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Name: 20210517_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 17, 2021
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In this segment, Alex Jones covers a range of topics including magnesium supplements, homelessness in Austin, food prices, and COVID-19 issues. He also promotes various products available at InfoWarsTore.com for health benefits and encourages listeners to support the platform financially. Jones criticizes experts' predictions on COVID-19 variants and discusses economic challenges such as inflation and potential interest rate increases. Lastly, he advises preparedness through InfoWars products amidst global tensions and economic inflation."

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And so there will be a reckoning.
And it may get worse.
Who knows when you can say, hey look, this is the evidence, we've really turned the corner, but...
When you've got anybody who's logically thinking, can now obviously see that they've been duped, there's obviously a criminal shadow government running things, Fauci's involved, Gates is involved, all the things they complain about, Me Too movement, they're not interested anymore because it's all the Democrats and the Liberals that are harassing and abusing and raping women, and all the rich white people that they hate, all are Democrats,
So you can't put these, you can't put these genies back in the bottle.
The paper trail of Fauci on the Wuhan lab is not going to go away.
And eventually people are going to remember, because here's the other thing too, it is a five minutes of hate type of thing, where as soon as the left has Fauci put on that board in front of them for the five minutes of hate, they'll hate Fauci.
And he's already been there.
But on the other side of that coin, because there's always two sides to every coin, this just means that all the agendas are going to be pressed even harder.
So yeah, we're coming out of this fake pandemic, and of course Biden and the Democrats are going to try to take credit.
But you can tell they're still trying to keep their hooks in it with the vaccines.
Oh, we're scared if not everybody gets vaccines.
Still wear the mask and all of this stuff because they still have to keep a couple hooks in you so that they can just pull you back in whenever they want.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It's Monday, May 17th.
The year is 2021.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And in the next segment, I am going to lay out how the quote, end of the mask mandate and Bill Gates' divorce and all the Jeffrey Epstein information ties together with the larger globalist agenda and where this planet is going in the future.
It's all coming up on the other side of this quick break.
And then after I lay this out,
In the next 10 minutes, Owen Schwartz is going to take over and he has a very, very powerful broadcast lined up for you today.
But understand this, there isn't just evil in the universe.
The globalists don't have all the power.
By us not standing up and exercising our rights, we give them the power.
And I know you know that, but you have to every day realize how important you are.
You're the people that are aware of the whole globalist agenda.
You're the people that have been proven right out of the thousands of political ideologies, out of all the fake disinfo that's flooded by the mainstream media to confuse people.
You understand what's going on.
You understand the bigger agenda.
You've been proven right.
So you need to talk to your friends, your family, and others and explain to them that the New World Order is a real thing, and as long as we deny its existence, we only allow it to enslave us more.
And you can't deny it now because it's all staring us right in the face.
So Owen's going to take over here for a few minutes, tell you what he's got coming up, and when I come back I'm doing one segment that condenses all this key intel together that is so important for you to understand and for others to understand.
Because the only way we defeat this new world order is by getting our knees to God and humbling ourselves, and then taking political, cultural, and economic action.
Amen to that.
Thank you, Alex.
Owen Troyer here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
And there are a lot of big developments we're going to be covering today.
It looks like Bill Gates was already in damage repair for years because of his relationship with Epstein, which is now looking to be a lot closer than we were originally led to believe.
But my goodness, that's barely even the tip of the iceberg today.
The maskaholic, insane leftists are admitting that the vaccine doesn't work and or the masks don't work and or the whole thing is just all about politics.
So we'll explain that coming up.
Joe Biden has quietly, you haven't really been seeing or hearing too much from Joe, except when he's out trying to divide and conquer the nation or do whatever his puppet masters tell him to.
Quietly behind the scenes has been tossing out, rescinding many of Trump's executive orders.
You're not really seeing or hearing about this, are you?
Well, you'll see and hear about that today.
And just because it's such comic relief, CNN had to fire one of its contributors.
To begin the week, I know, really sad, for expressing admiration for Hitler.
That happened.
That's always a fun one.
And of course, though, you can do that on Twitter.
Talk about how great Hitler is.
It's free speech.
But if you say that men cannot get pregnant, Twitter will ban you.
So we've got more cases of that.
We've got cases of humanity and America rising up and having victory right now.
And so, even though we see the New World Order at our doorstep and we're forced to deal with it in a very short proximity now,
It is forcing people to take action who had been dormant for so long.
So we'll talk about examples of that.
We'll show you what the Democrats and the media are doing to this country.
More violent crime happening, but not just violent crime for the sake of whatever crime you're committing, whether you're robbing somebody or trying to rape somebody.
Now it's just hate crimes.
Yes, just hate crimes, but it's always the left doing it.
More negative vaccine results.
I mean, just the stacks of news are unbelievable.
But on the other side of this break, as I do a long, detailed version of all the news in the waterfront today, Alex Jones is going to condense it all into 10 minutes, like only Alex Jones can, in 60 seconds.
Thank you for joining us on this live Monday, May 17th, 2021 broadcast.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Owen Schroeder is going to be taking over.
With the balance of the next three hours coming up, the start of the next segment, then Paul Joseph Watson will be hosting the fourth hour today.
Now, it's very important to understand that the world has reached a critical crossroads in the future of humanity.
And if we look at the COVID response, or Bill Gates' divorce, or what's happening to global currencies, or the gas pipeline shut off, or the war expanding in the Middle East,
If we look at any of these little individual pieces alone, it looks like chaos.
None of it makes sense.
But when you actually study the real politique that Henry Kissinger has written about, that the globalists are carrying out against the planet, then you understand how they stage events, but they also use naturally occurring crises to always expand their power.
So they're very, very opportunistic.
So when I lay this news out, a lot of it's very, very good news, but a lot of it is also very, very bad news.
And if you don't face it with the bad news, they have a good chance of winning.
So first, let's just get this straight.
You notice they came out and said early, they were planning to say you can take the mask off at least partially on July 4th.
So that on our nation's holiday where we celebrate independence from tyranny, they could declare the tyranny and say now going out without a mask is a privilege.
We'll let you take your burka off at least for a few months until the fall and winter comes.
But because their internal polling showed how incredibly unpopular the mask are.
And because the majority of doctors and scientists and nurses have really woken up to the fact
That the mask gives you bacterial pneumonia, that it doesn't protect you, that everything we were told about COVID was a lie, that it was about 100 plus times weaker than what they originally claimed, that they were counting all the people that died of other diseases as COVID.
Because the facts and the studies and the research were coming out at first using the fear of China and using the fear of the media hyping up a
We're good.
And the Wuhan lab had souped up a regular cold virus to give it gain of function and also put their stamp of ownership on it so they could respond with vaccines and then set up a vaccine tracking system and a contact tracing system that forms the blueprint and the backbone of a worldwide medical ID and even implantable microchips.
As Klaus Schwab has called for.
And so as the public began to realize, wait a minute, I wear the mask still after I've had the shot?
And then wait a minute, the shots don't even work?
Because Bill Maher and the Yankees and so many other people have already had the vaccine months ago, but they still get COVID-19?
And then the public began to realize that Fauci's own NIH
Had to admit last week in Congress that around half of the NIH scientists and nurses and doctors and epidemiologists and virologists have taken these Frankenshocks.
And the word is most of those that claim they did either lied about it or injected it into the trash can and didn't take it.
I told you that weeks ago.
So the very people that want us to take this are scared to take it themselves.
And no amount of lies of, oh, it's been approved by the FDA, oh, it's safe, will work because it was never approved by the FDA.
It was never put through trials.
It was given emergency use authorization and they called the general public taking it the test.
But then there's no real surveillance system to know what's happening other than anecdotal.
How many people have gotten sick?
How many people have gotten paralyzed?
How many people have died?
I was at dinner last night with five people and
One of them had a story about a lady at his church that was totally healthy who took the first round of Moderna and she's in the hospital weeks later fighting for her life.
She's basically paralyzed.
And look at Eric Clapton.
He went and took the second jab of one of the mRNA vaccines and almost died and was paralyzed and says it was the worst thing in his life.
What about Ben Stein?
What about Hank Aaron?
What about Marvel's Marvin Hagler?
What about... I know so many people that have even gotten paralyzed or had violent seizures once they took it.
But again, they're trying to cover those numbers up.
But everybody's talking to their friends and family.
People realize what's happened.
And now they're discovering the studies from the University of Texas and everywhere else that show what really happened with vaccine trials done previously for SPARS, for SARS, and for COVID coronaviruses.
And that the viruses are made of such a common protein that when you give someone a vaccine,
For that, it causes these autoimmune responses.
And look, I know you as listeners already know this.
I know you already understand this.
But this is life and death stuff.
So it's starting to get out there.
And what you have to understand is they're removing some of these controls, except from flying on planes, buses, and trains.
They want to keep that control over you so they can always turn it back on whenever they want.
They're removing some of those controls.
Because they know there's been a giant rebellion and a giant awakening.
And so that's why I predicted that if the establishment realizes their program has failed, and if they can't get the majority of people to take the vaccine so they can then persecute the minority that has it,
That it would be seen as a failure of Klaus Schwab and a failure of Bill Gates and a failure of the United Nations to carry out this takeover and that those that executed the plan would be punished and thrown under the bus.
And so that's why we're now seeing Bill Gates begin to get in major trouble.
So a lot of good things are happening.
Humanity is awakening.
But you've got to remember, as much as 50% of the population has already been hoodwinked and bullied into taking these shots, we've got to get out and warn them and let them understand that even the NIH's own scientists won't take this because it's so dangerous, and that when they have debilitating disorders in the future,
There's a very good chance it was caused by the vaccines because that's what's in the animal studies.
That's why they skipped studies in this modern rollout because they already did previous studies 10 years ago, 8 years ago, 5 years ago, all over the U.S.
and all over Europe and China.
And so, this is the biggest story of my lifetime.
This is depopulation.
This is frankenshots deployed against us.
And now suddenly what do you see happening?
Congressional hearings are being set up about gain of function and Fauci lying to Congress and the Wuhan lab and Bill Gates.
And so suddenly his wife, who's a globalist just like he is, begins the divorce and they're beginning to talk about, oh, he harassed women at Microsoft.
That is a limited hangout to divert from him staying, not dozens of times, but hundreds of times, as Bill Gates did, with Jeffrey Epstein.
And not just in New York, but also in Paris, and in London, and in the Caribbean on the pedophile island flying into Little St.
John's on the Lolita Express.
So, this whole house of cards is starting to come down.
The scientists won't take the shots.
Bill Gates is being tied up with Epstein and a huge blackmail program of scientists.
To be able to have this medical takeover of the planet, but it was all built on sand.
So again, that's a lot of positive news.
But what you've got to understand is if we don't keep exposing that COVID-19 was an overblown hoax, if we don't keep exposing it to real illnesses that are being caused by the vaccines, and the people now going to the hospital, they're telling me they have COVID even though they were already vaccinated, and they're dying, they're telling them of COVID.
We're good to go.
So that's how this is all interconnected.
Gates is in trouble.
The globalists are in trouble.
This program was a success at first, but now it's stalled out and the New World Order doesn't know what to do.
All I'm saying is we have to continue to expose all this and call for justice or they're going to bring similar scares back in the near future.
And remember, Canada and Europe and Australia and other areas are still basically locked down.
So their populations have to point out that even the scientists of the world will not take the vaccine they're trying to make us take.
I shot a big report on this yesterday.
It's the top video at BandDogVideo and InfoWars.com.
Please share the fact that their own scientists will not take the Franken-shots.
We'll be right back with Owen Schroeder on the other side.
And we are back, ladies and gentlemen, on this Monday edition.
Owen Schroeder is about to take over.
I just wanted to take a few minutes out to be a thankful person.
A thankful person for the crew, a thankful person for our affiliates and our sponsors, and for the amazing listeners that are out there that make this transmission possible.
Without you, none of this would have happened.
The globalists are in deep trouble.
Their programs worldwide are falling apart.
Just like in December of 2019, the UN had an emergency meeting in Switzerland and admitted that their own scientists don't believe in vaccines, that the front line of doctors is wobbly, that McPharma just gives them illegal vaccines, untested to be tested on third world populations.
That's why they launched a few months later, the giant COVID hysteria, was to try to cover up their past crimes with an even bigger crime and hope that once the public signed on to going along with this crime, we would be in mass Stockholm syndrome.
Have taken the Franken shot.
Sure, in New York and a few other controlled areas, yeah, maybe you've had 60% or so take it.
That's not enough, because you can't have a slim majority being able to basically bully a large minority.
But when you've got 50-50 doing it, and when you've got the government's own scientists not going along with it, not taking it at numbers of 50%, it's game over for the globalists.
And so,
We should take some time out to thank God, because sure, I can thank you, I can thank the crew, I can thank what we've done getting the word out as listeners and viewers, but at the end of the day, it's about God, and about God moving the hearts of men and women everywhere, and really opening people up to awaken to what's happening.
And so, I salute you all, I thank you all, and I want you to realize that
We're starting to turn the corner here when it comes to exposing the New World Order, but we're not out of the woods yet, and they're going to launch a lot of other big fear-mongering operations in the near future.
So, redouble your efforts now.
Realize that much of the world is still locked down under total tyranny, and now it's time to call for the prosecution of the people that launched this eugenics great reset lie, or they're going to continue to cook up more schemes in the future.
So, again, this was a halftime game.
We were behind until right before halftime.
Now we're ahead by three points.
Not a big margin, but at least we're not behind going into halftime.
If we realize what's going on, we realize the power we have, and if we focus and come out...
For this second half, realize that we have right on our side, and history on our side, and if we spread the word about the fact that half the scientists at the NIH won't even take their own damn vaccine, it's game over for the New World Order.
But now we've got to start warning those that took the vaccines.
We've got to talk to top scientists and look at the research.
And let me just expand on that.
As we're back here in the Info Wars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Let me just expand on that a little bit, and I've got this photo here, if you guys just want to put this up on the screen as I'm talking.
Before the show, maybe about an hour before the show, I'm doing my prep work in here, and you can see I got news stacks scattered throughout the desk, and you know, it's all like organized in my own mind, but Greg Reese comes in, and he's just like, you know what, what do you think's the big story right now?
What's on your mind?
And I'm just looking at the stack of news and I'm like, well, you know, the big story.
And the big story has to be the fact that Bill Gates and Fauci are completely caught dead to rights in this scamdemic, in this viral release, in this economic shutdown, and culpable in thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of deaths.
And there's a paper trail, there's receipts, they're caught dead to rights.
And so there is a mass awakening happening.
And in an incredible, just the way the universe works, the metaphysics of the universe, karma, whatever you want to call it, Trump is out of the White House, he's playing golf, he's down in Mar-a-Lago.
InfoWars is banned off the internet.
We're not allowed on any social media.
We had to build our own thing over a banned-out video.
So Trump has his own thing down in Mar-a-Lago.
He's doing his thing.
InfoWars has our own thing.
Banned-out video.
We're doing our own thing.
And the real tyrants, the real power brokers, the real criminals, are now at the fore!
And they're at the front, and they're on TV, and they're dominating, and they're everywhere!
But society's not getting any better, it's getting worse!
And all the things Trump told you about, all the things Infowars told you about, now it's all coming true, but we're just kind of on the sidelines and like, yep, yep, yep, that's all exactly what we said, yeah, that's that over there, and yeah, that's him, and...
But now everybody's watching, everybody's paying attention, everybody has an interest.
Everybody in some way has been hit by the fake pandemic.
Maybe it's their small business getting shut down.
Maybe their granny got sent to an old folks home, they put her on a ventilator, killed her dead in a hammer.
Maybe your uncle got one of the COVID jabs and now he had a stroke and he can't get out of bed.
So you're seeing the mass awakening.
You're seeing people go on bridges and put up signs saying the vaccines are deadly.
This is how people begin their grassroots activism.
This is stuff InfoWars has been doing and organizing forever.
That's why they attack us.
That's why they attack you in the audience.
That's why you're so important.
But I mean, here's some other examples.
Some politicians are starting to get it and fight back.
Not fear the political correctness.
Oklahoma governor grills steaks under pro-vegan PETA billboard.
That's how it's done?
You don't cater and bow to this mob.
You stand up and you get in their face.
Oh, that's a nice billboard you have making fun of me because I eat meat.
I'm going to have a big fat barbecue right underneath it.
How do you like that?
And guess what?
That's popular.
That's winning.
People like steak.
I know that's wild.
People like freedom.
People like steak.
That's a good bet right there.
Gas station puts Hunter Biden meme on their sign.
Hope gas prices don't get too high.
And then it's Hunter Biden passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth.
That's how you win.
That's cultural victory.
That's popular.
And so that's one of the frustrations is people could have been doing this years ago.
They just hadn't caught on.
Now they're getting it.
Now they're catching on, not because they figured out it's popular, but because their instincts have kicked in.
It's fight or flight.
It's happening in the corporate world.
Cybersecurity tycoon Kapersky claims CIA hackers could actually be behind US Colonial Pipeline attack blamed on Russian group.
Came out from the Vault 7 WikiLeaks.
The CIA and any government enterprise can put digital fingerprints on any hack and say, oh it's in Russia, oh it's in China, oh it's this group, oh it's that group.
That was Julian Assange that released that, you know, the one that rots in jail.
A total crime against him.
A hero, Julian Assange.
And then you've got all of these audits happening in Michigan, in Arizona, in New Hampshire, in Wisconsin, and guess what?
They're finding the voter fraud!
At the very least, the voting machines failed us!
At the most, we had a rigged 2020 election and it's all out!
We're gonna get back into the news.
Here in just a second, but first, a message from Alex Jones.
My fellow info warriors, staying on the air during this cancel culture, during this big tech reign of terror has been hard.
But thanks to your support, we're still on air.
Now, hearing a globalist engineer collapse, which they're attempting to initiate right now,
It's important to have storable food.
It's important to have water filtration.
It's important to have a relationship with God, number one.
It's important to have friends and family you can trust.
It's important to live in a place that's more secure than big cities.
But most of us have to still live in big cities.
So whether you live in a big city or a rural area, having a satellite phone that the globalists can't track, that they can't trace, that they can't turn off, is essential.
The cell phone system is a control grid, a surveillance grid for contact tracers, hackers, corrupt government, and more.
That's why everyone needs a sat phone.
And we've got you one of the best deals out there at InfoWarsPhone.com.
A free $600 plus free phone when you sign up for a year for $99.95 for 150 minutes each month.
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From landlines, your cell phones, unlimited.
Calls to you are free.
It's only the calls up to the satellite that are going to cost you the 150 minutes a month.
It's good to start using these.
It's good to get your mind in the mindset of survival.
I've got one in my car.
It works great.
I've got the little antenna.
You can also get it at InfoWarsPhone.com, and I've got one in my house.
Anywhere you can see the sky, it works.
InfoWarsPhone.com or call 941-955-1020 and ask.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I'm debating where to begin here.
So let me just pick it back up where I left off with all the positive developments that are happening right now with the renaissance, the awakening that we're experiencing and it's because
The New World Order is at their doorstep, and it's because all of this is in their face affecting them now.
You cannot deny it.
The old excuse of denial, or just abstaining from politics, is to say, oh, it doesn't affect me, it doesn't affect my life.
Well, now everybody sees it.
The reality is the left has politicized everything, but everything is political now.
So now people see how politics affects their life, so they're starting to pay attention.
And that's why somebody like Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates is so unpopular now.
But look at what's going on with the updated news from the vote audit.
Now, again, I'm not going to tell you this is going to result in anything.
I'm not going to tell you this is going to turn around the 2020 election.
I'm not even going to tell you that they're going to be able to
Prove Trump won.
But what it is doing is it's getting people politically active, it has people questioning things, and that's healthy, that's good.
But here are the latest from the different states where all the audits are happening.
Wyndham, New Hampshire recount update.
Vast difference in audit totals between GOP and Dem candidates is enough evidence to scrap the voting machines.
So again,
It's like if you have a receipt at the end of the day, and you have a cash register, and it's the end of the day numbers, and you print the receipt, and then you check the numbers, and the receipt does not add up to what's in the cash register, something isn't right!
That's essentially what they've discovered in Wyndham, in New Hampshire, which I believe Trump did win.
Only two electoral votes, we don't make a big thing of it, but you know, the Democrats steal everything.
In Arizona, data files reportedly deleted in Arizona before providing machines to Senate auditors may have been recovered by the audit team.
So they're going to find out if that data that they tried to delete, the voter records that they were trying to cross-reference that they deleted, which then Dominion was not cooperating with that investigation either, refused to turn over any intellectual property or passwords or algorithms, nothing.
What do they have to hide?
So the people in Arizona are very serious about this, and there's serious people involved, and they want to prove that Trump won Arizona, or at the very least, many election laws were broken and the voting machines were tampered with, which that's already been proven.
Wisconsin officially launches audit of 2020 election.
So there you go.
Now, Wisconsin is going to audit their election, which of course was the same story that we saw in Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in so many other states where Trump is winning all day long.
Trump is having huge margins all day long.
Honestly, in any other election, it would have been called for Trump early with the margins he had for victory, but then
Magically, in the dark of night, just like in Michigan and Pennsylvania, in the dark of night, magically, Biden goes from 400,000 down to 5,000 up, and then they stop counting.
Truly an incredible thing to witness, but now they're going to audit that, so who knows what we'll find there.
Michigan voter fraud attorney Matt DiPerno's office broken into.
This is the guy who's been leading the charge in Antrim.
This is the guy who's shown the faulty voting machines at the least in Antrim.
This is the individual who showed how they were flipping votes from Biden, or excuse me, from Trump to Biden in the voting machines.
This has all been proven in Antrim County and the audit continues and now this individual is being threatened and he's had his offices broken into.
I'm sure that's just a coincidence.
Back to New Hampshire.
Forensic Election Audit Update.
Assistant Attorney General seen walking toward table covered with secured ballots at 11.15 p.m.
before camera footage went out for an hour.
I mean, let's just think about this.
I mean, I'm no criminal investigator, I'm not a detective or anything here, but, you know, let's just say I got a case in front of me.
Let's talk about Pennsylvania, maybe, or Michigan.
It's the same case, both areas.
And I'm just doing a forensic audit of the numbers, and I say, hmm, Trump is winning all day long.
All day long.
By hundreds of thousands of votes.
Any other year they would call that a victory.
By midnight.
But they didn't.
And then right at midnight, just hundreds of thousands of votes come pouring in for Biden, and then they stop counting.
And I'm just reviewing some of the footage, and I say, uh, okay, let me look at some of the security footage.
Where are all the doors here?
Oh, we got some doors in the back.
Yeah, let's go ahead and look at that.
And you're just reviewing the footage, and then, uh, uh, right at midnight, you know, stop the tape!
Stop it!
Stop it!
You're watching him.
And you see truckloads of ballots being unloaded right before the hundreds of thousands magically come in for Biden.
Again, you don't have to be a genius to say that suspicious activity worthy of an investigation.
No, no, no.
In New Hampshire, though, right before midnight, again, it's the same timing, right, right at, right around midnight,
Assistant Attorney General walks towards the ballot boxes where all the ballots are, and then the security footage goes out for an hour, and then the security footage comes back and Trump's losing all of a sudden.
I mean, whoa!
Again, I'm not a big criminal investigator here.
I'm no special detective.
I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but that's a little suspicious, isn't it?
Oh, you're getting audited in Maricopa County.
Can we have your algorithms?
Can we have the data?
Uh, you can't have our algorithms, and we deleted the data.
I'm sorry, what?
Yeah, you heard me.
Uh, you cannot have our algorithms, and we've deleted the data.
Again, uh, I'm no Sherlock Troyer up here, but, uh, that seems like you're
Trying to erase evidence of a crime.
I don't want to jump to any conclusions here, but with all the evidence that's just anecdotally available just for the public to see, boy, there seems to be a massive cover-up.
I mean, I don't know.
A voter fraud and a stolen election!
And it's so obvious, America is finally seeing it, and it's red alert, red flag!
Welcome back here to the Alex Jones Show, Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex, and you know, here's what I've realized, and this is why it really is so important to be a good person, and to lead by example, and to ask for God's guidance and wisdom in that journey, because
Call it karma, whatever you want, it's an ancient thing, everybody knows it's true, the metaphysics of the universe, and what the New World Order, what the left, what has been done is they've created an impossible standard that nobody
Could even come close to, but more importantly, they could never come close to.
But now, all the people that they were putting the standard up there, so that they would fall short, are now gone.
Trump's gone, Infowars gone, all the other people.
So now they're the only ones left in the arena to be held up to the standard, and of course they're not going to make it.
Nobody could make it.
So everybody's figuring out, oh Bill Gates, and now he had multiple relationships outside of his marriage, and he was harassing women too at Microsoft?
Oh my gosh!
Uh, and apparently they all knew about him with Epstein too.
That's why he had to get off the board.
And that's why Melinda Gates was trying to divorce him.
I mean, so, so this is the real deal.
And just wait until, until all of us unite on
Fauci and the disgust and the disdain that we have for him.
Because the left is going to have to realize that they hated Fauci before anybody else did.
They just forgot back in the 80s.
And an old story is going viral again, old news is new news, that was written to Fauci accusing him of being a murderer in the 80s.
So, you know, history repeats itself.
If you don't know your history, you're doomed to repeat it.
So we're experiencing all this.
But they set the standard of, oh, rigged elections, foreign interference.
So, okay, fine.
You created that hysteria.
Now Republicans are responding in a similar matter, actually doing
The audits and we're discovering, yeah, there was voter fraud.
So that was an impossible standard.
That was something the mainstream media put up there.
Now that it's going to be exposed, oh wait, the real voter fraud, the real election interference was all being done by the criminals that run the Democrat Party.
Oh, the real abuse of women.
Oh, the real mistreatment of women.
Oh, the real harassment, the sex trafficking.
Oh, that was all done by the globalists.
That was all done by liberals.
But see, we can only cash in on this metaphysical investment, this karma, if we're good people.
If we truly try to live the Christian ethos.
Or just be a good person.
Everybody knows what that means.
Morals, whatever.
It's in your conscious.
But so now you can sit here and you can watch all of your enemies decay.
Because you're not decaying because you protected yourself.
You asked for God's protection.
You asked for the Holy Spirit.
You asked for Jesus Christ.
And so there will be a reckoning.
And it may get worse.
Who knows when you can say, hey look, this is the evidence.
We've really turned the corner.
When you've got anybody who's logically thinking can now obviously see that they've been duped, there's obviously a criminal shadow government running things, Fauci's involved, Gates is involved, all the things they complain about, Me Too movement, they're not interested anymore because it's all the Democrats and the Liberals that are harassing and abusing and raping women.
And all the rich white people that they hate, all are Democrats.
So you can't put these, you can't put these genies back in the bottle.
The paper trail of Fauci on the Wuhan lab is not going to go away.
And eventually people are going to remember, because here's the other thing too, it is a five minutes of hate type of thing, where as soon as the left has Fauci put on that board in front of them for the five minutes of hate, they'll hate Fauci.
And he's already been there.
But on the other side of that coin, because there's always two sides to every coin, this just means that all the agendas are going to be pressed even harder.
So yeah, we're coming out of this fake pandemic.
And of course, Biden and the Democrats are going to try to take credit.
But you can tell they're still trying to keep their hooks in it with the vaccines.
Oh, we're scared if not everybody gets vaccines.
Still wear the mask and all of this stuff because they still have to keep a couple hooks in you so that they can just pull you back in whenever they want.
But if they were intellectually honest with themselves, they would see the folly of their ways and that's why logical people are starting to get it.
Why would doctors at the NIH or the NIAIH, the other one that Fauci runs, why would they be refusing to take the vaccine?
Why wouldn't they all take the vaccine?
Why aren't they taking the vaccine?
They said it's safe, they said it's effective, they told all of us to take it.
Why aren't they taking it?
This is common sense stuff.
They're not taking it because either they know it's deadly, they know it doesn't work, or they're not afraid of COVID.
Pick your poison!
Or maybe all of the above!
So why do you have to take it?
Why can't you fly on an airplane unless you take it?
Why is the media telling you to still be in panic, for example?
Now look, it's almost not even fair to do this, because these are mental patients.
And we really shouldn't even be addressing these mental patients.
We should be sending them to mental hospitals and hoping they get help.
But instead they're on MSNBC hosting TV shows.
So we have to address them.
MSNBC's mental patient host Rachel Maddow reveals she's terrified.
She's a mental patient.
I mean, they're not even hiding it anymore.
I mean, seriously, they are completely uncloaked at this point.
They are mental patients.
They roll their videos.
Recruiting people for the CIA and the military where they admit they're mental patients.
We have studies!
38% of liberals have been diagnosed with a mental condition!
We have studies where you just run factual numbers and you identify, are you a Democrat or Republican voter?
And the Democrats think 10,000 black people die a year from cops unarmed.
So we literally have all the forensic analysis, all the data, everything.
Leftist progressive liberals are mentally impaired.
They have a mental disorder.
And they can't even hide it anymore.
And they're hoping that they can judo move that into some sort of new sympathy in the victim economy and then dominate you.
But no, you won't be a victim.
And you won't be subservient.
To mental patients, crying victimhood.
So excuse me, but back to the story.
Rachel Maddow reveals she's terrified of unvaccinated people and unmasked people and considers them a threat.
So is the vaccine safe and effective?
If the vaccine works, what are you afraid of?
If the mask works, what are you afraid of?
What they're afraid of is that they can't dominate you.
What they're afraid of is that they can't control you or they don't yet have total control over you.
That's what they're afraid of!
Rachel Maddow wants to be able to go on TV and tell you, you have to wear a mask and you have to take a vaccine and then you have to do it.
That's what Rachel Maddow wants.
And anything short of that terrifies her.
Because she's a totalitarian tyrant.
But that's actually being kind.
She couldn't even consciously work that on her head.
She's a mental patient, is what she is.
She's a psychotic mental patient.
But I should digress from that mental patient and on to the next one.
Of course, this woman is actually a Chinese
Agent of propaganda, a Chinese agent provocateur, a CNN doctor, Leanna Nguyen.
She says she doesn't feel safe around unmasked people in stores and demands vaccine passports because other people are going on TV Tuesday.
People are going to lie about getting the vaccine.
Guess what?
Oh, because we don't want to be slaves.
Go figure.
I mean, what?
Slavery unpopular.
Breaking news on CNN.
Breaking news MSNBC.
Slavery unpopular.
Americans don't want to be slaves.
And this terrifies them.
And they say it with a smile.
I think everybody should be vaccinated and have a vaccine card.
Just so we can get back to normal and be free again.
She says with a smile like the demonic snake that she is.
What's worse?
I consider it much worse.
If you're going to deliver evil to me, I want you to at least look and act like a demon.
I respect that.
If you're going to deliver evil to me with a smile, there's something else that turns inside of me.
There's something else.
There's a whole other demeanor to it.
There's a whole other taste, a whole other flavor.
It's immediate nausea-inducing.
So the vaccine works.
I got the vaccine but I'm still scared to death.
The mask works and I wear the mask but I'm still scared to death.
I got a vaccine and a mask and I'm still scared to death.
What is it that you want?
And then...
Half or less than half of all of these government bureaucracies, the FDA, the NIH, all of the employees are refusing the vaccine because they're not afraid of COVID, they know it doesn't work, or they know it's deadly, or all three of the above.
So, but go listen to a mental patient on CNN or MSNBC, they'll tell you what's up.
Ladies and gentlemen, as we warned you, Joe Biden is
Rescinding many of Trump's executive orders, and it's the ones that he shouldn't obviously, but he is.
For example, he's getting rid of the Garden of American Heroes, because who would want anything like that?
He is getting rid of the Protecting American Monuments, memorials and statues, that way his voters can go out and criminally destroy them.
He is getting rid of one that Trump signed, which was trying to really begin a snowball down a mountain.
It wasn't that harsh, but it was just trying to get the ball rolling against the online censorship.
Biden scrapped that as well.
Trump's executive order titled rebranding United States foreign assistance to advance America's influence has also been tossed.
That's just trying to get a little bit hold of the foreign aid that we're giving out.
It's just totally out of control.
Now we're actually, I'll cover this later, we also give all the foreign aid to Israel.
Now we're giving foreign aid to Palestine too.
So we're funding both sides of that war again.
That's always fun to do, isn't it?
Funding both sides of wars that we're not even really involved with.
It's just great how they just steal our money.
Biden's into that too.
So he's doing that.
And he also scrapped an executive order that made any potential immigrant to the U.S.
provide assurance that they would not be a financial burden on America when they got here.
So, there's Biden killing America a bunch of small cuts at a time.
And then, of course, huge gashes, too.
And then huge stabs in your neck.
And then trying to impale you on a stake.
I mean, any way he can kill you, really.
That's the Democrat Party.
But, again, America is waking up.
This video is going viral.
Uh, an individual's at a gas station in his neighborhood.
I'm guessing this is a Democrat-run inner city.
And, uh, he gives the people around this gas station the how-to and the what-for.
We had to censor this.
A lot of cussing, but we censored it.
We believe it's worth your viewing.
And so, here it is.
...and now we ain't got no gas.
I need Trump back.
Anybody else out there need motherf***** Trump back?
Anybody else want their f***** Trump back?
Women's America ever great.
We had gas, we had electricity, we had jobs, we had food.
Some people are harassing him as he's doing this video.
Some people with no gas, some people with no electricity, no jobs, waiting for a stimulus check, waiting on the guy to get extra food stamps.
What's going on?
We wasn't going through this shit for the last four years.
We were winning.
Winning, winning, winning.
And now y'all sitting at home being quiet as shit now.
Somebody say something.
Tell me why the fuck you support Joe Biden right now.
Tell me why you support Joe Biden right now.
Everybody wanted to get rid of f***ing President Trump.
What's up?
Look at this goofy ass s***.
People ain't got s*** to say no more.
Just sitting around like sheep.
Goofy ass sheep.
All they can do is wait.
All they can do is wait.
All they can do is f***ing wait.
All they can do is wait.
The Democrats saw something, they got a green new deal for 2030.
Green new deal.
You ain't got no f***ing plans for everything to run off electricity in 10 years.
You do got a plan to f*** up everything within the next 10 years, but you damn sure ain't got no plan for s*** to run off electricity in the next 10 years.
You got a plan to f*** up everything within the next 10 years.
I want f***ing damn Trump back.
This s*** is stupid.
Everybody had a lot to say when Trump was in the White House.
Everybody got s*** to say with this f***ing old-ass bum in there.
F***ing up our f***ing country.
F***ing up the economy.
These motherf***ers projected that we were going to have a million new jobs, 200,000 new jobs.
And where the f*** are they at?
Probably 200,000 illegal immigrants that you motherf***ers found up at the border got new jobs, but we don't.
We hurting in America.
Everybody quiet as s***.
Where the f*** are the Joe Biden supporters?
I can tell y'all why I support Trump.
Tell me why y'all support this motherf**ker.
Ain't doing sh** but f***** us up.
Every day f***** us up.
So again, this individual just at the crowded gas station that's almost completely out of gas.
Most of the pumps shut down.
Two pumps still running.
Huge lines out the door.
He's walking around in his Trump hat.
And so it's just a matter of people need to realize they've been duped by the media.
That's really what it is.
Oh, and by the way, maybe they're realizing they were duped by the Democrats, too.
Joe Biden diverts health care cash to help illegal immigrants.
So once again, money that's not going to Americans, money that's going to non-citizens to invade this country and steal everything from you.
So that's what the Democrats are all about.
But people are waking up, maybe.
Alright ladies and gentlemen, Everyday Info Wars is on the air.
It is a victory for free speech.
Free speech is under complete assault by the Democrat Party and the big tech tyrants.
But just us being on air is a victory.
So I salute this audience and I raise my ceramic mug full of coffee to you.
And I salute free speech and I salute this audience for keeping us on air.
God bless you and Godspeed in the InfoWars.
And we will drink our InfoWars coffee together now.
My second cup of the Wake Up America Blend InfoWars coffee, exclusively available at InfoWarsStore.com.
And ladies and gentlemen, we would really not be on air if it was not for your support.
Alex is on vacation but the guy can't get away and so he needs to cut new specials but he's trying to take a vacation.
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And they are just beginning.
So take advantage at Infowarsstore.com.
10% off emergency food sale before it's too late.
Let's get back into the news.
So it's all coming out.
Bill Gates.
Jeffrey Epstein.
Looks like they had a nice cozy relationship.
And it looks like people were well aware of what Bill Gates was up to on Epstein Island before any of this came out, as well as inside the company, apparently Gates with Microsoft employees.
And so now that news is coming out.
So here are the latest headlines there.
Microsoft board members wanted Gates gone in 2019 after investigation into sexual relationship.
And that was within the company.
The investigation conducted in 2019 was launched after the woman in question, a Microsoft engineer, blew the whistle over a years-long sexual relationship she had with Gates.
Right around this time that Gates' relationship with notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein had spilled into the public sphere and Melinda Gates began exploring divorce.
So there you go.
Now is this a case of
Don't get me wrong, Bill Gates to me is among the worst people on earth.
But see, this is what I was talking about earlier.
They've set a standard that nobody could live up to.
So obviously Bill Gates was sleeping around on his wife and doing God knows what with Epstein.
And he's having this affair with this lady.
Maybe they had something good.
Maybe there was coercion there.
But the point is, this was going on for years.
Why does she want to blow the whistle now?
Why is it a problem now?
Because they set a standard that they could never live up to.
And so now it's just easy for any woman to come forward and say, yeah, I was having this affair.
He's a bad guy.
Maybe it was mutual.
Maybe it wasn't.
I don't know.
But the point is,
You're not allowed to have any relationships with men and women at work.
You're not even allowed to look at a woman like that at work.
This is their standard.
And it's harassment if you do.
Yeah, you had Harvey Weinstein who was obviously despicable.
But they ignored it for years.
But now that's the standard they've created.
Bill Gates has fallen short.
Bill Gates was reportedly removed from the Microsoft board for an alleged affair with a Microsoft employee.
Gates and Epstein traded advice on Bill's toxic marriage.
Jeff's pedo image rehab during secret men's club gatherings.
When is it going to come out about the Epstein-Bill Gates clones?
When are we going to know what scientists and engineers
We're working in New Mexico with Jeffrey Epstein.
How much involvement did Bill Gates have?
What do we know about that activity?
When will that come out?
Does Epstein have a smarter friend with access to more resources and technology than Bill Gates?
I don't know, but Epstein was running the clone facility and apparently had a tight relationship with Gates.
Jeffrey Epstein gave marital advice to Bill Gates as Pair joked and laughed about his toxic relationship to Melinda.
And this was the men's club that happened at Epstein's New York City home.
So Bill Gates was hanging out on Pedophile Express Airplane, Pedophile Island, and in Epstein's New York City Pedophile Lodge.
So, there you go.
Boy, oh boy, I'm telling you, man.
There's a final headline.
The dirt piles in on Gates following divorce announcement.
All right, so, and by the way, Bill Gates and Ted Turner, who tell you they want to get the human population down to zero on TED Talks, they're the two largest farmland owners in the United States of America.
So you may want to know about these guys.
So, but can you imagine?
What is Bill Gates up to?
Now, Bill Gates was at once considered the richest man in America.
Maybe he is, maybe he isn't.
But everybody knows about Bill Gates, everybody knows about his power.
But now it's beyond just the power from his technology.
It's all the power that's been derived
From buying up scientists, buying up news coverage, just buying anything he wants, buying access.
And then he somehow has the influence, not just in America, but across the world, to force vaccinate people.
And again, I tell this story a lot, but it used to be, you know, the Gates Foundation would show up in Africa with the vaccines and people would run to their tents and facilities begging for health treatment.
Now the Gates Foundation shows up and they run for the woods.
They run from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation now.
But this is the same guy who's been on TV for an entire year lying to you about a pandemic, lying to you about a virus, telling you to wear a mask, telling you to take a vaccine that doesn't work, with gain-of-function research that he knew about, with vaccines that he wants to influence and even wants to get his own technology in there.
And now it's coming out, this is the same guy, he's running around with Jeffrey Epstein, he's running around on the Pedophile Express, he's running around on Pedophile Island, he's running around at Pedophile Lodge, doing all these activities with Epstein.
What involvement did he have in New Mexico on Epstein's ranch?
Because it doesn't just end on the plane, on the island, in the lodge.
That's not where this story ends.
But so, imagine though, again, Bill Gates, Microsoft,
Richest man on earth.
All this influence.
Influence over the health.
Influence over the world.
And now it comes out this guy was just another disgusting creep that in any other circumstance the mainstream media would be destroying right now.
Cheating on his wife.
Having year-long affairs.
Having affairs with Microsoft employees.
Having affairs with Jeffrey Epstein.
Where's the Me Too movement?
Where's the liberal left?
So the reckoning is coming.
The reckoning is coming for Gates.
The reckoning is coming for Fauci.
How can they land this ship?
Okay, so I mean, the globalists are on an airplane, one of the wings is completely blown off, the other engine is fire coming out of it, and they gotta try to land this ship.
But it's all coming out with Bill Gates.
And I'll get into Fauci a little bit later,
Larry Kramer in 1988 called Anthony Fauci a murderer.
Well, I guess since he was never locked up, he decided to murder again, didn't he?
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
We will be hearing from Alex again before the end of today's transmission.
And before I get into the letter to Fauci in 1988 calling him a murderer then,
I guess some things never change.
Before I get into that, here's why the mainstream media and the liberal progressive left cannot burn Bill Gates.
And so yeah, their virtue signal double standard is going to be completely exposed just like it is every time, but this is the key takeaway.
The reason why the liberal left has to always be allied with Hollywood or people like Bill Gates, even though all the stuff that they claim to hate and assorted behavior and all this stuff is all brought to you by Hollywood and by people like Bill Gates, they're allied with it and so the double standard exists because they need those people.
You see, the average liberal, leftist, communist, Marxist, progressive, Democrat, whatever you want to call them, they know that they can't win an argument, and they know that their policy is a losing policy, and they know all the real-time, real-world examples that you would point to prove it.
Whether it's failing Democrat cities, whether it's how all these Democrats have been accused of rape and the media doesn't care,
And so the list goes on and on.
And the reason why they can never call those people to task, never call them out, never put them on the table for discussion is because they need them.
Since their arguments don't win, and since their policy fails, all they can do is point to rich, powerful, celebrity people and say, but see?
Hollywood agrees with us!
Bill Gates agrees, so you need to listen!
Bezos agrees with me.
Bill Gates agrees with me.
Hollywood celeb A and B and C all agree with me.
And it doesn't matter that my logic is twisted.
It doesn't matter that my standards have two different practical executions.
It just matters that what I say is what I say and Bill Gates agrees!
So listen to me!
So they'll never burn the Hollywood celebs like they should.
Whether they get caught raping children or talking about how they like child rape, they still get to direct Hollywood films and work for Disney and Nickelodeon and other companies.
But, you know, they'll panic any chance they have.
Oh, Trump said he grabs women.
My God!
And then, like, here's Hollywood people actually grabbing up women and putting them in film, and here's Epstein grabbing up women and putting them into sex trafficking, and here's the mutual relationship with all of them, and here's creeps like Harvey Weinstein taking advantage of the whole thing, and they'll never put any of that to task because they need it.
They need to have Hollywood because it's the only way their message gets out and received.
They need to have powerful rich people like Bill Gates repeating their message.
It's the only way it gets out and gets received.
And the Hollywood and the Bill Gates of the world, they know this.
They know they have all these useful idiots.
They know they have all these political human drones and pawns.
And so they just go out and do whatever the hell they want and pretend to be liberal progressives because then they can be above it.
And they know they then become a necessary tool of the left, so they'll never call them to task, they'll never throw them under the bus because they need them, and so then they end up getting away with anything.
Tim Cook, slave labor camps in China, doesn't matter.
LeBron James, shoes made by forced labor in China, doesn't matter.
The left needs LeBron to say, look, LeBron James, he's good at basketball and he says what I say.
Look at Tim Cook!
He's a good liberal progressive!
He runs Apple!
Trillion dollar company!
I'm a genius!
Tim Cook runs death camps in Apple.
Censor him!
You're not allowed to say that about our beloved Tim Cook!
Censor that individual!
Now, if it came out that Trump had, you know, slave camps, death camps in China, oh, it'd be the biggest story in the world!
I kind of wish Trump did!
So that they could call him out on that, and then you could be like, okay, now do LeBron, now do Tim Cook.
Oh, oh, no, not gonna do that, okay.
So that's why they'll never truly go after a Bill Gates, or truly go after Hollywood, because they need them
To amplify their message and to use that as like a totem, like a trophy.
Like, oh I never won a debate but I have a trophy that says I won a debate and it says I won this debate too.
And that trophy is LeBron James or Bill Gates or Gwyneth Paltrow or somebody in Hollywood that says the same thing I say so that means I'm smart.
So they'll never, they'll always keep them up there.
Now moving on.
Story is at Infowars.com.
Government scientific advisors admit they used totalitarian fear tactics to control people during the pandemic.
And we also have all of this on tape.
We have them on television.
We have them during congressional hearings.
We have, you know, from Australia, from Europe, from America, where they say we have to get people in fear.
We have to keep people in fear.
We have to make people afraid of a virus.
We have to make people afraid of a pandemic.
We have to use fear to get what we want.
Hell, Klaus Schwab and the rest, they admit the whole pandemic is fake.
And they just say, yeah, we had to fake a pandemic for our political agenda.
They just don't even care.
They're the real evil villains.
They're the real head of Spectre.
But you know, some of the people like the Australian Prime Minister and like Justin Trudeau and all these people, they're just little butt boys, little minions of this shadow government.
So, they're just doing what they're told.
So it's make people afraid, you know, make them scared of the pandemic, really hype it up, tell them they're all gonna die, and then you'll get a lot of power, and you'll be very popular, and you'll write books, and you'll sell them, and you'll get rich, and you'll be remembered as a hero for stopping the pandemic.
But no, they admit that the whole thing is out of fear, and then at the very top, they admit that the whole thing is fake to bring in the Build Back Better UN New World Order agenda.
It's pretty incredible to think.
And you think this is something hidden, like, oh.
It's like, if it was hidden, maybe then it would resonate, but it's not even hidden.
They do it on television.
They tell you they want to put you in fear on TV, which is their mechanism for the fear.
So they're on TV, their mechanism for the fear, telling you to be in fear.
And if you lived your life and you never looked at the TV, you would never know any of this was going on.
Now when we come back, I'm going to get into the latest from Fauci, but we're going to go back in time as well, in an open letter to Dr. Fauci from 1988! 1988!
And I'll just read a little excerpt over here.
To Anthony Fauci, you are responsible for supervising all government-funded AIDS treatment research programs.
In the name of right, you make decisions that cost the lives of others.
I call that murder!
I call you murderers!
That was in 1988, addressed to Fauci.
He didn't get arrested then.
Is he still murdering today?
Does America got the guts to get the glory?
Do we have a will to survive?
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Schroer sitting in for Alex.
Alex coming back with us in just a bit.
We have Drew Hernandez coming up as well.
Gerald Cilenti hosting the 4th Hour.
I'll be back hosting the War Room today as well.
I've got great guests on the War Room today.
We'll have more on that coming up.
In 1988,
Larry Kramer wrote an open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci.
Now, I'm just going to go through a few highlights of this.
The whole thing is a lot longer, but I'm just going to go through a few highlights just to kind of give you an idea of how history repeats itself when you don't know history.
Or you'll be a victim of history if you don't understand this.
And so, we didn't take care of the corrupt Fauci then.
Now he's come back 30 years later to take care of us, if you know what I mean.
And maybe Fauci was trying to kill off the gay community in the 80s.
Based on this letter, that's what the gay community believed.
So, incredibly enough, the left hated Anthony Fauci before anybody, the left was aware of Anthony Fauci's criminal behavior before anybody, and they penned open letters to the public to see, to Fauci, calling him and his team of doctors, murderers.
So imagine that, a guy gets away with mass murder,
And never goes to jail, and then comes back to commit mass murder, mass genocide, mass eugenics, 30 years later.
Or maybe you don't have to imagine that.
Maybe that's Fauci.
So, let me just read some of this.
This is the beginning, and then I'm gonna go through a couple highlights, but the whole thing is way too long.
But it'll give you a taste, it'll give you a feel.
An open letter to Dr. Anthony Fauci from Larry Kramer in 1988.
I have been screaming at the National Institutes of Health since I first visited your animal house of horrors in 1984.
I called you monsters then, and I called you idiots in my play, The Normal Heart.
I now call you murderers.
To Dr. Fauci.
You are responsible for supervising all government-funded AIDS treatment research programs.
In the name of right, you make decisions that cost the lives of others.
I call that murder.
And we'll get into how the AIDS research and the drugs that they're researching ties into what they were doing with hydroxychloroquine and resdemivir and some of the others, but I go on.
At hearings on April 29th before Representative Todd Weiss and his House Subcommittee on Human Resources after almost eight years of the worst epidemic in modern history, starting to get the pattern here, perhaps to be the worst in all history, you were pummeled into admitting publicly what some of us have been claiming since you took office over three years ago.
You admitted that you are an incompetent idiot.
Or maybe a murderer.
Over the past four years, $374 million has been allocated for AIDS treatment research.
You were in charge of spending much of that money.
Now, it gets into kind of what was going on here.
I don't want to read all of it, including some quotes from representatives at the time, but basically how he got all this money, and they were doing all of this testing and all of this research, and then he basically buried all of it
And then just kind of sidled saying, oh well, we can't figure anything out, we don't have enough funding, and the gay community that was concerned about this at the time were actually following it.
They were calling out every step.
How he lied about everything, how he had all the resources he needed, how he lied about how he was spending it, and how he was basically just balking at the whole thing.
So again, he calls him an idiot.
He explains all of this.
And so then we get to this point.
Now you come bawling to Congress that you don't have enough staff, office space, lab space.
Again, this is after getting $374 million.
Secretaries, computer operators, lab technicians.
I wonder how much of that Fauci stole for himself or others, by the way.
File clerks, janitors, toilet paper.
And that's why the drugs aren't being tested, and the network of treatment centers isn't working, and the drug protocols aren't in place.
So imagine, you give somebody $374 million to do a project, and then they don't do anything.
That was Fauci.
And again, as normal, the media would have ignored this, nobody would have any idea this was going on, but gay people at the time that were actually following this, activists curious about this, caught Fauci doing all of it, that's why they called him a murderer.
He goes on.
You expect us to buy this BS and feel sorry for you?
You effing son of a bitch of a dumb idiot.
You have had $374 million and you expect us to buy this garbage bag of excuses?
The gay community has been on your ass for three years.
Maybe you're in it.
And you refused to go public with what was happening or not happening.
And because you wouldn't speak up until you were asked pointedly by a congressional committee, we lie down and die and our bodies pile up higher and higher in hospitals and homes and hospices, streets and doorways.
And so here's what he's talking about there.
And again, I'm just going to skip all this section here because I don't have all the time in the world to read this.
So remember hydroxychloroquine.
And it came out that, not for all, but for most people, I mean, if you had some heart conditions and other things, it was known hydroxychloroquine probably not good for you.
But for a lot of people, for most people with COVID, hydroxychloroquine worked, especially with zinc or vitamin D or vitamin C. Now, people were getting banned and censored for saying that.
You had governors banning the use of hydroxychloroquine.
Now, what happened in Michigan?
You had a Detroit representative, Democrat,
Who had COVID, was dying of COVID, and was about to die from COVID.
She found a doctor to illegally prescribe her hydroxychloroquine for treatment with, I believe, zinc and vitamin D.
And she made a recovery within 24 hours, and then she did national media television interviews saying that hydroxychloroquine saved her life.
Gretchen Whitmer, who banned hydroxychloroquine, made it illegal, would have murdered her if this doctor wouldn't have broken the law to give it to her.
And then thanked Trump for talking about hydroxychloroquine and saying, no, you can't use it despite these governors banning it.
So that's how it works.
So that's what Fauci was doing in the 80s.
So, in other words, they were testing all of these drugs, but Fauci wasn't actually putting the research out, and it was kind of like if you've ever seen the movie with Matthew McConaughey, Dallas Buyers Club.
Basically, these people in the gay community were trying out all these different drugs to deal with AIDS or whatever they were having, and they had to do their own experiments, and they found out some of them work, some of them don't.
They were trying to give this to Fauci, who was going around all the gay houses.
I guess he was too busy, you know, bending over to actually do the research.
And so they're saying, look, we have these cures!
Look, we have hydroxychloroquine!
It works!
Why aren't you promoting it?
Why aren't you telling people?
You murderer!
So, it's what they did in the 80s, now they've done it again.
And now I go on.
How many years ago did we tell you about aerosol pentamidine, Tony?
This stuff saves lives, and we discovered it ourselves.
We came to you bearing this great news on a silver platter, begging you, can we get it officially tested?
Can we get it approved so insurance companies and Medicaid will pay for it?
As a routine treatment and our patients going broke paying for medicine that they could get cheaper.
You monster!
And now this is incredible, Pelosi even gets involved!
This woman, Pelosi's been around that long!
Pelosi's in this story with Fauci!
These dinosaurs!
These ancient fossils of corrupt politics!
Pelosi's quoted in the story.
Assume that you have AIDS and that you've had pneumonia once.
You know that aerosolized pentamidine was evaluated by NIH as highly promising.
You know as of today the delays in NIH trials may not be solved this year.
Why do you wait for the NIH study?
I probably would go with what would be available to me, be it on the street or what have you.
And so he's basically saying, yeah, the drug works, but we're not testing it.
We're not going to make a statement on it.
So just go find out on the streets.
That's Fauci replying to Pelosi.
So I guess got it then.
You know, maybe Pelosi letting the the AIDS epidemic and keeping the drugs and not going after Fauci is how she's remained in power all these years.
But so but so there you go.
I'm out of time.
This segment point is.
Fauci and his team of doctors were called murderers in the 80s for what they did handling a pandemic.
Now they're back, and look at what's happening, ladies and gentlemen.
The exact same story.
Known treatments that were working, like hydroxychloroquine, shelved by Fauci.
Fauci demonized it, told Democrats to make it illegal, they did, and then people died.
Fauci did the same thing in the 80s.
He's doing the same thing now.
Why would we ever trust this guy?
Anthony Fauci belongs in jail.
Do you agree with Larry Kramer?
Is Anthony Fauci a murderer?
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show and the henchmen of the Population Control Eugenics New World Order are out in public and unmasked, decloaked.
Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci,
Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, the talking heads on television, they've completely exposed themselves and so now it's just a matter of time.
Can people of planet Earth wake up and realize this before they can complete their eugenics program and have a mass die-off, a mass kill-off, so that they can seize control of the planet
In that panic of uncertainty, which they engineered, to bring in the one world government that they will be in complete control of.
And that's what it's really all about.
Because the way the globalists work, and the people that are in the secret societies, whether it's the sex cults, or the Luciferian cults, or the Bohemian Grove cults, you know,
They just do their own actuaries that you've probably done in your own head, seeing where humanity is going, seeing the trends, but they look at themselves as superior and they want to be gods.
So they just actuary it out and say, this is where humanity is going.
Let's do this instead.
So there will be a global government.
I mean, globalism is inevitable.
With technology and travel and business and everything, globalism is inevitable.
So they see that, but they say, let's get out ahead of that and have the infrastructure for globalism already built in.
But hey, it's going to be unpopular.
People like freedom.
Well, let's put them in fear so that they would rather be secure in the new global world order than free in it.
And so that's where they're going, that's their agenda, and it just becomes a challenge of, can we awaken enough humans on planet Earth?
Can we spread the brush fires of liberty?
Can we awaken souls and third eyes to stand up, recognize this, and just reject it?
Because that's what it really comes down to.
And it's harder and harder every day to reject it,
When they rig elections, censor free speech, change history, erase history.
And this is the challenge upon us every day.
Not just here at Infowars, but you.
Everybody else is in this.
We're all sharing this planet.
Except there's a certain group of people that don't want to share it.
They want to own it, and then own everything on it.
And they want you to believe your safety and your security is more important than your freedom.
And that you can't even protect yourself.
You can't even ensure your own safety.
You need them.
So, here's one of the ways that they do it with Anthony Fauci, a guy who nobody should listen to ever.
Unless he wants to do an admission from prison of all the things he's done, all the crimes against humanity, otherwise nobody should ever listen to this man.
He now says that the pandemic has proved how racist America is.
Oh, so his popularity is dwindling.
He's being exposed as a fraud.
He's being exposed as a liar.
People are now looking at old letters to him, calling him a murderer.
They're looking back on the history of Fauci.
They're realizing he's a big pharmaceutical shill.
So what do you do?
Play the race card.
Build back those leftist liberal progressive bonus points and say race.
Racist this, racist that.
Try to save your image.
And of course, they already have the backdrop that they've built up.
They've pumped up, they've humped up all this racist stuff.
So, it gives them the leverage.
It gives them the capacity.
It gives them the political points.
So, all racism, yeah, yeah.
And you're like, oh, wow, yeah, big racism.
It's like the Bitcoin of the victim currency.
Let us promise ourselves that our corporate memory of this tragic reality
That an infectious disease disparately hospitalized and kills people of color does not fade after we return to some form of normality.
Righting this wrong will take a decades-long commitment.
I strongly urge you to be part of that commitment.
So there you go.
So he's reading a letter somebody else probably wrote from him, and then he's saying, oh, this racism is so bad, it's gonna take decades to recover.
See, you can never recover from racism.
It's here forever, Fauci declares.
So that's how they do it, that's how their propaganda works.
And then the people that like the victim economy, the people that, the racists out there that love everything being based on race and identity politics, they buy in, and they say, that's right!
That's right, it's racist!
And then they can spin off of that any agenda they want, any execution of an agenda they want, if they just bring racism.
And then as soon as you question it, say, oh, you're a racist, aren't you?
Like voter ID, racist!
You don't like government shutdowns for the pandemic, racist!
You don't want to take a vaccine, racist!
And then they use that like it's just like a
It's like a purse of currency that they can just dip into any time and it just replenishes.
Just racist, racist, racist.
Hey, this isn't working.
Go, go.
Here, here.
Have some of the racist.
Have some of the racist currency.
Here you go.
Yeah, yeah.
The Americans want their kids back in schools.
Oh boy, this isn't good.
What are we going to do?
We've got some extra racism currency.
Here, here.
Take this and use it on air.
Parents want to send their kids back to school.
It's clearly racist.
And then somehow Americans, like, cower in fear, like, OH MY GOSH, DON'T CALL ME A RACIST!
And, you know, I realized something, too, about January 6th.
And, you know, look, we're all such good people.
We're almost too good, quite frankly.
We're too nice, we're too tolerant, because even after Jan- I mean, Trump is guilty of this, too.
Trump threw us under the bus on January 6th.
He's kind of backtracked from it now, but, I mean, he's like, oh, it's bad, it's horrible, they're criminals, arrest them all.
Yeah, January 6th got a little bit out of control.
There was some violence against the police.
There was a little bit of violence there at the building too.
Property damage, not in denial of that.
But in comparison to what we saw from the Democrats when they riot, it's like a mouse that roared compared to a whole stampede of elephants and rhinos and gorillas.
And we're like a little mouse over here that's like,
It's like, look at that mouse!
Just stampeding elephants and, like, woolly mammoths, too.
You're like, what the hell?
It's like, oh, but there's a mouse over there.
No, we should have rejected their narrative of January 6th, and quite frankly, at a certain level, we should have been proud of it.
We should have been proud of what happened on January 6th.
But they stole that from us, so... Um, I'm digressing here.
The point is, we're too tolerant of these people.
We're too tolerant of the Anthony Fauci's.
We're too tolerant of the Bill Gates.
We're too tolerant of the Bidens.
We're too tolerant of the liberal media.
Maybe that's a good thing!
Maybe it's a good thing we're not in the Wild Wild West anymore.
Maybe it's a good thing we're not in 1776 and people aren't being faced with actual violent wars in their backyard.
Maybe it's a bad thing because it's eventually going to lead to our enslavement.
Maybe time will tell.
But now you've got celebrities coming out talking about how bad their vaccine side effect was, whether it's Ben Stein, now Eric Clapton.
You bastards!
You bastards!
Eric Clapton fears he'll never be able to play guitar again thanks to the COVID jab.
You bastards!
You're bastards that you would take away Eric Clapton from the world.
You sick freaks that killed Hank Aaron, the home-run king, that killed Marvin Agler.
You bastards that you would take that from us, and now you want to take Eric Clapton's ability to play guitar?
You bastards!
You are just sick!
Big Pharma is the devil!
Sorry, excuse me, but so here's now quote-unquote comedian
Chelsea Handler talking about her side effects after getting the vaccine.
Okay, so I got my second shot of Moderna today, and I feel really sick, and it's only been four hours, and I'm deaf in one ear.
Does anyone, did anyone else, I thought I was gonna get sick tomorrow, but I feel sick.
Did this happen to other people?
Please, tell me!
And she's just desperate, like, you know, because you don't know.
Yeah, you just got hit with a deadly poison, lady.
Yeah, you know.
And, you know, it's sad that I can laugh at her plight.
And it is sad.
It's disgusting of me, you know.
But, I mean, it's funny because you make fun of conservatives and you make fun of anti-vaxxers and it's a big joke to you.
But we warned you!
Now you're deaf in one ear!
Drew Hernandez is with us, the intrepid reporter who's done so much great work over the last two years and now, of course, is getting censored because that's what happens when you do real journalism and expose real criminal activity.
So, Drew Hernandez is going to be with us for this segment and the next.
He has a short time with us.
Drew, tell us about what is happening right now, the censorship you're enduring.
Yeah, well, this failed media outlet called The Intercept ran a hit piece and a smear piece on myself and other fellow riot journalists that have put their lives on the line to cover the 2020 and 2021 BLM and Antifa riots.
They not only did a article on everybody, but they also produced a 25-minute so-called mini documentary trying to prove that all the footage that you've seen in 2020 is somehow selectively edited
Well, before we get into more of the details of this, I mean, tell people
It really is a dangerous enterprise to go cover these events.
Tell people everything you've witnessed at these riots in the last year and a half, two years.
I mean, this is a serious thing.
It's not just, oh, show up and like, everybody's cheering and glad handing.
I mean, there's explosions, there's gunshots, there's police, there's people bleeding out.
I mean, it's serious stuff.
Here's the thing that gets left out as well, Owen.
When Black Lives Matter or Antifa are not actually committing acts of violence on the ground, they're either talking about it or they're conspiring to do it together.
You hear this in their rhetoric, you hear this when they're preaching at their rallies, you hear this when you're undercover in their little groups.
Regardless, this organization, Black Lives Matter, is not this innocent little organization that doesn't do anything wrong.
They're neo-Marxists.
I mean, when I was on Portland on the ground, when I was covering a Black Lives Matter protest last year, you literally had one of their speakers calling for police officers.
She said she wished that they would be strangled by their umbilical cords when they were babies, okay?
So this is the type of rhetoric that comes from these people, and then obviously mentally unstable people that are listening to this stuff are gonna go out and actually commit acts of violence against police officers and anyone that is in opposition toward their so-called peaceful movement.
And by the way, if you're not on the ground covering this, nobody will.
Mainstream media is not going to cover it.
They showed Julio Rosas' Twitter account up there.
He's probably one of the few people that is on mainstream news that actually goes out to these events.
He's obviously been threatened.
So if it wasn't for you covering these events, they would be completely uncovered.
Nobody would see it.
Absolutely, and this is why they try to smear us, and it's hilarious because they say, here's the funny part, Owen, this is how stupid these people are, okay?
They're saying, oh, right-wing journalists, they're smearing the Black Lives Matter movement.
They literally use footage of Antifa rioting, saying that that's us smearing Black Lives Matter, okay?
The mental gymnastics with these people are ridiculous.
You have to be literally
Oh, they're just smearing Black Lives Matter.
Well, I mean, that's just like a buzzword they have.
Like, oh, you're smearing me.
It's like if I play a clip of one of them on air, they're like, oh, you smeared me.
You said that.
I just played the clip of you saying that.
It's like, hey, I just filmed this riot.
They just burned this building.
They just looted this target.
They just attacked this man.
Oh, you're smearing them by showing the truth of their activities.
I guess that that's what this has come down to.
So Drew Hernandez is with us for the next segment as well.
Now, again, the irony here is the Intercept used to be run by Glenn Greenwald, a real liberal.
They ran him off.
They ran him off and now they want to run off journalists that are covering the truth on the ground.
We're back here on the Alex Jones Show.
Drew Hernandez is with us at DrewHLive on Twitter.
DrewHLive.com is his website.
The Intercept is trying to demonize his intrepid reporting from the ground of these riots.
And again, folks, it really is dangerous stuff to be in the middle of this stuff, especially when you have a target on your back, which is a common thing these days.
So it's really pathetic for any news organization
So, they are now saying that, I guess, reporting the truth, I guess that's the problem here, Drew, is reporting the truth is now considered racist or bigoted or smearing?
I mean, you know, this is what their new argument is.
If you report the truth, they demonize you and then they censor you.
Owen, these people are failed grifters, okay?
This is how ridiculous they went.
I could speak for myself, okay?
When you see the article and you watch their little mini-documentary on us, they literally use one of my pieces where I was in Portland, okay, in a Black Lives Matter militant psychopath.
Uh, was being pushed by police officers, and she turns around and says, I hope your whole family, uh, gets burnt down in your house.
Your whole effing family, okay?
Calling for the death of police officers and their families, uh, by arson, okay?
And they took that clip, and they said, Drew Hernandez left out the part, uh, as to why she said that.
And the reason why she said that was because she was being roughed around by police officers.
They literally leave out the fact that the reason why the police officers were roughing people around was because these rioters, prior to this clip, were attempting to burn down a federal building with police officers inside of it, okay?
So they accuse us of leaving things out and selectively editing, but that's literally what they did in this piece, this smear piece, to try and say that we selectively edited and left
We're good to go.
This is a little too far.
How can you accuse these guys of smearing Black Lives Matter when you have footage of Black Lives Matter rioting, looting, and committing mass arson?
This one doesn't add up.
Honestly, I feel like that was the most hilarious part about this.
I mean, at what point, and this is not the
You know, this is not the result, this is not the conclusion, this is not what we want to see, but I mean, at what point do you say, do we as Americans say, you know what, fine, go ahead, defund the police, fine, I won't go cover these riots, and we'll just let these people destroy cities?
Again, I don't want that.
I like cities.
That's not what I want.
I like metropolitan areas.
I like having a civilization functioning.
But it's like, at what point do we draw back and say, fine, here's what you're asking for, here's what you're really asking for, and just, I mean, let it commence for a couple nights until they realize, okay, wow, this is actually violent groups of terrorists, maybe we should have been honest about this and tried to stop it.
I agree, I agree.
I totally, my heart hurts when you think about even thinking about that, right?
Because, you know, innocent people are going to get caught in the crossfire.
But the problem is a lot of people in these communities support this stuff.
They support Black Lives Matter.
They support Antifa, especially in Portland.
That's shocking.
A lot of people don't know that, but a lot of the locals in Portland shockingly support Antifa.
When you go out there and you cover this stuff, you actually see them coming outside of their houses, screaming at police officers.
So I kind of agree with, actually I do agree with you, Owen.
I think people, if this is what they want, this is what they should get.
If they don't want police officers, pull the police officers out, put them in cities where they'll be respected and they can do their jobs where they're actually wanted.
Because I think that's what the American people want at this point.
I mean, we have to give people what they want.
If they don't want police officers, if they want crime running rampant in their freaking
We're good to go.
Yeah, and you know, maybe this is one of our shortcomings, and I mean, it's noble, it's noble in the cause, but it's like, it's time we just need to stop fighting for these Democrat cities.
You know, we still want to try to save some of these Democrat cities and lift them back up, and you know, maybe it's time to just say, hey, you know what?
This is a Democrat city now.
It's gone.
Let it go.
Let the poverty increase, let the violence increase, let all the businesses leave, and all these Democrat-run cities will be slums.
And like you said, hey, cities that want police, cities probably run by Republicans, mostly conservative areas, you know, Trump voters, hey, you want some extra police?
We'll give you some extra police.
You want to have a safer community?
You can have a safer community.
We'll build up those communities, we'll form our own strongholds in those communities, and then you can fairly see the contrast as if it's, you know, not there enough to observe.
But then it's like, yeah, look, this is what you vote for, these are Democrat cities.
Slums, hellholes, poverty, starvation, violence, crime, no economy, versus conservative areas with police, economies booming, people are safe, schools are better.
So, I mean, maybe it's just time for that to really reach a point where there's no debate and you can compare and contrast and say, wow, Democrat policy, Democrat-run cities creates third-world hellholes.
I totally agree.
I mean, sometimes we just have to give people what they want.
It sounds so sad.
And, you know, a lot of conservatives, patriots, we hear that and it's like, Drew, Owen, why are you guys talking like this?
We're not going to bend the knee to Black Lives Matter or the neocommunists and the globalists.
That's not what we're saying.
I think we have to let the enemy gain some strategic ground, uh, so we can actually show the public just exactly what their ideas look like in real life, okay?
Because these things may sound amazing on paper, they sound amazing on TV, oh my goodness, the black people are being slaughtered by police officers, yes, we must defund the police, when that's literally not the narrative, okay?
But when people like Alex Jones, Owen Schreier, Drew Hernandez, all these people that speak out against these things, we all get shadowbanned, we get deboosted, we get censored, it's like, okay then, I'm done talking
I'm done talking at this point.
I'm done trying to tell you guys the truth.
I'm done trying to tell you and warn you what's coming.
Then maybe we've come to the point where it's like, if you're going to keep voting for this and supporting this, then you know what?
I'm going to leave this community and I'm going to go to a community that's going to respect the values, that's going to protect our American citizens.
And you could just have your community that you want in this false fantasy of a utopia that just does not exist with Black Lives Matter policing their own neighborhoods and Antifa policing their own neighborhoods.
Look how that's turning out in Portland.
They're literally policing themselves.
The police have been neutered in Portland, and now crime is skyrocketing in Portland, and people are like freaking out like, how in the world did this happen?
Are you serious?
You guys sided with Antifa.
You sided with Black Lives Matter.
You actually sided with the defund the police narrative, and now your community is suffering as a result.
So you have yourself to blame if you supported this, and I don't feel sorry for you at this point.
Yeah, and I was going to say, you look at any of these major cities, some of them were already, you know, as dangerous as it gets, like St.
Louis or Chicago.
But I mean, even New York, that was kind of turning a corner.
I mean, you look at violent crime and the numbers that have skyrocketed in New York, you look at the violent crime skyrocketing.
And then they'll do interviews on TV with City Council, like, oh, we don't know what's behind the violent crime skyrocketing.
Or you'll have mayors and other Democrat leaders just deny it.
It's really incredible to witness their denial of the things that are happening on their streets, but I guess that's just to be expected.
Drew, what's next on your docket?
Where can people follow your breaking news?
You guys can follow me on Twitter, for now, on Drew H Live, and on Gab, Drew H Live, Instagram, Drew Hernandez Live, and anyone can support me on my website at drewhlive.com.
I do my show nightly on YouTube, for now, as long as they're allowing me.
We're extremely de-boosted.
But you can follow me on YouTube, subscribe on YouTube, Drew Hernandez, just search that, and that's where you guys can find me, for now.
Alright, hey, one last question for you before we let you go here.
New York City's Pride Parade has just banned police officers through the year 2025.
I'm sure you saw that.
Smart move or bad move?
What do you think?
Bad move, but here's the most hilarious part in that article.
NYC Pride literally said, we're gonna keep police out, only if necessary, we'll bring them in.
This is how stupid they are, okay?
They claim to be, defund the police, anti-police, but listen, anyone with a conscience
Anyone that cares for their own life, whether white, whether black, whether brown, I don't care, whether green, if you're a freaking space alien, cares about the sanctity of their life, and a police officer is there to ensure that.
And that's why they're such hypocrites, and they say,
Only if it's necessary, we'll bring a police officer in.
This is how stupid these people are, Owen.
Yeah, just another political statement.
Totally out of place made.
But hey, here's what'll happen.
Somebody'll show up to that Pride Parade in a Trump hat, and there'll be 9-11 calls going out left and right.
Drew Hernandez, thank you for joining us.
Thank you.
I remember when the Democrat-Liberal-Progressive lost their mind.
Yeah, I remember that.
In fact, I remember when
Beto O'Rourke, that failed ninny.
Beto O'Rourke, the fake Hispanic, the white man, stealing valor from minorities that they build up.
Beto O'Rourke.
Remember he said Texas was
We're going to be in peril!
Doomsday scenario for Texas because Governor Abbott lifted the mask mandate and reopened the state.
Since then, we've had the least COVID deaths amongst any state.
So put that in your pipe and smoke it, Beto.
You fraud.
You lying coward.
You loser.
Oh, the Democrats were wrong again.
Go figure.
Who would have seen that coming?
A Democrat with an opinion that turns out to be completely inaccurate and wrong.
Just happens all the time, that's all.
Ladies and gentlemen, remember...
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Okay, let's see what we want to do here Let me just get back into some of this news now Yeah So this is coming and it's coming like a whirlwind and it's hard to believe that it's even here Because because there's gonna be a kind of a side
Let me just give you the story here.
39 million households, including most U.S.
children, to get up to $3,600 a month in stimulus payments.
So this is how this crashes a free market, folks.
This is how this crashes an economy.
You've already seen this happen in select groups in the United States of America.
Specifically Democrat-run cities, specifically impoverished area in Democrat-run cities, specifically projects in Democrat-run cities, and specifically black families, single mothers in Democrat-run cities.
So it creates this phenomenon where the government becomes your daddy, the state becomes the head of the household, and so everything kind of flows from that.
Do you quit working?
Do you kick the man out of the house?
Oh, the state is now the head of the house.
The state pays my bills.
I love the state.
I need the state.
And so then internally, within these families, you see morale get low.
You see people not wanting to go back to work.
You see stimulus money being used for other such things.
And it just creates a downward spiral.
That they can never get out of, but they don't care to because the state is still there cutting them that check.
So they get used to that lifestyle.
Now, what this is going to do, taking it to the next level, is going to be twofold.
First of all, this is going to increase violent crime in inner cities.
I won't go too much into the criminal psychology of this, but it's well known.
This is why crime goes up during Christmas.
Whenever people hear, hey, there's a lot of money coming in this area, hey, there's stuff going on here, criminals flock to that area.
I mean, take like a drug deal, for example.
You hear about, oh, this drug gang over here is about to be a big drug deal, there's going to be a lot of money on hand.
Criminals are interested in that.
They may try to do a heist.
People get shot.
People die.
Well, that's all illegal activity.
But you're gonna have increased crime in these areas.
That are getting the stimulus payouts guaranteed.
Yeah, and there's already the headlines that are highlighting this.
The crew's pulling them up right now.
People are getting shot.
People are getting into fights.
People are having their homes invaded.
And it's because of the stimulus checks.
So criminals are going to think, oh, they've got money now.
Oh, the stimulus check just went out now.
Oh, it's in the mail.
Oh, I know this house gets a stimulus check.
Criminals are going to flock to that.
That's one of the issues that will follow.
The other issue is people that still work for a living are going to feel like idiots.
People that still work for a living are going to feel like dupes.
And so they're going to quit their job and start getting a stimulus payment.
And then the supply chain shortage is going to increase.
And then the inability for businesses and restaurants and places to hire workers is going to increase.
Because why make 30,000 a year or 45,000 a year in the service industry when I can make that or more sitting on my butt and having the government be my daddy and praying to the state to save me.
So this is a disaster.
This is a Biden policy that is an absolute disaster.
And it is not going to take long
For this disastrous policy to reap whirlwinds of chaos and havoc and crime in our country.
So it doesn't matter that COVID is over.
They're still using this under the guise of COVID and of course racism as well.
And it's just going to absolutely destroy these communities, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's really sad that this is what the Democrats are doing.
It's all by design and they know it.
But they just figured, hey, these people are so desperate and stupid, they'll fall for this too.
I'm Joe Biden.
I've been in government for 50 years and I'm here to help.
I'm Joe Biden.
I put millions of black people in jail for crack and I'm here to help.
I'm Joe Biden.
My son's a drug addict, sex addict, freak, and I'm here to help.
Hi, we're the Democrats.
We put you into poverty.
We put your cities into a state of emergency every night.
And we're here to help.
So this is going to be disastrous.
I don't know how this turns around.
We've already warned you.
Get out of Democrat-run cities.
If you haven't yet, I mean, now is the time, folks, because with crime already skyrocketing, this is going to make it tenfold.
This is only going to make it tenfold.
So, could be weeks, could be months, could be years.
If this policy happens, you will see the inner cities completely go to chaos.
So leaked documents out of Canada last year
Show that the entire COVID response was already pre-planned.
Now we already know that from other such things like event 201 and Crimson Contagion and other leaks but people have been specifically monitoring
The leaked documents from Canada that showed all the plans for COVID deep into the year 2021, which just shows you, it's not about science.
It's not about data.
It's all pre-planned.
It's all a power grab.
It's all a takeover, is what it is.
So in case you didn't have enough evidence of that, there's just more out there.
And it ties into the stimulus that they're giving out.
But you know, I realized something in the break here.
It was so obvious, as I'm thinking of the headline for the segment, Upload to Banned Out Video, that I can't believe I missed this point, but it's clear to me now.
So, again, the Biden administration is going to be paying $3,600 a month to 39 million households in the U.S.
And it just hit me like a ton of bricks.
Okay, yeah, just like every other Democrat policy, it's going to lead to poverty and destruction and crime.
We know that.
But here's the thing that I just completely missed.
This is the Biden administration paying Democrat voters $3,600 a month.
That's what this is.
And I don't know if anybody that does data and tracking and analytics and logistics and demographics and stuff,
And they might not be able to do it until this plan is actually put into practice to analyze the data.
I guarantee you, if you analyze this data of the 39 million homes that are about to get $3,600 in stimulus checks, I guarantee you the vast majority, the vast majority if they voted, voted Democrat, I would say 90%.
And then others probably just didn't vote.
So this is Democrats paying off their voters and then putting them on the Democrat dole to get them to keep going back and voting Democrat.
This is a desperate move.
This is a communist takeover.
This is Joe Biden and the Democrats paying their Democrat voters
A good reward of a stimulus check for going along with the Democrat policies, going along with the shutdowns, going along with the racism and the riots and everything.
Go along with it.
Shut your mouth.
Play along.
Now you're getting your payment.
$3,600 a month.
Your whole city is destroyed and you have no future.
But $3,600 a month to vote Democrat.
And you can go.
There's no such thing as a blue state, by the way.
Because you can go look at voter turnout numbers, and they have all these color-graded maps, and it shows the whole country is red, except for the major cities run by Democrats, where the population density is.
You look at Illinois, it's all red except for Chicago.
In fact, there's a new account on Twitter, it's things like Red Eagle Politics, that's actually putting out the actual data.
From the 2016 to the 2020 election, and what it shows is not only that the 2020 election was stolen, in all of these red areas, all got more red.
The only places where Democrats picked up votes were in major cities like Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh, and Arizona, and Atlanta, where Biden somehow quadrupled as many votes as Hillary Clinton.
I mean, just magically quadrupled.
So, that's America!
All red, except for Democrat-run areas where they have the population density and they pay off their voters with now stimulus money.
But they have all kinds of different ways of paying off their voters.
And it's all going to inner cities that end up voting Democrat.
Unbelievable to see this happening in real time.
But there it is.
Let's look at some of this other news here.
Police departments across America preparing for a violent summer.
That's right, it's riot season, ladies and gentlemen.
Democrat riot season, and you still have the Floyd-Chauvin verdict kind of sitting out there.
A mistrial, I feel, is imminent.
With all the shenanigans that the Democrats were up to, and the media, and the jurors lying too.
So this is just incredible.
But we know how these things go.
They always get away with these crimes somehow.
So maybe we shouldn't be so sure of it.
But yeah, everybody knows the Democrats are just a powder keg.
As soon as the mainstream media lights it, riots will commence across this country.
Really, really amazing.
After years of harassing the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the fake news New York Times finally admits the Steele dossier was a lie that never materialized or had been proven false.
You know what?
Let me come back to that because I think that got mixed in with this stack.
Let me get into this other stack where I wanted to go though.
So the hate crimes against Asians continuing to happen by white supremacists, as you can see here guys,
It's another white supremacist in New York City attacking Asians.
It's really incredible.
Now, I'm being facetious, but here's the funny thing about all these reports.
They always identify somebody unless they're black.
So it's an Asian female identified.
But the white supremacist black lady that assaulted her, she's just an individual.
See how that works?
Because you're not allowed to say that.
But here's what you need to understand, because there is actually rhyme and reason to this.
You are a white supremacist if you voted Trump.
You are a white supremacist if you attack an Asian or really anybody in the streets if you're a white supremacist.
So white supremacy has no longer anything to do with your actual skin color.
It's 100% to do with your politics or your violent behavior.
So if you're violent and you attack Asians,
In San Francisco or New York, you're a white supremacist.
So I just want you to understand that.
I mean, you knew that if you were black and you voted for Trump, obviously you were a white supremacist.
But now, if you're black and you attack Asians, you're a white supremacist.
Kind of like this individual in Los Angeles, another white supremacist who held up an Asian at gunpoint.
Who robbed him and held him up at gunpoint, another white supremacist.
So it's amazing how many black people becoming white supremacists overnight by committing these violent crimes.
Here's another one.
Disabled army veteran attacked by four black women, white supremacists calling her a white bitch.
Court to decide if it's a hate crime.
Yeah, because we don't really know.
But they're white now, so that can't be a hate crime against your own skin color, right?
I mean,
If you commit a violent crime against somebody because of their skin color, that makes you a white supremacist.
It doesn't matter what your skin color is or what the skin color is of your victim, you're a white supremacist as soon as that activity commences.
So here you can see this man in a Pittsburgh Pirates ball cap holding a man up at gunpoint.
That is a white supremacist.
So just understand this is how the world works now, okay?
Now, of course,
This is all a lie.
I just lied to you.
But that's what the mainstream media and the Democrats want you to believe.
Now here's one of the biggest lies of all time.
The Steele dossier.
So now even the mainstream news is admitting it's fake.
But remember,
Even when the Steele dossier was being introduced to get warrants to spy and being brought to members of Congress and members of the bureaucracy, they all said it's fake!
It was only the Obama administration and the radical lefties under Brennan and Clapper and Comey that wanted to continue to lie that the Steele dossier was real.
Everybody knew it was fake, folks.
Everybody knew it was fake.
They all knew it was fake.
Oh, but now all the media members that got duped, they're now admitting it was fake.
Here's something incredible about this.
Everybody in this audience probably knows about the Steele dossier and how fake it was.
Not many people know about the Manafort Little Black Book, or Little Black Book, or Little Brown Book.
This was the Steele dossier against Manafort.
Now, notice how you don't really hear about that.
It was so fake!
It was so unbelievably fake, and it was used to destroy Manafort!
Something fake!
Something entirely fabricated!
These are sick people, man.
I'm telling you, there need to be mass arrests of the Obama administration, mass arrests of Fauci and Gates.
This is the only way we're going to save this planet, or you know where they're taking it, man.
The world is starting to pay attention to the fact that I don't just say the things I say on air for shock value.
I don't just make the claims that I make because I want people to tune into my show.
I say these things because I've done deep research on the globalists, I know what their goals are, and I understand how they operate.
And you have to understand, the globalists are a consortium
I don't know.
Openly sided with the Communist Chinese and believed that it was time for the Communist Chinese century, that the Council on Foreign Relations and other people have talked about, to come to the front.
Now, the globalists set up Communist China, where it gets all the rare earth minerals, it gets all the jobs, because tariffs are put inside Western countries, in Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, which are regulatory tariffs.
Where it's impossible for us to compete with the Communist Chinese.
Because we have higher energy costs, we have green regulations, now the carbon taxes.
That is designed to make the jobs go to China.
But China, under the trilateral agreement, was to not become dominant in military force, and to contain themselves to only their borders.
Well, Communist China has now expanded out.
They violated their deals with Hong Kong and Taiwan.
They're moving into the Philippines.
They're moving into the South China Sea.
They're trying to take islands away that have been historically Japan's.
Because they've so infiltrated the United States and Europe with their double agents, they've been so successful buying up most of Hollywood, four of the six big production houses, the big studios.
But they're very, very arrogant.
And the Chinophiles, like Bill Gates and others,
With the Confucian societies at the universities believe that they are invincible.
I mean, you've got
Mark Zuckerberg trying to name his first child, Xi Jinping, and calling Xi Xi and saying, I worship you, please let me name my child after you.
And he said, no.
That's why you see the leader of Canada, Trudeau, saying, I want to be a dictator like Xi Jinping.
That's a real video.
I want to be a Chinese dictatorship.
What do you want to grow up and be, Trudeau?
I want to be a dictator like Xi Jinping.
But that's what his father wanted.
His father admired Mao Zedong.
So this is real authoritarianism.
They've decided to go that route.
We've not resisted them properly.
So then you have to ask, well, why is Bill Gates in trouble?
Why did I say a few months ago they're going to bring down Bill Gates?
Why did I say Klaus Schwab is in danger of being brought down?
Because their agenda didn't succeed fully.
And they were supposed to have the big lockdown to put the world under a world ID and to put the world under a global social credit score based on China, but not to keep us locked down while China reopened.
It was only meant to get rid of Trump and punish Bolsonaro and bring
The leader of the UK, Boris Johnson, under heel, under control.
But see, the globalists began to leverage it.
The China arm of the globalists began to leverage and continue a global depression to consolidate power and control, completely collapsing the third world, and so endangering the West with migrant flows that they thought it was becoming too extreme.
So what you have is two different major
How did I tell you 14 years ago, 10 years ago, 3 years ago, 2 years ago, and just last November, I guess it was late October with Joe Rogan, that specifically that Bill Gates did not meet with Jeffrey Epstein one time like he said.
In the past he lied and said he never met with him.
He met with him hundreds and hundreds of times and now you notice
That mainstream news is reporting the Daily Beast, the New York Post, and even Reuters and AP, and that's on the cover of People Magazine when you're at the grocery store.
But he met with them dozens or more times.
Well, of course he did, because they're in the same business.
Controlling the scientific elite of the major colleges so they can carry out things like the COVID-19.
The power grab.
Bill Gates has control of almost all the major health services of the world.
He has control of the NIH here in the United States, the National Health Service in the UK.
He has control of almost every nation except India that threw him out a few years ago.
And so again, they pushed this project, they launched this project, they got enough of the establishment on board going back into December of 2019 to go ahead and pull the trigger on it.
But as the program got revealed, and as there was a massive backlash globally, and as the program began to fail, because scientists and doctors were able to override big tech censorship, now the globalists are backing away from Gates, and away from Schwab, and away from others, because they weren't doing this to bring in the New World Order, as it was said to be built by the Rockefellers and others, and British royalty and the Rothschilds.
This was one
Basically for the Chi-Coms now and the super predator Gates and others went ahead and made their move with the UN double-crossing the other globalist power axis.
Also when they set up this plan back in the 1970s to have China dominate economically worldwide so the globalists could leverage control and use economic warfare to bring the West to its knees,
Russia was still there.
And Russia was still seen as being part of the global opposition system.
But now that Russia is its own standalone country and rejecting globalism and Soros and depopulation and the whole trans agenda, the new order has an even bigger problem on its hands.
And so the world is not just unipolar with the US as the lone superpower now.
It's not just bipolar with communist China.
It's not just tripolar with the European Union bureaucracy as corrupt as it is, still has a lot of power.
It's not just having four poles with the UK and what's left of the remnants of the Anglo-American establishment allied with the US.
But because Russia has nuclear weapons and all that energy, and it isn't going along with the agenda, and also has more borders with more countries than any other nation in the world, they are the ace in the hole that is causing this system to not basically come to fruition like the globalists have wanted it to.
So, bottom line, there's infighting inside the New World Order going on right now.
And the reason this is important is, it's essential to nail Gates politically to the wall, and to nail Schwab, and to nail the UN, and to nail the head of the WHO, who clearly cooked up the virus, gave it in a function, released it, censored everybody so we couldn't stand up to him, exaggerated its strength, tried to have a permanent lockdown to cripple economies and consolidate control while Gates bought up all the farmland.
If they aren't punished,
Then the globalists will continue with the blueprint of the COVID lockdown in the future with new releases, new variants, or hyping up a new pneumonia or a new flu, as they're already saying, to bring back the mask, to bring back the non-essential, to lock you in your homes, to consolidate more economic control.
I think?
They will take off the pressure so that the opposition dissipates, and then they'll bring the pressure back again.
So they only advance when they're not getting major resistance.
So just as the sun came up this morning, guaranteed, while everybody's celebrating, thinking the lockdowns are over, they are coming back.
They're already still in place in Australia, areas of Europe, the UK, with a permanent control grid.
And so those groups are just a few steps ahead of us.
That's why we have to repudiate the whole system and expose the system and expose how damaged many people are going to be from these deadly gene therapy systems they've already been given, which is the soft kill program.
So as good as it is that the globalists are in trouble, that this arm of the globalists is being repudiated, we're still in grave danger because the depopulation operation has already been launched.
And so now, again, we have to tend to the sick and dying and the unfolding lies and the attempts to turn our children against us, like the new modern Hitler youth, to demand that they be vaccinated using their ignorance.
We have to go on the offense, politically, culturally, spiritually, and repudiate and expose this whole system or it's just going to keep coming back like basically a bad case of the herpes.
Notice, the level of lockdown people live under is a level they accept.
If you accept it in Canada, it never ends.
If you accept it in the UK, it never ends.
If you accept it in Florida, it never ends.
But if you don't accept it, well then your leaders can stand with you and have a prosperous future.
And most leaders want that, but they're up against the media, the big banks, and the globalists.
And so if you don't show leadership on the grassroots, the leaders will never basically appear from amongst our ranks to turn this tide of tyranny.
So basically, this is a long war we're all in.
Very, very serious war and we are starting to win this first big battle, but not without huge casualties.
I want to thank Owen Troyer for the incredible job he's done today.
And I just want to thank the entire crew for the work that they've done.
I want to thank the listeners.
I want to thank God, most importantly.
And of course, I want to thank my family as well.
And we seem to take stock of how serious the situation is and regroup and move forward and not just dust ourselves off and forget what we've just been through because we're still in the middle of the fight and the enemy is just getting ready to strike again, but yes.
We've had some victories in way lower numbers of people took the deadly shots than they thought.
And having half the NIH not take the shot is just a huge victory.
So put that in the face of these vaccine bullies and vaccine pushers when they try to make you submit.
All right, more transmissions coming up in a moment.
Please stay with us and please spread the word.
If you're watching and listening to this transmission, you are the resistance.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I am signing off of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm about to go get ready to host the War Room.
Gerald Cilente is going to take over here on the fourth hour, but we're going to play a John Bowne report here, but I had to just interrupt for a second because, you know, we would never, obviously, we would never intentionally deceive
Or lie to you.
That's something we would never do.
But sometimes, accidentally, I may say something wrong on air, but we always correct the record as soon as we can.
So, I was covering the stimulus payments that Biden is promoting or promising to Democrat voters in inner cities.
And just to be clear, it's a monthly payment that could equal $36,000 a year is what they're proposing now.
So it's not $3,600 a month, it'll be monthly payments to get to $3,600 a year is what they're proposing.
Wasn't intentionally trying to deceive.
Wanted to correct that record.
We're not like the fake news.
If we get something wrong, we'll correct it.
But that was unintentional, but now there you go.
Now, I'll be hosting the War Room.
We've got a lot of great guests coming on today.
You're not going to want to miss it.
In the meantime, here is the latest report from John Bowne on the epidemic of homelessness happening in Austin and other major cities in the U.S.
that can be found at Banned.Video.
Austin, Texas is a microcosm for the progressive policies targeting homelessness.
Are you a criminal though?
I mean, we've had a camping ban in Austin for 30 years.
So how do you feel about the mayor and the fact that he was given millions and millions of dollars and basically dragged his feet for a couple of years?
That's a good question.
They were very aware of it.
They just didn't know anything about it.
That's kind of a insult, to be honest.
Goaded on by the propaganda of the Austin American statesman, Austin's city council has predictably ignored the will of angered taxpayers.
Taxpayers that voted overwhelmingly on a proposition that would remove the Skid Row Californication of a once thriving downtown.
A popular destination that has been transformed from the live music capital of the world to a homeless industrial complex replete with a Groundhog Day rash of machete fights,
Calling about a male cut to the neck with a machete.
Tent fires.
A prominent camp in downtown Austin was engulfed in flames this morning.
The camp was on Cesar Chavez across from the Central Library.
And rampant drug use.
Crews had to shut down a busy Austin road for hours today because of a fire underneath the street.
Homeless people had made a camp down there complete with rooms, tons of trash, and hundreds of needles.
Battalion Chief Matt Cox says this camp has been around for about 10 years, with anywhere from 20 to 100 people living here.
A byproduct of the crisis caused by the massive closure of state psychiatric facilities that exponentially increased in 2005.
As 3.4% of Americans, more than 8 million people suffer from serious psychological problems.
But rather than listen to their constituents' desperate concerns to deal with the problem compassionately and rationally... With the federal funding coming for the COVID relief, I think we actually can put in place the resources necessary to actually get people out of the tents and into a better, safer place.
And this election, both sides, I think, indicate that's what people want.
The Austin City Council is secretly buying up hotels with millions of taxpayer and federal dollars to house chronic homelessness in residential areas that will attract thousands of homeless from out of state, ruining businesses, raising property taxes, and threatening lives.
Neighbors continue to protest plans to convert a Northwest Austin hotel into a homeless shelter.
Back in February, the city voted to buy the Candlewood Suites for $9.5 million.
That property sits near US-183 in the city of Austin, but it's also in Williamson County.
Williamson County commissioners say they were kept in the dark about the plans and have filed a lawsuit to stop it.
These hotels critically come with the level of mental health care, case management,
I'm good.
Frida just had an experience where she demanded cigarettes.
And when she couldn't give her cigarettes, she couldn't offer cigarettes, she was basically saying she's going to burn down Frida.
Now these are our experiences.
What do you want us to do at that point?
How do we deal with it?
So the woman came into the restaurant.
She sat in the lobby area.
She asked for money.
She asked my hostess for money, cigarettes.
What I hear from the community is...
You know, they're worried about sending their kids to school.
They are worried that they'll be encountering more needles and, you know, mental illness.
There are incidents already happening in the community from stabbing to guns to all of it.
How the city plans to keep the community safe?
Two important questions lurk behind the facade of the Austin City Council's feigned incompetence.
The first is, where is all of the money really going?
Until we have a full and transparent audit, there is no way to tell.
And the second question involves Mayor Steve Adler's membership in the 30,000-strong organization known as the United States Conference of Mayors.
Which has recently adopted liberal globalist policies on everything from immigration to COVID to homelessness while demanding billions in federal aid.
Policies extending the United Nations Great Reset right into your backyard.
We will primary them out!
John Bowne reporting.
I'm not gonna sit here and take it anymore!
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show!
You know, we're in a very, very important time right now.
And this is very big.
We're going to this is, it's a whole new world that has come about.
And the reality is with the COVID war, what the implications are, and the changes that have taken place.
In 2020, the whole world changed.
Who would have ever thought
That a couple of politicians and the bureaucrats could lock down most of the world.
It's not only the United States, it's everywhere.
Except China, where the COVID war began.
You go back to January 2020.
Lunar New Year!
How about Lunatic New Year?
Read the cover of our Trends Journal back then, January 28th.
Coronavirus, 106 dead in China.
It was all the news, all the news.
106 people died in China.
Oh my God!
Oh, there's only 1.4 billion?
And only about 1.5 million die every year from air pollution.
That's why they wear these stupid masks all the time?
Not all the time, but a lot.
So what was going on back then?
There were protests in Hong Kong.
Couldn't stop them.
I was on Hong Kong TV throughout 2019.
Talked to the reporters, you know, the guys, you know, between breaks.
So what's going on over there?
Oh no, we're not going to stop.
We're not going to let them rule us.
People in Hong Kong can't stand the Chinese coming in there.
Even though they're Chinese.
Ain't their kind of cats.
Hong Kong, a place of about 7 million people.
A million people taking to the streets.
A million out of 7 million.
You can't get a million people in America out of 332 million to go marching one day against anything just about.
That's how much they were opposed.
COVID war breaks out, China locks down everything.
These are facts.
And they stopped the Hong Kong protests.
They couldn't stop them before.
Could not stop.
So, then they passed a security law.
And now they're throwing them all in jail.
So going back to why this is so important, what we're talking about.
The Chinese economy was the only economy, major economy, that had positive gross domestic product in 2020.
As I said, the 20th century was the American century.
The 21st century is going to be the Chinese century.
The business of America has been war.
The business of China has been business.
Oh yeah, you go to the Veterans for Peace thing, you know, and they have that little clip down the bottom.
We've only spent about $6 trillion of our money
Since the lying, murderous, piece of garbage, scum, lowlife, little daddy's boy, born on third base, Georgie Bush, another little nothing of a clown, a freak, and Alfred E. Newman from Mad Magazine, started the Afghan war, huh?
They're gonna get that guy, Osama Bin Laden, dead or alive!
Oh, you forgot that?
Oh, yeah.
And now we're there 20 years and now they're going to wind down the war?
Oh, it only costs about $6 trillion between that and the Iraq War based on lies by the murderous, slimy scum of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.
Oh, I might be censored for calling him a Dick Cheney.
I should be more proper.
Penis Cheney.
And how about his daughter?
Now they're pushing her out.
Another one, born on third base, a Cheney girl over there, thought she had a home run.
It's one big club and you ain't in it, as George Carlin said.
You got it?
Look around.
Going back, everything changed in 2020.
2020 is a repeat of what that lying scum Bush did
And the dumbo craps and the repulsive kins that came out with the Patriot Act.
Could you get a better word?
Orwell couldn't have invented a better one.
The Patriot Act.
It's an unpatriotic act that has robbed us of our rights.
Now we move into the COVID war and I got these little boys and girls over there playing governor, mayor or whatever, telling us what to do, robbing us of our rights in the Constitution.
You read the Trends Journal from last week.
And listen to me on the air before then.
I said they're going to start loosening up the regulations.
They know how bad the economy's going down.
And that's exactly what they did.
That other... Nothing.
Again, one big club.
Yeah, the one that went to Harvard.
Yeah, Harvard.
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs, and banks.
Yeah, that Rochelle Walensky, the one that's head of the CDC, the criminal defense contract.
There's a notice.
Sentence of disease control and prevention.
Listen to her last Wednesday on CNBC.
Having a discussion.
Well, the science is evolving.
Things are moving.
We don't know if we could, even if people are vaccinated, can they take the masks off?
That was on Wednesday.
On Thursday, boop!
Fatshah Brut, oh, I could say that because I go after Lola, L-O-L-A, Lola, our health secretary.
Rachel, Richard, Richard, Rachel Levin.
Again, I got these people telling me what to do, and bam, she turns around like that.
On Thursday, okay, you don't have to wear your masks.
Don't have to wear your masks.
Overnight, overnight, and what I've been writing in the Trends Journal since the very beginning, they're making this crap up.
There is no scientific, there is.
Get back, get back to where he once belonged.
Yeah, get back, Rachel.
They're making this crap up.
Crapheads, crapsters.
The gang.
The mob.
No scientific evidence.
And when it comes out, they push it away.
Oh, you remember the Danish study that came out last November?
That the masks are useless?
You forgot that little lying little scum freak Fauci, the fraud, going back to March 2020 on CBS saying don't wear the mask.
They don't do anything.
Only sick people should wear them.
CDC, New England Journal of Medicine, World Health Organization, all saying, no, no, don't wear them.
And then they force them to wear them, and then they, boom, they turn around.
They changed the thing in June of 2020 to
I'm saying this because you've just seen the control the government can have on the people.
They are going to use the control that they have put on us to take more power away from us.
This is going to be continuing because there are other big things happening.
Remember one of the slogans I say, when all else fails, they take you to war.
And boy oh boy, oh I gotta say boy oh girl, is war heating up.
And when we get back, we're gonna be talking more about that.
It's ready to explode.
And with it, so too will oil prices.
And you think inflation's bad now?
You haven't seen anything yet.
Can't figure out why gold just spiked up so much today.
And silver, just as we had forecast,
Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come.
And when we come back, we're going to tell you how to prepare, prevail and prosper.
We'll be right back.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
I'm very, very pleased to be here.
And I admire what Alex does in the crew to bring freedom and liberty back to the people.
And as you may know, or may not know, I launched Occupy Peace.
Way back in, way back, 2015, OccupyPeace.com.
And I'm a believer in America and what the country stands for and the founding fathers.
Beginning with George Washington, a real president, the guy that fought not like these little boys that couldn't fight the weight of a paper bag.
And his farewell addresses no foreign entanglements.
And I'm mentioning this because what's going on now in Israel and Palestine.
I want to make this real clear.
Don't call me an anti-Semite, anybody, when I call things out the way I see them.
I just talked about America, that the business of China is business, and that's why they're going to be the head of the 21st century.
And the business of America's war.
So don't call me an anti-American.
I'm a pro-American.
I own the most historic buildings in America.
The most historic four corners of America.
Where the seeds of democracy were sown.
And I bought them only for that reason.
Right over there.
I can almost hit it with a stone.
It was how young I could have.
Is where the Constitution for Kingston, New York was written.
When it was the capital of New York State.
And John Jay, the first, you know, Chief Supreme Court Justice there, you hear him.
He was a judge over here.
And the Constitution that was written for New York State over here in Kingston, when it was the first capital, over 70% of America's Constitution comes from that.
The British burnt the place down, and that's why they moved the capital to Albany.
And I was the assistant, by the way, of the Secretary of the New York State Senate up in Albany, so I know a little bit about this stuff, about how disgusting the political system is.
So, when I talk about democracy in America and what the country stands for and the four corners of freedom over here, I'm not calling an anti-American when I come out against murderers who start wars based on lies.
Look how much product we're importing from Vietnam.
I'm of the age of the Vietnam War when we're all getting drafted.
There's commies they're going to take over.
We let Vietnam get the commie over there and the dominoes are going to keep falling.
They're going to hit California.
I'm not making that up.
That's the crap they were shoving down our throat.
But it's okay to do business with the Commies, huh?
And Communist China, huh?
That's different.
All about money.
Now we'll go back to what's going on.
Yep, there we go.
And the bombing, and what's going on in Gaza.
You go back and read our trends journals.
Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister,
Could not put together a coalition to have him run the country.
Four elections in two years.
Again, these are just facts.
And don't call me an anti-Semite because I'm doing this.
And by the way, three of my last four girlfriends were Jewish.
And you know that joke.
You know why?
Jewish men die before their wives?
They want to!
Oh, he gets it.
It's a joke.
It's a joke.
I call out Cuomo.
I call out Fauci.
I call out that Slimer who's running Italy, the Prime Minister, Draghi.
If their name was Draghi-Steen or Fauci-Off or Cuomo-Berg, then I'd be an anti-Semite?
So I call it out the way I see it.
And what's going on now with Israel bombing Gaza, 38,000 people, according to the United Nations, have nowhere to go.
2,500 have lost their homes or now, you know, they're gone.
How did it start?
When all else fails, they take you to war.
Netanyahu couldn't win the election.
When this broke out last Monday, there was a deal that was being put together with the Arab, the Arab coalition in Israel.
20% of Israel is Palestinian.
And the right-wing faction, they were going to bring in a new government and get rid of Netanyahu.
These are facts.
All your facts are detailed in the Trends Journal.
And more this week.
Oh, they're shooting rockets over there!
Rockets compared to the bombs?
And why are they shooting rockets?
Oh, it couldn't be because last Saturday and Sunday the Israeli troops, a thousand of them, went into the mosque shooting, you know, stun grenades and rubber bullets.
No, no, no.
You're a militant.
You're a militant in Iraq if you want to get the Americans out.
You're a militant in Afghanistan if you want to get the occupying Americans out.
And you're a militant when you fight against murder.
How about payback's a bitch?
Netanyahu, we wrote in the Trends Journal, when all else fails, they take you to war.
And they're taking us to war.
This is unprecedented, what's going on.
And we, the people of the United States, the rockets, by the way, that they're shooting into Israel, where they killed about 10 people so far and two children, over 200 Palestinians are dead, about 40 children, 53 women, on and on.
And we the people are paying for this.
Israel has better education system, better healthcare system than us, and we're sending in over three billion dollars a year?
Some 38 billion bucks?
I don't want my money going to Israel.
Don't want it going to Italy.
Don't want it going to Ireland.
Don't want it going to anywhere but America.
Oh yeah, I want it going to people if there's a hurricane or some disaster, natural disaster, let's help out.
I'm totally against this.
I'm an American.
As Eisenhower said, five-star General, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces, two-term President.
The military-industrial complex is robbing the nation of the genius of scientists, sweat of the laborers, and the future of the children.
That's all this is.
So this doesn't end
You're going to start seeing bloodshed throughout the Middle East like we've never seen before.
Because the Arab nations are now coalescing against Israel.
This has to stop.
We need peace on Earth.
Goodwill to men.
This thing continues.
You're going to see oil prices spike.
This is what I was talking about before.
We're going to be back and talk about the implications.
Scraping on the Alex Jones Show and I appreciate what Alex Jones does and the staff.
Great team.
And you have to do everything you can to support them.
Support the truth.
Alex doesn't censor me.
I say what I want to say.
You know, we talk to each other and, you know, he's nice.
And Gerald, there's no censorship here.
I mean, you know, not agree with you, but, but, but, you know, you, you say what you want to say.
And they're killing it.
They're destroying it.
They're censoring it.
So it's up to you to do what you can to support InfoWars.
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And that's where it needs to go.
We all need to go to the higher level.
And they're doing all they can to make it happen.
As I said, price is only going to go up.
We're in an inflation cycle here.
And that they're keeping these prices at these levels is wow.
And again, the inflation cycle is real.
You got COPPA, Dr. COPPA, we call it, almost at an all-time high.
It just came down a little bit.
You call it Dr. COPPA because COPPA is using everything.
From high-tech to heavy industry.
That tells you where the demand is and where inflation is going.
Going back to what's going on in Israel, you see Brent Crude, before I went on the air, was just touching $70 a barrel.
Brent Crude spikes up to $80, $90 a barrel.
Here we got Dr. Kappa.
It goes up
And people aren't going to see consumption going way down as inflation keeps going way up.
If oil prices break into the $100 a barrel range, you are going to see a global economic crash like that.
But within a blink of an eye, gone, finito.
Inflation is the big worry here.
Before I get into inflation, where it's going and what it means, I want to go back to what's going on in Israel.
Again, we've been writing about this and in this edition, we're going to have a special report.
And so how it started.
In last week's Trends Journal, Israeli troops stormed Mosque, bombed Gaza.
We reported that about a thousand Israeli security forces stormed the Al-Asqa Mosque
In East Jerusalem, injuring more than 300 Palestinians, Israeli police said the raid was in response to Palestinians who threw stones and launched fireworks during an earlier demonstration.
They threw stones and launched fireworks, and you're going with a thousand troops into a mosque?
Oh, during Holy Week.
Oh, yeah.
Now, as reported in this Sunday's New York Times,
Now remember the New York Times is pro-Israeli.
27 days before Hamas fired a rocket into Israel, an Israeli police squad stormed the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.
This isn't the one I just mentioned, this is before that.
Pushing parishioners aside,
All right.
And then what else did Hamas do?
Excuse me, what Israel did?
They bombed a 13-story office building and apartment complex that house Al Jazeera and Associated Press.
That's right.
Kill the media.
So they can't tell you what's going on?
Oh no!
We blew it up because Hamas was in there!
Hamas was in there!
Well, guess what?
Just today they asked our U.S.
Secretary of State, little boy Blinken, who blinked, that no proof, Israel has provided no proof,
That Hamas had anything to do with anything there.
13-story building.
People living in it.
Oh, they fired rockets, huh?
When Israel has some of the most sophisticated weaponry in the world.
Oh, including nuclear bombs!
Only about 300 of them, depending on whose numbers you look at.
This is getting out of control.
Again, we only write the details.
And Blinken was asked how to ease tensions, and he said he doesn't know.
So there's where we're at.
They're killing the press, and they're killing people.
This has to stop.
Again, I launched Occupy Peace, and on May 29th, I'm having a rally here.
There it goes.
Look at this.
Look at this.
Look at this.
You think there's going to be blowback?
You think there's going to be blowback?
Suppose this was your office, your house, you have everything in there, and it's gone.
The sad part about this too, is this is going to cause more anti-Semitism.
We have to stop this.
The world is coming out against this.
Yeah, there's going to be the people who support it, but a lot aren't.
I'm having a rally to unite for freedom, peace, and justice.
Because if we don't, we're looking at the third world war if this thing blows up in the Middle East.
They asked Einstein what kind of weapons will be used to fight the third world war.
He said, I don't know.
This is a guy with the atomic bomb, right?
He said, but they'll be using sticks and stones to fight the fourth.
So again, do everything you can to support peace.
Go to OccupyPeace.com, OccupyPeace.com, and support InfoWars.
Hey, hey, hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show, and remember what I'm saying.
Get it in your head and make it clear.
You're doing everything to censor freedom of the speech.
They're going to do everything they can to lock it down.
And these lockdowns, by the way, as I mentioned at the beginning of the broadcast, are just one example of the power the government has stolen from us in a country near you.
I want to go back quickly on the mask charade that this CDC threw out.
This Dr. Walensky, this will be in this week's Trends Journal, as recently as
March 30th, Dr. Lewinsky's mood was literally one of impending COVID doom.
That's precisely what she called it.
Participating in a briefing on that date, she appeared to grow emotional as she shared her innermost feelings with those assembled.
Quote, I'm going to pause here, she said.
I'm going to lose the script and I'm going to reflect
On the recurring feelings I have of impending doom.
We have so much to look forward to, so much promise and potential of where we are.
And so much reason for hope.
But right now I'm scared!
That's March, right?
April, middle of May, what was that, a couple of weeks ago?
As Fatshah Bruth put out that line.
Selling fear and hysteria!
How about F.U.
You're full of crap!
Last Wednesday, you said that the science was evolving on Masquerade.
And then on Thursday,
You said, hey, you get that vax, you could take the mask off inside or out.
You're full of crap.
You're crapsters.
You're making up this garbage.
Oh, here's a story over here in the toilet paper record, even.
You ready?
Huge exaggeration over outdoor transmission.
Huge exaggeration.
Chances of getting it outside are like 1%.
But yet there are people masked up outside making this crap up by crapsters.
Or crap heads.
Or crap mouths.
Because you got another one there too.
Again, these are our health experts.
We got this other clown that they keep bringing up into the media on meet the prostitutes.
Yeah, meet the prostitutes puts up this guy, Michael
Osterholm, Director of the Center for Infectious Disease and Policy at the University of Minnesota.
This guy, you look at this unhealthy piece of fat mouth garbage crap telling me what to do?
You look at his picture, you can't believe this.
And this guy's the head of it?
They call him, by the way, quote, one of the nation's top infectious disease experts.
I'd say one of the nation's pieces of crap that shoots out BS.
Here's what he said.
Back in February.
He said.
That the United States was facing a Category 5 storm as coronavirus variants begin to spread across the country.
We are going to see something like we've never yet seen in the country!
And as fast as we're opening restaurants, you ready?
We're likely going to be closing them down in near term.
Hey, fat boy, a fat mouth with all that chins and blubber hanging all over your face and that ugly looking thing you got there looks like you eat junk all the time.
You were wrong.
But guess what?
They brought him back on Meet the Prestitutes.
Reappearing on Meet the Prestitutes last month,
The unhealthy looking health expert said, quote, let me say that at this time, we are really in a category five hurricane status with regard to the rest of the world.
We're just at the beginning of this surge.
We haven't even really begun to see it yet, he spewed.
And we write again, despite the false forecasts, the same media health experts are regurgitated back into the media, selling messages that keep the general public living in COVID fear.
Look at this guy.
Look at this guy, health expert.
And that's a good picture of him.
He got all the makeup on him.
You see without the makeup, holy crap.
Yeah, COVID.
All right.
This is what they're selling.
So now, the time we have left, I'm going to stay on the economy.
And I want to remember you about March 29th.
Go to OccupyPeace.com.
And please, if you're in the area in Kingston, New York, on the most historic four corners of America, join us to unite for freedom, peace and justice at our Memorial Day Rally.
Oh, and Smokey UML, one of the hottest jazz cats coming up with the coolest guys from New Orleans.
Top of the top.
We're gonna have music, food, entertainment, great speakers.
Please try to come here.
And if you can't come, donate something.
Put your money where your heart is.
Can't fight this on my own.
All right.
My daddy didn't leave me money.
I didn't get here because I was born on Third Basin at a home run.
But they gave me my heart and my soul and everything that I am.
So that's I'm blessed.
So I need your help.
We need your help.
We must unite.
Trends Journal, of course, subscribe to that if you want to read history before it happens so you can see what's going on.
Back to the economy.
Gold is spiking again.
The cryptocurrencies are going down.
Are they going to go back up?
I don't know.
The game is rigged.
You saw that that guy must shut his mouth off and the stuff started going down.
If cryptos were in here, gold would be in the 2000 range, 3000 range.
Silver would be over a hundred bucks.
Are the cryptos going to go up?
I believe they will be.
But we're going to be giving you the downside risks in Bitcoin.
In this edition of the Trends Journal.
Inflation is the reality.
It costs now $36,000
More in just lumber, just lumber to build the average home.
Tin prices, all time high.
One after another.
Now, why is this so important?
Well, besides it costing us more money to live and eat.
What you're going to see is interest rates go up.
Because when interest rates go up, this economy crashes down.
The housing boom, the equity market boom, all cheap money.
Zero and negative interest rate policy in many countries around the world.
When the Fed raises interest rates, 1.5%, boom, zap, it's over.
The greatest depression will happen.
That's why we're telling you now to prepare, prevail, and prosper.
All that temperance, the food off the deals you're getting on InfoWars, you better prepare.
Because this thing's going to get ugly.
The dollar's not going to be worth anything the way they're doing it now, and now they're talking about even more stimulus.
The debt-to-GDP ratio right now in the United States is the worst it's been since World War II, and getting worse.
Now, go back to when Trump was president and the equity markets were going down.
Trump went after the Fed Chair Jerome Powell, forced them to lower interest rates, put pressure on them.
That's when, before the COVID war happened, late 2018.
All right?
They lowered interest rates.
The economy can't go on without the Fed injecting this monetary methadone into the system.
But when interest rates go up, this thing goes down.
And interest rates are going to go up when inflation skyrockets, as it's doing, no matter what they're saying.
So prepare for the future.
InfoWars helps you do it with the products that they're selling.
We help you do it with the Trends Journal, the magazine that gives you history before it happens.
So thank you for tuning in.
And remember, peace.
Do everything you can to bring it about.
Peace on Earth.
Goodwill to men and women.
Thank you.
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