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Name: 20210606_Sun_Alex
Air Date: June 6, 2021
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In this InfoWars episode, Alex Jones discusses various topics such as President Trump's statements on Republicans taking back the White House, the ongoing battle against globalists and the importance of spreading information to counter their agenda. He urges listeners to support InfoWars during Memorial Day week by taking advantage of store-wide free shipping and double Patriot points. Jones also talks about the collusion between big tech companies like Facebook and government agencies in suppressing information and political speech, as well as the inconsistent statements made by Fauci regarding gain-of-function research. He criticizes the hypocrisy of social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook for censoring conservatives while allowing

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Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Do we have just over-the-top important information to cover today?
It's Sunday, June 6th.
The year is 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'll be here for the next two hours live.
Then, Sunday live with Owen Schroyer, 6 to 8 p.m.
Central as well.
You'll definitely want to click below and share the live link of this feed if you're watching at freeworldnews.tv or band.tv or infowars.com forward slash show.
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It isn't part of the victory, it's all of the victory.
Because if a tree falls in the forest and no one's there to hear it fall, did it make a sound?
Same thing.
We have the holy water, we have the crosses, we have the garlic, we have the sunshine that'll vaporize these psychic vampires, but we've got to get it out there to the people, and that's where you come in, ladies and gentlemen.
President Trump, I would say, has re-emerged and has put out a string of powerful videos over the weekend.
One which is extremely cryptic in that soon we will take control of the White House again sooner than you think.
Meaning, obviously, as evidence mounts that there was proven election fraud,
And as evidence mounts that Joe Biden is a communist Chinese agent, and as evidence mounts that Fauci, working with Obama and others, launched COVID-19 to try to bring down the U.S.
and embarrass President Trump and bring in the Great Reset, that they're going to be removed.
So this is an incredible statement by Trump, and you add that in to China hit us with this virus and a lot of the president's surrogates, he is the real president, that's just a fact, are now coming out and saying it was obviously released on purpose.
And this was all done by design and mainstream news now saying, we bet the deep state launches a cyber attack, we bet the deep state's behind the cyber attacks, which obviously it is.
The deep state's just corporate criminals worldwide, James Bond villains, but for real.
As all of this comes out, we're in an insane time.
This is an incredibly dangerous time, an incredibly amazing time.
A lot of good things are happening, a lot of bad things.
Everybody better be praying.
For awakening, for peace, for justice, and for protection of our children, particularly.
And that other eyes be opened, other hearts be opened, other minds be opened, and that we reject this evil that's being injected into us by the New World Order.
All this cultural evil, all the propaganda, the human-animal cloning that's now being announced everywhere.
I mean, they're really making their move in their transhumanist revolution to play God.
But first, let's get to the big clip.
Here's Trump cryptically,
It looks like a hotel ballroom releasing several cryptic statements.
We'll get more of them later, but here's the big one.
I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support you've shown.
We're going to take back the Senate, take back the House, we're going to take back the White House, and sooner than you think, it's going to be really something special.
But the love and the affection and the respect
That you've given all of us.
It's really important.
The Republican Party is stronger than it's ever been and it's going to be a lot stronger than it is right now.
We're going to turn it around.
We're going to turn it around fast.
Thank you all very much.
That support has been so incredible.
Thank you.
That is a big deal.
That is a declaration of war against the deep state that has said, they've said it publicly, if he continues to run the Republican Party and goes around the country getting other good members elected to the House and Senate and gubernatorial positions and legislative positions and corporate positions, pushing people to those positions, that they're going to indict his son, him, Giuliani, the other
I guess he didn't have a dog, but the dog if he had one.
They'll indict a ham sandwich that they're gonna go after Trump with those indictments if he doesn't back down.
Well, he's not backing down, so you gotta admire that.
Trump's got his problems.
God does he have them.
Like, going along with that idiot, demon Fauci.
But other than that, I mean, they don't want him in there, and boy, don't you wish we had him now with what Biden and all these criminals are doing.
There is so much to cover.
There's also more good news.
Huge federal court ruling.
Overturning California's ban on AR-15s.
So a lot of good things happening.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
It is Sunday, June 6.
Thank you so much for joining us in the middle of this incredible year that is the year 2021.
The globalists stole the election.
They're trying to destroy populace all over the world, but the planet, the universe, humanity is a two-way street.
And we are discovering our power and we are fighting back in the intellectual war, the economic war, and the spiritual war as well.
Thank you so much for joining us again here on the Sunday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be here for the next two hours ahead of Sunday Live.
Another two hours of live Sunday night radio slash TV analysis with Owen Schroer.
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And Big Tech hopes you don't.
Oh, okay.
Let me just tell you what's coming up today.
First, Trump has re-emerged and I've been very upset the last four months to see him basically
In dry dock, but he's 74 years old and he looks a lot better now and he's lost 30 pounds and looks 10 years younger.
So maybe he's a little smarter than I am, but he has taken a rest and he is now roared back out with three incredible announcements.
One that Republicans will be back in the White House a lot sooner than you think.
Wow, that's a quote.
Looking right at the camera, meaning we're going to overturn the fraudulent election.
That is just
Huge, huge, huge, huge.
Then he comes out and says China should have to pay reparations for launching the Wuhan bioweapon attack, as the understanding of that now becomes mainstream.
And then he also says who the hell's running the White House because Biden isn't.
And that dovetails with his statement about we'll have him out of there soon because it's not just 25th Amendment, it's the fact that he is a CHICOM agent.
He lied to Congress.
Others lied to Congress.
His appointees lied to Congress.
Like the Attorney General, who knows damn well, and had seen the documents, that Biden did meet with Chinese officials for money.
I mean, the whole rotten ship is going down.
There's no way they're getting away with what they've done.
There's no way they're going to be able to reverse all this.
So, that's coming up.
Let me do this, though.
Let me tell you what else I'm going to get to, and then I'm going to hit the free speech area that's really ripened now to an extremely important level, if we act now.
And so before I get to that big piece of news, let me just explain this to wonderful listeners and incredible viewers.
If you notice, everything we talked about a year ago, two years ago, three years ago, five years ago, is now word for word mainstream news.
That is because almost no one else at this level covers this information.
And so we put it out, it percolates others' research, and then when it becomes safe to put it out, folks that are not against humanity and not against God, and not against their own self-interest, by the way, they're just common sense, are able to then put the information out.
That's why InfoWars
I was thinking about this last night and this morning.
Infowars is so incredibly important.
And this morning I was thinking about saying this on air, and I said, you know, you really shouldn't say this because they'll come after you even more.
But they already know.
The enemy knows.
That's why Trump was forbidden, according to the chief of staff at the time,
General Kelly and others to even be able to see InfoWars because it was so accurate and would tell him what was right under his nose, how he was being spied on illegally, how they were really Chinese agents, the rest of it.
And so you need to understand that when you support this broadcast and when you share the articles and videos, you have changed the world.
You have fought back.
And it seems like a small thing to promote a radio show, a small thing to share articles, but it's not.
It's a big thing.
Especially when you get attacked or censored yourself for it.
But it's a life and death thing.
It's because it's being censored that you need to promote it.
So I want to just say this at the start of the broadcast here.
I do not get the credit for this.
And this is important.
I know you don't want credit.
You're just like me.
You want freedom and justice for your children and grandchildren in the future.
And you hate seeing evil take over.
I understand.
But you need to let it soak in.
That you the audience of this broadcast is not an audience, you are fighters.
You are people that have literally not lived in the bleachers, not sat there in the peanut gallery, but you have been the men and women in the arena.
And I don't care
If you're an old lady living in a trailer park in Indiana, or you're a black man living in a tiny apartment in Chicago, or you're a Hispanic person living in Austin, Texas, who lives in a shack, I don't care what kind of car you got, or if you don't have a car, or any of that.
I care about, do you care about freedom, and do you want to stand up for what you know is right, that your conscience tells you is right, because God created you?
And God gave you a directive.
If that's the case, and you spread the word, and you take action, it changes the world.
So, I salute you.
That is not empty words.
That is not something to make you feel good.
That is something that's the truth, and that you need to recognize, because when I see the awesome power of InfoWars, despite all my problems and all of it, God still rose me up to do this, just like he's done you.
And I see how we've affected change, and how InfoWars is the dominant, countervailing zeitgeist to Satan's zeitgeist.
InfoWars is the fount, is the progenitor
Is the detonation point for the modern resistance now and going into the future, and I want you to understand that you are InfoWars.
You are the resistance.
This crew, all of you, the radio stations, the affiliates, the sponsors, the people praying for us, you have done incredible things.
And I just wanted to soak in
So when you got made fun of, or you lost your job for what you did, or any of that stuff, it was worth it.
Because God's watching.
And because it's actually bearing fruit.
Now, stuff's going to get hellish.
But it's going to do that anyway.
Satan's real.
I mean, Satan's making a move.
Everything we do is going to lighten how bad what we're going to go through as a civilization is going to be.
Because we're going to live and see the mark of the beast.
Satan's world government, you will see the Antichrist.
You will see one-fourth the Earth's population killed.
You will see giant pillars and mountains of fire that John the Revelator witnessed when God took him to the future to see it.
And it's going to be rough.
And I don't know if it's a year from now or 20 from now, but I'm telling you this right now.
It's all moving fast that direction.
You're like, well, then why do we, why do we fight it?
Well, it's our job to fight it.
And it's in that process of struggling with it.
That it crests and wins for just a very short period of time.
Satan gets up there on that pinnacle of power and he gets to have his panopticonic counterfeit of God, total surveillance, artificial AI, artificial
Omnipresence, it's a cheap shadow of a shadow of a shadow of a shadow, but it will be something like it.
Predicts the future, people under its control, it can control the future.
Once humans act like automatons, it will dominate and control them.
This thing is going to build, it's going to work for a while, and then it's going to disintegrate.
They'll be able to cure cancer, they tell you.
And in a couple years, that person will die a violent death from side effects.
They'll be able to, you know, do all, oh, promise they can download your soul and do a computer.
All of this is a fraud.
All of this is a lie.
And we are going to be here to witness and to see it.
It's going to be spectacular.
So don't let it get you down.
Don't let it get you depressed.
Don't let it get you into position of
Where you absorb all this evil and then you feel bad and you feel depressed and you commit suicide.
Don't do that.
Commit yourself to the fight against the New World Order.
Warn others.
Have justice.
Love others.
Bring light into the world and know that it's a process and that we're going to go through this.
It's going to make us much, much stronger and much, much closer to God.
Thank you all for your support as well.
Buying the products keeps us on air.
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Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, it's Alex Jones.
And tracks and radio!
LRWWCR transmitters, 100,000 watts.
There's only one station with 100,000 watts in America, and we're on it.
All the other big ones are 50,000 watts.
We're talking about AM.
There's definitely 100,000.
Oh, yeah.
What if I told you they were lying?
Anthrax and radio!
50,000 unstoppable watts!
Alright, I'm gonna stop it.
There's a good clutch.
I had that clutch center on like 10 years ago.
Good guys.
Smart guys.
Better look out.
All right, let me stop talking about that and get serious here because I kind of, I didn't, I didn't get rabbit trailed, but just let me tell you what's coming up.
I'm going to hit the Trump news next segment where he says Biden's about to be out of office.
I mean, that's just like, whoa, I saw that last night and I just, I fell out of my chair.
I mean, the implications of that, what that means, Trump wouldn't just say that if he wasn't going to try it.
Trump better have really good Secret Service coverage because they were scared to kill him when he was in office.
And if they kill him, it'll make him a martyr.
But I've weighed the globalist mindset.
I've looked into their bean counting, their abacus.
You can say the scales of their arithmetic and the topography of their navigation of their political wilderness.
And I just don't see how they don't try to kill him.
Because they're desperate.
They want to maintain control.
In fact, they launched that bio-attack that's coming out.
But let me hit this big piece of news first, because this is so important.
To Congress, and to the House and Senate, to America, to the world.
And it really is what we face.
This is what globalism is.
It's unaccountable corporate governance.
I believe in libertarian ideas when it comes to social issues and things.
I'm a live and let live person.
But when it comes to governance, corporations simply become government when they're left unchecked.
We're good.
Doesn't really come from government.
Government's just raw power, the raw execution.
Well, under corporate governance, that's what you really end up with.
So, people can argue about section, in the legislation, in the law, where big tech has all these different systems, where they are given immunity, section 230.
And we can harp on that all day, and people have been harping on that.
Instead of going, how does Big Tech lie to Congress and say they don't spy on anybody, or collect any data, or sell that data when on record that's their business and they do?
It's like saying, cows aren't cows, or the sky isn't blue.
I mean, it's next level.
It's absolutely next level, and I kind of went off this segment singing along to the clutch song, so I'm a little bit... Had a false start this segment.
So, this next piece of news is so big,
That I'm not going to cover it until the next segment.
And then I'm going to cover the huge Trump news.
And I'm going to just restart the broadcast when we come back after the break is coming up in a few minutes.
Because this has got to be said just right.
Because I've been harping on this and I've been explaining this to people and I've been going over this ad nauseam and no one has listened to me in Congress.
Trump wouldn't listen to me.
I have given this speech
To former heads of U.S.
intelligence agencies.
I've given the speech at dinner with U.S.
senators off record.
I've given the speech with top talk show host off record.
I've given the speech everywhere till I'm blue in the face.
And no one seems to understand what I'm saying.
And finally I got up this morning.
And I turned on my little devilish iPad and there was Ted Cruz saying it right out of his mouth.
And you know you can talk about Ted Cruz and some people don't like him and he stabbed Trump in the back and all that.
It doesn't matter.
Ted Cruz is probably the smartest person in government.
Rand Paul's really smart as well.
I mean quite frankly they're both politically and intellectually way smarter than Trump.
Trump has
Really good instincts and some things.
But as sneaky as Cruz is, you just can't ignore the fact that he would be an incredible president if he actually worked for us.
And I think Cruz wants to work for America.
I think he believes the idea.
I think he believes enough in himself that he doesn't want to try to hold other people back.
Because that's the real mark of a man, is that you don't want to suppress other people because you're insecure.
I would like to see Ted Cruz as president one day.
Even though he's attacked me and all the rest of it, and he's also defended me, I just know that he would run circles around the globalists if we got him in there.
But obviously he also has, he doesn't have some of that destiny like Trump has, like he bet on Glenn Beck.
He also has some blind spots.
But Ted Cruz has learned a lot.
We all learn.
I've learned a lot.
But Ted Cruz presented the world on Fox News this weekend the keys to freedom.
The keys to everything.
Because see, now I figured out why when I was saying I was libertarian, because I like the ideas of it, it makes sense at one level to you understand how complex things are and that power always amasses and always, whether it's communism or fascism or corporatism or whatever it is, it always masses together and becomes authoritarian.
And so the globalists spent billions and billions pushing libertarian thought.
So, oh, leave corporations alone.
We don't need any regulations on them.
And when you see the local socialist, Agenda 21, code enforcer, not letting you cut a tree down in your backyard that fell on your house in a storm, you go, hey, the tree fell over and Austin says, sorry.
It doesn't matter if the tree got struck by lightning or there was a tornado.
You've got to replace it with that many inches of tree.
And you're like, a 30-inch oak?
I don't have the money to buy a 30-inch oak.
And you're like, I don't like government!
Government sucks!
And then corporations become just like that and behave just the same.
So you've got to have some type of balance there.
I'm digressing.
I'm going to try to cut right to the heart of the matter, because this is a very simple issue.
But if the world gets it, it's over for the New World Order.
Because I figured out their plan with this libertarian thing.
Because, I've said it over again, I am not a large L libertarian anymore.
Because I figured this out.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Info Wars.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, let me just tell you what's coming up next hour.
West Point is putting people in solitary confinement that don't take the deadly
Gene therapy, genetic engineering, frankenshots, and Indian towns that refuse the inoculation because the town elders are, there's video throwing out the UN injectors.
They're having their power cut off for not taking the voluntary injections.
And it's all over the news that they're going to start doing similar things here in the United States.
This is a giant exercise in tyranny.
They can put something in your body that's experimental and secret on top of it.
They can do anything.
And now massive new studies have come out from prestigious institutes saying
This is a mistake.
It was done on purpose.
But see, they're good scientists.
They're like, this is a mistake.
It's causing an autoimmune response in the body to these spike proteins.
And these proteins are all in the body, and the body is eating holes in itself.
The brain, the lungs, and the heart.
This is terrible!
Why are you doing it?
Fauci did studies at UT in 2012, and the studies said, do not ever create a vaccine that tries to block a cold virus protein, because the virus is made out of the same stuff as your body!
Good God!
And that's why so many people I know that are smart are freaking out.
I have trouble.
I sat there today for like an hour staring out the window.
Just like, why are they doing this?
I mean, the heart attacks, the death.
It's depopulation.
It's real simple.
And it's an IQ test.
If you're dumb enough to take this stuff, they think you deserve to die.
And again, it killed rats on average in a couple months.
And rats, a couple months is like a couple years in humans, and it's a dead reckoning thing, but that's why they do it.
And telegraphs and studies do that.
So, I mean, Dr. Tenpenny says six months to a year, other scientists, Wolfgang Woodarks says about a year.
We're good to go.
And heart attacks and people becoming like Alzheimer's patients when they're 10 years old, 30 years old.
That's a mystery.
Neurological disorders in Europe and the UK and the US.
Suddenly hospitals are full.
There's the RT headline.
It's happening and it's probably spreading.
Canadian health officials baffled by mystery deadly brain disease.
I probably said a hundred times last year, they'll call it Mystery Neurological Disorders.
It's all happening like a damn slow motion train wreck!
See, I'm not one of these guys that says, stay with us all.
I'm going to cover it next hour.
I just got to it right then, but I'm going to show you all the articles next hour.
Let's get to this right now.
And I wasn't gushing earlier over Ted Cruz.
It's just satisfying to see somebody that gets it.
And all the time, no one gets what I'm saying but Ted Cruz.
And I'm not kissing his ass, it's just that, my God, you're like thrown overboard into the ocean, you know, you grab on to whatever you can get.
And, you know, here it is, Ted Cruz, Fauci emails show Facebook operating as extension of government, now exposed to legal liability.
Bingo, bingo, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing,
Because I've studied international law, I've studied our law.
All these big tech corporations are working and partnered with government, usually whatever party's in power, to suppress their political enemies, to suppress their financial enemies, to suppress their technological enemies, which is violation of trust, trust laws, and surveillance laws they're violating.
And they've now become government institutions.
Facebook has 3 billion members.
It bans
Speeches in Congress and scientists that speak and DeSantis has a hearing with a bunch of scientists and Fauci doesn't like it so they ban that off YouTube?
This is incredible governmental meddling.
If the FBI ran the post office and wouldn't let you mail letters criticizing Fauci, you'd say get rid of the FBI, right?
The FBI would get in trouble for that, right?
Well, this is just digital mail.
Oh, but it's a free corporation.
You're talking to somebody.
They're surveilling you in live time, Facebook admits, and then even saying in their internal documents, well, we really want to suppress the truth.
You know, doesn't matter.
They're telling their fact checkers, listen, we're really worried about people being truthful.
So suppress it, particularly compelling, truthful narratives that block people taking their shots.
Oh, really?
Like, hey, my wife took it and she's dead.
Well, don't let them, don't let them show that.
So here's Ted Cruz explaining to the Fox News host that do you understand that Facebook is meshed with bureaucracies and government agencies in live time suppressing the people of the country?
And what we say?
That's Ceausescu's Romania!
That's Kim Jong-un's North Korea!
That's Xi Jinping's China!
That's Stalin's Russia!
That's Hitler's Germany!
I mean, this is...
The Muhammad Ali, he's the greatest boxer?
Like that's the standard?
Well this is the Muhammad Ali of tearing.
I mean this is, when you're doing that in live time baby, I mean, there's a ceiling on this.
That's like as high as you can get.
It's as bad as it is.
And Congress's sister goes, is it true you track us with the phones?
Sundar, the head of Google, goes, no, we've never tracked anyone's phone.
And the senator goes, thank you for telling me that.
I heard you do it.
I mean, these people, most of these judges, most of these senators are literally morons.
They were put in power because they're idiots and because they'll do whatever the globalists say.
But I'm sorry, the full Ted Cruz interview is like 10 minutes long.
It's on Infowars.
But here's part of it.
Here it is.
First, here's the Fauci flip-flop over a two-week period.
Dr. Barrett does not doing gain-of-function research, and if it is, it's according to the guidelines, and it is being conducted in North Carolina.
And if you look at the grant, and you look at the progress reports, it is not gain-of-function, despite the fact that people tweet that.
It would have been almost a dereliction of our duty if we didn't study
And the only way you can study these things is you've got to go with the action is.
So we had a modest collaboration with very respectable Chinese scientists to a world experts on Corona virus.
And we did that through a sub grant from a larger grant to eco health.
Joining me right now to discuss this is Senator Ted Cruz.
He sits on the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees.
Senator, good morning to you.
It is wonderful to see you this morning.
I want to get right into the Facebook connection.
But first, Senator, tell us, did Fauci commit perjury just there?
It sure looks like it.
He looked at Rand Paul's eyes and told a flat-out falsehood.
And unfortunately, this has been a pattern with Dr. Fauci, that what he says on Monday somehow isn't the same as what he says on Tuesday.
But don't worry, what he says on Wednesday is almost certain to be different.
And I gotta say, this email dump that came out makes clear that this is not just being sloppy.
It is systematic, and it is systematically an effort to mislead the American people.
And as you noted, he wasn't doing it alone, but he was doing it with much of the U.S.
government behind him, and with Facebook and big tech operating as an extension of the U.S.
government in order to silence any views that disagreed, not with the science, because he wasn't looking for the science, he was suppressing the science, but rather trying to silence anything that disagreed with the political narrative that was convenient that he was pushing at that moment.
And then Cruz goes on to explain in the law, now that they've done that, they've totally opened themselves up to liability, to FOIA requests, to everything.
You can't have the government, imagine if the government teamed up with the Dallas Cowboys to spy on you.
You'd be like, arrest Jerry Jones.
But if it's Facebook or Twitter, oh, then it's okay.
They hired over a million trained fact-checkers in the last three years, four years, by the ADL and Southern Property Law Center to now run all the big tech and be in your private accounts reading your private messages?
I mean, this is a giant spy scandal!
And it's government all linked up with the corporations doing it and then hiding behind that corporate wall saying it's a private company.
No, it's not.
It's a criminal mafia cabal.
It's Sunday, June 6.
The year is 2021.
You're a sentient, conscious being.
We can interface with God and God's creation universe as we spin through space on this beautiful planet orbiting a standard yellow star, two-thirds the way out of the spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.
The waltz goes on forever.
And if we go with God's design, you're happy.
And it pleases God and it pleases us.
If we go against God's code, it's called sin.
And its wages are death.
When you see that, do what the system says, you die.
Both physically and spiritually.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I just played a little bit of that Ted Cruz clip, but you know, I'm going to do something because Cruz and his guest, or he's the guest, the host, really lay it all out in the first five minutes of the interview.
How, whether it's COVID-19, or whether it's election fraud, or whether it's the Second Amendment, or whether it's Antifa existing, you know, they gaslight us and go, Antifa doesn't exist, these are mostly peaceful protests, second biggest burndown of the cities in U.S.
And then if you go, oh look, here's Antifa beating up an old lady, Twitter takes your Twitter account away from Savannah Hernandez.
Oh, we can't have her.
She's a conservative, smart, good-looking Latina who's out showing these thugs beating up women.
Well, we'll just ban her for them.
Same thing they do whenever all the footage comes out on the national news.
They try to edit it and cut it down and claim Republicans are out burning things down.
I mean, the level of lies is insane.
And Jack Dorsey and all these people are protecting that.
They are protecting Twitter.
And they're protecting Facebook.
And they're protecting it.
And it's doing illegal things.
Facebook and Google particularly are light years worse than Twitter with the data mining and the activities they're involved in.
So, always get behind and that's fine.
I'm going to hit the huge Trump news next hour.
The first part of it, then I'm going to hit the military news, the global destabilization news, the clear hack attacks.
Now even mainline analysts are saying they're coming from corporations, the deep state.
Why do we keep thinking governments are the ones hacking things or governments are the ones destabilizing things?
It's global corporations.
They're bigger than governments.
Facebook has three billion members.
You really think Zuckerberg really runs that?
You really think Biden's running anything?
Let's start talking about who stands to gain from the lockdowns.
The big corporations.
Doubled and tripled their profits.
That's how you gotta start thinking.
Key Bono.
But look at these headlines.
Twitter declares access to its platform a human right amid censorship of conservatives.
And when I saw that headline,
Come out Friday night before I even read the headline.
I knew what it was going to say.
They want to be able to overthrow governments by manipulating who gets political support and who doesn't, and letting their operatives run flash mobs, and then Twitter sends that message to everybody that's in the particular country, just like the Arab Spring, they admit.
Twitter worked with Google and Facebook to throw out moderates, put radical Muslims in, and then blow up hundreds of churches in one week alone in... where was it?
Egypt and other areas.
So, all the tie-dyes and all the trendy outfits and all of it is a cover that this is a mechanized army!
If space aliens land and we're wearing tie-dyes, I'd ask the Speaker of the House to just bow down to them.
Or if Hitler wore tie-dyes, he'd be like, well, Hitler's gonna kill me, but it's okay.
He's got a shaved Buddhist head and a big Buddha beard and, you know, he's wearing an electric orange-yellow tie-dye.
It's okay.
He lets the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center, 50,000 of them at Twitter alone.
It's in the news.
A million plus have been trained for big tech across the board.
ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, trains them in a two-month course in the last four years, and then they are in your computer.
They are in your private messages.
They are in your email, if you use Gmail, and they are watching you, and they're admitting they're watching you.
And then they get upset if you criticize them and ban you.
They're bullies, they're thugs, they're cult leaders, they're capturing us, they're imprisoning us, they're training us to live in a prison, a digital surveillance prison, and now they've got physical 200 square foot coffin apartments ready for us.
Oh, but it's trendy and the people selling it are wearing tie-dyes, so it must be okay.
They're not hippies living in some VW bus out by the river.
They're not anti-war people.
They're not non-threatening.
They're evil.
They're powerful.
And they learn to look non-threatening.
It's called camouflage.
And as soon as you figure that out, the smarter you're going to be and the more you've got a chance at surviving.
But I digress.
Think about that statement.
Twitter declares access to its platform a human right amid censorship of conservatives.
And they say, here it is Twitter policy, we are deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria.
Access to the free and open internet is an essential human right in modern society.
Hashtag open internet.
We will work to restore access for all those in Nigeria who rely on Twitter to communicate and connect with the world.
But you know what they found out?
Twitter was banning pro-government people with an AI program by the hundreds of thousands in Africa's most populous nation.
Just like Twitter and Facebook ban members of the UK Parliament and members of our President's band, you've got in Australia they're banning members of Parliament that
Simply say we shouldn't have endless lockdown and masks don't work.
Oh, the UN says you're not allowed to say that.
Again, the UN says we can say, the UN says we can do.
Think about that.
So you need to go watch the full Ted Cruz video because they get into all of that.
But you're probably thinking what I'm thinking.
This is pretty oxymoronic.
It's hypocritical.
It's paradoxical.
To sit there and to say to you that, oh my gosh, we're so concerned about free speech.
We just, everyone has a right.
No one should ever be censored.
No one should ever be blocked.
It's a sacred code that we follow.
We're Google.
We're never evil.
And we're Twitter.
We're never evil.
And then they're just reign of terror.
You know, letting Antifa say where people live, letting Antifa say they're going to come kill people at their houses, letting Antifa say where Rand Paul and Tucker Carlson live and where I live.
And Facebook says, oh, you're allowed to even prepare violence against Alex Jones.
Because they're the liberals.
They're the underdog.
They're the guys fighting the fascists.
They're Captain America fighting the Nazis.
Though they're financed by an actual Nazi collaborator, George Soros.
I mean, it's their excuse to act like monsters.
And then Andy Nago gets beat up again, and then, you know, Twitter blocks his account.
Because, you know, you can't show Antifa go to Ashley Babbitz.
Memorial event and beat people up at the memorial.
No, yeah, Twitter's busy blocking people that show Antifa beating up people at a memorial service for Ashley Babbitt.
Because their job is gaslighting you.
Their job is controlling you.
Their job is dominating you.
And you need to understand that.
And it's not a bunch of liberals that mean well and, oh, they're not following their own rules and they're confused.
They're corporate, vicious criminals following a psychological warfare operation.
We're good to go.
subcontractor facilities because they demand lower cost and they demand robots take over and the Chinese come to them, the communists, and say you need to just let us have a few dollars more a day for our employees instead of $1, $2 and they can have a place to live and we wouldn't have them committing suicide and Tim Cook says put nets up so they can't kill themselves when they jump off the damn top.
It's always mitigate us.
Don't respect someone trying to kill themselves.
Don't help them.
Don't make their job better.
Just put nets up so when they try to act out that they won't do it, they'll go somewhere else and kill themselves.
That's a satanic mind.
It's how they operate.
We're gonna come right back with our number two.
Twitter suspends organization for announcing they will release more Fauci emails.
Sure you heard about it.
They get them via foyer.
It's totally legal.
Shows the criminal.
You're blocked!
You're not allowed to do that because we're... because we wear tie-dye shirts!
I mean, come on!
I wear a tie-dye shirt!
I'm allowed to help murderers!
All right, welcome back.
I mentioned this.
It's a really good report.
It's at Infowars.com.
I'm going to play just like four or five minutes of it here, then I'm going to come back in a longer segment and start drilling into the really big news of Trump and the announcement he's made that Biden will soon be gone from office.
Wow, that's a big deal.
So we'll cover that here in just a moment.
But here is, again, what Ted Cruz had to say that is absolutely on target.
And first this morning, the Fauci Facebook censorship.
We now know that Dr. Anthony Fauci misled or flat-out lied under oath to Senator Rand Paul during a Senate committee hearing.
But today we are learning more about his potential collusion with the social media giant Facebook to keep that lie going and censor very serious information about the origins of COVID-19.
First, here's the Fauci flip-flop over a two-week period.
Dr. Barrett does not doing gain-of-function research, and if it is, it's according to the guidelines and it is being conducted in North Carolina.
And if you look at the grant, and you look at the progress reports, it is not gain-of-function, despite the fact that people tweet that.
It would have been almost a dereliction of our duty if we didn't study
And the only way you can study these things is you've got to go with the action is.
So we had a modest collaboration with very respectable Chinese scientists to a world experts on Corona virus.
And we did that through a sub grant from a larger grant to eco health.
Joining me right now to discuss this is Senator Ted Cruz.
He sits on the Senate Judiciary and Foreign Relations Committees.
Senator, good morning to you.
It is wonderful to see you this morning.
I want to get right into the Facebook connection.
But first, Senator, tell us, did Fauci commit perjury just there?
It sure looks like it.
He looked at Rand Paul's eyes and told a flat-out falsehood.
And unfortunately, this has been a pattern with Dr. Fauci, that what he says on Monday somehow isn't the same as what he says on Tuesday.
But don't worry, what he says on Wednesday is almost certain to be different.
And I gotta say, this email dump that came out makes clear that this is not just being sloppy.
It is systematic, and it is systematically an effort to mislead the American people.
And as you noted, he wasn't doing it alone, but he was doing it with much of the U.S.
government behind him, and with Facebook and big tech operating as an extension of the U.S.
government in order to silence any views that disagreed, not with the science, because he wasn't looking for the science, he was suppressing the science, but rather trying to silence anything that disagreed with the political narrative that was convenient that he was pushing at that moment.
Are you going to be able to do anything as a sitting senator on these so important committees?
I mean, look, Senator, this keeps happening.
First it was the Russia hoax that the media said was not true and they banned posts about it.
Then it was a fake impeachment trial.
Then it was the COVID treatment, hydroxychloroquine.
We couldn't talk about that.
Then it was the origins of COVID, that they have egg on their face.
We're also not allowed to talk about election 2020.
Look at this timeline about the Facebook Fauci censorship.
On March 15th, Zuckerberg emails Fauci suggesting that they partner on COVID-19 information hub.
And then on April 16th, 2020, Facebook posts steps that it is taking.
It changes its policy, quote, to combat COVID-19 related misinformation, it claims.
February 8th, 2021, Facebook announces it will be removing more false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines.
May 25th,
Fauci admits to modest collaboration, as we just heard.
And then on May 26th, suddenly Facebook has to change its policy again, saying it will no longer remove the claim that COVID-19 is mad made.
I mean, what's going on here?
Will these companies ever be held to account for this corporate dominance and misleading of information to the American people?
Well, they certainly should be.
Unfortunately, I don't expect the Biden administration will do anything to hold them to account.
But these latest breakthroughs have real consequence.
Because it now is clear that Facebook was operating at the direction of and in the direct benefit of the federal government.
And that's completely illegal, folks.
That's not just uncivil.
That's a government censorship program through a corporation.
And so they're fencing it.
They're laundering the censorship through them.
Okay, thank you for joining us on this Sunday, June 6th transmission.
We are into hour number two right now.
Let's dig into our top story.
That I mentioned at the beginning, but I want to drill into it right now.
President Trump, he won the election in a landslide.
The evidence is overwhelming.
We all know that.
When they closed the polls, he was winning in battleground states.
Then he won by just a few thousand votes last time.
By multiple percentage points.
Hundreds of thousands.
Some states, millions of more votes.
Just incredible.
We know that happened.
They gas lit us.
They said, you're not supposed to question us when we say that Trump lost.
Even though Democrats are always saying, hey, we're going to question, you know, elections, we're allowed to do that, but you're not.
And then Big Tech came in and censored and blocked and managed things, and even censored congressmen, even censored the president, took away his Facebook, his Twitter, silenced him so that he couldn't challenge them.
And they provocateured the January 6th event to then demonize the idea of protest as some type of criminal insurrection.
Now, Trump has come out this weekend and put out a statement on Friday, then he put out videos that were basically from the statement on Saturday.
We're going to play some of those clips now, but the first big one he says that the Republicans are stronger than ever and we're going to get more House members and more Senate members and we're going to take back the White House sooner than you would think.
Well, there's not another election for three and a half years.
So what does that mean?
It means clearly election fraud evidence is coming out.
It's being documented.
The states are getting together.
They're organizing it.
They're figuring it out.
The Democrats are trying to pass H.R.
1 that legalizes the fraud and federalizes elections that's unconstitutional.
So it's very obvious what's going on.
So to have him announce this, some people are like, oh, he's all a blowhard.
He never ran for office.
Oh, really?
Ran once and won.
They're telling him that if he doesn't back down and stop talking about running and stop controlling the Republican Party and getting good people elected, which he is doing.
All over the country, he's getting great people elected.
If he doesn't back down, they're going to indict Giuliani, Trump Jr., and then him.
And they've got George Soros' minion, Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, and they've got the New York City prosecutor.
All of them saying they're going to indict Trump as a shot against the bow, a shot across the bow, and Trump is coming out and saying, I don't care.
In fact, you're a fraud and you're going to be out of office soon.
What an amazing statement.
So I give it to Trump to not back down in the face of attacks.
And it's easy to say he should have done this, he should have done that.
You know what it's like to be the man in the arena?
I've been in the arena.
Most of you out there have been in the arena your whole life, at one time or another.
Some people, I guess, have never tried to be in the arena, but even if you try to stay out of it, you're still in it.
So you might as well do the best you can.
I've been very critical of Trump not doing more rallies.
He's starting them now.
I've been very critical of Trump not coming out against the vaccine, but he's committed to it.
He believes in it.
You know, he took it himself.
It's this tough guy attitude that, oh, it's not that bad, because he likes the doctors around him.
He believes in science, but this isn't science.
This is eugenics.
And so that's a big blind spot.
I can forgive Trump that because he's getting good Republicans elected that are pro-gun, pro-life, pro-family, pro-America existing, pro-border security.
And that's why the globalists hate his guts.
So, hey, he's not in there anymore.
Don't have him to blame.
Don't have him to kick around.
It's all about Joe Biden.
And Trump, despite all the demonization and all the attacks,
is now coming out and really throwing down the gauntlet in a big, big way.
And so he deserves our support now, I think more than ever, because if we don't take control of that Senate, and if we don't take control of that House, and if we let their election fraud be cemented, we're going to live under a permanent leftist, satanic, pedophile, transhumanist regime.
But that's a side issue.
Regardless, we have to take action and not just hope Trump does the right thing.
But this is still a big deal.
And I'm going to open the phones up tomorrow.
I'm sure Owen, he loves to take calls.
He'll probably be taking calls tonight, 6 to 8, right after I'm off on this subject.
I've told Owen to do it.
I don't tell Owen what to do.
But I can make a wild guess that he'll open the phones up on this Trump subject.
Because I just thought I should have.
I should, but I've got too much news to get to.
Let's go ahead and go to Trump and his extremely cryptic statement.
Here it is.
I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support you've shown.
We're going to take back the Senate, take back the House.
We're going to take back the White House.
And sooner than you think, it's going to be really something special.
But the love and the affection and the respect
That you've given all of us.
It's really important.
The Republican Party is stronger than it's ever been and it's going to be a lot stronger than it is right now.
We're going to turn it around.
We're going to turn it around fast.
Thank you all very much.
That support has been so incredible.
Thank you.
And then he went on in another statement this weekend to attack the fact that Biden doesn't know who he is and who the hell's running things.
So he's definitely going on the offense against the people that control Biden.
That's Obama and the globalists and Soros.
And so this is a very bold move.
I mean, this is this is death defying.
Believe me, here it is.
If you don't have election integrity and if you don't have strong borders, our country can be run like a dictatorship.
And that's what they'd like to do.
I don't even think Biden is the dictator.
If anybody knows who the hell is running that operation, could you let us know?
Because I don't think it's Joe, but who the hell knows?
Maybe it is.
The current president of the U.S., in exile, relegated to right-side broadcasting with a huge hum on the feed.
And by the way, I'm not putting right-side broadcasting down.
They're great people.
But that's how ragtag we are.
Trump is in blurry video shot in a ballroom about how Biden will be gone soon, and then he's on a humming video giving a speech, you know, to, I mean, and I'll tell you why that is.
Anyone with any skills and any money that tries to support him
The media comes after you.
The FBI comes after you.
They take your bank accounts away.
They did all this to us, and thanks to you, and thanks to a lot of work, we stayed on air and got around it all for now.
But, I mean, this is like nip and tuck, folks.
This is so dangerous.
This is so real.
So, I can only admire Trump when he's up there, ragtag, swinging for the fences, with all the obstacles and all the cards stacked against him.
At the end of the day, we're all in that position as well.
But we have truth and we have justice and we have God on our side.
And we don't have a choice.
I mean, these globalists aren't going to stop.
They're evil.
They're twisted.
They want everything.
They're mentally ill.
You want to go home and eat a nice dinner and hang out with your wife or husband and watch a TV show or maybe go play golf or maybe go for a swim or a hike or you want to play with your dogs or whatever?
You know, you want to go sew a
Pieces of clothing together.
I mean, people have their own.
You want to build a Balsawood airplane?
You want to go see a movie?
The globalists want to run your life.
They like ordering people around.
They like dominating people.
They like controlling.
That's another huge clip.
We're going to come back now.
And I'm looking at all these stacks of news.
There's so much.
And in the last three segments of this hour, I'm going to cover it all.
And we've got the biggest news yet on how they're going to strike us and how the Globalists plan to take over and the next big fake crisis they've got up their sleeve.
And then we're also going to hit the incredible news in India.
They're turning the power off to villages that won't inject everybody with the deadly shots.
And West Point's putting people in solitary confinement that won't do it.
I mean, it is crazy.
That is all coming up next segment.
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So thank you all for your support.
Take action today.
We'll be right back.
You want to stop tyranny?
Game Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Welcome to this live Sunday broadcast.
This is a simulcast of my radio show via television over the internet and on stations across this country.
All right, let's get to this for TV viewers.
I'm gonna find out who this artist is and maybe even put a t-shirt out because this needs to be seen.
You can see it.
And it's the image of a looming devil, a big blue devil.
With the blue fires of hell, with a young mother, with her little baby toddler, hiding behind her, looking at Satan, who wants to inject his Bill Gates juice into them.
This is a real form of genetic overwrite.
When a man rapes a woman and gets her pregnant, he's forcibly genetically creating a cross clone with her, a splice,
And that's what this is.
This is rape.
Whatever happened to my body, my choice.
This is their big revolution.
This is their big move.
They had to do it at some point.
They want to depopulate us.
They keep telling us that's what they're doing.
And now it's here!
Very powerful image.
But now, let's get to this.
Village refuses COVID vaccine power supply cutoff, says the Indian Telegraph.
One of the biggest papers in India.
And they're just reporting this
In a very matter of fact way.
So they came to the village and they tried to forcefully inject people.
So the men got together and beat them up and hit them on the head with sticks.
And so the government's paid to do this.
And so they left.
So the answer now is to turn their power off.
Kinda like Texas didn't behave the way it was supposed to, so Biden turned our power off during the ice storm.
By the way, Texas sent a letter and said, hey, we need to up the power at these coal plants.
We can be put in jail if we don't get authorization or fined.
And they said, you may not.
Until the power went out, then they allowed the power to be turned up.
It's all, and it's a fact they did that.
But then it becomes some debate.
Like when I say there's human animal clones.
Humanoids are being grown inside cows across the U.S.
I told you that 20 plus years ago, and there was an MIT headline like three years ago.
Humanoids are gestating inside cows at facilities across the U.S.
They just throw it in your face.
See how that works?
It's just crazy, so they don't want us to form opposition ahead of it, so we say, we're not for that!
They go, hey, we're human-animal cloning now, not a damn thing you can do about it, and just hope, and by the way, we're gonna send convicted pedophiles over to your house.
First, it's your school.
You're gonna let them have a little talk with your child about their sexuality.
By the way, USA Today's put out a front-page story about human-animal hybrids, and then
Engage in a major PSYOP that I'll explain in a moment.
But first, let's get back to this.
Village refuses COVID vaccine power supply cutoff.
That'll... That'll teach him!
Here's another one.
Vaccine scandal rocks West Point.
Cadets are being threatened with solitary confinement, separation from the academy, essential training is being refused, and they are facing daily direct pressure from senior officers at the institution that they do not take the COVID-19 vaccine.
That violates the Nuremberg Code.
It's not even mandatory in the military because you can't make them take an experimental shot.
Outrageous criminal activity.
India opposes discriminatory COVID-19 vaccine passports at G7 meeting.
But France, the UK, and the US want it.
While telling you on the news that no one will ever make you take it, then Bloomberg's like, we need to make everyone take it.
They have a separate article, no one wants you to take it, don't listen to them.
So we don't form opposition, like, hey, we don't like Antifa killing people.
They don't exist.
Next day.
They're heroes.
They don't exist.
Antifa's heroes.
Same TV program.
And the same thing here.
Oh, we're gonna make you take it.
Well, I don't want to.
No one wants to make you take it.
You're crazy.
India opposes discriminatory COVID-19 vaccine passport.
No trust!
Top Republican Kevin McCarthy calls for Fauci's resignation amid COVID-19 email leak.
But... Raggedy Ann...
AKA Saki comes out and says, oh no, we don't want to do that.
He's the most wonderful person in the world.
Trump says China must pay reparations for unleashing the corona pandemic.
Fauci's NIH funded Wuhan military scientist who died mysteriously after filing COVID vaccine patent.
Yes, because they'd already actually created the patent under another name before.
And of course, so that was such a big deal to have that, that the front man that was involved in it had to die because dead men tell no tales.
There's been a lot of deaths at the lab.
A lot of people died of COVID before it was even announced to be released, but they didn't really die of COVID.
They died from being poisoned.
But now they're out of the way because we belonged.
Bill Gates now.
And here she is, Raggedy Ann, breaking Saki Defense's renowned public sermon.
Anthony Fauci says no way Biden will ever fire him because they don't want that first domino to fall.
Here's another big article from Gateway Pundit.
The individual behind Obama's 2017 memo reauthorizing funding for gain-of-function R&D were the same individuals who lied and claimed COVID wasn't created in the lab.
And guess who the main guy is on the board of all the groups?
Anthony Fauci!
And it goes through all of the grants and all the funding specifically for gain-of-function right there.
Anthony Fauci's name is on all of it.
They did it through the Pentagon.
The U.S.
Defense Department and then Trump killed the program.
So that's a good thing for Trump.
I'm surprised he even knew about it.
And so the answer is, oh, the Defense Department wanted to know what might be developed in the future.
Oh, so you go create the weapon to know what somebody else might magically make.
Yeah, right.
That's for plausible deniability.
When you say the Defense Department, you think about the military.
It's not the military running it.
It's the globalists.
People like Robert McNamara and people like Fauci.
Look at this one.
Indian Bar Association serves legal notice upon Dr.
Somya Swamathian, the Chief Scientist of the WHO, who tells people that you can't give folks Remdesivir, even though it's like 100% effective, and so when they say that, then the medical systems of the world follow you in orders and won't let you have it and kill people, and so they're suing her to get her to stop it.
See, that's how evil these people are.
It's like, water does not cure thirst.
The UN says you do not need water in the desert.
The UN says humans no longer need oxygen.
Humans need oxygen.
Ban Alex Jones.
The UN did not say we need oxygen.
Well, but we do.
You're not the UN, are you?
I mean, the UN, baby!
It's in charge of all information!
You know, global government!
Got a lot more on this coming up.
And some good news.
Federal judge overturns California's unconstitutional ban on assault weapons.
I've done it, but I read it in your letter.
You said to a friend that you wish you were doing better.
I wanted to call you, but I didn't say a thing.
Two, three, four.
I'll pick you up.
We're back.
You know, I was just telling the boom operator, John, about the time I got invited to the Hellfire Club in England to go to a Eyes Wide Shut type ritual.
And I was told this in confidence, and I'm not going to say who invited me, but it's a well-known person.
And, and they, first I got a letter from Oxford.
They wanted me to come speak at the Oxford Commons.
And it was probably, whoever sent that letter, it was the Dean's office.
They wanted me to go speak there.
This was like 10 years ago.
Eight, nine years ago.
Um, then I got contacted by the big Hollywood guy.
And he's like, yeah, I heard you got invited to that.
He said, you know what that really is?
I said, let me guess.
And he said, well, you'll have a lot of fun.
They've got caves.
I guess under Oxford.
And that's where the original Hellfire Club is.
And that's come out that Benjamin Franklin was involved as well.
And it's basically the introductory level of showing that you don't have a lot of inhibition.
It's basically like a strip club in the cave, but where you have sex with the women.
And that's kind of the introductory level to Satanism.
And that's where all that stuff goes.
The reason I was telling John about it is Boris Johnson's wife is admittedly a witch.
So was Tony Blair's wife.
And I knew she was a witch, but he was telling me it's in the news that they've leaked photos of her pentagrams doing satanic rituals.
So, I mean, folks, you just do not... Yeah, there it is.
Scroll through it.
Horace Beach Blonde, X-rated.
There they are.
So, you don't get in the club
That's her in college doing a satanic ritual.
You don't get in the club unless you're part of it.
So it's not like, ooh, I'm cool.
I got invited to, you know, the real, like, most of these people would kill to be in the real Hellfire Club.
Like, oh great!
I'll go to the same place Benjamin Franklin banged chicks and I'll have sex there.
I'll be really cool.
Yeah, no thank you.
No thank you.
I mean, I got sucked into that stuff without trying, repeatedly.
Cause I've been like a little subdivisions, you know, that was pretty wild.
Uh, but no, that's, that's like, and of course Helmut Schmidt, it was German Chancellor back when it was still East and West Germany, West German Chancellor.
He wrote a book, Men and Powers, a Political Retrospective.
And what a weird name, too.
Watch out.
When you search into that name, like, gay porn comes up for whatever reason.
But the book's pre-internet, so it didn't get a wide circulation.
But he says, I got a copy of it somewhere around the office.
It's like four inches thick.
Tex Mars gave me a copy of it.
He admits the satanic rituals in Germany, and he says, but our favorite place to do them is the Bohemian Grove, which I did infiltrate.
It's weird, man.
It's weird.
And that's all I'm trying to tell people.
It's not like I'm just up here guessing all this stuff.
It's not like I'm just up here like, oh, I think this is how it works.
I think this is what's going on.
All of you have had experiences in your life that God allowed you to have so that you would be part of a larger destiny.
And so I'm not saying my life's been particularly cool compared to other people's, but it's been insane.
And maybe you've had similar experiences.
I don't think most of you probably have.
I mean, there was times in my life I was like, God, why are you doing this to me?
This is not fun.
And, uh, well, it's because there's other free will in the universe and there are some bad guys.
I shot the footage you see right there, hidden camera.
I didn't mean to go off on that jag, but he was just talking about how bad Boris Johnson is.
Oh, that's why we brought up Boris Johnson.
This is how stuff works around here.
Here's one.
COVID-19 news.
Boris Johnson to set end 2022 target to vaccinate the world at the G7.
And you're like, wow.
Well, since when did the G7 group decide who's going to be vaccinated or not?
Well, he said that when England took over,
The G7 for the year 2021 in the rotating membership, that he would put Bill Gates in charge of the G7 medical response.
You can pull that article up.
So he said that six, seven months ago.
Now he's the head of the G7.
He's in the middle of the term and there it is.
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets Bill Gates to discuss COVID-19 vaccine.
And he goes on to say, I'm going to follow his orders on the G7.
So when Boris Johnson isn't having a druidic wedding,
And when he's not sitting there with his stupid wife, who thinks she gets power out of pentagrams, and I guess she does, she's like, oh, my husband's the Prime Minister, and look, I'm... Because the devil put you in there, you idiot!
You don't have any real power.
You're a puppet, like Nancy Pelosi.
Have you looked at her?
You think that's powerful?
You think Hillary Clinton's got power?
Real power?
You think any of these devil worshippers have real power?
Oh my gosh, you go in caves and have sex with women.
That's so shocking, so risque.
And then next it's you strangle a little kid.
I get it.
And then imagine how you feel when you're coming out of the cave and you just strangled some toddler you raped.
Must feel real good.
No, you feel scared and you feel empty and God removes his spirit from you and now you're wide open to Satan.
Satan wants you to lower your defenses, do horrible things so that you are totally and completely turned over to it and are like these two disgusting jellyfish that you see on screen.
Disgusting jellyfish that are just placeholders for Satan.
You know, Satan's setting up his feast and he's got all the tables set up and all the chairs set up for who's going to sit where.
And these people are all just like a card on the table.
They just hold the place.
You know, we see articles like Boris Johnson's girlfriend, she's the reason he's going to turn out good.
He'll, he'll, yeah.
And so he came in, took over Brexit and is now wrecking it and heading up the G7 to sell us into world government.
I mean, with his stupid fop hair.
Oh, his hair flies around.
He's like Einstein.
I mean, I could blow dry my hair and I would stick up and ooh, look, my hair's hanging over my head like I'm a 14 year old meth addict.
Sorry, I'm on a Boris Johnson rant right now.
Does that even really matter?
I mean, look at him.
He's like Igor.
Yes, master.
What can I do for you?
Supply us more children?
Yes, master.
I will do it immediately.
I guarantee you that guy's Jimmy Savelle.
I don't think that woman is even his wife.
I'm just saying it.
I'm just saying it.
If I was casting a movie and I had to have, like, two ghouls that go kidnapping children for a vampire, that drive a weird, creepy van, and that climb in the windows at night and grab kids, because, you know, that really happens.
He isn't a pedophile.
He's the guy that kidnaps your child and delivers them to a pedophile.
That's Boris Johnson, okay?
He is a Renfield-type operative.
Oh, boy.
Oh, boy.
Burn in hell, Boris Johnson.
Burn in hell in your stupid Hellfire Club.
You guys want to hear some Hellfire Club stories?
Because, you know, everybody mimics that.
There's like little subgroups.
Yeah, you go to your girlfriend at church or whatever, you know.
Well, I've had girlfriends repeatedly.
You know, they take you to the club.
It's just how it works.
You know, they take you.
Oh, let's go to this party in the woods.
Let's go there, you know.
Then you go, wow, I'm really feeling weird.
Well, yeah, we just slipped four hits of acid in your iced tea.
And, you know, then the rest is a big blur.
Next, you know, I've taken over the whole operation one time.
It was ridiculous.
Okay, I'm stopping.
That's fiction, ladies and gentlemen.
But seriously, let's just say I've been there and back, okay?
And these people are slaves.
They don't have any power.
They're empty wraiths.
And people like us that have a connection to God, we show up on the scene, we're in charge.
Everybody already knows it.
Because God gave us the keys to the planet once Satan's defeated.
We have the deed.
And the planet's going to be a joke at the end of the day.
We won't even care about it.
Because we've got the deed to the universe.
We've got the whole plans.
The whole nine yards.
The entire enchilada grande!
All right, final segment on the next false flag attack.
Straight ahead.
Stay with us, my friends.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
I didn't mean to go off into a whole rant about the occult.
But it's been attracting me like moths to flame.
And I'm still here thanks to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
I am so blessed to now be firmly in God's hands.
Oh my gosh, it's amazing.
The deeper I get, the better.
Praise God.
Praise Jesus.
Thank God I'm not in the hands of Satan.
That's really all that matters, right?
Alright, Owen Troyer is taking over and I guessed it right.
He wasn't listening earlier but they asked me, what are you covering?
I'm covering Trump saying Biden will soon be gone.
I'm taking calls so I can kind of guess because that's obviously the big story.
I probably just should have played that clip, opened the phones up, would have been an incredible two hours.
Instead, you get me pontificating.
But I will open the phones up on that subject tomorrow at 11 a.m.
I would imagine Harrison Smith at 8 a.m.
tomorrow will be doing it.
Again, I don't call him and tell him what to do.
Maybe once a month I go, hey, did you see this?
You gotta have this person on, but I don't like... Because, you know, that's who I hire is folks that just seem to get it, you know?
It's not like they get what I'm even saying.
It's like they're seeing the same thing.
They already get it.
But they're not seeing what I see.
They already see the same thing separately.
They're not carrying my message, they're carrying THE message.
And you know, like Greg Reese will come out with a video that I don't even totally agree with sometimes.
But that's okay, because sometimes I have different thoughts and different perspectives.
That's good.
Most of the time I totally agree with it.
But, you don't always want to be totally agreeing.
You don't always want to just think you know everything.
You want to learn.
And I know that's why you're here.
That's why I salute you.
Because I'm learning with you at the same time.
It's amazing!
And I am very thankful for God giving me consciousness so that I can commune with you.
This is incredible!
I can feel your strength and your will and your destiny!
I love you!
And I swear to you!
On the altar of God, eternal resistance over every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
To quote Thomas Jefferson, I commit to you that there is good in the universe, not just evil.
There is truth, there is honor, there is will to good, not just to evil.
I know I'm for real.
I know I tell the truth.
I know I love God.
I know God's real.
I know I love you.
I know you're real.
They tell you all day there isn't truth.
There isn't justice.
There isn't the real thing.
For all the counterfeits, there is the real thing.
And you, my friends, are it!
And it's that consciousness and that interfacing with God and recognizing God that is completion.
That ability to recognize God.
It doesn't matter if you can't pay your bills.
It doesn't matter if you're starving to death.
It doesn't matter if you're on your deathbed.
None of that matters!
Doesn't matter if you got a Rolex on your arm.
It doesn't matter if you're flying on a private jet airplane.
What matters is your connection to God.
None of this stuff's bad in and of itself, but it's not God.
It's not even close.
It's just the trinkets that this body interfaces with, but it is the seeing a sunset and God's art and saying, I love you, God.
Thank you for this.
That's all God wants.
God's lonely.
God created us to commune with Him, to worship Him.
And worship really doesn't mean bowing down in fear.
It means worshiping because you are in simpatico.
You are the bride, Christ is the groom.
That's why Aleister Crowley and the Satanists try to make
All their satanic rituals are about defiling the act of sex.
Because the very act of consciousness, and meeting a woman, and having a child, and loving her, and loving him, and loving your children, and building a system, all of that is procreation.
All of that is genesis.
All of that is life.
Art, and literature, and culture, and music, all of it is generation.
It is building.
It is life.
It is the gift of creation.
It is consciousness.
It is all sex.
Is the coming together.
The Congress.
God gave you sex.
God gave you power.
God gave you that big heart and that red blood and that strength and that vision.
If you can see beauty, you have been given everything.
Do you think the Satanist sees beauty?
They see only ugliness because they're turned from God.
Because they're ashamed of their nakedness.
Because they see something that awesome and they don't decide to join with it in their free will to be perfected.
They decide instead to do whatever doesn't work and to go against it and that is sin.
That's all.
There's God's plan.
There's Satan's plan.
And you can say, oh, I'm not with Satan either.
I'm a real Satanist.
I made my own world.
I'm gonna kill the devil.
I'm gonna go down to hell.
And I'm gonna be so evil.
They're all gonna serve me.
It's a load of crap.
You're gonna sink to the heart of a black hole.
with other entities just like you, and it's gonna be a nightmare hell, because all there'll be is eternal ugliness, because you won't have the light and the goodness to screw over anymore, and to feel like as you vandalize God's creation, that somehow you're in charge.
You will be destroyed, because you will be cut off from the multiverse.
So I felt like preaching tonight.
And I said I would hit this big news, so let me just try to hit this, and then the other stuff I'll hit tomorrow.
And then Owen Troyer is taking over for the next two hours.
Instead of just running on for ten hours about it, let me just tell you what's going to happen.
How do I know what's going to happen next?
Well, there's a lot of ways I do that, but the easiest thing is they pre-program before they do it.
And the globalists then brag and say, we're going to bring down the industrialized society,
Because we're going to collapse the third world and flood the first world and we're going to cut off commodities and manipulate things and get people to not have a family and to not be upwardly mobile and turn their life force off.
We're going to chemically attack them and dumb them down.
We're going to distract them with movies and video games.
You know about all that!
But in their own literature they say, and we're going to basically, you know, society's going to fall, wink wink wink, we're going to take over, because hackers are going to get worse and worse, and they're going to start hijacking and shutting major systems down.
That's their excuse to start turning your lights out, jacking up your power, training you to not have stuff because they want to take it away from you, and they're going to say these magic hackers are doing it when it's them!
Who are going to charge you more for less resources, keep it for themselves, and train you to be scrabbling around trying to get your electricity on instead of worrying about politics and what's happening.
They want to keep you in a subsistence, subservient level, that's what feudalism is, so that you're so busy gribbling the ground in the dirt and grime trying to not starve to death so you don't have time to read Greek philosophy.
That's all.
They don't want you on the ball field.
They don't want to look at you on the highway.
They want you dead.
They stole the planet.
They stole it with fraud.
And now they want you out of the way.
And again, people say, well, why don't we just join them then?
You can't join with this.
It will destroy you.
They're delusional.
They're idiots.
The job is fixing all these people and helping them get to God.
Not screwing them over because they're fallen.
You think God's gonna lift us up if we screw all these fallen people over?
You think God lifted you up so you can piss on these people, you dumbass devil worshippers?
Just because you know more than the person you're feeding on, you think that makes you enlightened and empowered because you're keeping people in the dark?
God is gonna smash your ass flat in a pancake and relegate you to the heart of a black hole, you dumb bastards.
And I take no pleasure in where you're going.
Satan is a loser.
Satan is a joke.
God is everything.
Get with the program, or go be a loser!
But realize, you've been given consciences for a reason, for the choice and the decision you're making right now.
And I'll cover it more at the start of the show tomorrow.
Cyberpolygon's finally in the news.
ZeroHedge wrote a great article mirroring what we've been saying, but showing how they always run drills as the cover for what they're actually planning, so they don't go to prison when they actually launch it.
It's all here.
It's all here.
Will the next globalist war game lead to another convenient catastrophe?
Crack the code, ladies and gentlemen.
See it for itself.
And realize that little blood bat, vampire bat gremlin only has power over you, his name's Klaus Schwab, when you don't recognize who he is.
The devil's greatest trick was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Evil does exist.
Face it and deal with it.
Because it's good news, because good also exists.
All right.
Storewide Free Shipping ends today and the big sale.
Appreciate all your support.
Owen Schroeder takes over.
Last seven years, Mason has also been the portfolio manager of the Palos Harbor Fund, a fund that invests on behalf of accredited investors in physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, anticipating a return of inflation.
He's been warning of this for a long time.
Now that inflation has reared its ugly head, and he's here with us for the Balance of the Hour.
Great to have you here, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Praise be Jesus for all our blessings.
Thank you for having me.
It's good to have you here.
Wow, well, I mean, you're an expert on the markets.
You've made a lot of accurate predictions.
What's going on right now?
Right now, the equity markets in the U.S.
are at a valuation that's 40% above
The prior bubble in the dot-com era.
It's not to say it can't go higher, but again, as you think about how do you want to allocate, 99% of Americans don't have any physical gold yet.
That is not a well-constructed portfolio, I believe, in this landscape that we have.
One of the things, Alex, you said was, how should people buy it?
My suggestion to you would be to buy small form.
Gold, preferably coins that are minted by a sovereign mint, meaning they're so easily recognizable.
A beautiful thing about gold is that when it comes from a mint like that, it's so easily proven to be real.
That means when you go to sell it, you'll have liquidity.
People will recognize it's real and you won't have any friction as you would with a bigger bar.
The second thing Alex and I had talked about was an allocation.
Some of the smartest people in finance say you want a 5 to 10 percent allocation.
But I'd say to you the key thing is to just get a toe in the water.
Get some, see how it works, take it down, get comfortable with the space requirements, you know, if you're going to store it in insured storage.
But just get some and you can work your way to what you conclude for your situation is the best allocation.
Rule number one for your portfolio construction should be you want to have some asset in your portfolio that does well when the others don't.
Since gold has been allowed to trade freely, it has what's called a negative correlation to real estate, bonds, and stocks.
That is a beautiful attribute for a portfolio.
It's a hedge.
It's a hedge.
I'm buying some today.
No, seriously.
No matter how far you go back in time, it has worked in preserving wealth.
It has sustained wars, it has sustained insurrections, it's sustained foolish government policy.
When things collapse, gold's king out of the whole pantheon of metals.
But having something recognized around the world, something that's portable, something that's easy to hide...
That's the reason I'm getting back into gold and silver, is because of that.
I mean, to me, that's the real reason.
Just like pirates would bury their treasure, I mean, at the end of the day, you can't trust any of this in this authoritarian climate other than something you can hide.
You know, gold is the only asset that I see that is supported by financial history.
By the laws of finance, and Alex, bridging into what you kindly just brought up, I believe gold is the only asset that the Good Book specifically counsels us to buy so that we may grow wealthy.
And triangulating on those three, again, I believe it solidifies the case for having some in a portfolio today.
Infowarsgold.com in partnership with St.
Go to Infowarsgold.com.
It's the full spectrum of all their products right there.
They're great people, and I only promote what I feel good about, okay?
And it's very, very simple, and I believe in gold and silver just as important as firearms, just as important as water filtration.
It's horrible food.
So for those of you that have the means gold and silver right now, they have it for small pieces, big pieces.
They have a whole bunch of it ready for you right now.
And I want to thank our guest, Drew Mason, for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Drew, thank you so much.
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Well, make your statement that you're not going to be a slave, you're not going to be subject to tyranny, you are mask-free.
And really trigger them.
But there's other statements you can make.
Like, the media is the virus.
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