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Air Date: June 1, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses topics such as COVID-19 vaccines, globalist agendas, race relations in America, and support for InfoWars. He warns about potential dangers of COVID-19 vaccines and criticizes those who promote them without considering long-term effects on human health. He also talks about how globalists manipulate race relations in America to further their agenda for world domination. Jones promotes products available at discounted prices on the InfoWars website, encouraging listeners to support the platform. He discusses China's recent policy change allowing married couples to have up to three children instead of two and argues it is part of a globalist agenda for population control and genetic colonization. He brings up a National Geographic article about mercury poisoning causing male birds to mate with other males, and a Japanese study on soybean compounds turning male catfish into females, raising concerns about potential consequences for human reproductive health from consuming soy products. Overall, Jones uses the segment to raise awareness of various issues related to population control, fertility, and eugenics, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and standing against these globalist agendas.


Let me just give you a little sneak peek.
China raises cap on births to three in major policy shift.
First they said you can only have one kid, now they want you to have three.
What's behind that?
That's a huge deal.
It ties into this.
All these articles tie together.
Mercury poisoning makes birds act homosexual.
What does that mean?
National geographic.
Researchers in Japan use soybean compound to make catfish 100% female.
I mean, you'll go out to the mall, the grocery store, anywhere, and you'll see a big old strong black man and a good-looking strong black woman, and you'll see three of their kids, and they all look like effeminate little boys, and they're like 18.
You see a big old white guy and a big old, you know, healthy black lady or Hispanic lady or white lady, and they all look big and strong, and then their kids look like girls.
We're going to tell you how they're doing it, we're going to name it, and if you want to stop it, how you can stop it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Don't you want to know why CNN's done a U-turn?
A 180?
A bat-turn?
And come out and said, OK, looks like it came out of the lab.
Here's a headline.
We need to know how COVID-19 emerged so we can stop it from happening.
And ABC News saying, well, looks like it came out of the lab.
They knew.
Sixteen months ago, there was no cell phone activity, no cars, nothing around the Wuhan Virology Lab in October 2019.
They pretty much shut it down.
Let's just recognize where we are.
We're not talking about bat caves in the suburbs.
Wuhan is a major city in China, larger than New York City.
No activity for several weeks in October 2019 around the lab.
Right, so if you go to page 12 of the report, it lays out the concerns about the activities that are happening at Wuhan and then the occurrences at the lab right before the virus breaks out and goes worldwide, both for the lack of activity and reports of individuals becoming sick.
This really shows, I think, a grave concern of both the activities that were there and raises a concern about U.S.
And then, of course, it goes to the Biden administration being completely
A fact sheet released by the State Department in the closing days of the last administration, written by some of the same people who are doing the investigation that the Biden administration shut down, told us that several researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology became seriously ill in the fall of 2019.
They had, quote, symptoms consistent with both COVID-19 and common seasonal illness.
Three of them went to the hospital.
Now that came out in January.
The American media caught up this week.
The intel community confirmed it.
In a statement to Fox News today, the State Department contractor that led that now defunct probe, a man called David Asher, reiterated that based on that investigation's findings so far, quote, there is probable cause for deep suspicion that the virus escaped from the lab in Wuhan and the Chinese government lied about it.
Virologist says genetic fingerprints prove COVID-19 man-made.
No credible ancestor.
The big news is that there's six inserts created through gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute in the virus.
So a bunch of different species of virus didn't naturally mutate into this.
A lizard doesn't mutate in, you know, in a million years into a giraffe.
I mean, it's whole different viruses, different species of virus from the wild fused into one in a laboratory.
And as Rand Paul being a doctor went over the medical system of this, they use natural animals
I don't
We're good to go.
The timing of the release.
Look at Fauci saying Trump will be challenged in the next few years by a massive pandemic when he first got into office.
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge the coming administration in the arena.
Of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that, but also there will be a surprise outbreak.
I mean, they had the motive, they had the background, they had the history, they bragged about it.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's Tuesday, June 1st, 2021.
Another special report straight ahead, and then I launch a massive attack against the globalists.
It's Tuesday, June 1st.
The year is 2021.
And our globalist overlords have now announced a planetary plan to not just eat bugs and drink sewage water, but to eat dead human flesh.
This is the artificial zombie apocalypse.
It is upon us.
Is your mind really your own?
Unbeknownst to the masses, a campaign of mass mind control has been well underway longer than most people alive were even born.
Between two ages.
This is 49 years old, almost a half a century and it's the blueprint.
For the way in which the world has reformed around technology.
The technocracy that exists today was predicted and ushered in by Zbigniew Brzezinski all those decades ago.
And this is where we're at today.
In fact, he predicted
I mean, it's worse.
Than anything anyone ever imagined.
The mainstream corporate media are absolute mercenary trash who also hate the country and enjoy what they're doing and have absolutely no morals and literally have been hired because their profiles, their algorithm, their psychological signature, their
Profile assessment is that they are psychotics, or at least sociopaths.
And then you realize they have built an army of these people and put them in charge.
You see, the tactic of subversion about which I'm talking is similar to the martial art.
If an enemy is bigger and heavier than yourself, it would be very painful to resist his direct strike.
The Chinese and Japanese
Judo art tells us what to do.
First to avoid the strike, then to grab the fist and continue his movement in the direction where it was before.
What happens here?
The target country obviously does something wrong.
If it's a free democratic society, there are many different movements within the society.
There obviously in every society
There are people who are against this society.
They may be simple criminals, ideologically in disagreement with the state policy, conscientious enemies, simply psychotic personalities who are against anything.
And finally, they are a small group of agents of a foreign nation.
Bought, subverted, recruited.
The moment all these movements
Will be directed in one direction, right?
This is the time to catch that movement and to continue it until the movement forces the whole society into collapse, into crisis.
The progressive roots of the cancer that would lead America to Joe Biden after the elite had swindled the American public by creating the Federal Reserve System in 1913.
It was key that future generations would be deprogrammed to accept the crime of the century, an income tax that benefited the elite and subjugated the peasants.
And so the lies accelerated and poisoned Western culture.
British oligarchs used the Tavistock Institute
To mold public opinion, to manipulate the British and American public into accepting the notion that war with Germany was necessary in order to secure a lasting peace, a sentiment at odds with the majority of the public that has been repeated ad nauseum.
Following the birth of global financial governance by the IMF and the World Bank due to the Bretton Woods Monetary Agreement of 1944 and the collapse of the gold standard in 1971, in 1972 the Club of Rome published The Limits to Growth.
These dire predictions made about the future of civilization emboldened the elite to undermine the natural future of humanity in order to engage in genocide with quiet weapons for silent war.
We're good to go.
In 1948, the Smith-Mundt Act was signed by Harry Truman.
And if you listen to that noise right now, and you hear that rumble, that's Harry Truman rolling over in his grave!
Because what this is is, in addition to the NDAA of 2012, is to remove the prohibition against external foreign propaganda, and it internalizes it and directs it here!
Now the question we have to ask is,
What would be wrong with the State Department or the government basically providing what amounts to absolutely propaganda directed towards American citizens?
We were creating a story there.
I think that's probably it.
Did Jeff Zucker tell you how to report, sir?
You know we expose everybody, right?
Comments, sir?
So there we have it.
Anderson Cooper.
New York, New York.
He's got nothing to say about Charlie Chester.
It is inevitable that the unyielding manipulation will have the same results for the elite's puppet Joe Biden.
A progressive train wreck prophesied by broken U.S.
President and New World Order pawn Woodrow Wilson
Who finally realized, to his own horror, saying in 1924, quote, I am a most unhappy man.
I have unwittingly ruined my country.
A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit.
All our activities are in the hands of a few men.
We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.
No longer a government by free opinion,
No longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.
Well, at least Woodrow Wilson didn't read it from a teleprompter.
John Bowne reporting.
Excellent report.
That's why I started the broadcast with it.
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Okay, here we are, 13 minutes into this live Tuesday broadcast.
Feels like a Monday because of the Memorial Day long weekend.
And I have been a very busy individual over the long weekend, collating a lot of data and information about what's currently happening on the planet and what the globalists are planning next.
And I can tell you, as I said last week, and as I said the week before, they are planning the release of another virus to cause another shutdown and more fear.
But they're going to have loosening of the restrictions, so when the next bigger, longer lockdown comes, you will behave yourself and follow orders, believing that someday the restrictions will be taken off.
And the restrictions will never be taken off.
I said that a year and a half ago, and I stand by it today.
The real restrictions are still in place almost everywhere.
Matthew McConaughey has come out, what a disgusting person, and said that he wants us to wear masks forever.
Just a Hollywood drug addict, folks, who does this fake smile we're all supposed to bow down to him.
Let me tell you, he is from Texas, but there's a lot of white trash from Texas.
So, if somebody's from Texas, that means they should be our next governor.
And look, just his latest statements.
I've been on the fence about McConaughey, because I can forgive people for being drug addicts and all the rest of that.
Nobody's perfect, but there's just a little too much.
Sorry, I just went off on a jag there.
Anyways, the masks are going to go forever, ladies and gentlemen.
And we have to say no to it, but I'm going to break down the future of humanity if we don't stand up and take action when we come back on the other side.
This is a really important broadcast.
They're all important, but I'm in the zone, and I am going to kick the globalists up and down the street when we come back and lay out a blueprint to smash them forever.
It's us or them, ladies and gentlemen.
This is war.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
It's Tuesday, June 1st.
The year is 2021.
And I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
Let's go ahead and drill right into the big picture of why this is happening, exactly what's happening, and how we stop it.
Here's a quote from 1984.
Published in 1948.
And it was an analysis of what the Fabian Socialists running England would do if they were successful and merged the West with the Soviet Union and Stalin.
Orwell wrote essays and gave speeches before he died the next year.
He was at the highest level of British intelligence.
There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life.
All competing pleasures will be destroyed, but always, do not forget this, Winston, always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler.
Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on the enemy who is helpless,
If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.
Now he's talking about the people that were able to take over and set up the CIA in 1947, the year he was writing this.
Not the British people, but the Illuminati, Jacobin, Satanic order.
The Hellfire Club and other names it goes by and what its plan for the world was if it got control.
Now again, Julian Huxley who died in 62, if memory serves, he gave a speech in Berkeley in 61 when he was already dying.
I don't
1984 is the old model that's going to be phased out.
We're going to make people love their servitude and use drugging and electromagnetics and inoculations to turn people into different species.
We're going to make the act of having children via the womb obsolete with chemicals.
And we're going to destroy the nuclear family, and people will be so brainwashed from birth, they will love their servitude.
I mean, these are real speeches.
I'm paraphrasing them pretty much word for word.
You can go online and type in Huxley's, Aldous Huxley's 1961 Berkeley speech.
And these weren't speeches against this.
These are speeches for this.
But let me, let me show you now
Where we are, and where they've taken us, just with some headlines.
Look at this headline here out of the New York Post.
Scientists suggest eating human flesh to fight climate change.
Well, he didn't say that.
He said, you must awaken to the idea we're all going to die, Magnus Söderlund.
And now a bunch of US states have legalized spraying ground-up dead people on crops, which is Soylent Green.
Swedish behavioral scientist says eating humans to save the planet.
The idea is you're trash, you're garbage, you're a commodity.
You don't have any sanctity.
You don't have any connection to God.
Don't value yourself in any way.
And once you don't stand up for yourself or others, you're wide open and the social contract of Christianity and the Western ethos falls, civilization falls, and we're back in the
Barbary Days of Conquest and Dark Ages, which is what the Club of Rome and Deimos and the UN, in my film Endgame, I show the quotes, and in the extras of Endgame, I show the quotes, and an Endgame 2.0 that's only at PrisonPlanet.tv.
We ought to find that and air 2.0 sometime.
It's actually on PrisonPlanet.tv, now free of the public as an archive.
They said we're gonna get rid of science for the general public, make everybody like Beast, and we'll even bring back human sacrifice, not just gladiatorial death sport.
This is the UN Committee's voting to do this.
You know, the UN Committee's, UNIDIR, voted back in 2000 for total abolition of civilian ownership of firearms.
That's a quote.
The ownership of civilian firearms threatens the legitimate power monopoly of the state and should be abolished worldwide.
That's a quote.
It threatens the power monopoly!
What did Orwell say?
Paul Winston is torturing... Paul O'Brien is being tortured to death.
Both of them are being tortured to death by the culture, by the society, by the civilization.
Both the torturer and the torturee.
Well, Winston's being tortured to death by O'Brien.
O'Brien says there will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life.
All competing pleasures will be destroyed.
But always, do not forget this, Winston.
Always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler.
Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless.
Who, if you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.
And that's why Klaus Schwab comes out and says, you will eat bugs, you will drink sewage, you will eat water weeds, water plants, you will have nothing, you will own nothing, and you will like it.
Robots will rule you.
You are obsolete.
They are just saying the most outrageous criminal things like, hey, the Democrats legalized human animal clones last Tuesday.
Minor footnote.
Hey, we're going to bring clones to term.
Hey, Drag Queen Storytime will be headed up by convicted pedophiles.
And it's all just to get you completely overwhelmed so you give up.
And I have a stack of similar articles going along with that here.
Here's the Australian.com, the biggest newspaper in Australia.
Anthony Fauci backed virus experiments despite pandemic risk.
He said it was well worth it.
And then he said Trump will be challenged in the next three years.
By a virus that is going to be released.
And, of course, you saw all of that unfold.
We're going to be walking through it all for you today.
But they know what they're doing.
They do things that are so horrible, so evil.
A lot of you just go into a catatonic state, a psychological fetal position.
Just try to escape it and try to deny it.
Others join with the evil, and then others, of course, decide to fight it.
Because we will win.
We don't have any other choice.
In fact, we will win.
I mean, this system is designed to burn itself out.
These people are like cancer.
They're designed to fail.
So stop giving them the power.
It's time to take the power back.
Stay with us.
You are listening to the dreaded Alex Jones Show, dreaded by tyrants, by communists, by satanists, by pedophiles the world over, loved by pro-human patriots of every race, color, and creed.
We love you all.
We salute you.
We're very honored to be here live today.
All right, now that I got into some of the motive in the last segment and the mindset of the Fabian Socialists, who are the real governing
Model of the planet.
And I could do a whole other hour on that, but I'll just leave it at that.
I'm going to drill into the latest news on the COVID train going off the rails.
That is the globalist takeover to put China in the driver's seat.
That whole program is falling apart ultra massively.
And I'll be covering that today in the third hour.
Roger Stone is going to be joining us.
It became the number one trending news story over the weekend on Twitter and a bunch of other platforms.
Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Roger Stone, Alex Jones say Trump to be indicted.
Well, that's what they're telling people in New York.
That's what the Democrats are bragging about doing.
It's what Letitia James promised to do.
And it's what our sources say they're going to do.
By pointing out this and pointing out it's political, and pointing out that the prosecutor in New York is a Democrat fraud, we're hoping to stop that.
So we're not coming out and saying this, hoping Trump gets indicted.
And we're not just making the prediction out of hand, but that's where this is going.
And they've telegraphed it to the next month.
And so what's a month out?
July 4th.
So on or about?
It may not happen.
Roger Stone was on this show a month before he got SWAT teamed with the indictment.
And he said, I think within a month we can find the clip.
I will be arrested.
He was on a few days before and he said, I think it's imminent.
Because he had CNN and others parked down the street from his house.
And FBI driving by all the time.
You know, it gets a little obvious.
So that became a huge story.
Roger's going to be joining us at the start of the next hour.
And it's perfect timing because he's been meeting a lot with General Flynn.
They've been giving speeches to groups of as much as 5,000 people every weekend, and the crowds are getting bigger.
There was one in Jupiter that was 5,000 on the ground, more than 10,000 boats, for another big Trump won 2020 rally, and that really angers the globalists.
And if Trump keeps pushing and goes ahead with these rallies he's got this month, that we're going to be at, by the way,
They are moving to do that as punishment because they stole the election.
And the idea that it's criminal for Trump to challenge the election, when that's your right as an American, when the Democrats do it all the time, is crazy.
But General Flynn, we'll play this next hour and get Stone's take on it, was asked about Miramar, who had a coup against the Biden-Soros-backed takeover and election fraud that clearly happened there.
And I've studied the case, I'm not defending the military coup in completion, but it's the same thing that we saw over and over again
In Ukraine and other areas where Soros and the globals do overthrow countries and do rig elections.
Hell, we just saw it happen here in November of last year.
Eight months ago.
And so that's up to those people over there.
But it does look suspicious what Soros and others are up to.
And so I can't say I blame those people.
That's the wheelhouse the left has brought us into.
But now it was one of the other top stories over the weekend.
That Flynn called for violence when he didn't.
Article at InfoWars.com by Kellam McBrain left calls for court-martial of General Flynn after he suggested Myanmar-style coup should happen in the U.S.
Which he didn't really do, but he has a right to say that, particularly because we've had a coup in this country and massive fraud.
And we've had Biden selling us out to foreign powers and opening our borders and illegally smuggling hundreds of thousands of women and children and others in and giving them to known smugglers.
So you can't create this climate and then be surprised.
That things like this start happening.
And so next hour, I'm going to show you not just the articles, but the videos.
Here's one.
New book reveals General Mad Dog Mattis discussed secret military coup against President Trump while serving in his White House.
So did, quote, the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.
Remember all that?
InfoWars revealed the 25th Amendment deep state coup in 2017, the illegal spying, came out two years later that we were dead on right.
Remember all that?
Biden absolutely convinced military would engage in a coup against Trump.
So now you see him in a mild statement and, oh my gosh, it was one of the top trending stories, he wants a coup, arrest him, court-martial him.
People pointed out how he's out of the military, he can't do that.
Then restate him and then indict him.
Flynn said, let's be very clear, and sets the record straight on coup comment.
Said that is not the case.
We'll get into all of it next hour.
We've been under a globalist, UN-orchestrated coup, and America's waking up to it, and part of our intelligence agencies are aware of this, and the general public's aware of it, because Fauci did this in plain view.
And that's why they're in trouble.
They're very easy targets.
They want to keep the lockdown going in the West when it's not happening in China.
They want to go ahead and accelerate the end of the country.
No, we're good.
Has the China-centric arm has gotten big for its britches.
And so it's being brought down to size.
And Biden says in 90 days he'll have his intelligence agencies.
Tell you what really happened when he was the one, the first day he got in on January 20th, to order Trump's Wuhan investigation that was going on in the State Department under Mike Pompeo to be ended.
And it is redonkulous how much evidence there is that they did it on purpose.
Not just the scientific evidence, not just the virus being made there, not just Fauci running the operation, not just them sending it out to shut down society, get rid of Trump, bring in their world cashless system.
I mean, it's all there.
It's ridiculous.
And then Fauci lying, saying, I know nothing about gain of function, when he's in congressional testimony admitting he was funding it.
And knew about what the vaccines would do.
They pre-tested and pre-programmed this all.
And so off the studies Fauci funded, you can follow the trail and see what he was building.
My God!
This is ridiculously obvious, completely transparent, open and shut.
Isn't a jury in the world wouldn't sentence him to life in prison for the conspiracy he engaged in with the UN and the CHICOMS to take over the world?
They said in the James Bond movie you go eat popcorn and have a nice cold Coca-Cola and maybe some Milk Duds watching.
This is a real James Bond villain world and we're living in it.
And I'm not going to be a spectator and just sit here with my thumb you know where.
I'm going to go after these people with information warfare.
And the truth.
And so are you.
We're going to win.
We're not just going to let them run the tables on us.
We're gonna go on a break.
I'm gonna come back and hit all of that.
Huge developments.
But let me just tell you about this because we're very excited about it.
People are really taking action.
We were in the red the first five months of the year because a bunch of our best-selling products were sold out.
Some for six, seven months.
Most about five months.
Supply chain breakdowns everywhere.
You hear about it in the news.
From steel to
Aluminum to gold and silver to corn and beef and everything else, well especially high-end supplements, they have been completely just not available when you're getting high-end clean stuff like PQQ and CoQ10 and medical grade iodine and just all the rest of it.
Well, thank goodness it all came back in the last few weeks, and now we are digging out of that hole, and we just started going to the black last week, but we need extra money to go into the future and be able to operate and buy future products and get it in, and the supply chain is continuing to break down, so we're in a precarious position like all the rest of society, but storewide free shipping, double Patriot points,
All right, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this Live Tuesday Transmission.
Now I mentioned the Fabian Socialists that came out of Cecil Rhodes and a model of the British Empire on how to maintain control of populations and how to dumb them down and how to finally exterminate them but have them love it and appreciate it.
And so they were funding all these different top scientists not just in England and Scotland and Ireland but in Germany and in France and in America to develop what they called Mind War.
And here is their symbol.
It's a wolf tearing its way out of sheep's clothing.
In fact, it's a wolf rampant, meaning a wolf on the attack.
And they believe in survival of the fittest.
That you deserve to die if you're not smart and cunning and oppressing others.
Now that creates, again, a conquest society, dark ages, causes the collapse of civilization.
Christianity, in a merit-based society, meritorious, where success is rewarded but also goodness is rewarded, and being honorable and chivalry, built civilization.
Not this, but this is the cancer, this is conscious cancer, and George Orwell was allowed into the inner sanctums of this, on record, the highest levels of this, because he was related to the five British families that were part of a secret breeding program under Sir Francis Galton, who was developing ongoing plans from this man, Thomas Robert Malthus.
He said, crowd the poor together in tiny areas so the disease will kill them.
Create licenses.
End what is known as a nuclear family.
That wasn't called that then.
But end the classical family, which is just a human group family.
All groups do it, from Africa to Asia to ancient Mesoamericans.
Everybody formed families.
Once civilization started collapsing, though, they would always get rid of the family.
So that's a sign of the collapse of civilization.
And so they all had an exact plan and we're living under the 21st century beginning of the end of the plan.
Everything else has been beta-tested, operational.
They could never get it fully in control because humans are so diverse and so powerful and amazing.
And we've defeated them a lot.
But Cecil Rhodes created the Rhodes Scholarship.
He wanted world government.
He created the CIA.
All of that on record.
This is all mainline history.
And you have these British files, they're called, Anglophiles, they're not really even for England, that took over the CIA and really set it up, actually.
And if you go back to the CFR set up in 1922 at Pratt House in New York, they were called Atlantics or Anglophiles.
And that's why all your first movies, when they had talkies by the late 20s, everyone spoke in a British accent.
You would affect a British accent or you weren't in society.
So that's the facts on that.
And so they set up a medical dictatorship, a takeover plan, and going back even 300 years, they wanted to herd people into areas and have them die from disease.
Just like they did, the British troops did to the Native Americans, and that's actually been in a famous
Dispatches from British generals to British colonels to that when the troops were dying of smallpox take those blankets and give them when they were freshly infected to the Native Americans.
So this is all an ongoing program.
So now let's move on from that to the news today.
Just understanding who these people are, where they come from, what they're doing.
And of course, they teach you about racism all day, teach you white people are bad, so blacks and whites kill each other, while they're targeting everybody with this system.
They don't care what color you are, they hate everybody.
In fact, they don't just hate people they think are dumb or weak, they really hate those they think are smarter than them, and they want to get you while you're young and poison you with fluoride and other chemicals, and they all, Bertrand Russell and others talk about that.
And he's hailed as a great liberal.
He said in the 40s, we will give everyone injections to lower their IQ.
And of course he proposed fluoride in the water, which they then did.
He won Nobel Prizes, you name it.
And you've seen 60 years of fluoride absolutely dumbing us down.
But continuing, here's the Australian.
Anthony Fauci backed virus experiments despite pandemic risk, close quote.
So he knows nothing about gain of function, never was involved in it.
Testified to Congress in 2012 that he was all behind it in 2015.
Moved it from Wuhan.
I mean, moved it from Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Wuhan.
And everybody's like, Jones, how'd you know this last year?
I had all the experts on.
It was in a controversy articles in 2015 in the Journal of Nature, in the Journal of Science.
It's like saying, Jones, how do you know the Statue of Liberty is at Staten Island?
And then people go, it's there!
He's psychic!
How do you know the Grand Canyons in Northern Arizona?
Well, I've been there.
Oh my God, it's there!
He's a genius!
This is what's frustrating to me.
Everyone's like, how does he know all this?
It's all right there!
It's ridiculous.
Sorry, that's one article out of about 100.
Let's continue.
Heart inflammation.
Blood clots and other dangerous side effects occur from COVID-19 vaccines.
A whole new giant prestigious study, and of course it's being banned all over the world, but they tell you it's safe.
Matthew McConaughey tells you to take it, and it's so liberal.
And this is a very important article with some PhDs and medical doctors.
That's at InfoWars.com.
You may know this, but your friends and neighbors and family don't.
This is an emergency situation.
Most people won't die from this right away.
They're going to become debilitated, which weighs down the civilization.
So you're like, oh, let those idiots take it.
We're going to be wiping their butts for 50 years.
No, no, no.
That's why soft kills worse than a hard kill, because it sucks everything out of the society, taking care of all the infirm.
Which then again makes society collapse and makes us finally accept mass euthanasia.
They're going to make us accept survival of the fittest by crippling us so we've got to kill off all the dummies that took the shots.
All the liberals want the free stuff.
That's why behind the scenes, I've never had David Rockefeller do this, I've never had Fauci do it, I've never had Bill Gates do it, but I've had people right below them.
In off-record discussions.
Tell me all this.
Jones, we agree with you.
We want to empower.
The public's bad.
They've got to be gotten rid of.
They're stupid.
And if the public doesn't believe me and does this... See, that's why this is all really, to the globalists, a big test.
I don't work for them.
I don't like them.
But they're like, oh, look at that old-fashioned goody-two-shoes guy.
You know, he can see what we're doing, but he just doesn't have what it takes to make the hard decisions.
I've been giving these speeches.
My dad was giving them as well.
And it's not like it's even that special.
Millions of people have been given the speech in the U.S.
and they joined with the dark side because they wanted to have value.
They wanted to count.
They wanted to be in on the winning team.
But it's not the winning team.
It's satanic.
Another big study about that.
Doctor slams COVID vaccine.
My patients are not laboratory rats to be sacrificed in global vaccine experiment.
Top New Zealand doctor.
Very powerful video.
We'll get to it after Roger Stone leaves us.
Wuhan lab staffers seen being bitten by bats covered in blood and wearing no protective gear in new video because it's a giant virus harvesting industrial site.
World's first case of human infection with H1N3 bird flu recorded in China.
A new reason to freak out and run around crazy.
Former State Department lead investigator reveals wife of Wuhan lab researcher died from COVID in December of 2019.
When they were running Operation Lockstep, it was all on purpose.
Washington Post becomes latest media outlet to walk back debunk conspiracy theory Wuhan lab coverage.
Former FDA Commissioner, China should have blood samples from sick Wuhan lab workers.
Where are they?
Plus no cell phones operated for like a week in December right when this happened because the whole lab was sealed.
A giant facility, no cell phone activity because they had incubated it and released it on the staff.
So they had plausible deniability when they finally walked back to that point.
You'd get a nuclear war over this if it comes out of it on purpose.
So the UN, the deep state big corporations, China, and the Democratic Party, as well as the EU, all signed on to this in a meeting, and then released it, with the cover of Event 201 as the blueprint.
I've got a lot more on that, and I've got a lot more on just a whole bunch of issues.
Gun grabbing, everything coming up, chemicals in the water, huge developments on global sterilization by design.
But first, Roger Stone's coming on to cover a lot of big breaking news, and they're planning to go after Trump, and also Flynn.
We told you Flynn's really getting organized and really taking action.
And I told you he's trying to organize a lot of top generals to go public and just stand as Americans against the Chinese.
That's what we're trying to set up.
Flynn now saying he's violent because they want to put him in jail.
So pray for General Flynn.
That's the type of guy that they'll definitely go after.
So we're going to go to break and come back.
But I've been definitely, you know, off on some trips working on that.
That's no secret.
The enemy already knows all that.
We're just working on a huge awakening and a velvet revolution against their iron fist revolution.
So please fund us at InfoWarsTore.com.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and Roger Stone is coming up with some really important information in the next two segments.
We are here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central and we have got a major move to try to demonize General Flynn and they've got all the talking heads on every channel this weekend calling for him to be arrested for a clip we'll play next segment in Dallas this weekend talking about Miramar and the fact that there could be a coup here.
Well, I mean, we've had a globalist coup here with Joe Biden, but now he's clarified that and we'll get to that with Roger Stone and also clarify what the media is taking out of context.
With all the headlines, biggest story this weekend, it was literally trending number one on Twitter, Trump to be indicted by July 4th.
And like we were happy about that, like we were saying it, like it was legitimate.
So Roger Stone will set
The record straight coming up next segment.
But I had the crew put together just a short, quick little compilation of Democrats.
Look, this is a short one.
We've got a 15 minute one.
This is what, two and a half minutes long?
Coming out and saying, we want to kill him.
The deep state's going to kill him.
We want to coup against Trump.
He needs to go to jail.
Here are some of those headlines right here.
New book reveals General Mad Dog Mattis discussed secret military coup against President Trump while serving in his White House.
InfoWars revealed 25th Amendment deep state coup in 2017 with Roger Stone and the illegal spying that later all came out.
Biden absolutely convinced military to be used against Trump.
So they all wanted the coup that they're now claiming
General Flynn is pushing.
That is not happening.
So here's who's really been calling for coups, and they did engage in one with the election and the election fraud that's now coming out.
Here it is.
That's the risk of going to trial and he's convicted that could be seen as an impeachable offense.
I don't see how that wouldn't be an impeachable offense.
That tweet fits the Republican definition of an impeachable offense.
Where do you see an impeachable offense?
It is grounds for impeachment.
Potentially criminal or even impeachable.
Grounds for impeachment.
You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America.
America will triumph over you.
That apparently directed toward the President of the United States.
Is it impeachable?
100% is impeachable.
Very substantial evidence that the President is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanor.
You take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.
As a former government official, government's gonna kill this guy.
Impeachment's not good enough for Trump.
He needs to be imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement.
But for now, impeachment is the imperative.
That's right.
I ask you tonight... With so many people knowing about this...
It's interesting, and I'm kind of proud to say this, it took a member of the intelligence community to step up and bring it forward.
It's hard to imagine a set of circumstances that would have alarmed the founders more than what's on that call.
Where you have a president using the full power of his office to try to effectively coerce a foreign leader that is completely dependent on our country for military, economic, diplomatic, and other support.
Talk about pressuring a foreign country to interfere with and control a U.S.
It couldn't be clearer.
And that's not just undermining democratic institutions.
That is treason.
It's treason, pure and simple.
And the penalty for treason under the U.S.
Code is death.
That's the only penalty.
I mean, president's only a four-year job, but it feels like it's taken him five years to just fire his ass.
It's frustrating.
You know, I bet somebody explained how long impeachment takes to John Wilkes Booth, and he was like, okay, well, where's he at right now?
When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?
The call is the call, but there's nothing here that rises to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.
Well, they're wrong.
Well, I don't normally headline Chase.
We tend to make the news around here.
But when InfoWars is right in the center of the two top trends on Twitter and Google, trends this weekend, we're going to respond to it because it's newsworthy, because it's important.
We don't sit there and talk about what the Queen of England eats for lunch and that's some top story.
We don't follow that big story.
But when it's important to America and the world and every man, woman, and child on this planet, we do go there.
So I appreciate on short notice Roger Stone, you know, in the middle of his wife being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last week and inviting that to have time to be able to join us here today on two big stories.
Flynn, who I know Roger and others have been talking to about running for president, if Trump doesn't.
Was in Dallas, gave a speech, we'll play a clip in a moment, and was asked about Miramar and the coup there, and could we have one here?
And he basically just responded that, yeah, you could have one, and maybe there should be one, because we've had a globalist coup and election fraud, and you have the Democrats calling for all these coups, and the military calling for coups against Trump and spying on his phones and lying, so they actually did that.
They tried the coup.
Rod Rosenstein tried the coup, and Roger can respond to that.
Well, now they've called for him to be court-martialed.
He's come out and clarified what he really meant by this, but they're the ones that have been putting this out a hundred times, a thousand times, what Flynn ever even imagined.
They've been calling for our deaths.
My goodness, not just Trump's.
And then, of course, you've got the big story.
Roger has sources, and he's smart, but he lives in New York part of the year.
He's got his ear to the ground that they want to indict Trump by July 4th.
I've got the same sources, plus Democrats are on the news saying it's a criminal investigation, saying it's imminent.
And they know Trump's starting to go on the road and starting to galvanize a good populist movement to continue to control the Republican Party.
I think it's a very good call we made.
We're not saying we want it to happen.
We're not saying it's going to happen.
I think Roger's point, he told me this weekend, of saying this is a great danger is to get a debate going about how this is political, how it's a witch hunt, to get ahead of it, so that hopefully they don't, or if they do, we're not caught flat-footed.
But that's my take on both of these stories that are binary, that orbit each other.
Which one you want to tackle first, my friend?
Well, let's go first to the fact that there is no question whatsoever in my mind, based on my own sources, that fabricated charges will be brought against Donald Trump in a Manhattan courtroom.
I never said that these charges were legitimate.
I am reading between the lines.
The Wall Street Journal this morning essentially confirms our interview of last week.
Which is they are going to allege either bank fraud or tax fraud.
These are fabricated, politically motivated charges brought by Cyrus Vance Jr., an epically corrupt, partisan prosecutor in Manhattan.
So basically what I think is about to happen is the president is about to be subjected to the exact same thing that I was subjected to.
Fabricated and politically motivated charges, a corrupted political prosecution, a biased judge, more than likely, in terms of the Manhattan district, and a smear campaign.
Why are they doing this?
I think it's very clear.
First of all, the announcement by the President that he was going to go out on the road in June and July and start rallying the American people against the disintegration, the decline of the country, and the draconian authoritarian policies of the
Biden administration in which one if one simply expresses their First Amendment rights to disagree with the government or to question the anomalies or irregularities in the election or the safety of these vaccinations, you are immediately branded as a domestic terrorist as a threat to the state and your civil liberties vanish.
They're allowed to spy on you, listen to your phone calls, read your emails, surveil you illegally.
And therefore, I put this story out when I interviewed you, Alex, as a warning, as a cautionary tale.
They want to go after the president because they fear that if his name is on the ballot in 2024, he will beat them yet again.
So this is an attempt to stigmatize the president.
To smear him when in fact I don't think he's done anything wrong.
If you read these stories, the allegation is that he inflated the value of assets in order to borrow against them and therefore he is guilty of bank fraud.
The banks have their own appraisers.
The banks know what things are worth.
They are petrified about the political movement that Donald Trump heads, and this is yet another effort to disqualify him from beating the Democrats yet again.
I know you've got a lot coming out on this prosecutor, but I mean, Letitia James has joined it, you've got the FBI joining it.
How do you have the Southern District of New York, which is admittedly political against Giuliani, he used to head it up, against President Trump.
Presidents have always had immunity.
If they go after the president, they're then retroactively opening up all these other presidents.
This is a very, very dangerous road to be going down.
Well, the most amazing thing about that very powerful clip that you just showed, Alex, is that every single one of those public officials, we have overwhelming evidence of both corruption and treason.
There is no question that Donald Trump is being held to an extraordinarily different standard.
Look, let's be clear.
Joe Biden and Barack Obama illegally and unconstitutionally use the full authority of the U.S.
government and the capabilities of our intelligence agencies to spy on the President of the United States.
That's treasonous.
They should be prosecuted.
That's what Mr. Durham was supposed to be doing.
My lawyers were in touch with the Durham prosecution.
We let them know that the only Russian I met in 2016 was an FBI informant.
And that nothing illegal transpired other than the fact that it was a setup.
Mr. Durham has never responded.
The Mueller report glosses over this saying, oh, Roger Stone met with Henry Greenberg, a Russian national, but we have concluded that he wasn't working for the Russian state.
Why didn't they mention that he was in the country on an informant's visa signed off for by the Miami office of the FBI?
One of nine such visas paid off, signed off,
Mr. Barr, the Attorney General, also in on the coup as we now know, basically threw us a bone by appointing a prosecutor who is going to do absolutely nothing about the overwhelming evidence of illegal activity by John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton herself.
This list goes on.
Secondarily, the attack on General Flynn is because they fear him also.
Because there is a growing groundswell saying, well, if President Trump elects not to run, maybe General Flynn is the next Dwight Eisenhower.
Maybe he can be drafted.
I don't think he has any aspirations for political office, and like most Americans, he hates the dirty, corrupt nature of American politics and what it has become.
But I also believe in my heart that he would do his duty to the country if that moment came.
We're not there at the moment.
So now they're attempting to discredit him.
By the way, I don't believe you can court-martial a retired military officer who's no longer on active duty.
So, this is a smear.
By the way, the Business Insider has to be singled out as one of the worst pieces of crap on the face of the earth.
These guys are distortionists, they're propagandists, but I'll tell you one thing, they're most definitely not.
That would be journalists.
And let me just make this statement here.
I'm not going to elaborate on it, and we're not going to say any names, but a lawsuit against the two of us is in the process of being dismissed.
There's one more hearing, but the judge has signaled a dismissal of that, so we'll be able to talk about that in the next few weeks.
So there is a lot
Of stuff going on.
You've been attacked.
That's why we need your support.
I've been attacked.
We need your prayers.
We need your word of mouth.
The only way the great videos that Roger shoots every day that are banned on video in the Roger Stone section is when you share them.
On average, they're getting about 100,000 views.
So great job, folks.
They tried to silence Roger.
Please don't let him be silenced.
He's starting his new podcast soon.
It'll also be syndicated and simulcast over here at InfoWars.
on the Roger Stone section at band.video.
Roger, 30 seconds to break.
Tell people where they can support you because they bankrupted you and helped keep you on the air with you fighting cancer now with your wife.
How do people donate to you?
They can go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
Alex, as you know, holistic and natural treatment for cancer is not covered by any insurance, and it is expensive.
So, first and foremost, my sweet wife needs your prayers, but we also need your financial support.
Well, that's right, because you were well-to-do.
You lost everything when they persecuted you.
You live in a tiny apartment now, and folks want to support you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Entire corporate media is howling for his arrest, including former generals.
I don't see how he can't be charged with treason for saying, yeah, Miramar had a coup, maybe we need one here.
I mean, they called for a coup against Trump.
They plotted Rod Rosenstein, Mad Dog Mattis, in the White House.
They legally spied on him as a candidate and as a president.
They engaged in treason.
They work for Ukraine.
They work for Russia.
They work for China.
Every damn thing they say about us.
Roger Stone famously busted up a Russian spy ring in the 80s when he was the top lobbyist in the world.
That's quite a feat, top lobbyist in the world, my gosh.
Need a black cape with that.
But anyways, the point is, he's here with us now.
I want to get into Flynn more in a second, but first, people go, well these mad dogs won't indict a former president who didn't do anything, but they've shown they never think
This is going to empower Trump.
This is going to enrage America.
This is going to turn the temp from boiling to exploding.
Do you really think they're going to do it?
Because, like you said, they're saying they are.
They're making all the noises they are.
Will they really go ahead with it?
Roger Stone.
You know, Alex, I really think that they will.
I mean, clearly you saw the jujitsu that was attempted in the weekend media.
I mean, our interview late last week was recycled.
Neither one of us are allowed on Twitter, but we were trending on Twitter.
The third time I've trended on Twitter since January.
Not bad for an old man who isn't even on Twitter.
No, they fear Donald Trump.
They fear the American people being behind Donald Trump.
And therefore, I think the same kind of epic corruption you saw in my trial, the same kind of epic corruption you saw in General Flynn's trial, where they used trumped-up, fabricated charges, a biased judge, a stacked jury, and incredibly corrupt prosecutors.
They want to destroy Donald Trump.
They're not satisfied having cheated him out of the White House.
They actually want to put him in prison.
Or kill him.
And it's ironic because you're absolutely right.
You want to talk about court-martials?
Where is Mad Dog Mattis' court-martial?
He openly called for a coup against the President.
He was involved in plotting one.
Why hasn't he been arrested?
Why didn't Attorney General Barr arrest him when he was in authority?
Oh, that's right.
He was in on the coup, as we now know.
And then also disappointing, but I have to bring this up, is the continued head fakes of Steve Bannon.
Let's be very clear.
Not only did Steve Bannon steal the name of my InfoWars show with the great American Owen Schroer, The War Room, but he testified falsely at my trial against me.
He was an informant for Robert Mueller.
If you take his sworn testimony before the House Intelligence Committee,
Which was sealed at the time of my trial.
And his testimony on the stand at my trial, he clearly perjured himself in my trial.
So right now, here, today, I'm challenging Steve Bannon to come on InfoWars and debate this.
Let's have it out!
Alex, you can moderate it so it stays civil.
But he needs to answer as to why he was working with Robert Mueller to destroy me and send me to prison.
So there it is, the challenge, the gauntlet has been laid down, Big Steve.
Come on, Sloppy Steve, we can find a shootin' tie for you that's clean, I think, and you should come on InfoWars and answer what I just said.
And by the way, all you little banning groupies who want to go on social media and challenge me,
I wouldn't suggest it, because I will merely block you.
Facts are facts.
As the New York Post reported, and Jonathan Turley, the George Washington University law professor who read both transcripts and concluded, Bannon clearly perjured himself at one place or the other.
And since the entire central question on which I was being tried was lying to the House committee, you would think that it would be germane, it would be important.
As Professor Turley pointed out, there were 40 lawyers in the room at the time that Bannon testified.
Roger, you're fired up.
Please go back into this in a moment, but you just brought this in.
Shocking, great idea.
I don't know if you got the idea because Barnes and Foyntes had a great debate with over a million people that tuned in to that show and about a million have watched it since it banned on video.
So that's pretty successful.
I want to have debates.
I would let Bannon have his moderator here as well.
We could agree upon rules.
I want to have debates.
Bannon's been saying some nice things about me, and I used to admire him.
You used to say great things off-air about him and on-air.
I know you were shocked by this, but I think he really should come on and debate you.
I mean, let's go back, though.
You used to really like Bannon.
Why are you saying he did this to you?
Well, I have to assume that he did it because as we now know, he was under federal investigation at the time he testified against me.
The prosecutors had a legal obligation under Giglio to tell us that at the time of his prosecution, but of course they didn't do so.
My case could have been overturned on that basis alone had I not been pardoned.
But once I waived my right to an appeal, because I knew an appeal in the D.C.
Circuit was hopeless,
Neither the law nor the Constitution matters to virtually any judge in that circuit.
That opportunity was lost.
But he should not continue to be able to put himself forward as an advocate for the America First agenda.
Steve Bannon publicly accused the President of having Alzheimer's.
He said the Trump Organization was a criminal enterprise.
He said that Trump would be prosecuted.
I can do this almost verbatim.
When the American people learn he's not a billionaire, he's just another scumbag.
Well, let me ask you this.
I mean, do we know all that was really said or just the media claimed that?
I'm sorry, say it again.
Do we know he really said all that or just the media said that?
Because the media claims that... That is reported by the Guardian.
It's also in the book, Fast and Furious, and he's never denied it.
His defenders say, oh, well, that was two years ago.
It doesn't matter when it was.
Steve Banning called the President of the United States... Well, then here's the $64 trillion question.
Why did Trump give him a pardon?
I think he was blackmailed, that's what I think.
That is my opinion.
But again, I noticed that in Chinese, Steve Bannon's patron, Miles Kwok, last week, in an interview in the Chinese language, but with subtitles, accused Patrick Byrne, who I think has been a hero in this entire recourse, of being a red Chinese agent, because he once lived in China many years ago.
Patrick Byrne is a patriot.
And I think Mr. Kwok just defamed him.
Just an observation.
I've seen the trailer for their new film, Deep Rig, that's a banned-out video.
Well, I know this.
It looks like the slickest thing I ever saw.
Well, I think it is factual, and that is why they are running a campaign of censorship and deplatforming and control.
Oh, absolutely.
The proof is there of the fraud, but man, it's just the production quality looks better than HBO.
Roger, do five more minutes with me because I want to get into Flynn and drafting him if Trump isn't going to run.
Trump says if his health's good, he is going to do it.
I mean, I know that you want Trump to run.
Gosh, that's who we want.
He's the superstar.
Let's talk about that when we come back with Roger Stone.
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to 3 p.m.
Central and then the Great War Room!
With Owen Schroyer, formerly his talk show host, Roger Stone, who got indicted and barred from being on air so he could no longer be a talk show host.
And now Roger is so busy, he's taking care of his wife that has stage 3 cancer and also battling all the new attempts to put him in prison.
But he's unable to join us five days a week, but he has been able to join us last Friday.
It was the top story everywhere, it was on all the news channels, the number one on Twitter over the weekend.
I'm a simple Marine.
I want to know why what happened in Myanmar can't happen here.
No reason.
I mean, it should happen here.
That's right.
No reason.
It's hyperbole, they're all up there.
Roger, you were here at the start when I aired that two-and-a-half-minute compilation that we'll post this whole interview later when it's not live so people can see it at Mandaw Video.
And it was two-and-a-half minutes.
We have a 14-minute long, and I wasn't going to play that because you were here, of them saying, kill him, spy on him, arrest his family, put him in prison, have a military coup.
And this was Democrat leaders, some of which are sitting in Congress, saying this.
So what they said is a thousand times, literally,
Orders of magnitude bigger than what Flynn said, but their tone-death of the hypocrisy.
You know, Alex, I developed really a telephone relationship with General Flynn because I was going through an epic trial at the same time he was, and we were essentially being persecuted by the same people at the same time, but I didn't really get to know him.
Until more recently we recently had three hours together.
I must tell you he is a good man.
He is a man of destiny He is a man who believes in God.
He is a man who understands his duty to his country and that flip comment I don't think compares or even even approaches the epic corruption of people like Adam Schiff or
We're good.
Why are they smearing General Flynn?
Because he's a man of destiny.
Because they know that if President Trump, my first choice for president, I want to be clear, I'm for Donald Trump.
I think he'd be our strongest candidate.
But if for whatever reason he elects not to run, then I think the people need to draft General Flynn the way they have drafted Dwight Eisenhower.
So, this is a smear on a truly great American, when his critics have said far, far, far worse than he has said.
It is outrageous, but it's also typical.
It's a perfect example of the two-edged sword, the two-tiered justice system.
On the day that I was convicted, the prosecutor in my case, who at that point was also the prosecutor potentially of Andrew McCabe, announced that there would be no charges brought against McCabe for lying to the FBI in covering up essentially Operation Crossfire Hurricane.
Meanwhile, we're waiting for the Durham report.
Where is that, Mr. Durham?
I mean, in the Mueller report, they correctly reported that I was approached by a Russian national in 2016 who offered to sell me dirt on Hillary Clinton.
I turned him down flat.
But the Mueller report says there's no evidence that he was working for the Russian government.
No, there isn't.
Because he was working for the FBI.
Because we have a copy of his visa that was signed off on by the FBI office in Miami.
He was here as an FBI informant.
He approached me as an FBI informant.
But that's not included in Mr. Mueller's report.
And when my lawyer sent that information to Mr. Durham, we got no response whatsoever.
That's right, they're running around saying in congressional hearings that I was a Russian agent.
I mean, this is hundreds of times what McCarthy did.
Most of the time he called real communists in and grilled them.
It still looked a little un-American.
We now know it was actually, it was dead on.
But everything they ever accused McCarthy of or Nixon of in the Red Scare is what they've now done, again, way, way more intense.
No, this is right out of Alinsky's, you know, rules for radicals.
Always accuse your opponents of that which you yourself are doing.
They are the ones engaged in treason.
They're the ones who got caught in a massive abuse of power in which they use the authority of the US government and the capability of our intelligence agencies to spy on Donald Trump.
Even Richard Nixon didn't do that.
The Watergate break-in was stupid, but it was done by private individuals.
This is ten times worse.
This is an abuse of power that is greater than anything we have ever seen in American history.
Trump is right.
This is the greatest political scandal in our history.
So, you have to always take a grain of salt when you read the mainstream media.
And again, I want to point it out.
The Business Insider is the single most inaccurate, insidious, vicious, propagandist, distortionist website out there.
How were they?
Because there were so many hundreds of articles, I couldn't read them all.
I mean, how were they the worst out of that field of disinfo?
It's really hard when you throw in Salon and Vice and the rest of these other
Clean that up.
But it's just malicious in what they report because there's no accuracy.
There are no longer standards.
Let me be very clear.
I've been in American politics for 40 years.
Here's how it works.
When a journalist is going to write about a person, it is a journalistic rule that you call that person and you give them an opportunity to respond, on the record.
They don't have to respond, but you're supposed to give them the opportunity.
We both should have gotten hundreds of calls.
We both got zero, or at least I didn't get any calls.
Of course not, because they just write a fabricated narrative that is false.
Now, I'm not obligated to respond, but for example, there's a story in the Business Insider that says Jason Sullivan, former advisor to Donald Trump, calls for the hanging of Hillary Clinton.
Well, Jason Sullivan was not a media advisor for me.
He was hired by someone who worked for me because he allegedly had proprietary technology that could be used to maximize the value of your Twitter feed.
In fact,
This violated Twitter's rules and ended up with every single person I was following being unfollowed.
And he was fired after 30 days.
No, he is not an associate of mine.
No, I am not responsible for anything he has to say.
And in this case, I urge Sidney Powell not to allow him to speak.
According to Reuters, he was among those who testified against me at the grand jury.
I don't know that independently.
Sure, the point is, is that the media just absolutely twists and lies at levels number 14.
Roger, I appreciate your time.
In closing, in 30 seconds.
And then I've got one point I want to make.
What can Trump do to get out ahead of their attempt to indict him?
I mean, he ought to go have a rally in New York or something and just get in the face of this lie.
Well, first of all, I think he needs to be aware that this is happening.
One of the main reasons I said this on your show last week is as a warning, as a cautionary tale, so people understood what was about to happen.
You know, this would be unique in our history that a former president would be harassed
But if that were the case, then George W. Bush could be tried right now for war crimes, but that isn't going to happen.
So I think the president needs to speak out now and point out the American people that this is a fraud.
This is a politically motivated, completely fabricated, bogus prosecution, which I am absolutely convinced is coming because they fear Donald Trump.
They don't want his name on the ballot again because they know how beloved he is by the American people.
I went to this Memorial Day boat parade in Jupiter, Florida.
This is months after the election.
I've never seen anything like this.
The outpouring of love and patriotism.
And that's why they want to go after him to discredit the fact that he is still the leader of the Republican Party.
Real fast, because I know you've lost everything and I want to support you and your wife and keep you in the fight, Roger.
How do people go make a donation for your wife's massive bills now that they've already bankrupted you now that she's got stage 3 cancer?
Go to StoneFamilyFund.com.
Yes, while... Hey, Roger, you should come back on The Whirlwom in the next few days.
There's so much to talk about.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Honored and blessed to be here in our attempt to unify humanity.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, you may have never heard of the Tulsa Massacre that happened 100 years ago.
And it was a terrible thing that happened and similar things happen around the world constantly.
There are massacres every day in Africa where somebody does something wrong and another group gets mad and a fight starts and then it becomes a chain reaction and hundreds die.
But why are you hearing about the Tulsa Massacre now?
Why is President the Puppet Biden going to speak on it repeatedly in the next few days?
Well, George Floyd did so well for them dividing the country and causing a summer of rage and $2 billion of damage with thousands of buildings burned down and hundreds of people killed.
It turns out George Floyd's death was questionable.
It probably shouldn't have happened.
But Tulsa Massacre really did happen and was a travesty.
And so now you can have Tulsa memorials everywhere and teach black folks that the white people are out to get you.
And so don't worry about the vaccines.
Don't worry about the open borders.
Don't worry about world government.
Have the new Black Panther Party march in and talk about how killing white people is good because whites are inherently bad.
That's what you do when you're a communist Chinese globalist agent, you want to divide the country, is you come out and you hype up anything you can find.
Because you know they say that lynchings and cross burnings are at an all-time high because they're at an all-time low.
And 99% of the hate crimes of a swastika painted on the wall or a cross in a yard turns out are staged.
Staged by the left to create division.
Remember when all those Jewish centers were getting attacked in New Jersey and New York?
Right after Trump got elected?
Came such an issue, you had to do an early State of the Union and address and say, I like Jews and I don't want to burn down Jews' synagogues.
And it turned out it was leftist Jews burning down their own buildings.
And they got caught!
Three different men, and it got shut down where you never even heard of it.
Knocking over the gravestones.
Throwing firebombs at the synagogues.
And it was leftist Jews to blame Trump.
Does that mean Jews are bad?
Absolutely not.
Does it mean black people are bad?
Because thousands of black people, not just Jussie Smollett, not just Bubba Wallace, staged events so they could be victims.
Hell, I got an article right here where a white woman adopted a black girl and basically tortured her for years, knowing she'd get sympathy with a black baby to get money.
That's a crazy white person doing that.
These people exist, ladies and gentlemen.
But I have a stack of articles of black folks going up and shooting crowds of other black folks in Chicago, in Miami, in Dallas, in LA, in Portland, in the Bay Area of San Francisco and Oakland.
And it's a blip when 20-something people get shot and a bunch die, because it's black on black.
And it just happened.
But oh my gosh!
Doesn't matter if thousands of blacks down here in Chicago shoot each other.
We're not going to have memorials.
We're not going to have plaques.
We're not going to have that for them.
We're gonna have it where some white people went crazy and killed some black folks.
And don't worry!
If the new Black Panther Party gets its way and actually starts killing white people en masse, there's a bunch of crazy white people that are gonna go out and randomly start killing innocent black people just the other way around, and there are gonna be a whole bunch of dead people, black and white.
And I don't think you're going to see the new Black Panther Party.
In fact, let's get one of the original founders of Black Panther Party on to break this down as soon as you guys can, please, this week.
He's got his own channel now.
He's been censored off Twitter for standing up against racism and division at band.video.
And what's his name?
Everybody forgets real Black Panthers names.
How he got put in prison trying to promote peace.
What's his name, folks?
That's right.
Or tell me my ear's name.
I know his name.
I'm sorry, it's rhetorical, guys.
Larry Pinkney!
And we need to get, in fact this weekend, I tried to turn the TV off but I can't help do research and it was just, I mean I've got hours of black people saying kill white people on video.
I mean it is the most vile beyond KKK stuff because you know you don't see the KKK out as unsavory as they are saying let's kill all the black people and they're all bad kill every one of them and I would say that's a really bad thing to do.
It's so stupid!
But no, this is being done, ladies and gentlemen, on a mass scale.
So I've got a Fox News clip on this.
I've got the threats being made.
I've got the new Black Panther Party run by the Globalists stomping around.
We've got all that coming up at the bottom of the next hour.
Hell, I may even just get to that at 15 after next hour.
I've just got a lot of clips I want to get together because I got busy today and didn't get all the clips of the crew.
But I've got to... Yeah, we'll do it at the bottom of the hour because I've got to do some preparation on this.
I'm going to show you footage of black folks killing white people, killing each other.
Killing Asians.
And then you never see that on the news.
But then, my goodness, one crazy white person goes into a black church and kills nine people.
It's terrible.
And man, it's the end of the world and all whites are guilty.
And there's vigils at meetings and everywhere because it fits in to the media narrative.
And so all these lives are valuable.
Black, white, it doesn't matter.
And I know as an audience, you get that.
Now let me shift gears into what I need to hit, because I only hit part of the vaccine news and how the wheels are coming off on that and where all that's going.
And I need to get that together.
And then I've got these two folders right here.
You see these two folders?
This affects everybody.
And it deals with fertility and eugenics and how we're all being targeted.
And what that is going to end up looking like very, very soon.
Incredible stuff when we start next hour that's in this stack.
Let me just give you a little sneak peek.
China raises cap on births to three in major policy shift.
First they said you can only have one kid, now they want you to have three.
What's behind that?
That's a huge deal.
It ties into this.
All these articles tie together.
Mercury poisoning makes birds act homosexual.
What does that mean?
National Geographic.
Researchers in Japan use soybean compound to make catfish 100% female.
I mean, you'll go out to the mall, the grocery store, anywhere, and you'll see a big old strong black man and a good-looking strong black woman, and you'll see three of their kids
And they all look like effeminate little boys, and they're like 18.
You see a big old white guy, a big old, you know, healthy black lady or Hispanic lady or white lady, and they all look big and strong.
And then their kids look like girls.
We're going to tell you how they're doing it.
We're going to name it, and if you want to stop it, how you can stop it.
So if you don't want your son's endocrine system to tell his olfactory nerve that men smell good.
They don't look good, but they start smelling good, and that's why you get excited.
Maybe your son needs to start not eating soy.
Big studies on that.
It literally makes you attracted to males.
And the left's like, hey, this is, it's all planned.
Hey, everybody's gonna be gay now!
This isn't about bashing homosexuals.
I'm not gonna use the damn terms you tell me.
Gay means you're happy.
It's about sterilizing us and making it cool when we're all sterile.
Isn't it fun when we're all sterile?
I'm gonna lay all this out while they're busy trying to tell you about Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Half the black people in this country never got born.
You're gonna hear a damn word out of the left on that because they're the ones running it.
So that's all coming up.
Now, let me hit this.
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Let's start out this segment with a George Floyd memorial body count.
Then coming up, we'll get into what's really going on with the promotion of the Tulsa Race Massacre.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
Behind me is the George Floyd Memorial.
This is where George Floyd was killed back in May.
Take a look.
These barricades have been set up by protesters and supporters of the movement.
They don't allow anyone in, not even the police.
It's called an autonomous zone.
You're going to be in a bad situation here in a second.
Oh, I thought if we were on this side of the barricade.
You're going to be in a bad situation in a second.
Because you've been called out for what you are.
I know what you are.
You need to get in your car and go.
I don't give a f*** who you are.
I've been called out for who you are.
You need to get in your car and go.
How many lives will be offered at the altar of St.
George Floyd?
On June 19th, 2020, Damian Chambers was fatally shot at the George Floyd Square.
Then on July 5th, 2020, Lanisha Columbus was fatally shot a block away from the George Floyd Square, and the child she was pregnant with died four weeks later.
One of Lanisha Columbus's closest friends and her daughter marveled at the fresh memorial.
I don't understand why a person would take her life.
I don't.
I don't.
Then on March 6th, 2021, Emaz Wright was shot outside the Cup Food Store and died at a nearby hospital.
He was a navigator helping people find a better path, focusing on youth in and around 38th and Chicago.
Friends and family believe it was that effort that cost him his life.
And as the George Floyd debacle reached its anniversary, shots continued to ring out.
I'm on it!
I'm on it!
All at the intersection of East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
In the wake of the local unrest in the Minneapolis-St.
Paul area following George Floyd's death, the second most destructive property damage took place in U.S.
Only after the 1992 Los Angeles riots, the devastation would tally up at least $2 billion in insurance claims spreading across 140 U.S.
It's also true that there are times where that square is violent.
It's creating a haven, though unintentionally, for criminal activity and behavior.
When I open my door, I look across the street and George Floyd Square is directly across the street.
Depending on who's on the barriers, sometimes it's easy to get in and sometimes it's not.
These rules that are hanging near the area that the protesters have occupied has been circulating around the internet for several days now.
It defines this zone as a sacred place for the community.
It asks people to enter with humility and reverence and that's all fine and good of course, but if you continue reading the rules...
A little bit farther.
You'll find some rules that are specifically for white people only.
For example, they require people with a lighter skin tone to quote, seek to contribute to the energy of the space rather than to drain it.
They also say that white people should decenter themselves.
The innocent and unacknowledged became collateral damage as the Marxist Black Lives Matter mob and Antifa looted, destroyed, and murdered those they chaotically deemed deserving of their rage.
Offer some TVs, cuz!
Come on, cuz!
Come on, man, we're better than this, cuz!
Offer a TV, cuz!
Would George Floyd agree that his life is more important than that of 53-year-old federal law enforcement officer Patrick Underwood, or 53-year-old Louisville barbecue man James McAtee, or 22-year-old Iowan Italian Marie Kelly, or the other people who have died as a result of the swirling inertia of the chaotic protests?
Or the brutal beatings of innocent people desperately trying to protect their businesses.
The destruction of which destroys the lives of innocent people connected to those businesses either by employment, community, or family.
People work too hard!
Too hard!
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third hour of the broadcast.
It's Tuesday, June 1st.
The year is 2021.
All right, let me get into this right now because Joe Biden wants to distract from the humans smuggling the open borders.
He wants to distract from hundreds of thousands getting sick and dying from the poison vaccines.
He wants to distract from being a communist Chinese agent and the three million Muslims, Christians, and Buddhists in death camps.
I don't know.
4,000, I have the FedZone numbers right here, 4,000 people shot a year in Chicago, 95% of them black, 90% of that black on black.
They want to distract from all of that and continue to divide and conquer this country.
America's only 4% of the world population.
96% live outside the country.
But you tune into our media, you would think there's a race war in this country.
You would think black people and white people hate each other.
We've seen crime going down since the early 90s.
Now it's started to go back up the last few years.
And if you look at the crime statistics that they try to suppress in the media, it's 10 to 1 black on white.
Still, it doesn't mean black people are out on purpose in large statistics trying to kill white people.
But when it comes to people hunting down people because of what color they are, ladies and gentlemen, it is overwhelmingly black on white.
Black on Asian, because the media and all these different websites like WorldStarHipHop and the rest of it, promote that that's what needs to happen.
And the new Black Panther Party has been in the Houston Chronicle, I've had them on a debate of these guys, saying, don't go out and mug, don't go out and loot in the black neighborhood, go and do it to the whites and the Asians, they deserve it.
Now it doesn't really happen in the Hispanic neighborhoods because the Hispanics stick together and shoot back.
But it's a terrible thing and the black people...
In these neighborhoods are being fed on by these thugs as well.
So it's getting very, very scary.
And the media then covers it up.
They don't prosecute.
I have a stack of articles here where black people kill white people in cold blood and the grand jury's no bill saying, well, they're black.
We're not.
We're going to let them kill whites.
Kind of like the illegal aliens are allowed to kill whites or blacks.
Like in San Francisco, you've seen the cases where the jury and the grand jury says no.
You know, you're allowed to shoot a white lady in the back twice.
She deserves it.
Because she's white.
And you see the New York Times saying whites are inherently bad, deserve to die.
So it's the corporate media and the big tech companies that literally are totally evil that are distracting and diverting us to kill each other.
I can show you hours of footage of a white lady walking in St.
Louis by the lake and black folks just shoot her for fun.
I can show you hundreds of videos just this year.
But the reason I say that is, there's a bigger picture here.
The globalists already had a lockdown to try to bankrupt the economy.
They already tried to have a bunch of riots with 10 plus billion dollars of big corporate funding to Black Lives Matter and others last summer, but it wasn't enough.
And they know there's going to be some questionable events, and some cops are going to do some wrong things.
People are people.
And they plan this summer to really destabilize this country so Biden can bring in not just martial law in D.C., but martial law nationwide.
And they're trying to exacerbate racial divisions with stuff like this.
Biden administration sought to use race to determine federal benefits.
Courts now have stepped in.
But Biden says he'll sign executive orders and ignore what the courts say.
So this is really evil.
Oh, you got a white-owned business.
We ordered shutdown for a year, you don't get any money.
But if you're black, you do.
That, you don't replace one wrong 60, 70, 100 years ago with another wrong.
This is just insane.
And again, the globalists know what they're doing.
It's in the WikiLeaks.
There's top professors talking to Hillary, and they say, once you get in, you've got to accelerate culture war.
Men against women, women against men, black against white, white against black.
That's what all this is.
So there's a lot of real white races, real black races, killing each other.
And the more that happens, the more there's reasons for people to get tribal, because it's like a gang.
You don't want to be in the Crypts of the Bloods, but you wear a red hat, you get shot.
You don't want to be in a race war, but you're white, so you get mugged.
Now you become a racist.
Now you go out and target a random black person.
That's called a race war.
And so, they go back into our history.
A witness is saying that a black man that worked in a building, one of the first high-rises, threw this white lady down a
Elevator shaft in a fight.
He gets arrested.
Folks say there's going to be a lynching.
A hundred black guys show up with their guns.
Somebody shoots.
Ten white people died.
Two black people died.
Now the white people go, well we're not going to let that happen.
They go get their guns and a giant war starts for two days on Memorial Day weekend.
You know liquor was involved on both sides.
That's a historical thing that went on.
Biden's dredging it up, sending in feds to dig up graves and create all sorts of hysteria to distract from what's currently happening, the burying of America.
That's, oh, there's no talk about 50 plus percent of blacks being aborted before they're born.
There's no talk about drugs being shipped by the CIA into your neighborhood.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's all how white people in Tulsa, when almost everybody's dead, this is a hundred years ago.
This happened a hundred years ago.
I don't know how folks that are 105 or 102 say they remember it, but okay.
And now open the wounds up again.
So they got all this traction for race war with George Floyd.
Imagine what they're going to get now.
Well, here's the new Black Panther Party, not the real Black Panther Party.
This is the new Black Panther Party.
And there's hours of this at Infowars.com.
What they were saying to a crowd buying into it.
Listen to this nonsense.
Because when it's planned, it's at hand.
Because that time is coming and we're gonna rat-tat-tat.
And when that time is coming and we're gonna rat-tat-tat, we're gonna kill everything white and tight that ain't right.
Because all what you have done to us, all what you've done in the 6,000-year span of killing 600 million of us, and 480 years in particular, and 150 million in the past, they've turned their heads up.
Because this is the time, and this is the state, of the race of dress.
Because they are a race.
They're trying to hold on to power.
Because race has a beginning and an ending.
And your Indian time has been up since 1914, no good peck of wine.
Why does everybody want to get into countries founded by whites that are Christian?
Because there are basic rights, there are basic freedoms, things aren't perfect, but it's better than other countries.
You know, it was blacks sold blacks into slavery.
Whites sold whites into slavery.
Everybody knows that.
He's going back 6,000 years?
White people are the bad guys?
So this goes on and on, hundreds of black people with guns saying the fight's about to start.
Well just like it did 100 years ago when 100 blacks showed up at the jail, no one was being lynched, shots came out, 10 whites got killed, 2 blacks got killed, and you had a little mini race war.
So the globalists are looking for this to repeat on a national scale what happened in Tulsa, or looking to repeat what happened in LA in 1992.
And that's why Biden's going, they're going, boy, if we use one black guy dying, questionably, imagine what we can do now to divert from the takeover of the country.
And as Biden said, China's going to win its war against America by 2030.
That's when they want to win.
2030, 2035.
And so you see the actual enemies playing us off against each other.
And it really is disgusting.
We're going to come back and go to a little Fox News clip where, again, no one's even pointing out this is old wounds being opened.
No one's pointing out this isn't opportunistic.
And now they're saying, oh, there have been other cases of this.
Yeah, there's other cases of one town killing another town.
And there's other cases of one black town killing another black town.
There's cases of Native Americans killing each other and whites killing Native Americans and Native Americans killing whites.
That's what people do.
That's what goes on all over the world.
But you don't hear them talking about, oh, a million blacks killed by other blacks at the behest of the UN and the Clintons in Rwanda.
Christians killed by the other tribe at the UN Directive.
You don't hear about millions killed in the Arab Spring funded by Obama and...
The globalists know, because these are cold-blooded killers, but they can try to, with all the Hollywood movies and all the TV shows, to talk about whites killing blacks and creating all these fake narratives and then dredging up old narratives and magnifying them to bring the country down.
This is how you kill the country.
It's how the dollars are no longer the world reserve currency.
It's how your pension funds aren't worth anything.
It's how you don't have a job anymore.
And now you got universal guaranteed income to live in a little 200 square foot
Prison cell, coffin apartment, and you get your universal income, but forced inoculations come with it.
This is America going into slavery.
They want to start a race war this summer.
So there's a lot of ignorance out there.
There's a lot of people that drive under the speed limit in the fast lane.
There's a lot of folks that let their kids play out in traffic.
There's a lot of people that are scared of their own shadows and superstitious.
And there are a lot of people who don't understand why America, really England, was the first place to get rid of tribalism in a belief that we could unify people around Jesus Christ.
But now the globalists don't want that.
They want to unify people under the New World Order.
They want to racially divide everybody and create such division that no one can ever get together and oppose their dominance and their control.
In fact, even Michael Moore in his last film interviewed a famous Lepus about that.
But when you hear them mention the tactics they use, realize that they're telling you about the tactics acting like conservatives or Christians are doing it when they're the ones clearly doing it.
And again, it's so transparent that Biden hides behind
Protecting black people, and he's the one, with Robert Byrd, the KKK leader, and Hillary, that passed a law to give black people sentences three times longer than white people.
Which is a terrible idea, because you take a bunch of young black males, put them in prison for non-violent crimes, they come out with a degree in crime.
But that was the plan.
Very, very sick.
Here's a little bit of Fox News gushing over Biden and how great him opening these old wounds are.
Who is going to call this out?
How obvious this is.
Here it is.
John, good to see you.
This is the first president, by the way, to travel here to Tulsa to commemorate the dark days and to pay homage to so many who lost their lives, their property and their livelihood a hundred years ago.
You know, right now, there are only a handful of survivors remaining of the actual attack.
And before speaking today, President Biden will be meeting with them.
And he is also going to tour at least one of the cultural centers here in the Greenwood District of Tulsa.
Formerly known as the Black Wall Street until 1921 when an angry white mob burned almost everything to the ground.
At least 300 people died.
Exact numbers this many years later, still not known.
I still see black men seen being shot.
Black bodies lying in the street.
I still smell smoke and see fire.
Very, very painful memories, as you can imagine, for a lot of people in this community.
Today's speech, by the way, will be hitting on a number of things, including President Biden's announcement of some specific measures to address racial inequality in this country.
One example being a new plan to help narrow the wealth gap between white Americans and black Americans.
The President's going to be meeting with three people who survived that massacre from 101 to 107 years old.
God bless them that they're still around.
Casey Stegall for us.
Yeah, they had to have been very young back then.
Good to see you, my friend.
Boy, this is so incredibly exploitive.
So incredibly exploitive.
You know the top nine wealthiest groups per capita in this country are Asian.
Because they work hard, they go get their grades, they start businesses, they reinvest almost all the money.
I mean, the idea that black versus white and the income disparity separation that's almost gone away.
On average.
I mean, this is pure racism, pure division.
Whites are evil.
It'll make whites go be in their own racial group.
Whites that weren't racist are becoming that out of sheer protection.
And then it's going to make all the, quote, brown groups of the majority worldwide coming in to get their free stuff, hate white people, with a bunch of multinational corporations manipulating and controlling the whole damn thing.
You're not considering showing you hours of black folks shooting white people.
But I don't even really get to that because I don't want to create the division.
And we're not hiding it.
We show some of it.
But again, it's all being done in the media, hyping only certain events.
Just like saying whites are attacking Asians at record numbers.
That's not even true.
They use black attacks on Asians to say whites are doing it.
They have marches in Chicago and New York against white supremacism.
And now at the new Amazon headquarters in New York, they're finding all these nooses.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
This is PSYOP.
It's how you sink the ship.
It's how you bring the country down.
Here's some of the numbers.
This is ABC News out of Chicago.
Chicago shootings.
32 shot, 4 fatally, in Memorial Day weekend violence across the city.
4,000 on average shot a year.
Almost all black-on-black.
1,298 so far this year.
That's 291 more than last year.
It's growing.
There's the statistics on that.
Let's continue here.
The whole Tulsa massacre.
Notice the news doesn't tell you.
And I'm not defending what happened there.
It's stupid.
It's a tragedy.
But it's how a real race war starts.
They report that a black man gets into some altercation where he worked in a building with a 17-year-old white woman.
She gets thrown down the elevator shaft.
The guy is taken to jail.
There's a rumor there's going to be a lynching or he has been lynched.
100 armed black men show up.
White folks show up.
10 whites get shot.
Two blacks get shot.
And then the whole race war starts for two days and a bunch of people get killed.
And you notice the news just said, oh, just for no reason, the white people just burned down the whole city and killed the black people.
Again, just say how it started.
Say what went on.
Say it was stupid and people drunk on a weekend.
They don't tell you that, because they want to repeat it, but on a wider scale.
And I always see the racist blacks go, oh, that Jones is scared, we're going to come get him.
Yeah, I'm real scared, man.
They're putting cancer viruses in everybody.
They've got chemtrails.
They've got 5G killing everybody.
World government's here.
China's got 3 million people in death camps, run by big tech.
Yeah, I'm scared for everybody.
I'm not sitting here stupidly scared of black people.
And how you're going to come get me and I got my Second Amendment because I'm scared and all this crap.
Look at this BLM co-founder, Marxist, works for George Soros, called for an end to Israel.
Whether you like Israel or not, the left calls me a Nazi for believing America should exist.
This woman hates Jews, says Israel shouldn't exist, but she's wonderful.
New York black man sucker punches Asian woman.
This is just today.
Chinatown knocks her out cold.
Yeah, let's show the footage of the white supremacist.
Can we show all the white supremacists attacking Asians?
Because that's what the news says.
And it goes on and on and on.
And we got leftists attacking Trump supporters.
We got pizza delivery man ambushed by teams in lawless Paris neighborhood.
Again, because he's white.
South Carolina jury find black man who confessed to killing white man for no reason, not guilty of murder, spends less than two hours liberating.
Just randomly shot him!
It goes on and on and on, and then you got all the other weirdness that's happening.
But what's really happening, I'll describe when we come back.
Because there's articles that parallel this that are keystones to it.
Look at this.
White mom charged with medical child abuse for subjecting black daughter to unnecessary treatment.
How does that tie in?
You go, what does that mean?
I'll tell you how my brain works when we come back, because this explains it all.
And the answer is right here in this article.
Secretary for Kenya's Atheist Society announces he's found Jesus Christ.
We're going to talk about it all.
We need to resign from being manipulated by the globalists.
We need to resign from Satan.
We need to sign up with Jesus.
That's the answer.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
But the first president to visit in a hundred years.
Yeah, to try to cause a damn race war in Tulsa.
A post-human AI takeover is in high gear.
The mark of the beast, implantable microchips are being announced.
The border's wide open, millions of people, hundreds of thousands of children are being smuggled across, many of them given to sex traffickers.
The FBI's waived background checks for where the children are even going.
That's happening right now.
But we're hearing all day about Tulsa, Oklahoma and a race war that started out a hundred years ago and people aren't even being told why it started or what happened.
They're just told a bunch of evil white people just randomly did something.
And then it's a bunch of weird, lying, multinational anchors telling you that.
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And I'm not going to get into all the things they've done, the persecution, because I'm not a loser, and I'm not a victim, and I'm not going to sit there and whine about it, but they've gone through the last four years and scanned everything.
And they go, oh, you're using this software for your InfoWars members on your shopping cart that allows people to have an account and to get Patreon points and to sign up for AutoShip.
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Sorry, sue us if you want.
Okay, well, we already had that built by a separate firm for us.
So, and I'm not going to go over it all, but
We started knowing this was happening a few years ago, so right when that happened, we go, funny!
We already paid to have both those developed.
We had them ready, but it made us go ahead and move over to that.
I mean, everything.
So that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger?
That's really true, but then we take so much of our time up, squirreling around trying to just stay on air.
I mean, they death-threaded and got rid of all our sponsors.
Six, seven years ago.
So I kind of just, well, I went away from sponsors to direct sales, which we were already doing.
And they try to go after the suppliers.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
This is a criminal takeover.
They hate you.
They hate America.
They hate you if you're black.
They hate you if you're white.
They hate you if you've got red blood.
They hate you if you're independent.
They hate you for being alive.
They want the whole planet for themselves.
And I'll hit that in the final segment coming up.
But let me finish up.
With Tulsa!
The Tulsa Massacre!
The Tulsa Massacre!
See, they saw how the Feds got really in trouble and got a black eye, no pun intended, for burning up Waco and killing that diverse, multiracial group of people.
And they knew they could have got Correction Town any time they wanted.
So that brought America together and realized that the Feds and the new ATF director that helped murder everybody, he said he loved doing it, posed with their skulls and everything,
Are a problem.
That that could be the problem.
A centralized, out-of-control government that's unconstitutional.
And so now they go, oh, we got a massacre a hundred years ago.
Let's go talk about that.
And it goes on and on and on.
But let's just show for TV viewers, here's the Miami event.
You know, I looked up that Miami nightclub and saw last week that it was a black club.
And I said on air, I said, you know, it'll probably end up being a black club, gang related.
And sure enough, black guys get out of the car, they go shoot other black people.
20 innocent people, two people they think were in the rival gang.
But, you know, not very cool to go shoot the rival gang amongst a bunch of other people.
But there you go!
Now imagine you've
Five white people had got out, the police now have confirmed it's a rival black gang, and gone and shot up the other gang.
It would have been burn the country down.
But that hasn't happened yet, unless they can trigger a race war like Tulsa, where a bunch of whites do get killed, like the New Black Panther Party says do.
And if you go out and kill a couple hundred white people randomly, then a bunch of crazy white people are going to just start randomly killing black folks.
And then we're off to the races, everybody killing each other, and the globalists sit back and laugh.
And that's how Fauci and Bill Gates are going to get away with what they've done to everybody with these poison vaccines and their world government and the Chi-Coms, because we're a bunch of dumbasses.
Or we could not be idiots and say no to this and wake up.
Now let me show you the answer to this.
Look at this big article, Moonshousen by proxy.
White mom charged with medical child abuse for subjecting black daughter to unnecessary treatment.
You guys actually pull up the Daily Mail article, it's chilling.
And this woman got all this attention.
She talked about what a virtuous signaler she was, how she was taking care of the black child for all these years, putting breathing tubes in her, doing all this stuff.
The child thought, this is my mommy, so I better do what she says.
And I better let her do all these treatments.
This woman is a microcosm of the globalists, of the big banks, of Soros, of Apple and Google and Facebook, giving billions to these race groups.
They're hiding their evil behind black people, just like this woman was milking donations and money while she tortured this little black girl.
I don't care if that girl's black or white.
That's torture.
And so these people become these heroes, they get all over the news how they're the white savior taking care of this little black girl.
Well, that's what the big banks are doing.
That's how they're literally taking the black community that's been kept in a bad position, kept down, allowed crime in the areas, gangster society, destroyed the black family, they're doing it to everybody else now, and then play us all off against each other.
And that's the white liberal, the white globalist behind the whole thing, playing it off because they're not really a liberal, they're parasites.
And that dovetails with this.
Off-duty officers stop gunmen from mass attack in Houston nightclub.
You'll never hear because it's black on black.
But here's another one.
White crazy dude planned mass shooting at Walmart, stopped by arrest of Texas man, authorities say.
Point is, there's evil in all colors.
But imagine if he happened to shoot some black people, then it would be a greater crime.
No, it's bad period.
And it goes on from there.
The answer is this article from NationalFile.com.
Secretary for Kenya's Atheist Society announces he's found Jesus Christ resigns.
We need to come together under Christ, under God.
That's what everything shows.
That's how
We've come together.
That's how we're not controlled by these evil, satanic forces.
But there it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Just like she was using that black baby, because the media makes blacks God.
Not because they're empowering blacks, but because they are putting them as their shield, so then the white, low-level people pretend they're black.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome back to
The end of the Alex Jones section of today's transmission.
But we've got coming up a very informative guest host, Paul Joseph Watson.
And I'm going to be hosting tomorrow, not just my regular show, I'm going to be hosting The War Room with Rob Duke, because Owen Schroer is getting some well-deserved time to go visit his family in Missouri.
But let me just finish up with something we've been covering is this attempt at race war, this attempt that whites are inherently bad by the corporations, by the media, by big tech, by the chi-coms.
It's all just a very cynical divide and conquer in their own words.
But look at this video.
I don't have time to get to it.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Watch students sign, cancel Memorial Day petition.
It's a celebration of U.S.
imperialism and colonialism.
Boy, didn't everybody want to live under the U.S.
Now you live under the Communist Chinese Empire.
So, what will be the dominant system we're under?
It certainly isn't an American system.
It's a total system of poverty, medical tyranny, divide and conquer, dehumanization.
What did George Orwell say?
There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment.
With the process of life, all competing pleasures will be destroyed.
But always, do not forget this, Winston.
So we have Jocelyn Adams shot in the face, killed at a drive-thru hamburger shop.
For absolutely no reason.
You got white devils coming and trying to save her.
And you don't even ever learn her name.
The media never really says it.
You know, we had to dig it up.
But see, that's the reality of what goes on here.
Meanwhile, we're all being targeted by the globalists for extinction.
We're all being dehumanized.
And let me lead you now to what I mentioned earlier in the last hour right now.
The rest of the story.
And they attack on humanity.
I'm going to shoot some special reports on this because this is really front and center now.
Communist China, Communist China, if you were lower class, they didn't force it on party members, the million or so party members, but the other billion or so people.
I don't know.
Well, now China's decided to break with the globalists.
They were given all the military power, all the economic power as part of this eugenics plan to lead the way into sterilization.
But the Chinese government, I told you a month ago, said, we've won the bio war with America.
They even admitted they did it.
And we're going to now permanently shut them down.
But we need three children.
And we recommend you abort most of your daughters.
We want more men to export.
As we take the world over, our Chinese men will take African and American and European and Latin American wives.
That's actually a plan of genetic colonization.
But that's okay, because they're Asian.
So, you know, Hitler-level stuff from Asians is okay.
China raises cap on births to three in major policy shift.
That the Fabian Socialist Trudeau of Canada really praises.
You know, you can make decisions like that, like Biden said.
Married Chinese couples may have three children, China announced on Monday, in a major shift from the existing limit of two.
Recent data showed a dramatic decline in births in the world's most populous country.
And of course, they ended the one-child policy five years ago and said, OK, you can have two, but well, they're just not having them because they've been so sterilized.
That leads us to this.
Mercury poisoning makes birds homosexual.
National Geographic
Almost every major bird species is seeing massive declines if they're around any industrialized areas because the male birds try to have sex with other male birds when they are in contact with mercury.
That's why the Romans started lining their pots with lead.
Towards their decline, they became psychotic, more warlike, and homosexual.
And again, I don't hate people that are into the same sex.
I'm explaining this is being done to end us, like the birds, or you know, major colonies of birds are collapsing, major groups of frogs are coming extinct, because they're so trendy!
Oh, and don't worry, they have articles making fun of me with
Blue's Clues with the gay frogs and Moloch with a child being sacrificed.
That's even on it.
But that's for another show.
I'm out of time there.
Mercury poisoning makes birds act homosexual.
National Geographic.
This is new.
This is really big.
Researchers in Japan say soybean compound to make catfish 100% female and all the studies if you eat soy from the full soybean.
Which is what Henry Ford started the processing of.
Before that, you didn't feed soybeans to humans.
If you eat the center of the soybean, you might as well go take estrogen.
And that's why, whether you're black, whether you're white or Hispanic, if mothers that eat a lot of soy in utero, the boy's penis is smaller and smaller testicles and lower sperm count.
It's a cocktail of soy, it's a cocktail of phthalates, it's all there.
Remember they had Stephen Colbert, all of them attacked me a few years ago saying Jones is insane when I warned of this because they want to make sure it becomes a joke to you so that when it actually comes out you subconsciously have already been programmed to think it's funny so you don't take it as a threat.
Oh, but nobody's going to tell you that's happening.
Japanese researchers use soybean compound to turn male fish into females.
Infowars.com wrote a big story about it.
Paul Joseph Watson.
Very damn important.
It had 13,000 retweets.
Retweet blues, clues, gay frogs that scare Alex Jones.
No, that helped push me to number one this weekend on Twitter.
So I was so scared to see us trending number one and being proven right.
Oh my gosh, the left really got to me.
And of course, that ties into all these articles looking forward to the end of humanity.
Wall Street Journal, how we're all going to be sterile.
Fertility crisis, men will no longer have sperm by 2045, says top epidemiologist.
And here's an old article from 15 years ago celebrating the plan, human species will split into two under a UN operation.
It's going to happen very, very quickly.
And that's the general public, after being radiated and given all the GMO, and that's the globalists.
They describe us as goblin-like creatures.
Scientists propose Lunar Arc to store 6.7 million sperm samples as global insurance policy from total collapse.
That's the whole Children of Men program in your face.
Just simply incredible.
What are the sperm telling us?
New York Times.
Plummeting sperm counts shrinking.
Toxic chemicals threaten humanity.
Oh, but when I said it I was a liar even though I was reading the documents 20 years ago.
Now it's in the Leningradian today and they're gonna all get big awards.
Add failing sperm counts to the list of threats to human survival, and again, they can put out plastics easily without the hardening agent that's the same, but they pick it on purpose as a global agreement, just like the big jet fuel groups as part of a Manhattan-style project, add barium salts, aluminum dioxide to the jet fuel, then the average person doesn't know why persistent contrails continue, thus blocking out sun from the earth and dimming the planet, all part of a larger operation.
Just like the plastic formula, out of thousands they choose, causes sterilization.
They don't have to do that, but they do it.
Here's another one.
The Atlantic, a big article, the nuclear family was a mistake.
Get rid of it.
Despite the fact that every
Study shows nuclear families are the healthiest, the best, they're natural.
But see, they want to get rid of humans, so the nuclear family's bad.
They want you owing no allegiance but to them while you're being killed.
They are your enemy.
But don't tell the New Black Panther Party that, who broke up their family, who hurt them.
Just tell them it's the average poor white person panhandling on the side of the road.
If he just gets shot in the head, it'll all be fine.
Oh, and look!
The nuclear family they tell you not to have is black!
The nuclear family!
Oh, especially the... What does Black Lives Matter say?
We don't want nuclear families.
We don't want men in the House and we want to pay to have black men have their genitals removed and it's breaking that Republicans in Texas have been caught involved with top Democrats funding a multi-billion dollar over the last few years program of sterilizing the Hispanic immigrants that come here by saying have your balls cut off and we'll make you a U.S.
But you won't hear La Raza say a damn word about that!
All right, look, I'm gonna start the show with this tomorrow.
I meant to get to this, it's so huge.
But this is just the tip of the iceberg.
But man, print me that article about, we gotta get rid of the nuclear family and it shows black people.
So while they're busy getting rid of everybody and really targeting blacks, every show is like, we love blacks!
Every corporate sponsor, black, black, black.
Look, our actors are black.
People in our ad are black.
I was talking to a major,
Hollywood individual that was contacting me and they were talking about their manager or their agent.
Now they tell people, you've got to be black now to be in anything.
It's not to help black people.
The globalists are literally morphing like the thing into a black shell to not attack them.
Don't overthrow the New World Order!
Don't overthrow the banks!
Don't blow up the Rothschilds!
We're black!
We're black!
Don't attack us!
We're black!
It's like the thing where it grabs a human and turns into it.
I'm not an alien!
I'm a disabled!
I'm a man!
You can trust me!
I'm black!
I'm the new old order!
I'm black!
I mean, my God, this is obvious!
Holy hell!
I was in there getting coffee during the break, watched three ads, nothing but black people on it!
On purpose!
Ha ha ha!
What was done in the 50s and 60s, tested in the 20s by Margaret Sanger and the Rockefeller Foundation,
The same ones that run the whole Great Reset COVID-19 Operation Lockstep.
They went in and bought off the black religious leaders in New York as a beta test for the rest of the country and they said they use IBM computers to program it.
This is all on record.
And they said, hey, we've been able to basically take black families that were some of the most compact and successful in the country.
They had a lower level back then of even white promiscuity and white illegitimacy, that is not having a father in the home.
And by the 60s, they had totally reversed those numbers, and now upwards of 80% of black families are broken up.
This article in The Atlantic says the nuclear family was a mistake, uses black people as an example, and says it's very liberating and good to get rid of it.
They say that the nuclear family was a short, happy life.
I think?
And that's, now they're breaking up the whole human family with their race war.
Meanwhile, Paul Joseph Watts has a new article on fullwars.com.
He takes over in a few minutes.
UK records zero COVID deaths.
Pro-lockdown advisor told to shut up as the country basically still kept under lockdown.
But that's all done by turning the PCR test down to 28 or 29 cycles.
All of it is a fraud.
You've got to destroy the fraud or they'll keep bringing it back.
But they know there's a huge tipping point, so then they pulled back because of how many scientists and doctors have gone public.
I did a good show today, powerful, but I didn't get to the five or six new doctor interviews with PhD scientists all over the world from New Zealand to the U.S.
to Canada to Europe saying this is pure bull, pure evil.
We're seeing mass death from the vaccines.
It's pure poison.
Major studies out on that subject.
But the whole show can't be COVID all the time.
But my God, this is their takeover plan, is the COVID.
Mass grave of 215 children in Canada, a stark reminder of the dark history of Native American boarding schools in the U.S., but it's all still ongoing.
And I, years ago, had Native American leaders on to expose this, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, but you never see the media pick up on that.
Now they're doing it because now there's the push to say white people did it and not eugenics.
It's been eugenics groups that did it and that led it.
And that monster Trudeau, that eugenicist Trudeau and his father, the Thabian Socialist, that wants Chinese-style communism in Canada.
And Canada is a microcosm of where we're going, so it is extremely dangerous.
A poll takes over for 55 minutes after this break.
And then, the War Room Today, Paul Watson does the next hour, but
Owen Schroyer is off this week on well-deserved recharge.
So who's hosting the war room?
Say that again?
Harrison Smith pulling double duty hosting today, and I'm going to be hosting some this week with a lot of big special guests.
Roger Stone's got a lot more not ready to break today.
He'll be breaking tomorrow's big stuff on the first hour of The War Room, 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
So the host of American Journal is going to be hosting today.
And I've got a lot to cover and a lot to do and a bunch of special reports I haven't done yet.
So who knows?
Those may end up on that show today.
Whatever you do, please tune in because your word of mouth is king.
Remember, you can't promote band.video on Twitter or Facebook, but you can promote the new URL, and that is freeworldnews.tv, freeworldnews.tv.
And don't forget, on every video you see, there's a little share button under that to share it on your email, your text message, or however you wish.
So please remember, you are the resistance.
Thank you so much.
Hello everyone and welcome to the Summit News Hour, where the scientific dictatorship, which has had a stranglehold over the Western world for over a year now, continues to refuse to relinquish its control over our lives, our behaviour, who we associate with, where we go, what we do, everything under the sun.
We've now recorded in the UK today
And the headline is, UK records zero COVID deaths.
Clues in the headline.
Pro-lockdown advisor told to shut up.
So we've recorded zero COVID deaths for the first time since March, early March 2020, before the first official lockdown.
And yet, what do we see day after day after day?
Government advisers saying, oh my God, the situation is apocalyptic.
We're going to have to lock down again.
There's literally zero people dying, even by their official inflated numbers.
Zero people.
One person died yesterday.
Bearing in mind this is over the past 28 day period that they count these deaths.
One person died yesterday in the entirety of the UK.
Zero people died in England itself.
Now across the whole of the UK, zero COVID deaths and yet you still have these pro-lockdown advisors.
And the main fault, from my perspective, doesn't even lie with the advisors.
They're grifters.
They got into the limelight.
They got the clout from being the scientific dictatorship, from taking their perch on the peanut gallery for the past year.
By being these big vaunted scientific establishment authorities that get to dictate how you live your life when you can see your grandma or your kids.
So the obvious motivation for them is there to try to stay in the limelight by continually hyping up the fear-mongering scare propaganda that has left people in such a state that we literally now have a new mental illness called COVID-19 Anxiety Disorder.
Which many people are suffering apparently, it's turned them into weak-wristed jellyfish agrophobes who are afraid to leave their own homes, afraid to go outside, because they think death is around every corner, despite the fact that, as we've documented many times over and over again, the survival rate for COVID, which the WHO at the beginning of this fear-mongering campaign said was 3.6%, and they made very little effort to correct that,
is actually for healthy people under a certain age 99.8% even more depending on what barometer you look at.
So on the day that the UK recorded zero coronavirus deaths for the first time since before the first lockdown over a year ago, a government advisor who wants lockdown restrictions to remain in place says he's being told to shut up.
Thank God that people are telling him to shut up.
What kind of political capital do you have?
To want the entire country to lock down again for these restrictions which are still in place by the way to a great extent until the 21st of June to remain in place when literally zero people are dying.
Probably more people died today from drowning in a swimming pool and we don't have that many swimming pools in the United Kingdom because it's a very cold place indeed.
What political capital do they even have?
To get this attention.
But again, who's giving them the attention?
It's the mainstream media.
It's BBC News, the state-funded broadcaster.
It's Sky News.
Giving these people, who have been proven wrong time and time again with their apocalyptic modelling, which is frankly ridiculous.
Half a million people dead, they said.
Complete bunk.
Still giving them the attention, the limelight, the authority to make these predictions, to make these scare-mongering, fear-mongering proclamations that we're going to have another wave, that many more people are going to die.
They should be completely ignored.
And yes, they should be told to shut up.
That's exactly what people should be telling them.
Yet Sky News BBC is still giving them the most prominent attention, even more so in some cases, than before or right as the pandemic was beginning.
So again, after recording just one COVID death yesterday, the whole of the UK reported no deaths whatsoever today.
Government scientists are literally crying into their cornflakes this morning upon learning that news.
Oh my God, it's disappearing.
Nobody's dying anymore.
How are we going to get on TV?
How are we going to get our 15 minutes of fame?
How are we going to continue to get our unearned clout?
It's not just the scientists.
Seriously, these people, these brainwashed sheep, who have invested their entire identity into supporting lockdown, and the polls show it's a vast, clear majority of the British population, mainly because a lot of them are being paid their wages by the government on furlough to sit on their arses all day and do absolutely nothing, play Xbox and watch YouTube videos,
They've religiously supported the lockdowns, religiously supported the cult-like mask mandates, and it finally looks like it's coming to an end.
Those people are absolutely devastated that nobody has died of Covid today, according to the official record.
They're devastated.
They want more deaths.
They want more illness.
They want it to continue to infinity because that's how they define themselves.
That's how they define their personality.
That's how they judge other people.
That's how they look at videos of people enjoying themselves on the beach this past Bank Holiday Monday weekend.
God forbid people should actually enjoy their lives, go out, meet their friends and relatives.
Those are the kind of sad curtain twitchers who have no friends, nobody wants to hang out with them because they're miserable bastards.
So they want this to continue forever.
Then of course you have the sage government advisors who get their entire raison d'etre, their entire clout out of being that authority figure.
Well, it's coming to an end.
Hopefully, touch wood, it looks like it's coming to an end.
Sky News is reporting the last time there were no deaths on any day was 7th of March 2020 before the first lockdown.
However, despite deaths having been plummeting for weeks, and bear in mind they started to lift these restrictions, again against the advice of many of these government scientists who want them to remain in place forever, started to lift them on the 12th of April.
So we're talking about over six weeks ago now,
They allowed us to go outside in a pub when it was pissing down with rain and like three degrees.
They allowed us that privilege.
Six weeks after that, weeks after we'd been allowed to meet other people indoors, oh my god, can you imagine?
Can you imagine being able to meet five other of your friends indoors?
Oh, thank god for the government.
Nothing happened.
There's no explosion in deaths.
This Indian variant, which they hoped would have a 50% transmissibility rate, hasn't proven to be the case.
Even in the Muslim areas of Bolton and Blackburn, where this supposed Indian variant was exploding, the hospitalizations have decreased.
No people are dying, basically.
Zero people are dying today.
They're devastated that they couldn't gin it up, hype it up for more fear-mongering.
Now you have this Professor Adam Finn being quoted by Yahoo News.
This is an individual from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation.
Who is demanding that the final stage of unlocking on June 21st be delayed, even though we've literally got zero people dying of COVID.
We've probably got more people dying of putting their pants on and falling over, which is actually the real statistic for young people under the age of 16 who have died from COVID.
More people died from putting their pants on and falling over because it's so deadly and all those kids need to take the vaccine.
Professor Finn said, quote,
There are a lot of people who are very fed up about the idea of us even worrying about us.
Oh, I wonder why?
Is that because they haven't been able to see their grandma who's 82 years old and about to die for the past 15 months?
Do you think that's why they're fed up?
He went on to say, since I've been saying in the last 24 hours that we should be cautious, I've been getting lots of messages from people telling me basically to shut up.
And that's from what I can tell from reading these news articles, people within the government itself, which finally, touch wood, maybe has found a backbone and realised that a virus from which 99.8% of young healthy people survive, maybe they shouldn't need to get the vaccine, is not as fearful, not as threatening as we originally thought.
We'll be back, summit.news, don't go away.
So we've had the first few days of actual summer here in the UK over the past few days and people are out on the beaches, they're out sun tanning, enjoying themselves, meeting up with friends and family and we can't be having that can we?
The sage, the much vaunted sage government advisors have come out once again and said we're gonna have a third wave or is it a fourth wave?
Who's keeping count at this point?
Terrified that their position on the peanut gallery will be dislodged for eternity, now saying that despite the fact we've had zero deaths recorded today in the UK, that we need to keep these restrictions in place.
And I hasten to add, by the way, as we previously highlighted, and as I highlight in this article, an issue which didn't get much media attention at the time, there was one report on it out the Telegraph, surprise surprise,
The government advisers, some of the same ones on the SAGE committee that has been advising the British government for the past 15 months on this pandemic, literally admitted, we cannot emphasise how important this is enough, literally admitted that their scare propaganda, their scare tactics, their, what they called, psychological manipulation of the British public was too effective, those are their words, too effective, and that it terrorised people to such a degree
That again, as I mentioned before, people have developed a new mental illness called COVID-19 Anxiety Disorder, which is a combination of being a literal jellyfish with no spine combined with being afraid to go out, agoraphobia as it were.
They admitted, again, that they use psychological manipulation techniques that were quote unethical and quote totalitarian as methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behavior during the pandemic.
So they over-egged the pudding, that's putting it lightly,
To the point where, as I mentioned, as I documented in a video last week, some people are so afraid of Covid that they're still not only wearing their face masks indoors, they're wearing them during sexual intercourse with their own partners.
That is the degree of pathological trauma that this scientific dictatorship has instilled into the population writ large.
So zero Covid deaths in the UK yet still
These scientists being given column spaces, column inches, being given TV platforms to say, no, despite the fact that nobody's dying, despite the fact this is basically over, we need to lock down again.
And have a raft of headlines to rattle off regarding that issue.
Sputnik News reports Johnson urged to delay lifting of lockdown over new virus strain to stop mini COVID volcanoes, whatever the hell that means.
They've just come up with a new
A new scaremongering term, which is mini-Covid volcanoes.
Breitbart reports top Tory corona-obsessed scientists staging a coordinated effort to extend lockdowns.
Gee, I wonder why they want to do that.
The money, the clout, the attention.
A group of coronavirus-obsessed scientists in Britain are launching a coordinated effort to derail plans to fully reopen the country by pushing fears of another wave of the virus, said former Tory leader Ian Duncan Smith.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told the nation that lockdowns will be lifted on June 21st.
However, media reports spurred on by warnings from select members of the government's SAGE coronavirus congo, a third wave, have increasingly suggested that the Freedom Day will need to be pushed back.
Speaking on Talk Radio, Sir Ian said that while there may be legitimate concerns about emerging variants, he found it, quote, ridiculous listening to various scientists go on, adding it seems like an organised push by a group of scientists to stop June the 21st.
He said the campaigns have been building up over the past couple of weeks, saying it looks to him as really coordinated and quite deliberate.
He noted that while there's been a slight uptick in cases, the death rate has been static and indeed today it's dropped to zero.
They're really mad about that.
They're crying into their cornflakes that nobody's dying anymore of this virus.
Number of hospitalizations has been flat due to the UK's vaccination drive.
Well, really, we'll get into that.
He says, what we have got now is a bunch of scientists obsessed, obsessed with one single issue to the detriment of absolutely everything else.
Then over in the US you have this, again out of Breitbart,
Rona forever!
WHO and Fauci warn monumental error to assume coronavirus danger is over.
They never want it to end.
We could be here in five years time and they'll find some obscure variant which is still hanging around in the background and they'll seize upon that.
Probably they'll just create a new virus and it'll be accidentally leaked from a lab and it'll be even worse but you know we've learned we've learned their method so far haven't we?
So UPI reports WHO Director General Ted Ross, the guy whose name is impossible to pronounce and I'm not even going to attempt it, you know the guy, the guy who amplified Chinese state propaganda on January 14 saying there was no human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus, the guy who for
Weeks after the initial outbreak of the pandemic said it was racist and bigoted for countries to close their borders to stop the spread of the virus, which led literally to mayor's authority figures in Italy, which was the fulcrum of the first major outbreak in Europe, literally telling their population to go out on the street and hug Chinese people so they wouldn't be seen as racist, because being called racist is worse than dying from a virus.
That guy, speaking at the World Health Assembly, cautioned against a, quote, monumental error to presume the danger of coronavirus is over.
As White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr Anthony Fauci joined him to declare the world can't declare victory prematurely because they don't want to declare victory because it's the end of their power monopoly.
It's the end of their medical scientific dictatorship.
Fauci's warning against any relaxation reprises a declaration he made in April for the public to get vaccinated and continue wearing masks.
So you have that happening between the WHO and Fauci.
Meanwhile, BBC continues to insist employees wear social distancing tags despite complaints.
So basically they forced them back in January to wear these proximity sensors which give off a loud annoying beep whenever BBC employees within the newsroom get within two meters of anyone else to quote, help maintain safe social distancing.
Turns out these electronic tags have literally been exploding and smoking and yet the BBC came out and said doesn't matter we're going to continue to force you to wear them anyway.
One of the tags had to be retired from use after it started smoking with an employee telling the Guardian, quote, if they can't handle daily use and start setting on fire or overheating, then they shouldn't be here.
Another employee said the beeping sensors were a nightmare in a working environment where absolute silence is often required.
So they're literally forcing them to wear these slave cattle tags that beep while they're in a newsroom.
As the guys running the show will know right now, silence is quite an important thing when you're running a newsroom and trying to do a live broadcast.
So they keep beeping, they keep being set off, in some cases overheating, catching on fire, and yet the BBC came out and said, quote, we are surprised that a problem with a single electronic device is a news story, especially as devices are being used where social distancing is challenging and they're about safety.
Now I referred back in this article to two different articles from both the British and the Australian government who previously seriously considered forcing
British citizens, Australian citizens, to wear electronic ankle bracelets like prisoners to ensure their complaint with home quarantine orders.
Literally considered, and maybe it's in the offing for the future, forcing people to wear prisoner-style tags to make sure they complain they're behaving themselves.
We're going to go to this video now which went up a couple of hours ago called Why You Should Boo Take A Knee.
We have the European Football Championships coming up
Across Europe, a week on Friday, where fans are graciously allowed back into the stadiums and they have the opportunity to express their free speech, their personal opinion, on Take Any, what it actually represents, and that is what this video is about.
We're going to go to it now, come back, talk about it.
Here is the video.
Chelsea fans at the Champions League final audibly booed before the start of the game as players took the knee.
Hello, base department.
So now race grifters across the board are paranoid that that will be replicated when fans are allowed to fill stadiums again from next season onwards.
What's the FA's stance on this?
So our stance on this is it is absolutely a personal choice for players.
FA Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Director.
Let's be clear on what taking the knee is.
Taking the knee is players protesting against inequality, injustice and discrimination across the game.
No it's not.
UK football players began to take a knee in June 2020, specifically in response to Black Lives Matter's global white guilt trip.
Which began in June 2020.
The players literally wore the words Black Lives Matter on the back of their shirts for weeks on end.
Sky Sports literally still to this day flashes up the message Black Lives Matter during every game it broadcasts.
Stadiums are festooned with giant flags that say Black Lives Matter.
Now correct me if I'm wrong but that kind of suggests to me that this is about a group
Called Black Lives Matter!
Arguing otherwise is like claiming that seek hiling has nothing to do with the Nazis.
So no, it's not just some vague message about inequality.
Because modern football is so riddled with inequality, the lack of diversity is atrocious.
It isn't aligned to a political party.
It's about signalling support for Black Lives Matter.
The political group.
You know, the group that desecrates statues and memorials.
The group that burns down cities in mostly peaceful demonstrations.
The group that routinely intimidates and harasses people at restaurants if they refuse to support their cult.
The group that openly espouses its agenda to destroy the family.
The group whose founders say their spiritual guru is a convicted cop-killer-fugitive-terrorist.
The group whose followers have literally carried out mass shootings.
So much for the tolerant left.
Point is, this has always been about
Black Lives Matter, uppercase, a violent far-left extremist political group.
When you're booing players who are taking the knee, what you are in effect booing is the right of those individuals on that pitch to have a voice and to protest against inequality.
So why can't fans have a voice too?
If players want to support BLM, fair enough, let them express their opinion by taking the knee.
They can have their free speech,
So why can't fans?
Why can't the fans who shell out huge chunks of their income to fund the lavish lifestyles of these pampered, privileged multimillionaires express their opinion too?
The same fans, by the way, who have never booed and have generously supported the Kick It Out campaign for decades!
We just had a giant European Super League scandal where the takeaway message, the consensus from every football pundit, media outlet and news commentator
Was listen to the fans.
Listen to the fans.
So listening to the fans is the most important thing in the world of football.
Yet as soon as some of them express an opinion that challenges the omnipresent, mandated, bleating subservience to Black Lives Matter.
As soon as some of them refuse to bow down and grovel to this onerous, sanctimonious, woke monoculture.
Oh now, suddenly not only do we not listen to them, we kick them out of games, we demand they take re-education classes, and we give them lifetime stadium bans.
Oh, listen to the fans though!
Who's listening to them now?
Club management and players from QPR, Wigan Athletic and Middlesbrough.
All tried to exercise their choice, their freedom of expression, to stop taking the knee.
And what happened?
They were pressured and dragooned back into doing it.
That doesn't sound like supporting free expression to me.
That sounds like intimidation.
Through the threat of social media mobs and official sanctions into endorsing a dogmatically totalitarian political movement.
Taking a knee is an action that is respectful.
It enables us to continue to have conversations about inequality, about discrimination, about racism.
Yeah, because we don't talk about racism enough, do we?
It's not like it's rammed down our throats by every corporation, government entity, cultural institution, social media network and media outlet on a second-by-second basis, is it?
Anyone who has a problem with players taking the knee of the racist, simple as that.
How can you oppose a peaceful protest against inequality?
First of all, calling Black Lives Matter peaceful is like calling Ted Bundy an ardent feminist.
Second of all, who are you calling racist?
Millwall fans were amongst the first to boo Taking the Knee.
No sooner had they knelt than it began.
Hello, base department.
And they're so racist that they awarded this dude, Najeem Abdu, Player of the Year, twice.
Yeah, pretty shit racist, aren't they?
If you want to know what these fans actually think, how about, oh, I don't know,
Reading what they actually have to say?
This is a post from a Millwall supporter on a fans forum.
Your excuse for supporting this movement is an insult to our intelligence and an overtly political statement.
It's particularly damaging at this time when so many fans are suffering financial hardship that you couldn't even begin to understand.
By supporting BLM, you're not healing divisions, but creating them.
I fear that your actions will cause not just a division between players and fans, but a gulf of betrayal that will never be bridged.
If you want to campaign against discrimination, then please do so, but supporting BLM is the wrong way to do it.
Yeah, easier to just dismiss them as racist though, right?
Black footballers like Wilfred Zaha have also asked this question.
What does any of it achieve anyway?
During the whole of 2019, UK police killed just one black person, and he was a terrorist.
The UK sports media constantly whips up moral panics about racist comments sent to players on social media, so the media conglomerates and their stooges that own them can then lobby for more social media censorship.
And then time and time again, you look at the accounts sending these racist messages and 99% of the time it's Abdul or Ibrahim.
99% of the time they're from Dubai, Morocco or Egypt.
Which kind of suggests to me that the UK isn't the problem.
In the US, BLM raked in $70 million last year.
And where did that go?
Well, we know where some of it went.
Straight into the bank account of BLM co-founder Patrice Colors, so she could buy multiple mansions.
What about the rest?
To bail out violent criminals who rampage through cities attacking people and burning down small businesses.
So when the stadiums are packed with fans once again, not only should they not be punished for booing the taking of the knee, they should be openly encouraged to do so.
Black Lives Matter is a hateful, divisive, violent, extremist organisation that has achieved nothing apart from worsening race relations and lining the pockets of its grifter race-baiting leaders.
So please,
If you're planning to attend a game at the Euros, or when you return to watch your own club next season, do exactly what some Chelsea fans did this past weekend when the players took the knee.
Boo and heckle to your heart's content.
It's a commendable act of righteous dissent, not only against BLM, an organisation that's making the world immeasurably worse for both black and white people, but also a giant middle finger against the malevolent establishment that has facilitated the growth of their cancerous influence.
As I made the point in that video, Black Lives Matter once again does not care about black people.
We had dozens of people shot over the Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, mainly by black criminals.
The victims also black people, nobody cares about that.
Not just me saying that, we had this headline a couple of days ago, founder of Black Lives Matter chapter quits.
Says BLM doesn't actually care about black people.
This is Rashad Turner who released a video revealing the truth about BLM after having spent a year inside the organization.
Don't forget the guy that blew the whistle, he tried to start an investigation into Patrice Colors spending millions of dollars on mansions in predominantly white areas of California.
What happened to him?
He was targeted by BLM
for elimination from the organisation.
So the people who actually blow the whistle on the true corruption within that organisation are immediately ostracised.
We'll be back to talk about it on the other side.
Summit.News, don't go away.
So again, everybody should be encouraged to express their own right to free speech, express their own right to challenge the multi-millionaire pampered privileged footballers, some of whom get paid literally 400,000 euros a week in the case of Neymar.
In Paris.
By expressing their opinion about Take an E. They should not be banned from stadiums.
They should not be forced to undergo re-education classes simply for voicing their own opinion on the opinion voiced by these players who choose to Take an E. Because that's always the argument people say on the left.
Oh, well.
You believe in free speech?
You're supposed to be against cancel culture?
Why would you not allow these players to take a knee?
I don't care!
Let them take a knee.
But also let the fans who pay their friggin' wages have their opinion on how they're expressing support for a violent extremist, bigoted, hateful organisation like BLM.
Now we had this headline yesterday up on summit.news
Speaker at armed black militant march says, quote, kill everything white in sight.
So much for the tolerant left once again.
A speaker at an armed march in Oklahoma to mark the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre, which apparently we're all responsible for because of the immutable characteristic of the color of our skin.
We're all responsible for something that happened 100 years ago, which had nothing to do with us.
And in the vast, vast majority of cases had nothing to do with our ancestors.
But we're responsible for it and now build as a second amendment march for reparations, good luck with that, individuals from the new Black Panther Party march through downtown Tulsa to draw attention to racism, inequality, wealth disparity, police brutality and the like.
Because again, it's so unequal in society.
Systemic racism is such a problem.
That literally every major transnational corporation, government entity, cultural institution, social media network, mainstream media outlet, even to the point of weapons manufacturers with Lockheed Martin as we covered last week, are not only behind your movement, not only give vast amounts of cash to your movement to the tune of 70 million dollars in the US in 2020 for BLM,
They don't just support it, they amplify it at every available opportunity, and that's now what you're seeing with the LGBT movement in America, who again, have their Pride Month this month, isn't Pride Month, doesn't seem like it's every month, but they have it to communicate what they assert is the fact that they're so oppressed.
Just a suggestion, but if every major institution with power in the West is supporting your movement to the tune of $70 million a year and amplifying your message, kind of suggests that you're no longer oppressed.
You know, the person who I would say was oppressed was the Christian pastor in the United Kingdom a couple of weeks ago, who was literally arrested on the street, put into handcuffs and dragged into a van for reading Bible passages about homosexuality.
I would suggest that he's being oppressed by not only the media environment that creates this narrative, but by that link, that connection, that relationship with the state.
He doesn't get his freedom of speech, he gets put in handcuffs, he gets thrown in a paddy wagon, he gets put behind bars.
Ghana suggests that the real power lies with the same establishment that not only endorses you, but supports you financially.
Same with LGBT, same with BLM.
And again, I mentioned it before the break,
Founder of Black Lives Matter chapter quit, says BLM doesn't actually care about black people.
We've known that for the past, what, six years?
But it's good to see another person who was on the inside, another African-American man, speaking out against that with considerable risk to his own safety and his own ostracization and his own future career.
Always good to see that.
Then we have big league politics with this headline.
BLM activist and school board member faces accusations of molesting over 60 children.
Well, many such cases.
Black Lives Matter activist Tate Anderson has stepped down from his position on the Denver school board after accusations emerged that he molested over 60 children.
And again, innocent until proven guilty.
But concerned parent Mary Catherine Brooks Fleming testified before the Colorado House Judiciary Committee
That 62 people asked for her help regarding an unnamed sexual predator.
The youngest victim was 14 years old and the predator's actions ranged from unwanted touching to violent acts of rape.
So we have that happening within Black Lives Matter.
Generally speaking, what you'll find is that you have that happening within Antifa.
Again, many such cases.
In fact, the very guy that Kyle Rittenhouse shot dead was a literal paedophile.
But apparently Kyle Rittenhouse is the villain in this equation.
Meanwhile, in terms of journalists and the media, we have this headline.
Washington Post becomes latest media outlet to walk back.
Debunked conspiracy theory.
Their words.
Wuhan lab leak coverage.
So once again the conspiracy theories have been proven right, and now the media, social media networks like Facebook are finally having to walk that back, having banned, censored, shadow-banned, muted, ostracized people for the past 15 months for merely suggesting that this virus emerged out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.
Now, the Washington Post has become the latest media outlet to reverse its earlier insistence that the Wuhan lab leak theory was a, quote, their own words, debunked conspiracy theory.
This was an article published in February 2020 by Paulina Firozzi, labeling the explanation a debunked conspiracy theory, but they've now been forced to issue a retraction
But then again, if you listen to the New York Times and their main COVID coverage reporter journalist, even to still suggest that it may have come from the lab to this day, well, that's racist!
She actually tweeted this not one year ago, but four days ago.
New York Times COVID reporter says it's racist to discuss Wuhan lab leak theory.
This is
A New York Times reporter who specializes, that's in her own bio, in COVID-19 coverage tweeted that it was racist to even talk about the Wuhan lab leak theory.
The New York Times itself also reported yesterday that the US intelligence community has been sitting on a raft of evidence pertaining to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but that did not stop.
Somebody whose name I still cannot pronounce, just as with the WHO director.
I'll have to go.
Apoorva Mandavilli, that's probably close enough, who in her bio says she reports for the New York Times, quote, mainly on COVID, asserted in a tweet that even discussing the issue was racist.
To talk about the fact that this virus emerged literally hundreds of meters from the weapons
Research Institute, where they were literally conducting these experiments with Covid and animals, even to discuss that in May 2021, in now June 2021, is still racist.
Now that may seem like a clown world hilarious joke.
It's not a joke because, as we know, countries in the West across the board imposed border control policies, or didn't fail to impose border control policies,
Based on the emergence of this pandemic because they were in fear that they would be called racist.
And we had another headline regarding that subject a few days ago.
Here in the UK, Boris Johnson refused to close borders to stop COVID because he thought it would be racist, according to his former chief advisor, Dominic Cummings.
To stop the spread of coronavirus would be racist because Chinese people may get offended.
It would be bigoted and that, as we know from when we were reported on it at the time, was coming directly from the World Health Organization itself, where they literally put out advisories to governments across the West who followed it to the T, saying that to impose border controls back in February would cause stigmatisation against Chinese people and it would lead to a wave of hate crime against Chinese people now.
There was a wave of hate crime against Chinese people over the last year.
It wasn't caused by people saying that the virus emerged out of China.
It was caused by something else.
We have this headline out of RT.
Black homeless man charged with hate crime after assaulting Asian woman in New York attack.
48-year-old Alexander Wright, a black homeless man from New York, was arrested and charged with committing a hate crime after a video showed him spontaneously assaulting an Asian woman in Chinatown on Monday.
Now, if you followed this broadcast, you will know there are literally examples of this, videos of this, footage of this on a daily basis, and yet we have this narrative.
But the past six months, it's kind of stopped now, hasn't it?
That's very interesting.
With the hashtag stop asian hate and they tried to link it to this imaginary white supremacist takeover movement that doesn't exist.
Claiming that that was what fostered the massive, and I think it's 600% increase over the past year in hate crimes, violent attacks targeting Chinese people, targeting Asian people in major metropolitan cities in America.
Turns out if you watch the videos, and if you watch this video in particular once again,
It's not white supremacy strikes again.
It's criminal populations in New York, in these major cities, which continue to be a big problem.
I'm just going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next with Owen Schroyer.
Don't go away.
I'm in a very good positive mood because despite all the horrible things the globalists have done in the last 16 months with their COVID takeover operation, humanity is really responding and waking up.
We are seeing amazing things happen to their entire agenda.
And in places like Texas, the governor's finally woken up and is saying thousand dollar fines for any business that tries to make people coming in and wear masks because masks don't work.
It's all a fraud.
COVID's been completely overblown.
Fauci has had to come out.
In late May and say, hey, it may have come out of the lab.
It may have come out of Wuhan when he was the one funding gain of function.
He was the one funding the COVID research.
So the fact that he's having to admit that shows he knows that it's all going to come out.
And so he's doing damage control.
If we expose how they purposely released this to create global fear and launch their great reset, they're not just going to not be able to launch another lockdown in their future.
They're going to go to prison.
We need Nuremberg too.
And a lot of other exciting, positive things have been happening as well.
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