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Name: 20210604_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2021
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The biggest online meme in history is widely recognized as the Alex Jones Gay Frogs rant.
Do you understand that?
Turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Boom, boom, serious crap!
Corporate media has attacked me thousands of times for it, literally.
There have been dozens of times that late night comics have made it their central joke.
I don't like them putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay!
Do you understand that?
If he is that upset about a government conspiracy that is not happening, just imagine how upset he's going to be when he finds out about one that actually is.
Like this explanation as to why men are gay.
The reason there's so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation.
Here's the inside of this juice box.
And if they zoom in any more, see that thin plastic?
It's got it.
After you're done drinking your little juices, well, I mean, you're ready to go out and have a baby!
He's saying the chemicals are making people gay.
Folks, it's making the frogs gay.
Two-thirds of the frogs down in Houston are bisexual.
Great show, Alex.
We sold a lot of super male vitality formula.
Soon all of your listeners will be transformed into gay illuminati lizards!
Fun side note, Pinterest also took down their Infowars page, which is bad news if you were planning an autumn wedding with the theme, Gay Frog Chemtrails.
Tap water is a gay bomb, and that they are putting chemicals in the water that turn the friggin' frogs gay.
Matt, brainfighters, is how the lesbian conspiracy has maintained its vice grip on our nation's chia seed supply, alright?
It's how they reproduce.
Alex Jones is a fake.
Which, by the way, people have a right to be.
Remember that gay frog clip at the start?
He did a follow-up show explaining how chemicals were being placed in the water to feminize society and reduce the population, and then immediately segued to this.
We sell five different brands of the very best water filtration systems out there.
They're amazing, they cut out 99.99% of the glyphosate, the herbicides, the pesticides, the fluoride.
I mean, to an untrained eye, it sure seems like he was using the idea of a gay frog to sell his products.
Which, incidentally, is the same mistake the WB network made.
On InfoWars, one of his most famous statements was saying that, Tapwater is turning the frogs gay and will turn you gay too.
First off, gay people are awesome.
I don't think that's a problem at all.
That's the problem with a guy like Alex Jones.
Because he got them to believe that the gay frogs were based on studies and facts.
But it's not a laughing matter.
Endocrine disruptors, phthalates, and other chemicals in the water supply are gender bending not just frogs, not just birds, not just monkeys, but humans.
Every species on Earth is becoming sterile and is also confusing its sexual preference.
We know from studies over a decade ago that mercury makes birds gay.
And people go, yay, gay is cool!
Except now there won't be any more of those birds.
They're going extinct.
Many species of frog and toad are close to going extinct because the majority of the males, when they come in contact with atrazine and other chemicals, are becoming attracted to other males and trying to fertilize other males' eggs that don't exist.
Then when you pull back and you study books like Ecoscience written by Obama's science czar, he admits to plans to put gender-bending chemicals in the water.
So this isn't just an accident.
This isn't just runoff that is taking place.
This is being done by design as a program of depopulation.
They have picked formulas for fuel and formulas for other products like plastics.
Microwave their food in plastic containers.
And the reason for this is pretty simple.
The American Academy of Pediatrics warns families to avoid this practice because when plastic containers are heated up, they can release harmful chemicals into that food.
And kids are the biggest concern, of course.
Well, these leached chemicals may interfere with the child's hormones.
Override big tech sensors.
Click the link below and share this important report.
And you can go out and look at thousands of examples in the environment where major government agencies and universities are actually sterilizing different insects and different fish to lower their populations.
Or in the case of Japan, they feed a derivative of the soybean to catfish so that they're all female because the females of that species are much larger.
I don't know.
That we then put in the lake that can't reproduce because they're an invasive species.
How do they sterilize them?
When they were eggs, they just put a few drops of an industrial chemical into the water, and again, that makes them all sterile.
That's just one example.
My father owns property with sterilized fish on it, with just a few drops put into the water when they were developing as eggs, as embryos.
This is everything, ladies and gentlemen.
This is how the globalists have emasculated us.
Our sperm counts are down more than 50% in every industrialized country.
And as soon as other countries that weren't industrialized, like Brazil, adopt the same chemicals, the same policies that are used in Europe, in Japan, in the US, in Canada, in Australia,
We're seeing similar numbers and not just sterilization, not just feminization, but we're also seeing skyrocketing cancer cases.
We're seeing hyper-feminized women, girls that go into puberty now on average at 8 instead of 12.
Now we see 3-year-old girls that are going into menstrual cycles.
Even some babies are now having menstrual cycles.
So this is very, very dangerous.
It feminizes men and it overdevelops women and actually shortens the length of their lives as well.
The globalists are hitting us with soft kill chemical weapons and they admit that this is part of their larger plan.
That's why we're making it a major part of our initiative at InfoWars to expose this because this is a topic that when we cover it the system tries to make into a joke.
We've come out with a new t-shirt that helps you fund the InfoWars, but also helps you, in a non-threatening way, spread the word.
It simply says on the front, InfoWars.com Save the Frogs.
On the back, it's much bigger.
And then people are guaranteed, because I've worn these out in public now before they went on sale, going to ask you questions about it and are going to want to know more.
And then you can direct them to the research and information and understand that we're not just saving the frogs here, we're saving ourselves.
And this is a topic that almost everybody's heard of, the quote, frogs being gay.
Really what they are is confused and being sterilized.
And what you see with frogs is happening with humans now, where genital sizes are going down, black, white, Hispanic, doesn't matter.
Fertility's going down, and it's being done through the chemicals to make us a more manageable, docile, dumbed-down group.
So, go to Infowarestore.com today and get this shirt in three different great colors.
One is a light cream, one is black, and one is kind of a jungle electric green, I would call it.
They're great shirts.
These came in about a month ago before they went on sale.
Everybody around the office wants one.
People have been loving them.
People have been getting great responses out and around Austin, Texas wearing them, and you will, too.
Some of the M4 shirts are very, very aggressive.
Like the first one I designed 25 years ago, mass murderers agree gun control works with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao.
Then on the back it says, um, politicians love disarmed peasants.
That's a great shirt, but it's very hardcore.
On a scale of 1 to 10, it's about a 10 in your face.
This shirt is more about like a two or three.
It's, hey, yeah, everybody likes frogs.
Save the frogs.
Infowars is controversial.
I've heard about that.
What's going on?
Well, it's the controversial research, and that's why all these big talk show hosts have attacked Jones.
It's why literally thousands of publications have attacked me, because it's a talking point they've been given to make a joke out of this, so when professors and scientists and others warn people about it, it becomes a big joke.
And as we continue to expand how they covertly put these chemicals in the food and water, we're not just going to look at artificial chemicals that are being added, we are also going to start looking at how they have genetically engineered different foods to make them extremely toxic.
Take soybeans, eaten by Asians for thousands of years.
They do have some estrogen mimickers in them, plant estrogens.
But with the new industrialized, genetically engineered systems of soybean, it's much, much stronger.
And if you process whole soybeans and leave the cores in them,
Thank you.
Learn about Henry Ford and how he was working with Hitler and others and was obsessed with soybeans and how he could then deploy soybeans around the world as a way to pacify populations.
Hitler wasn't just planning to conquer the world through military might.
After he took out Russia and the UK, which was England at the time,
I think?
Lesions on the heart, lesions on the lungs, blood clots.
And again, they're testing, putting this out there and getting away with soft killing us where people die in a few months, a few years, but no one's exactly sure what killed them because the original testing was never officially done on these vaccines.
But they did testing before that that Fauci funded to actually see what it would do under other project names previously, but with the exact same family of viruses.
This is the attack on humanity.
This is their entire system.
This is their program.
And it's deadly, deadly serious.
And so they want us to celebrate now men losing their masculinity, women becoming hyper-feminine.
But that doesn't mean looking sexy like Meryl Monroe.
It means looking like some type of ogre blob that by 30 has already her uterus and ovaries are like an 80-year-old woman.
You see that.
The women look like ogre blobs.
The men look like little scrawny gremlins.
And this is their program.
This is their operation.
And then you learn that Aldous Huxley and his brother Julian Huxley were actually working on this real program that they put in the fiction book published in 1932, Brave New World, which they admitted in 1961 was actually a real plan against you and your family to actually split humanity into two species.
So again, it's essential to get this information out, and it's essential to warn others and spread the word.
So this shirt is very high quality, made right here in America, printed in America.
We are selling them for $17.76 at infowarsstore.com, and it helps keep us on the air, and it helps you spread the word, and it's a really good-looking shirt.
So again, I hope you'll get your Save the Frogs InfoWars t-shirt at infowarsstore.com today.
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