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Name: 20210605_Sat_Alex
Air Date: June 5, 2021
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses the COVID-19 vaccine, including concerns about its safety and mandatory vaccination. He also talks about the origins of the virus, its impact on mental health, and calls for transparency from governments. The speaker encourages listeners to share the podcast and support InfoWars by purchasing products from their online store.

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So, in the first place, what we have to do is go on the offensive against what the government is doing here, because you're exactly right.
This Capitol lie is what it is.
It's the big lie about what happened at the Capitol on January 6th.
It's being used to weaponize the CIA.
It's being used to weaponize the FBI.
It's being used to weaponize the DOJ.
The entire intelligence apparatus, the entire national security apparatus,
And I think the biggest thing that people can do with a big platform is to share the message.
You know what I see?
You've been spreading the message on InfoWars.
I know Revolver has been talking about this.
I think Tucker's been covering this.
I've been covering it on the show.
We've got to raise awareness about what's happening.
But two, I think it's important that we establish the facts with Freedom of Information Act requests.
That's a big part of it.
And we also have to sue, too.
Because, you know, if you look at these people that are being tried, tracked down by the FBI, and these 470-plus defendants in these cases, they've got to sue for wrongful prosecution.
The guy that's running the investigation, Sherwin, went on 60 Minutes, well, all of this was ongoing in January, and he laughed and said, yeah, well, we went after their internet celebrities first because we wanted to make sure that they weren't protesting at the inauguration.
We wanted to make sure to basically scare them off and intimidate them.
And then the people at the DOJ got on his case and they said, oh, yeah, you weren't supposed to say that, actually.
There might be some trouble because of this.
Tomorrow's News.
It is Saturday, June 5th, the year is 2021.
A planetary government is in place and is carrying out the orderly extermination of an overbloom of Homo sapiens sapiens on the planet.
That is the cover story in the halls of the United Nations and corporate governance.
It's far worse than even that.
A total genetic rewrite and a transfer of the planet from a carbon-based biological system into a silicon life form.
That is the revolution.
That is the particular destination of what is known as the Eugenics Movement, which changed its name after World War II to the Transhumanist Movement.
And what we see coming out of the governing class all flows from that fount.
A lot of people have contacted me in the last few weeks and said,
You need to do a special roundtable event discussing the January 6th false flag operation because they're not even having their quote commission in Congress because the Democrats know the truth will actually come out about Jaden X and Antifa by the hundreds dressed up like Trump supporters.
And so I made the decision to at least do a special Saturday
Broadcast today, 6 p.m.
Central, as it starts.
To have a discussion about how that would be done and how that could be done with Pete Santelli, who's been set up by the Feds and been through quite a lot in Oregon and in other areas with the Bundys.
And then, of course, we're going to have another person we're trying to put in prison, and that is Nick Fuentes.
Fresh off the big debate with Robert Barnes.
He'll be joining us coming up in just about 45 minutes from now.
First we're going to talk to Mr. Santilli a little bit.
So this is not the 1-6 Commission.
This is not the actual breakdown today.
I really want to get a bunch of experts together and really codify it and maybe do like a three-hour special where we go through all the evidence consecutively because it is quite
And you can say, well, one cop died a few days later from a stroke, and then three citizens died.
It's still important, but you're kind of like Chuckie Schumer, Alex, making a big issue out of the January 6th thing when we've got forced inoculations, world government, 5G, all the major infrastructure getting taken over by ransom hackers, China threatening to nuke the U.S.
And I totally agree that January 6th is a blip on the radar.
I don't focus on it because I'm in the middle of it.
I focus on it because they're making it a big deal and using it to use the intelligence agencies and then the military has been used against Al Qaeda on the American people.
And this is a huge illegal shift of the whole police state onto the people that we knew it was always being built for.
And so that's really the big news that goes part and parcel, hand in hand, horse and carriage.
Key and Locke, Simpatico, with the global passports, with the global IDs, with the vaccine passports, with the social credit scores.
So it all goes together.
But what happens is I come in here on the weekday shows and the commercials break the broadcast up.
Some of that's good, some of that's bad.
But it creates kind of an ADHD feel to the show because I'm trying to get to everything and frustrated.
The Saturday long form shows are very, very popular because they always get millions of viewers, which is quite a feat for an independent video channel.
Thanks to all you spread the word.
It is your feat.
You're doing a great job in the info war.
I salute you.
And the crew is doing a great job making sure that we detonate the truth bomb and then you are the explosive.
We are the detonator.
That's a good analogy for it.
Peaceful information warfare.
But I was in here reviewing before I went live this morning and then this afternoon several hours on what's currently happening with the forced inoculation rollout, the forced gene therapy rollout, and all the new quote disorders that have popped up that are people becoming brain dead, people having convulsions, people
Getting Alzheimer's when they're 15 years old.
It's all over the news.
They're like, we don't know why suddenly all these people have neurological disorders.
Oh, they were all vaccinated, but I mean, it's crazy.
And so I was reviewing the last few days news and a bunch of stuff I didn't get to.
And one of these articles, we can do three hours commercial free and go through every facet of it.
And it would just, you can do three hours, but instead I'm just going to hit as much of it as I can.
The UN is trying to ban the use of Ivermectin worldwide.
Ivermectin in a whole bunch of studies and literally thousands of doctors from India to the US, from Japan to Russia, from the UK to Chile.
I mean, I've got it right here.
I mean, you give somebody Ivermectin, it's got one of these really bad viral infections.
It's 99%.
And if you get to them early, it's 100%.
Even people super sick, it's like 98%.
You know, they've been trying to suppress it here along with hydroxychloroquine.
But the story isn't that they're suppressing it.
You know that.
Think about the evil and the organized crime level that all the doctors know is incredible.
It costs $20 for a complete regimen.
You can take it prophylactically.
You can take it, you know, before you get infected to stop from being infected.
It's all there.
And the UN is trying to block it.
Because they want viruses to kill people.
I mean, this is so much bigger than just the poison injections.
It's the UN and big tech is in charge all over the world of what degree doctors can give with approved drugs as an antiviral.
You damn doctor can give them whatever they want, as long as it's an approved drug.
But they don't want that because they want to make you take the frankenshot.
And look, I know you all know that, but just let that sink in.
And this is the reason I can barely do my show this week.
Because I was in a very angry mood all weekend.
I still am.
I feel like I'm not doing the best job I can because we're on the phone with well-known medical doctors that won't come on the show because they know they'll get in trouble.
But you can see other doctors that have come on the show and others that have gone public.
We're good to go.
You're thanking some doctor for telling you this, but they're still too scared to talk.
That's why we're dying.
That's what the... You're supposed to speak out, but see, you can't because big tech and hospitals come after you because they're part of the criminal operation.
When tens of thousands of doctors say, this ivermectin's 100%, hydroxychloroquine's almost 100%, this oral steroid's almost 100%, you don't then fire them, or sue them, or suspend them, or ban them off the internet.
That's a crime!
And then I'm, that's just one story of literally hundreds that are just as big I've got today.
And I've got all the articles, all the admissions, all of it.
And so I've talked to like 10 medical doctors.
Some of them I know personally that have reached out to us.
And then I'm talking this week and then I'm talking to all the other people that the same thing.
And then I see the studies all confirming it.
And let me give you one more big thing.
Remember a month ago, it was a big deal, but it got almost no attention.
Fauci testified to Congress that half of the NIH, that's the doctors and scientists, had not taken the shots, even though they were first in line to get it and were refusing.
And then I start hearing callers call in and they're going, yeah, my dad works for the Defense Department and they just acted like they gave him a shot, but didn't.
I've talked to people that it's the same way.
I know doctors and medical people and nurses.
That I personally talked to.
And it's just a side note of, oh yeah, none of us are taken at the hospital.
We just scored at the trash can.
And yeah, we know it's really hurting people.
It's crazy, but we're scared to speak out.
And yeah, we're seeing a lot of people die from it.
And I'm just sitting there.
I'm just sitting here hearing this.
They won't take it, but they're having lotteries on TV with Governor Newsom like it's an IQ test up there going, oh, you're going to get $1,000.
If you take the shot, you get $1,000 and you get $1,000.
And he's smiling like some jack-o-lantern American psycho on steroids.
I mean, he just oozes evil, and then his actions are evil, and it's, yeah, yeah.
All these different executives are dying.
Famous people, you name it.
The VP of Oracle died.
He was in great health, 50-something years old, took the second shot, died of COVID.
No, you die to the objection.
So, people say, well, just get to the news, you'll actually get to it all.
There's no way.
I just covered two things, just mentioned them to you, and that took five minutes.
Here, let's just try it this way, here.
Because it would be really hard.
Here's Zbigniew Brzezinski talking about killing everybody.
Here's the Indian Bar Association trying to block the UN from blocking ivermectin.
Since when the hell, look at that right here, did the UN get involved in what drug your doctor can give you?
That's frickin' world government, man!
And the same head of the UNWTO?
WHO vaccine program.
This lady's on video admitting vaccines don't work and are killing everybody back in December of 2019 and saying they don't know what to do because they're told what to do by the big banks.
But now she's on board.
She's like, oh, don't let those Indians have ivermectin.
We need to kill them.
That's killing people.
The damn vaccine doesn't help you.
It kills you too.
Man, I tell you, this is insane.
Look at this headline.
It's happening and it's probably spreading.
Canadian health officials baffled by mystery deadly brain disease.
Oh, and all of the symptoms is what the vaccine does.
And the scientists say it seems to be communicable.
People that aren't even vaccinated are catching it.
And it's all hiding in plain view.
That's an RT article posted on InfoWars.com.
And then there's this gigantor article that Dr. Sherry Tenpenny sent us from the German government, the Bundesadministratium.
That's their part of it.
Law for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Humans, Infection Production Act, 21 vaccines.
And it's updated.
They passed this.
Just read this.
That they're allowed to infect you with live microorganisms inside vaccines, and then it's now federal law that they are now allowed to give you a contagious injection that you spread to people.
Then I've got all the articles like, oh, we've got vaccines that give others the vaccines.
That'll stop the refuseniks.
And then we go, hey, we don't want that.
And they go, oh, shut up, it doesn't exist.
Hey, they're planning vaccine passports.
Here's the document.
Shut up, Jones is insane.
You need vaccine passports.
There are no vaccine passports.
You need vaccine passports.
That's gaslighting.
You punch someone in the nose, they're bleeding.
You go, you just broke my nose.
No, I didn't.
Hey, everybody in the room, tell Bob we didn't just break his nose.
You're crazy.
Everybody goes, you're crazy, Bob.
And on weak-minded people, they'll think, okay, I'm nuts.
You didn't break my nose, then I'm crazy.
No, you just got punched in the nose.
Why do you think they're passing laws like that?
And I went this day when I saw this and found another law the EU passed two years ago saying the same thing.
They got it all set up, it's a bunch of lawyers.
Well, I don't care if you pass a law saying you can give people deadly stuff that spreads to me and others.
Hitler passed a bunch of laws, he could do a bunch of evil crap.
Hell, we had laws that black people were two-thirds human.
I say that law needs to have our ass wiped on it.
Excuse me.
It's a load of crap!
Because when you take somebody else's rights away, you better damn believe you're the one losing it next.
You see, my defense of everybody's rights is not even because I'm the sweetest, nicest little bleeding heart person.
I know this universe is connected.
And what we let them do to everybody around the world, the third world people, you don't think I don't know they're not winding up the third world, turning them into a weapon?
You don't think I don't know they're not brainwashing them to be anti-white?
You don't think I don't know all that?
But we just can't then kill all those people just because the globalists brainwashed them!
We've got to reach out to these people!
Because you know who's watching, folks?
The big guy.
And we don't turn things around by becoming the enemy.
See, that's how Satan wins.
He gets evil people to do bad stuff, and then we adopt their tactics to beat them, and we've just become who we're fighting.
That's not how we win this.
We win it by the understanding of the globalist system.
And by the way, people go, oh, it's too complex.
Let me tell you, people aren't dumb, they're lazy.
I know men that know everything about their job and everything about sports and everything about how to make money, but they sure as hell don't know what you're talking about when you talk about carbon dioxide being a life-giving gas.
They look at you like you're a weirdo because they heard it's bad.
You better figure out real quick what that's all about.
Because if the global government wants to cut the carbon dioxide off, they want to cut the oxygen off, dumbass!
You go, that doesn't make sense.
Why do they want to do that?
Because they say they're going to rewrite the whole planet.
It's a takeover.
And I don't know who's behind it, but it's anti-human, and it looks as alien as it gets.
Oh, my Bible tells me there's a fallen entity here that would do this, exactly as the Bible says, with a world government, Mark of the Beast, all this.
Oh, and now it's happening.
Oh, wow.
We got warned, didn't we?
Think I've been warning you for 27 years?
God's been warning us for thousands of years.
Think God's going to give us free will and then put us in here without a cheat sheet?
God gave us the damn cheat sheet to send us into the desk.
Hey, you kids got free will, but there, listen to me.
Here's the cheat sheet.
There's a, there's a creature wants to kill your ass because you're better than him.
And he knows it.
He wants to take his time with you.
All right, let me get to this report because it gets into the flavor of all this.
And the times we're in, and then I'm going to go to break for a moment with the clip.
We're going to come back with Pete Santilli, who again, years ago was a funny talk show host and an interesting talk show host.
And he thought that I was full of it, warning him that these militias were led by feds.
And he would get sucked in by some of the feds.
The whole Alex just doesn't like the militia.
No, I love the Second Amendment.
I believe in the militia.
When you've got feds setting up militias to discredit militias, I'm going to expose them.
But of course, the feds doing that, are they going to say, I'm the fed?
No, I'm not the fed.
And it's not bragging, but listeners always ask this, like, Jones, who are your sources?
How do you know all this?
I'm mainly the source.
I spend all day researching this.
Most people in government and intelligence agencies do the minimum they can for money, and for what their bosses want to hear.
I work all the time.
So, let me tell you who my source is, Alex Jones.
Let me tell you, you know where the CIA tunes in, right?
You know where the Russians tune in, the Japanese, you know everybody tunes in, right?
You know who Tucker Carlson tunes into, and Joe Rogan, and Elon Musk, you know where they tune in, right?
They tune in right here.
And I've known that for a long, long time, but
There's this ongoing thing online where people are like, oh my gosh, he's getting all this information.
He must be getting it from the Pentagon.
And yes, I've gotten information from people, but usually it's just confirming what I already know or giving me a guest or an expert to talk to.
And the reason I bring that out here is not to brag to you.
It's to say you can learn all this stuff too.
This is not magic.
See, real intelligence is what you actually see on the ground.
It's not what you hear inside an intelligence agency.
That's some of the biggest bull there is.
The intelligence agency said I was a Russian agent.
The intelligence agency said Trump was.
Yeah, we're Russian agents like we're Chinese jet pilots from Mars.
You don't even, your gut tells you that's not true, but it doesn't matter.
It changes the subject for them onto us, instead of them, who are the anti-human agents.
They're not Chaicom agents.
They're not their satanic agents.
See, there's only two kind of agents.
God's agents and the devil's agents.
And then there's one other group.
People that try to stay out of the fight, and people that try to stay out of the decision-making process, that call themselves neutral.
No one is neutral in the universe.
In fact, when you call yourself neutral, you have now accepted Satan's rule and decided to not even use any of the satanic power of the world for yourself.
So you're really the biggest dumbasses in the world.
I mean, at least a real Satanist knows what they've done.
So make no mistake, those of you out there that think you're staying out of things and you're a winner, no, you're called a loser.
What did God say?
You were hot nor cold, so I spit you out of my mouth.
All right.
Talk about synchronicity, talk about serendipity, talk about whatever you want to call it.
Yesterday on air, I said, I'm coming in Saturday and I'm doing a show on the false flag that was January 6th.
And I said, we're going to call this first show is just a discussion about how we should do a larger program or a larger symposium, maybe in a hotel ballroom or something that goes for two days.
I don't know, but draw a lot of attention to it to get Congress to do it, to get governors to do it, because January 6th is important because it's the MO of the future.
It's Oklahoma City 2.0.
It's 9-11 2.0.
It was a synthetic operation and it was run by
Large leftist foundations through U.S.
intelligence agencies that were ousting Trump and bringing in Biden for the whole new posture of saying Homeland Security will work with the Pentagon and the CIA to go after the American people and all Trump supporters as terrorists.
That's been announced.
That's in Congress.
Congressman Nunes, the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee in the House, has been in the meetings, but it's also on the news where they say we're going to use the Pentagon on the American people.
Well, Pete Santilli's already had a chance to enjoy Army Special Operations assigned to the FBI arresting him.
So we'll be talking to him, come up here in a few minutes, but that's what's really going on here is the war against America.
They're going to stage a race war, then claim anybody that's still a constitutionalist or pro-gun is a racist.
Because they know people aren't going to join a civil war to get the guns, but if it's a civil war to fight the racists, they will.
So I said, we're going to have this first show, this first discussion with Pete Santilli, then others are going to be coming on like Nick Fuentes, who they're also trying to put in jail over this.
And we're going to have a discussion about how we can move forward.
This isn't the main January 6th commission.
I saw on a Saturday talking about it, but it's funny.
I walk in here a couple hours ago and I see one of the researchers, Drew, in his office and he's got headphones on and it says, Bill Maher false flag, January 6th.
And I said, take your headphones off.
And I said, let me guess.
He's saying, oh, all these crazies say January 6th was staged by the left.
And then he goes in and makes fun of how dumb Republicans are.
He goes, yeah, well, you look like, oh, you've seen the video?
No, I hadn't seen it.
It's formulaic.
But I wanted him to just know that's how formulaic this is, that I hadn't seen this last night.
I didn't know about this.
I went ahead and watched it right before we went on air.
And it's exactly what I thought, because they're scared.
He's told the talking points to put out.
Bill Markins sounds really reasonable, really nice.
He's got high Q scores.
He's very charismatic.
He's very smart.
And he writes a lot of his own stuff.
But a lot of this is handed down to him.
So what does this tell you?
That he's up there saying it's ridiculous no one dressed up like Trump supporters and set him up.
Because that's why they didn't have their commission.
And I was on Santilli's show yesterday morning talking about, or was it Thursday?
I forget, it all blends together.
Talking about how that was indeed the case and he was agreeing and we were talking about trying to do more shows to expose this because it isn't just January 6th.
It's the whole posture of the government saying the American people are enemy and Joe Biden last week saying
White supremacy is the number one threat.
Not fentanyl killing millions, not open borders, not disease, not China threatening to nuke us, not all the Satanism and the pedophilia, the vaccines, tainted, killing all these people.
The issue is white supremacy killing black people.
What, maybe 10 black people get killed a year by nutty white people who are white supremacists?
I mean, seriously.
White supremacists killing people is really, really rare.
Unless it's the white supremacist Bill Gates and the globalists that are actually killing people all over the world.
And, oh, Biden has special vaccines he's sending just to Africa.
Oh, we've got special ones for you!
He makes fun of the hillbillies because some of their teeth aren't perfect.
They don't have $50 million like Bill Maher.
You know, they live in trailers, those idiots.
And, you know, they live on 100 acres, too.
Aren't they dumb?
They got a pond and they're living great.
Oh, oh, oh, those dumbasses that don't want Hollywood and don't want New York.
They want to live out in the woods.
And they have dogs and they've got children and they're just, oh yeah.
Because the last thing they want is everybody coming to this country to become farmers again.
Black folks, anybody.
They want you in their cities under their control.
So, I thought I'd play last night, just a three and a half minute excerpt of False Flags, and he pretends to dress up like a Trump supporter and attack the Capitol.
And then when we come back, I'm going to
Hit a few examples of Jaden Nex, the day before the day of, inside the Capitol saying, let's burn this mother effer down.
And Jaden Nex, we now know, got $90,000 from the media, not $70,000, including CNN.
And he went in with a CNN camera people that were posing as somebody else with State Department connections and videotaped all the key stuff and all that's going on.
And then you've got hundreds of people taking off their antifa gear, their black,
I don't
Get you to sign on to then, oh, there's something big's in the Capitol.
It's going to happen and then try to trick Trump to go to the Capitol so he can be there right when they're provocateur people and people think they were under Q's command break in after Antifa breaks in and the police are ordered to stand down.
And then they've had a big Time Magazine article where the left bragged how they sucked this in.
So it wasn't just Antifa dressed up.
They were the shock troops that started it at nine in the morning, hours before Trump even spoke.
That was going on.
Oh, Antifa was down there attacking the police.
Then more came dressed like Trump supporters.
Then they, as the hundreds of thousands came from Trump's speech down there, they began to attack the larger crowd.
They started fighting back.
The police got the stand down order, which is admitted.
And then 600 people walked in, in between the velvet robes, and they've all been indicted.
But only 100 or so were violent.
And yes, there were groups that infiltrated the Proud Boys, they infiltrated the Oath Keepers, and they infiltrated the Boogaloos, and they bragged.
That's not the fault of the leaders like Stuart Rhodes and people.
You got a big organization, they had infiltrators like this FBI agent that I said, watch, he's been charged, they'll drop that later.
They dropped it, what, Monday?
See, I've been down this rodeo a few hundred times.
And you can listen to me now, America, and we can stop this or you can ignore what I'm saying and Pete Santilli will be a microcosm of your coming life.
Because you may not go out and be part of one of these groups like Santilli did and got set up for nothing, but luck, by the grace of God, got out of it to tell the tale.
Rarely do folks do that.
It's going to be the whole collapse of society, and you're going to be bad because you were a Republican voter, period.
That's how they intend to do this, is connect the Republican Party to white supremacism and the Second Amendment to it.
That's how they plan to overturn it.
That's the whole program you're seeing right now.
But if the people are aware of it, it's over.
And so here's Bill Maher.
Desperately following his talking point because they're scared of this.
They're making fun of this because then they think, oh, you won't cover it because Bill Maher made a joke out of it, but it's not a joke.
They make fun of what they're afraid of, ladies and gentlemen.
All right, so let's go ahead and go to this Bill Maher piece on the January 6th false flag.
This is already the subject of today's show.
As we told you yesterday, but he beat us to it because this is now a key confluence.
We expose this, it brings down their whole new agenda to turn the military-industrial complex loose on the American people.
And here is their desperate attempt to drive us off of this subject.
Here it is.
Three quarters of Republicans think that the riot, the Capitol Hill riot, was not Trump supporters out there.
They think it was actually liberals and Democrats dressed up as them, making them
I'm not making this up.
Trying to make Trump look bad.
That we dress up as them.
So I just want to say to conservatives, you got us.
You got us.
That's what we do.
We do it.
We do it.
We dress up like you.
There's a costume department at George Soros' house.
Tim Robbins and I do the sewing.
And there's even a catalog now, false flag supply.
If you want to, as a liberal, dress up to make Trump look bad, just get the stuff here.
We have some of the things.
For example, you could get this, this distressed MAGA hat.
This is great because you want it to look like, you know, you've had it for a while.
But if you really, uh, if you really want to do well, look like them, get this Trump MAGA hat with the mullet.
With the mullet built into it.
You see?
There you go.
And then there's the, uh, if you really want to seal the deal, you know, dress up like them, uh, cause it's all in the details, uh, get these meth keys.
And then, if you really want to sell it... Okay, so, you know, I mean, a lot of the people who are Trump supporters, they blow off their hand setting off firecrackers and doing other hold-my-beard dares.
So, you get this fake rubber hand with the missing finger.
A lot of them got missing limbs from Fight for the Country 2.
You'd know about that, wouldn't you?
And then...
You're also gonna need, you know, a lot of the liberals were too in shape to get the Trump gut.
You know, you put this right.
There's also, oh, there's the, uh, oh, you want, you want a misspelled hand sign.
This is...
Oh, again, it's in the details.
You want your copy of the Constitution.
They always carry a copy.
Make sure it's still in the packaging, because they've never read it.
That's very important.
And, finally, not to leave the ladies out of this, you want... These are terrific.
These are Mike Pence earrings, where he's... You see, he's hanging.
Can we see the Mike Pence...
Okay, so they're definitely scared, ladies and gentlemen, of us looking at this.
And we are going to be looking at it.
Pete Santilli is a syndicated talk show host, Marine patriot.
He's been around for 10 years or more that I've known of him.
And he sent me a bunch of exhibits and things.
And we can do some of that about what he experienced, how the Fed tried to set him up.
But that's all come out now.
They had, you know, army green berets shooting people in Oregon, everything else trying to set people up.
They put him in prison for years, but it came out that they set him up so he finally got out.
That's all there.
We're going to do a longer show in the future.
We got Nick Fuentes, who they're trying to put in prison right now.
They're trying to put me in prison for January 6th, as if I would provocateur an attack on the Capitol to discredit the fact we wanted a 10-day investigation.
There's no motive there.
Every time I talk about the left goes, oh Jones is scared.
Yeah, I'm scared for the whole country.
You're absolutely right.
And I was there and I experienced what happened.
I experienced.
The Secret Service saying, yeah, Alex, come out here.
You're going to lead it.
I'm like, Secret Service never gets involved in politics.
And again, that was the deep state trying to set Trump up.
He figured it out at the last minute.
So did I. So I was in part of a big part of history.
This is going to be as bad as Oklahoma City with hundreds of dead if they could have really tricked the Q people to storm in mass.
But 99 percent of the million people were there did not go in the building.
The media shows that mass and says they were all attacking.
So, we're going to go to Pete Santilli, but I want to play for you Jaden X, who now turns out got $90,000 from CNN and a consortium of other media saying, we're going to storm the Capitol tomorrow.
We're going to burn it.
And the next day he's in it saying, let's burn it.
He wasn't going to burn it.
He wanted other people to burn it.
And they're part of the hundred or so Antifa that were there at 9am attacking the riot police.
So that when Trump supporters arrived hours later, they could be tricked into attacking them, and the rest is history.
So, here's Jayden Next.
There's like five videos of this, but I told him just pick one.
Here's one of him saying, let's burn this mother-effer down.
We want you to go home.
I'm reporting.
And there's so many people.
It's just, they're going to push their way up here.
Bro, I see people out there get hurt.
I don't want to see you get hurt.
We will make a path for them.
That's why I'm saying we'll make a path for them.
So we have many, many other clips of him saying that over and over and over again.
We're going to burn this mother effer down.
But I wanted to then also just show you the clip.
There's a bunch of these clips.
They try to take these off the internet everywhere.
And again, that's an old headline.
It's now 90,000 that he sold it for.
And by the way, he's put court filings in because it's been seized by the feds asking for it back.
So I just wanted to update viewers and listeners on that.
Here again is just one of the videos of Antifa off in the woods on the edge of the Capitol, in their full black, putting on the Trump gear.
Exactly what Bill Maher says doesn't exist.
Here it is.
Again, the camera goes up.
You see the footage right there.
And the person is obviously hiding it because Antifa comes over and tries to stop them.
But there's the footage they did not want you to see.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
So I want to talk about the history of this, why we know about this going forward.
We know the new head of the ATF actually helped cover up Waco and Oklahoma City with then Deputy Attorney General Holder.
And so again, Pete Santelli, thanks for coming on with us today.
This is just a first look.
We're going to do a longer special on this soon.
I also want to get your take on how do you think we should all get together and have a big event to really draw attention to this because it's much bigger than January 6th.
Okay, the other day when we were talking, and prior to that, I was thinking about our interview and I said, you know, Alex Jones is the one that can kind of assemble a team, especially with your contacts with constitutional attorneys, a truth commission.
And we're noticing, listen, I understand the gimmickry that there, the charade in the legislature where the House and the Democrats want to do a commission, then they throw it to the Senate.
And the Republicans say they don't want a commission.
And then, of course, the Republicans get blamed for the cover-up.
When, in fact, I see it the other way around.
Now, let me show something to you here.
I'm going to show it to you on the screen.
This right here is all the evidence that I was able to acquire through the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge case, the federal case, the Bundy Ranch case.
And guess what I was able to determine?
Is that the same methodology by the same exact cabal
The Bundy Ranch incident.
I was a student of, you know, Ruby Ridge, Waco.
I watched your documentaries when you were down there rebuilding.
But publicly sourced info that I was researching at the time, when I was an outsider to all of this, gave me some insight as to their narrative scripting.
They're warming up to public three months in advance to them coming in and ultimately killing all the people at Waco.
But my involvement through Bundy Ranch and Malheur,
Basically a lobby because all of us did not want to, we didn't want to plead out, we wanted to go to trial.
You got a master's degree in those three or four years in how they run these setups and how they manipulate groups and how they try to create violent outcomes.
Analyzing tens of terabytes of information and this is what we ultimately ended up doing.
In Oregon, in leftist Portland, Oregon, we were able to
Get a leftist jury to say that the only people that broke the law were people like operatives, maybe possibly John Sullivan, if he's on their payroll.
They're out there breaking the law.
The people that were at Malheur were FBI informants.
They're the ones that were breaking the law and that's why they acquitted, the jury acquitted the defendants in Oregon.
I was dismissed from the case.
Because we caught them lying in their 302 reports.
But most people aren't as tough as you.
You spent years in jail, them trying to flip you, but you didn't flip.
That's correct, because we knew the truth.
And you know what?
The same thing applies.
And this has everything to do with what's going on January 6th.
It's the same exact methodology.
Because guess what?
In Nevada, we discovered that the U.S.
Attorney's Office was out at Bundy Ranch coaching
The federal officers on how to get indictments.
Same exact thing happened January 6th.
The US attorney that was bringing the indictments was out in the crowd.
And what they do in a color revolutionary style, they bring in their operatives to provoke the crowd.
We've got it well documented.
I even have clips with me today.
If you wanted to play it, I can tell you which clip to play.
These operatives
We're the ones that were instigating and bringing the barricades down because one and a half million people went right up against a bunch of people.
Today I just want to do a big gestalt as they say and then I want to come in the next few weeks and do more shows on this and then line up and then really put on the trial.
Today I just want to discuss you as a victim of this and someone that persevered and made it out of it as a key witness.
Not many go through this and ever make it out.
Here's the main reason why I wanted to speak to you about this and get the word out.
The same day you said we should have this commission, I had a guy from Revolver call me the day before saying the same thing.
I had one of my friends about a week before at dinner say we should have a people's commission because we know it's a false flag.
And I've been talking about it with my friends and family the same day.
So we're all kind of in the zeitgeist.
This needs to happen.
That's why we're doing this.
That January 6th has all of the earmarks, and we're talking about the administration, the Obama administration and all their DOJ deep staters, were the same ones that were behind the scenes on January 6th.
I can pretty much guarantee you that on these disks- Sure, Trump's got a million people coming to town to say, we know you stole the election.
How do they take that victory and turn it against us?
And they did it, but it didn't go as well as they wanted.
It was kind of a dud, a misfire.
Well, I've seen reports.
I saw a FISA warrant.
This is in October, prior to the election, by the FBI doing foreign intelligence surveillance.
And then I discovered, and I put two and two together,
FBI is doing intelligence gathering and surveillance on foreigners.
Then I see Ukrainians on the ground January 6th.
Now it's completely wiped off the internet.
I was able to grab some screen grabs.
Gateway Pundit had it.
But guess what?
They were able to renew their FISA warrants.
This is in advance of January 6th.
For those who don't know, they like to use foreigners for these false flags.
They use German intelligence operatives in Oklahoma City and Waco.
Now Ukraine has a huge, heavily funded, billions-a-year shadow army that they don't just use in Ukraine against the Russians, they use it against the American people.
That's right.
Now guess what?
All of this stuff, now let me give you an example of why it's important we get to the family members, that they must provide support.
A, we need some help legally, like President Trump formed America First
Legal group to help with unconstitutional legislation and inhumane or unconstitutional stuff like holding even the Q shaman as a danger to society.
The reason why they're holding them is because they want to put the full pressure on these people to get them to plead out.
Because guess what?
If you decide to go to trial 30 to 45 days prior to trial, that's when all the FBI informant stuff comes out.
That's when all the exculpatory information comes out, and that's when you really discover exactly what they were doing.
And that's how we were able to get the trial dismissed in Nevada.
So you're sitting in the very place, you were sitting in the very place they're at right now.
Exactly, and it's important that we not only get them the support we need to get them out so that they can defend their cases, prepare for trial, and let's get them the support with a bunch of constitutional attorneys.
I'm even willing to volunteer my time because I know how to go into the discovery... Well, explain.
You spent years in jail able to go over all this and enable... From what I read, you were the one that educated the lawyers and really helped end all these cases.
That is another big element, because if you picture this, all of these defendants, if there's hundreds of them, I don't know how many there are, they're assigned, because they can't afford to spend $2 million to defend themselves, well, they're assigned what they call a CJA attorney.
It's through the Criminal Justice Act.
Well, they're on a government payroll, they're working for the government, and in most cases, all they're ever doing, and they've never even gone to trial, the majority of the attorneys that were handling our case never even took cases to trial.
And what their job is to do is to get a plea bargain.
And that's part of the cover-up, is to cover up all of the misconduct.
The false flag operations, the black operatives, it's well documented.
Let me give you an example of this.
CNN actually ran a piece where Amy Klobuchar was asking the Capitol Police head, did you see a copy of this Intel report on January 5th, which was the night prior?
And he said, no, I didn't see that.
The contents of that report is exactly the stuff that we exposed in the Bundy trial.
These are very detailed intelligence assessments and reports that are assembled by thousands of people within the deep state.
They've got access to fusion centers, they've got access
Just put a few facts out.
It's over.
I mean, we have them.
They literally provocateured this thing through Antifa and then through the Q forums trying to trick enough people that once the police stood down to go in that Capitol.
And that's what the Q people told them to do.
And what we actually ended up discovering all the way up until trial, you know, a couple of years later, is that they had withheld exculpatory information, not just from us prior to trial, but they withheld it from the grand jury.
That's right.
They lied to the grand jury saying,
That Pete Santilli was a danger to society?
That Clive and Bundy was a danger to society?
Well, I have an intel report directly from the federal government, the FBI, Department of Interior, and LVMPD that said Clive and Bundy wasn't even a threat.
That it was better to lure in all of his supporters.
And that's what they did at Bundy Ranch.
They spent months online trying to lure everybody in.
They did the same thing January 6th, identically to what they did.
And explain the psychology, because we see like Bundy thing as a victory.
Hey, leave a rancher alone, been there for 100 plus years, his family.
But for them, that creates fear.
They can say, here's the terrorists.
And those agencies get more funding and get to paramilitary their forces.
I'm going to tell you something right now.
A federal judge, her name is Gloria Navarro.
She was working for Harry Reid.
When Cliven Bundy and the remaining defendants went to trial and started revealing everything that's contained here, they were in such a panic.
And by the way, you sent me all the evidence of this.
I just don't know what to show first.
I've got federal records, transcripts, indictments.
I mean, I've got...
You know what I want to show you?
I want to show you, as a matter of fact, if we can go to a clip, if they can pull this up pretty quickly.
I'm sure that they'll be able to reference it this way.
Here's a January 6th report.
What is the number here?
Hold on one second.
Here's the thing, Pete.
We're going to do this in another show, though, because I want to be able to have a whole list and go over it in order.
Because, I mean, we know the evidence is there, but I want to actually put it on in a more
Take a look at number 16.
Pull that up because it has to do with, and you may not have seen this, it was just released yesterday at the Red Pill Expo.
Stop the Hate published this little montage.
But what you'll be able to see is thousands of people that are going up to the bike racks, and as they approach the bike racks, well, we're a law-abiding citizenry.
There were Capitol Police officers.
Nobody went past that until there were one or two provocateurs
It started agitating the police and bringing the barricades down.
That was that first layer.
That happened all the way into the Capitol.
Well, this is exactly in a different form what they did at Bundy Ranch, what they did at Malheur, now what they did January 6th.
This is a well-scripted, well-oiled machine where they only have to use four or five provocateurs to get a very energetic crowd to follow.
Absolutely, it's mob psychology.
Let's just stop right there because we're taped to air.
It's like we're live teleprompter free, but we're taping this to air at 6 to 9.
We only got up to clip nine, so that's why I wanted to do this later, because I have a skeleton crew, and it becomes, directing stuff on air becomes the whole broadcast, but can you send us the other clips?
Because I don't know about this new clip.
Just tell us, we can add it in post.
What is the new thing on January 6th?
Okay, so on January 6th, this is what we have.
I strongly suspect, and we also have testimony in Congress,
That the FBI sent an intelligence report that they were well aware and submitted a report on January 5th to the Capitol Police of what they were expecting to occur on the 6th.
Now, if you recall, they accused President Trump of inciting a crowd to do stuff on January 6th, when in fact they had intel reports from the 5th.
Well, to produce a report like that requires a huge effort.
All of that is in the discovery.
If people plead out
And because they want to get out of jail, they're being held against their will, of course.
They'll never see those intel reports.
They'll never see the 302 reports.
They'll never see any of this information whatsoever.
Now, Alex, we caught them red-handed doing the following, and I will stake my life on this, that the same people that were involved in this operation at the DOJ, the FBI, as well as their
They're toothless, quote-unquote, FBI informants, that those people were also involved on January 6th.
It's very, very easy to expose them, especially through our experience since 2014 doing this.
And I, you know, like I said, I want to help get the word out in the following regard.
You know, there's people like Robert Barnes, Norm Pattis, they can help lobby and to get some assistance from some of these big law groups.
To get these guys out of jail and get them the support that they need to take this stuff to Trump.
I'm not against the average Q follower that people come to me and go, you know Q exposed the New World Order 30 years ago.
And I'm like, no, Q's four years old and they couldn't stop our movement.
So they tried to lead our movement with a disinfo op.
And now most people understand that, but the Q movement was saying the storm is here.
We're going to storm the Capitol.
And I saw some of that and thought, well, nobody's going to be dumb enough to do that.
But no, there were people that were dumb enough to do it.
So let's go back to you.
You weren't dumb, but you were involved with the militias as a reporter covering them.
What made you think I was the Fed when I was warning you and others 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 years ago and trying to explain to you that I'd been through this a bunch in the decades before that?
Because the Feds come and go, I'm the militia leader.
Pete Jones is bad.
You're part of our group now.
You understand he's a Fed.
Describe how they manipulate people.
Well, I mean, they're FBI informants.
There was a report out two weeks ago that I saw that the FBI, and they need reform there with their FBI informants.
They have these people, they're criminals.
I got infiltrated by somebody who sabotaged our operation and was insistent.
Exactly, they recruit thousands and thousands just to go after us of sophisticated real con artist criminals that have had successful careers.
So that's how they're able to convince you because you're up against real con artists.
Yeah, you know there was a New York man that was arrested because of the quote-unquote capital riot and they just
Release him because the FBI informant lied.
These FBI informants get paid thousands of dollars, they get envelopes of cash, and their job is, and they're even allowed to break the law by the way, and that recent report actually exposed that there were 4,000 FBI informants that were allowed to break the law, but they were providing good information.
Well, guess what?
That's it.
It's called entrapment, essentially.
Same thing that they did on January 6th.
It was almost two months!
Same exact thing happened.
There are people go to work, they got online covert investigators.
I sent you documentation, we'll be able to do this at a future date.
We caught them on social media antagonizing people, sending pictures of the MRAPs that they had out there at Bundy Ranch, telling people it's gonna get hot, you better come in.
The Q people that are antagonizing, they're basically online covert investigators working for the FBI.
The people that are on the ground breaking the law,
This is the number one indication that you've got somebody that's with the FBI or they're an informant.
And they might not even look like it, but they're on their payroll.
They're allowed to break the law.
If they don't get indicted, number one.
Number two, they're breaking the law.
Number one indication that you're standing right next to a fed.
They won't get indicted, you will.
They need to wrap you into a conspiracy.
Here's the main thing.
These indictments at Malheur, at Bundy Ranch,
January 6th as well.
They're reverse-engineered.
They said to themselves, how can we get a whole bunch of people arrested come January 6th?
And they basically just scripted it.
And they mold, shape, guide, and send everybody to the barricades so that Nancy Pelosi can step up to the podium to say that there was an armed insurrection.
Now also, here's another thing.
The media is complicit in this thing.
How do I know this?
Because they were on the ground.
They were on the ground providing intel to the FBI.
They were also promoting a false narrative in the media.
To do what?
I spoke to the cameramen.
They were given shot lists.
They're given shot lists.
They want to take pictures of the least presentable, we'll call them.
Or, you know, the least camera-ready.
It was CNN Connected groups that were shooting the video for JNX and others.
That's right.
Or as some of the other organizations like Proud Boys to go in and do it.
And then when you point out that, oh, you got infiltrated, then they tell the members, Jones just turned against Goalkeepers.
Jones just turned against the Proud Boys.
No, I didn't.
I'm saying you've been infiltrated.
And again, I'm not saying like, see, I told you so, Pete Santilli, when I brought up that story.
I'm trying to understand the psychology of how these feds, because people don't know this whole story.
Even convinced you, because I used to warn militias.
I like the Hatari militia.
I saw the guy in a gas mask and two guys behind him like they're dictators going, we're going to fight the UN and world government.
We're going to have a war.
And I remember saying, that looks staged.
They're about to set up the Hatari militia.
Six months later, they did set them up.
So it's very obvious when you see the scripting, but you're a smart guy.
You're a Marine.
You're a patriot.
How did you never get sucked into anything illegal, but how did you get sucked into thinking I was the Fed when I was saying you're getting set up or you're a Fed?
No, you know what, I wasn't fully aware of it, literally, until I got locked up and I looked at all the discovery and I, you know, all these discs again.
I was not aware of how criminally corrupt they are.
Malicious prosecution, entrapment, misconduct, and by the way, that's not a conspiracy theory.
The judge specifically said this case is dismissed because of prosecutorial misconduct for doing all those things.
Now, I was never near, nor would I participate in anything at any point in time.
I mean, David Knight was there at Bundy Ranch.
Joe Biggs was out at Mallier.
I was at both places as well.
And I would never be anywhere near... No, you were one-tenth as aggressive as a Black Lives Matter activist.
So if you went to prison, they should all go to prison for a million years.
The ones that were breaking the law, essentially, would never come near me.
They had this stigma against me.
Pete Santilli, he's a Fed.
So people were staying away from me.
So was that part of your wake-up process?
Because they used to tell you, I was a Fed, and now they were calling you a Fed?
They did it to both of us.
I was infiltrated saying that you were out there saying I was a Fed, and then you were told that I was a Fed.
But you know what?
I didn't need to contact them.
I was shocked actually.
Oh no, I did not.
When I got put in handcuffs on January 20,
I don't
A story about me conspiring with Anne and Bundy to take over the bird farm.
They flat out made it up.
We caught them and they actually dismissed- And why were they so crazed?
Why would they set up a checkpoint in the middle of the mountains and just shoot up a car full of innocent people?
Well, I was supposed to be in that convoy.
The reason why, and by the way, that's contained, all contained here.
The reason why they selected that area, it was in a dead zone where I wouldn't be able to broadcast it out.
And that came out in court.
I've seen the documents.
Yeah, and the OSP, which is the Oregon State Troopers, they were all Oregon State Patrol.
They were told to turn off all their body cams.
Then the FBI fired a couple of provocative rounds.
And then they covered it up.
Basically, they fired the rounds.
You know what they do?
At Bundy Ranch, they kept them up all night.
They kept all of their BLM agents and their National Park Service agents up all night.
They sleep deprived them and told them that the militia was going to come kill them.
So they tell the rank and file, the good, you know, door kickers.
Well, that's right.
The brainwashing in the military and the police is at the highest level against their own people when the left's taking over.
Alex, I'm telling you, here's another thing that we need to get out there, and it's only going to come from us, because it's not going to come from the government if they do an investigation.
The Bundy Ranch case was busted wide open.
You know why?
Because a man named Larry Wooten, who's a federal agent, he was in charge of the case, and he knew exactly what they were doing was wrong, it was illegal, it was malicious, and he was the one that
Expose this.
And it was through a whistleblower on the inside.
We have those same great people at the Capitol Police that are, have been compartmentalized.
They were told to do certain things.
They got information from their command.
Well, that's why the feds.
Yeah, exactly.
The Capitol Police weren't involved.
They were good guys.
They were put in a horrible position.
And, and, and I know we know some of what they're saying is absolutely a false flag.
They were ordered to go do traffic control.
They were told to not get reinforcements when Antifa was attacking them for three hours.
That's right.
They're king.
And whether it's on big tech, or the pedophile rings, or corrupt government, that's what keeps bringing them down, and that's what's scaring the system so much, so there is a lot of hope.
But finally, what do you make, because you saw it, you were there when we played it, Bill Maher coming out making fun of false flags January 6th.
I mean, that tells you the system's really concerned about this.
Well, yeah, and you'll notice that, see, they work hand in glove.
They get their cameraman to take a shot of a militia guy that doesn't look appealing, and then they throw it to Bill Maher and say, put up a picture that makes us look less flattering.
Let's demonize half of the population.
It is an anchoring that I've seen two or three times over now.
The media is complicit in this operation.
And it's easy to expose.
They're participating in the whole thing.
They're just handing it off to Bill Maher and then saying, hey, you need to make these guys look like a bunch of kookpots.
Well, guess what?
We want a full investigation.
We also want to see what Jaden X's CNN operative that was standing right next to him, whether or not she was being paid by- Oh yeah, we need to have subpoenas of CNN and of Anderson Cooper and of Jaden X, I totally agree.
And again, expanding on that final point,
They wouldn't be, again, having Bill Maher do this if they weren't scared.
So I totally agree with you.
They wanted to use this, but once they realized they can't even have a kangaroo commission, because even a kangaroo commission, this will come out.
That's why we need to have our own commission and actually cover it.
I have a final point.
The point is, no, I don't want to crap on Pelosi's desk because it turns her into a victim, folks.
We don't want vigilante stuff.
We want her to be charged for being a CHICOM agent and to go through due process.
But pulling back here, the headline will be Jones says give a medal to those that crapped on her desk.
That was a joke.
I think that they should actually get in trouble.
But should they be locked up in solitary confinement?
We now have Elizabeth Warren.
A few months ago saying, let them out or put them on bond.
People will just walk between the velvet robes.
And now the Russian foreign minister is concerned because this is China-esque.
If they can lock up 500 innocent people for just walking in the Capitol when the cops open the doors and put them in solitary confinement and not let them even have hearings and let the jail guards beat their eyes out.
The majority of the attorneys that are assigned to these defendants, these Americans that are inside, they don't even have trial experience.
They're assigned
attorneys that have zero trial experience because their job is to put pressure on them, get them to plead out.
But my attorney had 700 case files and only took a couple of cases to trial.
Pete, how do folks find you?
Because listeners that care find this show, they find your show, but viewers that people need to realize out there,
You're not just like some side dish here.
You're the main course in the fight against the old order.
I mean, I mean, folks, you're not the potatoes.
You're the steak.
You know, you're not the buzz.
You're not.
You're the lightning.
You're not the big lighter.
You're the flamethrower.
The listeners need to know that it's when they tell people about it and then they tell people about it and then they tell people about it with that message.
That's the chain reaction.
The globals wouldn't be censoring and doing all this if we didn't have hope.
We have more than hope if the people listen and take action.
So how do folks find your show?
All of my links are at PeteSantilli.Moby and we need to get the word to these family members of these hundreds of defendants that they need to get out, get them out of jail and let's start preparing for trial and let's get them the support that they need to win at trial because the truth will be exposed.
The worst thing that the Deep State wants is for these cases to go to trial.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And I also hear people out there saying, don't defend what they did, or you're defending the attack on the Capitol.
I'm not defending idiots that got fooled by Q to go in with Antifa.
That was maybe a hundred of them that got violent.
But hundreds and hundreds that didn't know what was going on, that just walked in.
Uh, and they're now for being between velvet ropes facing, you know, many years in prison and solitary confinement.
I'm not defending what happened.
It's the opposite.
I'm defending victims that if we let them be victimized, we're all going to be victimized.
Pete Santilli, thank you so much.
And I look forward to having a larger symposium of some type in the near future on this because it's very, very important.
Yes, sir.
Thank you for having me.
All right.
Thank you.
We're going to go to a very short break here, and then we're going to come back with someone who they're also trying to put in prison for what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, and that is Nick Fuentes.
Stay with us.
There are now over a hundred peer-reviewed studies in just the last year documenting that surgical masks do nothing to stop the transmission and the spread of viruses.
It's a hoax.
It's a fraud.
Here's another article on InfoWars.com, a major
German study showing exactly the same thing.
But Fauci knew that.
He wrote a study himself, his name's on it, in 2008, saying not only do masks not work, but most of the deaths of the Spanish flu back in 1917, 1918,
We're good to go.
Infowars, the most banned network in the world.
All right, Nick Fuentes joins us now.
And if you just tuned in, I'm really just trying to talk to people that have been through the feds, the globalists, the Justice Department, trying to set people up.
And really, the Justice Department always had problems.
But once the Clintons took it over in the
Early 1990s, it's been trying to set up the American people, trying to set up populists, trying to take what George Herbert Walker Bush did with Ruby Ridge and take it to the next level.
And so Nick Fuentes, well-known talk show host with his America First movement, his popular show, they've been trying to set him up, myself up, President Trump up, claiming we wanted to attack the Capitol that day.
But now the evidence is overwhelming that it was a lot of anti-provocateurs and others that did trick
A very small number of people out of the million that were in DC that day into going in and now they're not having their commission because I think they know that information will come out.
I think we should talk more about this and also develop some plan to push for a commission.
So Nick, thanks for joining us on this Saturday evening.
We know you're a busy guy.
Being front and center at the middle of this, along with myself and others, what is your insider view?
Well, my insider view is that, you know, what the Capitol has been characterized as is completely not what it was.
And I know you were there and I was there, obviously, and we were there throughout the build-up to that, which was Stop the Steal in Atlanta and in other places.
And the way that it's been characterized by the mainstream media and now by the government is that this was some kind of, like you said, coordinated, planned assault or an attack or something.
And as we know, that couldn't be further from the truth.
What happened was, and my experience was,
I went to D.C.
on January 6th for the Rally on the Ellipse.
That was an official presidential rally outside the White House, sanctioned by the government, of course, and it was hosted by people that were a part of Stop the Steal from the beginning.
It was Women for America First.
I know you were a part of that, Ali.
Everybody who was there for Stop the Steal was there for the president's rally, and I remember I was there, and Donald Trump said on the stage, we are now going to go peacefully to the Capitol to protest what's going on, which was the counting of
The Electoral College votes.
And so we went.
We walked over down to the Capitol.
I know you gave a speech out there.
I gave a speech out there.
You know, it was peaceful from where I was standing.
I didn't charge or breach or anything like that.
And I had no plans or intentions to.
I think that there were some people that maybe were overzealous.
There's some videos that show that police officers were letting people inside the Capitol.
We're good to go.
Yes, exactly, because now this has created the pretext for everything that we're seeing now, which is the crackdown from the DOJ, the FBI.
So the way that I see it is basically this was a big trap.
I think that they knew that everybody was going to be there in D.C., they knew that Trump was going to be at that rally, they knew that he was going to sponsor that protest, and so they set everybody up.
And why was it that the, you know, remember Donald Trump said,
That's right.
That's right.
I've been to the Capitol many times, even last year and this year.
I mean, I've been there probably 10 times.
It's usually crawling with police.
There were nowhere to be seen except a tiny group of like 30 that were supposed to hold off, you know, maybe 400, 500 rowdy people that were at the vanguard.
But still, this was a setup by the system.
It was a setup.
And you can see clearly what the motivation was, because what they got, it's exactly what they wanted.
They got all these people that were peaceful, people that, you know, look at the people that have been charged in this case.
I think you've got 475, something like that.
That's the number of defendants.
And I don't believe one of them was caught with a gun or charged with a gun.
So you had people that were protesting across the country in D.C.
twice before that.
Well, exactly.
If this is an insurrection to take over the government, we would have showed up with machine guns and explosives and communications equipment.
We would have been taking over DC television stations.
I mean, I don't want to do this, but if anybody wants to know how you do it, you take over the TV stations, you take a bunch of hostages, and you take over the Capitol, and you don't let them leave.
And you start killing people.
You don't show up with guys in shaman outfits.
Yeah, well, yeah, that would have been the worst insurrection in history, right?
The one that had no planning, the one that had no weapons, the one that had no plan.
I mean, you had people that went into the Capitol, let in by police, and then were walking and staying between the velvet ropes in the rotunda, taking pictures and selfies.
People went into the chambers of the Senate, they took their pictures, then they left.
And that's supposed to be
Some kind of an attempt to overthrow the government?
That's supposed to be a coup to declare a new government or something?
And even the peace shaman they're holding without bail, who I think is a nice guy, just, you know, got caught in the moment.
We've all made mistakes.
He comes in and says a prayer.
He's totally polite to everybody.
Well, and they're polite to the whole thing.
I mean, there was some vandalism, but we're not talking about... Take a look at what BLM did.
You want to see what a coup looks like?
When a college football team wins, there's more violence.
Oh yeah, or when a city wins a Stanley Cup, or anything like that.
You want to see destruction, you see cars on fire.
You see a World Cup win, you see a Lakers win.
Right, you see smashed windows, you see all kinds of things.
And that's not to say that some people didn't force their way in, but people are taking a small thing, they're blowing it way up out of proportion.
Wait a minute, this isn't as big as Pearl Harbor, according to Chuckie Schumer?
Right, yeah.
It's the worst since the Civil War.
So this is worse than 9-11.
This is worse than Pearl Harbor.
This is worse than the Iraq War.
This is worse than the sinking of the Lusitania.
I guess all of that combined, right?
Because you had some boomers walking through the velvet ropes taking selfies.
Unallowed, right?
I mean, they're not allowed to do that.
It was an unauthorized tourist trip taking selfies inside the Capitol.
And the point is, they know exactly what they're doing.
They know that when they invoke those words,
Insurrection, coup, siege, attack.
That's all very deliberate.
They know that they're creating a very particular kind of a characterization of those events so that they could get a very particular outcome, which is if that is terrorism, if that was a domestic terror attack, then what becomes warranted is a new Patriot Act.
What becomes warranted is a new war on terror and more jurisdiction for the federal government to spy,
Yeah, absolutely.
The beginning they're going to take the tools that are that are sort of been implemented in an ad hoc way since the Capitol and they're going to institutionalize those and make those permanent and make it so that it is a permanent war on terror against right wing dissent against Trump supporters against any of these so-called emerging political narratives that
Could become violent or challenge the system, misinformation.
It's all part of the program.
Well that's it and what really scared the system was the million people that showed up in that last shot where you've got miles and miles of people.
I got there two hours into it.
Trump had just finished his speech and I couldn't tell what was happening a hundred yards ahead of me because all the crowds and people until tear gas hit me in the face.
And so the idea again that any of the people that went into the Capitol later had no idea.
I just
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And again, that's insane.
You have a PA system for a reason.
If there's a fire, if there's an earthquake, if there's a shooter, they stood down.
Who ordered the stand down?
That's the question that needs to be answered, fundamentally, because that's exactly what it was, is a stand-down.
If they wanted people to disperse, if they did not want people in the Capitol, there would be no way that you could know that, because they didn't properly staff the Capitol, and the Capitol Police that were there fell back and fell back and retreated, and the most famous video of that black Capitol Police officer, he's running and leading the crowd further inside the Capitol, further inside the corridors.
And multiple videos have come out showing police flagging people further inside.
Opening the ropes outside and opening gates, waving people in.
Yes, yes, and it's all on video, and the evidence is all there, and that's exactly the question that has to be asked, is who gave the stand-down order, and why?
If this was an attack, if this was terrorism, if this was a coup, why then would the police stand down if this was a supposed threat to democracy, where politicians are under attack and fear for their lives?
It was absolutely calculated, coordinated, and they're getting out of it exactly what they wanted.
And I think to your point, that's a big reason why they have shut down this January 6th commission.
I think that, you know, maybe they don't have it now or later or something, but...
I think that they don't want this commission because already the lies are beginning to crumble.
Like, for example, about the Capitol Police officer that allegedly died at the hands of the protesters, Brian Sicknick.
New York Times came out with that story a few days after the Capitol and said, oh, some police officer was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher and then arrived at the hospital dead.
And that was used, by the way, in the actual articles of impeachment in the U.S.
House of Representatives.
That article was cited in the articles of impeachment to impeach Donald Trump on that same day.
And then, since then, the New York Times retracted that story.
Turns out there's no fire extinguisher, didn't die the same day, had nothing to do with that.
They later came up with this story about chemicals or bear mace or something.
That turned out to be not true.
But they needed something because they killed three citizens that day, so let's pull back here.
I want to ask you this question second, but first get this point in.
What do we need to do?
Because you've got a lot of pull.
You're a very successful, smart guy.
People really like what you're doing, Nick.
You've got a big movement that will listen to you.
I've got a big movement.
Our listeners have got a big circle of friends they can talk to.
What do we ask Trump to do?
What do we ask Congress to do?
What do we ask governors to do?
Because this needs to happen.
Because on the matrix,
Or the skeleton of the hoax of January 6th being this bloody insurrection, the worst thing ever, white supremacist, all of it's a lie.
It's not a white supremacist event.
That foundation they're building, Homeland Security, FBI, CIA, White Supremism is the main threat, America Firsters are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, let's have a race war, let's have a domestic war.
This is their hope that they wanted at Ruby Ridge in Waco, Oklahoma, to trigger the excuse for the feds to have a war with veterans and gun owners, which is suicidal and insane, but that's what they want to do.
What do we do?
That's first.
And then I've got this question for you.
Trump needs to understand that he's the only one that knows who came to him and said, have Alex Jones open the gates and lead the event.
Three days or four days, it was actually like a week and a half before I first heard it.
And I'm like, yes, we're talking to Trump and he wants you to lead it.
I hadn't talked to Trump in a while then.
You know, woman's putting, you know, Don Jr.
on the phone, all this stuff, and then you're going to lead with a bullhorn halfway through a speech to make sure it's peaceful?
I'm like, how am I going to lead hundreds of thousands?
They go, oh, we don't think it'll be that.
We think there may be 50,000 will come.
And the Secret Service and Capitol Police are working with Trump.
And, you know, Trump's going to have military there, which we now learn he asked for.
So Trump clearly had all this together, was going to go speak.
And then the president says he's going somewhere.
Where's the Secret Service?
They didn't show up.
Where's the Capitol Police?
They know they cut the Capitol in half that day and sent them on traffic control for Trump's main event at the Ellipse.
So this was a setup.
In that, and who did that?
So I was telling my wife sitting next to me, I go, I got a bad feeling.
I said, there's no way the Secret Service can open that gate.
But I see the woman telling me this, talking to Secret Service, talking to the President's main people, talking to all of them right there.
I'm in the, you know, right in the row right there in front of Trump.
And then they opened the gate and waved me through.
The Secret Service waves me through.
Obviously, they weren't involved.
But whoever set that up,
Was planning to set me up and the President, and like I said, it kind of petered out and was like a misfire.
So that's another big area of investigation.
Not just who ordered the shutdown, not just who ordered the Capitol to open up, not just who did that, but also who's recommended that?
Who got that ready?
Because they wanted to get Trump and me and you and all of us in one net.
Thank God it misfired.
So go ahead and take that.
I'll give you the floor in the next 10 minutes.
Sure, so in the first place what we have to do is go on the offensive against what the government is doing here, because you're exactly right.
This Capitol lie is what it is, it's the big lie about what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, is being used to weaponize the CIA, it's being used to weaponize the FBI, it's being used to weaponize the DOJ, the entire intelligence apparatus, the entire national security apparatus,
And I think the biggest thing that people can do with a big platform is to share the message.
You know, and I see you've been spreading the message on InfoWars.
I know Revolver has been talking about this.
I think Tucker's been covering this.
I've been covering it on the show.
We've got to raise awareness about what's happening, but two, I think it's important that we establish the facts with Freedom of Information Act requests.
I know that that's already been submitted, for example, on behalf of Ashley Babbitt, and there should be FOIAs submitted about everything else that happened.
I've done it as well.
I've done it as well.
I paid the lawyer to do it, and they're just stonewalling.
Yeah, well, yeah.
Yeah, that's a big part of it.
And we also have to sue, too.
Because, you know, if you look at these people that are being tried, tracked down by the FBI, and these 470-plus defendants in these cases, they've got to sue for wrongful prosecution.
Because the guy that's running the investigation, Sherwin, went on 60 Minutes while all of this was ongoing in January, and he laughed and said, yeah, well, we went after their internet celebrities first, because we wanted to make sure that they weren't protesting at the inauguration.
We wanted to make sure to
Basically scare them off and intimidate them and then the people at the DOJ got on his case and they said oh Yeah, you weren't supposed to say that actually there might be some trouble because of this now we never heard anything more about that but
You know, I look at a lot of these different defendants that have been involved in this.
There was a case that was dropped just this past week where the FBI went and they went to this guy's Facebook records and he was saying, oh, I was in the Capitol.
It turned out that he wasn't.
They dropped his charges.
So all these people got to start to counter-sue against the government.
And I think that'll open up new information.
I think that'll open up a new front on legal warfare.
And then ultimately, you know, it might be prudent to push for some kind of a January 6th
And to get to that second point that you made about Donald Trump, I remember exactly what you're talking about.
Now, I had almost no involvement in the planning of this thing.
I know you were a little more involved.
I know Ali was involved.
But all I was told is there's going to be a rally on the 6th outside the White House.
Be there at like 9 a.m.
or something.
And that's all I knew about it.
I had no plans for the 6th other than this.
And so I plan on going to the rally and going straight home.
And I remember distinctly during the President's speech, which I wasn't expecting, I had heard nothing about this, during the President's speech on the Ellipse, he specifically said that he would lead the march to the Capitol.
And exactly like you said, I don't know what happened to that, but he said, I think two times in the speech,
That he would be out in front of it.
He would meet the people that were at the Ellipse, at the Washington Monument, at the Capitol.
He said that he would lead the protesters over there.
And, you know, I know everybody else went there.
I know you went there.
I went down there.
I saw possibly hundreds of thousands of people walking from the White House all the way to the Capitol.
President Trump never arrived.
Where did he go?
What exactly was the plan there?
So, there's a lot of unanswered questions about exactly what to do.
I said you'll have the floor, but you're right.
I want to know what happened.
Because I'm being blamed, you're being blamed.
We were walked right into this.
I don't think Trump did this.
This obviously hurt him.
But he has the answers, he and he alone, other than the bad guys that can bring them down.
I think he should be exactly wanting a commission or having his own.
Well, and I think a big part of why they censored him was because of exactly this.
And they also, it was very strategic of them, they impeached him on the same day.
They brought everybody back in session and they impeached Donald Trump after the riot.
They convicted him before the body was even cold of Ashley Babbitt, exactly.
Right, right.
And they did that so that that was hanging over his head throughout the remainder of his presidency, because he was still president from the 6th until the 20th.
And then even on after that, well into February, that's when they finally resolved the impeachment.
And so I think... And they threatened the 25th Amendment the whole time.
Right, right.
And they've been doing that since he got into office, but right.
Then Republicans at that point, Mike Pence cabinet officials, could have conceivably been a part of a coup like that using the 25th Amendment.
They had that hanging over his head that it's like, look, if you don't play ball, we will impeach you, convict you, and put you in jail.
If you don't play ball, Mike Pence in the cabinet will revolt.
He needs to bring the rallies back!
I absolutely agree, and he's not been outspoken enough about this.
I love Donald Trump.
I was there on the 6th for Donald Trump, and I regret nothing, you know, because this guy was the real deal, real patriot.
That being said...
What has he used his platform for since leaving office?
He goes on Sean Hannity and he just kind of like complains about LeBron James saying that thing about that police officer a month ago.
And he puts out these press releases from the desk of Donald Trump.
It's like you have 475 of your supporters languishing under the grip of the federal government for going out to support you.
Like you said, he knows what happened on that day.
So why doesn't he use the pulpit that he still has, go out there, do a rally and tell the truth?
And mobilize the people again.
I don't know what's going on.
It seems like the Donald Trump that we have now is not the same Donald Trump that we had back in 2016.
Because this Donald Trump is far more conventional, plays by the conventional playbook, and, you know, obviously the conventional playbook is not going to win against conventional adversaries.
Well, I'll tell you, he doesn't have General Flynn.
He doesn't.
They have harassed and cut off everybody, and they harass anyone around him.
I mean, they harass the lady that serves ice cream at his club, the people that cook his steaks.
I mean, I'm not a victim here, it's just true.
They have harassed my family, they've hired PIs.
We're talking, you know, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post.
Vanity Fair, people, they've moved reporters to Austin that did year-long investigations apiece, offering people money to lie about me when I have such a boring life.
You know, I mean, about as exciting as it gets is me eating a big steak and a potato like a pig at seven at night, then watching TV.
I mean, you know, I'm eating the hot tub, but I mean, they have been, and I've talked to people around Trump, they have harassed the hell out of everyone around him.
So if you, because look, let me tell you, I don't,
They've tried to target my crew, too, over the years.
They just ran off the bad people.
This crew is incredible.
But if I didn't have a crew, I could do nothing.
And Trump does not have a crew.
That's his problem.
I mean, he couldn't... I'm told he paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 1995-level technology one-person posting board where he would post something with no interaction.
And then you wonder why he canceled it.
He could go to Gab right now
They have a two million people for him just on his own page and it works good.
But again, he won't do it because he is surrounded by scum.
Yeah, well, and that's a story often told about the past four years during the Trump administration, as I think that Donald Trump, you know, when it was let Trump be Trump back in 2016, that is what started the whole revolution.
That's what made him the primary nominee.
That's what made him the President of the United States in 16.
And, you know, something kind of peculiar happened in November 16 is that
Ryan's previous took over the transition and then they got Johnny DiStefano and PPO and then Jared Kushner starts to get involved and
Like you said, all of a sudden, Donald Trump finds himself surrounded by people that are a bad influence.
Either people that are malicious, people that are incompetent, but this has been the story of the administration.
And I know you know, and I know, and anybody that knows anything about what went on in Washington, D.C.
for the past four years, that was like the story of the administration is Trump is doing what he can, but he's one guy.
He's literally one guy.
And let me explain this.
I'm 47, you're young, and that's great.
We're counting people like you.
I've been doing this 27 years, and I get to a point sometimes
Where my brain refuses to look at something anymore because it hates it.
So I hate the globalists.
I want to defeat them.
But my brain at a certain point goes, I refuse to look at this anymore.
You're going to go have some fun, which is a normal way.
I don't have a heart attack.
Imagine being 74 like Trump.
And when he got it in at first, he had a few good, a lot of bad people, but he could had his will.
He bulldozed a lot of it through, got set up, got attacked, got surveilled.
And now because he doesn't have all that power anymore, all those power brokers that at least did some of what he wanted, they're gone because he doesn't have power to offer them anymore.
So he's literally like a dude that wants to...
Trump doesn't have a tractor or a mule.
So imagine, Trump doesn't even have a hatchet or a hoe, and I'm not defending him, I'm just saying, everyone that keeps imbuing him with all this power, he had the power we gave him, and we got a lot done.
I'm surprised it ever happened.
We sucker-punched the globalists, but now they're on board to destroy us.
They know we kicked their ass, so we've now summoned their counter-strike
Their empire strikes back.
So the big question is, what do we the people do instead of counting on a magic cue or a magic trump?
We're going to have to pull ourselves up with our bootstraps.
I've done it.
You've done it.
Others have done it.
And I'm not bragging.
It's true.
We're the model of perseverance and victory.
So how do we have victory, Nick Fuentes?
Well, in my opinion, we have to follow through on the message of Stop the Steal.
In my opinion, the battle is not over from Stop the Steal.
It's HR1, damn right!
If they get that, it's a dictatorship.
Explain it.
Well, not necessarily just that, but I'm talking particularly about destroying the GOP, following through on the promise during Stop the Steal to say, we cannot allow the GOP to go back to the way that it was.
When you say complete the takeover of the GOP.
Exactly, exactly.
Institutionalizing the Trump revolution that he started in 2016.
When you say destroy the GOP, that goes great with the base, and I get what you mean.
You're a smart guy.
You mean conquer it, take it over for the people, capture the flag.
You mean destroy the insiders, destroy the chi-com agents, what you'd call the Israel firsters.
Anybody that isn't for America.
Yes, exactly.
The GOP regime.
You know, it's the GOP, and this has been the story for 30 years, probably a lot longer than that, that you've got the constituency of the GOP, which is right on the money.
You know, the American people know what's going on.
It's been the leadership of the GOP and the conservative movement that has steered them wrong and misguided them and betrayed them.
Well, yeah, that's globalist loyal opposition.
So, yeah, so I'm not disagreeing with you, but why do you use the word destroy the GOP?
Instead, how about remove the fake GOP?
Well, destroy the GOP is just a little bit more catchy, but I agree with what you're saying, and just to make myself clear, right, the GOP should be used as a vehicle to get America first into power.
Right, wipe out the regime, wipe out the people that are in control, use the GOP to enhance our message, because Donald Trump ran as a Republican.
I'm not in favor of totally, you know, making the GOP a default.
Yeah, that's what they fear is us taking it over.
You mean destroy the corrupt leadership of the GOP.
I totally agree.
Destroy the fake, loyal opposition, new world order scum.
Destroy them!
That's right.
And replace them with the true America First people like Donald Trump, like Ron DeSantis, like a lot of these people that you see stepping up and taking leadership.
That's right.
Because what they're trying to do is take the Republican Party and drag it back to what it was before.
And, you know, a lot of people say, well, the Republican Party is corrupt and the Republican Party is far gone.
But Donald Trump came in there, beat everybody, won the presidency.
And he was able to build 500 miles of wall, not start a single new war.
He was able to renegotiate the trade deals, fight a trade war with China.
We can use the GOP towards the ends of America first.
The thing that is standing in the way is, like you said, it's the loyal opposition.
It is the people that have ran this country and the party into the ground.
Doing the dirty work of the left oftentimes sometimes more eagerly than the left themselves So that's the path forward in my mind is we've got to stop voting for rhinos We've got to stop voting for and being complicit in and supporting people that are wrecking the party and as you say American first is inevitable
That's right.
It is.
It is inevitably going to happen.
And it's inevitable because, you know, the country's going down and everybody can see that.
And there's going to come a time when enough people are going to wake up because the country is going down that we're going to be able to turn things around.
And I think that's basically what happened under Donald Trump.
Well, I mean, I agree.
I was about to say, it's already happened.
They stole the election.
So when I said everything, obviously getting rid of the rhinos is key, but I meant everything is.
Election-wise, if we don't stop the election fraud, we don't have a hope.
If we do defeat it, we're going to have major victory.
That's true, that's true, because Trump won in 2020.
Keep in mind, everything going against Donald Trump, the coronavirus, the recession, the Russia hoax, the media being against him, and he won 74 million votes, more than any other sitting president in the history of the United States, and he won the election.
It was because of unprecedented mail-in ballot fraud, the likes of which has never been seen maybe in the history of the world.
So we shouldn't get depressed, because the truth is, we've been kicking the globalist asses.
Did we not think they wouldn't counter-strike with all their stolen money?
It's Empire Strikes Back!
That was the perfect analogy because when we put Trump in office and it was the base of people that allowed Donald Trump to mount this challenge against the globalists,
We did sucker punch them.
We did knock them back on their butt.
And now what we've seen is the largest counterattack in history, which has been, by the way, four years in the making.
They said the day after Trump got elected at Google headquarters, we have to make sure that this never happens again.
And it was the most powerful institutions in the world.
...that have worked every day since then to engineer the big tech, censorship regime, engineer potentially the COVID virus and the lockdown and recession, engineer the voter fraud... And the elites are, keep going, but the elites are so weak though, in the old days they'd just kill a president, they know there's good guys throughout the system, so they're not even willing to kill people anymore, which again shows their little globalist system only makes everybody weak.
And I'm not saying killing presidents is good, I'm just saying they don't even have the power to actually kill a president and try to get away with it because they have no honor.
To kill a president, you can say what you want about Kennedy, those guys had enough honor they could keep it quiet.
They don't even trust themselves enough to kill a president right now.
Think about that because they're such backstabbers.
They're fools.
They have no honor, which makes them thieves.
They're stupid.
They lose their real power and they have no honor because they're all screwing each other over.
That's right, and the system is fragile.
You know, that's what, the things that they're doing right now, this is not the actions of a system which is confident in itself, a system that is strong and powerful.
They are lashing out desperately, and that's how we have to look at it.
When they're pushing the envelope on all this stuff with the Feds and the DOJ and all of that, that is desperation, because they saw what happened on January 6th, and I think it was almost fitting in a way, because I'm not talking about the breach, I'm not talking about the broken glass and things like that,
Maybe you felt the same way.
I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I know that when I pulled up to the Capitol on January 6th, and I saw the building surrounded by hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters wearing their MAGA hats, waving American flags.
Oh, I love that feeling of showing our power and showing that Biden can't get 50 people at an event, but we've got a million.
And then that's why I got so mad when it was all taken from us by a few idiots.
Right, because it was a glorious sight.
I mean, that was a beautiful image, and it was a demonstration of power for once, and in a way, it was almost a fitting end, except for the trap, except for the screw job that they pulled.
What a demonstration.
It was like Trump came to DC in January 2017, and in 2021, hundreds of thousands of his supporters came and surrounded the Capitol to say,
You know, we want the Trump revolution.
It's the next chapter of the war.
We can't expect magic intel Q says is going to save us.
Trump won in a landslide.
We know that.
The evidence is overwhelming and all those battleground states instead of winning by a quarter point or tenth of a point, won by a point, three points, five points.
But if you pull back.
I mean, that is just a devastating victory against them.
But as I said, we cannot then expect that they're not going to counter-strike.
Nick, always incredible points.
Again, tell people, how do they find your amazing weeknight show?
I am on AmericaFirst.live, Monday through Friday at 8 p.m.
Central Time.
Lastly, one last point.
I like Robert Barnes.
I know you like him.
He's a really smart guy.
And you can see from his perspective, I don't like radical Islam.
I don't like what the Palestinians are doing.
I'm not against Israel.
I get his points.
I think the last straw was something you've talked about is we're sick of the Israel lobby being used to paint American patriots
And so I think Israel and people that support Israel need to know, if Israel wants to be some pro-freedom bastion and pro-free speech and pro-gun, then we will support it, I think.
But if it becomes something that's like this idol we have to worship and it's great and it gets his freedoms but we don't, and then Israel and Jews in general allow
I don't know.
While the Jerusalem Post says I'm an anti-Semite because I'm pro-gun.
I mean, I just can't take it anymore having Sacha Baron Cohen that makes his living off of super racist stuff going and setting up rednecks to sing an anti-Semitic song so he can say we're bad people when he's the son of a bitch making hundreds of millions of dollars off of it.
And I don't like being led around and made fun of by him that I'm a dumb, hillbilly Christian with buck teeth and all these caricatures that Hitler did against Jews.
I'm sick of Bill Maher doing them against Midwestern white people.
I'm not a racist.
I'm a Christian.
I'm a good person.
And I'm not going to sit there and watch a bunch of leftists, I don't care whether they're black or Jewish or whoever the hell they are, tell me I'm a piece of crap all day.
That's so well said.
And that sums up why you're seeing people turn on this issue.
Because, you know, when people are being led to believe that Israel was like this right-wing state that was joining us in the fight against radical Islam, people go, you know, okay, that's reasonable.
America has allies.
America can support our allies.
And, you know, hey, maybe these Jewish people have something in common with us.
But you're right.
It's turned now into like this big blackmail scheme.
And it's like, look, I got into this in 2016.
With the message of America first!
I mean, yeah, okay, we can have allies, and yeah, if Israel can justify itself based on its merits, like you said, if they're pro-gun, if they're pro-nationalism, and so on, that's terrific!
But you've got people that are coming in and they're telling Christian, conservative, American patriots that if you don't put Israel before America, if you're not in favor of foreign aid and foreign wars and all of this, well, you just hate Jews or you just must hate Israel.
You're an anti-Semite.
And that's exactly right.
I'm sick of people demanding in the America First movement that we have allegiance or patriotism to a foreign country.
And by the way, nobody would accept the current situation with Israel if it was any other country.
If it was a Russian group saying this about Russia, if it was a Chinese group saying that about China, or Mexico saying that about Mexico, no conservative would for one second stomach the kind of behavior of the Israel lobby if it came from any other country.
And I think we know why that is.
It's because the Israel lobby is more influential than all the other countries.
Well, let me expand on that.
We're good to go.
We can very easily, I don't want to use the word seduce, it's a bad word, but I think we can actually get most Jews on board to actually promote America and promote freedom instead of letting the left dictate it and control Jews by saying anybody that's for freedom is anti-Semitic.
That's trying to inject something into a debate that shouldn't even be there.
So all I'm saying is I want to have a dialogue.
Thank you very much.
A lot of this is people trying to scare Jews to keep them on the Jewish plantation.
I think everybody needs off the plantation, and I think whether you are a Christian or a Muslim or a Jew or an agnostic, you have a right to say what you want, when you want.
And big tech and the censorship using the anti-Semitic slur is what's hurting Jews and Israel more than anything.
And I'm telling Jews in a loving way, if you're Jewish, you particularly need to speak up and say no to this.
Well, and everyone can be America first, and I think you hit the nail on the head right there, and it's true.
Everybody has, it's not a white supremacist thing, it's not a white nationalist thing.
Every American has a vested interest in putting this country first, because insofar as you're American and you reside in this country, why would you want to put something ahead of America or the well-being of America?
Yeah, that's called being a slave.
If we don't put ourselves first, we won't have the wealth and support and success to help others.
Putting yourself first is not selfish.
If you don't put yourself first, you're in a cult.
That's right, that's right.
And you can't call yourself a patriot if you're not in favor of putting America first.
And you're right, Jewish people, I think even people that support Israel can be a part of that too.
You know, Laura Loomer, I had her on my show, Good Morning, Groyper, and she said, you know, look, you and I disagree about the Israel lobby, but we basically agree on everything else.
We agree on big tech, immigration,
The anti-white hatred from the media, all of this.
Why can we not work together?
And she said, you know, look, I'll tell you, I'm America first, not Israel first.
I said, you know what?
Then we're allies, right?
If we agree on 90% and you say you're America first, I say that's an alliance right there.
So it's just about being imaginative about what this relationship can be.
And the core guiding principle is just about reciprocity.
It has to be on our terms.
We can't have our terms dictated down to us by a foreign country and told, this is how it has to be.
If there's some reciprocity and they could put America first, then I think we're on the same page and there's no problem.
And I said in the debate, I'm not necessarily anti-Israel per se,
I'm against these kinds of relationships when they're abusive with any country.
There was a similarly abusive relationship with NATO and the United States.
Oh, I don't like NATO saying China's good.
I agree with Trump.
We should run NATO, not the Chai Koms.
And that's how it works.
If we don't run the UN, the Chinese do.
If we don't run NATO, somebody else... I'm not for an empire.
I want out of all this.
But if we're going to have this stuff, we better run it.
Well, and it has to be on our terms.
It has to be for our interest.
And in the same way that we could say to NATO, hey, you know, you're not spending enough money.
You need to pay a certain percentage of your GDP and hold up your end of the bargain.
You know, it's not to say that there's, you know, like you said, we have this system.
It is the way that it is.
Let's have it on our terms.
Let's dictate it in a way that is reciprocal, in a way that benefits us.
And that same reasoning must apply
In all cases, with no special exceptions, with no exception for a well-funded lobby or anything like that.
And I think that that is something that is pretty uncontroversial and basically universal.
I think that anybody who is really a serious patriot can say, I can put America first in each and every single case.
That doesn't make me a racist.
That doesn't make me an anti-Semite.
It doesn't make me a bigot.
That is the core of what it means to be a patriot, what it means to be an American.
I agree.
In closing, in closing, let's just go one further.
If something's better, if a new country forms that's even better and shows a track record, I would support that as well.
But the globalists want to get rid of the American system because it challenges their centralized system.
Do we have problems?
Are we corrupt?
Damn right!
Wealth and power that comes from freedom creates that paradox.
But what they're trying to get rid of America's ideas for is to replace it with this leftist, corporate, selfish fraud that diminishes the individual
And that is trying to take us over.
And so I grew up here in how great America was and how great Texas was, and I was never an arrogant person.
So I thought, why are my grandparents and parents that are such humble people crazy when it comes to America and Texas?
Well, it's because of our family and what we've done and all of it.
And also they've been around the world.
They realized it was under attack.
So as long as I matured, then I realized this country is literally our ship and it's sinking now.
We better love it or we're going to lose it.
Nick Fuentes, thank you so much.
Great interview.
We really appreciate you coming on.
Thanks for having me.
I appreciate it.
And I like Nick Fuentes.
I like Robert Barnes.
I'm going to ask them both here.
Would you accept another debate, maybe moderated by who Barnes wants?
Because I said I wouldn't talk, and I probably talked too much.
Nick, would you have another debate with Robert Barnes?
I would.
I would.
Any moderator.
He can call the details.
All right.
I'm game.
Thank you.
And again, because it became a fight with the Groypers, you know, kind of going after Barnes, which is fun.
It's all fair and love and war.
I like being attacked.
I think it's interesting.
It's fun.
People help me get better.
It's probably going on the show next week on some other issues, but I would really love, because I think they both made some really good points, because, you know, I like Israel a lot of ways.
In other ways, I'm being called anti-Semitic for no reason.
It's kind of like, my God, I want to support you and you're slapping me upside the head, but that's not Israel.
That's the leftist and that's what they're up to.
But I should be able to tell Israel what I as American think, and what I think should be going on, because I'm equal.
I'm just as important as Israel is.
When you say, oh, that's a country, how do you say you're as important as it is?
I'm an American.
I am America.
You understand?
I'm good.
I'm strong.
I fought hard.
My family's good.
And I have a future, and I have an identity.
And I get together with other people that share that idea, and we build a world.
Islam has its plan for the world.
I don't want to be part of that.
They can go do what they want all day.
I don't want to kill them.
I don't hate them.
But if they think they're going to come tell me how to live, they got a problem.
It's the same thing for the Russians or the Chinese or Israel or anybody else.
If the Russians were in my business, the way the Israel lobby is, I would be hopping mad.
And that's where I'm going.
But I'm not stupid.
If they had some new communist leader in Russia, I'm not going to be the enemy of the Russians.
That is key to understand.
And that's why all day they tell you Jones isn't really an American, Trump's not really an American, oh they're really on foreign payroll.
Because they know I am an American.
If I'm anything, I am an American.
And I am proud of America.
And I'm proud of my heritage, and I'm proud of my European roots, but I'm proud of everybody else and their roots as well.
But I will not sit here and hear that I'm bad because of who I am.
No, I am who my ancestors are, and I respect that, and I'm proud of that, and I also know you're human as well, and I'm proud of you.
All right, we're going to go to this special report.
We're going to come back with the nightmare analysis on the COVID bioweapon, globalist takeover, that is so incredibly important.
And we will finish up with that.
And then Lord willing, I'll be live tomorrow, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, with my Sunday show, The Noah Troyer, with Sunday live, 6 to 8 p.m.
Here is the Save the Frogs, Save Humanity report.
And it's important and I hope that you that already know all this that are watching will go to Banned.Video where it's posted on the front page and we'll share it and instead of it getting, you know, 300,000 views or whatever it's going to get, it'll get 10 million views because this is one of the big central issues, not just the poison vaccines that aren't vaccines.
It's the endocrine disruptors and it's something they've really tried to suppress because they're scared of it.
Just like they don't want a real commission on January 6th, they don't want a real investigation of the chemicals because they admit it's their plan.
So here's the report.
We'll be right back.
The biggest online meme in history is widely recognized as the Alex Jones gay frogs rant.
Corporate media has attacked me thousands of times for it, literally.
There have been dozens of times that late night comics have made it their central joke.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
If he is that upset about a government conspiracy that is not happening, just imagine how upset he's going to be when he finds out about one that actually is.
Like this explanation as to why men are gay.
The reason there's so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation.
Here's the inside of this juice box.
And if they zoom in any more, see that thin plastic?
After you're done drinking your little juices, well, I mean, you're ready to go out and have a baby!
It's got it.
He's saying the chemicals are making people gay.
Folks, it's making the frogs gay.
Two-thirds of the frogs down in Houston are bisexual.
Great show, Alex.
We sold a lot of super male vitality formula.
Soon all of your listeners will be transformed into gay illuminati lizards!
Fun side note, Pinterest also took down their Infowars page, which is bad news if you were planning an autumn wedding with the theme, Gay Frog Chemtrails.
Tap water is a gay bomb, and that they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay.
Math, brainfighters, is how the lesbian conspiracy has maintained its vice grip on our nation's chia seed supply, alright?
It's how they reproduce.
Alex Jones is a fake.
Which, by the way, people have a right to be.
Remember that gay frog clip at the start?
He did a follow-up show explaining how chemicals were being placed in the water to feminize society and reduce the population.
And then immediately segued to this.
We sell five different brands of the very best water filtration systems out there.
They're amazing.
They cut out 99.99% of the glyphosate, the herbicides, the pesticides, the fluoride.
I mean, to an untrained eye, it sure seems like he was using the idea of a gay frog to sell his products.
Which, incidentally, is the same mistake the WB network made.
On InfoWars, one of his most famous statements was saying that Tapwater is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
That's the problem with a guy like Alex Jones.
Because he got them to believe that the gay frogs were based on studies and facts.
But it's not a laughing matter.
Endocrine disruptors, phthalates, and other chemicals in the water supply are gender bending not just frogs, not just birds, not just monkeys, but humans.
Every species on Earth is becoming sterile and is also confusing its sexual preference.
We know from studies over a decade ago that mercury makes birds gay.
And people go, yay!
Gay's cool!
Except now there won't be any more of those birds.
They're going extinct.
Many species of frog and toad are close to going extinct because the majority of the males, when they come in contact with atrazine and other chemicals, are becoming attracted to other males and trying to fertilize other males' eggs that don't exist.
Then when you pull back and you study books like Ecoscience written by Obama's science czar, he admits to plans to put gender-bending chemicals in the water.
So this isn't just an accident.
This isn't just runoff that is taking place.
This is being done by design as a program of depopulation.
They have picked formulas for fuel and formulas for other products like plastics.
Microwave their food in plastic containers.
And the reason for this is pretty simple.
The American Academy of Pediatrics warns families to avoid this practice because when plastic containers are heated up, they can release harmful chemicals into that food.
And kids are the biggest concern, of course.
Well, these leached chemicals may interfere with the child's hormones.
Override big tech sensors.
Click the link below and share this important report.
And you can go out and look at thousands of examples in the environment.
Where major government agencies and universities are actually sterilizing different insects and different fish to lower their populations.
Or in the case of Japan, they feed a derivative of the soybean to catfish so that they're all female because the females of that species are much larger.
I don't know.
That we then put in the lake that can't reproduce because they're an invasive species.
How do they sterilize them?
When they were eggs, they just put a few drops of an industrial chemical into the water, and again, that makes them all sterile.
That's just one example.
My father owns property with sterilized fish on it, with just a few drops put into the water when they were developing as eggs, as embryos.
This is everything, ladies and gentlemen.
This is how the globalists have emasculated us.
Our sperm counts are down more than 50% in every industrialized country.
And as soon as other countries that weren't industrialized like Brazil adopt the same chemicals, the same policies that are used in Europe, in Japan, in the US, in Canada, in Australia,
We're seeing similar numbers and not just sterilization, not just feminization, but we're also seeing skyrocketing cancer cases.
We're seeing hyper-feminized women, girls that go into puberty now on average at eight instead of 12.
Now we see three-year-old girls that are going into menstrual cycles.
Even some babies are now having menstrual cycles.
So this is very, very dangerous.
It feminizes men and it overdevelops women and actually shortens the length of their lives as well.
The globalists are hitting us with soft kill chemical weapons and they admit that this is part of their larger plan.
That's why we're making it a major part of our initiative at InfoWars to expose this because this is a topic that when we cover it the system tries to make into a joke.
We've come out with a new t-shirt that helps you fund the InfoWar, but also helps you in a non-threatening way, spread the word.
It simply says on the front, InfoWars.com, save the frogs.
On the back, it's much bigger.
And then people are guaranteed, because I've worn these out in public now before they went on sale, going to ask you questions about it and are going to want to know more.
And then you can direct them to the research and information and understand that we're not just saving the frogs here.
We're saving ourselves.
And this is a topic that almost everybody's heard of.
The quote frogs being gay.
Really what they are is confused and being sterilized.
And what you see with frogs is happening with humans now, where genital sizes are going down, black, white, Hispanic, doesn't matter.
Fertility is going down, and it's being done through the chemicals to make us a more manageable, docile, dumbed-down group.
So, go to Infowarsstore.com today and get this shirt in three different great colors.
One is a light cream, one is black, and one is...
Kind of a jungle electric green, I would call it.
They're great shirts.
These came in about a month ago before they went on sale.
Everybody around the office wants one.
People have been loving them.
People have been getting great responses out and around Austin, Texas wearing them, and you will too.
Some of the M4 War shirts are very, very aggressive.
Like the first one I designed 25 years ago, Mass Murderers Agree, Gun Control Works, with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
And on the back it says, um, Politicians Love Disarmed Peasants.
That's a great shirt, but it's very hardcore.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's about a 10 in your face.
This shirt is more about like a two or three.
It's, hey, yeah, everybody likes frogs.
Save the frogs.
Infowars is controversial.
I've heard about that.
What's going on?
Well, it's the controversial research, and that's why all these big talk show hosts have attacked Jones.
It's why literally thousands of publications have attacked me, because it's a talking point they've been given to make a joke out of this, so when professors and scientists and others warn people about it, it becomes a big joke.
And as we continue to expand how they covertly put these chemicals in the food and water, we're not just going to look at artificial chemicals that are being added, we are also going to start looking at how they have genetically engineered different foods to make them extremely toxic.
Take soybeans, eaten by Asians for thousands of years.
They do have some estrogen mimickers in them, plant estrogens.
But with the new industrialized, genetically engineered systems of soybean, it's much, much stronger.
And if you process whole soybeans and leave the cores in them,
Destroying Men
Thank you.
Learn about Henry Ford and how he was working with Hitler and others and was obsessed with soybeans and how he could then deploy soybeans around the world as a way to pacify populations.
Hitler wasn't just planning to conquer the world through military might.
After he took out Russia and the UK, which was England at the time,
We're good.
I think?
Lesions on the heart, lesions on the lungs, blood clots.
And again, they're testing, putting this out there and getting away with soft killing us where people die in a few months, a few years, but no one's exactly sure what killed them because the original testing was never officially done on these vaccines.
But they did testing before that that Fauci funded to actually see what it would do under other project names previously, but with the exact same family of viruses.
This is the attack on humanity.
This is their entire system.
This is their program.
And it's deadly, deadly serious.
And so they want us to celebrate now men losing their masculinity, women becoming hyper-feminine.
But that doesn't mean looking sexy like Meryl Monroe.
It means looking like some type of ogre blob that by 30 has already, her uterus and ovaries are like an 80-year-old woman.
You see that.
The women look like ogre blobs.
The men look like little scrawny gremlins.
And this is their program.
This is their operation.
And then you learn that Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian Huxley were actually working on this real program that they put in the fiction book published in 1932, Brave New World, which they admitted in 1961 was actually a real plan against you and your family to actually split humanity into two species.
So again, it's essential to get this information out, and it's essential to warn others and spread the word.
So this shirt is very high quality, made right here in America, printed in America.
We are selling them for $17.76 at InfoWarsTore.com, and it helps keep us on the air, and it helps you spread the word, and it's a really good-looking shirt.
So again, I hope you'll get your Save the Frogs InfoWars t-shirt at InfoWarsTore.com today.
Won't you fight for your life?
I'm gonna say it real slow for you.
The BioPros are the new non-GMO pollution solution, using eco-friendly products to treat everyday problems while supporting our environment.
For the first time, the BioPros are bringing to the public market a suite of bioremediation products to the everyday consumer.
Their first product they are launching is called BioSeptic Pro, a product specifically designed to establish a healthy septic system.
BioSeptic Pro contains live microorganisms, not traditional enzymes like its competitors.
This stuff lives in your septic system.
It's really like probiotics for your septic tank.
Say goodbye to septic problems.
Gas buildup and odor guaranteed.
BioSeptic Pro is light years ahead of traditional septic treatments.
They have a revolutionary patented delivery system that carries live microorganisms to treat the problem at its core, making their products up to 100 times
We believe in peace, but we are bringing you more of information.
And if you're going to attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
All right, folks, there's no way to do all this news justice on this special Saturday transmission.
So I'm just going to run over the headlines here in closing after the big interviews with Santelli and with Fuentes.
And then tomorrow on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m., I'm going to drill more into all this news and also whatever the new news that's breaking is.
But let's just let's do it as best we can right now and just go through
A hundred articles or so with just the basics.
Here it is.
Look at this photo of your TV viewer.
This says it all.
That's May 2021 lumber, $1,000.
We'll buy you that.
And just six months ago, seven months ago in the fall of 2020, you could buy more than three times more lumber.
Same thing with steel.
Same thing with corn.
They've all tripled or more.
But CNN says there is no inflation.
This says it all.
Memorial and Justice Rally that happened today.
Sacramento State Capitol for Ashley Babbitt.
Saturday, June 5th.
She was murdered.
Let's remember who really died at the Capitol.
Now let's move into this area.
And again, I've tried to organize these where they tie together, but World Economic Forum, that's the big globalist public Bilderberg group, pushes MIT program that automatically detects disinformation narratives.
Oh, so taxpayer paid for government systems to add more censorship and control so that the criminals at the WTO and the World Economic Forum can keep lying to us.
And it continues.
Twitter suspends organization for announcing they will release more Fauci emails.
The Informed Consent Action Network, a major public policy group, legally does the FOIA request to get Fauci emails.
We're not allowed to expose the criminal and what he's done.
Twitter says you're suspended.
Mark Zuckerberg blasts whistleblowers who expose Facebook censorship in leaked video.
So the leaking is the key.
That's why they want an internet ID for when you do anything, it puts a record of who you are.
So no one can put out anonymous stuff.
That's the Holy grail of all.
This is a world ID, a world medical ID, a social credit score with an internet ID so that you can't expose these monsters.
Then all you do is just go to big public events and take those over legally and lawfully and expose it.
Genetically engineered magnetoprotein remotely controls brain and behavior to be added to vaccines to help you not be depressed anymore.
And then they have special electromagnetic systems under oppogenetics and flashing lights that will make you happy, London Guardian.
Oh, Liberal.
After 50 years, the mRNA revolution is here.
That's the headline.
All the news.
Oh, it's a revolution.
We're changing your body, whether you like it or not.
We're doing it.
And the Germans just passed a law to let them change your genetics where someone else takes a vaccine that's really a genetic takeover.
And then it leeches into you.
The Germans just passed a law saying they can do that.
More articles about, oh, all over the London Guardian everywhere.
Oh, it's the revolution.
Yeah, it's their globalist anti-human revolution.
Fully vaccinated Napa woman dies of COVID-19, just like the major executive over at the good folks at Oracle.
Why, he took his second shot and died of COVID, so now when they kill you, the vaccine they call it COVID.
Caught in a pickle!
Tens of millions of Americans might not have had an adequate response to the COVID-19 vaccine.
Oh my gosh, CNN!
You're gonna need more shots!
Not just three, not just four, not just five!
Oh my gosh, we told you that was coming over a year ago.
Any menstrual changes after COVID jab could be short-lived, experts say.
Oh, yeah, you're gonna have some menstrual problems.
They're not admitting no big deal.
The big smoking gun video that they're now see breaking in the news a month after we broke it.
Peter Daszak admitting they created the gain-of-function COVID-19.
You're not caught in a pickle, you're caught in a new world order takeover.
If you got this vaccine, you can't return to campus, many colleges warn.
Oh, you gotta have the right so-called vaccines.
But, oh, no one's going to force you to take a shot.
There's going to be no vaccine passports.
They're now official.
Hawaii's putting them in.
France is announcing you're going to have to travel there.
But no one's... That's preposterous.
No one would ever do that.
I mean, that's Alex Jones stuff.
German study finds lockdown had no effect on stopping spread of coronavirus.
That's what all the epidemiologists said, but they all got censored.
State Department probe into coronavirus origins suppressed, Pompeo says.
He said that a year ago, and it's ongoing.
A vindicated Rand Paul decimates Fauci over the emails.
But don't try to promote the emails.
Twitter will ban you.
June is Alzheimer's Brain Awareness Month with Alzheimer's exploding.
There's a big study.
Spiked proteins administered intravenously are engineered to cross the blood-brain barrier, can cause cerebral hemorrhage.
And here's the big study on that, which we already knew.
It's just more of that.
They already studied it before they did it.
They knew what they were doing.
Oracle executive Joel Coleman, the vice president, 50-something years old in great health, took the second shot and died of lungs turning into bloody bulbs.
But it wasn't the vaccine.
They said it was COVID.
Big Pharma now taking out big tech.
Oracle VP dies of COVID after receiving second dose.
He was so proud of himself though.
When he got it, he was like, look, mommy.
I'm a big kid now.
And he's helping bring out a vaccine passport.
Get vaccinated, get your smartphone, get started with v-safe.
Now you're allowed to go out because we're in your body and we're taking care of you and we're dead.
And it goes on and on and on.
More scientists coming out saying that the spike protein is killing you in major news.
But let's do this.
Let's just move that little stack right over there and let's, let's, let's look at this stack of news right here.
Look at this.
California Governor Gavin Newsom
Renegs on surrendering emergency power to close everybody's restaurants but his.
Boy, he made some big profits.
He was given a free $3 million house, but that's okay.
And oh, now he said that, you know, they'd let you go back out and have your businesses open after June 15th and he would stop being a dictator.
But oh, sorry.
Just like Trudeau, he's not.
Kentucky's vaccine lottery offers 1 million full ride scholarships.
How to enter?
Oh, you're getting a full ride.
All right.
Once they set the precedent to make you take whatever they want to put in your body.
If this vaccine doesn't cripple you or kill you, the next one will.
Watch Governor Newsom picks the COVID-19 vaccine lottery winners.
It's like in the movie The Island.
You think you're winning a lottery, you're actually getting sent to die.
That's okay.
Oh, but Theranos is history, the big scam PCR stall testing, but big blood testing breakthroughs are coming post-COVID.
And the holy grail is robots and computers constantly testing us, constantly scanning us, and then announcing that we're these big, evil, horrible, bad people.
Let's move on now to this stack of news.
Here's Zbigniew Brzezinski.
You can actually see the video of this online if you'd like.
In early times, it was easier to control a million people than to kill a million people.
Today, it's infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them.
And here's the Indian Bar Association letter.
And here's the news article all about it with the head of the UN's vaccine program saying, we don't want anybody allowed to have ivermectin.
The UN is trying to block countries from giving them a cure for COVID so they can die.
It's been on record antiviral for decades.
It's cheap and big pharma runs her so she doesn't want you to be able to have it just like here.
Since when did the UN become the authority over big tech and over your doctorate, over your life?
Since you were in a world government.
They launched the attack, folks.
They launched the whole deal.
Then there's this article.
It's happening!
And it's probably spreading!
Canadian health officials baffled by mystery deadly brain disease that suddenly popped up and has killed a bunch of men and women.
And they just don't know what it is, but they think it's spreading.
Oh, really?
You take a shot, it then spreads to you.
And that leads us to this.
This is from Dr. Sherry Tinpenny.
I checked this, it's online.
This is out of the German Parliament.
Law for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Human Infection Act, IFSG 21 Vaccines.
Translated on the German Parliament site at the Reichstag into English.
In the case of the protective vaccination ordered on the basis of law or one publicly recommended by the highest state health authority or vaccine according to 17a paragraph 2 of the Soldiers Act, vaccines may be used that contain microorganisms that can be excreted by the vaccinated and ingested by other people.
So, there you go.
That's the shedding law right there.
But it's okay because the German government, same ones that gives little kids to convicted pedophiles, says it's okay.
The German government has just passed a law that allows vaccines, vaccinations to be produced.
Oh, they're not planning it.
It's here.
Because after all, what's in NBC, ABC, CBS, every channel, every day, just this week, and going back many years ago, the same headline every day.
Scientists prove kids are bad for Earth.
Morality suggests we stop having them.
The very people that want us to die are telling us, we have something to save you.
Would you give up having children to save the planet?
The couples who have what?
I regret having children, another article.
Yes, she regrets it.
She's a good woman.
Oh my, but they love us.
They want us to die, but they love us.
Should we be having kids at the age of climate change?
Well, if we lock you down and you can't even get together or have a job, you won't have them anyways.
Fertility rates plunge, but China has three-child policy.
Seven reasons people shouldn't have children, according to science.
Business Insider, yes.
One legacy of the pandemic, maybe less judgment of the child free.
No one's judging you.
You don't have children, but they don't want you to have children.
It's time for parents of white kids to bring the resistance home!
Then it goes into how white people are bad, and of course how the pandemic lockdown caused all the massive suicide.
That's just some of the news, but I'll tell you what I'm going to do.
All this I got ready.
All this I got prepared for you.
But I'm not going to cover it now.
I will cover it one way or another on the Sunday show.
And I pledge to you, unless there's some huge breaking news story, which I'm sure there will be, but I will judiciously get to all this.
But here's some of the good news and bad news over here.
Federal judge overturns California's unconstitutional ban on assault weapons.
Quite a ruling.
And I guess George W. Bush did something good.
This was actually one of his judges.
UK and US travelers must be vaccinated to enter France.
EU looked at importing 70 million Africans by 2035, which will be a group they politically control and use as a permanent underclass.
The ADL wants you arrested if you talk about it, but that's officially been announced.
Trump warns Zuckerberg, next time I'm in the White House, it will be all business.
Well, don't think you'll be back in there with election fraud unless we change that.
NACCHO chief says, Org does not see China as a threat.
And so much more.
Tomorrow night, 4 p.m.
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