it's just for a little while.
It's all psychological warfare.
Mike Lindell is going to be joining us.
You can say what you want about Mike, but he's an American entrepreneur, and he saw election fraud, and he's had a lot of courage.
He's really a hero.
He's going to be joining us coming up next hour.
He's getting off an airplane here in about 15 minutes.
Here's what I'm trying to get at.
If we don't really respond and really get upset and really recognize the globalists carrying out this controlled collapse of the world, then doom is where we're going.
Because this mad scientist evil, this post-humanist evil, has figured out all the angles.
And the only way you beat it is recognizing the angles and it's full spectrum assault and then do the exact opposite.
But instead, the public likes to debate and argue and act silly and fight with each other at the low level.
And if you do that, we have zero chance.
If we just woke up and accepted God and did what God said to do and stood against the New World Order, then this evil would just evaporate like phantoms at dawn.
And everybody can feel it.
Everybody can see it.
And that's just what it comes down to.
So here's what I'm going to do.
I'm going to make sure we stay on air as long as we can and make sure that that's dealt with.
Make sure our own house is in order.
And then I'm going to come back and I'm going to hit all this finish as best I can.
I'm just going to cover it and then that's going to be it.
But I also, the crew does a great job, but maybe next few segments you can't put stuff on screen because I'm here talking and they just put a screen clip up of people in New York saying, we want to wear masks forever.
We don't want to take them off.
We like them.
They're our blankets.
And that's something I was going to cover later, but see, that's painful to look at.
And so I'm right on the edge of just not being able to handle this anymore.
Plus, it then just becomes a distraction from what I'm already covering, what I'm doing.
And I'm not bitching at the crew.
I told them to put stuff up on screen.
It's just this point, I may have to start doing the show in a radio booth.
And the crew can go run other shows or something.
And I'm just going to go back to reading articles and covering those because I can't look at Joe Biden.
I can't look at the mass cult.
I can't look at another animal and human clone.
I just want away from these Satanists.
God Almighty!
You know, the worst thing is reading all these federal documents.
And how they know, by design, that they're giving the young people shots now that are going to mess up their hearts, livers, and brains and lungs for life, which is not going to be very long.
And then, of course, I knew this a while ago while they're doing it.
It's not just about killing you.
It's a sacrifice to the youth, and that pleases their God.
And also, it's going to weigh down and hurt their families and cause great anguish in their families.
Because you're supposed to bury your parents, not bury your children.
And also, it's designed to collapse society while they suck all the money out of the families that are going to try to keep their family members alive.
It'll take a good ten painful years for more people to take these injections to die.
And so I just, I can't believe that I actually did it.
Bill Gates said he would do it, and they've done it.
And I think it's a pretty normal response that I can barely do this show right now.
Because, I mean, this is sick.
This is sick.
Everybody just better get that through their head.
This is it, folks.
All right, my friends, I don't want to say welcome back.
I mean, we're awake, we're informed, we're looking at this giant, globalist, chemical, biological attack taking place.
And at a certain point, it's just not normal to set up here like this is a normal show.
And just say, oh, you know, billions of people are being injected with a chemical bioweapon that's going to slowly kill them that then is designed to collapse industrial society because we're taking care of so many sick people.
And the system thinks it's got a plan to manage that and be able to gaslight the public to not make sure that Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci and the rest of them get sent to supermax prisons for it.
Because they're the institutional controllers.
They control the stolen trillions.
They control big tech with Mark Zuckerberg, who's hanging out on his stolen land in Kauai, Hawaii.
While we're all living under ongoing martial law.
And then I just see the public mesmerized into a trance watching their sports and playing their video games.
And I can't join the globalists because that
That's evil and I don't want to prey on people.
And then most of the public can't even understand what I'm saying.
I guess we're just here to tell the truth and let people make a decision for themselves and it'll all work out in God's plan.
But, uh, I mean, I feel like I'm getting punched in the chest right now.
And I don't know what it is I'm supposed to do to not feel like that.
I normally feel good about everything I'm doing.
And almost always when I feel like this, it means there's some answer.
There's something we're supposed to do right now that'll stop this.
And I guess that's really where it is.
I feel extreme guilt.
And I'm not someone in my life that feels a lot of guilt.
And I know that that's why I may have to go off air today, because I don't want to just sit up here and talk about how I feel.
This isn't some calculated thing before I came here today to say all this.
I have stacks of government documents, stacks of reports that are all total nightmares, all 10 on a Richter scale of tyranny.
It's like Judge Joe Brown's a really famous criminal judge that did some of the biggest cases in the country.
I didn't even know that until I got to know him and looked him up.
I assumed he was a TV judge and he had been a judge.
And when he saw that former Deputy Director of the FBI say, we're going to arrest members of Congress for their speech and we're going to take over, he was taken back and freaked out the whole time.
And after the show, he was freaked out like I was, and we were sitting there freaked out by it.
Well, that's because he's got his head screwed on.
He understands history.
He understands that's really dangerous, and that means they're coming for everybody, and that we're in deep trouble.
And see, he didn't even know about that.
He couldn't believe, he spent all the different breaks searching on his phone, he was good at searching for stuff, about that FBI agent, because he couldn't believe it was not a big story that they said that.
And I said, Your Honor, I can play you a 20-minute excerpt video of a bunch of other ones saying that all over TV.
He's like, yeah, I don't watch much of that cable news.
I didn't see that.
So I showed him some more back there after we got off air for lunch, before he flew out.
And he was just really upset, and that's normal, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, we're supposed to be upset.
All right.
Here's another problem.
If I just sit here and read these article headlines out and don't dig into each one, it doesn't have any effect.
People need to know what's really happening here.
Like, take this article right here.
That's an ode to Rush Limbaugh.
This story in and of itself would be a top story for two years.
And thousands of people will go to jail.
Let's see, we're in a rout right now.
We're in a collapse right now.
So if you think this is bad, can you imagine what else is going on?
The shutdown, the lockdown, is to destroy the regular economy and to consolidate it.
And the printing of the money is the looting of the economy and it's not supposed to go to the citizens, it goes to the insiders.
For all those weeks that everybody I knew was trying to get on when they were told to go get their stimulus money or go get their federal unemployment money, and most of you never could get it?
You just moved in with your parents or your neighbors and got some odd jobs?
That's because over half the money was siphoned off by hackers, that's the globalists, that's the Legion of Doom, to China and others.
And here it is out of Axios.
And I said this back in the time, half of the pandemic's unemployment money may have been stolen.
Criminals may have stolen as much as half over that of the unemployment benefits of the U.S.
and have been pumping out over the past year.
Why it matters.
Unemployment fraud during the pandemic could easily reach 400 billion according to estimates and the bulk of the money likely ended up in the hands of foreign crime syndicates.
Making this not just theft, but a matter of national security.
Well, the Democrats shut off our pipelines and ship fentanyl in and tell us that the country shouldn't exist.
So, I mean, they tell you who they are.
They're the ones doing the pipeline shutdowns.
They're the ones doing the ransomware.
It's that deep state cabal.
But that's all any of this is.
And then, when one out of three people's got a neurological disorder or a heart condition, and all these new mystery heart conditions, and mystery brain conditions, and mystery lung conditions, and mystery cardiovascular conditions in people that have been, quote, vaccinated for COVID-19, and then they'll set up the panels to find out what did it, run by people that did it, and they'll siphon all those trillions into themselves.
And we'll be sitting here in a year or two with, you know, run 10K to raise money because, you know, all the neurological problems and they'll have movie stars up there.
Well, let's get together.
And finally, at a certain point, 10 years down the road, or even sooner, they'll say, well, folks are signing on to volunteer to be euthanized because they know they're too much of a weight on society and they'll get some extra money and get to party for a few weeks before they are killed.
And that's all the plan here.
And just like I told you about animal and human clones and all the rest of it, we'll be sitting here, probably not on air then, but you'll be watching it, and if you say anything about it, you'll be arrested.
So that's all any of this is.
So, I mean, I've seen the whole plan, I've read the whole plan, and they're going ahead with it.
I mean, I guess that's really, for me, I'm not a wimp, but I mean, I'm pretty shook up right now.
Because I theoretically knew all this, I knew they tested it out on small groups, and my God, injected black people with syphilis and all the rest of it, and radiated foster kids to death.
I mean, you know all the stuff this cult's done, but now they've built it up incrementally.
Where they got the whole system working for them now.
The system, the banks, the insurance companies, the AI systems, and then now nurses and doctors and people are learning.
They're just like attendants.
They're just there overseeing the system that's automated.
They're just there like a ceremonial pilot in the future when all aircraft are drone, which is basically already what they are.
The pilot just is like a concierge that talks to the human passengers and maybe pours them a cup of coffee because a robot's flying the plane.
It's the same thing now with hospitals and everything.
They're just concierge there, more and more, inviting you into their robot system that the globalists program.
People are like, well, I'll trust a robot.
Did you program that robot?
Oh, really?
So this is end of day stuff.
And your church isn't going to say a word.
They just want to party.
They just want to have a good time.
Hell, you're not going to find more satanic group of people than the folks that run the churches, because they're the real betrayers that went in there to make sure there wouldn't be a church to fight this when it was needed.
So I'm sorry, folks.
I'm real sorry.
And I'm not trying to depress you.
You know, it means God's plan's real and we're being judged, but this is going to be rough.
I've got all the numbers right here.
They are right now basically lobotomizing billions of people with these injections.
You're like, well, they're dumb.
Let them get sick.
They shouldn't have taken it.
Well, you're going to have to take care of these people.
Their collapse is going to bring us all down.
If you grew up next to a con artist and you watch them get arrested the first time, the second time, the fourth time, the tenth time,
You would know not to do business with that person.
You'd know not to leave your wallet laying out on top of the counter around them.
You'd know not to have them in your house.
In fact, you'd probably move away from them if they got out of the penitentiary and moved back into your next door.
So see, you could keep treating that con artist every day like they were a new person and give them the benefit of the doubt.
That's called being a fool.
Or you just don't trust or follow any damn thing they say.
And that's where we're at with the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party, and the globalists, and the left, and the universities, and Big Pharma, and all of them have huge, giant histories of corruption, and control, and greediness, and lies.
And they're using high-tech psychology to control everybody.
And so the only way to beat them is to reject everything they say and everything they do and not buy a damn word comes out of their mouth and to shun them.
Don't bully them.
Just say, I'm not going to be around you.
I'm not going to pay for my young person to go to your stupid college.
I'm not going to go to your corporate media event.
I'm not going to support your rock concert, your football game.
We have to come out of Babylon.
And when I say that, I'm right here in the middle of it, and I like to go out to nice restaurants, and I like to ride around on a boat on the lake, and I like to fly around in these airplanes, and I like to sit there, but all of that is spider web that captures you for the spider.
All of that's the modern trappings of Babylon, and it itself isn't evil, but it's been set up to trap you, and I was thinking about this last night, and that's,
Wow, I was frustrated the last 50 minutes on air, now it all hit me.
Because we ask ourselves, why did people stay in Nazi Germany up until 1940, when Hitler then started arresting basically everybody?
They saw him come in, they saw him arrest hundreds of thousands, and kill hundreds of thousands, and then arrest millions, and take people's speech, and do everything the globalists are doing right now, but people
The upper middle class and wealthy were left alone and they just kept thinking, well, I'll be left alone.
Hell, lots of top Nazis ended up getting targeted because Hitler was jealous of them.
Or they wanted their money.
And in the end, all the Nazis did was get rid of their own safety net, their own protection system, and got destroyed.
It's the same thing with the Russians and the same thing with the Chinese.
Everybody else.
I was reading about some of the Rothschilds that actually got picked up and killed by Hitler.
They thought, because they were so rich, I saw one of the Rothschilds on PBS years ago, because she'd gotten out of the country, she was a little girl, but her parents stayed and died.
They thought they could buy Hitler off.
They thought, well, we're so rich and powerful, we're not going to leave France, we're not going to leave our estate, we'll just give the Nazis most of our money and they'll leave us alone.
Well, Hitler killed both of them.
And that's the whole point.
Everybody pretending at Google and Facebook and Twitter and IBM and the New York Times and CNN.
Pretending like you're safe.
Screwing everybody else over.
And going along with this plan.
Because you better damn well believe none of them are taking the shots.
You think something this evil isn't going to get you?
You think feeding this beast now will make it kiss your hand?
It's going to destroy you.
And you're fools.
You don't join with Satan and become the boss.
You get eaten.
So here's what sent me for a tailspin, because I already knew all this, but it kind of all crystallized 10 minutes before the show.
And then... There's some things I want to tell you and I can't tell you because of the sources and they told me not to.
And I've never blown a source and I've never given information out.
And sometimes there's information you can't get out because if you give out any of it, it gives it away from the source before they finish the work they're doing.
But there's a major counter strike to all this in the works right now.
But it's been confirmed, the documents have been seen, that this is a kill plan.
They've got a whole societal collapse program, how it brings down the hospitals and brings down the civilization.
Then there's a collapse, then we accept mass death, and then we accept basically a worldwide AI takeover, and they claim that only an AI system can manage all this because so many humans are sick and dying, not just the baby boomer generation that's got to be taken care of.
And then a whole robot rollout comes out,
And then the general masses are starving to death.
And so those that still have wealth that aren't part of the system are told, you've got to sign on and put your wealth into this to stabilize and save all these people that are dying and starving.
And then basically you sign your wealth over to this big, giant global wallet that they're going to be rolling out.
And this global wallet will have your medical ID, everything on it.
And of course, we already knew all that.
The Australian
Leader just came out and announced it yesterday that your COVID pass will now be your money.
But I've been talking to folks that have seen the official government plans put out by the major foundations.
The Carnegie Endowment.
That's why the Carnegie Endowment is now in full control.
Bill Gates works for them.
The CIA is run by the Carnegie Endowment.
And it's just a total extermination plan.
I mean, final solution, we're all dead.
It's like, wow!
You guys are really evil.
Because I knew they were evil, but man, it's bad enough wanting to wipe out third world people.
I don't want to kill them, but I know that they don't have jobs, futures, any of that.
I'm not signing on to kill them, but this plan is to kill everybody.
So, I mean, see, I've just got stuff like that going on.
And I don't just believe people that have seen the documents.
I can see the documents all in front of me, how they're implementing it.
Everything I was told by the individual that saw this plan,
And hell, the plan is in Event 201.
The plan is in Lockstep.
The plan is in Crimson Contagion.
The plan is all there.
But specifically, they've reached the point now of recruiting levels deep into government corporations and have gone operational now, so they're even telling people the plan to get them on board.
Hey, like, you know, if you and your family are going to live, if you want to be part of that 500 million that live,
Southern Georgia Guidestones, you better get on board right now and you'll get up space for your family during the collapse.
But of course, you read deeper, and this is what these individuals were able to see.
It's exactly what they've told us, that they believe all humans must be gotten rid of, and above that, there's not much knowledge, but everybody, including top Pentagon four-star generals, they think it's aliens.
Some deal's been made with aliens to kill everybody.
And then the people, the small group that does it gets to like, like the Borg or whatever, join these things.
Man, all I'm telling you is, is that everybody's dead.
That's all I can tell you.
And so I can't even fight with CNN.
I can't even fight with the New York Times or lawyers suing me.
Like a lawyer suing me when there's a plan to kill everybody?
It's like, what does that do to me?
I mean, you know, it's like, and I'm sitting here on air talking about this.
It's all real.
And then I've known all this stuff for months.
It's the only reason I got told it.
I already knew it all.
And I'm sitting here and I just cannot believe all this.
I cannot believe we've gotten to this point.
So do I know there's aliens calling the shots?
Everybody else I talk to goes, yeah, we think you're right.
This doesn't make any sense.
Because they're not just going to kill people down to 500 million, which is the official UN number.
They're planning to kill all those people too!
And the dominoes are falling.
The program has already started.
The countdown is here.
And I don't know what to do.
I just get right with God.
That's all I can say.
Instead, we'll talk to the MyPillow guy.
Which will be fun, I'm sure.
Nice guy.
Really cares.
Has a good heart.
Fight the tyranny.
Fight the election fraud that's as plain as the nose on your face.
And I only go ahead and just throw all this out to everybody because, listen, all you idiots, because I know media matters, all you dumbasses tuning in, this is all real stuff.
I mean, you understand you're going to be killed, right?
I mean, you understand you're dead.
Not from me.
You're your bosses.
I mean, you understand these are psychotics.
They made a deal with something really bad that says the price of you living is everybody else dies.
Remember Soros made a deal when he was a kid with Hitler to do that.
So of course he's one of the top guys now because he made a deal with something infinitely more evil and smarter.
And you just look at this thing, it's not human that's hitting us.
This whole takeover, the 5G, all of it, is not of this world.
Alright, Mike Lindell got off his airplane, but it's late, but he'll be here soon.
Look forward to having him on.
And I'll try to get into the statistics from the CDC.
They admit massive death, brain damage from their shots in young people.
And they're just going to normalize it.
We don't just make young boys die now with autism.
We're going to kill everybody.
What was America?
Oh, it's a dream.
You've got to be asleep to believe it.
But in that is a little twist.
In the dream, you find the destiny.
This is where people came to live the dream.
That's why it was so amazing compared to other countries and other nations.
Oh, we were down in the dirt, but one step above the others.
Reaching out to the stars.
And there are evil people that want control of the future, control of our destinies, to use our minds, our incredible intellects, as slaves to build their
To build their ascension.
But everything they do is a suppression of the innocent, which is not God-like.
And so I go through processes of getting excited and vitriolic and getting depressed and upset.
It's devil-like.
But it's just my own physical mind and body taking on the weight of what we have to face and being energized by the Holy Spirit to go to the next level.
Because great responsibility is not something that's fun, it's something that's empowering, it's exhilarating, it's something that gives you the next level, but it's not about yourself.
Here's a little fun thing that a Lister put together, but it's an archetype of what we're actually facing, and it's the Lister taking action, it's victory, so we salute the Lister.
We'll be back with Mike Lindell.
Stay with us.
This is Tuesday, September 22nd.
And it's just a time to have our heads screwed on straight and to get on our knees to God.
Because this is the big one, ladies and gentlemen.
We are not living in normal times.
We're living in the year 2020.
But I'll tell you this.
We're living in such an incredibly amazing and thought-provoking and dangerous time.
There was a film made in the early 1990s that described exactly what's happening, but it condensed it down to something very simple.
So that it happened very quickly.
There's a real weapon.
Takes its time, so you never know what hit you.
That way you don't see it creeping up.
Because we knew this was coming down.
We knew what they were planning.
And now we're sure of it.
They are gonna scuttle the whole country and bring it down.
It's just that simple.
Because where this AI is taking us is a nightmare situation.
But they are going to try, execute their operation, even though we're aware of it.
They don't care.
This is a doomsday scenario.
By the way, you know what the Pentagon back in the 70s called this satellite grid, hooked into the internet, tracking everything you do?
They called it Skynet.
And we cannot sit here.
Because this country is two minutes from destruction, total annihilation, and war in the streets, and everything we've built flushed down the toilet.
There's red fire in the sky.
They're trying to exterminate humanity.
The technology that they have deployed and developed to replace us.
We're accepting Skynet and the AI system in.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Resistance is victory.
That simple, initial decision to stand up and to get involved and to take action is the most important decision you can make in the fight for freedom and human dignity.
Do you understand that, Soros?
You think you're gonna have this fight and have robots win it?
I say to you, your technocracy is dead on arrival.
All right, man, I tell you, a wild Skype video right before we went live of watching Mike Lindell flying in on a private airplane in some rough weather, about to go live with us, and then his feed cut out.
So we'll see how fast we're able to get him back up.
He told us he'd interview us.
As soon as he was on the ground.
He's definitely fighting back.
He's the example of what we should all be.
It's very exciting.
I got pretty wound up last hour.
Got into some heavy issues.
But I'm just telling you where the Globals want to take us if they succeed.
They're going to fail.
But as we get Mike Lindell back on and ready...
Please remember we're Lister Supported and I thank you all and you're amazing.
Just like they tried to bankrupt and shut down Mike Lindell, they tried to shut us down, but thanks to your support we're still on air and still more effective than ever.
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And so, now, without further ado, we are joined by somebody that I feel like I've known for years.
Had a chance to shake his hand a few times.
I feel like I know him because I've seen him in so many interviews, I've seen so many of his commercials, and I've also bought a few of his products that are excellent, and that of course is Mike Lindell.
But he went from being a cool guy in my eyes to a hero.
When he took on the election fraud, when he spent so much of his fortune on it, and despite all the lies and all the demonization, he didn't just persevere, he got stronger.
So, Mike Lindell, Michael James Lindell, also known as MyPillowGuy, is an American businessman and the founder and CEO of MyPillow, Inc.
Lindell is a prominent supporter and advisor to former U.S.
President Donald Trump, a staunch proponent of liberty,
Amazing free speech stalwart, and he's fighting hard for election integrity.
MyPillow.com and FrankSpeech.com.
Needs no introduction, but he's an example to us all.
He's gone through the fiery furnace in the lion's den and come out stronger.
Mike, great to finally get you on air with us.
Thank you so much.
Thanks for having me on.
You're a busy guy working 20 hours a day.
Yeah, I just landed.
I'm in Michigan today.
I've been going all around this country trying to get this election pulled down and we will get it pulled down.
Sir, it's amazing to have you.
You said months ago that you would soon see other states going to Arizona and duplicating what they've done.
I said, well, this is a real guy.
He's flying all around the country working with folks.
I believe it.
Now we're seeing it.
Give us an update on your research, what you found, what your forensic experts have developed as you've been leading the way in really proving that this election was fraudulent.
Well, we all know it was completely fraudulent, and from November 4th on, I've been fighting every day, putting in all my resources, everything I could, but on January 9th, I got something that was completely different, and it was from the machines, a cyber attack, and with that, I have not let up, because we have, they're called packet captures, and this is like a,
But they are, they're like cyber forensics that you would use if you had a crime scene, a murder scene, and you had the blood forensic DNA, this is better than that.
This is the packet captures of all the flips and all the attacks from China and other countries and all these, because you couldn't have done this without computers, this massive flip and this massive fraud.
Now, yeah, and there's the picture there when I was at the White House trying to get this to the President then.
And from that point on, I have been attacked by box stores dropping me, Twitter, Facebook, you name it.
But it's been a pretty amazing because it's like you're sitting here with a royal flush in a poker game and we're just waiting to play it.
We're going to bring it to the Supreme Court in July as a quo warranto.
It's just a matter of getting the word out to every person in this country, getting it out there so the Supreme Court has pressure to accept it.
Now all of these things going on right now
All the Maricopa audits.
We're going to Pennsylvania now.
You've got Wisconsin.
You've got Michigan.
New Hampshire.
All of them are going to show the same thing, what we already know.
But it's going to be a great validation.
And that part is getting the news.
I mean, Maricopa, there's just been so much pushback because they know what we're going to find.
And we're, you know, trying to get, they've stopped trying to
We're good to go.
We're just going to stop that from going on, from going further.
So they're appealing that, but things are going great.
I couldn't be happier the way things are going in our country right now.
Like I said before, our president will be back.
I said August, I could be off by a month or two.
Well, I know this, you've been quarterbacking the resistance, and I believe in you, and I know you've been behind the scenes, I've talked to a lot of folks you've been working with, I'll leave it at that, but President Trump, our real president, and now in his second term with the Chinese agent Biden there, this weekend, as you know, he came out in a video saying, oh, we're going to take back the Senate,
We're going to take back the House and the White House sooner than you think.
And I've talked to folks that have met with Trump.
He is really excited and he believes when the evidence comes out, there's a strategy.
So, wow.
Tell us about that.
Well, the strategy is once the election gets pulled down, I really believe when the Supreme Court looks at this, it's not subjective evidence.
So it's going to be 9-0, not 8-1, 7-2.
It has to be 9-0 because this isn't subjective evidence.
So they're going to pull this down.
And now, and now, but everybody needs to know there's a couple other things.
One is, there were many down tickets, too, that were flipped.
Especially with, you know, senators like John James, both senators in Georgia, Jason Lewis from Minnesota, many congressmen, many, I mean, this wasn't just at the presidential level.
And in our country, I want everybody to know this, there's no statute of limitations on this.
Everyone says, come on, Mike, that's too hard to believe.
Well, let me tell you something.
Would you believe we'd be in this position a year and a half ago?
But I will tell you this, every election in the United States' history, if you find out there was a crime committed after the fact, or that the other person won in any way, let's say it was just a mistake, whatever it was, they put the person that won back in office, and if there was a crime committed by anyone else, they get arrested.
Let's use the sports analogy that's happened hundreds of times, prominently thousands of times in smaller cases, where you find out the other team
So the other team cheated, they then forfeit it, and then it's given to who they actually cheated against.
Right, exactly.
And so we do have precedence here in the United States, and the whole world is watching.
And my whole plan, since January 9th, once I got, these guys approached me, I think everybody's seen me on Jimmy Kimmel, when I was on there, he said something to me, he goes, Mike, what if the shoe was on the other foot and you had what you have now?
If I had the same evidence I have now, which would ruin our country forever, it wouldn't matter who got, if Donald Trump got
Put in on December 14th.
We've got to go to break.
Mike Lindell, please stay with us.
If we want freedom, we need men and women in the arena.
And just during this last break, I was asking Mike Lindell, what is it like to be directly in the highest level of attack?
Only other person being attacked more is President Trump.
Mike Lindell stood up as a leader and has been leading the charge.
He was telling me some of the behind the scenes stuff.
I don't know how much he can say on air, but wow, where the audits are going, the big rallies he's got set up.
I mean, true leadership.
And I'm not kissing your butt, sir.
It's true.
You are a hard charger.
You're a great leader, an example for us all.
What can you tell the listeners about what's going on behind the scenes with your lawsuit against Dominion and others?
Well, last Thursday, this is very interesting, everybody.
Last Thursday, now remember that Dominion sued after I kept asking them to sue me, which I did, and they finally did about a month ago.
There was a reason for that.
Well, they went ahead and sued MyPillow, which that was horrific that they would go after the company.
It had nothing to do with it.
But so MyPillow sued them a couple weeks ago.
And even Alan Dershowitz is involved in that.
He said it'll be the most important case in history for free speech and for our First Amendment rights.
Now last Thursday, this is really key, I sued Dominion and Smartmatic, I threw them in there too because they're all in cahoots together, for $2 billion.
You didn't hear about that probably in the news.
But I even put their lawyers as co-conspirators.
I put down their lawyers because their lawyers have served papers either lawsuits or threatening letters to over 200 people in this country and news outlets including Fox and whoever.
So everybody lives in fear of being sued.
Well, when I did that last Thursday, I had to get a local counsel in Minnesota.
I got so many lawyers, I don't even know their names.
But I got a local counsel in Minnesota to serve him in Minneapolis Federal Court.
This law firm said, yes, that's great, we'll do it.
So we did it, they signed up.
They were attacked on Thursday night by bots and trolls and email and the left and the communism.
Who knows who all attacked them?
So then on Friday, they fired one of their lawyers and said they did, that they blamed it on that lawyer for even taking Mike Lindell's case so they could get out there, out from under the attack.
It's just more cancel culture.
And these, I'll tell you what, the CCP that's crooked, it's taken over our country.
I mean, I'll tell you what, right now, in this lawsuit, too, this lawsuit, I put a movie in there.
It's a short video called Absolutely 9-0.
Earlier in the show, we talked about it.
This is the cyber evidence.
Everybody needs to watch this video.
It's absolutely 9-0.
This is the cyber proof against Dominion, against all this.
It shows China attacking our country, what they did.
It shows the CCP.
It shows everything.
And by the way, Mike, let me tell you this now.
I'm not name-dropping.
I've gotten a call the last few months by two national talk show hosts, and I told you the names you know, and they're both the top guys in the country.
They've separately talked to top forensic computer scientists that work for the biggest Fortune 100 companies.
They said Mike Lindell is right.
We have all the packets, all the proof, total fraud through Communist China, but not just digital.
Ballots like the guy in Philadelphia found, the USPS driver, with a truck full of marked ballots for Joe Biden.
But let me show you this right now.
This is out of Axios.
Half of the pandemic unemployment money may have been stolen.
They go on to say at least 400 billion has been stolen and it links to outside cyber criminals in China so they could steal half of the unemployment benefits off federal websites.
Regular people couldn't get on them.
Imagine what they can do to voting machines.
Here it is right here, Mike, what you're saying.
But they act like you're a crazy liar.
Yeah, I know.
And you know what?
Like I say, I've been attacked every day since January 9th.
But you know what?
The way it's worked in our country here, with your Foxes and your CNNs and your Newsmaxes, all of these stations, these mainstream media, you can't say the word Dominion.
You can't say that it was a cyber attack.
You can't say anything.
So I've had to just
Put up with the attacks against MyPillow and myself.
At least I get in the news to be able to say, you know, they'll call me up.
Mike Lindell, you lost your MyPillow Twitter.
Did you hear about China attacking our country and hacking into our election?
And then the next guy I'll call.
This went on, Alex, this went on all through the month of January and into February.
And I kept telling them on February 5th, I'm coming out with all the evidence.
It was a movie I made called Absolute Proof.
When that came out on February 5th, all of the mainstream media, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, everybody's got my direct number.
They would call me all day long.
Then February 5th came, I dropped that movie out there, and it was cricket.
Nobody called, they didn't write, they didn't do anything.
By the way, just to stop you, it shows how controlled they are.
They're all in lockstep.
But exactly.
Whatever these couples have done, as citizens we have a right to challenge.
Democrats said they were going to challenge a Trump victory.
They said they were never going to accept it.
So how are we terrorists now to question an election that had so many anomalies?
Well, and what's really even more bizarre is the Democrats warned us, Amy Klobuchar, in my movie, even Kamala Harris, these guys, they warned us of these machines that our election in 2020 was going to get hacked.
They all warned us of it.
They warned us of it and then it gets hacked.
Now I'll tell you what, if the shoe was on the other foot and I had the evidence I have right now and it was Donald Trump the one, I would still be sounding the alarm because if you never have a vote, a fair vote again in history, it's over for us.
China win.
China win.
So, when you take that into play there, right now it doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or a Republican, you gotta be so concerned about what went on and that we need to pull this election out and get rid of these machines forever.
I said it the other day.
I said, you know, if it was flipped, then I'd be sounding the alarm.
Hey, Donald Trump didn't win.
China attacked our election.
The only difference would be it would take two days for the election to get pulled down.
Maybe even faster.
All the mainstream media would go, what?
You mean they hacked our election?
Let's pull it down.
But you just showed the China president there.
Let me tell you.
China, by hacking in and taking our election, and what we're seeing in Washington right now, I have Democrat friends of mine, and they're going, we didn't vote for this.
Of course you did.
Nobody voted for communism coming into our country.
And you know, when the first thing you do, you cancel 50,000 union jobs.
And 13 people have already committed suicide up there at that pipeline.
The first thing you do is to destroy the gas prices, destroy the middle class.
They've already destroyed so many small businesses in this country with the other things they've done.
But I'll tell you,
It's really helping out that they should have waited.
If I was the Democrat Party and Communist, I would have waited and then destroyed our country after, you know, because everyone would go, hey, this isn't so bad.
But they keep doing these horrible things every day, every single day.
Another executive order, another terrible thing.
Shutting down the pipelines, authorizing Russian and Chinese pipelines, saying we can only buy batteries from China, can't produce batteries in America.
Mike Lindell is on fire and he's the example of what all Americans should do.
He didn't back down.
They've attacked him.
He charged out there and people supported him more than ever.
That's why everybody should go to his website, MyPillow, MyPillow.com, because I already had some MyPillows.
They're great.
I bought like 20 of them when he was fighting.
Because just like you've got to support us, folks, you've got to back up men and women that are willing to put on the line.
This guy is a modern American hero.
Mike Lindell is our guest here on InfoWars.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Stay with us.
Well, the mighty Mike Lindell is here, and I don't say that as a joke.
He stood up.
He put his money where his mouth was.
He put it all on the line, his whole fortune, his whole operation to expose the election fraud that was massive, that was incredible, that has been overwhelming, and he stood up against the gaslighting itself.
And as an example to others, my listeners still love Trump, and I love Trump.
I want him to run for president again.
He is our president.
I want him to run for the Speaker House, whatever he wants.
But from a listenership view on the street, people sort of ask me more often, do you know Mike Lindell instead of do you know Trump?
Because it's an example.
People want action.
They want somebody to stand up.
And I know Trump had to lick his wounds, get ready, totally cut off, a few months to exercise, lose weight.
Trump's looking great.
He's giving speeches.
They're threatening to arrest his whole family, which set up bogus stuff.
I'm not criticizing Trump when I hold up Mike Lindell.
He doesn't back down.
I'm saying he's the example of putting it all on the line and being there.
So I know you don't want to bring this up, but I'm bringing it up right now.
How do people
Support with all the attacks you're under fighting the globalists.
How do people support the work you're doing?
Because I know you're separate from my pillow with your political action.
But how do people do that so they can buy the pillows and then finance what you're doing?
Well, you know that the best way is because, you know, Dominion attacked my employees to whom we've lost all our retailers.
So people have really stepped up.
But you could you could use a promo code Mike today.
Just use Mike and you can save up to 66 percent on all our product.
We have over 110 products now too, not just pillows.
You got the sheets, you got the bedding, it's all great.
Yeah, and we're launching everybody tonight at 3.30 in the morning our first bed infomercial.
It took me two years to develop this bed.
It'll be the best bed you'll ever sleep on.
Right there, you can see it in the middle of your screen, it's a coil sleep system there.
And let me just say this, I'm sure it's great.
But it could be a cactus.
If it saves the country and my kids, I'm gonna buy it.
But it's a great product.
Tell us about it.
People should get it.
Yeah, it's an amazing bed.
Everything's made in the USA, and I reverse engineer things that actually help you sleep.
There's coils and foam, both, and they come in a box, but it's a reversible bed.
I went through piece by piece, and if it doesn't help you get good REM and Delta sleep, I don't use it.
I make stuff to help people.
It really will work.
The other thing too, if I could, I want to plug one of the things by LyndaleRecoveryNetwork.org.
I set that up originally before this whole China virus and everything.
And it's going strong now because if you have people out there that are hurting in addiction, I used to be a former crack addict, you can send them there and it's free.
It's free to help people in addiction, and now we just put up a donate button there to help that, but you don't...
You started one of the biggest employers of Americans many years ago, after you got off the crack and all the rest of it, and you're a success story.
The left tells us, oh, let's all be redemptive, let's worship all this, but you actually did it.
They attack you all the time, but they love Hunter Biden, who's an ongoing crackhead.
So I see that.
Rush Limbaugh had a problem after, you know, a back problem.
He got better.
He's a good guy.
Everybody's had family that's had problems.
I've had problems with alcohol.
So to put you down over to Substance, that's a positive that you look great, you're doing a great job, that you've transformed and hired tens of thousands of people and are fighting for my free speech and my election integrity.
And you know what?
And I think when we talk about addiction, addiction isn't just some homeless person you see on the street.
It affects everyone, no matter how many forks you eat with.
And so, you know, before this, this is the great position you guys that we're in right now, is, you know, addiction was an opportunity.
People don't look for hope unless things are bad.
Okay, so I look addiction to hope.
As an opportunity to bring people to God and to get them set free to restore their heart.
But I'll tell you what, for the position we've been in now with this election and everybody, I don't care who you are, you're living in fear right now.
There's a lot of fear.
So this is where we're at.
I really think that everybody, it's got, it's lifted everybody up and we all are getting involved in this now.
We can't live in fear and there is no tomorrow.
This is it right now, everybody.
We've all got to get engaged.
We've all got to get on board.
This election was fraudulent.
It's going to get pulled down.
If I ask you what you can do today,
Share that absolutely 9-0.
Share my movies everywhere.
Go to my new platform, FrankSpeech.com.
Watch the movies, share them everywhere.
This is what you can do now, and then we're gonna have stuff you can do on the ground in every state.
You go to FrankSpeech.com, you're gonna learn what we can do.
We have it all laid out, this amazing plan, but we've all gotta do it because I'll tell you what,
When we get way out here in the future and we get to this amazing place, we're going to look back and say, all this had to happen in order to expose all this and expose all the corruption and the deep state and the communists.
And we're going to then once again be to this great place.
It'll be the greatest uniting of our country ever.
And we will once again be one nation under God.
I, hold on, I one trillion billion percent agree if we beat the globalists now with their radical race theory and all of this evil, if we beat them now, America's going to come together so beautifully and just a new golden age is going to start.
Yeah, for sure.
Absolutely it is.
I've been saying that.
People say, Mike, you're always optimistic.
Go to frankspeech.com and get yourself some confidence.
They're called packet captures.
You can't change this.
They're not subjective.
They are not subjective.
So no matter who looks at them, you look at it and you're going to say,
Okay, 100% this happened.
You know, Alex, right now in our country, the more this is going on, the crazy stuff that's going on in Washington, and these executive orders and all this stuff, more and more every day since we've been dropping these movies and everything, absolute proof, scientific proof, absolute interference.
I heard the other day it's like 80% of Republicans and like 30% of Democrats now believe that this election, that it was a cyber attack.
That's right.
This is key.
When I was trying to get you on a month ago, this is what I wanted to have you on about.
I'm glad you're here now.
You reminded me without me even talking to you.
It was 70% of Republicans, 30% of Democrats.
Now it's almost 40% Democrat, 80% Republicans.
So we're going on a curve.
Already the majority knows it was a fraud to where a super majority knows.
Right, right.
Straight up, straight up.
And you know, I've got a lot of things planned where everybody can get involved in.
I'll tell you the first one is this Saturday.
This Saturday, we're doing a rally.
It's called a Frank rally, a free speech rally in Wisconsin.
And we've already got 20,000 people signed up.
And you get free tickets at frankspeech.com.
Our real president is going to speak there live from the Jumbotron.
And we've got me, Diamond and Silk, Charlie Kirk, Dinesh D'Souza, many others.
And you go there, you can watch, you can live, we're live streaming it from Frank.
All the media's showing up, all the bad media, even The Daily Show is coming.
They're all coming, and they're gonna try and make them, you know, do something bad, just like Jimmy Kimmel did, but we're gonna come out.
We need to get the word out, and the word out, and that's what this'll do.
The other thing I wanna tell everybody that I've been doing,
I've had teams of my own teams of cyber teams.
We had these machines quite a while ago.
They're going, you know, hey Dominion.
We've had them.
So we've done our own audits in different states and stuff and we're finding the same thing.
It's across the board.
But I want to tell you this.
I've had validators and validators that work for the government.
They're called white hat hackers.
That 100% say this is 100% true.
Everywhere we go, it's the same.
Now, what we're going to do, what I'm going to do, and I'm announcing it on your show right now as we speak, in July, I'm going to get a place, some big location, I don't care if it's...
We'll come right back in a few minutes.
I want to hear this big announcement.
Mike Lindell, folks.
Mike's a man of action.
People need to tune in right now.
He's putting his money where his mouth is.
Everybody should tell their friends and family, tune in now if you're watching this.
There's a tape video later from Band.Video or Infowars.com or NewsWars.com or FreeWorldNews.com.
Share this live report.
Share the archive report.
That's what big tech can't handle.
Mike Lindell is on fire.
MyPillow.com, FrankSpeech.com.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Alright, final segment with Mike Lindell, then my next hour is a ton of news clips, your calls, Matt Bracken coming up, and more.
Mike Lindell is here, and he's the man in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talked about.
He's got huge announcements to make in the next 5-6 minutes we've got left on his busy schedule, a man in the arena.
So, we were going to break, you've got a big announcement.
What is the big announcement?
Yeah, well this is just part of the plan, but the big announcement is
Um, if all the cyber evidence I have, all the stuff from the day before the election, the election, the two days after, all those packets, they're called packet captures, everybody.
Since I went public with that and on absolutely nine zero, I got
All kinds of companies from all over the United States, cyber companies that are cyber, white hat hackers, cyber companies saying, hey, we'd like to look at that and validate that.
So what I'm going to do sometime in July, I'm going to get a, I don't care if it's US Bank Stadium, I don't care how big it has to be.
I'm going to invite all of these white cyber experts in.
And I want it televised.
All of them can be there.
The whole world can watch.
And I don't care if there's a hundred of these companies there.
Here it is.
And I want them all to say on TV and everywhere, wow, there it is.
A hundred percent.
There it is.
There it is.
It's like showing a royal flush in a poker game and everyone going, does everybody see it?
Hello, that election's coming down.
And I want to tell you, we're doing that.
And then I've got, I've been going to different states.
I have teams of lawyers in different states.
And what we're doing is we're getting states on board.
And now remember, this is all separate from all the audits going on in like Maricopa County and all these other states.
We're starting the ones in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
But this case, that my case,
That I've talked about all along.
You've all heard about it.
You gotta keep telling people about it.
Telling people to watch Absolute Proof, Absolute Interference, Absolutely 9-0.
Send them to Frank's speech over and over to watch these things.
Now, the pressure then on the Supreme Court.
We're gonna take this case, probably about the end of July, and we're gonna drop it on the Supreme Court's doorstep.
And by that time, all of us in this country have told all our friends, we've already seen all the evidence, everybody.
All that's a matter of the Supreme Court has to say, yes, we will look at.
It's called a quo warranto.
That's legal talk.
That's what this, that's what will take this down.
A quo warranto, that's the legal thing we're serving them.
And now all the evidence will be right there.
It'll be a lot more than I served last week to Dominion.
We have people that were on the inside, we have witnesses, we have
Whistleblowers, we have it all.
But more importantly, we have the packet cyber footprint, these packet captures.
And when they see them, all nine of them justices are going to say, bring this election down.
And everyone's going to say, come on, Mike, they denied it before, they denied it before.
Well, before they denied it, they didn't have this evidence, for one thing, when they brought
We're good to go.
So these nine justices, everybody, they are people too.
They have children.
They have grandchildren.
They grew up here.
The American Dream.
They've lived the American Dream.
I've lived the American Dream.
They don't want this gone forever, the American Dream.
And they have neighbors.
They have friends.
If your friends are a neighbor of one of these Supreme Court justices, tell them to go to Frank's speech.
Watch the evidence.
Tell them to watch absolutely 9-0.
So by the time this gets to them,
They just go, quick, bring it in here!
We gotta bring this down.
You guys, we're in a race against time here.
Our country's getting destroyed by communism, by taking away our First Amendment right to free speech and attacking our country.
And then we got this case we're going here.
And everyone says, well, Mike, why don't you bring it to them right now?
Because this is a marketing thing, everybody.
Everyone in this country's gotta see the evidence.
So we basically are trying to- Exactly.
If you release something too quick, it has no effect.
You gotta build it up.
That's right.
That's exactly right.
I've learned that.
I've watched some huge news.
Nobody cares, but I build it up for a week or two or a month, then it has an effect.
Because you know what?
The whole world is watching.
I have had countries reach out to me and going, you know what?
We got these machines too.
We got them in 19.
They're going to take more countries than just the U.S.
Communism is coming everywhere.
They skip right over socialism and right to communism.
That's right.
So let me throw this at you.
I'm talking to a lot of people, as you said, Democrats, who say, oh, we know Trump really won.
I mean, even the mayor of New York's daughter says, yeah, we know that Biden stole it.
And so you're right.
There's major remorse that he's in there.
Even though they know it's fraud, there's major remorse.
You're absolutely right.
I even see headlines at CNN.
Oh, democracy in peril because of Mike Lindell and Trump.
Oh, no.
Yeah, yeah.
And then weird statements by
Deputy FBI directors about trying to arrest people.
They're really scared.
If they really won the election, they wouldn't be so scared.
They wouldn't be trying to block these audits.
100% for sure.
They've been trying to block the audits.
And you know, let's just tell everyone, this is communism coming in.
It doesn't matter what party you're in.
Let's look at a couple crooked Republicans.
Brian Kemp and Doug Ducey, two governors, Republican governors, Arizona and Georgia.
Those two governors have been the biggest obstructionists in their states for these audits.
I don't know.
Are they in on it?
That's a deviation.
You would have said a long time ago, let's look at this.
I mean this goes cross parties and everything and it's all getting exposed and taking it down.
We got to get our country back and then all these people that were in on it from your from your Jack Dorsey's to your Mark Zuckerberg.
All of these people are in on it.
Yeah, look at them two governors.
There you go.
They should be.
Both of them should be brought to justice.
You know, they kicked me out of the G, the Governor's Association.
I was invited down to Tennessee.
I don't know if this made the news or not.
I think it did.
But I got down there to go to the Governor's Dinner and Ducey and Kemp said, no, you're not coming because they knew I was going to... No, it didn't make the news.
That's just they're so scared of the spotlight on what they're doing.
Mike Lindell, I've always loved watching you.
And since you got involved in politics, love what you were saying and doing.
But you're a real hero now.
Because you have been the man in the arena.
You are doing an incredible job.
Everybody needs to pray.
That's the number one thing for Mike Wendell and everything he's doing.
Yeah, and I thank everybody for your prayers, and I believe, I do believe that we're in the greatest revival ever.
People aren't looking for hope unless things are bad.
We get through this, it's gonna be once again one nation under God, but it's the biggest revival for Jesus in history.
Everybody right now is just praying, and our prayers are answered.
They have been answered over and over here.
Remember, God's got his hand in all of this.
This is on God's timing.
Can you imagine if this would have been flipped back in December?
You might have had Democrats not believing that it really got stolen.
Well now, when the Supreme Court pulls this down, those nine Supreme Court justices are going to be heroes.
They're protecting our country from China, and whether you're a Democrat or Republican,
It's going to be a unanimous vote.
No, I agree.
And as long as your message gets out, we win.
And just like you said, and I believe this may happen like you're saying, but regardless, it's like Jackson won, they stole it, he got even bigger four years later.
I mean, I hope it's right away, but regardless, he runs for the Speakership.
We have a huge Republican takeover of the House and Senate with that zombie.
All I know is not fighting we lose, fighting we win.
Mike Lindell, my pillow.
An American success story.
I look forward to speaking to you again.
We salute you.
Your big rally's coming up.
Where do people go to that?
That's in Wisconsin.
It's this Saturday.
Everybody can go get free tickets at frankspeech.com.
The president's gonna, our real president's gonna speak by the Jumbotron.
And I'm speaking, and we have many great speakers.
It's a five-hour festival.
It is amazing.
Watch it, watch it.
Mike, I know.
Livestream, everybody.
I want to say one more quick thing when we talk about elections coming up.
Remember this.
Through all of this, there can never be machines in this country again.
There's a reason Brian Kemp bought $107 million worth in 2019.
Those machines have to go or we will never have another fair election.
That's going to happen for sure, everybody.
We're going to tell you how you can go to your own district
And we just killed HR1, thanks to you and Trump and everybody.
We just killed HR1, their fraudulent takeover.
So, damn right, America's in the middle of a fight.
Mike Lindell, we'll talk to you soon.
Thank you, sir.
God bless you all.
Thank you.
Thanks for having me on, Alex.
Wow, wow.
Man, I tell you, Mike Lindell is en fuego, en fuego, en fuego.
How do you say that in Spanish?
Like, the fire's on fire.
Anybody ever say that in Spanish?
The fire's on fire?
The cream of the cream, we got the cream of the cream at the fire of the fire.
I'm inventing words here now, but that's what this is.
I sense a victory if we just keep taking action.
I told you Q was going to screw us, and I told you Trump was going to have it stolen.
But now I'm sensing victory if we get really upset and angry and wake up to the vaccine, wake up to the lies and everything, we can do it.
But Trump can't lead it, folks.
We've got to lead it.
He'll ride it on the surfboard on top of it.
All right.
Hour number three!
It's coming up!
So much next hour!
So much to cover!
Oh, I forgot!
Roger Stone with major breaking news, as I told you!
The third hour!
Coming up!
All right!
Roger Stone rides shotgun with us.
And then I've got a bunch of news I'm gonna be hitting after he leaves us.
Exemption of the rural G7 deal on tax triggers.
Talk of not letting China pay carbon taxes.
Well, that's a direct tariff against the West.
We'll talk about that next segment.
Joining us is Roger Stone on Trump coming out saying, soon Biden will be gone.
What was that cryptic talk?
We'll talk about it next segment.
We'll get into all this.
But Roger, first, you've got some good news about your awesome wife.
Absolutely, Alex.
I want to break it right here at the Alex Jones Show.
I'm happy to report that Mrs. Stone is out of the hospital.
Her pneumonia, which was compounding her treatment, is now resolved.
She's in great fighting spirits.
And look, I just want to thank the, literally at this point, I think millions of people praying for us, those who have donated to our family fund to support our cancer treatments.
I don't need to tell you, Alex, we were wiped out by Robert Mueller and his Inquisition.
All of this stuff is really expensive, but prayer has been the key.
There's just no question about that.
Prayer chains around the world, prayer chains in Israel, prayer trails all over the country.
You can feel the power of Christ.
And she's resilient.
She's in great spirits.
She is resolved to beat this.
So I just want to say a giant thank you to everybody in the InfoWars staff, everybody in the InfoWars community, patriots around the globe who have contributed to today's progress in her fight against cancer.
Well, Roger, you know, we talk about this.
You become like a prize the globalists want to capture.
Why do they hate us so much?
Just the minions!
Well, I think it's because we're truth tellers.
I mean, at a time that the mainstream media is suppressing all of the information regarding anomalies and irregularities in the 2020 election, at a time when the Justice Department has the record number of warrantless surveillances going on of American citizens, at a time that they appear, in the case of Rudy Giuliani, to
We're good to go.
The director, pardon me, the supervisor of elections, which was not publicly disclosed, $8 million, I believe, or whether it's the Alex Jones Show, or whether it's Tucker Carlson, who is a beacon of truth every single night of the week and weekdays.
They hate us because they ain't us.
They hate us because we have the courage to tell the truth.
And as you know, sunlight is an antidote for corruption.
They're the ones who say democracy dies in darkness, but they are the darkness.
They're not interested in a debate.
They're not interested in truth.
They're not interested in dialogue.
They're just interested in silencing anyone who disagrees with them.
When you say that, it's so true.
What do you describe the Democrats as?
They really are the darkness.
I mean, because the Washington Post has a headline, Democracy Dies in Darkness.
They're the ones silencing us, Roger.
Well, look, this is very different than what we grew up with.
There was a time when you had two major parties, both of whom loved America.
I think John F. Kennedy, in retrospect, I realize he was a great president.
He wanted to return to a gold or silver-backed dollar.
He had serious doubts about our intelligence agencies and their rogue operations.
He wanted peace, and they didn't want peace.
But there was a time when both parties just had two different governing philosophies, a more liberal philosophy, a more conservative philosophy.
On finances, on fiscal matters, on foreign policy matters.
This is no longer the case.
You have one party that is the America First Party under Donald Trump, and you have the other party that has been completely co-opted by the Red Chinese.
I think this is abundantly clear.
Their party will not denounce radical Islam.
Think about that.
The party of Harry Truman, who is essentially the founder of the State of Israel.
We'll not denounce radical Islam.
We'll not denounce... Stay there, Roger.
Stay there.
All right, we are back live on this Thursday Worldwide Transmission.
Roger Stone's joining us, but his Skype just broke up.
We're going to go back to him as soon as we get reconnected.
But this is a good time to pause because I didn't plug in the first hour.
I didn't plug in the second hour.
And if we don't plug, I won't be on air.
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Now, I want to play a clip here for Roger Stone of Frank Figliuzzi, who was the deputy director of the FBI, the head of all this counter-espionage operation, and he's joined Obama's front man, Biden, the old Biden administration, Psaki, the press secretary, and all of them
Saying anybody that promotes election investigation is a terrorist, is an inciter, and anyone that incites questioning the government should be frustrated, should be interdicted, should be shut down, those are all counter-terrorism terms, by the Pentagon, by the CIA.
I mean, this is like martial law talk.
Yeah, there it is.
Even Yahoo News, former assistant FBI director, suggests congressmen, Trump officials, should be arrested for Capitol riot.
He didn't suggest that.
He said, they're a speed bump to arresting them because they criticize the election.
That means you're a terrorist.
So this is turning the apparatus of counter-terrorism on the American people.
And Roger Stone earlier mentioned that.
He just joined us.
They've got unlimited numbers of illegal warrants out.
Doing this by naming us just like we were Russians before.
Nobody bought that, so now we're terrorists today.
So here he is making this incredible statement, which is really part of the course.
Here it is.
Fitzray testified publicly on the Hill that what happened on January 6 is domestic terrorism.
What have we learned from our experience with international terrorism?
In order to address that problem, arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump, not a roadblock.
In order to really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically, you've got to attack and dismantle
Gee, Roger, I wonder who he's talking about?
Yeah, I mean, first of all, I guess he's unfamiliar with the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
That's the one that allows anyone to question the anomalies or the irregularities in the last elections.
There is nobody yelling fire in a crowded theater.
Now, he is right.
There are people who should be swept up.
We're good to go.
We know this for a certainty because the documents that were declassified by Rick Grenell, who was then the acting Director of National Intelligence, a true patriot in my view, that demonstrated the entire Mueller witch hunt was a fraud, and that they essentially were covering up their use of the intelligence agencies to spy on the Republican candidate for president and his staff during the election, and particularly after the election during the presidential transition.
Now, as you remember, Alex, that's what they drove Richard Nixon out of office for.
The break-in at the Watergate headquarters, which was, in fact, a small group of private citizens who were misguided freaks.
This is the full use of the intelligence system, the intelligence authorities, to spy on the Republican candidate for president.
This is the greatest abuse of power in American history.
So what's the best way to conceal this?
What's the best way to change the subject?
Oh, anyone who exercises their constitutional right to question the
Thank you for having me.
No one is defending those who call for violence or lawlessness.
We have not done that.
But to term anyone who exercises their free speech rights as a terrorist is outrageous.
Roger, you just said it.
They've illegally spied on the president as a candidate, as president-elect, as president.
They got caught.
Now they're going to go to jail for that.
So they're externalizing and saying, of course we spy on all the American people.
It's totally normal.
Well, in fact, just last week, this effort to kneecap General Michael Flynn.
Flynn made a lame joke about a coup.
They immediately wanted him court-martialed.
They wanted him arrested.
Well, General Mattis actually
I'm good.
Denied it vehemently before Congress.
Denied it vehemently to the President's face.
Denied it in the media.
And right after the election of Joe Biden, he admitted, yeah, it was true.
I definitely did it.
So they are the lawless ones.
They are the ones who have no regard for the Constitution.
They are the ones who have so far thwarted an investigation into their treasonous activities.
Mr. Durow!
It's all because you're blackmailed like madness for his sexual activities.
So, Roger, where does all this go?
Well, the sad part is, I think as long as you have a mainstream media censorship and control of all mass communications in the United States, it's hard to know where it controls.
The American people are being buffaloed about the facts.
January 6th, they're told, is the most deadly attack on America since 9-11, except for the only person who died, Ashley Babbitt, was an unarmed woman.
Trespassing does not excuse you from first-degree murder.
But we're told the investigation's over, they're not going to name the person who shot her, but he's not going to be prosecuted.
Meanwhile, they try to push again the fake narrative that two Catherine Hill police officers died in the melee, when in fact,
They've died afterwards, and there doesn't seem to be any connection to the events at the Capitol.
Look, we renounced what happened at the Capitol.
We did it at the time.
We did it immediately.
I do find it suspicious that the Secret Service wanted to escort me up to the Capitol, and I decided to stay in my hotel, that the Secret Service contacted you.
The Secret Service doesn't do those things.
They don't do political chores.
But their entire false narrative, which continues,
They were buttering us up to be set up.
Not the whole Secret Service, but those special political operatives.
Roger Stone, stay there.
Tomorrow's news today.
Roger Stone on the Alex Jones Show live, June 10th, Thursday.
Worldwide transmission.
Roger Stone's here, and I've got some ultra-massive, it's all ultra-massive, but this is really big vaccine inoculation news that Roger and I were already planning to talk about, but Biden just made some very cryptic statements that we'll be covering next segment, and I'll add it together with the other dots here.
But Roger, getting back to
The tone-deaf corporate media with almost no ratings or viewers.
No one's buying it.
Polls show 80% of Republicans think the election's stolen.
40% of Democrats.
That was 10 points lower a month ago.
It's all sliding that way.
Biden's turning the power off.
The pipeline's opening the borders.
The Mexican president says Biden's bad.
The Guatemalan president says he's bad.
Biden can barely talk.
Inflation's rearing its head.
I mean, talk about buyer's remorse.
Well, he didn't win the election.
We didn't buy Biden.
But so this is beyond buyer's remorse.
Where do you see this going?
What do you see unfolding right now?
Because it just seems like the whole Biden administration is a dumpster fire.
Well, first of all, I think the illegitimacy of it is likely to get expanded, meaning we know that delegations from Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania have gone to Arizona to examine what they're doing there in a comprehensive forensic recount.
The question, of course, becomes that even if we get absolute, indisputable proof that the election was stolen through irregularities and anomalies and fraud, what is the mechanism to change things?
I mean, look, I have a high regard for Mike Lindell.
I think he's doing the Lord's work.
And I know he's working very hard to undercover election fraud.
I just wonder, where is the precedent to reverse the electoral college vote that may have wrongly seated Joe Biden?
Now, just the fact that I said that, I will now be attacked as a conspiracy theorist, maybe even a domestic terrorist.
No, I'm just exercising my free speech rights.
Please read the First Amendment of the Constitution.
I'm not saying he should be forcibly or violently removed.
I'm saying what is the legal mechanism that exists when you have indisputed fraud?
Plus, the Democrats said they were going to challenge the election, and then they were the ones saying kill Trump everywhere.
So the idea that we're the ones calling for violence is absurd.
No, there's no question about that.
And if you look back to 2016, they were the ones raising the questions about the potential fraud that was connected to the Dominion machines, to the various voting machines.
So, the hypocrisy of the Democrats is their single most consistent quality.
They are always accusing us- Why are you calling people the n-word saying Trump's a Nazi?
Yeah, well, give me a break.
I mean, this is an absurdity.
This man's record on issues pertaining to the Middle East, where he has fostered peace, his record on civil rights, where he understands the very best social program in America is a job.
And where unemployment among African Americans dropped to the lowest point in American history, while wage growth and job growth are at their highest point.
So this is, again, who is it that gave us criminal justice reform?
Because our current drug laws, pushed by Joe Biden, signed into law by Bill Clinton, are racist.
It's not right that black people get harsher mandatory penalties for the possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use than white people who get caught with powdered cocaine.
There's the racism.
Now, I hope President Biden will fix that.
They talked about fixing it, but they haven't fixed it yet.
The First Step Act, the Second Chance Act, all under Donald Trump.
He is the first president who's actually got some criminal justice reform done.
He is the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
Maybe since Washington.
I agree.
So let me ask you this.
What do we do then?
Because we're just sitting here watching the country destroyed.
And I understand, I don't want a civil war.
They're trying to start one anyways.
What do we do then?
Well, you can go to rogerstonesplanttosaveamerica.com.
There I have a comprehensive four-part plan to save this country.
Let me stop you.
I didn't know you were launching this today.
I knew you'd advised some top people of this plan.
I read the plan a month ago.
You updated it.
You're launching that today.
Okay, tell us about that.
Yeah, I mean, this is, let's call this a soft launch, but this has four simple parts.
We cannot win unless we can communicate with each other and the world.
And therefore, you can, as you know, build internet-based platforms that are virtually impossible to de-platform, and through their ownership, cannot be censored.
You just have to avoid using Trojan horse technology from Amazon or Google or Apple.
Then, once you have those platforms, we need a crowdfunding site.
We need an event site.
Okay, so I knew you were advising a lot of big people.
The former president, General Flynn, a lot of folks.
That's not a secret about a plan.
And your plan's great, by the way.
I support it.
And that's why we're going to Florida to meet with you and others.
So now you're launching an air-on-air.
The site looks great.
I'm very envious that I wasn't told about the launch today.
Tell me about the site so people get excited about it.
Well, this is a soft launch.
You can go there and there's a video, as you can see, in which I outline the plan.
We will mail you a copy of the plan.
I'll tell you why I did this, Alex.
Because our people are dispirited.
Because they're disheartened.
Yeah, we need to get on the offensive is what we've been trying to get Trump to do.
They're depressed and they're angry and many of them are scared.
And there's nothing to be afraid of because the Bible tells us that good wins in the end.
So those who are ready to give up, they need to buck up and get back in the fight to make America great again.
Well, Roger, let me stop you because I'm never a guy to give up.
I've been on air 27 years.
You've been political 44 years.
It's not even giving up.
I want to vomit looking at Kamala Harris or at Biden now.
I just I just am.
I don't want to be violent, so I don't know what to do.
I get to a certain point.
I know how evil they are.
I've already figured that out.
So then I'm researching all day how bad they are, covering the stuff they do.
It's like if a thing's crapping on me, I already know it's crapping on me.
I don't want to count how many times it does it.
Does that make sense?
It does, but the problem is we cannot go into the next election with the same election laws and the same system of fraud that existed in the last election.
But before you can fix that, you must have the ability to communicate with each other and with the world.
And right now, because of the, essentially, the control and censorship of all mass communications in the United States.
It's not just the internet, it's network television, it's cable television, except for the great lineup of Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity at night on Fox, Laura Ingraham.
Other than that... That's it.
I mean, literally, it's mass total censorship, foreign takeover.
That's how they're doing this.
There is no question, but I've laid out a plan that will work.
Communications, election law reform, clean out the rhinos from the Republican Party, the feckless, gutless rhino.
People listen to Roger Stone.
And here's what's important.
They listen to Alex Jones.
So it's great that you're getting that plan out to the general public.
But the listeners need to go get the plan and share it with Congress, correct?
There's no question, but this is also, I think, it's designed to give people hope.
It's designed to tell people that there are leaders in this movement, the America First movement, who are working on saving the country.
We haven't given up.
We understand that some of these are technologically complicated issues, but we're pretty good at technology.
You prove that every day here at InfoWars, because Alex, they tried to squash you like a bug and they failed.
The InfoWars audience is bigger than ever.
That's right, stay there.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we've known these so-called COVID vaccines are cancer-growing factories.
They take any cells that are precancerous and they supercharge them to grow.
That's what Wolfgang Wudark, the head of the main EU commission, warned in December last year.
It's what Yidan, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, said.
And now they're in the news, oh, swelling after COVID shots may cause cancer, false alarms in your breast, in your lungs, in your uterus, in your testicles, in your prostate.
Well, a big article out breaking now at InfoWars.com.
Florida urologist finds signs of infertility and prostate cancer in men jabbed with COVID-19.
Patients that were dormant had their cancer removed.
People that they've been testing suddenly also
Had cancer or had elevated numbers of the chemicals that let them know the prostate
It's cancerous.
I mean, it is producing the ocean in which all those sperm that your testicles produce.
I mean, my testicles are like, I guess, like superstars here.
Anybody that's got a wife married and sexually active, I mean, you're producing billions of these things every few months, you know, millions every few days, and this is fast-growing cells.
Well, that's like viruses are a fast-growing protein.
It's the same protein, and the body goes in and then attacks itself.
Incredible article after Roger leaves us.
We'll play that video.
Another huge article, Gateway Pundit, links all the mainline science, medical advisors to CDC, higher than expected number of cases of heart problems in young adults and adolescents following COVID vaccination.
And then earlier I showed you the big Twitter feed from the VAR's own reporting system, saying over-the-top reactions for young people, death, heart attacks.
Here's another one, UK television personality rushed emergency room following COVID vaccination.
And it goes on.
And on.
And on.
Young people may have more side effects than the COVID vaccine.
Doctors explain why.
Yahoo News.
You know, we're not just making this up.
So they keep playing dumb and investigating each new case, as if there isn't a whole compendium like, a rattlesnake bites me and my leg swells up, or a truck hits me and I die, or I smoke cigarettes, I get lung cancer, I drink beer, I get drunk.
We know what's happening.
FDA authorized Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds.
The Moderna is already what's hitting people.
And causing such a giant problem.
I want to get Roger Stone's take on this in a moment.
But first, here's Biden just an hour ago.
America will be the arsenal of vaccines in the fight against COVID-19, just as it was the arsenal of democracy during World War II.
So now our job is to give the U.N.
hundreds of millions of doses of the AstraZeneca shot banned in the U.S.
and banned in Europe.
That's a little footnote, he doesn't tell you.
So again, depopulation agenda, here it is.
Since the American economy is recovering, it is in all of our interest to have the global economy begin to recover as well.
And that won't happen unless we can get this pandemic under control worldwide.
That's why, as I said in my address to the joint session of Congress in April, America will be the arsenal of vaccines in our fight against COVID-19, just as America was the arsenal of democracy during World War II.
Over the past four months, we've taken a number of steps toward this historic effort.
We have contributed more than any nation to COVAX, a collective global effort that is delivering COVID-19 vaccines across the world.
So what they did is they turned the PCR test down to 28 cycles when he got elected, or stole it, so they could say COVID was gone.
But the third world, it's not gone.
They're still locked down.
So he's like, once you've given this special shot I got for you, then you can go outside again.
Though the lockdown, they admit in mainline literature today, has already starved 20 million people extra to death.
More than 10 times global COVID death numbers.
Roger Stone, give us your take on what you just saw.
Well, what's really extraordinary to me, Alex, is that they're now insisting that first responders who have already had COVID-19 must be vaccinated.
This is about money, because if you've already had the virus and you have the antibodies, theoretically, there should be no reason for you to be vaccinated.
But that's science, Roger.
I don't want to hear about science.
Well, people should look at the show we did on The War Room with Ty and Charlene Bollinger the other night, which was really extraordinary because Ty Bollinger went through a series of compounds and ingredients that are in these vaccinations that are specifically prohibited for human consumption by the very same bodies
Who allow these vaccinations to be used for temporary use.
What we need right now, frankly, is President Trump to make his position clear that people should not be required to mandatorily take these vaccinations.
We are a nation of free choice.
If people choose to poison themselves, they have the right to do that.
I myself would not be vaccinated under any circumstances.
First, the fact that the vaccination is only approved for emergency use.
It is not approved for general use.
By the way, that's going to expire very soon.
And then secondarily, the fact that the guys who made these, or I should say the companies who made these vaccinations have no legal liability at all.
You take their vaccination and God forbid you should die, they pay nothing.
They just walk away with their massive profits.
So it has been estimated by someone who is an expert who told me that if you just vaccinate the first responders who have already had the virus and have the antibodies, that will make one billion dollars for the manufacturers.
One billion dollars.
Well, Roger, I haven't been tested and you haven't.
We've been out in crowds of hundreds of thousands, millions.
We obviously already had it.
We got over it.
But I mean, the point is, this is a fraud.
Mainline science says if you've had COVID-19, you shouldn't take the inoculation and cause a violent autoimmune response.
Well, look, put it this way.
Fauci lied.
People died.
I think that sums it up.
And this is not the first time, by the way.
I think Tony Fauci is going to go down with Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Chairman Mao as one of the great mass murderers of all time.
And those who say, what are you talking about?
Millions of people have taken this vaccination and have had no reaction.
To which I say, yeah.
It's too early to say.
How do we know you don't have side effects five years from now?
Ten years from now?
A year from now?
We don't know.
We really don't know.
And this is not the first time for Dr. Fauci.
Back during the HIV plague, when AIDS first became known.
When gay men were dying of PCP pneumonia, there was a simple remedy, Bactrim, a relatively cheap drug that had been on the market for years and was plentiful.
But Tony Fauci was so interested in developing a vaccination that would make him rich and famous that he delayed the approval of the on-label use for Bactrim.
How many gay men died because of
Well, that's right.
He was a major villain then and is now.
He blocked Randesivir, hydroxychloroquine.
This is his same M.O.
Well, the reason he had to block hydrochloroquine is, by law, you can't develop a vaccination if there's a simple drug that resolves the issue, that has efficacy against the disease.
That's why they had to discredit hydrochloroquine.
Look, this guy is going to go down as one of the greatest criminals of all time.
Joe Biden came out the other day and gave him his full support and his full endorsement.
That means you know Fauci's on the banana peel, even as we speak.
All right, I'll do a few more minutes with you when we come back.
Then folks, I'm going to get all the news I haven't had a little bit of the next hour with Matt Bracken taking over.
But I'm not saying the best part of the show has come up because we had Mike Mundell and Roger Stone on, but I've got a bunch of condensed stuff I haven't hit clip after clip that is bombshell after bombshell after bombshell that I've got to get to.
So we'll push Bracken back a little bit.
We'll come back to Roger Stone here in just a moment.
I want to ask him about that big clip over the weekend, Trump saying, hey,
Biden's going to be out of the White House a lot quicker than you think.
That is pretty cryptic from the 45th president.
So I want to get the doo-doo, as they say, from the guy that would know Roger Stone straight ahead.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Bann.TV.
But you can't promote those URLs, so it's got to be FreeWorldNews.tv.
I wanted to ask Roger Stone about Trump's big statement over the weekend.
We'll do that in a moment, but he texted me earlier, and I missed it while we're on air.
He's polite and uninterrupted me like I would do.
He said, let's hit Fauci!
So then I had a chance to talk to him during the break.
So here's a few of those clips he wanted to get to, and I agree.
We should have played these yesterday.
Here's Fauci saying, you don't question me.
That's science.
Like, he's the oracle.
He's God.
And also, people want him in jail.
Yeah, he ran the Wuhan lab.
He's been caught lying to Congress.
Red-handed, here it is.
You're at the focal point.
What is your level of concern that we're going to discredit public health officials to the point of, you know, look at Russia.
They actually have a good vaccine and none of their citizens will take it because they don't trust their own government.
It's very dangerous, Chuck, because a lot of what you're seeing as attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science.
Because all of the things that I have spoken about, consistently from the very beginning, have been fundamentally based on science.
Sometimes those things were inconvenient truths for people, and there was pushback against me.
So if you are trying to, you know, get at me as a public health official and a scientist, you're really attacking not only Dr. Anthony Fauci, you're attacking science.
And anybody that looks
And what's going on clearly sees that.
You have to be asleep not to see that.
That is what's going on.
Science and the truth are being attacked.
That issue with masks is people want to fire me or put me in jail for what I've done, namely follow the science.
I could go the next half an hour going through each and every point that they make.
It's preposterous, Chuck.
Totally preposterous.
But Roger, he doesn't actually challenge any of the facts we love him.
Well, first of all, Chuck Todd belongs behind the counter at Macy's, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to being a journalist.
Secondarily, actually, again, the Alinsky technique.
Nothing he does pertains to silence.
He has violated all of the traditional protocols of medicine.
And he's been caught lying.
Now, they prosecuted me.
For lying to Congress.
Yet the misstatements I made to Congress were completely immaterial, irrelevant.
I had no underlying crime.
Tony Fauci said he didn't fund the Wuhan lab.
His signature is on the paychecks.
His signature's on the checks.
And he's in hearings eight years ago saying, defending Anafunction.
There's no question.
And he lied about how it was funded.
So this is unraveling very quickly.
But to try to wrap himself in silence, that's like asking the Boston Strangler to massage your neck.
Well, that was my next question.
You're a longtime political smart guy operative.
How does Fauci get out of this?
Because I mean, wow.
I don't think he does, actually, because we're at the point that his lies have become so egregious.
And his ability to keep his lies straight, his inconsistencies, masks work, masks don't work.
Masks are crucial.
Children should be vaccinated.
Children should not be vaccinated.
This guy can't even keep his lies straight.
This is only a matter of time before the burden, the political cost of having this creep around, this mass murderer around, is going to be too great even for the Biden administration.
So, I think, I pray to God that he is brought to justice, because we have now seen consistently that this guy's incapable of telling the truth, and then when he goes out and says, well, reports that this virus was developed in a Wuhan lab, that's pretty far out.
Those are code words.
That's far out.
In other words, anyone who exercises their free speech right using the actual science and the growing body of actual medical evidence that this guy is full of crap, well, that person's a kook.
That person's irresponsible.
No, the guy who's irresponsible is Tony Fauci.
And here's what I like about this.
It can be boiled down to a simple slogan.
People like slogans.
Fauci lied, people died.
Fauci lied, people died.
Fauci lied, people died, and after Fauci's convicted of the crimes against humanity, he marches up to the gallows pole.
Well, he should certainly be held responsible for what he's done.
I mean, just the fact that we know for a certainty today that hydrochloroquine works.
Hydrochloroquine helped people who had COVID-19.
There was no point in taking it prophylactically.
It didn't work prophylactically.
It worked on those who actually contracted the virus.
And they tried to block it, which is another crime against humanity.
In closing, Roger Stone, a lot of incredible things you've covered today here.
What do you make of Trump kind of coming out of rest, which he deserved, looking good, losing like 20, 30 pounds, doing all these big rallies that have, you know, more viewers than Tucker Carlson the first time he gives them.
Very exciting North Carolina, all this.
What do you make of him last weekend saying, oh, we're going to win the Senate, win the House, we'll have the White House sooner than you think?
Obviously that statement is directed.
People ask him, what do you mean by that?
He wouldn't say, what do you think that means?
Well, first of all, look, I have great respect for Mike Lindell, who's doing an extraordinary job in spending his own money, putting his money where his mouth is, trying to undercover the election fraud in all these states.
I'm a political realist, and I make the subjective judgment that even then, turning over the election will be very difficult.
I really hope to be wrong.
I hope Mike Lindell is right.
I hope the president's instinct is correct.
At the moment, I've got to be honest with you.
I'm so distracted with my wife's cancer treatments and the tsunami of contradictory medical advice that we're trying to sort through and the millions and millions of PhDs and doctors and professionals as well as holistic and homeopathic healers who have contacted us trying to help us
It's heartwarming, it really is, but it's also overwhelming.
Hey Roger, what do you make of so many people that get the inoculation and get cancer in a few months?
It is.
That's what all these scientists are saying it's doing.
I read a new article out of Florida, out of Palm Beach, close to where you live.
I don't get into your own private life.
I don't know if you made this public or not.
You didn't take the vaccine, but did anybody else, you know, take the vaccine recently that just got cancer?
Well, uh, no, but I can tell you that, uh, that my, uh, a member of my family did take it, not my wife, uh, and, uh, they were in perfect health and their blood pressure immediately dropped so low that they were actually blind for six hours and had to be hospitalized.
Had to be hospitalized.
I was just guessing.
I was, so I didn't, okay, so your wife didn't take it, but somebody else you did had to be hospitalized.
Cause everybody I know is similar things.
Anecdotally, it's really quite extraordinary.
Everywhere I go, people tell me about someone they know who took the vaccination and had an immediate bad reaction, in some cases, a life-threatening reaction.
So, it leads me to question whether the number of deaths are actually being reported accurately.
Well, exactly.
Are we going to believe our friends and family and neighbors and doctors and local nurses or believe CNN and others paid off Big Pharma?
We're going to cover Russell Brand's take on that in a moment.
All right, Roger, glad to hear that your incredible wife, who I'm good friends with, an amazing lady, is back home.
Folks, keep praying for Roger Stone.
And, Roger, anytime you want to come on, the microphone is waiting for you.
You have your own section at Band.Video as well.
Yeah, Bandai Video is incredible.
If folks haven't been there, they need to go there.
There's some great, great content.
I put up my own stuff, but others do as well.
Check it out.
It is well worth seeing.
Thank you, Roger.
Yeah, that's really the problem with Bandai Video.
We started it two years ago to really put our videos up.
The other folks reached out and said, hey, I'm being banned, can we have a site?
So now we have hundreds of contributors.
And the average video probably gets 5-10,000 views, which is great compared to YouTube or whatever.
I'm not competition with people, I just want free speech.
But we have so many contributors now, like the average video is up to like 20,000 views.
Greg Reese is probably the all-time star there.
His average video is about a million views now.
And my average video gets about 100,000.
And we're just churning them out, ladies and gentlemen.
So there's just so many great contributors.
So much band material there that nobody wants you to see.
And just all the great shows and more.
Roger Stone's whole site is right there.
So I just want to encourage everybody to keep spreading the word about Band Out Video.
But remember,
You can't share the URL from Bandot Video on Twitter or Facebook.
That URL is now blocked.
So we have a new one that's the same site, same links, just lets you get it out, that is FreeWorldNews.tv.
And that's why when we get guests on, we gotta ask them too, hey, you're on the show live, thank you.
Tweet, Facebook, email, however you do it.
Same thing with the listeners, go to FreeWorldNews.tv, FreeWorldNews.tv, and then
Take the video or the live feed, whatever it is you want to share, and share it from freeworldnews.tv.
And I'm sure in a few months, they'll ban freeworldnews.tv.
We'll have a new URL.
It's okay.
But that's how we do this.
And we get so many emails every day saying, can we repost your videos?
Can we share your videos?
Not just yes, hell yes.
Full free-to-air, everything we do, just get it out.
I get so many letters, can I paint M4 wars on the side of my barn?
If you don't have a zoning law in your area, hell yeah!
I mean, you know, look, we're in a war here!
I'm not some corporation where if you paint Mickey Mouse on the side of the, you know, the wall at your elementary school, we sue you.
I don't give a rat's ass except about defeating the New World Order.
And that's what this comes down to, so.
Also, please support the broadcast.
Books, films, the trifecta of supplements for your immune system, for these three new products we've got.
It's all there.
And, I mean, that's it.
All right, I gotta get myself together, because there is a lot to cover.
Sometimes I start the show in the best of moods, end up in bad moods.
Sometimes I start in a bad mood, end up in a good mood.
As Rob Dooner in the hall was telling me earlier, man, you're in a good mood now, you're in a bad mood in front of the show.
You know, I appreciate listeners that tune into the show, because you're not looking for lies, you're looking for truth.
And the truth hurts sometimes, but we got to admit that truth to get through the bad and, you know, make it a better world.
So I appreciate you all going through this just like I'm doing it.
And so many days at the end of the show, I've got like the most powerful stuff we had.
I haven't hit yet because I've already looked at it two or three times and it's already got me pissed.
Yeah, I'm almost tempted to do like a six hour show where I do research and see stuff for the first time.
And like, I play a clip or a listener sends a clip and then we experience it at the same time together.
You know what I mean?
Because Russell Brand's a smart guy.
He's been on the show before.
He's a big listener.
He makes some great points.
It makes me mad at Big Pharma, they're doing this, but nevertheless, a lot of folks haven't seen this clip from his hit podcast yesterday.
So let's go ahead and play it.
Here's Russell Brand talking about Big Pharma and how it controls the government response, what they're trying to make mandatory.
Here it is.
Again, a report in 2017 showed that with the exception of CBS, every American major media outlet shared at least one board member with at least one pharmaceutical company.
That means there's literal, physical crossovers between the media and pharmaceutical companies.
The same
Human beings.
Furthermore, drug companies spent five billion a year on advertising with these media outlets.
Consider the amount of profits that Pfizer are likely to make from the vaccines.
Moderna was a company in a lot of trouble before these vaccines came about.
And Johnson & Johnson are going to need every penny they make from the vaccines to pay for lawsuits
Coming about as a result of their talcum powder causing cancer.
And it does make me think, if they can't manage talcum powder, then I'm the one dealing with vaccines.
That made it easier for many scientists to dismiss the lab scenario as tin hat nonsense.
Doesn't it make you think what other things that are being dismissed as tin hat nonsense are also potentially true?
Doesn't it make you realise that what's necessary from the media is not to toe the line in accordance with their big partnerships with pharmaceutical companies and their relationships with government, but to commit themselves to truth.
Otherwise, you can't trust them on anything.
And again, I want to thank the listeners for keeping us on air, because without you, we wouldn't have influenced Russell Brand.
And I'm not bragging to go, oh, I helped wake up Russell Brand back when he was married to Katy Perry.
But that's what he told me.
First, I got told it by Katy Perry's dad wanted to come on after they'd already gotten divorced.
And I guess Russell kind of tried to wake her up.
She ran off and got into the occultism and stuff.
But Russell woke up from our show, came on the show.
We've done interviews, hung out before.
But the point is, is that it was this broadcast 10, 11 years ago that woke up Russell Brand.
And now, where is Russell Brand today?
And again, if you weren't spreading the word,
If you weren't supporting us, this wouldn't have happened.
So, pretty much anybody we play a clip of is fighting hard.
Most of the doctors and scientists we get on, what first woke you up?
Well, your show.
Or Chris Sky, what woke you up?
Your show.
It's not my show.
It's the guests.
It's the callers.
It's the reach.
It's you breathing life into this broadcast that got all of that information out.
By the way, Russell Brand is like an NBA player.
He's so damn tall.
Yeah, this is one of the interviews I did with him.
So, when it turns to me, I look like a midget.
I am like 5'10 or 5'11.
I stand up straight, but I'm not in how tall I am.
But that's just another example, ladies and gentlemen, of how important you are and how you don't think you're doing something big when you email your family with a video clip or you share a link or you tell somebody about FreeWorldNews.com.
But when you do it,
You certainly do take action and change the world.
In fact, this little short segment, we should put one of my interviews with Russell Brand on the end of that because that stuff's been taken off YouTube.
We can find it.
Wow, they just found it over there.
I didn't know we had it.
We should tag that Russell Brand interview by Alex Jones interview up and put it at Band.TV because what is old is new.
Stay with us back in 60 seconds.
All right.
The world is awakening big time!
Thank you for joining us on this Thursday, June 10th Global Transmission.
Well, here is the Australian Member of Parliament, the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison,
Who's supposedly a conservative and does a lot of stuff against China and supposedly against carbon taxes, but he's let the globalist lockdown happen.
He has accepted so much evil.
And now here he is saying you're going to have a vaccine passport to leave your house to have a job to travel and it's going to be attached to a government wallet.
So now what you buy and what you sell and what you do will be attached to this wallet and then once that's adopted they'll phase out all the other currencies.
That's what I told you years ago.
That's what Klaus Schwab admits on French TV.
Is the plan a digital wallet?
And then RFID sewn into your clothes and then implantable microchips under a world medical ID.
That's the holy grail for the global social credit score.
So does it matter if he keeps China out of Australia?
Australia just becomes Communist China by extension, the big tech takeover.
So Scott Morrison is really a big, big problem.
And if Canada and Australia and so many other countries fall to this digital ID control system, they will make us adopt it as well.
So we're all Australians today.
Here is the Prime Minister.
Vaccination certification, and this has been a topic of some conversation over the past month.
The vaccination certification is already present within the Services Australia system, but it will soon be available through the Medicare app and ultimately in the form of a digital wallet that can be used by citizens.
That will be available in July.
There is already the Medicare reference that you can get through the Medicare app, which we anticipate to be available this month.
So he just slides it out there like it's no big deal.
Digital wallet, digital tracking, digital control, cashless society, social credit score for a fraudulent virus, a power trip, a fake PCR test, ongoing martial law in major cities.
If one person gets COVID, if one person gets a cold, one person gets a flu, it's tyranny.
It's total scientific control.
Well, Terry Baudet is a Member of Parliament over in the Netherlands, and I'm going to have to read the transcript here, or read the subtitles.
We need to get him on the show, if he can speak English.
I can hear a lot of what he's saying, I guess in that mix of French and German, that is what they speak in the Netherlands.
Here he is.
This man spells out exactly what's happening now based on a global plan created 10 years ago.
Operation Lockstep now being covered by Laura Ingram.
So I'll read this as fast as I can.
If I mess it up, it's okay listeners.
No, I'm not doing that on purpose.
Just keep rolling it for TV viewers.
People can go to Infowars.com and they can see him lay it out for themselves.
But I'm going to try to read this in live time with the captions.
Go ahead and roll it.
In 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation, one of the most influential NGOs in the world, developed scenarios for the future of technology and international development.
This report.
In this report, the Rockefeller Foundation describes the lockstep scenario that describes an impending global pandemic and its aftermath.
According to this scenario, and I have it here with me, the Chinese would start with mandatory quarantine for all citizens and
An immediate and almost hermetically sealed closure of all border national leaders across the world would reinforce their power, laws, regulations and restrictions.
From mask mandates to body temperature checks at the entrances of train stations, airplane buildings, it's all in here.
But it does not stop at that.
Lockstep scenario, there is a great deal more than awaits us.
Even after the pandemic was over, write the researchers, the authoritarian control and surveillance of citizens and their activities remain.
And was even intensified in this report from 2010.
They even hinted at climate lockdowns exactly what we are beginning to talk about right now.
And now, I quote, to protect themselves from problems and become even more global from the pandemics and transactional terrorism to clear out climate crisis.
Increasing poverty, leaders from across the world seize more and more power.
The report also foresaw how people would react to these measures, regrettably, just like now when people cheer when they are vaccinated and post pictures of their jabs on social media.
It's all in the report and I beg for a COVID passport anticipated, the riders the lockstep scenario.
That is the idea of a more controlled world would gain widespread acceptance among the populace.
Citizens willingly gave up a part of their sovereignty and their privacy.
Stability citizens tolerant and eager to be subjugated to a more top-down management.
National leaders had more freedom to bestow order in the ways than they saw fit.
This would lead to a digital passport and something they had foreseen.
A 2010 Rockefeller Foundation could now entirely anticipate the current technological advances.
But even they would already have thought titan surveillance would lead to a biometric ID for all citizens.
Currently this is already beginning.
Integrated into our passports.
I would take 13 years for the public, for the Rockefeller Foundation to become fed up with the amount of control and the absurd power fantasies of the rulers.
I hope that the Rockefeller Foundation has proven wrong on that account and their predictions have.
Come true, but I really hope they're wrong on this account.
I would hope that there will be a moment that we all wake up and that we realize this is a collective psychosis.
That locking down the entire country and half the world for 1.5 years became a flu variety is insane.
So let's put it back up and I'll try to read what he's saying.
This is so important right here.
For 1.5 years because of a flu variety.
It is insane that walking around with those silly, useless masks is insanity that we conform ourselves to.
That those completely senseless distancing values that we have our businesses, our society, our lives have been destroyed.
Yeah, it's martial law.
That we have held back, effectively, primary medicines.
Such as Ivermectin, only to give those experimental vaccines.
The study of approved vaccines as soon as we could.
That we now ramble on about how the infections are decreasing.
Walz at the exact same time last year, like it does every year, and that it will happen again this autumn.
Exactly, the new lockdowns come.
Arrives and new infections occur.
And now we pretend it happened because of COVID-19, while the thing that we use to call the flu has completely disappeared.
I hope that we will realize that with the hysteria about this.
Chinese flu, as the pretext,
Back it up again since we're gonna do this.
Just back it up.
Take the cube down, please.
Chinese flu is a pretext.
An entire infrastructure has been built.
This infrastructure is the takeover plan.
An infrastructure that can be used again at any moment.
Due to any occurrence.
Lockdowns, mass social distancing.
No more traveling, no handshakes.
Experimental jabs.
The COVID phase has been a practice to train obedience.
Really kick-ass information.
And we'll post that.
I should probably do a better job of it, but I did it live on air.
Great job of the crew.
Matt Bracken takes over.
Only you can defeat the globalists.
Only you can spread the word about this broadcast.
Only you can get great vitamins and minerals you need for your own immune system now at InfoWarsTore.com.
All right, we'll be right back with Matt Bracken, then the War Room, 3 p.m.
Central, Central, Central.
Alex Jones back here while we're working on some technical difficulties with Matt Bracken, who was able to disconnect via the great magic of Skype and computers.
We'll be handing the baton to the former Navy SEAL and best-selling author, EnemiesFarAndDomestic.com here in a moment.
But here's another big article.
At InfoWars.com, I said I'd get to that I wasn't getting to, that's just as important as anything we've covered in the last week.
Florida urologists find signs of infertility and prostate cancer in men jabbed with the COVID-19 vaccines, which they warned you up front it would take all the tissues, testicles, prostate, breast, uteruses, ovaries, that are associated with similar proteins because they're fast-growing cells.
Ovaries, all this stuff, uterus, testicles, and cause an autoimmune response, a swelling, which they then call cancer.
So what the doctor's saying is already in the literature.
Dr. Rubinowitz is asking all of his patients to keep track of when they received the COVID-19 vaccine after linking the shot to elevated PSA levels.
So here it is.
I have seen patients' PSA to be falsely elevated for at least six weeks after getting the vaccines.
PSA levels are looked at with a basic blood test and elevated levels are typically found in men with prostate cancer.
But PSA can be falsely elevated due to a number of conditions.
Other things that can cause an elevation or an increase in the PSA are for example a urinary tract infection or a vigorous exercise.
In any other condition or illness,
New anecdotal findings show that men who get the vaccine and then have their PSA levels also show a spike.
I was seeing patients that were coming in with a history of having a stable PSA and all of a sudden the PSA had risen.
The urologist looked back to see if any other patients had similar issues and soon connected the dots.
Sure enough, I've had a few patients that have had the vaccine shortly before the PSA.
Dr. Rabinowitz says that his patients were initially alarmed, but after retesting weeks later, his patients' PSA levels normalized.
These are the results of a patient who will remain anonymous.
As you can see, the person's PSA levels remain stable at 0.4.
But a month later, after taking that vaccine, that person's levels raised nine times to 3.4.
After retaking the test one additional time, after that, they fell back down to 1.5.
The findings are similar to physicians who were concerned after finding swollen lymph nodes when women went for a mammogram soon after vaccination.
Certainly this is not the reason for people not to get the vaccine.
That's not what we're saying at all.
What we're saying is to take into account the effect the vaccine can have.
The month of June is Men's Health Month.
An important reminder to stay on top of appointments, as prostate cancer, for example, is the most common cancer diagnosis.
Alright, let's stop right there.
So, oh, no, like Ben Stein said, almost died but still take it, and people's family died of the vaccine, oh, still take it.
Yeah, it shows a chemical that means you got cancer, and they told you up front it's going to make your uterus swell up and all this, but it's okay.
It's causing heart attacks and death, but hey!
It's approved by the FDA under an emergency authorization by a guy, Bill Gates, that says he wants to depopulate you and your family.
I know this.
If your cells aren't getting the vitamins and nutrients they need, any virus can go in and manipulate the replication and take them over.
Just like when your whole body is weighed down and you're malnourished, you die easier or you get sick easier.
So many people
Are getting sick from whatever because they're malnourished.
That's why sunlight, water, prayer does stuff for your immune system.
Getting closer to God, higher residence in your consciousness, touching God.
Studies show that.
And vitamins and minerals and all the basic things.
And listen, I've been promoting vitamins and minerals long before COVID-19 came along.
Just like I promote clean water and air.
You need water and air, you die in like five minutes without air, you die about a week and a half without water, about a month without food.
Because what's food have in it?
Well, the supplements we sell are concentrated nutrients.
We have the new multivitamin from Whole Foods Sources.
We have the new vitamin D3 from Whole Foods Sources.
And we have the new Super C 1100
We're good to go.
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So, is that even there anymore?
My God, I just sometimes wonder.
Can we go back to the top real quick?
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Because I see it.
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Let's just go back.
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But regardless, whatever you do, take action.
I thank you all for your support.
Okay, Matt Brackett is in the saddle.
He's ready to go straight ahead.
And as I said, the War Room is 3 p.m.
We're fighting harder than ever.
You're fighting harder than ever, but you've got to realize you're not 10% of the equation.
You're not 50% of the equation.
You're like 99%.
We could sit here all day in a dark cave.
Nobody hearing us talk about this have no effect.
You take Ashland's information.
We win.
So do it now.
And I thank you for all our own common good.
All right, Matt Bracken takes over.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
There's some kind of a technical hassle with my camera output today.
So, um,
Until we can get this fixed, we're going to just go with my voice.
I had some ideas about this, uh, the whole COVID-19 and the vaccine push, which I'm, I'm a boomer.
I'm a late boomer born in the late fifties.
I lived through everything from as a baby, you know, McCarthyism, you could say even, and I've never seen a propaganda push like getting everybody.
Injected with this experimental gene therapy, never in my life, nothing even close.
This is in some ways scarier than the Soviet Union.
I know that they put political prisoners in gulags and they put some political prisoners in psychiatric institutes, but I don't remember them ever forcing an experimental drug on their entire population.
At the end of the Second World War,
The world was pretty horrified to find out what the Nazis had been up to, including in the area of medical experimentation on obviously unwilling and unconsenting prisoners in their concentration camps.
So part of what the Nuremberg Tribunal came up with was what's called the Nuremberg Code.
And this is almost, you could say like,
Passed down from the mountain like Moses with the Ten Commandments.
This was black and white, black letter law for what would be considered illegal, immoral, and unethical forever to force people to do.
And the experimental mRNA COVID jab
Would absolutely be considered coming under an experimental drug.
It's never been released.
The FDA was bullrushed into signing it.
If you've ever seen the video of the conference call between the FDA guys, it was basically, shut up, we're going to approve this today no matter what.
And I think that this will go down as one of Trump's biggest mistakes, being
Being pushed and rushed into what he was very proud of calling it Operation Warp Speed.
But I think that he was really suckered.
You know, maybe as a businessman he trusted the big pharma companies and maybe for sure he trusted our own government bureaucrats way too much.
But it's obvious, just like Fauci has always been pushing gain-of-function research,
Even when it was banned from the United States of America as being too dangerous, he snuck money into the Wuhan lab to continue this gain-of-function research.
In 2012, he even said, paraphrasing, that the risks of doing it are outweighed by the potential knowledge gained, the risk of a pandemic.
is not as important as the knowledge gained.
Kind of reminds me of eating from the tree of knowledge, you know, the man's fallen nature, the hubris of Anthony Fauci.
I think he's trying to go down in history as one of the greatest medicos, up with like Pasteur and
Jenner and Salk, you know, one of the most famous medical breakthroughs would be on his watch.
And he just was willing to take any chance.
This thing got out.
It was then weaponized by the Chinese.
They let people fly out.
And we're and even last January and February, when this pandemic was just getting out, Fauci was standing up there and saying it was
Definitely a zoonotic origin.
While he was at the exact same time trying to squelch the knowledge about the lab gain-of-function research.
So that the Nuremberg Code was designed to prevent things like this.
But I don't think they ever dreamed that it would be so-called vaccines given literally to billions of humans.
And this is not a vaccine by any definition before 2020.
This is an experimental injection, and I'm going to read from the Nuremberg Code now.
It says, the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.
This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be situated to be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit,
...duress overreaching or any other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision.
None of this was done.
This was all based on lies.
The entire thing was based on lies.
They lied about it not being gain-of-function, a bioweapon.
And now they're lying about the injection, calling it a vaccine.
They rushed this thing through.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a messenger RNA synthetic injection.
It's a synthetic molecule whipped up in mega doses in big pharma labs
And shipped out to the world.
And don't think, don't fall for the idea that the vaccine is free.
The vaccine is not free.
We are paying for it with our own tax dollars and we are going to pay for it later with our health.
Now, I have not taken it and I won't take it.
And now the most disgusting thing is watching it being pushed down in age.
In Florida, they're giving it to 15-year-olds, and soon they're going to be giving it to 5-year-olds.
5-year-olds cannot give consent for something that could sterilize them, give them brain bleeds, give them myocarditis.
I mean, this is just an unbelievable thing that's happening for the greed of the big pharma companies, and I believe also for Bill Gates' ulterior motive of population control.
You know, if you watch one of the most important documentaries I've ever seen in my life is by James Corbett of the Corbett Report called, Who is Bill Gates?
Bill Gates has been about this for his entire life.
He's been trying to inject people with bogus vaccines for decades.
And he's very involved in this, not only from the medical side, but from the data analysis side.
They're trying to get tagants into these vaccines where they'll be able to tell who is and who isn't vaccinated and with which variety of vaccine just by scanning your arm.
I mean, this is no joke.
This is happening.
I would urge everybody to watch James Corbett Corbett Report.
Now, going back to the Nuremberg thing, it says that the experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results
For the good of society, unprocurable by other methods, okay?
That means when they suppressed the efficacy of hydrochloroquine and ivermectin and other therapeutics, they did this knowingly.
They sentenced millions of people to die by forbidding doctors to prescribe known beneficial therapeutics so that they could push these fake vaccines through with an emergency use authorization.
The only way they could get the emergency authorization is by claiming that there was no other therapeutic.
This was a lie.
And at some point, people are going to have to pay.
I've watched some amazing videos also lately by a Dr. Michael Yeadon.
I think it's spelled Y-E-A-D-O-N.
He's a Brit.
He worked for Pfizer for 16 years and became a senior vice president.
When he left Pfizer, he started his own company.
Which a few years later, he was able to sell for $370 million.
Why is that important?
It's important because he doesn't care about the money.
There's maybe nothing, it's hard to imagine anything more important, dangerous, vital than this injection being forced on us.
Here in Florida, fortunately, we have a governor with some backbone, and he has stood up, for example, to the cruise ship industry, which is a major industry in this state, and said, no, you will not force people to take the vaccines if you want to do business in Florida.
But this is obviously going to be a major battle because in the other corner of the United States, in Washington State, headquarters of Amazon,
Amazon employees, and I don't just mean the drivers, I mean the package handlers, the shippers, they're now being forced to take the vaccine.
Not quite forced, but the people that have had the vaccine, and I mean not honor system, they have to prove they've got the vaccines, they get a special green stamp on their ID badge that's visible all the time.
Anybody who hasn't been vaccinated has to wear a mask, sort of like the lepers and the, you know, the clean and the unclean.
The lepers and the healthy people.
This is really disgusting.
Well, Amazon does a lot of business in Florida, so it's going to be interesting to see how this trickles down, you know, to every town in the United States.
Personally, I won't take it no matter what.
I mean, these spike proteins that are injected into your body, the plan for the spike protein, they're not just going into your lung tissue to block future wild COVID.
This messenger RNA that builds these spike proteins in your body, these go into your brain and other blood cells, causing these clots and bleeding.
I mean, this is a horrible thing.
They also go into the testicles, the ovaries,
It's hard to imagine anything good to come out of this, especially when they say, even if you've been vaccinated, you know, you still should wear the mask, or even if you've been vaccinated, you shouldn't be around other people.
I mean, it doesn't make any sense.
They're doing this to the military, too, saying if you don't get vaccinated, you can't go on leave, you can't deploy.
They're basically making second-class citizens out of the unvaccinated.
And it's for no good purpose.
But now, while we're all watching this, the COVID so closely, something else is happening in our country that's maybe long-term even more dangerous.
Like a house where, you know, we're looking out the window while the cellar is flooding and a mudslide is coming because we're all staring at the shiny object.
And it's a dangerous shiny object, you know, COVID and the jab.
But we are being invaded.
We are literally being invaded.
Two million per year is the new estimate.
This is why Kamala won't go to the border.
This is why she's talking about climate change in Guatemala and root causes.
The Democrats are welcoming this invasion.
The problem is the people that are invading will never be loyal to this country.
They're coming for purely mercenary reasons from all over the world.
They're not just coming from the Northern Triangle.
They're coming from all over South America.
They're coming from as far away as Bangladesh and Romania.
People are flying to Central America and to Mexico to cross the border.
These are people that are being paid with NGO money, most of which you could link back to Soros.
Somebody from Bangladesh getting off the airplane in Ecuador, and then getting transportation all the way to the American border.
This is not just happening organically.
This is being funded.
And the purpose of it is to wreck America.
The one thing that is absolutely certain about the illegals that are being welcomed by the Democrats and then bust an airplane all over America, the one thing for sure about them is that they're going to vote Democrat because the Democrats will promise to keep the borders open and let the rest of their family in.
So there's no chance these people will ever vote Republican.
They will not only vote Democrat, they will multiply exponentially because their main goal in life will be to get the rest of their family into the country and that chain migration never, ever ends.
And worst of all, and this is very knowing by the Democrats, these are not the brightest people in the world.
We're not getting the doctors and architects from Bangladesh.
We're getting people who are not really functional in a modern technological society.
Unfortunately, a lot of life really does boil down to IQ.
And, you know, that might sound harsh or cold or everybody's raised with these, you know, airy-fairy, you know, oh, there's all kinds of intelligence.
Well, let me tell you, the United States military won't even take a recruit with an IQ of under about 86 because he's just not worth training.
You can spend months to teach him to take a rifle apart and he'll probably still, you know, mess it up.
So, the U.S.
military, well, until now, of course, now they're recruiting anybody with a pulse, especially if they're, you know, from the left and have lived an alternative lifestyle.
But until very recently, the U.S.
military was very practical about this.
The people that are coming are coming from countries where the IQ, the average IQ, average IQ is below 85.
We do not need more street sweepers.
We have more than enough of our own.
And there are no countries on the planet, no democracies rather, on the planet that have an IQ of under about 95 that are successful countries.
Once you drop below around 95, every nation that has an election
Becomes a farce.
It becomes Venezuela.
Because basically, morons will always vote for the budding dictator that promises them free stuff.
They're not smart enough to understand that there is no free stuff money tree.
So the Democrats are deliberately dumbing down our country, not only with the curricula in our schools for the last 30 or 40 years, but they're now doing it by deliberately importing people who will never be smart enough to contribute to our society, because we basically, we have enough dummies in our country.
More dummies in our country means our IQ is sliding down and down and down.
Meanwhile, the IQ in Japan, Korea, and China is still over 100.
This is why they have functioning societies.
The average person in Japan or Korea, or increasingly even China, gets it.
They understand the value of education, of discipline, and thrift.
People that, countries where the IQ begins to just slide down into the lower regions, wind up eventually, if you just correlate IQ to national success, and it's like a very strong correlation, like a one-to-one correlation, the dumbest countries in the world, like Somalia, are the most dysfunctional.
The countries with the highest IQ have the highest GDP.
And there's one glaring case that's really important, that has very important ramifications.
China has a relatively high IQ.
They probably exaggerate.
But it's still, you know, I would almost certainly say it's still over 100.
And with 1.4 billion Chinese, the number of really smart Chinese with IQs over 120 and 130,
is in the hundreds of millions.
That means hundreds of millions of engineers, of future computer scientists, you know, of future mining engineers and, you know, all kind of technological experts.
As these people are educated and have a higher standard of living, meanwhile America is importing
Millions of essentially, you know, borderline morons who will only vote for more free stuff.
You can see these trends, how they're going to pull away.
You know, 1.4 billion Chinese led by a brain trust of hundreds of millions of what we would consider geniuses.
We're not going to compete with them when our IQ is dropping below 95.
We are on our way to third world status.
And on the way to Third World, we're going to probably go through a couple of little rough patches.
Obviously, the left appears to be gearing up for some kind of genocide.
I've also never seen in my life anything like the constant anti-white rhetoric.
You know, this rhetoric isn't just something that's an academic issue to talk about on, you know, on television.
This is having real-world consequences.
When you see pictures of minorities, particularly blacks, just walking up to white people or Asians and punching them, this is something new.
This is really accelerating.
They're hearing every day, constantly, white people are evil oppressors.
And we're going to reap the whirlwind for this.
Gay frog jokes are always worth a good laugh, and I've certainly played along with the mainstream media's attacks on myself and others that have tried to expose the fact that deadly chemicals have been specifically allowed into the water and food supply to lower our fertility, to dumb us down, and to make us more manageable.
And that's just a fact, and the New World Order is on record setting this up.
It is a scientific dictatorship.
But now it's more important than ever to realize that InfoWars has had so many successes in taking a story that nobody else was covering and pushing it to the forefront where it gets the attention it deserves.
Here's a great example just recently.
We were amongst the first a year and a half ago to expose the fact that COVID-19 was purposely released out of the Wuhan lab and that it was a manufactured virus.
Now that's mainstream news.
So it is you, the incredible audience of this radio slash TV program that is changing the world.
You're the reason these important reports that the system is scared of actually get out.
So now,
If we simply have a movement like the left had of Free Tibet for so long, it can have a massive effect.
But instead of Free Tibet, which I also support, we should also have Save the Frogs.
Frogs are a living mascot, an example of how we're all in peril and how these chemicals are giving us cancer, they're sterilizing us, they're lowering our fertility.
And they are also confusing our sexuality.
And that's just a fact.
And the globalists are bombarding us with these chemicals while promoting sexual lifestyles that also reduce population.
This is all being done from a scientific level of reducing human numbers.
It's not because the scientists like gay people.
And this isn't a judgment on people's, quote, sexual preferences.
This is about chemical warfare that is destroying frog populations, fish populations, bird populations, and in every western country, plunging our populations as well.
This is scientific fact.
This is reality.
That's why we've launched the Save the Frogs initiative.
We're building a website with reports and articles and many of the mainline documents and peer-reviewed studies so people can go there and see the facts themselves.
We have dozens of reports we've cut with top scientists and others that are already posted to Bandot Video.
And your ongoing support of InfoWars allows us to continue this important work.
That if we're able to expose it, we'll stop the globalists and their agenda of depopulation, deadness, and tracks.
So again, we have three different colors.
They're for men and women.
We have black, green, and cream.
Save the frog shirts at InfoWarsStore.com for $17.76.
These are high quality shirts.
They spread the word, and they fund the InfoWar.
So, get your Save the Frog shirts, made in America, at InfoWarStore.com today.
That's Save the Frogs, InfoWarStore.com.
There are now over a hundred peer-reviewed studies in just the last year documenting that surgical masks do nothing to stop the transmission and the spread of viruses.
It's a hoax.
It's a fraud.
Here's another article on InfoWars.com, a major German study showing exactly the same thing.
But Fauci knew that.
He wrote a study himself, his name's on it, in 2008, saying not only
Do masks not work?
But most of the deaths of the Spanish flu back in 1917, 1918 were caused by people wearing masks and it breeding bacterial pneumonia in it.
They're filthy diapers.
Many people dying have died of bacterial pneumonia and they call it COVID-19.
And the criminal Fauci and others knew it all.
That's why it's more important than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Our big sale ends this Monday, so you've got three days left.
Storewide free shipping, double Patreon points, and things like DNA Force Plus back in stock, 40% off.
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