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Name: 20210518_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 18, 2021
2224 lines.

In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, various topics related to politics and health are discussed. Topics include government mandates and restrictions on individual freedoms, vaccines, election fraud, censorship, global power structures, and conspiracy theories about the Vatican and its involvement in promoting a one-world religion and New World Order agenda. The show promotes products from InfoWarsStore.com and encourages listeners to support the show. Criticism of government mandates, Prince Harry's possible lineage, the shutdown of East Coast gasoline pipeline, and the globalist agenda are also discussed. Topics on vaccines, mandatory vaccinations, public health decline due to food corporations and GMOs, masks, lockdown measures, trust in COVID-19 vaccine, woke culture, and immigration are covered.

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Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.
It's the new normal inside the New World Order.
The military will be dropping by your home or business to give you the experimental genetic engineering shot.
And like President Biden said, if you don't take it, you're going to pay.
So now they're moving into the pure intimidation phase, where they're going to try to use corporate power, which is what globalism is, world government by corporate fascist, China's the model, to force you to have a vaccine, to go to a game, or to get it on an airplane, or to have a certain job.
But all of it violates the Nuremberg Code, all of it violates common sense.
It'd be illegal to try to make you take a normal, truly tested vaccine.
This is a gene therapy that they couldn't get approved for decades around the world until the hysteria of COVID-19.
This is a biotech, genetic engineering revolution against humanity.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.
Remember, everything with Joe Biden, everything with the globalists, everything with corporate media is an inversion of truth.
Those who haven't taken the vaccine
Are you kidding?
We have all the studies from the University of Texas and now it turns out hundreds of others.
Since the last few months we began to show you the American Heart Association documents and UT documents and EU documents.
That was back in December six months ago.
Hundreds of major studies have been pointed out that were there 20 years ago, 10 years ago, 8 years ago, that this stuff is deadly.
You could never create a coronavirus, a SARS type vaccine because it again attacks the proteins in your body because the shell of the virus is made up of the same protein you have in a lot of your tissues.
That's settled science.
He's saying you're going to pay if you don't take it.
Oh, so I won't be able to get cheap Yankees tickets like they're saying?
Or I'll be segregated to the nosebleeds at a basketball game?
I don't want to go to your stupid corporate garbage.
The people paying are the ones that are taking these experimental shots that, again, aren't even vaccines.
And who, as they get sick and as they die, aren't going to be able to get any type of medical aid for the illnesses they have.
This is the biggest scandal, not just in modern history, but in world history.
Because we now know that they cooked it up in a lamp.
We now know that they purposely released all the evidence that shows that.
We now know that they knew they had to have this type of virus out there.
So that they could tailor a vaccine during the hysteria to counter the spike protein, which again actually causes the massive illness.
That's why it's now confirmed what scientists were saying three or four months ago in England and now in the U.S.
when people were taking these so-called vaccines, that the majority of people they were seeing in the hospital had been vaccinated months before with the so-called vaccine.
And they were having COVID-like symptoms of their lungs being eaten.
Or massive blood clots.
So this is a huge issue and I'm going to be covering it all in the last segment of the second hour coming up today.
I'm about to shoot that special report right now.
Owen Shorter takes over live from the InfoWars News Center in Austin, Texas.
The last segment of this hour, I went out on the beach here on a family workcation last night and I was mobbed by probably 60 or 70 percent of the people that walked by me while I was shooting reports on the beach.
So then I went and tried to shoot reports just
In some bushes over off the beach away from people and folks would hear my voice from 20-30 yards away and come over.
Firefighters from New York, folks that work at military bases here in Florida, waitresses, lawyers.
One financial planner came over who was a listener but didn't want to be on record and said he's a huge supporter of what we're doing.
My point is these are people from all over the country on vacation in Florida.
Some were locals and they were all listeners and had been listening in the last few days.
So it shows humanity is really, really awake and the gas lighting is not working.
So what I'm going to cover, last segment of the next hour, is the fact that the head of the CDC just resigned, right after the last head of the CDC just resigned, and we had the new head of the NIH just resign.
They're all resigning and Gates is going down.
He won't go down for the deadly vaccines at this point.
Of course.
He's announcing you've got to have these vaccine passports to go to a ball game or go to a grocery store.
They want corporations through fascism to intimidate people into doing it, even though most of the people getting infected already have the COVID vaccine.
Most people dying are dying from the COVID vaccine, and it doesn't even protect you from future COVID.
So again, people are seeing through this giant hoax.
The end game was the poisonous deadly vaccine.
We'll go to break it up with Owen Schroyer.
That was the plan.
Tell everybody you know, tune in.
This is a participation sport for liberty, for freedom.
Please get in the arena.
We'll be right back.
Ladies and gentlemen, InfoWars is live on this Tuesday, May 18th, 2021.
And in many ways, the world is going completely crazy.
And you're witnessing this, and you're scratching your head, are other people not seeing what I'm seeing?
Do fellow humans not want to get this ship back on the right course?
Are our leaders really that corrupt?
Are our politicians really that corrupt?
Are the people on TV really that phony?
Are the activist groups out on the streets every day really that uninformed and misinformed and brainwashed?
And that's just the surface level stuff.
Did they know the vaccines were going to be killing tens of thousands?
That's just on the first early outset of people being vaccinated.
Now you have military walking through the streets of major cities.
I still don't even believe this.
I still, I'm like in my mind, like trying to convince myself this is a movie or this is parody.
No, you're, you're watching the US military go through
A district in Dallas, Texas, known as Deep Ellum, to distribute vaccines.
Yeah, that's real.
It looks like a movie.
It feels like a dystopian future.
No, this is happening.
My God.
And the Pentagon is also announcing
They're now going to be monitoring all social media activity of the military for extremist content.
Now really think about what that actually symbolizes.
They've been monitoring social media content since it existed.
Well, why are they announcing it?
Why are they saying that they're doing it now?
Everybody knows that they've been doing this.
Because this is the left telling you they're making their move.
They're making their totalitarian move.
And if you have any activity that's against their leftist ideology, their progressive agenda, you will be removed from the military, from the U.S.
government, and eventually from any job that the corporations they are allied with control.
And then you bring to the angle of fascism.
And I have
Thousands of anti-fascists burning cities, attacking people, destroying communities in the United States of America, and they won't say a word about this corporate fascism medical tyranny.
They won't say a word about the fascism of censoring free speech for an agenda of global elites
They won't say a word about corporations merging to agree you have to be vaccinated to shop at their stores or fly on their airplanes.
No, no, no.
They're trying to burn buildings with police officers inside.
My goodness.
My goodness.
Then you have the fake president, the president in fief, Joe Biden.
He's fumbling and bumbling his words.
And you know, I made a joke.
They act like Joe Biden goes golfing.
I said, there's no way Joe Biden can golf.
He can barely walk on his own two feet.
Well, so they had a film crew set up of Joe Biden hitting a golf ball so they could say, hey, look, see, Joe Biden plays golf.
And it went horribly wrong.
So we'll be getting to that as well.
We also have news coming out of multiple states when it comes to the 2020 vote audit.
A lot of news coming out of Maricopa County, Arizona.
That is like a bubbling cauldron of corruption right now that they're trying to cover up the election theft there.
And then there's some developments in New Hampshire and we're getting a more clear image of what happened in Georgia as well.
And of course there's more vaccine news.
Extreme side effects, people dying.
Tens of thousands in Sweden.
They didn't have any COVID, but boy, those vaccines are really hurting them.
So that's nice.
And then you have another study, as if you haven't seen enough, you have another study that has just been published that once again shows that Democrats
Or self-identifying Democrats and or liberals, leftists, progressives have no idea any of the data, any of the statistics, any of the science, any of the facts when they are put into a study where they have to answer questions and they just get every single one wrong.
And so it's just yet another one.
So it's this combination of all of these different studies
Leftists are more likely to steal, less likely to give to charity.
All the studies using data, leftists are incredibly inaccurate when they respond to these polls.
And then you also had another poll came out that self-identifying liberals, 38% said they had been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
But remember, Joe Biden said it's Neanderthal thinking to open Texas back up.
We've had no COVID deaths since.
And that Neanderthal can't figure out how to say AstraZeneca.
You'll find out what he said later today.
And of course, thank God for some of the senators that are willing to stand up against these vaccines.
Like Texas Senator Bob Hall, who said the American people are now being treated like guinea pigs.
So that's going on.
Meanwhile, more pastors are being arrested in Canada for daring to open their church
Oh, yes, and the Chinese military and the Wuhan lab and Fauci are doing everything they can right now to erase the record of that trilogy of corruption.
So there's also developments there.
Oh, we also have what's happening in Israel.
I mean, this is just not good for anybody at this point.
And it looks like it's not going to be a ceasefire anytime soon.
And Israel seems to really like that.
They really seem to be enjoying the people there on the Gaza Strip getting bombed all the time.
They really enjoy that.
A little bit too much, actually.
It's a little cringy.
Doesn't really help them, but, you know, then you've got the... There's a serious problem in the Democrat Party right now because
Some of the Democrat Party is on the kill all Jews side.
So, I mean, that's a wild one.
You've got members of the Democrat Party that are now on the kill all Jews side of history.
That's incredible.
The same people pointing their finger in every different direction that they saw a red hat saying Hitler Nazi are now on the side of history of kill all the Jews.
And yet Biden is okaying Israel to bomb the Bejeebis out of, really, whoever he wants, but the Gaza Strip, buildings, housing, Hamas, or journalists.
And then you have the APs covering up Hamas, working with Hamas.
I mean, this is crazy!
This is wild stuff happening.
And this is in your backyard now.
You've got Palestinians and
Jews fighting in the streets of New York, and you're just like, what the hell?
I'm trying to get a latte here.
And then you have CNN hosts saying, well, what is Israel supposed to do?
Because they have guests coming on, you know, saying, Heil Hitler!
Kill all these Jews!
And, you know, some of the people on CNN are like, whoa, hey!
No, literally, CNN had to fire a contributor who praised Hitler.
So this is a wild one.
We're consistently America first here.
By the way, do you remember, did you know, was it a week removed from them shutting down our gas pipelines?
We're only a week removed from that?
That's like ancient history now.
They intentionally shut off our gas pipelines and then blamed Russia.
And then the governor of Michigan, Whitmer, came out and said, we're going to shut down our pipeline too.
Well, now there's more dirt coming out against her.
But now the Colonial Pipeline shippers say their communications system is down.
And all that news I'm going to get to, I didn't even mention the most disgusting thing.
This is, I have the most disgusting thing in front of me.
I can't, again, you think you're in a dystopian future.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sorry I'm late getting back to the desk because
I was thirsty there.
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Okay, deep breath, time to get focused here and pile drive into this news very distinctly and just not get too distracted with all the different crossing lines here.
But Biden is completely losing his mind.
And so I've got these clips here.
But you have Biden, he can't say AstraZeneca today in his speech, he says, or yesterday he says Astroveneca.
He fumbles around, he says, we need to put a million shots in the arms of my first 100 days.
Oh boy.
But you know, here's a clip of Biden actually getting it right.
Here's a clip of Biden actually thinking, thinking clearly and standing on his own two feet.
So here is Biden, he's asked about George Floyd and Martin Luther King and he makes a statement here that should live in infamy forever.
But even Dr. King's assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd's death did.
We're with George Floyd was more influential and a better leader than Martin Luther King time in history now.
That's what time it's... Oh, that's the timeline we're in.
Okay, I get it.
So we're in the timeline of half-progressive liberal Democrats are with the kill all Jews crowd.
And then the other half, the Biden half, that's not with the kill all Jews crowd, but they have the right to defend themselves crowd, but he's of the crowd that George Floyd is a better man than Martin Luther King.
Okay, now I know where we're at.
Now look, I'm pretty sure that's an older clip that for whatever reason is just now going viral, so the crew had it on my list today, but we were joking around in the break
Just how ridiculous that is, like, oh yeah, hey, I think everyone agrees, right?
I mean, George Floyd!
We should have George Floyd Day!
George Floyd's family should be influential forever and the name should live!
George Floyd.
A career criminal who sadly died during a police confrontation from a drug overdose and his health problems that he had from years of abusing his body.
Now imagine, imagine, it's like, I almost don't even want to say it quite frankly, but if you went out and you started asking people, do you think George Floyd's death was more influential and more powerful than Martin Luther King's death?
They would look at you like you had ten eyes on your forehead.
But Joe Biden just says it!
And he's in the White House!
They have been saying, because I guess, I don't know what it is, maybe it's to prove that Biden is not a decrepit old husk.
They've been talking about how he goes golfing.
And so they staged a photo shoot about a month ago of Biden wearing, like, 30-year-old golf shoes.
In fact, most golf courses probably don't even allow those shoes on the course anymore.
I'm not even kidding.
They're probably illegal, those spikes.
And so he's wearing these old golf shoes.
They don't have a blade of grass on them.
So it's obviously just a fake photo shoot.
And so they got caught doing that.
And so a month later, they finally got Biden to drag him out of bed, you know, and put him on the golf course.
This time they wanted to do a video shoot for Biden.
And so the photo shoot was a terrible failure.
They got caught faking it.
And so they had to prove to you, nope, we promise Biden can play golf.
I don't believe he could play golf.
Definitely not 18 holes, let alone one.
So they said, let's have a video shoot now so we can show Biden playing golf.
And ladies and gentlemen, here's how it went.
Lines up off the green, about 13 yards down.
And oh, oh, you didn't want to see where that went.
It went behind him.
This is, ladies and gentlemen, this is a physically impossible shot.
I'm almost impressed.
I mean, look.
Okay, I was gonna say, there's no way.
So he duffs it off the rocks here?
Is that the story they're going with?
Okay, let's get serious though.
The guy that can't talk, can't play golf.
We should not be so surprised.
The guy that can't talk, can't play golf.
It reminds me though of Anthony Fauci's first pitch.
I know we have that.
Just in case, just to remind you, these are the people that lead us.
They can't talk, they can't play golf, they can't even throw a simple baseball.
60 feet, 6 inches.
There he goes.
That's what we call a wild pitch, ladies and gentlemen.
A wild pitch.
Knowing how Fauci cooks the books, they'll probably call that a pass ball.
Is probably what they'll do there.
Or maybe a strikeout for Fauci.
These are your leaders, ladies and gentlemen.
These are the leaders of the free world, we are told.
By the way, a lot of these leaders are really getting caught with their pants down right now, including Gretchen Whitmer.
This is a bad one for her.
Now, it won't matter because the media is going to cover for her as they always do, but InfoWars still exists and others still exist.
The Gateway Pundit still exists.
FAA launches investigation after determining company used to fly Governor Whitmer to Florida was not authorized to operate charter flights.
I wonder how that happened then.
Now remember, Whitmer lied about this.
Then it came out she was actually using taxpayer dollars for this.
Now it comes out, what, she was, was she influencing this company to make an illegal flight?
How could this be?
Certainly she understands the amount of climate change she just caused.
She understands that she just caused the planet Earth to have three less sunrises and sunsets because of this illegal charter flight.
And this is honestly the least of her crimes committed in Michigan.
How about all the people that died of COVID because she made hydroxychloroquine illegal?
How about all of the businesses that have gone under and the economic stress and distress and just catastrophe because of her lockdowns and fear-mongering from COVID.
Hey, but she's been able to go out on boats, even though she said going out on a boat was illegal, you couldn't do it for COVID.
She did it and then she flew illegally and she put COVID in the nursing homes.
A lot of people died.
Yeah, that's a Democrat, Gretchen Whitmer.
Whit, Whit, Whit, Bitchmer?
And sitting in for Alex Jones, Owen Schroer today.
We will be hearing from Alex in the next segment and then he has a special report that he's filing right now that we will air coming up later as well.
Let's get into some of this COVID news and the dichotomy of where you have
Conservative thought leaders or Republicans versus if there are liberal thought leaders.
I guess that's kind of a anomaly.
Liberals can't think, but you know, just go with it for now.
Just the dichotomy of where you stand on the mask and the vaccine and COVID and everything.
Now remember, you had all of the left, including Beto O'Rourke, the beady-eyed Beto,
Saying, oh wow, this is going to get Texans killed, this removing the mask mandate and opening Texas.
Abbott's going to kill people.
That's always what they want to say.
And you had Biden come out and he said it was Neanderthal thinking.
You know, freedom is Neanderthal thinking.
That's really what they want you to understand.
Freedom is Neanderthal thinking.
Like, Prince Harry comes over here, former Prince Harry, whatever he is now.
Cuck Harry comes over here.
Prince Cuck comes over here and he says, I find the First Amendment to be... What did he say?
What was the word he said?
He said about the First Amendment... Bogus!
It's bonkers!
The First Amendment is bonkers!
Yeah, I got news for you, Cuck boy.
Our ancestors whooped the hell out of your great-great-great-great-grandfathers.
And we said get the hell out of here so we could have that bonkers First Amendment.
You're bonkers!
But here's my point is, they want you to think that freedom is Neanderthal thinking.
Like, having free speech, that's Neanderthal thinking!
Ho ho ho!
I'm Prince Harry!
Ho ho ho!
Am I a real prince?
Probably not!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
And everybody knows it!
I don't want to go off into that.
So, oh, it's Neanderthal thinking, oh, but now, as Greg Abbott finds out that we've had zero COVID deaths since we got rid of the mask mandate, which was fake, illegal anyway, he now says Texas will opt out of further federal unemployment benefits tied to the COVID-19 pandemic.
There are nearly 60% more jobs open in Texas today than there were in February 2020, making these unemployment benefits no longer necessary.
So, just like they did in Florida.
So Florida's now leading the way.
Abbott is kind of following along in Florida's footsteps, testing the water first.
DeSantis just does triple backflips, leaps in, gets 10 out of 10 scores.
And then Abbott is like, eh, I'll test the water, we'll see.
But then, okay, he comes along.
You can't, I've said this, you can't drive a mile in Austin right now without seeing three help wanted signs.
And most of them are saying starting $15, $20 an hour.
So we don't need any more of this, but of course the Biden administration is saying they'll give you $3,600 a year per child in stimulus money.
Story is at National File.
Trust the science.
MIT study confirms anti-maskers understand better data better than their opponents.
So I don't want to go too far off on this because I got to get to these other news stories.
But folks,
I've covered all of these different studies that take people that self-identify as Democrat or Liberal versus people that self-identify as Conservative or Republican, and every time, the Democrat-Liberals, their view of reality is completely off-base, completely skewed.
And so, whether it's masked data, whether it's criminal statistics,
Whether it's how taxes work, it doesn't matter.
They are wrong on all fronts.
And so this is just another study proving it.
And again, just to put the cherry on top of this, this cake of nonsense that the left is claiming is their intelligence.
They also, in a recent study, 38% of self-identifying liberals say they've been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
Well, I would say as soon as you're considered a liberal, you've been diagnosed with a mental disorder.
But I digress.
Texas state senator on COVID vaccines, the American people are now the guinea pigs.
Let's go to Bob Hall telling it like it is.
And have you seen any other vaccine that was put out for the public that skipped the animal test?
Never before.
Especially for children.
And as what I've read, they actually started the animal test and because the animals were dying, they stopped the test.
Folks, I think that's important to understand there that what we're talking about is the American people are now the guinea pigs.
This is the test program that's going on.
They didn't do the human testing and they stopped the animal test because the animals were dying.
And then they turned it out for the public.
And we are now looking at businesses that want to mandate that this experimental vaccine be given to people as a condition of their employment.
And yet we have this death count that continues to rise and be totally ignored.
I mean, how do you even... It's stunning, it's shocking, it's horrifying.
But it's true!
We're being treated like guinea pigs.
Texas State Senator Bob Hall tells it like it is.
But how many people knew that?
How many people in that Senate committee hearing knew that on state affairs?
Were they stunned by that?
Did they care?
And again, I have thousands, tens of thousands even, they have group meetings, they have whole things, they get funded, anti-fascists that won't even call that out.
How is that not fascism?
The vaccine manufacturers making tens of billions of dollars, they're allied with corporate media, pushes the pandemic, pushes the vaccine, they fund politicians, push the vaccine, and then the same corporate media takes money and advertising dollars from all these other corporations that employ millions of people
And then they push the vaccine too!
And then you can't go to work unless you've taken the vaccine.
And then you find out the vaccine has never even gotten an FDA approval.
It's not even actually a vaccine by definition.
When they did the animal testing on it, the animals died, so they stopped it and then said they were going to give it to you.
And at a certain level, you almost just get so numb to this,
Because it's like... I mean, what do you do... I mean, what is even the analogy?
It's like, if you have a friend who's tried to overdose on drugs ten times, and slid his wrist or something, and you know, he just continually tries to kill himself, it's just like, I mean, what are you gonna do?
Hey look, you want to take this deadly vaccine?
You want to be a human guinea pig?
You want to celebrate being a slave?
You want to celebrate living in a cage?
You want to celebrate being treated like a rodent?
I can't help you.
You're something else entirely.
You and I have nothing in common.
And that's sad.
But here's the other side.
Here's PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor.
Yeah, she's one of the worst.
Here she is.
She's begging for more slavery.
She's begging for more tyranny.
So that more lives can be saved.
Can I ask you, I want to also switch to COVID.
The largest national nurses union is saying that the CDC guidelines on masks is putting frontline workers and especially people of color at risk and that they're calling for the CDC to reverse that.
What's the White House's stance on that union in particular saying that their members and people of color are at risk?
Well, I would say we don't have any particular response directly to the union.
I will say that again, the objective of the CDC... So it's racist.
We need masks.
It's... The disease is racist.
I mean, these people see racism when they open the toilet bowl in the morning.
These people see racism
I mean, they look at a cloud in the sky.
They look at a frog jumping.
I mean, everything is racist to them.
That's their entire economy is racism and how much racism they can or pity for racism.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
So you have the left begging for vaccines, begging for corporate mandates, begging for vaccine passports to be free again.
That's the left wanting you to wear a muzzle and then you have the right, we don't want to wear muzzles, we don't want to take a human experimental DNA modification vaccine.
If the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and other unvaccinated people around them.
If they do not, states with low vaccination rates may see those rates go up, may see this progress reversed.
Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.
I've not taken a vacation in 20 plus years where I actually ever take off.
And I promised my wife and children that I was going to do it.
But the news breaking today is so incredibly important that I'm here at the beach and what's left of America and I've got to go on air and lay out and break down what's unfolding.
You see, the IMF and the World Bank and the private central banks that basically own and control the planet want a world ID system.
And the man they hired to basically set it up is named Klaus Schwab.
He ran the whole UN Sustainability Program.
Now he heads up the Davos Group.
They came out five years ago and called for a great reset to cut global carbon, but also to create a World ID for every citizen.
And Klaus Schwab said they would use the fear of a virus to bring in this World ID, this World Medical System, which will form the basis, again, of the World ID.
He even told French television five years ago that once they put this in place, they're going to start implanting microchips under everyone's skin to track and trace and control us.
Well, Biden came out a few days ago and said, OK, you don't have to wear the mask anymore if you're vaccinated.
But, we knew what was coming next.
Cuomo, Governor of New York, came out and said, you need to be vaccinated, you need to show proof to get on trains, to get on buses, and of course later to get on airplanes as they're planned.
So first you've got to wear the mask because you're dirty and you're bad.
Now the mask can go away, we predicted this a year ago, but you have to have the vaccine.
We're going to play a clip of Cuomo here in a moment, but notice he's very slick about this.
He explains, oh, if the business would like to, they should ask you to do this.
So they want to get the program going.
When you got vaccinated, you got a card.
Uh, you could also have the Empire Pass, which is on your smartphone, but on a vaccinated venue, you will be asked or can be asked to produce that card and proof of vaccination.
Uh, so it can be the Excelsior Pass or the card, but you have to show that when you enter the venue.
Or if you're asked, you have to present that.
There's a QR code on it that you'll be able to use to present as proof of your vaccination.
Thousands and thousands of people have used the Excelsior Pass and or shown proof of vaccination so far, so this is not something that's new.
What's new would be that it's 100% of all people in those places, so you have to 100% vaccinated.
You guys aren't waiting for us, are you?
Oh my God!
Your shirt is red.
That was amazing!
Johnny Cash.
Yeah, it just ripped earlier, so I ripped this off.
Good to see you.
How you doing, man?
Hell yeah.
I heard that voice.
I was like, I know that voice.
What do you guys think of Fauci and all the trouble he's getting in?
Oh my God, man.
I mean, that is just a... They talk about it at work every day.
It's something that we go over.
That's like our morning meeting is talking about all the crap that's... Exactly.
Well, now they're going to try to make you have a medical ID to prove you have one of these vaccines.
But half of the CDC and NIH won't even take the vaccine.
I know a lot of medical professionals that won't take it, but it's optional for them right now.
That's why we've got to say we're not doing it.
We've got to say optional, man.
Hey, check this out.
So, I work on a military base and I got an email today that says, if you're vaccinated,
You don't have to wear a mask.
If you're not vaccinated, you still got to wear a mask.
Well, that's exactly what they're doing.
They were always planning to say, wear the mask like you're bad.
Then they want to then use that as a way to identify who's vaccinated or not and try to create a world ID.
So bigger than the vaccine, the mask leads to the vaccine, leads to the world ID.
And so that's the big thing they're pushing for.
And once the big corporations have that, it's total control.
What do you do after that, man?
Alex Jones, baby.
Say no to the mask, man, and say no to the medical ID.
But they even did that.
I got a school email about him saying, as parents, if we're vaccinated, then we don't have to wear masks and everything.
Like, you're dirty, you're bad.
It's all intimidation.
If you don't have the vaccine, you better still wear your mask.
It's all a lie.
The masks give you bacterial pneumonia.
They never protect anybody.
We'll stand up and speak out about it, because the plan is to incrementally force us to take vaccines which are experimental.
That's the thing, you can look it up and it's a experimental medicine is all it is.
I was watching that deal the other day, I think it was you, it was showing that there's nothing on the information sheet.
It's like they're using us as lab rats.
That's all you are is a lab rat?
And they say they didn't study this on lab rats, but they did under other vaccine names in 2012 at UT, and it caused blood clots and heart attacks in most of the rats.
So they said never make a vaccine.
So that's why this time they skipped animal trials with a new vaccine, but it's still basically the same vaccine that makes your body attack its own proteins.
That's why women are having all these problems, men are having problems.
I didn't hear about that.
Well, God bless you guys.
Have a good evening.
Bye-bye, buddy.
Can I please get a picture with you?
Let's do it, brother.
Thank you so much, man.
So this is a premeditated formulae.
First, you've got to wear the mask.
You've got to stay in your house.
You're bad.
Martial law is okay.
You're not essential.
Small businesses are shut down.
Churches are shut down, but Walmart and Target are open.
And then it's, oh, you could take the mask off, but now we need everybody to find out if you've been vaccinated and intimidate you and bully you into having the vaccine.
Oh, but then that vaccine's not going to be enough.
They're going to want more and more and more.
And again, they're not even vaccines.
They're totally experimental.
And all you needed was vitamins and minerals and sunshine.
And so the good news is, while we're out here shooting this in Florida, this last five minutes, we had group after group after group.
Come by.
Everybody was a listener and understood what was going on.
And so, again, that shows the mass awakenings happening.
So they were all saying, Alex, we need you to keep it up.
No, I need all of you watching and listening to take this video and share it on your email, share it on your text message.
It's harder for them to censor there.
Then on Facebook, then on Twitter, then on YouTube.
And realize this is a diabolical plan to bring in a world government under the U.N., under the W.H.O.
So listen again to the words very carefully of the governor.
When you got vaccinated, you got a card.
You could also have the Empire Pass, which is on your smartphone, but on a vaccinated venue, you will be asked, or can be asked, to produce that card and proof of vaccination.
So it can be the Excelsior Pass or the card, but you have to show that when you enter the venue.
Or if you're asked, you have to present them.
There's a QR code on it that you'll be able to use to present this proof of your vaccination.
So this has been a very systematic, diabolical plan.
Remember, the third world's still locked down and starving to death.
And the UN's going to use that collapse to ship them all here.
So that's part of that replacement migration.
But we're being taught in the West that we're not essential as well in being collapsed in the third world status.
This is all a systematic plan.
So Fauci,
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, all of them need to be criminally investigated, as Senator Rand Paul has said, and need to be tried and then sent to prison.
Because they cooked this thing up, they created the gain-of-function, they did it all at the Wuhan lab, as scientists that we had on 16 months ago on air told you.
Because this was all a major controversy in 2015 at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, when they did 11 total programs and moved them to Wuhan, all run by Bill Gates and Fauci.
So Fauci had to be the controller of this so he could get away with it when they released it to cause a collapse, a shutdown of the economy, and to remove President Trump from office.
The only problem is President Trump believed it was a regular vaccine, wanted to get the economy going.
He didn't want them holding the economy hostage, so he said accelerate the vaccine, and that gave them liability protection.
Now they can get away with it.
So Trump needs to really understand that the public is turning against this.
Most people are refusing to take it, and that half the doctors at the NIH and CDC have refused as well.
And that's really the big news everybody needs to know.
And while I've been here in Florida just a few days, I have run into dozens of people that have come up and said, my mom, my dad died of it.
My brother's dying.
My church is dying.
Totally healthy after she took the vaccine.
My son had convulsions.
My doctor got paralyzed.
I mean, this is really going on, and big tech's trying to censor and control that, but what we do know
Is they want a world ID based on a medical system for a global social credit score to track and trace every facet of your life.
They're now doing it.
It's antithetical to a free society.
So everybody has to say no and has to resist and has to call again for the indictment, which is being sought after right now of tyrants like Governor Cuomo.
Again, we'll be covering all this at Band Off Video and InfoWars.com.
If you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance.
Is Anthony Fauci smarter than a 10-year-old?
I think not.
I have the evidence.
A 10-year-old stood in front of Martin County School Board members in Florida, hoping to make masks optional for the remaining days of the school year, and he called out the teachers for their hypocrisy.
Here is the clip that's going massively viral.
School board members, my name is John.
I'm 10.
I just turned 10 years old.
Talk a little closer to that.
I just turned 10 years old and I am a fourth grader at Felix A. Williams.
I expected school to be a little bit different in the beginning, but I didn't think it would stay this way all year long.
And I was surprised by the rules.
A lot of them didn't make any sense to me, like the fact that we were not allowed to play on the playground, or have student council, or turn to face each other at lunch, and we also have to wear masks outside at PE and on track.
I love my school and all, but my teachers seem really stressed, and that makes me feel bad.
One teacher walks around with a clipboard full of referrals for any student whose mask isn't on properly.
It makes me feel scared.
That same teacher yells at us having our masks down to drink water while we are outside in Carline.
She told us we had to wait until we were in our parents' car to have a drink of water.
She had her mask down the entire time while she was yelling at us, which makes me and all my friends very mad.
This happens a lot.
And it seems unfair teachers take their masks off while they yell at us kids and that we need to pull ours up.
I asked my mom if there's a word for this and she said there is.
Wearing a mask all day makes me feel really tired and gives me really bad headaches.
Sometimes I miss school and I need to lay low in the dark.
Until they're gone.
My mask also sticks to my face when it's really hot and it makes it hard to breathe.
I feel like I can't catch my breath and that makes me feel claustrophobic and anxious.
It's really stressful.
I finished taking all of my alpha says and I had a hard time focusing with the mask on.
A few weeks ago I ran into my teacher outside of school.
She didn't even recognize me.
Because she's never seen my face before.
But I know it was her because she sits at her desk a lot without a mask on.
I know my teacher has asthma and everything, but I understand why it's hard for her to wear a mask.
And I think she should have that choice.
But I should, too.
I have allergies, and I feel really anxious with my face covered.
But I'm not allowed a mask break like her.
It seems unfair.
All this seems unfair, and it doesn't make sense.
I miss seeing people's face.
I miss the way things used to be.
I'm scared they'll never go back to normal.
Breathing freely doesn't seem like something we should have to ask any other people for permission for.
Please make masks optional today.
It would be so awesome to end the school year on a really happy note like that.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you, John.
You did a good job.
There you go.
You know, it's just amazing that this divide, this fracture that we have right now, but what's so depressing about it or upsetting about it
Is the root cause, the motivational factor for people who want to... Because you can wear a mask forever!
You can wear a mask the rest of your life!
Many of these leftists I'm sure will!
They're announcing that they will!
But they want you to do it too.
They want you to be a part of their cult.
They want to force you to do it.
And so the root cause of this, the driving factor is that
These are authoritarians.
These are totalitarians.
And that's really synonymous with a cult.
And so that's what we're experiencing.
Forcing you to wear a mask, forcing you to take a vaccine.
So I just want all the people out there that are on that side of history to just admit what you are, admit who you are, and just come out and be honest.
You do not believe in human freedom.
You do not believe in self-government.
You are not a fan of freedom.
All right, the next phase of the globalist takeover is a world ID through a global medical ID that will finally be implemented with an implantable microchip under the skin or in the brain, as Klaus Schwab, head of the Davos Group, told national French television.
And of course, we played that for you last week.
The full video is posted on InfoWars.com.
This is an absolutely draconian system.
It has nothing to do with safety and security.
It has to do with tracking and tracing the economy.
Coming up later in the broadcast today, either in the last segment of this hour, if it's done, or the last segment of the next hour, if we don't get it complete, because I just shot it, we're going to air a 10-minute detailed report breaking all this down that is so important when we lay out the crossroads that we've now reached.
But that said, the reason I'm making this announcement at the start of the second hour that Owen Schroeder is about to take back over, and he's got Leo Zagami on next hour,
Is the fact that I'm getting a bunch of text messages and calls from people that work at hospitals, people also that are in the military, and folks that work for Home Depot are just some of the texts and calls I've gotten today.
They're being told, tell us your vaccine status.
They're trying to bully you into violating HIPAA.
They don't have the right to do that.
They're trying to intimidate you to waive your right and do it yourself.
Or don't clock in tomorrow.
So it's pure color of law fraud.
And if I was you folks, I would, I'm not normally like this, but this is medical tyranny.
And these folks are interfacing with the UN and the globalists with this experimental Franken shot.
I would record them telling you to do that because it's criminal.
And then I would definitely move forward and tell them they're violating your rights.
Have they tried to fire you for it?
They're going to be in big trouble and they're going to end up being sued and they're going to lose that suit for sure.
They're just hoping that in general acquiescence we all accept this and it sets the precedent of a new custom of having us waive our rights and basically being raped.
We cannot let all our forebears did be thrown to the wayside.
We have to say no to this medical tyranny right now.
And so Owen is going to do a great job.
He's doing a great job with Tamara hosting the show.
I've talked to Owen.
He's agreed that he thinks it's a good idea to open the phones up specifically tomorrow, not just for medical workers with their vaccine stories or nurses with their vaccine stories or callers with all their horror stories, because we don't screen your calls.
People just call in.
Every call is a horror story.
Everything I've heard in Florida has been a horror story.
Everything here in Texas is a horror story on the ground as well.
But this is going to be not about horror stories or your stories of loving the vaccines.
This is going to be about, have you had trouble getting into the grocery store or getting into Home Depot or has your employer tried to intimidate you and say you have to have a vaccine?
A lot of colleges are announcing that you quote, have to have it.
They don't tell you there's fine print where they actually don't.
Again, this is all color of law fraud.
So I know tomorrow, while I'm hanging out with my family here in sunny Florida, I'm going to be listening to Owen back in the ATX.
Take your calls on that subject for at least two hours of the show, because this is important and there's nothing better than your on the ground intelligence.
You're on the ground reports of what's actually happening.
And I may get a few guests on as well that have been contacting me and see if they'll come on air and actually tell you what they witnessed for themselves.
But this is outrageous and it's illegal.
Back to Owen Schroeder in a live broadcast.
You know, and again, it just goes back to the same thing, which is so incredible.
I just, I don't know how to put it anymore.
Because these people are never going to stop pushing.
Forcing you to take a vaccine and forcing you to wear a mask.
A mask that is unhealthy for you, a vaccine that is deadly.
So it's beyond just that they don't even believe in freedom.
It's they want to control your body.
They want to rape you.
And so it just makes me sick.
I'm just disgusted.
Now, I got a video clip that we're gonna have coming up.
And I can play all the video clips.
We played another one of a PBS reporter.
I got Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC.
I'm still gonna wear the mask.
The science says to still wear the mask.
And then you see the comment sections where all the dumb ass brainwashed vaccine heads.
What do we have to start calling these people?
Because you can't call them liberals anymore.
It's just, you cannot call them liberals anymore.
You really, you can call them Democrats, but we need to have a new term for these people.
Communist, it doesn't quite say it.
This is beyond the realm, this is beyond the pale, this is beyond the scope of any political group or anything we've ever seen.
This is a worldwide death cult.
And it used to be just the secret shadow societies manipulating the world and humanity, but
Now their pawns, now their minions are completely brainwashed and completely bought into the cult and they're coming for us.
They're coming for everyone not in the cult.
What's the movie?
I forget the name of the movie.
The Body Snatchers, I think?
Or it's like... Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
That's what this is.
These are the Body Snatchers.
So the body snatchers want you to wear a mask.
The body snatchers want you to take a vaccine.
This is invasion of the body snatchers.
And then, because they know not everyone is a body snatcher like them, they know that, they need to identify you.
And then once they've identified you, they then need to come get you and either put a muzzle on your face and or put a needle in your arm.
And so that's why you're seeing this outcry.
They hate you being free.
They hate you making your own decisions.
They hate you having free speech to push back against their wild ideas and conspiracy theories and their fake science.
They hate all of it.
They hate you.
So they need full control and they need to own your body.
And then Hillary Clinton comes out and Biden comes out and they say, you want to be free again?
Take the vaccine.
You have two choices.
Take the vaccine or wear a mask.
No, I don't.
I got any choice I want.
Fuck you, Joe Biden.
And then Hillary Clinton says, you want your life back?
Take a vaccine!
Shut up, bitch!
I'm not gonna listen to these damn body snatchers anymore!
And those are like the heads of the body snatchers.
And again, now all their minions.
You read all the comment sections, I'm still gonna wear my mask even though I'm vaccinated!
I'm all... And they say, they come up with all these wild excuses as to why.
Oh, there's different variants.
There's the India variant and the Europe variant.
What about the Chinese virus?
Don't say that, bigot!
Just total mind control.
But I could get sick if somebody around me is unvaccinated, and I have no way of knowing!
Well, if the vaccine's safe and effective, then what are you so concerned about?
Oh, it's not safe or effective, and you know it!
And you're admitting that!
It's just unbelievable.
I can't even.
You know what's funny?
I was going to do kind of like a deep tease on this.
I don't know what is more sick.
The body snatchers that want to put a muzzle on your face and a needle in your arm because of their own worldview.
So because of all of their own beliefs and their worldview, they now want to dominate you.
So, but that is not even the most disgusting, disturbing thing I have on my desk today.
And so, I mean, I was going to do a big, deep tease about this, but I'll just show you this now.
So, I'm not sure what's more disgusting, the body snatchers that want to control you and don't believe in freedom, or this.
I apologize, but nobody else is going to report this, but this is the sick world we live in.
A knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be transgender.
It is intended for girls so young they demonstrate the product in a diaper.
And it's literally a business.
Bitty Bug Soft Packer.
And they knit
Male genitals for you to put in your daughter's pants.
So, are we living in hell or is this comedy for angels?
Are we living in hell?
Or is this comedy for angels?
Because, I mean, this is, like, redonkulous.
We should be laughing at how outrageous this is.
This should be, like, fringe shock value comedy.
No, they're actually making knit penises for your daughter's diaper.
Seriously, what has this world become when you have bitty bug soft pecker packers
I mean, let me just read here.
The Bitty Bug Soft Pecker Packer is a custom prosthetic packer in sizes appropriate for children.
Made from soft, durable yarn and polyester filling, a knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants if their parents believe them to be transgender.
And they demonstrate the product in a diaper because it's for toddlers.
In unrelated news, South Carolina becomes the fourth state to approve of firing squads.
So seriously though, are we living in hell or is this comedy for angels?
Because you hear this and it's just surface level face value, nauseating, disgusting, disturbing on so many different levels.
And of course, you know, this is just the perverts, again, who just wanted to put their hand down your daughter's pants.
These are just perverts who want to put their hands in your toddler's diaper!
These sick freaks!
Body Snatchers!
Oh yeah!
Anybody involved with knit penises for baby girls?
Anybody going into a diaper to put a penis into a baby girl?
Yeah, I have a feeling you're a body snatcher.
I bet you wear two masks, too.
I bet you take your vaccine, too.
I bet you get mad when you see someone without a mask.
It's the same people.
It's the same death cult.
But so... Yeah, this is disgusting.
This is hell.
This is demonic.
This is diabolical.
Is it comedy for angels?
Because I can sit back and laugh at this!
I can joke, I mean, seriously, like, oh hey!
We can do an SNL skit.
You know, you show up at the Bitty Bug Soft Pecker store.
They're like, oh yeah, how can I help you?
I've got a six-month-old daughter and I want her to have a penis!
It's like, well that's good for you, sir, very progressive.
I see you're not wearing a mask.
Of course!
Are you vaccinated?
Johnson and Johnson!
Feels great!
Wonderful, sir!
Uh, is that your daughter right there with you?
Why, yes!
Here, I've got some, uh, I've got some special ones over here with different sizes.
Let's try them on.
Do you mind?
Oh, absolutely!
Put your hand down my daughter's pants, please!
I'm your, I'm your petty-packer, bitty-bug, soft-pecker, packer, salesman.
And my hand is now going into your daughter's diaper, and that's okay.
Of course!
It's progressive!
You're gay, right?
Well, not today.
Maybe tomorrow, though.
Yeah, you know, I really like that size right there, yeah.
Oh, that's wonderful.
We have that one in blue, or black, or white.
I notice that your daughter's white.
Do you want to be transracial and have a black-knit penis for your daughter?
Or do you want to go with the normal flesh tone for a Caucasian?
Well, I kind of want my daughter to have a really big lap hog, so whatever the biggest size you got is.
I mean, seriously, like, is this comedy for angels?
I mean, you can laugh at this stuff, but no, these people are actually thinking about putting a knit penis in your daughter's diaper.
Who's gonna be the first celebrity to put a bulge in their infant's diaper?
For a political statement.
Sounds something right up Chrissy Teigen's alley, doesn't it?
That sounds right up Chrissy Teigen's alley.
I mean, this woman has some serious problems there, actually.
I'm not even kidding.
I mean, I almost feel bad for that couple.
It's funny enough, though, just like Meghan Markle, Chrissy Teigen came from a briefcase salesman.
So are they, like, recruiting people out of the deal-or-no-deal briefcase model deal there?
But, okay, so there you go.
The bitty, bug, soft, pecker, packer.
And in unrelated news, South Carolina becomes fourth state to approve firing squads.
Are we in hell, or is this comedy for angels?
Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
Where do we go next?
By the way, we don't even cover this, but it's weird, we have the
military admitting UFOs exist, and they have hundreds of hours of footage, and now they're showing you the footage, and it's like not even news.
It's not even a blip on the radar.
Myself included!
I don't even have any of that news on my desk.
But I'm just sitting here thinking, what's next?
How does it get crazier?
I mean, who would have predicted?
Knit penises for your baby, right?
I mean, Drag Queen Storytime, you're like, oh, that's as far as it goes.
You know, grown men with boners bouncing up infants on their blap and saying, no, we're reading to them.
Yeah, yeah, oh, sure.
You could do that without your dingaling out.
You could do that without your Johnson out.
You could do that without your drag queen makeup on if you just wanted to read to kids.
So it's not really about that, is it now?
But where does it go from here?
Now at Drag Queen Storytime, they'll take your little daughter up
And they'll say, or they'll take, yeah, they'll take your little daughter up and they'll say,
Your little daughter, Jane, she wants to be a boy.
And guess what?
We got a little, a little nit penis for her.
Here you go, Jane.
Fondle the ball and shaft.
It's yours now.
It's okay.
It's your, it's your balls and shaft now, Jane.
Yeah, play with yourself.
And then it'll just be like the Clinton, the Clinton years, where they had that, that, that person in a congressional testimony say, we need to teach kids how to masturbate.
So, you know, they couldn't just have men and women and teachers sign on to that.
That didn't really work.
So they kind of test-ran it with the Clinton... I forget... See if you can find out that lady's name.
Or was it a man?
I can't remember.
Rush Limbaugh used to play the clips all the time.
Or the person out of the Clinton administration says we need to teach kids how to masturbate.
But most people don't want anything to do with that.
So they had to find an end around.
And so they created Drag Queen Story Time.
Oh, now you've found the perverts that want to teach kids how to masturbate.
And you found a way to disguise the whole thing with woke liberalism, the dumbass left that falls for anything.
So, oh, oh, we're just trying to open the world up to new ideas.
This is liberal and loving and progressive.
It's drag queen story time.
No, it's a bunch of perverted men that want to touch your child's genitals.
And you know what?
I mean, I won't even sit here and demonize all of them.
Maybe there are some drag queen story times I just want to read to kids.
But you know this is an end around to teach your kids how to masturbate.
There it is.
Remember that time Bill Clinton fired his Surgeon General for encouraging masturbation education?
Jocelyn Elders.
That was all for the public just to say, oh yeah, they didn't want that message out there.
They all knew that that was going to happen.
Clinton knew who Elders was.
It was all part of the program.
They just found out in the 90s, okay, people aren't ready for us to masturbate their children.
People aren't ready for perverts and pedophiles to be openly running the world.
Are we going to reach a point where at Drag Queen Story Time you're going to have Queen Catfish Stunk, or you know, they have all these crazy names, Kitty Litter, Queen Kitty Litter, which is, you know...
Uh, uh, slang for eating someone else's, um, you know, anus.
Sorry, but that's, you know, these are the people that read your kids.
Queen Kitty Litter, you know, sexual term for eating anus.
They read your kids.
Are we gonna get to a point where now, oh, Ms.
Kitty Litter has a bag full of knit penises for your little girls to come up so they can experience what it's like to be transgender?
And then, and then Ms.
Kitty Litter will go,
Fondle the shaft and balls!
It's yours now!
It's okay!
I'm Miss Kitty Litter!
Oh my god!
Oh my god!
We're in hell or is this comedy for angels?
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
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You know, this two
Tweets from two of the most corrupt politicians in U.S.
history pretty much sum it all up to me.
Joe Biden saying, you have two choices, wear a mask or take a vaccine.
I actually can think of a lot of other choices.
I could think of a choice where I take that mask and that vaccine and stick it up, well, you know, the old blowhole for old Joe.
So it's, you know, just open government tyranny.
You have two options, mask or vaccine.
What about freedom?
Or then there's Hillary Clinton's tweet.
It's pretty simple.
Get vaccinated, get your life back.
Get my life back?
Do you own my life?
Are you in charge of me?
Am I your property?
Did you take my life from me?
You did, didn't you?
You tried to, you wicked bitch.
Get your life back.
Get vaccinated.
Of course, the irony is it could kill you.
But don't worry about that.
Yeah, some will die.
Some will die.
Remember when Trump said, hey, you know, people die.
You know, this stuff happens.
He was the worst person in the world.
But hey, people die from the vaccine.
Hey, you know what?
People are so, you know, take the vaccine.
Well, you know, people die.
People are dying.
People die.
So I have to die of unnatural causes because you want to stick a needle in my arm.
Well, people die, you know?
I mean, this stuff just happens, so yeah.
Yes, there will be a mass human sacrifice for this New World Order cult with the vaccines.
Yes, absolutely.
Yes, yes.
Man, I'll tell you, this stuff is really scary, man.
I mean, government tyranny is one thing when it's being proposed by weak, feckless frauds and criminals like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.
But when you see this vaccine rollout, and you see the side effects, and you know it's not been tested on humans, and you know it killed the animals it's been tested on, and you know tens of thousands are dying from it, and you know you don't need it, and yet it's being forced upon our society, it's being forced upon us, and then you learn about the vaccine shedding.
I've got people that work at
Medical practices telling me now that a new side effect they're hearing about is men that have sexual relations with vaccinated women are experiencing some interesting swelling down under.
So like an extra, an extra large penis net type of situation.
So is that, is that, is that what's next?
I mean, seriously, when are we going to know
It'll be a year or two before we really know the side effects of just the vaccine.
How long is it going to be till we know the side effects of being around the people that are getting the vaccine and the shedding?
We already know about all these new variants of the virus.
Those are caused because of the vaccine.
So it's really sick and disgusting stuff.
And then it's even more diabolical that
So a vaccine manufacturer, if you die from a vaccine, the vaccine manufacturer has no liability.
That's the secret court.
That's how it's the law, which is totally illegal, but is written against the Geneva Convention, the Nuremberg Code.
But if your business
Forces you to take a vaccine, and then you have a negative side effect, an adverse reaction, that business is held culpable.
How is that fair?
Well, because it's all about shutting down big business, or excuse me, small business.
The big businesses will be able to afford it.
The small businesses, one negative vaccine side effect, you get forced to take it, that's going to kill your small business, you're done.
So it'll end up being just another weapon against small business, just like the entire COVID fake pandemic was.
But as Bob Hall, the Texas State Senator, said, the American people are now guinea pigs.
And we really are!
We really are the guinea pigs.
I think we've been vaccinated more than any other country.
Here's what's happening in Sweden.
Sweden records more than 30,000 cases of side effects tied to the COVID-19 jab.
Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca.
Are the three jabs there?
More than 30,000 cases of side effects.
And of course, I think it's like, I think that their official numbers right now are I think 4% of the negative side effects are death.
I mean, I'm no mathematician, but if you have
It's probably around like 10% negative side effects from the vaccine, and then 4% of that 10% is death.
I think that's the numbers we're getting right now.
But hey!
You wanna be free again?
You wanna get your life back?
You gotta take that vaccine!
And now they have it!
The vaccine passports are here!
Governor Cuomo announces it, just like we told ya!
After he kills your grandma, he tells you you no longer have to wear a mask,
But the vaccine passport will be required.
There's your medical tyranny.
There's your fascism.
If Antifa wants to ever wake up and figure out what's really going on...
We're not suggesting criminal violence, of course.
But, you know, if Antifa took its normal, legal activities, I mean, the legal street activity that Antifa is engaged in on a regular basis, I think they should take their regular, normal street activity, which is totally legal, because they don't even exist, and if they did, they're not violent, they should take their totally normal, non-violent street activity to
The governors that are forcing the population to vaccinate, and they should take it to the vaccine manufacturers, clinics, and the heads of all these big pharmaceutical companies.
Of course, again, I'm not encouraging violent.
Antifa is not violent.
Antifa is not violent at all.
It's just an ideology.
So I think Antifa should take its ideology to Governor Cuomo's house, to Governor Cuomo's office, and to the
Heads, the headquarters of all these vaccine manufacturing companies.
I'm not calling for violence!
Antifa's just an idea that doesn't exist.
I'm just saying, they're anti-fascist, that idea should be applied to the Democrat governors that are introducing fascism.
And now, in the latest CDC numbers, they admit 223 people have died from COVID after getting the vaccine.
Another thing, InfoWars is tomorrow's news today.
Told you that was coming, but of course that was an easy one to predict.
Anybody could have predicted that, really.
If they were just being honest with themselves.
Texas celebrates zero COVID deaths daily two months after Biden called reopening Neanderthal thinking.
Yeah, being free is Neanderthal thinking to the Democrats.
Being free is Neanderthal thinking to liberals.
Being free is Neanderthal thinking to leftists.
You need to be controlled by them.
And then we have this story at Infowars.com and guys I know we have the video if you just want to roll the b-roll of clip 12.
Another pastor arrested in Canada following anti-lockdown church service.
Pastor Tim Stevens of Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary is seen on video being detained by Alberta Health Services and the Calgary police in front of his wife and crying children.
So that's what they're doing in Canada now.
By the way, in fact, you know what?
This is actually an interesting thing.
I'm wondering, so the NHL playoffs have started now.
The hockey, very popular in Canada.
I don't think they're allowed to play hockey in Canada, but it's interesting enough because the American
The teams that are in America in the NHL are having home games with audience members, but I'm wondering if the teams in Canada are allowed to even have home games.
But so, you can go play hockey!
You can go play hockey if you're in Canada, but you can't go to church.
But for the Canadian baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, they're not allowed to have baseball games in Canada.
I think they're playing in Florida or somewhere else.
So boy, Canada
Boy, that sucks.
Justin Trudeau has really taken a big fat steaming crap on Canada, hasn't he?
It's the new normal inside the New World Order.
The military will be dropping by your home or business to give you the experimental genetic engineering shot.
And like President Biden said, if you don't take it, you're going to pay.
I've got some good news for you and I've got some extremely bad news for you.
But overall, humanity is awakening and is fighting back against the globalist takeover plan and against the new elderly population agenda.
First off, just breaking today, the head of the CDC, who's only been in for six months to replace Redfield, has stepped down after the head of their immunology, that's injections, vaccinations, and infectious disease director stepped down a few days ago as well.
I was told by sources inside the CDC and NIH a few weeks ago that there was a major rebellion, not just in the general public, not just in private practice medical doctors, epidemiologists and scientists that we've all seen, thousands of them going public and big tech censoring them and trying to silence them, but there's been a major rebellion inside the CDC, inside the NIH.
And I mentioned that I'd been told that a few weeks ago, but now
We see the incredible news in Congress last Friday where Fauci admitted that around half of the individuals that work for the NIH and CDC, most of which are doctors and scientists and epidemiologists and virologists and nurses,
Research scientists are not taking the so-called vaccines that are really Franken shots.
So now when you have the director of the CDC and the head of immunology and infectious diseases stepping down, this is seismic.
But remember what happened in late 2019 when the UN had an emergency meeting in Switzerland and we played those clips on air at a two-day symposium.
I don't
That was in January of 2020 is when we found out about it.
We basically broke the news because Lister sent us the tips.
Good job, Lister's.
Those compilations up until that point were the biggest vaccine news in the history of vaccinations.
The head of the UN program saying our frontline medical workers and doctors are wobbly.
They know these vaccines are untested.
They're hurting people.
The house of cards is coming down.
And unfortunately, those bombshell videos only got a few hundred thousand views.
The new reports we're putting out are getting millions and millions and millions.
That's why I'm asking all of you watching and listening on radio and TV right now to go to Bandop Video and go to the links under this report where you'll find those reports from January of 2020.
Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.
So when Biden tells you that those of you that haven't taken this experimental Franken shot
Are going to be paying for it.
It's more than a threat.
It's an inversion of reality.
Every day, I see hundreds of articles where young people die of heart attacks or strokes or old people die of heart attacks or strokes, or their lungs just fill up with blood.
And that's what was in the UT studies and others years ago when they made COVID family vaccines and SARS family vaccines.
Because again, the protein in the virus shell is very close to the protein in our lungs, in our hearts, in our arteries, in our veins.
In women's uteruses and in our brains, but I'm digressing.
The reason this is so massive is they're in full panic mode because it's their own scientists that are saying no.
The former chief scientist at Pfizer went public last year and predicted everything that's happening.
Dr. Yidan, the head of one of the main private advisory boards that officially advises the EU, Wolfgang Wudart, Dr. Wudart, went public and predicted all of this.
From the literature.
But now we don't just have the predictions, we have it all happening in live time.
And the system trying to gaslight us is not working.
It's waking up more people than they're able to actually brainwash and target.
So now they're moving into the pure intimidation phase, where they're going to try to use corporate power, which is what globalism is.
World government by corporate fascist.
China's the model.
To force you to have a vaccine to go to a game, or to get it on an airplane, or to have a certain job.
But all of it violates the Nuremberg Code.
All of it violates common sense.
It'd be illegal to try to make you take a normal, truly tested vaccine.
This is a gene therapy that they couldn't get approved for decades around the world until the hysteria of COVID-19.
This is a biotech, genetic engineering revolution against humanity.
And now they are purging the military of nationalists, of constitutionalists, and forging the military into the tip of the spear under the United Nations program.
Remember last year, where their head of global crisis response said, we're going to go into your homes, forcibly test you, and take your children away.
They've already beta tested that in some areas of Europe, Australia, and even New York City, where a woman didn't wear a mask on the streets, they took her kids.
Remember that?
And so that's the excuse to start disappearing people.
And anytime they want, they can turn up the PCR test.
Like Biden said, Oh, if you don't all take it, COVID will come back.
All they did was turn the PCR test from 40 cycles down to 29, knowing that would give you almost all.
False negatives.
Turn it up the other way, you get nothing but false positives.
That's the math.
That's what the inventor of the PCR test said.
So now, whether you're in Texas or whether you're in California or New York, they have regular army, they have National Guard, you name it, going out, coming into shops,
And basically, with peer pressure, intimidating people to have non-medical personnel give you this experimental gene therapy on the side of the road.
Here's some footage from Dallas last night.
This is a lifetime of attention.
No, it's not a lifetime of it, but here.
You know, I'm in the public.
This is a hot topic.
He's gonna ask you some questions.
This is the first time we're doing it in the community.
One, two, three.
Well, it's Johnson & Johnson.
You only need one and done.
That's the good thing about it.
You don't have to get a second one, nothing like that.
Hey bro, how do you feel that you got this shot right here, at work, by US Soldiers?
My man, y'all take care of me, man!
And while all of this is happening, the entire global corporate media, academia, Hollywood, and local governments that are controlled by the Democrats have ganged up on people and tried to intimidate them and say they're bad if you don't take this illegal shot.
When the majority of the CDC and NIH-owned doctors have refused to take the vaccine.
And now, just today, Sweden says they've had 30,000 adverse reactions in their national reporting system to these so-called vaccines, more than the last decade combined of all their other bad reactions.
And we're seeing similar numbers here.
So what does the corporate media do?
They enlist comedians like Trevor Noah and John Oliver and others to come out and make fun of people that point this out.
That does not make people feel bad about themselves.
It makes them hate the individuals that are trying to suppress them.
Why is all of this happening?
Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
And because powerful corporations have gotten together in 1949, put Mao Zedong into power to build China up as the model of a fusion of capitalism and communism, which is really just neo-feudalistic serfdom.
And they need to bring America and Europe down, and Australia down, and New Zealand down.
They need to get rid of these hard-fought, hard-won liberties.
And make us all live, basically, as serf slaves under them.
So they have to take our freedoms and bring in this global social credit score that New York and others are implementing, and the UK's implementing, right off of Xi Jinping's plan.
Because it's not Xi Jinping's plan.
It's Big Tech's plan.
That's been involved the whole time.
Not just bullying, but censoring and suppressing the truth.
They've all got conflict of interest.
They're all making money off these deadly shots.
Big Pharma and Big Tech have merged.
And they're making their move against us to overwrite and overturn and abolish all of the basic freedoms that make us Americans.
They are clear and present dangers.
They are a threat to all of our freedoms, but also our very lives.
This is a depopulation agenda.
The good news is, whether you're on the street or whether you're looking at the polls, humanity's not buying President Biden.
They know he stole the election.
They know he's a front man for Obama.
They know Obama's a front man.
And people know that these aren't regular vaccines.
They know this is a very wicked evil agenda.
They know people that have gotten sick or died.
And so all of us have to make that decision.
Are we going to let the sun be setting on their globalist takeover?
On their corruption?
Or is the sun setting on everything that our ancestors fought and died for?
The basic decency, the basic freedoms that we have.
These corrupt politicians are nothing more than globalist puppets.
And when they tell you that they're giving you your freedom by letting you leave your house or have your job,
When they're telling you that you're not essential, they are engaged in an attempt to steal your birthright.
They didn't give us these freedoms.
These freedoms aren't privileges.
These are things that we innately have because we're made in the image of God.
Government isn't our God.
God is our God because that puts we the people above government with only God above us.
The sun is setting on the New World Order.
It was destined to fall from the beginning of its construction.
The globalists are post-human exterminists.
They literally want to extinct humanity and merge with machines.
They're megalomaniacs.
But we have to stand up for ourselves.
We have to stand up for our children.
We have to claim this birthright in our hands and let the globalists know we will never submit to their anti-human tyranny.
The consequence of failure is total annihilation of our species and all life on this planet.
Ladies and gentlemen, there are audits happening
In multiple states right now for the 2020 election, and it is turning up some interesting scents, some interesting dust floating in the air here.
Let me just read you this stack of news on the audit front.
Truth vs. Fiction, a comparison between Maricopa County Board of Supervisors audits and the Senate audit.
Ultimately, there's no comparison.
And basically the story is, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors don't want the audit.
They've been trying to stop the audit.
In fact, they may have actually now stopped the audit.
Whereas the law says that the Senate can do their own audit, and the Board of Supervisors audit said, oh no, nothing to see here, but they wouldn't release their actual
Audit, and then the Senate audit is finding stuff up left and right, but then they're getting blockaded once they get to things like signature verification.
So they're definitely covering up the theft of Arizona, and now it appears the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is complicit in that.
And so now the Maricopa County will not be responding to any more requests regarding the audit, openly inviting legal action to be taken against them.
And it was, again, the Board of Supervisors that did this and their spokesman, Jack Sellers, said that the whole thing is a scam.
Well, if it's a scam, what are you so worried about?
Then let the audit happen!
And then call it a scam once nothing's been found!
Oh, no, you're the scam artist.
You stole the election from the people of Arizona.
The Gateway Pundit reporter confronts Soros-backed Maricopa County Sheriff after his meltdown over router request.
Now, remember,
They have chain of custody problems, and then it turned out they had basically third-party equipment leaving the scene, collecting data, leaving the scene that night.
They tried to get those mobile hard drives for the audit.
They were not allowed that.
Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelly Ward, Maricopa County Supervisors are going to ignore legislative subpoenas and will be held in contempt of Arizona's Senate Authority.
So Kelly Ward continuing to fight the good fight there in Arizona with a smile on her face, mind you.
I would be screaming and breaking things.
They're worried CNN moves into full propaganda mode, uses far-left expert hired by Katie Hobbs and George Soros-funded sheriff in hit piece on Arizona audit.
Yeah, and so they have this guy, oh yeah, they bring him on, he's a technology expert, we're just pulling him on here, this isn't rigged.
And their guy Ryan Macias, no, he's one of the henchmen.
He's in on the steal.
Maricopa County officials ban Gateway Pundit reporter Jordan Conradson from a public meeting and then block all entrances.
Nothing to see here.
In New Hampshire, Wyndham Audit Team will look at New Hampshire's U.S.
Senate race this week after finding local GOP candidates consistently shorted votes.
So yeah, the Vote Audit New Hampshire turning up some interesting things.
We now know one of the parties responsible for them stealing the state of Georgia from America and Donald Trump.
That would be Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan, who has been spending a lot of his time recently on CNN bashing Trump, saying he didn't win Georgia, there was no election fraud.
Yeah, he's doing that on CNN.
I think we know where his loyalties lie.
Pennsylvania county judge says Republican ballots cannot be scanned.
Pennsylvania County is experiencing issues scanning Republican ballots during local elections and primary races, according to officials.
All too convenient.
Those ballots that I guess were supposed to be for Trump?
I don't know.
Are they just taking a Republican ballot and just changing the votes and then saying, oh, we can't scan it.
I don't know what's going on.
Who knows?
They won't tell you.
Just don't.
Who cares?
Just let them steal elections from you and give it to people that can't walk or talk or swing a golf club.
Maricopa County Board of Supervisors and Soros Back Sheriff beg Arizona Senate to end election audit for the good of the country.
For the good of the country.
Let's have more secrecy.
Let's have less transparency.
Let's have everybody thinking the election was rigged.
Yeah, that's for the good of the country.
No, obviously for the good of yourselves.
You know you committed crimes and stole this election.
Here we are, in the third hour of the Alex Jones Show, and Leo Zagami is joining me live on the air.
And, you know, Leo is an expert on all things Vatican.
I don't know.
Flying down the road at 200 miles an hour, and then by the time I turned around, I'm like, hey, what was that news?
It's way out of my sight.
So, Leo, I don't even remember what it was, but I know you'll know.
There's big news coming out of the Vatican.
It's always weird, creepy stuff.
Leo Zagami joins me now, leozagami.com.
What is the latest as we see the world turning and the global tyranny coming in, and just all these other new world order operations coming to the fore?
The Vatican obviously highly involved, but it's not really making headlines lately.
What's going on there in the Vatican?
It's awfully quiet, awfully suspiciously quiet if you ask me.
It's been a suspiciously quiet IOM for those who of course don't know of Vatican matters because actually the last few weeks have been the busiest ever in the Vatican.
First of all, we had a special meeting conducted in a remote modality like conferences are held these days, dedicated to the mind, body and soul, which featured as a special guest Dr. Fauci, the
That's what it was.
Fauci was going to the meetings at the Vatican.
That's what, there it is.
I knew Leo, see it's, folks, it's Leo Zegami.
And it wasn't only Fauci there, to tell you the truth.
Fauci was only one of the many people, because we had Chelsea Clinton that was actually talking against social networks that permit criticism of the vaccine, or anybody criticizing the vaccine.
We had Deepak Chopra.
We had many other people.
So it was quite a busy meeting that
Let me get this straight.
So you had Fauci, Chelsea Hubble, Clinton,
Did I hear you say that Indian guru Chopra was there too?
And then CBS and CNN people, so they all come to the Vatican to say we all must take the vaccine.
Don't question it.
Take the vaccine.
You're bad if you question it.
Well, I mean, the title of the conference is pretty hilarious, Exploring the Mind, Body and Soul.
And introducing the conference was, of course, Monsignor Ravasi, who is one of the people in charge of the Vatican Masonic Lodges, by the way.
He's actually a Freemason.
And the first guest was Dr. Fauci.
And Dr. Fauci started by talking about the fact that initially they had to rely on faith and not on science when they didn't know much about the virus.
That was a complete lie.
But of course, then he went on with more lies.
And this conference was sponsored by a foundation, the John Templeton Foundation, which promotes contraception.
And they gave $750,000 to the Vatican for this conference, which was hold on Zoom, basically.
I don't think there is that much expenses when you are on Zoom.
And then you had, at one point, and this was the most, I mean, you can find the videos of this conference on a very unknown channel on YouTube.
And in fact, watching it live,
They were like up to 12 to 15 people.
With all these important guests, there was nearly nobody following it.
And basically, it wasn't even in the official Vatican YouTube channel.
It was on a channel opened by the big pharma for the event.
And participating to the event was also Francis Collins.
Now, Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci financed the creation of humanized mice, which is basically experimented at the University of Pittsburgh with a grant which was encouraged by Dr. Fauci.
So he's not really in line with Catholicism.
But neither were people like Deppa Chopra who wrote a book against the vision that the church has of Jesus Christ with his own version of things.
And then there was Joe Perry, Joe Perry the guitarist of Ariosmith.
Now this was the most hilarious part of the conference because he was asked about the positive effects of cannabis and psychedelics.
At that point I was watching this thing
And I was asking to myself, this is the Pontifical Academy.
He's in front of the Pope, even if remotely, and he's showing himself with an open shirt, a big chain, talking about psychedelics and cannabis.
I was a little bit perplexed, to tell you the truth, Owen, about this conference.
And of course it indulged in more hypocrisy by the Vatican, which just a few days ago saw the Pope going to a pro-nativity event in Italy because of the low nativity that Italy, as most Western countries, has.
And then we have instead the fact that he has received, like I said, a sponsorization by a foundation promoting contraception.
And on top of that, last month there was a big scandal because Libero Milone, who used to be the Auditor General of the Vatican, said that for 20 years, up until 2015, the Vatican invested in two companies that were fabricating the day-after pill.
Which is basically a form of abortion.
So the Vatican is really on top of all hypocrisy.
And then we had also another event, though, that took place last Friday with John Kerry.
And this event was not only remote, it was actually also held with various conferences in person.
And it was a very important event because they cancelled the yearly event of the World Economic Forum and they, very much in secret, they transferred the whole of Davos to the Vatican.
So, we had various finance ministers, we had John Kerry, we had remotely intervening also Yellen, so from the U.S.
Treasury, and it was basically like Schwab and the Davos Solita taking over the Vatican in this meeting that nobody heard about because nobody was allowed to attend it and it was closed to the press.
It was not relayed live on the Vatican news and media channels as is customary.
So here we are with a top secret meeting, which though happened, it was confirmed also by my friend Jules Gomez, a church militant,
But it wasn't really spoke about anywhere.
And it's, I mean, John Kerry should tell us what did he go and do in a foreign country because the Vatican is a country in itself.
It's a sovereign country.
So what was he talking with the Pope about?
Well, they were talking about the Great Reset.
So it seems like the Vatican has taken on board the business of the Great Reset and this year has substituted the meeting that was moved from Singapore to the Vatican.
And this is, of course, because the Vatican at the moment is at the center of this new world order, at the center of this sanitary dictatorship, with Dr. Fauci, who is a Jesuit student, but also somebody who teaches at the Jesuit University.
And let's remember, to our American viewers,
This is the second time in history you have a Catholic president in the White House.
Now, you have the Jesuits in charge of your future, and nobody still seems to understand the importance of the Jesuits.
And isn't the Pope the first Jesuit Pope, or the first to come from a Jesuit scholar academy to be Pope?
Absolutely, yes.
He's the first Jesuit Pope in history, because the Jesuits never had a Pope, they had like
Well, we've got to take a break here.
We'll come back.
But it's just incredible to see.
I mean, the Vatican, it's like they're not even trying to promote Jesus or the Bible or anything anymore.
It's just all New World Order stuff.
In that event that took place.
We've got to take a break.
Leo Zagami, leozagami.com.
We're back here, InfoWars is alive!
It's the Alex Jones Show, Owen Troyer with you, Leo Zagami our guest from leozagami.com.
Boy, what is the Vatican up to now?
Completely abandoning the Holy Bible, completely abandoning the Gospel, abandoning the Word of Christ, abandoning Jesus Christ, abandoning God for all intensive purposes, and now
Taking a knee to the New World Order, taking a knee to the New World Order propaganda, taking a knee to the Mark of the Beast.
I mean, Leo Zegami, we saw them take one of the most
Incredible holiest fixtures for Christians and Catholics in Brazil.
Christ the Redeemer statue and put vaccine saves on it.
No, Jesus Christ saves is what you should be putting on it.
And they put vaccine saves on it.
What a telling image that is as you have Fauci and John Kerry and other globalists meeting with the Pope discussing how it's time to turn humanity over to the one world order beast we're warned about in the Bible.
Instead of warning the world of the New World Order, Mark of the Beast, they're promoting it, Leo Zegami.
And John Kerry, who is the climate envoy for the Biden administration, just said in an interview with Vatican News that he thinks that Pope Francis is one of, if not the most powerful voice on the planet.
And he said also that he identifies as a practicing Catholic.
So the Skull and Bones John Kerry is also a practicing Catholic.
That means that basically the White House is in control of the Jesuits, like I said.
of the Catholics, but not the good Catholics, not the good side of Catholicism.
That went out of the window in the Second Vatican Council and definitely this Pope doesn't represent it.
We have Monsignor Viganotta every now and then talks.
Now yesterday we had also received Erdogan calling Pope Francis because of course he's the most powerful voice on the planet so he needs to talk with him.
Now he incited him to punish Israel
We are now in a moment in which the Vatican wants to also break some kind of deal
Between the Palestinians, Hamas and Israel.
So they are also offering to act as mediators, as diplomats.
So as you see, they are very central to what is going on today in the world.
Almost everything that we speak about goes through the Vatican.
You know Leo, here's the problem as I see that video.
Of those Brazilian women doing a salute to the vaccine saves on the Christ the Redeemer statue there in Rio de Janeiro, which I mean, it's one of the greatest things I've been there.
It's just such a magnificent thing.
The statue, the sites, it's just so beautiful.
There's a little church under it as well.
You can go pray in.
And I see these women saluting it, and so it's more than just the overturn of God the Creator and Christ the Savior into fallen man, but it's using the propaganda and using people's
Genuine will to do something good.
I mean, these girls probably think, oh, we're doing something good, everybody get on board, it's the vaccine, like, if we just come together.
And they don't understand because they're not being taught the Bible.
Satan deceives them.
Man has fallen.
Man can be influenced by Satan.
And so I get it, you want to trust everybody, you want to be a collectivist part of the team, like, hoorah.
People are deceiving you.
And so it breaks my heart to see this.
These girls will probably line up to get the vaccine and half of them will probably never be able to have a kid, Leo.
And I mean, it's just it's unbelievable to witness this.
I mean, it's seriously, it's shocking to see how people are praising their own destruction.
We saw during the Easter period in Rome, they used the dove as a symbol for vaccination, the Holy Spirit to promote vaccination.
And Dr. Fauci said, use religion to fight vaccine aversion.
So he said it.
Dr. Fauci, so I mean we are of course in watching a church which is instrumental to the New World Order, a church that no longer is in line with Christ, with Christianity, and it's acting on behalf of this one world religion.
That's why they invited all these New Age gurus, Buddhists, Sufis at this conference.
Didn't they actually have a conference prior to that?
That they did invite a bunch of other world religion leaders and they like even dubbed it like a one world religion?
They have basically we have seen a lot of things happening this year in March we have seen the Pope going to Iraq and in Iraq he met with the representatives of the Shiite Muslims and the Sunni and everybody was agreeing that they were moving towards something new and that something new will be showed probably in Astana
I wonder if we still have copies of those at InfoWarsStore.com?
We've been selling Leo Zegami's book for a long time.
But here's what the one world religion really is, Leo, to me.
This is just a story, an example.
Church of Sweden announces that it is trans.
And so, the new one-world religion is your identity.
The new one-world religion is, what's in my pants?
What do I want to be in my pants?
What's my skin color?
What's my virtue signal?
Do I wear my mask?
Have I taken my vaccine?
The new one-world religion is virtue signal for whatever is hot that day, whatever you identify that day, whatever's in your pants, whatever sex you have.
That's the new religion, not the creator.
Absolutely, I mean these days the LGBTQ community is very much in line with what Pope Francis is doing, but at the same time we have a lot of hypocrisy from the Church, because let's remind our viewers that the Church these days, the clergy of the Church, is constituted 80% by homosexuals.
So, if they all came out and showed their real sexuality, probably they will be more in line with something that is condemned by Christ, in the sense that it is condemned by the Bible as a sodomy.
Now, we of course want to be Christian and forgive everybody and be tolerant, but the fact is that they are taking over the Church and they are using it instrumentally for
For their own pro-LGBT agenda.
That's what it is.
There is more and more prelates who are pro-LGBT.
In Australia just lately we had the case of a prelate promoting the LGBT community and then we have many other cases around the world.
It's the old, if you can't beat them, join them.
The left, the communists, have always hated churches.
They've always hated really religious people.
And so now they just figured, well, let's just join it and then corrupt it and then it'll fall in on itself.
And I'm seeing this everywhere.
I mean, look, if there's a church in your area that is openly promoting homosexuality or something, you know, that's not a church.
I went to a church.
It's a front.
That's all it is.
Well, the most horrific phrase spoken by our Lord is, Depart from me, you accursed ones, into the eternal fire, which was prepared for the devil and his angels.
This is Matthew 25, 41.
I think this is suiting very much this situation in which the Marxists have taken over the Church of Jesus Christ.
And we go back to what a long time ago... Let's do one more segment with Leo Zagami.
Don't go anywhere.
Boy, it's hard to turn off the Rolling Stones.
They just don't make music like that anymore.
Oh, who am I kidding?
Cardi B and Justin Bieber?
I mean, that's... Rolling Stones are nothing compared to those talents.
Something's happening to me.
I think God's ripping my vocal cords out for a second.
Alright, seriously, let's get serious here.
Leo Zagami with us for another segment.
Ladies and gentlemen, by the way,
I've got still a bunch of news stacks here that I'm not even probably going to be able to get to on the Alex Jones Show.
Paul Joseph Watson is coming up.
I will be hosting the War Room as well, coming up at 3pm, filling my normal duties there.
I've got some news, I'm just going to have to build it up.
I'm not even going to try to tease it right now, but let's just say the January 6th fake insurrection narrative is about to get some major steam behind it.
Major windfall coming in for that narrative.
So I'm just going to leave it at that, and then I'm going to cover that coming up on The War Room, and I've got some other news here, but I've got Leo Zegami with me now.
And so Leo, I don't know if you want to get back to what we were talking about, but I kind of just want to get your take on anything or everything right now that's going on.
You've written books about this.
You've been coming on InfoWars for years.
We've known a lot of this is coming, and because of that, now that I'm like in it, I mean, Leo, I'm almost like numb.
I'm almost like numb to the whole thing now.
You know, like Novocaine time or something.
So, Leo, pick it up where you left off, or just, what do you see happening in the world?
What do you think comes next?
I mean, does it get any crazier than what we see now?
Is the Renaissance, is the Awakening now gaining momentum?
Is the New World Order too powerful, Leo Zegami?
First of all, let's go back to Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, because Mick Jagger just released a song talking about all these topics, quite critical of the sanitary dictatorship.
I was so glad about that.
And then, I mean, Van Morrison did one, too.
So it's nice to see some of these rock stars that probably normally would toe the party line coming out against the tyranny.
That's what rock and roll used to be about, Leo.
Yes, and it needs to go back to that.
Otherwise, it's just going to be conforming with the world... with the world... one world government and their ideology, unfortunately.
They are saying they're dreaming for a better start in the Vatican, but it's not... Even Dave Grohl, who's like a hardcore Democrat, like even he's against the tyranny, so that's nice.
Well, people are starting to wake up and actually from the left, gradually, I think that more and more people are going to realize all the freedom we have lost and all these crazy impositions that every day we are seeing from the sanitary dictatorship.
We are living in unprecedented times.
And of course, like we said earlier, communist Marxism is taking over even the Catholic faith, aside from having taken over the Democratic Party, which is now the party of the leftist extremists.
So worldwide, we have this tendency to promote Marxism, basically because I think the new generations have forgot.
Wherever you go, you have the promotion of socialism and Marxism.
Hugo Chavez said that Jesus Christ was the biggest socialist of all time, and that is what they are trying to promote.
Yeah, right.
That is Hugo Chavez.
Yeah, but no, but it's like what they did with Netflix, and they said, oh look, Jesus is gay!
Well, but then you see, Netflix then lost a lot of viewers, and Netflix is going down the drain.
Yeah, I got rid of my Netflix as soon as they had the cutie pedophile film on there.
That was it for me.
Yes, I mean they do this kind of extreme leftist turnovers and then after they lose support because people can take only so much of this propaganda and then they react in some way.
So I think that the tradition needs to stay there and at the same time we are seeing, I don't know if you have discussed this, but for me it's important because he's also related to me in some way.
Prince Harry, criticizing the First Amendment.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on a second.
You can't just say something like that and expect me to pass over it.
Did you just say you think you're related to Prince Harry?
No, I am related to Prince Harry.
You may never be allowed on these airwaves again if this is true.
I want a DNA test.
But hold on, you know, I might as well do this now.
My grandfather was the cousin of the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Ball's lion.
Okay, so but is that Princess Diana's lion?
No, that's the line basically of Prince Charles.
So you may not be related then?
I'm serious.
Look, I'm not trying to be conspiratorial.
Prince Harry may actually be a love child between Princess Diana and her horse trainer.
That I know.
In fact, he looks very much like him.
Everybody knows that.
Which would get you off the hook, Leo.
Leo, I don't want you to be a British royal.
No, listen, I don't really get on that well with my family, especially the British side of my family.
So it's like, they're way too pompous for me.
I've grown up around them.
You're an American now, Leo!
We spit it royalty!
Absolutely, absolutely.
That's why I'm really annoyed to see somebody like Prince Harry living like me here in California and criticizing the First Amendment saying it's bonkers.
I mean, I find it extremely disturbing that a guy like this comes here and criticizes the First Amendment.
I mean, Americans have fought
for their Constitution, and 1776 is definitely still the answer to 1984, which is something that, by the way, was a book that was born in Great Britain.
George Orwell was British, and we have already, back in those days, people like George Orwell, H.G.
Wells, Huxley, saying that we were going towards this kind of world.
But now that we have it in front of us, well, we can say that even Great Britain is really an oppressed population at the moment.
I mean, I'm glad that I am here in the U.S.
and I'm not living in Europe.
I'm not living in Great Britain.
So it makes me very happy to know that I have still a possibility of talking freely without having somebody breaking through my door like it happened in Italy and like it would happen if I was also in England because they don't have any freedom of press or freedom of expression.
Yeah, you look at
Julian Assange, or you look at Tommy Robinson, I mean the list just goes on.
But I mean, seriously though, where do you think this comes from?
Does he have no concept of history?
Is he that ignorant?
Was he told to say it?
I mean, where does he get off saying, the First Amendment is bonkers, I don't believe in free speech.
I mean, what the hell, man?
They live in a parallel reality, you see, filled with echo chambers that make them feel they're saying the right thing all the time, so... But don't you think it should... I mean, really, it should show the world their mindset.
They really don't believe that you have freedom.
Like, they really don't believe you, the individual, have freedom or can self-govern.
That's a foreign concept to them.
Yeah, and there is a lot of things that people forget about this royal family.
I mean, Prince Harry was going around 30, 20 years ago, I remember, with his Nazi symbol at the party, dressed up as a Nazi.
And we know that this family supported the Nazis in the past.
Yeah, I think that's just like...
I think he was just reenacting some of his family's, some of his lineage history, actually.
Well, actually, there is a little small video of the Queen.
She was still a child.
They were all giving the Nazi salute.
So, I mean, they were very much supportive of Adolf Hitler.
I'm fortunately not part of that part of the family, which is the Hanoverian part.
You see, there is part of the family that comes from Germany.
I don't come from that part of the family.
Leo, where can people follow your great work and find your books?
I think they're still available at Infowarsstore.com, but where's all your great articles?
Well, you can always go on leozegami.com and you have all the links to my latest books on leozegami.com.
And thank you for having me on again here on Infowars.
It's always a pleasure.
And are you still doing YouTube videos, Leo?
Yes, though they are constantly removed.
That's why I'm not seeing them.
They're banning Leo.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, another segment of the Alex Jones Show on the other side.
Thank you so much, Leo.
Thank you.
President Joe Biden isn't an exceptional person.
They're a liar.
Who have you ever seen who can fall up the stairs?
Who have you ever seen that can actually hit a golf ball backwards behind them by hitting it forwards?
And who?
Who can get crowds of only five or six people at their rallies, but still get 9 million more votes than Barack Obama and President Trump?
Yes, only the incredible Joe Biden can do this.
And also his sidekick.
For every Batman, there's a Robin.
We have Anthony Fauci, Dr. Fauci.
Hi, Dr. Fauci!
Who, of course, does a great job at throwing baseballs into home play.
Yes, we have Fauci now to always kick off our national pastime for throwing in the first ball.
The latest from Alex Jones on a working vacation.
You know, look, I got all this news to get to and I'm going to focus here, but I just got to tell you, and I'm curious maybe too.
And maybe we should just take calls on this someday.
We're going to take a lot of calls tomorrow, by the way.
We're hearing now that major corporations like Home Depot and others, starting tomorrow, are going to force their employees to be vaccinated or tell them to be relieved of their duty.
This is going to lead to all kinds of lawsuits.
It's totally illegal.
So that's going to be a major story.
So if you're experiencing that, we're going to open up the phone lines on the first two hours of tomorrow's Alex Jones Show to hear from you and what you're hearing.
I don't know.
The developments that are happening right now are almost, I said to Leo Zagami, numbing, but almost calming in a way.
Not that InfoWars has fulfilled its destiny, but it's like we've already launched our course, the New World Order has already launched their course, and
There's no steering away from it, and collision is imminent, which means they're done.
Yeah, we're probably gonna be blown up and exploded and destroyed with them, but they'll be done.
It's like at the end of the movie Prometheus, when the alien death ship is taking off, and the captain is like, with the lady, the astronaut on the ground, she's like, you can't let that ship go.
And the crew's like, this isn't a military ship, this is a transport ship.
And the captain's like, I know.
You know what that means.
I mean, so it's like, collision is imminent.
And they're totally exposed, their whole New World Order operation, the medical tyranny, all of it, it's being rejected.
People are standing up and fighting back.
It's a great thing to see.
But again, you know that evil is still there.
You know the execution is still there.
You know that the plans are still being executed.
And you see all the people dying from the vaccine and all the side effects, and they're gonna mandate it now, and they're gonna have the vaccine.
So, I mean, again, we're on a collision course with this.
There's no turning back.
There's no steering away.
They can't change path.
We can't change path.
And so, as long as they're destroyed, our mission will be complete.
But there's almost a calming sensation, like, you know,
Yep, you realize you're about to blow up in the ship that takes down the death ship, but you know what?
That's okay, because that was what you were meant to do anyway.
So it's kind of calming and numbing, but you still know there's going to be a lot of catastrophe and suffering in the interim.
And you know what?
Maybe it's not so bad.
Maybe we've got it so good here compared to our ancestors that it won't be so bad, but then again, maybe it'll be worse than ever.
And so I guess that's kind of the mystery element.
But let me just stop waxing here and get to some of the rest of this news, and then I'm gonna hand it over to Paul Joseph Watson, and then I'll be hosting the War Room today as well.
But ladies and gentlemen, remember, everything we do here is possible.
Not just possible, but your support at InfoWarStore.com is necessary.
Your word in telling friends and family about InfoWars.com is necessary.
Now is the time, folks.
It's time to share it.
The fruit is ripe.
You see all the people standing up.
You see all the rallies.
You see all the events, all the organizers, school boards, meetings.
I mean, children standing up now.
So, I mean, InfoWars is the genesis of this.
InfoWars is the center hub of which this energy and desire to be free flows from.
And then,
You know, people who've never even heard of InfoWars are in the InfoWars themselves, just for lack of a better term.
Show them the source.
Show them the central hub.
We need more people calling in.
How many great callers do we have that just give us unbelievable intelligence that's live on air?
That's why we're opening up the phones for two hours to start the show tomorrow.
Is your company forcing you to be vaccinated?
And then once that happens, and they have the vaccine cards and passports that are totally normalized,
Then I think we're really going to start to know about the shedding and the side effects.
I think we're really just starting to figure out what's going on with that.
Once you know everyone at your job or something has been vaccinated and then you're going around and you're hearing things, that's when I think we'll really know.
But we'll need you to call in and share that with us as well.
So this is how we work here.
And again, it's all possible with your support at Infowarsstore.com.
We want you to be healthy, not like Dr. Fauci.
You know, someone shared a bunch of images from like the 70s and pictures at pools and beaches and they say, how come nobody is fat?
I mean, you go to a beach or a pool now, half the people there are morbidly obese.
And you say, how come there's no respect?
We've been under attack, ladies and gentlemen.
The people of this country have been under attack from food corporations with bad food and GMOs and poison in the water, poison in your drinks and sugar and high fructose corn syrup and all the rest of it.
We don't want you to be like that, folks.
That's why we sell all the great supplements at InfoWarsStore.com.
Like, Survival Shield X2 is just unbelievable.
The nascent iodine, and people have, you go read the thousands of five-star reviews, you'll hear all kinds of different...
We're good.
All right, what do I want to get to here?
I'm going to have to hold over some of this news.
I'll cover it on The War Room.
But look at what's happening now.
This is going to become the new normal, I suppose?
The pipelines being shut down?
Are the Democrats saying we're going to shut your pipelines down?
Are they going to continue to frame Russia?
How are they going to roll this out?
So remember, though, we're only a week away, a week removed.
We're good to go.
And then people saying, where are you seeing that?
How do you know that?
I'm not seeing that.
I was like, again, it's like, I'm just going 200 miles down the road.
I don't have time to turn around and see where I saw something and I can't turn around and drive around.
I have a destination to be at.
And then, and then I saw breaking news today.
They were saying, oh, they got paid 90 million.
So I don't know what's going on.
But the point is pipeline got shut down.
We got lied about lied to about it.
And now that same pipeline, colonial pipeline shippers are saying the communication system is down.
So is this another hack?
What is going on?
Bitcoin, by the way, has dipped about $10,000 since the hack.
So, I mean, I don't know.
But now their communication system is down.
And so who knows what's going on there.
Meanwhile, gold gains as dollar goes red for 2021.
Lowest since 2024.
Oh, Biden is collapsing the dollar and then also printing more dollars, which will lead to a bigger collapse of the dollar and then hyperinflation.
Oh, yeah.
Of course, this is all by design, just like the pipeline shutdown.
Yeah, that's how it goes.
Boy, oh boy, there's so much I didn't get to.
I'm going to do the first five minutes coming up in the next hour, and then Paul Joseph Watson will be joining us.
A couple other news stories here.
Governor Abbott is trying to save his skin before he's up for re-election.
Even though we know that he helped spike the bill to ban children from having transgender surgeries.
I guess he's for chopping up little girls' genitals.
He got that one wrong.
He got this one right.
Governor Abbott issues executive order prohibiting government entities from acquiring masks in Texas and they could be subject to a fine.
Got to love that!
And by the way, to me this is just more evidence that Trump won in a landslide.
You've got all kinds of Democrats with voter remorse, but every poll indicates Trump's policies are still populist, and even Democrats don't believe the results of the 2020 election.
And then there was another shocking poll
91% of Democrats strongly approve of Biden.
Or, I think it was, no, no, it was 89% of Democrats strongly approve of Biden.
91% of Republicans strongly disapprove of Biden.
I may have the numbers just off a little bit, but I mean, that shows you the divide in our country right now.
And of course, it's one side of the aisle being completely brainwashed by corporate media, and the other side of the aisle that can think for themselves and do their own research.
And again, we have the studies that prove that as well.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Paul Joseph Watson is about to take over here.
And I'm going to be back hosting the War Room at three o'clock with a lot of big news that I didn't get to on the Jones Show.
But real quick,
And also, guys, can you put clip 24 into the War Room video folder for me, please, too?
So, look, this Israel-Palestine-Hamas stuff, it's kind of the same thing to me from a show host perspective as the whole race issue.
Because I don't care about race.
In the same way, quite frankly, that I don't really care about Israel or Palestine.
And so there's this weird thing where if you say that, like, oh my gosh, you don't care about Israel?
Like, oh my gosh!
Okay, fine.
That's my business.
I don't care about Israel.
You love Israel?
You want Israel first?
You're Jewish?
Okay, good for you.
Son of my business.
You like Hamas?
You like the wars constantly?
You know, whatever.
That's none of my business.
I just don't care!
Just like, I don't care about your skin color!
And so it becomes this weird thing where it's like, I cover these issues of racism, and every day I'm like, you know what, why do you even cover it?
Why do you even talk about it?
I almost have, like, immediate regret.
Same thing goes for this whole Israel-Palestine thing.
The whole thing is a mess, and quite frankly, I don't care.
Or as John McAfee stated it, a bicycle for fish will come sooner than peace in the Middle East.
But I'm starting to learn some things about the psychology here and the dichotomy.
Now let me just give you some of the headlines here.
So Biden doesn't want to cease fire.
Where is the left?
So there's a fraction in the Democrat Party there.
Some of them, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, they're on the kill-all-Jews side of history.
So that's not really the side you want to be on, the kill-all-Jews side.
But that's where half the Democrat Party is.
And then I guess the other half of the Democrat Party that supports Biden, they don't want peace.
They're against peace in the Middle East.
So I mean, there's no winning side there.
The only winning side to me is just get out of it.
This doesn't really help anybody's cause either.
Again, I want everybody to get along.
I'm not Muslim, I'm not Jewish, and again, I don't plan on going to Israel or the Gaza Strip or any part of my life going there.
You know, maybe if they ever figure stuff out I would, but no plan, so really don't care.
Didn't fight in World War II, didn't create Israel, didn't have anything to do with any of those treaties.
Don't know what Israel does for us.
But then this doesn't help either.
Mob smashes up Muslim YouTubers' home for disrespecting Palestine.
So in a way they have like a BLM Antifa element there that's not just Hamas but just the street thugs.
And then you have CNN hosts.
What are the Israelis supposed to do?
Brian Stelter defends bombing of tower housing AP and others.
So Brian Stelter, one of the dumbest potatoes in television history, but even he doesn't want to be on the side of death to all Jews.
So that's an incredible thing.
Now, here's the psychology that I've realized, because I don't know Dave Rubin.
I have no problems with Dave Rubin.
His content seems to be good every time I see it, so I have no problems with Dave Rubin.
Nick Fuentes, I do know.
I've met Nick many times.
I would consider Nick a friend.
I don't know him that well, but every time we've met, we've been cordial and we have a good time.
Rubin is pro-Israel, Fuentes is America first, which means we're sick of Israel controlling our foreign policy.
Well, Fuentes challenges Rubin to a debate on the issue, and Rubin blocks him.
Blocks him!
So just like the left won't have a debate, conservatives won't have the Israel debate!
Which means that they really have no ground to stand on.
Not a good look, but I think it's a generational thing.
I think that, and I'm not trying to be ageist or anything, but I think that boomers and people that have relatives that were in World War II versus young people my age, 20s, 30s, we don't care about Israel.
I'm sorry, I'm just telling you.
We don't.
We do not care about Israel.
Unless you're Jewish or have family in Israel, the average American that's under the age of 30 or 40 doesn't care about Israel.
It's just the older people that seem to have this weird affection with it.
It is the Summit News Hour and in a minute or two I'm going to go to a video that I put up yesterday which features a poll and the true focus of the story isn't actually the poll, it's what's come out in the past few days as it pertains to how scientists advising the government in the United Kingdom back at the start, just before the start of the first pandemic, literally made the decision and then followed through on what they term
We are live!
Psychological manipulation and quote, mind control.
They actually had behavioral psychologists come in and advise the government how to make people more frightened of COVID than what they should be compared to the actual threat that it represented.
Now we've been saying this for over a year.
We call conspiracy theorists denialists, anti-vaxxers for doing so.
Now it's come out literally in the United Kingdom over the past few days that
The scientific dictatorship advised the government based on what they termed mind control techniques to terrorize the public into going along with all these measures to get this first lockdown in place because as we featured before
The top scientist behind the lockdown, behind the machinations of the lockdown model in the United Kingdom, Professor Neil Ferguson, the guy who, by the way, was later caught travelling across London in violation of lockdown to meet and have sex with his married mistress because he thought it was that important.
He went on record saying we didn't believe that we could get away with what the Chinese, the communist Chinese got away with during the imposition of their dictatorial lockdown.
Now we have the same scientists literally admitting they use mind control techniques to brainwash, to hoodwink the public into going along with it all.
And this news story barely made a splash over the past few days.
And the reason it's important is because we have this mask cult, this COVID cult, that refuses to relinquish their membership of that cult.
Which, for the mask cult, is wearing this face covering, this face diaper, as a high status symbol.
Because, oh, they're part of the establishment!
They're part of the scientific dictatorship.
Let's not talk about the fact that the COVID virus particle is literally a thousand times smaller than the holes in that mask.
They never want it to end.
In fact, the New York Times came out with an article yesterday, and they tweeted,
They're vaccinated and keeping their masks on.
Maybe forever!
And it quotes somebody as saying, even if I'm the only person on the planet Earth that continues to wear the mask, if that's what makes me feel comfortable, I'll wear the mask.
So they've literally reached the stage where even Dr. Fauci now is admitting that it was theatre.
To continue to tell people to wear the mask even after they've received the much vaunted, amazing vaccination, admitting it was all BS, admitting it was theatre, yet these cult mask members still insistent that they're not just going to wear it for the summer, not just for the next year or so, not just through the winter flu season, even though flu's apparently disappeared, no, they're going to wear it forever.
They've literally reached the point where
Jim Jones is up on the stage telling them to all drink the Kool-Aid and they're gonna go ahead right along with it!
So we're gonna get into this video but first let's preface it with a headline out of Sputnik.
Indian Covid-19 variant could scopper June 21st end date for UK lockdown.
So these mask zealots, these cult members, these Covid cult members,
They've got one scintilla of hope that they can cling on to for this to last forever, which is the dreaded Indian variant.
Now, even on their own propaganda, they say, well, the vaccine is entirely successful in stopping this Indian variant from spreading.
Even the people who have caught this variant in areas of the UK like Bolton and Blackburn
It doesn't have serious effects, it doesn't require serious hospitalisation in the vast majority of cases, but still these scientists who've been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again with these fear-mongering models on Covid, half a million dead in the UK for example, they're still clinging to it and saying no, not only do we end the 21st of June complete release of restrictions, but we roll back the easing of restrictions that we've already had.
I'm going to get into that after this video though because this really outlines the severity, the force of the propaganda that's so terrorised the British public thus far.
10% of Brits want lockdown to continue forever.
Here's the clip, we'll come back right after.
Let's roll it.
A new poll finds that 1 in 10 Brits want lockdown measures to continue forever.
Yeah, forever.
The Sunday Times reports a study of almost 200,000 users of Couth, an online mental health forum, found last week that 41% feel nervous every day.
A separate study by the polling firm Opinion claimed that 1 in 10 Britons want lockdown restrictions to remain indefinitely.
10% of the population wants to remain under de facto house arrest.
Their movements, behaviour,
Social life determined by government mandates which change all the time and they want that to continue forever.
The newspaper featured case studies of those who have been so terrorised by the perceived threat of Covid that they've developed a chronic form of agoraphobia.
Long before the emergence in India of a dangerous new Covid variant, Hayley Martin was worried about the easing of lockdown restrictions in Britain and the prospect of going out and interacting with people again.
Oh my god, the horror!
The government's warnings last week of the new threat to the nation's health have redoubled her fears of leaving her home in Congleton, Cheshire.
We've tried to go out, but it's been really anxiety-provoking and stressful!
My imagination runs wild!
Echoing that sentiment, a member of the SAGE government advisory body was asked what it would take for him to dare to visit a pub.
Graham Medley said he'd only dare visit if it was, quote, suitably organised,
And it looked okay and was in an area of low prevalence and the clientele was very old and therefore mostly vaccinated.
He sounds like a barrel of laughs.
What was the catalyst to produce such weak and pathetic thinking?
What could possibly have happened to generate such spineless jellyfish behaviour?
A poll conducted last summer found that the average Brit thought 100 times more people had died from coronavirus
Than the actual figure.
Why do they think that?
Could it have anything to do with the government being told by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour that they needed to increase, quote, the perceived level of personal threat from COVID-19 because, quote, a substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened.
This scientific body admits using covert psychological manipulation techniques
to coerce the public into total obedience and compliance.
The people who admit that they deliberately amplified this fear now admit that it was, quote, unethical and totalitarian.
Yeah, you admitted that a year too late.
One of the scientists told a journalist, quote, in March 2020 the government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn't want to be locked down.
There were discussions about fear
Being needed to encourage compliance and decisions were made about how to ramp up that fear.
The way we have used fear is dystopian.
They even admit in their own words that they used quote, mind control to manipulate the public.
Again, their words not mine.
And that it was so successful that the public became too scared.
Remember, this is the scientific body that advised the government on lockdown.
These are not my words.
These are their words.
Remember Professor Neil Ferguson's admission when discussing the decision to impose lockdown based on the Chinese model?
It's a communist one-party state, we said.
We couldn't get away with it in Europe, we thought.
And then Italy did it.
And we realised we could.
Get away with what?
If it was so important to save lives, what were you getting away with?
The COVID pandemic will eventually end, but the psychological impact of it will last for years afterwards.
Large swathes of entire populations left traumatised, PTSD-ridden, and pathologically shell-shocked.
And yet also gelded, socially engineered, guaranteed to offer nothing but total compliance and grovelling subservience
Whenever the next crisis comes along.
I will be back to discuss more on that very topic.
This is the Summit News Hour.
We'll be right back.
Don't go away.
So in the video that you just heard, I document how there's a new poll which shows that a full 10%, 1 in 10 of the British population don't want the lockdown to continue for just a few more months, for six months, for maybe another year.
They want it to go on forever.
They literally want to be told, mandated by the government, who they can see, how they can behave, where they can go, how they can move about the world.
For the rest of their natural lives.
Imagine what kind of Stockholm Syndrome, what kind of spineless jellyfish thinking it takes to actually believe that and admit to it.
But it's no surprise, given what we've heard over the past few days, given this revelation, that the scientific advisory group
The SPIB, which advised the UK government on lockdown back in March 2020, openly admitted using psychological techniques of manipulation and, quote, mind control to make the British public way more terrified than they needed to be based on the actual threat of the virus itself, because they wanted total compliance.
This was the problem that they had within the halls of government here in the UK.
From these scientific dictatorship overlords who wanted to mimic how China had imposed their lockdown despite admitting that it was draconian and totalitarian, people within the British government thought the British public are not nearly as compliant, as submissive, as grovelling as East Asians and they will never go along with it.
So the scientists came back and said it's fine, we can just use
Extreme, brutalist techniques of psychological manipulation and mind control.
And you've seen the polls since.
It's worked to 80, with upwards of 70, 75, 80% of the British public continually supporting lockdown throughout the entire one year period.
And one in 10 still saying that they want it to continue forevermore indefinitely.
The headline out of the London Telegraph
Use of fear to control behavior in COVID crisis was totalitarian, admit scientists.
Members of scientific pandemic influenza group on behavior express regret about unethical methods.
And not only do they admit what I outlined in the video there, they also told the journalists as part of this report that in March 2020 the government was very worried about compliance and they thought people wouldn't want to be locked down again.
They're not going to go along with it as the submissive compliant East Asians did, where they were literally being welded inside their homes by the authorities.
There were discussions about fear being needed to encourage compliance and decisions were made about how to ramp up the fear.
The way we abuse fear is dystopian.
They say that now, a year too late.
They go on to say, quote, the use of fear has definitely been ethically questionable.
It's been like a weird experiment.
Mass experiment in social engineering.
Ultimately, it backfired because people became too scared.
So they admit that their methods of psychological manipulation terrorizing the public was so effective that people became too scared.
And that's what led to the polls, which have also featured in the past, where back in last summer,
The average Brit thought that coronavirus had killed a hundred times more people than it actually had, which is why they were so eager, enthusiastic, to go along with these lockdown measures and then enforce them on everybody else.
And they openly admit, as another SPIB member said, quote,
You could call psychology mind control.
That's what we do.
Clearly we try and go about it in a positive way, but it has been used nefariously in the past.
Oh, it's positive psychological manipulation and mind control.
It's positive terrorization of the British public.
One warned that people use the pandemic to grab power and drive through things that wouldn't happen otherwise.
We have to be very careful about the authoritarianism that is creeping in.
Well, it's already creeped in.
It's a year too late.
Goes on to say another member of this SPIB, again this is the scientific body that advised the government to lockdown, said they were stunned by the weaponization of behavioral psychology during the pandemic and that psychologists didn't seem to notice when it stopped being altruistic and became manipulative.
They have too much power and it intoxicates them.
And they go on to say it was literally totalitarianism what they did.
And this report received very little attention, and yet still people are saying, oh, but there's a new variant.
Surely the lockdown needs to be reversed.
Surely in many senses it needs to go on forever more despite the very scientist who advised the government on this lockdown being proven spectacularly wrong in their own models and then admitting that it was quote totalitarian mind control and yet they're still listening to these same people.
Absolutely incredible.
Meanwhile, whistleblower Chelsea Manning compares lockdown to solitary confinement, says people will take years to recover.
Manning was in solitary confinement for 11 months, so probably in a position to know what that feels like and the psychological impact that it has.
Now saying that people will take years to recover from this.
And that in many senses, it is very similar to solitary confinement, not only in the imprisonment, but then in the aftermath, getting used to re-emerging into society afterwards, proving very hard for these people who've literally been traumatized and given PTSD because of the government hired mind control behavioral scientists to terrify them into thinking that death was waiting around every corner.
So no surprise that they're now completely
Traumatized, PTSD ridden, and finding it hard to reintegrate into normal society.
Zero Hedge reports two months after Biden blasted Neanderthal thinking, Texas reports zero COVID deaths.
Texas Governor Greg Abbott elicited criticism from Dr. Fauci and a host of Democrats when he decided to drop all COVID-19 linked restrictions in the Lone Star State back in March.
In fact, it was March the 10th
Two weeks after that, they had the biggest decline in COVID cases ever recorded, the lowest COVID cases ever recorded.
And now two months later, as of, I think it was Sunday or Monday, for the first time throughout the entire pandemic since records began, Texas reported zero COVID deaths.
Zero COVID deaths over two months after dropping these mask mandates.
Do the mask mandates really stop infection of COVID-19?
Or do they make it worse?
We've featured the graphs many times out of France, Italy, Germany, Spain, where they all impose these mandatory mask mandates, not just indoors, but outdoors everywhere.
And as soon as they impose them, the cases skyrocketed because people are touching the masks.
They don't even wear them properly half the time.
They're putting it onto surfaces and things like that.
And they're not staying.
away from people in terms of distancing from people because again they think they're they're this vaunted superhuman that they get to wear the mask not only does it protect them from the virus but it enables them to harass intimidate bully ostracize and socially shame anyone who doesn't wear a mask and that's what Rachel Maddow was particularly concerned about in her rant a few days ago headline Rachel Maddow says she will have to rewire her brain to not view maskless as a threat
And now we see a whole wave of these similar comments of leftists saying either they'll refuse to stop wearing the mask because they're so invested in the cult that they just can't let it go, or even if they do take the mask off, they're lamenting the sad passing of the justification, the ability to harass, intimidate, shout at, socially ostracize, publicly shame people in the street.
Well Joe Rogan gave a statement on his podcast yesterday basically saying that woke cancel culture was out of control and now for the past 24 hours once again he's been trending on Twitter
With people saying how ridiculous that Joe Rogan could even suggest that woke cancel culture is out of control, then proceeding to savagely attack him for 24 hours and try to cancel him.
Because cancel culture doesn't exist according to them.
They'll literally have Spotify employees in their offices in New York, mutiny, and threaten to quit because he hosts an Alex Jones podcast.
Oh, cancel culture doesn't exist.
He's still trending because he made these comments, with people viciously attacking him, trying to cancel him, while saying he's talking nonsense and that none of it exists.
The Daily Mail did a poll, and I tweeted this yesterday, or a couple of days ago, under the headline, why do they have cultural power when they're an extremist minority?
And it asked the question, who backs these woke ideas?
Goes through a list of different ideas, asking people in the United Kingdom,
Out of a survey of over 2,000 people, what percentage supported each statement?
Statues of historical figures being taken down support 18%, oppose 59%, a clear majority.
Men being allowed to read and find themselves as women and access women-only facilities support 19%, oppose 48%, a clear majority.
Breastfeeding being renamed chest feeding
Support 5%, oppose 68%.
Children being allowed to use puberty blockers and hormone therapy to change their gender.
Support 13%, oppose 61%.
Then it goes through a bunch of others, clearly indicating once again that this woke minority is an extremist fringe, yet for whatever reason has all the cultural cachet, all the power in society.
There was another poll today
And it asked Brits, I think this was Brits, are you woke?
Yes, 12%.
So an extremist minority of 12% literally runs society.
It's probably more than 12% in Sweden where we have this headline today.
Church of Sweden announces that it is trends.
Whatever that means.
The Church of Sweden has published an open letter signed by a long list of priests, deacons and other church staff
Proudly announcing that it is trans.
The church is transgender now.
Maybe God too is transgender.
This was posted on their official website.
It decried the fact that some feminists are trying to protect female spaces from biological men.
They don't want hairy men with balls walking into their swimming changing rooms in front of their children.
Oh my god, how horrible, how bigoted, how offensive, how intolerant.
As well as they don't want massive biological men with clear strength, physique, endurance, stamina, advantages, completely obliterating female athletes in female sports.
Again, how dare they?
And for this, the Church of Sweden, which is the largest Lutheran domination in the entirety of Europe, came out and published an official letter saying that this contributes to the normalization of trans hate.
As I pointed out in the article, despite the fact that the LGBT movement is now embraced and amplified by every major cultural institution, transnational corporation, celebrity and government entity in the West apparently, simply not wanting your daughter to be exposed to men in the changing room of swimming pools, that's hatred and that has to stop.
We also had
The Church of Sweden came out in 2019, by the way, and literally announced that Greta Thunberg, the global warming climate activist, was Jesus's successor.
Yes, they actually said that.
They actually came out with a statement, this is the largest Lutheran domination church in the entirety of Europe, and they came out and proclaimed Greta Thunberg to be the second coming of Christ.
On that subject of how these woke corporations, these woke technocratic bureaucracies, wrap themselves in the rainbow flag, wrap themselves in this LGBT movement rhetoric, as a guise, as a disguise to high criticism of their own agenda, we had the World Health Organization yesterday come out and say literally, let me find the article here,
That they're more concerned, not about economics, not about the Great Reset, which they're trying to push through, not about poverty, but in terms of their tweet yesterday, they're very concerned about one vitally important issue in particular to the global economy, to the globalist technocrat empire, and that is homosexual characters on television.
We have the clip right now.
Let's go to it.
We'll come back and talk about it.
Here's the clip.
What's the World Economic Forum concerned about now?
The Great Reset?
No, they're concerned about gay characters on TV.
Yeah, really.
Where are the LGBTQI plus characters on TV?
Only 9.1%!
Wait a minute.
In a typical Western country, 2-5% of the population identify as LGBT.
In the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, it's around 2%.
In the US, a recent Gallup survey found that 5.6% of Americans now identify as LGBTQ, up from 4.5% in 2017.
And that whole one-point percentage rise in the space of three years alone had absolutely nothing to do with social engineering whatsoever.
But even if you take the highest number,
As with every other minority group, people who identify as LGBT are significantly over-represented on television.
By almost double if you take the higher number, and by three times as much if you take the lower number.
LGBTQI plus people made up just 9.1% of the regular characters on scripted TV shows in the US according to a report by media advocacy group GLAAD.
So just 200% higher than their actual number in real life then.
How many LGBT characters do you want?
How about we look at whether or not in 2021 straight white men are fairly represented on television in line with their population demographic percentage?
No, no one's interested in that.
Every year we have another Oscars So Why controversy, despite the fact that even before the Cult of Woke took over, statistics showed that black people were fairly represented according to their population percentage.
Why is a globalist financial body like the World Economic Forum talking about gay characters on TV?
Because just like every other globalist transnational entity, they've used the Cult of Intersectionality to tie their agenda to centralised power
With woke campaigns that advocate for minority groups.
Because whereas it's easy to criticise a group of privileged billionaires like the WEF, it's becoming increasingly impossible to criticise the LGBT movement without facing severe social repercussions, official persecution or even arrest.
The LGBT movement is more protected by the establishment and wields more power
...than even technocratic behemoths like the WEF.
LGBT rhetoric is now embraced and amplified by every major cultural institution, transnational corporation, and government entity in the West.
You know, because they're so oppressed and all that.
Which is why groups like the WEF hitch
Their car to that horse.
You're being critical of the World Economic Forum.
What, are you a homophobe now?
Suspicious about the Great Reset.
Why do you hate gay people?
Klaus Schwab says give up that pesky private property, take the brain chip, and just let billionaire technocrats take control of everything.
No, but he's wrapped in a rainbow flag.
Oh, okay, go on then.
So this entire LGBT movement went from, oh we just want to get gay married, we just want tolerance, to that and now to this.
This is a headline out of Breitbart.
Crafter offers bitty book soft packer crochet penis pattern for young trans and non-binary children.
There's a transgender crafter who is advertising a pattern for a crochet prosthetic penis that can be born by young trans and non-binary children.
And on this advertisement, they literally show it attached to a diaper.
A knitted penis for extremely small girls to wear in their pants, if their parents believe them to be transgender.
Can you imagine the level of mental illness and predator-like behaviour?
For somebody to literally want to attach a knitted prosthetic penis to a young girl who still wears a diaper.
It went from gay marriage intolerance to this.
It's gone too far.
Literally drag queen kids being paraded around in nightclubs at midnight, taking tips from weirdos and perverts.
Now prosthetic knitted penises.
Absolutely revolting.
We'll be right back, don't go away.
Well we've had big news out of France over the past few weeks or so.
Initially we had a letter penned by retired military generals warning of a civil war in France thanks to the unintegrated migrants, thanks to the anti-racism movement that wants to topple statues, that wants to dilute the national identity of France, that wants to literally tear apart the country.
Then we had another letter by active duty military service members, again in France, saying that they agreed with the retired military generals that they thought civil war was a definite possibility and that they would defend the country at all costs.
Now we have another poll out of France.
By the way, there was an initial poll after that first letter written by the retired generals that showed that the majority, 58% of the French population,
said that they supported the letter and that they also feared that civil war in France was imminent.
Now we have another poll, this is out of Breitbart, says 71% of French say country has had enough of immigration.
A survey measuring the fraternity between residents of France has revealed that 71% of French think there has been enough immigration and have no desire to see any more.
Don't forget we also had the article last week
Where Michel Barnier, the EU's advisor on Brexit, the guy who brokered the Brexit deal with the United Kingdom, by no means a right-wing populist nationalist, a centrist or even a globalist to some extent, even he's now come out and said that they want a three to five year total ban on immigration into all EU countries.
Remember when Donald Trump said that back in 2015-2016?
A simple ban on a select number of Muslim countries labelled dangerous, labelled from where terrorists were coming, ISIS militants.
Of course, the top five countries, the top five Muslim populated countries weren't even on that list.
But he was pilloried, he was torn apart by the media as a dangerous racist for advocating for that.
Quote, Muslim ban on immigration, even though it wasn't a Muslim ban given that the top five Muslim populated countries were not banned.
Now Michel Barnier, a globalist, is talking about a total three to five year ban, a blanket ban across the entire continent.
He's probably going to run in next year's French presidential election along with Marine Le Pen and of course President Macron himself.
But now a survey again.
In France, showing that 71% think there's been too much immigration they don't desire to see anymore.
So we have the two letters from retired and current duty military personnel, warning of civil war because of these vast unintegrated areas on the edge of French cities where there's complete lawlessness.
Whenever the police try to go in to enforce the law, if there's been a violent attack, if they're looking for a criminal suspect,
They get pelted with rocks, they get pelted with fireworks by the local migrant population, and they hightail it out of there.
Buildings, cars set on fire, violent riots on a regular basis, the ambulance workers, the firemen go in, they try to do their job, they also get chased out of the area.
Don't forget that after the Paris massacre, one of the lead terrorists, the lead jihadist in that massacre, Salar Abdeslam,
He was able to hide away in one of these no-go zone Islamist ghettos that the media says doesn't exist across the border in Brussels, Belgium for a total of four months.
The most wanted man in Europe was able to hide away in the capital of a major European city after being complicit in a massacre that killed hundreds of people.
For four months being protected by the local population.
This is a situation we have in many European capitals in 2021.
Which is why the military, and now the police, are warning that France is on the brink of collapse.
And we're going to go to that video right now.
Ex-cops warn France is, as a result of all these problems with lack of integrated migrants, with the anti-racism movement tearing apart the social fabric of France, the country faces potential civil war.
Here's the video.
More alarming news out of France, where a group of 93 former police officers are now warning that areas of the country have become, quote, lost territory, thanks to illegal immigration and rampant criminality.
In an open letter to President Macron, the ex-cops assert that authorities are being undermined by violent minorities, and that entire regions are now no-go zones where the laws of the republic don't apply.
Open attacks on police stations by hordes of armed and hooded individuals are spreading across our nation with impunity, states the letter, adding that France has, quote, fragmented into enclaves.
Violence against individuals spreads even into the privacy of family residences, and the only response to these crimes against law enforcement consists of compassionate incantations which have no effect on the daily life of the French people.
In France, cops are routinely attacked by gangs of roaming migrant mobs whenever they try to enforce the law in unruly areas.
Figures for the last year show that nearly 9,000 French police officers were injured and 11 were killed in 2020.
After firefighters entered a sensitive urban zone in Brest on Thursday night, they were attacked by a mob of 40 youths.
Police who arrived on the scene to protect them were ordered not to make arrests due to Ramadan,
and the Israel-Palestine conflict.
That's lawlessness.
That's a minority population being given carte blanche to commit crimes.
And whenever a criminal suspect is killed in a confrontation with authorities, migrant populations routinely respond by rioting for days or weeks on end.
The emergency also requires controlling illegal immigration, states the letter, which plagues many neighbourhoods and contributes to fuelling disorder and delinquency.
The letter demands that police be equipped materially, morally and legally to enable them to carry out their duties without having to risk their lives on every street corner.
The former officers assert that it's time to quote, reclaim our country, and demand that France's shared values are respected.
They're calling for a surge, which mirrors the rhetoric espoused by French intellectual Eric Zemmour, who called for the military to reconquer such areas.
France must not fall into chaos, the letter concludes.
We hope that our call for a national surge will be heard by public authorities, and we join our voices to those of our military comrades who spoke first.
Fears over the collapse of law and order in France are shared by the majority of the French public.
A poll last month found that a whopping 86% agreed that some cities had areas where French law does not apply, while 73% said that French society
Was disintegrating.
The warning from police follows two separate letters that were signed off on by retired military generals and active duty French military.
They warned that the country was headed towards civil war thanks to the twin threat of the anti-racism movement which seeks to disintegrate France's national identity via colonialism, guilt trips and statute topplings.
Aligned with the Islamist takeover of areas surrounding major cities thanks to the abject failure of integration and multiculturalism.
The original letter warned about the threat posed by entities that, quote, despise our country, its traditions, its culture, and want to see it dissolve by tearing away at its past and its history.
The French political establishment has obviously reacted to all three letters by scoffing and dismissing them as the work of right-wing extremists.
But 60% of military and police would support populist Marine Le Pen in a hypothetical presidential runoff against Macron.
So I guess 60% of France's security apparatus must all be right-wing extremists.
A 2019 peer-reviewed study by Danish academics found that, despite its constant invocation, diversity actually isn't a strength.
Seeking to answer whether continued immigration and corresponding growing ethnic diversity was having a positive impact on community cohesion, the study found the opposite to be the case.
And there's no more perfect illustration of that than modern-day France.
There you have it.
That video is on YouTube.
We're going to go to a final news story here before we have Warren coming up.
And that headline is BLM founder who went on property buying spree complains about white supremacy in the housing market.
Didn't seem to affect her personally, did it?
After going on a personal home buying spree, including one property located in one of the whitest areas of California, and I checked on the demographic count,
BLM co-founder Patrice Kahn-Cullors is now complaining about white supremacy in the housing market.
So she bought four homes at a cost of $3.2 million total, including a 1.4 million property in LA's rustic and semi-remote, very remote if you're a black person because there's basically none of them there, Topanga Canyon.
She also bought a custom ranch in Georgia which is surrounded by 3.2 rural acres and features a private airplane hangar with a studio apartment above it, in addition to an indoor swimming pool.
So she's had no trouble in spending part of the 90 million dollars that Black Lives Matter has raked in in donations over the last year alone, but apparently she's really concerned about white supremacy in the housing market.
She shared a headline out of NPR which said, Black Americans and the racist architecture of home ownership.
Basically black people aren't being able to afford to buy enough homes for the same reason that everybody else isn't because the
Cost of those homes far outstrips wages, of course, with inflation added.
That's also the main reason.
She's not affected by that.
She's whining about people not being able to buy homes in Compton, while she literally spends millions of dollars on homes in the whitest areas available where no black people live.
I'm just going to wrap it up.
War Room is coming up next.
Don't go away.
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