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Name: 20210520_Thu_Alex
Air Date: May 20, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics including COVID-19 origins, vaccine side effects, politics, media censorship, and civil unrest. The show criticizes Democrats for hypocrisy, promoting globalism, and selling America to the New World Order while spreading fear about COVID vaccines. They discuss Jim Jones' similar beliefs in the past, and urge listeners to spread awareness and stay informed. The speaker also promotes products related to health and survival during times of crisis.

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House Intel Republicans, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States likely engaged in dangerous research in China.
COVID-19 escaped Wuhan lab.
But I think it's actually worse than that, quite frankly.
Now, you have to decide what you're going to take at face value and what could potentially be intentional propaganda.
Is China covering up the military involvement in the Wuhan lab?
Is Chinese professors coming out saying this is a bioweapon to conquer the world and defeat the United States of America?
Are they being honest about this?
Is this all kind of just muddying the water even more?
I don't know.
That's a serious debate.
But that's what's happening in China.
They're covering up the military involvement in that Wuhan lab, and they have professors coming out saying this was a bioweapon to conquer the world and defeat the United States of America.
And we know they were working on this exact virus out of that Wuhan lab, and we know it was the gain-of-function research given to them by Fauci and Obama that they expanded on that ultimately led to the COVID-19 release.
Rand Paul knows it.
Members of the House Intel Committee know it.
Maybe everybody knows it!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
And we'll be hearing from Alex today, but Owen Troyer is sitting in.
Alex on a working vacation.
But first, the latest bombshell explosive report from Greg Reese.
Up until recently, the CIA's long, close relationship with the late Jim Jones has always been a mystery.
From the very beginning of his ministry, Dan Mitrioni was always close in the shadows.
Mitrioni was an expert in torture and counterinsurgency techniques for the CIA, who taught many of the same methods used by Jim Jones.
In 1978, one year after the CIA's MKUltra was exposed to the public, nearly a thousand people died in Jonestown.
The chief medical examiner reported that nearly 90% were homicides.
And yet, the American media called it a mass suicide.
Jonestown became known as the place where hundreds of people drank the Kool-Aid.
Jonestown seems to be a CIA beta test for the COVID vaccine agenda being rolled out today.
Jim Jones applied many known mind control techniques, separating people from their families,
Creating a lingo to distort the truth, demonized the questioning of authority, but what really stood out was his constant warnings that the government was going to try and kill them all.
He said that he would not let them.
He had his followers practice suicide drills and called it revolutionary suicide.
I'm willing to die tonight for revolutionary suicide.
Thank you.
The main ideology of Jonestown was that America is a racist nation and capitalism is evil.
And they sought to create a utopia of equality and fairness.
We know all about this ideology in 2021.
The slow destruction of the family unit can be traced back a century to Planned Parenthood, to the 1964 War on Poverty, to gay marriage, all the way to our current trend of transsexual child abuse.
This has created generations of lost souls, ripe to be exploited by the charlatans and sociopaths who wield the power of pop culture and mainstream media.
The cult is given their own lingo to distort the truth.
They are woke, and to be woke requires absolute conformity.
If you question the authority, you are silenced.
You are labeled a racist without any evidence, or a science denier without any scientific explanation whatsoever.
And above all, you are taught that human civilization is killing the planet.
You are taught that the only way to save the Earth is to depopulate.
You are taught that humanity is a virus.
Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.
You are a plague.
And so when Bill Gates, the front man pushing this narrative for the past decade, steps out and offers the final solution.
And then the final solution, which is a year to two years off, is the vaccines.
It's no surprise to see the cult lining up to get their shot.
The crimes against humanity we are witnessing are almost indescribable.
Every institution created to support and facilitate human civilization is now being used to destroy it.
And every person who put their faith in the system has now been betrayed.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And you can find that video exclusively at Band.Video and BandThis.TV.
Jonestown and the COVID Suicide Cult.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 20th, 2021.
This is a live Alex Jones transmission.
We'll be hearing from Alex before the end of the broadcast.
And yet again, InfoWars in triplicate.
It is proven to be next year's news today.
It is now being admitted by the Biden CDC director that it is possible that COVID-19
Originated out of a lab in Wuhan, China.
Now, where, oh where, oh where, oh where, did you first hear that?
We all know where we first heard that, right here!
On the Alex Jones Show, over a year ago, with Dr. Francis Boyle.
And of course, as usual, they like to attack us and ridicule us and call us conspiracy theorists and everything else, but you already knew that, didn't you?
How is it that you in this audience are smarter and more akin to information than Jill Biden's CDC Director Rochelle Walensky?
Who now admits that it is possible COVID-19 leaked out of a Wuhan lab.
But the story doesn't stop there, ladies and gentlemen.
No, the story doesn't stop there at all.
House Intel Republicans not only want further investigation into the Wuhan lab, further investigation into Fauci's involvement in the Wuhan lab,
They want to know what involvement the Chinese military had with that Wuhan lab, which of course we know they have been quick to erase off their website in the last month.
The Chinese military members involved in that Wuhan lab.
And now even the liberal think-take projection machine wing of the Democrat Party, PolitiFact,
Admits that COVID-19 from a Wuhan lab is not a conspiracy theory.
My, how the mighty have fallen with their false narrative about COVID-19 from a wet lab and a bat.
When all evidence now points to a Wuhan lab.
But there's more ripples
Now that we see there was a Chinese military involvement, now that you see Chinese professors going on television saying, yep, COVID-19 was a bio-weapon released by China, and it's going to be used to help us conquer the world and defeat the United States of America.
And so, a new story at Gateway Pundit.
New revelations from inside China indicate actual location of its military origin of COVID-19.
So was there a different release?
Remember, there were the World Military Games at the time as well.
Hell, they could have just released it at Event 201.
Just really made it a perfect circle.
And then, of course, the alley-oop to the eugenics of the
Experimental gene modification, JAB, known as the COVID vaccine.
You have more negative side effects of that.
And the incredible thing is, and we took calls on this all yesterday, but whether it's people in the military or people working at companies that are forcing them to take the vaccine,
They're seeing all the negative side effects.
It's making the local news.
These reports are penetrating through mainstream news.
It's making local papers.
It's all over the internet.
And so, members of the military are rejecting it.
People whose employers are forcing them to take it are rejecting it.
And how are you going to force people to do this for a virus that they're no longer afraid of?
And for a vaccine that has all these negative side effects that are actually being, I mean, I wouldn't say well covered, but they are being covered.
It's getting into local news.
It's getting into people's living rooms.
And so that is such a key element.
That is such a key factor in all of this.
Like, there's this huffing and puffing about, why is it news that Demi Lovato is non-binary?
Why does anybody care?
Well, it's not news.
Nobody cares.
It's all about getting it into your living room.
It's not about it being news.
It's about it being propaganda.
Getting it into your living room.
Getting it into your consciousness.
Introducing it to your children.
As part of a propaganda campaign to maybe, hey, push your kid into being gay, or push your kid into being trans, or push your kid into wanting to have their genitals chopped off, or non-binary, or explore their sexuality or their gender.
Something completely irrelevant.
It's a mental case.
It's a mental disorder.
Pushing your kids into mental disorders.
But that is such... That element of
It's why they censor InfoWars.
It's why they only want their controlled opposition on the cable news channels.
It's why they only want their controlled opposition on the late night talk shows.
They want to be in control of what goes into your house, what goes into your consciousness.
So they don't want the energy, they don't want the freedoms, they don't want the attitude, they don't want the resistance, they don't want Infowars getting into your consciousness, getting into your living room.
They want Demi Lovato's non-binary, you know, gay, lesbian, homo, genderqueer, whatever.
That's what they want in your living room.
Not, hey, freedom is good, the free market works.
Or COVID-19 came out of a lab!
Or the vaccines are killing people!
They want Demi Lovato as a non-binary queer gender fairy.
But they can't... How does Bob Marley say it?
Is that you can trick some of the people some of the time, but you can't trick all the people all the time?
So there's still good people out there in local media that
I think it's concerning that the COVID vaccine is killing people.
I think it's concerning all these weird side effects they're seeing around them.
And then they go out and they reach out to one of them and they do a local news story on it.
And then other people see it and then they think, huh, maybe I don't want this COVID jab.
People in the military see it and think, oh, this is dangerous, I don't think I want this.
And that upsets Bill Gates.
That upsets Anthony Fauci.
That upsets the Democrats.
That upsets the cult.
So that's one news story today.
And you know, this... I don't even know how to properly cover this.
It's so ridiculous.
It's just another...
We're good to go.
And are now riding along for and cheering on the destruction of the United States of America.
So that's where the Democrat Party's at now.
So yeah, so it's not even that the FBI is a wing of the Democrat Party or the CIA is a wing of the Democrat Party.
Really, it's the Democrat Party has become a wing of the New World Order.
The Democrat Party has become the wing of the Communist World Takeover.
The Democrat Party is now part of the world criminal cabal, deep state shadow government, which the FBI, the CIA, and everything else was already a part of.
So it's not that they're part of the Democrat Party, it's the Democrat Party is now part of the New World Order takeover of America.
So, if you are a listener to InfoWars, you knew this over a year ago, what I guess Biden's CDC is just figuring out now.
Either they're just a year and a half behind us intellectually, or they were lying and covering it up and not being honest about the situation.
Either way, it's not good.
But we have the clip.
Let me go through these headlines.
So we're going to play Rochelle Walensky here in a second.
Biden's CDC director says lab origin of COVID-19 a possibility.
Oh, a possibility now.
Hmm, yeah, oh.
Possibility, she says.
What's next?
Oh, it's a certainty?
I mean, how long until it's a guaranteed certainty?
Of course, we can't get a fair investigation and they've had enough time to cover all their tracks now.
So even if you had a fair investigation at this point,
It'd be like, you know, the Maricopa County vote audit where they just erased the data.
You know, something like that.
But before we go to that clip, here's some of the other headlines around this.
House Intel Republicans, under the leadership of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the United States likely engaged in dangerous research in China.
COVID-19 escaped Wuhan lab.
But I think it's actually worse than that, quite frankly.
You have to decide what you're going to take at face value and what could potentially be intentional propaganda.
Is China covering up the military involvement in the Wuhan lab?
Is Chinese professors coming out saying this is a bioweapon to conquer the world and defeat the United States of America?
Are they being honest about this?
Is this all kind of just muddying the water even more?
I don't know.
That's a serious debate.
But that's what's happening in China.
They're covering up the military involvement in that Wuhan lab, and they have professors coming out saying this was a bio-weapon to conquer the world and defeat the United States of America.
And we know they were working on this exact virus out of that Wuhan lab, and we know it was the gain-of-function research given to them by Fauci and Obama that they expanded on that ultimately led to the COVID-19 release.
Rand Paul knows it.
Members of the House Intel Committee know it.
Maybe everybody knows it!
They're just not being honest about it yet.
They're just not telling you about it yet.
Because they like Dr. Fauci.
And they like their false narrative about COVID-19.
And they like it being used to conquer the world and defeat America.
But no, I think it's worse... If it were... I mean, I don't know what would you consider a worst-case scenario, but I mean... You could have a scenario...
Where this was indeed intentionally released by the Chinese military, a bioweapon, and that bioweapon essentially was given to them by Obama and Fauci.
Pretty big story there, is it not?
Bigger than Obama with the gun running in Operation Fast and Furious?
Bigger than the cover-up
Of the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed Americans that Hillary Clinton and others stood down on because they wanted them dead?
Bigger than the illegal spying done by Barack Obama and the lying to the FISA court and all of that against Donald Trump and others?
Bigger than all of that combined?
Bigger than the cash to Iran that they then use now, they admit, sending drones into Israel, giving weapons to Hamas,
You also had a ship of weapons get caught out of Iran heading down to Yemen.
The Democrat Party funding Iran.
Funding the exterminate the Jews movement.
But this is bigger than all of that, is it not?
Barack Obama and Anthony Fauci provide China with the resources?
Provide China with the research?
Provide China with the bioweapon that they then release to the world?
And see, you have the sycophant media.
And you know, I'm wondering if there's another level to these liberals on TV's mentality and psychosis that
They're in such an arrested development phase, and it's beyond pride.
It's one thing, you know, swallow your pride, admit you were wrong.
For them, it's like beyond pride.
They made Barack Obama into an idol, into a demagogue.
I mean, they worshipped the guy.
And you're kind of seeing the same stuff with Biden.
You can search, like, Biden triumphs, or, you know, Biden majesty, and you literally find all American media praising it like it's North Korea or something.
So they've created this new sycophantic obsession with their political leaders, and so they can't be honest about who they are, they can't be honest about their corruption, they can't be honest about how evil they are, because that reflects on them!
That makes them look stupid, that makes them look like dupes, or that makes them look like they're a part of it, and they have too much pride, or they don't want that to come out either.
So they'll cover up for Obama.
And you know, notice how Obama, this guy is such a narcissistic, he is so obsessed with himself.
He probably looks at himself in the mirror more than the average teenage girl.
And he just had to get his name back in the headlines, so he's out commenting on aliens and UFOs now.
No, it has nothing to do with whatever operation is being run with the declassification of the UFOs.
No, Obama has nothing to do with it.
No, it's not part of some campaign.
He's just a selfish, narcissistic jerk who wanted his name back in the headlines.
And for that, and not for giving the bioweapon to China that they then released on the world, potentially.
PolitiFact quietly admits COVID-19 lab escaped, not a debunked conspiracy theory.
Oh wow!
And then the latest from the Gateway Pundit.
We know COVID-19 was created in a lab, but new revelations from inside China indicate actual location of its military origin, released as a military weapon.
Here is the Biden CDC director, Rochelle Walensky, admitting what InfoWars reported over a year ago is the real case, the real story about COVID.
What, in your opinion, was the origin of the virus?
This has been studied by the WHO.
Ma'am, I'm asking your opinion.
Pause it.
I don't believe I've seen... Let's start it back at her response.
Immediately she touts the World Health Organization, funded by Bill Gates, funded by China, and has a direct reason to cover up the true origins of the COVID-19
Uh, virus.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
So it just shows you how controlled she is, how totally bought into the system she is.
Alright, alright, go back.
The origin of the virus.
Um, this has been studied by the WHO.
Ma'am, I'm asking your opinion.
I don't believe I've seen enough data, individual data, for me to be able to comment on that.
What are the possibilities?
Certainly the possibilities that most coronaviruses that we know of are of origin from, that have infected the population, SARS-CoV-1, MERS, generally come from an animal origin.
Are there any other possibilities?
Certainly a lab-based origin is one possibility.
They know it.
They all know it.
I'll tell you what though.
Some people I mean even that right there that's that's her kind of even hedging her bet like
Oh, so everybody here knows it came out of a lab, huh?
Well, I don't want to be part of the cover-up, so... Yeah, maybe it came out of a lab.
Folks, I'm telling you, this whole thing is falling apart, but that just makes it more dangerous.
My fellow info warriors, staying on the air during this cancel culture, during this big tech reign of terror, has been hard.
But thanks to your support, we're still on air.
Now, during a globalist engineered collapse, which they're attempting to initiate right now,
It's important to have storable food.
It's important to have water filtration.
It's important to have a relationship with God, number one.
It's important to have friends and family you can trust.
It's important to live in a place that's more secure than big cities.
But most of us have to still live in big cities.
So whether you live in a big city or a rural area, having a satellite phone that the globalists can't track, that they can't trace, that they can't turn off, is essential.
The cell phone system is a control grid, a surveillance grid for contact tracers, hackers, corrupt government, and more.
That's why everyone needs a sat phone.
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It's good to start using these.
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InfoWarsPhone.com or call 941-955-1020 and ask for the Alex Jones special.
That's InfoWarsPhone.com.
Now back to the live transmission out of Austin, Texas and Owen Schroer.
And we've got a bunch of news we're going to get to here on the Alex Jones Show today.
But folks, remember, support InfoWars financially to keep us on air.
It is a necessity.
All right.
So I just had Gregory's come in here.
Hey, have you seen this video?
And I had it on my list.
And so I'm going to play it right now.
A little girl.
We're good to go.
Music festivals and all these things are going to make you take a vaccine before you can go into them now.
And it looks like that's what the route the music entertainment industry is taking.
It looks like the sports entertainment industry may be not going that direction with full crowds now, no masks, no vaccine passports.
But it looks like that's where the music industry is going.
And I was explaining how there's this event in Austin, three night event.
It's an outdoor music event and it's masks required and vaccine, uh, proof of vaccine required too.
And so he says, you know, the important thing to do here is to get this message to the youth.
And, and, and that's really what hit me because this music festival thing is going to be a bunch of young people.
It's going to be probably a bunch of, you know, teenagers, college kids.
And so they're being indoctrinated into this, and then when it happens to their children and their grandchildren, they're not going to stand up and fight it.
Because it's the world that they knew.
And there wasn't enough rise and resistance against it at this time, so they just accept it and just move on, and the next generation of Americans becomes more enslaved.
So it really is about
Somehow stopping this brainwashing and indoctrination of the youth to believe everything's racist.
I've got this new video from PBS.
Look, I have nothing against men that want to dress like women.
I have nothing against people that want to change their sex or do whatever they do in their private time.
It doesn't matter to me.
I don't care.
I'm not affected by it.
But the children are.
And so this is a PBS video
Of Little Miss Hot Mess teaching kids about drag queens and transsexualism.
And this is from PBS!
Your tax dollars for children aged 3 to 8 to learn from Little Miss Hot Mess how to be a drag queen, how to be transsexual, how to be transgender.
And see, they lump it in with all their other youth videos that are fine enough, teaching kids how to read and write and math and stuff.
Hey, fine, PBS, good for you.
You know what?
That's all right.
But, oh, you just had to put Little Miss Hot Mess in there, didn't you?
Dressed like a drag queen.
Teaching your kids about tranny time.
Teaching your kids how to shake their butt for a drag queen.
With a skull and crossbones tattooed on her arm.
In the book.
For kids 3 to 8.
So it's like, hey, we're PBS.
We have a new online learning course.
Teach your kids how to read and write and math.
And oh, by the way, the first thing you see when you watch this video is Little Miss Hot Mess teaching your kids how to shake their butts.
For tranny time.
There it is.
And you've got the little death with the hearts on it, because you know they love death.
It's all about killing your kid.
I guess they're dead inside.
But again, I don't care if men want to dress up like women and play with one another's whatever's.
It's none of my business what you do.
But why are you bringing the kids into it?
Well that's why, because they want to indoctrinate the kids.
So then they get used to it, just like these young kids get used to being forced to wear a mask, forced to take a vaccine, forced to show their vaccine passport, and then they don't fight against it when their kids are subjected to it, and then it's worse for their grandkids, and they don't fight against it because you just get slowly boiled like the frog in the pot.
Death with a thousand cuts.
But here's a young girl that gives you hope.
Here's a young girl that gets it.
Here's a young girl who understands American values better than the average liberal Democrat with three PhDs and a television show.
A young girl explains freedom and liberty to her school administration along with her classmates.
I'm not sure where this is, but here is this young girl that is so inspirational.
I don't think barely anybody likes masks in schools.
Their children are suffocating.
You don't know what it feels like.
And just, it's not in a sense.
Like, why would you do that?
Why in the world would you do that?
And God created us so we can be free people.
And we're not being free here or at public schools.
So I would take a mask off if I were you.
And I'm not wearing a mask right now and I never will as much as I can.
And George Washington made America so we could be free citizens of the United States of America.
And the Statue of Liberty is for liberty and freedom and we're not free.
So maybe you just don't believe in George Washington or God or like the boss of you or someone is controlling you.
Stand up!
Wow, so just a small snippet.
Looks like I get caught up there at the end, so there's probably even more of that amazing video.
And that's just like the other young boy we saw, too, stand up and give a similar speech in front of his school board.
She should host a TV show.
She's better than Rachel Russia Moscow Rachel Russia Rach Madcow, who's losing her mind by the way.
I mean this woman is not sane.
Now let's look at the other side of the spectrum in clip 14.
So yeah, young kids don't like wearing the masks, they like breathing free air, and I guess they have more of an instinct to be free than many adults these days.
And so a bus driver decided to intervene because some kids weren't wearing a mask.
I'm not sure if there's audio here.
Guys, roll clip three for me.
The moment a Colorado bus driver slapped a 10-year-old girl, allegedly, over a face mask, we want to warn you that you might find some of this video disturbing.
This happened back in early April.
A liberal abusing a child?
Around Fremont County, and it's blurred to protect the identity of the students, but video from KKTV shows the bus driver talking to the girl after she says she moved her mask below her nose because she wasn't feeling well.
That driver, whose name is Bertram
Waukese then slaps the child.
He's now facing charges including harassment, assault, causing injury, and child abuse.
Show me you're a liberal without telling me.
Show me you hate Trump without telling me.
Show me you voted Biden without telling me.
Slapping a young child for not wearing a face mask on the bus?
I think we know where that person
Falls politically.
So there you go.
There's the two differences between the left and the right.
A young girl on the right, well-spoken, inspirational, gives a speech in front of parents and teachers and students, gets a rounding applause.
Liberal bus driver smacks a girl in the face, 10 years old, for not wearing a mask.
Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab, the whole globalist system that they've inherited from the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds think they're God, but they're not God.
They didn't create this planet, they didn't create the sun, they didn't create the universe, they didn't create the trillions and trillions of galaxies that we know exist.
They can't even comprehend God or how to be just good people.
All they are is selfish demons that seek to take control of your life, who seek to harness humanity and convince us that they are superior to us and that we have to serve them and their ideas.
They want control of our bodies with their nanotech, with their genetic engineering.
They want us to accept the fact that they can put in our bodies what they want, when they want, and then lie to us about the fact they call it a vaccine when it is gene therapy.
This is all about their quest for eternal life.
They are testing on the general public, trying to find compounds from toxic experiments that give them what they call the Lazarus gene and other systems they're searching for.
It all started in the 1950s when they discovered immortal cell lines.
Cells that never die and replicate forever.
We call it, of course, the more vicious types.
We're good.
The globalists are simply parasites who are selfishly trying to take control of your life in a hope of artificially building immortality for themselves.
When immortality has been given to us by God through our consciousness, if we choose to be with God and not serve ourselves and be selfish entities.
And that's the truth.
And that's what M4 War stands for.
It's getting you to think for yourself and to get outside the box and realize that God created the universe for us to have communion with God, not for us to pretend that we are God.
Those that try to do that, we have a name for them.
They're called Satanists.
They believe that Lucifer could be his own God, just as they could be their own God.
Just as in the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible, Satan says to Eve,
You can be a God.
And she goes at him and says, you can be a God.
Just eat up this tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
The knowledge of evil.
We were perfect and innocent.
We had only the knowledge of good.
Knowledge of evil is how to manipulate, how to twist, how to set up corrupt criminal systems, how to play God.
As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
And we're entering those days now.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is InfoWars.
Tomorrow's news today.
And we're back here in the InfoWars World Headquarters.
Owen Troyer taking the Alex Jones Show all the way today.
And then who do we have coming up, guys, in the fourth hour?
And then Matt Bracken, always great as well.
It'll be my pleasure to be with you until that time.
And then we're going to have a very exciting War Room guest host today.
So I'll be announcing that coming up shortly as well.
But you know, I gotta say, I'm just looking at all this news in front of me, deciding where to go, and there's a couple stories that really just show how, I mean, there's a way that we used to deal with people like this.
And we just don't deal with them at all now, they just dominate us.
What am I talking about?
I'm talking about lying politicians, corrupt leaders, just liars in general, people that get caught screwing people over left and right, people that run their own corrupt operations and then get caught.
Well, nowadays, these people just get into government, get on television media, and then control our lives, because we don't deal with them anymore.
We just let them run wild.
You just had the House approve a bill, 1.9 billion dollars, to bolster capital security.
Well, of course you know why.
January 6th.
Same old why.
And the FBI is releasing videos and asking for help in their
Arrest from January 6th.
So they're still releasing videos from inside, outside the capital of people saying, help us identify these people.
They're admitting they've already arrested over 400 people.
They put them in jail.
So I mean, they're on.
They're already putting us in gulags.
They're already arresting their political opposition.
They're already censoring their political opposition.
They're already physically attacking their political opposition.
We just don't fight back.
I mean, I don't know how else to say it.
I don't know how else to
What's the irony?
What's the hypocrisy?
Well, isn't it obvious?
There's no FBI mass release of videos or call for help in arresting any of the individuals involved in the riots of 2020, the Democrat riots that caused over $2 billion in property damage.
They have no interest in that.
They're not arresting people for that.
They're not asking for help identifying people in that.
A lot of murders, lots of attacks on police, thousands were hospitalized, a lot died.
FBI not interested.
But hey, you had about four or five hours that got out of control at the Capitol, which it was isolated where some of the out-of-control behavior was, and that's like the worst thing that's ever happened.
Now there's two angles to this.
Are politicians that selfish that they only care about January 6th because it happened where they work, where they live, and so it actually affected them, so they care about it?
Whereas when it happens in your backyard, when it happens in your neighborhood, when it happens in your city, when it happens to your business, they just don't care.
So is it selfishness?
Or is it that they are now just openly setting the precedent that if you're a liberal leftist,
Any level of demonstration is okay.
Rioting, murdering, looting, arson, all the violent crime in the world is okay as long as you're a liberal leftist Democrat voter.
It's okay.
FBI is okay with it.
Politicians are okay with it.
Media is okay with it.
But if you're a
Trump supporting American Patriot that's sick of our elections being rigged, and you go into D.C.
That's not allowed.
That's a crime.
That's a bad thing.
Many of the businesses destroyed from the Democrat riots of 2020 will never be back in business.
Many of the people who were injured or killed, their lives will never be the same.
The events of January 6th had zero long-term effects for most people, except people that were murdered there by police.
That would be Ashley Babbitt, but you notice we don't get to know about who killed her either.
So it's the total revelation.
It's the emperor has no clothes.
It's the double standard.
It's the hypocrisy.
It's all of it.
It's all right there.
It's wide open.
Universally, objectively evaluated and observed, you cannot deny it.
There's a two-tier justice system, there's a two-tier approach for justice, there's a two-tier approach to covering it, and there's some free speech is allowed, others is not.
Other free speech, bad.
And we know it's on political lines.
But it's almost even more diabolical when the same Democrats who run around chanting, defund the police, signing legislation to defund the police, proposing legislation to defund police, rallying people to defund police, and then give themselves $2 billion for security.
It's so evil.
It's so disgusting.
It's... Honestly, it's like... It's not that I'm speechless.
It's just that... It's so obvious.
It's so out of control.
It's so ridiculous.
If we're gonna allow this to happen, you know, I shouldn't have to come out here and break this down.
In fact, I don't.
That's the point.
It's all wide open.
The Emperor has no clothes.
The Emperor is walking down Main Street on a busy weekend with thousands of people walking around with no clothes on.
I don't have to point there and say, look, he's naked.
I don't have to point out and say, look, the Emperor's naked.
Look, it's the Emperor's wee-wee in behind.
I don't have to do that.
It's obvious.
It's out there.
It's, it's, anybody can see it.
So why is it here we are yet again?
And now,
And now you have the House backs the January 6th Commission.
They want to do an investigation into that.
Not into the Keystone Pipeline, or excuse me, not into the Colonial Pipeline hack.
Not into the billions of damage caused in the year 2020.
Not into the illegal spying of the Obama Administration and the fake PPGate dossier and the fake Manafort Black Book.
No, no, no, no investigations into any of that.
And we have the list.
I'll cover this list when we come back.
35 Republicans vote with Democrats to hold 9-11 style commission into January 6th.
And you know if they get this, folks, what they're going to do.
So I'll explain it all coming up and I'll give you that list of the anti-American communist Republicans who voted against the truth.
You know, I'm not sure what's more dangerous.
The fact that the government wants to have a medical tyranny situation where they can force you to inject anything into your body, consume anything, and the precedent that that sets?
Or the fact that the Democrat Party and most of our politicians and media are now completely okay with the two-tier, two-standard justice system, where one side of the political aisle in this country gets free speech, gets to be violent, gets to do whatever you want, whereas the other side, if they step on a crack or break a stick in a park, get a full investigation from the FBI.
Or perhaps it's the confluence of both of those things that has me so shocked, appalled, and afraid of where this country is going.
But first, take a look at the brainwashed stooges that we have in Washington, D.C.
These are all leftist liberals, the dumbest people that walk among us.
They drive on our roads.
Scary to think that, isn't it?
These people drive on roads next to you.
My God.
That's a hazard right there.
These people are a walking hazard for a functioning society, the average day modern progressive liberal.
So here they are in D.C.
explaining why they won't take off their masks.
Because we're not protected 100% from COVID.
So even if you have your vaccine, you can still get it.
Oh, so it doesn't work.
Got it.
Hey, I'm Lisa with Daily Caller.
Today we are in Washington, D.C., where a lot of people are still wearing their masks outside, despite the new CDC guidelines.
We're going to ask them why.
Why are you still wearing a mask and are you vaccinated?
Yeah, so thank you for that question.
I am vaccinated, and I am a bit skeptical of their decision.
Because I feel like the coronavirus doesn't go away after the CDC says it's okay.
I mean, I thought it was a little premature, the CDC guidelines.
It's a little concerning to see that a lot of people outside are not wearing it.
I don't want to get other people to think that it's okay not to wear their mask if they aren't vaccinated.
I don't want it to make it look normal that you cannot wear your mask.
I feel like people still should wear their mask.
Hi, how are you?
Why are you still wearing a mask?
Uh just precautious, extra cautious for my safety and health.
I mean when I walk around sometimes in close proximity to people that aren't masked.
And do you have the vaccine yet?
Yes I had two shots already fully vaccinated.
And if we are vaccinated I don't think
Like, it's all happening so fast.
Time will tell just how protected we are with the vaccinations because who knows with the new strains that are coming out.
And until we know that the city is safe...
I think if you're outside it's going to be okay, but like, we should remain vigilant in the meantime.
And we don't know who has it or doesn't have the vaccine or not.
I just, I'm hot.
I think there should be some kind, some way where you can see if others have been vaccinated or not.
Then if you can easily spot that someone else has been vaccinated, you can remove your mask.
Well, we're doing it because it's a professional look.
We're at work right now, and we deal in the public space.
So we do try and encourage the message for people to feel still comfortable.
Because I haven't been vaccinated, so that's why I have to wear my mask.
I haven't gotten my second dose yet, so I know I'm not fully vaccinated.
Outdoors, I think it's a little more safe as my mask is falling down.
I'm not gonna lie, when I'm not working, I do tend to keep my mask down in public.
But we are also encouraging people that if they go into our businesses, we still want our business owners and all of the patrons for those businesses to feel comfortable.
Indoors is what concerns me, like movie theaters and...
I mean, there's so many things I could sit here and point out.
I mean, like, what's the most obvious thing?
So we're living in the land of complete liberal idiots.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
And they want to make it a thing where these people can vote us into tyranny.
These people can vote us into the craziest, stupidest crap you've ever heard of.
Like chopping your child's genitals off because they wore a dress one day.
I mean, seriously, this is out of control.
Alright, as I told you, I'm going to tell you the list of Republicans who voted for the
9-11 style commission investigation into January 6th, which of course means anybody who is there, they'll come after and they'll arrest and they'll destroy their lives.
That's what they're really saying.
And they want to make it an equivalent that, oh, whoever orchestrated 9-11 and driving planes in the Twin Towers killing thousands of people, you're on the equivalent of your grandma.
That's on the equivalent.
That's what they're arguing here.
Imagine that.
That's what the liberal media is arguing, the Democrats are arguing.
Your grandma, who walked into DC on January 6th with an American flag or a Trump flag, is just as guilty as somebody who flew a plane into the Twin Towers on 9-11, or the person that funded and orchestrated that event.
That's what they're now trying to say.
That's what they're trying to perpetuate here.
You know, I've realized something, I think, and
I really don't know how Infowars adjusts to this understanding now, but I don't know if it's Infowars' role needs to change or something, because here's the deal.
What the Democrats are doing, and the media is doing, and all this pushback against human freedom,
And just everything they stand for now.
It's so bad.
It's so obvious.
I mean, we still need to be here to report the news that nobody else is going to tell you, but I mean, the liberal media is so out of control in their lies.
The Democrat Party is so out of control in their lies and their tyranny.
I mean, they're asking for a fight.
And it's not a fight that we want.
And that's why we haven't had it yet.
And that's why they just continue to oppress us and lie to us and goose-step us into tyranny.
And so... It's just stunning to me that this is happening.
I mean...
I don't even know.
How our politicians can be so committed to disproven lies, to disproven theories, to disproven narratives, and they just don't back off.
They just stick with every single one of them.
No shame.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
And it doesn't even matter that you have half the Democrat Party fractured right now saying, we need to be pro-Hamas, pro-Palestine.
By the way, you know,
There's probably, you know, the Palestinians are really getting used and abused worse than anyone here by Hamas, because they're just like this political football getting tossed back and forth, and then they just throw rocks at Israel, and now they got bombs going over their head.
And the weapons manufacturers make money, and the politicians who get money from them make more, get more campaign contributions, and the people that have stock options in the weapons manufacturers make money.
So they all love it.
They love the constant war.
I mean, it's just out of control.
But let me just try to focus and read you this list here.
So here are the 35 Republicans who think that Americans with American flags in the Capitol on D.C.
are equal to terrorists on September 11th.
Here are the 35 Republicans that think you, an American, that know the election was stolen from Trump, are as bad as a terrorist on 9-11.
Bacon, Republican Nebraska.
Bents, or I guess these are all Republicans.
Bacon in Nebraska.
Bence in Oregon.
Bice in Oklahoma.
Liz Cheney, Wyoming.
Who's surprised by that?
Curtis, Utah.
Davis in Illinois.
Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania.
Fortenberry, Nebraska.
Garbarino, New York.
Jimenez, Florida.
Gonzalez, Texas.
Gonzalez, Ohio.
Mississippi, Herrera, Butler, Washington, Hill, Arkansas, Hollingsworth, Indiana, Jacobs, New York, Johnson, South Dakota, Joyce, Ohio, Catco, New York,
Who co-sponsored the bill?
Validao, California, Womack, Arkansas.
So there are your Republicans that think Americans in Washington DC is equivalent to terrorists blowing up Twin Towers and murdering thousands of people.
And there are, I believe, 13 of these who also voted to impeach Trump!
Liz Cheney, Wyoming, Gonzalez, Ohio, Herrera, Butler, Washington, Katko, New York, Kinzinger, Illinois, Meyer, Michigan, Newhouse, Washington, Rice, South Carolina, Upton, Michigan, Valadao, California.
They all voted also for impeachment.
I have a hard time.
You see a lot of people excited about this, thinking, we're going to primary all of these people.
Look at these strong Republican districts where we can put in real American first Republicans.
That's great.
Hey, you know what?
This is a political, you know, the political approach to this, the democratic approach to this, you know, one man, one vote.
Use logic and reasoning and the power of information to sway votes.
But we don't live in a fair world.
We don't have equal free speech.
And we don't even have fair elections.
So I can't hop on that train of hope.
I can't hop on that train of, this can be a good thing.
It's not that I'm a pessimist.
I'm just a realist.
And again,
How can we even be at this point?
How can we even be at such a point of darkness where any neutral, fair observer would tell you that all of the rioting and the violence from the summer of 2020 is
A million times worse than what happened on January 6th.
But you get no investigation into that.
The FBI makes no comments or investigations on that.
The CIA has nothing to say about that.
The media says it's all peaceful.
And then you have about five hours of a pocket of out of control.
Demonstrators in Washington, D.C.
after our election got stolen, and that's the worst event since 9-11, and you have a full-on investigation, hundreds of people arrested and thrown in jail, they're only beginning, and they want to full-on launch this investigation, or call it a...
9-11 style commission so that they can label these people terrorists and lock them up forever and then permanently chill anyone's free speech that's pro-America.
So you'll be too afraid to go to DC.
You'll be too afraid to say you like Trump.
You'll be too afraid to say you voted for Trump.
You'll be too afraid to say that you think the elections are rigged.
That's what they want to do.
They want to make this such a
A criminal stronghold here in the United States of America that they can't have any political opposition to the New World Order globalist takeover.
To communism.
That's what they want.
And they have to use January 6th as their example to put every American in fear.
They don't want you to have free speech, and they don't want you to talk about all the corruption that's happening in government.
And if they get away with this, we'll see if it passes in the Senate.
Mitch McConnell has said that he'll try to stop this from passing, but I don't trust Mitch McConnell at all.
He could flip overnight.
So... On one hand, they're trying to introduce medical tyranny with forced vaccinations, and then on the other hand, they're trying to introduce political tyranny by
Labeling their opposition as criminals and terrorists so that nobody ever opposes them again.
It's very frightening stuff.
And so I don't pause for effect.
I don't pause because I don't have enough to say.
I got stacks of news here.
I got video clips.
I could talk all freaking day.
I'm pausing because this is so overwhelming and this is so dangerous
It's just stunning.
It's paralyzing.
It's paralyzing to look into this.
It's paralyzing to see what's incoming.
It's paralyzing to understand the history and know where this goes.
So we take it seriously here at InfoWars.
I suggest the rest of the media wake up and does as well.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroyer sitting in.
I thank you for being with us today.
Roger Stone is coming up at one o'clock central here, so 40 minutes away.
Roger Stone going to be joining me with another example of InfoWars being next year's news today.
A story that Roger and I were talking about actually years ago.
Years ago.
Probably two, three years ago we were covering this.
Now is making mainstream news, so he'll be joining me to talk about that, as well as some other developments like what they're doing to Trump, what they're doing to Roger.
And so all of that is coming up here shortly.
And I just got an interesting breaking news report about secret armies being run by the Pentagon.
I'm going to explain that in a second.
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Alright, I got a bunch of news to get to before Roger gets on.
You know, this story was just handed to me with the headline, Pentagon Reportedly Running Secret Army of 60,000 Around the World.
And here's really the juicy of this story.
The Pentagon is running 60,000 strong secret army made up of soldiers, civilians, and contractors who travel the world
Under false identities embedded in consultancies and name brand companies without the knowledge of the American people or most Congress according to a report.
So what are these commies?
Are these leftist commies that the Pentagon is sitting around?
Or is this really a pro-America cause?
Somehow I doubt it.
Somehow I doubt it.
The force is ten times the size of the covert elements of the CIA, comes with a cost of more than 90 million dollars, and engages about 130 private companies and operations in locales like the Middle East and Africa, according to the report.
Congress, however, has never heard of this, never had a hearing on it, never approved it.
Just the government stealing more of our money and then using it for their own agenda that is not America First.
Isn't that nice?
Isn't that just something?
Like what they're doing to Donald Trump right now or what they're doing to Roger Stone right now, who will be joining us shortly.
President Trump responds to news he's being criminally investigated by New York Attorney General.
If these prosecutors focused on real issues, crime would be obliterated and New York would be great and free again.
That's a direct quote from Trump's response.
But yeah, they are going after Trump again.
And I believe they've even been told... Yeah, yeah, it's a criminal investigation.
It's not a civil investigation.
So they're ramping it up.
Man, you know, uh, I don't know who makes these ads, but Dan Scavino yesterday released like another one of these Trump ads, like these powerful Trump ads.
And I was, I was watching it.
I was thinking about it.
Cause I haven't really been, I mean, I don't really get too excited about Donald Trump these days.
Hey, good for him.
He's playing golf.
He was a great president.
I voted for him.
I wish he was president, not Biden, obviously.
He won the election.
But it's hard for me to really get excited about this stuff, but I was watching the video and it kind of just hit me.
He's planning something.
Probably to run again, I guess, is the plan there, because
I don't know why they would... No, not Biden hacking it up for a photo shoot on the golf course.
But Trump's actually golfing.
I don't know if he's good at golf, but better than Biden, I'd bet you.
So, I think Trump is probably planning on running for president again.
Otherwise, why would they be putting out these ads all the time?
Here's the rub to me, though.
I have a hard time really getting that excited about another Trump run because, not because he didn't do a great job, or because I don't think he'd be the best man for the job, it's just, I get all kinds of stuff from Trump's people and it's all about the vaccines and it's all about Operation Warp Speed.
I want nothing to do with that.
And the Republican Party is just a complete mess, quite frankly, other than a few individuals within it.
And I'm sick of getting these, you know, I'm sure you get them too, emails from the Republican Party like, Act now!
Help us stop this bill!
Help us stop this tyranny!
Help us do this!
Help us do this!
And they never do any of it!
They don't do any of it, but they take your money.
All the Republican Party does is raise money.
They've done nothing for us.
They vote on bills that go against us.
They vote on bills to investigate us.
All the Republican Party does is collect money.
And you have an element of the Republican Party that wants to get rid of Trump.
Pelosi says, Republicans need to get in control of their party again.
Meaning, take back control from we the people that voted for Trump.
Take back control from the organic grassroots movement that was behind Trump.
Go back to the one-party, fake two-party system of the politicians screwing us all over and get these American-loving people like Trump out of any involvement.
But Trump obviously is planning on running or planning on doing something.
Otherwise, why would they be releasing these ads?
But man, I mean, things are so bad now, I just can't see really getting any hope behind Donald Trump at this point for a run in four years.
You know, we've already reached conclusions here at InfoWars.
And that's why the viral trend is Alex Jones was right.
We've already reached our conclusions.
Now, we reverse-engineered the conclusions we've reached with all the news coverage we do, all the video clips we've run, but we've reached the conclusion.
We've done the analysis, we've done the wargaming, we've seen into the future, and we've been proven the tip of the spear, bona fide.
Next year's news today, there's just no doubt about it.
So it's almost just becoming this weird exercise in redundancy, just showing you, here look, it's the Democrat Party, totalitarian, aligned with the Chinese.
Hey look, they released the virus out of Wuhan lab, it's going to be used to collapse markets, shut economies down, and then bring in the Great Reset.
And it's just all coming out now, just wide open, it's everything we said, all the conclusions we reached.
It's like, yeah, you live in a corrupt world.
They would censor the people warning you about it.
Do you get that?
And this audience, of course, gets it.
It's just frustrating.
When you see the evil, you know the game plan, and you think, okay, here it is.
People want to know this, and then stop it, and it just keeps trucking right along, man.
Kind of like Biden and all of his gaffes.
So when he's not faking playing golf or then trying to play golf and hacking it around, he's insulting our Coast Guard.
So this is a new clip.
Of course, there's already old clips out there of Biden insulting members of the military.
I can only assume that you will enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, quote, the hard nucleus around the Navy forms in times of war.
You're a really dull class.
Come on, man.
Is the sun getting to you?
I would think you'd have an opportunity, when I say that about the Navy, to clap.
But being here together...
Think about the condescension there.
Guys, play the b-roll again and pause it after he says that, because you can see the condescending look in his eyes.
You can see the sneering look, yeah.
Like, he really looks down on them.
He really looks down on them.
He really thinks they're a bunch of sad sacks, a bunch of piles of crap.
That's what Joe Biden thinks about our military.
But I got news for you, Joe.
It's not because the Coast Guard you were addressing is dull.
It's not because it's not their problem, Joe.
It's you!
They don't like you!
You have no energy!
You suck!
You're a comedian that's not funny!
You're a leader that can't lead!
You're a sprinter without legs!
So yeah, nobody's cheering, there's no energy in the audience because of you!
You're not popular!
In fact, you're unpopular!
But there you go.
Add it to the list of Biden's insults to our military.
I just hate that these bastards lead us, man.
Go figure.
You know what?
Let me get into this other political news and I'll cover the vaccine news in the next segment before Roger Stone joins us.
It's just diabolical.
It's diabolical what they're doing to get people to take this vaccine.
One of the most underrated members of the Republican Party, perhaps because he switched from Democrat and he's a true America firster, is Vernon Jones out of Georgia.
He's calling for a forensic audit of the presidential election in 2020.
He's running for governor of Georgia.
And so this is just great.
We need to be lifting Vernon Jones up.
And obviously he's not going to be looking for any job in D.C.
He's running for governor of Georgia to replace the corrupt, lackadaisical, pathetic Kemp.
But Vernon Jones, underrated, I think star up and coming for an American first political movement.
But so calling for a audit into the Georgia election.
You also have some other developing news here.
Headline from the Gateway Pundit, Democrats and their accomplices are worried about the presidential election in Arizona, but the Senate is on the line as well.
This is a great point overall, not just for Arizona to make.
They didn't just steal the presidency.
They didn't just steal the White House, the Democrats that is.
They didn't just steal it for Biden.
They stole it for two Democrats in the Georgia Senate election as well.
They stole it for a Democrat in the Arizona Senate election.
So they stole probably about four or five Senate seats as well.
And who knows how many House seats that they stole.
But that's why this is so critical.
Because we're all focused on the presidential election, obviously.
But understanding that it's widespread election theft that happens.
They don't just steal the White House, they steal House seats, they steal Senate seats, they got caught red-handed in Georgia stealing two Senate seats.
Today here having flashbacks from January in my mind where, of course, first we watched in
November, on election night, we watched Trump leading all day in these states.
Trump winning the vote all day long in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Georgia.
And then right at midnight, magically, millions of votes immediately pour in for Biden, and then they declare him the winner and they stop counting.
Well, it just reminds me of January, watching the runoff special elections in Georgia for the two Senate seats, and the exact same thing happened.
The Republicans winning all night, all day, and then right at midnight, right before they stop counting, magically the Democrats get right ahead, just enough votes to win.
The most obvious election cheat you've ever seen in your life.
I mean, seriously, like, this country's a joke, man.
This country's a joke.
These people are a joke.
But you know ultimately what it is?
Ultimately, you know what?
I mean, this is real existential stuff, but really ultimately what it is is that nobody wants to die.
And you say, what?
What are you talking about?
Well, folks, we know that if we really wanted to overturn this stuff, we'd have to have a physical hot war.
Anybody who sought this out has probably, at some point, reached that conclusion.
Doesn't even matter what side of the political spectrum you're on.
The left has already figured that out.
That's why they're burning cities to the ground.
That's why they're burning churches to the ground.
That's why they're attacking police officers.
Because the left has figured that out, too.
They're just actually implementing the violence.
And it's being promoted by the media, promoted by the politicians, so the people on the streets feel like they're in the right to do it.
But historically speaking, this type of evil, this type of corruption has never been absolved peacefully.
Never has happened.
And that's the thing.
And it's weird, too, because we have all these great members of the military and all these great veterans,
That signed up to go overseas and fight, but because the military-industrial complex aims them in certain directions, we don't even use our own military to protect our own country anymore.
And so you have more evidence of voter fraud and election theft in Pennsylvania.
Election officials in Pennsylvania blame coding error with Dominion voting machines for flaws with Republican votes in primary this week.
So they just openly steal our elections.
They openly bring in medical tyranny.
They openly sabotage and collapse our economy.
They openly say that you, the American patriot, are now a terrorist on the level of the 9-11 plane hijacker.
And we just sit here and take it because we've had it so good, and we've still got plenty of food, and we can still start our cars, some of us, and we can still afford energy, but these are dwindlings.
So that's what it is.
The reason why we haven't really overthrown this is because, historically speaking, it has to be done physically.
Nobody wants to go to that level.
Most people won't even be intellectually honest about any of this.
Most people won't even be intellectually honest about any of this to themselves or to their friends or to their audience.
But that's why this is such a paradox here.
Everybody knows how corrupt Washington, D.C.
Everybody knows how criminal and bad it is, but we got it so good here, so we're not ready to lose everything yet.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, remember Roger Stone coming up?
In the next hour, and then Alex Jones is going to be joining us live as well.
So let me get through the rest of this news before our great guest joins us, or our guest Roger Stone joins us, and then the host of the Alex Jones Show joins us.
Owen Troyer filling in for Alex today.
Go figure!
Who would have seen this coming?
Of course, this is the entire purpose of why they did this.
Ohio sees surge in vaccination shots after offering $5 million vaccine lottery.
The Vax-a-Million lottery.
They have record sign-ups and record vaccinations when you bribe people with a money prize?
Oh, wow!
Oh my gosh!
Who saw that coming?
No, that's exactly what they wanted.
That's exactly what they did.
And you look at the Ohio governor, Mike DeWine, a Republican in name only.
I would guess a compromised politician.
I mean, you take one look at the guy, folks.
There's no way this guy wins anything legitimately.
And nobody in Ohio likes him.
And he's been all about the COVID tyranny, but he's there as the governor.
And so he did the Vax-a-Million lottery, and now they are poisoning the people of Ohio, making the people of Ohio guinea pigs.
Hey, guinea pigs of Ohio!
I know this vaccine is deadly, but we need you to be a part of this experiment!
So be a part of this worldwide eugenics human experiment, and you can be entered to win the lottery.
This is so illegal.
This is so criminal.
He belongs in prison for this.
Well, because of all the side effects, of course, and the death from the vaccines.
Canadian man loses over six feet of intestine after blood clot caused by COVID vaccine.
And of course, uh, this individual was a little skeptical of the vaccines going in.
He knew about the blood clots.
But he was told it's so rare, don't even worry about it.
So rare, until it happens to you.
There you go.
But hey!
If you were in Ohio, you could have been entered into the lottery!
Six feet of your intestines, a small price to pay to almost win the lottery.
You wouldn't win anyway.
So I'm going to add this to my book of vaccine side effects.
I have a Manila folder bursting at the seams.
Just add it to the list.
These people are sick promoting these vaccines and telling you it's safe and effective when it's not.
It's neither safe nor effective, ladies and gentlemen.
And people know this, and that's why you had British soldiers refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.
British soldiers who refuse Covid jab will be educated.
And could face disciplinary action.
The re-education camps are coming.
The gulags are coming.
You don't want to subscribe to medical tyranny?
You'll be sent to the re-education camp just like in China.
So much for the free world.
So much for my body, my choice.
So much for informed medical consent.
It's all out the door when tyranny comes, and it's here.
But, but, you know, us Americans don't really like tyranny, so they have to find a way to lure us into tyranny with free donuts and free beers and free fries and lotteries.
Eh, be a part of this eugenics experiment, America's like, no, no.
They're like, but we have a Krispy Kreme donut for you!
A Krispy Kreme donut, huh?
We've got a vaccine lottery.
You could win a million dollars.
I could do a lot with a million dollars.
Okay, I'll be part of your eugenics program.
I'll give it a go.
And then they do it.
And then they have massive side effects.
And then the media covers it up.
What a sick planet we live on, man.
What a sick, satanic planet we are experiencing right now.
Let's just move on here.
Rob Schneider, you've got to like Rob Schneider, not just for his funny movies, but his realism in politics.
I mean, I'm pretty sure he's a liberal, but he has common-sense approaches to the modern-day political issues, so you resonate with him.
He puts the picture of all the NIH-funded, gain-of-function scientists and he says, of course government just happens to admit aliens exist, so we can all forget about these guys.
Yeah, the guys that...
Sold, uh, or gave the bioweapon to China that then was used against us?
Yeah, those guys?
Committing, uh, treason against us?
Yeah, those guys, yeah.
Um, yeah.
Should be arrested?
But you won't!
You'll be investigated if you waved an American flag on D.C.
on the 6th, because you're the real criminal, not the ones that made a bioweapon and gave it to China.
No, no, no.
I'm sorry, man.
I guess it's gallows humor.
I mean, it's just so ridiculous.
But you know, this whole alien thing, you gotta say, it's an odd thing that you have, or UFOs, more accurately stated, you have government admitting UFOs, showing the tapes, military admitting they're stalking our bases, and it's like, not even news.
How is, I mean, seriously, how is that even possible?
And I mean, we're not making a big deal of it.
I'm not even saying I necessarily trust all this stuff.
We get lied to from our government all the time.
We know about the Project Blue Beam fake alien invasion.
So are they trying to build that up?
Is there something else going on?
But isn't it odd?
I mean, seriously, that is something.
government admits UFOs, releases the videos,
And it barely has a blip on the radar.
Flying objects doing things that no human knows of technology that we have.
And they're always stalking our military bases.
Barely even news.
Barely even a blip on the radar.
That's hot.
Now again, I've seen this whole thing of... They're using it as a distraction or...
We're good to go.
And said that he wanted to declassify this stuff with Trump in office.
He went on Fox News and said we have proof and videos and know of UFOs stalking our military bases.
We have all, we have everything.
And he wanted to declassify it then with Trump and he was rejected by the Pentagon.
But now they want to release it, now they want to show you all the videos now that Biden is in?
But yet still it's not a big news story, so it's a very weird thing there.
New York state troopers raid Democrat mayor's home in Rochester, New York.
Police announce it's a criminal investigation into Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren.
You won't hear a mention of this anywhere on the news, but if it was Republican, it'd be the leading story.
You know, maybe there's a reason why the White House is so ineffective and fractured, because Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have to pretend like they like one another, when we both know that they probably don't.
This story was on the Gateway Pundit today, just a little blast from the past.
Jill Biden to Kamala Harris after 2019 presidential debate.
Go F yourself.
Because remember, because remember, Democrats during that presidential debate were
Echoing the claims of Tara Reade.
Remember that?
The Me Too movement.
Tara Reade accusing Joe Biden of sexual harassment.
Remember all that?
The Democrats brought that up during the presidential debates.
Joe Biden didn't like that.
Kamala Harris brought up the racist past of Joe Biden.
He didn't want his kids to grow up in a racial jungle, you know, going to school with black kids.
Joe Biden didn't want his kids in schools with black kids because he's a racist.
Joe Biden eulogizing KKK Grand Dragon Cyclopses.
What's the guy's name?
Robert Byrd and of course Joe Biden was in office and voted for segregation bills that Kamala Harris claimed kept her off of the bus from going to school.
Now that all came out to be a lie too.
Everything Kamala Harris says is a lie.
But the Democrats during the presidential debates had concluded that Joe Biden was a womanizer and a racist.
Now they voted him into office.
And I guess Kamala Harris was just told, hey look, get along with Joe, play the role, pretend you like him, you know he's slipping, you know he's, we'll just slip him out of there and we'll put you in.
This country is so corrupt, man.
We need prayers, we need a miracle, we need God's intervention, we need Jesus Christ.
Because we are going down a slippery slope of tyranny and it's very scary.
Well, they are
All but openly admitting that the vaccines are neither safe or effective.
But they still want you to take them because that's what tyranny looks like.
That's what medical tyranny feels like.
And so here's Nancy Pelosi admitting that the vaccines don't work.
Complaining that people aren't wearing masks or are pushing back against her mask mandate in the halls of Congress.
Here's the drunken fool admitting that vaccines don't work.
I don't know.
No, we have to wait for them to be vaccinated.
Because they are selfishly a danger to other people, including staff people here.
So, while we're all hopeful, and I join the President in being hopeful, that we can reach a place where it is safe for people to be.
What is this, the honor system?
The honor system?
As to whether somebody's been vaccinated?
She doesn't trust you.
You want them breathing in your face for the strength of their honor?
She doesn't trust fellow Americans.
She doesn't trust fellow humans.
So let's just see.
Because she's a demon!
I can't take her anymore.
I'll just insult her the whole time.
That's a demon though!
But let me just try to look at the... I'm sorry.
I just... You see that woman and you just know evil.
You just see evil.
You just...
But so there she is saying that, oh, I'm keeping the mask mandate for Congress because we don't know if everyone's been vaccinated.
But again, you're admitting the vaccine doesn't work!
If you've been vaccinated, what are you scared of?
If you've been vaccinated, you shouldn't be at risk, right?
Of course, that's wrong.
The vaccine isn't effective.
Neither is it safe.
So Republicans don't want to take it.
And by the way, Republicans like Ron Johnson are actually really smart on this issue.
And he's gone on TV and explained.
He's like, look,
I'm not anti-vax, but I've had COVID, and the science shows, the studies show, that if you have COVID, if you've had COVID and get the vaccine, that it's even more dangerous for you.
So he's not going to get the vaccine, and he shouldn't be forced to get the vaccine, and he shouldn't be forced to wear a mask, except Nancy Pelosi likes tyranny.
Except Nancy Pelosi's a demon.
But again, she's vaccinated.
If all the Democrats are vaccinated, then what are they so afraid of?
They're admitting the vaccine doesn't work.
They're telling you it doesn't work.
Seriously, I mean, this is unbelievable that InfoWars, or that I have to explain this to you, because other people won't.
It's just unbelievable, man.
Now, let me get to this other news before Roger Stone joins us.
We also know that the Democrats and Liberals are extremely racist, and they want to teach you to be racist, too.
In Virginia, Little League coaches forced to cancel practice and attend critical race-themed workshop instead.
So to make the coaches racist, make the kids racist.
Kind of like this coach at a private university in Detroit.
Players and parents complain about Detroit Mercy Girls basketball coach.
University keeps the coach.
All 14 players quit.
So you have a radical leftist basketball coach who wants him to knee for the anthem, and wants to have Black Lives Matter ceremonies, and the team just wants to play basketball.
By the way, they were 1-13 under this coach.
So the kids are like, we're not winning games, we don't like the coach, she's more
Focus on her politics than basketball.
And the parents all complain.
There's an investigation launched.
The players all complain.
The university says, oh we can't fire her.
She's a black woman that wears a Black Lives Matter shirt.
We'd be called racist.
So they keep the coach and the entire team quits.
That's incredible.
And now you have Lori Lightfoot
Lori Lightfoot, Lori Smallhead, Lori Moron says that she will only take interviews from black and brown reporters now.
No whites allowed in Lori Lightfoot's office.
So the party of anti-racism, the Democrat Party, is the most racist party in the history of America.
And Roger Stone joins us now, and I've got a lot of things I want to talk to him about.
Always great to be joined by Roger, but before we get into some of the serious news...
About how they're continuing the torture of Donald Trump and investigating him, his family, Trump, all his businesses, all for political purposes.
Everybody knows Trump hasn't done anything illegal, but the Democrats still want to destroy him.
And they want to destroy Roger, too.
So he's familiar with that.
Of course, us here at InfoWars are, too.
But Roger, I want to start by coming on and commending you.
And, and, uh, flashing back a couple years, I believe it was probably two or three years ago even, Roger, when you were still co-hosting the War Room with me, where we were talking about the NFL and its racist treatment of its former players, uh, dealing with the concussions, uh, dealing with a lot of problems after playing in the NFL, head trauma and all the things they went through.
And the NFL just basically giving them the bird, not paying out the treatment, uh, not paying out what they promised they would pay out.
And most of these athletes were black.
And now it comes out that the NFL is saying black people are dumber so they don't get financial compensation.
This is incredible.
So, Roger, what we broke on The War Room here on InfoWars years ago is now mainstream news.
No, that's exactly right, Owen.
First of all, I'm happy to jump in here and help pinch hit with you for the great Alex Jones.
But you're absolutely right.
People need to understand that there is an NFL scandal.
It's not kneeling.
It's the fact that the NFL, making record profits, reached an agreement, a legal settlement, with some of its veteran players, a class of players, which is 88% African American, to pay them up to $360 million for their legal expenses.
Pardon me, for their medical expenses.
We're talking about Hall of Famers like Cornell Webster.
We're talking about people who really made this game great.
And what's happened, of course, is that those administering the settlement, those lawyers, they've made millions, literally millions.
Yet, black families who are connected to these players are literally being starved out.
Because you see, under the settlement, if a veteran NFL player passes away, his family is entitled to nothing.
So they stall.
You're supposed to apply to the program.
Oh, we spit back your application.
You forgot a comma on the second paragraph of the third question.
You know, Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself.
These men made this sport what it is today, and they are being denied medical treatment, they're being denied compensation.
I know of one particular instance where a very famous Hall of Famer is delivering pizzas to try to make ends meet for his family.
Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself.
Yeah, and it's really for so many different reasons.
And it's sad, too, that you don't have the current athletes really speaking out or talking about this.
Again, mostly black American football players that are in this league that could be subject to this in the future.
My guess is Roger Goodell puts a tight clamp on their ability to speak out on these issues.
But how amazing is it that it may have even been worse than we were talking about at the time.
That the NFL's excuse now for not paying out these medical bills is because they're saying, oh well, these athletes have a low cognitive ability.
Black athletes, they're saying, have a low cognitive ability, so we don't have to pay them out.
I mean, is that racist?
Where's their scientific evidence for that?
I mean, where do they get that?
No, and to compound that is the fact that in many cases,
The doctors representing the NFL actually tried to claim that those players who are making the claims are faking it.
They're not really ill.
They're not really brain damaged.
They have no damage from their play.
This is one of the greatest outrages going on and I have
We're good to go.
And then I was accused of being a stooge for the lawyers representing those African American players who are not being taken care of as per a settlement that they all signed on to and agreed to.
Let's be very clear.
I've taken not a dime, not a penny.
I advocate on this issue because I care about it.
I advocate for it because I happened, through my wife's church group, to meet a wife of one of these injured players.
Otherwise, I wouldn't even know about this.
So, you know, I salute you, Owen, for bringing this back up.
We need to remind people of the outrageous conduct of the NFL, the outrageous conduct of the federal judge in this settlement case, who, frankly, I believe is senile, who I think is suffering from Alzheimer's.
And the outrageous amount, I think as much as $60 million, paid to the lawyers who administer this, whose job it is to reject every claim on some technicality.
It is an outrage.
Well, and think about it, too, because we're not, I mean, we're not the people that like to just come on here and beat the drum of calling something racist.
In fact, we don't do that at all.
But when you see actual racism, you call it out.
What does it tell you that the liberal media and the left that sees racism around every corner, they see something painted on the sidewalk that they think looks funny, they call it racist, but they won't talk about this?
I mean, doesn't that just show you that there's... To me, that means there's been some sort of agreement with the media and the NFL and Roger Goodell, like, hey, look, have your players take a knee, do the Black Lives Matter stuff, and we won't call you out on this racist policy of paying out former athletes' medical bills.
Well, not only that, but where is ESPN?
Where are all the sports programming on the three national networks?
Why is there no discussion of this?
I think it's pretty clear.
If you're looking for ESPN, you may want to check LeBron James' jock, Roger.
I'd rather not go there, if you don't mind.
You may not find ESPN.
But the real problem here is that there's a media blackout.
Let me reach out, let me call out to those in Black Lives Matter.
Where are you?
Because the black lives of veteran NFL players matter just as much as any other black life or any other life period.
But the Black Lives Matter movement has been silent on this issue.
Absolutely silent.
I'm gonna write another column about this for InfoWars because it just makes my blood boil.
They keep calling us racists?
No, they are the racists.
And the NFL policy on this is racist.
You know, at the time that I was arrested in the phony Mueller witch hunt and subjected to a Soviet-style show trial, I was preparing to do a giant demonstration outside Roger Goodell's apartment in New York.
And I think I would have had many, many, many African Americans involved in that peaceful demonstration.
People need to know that this is happening.
People need to demand that the NFL live up to its legal responsibility.
They signed a $360 million settlement.
And they have paid out less than 10% of those making claims.
It's a stalling action.
If they stall long enough, these black players will pass away and their families will get nothing.
And now they denigrate them.
They say, well, they can't be brain damaged because they weren't smart to begin with.
That's racist.
That's outrageous.
And it really just shows how messed up the leadership at the NFL is, too, because I mean, I'm quite frankly of the opinion that they should have come out and just said, look, you're playing football.
It's a dangerous sport.
We're sorry.
You know, now we know about this, but there's nothing we can do about it now.
But they wanted to have their cake and eat it, too.
So they wanted to hide the dangers of playing NFL football.
Make these payouts, they made the agreement, they're not making the payouts, and they're not being honest about how dangerous it is.
I mean, so it's like, it's just on all levels they're covering it up.
And the worst part is, they have the active collusion of a federal judge.
The judge's responsibility is to make sure that the settlement that she approved is actually enacted upon, that it is carried out.
Yet all she's really done is front for the lawyers, whose job is to make sure the NFL pays no one.
I'm really glad you brought this up.
It really deserves to be aired.
I want to come back and talk about it more on The War Room, maybe sometime next week.
But Owen, you're a good man for bringing this up because this is the kind of systematic racism that we do need to deal with.
And maybe we can apply some pressure to the mainstream leftist media that they might pick this story up to.
We've got Roger Stone, ladies and gentlemen.
He's with me here for another segment, and you know, you saw what the criminal deep state did to Roger.
You see what they're doing to Trump.
This is what they do to real freedom fighters, folks.
This is what tyrants do to freedom fighters.
And so, I don't know, Roger, if you've seen the latest, but obviously the Democrats are still continuing to go after Trump, specifically in New York.
And they're now saying it's a criminal investigation into Trump and the Trump Organization.
Of course, this is all just... What I think they're doing, Roger, is they're creating a situation so that Trump can never run again.
And I think they want to do a similar thing with this January 6th Commission, and they want to make it so certain Republicans can never run again either.
And so this whole thing is about chilling free speech, chilling any opposition to their political regime.
What is your take on their latest developments in their lust for power and their silencing of the political opposition that is the Democrat Party?
Well, Owen, as the Bible tells us, you reap what you sow.
This is an outrage.
First of all, the District Attorney for Manhattan is an elected partisan Democrat, Cyrus Vance Jr.
You may remember his father, Cyrus Vance Sr.
He was Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter.
He's the guy who botched the Iranian hostage crisis.
So, this runs in the family.
The Attorney General, Letitia... James.
I don't recall her last name at the moment.
Letitia James.
Yes, Letitia James, who ran for Attorney General of New York on a one-plank platform.
Elect me and I will send Donald Trump to jail.
These are corrupt Democrats in the most corrupt state in the United States.
And I find it outrageous that they actually were allowed to legally get access to 30 years worth of Donald Trump's business and banking records so they could search for a crime.
In other words, they had no probable cause.
They had no evidence of any crime.
They're going out to try to fabricate one, so they can embarrass the President of the United States.
This is the woman who should be removed from public office, not Donald Trump.
What they really fear, I think, is very clear.
As you know, yesterday, it was announced that the President is going to hit the road and start doing the MAGA rallies again.
Two scheduled for June, one scheduled for early July.
This is the last thing Joe Biden wants because the single most effective critic of the current record of the Biden administration is Donald Trump.
So they want to cripple him and they want to make sure that he can't possibly run in 2024 because God knows if we have an honest election, he might win.
In fact, I think he'd probably win, just like I think he won the last election.
This is politically motivated.
It is entirely partisan.
We need to begin investigating those people.
I know of corruption by Cyrus Vance.
I know of extensive corruption by him.
But you're never going to have him prosecuted in the New York system.
So I think you put your finger on it.
This is to try to stigmatize Trump and make him less effective.
When he hits the road in June and starts kidney punching Joe Biden over
Take your pick.
The price of gasoline, the price of all food goods, the fact that around the globe, whether it's in the Middle East or whether it's the Russians massed on the border of Ukraine preparing to take Crimea, or whether it is the Chinese threatening our vessels in that part of the world as well as Taiwan, they sense weakness in Joe Biden.
They know that he's not all there.
They know that he'll do nothing and therefore they're prepared to provoke us around the globe.
None of these things would have happened if Donald Trump were president because they know he was strong and he would brook no crap from our enemies abroad.
This is an attempt to kneecap him politically.
It is a complicated issue because he doesn't live in New York.
He doesn't have any businesses in New York.
But clearly, based on today's media, they're also targeting Donald Trump Jr.
and Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump.
This is just another witch-hunt.
Let's call it witch-hunt 4.0.
Meanwhile, Hunter Biden, a man who has very clearly taken millions of dollars in Ukraine, millions of dollars in China, millions of dollars in the United States, just moved into a 4.5 million dollar house in the Hollywood Hills.
Roger, do you know how many bedrooms that new Hunter Biden house is?
I don't.
Do you?
I think it's six bedrooms or so.
Does Biden get like a half a bedroom or a bathroom?
I mean, 10% for the big guy.
So I'm just trying to figure out what part of that house Biden gets.
Gee, I thought maybe you were headed to L.A.
for a couple days and just looking for a place to bunk, you know?
Well, actually, Roger, in Portland, the Antifa Whorehouse is open for business.
But again, there's overwhelming evidence that Hunter Biden had sex with underage girls.
There is no evidence or proof that Matt Gaetz did anything of the kind, yet Matt Gaetz is being crucified and Hunter Biden is living the life of a pasha.
He's living like a king.
Once again, the two-tiered justice system that is completely dominant under Joe Biden, and frankly, was dominant under Donald Trump, too, because Barack Obama ran Donald Trump's Justice Department.
Yeah, incredible, and had all of his stay-behind network there as well.
And again, if you had just a fraction of the investigation done into Joe Biden or Hunter Biden that's been done into Donald Trump, you would find so much crime.
And quite frankly, Roger, it would be like...
You're absolutely right.
Look, as I think many people know, the Biden Justice Department has filed a civil suit against me seeking to collect what they say are two and a half million dollars in past due taxes, penalties, and interest.
Now, I had to stop making payments.
I made three years of ever-escalating payments to pay my debt down.
I only stopped when they destroyed me financially.
At that moment, legally, they have the full authority to seize any asset I own.
Now they're suing me.
You know what happens if they win the lawsuit?
They get the right to seize any asset I may have.
This is all public relations.
This is all harassment.
They got another raid on your house, I think, Roger.
They got so much out of that, it made their jollies tingle a little bit, you know.
So they just love the optics of seeing that.
I have to go back to the ramparts and fight again.
People who want to help me can go to stonedefensefund.com.
I wanted to close this down.
I thought I was finished, but no.
Now I have to defend against a civil suit by the Biden Justice Department that is strictly harassment.
My lawyer, my tax attorney, ready to testify.
I never underreported a dime.
I never failed to report a dime.
But they want to keep me broke.
They want to destroy me.
But I will never fold and I will never stop fighting.
And I know in my heart, God will protect me.
God will fight right alongside me.
God will deliver me from these demons.
Tyranny never stops, but God doesn't either.
Roger, final comment though.
Don't you think the optics of a Trump rally with 50,000, 60,000, 100,000 people will really send shockwaves into the Biden administration that couldn't get 100 people for a Biden rally?
It yet proves that the questions about the irregularities and the anomalies in the last election are entirely legitimate, and it proves that the people are with Trump.
Let's be very candid.
Joe Biden could not collect 200 people at a rally in the District of Columbia.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show, and just, you know,
Just because this is how we operate.
We just wanted to check in on Alex and see how his vacation is going.
And so that's what Alex is joining us for to tell us how great his vacation is going.
No, of course, we're going to talk about serious news.
And so Alex joins us now on vacation.
Alex, you are on the Alex Jones Show.
Well, I'm on a work occasion, and I've been talking to a lot of folks that are involved in the liberty movement here in Florida, which I have to tell you, DeSantis has been way ahead of
Governor Abbott when it comes to fighting the globalists and fighting the whole COVID power grab.
But finally, Governor Abbott did something that actually engaged in leadership.
And he one-upped Governor DeSantis and said $1,000 fines for private businesses and of course, for schools and other facilities that try to make people wear masks and discriminate against them if they're not wearing masks.
And that goes into effect
Coming up in just a few days on the 22nd of this month, just in a couple days, and then the public schools have until June 2nd, when I guess all of their people are out, then they have until the summer school starts to stop their activity.
That's because Texas has had, the last two weeks, zero COVID deaths.
Now, a lot of people are asking, wow, great job.
Well, it's because it's all a fraud.
No, the virus is real.
We'll talk about it in the next segment, but it's way overblown.
The PCR test
Recommendation from the CDC was at 40 cycles, and at 40 cycles you get 94% false positives, and some studies higher.
Even the New York Times admits that.
In Texas and other areas, as soon as the CDC said go down to 29 cycles, they did.
Now when did they go to 29 cycles?
They went to 29 cycles
29 cycles literally on the 21st of January 2021.
That is the day after Biden was able to steal his way into the White House.
So they wanted to make it look like, oh my God, he's there.
Now this crisis they used to get rid of Trump and bring in all this tyranny can be taken off of us for a while before it's brought back in on us.
And I'm going to predict when the next lockdowns are coming next segment.
Of course, they're going to stay in place in the UK.
They're going to stay in place in Canada or stay in place in Australia because the public puts up with it.
And they're bringing in their global ID and they need countries that submit to this to work out the kinks and be able to test the global ID, the global social credit score, the global medical score that Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and others have talked about.
But we can defeat it.
We can stop it.
We have to understand.
This, this, no man is an island, and this country is very small, this world is very small, the world gets smaller all the time, and what's happening in Spain, what's happening in Australia, what's happening in New Zealand, what's happening in the UK, what's happening in Canada, even if we don't have empathy for those folks, which I do, it's going to affect us because the same predators that are doing this to them are coming to do it to us, so that is coming up next segment with huge
It's always huge, but COVID-19 takeover information.
And nothing is bigger, except God, nothing is bigger in their political operations than COVID-19.
It is the rollout of the medical tyranny.
It is the rollout of the medical hysteria.
It is the cornerstone of their entire global cashless society, AI system in their own words, and must be opposed.
Swab says there's going to be problems with face scanning and global IDs to buy and sell.
And so Schwab says the answer will be first bracelets you wear.
He said this five years ago.
Now we have the bracelets in California and in places like Israel.
And now they're trying to roll them out in New York.
But next it will be implantable chips.
So quote, people don't steal the bracelets.
You say, well, that'll never happen.
They'll get probably 20% of the public, especially in blue cities.
If they said, get back to normal, get a microchip under your skin, they'd get it.
I predict 5%
Conservatively, under Stockholm Syndrome, currently, we'll take a brain chip.
And of course, Schwab says that's coming after that.
So, it's always more, more, more to get into your body to take over your life.
That's coming up next segment.
But, here's the really big news.
Ladies and gentlemen, I know Owen and Roger Stone have already been covering this, and I'm glad they were.
But here it is.
And him having sex with his niece and the rest of it, Hunter Biden, that... I told my crew, I said, we're not... Yeah, Alex, I'm sorry to cut you off here, but I'm pretty sure Louis Freeh was the one in charge of the Penn State child trafficking operation investigation, too.
Guys, guys, look that up while Alex is talking.
I'm pretty sure... No, no, he was in charge of it.
My God.
In fact, that's on my note right here.
Penn State.
See that right there?
That's on my note.
Penn State.
So... Yes, that's where I was going next.
Understand that I said at the time, I said, we are not going to look at this laptop.
Cause I talked to journalists that I know and respect and they said, it's child porn.
It's, it's, it's, it's Asian girls elect their 10 years old being tortured by Hunter Biden.
It's him having sex with his niece.
And I said, they already tried to set us up with child porn before with unopened emails.
I said, I told the crew, I said, you are not as an InfoWars employee to open the Hunter Biden emails.
And we are not to have them on our servers because they will set us up and send us to prison.
I said, it's up to somebody else that has the courage to do it.
Well, the Daily Mail did it.
Okay, The Daily Mail did it, and it's Louis Freeh who ran the cover-up of Penn State where Sandusky had all these cottages that rich people came to to have sex with children as young as five years of age.
And so he was just the, he was just the procurer.
And so here it is.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh gave $100,000 to a private trust for Joe Biden's grandchildren.
But remember, the big guy always gets half.
He gets half of a company he's on.
He gets 10% up front, even before taxes and everything else.
So that means to him, former, and then that's why his tax return has been released.
There's not that much money there, but he has like eight giant
Uh, houses and all the rest of it is because it's all owned by his brothers, by his wife and by his son and grandchildren, nephews and nieces.
And reportedly they're so satanic and they're such pervs that they basically all have sex with each other.
That's why Biden's wife dresses like a street walking 20 year old hooker, you know, in fishnets and many skirts, because I mean, it is, it is, it is something else.
So former FBI director Louis free gave a hundred thousand.
To a private trust for Joe Biden's grandchildren.
And it's all, his emails are in here.
This is all confirmed.
And this is what they've got going on here, and this is what's unfolding.
And this is just what we know of, of his laptop that he now admits is his.
So Google, Facebook, Twitter, everyone's signing on to defending this and covering this up and censoring his laptop during the election.
They were election meddling, and they were backing a Chinese Communist Front group.
There's even audio recorded of him saying he works for Chinese intelligence.
And so there you have it out in the open, ladies and gentlemen.
I suggest everyone goes and read this.
This is free working with a bunch of people now in prison, world leaders now in prison, looting pension funds of old people.
That's the FBI's new specialty.
A multi-billion dollar ransacking of Malaysian wealth fund.
A 71-year-old who served as FBI Director under Bill Clinton and George Bush ran a consultancy firm with highly controversial clients including now jailed Malaysian Prime Minister who stole billions.
It just goes on.
It's a long report.
And you can see the stuff that's on the laptop.
It's photos of his dad, now the puppet president.
It's all of that, and it's the emails.
They chose to get into this, not the Asian 10-year-old girls being beaten, and not the trophy photos of the naked Hunter Biden with his niece in the bedroom.
After it was sweat dripping all over him.
But this is a very, very important, but you can almost argue pedophilia is very important, but it's almost a distraction from the espionage and working for foreign governments.
So the FBI is like a broker.
Like you might get a broker to sell you a boat or you might get a broker to sell you real estate.
But the FBI at the top now is a broker for world government.
And for selling out what's left of our children and the country.
And that's just a fact.
That's a reality.
And that's why they just passed it in the House.
They may have the votes of the Senate to start the new insurrection commission, not real hearings, where they demonize yours truly and President Trump and others, and then never give you a chance to respond to them, another kangaroo operation.
By the way, I want a real congressional investigation.
I'd like to be called to Congress.
It's going to come out that Antifa was there.
It's going to come out that Globalist posing as a Q group told people to go into the Capitol.
It's going to come out that when the media says that I was...
Orchestrating this.
We're live here from the Info Wars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Owen Schroer has been sitting in for Alex this week as he's on a working vacation.
Alex joins us now with breaking news.
We find out that FBI people involved with the Penn State investigation were paying Joe Biden's family $100,000.
Incredible developments here, Alex.
Well, it really is, Owen.
And again, these are the people that are now launching a fake commission
We need a commission on the former FBI director sending $100,000 to Joe Biden and saying in the emails, I want to do business with you through the White House with foreign companies.
I want to do illegal lobbying and give you a $100,000 bribe to your trust.
And that's on Hunter's laptop.
I mean, this is just unspeakable how corrupt these people are.
But see, they're all corrupt at the top, so if Louis Freeh goes down, they all go down for what they're really doing at Penn State, and that was high-level child sex slave brothels for the, quote, rich and famous who were part of those charity operations where Sandusky ran a abused child.
They already had sexually abused children.
They've already been physically hurt, so the signs of rape are already there, but they've already been broken in, to say the least.
And then they're already abused, so the very child welfare groups were managing it, that were actually selling the children to pedophiles.
It's the same thing that came out in DW.
Thank you.
It was not seen that it was okay for girls, but it was seen that boys, it's a form of attacking boys, it's like, oh, we're going to teach your five-year-old that he's a girl, and then he's of age at five to decide at seven he'll have his genitals cut off.
So this is very sick, very evil.
It's a target of our boys with the Prozac, the Ritalin, the so-called sex changes that is really just sexual mutilation.
Absolutely evil.
So yes, we have that, have that ultra-massive news, and that's what we should be expecting
That's what we should be seeing.
That's what should be unfolding.
But instead, none of that is going on.
Then we have this piece of information.
Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
Biden administration quietly flying migrant children into Tennessee.
GOP leaders blast administration.
So finally, today,
It's in the news.
We were down there over a month and a half ago.
We have the HD footage in the border crisis page of Band.video and you can see the 747 style jets, large jets being loaded with children.
Not even put their TSA screening, not even having IDs, and disappeared whoever they wanted.
I had asked earlier to see, I love the crew, if they can find those clips for now.
If not, we'll take as long as we need into the next hour, and I will show you the border crisis section.
It's important to show this to the world that's watching.
So we'll get it next hour I'm hosting as well.
And then we'll just have that footage from that section where we shot the footage of the airplanes on the ground in McAllen with the children being loaded on them and at the airport showing it as well.
But this is private airport.
We also showed them being waved through TSA.
So next hour, next hour, I'm going to be here.
I'm going to host now.
The whole thing.
We're going to show that.
All right.
Let's continue here, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, this is another really, really important moment right now, and if we don't take this seriously as an operation, we're done.
That means the InfoWars operation will shut down if this isn't taken seriously by myself, and by the listeners, and by the crew, and by everyone, okay?
Now, I got word yesterday morning that BanThis.tv is banned on Facebook and Twitter and other platforms.
You cannot share or promote BanThis.tv.
Pretty important issue.
We're in an information war.
People are hungry for truth.
Now, we created Ban.video a few years ago.
It's gotten very popular.
You can only share that via word of mouth or via your email or text message for now.
You can't share it on any of the big tech platforms.
You can try.
So we create new URLs that mirror the same site and the same links.
And we've had a lot of those.
2020 Election Center, and we've had BanThis.TV, and after a few months each time, they ban the new URL once it propagates, once it gets big.
So there's a new one, and maybe tomorrow.
I'm not sure.
We're gonna have it for you, but it's in the lower third today.
It's in the lower third today.
And we need to promote this everywhere.
And we need to get this out, okay?
It's freeworldnews.tv.
And I know that's annoying, but see, we're under censorship, we're under attack.
So we have to get out of the coma, get out of the trance, and we've got to realize it's a total war.
Because I showed you yesterday the hazardous materials page from the Connecticut website, where they admitted that the Moderna shot has SM-120 and then it gave the damn ingredients.
And people immediately in the comments on Band-Aid video said, oh, this can't be that SM-102.
It's so deadly when it is.
And now people got the EU Moderna site even showing it with the full breakdown, because there was one line on the Connecticut site that
Was it on another fact sheet?
It's the real one, SM-102, that it says will kill people and cause infertility.
See, that's a big deal.
And the only way that dog hunts...
Is when people share the videos from Bandot Video, that emergency report, to save lives.
Because we're under bio and chemical and globalist attack.
And we're under radiological attack.
We're under electromagnetic attack.
And the globalists all admit this.
And the 5G.
So, there has to be a sense of urgency.
There has to be a sense of urgency with myself and with everybody else, or it's game over.
You know, I'm trying, and that's why I came to Florida, to get national political movements going, to organize those hundred-plus generals that wrote the letter saying America's under globalist attack, America's under Marxist attack, as they had a space force said, and got fired because we're under Marxist attack.
In America, a general can't say we're under Marxist attack when we are under Marxist attack, and Black Lives Matter is Marxist, and Antifa is Marxist.
But if you call the elephant in the room, you're taken down.
Because censorship in an enemy takeover is King Daddy.
So I'm not really on vacation.
I'm here trying to get this done.
But if we can't get this information out of the world, and if the listeners don't realize that they're the entire fight, that they're everything, then this dog doesn't hunt, and the New World Order wins.
So we need to show you next hour.
We're going to get it, because it's on.
Ban.video, which now the URL is FreeWorldNews.tv.
And it's on there.
We have the footage of the airplanes in McAllen being loaded.
We have the footage of the kids going in front.
We have it all.
And I'm not mad at the listeners.
I'm not mad at the callers.
I'm not mad at the crew.
I'm just fired up to see.
Here's the thing.
I'm conscious and I'm awake.
And I know there's a takeover.
And I know if we get people upset, realizing it's happening, and if people have that fire in their belly and they tell others it's came over, why do you think they're taking the mask off?
Why do you think they're admitting that COVID-19 was way overblown?
Because people are pissed.
And because the truth is all coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
The world is awakening, and that is the exciting thing.
That is the powerful thing.
That is the huge thing.
That is the massive thing.
And so we have to keep, because they're going to take the pressure off now until we dissipate our movement, and they're going to put it right back on.
That's tactic.
And so, you have to understand, this is a worldwide fight for all of us, no matter where we live, no matter where we are.
So I want to thank the listeners.
I want to thank the crew.
And I want to just ask everybody, promote freeworldnews.tv.
Because it was the last straw for them when we exposed the video that finally got it banned was this SCM 102.
We're also having a debate on the Israel-Palestine crisis.
Tuesday evening starting at 6.
The real debate starts about 6.30 central.
I'm the only person moderating it because I'm gonna do an old-fashioned moderation where I'm only gonna control the time and I may ask maybe three questions the whole time.
It's gonna be an hour and a half debate and it's gonna be a real debate like Lincoln-Douglas.
And then Owen Schroer and Harrison Smith will come in after we're done and give their take on the debate and take your phone calls.
So that's coming up Tuesday evening as well.
We built this platform.
You built this platform.
Only reason we're here is because you're the listeners.
I salute you and thank you, but your word of mouth isn't just king, it's victory.
And if you don't do it, it's over.
You've been doing it, so we're having victory.
But we've got to keep pushing and keep fighting until Bill Gates and Fauci and the new order are in prison.
All right, I've got the big COVID news when we come back.
Matt Bracken will come up, but I've got to go as long as I need to to get all this out.
And then Ellen Troyer is coming up with his guest host.
He's got today, 3 to 6 p.m.
Central, InfoWars.com.
And now, FreeWorldNews.tv!
Alright, I haven't been on air in a few days.
Share it!
You can tell I'm wound up.
And I'm upset and I'm angry because we should be upset.
We should be angry.
And I see so many people saying, oh, we got our freedoms back.
Oh, Governor Abbott is the right thing.
Oh, that's all because of what you did and what I did and all the prayer.
But the enemy is only going to back off a little bit.
They're going to come back again.
And most of the world is still locked down in Latin America and Africa.
They're still locked down under damn dictatorships doing this.
That's why it was important for America to lead us the hell out of this nightmare.
You got communist Chinese academics and generals admitting they launched COVID-19 on us.
Owen Schroyer, this is one hell of a time to be alive.
And man, you see something like Louis Freeh, the FBI director that covered up the whole Sandusky situation in Penn State, to see him saying, I gave you $100,000.
This is the start.
I want to be in business with you.
I want to pay you for everything you do with world leaders.
So literally paying illegally for policy, quid pro quo, everything they said Trump was doing, Trump never did it.
I mean, this is just incredible.
And now this is going to come out and I bet you bottom dollar nothing happens to free because they're all involved in this.
These are sycophantic, dirty lawyers.
Well the amazing thing is the more you cover this stuff the more the swamp creatures and the same names and the same faces continue to rear their ugly heads and the reason why when you were covering this earlier and I was listening to you and you said Louis Free it was just like the sparks in my brain started flying because I remember when
Ten years ago, I don't remember the time, but working in sports media covering Louis Free, knowing he was corrupt then.
And it's just like, this guy just doesn't go away.
And it's always around this pedophile behavior, first at the Penn State, now with the Bidens, and we know what Hunter is doing with the laptop.
So I mean, it's really just incredible.
And Alex, think about...
This, they're now putting out some more information about the raid of Rudy Giuliani's apartment in New York City saying, oh look at all these different electronic devices they seized.
They left the Hunter Biden laptop!
I mean, I'm almost wondering if Giuliani knew it was coming, put the laptop out there thinking they would take it, and then like somehow they knew it was Hunter Biden's laptop and they took every other thing except that hard drive.
Well, he told him, he said, this is Hunter Biden's hard drive.
Under the law, they were supposed to take it.
They were ordered by the court.
So they're in contempt of court and they were obstructing justice.
This is the Hunter Biden laptop.
They're like, whoa, whoa, whoa, we don't want that.
And that's the security they've got in knowing that they're able to commit these crimes.
The FBI has always had problems, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts, absolutely.
And there's decent FBI agents that respond to bank robberies.
We're good to go.
And then once you get corruption in, new corruption comes in that's even worse, and then more corruption comes in even worse than that, and then they're all blackmailing each other until the very worst take over, and then pretty soon you're worshipping the saint of death and killing your own children.
I mean, that's where all this goes.
It leads to hell, and notice we're getting closer and closer to hell right now.
Well, and I wonder too, Alex, because I know one of your frustrations, and believe me, I understand, is that, you know, with all the information that's been presented and everything, we know we shouldn't be continuing to fight this battle, yet every day it seems to get harder.
And so, it's like, what more do people have to see?
How bad does it have to get?
I mean, when they're talking about vaccines killing people, and then they say safe and effective, but then they still make you wear a mask, or they'll make you fine if you don't have a mask in Congress.
So, they're admitting that they're not effective, they're covering up the deadly side effects.
I mean, this is a worldwide experiment with this jab, and it's just like, oh, you know, whatever, it's just, you know, we just put up with this, we just put up with medical tyranny, it may kill us, it may kill history.
And that's right, and under this evil, and history talks about this, the Bible talks about this.
Once you get corruption in place, it's a college of evil.
One guy's a pedophile.
One person likes to torture people.
Other person just wants to be super rich and rob people.
Other person doesn't care, just dumps toxic waste in the ocean.
And soon they're all protected.
They get to commit whatever crime they want.
So Louis Freeh just wants millions of dollars.
But he protects pedophiles and uses them to be bag men because they're compromised.
But still, he becomes a pedophile via extension by supporting them.
We'll be right back with the biggest COVID-19 news yet with Owen Schroeder.
Stay with us.
We have witnessed 120 plus former top US generals, though publicans say America is being taken over by a globalist group using Marxism, which is exactly what it is, what we've said.
Big mega banks, billionaires, above the law, tax exempt, totally greedy, offshore, Steve Jobs, wife's involved in it, it's incredible.
They don't care about Chinese death camps.
They love it.
They don't care about sweatshops.
They don't care about sex slavery.
They like Africa starving to death in Latin America.
But they soak it all in sicky sweet political correctness and have all their corporate spokespersons be black people now.
The globalists are using black people as their camouflage for their world government takeover, and their particular targeting of black people with poisoned, tainted vaccines, with sterilants, with HIV, with deadly chemicals, and of course it gets worse, ladies and gentlemen.
Actual live polio as reported by Reuters.
And what is their response when Reuters comes out and admits that's going on?
Well, Twitter takes down even little clips Joe Rogan put out of me talking about it because it's so true and they can't handle the truth.
So here's the safety data sheet on what's in the Moderna vaccine because the Pfizer also has a lipid in it that's associated with antifreeze, but this is even worse.
And this is SM-102.
And again, you can go read SM-102.
And what it is, and people see this and they just can't believe it.
They just can't believe it.
Well, if you go to Band.Video, you can see, not the featured video now, it's moved down, that key headline there that's got to get out to people, that the state of Connecticut warned.
There it is, bombshell.
Horrifying bombshell.
Connecticut warns Moderna Vax contains deadly poison.
That is so huge.
That needs to get out.
This is a life and death situation.
But that's yesterday's news.
See, that's why I get so angry, why I get so upset.
I know all this is happening.
I know that I'm talking to so many people in Florida, both who are military, but also just the general public that I'm running into.
Who have friends and family that have already died, or the lady at their church is fighting for her life, was totally healthy after she took the Moderna shot.
Or their neighbor died after taking the Pfizer shot.
I mean, I'm seeing it.
Not just all the adverse reaction reports, not just all the famous people dying after they take the shot.
And then big tech and media bullying us and saying we're crazy, it doesn't exist.
So they push, push, push, push, push.
Then opposition forms.
And then they back off.
For a while, again, to kill opposition.
And I know you know that.
But I'm not really here even trying to have an interesting radio show or TV show.
I'm here as an emergency broadcast to just hammer the key points.
And here's a huge key point that just developed.
You see this?
This article came out yesterday.
Got another one right here.
Came out three or four days ago.
Texas reports zero coronavirus deaths for the first time since the pandemic began.
No deaths for the first time in more than a year as the state's ramped up vaccine rollout has slashed new infections, hospitalizations, and fatalities from the virus.
Oh, really?
The vaccine did it, says Forbes.
Funny, because we were called Neanderthals a month ago by Joe Biden, the public president, when he opened everything back up completely and said we don't need the mask.
That of course people just continued with the mask because they like the idea of virtue signaling and being in like a movie, like you're pretending they're a superhero.
But what really happened is right after Joe Biden finally got into office, stole his way in after January 20th, he had the CDC lower the PCR test from 40
Cycles to 29.
And when you do that, you get almost no positive cycles.
When you do it at 40, you get 94% false positives.
That's all confirmed.
So that's how they did it.
And that's how the scam works.
Texas reports zero coronavirus tests for the first time since the pandemic began.
Governor Abbott issues executive order prohibiting government entities from mandating masks, $1,000 fines, except he exempts nursing homes.
Oh, you still can't let family in to see their nursing home, people, so they can quietly kill them in there.
That's something these companies lobbied for, folks.
So many of the public schools still say they don't want parents ever coming in the schools again.
And even private schools, oh, sorry, parents can't come in the building now.
This is a recipe for total control.
The teacher unions wrote this.
Exempt from the executive order are state-supported living centers, government-owned and operated hospitals, Texas Department of Criminal Justice facilities, Texas juvenile department facilities, and county municipal jails.
So basically, prisoners.
You're a prisoner in a nursing home, you're a prisoner in jail, you're a prisoner in a public school, or a juvenile system.
They're going to keep this going.
Because this is all prisoner training.
They're like, oh, the prisoners will still... What do you think lockdown is?
That's a prison term.
It's all martial law.
So here's that executive order, and you've got other states that are halfway following suit.
But remember, as soon as there's flu deaths, or as soon as there's regular pneumonia deaths, they're going to say, well, actually the flu is killing more than COVID did.
And they're now proposing in the EU, also in the UK, and CNN is proposing, oh,
Let's actually have PCR tests for the flu and pneumonia and let's, there's one death?
Let's close Australia.
Let's close New Zealand.
Let's close Canada.
Canada's still locked down.
It's all made up.
Oh, there's one death.
It's hysteria.
So all your businesses are not essential, but big box stores are, and then they all double and triple their profits.
This was all premeditated from start to finish.
California to effectively end mass mandate when state fully reopens next month, Governor Newsom says.
Oh, Governor Newsom facing recall.
See, the Governor of Michigan facing recall.
All of these people, see, but you can't really recall them in the UK, the corruption is so great, or the EU.
The EU is unelected, by the way, did you know that?
They have an elected bureaucracy that is called the EU Parliament, but the real bureaucracy above it is permanent.
That's called a tyranny.
West Virginia Governor?
Justice Lift's mask mandate for fully vaccinated residents announces end to $300 unemployment supplement.
What's so dangerous about that?
It's introducing the vaccine passport idea that, oh, if you're fully vaccinated, you don't need a mask.
But if you're not vaccinated, you're dirty and need to wear a mask.
That's putting you in a physical gulag, suffocating you, making you cover your face like you're dirty and evil if you haven't taken this illegal frankenshot filled with poisons that these psychos want you to take.
Then we've got this story at Infowars.com from our team, and I looked over the articles, even worse than what they say.
Child suicide attempts up 200% in Canada under lockdowns that are ongoing.
Suicides themselves are way up in adults and children, but attempts, 200%.
And over in the UK, it's the same numbers.
They've got them all right here.
This is abuse and self-harm's way up, just like a parent or an elephant or a monkey will self-harm when it's locked in a cage and not given things to do.
This is so damn evil, but it gets you watching big tech, gets you watching more Netflix.
Privacy watchdog, you take COVID passport.
Small print says it will be used domestically.
That's right.
Of course, it was always going to be used domestically.
That's why in places like New York and other areas where they're trying to roll this out, you got to have lawsuits.
You got to say no.
Oh, we're open again.
Let's just comply.
No, that's getting you deeper in the trap to bring the trap back even stronger next time.
That is a fact.
Minnesota Governor Tim Walz to lift state's mask mandate.
See, Texas leading the way now.
Because the governor's not just saying if you're vaccinated, you can take your mask off.
No, he's saying period.
Stop it.
So now the political pressure has really gotten to him because an election is coming up.
And that's what elections are so important.
Now, it gets worse at this point.
If they're going to take over the country and take over the world, how do they intend to do it?
Well, they intend to do it through censorship.
So let me put this URL.
I'm going to come back next segment, finish up with Ellen, then hand the baton to Matt Bracken, who I really appreciate having me charge in here.
And that is the URL.
that we can put on screen that is the new URL, because you can't promote banthis.tv.
Banthis.tv has been banned on Twitter and on Facebook.
So we've created a new system that gets around that for now.
They'll end up banning this as well.
And I'm not trying to be obnoxious about this, but just because you're awake, that's great.
You gotta get others awake.
So you can share the live feed of the show for Banned.Video.
You can share the live feed of any of the other broadcasts or any videos you want to share or articles from FreeWorldNews.TV and let them ban that URL.
I'm sure they will.
It'll be in the news.
They banned FreeWorldNews.TV.
All right, folks, this is the final segment I'm going to be hosting.
Owen Schroer is coming up with a big show for you in about 45 minutes.
Matt Bracken of EnemiesForeignAndDomestic.com is about to take over.
I always learn a lot listening and watching him.
But if I seemed mad earlier, at the end of the last hour, it's not the crew, it's not you, the listeners.
I'm physically angry that they're putting known toxic chemicals that cause sterilization and death in the vaccine and admitting it.
And then we try to cover it, big tech blocks us.
We're being raped.
They should all go to prison.
And if you look at big pharmaceutical companies have been caught hurting people on purpose over and over again because they're sickos, they're mad scientists.
Why would they inject black people with syphilis and poor white people?
Why would they do all this?
Because it's who they are.
They want to play God.
They want to kill a lot of people and they get off on it.
And just like a pedophile will go try to be a school teacher,
Because that's where they can get ahold of school kids.
Well, mass murderers want to become Bill Gates, so they control the world medical system to do this.
They believe to save the Earth because they hate seeing all the development stuff.
Well, I hate seeing overdevelopment, and there is some overpopulation, but you can't just go around and start murdering everybody because you want more room.
You got to develop systems that build civilization, not destroy it.
And again, Gates doesn't do all this because he actually cares about people.
He does it because he's a sick freak.
So again, let's put that lower third up there, because I just learned yesterday that this happened.
I got really, really mad.
We knew it was coming.
We created band.video a few years ago.
It exploded.
Then URL got banned on YouTube, banned on Twitter, banned all over.
So you can't share it.
Well, then we had a bunch of other URLs they banned.
And then for like four months, they didn't ban one, which was a long time.
After they stole the election and got Biden in, they thought, well, you know.
But as soon as that site went viral, as soon as we were exposing all this stuff, they banned it yesterday morning.
No one can share BanThis.tv.
So now we're just going to abandon that.
But it's a great system where it indexes all the same videos, all the same articles from Ban.video.
It's just a different URL and different sub URLs.
So whatever video it is, whatever live feed it is, you share freeworldnews.tv.
And the reason I'm hyping this for our AM and FM stations, for our TV stations, promote their local URLs great as well.
Send the local URL of local stations because they're not being censored and say, hey, listen to this great radio lineup.
They've got a lot of great people on this local station.
Send them.
To your friends and family that are outside our listening area.
Use every system we've got as another lighthouse in the dark, guiding in the ships of liberty.
That's what all this is about.
So, see the big debate on who's in the right.
I think both sides have got some issues with Israel and the whole Palestinian mess the globalists are using.
Robert Barnes and Nick Fuentes will debate.
This Tuesday, starting at about 6.30.
I'll kick it off at 6.00, play some clips, talk about what's happened, the latest news, and then they're gonna have an hour and a half free-for-all.
You'll see a real debate, old-fashioned debate.
I'll just control the times.
So don't worry, it won't be normal loudmouth Alex that takes over.
And then after that, we'll have a commentary with Owen and Harrison Smith and whoever else wants to come in and give great commentary.
So that is all coming up.
But again, yes, it's super good news that
Texas is finally leading the way.
Abbott, that I've been so mad at, is always letting DeSantis lead the way, now comes out and says, don't wear masks, don't make people wear masks, or we're going to fine you $1,000.
That's more like it.
That's more constitutional to sit there and discriminate against people and say, don't show your dirty face.
This is Sharia law.
This is out of control.
And we need that to be the model, not just here, but all over the world, because they're going to perfect the systems of lockdown and perfect the systems of control in other countries.
And thank God, again, I'm not bragging, it's why we're so important, why you're so important as listeners.
To get out of people's comfort zone.
We went down to the border in the last few months and showed the kids being loaded on planes.
Private planes.
We went and showed them being put through the airports, through TSA, without being checked.
So both through regular airports and at private airfields.
Now there's footage we shot of three buses pulling up and them doing it.
Now that's finally in Tennessee legislatures talking about it.
Congress is talking about it.
People are understanding what this is.
So their last desperate system is the fear of bio-attacks that they launch, and it's creating racial division.
Like Governor Lightfoot, who says she's allowed to get a haircut but you can't no matter what color you are, says no whites allowed.
Dem Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot only takes interviews from black brown reporters saying whites are inherently bad.
She's told to do that by the big foundations for total control.
Owen, you've been doing a great job while you've been sitting in for me this week.
I've been watching and listening while I've been getting a lot of work done here in Florida, which is the new epicenter of the resistance.
I'd like to see Texas going back in that direction, because I want to see them both competing with each other to see which states can be the freest.
Most pro-gun, most pro-family.
But I'd like to see Abbott starting to pull his head out of his rear end.
Any closing comments you've got before you take back over in 45 minutes, then I'm going to hand the baton to Matt Bracken.
Well, it's just hard to keep up with all the developments that are, you know, anti-human, anti-American.
And I do think, though, people are awakening, but it gets worse.
So it's just a matter of, is the awakening going to reach a threshold to turn this thing around, or is the tyranny going to reach a threshold where we can't turn this thing around without some serious, drastic, physical violence?
And what you just said is so central, and I know I'm interrupting, I've sort of been ranting here.
They know the jig's up.
They know we've already woken up.
They know the world's turning against them.
They admit that in their own documents.
So they're rushing to the finish line to just bring in martial law worldwide under the COVID tyranny and under racial division before we end up putting them all in prison.
Sorry, go ahead.
And I think it's beyond just, hey, look, here's Bill Gates or Ted Turner talking about how they want to get the human population down to zero.
Here's the Georgia Guidestones that say maintain human population at 500 million.
That means kill 99% of humans on planet Earth.
And then their philosophy that humanity is a virus, we're a parasite, we're a cancer, so we're just self-aware now and so we need to kill ourselves.
They won't off themselves, they just want everybody else to do it.
But you know Alex, I think that at a certain level, we almost need to, not that we're in support of the New World Order philosophy, but it's like, it needs to be brought to the public.
This philosophy that, hey look,
You know, you should have every resource to understand and know that this vaccine, this COVID jab, is experimental and potentially deadly.
And if you walk in and you take it and you die, then you deserve it.
That's their mentality.
That's their experience.
I totally agree.
In fact, I've thought about taking only real quotes of The Globalist and doing a whole show where I promote them to show people how sick it is and to go downtown and tell the left, I want you to take more of these.
Because you're a leftist, and I think you're a bad person.
You shouldn't breed.
I totally agree.
Using reverse psychology on them, skipping right to the end game, and really presenting it all out in the open, which they've almost done.
They always present it in a good light, their New World Order.
When we criticize it, they say it doesn't exist.
We should just become super cheerleaders of it, not even satirical, but really show the full agenda and promote it, and under reverse psychology, folks will wake up.
I'll be watching you today at 3 p.m.
Owen, with the War Room.
Great job, my friend.
All right!
Matt Bracken takes over.
Matt, I love it when you host every Thursday, sometimes on Wednesdays.
And thanks for letting me steal some time here today.
Matt Bracken, tell us what you got coming up.
Alex, it's all your time.
Believe me, I've been listening.
I'm going to be talking mostly about the Civil War breaking out within the military.
This book by Matthew Lohmeyer is a good starting point for that.
What you were talking about before with prison training, I'm going to talk about this a little bit.
The psychologists have a term for it.
Learned helplessness.
They did experiments with rats where the rats just get randomly shocked whether they do a task or don't until they just quit.
And that's what we're getting.
We're getting the rat shock treatment to where we just quit.
Wear a mask.
Don't wear a mask.
Vaccines will kill you.
Vaccines will save you.
They're just trying to beat us down like the lab rats.
That's what's going on.
And that's what I'll be talking about, and that and the civil war within the military, coming up after the break.
For the rest of the hour, I'm going to mostly be speaking about a civil war that's breaking out within the military.
At this point, this war is just political and rhetorical, but it could very easily break into something kinetic at some point.
Because the lines are being clearly divided right now between the Marxists and their allied cowards, who are summertime patriots, who all took an oath to defend the Constitution.
But right now they're hiding under their desks, running for cover, found in the locker room or the bathroom when the call to action is being
Sounded versus the Marxists, the communists who are currently in charge of our military.
And I don't say that lightly.
Everybody that ever joined the military takes an oath.
They don't swear to defend the fatherland.
They don't swear to defend the president, the White House.
They don't swear even defend, you know, the borders of the country.
They swear to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
That was put in right at the beginning, at the time of the writing of the Constitution.
Because our forefathers understood
That threats weren't just going to come from overseas, from foreign enemies.
They knew that this experiment, this concept of a country founded on God-given rights, delineated for us in the Constitution, which is just this little tiny book, okay?
Compared to any of these omnibus spending bills that are, where they're going to spend trillions of dollars we don't have, that they're going to print digitally and theoretically borrow from one pocket to put in the other pocket, kind of an idiot's shell game.
This is what we swore to defend, the Constitution.
When you have the bosses of the military
Who are sold out globalist communists.
They're now saying, if you talk about defending the Constitution, you'll be demoted, you'll be relieved for cause from your job.
This is the situation that Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeyer finds himself in.
A few months ago, the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin,
He put out a call to see something, say something.
Let's root out the extremism within the military.
And what he noticed were these mandatory classes teaching Marxism under the guise of Black Lives Matter and their diversity, inclusion and equity program.
They're teaching Marxism.
Part of the classes teach our troops
That the Constitution is an outdated, racist document made by slave owners to preserve slavery and to preserve white oppression over blacks and minorities.
That's what troops in the military are being taught today.
The same troops
That all raised their hand and swore a solemn oath to defend the Constitution, the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Now these domestic enemies, these traitors, have by stealth snuck into the very top positions.
They're now making policy.
They're relieving for cause patriots like Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Lohmeyer,
And they're promoting other stealth Marxists.
One of them is this guy Lloyd Austin.
He was a general, but his primary position was putting a happy black face on the invasion of Iraq.
He's a stooge and a yes man.
After he retired from the military, what did Lloyd Austin do?
He went to work for Raytheon and Nucor and big health conglomerates where he could be paid millions to put his signature on these globalist schemes.
So who do they call in to be the head of the Department of Defense?
Lloyd Austin.
What's his first action?
Declaring that white racists are the big problem in the military.
They're going to root out the white extremists.
That's what's going on right now.
Critical race theory, which is a foreign enemy import from Europe, that was the Frankfurt School in Germany,
They brought it to America and adapted it as critical race theory because class warfare wasn't effective in the United States.
We had too big of a middle class, most Americans were too happy.
So the critical school, the critical theory, went against the racial divide in the country as our weak point.
It's a communist tactic.
I don't call it critical race theory.
I call it communist race tactic.
Now you see the pyramid that's up on the screen right now.
We're wondering always, how does this happen?
How are we being ruled when most Americans don't agree with this communist race tactic?
When we don't want stealth Marxists running our politics and now even running our military?
How does it happen?
Well, at the very top, I think, in my own opinion, there are pure evil satanic forces.
There is a small percentage of psychopaths, sociopaths, that are very intelligent, very successful, and they have an enormous amount of power.
And they are using the next tier down, which are the dedicated communist revolutionaries.
They empower these communist revolutionaries and make sure that they're promoted.
This is how people like John Brennan wind up as the head of the CIA.
This is how somebody like Barack Obama becomes the President of the United States.
The next tier down, you have just cultural Marxists.
They might not understand Marx and Engels and the Communist Manifesto, but they're all in on transgenderism, on teaching children about gay rights in kindergarten, just everything that will divide this country.
They basically hate Western civilization, and anything that upends
You know, the society that's been built in this country for centuries and in Western civilization for a couple thousand years, they want to smash it.
The next tier down are the useful idiots.
These are just the folks on the sofa, ingesting the Netflix, just total entertainment all the time.
They see what's mostly on television, they go along with it.
But we're at the bottom.
We're the normal people trapped at the bottom.
We have the numbers.
How is it that a smaller group of people is managing to hold us down?
It's because they've beaten us down to thinking that there's nothing we can do, that it's a fait accompli.
And this is where I'd like to talk just a little bit before the break about this learned helplessness.
Psychologists figured this out doing experiments with rats starting in the 50s, rats and other animals.
If you put them in the cage, you had them do tasks, they got rewards, they got food pellets, sometimes they got shocked.
They found out if the shocks were randomized, eventually the rats would just become apathetic.
They wouldn't keep trying to figure out an impossible way to jump from safe space to safe space.
They just figured, what the hell, I'm going to get shocked.
I might as well just lay here and just wait for the next shock.
We are the lab rats in this giant social experiment.
They're counting on our apathy.
They're counting on us quitting and just laying in our corner and accepting that the satanic forces and the communist revolutionaries will be able to leverage their power and hold us down and control us forever.
And on the other side of the break, I'm going to talk about how we can flip this script.
This experiment in learned helplessness
It has profound implications and people really need to understand it.
It's related to Stockholm Syndrome.
And an entire society can be beaten into submission and suffer a form of Stockholm Syndrome where you're just glad to finally get permission to take off your mask.
Thank you, master.
Thank you.
You'll kiss the hand of your slave master.
In the Plains Indian Wars,
We learned a lot about this.
We didn't really understand the terminology at the time, but the Comanches and the Apaches, this was common.
This was done to hundreds of children in Texas and the Southwest in particular.
When a farmstead was raided or, you know, settlers in wagons were attacked, if they captured children like between the ages of 7 and 13,
They wouldn't kill them.
They would keep them.
And no matter how brutally they were treated, beaten, tortured, they would eventually become Stockholm syndromed to that tribe that had captured them.
Even children that had seen their parents murdered or killed in raids.
These children eventually would become just like the Comanches that had captured them.
So this was a big mystery to the American settlers in the Southwest.
How could this happen?
When these children were discovered and they were brought back to their families, they would repeatedly try to escape back to the Indians.
These were children who had been kidnapped and often saw their own parents and siblings murdered.
So this is a syndrome which can be exploited by evil people, by the top level of the globalists, those satanic forces.
They know if they just beat us down long enough, like the prisoner in some gulag, we'll eventually be grateful when the guard throws in a double ration of bread scraps.
We'll actually have a good feeling in our heart for the guard.
This is what happens when they start relaxing the mask mandate.
It is part of prison training.
And we have to resist it.
Now, in that pyramid meme that I showed, we have the numbers at the bottom.
The useful idiots and the cultural Marxists, they're just a buffer between us and the real enemies, who are the communist traitors and the pure evil Satanists at the top.
The useful idiots and the sheeple and the cultural Marxists, they're just filler.
They're like cannon fodder.
They're just a buffer to keep us from getting at our main enemies.
But we've seen recently how by taking power, taking action at the local level, you can actually have very strong results.
We've seen these school board meetings where parents have gone in force and just started demanding an end to the masking, demanding an end to the CRT communist race tactic, just demanding it.
We can't do much at the federal level.
That's out of our reach.
But we can start pushing up from the bottom of that pyramid, going to local political events in numbers.
The left has always understood this.
A small number of loud, you know, cultural Marxists and useful idiots can make the school boards and other local politicians think this is the big crowd.
No, it's not.
We're the big crowd, but we're too content to sit at home.
We need to get out and force our will because these useful idiots and cultural Marxists, they're not strong.
You just
Plow right through them and aim your arrows at the actual communists.
Now, they don't call themselves communists.
They call themselves progressives, democratic socialists.
They're communists.
They only don't put a hammer and sickle on their webpage and their lapel for the moment because it still has some negative implications.
But you know them by their fruits.
They are the same people that constantly praise every communist regime and forgive every communist atrocity and mass murder.
They are communists.
Just because a sheep, or excuse me, a wolf, is wearing a sheep's, you know, a sheep's clothing disguise, it's still a wolf.
You don't wait for them to declare that they're a communist and put on a hat with the hammer and sickle.
Otherwise, you're just a sucker.
You're like a sheep that's believing that the wolf in sheep's clothing is actually a sheep because it sneaks up to you and says, don't worry, I'm just a sheep.
You have to see them for what they are.
We have the numbers.
We can push back.
Now, there's a few areas where there are just clear lines of delineation, and these are very helpful.
If you remember these, you'll be able to share them with your family and friends because these are extremely effective.
Now, for everybody that's been in the military, every single one of us remembers that we took an oath
We swore to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Start with this lesson and let it spread.
Has this been superseded by, we now take an oath to Marxism, to stealth communism?
If the military is being trained in stealth Marxism, that they're being trained that the Constitution needs to be torn up and thrown out,
That it's an old racist document of oppressors.
This is a direct conflict with the oath that every member of the military takes.
So at any chance that you get, put these people on the spot.
If you could ask Lloyd Austin today, Mr. Austin, General Austin,
Has that oath been superseded?
You're teaching the troops to get rid of the Constitution that they swore an oath to defend.
Which is it, General Austin?
Is it still the Constitution that we swear to defend?
Or is it cultural Marxism, critical race theory?
Which is it?
It can't be both.
Another area that's really easy for people to understand.
In the Constitution, Article 4, Section 4 says that the United States shall guarantee to every state a Republican form of government.
That just means, you know, not Republican Party, just a Republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion.
If the United States, the federal government, is
Expediting an invasion.
If they're bringing buses to the border to take MS-13 straight into every city, bringing fentanyl in their backpacks, they are not defending the states against invasion.
You can say, Mr. Bracken, those are just children.
Every 13-year-old boy, as far as I'm concerned, is 17 or 18 because we've seen the data.
They have no papers.
Every 18-year-old is probably 25.
These are fighting-age men being brought in by the thousands and let off in every American city to reinforce the cartel gangs that are already in our cities.
And the lesson of this to all the gangs, to anybody that would be fighting the gangs, is there's no point in fighting.
Your own government is bringing in as many of these gangsters as they can.
So quit fighting it, because your own federal government has sold you out.
And this is something that just pisses me off to no end, that this is happening.
So get in the face of people at your local school boards.
Fight back.
And at any chance you get, ask, is our oath to defend the Constitution still valid?
Or are we just a communist country now?
Put them on the spot.
Don't be shy about this.
We took an oath to defend the Constitution.
Does the federal government have a responsibility to protect the states from invasion or not?
As far as I'm concerned, they're in abrogation of a contract.
If they don't have to obey that law, if they're bringing gangsters into our cities, why should we pay taxes?
Why should we obey any gun law?
Why should we give a damn about their vaccines?
And for God's sakes, don't take the vaccine.
It's an experimental gene therapy.
And this is another good point to tell people, look, if your employer says you have to take this vaccine,
Print out some boilerplate legal document saying, I will accept all responsibilities for any side effects for any period of time in the future.
See if your employer will sign that before they force you to take the vaccine.
Don't take the vaccine.
Don't be a lab rat in their experiment.
We'll continue this next week, God willing.
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