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Name: 20210525_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 25, 2021
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In this passage, Alex Jones discusses theories about COVID-19's origin, particularly the Wuhan lab leak theory. He criticizes those who argue against it and questions why Democrats don't want to investigate further. Jones also talks about InfoWars success in exposing globalist agendas, store specials, border crises, media misreporting, critics of vaccine passports, and a cancer crisis caused by stay-at-home orders.

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Endless red tape to keep the truth confined.
Tuesday live feed.
Globalists, ladies and gentlemen, have now begun forced segregation of vaxxed and non-vaxxed.
And they have begun giving children inoculations without parental consent all over the Western world.
This all is completely illegal, completely outrageous, and if it was a liquor, it'd be 200 proof.
That means solid alcohol, solid poison.
This isn't Oklahoma Bible Belt 2% beer.
This is 200 proof, baby.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Samples from the dying miners were sent to China's highest security biolab, 1500 kilometers to the north, to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
They had tests that they sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which tested positive for a coronavirus.
And samples of the bat coronavirus taken from the feces in the mine were also taken to the Wuhan lab.
Comparison tests would later reveal it was a 96% match to COVID-19.
The very simple data elements on the ground all point to the likelihood that this virus came from a lab.
Someone will say, well, maybe somebody took it from the wild, put it in the lab, and then it escaped from the lab.
But that means it was in the wild to begin with.
So that's why I don't get what they're talking about.
If it isn't manipulated in the lab, and you're trying to say it escaped from the lab, then how did it get in the lab?
It got in the lab because somebody isolated it from the environment.
Government defenders of gain of function, such as yourself, Say that COVID-19 mutations were random and not designed by man.
But interestingly, the technique that Dr. Barak developed forces mutations by serial passage through cell culture that the mutations appear to be natural.
We have not funded gain-of-function research on this virus.
In the Wuhan Institute of Virology, no matter how many times you say it, it doesn't happen.
There was research done with Dr. Xi and Dr. Barak.
They have collaborated on gain-of-function research, where they enhanced the SARS virus to infect human airway cells, and they did it by merging a new spike protein on it.
That is gain-of-function.
That was joint research between the Wuhan Institute and Dr. Barak.
You can't deny it.
A year ago, they had Time Magazine, Newsweek articles, Snopes articles, NewsGuard articles, the company that Bill Gates owns, saying that I'm debunked and my guests are debunked, and that there was never any connection to the Wuhan lab, origin, or that the virus was manufactured, even though top scientists 16 months ago scanned it and said it's five different viruses.
Well, now they're having to admit it's man-made, and Fauci now says, looks like it may have come from a lab in China.
I think that we should continue to investigate What went on in China until we find out, to the best of our ability, exactly what happened?
Oh, but who ran the program to weaponize COVID virus?
It was Fauci, and that's come out in Congress last week.
Wuhan origin for the virus is a no-brainer.
Wuhan is home to China's leading center for coronavirus research.
Researchers were genetically engineering bat coronaviruses to attack human cells.
They were doing so under minimal safety conditions.
If the virus, with an uninspected infectiousness, had been generated there, its escape would be no surprise.
Journalists want to know.
Secretary of State wants to know.
Secretary of Health and Human Services want to know.
Journalists want to know.
Republicans want to know.
Americans want to know.
Why don't Democrats in Congress want to know where this thing started?
But everybody's having a field day with USA Today fact-checkers and Snopes fact-checkers saying Jones is full of it a year ago and Senator Rand Paul's full of it.
Why there's no connection to Wuhan.
Why, because, why, we sent a fact-checking team to Wuhan that spent three hours there, and it was run by the people that ran the Wuhan operation.
And David, of course, made it out of Wuhan a year ago, just before the lockdown, joining us tonight from Shanghai.
David, what have you learned?
And it was after the Huanan seafood market, the original ground zero, or at least believed to have been the ground zero by Chinese authorities, had to close down.
And that was wiping it clean.
And they were doing so, according to Chinese authorities, so as to stop it from spreading.
But in doing that, you're also destroying evidence from a scientific perspective.
But even if there is unfettered access, etc., etc., and the months that will be required to undertake this kind of examination does take place, at the end of the day, the WHO is owned and operated by the sovereign states of the United Nations, one of which is China, and a very important one at that.
And so, where I get concerned is that the word independent is simply not really accurate.
This is not an independent organization, nor an independent investigation.
They've concluded that it's most likely that the virus came through transmission from bats to human via another animal.
And very unlikely, it came from a Wuhan lab.
So you don't know something's real until mainstream media has debunked it.
As soon as you see that, you know you should look more into it.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is May 25th on this Live Tuesday, worldwide transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones and we are fighting back against the global tyrants and we can simply get the population of this planet to speak up and say no we're going to win.
I forget how much influence this broadcast has had over the years and just how many people we've touched thanks to your support and your word of mouth.
Just this morning I was working out and one of the people I was talking to in the gym He said, oh yeah, who is this group?
I like this song.
And I go, that's Matt Bellamy of Muse, and the song is Uprising.
He said, man, those lyrics, it sounds like it's your show.
And I said, well, it is my show.
I directly inspired that entire album and that song.
And the guy said, really?
And I said, oh yeah, here.
And I just typed in Alex Jones, Matt Bellamy.
And I said, here, here he is saying I helped create that song.
And the person was blown away.
Like one time I was at the gym, and I was, I really like Mike Judge, he's great, and I said, yeah, he's a good friend of mine.
Actually, I inspired the original King of the Hill.
The person thought I was crazy, and I was at an actual public gym, and I said, here, here's Mike Judge saying it.
The person was completely blown away.
But you see, that wasn't about me bragging.
It was about understanding the power of the individual, because I was on AXS TV in 95 and 96 when Mike Judge was coming up with King of the Hill, and I didn't meet him for many, many years later, and had no idea until he told me, we were at dinner once, that I helped inspire King of the Hill, and then I was at his house!
He brought me in a room and said, here's the VHS tape that you're on, where I got the idea for Dale Gribble, and you're also a composite of some of the other people, and he put the tape in, and it was me!
They said the three Dales on the tape.
He later gave an interview and said that.
That isn't about me saying, oh look, I'm powerful.
I was on AXS TV and influenced one of the most popular TV shows in world history.
That's what you can do when you're on AXS TV or on a YouTube channel or on a Facebook video you put out.
Whether it gets 1,000 views, 100 views, or 10 million views, it's the action of you saying no and standing up and speaking out that is going to change the world.
And so all the time I see something or I hear something and I forget how we directly influenced it.
I got told by some of the writers and one of the editors on the first Captain America that came out that I thought was pretty good actually, or maybe it was the second one, the whole Winter Soldier one, where the government's using AI to take over and false flags to basically set up the good guys.
Later learned that my show was the big influence on that.
Chris Carter with the new X-Files launch said the new series was basically Influenced heavily by Alex Jones.
He said that in variety.
I could go on for the next four hours telling you how I influenced that, how I influenced this.
And it's not about how great I am, it's how powerful individualism is.
Did you know I influenced the big Marvel comic Endgame?
With galactic extermination and the idea of that plot from my film Endgame.
And I could go on and on and on for hours, but I'm only saying that because I listened last night to about two hours of yesterday's show after my wife and youngest daughter had gone to bed, and my older daughter, I guess, is upstairs watching TV.
I got in bed and I listened to part of yesterday's show, and it was damn depressing.
There I was reading mainstream news articles, how they've put chemicals in the food and water to sterilize you, and by 2045, 2047, everyone will be sterilized.
And that was a scary thing.
But the good news is, we're on air exposing it all.
We're on air talking about it all.
And we've had an effect before, and we're going to have an effect again, and we're not caught flat-footed.
And everybody's talking about arresting Fauci and Bill Gates right now, and how they purposely released this.
And the Chinese are bragging they did it to help shut down the West.
And so as bad as all this news and information is, the good news is Infowars is on the air.
And Tucker Carlson is on the air.
And I'm not trying to get Tucker in trouble.
Tucker doesn't mind, obviously, if I say this, but again, Media Matters will write a big article about it.
Tucker's fine with that, but I helped wake up Tucker Carlson.
None of this is a secret.
Who are you waking up?
And the answer is the world.
You did this.
This audience of activists deserves as much credit as I do.
Probably more, because I know your friends, your family, your neighbors have ridiculed you for what you've done, but you knew you were doing the right thing.
So again, as dark as things are and as scary as things are, evil always launches its attack.
It always looks like it's winning for a while until people wake up and stand up, and then we turn the tide.
And the question is, how bad is it gonna get before that actually happens?
Now, that said, let me tell you what's coming up today.
I was sitting there right before I went live thinking, how in the world do I describe this?
And it's a full assault. Like I had said, they may release a simulant bioweapon that still kills
some people but it's not that deadly, then bring in global lockdowns, lock us down for a decade,
test that out, and then wipe everybody else out after that.
That's what I saw from their propaganda and their preparations. But now they're so far
behind, they're not going to wait.
They're going to release something new.
I'd say six months, a year.
Hell, maybe they've already released it because they're in so much trouble.
And they admit the global lockdown is to stop populism, stop nationalism, stop anti-globalism.
Klaus Schwab says it.
John Kerry says it.
I mean, they're all running their big, fat, evil mouths in The Atlantic and The New York Times.
They are preying on you and your family.
It's all out in the open.
These are just monstrous creatures.
They've announced new gas taxes.
They've announced no mining allowed in the U.S.
for rare earth minerals.
We must buy them all from China for all the new electric cars.
You understand?
They have their foot on our neck.
They have their boot on our neck.
And all of it is to destroy us.
We're being conquered.
This is modern warfare.
And the minute you wake up to that and others do, is the minute it all stops.
Because it's all illegitimate, it's all illegal, it's all criminal.
And you realize the Chinese communist and a few mega banks bought off almost all the Democratic
Party and some of the Republican Party, in many cases for 10, 20 million, for a vice president,
for a congressman, maybe a million bucks, and they own them for life.
Because they can destroy them anytime they want, because they snap their fingers, the Chinese snap their fingers, and CNN will expose what senator took Chinese money, what congressman took Russian money, and then they can send those people to jail, because the FBI selectively enforces.
Then you've got the top brass of the FBI on the Chinese payroll, And on other dictatorships, payroll, and then even the director of the FBI gives a hundred grand to Biden when his vice president says, I want to get more business deals with you.
I mean, that's a direct bribe.
And see, they think they're invincible, but they know you still got guns and they know you still got speech.
And so they want to really bankrupt you and get you fully under control of the universal basic income.
And they want to poison you and give you a debilitating disease so they can control you.
You are under assault, so...
That's the takeaway here, is that this is the big assault.
It's only going to get worse from here.
I don't know how long I'll even be on the air, but that's okay.
We've got an important mission to continue, but I've had a big weight taken off of me because I operate in information and research and history, but I have a spiritual algorithm that lets me know that I've already, to a certain extent, completed my main mission.
Everything else is gravy from this point on, and now it's going to be up to you and everybody else how far you let them go.
But I've already delivered my payload.
And so I'm at peace with God.
But let me tell you, you're going to end up fighting them, folks.
The question is how long and how bad are you going to be and how bad a position you're going to be before you finally realize everything is this.
This is the takeover.
This is the end of the world as you know it.
They are coming to literally kill you and your family.
We'll be right back.
Endless red tape to keep the truth confined.
Tuesday live feed.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Have now begun forced segregation of vaxxed and non-vaxxed.
And they have begun giving children inoculations without parental consent all over the Western world.
This all is completely illegal, completely outrageous, and if it was a liquor, it'd be 200 proof.
That means solid alcohol, solid poison.
The Sid and Oklahoma Bible Belt 2% beer.
This is 200 proof, baby.
There it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Let me just read you these headlines, and I have the video of all this.
Canada Pop-Up Clinic offers kids free ice cream to get COVID vaccines.
No parental permission required.
Parents go and try to stop the children.
Police don't let them.
Totally illegal.
Just unbelievable under Canadian law, U.S.
law, world law, plus it's experimental.
Holy mackerel!
But that's the Holy Grail in Europe and the U.S.
and Canada.
They're passing laws, California already did, where 12-year-olds, 11-year-olds can have abortions without their parents knowing and get vaccines.
And people can give you HIV and not get in trouble, knowingly.
A real virus.
Canada Pop-Up Clinic offers kids free ice cream to get COVID vaccine.
No parental permission required.
We have footage, told you about this yesterday, but now we have the footage.
It happened.
Now we have the footage, the parents are screaming behind a police line.
So they're shutting down churches, having hundreds of police guard one church alone with black fencing up so you can't see the evil church.
So the pornography's on TV during the family hour, but the churches are behind black tarps.
You go, well that's so recklessly corrupt.
Yes, they're moving the Overton window.
You don't know what that is?
Look into it.
It's a psychological term.
But they do such incredible, radical stuff in your face that even if you try to get your rights back, they've already taken you so far, you're conditioned to accept what's happened.
They take you a billion miles down a rattle.
If you fight back, you only get back 500 million miles.
They still got you 500 million miles in their territory.
Canada Pop-Up Clinic, it's on Infowars.com, offers kids free ice cream to get COVID vaccine, no parental permission required, an experimental shot.
Mass death, mass problems.
We'll get to that in a moment.
Here's another one.
Divorce court.
Judge orders COVID-19 vaccine for Liberty County man.
That's the actual name of the county in Texas.
To see his children.
That's in Texas.
That's the medical tyranny of these judges.
A Liberty County man says his rights were violated, and the judge is on the news admitting it.
But she said, to be fair, you and your ex-wife have to have the vaccine or you can't see your children.
That's on Fox 26 out of Houston, Texas.
Oh, it's worse.
This is the biggest one.
Zero Hedge, it's up at InfoWars.
Decided to divide is the actual quote from the government.
Mayor Lightfoot, but it's being done all over the world.
Chicago segregates restaurants for unvaxxed and the restaurants are being ordered under the restaurant health department.
So it's a government?
Vaccine passport for restaurants or any other business that you must check everyone with a government approved ID.
So all the left said, oh, we're not planning vaccine passports 16 months ago.
And I told you 10 months ago, five months ago, a month ago, remember just a week ago, debunking articles.
No one's planning that.
Well, the UK health minister said, yes, you're going to have a vaccine passport and you're crazy if you don't accept it.
Just a month ago, they were still saying it doesn't exist.
When they were formulating and preparing them years ago.
This story is incredible.
It says you get full service in all the menu when you are vaccinated, but you're put in a segregated area and don't get full service.
Oh, so it's back to black people have to go to the bathroom out back or have to come get order food through a window in the back, if you're lucky, if that restaurant even serves you.
Most of the time, there wouldn't just be a bathroom.
You know, you black people can just go find a place to go to the bathroom.
Oh, you can't come to the lunch counter and even pick your food up.
You got to go around back.
We don't want to look at you.
Well, now that's what they say.
Oh, they're going to put you in a separate room.
Got to go read the article.
It's incredible.
And it's got all the links to CBS Chicago.
UK Health Secretary suggests critics of vaccine passports are crazies for not wanting the shot and not wanting the passport as they roll out government passport.
A digital system that tracks your medical records that's then checked by people at the grocery store, the bank, the pub.
Or even to go outside.
I mean, boom, we're here.
Of course it was always the plan.
Klaus Schwab said five years ago it was the plan.
The Rockefeller Foundation, Operation Lockstep, 11 years ago said it was the damn plan.
How do you think I'm on Jesse Ventura's show in 2009 saying the World Health Organization will have a global system of forced inoculation and they'll claim it's not forced inoculation when it is forced inoculation and they're going to add toxic oils to it to sterilize you?
Which they're doing now because we're reading the damn paper!
Just type in vaccines to sterilize humans.
You'll get the UN patents.
Oh, but instead you'll see some leftist.
Oh, you're just anti-science as they take the Franken shot.
Remember back when it was bad to just change a tomato's genetics or change corn's genetics and would make the farm animals that ate it get sick?
Well now we just changed your whole body, and all the top scientists come out, even the former head of Pfizer over vaccines says, this will cause heart attacks!
He said that in December!
Within a week of them releasing some of the ingredients, he said, holy hell!
Look at all these studies!
They previously tried to make these similar vaccines, it causes blood clots, it causes heart attacks, it causes strokes, it causes it to eat your own lungs, and now it's happening!
I haven't even gotten to it yet!
Look at this!
It's a 20-minute video from Project Veritas.
I'm having it posted in the live show feed today, under my feed.
Wow, this is the Holy Grail!
They actually gave them the documents, Veritas.
And they've confirmed these are their documents, hundreds of pages, where they say even if it's true and someone got sick or died, you are to suppress it because it's for the greater good that some die for the whole.
That's what I was told by the Deputy Director of the Texas Health Department, who lives here in Austin.
I was on a hike and bike trail, hill of life, eight, nine years ago.
And it's a big hill.
I was this big hill that goes down to the Barton Creek.
It's about a three-tenths of a mile tall, long.
And I'm in the morning.
Nobody else is there.
And he goes, Alex, he goes, hey, I'm such and such.
He said his name.
I later searched his name.
It was who he said.
He goes, I'm the deputy head of the Texas Health Department.
He goes, listen, we know it kills and hurts a lot of people, but overall it helps more than it does.
And so we, we do a lot of folks, but.
I mean, but it doesn't help more than it hurts.
It's all a damn lie.
It's all eugenics.
They're all in on it.
And here's Facebook admittingly doing it.
They suppress medical doctors and expose the truth.
They're in on the murdering.
The system is making its move.
And it's trying to set the precedent to be able to put in your body what it wants, when it wants, how it wants.
And use that to track and control every fashion of your life.
And then suppress Prestigious scientists, prestigious doctors, prestigious individuals and witnesses and victims of the main effects, not the side effects, of these things they call vaccines that are not vaccines.
Until about a year and a half ago, they had a different definition of a vaccine.
And now they have a new one.
It's called gene therapy.
Vaccines of old had their problems.
But there was science behind it.
But they could taint them with things, and they could add things to them.
They could add something to what they had attenuated, the virus and the bacteria, and then if they added something else with it, your body would create an autoimmune response to that.
And if they did it to something that was common in the environment, they could cripple you.
Or, they could add a hormone that a woman only releases during certain parts of gestation, or carrying the baby in her womb, in her uterus, And cause 100% miscarriages.
But the new stuff is not a vaccine.
And that's a fact.
And so, this article that's on Infowars.com or ProjectVeritas.com, breaking Facebook whistleblowers, exposed leaked internal documents, detailing new efforts to censor, to secretly censor vaccine concerns on a global scale.
Well, none of it's secret because you see it everywhere.
They're even censoring U.S.
Senate hearings with scientists and gubernatorial commission hearings in the legislature of Florida and Texas and Idaho that I've seen.
The latest one, again, was a medical doctor in a commission hearing in Florida, again, censored by Facebook.
That was in the news yesterday.
It's happening to everyone.
But what gets more even evil is that when a woman dies, or a man dies of the vaccine, even young people, and their family says on their Facebook they died of the vaccine, that post is removed, and if they do it again, they remove their Facebook page.
I guess they can keep, you know.
The fact that they murdered somebody hidden.
And then you learn that Facebook and these other big tech companies are heavily invested in the vaccines with Bill Gates.
They're the big pharma company suppressing the people they've victimized.
And what is Facebook?
What is Twitter?
What is email?
What is Google?
It's the equivalent of the telephone.
Or a radio.
A walkie-talkie of old.
It's how we communicate.
Most people don't even have landlines anymore.
What would you do if you tried to call 911 and say, my husband took the shot and he collapsed an hour later?
And suddenly they said, sorry, you can't make that report.
And you heard a dial tone.
You'd say, that's tyranny.
That's beyond North Korea.
I can't even tell you what happened to my husband or my wife or my daughter or my son.
And here it is.
And they say, we must censor even true events and facts.
These are quotes.
True events and facts.
Imagine the evil of a company where they admit on paper to thousands of censors that work for them, leftists who were trained by the Southern Property Law Center and ADL the last five years.
That's who trained them.
They're trained over a million of them now.
They say in this 20-minute video that's at Project Veritas, it's also at Infowars.com, they say, we can't believe this is happening, we've got to do something.
And they say, you can't believe the stuff that we censor before it ever gets live.
Oh, that's the other key!
They're all key.
They're censoring truth!
True events and facts!
For the greater good, they say.
Ian justifies his means.
Well, the statistics don't even show that's true.
That's how dictators always take over.
It gets much worse.
They say that it's freaking them out.
Read it.
Watch the video.
Because they're seeing stuff that never gets out when the people post articles, or post links, or post videos of themselves convulsing, or their dead mothers and fathers, and sisters and brothers, or their dead children, or they put up about a funeral.
There's funerals, there's thousands and thousands of things you'll never see.
And the victims that do the normal thing, let's say you're in a little village, you come to a village, you go to get water out of a well, they go, no, no, sir, don't drink out of that, it's a poison well.
Or the little kids trying to eat berries.
My four-year-old daughter, we were hiking in the woods just a few days ago.
She went over and started getting some berries off a plant that I knew were poisonous.
I said, sweetheart, that looks good, but it's poisonous.
And she wanted to pick a mushroom and eat it.
And I said, that's poisonous too, probably.
That explained to her about mushrooms.
She's four years old.
But imagine if I tried to do that and an invisible hand reached down and covered my mouth.
So these people are dying.
They're being killed.
They're getting sick.
And this omnipresent system at Twitter and Facebook and YouTube, Google, all of it is
live time, not letting it get out.
Doctors message about low pediatric deaths because they don't exist from COVID blocked
by Facebook in testimony to a legislature.
That's just yesterday.
And it goes on and on and on.
And now they're trying to censor Rand Paul clips.
Can't hear from a senator in America.
This is evil, evil, evil.
This is predatory to the max.
You think Facebook's own deputy head at the time, Sean Parker, went public five years ago and he said, we designed Facebook to make you depressed and isolated and fully take control of your life.
And he laughed about it on the video.
We played it here many times.
And people said, oh, he's being nice.
He's warning us.
No, I've met Sean Parker.
He wasn't being nice.
He's super arrogant.
He was rubbing it in your face.
They're all a bunch of fake jerks.
Going along with the system.
All right, I'm going to go on a break.
I'm going to come back with even more of the news.
I'm going to play the videos of them giving little kids shots.
And the government says, come to us.
Your parents can't stop you.
And in local TV ads on cartoons, they say, come to your park.
It's at every major park.
The parents try to stop them.
The police go, you're not stopping them.
That is totally illegal.
But it's all a power grab.
You go, well, they'll get in trouble.
That's the whole point is they've gotten all the governments, all the corporations, and the bureaucrats and their minions to act in criminal mass.
That's a war.
That's an assault, and they think they're going to overpower you and break your will and stop you.
And they're just going to do this to you.
They're just going to come sexualize your children in cartoons.
They're going to use Tony the Tiger to teach your son to have his genitals cut off.
That's coming up next hour.
You have these masked police, if you shake hands in Canada, arresting you.
That's where they're coming here.
That's just because the people submit there, so that's what happens.
The left are a sick cult, showing you how much they love Big Pharma, and love the big banks, and tell you that they're radicals, and they're rebels, when they're the stupidest, alone, conformist the planet has ever seen, and they're always seeking more approval from AI avatars, that aren't even humans.
It doesn't matter to them that Sean Parker laughs at them.
It doesn't matter to them that Mark Zuckerberg laughs at them.
They love it.
And now they're being organized as contract tracers into the armies that are coming to your house with gunmen to make you take it.
This is war!
This is war!
UN Globalist Depopulation War!
It's here!
They got all these leftists, all these anti-human globalist minions, useful idiots, signed on to lies.
And they're so invested in the fraud, they can't admit that they've bought into a scam, just like the Nigerian phone scams, the email scams.
I watched the documentary last night, the one on that fire festival they had out in the Bahamas, total scam.
And then all the yuppies showed up, they were part of something special and got ripped off.
The New World Order is exactly like that, except it kills you when it's done with you.
And the exact type of idiots sign on to it.
But now, the deeper they get into the scam, they're told, you got to bring everybody with you.
That will build the utopia.
It's like Satan and his fallen angels want us to go with them.
Whether you believe in that or think it's an allegory, at the end of the day, it's all being manifest.
All right, I want to go into these videos that I just mentioned.
I want to show you what I just talked about.
I mean, ice cream trucks.
Let me find an ice cream truck music to play in the background in a moment.
I remember that ice cream truck sound when you were a kid.
I can't make the sound.
But, uh, I was playing some Russian techno once on air and Willie Nelson goes, what's that?
He was on the show.
He goes, that sounds like ice cream trucks.
But that's not the ice cream truck music I mean.
I mean the classic ice cream truck sound.
They have ice cream trucks, not just vaccine centers, ice cream trucks going around and the kids run out and they give them injections.
And it says in the articles, I've got them right here, Yahoo Finance, all of them, that the kids run up and parents try to stop them and police follow the ice cream trucks.
I mean, this is so illegal, so criminal, so child molester-ish, and that's what it is.
They're going to not molest you by groping your child, that's bad enough, they'd survive it though.
Raping your child, they didn't give them HIV or hepatitis, they'd survive.
No, no, they're going to rape you with a GMO frankenshot.
From Bill Gates and the UN and Klaus Schwab that say they're going to take over our genetics and there's too many of us.
There are too many people.
I agree with Bill Gates, we need to sterilize you.
Oh good, I'm here with an ice cream truck with your shot.
I would have told people ten years ago they're going to have ice cream trucks driving around giving you experimental shots.
There it is.
You wouldn't believe it.
And I've got some of the videos, they're dressed up like clowns, giving them shots.
It's even creepier, like, ah!
There are hundreds of businesses in Toronto alone are doing it.
Just all over the world, it's the same crap.
Freaky, weird leftist, oh, we're gonna... Come on, kids, don't listen to your parents!
Oh, you thought drag queen story time was good?
You're gonna really like this.
Get some Blue Bunny there, ha ha!
How about some Blue Bell?
Ha ha!
Oh, this is Blue Bell, all right.
You'll enjoy the heart attack, ha ha!
Stick your hand down in the sewer here.
Are there clowns down there?
Oh yeah, there's clowns down here and ponies.
Oh my gosh.
I'm going to get to that in a moment.
But first, we have some very exciting news.
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You know, I gotta stop.
Something just hit me.
And I actually told people this, so I'm on record.
My instincts are just insane.
I'm not bragging.
It's just weird.
About two weeks ago, I even said this on air.
We ought to find it.
I said, I'm thinking about driving around in the armored vehicle, but in like a weird leftist disguise with rainbow flags, and say, everyone take your shots, they're good, we need to die for the earth, and use the reverse psychology, but admit what the shots do, but just read globalist quotes about depopulation while I'm in the armored vehicle.
And then one of the crew members, was it Owen, says, yeah, but you're too recognizable that they'll know it's you.
And I thought, yeah, instead we'll get an ice cream truck and I'll be a clown and I'll go out and say, I've got your deadly shot and get out with the shots and scare people.
Instead, they actually have clowns and ice cream trucks and they're doing it!
I told a lot of that on air, but behind the scenes, I was planning this.
I was thinking about doing it this Saturday because I've been out of town last week.
In fact, I even told security, be ready, because we're going to doll up to creepy-looking vans.
We've got to find the vans.
And then drive around as clowns and get out with needles.
But actually, the left would like run up with their kids and say, please, please.
I mean, they're so Stockholm Syndrome.
God, I could get out in a Grim Reaper outfit.
They would cream themselves.
Like, I think of the most creepy thing I can, and then they're doing it.
I mean, you just, I mean, it's like the drag queen story time.
It's big, giant, fat, convicted pedophiles, in most cases, with erections, with little kids bouncing on their erections through their pants.
I mean, when I show the video that's on news, stations don't like it.
I get why, but it's the children this is being done to.
All right, let me get back to this.
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Hour number two, straight ahead.
I got some funny stuff to cover as well.
All right, I got a lot more serious news to cover, and I still haven't played the insane Ice cream trucks driving around Canada injecting kids.
When the parents find out and try to fight back, the police come and get between the kids.
And the kids, a lot of them freak out and go against their parents because they see the authority figure of the police.
So this is real Stockholm Syndrome kicking in.
That's coming up.
Then I'm going to hit some very sad news, but it's also very, very funny.
So I'm going to, pledging each day, and I'm asking the great producers in there to remind me to do this.
To do something positive and fun and laugh at the globalist agenda and some of the great tweets people put out.
But it turns out there's now a gay frog mascot for Kellogg's.
I wonder where they got the idea for that.
Maybe this all is just a virtual reality thing.
This is insane.
But here's a report on Project Bluebeam and then we'll be right back with all the news and so much more.
Please stay with us.
Henry Kissinger once said, Today Americans would be outraged if United Nations troops entered Los Angeles to restore order.
Tomorrow they will be grateful.
This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.
It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil.
The one thing every man fears is the unknown.
When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by their world government.
And here America sits, vulnerable from a pandemic subjugation that has terrorized our rights White evangelicals, 45% say they won't get vaccinated according to Pew Research.
Republicans, almost 50% of Republicans are refusing to get the vaccine.
So we won't reach herd immunity because of those particular groups.
So I say we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.
Just like now in certain states, many states, I know in New York, There are signs on storefronts, on businesses, all across the state.
No mask, no entry.
I think if you have not been vaccinated, no entry.
Infiltrated by decades of Marxist indoctrination that began in America's universities and has now permeated into America's elementary schools and destroyed our cities.
While American police are increasingly unable to respond to 911 calls as their departments are Hollowed out while criminals pour over our border.
Yeah, please hurry because it sounds like she's being assaulted right now.
It sounds like she's being raped currently.
We'll be out there as soon as possible.
As soon as possible on March 30th for the Salt Lake City Police Department meant 28 minutes.
The stage is set for Kissinger's United Nations troops to take center stage, but they need that one event that will undeniably convince the public that their very existence is threatened.
The evidence of unidentified flying objects confronting the military is so prevalent that it is almost undeniable.
Absolutely extraordinary, and every day it seems like new information drops, things that the public and the media weren't told.
So for example, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe just threw into the conversation the other day the fact that the satellite imagery of all this, and some of the speeds being reported, ...seem to blow the theory about foreign drones out of the water.
We must be told what's going on here, and we should think of this upcoming report to Congress as an intelligence assessment of the phenomenon itself, and one that's long overdue.
But who is to say it isn't smoke and mirrors in order to unleash a more nefarious purpose?
An invasion by global governance in the form of the Antichrist.
The technology to create that illusion has long been available.
We've seen hologram technology move leaps and bounds over the last few years.
Maybe you caught Jesse's look at 3D volumetric displays a few weeks ago.
Now, researchers from the Interact Lab at the University of Sussex have created three-dimensional holograms you can hear and even feel.
They call their device the acoustic trap display.
Essentially, it's using sound to manipulate a tiny particle that traces out these images.
And the New World Order is addicted to the big lie.
So what is the biggest lie they can tell?
John Bowne reporting.
Hit a mother up, hit a mother down.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, as we broadcast worldwide going into the storm at attack speed.
All right, I really want to take a lot of calls.
Every day.
We took a lot of calls yesterday.
The callers were amazing.
I'm going to open the phones up for the last 30 minutes of this hour because we have Craig Jones, who is the number one, number two, number three, depending on who you talk to, jiu-jitsu fighter in the world.
I learned about him getting sick.
Uh, when Joe Rogan sent me a text about it, uh, his admin swole up when he took the, uh, one of the COVID so-called vaccines.
He's gonna be in studio with us.
And I follow UFC and follow jiu-jitsu, but I'm not a connoisseur.
Uh, but I knew who Craig Jones was, but, uh...
I appreciate Joe putting me in contact with him.
So Craig Jones is going to be in the studio coming up next hour, and I think he'll be here for two or three segments.
Then I will continue on with your phone calls.
And then Paul Joseph Watson is going to be hosting the fourth hour today.
Paul Joseph Watson always does a splendid job from Summit.News over in the UK.
And then I'm going to host tonight, 6 to 9 p.m.
We can go as long as we want, commercial-free.
I mean, we may take a few breaks, play a few promos or a few news reports, but when I say commercial-free, we're not going to be running set breaks like the radio and TV channels that pick up my show and the other shows do the standard 14 minutes an hour.
For that, we're going to be running a special report that basically will go 30 minutes to an hour before we even take any breaks.
And so as to the great debate, the Middle East in crisis, all the stuff we saw last week, what's ongoing between Robert Barnes and Nick Fuentes, both very well-spoken, very informed people.
You can disagree with either one of their views on this or that or everything they say or nothing, but they are both very smart guys.
They're not putting an act on it.
They're smart.
One is twice the age of Fuentes.
Barnes is about the same age as I am, but Fuentes is definitely a smart guy.
He's not mailing it in.
He's phoning it in, he's not faking it until he makes it.
But Barnes is shockingly informed.
Because let me tell you, I research so much stuff, most people don't know the stuff I know.
And I've really tested Barnes out on like three hour dinners and stuff, throwing very esoteric, historical stuff at him from all over the world, and he knows most of it.
It's freakish.
So that is coming up, ladies and gentlemen, tonight, 6 p.m.
And I threw 6 p.m.
Central out.
I'm going to cover some news, cover the Middle East, cover some other reports for about 30 minutes, and then the real debate will start at about 6.30.
Because I got a bunch of complaints!
People are like, hey Alex!
You know, a lot of us don't get home Mountain Time, Pacific Time then.
Don't worry, it'll all be archived, free of charge, at Band.Video, in the Nick Fuentes page, and also over at the GreatDebate.News.
Takes you right to the sub-page of Band.Video.
Barnes has a channel, but I'm not mad at him, he's a great guy.
He's not been updating his channel, so maybe I'll add it to his channel.
uh... as well bars below to busy for that uh... but uh... you know it's all that band on the only
like eminem point as he's an update this page three four times a day
millions of use and then i'm gonna go to the point is pages as you put up
there we can have a go
and it is very very pleased by the response is getting uh...
and uh... obviously all the folks tuning into his show this week nights
and not on my network i don't care if it is as long as it shows informative we
support it and agree with it for a test on everything either by the
way but see we're not in a cult
i was really like it was about something to your go He was right about some of it, I was right about some of it.
I like Mike, he's a smart guy.
We can disagree about 10% of stuff or 20%.
See, we're not Democrats.
We're not cultists here.
We want to have debates, and it's a good thing to have those debates.
I don't think Foyntes is anti-Israel.
I think he's America first, like Pat Buchanan, and is pissed off sometimes that Israel gets preferential treatment over Americans.
I am as well.
But here's the deal.
Israel's getting better treatment than Americans by our government, compared to China?
I'm going to talk about that some tonight, for people that have criticism of Israel, which I think is legitimate in many cases, because it's not the Israeli people, it's the government, and these governments are basically all the same.
Look at what Netanyahu's been up to with his, let's microchip the kids, and freedom bracelets to track you, and trying to have forced inoculations, and he's had clowns out telling kids to take shots.
And speaking of clowns, let's get to that right now.
Let's get the number out.
I want to get your take on ice cream trucks driving around Canada.
This is the same model all over the world.
Whatever you see in one of these countries is coming to your town.
In the UK it's like, we'll give you a hundred pounds free on a government card when you take the shot.
Or we'll give kids free ice cream and free movies.
Or you'll be able to go to the restaurants again and live.
What do you make of that?
That's what I want your take on.
These articles.
OSHA pulls guidance stating employers may be held liable for adverse reactions if they mandate the vax.
Yeah, because the liability protection of the 1986 Vaccine Damage Act doesn't extend to businesses that push that on you.
And this isn't even a vaccine.
It's a drug.
So it's not going to be protected.
So you're being stampeded into this.
To where there'll be so many people that have committed the crime of doing this, they'll try to pass a liability law for you as well, but that's not been done yet, dumbasses.
So a lot of these businesses out there, I'm talking about those businesses that are into this, the dumbasses, not the general listeners.
They're going to figure out real quick whether employees get sick or die that they're in deep trouble.
They're doing this because they think, oh, I'm proving my business is safe.
I've got liability protection because I made everybody take a shot.
The shot doesn't protect you.
Before they turned the PCR test down to 28, most of the new positives in people in the hospital had taken the damn vaccine.
They're getting COVID from it or something like it.
That's just what the Nobel Prize winner warned of a year ago, now confirmed.
Don't listen to the Nobel Prize winner, though, on virology.
Listen to the fact checkers at CNN.
They say everyone loves it and it's totally safe and it's approved when it's not.
So OSHA is pulling that.
Not saying it's not true, just pulling the advisory.
You can find the advisory at InfoWars.com and share it with folks.
This gaslighting they're launching isn't working.
By the way, they announced a month ago that they had 40% of the public vaccinated.
I went and dug up the actual numbers and told you it's more like 30%.
Now CNN Today has the headline, they're fast approaching the goal of 50%.
They haven't gotten anywhere near it, folks.
Almost none of the medical workers are taking it.
They've testified in Congress that only half at the CDC have at NIH.
And believe me, most of those folks are lying about it.
I've talked to hundreds of doctors on and off air.
You've heard many of them here.
And none of them I know are taking it.
None of them.
None of them.
I ran into, again, the owner of a major genetic engineering company, a billionaire.
And he told me all about how deadly it is six months ago, said, don't ever take it.
And then his lawyers found out he talked to me, because that's where I ran into him, was at a law firm.
Freaked out and called me and said, do not say his name, but you can say what he told you.
I said, yeah, no kidding.
But why is he so scared to tell you?
He said it's a power grab by Fauci and Gates.
I told you that here.
But we don't need him to tell us that.
Yeah, I'm digressing.
Toll free number 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
And we will come back with the actual footage of, this is a joke on screen right now, of
We're going to come back with the actual vans and the actual free ice cream and the actual garbage.
While you're at it, find Netanyahu and the clown for the kids as well.
I'm not kidding about this.
Trying to push experimental shots, even though the parents are on video saying, don't do it, the police hold them back.
Because they just show up with ice cream trucks at the park.
And start doing this.
I mean, this is how pedophiles grab kids.
This is the state coming in to say, we're forming a relationship with your child, you don't have jurisdiction over him, we do.
With an experimental, illegal system.
Canada's still under martial law.
This is insane.
Churches are being shut down all over the world.
They're still being shut down in places like California and Michigan.
While Whitmer's out with dozens of people eating dinner, not wearing a damn mask, because she's a witch!
And knows it's all a fraud!
By the way, our new big sale just launched.
Biggest since Christmas.
Storewide free shipping.
Double Patriot Point.
DNA Force Plus.
Back in stock.
Welcome back, my friends.
If you're a TV viewer and not a radio listener, you may be asking, why do I have a box of Froot Loops on my desk, and why do I have a bag that formerly held green string peas that I ate last night that my wife made.
How do these tie together?
I'll tell you, coming up here in just a moment.
How does that tie into ice cream trucks and clowns from Israel to Canada, from Germany to the UK to Mexico, to get the kids to take their COVID secret Franken-shot?
Well, it all ties into this.
Fox News.
Divorce court judge orders COVID-19 vaccine for Liberty County man to see his children.
The forced inoculations here decided to divide Chicago Health Department under Lightfoot orders, restaurants and other companies that are under their control to segregate the vaccine from the unvaxxed and to check the medical records of it.
Same system happening in the UK and the health minister coming out saying you're crazy if you don't accept the health passport after saying it didn't exist for the last year.
That's their psychological warfare.
And LeBron James is in trouble for saying he's not taking it and not promoting it!
That's right, the team he plays for says he was also caught out at a party promoting a tequila he owns!
Not wearing a mask!
I don't care if you're black or white or polka-dotted, this is all slavery.
And it's all based on a lie.
And so, you know, LeBron James is a selfish person, but sometimes, as Ayn Rand said, selfishness is good!
Like, hey, I want to own a gun to protect myself and my family.
Or, hey, I'm selfish LeBron James!
I won't speak up against Communist China, because that'll cut it on my money!
But if you want me to take some deadly shot they won't even take, I'm not doing it!
Never forget, India and China won't take any of our vaccines!
They know what's going on!
That's for us to take!
I've been mentioning it, so here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Here's just some of the parents and others saying, hey, you're at a local park with an ice cream truck.
Another facility handing out ice cream.
And this is creepy.
They need parental consent and the police with their mask on hold them back.
Here it is.
We are mothers, and we are pissed off.
We are not moving!
This is our baby!
You are fucking with our baby!
We are mothers!
We are fathers!
The strength of parenthood has taken over us, and we are not moving!
I'm telling you guys the truth of what is going on over there!
That's it!
We are pissed!
We are at our end!
We have been respectful with you!
We have been patient with you!
We have tried to guide you to the fucking light!
But now you are messing with our fucking children!
And that is not okay!
You want to arrest all of us?
Arrest all of us!
You want to beat us to death?
Beat us to the fuck!
Police are bad in North Korea.
They're bad in China.
They're bad in Guatemala.
I have to strike them for children!
These are police under leftist control. This is Toronto.
You don't scare me!
Police are bad in North Korea, they're bad in China.
And you want to scare me?
They're bad in Guatemala.
And they're bad in any leftist controlled area.
any leftist controlled area.
They're coming for you.
Coming for your church.
Coming for your body.
I'm coming for you.
I'm not doing this anymore.
I'm coming for your church.
I'm coming for your body.
I'm coming for your life.
You are with the wrong generation.
My children, my children are in harm.
By the way, they bend the police like they have any power.
They're slaves of the government.
They follow orders.
Your children, whether or not you have the capacity to understand this, your children
are not.
Tricking children.
I'm coming for you.
They have the park blocked off.
There's footage of the ice cream and ice cream trucks.
You can see the local newscast.
There's a whole stack of them.
CIBC joins City of Toronto to bring ice cream trucks to vaccine clinic.
Vaccine and free ice cream at Steward's pop-up clinics all over the city.
Spectrum local news.
It's Time Warner.
Seattle partners for businesses to offer COVID-19 vaccine incentives, free ice cream, more.
It's all over the world.
Same crap.
And again, here's the big news.
So big it makes my head just spin.
Segregating the vaccinated from the unvaccinated in Chicago to grow all over the world.
Look at this.
Facebook whistleblowers expose leaked internal docs detailing new effort to secretly censor vaccines concerns on a global scale.
Project Veritas 20-minute video.
These are liberals saying we can't be part of this.
They say we're suppressing all these videos of people that have gotten sick or died of their families and Facebook admits they're real videos but saying true events or facts could get people to not become vaccinated so we're gonna block them.
I have to do something, one of the Facebook Insiders said.
They're trying to control content before it even makes it onto your page, before you even see it.
They're reviewing it all.
They're getting to see what you don't get to see.
Which is why they're racing to have AI do it.
It's even been in the news, but I was told this before it happened by Mike Cernovich, because we had at Google Insiders, like, this bunch of documents, like, four years ago, when this was all starting to accelerate.
And he said, listen, you know when they listen to your show and my show and the others, we're waking these people up, because they hear where these demons, they tune in to hear the real deal.
So they're racing to bring in AI, so there's not even humans involved.
And that's why the Marines and the Army and everybody are announcing, no more humans.
The British Navy, all its new ships, within eight years will be robot.
Everything's robot because they'll follow orders.
Folks, this is it.
This is all, this is a takeover.
The assault has begun.
And it just goes on from there.
It just gets crazier.
Let's go out to break with this, and I'll come back with why I've got a box of Froot Loops on the desk.
Rainbow Froot Loops, by the way, which is oxymoron, or as redundant as they would say, a double entendre.
But here's part of a local newscast just normalizing, oh, a judge just says you got to take a vaccine.
Totally illegal.
Total power grab.
Here it is.
New at 530, a Liberty County man says his rights were violated when a divorce court judge, get this, ordered him to get a COVID-19 vaccine in order to see his kids.
Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker has that story.
They pretty much told me and her both that we were to get a COVID vaccination.
A court ordered COVID-19 vaccine, mandated by a judge in order for Chris Staley to have visitation with his kids.
The Trinity County Divorce Docket gives this order.
Quote, both parents are to get vaccinated for COVID by end of this week.
I shook my head and he said, I see that Mr. Staley doesn't agree with this.
I didn't agree with it myself and I didn't want to get it.
And he pretty much told me that I guess I didn't want to see my kids.
District Judge Travis Kitchens made the handwritten vaccine order according to Trinity County Clerk's Office.
The judge, shown here in a Polk County Today article, still has not responded to Fox 26's call for comment.
I just feel like I was kind of, my civil rights were kind of violated there whenever a judge is ordering me to take a vaccination, like I said.
By the way, hit pause.
The full report is on InfoWars.com.
Notice, nothing against long hair people.
I don't care if you have long hair or short hair.
But it's like all these people doing this have like long hair, like trendy old hippies.
It's some burnout hippie judge for the greater good is going to put a Franken shot in you.
And the left's like, we're the rebellion, we're anti-corporation.
No, you do what Bill Gates says.
And you're putting experimental, dangerous stuff in people on record that's hurting them.
You're disgraces!
You're idiots!
And you're declaring war on us!
We're not putting up with your crap.
That judge, if he takes those children away for not doing it, deserves a stand trial for violations of the Nuremberg Code.
He's no better than Joseph Mengele.
Burn in hell, Judge Kitchens!
Alright, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show as we broadcast worldwide on this May 25th Tuesday edition.
I'll be hosting the debate between Nick Fuentes and Robert Barnes, 6 p.m.
Central, right after the War Room ends, at Band.Video.
And remember, you can't share the link Band.Video on Twitter or Facebook.
They block it.
But we have a new URL you can share, freeworldnews.tv.
And if you want to go right to the debate page, it's Great Debate.
There's so many URLs, I can't remember them all.
We'll put the great debate slate up there if we can.
But that is tonight, ladies and gentlemen, 6 p.m.
Of course, we'll have it playing on the front page of InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Yes, by memory served, we are teleprompter free here.
So share that link on Twitter, Facebook, everywhere else before they ban it.
6 p.m.
Okay, we're gonna go to your phone calls.
Still 15 minutes to the next hour.
Let me have one of the top jiu-jitsu fighters in the world, Craig Jones, in studio, who got really, really sick when he took the so-called COVID vaccine for the last 45 minutes of the next hour.
Look forward to that.
The only way this evil plan succeeds is if good men and women do nothing.
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Tuesday transmission.
We want to write to your calls.
If you just joined us, I just laid out Levi's and all the major cereal makers, Kellogg's, everywhere.
They are just bombarding the public with massive, massive, massive Agenda of sexualization of our children.
At the end of the day, that's what this is all about.
Whether it's heterosexual or homosexual, it's wrong.
Children need their innocence not to be bombarded with Tony the Tiger telling you that you're not a boy, you're a girl, and the Gingham Smack Frog having a boyfriend.
This is pure, absolute evil, and telling children, open up your heart when you open the box with a new pronoun.
This is creepiness, priming your children for the brainwashing in school, so they can confuse them, and try to get them to sign off before their age of consent.
To not be molested but to have their genitals cut off or to be chemically castrated.
This is beyond pure evil and it's all about the phthalates that are in the food that are causing the sperm count collapse.
And now they want to make it fashionable that men are no longer masculine because of the phthalates.
That's all the globals had to do was pick formulas for general standardization of plastics that had phthalates in it, and you've seen as plastics
became popular in the 50s, the decline in sperm by over 50 percent, testosterone more
than 60 percent, online to have no males by the year 2047. That is their depopulation
plan. They make it stylish and cool, and the people abused by it, the victims of it,
are taught to love what they have been turned into. This is a very sad thing I'm about to talk
about, but if you understand it, you can defeat it. And I really think it's important to try to find
some humor in the nightmare depopulation operation that is taking place.
If you read the Tavistock Institute documents going back 60 years, if you read the documents going back 90 years by Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley, there was a plan to end the family as we know it under transhumanism and to end normal reproduction.
Now they're telling you by the year 2045 or 2047 in major studies that there'll be no sperm in any men on earth.
sperm have already declined by 50% and are now accelerating their decline again in the
next 30 years until there are no sperm, period.
They're now saying, "Oh, test tube humans.
We'll make artificial humans."
Well, it's simply the phthalates is the main thing that's put in plastics, the hardening
compound that when you heat plastic to over 100 degrees on average, it begins to release
the phthalates.
That's why hard plastic gets soft when you microwave it.
And then it off-gases, phthalates into your food.
It gives women breast cancer and makes men feminine.
And in utero, it causes the male fetus to resemble more of a female fetus, also in neurological development, and that's in major studies.
Phthalates during the first trimester will cause micropenis or smaller genitals and lower testosterone throughout life and a change in development of the brain.
Where you're not really a male or female, you're mainly like a sexless gray clone.
And that's all scientific fact.
It's all admitted.
It's not debatable.
So what does all this have to do with the two things on my desk?
If you are a radio listener, let me describe them.
I have right here The new Kellogg's Together With Pride heart-shaped cereal.
And it's all rainbow pride.
It says he, him, she, her, they, them.
Add your own of what you are, because you're going to become genetically modified soon anyways, and there won't be any real humans born anymore soon anyways, so we have to get used to the transhumanism.
If you'll accept a man being a woman and competing in women's sports, or a man going in a girl's bathroom, or a pap smear on the cervix of a man's penis, you'll accept living in a total Jim Jones cult on PCP.
And so this is not about love and being nice to everyone and accepting, it's about forcing a lifestyle the globalists want so you die alone, just like the Facebook document showed, totally without any friends, isolated and dominated by them.
And on the top of the box it says, to the children, you know, open yourself up to drag queen story time, my pronouns are, lift here to open your heart.
So, uh, they want to talk to your child about their sexual preference and about sex, even though you're not doing it when they're five years old.
So they ask about this, so that now they're learning about being something different, like it's a superhero.
Totally predatory, like ice cream trucks, without parental consent, giving people deadly experimental shots that violate the Nuremberg Code.
And of course, inside the toxic, you know, red-dyed GMO crap sugar, a little fry your child's pancreas and brain, it's a chemical weapon, they also have the phthalate-laden package, so that you've got lots of that leaching into there as well, and a printer ink has the sterile incident.
They have easy formulas, by the way.
Not to do this to you.
Like I told you 20 years ago, the lining of juice boxes makes boys more feminine and girls go to puberty earlier, all of it very unhealthy, increases cancer rates, but hey, gotta break a few eggs to create the population.
And so, what does all of this have to do with this?
Everything's in packaging now.
And I was literally telling my wife yesterday, I said, listen, you got to go to the store and just get stuff in paper bags.
Bring our own bags.
You got to get raw stuff.
We want potato chips.
We got to get a potato and slice it and then fry it with natural oil or whatever.
But we can't get stuff in bags.
And I already know this.
And everybody already knows this, but we really got it.
And I get home and she's cooking dinner.
And I'm not mad at her, because I forget too, and I go, why are there, what's in the microwave?
She goes, oh, the green beans come in a microwavable deal that's quicker than boiling.
And I said, did you hear what I was telling you?
They're targeting with you this.
The corporations know what they're doing.
I'm not picking out this company.
This is what she was doing.
Organic, 365, trimmed green beans.
It says right here.
Ready in microwave in bag.
Cooks in five to six minutes.
She said, well, I'll throw them away.
I said, no, it's the aggregate buildup.
It's like smoking a cigarette.
One isn't going to get you.
I said, let's enjoy it.
Let's sit there and feed it to our daughter and know we're hitting her with a chemical weapon.
Let's talk about each bean we eat.
And we ate the poison together, but now we're not gonna do it anymore.
Okay, there it is.
Oh, it's organic.
Oh, non-GMO on the back, but it's in a phthalate-ridden bag.
So your son grows a penis the size of a woman's clitoris.
I mean, that's what all this is.
And I mean, this is real science.
This isn't me being a shock jock here.
So, as your boys grow up really being sexless, they want to go, oh no, you're really a girl.
And it changes their neurological development, just like with the frogs.
But people notice this, Dave Rubin and others notice this, notice that it's got the gig'em snack frog, now a gay frog, instead of Froot Loops, it's Hearts.
And now, of course, the frog, even the official spokes frog, is now gay.
So, I guess everything I say one way or another ends up turning true, but I was reading a study that the frogs then, male frogs preferred male frogs and stopped having children, which is the Skittles new packaging is gray and white little Skittles and saying without the rainbow there is nothing.
And Levi's has got rainbow, and it's just all the same stuff.
And I thought, no, that's better.
That's a boneyard of no humans on Earth because everyone's sterilized.
They're really telling you what they're doing to you right there, aren't they?
So here's some of the great Twitter comments that were made.
Alex Jones haters posting their lies online.
America's officially unfixable.
Dave Rubin, a friend, sent me this.
I had known the idea on Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam were dating.
Well, so's the frog.
It's an orgy.
Here is Dave Rubin, went to Target, and even the Levi's shirt says, they, them, she, her, he, him, we.
Introducing you all this.
Friends sent me this.
It goes on.
Alex Jones was right.
There's the gay frog.
And it just goes on from there.
It's on the shelves in Pennsylvania as well.
They are jumping the shark.
No, they're not.
They're just beginning.
They're chemical weaponing everybody.
And of course, here is the Boneyard Skittles after the rainbow kills everybody.
The little black kid asked, why are they all white?
They're all dead.
It's their bones.
That's right.
So they're all gray.
I guess if everybody's special, no one is.
I know it's funny and ridiculous, but for the love of God, even putting this nonsense on cereal boxes, school, TV, movies, internet, and now the cereal.
They are coming at kids with this from literally every angle.
Yes, the big mega-corporations, the big banks, the communist Chinese funded news.
All of them, ladies and gentlemen.
All of them.
And that's how they're throwing it in your face.
That's the establishment agenda hitting everyone as hard as they can.
This is the post-human sterilization plan.
And now they're going to tell you you're evil and racist if you don't guzzle phthalates.
And now they're telling people they've got to remove their genitals.
It's a genetic attack.
Let's go to your phone calls about the ice cream trucks rolling around the U.S.
and Canada, but in Canada giving children deadly inoculations that are not approved and are frankenshots without parental consent.
John in Canada, what's it like living under the lockdown in Toronto?
It's pretty insane, Alex.
I mean, I've been, I'm banned from the grocery stores.
I have people calling the police on me just for going down the street because I refuse to wear a mask.
There are very few people who are not submitting right now to this rule of tyranny.
And it extends to everything, just like you were talking with the children and the gender identities and everything.
It's total and complete brainwashing, and it's taking over our lives.
It's taking over what we are as people, which is we're supposed to have the right to do everything that we desire to do with ourselves.
And they're telling us we're objects, we're cattle, we're being forced Into a corner and I see so many people submitting the vaccination.
I know the rates aren't as high as they want right now.
I was talking to city counselors.
They were having a meeting and they are just total propaganda war.
They're up there lying about everything.
They're telling people that if they don't get vaccines, you know, we're all we're all doomed.
And again, it's not even a vaccine and for those that don't know this is all you and run.
And in Canada and Australia and in places like Spain and the UK, the lockdowns are never going to end.
They're going to try to bring them back to places like Texas and other areas.
That's why Fauci and Gates that launched all this have to go to prison.
And again, targeting children without parental consent with an emergency authorized genetic engineering injection.
I mean, this is Joseph Mingelo stuff, bro.
This is Nazi Nuremberg stuff.
No, absolutely.
I mean, they're treating this like we're some kind of experiment, but I think that they've programmed a kill switch into us because, you know, some evidence might show that we never got COVID here.
Our, Theresa Tam, our health czar said, don't worry about this virus in February on her Twitter in 2020.
She said, don't worry about it.
It can't spread easily.
It doesn't, it doesn't spread.
So, and then I'm hearing doctors saying, we don't, we're not finding it in any of the blood.
So how is it that we are being vaccinated for something that isn't here?
If they get re-exposed to this virus after taking this vaccine, their antibodies are going to overproduce, and who knows what's going to happen.
By the way, that's all admitted fact, and now they're saying, we don't care.
If you've already had it, you've got to keep taking our shot, even if it kills you.
And pregnant women need it too.
It's just all about saying the President to kill us, and have all these useless idiots go along with it.
It is incredible.
Thank you so much, John.
And the scary part is about leftists is the more they're proven wrong, the more they get hurt, the more they double down.
It's insane.
They have like a delusional confidence.
It's like that movie.
I forget the name of it.
I watched it last night.
uh... about the fire festival stage the bahamas it was totally insane
they were all just insane leftist all conning each other and that's who they
are you watch that show that's the left this just weird virtue signaling like peacock weirdos that
don't have any internal system or
and feel totally empty so they must absorb us to feel like they exist
uh... let's go ahead and talk to c_d_ in nevada you're on the air welcome
alexa man you know i love you man
And God bless us all.
We are the strongest people in the world's stage.
We have the strongest guts.
We have the strongest minds.
We have the strongest body.
And they won't be bent.
And we don't have time for them to give us flesh-eating poison.
So, when you said the ice cream truck, that rang a tune because why should a truck come through a neighborhood bringing music to bring people out and for them to get a shot?
It's literally the Pied Piper.
It's out of a horror movie.
I agree with you.
And the shot itself is poison, man.
I hear you, CD.
God bless you.
We're going to move quick here.
Marcos in New York.
Thanks for calling.
Yeah, CBO is definitely on point.
It's straight out of a horror movie.
It's very disturbing.
And what I haven't noticed too many people saying is that They want to alter our genetics, Alex.
It's all about turning us away from God, turning our lifestyle away from God, and now we're at a point where we have to fight with these people just to conserve our very genetic code that God gave us that's been being passed down for thousands of years.
I mean, these people are so sick and out of control.
And let me tell you, Alex, if they actually are able to get rid of us, they're building their own little hell, and they're changing their genetics.
I'll tell you this, I mean they admit they're trying.
Klaus Schwab says to take over our genetics and that they're going to force this revolution on us.
this own hell that they're building. So if I'll tell you this I mean they admit
they're trying. Klaus Schwab says to take over our genetics and that they're
gonna force this revolution on us. So this is a genetic engineering corporate
takeover of our very bodies. Yeah absolutely Alex and they do want us born
in laboratories.
I read their literature as well.
If anybody wants to read the book, Read Genesis by George Church.
It's probably 15 or 20 years old now, but he breaks down everything that they want to do to change our genetics coming into the future.
God bless you, Alex.
I love what you do.
First they teach us that we're bad, we're evil, we're dirty.
Then they're the global authority that decides what you can say about any medical issue.
I mean, even governments try to criticize and big tech silences them.
A major Australian member of parliament criticized the vaccine.
He was banned off Facebook.
I mean, this is total control.
This is it.
This is their big move.
This is them raping us with a GMO genetically engineered system that changes our very DNA.
And it does, by the way.
Thank you, Marcos.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Truth Super in Canada.
You're on the air.
Truth Surfer, Alex.
How you doing?
Straight to the point.
Fantastic URL.
That's how we hit these people.
Hit them with love, compassion, and understanding.
Next to the ice cream trucks in Canada.
Total, physiological, spiritual, mental warfare.
This is World War III.
You are not an alarmist.
We all need to be alarmed, need to be passionate, and we need to stop these people where they are at.
Do not comply.
Look at these animals with their masks on.
They are animals.
They are less than human.
Ten months ago, emergency rooms were empty.
Today, emergency rooms Full.
Look at the size of the police force.
Ten years ago, the police force in Canada, the physical size of them, they were like normal people.
Now, they're on steroids.
This is an actual fact.
When you go into the service, there's corruption there.
They need to be tested for that, and these people are on steroids.
They have a chemical imbalance, and this is what's going down.
So that's where I'm at with that.
So, thank you, Alex.
Truth Surfer, thank you so much for calling.
We're getting a lot of calls in here.
We're going to go on a break.
I have a special guest who took the vaccine.
He's one of the top jujitsu folks in the world, Othello Jones.
He'll be on this in 15 minutes, but I'm going to come back and go to DJ, Dave, Dan, Corey, Scott, and Wylde before our guest comes in studio for 45 minutes.
Then Paul Joseph Watson takes over from the UK.
For an hour, and then the War Room in three hours, then I'm going to host the debate with Nick Fointes and Robert Barnes on the Mideast Crisis.
That should be very informative, 6 p.m.
Please do not forget.
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We'll be right back.
All right, Craig Jones got really sick when he took the COVID vaccine.
Couldn't fight.
But he's going to be doing a big bout this Friday at the Marriott here in downtown Austin.
I'm told Joe Rogan's going to be there.
I just got invited to it.
I may actually go to that.
But he's going to be with us.
Come up in about 10-15 minutes in studio to talk about his experience and what happened to him.
Again, I appreciate Joe Rogan telling me about this or I wouldn't have known about it because the media covers this stuff up.
Let's go ahead and take more of your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to who's up next here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Texas.
Scott in Texas and Wild in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Hey, how's it going?
Alex, a couple weeks ago you were getting a little down.
Seems like you're doing a lot better, but I wanted to just let you know that reinforcements are arriving.
The truth community is growing, getting stronger, getting bigger.
Quite amazing looking on the sidelines watching it.
A few months ago I told you about the Grand Theft World podcast.
Well, come to find out that it has Richard Grove in it, and he was on your show a decade ago, and the work he's doing, it's just incredible.
One doctor that he aired was Dr. Fleming.
I think David Icke would thoroughly enjoy what he's showing, proving there is a virus, so maybe you can reach out to him and tell him to look into this podcast as well.
Just amazing information that I think y'all would both appreciate.
I totally agree, brother.
What else is your take on reinforcements arriving?
Because I am seeing a huge awakening out there.
It's everywhere.
Here in West Texas, there's like maybe 5% of the people here wear masks.
Like it's just, like you said, the Great Awakening.
Like I hear everyone talk about the Great Awakening.
It's incredible to watch.
I see your stickers all over the place.
So I'll go into No, I haven't.
Somebody should tell me about it.
the band out video written there.
I write them there as well, but I'm not the only one around here doing that.
So it's happening.
And you were like, you were one of the first initial ones to wake people up, like
James Corbett or Richard Grove, or I mean, Derrick bros, there's the greater reset
happening this week, which that should be incredible.
I don't know if you've heard of that.
Uh, they have somebody should tell me about it.
In fact, tell me about it.
They have a whole week I think.
I believe it starts tonight.
It goes until Friday or Saturday.
They have Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Cahill, I believe Tenpenny's going to be in there, Derek Rose, Brian Christensen from the Last American Vagabond, Richard Grove speaking, I believe Corbett's talking.
It's everyone in the truth community that's Anyone that somebody is going to be there.
Ricky Veranda is like everybody is going to be there.
It's amazing.
It's a good setup.
All right, brother.
I'll have to look into that.
I mean, I tell you, Kennedy Jr.
is giving speeches to like a million people in Germany and stuff.
The system's really scared.
Thank you so much.
Let's go ahead and take another call as we go to break here in about a minute and a half.
Let's talk to Wilde in Wisconsin.
Go ahead, Wilde.
Hola, Mr. Chainbreaker.
I was wondering why Trump acted the way he did with the coronavirus and Vax Saga and wanted to bounce these theories off you.
First, not a lot of people talk about that Trump's grandpa, Frederick Trump, died from the 1918 Spanish flu, which made Donald Trump's dad, Fred Trump, take over the family business at 12 years old, or 14.
Therefore, Trump may have a Well, I mean, that's a fact.
Roger Stone has told me privately stuff, not a lot, and it's also public.
Trump has been a major germophobe, but he got over it in recent years, but yes.
Okay, my other wilder conspiracy theory that hasn't been discussed is this, the same thing that happened to Tito in Yugoslavia, where in a nutshell Tito was replaced with a body double by Stalin in revenge for selling Russian rocket designs to JFK.
I was wondering if the same thing happened to Trump when he could have been replaced when he went in for COVID treatment.
If you could take a look at his thickness, size, and change in that span, let alone his change in tone and rhetoric.
Maybe he was just contaminated by the swamp or morphed into a politician.
Man, I gotta tell you, I've met Trump and I saw him again on the 6th.
It's the same dude.
All questions are good to ask.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Tuesday live feed!
Globalists begin forced segregation of vaxxed anti-vaxx in Chicago.
They're announcing the same thing in Europe.
And they want to check an app to make sure you've been injected before you can go in.
And they say those that have been injected will get better seats at baseball games and football games and I guess the fights.
But not if Dana White has his way.
He says 100% open or he's not bringing his fights to your town.
Speaking of fights to your town, Craig Jones, internationally ranked BJJ black belt, one of the top grapplers in the world.
He's gonna be in studio with us.
There's a big event coming up this Friday.
He'll tell you about that in studio.
Coming up here in just a moment.
And I didn't know Eddie Bravo was gonna be in town.
I think he's gonna be in town.
My good buddy Eddie, I gotta give him a call.
I've been so lucky to know those guys forever, but I just got a chance to meet Mr. Jones.
Alright, let's go ahead and take more phone calls here.
Who's been holding the longest?
That would be...
DJ in New York.
DJ, thanks for calling.
What's your view on all this craziness?
Well, I'd really like to focus on my pitch on nanotechnology related to A.I.
I've called you before.
I'm the guy whose uncle is dying from the Pfizer shot.
I called you last week.
I don't really want to focus on too much on that right now.
I really want to focus on nanotechnology from my own experience having more gallant And knowing that it's AI controlled because that's our real enemy.
That's the thing that needs to be witnessed about in what we're dealing with because the nanotechnology is the mechanism through the 5G that they're able to control us and the AI controlled by demons is the way that they're going to bring us down.
Now there are a couple of people that are very familiar with this that you need to have or you should have on your show.
And one of them is a German scientist named Harald Kotzbela.
And that's H-A-R-A-L-D, his first name, not O. And so he, along with Celeste Solom, are two good people to talk to about the effects of the nanotechnology and how it's controlled by... Alright, I will.
I'm going to a lot of calls.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Look, I know that it can grow prions in the brain, which are crystals.
And I know they're pushing it and they know it hurts us.
I don't know about them controlling our minds with things like that.
Though they say they want to put nanotech in our body that does control our brain, Klaus Schwab has said that.
He says next he wants an implantable chip to prove you're vaccinated, but that's the next step.
So, as crazy as it all sounds, they're definitely pushing it.
There's one of the studies.
Thank you, DJ.
Okay, let's go ahead now and take another call.
Let's talk to Corey in California.
Go ahead, Corey.
Hey there, Alex.
Can you hear me?
I sure can.
Good phone.
Go ahead.
I'll be talking quick.
I got a lot to say.
First, I want to say that, Brother Alex, you led me to Jesus.
Whether or not you'll accept my gratitude for this, I know that the Father's working through you.
I do accept your gratitude, Brother.
I just appreciate you.
Go ahead.
Firstly, I'd like to restate the skeleton key, which I came to understand through listening to infoworks.
The trinity of a human being is of an eternal soul, which comes directly from the creator of all that is, who came here as Jesus Christ to lead, guide, and direct us, and has endowed us with inalienable free will.
This axiomatic understanding forms a good starting point for action.
And thus, on this ice cream truck obscenity, this is an example of something that only someone completely asleep or possessed would be unable to recognize as abject evil.
I do want to mention something about... I mean, yeah, it's literally luring children to give them an experimental shot without parental consent, and the police are on the news saying, you don't need parental consent.
I looked up the Canadian law, it's the same as ours, it's illegal!
They're committing crime en masse to train us so they can do what they want.
That's called a takeover.
It's satanic, Alex.
And what we have to remember is all the worldly power they have, the one thing they do not have, the Holy Spirit.
They do not have Jesus Christ, they do not have the Creator.
That's where we come from.
And then I want to mention about sleep.
Sometimes when you're sleeping, it's very hard to wake up.
And the deeper the sleep, the harder that awakening is.
And there's a time for error, which frankly, I think that we are at.
And there is time for kind, gentle guidance.
And I ask that when dealing with the deeply asleep, we remember our common origin when acting.
Sir, I love you to death, but you're reading off a piece of paper.
I got to get to a lot of calls here, okay?
I opened the phones up about the ice cream trucks, about Facebook specifically saying, we're going to suppress real damage from vaccines, we're going to cover up crimes.
And I'm not mad, it's just that when I say open phones, that's whatever you want to talk about.
But I really wanted to get in to the COVID push and the big takeover.
Thank you for the call.
I promise to get to a lot of calls, we're going to get to them.
Let's go to Dan in Canada on the ice cream trucks for kids, trying to lure them in for these dangerous shots.
What's your view?
Yeah, Alex, I don't even recognize my country anymore, man, up here.
Like, honestly, my wife and I, we grew up in a Canada that was free.
We enjoyed the people, we enjoyed nature here, we enjoyed everything.
We're trapped in our houses.
Our kids are killing themselves on an unprecedented level.
I'm mad as hell about it, and there's so many of us that are mad as hell about it, but we're in the minority up here, so I'm afraid nothing's going to change until people here really start waking up and letting their voices be heard.
And that's why I'm glad I got to talk to you today.
I've been listening to you for the past 20 years up here, but I'm calling on our American brothers and our sisters down there to let people like Doug Ford and Christine Elliott And all the other politicians up here that are killing us more than helping us.
Let them know how you feel.
Let them know that you support us.
And let them know that this has to end.
Because this is anti-human.
And this is not right.
And I see my kids with their heads down on their beds on a sunny day.
They're depressed.
They don't want to go outside.
I've had enough of it.
And I'm not going to stand for it anymore.
That's the thing, they program people to become shut-ins, especially children.
This is extremely abusive.
It was all written up by the big psychological warfare bureaus via the UN, whether you're in Australia or whether you're in Canada or whether you're in Europe or areas of the US.
It's all standardized Milgram experiment to see what they can do based on the fraudulent PCR test.
So in Germany, anytime they want to lock somebody down, they just turn the PCR test up and say, this week we'll count it at 40 cycles, making everybody positive.
Then if you've had the shot, they turn it down to 28, where no one's positive.
It's all premeditated cult programming.
We're inside the leftist cult.
Thanks for the call.
And they didn't set this up.
With brainwashing universities and anti-God, anti-family, racial division for no reason.
Just to do that at universities.
They're launching it out into every business, every facet of life to see if other people will comply with bringing in the AI, global cashless society, worldwide social credit score.
It's here.
This is it.
And you see the places that were traditionally more free didn't do it because people didn't go along.
Wherever people go along, it never ends because they want a post-human world.
China has now doubled and tripled its profits.
The big banks have in the last year.
The West is going bankrupt.
Biden has announced they're not going to allow any mining of rare earth minerals in the U.S.
with executive power.
They're now announcing gas prices are going to have a new tax put on it.
It's designed to smother us and transfer our jobs to China.
All right, we still got loaded phone lines here, as other callers hang up, more call in.
I'm going to cram in one more before we go to break.
Dave in Kansas, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Just a simple question, I guess.
And it's why is the media pivoting?
Twelve months ago, whatever it was, they said, oh no, the virus never came from Wuhan P4 lab.
So what is your endgame in finally admitting that it will?
I'm going to have the crew remind me to do the first five minutes of the next hour only on this.
Remind me guys, I'm going to do it.
Because I only have a minute until we got a break.
This is such a big question, but it's a very complex question.
Because it was already coming out, because they can't stop the truth coming out, because so many scientists looked at the virus and said it was man-made, and because China made a deal with the globalists to launch this, to only get rid of Trump, now China and the left are trying to get the West permanently closed, to have China totally dominate now, and the global balance of power, they want a bipolar world Not a unipolar world.
And so they don't want Europe and the U.S.
completely defeated yet.
And so China and a certain faction of China-philes have over-leveraged this and used it not to bring in the world government, but to bring in a planetary system run by the Dragon.
And so now this is reverse leverage back on them.
Does that make sense?
Sir, you know, I'd be... Hold on, don't hang up!
If you're still there... Hold on, I gotta go to break.
These are hard program breaks.
All right, folks, we've got Craig Jones in studio, and Joe Rogan's a big fan of his.
I'm told Joe's gonna be at one of his big matches at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Austin this Friday, and I guess I might try to go to that.
I want to go, but I might end up having too much fun.
Craig Jones is an Australian grappler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under the Lachlan Gills who competes for the absolute MMA Academy in the Sports International Circuit.
Did I butcher that or is that right?
It's close.
So Lachlan Jones used to be my coach and now I train in the U.S.
in Puerto Rico with John Danaher.
That's awesome.
Jones would later submit his status as one of the best grapplers of the generation by winning numerous prestigious events including multiple belt titles in the Polaris International Promotion and Craig Jones BJJ on Instagram.
So it's good to have you here.
Good to be here, man.
Yeah, I mean, Joe's a big fan here.
She's like, man, this guy's one of the best guys in the world.
Look, he got all sick on the damn vaccine.
Yeah, yeah.
It was pretty, pretty rough for a couple of weeks there.
So I got the vaccine just because obviously my family's in Australia, parents, brother and stuff.
So I assumed I would need it to travel.
And I was like, oh, yeah, we'll start.
Just tell people what's happened in Australia, what that's been like.
One of the most locked down places ever.
I mean, they're going back to the old prison colony for a while.
Yeah, that's for sure.
So, I mean, if I were to go back now, I'd be locked in hotel quarantine for a full 14 days.
Yeah, there's no way around it.
You have to pay for the quarantine yourself.
So, yeah, pretty brutal.
And then, so you decided to, which injection did you get?
So, I went with the Pfizer injection.
I was in Vegas and they just had those mass injection facilities.
So, I went in there to get it done and then probably 48 hours later, it sort of went south for me.
What did it feel like?
So obviously fever and stuff.
They said that was normal, but then my armpits swelled up and then obviously you saw the
I had this like fluid retention in my stomach and that was for three, four days at least.
Felt like I was pregnant.
Yeah, guys, roll that video from his Instagram if you can.
Just over here.
There it is.
So that was pretty concerning.
I mean, I saw a medic about it.
He didn't seem too concerned with it.
But yeah, very, very uncomfortable.
I actually was meant to compete in Austin and I had to pull out because of this.
So I got the COVID vaccine and maybe missed out on the grappling match, which we're going to try and rebook.
Have you heard about how the Pfizer shot and others are causing women to grow tumors?
I haven't, no.
That's pretty serious.
But also men are getting basic cancer from it.
But they're saying, oh, don't worry about this type of cancer.
Everything's OK.
I'm not joking.
Oh, I regret it now.
Well, I mean, you're probably going to be all right.
But, did you take one shot or two shots?
Only the first.
After the first, there were a lot of people telling me that the second shot's typically worse.
Oh yeah.
The first shot scared me out of getting that second one, so I guess I got it for no reason, because I still won't be able to travel after just one shot.
Well, here's the thing.
It's color of law.
They're lying to you.
If you have a PCR test, they have to let you fly.
They're supposed to turn the PCR test down to 28.
At 40, most of them are false positive.
So it's all a robot scam.
That's why it's good that you're here to explain this to people, because we can use you as a teaching example.
They're trying to get everybody on board for mandatory vaccines, but if you've ever had COVID, you shouldn't take the vaccine because it can kill you.
They admit all that.
So the idea that everybody can even take a regular vaccine is a lie.
I had COVID as well, and I told them I had COVID, and they just still gave me the vaccine.
Oh, that's why you got sick from the first shot, probably, yes.
Yeah, yeah, I think that must be it.
Joe messaged me, actually.
Joe was like, yeah, man, if you've got COVID, definitely don't get the vaccine.
Yeah, I tell you, Joe knows quite a bit about this.
He says on there, oh, I'm just a talk show host, but, you know, don't listen to me, but yeah, I don't think young people should take the shot.
Well, that's what scientists are saying.
Yeah, I mean, for me it was just basically I wanted to travel, but if you're saying, yeah, PCR test, I'm just hoping when I go back to Australia eventually they don't lock me up for two weeks in the quarantine.
All you gotta do is in the future have a doctor say, you already had COVID, you had a violent response to the shot, you should not take any more COVID vaccines, and then that's on them.
The establishment's not taking these shots.
They're all getting on private jets.
Yeah, yeah.
Oh yeah, that would be good if I could do that, bypass it.
Well, you see what they're doing.
They're setting the precedent to put experimental shots in our bodies.
That violates the Nuremberg Code.
Oh, really?
But listen, a lot of people are going to end up watching this that are into MMA, and I just want to try to inform them about their rights because they're lying to everybody.
Even in communist China, the vaccines are not mandatory.
I think Australia is definitely going to be mandatory, unfortunately, but... That's because they think the public will put up with it.
I mean, imagine, what about the folks that are dying when they take it?
I haven't heard about that.
Is that pretty common?
Oh, a lot of folks have died.
But then they say, well, we're not doing an autopsy and we're not sure that killed them.
But yeah, they take it and have a heart attack about a day later and die.
Is that a lot of people that have already had COVID as well?
Uh, they don't know because they don't test to see if you've had it.
But yes, if you've already had COVID and you take it, the discoverer of HIV, he was a top virologist, Nobel Prize winner, he says that will cause you to have basically a heart attack and die.
It causes the heart to swell up.
Oh, shit.
I wish I knew this before.
We can show you a bunch of these people that have died.
That lady's organs liquefied after she took it.
30-something years old.
Holy shit.
You know, it's good to have you here, Craig.
Tell us about the fight that's coming up this...
This Friday?
This Friday, yeah.
So I'm actually filling in my teammate, Gordon Ryan.
He's considered the best grappler in the world.
He's having some stomach issues, not related to COVID or anything, like some gastroparesis.
He actually might have to retire young because of it.
But he pulled out of this event, so I'm jumping in.
Again, I wanted to jump in because I ruined the last event by getting the COVID vaccine and having to pull out.
So I'm going up against a guy called Luis Panza.
We'll have it on Friday night at the Marriott.
Hoping to see you there.
I think Joe, Eddie's coming.
Eddie's got a shoot-in competing.
A few of my teammates are competing too.
I've got Damien, Ethan, and, sorry, Damien, Nicky, and Tarz are competing, but it should be a very cool show.
You'll be able to see it on Flow Grappling.
Again, tell folks where they can see it?
Like a subscription website, but yeah, it should be a very fun card.
Well, so how did you get into grappling?
I'm good at grappling, probably.
I can't even remember.
When I was a kid, my cousin used to teach Jiu-Jitsu and it was just something fun to do.
But luckily as a sport grew, I was able to turn it into a career.
Have you ever tried Jiu-Jitsu?
No, I'm out of shape.
I remember you talking about on Rogan about you choking people out in high school.
Well, that was us doing it to each other.
Just for fun.
Where did you learn that?
I don't, I forget, just somebody was like, hey have you done this?
And we started doing it to each other.
I think it was in junior high.
How many times did you get choked out?
A few.
You'd have like a really cool dream, like a hallucination real fast, and then like wake up.
I've only been choked out one time, and I remember I woke up in 10 seconds, didn't know who I was, where I was.
Kind of a real strange experience.
Yeah, it's kind of like getting, kids don't try this at home.
I probably shouldn't even have told that story.
Joe's like, that's why you're so interesting, Alex.
Yeah, I've been, I've been, I want to say knocked out, but I've been piledrived into cement too.
When was that?
When I was about 15.
Who did that to you?
It was this guy's brother who started a fight with me before and I like broke his nose.
Then his older brother was like the state wrestling champion in his wake and just grabbed me in the parking lot and slammed my head in the ground.
Did it knock you out?
I saw a lot of stars and stuff.
I guess he didn't think anything was going to happen, so I jumped on top of him and crushed his larynx and he had to get a trichotomy.
I put him in an ambulance.
I went to jail for that.
They let me out.
You went to jail for it?
Yeah, because he was in the ambulance.
I had to do a trichotomy on him.
So you took out the younger brother and the older brother?
The older brother or cousin.
I jumped on top of him.
Oh, shit.
You must have a strong chin.
Well, that was a long top.
That was my head.
I got about ten stitches on top of my head.
You're the tough guy.
You'll beat me up.
That was a long time ago.
I grew up in Dallas.
There's a lot of fighting in Dallas.
Anyways, I can't even walk across the hall right now.
I'm like an old man here at 47.
Enough about me.
In fact, that's a fiction story.
It's not true, folks.
None of it's true.
Why would you have a defense?
The guy was like, you so-and-such is my cousin or brother or whatever.
I was like, what?
I was like, bang, head in the ground.
And the guy was like standing there and I got up bleeding and I was like, I can't believe it didn't knock you out.
That would knock me out.
Well, he stood there looking at it like it was... It didn't knock me out.
I was lucky.
I've been lucky.
I don't think I've ever been knocked out.
Craig Jones is in studio with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We had a caller earlier that asked me why they've pivoted on the Wuhan lab story after denying that it could have been man-made or come from a lab, even though we know it did.
We know the people in the lab got sick.
We know that you can scan the virus and see it's man-made.
Why are they pivoting now?
And the answer is, I don't know.
I've got a lot of ideas, but I just know that scientists and people I trust that have been very accurate that I've known for 20 years, like Dr. Francis Boyle let it all out in January of last year, and on my show in February, and top institutes in Australia, in India, in France, that have CRISPR gene editing systems, read the virus and said it's five viruses combined.
That's why when Australia had their own vaccine, people were getting HIV positive who took it, though they didn't actually have HIV.
The virus has an HIV shell on it, or delivery system.
The spike protein is.
To get through the mucous membrane in the nose and infect people, or through other mucous membranes, with his delivery system.
And so, why do you think the media's gone from saying it didn't come out of a lab, wasn't the China virus, when Trump had the intel, we had the intel before him.
Why do you think, Mr. Jones, that's happening?
I honestly have no idea.
That's why I was coming to you.
I really got interested in it after the vaccine stuff started going down, obviously with the side effects of me.
But yeah, I wanted to know what your perspective was, what the science is saying, whether it's man-made or not.
The science says it's definitely man-made, and that way Gates, who funded it, and Fauci, who funded it, and the NIH can own it.
It was illegal to do the development of gain-of-function here in the U.S.
It was being done at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
It got transferred in 2015 to Wuhan, so they were just using China to build it.
I think so, when the deep state released it, the U.N.
released it, they could then blackmail China and basically threaten China to do what they wanted at the U.N.
level, or they would release the fact that it was a weapon.
But I don't personally think Communist China itself released it.
The globalists released it to put China in the driver's seat and so they would remain open while we actually closed.
But again, the globalists controlled China.
I don't think China themselves did.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, yeah.
But again, I'm speculating there.
We know it's man-made.
We know they lie about how deadly it is.
We know that the PCR test, again, for someone who's not vaccinated, they say is 40 times.
That shows a false positive.
If you've been vaccinated, they set it to 28, so you always have a false negative.
I mean, they're engineering the fraud in front of us.
You mentioned Bill Gates.
Why do you think the media is taking Bill Gates down recently?
Well, I mean, a lot of this is the government's not a monolithic thing, and the corporations are a monolithic thing.
A lot of people in government, even billionaires and people that are powerful, it's hard for them to believe this is all happening.
But we were able to prove it to them and others were, and we explained that they were never going to stop the collapse and the power grab until it comes out that it was done deliberately.
And so I've called for Gates to be indicted for crimes against humanity.
I've called for Fauci to be indicted for crimes against humanity, for there to be Nuremberg trials.
And I've also, you know, his faculty was involved with Epstein and sex trafficking.
From our information, he's to come out, and that is going to come out.
And so I think you've got a power struggle inside the corridors of power because they tried to use big tech to suppress the truth.
They launched the attack to try to bring in their U.N.
control, but I think it's failing.
And so they're hedging their bets now in case it all comes out to burn Gates and Fauci, where it actually goes much higher than them.
It's these people right here.
That's the World Eugenics Society.
So you think they're going to take out Fauci next?
I don't know if they're going to take him out where he gets indicted or convicted.
That may happen.
But he's certainly going to be a pariah and convicted in public.
There's a bigger global force that wants a worldwide ID and wants forced inoculation.
It just doesn't want China and the UN in the driver's seat completely because then it would get out of control.
So it's balancing between the US and Europe and China and the UN and all the different factions.
And so China was trying to keep us closed through their leftist arms and the globalists don't want them closed or us closed.
They only wanted to get the straitjacket on and have us reopen.
The China faction was trying to keep us closed and so now pressure is being
reapplied to the Chinese agents which Gates is a China file and to Fauci
because again they've gotten a little too big for their britches there are bigger
spiders back behind the curtain they're actually controlling it all. So
you think Bill Gates will be prosecuted for the Epstein stuff? Well he'll
have to step down from his foundation and he won't be running the
Carnegie endowment and the IBM endowment for world population production anymore.
He's been actually the head since about 1998 of the World Depopulation Society.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, they give each other awards.
And so he's been in charge since then.
And they see his handling.
Here's the biggest thing.
They executed this and it got out of control and hasn't gone as well as they want.
And so any general that, you know, It's kind of like Hitler, the first couple years of his war
went well, later it didn't go well.
Well, this is already, I mean, they knew it wouldn't go well in five, six years, but they'd
already have a total police state in place and robots instead of troops in place that'll follow
orders. But their program is falling apart faster than they thought it would.
And so the Klaus Schwab Great Reset has been a big failure.
It was very successful up front.
But again, it kind of bogged down in the mud to use a Napoleon analogy or Hitler analogy going into Russia is the allegory I would use.
And so let's just say the Russian winner has come to their offensive.
If you want to use a Russian parallel.
And you notice Australia is getting in war footing with China right now.
Yeah, a lot of action down there, right?
Yeah, exactly.
So there's a lot of... China was supposed to only have control of rare earth minerals in a big global treaty they had, an unofficial corporate treaty that's been implemented through the IMF and World Bank and the WTO, and now you notice that they're breaking that agreement.
and they are militarily taking over.
So the deal was the West will be the military, China will be the economic power,
world government will swing according to those two multipolar worlds.
And China has gone for takeover, and so they're now being basically isolated.
Here it is, exclusive, Biden looks abroad for electric vehicle metals, blow to U.S.
miners, says U.S.
mines will not be allowed to mine for rare earth minerals, only China can.
That's Reuters, we'll see that's them protecting China, because Biden's a Chinese agent.
Iron ore futures tumble as Chinese regulators attempt to halt commodity boom.
Biden's gas tax is a pain to the pump.
All of it's about shutting us down because they're all heavily invested.
The globalists are in China.
So there's the China faction and the other faction.
There's also good people exposing it.
So now that it's coming out, the other faction is going to hedge its bets and may actually burn Gates and them.
Hell, we may go to war with China.
They may bring out that China did this with Gates.
You'll see Gates and Fauci arrested and we'll go to war with China.
China is very hostile with Australia right now.
Well that's because they're going to, exactly, because we're going to, the globalists are going to use, and I say we, the Americans, are part of the global system, I'm not part of it, we're controlled by it, but quote, we're the West, going to use Australia as the trigger for war with China.
Oh wow.
Very scary.
I'm sure you've noticed as you're Australian, the real drums of war, your top generals say, war is basically imminent.
Yeah, I mean it started with the trade war, right?
Well, China infiltrated your universities, your government tried to take over.
Yeah, yeah.
And so kind of the British Commonwealth really is still in control.
They kind of slapped China's hand, and then China has it back down with its operatives inside.
You know, they've got about half your mayors under their control.
So you really think war is going to happen?
Well, we're already in an economic war.
And again, you can claim there's one global government, but there's really not.
The factions are always at war with us, always want more power, but they're at the higher levels at war with each other as well.
Think of it as dimensional, or like levels to a house.
Say it's a five-story house.
You got the general starving public down more than half the world, basically at a subsistence level, almost starving to death.
You have a global lockdown, they starve to death by the tens of millions more.
Then you kind of have the poor people of the West below that.
But they're still doing better.
People are starving.
Then you've got kind of the middle class, working class, you know, blue collar up to middle class.
Then you've got nouveau riche, new rich above that.
Then you've got the public rich, let's say there's six stories, and then the super ultra secret rich above them.
And the super ultra-secret rich are very sophisticated and play all sides.
And then you've got the other power structures that are either a Chinese agent, a Russian agent, a U.S.
agent, or maybe a corporate agent, or a British Commonwealth agent, which is all interchanging with the U.S.
That's the new Anglo-American Establishment Alliance of Cecil Rhodes.
And what he said about 120 years ago.
And so, but at a higher level, it's actually just a handful of groups manipulating those groups against each other towards a larger plan of the future.
But you're here and I'm just ranting and raving, folks.
But there's your answer.
We'll be right back.
All right, Craig Jones is a very interesting fellow, one of the top jujitsu folks in the world.
His teammates retiring probably, so that'll make him number one.
If they argue who's number one, we're saying his buddy's actually better than him.
But you say a lot during the breaks, but not a lot on air, and you're a great guy.
So we're talking about Eddie Bravo, we were talking about you're about to also grapple with a woman that weighs 100-something pounds bigger than you, and we'll try to pull a picture of her up.
So tell us all the same stuff you're telling me during the breaks.
All right, so Gabby Garcia is huge.
The biggest grappler, biggest female grappler in the world, I would imagine.
So we're talking she's 6'4".
Can we go back?
Is that a real photo?
My goodness.
Yeah, 6'4", 284.
There should be even a bigger photo than this, right?
So she's probably, I'm going to guess, she's probably going to kill me for this, but over 280 pounds.
And she's never been submitted in her whole career.
I think 25 years.
And she always jokes around.
She's like, I'll face anyone that calls me out.
So I was like, oh, jump on that opportunity.
Where do we find the photo you want to see?
If you go to Google Images, just Gabby Garcia, you're going to see.
Let's see if we can find one where she's looking enormous.
Yeah, just show all the images, guys.
Just like, do Google, or do DuckDuckGo, and then click Images, with all the images on screen.
Show the search itself.
There you go.
Yeah, so we're talking a huge woman.
She fights MMA in Japan.
And we've been going back and forth.
I talk a lot of shit to her to try to trigger her.
But we're going to do the match, I believe, likely Japan, end of the year.
Well, I'm not trying to be mean to her, but she looks like a big dude.
She looks like Frankenstein.
Yeah, I mean, that's the whole appeal of the match, right?
I mean, I'll be honest, she looks like an Arnold Schwarzenegger.
She looks like she's on juice.
Yeah, I mean, it's probably not natural.
So we've got the tail of the tape here, right?
Obviously, I've exaggerated a couple of those statistics, but what's funny is we put this up as a joke, but a lot of the mainstream media and stuff saw this and shared it as if it was fact.
Well, I've not seen a lot of women I thought could beat dudes, but why is it she in the UFC?
My God.
Well, most of those women I see, it's like the biological male breaking the girl's face in.
I was like, well, this is the whole thing.
It's like, it's a big test.
Cause like, it seems like gender's disappearing in sports.
So, uh, I was like, well, we'll see how it goes down.
We put the biggest woman in the world against me.
I think it'll be pretty entertaining.
I'm not being mean to her, but there's all those double X, double Y chromosome deals.
A lot of your top athlete men actually have extra chromosome.
It looks like she's got something going on chromosomal.
What do you reckon?
Would you survive the pile driver from her?
Probably not.
We had a press conference here.
Is that real?
That's Frankenstein in a wig.
I don't mind.
I wonder what her mom was eating.
Babies, right?
Their moms probably lived inside a plutonium plant.
So we had the press conference and I dressed up as the white trash outfit because I was like, it'd be a good look.
If I'm facing a woman, I might as well dress like a wife beater.
But yeah, that should happen at the end of the year.
But I wanted to ask you... She looks like she's going to conk you on the head, put you over her shoulder, and take you to the cave.
Can we put her back up, please?
What's your prediction?
What's going to happen?
Well, I'm predicting that's not natural.
That's what I'm predicting.
Is there going to be drug testing?
Uh, nah, there's no, there's really no drug testing at all in Grappling.
So yeah, I mean, she's, she is a, uh, a freak athlete for sure.
She's huge in Japan.
Obviously, Japanese fans love this.
Yeah, you know, it's almost like Akra Megley's going on there.
Yeah, I mean, I've never seen a woman that big before.
Big, strong, jacked.
She's actually signed a contract with Marvel Studios.
I believe she's going to be the She-Hulk.
Well, I think she told me as well she's going to be the female Ivan Drago if they make a female Rocky movie.
What do you reckon?
Well, I mean, usually they find these women, like G.I.
Jane, and it's Demi Moore, it doesn't make sense.
I would believe that she would actually eat the men.
Like, this is like Godzilla.
Actually, you know, she could fight Godzilla.
Not Kong versus Godzilla, but this woman.
Why did I know this woman existed?
I wonder if she's going to be... We should bring her to Who's Number One.
You should meet her.
Yeah, but she fights in Japan.
She had an MMA fight, actually, against an old woman in Japan.
Like a 50-year-old woman.
I don't know if we can find that.
But yeah, I wanted to ask you.
Eddie Bravo, Flat Earth.
Where did this Flat Earth movement come from?
He got really big, and I don't know why Eddie stopped doing shows on him.
He was really popular, but Eddie told me, he said, I'm done.
I'm focusing on Tenth Planet.
And he said, and I'm focusing on, you know, my MMA.
And I said, you know, why is your thing called Tenth Planet?
You don't believe in planets?
He gets real mad.
But Eddie's super entertaining, super funny, great guy.
And last time he was here in town, I went out to dinner with him.
So hopefully, yeah, I didn't know he was going to be in town.
We should definitely try to get dinner or something.
You should still do.
I remember on Rogan, you offered to do the documentary, Eddie Bravo Finds the Edge of the World.
Well I was dead serious, because you could get a pretty big cargo ship that's safe down in Chile, and you're only then about a half day sailing or less to Antarctica, and then during the warm season you could circumnavigate Antarctica, and I think that would be a giant film.
You know, the Russians, they pioneered it, but they have the big icebreakers.
We have some too, but they keep, as part of a US-UN deal, the North Pole open.
And so they go in circles year-round keeping it open with icebreakers.
They don't have to do that at the South Pole because it doesn't completely freeze up to the borders because there's not Russia and the U.S.
up there and Canada.
But I would like to circumnavigate Antarctica.
They say it would take about a month to do.
They say people have done it, but nobody's videotaped it.
Everybody denying it would then see the Earth is indeed a sphere.
That would be a great documentary.
It's gotta happen.
I used to talk to Eddie all the time.
He used to call me all the time.
He hardly ever calls me because we've gotten into such arguments about this.
He stole my friend, Michael Malice.
I told Michael Malice, I don't think all police are bad.
He got really mad at me.
He won't talk to me either anymore.
So I believe the earth is flat, so Eddie Roberts will be my friend again, and I believe Michael Malice, all police are bad.
Were you going to see him Friday night?
No, I'm joking.
Me and Eddie are friends.
We talk some, he calls me some, I call him some.
It's just time flies.
He's really busy.
He's super successful with his 10th planet.
Yeah, 10th Planet's probably the biggest.
Or is 10th Pancake?
10th Pancake.
Probably the biggest jiu-jitsu group in the world, I think, these days, for sure.
Yeah, he's killing it.
And you know, he got trained, what, later?
He was a pretty good musician.
Yeah, definitely.
I remember he always used to say that music wasn't even his... Sorry, music was his passion.
Jiu-jitsu wasn't his passion.
But he still managed to dominate the jiu-jitsu world.
What does it do to your body though?
wasn't even his practice. His music is pretty good actually.
Yeah, yeah I've heard some of it. He used to put his music over the, he used to do a
professional grappling event and he used to put his music over the highlight reel so
yeah it was cool stuff. What does it do to your body though? It's had quite a toll on him. Oh
yeah, I'm just sore, injured, Obviously came in here with a black eye, scratches.
Yeah, it definitely takes a toll.
I don't know how many years I'll do this for, but I definitely... Who's your mate?
Who's my mate?
He looks like another fighter that's here.
He's... Oh, Michael Sears?
Yeah, the grappler.
He's the promoter for the grappling event on Friday nights.
He picks all the matchups.
But he's got the bulldog ears too, so he does it.
He does?
I don't even know if he does, actually.
I think he just works on the thing.
But it's good, you think he's looking intimidating.
So, wow, I didn't know you're facing a female incarnation of Skeletor.
Yeah, I mean, she's like, I think she's 37 now, competing 20 years, and yeah, no woman's ever submitted her.
She has lost matches, but just very, very close matches.
But yeah, she fights in Japan now.
I mean, look at this black woman, looks like a midget compared to her.
Yeah, I think, uh, I mean, they can't really find women the same size as her.
You know, obviously.
Well, you're a pretty big guy, and you look a little compared to her.
Can we show the photo again?
Where she's right next to you, looks like she's about to carry you off.
Alright, so what I did for this, we had a press conference, and we had a table in front, so any time they made us do the face-off, I would crouch down behind the table a little bit, just to exaggerate.
Oh, that's why you're a little smaller, okay.
That's not the one, guys, it's the other one we found.
Go back to Google Images, please.
The crew does a great job.
I'm just in here frustrated.
I should be plugged in with a computer into the internet.
That's what I should do and then I can actually show you.
It's the one we showed earlier where she's looking at him.
She's looking at Jones like he's looking forward.
She's turned at him.
Doesn't matter.
Tell us, is the event sold out already?
I'm not actually sure.
I think there should be tickets still available for sure.
How do people come to this event?
There it is.
Good job, guys.
That's the one, yeah.
Were you crouching down there?
Yeah, just a little bit, just a little bit.
But she is huge!
Massive arms, just super, super strong.
Now, does she do the MMA where they actually strike, or does she just do the grappling?
Yeah, she does both.
So she fights MMA in Japan as well.
Obviously, like, Japanese Judo Pro Wrestling and stuff.
Love that.
She's like a superhero.
She's like the female Andre the Giant.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, massive.
That's why it's going to be selling tickets.
Okay, so people want tickets to this event at the Marriott.
What's it called this Friday?
Austin, Texas.
So yeah, who's number one?
It's going to be Friday night at the JW Marriott.
Is she going to be at this?
She's not going to be at this one.
She was at one of the previous ones, though.
Okay, because I was probably going to go, but I want to be a good boy and not drink or anything.
But if she, I got to go see this lady.
I got to admit, I'm kind of turned on by her.
My wife, honey, I'm leaving you.
I'm marrying her.
Maybe we got to fly her in.
Oh my gosh.
I can sit on her knee.
That would be perfect.
Oh my gosh.
I'm not trying to be mean, but I mean my goodness.
She has an OnlyFans account, you know OnlyFans?
So you could subscribe if you want to have a look.
Oh my gosh.
You know, in some pictures she looks like a girl, in others she looks like Frankenstein.
Or is that an older photo?
I'm not sure, to be honest.
Alright, Craig Jones, I'm glad Joe Rogan got us in contact together and told me about your plight with the injection.
We really thank you and good luck this Friday coming up with your grapple.
Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Great to meet you, Alex.
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson is scheduled to take over here in just a few minutes.
I'm going to be hosting tonight at 6 p.m.
Central a Nick Fuentes, Robert Barnes debate.
And again, we'll talk for about 30 minutes about world events, the Mideast crisis that's going to be ongoing.
And then at 6.30 Central is when the actual debate is going to happen.
And I'm not going to talk very much.
I'm going to just make sure the time limit on each person is done properly.
Then I do have a few questions and we'll redirect things and people get off of the subject and the topic.
And I want to host more debates here, so I'm trying to do a really good job and not interject myself like mainstream media does, because these are not really debates now.
It's like these congressional commissions aren't investigations.
They are one-sided witch hunts.
So that is coming up.
Intriguing question from the caller, and I've talked some about this before the caller brought it up, but I haven't gotten into it a lot because I don't know.
When I don't know something, I will not tell you that I know it.
I have a good idea.
And let me just say this.
There's not some all-powerful global government yet.
They're trying to get it in place.
There's not one monolithic elite yet.
That's why they're trying to get them all together at the Davos Group and Bilderberg and create a consensus.
And then if you're a billionaire or an influential person that isn't part of this consensus, they'll target you and bully you and try to shut you up.
But people don't want to get rid of America and get rid of the guns and get rid of our families and sterilize everyone and put the communist Chinese in charge and have all this anti-American Hollywood crap.
This is unpopular.
And so the fact that they did create it at the lab, the fact that they did move it there, Obama and Fauci, And the fact that they've used that to keep us locked down, that's going to come out, because we're on air because of you!
So what I know is, all the experts, all the scientists, all the doctors, all the insiders, all the whistleblowers, and then having platforms like this to get it out, and having a wonderful audience of activists that are just as important as the vice president of Pfizer going public, or the head EU advisor going public, or all these other scientists and doctors going public.
You've been warning people, you've been talking, you've been pointing out that the PCR test is turned up so everybody's a false positive, or that the hospitals were empty a year ago but now full from the vaccine, or that most people dying already took the shot, or that people that have had the vaccine are told take the shot when they even admit it can kill you, or that the media is censoring deaths and illnesses.
So people already know this is bull, and when you got half the NIH doctors and scientists refusing to take the shot, that's congressional testimony a week ago, two weeks ago, That's not something that's popular.
They've really jumped the shark.
They've gone whole hog with their whole agenda because globalism was collapsing all over the world.
Because they were in trouble.
Because the New World Order wasn't popular.
Populism was on the march.
And so, what has Kerry said?
What has Schwab said?
Trying to act like they're powerful.
They've been honest and said, we're using the lockdown to shut down the yellow vest movement and the populist movement and to change the subject and to give dictatorial excuses for total power to governments with the Australian government and the British government and the French government and the Canadian and so many others and then every blue city in our country.
And the teachers' unions and all of them wanting a permanent lockdown, which will cause total starvation and total collapse.
And a big portion of that consensus in the elites don't want that.
They want to have a UN test for a real biological release.
They want to have a global martial law plan in case an asteroid comes.
That's their excuse.
That's how they got some of the other people to go along with it.
But now they're going, this isn't about asteroids.
This isn't about a real bio-release or a real terror attack.
This is you doing it for a power grab.
This wasn't about a UN planetary drill.
We didn't sign on to world government to kill everybody and starve everybody.
We signed on for peace.
Well, they're finding out it ain't about peace.
Inside the establishment, I've talked to highest level people that said, yes, Alex, I was brought into the whole world government, everything you said.
We were told it was for peace.
You're right.
It's not.
We apologize to you.
Okay, heads of agencies, CIA, NSA, heads, members of Congress, top, top show hosts, all of it.
Because I've gotten to the top, which is a horrible place, by the way.
And the top is a bunch of scared people going along with a bunch of bullies like Schwab and Gates, and people are sick of them and what they're doing.
Both music's up and down here.
It's a rollercoaster on the show, isn't it?
DNA Force Plus, ladies and gentlemen, is back in stock, and we got storewide free shipping, double Patreon points, biggest sale yet of the year.
Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
We are live.
It is the Summit News Hour, and we're going to talk about what is unfolding or what has unfolded over the past couple of hours.
At George Floyd Square on the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd, gunshots ringing out while news reporters literally talk about needing to reform the police, because the police are really the problem here, aren't they?
Meantime, in the United Kingdom over the weekend on Sunday, the early hours of Sunday morning, A tragic incident where perhaps the premier leader of Black Lives Matter in the United Kingdom was shot in the head.
Black Lives Matter agitators, activists, immediately tried to suggest, claim that that was some kind of targeted attack, that the individual who was shot had received death threats, political death threats, and it was a deliberate attack by anti-Black Lives Matter people.
Turns out that she was shot in the head by four black gang members.
We're going to get into that in the next segment.
Because CNN, by the way, is still literally refusing to report what the Metropolitan Police are saying now in London.
That it was a black crime gang that shot her in the head.
Trying to gin up this narrative that it was some kind of politically targeted attack.
It wasn't.
So we're going to get into that.
But of course, over the past couple of days, perhaps the biggest news story that we have covered, that we have seen in weeks, is the dam breaking on the Wuhan lab leak theory.
Now, in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, as I've documented on many occasions, when we were saying, yes, this is a serious situation, we should close the borders, we should at least impose some restrictions temporarily, You had the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Governor Cuomo and others come out and say, no, it's racist to suggest that we should impose any kind of restrictions on border controls to stop this pandemic from spreading whatsoever.
Nancy Pelosi literally gave press conferences in the middle of Chinatown saying everybody should gather in large numbers.
Cuomo made similar statements.
We had Mayors in Florence, Italy.
Of course, Italy became the major hub in Europe of the spread of coronavirus after China.
Literally encouraging people to hug Chinese people on the street to prove they weren't racist.
The WHO, as late as late February, was still coming out with recommendations, with advice, telling countries across Europe and the world to not impose any kind of border restrictions because that would, quote, be stigmatising against Chinese people.
Now, if they'd done that, millions of lives could have been saved, but it was more important at the time to not be seen as racist than to save millions of lives.
Well now the Wuhan lab leak theory, the dam has broken for the past year, almost the past year.
Fact checkers, social media networks, mainstream media entities have said that anyone who talks about this in a credible way and suggests that the virus was either deliberately or accidentally leaked from the Wuhan lab is a conspiracy theorist, is spreading dangerous misinformation, should be banned off of social media, their content removed, blacklisted, censored.
Well, they've suddenly changed their tune, haven't they?
We had this article up yesterday on Summit.News.
Questions over social media censorship of Wuhan lab leak after Fauci admits possibility.
Now, of course, Fauci admitted the possibility.
Hours before we had this Wall Street Journal report, which was a US intelligence report, revealing that three researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology became so sick in November 2019 with COVID-19 symptoms that they required hospital treatment.
Remember, Trump, again, was called a dangerous conspiracy theorist, a bigot for calling it the China virus, He was called a peddler of misinformation, dangerous fake news for saying there's a possibility it came from the lab.
Well, he was right.
The conspiracy theorists were right.
And now they're having to admit it.
And yet we've placed all this power, which has been abused time and time again, into the hands of fact checkers, into the hands of Mark Zuckerberg, into the hands of Jack Dorsey.
The social media oligarchs into the hands of the mainstream media to define what is fake news, what is misinformation, and then to punish, ostracize, publicly shame, ban, de-platform people who share it.
Well, all those people have been proven spectacularly wrong.
Are they going to do an apology tour?
Are they going to reassess the dangerous misinformation scandal, which indeed is now on them?
If it does indeed be proven that this virus emerged from the Wuhan lab and that the mainstream media was complicit in covering it up by amplifying Chinese communist state government propaganda, they're complicit in one of the biggest cover-ups of all time.
And that cover-up was facilitated by these fact-checkers claiming the power To define reality.
Should these people really be given any power, any more, any respect, any legitimacy?
I would suggest not.
There's a headline here out of reclaimthenet.org and they go through some of the examples of where Before Fauci and before Biden's current CDC director, of course Trump's CDC director said basically it was likely that it came from the lab.
Now Fauci, Biden's CDC director is saying it's possible.
We've got the UK government saying it's possible.
We've got esteemed scientific groups saying it should be investigated once again.
Remember the WHO They have already investigated this, apparently.
That investigation comprised of a few of them visiting the Wuhan Institute of Virology for about three hours a few months ago, asking the researchers, oh by the way, did you leak this virus from the lab?
All right, bye, see you.
Investigation over.
That's literally what happened.
They put the lid on it after asking, it's like asking Ted Bundy, did you behead these women?
No, I didn't do that.
All right.
No worries.
See you, Ted.
What the hell?
So, for almost a year, people have been banned, censored.
Remember, the initial scientists in China were literally arrested.
Some of them disappeared.
Some of them were killed by the Chinese government for merely saying that there was a coronavirus outbreak in the first place in November and December.
The Chinese Communist Party told the WHO there was no human-to-human transmission.
They amplified that as late as mid-January.
But we're supposed to trust the esteemed health authorities because they've got it right at every turn, haven't they?
Well, no, it's the exact opposite.
So again, reclaimthenet.org headline, after many were banned online for saying it, it's finally admitted the Wuhan lab leak may not be a conspiracy theory.
Oh my God.
So again, they provide many cases.
In February 2020, Twitter permanently suspended Harry Chen, PhD, after he reported about the coronavirus directly from Wuhan.
In April 2020, Facebook censored a documentary from the Epoch Times that looked into whether the coronavirus might have originated in a Wuhan lab after it was flagged by a fact-checker!
Because you can't question the fact-checkers, can you?
They're just angelic, beyond reproach!
Who previously worked at the Wuhan lab.
So the fact checker worked at the Wuhan lab and he's the independent impartial source.
In September 2020, Twitter permanently suspended Chinese virologist and whistleblower, Dr. Li Mengjie, and Facebook censored her appearance on Fox News host Tucker Carlson's show after she claimed that COVID-19 was created in the Wuhan lab.
Some of the many examples of those who have been censored by Big Tech for discussing the same Wuhan lab leak the mainstream media is now covering more than a year later.
We had this headline yesterday, or a few days ago in fact.
PolitiFact forced to pull fact check that debunked, or they debunked it, lab leak origin of Covid.
And again, they said it was basically impossible that it would have leaked from the lab.
They stealth edited an article from March 2020 without telling anyone.
And then only last night did they come out.
In fact, that was Vox that did that.
PolitiFact, I mean, give them credit, they admitted to it.
But then Vox did the same thing, basically.
They published an article in March 2020 saying that there was no possibility it leaked from the lab.
...started stealthily editing their articles to change the language so it wasn't definitive that they say it never came from the lab.
And only last night did they then admit that they were stealth editing their own articles.
No editorial note at the time.
They came out with a tweet which said, clarification, since this piece was originally published, scientific consensus has shifted.
As many people have pointed out, the scientific consensus never shifted.
Prominent scientists were saying this was a possibility.
It was the media consensus that never shifted.
They've been proven wrong once again.
We'll be back, don't go away.
So the fact-checkers, the mainstream media, are in the mud once again, having tried to lobby and pressure social media networks to great success, by the way, as I documented in the previous segment.
To silence information, to ban people for merely suggesting that the coronavirus was leaked either deliberately or accidentally from the Wuhan lab.
They did that for the best part of a year.
Even prominent organizations like Zero Hedge, for example, also got banned off of Twitter.
They got back on later on.
Simply for making this point, for stating the evidence.
And it all comes back to the question of why we're giving fact-checkers, social media networks, and mainstream media outlets the power to define what constitutes misinformation, when in this case, by the way, all these same people, these same organisations, CNN, New York Times, were the same people saying that weapons of mass destruction were in Iraq, creating, greasing the skids for that horror, The endless horror which still has consequences to this day with this whole migrant wave due to the destabilisation of the Middle East.
They've proven themselves to be completely untrustworthy for literally decades.
And these are the same entities declaring what's a conspiracy theory, declaring what's misinformation, declaring what you're allowed to talk about without being banned, censored, silenced, ostracised, publicly shamed.
Doxed in some cases, as we saw with CNN during the Trump presidency.
Michael Tracy commented on this, as did a few others.
He said, perhaps it's a bad idea to appoint tech officials the arbiters of what constitutes a conspiracy theory or disinformation and demand that they execute social media purges on that basis.
Toby Young, Added his perspective.
He said a year ago, lab leak theory was dismissed as misinformation by Facebook's independent fact-checkers.
Mainly because Trump was talking about it.
And posts mentioning it were removed.
Now even Dr. Fauci, oh my god, even Dr. Fauci's saying it.
The esteemed angelic presence.
Now even Dr. Fauci is saying it should be investigated.
Good example of why big tech companies should not try to censor misinformation.
Of course they're not going to listen.
They don't care.
Because they're malevolent entities that hate the truth.
And they want to silence people who tell the truth.
So they're never going to be like, oh yeah, Mia Culper, we got it wrong.
Maybe we shouldn't have that power.
They're never going to give up that power.
Steven Crowder said, so now that mainstream outlets are admitting the likelihood of COVID originating in a lab, after mocking Trump mercilessly over his claims for a year, let me ask you this.
He said, if this info were available, I would say last year, I think it may have had an impact on the election.
Well, I wonder.
Of course, those same powerful entities wielded complete control over what you could say about the election in its aftermath, so nobody could seriously investigate claims of fraud, because that would mean instant social banning, instant public shaming, instant ostracisation.
So they've been caught red-handed.
They're not going to change their tactics, though.
They're not going to change their approach to how they define misinformation.
But even some people within the system are now calling them out.
Headline, former New York Times science editor slams media over dismissal of COVID lab origin.
This is former New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade, who slammed the mainstream media for its early attempts to amplify Chinese propaganda by dismissing the lab leak origin of COVID as a conspiracy theory.
According to Wade, the US media was complicit in a quote, sustained Chinese propaganda effort because of its failure to take off its political glasses and look at the cold, hard facts.
He said, quote, but you know, it's more than that.
It was just the blindness, if I could put it that way, of our media.
And he's like cutting them too much slack here.
Say, oh, I just didn't investigate it fully enough.
Come on, then you.
He said, we're too polarised to see scientific issues for their own sake without putting a political gloss on them.
We don't know for sure the origin of the virus, it's just we've got these two possible scenarios, but if you look at all the evidence and ask yourself, well, which scenario explains all these facts better on present evidence?
It seems to me at least that the lab escape hypothesis explains it a lot better.
So that's the former New York Times science editor, another dangerous conspiracy theorist basically saying it's likely it came from the lab.
Meanwhile, Washington Post journalist forced to eat crow over Wuhan lab leak theory.
This is Glenn Kessler, who is facing ridicule after reporting that the lab leak origin of COVID is now credible, that's his own word, credible, after previously having attacked Senator Ted Cruz for saying the same thing.
So back in May 2020, around a year ago, Cruz responded to Kessler's assertion that the lab leak theory was doubtful, By accusing the news outlet of abandoning all pretenses of journalism to produce CCP propaganda.
Keisler responded by accusing crews of missing the scientific animation in the video that shows how it's virtually impossible for the virus to jump from the lab.
Or the many interviews with actual scientists.
Yeah, the ones who work at the lab.
Such an impartial source!
He said, we deal in facts and viewers can judge for themselves.
Well, now that same individual Mr. Kessler has tweeted, and I think he wrote the actual article for the Washington Post, got ratioed on Twitter as a result of that, and he now admits that the LabLeap origin has suddenly become credible.
The same guy that was trying to own Ted Cruz on Twitter a year ago for saying the exact same thing now admits that he basically agrees with Ted Cruz.
Donald Trump Jr.
responded to this by saying, it didn't suddenly become credible, it was always credible.
It literally always made BMO sense.
Made a lot of sense in terms of how it impacts Trump's election chances.
Oh, but they'd never release it deliberately.
He went on to say, I understand the desired narrative media always wanted but didn't anyone think the most likely scenario was the virus magically originated feet from the lab that worked with it?
What a silly conspiracy theory!
So you have...
New York Times former science editors coming out and saying that the media got it completely wrong.
You have the Washington Post journalist being dinged, being owned on Twitter for attacking Ted Cruz for saying that, now saying that it's a credible thing that it probably did come from the lab.
As I mentioned before the break, Vox and several other left-wing news outlets have been secretly editing their old articles which say, oh the lab leak theory is being completely debunked, how could anyone even suggest it?
They're changing words, they're changing language within those articles without putting an editorial note on it until last night when people start pointing it out again to cover their own behinds.
The UK government has come out today and said it wants all possible theories explored on origin of Covid.
This was Boris Johnson's official spokesman who said the investigation needs to explore all possible theories on how COVID-19 made that jump from animals to humans.
So you got Fauci, you got the ex-CDC director under Trump, you got the current CDC director under Trump, you had that panel of scientific experts a couple of weeks ago who said it almost certainly came from the lab.
Fauci himself is now saying it comes from the lab, or at least that that was a possibility.
And what's the result?
Biden White House refuses to investigate Covid origin, warns academics or Americans off lab leak theory.
The press secretary, Psaki, was asked if it was going to be investigated and basically said, oh, we're just going to leave it to the international process.
Well, the international process already tried to investigate it.
I use the word tried.
Pretended is a more operative word.
When a group of WHO individuals visited the Wuhan Institute of Virology, turned up for a few hours, asked the actual researchers if they leaked the virus, were told, no we didn't.
And then went home to their own respective countries.
What a thorough investigation that was.
Now go away, we'll be right back.
Now I'm going to touch on what happened a few hours ago in George Floyd Square in Minneapolis with the shooting there.
But first, a related story.
We had this headline up earlier today.
Authorities say Black Lives Matter activists were shot in the head by four black men.
This was a leading Black Lives Matter activist in the UK who went to a house party, evidently on Saturday night.
3am on the next morning, Sunday morning, was shot in the head by a gang of four black men, authorities have now revealed.
Sasha Johnson, who is one of the most militant extreme Black Lives Matter activists in the UK, was left critically ill after the four men dressed in dark clothing Entered the garden of the property and discharged a firearm, according to the Metropolitan Police.
Now this is interesting because as soon as the shooting happened in the hours following, BLM activists tried to suggest that the shooting may have been a targeted attack, asserting that Johnson had received death threats prior to the incident.
So they were obviously trying to paint the narrative that this was some kind of white supremacist revenge attack against this BLM activist.
However, police say there is no evidence Johnson was deliberately targeted, and her friend Imam Ayten told the BBC, quote, the incident is more related to rival gangs as opposed to her activism.
So basically what happened is, from the sounds of it, she was at a house party with some gang members in South London, in an S-hole area of South London called Peckham, And she was caught up in this what seemed like a gangland shooting, not deliberately targeted herself.
And yet these activists still continue to claim, even right now they're still claiming it, and even CNN is refusing to report on this, which I'm going to get onto.
...that it was potentially a targeted assassination attempt.
During a vigil for Johnson on Monday afternoon, BLM supporters were still erroneously blaming other entities for her shooting, with one speaker asserting, quote, I want to say to some of the media here, you guys caused some of this SHIT.
Another speaker seemed more concerned about, quote, white supremacist media controlling the narrative of the story, stating, don't give them a story, don't give them a narrative, don't give them anything until they give us something.
Now we had a Labour MP, again, with no knowledge of who was responsible for the attack.
And in fact, now that I look at this article, it seems like she's deleted the tweet, what a surprise, after she was called out by everyone on Twitter.
But we have the quote from Labour MP Diane Abbott.
Who suggested, with absolutely no evidence, that Johnson had been targeted for her activism, tweeting, quote, Nobody should have to pay.
Nobody should have to potentially pay with their life because they stood up for racial justice.
She then used the hashtag, Black Lives Matter.
Man, let me just check if she's actually deleted that tweet, because... No, it's still there.
It's still there.
She's that shameless.
She's that shameless, she's not even going to delete it.
So we have a top Labour MP, Diane Abbott, in the hours after this tragic attack, saying that it was basically a political payback, a revenge attack by white supremacists, at least suggesting that that was the premise.
The actual reality of the incident was that this Black Lives Matter activist was shot in the head by four black criminal men.
Once again, highlighting the point that Why does Black Lives Matter not care about black lives when they're taken by other black people in every single instance?
In fact, I remember a story that we covered last year where there was a George Floyd Black Lives Matter rally in America, I forget the city, potentially it was in Minnesota, Minneapolis, Where a young girl, a child, was literally shot in the head at a Black Lives Matter rally, it was swept under the carpet very quickly.
Nobody seemed to care about that black life.
Just as nobody seems to care about black lives in London, where this tragic incident happened, as we've highlighted before, statistics reported in the Evening Standard from the actual police that 73% of offenders And 53% of victims of knife crime, because of course most of the murders in London are knife crime rather than gun crime, were of a black or minority ethnic background and the two-thirds of all knife crime in the capital was carried out by people under 25.
So the biggest culprit in terms of taking black lives Or at least ethnic minority lives in the capital city or other ethnic minorities and black people.
That's not really an issue that I see Black Lives Matter really focus on to any significant degree.
Of course, we know the figures out of Chicago, big American cities in general, where 90% of black victims of gun crime The assailants are other black people.
You would think that would be somewhat important if you actually care about black lives, but to BLM it never is.
Now we know from the police that this was a gangland shooting, that she was caught up in the middle of it, that the assailants were four black men, yet CNN even today is still refusing to report that the culprits were four black men.
We have a headline here out of CNN, Black Lives Matter activist in critical condition after being shot in the head in London.
And immediately in the article they quote this political extremist party that she was associated with, who said that the attack happened following numerous death threats as a result of her activism.
That is the third paragraph in the CNN article published today about the shooting, despite the fact we already know from the police And from Sasha Johnson's own friends, by the way, that it was a gangland attack and that it was four black individuals responsible for the shooting.
Yet CNN has published an article after that information came out, within the first three paragraphs, suggesting it was a revenge attack, a political hit, complete misinformation, complete fake news.
And then they quote another friend of Johnson.
Who said that although the facts of the shooting were still being established, no, they've been established.
The only thing that's not been established is precisely who did it.
They're still on the loose, but the police have said it's all black men, obviously because of the other eyewitnesses that were at the party.
But they quote a friend of hers who said whether it was targeted or whether she was in the wrong place at the wrong time, the fact is nobody is spraying bullets into white communities.
But it's a regular occurrence within the black community.
Yeah, and maybe that's the point.
Maybe that's the point right here.
But CNN is refusing to report the primary, truthful, crucial fact of the shooting of a Black Lives Matter activist, which is that it was carried out by black people.
Meanwhile, video.
News reporter talks about police reform as gunshots ring out at George Floyd Square.
Numerous people are pointing out the chilling irony of a video which shows a news reporter talking about police reform at George Floyd Square as a criminal gunman began firing shots.
You've probably seen the video by now.
Shows a news reporter reporting live from the scene talking about police reform because obviously police reform is the biggest problem here.
Meanwhile, somebody literally shows up.
There's a drive-by shooting.
Thankfully, it looks like nobody died.
Only one person was injured from the latest reports that I read.
But he's literally talking about the main problem in these communities being the policing while people are being shot at indiscriminately at George Floyd Square.
And in fact, there was another segment on a different news channel, which again was talking about police reform while this was literally happening.
Maybe the bigger problem isn't the police, commented one respondent.
Another person said, is anyone surprised?
They don't want to reform policing.
They want to be the police.
Another person responded to this by saying, better call the police away.
And then another journalist, by the way, came out with a tweet shortly after this incident happened.
This is Philip Crowder, at Philip in DC.
He said, George Floyd Square very quiet again now.
Again, thankfully only one person injured, which is shocking if you watch the video because you literally hear about 15, 20 gunshots.
But he said, George Floyd Square very quiet again now, but a fellow reporter just had her phone smashed because she took photos of a storefront hit by a bullet.
Now, who do you think is seizing that phone from that reporter and smashing it to the ground?
I would hazard a guess that it's either Antifa, left-wing radicals, or Black Lives Matter activists that don't want the media filming the aftermath of that shooting in George Floyd Square.
And I think you know the reason why.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
I'm going to come back and finish up with some final news stories but we're going to go to a clip now because a few days ago May 22nd marked the four-year anniversary of the shocking atrocity that happened in Manchester at the Manchester Arena in the United Kingdom.
Hundreds of people, most of them children, maimed and killed by an Islamic terrorist who, by the way, was literally brought into the UK by the British Royal Navy on the refugee wave as a refugee as a result of the Obama administration's disastrous destabilization of the Middle East, their tacit support for Islamic radicals in that region, which of course led to the growth of ISIS, He was literally brought into the country by our government on the refugee wave, went on to carry out that attack.
Many such cases, the Paris massacre of course, we know that the majority of the massacre terrorists were brought into France, brought into Europe again by exploiting the refugee wave to carry out that attack.
Nigel Farage put out a video a couple of days ago about the continuing problem in the United Kingdom with our supposedly conservative and name-only government continuing to bring in these boat migrants with no checks, no idea who they are, putting them up in four or five-star hotels at taxpayer expense while claiming that they're trying to limit illegal immigration.
Let's go to this Nigel Farage clip right now.
Here it is.
Well I'm currently on tour in the USA where one of the issues that is dominating the news is the border crisis.
What is happening down on the Mexican border.
About a thousand people a day coming through that border and it's a subject of huge national debate.
Those that have followed me will know that this time last year, in fact just before this time last year, I started going out into the English Channel to expose our own border crisis.
And I did it because mainstream media were not covering the subject.
You see, in 2018, by mid-May, seven people had illegally crossed the English Channel by boat.
In 2019, that figure was around about 450.
But when I went out last year to expose this story, well, by this time last year, 1,300 people had crossed the channel.
As a result of you going out there, and lots of you watching this, and passing it on to your friends, we actually got mainstream media to cover the story.
Well, I bet you don't know what's going on in the English Channel right now because mainstream media are not covering this at all.
Let me tell you that to date the number that have come illegally across the English Channel, at least the number we know of, is now approaching 3,000.
I said this time last year that 5,000 people might come throughout 2020.
I was wrong.
Completely wrong.
The figure was 8,500.
And I'm telling you, on the current projections this year, it is going to be 20,000 people.
Now you might see the odd picture, in Medallion Mail or elsewhere, of a five or six-year-old child that comes across, but be in no doubt, 85% of those that come are young men.
We've noticed this year a much larger number of Vietnamese people coming, but basically, we haven't got a clue who these people are.
I also covered last year where they were going.
Hotels being filled up all over the country.
Well, the government have now run out of hotels to put people in, so they're turning to private accommodation.
I even learned today that my home village of Down, where I was born and raised and where I still live, very close by, I've even heard today that In the name of social housing, we will have illegal immigrants put into our village.
This is spreading throughout the entire country.
It is costing a fortune.
It poses a national security risk, given that we don't know whether some of these that are coming were perhaps fighting for ISIS a couple of years ago.
We just simply don't know.
What's the response to all of this?
Well, every time I raise this issue, Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, comes out with a big tough statement about what we're going to do.
And the Queen's speech a couple of days ago was no exception to that rule.
We're now told that anybody that comes into the UK through a safe country will not be able to claim refugee status.
But what she hasn't said is what will happen to them.
Will they be returned back to France from whence they came?
We have no agreement with the French to do so.
And what it means is nothing is going to change whatsoever.
This crisis will continue.
The upset to communities where all these people are put will continue.
And I'm afraid 2021 is going to get a lot worse.
So this is my This is my first attempt to flag what is really going on this year.
Have a look at some of this footage.
And the extraordinary thing was this morning, there were beach landings taking place.
Boats coming all the way through, landing on the shore at Dungeness in Kent.
And yet, anchored up two miles away, was a Royal Naval vessel that appeared to be totally unconcerned with what I think, in terms of numbers, amounts to an invasion.
No, they're far too busy boarding British fishing boats to make sure the scallops they're keeping are the right size.
We've got our priorities completely and utterly wrong on this.
There are things that Boris's government have got right.
I like some of the things in the Queen's speech.
I'm pleased that we've got Brexit done even if the deal is imperfect.
But we continue to be humiliated on our borders and I genuinely think I really do genuinely think that there is a conspiracy of silence amongst our broadcasters who don't wish this issue to even be discussed.
What I will promise you is when I am back in the UK from this tour of the US,
I'll be back out in the English Channel on a boat and I'll get some footage
and I'll make sure mainstream media have to wake up to what's going on.
There is Nigel Farage talking about the border crisis in England which continues to be exacerbated
by our own supposedly conservative government.
Gonna move on to some final news stories now.
Governor Whitmer has become the latest authority figure to flagrantly violate her own COVID rules.
Just the latest in, again, many such cases.
And she's been forced to apologize for breaking rules on indoor dining.
Whitmer was photographed with a dozen people at a bar in East Lansing, violating rules which state a maximum of six people can be seated at a table.
By the way, she was partly responsible for passing that rule the week before!
So she barely even waited a week before violating her own rule.
And she came out with some mealy-mouthed apology afterwards.
As I highlight in the article, this is just the latest of a plethora of examples of those who make the rules and demand everyone else comply, while flagrantly violating them themselves.
Our own two aides back in April went for a spring break vacation, even as residents were cautioned against travelling due to rising Covid cases.
Of course we had John Kerry getting on the flight, immediately removing his mask against Much vaunted CDC mandates while on a first-class flight from Boston to DC.
Joe Biden violated his own executive order on the day it was signed when his family took part in a photo op on federal property after removing their masks.
Then of course you had California Governor Gavin Newsom exposed when he was caught on camera unmasked eating indoors at a Michelin star restaurant with a group of 12 people While simultaneously telling Californians they could only celebrate Thanksgiving outside.
Almost like these people know something about the deadly threat of the virus, or lack thereof, that they're not telling their own people.
Meanwhile, UK Health Secretary suggests critics of vaccine passports are crazies.
Of course we had for the past six months or so the UK government vowing, promising that vaccine passports would not be introduced domestically for domestic events within the country, that there wouldn't be an internal passport, while literally funding corporations to create that very same passport, while secretly planning that precise thing, while they were telling the public the opposite.
Well now UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has been the face of the coronavirus response in the UK, Suggested critics of the vaccine passport were crazies after he retweeted a post which disparaged those who have security and privacy concerns about the program.
So he basically retweeted somebody who said okay ignore the crazies, again suggesting that anyone who had concerns about this was crazy.
The only people who were again called crazy at the time were those who were saying that this was being introduced, the government was secretly planning it, they called those people conspiracy theorists.
Turns out Imagine my shock that conspiracy theorists were right once again.
We know the ultimate agenda of the vaccine passport, it's the entree for the Chinese communist style social credit score where your every behaviour, interaction, either with your own friends or with the government itself, is tracked, logged and then you're punished in the aftermath if there's any kind of infraction.
Meanwhile, a report devastating cancer crisis has been caused by stay-at-home orders.
Leading cancer charities in the UK are warning that there's a crisis underway with huge numbers of people not receiving referrals or treatment because they've been told to stay at home and to not burden the National Health Service.
Even to this day, that still continues to happen, despite, for example, today the UK They own, according, 15 coronavirus deaths.
People are still afraid to go into the hospitals because, of course, that's one of the main vectors of catching the virus itself.
They're not getting treatment.
They're dying.
The media barely reports on it.
Nobody cares about them.
Rand Paul responds to a viral death threat package of white powder sent to his home.
Of course, this came after The media left-wing journalists laughed and guffawed and said that they were glad that his neighbor previously attacked him.
Remember, he had to have part of his lung removed.
That set the environment for these vicious personal attacks, death threats to be made against Rand Paul.
And now somebody literally sent white powder to his home horrendous.
That's going to wrap it up.
Ballroom next.
We'll be back.
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