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Name: 20210524_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 24, 2021
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In this segment of The Alex Jones Show, the speaker discusses various issues including conspiracies related to vaccines and globalism. They encourage listeners to stay informed and take action in order to protect humanity from threats posed by these forces. Additionally, they talk about the importance of breath and spiritual alignment for overall well-being. The speaker also addresses current events such as Israel's situation and urges people to share information and sign up for news alerts from InfoWars.

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They even tell you in this article, Wall Street Journal, because they're honest here.
They just say, we're going to merge the machines.
Humans are obsolete.
COVID showed that.
You're locked up.
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
Here's another one.
Cyborgs will replace humans and remake the world, James Lovelock says.
He's a top eugenicist globalist.
He goes on to say humans will vanish entirely from the earth somewhere around 2047.
Funny, same number.
The Novo scene.
Or the new period.
Lovelock imagines cyborgs filling every evolutionary niche on the planet.
Oh, not just for humans, but everything will be displaced by the new silicone lifeform that hates carbon so much.
It tells you carbon will be eradicated.
We are rewriting our planet.
Just like, oh, this is very loving and liberal.
Humans are evil and mad, all carbon mad.
We are silicon.
We are silicon.
We are silicon.
Like a Star Trek episode.
We are the Borg.
You will assimilate.
Resistance is futile.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this live Monday, 24th, 2021 transmission.
And as we speak, the live headline for today's broadcast, teleprompter free, is going up on the front page of InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com, and that headline says it all, very succinctly.
Alex Jones issues an emergency message to humanity.
The globalist depopulation plan has gone from beta
And it's now successfully launched into operational.
The end game goal is the complete extermination of all humans on Earth by the year 2050.
A very complex operation.
And all the timetables that you see publicly now, as they externalize the method and the hierarchy, are projecting it out into 2070, but it's official, all humans dead by then.
So that minions in the system, who think they're going to be part of the life extension program, and they're going to merge with the silicon body, as is the cost of immortality, they're being told by the dark force, by the bad guy,
So they don't figure out that they've been set up the entire time and are the biggest fools of all.
And so that really is the plan.
And people now are watching stuff I said 25 years ago, 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 2 years ago, and they're going, man, the stuff he said back then sounded crazy, but it's all happening exactly as he said.
And then the even crazier stuff he's saying now,
Is accelerating, and you don't have to wait 20 years for it to come true, you can wait six months and it's true.
And as this accelerates towards 2050, that's a very conservative estimate.
They may go ahead and just launch the whole thing and kill everybody by 2030.
That's my dead reckoning analysis from their statements, their operations, kind of an internal biological algorithm I've got to kind of triangulate their both public and private propaganda.
To kind of mathematically create an average.
But that could be a deception as well.
The point is, they're killing the whole planet.
This is a planet-killing system.
But it's going to be done very, very slowly.
And clearly, out of it, there is a metamorphosis.
Something climbs out of it.
But it ain't us.
And it ain't pretty.
It really is a ritualistic destruction of humanity and all that is pure and all that is beautiful and all that is good.
So if you ask why they're doing it, it's the same reason you ask why does a serial killer grab a five-year-old girl out of her backyard and take her to a barn and rape her for two days and slit her throat?
Because they like it.
And a lot of people say, well don't worry about why the globalists do what they do, just stop them.
Well, no, the general public can't fight the enemy because they project the fact that they're not like that onto the enemy and so people just can't interface with it.
And then it's invisible and so it can overtake you.
You have to face it so that you know the cut of its
Jib as they would say so that you know and can really feel where this is going and see where it's going and then activate your own spirit which is designed to stomp this into the ground very easily once you become conscious.
And of course they believe they're involved in a metaphysical alchemy
Transcending themselves by destroying humanity, but in truth, they will just only test the faithful, and it is us that will transcend this entire fallen planet.
And that is the great secret that they try to keep from their minds, but they are the fallen.
They are the servants of the devil, so they don't see the truth.
When I was really becoming politically aware, 30 years ago, I was graduating high school.
And I already had a big grasp on general history because I'd become a novice history buff because I found it so interesting and was attracted to it.
And it became very clear as I began to research history that there were always elites that believed they were gods and believed the general public were chattel and animals that had to be controlled and culled from time to time.
And then very soon I began to dig in to their endgame and the fact that all the major robber baron money and royal cachet had been put in to a project for world government and how to control humanity and how to have a monopoly of power.
And of course what else does royalty and rich people want?
They want to live longer, live forever.
And out of that project
came the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, which by the 30s said the answer is world government and ending biologically humans as we know them and making them a corporate production of laboratories, if we even decide to keep humans around, the answer is transcendence above our humanity.
And so we are like
An egg.
The white part of the egg and you have the center of the egg that is actually the fertilized embryo that then absorbs out of the white part of the egg.
It's sustenance to then crack out of the egg with its little egg tooth and stumble out upon a new universe.
Imprinting and identifying on the first thing it sees.
Well, the globalists imprinted on Satan.
That was the first thing they were able to make contact with.
The thing that would go after their free will, the thing that would give them advanced knowledge, but only for a price.
And so they are the children of their father, who they imprinted on.
Satan is not their spiritual father.
Satan is not their historical father.
Satan is not their genetic father.
They're made in the image of the Creator.
But the fallen ones have imprinted on the transmission of death.
Real weapons, spiritual interdimensional weapons, convince you to kill yourself.
Our enemies aren't transported here in aluminum flying saucers.
And the Bible tells us that.
And so now we've gone from stuff I was reading 30 years ago about global government and depopulation that I would warn people about and show you the books and show you where they said it.
Since then, thousands of books have been written by them bragging about what they're going to do and their total control and their power.
But now they've gone from beta into operational.
So starting about 20 years ago, you'd see one article a year
About the depopulation plan of the Earth.
Ian Wired Magazine cover story, 1999, Why the Future Doesn't Need Us.
Telling you, hey, I went to a meeting with over 200 tech owners, billionaires, we had a consensus that we're just gonna kill everybody.
But slowly, incrementally, so you never know what hit you.
Your only chance is to be like Theodore Kaczynski and kill all of us and go back to an agrarian society or you're all dead.
I'm not saying that.
Bill Joy, owner of Sun Microsystems, said it.
You ask, why would he tell you that?
Well, because he signed on to the plan, but it's kind of like in the French art of fencing.
They say in French, en garde.
En garde!
En garde!
Guard yourself!
I'm about to kill your ass!
En garde!
And that's why they tell you, so it was one article a year, then 10 a year, then 100 a year, now 10,000 a week, 10,000 a week, just everywhere.
We're gonna kill humans, humans are scum, yeah, it's in humans, woo!
Tell me so much fun, oh my God, it's so wonderful!
Got a big stack of them right here for you, how they're gonna kill you and your family.
And so you can sit here and ignore this project of post-humanism.
Or you can decide to do something about it and become aware of it and warn others.
Because how it gives controls to the medical tyranny and the World ID they're setting up now for the COVID hysteria.
And once they've got that and the social credit score, it's all over.
They'll be able, with incremental credits, to get the general public who no longer have jobs or industry
And who no longer have any type of future to sell themselves for chicken feed and then to be organized into armies against those of us that still want to remain human.
So here's John Bowne's latest report.
Humans are quietly going extinct.
And we'll be back with the rest of the story.
Here it is.
It isn't the liberal hostage situation of climate change.
Look, the climate crisis is not our fight alone.
It's a global fight.
The report suggests we now have just 12 years to avoid damaging storms, catastrophic drought, wildfires, and rising sea levels.
We now know that definitively at no point during at least the past 800,000 years has atmospheric CO2 been as high as it is today.
The reason you chose 800,000 years ago is because for 200 million years before that it was greater than it is today.
And I'm going to submit for the record... Yeah, but there weren't human beings.
I mean, there was a different world, folks.
We didn't have 7 billion people.
So how did it get to 2,000 parts per million if we humans weren't here?
Because there were all kinds of geologic events happening on Earth which spewed up... Did geology stop when we got on the planet?
Mr. Chairman, it isn't merely a new coronavirus or a nuclear war.
This overlooked research makes all of those issues meaningless.
An alarming new study has found that between 1973 and 2011, sperm counts in Western males, men in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, dropped from an average of 99 million sperm per cubic centimeter to just 47 million.
You know what?
Stop it right here.
I'm going to play this whole video next segment because I looked at my sheet wrong and it's a longer report than I thought, even though I've already watched it.
So I need to play it next segment.
But as humans are quietly going extinct, because did you notice the countries, because they did them all over the world, where the sperm is all going away?
It doesn't matter if you're black or white, whether you're Asian or Hispanic.
If you live in Australia, if you live in Europe, if you live in Canada or the U.S., your genitals are getting smaller.
Your sperm count's going down, and in utero, at a key point, if the testosterone is not developed in the baby, you don't even develop male neuron development in the brain, and you actually have more of a feminine brain.
Because the imprint in a fetus is more female, if you get into the genetics, and then it expresses the male attributes.
Early in development, but that's what happens.
And then that's why men, you know, have the equivalent of female breasts.
We just don't have the breast tissue.
And so they do this with carp.
They put a chemical in with the carp eggs.
So the carp are all female or sterilized depending on which chemical they use.
Just a couple drops in each little pool and it happens.
And then we have all the documents from the Club of Rome and the CFR and
We're good to go.
Get all these horrible cancers and other problems.
But women age faster than they used to.
And they go into puberty now.
Some babies at birth.
Just a few decades ago, it was rare to have a girl at puberty at 10.
Now a lot of them go into it at 8.
It's pretty normal.
And then now babies are having periods.
Especially when their mommy takes the shot.
So, you're an old woman by 30.
You're dead by 40, and you never have children.
And that's what Aldous Huxley said they would do in Brave New World, and later he said Brave New World's actually a real plan my brother came up with to kill you and your family.
His brother ran the UN, ha ha ha!
Aldous Huxley's brother, Julian Huxley.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
The key to the globalist, transhumanist, takeover plan is long-term incrementalism.
And mesmerizing the public into a scientific daydream.
It's scientifically induced.
Form of deep conditioning.
The public at a near trance state.
Highly suggestible.
But at the base of it is incredible reflexive laziness.
Where the attention span used to be over an hour long in the 1920s, now it's less than a goldfish.
A goldfish is like 12 and a half seconds depending on the species.
The average human is between 7 and 11 seconds.
And so, we have been trained by the flashing screens and constant changing news and information to go into subconscious mode because only the subconscious
Can read something coming at you that fast, but then the subconscious can be programmed.
And they don't even deny this now.
It's all over the news.
Oh, the CURS ad subliminally programmed people and it doubled CURS sales.
But once people, and they had that in the 50s, and real quick flashes of a desert, and you're dying of thirst, your throat is parched, you feel terrible.
You can't read that in a few frames, in a millisecond.
Just a tiny flash.
But your subconscious saw that you're in a desert and you need something.
Next, though, up there for 30 seconds is popcorn and a delicious Coca-Cola with condensation in a bucket of ice.
Or, I'm starving!
I'm hungry!
My stomach hurts!
I'm hungry!
I'll be Frank's.
Then they're on screen and you run out and buy a hot dog.
That's the friendliest way, okay?
Instead, they got subliminals out there of pentagrams and dead babies and Satanism, and it comes out that it's there.
And just children being murdered and just everything else, but it's all cartoon style and it's done subliminally.
Of course, the FBI isn't authorized by the system to go after it because they're owned by the same system.
And I go on for hundreds of hours.
I mean, it's just total.
And then there's overt conditioning, then overt lying to you, to gaslight you, just to condition you to accept lies.
Tim Cook of Apple, the most brutal corporation in the world, it's estimated, tells the Chinese communists that they won't even pay what the communists want people paid.
They're the biggest users of slave labor of the Wuhan, the Uyghurs, and others.
There's a Wall Street Journal article with quotes of him on the stand saying, Apple doesn't want to make money.
We're not a monopoly.
That's preposterous.
I don't know how much money we make.
I don't, you know, we didn't take 30% of Fortnite video games money because we wanted billions of dollars.
That's just preposterous.
I'm going to read those quotes later.
Why would he say that?
Because it's a psychological tactic to lie to you all the time and insult your intelligence and then see him never get in trouble for it.
But see, when your mind is dialed up and actually awake, you see it all.
Like, when we play you this report and show you the countries that have the fastest decline in sperm, why is it Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., Canada, Europe?
Because that, well, I mean, where are they pushing the mRNA vaccines that reduce fertility and give you cancer and heart attacks?
They're banned in China.
They're banned in India.
They're pushing them on the West because that's where the globalists are in control.
That's where there was a history of freedom.
They want to get rid of that first.
Conquer that first with race war and poison vaccines and all the rest of it.
And then once the Christian West isn't there to block the population, they're going to wipe out everybody else.
And that's the plan.
Capture what's left of the real liberal West with their fake neoliberalism, and once that's fallen, it's all over.
So here's the report, and we'll come back and detail all the latest news where the media is celebrating what you're about to see.
Humans are quietly going extinct at Mandovideo.
Please share it.
Your future depends on it.
It isn't the liberal hostage situation of climate change.
Look, the climate crisis is not our fight alone.
It's a global fight.
The report suggests we now have just 12 years to avoid damaging storms, catastrophic drought, wildfires, and rising sea levels.
We now know that definitively at no point during at least the past 800,000 years has atmospheric CO2 been as high as it is today.
The reason you chose 800,000 years ago is because for 200 million years before that it was greater than it is today.
And I'm going to submit for the record... Yeah, but there weren't human beings.
I mean, that was a different world, folks.
We didn't have 7 billion people.
So how did it get to 2,000 parts per million if we humans weren't here?
Because there were all kinds of geologic events happening on Earth which spewed up... Did geology stop when we got on the planet?
Mr. Chairman, it isn't merely a new coronavirus or a nuclear war.
This overlooked research makes all of those issues meaningless.
An alarming new study has found that between 1973 and 2011, sperm counts in Western males, men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, dropped from an average of 99 million sperm per cubic centimeter
It's been a 59% decline in total sperm count over the 40 years of our study.
If the pregnant woman
is exposed to phthalates in early pregnancy.
These phthalates can reduce fetal testosterone at a critical time for male genital sexual development.
Number of children is declining everywhere.
And in fact, the countries that start high, that start with a high number of children, are going down faster.
When we looked at the data restricting it to the past 30 years,
20 years, 10 years, you might hope that it would be flattening out, but we didn't see any indication of that, which is alarming because if it were to continue on its present course, well, that's a difficult thing to predict, of course, but just mathematically, if you'd extended the line, it does
Hit zero in 2045.
Of course, many would argue that stem cell research offers a way forward.
Sounds a little nuts, but you take the cell, you put it in a dish, you put the right chemicals around it, and lo and behold, you can trick it into making sperm cells.
So is the future of reproduction in 20, 30 years?
You know, darling, let's make a baby.
Rather than having sex, it's, hold on, I'm just going to take some stem cells, reverse engineer them, and try and select from there.
I think sex always will have a future, but it may get disconnected from reproduction.
Engineering a better baby is the future.
But a way forward for who?
Stem cells are only available to the wealthy, if they're available at all.
All other classes would eventually die off, exactly as the authors of the Georgia Guidestones would have it.
All the planning, all the beta testing is over.
And now, the Great Reset is here.
It's the future.
And for 80 plus percent of us, we're not in it.
Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.
Like we're pets, like we're a dog or a cat we take care of, or like we're a museum piece where they cull the population from 7.5 billion down to 500 million.
I wonder who the lucky people are that are going to get to live.
This is the Hidden Hand.
As humanity is distracted by Marxist indoctrination, infiltration, mass starvation, bio-warfare, and over 42.6 million abortions conducted in 2020 surpassing the world's leading causes of death, humanity itself is slowly dying and barely anyone knows about it.
John Bowne reporting.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
And I know if you're a regular listener, you tune in, you go, man, Jones, you talk about depopulation all the time.
Well, that's what the COVID release was.
That's what the lockdown was.
That's what saying you're not essential was.
That's what the World ID, vaccine passports are.
This is everything.
It's why schools are still closed in many areas.
It's why people won't go to work or don't have jobs.
It's why tens of millions more people are starving to death.
And hyperinflation is looming.
Right down the street, not on the horizon, is because this is our future on this planet, with evil people in charge, who believe they're saving the planet by bringing in total tyranny.
And it's really just an excuse for them to play God, and use us as medical experiments, so they can test on us, and again, via that carnage they believe find immortality.
So I just played most of that John Bowne report.
It's very important.
Humans are quietly going extinct.
Here it is.
Let me show you the news I've been researching hours last night, hours today, hours before I went live, right here at this desk, researching.
It's just that all of this is just components of the larger globalist operation.
But they don't control the average person yet.
They don't control your mind.
They're trying to get full control with the global medical ID and the global medical chip that Klaus Schwab has now announced on international television.
And I told you the chip was next because they've written all these books saying it's the plan.
It was in children's publications this last week.
Everybody found it and posted all over the internet.
Suddenly in Time magazine for kids and other textbooks that soon you'll be getting a patch that puts glass in your skin, little pieces that are microchips that track you for your safety.
The UN and Bill Gates have been funding that for decades.
Why are they announcing it now?
Because they're going operational.
So, of course, everything I told you is happening.
It's not coming true like it just popped into existence.
It was already there.
The lights are now turned on because they're introducing you to it because we're not in beta, we're in operational.
Let me just do this.
Let me just hit some headlines.
Overhead shot, please.
There's this report, humans are quietly going extinct.
Now let's back that up a little bit.
New York Times highlights paradigm shift of declining global fertility rates and says it's going to be great for women and families.
That's right, not having families is going to be great.
You'll be all by yourself because you're sterile.
Isn't it nice?
And it's good for the earth.
I'll read you some quotes.
Here's some more, USA Today.
Add falling sperm counts to the list of threats to human survival, epidemiologist warns.
Oh, the very people giving you the frankenshots tied to heart attacks, Alzheimer's, and infertility.
Brought to you by a guy who heads up the world program to carry out your depopulation, Bill Gates.
Sperm counts plummet in West.
Here's NPR.
Men study finds.
And it's finds everywhere where big global corporations come in and people start eating processed food
On TV dinners and plastic containers, suddenly they're little boys.
The father's asked, man, Junior doesn't have a large member like I do.
No matter if you're black, white, what it is.
Man, why does my son have a micropenis?
And why is he wearing dresses?
Because he's a by-law, he is a girl.
Because in the first trimester, very early on, the chemicals weren't there because they were blocked by
Chemicals unnaturally put there to make your son a girl.
And now they're telling you, everybody's going to be girls now.
And they're going to go, would you like to be a girl?
Because they're already going to have those tendencies.
They've been sterilized.
Then they just make being a victim of chemical attack cool.
But they know the boys may find out later and get hormone therapy and become biological males again.
And so they go, oh, we got to cut the genitals off by seven because studies show they'll wake up and say no.
Got to brutalize them early.
Got to remove the testicles because they can be regenerated.
Don't want that in the future.
Targeted genetic attack.
And it's all in the Tavistock documents.
Sperm counts plummet in western men, study finds.
Genital size plummets in all races.
And as soon as the country industrializes suddenly, their genitals shrivel up.
Phthalates, fact sheets, CDC.gov, micropenises, cancer, make your boys biologically female in the brain development centers.
And they're still part male, but they are female now.
And that's why everybody's got to learn that you're little boys or girls now, because we sterilize their ass.
Those are the ones that didn't get brain damaged by the chemical attack.
They launched that for a while, got tens of millions of those per country brain damaged.
You got to take care of a soft kill weapon.
But now we're just going right into the sterilization.
And Forbes tells you, you're not the man your father was.
It doesn't matter if you take testosterone later.
That doesn't reverse it fully because it's in utero that the chemicals block it in those first few weeks.
When the male blueprint is growing in your body, activated by the hormone, you're not gonna have it.
You're gonna die.
Just like an Omega man when he's got the cure for him and he goes, listen, I got the cure.
They go, we don't want the cure.
Throw a spear into him.
You go, hey, that was, this was done to you.
It's the same thing.
I like it!
And I'm going to make you become sterile too!
Because misery loves company!
Sorry, I haven't gotten into that.
Look at all these, every one of these articles.
This is bad right here for you.
Oh, sorry.
Alex, Alex.
Oh, but I'm the bad guy that told you this was happening years ago, so I had to be attacked, and then all the comedy shows laugh and go, that crazy guy says there's chemicals in the water, making your son gay.
Well, really just sterile and dying early of cancer and brain damage.
They just say, hey, we screwed you up, you're not a man, so hey, you might as well just wear a dress and, you know.
Maybe you could make some money being a prostitute.
Long slide looms for world population!
With sweeping ramifications, the New York Times just came out with this a few days ago.
And boy, do they love it.
They go on and on, how great it is for the Earth, and how there'll be almost no humans by 2047, and everyone will be sterile, and not to mention what's happened to the women.
See, it's hard to get eggs and show them what's been done to their eggs, but it's easy to get the sperm and do the test.
And it goes on, like an avalanche of demographic forces pushing towards more deaths than births, seems to be expanding and accelerating.
Everywhere in the industrial world, fertility rates are falling nearly everywhere else.
The global population will enter a sustained decline for the first time.
A planet with fewer people could ease pressure on resources, slow the destructive impact of climate change, and reduce household burdens for women.
Yes, to be alone will reduce that slavery of having that baby that you love so much that loves you.
Yes, you're gonna love it!
Remember, they even tell you in this article, Wall Street Journal, because they're honest here.
Oh, and it goes on.
They just say, we're going to merge the machines.
Humans are obsolete.
COVID showed that.
You're locked up.
Looking forward to the end of humanity.
Here's another one.
Cyborgs will replace humans and remake the world, James Lovelock says.
He's a top eugenicist globalist.
He goes on to say humans will vanish entirely from the earth somewhere around 2047.
Funny, same number.
The Novo scene, or the new period.
Lovelock imagines cyborgs filling every evolutionary niche on the planet.
Oh, not just for humans, but everything will be displaced by the new silicone life form that hates carbon so much.
It tells you, carbon will be eradicated.
We are rewriting our planet.
Just like, oh, this is very loving and liberal.
Humans are evil and mad.
All carbon mad.
We are silicon.
We are silicon.
We are silicon.
Like a Star Trek episode.
We are the Borg.
You will assimilate.
Resistance is futile.
CDC investigating reports of heart problems in young vaccine recipients.
Oh, really?
Heart attacks and death?
We'll tell you about that, how they're going to whitewash it.
Coming up.
But that's just part of one stack.
So I thought I would just, because, you know, we could do something about this.
You know, the globalists eat off glass.
They have raw food.
Their own farms.
Royalty all over has their own farms.
The Chinese military generals all have their own farms.
They drink purified water.
Oh, they won't touch phthalates.
And they're just laughing at everyone else.
Just loving how they kill you.
Loving how they steal your future.
And then they're going to make it trendy.
And they're going to brainwash your son when he's all confused to have those genitals removed.
Defending the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Why do they all look so old?
Like, you see seniors in high school now.
They don't look that old.
They all still look like little shrimps, kind of.
So I was wondering that, right?
I see this article.
I see this study on Google.
The testosterone has been decreasing by 1% in the past 20 years, every year in the United States among men.
Isn't that crazy?
It's because we aren't doing as much manual labor, we live a sedentary lifestyle, but the worst thing, there are chemicals in our food and in the air that actually decrease testosterone.
People talking about old man strength?
It's real.
Like, old men are stronger than this new generation.
Is this not scary?
Nobody really talks about this, so I thought I'd tell you guys.
Dr. Carey Mullis was awarded the Nobel Prize for his invention of the polymer's chain reaction, the PCR.
The PCR is a method of analysis and wasn't designed to test for a virus.
Mullis explains why.
And with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.
It starts making you believe in the
The PCR test can potentially find anything you are looking for.
Depending on how high you turn it up.
And this is exactly what has been done.
The official protocol given for the PCR testing of COVID-19 created a floodgate of false positives to skew the results.
They call it asymptomatic because it's a lie.
These people don't have symptoms because they don't have COVID-19.
They do it today because they've done it in the past and always gotten away with it.
30 years ago, Anthony Fauci, head of the NIH, made a name for himself by pushing for higher doses of the deadly drug AZT, an old cancer chemotherapy too dangerous for approval, onto AIDS patients.
Kerry Mullis was hired to measure HIV in people's blood samples with his PCR.
He was working under the premise that HIV was the probable cause of AIDS.
But when he went looking for the proof, he found there was none.
They just made it up.
What is that paper?
Who do I go to for that?
And I looked around, I asked a couple of virologists at that company and they said, no, you don't have to reference that.
I said, I have to reference that because I don't know, I don't know where that came from.
How do I know that?
And it turned out that nobody knew it.
And I was getting really freaked about that.
That's when I first started saying, they don't know.
Nobody really knows.
This whole thing is a big sham.
Mullis pointed out how the CDC was losing money, and how the HIV-AIDS connection brought their profits back in the black, and how the men at the highest levels were all in on it.
Kerry Mullis knew these men were dangerous.
They don't want people like me walking up and asking them those kind of questions.
And they're willing to go to great lengths to prevent that.
They're out on a limb.
I wouldn't want to be there with them.
But he was still outspoken.
When ABC's Nightline approached him about doing a documentary on his work, Mullis convinced them to cover the HIV debate after nearly a decade of ignoring it.
In a 1994 interview with Celia Farber for Spin Magazine, Carey Mullis expressed how he really wanted to expose Anthony Fauci and Robert Gallo.
He said that he'd be willing to chase the little bastard from his car to his office.
A Nobel Prize winner trying to ask a simple question from those who spent $22 billion and killed 100,000 people.
It has to be on TV.
I'm not unwilling to do something like that.
Unfortunately, not many people were listening back then.
And on August 7th, 2019, just about three months before the first utterance of COVID-19, Carey Mullis, age 74, a Nobel Prize winner, inventor of the PCR test, a man who was once willing and eager to expose Anthony Fauci, quietly died of pneumonia.
The timing of it all is mysterious to many of us.
Boy, was that not a powerful special report?
At the same time, right after Biden stole the election and got in, they went from 40 cycles on the PCR test to 28 or 29.
And now they're announcing, oh, if you haven't been vaccinated, we're going to run it 40 cycles so you're false positive.
But if you have been vaccinated, we're going to run it 28 cycles, which almost no one will be positive, even if you are.
It's all how they label things, and that's officially been announced.
That has officially been announced, ladies and gentlemen, that it's all a fraud.
Big articles were out on InfoWars.com this weekend with direct links to the CDC explaining.
When you come in and you're sick, they ask, have you had the vaccine?
And if you say yes, they run the PCR 28 times, 28 cycles.
And if you say no, they run it 40.
So they can say the vaccine works, and then say you're bad and have COVID, even though at 40 times, most of it's a false positive.
I mean, a five-year-old could figure that level of a scam out.
I spent an hour on that basically last night on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
I'm not going to do it again here today, but I was tempted to air that special report again.
It was so powerful.
I suggest you fight back.
I suggest you go to Bandot Video, click on the left-hand side navigation bar, pull up Gregory's section, and get that report and share it.
The mysterious death of Dr. Fauci's most notable critic.
932,000 views and boy are they pissed.
They are working around the clock to shut us down.
I know for a fact that mainstream corporate media
Is working illegally with the FBI and with other groups with stingray systems.
Those are systems where you can pull up five miles from somebody and just dial into their phone number and then grab all their cell phone conversations.
And we're not doing anything illegal, but they use it to harass and run off my crew members.
I don't know.
And it's all just meant to, yeah, you better tell us what we want to hear, we're gonna, and it's like, screw you!
You know, thank God my crew is not a pack of knuckle-dragging criminals, like the people at the Wall Street Journal and others, but that's the level, the gloves are off, the system's criminal!
My God, Louis Freeh, the director of the FBI, gave $100,000 to Biden,
Saying I want, because you're the vice president at the time, I want you to give me better deals on European events and all these brokerages he had with dictators and other people around the world.
I mean, it's gone.
It's long gone.
And only when we admit the country's totally screwed can we ever turn any of this around.
All right.
Speaking of being totally screwed.
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All right, Nick Fuentes was coming on the start of the hour.
I've got to back him up because I'm behind schedule now.
And I gotta come back, and I gotta hit all this other news.
Stay with us.
Hour number two coming up.
We'll be right back.
Whatever you do, override the censors and spread the word about the live broadcast at Band.Video.
You know, I try to not get mean on air.
I try to not get sarcastic.
But it's either that or start crying.
Because we are on this planet, in this beautiful universe that God made, surrounded by so much goodness.
But we allow evil to run our lives and take control and to watch them all over the news celebrate, hey, the sperm counts down 50% and by the year 2047, everybody will be sterile.
And they can't even hide the fact that they're laughing about it.
And the people doing this are all childless leftists.
In fact, they were looking at it last year like no EU leader has children.
People ask, why does none of them have children?
Because it's a damn post-human cult!
And you don't get in it if you have children.
At least in this next phase, because they're the minion class.
Bill Gates has a bunch of kids, Ted Turner has a bunch.
And again, they'll go, oh, you're knocking people who don't have children.
No, obviously you're not in that group if you don't have children.
I'm saying they hate humanity.
They don't want a future.
They don't want to have a child and just transfer power to them.
They're going to live forever.
They don't want children.
You see, you can't have people living forever and then have new people being born because it overpopulates the universe.
There's gotta be special boards and commissions in the Galacticus system that decide who's allowed to procreate.
And you know, as I say that, you go, you know, I've heard that a lot.
Even a new listener will go, where have I heard that?
In most of the Marvel comic movies?
In films going back a hundred years?
Things to come?
You'll see movies about, oh, I hope we get our license to have one child.
China already had that for 30-something years.
It's all a globalist plan.
And it'd be like trying to go through a cave without a light to not know this.
Everything else hinges on the global takeover so they get full power to force the destruction of the grassroots economy, to force control over you and your family, to then inject you
With soft kill weapons that take a week, a month, five years, ten years to kill you, depending on the person, and they have plausible deniability, and then we just get used to, yeah, there's a lot of, you go to the child movie now, and like, there's two or three rows of autistic kids in there.
God, it seems like a third of the kids can't talk and are screaming and yelling and squawking and waving their hands around.
Because their cerebral cortex got annihilated.
Or, man, I tell you, there are a lot of kids on chemo.
Man, there are a lot of kids.
Yeah, none of that ever happened before, because they're killing everybody.
And everybody just gets used to it, having all these kids dying around us, and having all these mentally retarded children, and all these autistic children.
And how do you make sure an autistic child, you might have fried their brain, but you didn't get those testicles, didn't get those ovaries, so now you give them the shot to make sure.
And yeah, it'll give them a heart attack, give them a lung bleed, so what?
Medical system will suck their family dry.
Get that money too.
Because the globalists are predatorial.
They're predators, and if you don't understand that, and if you don't get that to your head, you don't have any future.
So, here's the deal.
I'm not a candy ass and I'm not going to sit up here and just blow BS at you.
And I know you know that.
And I can play all these entertaining clips and make fun of liberals all day and, you know, talk about Al Qaeda and the Muslims, which is another army of the globalists.
But just know this, it's all about chaos and the destruction of an upwardly mobile civilization with nuclear families and a goal and communing with God and the plans God has for us.
I mean, I could get into Trump rallies coming up, how exciting that is, or I could get into all the latest Bitcoin news, or I could tell you about hyperinflation coming up, but instead, I'm going to give you the latest on the COVID-19 New World Order takeover so we can stop it together, which there's major pushback happening and some very positive things happening in the midst of all this chaos.
Alright, we're into hour number two.
Nick Fuentes is going to be debating Robert Barnes tomorrow night at 6 central on the Israeli-Palestinian ongoing conflict.
It's going to be popping in next segment.
Talk about that incredible racist pig.
Admiral Ackbar's daughter, I guess.
Lightfoot up in Chicago saying she won't talk to white people because they're inherently bad.
He's gonna pop in and then I'm gonna open the phones up and take your calls for the balance of the transmission today on a host of topics that I'll announce.
And if I get a little negative and bummed out about the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, all celebrating sperm counts plunging towards zero soon, the end of humanity, how great it's gonna be, how wonderful it'll be for women not to have any children.
They actually say that.
How empowering it'll be!
The whole thing's asinine.
If you don't want to have children, don't have them.
Don't have them put chemicals in the food and water that cause this, and then have them admit it all.
The phthalates and the bisphenols and the atrazines and... It's all a big joke!
Should I play you Jimmy Kimmel and Colbert and all of them who had talking points over the years?
You know, Jones is that crazy guy saying there's chemicals in the food and water that are turning the frogs gay.
When they would ignore my whole report showing government documents.
But that's when it was internal information.
Now it's out in the open.
But they don't tell you how to get away from it.
If you want potato chips, buy potatoes, slice them, and fry them yourself.
If you literally stop eating off plastic, if you stop microwaving things in plastic, that's when the foul aids really come out.
Especially when your wife is pregnant.
You know, getting pregnant's a big deal.
You ought to go out to the countryside, live off an organic garden, and at least the first trimester, or you're gonna get a mutant.
That's why the public looks so weak, looks so sick, is screwed up, because they're killing everybody!
And that's all admitted!
So again, this isn't negative what I'm telling you, there's still time!
Like if you stuck your hand in a garbage disposal and turned it on, and it was just cutting the ends of your fingers off, there's still time to turn it off and pull your hand out.
So I'm not being negative, I'm saying, hey, let's pull our hand back.
But old David Rockefeller's project for Bill Gates is, no, no, no.
That feels good what you're feeling.
That's a tickle.
Shove that hand in with all the force you've got.
That climb up in that there wood chipper, and you're going to find all your dreams down at the bottom of it.
And it's all about seeing what you can do, seeing what you'll go along with.
Let's hit some more headlines here.
CDC investigating reports of heart problems in young vaccine recipients.
And of course, it's always the same article.
Oh, there was a few people might've had a problem.
Well, they don't mention the people dying.
15 year old boy dies of heart attack two days after taking Pfizer vaccine, had no history of allergic.
Reactions that's in the VAERS ID system 1 2 4 2 5 7 3 All these countries have banned these vaccines, but Again mainstream news and the late-night comics all laugh at us and say just take it everything's fine Here's a little clip off of local NBC talking about
What's happening with the reports of heart problems in the young?
Here it is.
There are reports that heart problems are now coming up in some young people who take the COVID-19 vaccine.
The CDC is certainly investigating, wanting to know what's happening here.
In your sides, Nico Clemens spoke with a doctor about these recent findings.
It's a scary thing because we are really protective of our heart.
Tonight, new concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine and young people.
The CDC says it's investigating reported cases of heart problems in teens and young adults who've received the vaccine.
A May 17th report from the agency's vaccine safety group said some developed myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle.
Dr. John Green is the Chief of Infectious Diseases at the Moffitt Cancer Center.
The vaccine safety group said most cases appear to be mild, and follow-up of cases is ongoing.
Earlier this month, a CDC committee endorsed the Pfizer vaccine for kids as young as 12, while the Moderna vaccine is still recommended for people 18 and older, according to the CDC.
It'll probably turn out that this myocarditis is no more likely than deafness that was just recently investigated.
But, you know, that's why we want to know now, and then we can come up with a figure.
Despite the recent news, Dr. Green is telling parents, get your children vaccinated.
The risk of getting those bad outcomes with the vaccine is a hundred times less than getting the viral infection.
And because of that, we're still recommending people it's in your best interest to get the vaccine.
He says the more who do, the more we can get this pandemic under control.
In Tampa, Nico Clemmons, 8 On Your Side.
Get the pandemic under control.
15 days to cut the curve.
All that other BS.
It's all fake numbers.
It's not even COVID deaths even happening in places like London, but they're still locked down.
Oh, there's one case in New Zealand.
They shut the whole country down.
It's about martial law.
Notice he just said, we haven't studied it.
We don't know.
It's an experimental shot, but it's a hundred times more dangerous to get COVID
Then to get this vaccine that's been banned in India and China because of heart attacks.
And hey, if you're 15 and you get it, your heart starts beating crazy, it swells up, you got chest pain, well, you're probably gonna live.
But you're 65, 70, you already got some blockages?
You're gonna be like Marvelous Marvin Hagler, you're gonna be like so many others that died of a heart attack right after they took it.
And then the media lies and says, oh, there was an autopsy done on MDX and there was an autopsy done on Marvel's Marvin.
There was an autopsy done on Hank Aaron.
And it turned out there wasn't.
They just took the shot and had a heart attack the next day.
It was usually the second shot.
In fact, all three of them died on the second shot.
And you've got the discoverer of HIV saying, don't take it, it can cause you to have a heart attack and die.
But don't listen to a Nobel Prize winner.
Listen to the CDC that makes money off the shots, owns part of the patents, and listen to the very doctors giving you the shots.
See, they've bought into the Kool-Aid, man.
They've gone along with the whole plan.
Nobel Prize winner reveals COVID vaccine is creating variants, and he goes on to say causing ADE,
And other serious problems.
But don't listen to him.
OSHA pulls guidance stating employers may be held liable for adverse reactions if they mandate the vaccine.
It goes on to say it's an unapproved emergency authorized vaccine.
It says right here, there may be adverse reactions.
That'll be counted as a workplace claim.
But now because that was making some people not take the shot, well, they removed it off there.
Ah, the censorship is quite powerful.
Isn't that just interesting?
Here's another one.
Doctor's message about how pediatric deaths from COVID blocked on Facebook.
A prestigious doctor testified to the legislature in their state about how children don't die of COVID, but the vaccine can cause them major health problems.
And if they've already had COVID, they shouldn't take the vaccine.
Well, Facebook says that's not allowed.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, but we're going to have Nick Fuentes pop in with us to talk about the incredible racism of the Chicago Mayor Lightfoot, Admiral Ackbar's daughter, I'm told.
So that is coming up on the other side.
And by the way, Nick Fuentes is going to be debating Robert Barnes on the Israeli-Palestinian ongoing conflict tomorrow night, 6 p.m.
Central on InfoWars.
America First dot lives where you'll find his censored program.
He's Nick Fuentes.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You'll find me at InfoWars.com and a lot of radio and TV stations across the country.
Keep spreading the word, listeners, it's bypassing the censors and that's beyond critical in Information War.
Coming up tomorrow night!
Tomorrow night, 6 to 8 p.m.
and past, we're going to have some commentators on after that and take calls.
Tuesday, May 25th, tomorrow, 6 p.m., Barnes v. Fuentes, greatdebate.news is the link you can share and get around the censors, greatdebate.news.
You can also find it on the news site that indexesban.video.
You can get around all the Twitter censors and the rest of it with the news site that we've launched as well.
Okay, going to Nick Fuentes for this short segment.
I know this is old news, it happened a few weeks ago, but I saw your commentary on some of the new developments.
Your mayor not only says I can get haircuts, you can't, literally said that, not only is her wife a white woman, so she likes a little cream in her coffee,
But she will not talk to white reporters saying they're inherently bad.
I mean, this is beyond KKK stuff.
Last time I heard even the KKK will talk to black reporters.
This is real race peddling.
I mean, we know she doesn't do her own thinking.
We know she's a minion of the DNC.
What in the hell's going on?
What's it like to be a white person living in Chicago and the mayor says that she won't even talk to white people?
Well, it's terrible, Alex.
This was a once great city in Chicago, which I know it's hard to believe.
Everybody knows Chicago, I think in America, is one of the most violent cities in the world, and poor, and now led by Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who is really like a bonehead.
And if you see her, she's always wearing these costumes, and now she's saying this kind of racist stuff.
And it's really a tragedy, what's happened to Chicago.
It's kind of a vision of the future of America, in many ways.
Not only with the governance, but how the entire city is set up.
People should really go back and look at what Detroit or Chicago or LA or New York City looked like 60, 70, 100 years ago and look at what they look like today.
And that is basically what's going to happen to the entire United States of America because you see the same trends.
The same policies, the same demographic trends, and other trends happening elsewhere in America that have destroyed all these cities, and in particular with Mayor Lori Lightfoot.
Like you said, she's been a disaster with the COVID lockdown.
Total hypocrite.
She tells you you can't get a haircut.
She goes out and gets one.
She says you can't wear masks.
I think she was seen last week.
At a party with no mask on herself.
And she's not the only one.
It's Gretchen Whitmer.
It's Gavin Newsom.
I think it's almost every single one of them who says you have to wear a mask.
They, at some point or another, are caught not wearing one.
But this came last Tuesday.
She said that she'll no longer speak to white journalists or white reporters because she says there's a deficit.
There's not enough non-white female journalists.
But she's married to a white woman.
So again, she has sex with a white woman and won't talk to other white people.
That's right, yeah.
Well, she'll only talk to white people, I guess, after work, maybe pillow talk or whatever, something like that, not to get gross.
I don't even like to imagine what's going on over there.
But that's right, yeah, she won't talk to journalists who are white on the job, but she has a white wife.
You see this all the time, actually.
A lot of times, I'm not the first person to say this, but a lot of times you'll see there's a lot of BLM, militant black activists, and they all have white boyfriends.
Particularly the black women.
I don't know what that's all about.
But with Lori Lightfoot, she said this last Tuesday, and it's amazing, and I know conservatives have pointed this out, and they always do, that if the shoe were on the other foot, obviously this would not be acceptable.
I mean, just imagine for one second if Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or Tucker Carlson said, I won't speak to a non-white journalist.
I will not speak to a non-white reporter.
Everybody knows what would happen.
And you know what?
This is really part of this institutional
Anti-white racism, which people don't want to call out, but that's what this is a part of.
And people talk about institutional racism a lot over the past year because of the George Floyd killing and the BLM situation last year.
But if you really parse it out, you look at
That's not to say that there's not prejudice or bigotry that goes on every day between all different kinds of people.
That's the nature of people.
But as far as the institutions go,
I mean, take a look at something like affirmative action.
I mean, that's the definition of institutional racism when they set a racial quota and they say that insofar as you are black, if you are less qualified, you'll get into the university.
And if you're white and
More qualified Asian too.
You do not get into the university.
And then the same goes for the distribution of the COVID aid money.
I had a friend of mine recently who called up his bank and he wanted to get the PPP loan.
He's a self-employed person.
He wanted to get the Paycheck Protection Program money through the Small Business Association.
He called up his bank and the bank told him that he couldn't get the money because he was white.
And for now, the SBA is prioritizing their PPP money and their other forms of COVID relief for non-white business owners.
And let's be clear, that's all over the news.
It's 100% racist, but it's being done to get control of these groups.
They're not doing it because they love these groups.
They're doing it where they destroy the economy.
They make you come hat in hand to get the money, but with political strings attached.
That's right.
Well, and destroying, it's really ultimately about destroying the middle class.
I mean, that's ultimately what a lot of this is about.
When they're introducing Section 8, when they're denying the aid, when they're putting everybody ultimately, I think, on UBI by destroying people's wages, raising the cost of living, inflation.
Like you said, they want people coming to the government, hat in hand, and totally dependent on them.
And the vaccine passport is a big part of this too.
I mean, they're creating this infrastructure where
Unless you abide by the government's mandates.
First, it's the vaccine.
You get the vaccine.
Eventually, it could be something else.
Maybe it's you're not, you know, sufficiently anti-racist.
You're not sufficiently liberal.
Oh, in the UK, the government's openly saying if we say you're racist, which is just being nationalist, you're going to be denied health care.
That's where this goes.
You have a socialist system with megacorporations offshore that are tax exempt.
And then the socialist system for the general public decides your behavior is then how you're treated.
Basically, the whole world's a giant prison.
Exactly, exactly right.
And in the same way that in the prison, the prisoners are dependent on the prison guards and the prison wardens bringing them their food and letting them go outside and everything like that, they're creating that in the entire world, on the entire planet Earth, where unless you abide by the government's edicts or mandates,
They will shut down your life.
And when you don't own anything, and when you don't have anything that you could really say is your own, like what's happening right now, government setting up checkpoints in front of every grocery store, restaurant, you know, baseball game or whatever, that's ultimately the consequences, complete and total control over your life.
I don't just agree, that's what's happening.
It's a fact, no one can deny it.
What about this?
I'm not a litigious person, but on average, at least in the past, white people or conservatives, whatever you want to say, aren't as litigious.
Christians aren't as litigious.
Well, it's not litigious if I go to a bank to get a loan.
The bank's been given money to help small businesses and I'm white.
And then they say, sorry, you're white.
That's BS.
Nothing to do with black people.
It's an institution discriminating against me.
They need to be sued out of business.
That is outrageous.
Absolutely agree.
And with white people, it seems like we're a demographic which kind of just gets like kicked around.
If this happened to any other group, and we know who that is, it would either be riots in the street or it'd be ADL, ACLU coming down hard.
So that's where we
As conservatives, as patriots, we have to begin to organize to retaliate against this kind of stuff.
With litigation, like you said, because this is illegal.
It should be illegal.
This is America.
We still have rights.
Next contestant, five more minutes, we'll go to the other side.
I want to ask you a few other political questions about the Democrats and Republicans.
Straight ahead, we'll be right back.
Coming up tomorrow night, it kicks off at 6 p.m.
At about 6.30, the debate will start.
And don't worry, because I talk a lot and I'm a loudmouth.
I'm not going to be really talking during this debate other than controlling the time.
I'll have a few questions that are pre-prepared that I give to them on the spot.
But Robert Barnes and Fuentes are going to be debating tomorrow night live, commercial-free, starting at 6 p.m.
Central at GreatDebate.News.
You can share that URL.
It hasn't been banned by Twitter or Facebook yet.
It is a sublink to a subpage of Banned.Video.
They did ban
The URL that we've been using the last four months, which is banthis.tv, which is just an index of the same site, but it got too popular, so they banned that a few days ago, so we created a new URL, so you can be activist and share it.
We'll put that on screen, and that is, of course, freeworldnews.tv.
What a great name.
I'm intending to even launch a new podcast and a show called that, just so you know.
Might be a month, might be six months from now, but it's happening.
Another studio, a whole nine yards.
We're just expanding in the face of the tyranny.
You heard it here first.
All right, Nick, I want to talk some about the debate coming up tomorrow night.
I'm trying to get Barnes on tomorrow before the debate to give his views as a prelude.
But shifting gears, just back to the big picture, I had you on about Lightfoot, an incredible example of double standards.
I saw your own piece, it was excellent, it's a Vanda video, a clip from your live show you do weeknights, where you simply stated the fact that, notice the article said, is it wrong, she said, I won't talk to white people.
It's like saying, is it wrong that someone molested a child?
They always, is it wrong that they're doing the knockout game, knocking white people out?
This is how the left does it.
I wanted you to finish up speaking on that and then, big picture, what else is on your radar, what you think is most important right now?
Sure, well, yeah, to finish up on Lori Lightfoot, what was amazing is even in the covers that I read, I think in the New York Post, New York Post is a seemingly right-leaning publication, they talked about how Lori Lightfoot said, well, she won't talk to white journalists because she thinks that there's not enough non-white journalists.
And New York Post said, well, actually,
There's two non-white journalists from one station alone.
And I'm thinking, uh, isn't that really kind of besides the point?
It doesn't really matter why she's doing it, if she's discriminating based on race, if she's hating against white people.
It doesn't really matter that, like, well, technically her reasoning isn't totally correct.
And conservatives have got to
Break free from that mentality.
People gotta call it what it is, which is anti-white.
I'm actually very pleased to see a lot of people are beginning to say that, because that's what it is.
People try to obfuscate it in many different ways, and they call it different things, which are real.
You know, things like cultural Marxism, critical race theory is real.
But it's important that we explicitly say
It's anti-white.
Because you're going to see more and more of it.
And these are the kinds of people that are acceding up through the different ranks in power.
It's Lori Lightfoot's the mayor of Chicago, Stacey Abrams, she could be the governor of Georgia, and Kamala Harris could be the president of the United States one day.
I mean, make no mistake about it, the people are anti-white.
So that's Lori Lightfoot.
I think that kind of ties it up.
Let me just add one more point, and then get to the next point, because you're absolutely right.
But notice, all these universities in Europe, in Australia, in the UK, here, Canada, it's globally done by the corporations and governments.
It's not like these universities just come up with this by themselves.
One university does this, one does that.
It's all unified now, down to just elementary schools and
Right on up to trade schools.
It's the same corporate propaganda.
It's Marxist.
The head of Space Force came out and said that a week ago.
He got fired over it for saying we have Marxist infiltration.
Black Lives Matter is Marxist.
It's the founders say it's Marxist.
It's in their code of battle plan.
It's in their platform.
Pulling back, all these different colleges are like, no whites are allowed this weekend.
It started in Kansas and then moved to Washington State Universities and then the UK has it.
And then, oh, rock climbing only for black students.
Because, you know, whites are bad.
Just, it's outrageous to introduce that idea.
That's not about giving special perks to black people.
It's about the government having the power to say who's essential and who isn't and to pick favorites, which is the essential
Right, well, and they're attacking the sort of foundational stock of America.
This is an assault on the United States of America, on Europe.
It's happening through mass migration.
And like you said, it's happening with this sort of public-private partnership between the world's giant corporations and
The governments of the world and their central banks.
And as we happen to be in the United States of America, this sort of constitutes and manifests itself as an attack on the stock of the country, on the majority stock, the middle class, the sort of interior of the country.
I think what's very important to note is if you look at Donald Trump's voter base, it was people from so-called flyover country, largely white people, that put him into power.
And he was the challenge.
against the global power structure.
And so, when they strike at white America, when they strike at white people, they're striking at the base of the people that mounted this challenge to their power in 2016.
And it's very important to know that that's where it's going to come from.
When they take over, when they do full COVID, you know, Project Blue Beam, whatever, when they go full bore,
You know, Bill Gates, technocratic dictatorship globally.
It is going to be the base of people that put Donald Trump into power in 2016 that will resist that.
That's right.
They know it's been Christians that challenged autocratic control.
The Christians have done so bad too, but over time.
And they know it's been the American system that defeated the King of England.
And so they know there's traditionalist
Who will challenge the New World Order, and so that's why they're going after the only opposition really left on the planet is Christian Americans, and the globalists are trying to make it racial so people of color don't adopt the American ethos, don't adopt the birthright because they're now Americans, and hopefully then can be used against America in some type of bizarre social envy.
But I don't see that working.
We saw record numbers vote for Trump who weren't white, but the globalists just stole the election anyways.
That's right.
Well, in 2020, obviously Donald Trump won the election.
He won every one of those six swing states where there was election meddling, where there was mail-in ballot fraud.
And you're right to an extent that in 2020, Trump got way more votes from Hispanics.
He got slightly more with blacks and I think more with Jewish people as well.
Ultimately, what it comes down to is that the people that are pouring across the border right now, they are not in a position to defend themselves against globalism.
They are distinctly aware, and they're shrewd, the people that are in power, they know that when you look at these kinds of communities, whether it be immigrant- They're bringing in a permanent underclass they control.
Exactly, exactly right.
These are people that they don't have the wherewithal, they don't have the finances, they don't own anything.
These are not people that are any kind of barrier to total control from the government.
They're coming out of a serf state into a new serf state.
In closing, because you cover a lot of intriguing stuff and I watch your show, we now are blessed to have you posting it after it's live at Band.Video.
Nick Foint is his own page, uncensored.
He uploads right to it with his crew.
Just amazing videos.
I watch them all the time at Band.Video.
You talk about Bluebeam.
You talk about the hyping of the UFOs.
I totally agree with your take on that.
Yes, yeah.
This is something which people really need to start to become aware of because they're pushing this UFO thing really hard for like the past six months or so.
And if you notice, all this UFO hype, all this UFO talk, it's coming from the Pentagon.
You know, and I was talking to my family the other day, I said, you know, it would be one thing if there was some kind of viral video, and that would be suspect in itself, but it would be one thing if it was random, if it was a new development.
It would be one thing if 100 people videotaped it in Central Park.
Exactly, right.
It was some kind of mass.
Everybody saw it in the night sky.
But all of this is being pushed because the Pentagon has decided to selectively now declassify things that have happened a long time ago.
And so the Pentagon is pushing out there, oh well, you know, we found this grainy footage of a UFO from five years ago and we decided to declassify that.
Now Barack Obama is talking about it.
60 Minutes does a big special and now they're pushing this.
The deep state pushes away to be credible to push off into UFOs.
Right, because people look at this and they say, oh, well, that's an Air Force pilot.
It's a general who said that.
I'm thinking it's a general.
Wasn't it the generals that said they had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
I mean, these are people that lie to advance the agenda of the regime, to advance the agenda of the state.
That makes it less credible.
If you were talking about it, I would say, OK, alien invasion tomorrow.
When they talk about it, I say, you know what?
Aliens may never exist, right?
Because they lie.
So people have got to be very aware.
I totally agree.
Hey, Nick, you're hosting the debate.
You'll be part of the debate with Robert Barnes tomorrow, 6 p.m.
Thank you so much.
There goes Nick Fuentes, America First.
We'll give the number out.
We'll come back.
Take your calls.
We'll cover a lot of news.
Stay with us.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I want to give the number out.
I want to take your calls next hour.
On a host of issues.
In fact, any issue you want to raise.
All the amazingly frightening COVID news coming out.
The fact that, of course, they were working on gain-of-function coronavirus systems at the Wuhan lab.
Everybody's like, Jones, you've been vindicated.
President Trump's vindicated.
It was all known from the beginning.
We got the information to President Trump.
He listened to us on it.
Others did, but it wasn't enough.
Yes, we'll talk about that.
All the different heart attacks and deaths from the vaccines.
The attempt to create massive racial division in this country.
Any subject you want to talk about, anything you want to get into, I want to hear from you at 877-789-2539.
7 7 8 9 Alex 8 7 7 7 8 9 2 5 3 9 and if you're trying to call international for some reason can't get through on a 1-800 number dial the country access code and 5 1 2 6 4 6 17 76 wide open phones first-time callers longtime callers agree disagree people that disagree call in very solemnly
And sometimes I see them commenting online like, oh, those are fake calls anyways, I'm not going to call in there.
No, these aren't fake calls.
These are real calls, real people, and you can just call in and find out for yourself at 877-789-2539.
You know, we're not even supposed to have a debate about what's happening in the Middle East, what's happening with Israel and the Palestinians.
You either got people that say Israel should be able to nuke the Middle East, or people that say Israel should be blown up.
I don't agree with either of that, and I understand geopolitically some other things are going on, but I really look forward to tomorrow night at 6 p.m.
Central kicking off a real debate the way debates were done on television 40 years ago, the way they were done between Lincoln and Douglas 160 years ago, 170 years ago, where
I'm just going to moderate and make sure that they get equal time, and I'm going to let them ask each other questions.
And I'm not even going to give them what I plan to do.
Other than, it'll be an hour and a half debate, and I bet you I talk four minutes during that hour and a half.
And just like the Lincoln-Douglas debates, if they want to keep going, we'll just keep going.
Because those old-fashioned debates might go five, six hours.
And the reason I'm doing this is I think the Israel-Palestine thing is important.
But compared to forced inoculations and total world government and tens of millions starving to death through the lockdowns, it's small fry.
And again, I'm not lessening it, but it lessens the tens of millions starving to death from the COVID lockdowns to not point out that's more important than beggar.
And so I really want to have a debate format here because they don't want real long-form debates.
I want to do a good job of this debate to make sure both sides get the exact same amount of time so that we can host more debates here.
And so you're not going to get the customary Alex Jones that's bantering back and forth.
I've gotten better about not interrupting over the years.
And some guest hosts and some hosts and some guests are better at bantering back and forth.
Kind of the talk radio format of old-line conservatives to have long, droning interviews where one person talks for five minutes, then another talks for five minutes.
We don't do that.
I talk a couple minutes, they talk a couple minutes, vice versa.
But you're not going to get that with this debate tomorrow night.
I have got a plan.
And it's basically let them debate, but with the limitation of time constraints so that one person doesn't run over the other.
And then we're going to have Harrison Smith and Owen Schroyer in here.
I'm going to leave when the debate is over.
And they're going to host as long as they want, as long as the crew wants to be here.
30 minutes, an hour, whatever, to give their take and their view on it.
And they'll probably, hopefully, open the phones up.
I mean, I haven't, again, planned it out that much because a real debate
It's supposed to be a free-for-all.
The globalists don't want that.
They want everything controlled.
These things they call debates today, where there's three moderators, and they ask their questions, and then, oh, you get one minute, then 30-second response, and they control it by the questions that are asked.
A real debate should be the people debating that are the supposed experts battling it out themselves.
So what you're going to see tomorrow is a real debate.
And I actually went and pulled up the Lincoln-Douglas debate.
They've got a transcript of it.
You can pull it up at any university site you want, and there are rhetoric departments and history departments, and so I'm going to do as best I can that style.
Of course, those guys will just run on as long as they want it.
One will go on for 10 minutes, another will go on for 5 minutes, one will go on for 20 minutes, one will go on for 6 minutes.
So again, I'm going to stop talking about that at that point.
I really want to be able to use this infrastructure we've got and that we've built and that you as listeners have built.
To have long-form podcasts and to have long-form debates and long-form discussions, because that's what freedom is really all about.
And hearing from people you disagree with!
You know, you can never get leftists to come on a show because they're all so controlled by foundations.
And the foundations give them talking points and that's all they can say, and they don't want them on shows that are free-form.
That's why the left wants to get rid of talk radio.
That's why they want internet censorship, because they're authoritarians and they're dangerous, ladies and gentlemen.
So again, 877-789-ALEX, and we will take your calls for the entirety of the third hour.
Okay, I got through two stacks today, and I have all these other stacks here.
And so what I'm going to do,
Is at the start of each segment, I'll just read a stack's headlines and then go take calls.
But that way we at least get the headlines out there because it is simply incredible.
And all these different Democrats, again caught, but also overseas, all the leftists, not following their own stupid COVID rules because they're not for them.
They're the ruling class.
They're never going to follow those rules.
That's why you've got to have a system where everybody's got freedom.
Because if everybody doesn't have freedom, nobody has freedom.
And I played this a few weeks ago.
Owen Schroyer played it again last night when he hosted Sunday Live from 6 to 8 p.m.
And it's a little girl, I think she's like five years old, six years old, and she's speaking in Florida to the city council about ending the mass mandate of children, and she just knocks it completely out of the park.
As the Bible says, out of the mouths of babes, here it is.
And I don't think barely anybody likes masks in schools.
Their children are suffocating, you don't know what it feels like, and it's not in a sense.
Like, why would you do that?
Why in the world would you do that?
And I'm not wearing a mask right now and I never will as much as I can.
And George Washington made America so we could be free citizens of the United States of America.
And the Statue of Liberty is for liberty and freedom.
And we're not free.
So maybe you just don't believe in George Washington or God or like the boss of you or someone is controlling you.
Stand up!
I want to get the full speech on there sometime.
She says, stand up and be free.
And that's not scripted.
That's a little girl that's got the spirit of liberty in her.
See the full video.
Take the mask off these children.
Little girl goes to the city council.
It was an epic anti-mask rant to the school board that was being held at the city council building.
Your calls are coming up.
And then Trump sued for $22 million for calling COVID, China virus.
Even if he was wrong, he has that right of free speech.
But he's right.
And now it's all coming out.
The same witness groups suing me are suing Trump.
They don't want us to have speech.
It's wrong.
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We'll be right back with hour number three in your calls.
I am very honored and I'm very blessed to be here with you today.
It's my job to tell you the hard truth.
It's my job to let people know how bad things are, because I believe in you, and I believe you will take action, and together, with God's help, we will defeat it!
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're into hour number three.
I pledged on last night's show to take a lot of calls this week, because that's the broadcast I like, and that's the broadcast you like.
And so we're going to take calls every day this week.
In fact, some of the shows, I've got it slated that I'm going to do all four hours.
And I'm going to take at least three hours of calls.
Today, it's just one hour because Gerald Cilente always does a great job.
He's hosting the fourth hour ahead of the War Room.
Those are also great shows for you to call into, the War Room, 3 to 6 p.m., and of course, American Journal at 8 to 11 a.m.
Central, weekday mornings.
All right.
A lot of interesting callers here.
I'm just going to start going to them.
Josh, Debbie, Stephen, Casey, C.D., Kyle, Andy, Kyle and others.
And let's just go ahead and talk to Kyle in Nebraska first on vaccines and the workplace.
Yeah, they're trying to conscript.
Do you copy me?
Hey, thanks for the time again, Alex.
I talked to Owen, I think, two or three weeks ago.
I just wanted to get this website out one more time.
It's nojab4me.info.
Alright, brother.
You're live on air, just so you know.
We're not screening your call.
Do you want to say anything else?
So basically, that website I got out, I talked to Owen about that, and that's actually Joey Gilbert.
Yeah, I do.
He's a lawyer down there out of Nevada.
And so I called down there last week about this and talked to one of his assistant lawyers and had a good conversation.
But regardless, this is what happened.
Basically, in the heat of the mass stuff a few months ago, I'm a subcontractor.
I do transportation, parts delivery.
And I walked into this auto parts place.
I'm not going to give the name of it, but I should.
But I won't.
And I walked into this place and didn't have the mask on, of course.
I'm not going to be muzzled.
And they take a still photo from their security camera, send it to my contractor that I sub for, and threaten my job over it, over not having a mask.
So I called a local lawyer here out of Omaha, and he said that it's a right-to-work state.
There's nothing you can do about it.
So then I started digging deeper, of course, Alex.
Called more lawyers and then I got a hold of this this gal that works for Joey Gilbert.
He was a I think you've had him on before.
He was a fighter.
Before kickboxer boxer, I believe as well.
All right, sir, I appreciate your call.
Let me go ahead and respond to this and give you some facts.
The terrible Texas governor finally grew some huevos, and he signed an executive order.
It's the law that you cannot try to make someone coming in your business wear a mask, and that you basically can't make your employees do it.
The media has given us almost no coverage.
So I talked to a lot of people around Austin since this happened a few weeks ago, and most of them still think you have to wear a mask.
So it's all color of law.
People perish for lack of knowledge.
Texas Governor Abbott threatens to fine cities and local government officials if they impose mass mandates.
That's CNBC's spin.
No, he signed an executive order.
And I showed that executive order a few weeks ago.
But there's the national news spinning it.
Here's another one.
Antibody-dependent enhancement of virus infection and disease.
How Texas killed COVID.
Ron Paul.
Very important article also on Infowars.com.
I would take those and give that to that idiot lawyer.
What's happening is most of these lawyers are just average researched people.
They don't know anything.
So they're just going along with all this new color of law garbage.
All the censorship, all the crap.
All right, we'll be right back with more calls straight ahead.
Stay with us.
All right, we're now well into hour number three.
We're taking your phone calls.
And next up is CD in Vegas.
Kids getting the COVID vax, heart problems.
Yeah, they banned all these vaccines.
They've basically been banned in one country of Europe or another.
They're banned in China.
They're banned in India.
And our media sits there and gaslights you and says, you're crazy if you don't take it.
Everyone takes it.
Everybody's fine.
Now there's all these blood clots, all these deaths in the old particularly, but even young people, children and teenagers are dying from it.
Here's NBC News.
CDC investigating reports of heart problems in young
Vaccine recipients.
They go, oh, but it's only a few.
I mean, a few reports are looking into.
15-year-old boy dies of heart attack two days after taking Pfizer vaccine.
They don't want you to remember that.
Nobel Prize winner reveals COVID vaccine is creating variants and killing people.
That's the federal government's Occupational Hazard Administration.
Pulls guidance stating employers may be held liable for adverse reactions if they mandate the vax.
Plus it violates the Nuremberg Code.
It's not even an authorized vaccine.
It's emergency authorized.
Doctor's message about how pediatric deaths from COVID blocked by Facebook.
Testimony to a legislature.
Can't have that.
Important video from InfoWarsArmy on Twitter.
Inquisition by Senators gives Fauci and the CDC chills.
We'll cover some of that later in the hour.
And we've got Senator Cotton saying they're hiding their tracks.
The walls are closing in.
Sudden hearing loss reported after COVID vaccines.
They've said that the whole time.
In fact, rats that were given COVID vaccines in a 2012 study at UT got made deaf.
Oh, but look at Governor Whitmer.
She's out with all her friends at a big party.
She's not going to social distance.
She's going to do what she wants, because she's the governor!
That's all coming up, but let's go to your phone call, C.D.
in Vegas.
Welcome, C.D.
Hey, Alex.
Man, I agree with you, and God bless us, and it's the truth that
These guys are twisted-minded, mind-twisted scientists, police officers, the ones who are not mind-twisted.
It's giving us gut poison to the kids, man.
This is gut poison to the brain.
Well, that's right.
It's funny you say that.
I've got a bunch of studies on it causing Alzheimer's by growing crystals in the brain, but it's not a type of crystal that grows in rotten meat like spongiform encephalopathy.
It is connected to almost like a fungus life.
Yeah, not only that, it's poison, man.
They know that they try to steal our mind through our poison, our gut, and our brain.
Yeah, Alex, it's the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system.
Everybody has those two gears of the nervous system, and how many breaths per minute determine where your consciousness is, either in the fight or flight, which is sympathetic,
Or if you're breathing 18 or more breaths per minute, you're going to be... I mean, if you're breathing 18 or more breaths per minute, you're going to be in the sympathetic.
If you're breathing less, 4 or less per minute, you're going to be in parasympathetic.
That's right.
They admit in studies that these mass cut oxygen levels cause anxiety, take years off your life.
Yeah, and the more that we breathe shallow, the more our life is going to be shallow, because the breath is the spirit, and that's what we manifest with.
So the breath is the spirit, the consciousness is the father, the will is the son.
That's the trinity to me, and I feel like as a human organism, if they tamper with our rhythm, with our breath algorithm like that, and keep us in a sympathetic state, then we can only manifest in a mass sense from that place.
It's a human organism.
It doesn't take much to tamper with the homeostasis of the whole organism to where now we have a mass of basically a cancerous mass of humanity that we all have to now somehow heal by changing this algorithm because that's the spiritual algorithm.
The breath algorithm.
The breath is the spirit like Tucker Carlson said a week ago or so.
And notice that all over the country the left isn't taking the mask off and they want it to be permanent.
I mean this is a real cult programming we've just seen.
Oh, definitely.
I mean, and that's the thing, the whole transhumanism movement.
You know about the blockchain and everything.
Every breath is an investment.
We're taking our investment, we're trading our breath for money, we're trading our breath for all these things, and they know if we're in a shallow state and then we're breathing from that place, we're thinking shallow, then our emotions and everything follow from that place.
Casey, you're absolutely right, and I'm so glad you called because
I was having a lot of concern this weekend about the world, and that I wasn't doing enough to fight the globalists, and I literally sat in a room for about two hours once my family had gone to bed, asking God, what do I need to do?
And God was like, you need to get calm on air more, you need to smooth out and breathe more, and get other people to be calm, to then take action.
It's been good that you've been aggressive to get people out of their trance, and it's good because those people are already in that type of, you know, hyped up state.
Yeah, definitely.
And they try to keep us from that infantile state.
When we have children and we're around children, babies breathe from their diaphragm.
Well, like I was saying, we have two nervous systems, and if we're breathing four or less
I think so.
So the more that we rush, the more that we're in a rush state, the more that we're getting away from that alignment.
And the alignment is the only protection we have.
So it's really our spiritual alignment is our breath alignment, and that has everything to do with our circadian rhythm and how many breaths per minute we're breathing, because that controls our consciousness, where our consciousness is headed.
And our children are our ancestors.
We're setting up this rhythm, this spiritual, you know, that rhythm.
So if we're hurried and rushed and the children see that example, then they create from that platform and it's a more broken template.
And then the more that we get in and just accept the breath.
People call it breath work, but it's acceptance.
We need to accept the spirit, accept the breath, and we can fully breathe, and we can fully live, and then we can slow things down, and we have less thought per minute, and then we can, we're really, we're creating.
And exactly, slowing things down gives you more time, not less, and I think God's worked through me in the hyped-up system to get to people that were already in the hyped-up system, but now it's time
To pull people out of the sped up, controlled system and get them in to that relaxed, quiet place, the Most High that King David talked about.
You're absolutely right, because when I make myself lay there...
On the bed, you know, for like an hour and breathe.
I mean, I just, my thoughts get so clear.
I get so relaxed.
I can see infinity.
And then I dream a lot better at night and like get answers.
Now, we don't want to be in a zombie.
What do you call the zombie state?
Because some people are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, scared of the globalists and doing everything they say.
Others are kind of in a zombie format.
But it even seems like they're breathing shallow as well, but they're just completely gone.
Yeah, I mean, it really comes down to how much the breath is inhabiting the body.
Like you, Alex, you know, you've been circulating your blood, you've been breathing on air, you've been connecting with people, bouncing the breath off of people, because every activity is really the breath in a different way, you know, at a different pace or whatever it is.
So the more that a person is accepting the breath, the more that they're going to accept life, and the more that they can exude that into life, and then people can operate from that place.
But if you're not accepting the breath, then God can't come through you.
So then you got a bunch of bodies that are not inhabited.
They're just not fully inhabited.
The circulation of the... Well, and also, exactly, but if you read the first book of the Bible, it says God created the world with his breath.
Go ahead.
Yes, exactly.
So the breath, the more that you're breathing, the greater your circulation is.
And the more that you're in a parasympathetic state, the more that you're circulating to the organ.
The more that you're in a sympathetic state, the fight or flight that they got us locked into, the more that your blood is in your tissue, and because you're more on fight or flight, you're constantly ready to go to war.
So it's just the endocrine system, what people call the chakra system, is really the endocrine system.
And, you know, the more you become conscious, you do it.
That's right.
It's science.
It's not mumbo-jumbo.
We've got to get the blood into our brain.
God bless you, sir.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Casey.
I just feel frustrated and really upset and sad for humanity because we know the New World Order is here to kill everybody.
We know they're poisoning the food and water.
We know they're turning us against each other.
We know that they are trying to suppress us so that we're not with God.
And it's very, very frustrating.
It's very, very sad.
And we all feel like we've got to be able to change it.
We've got to be able to overturn it.
But it's that endless battle between good and evil.
And evil's making its move right now, like it's never done before in the history of our species on this planet.
And we can all feel it.
We can all see it.
But I have to remind myself every moment, just do the best I can, and God will do the rest.
I was under so much stress, you know, wanting Trump to succeed, wanting Trump to be real.
And I think overall Trump was a good person, is a good person, but we couldn't expect Trump to overturn and defeat this globalist system himself.
We have to do it with God's help.
And so after they stole the election from him and after we saw all that, I don't want to say a great weight came off of me, but I just realized that we're not going to stop their attempt at the Great Reset, their attempt to bankrupt the planet, their attempt to take our children from us, their attempt to poison us.
They've said they're going to do it.
They mean business.
So we're going to have to oppose it and stand up to it and say no and fight it.
And if we get aggressive and if we get up on our hind legs and we take a deep breath and decide that we're going to get our hands dirty here, we're going to win this fight.
And I know we're going to win because evil always pushes until they make good people stand up.
The question is how bad is it going to get before we do that?
And the biggest thing is saying no to oppressors, saying no to the mass police, saying no to their poisonous inoculation, and going on the offense to their inoculation centers and exposing that it's poison, and going to their health departments and exposing them, and your employer tries to make you take a shot that's experimental, that violates the Nuremberg Code?
Bring them information!
Educate them!
Say, people don't want this!
This is banned in Europe!
Chances are your employer's being told by lawyers they better do this or there'll be liability.
There'll be liability if they try to make you take that shot!
See, the left bullies and sues and pushes us around.
It's time for us to start pushing them back.
Because we didn't start this fight, we're gonna finish it.
Alright, we got Antonio and Jason and Kyle and
Andy and Debbie and so many others, but we got Jason in Germany.
So I'm going to go to Jason.
Jason, in case you're having to pay for your call yourself.
Jason in Germany.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
I'm a first time caller.
I wanted to talk about the entire COVID situation, how it parallels to the Nazi takeover.
And I'm talking like about before 1939.
Back in the day, you already had that there was a lot of propaganda against the Jews.
These days, you're also seeing it against people who refuse to take the vaccine, who refuse to wear masks.
And you also had the Gestapo.
Nowadays, you have basically the regular police doing the same job.
I don't know, closing churches, going after people who don't wear their masks properly instead of going after real criminals.
And all the things
They are saying they just want to put two vaccines into us, but it's not going to stop with that.
Well, absolutely.
That's why they admit the EU is modeled basically off the Hitlerian system, and they need the excuse to train the police to violate people's rights, to have martial law,
I mean, right now in Germany, we do have kind of a lockdown where I live.
If the Covid infection number is over 100, all schools and stuff like that get closed.
If it's below 100, they reopen.
But I think restaurants and the likes are still closed.
Yes, and the more people give in to it, the more they're going to take because people think that these guys have some kind of conscience that there will be a point where they will feel bad for us or something and they will stop.
But these people are absolute psychopaths.
They are not going to stop.
They're going to go as far as you let them.
It's not going to stop with a few vaccines.
Later on, it's going to be, as you talked about, microchips and they are probably might even try to execute people who won't take these chips in the future once they
Um, get their way, basically, because history has also shown that you can pretty much get humans to do whatever you want, as long as you condition them over a very long time and basically dehumanize these so-called mask refusers and anti-vaxxers.
So if they succeed, then it's going to be a very dark future.
But as far as I'm seeing, it is getting exposed, especially that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan lab, even Anthony Fauci admitting to it.
You also have the governor of Texas doing a lot of work, even more than I expected.
I mean, personally, when I looked at this guy, I didn't expect this kind of work from him.
Oh, I totally agree.
He's now gone further than DeSantis because of pressure, and said, we'll fine you $1,000, it makes money to wear a mask.
He says, therapeutics are the way, take your vitamins.
This thing's exaggerated, overblown, a hundred times what it actually was.
And he's starting to address it.
Yes, I mean definitely.
The thing is, I am someone who believes in metaphysical law, and I think that what's going on in Texas is great, and the things that DeSantis does, but I think that that's not going to go on for a very long time, and the powers that be are planning some kind of
They will strike back.
That's what I think.
I totally agree.
They admit, sir, this is all a beta test.
Some areas they'll loosen the restrictions.
They're going to come back even harder.
As Bill Gates said, a more deadly virus is on the way.
We have to expose them.
We have to expose that they stood to gain from it.
We have to expose they make money off of it.
It's the Great Reset.
We have to have them arrested with Nuremberg 2.
God bless you.
Think about it.
The fact that they have decided to add the chemicals, the food and water to totally sterilize this.
And when they tell you that at current graph, and there's a whole bunch of studies on this, they show the same numbers.
It's conclusive that by 2045, 2047, depending on the study, there will be no one with any sperm left.
Well, then they're going to have the medicalization and create humanoids artificially in a laboratory so that you can have children.
The goal wasn't just to put Trojan horses.
Genetically in GMO crops, or digital Trojan horses in your cell phones.
It's in your body they want.
And once corporations and governments control procreation, as you saw in that national news piece from HBO, that, oh, there'll still be sex, it just will be in a laboratory.
Well, those won't be humans.
And so this is really a scientific takeover and they're already with this COVID attack and forced inoculations with an experimental gene therapy taking us 80% of the way there.
They're not eating around the edges anymore incrementally.
They've only gotten 5% of the way there.
They're now leaping forward.
With, hey, we're going to put in your body what we want that changes every cell in your body.
We're not going to tell you even what it does.
And when it makes you sick, we're going to cover it up.
And when scientists expose it, we're going to censor them.
And that's what they're doing.
So this isn't a little bit of tyranny.
They've now gone from beta to their full assault.
And you can deny it.
You hope it's going to go away.
It doesn't go away until we understand where it takes us and we say no.
This is so illegal, so authoritarian, and now they're trying to hope employers will go do what the health department can't do, what the government can't do, make you take a shot to have your job?
How's that job going to do for you when you get a neurological disorder in six months or a heart attack that day?
They're just managing to see if we'll make a big deal.
Can they make a big deal out of old people dying from the shots?
It'd already be stopped.
And remember, where's all the infertility?
It's in the Western world.
The globalists are getting rid of us.
And it's not just white people they're getting rid of, they're getting rid of any country where people have due process and infrastructure.
There's a war on infrastructure and the globalists are finally trying to get rid of progress and saying we're gonna have world government enforceable chips in your body.
They're teaching you to be poor.
They're teaching you to be a slave.
They're teaching you it's virtuous and good.
And they're teaching you to ignore the science, how they lied about COVID-19 this entire time.
All right, let's get to all the calls before this hour ends.
Who's up next here?
Let's go to Cindy in West Virginia.
You're on the air.
Cindy, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, um, first I just have to say this, okay?
Chantilly, Virginia, Bilderberg 2012, I believe it was.
You met my son, Colin Abramowitz.
He was in the London Guardian with you.
Oh, so proud of my kids.
You know, I have four.
Two of them are woke.
I shouldn't say woke.
Two of them know what's going on.
I think two of them are too afraid.
I was thinking about that during the break before you tell us your points, which I want to hear desperately.
That this is so big, only God can handle this.
I mean, I don't want to say I'm scared.
I'm scared I'm not doing enough to fight it, because I always knew they were planning this, but now it's moving so quick.
I'm just totally bummed out and horrified.
I mean, I want to live my life.
And so I know why people get in denial, because you don't want to admit to yourself that you're in this situation, but here's the deal.
It's going to get so bad that you don't want to be at that point when most people wake up, but it's too late for them.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, absolutely.
And, you know, we do.
You know, it's not about us, Alex.
It's about our kids and our grandkids.
You know, you're a little younger than me, I think, but we've lived our lives, you know, for the most part.
So what kind of life do we want to have for our kids?
So if, you know, if this stuff scares you, you just have to buck up and like, look at your children, look at your grandchildren.
Are you going to let them grow up to be slaves to these demons?
I mean, we see what they do to children, right?
It's absolutely insane.
You called it about COVID and depopulation and major crop losses coming.
Give us your view on that.
Okay, so you know how there's systems and everything and there's cyclical cycles, right?
Like the Atlantic Current has a cycle that it goes by.
The sun has many cycles, you know, and many scientists believe
If you look at one YouTube channel, Adapt 2030, that's a good place to look.
Or look up Grand Solar Minimum.
They think we're coming up on another Grand Solar Minimum.
And if you look at history and when that's happened, it has to do with the sun cycles and all of this, right?
Every so many hundred years this happens.
When this happens, there tend to be food losses, crop losses, food shortages,
Often upheavals like volcanoes and a lot of earthquakes, okay?
It's like an electromagnetic thing that happens.
I don't understand it completely, but if you look at the chart and you look at the time... I've had major banking experts and people that advise multi-million dollar corporations, they totally agree, they follow up sunspots back thousands of years.
And that's when all the big major wars happen and all this is during these solar minimums.
And so you're absolutely right.
Plus you already see food prices exploding.
You see Bill Gates buying up all the farmland.
Yeah, I mean, that's scary.
Remember Bush bought up all those aquifer areas in South America?
Remember that?
So that's another thing.
There could be water shortages too.
So I think that this COVID thing, and even before the COVID thing, the depopulation,
What they're doing to the food and the water.
It's not any one thing.
It's all these different things combined.
So you don't really say, aha, it's this or aha, it's that.
Here's what's going on, ma'am.
We've already been hit by the first salvo of the takeover.
I mean, let's use a Tom Cruise movie that's actually pretty good.
I don't like Tom Cruise, but I like the movie.
And that's Oblivion.
And everything isn't what it seems.
And he's really a clone working for the aliens.
He's an astronaut, you know, that they captured and cloned.
And notice when the aliens hit, the first thing they do is blow up the moon to destroy the earth cycles and cause earthquakes and problems.
And then they land spaceships with all these clones they produced, because you obviously want to produce something that doesn't have a file on the planet it's from.
And it's just a very important movie because it's... But that's exactly what they're doing.
The globalists are sucking the energy out of the earth, stealing all the resources, and building a breakaway civilization.
And the point I wanted to make today that I'm now going to make is,
The breakaway is further than we think.
They're way advanced.
They've already got incredible life extension.
They've already got super technology beyond what you can even hardly imagine.
But it's evil hunchback inbred globalists that own it and run it.
And so they are making the decision to cauterize us, get rid of us, so that we don't get in the way of what they're about to do.
Because when it's finally clear they're going to suck up all the resources,
And they say in their writings that they're going to build these giant spaceships and leave the planet once they merge with silicon.
And they don't say aliens told them to do this, but they're like, this is the plan.
We must follow the plan.
Earth is over.
It is the end of humans.
We are leaving.
And it goes back to their acolytes.
Arthur C. Clarke wrote his first book that the system picked up.
He was in British Intelligence and a bunch of stuff.
They wanted his first big book to make him a superstar, Childhood's End, to explain all this.
And they tell you, in Childhood's End, the allegory of what they're doing.
Does that make sense?
Alex, I want to get another point in, okay, too, if I may.
Yeah, go ahead.
Anyone out there, if you haven't seen the movie, They Live, okay?
Um, you should watch that, because, you know, they try to keep us in trance on this other frequency, um, and the word television, turn it off, okay?
And the other... Ma'am, I totally agree we're out of time.
Yes, I interviewed Roddy Piper, the movie's incredible, uh, we made some like 10-minute reports on They Live that we should repost to Band Off Video.
So much of our work never got posted there because it got blown off of, uh,
Off of YouTube, but we're gonna find it, and we're gonna get it out there.
But absolutely, they put us in this unconscious frequency where we sleep, and then they live.
They live because they live, they're conscious, we sleep, we're basically dead.
We must awaken.
The sleeper must awaken.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Look at some of the headlines on InfoWars.com.
Vox stealthily edits March 2020 article debunking lab origin COVID theory because it discredits them so incredibly bad.
Again, a lot of stories on InfoWars.com that break while I'm on air.
It's really critical for me particularly.
To remember that and make sure I go back to Infowars.com during the show to look at all the new stuff that's breaking because this is all just huge.
Fauci's wall of denial is crumbling.
Leaked State Department memo officially endorses BLM agenda.
This is other really positive news.
Trans individuals regret their gender reassignment surgeries on 60 Minutes.
Oh, those are groups they really censor.
AOC in therapy after Capitol riot says lawmakers effectively served in a war.
Democrat civic leader jailed for continuous sexual abuse of child under 10.
Open for Business, How Texas Killed COVID.
Ron Paul.
It's all on Infowars.com.
I'll cover some of those stories, including a new video of Biden babbling even more than usual when he was speaking at FEMA headquarters coming up, and then I'll hand the baton to Gerald Cilente.
But first, let's go to these calls.
Who's been holding the longest?
I'll go to them first.
Let's go to Kyle and then Debbie.
Kyle in California.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, I called today because I feel like my brain's exploding in the amount of information I digest on a daily basis.
But I have four issues and observations I wanted to make while on this call.
So if you give me a couple minutes to go through those four.
Hey, I love you calling.
What everybody does is they do like a call screening with me.
I'm not screening your call.
You're live on air.
So just go ahead and hit it, brother.
So, first one is one of the songs I used to listen to.
It's by Flo-Bot.
It's called Sight with Tools.
So, if you can look at those lyrics, it talks about babies and beakers, precious metals, global virus, 5G antennas, and the propaganda media.
And this was written in 2007.
And again, that's Flo-Bot.
Song is Sight with Tools.
Number two, HB547.
It's a bill in Texas.
I haven't had time to research this bill in particular, but it's from a source that I listened to, and they said that this bill is on Abbott's table, and it's going to regulate homeschooling.
So, they're just going to regulate the homeschoolers to death.
Wow, that's in Texas?
I'll have to look into HB 547?
It's Tim Tebow slash UIL equal access.
Yeah, 547.
And it's on Abbott's table right now, so that's something to look into.
I haven't looked at it thoroughly, but if you're in Texas, though, it's probably really important for homeschooling families out there.
I'm just going to regulate it like they do the farms and such everywhere else, and it could be impossible for people to homeschool their children.
Number three was the pharmaceutical cult.
I'm reading a lot of cult books lately and Kubrick films, and I noticed that all the
All the cults have masks and gowns, and people we look up to now are all doctors and nurses who also have masks and gowns.
Well, yeah, the original cults were medical.
They were architectural and medical, and then also had to deal with astrology and astronomy.
And so, yes, those are all occult garbs.
In fact, if you look at court and pleadings, you pray to the court.
All of it is ritualistic magic.
Yeah, and then pharmacology comes from...
Well, it's established by the Rockefeller Institution, and also pharmacology comes from the word pharmakia, which means sorcery, spells, and witchcraft, so that's kind of weird.
Well, the symbol of medicine goes back before even Babylon and the Hittites and people, and again, it was two snakes around a staff, which is the DNA.
Yeah, we've been here before.
Thank you so much, Kyle, good to hear from you.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Debbie in the great state of Indiana.
Go ahead, Debbie.
Hi, Alex.
First time caller, longtime listener.
I went to the doctor today and she was trying to force me to take the coronavirus shot.
I kept arguing with her and she said, why?
I said, because it's experimental and it's poison.
And she got kind of mad.
She's like, that's a lie.
They've been developing it for 25 years.
Yeah, and they couldn't get them approved because they killed the lab rats.
That's why they skipped animal trials.
But see, oh, John Oliver goes, oh, it's not re-experimental.
This has been studied for 20 years.
Yeah, and no one would approve it, and they're banned in India and China.
Did you hit her back with that?
No, but she kept wanting to argue, and then I brought up the Nuremberg Code, and she's like, what do you know about it?
I said, I don't have to take that.
And she'd tell me she got it and nurses got it.
And then she goes, well, you're a diabetic.
You really should get it.
And I said, no, if I'm going to die, I'm going to die by myself.
Well, ma'am, if you have the vitamins and minerals, as you know, and I mean, you're really, really doing well, but God bless you.
You know, you probably want to get a different doctor.
Have you thought about that?
You know, it kind of shocked me because she never said anything to me, like, right after the stuff started going on.
When I go back to her, if she does it again, yeah, I will get another doctor.
Well, I think the thing you should do is, why don't you send her some of the articles and things about how this is banned in India?
First off, what inoculation, what frankenshot was she trying to give you?
She didn't say.
But you know what, I'm blind, so there ain't no way I can get all of that information.
Yeah, well they really take advantage of disabled people, but we know you're not disabled.
You have the sight of understanding, and that's the most important.
Yeah, a lot of people, I know, well we go to campgrounds, and a lot of those people down there said they're not doing it.
There's been a few, but there's more that said no.
Absolutely, yeah.
Don't let them try to make you feel bad like you're a weirdo.
These vaccines are banned in most countries.
They're not real vaccines.
Anything else, Debbie?
No, that's it.
Thank you, Debbie, for calling.
God bless you.
What a sweet lady.
So honored to have her as a listener.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Antonio in Massachusetts.
Go ahead, sir.
Yep, I'm here.
Welcome, sir.
How you doing?
Man, I'm really freaked out.
I mean, they're celebrating in the New York Times that there'll be no humans soon, that everyone's gonna be sterile, and they're just poisoning us, and it's just disgusting.
I'm really freaked out.
What about you?
Well, you know, if you listen to the mainstream media, you gotta believe them, because they have billions of dollars.
What I wanted to talk about was my personal situation with my mother, who was
President of the American Medical Writers Association.
I understand, even on a whole, folks will come in there, that happens to me all the time when I'm at home doing the show.
Just, well, tell us, long and short of what happened to your mother.
She was president of the American Medical Writers Association, and she went to Harvard Medical, and she was researching a radical form of endometrial cancer, which she ended up getting.
As far as we know, she didn't work in the lab, which was weird.
Anyway, doesn't matter.
She ended up getting it, and
Uh, the doctor, um, I don't know if I can give that name.
Go ahead!
The doctor used this robot called the Da Vinci.
The Da Vinci laparoscopic
I know about the da Vinci robot.
And I also know that most cancer is viral.
So yeah, being around people with cancer is not good.
Just like being around people that have been COVID vaccinated is not good.
The Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of HIV now says people are getting sick from viral shedding.
Isn't that incredible?
Yeah, what's incredible is this guy that... I'm going to give his name off.
Tell us what happened with the robot.
Just tell us that.
Severed her bladder and her lower, uh, yeah, lower intestine.
Well, no, it's operated by a human being.
And this human being has done this.
Um, we went to court for this and, uh, he did it three times before my mother.
And, uh, now every time he screws up,
If it's a screw-up.
He just skipped state.
And, uh... Well, you're right.
They're always saying robots are so great and the system pushes them, even though there's malpractice.
It's a lot higher with them because they want to replace humans with them.
They're actually using human doctors that are doing the surgery are training the robot in the future to have no human there.
I'm really sorry to hear about your mother.
God bless you.
Yeah, the robot takeover is not a pretty situation, ladies and gentlemen.
And the secret about the robots is we're training them to replace us.
It's one hell of a world we live in, folks.
Stay with us, we'll be right back.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're jamming in a few more calls here, and then Gerald Cilente, always informative, always entertaining, is taking over.
Got a few news items I'm going to hit next segment.
Let's talk to Josh in North Carolina.
Let's talk about his aunt's experience with the experimental gene therapy they call the vaccine.
Tell us, Josh, what she took and what happened.
Hey Alex, I'm excited to be here.
Real quickly about my, it's actually my mom's aunt, and she was elderly, she was in her 80s, but she was smart as a wit, very alert, always has been, can budget a checkbook, no problems.
She had her first shot, I think it was the Moderna.
Um, which, in four words I'm plugging, uh, you guys are great.
You guys helped wake my whole family up.
My mom tried telling her, don't take the vaccine, please don't take the vaccine, but our own children advised her to do it.
She got the second dose and then out of nowhere, she fell at her house and was, and a doctor pretty much said she was experiencing symptoms of Bell's palsy.
And within a week,
They had her in the hospital, like I said, she was balancing a checkbook, she got the second shot, and then within like a week and a half after that, she's in a nursing home.
That's exactly what is in the news, what guests or doctors and working nursing homes have told us and nurses, is that you'll have a whole nursing home that's up and happy and, you know, watching TV and playing poker and eating dinner, and they'll all just disappear and not come out of their beds for a few weeks, and then up to 20% die.
It was, I mean, it was awful.
I mean, it was completely awful.
It devastated my mom and everything like that.
And, uh, and honestly, I mean, I don't know what the issue is.
I think her son's wife, um, I think there's like a wedge in between them.
So I think they were kind of the ones that were pushing the vaccine on her.
Well, look out because the more deaths there is, the more that these crazies are going to push it.
You understand?
They're going to defend what they've already pushed.
They'll never admit they're wrong.
So is your family going to get aggressive now and say, you can't stay away with your deadly shots?
I mean, like I was gonna say, man, my mother, I put her on, and my dad, but they're both major fans of the show, and we always listen, and we always try to spread the word with everybody, everywhere we go, we do our best.
This is just unreal, man.
I'm just an average guy out here in North Carolina, but man, I've listened to M4 Wars,
Every single day all day since the guy introduced it to me like a year and a half two years ago And I mean you guys get me through today, brother We need you and you need you to tell everybody you know about the show and then tell them tell them because we're gonna save lives Everybody I talked to said friends or family have a stroke a heart attack die get Bell's palsy Get narcolepsy.
I mean Women are getting cancer men are getting cancer, right?
I mean like three weeks after they get it they get canned and the news is like yeah a lot of folks are getting cancer, but those aren't
And it turns out they are!
I mean, it's in the Associated Press that... Yeah, the side effects grow in tumors, but most of them are cancer.
What the hell?!
I mean, that's what I'm... God, I'm telling you.
God bless you, sir.
Helen in Oklahoma, you're our last caller.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First, I just want to say again how great your crew is.
Yeah, you guys are wonderful.
We appreciate you.
I just want to make just three real quick things.
I'm not going to talk about them, but first I'd love to see you and the crew look into some of Gates' patents that involved first re-infusing artificially.
Artificially re-infusing plants with carbon dioxide.
You know, it's so critical that he get rid of carbon dioxide, but he has patents on re-infusing plants with carbon dioxide.
Actually, he's got patents on cutting them down and burying them, yes.
Yeah, and he plans to re-infuse, but also he has patents, you know, if the 5G towers are not nefarious, not a threat to humans, why does he have patents on
Camouflaging them and making them blend in with the environment where they can't be seen.
I don't understand the whole patent, but it'll... Well, yeah, the foundation he runs is all about killing us.
And so everything he does is about that.
Yes, ma'am.
And last, I just wanted to say, we've always supported Israel and Netanyahu, but he really lost us when he decided he's going to make everybody take the vaccine, get the bracelets, and talk to you about getting a gift.
Taylor, stay right there, because he lost me there too.
And I wasn't like a huge supporter, but I'm not against Israel, I'm not against Netanyahu.
I certainly don't support the Islamicist, but when he went along with the whole world government hardcore, it really made me have some serious issues.
I want to hear you respond to that, Helen, when we come back in one minute.
Then Gerald Cilente takes over.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
TrendsResearch.com, the number one trends forecaster in the world.
The mighty Gerald Cilente will take over in about four minutes.
I wanted to finish up with Helen talking about Israel and Netanyahu.
I don't fetishize the Palestinians, but I don't like the plight they're under.
But I know the left's backing them.
But that doesn't mean it's just the left's for somebody, that they're all bad.
But at the same time, Netanyahu
Literally, the freedom bracelets, saying we want kids to all have chips.
He was the first to do that.
Now Klaus Schwab's pushing it.
And just what Israel's doing is very, very dangerous, very, very oppressive, and is really the vanguard now of the rollout of forced inoculation.
They're rounding up all those ultra-Orthodox conservative Jews.
And not letting them leave their own houses or have their own church services at their synagogues.
And so when I look across the world, I see Netanyahu really involved in some major tyranny.
You were trying to get to that point as the break cut you off.
That's just the point, Alex.
It's when he decided the kids are going to have to have chips.
I mean, what has gone on with him?
We certainly don't support the Palestinians.
Historically and at all.
We really don't.
But it's just very concerning what he's doing to his people.
And, you know, he's supposed to be taking care of the children.
Except for the little children to come up to me.
He's putting them right to the front of the line to go along with these globalists.
Well, notice as soon as they indicted Netanyahu, he certainly started going along with whatever the left wanted.
Isn't that interesting?
Yes, of course.
You know, it didn't take him any time to turn around.
And you know that that happens to all of them.
It's just like OSHA.
Immediately they have taken down their notice that employers could be liable if they force the people to wear a mask and take the vaccine.
Now they're going to pull it.
What do they have on the end?
Everybody is
I totally agree with you, and I've been ashamed of Governor Abbott.
Finally, he said, we'll give you a $1,000 fine if you make people wear masks or try to make them take shots.
And so that's, now finally, Texas is leading again.
I know Oklahoma is speaking out as well.
You speak North Texas.
Helen, we love you and we appreciate your call.
All right, Joe Saliente is taking over here in just a moment.
I wanted to hit a few of these headlines since we mentioned it.
Horowitz Department of Commerce demands proof of vaccination in order for employees to breathe freely.
Again, that's all illegal, but the unions, the leftist unions are pushing it and they want children to always wear masks.
The head of the major teachers union does.
What makes her a doctor?
League State Department Memorandum officially endorses BLM agenda.
Well, they fired the head of Space Force for saying BLM is Marxist.
That's like saying I'm firing a duck because it's a duck.
I mean, he said the truth.
Trans individuals regret their gender reassessment.
60 minutes.
Pigs fly.
They're finally reporting on how this is abusing children who are not of age to decide to be medically allowed to mutilate themselves.
You know, we used to put people in mental institutions that cut their pee-pees off.
We used to put doctors that did it in prison.
Minneapolis mayor admits that calls to defund the police lead to a spike in crime.
Yeah, Minnesota, Minneapolis, and what a 250% increase in violent crime.
That's just some of the news.
I want to close out before I hand the baton to Gerald Cilente with a little short video clip of Biden speaking to FEMA, bumbling as usual.
The first world, the free state, the free world led by a Chinese globalist compromise spy who has dementia.
Here it is.
Red states and blue states, you all know that.
It's about having people's backs in the toughest moments that they face.
Ready with food, water, blankets, shelters, and more.
But there's, you know, there to be, you know, beginning
This effort for 2021 is, I think we've learned a few lessons from last year as well.
There's help, you know, being there to help clear roads, rebuild main streets, and so that the families can get back to their lives.
That's a theme it does every single day.
As my mother would say, they're doing God's work.
Today's briefing is a critical reminder.
We don't have a moment to lose in preparing for 2021.
And so again, I want to thank you for all that you do, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.
And I thank the press for coming in.
Appreciate it.
Doesn't even know what year it is.
Gerald Solente takes over.
Don't forget tomorrow, 6 p.m., The Great Debate.
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Gerald Solente takes it over.
God bless you, Gerald.
Well, thanks for having me on, Alex.
And thanks to all that you do.
You know, on the covid front with the new Trench journals coming out tomorrow,
COVID Vax mints new billionaires.
And it goes on to say that this is from actually a cartoon news network, CNN, so it's not a conspiracy theory.
Of course it is if it comes from CNN.
I retract that.
A report from CNN Business last Friday breaks down some of the actual numbers.
And for example, CEOs of Moderna and BioNTech are now each worth $4 billion.
Others have become billionaires on paper, as well as their stock in vaccine-producing companies have skyrocketed.
And what we're looking at here, this is a study done by People's Vaccine Alliance and Oxfam and Amnesty International.
They point out, well, they don't call them drug dealers, but I do, their combined worth is $19.3 billion.
They're drug dealers.
Get this in your head, everybody.
That's all they are.
Nothing more, nothing less.
Drug lords.
And the people that are selling them get paid off to do it.
You look at this guy that's playing, um, he used to play the role as, um, the head of the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA.
What's his name?
Scott Gottlieb.
You know what Scotty Boy's doing now?
That's right.
He's on the board of directors of Pfizer.
The big drug lord right here.
What did Pfizer making this year?
I forgot the exact numbers.
We wrote it in the Trends Journal.
They'll be up about 17 billion dollars.
These guys, you buy them out like that.
It's a revolving door.
It's one big club and we ain't in it.
You're seeing it right here.
And we go on to say, this is the same Scotty boy.
Oh no, Mr. Salenti.
No, you don't.
Oh, you're calling me Mr. Salenti?
Oh yes, because you have to call him Dr. Gottlieb.
You know, that's a curse word.
Saying someone to go F themselves is not a curse word.
Calling these doctor and honorables, those are dignitaries.
I'm going to go on more about this Gottlieb, how he was selling crap.
Last year.
And here's the guy now, the prostitute.
All the media this week.
We'll be right back.
Stay tuned and support InfoWars.
Hello, hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And you see that cover of the Trends Journal, right?
Unvaxxed lives matter.
You could get in trouble for that, huh?
How dare you say that?
Only vaxxed lives matter.
No, no.
I said Vaxxed.
Oh yeah, Vaxxed Lives Matter.
That's all.
They get the passport.
And going back, you know, we'll go back to Israel later.
They were the first ones to come out with the green passport.
And Vaxxed Lives Matter.
They're the only ones.
You could go on a sea cruise if you get the Vaxxed.
You can go to concerts if you get the Vaxxed.
If you want to go to school, you gotta get the Vaxxed.
Only Vaxxed lives matter.
That's right.
What hypocrisy.
I think we counted about 270 colleges so far in the United States that if you don't get the Vaxxed, you don't go to school.
So going back to that guy Gottlieb, the revolving door Scotty boy, oh doctor, that's what I mean.
When I tell somebody I had enough of your effing S.
Oh, Mr. Sellenti, calm down.
You shouldn't use profanity.
No, profanity is elevating all these people like you call a fraud like Fauci, the nation's number one infectious disease expert.
How about the nation's number one BS-er?
How about the nation's number one fraudulent little piece of garbage, arrogant crap?
Dignitaries is another curse word.
And like, my honor, hey!
How about my honor rather than your honor?
Oh no, he's your honor!
Lawmaker, officials, those are curse words.
So going back to Gottson Gottlieb over here, the revolving door boy, they buy these guys off cheap.
And real money.
Eh, ten millionaire, ten millionaire, it's nothing.
Not when you're making hundreds of billions.
How dare he?
Goes from the FDA to Pfizer?
What a fraud!
You and Fauci should make a team together!
The fraud boys!
The little low-life scum crapsters!
Going from the FDA to Pfizer!
F with that Pfizer, man!
Anyway, this is from the Trends Journal, just be going out this week.
Go back to March 2020 when prostitutes and politicians were launching the COVID war.
As we pointed out back then, just as with all the other wars launched,
The warmongers ban those opposed to wars based on lies while promoting those championing them.
Among them was the esteemed health expert who led the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration from 2017 to 2019, Scott Gottlieb, who was quoted on CNBC's Face the Nation on 29 March 2020, telling us peasants of Slavelandia
That the aggressive social distancing measures must be enforced.
That's a quote.
Then, one year later, Scott Gottlieb, who sold his aggressive social distancing mandate, and now sits on the board of directors for the mega drug deal of Pfizer, admitted his social distancing orders were totally BS.
Appearing on CNBC, he said, the six-foot distancing requirement really wasn't based on clear science.
It was, you know what it's based on?
Crap spewing out of your dirty, lying mouth!
Just like all this other crap they made up.
You saw the MIT study?
Oh, it could travel 60 feet, not 6 feet?
How about the other lies, you lying little pieces of scum?
Like you gotta wear masks outside, but now they're showing, again, even in the toilet paper record, 1% chance of getting it.
And how about that little witless Whitney who got caught, oh, I'm sorry, she said, doing what she told other people can't do and sitting around with a bunch of people.
Oh, I'm sorry.
They're always sorry when they get caught.
So now, we got Gottlieb, the Pfizer board boy, he's now he's on the programs now this week, last week, putting out the jab for number two, number three coming up.
He goes on to say that there's declining infection rates are also based on warmer weather.
I think we're going to have a very quiet summer with respect to coronavirus spread and then have to contend with it again as we head into the winter.
Yep, as he prepares to sell round two of Get Vaxxed.
There's gonna be big anti-vax protests.
You're looking around Europe.
You know what the two-shot ratio is?
It's about... It's under 20% of Europe has gotten two shots.
That's it.
And now they're coming out with a travel passport to bring tourism back.
Hey, stupids!
A lot of people aren't going to get vaccinated.
There's going to be a vax war.
This thing isn't going to stop.
We're drilling, they call it Big Pharma.
They're drug dealers.
They're drug cartels.
Look at the people that die from all the drugs that they take, with the so-called side effects.
I bet a lot more than killed COVID.
This thing is, they are going to force as much as they can to get everybody vaxxed.
Remember, un-vaxxed lives matter.
And we're going to fight this.
There's no way anybody's going to stick a vaccine... Hey, I got it!
Hey, little Gottlieb boy!
Come over here and try to vaccinate me.
Hey, Pfizer boy!
Oh, I'd better be careful.
The drug dealers might get me.
They'll do anything to shut you up.
Look what they do down in Mexico.
Come out against a drug cartel, you're dead.
And that's who they are.
A drug cartel.
And you can thank slimy little lowlife Bill Clinton for letting them put their drug ads on TV.
They didn't allow it until 1997.
And it's gonna get worse if we don't stand up and unify.
And that's what we're doing.
And that's what you're doing by listening to InfoWars.
Stay tuned.
More unity.
Stay great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And remember,
Unvaxxed lives matter.
And also remember that they're going to do everything they can to shut us up and close us down.
So you got to support InfoWars.
You do what you can to keep it out of the truth alive.
You let people say what they want to say.
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So put your money where your heart is.
This thing's going to get really ugly.
You know, before there was a caller, they were talking about what's going on in Israel.
And I'm a political atheist.
I don't take sides.
Everybody hears me call them out.
I call out that low life we have over here, the daddy's boy that plays governor in New York.
Yeah, little Andy Cuomo and his brother Chrissy Cuomo, two boys born on third base and thought they had a home run.
I just went off about Ford... Fraud Fauci.
And I went off about, I go off about that Mario Draghi.
The head of the Bankster gang of the European Central Bank that's now the Prime Minister of Italy.
Because the two sellout parties, Cinque Stelle and the Northern League, brought him in.
So if their name was Faucioff or Cuomo-Berg or Draghi-Steen, you don't call me an anti-Semite, you'd call me an anti-Semite.
If you're stupid.
The Berg, the Steen, the O, the IOUs, the VOFs, whatever you want to put at the end of a name, race, creed, color doesn't make a difference.
So what's going on in Israel,
Detailed it one point after another of what happened and how it started.
And you read back to the Trends Journal.
Four elections.
That Netanyahu is a prime minister, you gotta get the other parties to support you to get a majority so you can come in.
Couldn't do it.
He's being brought up on criminal charges.
And as long as he's Prime Minister, they can't bring him up on it.
I've been writing in the Trends Journal, when all else fails, they take you to war.
And he sells himself as Mr. Security.
The rockets didn't start going off
From Gaza until Israel, after they pushed them into this.
And you're not supposed to fight back.
And when these little bottle rockets, and the United States just sold Israel what?
Almost 800 million dollars or more weapons?
Killing over 200, and there were about 40 Palestinians?
Scores about 70 children?
Hey, they blew up that AP building in Al Jazeera.
It was also apartment housing.
We're gonna give you one hour to get out?
And Israel has the right to defend themselves.
Nobody else does.
Again, you look at the map 1948 of Israel.
It was like that.
And now it's like that with all the land that they took.
And they call it settlements.
It's against the Geneva Convention.
The UN, one after another, they're breaking the law.
And going back to Netanyahu, this guy's a power-hungry guy.
When all else fails, they take you to war.
And they took him to war.
On that Monday, when it all began, after a thousand troops went into a mosque shooting stun guns and rubber bullets because, oh, they were piling up rocks and they maybe were going to protest.
After that happened, then it all began.
You know what was going to happen on that Monday?
The Arab coalition in Israel, 20 percent of Israel is of Arab nationality.
They were going to align with the right wing element and form a coalition to get Netanyahu out.
That's right.
And the Supreme Court of Israel was supposed to rule that day on the evictions.
There you got it.
All right.
That's Israel to the left now and Israel to the right.
That's what it was.
They were going to rule on the evictions, that didn't happen.
On the same day, when it all began.
I'm a warrior for the Prince of Peace.
I don't want my money, was it $38 billion of our dough going to Israel?
It's only about $3.8 billion a year.
I don't want to go to Italy.
I want to go to Ireland.
And this isn't a third world country over there.
They got a better education system, health system than we have in America.
I want my money staying in America.
I want all the troops out of all these countries.
Mind your own business.
Bring them home.
Secure the homeland.
Oh, because one of the trends we're writing about big time?
Big time?
You haven't seen an immigration flood yet.
It's going to get a lot, lot, lot, lot, lot, lot worse.
They're flooding out of Africa.
They're gonna be flooding out.
The COVID war is destroyed.
Oh, according to the World Health Organization.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
The, which one?
One of the world organizations, the bank.
The 125 million people driven into poverty.
Bring home the troops, secure the homeland.
Unite for freedom, peace, and justice.
Stay out of other people's problems.
Call for peace.
Because if we don't have peace, we're gonna be World War III.
You know what weapons they're gonna use to fight World War III?
They asked Einstein, a cat that knew a thing or two about atom bombs.
What kind of weapons will they use to fight the Third World War?
He said, I don't know.
He said, well, they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the Fourth.
Our head of the Defense Department?
Want to see the head of the Defense Department in China?
Last week?
They know what China said?
See you later, alligator.
You're a wild crocodile.
Don't want to see you.
They're not afraid of America.
America's afraid of itself.
Our freedom has been robbed from us.
We got low-life little people telling us what to do.
From Fauci's to Gottlieb's, from Cuomo's to Gavin's, to Newsom's to Grusom's.
One president after another.
So keep freedom, peace, and justice alive.
Support InfoWars.
And if you want to see the future,
Read the Trends Journal.
Again, censorship is gonna come big time.
We must unite.
And we'll be back for more.
Hello, hello, hello!
Great being on the Alex Jones Show!
And remember, remember, coming up on this Saturday up here in Colonial Kingston, New York.
On the most historic four corners in America where the seeds of democracy was sown, John and Crown Street.
We're having a Unite for Freedom, Peace and Justice rally at 3pm.
Speakers, great music, Smokey UML.
Yep, that's it.
And food and drinks.
So if you want to join us for freedom, peace and justice, our Memorial Day Rally at 3 p.m.
on the corners of John and Crown Street in the Crown Gardens.
So hope to see you there.
Going back to what's going on in the world, I want to take some time and talk about the bottom line.
And the bottom line is this.
The Biden bounce is here, just as we said would happen.
Economy's going to go up.
It was weighed down, of course it's going to go up.
But it's not going to go back to where it was and it's going to get much worse.
It's all about inflation.
That's right.
You look at the inflation numbers, copper, steel, tin, go up and down the line.
Oh, oil today?
Oil only went up 3% heading back toward that $70 a barrel mark.
There's more tensions in the Middle East and that thing hits $80, $90 a barrel for crude.
We're in for a crude downtime.
Because as inflation goes up, besides our standard of living going down, the banksters, the Federal Reserve, that's not federal of course, just a private bank, they're going to raise interest rates.
And when interest rates go up,
This thing goes down.
Big time.
It's that cheap money they're pumping into the systems that allowed the bigs to get bigger.
That's right.
Besides the drug dealers getting richer, the billionaires got eight trillion dollars richer last year fighting the COVID war.
The COVID industrial complex.
That's all it is.
Got it?
You see it.
Inflation skyrocketing.
It cost $36,000 just in lumber to build an average house now more than it did before.
$36,000 more just in lumber to build the average house.
So when inflation goes up, this thing goes down and gold goes up.
And you saw gold take a spike when
Bitcoins and the other cryptos took a hit.
And as I've been writing in the Trends Journal and speaking now for a number of years, remember, you go back to June of 2020 in the Trends Journal, we said that when Bitcoin broke over 10,000, it was going to take a big spike upward.
And it did.
But we've been writing all along that what's going to be fundamental with whether or not the cryptos go up is going to be government involvement.
They don't want competition.
They're like the drug lord.
They don't want competition.
Go back to our Trends Journal.
They're going to go from dirty cash to digital trash.
And who's leading it?
China's giving the people tens of millions of dollars in testing out digital currency.
So they know where you spent it, how you spent it, what you spent it on.
You think they know anything about us now?
They even know more.
The deep state.
There you go, inflation.
So, they're going to get into the digital business and they're not going to want competition.
That's what really brought the prices down besides Musk saying, Elon Musk saying, you know, you can't buy a Tesla with Bitcoin.
The bigger thing is China prohibiting it.
And much of the Bitcoin generation comes out of China besides.
So now you're hearing the federal government just today talking about speeding up going toward a digital coin.
So, when they go digital, when you leave a tip for somebody, it's a digital tip, they get their percentage.
Get this in your head, everybody.
We got criminal groups running and destroying our lives.
Just like they sucked the joy out of life with the COVID war.
These are sick people that are power-hungry freaks.
They're gonna go digital,
So they can get the money from us because they never work a day in their lives.
They get jobs as bureaucrats.
They're in the system.
And they need money to keep their system going and all their friends in the gang.
So with a digital currency, they know everything about you.
Orwell must be turning in his grave.
He couldn't have made this stuff up.
Of course not.
Look at that other low-life, murderous piece of garbage, scum crap.
Another little daddy's boy, born on third base and thought he hit a home run.
A little jerk of a stupid, arrogant nobody.
Georgie Bush.
Took us to war.
The Iraq War.
The Afghan War.
Boy, did his popularity rating spike.
Shows you how dumb the people are.
Dumb enough to believe Bush's wars.
Dumb enough to believe the COVID war.
His popularity rating was going below 50 before 9-11.
Afghan war shot up to 90s.
These are the people running and ruining our lives.
Liars, cowards, freaks and fools.
Little Georgie Bush.
One after another.
It's one big club and you ain't in it, George Carlin said.
May he rest in peace.
I know his brother, Patrick.
Good guy, know him well.
He's up here in Woodstock.
So it's up to us to change the future, and there's never been a better time than now.
Ever, never.
I've been at this 41 years.
Been with Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Princes.
I don't know Princes, but Princes.
Yeah, Prince.
And I know what the game looks like.
People are fed up.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men, said Samuel Adams.
And now it's time to light that brushfire.
Because if we don't, it'll only get worse.
There's going to be the Biden bounce.
Things are going to go up.
When interest rates go up, everything's going down big time.
You better prepare, prevail and prosper.
And you could do a lot of that with what you get from InfoWars.
Not only the information, but also those survival products.
And, of course, with the Trends Journal.
So don't forget this Saturday, I'd love to see you.
Right here in Kingston, New York.
We're uniting for freedom, peace and justice.
And I have a major announcement that I'm going to make that you're never going to expect it.
And it's all about being a warrior for the Prince of Peace, as we all are.
Whatever your warrior is, whatever you believe in, whatever God you believe in, the God you believe in,
It's about freedom, peace, and justice.
Join in.
It's the us against the demonic, satanistic freaks running the show.
It's not a war they don't love.
There's not enough money to steal to the too-big-to-fails that are too big to jail.
So remember, do everything you can to support InfoWars.
The bigger it gets,
The more it expands, the more freedom we have.
It's up to you, and do what you can.
We're gonna go through real high times now, and you can have a good time doing it.
See you next week.
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That is truly another gift from God.