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Name: 20210608_Tue_Alex
Air Date: June 8, 2021
2360 lines.

Alex Jones discusses various topics including covert war between China and US, socialism among Democrats, New World Order system, UN's handling of COVID-19 pandemic, masks, vaccines, bumper stickers, InfoWars emergency news alerts, supplement product Urex 2, Great Awakening, Great Reset, Canadian quarantine rules for unvaccinated travelers, German law on companies and shedding artificially created microorganisms through vaccination, importance of Governor Abbott, Governor DeSantis, free will, globalist system, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, billionaires like Bill Gates and Elon Musk, taking action against New World Order, Trifecta Pack, Super Male Vitality, COVID-19 virus engineering, Joe Biden's racist comments, Iranian scientists claiming COVID-19 was engineered with AIDS-like insertions, censorship of information about COVID-19 emails, British government stating that the virus is man-made, Judge Joe Brown discussing crime bills sponsored by Joe Biden, social media platforms suppressing views and ratings of videos, self-hate and self-loathing in society, suppression of truth, normalization of topics like sexualization of children, censorship on such issues, Nazi minister of propaganda's statement about lies being told long enough and loud enough, coalition formed by "Beta Boys", feminists, lesbians, homosexuals, and transvestites, Hollywood promoting dysfunction, glorification of masculinity, attack on family values, LGBTQ agenda infiltrating society, limited number of lifeboats on a sinking ship, men staying on the ship while women and children take the lifeboats first, transgender individuals participating in women's sports, mega-banks influencing media, academia, military-industrial complex, importance of promoting information and ideas that counteract powerful entities.

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I've got to say, at first they were running the tables on us.
At first it was a football game.
Going into the locker room at halftime, they were 23 points ahead.
We'd had no points on the board.
Now, we're going into the last three minutes of this phase, this game, and I'd say we are about seven points ahead of them on the board, and we've got the ball.
But things can change with a few minutes left.
Remember, there's always another battle, another war, another go-round.
But the world's really starting to have a learning curve go up on Fauci.
Ran it with Gates.
They controlled it.
They made it.
They lied about it.
They blocked good therapies.
They killed millions of people.
They sent sick people into nursing homes to get a higher death rate.
These are some diabolical people.
And what does diabolical come from in the Latin?
Diabolical means of the devil!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the Info War and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe it!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
It has become one of those annoying reminders of impending doom that we all choose to ignore.
But, like any disease, it is always best to catch it early, while the symptoms are still growing.
We are all aware of it.
We are in a covert war with China.
Sure, the Chinese suck-ups and our government wouldn't admit it, even if we were under imminent attack.
The reason that we're in the crisis that we are today is not because of anything that China did.
It's not because of anything the WHO did.
Yeah, I mean, as you say, the events have really gone underway here now.
We can see President Xi Jinping standing on the gate of heavenly peace, symbolically above the portrait of Mao Zedong, who of course proclaimed the foundation.
And the beginnings of the People's Republic of China on the 1st of October 1949.
This is a celebration of 70 years of Communist Party control of China.
And the media would gaslight you into a corner if you let them, as Kellen McBreen revealed.
Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and Foreign Policy Magazine are all currently receiving money from the Chinese outlet.
For example, as part of a $700,000 advertising campaign paid for by China Daily, Time published 75 online articles from the outlet in the past year.
The lucrative deal
Resulted in Time posting content promoting a Chinese drone maker that provided products to surveil Uighurs being held captive, an article promoting China's five-year plan, and several other pro-China pieces.
Unlike the Wall Street Journal who once took money from China Daily, Time Magazine failed to disclose the fact that the outlet is funded by the Chinese government, as we experience a soft kill strategically tearing our country apart.
Socialism used to be a really scary word in the United States.
It helped fuel the Red Scare when Congress carried out massive witch hunts to weed out suspected American communists and traitors after each world war.
Democrat lawmakers are now embracing socialism.
They want to replace individual rights with total government domination.
So is this political zeitgeist that's upsetting the status quo a fad or the future of politics in America?
I can give you about 20 million reasons why socialism doesn't work.
That's how many people lost their lives under Joseph Stalin.
And a lot of them starved to death.
I mean, I'm sure Ms.
Brunick, if she would go read a little history, she would understand that.
Before she reaches a final conclusion, though, I would suggest that
She may want to visit North Korea.
I hear it's lovely this time of the year.
China is eating our lunch and the sack it came in.
China is going to eat our lunch?
Come on, man.
Last night, I was on the phone for two straight hours with Xi Jinping.
And you all know as well as I do, these folks, and it was a good conversation.
I know him well.
We spent a lot of time together over the
Over the years I was Vice President.
But, you know, if we don't get moving, they're going to eat our lunch.
Every single federal employee, U.S.
media organization, Hollywood celebrity, or professional athlete supporting the Chinese Communist Party must be held accountable because the point of no return grows on the horizon every day.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, June 8th, the year is 2021.
We've got a big broadcast lined up for you today with Judge Joe Brown in studio.
The film you just saw is at Bandai Video.
We are living in a time when the globalists are engaged in a massive revolution to roll out their pedophilia.
They're forced abortion, they're animal, human spliced clones, frankenfood on the store shelves that are part insect, part animal.
It's all being rolled out now.
And they call it the revolution.
I told you 16 months ago, I said, this is a globalist takeover, a revolution.
Klaus Schwab came out and said, yes, it's a great reset.
And now they're all over the news saying, oh, we're doing this to lower carbon.
Oh, we're going to do lockdowns all the time.
We're going to tell you where you can go and what you can do.
And if you can have a car or maybe you can only travel outside your country three times in your life, everything will be given to you in carbon rations and carbon
Credits that are tracked through a global social credit score.
Talk about a dystopic nightmare.
It makes that episode of Black Mirror that came out five, six years ago look like Disneyland compared to what this is going to be like.
And let's explain this.
People go, oh, we reported 15 years ago on the plan for a global social credit score being built in China.
Black Mirror came out six years ago.
I had people all the time go, oh, you got that from that Black Mirror episode.
And sure enough, now I'm seeing on Twitter, Alex Jones got animal-human hybrids from the new show Sweet Tooth.
No, I got it from research.
And again, it isn't about I got this, I got that.
It is about the fact that this is all pre-planned.
And then they roll out this stuff in movies and TV shows to condition people so they accept it in the future.
And that's what this is.
So let me drop a giant bombshell on you.
Because while I'm going through these literally hundreds of articles a day, I see huge giant stories that are hiding in plain view, but that they have phrased away where it doesn't sound like a big deal.
Because on a scale of 1 to 10, trying to make you take experimental inoculations is a 10, when they're actually hurting and killing people, on a scale of tyranny.
I mean, that's as bad as it gets.
And what comes with that is what the UN kept saying the last 16, 17 months.
Our holy grail is to go into houses, test people with PCR tests, and take those away that we say have COVID.
And they set the machines.
At 40 cycles, meaning 94% of the tests are false.
And of course it's even worse than that.
So they're allowed to come with a squad of contact tracers.
They don't even know that you've been falsely put on the list.
But oh, somebody near you may have had COVID.
They calm the computers there.
It's given an order.
It's like a hacked voting machine to say you've got COVID and then you disappear.
And you've seen the arrest all over the world.
You've seen the families taken.
You've seen in Texas, men gassing up their car and police slamming them down in the concrete.
Or in New York,
Black people being grabbed and beaten and slammed by white cops and black cops.
And if that was a white cop doing it over a gun the guy had, oh, the white cop would be bad.
But if you're beating a black man's head in over not wearing a mask, well, you're a hero.
So you see, this is the system saying violence and incarceration and attacks on those who are not following this UN directive
Well, those are okay.
But if you're chasing someone that just robbed a bank, well, that's police brutality.
And that's what this whole system and this entire takeover is all about, ladies and gentlemen.
And so let me give you this huge piece of news.
This news is so big, I'm going to wait until the next segment, because I need to be wearing a sports jacket to talk about something this bad, this evil, this big.
I was sitting there looking at my closet, and I was thinking, I'm going to put a sports jacket on today.
I'm like, no, it's kind of hot in the office today.
I'm not going to put a sports jacket on.
This is important stuff, though.
I don't want to put that thing on.
But you know what?
Just a sign of respect, a sign of, hell, I ought to have a three-piece suit on.
This is so important.
It's like we're going to a funeral here.
But I'm going to tell you when we come back, that is hiding in plain view and is blood curdling.
And if we stop this, we stop it all.
So that's coming up next segment.
And it's just as big as them announcing a week and a half ago, two weeks ago, that, oh yeah, it's legal to splice humans and animals.
And by the way, we're doing it.
It's just as big.
It's a key ingredient for the recipe of hell on earth.
So that is coming up.
Next segment.
And the minute I saw the headline out of Reuters today, I knew what I was going to read.
And sure as hell, it's what I thought.
And it's all going to make a lot of sense when we come back.
And again, we already have all the documents.
We knew they were going to do this.
We knew it was coming.
But how are they going to make you take these vaccines like Bloomberg and CNN say, well, we just need to make people for their own good?
And then Owen Schroyer goes back to visit family in St.
Louis, goes and picks up a golf game, and the older men he's playing at golf quit and refused to play halfway through the course because they couldn't bully him into taking the experimental deadly shot, which both guys admitted they both got super sick when they took.
I think he said one took Johnson & Johnson, the other took Moderna.
One of them couldn't get out of bed for a week.
But man, he did it to keep everybody safe!
Even though they admit it doesn't keep you safe and doesn't work.
And oh, there's new variants.
Sorry, more shots.
Simply incredible.
Yeah, all these folks are losing their jobs, you name it, for not taking the vaccines.
Well, that's better than losing your life.
This is the battle.
This is the super state wanting in your body.
So we're going to come back and hit the giant news.
Let me just get to this now, because I never talk about this, and it's such a key part of the battle against the globalists.
And if the listeners of this show get excited about this, we will change the world for the better, which we do on a consistent basis because of all of you.
So overhead shot, please, for TV viewers.
I want to show folks this.
I came up with this idea a few weeks ago, I guess about a month ago, but we had a snafu getting this because we've been using the same bumper sticker company for about 15 years.
And I had an idea, a brainstorm, and I said, I want these bumper stickers made.
I'm going to sell them at cost.
In a bumper sticker activist pack to get the word out.
And here they are.
Masks are for slaves and criminals.
Vaccines kill.
Alex Jones was right.
Freedom lives.
Arrest Fauci.
Arrest Bill Gates.
COVID-19 is a hoax.
Legalize freedom.
And then life is fiery with its beauty, an Alex Jones quote from my Magellan rant, InfoWars.com.
Now, do you see this bumper sticker of your TV?
Notice it looks a little different.
It's printed a little bit different.
It's a front peeler, not a back peeler, and all the others aren't.
And we always have high-quality stuff, so these stickers are better than this one.
We have a high-quality supplier with, you know, the best thickest, best stickiest ones.
You notice that?
They last the longest.
Now, these are high-end bumper stickers.
This is a piece of junk.
But you know what?
It has more value than all these because the place that did it just got my business.
I'm gonna try to get them to upgrade their printing because they are for free speech.
It went all the way to the owner of the company and the company we've used for 15 years said we will not print masks are for slaves and criminals.
Because they had the people in there on their floor wearing masks and they thought I was insulting them calling them slaves.
Isn't that the perfect microcosm of Stockholm Syndrome?
You're being enslaved by the UN, a global medical cartel, Fauci and Gates that want you dead on record.
They're doing all of this.
And then you see a bumper sticker, because they told us about a third of their crew threatened to quit because they thought they were being called slaves because they were wearing masks.
Well, you are a slave.
You've been bullied into wearing a mask that doesn't protect you.
It's a cult.
You're muzzled.
Hell, they've got laws against muzzling prisoners federally and at the state level.
Unless they're spitting and biting people, you can't do that.
There's laws you can't do it to people on death row.
So I'm saying, a mask is for criminals covering their face and slaves.
They wouldn't print it.
Oh, well, how about this then?
Are for slaves?
How about that?
And if you were wearing chains, would you get mad at me and say, well, he's calling me a slave!
Yeah, you've been enslaved!
You're a captive!
You're wearing chains!
Just like wearing a gag!
Just like wearing a face covering to dehumanize you!
So you can find the sticker pack at infowarestore.com.
And we're selling them at cost.
We also have in-game now at $9.95 with a sticker pack that goes with it.
In-game blooper for Global Enslavement and the sticker pack for $9.95.
And another big special edition deal that I'll tell you a little bit about later that just went live.
It'll probably sell out today.
So you'll definitely want to check that out.
Oh, we have a big special guest in studio coming up.
Stay with us.
We'll tell you about it as well.
Monday through Friday, we are here live in defense of liberty.
Well, the show headline today that they had for Harrison Smith's American Journal was so good, I didn't change it for today's broadcast, and it really says it all.
The Great Awakening is here, but it's really up to us whether we can stop the Great Reset together.
The Great Awakening is here.
Will it defeat the Great Reset?
Only you can decide.
Humanity is approaching the event horizon.
Choose a side and face your destiny.
Now we have a very important guest joining us, coming up in the second hour, Judge Joe Brown, who I've been a fan of
For a long, long time.
And I was out with Joe Rogan last night at a great comedy club.
And was recommended, I'm going to send Brown's info over to Joe so he can get him on his podcast.
But he has really exposed Joe Biden as an eyewitness to Joe Biden basically saying blacks aren't human.
And then I found news articles with Biden saying it.
I mean, Biden was a famous tail end of like Senator Robert Byrd.
But this guy's an eyewitness to it because he was in a D.C.
think tank.
And so got up, got up close when
When Biden was just going national and just going superstar level with the Democratic Party.
And so we're going to be showing documentation to back up what Brown said, because Brown said that on a big podcast, it got like 10 million views.
But people say, oh, Brown's just making that up.
He didn't say all that.
Well, we'll back up what he said coming up, because it's important just to see how ridiculous Joe Biden is.
Because, I mean, he's always been a racist, and that means they're actually using race to control people.
And now he's trying to teach the brown people not to be racist, and he's doing a damn good job.
And so that's what he's doing.
It's race-based politics to control people.
It's very Machiavelli.
It's very cynical.
It's very evil.
All right.
Let me hit this giant news.
Now again, when I saw this, I got mad at myself because I knew that's where this was going.
We understood it.
We've said it.
We've warned it.
But I never specifically pointed out why France, why Germany, why Australia, why New Zealand, and now Canada
He is basically leading the way down the rat hole line.
And so the reason this is important, no matter where you live, is this is where the UN is standardizing this, setting this up.
They admit, we've played the UN Director of Emergency Response, say this, and say that Canada is the model.
So the UN is piloting and running this model in Canada for citizens and non-citizens alike, that
You've got to pay over $4,000 to be locked up in a government facility.
First it was hotels, now it's secret facilities.
You get driven in a bus, and you stay there 14 days, and get this, you cannot leave your room.
It's solitary confinement.
I was talking to Craig Jones, one of the top grapplers in the world, a few weeks ago when he invited me out to his show, where he won in like 60 seconds, but
He was explaining to me that he can't go back to Australia because when his other family goes back, they just lock you up for two weeks and that his hometown is still locked down right now.
It's the same thing.
You cannot leave the room even one hour.
People in maximum security prisons get out one hour a day or more.
This is stronger than maximum security presence.
So the holy grail... In fact, guys, pull it up.
I should have told you.
It's my fault.
His name's Ryan.
Director of U.N.
Emergency... Global Emergency Response says, the goal is getting in the home and taking people out of it.
And there's all these quotes about get in the home, take the kids, take the parents, take people to facilities.
And if the U.N.
directed can control policy, and control what you can read online, and can control what doctors can prescribe outside of law as a mass veto over Congress, the governors, the legislatures, I mean, this is power.
This is global governance.
I haven't gotten to the big enchilada yet, because if I just throw it out there, nobody cares.
Guess what Trudeau just said?
Oh, if you're vaccinated, you don't have to go to quarantine, even though the vaccine doesn't protect you, even though they admit you have to have all these boosters, even though a lot of people that are getting the shot are actually shedding the virus and actually getting other people sick.
And that's all confirmed now.
Remember, that was a conspiracy theory six months ago when it all started.
People taking the shots.
Now it's confirmed and Germany just passed a law saying you can shed on people and there's no liability on the corporation, the doctors, or the individuals that do it because we're quote shedding artificially created microorganisms onto people.
In fact, pull out a sunny stack guys.
I forgot to cover that properly.
Think about the magnitude.
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Reuters.
Canada prepares to ease quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers.
What does the headline really say when you read the article?
Canada prepares to lock up the unvaccinated.
See, first, oh, we lock everybody up.
Now the trustees that let Bill Gates and the UN put their experimental Franken shot that's already killed and maimed so many.
Oh, you get free mobility if you've had the shot, which we knew they were going to do with the vaccine passport and all of this, but here's how they do it.
You want to cross our border, whether you're a citizen or not, you're a prisoner in our country, and your country you pay for unless you agree to take whatever new shots they want.
Gates says he wants you to take hundreds of new ones.
They're saying, oh, mRNA is so great, we're going to cure the flu, we're going to cure the cold.
When they actually know in their genetic testing that all these viruses we share with each other share genetic material with each other and that that's part of our immunity.
And that when you take these vaccines, even classic ones, it lowers your immunity to everything else.
It may teach you immunity to that one exact thing, but it lowers your immunity to everything else.
And now they're saying with the new mRNA vaccines, it actually causes it when you come in contact with a similar virus to have a huge autoimmune response or allergic response and kill you.
Not to mention attack proteins in your body.
I mean,
This is saying you can travel in and out of the country.
You're a special little slave.
Because you've taken your shots.
That is what they're trying to duplicate everywhere.
That's why we need Governor Abbott, who's getting better, digging out of that hole he was in, and Governor DeSantis and others to pass laws, not just executive orders, saying this will not be allowed.
This is bullying and intimidation into all of us.
Here it is.
Canada prepares to ease quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers.
And it says at first,
They're going to, you know, make you stay half as long and still pay.
And then, you know, it may just arbitrarily change, but then we'll probably completely stop it.
You see there?
But oh, you don't have your little digital ID thing on your passport integrated into the computer system, the backbone, the matrix of the global social credit score, the world ID that Gigi Ping and Klaus Schwab have called for that will then be a chip.
Hell, if you're gonna take a deadly mRNA gene therapy to be able to travel, you'll take a chip, and Swab says you will accept it on national French TV!
I mean, this is like a science fiction alien takeover!
Locking you down, making you take chips, take gene therapies that kill your ass!
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
If you're a TV viewer, you'll have a chance to see this.
I'm gonna ask the crew to post this to InfoWars.com.
Better turn me loose!
Better set me free!
Little bit better than I used to be, because I'm alive!
Live wire!
Come on, baby!
Gotta play with me!
Joe Rogan this morning sent me this clip, and I tried to find it online so we could duplicate it without putting a bunch of stuff out, but here it is.
So I guess we can remake this meme, but this has been taken down.
I guess at the time Joe screenshotted it late last night, it was still up, but you notice it says,
Joe Rogan, Fauci now recommends face masks over your eyes so you can't read his leaked emails.
Now obviously that's a joke, but oh, look at what Twitter did.
Missing content.
The same information was reviewed by independent fact checkers in another post.
Instagram, excuse me.
So it's Instagram.
Teleprompter-free, folks.
I get things wrong quite a bit.
And the crew does talk to me when I get stuff wrong.
Thank you.
There's a big conspiracy that are telling me what to say, but they do pop in a few times a show when I'm getting something wrong.
Thank you, Instagram.
So Fauci now recommends face masks over your eyes so you can't read his leaked emails.
Missing context.
The same information was reviewed by independent fact-checkers in another post.
And so I guess they've taken this down.
Because you're not allowed to make a joke about Lord Fauci.
And Naomi Wolf, the leading feminist, wakes up, becomes pro-gun, has the Great Awakening,
Becomes pro-Constitution and says that we're going under martial law, that it's a corporate world government takeover, forced inoculations, contact tracers, and says we're all in deep danger of total fascistic takeover under the guise of the left, which is totally true.
So she's born again as Ronald Reagan.
She's a very smart lady.
She's come on our show quite a bit.
And now she's banned on Twitter, and I'm told she's getting banned on other platforms for saying that this is tyranny.
Oh, you're not even allowed to say you don't like lockdowns!
Remember during the lockdowns last year?
They were saying, oh, we're taking down thousands of groups of individuals a day who just simply try to say they don't want a lockdown.
Oh, that's going against medical advice.
What type of crazy cult
Do we live in here?
Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter!
Go back to that please, that's the Leningradian.
Naomi Wolf banned from Twitter for spreading vaccine myths.
Oh, really?
So, you define it as a myth, and you don't look at what she got banned for.
She got three warnings.
I remember seeing it in the news where she would get suspended for a week and then a month, and it was saying things like,
These lockdowns are wrong.
These lockdowns don't protect you.
Here's a study.
These vaccines are hurting people.
They're not approved.
They've been given emergency authorization.
All that's true!
But, you know what?
We don't know the last thing she got banned for.
We just know they said, well, you're just banned and no one can see what you said anymore.
We just deleted all that.
And the millions of people that wanted to hear what she had to say, you just can't anymore.
Because, you know, we know best.
Remember, Twitter also said,
Oh, we want free and open internet worldwide.
It's a human right to have access to the internet.
Anyone that takes it away is a tyrant and should be taken out of office and put in prison.
And so it was one of the top trending things on Twitter over the weekend.
Okay, well then why did you ban Alex Jones and they listened to a bunch of other people?
It's just asinine.
But see, they throw it in your face how oxymoronic all this is.
So we're going to be covering the war on men.
We're going to be covering tyranny in America.
We're going to be covering it from a legal perspective with former judge, Mr. Brown, when he comes in studio.
And I'm really looking forward to that because, again, the mainstream media was saying that Joe Biden made it up.
That's right.
They're saying that it's not true.
Joe Biden
Never said anything racist or bad.
It's all just lies, except we have all the original news articles and even USA Today fact-checked it and said, well, it's true.
Kind of like USA Today fact-checked, is it true?
If the hospital says you have COVID, they get more money?
Yeah, $53,000 more.
And if you die, even more.
There it is, fact-checked, 1977.
Biden said without orderly integration, his kids would grow up in a racial jungle.
Well, I mean, isn't that what you wanted?
So that you could then play people off against each other?
Because I'm not for segregation.
I'm not for apartheid, any of that.
But the left did all this on record to then even create more division later.
The way they did it was designed to replace one evil with another.
This is very systematic.
They know exactly what they're doing.
It's like apartheid was a bad thing.
And they got rid of it and put in communism and now they admit South Africa is ten times worse.
So it's out of the oven into the frying pan.
Or out of the frying pan into the fire.
And the left is now pushing racial conflict and racial division and it's exploding.
And racial violence is exploding.
And we have to recognize that and realize that when Joe Biden says white supremacy is the number one threat in America,
That he means to brand pro-gun, pro-American, pro-father, pro-family individuals as racist.
To then target them politically with the same type of sanctions, the same type of harassment, the same type of persecution that I have enjoyed.
But see, I intended to take them on, so I intended to be persecuted.
I made the decision a long time ago to not feel sorry for myself and to enjoy the pain.
And after a while, pain becomes actually enjoyable.
I'm not a masochist.
I'm not a sadomasochist.
It's the classical term.
I like pleasure.
Hell, I got a few extra pounds on me because I love food.
And I sure do, you know, love the fact that God gave us women.
But at the same time, ladies and gentlemen, I am, I guess, a masochist.
Or a sadomasochist when it comes to fighting tyranny.
Because you gotta go through the pain to get to the place where we defeat all these fake white shoeboys.
Which is a well-known term for about 80 years, meaning Harvard and Yale graduates that don't have any real skill, but all set up their own little gangs and cliques.
And we are ruled by white shoeboys.
And so, the New York Times and others said that I said white Jew boys rule America.
Again, they take everything real, turn it into something racial or religious to distract from the real meaning.
But that's how the system operates, ladies and gentlemen, is where someone's trying to bring you together, they inject division.
They did retract the white Jew boy quote, though.
Because the court transcript said, white shoe boy.
But you see now, if someone is offended by even how something sounds, like this.
I had a bumper sticker made.
That's brand new, every order gets one thrown in the package.
All supplies last of this, there will be some other sticker.
Masks are for slaves and criminals.
Meaning, you know, masks is what criminals wear when they're breaking into your house.
It's also for slaves because they make them wear gags over their faces.
It's illegal to do that to prisoners.
But here it is.
You're doing it.
You're accepting it.
It gives you bacterial pneumonia.
And the people packing this at the factory wouldn't pack it, wouldn't print it.
We had to go get another company to print this sticker.
After 15 years with this company, because people wanted to be offended by the fact that you are a slave of medical tyranny wearing that mask.
You should say no to that.
You should have a right to say no to that.
Here I am, pointing out your chains.
You're like, don't you say I got a ball and chain on?
See, none are so enslaved as those who cannot see that they are.
That's what it comes down to.
Oh, you don't call me a slave while you're wearing a gag over your dirty mouth, breathing in your own bacteria and filth.
Smells like a dirty diaper.
By the way, you can get all these stickers for $9.95 with Endgame at the same price.
You get Endgame for $9.95, the film, you get all the stickers with that order.
All right, here's the deal.
UK basically has announced that it's never going to end the lockdown, that it will simply tighten it, then loosen it, tighten it, and loosen it, but it's permanent.
Now, we knew that.
That was always the plan.
The UN admitted it.
And again, by the time they're done tightening it,
They will be able to send in contact tracers that are a new global medical arm.
Like the Peace Corps, but with law enforcement power to take you away to a secret facility.
And then of course, you will be intubated.
Instead of killing you with a guillotine, you will be killed with intubation.
And they've already gotten these facilities in England and in Europe and in Australia and in Canada to murder homeless people.
We've had whistleblower nurses on that shot video of their charts, everything.
And they take them in and then they say, okay, well, we're going to intubate you because you came in here and you've tested positive for COVID, even though you don't even have trouble breathing.
And then they kill them.
And then now they have been corrupted.
And now they have a hospital that's murdered a bunch of people.
And that's why you see key hospitals in key cities in Canada, but also in other areas, but also in blue cities in the U.S., like New York, where they're actually killing people.
And once they've gotten them to kill somebody for the system, now they're signed on to the corruption.
Now they can be tested to carry out all sorts of horrible behavior.
And then people like Governor Northam go on TV three years ago and says, well, we make a decision with the mother, not with the state or anybody, whether a newborn baby is viable.
And if the mother doesn't want the child, or we convince her she doesn't need to have the child, then we do not necessitate.
And then we keep the baby comfortable.
Well, we keep it comfortable.
Now, resuscitation doesn't mean that the heart stopped and the baby's dead.
It's a legal term that they're creating in the bioethics boards of new law that if we accept it, it becomes law.
And then it's what it is is eugenics.
Because you heard about how they used to sterilize poor people and how they'd actually quietly kill really deformed children when they were little.
And you can argue, well, that's a nice thing to do.
I don't
And they're coming out and saying, we're all obsolete, period, and robots are replacing us.
So when you sign on to getting rid of little kids, and you sign on to getting rid of old people, like Bill Gates wants to do and Klaus Schwab wants to, you've signed on to getting rid of yourself and not having value in human life.
So we need to value human life, not value it.
And I know this audience gets that.
But we have to get that out to the general public and warn them because the system that's going in worldwide is coming here next with a more deadly virus they're going to release.
They wanted a controllable one that they owned, that they controlled, that is synthetic, so it would scare the scientists.
But they are going to release things far much worse, I believe, in the near future if the public and the world accept this and accept the control that they brought out.
If they get about 80% vaccination injection, if they can get U.S.
cities to stay locked down and get other cities to accept it around the world, they're going to launch something much, much, much bigger.
But I've got to say, at first they were running the tables on us.
At first it was a football game.
Going into the locker room at halftime, they were 23 points ahead.
We had no points on the board.
Now, we're going into the last three minutes of this phase, this game, and I'd say we are about seven points ahead of them on the board, and we've got the ball.
But things can change in the few minutes left.
Remember, there's always another battle, another war, another go-round.
But the world's really starting to have a learning curve go up on Fauci.
Ran it with Gates.
They controlled it.
They made it.
They lied about it.
They blocked good therapies.
They killed millions of people.
They sent sick people into nursing homes to get a higher death rate.
These are some diabolical people.
And what does diabolical come from in the Latin?
Diabolical means of the devil.
And if this isn't Diablo, baby, I don't know what is.
This is bonafide Satanism.
Satan sets up evil that's based on murder and dehumanization and devaluing life, and then puts a price on devaluing yourself, so you sell out yourself to devalue others.
So that God can be pushed away from you so Satan can get full control of you.
Because you're the real target.
The productive, smart, intelligent person.
If Satan can get you, boy... Woo!
He's doing good, good, good.
So that's a question for all of you.
What side do you want to be on?
You don't want to fail this test like Bill Gates did.
And you know, that was a good point about Elon Musk.
We don't have monolithic thinking around here, and I've got some big problems with Elon Musk.
Greg Reese, that's one of our best reports, he did one basically saying he's a total fraud.
And a lot of what's in there, I think, has been totally proven.
Some of it, not completely.
Because I'd say even if he's a con artist, he's been extremely successful.
He's certainly smart.
But he wants to colonize space.
He wants a human exploration.
And he wants to colonize Mars.
I like that.
I mean, I like Elon Musk way more than I like Bill Gates or, you know, his big rival Jeff Bezos, who wants to be the first guy in space, you know, he could show off and act cool.
But there's real competition between these billionaires.
They're still globalists at the end of the day, or there's an even more powerful force behind them there that if they don't go along with it, they get destroyed.
But I like him saying, I'm against horse inoculations, I'm not taking the vaccine.
I like him coming out and saying, beware those that warn you of AI gods, or beware those that tell you to bow down to AI gods.
And so, I like those things that Elon Musk does, but I'm not going to sit there and tell Greg, hey, why don't you add those positive things into your piece about him and kind of leave it open as a question.
Because he has said, let's put in kiosk at the mall where you get brain chips.
But then he says, beware AI.
Well, it's like saying, beware heroin, kids, and then dropping pellets of, you know, capsules of heroin out at the playground, telling kids it's sugar candy.
That's a whole other area.
It's just the older I get, the more careful I am about when I say somebody's absolute pure evil.
And he may well be absolute pure evil.
I mean, his girlfriend acts like a damn demon hopping around.
But that's kind of an immature thing that a lot of young people do.
So, again,
I'm really just talking about this because it's an interesting debate inside my head and that's a good thing to have.
I like a debate about is Alex Jones a good guy or a bad guy?
They can take things out of context I've done and show me being a wild man and trying to have fun and let my hair down and say, man, this guy's a crazy person.
We shouldn't listen to him.
He shouldn't be a leader.
I mean, you know, this, this guy's a wild man.
Well, I'm not trying to be your leader.
I'm trying to get you to be a leader and you to take action and say no to the New World Order.
Judge Joe Brown is coming up.
He's here in town, came into town to be on our show.
He should be on the show about 12, 15 or so because he's almost here, but I don't want to rush him in here.
We'll just keep him into the third hour today.
Really want to pick his brain on a whole host of issues.
Extremely excited about the fact that he's going to be here.
Extremely excited about the fact that he's going to be exposing Joe Biden.
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Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Man, come on, man.
I ain't finna go Alex Jones level with y'all, man.
Come on, man.
What y'all want?
Like... Wake up!
I want people to wake up right now.
I want people to listen to me and just come out of your trance.
We have got to realize that we're being conditioned on a mass scale.
White male!
So Alex Jones' whole brand is based around the idea that he's giving you the real story, not the fake news out there.
Hey, listen!
I'm here to warn people!
You keep telling me to shut up!
This isn't a game!
Humanity is awakening!
This is Alex Jones.
The tyrants did it.
Hitler took the guns.
Stalin took the guns.
Mao took the guns.
And I'm here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!
Alex Jones!
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You guys know who he is?
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Very popular.
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You need to listen to Alex Jones.
We know we're under attack!
We know it!
We're breaking the conditioning!
I'm talking about Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
That's just level one.
What's level two?
I'll tell you.
The animated contest of liberty is waiting for you.
You've got to take it here.
You've gotta have the will to accept the truth and fuck the system and the group collective.
Do that, and you'll earn your way to the next level.
This is the Info War.
When this baby hits 88 miles per hour,
They're gonna see some serious s***.
Tomorrow's news.
There's over a hundred of these I've seen, including one Fauci wrote in 2008.
German study finds lockdown had no effect.
On stopping spread of coronavirus and other similar studies, there's another German study as well, where they talk about masks having no effect.
Another Swedish study just came out last week.
There's so many of these studies.
In fact, studies here in the U.S.
show areas that had lockdowns had higher death rates.
People were wearing dirty masks, growing bacteria and bacterial pneumonia, and not going outdoors.
Of course, suicide and drug use exploded, and alcoholism and family violence.
At Lurie Children's Hospital, emergency room physicians are seeing a 50% increase in mental health visits.
Every day we see at least 10 children or youth, if not more.
So while children are not getting as sick as adults with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, there is another contagion that is threatening them.
That's the plan, make us depressed, make us alone.
Scientists at center of Wuhan leak controversy put in charge of the Lancet task force to investigate the virus.
That's breaking all over the news today.
But of course, here we were last year saying it.
And this big report from a month ago in the Smoking Gun Report, that's just one footnote in it.
Just pointing out that you can either get it all from us up front, or then watch it doled out slowly, where then everybody's just confused about what went down.
Continuing, Twitter suspends organization for announcing they will release more Fauci emails.
How dare a public figure who's trying to keep us locked down and inject us with secret injections be subject to FOIA requests, the Freedom of Information Act.
Look, Senator, this keeps happening.
First it was the Russia hoax that the media said was not true and they banned posts about it.
Then it was a fake impeachment trial.
Then it was the COVID treatment, hydroxychloroquine.
We couldn't talk about that.
Then it was the origins of COVID that they have egg on their face.
We're also not allowed to talk about election 2020.
Look at this timeline about the Facebook Fauci censorship.
On March 15th, Zuckerberg emails Fauci suggesting that they partner on COVID-19 information hub.
And then in April 16th, 2020, Facebook posts steps that it is taking.
It changes its policy, quote, to combat COVID-19 related misinformation.
It claims.
February 8th, 2021, Facebook announces it will be removing more false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines.
May 25th, Fauci admits to modest collaboration, as we just heard.
And then on May 26th, suddenly Facebook has to change its policy again, saying it will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is mad made.
I mean, what's going on here?
Will these companies ever be held to account for this corporate dominance and misleading of information to the American people?
Well, they certainly should be.
Unfortunately, I don't expect the Biden administration will do anything to hold them to account.
Oh, the Informed Consent Action Network, what horrible people, made up of doctors and scientists and lawyers, was suspended by Twitter on Thursday after they announced that they would soon be publishing more emails from Dr. Fauci that they got legally.
Oh my gosh, transparency in government?
That's not allowed.
And Congress sits there and lets Twitter
Act like this in this beyond Soviet level.
You imagine if Putin wasn't letting groups in Russia report on COVID.
He doesn't do stuff like that.
I'd say remove Putin.
They don't.
That's happening in America.
Look at the power big tech has.
That means Bill Gates and Fauci getting their asses arrested.
That means exposing their whole anti-human program.
And you know, Judge Brown's going to be joining us coming in here at the next segment, who is really crusading against the attack on the family, the attack on the nuclear family and more.
And he's coming at the same fight we are, just from a little bit different angle.
Because anybody that's awake knows what's going on.
So Judge Joe Brown, the JudgeJoeBrownShow.com, and at Twitter, JudgeJoeBrownTV, is in studio with us.
And I'm trying to get him on the Joe Rogan Show.
I was out with Joe last night at a comedy show, but it was crazy.
And so Joe's gonna be watching today.
I'm gonna send him the show regardless.
And so this message needs to get out to large audiences as it will do here today.
So I'm very, very excited about all of that.
All right, I mentioned this last hour that dovetails with this really frightening out of control news out of Canada that is designed to come here next.
And that is this particular document that I noticed the printer cut off so we can actually pull it up out there.
But German court and then a German government has passed a law saying that vaccines can leach microorganisms into you and that someone who's been vaccinated can infect you with a vaccine and there's no liability for the government, the vaccine maker, or the person that got you sick.
I wonder why California and other places are passing laws where you can infect somebody with hepatitis or HIV knowingly and not get in any trouble.
These people are absolutely out of control.
How are they giving inoculations without consent?
To young people, to 12-year-olds, 10-year-olds in Canada, and places in California.
Very, very dangerous.
We're going to be talking about that, but here's this news.
Canada prepares to ease quarantine rules for vaccinated travelers.
Oh, but those that don't have a vaccine, even though your doctor tells you you shouldn't take it because of health problems, because once you've had a bad reaction to a vaccine, you're not supposed to ever take them again.
That was mainline science.
But now Big Pharma runs the U and they say, oh no!
You've got to just take this regardless or you get locked up in a quarantine center.
So how you translate that headline properly is, unvaccinated to be locked up in government camps.
That's really what that headline says.
Now let's shift gears in that same subject area to something really big.
Here's that meme I was talking about earlier that Instagram fact-checked and took down.
It was a joke.
Fauci now recommends
Wearing a face mask over your eyes so you can read his leaked emails.
And they fact-checked it and said, oh, this isn't true.
It's a joke.
But I can tell you this.
They certainly don't want us reading those emails because what we knew is there.
You remember the major Indian institute, the top one in India, that had access to a CRISPR machine?
And they paid the company that owns the CRISPR machine to scan the sequence of the COVID virus and it was five viruses combined with six insertions.
Now the British government says they scanned it and it's man-made.
A virus has been engineered, it's very obvious.
You can actually see the P shuttle, P shuttle gene injection points where they use a gene gun.
It's not done all delicately at a microscopic level.
They fire a bunch of these viruses in together and then hope that like one mixes together right.
Then with an electron microscope, they look at them and then parcel them out.
Then they inject that into a pig.
If the pig gets sick, they know they've got it.
They drain the pig's blood.
Intervenously give it to other pigs, and then if those pigs get sick then they keep draining the blood, this is on record, and that's how they, the pig is the biological factory to then make the virus at a massive scale.
So they want you to believe that they're able to just do this under a microscope.
Now this is all done using biological systems.
They're just like alchemists mixing things together and seeing what happens, seeing what comes out on the other side.
We covered that?
Well, guess what's in the new emails?
More coming out every day.
In 2020, Indian scientists discovered COVID-19 was engineered with AIDS-like insertions.
Email show Fauci called it outlandish, which led to the published study being withdrawn by folks that he requested demanded it be withdrawn.
And the people that wrote the Lancet study, saying this was all bull, worked at the lab and ran the program, Peter Daszak, but they had his name taken off too.
That'd be like if the police arrested you for drunk driving and then you wrote the police report.
Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in 2019 COVID spike protein to HIV-1.
And here's the original study that he got pulled.
Okay, here's a few minutes of Judge Joe Brown in that super viral interview he did with the famous basketball player of the same name, no relation, also Mr. Brown.
It's a great hour-plus long.
We've got it posted at Infowars.com.
Last time I saw it, it was like 10 million views.
But he's going to be in the studio with us coming up.
Here's some of what he said, and we'll be back with the man himself who witnessed Joe Biden's incredible racism in studio.
They'd never integrate the Little Rock High School.
They had Wallace there, who was wheeled in, and they had Bird, former brand dragon of the Klan, and they were talking about this young man who had a stupid looking duck tail like he was back in the 1950s, was the last true yellow dog Dixie Crat, and they were talking about
Joe Biden, who got up there and when the speech he gave, I mean, I was really offended.
I heard it right outside the state capitol building in Dover, which was a rundown, ransacked, old house, 250 years old.
And he said, Negro children are like roaches.
If they're allowed to integrate the schools, they will infest them and they will never be gotten out.
Joe Biden said that?
Yeah, I heard it.
He said Negroes were animals and they turned the streets into jungles and he and Senator Eastland had a plan where they could put all of these Negro animals in zoos.
Now we talk about the 94 crime bill, that wasn't shit.
The 91 was bad.
Was really bad.
The 81 was the one where One Rock got you five years, which due to some other stuff Biden and Stennis and Eastland did, it wasn't five years with parole.
They abolished federal parole.
So you get five years, you get 60 months and you get released with all good and honor time at 56 months from federal custody.
And then there was, that was the 81 when then there was a 79 and the 77.
So let's give blame where blame is due.
That bastard has been a racist dog.
And he used to talk about he understood the Negro because he was raised in Delaware.
And he said Delaware
It was a proud slave-owning state that basically copped out by not going with the South during the rebellion as it should have because they were too close to D.C.
to not be intimidated.
So I listened to this racist dog.
I kept up with him because I was practicing criminal law.
And federal criminal trials became almost a lynch thing because of what is allowed.
By the way, if you ever get interrogated by the feds, never say, I don't know what happened.
I don't know anything about it.
Because you will get convicted on one count of an indictment saying, make an annoyingly false statement to a federal investigator.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Judge Joe Brown, who I've been watching for years on TV, I know like you have, is even cooler in person than I thought.
I had an idea this would be a great guy to hang around a campfire with, and he's awesome.
Great Tennessean here.
But listen, we only got him for an hour or so, so I want to just get right to the meat and potatoes.
You ought to hear the stuff just during the last four-minute break, talking to this guy.
He eyeballed what was picked up in newspapers in the 70s and 80s before everything was, you know, filmed or put on TV or later put on the internet.
Like this headline, integrating black students would turn schools into a jungle, a racial jungle.
I don't want my children to grow up in a jungle.
And it goes on, Joe Biden's long career as a racist.
There were fine people on the KKK supporting side.
That's a quote by him.
Just unbelievable.
Biden blasted over racist comments about black entrepreneurs.
Joe Biden said on Zoom call with black Americans, this country's doomed.
It's doomed not just because of African Americans.
I mean, he just can't even hide it.
Fact check.
In 1977, Biden said without orderly integration, his kids would grow up in a racial jungle.
That's USA Today.
When I saw Judge Joe Brown
And I went over his bio, it'd take two hours, but a very interesting person.
We wouldn't have time to talk.
But the media attacked him on that interview with the former top basketball player, Kwanwee Brown, went viral.
They tried to say, where's he get his info?
He's making that up.
Well, no, he saw it with his own eyes, as you just said during the break.
So, Judge, great to have you here.
All right.
Hey, I'm glad to be here.
Yes, sir.
Somebody trying to get sense out to the public.
Yes, sir.
Well, you've got a lot to say.
So they're not calling you a liar.
They're just saying, wonder why he says that.
That's really silly.
Well, you were there.
Okay, you know what you're looking at when you see that?
It's a classic propaganda technique of flipping the script.
You know, you've been propagandizing the public to get deep, deep into dysfunction and self-hatred.
I don't like it.
But on the topic at hand, President Joe Biden.
Okay, I was present in Delaware, Dover, on an occasion, I believe it was right, circa the 72, 73, I was working with this D.C.
think tank as an intern, so I was there.
So I heard this commotion outside of the state capitol and out in the little area they had outside, they had a stage set up.
James Eastland was there, Strickland was there, John B. Stennis was there, Bird was there, and they had this character up there with a ducktail hairdo, some young guy, and they introduced him as, quote, the last and newest of the Yellow Dog Dixiecrats.
And Biden got up there and started talking about the glorious history of Delaware, how it was a proud slave-holding state, and how it copped out so many words by staying with the Union because it was so close to D.C.
They got coerced, apparently, but he knew the Negro, and he launched into the overriding question today is what to do with the Negro.
And he got into calling something a lot worse about young black children than what's in that 1977 article five years later.
He said, young Negro children are like roaches, and if you ever let them integrate into a school, they'll infest them and they'll never get them out.
And then that jungle thing, when I heard him, he had it slightly changed around.
He said, Negroes are animals and they turn our streets into jungles.
And if elected, I promise to do everything I can to put them in zoos to make the streets safe.
And I'm looking at this guy, I had an Afro out to here, you know, this is 19, early 1970s.
I had come in from Los Angeles and I'm going, what the devil is this?
You know, and then... A serious throwback.
Serious throwback.
And then, see, nobody called anybody negro then.
It was black, or African, or Afro-American.
And then, I ran into him over the succeeding years when I was practicing criminal law, and I know that it got a lot worse trying to deal with federal cases in 1981.
When he came up with that cockamamie scheme to get the animals off the streets and into the zoos, as he put it.
When they introduced an act that made one rock get you five years in the federal penitentiary.
And that wasn't just five years because they wrapped, it was five years because they wiped out federal parole and probation.
So somebody got a one five year, one rock five year sentence.
What wound up happening is he did about
Fifty-six to fifty-eight months before he was released from federal custody, and he was bragging about that.
He used to say, one rock, one rock, we'll get you five years, we'll get you five years in a federal penitentiary.
And to boil that down, if white lawyers were using ten times the amount of cocaine, they might go to jail for a year, or maybe a plea bargain, maybe just probation, but if you were using crack,
That was introduced by the CIA into black neighborhoods, then less cocaine would send you to prison longer because it was a drug that was associated with black people.
Yeah, it's like $60 worth of crack would get you the same sentence as 10 grand worth of coke powder.
Now, let me say something about that.
You said CIA plot.
I don't know if it's a CIA plot, but I know damn well something's wrong with the crack equation.
See, crack is refined cocaine.
Uh, they used to do what they call freebase it.
In other words, put it in a spoon, etc, heat it up, let the impurities burn off, and then they'd shoot it up or whatever they want to do or smoke it.
But it's like a 55-gallon drum of 93-octane fuel being cheaper than a 55-gallon drum of crude oil.
It doesn't make any sense unless there's somebody subsidizing the pipeline.
And I've had DEA agent friends who have retired and said, you know what, it just doesn't make any sense as to how you get that rocks are cheaper.
They're selling a Ferrari cheaper than a Ford F-150.
And how does it get into the country?
It doesn't come into the country as rocks.
It comes in as powder.
But we do know about Iran-Contra.
I mean, that was a
Well, yeah, the Iran-Contra and the Stinger missiles that are still unaccounted for.
There are about 1,700 of those floating around somewhere in the world to shoot down somebody's airliner on approach or on takeoff.
And it has happened.
It has happened.
And we don't deal with that.
That's that other thing about that assault on the Second Amendment with, we're going to have to get the machine guns and the assault rifles out of the
Well, assault rifles are, by definition, they are machine guns, not just something that is a semi-automatic AR, which doesn't stand for assault rifle, it stands for Armalite.
It's been around for 50, 60 years.
And the real stuff comes in with the shipments of drugs that they can't stop with the war on drugs.
I wonder, Judge, they admit millions and millions of quote Chinese assault rifles since the 90s have been brought in.
Where do they go?
They're not sold in gun shops.
No, they're not.
You can't just walk in and buy a machine gun as per the popular press.
And by the way, there's an interesting thing.
A Bush appointee to the federal bench in California just issued an opinion this week saying that- I wanted to ask you about that.
I actually have that, sir, right here.
Wow, I could talk to this guy all day.
We're going to go to break.
It's almost like he's a famous talk show host.
Judge Joe Brown's here with us and I want to finish up with Biden because that's important to get on the record.
I mean, you know, he's in all these newspapers and all these articles saying it.
We know he did it, but you're an eyewitness to it, and I've not seen that yet.
So we'll be right back with Judge Joe Brown.
I'm Alex Jones.
All right, Judge Joe Brown's here with us.
He says he'll ride shotgun right into the next hour, maybe even take some calls.
Wow, this guy's fun to talk to.
He's really smart too.
And I agree with everything he's saying during the breaks.
He wants to go all over the place.
This guy's almost as out of control as I am.
I love it.
So Judge Joe Brown's here with us.
I know you're sick of talking about Biden.
I'm sick of looking at him, that stupid, you know, mullet he's got and all the rest of it.
It's important because people that try to expose his racism are being censored and blocked on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram.
And people tried to claim that, well, you didn't have any proof of what you said, even though I just showed USA Today and everybody having the same quotes, basically, you said.
But you saw stuff that was even worse.
Specifically, though, if I saw Trump say anything like that, I wouldn't have voted for him.
But they called him a white supremacist, all these horrible names.
With, with no proof.
Then we have proof with Biden, not just your eyewitness testimony, but others, and it's on record in transcripts.
Hell, he said this stuff in Congress that, well, you know, the KKK is good too.
So he, he went to, he was big buddies with the Grand Cyclops or whatever it's called, Robert Byrd.
So, so, so just on this subject, on the record, Judge, what do you make of this and what do you make of the attempts to defend him while they call Donald Trump and Republicans Nazis?
Do you swear or affirm that the evidence you give here today will be the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you?
I do.
Now, eyewitness.
Let's get on with this.
Let's deal with the collateral effects of what this, I call him a jackass and an idiot.
Well, I guess that donkey they have up there for the Democratic Party, that's a jackass, right?
So, Chief Jackass.
Let's get into this.
The bad thing is what he has done that is not readily apparent.
He sponsored legislation that you get in the 1977, 79, 81, 87, 91, and 94 crime bills that allows federal prosecutors to use the criminal process of the federal law.
I'm looking at you, Judge.
I'm looking at you on that monitor.
You look right over there, yeah.
Yeah, so I just wanted to see what it looked like.
You look good.
So anyway, old man's up there upholding.
Anyway, what happens is that
It now allows the federal attorneys in various districts to use the criminal process to persecute people, to bring criminal charges they know cannot be sustained for the specific purpose of financially bankrupting or ruining these people so they cannot continue on.
And that's not what America is supposed to be about.
That Bill of Rights?
We think of the Bill of Rights as containing all of these criminal rights, but they're not for criminals.
They never were set up that way.
They were designed to keep the federal government from being used.
And that's important.
You're saying it's one thing to just be a racist and not like this group or that group.
That's bad enough.
But he's actually trying to take all our rights.
It's like, if you could imagine
What those German fascists, the National German Socialist Workers Party types did over a 15-20 year period to try and take control of Germany.
You can see the same thing inherent in the assault on the Bill of Rights that is slowly but surely allowing the federal government to acquire mechanisms to be used for persecution if you have the wrong people in office and we have the wrong people in office and they do not need to be doing what they're doing.
This is classical tyranny.
This is tyranny.
The First Amendment was never designed to prevent somebody from feeling uncomfortable.
And now you can't say anything against certain groups if they feel discomforted.
We have this thing where we have come to depend upon Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
My next question, let's introduce that.
You did a big viral interview with a famous basketball player with the same last name.
Kwame Brown.
Millions of views per platform.
Then you saw it.
Tell me what you, because I've seen this happen to me on Joe Rogan and other big top shows.
Explain what you witnessed yourself to.
Kwame Brown is an interesting person.
He is a single parent father, raising his children all by himself.
And he's not just into basketball, he's into business too, and he actually has a concern with manhood, womanhood, childhood, and doing the right thing.
That's how we got put together.
Yes, and he was on my show just this last week past, so we were on each other's shows.
He's a good man!
We got in there, and we had gotten 46,000 views when it was live, okay?
And the most that we have for Biden was 21,000, and I think Trump got 47,000 views one time when it was live, and then we quickly ramped up to a million, million and a half, and then I noticed something peculiar.
We had 2.6 million views within hours, and then all of a sudden,
Uh, YouTube started showing 2.1, 1.9, 1.6, 1.1.
Now somebody can't un-view unless you, you are now under my power as a Jedi Master.
You did not see that, you know.
But that's what they try to do.
Oh, there you go.
We're up.
They didn't want it validated, because if you get 2 million views in a couple hours, this is going to go to 100 million, 200 million.
When they see a zeitgeist, they kill it.
That's very rare, but it's happened to me, it's happened to you, and I've seen it in real time.
We've done screenshots.
That was going to go to 100 million views.
People were going to resonate, come together in racism, bring back the family.
It was powerful.
The interview was incredible.
And because it was lightning in a bottle, they said,
Because when they suppress the views, it suppresses the rating.
Because when you get that top view, it sends you to the top of the chart.
So it's not just about making people feel like, oh, you didn't get those views.
It's about not letting you go to the blue ribbon spot at the top, which then makes it bigger and bigger.
Well, okay, let's take my show.
Fifteen years.
Started out with Paramount and CBS, though we're all affiliates of Viacom.
They brought in a very interesting individual named Roger King, who had
...benefited from his father's work in syndication.
Uh, King World.
Uh, not King World, um... Yeah, King World.
And Roger King was a football player.
Big guy!
And he brought in Oprah Winfrey, who he had discovered, and Dr. Phil, who he had discovered, and they gave him me and Judge Judy.
So for the last four or five years of the show, when he was running this set, I was beating Oprah damn near every week in the year with ratings.
Phil every single week.
I remember when you were number one.
Yes, and see, but they did not want a straight black man to be the number one TV show in America.
Because you're...
Patriotic, you're parental, and that's not what they want.
No, see, what I was trying to do is public peace, dignity, and order are important.
Duty, honor, obligation, responsibility, accountability, dependability, making where you live a better, safer, more secure place filled with economic prosperity, ethics, morality, and sense of purpose is important.
Men should be men of peace and order who can be brave and courageous when necessary.
So what happens is that we find people who are trying to tamp that down and switch us into a country of licentiousness, hedonistic pursuit, and the devil with those things that humans have stood up for throughout our sojourn on this planet.
It is disgraceful.
I'm black, okay?
And I remember in the 60s when black people had a real problem with self-love.
We were deep into self-hate because we had been down in all the media.
You never saw us except in a subservient, very insulting role.
So we decided to be, I'm black and I'm proud.
Black Power!
And that was a way to bootstrap your own mind up until you started thinking well.
Now we have these people who are so deep into self-hate, self-loathing, that they hate what they are and they hate what they want to be.
And now we have them juxtaposed on the educational system, so we have them looking like harlequin women,
Masquerading as such, and they're teaching our children how to read and read stories to them, and that is just inculcating them with... And there's a large agenda, we're going to come back and talk about that, because your main push is the family, and that is the most important push.
There is an open push to have men dressed as women come talk to our children before even a... I haven't talked to my children when they're five years old about sex, but they want a weird dude in a wig to talk to my children at age five about sex when my children haven't even thought about that.
Have you seen that thing that's making the circulation on social media?
It's a first grade teacher in New York.
Teaching kids how to shake their ass.
Yeah, no, not how to masturbate.
So it's got video and everything else, and they've got a little cartoon thing, and now they've got a play they didn't see.
Oh my God.
Hold on, Judge.
I mean, if you want to get humorous, I mean, it's like Judge Joe Brown used to have high ratings on Oprah Winfrey, but they tried to suppress the show.
I remember watching it and hearing about it.
And now here he is in studio with us, hosts his own
Shows multiple times a week, does all these big viral interviews.
We're very blessed to have him.
I tell you, this guy is something else.
You're really missing out during these four-minute breaks.
But he mentioned this, I didn't even know about it, but here it is.
Report, New York Dalton School teachers, that's where Jeffrey Epstein taught, teaches six-year-olds about masturbation with a disturbing cartoon.
Judge who handed Drag Queen Story Hour sponsor arrested on child porn charges.
So you just brought that up.
We just backed up what you said.
Judge, give us your take on this.
Okay, well that judge is honor, if I can say that.
We're good to go.
I remember, and I'm in my seventies, I remember all of the little ditties and things that went on when I was in the first, second, third grade.
Stays in your mind, you know, all of those little things.
What's gonna stay in these kids' minds?
And this thing about masturbation, uh, wow.
John, that is the school teaching you about sex when your parents don't even do that.
In the first grade.
This is pedophilia.
Okay, can you see this scene?
Johnny, do your homework.
No, mother, I don't want to do it anymore.
Johnny, please.
Mother, but it's sore.
I've done it five times.
You know, a little humor in there, but that's how ridiculous this mess is.
So, what are we doing here?
I agree with you, because I didn't even find out about
That, until I was like 10 or 11, that took over all my time.
Imagine five-year-olds, I mean, they're literally perverts trying to have first contact with you about a sexual experience.
That is, that's pedophilia.
What was it?
See, I don't want to get on homosexuals.
They have a right to do what they want to do, but this LGBTQ thing is a cult, and it's becoming the official state religion.
I mean, the parents can't opt out of this kind of thing.
They have no choice.
The children are made to sit through there, and it's like you had a religion where the government imposes it on the citizens.
And that violates the First Amendment.
That is certainly a violation of the First Amendment, but you can't even say anything against it without getting censored.
Where's this guy been all my life?
It's like I'm in my own brain right now.
And then you have this thing here.
Where, for God's sake, you've got school districts that pass stuff out to children telling them how to get around their parents.
I've seen brochures people have given me.
Where it instructs the kids to go to Walmart or Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy and you can get one of these loaded credit cards and put your money up cash and get fifty, sixty, bill it up to a hundred dollars and it tells you sites where you can get these adult toys and it tells- Or abortion pills!
No, not abortion pills.
It's worse than that.
I ought to get these dildos so that they can practice insertion, so when they have their first homosexual experience, it'll be a pleasant one.
And if they can't do that, they tell them how to go shop for cucumbers, for God's sake.
Well, you told me about this.
I didn't know about it.
What else is going on, Judge?
Also, how to use hair conditioning as a lubricant.
I mean, what are you giving this to children for, and telling them how to do it so their parents don't find out?
If a man was doing this at the park, he'd get put in jail, because it's a rainbow flag, and the teachers, it's happening.
Yes, see, now, there is this thing that Josef Goebbels, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda came up with, Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler do, if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, you can get anybody to believe it and swear to it.
Now the truth is an implacable enemy of the lie and Goebbels warned over and over again the truth must be suppressed so it does not interfere with the popularity of the lie.
So what we have right now is a suppression of truth.
You have a U.S.
For God's sake, who has been suspended from social media because he simply states an unpopular position?
They declared not to be true, therefore we won't let you see it.
Well, the whole American thing is all about freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and petition for redress of grievance, and even if you don't agree with a point,
The consensus that develops from being able to hear all sides is what makes this country what it is.
It's important and it's necessary and when you have the only means available for communication with the masses of people, where social media becomes the soapbox on which the person stood to advocate, down on the corner, down in the park,
Down in front of the church or town hall and you take that away, where are you going here?
So you only have one position allowed and one of the things that you seek to do when you have propaganda is convince the majority of the people that they are in the minority.
In other words, you become reticent and reluctant.
They bully you in the submission.
Well, it's not even bullying.
You just don't want to say anything because I don't want to be the outside freak here.
Everybody else thinks this way, but I think that way when actually everybody else is thinking that way.
And you've got a situation.
You're saying it's gaslighting.
It is gaslighting.
And see, it's flipped the script.
Uh, you have terminology.
So you're flipping the script back?
Yeah, it's like you've got things like homophobic.
Homophobia is ridiculous.
Straight people don't have an unreasoning fear and phobia of homosexuals.
They just don't like them.
They think it's distasteful.
Well, we just don't want you teaching our five-year-olds, heterosexual or homosexual, stay away from our kids.
In other words, what you do in your own bedroom is your own damn business.
Get your freak on if you want to.
But, when you start trying to barge in somebody else's living room with their children, family, and themselves in there,
They are, Judge, they are beating us over the head with it.
I mean, it's everywhere.
I mean, it's like, for God's sake, I got on an airplane coming here, and I'm in first class, and they have these screens right in front of you on the seat back, and I turn it on, and for this month's special, everything on there for movies, just about except three or four of them had some gay thing.
Oh yeah, and now Trudeau in Canada says it's going to be the whole summer is gay pride.
Well, yeah.
And let's talk about gay pride.
So they're forcing the menu.
It's one thing to have a gay thing on the menu.
No, no, no.
It's you're going to do this.
You're going to hear about what we do in our bedrooms.
That's weird.
And then look at this.
Let's say gay pride.
That's their business.
But psychologically, something is way wrong when you manifest it by having men standing on a float down on their knees and they've got on leather chaps and nothing else and everything's hanging out.
I was about to say, they say bring your children to a gay parade like Blue's Clues.
Well, I've seen the videos of these things.
It's like people stabbing themselves and crapping on the street.
I mean, this is like... It's a burlesque and it does not show pride.
It's a psychological manifestation of self-hate.
Like, look at this.
This child here, somebody needs to be in jail for this.
They bring that little boy when he was up to 7 and 8 and 9 and he's now 11.
And he dances half-naked in front of men that throw money at him.
And then the people in the video have already committed suicide or died that actually are with him.
Yeah, somebody needs to be locked up.
Look at this.
That's a burlesque.
Does a woman look like that?
That's a little victim.
Well, that's mind control.
Yeah, but does any woman look like that?
See, it's not only for the children.
The thing is, that's a boy.
They're trying to make it a girl, but you see how they portray femininity.
That is also impacting girls.
Well listen, the guy that handles that little boy just committed suicide, or he died of an overdose.
He famously cut up his gay boyfriend with a chainsaw.
Yeah, and then see, look at that.
Why are they doing this?
Look at this.
Why are you showing this horrid burlesque to children?
And the other thing is, see, there's a difference between being sexy and just being trashy.
And my other thing is, is women need to be protected from this because this gives a very bad image of women.
Women do not dress like that.
Well that's right, now gross obese men are posing as women.
And I'll never forget when Cuomo on CNN said five years ago, women were complaining, saying, we don't want the coaches to shower with our 10-year-old girls and see their genitals.
And he said, if your daughter sees a man's penis and doesn't think a woman's beautiful, that's mind control, she's a bigot.
So if your 10-year-old girl doesn't want to be in the shower with a coach that calls himself a woman but is really a man, is really a pervert,
Then you're bad.
I mean, that is mind control.
I mean, look at this.
Women don't look like that.
This is a parody of womanhood.
But you see, it's an abomination of women.
And that is, when you take it all together, that destroys the family.
It's like, take BLM.
BLM, until some black people, not far-right Republicans, got on them about the con they were running on the public.
And you get through there what we believe.
Hold on, stay there.
We're doing the whole next hour.
BLM, the Second Amendment.
We're going to get back to the attack on the family and how we fight back with Judge Joe Brown.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hour number three, straight ahead today.
You don't want to miss this.
And tell everybody you know to tune in right now.
That's how these shows get around the censors.
The judge has a big announcement coming up next segment that I actually magically brought up.
I didn't even know.
So that is coming up next segment.
But finishing up with the sexual assault on children, on their minds, on their innocence, with the rainbow flag attached to it, a lot of convicted pedophiles are now being caught at schools, elementary schools.
Uh, at, uh, libraries, they come, the children sit on their laps, they read to them, and it's these horrific-looking obese men dressed like clowns saying, this is femininity.
And you're right, it's not just assault on children, it's an assault on women.
It's when I first met you today, you said, Alex...
It's the attack on the family that's going to unify humanity, and that's why I'm unified.
I've always been unified and love everybody, but I know there's all sorts of weird stuff that goes on, people get mad at each other, that happens.
But all that's a side issue compared to this evil assault on the family.
Where is it coming from?
Let's get some history here.
Fifty-five years ago, when I was on UCLA's campus, I heard the beginnings.
You had a coalition that was forming.
You had what we call the Beta Boys, the white guys that couldn't get along in a white man's world, because essentially they wound up being nerds, dweebs, and all of that other stuff that
Came into being the term applied.
Then you had the feminists who hated the fact that they weren't men.
Then you had the lesbians who hated men.
You had the homosexuals who were scared of men.
And they sort of formed the coalition and they wound up embracing those who were transvestites, as they were called then.
That didn't give them the ballast, but there was an anti-war thing, and the popular thing was, hey, man, you know, like, we gotta stop war, man, and, like, you know, the man thing, man, is like a war thing, so we need to change the way we raise boys to men so we raise them like girls, and they will emote and cry and shout and let it all hang out instead of being so uptight and starting war.
Sisters, we must raise our children to be like us, so we are... And all that nonsense.
So when you put that ballast in the anti-war thing, which I assume was driven by that concern with...
Greetings from your president.
You are hereby ordered to report to your local induction center for a pre-induction physical pursuant to your being declared a 1A.
People didn't want a free, year-long, all-expense-paid vacation in sunny Vietnam.
So, we had that ballast added.
There was another thing that went on.
Hollywood studios that did movies
We're going bankrupt because of color television.
What had happened was your typical theater experience, which is you walked in anytime you want, as an adult you paid 50 to 75 cents, you got to see two movies, a sub feature, and three or four cartoons, and you sat as long as you wanted and left.
They came up with the bright idea of doing
One show that lasted as long as people would come instead of two new movies every Thursday and Sunday.
They started appealing to certain minorities by going to the lowest common denominator to get the cash flow out of that.
And as a black man, I know I did not like these blaxploitation movies where they started glorifying dysfunction as the norm, which was bad.
Instead of aspiring to be a businessman, an upstanding father, a member of the community,
Uh, pimps, hoes, uh, drug dealers, gangsters, robbers, burglars, and thieves were glorified and made the heroes.
And you took the trash element and you made them very important.
They dedicated themselves to a 25-year, 50-year, and we're at the 50-year point, 75- and 100-year programs, and they talked about how they would have a secret party that they could belong to.
You're laying the total knowledge on people, because I've studied all this, but you've lived it, and I've been on there 27 years.
This is next level.
Because you're giving everybody the gestalt of all your knowledge, and then to how they did it in their secret program, where it's leading us.
We're back in 60 seconds with Judge Joe Brown.
I am blown away.
This is exactly what we're facing, and he's detailing it all.
Stay with us.
Now let me never forget where I was.
Look, I love all our guests, but I don't tell people it's one of the best interviews ever for no reason.
Judge Joe Brown is blowing me away right now, because I've studied all this stuff, but he lived it and saw it, and to hear him, it's just taken us next level.
So, he's been on fire the last hour he was on, but that little five-minute segment, some stations don't care that they air news there, and of course he had to just do a grand slam at that point.
So I asked him to recap what he was saying, and he just got to the point
Where he's there, he's witnessing on the campus, the socialists, the communists, and their secret plan to take over society, to end war, by ending the family.
And you see, Black Lives Matter goal is to get black men to transition to women, and to end the nuclear family.
That's not what your friend says to you folks, and headlines like, the nuclear family was bad, let's get rid of it.
Well you see, this is the enslavement of everybody.
So Judge, you're on fire my friend, please continue.
Okay, let me approach it this way in a recapitulation.
Right now, BLM took down their manifesto, which is Black Lives Matter.
But when you got into the manifesto, the first point was, we are for the destruction of the traditional nuclear family.
They tell you that.
That's their point one.
Then it's going, we are to destroy cisgender privilege in the family.
Cisgender means normal people, men and women, mother and father.
And you see this assault on motherhood, so you're not supposed to say mother anymore, you're supposed to say birth parent.
That's absolutely preposterous.
But how did we get there?
Well, fifty-some, fifty-five years ago, I heard this on UCLA's campus.
I don't know.
Nerds, the weed... That's big tech that later... Dorks, yeah, this kind, who couldn't, they were white guys who couldn't make it in the white man's world because they just couldn't cope.
They didn't match the macho imagery and disposition.
You had the feminists who hated the fact that they weren't men, and you had lesbians who hated men, you had homosexuals that were scared of men, and you had a lot of other people, but that wasn't enough to really get it going.
You had this thing with the war.
And you had women preaching all the time that war was a man thing and the way you stop war is we must raise our boys like girls so they learn to cry, to emote, to shout, to let it all hang out.
Oh, gee, man, we got to teach the boys, man, like they're the girls so they don't get uptight, man, and get it building up and get war.
So you got this unisex child clothing, unisex child rearing, no war toys, cap guns, water pistols, BB guns.
Target doesn't have boys and girls sections, but of course my daughter, daughters, it could be the girls here, the boys there, she goes right to the girls.
She's designed that way.
Yeah, so girls like to shop, guys like to get outside, but you're supposed to kill that off.
So anyway, what happens is that added the ballast to this movement to get things going because people didn't want to spend one year on a free, all-expense-paid vacation in sunny, hot, humid Vietnam.
Now, that has kind of evaporated since we don't have the
We're good to go.
Tune in, turn on, turn on, tune in and drop out.
In other words, you just drop out and you lose all your standards.
And instead of saying duty, honor, obligation, which were looked at as bad terms because they led to war, you were supposed to... And so that's why in Austin, the mayor goes, we want homelessness and needles and feces.
We want to collapse.
That's virtuous.
He was taught that.
See, what they wanted was, it's all about you, don't have anything, be, and even the Army picked it up wrong.
Be all you can be is their slogan.
I got a standing ovation from an assembly of officers and men in the Corps of Engineers when I said that's wrong.
Instead of saying, be all you can be, because you can be a damn fool, be all you ought to be.
And that's the standard we ought to have.
Well, that's just like that army of one.
You're not an army of one.
You've got to be together or you're going to lose.
Yeah, we are a social species.
We don't operate all as one.
We're not the tigers stalking through the jungle.
We're the lions in a pride.
We're lions, we're not tigers.
Looked at and analyzed by the Nazis as an ideal propaganda engine, the best in the world.
And I'm sure, since I learned that in political science, some of these people that were in this 25, 50, 75 and 100 year plan that they had envisioned, they saw an opportunity to take over from
Those who were driving the movie industry into bankruptcy because they traditionally, well they kept on with the tradition of two movies that changed everything.
Because you had one old dying order being taken over by the left that actually infiltrated it.
Just like academia, law enforcement, everything.
They came up with this one movie that lasts as long as people would come to see it.
Instead of every Thursday and Sunday, you got two new movies, cartoons, etc.
At every movie house, you paid 50 cents.
And that's true.
The TV was more leftist before movies.
Well, it's not the television.
It's those that control it.
The TV was driving it out of business.
So what happens is they brought these new guys in.
I'm saying you're absolutely right, because the radicalization happened in TV first.
Fresh ideas come in, so the fresh ideas brought this other stuff, so they started glorifying dysfunction.
Pimps, hoes, prostitutes.
Even Bill Maher said that.
He said, it's not new thinking to say, we crap in the kitchen and eat in the bathroom.
Just because, like, hey, let's get rid of the family and cut our, you know, let's take drugs and kill ourselves.
That's not new thinking.
We already stopped doing that because it doesn't work.
That's very bad.
So what happens is we get, not, the Nazis started in 1920.
By 1940, we had a worldwide disaster called World War II going.
That's 20 years.
But they only had 20 years.
We have had 55 years of the same sort of propaganda, negative propaganda, and just imagine what's happened with us when it has slipped into our subconscious minds, our lexicon, our ideas... That's what you said, the same propaganda used to keep black Americans down has now been used against everybody.
Yes, and it's exactly that.
We have this situation now where, okay, homophobia, toxic masculinity, that's one.
They said all masculinity is toxic.
What we have to do is step-by-step change the perception of masculinity so that... And they admit they've been doing that, but everybody wants it though, so how are they going to... But we see everybody thinks they want it.
They didn't really, but they've been conditioned to want it.
Back in the 50s they had this thing on television where they had these subliminal ads that would flash on so quick the conscious mind would be unaware of it.
Drink Coke, smoke Koobs, smoke Chesterfields and people that have a craving.
FCC got on it, but they've used sophisticated methods to put that in to the person's mind, so... Well, now they're telling men be feminine.
Men think that... Yeah, but you see, that's why we have so much damn violence.
See, masculinity is not toxic.
What dare to... No, exactly.
Masculinity keeps order.
It's about the business of being in charge so that where you are is a better, safer, more secure place.
You're a guardian.
Now, masculinity isn't just kicking people's ass for no reason.
Here's the other thing.
We were talking about getting a steak.
That's asserting ourselves at the top of the food chain.
We are the apex predator on this planet.
There is nothing we can't kill, and we kill each other just like a... No, you're right.
It's a ritual to go eat cow.
Yeah, but see, we are the best killers on this planet.
We're gonna conduct that ritual tonight.
And I'm going to talk to you about an off-spin-off on that too in a bit.
We are.
But anyway, see, we're the best killers on this planet.
And part of masculinity and what it does is inculcate, socialize, and acculturates young boys so they become very familiar with that killer that's in them.
That beast.
So you know how to handle it.
You've dealt with bullies as you've grown up.
You become a man.
You get in control of yourself.
You know there are places you can do this, places you can't do this.
And you look in the mirror and every morning you ask yourself, have you been a proper man?
Are you going to be one for the day?
And you do what you're supposed to do.
Now you take that away.
And you get all of these idiots shooting these schools up.
I'm telling you, I'm sold!
Pastor Brown's telling us!
Because they don't have masculinity!
Judge Joe Brown is on fire!
And the show's always on fire, but fire is now on fire.
And we're all simpatico here.
We got the producers and crew bringing in articles for Joe Brown, and he knows about it all, and I'm not kissing his ass, it's true.
He knows about a lot more of this than I do, and I always get impressed by that, because I study basically all day long.
I'm addicted to information.
But that's what I've seen is first they attack masculinity, the judge was saying, then they attack femininity so they can define everything and take control of it and make it political.
He was explaining the secret third party in America.
And then one of our producers, a nice lady that works here, brought in this article, vagina owners.
So now these weird men that claim they're women
And want to go out and say they're women and want to approach children because a child's afraid of a man, but not as afraid of a woman.
These are predators, are calling it vagina owners and menstruators and attacking women.
And finally Naomi Wolf and all the top feminists go, wait a minute, we're women, we got our own thing, don't take over our space.
Now they're understanding how sick and evil this is, Judge.
See, this is a good thing.
They formed this coalition with these people to get what they wanted.
Now they're beginning to see the inherent contradictions in some parts of it.
They're calling women menstruators, bleeders.
That's like an N-word.
They're attacking them.
And then the other thing, they call us norms and, oh my God, breeders.
And boomers.
And all of this other stuff.
Well, not boomers, but breeders.
No, I know, yeah, yeah, because we have kids.
Yeah, in other words, how disgusting.
So, they're trying to flip the script on that.
Now they've attacked masculinity.
It's now toxic to hear them declare it.
Now they're attacking... Listen, I'll tell a story.
My parents have a friend who's a business guy, nice guy.
He's gay, quote, homosexual.
He died a few years ago.
And I had just had my firstborn child, and it was his birthday party, and he invited me to his birthday party downtown at a restaurant bar that he rented out.
Now, I'm a nice guy.
I'm not against, you know, somebody that's gay or whatever, homosexual.
I'll go to his party.
And they come in and see me, and it's all a bunch of men and a few women there, and my parents are there.
They're their old family friends.
And he's literally there, and they go, oh, you had a, you had a, oh, that's gross.
And ooh, there's these homosexual members saying it's so gross that you have a child, had a son.
And I said, you know, you're a weirdo, so I'm leaving, and I left.
But I'm saying what you just said, these people are crazy.
I mean, you go to their party to be nice to them, and they say you're bad because you have a woman and you had a child.
That's satanic.
Now see, LGBTQ's site used to say 8 or 9 out of every 10 people in Hollywood were practitioners or followers.
So what you're talking about is part of the instrumentality of Hollywood and that is something you have to grasp.
You need to grasp it because a lot of what you get
through the screen is produced by people who have an agenda to push that.
Now, this other point that we raised when we were talking before about the parties.
There are three national political parties that have influence on what happens.
Two of them are official and one of them is not.
You have the jumbos
That's the elephants, that's the Republicans, you have the jackasses, that's the donkeys, that's the Democrats, and you have the rainbows.
And you see somebody can be a jackass in a rainbow or a jumbo in a rainbow and the jumbos and the jackasses get to creating confusion and
It's the fifth column.
That is a very bad thing.
Explain that, because you really gave me an epiphany where you explained, because it's the big tech nerds that came up with this scheme, because they looked and said, okay, it's a white man's world, which had its own issues, humans aren't perfect, so instead of the Christians trying to unify everybody, which we were going on that process towards real success, they then came in with a scientific plan to attack our very biology and make us basically artificial?
See what I used to hear but I haven't heard in 50 years is they used to pray for the development of effective human cloning.
Now they hadn't cloned anything then but they have in the interim and the thing that you hear secretly is
If they perfect cloning, they won't need men anymore because men are an unfortunate necessity for the generation of the next... I'm so impressed.
I've never interviewed anybody that gets it like I do.
Oh my God.
Now... How the... But you... I gotta stop right now.
Let's explain this.
And then next, once you say we don't need men, then we don't need women, then humans are a corporate production.
Have you noticed the trend toward androgynous... Yes.
Okay, that's the idea.
Fluid gender.
One of the characteristics, one of the fallouts behind that was 50 years ago they started what I thought was a peculiar assault on medicine, technology, and science which was way up on a pedestal.
And then it dawned on me, I said, you can't have this kind of faux science that says there are fluid genders a hundred and twenty... They were bullying science to get control, just like bullying police to get control.
So when you listen to this, science supports fluid gender.
You got maybe four or five out of a hundred scientists and medical people that support that.
I finally found my guru right here!
My God!
That's what's wrong.
See, that propaganda, when you control the engines of communication, when you control all of the effective forums, and you censor anything to the contrary, you can get everybody believing this.
See, for 120 years, the average human on the planet Earth has, to a great extent, been shaped by what he or she sees in the movies.
In the 30s, 20s, now, whatever, what they see in the movies is how they get their ideation.
The movie industry, the television industry, social and mainstream.
It's like a baby duck imprints.
Yeah, it imprints, exactly.
And that becomes the voice of the village.
And see, there's no effective parenting now because parents can't do what they need to do to parent.
You can't touch your kid.
He calls the police.
Hey, grab the bag.
Well, you see, you know what this whole thing about parenting is?
Is you impose an artificial pain on the child, because if he did not deal with what you tried to instruct him to do, or her to do... He'd get run over!
No, there was something very large, with a large appetite, large size, long fangs... It would eat you!
Yes, it would eat you.
You'd be a nice...
You're using the Sabretooth Tiger analogy that if the baby didn't learn to don't sneak outside the cave at night, you'll get eaten.
I don't want to beat you up, but you didn't listen.
Let me give you a taste.
Just like my dad never wanted to spank me.
With a flirt fourth time, I went out on the road, almost got killed.
He beat the hell out of me.
And I learned, hey, I go on that road, I get in pain.
Instead of dying, I live.
Yeah, that's it.
See, and we, we, we have this sickness that is pervading us.
We're good to go.
Being able to support your children, you have children to support yourself.
You see, you don't have to be educated.
You can get along, you can sit on a... And I get, and you get, that they're creating an artificial globalist bubble to anesthetize us so they can actually eat us, take us over.
But there's another thing, too.
Right now, this is causing a diplomatic mess.
We are flying on the... Hold on, Judge.
Oh my gosh.
Judge Joe Brown, man.
Judge Joe Brown is in the house and he's going to be on the American Journal tomorrow morning.
They're going to tape that today and more.
We're very excited to have him here in Austin, Texas, down from Tennessee.
Sir, you were continuing with
This takeover of the human system, the final revolution, and what these organizations are doing and how now even feminists are waking up to it.
How do you recommend we fight it?
How do you recommend we resist it?
Well, see, understand that ordinary, normal people, the norms that they call us, breeders as they call us,
We are the overwhelming majority.
Now this is what's happening.
If you take any survey, statistically about 5.6%, really actually less, of our system is into actively practicing the LGBT stuff, alright?
For 55 and above, depending upon whose stats you read, it's 1.5 to maybe somewhat less than 2%.
But to show you how the propaganda is working from 25 to 18, it's 16%.
And there's an interesting characteristic that is, well not interesting, but a tragic set of characteristics that flowed from that.
We have for the last 20 years, and this is from the U.S.
Department of Defense, from some white papers they came up with in 2011, analyzing the first decade of the 21st century.
They were determined to find out why
People weren't coming in there tough, even though they could make them physically strong.
You had to bring the toughness in.
They determined that there were not enough fathers in the family, and they noted that 42% of the American population, 35 and under, was born out of wedlock, and somewhere around 80%, 20 and under, were born out of wedlock because of a lack of fathers.
And then, those statistics have not changed, and we find this, for the last 20 years, on average, all ethnic groups, not just black or some minority, but all ethnic groups, only 28% of each year's high school graduates are male.
Only 32-34% of the undergrads in America are male, and only 36% of the grad students are male, and this is the ridiculous one, only 44% of the workforce is male.
Explain that!
This is seismic!
They're not just teaching that white people are bad and evil and deserve to be cut out.
They're saying males in general are bad and it's good that most of the college graduates are women.
That's not empowering women.
Those are women being married off to the state, off to the system.
It's the end of the human system.
I don't know.
Women feel nice, rewarded, and they feel good about themselves if there are certain things done that women naturally respond to.
But they've been taught that those things are demeaning.
They've been given an alternative set of standards to respond to.
Exactly, they're very genetics.
Want something, they're told that's bad.
That's bad.
But then they're given an alternative, and when they get and accomplish those things, they feel flat.
They don't feel anything.
So they're caught in this muddle of disappointment.
And the left says, get deeper into the lie.
That will reward you.
Yes, and the solutions are actually the causes of the problem to begin with.
Yeah, why is it that white women are the most mentally ill group in the world?
Statistically, they are totally depressed, killing themselves, because they embrace this.
They killed their own role.
They killed who they are.
Yeah, in other words, let's say, what is the most fundamental aspect of a woman?
What's the most fundamental aspect of a man?
Well, if you get real primitive, or you get back to some closely associated relative... But you get it, it isn't even rel... I mean, the word's primitive, you're right.
It's what we are.
Yeah, well, yeah, I'm just saying, so you can see... Yeah, using their term, you're right.
You can go to the zoo and watch the baboons or the chimps, and you can see the same thing.
You can see any animal.
And what happens is, we've got sexual reproduction.
So, one half of that species
Gets pregnant, gives birth, one half impregnates, provides, protects, etc., etc.
So men, we sort of... Well the entire species is built around procreation.
That's what we are is procreation.
Yeah, yeah.
So an attack on that is an attack on our existence.
Yeah, so in other words, the fundamental role of a woman is to be a mother.
And everything that is physiologically
Going into that, the middle thing that marches in lockstep with that to encourage it, the culture, is under assault.
Men, we're supposed to protect it from those things that might find us a handy and tasty snack, and we're supposed to provide.
But you see, men are no longer supposed to provide, and women are no longer supposed to appreciate motherhood.
They're supposed to depreciate it.
Well, that's the thing.
Growing up in Texas, I'm old enough to remember when, like, men weren't trying to act fancy about it.
They were knowing how to do electrical, and fixing things, and raising crops, and working hard, and cleaning guns, and cooking dinner when Mama was taking care of it.
Because the men just knew to do it.
Instead, now men just lay around.
Yeah, and see, you have to start early with both.
I'm not a...
Woman, I don't even get it, but I love him, and I'd die for him.
But let's just focus on the men.
You have to start telling a male child, act like a man.
That's not what men do.
Son, what's wrong with you?
Man up.
Don't do that.
Men don't do that, young man.
Men do not act like that.
Okay, act like a man.
And you hear that over and over and over, but you never hear it now.
And you know why it's important?
The Titanic is going down.
There are a limited number of lifeboats and it's supposed to be women and children in the lifeboats first.
Men stay on the ship and go down in the icy water.
Big tent!
They learned how they don't want to take care of the women.
That's just about pimping the women.
And then you got this new phenomenon.
The ones that are masquerading as a woman saying, I am a woman.
Oh no, you get your butt out of that lifeboat.
Let the real ones in.
And you see, what's the problem?
And the feminists are figuring that out.
That they're being thrown out of the lifeboat.
Yeah, and see this here, where they're trying to attack women.
This is going to break them up.
This is actually a good thing.
Drag queens running against women in women's track meets.
Wrestling against women in women's wrestling.
That's... Beating women up in boxing matches!
Yes, and see, feminists fought long and hard to get women's sports.
They used to lament
Why is it only the boys that get to have sports and get full scholarships to college just because they can play a sport?
Why can't women have women's sports?
By the way, look at this demonic man beating a woman up.
Oh, this is ridiculous.
This is just absolutely ridiculous.
That's a man.
That's Frankenstein.
I know it.
Now see, what happens, why is he getting the accolade?
That's not enough to prevail in a men's contest.
That's a fraud.
That's a fraud.
This is supposed to be reserved for women.
So they can get the scholarships and the accolades.
Which I say they should.
But you see, when you have this, you're just stripping it away.
You're making it a boy.
You've robbed the women, and now this fat-ass Frankenstein.
Now see, here's the deal.
She got defeated.
The woman got defeated by a man, but that's supposed to be a woman.
And we would normally call that violence and abuse of enrollment.
Oh, it's beautiful.
This guy that just won ranked about 362nd in men's track, and now they rank him number one in women's track.
If you can't make the varsity, sit your behind in the stands and cheer like everybody else.
I couldn't make the varsity track, I just sat in the stands.
I played football, but I couldn't run track, you know, so I just cheered my team on.
Instead you just called yourself a woman, now you're a football star.
Now see that wrestling?
I got a personal thing about that.
I was
In a parking lot.
I think it was Lowe's, one of these big hardwares.
Hold on, Judge.
One more segment.
Maybe we're gonna take over into the next hour, but we gotta get this guy some lunch.
This guy is on fire.
Judge Joe Brown, baby.
Oh, and we're gonna talk about your new company that I'm very excited about, I promise, when we come back.
Man, I am excited.
I've done a lot of big interviews with Trump and everybody else, but I think, I'm gonna say it, this is the best interview ever.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, Judge Joe Brown is here.
He's gonna be on the American Journal tomorrow and we're just so honored that he came here and I've always loved the show and I used to see it.
I saw them attacking him for being traditional and just promoting what works.
You know, like we breathe oxygen, that's traditional.
We love God, that's traditional.
But you have just blown me away today and hearing you get into all these points that are so true.
Then I went to the bathroom real quick.
I came back and you were explaining that
The Old South, for all its issues, was actually the Old Elizabethan English.
Stuff people don't know.
It's great to run into somebody.
Let me run it by you, okay?
The Southern Drawl is a fossilized edition of Latin English language as it was spoken in Shakespeare's time.
Is this a dagger that I see before me?
Handle toward my hand.
Come, let me clutch thee.
I see thee not, but yet I see thee still.
You know, that sounds like gibberish to the modern ear, but if you say, is this a dagger that I see before me?
Handle toward my hand.
Come, let me clutch thee.
I see thee not, but I see thee still.
See, it makes more sense than you can understand it, because it's something contemporaneous to Southern draw, you see.
But back to this other thing, it's a personal thing I have about this boys and women's sports.
I was walking from my car to a Lowe's hardware outlet, and somebody said, Uncle Joe, and I looked over and there was this beautiful young lady with a
Full arm, shoulder cast and a strut.
And I didn't recognize her until I realized that I hadn't seen her since she'd been 11 years old and she was a good friend's granddaughter.
So she was telling me how she had translated being a martial artist into a scholarship at a university for women's wrestling.
So, she was crying about being made to wrestle this boy.
And she was told that if she did not wrestle him, she would lose her scholarship and the team was forfeit.
So one of her team members, another woman, suffered three fractured ribs and a fractured jaw wrestling this punk.
And this guy, she had to wrestle
She did a compound fracture on her arm, and she'd had three operations.
For those that don't know, that means she snapped a bone out of her skin.
Yeah, and she was crying, taking the pain medication.
She couldn't focus on her studies.
She was worried about becoming a dad.
I mean, what are we used to do with people that broke women's arms?
Put them in jail, up onto the doggone jail.
And she just couldn't, you know, it was like destroying her life.
And she just said, that was not fair.
That was just not fair.
And it isn't.
So why do you allow this because somebody has the sickness to say, I hate me?
I don't want to be what I am.
I want to be something else.
So I have deluded myself and my society has helped me delude myself by saying you can do this.
And now I get to break women's arms.
And to compound this, 25 years ago I was on this advisory board for the Board of Education around here, where I am, up in Memphis, Shelby County.
Well, thirty years ago, and what happened was I was sitting in on a proceeding where they were disciplining five male homeroom teachers for having the demerity of telling their boys that they're stronger than girls, so they should never hit them.
So some parents of some daughters were upset that they had told these boys they were stronger than girls.
To control their power.
Yeah, but they felt that was insulting to the girls, so my response was, look, I don't work for this, I'm not elected to this, but I invite you to the last Thursday in the Month sessions where I have appeals from lower court convictions for domestic violence.
Come on in and watch it, and you tell me if this isn't the fact.
So, it's still a boy, still the boy's musculature, still the boy's skeletal system, and it is unfair to let these boys do what they do to girls, and it upsets the paradigm.
Men are not supposed to hit women.
And like you said though, it's not just that we're physically almost twice as strong, it's that we have an initiative to kill.
Yeah, we know how to break stuff.
And the other thing is, our mission
Is to protect womanhood, and yet you turn it into a physical thing where they can destroy individual members of that womanhood.
That is wrong.
And I don't care.
We don't need to allow it.
Now, I'm not against homosexuality.
If you want to do it, get your freak on.
But for God's sake, don't corrupt everybody else.
And then there's another thing.
And okay, a little wild, but from 18 to 25, there are more boy virgins than there are girl virgins.
That drives that whole incel movement.
Now, when you've got a society... Yeah, why is almost every mass shooter an incel?
Yeah, that's like, what are you doing?
What are you putting up?
And see, we are about to have that safety bubble pop.
The world is getting more people in it.
I agree, the veneer of civilization is peeling away.
Why is that happening?
And the problem is, is what we have is a culture developed when everybody knew everybody.
You know, people were relatives, everybody was a remote relative or somebody you associated with.
Yeah, and we had these things that developed because of the mutual love aspect.
Everybody was looking out.
I will die for my brothers.
I'll die for the guy next to me in the slit trench or the foxhole.
You know, I will die to defend... And now we have all these selfish people...
Yeah, and now once we take it away, it's going to be almost impossible to regenerate that.
Well, China's all about, they put you in prison if you're homosexual, I'm not saying do that, but they're all unified and ready for war, we're all divided.
Okay, let's take China.
The People's Republic of China instituted a quote, man-up campaign this year, and one of the problems that they are facing is an interesting one.
When families could only have one child, the women chose to abort a lot of the female fetuses, so now they have an impasse of three women for every five men.
So now they have a three-child policy.
Yeah, so now they're coming up with then two, now three's to redress that particular impasse.
Meanwhile, the army makes men wear red shoes, red high heels.
How abusive is that?
That's a cult.
Oh, that's... that's... Oh, that's too much.
By the way, one other thing, too.
I don't...
I don't like people that are so ashamed of themselves that they have to get changes made.
That's just not my kind of person.
But for every one of these sex change operations that the government pays for in the military, that's the cost of two Rhino mind-resistant vehicles.
So that means anywhere from 11 to 28, 25 young men and women
...are now subject to maiming or death because you get somebody... Well that's my issue.
In Travis County they make you pay for abortion and sex change.
Well the sex change... So I live here, I'm finally, actually I'm still in my house right now, I'm gonna move outside the county finally so I don't pay for abortion and sex change.
Because why should I?
You want to chop your genitals off?
Do it.
Don't make me pay for it.
Yeah, but to do it, see, we have to pay for it.
And see, the other thing is, while they're in service, they spend more time in medical rehabilitation than they do serving in uniform when they get these operations.
Well, it's mutilation.
Yeah, the multiple mutilations.
Would pay for devices, two rhinos, that would keep our service personnel protected in an environment where... You're talking about armored vehicles for those who don't know what a rhino is?
Yes, where their main threat is IEDs, improvised explosive devices.
Judge, we've got five more minutes in this final segment and then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
I don't want to cut into him, but you've been amazing.
Tell us, you also want to hit the Second Amendment in this, Judge?
Oh God, yeah.
This is a good thing.
We have one California judge, not California, but sitting in the District 9th Circuit that, uh... Well, this is California, right?
Yes, sir.
Appointed by George W. Bush, and it was one of the better things he did.
This guy wrote... I agree, Bush did something good here, yeah.
He did a very intelligent opinion, and one of the things, if you take out the fact that he is talking about the Second Amendment and guns, what he says in terms of the holding language is brilliant.
He said, even though a state government may have a bright idea,
That they want to impose on the citizens for their own good.
If the Constitution says no, you can't do it.
And their desire to save the public from so-called assault rifles, AR-15s, which are actually Armalite 15s, is mistaken because the Second Amendment imposes a guarantee.
And that guarantee does not need to be licensed to exercise.
It is for the purpose
In modern terms of being able to wage an asymmetric war if somebody decides to take over the government.
He said, defend your house and the homeland.
Defend the house and homeland.
And see, when you are free people, it's not safe being free.
And there's collateral damage.
Judge Brown in the studio.
Alright, Judge Joe Brown doesn't want to talk about it.
But I'm making it, because he told me privately.
It's not out yet, but I will definitely eat Judge Joe Brown BBQ.
Tell me about this.
Oh yeah, I have this other side thing.
Uh, Judge Joe Brown BBQ.
You be the judge.
I was, and I adjudicate that it is good.
We'll have seasonings, recipes, we have sauces, and the three of them are great.
It's regular, OG, and hot.
And we have chicken links and we'll have some of that near-meat, beyond-meat links and we will have some barbecue pits, cookers and such like that use either charcoal, protein gas... Because I said, hey, let me get you barbecued and you said, oh yeah, I'm gonna want some.
Oh yeah, I love barbecue.
Sir, you said you're flying out tomorrow afternoon, but you're going to come back tomorrow.
Yes, I will be back.
I'll be back.
Yes, sir.
Okay, we've got like three minutes left, four minutes left.
You were making some huge points about everything.
I have a sneaking suspicion, and this is kind of a prediction.
You can see that the mainstream media is trying to infer that Biden is perhaps a little senile.
And that gives him a face, a saving face, so they can carry out their plan, which is to resign so Mrs. Kamala Emhoff becomes president.
And under the operation of the 20th Amendment, Nancy Pelosi becomes vice president, if you can wrap your mind around that thought.
Mrs. Emhoff.
Now, why do we have Mrs. Hillary Clinton, Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, Mrs. Sarah Palin, but we got Ms.
Kamala Harris instead of Mrs. Kamala Harris.
Is that a feminist statement involved in this?
To reject this institution of marriage which 50 years ago was portrayed as an institution of female enslavement.
Another example of this mess.
And frankly, I don't trust that woman.
I was in California when she was out there and there was all sorts of corruption and bribery and extortion that was going on.
And personally, as somebody that's been involved with the criminal law for 50 years, I would say if there's a more reprehensible, unprincipled,
And dishonest segment of the human population.
It is career prosecutors.
Not all of them, but too many.
But she was like the queen of that.
From people, I mean, like she had a particular animus towards black people.
Oh, yes.
And she's not black.
She's what you call a Hindu Tamil Brahmin.
And anthropologically, guess what that group is called?
They're called Indo-Aryans.
See, she is what an Aryan is.
It's not blonde-haired, blue-eyed.
Hitler and his boys told a lie for the benefit of the German public that Aryans are blonde-haired, blue-eyed from the far north.
No, they're from... Oh, Iran actually means Aryan.
They're from India.
They're swarthy, dark-skinned, with dark, coarse hair and dark eyes, just like Kamala Harris.
And being from Jamaica does not make you African American.
Sure, but you showed the photos on the interview you were on.
Why does she have such a hard on?
Like, they said she was the worst prosecutor ever.
Like, she would just attack black people.
Like, what is the point?
Oh, well, see, from some of my colleagues out there, they tell me that she just wore short skirts so the judges protected her.
And she'd get away with a lot of stuff she wasn't supposed to do as a prosecutor.
And she was unprincipled.
Too much power corrupts.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely and career prosecutors do not have enough people looking over their shoulders.
What's that woman's name that's white with blonde hair that says she's black?
That's almost like what she's like.
Well, exactly.
It's a shame, because Indians are fine people, but I wonder about how she disregards and disses her own people by saying she's something else.
So... Exactly!
Why is she not proud of who she is?
Now, this woman looks more black than Camilla Harris does, if you've ever met any Hindu Brahmin cast.
If you look at a collection of Hindu Brahmin caste women, they look just exactly like this.
Well, that's where she's at.
She's an elitist.
Because that's the upper class.
They have casteism in India, where if you're an untouchable at the bottom and you brush up against one, you have to be decontaminated.
All right, Judge Joe Brown, we are blown away.
Your podcast, your radio shows, just Google Judge Joe Brown.
You're amazing, and you're so amazing to be here with us.
We look forward to having you back on tomorrow.
You'll also be on the morning show.
Transmitting worldwide from the Summit.News studios in the United Kingdom, you are listening to Paul Joseph Watson.
Hello, everybody, and we are back with the Summit News Hour from live here from London, where it's 25 degrees outside, 77 Fahrenheit, you American listeners.
Summer has finally arrived, but we still see hordes of people walking around.
Suffocating themselves in face masks outside, even though there's literally no law, no rule that says they have to do that, because they're part of the cult.
They're part of the cult that wants this lockdown to never end, to continue forever, and that's precisely what it looks like is going to happen here in the United Kingdom, with the news.
That this easing of restrictions, this total lifting of restrictions, the supposed freedom day of 21st of June here, in a couple of weeks time, is, surprise, surprise, not going to happen.
And we predicted it every turn of the way.
Headline out of lockdownsceptics.org says lockdown could be extended by between two weeks and a month following grim briefing to ministers by Whitty and Vallance.
Grim briefing, by the way,
And we featured this story weeks ago by the same people who were literally caught, not just caught, but admitted to the fact that they use, in their own words, and this is out the Telegraph, psychological mind control, unethical and totalitarian methods to brainwash the public into complete compliance by scaring them by putting out information and narratives that made out as if the threat from coronavirus was way worse than it actually was.
And of course, that translated in the polls, which were later conducted, which found that the average Brit found that 100 times more people in the United Kingdom had died from COVID-19 than had actually died.
That was at a point last summer.
Similar in America, in fact, even worse in America, where the average American thinks 225 times more people have died from COVID in the US than actually have.
Again, because of their fear-mongering, manipulative media.
These scientists, the same ones that we're listening to, the same ones who say we cannot end the lockdown, admitted that they wanted to, quote, ramp up the fear, again that's a quote, that's their words, in order to enlist this unquestioning mass compliance from the public.
They admit using, or they admit weaponizing behavioral psychology as a form of population control.
They admit all that, and they admit doing it for the past year,
And yet we're still listening to them.
Why are we still listening to them when they've admitted to brainwashing, psychologically manipulating the public to support measures which are completely out of bounds?
Not correlative to the actual data, but that doesn't matter because on Monday the Prime Minister's spokesman said, and not for the first time, it still remains there is nothing in the data to currently suggest step four of the lockdown roadmap can't go ahead at the earliest date.
Unfortunately, reports today are far more pessimistic about a June 21st unlock.
This is due to a fairly grim briefing given to ministers by the government's scientific advisors, the same ones who got it spectacularly wrong, the same ones who admitted brainwashing, weaponising behavioural psychology to manipulate the public, and yet this government is still listening to them.
The Times reports Britain's road map for easing lockdown could be delayed by a fortnight with cabinet ministers increasingly pessimistic.
And then we have this.
Forget about a fortnight.
Guardian reports Sunak could accept four-week delay to ending Covid restrictions in England.
Rishi Sunak is willing to accept a delay of up to four weeks to the final stage of England's reopening roadmap.
The Guardian understands as the government considers extending restrictions beyond 21st of June.
They move the goalposts at every available opportunity.
So again, people say, why can't you wait two weeks?
It's just two weeks.
Oh, but then it's four weeks.
15 months ago, we were told three weeks to flatten the curve.
This was March 2020.
Just remain under lockdown for three weeks.
It'll all be over.
Three weeks to protect the NHS.
We've had several lockdowns since.
Now we're here at a stage 15 months later where they're saying we just need two
We actually might need four weeks.
Maybe we'll need a couple of months.
Maybe we'll need three months.
Then we're into autumn.
Then we have the flu season coming back.
Oh look, we've discovered this scary new varian, or scarian.
Now we need to wait until Christmas.
The same pattern that happened last year.
It never ends.
It is never going to end until the majority of the British public stand up and tell them that they're not going to listen anymore.
It doesn't seem to be the case right now, given what the polls say, which is still 70-80% of the public.
We probably want to remain under lockdown for years to come so long as they can sit on their arses and collect furlough money, get paid by the government to do nothing.
Pretty big incentive.
So they're still trying to scare us with this Indian variant.
The Indian variant has a lower hospitalisation rate compared to the
British variant, which they tried to scare us with a few months ago.
Only 1% of this Indian variant, or Delta variant as they're now calling it, because it's racist to say Indian, and that's more important.
Only 1% of cases, 126 out of 12,383 were hospitalized.
And even in the regions you have to understand, Blackburn and Bolton in the northwest of England, where you have these large Muslim populations who
Completely ignore social distancing.
They have giant families.
They don't care.
They go and see each other.
Have been doing all throughout lockdown.
Most of them don't take the vaccine, which is their right to do.
But even in those pockets...
The variant infection rates are falling, the hospitalisation rates are falling, the deaths are falling to the point where we have now zero deaths per day on numerous days over the past couple of weeks, and yet these sage government advisors, the same ones who've been caught lying to us time and time again, are still unwilling to relinquish that power, and they never ever will.
Look at this headline that we had earlier today.
Norwegian health chief scolded for saying COVID-19 pandemic nearly over.
A Norwegian public health professional received a massive official backlash after he suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic was quote nearly over judging by the country's plummeting case numbers.
So he made the fatal error, this is Preben Avisland, a Norwegian Institute of Public Health chief physician.
He made the fatal error of tweeting a graph that showed
The hospitalisation rates in Norway were going down.
He gave people hope.
I mean, how dare he?
He actually gave people hope and said to them,
Soon you'll be able to return to your normal lives.
He said, quote, here in Norway the pandemic is almost over.
We can start preparing for an everyday life where the corona has very little place in our lives.
He said, very few hospitalized and only several thousand cases of infection are discovered every week.
The numbers are declining rapidly at the same time as more and more people are being vaccinated
So he basically said that hospitalisation cases are rapidly declining.
Norway is the country that only ever had 800 total coronavirus deaths.
And what happened to this Norwegian public health official?
Oh, he was crucified!
He was crucified for saying to the public this could be coming to an end by the very people who never want it to come to an end because they're drunk on the power, the scientific dictatorship that has seized control of the West in light of this Covid scandal.
The Prime Minister came out and said that people should keep complying with what they are ordered to do by the authorities.
Mads Gilbert, the head of the Emergency Medicine Department at the University Hospital of North Norway, accused Avitsland of, quote, sabotaging the fight against the pandemic.
So this guy is even parroting a consensus view that people need to get the vaccine.
And look, the cases are going down.
It's looking like it's pretty good news.
There was a forest fire, but there's only little pockets of fire to put out.
He gave the population hope that they'd get their normal lives back before the end of the summer, and now he's basically being cancelled by the medical establishment, by the government in Norway, for daring to suggest that people may get their freedoms returned to them in the next few weeks.
What does that tell you about the scientific dictatorship that's taken control of the West?
In light of this Covid scandal, it proves to you that they never, ever want to relinquish power and never will do so until enough people stand up and resist and stop complaining.
Not happening yet.
We hope to see it happening over the next few weeks when people finally realise they're not going to get their summer back.
We'll be back.
Don't go away.
So we've reached the point 15 months later where they're still saying they're going to extend the lockdown when literally no people are dying, the hospitals are empty, the flu's disappeared miraculously, I'm sure that'll make a roaring return over the winter and the autumn months.
Huffington Post reports Michael Gove would bet on June 21st relaxation of Covid rules.
Note that term relaxation.
We were told, the British public, that all rules would be lifted.
Social distancing, mask wearing, rules on how many friends you're allowed to meet inside.
Everything across the board would totally be lifted.
That would be the new Freedom Day.
We already had a Freedom Day last year on July the 4th.
That went really well, didn't it?
Now we're still under some form of lockdown.
So they've changed the language.
They've moved the goalposts at every available opportunity.
And now they're saying, well, there may be a relaxation.
No, you said for months that this would be the end of it.
So now they just changed the language and give us a couple of freedoms back and then take them away again when the autumn months arrive.
Michael Gove has told colleagues that if he were a betting man he would bet on a relaxation of England's Covid rules on June 21st.
Gove made the comments during a ministerial meeting on Monday.
Was Boris Johnson prepared to make a decision on whether to proceed with so-called Freedom Day?
It's not Freedom Day because they're not gonna lift the restrictions.
They've lied about it all along.
They also lied about the vaccine passport, said there would never be a domestic vaccine passport.
That's complete BS, BBC Sport reports.
Euro 2020, fans at Wembley games are required to show proof of vaccination or negative test before entry, so they're rolling out the vaccine passport for domestic events like they said they would never do.
The debunked conspiracy theory that the fact-checkers and the mainstream media and the social media networks vilified and banned people for for the best part of the past 12 months, that the virus leaked deliberately from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, continues to be proven in triplicate over and over again.
We've got a video here, I'll come back and talk about the latest on this after.
Chinese government scientists filed COVID vaccine patent before pandemic began.
Let's go to this clip right now.
Here it is.
A Chinese government scientist who worked closely with researchers at the Wuhan lab filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine well before the disease became a global pandemic.
Hmm, can't think of why that could possibly be.
You sent Xu, who worked for the People's Liberation Army, lodged the paperwork on behalf of the Chinese political party,
on February 24, 2020, according to the Australian newspaper.
That date was just five weeks after China first confirmed human transmission of the coronavirus.
Xu is also said to have worked closely with scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, including Shi Zhengli, the deputy director of the lab who is famous for her research on coronavirus in bats.
Turns out Mr. Xu, who also had close ties to the University of Minnesota and the New York Blood Center, came to an unfortunate, untimely end.
Three weeks after he filed the patent, he was dead.
And his death was only recorded by a single Chinese media outlet.
Move along, nothing to see here!
Another disappearing act took place over the weekend, where Dr. Christian Anderson yeeted his own Twitter account.
Anderson was the virologist who emailed Dr. Fauci in January 2020 to tell him that the COVID-19 virus looked like it had been engineered in a lab.
Now he's gone completely dark on Twitter after deleting thousands of posts and terminating his entire account completely.
Nothing suspicious about that whatsoever!
Now yet another major scientific study has come to the same conclusion that fact checkers and mainstream media outlets derided as a debunked conspiracy theory.
The same conclusion that you weren't allowed to voice on any major social media platform for the best part of the last
According to Dr. Stephen Key and Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller, quote, The scientists added that COVID-19 has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus.
The research points to the genome sequencing of the virus CGGCGG,
Which is one of 36 sequencing patterns observed but does not occur in nature.
The scientist said, quote,
Last week, emails from Dr. Fauci, released under the Freedom of Information Act request, revealed that the same guy who thanked Fauci for dismissing the lab leak theory had not only funded the Wuhan lab, he was later tasked by the WHO with conducting the investigation into it.
Dr. Peter Daszak was also hired by Facebook as a fact-checker and tasked with the responsibility of censoring conspiracy theories concerning the hypothesis that the virus leaked from the lab.
Even after all this came to light, medical journal The Lancet still appointed Daszak as the leader of a task force to investigate the origins of the coronavirus.
This is all just one huge coincidence.
And doesn't clearly indicate in any way that the same people responsible for leaking the virus from the lab then tried to cover it up.
How could anyone even dare to draw such a conclusion?
So, again, they were already working on the vaccine.
This guy mysteriously died three months later.
Now we have this report, again out of summit.news.
A different virus leaked from another Chinese bio-facility at the same time as COVID-19.
In the wake of renewed focus on the plausibility of the Wuhan lab leak of COVID-19, it has been noted that there was an outbreak of a different virus from another Chinese bio-facility at around the same time.
Reuters reported last year that broccolois, a bacterial disease with flu-like symptoms, has infected more than 6,000 people in a single outbreak.
In northwestern China, the report further noted that usually caused by contact with humans, the outbreak in Longzhu, the capital of Gansu province, was due to a leak at a vaccine plant.
According to Longzhu's health commission, people are still being treated at hospitals even though the outbreak happened a year ago.
Now we learn that they're literally planning in China to build dozens more of these bioweapons research facilities over the next few years.
What could possibly go wrong?
Meanwhile, video.
WHO advisor says China engaged in massive cover-up of COVID outbreak.
This is a leading advisor for the World Health Organization, which again said there was no human-to-human transmission of COVID on January 14th.
Outright amplifying fake Chinese propaganda, but we should trust them now.
He said that China is still engaged in a massive cover-up of the coronavirus pandemic, calling for a full investigation to be conducted.
Jamie Metzl urged that the Chinese have engaged in a massive cover-up that is going on until this day, involving destroying samples, hiding records, placing a universal gag order on Chinese scientists.
Some of the same scientists, by the way, who were
Trying to warn that coronavirus actually did have human-to-human transmission.
They were hunted down by the Chinese government, banned by social media networks in the West.
And he says they're imprisoning Chinese citizen journalists asking the most basic questions, which again they did at the start of the pandemic.
And Facebook and Twitter facilitated their silencing because they're such moral arbiters of truth.
Another headline here, yet another scientific study concludes COVID is likely lab-engineered.
This is Dr. Stephen Key and Berkeley physics professor Richard Muller, dangerous conspiracy theorist by the sound of it, who revealed the findings in the Wall Street Journal, noting that, quote, the most compelling reason to favor the lab leak hypothesis is firmly based in science.
They point out COVID-19 has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus.
The research points to the genome sequencing of the virus
Which is one of 36 sequencing patterns observed but does not occur in nature.
So every scientific fingerprint that they've analyzed suggests that this was deliberately manufactured and released from this lab.
We couldn't talk about it for a year.
We were called crazy conspiracy theorists.
We were banned, derided, ostracized, and we were proven right yet again.
We'll be back.
I'm going to come back after this next video and talk about the cricket star who has been cancelled his entire career in jeopardy for tweets that he literally posted when he was 18 years old.
Tweets that I've seen that were basically edgy lads banter and he called himself the n-word when he was 18 on Twitter.
God forbid this guy needs to be ruined for the rest of his life.
And then it gets worse and I'm going to explain how it gets worse after that.
We've also got big news on
Black Lives Matter and the latest statue decolonization issue out of the United Kingdom, but first...
The vaccine is being used as a tool of segregation in yet another way as it relates to dating apps.
And as I point out in this video, I think people who use these kind of dating apps, Tinder and Bumble Prime amongst them, are worrying about the wrong infection.
This is dating apps allow users to reject the unvaccinated.
Here it is.
Let's roll it.
They have made it easier for users to reject people who haven't taken the COVID-19 vaccine.
Some of Britain's leading dating apps are encouraging their users to display a badge on their profile to show they've been vaccinated against COVID in a new partnership with the government aimed at boosting vaccine uptake.
Badges will enable users to quickly reject those who, whether out of medical necessity or personal choice, have not been vaccinated.
Some platforms have also developed a new feature allowing users to display their preferences regarding social
Social distancing and mask wearing when meeting in person.
They say romance is dead.
Imagine what a joyless experience that would be.
Going on a date with someone who refuses to remove their mask while insisting you stay at least two meters away from them.
Even though you've both had the vaccine!
Bumble, the popular women-first dating app, will enable people in the UK to add a vaccinated badge to their profiles.
For those who apply the badge, Bumble will offer complimentary credits for premium features such as spotlights and super swipes.
People on Bumble will also be able to share COVID preferences, letting them easily communicate how they are comfortable dating outdoors or indoors, how they feel about crowded spaces and their expectations about masks and social distancing.
Sounds like a whale of a time!
May I suggest that if you're in
Even using these soul-destroying, relationship-ruining, hypergamy-inducing apps, not only are you an idiot, but I think you're worrying about the wrong virus.
The most googled sex question in 2020 was, what are the symptoms of chlamydia?
Google queries for STD testing near me nearly quadrupled between April 2020 and the end of the year.
Sexually transmitted diseases hit a record high for the sixth straight year, with CDC researchers finding a 30% increase in STDs from 2015 to 2019.
According to the latest data, 2.5 million Americans had either chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis infections in 2019, with chlamydia cases rising 61% and gonorrhea cases spiking 42%.
Among young people aged 15 to 24.
Compare this to 20 years ago when according to researcher Paul Romaguerra, gonorrhea rates in the US were at historic lows, syphilis was close to elimination, and advances in chlamydia diagnostics made it easier to detect infections.
Sexually transmitted diseases are also on the rise in the UK.
And don't forget, sexual promiscuity literally increases the risk of getting cancer by as much as 91%.
Anglia Ruskin University scientists found that many cancers such as cervical, prostate and oral are linked to sexually transmitted infections.
Experts found older women who had 10 or more lifetime lovers were 91% more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.
So ironically, if you are dating someone you met on Tinder or Bumble, wearing a mask and staying as far away from them as possible
Might actually be a good idea.
But not because of Corona.
Because of the possibility that they've contracted several viruses from the dozens of people who they've had meaningless, degrading, casual sex with.
Absurd example of cancel culture, which doesn't exist according to the left, that I've seen in recent years.
Headline out of Summit News, cricketing authorities considering exposing another player for tweets he posted when he was 15.
So I mentioned how it got worse.
This followed the international suspension of England cricketer Ollie Robinson for tweets he posted when he was 18.
And I've seen the tweets, and it's basically lads banter, offensive, edgy humour, talking about women in a way that's a little bit misogynistic when you're 18, God forbid.
In 2012, these tweets were posted.
Nine years ago.
Nine years ago, and this guy's been strung up by his own cricketing authorities, by the very board, the very officials that are supposed to represent and protect him.
For tweets he made when he was 18.
He got an international suspension.
His career's probably finished.
It's probably ruined.
He's been pulled out of the upcoming Test matches.
But it gets worse.
Another cricketer could be about to face cancellation because of tweets he made when he was literally a child.
Wisden.com, whoever the hell that is, some offense archaeology website, chose to obscure the identity of the player, oh how gracious of them, who was 15 at the time of the tweet, but did include details of the post, including, you're going out with an Asian,
And three hashtags, Asian through and through, helliyo, and some C word that I don't even know because they've asterisked it out.
So he said a rude word and he's told someone you're going out with an Asian when he was a 15-year-old child.
Oh my God, crucify him!
So this is obviously a prominent player.
They're obviously considering exposing him for his previous thought crimes when he was a child.
But not only these offence archaeologists are considering exposing him, the ECB cricketing authorities are considering exposing him because they're so pathetic and cowed by this fringe extremist set, this woke witch hunt mob, that his own cricketing board that's supposed to represent him is considering exposing tweets he made, which weren't even rude.
I mean, you look at what people were tweeting in 2012.
It's absolutely incredible.
All those Hollywood producers and directors, by the way, who were literally tweeting about how much they loved children, like they really loved children.
James Gunn and all those perverts.
Oh, that doesn't matter.
This guy told someone that someone was going out with an Asian and he faces complete career ruination and cancellation.
Absolutely incredible.
What's more incredible is they're comparing it to the ISIS bride.
They're literally saying, oh, Brits won't forgive Shamima Begum, so why should we forgive this 15-year-old, whoever he is, and Ollie Robinson, the England cricketer.
Yeah, little bit of a difference there.
Shamima Begum literally fled to Syria to join an international terrorist group, ISIS.
She literally pointed automatic weapons at women in Syria because they were wearing brightly coloured shoes.
And then we have this headline, ISIS bride leftist went back and UK stitched explosives into suicide vests.
She literally stitched bombs into suicide vests for ISIS terrorists to ensure that they exploded when taken off.
The left is comparing that behaviour to some 18-year-old kid who called himself the N-word on Twitter in 2012.
Yeah, totally the same, isn't it?
Absolutely incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
And now they've found another one who was even younger, 15 years old, who didn't even tweet anything that was that rude or offensive.
No, forget about it.
No, no doubt he's white, but different standard, of course.
But then he was defended by Oliver Dowden, who is the cultural secretary here in the United Kingdom.
Headline out of Reclaim the Net, ironic architect of UK online censorship bill condemns cancellation of cricket star for offensive tweets.
This is Olly Robinson, again the cricketer, but the Culture Secretary is Oliver Dowden.
Even after Robinson apologised for the tweets, he was still being condemned.
But UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden responded by speaking out against the ECB's harsh punishment and tweeting, Olly Robinson's tweets were offensive and wrong.
They're also a decade old and written by a teenager.
Teenager is now a man who's rightly apologised.
The ECB has gone over the top.
Turns out though that this same individual in the government who is defending the cricketer is behind the online safety bill which will block social media websites in the UK or force them to pay hefty fines if they fail to remove legal but harmful content, which basically means anything that offends anyone.
So massive hypocrisy.
Massive hypocrisy there.
Massive hypocrisy on comparing a cricketer who said a rude word in 2012 to a literal ISIS, jihadist, wannabe in Shamima Begum.
We'll be right back, don't go away.
So these international cricketers have been engaged in this performative virtue signaling over the past, I guess, few months now at least, where it's a take a knee style show of solidarity to speak out against
Discrimination in the world of cricket.
The only guy I see being discriminated against is Ollie Robinson for tweets he made nine years ago when he was 18 years old.
That's the only discrimination I see.
The England cricket team is literally like half Muslim at this point.
There's no racial discrimination, everybody gets equal opportunity, yet when offence archaeologists woke extremist mobs find his tweets from nine years ago, he gets discriminated against.
Now they've uncovered some from a guy when he was 15 and he's going to face the same punishment by the looks of it, again to satiate this extremist woke mob.
We have a similar situation in the United Kingdom with the upcoming Euro 2020 football championships where the England team is still, a year later, over a year later after the death of George Floyd, taking a knee despite the fact that the fans are exercising their free speech in booing some of the fans, at least booing the England players taking a knee.
We've got this clip here from Nigel Farage.
I'm going to come back and talk about it afterwards.
Because this tournament's going to go on for the next three, four weeks.
England, if they get through the group stage, they could play three, four, five, six games in this tournament.
They're going to be booed by some sections of the fans at every single turn.
Yet the idiotic manager, Gareth Southgate, has come out and said they're still going to continue doing it, despite the fact that, as everybody with an ounce of common sense knows,
It's an explicitly political statement that endorses, supports Black Lives Matter specifically, yet they're still claiming it's just some vague equality performative thing.
It isn't.
We all know what it means.
Here's Nigel Farage talking about that.
We'll come back and talk about the latest on this after Farage.
Here it is.
Well, a great summer of sport coming up, which is wonderful after lockdown.
All sorts going on.
The Derby, the Open Golf, Wimbledon, and of course, Euro 2021, which will excite tens of millions of people in this country, as it always does.
But I have a fear that Gareth Southgate, the England football manager, is putting himself out of touch with his own fans and with the country.
Now look,
We know he's got a lot of black players in his team.
We also know that footballers receive a huge amount of abuse for whatever reason.
And I've no doubt that some of it is racial and unpleasant and the players absolutely hate it.
But what Southgate has done is fallen into a trap of saying he's keener for the England players to take the knee than ever.
We are collectively really disappointed that it happened.
We are totally united on it.
We're totally...
Committed to supporting each other.
We feel that more than ever, determined to take the knee through this tournament.
We accept that there might be an adverse reaction and we're just going to ignore that and move forward.
Now in the last two games, including tonight against Romania, as they take the knee before the game, the fans are booing.
Is that because they're insulting the black members of a team?
No, not a bit of it.
It's because the great British public have sussed it.
They've woken up to the fact that taking the knee to the Black Lives Matter organisation isn't about equality of opportunity, isn't
about racial justice.
It's about a Marxist organisation that wants to defund the police force, that wants to bring down Western capitalism, bring down our whole way of life, and replace it with a new communist order.
Over 100 years ago.
In Russia, class was used, class division was used as a means of fomenting the 1917 revolution and bringing about the wonderful new communist state that finished up, of course, being one of the most monstrous the world has ever seen.
Now they're using race as a means not to bring people together but actually to divide people.
And the soccer fans have woken up to this, and they're booing loudly, and they will go on booing loudly all summer.
Gareth Southgate and some of the England team just don't seem to understand what's really going on here.
Now, in a way, why should they?
They're not political figures.
They're not public affairs commentators.
You know, they are professional footballers and a very, very good and professional manager.
But the moral of the story is very, very simple.
All sporting teams, all sporting events should stay completely out of politics.
Not get engaged with any political gestures of any kind whatsoever.
No good can come of it.
And I fear we're headed for a summer where England football fans and their own team are going to find themselves in opposition to each other.
It makes no sense.
And I would urge Gareth Southgate
Please, just read the website of Black Lives Matter.
Just understand what it's all about.
And commit yourself to getting on with producing a great football team and not getting involved in politics at all.
Please, Gareth, do it.
Otherwise, we're in for a really, really horrible, divisive few weeks.
So there you have it.
England fans should continue to boo players taking the knee because it is explicitly political.
Cricket fans should continue to boo, or at least start to boo, this show of solidarity, which again is basically the same thing.
What it actually means is empowering and satiating this extremist woke mob to cancel people for literal teenage tweets, while on the other hand they say we should all apologize and accept back into the country Shamima Begum, someone who literally joined ISIS and sewed explosives into suicide vests.
Yeah, we should accept her back.
We should forgive her for her behaviour.
Oh, but this 15-year-old with his edgy tweets.
I mean, my God.
He said you went out with an Asian.
How dare he?
That's totally comparable work, right?
No, it isn't.
Not on any sane level whatsoever.
So continue to be taken the knee.
Headline out of RT, X-Men, United, Captain, Ferdinand, Black Lives Matter, kneeling is nothing to do with politics.
There's no valid reason for boos.
No, they only literally desecrate war memorials and statues.
They only literally on their own website call for the destruction of the nuclear family, the end of capitalism.
Their founder, Patrice Coloz, the woman who just got caught spending millions of dollars on luxury properties in mainly white areas, literally says that her inspiration, her guru for founding Black Lives Matter, was a Marxist terrorist, a convicted cop killer, who is a fugitive now in Cuba.
But it's not political at all.
Yeah, okay.
Friends of BLM activist shot in the head by four black gang members refused to talk to police to help find killers.
Critics have slammed the friends of Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson who was shot in the head by a gang of four black men after they appeared to care little about her life by refusing to talk to police to help convict the killers.
Don't really care about her black life by the sounds of it, do they?
Johnson was left in critical condition after being shot during a late-night party in South London last month.
It appears as though she was caught in the middle of a gunfight between rival gangs.
And they literally said...
In the hours, in the first two days after this was reported, that she was targeted, that she was shot in the head because she was a Black Lives Matter activist.
Literal Labour MPs tweeting this with no information whatsoever.
The next day it comes out, it's a gang hit.
She wasn't even the target of it, she was caught in the crossfire, but it was a gang of four black men attacking another gang in South London.
One of them has been charged.
The other three have been freed on bail.
So the police need to collect more evidence to convict these other murderers.
But the black friends of Sasha Johnson, who were at this party last month, don't want to talk to the police.
They don't seem to care about black lives anymore.
Or more specifically, they don't seem to care about black lives when they're taken by other black people.
Only white people, only white cops.
I had a friend send me a message on WhatsApp about two hours ago.
He lives in Crouch End, London, which is a big lefty area, but it's also very, you know, well-to-do, gentrified, middle class.
And he said there's literally, someone's literally been shot in the head right outside my house.
He sent me a bunch of photographs.
This wasn't even reported in the media at the time.
I don't know if it is even now.
And again, the victim was black, the perpetrators are black.
Is Black Lives Matter UK going to come out with a statement on that?
Did they come out with a statement decrying the four black gang members that shot Sasha Johnson?
No, they said absolutely nothing, as they do every single time, because they only care about black lives when they're taken by white people, which is kind of rare given that 90% of black people are killed by other black people.
Hartlepool's monkey statue to be given explanatory sign to avoid offending visitors.
Council leaders in Hartlepool have decided a plaque must be placed on its famous monkey statue.
This is an actual news story, by the way, not the Babylon Bee, to explain its origins in case people are offended by it following the Black Lives Matter protests and scrutiny over statues.
Who are they pandering to?
Who would be offended by a statue of a monkey, which is based on their local town history, because they hanged a monkey because they thought it was a French spy during the Second World War?
Who would be offended by that?
Who would think that that statue represented black people?
Only actual racists!
How in the hell are you pandering to them?
That is completely insane and yet another example of this hysterical identity politics cult that we are subjected to on a daily basis.
Warham coming up next with Owen Troyer.
Don't go away.
Gay frog jokes are always worth a good laugh, and I've certainly played along with the mainstream media's attacks on myself and others that have tried to expose the fact that deadly chemicals have been specifically allowed into the water and food supply to lower our fertility, to dumb us down, and to make us more manageable.
And that's just a fact, and the New World Order is on record setting this up.
It is a scientific dictatorship.
But now it's more important than ever to realize that InfoWars has had so many successes in taking a story that nobody else was covering and pushing it to the forefront where it gets the attention it deserves.
Here's a great example just recently.
We were amongst the first a year and a half ago to expose the fact that COVID-19 was purposely released out of the Wuhan lab and that it was a manufactured virus.
Now that's mainstream news.
So it is you, the incredible audience of this radio slash TV program that is changing the world.
You're the reason these important reports that the system is scared of actually get out.
So now,
If we simply have a movement like the left had of Free Tibet for so long, it can have a massive effect.
But instead of Free Tibet, which I also support, we should also have Save the Frogs.
Frogs are a living mascot, an example of how we're all in peril and how these chemicals are giving us cancer, they're sterilizing us, they're lowering our fertility.
And they are also confusing our sexuality.
And that's just a fact.
And the globalists are bombarding us with these chemicals while promoting sexual lifestyles that also reduce population.
This is all being done from a scientific level of reducing human numbers.
It's not because the scientists like gay people.
And this isn't a judgment on people's, quote, sexual preferences.
This is about chemical warfare that is destroying frog populations, fish populations, bird populations, and in every western country, plunging our populations as well.
This is scientific fact.
This is reality.
That's why we've launched the Save the Frogs initiative.
We're building a website with reports and articles and many of the mainline documents and peer-reviewed studies so people can go there and see the facts for themselves.
We have dozens of reports we've cut with top scientists and others that are already posted to Bandot Video.
And your ongoing support of InfoWars allows us to continue this important work, that if we're able to expose it, will stop the globalists and their agenda of depopulation dead in its tracks.
So again, we have three different colors, they're for men and women.
We have black, green, and cream.
Save the frog shirts at InfoWarsStore.com for $17.76.
These are high quality shirts, they spread the word, and they fund the InfoWar.
So, get your Save the Frog shirts, made in America, at InfoWarStore.com today.
That's Save the Frogs, InfoWarStore.com.
There are now over a hundred peer-reviewed studies in just the last year documenting that surgical masks do nothing to stop the transmission and the spread of viruses.
It's a hoax.
It's a fraud.
Here's another article on InfoWars.com, a major German study showing exactly the same thing.
But Fauci knew that.
He wrote a study himself, his name's on it, in 2008, saying not only
Do masks not work?
But most of the deaths of the Spanish flu back in 1917, 1918 were caused by people wearing masks and it breeding bacterial pneumonia in it.
They're filthy diapers.
Many people dying have died of bacterial pneumonia and they call it COVID-19.
And the criminal Fauci and others knew it all.
That's why it's more important than ever to keep Infowars on the air.
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