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Name: 20210602_Wed_Alex
Air Date: June 2, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics including politics, COVID-19 vaccines, censorship, and global affairs. Recent episodes have covered escalating tensions between China and the US, allegations against Joe Biden, news related to COVID-19 vaccines, and mainstream media's role in promoting fear surrounding the pandemic. The show often criticizes the liberal narrative and promotes alternative viewpoints while encouraging listeners to stay informed about these issues. Alex Jones also discusses ongoing attacks on his platform and urges support from listeners through various offers during sales events such as Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

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And so now because America is saying, we know you did it, and we're getting ready to burn Fauci and burn Gates, and there are better patriots now, moving in and understanding that it's either that or the end of America and total globalist domination and a new dark age and siege where we never reopen, we have a total societal collapse with...
Arab race wars in Europe and the UK and then black-on-white race war here as the cover screen for our total collapse and then a new Marshall Plan with UN troops here taking all the guns.
A lot of the globalists believe they can win the war.
A lot of other smarter ones know there'll be a civil war.
They'll probably lose with a lot of war games showing patriots retake the United States and then launch a real war against them.
So that's really what's going on right now.
It's like a Mexican standoff and it couldn't be more dangerous.
So when you see the Communist Chinese come out in their official publication and say, if you investigate the lab, we're going to nuke you.
That's what they said today.
And China paid American media outlets millions to publish propaganda.
We're going to list those groups for you when we come back, who the traitors are.
So, think about that.
That's where we are on June 2nd, 2021, less than halfway into this incredible year.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Nixon was ousted for far less corruption.
But in all of my years of public life, I have never profited
Never profited from public service.
I've earned every cent.
And in all of my years of public life, I have never obstructed justice.
And I think, too, that I can say that in my years of public life, that I welcome this kind of examination.
Because people have got to know whether or not their president's a crook.
Well, I'm not a crook.
I've earned everything I've got.
Joe Biden was elected for far more.
And if the disintegration of accountability from those in the highest of office continues, America will definitely collapse.
Why was it that you found the allegations against Joe Biden related to his son or BRISMA not to be believed?
Simply because I've known former Vice President Biden for a long time.
I know how he respects his duties of higher office and it's just not credible to me that a Vice President of the United States is going to do anything other than act as how he sees best for the national interest.
While the Biden family has still not had to answer to Congress as to why they were given massive payments from corrupt foreign energy companies,
Records show that Hunter Biden opened a line of credit with a Chinese national linked to the communist regime and funded it with approximately $100,000.
And then he, James Biden, and Sarah Biden went on an extravagant global spending spree.
Still other records show
Hunter Biden, via his law firm, also sent a million dollars to James Biden's consulting firm, the Lyon Hall Group.
And Joe Biden has relentlessly distanced himself from the accusations.
Look, my son did nothing wrong.
I did nothing wrong.
Did you and your father ever discuss Ukraine?
As I said, the only time was after a news account.
There wasn't a discussion in any way.
What's your understanding of what your son was doing for an extraordinary amount of money?
I don't know what he was doing.
I know he was on the board.
I found out he was on the board after he was on the board.
We had this whole question about whether or not, because he was on the board, I later learned of Burisma, a company
That somehow I had done something wrong.
I carried out U.S.
Not one single solitary thing was out of line.
Not a single thing.
But now, as the New York Post reveals, Joe Biden met with Ukrainian, Russian, and Kazakhstani business associates of his son's at a dinner in Washington, D.C., while he was vice president, according to records on Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop.
The following day, Hunter received an email from Vadim Pozarsky, an executive of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, to thank him for introducing him to his father.
It read, Dear Hunter, Thank you for inviting me to D.C.
and giving an opportunity to meet your father, Pozarsky wrote on April 17, 2015.
He continued, It's really an honor and a pleasure.
The dinner included
Russian billionaire Yelena Baterina, who was married to corrupt former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
Baterina had wired three and a half million dollars to Hunter Biden on February 14th, 2014 through his Rosemont Seneca Thornton, Delaware-based investment firm, which was co-founded by Devin Archer, a former advisor to Secretary of State John Kerry.
Secretary of State Kerry.
Publicly denied knowing Hunter Biden's role on the Burisma board.
We acquired evidence that shows that Kerry did in fact know about that role.
And of course, the chronic crackhead, Hunter Biden.
The wires had been flagged in suspicious activity reports provided by the Treasury to a Senate Republican inquiry into Hunter Biden last year by the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee.
But still, nothing has been done.
Joe Biden is riding on a wave of corruption.
But eventually, if there is any justice left in this country... Thanks to you kids, we now know the virus is a hoax.
They included flu, pneumonia, and other infections to boost the numbers.
Let's find out who is really behind it all.
Like, President Trump is definitely behind one of these phantoms!
Xi Jinping?! !
Dr. Fauci?
Like I thought doctors were supposed to help people, not scare them!
Microsoft's Bill Gates?
Not only a computer guy, he's a notorious vaccine pusher who wants to reduce the world's population.
So Bill Gates wanted to vaccinate everyone after Fauci convinced them there was a deadly disease outbreak.
I get it.
That's diabolical.
Yeah, that sounds pretty bad.
Don't worry, kids.
These globalists won't get away with their pandemic hoax this time.
Where they're going, they'll be locked up for a long good while in the big house.
Better than a rock round at home!
Tomorrow's news, today.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday, June 2nd.
The year is 2021.
Thank you so much for joining us today on this live, uncensored transmission.
The wheels have completely come off the COVID-19 operation.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
We put out that little
Dark comedy piece that you just saw, if you're a TV viewer, you just heard of your radio listener, that spoof on Scooby-Doo, where Fauci and Gates get caught running the pandemic, launching the operation, and so they go to prison for it.
And we put that out a year ago, it was banned on Twitter and Facebook,
As fake news, when it was obviously a parody, but based on real things they'd done.
But boy, a year later, it's evergreen, isn't it?
Meaning it's more important now than when we first put it out.
Scooby-Doo just solved the COVID-19 mystery.
It's got 200 plus thousand views at Banned.Video.
I think it needs a lot more than that, doesn't it?
In fact, let's make it the featured video at band.video.
Because this radio slash TV transmission is not just your regular entertainment.
It's not just your regular news program.
This is a participation sport.
And I think that censored report that you can find only at Bandot Video needs to get shared, don't you?
In light of what's just come out that I'll break down here in just a moment.
In fact, let me just do it now.
Let me just hit the headlines now.
In February of 2020, email that's public now, Fauci wrote, face mask not effective in keeping out virus.
Later he wrote, though, that it has a good psychological effect and even publicly said it's about respect, living in fear, keeping everybody scared.
Total open and shut.
You should be able to use any of this in court.
There's cases all over the country where they're trying to make people still wear masks in schools and in businesses.
Even in Texas where the governor has a thousand dollar fine for it.
I know a lot of people that work at law firms and at stores and at government facilities where they're trying to make people wear them as well and take
The Poison Shots.
That's an important article.
Continuing, 17-year-old suffers rare heart condition following Pfizer injection, CDC investigating.
Yeah, they're always going to investigate.
It's like hiring a fox to investigate hens.
Like, somebody's eating the hens at night.
Oh, there's a fox right there.
Mr. Fox!
Oh, you have feathers sticking out of your mouth and blood all over you.
Oh, never mind.
He says, would you like me to investigate?
Will you stand guard over the hens tonight?
And then there's more dead hens the next day.
And you just keep wondering, gee, that fox is getting really fat.
Mr. Fox, why are you getting so fat?
Well, I've just come into a great inheritance of your ignorance and you're letting me eat all the hens.
But of course, he wouldn't tell you that, would he?
It's always, oh, it's very rare, and oh, they're investigating.
I see about 30 of these articles a day without even trying to look.
And if you're a TV viewer, we have some footage here of a fox actually eating a chicken.
Actually, he's loving the chicken.
Like when weird perverts in the government
Convince your children to have their genitals cut off when they don't even have the right to be convinced that they're not of age.
They're not a fox.
No, no, they're a loving guardian.
And by the way, let me let me hit the Fauci news here in a minute.
Let me let me get back into all these COVID news next segment.
And let me just tell you some of the other stuff coming up today.
And then I'll go into each area of the news and tell you about the big guests we've got.
But but but but first.
I went over to my parents on Memorial Day.
My dad grilled hamburgers and my mom made baked beans and deviled eggs.
It was all delicious.
We swam in their swimming pool, myself and my children and family, my wife.
And there's an old family friend that I've known since I was three years old.
She's a great lady.
And she came over to the house and I've been friends with her son and her daughter since I was about three years old again.
And so as he tells me a story, it's, it's accurate.
Of course, we already know all this, but I know her sister very well.
And I know her daughter very well.
I guess I've gotten old, old enough now where, you know, my friends are 70 years old, but, but, but she has a granddaughter.
Her sister does.
Uh, my friend has a granddaughter as well, but I, so I'm friends with the family going way back and we vacation together.
We camp together.
So they're our best friends as a family.
And they live in Rockwall where I grew up.
That is, her sister does.
And they're evangelical Christians, they're very nice people, very successful in business.
And one of the daughters, the granddaughter, was arguing with her mother about issues, and they weren't even that big an issue, but the mother said, hey, why don't you go to your school counselor and ask them about some of your boyfriend problems?
We're not going to go pay for you to go to some counselor in town or whatever.
It's not that we're against the money.
It's just, hey, go to the school counselor.
We pay property taxes for this.
So this is the same high school, she's a freshman, that I went to for the first few years of high school before I moved to Austin when I was 16.
And she goes into the school in Rockwall, and it's a male counselor to a 13-year-old girl.
And she told me the whole conversation.
Her niece repeated it to her.
She was shocked.
And he says to her, well, don't you think your problem is you're really a man?
And by the way, she's an attractive, very feminine girl.
She goes, excuse me?
He goes, yes, you're having problems with this boyfriend here at school because you're really sexually confused.
And she goes, no.
He goes, yeah, I think you're a boy.
And she goes, are you joking?
He goes, no, I want to get you in touch with a group.
We need to put you in counseling.
They'll pay for it offsite.
You really need this right now.
And she goes, no, I'm a girl.
He goes, no, you're not.
And she pulls her shirt forward, looks down and says, no, I'm a girl.
And says, I'm getting out of here.
Now, you get an autistic person or somebody else that wants attention, they get in there, they take them, they put them with a government counseling place that gets corporate money, or vice versa, and they're making, in Texas alone, over a billion dollars a year, I didn't even know this, on counseling and gender reassignment in the Lone Star State, and it turns out the Republican Party's involved, not just Democrats.
So, when you wonder how the legislature in Texas couldn't pass a law
I don't
But she's conservative too.
So talk to the counselor.
And you don't even expect in Rockwall, Texas, the suburb of Dallas, that you go there and a man is pushing on you.
It went on and on for like 30 minutes.
Him saying, you are, by the end of it, he's like, you are a man.
You are a man.
You are a, you need to go to this place.
They will help you.
It's a whole agenda to destroy everybody.
Men, women, everybody.
It's sick.
It's how you depopulate.
The same groups pushed Ritalin and put, you know, 50 million boys in America on it and screwed up their brains and everything.
I mean, these people know what they're doing.
But it's one thing to put you on Ritalin or Prozac.
Now they want to chop your balls off or have girls sterilize themselves.
It's eugenics.
Thanks to your support, InfoWars is back in black.
We're still on air thanks to your funding and your support.
First five months of this year, it was looking bad, but you've come through and bought a lot of product and a lot of support.
So hopefully we can expand, not just stay at the same place.
Because we've proven that we're ready to take on the globalists with devastating effect.
So I salute you all.
And speaking of that, then I'm going to go to this big news.
I designed this shirt, just telling you, not bragging, and I think it's one of my better designs than I did with the concept team, Robert and others over there, and it's just incredible.
And I didn't intend for it to basically glow in the dark like a tree frog can do, some of the species, but it actually glows under these lights, under regular lights.
We've got a black shirt, a green shirt, and a cream shirt.
And on the back it says Save the Frogs Infowars.com and on the front of the shirt it's got the same little symbol over your heart.
And I'm telling you, we've had these shirts in for almost a month.
We hadn't gone on sale until a big shipment came in because you get a test shirt to see if you approve it.
And as soon as I wore this out, everybody goes, what's that shirt?
I like that shirt.
I'm not.
And I see him walking around in my shirt!
And I said, hey, you go to the warehouse down the road, you get one, you don't steal my shirt.
So I'm telling you, this shirt's so popular that everybody's going crazy over it, and I don't know why, but there's just something about little frogs people like, and the frogs are getting sterile, they're dying, and it's because of the atrazine and other chemicals they deliberately put in the water to basically shut down our fertility.
I'm going to cover some news articles on this subject in a minute because this is the heart of what we're facing.
It's 1776 for the shirts in cream with a green frog, black with a green frog, and green with a green frog.
And we've shot all these under cameras.
They all look great.
They're all very handsome shirts.
They're very conservative looking shirts.
They don't look shocking.
They don't look aggressive, like my mass murderers agree shirt that I first designed myself on
A program like 25 years ago.
Computers were so slow back then, it took me like half a day to even get the images to stay where they were on Photoshop.
But it's Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, and it says mass murderers agree.
Gun control works.
On the back it says politicians love disarmed peasants.
Because I saw that on a bumper sticker.
Well, that's the original OG t-shirt.
That has been around 25 years.
Well, the new frog shirt is not as aggressive, but it's a great way to educate people and expose what's going on.
But just if you're a TV viewer, look at how it glows.
Under the lights.
I mean, we hit a home run with this sucker.
I think this is going to be a super bestseller.
It's also tongue-in-cheek, it's silly, and it's a great way to start conversations.
And it's got the dreaded InfoWars.com on it as well.
So let's talk about what's really going on.
And they talk about this in Club of Rome documents, CFR documents, State Department Miranda 200,
They talk about it, I'm giving you all the documents right now, they talk about it in Ecoscience, written by Obama's science czar, of how they put chemicals in the food and water to lower male masculinity, to make us more manageable, and also lower our sperm rates.
They use phthalates in the plastic liners, and the juice box liners, and all the rest of it.
That's why we gotta get back to glass.
Uh, and that's also what they do with the atrazine that the EPA makes them basically add to fuel, they claim, for the environment when it just kills animals and humans and gives us cancer and sterilizes us everywhere.
And they also put it in phthalates in the plastics that they don't have to put in there.
For the same price or less, they can make other plastic formulas that are not toxic.
But they do worldwide with standardization.
So you don't hear the Democrats wanting to ban that.
Oh, no, they want carbon dioxide that plants breathe so they can tax everything on Earth and track it and control it.
They don't want to stop GMO or animal-human clones, which the Democrats legalized last Tuesday.
Kind of a big deal.
Oh, we legalized animal-human clones because we've already been doing it for 30 years.
They said.
I told you 50.
But the articles are like, we've really been doing it 30 years.
Ha ha ha!
Everybody's like, Alex Jones is right!
You think I'm happy to be right about that?
I didn't just become right.
It was always admitted.
They were cloning animals and humans before I was born.
Hitler was cloning rabbits in 1944.
They've been splicing animals and humans.
It went on sale this week.
Salmon that weigh twice as much that aren't salmon.
They're part insect and part asparagus for whatever reason.
I'm not kidding.
They have asparagus in
There was walking stick genes in it?
They won't say why.
They won't say why the Pfizer shot has the jellyfish genome in it.
They just don't trust us.
Imagine a Cobra Commander G.I.
Joe episode where, like, Cobra is... I've convinced everyone to take an injection and not even ask what it is.
But if you must ask, it's the genome of a human, a dead boy, and of jellyfish.
The Cobra strikes and you roll up your sleeves and die.
Can't make it up.
So I mentioned this yesterday, but let me just show you what we're talking about, then I'll hit all the main news when we come back.
Okay, this is out of Japan's National Daily.
Their biggest newspaper.
Daily newspaper.
Researchers in Japan use soybean compound to make catfish 100% female.
Oh, but the school lunch program makes sure it's soy, including whole soybean ground, and it's the heart of the soybean that has this super toxic compound that will, if a woman eats this in the first trimester, her baby boy will have micro genitals and almost no testosterone and will be a genetic eunuch.
And that is what the soy boys are.
They also tested this on monkeys, three different species, and found that they make the same weird smiling face, they're aggressive and hateful loners, very unsuccessful, and tend to try to then kill females.
Think I'm joking?
Long-term soy consumption makes monkeys aggressive loners?
Shocking study with possible human implications.
There they are.
And they, again, run around soyboying and eating their poop.
I'm not joking.
Oh, that's in the study.
Mercury poisoning makes male birds homosexual.
Ever heard mad as a hatter?
So that's what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen, and it's all by design.
Then they gotta make it cool when suddenly nobody can have children, everybody's falling apart and dying.
I never even got to this yesterday, but you guys pull it out of my stack.
Blue's Clues didn't just have the drag queen story time, the big fat
You know, pedo-style looking dude.
One of them was also wearing the exact headdress of Moloch the Bull, which can be interchangeable as an owl, but the point is that's... and there's a huge Moloch bull that you would sacrifice children to, and then gay frogs hopping around everywhere.
And gay sharks and everything else.
Because the whole planet is going to die under this system.
Yes, there will be no more reproduction.
And now the rainbow flag is the symbol of eternal death.
To them!
I mean, the globalists say that.
It's in my film, Endgame, that they would promote homosexuality, all this, to not have children.
But don't worry, you'll be able to grow a child in a cloning tank soon, so our journey towards being a commodity will be complete.
They call it love.
It's so loving.
You must embrace the robot takeover.
You must accept the animal-human clones or you're bad.
And there's the Moloch.
See the calf right there with the actual Moloch horns?
And they're going to sacrifice the children to Baal right there in that cup is where they burn the children.
And what's there?
The frogs.
Put it back up, the symbol of your children that they're going to kill.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Okay, I have never seen Joe Biden taken to the woodshed like he was.
And when I saw this last night on Infowars.com, I'm asking the crew to repost it.
Under the live show feed today.
So it has its own article again, because the article is posted at Infowars.com, but it's since rolled down the page halfway.
And wow is right.
A lot of people say wow, and it's not worth a wow.
This Kellan McBrain article is worth a wow, wow, wow.
Judge Joe Brown unloads on racist Joe Biden and corrupt witch Kamala.
And it's got like, you know, 10 million views online, millions on YouTube.
I mean, it is devastating.
I mean, here's the key to this.
Judge Brown is respected, but I don't just respect Brown and know that he's a guy that has a good truthful past and stands up for father's rights and things like that.
When I saw this, it made me mad last night because I already knew all this stuff, and I'm so sick of looking at Joe Biden.
That I didn't go even dig all this up during the Trump campaign, because I knew they were just going to steal the election.
But now he's in, and what Brown says you can actually go dig up and find.
And so half of me doesn't even want to air this next segment because I want to go get the clips.
I want to find the news articles with the quotes because that's how my brain works.
Everything Brown said, I watched the clip.
It's an hour plus interview, but I watched the nine minute boil down twice.
I'm going to play part of next segment.
But when you listen to this and you know the backstory, Brown's telling the total truth.
About Kamala?
Every damn thing he says about her is true.
Every damn thing he says about Biden is true.
And... It's scary.
Not just that they're both crazy people and racist against blacks.
You gotta know, Indians are nice folks.
They have a caste system.
And if you got dark skin, you're like... They're getting rid of that, but you're subhuman.
It's a thing.
And he explains that, that she's an Aryan.
And that the white Aryans get confused by that, but he really knows what he's talking about, so I'm really impressed.
I've seen his show before years ago, and I've seen interviews he's done and agree with a lot of stuff he says, but man, I am impressed with Brown.
And so that's the next segment, because it ties into everything, but I'm going to have that whole article reposted under the live show feed of the broadcast today.
Can we put the live show feed up?
Because that takes us to our next big point, and I'm going to be hitting next hour that is so huge, it can bring down the whole New World Order.
And that is, it's official.
It's now coming out, like I told you, that the Communist Chinese government isn't just funding most universities, isn't just buying off the politicians, but it owns most of the mainstream media.
Not just four of the six production houses, but spends b-b-b-billions
On major newspapers.
I mean, you know the Washington Post was paid to say Xi Jinping should destroy Trump to save America.
I mean, only the shy comms would come up with that.
You know who's funding all the race war stuff?
The Chinese communists do not respect black people at all.
They don't respect Biden either.
They don't even talk to him or meet with him.
They won't even meet with the Secretary of Defense because he's black.
I mean, I'm sorry, nothing against folks in China, but it is the most racist country in the world.
I mean, if you're not even Chinese, most of them won't even deal with you.
That's how it is.
But... Communist China is funding.
Why do you think there's a hundred movies out the last few years about whites killing black people?
And all this promotion of the Tulsa Massacre and all this crap?
Because China sees that as a way to divide our country.
And when the new Black Panther Party morons go out there and say, kill all the white people, they're just playing right into the divide and conquer.
So that's coming up next hour.
It's huge.
And I got the even bigger Fauci news that I'm going to cover here before this segment ends, but then I'm going to hit the Judge Brown news coming up next segment.
But this is a big deal.
I mean, you have to understand, people go, okay, well, Biden's been on the Chinese payroll, what's the big deal?
They're blackmailing him with it.
When you take the money, it's not about the money, it's about you can be destroyed, they can snap their fingers.
That's dangerous as hell.
And there's a billion and a half Chinese folks who are slaves of their government.
But they got one thing, national pride.
They hate the Koreans, they hate the Japanese, the Japanese hate them.
I mean, again, the left has taught us that the only tribalism is in America.
America and Europe's where we tried to get rid of the tribalism.
And now the globalists have double-crossed and are using the fact that we're not tribal at all, because it's great to not be tribal if nobody is.
But if you're not tribal and you're a guy across the road's tribal, he's going to come take you over.
And it's not blacks that are getting ready to come take over from the whites.
It's the elites playing us off against each other to take us all over, and everybody deep down knows that's true.
And Trump tried to reverse this and help all Americans, and the globalists got pissed.
We had a straight shooter for four years, wasn't perfect, but he meant well.
We got people that are bent by design and crookeder than a barrel of snakes.
And the wheels are coming off and it's all coming out.
Let's hit some of these headlines right now.
We'll get more into this after I cover the race war they're trying to trigger this summer.
They got a good chance of doing it.
That's coming up first 30 minutes the next hour.
We got to stop it.
Then I'm going to hit the China information.
But let's get into this right now.
In February 2020 email, Fauci wrote, face masks not effective in keeping out virus.
Fauci was told early on that Wuhan coronavirus looked engineered.
Didn't look engineered, they could look at it under electron microscopes and see it had been sliced together.
Zero Hedge is an excellent article because they were the first to come out with it before me, before
Dr. Boyle, we of course went further, but it's not about credit, but it is.
So I'm not going to take credit for being the first when I'm not.
We just built the biggest platform to get the truth out.
So yeah, we're the cannon that got the shell loaded in it.
You're the cannon, I'm the cannon to get the word out, but we're all on the same team.
And Zero Hedgeman, MVP when it comes to getting this out.
You'll see the original censored article they got banned off Twitter for, with the Indian Institute that scanned the virus, and the French Institute, the Australian Institute scanned it, and they threatened to pull all their funding, so they pulled it, but now it's all confirmed.
That's what you're now hearing breaking on ABC News, that it was five viruses and six inserts.
And here it is.
Fauci emails revealed damage control, scrambling after zero hedge spotlights, man-made COVID-19 theory.
It's not a theory.
It's a proven fact.
They were funding it, the exact viruses.
They were testing it to then force the world on a vaccine that would then actually kill you.
And Fauci funded it in China, in Texas, in North Carolina, all over the world.
He did the illegal stuff and we have all the emails now.
It's all coming out.
You see, if you're going to launch a bio-attack, you better be in control of the UN.
You better be in control of the NIH.
You better be in control, through Bill Gates, of all the health services, so you can cover it up.
And you better have big tech sense for everybody, or your ass is going to prison!
Under the Nuremberg Code, if you're tried and convicted, you get walked up to the gallows pole.
Because the time is coming when people that do this stuff will be punished, not by me, but by justice through the courts.
And I told you it would come a year ago, and you see it starting, don't you?
The snowball's too big.
Too much energy.
You killed too many people, Fauci.
Gates, you will pay.
I see it in the stars.
I see it in the cards.
I see it in the tea leaves.
I see it in the bones.
In the runes, my dear.
Your fall.
Your destruction.
Justice is right.
It is coming.
Email researcher who funded Wuhan lab admitted to manipulating coronavirus thanked Fauci for covering up lab leak.
Liberty's group warns people being convicted without trial for lockdown breaches.
Well, sure, the lockdown's martial law.
Why not get rid of trials altogether in the UK?
It's all coming up straight ahead.
Let me tell you how much trouble this country and how much trouble the world is in right now.
And I'm going to compose myself and cover this at the start of the next hour.
This is out of Newsweek.
We're posting it to Infowars.com.
China state media says country must prepare for nuclear war with the U.S.
after Biden asked for COVID probe.
Think about that, ladies and gentlemen.
State media, as the government says, country must prepare for nuclear war with U.S.
after Biden asked for COVID probe.
What else just broke during the break?
Fauci's upcoming book scrubbed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble amid backlash.
Everyone is turning against him, but it's got to go further.
It's got to be Klaus Schwab.
It's got to be Bill Gates.
It's got to be them all.
Because let me tell you, doing what they did with China, cooking that up and releasing it, is an act of war.
So China needs to come out and say it's Gates and Fauci, or they are going to have to pay.
And of course, obviously, China allowed it to be set up there.
China was heavily involved.
Their military was in the building.
They did this because they were mad at Trump.
They did this because they were losing the trade war.
They did this because they knew our media would shut us down and they would stay open.
But now there's enough instinct left in America, and the American establishment isn't 100% globalist, that now the real war has begun economically, culturally, spiritually, and probably physically.
And you're going to see globalist insiders, Biden, saying it's Russian hackers, because the real war is between the US and China, saying, oh, the Russians cut off our meatpacking.
Oh, the Russians cut off our Keystone Pipeline.
Oh, no, that was you, Biden.
The Russians cut off the Colonial Pipeline.
And then a week later, he whispers, oh, actually, no evidence Russians were involved.
But always the big announcement, Russians did it!
And again, I'm not a Russophile, I've never been to Russia, but I've studied history, and I know the Russians can barely keep Soros from taking him over.
They're just like us, they've got globalists, they've got leftists, they've got pedophiles trying to take over, they've got devil worshippers, except Putin says we're fighting devil worshipper child molesters.
We're fighting George Soros who's a Satanist.
Because they are!
That's why they go, the Russians!
That's why Hollywood hates Russia!
Because the globalists had Russia on its knees sucking their blood for 75 years and now they don't get to do that as much.
Russia is at least fighting back.
Russia's not free of these people.
Neither are we.
The hacking is all deep state globalist.
It's all JPMorgan Chase.
It's all Goldman Sachs.
They are directing the Chinese.
And they're beta testing, totally shutting us off.
I mean, we're in trouble.
Because it's the Islamics, with Communist China, the EU, Hollywood, the blue cities, the blue states, the UN, all against America and Russia.
And that means the American people and the Russian people.
And the Brazilian people.
Turned out the guy posing as a patriot, Boris Johnson, was a total scumbag.
So, UK's awake, tried to Brexit, but Johnson hijacked the movement.
And now Farage has admitted that, that Johnson lied to him and Johnson's bad.
But we got Brazil a little bit.
We got the US a little bit.
We got the UK a little bit.
We got Russia a lot.
We got Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic.
Man, you turn on their TV.
Man, let me tell you.
On Russian TV, on Czech TV, on Polish TV, guess who's on their TV every day?
And it's not because they listen to what I say.
They know what I'm saying's true.
Because they've been through it.
They don't need me to tell them.
They just hear me and go, oh yeah, he's right.
Because they lived it!
I said I was going to hit this Judge Brown stuff, which is just over the freaking top, man.
He had to sit there and watch Joe Biden give a speech pointing at black people calling them cockroaches, because that's what it used to be like.
And I'm not bashing Northerners.
Northerners are great people, but you always grow up in the South, and Northeast Texas is the edge of the South.
It's like Deep South, but it's its own kind of crazy South.
As you go out more into West Texas, it's no longer the South, it's more Western.
But, I mean, I grew up never hearing the N-word, never hearing bad talk about black people.
Slavery was a shameful thing.
As Christians, we wanted to help people, and that was everybody I knew.
I went deer hunting with all the World War II vets, everybody.
But when I started going up north to Michigan, and I'm not bashing folks up there, but everybody knows I'm telling the truth, and to New York and New Jersey and places, my lord, I would think it was like a test to see if I was racist.
They're like, no, no, we don't like these F and N words and all this other stuff.
And then the black guys didn't like them either.
They were all killing each other because that's big northern cities like Chicago and New York is tribal.
That's how, you seen the gangs in New York with Scorsese?
It's done stylized, but it's exactly, those are real people in that movie.
That was based on real stuff went on.
It was a composite.
That was all real.
And how did they control people with different gangs?
The Protestant gang, the Catholic gang, the black gang, the Hispanic gang.
That's how it all was.
And people were, I mean, they'd had fights where hundreds would kill each other.
You think the Tulsa massacre was the only thing that went on?
You know, I'd tell you some stories that are in our family Bible and was passed down, but I'm not even going to get into it.
But I grew up, my grandmother, people telling me what really went on and how we left Alabama to come to Texas on my dad's side in the early 1830s, on my mom's side in the 1820s from New York City.
As Christian missionaries.
Brown stuff that is over the top and a key.
If people can understand this, they can understand everything that we can get this out to white folks, black folks, everybody, and it is going viral.
You will totally understand why Biden's doing what he's doing, saying whites are the number one enemy.
White supremacists are going to kill you.
It's because he has been a white supremacist and use that for political control because that was the old system that the Democrats used.
And now that's his flank, his underside, is Kamala saying, hey, you're a racist.
And everybody says, oh, how dare you?
So he's got to divert from what he's done while he sells out the Communist Chinese by saying the number one threat in America isn't open borders, isn't inflation, isn't Iran, isn't Communist China.
It's white people that are going to kill everybody.
What the hell?
I mean, statistically, whites killing blacks is one of the rarest deaths in the United States.
But when it does happen, the media celebrates it to, again, create the division.
But I got shook up when during the break they brought me this article.
So I was already going to get into China and go into a three-child policy and how they're breaking away from the globalists.
And I was already planning a day.
In fact, I intended, I was having a conversation at the Memorial Day cookout at my parents, and I said, war with China is coming, and I intended
On Tuesday's show to come and have that be the headline and I just didn't do it.
But I mean, everybody knows it.
It's not like I'm telling you something you don't know.
I see thunderclouds coming in, you know, there's gonna be rain.
But I mean, this is on, this is going down.
It's already happening through proxies and between India and Pakistan is the proxy war between us and China.
And it's not enough that the Chinese control Biden.
Because they don't fully control the military-industrial complex and a bunch of other interests.
And China double-crossed the globalists on multiple fronts.
They're not doing the one-shot policy.
They're expanding their military, not just dominating economic systems.
And Biden can't serve them enough.
When he announces, hey, we won't build any of our own batteries.
We'll only buy it from China.
We won't let Americans mine.
And now Biden announced a plan to shut down 30 plus other big pipelines, giving the states the power to shut down existing pipelines and to give Whitmer the power to violate a U.S.
treaty and shut off the main pipeline to the Midwest out of Canada.
I mean, we are under CHI-COM ATTACK!
So of course he's running to Tulsa.
A hundred years ago, people killed each other.
Hundreds dead.
Let's have a race war!
How obvious is this?
I'm going to go to break.
We're going to come back.
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The frogs are collateral damage to the New World Order's chemical, endocrine-disrupting weapon system against our brains and against our reproductive organs, no matter what damn color you are.
You're under globalist attack.
You all got red blood.
You're smart enough to wake up and see it come together and defeat the New World Order and come in for the big win.
So second hour coming up.
War with China goes into high gear and so much more.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's news today.
Now tell folks to tune in.
You've heard the term.
I know we've all heard it.
The camel's nose under the tent flap.
And boy, common as China isn't under the tent flap, it is inside the tent.
But then you pull back, and it's a little worse than that.
It's the straw that broke the camel's back.
If you go to today's show headline at Infowars.com, it basically says, going from memory here, Americans awaken, the people awaken.
There it is.
The people awaken to the Communist Chinese takeover, and the globalists are scared.
So that's what the whole show is really supposed to be about, but I went off into endocrine disruptors and how they're sterilizing us, which is just as important.
That's the slow kill.
But how about a hot kill?
China's state media says country must prepare for nuclear war with the U.S.
after Biden asked for a COVID probe.
Because if China launched that on purpose, that's an act of war.
And China says, fine, let's go on to war.
And they've had high-level generals and high-level professors just in the last two weeks say, yeah, we want to buy a war with you.
What are you going to do?
I mean, because they control our media, they control academia.
The average leftist thinks hating America is cool.
They think sitting around on their ass watching Netflix for the last year or whatever was fun.
And so
They really think they're on the Chinese Communist team, even though they're just schmuck, useful idiots, as Lenin would call them.
And so that's where we are.
And China is putting troops in the Caribbean.
They've got patrol ships off the Atlantic seaboard.
And they're announcing how they're going to crush us and how they're going to kill us.
And we went to war with them in the Korean War.
The head general at that time, MacArthur, tried to stop him with nuclear weapons and take out the Chinese communists, but the president, Harry Truman, at the time, had been part of the CIA system.
He supported it until then.
Later, he didn't, taking over China, and they relieved MacArthur of his command.
So that communist Chinese nightmare was put there by the globalists, put there by British intelligence, put there by the CIA, put there to be a management team they could work with so they could enslave the Chinese people.
I wouldn't mind China being a dominant country in the world with its people and hard work and everything, if it wasn't communist and wasn't anti-human and anti-God.
But instead you've got a billion, 500 million slaves, you've got a million Communist Party members in China that rule over those people.
And they're above the law.
And they now are preparing for war with the United States.
So this is just absolutely insane.
This is a short segment.
When I come back, I'm going to read you this, and I'm going to tie it together with the other big article by Kellan McBrain.
It's also, even in the Associated Press 7 report, exposed China paid American media outlets millions to publish propaganda.
They would tell them what to publish.
Remember, during the campaign, they attacked Trump.
They attacked me.
And you would see the same talking point.
I would go check Twitter just for, you know, the interest of it.
There'd be like suddenly 300 articles attacking me with some insane lie.
And I would go on air and I'd say, that's Chinese communists right there.
I'd be watching a movie.
And it would all be about how China rules the earth, and America's bad, and be a major Hollywood movie.
And I'd say, oh, let me guess, a Chinese-owned company owns the production house.
I'd search the name at the credits, boom!
It'd be right there.
And this has happened thousands of times, thousands.
I mean, I remember, like, I got sent a thing, like, hey, this episode of Good Doctor, I think it's on ABC News, ABC, has a character based on you who's an idiot and sells poison supplements.
And I looked at the end, I said, who produced that?
And it was Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
Right there in the credits was a subgroup of Third Foundation.
A whole TV show with millions of dollars of budget, all just to attack me.
That's how Bill Gates was.
That's good.
And I love that.
It means I'm exposing them.
It means I'm doing my job.
I'm over the target.
Alright, we'll be right back on the other side to plunge into the biggest news ever.
Stay with us.
So, a lot of people want to sit on the sidelines of their life, thinking they're not in the danger zone.
In my experience, people in the danger zone are those on the sidelines.
Being born is a condition that leads to death.
You can say that life is a disease that ends in death, but really it's a gift that ends in transcendence.
We are all in the danger zone now.
So let me as succinctly and calmly as I can explain what's currently happening that sends large chills up and down my spine and makes my skin crawl.
There was a project of the British Empire that was collapsing at the end of World War II to merge with the United States.
The project had already been begun in earnest in 1922 with the establishment of the Council on Foreign Relations and a Cecil Rhodes plan for private corporate world government, where the nation states collapse into a world government.
Communist China at the end of World War II had a chance to have a nationalist government in that would have built them up and industrialized them and been freer.
The CIA, newly minted in 1947 by British intelligence, British intelligence found the CIA with Yale's Columbones members who were also Anglophiles.
They set up, and basically royalists, they set up what is now currently the the world order.
They put Mao Zedong into power in 49, they betrayed Chiang Kai-shek and the Nationalists, and made them evacuate to Hong Kong, then of course some of them to Taiwan.
Mao was put in power.
They killed over 100 million of their own people.
They carried out eugenics operations.
They carried out every horrible thing you can imagine.
David Rockefeller oversaw it with Mao, praised Mao, and helped set up his system.
Wrote New York Times editorials about it all.
Then by the 70s, they publicly opened up China and made public the deal that had always been there.
There'd been a fight between the two groups in the Korean War, but again, they'd gotten back together after that.
MacArthur was stopped from defeating the Communist Chinese at the end of the Korean War and the armistice was signed, the ceasefire that's still ongoing to this day.
So, fast forward to the middle of Obama.
The Chinese Communists had so infiltrated things that even Goldman Sachs decided to just go with the Chinese model now.
The CFR praised the Chinese century.
The only agreement was China would not expand its military outside the South China Sea in its direct area and would control rare earth minerals and control world manufacturing, but they would divide the power by a NATO-UN army controlling a diminished U.S.
as the world police force with a contribution of Chinese troops making up about half of the UN force, but not commanded by Chinese troops, by Chinese generals.
About nine years ago, halfway into Obama's term, it was clear the Chinese totally double-crossed the whole world government plan.
It was supposed to bring peace and all this, but it never was.
These guys always double-cross.
Go back to World War II, World War I, it always happens.
Hitler and Stalin had a deal, and then that, of course, broke up a few years into the war with Operation Barbarossa.
Because Hitler knew Stalin was planning a sneak attack, but that's another report.
And so now there's no honor amongst these thieves.
The globalists have been exploiting China, using it to dominate the whole planet economically.
China agreed in the 70s to a one-child policy.
I'm good.
China then officially last week announced three children and incentives to have three children.
Russia also has incentives to even have one or two.
So they're getting off the eugenics death cult.
They're saying no to the carbon taxes.
They're not going along with the New World Order.
They want it for themselves and their own brand of New World Order.
They don't allow gay advertising.
They execute you in China.
I'm not saying I agree with that, but that the left loves China, remember, but they hate Alex Jones.
So the Chinese are aware of this.
They've decided like the Russians to not commit suicide.
And so they're getting off the plantation.
They're still run by a dictator.
It's still a terrible situation.
And so...
Bill Gates and Fauci, because of Trump and the nationalism and Bolsonaro and others, came to them and said, listen, we know how to get them in line.
We have Operation Lockstep.
Event 201 is ready to launch it.
Crimson Contagion.
Here's the battle plan for a three-year plan to bring in world government with China as the model, with our corporations at the head of it.
We're ready to double-cross everybody.
We are in with you.
And then later, Gates said that in the news.
I'm with China.
Fauci said China's great.
America's bad.
You know, America should never reopen.
I mean, they showed their China file.
They made their move.
They jumped too quick.
Or maybe they're gonna win.
We're in the middle of it now.
This is everything you're hearing right now.
This is the enchilada.
This is it, folks.
The big one.
And so, they already had a bunch of these viruses cooked up that they owned, they controlled, that would kill a bunch of old people and kill folks that didn't have high levels of vitamins and minerals.
It would create a bunch of fear.
And then they can control it because they ran the NIH, they ran the WHO, the Chinese were involved.
They have this no man's land multinational lab with all this level 4 weapons development.
That was illegal in the U.S.
and other areas going on, so the Chinese wouldn't get nuked.
They made a deal and they said, okay, you run it, Fauci runs it, Bill Gates runs it.
We'll have the military there overseeing it, but it's your project, so you can't release it, double-cross us, and then go to war with us because they're not stupid.
They can see the 3D chess.
Meanwhile, Trump's canceling all this Level 4 bioweapon stuff and having it moved out of the U.S.
to his credit.
Saying, no, no, no, you're making bioweapons, you're not finding cures, you're making new ones, then find the cure to that.
So, in December of last year, they launched the attack.
They released it to their own population.
You say, why would you target your own population?
Whoever the guy was that replaced Mao Zedong, I forget his name, he famously said, we're the only country in the world that would benefit from a nuclear war.
Remember, they thought they had too many people for a while.
They went to a one-shot policy.
So they released it, used their own people to incubate it.
Do it while there's some U.S.
troops in town.
It's the implausible inability to blame them for a military drill.
Start incubating it around the planet to create fear.
Then hype it up.
Then pay people to stage passing out and dying to create extra hysteria.
Our media keeps us locked down.
They never really lock down.
They get double and triple the finances.
All the jobs move back there.
They win the trade war.
The Democrats announce we'll never reopen.
The EU announces they're never reopening.
Canada announces they're never reopening.
Australia announces they're never reopening.
As I told you, they wouldn't.
They let off for a while, they clamp right back down.
But here we've had such a rebellion by the states and others, we're getting a partial reopening.
And so, when it comes out that Fauci cooked it up at the Chinese lab with Gates, China's saying, don't blame us, or we'll have a nuclear war with you, because blaming us is an act of war, and our response would be war with China if they did that.
You understand?
And so now because America is saying, we know you did it, and we're getting ready to burn Fauci and burn Gates, and there are better patriots now, moving in and understanding that it's either that or the end of America and total globalist domination and a new dark age and siege where we never reopen, we have a total societal collapse with Arab race wars in Europe,
And the UK, and then black-on-white race war here as the cover screen for our total collapse, and then a new Marshall Plan with UN troops here taking all the guns.
A lot of the globalists believe they can win the war.
A lot of other smarter ones know there'll be a civil war.
They'll probably lose with a lot of war games showing patriots retake the United States and then launch a real war against them.
So that's really what's going on right now.
It's like a Mexican standoff, and it couldn't be more dangerous.
So when you see the Communist Chinese come out in their official publication and say, if you investigate the lab, we're going to nuke you.
That's what they said today.
And China paid American media outlets millions to publish propaganda.
We're going to list those groups for you when we come back who the traitors are.
So, think about that.
That's where we are on June 2nd, 2021, less than halfway into this incredible year.
So, wow.
And then all the idiot leftists that signed on to China and America hating and losing their own jobs and being schmucks, just thank God you're not a useful idiot leftist, glow-in-the-dark, pink-haired moron idiot who's been sterilized.
I mean, my God, these are idiot victims.
Let me go over these articles and I'll hit the incredible deep-seated elitism of Joe Biden.
It's beyond racism.
It's about control and playing groups off against each other so they never come together.
So that's coming up.
Extremely powerful information.
Believe me, you want to hear this next segment.
With the info we have in the video of Judge John Brown, who witnessed what I've read about in speeches and what has been admitted to even in mainline journals that Joe Biden would say about black people in public speeches.
So wait, wait, wait till you hear this from an eyewitness and then we have the documentation to prove it all next segment.
All right.
Getting back to where we were.
I just spent 10 minute segment kind of going over a lot of the details from the beginning to the end as fast as I could.
We'll tell you where we are currently.
You have these China files, these globalist pro-China people like Fauci and Gates, because they're on the payroll.
They've moved their main businesses there.
Microsoft was the first computer company allowed in China by the party.
He basically built their systems.
I mean, look this up.
This is on record.
Apple's Tim Cook was over there three years ago and said, we agree with censorship here and worldwide.
Cook loves death camps.
I mean, actually promotes the fact that they use slave labor.
I mean, these are the worst of the worst.
But again, he's gay and wears a black turtleneck sweater.
So it's like, well, he can't be our death camp operator.
I mean, he's gay.
I mean, so, so, oh, they fund Black Lives Matter.
They're good guys.
It's all the cover.
For what they're doing, but here's the deal.
You've got kind of the Hollywood devil worshipper pedophile type that just wants to destroy America and deface it because it's Christian.
There's that group.
Then you've got the mad scientists that want to play God and take over the world, and that's the Bill Gates group that's also, you know, into kids and all the rest of it, because it's all the same thing, but with different varieties.
Then you've got the soulless evil chai-coms that want total power and control, and are also into every form of degeneracy you can imagine.
You've got them, you've got the Russian strongmen in their own system, you've got the Anglo-American empire that came out of the UK, the skeleton of the imperial world government, the Sun never set on the British empire, that formed the nexus or the matrix, the skeletal structure of this world government.
But the world government just forms an AI global control grid that then these power factions battle
Over control of.
And everything Gates does with the pink sweaters and the ice cream cones is, again, they're covered and look non-threatening.
Oh, we're here with a deadly vaccine for you.
We're here with a deadly vaccine for you.
It's in an ice cream truck.
You see, oh, how does a pedophile get you in the car?
Oh, I have a puppy.
I have a puppy get in the car.
So that's their whole program.
But there's not just evil people in the world, and it's coming out, and scientists, oh here's the key, are blowing the whistle and leaking the emails, as I told you a few weeks ago, that expose that Fauci ordered gain of function, because people are scared.
They don't want to go to prison.
And so that's why it's all over the news today that everything we told you a year and a half ago is true.
Because we knew back then.
But we knew how they controlled people.
We know their methodology.
So we don't just know the documentation.
That's the skeleton again.
We know the flesh and the skin of it because we know how they run these operations.
They had the drill of the exact same thing happening the exact same time, so they got caught.
They'd say it was a drill.
They did it in a third-party country so that it couldn't be blamed on any nation, so the UN could oversee it.
Because it's an act of globalist war against humanity, you've got to have it be a country-less thing, or it'll start a real war.
The war is against the people, not against the countries that are just the skeletal, again, organs of the world government.
And so that's where we are right now, and it's either we never reopen, like Canada and Australia and others, or we get control and do reopen and Fauci and them are punished, then the Communist Chinese threaten war.
Again, China, state media says, country must prepare for nuclear war with US after Biden asked for COVID probe.
We must be prepared for an intense showdown between China and the US, they wrote.
The number of China nuclear warheads must reach the quality that makes US elites, remember our media tells us there's no such thing as elites, that makes US elites shiver should they entertain the idea of engaging in a military confrontation with China.
Rapidly increase the number of commissioned nuclear warheads, DF-F1-Hs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and strategic missiles that have long-range capabilities that Bill Clinton gave them back in the mid-1990s.
And it goes on.
So, see, that's what's happening.
Now let's move on to the treason right here.
China paid American media outlets millions to publish propaganda.
Kellan McBrain, Infowars.com.
It links to Justice Department documents.
Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Foreign Policy Magazine are all currently receiving money from the Chinese government.
For example, $700,000 in advertising campaign paid by the China Daily, run by the government, that just said Nucas, I just read from them, published 75 online articles for the outlet in the last year.
That's $700,000 for one outlet.
It turns out they pay hundreds and hundreds of outlets, including CNN.
And it's increased its spending in one publication now to over a million dollars.
That's just the tip of the iceberg.
And the media groups won't even admit where they're getting the money.
Now let's move on to this.
What did I say a few days ago when this broke?
This is them letting us know we've got real bioweapons that kill a lot more than that COVID.
COVID was a shot across the bow to lock us down, to train us, to make China dominant, to make sure we don't reopen.
But then once you learn to stay locked down, then the globalists are comfortable, hey, they're going to stay in their houses while we kill them, release the next weapon.
The next one kills even more.
You get locked down even longer.
Then the next one, and then finally, you just get used to being killed one at a time until there's nobody left.
That's why fish and stuff get in big, and sheep get in big groups, hoping that, oh, there's safety, because they just, they don't get gotten that one time, somebody else gets drug out.
But statistically, they're just as likely to be eaten.
China reports first human cases of H1N3 bird flu.
Reuters, so they can scare us with that and whether it's real or not, use it to lock us down because we're a bunch of chicken littles that want to drink soy and become sterilized and watch Rachel Maddow.
So that's the situation we're in.
That's where we are right now.
And it's really, really important that everybody be cognizant of those facts.
I'm going to go to break and show the other side of the pincer attack.
COVID locks us down.
Race war locks us down.
We're going to cover that coming up next segment.
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All right, so multinational corporations have basically taken over the world.
There's a few places they don't have full control of.
That's the US, Russia, Brazil.
And they are trying to destabilize and collapse those countries so they get full control.
The globalists don't have full control of Mexico, so they're doing the same thing there.
They're pretty far along in that process.
But the biggest way, and this is even in the WikiLeaks, Hillary Clinton talking to top psychology professors, the biggest way they want to take control of us domestically is racial division.
They also divide the sexes, they divide the regions, they divide people on sexual proclivity or preference.
And it's always divide, divide, divide.
And big tech puts people in their own little algorithms where they only feed you information that you basically agree with.
That's the systems of control that they're pushing.
And so you see the hundreds of movies and TV shows about white people being bad and exaggerating massacres or making up massacres.
That happened 150 years ago or 100 years ago.
That is because we're being taken over by a foreign multinational system that's enslaving us and it wants us, again, distracted from that process and they admit that's the plan.
I don't think so.
Classic discrimination.
Biden saying, oh, we're only going to give aid to black people.
That's just pandering.
It's not for black people.
It's about him having the power to decide who he gives stuff to.
It's bad enough to give everybody something because it makes people lazy and it gives more power to the government.
And it always turns into what it's becoming now, Venezuela.
And so we're going at light speed towards Venezuela.
We're going lightspeed towards Weimar Republic, collapse the currency, and the decision's been made, collapse things so they can take over.
We have to expose the globalists for doing this.
But Biden came out yesterday with a full CNN push as well, showing income disparities between black and white net assets.
Of course, they didn't tell you.
It's because most of the billionaires are rich white guys.
They average that together to the average white family to make it look like whites have all this money.
And as if because there's a white person might have more money than a black person, that's inherently bad.
When they don't even show you Asians in the pie that's even bigger.
Or how about if CNN showed the average net income of a Jewish family, which is one of the highest in the world.
And again, I'm not stealing against Jews.
I'm saying nothing against white people or black people.
If we're going to show white people in a pie, let's break it up to the billionaires, how 80% of that is the billionaires.
Because there are a bunch of white billionaires, and then let's divide it out, show the Asians, that'll be even bigger than the, and then let's show, because the government has all this from the census, let's show the Jewish income.
Because if having more money than somebody says you're bad, well then if we show how much the Jews have, that'll be in America one of the biggest red circles.
The average white family will now be a little bitty red circle.
If you take the billionaires out, and the other rich groups, it'll be just poor like the black folks on average.
See, only white people have a disparage, you know, a separate income.
That's how this evil psychology works.
Well, I'm going to play this clip of Biden talking about this, and then I've got the incredible video that we've posted to the live feed article on InfoWars.
Judge Joe Brown unloads on racist Joe Biden and corrupt witch Kamala in an incredible hour-long interview.
We're going to play a bunch of it coming up next segment.
But here first is Joe Biden.
We're good to go.
That's not me.
That's the intelligence community under both Trump and under my administration.
Two weeks ago, I signed into law the COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act, which the House had passed and the Senate.
My administration will soon lay out our broader strategy to counter domestic terrorism and the violence driven by the most heinous hate crimes and other forms of bigotry.
But I'm going to close where I started.
By the way, if you're a radio listener, you're lucky.
You don't have to look at him.
Guys, zoom in on his face.
I watched him yesterday while he was live.
Because, again, I've got TVs all over the office and the hallways so we can keep track of the enemy transmissions.
And I watched him on a big HDTV while I was getting a cup of coffee, and he looks like he's degenerating fast.
Because when you've got dementia, and they get you hopped up on drugs to be able to still talk, I mean, he just had his eyes closed.
He is just really degenerating.
Go ahead and roll it without audio.
Go ahead and roll it so we can just look at him.
I mean, look at that face.
He is falling apart fast and he's got blackheads just all over his face.
His nose looks like it's rotting off.
He looks like one of those roaches he's talking about.
So what's really going on here?
This is a desperate communist Chinese agent.
With Hollywood that hates America being ordered to create division.
So he's going to Oklahoma where there was a big race war to hype it up.
And he's got all these shows and these movies and these TV shows.
There's all these fake hate crimes where they're busting not just Jussie Smollett, as one comic called him, Jussie Smollett, not just Bubba Wallace, but all these other people that are being told to do this by the corporate media to again create division.
And the idea that the number one threat in America isn't communist China, isn't all the cancer exploding, isn't all the autism, isn't all the deadly vaccines, isn't being shut down, isn't all the suicide, isn't all the fentanyl.
No, it's white people.
The number one threat is white people, says an old, weird, crazy dude that got laws passed to give white people
Less long jail sentences than black people.
And who actually said he was a Dixie crab.
And who actually said, you know, that you gotta keep blacks in jail, they're super predators.
I mean, he's, who hung out with Robert Byrd, he's everything the system
Loves and everything that black people claim they hate, but he's supposedly their president, but they didn't vote for Biden.
Triple the number of black men, double the number of black women voted for Trump and they had their vote and their election stolen.
And so did I. And then you've got the black on white crime.
Being 10 times higher than white on black.
And that's the FBI's numbers.
But you just heard him say, we have the numbers from the intelligence agencies.
You mean the FBI?
They gave $100,000 to you for business deals?
The FBI director free?
You mean the FBI that lets you sell us out to China?
You mean the Attorney General in confirmation testimony, Garland, who was asked about you sold out to foreign countries?
And he said it's impossible that you as president would violate your oath.
What a... Yeah, right.
He's the one selling the country out.
He's the one bringing in the smuggled kids.
He's the one letting the fentanyl in.
He's the one shutting down the Keystone Pipeline.
He's the one shutting down, no doubt, the other pipelines.
They have the motive.
They have the history.
He's the one there as the agent to destroy this nation.
And it's so embarrassing to the Chinese that they're able to dominate us like this.
They won't even talk to him or the Secretary of Defense.
They're just like, we know you're being spied on.
We know your government, that what's left, knows you're a Chinese agent.
They won't even talk to Biden.
Because they know war is coming.
I mean, this is a mess.
And then millions of illegals show up in Biden shirts because he said immediately surge the border.
What a time to be alive.
Put the FBI statistics back up there, folks.
There's less than 20 black men killed a year by the police that are questionable circumstances.
Less than 100 total.
And I'm not saying that's a good thing.
I care about everybody.
I wish George Floyd wouldn't become a drug addict and wouldn't have been out there.
I wish none of this would have happened.
My God, all of us have struggled with something in our lives.
I've never with drugs, but I've done it with alcohol.
I don't judge George Floyd.
He looks like he's in hell when he's in the back of that police car having a panic attack on meth and fentanyl.
That's way worse than heroin.
But the point is, the globalists don't care about him.
They don't care about you.
They don't care about me.
They want power and control.
And Judge Brown knocks it out of the park.
So I'm going to play a lot of it when we start the next segment.
Hey, all of us are being hit with gender-bending chemicals, endocrine disruptors in the water, by design and in the food.
Stop eating soy products.
Stop eating stuff with plastic linings.
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Stay with us.
The United States is under globalist attack.
The largest meat packer in the United States has been shut down for days, unable to run its facilities.
We saw the Colonial Pipeline shut down for close to a week, exploding gas prices.
We see Biden announcing that states can shut down pipelines, even if the feds can't, via treaty with Canada.
Canada doesn't want the pipeline shut down, but
Biden's giving the dictator governor the power to do that.
Totally unconstitutional.
And now this is breaking.
Mass steamship authority in Massachusetts hit by ransomware attack.
Ferries delayed.
Why are we all going on these digital systems when they mess things up?
Why are we getting humans out of the process?
Why are we going all to AI and all centralized systems when it cripples us?
I mean, this isn't just an episode of Battlestar Galactica where you learn you shouldn't do that.
This is the real world.
But no, that's not the number one threat is ransomware or Communist China threatening nuclear war.
The number one threat, you heard him in a speech yesterday, is the epidemic of white supremacy, killing black people.
And he's got to go back 100 years to find a big example of it.
Doesn't want to go to Chicago, though.
4,000 blacks shooting roughly 4,000 blacks.
Meanwhile, what is Joe Biden really up to?
Because you talk about chutzpah.
You talk about bravado.
You talk about arrogance.
You talk about turning the whole thing around and gaslighting.
There's a very powerful interview at InfoWars.com that I suggest you share with everybody you know.
You're going to share one thing, it's this.
And I've got it reposted in the live show feed, under the live show feed, a link to this right now at InfoWars.com.
Judge Joe Brown unloads on racist Joe Biden and corrupt witch Kamala.
And again, everything he says I reverse engineered.
I found quotes to other witnesses.
Everything he says is true.
Listen carefully, because this guy is telling you 100% truth about Kamala, about Joe Biden, about it all.
Here he is talking about what the left thought was the last Dixiecrat, the last real KKK racist.
I know folks that knew Biden up in Maine.
Word is he's actually in the KKK.
So here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I don't particularly like Trump, but I'm not against him.
I did not vote for that damn fool that they had running against him.
That racist dog, when I heard the first time in 1972, when I was doing an intern thing at a DC think tank,
When he was out there with James O'Eastland, John B. Stennis, Faubus came in from Arkansas.
That's the fool who said they'd never integrate the Little Rock High School.
They had Wallace there, who was wheeled in, and they had Bird, former Grand Dragon of the Klan, and they were talking about this young man who had a stupid-looking duck tail like he was back in the 1950s, was the last true Yellow Dog Dixie Crat, and they were talking about
Joe Biden said that?
Joe Biden said that?
He said Negroes were animals and they turned the streets into jungles.
And he and Senator Eastland had a plan where they could put all of these Negro animals in zoos.
Now we talk about the 94 crime bill, that wasn't shit.
The 91 was bad.
The 87 was really bad.
The 81 was the one where one rock got you five years, which
Due to some other stuff Biden and Dennis and Eastland did.
It wasn't five years with parole.
They abolished federal parole.
So you get five years, you get 60 months and you get released with all good and out of time at 56 months from federal custody.
And then there was, that was the 81 when then there was a 79 and the 77.
So let's give blame where blame is due.
That bastard has been a racist dog.
And he used to talk about he understood the Negro because he was raised in Delaware.
And he said Delaware
It was a proud slave-owning state that basically copped out by not going with the South during the rebellion as it should have because they were too close to D.C.
to not be intimidated.
So I listened to this racist dog.
I kept up with him because I was practicing criminal law.
Yes, sir.
We're good to go.
Watch what you say.
Because in the federal system, thanks to Biden, Stennis, Eastland, and some other of these yellow dog, Dixiecrat races, what happens is they've set it up so you get tried by ambush if it is a criminal case, and if you're absolutely innocent, you don't know s*** about what happened.
Eastland and Stennis and Biden set something else up
Where they deliberately set the rules so that a prosecutor could knowingly go at, well, not knowing, but know that he had no case that could get a conviction, but deliberately go after you for the purpose of bankrupting you so your ability to operate is destroyed.
Now, that's one of the bad things that bastard did.
And then you got, come Queenla Emhoff in there,
You know who Emhoff is?
Yes, you do.
Mrs. Emhoff, Vice President of the United States, who goes by her maiden name.
Kamala Harris.
She's got two Jewish children she adopted, married a Jewish husband.
I don't see anybody talking about Kamala Harris.
I'll let you have that one.
Nah, she's a witch and she is a corrupt witch.
She's been corrupt her whole life and she f***ed her way to the top.
They used to detail this witch in the LA Times with her sexual escapades.
She's f***ed damn near everybody trying to get up.
She used to be a frat hoe when she was at Howard.
And she ain't black.
You know what we got to do with this, Ms.
No, I mean, well, don't, but she's a... I don't know, I'm just listening.
Well, here's the thing.
I actually met her father in Jamaica.
I was the guest, sat at the Governor General's table, and he was a professor.
And he represents as a Hindu Brahmin.
He admittedly has some Irish in him.
All right.
The person that Camilla Harris is saying is her black great-grandmother is, in fact, according to Daddy, in an article he wrote, which has now been cleaned up on the online edition of that magazine, was a Hindu house servant, not a black woman.
So her mother is listed on her birth certificate as Caucasian, even though she's dark.
But see, she's a Hindu Brahmin Tamil caste.
Now... Alright, listen, I don't have time to get to all of it because we got the Hodge twins coming on, but it gets even better and he gets into how she basically thinks she's an Aryan, which rules over black people, and that comes out of India, and that's why
Indians don't think that, but she thinks that.
And that she was brought up basically thinking you're supposed to rule over people like in Jamaica.
She's not African at all.
It's all another big giant hoax.
And it's just par for the course, ladies and gentlemen, of the total fraud.
And then he gets into how she was a sex operative and how she had sex with everybody to get to where she was.
Not just Willie Brown and there was even articles in the LA Times about all the weird stuff she did.
So, you know, there she is.
Nothing wrong with her being Indian.
Her mom looks like Bugs Bunny.
That's kind of cool.
But we're going to come back and cover all that next hour, ladies and gentlemen.
But this is just the total fraud that is Kamala Harris.
I mean, this woman is fake as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, that's it for this hour.
Wow, China threatening war with us and more.
Hope we're still here next week.
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And we got the new Save the Frogs t-shirts.
And Fauci and Bill Gates are being destroyed as we speak.
I told you months ago, they will be politically annihilated, bare minimum.
And I just go with my gut and the analysis.
I think they're going to go to prison.
I think if we work hard, we expose them, and we're diligent, we pray, I believe they'll be convicted.
And that someday, I believe we'll watch them both hung in public.
I really do.
They launched this attack with Communist China.
You know, you think that's strong rhetoric, and it's not.
Communist China just threatened to nuke us if we keep investigating the Wuhan lab.
They did this on purpose with the UN.
China controls the WHO and the UN to a great extent, and they're making their move on us.
And a lot of Western elites have signed on to this bio-attack that's killed millions, and then killed millions from starvation, and you have to say it, I don't want any harm against Bill Gates or Fauci.
That could turn them into heroes.
That could turn them into martyrs.
No vigilante violence.
I want them arrested.
I want their records brought out.
I want public trial.
And that I want a jury to find them guilty because the evidence is overwhelming, and I will take life in prison.
They are incredible villains, and so I don't think execution would turn them into victims, but maybe let them spend the rest of their miserable lives on public display.
Like you put animals in a cage.
They want to put us in a cage, they want us to live in a cage.
How about we throw Joe Biden in there with them?
Israel finds possible link between Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and heart inflammation.
Fauci funded study at UT on it, in animals, with the same type of vaccines, and it did the same thing, it killed them!
Doesn't kill them right away, usually takes a few months.
And mice, a few months is like a few years.
For a human.
So what's in the SPARS 2325 war game?
That we find out it causes brain inflammation, heart attacks, all these problems, in a drill they were holding three, four years ago.
An exact drill, the exact plan.
2023 is 2020 to 2023.
What did General Flynn say to run major war games?
He knows that governments don't call plans attack plans.
They call them war game scenarios, but the war game codes are real.
The orders are real.
When you need it, you pull the war game off the shelf, and then you execute the war game.
Then you make changes, you know, during the war game if need be.
Go watch the video, General Flint and every American should see.
Emergency Saturday Broadcast.
World Shock by Spars.
I was having a brain fog there.
I guess not for vaccines, but no, it's not 2023-2025.
It's 2025-2028.
But the real years are current time.
So excuse my faux pas.
We're gonna break.
I believe we're getting the Hodge Twins on.
We've been wanting to get them on for weeks.
They've been so busy.
They have been hotter than a firecracker, hotter than a pistol.
So has a guy they co-host a lot with.
Steve McCrowder is getting massively censored.
Very dangerous days right now.
We're getting censored.
It means you're doing your job, and that's why more and more they're getting censored.
So we're going to cover the waterfront with the Hodge twins, talk about the Tulsa massacre, talk about George Floyd, talk about Joe Biden, the Chinese agent, and all the incredible news in 60 seconds.
When we come back, stay with us and tell everybody you know, tune in.
It's June 2nd on this Wednesday edition, and we've got the Hodge twins.
Some of the most popular conservative patriots in the world.
You know, I've been a fan of Judge Joe Brown.
It's nice to watch him on TV, and I know he was on another big, huge interview with another man named Brown, famous NBA star Kwame Brown, Bust Life.
And it's an hour-long interview.
I watched the whole thing last night.
In fact, it's over an hour.
And it just blew me away how everything he says is true.
It was reminding me all the stuff I learned over the years about Biden and Hillary and
All of them, like, saying the things, blacks are super predators, they're bad, all the things they say Trump did and now they're doing it and now Biden's saying white supremacist killing blacks is the biggest threat.
I thought it was all this malware hijacking everything and shutting down the meatpacking and the power supplies and the
And the pipelines.
I thought it was China threatening to nuke us in their national newspaper today if we investigate Wuhan.
We'll talk to the Hodge twins about this and a bunch of other subjects in a moment, but I got to play a little bit of the clip again.
Here is Judge Brown, who witnessed this when he was an intern in D.C.
with his own eyes when the Dixiecrats brought their new savior, who he was back then.
I mean, this is the guy that tried to stop in the 70s and 80s
I mean when nobody was doing that.
So here it is.
Joe Biden, who got up there and when this speech he gave, I mean, I was really offended.
I heard it right outside the state capitol building in Dover, which was a rundown, ransacked, old house, 250 years old.
And he said, Negro children are like roaches.
If they're allowed to integrate the schools, they will infest them and they will never be gotten out.
Negroes... Who said that?
Joe Biden said that?
Yeah, I heard it.
He said Negroes were animals and they turned the streets into jungles and he and Senator Eastland had a plan where they could put all of these Negro animals in zoos.
Now we talk about the 94 crime bill, that wasn't shit.
The 91 was bad.
was really bad.
The 81 was the one where One Rock got you five years which
Due to some other stuff Biden and Stennis and Eastland did, it wasn't five years with parole, they abolished that with parole.
Alright, so there you go, and I conflated something because I watched the whole interview last night when I was tired, somewhere in there he talks about being an intern at a think tank and how he heard something else racist that Joe Biden said face to face, but I guess that was in Maine he actually saw that, also doing the same job.
So gentlemen, I know you try to create unity, so do I.
So we normally just talk about other big subjects, you know, promoting America and all our shared freedoms, but the Hodge twins are here with us on YouTube, conservative twins, Instagram official Hodge twins on Twitter, Hodge twins.
You guys are awesome.
You don't need any introduction, but so much is going on.
But man, to have a guy that has this history running around now trying to create division, trying to go open old wounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma, doing all of this, I mean,
Give us both your take on where this is going and what you think so far of the so-called presidency of this guy.
Well, I think Joe Biden's been a shaman, you know, this whole time.
I don't actually think he won the election, but I want to touch on what Judge Joe Brown was talking about.
Here's a man who has eyewitness testimony of what the real Joe Biden is.
I mean, he was actually there.
He heard this man say these things.
When Trump is in office, they have all these people accusing this man of raping this and that, happened 30, 20 years ago.
There's no way you can verify that.
You can't actually believe these women because some of the stories that they're bringing up, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Like some woman came out and said Trump actually raped her in a dress room.
But here we have a man who's a judge, who is an eyewitness, who actually heard these things, and nobody wants to listen to him.
Nobody wants to share those things.
I mean, it's just very sad to me.
We have Joe Biden.
I mean, the left is always preaching against systemic racism.
That systemic racism, they're looking right at him.
He's a representation of what this country was going through in the 60s and 70s.
Yeah, yeah.
I think, like, him just going to Tulsa and commemorating what happened, I mean, which was an awful thing that happened, but he's not commemorating for that.
He's just trying to show black people I'm here for you.
Come vote for me.
Even though I haven't done anything for anybody but my family.
My whole time I've been a politician.
It's just that he race bait.
And for some reason, even though this has been going on for decades, black people continue to fall for it.
He panders.
Black people are so upset about Christopher Columbus.
You don't want to celebrate that.
But why y'all want to celebrate something that happened over 100 years ago
The only reason why they want to celebrate these things is because they're asking for something.
And they think Joe Biden and the Democrats and people on the left is actually going to give them reparations or restitution.
They're not going to see any of that.
They have not, to this day, black folks, black liberals have woken up and realized what these people are doing to them.
They're using them, mentally enslaving them for a vote.
That's the only reason why Joe Biden's there.
Yeah, they're actually asking for reparations for what happened in Tulsa.
There's only like two survivors left from that.
Sure, the state or somebody should try to help him out, but the point is, is that you're right.
He's there to open old wounds and distract from what he's doing to all Americans, shutting down the pipelines, leaving the border wide open, smuggling people in, being on the Chinese payroll while they threaten to nuke us.
I mean, this is so obvious.
Meanwhile, it's not just what Judge Brown said, who's a very credible person, as you said.
Biden's famous Hillary, I have video Hillary saying, blacks are super predators, you gotta keep them to heal like a dog.
I mean, and I've got the campaign material from when they ran for governor, classic Dixie crap, racist crap.
Which, and I'm not even hyping that up saying, oh gosh, let's all cry about it.
The point is, that's who they are, and then they're trying to say America's evil, Republicans are evil, and white people are the number one threat in America?
I mean, what the, it's so transparent.
A blind man can see it, Alex.
White people is not the most dangerous thing in this country.
That's why the BLM founder, when she got some money from
You know, taking all these donations out here, buying houses around white people.
White people is not a huge threat to anybody in this country.
Well, there's a crazy bad white people, but the point is, statistically, it's not because they're white, it's because they're bad.
There's bad people of every color, like Hillary Clinton.
In fact, put that video back on screen.
In this video, we'll play it when we come back in a few minutes, she says what I just said.
I mean, this woman is incredible.
Imagine if Trump had ever said, black people are simple predators, you gotta pull them to heel like a dog.
You know what's crazy, Alex?
That's the first time I ever heard that.
I wouldn't say it myself.
I mean, I think I do my homework, but hey, I missed that.
Oh, hey, a lot of folks don't even know that Biden, and I know you guys know this as I watch your show, but
And they keep pointing the finger at Trump like it's...
This is
His policy is he wants to blame them on Trump.
Yeah, it's amazing.
I mean, it's just like a Weekend at Bernie's movie.
I mean, they're propping him up, holding him up.
I mean, he's not really the... He's just a face to the presidency.
He's got a bunch of people that's playing him like a puppet.
I don't think he's going to make the four years, Alex.
I mean, it's just a matter of time.
I hope he doesn't make it, but I just hope we get him out in four years.
That's what I'm hoping.
Well, how does he make it?
I mean, he's already a laughingstock.
What happens?
He said the N-word and the F-word with the first 90 days of his presidency.
So, I mean... But the thing is, no matter what he does or say, it's just...
The thing about mainstream media, they're not holding people accountable.
I mean, they dig in hard on conservatives.
They need to dig in and go in hard on liberals.
They need to hold both sides accountable.
But whatever he does or says, they spin it to make it look like he's the victim.
It plays in their favor, really, because
Liberalism is nothing but victimization of people based on your skin color, your sexual orientation, how much money you make.
I mean, it's just horrible.
That's it.
Let's come back and talk about that.
I'll get that clip pulled out of the Super Predator clip by Hillary.
Stay with us.
Since we mentioned it, why not play the video clip?
We've got the Hodge twins here.
Here is Biden saying, if I have a disagreement with Kamala, I'll just feign an illness and resign.
He's so senile.
He's being honest.
Here it is.
If I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
We don't have that.
And we discussed at length our views on foreign policy, on domestic policy, on intelligence, and the great thing is she has a background in the Senate.
So there we go.
The Hodge twins are with us.
I'll tell you about their official website here in just a moment, because it's just as important as their big YouTube and Twitter and Facebook pages, because those could be taken away.
I hope not, but look what's happening to Steven Crowder right now.
But since they didn't know about it, most people don't know about this.
In fact, Snopes says this doesn't exist.
So that's when you know something exists.
That's when Snopes says it doesn't exist.
Here she is in 1996 giving a speech to a women's group.
We need to take these people on.
They are often connected to big drug cartels.
They are not just gangs of kids anymore.
They are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators.
No conscience, no empathy.
We can talk about why they ended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel.
And the President has asked the FBI to launch a very concerted effort against gangs everywhere.
In addition to that, he has appointed a new drug czar.
You probably saw him Tuesday night.
He's one of the most distinguished
Uh, active military generals that we have in our country.
He's already proven that he knows how to interdict drugs because of his command of the South American activity on behalf of the United States.
But General McCaffrey will make a big difference.
I'm not going to play the whole speech.
They're specifically talking about the crime bill.
That disproportionately target black Americans with longer sentences and then you have similar statements about that.
But there you have it.
We got the Hodge Twins here with us.
What's the best website for people to visit for you guys and find all those great t-shirts and the rest of it?
Oh, it's officialhodgetwins.com is our website.
And Hodge Twins Tour is our site because we're doing comedy shows later this year.
We're going to Texas.
We're going to San Antonio and Dallas.
Well I'm going to come see you when you're in San Antonio.
That's close to my neck of the woods.
You guys will be popular here in Austin too just because it's been invaded by California.
There's still some hope.
We've been banned from Austin.
We can't book a show in Austin.
We used to tour there but they banned all our shows because we're conservative.
We can't book.
We can't even do a show on the street.
Okay, let's tackle this now, because this is a shorter segment.
I want to hit all the other big issues next segment, but this one's big.
Describe what that's like and how it's escalated, even Trump being censored now.
Steven Crowder, you guys do his show a lot.
They're really trying to cancel him.
I mean, describe what it's like right now for people that don't know.
I mean, it's horrible.
I mean, when you think of censorship, you would think it would be based on somebody like creating videos to show you how to make a bomb or something, or somebody wearing a Klan uniform.
Preaching to go out and hurt people of color.
That's not what's being censored.
What's being censored is people speaking truth.
And people speaking their opinions politically.
Yeah, it's all one-sided, too.
Yeah, and it's all a threat to the left, so they censor you and call it something that you're not doing.
Yeah, you can be with Black Lives Matter.
You can go on YouTube, wherever, and say looting is reparations.
You can go on there and say you're going to kill police officers.
None of that's going to be censored.
Incite violence.
None of it's censored.
Steven Crowder goes out and investigates these fake addresses in Nevada and Vegas.
And it's actual journalism.
What do they do?
They ban him off of YouTube for a week.
They delete his videos because he's actually doing journalism.
A comedian is doing more journalism than the actual journalists today.
And everything's verified by Alex.
He's not spreading lies.
He's actually showing the address that someone registered to vote actually voted from and nobody lives there.
False, yeah.
He's a right-wing white supremacist.
Let's just ban him for a week.
When it comes to conservatism and what's going on in that country, the left, when they do it, it's okay.
Like, the whole thing about Russia collusion.
They investigated it for two years.
It was all a lie.
Yeah, but if we want people to investigate our elections, make sure it was an honorable election, it was, you know, it was legit, they call us right-wing conspiracy theorists.
It's like it's just madness.
It doesn't make any sense.
Let's expand on that because I know you guys had guessed on as I've seen it and talked about the Wuhan leak and that possibly being it.
Everybody got censored that talked about it.
Now we're all vindicated.
So who gives big tech that power to say that only the UN can officially say what's happened with the virus?
That is so dangerous.
Yeah, right.
But Big Tech is coming in and assisting China, assisting the left, assisting the Biden administration.
And nobody on the left is going to step in because that's one of their cash cows.
That's how Biden, you know, if you want to say that's how he got elected, because they never even shared the story about his son.
If you talked about his son and his ties with China and Ukraine and making millions and billions of dollars, you will get your poster moving if you did it repeatedly, they would ban you.
Just for talking about it, sharing opinions, the same thing that the left is doing.
But what the left is doing is misinterpreting everything, misrepresenting everything.
They are the ones that spread misinformation.
That's right, and Hunter is now going to teach an ethics class at a major university in New Orleans.
What a joke!
Yeah, they have no ethics.
None at all.
Speaking of that, what do you make of Hunter and the laptop and all this stuff coming out with the so-called president meeting with the Chinese, something he lied about, all the weird stuff on that.
Meanwhile, the left is saying they want to indict Trump in New York probably within the next month.
I mean, they're saying they're going to indict him for fraud, for overvaluing hotels.
If a bank gives you a loan, they come out and inspect the property.
They give you the value they want.
The idea that it's fraud, that he was given $300 million on a property, a loan against it.
Well, that's what the bank did.
That's their right.
And you know what, Alex?
The main reason why mainstream media is talking about this is because Trump brings in the ratings.
Trump is not filling out his own tax return.
Trump is not going out there evaluating his properties.
He has people.
He has workers that do all that for him.
Yeah, but see, the left, they prey on people's ignorance.
Like they said, he didn't pay any taxes, although he paid like $5,000 in taxes.
They prey on people's ignorance, thinking Donald Trump sits down every year and fills out a 1040-EZ.
I'm not as important as him by a hundred times, a thousand times smaller.
I don't fill any of that.
I don't have time to do that.
Yeah, I mean, I'm sure that man's tax returns look like a damn dictionary so thick, and he has accountants, CPAs to handle that stuff.
Alex, it's all speculation.
None of it's true.
All of it's theater.
That's all it is.
They have investigated Trump for the last five years and found absolutely nothing.
Yeah, y'all don't think they already dug into all of this stuff?
I mean, what they're doing is they're actually trying to defame Trump because they're very worried that he's going to run again.
Well that's it.
They're scared of him getting all these great people elected.
Because when he backs a candidate, they're winning by record margins.
So that's why they're doing this.
And if Trump is the evil person that he made him out to be, over these last five years of investigation, everything would have been shown.
Everything would have fell out of the man's closet.
I want to ask you guys, because you've got a good crystal ball, if they do indict him, what is the backlash of that with the Hodge twins?
That's right.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
That's our guest, the amazing Hodge twins, and they reach millions of people a day.
On their platforms and with their daily TV show slash radio show.
Find them on YouTube at Conservative Twins, Instagram, Official Hodge Twins, Twitter Hodge Twins, and spread their information.
I, of course, am Alex Jones, your host.
Very honored to be here with InfoWars.com, Pandot Video, and over 200 radio stations.
We're very thankful to all those affiliates and you, the listeners, for supporting us and keeping us on air and spreading the word.
You do that,
We're going to win this fight.
They had to steal the election, folks, and now the whole world knows it.
And polls and numbers are showing, we've covered these, that when they first stole the election six, seven months ago, it was 65% of the public on average thought that.
Now it's over 70%, even higher when it comes to conservatives.
It's coming up towards the majority of Democrats thinking the election was stole.
No one is buying this.
People are getting real remorse.
I don't think they're going to get an indictment on him.
I mean, he's the most vetted president we've ever had.
Everybody's investigated this man.
They have found nothing.
I'd be shocked if they found anything.
Yeah, I think more than anything, Alex, it's just a distraction because they're doing the audits in Arizona and Nevada.
That's what they're really doing.
It's just a distraction what Biden's doing in Tulsa.
I mean, everybody on mainstream media on the left is just lost their minds talking about when they started actually auditing the results.
I'm like, I don't understand why they will be so upset unless they're trying to hide something.
If you're so sure that Biden won that election, honestly,
Why don't you let everybody go in, audit the results, and just show and tell everybody that's on the right how stupid and naive they are?
I mean, you have a golden opportunity to show everybody in America how lost Trump supporters are.
I would be willing to show that, Alex.
Look at the results.
He won here, he won here, he won here.
But they don't want to do that.
They don't even want to investigate the results or audit because... They're scared what's going to be uncovered.
Right, because it didn't make sense because the night the election started, when I went to sleep, Trump was up.
He was up big and everything was going his way and then like a flip of a switch, it all turned to Biden.
I don't think there's going to be any indictments on Trump.
I think that this is just for ratings.
I mean, Trump was great for ratings.
They didn't want him in office.
Then he's out of office.
It's like, damn, my ratings suck.
Let's talk about Trump again.
So you think they're just saying that to distract from the election fraud?
You think they're just saying that to distract away from how horrible Biden is?
I agree.
That's exactly what's going on.
Everything is a distraction.
What's really going on?
The thing about what's going on in Wuhan, about the virus, what's going on in the audit, everything is just a distraction to keep people focused on racism and other things that doesn't mean anything.
It's trivial.
It's not going to help America become a better country.
I totally agree with you, but they are saying they're going to indict him and they want to do it by July 4th, but maybe that's all smoke and mirrors like everything else they say.
It's a bluff because
Because they are desperate.
Even CNN has headlines like, democracy in peril, you can't do this, because now Pennsylvania wants to do it.
Georgia said, they know, and the word is, they found 17 plus percent disparity.
All of it going to Trump.
If he found 1% in Maricopa County, he would have won.
They're talking last number, 17% or more, of course all flipped to Biden.
What are they going to do when those numbers come out?
Oh man.
What can he do at that point if it comes out, right?
That's all we're waiting for, is it to come out.
But they have all these enablers in place, keeping this information from coming out.
And this indictment, I heard it's coming soon, it's any day now.
I heard that for two years from Russia.
And nothing ever came of that.
So I don't believe anything the media says.
Once I start seeing some actual evidence that something went awry, then I would say, okay, maybe something there, but there's nothing there.
And what's going on with President Trump and how they're investigating him?
No president has ever been treated like this.
Here in America, we only treat criminals this way.
They put us in gangs, mafia, things of that sort.
But we've never treated a president of the United States this way.
They're saying something about how radical our government has become.
Our Justice Department.
How radical they are.
Well, take the head of the Space Force.
He got fired two weeks ago, three weeks ago, because he said on a show, there is a real danger of Marxism in the military and Black Lives Matter is promoting Marxism.
The founder says it's a Marxist ideology.
So since when is stating the truth grounds to be fired?
This ought to really show people how much trouble we're in.
Start cutting people's tongues out.
Start getting rid of people.
How about keeping everybody open to debate?
That's how society moves forward.
You hear from both sides and then from there we move forward.
Let me ask both of you guys.
If you were in Tulsa, if you were in Tulsa where they had the new Black Panther Party running around sounding like a black version of the KKK or beyond saying we're gonna kill the white people, we can't wait till there's a race war and all this craziness, what would you say to those guys?
Because they genuinely act like they really believe this craziness.
What would you say to them or is there just no point?
I think some people just lost.
You can't help them.
Majority of them, you can't help them.
I'm sure there's a small percentage of them that's open to reason, but you don't fight racism with more racism.
I mean, you're sharing the same ideologies that the KKK and white supremacists.
And Hitler used.
Yeah, you have the same ideology.
Just because you're black, that makes it okay.
But then again, the left, they push these ideas that it's okay for black.
Black people don't have the power to be racist.
And that's how things like this come to be.
And really, the left knows what they're doing.
They admit this in the internal WikiLeaks documents for Hillary's talking to this top psychologist.
They want to isolate groups.
So they get whites to be racist, blacks to be racist, and everybody's scared and hating each other.
It means we're killing each other, and now they control us because we're isolated.
Divide and conquer.
I mean, Charles Barkley pointed that out about a couple of months ago.
I mean, I think he took the easy way out, but I think the majority of what's wrong in this country is coming from one side, Alex.
It's everybody on the left.
I mean, we're here on the right.
We're not perfect, but we're a whole lot better than what's going on on the left, because on the left, they like to call themselves liberal.
There's nothing liberal about that party.
It's nothing little.
Also, I agree, isn't it transparent though that it's the establishment, it's the banks, the media, the universities, Hollywood, the EU, the Chica, they're all against America and they're all saying America's racist.
That's the establishment.
The power structure's doing this to hide what they're doing, taking the country over.
Yeah, and that's the platform the Democrats stand for.
They're against the elites.
But their constituents, they fall for it and think
They're against the elites.
No, they're for the elites.
Yeah, they're for the big corporations.
They're not for the Ma and Pa Little Chiles.
Yeah, they shut down.
Yeah, during COVID, they shut down all these small business and look at the big corporations.
They flourished.
Made more money than they ever made in their life.
But the left, the constituents, they don't see it.
It's like, what the hell are y'all looking at?
Y'all don't see what's going on?
And now they love Bill Gates and want him to be our doctor?
You guys wanted to get to DeSantis.
Man, is he not really proving himself to be a star the way he gets common sense stuff, speaking of keeping small businesses open?
Right, right.
He's very sharp.
I mean, he will, I'm pretty sure he's going to be the, I'm not sure when, but I'm, when I see him talking the way he carries himself, he's very sharp.
He never loses his cool.
He might raise his voice and get stern with you, but he's, he's always comfortable with what he's saying.
It's just, it's just, you know, so renewing to see a Republican that actually stands up and fights for what he believes in.
He has, he's an excellent example of what a leader should sound like.
I agree.
He's got presidential written all over him.
Yeah, two terms.
And it's what's amazing is when he won Governor of Florida, he won by like 3,000 votes.
I mean, it was ridiculous.
Both of them had 49% of the vote.
And it's like, you look at his candidate, the guy that he beat.
This guy was just complete garbage.
And for him to just barely squeak by shows you that there is election issues.
I agree, and I don't go off color, I go off people, but wouldn't Allen West make a great governor of Texas?
Oh, hell yeah.
But getting into politics, there's a lot of great people out there that should be running for office.
Politics is so polarizing, especially for black Americans.
I mean, you're catching it from both ends.
Let's talk about that when we come back.
Yeah, absolutely.
Imagine if you're black or white, you get issues.
But imagine if you're a black conservative, you get more heat than anybody.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live in the final segment of my hosting of today's Alex Jones Show.
Gerald Cilente is set to take over the next hour, but Gerald knows sometimes I take a little of that hour, and I was just in the break room getting myself a cup of coffee, and Fox News had their medical doctor on saying, all these big sunscreens have been recalled because they have toxic chemicals in them.
Well, I think we're sold out of it now, but we got a sunscreen made that had none of the toxic chemicals.
All you need is the zinc, folks.
You don't need any of that crap.
But it turned out all the ones I've told my wife and everybody not to get, the spray ones and all that, had toxic levels of carcinogens and give you skin cancer.
It's just unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
We've known this for decades, but I'm going to play part of that Fox News piece and comment on it before Gerald comes on, start of the next hour.
And then I'm going to take a break to go shoot some ads for next week's sale.
Uh, that's pretty exciting.
That's coming up and I take a break by going to some other work.
And then I'm going to come back and host the war room today with Roger Stone.
Who's got big breaking news.
Roger Stone in the war room coming up in about an hour and 10 minutes, but back to the Hodge twins who I've been watching these guys for.
I don't know, six years or so at least, maybe longer.
They used to just mainly do comedy and stuff.
They started doing a talk show years ago.
It's gotten to be one of the top conservative talk shows out there.
And I tell you, they're very polite on my show and let me interrupt and talk a lot, but they really...
They're doing a great job today, but they do a great job when it's just the two of them there.
And it's also the craziness is there's two guys up there that are twins, so I just love it.
Gentlemen, there's a lot of other things going on, a lot of other points, questions I could ask you about, about, again, all the human smuggling and what he's doing, George Floyd Memorial, all the death that's happening there, and so much more.
But what else is on your radar screen that's got a, you know, a burr under your saddle that you're covering on your show that you want to tell my audience about?
Yeah, I mean that George Floyd Memorial, that's an excellent representation of what George Floyd stood for.
Great representation!
Yeah, I mean, in that area there's no cops allowed, it's an autonomous zone.
But there's people actually, I think there's been two murders within that little zone.
Drive-by shooting.
That George Floyd Memorial is an excellent validation for what
Everyone should be against as far as no police.
Defund the police.
This is what happens.
I mean, this happens when there's police around.
When you defund the police, you turn your country or your area, whoever defunds the police, into Somalia.
Defunding the police, you're taking away the biggest deterrent for crime.
If I'm a criminal in that area, I have no
I'm not being scared of any repercussions or anything happening to me because there's no one to investigate.
There's no one there to prevent me.
Yeah, what makes America is our freedom and law and order.
A civilized society.
Yeah, our justice system.
Without that, you don't have freedom.
You're living in fear.
You're pretty much in Somalia.
But what, exactly, what about all the weird... Listen, time is on.
They think that it's safer
To go without police.
But instead, with the Antifa that took it over, a bunch of weird meth-head white people, you've seen the videos I'm sure, where they won't let other white people into that area of the town because they're white, but they're white.
It's just crazy.
It doesn't make any sense.
Nothing makes any sense.
It's like, I mean, when you see the riots and stuff, when they're burning businesses down, it's like a bunch of white people going to the black areas.
That's the only time they go in there, and they instigate everything, and it's like...
And black people just watch it and watch it happen, and they don't realize that you're only hurting yourself.
Yeah, you're watching these people come to your own communities and burning down your own windows, your target, everything in your communities, and then they leave.
Yeah, these same people call us Nazis.
I'm like, I don't even meet the prerequisite to be a Nazi.
Antifa does.
I just, I don't get it.
It's just everybody on the left, Alex, is just picking on a lot of low IQ people.
A lot of braindead people and I hate to see it.
I mean, you know what Alex?
In this country, I don't care how many civil rights laws you pass, equality laws you pass, there will always be slaves in these countries because there's always going to be the ignorant people in these demographics of races that doesn't know what's going on and they're easily manipulated because they don't do their
Let somebody on mainstream media talk to them and decide what's good and what's bad.
Well, here's a great example.
The ADL and Southern Primary Law Center called for me to be taken off the air.
They called for Mark Zuckerberg to be arrested if they don't do what the liberals say at the ADL meeting.
I've never said anything racist about anybody.
I want everybody to live in peace and come together.
I'm a Christian.
But then the founder of Black Lives Matter says Israel shouldn't exist and makes anti-Jew statements.
The left loves her but then calls me an anti-Semite.
It's bizarre.
I just, I can't even put into words how just dumb some people are.
It takes, I mean, and it's always going to be an element of people in society who's very ignorant and dumb because it actually takes energy to educate yourself.
That's always going to be the element in society who don't take energy to educate themselves.
And that's who the left preys upon.
The lazy, the ignorant.
And they feed them with all this BS, they tell them what they want to hear, and it galvanizes these morons to fight for them.
And you know conservatives, and you know the conservative mindset, you know we're hard workers, we're business owners, we believe in freedom, we believe in the second amendment, we believe in the foundations of what, you know, brought this country together, and what made this country so great.
But everybody on the left has been teaching these people that everything about America is evil, and you don't need cops, you don't need to be able to protect yourself, you don't
You need to go out there and start your own business.
The government is here to protect you and to take care of you, which never, ever works anywhere in history.
I've got one last big question for both of you.
The Hodge twins here with us live on this Wednesday broadcast.
Feels like a Tuesday because it's Memorial Day holiday.
How do we draft Trump to make sure he runs again?
Because I know he's lost a lot of weight.
He's working out a lot, playing a lot of golf.
He looks good.
I think if DeSantis ought to run as VP, I think that's an unstoppable ticket.
They're going to say, oh, they're two white dudes.
I don't care.
There were two black guys that had the same ideas.
I'd vote for them, or two women.
I'm looking at results, and both guys have proven themselves.
But I know that he had, I was critical of his website he launched two weeks ago, or two months ago, excuse me, because it wasn't interactive.
It was basically a blog site.
And Trump took his sight down today, you know, Office of the President, because it didn't work.
He can't even get videos posted with the people around him that I know are sabotaging him.
Meanwhile, places like Gab has two and a half million members for him with video and everything ready.
They've been trying to give it to him for two years before he even lost.
He doesn't even have social media.
He has 2 million followers on Gab.
If he joined Gab tomorrow, he'd get 10 million.
The site works good.
They've gotten the bugs out.
We need to get a message to Trump.
I don't have any stock in Gab.
I have a site on Gab.
Hundreds of thousands of followers.
But he's deplatformed.
He needs to get on these other platforms now.
He needs to be on Rumble.
He needs to be on Gab.
He needs to be out there instead of... I know for a fact there are people around him that are quietly sabotaging him.
Right, yeah.
And Big Tech's behind it, that's why they ban him from every social media platform that's out there, because they don't want him to be able to communicate with other conservatives and other like-minded Americans.
Yeah, maybe he's, uh, I thought he had some kind of social media platform in the works.
Maybe that's what he's waiting to let everybody see, and not somebody else's platform, because you know Trump, he wants his own thing.
His platform's probably gonna be called Trump.
I guarantee you Andrew Torma would probably sign it over to Trump if Trump would just give him the time of day but I mean I've talked to folks that meet with Trump a lot of them around him and you know they're either lightweight so they're just rich Republicans and they just don't they want to just play golf and you know he doesn't have hardcore people around that know what they're doing.
And that's why they tried to keep me and Roger away from him, because we at least know how politics and media runs.
And I'm telling you, Trump needs his own video platform at least.
A site where he can put a video up and then archive the next one.
They'd have 10 million views every video.
He's got to operate on people with their phones when he gives a speech.
Yeah, all this is true.
I just, I'm just thinking maybe he's got, just got something else planned.
What's your plan?
Your plan sounded great.
Don't get me wrong, but I'm just- Hey, I want him to reach out to Steven Crowder.
I want him to reach out to you guys.
He just, I mean, you guys have got the technical ability to give him his own show.
I mean, it's just, I'm telling you, he's a former president.
They stole the election.
He's the most important person on earth and he is cut off.
Gentlemen, thank you so much for all you do.
The Hodge twins, you're coming to Texas and people can find your comedy dates around the country.
And so I'm going to come see you in San Antonio when you're here.
God bless you.
Thank you, big fabulous.
All right, that was a powerful interview with those guys and I want them to lobby Trump and everybody else to get Trump back on air.
I don't care where it is.
Trump needs to host his own radio show every day or something.
My God, hundreds of radio stations are picking up.
He ought to take over Rush Limbaugh's slot.
He could host an hour a day that other guest hosts would take over.
It'd be on 600 radio stations.
It's just, I'm watching Trump as they try to indict him being set up.
Okay, I'm going to come back, hit some huge news concerning the vaccines that just broke.
That is crazy.
Remember the magnets sticking on people's arms?
After they take the shot.
Well, we've got something here on that.
It's pretty crazy.
And then sunscreen causing cancer.
We've known this forever.
It's not the sunscreen doing it.
It's the chemicals, which they did on purpose.
The FDA allows it.
And now that house of cards is coming down.
It's the chemicals they put in everyday products on purpose.
That's why we have the Save the Frogs project.
T-shirts now available.
We'll have a new website soon about Save the Frogs.
It's really about save the people.
We'll be right back with our number four, Gerald Cilente as well.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm going to be covering this on The War Room today in about an hour.
I'll be hosting today with Rob Due.
Roger Stone's got exclusive news, but I want to get to this, a prelude to what's coming up today, 3 p.m.
You'll want to join us.
Genetically engineered magnetoprotein remotely controls brain and behavior.
That is out of The Guardian.
What did I tell you a year and a half ago?
One of the things they want to do is it's proteins that are magnetic that will grow in the whole body so they can basically hit you with a certain wave and make them grow really fast and kill you.
Or behavioral modification.
We're not in Kansas anymore.
You've seen all the videos of magnets sticking to people's arms.
Now scientists have confirmed it's happening in Italy and more.
We'll show you that in a moment, but here it is.
Researchers in the United States have developed a new method for controlling the brain circuits associated with complex animal behaviors using genetically engineered, genetically engineering to create magnetized protein that activates specific groups of nerve cells from a distance.
Now, what did I tell you years ago?
How do butterflies or how do geese know to fly from Canada all the way to Central America without radar?
They follow magnetic lines.
It's the same thing.
And they believe it's that those magnetic lines, those magnetic cones we have, are what are able to access higher dimensions, higher spirituality, beyond the pineal gland.
And so they want to jam that circuit.
And that's what we told you years ago, here it is, admitting the whole thing.
So people getting the shots really are getting cut off from God.
A mark of the beast is marking them.
Understanding how the brain generates behavior is one of the ultimate goals of neuroscience, and one of its most difficult questions.
In recent years, researchers have developed a number of methods that enable them to remotely control specific groups of neurons and to probe the workings of neurological circuits.
The most powerful of these is called optogenetics, which enables researchers to switch
Populations of related neurons on or off on a millisecond by millisecond time scale with pulses of laser light.
Another recently developed method called chemogenetics uses engineered proteins that are activated by designer drugs and can be targeted to specific cell types.
They're just marking you, preparing you for this whole revolution of behavior modifying injections they call vaccines.
Remember my old video I did?
Ten years ago about brain-eating vaccines.
In fact, let's find brain-eating vaccines.
We're going to air that on The War Room today.
That classic, you know, that got 20 million views on YouTube before they took it down.
So that's all coming up.
Here it is.
Genetically engineered magnetoprotein remotely controls brain and behavior.
London Guardian.
So they're throwing it all in the good little slaves' faces.
That's what they're doing.
Let's go ahead, though, and just roll some of the Italian scientists on TV with the magnets sticking to arms.
Now, cell phones are sticking to arms of those that have taken these poison shots.
Here it is.
I think?
See how it jumps?
Good boss.
Notice how before it was on the right spot, it didn't stick.
But just like you see with a magnet, when it finds metal, it jumps to it.
It jumped to it.
You see that?
My God, they've hit us with a prion metal.
It's really true.
I will break all this down today, 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
They just did it.
And they've committed a crime so massive, so huge, they think the victims of it will stock home out and just start supporting it, going, well, I'd do it again.
That's why I took it.
I'm a hero.
I want to be safe from COVID-19.
When they got you to literally take a thing that grows.
Cry on.
Systems that are magnetic proteins.
Wow, London Guardian.
Look at this.
Magnetic proteins.
Magnetic proteins.
God help us.
And look at that.
My lord.
And then they're self-replicating.
And I know a lot of people have taken the deadly shots.
They look, their skin kind of hangs on now.
They're just kind of lower energy.
Old people that take it go into a brain fog.
God, they've done it.
They really did it.
Well, Joe Biden really loves black people.
He wants black businesses to, I guess, take federal money to try to bully blacks into taking the so-called vaccine that now even the London Guardian admits they have technologies to put magnetic proteins into you that then replicate so they can control your mind.
London Guardian.
Genetically engineered magnetoprotein remotely controls brains and behavior.
And now they're announcing, well, it's all for your own good.
And scientists in Italy are confirming this is happening with whatever they're putting in the shots that is, again, a protein.
Well, what does this do?
It makes your cells grow the spike protein that, again, is electromagnetic.
This is insane.
Here's Joe Biden.
In the spirit of meeting people where they are, we'll also be working with the Black Coalition Against COVID and other organizations to launch a new initiative called Shots at the Shop.
Barber shops, beauty shops, are hubs of activity and information in black and brown communities in particular, but in many communities across the nation.
Local barbers, stylists, they become key advocates for vaccinations in their communities.
Wow, now I want to play a clip from Fox and then we'll segue out and Gerald Cilente is going to be taking over after this.
I'll be covering this more in the War Room in about 53 minutes from now.
We've always known that industrial
Skin creams, not just sunscreens, are full of carcinogens and the FDA allowed this.
Just like they're doing emergency authorization for these frankenshots.
That's what my whole initiative of exposing what's in the household products and what's in the water that's sterilizing the frogs, the birds, and the humans.
That's why the sperm count is plummeting.
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With Save the Frogs, Infowars.com.
Good-looking shirts.
They cause a debate.
They cause a discussion.
We're gonna build a whole site about endocrine disruptors and about the plasticizers and how this is all a globalist plan with their own admissions of how they're doing it.
But it takes funding to do it.
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Two different types of that at infowarestore.com and free shipping on that as well.
All right, here's part of that Fox News piece, and then we'll introduce Gerald Cilente, the top trends forecaster.
Can't wait to listen to him.
Here is Fox News.
...that could actually cause cancer.
The watchdog group Valoshure reports finding traces of cancer-causing benzene in several major brands, some of them with amounts higher than the guidelines for what's safe.
Dr. Mark Siegel is a Fox News contributor and professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center.
So, Mark, we are told
Put on sunscreen, cover your kids in sunscreen before they go out.
Now, Valoshare has found that in some sunscreens, there are levels that are above the acceptable level set by the FDA.
What are we to make of this?
I'll put both together.
First of all, John, Valor Shore is the real deal.
It's an important watchdog.
And the story is, with us shaking off COVID blues now, we want everybody outside.
We want everybody at the beach.
We want everybody to get back in the action.
But we want them, of course, to wear sun-protective clothing, to stay in shade as much as possible, and to wear plenty of sunscreen.
And you know, the American Academy of Dermatology says that our younger people aren't aware that sunscreen
We're good to go.
So it literally will get into your blood.
Now, the FDA has set an emergency amount, two parts per million, no more than that.
But Valachor found in 27% up to six parts per million, and they're asking the FDA to recall 40 batches of some of the major brands you showed.
Now, in the past, Valachor has succeeded in that.
I want people to be aware of this.
I do not want them to not wear sunscreen, though.
It is extremely important.
Now, just so that folks at home know what we're talking about here, this is according to Valoshore.
These are the brands and the sub-brands that have the highest levels of benzene.
Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Weightless Spray, Beach Defense Spray, which I spray on my kids all the time, Daily Defense Sun Bum Cooldown Gel, CVS Health After Sun Spray, and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel.
Those, again, are the highest levels of benzene above two parts per million.
According to Johnson & Johnson,
Which makes Neutrogena, quote, benzene is not an ingredient in any of our personal care products, and we are reviewing the findings presented in this petition.
Benzene's not an ingredient.
How's it getting in there?
So that's a really important point, the way you laid that out.
It may have to do with the way that the product is made.
It may be in the processing.
Of course, it's not deliberately added, but it's a solvent.
And the other point is, you know, I don't want people to think, oh, I had this product on, I'm in trouble.
We're talking about lathering and lathering and lathering this on.
If you put it on your nose or you put it in some spots, it's not going to be an issue.
It's more like assuring safety than I really believe that one sunscreen product is going to lead directly to blood cancer.
That's way overreaction and that's fear-mongering.
And one other point you alluded to, John, we need a lot more studying on this.
This is a wake-up call about an ingredient, but it is by no means proof.
Alright, well, I think people can go online and look up the Valashir study and find out what brand they would be comfortable with, at least until all of this gets addressed.
Dr. Mark Siegel, thank you for laying it out for us.
We always appreciate your thoughts.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to The Alex Jones Show with Gerald Cilente.
Hey, great being on The Alex Jones Show.
I'm very, very, very grateful to be on The Alex Jones Show.
It's one of the few places left where you can hear the truth and what's going on around the world without being censored.
And they were just talking about benzene.
How about the stuff, uh, that they put on your hands to sanitize them, huh?
You see all the benzene that they found in these?
The FDA?
How about the F-U-U-know-what-D-A?
Yeah, take the D out and put a couple of letters in there.
It's a whole fraud.
Not a whole fraud, a partial fraud.
You know that guy Gottlieb?
That was the, uh, head of the FDA?
Yeah, the Gottlieb guy.
Yeah, Scott Gottlieb.
Yeah, arrogant little Scott Gottlieb.
Yeah, that guy.
Yeah, the one that talked about social distancing and all the things that we had to do and then backtracked after he left the FDA.
You know who he's with now?
That's right.
It's not a revolving door.
It's one door, man.
Oh, women.
I gotta be equal here.
I mean, imagine this, the guy that was the head of the FDA.
Is now on the board of directors of Pfizer?
And by the way, Pfizer gave Biden a million bucks when he got inaugurated for the inauguration.
That was the maximum amount they could give.
So, they're killing us in a lot of ways.
This is just one of them.
This is from this week's Trends Journal.
COVID bad?
Roundup weed killer good.
I'm gonna write more about this when we come back.
The stuff that they're doing to us, the way they're killing us, the poisons, the pesticides.
Hey, how about Operation Warp Speed?
Yeah, an injection that's never been approved by the FDA.
And you got a clown like Biden telling the hair salons and barbers to sell it.
Yeah, they could give a crap about these people.
But boy, to sell the drug lord's drugs, that's all they are.
Don't call them Big Pharma.
Call a spade a spade.
They're a drug cartel.
That's it.
And that's why you subscribe
The InfoWars, they have products to help you and we'll be back.
Hey, hey, hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I was saying before, you know, we took the break.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
They have great products.
And you really need them because they're killing us in thousands of different ways.
Is benzene?
This is from this week's Trends Journal.
COVID bad, roundup, weed killer good.
When the COVID war broke out in January 2020, we noted that hundreds of millions of people, animals, and living species have been and continue to be killed by the trillions of tons of pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals pumped into the earth, water, and air.
And of course, the artificial ingredients preservatives added to food and soft drinks.
Among the alleged chemicals sprayed on plants and ingested by humans is a product banned by more advanced nations but allowed to be sold and used in the United States, Roundup.
Bayer AG, leaguered by over 125,000 claims that its popular weed killer Roundup is carcinogenic and is also a people killer,
has lost an attempt to limit its liability in cases not yet filed.
We go on and on and on to talk about this.
The point being is that they scare the hell out of the people with the COVID war when they're killing us in how many different ways?
You like those artificial flavors?
I know you like the artificial colors in the food.
All the stuff they spray and dump into the water.
You worried about the COVID war?
Could you imagine if they put the concentration of the COVID virus on all the things that the big companies are killing us with?
Of course they would never do it.
And as Alex was talking about Biden before, BS Biden, telling, you know, barbers and salon people to sell the vacs.
Art is dead.
You got a Dolly Parton, a Mick Jagger, or Jaggeroff, whatever you want to call him, selling the vaccine.
You got lotteries in California and Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Maryland.
All the companies, the Krispy Kremes and all the other ones promoting a vaccine.
This is unprecedented.
And why are they giving it to young people when the recovery rate according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is only
Those are the facts.
And, again, lottery tickets, beer, free beer.
Oh, and we did the numbers.
Almost 400 colleges, when you put all the campuses together, won't allow students to go back unless they got the jab.
This is unprecedented.
And the media is playing down the protests.
They had a protest in London on Saturday.
Massive protests in London, this is from the Trends Journal this week.
media lies about the numbers.
It reported, this is RT, reported that hundreds, tens of thousands, who were unhappy with the prolonged lockdown imposed by the government, blah blah blah blah,
Who were brought together under the banner, Unite for Freedom.
Anti-vaccine sentiment predates the pandemic, but I don't use that word pandemic.
I got to change that.
But it has picked up steam since the COVID-19 appeared, blah, blah, blah, blah.
All right.
It goes on.
The protests point out the inconsistencies of the UK government's response and
The people against getting a vaccination.
This is how the New York Times reported it.
Hundreds protest vaccine passport in London.
This is how NBC reported it.
London anti-lockdown protest draws hundreds.
We put the links there from the videos.
Maybe a million.
You look at the videos of the people, they just kept marching and marching down the street.
Where are the American people?
Why aren't we doing that?
Yeah, they are.
This is hundreds.
Look at the line right in front of your eyes.
Look at this.
Where are we, the people of the United States?
And they're pushing through this passport.
They're pushing it through in colleges.
They're pushing it everywhere.
If we don't unite for freedom, and that's the big news, by the way, that I announced this past weekend at our rally.
I'm starting a church.
It's all done.
We've put in all the papers.
The Universal Church of Freedom, Peace, and Justice.
Just us.
Freedom is the big word.
All religions, if your God believes in freedom, peace and justice, that's what we want to unite.
They just had a big thing over there in Switzerland about laws that are going on in the European Union that are affecting Switzerland and the people had a referendum.
Back in 1991, a referendum.
The people decide, not little old life scum politicians who get paid off at morons and imbeciles called campaign contributions.
They're bribes and payoffs.
The people voted.
They didn't want to join the EU.
Another issue just came up.
They had a referendum with the EU.
The people said, no, we want no part of it.
And that's part of the universal church of freedom, peace and justice.
We decide.
Not little old life scum.
Dumb old craps and repulsive kittens in a country near you.
So this is going to be a big movement that I'm pushing.
The Universal Church of Freedom, Peace and Justice.
The new site's not up yet, but the occupied peace site is.
And the new site's going to be freedompeacejustice.church.
All religion, if your God believes in freedom, peace and justice,
Join on board because that's the only way I believe we could beat them.
Look at the power of religions.
Look how they rule.
Hey, you want a crusade?
We're going to be back in a bit.
Stay tuned.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I very much appreciate it.
And again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
One of my favorites that keeps me going is that super male vitality.
Yeah, you know, the older this cat gets, man, the more of the super male vitality you need.
So anyway, you know, Alex is again talking about the vaccination.
The great article here in this week's Trends Journal by Gary Null.
And Gary Null is, you know, this guy was one of the first guys into alternative
Medicine and alternative whole health healing back in the 80s.
I learned a lot from him.
Matter of fact, I host an hour on Progressive Radio Network.
You know, when people say to me, you know, you're on Alex Jones, you know that those I see I'm also on Progressive Radio Network.
They both let me say what I want to say.
I don't care about anyway.
This is an article long one.
All the facts are here.
Have the Architects of the COVID-19 Pandemic Lost Touch with Reality?
Is by Richard Gale and Gary Null, PhD.
What if you were to know that a cabal of corporate bureaucrats and scientists at the heart of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, have known for almost two decades that vaccines, including the MMR, can lead to autism and other
And other neurological disorders.
All of the facts right here.
This is not a conspiracy theorist.
Another article in this week's Trends Journal.
More catch COVID lies.
And it's about an article
In the New York Times, the meaning of meta, when it comes to outdoor transmission.
They go around and around and around over here, but they get to the facts.
And the fact is, that according to the data, which even they put in here, that Rachel, Rachel Levin, not Rachel Levin, Rochelle Walensky, the head of the, the CDC,
Full of baloney.
This is the impending doom, Rachel Levin.
Yeah, remember?
The CDC, the new head over there?
Back in March?
Impending doom?
We're all gonna die in a couple of months because, not all, but everybody's gonna be sweet.
The COVID's gonna be sweeping everywhere.
Impending doom?
It's right here.
When questioned by Senate Committee about the risk of outdoor transmission, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated the risk was under 10%.
Yeah, it's under 10%.
Dr. Walensky defended that figure saying it came, you ready?
From just a single study published in the Journal of Infectious Disease.
The one study, she said, was a meta-analysis of other studies.
With meta meaning it synthesized the data from the other studies to reach a conclusion.
But when the epidemiologist authors that study, Dr. Noshin Rezani,
The University of California, San Francisco learned of Dr. Lewinsky's statements.
She chimed in with a different conclusion.
The meta-analysis cited by Dr. Lewinsky was a systematic, a systemic review.
All but, all but one of the studies of which it was based, you ready?
Had put the outdoor transmission
At less than 1%.
Less than 1% outdoor transmission.
And these little clowns.
Fatshah Brut, right there, right in front of you.
Impending doom, Fatshah Brut Walensky.
All these slimy pieces of scum.
Mayors, governors.
Presidents around the world.
Stay in your house.
Shelter in place.
You can't go out to the beach.
Remember that little clown of an arrogant piece of scum?
Gruesome Newsome over there in California?
Or that B.S.
Bellazio whose real name is Wilhelm?
And use de Blasio so he can get the Italian vote?
That piece of crap?
Closing down the beaches?
People all over walking around with their masks on?
When your outdoor transmission is less than 1% according to the facts.
Not in the news.
And you see the way the prostitutes, these little media whores that get paid to put out by their corporate pimps and their government whoremasters lie.
Like I just showed you with the New York Times and NBC.
Don't wear your mask even though you're not going to get it.
Stay afraid.
Saying hundreds of people took to the streets in London last week when it was probably over a million.
They're liars.
And the people believe him.
And that's the cover of this week's Trends Journal.
To quote my aunt, Cidzee, from my book, When Cidzee Gave Honey Boy.
Yeah, honey boys could use some honey now, but anyway.
What inspired me to write this book, I used to go visit her as much as I could.
She was the last aunt left.
She could hardly walk.
She had severe phlebitis and she had a pile of dishes in the sink.
And she's the cook for me.
So I start washing dishes.
She goes, sit down.
You're my guest.
The television's blaring.
She shut that damn thing off.
She said, I watched the news all day yesterday.
What a bunch of S word.
They must think we're all morons.
And now you got the crap news network, CNN.
That was in 2000.
21 years ago, she said this.
And I used to be on all the media back then.
I used to be on CNN.
As I say, I lived north of the city, a place called Rhinebeck back in those days.
So every time I go down a city, I'd be on media.
I was going, I was on CNN like three or four times a month back in the day.
All of them.
On the way back, she lived in Yonkers.
I'd stop to go visit.
It was crap then.
And now it's just disgusting what they're feeding us.
So again, there is no journalism anymore.
They used to call it the fourth estate.
There's the executive branch, congressional branch, judicial branch, and the fourth estate was the journalism, the media, to tell you what's going on in the world without being swayed by the politics or the president
With a judicial system.
But Infowars is still alive.
It's the fourth estate.
The Trends Journal.
The fourth estate.
This magazine's like 140 pages this week.
It's a book.
We put out a book each week.
You read what you want.
So that's why you have to support the truth.
It's gone.
I listened to the news all day yesterday.
There's an 85-year-old woman at the time.
May she rest in peace.
What a bunch of crap.
They must think we're all morons.
Here Walensky lies about the facts.
1% infection rate outdoors and they still have these stupid rules in so many places.
And they're closing down other places.
Malaysia, Japan, South Africa.
So what's next?
When I come back, when we come back, we're going to talk a lot about the economy, because you better be prepared.
Be right back.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I said, it's up to you to make things happen.
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And again, it's a fight for freedom.
And globalist censorship, you see it, it's everywhere.
And attacks are at an all-time high in an effort to shut down our First and Second Amendments.
So it's our duty to honor those who have fallen defending our God-given rights and freedom by fighting back against the tyrannical globalist agenda being propagated by
The leftist Democrats.
Well, I would disagree.
They're not leftist Democrats.
Leftists is good.
These are Democrats.
These aren't.
And it's in both parties.
They're both robbers.
I mean, look what they did under Bush with the Orwellian name of the Patriot Act.
So we have to fight for our freedom.
It's from both sides are robbing us from it.
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And that's why your support is so crucial.
So do you can this Memorial Day mega sale it's here.
They're locking down Australia again to Victoria, Australia and all of Australia.
They got.
Out of 25 million people.
Over the course of 17 months.
Under 1000 died of the virus.
And they're locking down the joint again.
Victoria is the biggest of the states.
Under a hundred, under a thousand people, 17 months, on the average age, 80 years old.
In one country after another, Malaysia, on and on.
I want to talk about the economy.
Write a lot.
We wrote a lot about it in the magazine.
You go back to the Trends Journal and around April, May 2020, we started warning about inflation.
Inflation is real.
You're looking at tin, steel, copper.
Copper prices recently at an all-time high.
Brent crude oil.
Today, it's over $71 a barrel.
Highest it's been in over two years.
Oh, and gold?
Gold's up at a five-month high.
Because all this cheap money they're pumping into the system is creating massive, massive inflation.
Why is it important?
A number of reasons.
The higher inflation goes, the more pressure they're going to have to raise interest rates.
In the United States, you have near zero percent interest rates.
That allows the bigs to keep borrowing this money and buying up everything, like Amazon just bought MGM.
And now they're gonna get rid of that lion that got on MGM.
And they got Bezos.
I gotta tell you, man, these Zeke freaks are the ugliest cats around, man.
Who's that other guy?
Boiled over, man, with the Microsoft.
Who else?
Oh, that guy, Dorsey.
You want another freak?
And you got, uh, Zuckerberg?
Anyway, they got all this cheap money and they're buying up everybody.
The bigs are getting all the area.
Oh, you hear about that?
You know, they, uh, they hacked that big beef and pork producer.
Prices are going to go up.
Two big companies run the whole show.
Oh yeah.
They did away with the Robertson-Patman Act, German Antitrust Act, Clayton Antitrust Act, Clinton did away with the Glass-Steagall Act, the bigs are getting bigger, going back to inflation.
Hey, did you see that retail sales went up last month?
No, no.
It really didn't.
The number went up, but people bought less, it cost more.
Why is inflation so important?
It goes back to interest rates.
The higher the interest rates go, the higher inflation goes, the higher interest rates go.
Powell, they just showed you, and these others are BS-ing that, oh, it's only temporary.
It now costs $36,000 more just in lumber to build a home.
And all the other copper, everything else, skyrocketing.
Prices will come down.
But they're still way over where they were.
They're going to raise interest rates.
When interest rates go up, this thing collapses big time.
First the equity markets, and then the global economy.
Yesterday the numbers came out in the EU.
Inflation, 2%.
And this 2% number they're making up and that's the level that where they'll raise interest rates if they just made that number up in 2012 and these numbers are cooked.
I mentioned new homes.
The price of the sales of homes, it cost 17% more to buy a house now than it did in April of 2020.
That's not put into the Consumer Price Index.
Look what just happened over there in Turkey.
The President, Erdogan, fired the head of the Central Bank.
The third one in two months.
You know why?
Inflation's over 15% and he wanted to raise interest rates.
Erdogan knows when interest rates go up, this thing's gonna go down bigger yet.
Cheap money.
It's cheap money
That has artificially propped up the equity markets.
What's Biden looking at a $6 trillion budget?
Oh, by the way, increasing more the defense spending.
Hey, you guys did a great job in Afghanistan, man.
What a winner in Iraq.
Hey, terrific in Libya.
Hey, how about Syria, Salenti?
Oh, what about Vietnam?
Hey, how about Korea?
More money for the military-industrial complex.
Anyway, they're going to raise interest rates.
When interest rates go up, this thing's going down big.
And we're writing about it in detail in the Trends Journal.
You want to find out more about it, TrendsJournal.com.
Occupy Peace.
We're going to have a 4th of July rally on the Four Corners of Freedom here in Kingston, New York.
We hope you can make it.
We had a great turnout, even though the weather was lousy.
On the... It stopped raining two hours before the... We had over 300 people.
It was great.
And most importantly, support InfoWars.
What a crew they have.
What passion.
What facts, what information.
And what an Alex Jones.
They don't make them like that anymore.
So do your cancer, support InfoWars.
Hey, see you on Monday.
We'll be back!
I'm in a very good positive mood because despite all the horrible things that globalists have done the last 16 months with their COVID takeover operation, humanity is really responding and waking up.
We are seeing amazing things happen to their entire agenda.
And in places like Texas, the governor's finally woken up and is saying thousand dollar fines for any business that tries to make people coming in and wear masks because masks don't work.
It's all a fraud.
COVID's been completely overblown.
Fauci has had to come out.
In late May and say, hey, it may have come out of the lab.
It may have come out of Wuhan when he was the one funding gain of function.
He was the one funding the COVID research.
So the fact that he's having to admit that shows he knows that it's all going to come out.
And so he's doing damage control.
If we expose how they purposely released this to create global fear and launch their Great Reset, they're not just going to not be able to launch another lockdown in their future.
They're going to go to prison.
We need Nuremberg too.
And a lot of other exciting positive things have been happening as well.
One of the big ones is the fact that despite the COVID lockdowns, the attack on the supply chain, and huge supplement shortages that are all over the news for the vital vitamins and minerals and other cofactors getting to market because of the shutdown,
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That half the population has one.
And that, of course, is Saw Palmetto.
And I noticed that Saw Palmetto formulas were selling for $25, $35, $40, and Saw Palmetto is not very expensive to get, even high quality like we have.
So I said, let's go further.
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They've just got the studies on the prostate for decades, and that's documented, settled science.
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People have really gotten concerned about their immune systems.
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