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Name: 20210526_Wed_Alex
Air Date: May 26, 2021
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On the Alex Jones Show, various topics are discussed including ongoing battles against globalism, recent developments at InfoWars, and the importance of seeking guidance from a higher power. The speaker expresses frustration with those who refuse to acknowledge the dangers of the current political climate and encourages people to stand up against oppression. He also discusses the actions and plans of "Prometheans," a term used for devil worshippers influencing world empires, as well as warnings about the COVID-19 vaccine. The show promotes InfoWars products during store-wide free shipping deals and double Patriot Points promotions. News reports are discussed, emphasizing the importance of true journalism and resisting false information. Support for InfoWars and standing up against manipulations is encouraged."

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Today's live show headline, world exclusive, the Deep State is fighting for its life as patron insiders leak the truth on Wuhan COVID-19.
What do you think we were doing in January and February of last year when we laid out exactly what's now come out precisely?
We were giving you the open source data that patriots in government, in institutions, in private corporations had come out with.
You say, where are the whistleblowers?
People should stand up against this.
They did.
There was also insiders that gave information to others to put it out publicly, and people didn't say, hey, this is super secret, because they could be arrested for that.
They just said, hmm, looks like that's what's happening here to me.
You might want to look at this.
So it was all being laid out for you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It was now two years ago, time certainly flies by very quickly, that I began airing almost every broadcast with an air raid siren.
In my 27 years on air, at that point 25 years on air, I might have started a dozen broadcasts with air raid sirens to note
The particular historic nature of danger against America and humanity in general.
Kind of like Matt Grudge would occasionally a couple times a year have a red flashing siren.
But as we entered into the globalist going from beta into operational, I began to play the air raid siren at the start of pretty much every broadcast.
And that's where we are right now.
Boy, are we in the thick of it.
But humanity is striking back.
There is not just evil in the universe, there is also good.
There is evil, there is good, but there's also those that try to stay neutral and try to just hide.
And God says, you were neither hot nor cold, lukewarm, so I spit you out of my mouth.
It is not a good place in my view.
To be neutral when it comes to pretty much any subject or topic in the world, but it's hard to do when it's other people's fights, when it's an ongoing tribal conflict that you've been drug into.
Like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we had a very important two-hour plus debate last night.
Most people, the vast majority, were very positive, thought it was good.
Some wanted to hear more of Barnes, some wanted to hear more of Foyntes, but you definitely got to hear the topic that people don't want on air, and that is highly censored.
You can't debate that.
That's criticism of Israel, which I think people have every right to engage in, if that's their view.
But you also have some of the anti-Israel folks that really hate anybody that doesn't agree with their views.
So it's quite the mess.
But it was a very good debate and we've posted the archive of the debate to Band.Video.
It's also now on the front page of Infowars.com.
We've cut out the two-hour debate by itself and you have our intro to it and then the hour or so we did after it posted in full of the debate as well.
So one version is three hours and 15 minutes long, one version.
Is roughly two hours long.
We had about a million people tune in to the different live streams.
And since we posted it last night, 81,000 people have watched the one clip.
A couple hundred thousand have watched the other.
So I hope that you will want to share those archives that are now posted at BandOnVideo.
Okay, let's move past that now.
We have several big guests today.
And I'll also be hosting the fourth hour
Where we will then play some clips from last night's debate and open the phones up on the subject of the Middle East crisis, which is important, but also really becomes a proxy war between different battling forces.
And you've got the globalist up there manipulating both sides in almost every case.
That's my view.
The history bears that out.
We'll be talking about that coming up on the fourth hour of the transmission.
Now that said, wow.
If you look at the headline for today's live show, it's that the deep state is in very, very deep trouble.
Fauci and Gaetz and others are going down.
You saw that start about three weeks ago, even before Gaetz's political beard, and not a sexual beard, but a beard for the fact that he isn't really married, his fake wife, I guess his concubine you could say,
Even before that happened, I said, Gates is going down.
I'd seen the signs.
And now you've seen the system turn on him.
If you know why they turned on him, you understand everything.
And I said, following that will be Fauci.
And either they get in big trouble and get politically destroyed, and more importantly, go to prison, or the globalists continue to launch bio-attacks and hold the planet hostage for their particular brand of globalism.
The reason this is coming out is there's different camps in the New World Order, and Gates and China went ahead and tried to take over now, with the more powerful secretive camp of the New World Order, wants a long, slow takeover, and not a fast one.
So there's some inner factions battling, that's why this is all happening.
You'll get tomorrow's news today when we come back.
Such a huge broadcast today.
First clip we'll play is Senator Rand Paul's has found she absolutely committed perjury over Wuhan funding denial.
We'll hit that first and then they're getting the indictments ready against Trump in New York.
That's official.
All right, so Leticia James Soros' general is preparing to punish the former president.
I'm not someone that gets intimidated easily or that gets butterflies.
But we are standing at the crossroads of human destiny.
The crossroads of human history right now.
And fortune favors the bold.
But the fortune I seek is human liberty and freedom and a better relationship with God and more knowledge and more peace.
The globalists seek to be God.
They seek total control.
Thank you for joining us on this Wednesday, May 26, 2021 transmission.
I am extremely thankful to all of you for keeping us on the air because it is my desire to go on fighting the globalists.
And all of the glory and all of the thanks goes to God
For how successful this broadcast has been.
But, it has been said by the Bedouins, and it's a true saying, that trust in God, but tie up your camel.
That's like saying, trust in God, but turn your car off.
Trust in God, but lock your doors at night.
Trust in God, but also make sure you tuck your children in at night, and make sure they're not on drugs.
God helps those who help themselves, and then God carries you the rest of the way.
And as we see, this is a satanic enemy we fight.
The mask is off.
It's now out in the open.
Certainly, I have run even closer under the wings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Because this has all just been confirmation of what we're facing.
Okay, let me try to put the big, overarching spectrum of information out here.
And where we are, undoubtedly, no one needs to hear me say this, you all know this yourselves, but just to let it sink in, let it marinate a bit, let us cogitate on it, let us meditate on it, let us go to that quiet place at the most high and just
Take a deep breath and assess where we are.
Slow our hearts down, turn our minds up, focus on the evidence, focus on the facts, and then let the Spirit divine what's happening.
There is not just evil in this universe, there is good.
And the globalists try to flaunt their power and flaunt their corruption and flaunt the fact that they're above the law to try to break your will and make you give up because they're so disgusting, they're so ugly, they're so spiritually filthy, they smell at a spiritual level like death itself.
And they know that they can just run you off from your own destiny into
Their own system by beating you over the head with their nonsensical corruption.
Their psychic spiritual virus of decay and failure and betrayal.
But once you understand that God's there and good's there, and just dwell on that, bring that into your own heart, into your own soul, it begins to protect you and protect others around you, so that you can then move forward against the enemy and be victorious.
Today's live show headline, world exclusive, the deep state is fighting for its life, as patron insiders leak the truth on Wuhan COVID-19.
What do you think we were doing in January and February of last year when we laid out exactly what's now come out precisely?
We were giving you the open source data that patriots in government, in institutions, in private corporations had come out with.
You say, where are the whistleblowers?
People should stand up against this.
They did.
There was also insiders that gave information to others to put it out publicly.
And people didn't say, hey, this is super secret because they could be arrested for that.
They just said, hmm, looks like that's what's happening here to me.
You might want to look at this.
So it was all being laid out for you.
And how they were going to steal the election.
Now they were going to foment civil unrest.
Now they were going to come after the patriots.
But right now the entire globalist program is in deep trouble because Fauci and the communist Chinese, along with the UN Deep State, the globalists, had to all create
The new virus so that when scientists looked at it, they would get scared and take it serious.
And it is a new form of synthetic virus that they do plan to weaponize and make more deadly in the future.
But the fact that they created it Wuhan was because it was illegal in the U.S.
and China and the globalist group did it as a group project so that none of them could report on the other when it all came out.
Unless the entire globalist deep state project between the UN, between the Carnegie and Rockefeller
And IBM and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation information came out.
Unless all of them got burned and destroyed, they could release this, use it to bring down the West, use it to permanently lock us down, and set themselves up as the saviors with their forced inoculation, global government, cashless society, worldwide medical ID, social credit score, and even implantable microchip agenda, which is now out in the open.
So they couldn't help themselves.
It's their evil mission.
It's their plan.
They've been preparing for a hundred years to do this.
They set up communist China as the system to help economically and culturally enforce it and carry it out.
Now you see Bloomberg and USA Today and British leaders saying forcibly inoculate vaccine passports.
When of course they told you they would never do that in the last year and a half while they prepared it.
And so the fact that this is coming out about Fauci, the fact that senators are laying it out, and there are State Department reports, and it's coming out and confirmed that Biden killed an investigation into the Wuhan lab, shows that the system knows that there are enough medical professionals and insiders that have already been turning state's evidence
And that have already gone to enough of the mainstream corporate media that they know that the proof of the cover-up has already been confirmed.
We have the leaks from inside Facebook and others saying cover-up the truth, cover-up whistleblowers, true criminal collusion.
And you have all this information coming out to the point of a large faction of the system has gotten so scared that they're deciding to prepare to burn Gates and Fauci and the Chai Kams and others because they are so scared of the fact that this is about to come out and
It was supposed to only bring in world government, not permanently lock down Europe and the United States, but the Chi-Coms and other globalist element that run them were ready to go ahead and try to take over now instead of dividing up the world.
So again, globalists are infighting like empires always do in the endgame and stopping themselves from bringing in their total globalist system.
And even globalist papers admit that the infighting is going to bring down their system.
A lot of people in the system don't want to go ahead with a world government project.
They know it's about death and destruction and sterilization and war, not the kumbaya world government they were told they were building.
A lot of these billionaires, especially the billionaire women, really believed they were creating a one world system of peace.
And so there's that awakening happening about how nightmarish this world government is.
This isn't the loving, liberal, kissy-kissy one.
Rainbow flag garbage.
Then you've got the CHICOMS moving forward, breaking their agreements with the globalists, and militarily expanding when they were only supposed to economically dominate.
And you've got the fact that Biden's still a pure communist Chinese agent, and is still going ahead to shut down our pipelines, all basic mining, all rare earth minerals, expanding gas taxes to shut us down.
It's so outrageous that the system's balking at going ahead with the plan.
Because after all, China didn't keep up their end of the deal.
And the wheels are coming off because the best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.
So I'm going to play all the clips, give you all the intel, tell you what's coming next.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So here's the big announcement.
You all know it.
You can all see it.
And we opened the phones up yesterday.
A lot of the callers were calling in about it.
They were saying, wow, why is the system going against Bill Gates suddenly all over the news?
Why are they going after Fauci?
Well, I mean, they're communist Chinese globalist agents that launched a bio-attack on the world and used the media and big tech that they control to lie to us and not let us know about therapeutics and to send sick people to nursing homes to cause mass death and they need to be indicted for Nuremberg too!
And the majority of medical doctors and scientists know this.
And Big Tech can't suppress this.
And Big Tech's own whistleblowers at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, they're all going public.
Huge stories broke yesterday, 20 Minute Reports, Veritas, saying we're ordered to cover up congressional hearings, legislature hearings, medical doctors, funerals of people that have died, scientific reports, chief medical officers at Pfizer.
And imagine being the Facebook people.
They're looking at this and covering this up.
Here's the deal.
A certain clique of New World Order globalists thought they were invincible and they were really pissed about Trump.
They're pissed about Bolsonaro and Johnson and others.
And so, they admit they used the Great Reset to shut down populism.
I mean, that's in the news.
John Kerry, Klaus Schwab, they shoot their arrogant mouths off.
And you ask, why are they so public about, we're going to put microchips in you, and yeah, we're going to take all your oil-based jobs in America, but not in China and not in the Middle East?
Because they have to act confident while they commit these outrageous crimes.
This is crazy!
Biden signed an order that we can't dig rare earth minerals in America?
No, it's totally safe and good?
We can only buy it from China?
Who has 98% rare-earth mineral monopoly?
How'd they get that?
Why can't the Germans or the Indians or the Mexicans or anybody dig up rare-earth minerals?
Because China was given an unofficial monopoly 20 years ago.
China wasn't even into rare-earth minerals 25 years ago.
They have 98% control because we're run by a global cabal of banks.
America, under Obama, shut down its last lead smelting plant.
What was it?
Seven, eight years ago.
That's industrial espionage.
That's total control.
And it goes on and on and on.
So we're under economic attack.
It's that simple.
And there's powerful forces that don't want to just run up a white flag and bankrupt everything and hand over all their wealth.
It's a very tiny group at the top wants to do this.
And they're trying to make us walk the plank into a sea of poverty and death.
They're all over the news saying, you will eat bugs, you will drink sewage, you will not have children, you will be poor.
I've got the clips of Obama saying, we can't have cars and air conditioning if we tell Africans they can't.
Well then tell the Africans they can and just make them cleaner, which they are.
So people are waking up to the agenda that we're under assault.
This is a war.
And the minute you wake up to the fact that it's a war, it's over for the globalists.
So here is Senator Rand Paul.
And I said this a month ago.
I said, if they just start confronting Fauci about the lab and how he ran it and how he funded it, it's all hiding in plain view.
There is no speculation.
They keep saying we need an investigation.
That's just one faction of the system threatening the other with the blackmail of this.
We already know what happened.
But the fact that this is out on the table is a huge seismic deal.
And I said, then he
He perjured himself, which is a crime, and said, we've never funded Gain of Function, we don't, I know nothing about it, when he funded himself conferences that gave him credit called Gain of Function Conference.
And he funded the specific coronavirus and studies on the vaccines nine years ago.
And he knew it caused blood clots.
He knew it caused infertility.
The son of a bitch did all this on purpose.
That's too kind a term.
My God, a...
Man growing up didn't have a daddy at home.
That's not a bad thing if you can't help it.
This guy is a criminal, a mastermind murderer.
And we've got him and it's all you got to do is call him on his confidence game and call Gates on it and then it's over.
Ladies and gentlemen, you understand.
In December 2019, they had an emergency UN meeting with the head of the vaccine program in
And they said the vaccines don't work, they're poisonous, all the doctors are turning against us, we've got a wobbly front line.
This was all a response to an even bigger crisis and disaster, a bigger fire, a bigger dumpster fire, to cover up the last one!
So I understand how they operate.
We've got their number.
We've got the sources.
We've got the research.
We've got the technology.
We've exposed them.
They're politically destroyed if we just keep pushing.
Now you know, though, what they're going to do.
They're going to pull some even bigger crisis to cover this up.
That's what I've been saying for 16 months.
We'll talk about that next segment.
Because we're tomorrow's news today.
We don't need to dwell on what we already told you that now came true.
And I'm going to tell you how
Fauci and Gates can go down, and I'm going to recommend this to those in the establishment that are smart.
So I will advise not just the public, but those that aren't complete psychotics in the global system when we come back.
But first, here's Senator Rand Paul on the final torpedo that'll sink the CHICOM arm of the New World Order.
Here it is.
Senator, you introduced an amendment that would ban the funding of gain-of-function research in China.
You've also had that vibrant exchange with Dr. Fauci about this a couple of weeks ago, where he told you that NIH has never, does not now, fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
So did Dr. Fauci, do you believe he perjured himself in front of Congress on this issue?
If so, why?
He lied to the American people.
There was a gain-of-function research going on with this Dr. Shi Zengali at the Wuhan Institute.
In her paper, she actually thanks Dr. Fauci and the NIAID, which is a part of NIH that Dr. Fauci runs.
It's listed at the end of the paper.
This paper was funded by NIAID Research, and it lists a 10-digit number that identifies the research money that she got from the United States.
Was it gain of function?
Well, it took a SARS virus, which is a coronavirus that's 15 times more deadly than COVID,
Added to it, S-protein, which is something on the surface of it, to make it more easily infectious to human epithelial cells for the respiratory tract.
That to me is gain of function.
We have at least one scientist from Rutgers and another scientist from MIT who looked at this paper and say it is gain of function.
And she says she did it with an NIH fund.
Dr. Fauci says no.
I think he needs to be quizzed.
But he goes on these shows and they all yuck it up and laugh and laugh about how everybody's a conspiracy theory.
But nobody asked him any tough questions.
Because the left is so enthralled with all his dictates, and he's become sort of this glorious purveyor of truth for the left, that nobody asks him any tough questions.
So there you go.
No doubt that he perjured himself.
He's a lying sack of garbage.
And it's like, wow, he's the guy that cooked it up, did it, launched it.
Trump's biggest enemy.
He bragged in 2017 that we're going to have an epidemic that challenges Trump.
He guaranteed it.
He was bragging.
He needs to be hauled into prison.
What is this song about a Democrat?
They always talk about how smart they are, how they know everything, how they know the science.
Really, has the average Democrat read, scanned over 300 studies on COVID-19 vaccines?
The ones they all tried to get developed before.
COVID-19 is in literature from 2015.
How it was banned at Chapel Hill, North Carolina with Obama and Fauci producing bioweapons level gain of function.
No, they don't.
They just think they're getting political power out of the virus when they're destroying their own future and de-industrializing their own nation.
So I want to go through the incredible stack of COVID-19 news because undermining the lies of COVID-19, undermining Fauci and Gates, is the central pillar to the entire EU, CHICOM, Hollywood, leftist, blue city, criminal cartel.
The Globalists developed a psychological warfare algorithm, they even admit that, on how to keep you locked down, how to make you take poison vaccines, how to make you wear masks, how to make you accept a tracker system, which is the World ID, how they use conformity, how they pay off millions of influencers online, and usually just a few thousand dollars apiece.
They go out and say how great the vaccine is, but it's not even a vaccine.
We expose them, we push back, they fall.
Because they're going for everything.
They're going for broke.
I've got, today and yesterday, stacks of prominent people dying after they take the vaccine.
Movie stars, talk show hosts, models, famous sports figures.
It just goes on and on.
You know the first man in the world to take the COVID-19 Pfizer shots, Jeded and Dornal, right?
One of the top models in the UK and also in Europe.
She's dead.
She said, the vaccine's killing me.
And she died a week after she took it.
And I had one of the top grapplers in the world in here, Craig Jones, yesterday.
He took one shot, got deathly ill, and I said, oh, let me guess, you'd already had COVID-19.
He goes, yeah, exactly.
Take the first shot and get really sick because you already had COVID.
Oh, and a top John Hopkins virologist has come out and said, this is all a lie.
Half the public has immunity already, and it's deadly dangerous to give somebody a COVID vaccine if you've had the vaccine, and he's gone public.
Just like the Nobel Prize winner, top French virologist, discoverer of HIV, said, if you already have had COVID and you take this, it can kill you.
He said, you're done for.
There's no hope for you.
I mean, this is, that's the thing, folks.
It'd be one thing if it killed 1% of people, that would be the scandal of all scandals.
This damn shot is super deadly.
And that's why I've been freaking out for a year and a half going,
Okay, so all the studies, they already secretly tested this on animals.
They're just claiming they're going to skip animal trials because they know it's going to kill most of the animals, in some cases all of them.
In the case of ferrets, all of them.
It's just a virus vector shot.
It's even worse with these Moderna delivery systems and Pfizer.
And so how are they going to get away with this?
How do you do something this big?
Well, how'd they get away with the autism and the tainted vaccines and that whole program in the last 30 years with hundreds of millions of boys brain damaged worldwide?
Because boys have weak blood-brain barriers compared to girls.
Could a lot of girls too, but 8 to 1, 9 to 1 boys.
And it's obvious.
With a gigantic, gigantic, huge distraction.
Well a war is not enough because you'll still know the vaccine is killing people.
A stock market crash isn't enough because people will still know the vaccine is killing people.
It's got to be a new bio-release.
That you say is causing all the death that hits within six months to a year, most medical scientists and experts agree, six months to a year, two to three years for others.
Because again, in most of the animal studies, they started killing the mice and rats in a couple months.
Other animals they tested on six months, a year.
Well, humans are stronger and have longer lifespans.
And so they've done a lot of studies and they know generally, well, if it's killing rats in a week, it'll probably kill humans in a couple months.
And it's all guesstimation, but that's why they do these studies and tests.
What we're closest to is pigs and mice.
Not genetically, just drugs and things that kill mice and kill pigs kill us.
Not even as much with chimpanzees.
You'd think that's not right.
It's pigs and mice.
That's an admitted fact.
And pigs and mice, this stuff's killing them, folks.
Killing them quick.
So, we're dead.
I mean, there are going to be a lot of dead people all over the place.
So, how the hell are they going to get away with that?
I started saying this in February of last year, and I said, Gates will come out and announce that a new, more deadly virus is about to be released by terrorists that will be similar to COVID-19.
And he went on a bunch of shows two months later, Colbert and Fareed Zakaria, and said exactly that.
And people all got chills.
They said, how the hell did you know that, Jones?
I mean, folks, when you study these monsters, you figure it out.
They covered up the giant vaccine damage with a new giant vaccine with even more damage.
And so the obvious thing is to, again, use the damage from that vaccine and say it's something else in the future.
That's a no-brainer.
That's mere deduction, my dear Watson.
They got other curveballs too, and we'll talk about those next segment, but let me just stop here before I play more of these clips.
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Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, history is unfolding before us right now.
And bowing down to these tyrants, showing fear only encourages them.
Instead, draw the white hot sword of truth and take them on and never back down.
Because we will fight them politically and spiritually and culturally and physically if they attack us first under blood red skies.
All right.
Let me just run through these headlines, then I'll hit the real meat of what I believe is about to happen next.
Rand Paul, Fauci absolutely committed perjury over Wuhan funding denial.
Get that article, spread it from Infowars.com.
Report, Biden admin shut down investigation into Wuhan lab leak.
The administration is even admitting they did.
Aw, Chinese agent.
There's CNN's article about Pompeo leading the effort.
We already knew all this.
Chinese state media is turning on Fauci amid Wuhan lab controversy.
Getting ready to throw him under the bus.
They realize what's happening.
The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Then the ship sinks.
Model dies days after receiving AstraZeneca COVID vaccine.
The one that's causing the blood clots in the brain, the strokes.
She died of a violent stroke.
She was in excellent health.
She's as dead as a doornail.
First man in the world to get approved COVID jab is dead.
Brit William Shakespeare has died.
And it goes on and on.
Here's what I mentioned earlier.
John Hopkins professor, half of Americans have natural immunity.
Dismissing it is biggest failure of medical leadership.
Because it's like, it'd be like a math class teacher teaching first graders that 2 plus 2 equals 9.
And other math teachers are like, no, it means it equals 4.
And they go, no, it doesn't.
They're like, no, but I mean, general public has immunity.
Most people are asymptomatic, don't even get sick.
No, everyone needs a shot!
Well, especially if you've already had it, it can kill you to take you have an autoimmune response.
That's basic science.
No, it's not!
No, it's not!
You're a Nazi!
You're a- Fauci's good!
Bill Gates is good!
Hatch is good!
I'm a liberal!
I love Bill Gates!
I'm anti-establishment!
I love Bill Gates!
I want to make everybody put stuff in their body that's experimental and secret from a guy that says he wants to depopulate us!
I'm liberal!
I'm liberal!
Look, I'm proud of myself!
I'm good!
I want to be part of the system!
And then look at these trolls!
Take it!
These idiots!
They don't have any sense.
And again, when you fall for a scam, you fall for bigger and bigger scams.
These are photos they themselves are putting out.
I think it's really badass that, you know, oh, you're dirty if you don't wear a mask.
And now I still wear my mask.
I've got my shot.
And they're so weak minded when they die of cancer in five years or a heart attack in six months, no one will say, they'll be on their deathbed going, I don't blame I took vaccine, I take again.
All these videos, I'm paralyzed now and I eat through a tube, but they say it was a vaccine, but I'm willing to do it for the greater good.
There is no greater good.
It's not a vaccine.
It's a gene therapy weapon.
Oh, I don't listen to Alex Jones.
He talks too fast.
He's dumb.
I'm smart.
I have green hair.
I have gray hair.
John Hopp is a professor.
So it continues.
Half Americans have natural immunity.
Dismissing it is biggest failure of medical leadership.
Oh, but schools are on alert for new variants, which people taking vaccines create.
Wall Street Journal promotes article demanding vaccine passports to make airlines happy.
Oh, that'll make them happy.
Let's make them happy.
Frank Luntz held focus group that said Trump voters will accept vaccine passports to go on vacation.
Frank Luntz just tells you that you'll accept it.
Total con man.
Whistleblowers expose Facebook's secret algorithm to suppress negative vaccine experiments.
They say even true ones, especially credible ones from doctors, can't let the public hear from doctors, much less the public, as consumers even talk about what happened to them, much less as humans.
And then they're covering up on the death certificates how people are really dying, because the G, the CDC is the company, it's a private system basically with government power that is heavily invested in the vaccines.
The CDC funds all the vaccines.
The definition of a conflict of interest, but before we drill back down into more of this, let me just quantify it very simply.
There is a major deep state battle going on.
The deep state is not monolithic.
Global government is not monolithic.
They're trying to make it monolithic with World ID on the Chinese Communist basis, and it will be with the carbon tax and the vaccine passport system.
They're now announcing that they want world ration card apps to lower the carbon footprint.
And they go, oh, that'll just be piggy bank or piggyback and piggy banking off of the vaccine passport, because that's all it is, is a global tracking taxing system that will now track all your calories.
Off the damn smartphone!
That's the admitted plan decades ago, and now it's all here, and these idiots are like, no one's gonna make you have a vaccine passport!
Now they're like, you better take one!
We told you that was happening.
While they built the system, they said it wasn't coming, so we couldn't build opposition.
And so all of humanity has to make a decision.
Do you want to live under this program of total enslavement and pretend you're part of it and pretend you're submitting so you're part of the smart science group?
Or are you going to wake up that this is a exterminist, totally ruthless, nightmare system that runs death camps in China and Africa and will totally exploit you as well if you don't stand up for our rights together, collectively, and demand a real social contract based on a pro-human future and an environment that's sustainable
And a goal to build a universe of justice and love and creativity and human empowerment.
Because I'll assure you, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are not the curators of that.
Tim Cook, who again, pressures the Chinese to pay the slaves less that build his components, is not the curator of some wonderful Valhalla.
He's the curator of hell.
But he has a nice little snake voice to put you to sleep.
While he does it.
Apple's the company with suicide nets.
And if you complain about 18-hour work days, you're sent to a death camp.
So you better smile, all the robots you're helping build are getting ready to replace you.
So that's what's happening, and that's why you see this.
Prosecutor in Trump criminal probe convenes grand jury to hear evidence and weigh potential charges.
Leticia James, literally put in by Soros, who said, elect me and I will put Trump in jail.
Show me the man, I'll give you the crime.
Same woman saying she wants to put me in jail.
And they are now moving forward to try to put President Trump in jail for nothing.
Well, Hunter Biden and the laptop and Biden and the Chinese and all the sellouts and all the pedophilia, all of that protected, all of that out in the open.
But it's okay because she's black.
It's like, well, she's a black woman.
And so it's okay if she sets Trump up and tries to put him in jail.
And Trump's been told if he doesn't roll over and hand the Republican Party over to the globalists,
They're going to indict Giuliani, and then his son, and then him.
And then if they can get Trump, they can get everybody.
Like I told Trump, if they can censor me, they can censor you, buddy.
Trump can't even get a video player on his own website.
All his people are double agents around him, or idiots.
There's your 4D chess.
Trump is trying to do a decent, pragmatic job and turn our economy back on and not screw us.
He was just trying to be a businessman, but he wasn't God.
It just seemed like heaven compared to the Democrats and the New World Order.
But he's surrounded by filth.
It's like trying to build a house with no nails, no 2x4s, no cement.
He has nothing.
He's in a wasteland.
He's got a message board that only he can post to.
No videos, no production, nothing.
Because if you lift a finger to help him, everyone around him is under surveillance, everyone's being followed, everyone's being threatened, down to the janitors that work around him.
And an average person rolls over and pisses on themselves like a dog that's scared and does nothing.
So the answer is stand up, be strong, get in the face of the bullies.
Because if they're able to bully everybody else like they've done around Trump, they're going to win the whole shooting match.
And people are figuring that out, but wait.
If I grovel and give in, things get ten times worse.
I better stop giving in.
I better stop being pushed around.
I better stop living in fear.
As for us, we are intensifying our boldness.
We are going into the maelstrom.
We accept whatever happens, and I commit my soul, my body, my children, everything I am to God.
I am in God's hands.
I trust in God.
Whatever God's plan is, is.
If I am destroyed, that is God's will, but I will take the new world order with me!
When you are overthrowing a government, the local police are obviously going to be a problem.
After the Bolshevik Revolution, a secret police force was created to purge the public of any political opposition.
After Hitler came to power, the nazification of local police departments took only three years.
Leaving a fully centralized police force under the control of SS leader Heinrich Himmler by 1936.
In Venezuela, Maduro created a paramilitary force and employs non-state actors to fight against citizen patriots.
It's an obvious priority when you plan on overthrowing a country and eliminating people's constitutional rights, then you have to deal with the police who have sworn an oath to protect those rights.
And we are now witnessing this in America.
In Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler came to power as one of the biggest landowners of Austin and spends most of his time perched above the city in the tallest penthouse.
Which is fitting.
Adler does not act according to the will of the people, but rather as their king.
When asked by Vice if he regretted ending the camping ban, which has unquestionably brought thousands of dangerous transients from all over the country into the once safe streets of Austin, he proudly admits to forcing his own disruptive agenda upon the people of Austin.
Was it a mistake to lift the ban?
It was absolutely not a mistake to lift the ban.
I think that sometimes you really need disruptive action if you're trying to make change.
He arrogantly goes on to say that if the people vote to reinstate the camping ban, which has since happened, that nothing will change.
So I'm concerned about it passing and creating an expectation in some parts of our community that somehow or another these people will at that point disappear, because they won't.
Some of these so-called homeless people are camping outside Austin City Hall, where they openly brag about going to war with the police.
If it's a war they want, it's a war they go to.
BLM supporter and Travis County DA Trudy Strasburger recently posted a job ad looking for a heavy hitter who is looking to prosecute police officers.
Austin City Council has brazenly decided to defund the police by 150 million dollars.
This, along with having the streets filled with desperate transients, has naturally resulted in a sharp increase of violent crimes, robberies, and murders.
Adler even joked with Joe Rogan how he succeeded at slowing Austin's growth by importing crime.
You know, but as I explained to people, there's only one way to really stop a city from growing.
Bring in crime.
Bring in crime.
Make it a desirable place to live.
Order out of chaos.
This is the job of Adler and his radical city council.
Destroy Texas from within.
And it's working.
Our election system has been subverted.
And the population so brainwashed that Texans will likely elect Hollywood movie star Matthew McConaughey to be their next governor.
Proving once and for all that Texas is finished.
If you don't think they can turn Texas into California, just give it a few years.
The enemy's resolve seems to be far greater than our own.
When radical local governments ignore the will of the people, and the people no longer have a vote, then the only hope for survival is to stand up against them.
They import crime to have a giant army they control, just like the left's bringing all the Muslims into Europe.
The full report, Will Texas Resist a Communist Takeover, is powerful.
It's got 200,000 views just today.
It needs to get 10 million views.
Please share it on your email, your text message, while you still can.
Please share it on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere else.
You can share it from the URL that they're not blocking at this point.
They are blocking Banned.Video, but the same URL leads you to all the same videos, and that is FreeWorldNews.tv.
All right, we have next hour in studio a gentleman joining us that worked in a lot of parts of the world in Army Special Operations.
He's one of the co-hosts of the popular Drinking Bros podcast, Dan Holloway, and he is going to break here exclusive news.
They already put some of it out last week on their show.
It became national news.
They've got even more news.
Dealing with exactly who is smuggling the children illegally inside of the United States.
And believe me, when this comes up next hour, it's going to blow you away.
They have photos, they have video, they have this from people inside the entire situation.
So you definitely do not want to miss that information coming up with Dan Holloway of American Patriot Party Podcast and DrinkingBros.com.
We're going to show you all the photos, the video, and it dovetails with our research and all the footage we got down in South Texas on the Mexico border as well.
So look
For that to happen coming up.
Now, Vox Day has been a frequent guest of ours.
It seems like a year has gone by in like five seconds.
Can't have been on in a year.
Vox Day is the best-selling author of SJW's Always Lying, SJW's Always Double Down.
He is the lead editor of Castilla House and a major comic book distributor.
He's got some new comic books coming out right now.
We'll tell you about it in the last second today.
It's a great way to reach out to the young people.
But he also lives over in Europe.
I wanted to get his take on the whole geopolitical machinations that are unfolding.
The COVID launch, Fauci and Gates in trouble, all the information that's unfolding, Putin's top advisors coming out and saying there's a new world order of Satanists that want to destroy the planet.
And they've taken over America, and they're the same Bolsheviks that took over in Russia.
I mean, this stuff is on the Russian news.
People don't know that here.
Vladimir Putin, the new world order, worships Satan.
Putin's former chief of staff.
Trump was modern George Washington.
Reveals white globalists hated him.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on.
That wild card of Russia as well.
And I know that Vox Dei has looked into a lot of that.
So we're going to cover it all here today and kind of get that 35,000 foot view because he's a smart guy about what he expects to come next.
With Biden, the public that can hardly talk, dissolving the borders, announcing we can't produce any mining here in the U.S.
It's just incredible actions of war.
Why, Vox Dane?
It's great to have you back with us.
Would the system be now getting ready to bring out the Wuhan lab made truth?
Why are they burning Fauci?
Why are they burning Gates?
What do you think that's really all about?
Thanks for joining us.
Hey, Alex, it's good to see you again.
I think what's happening now is that the plan to bring about the New World Order in a relatively easy frog boiling in the gradually increasing temperature water failed.
What we're seeing is increasingly a desperate attempt
To try to get things in place in a way that they can't be destroyed because their original plans fell apart.
If you look at the history of the last two or three hundred years, and I've been reading an excellent book called Stalin's War that's very eye-opening about the history of World War II, the true history of World War II.
What you see is that these Prometheans, as I call them, the devil worshippers that Putin points out and has called out, they have gone from empire to empire, using it to foster their long-term plans.
So they were in the British Empire, then when the US rose, they began to
You know, attempt to influence the development of the U.S.
They did the same thing in the Soviet Union.
But about maybe 10 years ago, it became clear that their attempt to jump to China was failing.
I don't know, because obviously I'm not privy to these things, but it looks to me as if
The Chinese nationalists understood what was happening and rejected them at the same time that the Russian people managed to clear out the remnants that had been installed in the post-Soviet era during the Yeltsin years.
And so the fact that the United States and Britain
Still remain largely under the influence of, for lack of a better term, we'll just call the globalist lobby.
It's a difficult position for them because the USA is failing and it's no longer capable of pushing the rest of the world around.
And so that's why I think you're seeing what is essentially a globalist Hail Mary attempt.
I 100% agree with that brief on-target analysis.
I just spent an hour trying to babble that out.
But I mean, this is an epic moment to see them try to discredit Trump, discredit Bolsonaro, try to get people like Boris Johnson, who's just an opportunist, back under their control, try to discredit Brexit, and then to see Kerry
John Kerry, and to see them admitting that we're using COVID to lock things down, to defeat nationalists, to defeat the Yellow Vest, to defeat Bolsonaro.
They still have that arrogance where they talk at Davos and talk in their own statements at the CFR about bribing people and getting Ukrainian officials fired and, you know, son of a bitch, he was fired, you know, two hours later.
It's just, it's still crazy that I understand they brag because that makes it look like they're invincible to their minions.
You know, it's part of the bravado, part of the confidence game.
But don't they get now that it's not working anymore?
Well, I think that they're beginning to understand that on some level.
But, you know, they're used to having setbacks and they're used to things going badly.
You know, because they ultimately report to
I don't think so.
They don't see it that way.
They don't see themselves as being Satan worshippers.
They think that they're light bringers, you know?
And you're right.
I say that devil worshippers, that's a term the public knows.
You're right.
They believe they're becoming gods like Prometheus and they believe we're going to be punished for the fact that we're trying to become gods and that this great pain is part of that Promethean struggle.
Yeah, it's just the birthing process.
And so when you look at
The way that they're constantly talking about ascending and they're constantly talking about progress and they're constantly talking about bringing about a better world.
I mean, you know, there's so much bringing about a better world propaganda right now.
Practically every television show or movie that you'll see now incorporates that line somehow.
And so, you know, the Nevers, which is the new Joss Whedon show, it's all, you know, they must have used that line, bringing about a better world, something like 10 times in a single episode.
It was clearly this sort of hypnotic programming approach.
And that's the plan.
But of course, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.
And the problem that they have is that their plan is
It's wildly unrealistic.
It's totally contrary to nature.
It's totally contrary to God.
It's totally contrary to what 98%, maybe 99% of all human beings actually want.
And so that's why you're seeing the rise of transgenderism and you're seeing the rise of eat the bugs instead of the beef.
And it's intentional
Insanity, because it is a rejection of reality.
It's a rejection of nature.
It's a rejection of God.
A very wise Italian admiral... Stay right there.
I want to hear who's going to come back.
It is literally a desecration.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back ladies and gentlemen.
Vox Dei is a best-selling author and a major comic book publisher.
A great way to wake people up.
He's got a whole new line of best-selling comic books out.
We'll tell you about that in the last segment of this hour.
But really what's fascinating is his understanding of geopolitics.
Really a smart guy.
Box, you got caught off by the break.
We're getting into this Italian leader that you were talking about that quantified there is a war on nature, on God's creation, you know, the Jacobins, French Revolution, all of that.
Here's, and I want you to give us the quote, but here's two examples.
Mayor of Austin just came out in a Joe Rogan interview, I played it earlier before you came on, and he said, we've imported crime to stop growth.
We want to hurt people.
We want things to be bad.
That's their Machiavellian view.
That's why the blue cities are like this on purpose.
They order the police to let the drug dealing happen, all of it.
They do this on purpose.
And it's just like Trudeau in Canada said, I want to be a dictator like China.
That's a quote to a group of women who get very excited by it.
So yeah, we're going to cut your boys' genitals off, and we're going to call it loving and liberal.
I mean, if you did that 20 years ago, you'd be put in prison.
So yeah, there's a war on God, a war on reality, and an attempt to just gaslight us into this position right now.
Please continue.
Well, I was having dinner with some Italian army officers.
One of whom was, his father was an admiral, and he happened to have joined us.
And it was interesting because, you know, there's a strong intellectual element to the Italian officer's education.
They tend to be very well read.
And this admiral said, well, you know, at the end of the day, every political discussion ultimately comes down to
Aristotle or Plato.
And that's true.
It's absolutely true.
You and I, Alex, we're very much Aristotelians.
The Prometheans and so forth are very much Platonists.
But there's a deeper element.
And it's one that a lot of very smart, very bright people whose hearts are in the right place, whose minds are in the right place,
are not able to understand or comprehend because their eyes are blinded to the spiritual realities.
And when you look at the spiritual realities, you see from the beginning that the Tower of Babel never ended.
That's why the European Union building looks like the Tower of Babel.
It's not just an homage.
It's precisely the same
Philip K. Dick actually wrote about it.
He called it the empire that never ended.
And the various empires that we see, the British Empire, the U.S.
Empire, the Soviet Empire, those are all supposed to be iterations of it.
They're tools, but they're also the sort of public fist of it.
I suspect that
Like I said, the whole plan went awry because China was supposed to be the next empire.
But I don't think that, in the same way that the Prometheans did not expect Donald Trump, I don't think they expected President Xi.
Xi is very, very anti-corruption for all of his, shall we say,
He's incredibly anti-corruption and that's not amenable to the empire.
And so I think that that's... Well isn't that the big criticism of globalism's lofty goal of peace and world government that's for the lower-level minions that are in it but have been let in to basically... Part of the understanding is they never fulfill their plans of empowering people.
It's all about enslaving.
They never go through on their deals.
They're always stealing.
They're the opposite of what they claim they're doing.
I mean, they're the epitome of corruption.
They're the epitome of lies and dishonesty.
They never deliver what they promise to the world.
And so that's why a leader like Donald Trump, a leader like
I apologize, I don't have his first name correct, but a leader like Xi, leaders like even someone like Bolsonaro or Matteo Salvini in Italy, those are people who are too upright in at least some manner
To bend the knee to the corruption that is required for the globalists to... Well, exactly.
Xi will execute you if you try to teach a kid to be transgender, and I'm not defending all the other stuff he does, but at least he has a code he follows, and it's not the exact code the globalists want, that is to just mutilate and vandalize God's creation.
And Putin is the same way.
You know, Putin is a very fearsome individual.
But he also has a very strong moral code, and I believe it might even be a strong Christian code based on some of the stuff that he said.
You know, and so when you have world leaders of this caliber, they are capable of standing up to, rejecting, and completely destroying the plans of the globalists, which is why I believe they needed to go to this
Ridiculous attempt to transform what is the flu into a pandemic and then this mass vaccination campaign that only God knows, only God and the devil knows what's really involved in all of that.
Where do you think this is going with Bill Gates obviously falling from grace, not being in a leadership position, carrying out the medical tyranny, Fauci now in a lot of trouble.
Where do you see that going?
Well, I think it's going to going to become a revolutionary.
There's going to be revolutionary potential once people who have been vaccinated understand what has actually been done to them.
And I think that you're going to see an incredible amount of chaos, because chaos is what order comes out of.
And since their orderly plan failed, I believe that this is the chaotic plan
Anyone with half a brain would voluntarily accept to be injected with this stuff.
I mean, I don't know exactly what it does, but I do know that it's not a vaccine by definition, and I do know that if you don't eat GMO foods, you damn sure shouldn't be modifying yourself.
Well, this just attacks all the replicating cells, everything but your eyes.
The rods and cones in your eyes, every damn cell in your body, except for eggs in a woman's ovaries and in your eye cells, are dividing and replicating, and this damn thing attacks it all.
I mean, I guess the enamel in your teeth will be immune from it.
That's it.
Your eyes, enamel in your teeth, and women's eggs.
But it's going to attack the sheath on the ovaries, though.
We'll be right back with Vox Dei, really smart cookie.
Why has he been on over a year?
We'll get this guy on more often.
Stay with us.
My friends, you've got to realize that we're not making this up.
And there's this process happening where something I've talked about, and Vox Dave's talked about, and so many others have talked about over the years.
He's been doing this a long time as well.
It's all coming out in the open now.
And people are thinking, wow, you're not joking about this.
I mean, Dr. Tenpenny's respected, but I've read the reports by Wolfgang Ludard, the top
Advisor to the EU, and the former head scientist at Pfizer, who just retired a few years ago, in good graces, saying this will start killing people en masse within six months to a year, it'll cause blood clots, it'll grow tumors all over you, and then all of a sudden they're growing tumors everywhere, and they're going, well, don't worry about tumors in your uterus, or in your lymph nodes.
And they're going in and doing emergency surgeries on people and admitting the vaccine caused it.
And supermodels are dying of strokes right after they take it.
I mean, it's every hour we're seeing someone prominent die.
Why would you launch something like this, knowing in the studies Fauci did at UT in 2012 with similar vaccines for coronaviruses, that it causes an attack on that protein in the body?
Unless you were just trying to create total chaos!
And then how do they think they're going to get away with that?
Well, people don't understand that these Prometheans are psychotics.
They're mad scientists.
That's why in every, it seems, comic book movie they make, they tell you it's a mad scientist doing it who can't help themselves and does this.
Well, why is that the plot to all this?
Because they love to tell you with revelation of the method, predictive programming, what they're doing.
And so the bigger question is getting into the mindsets of these people because so many folks are like,
Who cares about their mindsets?
Let's stop them!
Understanding their mindset, I found, is how you wake the public up, because the general public doesn't operate like this, and so they have trouble understanding why people do things like this Vox Day.
That's absolutely right, and the reason that they talk about things ahead of time is because they need to normalize them.
If you just start off from scratch, and you say, uh, hey Jimmy,
Why don't you cut off your genitals and start wearing a dress?
That's not going to go over very well.
It requires literally decades of intellectual softening up.
It requires literally decades of narrative shifting.
And that's why they place such importance on Hollywood, or as I usually refer to it, the hell mouth.
And it's why they focus so much on controlling all of the entertainment across the West.
And this is also, of course, why China refuses to let them have free entry into the Chinese entertainment system, because they understand that it is a vital entry point for that.
And the way that we beat them
We don't just stop them.
We have to continue to push our own competing narratives.
You can't defeat rhetoric with dialectic.
You can't defeat the unthinking influence of a comic book with a very important essay from a think tank on National Review.
You have to fight fire with fire.
That's why we started Arkhaven, because we saw
What they were doing, now that they had control of Marvel, now that they had control of DC, and we thought, okay, they're going to go and attack the good, the beautiful, and the true.
They're going to pervert it and turn it into the evil, the ugly, and the lie.
And so we created Arkhaven and we've been, you know, as you know, publishing comics for a couple of years now.
We've just launched this new site called Arctunes where everything is free.
It's totally subscriber supported and there's actually more content on Arctunes in a month than DC Comics publishes in a month.
And so I'd encourage all of your viewers, you know, even if you're not at all into comic books, I mean, look at my library.
Do I look like I'm a big comics book guy?
You know, I'm more inclined to, you know, read Dante in the original Italian than I am to read an old copy of the Fantastic Four.
But I understand the importance
of course.
The Hagel didn't invent the dialectic.
They just took what was already there and gave it names.
But the globalists are obsessed with programming our subconscious.
And so, absolutely, you can't reach somebody with a white paper where the globalists admit they're doing this.
But if you do it in a skit, or you do it in a movie, or you do it in a comic book form, then they totally get it.
They're threatened by that.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
And they're very focused on controlling it.
Like, for example, a Asian company started a similar company called Tapas.
And they're about, I don't know, their traffic is about 10 times larger than theirs, although their most successful comics only get about three or four times the traffic.
They were just purchased for $150 million.
Now, that's insane.
Why would you ever pay that much money for a second tier digital comic site that literally doesn't have any major or even particularly good comics on it, right?
Well, the reason is because it's important for them to control the narrative.
That's why Disney paid four billion dollars for Star Wars.
That's why they paid four billion dollars for Marvel.
You know, and the only way that you avoid it is if you have people that are not just interested.
Yeah, I mean, look at look at the art on tapas there and then compare it to the art that's on art tunes.
You can see that our stuff is significantly better, you know, and also look at how that was all lesbian, you know, LBGT, whatever stuff, you know, whereas we're doing the actual traditional superhero.
Well, they're also rewarding that.
Explain to people why the cover that's all over the store, Skittles, Levi's, is Pride Week, telling you that you're not really human, him, he, she, they, them, add your own pronouns, that it says open your heart to love when you open the box to the children and then you get some, you know, toxic GMO garbage.
I mean, this is a full assault, not about love and unity, but about people being alone and not having families and about not having children.
It's about death.
And how are you going to fight that cereal box with a important essay published on National Review?
You're not.
You can't.
And that's why every attempt by the conservatives to try to fight this stuff by saying, hey, look at how bad the left is.
And the thing that's so stupid and frustrating about it is it doesn't have anything to do with the left per se.
It doesn't have anything to do with politics per se.
It has to do with the most fundamental
aspects of good and evil.
It ultimately has to do with do you serve the God of this world or do you serve Jesus Christ?
And let's quantify that because the globalists aren't wrong, the globalists aren't idiots, they're not environmentalist wackos, they're conquerors by overthrowing logic and goodness, sabotaging us so we're even more fallen than them so they can take control of us.
They are saboteurs and they know they are and they are the enemy and anyone that joins them
I mean, I tell people, look, even if you're not a Christian, and even if you don't worship Jesus Christ and rely on him for your salvation, at the very least, you should support Western civilization because, you know what?
We have flush toilets.
Because that's what you're going to give up.
They're not, they're not.
Everybody's trying to get in to get that, but the globalists are going to use what comes from outside to actually destroy that because it's like floating debris in a wrecked ship.
They don't want any of us to get back to land.
They want to sink everything.
And that's why I coined the term magic dirt.
You know, a lot of conservatives think, well, as long as everybody, you know,
Thinks the right thing and wants to live here, then they're going to be just like every other American.
Well, that's not true, you know.
The dirt is not magic.
It didn't turn the white European settlers into Indians.
Stay right there.
We'll talk about that when we come back.
Well, we got to get Vox Data to co-host a fourth hour sometime.
We're doing a longer commercial-free podcast some Saturday with me.
Because he's got a lot of irons in the fire, a lot of great stuff he's doing.
He's a very smart guy.
I want to get more into these comic books because
As adults, and we're more cerebral, we like to look at that, but even adults nowadays are into comic books, and it's so rare to see something that isn't the globalist brainwashing that people really snap these up.
In fact, we sell the hard copies of their comic books at InfoWarsTore.com from Alt-Hero.
He can't even keep those in stock, ladies and gentlemen, and so now they've gone digital with a bunch of their work, and it's exploding.
We'll talk about ArkHaven.com here in a moment with Vox Day, but separately,
Big picture.
What do you expect to happen with them getting ready to indict Trump's inner circle and then indict him out of New York?
Obviously pressure.
How do they do that while Biden and the laptop and the Chinese and how obvious this is?
And what other shoes to drop are you expecting to see?
Well, I'm expecting that Biden is not going to probably make it to the end of his term.
And I think that
That's going to set off a lot of... I mean, his health is just not good.
I don't know if you've ever been unfortunate enough to know somebody with dementia, but once they start going downhill, it tends to be pretty rapid.
It accelerates, and they kind of dip down, go up a little, but then dip down even more, and one day they're sitting there nice, the next day they're writing on the walls of their feces.
Yeah, and what we've seen out of Joe Biden tends to indicate somebody who is further along the process than, let's say, you would want to see your grandparents or your parents.
You know, it's going to be very interesting there because obviously Harris is not a serious individual.
She's a very loathsome person.
Well, I think she must be.
I don't know much about her other than, you know, the obvious biography.
But the fact that she was so wildly unpopular, even among the Democrats, I don't see how
It will be possible for her to.
She comes off as totally fake and disingenuous and synthetic, even more revolting than the Crypt Keeper Biden.
Why do the engineers do that?
Why did they put her in?
Why do they love her so much?
Oh, because that because she's somebody who has, you know, kissed the ring.
She's somebody who has indicated that she's willing to take orders.
And and maybe that's enough.
You know, maybe that's all they think they need, but I think that what they're going to find is that the more that Americans find out about what is actually going on around the world, the more that they're going to turn to the nationalist right that everybody has been trying, you know, everybody from Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro
All the way to the Democratic left has been desperately trying to stop the rise of, but like I've said for years, it's inevitable.
And again, I mean, I guess the way definitely Shapiro undoubtedly knows, I mean, he's pushed in the algorithm by Google, by Facebook, by Twitter.
In fact, even the internal documents come out of Google and Facebook.
They push them harder than Democrats because they're supposed to be our leadership.
Exactly, and they never will be.
They never will be.
There are too many people who love Jesus Christ, who love good, who love the beautiful, who love the true.
They're not going to accept these absolutely fake
Constructions that are pale parodies of the truth.
Well, I don't want to go on a jag attacking Jordan Peterson, but you did say he was mentally ill and crazy and had serious problems.
Then he did have a breakdown indeed.
I mean, I think mentally he's a lot smarter than Shapiro that just kind of reads real fast.
And that's just one trick, you know, and everybody bows down and he's the genius.
He's the enlightened one.
He's the God.
Uh, but I, but I do see an ongoing rejection of these guys, but what happened with Peterson?
Peterson feels a tremendous sense of guilt for something.
I don't know what.
But he's not what I would call a happy ticket taker.
He's somebody who sold his soul to the devil and wants it back, but he doesn't know how.
And I think that
That's the real reason for his breakdown.
That's a great analysis.
So who's been Shapiro?
Well, Shapiro, you know, he actually, you know, he didn't want to be a media whore.
And he did have a crisis of conscience in his early teens.
But, you know, at some point in time he decided to just dive in and make the best of it.
Because for folks that don't know, from memory, he worked for you, didn't he?
No, he didn't work for me, but we were both writers at WorldNetDaily, and I don't think it's too much of an exaggeration to say that he looked up to me a bit.
It's just incredible because if you have eyes to see, you see transparently they're hiding something.
Plus, you see what they do.
I mean, I would say Shapiro is far worse than Peterson.
You would probably argue otherwise.
No, I think that Shapiro has come to terms with the arrangement that he made.
I think that there's still some spark of life
But I mean, what kind of deal did he have to make in academia?
I mean, what is the central crime that Peterson is committing?
I mean, intellectually, spiritually.
Well, I don't know.
I mean, that's individual.
But I'm saying, what is the manifestation of him selling out?
Because he looks like somebody that saw the devil and made the deal of Faustian fear.
He has it in his eyes.
It's a great way to describe it.
Faustian fear.
So what the hell do you think he did?
I mean, but intellectually, what is he doing that serves evil?
Well, intellectually, what he's doing is he's attempting to push
Adamistic individualism in order to prevent people from taking pride in their families, in their identities, and in their nations.
I mean, he's been richly rewarded to try to turn people away from nationalism.
Sure, so it's kind of a form of Satanism.
It's still all about you.
And by doing that, you lose everything.
Yeah, and I'm speaking as not only a former small libertarian, but I used to be considered, I was on the list of the 25 leading libertarians on the internet.
So it's a seductive argument and one that I fell for, but at the end of the day, libertarianism is as
Intrinsically false as communism.
Well, yeah, because the big corporations, when you leave them alone, just become a new government.
Listen, you've got to come back next week.
A year's been too long.
Come back in the next few weeks.
I want to do a whole hour on Arkhaven.com.
Amazing comics there.
A lot of really great stuff.
You're reaching a ton of people.
Everybody should get a membership and give it to their young people.
Certainly adults that are into comics will really enjoy it.
That's Arkhaven.com.
Give us 30 seconds on Arkhaven.com, Vox.
Arkhaven.com is actually free for everyone to read.
We do have subscriptions, but that's just to support the production of more art.
But that's what I'm saying!
I'm saying absolutely, yeah, people should go there.
It's pretty out there, as you can see.
This is from Midnight's War, which is our vampire comic.
And we've got openly Christian comics, we've got military comics, we've got classic comics.
The legend Chuck Dixon writes a number of them.
We've got, you know,
Strong heroes, we've got beautiful women, we've got, you know, the best of what the Silver Age and the Golden Age offers.
But most importantly, you know, we have a very strict rule, even for the independent creators who join us, which is no sex, no Satanism, and no social justice.
And so, in this particular, in that particular comic, you know, one of the interesting things is that
We actually answer the question that people have asked for centuries, or for decades, which is why do vampires fear the cross?
And so it's kind of a wild
Totally new take on the whole vampire lore, and I think that people will like it.
Hammer Freedom is from our partners in Brazil.
It's absolutely brilliant.
Well, I should have said that because I knew that.
The site's free, but when I say a subscriber, you mean patrons.
People are going to support it.
They should go there.
A lot of amazing stuff.
Everybody share the link.
Vox Day.
Join us again very, very soon, my friend.
Thanks for having me, Alex.
Happy to.
Very thoughtful of you, smart guy.
Okay, we're going to go to break.
We've got a special guest coming in.
Just briefly, Storewide Free Shipping through Memorial Day.
That's how you fund the operations, getting products.
Storewide Free Shipping, double Patreon points to the 5%, 10% off on your next order.
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Welcome back, my friends.
Well, former head of the CIA and then head of the State Department,
Mike Pompeo has come out and said, we didn't know what happened to that lab.
Well, they know because Fauci paid for it all with Obama.
They're bringing this out to menace the deep state.
They're threatening to try to indict Trump.
And so this is an internal battle in government with groups that know damn well what happened.
And it's very sophisticated.
They did it in China with U.S.
funding so that if they release it on the world for a power grab, you couldn't blame China, you couldn't blame the U.S.
It's a globalist
program of the UN.
They're the ones that need to pay.
But here's Pompeo beginning to bring this out there.
You see Senator Paul a lot stronger saying we need to basically indict Fauci for perjury before Congress.
But this is quite a moment we've reached.
We'll go to break and come back with huge news, big breaking news, a big break in the case on who's smuggling massive numbers of children over the Mexico border into the U.S.
...remarks over a year ago now, in early May of 2020, talking about this risk, and it was outrageous.
It was outrageous to see scientists, even government, U.S.
government scientists, who were denying this, when they surely must have seen the same information that I had seen.
That includes certainly Dr. Fauci as well.
We need to know what happened here.
The Chinese Communist Party knows what happened here.
They know who patient zero was.
They know precisely where this began.
These three individuals who became sick, the symptoms were consistent with what someone would get, that would be symptomatic of if they had COVID-19, the Wuhan virus.
We need to get to the bottom of this because this could happen again.
They're still conducting research in these same laboratories today.
It's being done in ways that were similar to what happened back over a year ago.
This is dangerous.
We could end up with something much like this again being foisted upon the world.
The United States has a responsibility to demand that the Chinese Communist Party give us the things that they simply know, Dana and Bill.
They know the answer to these things and they refuse to hand over this information.
Well, the world may demand it.
You and many others might along the way.
But the party in Beijing acts differently.
Who's to say we'll ever get a straight answer?
Well Bill, I think we eventually will.
Someone, somebody will have worked in that laboratory and will decide they can sneak out of China.
They'll come tell the truth, I'm convinced.
But sadly, I don't think that'll happen in a timely fashion.
And so what can the world do?
How can we hold China accountable?
There are many for them.
That we could do this.
And one, why on earth would you rejoin the World Health Organization, which rewards the Chinese for the exact partner that they joined in the cover-up with?
It was Dr. Tedros and Xi Jinping that colluded to keep this information out of the hands of the world.
And so there are many things the United States government could do to impose real costs on the Chinese Communist Party until they come clean about what they know and what they did.
We know for sure they covered up this virus.
I am confident that we will find that the evidence that we have seen to date is consistent with a lab leak, and I'm convinced that's what we'll see.
If I'm wrong, I hope the Chinese Communist Party will come forward and make a fool of me.
If only we had, if this is the true, and this happened November of 2019, if only the world would have known.
Think about how much grief this planet would have been spared.
Oh, Bill.
I remember talking with Dr. Redfield about this at great length.
We were working so hard.
HHS, Secretary Azar, myself.
We were working so hard to get this information.
This would have been early January of 2020, when we were still trying to figure out precisely what was about to hit the world.
And the Chinese Communist Party had gone completely dark.
They wouldn't take our phone calls.
They wouldn't answer our questions.
We sent inquiries.
We couldn't get a straight answer.
Our ambassador, Ambassador Branstad, couldn't get a straight answer.
The Chinese Communist Party clearly knew they had a problem.
They didn't want the world to know it.
And I'm convinced they still know they have a problem and don't want us to know it.
I mean, if true, it is the largest man-made disaster ever in the history of the planet, and someone has to be held accountable.
That would be them, if this turns out to be true.
Can I also ask you about this over the weekend?
This is an absolutely brazen ruse done by Belarus to hijack a plane, Ryanair, going from Athens to Lithuania, to divert the plane, saying there was a bomb threat.
Get on the ground.
Alright folks, Dan Holloway of Drinking Bros is going to be joining us.
He's got major breaking news.
You know, we spend a lot of time down on the Texas border.
We've had other guests on from around the country.
And we've got a lot of pieces of the puzzle, but he's gotten the final pieces about the illegal activity going on and U.S.
intelligence agency-connected contractors working under Biden committing these operations.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
On the other side, this is big important news to bring down the globalist operation collapsing our borders and to save these children and women and others.
This is serious stuff.
Everybody you know, tune in now.
We'll be right back.
All right, I've spent a couple weeks at the Texas border with Mexico this year.
So has Owen Schroer and the rest of my crew.
All total, we've spent about a month and a half down there.
We've had Project Veritas on.
It's broken a lot of big pieces of this, but this is the biggest piece so far.
Completing the picture of what's happening.
Dan Holloway is here.
He grew up in South Carolina, graduated high school and college before enlisting in the U.S.
Army in 2005.
Dan holds multiple degrees in technology security, including a master's in international homeland security from Penn State University.
Dan is deeply involved in military and veteran advocacy, has previously spent years at Black Rifle Coffee Company's VP of marketing and five years as an infantry sergeant in the U.S.
Army's 82nd Airborne Division.
Dan now serves as owner of
Tetherball Academy Media is the host of Drinking Bros Podcast and American Party Podcast, www.drinkingbros.com.
They have a lot of fun on the show.
I've been on an American Party Podcast also on Twitter, but they also cover a lot of serious news.
Wow, what you guys brought out a week ago spurred some major announcements in Congress, also in legislatures, about the human smuggling.
We have a Senate report.
Uh, from six years ago, where they confirmed Obama knowingly placed tens of thousands of children with smugglers, including sex smugglers, that were put into sex slavery.
There it is on screen in Washington Post, so...
This is a continuation of that program, but much, much bigger.
Five, six times what the Border Patrol tells us the previous level, not three times like you've seen on Fox News.
We've been down there.
It's just illegals everywhere being loaded onto planes, private corporate planes taken through airports, not checked by TSA.
They use the military and Border Patrol to put them on the planes.
The Border Patrol just hands them over to the smugglers.
They disappear.
But there are
Masked men, they use COVID as the cover, that actually then travel into the interior, and that's why Dan Holloway is here.
From his sources, he's got the documents, the photos, the videos, the intel, to bring it all together, proving who is behind it.
So, Dan, great to have you here.
Yeah, it's great to be here.
I mean, this is a really bad situation for everybody involved.
I mean, not only is our national sovereignty being challenged, but now it's helpless people, children primarily, that are being put in harm's way by this.
You know, this stuff has to get out.
So a couple of months ago.
My friend James Klug, he's an independent reporter, he works with a couple of other agencies now, but we started seeing these manila envelopes with a white piece of paper stapled to it, and it says, I don't speak English, please help me.
On the other side, it has travel plans, right?
They're flights.
You see these people in airports all the time.
They're illegal immigrants that have not received NFAs, or NTA, notice to appear.
They don't even get a court date anymore.
Typically, it was illegal immigrants that had been caught cross.
It was part of the Obama's catch-and-release program from back in the day, as you might remember.
Now, they're not even being given court dates.
So, here's what we saw.
This is actually, I didn't even receive the first piece of intel.
I saw it myself at DFW Airport.
Like, these pictures that you're going to see, I took these myself.
So, under the guise of quote-unquote reuniting these people with family members, they're trafficking unaccompanied children.
All over the United States, dropping them off at random places.
Now, we did a story on this last Wednesday.
By Friday, the Tennessee legislature was like, hey, why are you bringing people into our state in the dead of night and not reporting on where they're going?
So, a lot of stuff going on there.
By the way, for radio listeners, let's go through these slowly.
That seller is obviously military.
He does not look too friendly towards you.
Oh no, I mean I got right up in his face and took a picture.
So he probably wasn't too thrilled about that.
And he knows what he's doing is wrong as well.
So after this, I spoke to a lot of people from CBP.
This seems to be largely out of their control.
They're being forced to hand these people over and not issue NTAs by edict right now.
The other part of that is that it began, this is directly from my source at CBP who works on the border.
It started out as these kids were being reunited with their immediate family, then they couldn't find their immediate families, so it became any family member, and then it became anybody who would receive them.
Now if you want to look at this Axios report from the middle of this month, the Biden Administration Mum on Trafficking Migrant Kids, that's the name of the report.
Apparently we have no way of tracking where any of these children are going.
122,000 since January have entered the country unaccompanied and they've been sent to care quote-unquote care facilities and to people that aren't actually even their family members.
Illegal immigration is a big enough problem, but when children are involved and they're being victimized because of this process, that's where I step in.
That is, we cannot tolerate that as a society.
Anytime any child is taken advantage of in any kind of way, that has to stop, regardless of any kind of political beliefs.
That is a line you cannot cross.
And it's one that the Biden administration clearly is fine crossing.
And I don't understand why.
And let me just stop you here.
This is just a microcosm.
We have this woman on no less than over 15 videos.
At bus terminals, at airports, and at private airfields saying, I am this child's mother, lying to then hand it off to another person that they doesn't know to put them on an airplane and they admit they don't know even where they're going.
So this is literal, illegal smuggling of children.
She has MS-13 and other tattoos on her.
I mean, so this is federal crime, felonies on video.
But you've now learned directly that it's Biden using military contractors.
Please continue.
Right, so during the Obama administration, this is, I'm actually reading from my source at CBP.
During the Obama administration, they found a ton of altered OTM birth certificates, and they had QR codes on them.
There was a huge investigation that happened that was never made public, where people in their home countries, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, et cetera, were forging birth certificates to get people into our country.
They were making it look like these kids
And certain family members that were adults were related to people here in the states and they were trying to reunite them with them.
It turns out when they started running, when the CBP started running these files, they noticed that the people in the picture did not look like the people they were staring at in front of their own faces.
It's, it's... Falsified smuggling.
So again, it all comes back to me.
All of this is horrible as it stands.
Now children are involved.
It doesn't matter what your plan is politically.
It doesn't matter what your politics are, left or right.
You can't let this happen.
You cannot let this happen.
This cannot be allowed to happen.
And if you're okay with allowing children to be victimized by this, then we need to have a different kind of conversation.
We can have a civil conversation if it's about how we deal with countries nearby and how we help those people.
But if you're involved in premeditated organized crime, we have video of men coming in saying, I only want women with unaccompanied children and picking them out
Like some, you know, movie about Romans picking slaves or something.
I mean, it's like you're at a grocery store getting potatoes or something.
I mean, it's... What do we know about human trafficking?
Right, yeah.
It attracts the worst human beings on Earth.
Look at the, even the American foster care system is rife with abuse.
We know that, right?
And it's a horrible situation.
We're making it worse.
We're putting these kids into situations because, well, not we, the left in this country is putting kids in these horrible situations because of what they feel politically without any regard for the safety of the child.
Now we know these people aren't muelling over heroin or fentanyl or cocaine or marijuana.
They throw the children over, let them bounce after a 10-foot, 20-foot fall, and then they have a fake ID with them, and then it's just handed over to an aid group and delivered on down the pipeline.
And it used to be, again, under the Obama administration, who by the way deported more people than all previous presidents combined, they still had the catch-and-release program, which is where if you qualified, if you had a relative in the United States somewhere, and you weren't a violent felon, they just let you go into America and gave you a court date.
Wherever you want it to go.
Now, they're not even just letting you go, they're paying for it.
And they're trafficking people all over the country.
What you're saying is a major Rubicon has been passed, and if Congress and the legislature say, we let this happen, we, that's why you're here doing this, it's dangerous for everybody to do, because I don't want to go down to the border and do this, but if I don't, I'm now aiding and abetting.
Let's not lie about this.
If we don't stop this, we're part of it.
And if you're, I mean, look, there's some other information that is relevant here.
So CBP officers do frequently travel, or ERO officers do frequently travel from ICE with these people to take them to court dates or to drop them off somewhere.
So it's not all contractors.
This is the part where... All right, stay there, because I'm going to drag you to the floor when we come back, because I'm jumping to think of what you're saying.
So dead on, I'm just backing you up here.
We got all the video for TV viewers, everything you're saying.
But you've discovered the private contractor group that's heavily involved in
The next level of crime that just makes it that much more intense.
And so this is intel to Congress, the legislatures, law enforcement, everybody.
And of course, if we know this, they all know it as well.
We'll be right back with Dan.
Stay with us.
All right, Dan Holloway is our guest and he is a talk show host and of course a businessman and veteran.
He has a lot of great contacts and a lot of great research.
He's gotten some other big pieces of the puzzle about the private contractor groups that are doing this, officially for Biden, the laws that are being ignored and more.
And I've known you a while, but on your show a few times, only a few years, you actually seem wound up and angry.
You're usually a pretty calm guy, but this has got you pissed.
So you've got the floor here.
We'll put some of the documents, photos on screen, job postings.
Lay it out for us!
Right, I mean, look, just to explain the anger, if kids are involved, then all bets are off.
There's no more civility left.
I don't care who the kids are, where they're from, what they look like, what color they are, what nationality they are, what religion they are, if they have one.
I don't care about any of that shit.
You cannot mess with children.
You know how the federal government works, Alex?
We use cutouts, right?
The CIA doesn't just give money to warlords, they give money to some businessman who gives money to a warlord, right?
It's one degree of separation, it's plausible deniability, whatever you want to call it.
government under Obama gave all sorts of money to Qatar to funnel to Hamas so they could run their government there after Hamas won elections back in the day in Palestine.
Just like the U.S.
Now the government is using to exercise this completely illegal nonsense that is victimizing children.
They're running it through a company called MVM.
So when I first took those pictures, I put them on the internet, and several different sources from inside the government sent me, they didn't tell me anything, they just sent me job postings from a company called MVM Incorporated.
Now, this is some of their, you can see how much money they've made from the federal government here.
$342 million just over the last couple of years.
Unaccompanied alien children transportation services.
So not only is the system internally corrupt, they're not being placed with family members anymore, they're being put in mass care facilities, as they call it, which who knows what that means because the Biden administration will not answer questions about any of this stuff.
They're also being put with people, quote unquote, anybody who will take them.
That's what I was told.
Anybody who will take them.
Now again, I don't understand why they're bringing the children in here.
Maybe so they have residency to try to get their parents in later.
I can only imagine.
Let me add one thing.
Remember, the FBI was ordered by Biden to not do background checks on who the children are being given to.
So this is premeditated.
So this company, MVM, has posted job openings for bilingual travel youth care workers since at least 2018.
So it's been going on for a while now and it's been going on under our noses.
The job opening describes a 2 to 12 month deployment, project-based, escorting children and teenagers from McAllen, El Paso, San Antonio, San Diego, and several other places to shelters all over the country or in efforts to reunite them with family members.
You notice what it doesn't say is a passport is required because they're not leaving the country.
They're putting them as far into the internal parts of our country as they can get them to hide them.
And now they're not answering questions about it.
Now, there's a good, there's an old saying, and it goes something to the effect of how do you know who's the real power?
It's whoever you can't criticize, whoever you can't ask questions of.
And now we're finding out who the real power in this country is.
Now this company, MVM, has also had a lot of other problems.
An investigation from July 2017 found that MVM was using unlicensed shelters, including vacant office buildings, to house these unaccompanied minors.
Completely against the law.
I mean, this is good old-fashioned CIA finder's case where they caught a van full of little kids.
I mean, this is just over the top.
Yeah, it's...
The truly bizarre thing about it to me is how brazenly they're operating.
These people are doing this in public.
Now I think they believe they'll blend in with all the other ERO officers that have in the past been responsible for transporting these people, but
Man, that's a hell of an expectation to just be able to traffic children in public.
And guys, for TV viewers, keep running through his photos at DFW in Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport a few weeks ago.
People can see point-blank range what's happening.
And you were able to confirm, by the way, from your sources, we're not going to give his name out, but this man does work for that company at that time.
Yeah, yeah.
And it's an unfortunate situation.
While in the custody of MVM, children have been held in unlicensed facilities, forced to bathe in sinks.
I mean, it's all the worst stuff that we've seen at the border, but now it's children alone without any supervision and without any government accountability.
And Dan, you're already pissed, but I don't know, you've seen, you mentioned some of our footage, that's why we have it up, and did you see the parts where the guys come out and admit, I'm just here for women and children, I take them back and teach them the way of God, and it's like super creepy dudes, and then there's no record and he just gets children?
Yeah, I mean, it's, it's, uh...
It's difficult in the United States to adopt a child, and it should be, right?
It took my parents two years to adopt my sister from Korea.
I appreciate the fact that people are willing to do that.
I think that's a great thing to do.
There's a lot of kids out there that need help.
They're not putting any effort into vetting.
Like you said, it's actually against policy to run a background check on these people.
So we're putting children from another country
In the hands of people who are presumably also here illegally, right?
Who else would they be giving them to?
If you're reuniting people with their families, like what family members do illegal immigrant children have in the United States?
Look at this guy!
Our security guys said it was all they could do to not physically, they were just repulsed.
Oh boy.
If somebody looks like a creep, typically they are one.
I mean, how often do you see some pedophile get arrested and he's a normal looking person?
Very, very rare.
I'm not calling him a pedophile.
He's just there from Pennsylvania and he says he wants kids and women to take him back to live in a trailer.
He says he gets them all the time and he says which ones he wants.
I'm just saying he looks like who I would cast in a movie as the creepiest person ever.
Yeah, this dude looks like he's peeling people's skins off and wearing it.
Who is this guy?
What's his deal?
He's a cop and you pull him over for speeding in a van and there's a bunch of little kids in the back.
Like, what is he?
What do you do?
I mean, come on.
They're not his kids.
So there's no evidence to support the claims that any of these children were forcibly separated from their families.
That's the claim.
I forgot to mention that earlier.
This is the claim that was made by the administration is that they were forcibly separated from their parents and now we have to reunite them with somebody.
They created this entire narrative and none of it is true.
So I'm not sure what the next steps are.
I'll tell you what I would like to see people doing.
What I would like to see you doing, those of you who travel in airports particularly,
Can you bring up that picture again that has the middle envelope in it?
If you see one of these, I want you to take a picture of the person carrying it.
By the way, when we aired this, family, everybody tells me they see these at Austrian Bergstrom, DFW, Chicago, there's everywhere.
So if you see somebody walking around with one of these, please take a picture of it.
Try to get a picture of the other side, because the other side has their flight plans on it.
It has the flight number and the date and all that stuff on it.
And then take a picture, if there's somebody escorting them, take a picture of that.
What they're saying is that these people are being, these children are being escorted.
This picture right here, if you go to some of the other pictures I took, it wasn't just
This man and a couple of unaccompanied children.
It was an older woman, probably in her fifties or sixties, a younger woman, probably in her thirties, a man that was in his late twenties, probably wearing a hat that said U.S.
Navy on it.
I mean, it's it's this is the woman and the child.
There were two additional children and there was an older woman next to them and and and a man that was wearing a Navy hat.
It was like, you know, in bad spy movies when somebody's trying to blend in and they buy a New York Yankees hat to pretend they're from New York.
I mean, it's
Guys, find the one with the Navy hat.
I don't know if I have, I don't know if I got that one up there, but it's, it is absolute nonsense.
And they just think they can get away with it.
Because that's where we are right now.
They know that they have the media, which has become just a complete propaganda wing.
There it is, FBI Waves Background Checks.
We learned it's not just for the housing centers, it's for whoever they're handing them to.
It's unbelievable.
All right, stay right there, Dan.
We're going to come back on the other side and lay out where this needs to go, what all of us can do, including you, to stop this.
And once we archive this report at Band.Video or FreeWorldNews.TV, share it.
We'll be right back.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
We're here live on air.
Weekday mornings, Harrison Smith, 8 a.m.
with American Journal, and of course, Owen Schroer, The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
I come back Sundays, 4 to 6.
Now we have Sunday live as well.
All right, Dan Holloway is our guest here in studio, and of course, he's been the vice president over there at Black Rifle
We're good to go.
Well, the censorship and they're right down the street.
It's funny how Austin's become this big magnet of podcasting.
Joe Rogan's down the street.
It just gets crazier and crazier.
But Dan, I've been out with you guys, been on your show four or five times.
You've been here a few times.
You're usually pretty laid back.
I can see you're upset, but also because I feel the same way.
Tell me if I'm wrong, but you feel this way.
That you just can't believe it's so naked, it's so blatant, it's so criminal, it's expanding, and nothing's happening, and it's just shocking, like watching a train wreck that's little children, and they have Senate reports admitting they're going to sex slavers in many cases, and they're just disappearing, these ghost children, and our government's involved, and it's the realization that they're that arrogant, they're that crazy, they're committing a crime this big, how the hell do they think they're gonna get away with it?
And we were just talking about that, so,
I mean, is that accurate?
Is that how you're feeling?
Yeah, for sure.
I mean, it's like someone lying right to your face.
Unbelievable that they would have the audacity to do that.
And it's even more unbelievable that anybody would even consider creating programs that target children.
And that's the real issue here.
Predators, and I can't think of any other reason why something like this would exist, to be honest.
It's not for votes.
Children can't vote.
There's this idea that the Democrats want to get as many illegals in here and get them legalized as possible to vote.
Maybe that's true.
But the children part doesn't make sense.
And it only leads... Whenever children are involved...
It always leads to the same thing.
It always leads to exactly the same thing, and that's predatory behavior.
Now, these predators, they prey on the weak, because they're not strong.
They're not alphas.
They're beta male cucks that prey on the weak, and what's the old saying?
You don't have to be faster than the bear, you just gotta be faster than the other guy, right?
So, just having a sticker on your window that says you have an alarm system means that the burglar's gonna go to the next house.
Having a dog that barks means the burglar's gonna go to the next house.
These children have nobody protecting them.
They have no one protecting them and I can only imagine that this all exists in some kind of way for people to prey on children.
Now every time somebody like you or somebody else in the media or podcast or whatever it is, talks about how the government might be involved or Hollywood or the media or politicians or whomever it is, business people involved in the sexual exploitation of children.
You're calling it a conspiracy theorist, this is crazy, despite all the mountains of evidence we have to this effect.
So obviously this is the first place my mind goes.
What else would it be?
And the fact is the media is covering it up, shows they're complicit, and then you've got all the different things that come out about Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates.
This is a currency.
We know they use stolen art, they use drugs, those are things that are secret currencies, but children and sex slavery is the big secret currency.
There's something nefarious going on there.
I don't know what it is, but again, I don't have... I mean, Occam's Razor says the most simple answer is probably the right one.
Remember, how many times has the UN been caught trafficking children?
Yeah, and you talk about the media and their coverage of this, the blatant hypocrisy.
In 2018, there were actually stories about this company, MBM Incorporated.
Because the media was trying to create this narrative that Trump was using MBM to separate children from their families.
Now we know that's not true.
Now we know that the Biden administration won't answer questions.
We know that these kids are not being reunited with their families.
We know that this private organization is being used as a cutout to traffic children all over the United States.
And we know that now, that it's Biden, not Trump.
The media doesn't have a thing to say about it.
And for folks that understand, when I saw that car, because you wanted me to bring this up, I wanted to remind you.
I mean, this is what we've got to do, folks.
This is what's got to happen.
I'm not telling you to put yourself at personal risk, but there are things you can do to hold people accountable.
You are allowed, under the First Amendment,
To petition the government for answers.
And it's not always in the form of a FOIA request.
Sometimes you gotta get in people's faces.
Do not get violent with these people because they win.
They paint you as a violent extremist instead of somebody who's searching for the truth.
You have to be better than them.
Like Gandhi and Martin Luther King?
These people are cowards.
You have to be better than them.
But you can take pictures, you can ask questions on video, you can demand answers.
This is
Goddess of Death tattoos all over them.
I mean, this is real, folks.
And the fact that they spin it as Hispanic rights or something, they're exploiting these children.
Yeah, I mean, it's the, you know, just woke nonsense.
It's bankrupt.
All it is is smoke and mirrors so they can push their agendas through.
We don't know what they are necessarily, but we've got some pretty good theories about it and none of them lead in a good direction.
Well, I mean, we went inside the building twice with an undercover police officer, a local woman that's a senior police officer, she's been there a long time.
She goes in, and we recorded it by the way, and we got all this in Spanish, we put it out, and he's like, literally, she's watching this guy go, I only want women that don't have men.
I can have these.
They're like, yes sir.
Bring your van, you can have them.
I'm going to teach them the Lord my way.
I mean, this is like out of some, like you said, it's like Chainsaw Massacre stuff.
And literally, then, he sees the woman run out, he follows the female police officer in plain clothes out, and starts confronting our people!
It's, it's... Ultimately, you want to get back to... He starts going, these people gotta work!
I'm gonna make them work!
Don't you like them?
It's, man... You couldn't cast somebody this creepy!
That's very bizarre.
It's very bizarre.
You know what I mean?
And again, it's coming down to people who can't defend themselves.
The entire point of masculinity, the entire point of police officers, of the military, of all of these institutions... Is to protect us from that!
Yeah, it's to provide and protect.
It's not to dominate.
It's to provide and protect.
You can tell when a real alpha walks in the room, they don't have to yell.
Because everybody knows they just walked in the room.
All these people that are fronting and pretending to be tough and all this stuff and all this crap that's going on right now, you can tell these people are cowards.
So what can you do personally?
Well, I'll tell you what, what you did down at the border is completely legal.
If you see a misdemeanor happening or a felony happening in your presence as a private citizen, you are allowed to stop that.
Now, if it's a violent felony, you're allowed to stop that with violence, right?
I would never advocate for you getting involved in vile stuff.
There are plenty of good police officers.
Most of the people I know who work at CBP are really pissed off about this.
It's being taken out of their hands.
They're being issued gag orders.
Their jobs are being threatened if they say anything about this stuff.
The latest I heard from CBP, this is how the process goes.
These unaccompanied children, and women particularly, show up.
And they're sent off for COVID screening, right?
And then they're never heard or seen again.
Heard from or seen again.
That's it!
That's where we are!
They drop them off at the COVID center, and then they're ordered to not go any further, and then five minutes later, they're loaded in the back of a trunk.
Right, now these aren't CBP people involved in that.
No, no.
They're doing everything they can to make sure this stuff doesn't happen, and the ball's being taken out of their hand.
We've got to find out who's doing this.
So when the COVID thing's over, it won't even be that!
Who knows what it'll be then, but they always come up with something.
And people like to look at laws individually, but it is the culmination of groups of laws that become problematic.
So you can make violent speech illegal, and everybody's like, yeah, maybe it should be, I don't know.
But then you start to redefine what violent speech is down the line, and you can make everything illegal.
All right, stay there.
Final segment with Dan Holloway.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is live right now.
This is going to be archived later today to Bandot Video.
Everybody get it, share it.
What do you think we should call this special report we've done so far here today?
I would call it government-sanctioned human trafficking, Alex, because that's what it is.
So major discovery of government-sponsored, because this is a major break, confirming government-sponsored illegal human trafficking.
Let's talk about Biden and all the lawlessness.
They're getting ready to try to indict former President Trump they stole the election from while they're committing all these incredible crimes.
This is just insane.
We'll be right back.
Tomorrow's news today.
Alright folks, final segment with Dan Holloway, a great guy doing great work, and saw this guy, saw what was going on, had his military training, and contacted his sources, checked out who the guy was, found out indeed these people do secret stuff for the U.S.
There they are, smuggling children.
And just because Biden says it's legal doesn't make it so it violates a lot of federal and state laws.
The FBI doesn't have the power to say, don't do background checks on these people.
I don't want to be enemies with the FBI, but the FBI is an enemy of itself allowing this.
They just don't have that power.
I mean, my God, I feel dirty just knowing this is happening.
And I feel like I haven't done enough.
And I've done something.
The FBI, all of you, the whole damn country is being spiritually compromised.
That's why they're doing this.
It's not just for the pedophilia.
It's not just for the trafficking.
It's not just George Soros.
It's not just replacement migration.
It's about spiritually getting us to do evil things, in my view, so they can basically lower our defenses.
That's a pretty good point, because that's kind of how it operates with Scientology.
That's how it operated with Epstein, right?
His job was to compromise people's integrity so you could use it against them later.
Seems like what's happening here, we keep moving the goalposts on what's acceptable.
I can tell you this, they've reached, as you said, they've crossed the Rubicon now.
Victimizing children is where the line gets drawn, in any case.
Well, this has gone on a long time.
My uncle worked in Iran-Contra, and his final deal to get out of it was, they were using it as a cover in Guatemala, and he told me this when I was like 15 years old, was to traffic children out of orphanages.
That's all he would say.
And so that was in the 1980s.
Well, I'm sure.
I mean, look, victimizing helpless people is nothing new, Alex.
People have been doing it for years because they can and nobody stops them.
What Edmund Burke said, the only thing that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.
Well, it's time for good men to start doing some stuff.
It really is.
I mean, we've reached the precipice here.
Well, I'll go to the border.
You know, I'm going to go have
I don't want to name drop, but I'm going to go have lunch this Saturday with Ted Nugent and his wife and my family.
And he wants to go down to the border, so I think we should all go down there with Ted Nugent.
I mean, he's... Ted's a good guy.
He really is.
He tries hard to get... He's so much more positive now than he used to be.
I like that.
I like people that are positive for a good reason, because ultimately they're trying to make the country better.
You know what I mean?
As a man, you want to take care of your family, then you want to take care of your city, your county, your state, your country.
He works really, really hard, but we're probably going to go down there with him soon, so hopefully he'll go with us.
We need to have a big rally down there, because the locals are on our side, by the way.
Right, I'm sure they are.
Look, and that woman you keep seeing, by the way, that keeps saying she's the mother of these people, I guarantee you she is a member of the Catholic Church down there.
Oh, we know who she is!
They run this leftist Catholic charity that's admittedly communist, and then she's got Grim Reaper tattoos all over her, and we have her delivering kids everywhere saying, I am their parent.
Now, what would the Catholic Church know about
Uh, victimizing children.
A lot!
Oh, yeah, you're right.
Sorry about that.
Uh, yeah, this is, this is wild stuff.
And I can tell ya, there's only a couple of things that are really gonna stop it.
The first thing is to get involved, be aware, and start talking about it.
Share this stuff.
Let people know what's going on, because the more people that know, the less acceptable this becomes.
The next thing is that you need to personally get involved.
When you're out in town, when you see, particularly people here in Texas, Southern California, and border states, when you see stuff like this happening,
And it typically happens within 100 quote-unquote air miles from the border.
You have to document it and report it.
Send it to Alex, send it to me, send it to OK.
Yeah, just because they say child trafficking is legal, it's not.
Yeah, exactly.
The last thing is what it says right here on my shirt.
Defund politicians.
That slick-backed traitor Mitt Romney with his corporations are people my friend nonsense.
That is why there's so much power in government now where there wasn't 20 years ago.
It's why people like Soros are able to operate.
It's why this Swiss guy, this new Swiss guy that's donating all this money to all these leftist campaigns are able to operate, because government runs on money and it shouldn't.
And criminals are always going to push the envelope, and the more we give in, the worse it gets.
You wanted to get, and so do I, into several things.
What did you bring up during the break?
Well, it's John Cena.
I forget what it was.
I mean, look.
The geopolitics is complicated, and Hong Kong and Taiwan ultimately will have to decide their futures, just like everybody else has to decide their futures.
But John Cena's response to accidentally saying that Taiwan was a country was to say that he respected China.
Now, I don't know how you can respect a country that has 1,200 active camps for people that are Uighur Muslims, where they're being executed, where their organs are being harvested, where they're being raped.
Well, I'm sorry.
I mean, John Cena, just something about him is revolting.
He comes off as fake as Kamala Harris.
I don't like him.
Yeah, look, he starred in that movie, The Marine.
I can tell you what a real Marine would never do, and that's sell his country out to China for money.
Frankly, this guy's a coward and just a real piece of human garbage.
And I hope that comes back to get him.
Like, I hope he loses everything.
Can we play him speaking Mandarin, guys?
We have the audio.
Go ahead and roll this groveling to the Chycoms.
Here it is.
Hello China, this is Jiaoxi.
I have to say that I've been doing a lot of interviews in this show.
A lot, a lot, a lot.
So in one interview, I...
What's your dragon calling?
These people will say that they're not informed enough to speak out about what's happening in China, but he took the time to learn Mandarin to apologize to them.
You know what I mean?
That was LeBron James' whole thing.
Like, oh, I think Daryl Morey's ignorant or misinformed about this situation.
What do you need to know other than the fact that they have 1,200 concentration camps?
It's 2021, man.
I thought we were past this.
Well, the worst part is, LeBron James says, America sucks.
He made $500 million.
It's horrible.
He does whatever he wants, and then he's telling us how good China is.
Yeah, it's laughable.
There was one other thing you raised during the break you wanted to get to.
Oh, man, I don't remember.
We talked about a lot of stuff during the break.
There was something important, too.
I mean, ultimately, we gotta figure out how we're gonna- It was Austin Mayer!
Jeez, this guy.
Oh yeah, Adler.
I was telling you, he was on Joe Rogan.
I live downtown, so I drive past City Hall every single day on my way back and forth from work, right?
And this bill passed where they were gonna clean up the homeless situation down there, and now, not only is it not cleaned up, but they're all camped out on City Hall property.
You know what I mean?
And that just tells you how weak this guy is.
I mean, he is completely incompetent.
Now, what did he say on Rogan?
I haven't heard this.
Well, it's in a full report that our crew put out this morning.
He actually said, we basically have imported criminals to keep the property values down and to not make Austin grow too much, which is the whole green deal is to sabotage, cut our pipelines off, cut our energy off, cut our coal plants off.
So here he is on Joe Rogan this week.
Desirable place to live.
Anything short of that.
The idea that maybe the city shouldn't grow.
I'm sure there must be some resistance about that.
People are like, look, we should keep it exactly the way it is as long as we can.
Don't let more people build.
And if they're going to move here and there's no houses, guess what?
You can't move here.
Or move outside of town.
Or, you know, figure it out.
But don't ruin this thing.
When I ran for re-election, there were lots of people coming up to me, and their one ask was that I would stop the city from growing.
You know, but as I explained to people, there's only one way to really stop a city from growing.
Bring in crime.
Bring in crime.
Make it a desirable place to live.
Anything short of that... I know.
And a desirable place is gonna grow.
So, but that's what he did, so it's very tongue-in-cheek, but... Boy.
Again, brazen.
He doesn't social distance, he flew on private jets, he says your business has to stay shut.
That's like serial killer behavior.
Serial killers ultimately are all driven by ego and they want to get caught eventually because they want the world to see how smart they are.
And you can see with the sociopaths like this guy, when it starts coming down to the end, they start giving up more and more information readily.
Well exactly, Klaus Schwab, let's do five more minutes.
Klaus Schwab wrote a book that came out like one month into COVID that he'd written five years before.
A lot of it was quotes about, we did this to take over and cut the carbon, and you've got too much money, and we need to starve the third world, and we're gonna give you GMO frankenshots.
And I mean, you read this thing, it's like a supervillain just telling you what he's doing.
It's like that really cheesy scene.
Right at the, uh, towards the end of a movie where the villain lays out their entire plan while he has the guy tied up to a chair, then he escapes and stops.
And when I was a kid, I'd watch that and go, if I was a supervillain, I would never do that.
Well, I'm not a supervillain.
I've now lived long enough to actually know criminals will actually sit there and do that.
Yeah, it is.
It is exactly like that.
And the real, the real bane of my existence right now is that there, these are all solvable problems.
It is.
This issue with border security, this, these issues with, with illegal immigration,
We're having big problems right now.
I gotta go to break.
Come back in five more minutes and we've got our next guest coming up and I appreciate you being here.
I want to talk about Obama, the globalist, that was a Freudian slip, that's who runs things, O'Biden, O'Harris, and I want to get into what we can do, how this is illegal, and kind of sum up what we were just talking about straight ahead.
Please don't forget...
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Dan Holloway has been with us the last hour and it's a really important interview.
And so I just want to note for the listeners how big this is.
Folks, you know, I don't just say something's big unless it's really big.
That you identify the company, check the guy, know who it is, are hooked in with the U.S.
intelligence agencies, that you showed the government contracts, you did the backtracking, and this just completes the circuit out of the third world into the U.S.
with children, with people that aren't their parents,
Without knowing their identity, just being disappeared.
I mean, this is just the stuff of X-Files, the stuff of, uh, you guys had the big, uh, you know, child molester hunter on?
Uh, Chris Hansen, yeah, last week.
Yeah, I mean, this is huge!
This is, this is the holy grail of what the Q people said, all of it, hiding in plain view.
It is, I mean, it's very suggestive of that.
I can't say what's happened to the kids after the fact, but I can't imagine it's anything good.
I mean, why would it be?
If people were willing to go this far,
And break these many, this many laws to get these kids here and then disappear them?
What else is happening?
And that's all a crime, but remember the Senate report found tens of thousands of kids placed with smugglers, many of which ended up in sex slavery.
That's a Senate report.
Yep, it is.
And it's, the thing that, there's two things that really just destroy me about this.
One is that the kids are being victimized and that our national sovereignty is being victimized.
The other thing, there's an easy solution to all this immigration stuff.
You know what you can't buy right now is a new truck.
Or PlayStation 5, you know why?
Because China will not release semiconductors to us.
We can't get processing chips.
We put all of our eggs into the Chinese technological basket, which seems like a horrible idea to do, but we did it anyway.
Which is what Trump pointed out.
By the way, the largest lithium reserves in the world are in Chile, a country we have pretty good relations with, and it's just south of here.
So if we were able to... And Biden just said, we're not going to allow any of our companies to do that.
We're going to buy from China.
Right, exactly.
So if we were... How about bending over?
It shows he's fully owned by them.
Of course.
If we were able to create a pipeline for resource materials from Chile up to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, where all these illegal immigrants are coming from, build semiconductor processor plants in those countries, give those people jobs and solar panels, give them jobs and hope, then none of this would even exist.
And that would make their towns so nice, we'd be retiring down there!
None of this is difficult to do.
The stroke of a pen could make all this happen in about five years.
And this would be over.
That's why the Mexican president signed on to Trump, because Trump had that plan.
Exactly, yeah.
He was definitely trying to do it.
Even Mexico is upset with how many people are coming through their borders now.
Why are we not proud of Mexico now saying Trump was actually good and Biden sucks?
Yeah, I mean, people were upset about mean tweets.
I'll tell you, who loves you?
The person that coddles you while you're putting a fork into an electrical socket, or the person that slaps it out of your hand and calls you an idiot?
One's nice, I guess, one's not nice, but the results speak for themselves.
You don't get electrocuted.
When you get the fork slapped out of your hand.
Instead, the globalists are handing the child the fork.
Yeah, and teaching them how to put it in.
I mean, this is unbelievable what's happening here.
And again, to go back to what we were talking about before, people need to start getting involved.
You've got to share this stuff.
You have to talk to people about it, and you have to do it in a way that they're going to receive the information.
You can't insult people and give them information at the same time.
They don't receive it that way.
That's right, and in one minute, how do you quantify this interview?
Because I'm going to go write a headline for this, I'm going to feature it as an interview, so it gets a million views, more of the listeners get excited about it, and we can save children.
Because, I mean, actually sharing this with legislators and Congress and radio hosts and others, we don't even want the credit.
They can all just go do their own report on this, but everybody's got to get on this.
Yeah, that's what's got to happen.
The summation of all this is that because of a runaway illegal immigration situation with catch-release and all this stuff, the worst people you can imagine have decided to prey on the system and set it up so that they could traffic children and that those trafficked children completely disappear and are outside of our realm of responsibility forever.
We can't see them.
We don't get any reports.
The Biden administration won't talk to us about it.
That's where we are right now.
Children are being victimized.
By predators, and they've been allowed to do that by the United States.
And Biden said, as soon as I'm elected, immediately rush the border.
What I would do as president is several more things, because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
I just don't understand other than some kind of victimization what the possible reason for any of this could be.
Listen, you've never seen this clip?
Word for word.
I know it doesn't sound real.
Alright, Dan Holloway, great to have you.
Good job, brother.
Thanks, man.
Thank you very much.
See you soon.
Great job.
Everybody get the information out.
Alright, we'll be right back.
I'm doing the rest of the hour.
Stay with us.
When you are overthrowing a government, the local police are obviously going to be a problem.
After the Bolshevik Revolution, a secret police force was created to purge the public of any political opposition.
After Hitler came to power, the noxification of local police departments took only three years, leaving a fully centralized police force under the control of SS leader Heinrich Himmler by 1936.
In Venezuela, Maduro created a paramilitary force and employs non-state actors to fight against citizen patriots.
It's an obvious priority when you plan on overthrowing a country and eliminating people's constitutional rights, then you have to deal with the police who have sworn an oath to protect those rights.
And we are now witnessing this in America.
In Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler came to power as one of the biggest landowners of Austin and spends most of his time perched above the city in the tallest penthouse, which is fitting.
Adler does not act according to the will of the people, but rather as their king.
When asked by Vice if he regretted ending the camping ban, which has unquestionably brought thousands of dangerous transients from all over the country into the once safe streets of Austin, he proudly admits to forcing his own disruptive agenda upon the people of Austin.
Was it a mistake to lift the ban?
It was absolutely not a mistake to lift the ban.
I think that sometimes you really need disruptive action if you're trying to make change.
He arrogantly goes on to say that if the people vote to reinstate the camping van, which has since happened, that nothing will change.
So I'm concerned about it passing and creating an expectation in some parts of our community that somehow or another these people will at that point disappear, because they won't.
Some of these so-called homeless people are camping outside Austin City Hall, where they openly brag about going to war with the police.
If it's a war they want, it's a war they go to.
BLM supporter and Travis County DA Trudy Strasburger recently posted a job ad looking for a heavy hitter who is looking to prosecute police officers.
Austin City Council has brazenly decided to defund the police by 150 million dollars.
This, along with having the streets filled with desperate transients, has naturally resulted in a sharp increase of violent crimes, robberies, and murders.
Adler even joked with Joe Rogan how he succeeded at slowing Austin's growth by importing crime.
You know, but as I explained to people, there's only one way to really stop a city from growing.
Bring in crime.
Bring in crime.
Make it a desirable place to live.
Order out of chaos.
This is the job of Adler and his radical city council.
Destroy Texas from within.
And it's working.
Our election system has been subverted.
And the population so brainwashed that Texans will likely elect Hollywood movie star Matthew McConaughey to be their next governor.
Proving once and for all that Texas is finished.
If you don't think they can turn Texas into California, just give it a few years.
The enemy's resolve seems to be far greater than our own.
When radical local governments ignore the will of the people, and the people no longer have a vote, then the only hope for survival is to stand up against them.
Will Texas resist the communist takeover?
Freeworldnews.tv is the URL that is the new URL that's not being blocked by Twitter, Facebook, and other criminal operations at this point.
Okay, we've got some bad news.
Yes, there's thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people murdered, mainly women and children, by Mexican cartels every year on the Mexican side of the border because they didn't pay full price to the coyotes.
That's the smugglers.
We talk about coyotes, they think we're talking about the smaller breed of wolf.
No, we're talking about smugglers.
But this is breaking NBC News.
Transit employees among nine dead in shooting at San Jose Rail Yard.
A public transit employee opened fire, so it's going postal, on co-workers at a Northern California rail yard Wednesday, killing more than half a dozen people before taking his own life.
Calls of shots fired at about 6.34am.
On Younger Avenue in downtown San Jose, drawing a large law enforcement response.
This just went on hours ago, but now we have the number that it's nine dead.
This was unfolding as the broadcast began, or a little bit shorter thereafter, but now we know the number, nine dead.
We hope, pray for those that are wounded and for the families of those that have lost loved ones.
But here's the issue.
We've got 200,000 dead in Mexico in the last decade from the fake drug war.
They have a total gun ban there.
If you talk about everybody killed in mass shootings in the last 20 years, it's not even 3,000 people.
On average, you've got about 65 children a year shot in schools.
Most of it's gang-related.
It's still too much.
You've got a couple hundred people, on average about 245.
I've had Professor Lott, one of the top statisticians in the world, on about this.
You can look it up yourself.
But below 300 people killed in mass shootings every year.
What you would call a senseless mass shooting.
Chicago has over 2,000 shootings, though, that are gang-on-gang.
That's the bottom line.
And there's the headline, L.A.
There's only one gun store in all of Mexico, so why is gun violence soaring?
Because people know that there's no way to protect themselves.
The law is a fraud, so it becomes totally lawless.
The social contract has been broken.
And so, the statistics are clear.
Shootings and mass shootings peaked in about 1989.
They began to drop in 1993.
They dropped to all-time lows
Until 2015 or so.
And since then, they have been steadily rising.
But if you look at the graph, it's still way lower.
The shootings overall dropped by half from 1992 until 2015 or so.
There's a lot of reasons this happened, but the media hyping up mass shootings is what psychologists and others believe is causing it because
It's always an in-cell person that hates girls that does it in schools, always.
Or it's a smaller number, gang-related, and they'll just call it a mass shooting, but it's like, you know, one guy shoots five gang members.
Still not good, but it's at least drug-related.
You know, they're men fighting men.
They're just in school, but acting like adults, acting like criminals.
And then you've got, on top of that,
All the suicides and the rest of it, and there are a lot of deaths, over 10,000 a year, using guns for suicide.
But if you add it all together, guns are used way more often in defense of life than they're used to take life.
But you have the incels that are out killing people, guys that are mad at girls because the girls don't like them because they're creepy, and we're never taught any type of basic confidence, and no rites of passage, and then you've got the other
Big one that is workplace shootings going postal.
And so incel and workplace going postal is the main thing that's happening here.
And it is evil in society, it is corruption, and it is people who are mad at somebody
And so they decide to go take those people's lives and then kill themselves.
It's similar to suicide by cop, where somebody pulls a gun on the cops so the cop shoots them.
But it's much worse than that.
You're not just endangering a police officer's life and getting yourself killed by them because you're too cowardly to do it.
Now you're going and killing a bunch of innocent people.
Is this who they're saying the shooter is?
Or what is this?
Pardon me?
That's the Virginia Tech shooter, that's what I thought, yeah.
So this just goes on and on and on.
Radio listeners have to remember that I am doing a TV show at the same time, so sometimes you'll hear me ask, what is this, what is that, and that's because we're also on television.
We've got a special guest in studio with us who told us her story a few months ago.
We looked into it, and we said if you're ever in Austin, you ought to pop by our studios and tell it.
She's an award-winning reporter, and if you want to know what's been going on in local TV news and the type of political correctness and brainwashing going on, if you want to know about it, you're about to find out straight ahead with Christy Lee.
Stay with us.
Well, we just had Dan Holloway.
He used to be in Army Special Forces and a lot of really secretive areas.
His job was to hunt down terrorists.
Well, he went and hunted down who is completing the smuggling of the children into the U.S.
and had their information ran and found out who they were.
Just himself.
We just exposed it here.
That was major.
We've got kind of another whistleblower in studio with us.
We heard about her story and talked to her months ago.
So if you're ever in town with your family or a fiance, you know, please, please come on air.
And well, she's here, Christy Lee, ChristyLeeTV.com.
She's an award-winning TV journalist, NME nominated, a multiple first place award from Associated Press, Best Anchor and Best Enterprise Reporting, an Outstanding Broadcasting Student Award back when she was in school many years ago.
I'm going to go over her long bio.
But the experiences that she's had, the way media has changed just the last few years, and even what she's been told, I don't know if you want to go that far because of the evil color of your skin, but I mean, just to get an idea of the revolution of the military, law enforcement, media, it is intense, it's corporate driven, and it's an endgame.
And it's not to empower brown people, it's not to empower women, it's to empower somebody else.
So Christy, it's great to have you here with us.
Great to be here.
Thank you.
Well, you've got the floor.
I'll run off because I've talked to you a lot and you know off air.
I want people to hear your story.
It's pretty amazing.
Well, obviously it's taken me a long time to get to this point to want to share my story because when you build a career that you love and are passionate about and have done for so long to get to a point where you need to almost like feel like a rebel for standing up for journalistic integrity, it's difficult to get to that point where you feel comfortable doing it knowing
I mean, I'm appropriately wearing red because I know that after I do this, I'm going to have a big target on my back, you know, from other journalists just for calling out what I've observed.
So, it really was over the past year that I mostly came to this realization that journalism had changed dramatically.
And you're breaking your silence now.
I should have pointed out.
This is my first time totally breaking the silence, yes.
Okay, so over the past year definitely different than what I learned in school and it's just astonishing and shocking really that it's gotten to this point.
Go ahead.
I've been a main evening news anchor for about, well nearly 10 years now.
Went to school and learned one form of journalism and then really this past year it was something different that was unrecognizable to me.
When I was in school, I learned we deliver information.
We tell the story from our sources.
We don't take a position.
We don't take authority of information.
We're just the messenger.
We're just supposed to be the messenger.
Well, that was not the case this past year.
I was arguing with former colleagues.
Really, the turning point for me was what happened with the frontline doctors.
I was so shocked that there was this censorship and that these former colleagues that I worked with were cheering it on.
I'm like, guys,
The breaking point was covering up what doctors are really saying.
That was the last straw.
Just like these Facebook whistleblowers are high level.
They've given the documents to Project Veritas where they're told it's the truthful stuff we want stopped of doctors.
We don't care if it's true.
You cover it up.
I mean, this is criminal.
It's crazy, and it goes against, I believe, the tenets of journalism, which is to deliver the message.
So here we were, cheering on delivering one side and not the other.
I mean, they were doctors, they were having success with their patients.
Journalists are supposed to be storytellers.
So start at the beginning, this is amazing.
So your breaking point, and then we'll go back into the stuff that led to that, but the breaking point, the medical information.
That was the breaking point for me, especially with my personal doctor in California.
When I had a personal Zoom appointment with him, I just asked him frankly, you know, like, well, how have you been approaching COVID-19?
And he's like, oh, hydroxychloroquine.
And I was like, wow, and you're not getting pushback from that, you know?
And he's like, no, I've used it for so long and for different things, you know, and
My patients are better the next day and so this is my own personal experience with my own personal doctor who is saying that he was using it and so the fact that it was being just shut down and doctors were not allowed to talk about it and then you see months later the redemption of the fact that the Lancet article, the New England Journal of Medicine all had to do retractions.
The Facebook Oversight Board Committee had to do a retraction on this drug that
Other journalists were cheering on like, no, that's misinformation, you know, and so that is what's frustrating is we're not supposed to be taking a position.
Well, how about we just deliver what these doctors are saying?
Some of our doctors disagree, period.
He wasn't the only one.
The majority, we probably had 50 of them on.
I mean, the heads of hospitals are like, this is 100% or inhalable steroids, 100% within an hour is better.
And they told him, don't inhibate them.
It kills them with COVID.
So they inhibate.
And I mean, this is evil.
And so I guess what I also find relatable is the fact that these doctors, some are just too afraid to speak.
I've been afraid to speak up too much because I'm throwing away, essentially, a career that I've been passionate about and worked so hard to get to this point.
Well, let's talk about your courage.
This is true.
Before you came on today, it was your idea.
You said, you know, I'm taking the plunge here.
They'll never hire me in the system again.
But you said, I want to do it.
Let's do it.
I didn't push you to do it, but doesn't it feel good to be getting this out now?
I mean, it feels good to be honest.
I'm just telling my story.
I'm being authentic, which I think is what you want from a journalist, is someone that's being authentic, someone that's being honest.
They tried to suppress you with a medical doctor who was your doctor, telling people he had a great response with hydroxychloroquine, and they were trying to hide a therapeutic so they could do an unauthorized experimental drug called a vaccine.
They couldn't say there were any real therapeutics, or they couldn't get emergency authorization.
This is big pharma rapings.
Well, over the past year, aside from that, in general, my co-anchor and I were like-minded in the sense of just journalistic integrity.
We were working overtime to just take out all of these adjectives.
There were so many adjectives.
For example, one case was, and these are stories that would come down from national news.
Being from local news, I think that's your best shot at getting some fair, honest, and local reporting, but we do still get
But they were giving you evidence he was false.
Well, just beyond that, the proper way to do this would have been, President Trump says there was election interference.
Democrats and election officials disagree and say there was none.
There's a controversy.
That would be reporting.
That would be the appropriate journalism I was taught.
We were told in school, avoid using the word claims.
Or refutes or things like that.
They're like, say says as much as you need to because says doesn't have any undertone.
Well, not this past year.
Everything was claimed.
So you were trained to not have bias and just report there's a controversy.
He's challenging.
They say he's wrong.
That's real reporting.
But instead, it was he's full of crap.
You've now been turned into an engine that's just supposed to repeat what you're told.
Right, and so I was just feeling very uncomfortable.
There was obviously so much division, so much hardship that everyone felt over the past year, and I was feeling complicit in it.
And obviously don't want to feel like that.
I don't want to feel like a propaganda puppet.
If you study what propaganda is, it's easy to spot.
And so I want to empower, now my hope is to empower audiences to spot propaganda.
Know what real journalism is supposed to be so that when you see the fake stuff, you'll be able to spot it and know that you're being gaslit or you're getting propaganda.
Well, I'm just excited to know that you were telling me you're about to start your own podcast that launched a bunch of stuff, and I just can't wait to see what you're going to do, because you're smart, you're dynamic, and we need more people that have been in mainstream media now that it's gone completely corrupt to, I just say, start your own thing.
I mean, I predict it's going to get big.
Well, thank you for that vote of confidence, but more than that, I'm going to feel better about it.
We've got to go to break.
I want to come back and talk about the other colleagues cheering on the censorship when we come back.
If you're receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
We've got Christy Lee here, ChristyLeeTV.com, and this is her whistleblowing about experiencing working in the Midwest, working in California, other areas, just a change in journalism.
We know the national pundits like Chris Matthews back in the time, and then would have their views, or Rachel Maddow,
Tucker Carlson was always honest about that.
Now it's all just the local news is the most anti-American, anti-family, anti-gun, pro-abortion, on and on and on.
And so you're spilling your guts here.
It's very interesting.
Get into what you were telling me about the colleagues sharing the censorship of the truth about treatments for COVID-19 and then just all those other amazing stories of what was happening behind the scenes and then how the left was bullying people.
I was just shocked, really.
That was the turning point for me when I spoke out against, like, wait, why are these doctors being censored?
Why are they being taken off of Facebook?
Why are they being mocked by what are supposed to be impartial journalists just delivering information?
I think that's the key here, is that we now have a new definition of journalism, that some of
My colleagues are following.
It's this position of authority that we get to be the gateway to truth and we get to define it for you, our audience.
Well that's not the journalism that I learned.
The journalism I learned is that we're just simply delivering information.
We're supposed to be doing it from both sides and we're not the gateway of truth.
We respect our audience enough to let them decide what the truth is.
So that is the frustrating thing that
Was for me over this past year is just dealing with especially this new crop of journalists that just have a different definition of what it's supposed to be.
They call it advocacy journalism, which really just means activism journalism.
And it's we're not supposed to be taking a position if you're supposed to be being a true journalist.
Respect your audience.
Give them all the information.
Let them evaluate the information and decide the truth for themselves.
What's funny is actually there's a quote from 2014.
It says, we have to uphold a free press and a freedom of speech because in the end lies and misinformation are no match for the truth.
Who do you think said that?
Barack Obama said that.
Do you think that he would still feel that way?
No, and what he meant was, we're in charge, we're in control, we dominate, so he was calling his lies the truth.
Claiming he supported journalism, when in truth he waged war on journalists more than any president since Lincoln.
Absolutely, and that's the thing is like, President Trump, I know that he is not liked by a lot of journalists because he has perpetuated this concept of fake news and been insulting, but when you really, truly look at the presidents and what they've done, Barack Obama was the one that truly attacked it with the Espionage Act and everything like that.
But when you read a quote like that, when you have that tail end of that quote saying misinformation and lies are no match for the truth, well then,
I take it to mean, well then you allow different points of view out there, and if the misinformation and lies are no match for the truth, then it won't be.
But when you try and censor information in the interest of calling it misinformation, well then you only perpetuate the questioning of, you know, well why is this being censored?
Tell us some of those stories you told me, because they're amazing.
Well, I mean, for one, I thankfully worked with a like-minded co-anchor as far as just wanting to do journalism with integrity, to take out all the unnecessary adjectives, to deliver both sides, to not have selective sources, but all sources.
And we almost were working overtime as these stories came down from National with
All of these adjectives thrown in, a position taken, and we were just trying to neutralize it.
Not take a position, but neutralize it.
And day-to-day, as an evening news team, you would expect to do, we would just be talking about the latest developments, particularly in the Trump lawsuits, etc.
And we would just be on a day-to-day updating.
And apparently, you know, someone had reported the evening news team for talking too much about politics in the newsroom.
And we were just shocked.
It's like, I'm reporting you for swimming in the swimming pool.
I'm like, we simply can't not talk about politics in the newsroom or anything.
Well, that shows the left.
They want to silence everybody and then don't their bullies.
So, as far as where I'm at, I had been wrestling with this.
I had not been feeling comfortable.
It had just changed so shockingly and dramatically over the past year, along with everything else going on.
And I'd been praying to God, like, I don't know what to do.
I love what I do.
I'm passionate about journalism and telling people's stories, but this just doesn't feel right anymore.
And God answered me in the most interesting and unlikely way.
I got laid off after just a year.
I got a call and they said we're laying off hundreds of people across the country because of the pandemic and you're one of them.
Made sense.
I had only been in California one year at that point, so I was the newest hire and being an evening anchor, I'm assuming one of the higher paid.
So nothing I took personally, but God made that decision for me.
I've been at that crossroads and soul searching for the past couple months and I've just decided I can't do journalism like that anymore.
I have to do it in a way that I can feel good about and have honesty and integrity and the former foundational definition of journalism.
Well, your story is amazing and I've read over your notes.
You told me some of the other stories.
Let's get back to them celebrating censorship.
You were saying celebrating the blocking of admitted cures for COVID-19.
Miraculous stuff.
They failed suppressing it, but you witnessed it when they were trying to do this.
Yeah, like I said, it was just very shocking and appalling to me.
I was just shocked that there were journalists that I'd worked with in the past that were cheering the censorship on.
I'm like, we're journalists.
We're for the First Amendment.
We're for freedom of the press.
How can any...
True journalists be cheering this on.
And what I think that we've seen is, for me, that was the turning point with the frontline doctors.
But we're seeing it more and more.
The frontline doctor situation ends up being validated that that should never have been censored because the Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, the Facebook Oversight Board, they all had to retract and overturn.
Just like they're having to retract that we were all wrong about the Wuhan laboratory.
So we're just seeing more evidence of they have
People are having to eat humble pie because they took a position.
You shouldn't have taken a position.
You should have said, you could have said the majority of doctors are not.
But that wasn't even true.
The majority, I mean, that's the thing is big techs merged with big pharma and they got a directive and they said only the UN can say what you can do.
Literally the UN was put in charge of what doctors can say on Facebook.
Well, I think that it also is a theme that I noticed this year, is just the gross generalizations.
You know, suddenly I was reading from a teleprompter, experts say, doctors say, health advisors say.
Who are these health advisors?
That's very newsworthy, by the way.
Were you calling your doctor just to get background research or maybe get him on there?
Like, here's my doctor.
I trust him.
Here's what he says.
I mean, that sounds like really good journalism is on the ground.
But the thing is, since they've demonized it so much, even if I had asked my doctor who was using it and finding success...
What doctor's going to want to go on and admit what they're doing anymore?
Sure, well, you're a journalist because you just go off what you see and then what's currently happening instead of punditry or analysis.
But I think punditry analysis is great if you back it up.
Don't just say, experts say.
I'd say, here's the former chief scientist at Pfizer.
He put out a giant report, an emergency filing to the EU with the top scientists in the EU advisory board warning of these unproven genetic therapies.
And then I go, here's the document, it's posted here.
People say, oh, Jones is, you know, fake news.
I mean, I'm just showing you what top scientists said.
But see, they'll just say, oh, experts say it's all fine, no problem.
Well, actually, the experts aren't saying that.
Well, there's a word for that.
It's called attribution, which used to be a tenet of journalism, naming your sources, being specific about it.
But instead, all of a sudden, we have these gross generalizations.
Experts say, health advisors say.
Well, that's where I've gotten in trouble, because I've done a few things over the years that weren't accurate.
And I was a pundit, but I was still held to the highest journalistic standards, where I covered what somebody else was saying, and the media cuts it down and says that I was officially saying that.
But still, I've learned to be very clear about what I'm saying.
There's nothing wrong with being very specific about who your sources are, what the documents are, but now that we're having this new age of journalism, it's just suddenly fine to just have these... Well, exactly.
The left now says, oh, we're not going to show you any of our proof.
They never have attribution hardly in articles now.
We do that.
And so that's what you gotta look for.
Who's giving you attribution?
Who's giving you sources and who isn't?
I feel like what I'm seeing is more of an arrogant approach to journalism, where they feel like they can have idealism over impartiality.
I mean, that's the pushback I get when I try and have... All right, Chrissy Lee, stay there.
I'm just blown away by your story, and there's so much more to cover.
Final segment, and then the war room with the one and only Owen Schroer, 3 to 6 p.m.
right here on the vaunted, dreaded InfoWars Network.
Christy Lee is our guest.
She is a whistleblowing reporter, works in the Midwest, worked in California and won a lot of awards, AP, you name it.
And she just saw the total transformation to regurgitating propaganda over and over and over again.
Where do you expect all this to go now?
Because it hasn't helped the mainstream media.
It's actually made their ratings go down even more.
I mean, the propaganda before was a little more camouflaged.
I think the overtness is going to backfire because I've never camouflaged that we're promoting freedom in America and everything.
We make mistakes sometimes, but we mean well.
We've changed history.
These guys try to act like they don't have an agenda when they do have an agenda.
Well, I mean, that's why I'm taking the leap of faith that I am, knowing that it's not going to make me too many friends, necessarily, and could take me in a totally different direction.
But I think that I've just thought about this long enough to see the writing on the wall.
It's just so glaringly obvious that there's journalists that are taking hard positions not providing sources or selective sources and so I just I see the future of news of TV news essentially
Just dying and I kind of I'm at the point where I'm like, well, I know I'm taking a huge risk here, but I'm going to get out now because I think that ship is sinking if something big doesn't change.
What else do you want to impart to the audience about what's going on in these newsrooms?
Because the system knows that national news isn't trusted anymore.
So people do trust local news workers.
They still think, oh, that's my local news.
They don't know more and more of these packages are sent down that you just read off a teleprompter and put it to the video.
So it's their words in your mouth.
Well that's what I hope that I can, the part I can play is taking viewers behind the curtain a little bit and understanding how news functions.
Local news I will still defend as your best shot at getting true honest journalism because
These people live in the community and but the thing is, is for local news, you still get your packages and sources that you run and like the national news blocks or with the company or corporation that owns the local news station.
Again, what I'm hoping to do is take people behind the curtain, also to identify a journalist you can trust against this new wave of journalism, which, like I said before, I was getting pushback when I would have these debates of calling out, like, hey, we're supposed to be for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.
And when I would get the pushback, I would say,
Well, basically, the pushback would be, well, but what about morals and these are my ideals?
And it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter what we think.
You can't have idealism over integrity and impartiality in journalism.
And that's what we're seeing.
And that's how they're able to create all these montages where it'll show 20 different, 30 different newscasts all saying the exact same thing at the exact same time, like it's the board.
And the thing is, if you're a good anchor, then you will change like your anchor intro or your anchor tag.
You have control over that.
And that's what I was doing this past year is I was changing at least my introduction or my tag to these stories to try and find and list the sources or take out these extra adjectives and just neutralize it.
And then maybe you weren't let go just because of COVID.
Maybe you were let go because you weren't telling the line.
I don't think that that's the case.
I honestly don't.
But, I mean, either way, I'm here.
It's, I think, where God wanted me to be.
I couldn't be in that situation anymore feeling a part of the division and anger that everybody and unrest and confusion that everyone was feeling over this past year.
I didn't want to feel complicit in that anymore.
Talking about colleagues that have been drinking the Kool-Aid of the wokeness, what is their mindset?
Are they getting more extreme?
Because it seems like when you see leftist pundits and leftists online, they seem to be just getting crazier and crazier.
I absolutely think that.
I mean, I had strong relationships.
Thought why I was on the same page with people I've worked with in the past and some of them I still am.
I don't want to say it's like I'm against everyone, but the ones that have taken this more position of what I call arrogant journalism.
I mean, there's so all in on it.
You know, I'm willing to say it doesn't matter what I think.
As a journalist.
How many other journalists are willing to say, it doesn't matter what I think.
That's how it should be.
You're just supposed to be the person delivering the message.
But they feel like they can take some moral high ground or have idealism lead what they're saying.
And so then they've taken the position of authority.
But really they're just spewing corporate propaganda.
I mean, the left acts like they're so woke.
They're the mouthpiece for Apple that runs the worst death camps.
Literally, their factories that they get components from have the Uyghurs in concentration camps.
And you tell the left that, they just laugh at you.
They don't care.
But then they'll tell you they have the moral high ground, though.
Absolutely, but I think it comes down to respect.
We're journalists, we as journalists are supposed to work for the people and for the community and be transparent and respect our audience.
But have you thought though, I mean, when you say you're going to probably do a podcast or a new show, about being a reporter some of the time, but also being a pundit and giving your opinion?
Because that's, I mean, that's what it all is anyways now.
Instead of hiding it like they do, just absolutely just come out with your own views.
I will say that God's in the driver's seat and I'm just pushing the pedal.
So I don't know where he's going to steer me directly.
The purpose I feel right now is exposing that news is threatening to become propaganda or is already.
I don't want to be a propaganda puppet.
I want to deconstruct news.
I want to teach people to identify true news as opposed to propaganda.
That's beautiful.
And what you're saying is so true.
If we all have integrity and don't support systems that lie to us and speak the truth and tell the truth, we'll build our own ecosystems like America was to a great extent, never perfect.
It's when we all sell out and conform, then we think we're getting money to be part of the system and we're just compromising.
You can't compromise because they never compromise with us.
It's more, more, more, more, and then it destroys society.
And as a journalist, I love words, right?
And I think that we're also in a society standard right now where when we're having the intense arguments with each other and disagreeing, it's because we have different definitions of words.
I think that from now on, when we have these discussions, you almost have to define the word before you can have the discussion.
But that's what I want to do.
I want to encourage discourse, discussion, definitely not censorship and shutting ideas down.
Here's a great report I think you ought to do once you start your show.
This is a screenshot from before April 2020 and the whole COVID global government takeover.
Look at this.
Here's after April 2020.
This is officially from Webster Dictionary Online with the whole audio player everything.
And it says, definition of vaccine, a preparation of killed microorganisms, living attenuated organisms or living fully virulent organisms that is administered to produce an artificially increased immunity to a particular disease.
That is learned immunity.
That is vaccines for 500 years, going back to smallpox and the toothpick, you know, putting some of the cow pus into your arm so that when you get it later, you don't die.
Here it is.
After a preparation that is administered as by injection to stimulate the body's immune response against a specific infectious disease.
And that could be anything, because it's gene editing.
An allergic preparation or a typically inactivated or attenuated, see attenuated since two, pathogenic agent such as bacterium or virus or one of its components or products such as a protein or toxin.
A preparation of genetic material such as a strain of synthesized messenger.
I mean it's it's so this is not what you always do as a vaccine now they're just playing word games and that's important.
It is important and I think that there's many other examples of that and I think when they change the definition of words it's also to handicap us from having the argument like wait we know that's not what it means anymore you know so then we can't have a true honest argument because we have two different definitions of words.
Well that's right, we now have the new head of the ATF about to be confirmed saying he calls all semi-automatic assault rifles so he wants a band.
And that's all how they define things.
It's happening with many other words and other topics.
Well, listen, I'm really glad that when we, you know, while we're talking to you and you were telling us the story off record that you came on air, I didn't even know that when you came to visit us, you were going to do that.
So I'm glad that spontaneously you've done this and I hope you feel good about it.
I hope people appreciate what you've done because so many other people live in fear, but what you've done, it will help others break out of fear.
And you've seen all these Facebook insiders and others coming out of, they've been told a lie.
And told to go along with this and quote hide the truth.
And so I think that's gonna be the system's real problem is when doctors and real journalists and others just say this has gone too far.
Well, I was raised with my father saying, feel the fear and do it anyway.
So today I've felt the fear, I did it anyway, and I stand on God's truth that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-discipline.
Absolutely, a victory.
All right, well, Christy Lee, L-E-I-G-H, ChristyLeeTV.com, same on Twitter and YouTube, if they don't take that down because you dare tell people what's happening behind the curtain.
Great to have you.
Visit us.
All right, very, very exciting.
Well, that's it for this transmission.
Owen Schroyer, in two minutes, on the feeds, the satellites, hopefully your local radio stations, TV stations, is coming up with The War Room.
He's got a lot to cover today, highlights of last night's debate with Robert Barnes, Mick Fuentes, and more, a lot more on The War Room coming up.
Great job to the crew and all our great listeners.
I'll see you back, Lord willing, tomorrow, 11 a.m.
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That is truly another gift from God.