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Name: 20210528_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 28, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including the Covid-19 pandemic, upcoming indictment of former US president Donald Trump, and special offers on his website. He criticizes those who blame Trump for his perceived failures and defends him against allegations of being too pro-vaccine. Jones also discusses Joe Biden's executive order prohibiting lithium batteries or solar panels from being made in the U.S due to rare earth minerals needed in their construction coming from China under a Globalist Agreement. He argues this is an example of globalism where certain countries control specific things for corporate power and not allowing America to maintain its industries. Other topics discussed include Steve Peters' mention of recent news including a study from the University of Louisville claiming face masks did not slow down the spread of COVID-19, more scientists demanding an investigation into the lab leak theory, David Icke's claim that there is no virus, and Ted Cruz's legislation prohibiting any federal vaccine passport. The show also discusses the dangers of vaccines and the government's involvement in encouraging their use, especially among children.

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You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
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You say that you wanna go to a land that's far away.
How are we supposed to get there with the way that we're living today?
You talk lots of
I don't think so.
Tomorrow's news.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Nothing can stop the truth from coming out.
The tectonic forces of good versus evil are triggering massive cultural and spiritual and financial awakenings like a volcanic eruption.
Thank you for joining us on this live Friday, May 28th global transmission.
Roger Stone was set to come on today with a lot of inside details of the Deep State's plan to indict the president by July 4th.
That's our big exclusive news.
Now the fact that we're bringing this out may make them move the goalposts because they don't like showing how incredible our information and research is and our sources.
But Roger has some extremely sad news.
He broke down crying on the phone yesterday morning telling me after he confirmed at the doctor's office
His wife has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in her lungs and it has spread to different parts of her body.
So definitely need some prayers.
The exclusive just broke and we posted it on InfoWars.com.
So Roger Stone will be joining us.
I don't even want to look at Twitter as this news goes out.
I'm sure the left will be celebrating with extreme pleasure like they always do being the satanic
Death-loving garbage that they are, but we're gonna pray that she have a miraculous recovery and see if that's in the cards and God's plan.
Okay, we just have massive news.
It's a huge transmission today on so many fronts.
That's just two of the tidbits of
Really heart-wrenching information, but there's a lot more, but it's best to get ahead of things, isn't it?
It's best to know what's on the other side of that door that's about to get blown wide open.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news, today.
When my father was complaining as a young boy working on his father and mother's ranch and farm, his father, my grandfather, would say to him,
Did you ever hear about the man that had no shoes and felt really sorry for himself until he met a man that had no feet?
And here I was, the last few days, feeling not sorry for myself, but just blown away by the evil of the deep state and things that, for a lot of reasons, I agree with my advisors, I'm not putting out on air, but we have the deep state, the Democrats, literally trying to put me in jail, not for the Capitol, but other things, trying to set me up, trying to pay people to lie about me, and trying to trick me to blackmail me to pay people off for things I didn't do.
I'm not stupid.
So I've got to play this game where I go report it to the FBI when they try to set me up with Russians that are really FBI, or when they try to set me up with child porn, or things even worse, okay?
And so believe me, if you want to know why Trump couldn't get any support in the Capitol and in the White House, and why he couldn't get things done,
He got a lot done, but not with his leadership.
He had to get it done himself.
It was because everyone around him was being harassed.
Everyone around him was being threatened.
Everyone around him was going through the process that I have not been enjoying for six years.
That's why people claim, oh, you support Trump because you make so much money when you do it.
No, we have actually barely been able to operate and stay on the air in support of Trump.
That's why it makes it very bittersweet when they steal the election from him, despite all the things we've done and the sacrifices you as a listenership have gone through as well, and our affiliates and so many others.
We've all been persecuted.
But we're not victims, we're overcomers.
But it's very frustrating then...
When Trump does something like go along with the vaccine plan that isn't a vaccine, because he knew they were holding the economy hostage and said, oh, it'll be years till we have it.
That was their plan to then force a vaccine passport, force a digital ID.
If he could make them bring it out early, that plan would fall apart.
And that's basically what Trump did.
But I don't like that middle way.
He should have just come out and said it's all a fraud.
Not that the virus doesn't exist, but that it's not very deadly and not got along with it.
But he did go along with it.
But before we completely blame Trump, at first I knew it was man-made.
I knew it came out of Wuhan.
I knew they were exaggerating it, but I still was concerned the first few months in February and March and April.
When Trump was saying, this is made up virus, this isn't a threat at all, I said, no, it's real.
It's not as deadly as they say, but they're gonna try to say that Trump didn't protect the country.
I said, Trump, you need to shut down the flights from Asia, you need to shut the borders down, or the left's gonna blame you for COVID.
And we were right about that.
And so Trump then overcompensated too much into being pro-genetic engineering, so-called vaccine.
And so when you're in the arena,
And you're getting sand thrown in your eyes, you're getting stabbed, you're getting overrun, and you're fighting ten to one, and instead of just a gladiator coming out of the bleachers, or a gladiator coming out of the pit, out of that black door that opens up, imagine three or four chariots come rolling out, and they're shooting arrows at you, like in the movie Gladiator, that's based on real events they actually did.
They would flood the Coliseum routinely with water, 10 feet deep, and have ships fighting each other and burning and killing for everybody's entertainment.
Well, imagine Trump's out there by himself, basically, and out of these doors just come bigger and bigger attacks.
Tigers and elephants.
So it's easy to go, oh, look, he should have done this, he should have done that.
But know this.
It's the big headline on InfoWars.com.
We can put it up on screen for you here in a little while.
It is the show title of the day.
That the deep state is planning to indict
President Trump on or before July 4th.
The word is they're going to indict him going into the July 4th weekend to make that the dominant news.
Because they know in Arizona and other states the news proving total election fraud.
That's already come out is going to be certified and confirmed and they're going to want to totally overshadow that with indictments by the George Soros operative who swore if she got elected that she would prosecute Trump and put him in prison, Letitia James.
And I would also look for the Southern Districts of New York, the FBI, and federal grand juries to then indict sometime after that.
So you're going to see state indictments,
And then you're going to see federal indictments against Don Jr., Rudolph Giuliani, and then the president because they have to discredit him because he's set to basically win any primary he wants.
Town Hall has an excellent analysis of it with these numbers.
All Trump has to do is declare his 2024 run and the GOP primaries are over.
The first time Jackson ran for president, they stole it from him and it was well known.
So the next time he ran, he won by an even bigger landslide.
And arguments that Trump could be too old in a few years to run are out the window because they have a babbling, stuttering cryptkeeper as the puppet-in-chief right now.
And so we have that Trump sources that are very high up in the southern districts of New York and inside the state of New York.
I already have that from my sources.
I'm going to leave it at that.
I mean, I can tell you, Republicans are
Blown away or being told you either join with the New World Order or you too will be indicted next.
Because if you can indict a former president who had an election stolen from him over 20, 30-year-old tax valuations on properties, because you always undervalue a property for property tax and then overvalue it when you sell it.
That's not illegal, that's business.
But that's what they're getting ready to indict Trump on and it's just unbelievable.
With Hunter Biden and the laptop, and documents came out yesterday from the laptop that Biden was in the meetings with the Chinese.
Of course he was.
There's emails of him saying, don't talk to me, talk to my son.
To former FBI Director Louis Freeh.
That's who you give the money to.
So, we are literally overrun by criminal scum, and that's why the Chinese won't even talk to Biden, they won't even talk to the Secretary of Defense, because they own them!
In that Asian culture of the Chinese particularly, it's all about who has the power.
Same thing in the Japanese system.
They know they own Biden.
So they won't even return his phone calls, talk to him, won't even set up meetings because they don't even want to flaunt the fact that they also own them.
So we are, for all intents and purposes, America is captured.
We are under globalist Chinese occupation.
And we thought we were too big to fail, too big to fall.
America is fallen.
And they are preparing to indict the real president, the 45th president, who's been told, you keep having those rallies, we're going to indict you.
Well, his rallies have been announced in Florida and Texas and a few other states, and so the way to do this is to take it head-on, and Trump is going to take it head-on, and so are we!
They plan to arrest us shortly after that, which is fine.
I'm extremely honored to be in this position.
It's like winning 50 Oscars.
I mean, I don't want an Oscar.
I don't want to be part of the fake system.
It's like winning 100 Nobel Prizes.
I don't want those.
You get those for launching wars.
I don't want the system's Pulitzer Prizes.
I don't want any of that.
I absolutely want to stand up against evil.
And so I don't look forward to being fed into a meat grinder, but you know what?
That's what it took to build this country, and that's what it'll take again.
And so I will never be with those timid souls that crouch down and lick the hand and kiss the hand, to quote Patrick Henry, that feed them.
But with those in the arena, and I'm extremely honored with all of you, and to work with the true president, who's got his own problems, but he's just a man, but he's a man that has done what he believed was right.
And you know a man by his enemies.
And so that's what's happening.
Roger Stone,
I don't know.
And so he asked for your prayers.
A statement on that is broke first at InfoWars.com if you want to see that.
And obviously imagine what the Twitter crowd is going to do with that.
They're such bloodthirsty little demons.
All right.
We'll be right back on the other side.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
There's the headline exclusive.
Deep State planning to indict Trump on July 4th.
Roger Stone joins Alex Jones live on air to discuss
The New York run Soros plan to indict former president on phony charges.
Globalists are planning and coordinating that to overshadow the news of election fraud that is coming out.
Now, we're going to play a report after Roger leaves us at the start of the second hour.
That is another big story.
In all of these huge things that have come out about COVID-19 and the deadly gene therapy, so-called vaccines, again, they could call injecting somebody with poison, just straight up arsenic or cyanide, and call it a vaccine and people would go take it and die.
If they called it a vaccine, the public would say, trust the science and take it.
If you called a gallon of gasoline a vaccine, someone would pour it on themselves and light themselves on fire.
I'm not joking.
There's a percentage of the public that if the media told them to go jump off a cliff, they would do it.
What's really dangerous is they're organizing those idiots into brigades of individuals that will do anything they're told and then try to force us to submit as well.
That has a name, it's called tyranny, and there are always control freaks throughout history and throughout civilization and throughout societies that seek to get control of masses of people and engage in this type of activity because it's what they want to do.
It's what the satanic force is pushing for.
So we have a very important clip of a scientist, Pierre Gilbert, French scientist, over 25 years ago, warning specifically of crystals in vaccines designed to basically turn the public into Alzheimer's zombies.
And I've got a bunch of studies right here for TV viewers.
COVID-19 RNA-based vaccines and the risk of prion disease by major
Universities and major institutions and a bunch of articles about it as well.
But instead of just having it in French, we've got subtitles that we've translated into English.
And we are going to be playing that at the start of the next hour and tying it in to the obvious.
Here is the puppet in chief.
President Biden.
Saying that we've gotta, you know, get ready for the next big disaster and that's that every hospital bed will be filled with people with Alzheimer's within just a few years.
Now, he says basically 10 years.
Same thing that AOC says.
End of the world in 12 years.
That was two years ago.
Beto O'Rourke a year ago said end of the world in 11 years.
Now it's 10 years.
What's 10 years?
The year 2030, 2031, that's the great reset.
Agenda 2030 is where you have the mass depopulation goes into overdrive, afterburners.
And so you see Agenda 21 starts with the launch in 2020, the takeover in 2021, the World ID teaching you that you're non-essential.
Launching the forced inoculations, beginning it all, the World Social Credit Score, and then by 2030, we will be living in billions being killed or already killed.
And what does Klaus Schwab say?
He says you'll have a global health pass, and then to have your pass updated, after you have it for two years, it's a face scan attached to your pass, you will have to have an implantable microchip.
And now it's on 60 minutes.
You will have an implantable chip.
It's all being announced.
And it goes in and rewrites the genetic code of your body.
And now we have footage I never got to yesterday.
We'll play it in a moment.
First we're going to play Biden of villagers in India chasing the government out.
With their government vaccine that's killed so many, and hitting the government bureaucrats, the medical tyrants, on the head with sticks.
But look at that photo they just put on screen of Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles.
Prince Charles is one of the leaders of depopulation, like his father, Prince Philip, who called for world depopulation.
Using a deadly virus, they tell you what they're gonna do, and look at those swollen red cheeks.
You don't just get that when you've been out on a yacht or out golfing.
Get those swollen red cheeks like that when you've gotten a big, juicy transfusion of blood.
And the Royal Family takes transfusions of children's blood.
That's admitted.
But there he is, the Klaus Schwab, that says you will eat bugs, you will drink sewage, and you will like it.
You will have nothing, you will own nothing, you will like it.
That's why they're announcing all this dystopia.
There's all these headlines today.
The public wants animal-human hybrids.
They want human-animal clones.
You're like, no I don't.
You want sewage.
You want to cut your son's genitals off.
You want.
They're just bringing us into hell.
They're invoking it all.
So, here is Biden telling you that in 10 years, every hospital bed will be filled with people
Who are 20 years old, 30, 40, 50, because the crystals are growing in their brains.
That's what crystal proteins.
That your cells now produce a crystal protein that eats your heart, your lungs, your brain, everything.
And it'll take longer to eat those young children's brains, but they'll, by the time they're 20, they won't know who they are.
But boy, if you're 60, 70, you already had some plaque that naturally grew in your brain or natural prions you picked up from eating processed foods.
Well, now they, those are cluster points like, like nuclei form clouds.
A little bit of potash, or a little bit of barium salts, a little bit of dioxide, sprayed out of a jet engine, forms a false cloud, an artificial cloud.
Well, this forms little protein clouds in your brain, and then you have the same symptoms old Joe Biden has.
The perfect mascot for a nation and a world under prion attack.
And here he is, telling you about the prions.
Do something about Alzheimer's in America.
Every single solitary hospital bed that exists in America, the nurses can tell you, every single one, will be occupied in the next 15 years with an Alzheimer's patient.
Every one.
You hear that?
And that's a little inside thing he's been brought in on.
He's been told, sir, we have nanobots that can cure you.
So he's signing off on all of it.
And now they're announcing, oh, we're going to just, without approval, start giving you nanobots.
We may just spray them on you for your own good.
And you hear about San Francisco, and you hear about Toronto, and you hear about London.
Oh, they're giving little kids shots at school without asking the parents.
It's totally illegal, but you know it's for the greater good.
And they announced, oh, we're just going to give the kids nano patches.
Oh, that's in the news today.
You just put it on you and it puts chips into your blood.
And oh my God, it's so trendy.
So fun.
So good.
So anti-establishment.
So antifa.
To, you know, take what Prince Charles and Bill Gates wanted to our bodies.
You know, Bill Gates is our doctor and pediatrician now.
For whom the bell tolls, my friends.
Well, it tolls for us all.
And Roger Stone joins us here today.
They are coming for President Trump.
They know the election was stolen.
They know the evidence is coming out.
President Trump was just on a syndicated radio show and said, what happens when the people find out all these states are going to flip?
Does that mean you go 3.5 years with someone destroying our country?
We've got some of that interview coming up.
Well, Roger Stone has his sources.
I have mine.
But you can also listen directly to the New York Attorney General, put in by Soros, running on, I will indict Trump, give me the man, I'll find you the crime.
And so, I've got sources in the New York Southern District, because that's federal, but this is state.
But the word I've got is, after the state hits, to get more legitimacy.
It's ridiculous, you've got Louis Freeh giving $100,000 to Hunter Biden for access to his father when he was Vice President.
To add credibility
Because they don't want people to know how staged this all is.
So Roger was going to be joining us on this subject, but he got some very serious news that needs prayer and support yesterday.
They'd already had some tests.
They went back to the doctors and got the news yesterday.
And Roger's a real soldier, a real trooper, still coming on the air today.
So he said, well, I might as well then just break the news here.
We've also posted the statement by his pastor, Reverend Randy Coogans, at InfoWars.com.
So, Roger, thank you for joining us, my friend.
Alex, I'm delighted to be here and let's cover the sad news first and then move on to politics.
It is with a heavy heart that I confirm that my wife of 30 years, Nydia Vitran Espinoza-Stone, Nydia Stone, has been diagnosed with stage 3 cancer.
Which appears to have spread to her lungs.
She has, I think, both the best medical and holistic advice and care you could have.
Charlene and Ty Bollinger, good friends of ours, really pioneers in the area of truth about cancer, have been an invaluable resource, as have the people at the University of Miami.
She's a warrior.
She is a fighter.
She's in excellent spirits.
She is facing this with stoicism, with bravery, with her faith.
It is a very difficult time, but I know that millions and millions of people are praying for her as they prayed for me.
I have seen a miracle in my own lifetime.
God answered my prayers when I was the target of a politically motivated witch hunt and an effort to ensure that I died of COVID-19 in a rural Georgia prison.
God answered my prayers and gave President Trump
The strength to free me to make me a free man.
And now I pray to God that he will that he will save the life of my beloved wife.
This is a difficult time.
Now, the good news is, although we lost most of our insurance, most of her medical care will be covered.
But the cost of holistic care and the many natural supplements and regimens that can help fight cancer are things that we cannot afford today.
Plus, thanks to the Mueller Witch Hunt, we're still struggling to recover our balance.
My podcast begins June 1st at excluded.com, also at stonecoldtruth.com.
We are working very hard
To get back on our feet.
And this is a blow.
I must tell you, this is a blow.
But God can do anything and we are fervently praying.
A statement put out today by my spiritual advisor, Reverend Randy Coggins, I think sums this up very nicely.
Well, I mean, I tell you, you, it was well known back in the 80s, early 90s, had the biggest mansion in D.C., but you got out of lobbying, or the top lobbyist probably in the world, that's admitted even in the New York Times at the time, but you got out of it, you were sick of it, you left when Manafort and others
Stay tuned.
That's what the system has done, so we're all praying for your amazing wife.
I know you've got great children and grandchildren, and this is a serious situation, reading the full statement, dealing with the diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, which has spread to her lungs, and so we definitely will be praying for her and supporting you guys.
Let's now get into why you were originally coming on, Roger.
Again, I called you this weekend and we talked more.
They are intending, aren't they, to indict President Trump.
And you've read the tea leaves.
No one's exactly sure, but we know they've got a target date of right around July 4th.
Because I know they know that Trump's planning to bring out the total evidence of election fraud around that same date.
And the globalists love symbolism, don't they?
Well, I would be shocked if they did not come forward with a fabricated indictment for bank fraud or tax fraud against the former president by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance.
By the way, Cy Vance is not exactly a non-corrupt politician himself.
I will be breaking a number of stories at my new podcast, Get Stoned, also at Banned TV, regarding Cyrus Vance.
He has a very interesting political history.
If they want to go after the President on fabricated charges, then we will establish that this is a partisan witch hunt.
The idea that they would even have the effrontery to try to claim that the President, or I should say his real estate company, inflated the value of certain assets in order to borrow against it.
Well, really?
What's 55 Wall Street worth?
It has no mortgage.
What is it worth?
$250 million?
$300 million?
I guess it depends on the appraiser.
But this is the kind of crap that they are stooping to.
Plus, if your appraisal isn't real, the banks won't give you the damn loan.
Well, let's be very clear.
In other words,
As you said it earlier, you show the man, I'll show you the crime.
They're allowed to root through this man's business record of 40 years in which he built a real estate empire second to none, combing for a crime.
They have no evidence of a crime.
They have no probable cause.
It is disgraceful, but I do think it is going to happen.
And don't be surprised if the announcement comes at the exact time that we learn the truth about Maricopa County, Arizona.
Don't be surprised because I see that coming.
Well, I'm told by people very close to it that indeed they intend to do it and that they're shooting for honor around July 4th to really rub it into our faces as a declaration of their takeover of the Chinese takeover of America.
Their real problem is, you can already see that the demand for recounts and re-examination of the irregularities and the anomalies in this election are bubbling up in Georgia, in Wisconsin, in Michigan, and other states.
The truth can never really ever be concealed.
The American people demand the truth.
Now what will happen then, I don't know.
But I'm sorry.
It is absolutely true that 1.4 million absentee ballots are mailed out in Pennsylvania and 2.2 million come in.
Not possible.
There are precincts in Philadelphia in which more people voted than are registered to vote.
That's not a right-wing conspiracy theory.
That's a fact.
It is extraordinary that across all these states at the exact same time, there are the dump of these mail-in ballots.
Oh no, that's just a coincidence.
Here's why the mainstream media is so childish.
Oh no, there's no evidence whatsoever of election fraud, and if you think so, you're a conspiracy theorist.
You might even be a domestic terrorist.
Why do you fear examination?
Why do they fear an investigation?
If they're so confident that the data is accurate and that there are no anomalies and no irregularities, why are they fighting tooth and nail against any fair examination of these
Stay there.
Let's talk about how this is going to unfold, the reaction of the American people.
Polls show more and more over 70 plus percent of Republicans, over 30 percent of Democrats believe the election was stolen and each week the numbers grow.
As evidence comes out, the majority of Americans know the truth.
Arresting Trump isn't going to shut the truth up.
And I think that, you know, frankly, I think there's going to be a big problem because when people find out that all of these states are going to flip,
Does that mean you go three and a half years with somebody that's destroying our country?
Well, that's the question.
What happens when you find out that it was rigged and it was stolen?
Well, it's going to be interesting to see what happens.
I mean, you know, all I do is I sit back and watch, and other states now are doing the audits.
That's Trump today on the Wayne Allen Root program.
He censored everywhere else but talk radio and Newsmax and a few other channels.
Oh, and Facebook announced any Republican
Including Ted Cruz that tried to have a 10-day investigation on January 6th.
They were having that vote, which Democrats tried to do four years previous.
The exact same thing.
For that sin, they're not allowed to campaign on Facebook.
And about a month ago in Australia, members of their parliament, multiple ones now, are not allowed to say we don't want
Forced inoculation.
You're not even allowed to have an opinion about that.
You're not allowed to say it came from the Wuhan lab either.
This is just beyond police state, beyond censorship, beyond 1984.
You know, the president of Microsoft is warning Roger Stone, here on the Alex Jones Show with us today, that we're going to have a 1984 because of AI.
Well, Roger, I think we're already basically
Uh, seeing real 1984 now, and the Democrats are all over the news saying, hey, we're getting ready to indict Trump.
I don't see how Letitia James could swear as Attorney General that she would be elected to put him in jail.
That was her main plank.
And now to see the state of New York, the city of New York, the feds, all of them sharpening their knives.
This is just insane with the overwhelming evidence of Biden literally being a communist Chinese agent.
No, Alex, I agree with everything you just said.
I must tell you, I'm really impressed with the power of InfoWars, because right now, my phone and my email are blowing up with patriots telling me that they're praying for my wife, that they've learned about her situation here on the Alex Jones Show.
Folks who do want to help us, I should say, should go to stonefamilyfund.com.
We need your prayers more than anything else.
We need your help, but God bless you for stepping forward.
God bless you for your prayers and your best wishes.
Anyway, to go back to politics, you're absolutely right, Alex.
This is a police state.
This is political retribution.
We see it in their efforts to crucify Matt Gaetz, when there is no evidence whatsoever that Matt Gaetz has done anything wrong, other than some guy who did do something wrong, who they're squeezing now to lie about others.
Uh, that great patriot, Matt Gaetz, being crucified without evidence.
Now they're going after the President of the United States.
You may have not seen this, but the Secretary of the Army under Joe Biden has opened a new investigation into General Michael Flynn and his contacts with the Russians.
Which is absurd, because Robert Mueller had unlimited cash, an army of 600 Ivy League Republican-hating lawyers, and could find no evidence that that great American patriot, General Flynn, had done anything wrong.
So, what we see here is Witch Hunt 3.0.
The witch hunt to go after the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.
And why are they doing this?
It's very, very clear.
They're afraid of Donald Trump.
They're afraid he might run again.
They're afraid he might beat their ass in an honest election.
That's why they seek to smear him now.
It is reprehensible.
It's disgusting.
And the American people should really not tolerate it.
We need honest, fair, transparent elections.
Had we had them in 2024, this great man would still be in the White House and America would not be in decline.
But if you look at what's happening under Joe Biden, gas prices skyrocketing out of sight, food prices, steel up, copper up, oil up.
And meanwhile, around the globe, you notice our adversaries are pushing us.
You see, they feared Donald Trump.
But now the North Koreans are retesting their weapons.
The Chinese are threatening our vehicles and our ships in that part of the world, as well as Taiwan.
The Iranians are more obnoxious than usual in their threats against us.
What's going on in the Middle East, where Joe Biden appears to be on both sides.
I'm with Israel, 100%.
But I'm not sure he is.
There's evidence that he's not.
So, we're being tested in the foreign realm.
We're being tested domestically.
Big tax increases coming, folks.
They have taken one of the greatest, most robust, most vital economies in American history with record job growth, record wage growth, the lowest levels of unemployment among all groups, African-Americans, Hispanics, women, Asians, everyone.
They're destroying a model economy brought to you by President Donald J. Trump with the able assistance of Larry Kudlow.
They're destroying this before our very eyes.
And America sees it.
So even though they stole the election, all the numbers coming out, there's a big article in town hall with these numbers.
It says that all Trump has to do is announce and he'll be the primary victor with like 90% of the vote in every case.
With these numbers, all Trump has to do is declare a 2024 run and the GOP primaries are over.
And anybody he backs is now winning by 60, 75 points, record levels, like Green out of Georgia.
And so the system has to go after him, but that will cause an even bigger awakening.
I mean, this is just fantastical to watch Joe Biden announce new gas taxes, no mining allowed in America for the rare earth minerals for the batteries.
I mean, this is just a total destruction of the country.
Destruction of the borders, destruction of everything.
No, it's absolutely true, and that's the story behind this New York prosecution.
Don't think the Democrats aren't looking at these polls.
They still can't get over 2016.
Hillary Clinton spent almost $2 billion between soft and hard money.
I estimate, at best, Donald Trump.
With far less experience as a candidate for public office, may have spent, including independent spending, somewhere around $375 million.
And he won going away.
So they fear that he's going to run again, and therefore they hope to damage his reputation even further through these bogus indictments in New York.
Cyrus Vance Jr., what do you hear some of the things this guy has done?
He's not an unbiased, honest law enforcement man or a prosecutor.
He's a partisan Democrat.
And he's acted like one, let's say that.
Well, Roger, I mean, when it came out in the new Hunter Biden emails, which they admit are real, and the FBI do this the whole time, but they can't investigate themselves, the FBI director, the former director, Louis Freeh, saying, I want to do business with you, Vice President, I've got foreign clients for lobbying.
And then he goes, well, here, give my son $100,000, and he puts it in there.
And that's just part of it.
I mean, this is complete bribery publicly.
And so they're corrupt.
They know they control the FBI.
And they control most of the judges.
And so the sky's the limit.
I mean, we have a complete criminal mafia running our country that double as CHICOM agents.
You know, when I read that exchange, look, I lived in Washington for 30 years.
I've seen a lot of brazen stuff in my lifetime.
But the former FBI directors caught red-handed bribing a public official.
Bribing the number two public official in the United States.
By the way, no charges will be brought against Louis Frey.
Because we have a two-tiered system of justice in this country.
If you're a Republican, if you're a Christian, if you're a conservative, you support Donald Trump.
Well, you know, they'll send you to prison for jaywalking.
But Ron Rosenstein lied to Congress when he said, no, I didn't approve the investigation and indictment of Roger Stone.
And I produced the document that he signed October 17, 2018, in which he did.
That's a material lie.
When is he being prosecuted?
I'll tell you when.
That's when.
All right, Roger.
Give us an update in the next few days.
Please come on with us Sunday or Monday.
We're all praying for your amazing wife, Roger.
I can't wait till you launch your own podcast.
It'll also be syndicated and posted, when you do it every day, at band.video and freeworldnews.tv.
Thank you so much, and please give your wife my best.
And folks, please give us a hand.
Go to stonefamilyfund.com.
I'm a great believer in the holistic approach and all natural approach to cancer.
It does have a cost, but we're going to pursue that route.
So I need your help, folks.
God bless you.
God bless you, Alex, for handling this with the dignity that you have.
And God bless America.
There's my wife being pulled outside of our home by the FBI for the CNN cameras.
That came with boats, helicopters, and 40 agents.
She too is a warrior.
God bless you, Alex.
Alright, we're going to start the next hour.
Thank you, Roger.
And I've just got to reset and cover all the... It's not that I'm choking.
I've got too much bombshell news here.
I mean...
I'm going to try to get to it all.
It's totally insane.
And wait till you hear about the prions that are in the vaccines news.
That's coming up.
And please don't forget, Roger didn't use to panhandle.
They basically bankrupted him.
So please support him.
Please keep us on air.
Storewide free shipping for Memorial Day, double Patriot points, DNA Force Plus back in stock, 40% off.
And we've got Pollen Block back in stock, 40% off, and so much more in Full War Store.
Well, Jack Pasova's got a new book out.
He's not a sponsor.
I want to read the book.
You won't even call me back to buy some of the book.
I've been calling.
But I like the piece he did on Antifa, and he's got a new book out.
The video's excellent, so I'm going to air it right here.
Here is Antifa.
It's not a myth.
Antifa has been violent and has been launching revolutions for decades.
Here's Jack Posobiec's latest work.
Some people say Antifa is just an idea.
Some people say Antifa is a myth.
Mainstream media, they collude with big tech to bury the truth about Antifa.
But ignoring the rise of the black flags in America, that's a grave mistake.
So, who is Antifa?
Where do they come from?
How are they funded?
And most people don't ask these questions.
I don't have to ask it.
I've lived it.
And I wrote the book on it.
Let's go.
Antifa aren't Democrats.
They're not Republicans.
They're anarcho-communists who only want one thing.
The overthrow of the U.S.
system by any means necessary.
The original founder of Antifa was actually a German, a Soviet agent, named Ernst Thalmann in Weimar, Germany.
Thalmann was the leader of the German Communist Party, the founder of the Red Front, and in 1932, he created Antifaschista Action.
Under the two-flag emblem, the first Antifa targeted the government of their time, the Weimar Republic, which, as we all know, ultimately ended with the rise of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists.
Thanks, Ernst.
Communist China in the 1960s saw a new form of revolution, a student movement called the Hongwei Bing, the Red Guards.
They took to the streets to remake society, and they called it social justice.
Chairman Mao called the Red Guards from all across China to overthrow traditional Chinese culture, to go after the teachers, the business owners, even their own parents.
As a result, somewhere between 5 and 10 million Chinese citizens were murdered to solidify the rule of the CCP, all in the name of revolution.
In the 1970s in West Germany, the notorious Baader-Meinhof gang was another extension of anarcho-socialism that appeared.
They were also known as the Red Army Faction, and this was a group of radical extremists who conducted a series of terrorist attacks funded by the USSR.
This wreaked havoc on the entire region for years.
Before turning to a life of terrorism, Ulrich Meinhof was a left-wing journalist.
Funny how that works.
During the Syrian Civil War, some Antifa militants even traveled to the Middle East and trained and fought with Kurdish communists on the battlefield in what was known as the Rojava Revolution.
And then they came back to America with what they learned.
You won't see this on CNN.
And now, Antifa is right here in America.
Armed Antifa actually tried to create their own country within the city of Seattle, Washington, called the Chazz.
And instead of shutting them down, local police were ordered to abandon their precinct.
The result?
Absolute mayhem.
But it wasn't until shots were fired, women assaulted, homeless people murdering each other, and teens were shot dead in the streets that the city finally intervened and shut it down.
I know because I was there.
I've been inside the black box.
I was standing next to Raz Simone when he locked and loaded in Chaz.
I came face to face with Antifa leaders who wanted to kill me in Lincoln Park, Washington, D.C.
I know firsthand Antifa is very real, and they've been around for a very long time.
The first step to defeating these violent anarchists is to actually admit they exist.
Joe Biden, if you think Antifa is just an idea,
Read the new book.
I'd be happy to deliver you a copy.
Once you're done reading Hunters, we have the receipts.
They're all right here.
All right, excellent job, Jack.
I can't wait to read the book.
I can't wait to carry it if he gets back with me.
You know, the devil's greatest trick is telling the world he didn't exist.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this Live Friday, May 28th transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones, and the dots have been connected today.
The planets have aligned.
The answer has been computed and has been revealed in crystal clear 2020 vision.
So let me give you the preface and then I will get into the evidence here.
We know that the so-called COVID-19 vaccines, whether they be virus vector delivered or mRNA, are not vaccines.
And that they, at a revolutionary level, do not try to teach the body how to defeat a damaged or neutralized attenuated virus or bacteria.
That instead it goes in and programs the body
How to respond to the shell of the virus, which is made of an extremely common protein in the body.
So your body is being taught to have an autoimmune response, and there's many different ways it can do that, to that.
That's why top scientists came out when they learned what was in these injections.
What they are is just injections.
And warned this is gonna cause brain damage, blood clots, Alzheimer's type diseases, heart attacks, and eat holes in your lungs.
And they had all these studies from Russia, China, the US, Europe, the UK, Mexico, it goes on and on.
Where they've tried in industrial poultry production particularly, to create a vaccine to stop bird flu that can come through and kill almost your entire facilities, ducks or chickens.
So, they've been trying this for 50 years.
They've been trying with mRNA for 20.
So, giving you some background here.
But, here's the boil down.
They knew all this.
This is extremely well studied.
The big UT study and others funded by Fauci, 2012.
And they said, don't give people a so-called vaccine to counter.
They studied three different types of vaccines, three different ways to cause an autoimmune response to the spike protein of the virus on COVID viruses, SARS viruses, same virus, same family.
And they said, extreme caution, it kills the rats, it kills the mice.
They have strokes, they have heart attacks, they have blood clots in their lungs.
What's in the news today?
This is every hour news comes out.
BBC presenter dies from blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccine in the brain.
Had extreme headaches for a week and then died.
The doctors say they believe it killed her.
The supermodel that just died?
Same thing.
Massive stroke.
Brain bleed.
Now let's give you the latest.
Gregory's report just went live.
Will the COVID vaccine complete the zombification of America?
IQs dropping, sperm counts dropping, cancer rates exploding.
Well, the answer is yes, it will.
Here is medicine.hsc.wvu.edu.
Major universities.
RNA helps create zombie cells, cause cancer, says WVU researcher.
That's the WVU Cancer Institute and School of Medicine.
This, of course, is from before they launched their COVID op, before it was politically incorrect to tell the truth about it.
And it creates prions that are artificial synthetic cells, and the problem with putting synthetic RNA in, synthetic viruses, synthetic organisms, is they start growing.
And if they run into anything similar to themselves, they start growing.
Like crystals, because they are crystals.
That's why you don't feed cows, dead cows, because they don't have stomachs to deal with it.
It passes through.
Prions grow in their flesh, around the spinal cord and the brain.
So you don't want to eat a cow's brain that has it, or meat that's up against the spine, because you get that, it goes into your brain, starts growing, and you're bye-bye.
So, I studied this again last night for several hours, and again this morning for over an hour.
And it's all right there, not a possibility, a guaranteed effect, highly studied, the system knew this, now there's prions growing right there, the system knew this and is injecting the West, who's the enemy of the globe, let's get rid of us, black, white, old, young, doesn't matter, gay, straight, doesn't matter, with a system that will eat your brain with crystals.
Might take five years with a child, might take a month with somebody that's already got crystals in their brain that he's attached to.
So, I mean, they did it, folks.
And that's why Biden just announced that within 15 years, every hospital bed will be filled with people.
And they're now saying Alzheimer's is common at age 20.
Because it's plaques in the brain from aluminum, prions, it's a cocktail of things, pesticides,
Phthalates, and it's not killing us fast enough, so they went ahead and hit us with this.
And that's right out of a major institute.
I got a bunch of other articles, studies on it here for you.
Shocking study reveals mRNA COVID-19 vaccines may progressively generate your brain from prion disease.
Here's an actual another study.
Microbiology, infectious diseases, COVID-19 RNA-based vaccines, the risk of prion disease.
I mean, this is well known, okay?
So, there you go.
I mean, they shut down England and made them kill almost all their cows and sheep because a few hundred had prions.
All they had to do was just kill the ones that had it.
But instead, they just killed them all.
But instead, they now inject you with synthetic prions.
So you can get synthetic spongiform encephalopathy.
And so your brain, after you've been injected, after this degenerates,
We'll look like the brain on your screen on the left hand side.
The Alzheimer's patient.
I guess you're right.
So there it is.
And you're not going to be causing problems anymore.
So the virus is real, has great gain of function to infect you, so everybody gets scared and takes a vaccine for the virus's shell.
That is a prion delivery system and so
Here's the key.
We're going to have to, and I said this six months ago, I said it a year ago, I said when everybody gets Alzheimer's or neurological-type disorders, they're going to claim that COVID's eating the brain, or some new virus is.
No one will point out it's the vaccine.
Any scientists that try to will be censored, and the people that are dying never want to admit.
That's the sign of somebody under this delusion, under this programming, is when they get hurt, the left always defends their abuser.
Stockholm Syndrome.
And so this is just going to be a nightmare scenario, and this is the end of civilization.
You've got to get to rural areas.
I've got to, too.
You've got to dig in soon.
The death's already happening.
See, if the crystals grow too fast, or there's an autoimmune response too fast, there's a whole range of things.
The people die within days or hours, hours or days, weeks sometimes.
And it's always the same.
Science is clear.
But for the most people, it's just, it lays little goodies in there.
And there's major studies showing electromagnetic resonance through tissue can then actually activate them to grow.
So they obviously have cures for this as well, but the elites have that.
You're not gonna get it.
They can then use the 5G and other systems to then resonate with the crystals and make them grow.
There's a lot of studies on that.
So now you understand, they can now, they put the crystals in you, and they're gonna slowly kill you, but if they want, they can take you and put you in a chamber, you think it's just a regular jail cell, they flip a switch, and it makes the crystals grow so fast, that in a month you're dead.
And we have top science for you, on the other side, to lay that out.
So, prepare to die!
That's why they don't care that you know they're criminal.
That's why they don't care that you know they're Chinese agents.
Because this is America under attack in Europe and Australia.
This is the end.
These are Chinese globalist agents.
This is it.
This is it.
And then it'll take you years to die and they'll go, we don't know what's doing it.
Then it weighs down and collapses society.
Welcome back, I'm Alex Jones, your host, and this is Beyond An Emergency Situation.
What's happening to humanity is so bad, is so horrible, that despite the incredible persecution they're launching at us behind the scenes, I'm completely calm and feel blessed to be aware of what's going on.
That's how bad this is.
It's unspeakable.
And notice all over the news, they have to admit locally, yeah, whole nursing homes get the mRNA shot, or the other ones, they all do the same thing, and they create an autoimmune response, you know, to this protein, and then starts the replication of the protein, and then they just go, just don't worry, we're, you know, everything's fine.
And people get so incredibly sick, and suddenly they have brain fog, nobody at the nursing home is going to eat dinner anymore, or lunch or breakfast, and people start dying.
But young folks and old folks and everybody else are having heart attacks and strokes over and over and over again.
You know, the one-child policy targeted girls in China.
Over 100 plus millions killed.
And then now they've targeted all over the world boys with the autism, with what they did with the vaccines.
The body is eating itself and these crystals are growing and they start cutting through the blood vessels, the capillaries in the brain and it's very painful to be murdered like this with the crystals growing in your brain.
It's right out of a horror movie and then finally they sever the large enough
That's what I'm saying.
So, yeah, he's part of it as well.
So, I mean, there you go.
These people want the art for themselves.
They think you're stupid.
And they think they can just carry this out and get away with it.
So, there you go.
See, a lot of folks are joining them because they think they'll be protected.
Boy, they don't have a lot of sense, do they?
No, they don't have a lot of sense.
They got sense to take over, but not sense of what's going to happen down the road.
So let's go ahead and go to Gregory's report.
It's short, but then we'll take what I've said here in the last few segments and put it together with it, put out another more lengthy report.
But he just did the translation of it into English, out of French.
This is Pierre Gilbert.
Will the COVID vaccines complete the zombification of America, Canadian?
Professor named Pierre Gilbert in 1995 video.
And there's been a lot of other scientists and others that have said similar things.
I just showed you medicine.hsc.wvu.edu.
RNA helps viruses create zombie cells, cause cancer, says WVU research.
And then I've got all the studies and stats confirming all of that.
But here is
The Doctor from the Vault!
In an old video from 1995, a theology professor named Pierre Gilbert warned of mandatory vaccines that would turn recipients into zombies.
He speaks in French, so I will translate.
In the biological destruction, there are the organized tempests on the magnetic fields.
What will follow is the contamination of the bloodstreams of mankind.
Creating intentional infections.
This will be enforced via laws that will make vaccination mandatory.
And these vaccines will make possible to control people.
The vaccines will have liquid crystals that will become hosted in the brain cells, which will become micro receivers of electromagnetic fields, where waves of very low frequencies will be sent.
And through these low frequency waves, people will be unable to think.
You'll be turned into a zombie.
Don't think of this as a hypothesis.
This has been done.
Think of Rwanda.
There isn't much information I could find about Pierre Gilbert, but what he said 26 years ago certainly rings true today.
In 2016, The Guardian published, Genetically Engineered Magneto Protein Remotely Controls Brain and Behavior.
Here we can see zebrafish larvae that have been injected with Magneto being manipulated with magnetic fields.
In March of 2020, Defense One published an article on how hydrogel biosensors are ready to be injected into people's bodies.
Funded by DARPA and Bill Gates.
If you search magnetic nanoparticles, you will find several articles and videos explaining the so-called benefits of this invasive technology that can control parts of the human body via external frequencies.
Livestock needs to be branded and tracked.
And the enslavement of humanity is voluntary.
Which is why the so-called vaccines are voluntary.
And sadly, there seems to be millions of people eagerly lining up to be state property.
For ReeseReport.com, this is Greg Reese.
Now, what did we tell you a few months ago when General Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence, former National Security Advisor to the President, came out and said, this is dead on, it's a war game, SPARS 2025-2028, and in that,
I have right here on the desk, it says that the vaccine will cause mass neurological problems and mass Alzheimer's that will cause a global revolt, but that'll be okay because it's going to collapse civilization.
So in their drill, it's actually set for 2020-2023, they just move it forward, neurological symptoms, neurological symptoms, Alzheimer's type symptoms will be caused by the vaccine they tell you in the John Hopkins war game.
And then the former head of Defense Intelligence saw our two-hour report and said it was one of the most important things he'd ever seen and concurred.
We'll play of that when we come back.
But I just want people to understand, we're not joking around here.
We're not playing games.
We're not just saying this to be shocking.
This is a fact.
I just showed you university studies, mainline reports, all of it.
Now, what was that professor showing?
If you look, he's showing articles.
That stuff was in the news back at the time they were developing all this.
Just like the human-animal clones.
I don't know what he's projecting on screen, but it's a magazine, probably Popular Science.
Because I read similar crap like that back then.
They're trying to get us ready for all of this, and they say it decades before because they've already got it developed, then later they bring it out when they're ready to go operational.
So, you can just flip this switch now, when somebody's got enough of these growing in their brain, why Gates says it may take three shots, to where you just can make somebody fall down if you want.
That's what they found with the jellyfish.
You notice they put jellyfish genome in the Pfizer shot.
And they said, why?
They said, it's sacred.
Bioluminescence, Lucifer Ease, they call it.
This other chemical.
I mean, you can't make this up, okay?
They even give it names like Lucifer.
So, you're going to glow in the dark, alright.
So, you've been warned, folks.
And the more we learn, the worse it gets.
So, pray to God.
Remember, your churches aren't churches.
They're globalist run.
They're going to tell you while you're dying it's of the Lord and to take microchips.
And that pedophilia is good.
That's coming next.
Hell, a lot of the churches are already saying it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Arrest Fauci!
Arrest Bill Gates!
Arrest Mayor Gates!
So understand this.
The attack on America is bigger than Donald Trump.
If you are receiving this transmission, ladies and gentlemen, you are the resistance.
Again, that is from back in April of last year and several other clips of us saying, arrest Bill Gates, arrest Fauci.
And then we go on to say it came from the Wuhan lab.
It's the pretext to then give you some type of tainted, poisoned vaccine, which has always been their holy grail and their end game from their own admissions.
And now we know that indeed that is the case.
But before I go back to some more of those clips from the archive, here on the Alex Jones Show, I wanted to play for you General Flynn, a couple months ago, after he'd seen my report from years ago, 10 years ago, predicting
The fact that they were going to do all this, but I didn't predict it.
They told us their plan.
They told us they would depopulate us using a poison vaccine.
And what they're going with is a protein that destroys your uterus, destroys your testicles, destroys your brain, destroys your heart, your lungs.
Just makes you a blithering zombie with rotholes all in your brain.
So that finally these fallen creatures like Bill Gates and others
Can feel like that they are superior to everyone.
So here is General Flynn.
Things that I would recommend for people to go look at.
And I don't care what you think about this guy who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday.
It's basically a documentary and late in the afternoon.
So I watched it last night and it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars.
And the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this.
I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday, and it's called An Emergency Broadcast, and it's based on InfoWars, and it's based on the whole COVID lie.
And Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail.
of a of a war game that our government did back in the 2016-2017 time frame with with you know under a different name and they called it SPARS instead of SARS COVID right and it's this incredible uh I mean it's like it's like runs parallel to everything that's going on today even in the
We're good to go.
I mean the exact same words, the exact same hashtags, and it's like it's one big setup.
So, let me, so that's just, this thing that, this thing that Alex Jones put out yesterday, it needs to get out in a bigger way because Alex walks through, and again, whatever, I don't care what people think of him, he's incredibly detailed in his research, he loves this country, he is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to, and there's a reason why
The mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
And in this particular documentary that he did yesterday, it's fascinating and there's an awful, awful lot of parallels in it from what was done in a war game, so to speak, quote unquote, and then what the reality is that we're facing.
Let me give for radio listeners, because they can't see the TV screen, and we're simulcasted radio slash TV show, the Band.Video or FreeWorldNews.TV site, so you know the name of the video.
General Flynn calls for investigation of Spars 2025-2028.
Can we please put up the Band.Video link?
From Band.Video, you guys set it up perfect.
Thank you.
It's emergency Saturday broadcast.
World shocked.
By SPARS 2025-2028 document.
So again, emergency Saturday broadcast.
World Shocked by SPARS 2025-2028 document.
386 million views.
It needs 100 million views if you want to send these globalists to prison.
And by the way, the crew is doing a fabulous job.
If I ever sound irritated live here on air, no one would do a radio TV show directing from on air.
The only way to do it, though the way I do it, is because we're live.
Stuff's breaking.
It's having a lot of time as I direct things.
And this crew does a great job.
If I sound frustrated, it's because I am just completely freaked out.
I am.
I am.
I mean, folks, behind the scenes,
The Democrats and the globalists are so criminal.
It is just unbelievable the level of evil.
I mean, we are facing real evil.
And so I'm not feeling sorry for myself, but most people with what's going on behind the scenes wouldn't even be on air right now.
And they would be dealing with it or licking their wounds or whatever.
I know we're on a mission.
I know we're going to bring down this evil.
I know God's on our side.
And so I feel stronger than ever.
But I do tend to get very, very angry and upset.
And I know you do as well.
But let's just take that anger and put it into constructive action to expose these monsters.
And because we wouldn't do something like this or think like this, we have a blind spot to it.
You have to just admit it to yourself.
I mean, it's so bad, and it's so confirmed, and there's no way we're wrong.
They admit they're doing it.
My God!
I mean, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, David Rockefeller all said they want to kill us through vaccines.
You know, and they've been studying, hell, we said back in the 2000s that it looked like Mad Cow was how they wanted to do it because they were really obsessed with it.
And we know that there are a lot of prions that are causing a lot of the Alzheimer's and that they're artificially introducing them.
And then now they're in the news saying, we're going to put nanotech into your body.
We're going to make the military take it.
And you read the top of nanotech, it is, it's all protein growers, which is crystals.
It's not just you.
COVID brain fog can linger for months until you just get used to it.
And they hit you with a burst of electromagnetic system and they can grow it.
And that's in major studies.
At this point, I mean, just, we got to pray to God.
We just got to get close to God and we've got to understand how serious all this is.
Here's another video.
There's hundreds of these people are finding.
We haven't given it a title yet, but we'll post it to Bandop Video later.
This is from 10 years ago.
There's 12 minutes of this clip.
I'm only going to play about a minute and a half of it.
Here it is.
What did I and Dr. Group and others, and Dr. Blalock, who's a brain surgeon, what have we talked about in the past here on the air?
That the globalists have said in their white papers, in their own UN documents, that they want to create race-specific bioweapons and other systems to depopulate the planet.
They teach that everywhere, that the world without humans would be great, we need to depopulate, China's been the center of one-child policy, all of this, and that it would be good to cull the planet.
A lot of this, from my sources, is that they're preparing to release bioweapons, claim that they're naturally occurring,
And then use that as the cover for civil emergency, societal control, crackdowns on free speech.
Obama put the internet kill switch in five years ago.
And when he got confronted by Congress, he said, well, it's in case the bird flu or SARS gets out.
Just type that in.
CDC says internet kill switch is in case bird flu or SARS breaks out, and they have to control panic and direct every website in the U.S.
to one government announcement.
And we looked at every angle and believe a bioweapon release could be the thing they'd release to bring in a world government to counter a global problem.
And the U.N.
has said that a global pandemic is the only thing that may save their world government.
It may not be this year, but this is the globalist plan.
I'm Alex Jones.
You have been warned.
We're gonna go to break.
I got a lot more of this for you.
Straight ahead and we're just gonna onward through the fog.
Stay with us.
Live from Austin, Texas.
Broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us.
President Trump went on a syndicated radio show, Wayne Allen Root, today and asked the question, what happens when people find out all these states are going to flip?
Does that mean you go 3.5 years with someone destroying our country?
Who stole the election?
Well, what happens is, Mr. President, is they indict you with George Soros' operative in New York.
And that's the rest of the story.
I mean, this is a criminal takeover.
But all of that is smokescreen for the soft kill weapons that are being put in the vaccines from the scientific dictatorship.
And of course, you know, last week I aired that piece, see if you guys can dig it up on short notice, from Jesse Ventura's show, American Conspiracy, where I introduced Dr. Remo Labo
I was looking for a video earlier this morning with you guys.
You guys pulled up this video.
It was another video I wanted, but it's the one where I'm in the kitchen in Florida last week that I introduced the piece.
I forget the name.
That's the one.
Yeah, it's this clip.
And you have to ask yourself, you know, how could I say
Twelve years ago, in 2009, exactly what would happen, how it'd be the UN, world government, how they'd use it for censorship, total control, and then how the vaccine would have lipids in it, she listed as squalene, to brain damage people and to turn them into zombies.
Why do you keep hearing that?
Why do you keep seeing it?
It's in all the literature that that's what it's doing.
So, it's like a Twilight Zone episode.
We're here today experiencing what we warned you about 25 years ago, 12 years ago, five years ago, a year ago, six months ago.
I mean, we're here.
And here's the biggest takeaway.
All of these idiots.
Yeah, there it is.
Drug delivery nanoparticles given nanotransmitter passports to cross blood-brain barrier.
Wow, I didn't even know that.
I mean, I got a stack of articles about them going, we're gonna start doing experimental stuff for the public all the time!
And the military, we'll just do all this unapproved whatever we want, we're gonna give the troops nanotech!
It's little crystals that grow and help you!
And then we can put data inside the crystals and computers read it!
We scan it!
Yeah, put that article back up!
See, because what's crazy is it's like mainstream news like, everyone's gonna love animal-human hybrids, we've already made them!
Congress, two days ago, couldn't pass a law.
It failed.
Against it.
It's already happening.
See how suddenly you wake up and you're in the future?
It was a breakaway civilization.
It was already here.
They're at least 50 years ahead.
Genetic engineering and biotechnology news.
Drug delivery nanoparticles given neuron transmitter passports to cross blood-brain barrier.
Oh, it mimics your neurons so your body doesn't reject it when it takes over.
Oh, they're gonna send little things into our brain.
Oh, they love us.
And when you can't talk and get Alzheimer's and, you know, when you get dementia and start, you know, drawing the walls like you're three years old with the brown Crayola that you got out of the toilet, it's a gift.
Like, what did Joe Biden say?
He said, oh, mark my words, in 15 years, every hospital bed will be filled with Alzheimer's because it's true.
And the left's gonna love it.
They're gonna love their five-year-old that takes the COVID shot by the time they're 10 is gonna have Parkinson's.
It won't be like, oh, we get attention now.
Our child's dying.
More shots, more, more, more.
The child's convulsing.
They're like, liberal, liberal, liberal.
Because the left wants to cut their genitals off anyways.
And again, it's, they're bringing us to their dimension.
And a great allegory is Event Horizon.
1990s sci-fi horror movie.
It's well done.
I like it.
And this time machine, you know, this warp drive takes you to another dimension to full space.
But you go through hell on the way.
Or a dimension of just pure evil.
And the people, when they actually watch the footage of the crew killing themselves, are just ripping their eyeballs out, cutting their tongues out, and just loving it.
Like, you know, scratching their eyes out and everything.
Well, that's actually what the Aztecs would do when they were streaming with whatever this stuff was.
And so, I mean, that's it!
You want to know what life's like?
Event Horizon.
That's your future.
That's where we are.
Hell is opening.
Hell is here.
Hell is coming.
And that's why everything you see is going to be totally hellish, just dying people, convulsing cancer everywhere, total death, armored cars pulling up, leftists jumping out with machine guns, marching in, injecting you, and then a month later, because it's going to get worse and worse, they're going to give you more and more deadly shots, you'll be dying, but your neighbors won't say anything, because if you say they're hurting you, if you say the shots are bad, you'll be shot on sight.
And of course the leftists aren't going to come in your house.
They're going to pull up in a van to loot and rob and rape your kids.
They're going to send robots in to kill you.
So if you want to know, pull up the photos off of Instagram of the left taking selfies of themselves getting the shots.
And they all have this crazy demonic look.
We didn't pick these to show you the crazy ones.
In almost every photo their eyes are like, I took the shot!
I took the shot!
I'm good!
I'm with it now!
And again, it's a sacrament of showing, I want to die.
I want to merge with Satan.
I want Satan's seed in me.
It is a sexual experience.
That's all they're into is this stupid, crowley sex magic crap.
And they are being infected with the genetics of a dead boy.
That is in the vaccines, and the jellyfish, and the nanoviruses, and they're just communing with the death and just getting off on the death and the destruction.
It's like a long, slow, enjoyable suicide.
And all over the news, they've got new liberal fetishes that have been around for a while.
They're like, oh, we like to get pregnant and do sonograms and look at the baby and wait till it's nine months and then we take it and we have an abortion and it turns us on to kill our daughter or kill our son.
Want to play the video?
Oh God, it felt so good when they chopped her up inside of me.
Oh, I asked them if I could just look at their body parts.
I love to kill my daughter in a jar and then Governor Northam says we keep the babies comfortable while we harvest them.
Oh, but see, it's liberal!
And, and, and, the good guys, Bruce Jenner in a Big Bird demon outfit is stumbling, and the conservatives go, oh, he's our God!
He doesn't want to cut the boys' ding-dongs off!
He doesn't want boys in girls' sports, he just says, dress like a girl!
He's the good guy!
I mean, just total deception, total death!
And what is the transmission?
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
That's the satanic transmission!
And the left just dances to it!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Cut off your genitals, gouge out your eyes, die!
Murder, babies, death, eat people!
Rebellion against God, that's all they do!
That's the transmission!
The TV puts them into a trance state, then it programs them into the demon state.
And they're coming for your guns, and they're coming for your soul, and they're coming for your genetics, and they're coming for you and your children.
All right!
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Hour number three.
Tons of news and a major Facebook whistleblower straight ahead.
Well, Morgan Common is one of the big whistleblowers, insiders at Facebook that went public
But these documents from this year, where they are beginning to go after even, quote, truthful statements.
We're going to show you some of those documents concerning COVID-19, the vaccines, all of it.
And Tucker Carlson had him on last night.
Again, he did protect his identity, but he decided yesterday to go ahead and go public, and he's there at the Project Veritas headquarters, it looks like.
So we're going to be going to him on the other side of this short segment, but I wanted to air the Tucker Carlson piece.
We salute him for going public, and this is Achilles' heel of these deceptive megacorporations, as the truth is coming out because of insiders.
Here it is.
Earlier this week, James O'Keefe and Project Veritas did this country yet another public service.
They obtained internal documents from a whistleblower at Facebook.
The whistleblower explained that Facebook automatically flags comments that express any concern about the coronavirus vaccine.
Facebook uses classifiers in their algorithms to determine certain content to be what they call vaccine-hesitant, or they call it vaccine-hesitancy.
And without the user's knowledge, they assign a score to these comments that's called a VH score, vaccine-hesitancy score.
And based on that score, we'll demote or leave the comment alone, depending on the content within the comment.
According to those documents, here's one example of what Facebook considers a Tier 1 vaccine hesitancy comment.
Fair question, but not allowed.
Morgan Callman is the whistleblower who exposed all of this.
He's been suspended from his job at Facebook.
He joins us now.
Morgan, thanks so much for coming on and for your bravery.
It sounds like any real questions at all about the vaccines are not allowed by Facebook.
Yeah, Tucker, that's true.
Basically, the way that they set this up is that anything that questions the vaccine or the narrative regarding the vaccine, which is, you know, everyone should get the vaccine and the vaccine is good and you're not going to have very many bad side effects, anything outside of that realm is basically considered under vaccine hesitancy by Facebook's algorithms.
Is there any...
Why would they want to ban people from asking honest questions or reporting real side effects?
Well, honestly, Tucker, I think that they're afraid of what people might conclude if they see that other people are having negative side effects.
They think that this is going to drive up vaccine hesitancy among the population, and they see that as something that they have to combat.
But honestly, I think that that is not something that
Basically, my moral compass says that that is not the right thing to do.
Because, basically, the users at Facebook are not aware that this is going on.
And, if you're using Facebook or a social platform, and they're censoring the content of your comments, unbeknownst to you, I think that's highly immoral.
It is highly immoral.
So, you are willing to lose your job, and it sounds like you have, or will, for coming forward.
Is that why you came forward?
Yeah, I believe that any consequences that are bestowed on to me by Facebook as a result of this leak and these documents that I've leaked to Project Veritas, I think any of those consequences don't really weigh much when it comes to having to live with myself and ask myself the rest of my life, you know, I saw these documents and I had the opportunity to, you know, show the public this and what's going on behind the scenes and I didn't do it.
And so, I wouldn't be able to live with myself after that.
I consider that heroic.
This country used to consider whistleblowing heroic.
Have you been treated as a hero?
Among the close company I have now, yes.
As for Facebook, they decided to suddenly tell me to stop my work one day while I was at work, call me into a meeting with my supervisor and a security guard, they removed all my company equipment from me, my company laptop, company cell phone, and my badge, my access badge.
They walked me out to my car and basically informed me that they would be having an investigatory meeting with me at a later date.
Now Facebook has responded.
It's like, oh, we told our employees this isn't secret.
But of course it is secret, as all criminal activities are.
They're really out of control.
They're now censoring Congress when they have hearings about this.
And members of Parliament in Australia, stay with us.
We'll talk to this man straight ahead.
So the president of Microsoft, Brad Smith of all people, says life will be like Orwell's 1984 by 2024 if AI is allowed to surveil us and control us.
It's already 1984 for three billion users.
Facebook and new internal documents a few days ago came out.
Project Veritas with two whistleblowers and one of them, Morgan Common, has gone public before he was just blacked out in the studio to protect his identity.
But they went ahead and called him in and discovered and figured out who had dared mention the guidelines, the orders, that anything
True event or a fact where someone's been hurt by a vaccine or has questions or is telling people that they have a right to basically not be forced to do it.
Anything critical in any way is not allowed, but of course they didn't want you to know that.
A member of parliament in Australia a few weeks ago who said that you shouldn't have forced inoculations, he's banned on Facebook.
Facebook's now announced that anyone that questioned the election results in Congress, which the Democrats did four years ago, five years ago for Biden, that they won't be allowed to engage in political activity on Facebook, including Senator Ted Cruz.
So the tyranny is here.
It's not coming.
But I love their response that, oh, this wasn't secret.
We let employees know about it.
But if they talk about it to anybody, they're
Morgan Common joins us.
GoSendGo.com forward slash expose.
Facebook everybody needs our support who's doing this.
This is the real war and people tell the truth to the frontline soldiers.
So this is one of the biggest
Censorship stories ever it's incredible.
Thanks for joining us Morgan.
This is a just broke in the last 48 hours And I guess you've just been discovered recently as the pro-human mole Inside Facebook give us give us your gestalt of what's happening and other points.
You'd like to add basically you've got the floor All right, thank you Alex.
So basically after Facebook
I saw the story where I came out and my identity was hidden.
I went back to work after I got back from producing that story and I was working and they basically said, hey we need you to stop all your work and immediately come bring all your personal stuff and all your work equipment to this meeting.
Basically said, yeah, you know, and they put me on the phone with a third party representative who was in contact with Facebook who informed me, yes, you're under investigation.
We're going to file a request for a meeting on this date.
And then I was like, OK, sounds good.
And then the security guard walked me out to my car.
And, you know, after that is when I decided to go public.
What do you make of their public response to it?
I've got the quotes here.
Talk about Orwellian.
They're like, oh, this is no big deal.
We tell employees we do this.
There's nothing happening here.
Yeah, I honestly expected this response from them.
A lot of times their public, well, most of it, their public policy and their private policy is written very differently.
Their public policy is written in a way that is, it makes it very easy to defend, it's very ambiguous, it's very flip-floppy and smoky, and that way if it's questioned they can just come up with, you know, whatever the new term of the day is to say, well, this is just reducing harm and we're just helping people out.
But internally things are much more specific.
Obviously, you know, you look at these documents and they have very specific things on here.
They know exactly what they're doing, and yeah.
And now here you are sitting in Project Veritas Studios, I guess, in New York.
This has been quite a week for you, hasn't it?
Very little sleep.
Yeah, yeah.
It's kind of surreal for me, but I know that despite all the hardships I'm going through now, this has to get out.
You know, people had to see this.
I couldn't really...
Not releasing this does not align with my moral compass.
There's no way that I could have not released this and lived with myself.
I mean, this is not just about me.
It's not just about the United States.
It's not just about Facebook.
It's about the entire world.
These people really are creating a model and have created, really, a model that's live right now.
They've created a model for vaccine hesitancy now, but this could actually expand to include really any topic.
And I think that maybe it will still, but had I not come out with this, it certainly would have.
Well we know that there's similar systems.
We know during the election they were blocking pro-Trump stuff.
What else did you witness while you were inside Facebook?
So one thing that was kind of disconcerting is when I actually discovered this document it was posted on
I don't know.
There are so many different facets to this, so many angles.
Imagine, this is your chance, like talking to 5 million people last night, talking to Carlson, probably 2 million people conservatively are tuned in right now.
What else do you want the public to know?
I want the public to know that
I'm just a normal person.
I come from a town that has way less than 10,000 people in the middle of nowhere, and just because you don't have notoriety, just because you're not, you know, you don't think that you're somebody doesn't mean that if you have access to information like this that could help people that you can bring it out.
You can definitely bring it out.
There are people like Project Veritas.
You can go to VeritasTipsAtProtonMail.com.
They will help you out.
They do this kind of thing for, you know, this is one of their sticks, you know.
And they will take care of you.
There's a lot of people that are on your side.
You know, it's the silent majority, but it's really hard for the average person because of the consequences.
I mean, Facebook is a very, very powerful company.
They're not even really beholden to, you know, the U.S.
Well, absolutely.
government, I'm sure you saw the news, that members of Congress that were going to have a 10-day investigation, which is totally legal.
The U.S.
Again, Democrats did it five years ago.
They challenged Trump's election, if you remember, and tried to not even get the delegates to be seated.
They're trying to say anybody that was trying to hold a vote on January 6th, before the riot, that they don't get to be political or promote themselves on Facebook.
I mean, that's directly interfering in our election.
Yes, totally Orwellian, and I think that the comparison by the Microsoft CEO to 1984, yeah, that's certainly correct.
And I think that what they're trying to do, you know, they know the power they're wielding, and I think a lot of times, too, especially with the internal employees and the software engineers, they take advantage of people's good nature, where then they try to say, you know, you guys are helping out, and the world needs this, and you guys are heroes.
And one of their stated goals, even, in one of the documents says that they want people to know that they did this, and then they want to take credit for their work.
And I think that if people need to, you know, go in and see these kind of things and they need to follow their more moral compass and say, yeah, even though I'm an exec at Facebook, this is wrong and we should not be doing this.
And if, you know, you receive opposition, make it public.
Morgan Common is a major whistleblower.
We really appreciate him joining us.
We've got one more segment with him.
How do people reach out to you?
How do other IT companies that might want you to work with them, who are moral, how do people reach out to you for employment or how do people reach out to you for interviews?
All right, if you guys want to reach out for me to interview, the best way to do that and fastest would probably be just to go through Project Veritas.
You can contact them on their website.
And then if you want to support me personally, we set up a fundraiser on givesendgo.com slash expose Facebook.
And you can go there and donate there.
And then I also included some cryptocurrency links to some addresses in there you can use as well.
Well, it's important to build our own community and to support and celebrate people that expose the criminal activity of Facebook.
I mean, they're not going to like this information coming out.
They're not very happy right now because they say right here, we want to suppress the truth, true events and facts.
That is amazing.
Yeah, I have a feeling that they're scrambling.
Damage control mode right now.
How do you think Facebook got to be the most powerful?
I think more powerful than Google, more powerful than Apple.
Hands down, worldwide, involved in all these elections, politics, telling countries what they can and can't do.
I mean, who died and made Mark Zuckerberg God?
I think that honestly, Mark Zuckerberg had his own ideas in the beginning and yeah, he's still a part of it now, so he's certainly not to escape blame.
But I think that this is something that has grown way out of his control.
I think there's a group of people behind the scenes that are, you know, kind of like a board or something, that are making all the calls and stuff like that.
Just like Henry Ford was one thing and then another group took over his foundation, it's the same thing.
Gates took over IBM's foundation, most folks don't know that, through his mother.
But exactly.
You have the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups that are now taking over the board of Facebook and are in control.
So the left, who is in control of a three billion person army, they could influence, bully, and control in a giant brainwashing gulag.
We've got a lot of news on that as well coming up.
We've got Major Whistleblower Morgan Common.
Stay with us.
You know, we've got some big breaking news next segment, but this news is just as important.
But wait till you see what we're going to cover next segment.
Alex Jones here back live.
Morgan Common is our guest Facebook insider that chose to come forward with Facebook internal company documents detailing a plan to quote curb vaccine hesitancy.
It's not even a vaccine, it's a GMO thing they've cooked up.
On a global scale, the stated goal of the feature is to drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine-hesitant comments, like people dying.
Like the BBC presenter that just died from a blood clot in her brain after she took it.
I mean, it's just an everyday occurrence that some famous person dies, and they've pulled a bunch of these vaccines around the world.
When you even try to share that fact, they block it.
So what is it like for these content moderators, sir?
When you see a doctor, you know, talking to a legislature in Florida, and I remember Facebook censored that, and Twitter censored it, and so did YouTube.
Or you see congressional hearings, where they gave testimony, I remember six months ago, about Wuhan Lab being probably where it came from, and I remember seeing where YouTube took that down.
It's not just Facebook, it's Google, sub-companies, I mean, they're all doing it, where now legislature testimony we can't see?
I mean, this is outrageous!
Yeah, Alex, it's absolutely outrageous and these people, to think that they even have the power to do this and totally get away with it is one of the things that really rubs me the wrong way where they're like, yeah, this is totally normal and we're going to do this and you're not going to ask any questions, you're just going to keep going and as long as we let you have your Facebook and your Instagram, then you'll say okay.
Well, I would expect more people to go public, and whistleblowers are watching.
I know that Project Veritas is a great network, and they've been helping whistleblowers that come forward get other jobs, get support up front, because it's hard.
We're good to go.
Other people were absolutely concerned.
I had many, many conversations with many different people on this, both on the internal platform and in person.
And yeah, people are very concerned about this.
You know, they're concerned that Facebook even cares what your personal medical choices are, and that they would moderate your content based on that.
And they also don't get, you know, they're like, what's the big deal?
Like, what's the whole thing behind this?
But you know what?
They never get a straight answer.
Never get a straight answer on that.
And I think that's one of the things where people, even if they don't know a lot about the vaccines and the efficacy and all the hubbub, at least when they see, well, why can't we talk about it?
That's a huge red flag, even to the average person, I think.
And again, you have the Microsoft president saying AI is 1984 when it censors and controls you.
Is it the act of censoring somebody even before it's posted, which I see is in the report about you and others, that you and others said we have to do something because they're even suppressing stuff before it ever makes it on the platform?
Yeah, yeah.
They'll suppress things before it even makes it to your page.
And then they'll actually also suppress recommendations.
If a content is found to be facts and hesitant, they'll make it so that it can't even be recommended to other people.
So they're absolutely trying to stifle the spread.
They're trying to stifle the free speech.
And honestly, like I said, this facts and hesitancy thing is just, you know, small change compared to what this model could be applied to, which is literally anything.
They could apply this to any topic they want on their platform.
So we think about Iran as a threat, and I agree, it's a threat.
And we think about Russia could be a threat.
China definitely is a major threat to America.
But if we become, and let companies become, far worse than even they are, then we've already lost the war of our own choosing.
We've already run up the white flag to evil.
Yeah, it's the arrogance of the human intellect.
You know, we think that we are so great and we discover these and create these technological marvels, and then we say, yes, we can control this and we know everything about this in and out.
And people don't even think about the fact that, well, maybe we don't know this.
Maybe we're playing with fire.
Well, look, if my wife posts a photo of me on my birthday and it gets 20,000 likes,
Twitter takes it down.
I remember a couple years ago when I said Biden's got cognitive problems, probably had another stroke.
Just speculation.
Most doctors agreed with me at the time.
A bunch of them that were questioned said, it looks like he has that other stroke.
We know he had major brain surgery, you know, 20 years ago, almost died.
And Facebook came out and said, Jones is in a special area of dangerous persons.
And so you may not mention him unless it's negative.
And then they went on to say, but it's okay to organize violence against him.
Did you see that?
Oh yeah, and this is classic Facebook behavior.
They're just going to say, well, they won't give you a straight answer.
They'll say, well, he's being harmful or he's doing this and we're doing this in your best interest.
But isn't that what all, you know, people who are, you know, con artists, isn't that what they always say?
We're doing this in your best interest.
This is for you.
Uh, when really, if you look behind the scenes, it's like, okay, then, well, why can't I have the information?
Why didn't you make this public?
If this is my profile and my data, and they even have a feature where you can download the data they have on you, allegedly, all the data, then why can't we see it?
And they won't answer that question.
And I think we all know why.
Well, the left wants to take over Facebook to control it.
And so Facebook went ahead and just gave them control so that Congress wouldn't do it officially.
And I think that's an even more dangerous perfect storm.
What do you think should be done to Facebook?
I mean, broken up into what, six different parts?
I don't think there should be government regulation because I think that has the same potential to get out of hand as Facebook's power that they have now.
This is what I think.
I think what should happen is we need to rise up as individuals to say, we are not going to use Facebook.
This is how it's going to be because you are their product.
This is it.
And so if you get up and walk out and say, I'm not using it anymore because if you, unless you guys tell me exactly what's going on with my content that I post on your platform, I'm not, I'm not doing it anymore.
I don't think government regulation is going to help.
I don't think trying to get other companies involved is going to help that much ultimately.
Because there's too much of a vested interest.
It's too powerful of a tool.
But people like us as individuals on an individual level, we can't control that like, you know, a corporate board can.
And so we can say, I'm not using it.
Well, sir, all I can say is I'm impressed with what you've done.
You are a hero.
In the beginning, when a patriot is a scarce man, he's hated, feared, and scorned.
But in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
Well, you're doing this way before the avalanche happens against tyranny.
But we're looking for that avalanche.
We're looking for that chain reaction.
We're looking for that huge wake-up call, and you're right.
It's going to happen with the people.
In 1984, it's going to happen with the proles.
It's going to happen when the common person has a revolution of the mind and realizes that they've been made the product, that they're being dehumanized through that process and take control of their identity and themselves again and realize you wouldn't let your wife or husband know all this about you that Facebook knows.
You wouldn't let your wife or husband or your boss know any of the stuff that Google knows about you or your smart TV or your iPhone.
Why did we let ourselves ever get in this position?
I think that if you look at the old movie, The Network, there's a speech in that movie by the main anchor and he says, you know, as long as you just leave me alone with my steel-belted radio and my TV and my toaster and I won't say anything and I'll be quiet and I won't do anything.
And I think, you know, that's a position that a lot of people take and I don't blame them for that.
There's a lot of risk to coming out here.
But at the same time, it's, you know, weigh the risk and weigh the benefit.
Would you rather live your life as essentially a slave
In all ways, but the most obvious.
Or would you rather stand up for what's right and be able to say, I don't care how my life was, even if I was destitute until the day I died, I did the right thing and I can be comfortable knowing I did the right thing.
And that attitude builds a beautiful civilization.
The one of groveling builds a total tyranny.
Morgan Common, thank you.
Very impressed.
Go, send go.com forward slash expose Facebook.
People should support him there.
Thank you so much and we salute you, my friend.
Thank you.
Arrest Fauci!
Arrest Bill Gates!
So understand this.
The attack on America is bigger than Donald Trump.
It's bigger than all of you individually.
It's the true story of America and the idea of liberty against all the different tyrannies in the world.
So never forget, no matter how bad it gets, this is the beginning of the end of the New World Order!
Your soul's already with God forever!
You've got free will, and you made that decision!
So fear not the world and the Antichrist, because you are with Christ!
Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and the globalists are the parasites that are enslaving China and enslaving Europe and enslaving Africa and enslaving all the rest of the world.
And as soon as we start calling out the COVID-19 hoax lockdown, and as soon as we start exposing the Great Reset, the sooner these globalists start going to prison!
The Great Reset is a psychological warfare program to scare you into submission.
The masks are the symbol of the permanent lockdown and the slavery.
Tens of millions have already starved to death in the third world during the Great Lockdown.
The U.S.
is being collapsed.
It is a public plan called the Great Reset!
The Great Reset!
The Great Reset!
You are in grave danger!
You are in grave danger!
Phase 2 of the Great Reset is a bioweapon release!
COVID-19 was only a drill!
COVID-19 was only a drill for the real attack Bill Gates says is coming!
Because Bill Gates and the U.N.
and Klaus Schwab are behind the Great Reset!
You are in grave danger!
The next attack will be a real bioweapon attack!
Prepare your families!
You're in grave danger!
You are under globalist attack!
You are under globalist depopulation!
The Great Reset is preparing you for a real bioweapon attack!
COVID-19 was only the test drill!
I told you this a year ago.
Now they admit it's only a test drill.
They're going to tell you next your dogs and cats have a deadly virus and you've got to euthanize them.
And you will euthanize your dogs and cats en masse.
That's one of the plans Gates has to say your dogs and cats will have the next virus and you will kill them as a sacrament as a leftist.
Just as you kill your children, remember you will kill your dogs and cats when you are ordered to when Bill Gates says they have a virus in them.
Gates will launch that attack, in my approximation, within 24 months.
Giant bio-weapons attacks are coming!
Giant bio-weapon attacks are coming!
COVID-19 was only the test drill.
You are in grave danger.
You are in grave danger!
You are in grave danger!
You are in grave danger!
The Great Reset is a plan to put you under martial law before they release the real bioweapons.
Please look into the Great Reset for yourself before it's too late.
The terrorist is Bill Gates and his controllers.
We have lived in the bosom of freedom for so long.
That Americans have no idea how much danger they are in.
The Great Reset is a plan to bankrupt you, lock you down, release a real bioweapon on you, and kill you.
Once you've taken the vaccine, it's a binary weapon that programs your cells with a repressor protein, that once that comes in contact with the next virus, you will die very quickly.
They are implanting you and murder you with phase 2.
The mRNA vaccine is a binary weapon.
On record, top scientists have said it.
I've met with top scientists, billionaires on this.
They said it will kill you when they release the next virus because the cells will be programmed with the protein inside.
The Great Reset is upon us.
You are in grave danger.
The Great Reset is upon us.
Research the Great Reset.
Research the Great Reset.
COVID-19 is an overblown hoax designed to destroy the economy and put us all on welfare.
Alright folks, that is video from last April and May.
Different demonstrations that we engage in.
It goes on and on.
We've posted it at BAN.VIDEO just to show people that are new viewers and listeners what we were out exposing a long time ago.
Now you hear Arrest Fauci, Arrest Gates.
So great job to the listeners being supporters of this broadcast which is the tip of the spear so we can get this information out.
Now, we shoot live reports here on air and we cut them up.
That's what the segments are.
There's live reports on air with callers and guests and myself.
And then, we post in the Banned Out video.
So I get an idea of what people think is most important.
The name of the report you just saw is, You're in Grave Danger, Alex Jones Warned of the Great Reset Culling Last Year.
They just posted it about an hour ago.
It's already got 10,000 views.
Very important to get that out.
But, what I'm getting at now is something just as important
And that's energy.
And when we shoot reports on this, no one really cares.
I mean, it'll get 30,000 views instead of 2 million views.
And it's all part of the same globalist plan.
It's all part of the same operation.
And what am I talking about?
Well, Biden announced two days ago with an executive order that I think is unconstitutional, clearly.
That no lithium batteries or solar panels or any of the things being made in the U.S.
under his stimulus package, because he's tying the money to that, can be from mined rare earth minerals that are needed in their construction from the United States.
Because under the globalist agreements, China is supposed to have control of rare earth minerals.
It's an unofficial treaty.
But you heard the last guest bring up the movie Network, and the movie Network, I tell you how it works.
When Howard Beale, the Newcaster, the fictitious newscaster, goes in to talk to the big banker head that owns the TV network, he tells him, Mr. Beale, you don't just think that we're going to let these companies continue to be American.
We're not.
This is globalism.
We let certain countries control certain things and others control other things.
That's how we control the world, corporately, so no country ever gets too powerful.
But of course, that then gives the corporations all the power.
Let me think of what to search on network to actually find that clip.
That would be Howard Beale.
There it is, you found the clip.
Maybe we should play that next segment if we have time to download it and get it.
But, here's what I'm getting at.
I've actually been given quite a few of these speeches.
They're remarkably the same as the movie.
Just in modern context.
And I'm not bragging when I tell you that story.
You know, a lot of other people have gotten a similar speech.
I think?
How have you controlled that?
You control everything.
Biden came out and said, we cannot do any mining in America to speak of for rare earth minerals.
And with regulations and controls, they've basically banned gold mining, silver mining and other things that happened here previously.
There is no lead mining or lead smelting in the United States period.
Well, guess what he's done now?
We'll tell you about it on the other side of this quick break.
But when you talk about deindustrialization,
This is it.
There's a nice cartoon for TV viewers.
We'll come back and cover the cartoon and more on the other side.
Find out who Biden just waived sanctions on.
You'll find us Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
The Alex Jones Show right here on the InfoWars Pro Human Anti-Globalist Network.
And then, weekday afternoons, 3 to 6 p.m., Owen Troyer, The War Room, covering weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
with Harrison Smith.
And I'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, with the Sunday edition.
We have other live Saturday transmissions as well.
Find all the details at infowars.com forward slash show.
Okay, look at this headline on MSN.com.
Biden says he lifted sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 because it's almost completely finished.
That's not a joke.
And that is a Russian to Germany pipeline.
Merkel is very upset that they're putting a U.S.
sanction on a pipeline to Germany.
So what is it to shut down the Keystone Pipeline?
It's a blockade, it's not just a sanction, it's an act of war.
So you see, that's really what the shutdown of the Keystone Pipeline was all about.
Was a blockade, was a sanction.
Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 is sanctions on select countries and peoples.
Biden says he's lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2 because it's almost completely finished.
President Biden said that he lifted sanctions on the Russian to Germany pipeline, Nord Stream 2, because it's almost completely finished.
They didn't use the excuse that, oh, fossil fuels, because it carries both natural gas and oil, and gas, gasoline, natural gas, it can carry it all, just like the Keystone Pipeline could, just like other pipelines like Colonial can.
They say because Russia's evil and meddled in our election with no evidence.
That was their excuse to try to get that shut down, but oh, it's been tens of millions of dollars to build it.
It's just been completed, so it gets to stay open.
Because he doesn't want to commit an act of war on Russia and Germany, but he can beat up Americans politically all he wants.
Biden says he lifted sanctions on Nord Stream 2 because it's almost completely finished.
It's not like I can allow Germany to do something or not, Biden, continued.
He goes, I've been opposed to Nord Stream from the beginning.
Actually, the Ukrainian company he and his son were involved in are heavily involved in it.
So at the end of the day, he is on the Russian payroll.
I say don't close the Russian pipeline.
Bring more energy to more people.
That brings down prices.
But it shows how it all works.
So here's the cartoon.
Shows two roughnecks working on a drilling rig for oil.
Biden waives sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
So then shutting down an American pipeline and letting the Russian's pipeline open?
If that doesn't tell you how it all works, nothing will.
So, that's how the cow ate the cabbage.
You know, let's play a clip from the 1970s film Network, where Howard Beale has shut down the acquisition of their news company by the Saudis, and the big corporate chairman of the multinational conglomerate explains to him about the New World Order.
Here it is.
Good morning, Mr. Beale.
They're telling me you're a madman.
Only dizzle to relieve.
How are you now?
I'm as mad as a hatter.
Who is it?
I'm going to take you into our conference room.
Seems more seemly a setting for what I have to say to you.
I started as a salesman, Mr. Beale.
I sold sewing machines and automobile parts, hairbrushes and electronic equipment.
They say I can sell anything.
I'd like to try to sell something to you.
Valhalla, Mr. Beale.
Please, sit down.
You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won't have it!
Do you think you've merely stopped a business deal?
Is that clear?
That is not the case!
The Arabs have taken billions of dollars out of this country, and now they must put it back!
It is ebb and flow!
Tidal gravity!
It is ecological balance!
You are an old man who thinks in terms of nations and peoples.
There are no nations.
There are no peoples.
There are no Russians.
There are no Arabs.
There are no third worlds.
There is no West.
There is only one holistic system of systems.
One vast and immane, interwoven, interacting, multivariate, multinational dominion of dollars.
Petrodollars, Electrodollars, Multidollars, Reichmarks, Rings, Rubles, Pounds, and Shekels.
It is the international system of currency which determines the totality of life on this planet.
That is the natural order of things today.
That is the atomic
And sub-atomic and galactic structure of things today!
And you have meddled with the primal forces of nature!
And you will atone!
Am I getting through to you, Mr. Beale?
You get up on
Your little 21-inch screen and howl about America and democracy.
There is no America.
There is no democracy.
There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide and Exxon.
Those are the nations of the world today.
What do you think the Russians talk about in their Councils of State, Karl Marx?
They get out their linear programming charts, statistical decision theories, minimax solutions, and compute the price-cost probabilities of their transactions and investments, just like we do.
We no longer live in a world of nations and ideologies, Mr. Beale.
The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the
Immutable bylaws of business.
The world is a business, Mr. Bill.
All right, it goes on from there.
You can go watch the full thing, but just call it the network CEO speech, and it should pop up.
Maybe if you guys tell me what they call it online, I can tell a list or something.
I'm not going to play the whole thing here, but that's exactly what these guys do.
But I've had the heads of major Fortune 500 companies repeatedly call you up the top of something that looks pretty similar to that.
Like I was in one boardroom that had the green lights and the, you know, the English style brown wood, but most of it's more modern these days.
And they give me those little speeches.
And they say, do you want to be on this crusade that's going nowhere, Mr. Jones?
Or do you want to be a leader who can actually add their two cents to this big group of corporate super leaders?
The superclass, Alex.
You can be a leader of the superclass.
You can help lead your people towards a better world.
They're not doing that.
Here's the problem.
See, they had the big corporations take over, not to build this big utopia, kumbaya corporate system.
No, they did it to then have robots and computers take over and make humans obsolete and phase out the humans.
So the globalists that already hate themselves, they believe, can climb out of this body into some type of silicon system.
Because they've given up on life.
They screwed people over to get where they are, and they've decided there's nothing worth anything on this planet, not even their grandchildren.
In fact, most of them don't have children.
All right, we're gonna go to break.
I'm gonna get a bunch of other news, and then we got a great guest host taking over in the fourth hour.
But I'll just say this.
The mega banks have all the money, thousands of times what there's real assets, and they're using that now to make you eat bugs, to make you not live healthy, to make you not have a good life.
They're going to force the economies onto electric cars.
They're going to force everything onto what they want because it's controllable.
They're making everything ugly and obsolete.
Well, guess what?
I'm sticking around.
I'm not obsolete.
I say the New World Order and their corporate fascist model is what's obsolete.
And all the little leftist follower idiots that are lining up to be killed are making themselves obsolete.
I'm sticking around.
I'm not going anywhere.
I think you're the same way.
So, if you believe like I do, you believe in God, you believe these corporate guys aren't God,
Then fill your hand today in the fight and spread the word about InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, NewsWars, all of it, Paul Watson's great site, Summit.News, and don't forget Band.Video, and financially support us while getting great products at the same time.
You can still use the market, what's left of it, to fight back, but by supporting independent media, you do just that.
Storewide free shipping through next Tuesday, double patriot points, DNA Force Plus, back in stock.
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All right, Stu Peters, a great talk show host in his own right, is set to take over in T-minus six minutes in the War Room in an hour with Owen Schroyer.
I didn't fail today.
We covered a ton of news, but I'm going to have to shoot a special report for tonight or I'm going to come in tomorrow.
In fact, yeah, just for the crew that wants to come in this weekend, I'm sure you all want to, I'll still be here this Sunday.
4 to 6 p.m.
Owen, 6 to 8.
There's so much news.
They both volunteered to come in, but I'm either going to come in and tape a show tomorrow or I'm going to do a live one.
I've got to think about that today.
It takes more crew to do a live one because there is just so much news I didn't get to and I know more news is going to break after that and it is all completely insane.
I know he's got that Dr. Ruby on who's so smart.
Our next guest host does, so stay for that as well, but
I did my best to get to it all.
And then there's a lot of other news that we just glazed over, grazed over, I guess would be a better word, but yeah, certain point my eyes just glaze over.
But look at this, study finds face masks didn't slow spread of COVID-19, another big
University study, University of Louisville.
And that's what all the other studies show.
But it's a sign, like a burka over a woman's head.
It's powerful to make people do that and say, you're dirty, you're bad.
You can only take the mask off when you have a vaccine.
That's just even a vaccine.
And now they're pushing everywhere.
Now they have timeout boxes they make people go in at Amazon.
And it's all just a psychological test.
To see what they can do to us, because we don't stand up for ourselves, they have absolutely no respect for us.
Now here's another report, this is by Steve Watson on Infowars.com.
More scientists demand lab leak investigation, claim they were ostracized for presenting research, backing the scenario.
They claim it?
Hell, they got censored everywhere, including Senate and House testimony and legislative testimony around the damn country.
I had a Facebook whistleblower on just last hour talking about it.
So this is all here.
It's not coming.
It's insane.
But let me show you something from Band.Video.
David Icke, who's a smart guy and also riveting, I think he'll be able to come on next week.
We're asking him to.
He has his own channel on there that gets millions of views each week.
And David Icke doesn't call up and ask me permission to do the shows he does, so people are asking me, in the office and online, well hey, show the video please guys.
What is David Icke doing having a video on Banned.Video saying Wuhan Lab Virus Leak A Calculated Diversion From The Simple Truth There Is No Virus David Icke?
Because that certainly got him banned off YouTube and Facebook finally last year when he said that.
Hard to believe over a year and a half.
Yeah, it was last year, 2020.
Well, I mean, David Icke is allowed to have his own opinions, and I respect him.
And as much as we've been lied to, who knows?
You know, the scientific method is you can always challenge things.
And a lot of things we're told are fact, later turn out to not be.
So I'm going to get him on next week to discuss that.
Obviously, if I rub up against poison ivy, that's a chemical in there that causes an autoimmune response in my body.
And that's a mechanism the plant has so things don't rub up against it or try to eat it.
So there's lots of invisible stuff that does things and Ike's right that cells put off things that are RNA when they get toxified and a lot of scientists cover that and know that.
It's a fact.
But some say well basically everything is coming out of our cells.
Well that's why they admit that if you take the COVID vaccine
It can make your cells release more deadly variants, and that's the discoverer of HIV, Nobel Prize winner, saying that.
So, a lot of what he's saying is true.
Do I go all the way to say it doesn't exist at all?
No, they made a virus, even though they can never isolate it at the clinics and places that are around.
But they do create chimera viruses and they do release them to create fear and get power.
But is it a fraud like the PCR test entirely?
I don't know but I'm open for a debate about that and I shouldn't fear debate about that and that's a good thing.
We don't have like a monolithic thing here where every host, every guest, every person totally agrees with some lockstep thing.
We're not CNN or MSNBC.
We're not mainstream media.
All right, we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We have Dr. GOP standing by because we have to get to some extremely important breaking discoveries surrounding the poisonous injections.
There are some absolutely unbelievable things happening here today.
But before we get to the doctor, that GOP has finally done something right, it would seem, that some of these Republicans have grabbed a hold of their
Testicular fortitude.
They've stopped Nancy Pelosi from going forward with her hit squad with the January 6th commission.
It appears the Senate vote was 54 to 33, just six votes short of the 60 that it would have taken to pass the House bill to create the 10-member panel that would be evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.
And it's interesting to me that it's notable to mention there were two Senate Democrats that skipped the vote.
So if this had been the end-of-the-world event that Nancy Pelosi and these radicals want to tell you that it is, Schumer would have absolutely made sure that everyone was there, but he didn't.
And that's very telling, and that's because we know the truth.
The truth is that it was a grandma selfie party, and that patriots responded to the call of the president to be peaceful and come and support him in the wake of what we knew was going to be a complete hijacking, because he told us it was going to be, and he was right.
And he's right.
They've been right.
About nine out of ten things that he said during his administration.
We were all called these tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists for backing the president as, you know, I'm not a torch carrier for everything Donald J. Trump.
Specifically, and most importantly, probably his most glaring mistake, which has been the people that he has had closely around him.
And I think, you know, personnel decisions made in a different light could have definitely helped the president, and who knows, he could still be in office had he acted
Uh, you know, on the information that he was being provided.
We know that there was certain information that has been kept from him and was kept from him five months after.
That election took place, which is heartbreaking and it's devastating.
Also breaking over at StuPeters.TV today, leaked training materials for transgender acceptance as the Marxists continue to force the demasculinization of males in our country and attack the Christian and conservative culture here in the United States.
So don't miss that report.
Again, you can find that at StuPeters.TV.
Also breaking today, Senator Ted Cruz has introduced a no vaccine passport bill
Well, yeah.
We all agree with that.
You should make the choice based on your health, based on the decisions you want, and I've also introduced this week legislation that would, number one, prohibit any federal vaccine passport, prohibit the Biden administration from doing anything to mandate vaccines, but it also prohibits discrimination in employment.
We're seeing some places where employees are saying that if you're not vaccinated, you're fired, and that ought to be illegal.
Your health decisions are yours to make and it shouldn't be your boss and it shouldn't be your government.
It shouldn't be anyone else forcing you to make those decisions.
So he did in fact go ahead with introducing that legislation.
You know, interesting take earlier this afternoon from Tom Papert over at National File.
If Ted Cruz is going to be so concerned about that, and we wish him the best of luck, but what about right at home in Texas?
Where Governor Abbott has said that he's introduced Texas law that bans this stuff from happening, but in fact, that isn't the case.
And when you look into it...
You'll find that, you know, Abbott is putting on this front of being this real conservative guy, stopping and opposing any of this forced inoculation, but in fact it's all really squishy and really wonky.
Okay, so we have a lot to get to here today with Dr. Jane Ruby as we're breaking never-before-released information surrounding the so-called shot in the arm, the jab being falsely referred to as a vaccine.
It's responsible for mass infertility.
Miscarriages aka spontaneous involuntary abortions.
Menopausal women have begun bleeding again.
Young women having abnormal cycles.
Reports of females bleeding.
We've had males that have had other adverse side effects and different reactions.
I spoke to somebody in Toronto today regarding personal finance stuff.
Golfing, by the way, they stopped that in Canada because as we know golfing is really dangerous when you're out there
You know, looking for me at least, I'm looking for several sleeves of balls in the woods away from anybody else in the outdoors.
Very dangerous stuff.
They tried to ban tennis in Canada as well because that's really dangerous.
But we talked about these injections being self-spreading or transmissible.
And it's been revealed here on the Alex Jones Show and all over at InfoWars as well as over at StuPeters.TV.
For months we've been talking about how years ago
They telegraphed this and told you that they were designing these transmissible vaccinations.
Vaccines that would basically inoculate even the unwilling or anybody that had any kind of hesitancy to get vaccinated.
So they wanted to develop these transmissible vaccines.
We refer to that as shedding.
You're more than likely familiar with that term.
We've been talking about it here.
And if you're here, you're part of the resistance, as Alex, you know, obviously always accurately says.
But the report that you won't want to miss is this one.
And that is that this myocarditis, which is a way of saying basically an infection or an inflammation of the heart, has been taking place
And Dr. Jane Ruby is joining us now to talk about brand new findings surrounding these injections and the catastrophic damage that they're causing, of course totally ignored by the media.
Dr. Ruby, we've been talking about this myocarditis here, and there was an article that came out that said that myocarditis was, that we were seeing some mild cases of this.
Oh, I'm getting here that we don't have Jane Ruby on.
All right, well, we'll get the doctor on.
I don't know if there was a technical difficulty there, but we'll get her on here in a minute.
Talking about this myocarditis being, you know, that there's been mild cases of this, and I don't know anybody in their right mind that could say that swelling in, on, or around the heart could be mild.
You only get one heart,
You don't just go get another one.
And there's been a lot of reports in the VAERS system of specifically, apparently this is targeting males.
And when the doctor does come on or when we get a hold of her here, we'll ask her about this.
But it seems that now we've got both the females covered with infertility and spontaneous involuntary abortions being caused by these miscarriages.
Elderly women are being affected by this and the thing is is that we knew about this and it's all coming out now in the mainstream media as they want to talk about the findings that are surrounding this Wuhan lab, this Wuhan Virology Institute, where Fauci was a personal investor and we talked about this.
We told everybody, we told the world that Fauci and Barack Obama were personal investors in this lab.
Now my financial advisor didn't tell me, he didn't give me any inside information saying, Stu, hold the phone.
I've got really important, a great tip for you on this obscure laboratory in Wuhan that's going to be, you know, doing some really, really innovative stuff.
And you should really invest in that.
But, you know, Anthony Fauci, obviously, he had the upper hand in that.
And now there's an article coming out that says Fauci demanded, or excuse me, defended controversial virus research, arguing that it was worth the risk of man-made outbreak way back in 2012.
Alex said before he left here today that he wants to help be responsible for putting these criminals in jail.
I mean, listen, we're talking about the most catastrophic damage that we have seen here.
We're talking about millions of people that have apparently succumbed to this COVID-19 virus.
We're talking about trillions of dollars in damage.
To a world economy, to the global economy, shutting down.
We're talking at midnight tonight, Australia is going to go back into the most restrictive lockdowns that that continent has seen since March of 2020.
And that is because a new report is coming out of Australia that there are 26 new cases of COVID there.
26 new cases of COVID on an entire continent is now spurring these lockdowns.
This isn't about health and safety.
I mean, obviously we know that.
And I think you'll have a much clearer understanding of where we are today when you realize that the vaccine was not brought here because of COVID.
But rather that COVID was brought here for the vaccine.
They want to inject you with this stuff.
It's incredibly dangerous.
Vaccine passports.
I hope Ted Cruz is successful, but we know that this stuff is going to be vehemently opposed by all of these elitists and globalists that have infiltrated our government.
And we'll be back to talk about the dangers of this with Dr. Ruby right after the break.
Don't go anywhere.
My name is Stu Peters.
Thanks a lot for sticking with us today.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show of FreeWorldNews.tv.
My name is Stu Peters.
Happy to be here again on this Friday afternoon.
Quite the honor to be here, and happy that Alex continues to put up with me and invite me back.
We're talking about the vaccine, and we're going to get to the doctor here in a second.
I don't know, if anybody saw this, a couple of positive things in the news, because I think it's important that we also get to that a little bit.
Breaking in New York, a couple of fans, if you saw this, at Yankee Stadium unveiled a banner.
I'm looking at a picture, a massive banner that read, Trump won, save America.
I love it.
We're good to go.
So really big news over there at StuPeters.TV.
We hope you check us out.
I see Dr. Ruby is here to join us now.
Dr. Ruby, thank you very much for being here.
You're one of the only trusted sources that I can go to on this vaccine stuff, this inoculation, this push for these jabs.
Has just become unprecedented.
We're seeing that in Canada, kids are being lured in with milk and cookies and treats and candy and ice cream in exchange for being inoculated.
And in some cases, or in all cases, apparently it doesn't require any parental consent.
They can go there and get these jabs.
Then there was video of parents in Ontario, which I think you have seen, that were really upset about this, rightfully so.
And they're trying to get into these vaccination sites or these clinics where these kids are being jabbed.
But there's a line of cops standing there preventing these people from coming through.
And we're going to get to some breaking stuff here, but myocarditis.
The article says that there are some mild cases of myocarditis that are being found specifically in men, young men, that's causing this swelling and this infection or this inflammation of the heart.
So how mild are these cases?
What exactly should we be prepared for?
Or people who have succumbed to the pressure and been vaccinated, what might they be experiencing as far as side effects and how serious is this in all actuality?
Well, Stu, thanks for having me back.
Thanks to you and Alex Jones for having me back.
It's my honor as well.
But sadly, I have a lot of really difficult information to bring to your listeners and your viewers.
Let's start with the myocarditis issue.
As you mentioned, it is incredibly serious.
I'm really getting tired of these authorities, so to speak, calling this mild and rare.
Would you like your heart to be inflamed, swollen, the muscle damaged, and then because you can recover from it in an emergency room, call it mild and rare?
It's just ridiculous.
But let me get into some of the background here.
You know, Israel made a deal with Pfizer back a few months ago, and so exclusively that particular injection was used in Israel.
And Israel went whole hog and tried to inoculate their entire population.
Well, they got through about two-thirds.
Thank you.
They're rising so high and so fast that they're not going to be able to hide this stuff anymore.
And for example, Israel is still churning out more and more numbers.
And what they've decided to do, instead of halting this program in children, they want to proceed with jabbing children.
But they are now suggesting that they just give them one of the two Pfizer doses.
Let me remind everyone, this has never been studied with one injection.
They're just changing the goalposts.
Moving around what they want to do based on no science, based on no responsible part of the studies.
So I just wanted to share and getting back to those that are most vulnerable.
I think anybody is vulnerable, but I'm going to tell you the numbers that nobody else has been reporting.
I want to share with you in this first segment with me because it's exciting in a bad way, but the truth is coming out and that's what's exciting.
The last time I reported to you, there were overall about 152 cases.
of myocarditis.
Just as a point of reference, the last time we met, there were 152 cases in the U.S.
reported on VAERS of myocarditis after injection of these so-called, you know, experimentals.
And in the 12- to 17-year group, there were three reports of myocarditis.
In this last drop that just came out this morning, and I've been pressuring this poor guy all day to get this information, we now have 31 reported cases under 17 years of age.
In other words, under 18, anything, 17 plus.
And so we've seen a 219% increase in myocarditis
Grammar schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools.
We just saw that Fairfax County, Virginia, of all places, is setting up clinics in all of the schools, whether parents like it or not, to inoculate 12 to 17-year-olds because on May 10th, the FDA gave authorization or expanded the emergency use to Pfizer for 12 to 17-year-olds.
This is really, really frightening and we're going to see these numbers explode.
So when you say that the numbers are being throttled, what exactly do you mean by that?
I mean, they're being deleted, they're being changed, they're being altered, they're being hidden, they're being covered up.
Are you making that connection, that allegation?
Yes, and I'm making that based on the sources of people like Albert who are keeping these spreadsheets.
Now, we are seeing, like I said, we are seeing an increase reported of myocarditis in children, but overall,
Remember, there are other side effects too.
There are blood clots and miscarriages and neurological issues and muscle aches and pains and debilitating, permanent debilitation.
Those numbers have not been updated in many, many weeks.
In fact, they keep putting the same exact numbers out from January.
So based on that, what we think we're seeing is that there are
Hiding side effects and they're blocking the actual reports.
They're claiming that they have to validate them and they have to go vet them.
That's not the purpose of the VAERS system.
The VAERS system is a self-reporting.
And by the way, on these myocarditis numbers, when we looked at specifically who's reporting them, the majority are physicians.
And so it's not just...
Yeah, and they'll go back to, oh well it's just VAERS and anybody can report that, which isn't the case.
VAERS themselves, they hid the ability to search on their platform after we brought specific examples on my program of kids that were dying, teenagers that were dying after being inoculated.
They want to cover this thing up and what's even more sick is that they knew this.
They knew this back in December that it was going to cause these problems and the proof is in the pudding.
We're going to show you how next on the Alex Jones Show.
Don't go anywhere.
I mean, if you've seen these reports about the IRS hiring an unprecedented amount of agents, field agents, investigators, this isn't by accident.
I mean, this all has to do with the federal government coming after every single last bit of remaining individual liberty or freedom that you have.
The First Amendment completely been attacked already.
The second is next.
I don't know.
You couldn't do it because you'd have to identify those things.
Essentially saying that the only thing that will be allowed for people to carry anymore is the .22 caliber.
Well, does the guy not realize?
I mean, this is the new potential head of the ATF.
Does this guy not realize that the .22 round is probably the most deadly?
Anything with a detachable magazine will be outlawed.
That means your .308 hunting rifle, your .30-06, your 7mm, your .300 Winchester mag, anything that you take out west if you're not from there and you go out west to hunt, you know, mule deer or elk, will be taken away from you.
The federal government is absolutely 100% weaponized against you.
Law enforcement agencies that have been politicized, the FBI, Jim Comey, where is he at?
Where has he been since he tried to throw President Trump under the bus with all of these lies?
He has completely disappeared.
George Papadopoulos says that he believes John Durham knows exactly where they are.
They're not underground.
They haven't disappeared.
I guess we will see.
The federal government in every single place that you turn has been totally weaponized against you.
The CDC, we know that, but what about the FDA?
We were holding on to this going, well, well, maybe, maybe they're not going to approve this vaccine.
Maybe they're not going to approve it.
The CDC then and FDA continue to extend this emergency use authorization and allow this thing to be conducted, this experiment that we don't believe to be an experiment.
This is totally on purpose.
This is by design.
But now they're opening it up to your kids as young as 12 years old.
Dr. Jane Ruby joining us here with, I guess, what I would consider to be the biggest bombshell that I've heard.
And it's really depressing.
To hear this, Dr. Ruby, that the CDC and the FDA knew about this in December of last year, that these heart problems would affect young people.
They know it now, but they knew it then.
Stu, they knew it then, they went forward, they're getting serious side effects in young people, in everyone, all age groups, and they're going forward even
More full steam!
On December 21st, there was a publication that clearly linked the spike proteins that these injections force your body to make with cardiac damage, with cardiac illness, inflammation, and the myocarditis, but also the blood clots.
And also the other, the strokes.
It's absolutely insane.
They're just running with impunity.
And as long as we're talking about impunity, let's talk about America's doctors.
Because I wanted to share the perspective.
People have to remember, our doctors in the United States are derelict in their duty.
They're failing their Hippocratic oath.
Why do I come out on a limb and say this?
Because let's start at the beginning.
Because last spring, when this virus came out, and everyone was touting HCQ as a cure, and it is a relative cure if used early enough.
The whole thing was shuttered, right?
Because they were on their way to the Emergency Use Authorization.
I myself, as I've told the audience before, came down with the natural flu, COVID-19, last March of 2020.
I pleaded with my GP to get it.
He said, we don't give it.
We're not giving it.
We're not allowed to give it.
We're not using it.
And when I dug a little deeper, because I went to the hospital to make sure I wasn't in a pulmonary crisis, I begged for it there and I was refused to get it.
In fact, we have a clip or two, if you want to run it, where I explained what I discovered because this was being perpetrated.
The blocking of access.
Yes, first of all, people need to understand that governors control
That's right.
For a reason other than which a drug was originally approved.
If there's some data, any data, any information, doesn't have to be published or anything, that the drug has some effect, they have the right to do that.
Pharmaceutical companies, in contrast, cannot market it off-label.
That's illegal.
So with that understanding, what they're doing here is they're saying you can only prescribe it
For malaria or lupus, the things that it was originally approved for, when in fact what they're doing, they're using that ostensibly to really block the average person's ability.
And it's not just Virginia.
I mean, it's not just anywhere, they're blocking it all over the place because you can treat this thing relatively inexpensive.
And, you know, Florida, I had friends in Florida whose doctors said, sure, what's the name of your pharmacy?
Your COVID test is positive.
You know, I'll phone it in.
And it dawned on me, it's dangerous to live in a Democrat run state.
And I'm going to, you know, the other dereliction of duty in America's doctors, and in a year or two, Stu, I predict they're going to hang their heads in total shame and they deserve it.
Those are the same doctors, those same cowards,
We're good to go.
America's physicians are very irresponsible.
They're either ignorant or they're really stupid and they better get on the ball because they're pushing their patients into getting these very dangerous injections and they're going to be managing those patients, their myocarditis, their long-term cardiopulmonary autoimmune diseases.
It's going to be a disaster, Stu, and they're going to be partly held responsible as they should.
That is the whole idea here.
That is the design here.
If we have a cure for something, if we have a cure for cancer, by the way, we all know that cures for a whole lot of things have been available for a really long time.
Ask Magic Johnson about a cure.
If you have the money, you can find a cure.
Have a bottom line that they have to meet or their job is in jeopardy because if they don't care about the business aspect of the job, they're going to lose their job.
Their whole career will be gone.
So, for example, treating a COVID patient, putting a COVID patient on a ventilator, a whole lot of reasons why Andrew Cuomo in New York didn't use the resources that President Donald Trump sent to him because these hospitals, these clinics, the bureaucratic pressure, and all of the special interests
That there's trillions of dollars at stake to hospitalize these people and to put them on the ventilators because they're getting paid 30, 40, 50 thousand, depending on what state you're in, dollars per patient that they diagnose, hold and treat for COVID-19.
It's all a money game.
We know that.
The globalists are after nothing but money and control.
We're a big farm here.
We're farming humans.
I mean, that is the realization that we have to come to.
I got about 30 seconds left in this segment.
I want you to wrap up on this dereliction.
I just wanted to say over 500,000 Americans died and the majority of them needlessly.
90% of they sent people to their deaths on these ventilators when they had something that would cure it in a matter of hours.
It's just, Stu, it's just, it's unfathomable.
And like I said, America's doctors are going to have a lot to answer for these doctors.
They knew there was no safety study in pregnant women or little children, and yet they're still pushing those populations to get these jabs.
Yeah, well, amongst the doctors, I think there's going to be many others that are committing suicide, like the parents.
I'm predicting a huge breakout of suicides as we continue with Dr. Ruby next on 20 Where My Name Is Stu Peters for Alex Jones.
Of course, it's all about your kids.
We've been saying that forever.
We've been saying that for the longest time.
They're coming after your kids.
You know, we're called tinfoil hat wearers again when you talk about adrenochrome.
We know the truth about that.
We know why certain people aren't aging.
We know why others appear to be in a post-Trump world.
Ted Cruz saying I think there's a real potential for government overreach.
Do you think so, Senator Cruz?
Do you think that there's such a thing as government overreach?
They're coming for your kids.
I mean, they're luring them in with milk and cookies.
There are lotteries, million-dollar lotteries going on, Governor DeWine.
We're seeing coercion by employers, by universities.
These kids can't go back to school.
I mean, what about these kids, Dr. Ruby, who are looking at their second and third year of college?
They're already enrolled.
Their parents have paid for tuition.
Uh, and you know, when you start talking, before we went to the break, I was, I'm predicting this, this mass suicide event that's going to happen.
And you know, I'm talking about the doctors that you were alluding to who have acted in malfeasance and who have, you know, not done their research at very minimal.
They haven't done their research on what's in these injections because they just get this emergency use authorization.
It's not their job to really look into it, but when you, as a doctor, isn't it your responsibility to say, hey, I'm seeing these reports of this myocarditis, and yeah, in the media, I'm seeing that, okay, well, it doesn't say that there's a direct link, but there is all of this data that's accessible by healthcare professionals, by these doctors who have access, at very minimum, to theirs, but I think for a lot more access to other things.
Listen, I should probably look into this,
And so then, you know, they go ahead and they get the... I don't know.
I think they're going to be killing themselves.
But what about these poor parents?
What about these parents who are, with joy, holding up their infant babies for cameras, for photo opportunities, the youngest baby injected with this thing?
In the world!
Let's make, let's make news!
People running around touting the fact, celebrating the fact that they have encouraged their children towards this thing.
I'm predicting mass suicides by those people as well.
I mean, what about the luring?
What about the going after our children with this thing?
To that you say what?
I'm gonna call it a war on young people and children.
They're hitting the universities all the way down to the nursery schools.
I can't sound this alarm enough.
Your lifelong health is not worth losing a semester or two.
Find another university.
Not every university demands that you be inoculated, injected with this poison before you can return back to school.
Put your money where your mouth is.
March with your wallet.
In terms of young children, parents, I'm begging parents.
You're sentencing your child to first of all a lifetime of the unknown, but what we do know you're sentencing them to is highly likely many decades of autoimmune diseases, illnesses, if they even live
A normal lifespan.
And I'm not overstating this.
When I tell parents and students, just wait.
Find another university.
Even when it comes to jobs, people write to me, Dr. Ruby, what should I do?
It's my job.
Find another job.
Are you willing to trade your life and your health for the next 40, 50 years for a trip to Spain next year?
I mean, really think about this.
It's incredibly dangerous.
And you mentioned the dereliction of doctors.
I just want to touch on another thing about that, Stu.
Why aren't doctors looking for weekly safety updates?
There's nothing coming out to guide doctors and other professionals, education professionals, anything like that.
There's no oversight.
Has anyone stopped to ask, where's the oversight on these programs?
They're setting up clinics in school.
It's incredibly frightening.
You are, but I think there is a whole lot of oversight going on here.
Because I think that this is absolutely 100% intentional.
And I think that the globalists are absolutely overseeing all of this.
And they're pulling all of the strings, that there's been backroom deals done in Washington, and that those that are supposedly elected and sent there to represent the will of the people, who we know now, I mean, they don't even have to be elected, they can be installed, they can just be sent there, and then they can be inaugurated under the protection of electrified razor wire and thousands of National Guard troops.
In a weird and vacant Washington, D.C.
So, I think there's a whole lot of oversight going on here, and I think that those people who are going to be found to be criminally liable is going to really surprise a whole lot of people, you know, that this is not just limited to Democrats.
You know, Democrats and progressive radicals that we have been identifying here as tyrants and, you know, hijacking a political system and overturning our entire government
I think it's going to shock a lot of so-called Republicans when they find out that the people that they had a whole lot of confidence in that would go to Washington and properly represent us were equally as complicit in this because their pockets were being lined by special interest groups and by the elitists that sit at the roundtable of the faction and the globalists that want to kill our kids.
That want to make women infertile, that want to demasculinize men and get rid of any opposition to this overtaking this political agenda to move towards a one world order.
And I know that we're getting off the topic here a little bit, but when I have you, you're very valuable to me.
So I want to go back to the medical insight on this, but I just want to give for a full perspective here.
I mean, I have seen verifiable evidence that the UN, for example, is gearing up
To come in and start policing the streets in some of these cities like Chicago and in New York.
All of this uptick in violence, all of this uptick in gun violence and killings and homicides, this isn't a surprise.
The reason you don't see a look of shock or surprise on some of these tyrannical leaders like Lori Lightfoot in Chicago or here on Mayor Jacob Fry in the city of Minneapolis is because this is all orchestrated and planned.
It's going on in New York, it's going on in Los Angeles.
And that is because if defunding the police is not enough, and if enough people stand up and say, no, no, no, we want to fund our police, we need police protection here, then the goal is then to say, well, you know what?
The police that we have here are not effective.
Look at this.
They have not been able to stop this violence.
They have not been able to stop this burning.
They have not been able to stop these people, you know, assaulting people, holding people for ransom in their alleyways.
These police that you're looking at are weak, they're ineffective, they're not able to stop this violence.
So, we need to find an alternative solution to this kind of policing.
And when they say re-imagine, these are the terms that you have to be, they should make your skin crawl when you hear things like re-imagine policing.
Because that means that an uninterested party, somebody with no ties to your community, somebody who doesn't care about the city of Minneapolis or Florida, wherever you are, they don't care about that because they don't have any ties there.
They're going to send in this new police force that's going to overtake everything and everybody.
Now, you're going to watch the lawlessness continue to uptick.
You're going to watch as crime becomes legalized.
But it's not just law enforcement that we have to worry about this oversight that you're talking about, that there's a lack thereof, which I am more cynical, maybe more jaded than you are.
But I see that there is a whole lot of oversight going on here and that this isn't just going to be, well, the police aren't effective, but it's also going to be your doctors have been ineffective.
And so now there needs to be some sort of a one system of health care where you don't know what's best for you.
And we do know what's best for you.
And so now we're getting to the point where it doesn't matter what Senator Ted Cruz says about vaccine passports and whether or not he wants to oppose these things, because that is going to be overtaken by whatever this force is that is going to require you to be vaccinated.
I think that that's coming.
I mean, do you disagree with that?
With that?
No, not at all.
With that theory?
I mean, you know, I tend to focus on the medical atrocities because we are so off the mark in terms of what we normally do with research, healthcare, and getting treatments out.
But you're painting the broader picture because the medical atrocities going on right now are really only part of the entire, you know, takeover.
I've said from the beginning, we're in the middle of a Marxist coup.
The only reason they haven't completed the entire takeover and finalized some of the scenarios you just laid out, I believe, is because we have the Second Amendment.
It's because we have firearms.
And they don't know where they all are.
But I really want to urge people, just on the medical stuff, go to your school boards, go to your medical boards in your state.
Start screaming and yelling because this, like Stu said, this is part and parcel of the entire takeover.
I will tell you, it does make a difference.
People do make change.
In Alabama, I interviewed a guy just yesterday at StuPeters.TV who he went in with, we had a guest here on one of my Fridays on the Alex Jones Show.
He went in with some of that paperwork.
He threw it at the board and said, nope, I want the masks off and you're not going to require proof of vaccination before my kids come back.
They threw him out of that meeting.
But then now, later, have come back and said, after reviewing the paperwork that he filed from Louis Ewing, that guest that I had here on this program, that they have now come out in that county, in Arizona, in Jefferson County, and said, nope, we're not going to require your kids to wear masks here, and we're not going to require proof of inoculation.
So getting loud and getting in front of these people and causing a problem.
You have to cause a problem.
As Maxine Waters says, you have to get more confrontational
We believe in peace, but we are bringing you more of information.
And if you're going to attempt to shut our speech down and attack us, we will defend ourselves!
We went out, talked to top developers, because we knew it worked really well.
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But here's what I was going to show you.
I did this yesterday at home because I hadn't taken X2 in a few days.
And I've got reminders on my phone now to remember to take it.
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You gotta be careful with the X2.
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Wow, that's important.
You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
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