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Name: 20210609_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 9, 2021
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, the host discusses topics ranging from health supplements to political prisoners while critiquing vaccine mandates, mainstream media, and pharmaceutical companies. He promotes products such as X2 supplements and BioPros, emphasizing self-immunity building.

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If you don't spread the word, they win.
So I've got all these clips and all this evidence and all this proof, even more coming out right now, but if you don't care, and look, I know you do, but if you don't get that this is not a regular radio show where I'm just trying to entertain you and make you tune in every day and make you feel good, you got the wrong show.
I want to save humanity.
This is a mission.
I've known about this for a long time.
I didn't realize, in fact, when I was growing up,
That, you know, some of the people I knew when I was around were right in the middle of it.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, and I don't want to be part of this.
And a lot of scientists, and a lot of doctors, and a lot of nurses, and a lot of politicians, and a lot of media people don't want to be part of it either.
And I have been very surprised and pleased by all the big Nobel Prize winners, all the prestigious scientists.
I mean, all of the chief scientists
That these major companies have come out and said, this is insane, this is dangerous, don't do it.
So many of them, I can't even keep track of them.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Wednesday, June 9th.
The year is 2021.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and wow!
It's all coming out.
Remember, one of the top globalist strategists, one of their main field marshals, Klaus Schwab, said on international French television that first we're going to make you stick barcodes on your hands to buy and sell, then you're going to accept implantable microchips.
Now CVS across the United States makes their employees wear a barcode stuck to their hand as part of this conditioning mechanism.
We got exclusive video of this.
Found out there was one mention of it in the news and almost no one else covered it.
But this is just one of our crew members at the pharmacy yesterday noticed that they have these barcodes stuck to their hands.
And indeed that is going on.
So we're going to be showing you that
Coming up later in the transmission today.
Now, before we go there, we have the huge news that we now have Dr. Daszak, the head of the Wuhan Gain-of-Function Program for Fauci, his direct lieutenant, his aide-de-camp, admitting that, quote, Chinese colleagues were developing killer coronaviruses at the facility.
So we already knew that, but they lied about it to Congress previously.
That is a giant, giant, giant development.
Then of course we have Laura Ingraham last night covering this.
Operation Lockstep from 11 years ago, which is the blueprint for what you now see unfolding.
That is so huge and that is coming up as well today.
Also, Greg Reese has done a new report on the Nuremberg Code that has a whole bunch of really, really prominent scientists and lawyers, top law firms, pointing out that this is punishable by death, by execution.
What's going on with the intimidation and the attempt to forcibly make us take injections, which is now becoming officially
Forced inoculation.
Nuremberg 2.0 is the video.
It's very, very important.
We're going to be getting to that, actually, next segment.
But it all integrates together.
And then Judge Joe Brown.
Went to dinner with him for almost three hours last night.
Man, amazing.
He held court there.
And he did all the shows.
My show, The War Room, American Journal.
And he's leaving today, but he's back.
And the guy can talk more than I can.
It's just amazing how smart he is.
The incredible, famous trials he held.
And also, he's quite the deep-sea diver.
Really, back when that was all pretty damn dangerous still is, but back in the 1960s and stuff, incredible stories of watching killer whales kill and eat sharks and dolphins and everything else.
Pretty amazing.
Just my wife was blown away.
We were sitting there eating for two and a half hours, three hours.
She's like, they were turning the lights on at the restaurant.
My wife's like, I want to keep hearing more of this.
So I'm telling you, he's quite a storyteller and pretty amazing.
That's coming up as well, but let's go out to break with a little bit of Laura Ingram talking about Operation Lockstep that we covered 11 years ago.
Here it is.
Oh, by the way, the think tanks in Washington.
It's a malapropism.
Think tanks are on board, too.
Back in 2010, the far-left Rockefeller Foundation helped produce a shockingly prescient report on four possible future scenarios that could play out over the next 15 to 20 years.
One of them involved a global pandemic that's remarkably similar to what happened over the last year.
During this pandemic, quote, international mobility of both people and goods screeched to a halt.
Normally bustling shops and office buildings sat empty for months, devoid of both employees and customers.
National leaders around the world imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body temp checks.
Wow, that does sound familiar.
10, 11 years ago.
The report went on to detail how the powers that be would never let that imaginary crisis end.
Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck, and even intensified.
Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty and their privacy to more paternalistic... More of this is coming up today.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's June 9th on this live, original Wednesday transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
Very thankful for you all tuning in today.
Every broadcast is important, but today, there's a confluence of events that are just very startling and extremely revealing on so many fronts.
How are the globalists going to carry out a worldwide takeover, a medical tyranny, a forced inoculation with a deadly gene therapy, and establish a world ID, Mark of the Beast implantable microchip system, which is now being announced officially by Gates and by Klaus Schwab and others.
Well, they're going to create racial and cultural division as a distraction while they do that, and Obama and others have been running around race-baiting in a massive way.
We're going to have Judge Joe Brown again today in studio with us, because two hours yesterday was not enough.
And then we've got Larry Pinckney already scheduled.
He's going to be joining us in the third hour dealing with the attempt at race war because that is the big push this summer into next year.
They also are gearing up with racial conflict in Europe as a way to keep political control over any populist movement.
So look for that as well today.
This first hour is something you got to tell everybody you know tune in for because we have exclusive
Video of what's coming in the very near future, what's already here in many areas.
And that is companies making you not just wear necklaces that track you and beep if you get within six feet of others, but barcodes stuck to your hand.
Next, it will be implantable chip.
Klaus Schwab says we'll pull that video up as well.
Then, even more out of control.
The Nobel Laureate for the discovery of HIV
And the development of the first HIV vaccine has done another big interview and is warning Luke Montagnier that the PCR systems and all the rest of it are basically a fraud, that none of these things are going to protect you, that COVID-19 is basically an overblown hoax, but most importantly,
That the mainline literature shows that if you create an autoimmune response to this common protein in the body, it's going to basically grow crystals in your brain, heart, and lungs and arteries similar to mad cow disease and kill you.
And we're already seeing these neurological disorders, they're calling them new neurological disorders, where people are basically having mad cow disease.
They just accelerated Parkinson's, brain fog, and then brain death.
He says it's a, quote, unacceptable mistake.
And that's just mainline news saying that.
So that's what he and Wolfgang Wudorg and all of them are actually saying.
That's what the former head scientist at Pfizer just retired a few years ago, on good terms, very respected, Dr. Yidan, head scientist at Pfizer.
Over vaccines, chief scientist, period.
But over the vaccine program said, millions are going to die from this.
Oh, and this Nobel Prize winner says it's going to pass the prions on generationally.
That's right, they're teaching our body to grow prions.
They're turning us into factories of death that kill us and that will also be implanted into our children.
Next level evil.
This is truly unspeakable.
That's coming up, and so much more today.
We also have a lot of human-animal spliced clone news that we're going to be laying out.
Please remember, every AM and FM station you're listening to is precious.
Tell folks about them.
Every TV station is precious, and cable station.
Your word of mouth is key to fighting this in victory.
Tell folks about it.
And we've got a chance.
People are waking up, but not fast enough.
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Share that to your whole email list, your text message, and share the top featured video at FreeWorldNews.tv, Nuremberg 2.0.
Here is Nuremberg 2.0.
It's your mission to get this out.
If it is the mission you accept and you don't want to lay down and die, here it is.
Dr. Reiner Fulmik is the public frontman for an international team comprised of hundreds of lawyers and medical experts who have begun legal proceedings over the CDC, the WHO, and the Davos Group for committing crimes against humanity.
The protocol for the PCR test given by the WHO and the CDC was knowingly set to a level that guaranteed 100% false positives or false negatives.
So there is no pandemic.
This is all about getting people to take the shot.
Their argument is that we are at the very least being subjected to an illegal experiment.
And at the worst, global genocide.
Dr. Fulmik points out how the experimental jab is in clear violation of all ten of the Nuremberg Codes, which carry the penalty of death for those who violate them.
Number one, voluntary consent is absolutely essential.
There should be no intervention or any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, or any form of constraint or coercion.
By definition, a vaccine must provide immunity to the virus, protect recipients from getting the virus, reduce deaths, infections, circulation, and transmission of the virus.
We are told the experimental jab does none of these, yet they fraudulently call it a vaccine.
As far as duress, constraint, and coercion, it's everywhere.
If you want your life back, get the shot.
Number two, the experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results unprocurable by other methods.
The most fruitful method would be a healthy immune system, which can be achieved through good health and natural supplements such as vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.
But the people are not being told this.
In fact, those who point it out are being vilified and silenced.
Number three, the experiment should be designed and based on the results of animal experimentation.
This experimental jab skipped animal testing.
Number four, the experiment should be so conducted as to avoid all unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injury.
According to official reports, there are already thousands of deaths and over a quarter million injuries from this experiment.
Number 5.
No experiment should be conducted where there is an a priori reason to believe that death or disabling injury will occur.
Past trials have shown a strong possibility that these new spike proteins will cause a body to attack itself.
This is known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE.
And recent doctors have blown the whistle that this could end up killing everybody who's been vaccinated in the next two years.
Number six.
The risk should never exceed the benefit.
COVID-19 has a 98 to 99 percent survival rate.
Less deadly than the seasonal flu.
The experimental jab is already the most dangerous vaccine in VAERS' 30-year history.
Number 7.
Proper preparations should be made and adequate facilities provided to protect the experimental subject against even remote possibilities of injury, disability, or death.
There were no preparations made.
There are no facilities.
The subject shows up for their shot and goes home.
Number 8.
The experiment should be conducted only by scientifically qualified persons.
This experiment has been exclusively run by politicians, the media, celebrities, and big pharma bureaucrats.
Number nine.
The subject should be at liberty to bring the experiment to an end.
Thousands of medical experts have attempted to end this madness, and their voices continue to be silenced.
Number 10.
The experiment must be brought to an end if resulting in injury or death.
And yet, the experiment pushes on.
Once again, those who violate these international laws are subject to the death penalty.
Legal proceedings are moving forward and evidence is being collected.
Whistleblowers are directed to contact the international team at www.securewhistleblower.com.
This is likely the biggest crime ever committed against the world population.
And the question is, do we still have a judicial system to exact justice?
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
That's right, folks.
They released the virus on purpose.
It was an inside job.
And they hyped up the fear, even above how deadly it was, to bring in total control.
And now it's being announced.
You won't be able to go to a concert unless you've had these deadly injections.
You won't be able to get on a plane unless you've had these deadly injections.
Bloomberg, AP, Reuters, they're all announcing it.
The Foo Fighters are announcing it.
I'd expect it from Bruce Springsteen, the globalist.
Hemorrhoid of Barack Obama.
But this is their big push, and it's all here.
And the very people that cooked up the virus and released the virus are the ones that are taking over the world, saying they're doing it to cut human carbon footprints.
That's what this is all about, ladies and gentlemen.
It's about dehumanizing us, teaching us that we're not essential.
This is the big globalist move, and you notice
Who came out last night and talked about the Great Reset.
Who came out last night and talked about Event.
201, who came out last night and talked about the Rockefeller Foundation.
Operation Lockstep.
She's covering it all now.
That's Laura Ingraham.
And we covered Lockstep 11 years ago.
I covered it.
Paul Watson wrote about it for Infowars.com.
It's not about getting credit, but we saw it.
Our listeners pointed it out, and we covered it, and said this is a globalist plan for a takeover.
Because the Rockefellers and the Carnegie Endowment run the whole show.
The former head of the Carnegie Endowment is now the CIA director.
Everything you see, drag queen story time, open borders, human smuggling, world government, forcible microchip pushing, it's all them.
It is a world without war, without men, without women, without families.
A post-human world.
And if you'll accept grotesque, obese, ugly men coming and having their way with your children, coming and having them bounce on their knees and tell them about the LGBT movement on Nickelodeon for five-year-olds, you will accept anything.
You'll accept men in the showers with your eight-year-old girls at school because the coach identifies as a woman.
You'll accept anything.
They'll accept a man with genitals, male genitals, saying, give me a pap smear, and the woman nurse says, you have a penis, and then she's fired or suspended.
That happens in the UK and the US.
They go in on purpose, get up in the stirrups, and say, give me my gynecological exam.
You're a man.
You haven't even surgically had your Johnson removed, but you're gonna basically sexually assault a nurse, and then if she doesn't go along with the cult programming of your gaslighting, when you're a freak out of a Rob Zombie movie, you know, men dressed up in crazy wigs, that's stuff out of Chainsaw Massacre.
That's the stuff out of horror.
That's the stuff out of H.P.
Lovecraft, out of Hit the Clown.
Big, giant, you know, ex-con men tearing, attacking women in shops and throwing things around because somebody called him, hey man.
Don't you call me man!
I'm ma'am!
You're gonna bow to me!
I'm gonna bully you!
I'm the new protected class of men coming in your little girl's shower.
But now there's Laura Ingraham covering it all.
That's the good news about InfoWars.
That's the good news about what we do.
What we talk about is covered now in the UN debates.
It's covered in the EU Parliament.
It's covered in Japan.
It's covered in Brazil.
It's covered in Mexico.
It's covered in Africa.
We are the trailblazers.
You are the trailblazers spreading the word and getting our links and articles out to everyone you know.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Tomorrow's News Today.
So here's Laura Ingraham
Part of what she said last night.
National leaders around the world impose airtight rules and restrictions.
From the mandatory wearing of face masks to body temp checks.
That does sound familiar.
Ten, eleven years ago.
The report went on to detail how the powers that be would never let that imaginary crisis end.
Even after the pandemic faded, this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.
Citizens willingly gave up some of their sovereignty and their privacy to more paternalistic states in exchange for greater safety and stability.
This heightened oversight took many forms.
Biometric IDs for all citizens, tighter regulations of industries whose stability was deemed vital to national interests.
Now, despite the Rockefeller Report predating this show by many years, none of what was laid out in that report should surprise any Ingram Angle viewers.
And then she went on into the permanent lockdown and how this is nothing but a giant power grab.
So I'm going to go through the Nobel Prize winner for virology, saying that what is in these vaccines will give you mad cow disease, basically, and will pass it on to your children.
And so much more.
That's next segment.
And then this incredible Mark of the Beast video where CBS workers are now affixing barcodes to their hands.
That's all coming up.
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All right, we're going to come back and just hit this horrific news.
Stay with us.
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Come on, man.
What y'all want?
Like... Wake up!
I want people to wake up right now.
I want people to listen to me and just come out of your trance.
We have got to realize that we're being conditioned on a mass scale.
White male!
So Alex Jones' whole brand is based around the idea that he's giving you the real story, not the fake news out there.
Hey, listen!
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Humanity is awakening!
This is Alex Jones.
Pirates did it.
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Alex Jones!
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Do that and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Infowar.
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious s***.
Tomorrow's News.
Joe, why has it got to be a humanoid?
Because if you make it a few percentage points another animal or another creature, it's a gray area, there's no human rights.
You have an animal rights movement, you have a human rights movement.
There's no alien movement.
Aliens are real.
They're creating human-animal hybrids that are a new creature, never here on Earth.
It's alien.
So the aliens are already here.
AI is alien.
The chimeras are alien.
Aliens are already here.
So you're saying they're making these human-animal hybrids so they, what, harvest tissue from them?
That's just level one.
What's level two?
What's level eight?
Because a lot, I'll tell you, a lot, for the best of my knowledge, a lot of people think, oh, it's human harvesting of Falun Gong or these Buddhas are really healthy.
That's big, that's going on, because they still
That's two and a half years ago, but I'm saying the exact same thing 25 years ago because it was in the medical literature.
They just don't popularize it.
And the medical community at the highest managerial levels is in on it.
Most of them are eugenicists.
They are socially engineering the population.
All right, it happened again today.
I was reading news at my house for several hours before I got here.
I was looking at all the clips, and then by the time I got on air, I was totally pissed off and just wanted to turn the desk over.
And I want to be clear why I'm externalizing that.
That's how we should all be feeling.
And I don't want to be violent, and I don't want to hurt anybody, and I don't want you to hurt anybody.
I'm just saying it's normal.
When hundreds of top prominent Nobel Prize winners, head of the EU Advisory Medical Board, former chief scientist at Pfizer, university heads, Rockefeller Hospital head, Cedars-Sinai, just everybody, I'm actually proud of the scientists and doctors,
That have said the head of the UN vaccine program came out before the whole COVID thing in December of 2019 and said vaccines don't work, they're killing people, the front line's wobbly, we don't test these, we're just told what to do by Big Pharma, we basically just guinea pig the public.
She was covering her butt though, because they know there's all this whistleblowing and these scandals, and so they did the big COVID thing to bully everybody, trying to get the public to accept it.
So they wouldn't listen to the whistleblowers that were already going public 18, 19 months ago.
See how that works?
They created a bigger scandal, a bigger crisis to divert from the previous crisis.
They changed the people's attention from one story to a bigger story.
And then the scary part of that formula is how do they divert from this giant catastrophe that dwarfs even the autism of hundreds of millions of boys brain damaged from the poison vaccines?
If billions are taking these shots, and every expert looks at it and says this is going to cause neurological disorders, heart attacks, blood clots, before it happened!
Wolfgang Wudarg filed an emergency report in December of last year with Dr. Yidan to the EU.
I read the report on air, issued an emergency on it.
And they said, we expect blood clots, we expect strokes, we expect uteruses to disintegrate, we expect tumors to pop up everywhere, we expect proteins to start growing in the brain and causing Alzheimer's in young people.
And baby, it all started day one.
And the British military was the advisory group.
They said, we recommend these vaccines stop.
They go, no, we're going to have the National Civilian Board recommend nobody above 75, nobody under 16, and nobody pregnant.
And that was put out as, we don't recommend you take this, but that was just a notice.
Then, oh, take it, it's safe, everybody should take it, kids should take it.
So they warned you you shouldn't take it, but then gave you the authorization to take it, and then had media bully you and lie and say it was safe, you should take it.
So see, it's like if you're buying a car, and there's like a 20-page contract that goes, yeah, just sign here, it's all there.
There's some fine print, you might want to read it, but there's nothing in there for you to see.
You read the fine print, it's a big rip-off.
I mean, it's all right there.
This is incredible.
And I could sit back all day and ask, okay, what are they about to do before all this goes down?
And as this unfolds, well, that means a big war, cyber attacks, shutdowns of society, another bio attack.
Why are they mainly targeting Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK, Canada, and the US with the really deadly vaccines?
It's a big deal.
It's a very, very, very big deal.
And now they've got Fauci, and this is the really important point, and I know you guys gave it to me, but it got lost in my stacks.
We reprinted it for me.
That CNN article I sent you this morning, Scott, where it's like, oh, there's two tracks of COVID.
The West took your shots.
It's basically over here.
There's no more deaths because they just set the PCR test at 28 cycles, so it's all false negative.
Set the false positive at 40.
Basically, everybody's false positive.
But the third world's still terrible.
They've got to stay locked down.
The lockdown's what starves them.
And they've all got to take special shots.
So, special shots that have been made, I told you this would happen, have been prepared by the EU and by the US.
Through the UN, special lots that actually say on them, this has been in the news, not for use in the West, not authorized, because this is very special for the black people, and very special for the Latin Americans, and very special for other areas they're bombarding with this.
When I say very special, I mean very special.
And they've caught them, of course, before doing this.
This is deadly, deadly, deadly, deadly dangerous and it's depopulation that's taking place.
We're going to be covering all of that here today.
Judge Joe Brown is coming in again.
Knocked it out of the park on the War Room on American Journal at 8 a.m.
He was on and just I invited him back today.
The guy just is amazing.
He said, sure, he'll do it.
He doesn't just talk to talk to.
He was he he says a lot.
It's really smart guy.
And I'm really impressed because I have I have a lot of knowledge and
I was sitting there talking to him last night, for like three hours almost, and he was correcting me and stuff, because I know a lot.
He's like, no, that's not that German general, it was the Prussian General von Klywitz.
And I was like, you're right, I got the name wrong.
I mean, he just, at 73, I hope I'm like that when I'm 73, because he's got some real gravitas.
And I think it kind of gets cartoonized by, you know, the TV judge, but he's a real judge, and very, very impressive.
So, that's some of the things we're going to be covering.
I'm going to really put my thinking cap on.
We're going to go on a break.
We're going to come back and just blitz through all the news.
The video of the Nobel Laureate saying don't take the vaccine.
It'll give you Alzheimer's.
It'll grow prions in your brain.
Peter Daszak, the right-hand man.
Fauci coming out admitting that they were working with the Chinese.
Communist colleagues with killer coronaviruses, something they previously lied about, and then now the two-tiered system where if you're not, quote, vaccinated, you can't go to the grocery store or to a football game or a rock concert.
All right, we got Judge Joe Brown coming up, then we got Larry Pinckney in the third hour, and so much more today.
I am also
Going to be introducing and covering some news, co-hosting some with Gerald Cilente, the Great Trends Forecaster, in the fourth hour.
But I just want to pull back here for a moment, because I have to again remind myself to not just don't be angry, but to also be calm, because sometimes it's best to cover things of this magnitude,
From a calm, focused, cerebral place, and then to make the cerebral decision that you're then gonna take action against the corruption with real purpose, and then you can use your passion and your anger as the propulsion system and your love of your fellow humans and your family, but once it's been scientifically directed.
Once you've made the cold calculation to then set your will against something.
That's how you really change history.
That's how you win.
Not just kind of halfway know what's going on and be angry and then get emotional and then be like Frankenstein going through the countryside scaring people.
Believe me, because that's kind of what I'm like.
I'm only preaching at you because I'm the worst about this.
But at least I'm pissed.
At least I'm taking action.
But the times I've really been successful is when I have that moment where I've done all this research and I just sit there at my coffee table or, you know, lay there in bed middle of the night or whatever it is you're going to do and just make that decision and know it's the right thing to do and to know you're going to take action and to know you're on that path to victory.
It's about making commitments and following through on those commitments.
That's what makes the world go round.
And you know, the globalists said they want to set up world government, depopulate us through tainted vaccines, through genetic engineering, and they're doing it.
And so you just got to ask yourself, do you want to deny what's now even on Fox News about the world government takeover and the Rockefeller Foundation and Operation Lockstep and the plan to do all this?
I mean, they're admitting they're doing it to you.
It's in the fine print.
And hell, now it's not the fine print, it's on the front page.
Quite literally.
The Senate legalized animal-human clones 15 days ago.
Wouldn't pass a law against it.
And said, that's it, you can do whatever you want now.
Because they've been doing whatever they want.
It's the Wild Wild West.
It's like Big Tech censors everybody and surveils everybody and does whatever the hell they want and helps foreign regimes crack down on their own people and then lectures us all day about how white people are bad, America's bad.
That's just a rearguard action they're using.
So we don't get focused on what Tim Cook and Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai and their controllers are doing.
So let's get to it right now.
Nobel Laureate Luke Montaganer
Warren's COVID vaccine may lead to neurological illness.
Of course, he agrees with all the other top scientists.
You don't really think about that.
The actual scientists that knew this and tested it said you're going with something known for two decades if you try to create a
Vaccine for basically any cold virus.
The only way you can do it is to attack the shell and not the RNA, but the spike protein itself.
And if you do that again, you make the body shut down or get hypersensitive and it'll the main area they predicted would be cardiovascular.
So this is the Nobel Prize winning, top virologist in the world, hands down, for about six months saying, don't take the vaccine, and for over a year saying it was made in a lab.
But when I would try to cover that, and people would post stuff from my show saying that, when I would have doctors on, Twitter and Facebook would ban it, saying it's not accepted by the UN.
Think about that.
All these top scientists are silenced.
Think about the criminal culpability for the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that have been carried out.
Here's another one by him.
Nobel Prize winner, French virologist, Luc Montagnier, explains how COVID-19 vaccines are creating variants and actually killing the people that take the shots.
Nobel Prize winner, mass COVID vaccination, an unacceptable mistake.
It's not a mistake though, bro.
You're doing it on purpose, but see, it goes on.
So here he is in one of the latest interviews, I'll read the subtitles best I can, explaining
This is going to grow the proteins in your tissues.
So when it grows in your heart, you have a heart attack.
Grows in your lungs, your lungs bleed out.
Grows in your brain, you have a bleed out.
And that's if it really starts growing.
If not, you just fog out and your neurons don't work anymore and that's Alzheimer's main cause is
Is different types of prions growing.
Mad cows just where you die in a week because they grow so fast.
That particular crystal that was in those sheep and cows, because they were feeding them meat, you're not supposed to, it was going through their blood-brain barrier and then getting into their tissues and growing.
And when you would eat the meat, it would get through your gut, especially if you were old, that leaky gut, and get into your brain and grow.
It's just crystals, like crystals grow in a cave or crystals grow underground or crystals can grow in your kidneys.
It's crystals growing in your ass.
So here he is, joining all the other scientists, saying this is going to happen.
You don't think Bill Gates and the UN and Fauci didn't know this?
Fauci did studies at UT on rats with these same vaccines under other names eight years ago, and it killed almost all of them!
Growing crystals in them!
Growing protein crystals!
Here it is.
You can see side effects that affect the future generations as well.
In our generation, in 5 or 10 years, that's absolutely possible.
Notably something we call neurodegenerative illnesses.
These are sequences that resemble the prion sequence in the RNA of the coronavirus.
Modifying them to make prions.
So you're gonna get to go to the Foo Fighters and go to Bruce Springsteen and down the road get in the grocery store, but you're gonna literally, I mean everybody I know that's taken it, people that are friends of mine that wouldn't listen, lawyers I know, you name it, look like they're 15, 20 years older and there's just, you can see it, like somebody hit them with a baseball bat.
And you talk to people that are at nursing homes,
That work there, the work of this building's family do.
They say, oh yeah, everybody's up and at them, you know them, you're friends with these folks, they play dominoes, they play cards, they watch TV, you're friends with them.
They said like, everybody gets the shot, no one gets out of bed for a week, three or four patients die, and then it just gets worse from there!
They're killing everybody!
And Bill Gates said he wanted to kill the old people!
So they really did it, folks.
And they even war game out in Operation Lockstep, and then of course in Event 201, and Crimson Contagion is the big one.
How, within a year of people being vaccinated, neurological disorders explode, collapsing civilization.
You're like, oh yeah, this is meant to collapse things when we're taking care of
A third of the U.S.
population or more that will probably be neurologically gone in a year or two, five years.
You heard it, you know, because if it kills rats in six months, he's thinking, eh, five, ten years for humans.
That's, you know, it's all dead reckoning.
But in five, ten years, oh my God, and by then, these idiot guinea pigs would have taken 20 shots apiece.
So, this is their move, and they're getting people to sign on for their own destruction.
We have a responsibility to warn people.
Now, I want to thank you all for your support.
I've been plugging a lot because we were in the red for the first five months, started to get back in the black, and as soon as the sales end, you know, nobody's supporting us.
And I'm not complaining, just you need to keep us on air, obviously.
So we've innovated, we've gotten some new great sponsors that are amazing, that I'm so proud of.
One of them...
Is BioPros, TheBioPros.com, and you get one pack, you can get the next pack for a discount.
It's a different type of way for your septic tank.
It uses naturally developed, especially bred, non-GMO bacteria that are totally safe that go in there, and it's up to 100 times better than traditional septic tank systems that use enzymes.
So, it is TheBioPros.com, one word, TheBio, T-H-E-B-I-O-Pros.com, TheBioPros.com.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Thank you all for your support.
We'll be right back with our number two.
There is no mechanism for Trump to get reinstated.
That is delusional.
If Trump really believes he will be back in the White House this August, he should get help.
You are not well, sir.
You need to get over this.
But perhaps what we are witnessing these days is more of a slow-motion coup.
This brings us to a nightmare scenario.
A Republican-controlled Congress overturning the 2024 presidential election results to install Trump or a Trump mini-me in the White House.
Max, it's going to keep a lot of people up tonight.
What will it mean for our democracy if your nightmare scenario becomes a reality?
Well, I don't want to be overly alarmist, but I think we should be alarmed, because potentially this could be the end of American democracy.
I never thought I'd be saying something like that.
It would have sounded incredible even a year ago.
We will take control of the White House again sooner than you think, meaning, obviously, as evidence mounts that there was proven election fraud, and as evidence mounts that Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent.
Look, my son did nothing wrong.
I did nothing wrong.
And as evidence mounts that Fauci, working with Obama and others, launched COVID-19 to try to bring down the U.S.
and embarrass President Trump and bring on the Great Reset, that they're going to be removed.
If I'm being fair, am I building you up to be thicker skinned about this than you are?
Are you actually worried about this new sort of re-upping of attacks on you?
What is the thread going through what's happening now is very much an anti-science approach.
So that's a big, big difference.
I mean, it is what it is.
I'm a public figure.
I'm going to take the arrows and the slings.
But they're just they're fabricated.
And that's just what it is, but we'll just have to do our jobs, Rachel.
My job was to make a vaccine and use my institute and these talented scientists that we have there, and that we fund in the various universities, to get a vaccine that was highly safe and highly effective, and we succeeded.
That's what I do.
All the other stuff is just a terrible, not happy type of a distraction.
So this is an incredible statement by Trump, and you add that in to China hit us with this virus and a lot of the president's surrogates.
He is the real president.
That's just a fact.
Are now coming out and saying it was obviously released on purpose, and this was all done by design, and mainstream news now saying, we bet the deep state launches a cyber attack, we bet the deep state's behind the cyber attacks.
Let's start with these cyber attacks.
Eight attacks every day in the United States right now.
They're targeting food, they're targeting gas, they're targeting television, our water supply.
Does the government have to do more to force businesses to protect themselves and their customers?
So I think the first thing we have to recognize is this is the reality and we should assume and businesses should assume that these attacks are here to stay and if anything will intensify.
I mean they're really making their move in their transhumanist revolution to play God.
But first let's get to the big clip.
Here's Trump cryptically.
We're going to take back the Senate, take back the House.
We're going to take back the White House.
And sooner than you think, it's going to be really something special.
But the love and the affection and the respect that you've given all of us, it's really important.
The Republican Party is stronger than it's ever been, and it's going to be a lot stronger than it is right now.
We're going to turn it around.
We're going to turn it around fast.
Thank you all very much.
That support has been so incredible.
Thank you.
That is a declaration of war against the deep state that has said, they've said it publicly, if he continues to run the Republican Party and goes around the country getting other good members of the House and Senate and gubernatorial positions and legislative positions and corporate positions, pushing people to those positions, that they're going to indict his son, him, Giuliani, the
I guess he didn't have a dog, but the dog, if he had one, they'll indict him sandwich that they're going to go after Trump with those indictments if he doesn't back down.
Well, he's not backing down.
Strap yourselves in.
Last hour, my friends, we played a new TV interview in France with the Nobel Prize winner for virology, recognized as the top living virologist in the world.
Luke Montaner saying this is going to grow prions in your brain and give you Alzheimer's.
And it'll probably pass it on to future generations.
Well, that's what all the other top scientists are saying as well.
That's what's so incredible is I cannot believe we're on air and I have hundreds of articles, 30, 40 video clips, special guests coming in, everything.
I'm not just repeating this news because I don't have news.
How do I say anything else?
And then Fauci and Gates funded gain-of-function and created it and lied to Congress and have now been caught!
And now we've got congressional testimony.
Fauci's director of the Wuhan lab gain-of-function operation, Dr. Daszak, admits Chinese colleagues developing killer coronaviruses.
So now, first, oh, that's not going on, we're not involved.
Now, okay, maybe some of it's involved.
It happened, but we're not involved.
I have him on video in 2019, right as they were releasing it, saying we've combined five viruses from the bats with the coronavirus, all of it, to create a vaccine so that all five of these new viruses can be protected with one shot.
There's the motive.
There's the takeover.
Have the lockdown.
Bring in the World ID.
Bring in the medical tyranny.
Get the control in place.
And that's all in Operation
Lockstep from 11 years ago, the Rockefeller Foundation.
I mean, it's all here.
And listen, why is Crimson Contagion so important?
General Flynn looked at it.
It's a war game from 2023, 2025, really set in 2023, back to 2020.
And it's the same scripts, and the same names, and the same tweets, they war-gamed
Two years before COVID, and then a year before COVID, right there in live time, so they had a blueprint of what to tweet and what to say when they actually did it.
They did a rehearsal.
Here's the analogy.
It'd be like if neighbors out in the woods were cutting some firewood on the edge of their property, and they saw a neighbor burying what looked like bodies.
In the backyard.
They call the police, the police get a warrant, they go out there, they dig up the bodies.
But all they've got is the neighbor saying, I saw my neighbor Bob Johnson, or whatever his name is, burying the bodies.
Turns out it's his wife and kids.
This is a hypothetical story.
But you see these stories all the time.
Well, Bob won't admit to doing it.
But the police find his diary, in his handwriting, why he was thinking about killing him, and then why he did it.
You would have the smoking gun.
But it's bigger than that.
These intelligence agencies are compartmentalized.
They're not all involved in this.
And the corporations are transferring power from the intelligence agencies to themselves, but they know they're still being watched, and they know they may be caught.
And so it's not just a manual on how to run the operation, like a playbook or a script for a movie or a
Foreign intelligence agencies and U.S.
intelligence agencies, current people, to listen to me.
I'm just now getting the FBI to listen, people that aren't on the bad guy side.
I'm just now getting Congress to listen.
I'm just now getting Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and all of them to listen.
And this is no secret.
I don't say this to brag.
You should know why they want us off the air.
We have been extremely effective at putting together the information, putting out the special reports that I and McBreen and Reese and everybody puts out.
The whole crew here.
Don Salazar, Kit Daniels.
I'm not mentioning people.
It's not because they're not awesome.
I would take an hour to mention them all.
Harrison Smith, the list goes on and on.
And these reports are so powerful.
That they are the blueprint.
So, more and more I'm telling you why we're successful, so that you realize why your word of mouth is key, is king, is everything.
I mean, you understand.
If you don't spread the word, they win.
So I've got all these clips and all this evidence and all this proof, even more coming out right now, but if you don't care, and look, I know you do, but if you don't get that this is not a regular radio show where I'm just trying to entertain you and make you tune in every day and make you feel good, you got the wrong show.
I want to save humanity.
This is a mission.
I've known about this for a long time.
I didn't realize, in fact, when I was growing up,
That, you know, some of the people I knew when I was around were right in the middle of it.
And here we are, ladies and gentlemen, and I don't want to be part of this.
And a lot of scientists, and a lot of doctors, and a lot of nurses, and a lot of politicians, and a lot of media people don't want to be part of it either.
And I have been very surprised and pleased by all the big Nobel Prize winners, all the prestigious scientists.
I mean, all of the chief scientists
At these major companies have come out and said, this is insane, this is dangerous, don't do it.
So many of them, I can't even keep track of them.
Major Indian Institute looked at the virus, said it was man-made, they've been proven right.
Turns out Bill Gates threatened to pull funding from the entire country if they didn't remove the report.
Well, now you see it's out there.
So again, if they were invincible, they wouldn't be spending hundreds of billions of dollars a year of your money, taxpayer money, through their foundations they get because they're tax-exempt.
See, they have big companies that are tax-exempt.
All the money comes in tax-free, that's your taxpayer money, and then it goes out to carry this out because their one mission, their one directive is to destroy the genetic matrix of humans and complete their takeover.
Because once they've shattered the human genetics, once they put a virus into our genes to make us grow generationally, cry on crystals in our bodies, to disease us and curse us and kill us, once they've done this mutation,
They believe they will so break the back of humanity that we'll have to go to genetic engineers to be able to create new humanoid clones to even claim we have procreation.
Within just a few more decades, no one will be able to have children.
That's all official numbers if you follow the graph.
Fertility of women going straight down.
Fertility of men going straight down.
And so this is the artificiality, I'll say it again.
They don't just want to have the carrots and the beets and the tomatoes and the potatoes and the soybeans and the corn and the wheat be GMO and not be able to reproduce.
You got to go to them to get a special seed that even grows.
Because see, life, God gave us something that just keeps going and renews itself.
It's perpetual motion machine is life.
They cut that off and say, you gotta come to us.
And so they're introducing the clean break.
That's what Schwab calls it, a cut.
He said, they will try to escape the Great Reset.
But we have created a deep cut.
And now into that cut, the new system arrives, like a river can cut through and create the Grand Canyon.
He's saying, we've cut you.
And if you don't submit to us, you have no business, you have no future.
You must surrender to us, and then everything will be okay for you, but you will have no children.
And that's why none of the top globalists have children now.
The managerial class, the McCrons and the Merkles and all them.
The top globalists have a bunch of kids.
The Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Gateses, the Ted Turners, the Saudi Kings, the British, the Chinese leadership.
They've all got five, six kids.
But for everybody else, you can work with them?
And literally, if you start having children, they go, okay, that's it, you're not in the club.
Because metaphysically, when you have children, it's like putting chips in.
And they see that as new soldiers.
That's why they have articles going, women don't have children.
It's evil.
They're bad.
Children are evil.
Women, you're bad.
You're dirty.
Why are we listening to this satanic cult?
I'm all in.
Well, here's the deal.
See, I put chips on the table.
I'm betting on humanity with my four children.
I believe in the future.
You understand?
I'm all in.
And we have the strength of the universe and our ancient species that God flows through, and we will destroy the New World Order, and Satan will be bound and destroyed.
Crashing the lies and disinformation.
Waging war on corruption.
It's InfoWars.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Very honored to be here.
Very thankful to you, the viewers and listeners, and this great crew.
And this man, who I count as a friend of mine now.
We had a great almost three-hour dinner.
Last night, with Judge Joe Brown, who I already knew who he was, I'd watched his TV show, I knew he'd done a lot of big trials.
But then, I got home last night at like 11, and my phone's blowing up going, you didn't know he did the famous Martin Luther King murder trial.
You didn't know he did the Big Diamond.
I mean, I knew he was a big judge, but I guess that's how he got the big TV show.
And so, talk about interesting.
Man, his deep sea diving, orca whales, killing dolphins, the stuff he's seen, is just incredible.
And so, Larry Pinckney's on next hour.
He's going to ride shotgun with us, with Larry Pinckney.
This guy actually knew a lot of the founding members of the Black Panther Party, not the new Black Panther Party.
And so that should be an interesting interview with the two of these gentlemen on together next hour.
Judge, there's so much to cover.
I've got some legal questions for you concerning the FBI saying they want to arrest members of Congress for their words criticizing the election, questioning it.
Figzioli, if that's how you say his name, has gone on MSNBC and called for arresting people that challenged the election results.
Sounds very draconian, anti-free speech.
We're going to play that clip coming up in the last segment of this hour, but thank you for being here again.
All right, sir.
By the way, you're one of those guys that's good to hang out with and kick it with and drink some beer with.
Though we had a great few bottles of wine, we didn't have any beer.
But I'll make believe.
Yes, sir.
I had a good night, though.
You're fun.
You are, too.
And you've got a lovely and charming wife.
And you really have a good household because she likes listening to you.
Well, she really enjoyed your stories.
They're amazing.
Well, I'm talking about listening to you.
She likes listening to you.
My ex-wives used to tell me to shut up.
They didn't want to hear anything you had to say.
Well, if somebody's boring, I tell them to shut up.
But if they've got something to say, it's interesting.
All right.
This thing with the FBI here, this is just absolutely disgraceful because to even say that demands that that individual be removed because there is an absolute prohibition on any consequence to anything that a U.S.
Senator or member of the House of Representatives says on the House or Senate floor or to and from a session.
Or during the course of representation.
And to question that election if you're such a damn fool charlatan that you would say that someone should be arrested.
For questioning something that a whole lot of the citizens of this country question, then you need to be put in an H.G.
Wells time machine and taken back to 1933 because the German National Socialist Workers Party, aka Nazis, would love to have you.
I'm going to play the clip cut up last segment of this hour because it's hard to believe, but this is what Psaki, the press secretary, is saying.
It's what the FBI director is saying.
This is really getting creepy, but shifting gears back to... Well, how about, you know, if you want to be equally stupid, how about talking about Maxine Waters for her actually urging people to break the public peace and commit criminal activity to spit on people
That supported the opposition to break the windows of cars out that had the bumper stickers of the opposition on.
That sounds like something that is never to be tolerated in the United States of America.
Well she said actually go out and they called it mostly peaceful when people burned down two billion dollars worth of property.
That's awful.
You burn down black businesses protesting some black person getting shot down by police.
That is really, really suspect.
We could go off into that.
And then they shot the off-duty black police officer that was guarding a business, remember?
Yeah, look at that right there.
That is not on the floor of Congress.
It's not even in her jurisdiction.
And that is advocating breach of the public peace, but that's alright.
So you know you've got fascists functioning when they say things are horrible if one party says it and okay if the other.
Or it's not even a party, it's just probably
The majority of this country.
But I like James Brown.
I like James Brown.
The other thing too...
Look at it this way, they've got an 1877 Act that is loosely titled the Confidence in Elections Act, and that should have been evoked.
It's still good law, and what it's about is when there's something that causes the integrity of a federal election to be questioned, there is provision for a 15-man committee to be formed.
Five from the House, five from the Senate, and five from the U.S.
Supreme Court, and they are instructed
Following that act, to go out and do an independent audit of what happened and report back in no less than ten days.
In other words, take at least that much time to count.
But nobody advised Trump to call for that.
Well, actually it was being called for.
And interestingly enough, when that break-in occurred on January 6th, they were just about to bring that up.
They were, yeah.
Here you go loop-de-loop.
What's wrong with evoking an act?
What do you think the act is for if there are not questions about its validity?
Why is there a law if you're not allowed to ask questions?
Yes, and then you come up and you say you blaspheme against the Constitution of the United States of America that you supposedly take an oath to uphold in your office as an FBI agent and talk about you want to arrest members of Congress for
Well, since we're going there now, we'll get to it next segment, but it's really crazy.
And he's not the only one.
They're all over the place saying that, you know, we've got to basically use the CIA and counterterrorism against anyone that incites people to question the election.
So he's really calling for martial law.
We'll play the clip next segment.
And by the way, that's why we have the Second Amendment.
That right there.
Why do you think they are so spoiling for a physical fight?
They aren't.
They just hope they can use the technicalities to keep them from manning up and having the answer for what they have been claiming so falsely.
They've got Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, mainstream media, and now the FBI getting on board this.
I mean, when are Americans to be penalized for asking questions?
It's definitely dangerous.
What do you make of huge development?
Three different states tour the Arizona audit floor.
More expected every day.
And reportedly, when they say this audit comes out soon, it's overwhelming that it was stolen from Trump.
Look at what happened in Florida in 2000.
It went the other way.
So, I mean, it's probably the second or third most discussed issue in American politics.
Electoral corruption.
I mean, that's the grist of American politics for 240 years.
So all of a sudden now, 2021, because Associated Press attested everything was fair, they became an official governmental entity.
To assuage the worries of the American public?
What's going on here?
I don't get it.
But I do get it.
It's called Zeke Isle.
You're absolutely right.
They're going to probably freeze-frame that and say, Judge Joe Brown's a Nazi, that's Hitler's salute!
Yeah, that's what I'm saluting our current administration.
Yeah, exactly.
We'll be right back.
For God's sake.
All right.
Infowars, because there's a war on for your mind.
Well, Frank Figliosi is Assistant Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for Counterterrorism.
That's right.
Isn't that just amazing?
And he goes on MSNBC and says what Biden said, and said what Psaki said, and what they're all, and what Nunes, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee said two months ago.
He said, we're in these meetings and they say we're preparing for a white supremacist uprising.
And they go, what's a white supremacist?
They go, anybody that supports Trump or questions the election.
Then they add the Daily Show with Trevor Noah last night.
I saw this this morning.
30-minute attack on Ted Cruz and myself, and then it cut to KKK rallies and said, these are their supporters, this is defamation designed to get us killed.
As if Ted Cruz or I have anything to do with the stupid-ass Democrat KKK.
This is incredible.
And so they're branding any opposition to election fraud, any opposition to the open borders, any opposition to globalism, as insurrection, and here he is,
On MSNBC, very aggressively saying we need to go after the members of Congress when it's the Democrats that have been inciting violence.
Here it is.
Look, Chris Wray testified publicly on the Hill that what happened on January 6th is domestic terrorism.
What have we learned from our experience with international terrorism?
In order to address that problem, arresting low-level operatives is merely a speed bump, not a roadblock.
In order to really tackle terrorism, and this time domestically, you've got to attack and dismantle
Yeah, but the right to get out.
Judge, you were shaking your head during that.
He just said we need to disrupt and stop networks run by congressmen of terrorism.
I mean, this is a coup talk.
They're saying we want a coup.
This is a coup against America.
I mean, I'm not a legal scholar like you, but what the hell did we just see?
This is somewhat unique.
You are actually looking at something that looks very much like a repeat of 1933-1934 in Germany.
Oktober Deutschland, ja?
And it is bad.
Now that salute I gave wasn't supporting the contention.
But it is sarcasm, was sarcasm, directed towards somebody that's actually acting like they're fascist.
You are saluting their fascism as satire, yes?
That's exactly it.
It's disgusting to hear some damn fool that went to an American law school that's a member of somebody's bar that does not have any more savvy as to what he just said.
Where you are going to what?
Criminally charge people for freely speaking their minds?
That is worse than McCarty back in the 1950s going around red baiting.
That is disgusting.
That person is not fit, and as soon, as soon as anybody takes control, wrests control of the House and the Senate from the Democratic Party, which I suspect will happen in the midterms, they need to demand this fool's immediate firing.
And anybody in line that is supporting this all the way up to the Attorney General needs to be impeached and removed from office for supporting this travesty against the American way.
It's not just Klansmen or white supremacists.
There are a whole lot of black folk, Native American, Asians, Hispanic Americans out there who do not like that.
So, what are the devil about us?
You lumping us into this group?
And I dare some fool question my black credentials.
I mean, I've been on the front lines for years.
Well, you don't agree with Biden that if you don't vote for him, you're not black?
He's a damn fool.
Oh, hell no.
So, I mean, just to make a statement like that, you've got to be a jerk.
And that's just consistent with his entire public career over the last half century.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
Obama came out and said Americans need to be guilty for being white.
But then he's buddies with Joe Biden, Mr. KKK.
Uh, and cousins to George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush and to Dick Cheney.
So, wowie whoopee.
It's crazy how those guys are related.
Well, yeah.
I got a little on that.
Hold on.
Let me look this up so I get it actually right on my phone.
Since we're talking about that, there's a very interesting gentleman who I guess did real good work back when
Let's see, his name is Samuel Hinckley.
He was a French Huguenot Protestant, and he entered into an indentured servitude agreement to get to the American colonies, so he could escape religious persecution.
He died in 1662 in Cape Cod.
However, he's had seven American presidents who are direct descendants of his, including both Bushes,
And Barack Obama through his, well, Obama's mother.
The late Mrs. Sotoro, and also one American Vice President, Dick Cheney, Brad Pitt the actor, Warren Buffett the billionaire, and a whole lot of other rich folks, so I guess he was doing it back before he croaked in 1662.
He had some mojo.
Yeah, he did.
I don't know too many people that are ancestors to seven American presidents in one VP.
I guess that's good.
I sure would like to find that out.
I sired somebody that did that in the future.
He was definitely busy.
I mean, you can hold your head up.
Well, yeah, he's dead, but you know, wherever he may be.
Now, that said, this is disgusting.
I have no words that can adequately express what I think about that.
All of these people who over the last 240 years of all races and ethnicities who've gone out and sacrificed for the cause of the United States Constitution and the dream this country stands for
That ranges from our military personnel who made the sacrifice that we celebrated on Memorial Day.
That's the people like Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, anybody who went out trying to actualize the promise of this place.
That's all of the civil rights demonstrators and everybody else and this fool blasphemed against them because he just slapped what they died for, bled for, got mutilated behind, and stood up for
And tried to turn it into something that Adolf Hitler would be proud of.
He said people questioning the election are inciting violence.
We need to use anti-terrorism to take them out.
I mean, this is what he said.
That's what we need to be careful of.
This current regime is going about the business of putting nice fancy labels on stuff.
Well, that's what you said during the break.
You said they're attempting a takeover if they're not successful.
And then the music started, we went live.
Can you repeat what you were saying?
I'm going to get that.
They put these fancy labels on things that look like they have a good cause.
But when you read the body of them, they're setting up a Nazi-like, fascist-like state where people's rights under the Bill of Rights are just totally abrogated.
Now, back to this.
What this kind does not seem to get is that when you do something like they're doing in America, it becomes a two-edged sword.
It swings this way, and it can go back the other way.
And although you are, oh, we have to protect these fools from the error of their own ways, and we have to make everything comfy for all of the rest of the people that don't have what it takes to do what these real citizens do,
Well, it can swing back the other way.
And it's not pretty.
And by the way, this kind of stuff is what the Founding Fathers thought about when they propounded the Second Amendment.
Oh yeah, he says he's coming for your views to lock you up.
Yeah, First Amendment going out the window the way these guys are going.
I've never in the 50 years I've been involved in law, 50 more, 50 plus actually.
Hold on, we've got to go to break.
Come back with us when we come back.
All right, Judge Joe Brown, we got caught up in that break.
You know, they're hard satellite breaks, gotta go to them live.
But you can review what you said last night, what you were saying to me during the breaks about this incredible crossroads we're at and what this deep state corruption is trying to do with this attack on free speech and this call for the CIA, the FBI to be used against the American people.
477 people that weren't even violent, most of them held in solitary confinement.
I mean, even foreign governments, even Elizabeth Warren is saying this is wrong.
And now to have this counterterrorism FBI operative on TV and the FBI director testifying, the number one threat is white supremacist, and then defining that as questioning the election or supporting President Trump.
I mean, this is extremely dangerous.
No one I know is buying into it, but they just keep pushing it.
So you were saying in all your years,
I've never heard anybody involved with national law enforcement advocate breaking of the law.
First off,
He's advocating that the government engage in violation of citizens' civil rights.
Next thing, he is attempting to bring the CIN, which, as per its federal charter, is forbidden
Activity inside the United States against citizens only abroad.
So he is advocating in at least two instances that the law be broken.
He ought to be removed because that, in fact, shows unfitness for office.
This looks like, honestly, the ultimate episode in the franchise Revenge of the Nerds.
It's some people who cannot deal with the reality of doing something straight up like men and women do.
They have to sneak and creep in the dark alleys and sneak up in the dark and try to stab this country in the back with this kind of thing.
And the way the media is playing it is though this is a normalcy and not a transgression on what this country is supposed to be about.
Now it has its shortcomings, no doubt, but I mean we're working on it and it's not good for somebody in this kind of position
To jump out there and start talking about violating the law to do what?
To make somebody safe from the accusation that, okay, the election looks like, smells like, sounds like it was stolen.
Maybe it wasn't.
But don't you think that a government that had confidence in its own people would do something about reassuring them that this election was not stolen and evoke the 1877 Act, the Confidence in Elections Act, and go out and do what that Act says is supposed to be done, which is to put up a 15-member committee
A commission composed of five congressmen, five senators... Which they were, as you said, going to vote on that day when we got set up on January 6th.
So, in the law... What is this?
In the law, Judge Brown, when he says, we have right-wing extremists, they're dangerous, we need to use counter-terrorism against them, and we have laws against any American that does something wrong, as a group we need to target their leadership.
Arresting the people that protested is just a speed hump to getting
To the leadership that is the Congress.
So this is a bureaucrat saying, I want to organize and remove elected people.
So he's at war with the people, he calls a speed bump, and then the representative he's saying is their main target.
This is an outrageous announcement of criminal coup intent.
Am I wrong, your honor, and how do you quantify it?
You're not wrong, and as a matter of fact, it sounds like a couple of plagiarized speeches I'm aware of that were made in Nazi Germany in 1933 and 1934 to justify depriving the Germans of their constitutional rights in the name of safety.
That was after the burning of the German parliament building.
They call it the Reichstag.
And that occurred and gave them justification to have these draconian crackdowns, and what you're talking about is imposing national martial law.
And that's just not done.
Wow, that just hit me like a ton of bricks, Judge.
This is Reichstag 2.0, but we know with Marinus van der Lubbe and the Nazis, the evidence has really set the fire, found a mentally ill young man to blame who they executed, Marinus van der Lubbe, and then Hitler used that to basically declare martial law and the rest is history.
What was used to lock up Slavs, Jews, anybody that Hitler deemed untermenschen, or anything else, to slaughter Soviet citizens, to slaughter those in the Ukraine, Poland, what is now the Czech Republic, you name it.
By the way, guys, you found some great, best Reichstag footage I've ever seen.
I've never seen HD of it.
Roll that you guys were showing.
Keep going, Judge.
But, you know, this just is not American.
And you want to blame the right wing, and you're listening to the left side utter, out of their own mouths, worse.
Well, exactly.
If I heard Trump say, I'm going to arrest members of Congress for their speech, I'd be against Trump.
I mean, on a scale of 1 to 10, on a tyranny scale, Judge, when you're saying we want to just nebulously grab members of Congress and use anti-terrorism on them, meaning get rid of due process, that just sounds like a coup to me.
Yeah, and this administration, the Biden administration, ought to be right now preparing a long speech to denounce this and reassure the public that he and she are not going to in any way, any form, any shape, countenance such blasphemy against the American Republic being part of their administration.
So, if they don't,
Look out, because you see what time it is.
And what time is it?
We are on the verge of a lot of things happening and a takeover occurring.
I've seen something like this, but never to this extent.
I saw it
When I was in junior high school and they were having this red baiting thing about communists being everywhere and behind everything and when you had a federal form it was a job employment application for a department store.
I remember when I was 15 and filled the first one out.
It was a long page on, you do not belong to this organization, you have not affiliated knowingly with anyone who is in these organizations.
It was a litmus test!
Yes, and they had a long series.
But that wasn't as bad as this, at least you could say we were in a military confrontation with somebody.
But it was still un-American and dangerous.
But this is happening though.
Eisenhower denounced McCarty, and interestingly enough, Prescott Bush, the Bush's father, joined in that denunciation of that kind of thing as un-American.
So that happened 60-some years ago, 65 years ago.
Why are we revisiting that?
Well, I mean, it's not just this FBI guy.
I see Biden's actually said similar things, and they are really trying to gear up to come after everybody.
I guess they want to start a fight, but I agree with you, they don't really want that fight.
What is all this?
Just an attempt at bullying?
Nah, it's...
It's what has been staged by 50 years worth of propaganda coming out of the mainstream media.
And slowly but surely, the Nazis didn't have but 15, 20 years to do what they did before they were smack into World War II.
But we've had 50 years of propagandizing the American public to denounce masculinity, to denounce femininity, to abandon manhood, womanhood, and childhood, to advocate that something's wrong with anybody that wants decency, decorum, and respect.
To denounce anyone who does not deal with the classical family situation, does not deal with rationality, logic, reason, analysis, and dispassionate overview of things, and say, we have to be an emotionally driven madhouse.
And it looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum.
And you have the judges, the doctors, the lawyers, the elected officials being inmates, and everybody is being forced to live in an asylum.
But that's not what this place is about.
That is not appropriate.
This is...
This is an issue that's more important than the ethnic problems this country has, the race problems this country has, anything else, the economic problems this country has.
And when you start seeing people putting in place the implements of a coup,
Then we ought to be all unified in saying hell no.
I totally agree, Judge.
And you see those headlines, mainstream, get rid of nuclear family, pull the plug, it's bad.
Hell no.
That is the human system.
What group would say get rid of a family, a cult, a cult that wants to run your life?
Stay with us.
Frank Figliuzzi is the poster child for un-American tyranny.
Calling for the CIA, outside of law, to go after members of Congress who promote, basically, freedom.
And so, we're going to get to other subjects in the next segment, Judge, but you're really, as a famous lawyer, famous judge, and a smart guy, really shocked by his attack and his statement.
You were search-engineering what he said.
If we watch the video, in surprise, it wasn't a scandal, because this has become par for the course.
They're normalizing this.
Under law, and as a former judge, what do you make of this statement for people that don't understand why it's so outrageous to you?
I severely question his fitness to remain a member of the bar.
I mean, this is just really, really out there.
This is not something that an American lawyer should advocate to the public.
It gives them the wrong ideas, and today's public is so
Far from being inquisitive enough to actually read something.
They hear it.
Get it as a text on a cell phone.
See it on Instagram or Facebook.
See it on mainstream media and they think it's a reality.
People say Associated Press has declared this was a fair election.
Who the hell is Associated Press?
They aren't an official agency.
There's no investigation with the strictures of law applied to it.
And then for the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to come out through one of its senior representatives and declare publicly
That they intend to suppress the Bill of Rights, where they intend to violate due process, where they are going to break the federal law and violate citizens' civil rights is a policy to bring in the CIA to prosecute members of Congress who have an absolute constitutional immunity for anything in debate on the House or the Senate floor.
Well, where in the world did this fool come from?
What rot did he crawl out from under?
Now, I'll probably get all kinds of hell about it, but I'm an old man.
I don't care, you know.
Oh, they don't want to have a debate about this.
I mean, because I'm not a lawyer like you, or a judge, but this is just classic tyranny.
Like, oh, everybody that protests is bad.
We're not just going to arrest them.
We're going to get the Congress.
I mean, it's like...
We have all of the woke black folk who are upset about their circumstances now, 160-some years after the Civil War, where they don't feel that they're fully first-class citizens.
What happens if they come up with some protest like this?
Are you to institute Jim Crow again?
Well, that's right.
First it was for the Muslims and violate their rights.
Now it's conservatives.
Next it'll be liberals.
How about if the Asian population says we aren't protected under the new laws because it was a sham for them to be locked up?
How about Catholics that come out and talk about discrimination and something is wrong?
Do they get locked up?
Jews get locked up?
Followers of Islam get locked up?
Hindus get locked up?
Buddhists get locked up because they say something is not right?
Because if you can lock one group up with their speech, you can lock them all up.
Yeah, in other words, because as Associated Press says it, you disagree with that, you're supposed to be prosecuted?
And by the way, Wuhan, AP said it didn't come out of Wuhan, so you'd be censored off the internet, even if you were a medical doctor or a senator.
They were censoring on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube, congressional hearings with scientists, because the UN didn't agree it could come from a lab, now they admit that.
That's classic.
He's a charlatan, he's a liar, he's trying to foment and incite violence by, and he's being anti-Asian by calling it something that came out of a wooham lab.
And now look at this administration.
They were a yee-ray-rah-rah.
Get them before saying that, now they're saying it.
So, you know, this is like sauce for the gooses, sauce for the gander.
That's the American way.
So what happened?
We're looking at something un-American.
We're looking at something from a racist.
We're looking at something from a bigot.
And this is part of his administration, and like Harry Truman said 70-some years ago, the buck stops here.
That's where it ought to stop.
All right, Judge.
Joe Brown, straight ahead, back in 60 seconds.
So I'm not going to play the clip.
Everybody sees it.
It's all over the news.
Obama, the former president, who did get elected, unlike Joe Biden, I mean, he did get elected.
He is the former president.
He came out and he said that basically America is inherently bad and racist.
I guess that's why they elected a black man.
I mean, he is, I would say, part African, unlike Kamala Harris.
But if you expand on that, he endorses Joe Biden, who was this big Dixie crat and who was in all these newspaper articles saying really horrible, racist things that Judge Joe Brown, when he was on a federal think tank, saw.
So that's why originally I wanted to get him here.
He testified to that here on air yesterday, but now these new emails that are confirmed in text messages,
Of Hunter Biden calling people the N-word.
I mean, who does that anyways?
It's just, there's something wrong with these people.
You were saying it's a dog whistle.
What's happening?
Break that down.
You have a President of the United States who used to glorify the fact that he came from a formerly slave-holding state, Delaware.
He complained about it not having the fortitude to join the glorious South.
And become part of the Confederacy.
That's been long hashed out.
But to start saying that again back in the early 1970s, and by the way, what I heard was not 1977, it was five years before that.
And I was present and I heard it with my own ears and saw it with my own eyes.
It was in Dover, Delaware.
Now, that said,
You have Hunter Biden, who is a product of this old line racist family.
Well, not old line.
This racist family, this racist background.
I'm sure he heard a lot of this growing up in the household around the dinner table.
And you have somebody who is actually damn fool enough to say anybody that doesn't vote for me is not black.
And I'd put my black credentials up against anybody's, anytime, anywhere.
And for some fool to say that is ridiculous.
He's relying on dog whistles.
Where we have had 50 years worth of propaganda that has caused the black community to feel like it belongs to the Democratic Party and they won't come off that slave plantation.
After all, the Democratic Party was charted at the beginning of the 19th century with the specific goal of spreading
Slavery into the new territory acquired under the Louisiana Purchase.
So I guess some of these people who don't understand what it means to think like a free person and to bargain their votes for benefits, actual tangible benefits, they feel safe on being back on the plantation of the plantation masters, the Democratic Party.
The Republican Party, they've had their problems, but at least in 1851, when they were chartered, it was on the campaign plank of abolition, that is, abolishing slavery.
Now, I'm not going to give anybody a free pass.
I declare myself to be an independent, and I'm going where my vote gets the best benefit for me, this country, and my people, my family, and somebody that's trying to keep decency in place.
This guy walking around with his duck tail back wind looking like he was out of the 50s from 20 years before that.
This is the person you've got in the White House right now.
And he has an Attorney General of the United States of America.
He is in charge of the FBI, this part of the federal apparatus that comes under the chief executive.
That's him.
And he has not done anything right now to censor or discipline or remove this idiot who came out and said what he said about attempting to, not the attempting, but the desirability of
Implementing prosecution of congressmen and senators for what they say when they express the desires, the wishes, the questions, the fears of their constituents.
What is this?
So judges, they're clearly making a run at martial law.
They want to use racial division as a trigger
To be the cover of saying, we're the Democrats, we're good.
Anybody that isn't for our takeover is a racist, is a white supremacist.
That's clearly the mode they're running.
How do we stop that?
How do we deal with that?
Well, it's like if you had another one where they said, BLM has fallen from grace.
This was, I think, was even the New York Times or something like that.
They said BLM has fallen from grace due to the activity of conservative far-right Republicans.
No, it didn't.
A lot of black people found out the fraud that was being perpetrated upon them by the BLM organization.
The mother of the girl that got killed said they're all full of it.
Yeah, and let's switch over from BLM, Black Lives Matter, to BFM, Black Families Matter, Black Fathers Matter, Black Finance Matter, Black Females Matter, Black Fidelity Matters.
You know, you have all sorts of things that you have here because the concept is not a bad one.
Everybody in this country has a life that should matter the same as everybody else's.
Everybody has an opinion.
Everybody's entitled to an opinion.
It's the Democrats in the deep state hiding behind black people.
Those opinions may not be worth anything, but they have an absolute right to express them, and I've spent my whole adulthood trying to deal with making sure people maintain and keep and can exercise their rights.
Let me ask this question.
You agree clearly they're trying to have a diversion for Biden and all his tyranny over racial conflict.
How do we break that?
How do we... This is poisonous.
These things should not be uttered in the United States of America, even if someone has their right to utter those things.
But this person has an official position, and such as the Black Caucus are running around saying, we have to support the FBI.
And for them to come up with that kind of thing, when any damn fool can see that it can be so easily flipped.
And the script can be turned around when the people that the Black Caucus is supposed to be representing, which they don't, could be prosecuted for uttering something that was commonplace in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s.
Well, stop by the 80s.
And that, I just don't get it.
Are we that stupid?
You've done a lot of famous court trials, but you were the main judge on the final trial with what really happened with the execution and the assassination of Martin Luther King.
It wasn't a trial.
It was a post-conviction relief petition.
And when I got to the bottom of what was going on in terms of the hearings,
Yeah, the hearings in terms of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King.
That same FBI, through J. Edgar Hoover, had a lot to do with it.
They supplied the murder weapon and ammunition.
And they recruited the two-man team that killed him.
So, what's going on, and it wasn't one man, and it wasn't some Raoul nonsense, the FBI got the shooters, they gave them the weapons, there were five of these special weapons that they got provided from the Defense Department with an invoice, serial numbers listed, late December 1967, late April 1968,
The Attorney General ordered them to return the five weapons to the Defense Department.
They claim they lost one.
Yeah, sure.
Now, that kind of thing is what they've been doing as a subterfuge.
Good Lord!
All this time later, they come right out, 60 years later, and they say it in public and start saying, bring the CIA in, which according to its charter is forbidden to do anything in the United States.
Arrest and criminally charge members of Congress for saying what they were entitled to say on the floor.
And the Democrats endorse it.
Well, I'm looking up like, where did this all come from?
You know, did they parachute in and some commandos to take down the American Republic, or what?
It's dangerous.
It's very dangerous.
It sounds like revenge of the nerds.
Well, you're right.
You said that's what it was.
The nerds decided to take over.
They did.
They did.
They were dissatisfied with their lot in life.
They hate the fact that they could not fit in like most people may now call norms and breeders.
And you know what?
This group is attacking motherhood for goodness sakes.
They feel they are insulted if you call somebody a mother instead of a birth parent.
I mean, what in the world are they up to and why are we letting this happen?
Why don't we boycott mainstream media?
Why don't we boycott every commercial outlet for products that we are expected to go to grocery stores and... I agree.
It's either pro-human or it's done.
We'll be right back with Larry Pinckney.
Rod Shotgun with us, Judge.
All right, Judge Joe Brown was with us yesterday.
He's in today as well, going back to Tennessee later this afternoon.
Great to have him with us.
Another great guest, Larry Pinckney, was a veteran of the Black Panther Party, a former minister of the interior of the Republic of New Africa, a former political prisoner, the only American to have successfully self-authored a civil political rights case to the United Nations under the International Covenant of Civil Political Rights.
Very popular guest.
In connection with his political organizing activities in opposition to voter suppression, Pinckney was interviewed in 1988 on nationally televised PBS NewsHour, formerly known as the McNeil NewsHour.
He is the editorial board member of blackcommentator.com, and he got banned on Twitter for basically challenging the election.
And he's always on fire, exposing the attempt to divide us and control us.
And I would guess he's a fan of Judge Joe Brown.
So it's good to have you both here together.
Larry, thanks for joining us.
Well, Brother Alex, first of all, thank you very, very much.
I'm delighted and honored to be with you.
You know that all the time.
And to your wonderful audience.
And my greetings to you, Brother Judge Joe Brown.
Greetings to you.
So I'll just let it go at that.
And let's rock and roll!
What do you make?
Because Judge Joe Brown had a lot to cover.
He got really upset when I played that FBI counterterrorism guy saying, arrest all the Trump supporters and use the CIA on Congress and let's take over.
He was blown away by that.
And then when he was ranting about the FBI, I just, I thought it sounded very similar to your views.
Of course it's very similar to my views.
It's very similar to reality.
And the fact is that we had better, when I say we, I'm talking about black, white, brown, red, and yellow people, citizens of this republic.
We had better damn well stand up.
Stand up to this what I call neoliberal fascism.
These globalists, these Democrats, quote-unquote, heavy quotation marks around that, these folks are all about subverting, and I repeat, subverting our republic.
We must not allow this.
We cannot allow this.
We must reverse it.
Judge, you guys hold court here.
Well, you know, congratulations and thank you for your successes in standing up and doing the right thing, sir.
I appreciate that.
I'm from your era, too.
I imagine I know or knew some of the same people you did.
But this would make it very easy to go after you or me or any other American citizens who say, I have questions about what happened.
I have questions about suppression of efforts to make fundamental changes for the good, in my opinion.
But you see, if you can go after somebody for what they say on the congressional floor, then what can you do to ordinary citizens?
What would have been enabled back in the 60s when the Panther Party was
At the height of its effectiveness to all of those people who simply said something that somebody disagreed with.
You see, right now they are setting a precedent where it doesn't even have to be un-American.
It's just, I don't agree with that.
How do you deal with that?
I agree.
How do we deal with authoritarian takeover, Larry?
First of all, we expose it constantly, just as you are doing right now.
We let people know that this is precisely what we are dealing with, and that is authoritarian takeover.
I call it neoliberal fascism, because that's what it is.
And as far as standing up on the floor of Congress and being held accountable, you know what?
I think of what these pieces of scum did to President Donald J. Trump.
Now, they could do what they definitely did to him.
Imagine what they plan to have in store for us.
But you know what?
It's game time.
And we're going to flip that script.
We have to flip that script because our very lives and the essence of our republic are at stake.
So that's my response to that, Brother Alex.
I agree.
So they flip the script on us.
How do we come together flipping on them?
One of the first things we need to do is we have to understand the game that they're playing.
And it's a vicious game.
It's called divide, rule by division, play us off against each other.
You know what?
We can have our differences.
As the French would say, viva la différence!
But we will not
Come out publicly and show any weakness, any crack, any difference whatsoever.
We must understand what is at stake here.
The script, indeed, must be flipped again, but this time by us, we the people, black, white, brown, red, and yellow, citizens of this republic.
It's a dangerous game, Judge, because, I mean, this whole globalist chi-com overthrow of the country, have us all kill each other.
If it doesn't work, what happens?
I think they're trying it, because what do they have to lose?
They never get in trouble for what they've done.
That's right.
It's like, see, they don't have any sense of decency.
They don't get it that nobody's supposed to be immune from these laws, but yet they want to put these things down on everybody else.
They don't get chivalry that we have these rules, not because we're wimps, but because we don't want our kids under evil.
That's right.
It doesn't apply to them because they perceive themselves to be a righteous elite.
They don't get it.
It's delusional elitism.
That's exactly what it is.
How do you counter one of these elitists that thinks they're immune, which is delusion?
Well, they really can't argue with you face-to-face or debate with you because they don't depend upon rationality, logic, and reason.
They just get all the motive and it sounds good, and they're counting on the public's ignorance of the laws and the rule books, which is the Constitution.
That's the rule book for the game that we play by living in this country.
Beautifully said.
So Larry Pinkney, how do we cause chain reactions?
It's a good push and you're right, I'm generally just... But how do we explain to people how much danger they're in with what the globalists and this foreign takeover is?
Because Americans, I think, should unify even stronger against this.
It should be so obvious that this is ridiculous.
And dangerous.
And dangerous.
You know, it's very important for us to, as patriots,
I don't give a damn what our color is as patriots, all right, of this republic.
It's extremely important for us to explain to people using their own experiences on their own local level, or levels, I should say, because it's plural, all right, to explain to them what is actually being perpetrated and perpetuated upon them.
People need to not only be angry, but they need to go way beyond that to saying, you know what, we need to come up with
Very strong responses.
We've been too timid.
We've been too tepid.
All right?
We must be tenacious.
We must help our brothers and sisters to understand on their local level.
Alex, you've done this.
I've seen what you've done in Austin and its suburbs.
You do it on the local level and then you link it
Nationally, to our entire Republic.
All right, gentlemen, we come back.
I want to then get into some of the subjects that the judge wants to get to, and you, Larry, I want you guys to lead us.
You hit a topic, he hits a topic, because this is the big debate, and we all want to live our lives, just go to work and take care of our families, but we are under a takeover.
And so the answer is, what do we do?
Do we submit to that takeover, or do we say no, and how do we do it?
And then the judge wants to also get into all this attack on the family and some big developments there.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Welcome back here to the Alex Jones Show.
I was just talking to Judge Joe Brown about how Larry Pinckney is a famous political prisoner, and then the judge was like, oh, I know Pinckney now, now that we're talking to him.
He was even talking about the FBI setting up the Black Panthers, and how he helped bring them out to UCLA and all the rest of it.
And then we're all clicking here.
I'm talking about how they're trying to put congressmen in prison and trying to put all these hundreds of innocent people who did nothing in prison.
I forgot.
Oh, I'm under criminal investigation.
I've got subpoenas.
And I just kind of mentioned that as a footnote.
Well, that's what the judge was saying.
They bankrupt you with these investigations of nothing.
I'm not up there like Maxine Waters saying harass people.
I'm not saying burn things down.
But I'm under criminal investigation.
The left's celebrating that.
People say, well, you better shut your mouth.
No, that makes you want to fight harder, Judge.
Yeah, see, one of the propaganda techniques is to say something often enough and people believe it, even if it's not true.
And one of the extensions of that tactic is to keep saying somebody needs to be investigated, somebody needs to be prosecuted for this, that, and the other, and even though what they're talking about is perfectly legal, perfectly appropriate,
Those certain people that don't think out in the public start getting the subconscious and unconscious feeling that somebody's broken the law and needs to be brought to justice when they haven't.
And that same thing can be turned against them.
I mean, think about it.
If you can go after a congressman, what about all of the rest of us?
Well, that's what you were saying during the break, is you wanted to get back on the subject.
Talk to Larry Pinion about it, because it's a big deal they're doing this.
Let me get into one other thing that they're trying to do the same tactic on.
Alright, we've got a Secretary of Education.
And the Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, is saying he backs transgender athletes' rights.
Sounds fair enough, doesn't it?
Well, let's think about some of the ramifications.
You start talking about that, you have to ask the question, is it fair to make girls sports unfair to girls?
To favor a few delusional boys?
Is humoring the delusional
More important than the healthy aspirations of real girls?
Yeah, what about their right?
Hell, no sane and rational person or government could possibly say that the answer to these two questions is yes.
But it's like you said, you have family friends whose daughters' arms have been broken fighting men.
Yeah, it's wrestling.
It's intercollegiate wrestling.
But see, here's the point.
Years ago feminists were saying it is unfair to women that men can get all of these athletic scholarships and get their college educations paid for because of their athletic prowess.
Why can't the women?
So now the women have their right and then you're getting some males who get to put on bras and wear wigs and they get to claim to be girls.
So what is the plan behind it?
Because all the big corporations are behind it.
I want to get your take, Judge Miller.
What the take is, is it's part of this program to destroy the traditional nuclear family and dismantle cisgender privilege, meaning heterosexual privilege in the family.
Larry Pinckney, what's your view on this?
Very much with what Brother Joe said.
Let me take this one step further.
The ultimate plan is to destroy the Republic.
Let's be crystal clear about that.
If you destroy the family, if you destroy the traditional slash nuclear family, in essence what you are actually doing is destroying the Republic.
And don't think for one moment that these myth leaders out there
Do not know that.
They know that.
They know precisely what they're doing.
And that's their endgame.
To destroy the Republic.
This must not be allowed.
See, there's nothing wrong with gay people doing whatever they want to do sexually.
There's nothing wrong with that.
That's their business.
But when you start getting people talking about prosecuting congressmen for daring to question an American political procedure, when that, by the way, is number one or two on the list of typical topics throughout American politics, that's crazy.
Well, I mean, people that criticize
Trying to sterilize little boys in Scotland.
Mothers are being arrested that say, I don't think my five-year-old should have his genitals cut off.
This is a cult!
Yeah, there's something else too going on here.
I'm going to be running for mayor in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee 2023.
Now in 2012, 2008, excuse me, the Justice Department
Under the Bush administration, put up the money to replace every single election machine in the county because it was declared that they were corrupt, there could be no fair election because
Since 2000, every so-called election was a rigged selection.
Now, they finally got around under the Trump administration to threatening to sue the county commissioners if they did not spend the money, so they bought brand new machines, but those machines that
They acquired, have been in a warehouse, and they have continued to use the corrupt machines for the last four election cycles, including the one that this charlatan with the FBI says cannot be questioned.
And he's saying if you question your... Exactly!
Larry, we can see what they're doing here.
How do we counter this?
So how do they contrast this thing that machines that the Justice Department under Bush
And Obama and Trump have declared to be corrupted and incapable of conducting a fair election, but yet were used for the last election cycle.
How can they declare in the 14th largest city in the United States that there was a fair election, no question about it, when those very same corrupted machines that the administration, the current
The chief executive was part of the Obama administration.
That administration declared those machines... So let me ask you both, first Larry and then you, Judge.
How do you counter something like this then?
I mean, how do we respond to this, Larry?
I respond to it, and I suggest that more of us respond to it, by indicating that the system itself, as it is being perpetuated, alright, the system itself is a farce.
A fart, alright?
We're not even talking about fair or just or unfair.
We should be, alright?
But it's a farce.
It's set up, and we need to make that clear to all of our brothers and sisters, partaking in, I call it, a Stalinist process.
You remember Joseph Stalin said,
Show me the man and I'll show you the crime, alright?
This is precisely what we're dealing with, with these neoliberal fascist so-called Democrats, alright?
We need to constantly expose it.
We need to constantly... You know, we have no media.
We have a propaganda machine that would make Goebbels of the Third Reich
Green with envy.
We need to face this reality, start talking with each other, working with each other, and making sure, making sure that we understand who our enemy is, why are they our enemies, what are they doing to us, everyday ordinary people.
I don't give a damn about your color or your gender.
Everyday ordinary people.
Once the people get that, and it doesn't take long,
They do rise up.
I agree.
We've got to go to break, but Judge, just in general, what are solutions?
Just not going along, speaking up?
What do we do?
We speak out.
The American people have to form a massive consensus that irrespective of the political party that you belong to, irrespective of the particular slant you may or may not take on something, this is intolerable.
No one is supposed to be in a position
To threaten us and our representatives for speaking out and questioning what's going on.
That got you really hot.
That was an hour and a half ago.
That got me angry.
That's one of the... See, I see and have seen the danger inherent in this kind of thing.
Most people don't pay any attention.
So what?
No, it doesn't work that way.
It does not work that way because you see it's one step, two steps, three steps, and before long those little one step at a time adventures have taken up a mile.
And now they're making big jumps.
Yeah, we'll be right back.
Welcome back.
Final segment with Larry Pinckney.
We're going to do one more segment with the judge and he's got to go back to Tennessee.
But, man, Larry Pinckney's visited us in Austin before.
I've been interviewing him 16, 17 years.
I listened to him at dinner for five hours, just like you last night for almost three.
And this knowledge we've got, you've got, all of us, we're not just saying this.
We know.
Larry's been there.
You've been there.
I've been researching and I've experienced it.
Nothing at you guys' level.
This is a real takeover.
You guys aren't just saying this.
We're in a lot of danger right now.
See, I was in a BSU back in the 60s.
I was the community liaison for UCLA's BSU and I know that myself and other activists, we got hauled in every few weeks by the FBI and interrogated because we said something as simple as black folk need to have equal rights in this country that are actualized and that
Uh, the student experience should be the same for everybody, but that was grounds for you being hauled in and driven 28 miles downtown L.A.
and they took your money and you didn't have cell phones and there was no way to get back home.
You'd have to hitchhike to get your car 28 miles away.
I mean, that, that was not right.
They locked Larry up for his political crimes of doing nothing.
I've read your story, but Pinckney, tell the judge what they did to you.
Well, I was quite clearly a target of COINTELPRO, the counterintelligence program.
They don't even try to deny that.
By the way, I didn't mean to interrupt you.
In the famous congressional hearings later on COINTELPRO, he's a key person saying he's effective unifying black, white, and others together.
We want him... Tell folks to quote.
Well, he said that I needed, or rather the FBI said that Pinckney needs to be neutralized because of his demonstrated ability to unify black and white.
They said it.
I didn't say it.
I've got a copy of one of the 302s saying that.
See, this is one of the games they play.
They talk about being all-inclusive and therefore everybody's rights, but they do not want everybody to get together and unify because that's too powerful.
They want to keep everybody separate, divide and conquer.
Well, look at all this political correctness!
It's making everybody hate each other!
Yes, I mean, good Lord!
You're supposed to be
Doing something to make humans, or American humans, more peaceful, but you do everything you can to make it worse.
You destroy masculinity, but masculinity keeps down this public violence we see so much of now.
So, you throw something out there as a solution that makes the problem worse, and you won't be rational in life.
That's right.
Masculinity is not criminality.
You explained that, that a really masculine person keeps the peace isn't violent.
Yeah, about public peace, dignity, and order, making where you live a better, safer, more secure place filled with prosperity, a sense of purpose, morality, and ethics.
You enforce order in your community, but you can be brave and courageous when necessary.
That's masculinity.
But these characters want to destroy it so they've got all of these boys that are turned into emotional wrecks who are propagandized as to the validity of purely emotional reactions to anything so they go out and they kill because they're frustrated and they've been told that's okay.
That's why we're having so much violence out there right now.
We had two whole years of this kind of thing out there empowering these idiots who don't know how to control themselves.
Well, and a lockdown means a lot of these people are living with their parents.
Now there's no money, crime's going to go up too.
Yeah, exactly.
That's all of it.
You see, it mixes in.
Penitentiary system's no longer about controlling crime.
It's about controlling surplus labor.
But yet you have just a total lack of control over the border.
And then you get, oh.
Well, in Europe, as an American, we can't fly to Europe now.
Soros can have boats untested just coming in.
The point is, it's all fraud.
Larry, I appreciate you coming on today between me and the judge.
You've gotten some words in edgewise.
They've all been powerful.
What else do you want to impart to us?
Because you're always a humble guy, but I've seen you give long speeches.
They're amazing, and you've been a big guest on the show.
What else do you want to impart to the viewers and listeners?
I want to say to the viewers and listeners to continue to support and to redouble and intensify your support for InfoWars and all of our brothers and sisters there.
I also want to say that what we are dealing with are political parasites pimping the pain of the people.
I repeat, political parasites!
Pimping the pain of the people.
They are turning up down and down up.
This we must not tolerate.
And you know what?
It's way more of us!
Conscious, thinking, critically thinking people than of them.
But they would never have us know that.
So, I want to express my love, as I always try to do, to all of my brothers and sisters out there of all colors.
And I want to say, carry on!
The struggle continues and it intensifies now, today, more than ever.
Thank you so much.
I wasn't trying to get you off right now, we've got a few minutes left, but thanks for giving us that great parting word.
What can you say to the people out there that are giving up?
Because a lot of people are getting mad, a lot of people are waking up, and some people have been awake a long time, they're really giving up and getting really depressed about watching this conscious evil, and they don't see why other people haven't woken up.
And I tell those folks, it takes time.
Just because you've been awake a long time, people are waking up quicker and quicker.
You just cannot
People do not need to be down.
We don't need suicide to go up, which has happened.
We need people.
How do we deal with all this evil and not get depressed ourselves?
Because you've been persecuted a lot.
You're a guy that's really, you know, got a lot of energy and you're not being defeated.
So how do we overcome this evil and not let it dominate us?
You're overcoming.
We need to remind ourselves and each other that this is a protracted
All right?
Things don't happen.
Stop believing what this propaganda media says.
Things don't happen overnight.
All right?
And I think it was you and the judge were talking about how step by step by step by step these globalists, these neoliberal fascists, okay, have been devouring us.
But they did it step by step over a period of years.
But you know what?
We have to... I totally get it.
When people say, damn, why can't so-and-so see it?
Well, maybe so-and-so does see it, but it takes time.
And I don't mean another 10 years.
Give them a couple of weeks, a couple of months, six months, whatever.
Keep working on them, okay?
Never, ever give up.
Don't give up.
That's what they want us to do.
They want us to think we are alone.
You've come so far.
I mean, I think all these attacks we've seen is a sign of weakness by this whole global corrupt anti-human system that has no chivalry, no rules.
Larry Pinckney, God bless you, my friend.
Thank you so much.
Much love to you, Alex.
Much love to you, Judge.
All power to the people.
By the way, Larry Pinckney hosts a weekly podcast with Darren McBrain that is at Band.Video.
It's very, very popular.
Find Larry Pinckney's channel at Band.Video.
Thank you so much, Larry Pinckney.
Judge, I see you're listening to him.
What are your ideas about overcoming this system?
Because I really see the corrupt elements of the system are in trouble.
That's why I was trying to bring down the whole system that the people benefit from to try to have some crisis where they control us.
See, the people that invented this kind of propaganda said the implacable enemy of what they're doing is the truth.
You see, the truth has a logic to it that the lie does not have.
One problem we're having is mainstream media is not listened to like it used to be.
So a lot of people aren't even aware of these things going on, but some people do focus on every word of the entertainment rather than news that they get.
And that's where the propaganda is, the comedy shows.
Yeah, and then see, they spread it at cocktail parties so they hear it from their friends and they assume it's true.
So we have to get stuff out there for the select few who do
That sounds simple, but that's the answer.
We've got to, as human intelligence, on the grounds where the war is.
That's it.
We've got to get the word out there so people who do listen, who do search out the truth, can spread it and say, no that's not what's going on.
But just this idea of being able to prosecute somebody who is a member of Congress for daring to have a question.
And that question is one that's been asked over and over for 240 years of this country's history.
And to say that they should be prosecuted and then turned to CIA into an instrument of domestic oppression?
Somebody has lost their mind and somebody needs to introduce a resolution to remove this vote.
On a scale of 1 to 10, theoretically, not they're actually carrying it out, but they're trying.
Theoretically, they're putting on the drawing board a 10 of tyranny, right?
You see, the bad part about it is if they say it often enough, somebody's going to think it's true.
That's what you said, is they're conditioning us.
They're conditioning.
So we've got to fight.
Three weeks from now, people will start taking that as, it's already been proven that they're trying to do something to subvert the government by questioning this election, so they need to be in jail because they're un-American.
See, that's the way it works.
Sure, and these agencies, the CIA, FBI, have a talking point.
He's not the only one doing it, saying, let's arrest Congress.
I mean, let's investigate them, and if we can indict them, they should be arrested.
I mean, have the bureaucracies want to arrest Congress?
Yeah, see, you've got an agency, the CIA, that made James Bond's bunch, MI6, the KGB.
They beat the KGB, so you want to turn these folks loose inside the United States of America?
Well, we'll be right back, Judge, back in two minutes.
Well, Judge Joe Brown is an impressive guest and really fun to hang out with and eat a steak with and drink a glass of wine.
We have five minutes left and then I'm going to hit a few final stories and Gerald Slim is going to take over and hopefully you'll be back with us again, but there's a lot of points.
Boy, behind the scenes, this guy knows everything.
He knows a lot on air too, but behind the scenes, this is off record, that's off record.
But you've seen a lot, my friend.
You've got real wisdom and a great way of explaining it.
What other points
In the four or five minutes we have left, would you like to get out there?
You gotta startle me with this revelation of what the FBI is doing.
But, see, you have to take it in the context of what we've got on the plate.
During the Obama administration, there was an American citizen born actually in Detroit who was trying to save his born-in-Detroit son.
They filed a petition for an injunction against the Obama administration that had adopted the policy that it's okay if the American president, without due process of law, determines that somebody is a threat against the government, he may order them killed.
So the federal court was astonished when it learned that the government was taking the position that the president could order that American citizens killing for
Basically doing nothing that he was subject to criminal prosecution on.
And the court actually enjoined the Obama administration from anything further until it had been briefed, but that administration went ahead and killed him by a drone about
Four weeks later and then killed his 16-year-old son for good measure four and a half hours after he'd killed him.
And that's the key.
They're taking that decision and extrapolating it down to the American people and Congress.
Now that gets freaky when there is...
A president from one administration saying the President of the United States can order the killing of another American citizen for something that's not breaking the law if that president thinks that person... And now they're building that bridge into Congress members!
So, when you put all this together, we better look out because it's getting out of hand.
It's time to put down the basketball, baseball, football, housewives and all of that other stuff in the sitcoms and start paying attention to what's going on.
This is how it slipped up on some other people 80-some years ago.
You can lose it real quick like this.
Yes, you can.
In weeks.
And they're making a move on us.
They're trying.
They are.
See, it's oppression.
What happens through social media just looks, oh, well, they're private.
Yeah, but uh-uh.
That isn't how it works.
You're not supposed to oppress people in this country for simply stating ideas.
And shutting somebody's speech down is serious oppression.
It's not how you say it.
It's just the thought, the concept.
It's not profane language.
You can say it to elementary school kids.
That's okay.
Every nasty word you can think of, you can say it to elementary school kids.
But just don't question the election.
Well, just don't come up with any critical analysis of thought.
That people might listen to.
That's right.
It's not bad speech or evil speech being censored.
It's popular speech.
Let me say this.
Those two individuals you had up there,
I had the Communists, Beria and Stalin.
I actually had the experience of having taken a course from a woman who was a visiting Soviet professor from the University of Moscow.
This was back in the 60s.
The course was called the Soviet Spirit of Influence in World Politics.
Hold on, this is too big.
I had one more segment, but I'll just have to do it tomorrow.
Stay there 60 seconds, Judge.
Come back, start over and tell the story.
You were going to tell it on air and now you're going to tell it.
Of just how important this is because this guy's been around and then...
Gerald Cilente is going to be taking over.
We'll be right back.
And Judge, by the way, give people the best website for people to find you.
Okay, you can find me at Judge Joe Brown TV, and I do not have a blue chick that's on Twitter.
You can find me at Judge Joe Brown on Parler.
I do have the red pea.
You can find me on Fridays with Valerie Denise Jones on our podcast thing that is syndicated on iHeartRadio and another bunch of
Point is you're kicking ass.
Yes, and we do other things too.
Ron Hurd in Memphis, would we all be?
The Real Dana.
Stay there, we're back in 60 seconds with this big Russia story.
Judge Joe Brown just looked at me and he said, you know what changed from the 80s until now, people became afraid.
And I said, well tell them what you mean.
It was a great statement, please repeat that.
It's okay to be afraid.
You don't have to be brave.
And that's not the American way after all, isn't it?
The land of the free and the home of the...
Well, see, being free is not safe.
It's dangerous.
And if you're too afraid to put it on the line to maintain your personal freedom, your individual freedom and liberty, you don't deserve to be free.
That's what Kanye West basically said.
He said, I make the decision to be free.
That's a decision.
They went, what do you mean?
You can't decide to be free.
That is exactly right.
We need more of that.
But you see, you notice they've attacked him because he has the nerve, the temerity to come out and say something like that.
What they really meant was being free and safe.
He didn't say that.
Well, you see, those two individuals, we looked at barrier and solid.
Put those back up.
That's right.
They put those up not knowing that you've been giving... This man here?
He was head of the secret police for the Soviet Union during World War II and after.
He even became Stalin's replacement until he got assassinated.
This man, Joe Stalin, the woman that I had this course from, had only those two to answer to.
She had been the highest-ranking woman on the Soviet Politburo.
She had been Khrushchev's deputy chief commissar during the Stalingrad siege.
She was a hero of the Soviet Union, and she was teaching a course called the Soviet Sphere of Influence and World Politics as a visiting professor from the University of Moscow.
She said, America is in grave danger of becoming a fascist country, not from some jack-booted, goose-stepping thugs.
But from some, she called them beatnik hippies who in good conscience would impose the worst sort of tyranny on other people to protect them from being a free people.
Wow, she really was telling the future.
Yeah, it was some other stuff too she did.
She showed me
Some translated documents and stuff like that and I read them and over the years they came true.
And there was one other thing that was a translated document from Lenin.
It was written in 1917 and he said Russia cannot become a free people with a democracy until there are no significant numbers of Russians with a living
We're good to go.
Saying stuff that is essentially propaganda that encourages people to be intelligent, to be inquisitive, rational, logical, and reasonable, and talked about the dangers inherent when you try to do that versus the dangers that are just flat out all in there when you try to get people to stop thinking.
And instead our system wants us not to think.
Not to think.
In other words, for God's sake, do not think!
Say, school, I remember when I was in school.
Mr. Brown, what do you think about what we had last night on our assignment?
Oh, Mr. Brown.
Everything was about what, to have a debate.
Now, you're not supposed to have a debate.
Yeah, the professor lectures, and it's crazy.
And I told you about this experience, and this is when I'm just going to end it.
I audited this class at Memphis State University in Memphis.
And his professor in his political science class was pontificating about what this judge meant when he wrote this opinion about a certain matter.
I'm the judge that wrote it, so he is pontificating about what I meant, but he didn't know I was sitting in there, so I held my hand up and said, well, aren't you a little?
I said, yeah, I'm a little old, but I'm auditing.
And I said, I don't think that's what the judge meant.
So he was trying to tell me I was a fool and didn't know what I was reading.
I said, oh, by the way, read the name of the person.
I looked down on your seating chart to see who's talking to you.
I said, now you see how big a fool you are trying to tell me what I was thinking when I wrote that?
You know?
Okay, fine.
See, stuff like that.
That's a small world, yeah.
See, but there's a danger of that, because when you give somebody a forum, and they look like authority, we've been so used to following the leader behind Stuck on Stupid, that we buy into it.
That television... And I think the people that haven't been challenged, they have become delusional.
Because they're not being challenged.
Yes, indeed.
In other words, somebody's told you that's the truth and nobody's offered a counter to say, well, it doesn't quite work that way.
Then you go online and, oh, I'm doing the right thing.
I'm trying to help everybody and it's my obligation to make sure they think right.
That's what you don't want.
I couldn't imagine that form of elitism where you can't have your opinion because I know I'm right and I'm not going to let you have it.
That's not the American way.
The American way is to have consensus or reach out.
And you can say we've had our problems, but like you said, we've been a lot better than other countries because of at least a little bit of freedom that actually finally got some oxygen here.
Judge Joe Brown, thank you so much for the time, my friend.
Yes, sir.
Are you glad you came to Austin?
I'm glad I came to Austin.
Had a great meal last night, great conversations, some barbecue.
A good time here.
You got a great crew works here.
And now you're about to get some, we got you some pizza for lunch.
Yeah, and I like one thing about your crew.
Everybody from
Assistance, everybody freely comes up and gives you stuff that they just looked up online to back up what's being said.
Oh yeah, everybody, it's all, yeah.
That's great, that's great spirit.
That's not what you find in Hollywood.
How dare you come up here and think you have some idea?
You know, like, come on guys.
I've had mainstream media here, they get really freaked out by the decentralization.
That scares them because they're all told exactly what to do.
They're told, here's your story, now go write it.
Like, here's what you're going to say, now go make it up.
We're not.
We're trying to find the truth.
I mean, we have it all.
Thank you, Judge Joe Brown.
All right, we're going to air a little quick promo.
We'll be right back with Gerald Cilente taking over.
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All you do is sign up for a year, $99.95 a month, for your 150 minutes to call out in an emergency.
All calls to it are free.
Cell phones are all tractor controlled.
In the crazy world we live in, everybody needs one of these at their house or in their car.
And these are a great gift to give families as well.
Hey, great P90 Alex Jones Show!
But that judge was right on, on so many things.
And one of them is what a great show InfoWars is.
And what a staff that he has over there.
I mean, I've been on Oprah, The Today Show, Good Morning America, you name it, I've been on it.
And the staff of InfoWars, and the production with Alex Jones, it's the top of the top.
And that advertisement, or promo, they got about InfoWars,
And all the people, those stars, those prostitutes, talking about Alex Jones.
Really well done.
So it's great being on.
And the other thing that he mentioned was about freedom.
And it's been stolen from us.
There's no question about it.
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been destroyed.
We have these little dictators saying they have executive orders.
And they told us what to do to fight the COVID war.
And that's what they called it, the COVID war, when it began in 2020, January.
Chinese Lunar New Year.
How about Lunar Tick New Year?
We're going to war, we're going to war.
And just as he mentioned, you know, talking about Stalin and communism, just as the people marched off to heil Hitler,
Salute Stalin, March to Mussolini, and believe a little daddy's boy born on third base and thought he hit a home run.
A little clown of a boy.
For all the young people, there used to be a thing called Mad Magazine and they had Alfred E. Newman.
Yeah, he later came out as George W. Bush, taking us to the Afghan War.
Oh, did a great job, guys.
Oh, it's only the longest war in American history, almost 20 years.
And you lost it, but it cost us between the Iraq War, based on lies that Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction ties to al-Qaeda.
Eh, only, I think about what, three, six trillion dollars when you add it all up.
And then the Obama wars, you know, I want that guy Qaddafi out of there.
I want that guy Assad out of there.
I'm going to do the Afghan Troops Show.
Yeah, we're going to show.
Yeah, there he is, the little daddy's boy.
How can anybody believe that ignorant piece of crap?
And both of them, Prescott Bush, the old, the granddaddy before, you know, what sold stuff to Hitler.
These are the people that are running and ruining our lives.
I've started a new movement.
It's called the United Church or the Universal Church.
For freedom, peace, and justice.
That's right.
We're going to be launching it soon.
It's all done.
It's been approved.
A universal church of freedom, peace, and just us.
Not these low-life political pieces of crap telling us what to do.
Arrogant, lying little boys and girls.
You gotta be equal.
Look what they did again.
They call this the COVID war.
Did a great job in the Korean War.
Hey, how about that Vietnam War?
Oh, we could have did better, but we couldn't.
They stopped us from killing.
We only killed three million Vietnamese.
And we sprayed the whole place with Agent Orange.
We could have did better.
And how about the Iraq Wars and the Afghan War?
The war against Syria, the war against Lebanon.
They haven't won a war.
Excuse me, Libya, not Lebanon.
Gaddafi has to go.
It was the richest country in Africa.
People had more benefits there than a lot of places in Europe.
They haven't won a war, and they lost the COVID war.
They're lying little freaks.
Let's go through the facts and start with one of the top freaksters.
An arrogant boy, Fauci, the fraud, his emails came out.
He's telling Obama's former Health and Human Services Director, don't wear a mask when you go to the airport.
The ones you buy in drugstores are ineffective.
And on CBS News, he also said the same thing.
Don't wear a mask.
And now the little scum masks up and freaks everybody out with his arrogance.
Here's the box of the crap that everybody wears.
These things.
Not everybody, but a lot of people.
Here's the box.
I've done this a number of times, but... This mask does not eliminate exposure to the risk of any disease or infection.
But wear one, because I'm the low-life, piece-of-scum-crap governor that'll tell you what to do, like we got over here, little daddy's boy Cuomo.
Little nothing of a clown of a gutless character over there in Jersey, Murphy.
Fat-mouthed Lamont over here in Connecticut.
Yeah, that arrogant little clown.
You know what he did?
Last year I told people to stay home and stay safe.
Now I'm telling you to go out.
You're telling me?
Stay home and stay safe, you piece of crap?
Don't call me a piece of crap!
I sucked my way up to become governor!
You're a piece of crap!
Because you're a rotten little lying scum or you're too stupid to know the facts.
What facts are you talking about, Solenti?
Oh, the facts that are right here in the Trends Journal.
Got it?
This is one... This is this week's.
That's how big it is.
It's like a small book.
It's like a book, 30,000 words.
You take whatever you want.
There's a table of contents.
You break it all down.
The numbers are there.
Less than 1% of the people get the virus being outdoors.
Less than 1%.
And you got a crap head like this, stay home and stay safe?
How about go screw yourself?
And it's all over the world.
You gotta look at what's going on over there in Australia.
Little boy Merlino.
Acting premier.
The word premier is a curse word.
You're not a premier.
You're a piece of crap.
A little political scum.
One person has died in all of Australia out of 25 million people in six months and they locked down Melbourne and parts of Victoria and you can't travel back and forth.
Because they had false positives on cases that never existed.
And they took your guns away from you.
Down under over in Australia?
You've gone down under alright.
It's the only way that we'll win.
And by the way, I'm having another festival on July 4th here in Kingston.
We'll be announcing it soon starting at 2 o'clock on John and Crown Street.
A great crowd on Memorial Day weekend.
We'll be back for the rally and for Alex Jones.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And, you know, they're censoring everybody.
You know the deal.
And boy, InfoWars has really been fighting the war for information and to think for yourself.
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And this is so important.
All of the, all of the prostitute media, one after another, when they're selling the COVID war and those slimers that destroyed so much of life, that can't come back.
What's been lost has been lost.
Stay home, stay safe.
How about go screw yourself?
Stay home, stay safe.
So it's up to you to keep the truth going.
And they're putting out these products that can help you and help keep freedom alive.
So these prostitutes never talk about these kind of products to keep you healthy.
Yeah, the first book I worked on, many, many... I didn't write it, I worked on it.
It was Natural Healing.
I won a book.
Big book.
I have an honorary doctorate from the National University of Health Sciences.
I had a rally last 4th of July.
Boy, did I get hell for it.
People hated me for doing it.
I died from the virus.
Everybody that was there died from the virus.
The virus is attacking people with 2.6 pre-existing comorbidities.
That's a CDC fact.
I talked before about Australia.
Google up the data.
Go to the government health department, Department of Health.
You know what the average age is?
What happens when you get to 86, if you don't die of the virus, then you go to day camp and life starts all over again.
You're locking down places when this is who's dying?
Going back to these products is building your immune system.
It's getting strong to stay strong.
Every day I have a routine that I take with vitamin supplements.
But I have Big Pharma telling me, no, no, no, you get the vaccination.
Oh, now they're going to come out one with dementia.
Did you see that one?
That has a load of questions about dementia.
Maybe you got to be demented to take it.
The FDA approved it.
Yeah, the FDA.
The Fraudulent Drug Commission.
You've heard me say this before.
It's not a revolving door.
It's one big club, as George Carlin used to say, and you ain't in it.
That arrogant Gottlieb boy.
The Gottlieb boy.
Scotty Gottlieb.
Yeah, he was the FDA head under Trump.
You know where he is now?
Sitting on the board of directors of Pfizer.
That's right.
I'm not making that up.
You're gonna believe this clown?
No, no, these vitamins aren't good for you.
No, they won't help you.
You need to shot, little boy.
Little boy Scotty.
You sell out.
How dare you?
Don't call these big pharma.
Call a spade a spade.
They're drug lords.
And now they came out.
Johnson & Johnson CEO came out today.
And said, that is Lola.
L-O-L-A, Lola.
Yeah, Rachel Levin.
I got that clown telling me about health.
Look at these people, they're telling me about health.
Lighthead over there, one after another.
Now they're saying, get ready for the other shot, come the winter.
So here's the deal.
And when I come back, I'm going to talk about what's going on in the markets and inflation, because that's really big.
But this is important.
There's going to be an economic boost.
There's no question about it.
And it's going to be a big one.
The COVID war is winding down.
For now.
Next year, they're going to be selling the new variant.
Yeah, COVID war 2.0.
Take advantage of what's going on now, but be prepared for what's going to happen next.
They're going to loosen up.
No question about it.
But come the autumn, and come the winter, they're going to tighten up.
And, one country after another, as you know, again, it's all in your Trends Journal, right here.
TrendsJournal.com, history before it happens.
Wanna go to Spain?
Gotta get that shot.
Wanna go to France?
Gotta get that shot.
Wanna go to Greece?
Gotta get that shot.
And now, just before I came on the air, the EU, or is it the F-U-E-U, anyway, pushing more and more for the vaccine passport.
So what are the implications of this?
It's neat though.
But we're fighting to bring it back and so are Alex Jones and all the people that work on InfoWars, this great crew.
And again, I'm launching a church.
Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
So there you got it, the EU COVID certificate.
If we don't fight, we're finished.
I want to live heaven on earth.
I'm not one of these cats that believe, oh, when I die, I'll go to heaven.
I want to make heaven now.
And I got all these low lives that suck the joy out of life.
Arrogant little Andy, daddy boy Cuomo.
Mindless Whitmer, witless Whitman.
Little DeWine, a little joik over there in Ohio.
Clown boy Murphy.
Gruesome Gavin.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, do what you can to support InfoWars.
And don't forget, we're having a Fourth of July Festival of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
We're again in Kingston, New York, starting at two o'clock.
Gonna have great speakers here.
We already have Gary Ngo, Patricia Finn, Lynette Zhang.
That's right.
And more.
And great music, great time.
We have to unite for freedom, peace, and justice.
We'll be announcing more of it on the Occupy Peace site.
And again, it's up to you to keep freedom alive.
It's up to us.
And we can do it.
I'll show you how weak they are.
When Obama won back in
No, no, excuse me.
What was it?
And Cheney, Dick Cheney, I got to be proper.
I don't want to get censored.
Penis Cheney.
He was getting blasted.
He was down.
And all of a sudden, he started making the rounds on TV.
And I'm saying to myself, here's this guy going out there defending himself.
There's nobody defending him.
That's right.
You can get these people down.
You could beat them.
And you beat them with things that they have no idea about how to win.
Freedom, peace, and justice.
You beat them on all those.
They got, these cats are so tight, man.
Not an ounce of boogie, not a drop of jive.
You wipe them out.
Moving on.
I want to talk about the markets.
The Dow's down again today.
It's been flat down, flat down, still hovering near highs.
You know why?
They're waiting for more inflation data and to see what the Fed's going to do.
So here it is.
The higher inflation goes, the higher the Fed has to raise interest rates.
The higher interest rates go, the lower the economy falls.
The entire economy has been built up with cheap money.
Not only here, around the world.
European Union, negative rates.
Japan, negative rates.
As we wrote in the Trends Journal two weeks ago, over in Turkey,
They got that turkey over there running the show, Erdogan, another power-hungry freak.
He fired his central bankster.
Third one in two months.
Inflation's at over 15% and they're raising interest rates.
Because if the money stays cheap and people keep getting all that cheap money, inflation keeps getting higher.
Back to the markets.
If inflation keeps going higher, which we forecast it's going to, you're going to have to raise interest rates.
You know that housing boom that we're in now?
Where people are outbidding everybody without even looking at the places?
Over, when interest rates go up.
Commodity prices, they're surging.
Of course,
That's adding to inflation fears.
Recently, copper hit an all-time high.
Came down a little bit.
Steel, tin.
To build an average home, a new home, with lumber, with just the lumber, $36,000 more for the house.
So the Fed's saying this is only temporary.
That's a lot of BS.
Will inflation numbers come down?
Oh, how about cars?
Used cars?
Way up.
Will they go down?
But how far down are they going to go?
Say they go down 50%.
They're still up over 150%.
Goes back to the markets.
When the Fed raises interest rates, this thing's going to crash big time.
It's going to go down like we've never seen before and it's going to be into the greatest depression.
We've never seen inflation spikes like these in different categories.
Oh, take a look at oil prices right now.
Brent crude, $72 a barrel.
Go back to March 2020.
It was down to next to nothing.
It's at a 2018 high.
Has been this high since 2018.
Pumping it in your car.
India, China, all the people importing it.
Prices going up everywhere.
They're going to have to raise interest rates.
So what's going to happen to the real estate market?
Where prices have gone up very sharply in select areas, particularly suburban and ex-urban areas beyond the suburbs, in the hot areas like up here in Kingston, New York.
The prices here, according to Bloomberg, went up the highest about several months ago.
Because we're 90 miles north of New York City.
The Catskill Mountains are right over there and the Hudson River is right behind me.
A couple of miles away.
We're on the Hudson River.
So people are flooding up to this area.
These prices in those kind of hot ex-urban areas around the country are going to stay high.
Commercial real estate... And now when interest rates go up and all that debt they got to pay?
So now today, Facebook announced that if people want to work from home, they can.
You see the polls coming out.
Again, it's all in the Trends Journal.
You see the polls coming out.
People don't want to go back to work if they're commuting long distances.
You know, you're an hour and a half on the LIE to get into New York City, an ugly drive.
So there you go, Facebook's got more employees, choose full-time work.
What's going to happen to the commercial real estate?
What's going to happen to all those businesses that depended on commuters?
And it was overbuilt before.
In New York, before this happened.
East side, west side, all around the town.
For rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent, for rent.
For rent, for rent, for rent.
Now, it's for rent, for rent.
There you go.
Well, they got 86% of workers don't want to return to office full-time.
So those are the kind of things we're writing about in the Trends Journal and putting it all together.
And when I tell you the importance of interest rates, this is from the Trends Journal.
This is the printout.
You have a flip book, by the way.
And you can listen to it.
Trump says Fed should cut rates to zero or less, attacks Jerome Powell again.
This was 9-11, 2019.
Our pathetic, slow-moving Federal Reserve, headed by Jay Powell, who raised rates too fast and lowered too late, should get our Fed rate down to the levels of our competitor nations, and now have as much
As a two-point advantage with even bigger currency help.
Also stimulate.
All right?
This is before the COVID war began.
People forget what was going on.
The Fed was buying up, dumping, they bumped in seven trillion dollars into the repo markets, the overnight markets from September 2019 to the beginning of January 2020, just before the COVID war began.
This thing is so artificially propped up and it's going to come down hard, big and hard.
But you can prepare, prevail and prosper.
If you can see what's going to happen, why it's going to happen,
And steps you might want to consider.
Where's gold prices going?
Where's silver prices going?
Where are oil prices going?
Where's real estate going?
Where's cryptocurrencies going?
Again, another whole load of crypto stories in the Trends Journal.
We are in a period of flux right now.
Even the media is weakening on Biden.
Today they said, you know, he's leaving the country and things aren't stable for him.
This thing's gonna go down big and hard.
So you can prepare now.
So thanks for tuning in.
We'll see you on Monday.
And remember, do what you can to support InfoWars, and of course, the Trends Journal, and Occupy Peace.
Thanks for tuning in.
Gay frog jokes are always worth a good laugh, and I've certainly played along with the mainstream media's attacks on myself and others that have tried to expose the fact that deadly chemicals have been specifically allowed into the water and food supply to lower our fertility, to dumb us down, and to make us more manageable.
And that's just a fact, and the New World Order is on record setting this up.
It is a scientific dictatorship.
But now it's more important than ever to realize that InfoWars has had so many successes in taking a story that nobody else was covering and pushing it to the forefront where it gets the attention it deserves.
Here's a great example just recently.
We were amongst the first a year and a half ago to expose the fact that COVID-19 was purposely released out of the Wuhan lab and that it was a manufactured virus.
Now that's mainstream news.
So it is you, the incredible audience of this radio slash TV program that is changing the world.
You're the reason these important reports that the system is scared of actually get out.
So now,
If we simply have a movement like the left had of Free Tibet for so long, it can have a massive effect.
But instead of Free Tibet, which I also support, we should also have Save the Frogs.
Frogs are a living mascot, an example of how we're all in peril and how these chemicals are giving us cancer, they're sterilizing us, they're lowering our fertility.
And they are also confusing our sexuality.
And that's just a fact.
And the globalists are bombarding us with these chemicals while promoting sexual lifestyles that also reduce population.
This is all being done from a scientific level of reducing human numbers.
It's not because the scientists like gay people.
And this isn't a judgment on people's, quote, sexual preferences.
This is about chemical warfare that is destroying frog populations, fish populations, bird populations, and in every western country, plunging our populations as well.
This is scientific fact.
This is reality.
That's why we've launched the Save the Frogs initiative.
We're building a website with reports and articles and many of the mainline documents and peer-reviewed studies so people can go there and see the facts for themselves.
We have dozens of reports we've cut with top scientists and others that are already posted to Bandot Video.
And your ongoing support of Infowars allows us to continue this important work, that if we're able to expose it, will stop the globalists and their agenda of depopulation dead in its tracks.
So again, we have three different colors.
They're for men and women.
We have black, green, and cream.
Save the frog shirts at InfowarsStore.com for $17.76.
These are high quality shirts.
They spread the word, and they fund the Infowar.
So, get your Save the Frog shirts, made in America, at Infowarestore.com today.
That's Save the Frogs, Infowarestore.com.
There are now over a hundred peer-reviewed studies in just the last year documenting that surgical masks do nothing to stop the transmission and the spread of viruses.
It's a hoax.
It's a fraud.
Here's another article on InfoWars.com, a major German study showing exactly the same thing.
But Fauci knew that.
He wrote a study himself, his name's on it, in 2008, saying not only
Do masks not work?
But most of the deaths of the Spanish flu back in 1917, 1918 were caused by people wearing masks and it breeding bacterial pneumonia in it.
They're filthy diapers.
Many people dying have died of bacterial pneumonia and they call it COVID-19.
And the criminal Fauci and others knew it all.
That's why it's more important than ever to keep InfoWars on the air.
Our big sale ends this Monday, so you've got three days left.
Storewide free shipping, double Patreon points, and things like DNA Force Plus back in stock, 40% off.
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