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Name: 20210604_Fri_Alex
Air Date: June 4, 2021
2596 lines.

Alex Jones discusses the Pentagon's report on UFOs which found no evidence of alien spacecraft. He urges listeners to take it seriously, as he believes COVID-19 was released on purpose and those responsible should be held accountable. He also talks about conspiracy theories involving extraterrestrial beings controlling world events and a hybrid program experimenting on creating human-alien hybrids since the 1950s. Jones encourages people to financially support InfoWars, which is being censored but still having an influence in exposing globalist agendas. He also talks about best-selling products currently out of stock due to high demand and their planned restocking. The discussion includes topics such as the need for resistance against globalist agendas, financial support, health benefits of various supplements, and vaccine injuries.

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Science proves kids are bad for the Earth.
Morality suggests we stop having them.
Well, who's the Earth for?
The globalists or the aliens are working for, or whatever the hell it is?
All I know is they act like aliens that took over.
Humans are bad.
It'll soon be the end of the human age.
Machines are rising.
Hey, how about we just throw Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates in prison?
How about that?
How about you say I'm obsolete?
How about you're obsolete?
You declare war on me?
I declare war on you!
You watch that damn Wuhan attack?
Let's get your ass convicted!
And then march your ass up!
You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
It's just spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus.
When they finally release the bioweapons and start the lockdowns, it's never going back.
They'll squeeze it, release a little, squeeze down harder.
So when they finally squeeze for the last squeeze, you don't fight because you think the squeeze is going to be released.
But finally, once those handcuffs go on, it'll never be released.
You're going to be killed.
And I just want folks to know that, not to scare you, but so you don't go along with it.
Got it?
Our job is not to follow orders.
Our job is to not be part of lockdowns.
Our job is not to let them get our guns.
Our job is to expose them!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's June 4th on this live, Friday, worldwide broadcast.
And the Pentagon has released its much-hyped report on UFOs and all of these hypersonic craft that are doing 14, 15, 20 G turns and flying at 5,000 miles an hour.
Government finds no evidence of alien spacecraft but doesn't rule it out and says they don't know what it is!
I told you that was what was coming next.
UFOs must be seriously investigated and Pentagon's report is just the first step.
Senator Mark Rubio, we're going to be talking about that today in the third hour and we have a special guest joining us then as well.
Chris Sky pops in with a report in the second hour for a segment or two with an update on the ongoing lockdowns in Canada that are so important because it's a beta test for the rest of the world in the UN's own words.
So that's a war game going on up there with those poor tens of millions of people being captives.
So that's coming up.
There has been a flotilla
Of mainstream corporate articles saying don't have children, humans are evil, get rid of all the humans.
So they've gotten very public about their depopulation plan.
The mask has slid almost completely off and it is truly disgusting.
We're going to be laying all of that out today and how it integrates and dovetails in with the big story.
The Fauci project manager who publicly ran
The entire Wuhan operation with Gain of Function has confessed to creating Gain of Function coronavirus COVID family viruses, undoubtedly COVID-19.
The only question is now, did they release it on purpose?
And of course, of course they did.
Does that mean that the doctors that developed these systems did it?
The question is, who released it?
It was definitely done on purpose.
You can see all the pre-programming.
But we'll be laying that out at the start of the next segment because it's all coming out.
The House of Cards is coming down faster than a locomotive running off the side of a cliff.
Falling faster than a lead weight off the Empire States Building.
And you better know that
They're trying to trigger a race war, cyber attack, economics, crises, and more to divert us from this information coming out of China has issued more threats of nuclear war if the State Department and others start pointing to the fact that there's a weaponized virus out of Wuhan.
I've cracked the code on exactly what happened from all the evidence.
Yeah, this is a very, very sophisticated plan to bring in world government, to bring in medical tyranny, to bring in a cashless society based on the medical ID and an implantable chip.
We know the plan from the Davos Group and others, and all the pre-programming we see, but the larger political football, now that it's known that it was released, undoubtedly on purpose, we have to go into the wheels within wheels, plans within plans, and understand exactly who stands to gain.
Kibono, from the old Latin, from the Roman,
To get our answers.
And yet again, it's the same culprits time and time again.
So we have quite the broadcast lined up for you today.
And as promised, the callers, five or six that were left on the line yesterday, you're going to be called back if you answer here in about 15 minutes.
We're going to put you on air first at the bottom of the hour, and I'm also going to open the phones up for everybody else.
interspersed with the guest we have today.
And then I'm returning tomorrow, 6 p.m.
it will air.
I'm going to tape at least a two, maybe three hour long commercial free emergency report on two big issues I'll tell you about coming up at 6 p.m.
tomorrow evening.
That will begin streaming on all of our streams to satellite radio and TV stations and we'll post the file to BandNotVideo.
But you can't share videos from BandNotVideo on Twitter or Facebook.
You'll need to share it from Free World News.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday, June 4th.
The year is 2021.
We are in the future.
And it is exciting, horrifying, exhilarating.
The moment of truth is now upon us.
The great question, will we grow with the incredible science and technology that God gave us through our minds and be judicious about it?
Or will we try to play God and destroy ourselves the way the Atlanteans did, but on a wider, much grander scale?
Thank you for joining me here today.
When I said the wheels have come off, the whole COVID-19 globalist takeover, Great Reset, that's really putting it lightly.
The engine has blown up now, and their entire attempt to take over is on fire.
That doesn't mean they won't succeed, because their plan is to bring things down in that process.
You know, Hitler could have won World War II if he didn't try to kill the populations he just captured, but he spent about half his energy making sure he wiped out certain groups because that was his real goal, was the carnage, was the death.
It wasn't even the supposed thousand-year Reich that he was promising.
So if we project onto the New World Order,
The fact that they want stability in the future.
Don't confuse that with them.
They actually want the death and destruction and the collapse.
That's actually what they're looking for.
They're beyond nihilistic.
So let's go ahead and lay it out.
Dr. Peter Daszak was the project manager for Fauci with at least six of the eleven gain-of-function programs.
Fauci and Gate were funding
The other five, or at least 11, that dealt with gain of function and coronaviruses and chimeras.
He talked about it in December of 2019, right as they knew the lab had already been shut down and it had already infected people there.
And we know that from the cell phone records, no one was there for a week.
And we know that one of the wives, one of the people that worked there, died, and a lot more.
And that leans towards the released on accident, but that's obviously a cover story in case it did indeed come out that they'd released it.
Because to release a bioweapon like this could cause World War III.
They didn't want that.
They wanted to bring in you and Bauer, world government, have a worldwide drill for future bio-attacks was the cover for most of the people high-level brought into why they were doing it.
But if you looked at
Redfield, and if you looked at Dr. Francis Collins, Fauci's boss, they've all had the body language of being extremely scared the last 16 months, and I would be if I was them, because they weren't directly running it like Fauci and Gates, but they were aware of it.
And now you see them hedging their bets, making the rounds going, oh, it was gain-of-function, it was wrong, and I didn't know about it, and we didn't know what the Chinese were doing.
We have the specific grants
From the NIH, from the CDC, there's 11 of them that deal with coronaviruses.
Six specifically with Dr. Dazzi, where he admits on video, and other scientists admit, that they merged five viruses together to then develop a vaccine.
But you've got to make the new bioweapon, and then you make the, quote, cure for it.
And so all this information is coming out and they all know damn well what they've done.
So the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Now there's a video report that I shot and I put out a little less than a month ago on May 11th.
It's got 1.34 million views.
Needs to have 50 million views.
And so this is the next piece of news that's about to break.
This will all break by Monday.
Just like I told you a month ago, they're going to bring Fauci down, and they're going to bring others down, and they're going to bring Gates down partially, but I said they are not going to bring down Obama, who actually ran the project.
Now how do you think I knew that?
I have insiders inside the Washington Post.
And I was told about Josh Rogan and his little leash he's on and how he was going to be allowed to bring this out.
And I specifically came on air and I said, Josh Rogan will be the first domino so the mainstream media can claim they broke all this.
They'll probably get a Pulitzer Prize.
Because I was talking to people that said, OK, you're right, Jones.
They can't contain it.
There's too many whistleblowers.
The deep state is going down.
At least the group allied with Communist China and Klaus Schwab.
And so it's happening.
So this is a real internal war inside the globalist imperium.
So you might want to go watch that report, Smoking Gun Video, Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating COVID-19.
In fact, I'll make it the featured video again, right now, at band.video.
I'll also take the live show feed today.
And we'll put it under my live feed, on the front page of InfoWars.com, that report, so you can share it.
We'll put the caption up there, because if you get excited, we probably have 2 million people tuned in right now, conservatively.
Most talk shows exaggerate the number.
We've got about 2 million right now.
Probably 6 million tuned in to every show.
It's not nice, big live audience.
Over 200 affiliates, radio, TV, 300 plus to count that.
And if all of you just share this, it'll get 20 million views, it's game over!
I mean, you want to hurt the globalists?
You want to stop their takeover?
You want to save a lot of lives?
Or just don't?
Mega bombshell!
Fauci, project leader, confesses to creating gain-of-function COVID viruses.
So I gave today's show headline a similar headline to what we put out three and a half weeks ago.
Let's scroll down, and you can see the live feed of the show right there.
We're going to add, under that, this video report as well, so it's very easy to find.
When we come back, I'm going to play part of that report, then we're going to go to your phone calls and go over all the latest news.
And I'm particularly prepared today, so I've got a lot of big news we're going to be breaking.
But again, this information is not known yet.
When you see this report, it's 20 minutes long.
I was going to hear a few minutes of it coming up.
You'll notice that half of what I said a month ago is now broke.
The rest will break by Monday.
Because why is Peter Daszak important?
Well, he's not just bragging and other project managers bragging how they created this.
They do that to cover their ass.
You think, oh, they're really dumb.
No, they knew it was out.
They knew it was going to come out.
So he went out and gave an interview that just sat there and waited until this year, almost a year later, to be released.
Where he's like, oh, yeah, we're doing it all under Fauci's orders, no big deal.
So that if a jury ever sees this,
They'll be like, oh, there he was talking about it in plain view!
Kinda like Biden, like, yeah, I said fire the prosecutor, I would give him a million dollars, and son of a bitch, they fired him.
That was criminal, what he did, and he admitted to it, but see, a con artist hides it in plain view.
So that's coming up.
And the fact that he wrote the Lancet report, and said, cover up that I wrote the Lancet report, and work with big tech to censor anybody, pointing out that we released this.
So we also have him covering up the crime as well.
Okay, so we're going to get to all of that coming up separately.
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We'll be right back.
You found it.
The tip of the spear.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and we together, the listeners, the viewers, the activists, the radio stations, the affiliates, the sponsors, are together the tip of the spear.
Stay in attack formation.
Okay, I'm going to give the number out for first-time callers, but we're first going to call back the six or seven callers that were still on hold yesterday that I didn't get to.
I promised one way or another to get to you, so if you answer, we'll get you on the air.
Front of the line, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, first-time callers.
Today, I want to give everybody a chance to get through on all the big news.
Any topic you want to discuss, as my good friend Ted Nugent says, it's a free-for-all.
Again, what's old is new and what has not been recognized yet is breaking.
Here is a report from back in May, back on May 11th, which is the smoking gun.
And we were working on this for three or four days at the time.
And Tucker Carlson broke a lot of it that night.
That was great.
But then he didn't get to the real key, I think, and it hadn't come out yet either on national news.
But that is that Peter Daszak and others admitted in papers, emails, and on video that they were creating gain of function with coronaviruses and even giving them numbers like COVID-19.
And all this is coming out of it.
My God, Fauci's in emails saying, my gain-of-function research, I think it's worth the risk.
And he told Congress, I know nothing!
Like, Sergeant Schultz on Hogan's Heroes, I know nothing, nothing!
It's just outrageous.
I mean, Roger Stone was sentenced to how many years in prison?
How did he get pardoned?
For parsing words in a Senate committee hearing versus what he said on a radio show?
That I'm in contact with WikiLeaks.
Yeah, somebody that knows Assange.
So is everybody else.
I can send an email to somebody that's... I mean, I have Cassandra Fairbanks on.
She talks to Julian Assange.
Every once in a while, nobody gets to talk to him.
And, you know, she's a major contact.
I talked to WikiLeaks.
Said, like, have you talked to Julian Assange?
Well, you said you talked to WikiLeaks.
You're going to jail.
Meanwhile, he's up there going, I know nothing.
When he's the granddaddy of it.
It's like asking Elvis Presley.
What do you know about rock and roll?
He goes, I never heard of that.
Well, you're Elvis Presley.
You ever heard of Chuck Berry?
I never heard of Chuck Berry.
He's just a grandfather of rock and roll.
I mean, just think about how dumb they think we are.
So, I'm listening to Chuck Berry thinking, oh, this place would be Johnny B. Goode when we come back, guys.
Not the Judas Priest version, that's good too.
We need to hear the real thing.
Need a little bit of that real soul.
Anyways, back to this report that I hope you share because we need all this out now, not them whitewashing with these stupid Fauci emails.
The real smoking gun is that he funded it all and lied to Congress and then they released it on purpose.
Did Daszak release it on purpose?
I don't know, but it was released on purpose and I'll tell you why when we come back, but here's part of that report.
Peter Daszak, the British director of six projects at the Wuhan Lab, directly funded by Obama and Dr. Anthony Fauci, has confessed on video to weaponizing five viruses in China and combining them into COVID-19.
We're about to lay it out.
For five years, from 2014 to 2019, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Tony Fauci runs and has for decades, pumped money to a group called the EcoHealth Alliance.
The EcoHealth Alliance is run by a man whose name you may recognize, Dr. Peter Daszak.
Daszak contracted with Dr. Sheetak to conduct gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan lab.
Daszak bragged about how easy it is to manipulate coronaviruses in lab experiments.
You can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
It's just spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus.
The gain-of-function research that Peter Daszak was bragging about in the video we just showed you had in fact been banned explicitly by the US government.
There was a federal moratorium on the funding of exactly the kind of gain-of-function experiments that went on in the Wuhan lab to disastrous effects.
So why didn't the US government halt its funding
Of the lab in Wuhan.
Who signed off on this?
Tony Fauci, possibly along with Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, invoked that special exemption in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab and the deadly experiments that were going on there.
The experiments that clearly went so wrong.
This wouldn't have happened if Tony Fauci didn't allow it to happen.
That is clear.
It's an amazing story.
It is a shocking story.
In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci's role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever.
So why isn't there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci's role in this pandemic?
This is undoubtedly the biggest news we've ever broken in my 27 year history on air.
Now, Tucker Carlson partially scooped us last night, which I am totally happy to do.
I was up here at like 630.
I was exhausted last night and I told Rob Dew, let's do this in the morning.
This story is so important.
Let's let, let's come in and shoot a special report and then add the documentation to this because it's so giant.
And then I went home, turned on Tucker Carlson, my family, and watched him tell about 80% of the story.
We're good to go.
The Wuhan lab was a joint operation between the Obama administration and the Communist Chinese with Dr. Fauci running the operation.
And that's what all the documents and all the admissions are.
And then, when it began to come out last year, they had the people that actually ran these projects at the lab write the Lancet study saying that there was no connection to the lab and putting out the fake information about the wet animal market.
And so you've got them funding it, you've got them running it, you've got them trying to cover it up, but here's what's even more insane.
Tucker only got to part of the interview with the main corporate manager of six of the gain-of-function weaponization of SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
In the full interview, he did in 2019.
Oh no, we're not creating a bioweapon, we're creating horrible things in a lab that someone else might make so we can counter it.
But nature would have never combined five viruses together, and CRISPR gene editing is dead on.
The Indians own them, Europe owns them, the US, China, Australia, and it was
Fourteen, fifteen months ago, the major Indian institute, very respected, scanned the virus and said, it's five viruses, it has HIV delivery system, you can see the P shuttle gene insertions where they spliced the viruses together.
And so, it was 100% Frankenstein.
The discoverer of HIV, top virologist, he came out and said, I've looked at the scans.
It's made in a lab.
It's like you look at the space shuttle and you say, humans made that.
Or you look at a skyscraper, that's artificial, compared to a blue whale.
You know artificial when you see it.
The science is 100%.
So you've got Fauci and Bill Gates and Obama.
When a lot of scientists in the US complained about this at North Carolina Chapel Hill in 2015,
We've got tons of incredible news.
We've got the phone banks loaded up with amazing callers.
Why am I still hammering Wuhan?
Why am I hammering the lab?
What I believe is a purposeful release.
Well, it's because the entire globalist system, the entire house of cards,
We're good to go.
And now Klaus Schwab tells national French TV, everyone will soon have a chip under your skin to buy and sell in the post-COVID world?
And Fauci said four years ago, Trump will be challenged by a major pandemic.
And he was very cryptic when he said it.
They have done it.
They're trying to get away with it.
Are we going to let them?
So I'm only going to play a little bit more of the special report that is close to a month old, but more important now, like a little acorn that's grown, because you watch this whole 20-minute report.
It's got a lot of stuff you already know, we already know, but for new people, this is all breaking right now.
And again, it's not broke yet on any national TV that I've seen.
That DASIC, in the same video Carlson talked about, says that they combined five viruses to make a vaccine.
Exactly what Dr. Boyle and others said 16, 17 months ago.
Hell, actually, late January, so how long ago was that?
That's, uh, gosh, that's 12.
That's 17 months ago.
18 months ago.
Wow, time's just flying.
So there you go.
It's not like we just magically guessed this and exactly what we said is what happened.
People go, oh, they're spinning it now, you know, because they know there is no virus.
I don't agree with that, ladies and gentlemen.
They're having to admit this to protect themselves right now.
They have all these bioweapons labs because they're producing really deadly pathogens inside these facilities.
Things much, much worse than COVID-19.
That's why they released one that wasn't very deadly, but where we create enough fear, and so scientists would know it was made in a lab to create a scare.
In the scientific community, the public would then be lied to, quote, as to not cause a panic, and that would then corrupt the entire media system and get big tech on board to censor and set that precedent like you've now seen.
So that's why this is so important.
This was all a giant exercise for a future, more deadly bioweapon release.
And I said that going back at least 16 months ago, and then about 13 months ago,
Bill Gates went on multiple TV shows and said, this is really just a drill.
COVID's not that deadly, but terrorists are about to release something far worse.
And he and Colbert started laughing about it very maniacally.
That was just one of the shows he was on.
He also said the same thing on NBC News.
He played those clips ad nauseum.
So I won't play them again.
But that's why this is so important.
I'm going to hit some other big news along this line here in a moment, but this is the skeleton, the matrix, on which they build all the rest of the takeover.
In their own words, you shoot this down, you have crippled the New World Order.
And let me tell you,
I didn't think Gates would be going down this fast or Fauci.
We are really hurting them.
See, they wouldn't be censoring everybody if they were all-powerful.
They're trying to become all-powerful.
They're trying to set up a total world government.
They're trying to set up a world ID and put a damn chip in all of us.
They're trying to inject us with magnetic vaccines that they now confirm.
They're trying to become these imperial high-tech gods.
But we're just as smart or smarter and we're learning and we're fighting back.
It's like John Paul Jones said when his ship was sinking, he was taking on a British ship more than twice his size.
They said, would you like to surrender?
He said, surrender?
I've only begun to fight.
Because he knew that they were also on fire and starting to sink.
And then he was gonna go take their ship, and he did.
So we're all in.
We're in a good position.
Remember that famous Marine Corps General in Korea?
They were surrounded by 3 million Chinese.
Only had a couple hundred thousand Marines and Army.
And remember what he said?
They said, sir, we're completely surrounded.
He said, good.
We can now attack in all directions.
Which is actually, if you've got all those planes coming and bombing for you, you've got all the artillery in a circle, and the enemy's doing human wave attacks from every side, you really can't miss.
And so, we've now lured the enemy out in the open.
This is quite a time to be alive, and everybody's now going to be faced with losing your job, being poisoned, being killed slowly.
So you're going to wake up, you're going to fight back.
I bet on you a long time ago.
I bet on myself, because I bet on God.
God made us.
And so, it doesn't matter if some of us die in this fight.
It doesn't matter if some of us get put in prison.
It's our children and their children that matter.
And this is the great contest we're in.
We should thank God we're alive during this time.
Because this is the most important time in human history right now, other than when Jesus Christ walked the earth.
So I'm not scared of these people, and that's because I'm macho or got a bunch of bravado.
I understand history, and I understand the sacred honor that I've got, the incredible duty.
And I don't even feel worthy of this.
This is like winning a trillion lotteries.
This is the most wonderful thing ever, to be persecuted by Satan.
I don't deserve this.
You see, God doesn't pick wimps to take on Satan.
You look at the Bible, and that's why a lot of you out there are good men and women, but you've done things wrong, and you're ashamed, and you don't feel like you're worthy to be a leader.
That's not what God's looking for!
God's looking for people who've got a heart!
Who wants to stand up to evil and take action!
Who wants to reprieve itself!
That's who God's looking for!
Now, let's go ahead and go to more of this very special report that is a key torpedo, and if you decide to share it, we'll sink the New World Order.
Here it is.
And Anthony Fauci specifically signs off on it.
Tucker Carlson covered that last night.
His name is on the documents, on the signatures, to allow the development of weaponized gain-of-function bioweapons.
Only way you can do it is if the head of one of the two infectious disease agencies, and Fauci headed up one of them, authorized it.
Peter Daszak got $3,700,000 plus from the NIH, from Fauci, and from Bill Gates' sub-directorates to then begin to weaponize five different viruses that they
Harvested out of the wilds of China and other parts of the world to then fuse them into one and incredibly in an interview in December of 2019 he admitted it.
Here's the video.
Then we started looking where did they come from and we went out to southern China and did surveillance of bats across southern China and we've now found
After, you know, six or seven years of doing this, over a hundred new SARS-related coronaviruses, very close to SARS, some of them get into human cells in the lab.
Some of them can cause SARS disease in humanized mouse models and are untreatable with therapeutic monoclonals and you can't vaccinate against them with the vaccine.
So these are a clear and present danger.
We've even found people with antibodies in Yunnan to SARS-related coronaviruses, so there's human exposure.
We're now doing surveillance.
We're just beginning another five years of work to look at cohorts in southern China to say, well, how frequent does this spillover happen, and is it associated with disease?
Because I expect, just like Nipah in Bangladesh, there are dozens and dozens of small spillovers going on on the planet any one time, which we just never see.
Yeah, they never amplify.
There are a few cases and they're just absorbed in the illness, the overall illness of the population, right?
No, you could say, so who cares?
You know, and that's one argument, but our strategy is any one of those could become pandemic.
There's a lot of stochasticity in what happens then.
So if we look at all of them, understand patterns, try and reduce the number of spillover events we've got, you know.
But if you're saying these are diverse coronaviruses and you can't vaccinate against them, they're no antivirals, what do we do?
Well, I think that coronaviruses are pretty good.
I mean, you're a virologist, you know all this stuff, but you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.
So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert it into the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.
So you can get more predictive when you find a sequence.
You've got this diversity.
The logical progression for vaccines is, if you're going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use, you know, pandemic SARS.
Yeah, sure.
But let's try and insert some of these other related and get a better vaccine.
And I guess also knowledge of what's there.
Stay with us.
All right, we are back on this Live Friday edition.
Thanks for joining us.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
6 p.m.
tomorrow, special transmission on The People's 9-11.
We never had that but we should talk about 9-11.
We should look at other big events like Oklahoma City.
Well, what about...
January 6th, the People's January 6th Commission.
I want to just have a discussion with some of the folks that were there on January 6th about where this has gone, where it's going, and how we can set up a People's Commission in the near future.
Because this thing had globalist fingerprints all over it.
We'll also cover some other big subjects as well tomorrow 6 p.m.
Central Infowars.com.
I want to go to
Jim, and James, and Marsha, and everybody else, Paulina, and Devon, and so many others.
Queen, Chuck, William, John, everybody.
Let me go on your calls here in just a moment.
But let me hit some of the other COVID news as the lies come out.
Another big study, there's over a hundred of these I've seen, including one Fauci wrote in 2008.
German study finds lockdown had no effect
On stopping spread of coronavirus and other similar studies, there's another German study as well, where they talk about masks having no effect.
Another Swedish study just came out last week.
There's so many of these studies.
That I was cutting a little one minute promo this morning for the radio talking about another German study says masks don't help.
And then I was actually holding this one in my hand, but a German study finds lockdown had no effect on stopping spread of coronavirus.
In fact, studies here in the US show areas that had lockdowns had higher death rates.
People were wearing dirty masks, growing bacteria and bacterial pneumonia and not going outdoors.
And of course, suicide and drug use exploded and alcoholism and family violence.
But that's the plan.
Make us depressed, make us alone.
Paul Joseph Watson wrote about that.
There's a lot of Telegraph reporting on the same thing.
They don't care.
They said they're going to expand it.
Scientists at center of Wuhan leak controversy put in charge of the Lancet task force to investigate the virus.
That's breaking all over the news today.
But of course, here we were last year saying it.
And this big report from a month ago in the Smoking Gun Report, that's just one footnote in it.
Just pointing out that you either get it all from us up front or then watch it doled out slowly where then everybody's just confused about what went down.
Continuing, Twitter suspends organization for announcing they will release more Fauci emails.
How dare a public figure who's trying to keep us locked down and inject us with secret injections be subject to FOIA requests, the Freedom of Information Act.
And so the group that dropped the emails and is getting more, I can.
An organization dedicated to increasing informed consent?
Oh, they like the Nuremberg Code.
Oh, the Informed Consent Action Network, what horrible people, made up of doctors and scientists and lawyers, was suspended by Twitter on Thursday after they announced that they would soon be publishing more emails from Dr. Fauci that they got legally.
Oh my gosh, transparency in government?
That's not allowed.
And Congress sits there and licks Twitter.
Act like this in this, I mean, beyond Soviet level.
Can you imagine if Putin wasn't letting groups in Russia report on COVID?
He doesn't do stuff like that.
I'd say remove Putin.
He, they don't, that's happening in America.
Look at the power big tech has.
By the way, they're now arresting people in Scotland, mothers that say, I don't want men in my girl's sports.
They're arresting them saying that opinion is hate.
Two years in jail.
Talk about fascists.
Well, yeah, war's always about sex and procreation at the end, and these are men posing as women taking over women's spaces.
We used to call them rapists and creepozoids and peeping toms.
Now they just come right in your girl's bathroom with her Johnson swinging along, their Louisville slugger, and if you don't like it, you go into prison, lady.
So there you go.
State Department probe into coronavirus origins suppressed, Pompeo says.
Hell, he said that when they removed him out of office by fraud.
Think he might know he's the Secretary of State then?
Vindicated Rand Paul decimates Fauci over emails.
That's on InfoWars.com.
June is Alzheimer and Brain Awareness Month.
Alzheimer's way up!
Biden says within 10 years all the hospitals will be filled with people.
That's actually already happening.
Spike protein administered intravenously are engineered to cross the blood-brain barrier, cause cerebral hemorrhage.
A major new scientific study I'll hit after we take calls.
Here it is.
This is out of the Journal of Nature.
Very prestigious.
And top scientists say this is insane.
That's why you're seeing the heart attacks and the brain bleeds.
The brain bleeds.
Everything else.
Meanwhile, Oracle, APX, Oracle's vice president, we're heartbroken to share that Joel Coleman has passed away from COVID-19.
He was in great health.
Died on May 25th.
He was 54.
We just now learned Joel's warmth and enthusiasm touched countless across the globe.
He will be missed dearly, Oracle says.
We invite you to share your memories.
Joel R. Kallman, 1966-2021, 50-something years old, and he took the vaccine, and the second round he died of an mRNA, and they said that he died of COVID, and his lungs liquefied.
Good, you've done as you're told.
Guess he didn't get the memo about what was really going on.
Sad to hear that happened, but my wonder if the other Oracle executives will now think twice.
Big Pharma now taking out Big Tech.
Oracle VP dies of COVID after receiving COVID vaccine injection.
That's for NaturalNews.com, also on InfoWars.com.
Breaking Oracle VP, Joel Coleman.
Dies of COVID after receiving the vaccine?
Here he is bragging, I just got my first vaccine today, which is really a gene editing system.
I am incredibly proud of Ed Oracle and the team at Work With Talency to create the Run V-Safe for the USA.
Get vaccinated, get your smartphone, get started with V-Safe, a pass to show you're a good little slave in the digital gulag.
Well, I think he's got a pass now for St.
Peter, doesn't he?
Here's another big article.
Vaccine expert warns we made a big mistake.
Another top scientist, Dr. Brittle, associate professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph, says that it's eating people's brains, passing the blood-brain barrier.
Oh, but that's just another scientist.
I mean, the UN didn't say so.
Dr. Fauci didn't say so, so we're not allowed to say it.
That's just that area.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
Hell, I'm going to do it right now.
I'm going to go to phone calls right now.
But I'm just going to say this quickly.
It's your fun that keeps us on air.
T-shirts, books, films.
We've got some great new T-shirts in.
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Forty percent off.
Get the new double magnesium ionized magnesium drink.
It tastes great.
It's great for you.
It's essential.
Great for all your neurons.
Great for your brain.
Thank you for being a man of your word and calling me back this morning.
While I was on hold, I had a great idea for a t-shirt and I want to just tell you before I get to my point, I hear we are the tip of the spear.
I would love to see a t-shirt that said, I am the tip of the spear, shoving a spear of truth into the New World Order's heart.
I agree, I agree.
Hold on, and I'll hold you over because we've got to go to break.
We can make it look like the Virginia Seal.
I was already thinking about this, exactly what you just said last week.
So we're on, we're like simpatico.
You can have like the goddess, like Virginia.
Stabbing Fauci the devil, we don't want any violence but you know it's symbolic, with the spear of truth, the spear of destiny, and saying I am the tip of the spear, thus to tyrants.
What do you think?
How about this Alex?
How about the coronavirus design with the spike proteins coming out and stabbing the spear of truth into it like it's an air balloon and the air is coming out of the story?
I mean, I was already thinking about one like the Virginia Seal, or thus the Tyrants, and it's the goddess stabbing the tyrant with a spear to death.
I mean, that's Americana.
I think that's what we need.
Stay there.
Don't hang up, Jim.
Yes, a few callers at Helljair State.
I called them back.
So he's already been waiting 20-something hours.
We're going to wait two more minutes, come back, and we'll go right back for Jim to finish up.
Then Marsha and so many others that are patiently holding, please stay with us, James and others.
We'll be right back on the other side.
It's Friday, June 4th, 2021.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
We've got more classic music coming up for you this hour.
Several pieces by Chopin and then Beethoven's 8th.
Again, thank you for joining us today.
I guess I could do the NPR voice if you'd like.
Almost where I forget that I'm listening to myself.
And we all go to sleep and just let Fauci slip that needle into our arm.
Let them take over our genetics and let us just die.
Give the planet to Fauci.
Give the planet to Bill Gates.
Give the planet to Lord Rothschild.
Give yourself to Hillary.
Give yourself to Klaus Schwab.
Give yourself to Leonardo DiCaprio, who's also one of these scumbags.
Give yourself to Matthew McConaughey.
Let the crackhead rule you.
Just go to sleep and die.
Make room for the elite.
Just kill yourself.
It's liberal.
Don't have children.
They're evil.
They're bad.
Of course, I'm not saying that.
That's in the news today.
NBC News scientists proved kids are bad for Earth morally,
Suggest we stop having them.
Because carbon's evil, and they finally admit what's bad?
Carbon's bad!
That means us!
Remember I kept telling you?
In my film Endgame, because they're telling you, we're going to set up a world government, make you obsolete, have robots take over, and we're going to kill your ass!
Oh, but Klaus Schwab, he's not obsolete.
No, no, no!
Jim in Colorado, again, thank you, sir.
So what is your point on the New World Order that has primed us?
Well, yesterday you asked a question, what are they going to do next?
And I've been thinking a lot about this.
The storyline is unraveling.
Fauci, Daszak, the election fraud, everything is unraveling.
And I fear that right now we are primed for some sort of a false flag event.
I don't know what that's going to be.
It could be a mass shooting, maybe at a mass vaccination center.
There's going to be something, I fear, that's going to happen to change the narrative and get them back on script on what they really want.
Well, that's right.
And you can see the priming for race war.
They're doing half their priming for race war, the other half for a new virus.
So that shows you virus to lock us down, race war to lock us down.
It's all about destabilization, having us fight with each other while they rule over us.
Well, in Minneapolis last night, another guy pointed a gun at a cop.
He gets shot.
So this weekend, who knows?
Are we going to have burning, looting, and looting?
Well, there was already burning and looting last night.
We've got a video coming up where the media asks, why are you here?
They don't even know the name of the guy.
They don't even know he aimed a gun at the cops.
Believe it or not, Alex, the guy's name, and I kid you not, was Winston Smith.
Right out of 1984.
It's almost like, are they sticking this in our face or what?
And notice how now they get to wear masks.
It used to be illegal to be wearing a mask at the commission of a crime.
Now everybody's just used to masks, so the left will never take their mask off.
It's all symbolic.
They're the mask men.
They're the marauders.
Well, I'm never wearing a mask again.
And the lies come out.
About the last thing I'll say, Fauci lied about
The mask, the origin, hydroxychloroquine.
So what are the chances he's lying to us about the vaccine?
Pretty damn good, I'd say.
Well, I mean, we know they've been lying.
We know it doesn't protect us.
We know they just turned the PCR test down for people that have been injected and say they don't have COVID.
For those that haven't had the shot, they turn it up and say they do.
It's all 100% easy to understand fraud.
But the public is so dumbed down and superstitious, they always give me credit when something ends up being true, like I just magically knew it.
No, it's all verifiable.
It's all a fraud.
God bless you, I appreciate your call.
60-second break, and then I'm going right to...
Marcia and James, and we're just going to go through all these calls here today.
We have several guests popping in for a segment or two, but we'll just roll with calls.
I'm going to just get to these callers that are on hold.
I'm going to get to everybody.
A lot of calls today.
And then tomorrow, 6 p.m.
We're gonna come in here with a 2-3 hour commercial free transmission and then back Sunday I'm gonna be here 4 to 6 p.m.
myself live and then Owen Schroeder's back from vacation well-rested well-deserved and he does a Sunday live 6 to 8 p.m.
so we're just fighting harder than ever thanks for your support thanks for your support we will intensify our attacks on the New World Order.
Humanity has been on its knees and asleep for thousands of years but now we are awakening
I'm not warning the globalists.
I'm telling them that we will not surrender to their anti-human operation.
We will not hate ourselves.
We will not give up our life force.
We will not bow to them.
And that it is they who will fall in their attempt to dominate humanity.
The beginning of the end of the New World Order is here.
They will have their world government.
They will have their god Satan enthroned.
But from the moment he takes the throne, the collapse begins.
They are failures from the beginning, carrying out their program, fulfilling God's will.
And we fulfill God's will as well.
They'll never win.
All right, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Marcia in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm fired up.
Good to talk to you.
I am.
I have to agree with you.
What is going on now is so incredibly evil that I believe President Trump was fooled that he didn't even have a grasp on it.
Oh, absolutely.
And they were like, oh, we're going to stay shut for four years.
He's like, no, you're not.
You're going to get out quick.
They're like, oh, actually, we can make it right away, sir.
And then now he's like pig-headedly into it.
So he's defending it.
And that's fine.
We brought Trump to where he is.
We don't rise and fall with Trump.
He's great to get conservatives elected.
He's great to stop the Democrats.
But, you know, the fact that he doesn't, you know, isn't dead on on some major subjects is just a problem.
It's not something that's going to defeat us.
It's just something we move past.
There's like Fauci.
What did he know?
I think in retrospect, he's a smart enough guy to figure it out, but... Fauci ran the whole damn thing with Bill Gates.
They quarterbacked it all.
We have all the... Listen, Crimson Contagion is an exact blueprint of what they did.
But you create a drill so that if you get caught doing the operation, you go, oh, it's just a drill.
You understand?
But he's traceable.
He's got the patent.
People are saying it's a 666 patent.
Gates' patent for the nanotechnology.
It's there.
Yes, ma'am.
It's all there.
Their whole plan is coming out, isn't it?
It's so coming out now, here's the issue.
What now do... Oh, by the way, wasn't it your show where you, when this first started in COVID and you said it was a biological weapon, wasn't there a letter from one of the Chinese ministers
That said, we have to learn how to contain our, uh, weapons or whatever better.
Well, the Chinese also bragged.
I mean, they've had their leaders basically admit they did this with a bunch of their double agents inside our government and inside of our media.
I mean, Big Tech's involved with Wuhan.
Facebook's involved.
The head scientist over at Gain of Function runs the Facebook censorship board.
I mean, this is all one group that got together, prepared it, released it on us, and thought they'd get away with it.
But now so many doctors and so many whistleblowers are going public, they're now in damage control.
You understand?
Yes, but they're all getting fired from their jobs.
So here's the thing, unless we have one major leader, I mean, sure, places like, I moved from Palm Beach County up to Kentucky because I knew 20 years ago something like this was bound to happen.
And I wanted to be in a place where I can have guns and nobody's coming up.
Even Obama canceled his
Well, that's right.
You're certainly in a place where folks don't get in their neighbors' business.
Thank you so much, Marsha.
Let's talk to James in Michigan.
Thank you, sir.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Um, they told me I had an infection, sent me home.
About nine hours later, I went back in extreme pain.
Uh, they did a CT scan with contrast and found I had a blood clot in my kidney.
And at that time, they asked me if I had any, uh, rashes or itching.
And I didn't at the time.
Uh, about a week later, I had these herpes sores come up on my
And by the way, sir, let me just, please don't hang up.
This has been happening for six, seven months as they started the injections in England.
It was later even confirmed, New York Post had doctors on saying, we've confirmed people that take the vaccine are getting herpes shingles and it's spreading.
We're good to go.
But absolutely.
It's confirmed to be shedding.
And so imagine how genius that is.
Create a prion generating system that then doesn't just hurt those that take it, but then infects others and then makes them sick or kills them down the road.
So wow, that's incredible.
Definitely evil.
They did a whole bunch of blood tests on me.
And I couldn't find out, you know, what caused it.
And I heard one of the virologists on your show about the same time, because it was just over a month ago, and came up with some of the conditions that I had.
Or the vaccine shedding.
They're even blocking major human rights organizations now that are exposing Fauci's emails that they legally got via Foyer.
So imagine, Twitter and others are working to block you knowing what Fauci said.
Can you believe that?
They are aiding and abetting this Nuremberg violation.
Total communist system.
I mean, anybody that can't see it is completely blind or their IQ is under 100.
Absolutely, brother.
So hopefully you get better, but I would say that's probably what happened.
I hope you warn as many people as you can.
You're obviously doing it here.
Yeah, and I was just wondering if
Is that stuff ongoing?
Or does it just happen once?
That is the $64 trillion question.
Here's the problem.
Gates says he wants you to have two of them and then a booster.
And the more they grow these special, some of them are magnetic prions in you, the more the next group can stick to them.
You understand?
So they first kind of put a toehold in, like rock climbing, and then more can attach to it.
Does that make sense?
Yes, yes.
Or like take a barnacle.
And that's with the shedding and not taking the vaccine.
I'm not a medical doctor and I've been reaching out to medical doctors.
Wolfgang Ludarg or others will be the ones that first predicted all this to say, is there a way to block these proteins?
And I just don't know.
I mean, I know that having all your vitamins, having all your minerals, having PQQ, CoQ10, things like that, make your body more resilient to defeat things.
But you don't even know because this makes your cells produce it.
So you could actually think if it makes your cell healthier, maybe it produces more.
I mean, I don't know, sir.
This is, I mean, here's the deal.
They don't know either.
They're testing this.
We're all guinea pigs.
Can you believe that?
What we do know is they tested all in animals before and it killed most of them with blood clots.
I'll tell you what I've been doing because of this.
I never used to take aspirin.
Thin my blood.
Well, if blood clots are an issue, I'm trying to thin my blood.
And I'm not giving medical advice.
I'm just telling you, I'm taking 300 milligrams of aspirin every day because of all this crap going on.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, and I forgot.
Thank you for the call.
We're trying to get this medical doctor on as a big practice.
Bunch of these guys, contacts with them, but they don't ever want to come on.
And we confirmed as a doctor.
They're seeing all the women in their OGBYN thing that are pregnant die.
The baby dies.
All the women are babies are dying when they take the shot.
They still love it though.
And it gets worse.
It gets worse.
They're all having crazy menstrual cycles now when they've had the vaccine or around those that haven't.
And that's in the news too.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alex Jones here broadcasting worldwide.
We got some big breaking news.
You've got the big Bitcoin summit.
Taking place in Miami right now.
And Laura Loomer went there where Jack Dorsey of Twitter is and confronted him.
This just happened minutes ago.
The video's not even out yet.
We'll have her in the last segment of this hour joining us live from Miami.
And we'll have that footage.
And that dovetails with this.
Facebook says Trump suspended from platform for two years.
We need to suspend Facebook from the face of the planet with its censorship, it's spying, it's election meddling, it's covering up the Wuhan lab, purposeful release.
But instead, Twitter, Facebook, all of them instead are censoring the Fauci emails that were gotten legally via a FOIA request to the federal government under law.
That is criminal racketeering, blocking.
I mean, imagine a big corporation 30 years ago
Got caught harassing whistleblowers, or got caught harassing consumer groups, and consumer advocate oriented.
If there'd be top stories, they'd be arrested.
But now it's just what they do, because they're the Silicon Valley royalty.
They're our gods.
And what did I tell you 16, 17 months ago?
I said, this is a revolution.
Of animal-human cloning, human cloning, biotech, nanotech, a takeover.
Because Klaus Schwab said, it's a revolution.
We're going to take over your body.
We're not going to change the outside world.
We're going to change you from the inside.
We're going to take over your body.
These are quotes!
And he's not some crazy homeless person.
He's the former head of the UN Sustainability Board.
He runs the World Government Program.
Right up there with Gates.
And now are the headlines.
Oh, the vaccine works so well, there's no more COVID.
We're able to reopen now.
Except particular leftist cities where they've got full control.
Those will never reopen.
After about 50 years of the mRNA, revolution is here.
Thousands of headlines like this.
Oh, it's here.
Oh, the mRNA vaccine revolution is just the beginning.
And look, women are leading it.
Oh, there'll be no more disease, no more cancer, no more nothing.
Oh, they'll take control of all.
They just finished mapping yesterday the whole genome.
Oh, you'll live forever.
Oh, it's wonderful.
Oh, look, she's a woman.
Oh, there's a black guy.
You've got to take it.
It's good.
Here's another one.
Is this the beginning of an mRNA vaccine?
Revolution, the London Guardian.
Genetically engineered magnetoprotein injected so they can remote control you and cure depression.
It grows a protein that's magnetic!
Oh, thank you!
Sounds like a Transformer episode.
We are going to inject you and take over your cells.
You will now be like us.
You will now be silicon.
But it's really happening.
But it's okay.
I mean, you know, Apple runs death camps, but Tim Cook is skinny and rides a bike and he wears black sweaters.
I mean, it's okay, right?
So that's what this is, is a globalist revolution to take over.
My question is, we actually have a chain of mattress stores in the Nashville area
And used to, we'd get a price increase on goods every couple of years.
We've gotten six just in the past few months.
And I'm wondering, what your thoughts are?
Is this just some kind of inflation, or is this being purposely done to push us towards the Great Reset?
Oh, it's all been done.
They've put us into the Great Reset, but the collapse is real.
They've engineered a control collapse to consolidate power.
They'll be able to survive the price increases and the inflation.
They believe that all the medium and small businesses won't.
They've been waging war on them, as you know, saying that you're not essential, but they are.
Amazon sells a mattress, they're essential, but you're not essential if you lived in a blue area.
They would have tried to shut you down.
And so by shutting down the world economy for a year, completely in the third world, it basically sent a shockwave through that destroyed just-on-time deliveries and is still causing shutdowns.
And so the repercussions are going to be felt for decades.
It took hundreds of years to build just-on-time delivery, just-on-time inventory to this point.
And now the seismic attack they've launched is already causing tens of millions to starve to death in the third world.
What do you think the endgame is?
What do you think?
I mean, do you think we'll survive it?
If people are aware of it and support local businesses and start getting more sustainable, I don't mean by fake environmentalism, I mean getting together with neighbors, growing gardens, thinking about the future, then they'll never be able to do it.
Only if we're not independent can they get away with enslaving us.
So we have to become independent, at least partially, so they can never do that.
Like I'm selling my house, I'm moving to as far away in the country as I can to still get into work.
You know, moving out of a big nice house where I put my savings into, into a trailer.
And that's because I understand what the future is.
And so I got the water well, the trailer, the solar, and the shotgun, the rifle, and the four-wheel drive.
And so that's just what it comes down to.
And the diesel tanks, and the tractor, and the whole nine yards.
And the good news is I know how to do it all.
But most people don't.
So it's up to us that are leaders to do that.
But we're going into a dystopic hell, brother.
How bad it gets is how much we put up with, but this is their post-industrial world.
A UN law signed in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 to carry this out.
You're now witnessing it.
They said 2020 was the target date to launch the control collapse.
We are in a world government treaty operation.
Well, I appreciate you taking my call.
You're a national treasure.
No, sir, you are.
Look, we're all in this together.
God bless you.
America is a treasure.
Our families are a treasure.
We're all worth saving if we love God and take action.
God bless you.
But look, all I'm trying to tell people is that it's going down.
And the more we fight, the better it's going to be.
But they are attacking you.
They are attacking your family.
Okay, up next is Devin in Maryland and Russell in J.C.
Devin, welcome.
Hi Alex, can you hear me?
I can, welcome.
Thank you.
I'm a first-time caller, I tried yesterday, thank you so much.
I first heard you when you exposed Bill Gates on Joe Rogan, so thank you for that.
I just want to talk about Maryland and what I see for the future, what's going on around here.
Just after the restrictions went away, our governor decided to throw in that incentive as well.
Makes me question if we actually have that 70% they are saying.
And I thought I would mention what I see what's going on with the vaccine around my family and friends and all that.
I don't notice any deaths or shedding.
However, I noticed that their hair is turning gray.
They're forgetting easy tasks.
Like, I'll ask him something yesterday, forget it the next day, very bad headache, not leaving home, and I've been getting some aggressive behavior from some of them.
That's everything we're seeing from the nursing home people I know.
Everybody says the same thing, and it's very, very sad.
I know a lot of people that took the shot who suddenly look 10 years older and act like zombies.
Because I'm like seeing my mom literally her hair turning gray and she doesn't think anything of it.
I'm not going to bring that up because you know that's going to spark the whole thing.
My family, they're all into it.
So you're saying she took it a few months ago and what, suddenly it's coming in gray?
Yeah, like she got it.
So my dad got it at the beginning of February.
I'll get into him in a minute.
My mom, she got her second shot within the last month and yeah, she has pre-issues, issues she's had with her headache.
He's weird.
I'm good.
The Texas study you showed from Galveston, Ralph Baric wrote a paper in Nature from 2013, how vaccines don't work, Rockefeller.
Devin, don't hang up.
I got Laura Loomer popping in, but I'll come back to you and others.
We'll be right back.
I want to hear the rest of your story.
Well, Laura Loomer has confronted Jack Dorsey, but he's at the Bitcoin conference, but there's really no bandwidth.
There's so many people there, she can't even sign into her Skype.
We'll try to get her on later, but a lot of the left is on Twitter that saw it.
And saying, oh, don't allow her to do that.
Don't promote her.
Silence her.
She's someone we've silenced.
Don't give her a voice.
They love lying about you, shutting you down, keeping you silent.
In fact, I've got some of those headlines dealing with this, where we have Twitter, again, censoring the major human rights institute that did the FOIA request and got Fauci's emails.
He's over our health, he's controlling our lives, he wants to keep us locked in our houses, he wants us to take experimental vaccines, and Twitter says you're not allowed to share his emails, and you're not allowed to talk about him.
You common slaves.
And now Facebook rules.
Trump is banned from Twitter, from Facebook, for another two years.
Again, how about we just make them obsolete?
Jones is banned for life!
And he faces the worst kind of ban.
A dangerous person ban.
Meaning you can plan violence against him on Facebook.
That's a real quote.
That's how crazy the leftists were.
They had that changed later, but for a week or two it said, you may plan violence against Alex Jones, and, because he's a bully, you know, and,
You may only make disparaging remarks about him.
Any praise, you'll be banned.
I mean, that's like in a prison.
The warden, anyone saying they don't like the food will spend 30 days in solitary confinement in the hole.
I mean, you'd call that a bad prison.
You're not essential.
Stay in your house.
Children are bad.
Don't have children.
That's in the news today.
This is a sick death cult of crazy scientists.
Now there he is with Daszak, that ran the Wuhan weaponized program.
And it's all public, and they lie to us like they're God, and they hope and pray Big Tech can protect their evil asses, because they're really protecting Obama!
See, they knew months ago that whistleblowers had already come out, internally and publicly, exposing the whole program.
They knew all that.
And so, to protect Obama, The Washington Post came out and said, Obama ended the project in 2015, and Fauci moved it to Wuhan, that bad little devil.
But of course he did it under Obama's command, and all that has now come out.
So they're not going to protect Obama, they're not going to protect all these sharks, and thanks to this audience of activists, we have a media outlet that reaches millions of people, and then we get the information to Senator Paul.
And to Tucker Carlson, and to all of them.
And I've had, and I'm not bragging, it's so you the audience know how effective you are, I've had all the prominent people, Joe Rogan, all of them, Tucker, I'll just leave it at that because it'll give him a lot of hell for it, say thank you for trailblazing this and getting it out first.
Well, I couldn't have done it without you.
So I want to thank the audience again for what you've done.
I'm going to go back to Jebin and others here in just a moment, but first,
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So, that's something that I really think you all should check out.
Again, I want to thank you.
We should have a shirt that says, I am the tip of the spear.
Infowars.com because you are InfoWars.
Maybe on the back, I am InfoWars.
Baby, I am InfoWars.
I am the tip of the spear.
I mean, really, that's who you are.
It isn't about patting you on the back.
It's about, hey, we're in a war.
Do you realize that on everybody in the world, you're the folks that care to be tuned in?
You're the folks that care to be researching?
You realize that?
I'm not getting out of this without you.
You're not getting out of this without me.
You know that?
I need you.
You need me.
You need to call up thanking me.
I'm holding on to you like a raft in the middle of a storm in the ocean.
I'm holding on to you tight.
My kids are holding on to you.
Figure that out yet?
This is not heroism.
This is survival.
Don't ever call here and say, I'm a hero or I got courage.
World government pedophiles, Satanists are taking over and I'm fighting them?
I'm fighting them because they're going to get our ass if they win!
No heroism here, baby!
This is survival!
This is fighting for my damn life and my soul!
And I'll let the New World Order see my war face anytime they want, because I'm not going down without a fight.
Devin in Maryland, you're on the air, welcome.
Going down either, Alex.
To follow up on what I was saying, I have two family members I'd like to mention with their vaccine as well.
They're part of government agencies, so this one might be a little more interesting, where one of them is part of the three letters, one of them, she's high up in London, wasn't essential for the vaccine, is still waiting for it to this day.
And then,
My father is one of the defense contractors and was early priority and he got it in February, but his story was very weird where they told him he didn't need anything, just come around back.
So I don't know what's going on.
Oh yeah, they get clean vaccines.
This is real ones.
They get clean vaccines or they're told don't take them.
I said that months ago.
I've talked to a lot of people in military government, but none of the officers are taking it.
Great point.
Stream news, it was that they are, sometimes the clinics are caught putting saline, what is it, serine?
I don't know.
Yes, sometimes they're saying the clinics are giving saline.
Yes, yes, they're caught giving saline.
So that's what I thought that they might be doing as like a control
Well I mean how transparent is it when all these known globalist depopulationists, I mean Bill Gates is on record saying he wants to depopulate Africa but he's like I really want Africans to take this when he's been caught adding stuff to vaccines before and he's been caught.
So a guy that's been caught killing black people who says he wants to kill them is funding on black people we love you and hiring rappers to tell blacks to take it.
I mean how obvious is that?
Ask India what they think of Gates.
It's mainstream news.
I can put it right into nature and it's right there.
They're looking into one of Gates' people.
It's ridiculous.
With that being said, with Gates and looking into the future, you had it right on the head.
He said it.
A new bioweapon from terrorists.
And in my life, I'm only 25, but my life
The terrorists have been, you know, reading, watching your documents on FEMA, watching your documents on 9-11, you know.
That's my point of view on things.
Well, Run-DMC put out a video a few months ago saying, take the vaccine, fight the white supremacist, and now they have one saying, fight eugenics, fight those that want to kill black people, take the shot, when it is the eugenicists that have created this to kill the black people.
So they're countering us in live time.
Can you believe that?
Don't listen to Alex, he wants to kill you!
Bill Gates loves you!
Take the shot!
I mean, literally.
We're fighting the Nazis and they don't take it, so take it!
I mean, how obvious is that?
It is so obvious, Alex.
The last thing is Polygon 2021, where I actually looked through that whole entire website, and I looked at the results from last year, and they don't name a lot of the companies.
One of them is IBM, sketchy.
And the only companies that were fit to survive that type of attack were IT and Financial.
No surprise there.
But even them, they scored less than 50% on this side.
That's right.
The globalists are going to use this to collapse everything and take over.
I think I got that in my stack today.
Welcome back here to the Alex Jones Show.
Chris Sky is just a businessman, patriot, common sense guy, been a listener since he was a teenager.
And he's reached hundreds of millions of people.
I mean, he's had videos of 10, 20, 30 million views.
They're now trying to censor him and block him.
They have a nationwide manhunt out that if he was seen speaking anywhere, arrest him because he's challenging a lockdown.
They're saying you're not allowed to do that.
Merkel's saying arrest Germans.
You've seen it.
That protest anyway.
They let Black Lives Matter and Antifa attack and burn and kill whatever they want.
But he's been all over Canada the last month, and he hadn't been on with us since Sunday.
He's popped on some of the other shows, like Harrison Smith's weekday morning show, done some updates there on American Journal here at InfoWars, but Chris joins us with an update on what's happened since then, because hey,
Canada and other countries like Spain and Australia are the models of where the UN wants to take us.
So what they're doing to them now is what's coming to us next.
We've got to fight the globalists there politically for their rights so that we can fight it here.
A lot of folks say, why do we care about Canada?
Well, because what happens to other people happens to you.
You should have empathy anyways, and most folks do.
But man, what's happening in Canada and New York City and LA where the churches are closed, but the Walmarts and
You know, whorehouses are open, and I say leave those open too, but my point is that there's a real attack here.
So, Chris, I know you were basically on the run.
You'd just been in a big rally.
They tried to arrest you.
You slipped out there.
Had to change clothes three times.
You had to get flown by helicopter one place as they were blocking you getting there.
I mean, it's getting crazy.
Tell us what's happened.
We got an update from you Sunday night.
Well yeah, just a quick recap for everyone who didn't know.
I had the Just Say No Tour that we started in Vancouver on the 23rd of May and we ended up in Calgary on the 29th of May and we hit a different city every day.
We were supposed to go with airplane, but I got arrested the day before I was supposed to go on some ridiculously false allegations.
That's the airplane you saw that we had to use to fly home.
From Saskatchewan to Ontario because I had to bypass Manitoba because I have an arrest warrant in Manitoba.
A pre-crime arrest warrant they gave for me and four other people saying that we were intending, not even on committing a crime, but on breaking a public health order.
Because they said we intended on breaking a public health order, i.e.
them hosting an event and me speaking at that event.
They got a pre-emptive warrant from a judge, a justice of the peace, actually signed this warrant saying, hey judge, we think these people are going to break a public health order, so allow us the authority to arrest them before they commit said crime.
So I thought pre-crime was only in the minority report with Tom Cruise.
Oh, just call me the new Tom Cruise, I guess, because that's exactly what happened to me.
And then, uh, guess what the best part is of all?
So they did the event, I was just a speaker, I'm not an organizer, and I didn't even go to the event, because I didn't want to get arrested, because the next day I was supposed to be in Calgary, and that was the big event, so I wasn't gonna miss Calgary for Winnipeg.
And I was open about that.
However, this is the best part.
Even after I didn't go to the event, I didn't go there and breach a public health order, et cetera, et cetera, somehow, allegedly, this warrant is still out for my arrest.
So a warrant for something they said I was gonna do, the time came and passed, not only did I not do it, I wasn't even in the province, and somehow I still have a warrant for my arrest for something they know I did.
Well, let's expand on this.
They are now convicting people without trials for breaking quarantine and going out, even though that violates the law there.
This is martial law.
This is civil emergency.
It's all illegal.
And why is it that it's Commonwealth countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Scotland, Ireland, Canada?
What the hell's going on with you guys?
Well, think about it like this.
If you were an evil villain and you wanted to take over a country, what would be the best country to take over?
We have the largest landmass, we have an abundance of resources,
We should have the highest standard of living, the lowest cost of living by far, and we only have 37 million people to take care of.
And when they say, and I say take care of in the way like, make them prosper, these people want to take care of us in a way that they can nullify our rights and freedoms, control us financially, and literally control everything we do and even think.
And of course your own leader says he wants to make you a dictatorship like China.
And he was asked about it and he said yeah.
And of course his dad was a worshipper of Communist China.
So what can we do?
How do people fight back politically there in Canada where I've seen stuff that we only heard about in Communist China or the Soviet Union.
Shutting all these churches down.
Saying the lockdowns are never going to end like you said last year with their internal documents.
I mean this is criminal.
Well, we got a lot of bright spots here.
First of all, the first bright spot was on May 1st at the end of my Freedom Convoy tour, we had 300,000 people in the streets of Montreal, which is the biggest gathering of Canadians since well before COVID began, and it was during a COVID lockdown.
And it represented what I call united non-compliance.
People of all walks of life, every ethnicity, gender, religion,
Uh, political affiliation, whether they're law enforcement, government, a civilian, criminal, etc.
Why were they all there?
Because we were all marching for our rights and freedoms.
Because we don't want things like this to happen.
That's, uh, Pastor Art in Calgary getting arrested, Nazi style, on the actual day the Nazis surrendered.
The irony of that is palpable.
And they're even trying to create division within the communities.
I want to point this out.
Because they close down Christian churches, but they allow Muslim mosques to stay open with specific restrictions.
And these restrictions violate the Muslim people's traditions.
Especially the one where they're supposed to pray shoulder-to-shoulder.
They want them six feet apart.
Meanwhile, it also causes division within the Muslim and Christian community because they're like, why are these guys allowed to open and we're not?
And it's all done on purpose.
And by the way, I mean, Christianity, you hold hands.
Islam, they touch shoulders.
Judaism has similar things.
Electromagnetically connecting together and then psychically focusing is the key to opening up, you know, our power that God gave us.
This is really a satanic group worldwide
Are you telling us religiously what we can do?
Burn in hell!
Screw you!
It's like the left saying in California, don't sing.
Or when you ride on Ferris wheels or on roller coasters, don't yell.
What the hell kind of cult is this?
Stop following the orders of these cults!
Stop doing what they say!
Well, it's all about isolation, it's all about making you feel alone, desperate, hopeless, and that's why... And it's outrageous!
It's classic cult programming!
We're not in the NXIVM cult, we're not in the Jim Jones cult, and we're not in Klaus Schwab's cult!
Go burn in hell, Klaus Schwab!
You need to go to prison with Fauci!
Well, they don't want these people getting together because at church you see the unity, you see the positivity, you see the togetherness, you see the people organizing, and that's what they don't want, people organizing and taking action.
In British Columbia, I did an intimate gathering with 30 or 40 small business owners at the beginning of April, the middle of April, and we had an opening date for May 24th.
And on May 23rd, when I got back to Vancouver, over 2,000 businesses had signed on to open up
And on May 25th, guess what?
They allowed the businesses to open up, they removed restrictions on dine-in and all these other restrictions on business, and they didn't do it because out of the goodness of their heart.
They did it because they'd rather look like they gave permission than admit they lost control.
So that's another perfect example.
And that's my next question, because you've accurately predicted this, you smart guy.
Explain to people all over the country, whether you're in Europe, whether you're in the U.S., whether you're in Mexico, it doesn't matter.
The next phase is coming.
They've already said that.
New viruses, new hysteria, new fear.
What's coming next?
What's coming next is the push to normalize this vaccine, normalize the idea that they can put restrictions on your life if you don't take the vaccine, and then they're going to normalize the idea that you can't get back to normal until a certain percentage of the population take the vaccine, and that's going to lead you to the implementation of a vaccine passport.
Without any input.
Just like they just made it so they cancelled all federal elections in Canada until they ended COVID.
They're going to try to implement the vaccine passport without parliament.
And by the way, when you cancel elections, that's called martial law.
Martial law ain't coming, brother.
It's here.
And they did the same thing in the U.S.
They just know it's being overturned in our courts.
In Europe, they're overturning it in the courts.
But the bureaucrats don't care.
The EU bureaucracy, Merkel, they just keep going.
Well, they're trying to push forward with that, and they're trying to make examples of people like me.
For instance, I got arrested.
When they sent the 40 police officers to my house and they blocked off all the roads, and they didn't even have a warrant for my arrest.
Eventually, they tried to pretend it was because I went to a store called Longo's, a high-end grocery store, without a mask, and I bought maple syrup
I actually checked it out, paid for it.
They brought me to the aisle and brought it to me.
It went viral on a show called Block Talk, and they got really upset about this, so they arrested me, tried to make a big example of me.
And guess what?
This is another example of us making headway.
A man by the name of Julio, who took my United Non-Compliance Phase 2 Taking Action very seriously, started a Facebook group, at mask underscore exemption.
And they did exactly what I said people need to do if we want to end this.
He got huge groups of mass free shopping.
And guess what he did?
He got 60 people to go to Longo's, inspired by me, of what I did before.
And I didn't even know about this.
I found out after the fact.
And they told me they did a maple syrup challenge.
So 60 people went into Longo's, bought the serve, just like I did.
They called the police on them.
It caused a huge thing.
They charged them with trespassing.
They push, push, push.
Longos have to admit that they're going to change their policy this Sunday, and now they're going to honor mask exemptions.
And they're going to the charges against me because... Because it's all color law.
It's not real.
We'll come back in five more minutes, then we're going to get to more calls and other guests joining us, but...
They have made up in the news that you death-threatened leaders and that you attacked the police.
None of it's even true.
There's no video, no audio.
It's just more lies.
And they did it to stop the launch of my book, Just Say No, which is available on my website now because Amazon banned it at realchrissky.com.
All right, stay there.
We'll come back in two minutes.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
All right, Chris Sky with us one more segment, then I'm going to rampage through all your calls, starting with Russell.
And Chuck and many others in about six minutes from now.
Then I'm going to spend a little bit of time on the big vaunted report about UFOs and said exactly what I predicted the Pentagon would say about it.
But down the road, they're planning some big stuff.
So we'll be talking about that coming up as well.
Chris, you were talking about your book coming out.
Uh, and, uh, them just announcing in a random, you know, articles that you were death-threatening, uh, leaders of your government, uh, that you were, uh, attacking police.
There's no video of this, no nothing.
I guess that's what they do.
They just say it.
They confiscated all my legally-owned firearms because of that.
And then when I went on the Freedom Convoy tour, the day I got back, I got notification that now that they took my legally-owned guns, they already filed a forfeiture order for I don't even know which ones, but I can only imagine.
Because Justin Trudeau, our wonderful dictator,
It's trying to reclassify a whole bunch of guns to make them prohibited by 2022 so they can start disarming us so they can keep... So elections suspended, gun confiscation, lying media, churches closed.
I mean, the Soviet Union ain't coming.
It's there.
No fly lists without cause, making it so I can't drive, can't fly, can't speak anywhere in Ontario.
Hell, I can't be anywhere with more than five people in Ontario right now under the current stay-at-home order, or I could get arrested as a breach of my conditions, which is like a two-year criminal charge.
This is how they use these so-called innocuous emergency orders to put restrictions on your freedoms, and then if you try to exercise those freedoms,
They call you a criminal and they charge you and they throw you in jail and make you look like a bad person because you did something wrong.
Well, that's what Communist China does and they send you for five years of forced labor the next time they execute you.
I mean, like Trudeau said, he wants to build a Communist Chinese system.
Well, he's intent on it because even now we still have these crazy hotel quarantines and our government watchdogs and all our government advisory groups told Trudeau to cancel these quarantines, said they're not good, they're not safe, they're not helping Canadians, and you know what he did instead?
He upped the fine to $5,000 for anybody who dares say they don't want to go to a government internment facility to quarantine because it's obviously safer to go to a bus full of people from the airport than go to a government building full of people from the airport than it is to simply go home to your house by yourself.
And now they want to charge people $5,000.
Well, this is building the skeletal matrix the UN said a year ago to go, quote, in people's homes and break up families and take their children.
And this is all just normalizing.
Oh, where'd Bob go?
Oh, he had a virus.
The PCR test said so.
So a little rigged computer, way worse than a radar detector, says you've got something and you just disappear.
This is all just them preparing for a giant super pandemic takeover.
Well yeah, they even already made it so 12-year-olds can consent to the COVID vaccine without their parents' knowledge or consent.
So they've done everything they can to try to isolate people, to try to remove families from each other, to try to put the state between the parents and the children.
This is a Great Reset UN World Government War Against Humanity.
It is.
It is.
But that's why I wrote that.
That's why I wrote that book.
That's why the book was selling really crazy.
You said you were going to buy 10,000 copies.
I'm still waiting for that.
Hey, we got a great crew here, but that was Sunday.
So as fast as things move around here, the guy that runs the warehouse purchasing is on vacation.
And so that's how that works.
I've actually funny you said that because I about an hour ago, I knew you were coming on.
I said, hey, we got to get a hold of Chris Scott and get 10,000 of that book.
So welcome to my world.
I mean, the crew's great, but just, you know, wait till you got 100 crew members, buddy.
I bet that'd be fun for you to get to try to control that.
Well, yesterday I had to sign the 250 copies of the pre-order and I could have had a hundred people working for me, but I still had to do it all myself.
So we have a lot of work going on.
We're trying to get everybody up to speed on what's going on.
We're trying to get everyone to take action.
And now we have, we have the businesses opening in BC.
We have Julio on Instagram organizing.
It's very, very, very potent.
Face mask exemption, shopping, and he's actually getting stores to change their policies.
Listen, you're leading the tip of the spear.
We do have Dr. Mercola's big book.
Everybody should get it at InfoWarsTore.com, but to be serious, we're going to order some more of that, but it's in stock right now.
Dr. Mercola's book is COVID-19 and the Great Reset.
It is powerful.
People need to get it.
Your book.
Tell me where they get your book as well, Chris Sky.
They can get my book at RealChrisSky.com.
It's called Just Say No, banned by Amazon.
Montreal, June 5th.
I'm going to be there.
Everybody come.
All right, we're into hour number three, and I want to get to a bunch of your calls right now, and I'm going to hit the UFO news.
They released that big Pentagon report, but let's go to who has been holding the longest here.
That would be Russell in California.
Go ahead, Russell.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
Thank you for taking my call.
One of the things I want to mention is that all this information, the National Institute of Health, American College of Genetics and Genomics, on June 13, 2013, the United States Supreme Court ruled that human genes cannot be patented in the U.S.
because DNA is a product of nature.
As a result of people taking the vaccine,
With a messenger RNA, humans can now be patented by the people who created that messenger RNA.
They are marking us all to make us a corporate Franken-system, they admit, so that they can then patent life, which has always been their ultimate endgame.
They want to patent everybody in the United States
There are companies here within the United States that are cooperating with the Chinese.
The Chinese have a goal of DNA mapping.
That's right.
For those that don't know, the Chinese secretly, and it's now come out, control the two major DNA companies where you send off your sample and they're really using that to create a secret database on you.
The Pentagon has also confirmed and told the military not to do those.
Yeah, correct.
This is why Jeff Bezos purchased 23andMe.
Why would he want a DNA hereditary company?
Well, this is the whole future of life extension, and they can also, everybody has different proteins in their DNA, and they believe they can find cures for themselves in our DNA, but they just have to get samples, and they have to also give us mutagens to see who dies and who survives, to use us to be factories, they believe, to make new discoveries.
Right, and also they can create specific DNA
That's right.
Then they can extrapolate data on how effective a particular virus or vaccine is.
And again, we see the headline yesterday, oh, scientists for the first time at Cold Springs Harbor Eugenics Facility, by the way, have patented and scanned the entire and numbered the entire human genome.
They did that already before.
They're announcing the human cloning, the animal cloning.
All of it's being announced right now to just overwhelm us.
Yeah, exactly.
I just thought I should bring that up.
I thank you for your time.
Russell, you're amazing.
God bless you.
We appreciate you.
That was a great three-minute call.
We should take that three minutes and put it as a... Because more and more, we've got ads that run during the video breaks and ads that run for the radio stations, and they're great, but a lot of them are informational.
Instead of just a product, I like to be informational.
Nobody else really does that, but we do.
That's a good little three-minute caller.
So let's put that video out, unedited.
Just, you know, what he said, three minute call exactly.
And let's put that out to play on the video streams for the next few weeks.
More and more every day, I will take a few callers from the show and then run those so that you're not just looking at me during the breaks.
Good Lord.
Because I'm so busy, I don't have time to go out and do really fancy professional ads, you know, that have production value, because we're just working all the time, plus we don't even have the budget for that.
So I get up there and tell you the new sale, and that's just how it is.
And some of the ads are okay, I just get really sick of looking at myself.
I like listening to you.
So that's why we're taking calls.
Who's up next after that amazing caller?
Let's talk to...
Chuck in Ohio.
Chuck, welcome.
Good afternoon, Alex.
It's an honor to talk to you.
God has sent me to you.
It's just amazing how I'm a truck driver.
I listen to your show constantly.
There's so much that you say that's spot on.
It's on target.
They want to spread the misery evenly across the population.
They're trying to keep us from organizing by closing the churches.
They demonize all the white people to punish us for voting for Trump so that we don't speak up, don't organize, and don't ever do it again.
This is all, like you say, it's by design, Alex.
They want to keep us lazy and poor.
They increase our food stamps.
All this is just to make us conform to their will.
They want to maximize the deaths on the street by taking the cops out of the picture.
They want to raise the prices on everything to take our money out of our pockets to make us submit.
Chuck, I totally agree with you.
And listen, if there's a checklist of tyranny, historically, that's got 50 things on it, they've checked all 50.
I mean, they are
Bring oppression in.
They're bad guys on purpose.
This is all by design.
We need to all understand the globalists want us dead.
I have a stack of news articles saying don't have children, humans are evil, get rid of all humans.
NBC News, a new article saying get rid of all the humans.
These are the bad guys.
They're trying to teach us to hate ourselves.
I say they're the enemy.
I say if they want to die, they should kill themselves.
Stop trying to make us kill ourselves.
They should kill themselves.
Alex, Obama taught us every day on television, and that's where Fauci got his instruction.
Just lie right to the cameras, Alex, and worry about fessing up to it later.
It's just, there's so much that you say that is on target to call you a conspiracy theorist.
It's just beyond, it doesn't make any sense, Alex.
There's so much that you say that's right on a press release, that you go over the stories, you try to explain to us, to pay attention.
No more being polite, Alex.
I'm just fed up, man.
Sir, you should be fed up.
They are at war with you, and by you calling into a show, and calling into others, and telling others, and not submitting, and by being healthy, and by loving God, you defeat them by planting a garden, by canning food, by getting solar panels, by going to church, by loving God.
Your existence is defeating them, brother.
I swear, the worst part of this, the part that just makes me boil inside, is to hurt our children, Alex.
This makes me so furious, I can't even stand to take a breath.
I just want to destroy something.
When they hurt our innocence of our children, the way they're doing it about the border, all the organ harvesting, just everything, Alex.
The stuff they're putting in the schools with these drag queens.
Alex, I'm furious.
I love what you do.
Please- Brother, we love you too.
They are telling us that they hate us.
They are telling us they want us to die.
They are telling us they want to corrupt our children.
They are telling us they're going to inject us with something that grows a protein that eats holes in our brains, hearts, and livers.
Your passion is beautiful, Chuck.
Thank you so much for the call.
And again, I'm going to take this three-minute call, now a four-minute.
We're going to put this in as a full four-minute break.
Every day, we're going to take some of the callers and then run them for a week or so on the next shows because it's your knowledge and your resistance and your action that's going to bring them down.
The system admits they hate us.
They admit they're coming after our children.
They admit they want us out of the way.
And they had to finally go public.
They had to finally emerge.
And now they're doing it.
Look at NBC News.
Science proves kids are bad for Earth.
Morality suggests we stop having them.
But they want to save you, your life.
Bill Gates wants to depopulate, but he wants you to take this shot.
Take this shot.
Come on, folks.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
And I'm going to hit some of this UFO news, and then I'm going to continue with your calls.
And there was a popular country singer out of Nashville that's been on the American Journal, put out some good videos promoting freedom.
I want to know what it's like when you promote freedom in Nashville.
Is it as bad as Los Angeles, or is it good?
Because there's a lot of resistance out there.
There's talk show hosts.
There's also talk shows.
There's a lot of talk shows.
He'll be popping in with us as well today.
And then look who we got hosting the fourth hour.
He does a great job.
Every Friday.
And so we look forward to that coming up today as well.
And that is Stu Peters of Real Stu Peters Show.
And I always enjoy watching his hour when he does it on Fridays.
Separately, remember, we can't do this, we can't build this, we can't launch this, we can't stay in attack formation without your prayers, your word of mouth, and your financial support.
So keep spreading the word, support those local AM and FM stations, and get products at InfoWareStore.com tomorrow.
And then Sunday are the last days you've got to get free shipping at m4wrestore.com and double patriot points in your next order, plus up to 50% off on best-selling products.
All right, Laura Loomer knocked it out of the park just about two hours ago.
The video is going super viral on Twitter and everywhere else, despite the fact she's the most banned woman in the world on the internet.
Jack Dorsey
As if we're so focused on making Bitcoin the native currency for the internet.
Meeting Elizabeth and team.
How can you say that this is a currency for everyone in the world when you are the king of censorship?
Bitcoin is about decentralization and you have no right to be here today speaking about that.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on that too.
We're working on
Censorship is a human rights violation.
Censorship is a human rights violation.
You are accessing our people.
You are interfering elections like my own.
Well, why don't we do a story instead?
I was going to talk about it later.
We hear a lot about censorship.
Tell us, tell us what happened.
Tell us what unfolded because I just love how you're taking action.
Yeah, so I'm sitting in the car right now because I just got kicked out of the Bitcoin conference.
But, you know, I had the Bitcoin conference in Miami, Florida today.
And when I saw that Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, was going to be speaking on a panel with a guy by the name of Alex Bladstein, who bills himself as a human rights activist and has a human rights organization, they were going to be talking about banking while unbanked at a cryptocurrency conference, of course, which is all about decentralization.
And the thing about Bitcoin, Bitcoin is about freedom, right?
So I find it to be extremely hypocritical that Jack Dorsey would be speaking about Bitcoin and decentralization when he is a techno-fascist and a tech tyrant.
Okay, I call him the king of censorship and that's what I called him today when I swarmed the stage because he has no authority speaking on this matter, speaking on this issue when he has censored millions of people.
He de-platformed me, he is interfering in elections, he de-platformed a sitting United States President, Donald J. Trump.
So, who exactly does Jack Dorsey think he is to be speaking about decentralized technology?
I mean, for those who weren't there personally, describe what it was like and what happened because it looked like he put his hands on you.
Yeah, so as you can see from the clip, and hopefully you can get the audio, I literally stormed the stage.
And so I just walked up to the stage where he was speaking, and I just started confronting him.
And at first, you know, he looked right at me, and they actually engaged me.
You can see Alex Gladstein and Jack Dorsey actually paid attention to me.
And then Alex Gladstein, when he heard me talk about how censorship is a human rights violation, he goes, well, we're going to ask Jack about that.
And then, you know, the organizers told me that if I were to leave, they would get me a meeting with Jack Dorsey and they would, they would secure a meeting with me and Jack Dorsey so that I could speak with him.
But that didn't happen.
But people were cheering me on.
There were a lot of people who were cheering me on in the crowd when I said, how can you, how can you talk about
A currency for everyone when this is about decentralization, you're banning people and censoring people.
And, you know, I went today as a deplatformed congressional candidate in Florida, the first deplatformed candidate in United States history, and as the most banned woman in the world to confront a tech tyrant, a man who is so evil and is so vile.
And it's silencing people, and it's interfering in our elections, and it's ruining the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.
And today I was their voice.
And so it was absolutely worth getting thrown out of the Bitcoin conference.
You know, ironically, the tickets for this event were $1,500, right?
And so they were $900 if you paid in Bitcoin.
And so, you know, I got kicked out of a Bitcoin conference even though I had a ticket and they chopped off my wristband.
Aren't we supposed to be talking about freedom?
Aren't we supposed to be confronting censorship?
Isn't that the whole point of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is to fight back against control and centralization?
So, you know, I see that it's going viral right now and
Hopefully, Jack Dorsey will think about it, and hopefully the organizers of this conference will think twice about inviting Jack Dorsey to come back and speak again, unless he's going to be honest about his censorship practices.
Well, he also lets Antifa promote violence, and he promotes violence, but then they act like you're a terrorist, and they're freaking out that you dare talk to him when they're all about supposedly empowering women.
Well, also, and in the car with me, too, is one of the creators of PocketNet.
And so I was here today also, not only to confront Jack Dorsey, but also to promote PocketNet, which is a great new app that all of you should join.
It's decentralized, crypto-based app, social media, you can't be banned.
And they were here today with rolling billboards, with signs, with quotes from Jack Dorsey calling him out for his hypocrisy.
For a 2015 quote.
I know I sent you guys a video.
There's the rolling trucks right there.
You can see pocketnet.app.
And you can follow me on pocketnet.app.
I have an account there.
See, Twitter stands for freedom of expression.
We stand for speaking truth and power.
And that's why PocketNet was there today.
And I'm proud to support them.
By the way, you've been telling me about PocketNet.
I've been trying to get them to send me info.
You know about them.
Tell me about them because I want to promote new social media.
I'm glad they're sponsoring you.
Yeah, well, PocketNet is a really great app.
It was actually founded... We're working on getting the founder to do an interview with you, but the founder himself knows what it's like.
He lived under communism and he created a cryptocurrency-based social media platform, decentralized, so that you can
You can post and people can actually pay you for your posts.
And it's a way for content creators, especially to somebody like you, to make a living through cryptocurrency.
And I actually have one of the staff and creators of Pocketknight in the car with me.
You can speak with him.
And he's a big supporter of yours as well.
God bless you, brother.
What's your name?
Yeah, my name is Cyril.
I'm with PocketNet.
I'm in charge of marketing and basically what we're trying to push here is the idea of a decentralized social network where freedom of speech is important by technology and not by the will of the founder.
You know, it's great to have a platform where, you know, a social network where you're going to have
The word of the founder saying you won't be bad, but here it's been forced by technology.
The blockchain base, every post is stored on the blockchain and they cannot go away.
Well, I've also noticed that Big Tech's trying to block a lot of innovators.
Poor President Trump got rid of his little site that was like a posting board from like 1992, and he's being sabotaged.
If you went over to Gab right now, they've got over 2 million members that are signed up for Trump, and Gab works well.
But I'll definitely download your app and check it out, because we really want to support the front lines of free speech, and we're very glad that you're supporting Laura Loomer.
Because I think she did a great job today.
She politely walked up there and asked him some good questions, and then they had him thrown out.
Had her thrown out.
She did an amazing job.
Yeah, she did an amazing job.
And, you know, Gab is great.
What we're doing is we're having a difference on the technology.
We're based on a decentralized infrastructure.
So, you know, that's basically a difference.
But I'll let Laura speak.
All right, Laura, we'll have to get an update from you, and I've seen some of the videos, so we're going to be playing more of these later, and give us an update soon.
We've got 30 seconds left.
Yeah, so I'll just hold this phone right now.
But look, I'm running for Congress again, and I'm running for Congress because I believe that big tech censorship is the biggest issue facing our country and the future of free and fair elections.
And I called Jack Dorsey out today for interfering in our elections.
And so please go to LauraLumerForCongress.com and make a donation today so that we can send a fighter to Congress because I am not afraid to take the techno-fascists and the communists and the tech tyrants on.
Head on and calling them out for their human rights violations.
We love it.
We love it.
Yeah, they're scared of the new lady from Georgia.
They'll really be scared of you.
Thank you, Laura Loomer.
All right, more of your calls straight ahead and the UFO news.
Hey, Ben DeLaurentis was scheduled to be on the show today.
He's a great country singer and done a great job on our shows.
But I'm so far behind on the show that I'm going to ask him to move to another day so that I've got time to really play some of his music, talk to him, interview him properly.
and not be up against the gun.
So I apologize to him for having to move him.
He's a great guy.
You can find some of his videos at Band.Video and you can also find him at BenDeLaurentis.com.
Okay, because I promised to get to your calls and I'm going to do it.
Jason in Germany and we've got Eli in Indiana and Devon in Dallas and Larry and David in Michigan.
I'm going to get to all of you and then I guess at the end of the hour before
Our other guest host takes over.
I'm going to get to the big UFO news.
And I'll give you my researched expert opinion on this coming up.
It'll only take about four or five minutes, but let's go to your calls here in about 60 seconds.
But I'm sitting here during the break realizing that I actually did what I said I was going to do about a month and a half ago, because this happens to me every year.
I'll have all the vitamins and the minerals and the products out on a lazy Susan in the kitchen at the breakfast table and then my wife or the maid comes once a week.
They move it off and then suddenly the supplements aren't on the table and I stop taking them.
And then all of a sudden, six months goes by, and all of a sudden, I don't have energy, I feel terrible, and I'm gaining weight, and I go, oh my gosh, I haven't taken X2 in months, I haven't taken DNA Force in months, I haven't taken this stuff.
Well, I've been religiously taking the Fizzy Magnesium and the DNA Force, where'd my DNA Force go?
I just had the pill right here, it must have, somebody hand me the DNA Force, I just had it ready to take it here, I was gonna do it on air, thank you Sarge, throw it to me, thank you, you're the best, John.
And so,
X2, the magnesium fizzy drink.
I mean, I want to go crazy, you know, super mobile vitality, but I don't really need that.
I mean, it is kind of fun to take.
But some folks do have lower tests, so they need it.
The issue here is that these are all great products.
And when you take them religiously, it makes your life a lot better.
And so I've already lost some weight, already feel great.
I'm just, I'm like, I cannot forget.
So now I keep them right here at my desk.
To take them throughout the broadcast and I get it all done and it feels great.
I always take the fish oil at night.
I've got that by my bedside.
Sometimes I take the sleep aids, but they really are amazing products.
They really do work and you can get free shipping right now through up until Monday and up to 40% off.
Well on DNA Force 40% off up to 50% off on the other great products like Palm Block and Super Mel Vitality, Prostagard and so much more.
But DNA Force Plus,
Hello Alex, I wanted to talk about the UFO info that the Pentagon has released.
So I've been researching UFOs for quite a few years and I've been focusing on especially negatively oriented extraterrestrials.
And the thing is that this world is actually not controlled by a human titanic elite.
There is more to it.
And I think everyone already knows this on a gut feeling level that
It's not just some elite of a handful of humans that control this world.
Behind them are actually negatively oriented extraterrestrials and in this group are the very famously known Greys, then obviously the Reptilians that everyone knows about,
Either from own research or from jokes that you hear every now and then.
Then you have humanoid praying mantis looking like entities that you also hear about in abduction reports.
And then you have Nordics.
So Nordics are basically
humans but uh only they just it's a species which consists of humans that have only blue eyes and blonde hair and i also saw saw one report about a about
Humanoid, feline, extraterrestrials working together with them.
But they're apparently... But I mean, how much of that is people's science fiction?
Look, look, I know the ancient Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Aztecs, they all basically have reports like that.
Snake people and carvings in the stone that look like flying saucers.
So something obviously is going on.
The Bible talks about...
Things like that.
I know the globalists are making human-animal hybrids that are alien.
They're making, with computers, new viruses that have never been on the Earth that are alien.
And what have aliens beamed to us?
I think so.
And so that's why there's all these news about kill yourself, kill your children, kill everybody, and they're releasing all this footage of just crazy stuff, you know, flying into the ocean, flying back out.
I mean...
There's all sorts of stuff going on that's practically falling out of the sky.
So, I mean, what do you... Let me ask you this question.
What do you think of these things that go 15,000 miles an hour, that do 20G turns, that would kill any human?
I believe these things look like they are just advanced craft with a lot of suppressed technology that the deep state's got.
But these things are now... We have the new footage.
Now, as I said, these extraterrestrials, this group of extraterrestrials, they're actually behind this whole situation we are in.
These crafts that you are seeing, that's either their craft or
Um, secret craft from undercover military organizations.
Some people might have heard about TR-3Bs, but these extraterrestrials, they purposely show themselves
Because in their agenda, they want to condition humans to get used to topics like UFOs and aliens.
Oh, there's definitely a giant agenda in Hollywood to just get us ready for aliens being all over the place.
And then they're actually turning us into aliens, merging us with machines and animals, getting us ready.
That's the whole trans agenda, is about getting us ready for replicants and human clones.
So what I'm saying is, we don't need aliens to come to us.
They're already making them.
Does that make sense?
Look, their final plan is to put this planet in an apocalyptic stage.
Where they can present themselves as the saviors of mankind.
They will basically come down to the earth and offer us technology, medicine to problems they have created for us and set the stage to make themselves appear as saviors of mankind, make us reliant on them and then turn us into slaves.
Since the 1950s, there has also been this hybrid program going on.
They have been experimenting on creating human-alien hybrids.
That you also hear a lot about... No, I hear you, brother.
What I'm trying to get through to you is this.
The U.S.
Senate refused to pass a law banning human-animal hybrids last week, effectively legalizing it.
It's already going on.
So, it's no longer speculation.
It's not UFOs doing it, grabbing you off your porch, you know, in the countryside.
It's going on publicly, and I can't get anybody to care.
You know, humans are chastating inside cows at U.S.
military bases is the headline.
The sexual headline.
I'll tell you what's incredible is that every 30 minutes or so, they walk in and put AP, Reuters, Jerusalem Post, London Guardian down, going, yeah, the COVID vaccine grows tumors in you, they're not bad.
Okay, and they grow real fast, don't worry about it.
And hey, yeah, it's gonna mess up your menstrual cycle, it's not a prob.
It's not a normal vaccine, folks.
Those have their own problems.
This is crazy.
London Guardian.
Any menstrual changes after COVID, Jeb?
Would be short-lived, experts say.
Even though they have admitted it's doing it.
It's all a test to see if they can kill us and get away with it and see if we'll just accept it and then they'll just start killing more and more and more incrementally with an ambient system just like turning the frog in the pot up slowly.
They'll stay in boil.
You turn it up high, they'll jump out.
You throw a frog in boiling water, it jumps out.
You put him in cold water, turn it up slow, he dies.
That's a real test.
Because the Coonasses, you know, the French folks that like to cook the frog legs, and I've had them down there, they're really good.
Well, they just throw the frogs in the pot and they'll just sit there and boil themselves.
Or you just cut the legs off and throw them in there.
But that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen, and I'm not just going to sit here and take it.
What are you going to do?
Go back to more of your calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Elle in Indiana.
Welcome and thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex?
You got to me just in the nick of time.
We are actually heading to a rally downtown against fentanyl, but that is not what I wanted to call you.
Great job.
Yes, I was calling.
Yeah, I had two cousins pass away four months apart from fentanyl and my aunt got very active in
We're good to go.
And now it's like this generation, I'm 33, it's been two years.
And anyways, that's got us into all these natural products, which I've been buying your products.
Well, let me ask you this.
Have you stopped eating things out of plastic containers?
I've been researching this like crazy.
My husband and I have gotten very into the health kick.
And so that brought me to your products.
And I do want to applaud your mouthwash and your toothpaste.
Because that is finally what converted my husband into believing and trusting your products.
The funny thing is, he's the one that introduced me to you and he's always getting on me for buying your products and he just loves it now.
So, we love your products and I did buy the DNA Force because CoQ10 apparently is a big fertility supplement they tell you to get if you're having fertility issues.
So, I did buy your DNA Force.
I'm glad that was on sale.
Basically, if you have it on sale, I'm buying it.
Yeah, he's over here laughing at me right now.
He can't believe I'm calling you.
Listen, PQQ and CoQ10, especially PQQ, can regrow nerves.
It makes your cells live longer.
I mean, you can actually make those planes.
It's a sign of effect.
So yes, I was about to say...
There's a lot of ways to boost your fertility, but if they've artificially stunned you, you or your husband to not be able, you know, you can go into a fertility doctor, and then in the future you'll have to get genetically engineered to have kids, but for now, they can give you drugs that you'll get pregnant real fast, or if his sperm counts down, they can jack that up real quick.
Uh, and so, uh, you know, if they've already chemically hit you artificially, sometimes you can go get artificially fixed as well.
But a lot of times, getting rid of the cell phones, getting out in the country, uh, only eating organic stuff for a few months, detoxing, you'll get pregnant real fast.
Thank you so much.
I appreciate your call.
I could talk to these folks all day long.
But yeah, here's the headline.
Science proves kids are bad for the earth!
Morality suggests we stop having them.
Well, who's the Earth for?
The globalists or the aliens are working for or whatever the hell it is?
All I know is they act like aliens that took over.
It'll soon be the end of the human age.
Humans are bad.
Machines are rising.
Hey, how about we just throw Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates in prison?
How about that?
How about you say I'm obsolete?
How about you're obsolete?
You declare war on me?
I declare war on you!
You launched that damn Wuhan attack?
Let's get your ass convicted!
And then march your ass up!
Rudy in California, you're on the air, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I got a throwback for you.
I've been listening to you since I was a junior in high school in 2008 and, uh,
I met you in Santa Cruz on the boardwalk and really enjoyed your
I was always telling my family and crew, I said, enjoy as much of this as you can, because when they finally release the bioweapons and start the lockdowns, it's never going back.
They'll squeeze it, release a little, squeeze down harder.
So when they finally squeeze for the last squeeze, you don't fight because you think the squeeze is going to be released.
But finally, once those handcuffs go on, it'll never be released.
You're going to be killed.
I just wanted to give you a little bit of on the ground
It's all a psychological warfare test to see what you'll submit to.
I mean, the left gets together and has meetings how they're doing it.
Even low-level leftists know the mask is a lie.
All of it.
They have joined the evil.
You understand?
Yeah, oh yeah, and I got very few friends I can call friends out here because it, I mean, it's so challenging.
I'm a new dad and he's being two in July and I'm just so thankful he's alive and it just gives new meaning to what this fight's about.
It does.
Look, they're in a cult and they're scared of the cult, but they also like the power the cult gives them.
And so a lot of leftists are pretending.
They know they're in a cult.
They know it's evil, but they like it, you see.
Yeah, and um, I don't know if you, did you hear about the BCA thing out here?
About the shooter?
Uh, that shot the little kid?
No, no, this was at the light rail station.
Oh yeah, that killed a bunch of people, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, that, I mean, to me that, I don't know what that really represents.
I mean, I guess, guy going crazy, but I mean,
You know...
Yeah, yeah.
And so, at this point, you know, right now, I mean, the inflation is still present.
I mean, I'm just going to the store and trying to get basic goods.
And I'm just, I'm glad we got the signatures for Newsom, but honestly, I'm concerned about
Yeah, no, I mean, you are under economic war.
The whole country's under attack.
But if you're in a blue sector, you are in an area captained by... I mean, the Austin mayor went on TV and said, we ship criminals in to lower the quality of the city.
And he said, making things bad is good for the earth.
Okay, I mean, he said, we are keeping... we're bringing homeless here, so no one else moves here.
I mean, it's all an exercise of evil.
I really appreciate your call, sir.
We got three more calls.
All right.
I can jam them in in five minutes.
I'm going to come back to you.
Be ready.
And then we have a special guest host taking over.
And then the war room today.
As some other very special guests like Mike Adams and others and Ty Bollinger is going to be hosting.
So that should be interesting.
3 p.m.
Central Standard Time today.
Ty Bollinger and his wife are on the list.
The evil dozen that Bill Gates wants shut down and silenced.
They've been exposed to vaccines.
That is coming up in T-minus one hour and three minutes from now.
We're going to go to break here in just a moment, and we are going to return for the final segment of yours truly, and Larry, Pat, and Derek.
So Larry, Pat, and Derek, start your engines.
We'll go to Derek first, and then tomorrow, 6 p.m.
Central, we're going to stream a special commercial-free transmission on a whole bunch of key issues, so be sure and join us tomorrow night, 6 p.m.
on Saturday.
You are either with the American people or with the globalists.
Well, TBS San Francisco, fully vaccinated Napa woman dies of COVID-19.
Why, so did the head of the vice president of Oracle died after the second shot they said of COVID.
It's all COVID killing you.
That's what they say.
If you get this vaccine, you can't return to campus, many colleges warn.
Wow, I wonder what vaccine that is.
We'll be covering that coming up on The War Room today.
I may even pop in.
Real fast, one caller just hung up.
So let's go to Derek and then Larry.
Derek in Ohio, thanks for holding her on the air.
Thank you for taking my call, and may God bless you and your family, Mr. Jones.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you.
So I'm calling to talk to you about ALT.
The names, I'm sure you know them.
Alfred Kinsey, the Kinsey Institute, which is out of Indiana University, right now, and Dr. Judith Reisman.
She just died in April.
She spent her entire, her life, dedicated her life to exposing Alfred Kinsey, his work, and, you know, the allegations, the accusations against him and his research.
You know, this was... Well, they weren't allegations.
The guy was an absolute demon that tortured children.
Yes, and you know, what I learned about this, this is the most disturbing thing I've ever overheard, and the fact that there's... Oh, but the liberals say making your children grow up in boxes, not knowing who they are, is loving!
Just like the German doctors giving 30,000 children to pedophiles, they said it was love!
Three-year-old babies with men that raped them is love, the German government said!
Exactly, the kind of Nazi-esque style.
Oh, it's liberal!
It's liberal!
DW.com, 30,000 children by the state, given to pedophiles to create a new family.
A new family.
The new family.
And where the nuclear family's bad and children are bad, but babies given to pedophiles is liberal.
Look, it's all out in the open, brother.
Yeah, and what's even more outrageous, I mean, this is in his writings, in his books that he published, that revolution, you know, where all this gender fluidity nonsense came from, how he totally destroyed society and all of our Christian values to take apart the family, and
The fact that this is still going on.
If there's an institute named after him and they're gonna, but Christopher Columbus, that's a bad name.
We have to cancel.
Kinsey is an evil name that needs to be canceled.
Absolutely, the fount of all this is a pedophile ring, yeah.
Berlin authorities placed children with pedophiles for 30 years.
Then it went countrywide.
It was over 30,000 children, knowingly by design.
And that's all Kinsey.
God bless you.
And they're all a bunch of pedophiles, folks.
Modern psychiatry was set up by a pedophile devil worshiper cult, on record.
Larry in Florida.
Thank you, Alex.
Go ahead.
I appreciate you taking my call.
I wanted to go the direction that you've been educating us for a long time.
You and your crew and folks and it's time we, we the patriots, we the citizens that are sitting here watching this, time we took some action and there's things we can do and if you'd be patient with me I'm just going to run through
Unfortunately, we're almost out of time, but run through them, brother.
I'm going to go real quick, real quick.
First of all, go buy two, maybe three poster boards.
Cost you three bucks.
Go stand on a street corner.
China Joe has got to go.
And then just put another list on the other poster board on the other side that basically says taxes up, gas prices up, and all that.
And go on a busy street corner, and let's get 10,000 of us on 10,000 street corners doing that.
Secondly, we've got to start doing like some of our brothers are doing in Europe and even some areas like Israel.
They're protesting.
We have been intimidated and pushed out of really exercising our First Amendment right because of what happened in the Capitol in January.
I agree.
It's now time to get back out on the streets.
It's time to get back out there and maybe the way to do that, I'm in Florida.
It started a friendly state.
We can have a protest against the lockdowns, against the vaccines, against the executive orders on energy and all the jobs being destroyed.
And I think if we start that, it'll catch on.
And if we do it in a state like Florida... I hear you, brother.
I'm out of time.
Call me back.
God bless you.
I appreciate that.
All right.
Stu Peters takes over in 60 seconds.
Take action.
Tell people tune in now.
That's another form of activism.
Tune folks into shows like these.
FreeWorldNews.tv, the Alex Jones Show.
I'm honored to be back here again.
I think we're running on about eight Fridays now.
I love being here with you guys, honestly.
I mean, you can find me over at StuPeters.tv anytime, but I just, I love hanging out here.
I want to know, I was just thinking, you know, while I was listening to Alex wrap up with some collars there, you got to write some of these people off.
You know, you ask yourself, when are these people going to wake up?
I mean, the difference between a truth teller and a conspiracy theorist, we're learning, is about one year.
We've been saying that this thing was purposefully engineered.
It was created.
It was released from this lab, this Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Anthony Fauci, a funder, an investor in this lab, money sent, your money, was sent over to fund this extremely dangerous research.
During the Obama years, Obama knew all about this.
I mean, we're watching Obama's third term happen right before our eyes.
He told us that he was going to fundamentally transform the United States.
He's doing a hell of a job.
Boy, I tell you, it's everywhere you look.
But when you put evidence in front of people, you know, we're going through Fauci's emails now.
I mean, there's thousands of pages of emails to dig through here.
And we've got some interesting stuff on that that we can talk about.
But you got to ask yourself, why in the world would this liberal left mainstream hack job publication be
Diving into this, you know, freedom of information and getting this discovery and releasing it.
This is a distraction for certain.
There's no question about it that this is a distraction.
When is the last time you heard on the media that anybody talking about the audit that's happening in Arizona, for example?
So Fauci's emails, which we're now learning, according to Red Voice Media, which is my home, we're learning that Fauci had the opportunity to go through these emails before they released them to redact all of this stuff.
It's a joke.
The whole thing is a joke as the mainstream media just drools over his appearances that he makes while he just laughs in their faces.
He's lying and he's taking the money all the way to the bank.
He's a globalist.
We all know it.
He sold his house.
God knows where he is.
But a criminal investigation is absolutely imminent.
Now, breaking just a few minutes ago, I just interviewed a woman in Florida.
Her name is Brittany Galvin.
The first brave doctor in the United States, a neurologist, is actually going to report to VAERS for the first time in the history of this planned-demic
She is going to, or he is going to, her neurologist is going to confirm that her injuries resulted directly from the Moderna injection.
And now, Moderna's ramping up to jab your kids.
12 to 17 years old.
Their presser that they just released yesterday says that they've met all of their primary endpoints.
And so now they plan to submit data to regulators, any day now, to allow for the inoculation of your children to begin immediately.
It's important that you know about a very well-hidden study.
86%... Now, this is not Moderna, this is Pfizer.
But it's one and the same.
86% of children that participated in the Pfizer trials had adverse reactions ranging from mild to serious.
You know, Alex said waking up is watching programs like these, because that's absolutely right. 86%!
Who in the world shouldn't know about that?
But the media is on board.
They're funded by the same globalists that want to destroy you, they want to neuter you, they want to castrate you, they want to take your kids, they want to line you up, they want to take your guns from your grip, they want to execute you, they want to slaughter you, they want you dead.
Why isn't the media talking about this?
Because they're in on it.
The White House is offering to buy you a beer, for crying out loud.
Free donuts in some places.
Lap dances for a year.
Free lap dances in Vegas.
Free flights for a year on one airline carrier.
I don't remember if it was United or Delta.
They're all woke.
Ohio's governor, that joke, Mike DeWine, offering a million bucks to put you in a lottery if you subject yourself to the jab.
I mean, we've covered it all.
Why are they trying so desperately to push you to the needle?
And so the thing is, is that I believe that what I was trying to get at here is we have to write some of these people are just too far gone.
If they still question it when you put all this stuff in front of them,
They're just too far gone.
You can't reason with these people.
You have to write them off.
They're idiots.
They're complete idiots.
They're imbeciles.
If they're going out and getting the injection after everything that is coming forward and all the information that's accessible, and you've tried to push them towards this information, and they still want to go it, well, then you know what?
Darwinism, I guess.
Survival of the fittest.
If you're stupid enough to step in front of a moving train, then you probably deserve to die.
I'm beyond the frustration part of this.
I'm beyond trying to reason with these people.
At this point, we just kind of have to save each other.
This has never before happened in the history of vaccines in America.
All these people talking about, well, vaccines have never really been safe.
You know, vaccines, injuries happen with vaccines all the time, Stu.
I don't know why you're fear-mongering.
Fear-monger is going to fear-monger.
I'm getting that on my Twitter account.
It's only a matter of time before I'm banned over there.
But never in the history of vaccines in America has anybody been pushed so ferociously toward the needle.
They're bribing you against everything that we know to be true in the Nuremberg Codes.
It's 100% illegal.
And hardly anybody is standing up.
Nobody in the world of legacy journalism standing up to wave the flag to warn you because they don't care.
Now with the Fauci lies being exposed, we broke this story yesterday about this Christina Cassetti.
And I don't know if you've been familiarized, if anybody else is covering this or not, but she was seemingly asked by Fauci in an email to cover up and discredit ways to stop the spread of this virus way back in 2020 in February.
Before this thing came here in March, remember?
It was really prevalent here in March.
In February, he emailed her and just simply said, hey, take care of this.
Handle this, would ya?
And it was a study about nitric oxide.
How nitric oxide would have killed this thing.
But he continues to play, again, play around, play these games with the softball media.
Now, Cassetti knows everything.
For the last eight years, she's done nothing but engineer viruses with none other than the Italians.
Who, by the way, according to Maria Zak, broke news on my program, are the same people, a U.S.
ally, responsible, or in part, for hijacking the election.
Setting up George Papadopoulos.
Spying on President Donald J. Trump.
Spying on the Trump campaign.
There are a few people that are standing up to these tyrants.
Now, in Alabama, there's a guy called Christopher Key.
He was on my show last week.
He was celebrating victory.
He stood against tyranny in the face of the Board of Education there.
They wanted to require kids to wear masks.
Well, he was escorted out of that meeting.
But not before dropping paperwork on him and threatening court actions.
Now, you remember, we had Lewis Ewing on this program.
It was a few weeks ago, I brought him here to tell you that, you know, he could defeat these things.
Well, Christopher Key took Louis Ewing's paperwork, his information, that's what Americans are supposed to do.
You share information with one another, you help each other out.
And before being escorted out of there by the, it was, the lady was just so condescending.
If you get a chance at StuPeters.tv, go watch that Christopher Key interview.
It'll make you chuckle if nothing else, but it'll make your blood boil also.
But the board has since announced that their policy has been revised.
Masks will be optional for kids when they return to school in the fall.
In addition, they're lifting the requirement that kids are going to have to show proof that they've had the jab.
Proof of inoculation.
They will no longer need that because of Key's efforts.
This shows that we can win.
So after appearing on that program on my show for an interview to announce that victory, he was subsequently arrested
At a store for not wearing a mask.
And now, because he did that interview, he's been fired from his job in retaliation.
This guy who doesn't agree with his politics, his boss was caught on tape firing him while admitting that he was the best employee he's ever had.
Key has never missed a day, but terminated for standing up for our children.
He's going to join us exclusively right after the break.
We have Christopher Key here.
He's gonna tell us how he defeated these people at the Board of Education in his state of Alabama.
He's gonna tell us about how he was fired, why he was arrested, and how you can beat these people.
Then also, we're gonna have Dr. Jane Ruby on to talk about Brittany Galvin.
If you have a chance to look her up during the break, go over to Instagram, check out Brittany Galvin.
That's G-A-L-V-I-N.
She is battling a serious diagnosis and disease in Florida.
It has now been confirmed by a virologist.
It's because of the vaccine, and we'll talk to Dr. Ruby about it.
Redvoicemedia.com, that's where the truth lives for Stu Peters.
That's my home over there.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Humble to be here.
We were telling you, I know it's no surprise to anybody that there's political retaliation happening.
I mean, it's no surprise that these woke people, these companies, these big corporations are requiring people to be inoculated.
They're requiring this masking.
You know, the whole coronavirus gig is up.
I mean, this COVID-19 thing is dead.
We've heard from so many doctors.
Alex has interviewed them.
I know Dr. Jane Ruby has been very outspoken on my program.
Viruses burn down, they don't burn up.
This thing is dead.
Kids have never really adversely been affected by the coronavirus, but what scares me... I mean, really, when you watch VAERS, for example, completely deleting
Specific ID numbers disabling the search function of their entire platform after my program breaks a show about their reporting.
There's a huge cover-up happening here.
Yesterday, Jane Ruby said that she feels that it's possible that medical care providers are actually participating in this huge cover-up.
We're going to have her shortly.
There's one brave doctor in Florida that says no more.
He's not going to cover up.
He's a neurologist and he has diagnosed Brittany Galvin with a very serious condition and he has said that it is directly resulting from the Moderna injections.
Now this is, we're going to see more of this because soon this waterfall of evidence, these mountains and mountains of proof
Are just going to come out.
And there's going to be nowhere for them to run and hide.
These globalists are going to be vulnerable.
They're going to be naked.
They're going to be exposed.
And they're either going to be indicted and jailed or they're going to end up dead.
That's my prediction.
Because there are a lot of pissed off Americans that are just not going to tolerate this stuff.
And I'm telling you, I don't know what it's going to come to.
One guy that had had enough, his name is Christopher Key.
He joins us now.
Christopher Key was down in Alabama.
He stood up to the Board of Education there and said, you're not going to mask my kids.
You're not going to mask... He doesn't even have kids that go there.
He stuck up for everybody else's kids who didn't have the testicular fortitude to step up on their own and said, nope, you're not going to do this anymore.
He's been fired from his job as a result of coming on my show to tell you how to be successful in standing up to this tyranny.
His boss, major lefty, globalist sympathizer, fires him.
He joins us now.
Christopher, you got fired.
You're at the Red Pill Expo.
You're live.
It's a little bit loud there, but we can hear you.
You got fired from your job because you came on my show to talk about a victory.
Your boss didn't like it.
I came on your show to talk about the win that we had and was going to do another show with IMTV and a guy named Bob the Plumber and my boss happened to walk in.
It was my day off, okay?
I was completely off work that day.
I was going to do a show in a conference room that is utilized by the storage center there.
I think so.
And then he sent me a... When I told him I was coming to the Red Pill event, he told me just to take the rest of the week off.
And I told him, look, I can't take the rest of the week off.
I need these hours.
And he said, no, take the rest of the week off.
And then two nights ago, he called to inform me that I would no longer be employed there anymore.
That everything that I have going on is
is a distraction even though he said that I never don't do anything what I'm supposed to do at work but he thinks it's a distraction and that that that I need to be terminated.
So I am no longer employed.
Here's the big takeaway for me.
The takeaway here is this is that you experienced a victory against tyranny.
You followed
The advice of, and here's the materials from a guy by the name of Lewis Ewing, who by the way has been discredited by these people.
He's a whack job.
He's a nut.
He's got all of these state-specific materials that can help people to stand up against tyranny.
You heard of him.
You grabbed some of this stuff and you said, I'm going to try this.
And you went to this Board of Education meeting.
You weren't wearing your mask.
They said, oh, there's no order here.
They have you removed.
Before you leave, just recapping for everybody here, if it's their first time hearing this, you drop the paperwork on them.
You leave.
Subsequently, later, at a store, you're arrested for not wearing a mask.
Now that's going to court on the 9th of June, just in a few days here, where you're going to subpoena the governor of your state, and she's going to have to prove, along with the attorney general, that a pandemic exists.
This is brilliant!
Again, I've tried to think through this and use fear and intimidation just like they use it for us.
But they realize that they can motivate us with fear and for every action there has to be an equal and opposite reaction.
So why can't we do it against them?
And that's what I've strategically thought out and gotten done very strategically.
And I'm going to take these people down and I need your guys' help.
With what's going on because now I'm no longer employed.
You know, I took this job as a mover when I have a degree in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology, but because of seven years ago when the U.S.
government came in and seized everything I own and I have a court order that I can't practice in my field, I had to take a job as a freaking mover, okay?
And I took that job as a mover because I love my children and I was divorced from my wife and I had to pay my child support and then I chose to continue to pay for their college education, which I've done.
I did it completely, totally, and then now
I'm being fired from that job.
You know, it's a job that I do not want to do, but I got another three years.
And we've shared your GoFundMe account information, and I'm sure that there are millions of patriots that are going to help you out.
God's going to have your back as well.
But the big thing here is, and I always look for a positive takeaway.
And I think the positive takeaway that I'm looking at here is now you're not going to be tied down to this frivolous job that you had.
You're responding to a greater calling and that calling is to fight for our kids and to fight for the kids of parents who really don't know what it is that they can do.
We're good.
Basically, I've got the paperwork now that I know works.
This paperwork specifically shows, with fear and intimidation, that if they continue to do what they're doing, they are committing fraud, okay?
And because they're committing fraud, we can prosecute them criminally and or civilly.
Because if they don't tell the people, the children of the world, the people of the world, that there is a
You have a, there's a policy that says if you have a medical condition, then you don't have to wear a mask.
If you have a medical condition and or religious exemption, you do not have to wear a mask.
If they continue to tell the people that they have to, they are committing fraud and we will prosecute them and we will take them to trial and they have to stand down.
And this work, because I'm not just doing it to the big corporations.
I'm going after these people individually.
And that's how you do it.
When you go after these people individually, they will stand down.
They have stand down and we see that it worked and we're going to keep doing this and I'll go anywhere and everywhere to help any family that is having this taking care advantage of them because our children have to be taken care of and nobody's taking up for these kids that they're going to put these vaccines into our children which is the mRNA vaccine which I know is very very dangerous and and and
For my doctors, we're looking at one to five years.
These people that take it, they will not live past that.
And we can't do this to these kids, because that's what they're going after next.
They're going to do this to our children when school starts back, because they're going to say there's another breakout or whatnot.
It's because of us that didn't get vaccinated, that didn't wear the mask, and they're going to blame it on us.
Exactly what their plan is, because they have forecasted it, they have telegraphed it, they have done it time and time again.
We've got your GoFundMe information.
It's over here at FreeWorldNews.tv.
If you've got something, if you can help Christopher Key out, make sure that you do that.
Speaking of inoculations, the first confirmed vaccine injury, major diagnosis out of Florida, Dr. Jane Ruby will be here to talk about it next.
Stick around.
Thanks a lot for being with me.
I appreciate you guys having me back on Friday on FreeWorldNews.tv.
The Alex Jones Show is on.
I know the Info War is on.
And that's why doctors are afraid to come forward.
I mean, honestly, there are so many thousands of vaccine-related injuries and deaths being reported, but they are being shut down.
And never before in the history of our country or in the world can I think of, at least in my lifetime, and I've asked my dad,
He doesn't remember anything either in the history of the world ever a bigger a bigger cover-up and why I mean What what is we got to ask ourselves?
Why I mean if we know something is bad for us Why would we want to continue to push it?
Brittany Galvin is in Florida in the Tampa Bay Area and she's been very vocal on her Instagram account and
Dr. Jean Ruby brought it to my attention yesterday, and I interviewed her here earlier this afternoon, but she was first brought to my attention by Dr. Jean Ruby from these posts that she has on Instagram where she's sticking things to herself.
And we've seen these videos on TikTok and all these other places where people are sticking things on them, and they're magnetic, you know, at the injection location.
But then you go to CDC and they say no!
This is false.
There's no way.
It's not going to happen.
You can't be magnetized.
Not at the injection spot or anywhere else.
Well, then this stuff starts moving through Brittany Galvin's system through her blood.
Now all of a sudden she's on Instagram sticking stuff to her forehead, sticking stuff to her cheek.
She had multiple episodes.
She went into the doctor's office.
The third episode she called 911.
She had to be rushed there.
I interviewed her.
We have a clip right here.
I've never had heart conditions.
I've never had seizures.
I've never had, whatever they're calling it, neuropathy.
I've never had any of this.
Since the second Moderna shot, I have been here three times.
Once was via an ambulance and a 911 phone call.
The second one was after I was released.
I came back to the ER due to my symptoms still continuing and this is now the third time that I've been here.
So, I've had and undergone a lot of tests.
I have had every blood test you can think of.
I've had every neuro test you can think of including, I think they call them EED or EEG and the brain MRIs.
I've had three CTs, three brain MRIs, MRIs of
My lower back, I had a lumbar puncture, so a spinal tap.
They weren't able to understand what was happening to me other than a diagnosis of pericarditis, which is at the heart, which again, I've never had before.
I've had everything.
Other than that, they couldn't figure out what else was going on.
So, they immediately always just say, you know, it's stress, anxiety.
So, they were about to release me and the neuro team walked in.
When the Neuro team walked in, everything changed.
They had received some results from my puncture.
And those results, the Neuro team told you, was it as a direct result of the injection, the Moderna shot being called the vaccine?
We did.
He said it was from the Moderna shot and not the first patient that this has happened to.
We did.
A lot of doctors and nurses here actually have told me that they are seeing a lot of side effects.
A common response is that we see it with a lot of vaccines.
But I didn't hear that from my doctor.
My doctor told me that this is something he has seen from the Moderna shot specifically.
There was another young lady here recently that had the exact same thing.
I asked him, I said, are you reporting it to VAERS, the system?
And he said, yes, he is.
I have already reported it.
On my second hospital stay, I put in the report and I actually received the acknowledgement yesterday.
I had what we now know was not a seizure, but I had
I seized up.
I completely seized up and fainted on the floor.
I couldn't walk.
My head was tingly.
My ears were hot.
My head was pounding with pain.
I mean, the most incredible pain you can think of.
And I ended up calling 911 and by the time the paramedics got there, my entire body was
I noticed that the news hasn't said anything because when I call and tell my family members what's happening with me, I actually spoke to my mom last night she lives in Utah and I told her and she said I haven't seen any of that on the news but the nurses and the doctors are well aware of it and they they have no problem talking to me about it.
As a matter of fact, all three ER visits
The first question they asked me was, did you have a shot, and when was it, and which one was it?
The reason I've gone so public with it is because I feel like it's the biggest mistake I've ever made.
Dr. Jane Ruby joins us now.
This diagnosis is called Guillain-Barre.
I believe that I'm saying that right.
Am I saying that right, Dr. Ruby?
And how serious is this?
You're saying it right, Stu, and I want to thank you for staying on this.
Unfortunately, and we've talked about this before, I've predicted it, we're going to see hundreds of thousands of Britneys in the next 6 to 18 months.
It's incredibly serious.
Guillain-Barre is an autoimmune disorder.
Essentially, very simply, autoimmune disorders revolve around the body misreading what it thinks is a foreign agent and then attacking it.
And let me bring it closer to the COVID vaccines so it'll be a little more connected to what this woman is going through.
Remember, I've been teaching people for quite some time now that these injections force your body to produce
In rapid succession, billions of these spike proteins, well, they don't just hang around.
What they do is they travel all over the body and they attach themselves to perfectly healthy cells.
Well, guess what happens?
You start to get an immune response.
You're not getting immunity, remember, to the COVID natural virus.
...any coronavirus.
What you're getting, what you're being forced to develop an immune response to is your own cells.
Because guess who's making the spikes over and over again?
Your own healthy or previously healthy cells.
So the body recognizes the spike morphologically, physically sticking out of those healthy cells that it's invaded, and the body recognizes it and starts to attack it.
So what it does is, in Guillain-Barre particularly, it creates tremendous muscle weakness.
Not only difficulty walking, or muscle weakness and fatigue, but in the more severe issues.
And I believe what she had in the very beginning when she called 911 was an acute episode.
Where she had difficulty breathing.
Remember, you breathe in part because of muscular power.
So think about all the things that, you know, you need muscles for in your autoimmune or in your autologous system, as well as your peripheral system, your automatic system.
You don't have to think about breathing, but those muscles are commanded.
Well, those systems are being attacked.
You're attacking your own neurological system, Stu, peripherally and in the central system when you have difficulty breathing.
So you're a doctor.
I mean, you're a very qualified individual.
We don't need to go through it.
I've read your resume.
I mean, you're incredibly qualified to be here opining on this.
You have seen, no doubt, on social media, these people that are sticking things to themselves.
You just saw the guy with a spoon on his arm.
I don't know if that's specific to Guillain-Barré or what that is, but there's a whole cluster of people, basically half the world, is saying, oh, this is a hoax.
That's not really happening.
To these people and you yourself have said, well, as a medical professional, I had to, you know, use some responsibility here.
I had a little bit of hesitancy of this.
In about a minute here, what is this?
Why is this happening?
Why is stuff sticking to Brittany Galvin's face, cheek, brain, forehead?
Why are these people's arms?
I mean, how can a spoon stick?
What is this?
You know, I apologize to keep saying we don't have all the information yet, but we really don't know what's causing this.
I actually would not connect just yet this phenomenon of metal sticking with some magnetic pull to it, to the bodies of people who've had... I wouldn't connect it to Guillain-Barre itself just yet.
I think it's more generally connected to people who have gotten these injections and we're not even sure if it's just the two direct mRNA injections from Pfizer and Moderna or if it's all four that are out right now under emergency use authorization.
So we're not 100% sure but it is becoming so widespread.
And we're seeing it more and more.
People are coming forward.
And I think if we get a few more doctors to come forward, like this brave doctor down here in Florida who's treating Brittany, we might be able to break through this, Stu.
And I'm praying that we break through it in time to shut down this program that's coming after our children.
Well, yeah, and that's what I was going to say is, I mean, and we got to take a break here to pay some bills in about 30 seconds.
But I want to hold you over if you have the time, because there is something absolutely shocking coming out from Moderna right now.
Despite a Pfizer trial that says 86 percent, 86 percent, Dr. Ruby, of kids that participated in the Pfizer vaccine, so-called vaccine trial, had adverse negative reactions.
This thing is being kept completely quiet and then I'm going to ask you about VAERS and the specific neurologist that's down in Florida treating Brittany Galvin when we come back.
There you see it.
Fauci email release was slowed by government so he could review them ahead of time.
It's at redvoicemedia.com.
I mean, this is criminal.
The whole thing has just been blown right out into the wide open.
We have been talking about these vaccine-related injuries and it just continues to be covered up and then completely ignored by the mainstream legacy fake news drive-by criminal globalist media.
They know it because they're in on it.
They're funded by the very same people that want you dead.
They want to take your kids.
They want to transgenderize them.
They want to feminize everybody, demasculinize society.
Make the government woke, weaken our police departments, bring in the UN for crying out loud.
Reimagine policing basically means that the cops that you're going to have, this national one-world police force, will have absolutely no ties to your community whatsoever.
They won't give a damn about you or what's going on in your community.
They don't care about protecting you.
The thing is they want you dead.
They're farming humans here.
You know, I mean, and it's all about our kids.
It all goes back to our kids.
No matter what we talk about, no matter what criminal actions we bring up, everything that these people, they're blowing your mind every day with the stuff that they're doing out here, right out in front of the wide open, in every instance, from packing the Supreme Court to anything, the bioweapon that was intentionally manufactured in Wuhan that Anthony Fauci sponsored and funded,
Everything that we talk about, George Gascon releasing killers on the streets of Gavin Newsom's state in California, Commie-fornia, we know that it all comes back to our kids.
Everything can be connected back to our kids.
And this is what's shocking about Brittany Galvin.
Brittany Galvin, as Dr. Jane Ruby just told us, she's afraid is going to be one of hundreds of thousands of people.
I have heard medical experts that have opined off the air in casual conversation with me that have told me that they are absolutely scared to death of what's to come.
There are going to be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people just absolutely dropping dead.
That they have one to five years left after this inoculation, after they take the jab, and they are done.
That is, I mean, think about the people that you know that have taken this jab.
And here's Brittany Galvin and she's down here and now finally, finally,
One brave neurologist, one doctor has committed, yup, we're going to come forward, and you know, I will just tell you that that doctor is probably going to ask Brittany Galvin, and I don't have any information, but I would say that that doctor is probably going to say, but for what?
For what purpose?
I'm going to put this in VAERS and then what?
Everybody's going to discredit it.
The media is never going to report on it.
And I hope, I just, I hope and I pray that if you are watching and if you are talking, just take the Christopher Key approach.
You know, here's a guy who took matters into his own hands, doing the right thing, a calling for his republic to save kids that he doesn't even, he doesn't even have a kid in that school district.
And he went and fought, he lost his job.
I mean, that's devastating.
And now the guy is going to, instead of crumbling, instead of saying, well,
I've lost everything.
I better just go back and find a job.
He's doing the opposite!
He is now going to go on the road with this show and help protect your kids.
This is the true definition of American exceptionalism.
What did Eric Holder say?
When they're down, we kick them.
Well, guess what?
You back a wild animal or a dog or a snake into a corner and what's it going to do?
And folks, we're in a corner.
I want to bring back Dr. Jane Ruby because we value her time.
Dr. Ruby, you have said that this Guillon-Barre is a very serious diagnosis.
She's down there, she's dealing with this.
These injections are criminal.
What we're seeing here is absolutely criminal.
Pfizer came out with, because they have to publicly release these trials, I'm sure they're data, I got my hands on a deal, I sent it over to you, you put it on Twitter last week, you went, you know, here on InfoWars, you talked about this, 86%, 86% of kids that participated in this trial had an adverse reaction.
Moderna yesterday or the day before had a presser, they released this thing, hey we've reached all of our endpoints, we're about to inoculate all your kids.
12 to 17 is the age range, but
Here's my question to you.
We know that they're going to push for the 12 to 17.
Do these people, does the CDC and the FDA and these manufacturing companies like, you know, Moderna and Pfizer, do they work in age brackets?
In other words, so they're 12 to 17 now, how long before they go under 12 or to the unborn?
I was just watching a video of an infant who was jabbed, having seizures and then rendered unconscious and unresponsive.
I mean, this is inconsolable.
It's unbelievable.
Well, it started out, Stu, with the elderly because it was deemed that they were the most vulnerable population.
And it turned out that it was mostly because Democrat governors were shoving them, you know, infected people into nursing homes.
So it really got twisted.
And so what they did was they started to work their way down the age group.
There are certain age ranges that the FDA works with that they require reporting on.
And so I'm not surprised to see these brackets broken out.
So these JABS and the Emergency Use Authorization has been working its way down through these age brackets.
The last one was 18 to 44.
And that's when we started to see huge numbers of all of these different side effects across all these different issues.
Now we're facing companies like Moderna.
Moderna's been drooling, essentially, over the numbers that Pfizer's been getting and imagining all those billions of dollars.
And now they're getting in on the act because they're just a little bit behind them in terms of the numbers.
But all of a sudden, they're coming out with 100% efficacy?
And safety?
That's laughable to anyone who's in the drug development business.
It's impossible.
If you have a control arm or a placebo control arm, you're never going to get 100% efficacy and safety.
So let's just start there.
So they're going to be pushing, you're going to have two companies pushing down into the next age bracket, which is the 12 to 17 year olds.
Let me tell you why this is really dangerous.
Because the reason the issues and the side effects exploded in the 18 to 44 group is because as you get younger, the immune systems are more active.
They're bigger.
They're more robust.
It's nature's way of keeping the young alive longer so we can all procreate.
It's kind of an evolutionary thing.
This is why I'm petrified, along with a lot of other medical professionals and scientists who get this, that when you go down into the next age group, this is going to explode beyond counting.
And I have to tell you, I apologize for busting into your show, but I just got breaking news from Albert Benvenides, who I know you've featured before.
He is Welcome the Eagle 88.
He has done these projections, he's been tracking VEARS,
He's been suspicious of them, throttling, and what he's done is he's taken the Harvard Pilgrim Study with the 1%, he's taken the latest drop, which actually rose the deaths exponentially, and what he's got as a calculated result is that we are facing well over 1 million side effects.
Not 100,000 or 150,000.
And I'm waiting for him to calculate the numbers of deaths, because it's going to be far more than the 5,000.
We probably are going to see deaths over 500,000.
And if that's the case, Stu, we're looking at more deaths from this poison than we ever did from the actual COVID flu.
Just breaking the hot mic for you today.
Are doctors ignorant to this?
Are the care providers ignorant to this?
Or are they purposefully participating in this?
Or are they just not educated on what these vaccines do?
Are they just told, yep, you got to go inoculate somebody.
This is what you're supposed to do.
These are the recommendations of the CDC and the FDA.
Answer that in one minute because I will have a final question for you.
There are over 1 million doctors known in the United States alone.
I believe it's a combination of both.
I believe some doctors are good doctors, they're well-meaning, and they're just ignorant.
Like mine the other day, who didn't even take the time to review what's behind all this, but encouraged me to get it until I educated her.
And then there's the other side of the coin.
There are tons of doctors who are complicit.
They're getting incentives from pharma companies, they get quotas if you inoculate this many children,
Every 30 days you're going to get a bonus.
It's despicable, Stu.
It's dirty.
It's so dirty.
Final question that I have for you in about 30 seconds.
What do you think is going to happen to these doctors when this whole thing blows up?
Because we know it's going to.
It's going to happen.
Stu, when this thing comes to its rising and its tipping point, and I feel we're moving at breakneck speed,
In that direction?
All of these medical illnesses, if you have hundreds of thousands of Brittneys, Brittney's a young woman with children, she's married to a Florida State Trooper, she was basically otherwise healthy, not putting a burden on the health care system.
I'm a health economist.
You know, I'm imagining hundreds of thousands of Brittneys.
Do you know what a taxation that's going to be on our health care system?
It's going to break our health care system, and ours is the best in the world because it's a combination of public and private.
Stu, it's just mind-blowing.
You can find her at drjaneruby.com.
We value your time.
Thank you so much for being here.
The War Room is coming up next.
I know that it's going to be a packed show as the information superhighway continues to flow, and if you're part of the resistance, that's why you're here, right?
That's what Alex always says.
I would agree with that.
Always visit me at StuPeters.tv.
I appreciate being here every Friday, and I hope to be back again.
I'm in a very good positive mood because despite all the horrible things the globalists have done in the last 16 months with their COVID takeover operation, humanity is really responding and waking up.
We are seeing amazing things happen to their entire agenda.
And in places like Texas, the governor's finally woken up and is saying thousand dollar fines for any business that tries to make people coming in and wear masks because masks don't work.
It's all a fraud.
COVID's been completely overblown.
Fauci has had to come out.
In late May and say, hey, it may have come out of the lab.
It may have come out of Wuhan when he was the one funding gain of function.
He was the one funding the COVID research.
So the fact that he's having to admit that shows he knows that it's all going to come out.
And so he's doing damage control.
If we expose how they purposely released this to create global fear and launch their Great Reset, they're not just going to not be able to launch another lockdown in their future.
They're going to go to prison.
We need Nuremberg too.
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