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Name: 20210514_Fri_Alex
Air Date: May 14, 2021
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In this podcast, Alex Jones discusses various topics including election fraud, consumer products, global politics, censorship, pipeline shutdowns, Texas secession, COVID-19 vaccine, PCR tests, pedophilia teaching in public schools and the importance of staying politically engaged and resisting globalist control over information and resources. He encourages listeners to support him by purchasing products from his store and saving copies of his show for future reference.

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Evidence overwhelmingly shows now, and I've got a giant stack confirming it, law enforcement's investigating, that Dominion wiped all the servers illegally after the election and covered up the paper trail.
Of course we knew that.
And now, by the hand counts, they found that Trump won by a giant landslide, and the same tags were used in every other state, but they stole the election.
Friday Live Arizona investigation confirms systematic fraud.
Trump, clear winner.
The tactics formula used to steal Arizona mirror what transpired in other battleground states.
And then, this is a much-watched-listened edition of the live radio show, Globalist's document show that they're planning.
More lockdown soon.
Tune in and find out.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Well, the imposter in chief, the
Walking dead man, the zombie, the man that stumbles and falls upstairs, like some type of poltergeist, walked out yesterday from the White House without his mask on to do the little ritual of taking it off up on the stage.
And the world just marveled, we're free!
And he said, I'm giving you your freedom back.
You've earned your right to smile.
Oh, I'm sorry, he didn't say right.
He said the privilege to smile, seeing someone's face, I guess, in Saudi Arabia or in North Korea, because they're not in a death camp, or in one of the apple slave camps in China, or here in America, is now a privilege.
We have that clip coming up for you today on this live, May 14th, 2021 transmission.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
But here's really the big news.
I got a lot of phone calls last night from cousins and family.
And my wife asked me, once my daughter had gone to bed at about 9 at night, the youngest daughter, she said, OK, I mean, there's going to be a lot of traffic tomorrow.
Everybody thinks the country's reopened.
And she said, when do you think they're going to slam it back shut again?
Because she listens to the show.
And I said, well, I'll cover it all tomorrow.
But I laid it out for her.
The enemy battle plan tells us how they're going to do it.
And so guys, why don't you print me some of those articles about... Debo's group says we need bi-yearly lockdowns to lower carbon.
And then Greta Thunberg, who's a mouthpiece of the Rothschilds, she's like a little puppet.
Oh, hi!
I'm Greta Thunberg!
You need to cut all the carbon!
You need to pay the Rothschilds to live your life!
Not a very good friend, Trolloclus, but that's basically what's going on.
Oh, hi!
Let's get rid of all the humans!
So, we're going to be laying all that out today about, oh, we're learning that the government tells us when we can go outside, and they tell us when we can show our face.
They tell us if we're essential or non-essential when we take our experimental Franken-shots, but Fauci, the guy openly being investigated for launching the attack on purpose, we know he cooked up the COVID-19.
He said children that did not have vaccine cards can never show their face at football, or at school, or in the track field.
They're dirty little buggers.
They gotta have their little special ID showing we put in them what we wanted to's.
Or they can't show their dirty faces.
You hear that, you piehole Americans?
Cover your stinking filthy pieholes!
Fauci said so, huh?
And if you don't do what he says, he'll send a cop over there and beat you with a billy club.
Because we got plenty of video of that in Canada and Australia and Spain and UK and right here in America.
So we're going to be breaking it all down today.
And I'll even give you the timeline.
I mean, we know the timeline.
We got it from the EU.
We got out of documents in
Australia and in Canada where they would have phase one, phase two, phase three in Canada by phase three total martial law and to the day the documents said they did it.
Oh, but of course they said those documents were fake even though they were real.
Everybody asked eight months ago whether those were real or not.
I just search engine what was in the document and pulled up pieces of it in the EU and UN announcements and transcripts of speeches that premiers in Canada had given.
Of course the damn thing was real.
It's all in this book, which I re-read last weekend.
I read this stinking thing twice.
Makes me want to have a heart attack reading it.
He admits the whole thing!
He's just drooling over us and gloating!
I want Schwab arrested now!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center, in the heart of the Resistance, broadcasting worldwide in defiance of the New World Order, thanks to you, the people of the United States and the world.
So from myself, Alex Jones, to everyone else across the planet, I salute you, and I thank you for joining us here today.
Free bird, ladies and gentlemen!
That free bird's gonna fly.
And there's nothing the New World Order can do to stop it.
Their big, giant, planned lockdown counter-offensive that I laid out in my film, Endgame, 14 years ago, that they lay out in their Rockefeller plan 11 years ago.
was very successful at first but just like Napoleon and just like Hitler bogging down in the mud in Russia they bogged down again and now they're gonna get in trouble and now we're gonna launch our counter counter offensive against them and they're gonna pull a bunch of other dangerous evil stuff but now everybody's getting wise everybody knows that the captain lied
And they're talking to us all like we are idiots.
So let me give you the newsflash.
In the Great Reset, and that's the guy running the show, he's one of the top generals, along with Bill Gates and others, though Gates is being relieved of his command right now, because he's not been a very good spokesperson.
See, they're all psychotics and sociopaths, so they can't gauge how fake and wooden and leering and jackered Lannan is.
Like an evil jack-o'-lantern that gates this.
I mean, they don't think Schwab looks like Blofeld, which is a dead ringer, only he's a cat in his lap, of Dr. Evil or a James Bond villain.
You know, the Hollywood's archetype of a James Bond villain is a guy in a suit one size too small with a bald head who's German stroking a cat.
Then you add to it, we will cut the power off and take over the economy and let them starve to death.
They will be scared of the virus we release and then the cure will be much less than the actual virus.
You see, people are like, well wait, is life imitating art?
No, no, no, no, no.
That's not how art works.
Art imitates how the real world works, high art does, and then the general public tries to imitate how the high art looks, thinking that it created that.
But I've learned, being at the lowest levels, and I mean the highest, of the stinking Hollywood system in Washington D.C.
and all of it, I've poked around in those sewers, that it's worse than Hollywood shows.
Like, I used to think in Hollywood movies,
When Robert De Niro says, I didn't want to have to kill you.
I didn't want to have to kill you, my friend.
That's the worst acting of how an Italian gangster would act.
Until I learned that that's actually how the real ones do act.
I'm like, oh my God, they're actually imitating the real thing.
And it's the same deal.
I'm like, why in all these cartoons and movies does the villain brag and gloat and tell people why they're doing it?
Because that's what they actually do in criminology.
And so we got Bill Gates running around talking about, I want to depopulate the earth, and I want to get rid of people.
And then he's got this huge history banned in 30 plus countries from giving people sterilants in the vaccines, giving people HIV, giving people polio is the one where he got red-handed caught, just even admitted in Reuters.
The UN officially admits, well yeah, Gates' program in about 10 countries did give millions of people polio, no big deal.
They try to write whitewashes about it.
It's crazy how they just admit out of one side of their mouth, I want to kill everybody, there's too many people.
And oh, my dad ran the World Eugenics Society, my mom ran the IBM Trust for Hitler, literally.
I mean, Hitler took orders from Thomas Watson, basically.
And she carried on the trust of Thomas Watson.
What do you think the Carnegie Endowment is?
What do you think the Ford Foundation is?
And you know, I'm always telling you how the Carnegie Endowment's on the top.
And all these other foundations operate through it, like Bill Gates.
But Bill Gates is one of the main generals.
And now, who's the new CIA director?
Former director of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace.
And how do they give you peace?
Oh, there will be peace.
There will be no more war and no more famine, because most people will be dead.
So you want to know about transgenderism and human cloning and the fluoride in the water?
It's all the Carnegie Endowment on World Peace.
By the 1920s, the plan had been 100% adopted by the robber barons of the world, the British royal family.
It's all in the Royal Commission on Population, 1948.
It's all in the documents.
And these guys are just carrying out the plan and now we're just living under it.
So, let me tell you what's going down, ladies and gentlemen.
I always said in places where they couldn't keep the lockdown going, they already had it actuaried out, they knew people wouldn't put up with it, they already tested it, they already did psychological studies, that's all declassified, through major universities around the world, that they would
Have a lockdown for a while, then a mask, then have small businesses shut down, those that followed orders.
Train the police and others that people not wearing masks are criminals.
That would then be moved on to those that haven't had shots in the future.
And you'll have to show your phone that you've had a vaccine to even come in, much less, you know, that you don't have to wear a mask.
And then children at the school will be discriminated against by the school boards and the corrupt teachers union to where, oh, your child isn't, so now they've got to wear a mask and they're not allowed to be in curricular activities.
Persecuting them because an experimental, deadly frankenshot that doesn't even protect them hasn't been given to them.
And then also the big globalist companies can't afford to bring in new employees and go through the crises they've created.
But smaller warehouses, police departments, businesses, farms, everyone wants to do the right thing and have constant PCR tests that are 99% of the time fake.
You get a false positive, you're totally well, they call it asymptomatic, but then everybody else has to shut down the warehouse because they're all scared.
And now you can't do business in America, but everybody else in the world is.
Europe can't do business, we can't do business, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, because the globalists are bringing us under heel, they're bankrupting us, they're preparing us, and we need governors to come out and say that, and senators, and house members, and Rand Paul's starting to do it, and he's even past DeSantis now.
Rand Paul's got the brains, he's got the smarts, he's got it all.
And he's totally presidential material.
He's just gotta get hardcore.
And he's starting to say, yeah, Fauci's basically behind the pandemic, but did he do it on purpose?
That's the final question.
And then, of course, the punishment, whether he did it on accident and it got out, his life in prison, did it on purpose?
Well, you know what the punishment is.
But I don't want any harm to Fauci until he's arrested and convicted.
And then, I mean, I think he did this on purpose.
He's killed millions of people.
That little criminal was involved in HIV and everything else.
He's actually one of the top advisors to Bill Gates.
Bill Gates sat at his fetid knee.
At his scrofulous covered knee.
So that's all coming up.
And I'm going to tell you next segment how I see this going out.
But Spain, the UK, they call it a release of the lockdown, but you got to show a scanner, a vaccine passport, social ID to get in.
You get harassed.
It's never enough.
Now, oh, you took two shots.
Now there's a new one you got to have and another one, another one.
And, oh, you got to have this on a plane.
And it doesn't even protect you.
And then there's all the maskies are like,
Rachel Maddow says, I'm not taking mine off!
I'm keeping it!
I want mine!
And a lot of businesses are saying, in grocery stores in Texas, where I live, and other announcements, we're never taking them off!
We like them!
We like bacterial pneumonia, we like it all, so... They're gonna take it off in...
Areas of the U.S., still some blue cities, blue areas aren't.
Big corporations aren't going to take it off.
And then in the winter, they're going to say, oh, flu's killing a lot and COVID popped back up.
Yeah, wear your mask again.
We're just used to like red light, green light.
Biden comes out and says, oh, mask back on, mask back off.
This is total.
Drink your Kool-Aid!
Don't drink your Kool-Aid!
It's all Kool-Aid drinking drills, like Jim Jones had them do.
Thousands of drills, four or five times a day, over years.
When he said, drink the Kool-Aid, they all came and drank the Kool-Aid.
And the day they put the cyanide in there...
Boy, everybody drank their Kool-Aid.
This is all just when Biden says jump, you say, how high, sir?
How high?
Doesn't matter how nonsensical and how it's a giant lie and how it's a giant fraud or any of it.
And in the background, they're cooking up a real bio attack.
Gates told you.
But see, he ran his mouth.
That's why he's being relieved of command.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
And I don't need to see for miles.
It's now right in my face, world government.
People that lead it write books about how they want to depopulate us and how they were going to launch a virus to have a lockdown to lower our carbon and teach us to have less.
But oh, they're all ordering even bigger super yachts and jumbo jets for themselves and having four or five children.
It's just you and I that can't do that.
So let's go ahead and look at it.
Here's COVID-19, the Great Reset.
Klaus Schwab, he had this out.
Within a month of the pandemic being announced, and of course it's all things he'd said for years before, I suggest you read it about how good the lockdowns would be to teach us to have less.
It's all right in the conclusion of the book.
There's a free copy of it online, you just type it in, you can find it.
Look at this!
London Guardian, the equivalent of COVID emission drops needed every two years, study.
The Guardian changed this headline, you can find it on the Wayback Machine.
At first they said we need climate lockdowns every year.
But folks have the copies of that.
In fact, report, world needs equivalent of pandemic lockdown every two years to meet Paris carbon emission goals.
Forbes followed their lead.
And then here's a bunch of other articles about how great it's going to be.
Oh, but guess what?
Only the West will make those changes when we're so clean.
China and India will make zero when the globalists are invested there.
And then that lowers the world income.
That's a giant sucking-down Ross Perot talked about.
We become the third world, not the other way.
Client-Scientists want pandemic lockdowns every two years.
Foreign policy.
Lockdowns have been amazing for the environment.
But COVID-19 won't heal the planet.
Oh, that good old COVID-19.
They told us about how it would save us, and how good it is, and how it's an opportunity.
Oh, here's another one.
World Economic Forum says lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.
What they want next is scary.
Oh, yes.
But that's okay.
It's okay if they run death camps around the world.
You know, it's okay if they want to give us 200 square foot apartments and charge us the same amount for 1,000 foot.
It's okay if they want to take our cars away, and that's in the news.
Because they're for Black Lives Matter!
That wants to get rid of the nuclear family again.
That'll help everybody.
They hide.
I mean, that's why every corporate ad now is black people.
Fighter jet ads, military ads, banking ads, 5G ads.
It's like, I'm black and I like 5G.
People are like, well, I better be for 5G.
Literally, the globalists have taken black people as their political, cultural camouflage.
That's why 10.6 billion got given last year.
To Black Lives Matter movements by the big banks.
10.6 billion.
And of course, 95% of it never went to black people.
That's in big studies.
It all went right back when Bill Gates or Tim Cook or Bloomberg gives money to these foundations.
It goes right back to them tax exempt.
Oh, I gave a billion dollars to help black people in Africa by giving them deadly shots.
And it's just amazing.
And then I see like on Twitter and Facebook, black groups fighting with the Palestinians to be the most, you know, the most abused, most woke group, and begging the UN that was created by the globalists to save them.
It's just, it's totally sick.
And I shouldn't, I'm not laughing, I'm laughing in pain here.
So let me play you some of these sick clips.
This will take a few segments to get to all these.
I watched it live yesterday in the war room.
I mean, Fox News is on in the break room and I was getting a glass of ice water and I watched Fox News celebrating going, look at him!
He's not wearing a mask!
He came out not wearing one!
He only takes it off on the stage!
In the sycophantic, erotic ritual!
They're like, oh, it's so wonderful!
This is it!
He's gonna free us!
This is it!
And he said, you don't have to wear them!
You've earned the right to show your face!
Dirk and Dirk of Muhammad Jihad.
Whoever said we wouldn't have Syria law, it's called COVID law!
We're all post-COVID now!
And then he went on...
To really make these disgusting Orwellian comments.
He also said, please treat people that want to keep wearing their babas, their little dirty bacteria diaper.
Please treat them nice.
They're scared.
Oh, oh, and on transportation, buses, trains, ships, and planes, you're still going to wear them.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha ha!
Sorry, I'm turning into Woody Woodpecker here, because this is so crazy!
It's such a cult takeover!
And it's all in Operation Lockstep 2011.
How they create fear, set up level of authoritarianism, create a world tracking ID, and now Klaus Schwab says, First you will wear bracelets, and then you will get implantable chip.
Within five years, you will all have your chips.
Oh, he said that five years ago.
Five years ago he said ten years, so now it's five.
He's like, there will be a deadly virus.
And you'll have a world ID card for your health.
And then there will be chip on your bracelet, chip in your clothing, and chip in your brain.
Everyone will have chip.
We will merge you with chip.
The virus coming, get ready!
It's going to be good!
I'm doing an Eastern European voice, not a German one, but...
It's going to be nice for you to get your train chip.
I am Klaus Schwab.
You are non-essential.
That's liberal now.
Just go in your house and starve to death.
You don't need job no more.
I look like Vam...Albino Vampire Bat?
Alright, I'm going to stop joking.
It's not allowed to matter.
Here is...oh, by the way, the top story on InfoWars is not even all this.
I'm sorry.
Can we put the live show feed up, please?
It's...evidence overwhelmingly shows now, and I've got a giant stack confirming it, law enforcement's investigating, that
Dominion wiped all the servers illegally after the election and covered up the paper trail.
Of course we knew that.
And now by the hand counts they found that Trump won by a giant landslide and the same tax were used in every other state, but they stole the election.
Friday Live Arizona investigation confirms systematic fraud.
Trump clear winner.
The tactics formula used to steal Arizona mirror what transpired in other battleground states.
And then, this is a much-watched-listened edition of the live radio show, Globalist's document show, that they're planning more lockdown soon!
Tune in and find out!
So here's the thing, I'm gonna be a good boy, I'm gonna go on a break, and I'm gonna hit the COVID news, judicially, judiciously, like a news person, and behave myself.
This is getting too crazy right now, too fruity.
And then I'll hit that huge election news after that, then open the phones up, and balance the broadcast.
We have a doctor coming on with a new, just a new big study that what you already see in front of your eyes, that the vaccines are killing way more people than COVID did.
And they're calling people that have COVID that it's actually killing them.
They're calling it COVID when it's the vaccines.
And now we even have a major medical study showing it.
So God help us.
I mean, that's what's crazy is they really did it.
I mean, they are really killing a crap load of people right now with these damn vaccines and maiming tons of others.
And maybe you don't care about those people because they're too dumb, you know, and took it.
Or too trusting.
But it's going to weigh the economy down.
A bunch of them are going to be zombies now with strokes and stuff.
They're going to be changing their diapers for 20 damn years.
All because of fricking Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates.
And Fauci, my lord!
When are they going to get SWAT teamed and arrested?
Stay with us.
Yeah, freedom's what it's all about, ladies and gentlemen, and they're coming to take it.
The only thing that really matters is freedom, freedom to worship God, freedom to love your wife, your husband, freedom to live like you want, do what you want to want, and then go where you want to want, but not where they want you to go.
Thank you so much for joining us again on this Live Friday Worldwide Transmission, May 14th, 2021.
And we have Joe Hoft joining us at the start of the next hour for two segments.
He's really one of the leading experts as a top corporate fraud investigator for Fortune 500 companies.
He got drafted, as you know, in the last year to come in with Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit, and they've been really the best clearinghouse of real research on election fraud, and now the solid, complete proof
of fraud has been confirmed in Maricopa County and we'll be covering that coming up next hour.
Dominion Voting Systems admits that they completely wiped everything and will not give any passwords to Maricopa County voting machines to law enforcement, to the Senate, or to the courts.
And now they've been doing the counting and found a 17 plus percent discrepancy from the totals that were put out that night, giving Trump a gigantic landslide victory.
And they found the same thing spot-checking Georgia, the same thing spot-checking Pennsylvania, Michigan, but that was never allowed to go through court.
It was all blocked.
And that's going to happen again.
So Trump responded last night to a voting machine manipulation revealed by Maricopa County Audit.
That was on the war room.
Even more has come out.
That is coming up, start of the next hour.
And then at the bottom of the hour, we're going to open the phones up on this Friday to get your take on whatever issue you want to raise on air.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us here today.
Now, let's start getting right into it.
This is a process that the globalists have put us into, where they ratchet things down, then take it off a little bit, but never as much as it was before, and then clamp back down even more, and then release a little bit, and by the time you're done a few years down the road, you have a world ID, a medical ID, now you've got to have a chip under your skin to be able to get the authorization to travel or have a job.
And then it's a chip in your brain.
That's what Klaus Schwab, who's running this whole thing with Bill Gates, said they're going to do.
People keep asking, how do you know what comes next?
I mean, I've got their playbook.
In fact, it's more than just if you were a football team that put spies in the stands during training camp.
You know, let's say you're Belichick from the New England Patriots, and that's what he would do famously.
Everybody does it.
He's done it the best.
They've got binoculars.
They've got everything.
Word is they have stingrays out there to grab people's cell phone traffic and find out what the plays are so they can recognize the formations.
I don't just have the playbook, I have the blueprint, like an architect of what they were going to build and how they do it.
Because, you know, they can change plays, or you don't know what play they're going to play exactly, or maybe the play's a little bit different, or maybe they know they're being spot on so they mix it up.
This is worse than having the playbook.
This is having the damn script.
And that's what's frustrating about it.
And you don't have to buy his book, there's excerpts of it.
Of Klaus Schwab, great reset quotes online.
And you can read hours of these damn things.
I mean, he's written a bunch of books.
Shaping the fourth industrial revolution.
End of humans, basically.
You might want to know about these people, but let me do what I said I'd do.
Let me get into this right now.
Let's read some of these headlines.
Fauci, kids still need to wear masks.
That's right, get them while they're young.
And if you haven't had a vaccine, you can never take the mask off, so put the kids in their own special areas, like Jews wearing yellow stars in Nazi Germany.
Unvaccinated children still need to wear masks, especially indoors.
Fauci, the guy under investigation for deliberately releasing COVID-19 and getting all this power, who then owns a major position in four of the vaccines.
So does Bill Gates.
He owns a bigger position.
I mean, he has a motive.
He has a conflict of interest.
He has a long history of cover-ups.
They did cover up.
They ran the lab.
They funded the gain of function.
The only question is, did he do it on purpose?
That's like asking, did I get in bed with my wife and make my four-year-old daughter four and a half years ago?
I mean, you know, I mean, come on, folks.
It's ridiculous.
Of course they did it on purpose.
They just think we're too stupid to do anything about it.
Well, let's show them they're wrong.
Yankees suffer COVID resurgence as eight fully vaccinated players test positive.
But no one will say the PCR test is fake.
Just the inventor of it.
Just all the studies.
Just mainstream news.
94% of PCR tests are false positive, New York Times!
But oh no, we just have to shut down the, shut a, oh my god, it's all a little computer.
Oh, have computers run society.
That's a whole zeitgeist movement.
They'll decide what job you have and how much money you have and, but who programs the computer?
A woman forced to wear a mask during childbirth suffered vomiting, panic attacks, breathing difficulties.
Even though it's not recommended in the UK, all the virtue signalers made them do it.
Yes, suffocate the mother while she has the baby.
Wrap him in plastic when she hugs him.
You're dirty, you're bad.
No breast milk.
Only formula.
Shrink the baby's brain.
Biden, get vaccinated, or wear a mask until you do.
And then, oh, companies are now saying, we want to see a vaccine passport before you come in.
And the FBI says, oh, if we catch you with a fake card saying you have the shot, we'll arrest you.
And that's not even in law that they can do that.
But that's what they're setting up.
Woke Harry laments genetic pain of upbringing.
Brands First Amendment bonkers.
So this little royal snot-nosed woke punk
I'm going to read more of this later.
He actually says white people are bad and that white people are the reason we have a First Amendment.
I mean, it's bonkers, man.
Totally bonkers.
What's behind the trauma of taking off masks, CNN?
The trauma of removing your filth binky, says the creepy behaved and creepy looking Brian Stelter.
America's unmasking brings liberation, but also trepidation as huge questions loom as we're taught to be hysterical about germs.
And so now just every cold, every flu is a, oh, you go get COVID tested and you're false positive and your company shuts down and the school shuts down and we're all just in fear and erotic messes forever.
All China runs giant death camps.
But there are big worldwide events against that, I'll tell you about later.
Protests this weekend against the mask.
But just go out and protest it.
Point out it's a fraud.
Don't just let them ease off a little, then our opposition goes away and then they build it up later.
You have to keep pushing now for Fauci to be arrested.
You have to keep pushing for gay people to be brought to justice.
Because they're already going to bring in phase 2 and phase 3 and phase 4.
They already have in Australia and New Zealand and in Canada where they have subservient people that they know they can abuse.
Where they have Prime Ministers that say, I want a Chinese dictatorship in my country.
They're monsters!
Like Canada.
They're doing it!
It happened again!
Worldwide corporate tyranny through puppet governments!
With China and its nightmare system as the model!
World's leading scientists say the WHO's covering up what really happened and where it came from.
And it goes on and on.
Mass vaccination sites sit empty throughout America.
I want to hit the colonial pipeline and how that's clearly a globalist test and why they test that way.
And I do want to get to these clips I've been mentioning in earnest but haven't gotten to.
But let me just throw this out there very quickly.
You have commodity prices going to all-time highs.
You have food price index creases, the biggest in history now.
You have Biden saying $4 trillion spending package.
You've got Europe doing it, China doing it.
They are inflating the currency, and they're on their way to Zimbabwe levels or Weimar Republic levels.
If I was you, one of the smartest things you can do is get high-quality, storable food to freeze the price now that lasts for many years and is high quality, so no matter what happens, you've got insurance you can eat.
Now, the food prices are going to go up in a couple weeks, they've told me.
Well, instead of them going up, we had them go down to last year's prices, 10% off.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, let me go over all this unbelievable news.
To watch this cult study psychological warfare, to have the Stanford, and to have the UT, and to have the Cambridge, and to have the Harvard and Yale studies, and Rockefeller and Carnegie Endowment studies on how to launch the attack, how to scare everybody, how to lock things down.
And to see the Rockefeller Foundation head promoted to run these operations for Biden.
To see the Carnegie head put to the head of the CIA.
We're really seeing the shadow foundations that have run the country since the 20s come into full power worldwide, not just here.
And they are post-humanist.
They believe in the end of the human age.
They are
Luciferians, active practitioners, who believe that they are about to bring in the one world leader, Lucifer, that will help them transcend their human bodies.
Of course, Arthur C. Clarke was one of them.
They wrote many books that continue to put that message forward.
But that is what we're facing, total extermination.
They are working with an entity that seeks our destruction.
That's what they believe.
And they laugh at me.
They think I've chosen the wrong side.
I mean, look at their front man.
Look at this dead husk of a creature, this mummy, this stuffed skin.
It's the skin of an old dead man filled with cabbage leaves that is Joe Biden saying you've earned the right to show your face by submitting to martial law and hen pecking and dangerous genetically engineered concoctions paid for and developed by a man that says he wants to kill you named Bill Gates.
Here it is.
Some may say, just feel more comfortable, continue to wear a mask.
They may feel that way.
So if you're someone with a mask, you see them, please treat them with kindness and respect.
We've had too much conflict, too much bitterness, too much anger, too much politicization of this issue about wearing masks.
Let's put it to rest.
Let's remember, we're all Americans.
Let's remember that we are all in this together.
If you're fully vaccinated and can take your mask off, you've earned the right to do something that Americans are known for all around the world.
Greeting others with a smile.
With a smile.
There are so many lies just in that 42 seconds that I could spend an hour on them.
But did you catch it all?
Truly, truly nightmarish.
This is how it works.
Barack Obama would come out and say, we need unity and racial love.
And everybody's like, yeah, oh, he's a good guy.
Well, all his surrogates and his people, Van Jones and all of them, created racial division and said whites were inherently bad.
And now you see that on steroids because Obama can hide behind his puppet Kamala Harris and Joe Biden.
Obama created division.
That was his job.
That's what the globalists want.
But then, oh, Obama or Biden, they get up and like, oh, come on.
We've had enough problems with the mask and all this.
Let's come together.
Enough division.
I'm letting you take it off now.
Which he shouldn't have that power.
He doesn't have that power.
It's a usurpation.
It's a fraud.
And they're cementing that power that your Islamic lord, it's like the husband of a wife, and he tells her when she can take the burqa off, and he says when she puts the burqa back on.
Or like a pimp!
Tells a woman how much money she gets to keep from each John she's with.
I mean, this is sick!
This is crazy!
This isn't liberal, like more freedom!
This is authoritarianism!
And it's all based on lies!
And you talk to a leftist and you go, hey, the vaccine doesn't protect you.
Hey, it's experimental.
Hey, these studies that Fauci funded said it gives people heart attacks.
Shut up!
You don't know science!
You're not a scientist!
Well, I interviewed like 20 of them.
They need to be censored!
Shut up!
They're a bunch of kooks, too!
I love the FBI.
I love the CIA.
I'm a liberal.
I love war.
I love torture.
I love, I love!
Because you pretend you're part of the power structure.
They're pathetic people.
But let's move on from them.
It's those of us that understand we have to mobilize against them.
Here's CNN.
Unvaccinated children will need to wear masks when playing, and particularly indoors, says Dr. Fauci, who's been involved in all sorts of crime.
He's invested in the vaccines.
He's making money off of it.
Conflict of interest.
He's involved in the cover-up.
He lies to Congress, says he didn't fund gain-of-function when they've released the receipts for millions of dollars that he did.
My God!
But he says, and the left follows him and the school boards follow him, muzzling your children.
It's not enough they put him on Ritalin and Prozac and all these drugs are in such a cult, but now they gotta wear a mask in the public schools with all the spoiled communists and leftists that teach at them.
Everybody bows to political correctness, so the left will leave us alone.
They don't leave us alone when you bow.
They always want more, more, more, because they're the corporate ideology to take the planet over.
They're gonna make your child get sterilized.
It's not about gay rights, it's about exterminism.
It's about, that's the cult of the New World Order, is sex.
To control people, and to get in our bedrooms, and to obsess over it.
Tucker Carlson talked about it last night, when they're teaching pedophilia in the public schools!
Because it's about killing the youth and their future!
So here's Fauci on CNN.
What is your message to parents who are out there thinking, well, I'm vaccinated, my kids are not, but the odds of them getting the virus are very low.
Would you tell them, no, no, no, the kids still need to wear a mask?
Yeah, the children do when they're out there playing with their friends and, you know, particularly in an indoor situation, they do.
But, you know, one of the things that's also important that's happened most recently is the approval of vaccines for children 12 to 15 years old.
And then we are also doing studies now in an age de-escalation from 12 to 9, 9 to 6, 6 to 2, and then 6 months to 2 years, so that we'll be able, hopefully by the end of the year, to be able to vaccinate children of any age.
But right now, the 12 to 15-year-olds are eligible to get vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine.
So that's another good news story in all this.
So you can't, just like Biden actually said in his speech, you can't take the mask off whether you're two years old or 50 until you've taken the so-called vaccine.
I mean, this is a total nightmare takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
I've got another Fauci clip here, Fauci throwback.
We will vaccinate school-age children and six-month-old babies.
You know, he just said it, you don't need to hear it again, but these people are out of control.
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All right, we're into hour number two.
Some stations don't carry this short segment, so I'm going to just play a special report that I want to analyze.
And then Joe Hoft with, undoubtedly, there's been a lot of big news, the biggest news yet on the stolen election of 2020 and where that's going.
Just unbelievable developments and the tip of the spear has been GatewayPundit.com on that.
But I happened last night
We're good to go.
Canada doesn't even let people basically go outside there, but it also borders the US, so this woman can't go see her family, and they won't let her across to see her dentist, and she puts up with it!
So again, and people watch this on the news around the world and think this is normal.
The martial law in Canada, the martial law in Australia, it's BS!
They're using it for total control and for surveillance.
So here is just a great window into Stockholm Syndrome and what happens when women follow the every order of the state.
By the way, hit pause again.
Hit pause again.
Just back up to the beginning.
Again, it's not the pandemic.
It's not an ongoing pandemic.
London hasn't had one COVID death in a couple weeks and it's still locked down, basically.
It's all lies!
It's a power grab!
Telling you you're not essential!
Here's the report.
This is how Pamela Robertson sees family during the pandemic.
How are you?
Six feet apart and a country away.
Pamela in the U.S., her daughter in Canada.
Separated by a border that remains closed to all but essential travel, even if the border is just a yellow concrete barrier.
As far as I'm concerned, it's essential.
As far as I'm concerned, they should let me in.
But Pamela was turned away by Canadian border guards when she tried to see her dentist about an abscess, an infection that caused the side of her face to swell and could turn into a serious health risk if left untreated.
I asked him what was essential in their eyes and he said to me, unfortunately you have to be like dying.
She lives in Point Roberts, a small picturesque seaside town of about 1,100 with sweeping views.
Pre-COVID, it would quadruple in size every summer as Canadians flock south of the border.
Point Roberts is a bit of a geographical oddity.
Lying just south of the 49th parallel, it is a U.S.
exclave, part of Washington state but completely disconnected from the U.S.
Bye, David!
So to get to a dentist, Pamela has to cross the border.
Are you frustrated?
Are you angry?
I can't be angry because I know that the country is trying their best to keep COVID at bay.
I'm just frustrated with the system.
While COVID remains a major concern in neighboring British Columbia, Point Roberts has had only one case in more than a year.
Still, this small community has been locked out of essential needs.
There's no full-time doctor.
There's no dentist.
There's no veterinarian.
There's not even a pharmacy.
You can see why the people who call Point Roberts home are worried it could become a COVID ghost town.
I had six customers on Sunday.
How does that compare to a normal Sunday before COVID?
I would have upwards of 30, 40, 60.
Yeah, I flew up there three and a half years ago on a seaplane.
Out of Seattle.
Beautiful, super gorgeous part of the U.S.
right by Canada.
Look at the orca whales.
Totally shut down.
They all wear their masks.
They all submit.
So you're never going to reopen, honey, until you go bankrupt a couple years from now.
Then the globals will come by your property.
They engineered these collapse all over the world.
They brag about it.
Klaus Schwab brags.
Stop submitting.
You're just whining on CBS.
They're all part of the problem.
So, you want to be a slave?
You want to go bankrupt?
You want to go- I understand they want to keep COVID at bay.
COVID's the excuse for tyranny, sweetheart.
COVID's the excuse for making you obsolete.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
We are now into hour number two, and we have been living this incredible election fraud since it took place back on November 3rd.
The Democrats pledged to challenge the election.
They said, it'll look like Trump wins that night, but we know the ballots are going to come in one way or another.
He will be the president.
That is Joe Biden.
Joe Biden told people at speeches, he goes, I don't even need you to vote.
I need you once I get in.
What a strange statement, but I guess when you're that old and have Alzheimer's, you know, you
You start having that Veritas, the Aveeno Veritas, and I guess Alzheimer's-based, or dementia-based Veritas.
And so here we are, and they've done the Maricopa County operation.
You've seen them go crazy.
Biden tried to block it with the Justice Department.
And now they're reporting some incredible things.
Trump has come out saying, yeah, looks like this proves they stole it.
But what are they going to do once that evidence is fully certified?
Now we've got breaking, GatewayPundit.com, Dominion Voting Systems.
Release a statement, slams Arizona forensic audit, and states company will not release passwords to Maricopa voting machines.
That's Jim Hoth, owner, founder of Gateway Pundit.
We have his brother that's a forensic fraud investigator who's really the expert joining us.
Breaking significant discrepancies just covered in Arizona audit ballots.
I don't know.
Continuation of the insurrection.
That video of that.
So joining us to lay out the latest developments is Joe Hoff.
Thank you for coming on.
Yeah, it's great to be here, Alex.
You really got your nose in the grindstone.
So does your brother.
I think anyway, it's the best place for overall accurate analysis.
I mean, to me, this is the biggest news yet.
What do you think?
Yeah, absolutely, Alex.
A lot going on in Arizona.
And here's why we know it's one of the biggest things to hit, is because the DNC sent something like 100 or so attorneys down to
Down to Arizona to try to stop this thing.
Mark Elias is down there.
He's been the instigator and the leader behind all the lawfare efforts to try to steal this election.
He was successful in getting individuals to sign off on these insane
Yeah, absolutely.
The big thing in Arizona is Maricopa County.
And I'll just kind of give you a couple statistics about why it's so important there.
Maricopa County is where Phoenix is located and it's like 60% of the entire population in the state.
And it's traditionally gone Republican.
It's gone Republican since Harry Truman and Joe Biden miraculously somehow won Maricopa County.
We're good.
The first Democrat to win Arizona since maybe one of the Clinton years.
He had, Joe Biden had 150% of the total votes that Hillary did in Maricopa County.
And of course, nobody believes that, not if they're being honest.
Joe Biden was not more popular than Hillary Clinton.
And there was no enthusiasm behind Biden as well.
We reported on this at the time.
There was a event that Biden and Harris held in Phoenix, like three weeks before the election.
And a local newscast woman is there and she's saying, this is really weird.
I'm across the street from where Biden and Harris are and the parking lot's empty.
Nobody's there.
And that was Biden.
And yet that at that same time period, a 95 mile long Trump car parade was created over a weekend, a couple of weeks before the election, not related to the party, not related to the Trump campaign.
It was just individuals in Arizona that were behind Trump.
95 mile long car parade.
And they're telling us that Joe Biden.
Beat Donald Trump in Maricopa County, the first Democrat since the 1940s.
It is an absolute lie.
So we know just looking at the big numbers, this doesn't make any sense.
And I'll, I'll compare this to my, you know, use my auditor hat.
And you know, Alex, I've mentioned before, I've done hundreds of audits around the world.
I was stationed in Hong Kong for 10 years.
I've got a background in corporate finance, etc.
And one thing I've raised on this show before, too, Alex, as you remember, is the major failing and actually the accomplice that not just the big media was in this deal and big tech, but our justice system.
Because they did nothing as incident after incident after incident occurred.
And in the corporate world, I mentioned this before, Alex, if there's just a fraud of $1 or $5 million, it goes straight to the top.
It goes to the audit committee of the corporation.
There's a mandate that it's discussed.
It's talked about.
What's happened needs to be defined and resolution has to be put in place.
Such that the top people in the corporation are confident this won't happen again.
That's just with minor things of fraud.
And let's expand on that.
We now have even CNN Cook polls show 70% of Republicans think it was stolen, 30% Democrats.
Other scientific polls are upwards of 70% of the public in general of both parties.
So people aren't buying this.
We know it's illegitimate.
He couldn't even get 20 people
He didn't get 9 million more votes than Obama or all of this.
To his rallies.
It's pure bull.
So expanding on that, now that this is coming out and they've tried to block it, what do you predict is going to happen though when they show the proof of this fraud, which mirrors the fraud that you and others discovered the same pattern in the other battleground states, that when the polls closed, Trump was winning by much bigger numbers than four years ago.
Yeah, and like in Arizona, these people that were there on site, one woman there was under testimony, under oath, swore that she's telling the truth in front of Rudy Giuliani, says, hey, Dominion was running the show.
Nothing happened without Dominion there telling us what to do.
She said they were the ones doing the adjudication.
And at times she thought, I think they were the only ones there doing it.
And what that means, and here's something that I reported on, and this was what was noted this week in Arizona.
Is that there's this adjudication ability in these machines that Dominion has built and maybe others with the system where if there's a ballot that's in question as far as who the person voted for, they go to this special person.
It should be two people that look at the ballot and then make and, you know, define what the correct answer was.
But these machines, they don't keep track of who made the decision, whether it was two people, and the date and time, etc.
of each vote that goes to adjudication.
Because that is missing in these systems, I believe they should never be used until that is fixed.
Because we cannot have people, random people, making decisions on how somebody voted without there being controls in place to prevent that.
So that's what we've written about.
So what happens
Two days ago, the Senate comes out with a report, and they had sent it to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, of which it's a majority Republican.
And these are the same guys that have done everything they could to delay this audit, stop this audit.
Now they've got a hundred attorneys down there.
And by the way, there's been letters coming from these major Democratic, what we call non-profits,
Saying Democratic non-profit is an oxymoron because you cannot be Democrat or have an agenda, a political agenda, for one party or the other and be considered a non-profit.
So that's happening all over the place.
Republicans don't even touch that.
It's massive fraud.
But the letters are going to the DOJ even last week coming from
Three of these major firms.
And one of the ladies who signed for one of these non-profits, she's the daughter of Klain, who's Biden's Chief of Staff.
So there's a lot of... Stay right there.
We'll come back and talk about the latest developments.
Stay there, please.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
We're here live.
to 3 p.m.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We'll be back this Sunday, 4 to 6 p.m.
with the Alex Jones Sunday Edition.
Then Sunday live with Otis Royer, 6 to 8 p.m.
Sunday evening.
There's so much news over the weekend.
Those are very popular shows.
People want a Sunday show, so we do it.
I've also been doing a lot of Saturday special reports and podcasts that are very popular as well, because things are moving so quickly.
Now, Joe Hoft is here, and it makes my head spin to talk about this.
He gave some of the background.
These are getting in the new developments.
Trump put out a statement saying this shows clear fraud.
I mean, I was reading even a 2% change in the vote.
...in areas of Arizona would turn this back to Trump.
I mean, none of this adds up the way the media tells us it does.
The media told us they were going to challenge Trump no matter what, but when we challenged Joe, we're told we're insurrectionists.
Stacey Abrams is still challenging her election in Georgia, but she says if we challenge this, we're white supremacists.
We're insurrectionists.
Isn't it this two sets of reality?
Really, even today I'm driving and just thinking,
This world is absolutely upside down.
Some of this stuff is just insane.
This election was totally insane, and to see even Republican leader McCartney the other day get up there and say, uh, the election's over.
We know who won.
It's over with.
Nobody's questioning it.
Oh, it's worse than that.
He said no one's questioning it.
It's not like he said, hey, I don't question it.
He said no one's questioning it.
That's total gaslighting.
The majority of America doesn't buy it.
And you know what?
And nobody buys him.
If there's no Trump, you know, good luck, McCartney.
He took credit for winning those seats during this past election.
Again, another anomaly.
Trump wins 27 of the 27 or so split seats, all go Republican, but the president doesn't win?
I mean, Trump wins 17 out of 18 bellwether counties across the country that always go with the winner, and yet
Trump doesn't win?
I mean, there's so many anomalies we know.
We've also got census data showing it was stolen, but you got cut off by the break.
You were getting into all the pressure they're putting on the Justice Department to try to come in and stop states from following their constitutional right to investigate an election.
And that's what they want.
The Democrats want to cement the fraud of 2020 with this H.R. 1.
Yeah, well, it'll end.
We'll never have an election again.
And we knew this, Alex, while this BS was going on.
We knew this will be our last election.
And these Republicans that think, oh, we can just fix this.
You know, for next election, we'll get it going forward.
To me, they're insane.
And here's and it's because I come from a professional auditing background, as well as finance and operations.
I oversaw a billion dollar entity with financial reporting.
I tell you what, if an auditor went out and said, OK, we had a problem here.
But we're not going to look at what caused, what were the issues that really caused it, but we're going to set up, we're going to go straight to our recommendations for what we're going to do for the future.
You tell that auditor to go back to start.
You need to dig into this and tell me exactly what is the root cause of this issue.
You think the auditor was getting paid off?
You think the auditor was getting money?
Well, there you go.
You're absolutely right, Alex.
Getting back to Arizona, what happened significantly this week, and Jim has been really pushing for this.
My twin brother, Jim, who's the founder of the Gateway Pundit, pushing.
They've got to start getting some information out from their effort because the Democrats are going to come in and they're going to get this thing shut down.
If they're going to steal an election.
They're not going to allow an audit like this to finish, to complete.
And you notice they're moving heaven and earth to block it.
If they had nothing to hide, why act like they're so scared?
They are absolutely frightened, which is absolutely proof that something's going on.
Again, put your auditor hat on.
If you walk into an area and somebody starts pushing back, you know immediately you need to push harder because there's something going on there.
And more into why Trump's saying this is too close, but I agree with him.
If you've got dominion,
Erasing the servers when they weren't supposed to.
And you have the Democrats saying before, oh, we won't give it to you, but it's there.
I remember them saying, we have all this, we haven't erased it.
And people said, we think they erased it.
Now they've erased it.
My God, that's smoking gun right there.
And then with the audit, it doesn't match up to what the computers originally said.
That's right.
And so the Senate subpoenas the Maricopa County, these five, mostly Republicans, push back, push back, push back.
Finally, the judge steps in and says, no, they have every right to request this information.
They've got a valid subpoena.
And then these guys from Maricopa County don't provide them what they needed.
And it was, it was, it was shocking.
This letter was massive.
And we're really happy that the, that these guys finally did it so that Americans can see, and they're not going to get this through the mainstream.
But through your own effort, you can see, you can go read the letter, all the things that were missing.
There are a couple just devastating items on that list.
They had deleted a database.
You were referring to this with Dominion, but a chunk of the database is gone.
And they can tell it was deleted about three days before the election, or before the machines were handed over to these auditors.
I mean, that doesn't make sense.
So, what were they deleting?
Well, it does make perfect sense.
Three days before they finally, the court orders it handed over, they go in and they wipe the damn sucker.
So, what was on those machines that they would go to the extent that they did to delete that information?
Because I believe what they did is they broke a subpoena.
That's a crime.
You cannot freaking do what they did.
But they also didn't provide, and what was in some of those files that they deleted were these adjudicated files.
The files that were adjudicated, they at least had a record or something of these files.
That's gone now.
So I mentioned how that whole process makes these machines invalid.
If I was working in a professional setting and the machine didn't have an audit record, an audit trail, and the ability to see the stuff in the future, what happened back when, I'd shut down that system, I'd say, until we need a better system here.
They deleted all those adjudicated ballot files.
We don't know which ballots were adjudicated, how many, or when, or by whom.
That was in the Senate's report.
We also found out that a couple of days prior to this letter, even, that the passwords to the routers and to some of the system
They don't have.
The Maricopa County people said, we don't have it.
Meaning Dominion is the assumption.
Dominion has those passwords.
And then Dominion comes out yesterday says, we're not going to give you those passwords.
So that's going to be another issue to get at these passwords at the high level, the administrative level, so that they can determine all the information and all the things that happen.
Another roadblock by these guys.
But this is important because no company that I'm ever aware of has a system
They don't have the admin rights to admin rights such at the top where you can basically do anything in that system to fix it if there's issues and usually the corporation that that leases the software purchases that software has that ability to
So this is really smoking gun cover-up and then the evidence we do have is 17% anomaly against Trump.
Trump wins hands down.
It's the same problem we saw in other states.
In 50 seconds, where do we need to go next?
What do you think is about to happen?
Well, we do think that probably Biden's DOJ is going to do something to try to stop it.
What we've been recommending these guys down in Arizona to do is have good records of what they have, backup whatever they've done off-site to make sure that they can report at any time the massive amount of fraud that they've already found.
They've gone through like half a million ballots out of 2.1 million they say so far.
I hope it's more than that, and we need to know how many of those were invalid.
I've heard there may be something up to 200,000 of those ballots that might be invalid.
So, who knows?
We don't know yet, but that's what I've heard.
The other thing, Alex, real quick, 10 seconds to go.
We know that they don't have any chain of custody records.
Don't hang up!
Don't hang up!
We've got to go to break.
Two more minutes on the other side.
We've got to hear this.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the Alex Jones Show.
Joe Hoff is a very calm guy.
He's a big corporate auditor.
His brother drafted him in to help back with the whole COVID-exaggerated BS, and then of course with the election.
And really, The Gateway Planner has been the best one-stop shop exposing all the systematic fraud.
And he's a lot like me in that he's not hyper like I am, but he likes to lay out the whole compendium.
And so half the time we had with him, he spent just giving us the background, the anomalies, the history, and then now to the big meat and potatoes.
So I'm going to try to give him the floor and I'm going to try to shut up for five minutes to recap the latest developments.
And then finish up with what you were trying to get to because you add these things together, the hiding it, the cover up, the numbers showing Trump won that we're getting, the fact that they're desperate wanting the DOJ to come in and shut it down, the fact that they wiped it, not having the chain of custody.
I mean, this is and now wanting to submit it in federal law to federalize elections with a federal dictatorship.
I mean, this is this is incredible.
This is happening.
They're making their move because there was a major political realignment.
America turned against globalism and leftist garbage.
It's happened all over the world, not just here.
And so they're having to set up a technocratic dictatorship, basically a fraud, in my view.
So recap and then get to the final point.
That's so true, Alex.
And I guess here's the point that I could make.
The difference between reality, which is the corporate world, and what we're seeing right now, which is politics and this totally corrupt system that's running this country right now.
And in a corporate world, if you had two divisions, one being an audit shop and one being a whatever, the marketing group or whoever this audit team might be looking at,
And if the audit team came in and tried to get information related to their audit, and that team didn't provide that information to the audit team, and this had to go up to the board of directors and to the chairman of the company.
They'd be fired and the police would be gone.
You're right.
It's garbage what's happening here.
This should not be
I think?
To the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors was that, hey, we've asked for what's called chain of custody documentation on all the ballots, and you haven't provided us any.
So where is it?
What's going on?
Is there any?
Can you tell us why you haven't provided that?
And what this chain of custody documentation is, is it's just a document that you fill out whenever a ballot comes in that needs to be moved from here to there.
People sign off on one end, people that drop it, they drop it off, people that pick it up again, they sign off on that end, and you have a chain.
It's just like when you get a UPS or Amazon delivery, the driver signs it, you sign it, it's a chain of custody.
That's right.
You know everybody that had it, and when they had it, and with their initials, they've signed off on it.
This is mandated
In Georgia, we've looked at the law there, absolutely mandated that if a ballot doesn't have that information, it's illegitimate.
It's not a legal ballot.
And we found in Georgia, there's 355,000 ballots right now today that have no chain of custody documentation on them.
That means they're invalid.
And you can bet 95 to 99% of those ballots are all for Joe Biden.
Same thing in Arizona here.
They're saying we don't have any information on any of these ballots related to their custody.
And then we got Pennsylvania, the UPS driver, where he's got a truckload of them and they're all scanned in against Trump by a machine.
He can see it.
Think about it, Michigan, Wisconsin, where they dumped 140,000 ballots in the middle of the night, you know, all over.
We, the Republicans and people that want to see the truth behind these elections, but they really could zero in on us.
Let's look at the chain of custody documentation and every single ballot that doesn't have it, we want to know what it is and who they voted for.
And we will take that, those totals out of the vote because they're not legitimate.
And everybody that certified these things should be...
Should be dealt with properly according to the law.
If you certify a fraudulent election, then you should be held accountable.
And these people should go to jail.
In my mind, this is horrible what's happened here.
And the true winner of this election has been abused like I've never seen anybody abused in my life.
And it's Donald Trump, in my opinion.
Well, that's because they're guilty.
They're going for broke and they basically robbed the bank.
They're breaking the social contract.
In closing, talk about chain of custody.
We know they fought tooth and nail for months to block the Senate and to block the courts and to block people from being able, in this one county that had the most ridiculous anomalies in the country, in a sea of ridiculous anomalies in my view.
And then talk about chain of custody, we need to know the names of who went in three days before and wiped those computers because those computers are now really the chain of custody of what happened.
They're just as important as the ballots.
That's right, Alex.
That was a crime.
And that's like obstructing justice.
That's like tampering with whatever the evidence.
Those are crimes.
And these people should be held accountable.
And if you can't, in my opinion, if you can't determine exactly who it is, then you go a layer up and you go a layer up.
And eventually, if you have to indict every one of those board of supervisors, or you have to indict
I'll tell you a story, and I'm no master forensics guy like you, but 20 years ago we already had a shopping cart.
And I could look at the graph of stuff sold for a month on American Express, and about halfway through the month, the American Express orders went down about 30%.
So it was just like the Biden graph in Michigan and other states is under Trump.
And then as soon as they, you know, get all these magic ballots, it goes straight up.
Well, I saw it go straight down at a date.
And then not get a bunch of orders.
So I did an investigation, called American Express.
They checked.
Somebody in Minnesota with my same name had somehow gotten in and changed, but was only able to get certain amounts of the cards with certain prefixes.
I don't know how it all worked.
So about half of our American Express orders were going to this guy for like a month.
He said it was an accident, gave it back.
But I mean, I could see the graph and see it went straight down that someone was grabbing those orders.
I called American Express.
They agreed.
They found out.
It stopped.
So anybody can look at these graphs and see it goes straight up when everything else is an organic curve and then a straight up curve.
That's a fraud.
And you know, Alex, we knew this.
We saw these charts on November 4th, the day after the election.
We saw very similar charts.
That day we knew that there was these big dumps and, you know, prove to us that they're valid.
Give us that chain of custody documentation on all those ballots.
And let's not give them time to make up stuff.
Let's let's freaking get that information right now.
And let's see.
And I tell you what, these these secretaries of state that approved these these elections and said everything was fine, knowing that they had hundreds of thousands of ballots without chain of custody documentation.
They should be held accountable.
They certified an election that was fraudulent and they knew it.
So that's just a simple test that could be done.
There's so much fraud in so many other ways too, that needs to be looked into.
I think we need to look into every single state.
I think if I was any, every state should contact their legislature and say, we want to know, Trump won Florida by 4%.
How much did he really win by?
Texas, how much did he really win by?
We need to look at all the states and figure out how much massive fraud there was.
The number will shock people.
I totally agree with you, and in closing, Joe, at GatewayPundit.com, we really appreciate you and your brother and your whole great team.
We're told we're insurrectionists and criminals, day one, even before the Capitol, that we're not supposed to ask a question when the Democrats, Hillary and all of them, said, we're gonna block this, we think he's gonna win, one way or another, we'll never accept it.
And John Podesta was in the New York Times saying, we'll have a secession of Democrat states and have our own inauguration.
They said, one way or another, Pelosi said,
Trump will not be sworn in, and they made good on that.
Yeah, it's just, it's totally shocking.
And I remember Mark Fincham from Arizona saying, hey, the thing that separates this country from other countries is we have the ability to go in and review elections and to audit them and to look at them.
And they need to be done by qualified auditors that will do a fair and fair assessment.
And lo and behold, we found evidence of fraud.
I want to send the Justice Department in.
Joe Hoff, thank you so much, sir.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you.
Great job.
I was on the war room yesterday in the first hour part of it with Owen Schroer and he made a really good point that's actually backed up by facts.
He said they backed off on the mask early because there's so much pressure to it and because people are pushing back they want to kill that opposition and once we dissipate our movement against them there's so much pressure on Fauci and others that launch the attack and the power grab then they'll bring it back later.
And Owen was absolutely right when he said that.
And I want to explain something.
The Globalist Telegraph, what they're going to do, they were going to announce no mask outdoors on July 4th, but everybody was so pissed at them and not buying it and leaving their blue cities that they go, OK, and they did it a few weeks ago.
But then people were still angry at them, so they were still planning July 4th to say, all right, if you've been vaccinated, you don't need to wear a mask inside.
To get you ready down the road to check your QR code that you've been vaccinated with the poison.
But there was so much pressure, he went ahead and did it yesterday.
So, your pressure is having an effect on these puppets.
Look, if I explained why they shut down the pipeline and how I know they did it, it would take an hour.
I've already done it.
If you read in the Globalist documents, if you get into how they're going to take down society, they say,
Carbon taxes, shutting down the infrastructure with orders, regulations and control, and hackers are going to help get us to net zero.
And what that means is they either do it themselves or they let hacker subsidiaries do it and let them get away with it.
There's even articles like, well, the hackers did help cut the carbon footprint.
So instead of like having Earth First put spikes in trees so if you hit it with a saw, it shoots out and kills you in your heart, or instead of dynamiting a pipeline, which they've done, or instead of shooting at pipeline workers, or like they do during riots, shooting at firefighters and telephone repair people, instead of that, oh no, oh, hackers did it, it's just a nebulous enemy that did it.
I watched Biden order four days, five days before the storm hit.
The state of Texas said, please let us take the carbon restrictions off.
We need to up coal and natural gas use.
You have to get an emergency authorization or there's million dollar fines per facility per day.
And if you don't tell them, it's a felony and you can go to jail.
We need to repeal that crap.
People ask, well, why didn't they just turn the pipeline on by hand?
Under emergency rules that Biden put back in place, they've shut down almost all the pipelines in California.
They're trying to shut down the one in Michigan.
And they tell the hires up in those companies, actually, you've got to get an environmental assessment before you turn those on by hand.
There might be an accident.
What did Whitmer say two days ago to London Guardian?
She gave a speech.
She said, well, it's never had an accident, but I'm scared the hackers might get it.
Oh, so they might shut it down so we better.
It's like, oh, if I have a child, they might die in a car wreck.
You know, when they're 10 years old, so I don't have a child or I better not go outside.
I might catch a cold.
This is the crazy attitude.
But that's just their cover story for all this.
So yes, yes, the group shutting thousands of pipelines down in the West, the group that shut down all of Spain's gas and oil basically and bankrupted them, the same one that sent it to England, the same one doing it to Australia, who said they'd do it, yes, yes, they're behind it.
Not some nebulous thing.
Oh, of course, out of Russia.
Give me a break.
Yeah, now Whitmer says, okay, you got a treaty, you can run this gas pipeline, gasoline into the U.S., and oil.
We're just gonna seize your company.
By the way, Whitmer, a treaty overrides a governor's fat mouth.
If a state wanted to secede, then it could override the treaty.
Oh, but you'll say states can't secede, even though they can in the Constitution.
That decision, that was not all cleared up with the Civil War, ladies and gentlemen.
And I've also heard the national news go, the chairman of the Republican Party, Alan West, is wrong.
Texas is not allowed to succeed.
I'm explaining to you that two states have it in their founding and in their constitution.
And that's New Hampshire and that's Texas.
But that's why Texas is called the Lone Star State.
Because it was a country, and then it entered by treaty, and may remove itself with a vote of the legislature.
That's in the damn entrance into the U.S., and Allen West is right.
But again, they think you're stupid, and New Hampshire just has a right to revolt and do whatever the hell it wants, which I think every state should have.
But when New Hampshire entered the Union, they put in their right to revolt.
Which is in our Declaration of Independence, which doesn't give us the right, it enshrines it.
And it points it out.
So, long before we get violent, we need to get political, we need to get loud, we need to get aggressive.
And we're doing that.
And we're winning, folks.
The enemy has counterstruck.
As negative as all this is, things are going to get a lot better.
Now I want to open the phones up on any subject you want to call in about.
All I ask is you have a good, clean phone and you just make your point, because I want to get to the next person.
I respect your time.
We had a few callers left on hold the other day.
We want to call them back, get them on.
That's fine.
If they don't answer, that's fine.
We'll take your calls at 877-789-2539.
877-789-2539. 877.
877-789-ALEX is the number to join us.
And we have a doctor joining us who's brought out a big study that is what we already see in the news.
We already can hear from our friends and family.
More people are now dying from the COVID shot than died of COVID.
And most of the people now dying in hospitals with COVID got the vaccine.
That's even in the news.
The New York Yankees are all getting COVID when they already took the vaccine months ago because it's bull!
If you've had the flu or had the cold,
In the last 10 years on average, you're going to test positive at 40 cycles of a COVID PCR test.
I mean, that's the inventor said that.
It's a fact.
But we just still go with the fraud because it's, well, don't question or you're hurting those that died of COVID.
You mean died of the flu?
You mean died of pneumonia?
They're like, well, then wait, you said Fauci attacked us and then cooked it up.
No, it's a real.
Cold virus, gain of function, a nasty cold virus.
And if you're run down and had a heart attack and cancer and don't have good absorption in your guts because of all different types of problems that people can have in their intestines, you know, Crohn's, irritable bowel, what's the other big one?
That family, really old folks die.
I mean, it's where the guts get infected.
The point is diverticulitis.
Yes, you will die from any virus.
So, but the point is they did release it because it's novel and it would scare scientists when they looked at it.
Because the damn thing's got five viruses in it.
And it's a carrier in the future for more deadly strains they're going to release.
And now you notice I said that 16 months ago, it's all coming out.
I've got their number, folks.
I know how they operate.
We can beat them together.
And then I have Tucker Carlson exposing the pedo teaching in public schools.
And now that's the operating system of the left is sex.
They want a relationship sexually with your children, like any abuser wants to make that mark on them, to have a bigger mark to the parents.
All the way to have a bigger mark on somebody
Then the parents is to have sex with them, or to screw with their mind sexually.
And they know how to tie propaganda to sex, and really turn your kids into freakazoids like they are.
So, that's all coming up as well.
Coming up, and then...
In the fifth hour, we have another great guest host that is going to be hosting.
He was sick last week, but he will be there, and so we'll tell you all about that coming up today.
Briefly, I want to thank you all for funding us.
I want to thank you all for supporting us.
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The Globalists comprise the oldest and richest families on Earth.
And they have brought down hundreds and hundreds of nations over the last thousand years.
They have bankrupted once successful countries all across the world.
And they've used the same formulas of civil unrest and civil war.
And they're doing it again to the United States of America and Europe right now.
Bringing in giant third world populations and then brainwashing them and turning them against the country that they wanted to immigrate to because they knew it was better and had more freedom and more opportunity.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is under scientific attack and it's time now more than ever to raise the alarm and warn everyone you know about what's really happening and at the same time get prepared in case things continue to go south like they are.
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So we've extended the sale through this Sunday at 10% off all storable foods at preparewithalex.com.
On how the vaccines are killing people and hospitalizing them, and they're calling it COVID at the bottom of the hour.
And then Stu Peters will be hosting the fourth hour.
Always does a great job.
Head of the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
So that is coming up today.
I want to go to your phone calls, but I've got to get to this Tucker Carlson.
So go to your phone call, start the next segment in about five minutes.
But here's the start of Carlson's report.
The full thing is 14 minutes long.
It's on Infowars.com.
It's obviously, if you can find it, it's on YouTube.
They're not posting a lot of him on YouTube now.
I notice Fox is really dialing him back in that key area.
I'm trying to keep it compartmentalized.
It's just Republicans that are somewhat awake.
That's why we try to help magnify Tucker's work.
I saw a few comments on InfoWars like, Tucker said, you know, it's that crazy Alex Jones that predicted the vaccine passport a year ago.
They go, Tucker calls you crazy.
It's called tongue in cheek.
Like, oh look, he's crazy, like a fox.
Yeah, let's go ahead and hear from Tucker Carlson.
Here it is.
Low IQ vandals wrecking what they did not build.
From the very bottom to the very top, they are everywhere.
We can give you endless examples.
Here's just one, because it happened just hours ago.
The state of California has announced its new mathematics framework for students across the state, our biggest state.
One of the authors of this framework is a Stanford professor called Jo Bowler.
Here's how she explained the plan.
These are her words, quote, I'm very pleased to announce the new mathematics framework for California.
Some highlights?
A strong social justice orientation.
All students should take the same courses, kindergarten through 10th grade.
Viva la math revolution!
Numbers are racist.
Kill them.
It's lunacy.
It's the French Revolution.
This stuff is everywhere.
Have you ever taken a look at the books that your kids are being assigned in school?
Have you actually read them?
Parents in Loudoun County actually did read them.
And one mother had the temerity to read portions of those books aloud at the Loudoun County School Board meeting.
Jasper wasn't even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with once in a while.
He was pretty basic library systems, low security s**t. Not in my league at all.
But he had a big d**k. And sometimes a girl just needs a big d**k. Her top lip curled up.
Wait a minute, is that what's really going on?
She did your homework and you ate her d**k?
Is that why you're crying?
It's okay.
It's cool.
This is what girls do at parties.
I told myself and kept dancing with a boy.
I couldn't see the alcohol making my waist wind faster.
This is inappropriate for me to read to you.
This is inappropriate for our children.
How much did the billion-dollar porn industry
Contributed LCPS.
My question is now, are you going to use the whole language approach to coincide with this vile reading and teach pole dancing in PE?
No, that was not To Kill a Mockingbird with Scout and Boo Batley.
All right, let's stop right there.
The full report's on InfoWars.
Guys, just watching this this morning, I didn't watch it last night, reminded me of the LBGTP stuff where they have stuff for middle schoolers where it describes a little boy that has sex with adult men that pick him up at the park and have sex with him in a van.
So they're teaching little boys to get in vans with men.
So it's far beyond this.
Hell, they have Career Day.
I've got the local newscast.
Today, it was a drag queen from a local gay strip bar.
They're teaching the middle schoolers how to make money.
I mean, this is what goes on, okay?
And it's a bunch of pedophiles, ladies and gentlemen.
By God, Tony Podesta was in The Washington Post, 2007, in an avant-garde piece for only the DC paper version.
Showing images of babies tied up being gang raped, okay?
I can't even show it to you here on an adult show.
The stations will kick us off, the TV stations.
But it's okay though for him to show the Washington Post his art.
They're perverts!
They're sickos!
They're filth!
They're into Aleister Crowley!
And they make you wear a bib over your face and huff in bacteria.
Your calls are one minute away.
I think I'm going to go home today and watch some Andy Griffith.
I think I've watched all seasons about five times.
I watch I Dream of Jeannie.
I also watch Gilligan's Island.
The stupider the better.
That's how I escape.
My dad though, you know Don Knox was known as being a
Quite the alley cat.
And my dad was in high school at some big function in Dallas, and they were going up the elevator.
And he said Don Knox walked out with two of the hottest women my dad had ever seen.
One on each arm.
Anyways, little side story.
Let's take your phone calls.
Laura, Pat, DJ, Adam, OwlKiller, Trevor, Daryl, Taylor, Jeremy, and others.
Let's go ahead and talk to Matt in Arkansas.
You're on the air, Matt.
Hey Alex, thanks.
Great to talk to you.
I would encourage everyone to watch that Tucker Carlson piece from last night because as parents here in Kansas, we're going through the exact same thing that those people are.
We have a local state bill here that you can actually go to the schools.
Sir, they have middle schools where they teach people all over the country, we started in Massachusetts, things I can't say on air.
Well, in fact, I was reading articles about this years ago.
I learned about sexual things that I didn't know about as a grown man.
Well, you'll find this interesting.
So, during the course of these hearings, the school district kept basically daring the parents to sue them, because you can never get redressed in these little hearings regarding the masks for the kids.
So, we finally go to the hearing, of course it's denied, and five times during our hearing they said, okay, then your option is to sue us.
So, we sued them.
Well, guess, here's what's interesting.
The school district
Sends the case to federal court.
So I told our little volunteer lawyer, I was like, this makes me a little uncomfortable.
Why would our local school district send this off to federal court?
Because that stalls it while they continue suffocating your children.
You need to call an emergency election and remove that school board.
That is the answer.
But yes, they use the rollout of kids can't go in schools, kids can't go in middle schools, they can't go in elementaries, they can't go in daycares, because they're all in their teaching of the indoctrination right now.
This is all their battle plan.
On every front they moved against us worldwide with the COVID shutdown.
I feel this better than anybody.
Moving this to federal court, that's costing a fortune.
And who wins?
Say we win this lawsuit.
Well, sir, all you do is you need to refile the suit again, over and over again.
And the federal court should kick that back down.
That's a local issue.
They're trying to claim there's a federal mandate, but that's still administered.
Those are guidelines.
I appreciate your call.
I can talk to everybody.
Love you, Matt.
I appreciate your call.
But since you mentioned it,
I never got this.
This says, gay man in drag tells LGBT supporters keep your kids out of drag queen shows.
Uh, yeah.
And again, um...
These are not dudes that look like women.
They all look like hideous clowns.
I mean, I'm not trying to be mean to this guy because he's homosexual.
It's just that I would look hideous with white makeup on and a wig.
And again, women bring their children to them like it's offerings and they sit on their laps.
I mean, this is hideous!
And now you see the videos of little kids up on stage having money thrown at them.
So Tucker Carlson is playing mild stuff on his show.
I have videos shot in Austin of men with large genitals in Austin with five-year-old boys sitting on them.
This is on?
They post this!
They're naked!
With children sitting on their laps that they don't even know.
It's all about getting you ready for their takeover, ladies and gentlemen.
So here is this individual.
This is a NewsWars.com article.
A trending video shows a man in a clown outfit.
I'm going to say gay man in drag.
Again, these aren't drag queen story times.
These are hit the clown story times.
Here it is.
Telling people to keep their kids out of drag.
And keep your kids out of our f***ing gay clubs.
I saw that the other day.
There was a video of these two kids walking down some drag show.
So I'm sort of blending the two messages together because I think at some point they do come together.
Obviously, when we're seeing 12-year-old dresses, girls and women, stripping for gay men, throwing them dollar bills on a stage.
It's just, I don't know why we have to, us,
Me, as a homosexual, has to tell people, keep your kids out of my life.
Keep your kids innocent and pure, as long as you can.
They'll discover their own sex life.
They'll discover their own sexualities.
And drag's not a sexuality.
It's an art form.
What do you feel about the whole story hour?
Drag Queen story hour?
Oh, I think it's stupid.
I think it's damaging.
I think it will actually lead to more confusion of gay children.
Yeah, why do you have to weigh 400 pounds to dress like a woman?
Listen, I'm not trying to be mean here.
All I'm saying, people are like, hey, praise this guy.
Praise Caitlyn Jenner, Bruce Jenner, because he said don't have biological men competing with women.
And now, it's like, oh, you're dressed like a girl!
But he's like, oh, but the election wasn't stolen, and we didn't open borders, and turn your guns, and everybody's like, all the Republicans are like, yes, master!
Yes, master!
Yes, master!
Whatever you say, you're a man!
Says the woman, yes, master!
I mean, it's disgusting, in that I'm supposed to worship it!
And they're forcing on our children, and yes, the same thing is what that clown person was saying.
So even crazy clowns,
Even crazy clowns are right.
You should keep your children away from topless bars.
Can you imagine if you walked into a topless bar and they had like a 10-year-old girl up there having money thrown at them?
God Almighty.
You'd call the police.
But if it's a gay bar, it's like, oh my goodness, it's so liberal.
I mean, again, Tim Cook runs death camps in China.
On record, they work with suicide nets.
But it's like, he's gay!
I mean, he can frickin' eat children on TV.
He's gay!
It's like, it doesn't matter.
He's a god!
Let's go ahead and talk to Jeremy in FEMA Region 5.
Welcome, Jeremy.
Hey Alex, how you doing, brother?
Man, it's all going crazy now.
Hey, first thing, I wanted to give you kudos for your two young hosts.
When you first brought them on, I was really wondering what you were doing, but I tell you what, those two are worth their weight in gold.
And speaking of gold, I want to promote InfoWarsGold.com.
Everybody needs to get their gold and silver now before the whole economy crashes and the dollar ain't worth nothing.
Second thing, Alex, I want to say that you need to sometimes turn around, since you are the tip of the spear, and look at the other 8 inches of blade and the 5 inches of shaft behind you, because you have a patriotic army that is behind you.
We are supporting you.
We are praying for you.
Brother, we are here for you.
Like Elijah, I pray that God will open your eyes and you will see the legion of angels
We are more than conquerors in the name of Jesus Christ!
Brother, I do agree.
I love the listeners who are just as important as I am, or more important.
And absolutely, you know, Harrison Smith's a smart guy, Owen's a smart guy, they're great guys.
And they're better than I am in a lot of ways on air.
And they're also there to have guests on, and to have calls, and to have more larger crew here.
Because I'd like to be live 24 hours a day, if we can get the crew, if we can hire the people that'll do it and get the job done.
And so, thank you so much, brother.
Anything else?
I just wanted to call and encourage you to keep fighting a good fight, and we got your back, brother.
We got your six.
Well, thank you so much.
God bless you.
Yeah, I'm just trying to look for people that are good to support us and to be with us.
I mean, like, take Infowarsgold.com.
That's St.
Joseph Partners.
They're great.
They make almost no profit on the gold, so they have to sell a lot to be able to even sponsor us.
It's definitely growing.
But yeah, they're first-rate folks.
The only problem is keeping the gold in stock.
So, Infowarsgold.com.
And you notice I brought on a gold sponsor.
I brought on a satellite phone sponsor.
I brought on some other sponsors.
That new eco-friendly bacteria that blows away the enzymes for cleaning up the septic tanks.
That was in development for years.
But that's all come online because we need to keep the show on the air.
Our lead producer, Scott,
He came in here and he said, Alex, you gotta remember, it's not always how you fight that's the most important, it's what you're fighting for.
And that's true.
We should enjoy our lives, enjoy our families, enjoy God's creation, and really thank God for things just every second.
Because that is what Communion with God is all about, is the worship of God.
And that just means the dialing in and the plugging into it and the appreciation of it and just that connection is the worship.
The worship isn't just getting on your knees, it's the connecting.
And you better humble yourself when you jack into that.
So let's go back to your phone calls here as we cover the incredible things unfolding on this planet.
Let's talk to DJ in New Jersey.
DJ in New Jersey, thanks for holding her on the air.
In New York, and I just wanted to share with you a tragic experience I'm going through with my family right now related to the vaccine.
And before I get into that, I just want to thank you so much, Alex, because I suffer with more gallons and
I have been able to sustain myself because of all the nutrients that I get from you, the pharmaceuticals that I purchase regularly.
And I came into a knowledge of nanotech because of my suffering with this condition.
And it was very horrible in the beginning, and your various ones, I don't need to name them all, but I'm on a lot of them right now.
They really make a difference for me.
So to get into my story, I have an uncle who lives in New Jersey.
He is pretty well known in the pharmaceutical realm.
He developed the primary medicine for Parkinson's disease called L-DOPA.
And he also created three different classes of cardiac medicines.
He's a very accomplished scientist.
And, uh, his story, I could go into another time if you wanted to hear, but what the pharmaceutical industry did to him, you would think he would never, ever trust them again.
And he took the Pfizer shot.
And when he got the second shot, he developed a horrible pneumonia.
Now he's 98 years old, was a vibrant, healthy man for many years.
Uh, exercised a lot, was driving around in his pickup truck until just recently.
That's how healthy and sturdy he's been.
Okay, so I spoke to him this morning to find out how he's doing and he said, not good.
I said, well, what's going on?
He said, you know, I feel worse and worse and I can't get any help from these doctors here.
I said, well, they're not going to really help you because some of them don't even really know what's going on with this.
They're not educated about it.
And so I started to teach him from the lay person that I am and what I've learned and studied about
We're good to go.
You know, I'm not a medical doctor and I've had some on and that's a big question.
We know vitamins and minerals to stop regular COVID, but once your body attacks itself with a spike protein,
That's really beyond an autoimmune response.
It's attacking you at the cellular level, and we know it killed the rats that took it.
And so we know it attacks their lungs.
That was the main way the rats died in the major University of Texas study funded by Fauci, was it ate holes in their lungs.
And so
Let me ask this doctor that's coming on.
I'm going to ask her because that's what she's coming on about is people dying from the vaccine going to the hospital.
They're then saying they had COVID.
But God bless you, DJ, and I appreciate your call.
Increasing number of post-SPARS pneumonia cases reported across the country of those that had taken the vaccine.
Yeah, there it is.
That's in SPARS 25, 28.
So 26 is in 2021, which is this year.
So they war game it all out in live time.
As General Flynn said, it's definitely a war game of what's currently happening.
They just set it in the future.
So they have a manual on how to launch the attack.
But if they get caught, they go, oh, this is just a drill.
This is just a scenario.
That's out of John Hopkins.
Let's go ahead and take another call here.
Is it Ben?
Is it Jack who's been on the longest here?
Is it Adam?
Let's talk to Taylor in Florida on the same subject of a recent study on spike protein.
Go ahead and tell us about it Taylor.
Hey Alex, I hope you're doing well.
So recently I was doing some research online and I came across this study from the American Heart Association that from my understanding
Found that the spike protein alone is enough to damage lung tissue.
I believe what they did was they isolated the spike protein and they introduced it to one lung tissue, left one alone.
Lung tissue that was introduced to the spike protein became heavily damaged and
You know, diseased.
And that's what happened with the mice and that's what happened in over 50 studies we know of.
And you just heard the guy whose uncle's dying with his lungs right now after the vaccine.
And my concern is, is that people are getting these shots, they're getting these jabs.
And if they're getting Johnson & Johnson, they're just getting spike protein directly injected into their body.
If they're getting Pfizer or Moderna, then their body is learning to produce spike protein.
And with all these people that are now going to have spike proteins introduced to their body, how long is it until we see people develop lung diseases, people not able to breathe, people dying?
And why aren't our politicians, people like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, even Ron Sanchez, great politicians,
But even they encourage people to get the vaccine and they talk about it as if it's a good thing.
So what do we do?
How do we encourage them or show?
Well, that's because they wanted to get things reopened and they were told was just a regular pause right there, guys.
You found it right there for TV viewers.
And they didn't understand all these studies.
And then now once they say take it, they don't want to admit they were wrong.
But there it is.
They did biopsies.
They did autopsies on the mice and rats after, and they show the groups that were not given the three vaccines.
They did three control groups, they did three groups of rats that they gave the vaccine to, three groups of rats they did, three different vaccines, all different types of
COVID coronavirus vaccines.
And you can see that, again, the mice that were given it had their lungs eaten into bloody pulps, and then those that didn't had no problem in their lungs.
So, exactly what you're talking about.
What's the name of the American Heart Association study you're talking about?
So I can pull it up.
Let me try to find it.
I had just searched it up on the call.
It is, give me one second.
It's okay.
It is called SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs
Yeah, I think I've seen that one.
There's over 50 I've seen.
Say it again, we're going to pull it up.
All right.
Thank you so much.
There it is.
SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Impairs Endothelial Function via Down Regulation of ACE2.
Nothing like getting your lungs eaten.
Sorry for that fellow's uncle.
All right.
God bless you, sir.
Yep, and the mass deaths gonna begin, and I figure by next winter, they're gonna claim there's a new bioweapon, a new thing out that's doing it.
And of course, it won't be that.
It'll be the vaccine that did it.
And so brace yourselves, folks.
They're letting you think that, oh, everything's okay for a minute.
Then they're gonna sucker punch you again with everything they got.
More of your calls coming up, and a special guest is popping in.
Stay with us.
Emergency folks, Dr. Jane Ruby is here with us and it's very asynchronicity, serendipity, fortuitous.
We just had a caller bring up the very study she was coming on about.
SARS-CoV-2 spike protein impairs epithelial function via downregulation of ACE2.
She'll put that in.
Easy to understand jargon for myself and I guess a lot of other people.
Dr. Jane Ruby is a Washington, D.C., health economist and New Right political pundit who hosts a weeknight show.
A Sea of New Media also is her book, illustrates the emergence of a new generation of journalists and truth-tellers.
She's guest-hosted.
And she's been a guest.
She does just a wonderful job.
And she had me on the set a few weeks, so she's got a lot of updates for us.
But this study, thanks to you and others, is really starting to get a lot of attention.
Break down why it's so important.
Yeah, it's great to be back, Alex.
And, you know, kudos to your audience.
That's a very sharp audience member to be tracking this kind of study.
The reason this study is such a bombshell is because it explains the relationship now
Between these experimental injections and the rapidly surging occurrence of the dangerous thrombosis thrombocytopenia, which is a sort of a simultaneous situation of blood clots and bleeding in the body.
And the culprit, as this study now shows, is the spike protein.
And let me just review for the audience.
We've talked before.
These injections are not true.
They're not vaccines.
They do not stimulate your body to develop antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
And so what they do is they actually force your body to utilize your own DNA as material, blueprint material, to create the spike proteins.
You know, those angry little red teeth things that are depicted around the circular shell, which everybody is calling the virus.
Let me tell you what these researchers did that was brilliant.
They used mice, knockout mice, that are, it's a term for mice that are actually prepared to reflect human reaction.
What they did, Alex, was they took an empty shell, if you will, molecularly, and they just, no virus inside, no material, and they just put these protein spikes around them.
And then they injected them into the mice and watched what happened.
And they saw the incidence.
Thank you so much.
And so now we have that connection.
We know that the body is being forced to make millions and millions of these spike proteins.
I've explained before on your show that there are amino acid components within these spike proteins that are recognizable in other parts of your body that are necessary.
And so those proteins are being attacked by your body.
So they've actually shown that it's not the virus, that it's actually these spike proteins that you're being forced to make.
With this experimental jab, and then those spike proteins are actually what's causing
All of this, these blood clots of this physician.
And by the way, we also have a bunch of other studies.
We have the UT Level 4 Bioweapons Research Facility in Galveston under a Dr. Fauci direct grant in 2012 with mice found the exact same thing.
And they said, do not develop a vaccine for humans perceived with extreme caution in the conclusion because it killed the mice and rats by eating holes in their lungs.
The same thing this other study shows.
So, Fauci knew directly what he was paying for, what he was doing.
I mean, to me, this shows this is premeditated.
I'll tell you, from a scientific standpoint, Alex, this looks like... I just can't believe that all of this was created by coincidence or accident.
It looks like they intentionally... Well, first of all, by driving your body to make spike proteins, not antibodies against
The SARS-CoV-2 virus, that was the first clue that something was intentional here, because it's a deviation from the traditional approach in developing a vaccine.
This is why Dr. David Martin, who I had on your show last week, and countless others like Dr. Tenpenny, all of these doctors will tell you this is not a vaccine.
A vaccine
Results in your body developing a surveillance system of antibodies that not only recognize, but then go out and kill.
And the former chief scientist at Pfizer over vaccines sent a huge letter with Wolfgang Woodhugger, as you know, on December 1st, saying this is going to attack these proteins of the placenta, the heart, the brain.
This looks like a depopulation weapon, he said.
So that's the mainline top scientist that used to head Pfizer's science division.
So, I mean, this is purely premeditated.
This is so frightening.
Alex, it's incredibly frightening.
I keep telling people to wait.
People write to me all the time, especially after being on your show.
And they ask me, am I getting this transmitted to me from my spouse who got the shot?
Are my children in danger if I already got the shot?
The reason I'm telling people to wait is this information is just coming in.
Like this study that we're talking about just came out on April 30th because it takes a while for peer-reviewed journals to approve them.
They have to be vetted by other scientists who don't have a dog in the race.
This was published in the journal Circulation, which is a very high-ranking, peer-reviewed journal in cardiopulmonary medicine.
So this is not just... And that's why they skipped the animal trials, because they'd already done them with similar vaccines, and skipped the human trials.
They sucker-punched us!
Yeah, it sure looks like they did, Alex.
I can't imagine what's going to come out next, but I think the design of this study that we're looking at now, it shows that when they went back and looked at the lung tissue and some of the brain tissue of these mice who were given these dummy viruses, remember they called it a pseudovirus, but it's really a dummy shell with the spike proteins around the outside of it.
It's the spike proteins that are actually causing damage
To the lungs, the brain, the placental linings.
And the way, the process of that is by attacking endothelial tissue in your blood vessels.
Endothelial is just a big fancy word for cellular lining.
So your blood vessels are very smooth.
A healthy blood vessel is very smooth, shiny in the inside because blood travels at a very high velocity and it's very sensitive to any blockages or any damage to the lining of your blood vessels.
These spike proteins actually damage, they mechanically, you can see it on the electron microscope, they're damaging the inside lining of the blood vessels, and when blood flies by, blood components get caught, platelets, other types of... That's right, the platelets build up, you get a plaque build up, and you have a heart attack or stroke, or you bleed out in the lungs.
In fact, you're saying, I've seen a lot of these studies, it's conclusive, why is it attacking the lungs particularly?
Is that because there's so many little blood vessels in there?
It has to do with the ACE2 receptors that you see in the title of this study.
They're ubiquitous in the lung, they're ubiquitous throughout the body, but they're really prolific and I think that there's maybe an affinity.
Originally, they thought this was a respiratory illness and a lot of doctors, including Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former Pfizer VP of Science,
I don't know.
Already had the vaccine and they're just calling it COVID now and saying, well, you still got COVID despite the vaccine when really it's vaccine.
And don't forget all four of these companies that are currently under the emergency use authorization result in the same thing.
Excess spike production.
AstraZeneca and J&J go about it a little bit differently.
They use an adenovirus delivery system, but it's all the same.
Let me ask you a quick question.
From your research, does anyone know this early yet, which vaccine is the most dangerous?
I don't think we can say.
I'll tell you why.
Because all four of them get to the same place, which is to force your body to rapidly and over replicate these spike proteins.
Now, here's the dangerous part I'm going to leave you with.
People, and we can talk about it another time, people, these, these illnesses are going to come out.
Uh, sort of generally over the next few years.
You must have been confused.
Stu's going to be hosting the next hour, so he's just popping in.
We're going to hand the ball off to him.
We've got one more segment.
Can you stay there?
Fantastic, Doc.
Okay, wow.
This could not be more important.
We'll be back after this quick break.
Dr. Jane Ruby is here.
And we've got the fellow I saw her on with coming up.
All right, Alex Jones here about to hand the baton over to talk show host Stu Peters, StuPeters.TV.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour today.
I think so.
How do we warn people?
How do we tell them?
Because, I mean, this is out of control.
This is conclusive.
They knew this, and then I guess the NIH told the vaccine makers, this is how we want it.
We don't want the Chinese what the Indians did, where they just have an attenuated
What's the bottom line here?
Alex, I'm afraid it might be too late by the time people really understand this, but the main point that I wanted to leave people with on that last study that we were starting to talk about is that by the time people start to react and have serious injury and die from these bleeding blood clots, it's going to be too late.
And the other thing that we're all worried about is that it's not going to be rightfully attributed
To these experimental injections.
They're going to start being called general cardiovascular illnesses, and it's not going to tie back to these injections.
But we're going to stay on it, and we're going to try to keep that information going so that people remember that even though these things are happening all over the body, they are related to these injections.
Well, there's no doubt that they had Operation Lockstep and Event 201.
They pre-planned it all.
They've been caught spiking vaccines with just steroids before.
They've been caught giving people...
Because it's causing your body to attack itself.
Now you make your body create the spike protein that supposedly beat it, and it's far worse.
That's what we're seeing everywhere.
Let's go ahead and bring in Stu Peters, who's gonna be hosting next hour.
I know on some other subjects he'll tell us about in a moment, but what is your view on this?
You know, you've been a successful bounty hunter, successful talk show host, you're a family guy, smart guy.
Looking at this, interviewing all the experts, what do you think's going on here?
Because the only thing I see is premeditation.
A hundred percent.
Premeditation, they absolutely knew.
And now they're giving you an ultimatum, which is really interesting, which we're going to get into next hour.
Silence or death?
So, in other words, we're going to muzzle you and you're going to have to continue to wear these.
Fauci already indicated that these masks are going to be indefinite.
We know where these masks are manufactured on my program and yours, Alex.
We have shown people where these masks come from, the serious health implications, long-term problems that it can cause, negative health side effects of covering your face constantly.
This is, I mean, and then the symbolic side of it, the Sharia side of it, the muzzling side of it, the distancing from, you know, your peers.
Kids at school doing this while they exert themselves, people working out.
And so Fauci has already said that this is going to be something that he's going to do indefinitely.
You're going to be wearing these masks forever.
And now Biden is saying, or you can go take this injection.
Well, what did we have yesterday?
It just came out.
Or was it this morning?
The Yankees announced eight of their players who are fully injected are now testing positive for COVID-19.
Well, of course they are.
They told us from the beginning that you would have to continue to social distance, continue wearing your mask, stay away from people, because this vaccine that's not a vaccine, which then we started referring to as an experimental injection, but for a lot of reasons today I'm going to stop calling it experimental, because it's not an experiment.
This was absolutely methodically, carefully designed, premeditated, calculated, and that's the one thing that we have to give these globalists credit for, is that they thought about all of this.
So the death sentence is intentionally designed to further that agenda by making these people hypersensitive to any other virus that they might encounter after they inject themselves.
And the scariest part about this thing, Alex and Dr. Ruby, people are lining up, tripping over themselves, pushing each other, getting in physical altercations to voluntarily subject themselves to this shot in the arm.
They're lining up.
This is so synonymous.
And people ask, very well said,
If people ask how they get away with it, they've gotten the lawyers, the doctors, the nurses, the media, the system to sign on, and now as the carnage unfolds, 50 times, 100 times worse than autism, everyone will join in on the cover-up now.
I mean, I know people that have had family that dies.
They say, well, it's still worth it, or women are paralyzed.
Well, I'd do it again.
I mean, you talk about Stockholm Syndrome, Stu, and, first, Dr. Jane Ruby.
How do we get people out of this Stockholm Syndrome?
Alex, it's really tough.
You know, fear is an incredible motivator.
It's hard to shake people out of their fear.
I mean, people write to me after having had the natural disease of COVID, asking me desperately where they can get ivermectin or HCQ, or if they're in danger of being near someone who hasn't had it.
The misinformation just really abounds.
You know, if your theories are right, and Stu's as well, then what we may have been looking at in the SARS-1 vaccine attempt might have been a test run.
After they knew the animals were going to die, and they knew the illnesses,
And the blood clots and bleeding were going to occur.
They went full ahead.
Think about it.
They went full ahead with the SARS-2 program, knowing full well that they at least got that part of their mechanism of action.
And that's exactly what, that's exactly what Stu just said that's so key, what you just kept saying.
And that's hiding in plain view.
We keep saying we're all guinea pigs.
We're guinea pigs.
We don't be guinea pigs.
They did 20 years of study on all these SARS and SPARS and COVIDs and knew that it caused bleed-outs in the animals.
Knew it did this, so that's why they skipped the animal trials.
That's why they went right to emergency authorization to do it out of the open so it could never be nailed down, Stu.
And that's why they don't want you to talk about things like HCQ.
That's why they don't want you to talk about ivermectin.
I got a prescription for ivermectin because I know a doctor.
This doctor prescribed it to me.
You know what it cost me?
It cost me $10.
$10 to get a 90-day supply of ivermectin.
That along with vitamin D. Which you can take preemptively, safely, so you, yeah.
That's right.
And continuing to allow these cancers to create fear.
Fear drives compliance.
Compliance creates control.
That is what all of this is, is a force of complete subservience to the state.
And they are winning because they're winning right now the information war, which is why we have to continue to push back.
The question that you asked, Dr. Ruby, is the trillion dollar question.
How do we make people aware of this?
In a situation, in an environment where we are being constantly shadow banned.
I was telling somebody earlier today, I got a text from Jan Morgan.
She's running for Senate in Arkansas.
She's an America First patriot.
She texted me at 1240 this morning.
I didn't even know you were still doing your show.
You're never in my feed.
You are completely shadow banned.
I mean, it's insane.
That's right, folks.
You can't count on...
People to be in the Facebook or Twitter feeds.
You've got to find the URL.
You've got to share the URL via your email, text message, and word of mouth.
Say, hey, they don't want you to see this.
You need to see it.
You need to share.
You need to share.
DrRuby site.
Stu Peters is hosting the fourth hour coming up at 6 after.
You'll hear him.
I'll be listening.
Thank you, Stu.
Thank you.
Really appreciate the opportunity to be here and we have a lot of fun.
Brother, I appreciate you.
You're kicking ass.
I can't wait while I'm eating lunch.
I'll be watching and listening.
Now, Dr. Ruby, in closing, what else do you want to impart to folks with a minute left?
Well, there's also, these researchers also found out that the spike proteins actually damage structures inside every one of your cells.
For those of you who remember high school biology, there's the mitochondria.
We all used to know it as
The late term is the little powerhouse of the cell, but the mitochondria are incredibly involved in your immunity, especially with ACE2 receptors.
And without getting too technical, these spike proteins are damaging.
They're literally fragmenting, according to this study, which means they're literally blowing up your mitochondria in your cells.
A lot of people are complaining of profound fatigue for weeks.
This makes your body create trillions of little spikes, bullets to shoot up your cells.
Yes, and to damage your body over time.
And when you start to have, you know, multiple different variable illnesses, we just worry that people are not going to make the connection to the injections.
But just like vitamins and minerals help with other viruses, we don't have any evidence, we don't know yet whether that would help with the spike protein or if we're getting it from shedding.
I mean, I know Pfizer admits the shedding's real.
Wow, Dr. Ruby, thank you so much.
Look forward to speaking to you in the near future.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
I'm going to come back and do five minutes.
All right, folks.
Some stations don't carry that five minutes, but some stations do.
So I'm going to finish up and I'm going to hand the baton to the next guest host, Stu Peters, and I'm going to hit a few final news pieces.
We'll be back in two minutes, then he takes over.
All right, folks.
We're into the fourth hour.
In five minutes, I will step down from this broadcasting seat and hand it over to Stu Peters.
For myself, I have a $64 trillion question, and I know that this is the question you have as well, because I heard callers asking it earlier, and it's what I was already thinking.
We know that from regular viruses, whether they're flu viruses, cold viruses, corona, any of it, that they can't replicate if you have, it's almost impossible if you have enough vitamins and minerals of all the essential types.
That means magnesium, that means zinc, that means C, that means D, vitamin K, that they can't replicate in your cells.
That then protects the mitochondria.
But if it's just a straight-up spike that's like a bullet, a weapon, and then your body also attacks that and causes an autoimmune response, I don't know what you do.
And obviously, Pfizer and others admit the shedding.
It's in their own literature.
They have Snopes saying it's not true because it's in the damn Pfizer admissions.
We don't know if pregnant women should have this.
We don't know if a woman breastfeeding should have it and whether it'll shed or infect the child.
And now, they're admitting it's happening.
And even NPR and USA Today had scientists going, you know, six months ago, we're worried the vaccine will cause new strains and make the body create new viruses, which it can do.
They're way more advanced than they told the general public.
They've been really obsessed with this for a while, and this is the soft kill weapon.
It just attacks different people different ways.
Some people are going to live 20 years, some are going to live six months.
And it's pretty clear it's shedding.
And so you've got a lot of camps for Jews and Christians saying we don't want people that have had the vaccine around our kids.
It's not a vaccine.
It turns your body into an engine of biological pollution.
You got the left trying to intimidate us to take it because they're married to Satan in the state.
You've got all these different schools and different whole food type places that aren't whole foods, but other grocery stores saying, don't come in if you're vaccinated.
And you know, that's not bullying.
That's pushback because they're the ones trying to tell us we won't have a life until we submit to them.
How about things we own?
We just say you're not welcome.
So they start thinking about what's happening, because the left runs on peer pressure.
They're followers.
They run on the left-hand path.
They're basically Satanists.
Or they're useful idiots that buy into, I'm the good guy, the TV said so.
They're useful idiots, and Satanists that want to be powerful, and Satanists that are in power.
And that's really what it comes down to, and it's extremely serious.
You've got my commitment that I'm going to reach out to a bunch of scientists and a bunch of medical doctors, and we're going to really twist Sherry Tinpenny's arm, too, to get back on, because I really respect her.
But I know a lot of other epidemiologists and scientists, people need to contact Wolfgang Wudarg, Dr. Yidan, all of them, and say, is there any counter to once it's replicating to get it out of you, or if you're around people to protect yourself, or at least mitigate it?
That's where we are.
They try to keep you from knowing about vitamins and minerals that are essential.
They're just as essential as oxygen or water.
It just takes longer to die if you don't have them.
And that stuff's like 100%, folks.
The problem is some people get so old, their guts are messed up, you can't absorb it.
Then there's that issue.
Or the cardiovascular is so clogged up, your body can't get the nutrients of the cells.
But if you've got good cardiovascular and stuff are decent, vitamins and minerals, you're bulletproof.
But not with all of this from what I know.
I mean, I don't know.
I hope vitamins and minerals are the answer, because Lord knows I've been taking a lot more of them, and I feel more energy and a lot better.
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I don't know.
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Take your orders.
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I get prepared now.
I would not wait.
The Globals want you dependent.
It's Thursday morning, May 13th.
I'm sitting in my studio getting ready to go live, and I am just cutting this bulletin to all the listeners and all the viewers, so you understand how serious the situation is.
Just two weeks ago, I predicted you'd see massive inflation explode, that they would cut off more pipelines.
I said it on air more than 50 times, because America is under strategic globalist attack in an economic trade war to make sure China wins.
This is World War III.
And I told listeners, you need to get storable food.
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They have the food ready to ship right now at preparewithalex.com.
10% off.
We've been talking about how intentional this is, the ultimatum that was given by Joe Biden, making it clear to all Americans that you'll obey or that you'll be silenced.
And the death sentence is intentionally designed, in my opinion, to further the globalist agenda for the depopulation that we keep talking about, the control, the compliance for the power.
None of this is by accident.
It's a very well thought out, carefully manufactured, methodically implemented plan that includes, as Alex was alluding to before the break, it includes every asset at the disposal of the government, including the influence that these elitists hold using money as leverage to coerce corporate America, professional sports, Hollywood, big tech, print media, major broadcast networks.
Cable news outlets into constantly feeding the masses with really well-written, very appropriately constructed propaganda.
It's impossible to go anywhere without seeing signs encouraging or requiring, masking constant reminders about how inconvenient life will be.
Should you continue to resist what we used to refer to as an experimental injection, no longer do I believe it's an experiment.
It's also part of the plan.
The doubt that you and I have about the so-called vaccine, that was anticipated.
And countermeasures have been put into place to combat any resistance that we might bring forth.
These people are evil, but they are well organized.
They're the devil in human form, but they're intelligent.
Well-connected, deep-rooted, powerful people who have been able to manipulate the world into believing that the United States government is actually acting in the best interest of its people, but has systematically been working to destroy us for decades.
People like George Soros have been able to infiltrate every level of government.
They've influenced the criminal justice system.
They've politicized command staffs at law enforcement agencies.
They've funded the campaigns of radical progressive DAs and other candidates, ensuring that no opposition could stand in the way of a total takeover and the successful toppling of a political system that has governed and operated this republic for centuries.
You guys, the state is so deep.
The depths of the swamp that Donald J. Trump promised to drain was so carefully silenced under this cone of silence that these authoritarians operate inside of, influencing circuit, district, appellate, Supreme Courts at the state and federal levels, corrupting the judiciary so greatly that the entire system will always operate
In the best interest of the elite.
The amount of time that it's taken.
To pull the curtains back and catch just a glimpse of what's really going on is only a fraction as compared to the centuries that it would take to expose every single player in the game that's responsible for this hostile takeover and destruction of liberty, which is why we get so frustrated wondering why is Hillary Clinton still walking around?
Why have there been no military tribunals?
Why is it okay for Obama to spy on, you know, on Trump as a campaigning person and even into his presidency?
They're looking for the total destruction and frustration of our liberty.
Freedom is only an illusion at this point and there isn't a baby born today that will ever truly know what it means to be a free being.
Imagine that.
The top paid bureaucrat in the United States government is not a person elected by we the people.
He's not somebody that was sent as a representative of our will, but instead an installed personification of Satan himself, with unilateral authority to implement regulatory policy, to completely transform infrastructure, our educational system, to collapse small business,
To restrict the movement of healthy people, to terminate constitutional rights, right in front of us, in the name of a virus that he funded, that was intentionally released, and that he continues to lie about every single day.
Anthony Fauci is a criminal.
And this guy, along with the help of the state, that claims to operate in your best interest,
Has been able to do all of it behind the cloak of a virus with a recovery rate of nearly 100%.
Let that sink in.
So now you have to ask yourself, what's it going to look like when something really deadly impacts the globe?
Something with real teeth.
Some real effective bioweapon.
Something designed to mutilate.
To spread like wildfire and kill.
Something carefully fashioned for complete destruction.
Something the masses will voluntarily run toward, physically fight for, and push to the front of the line, begging to be injected with.
As we watch our favorite actors, Hall of Fame players, political icons, people of influence and stature, these people will advocate for your demise because they don't know any better.
A former president with a grassroots following will tout this lethal concoction and will probably take credit for its distribution because he's guarded by gatekeepers.
And he will never realize, until it's too late, the amount of blood that will soak his hands.
At which point, I believe the plan will be that he will be targeted by the state
He'll be taken into custody and he'll be tried before the military in front of the entire world to take a fall that's been designed in secret for many years.
None of it is coincidence.
Nothing is by accident.
These masks trap germs and viruses, blowing up the number of positive PCR tests, which we have been told by its inventor are completely unreliable.
He called Anthony Fauci a liar and a fraud decades ago, but nobody noticed.
Nobody listened.
The explosion of these positive tests just magically leads now to the disappearance of influenza, deadly heart conditions, diabetic ketoacidosis, strokes, and all these other causes of death.
It's a miracle!
But meanwhile, the injection ultimatum cannot be disregarded as stupid or unplanned.
It's not a geriatric moment by the installed fake president.
It's on purpose.
If Dr. Ruby is right, and if this study is right, and if America's Frontline doctors are right, and if Dr. Carrie Medea is right, and if Dr. Tenpenny is right, and if Dr. McCullough and so many more, the list goes on and on, the injection is going to make the injected person more susceptible to damage
Imminent great bodily harm or death when they come into contact with any other virus, any other coronavirus, any other kind of sickness, major damage to their organs, catastrophic failure causing death.
They've been primed for death.
Of course it's okay for you to take your mask off.
It's part of the plan.
This isn't some big new shocking announcement or revelation.
You might get your 4th of July!
They were priming us for all of this!
Of course it's okay for you to take your mask off, inside and out, after being fully vaccinated.
You gotta get a hold of your neighbors.
You gotta get a hold of your church congregation.
You gotta get a hold of your friends.
I had Dr. Ruby hold on.
I want to have her here, holding her over.
We're gonna have her back for another segment because I have some pretty specific questions for her.
This is a big deal.
I mean, I'm not a medical expert, which is why we reach out to them, but you have to stay informed and you have to make sure that you grab ahold of somebody and tell them, this is not the experiment you think it is.
You didn't research this because if you take this thing, you are the research.
You're the laboratory animal that they skipped over when they rushed this thing through emergency use to the market, knowing exactly what it was going to do to the masses.
We'll get Dr. Ruby to come back and weigh in on all of that as we continue on BanThis.TV.
My name is Stu Peters, in for Alex Jones.
Find me at StuPeters.TV.
We'll be right back.
Of course it's okay to take your mask off inside and out after being fully vaccinated.
Now OSHA, really big news for us, is saying if you require your employees to be vaccinated as a condition of employment, i.e.
for work-related reasons,
Then any adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine will be work-related.
That's a tremendous first step by OSHA.
Because we know about these adverse reactions.
We talked about VAERS data.
We broke that story on my show.
Conveniently, after I started talking about specific VAERS occurrences, 5-month-old baby, 15-year-old kid, 16, 17-year-old kids, conveniently, the day that I brought attention to that on my platform, the search function for the VAERS website went completely dark.
It was disabled.
It went down.
You could not get in there.
The site could not be found.
And then, later that evening, Tucker started talking about it on his program.
He kind of scratched the surface of this VAERS stuff.
And then, when you go back now that it's up, and you look for the specific VAERS cases that I highlighted on the show, they are now gone.
So, they continue to manipulate, move around the information as we find it, but it's there if you dig for it.
I can't do all the research for you.
You know, Alex does a good job at his team.
They can't do all the, Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Ruby, they can't do all of the research for you.
We're doing it and bringing it to you, but you have to go and get into the URLs, get into the web, talk to people who have had real experiences.
While we were in break right there, I received an email from a listener whose sister has had now an adverse reaction to the vaccine.
She wants to know if it's a coincidence.
Well, I'm not the medical expert, but we do have the medical expert here.
Dr. Ruby is nice enough.
We're good.
Who have an adverse reaction, that adverse reaction would then become work-related.
So, in other words, these employers could potentially be held accountable.
My concern is whoever OSHA's counterpart is in the educational sphere for these colleges, for these kids that are going back, that are being required, these young adults are being required to take this injection, to take the jab, to get the shot in the arm before they're allowed to return to in-person classes on their campus.
This is going to be absolutely catastrophic if the study that you brought to our attention that we broke to the world the other day is accurate, which I don't see any way to really dispute the evidence.
I mean, we saw the spike proteins, we saw the graph, we saw the study that you brought.
What's going to happen to our young adults?
Sue, this is why we're trying to get the word out.
First of all, the OSHA decision
Is actually good news because it puts the onus of responsibility and accountability for injury from these injections back onto the entity that's demanding it.
And as you mentioned, if we could get that same expectation for colleges and universities that are demanding it or any entity, if we shift that burden, you'll see how fast those demands and those requirements are changing.
Some employers are now realizing that if they're responsible, then they're going to have to pay directly because the companies that they contract with for group insurance are already backing away.
And they are saying, we're not covering that for your group employees.
So that means it's going to fall back on to the corporation that's demanding that their employees, as a condition of either new employment or continued employment,
I don't know.
For these colleges, for these universities, the deans, the people that oversee the faculty there, who is the organizing body, like the OSHA of the work environment?
Who's the organizing body?
But what do you do?
You go to the government, the people that are perpetuating this, the people that are pushing this onto us?
What do you do?
Go to the Department of Education?
These are the people that are advocating for these students to do it, making it impossible for them to go unvaccinated and return to class.
So they're essentially telling them, you will never be successful at completing your degree, completing your education, all of your childhood dreams to become whatever it was that you wanted to become, that you have now gone to study for.
You will not realize that.
You'll never get that success unless you roll the dice and take this shot in the arm that we are now seeing has been intentionally designed and released to cause catastrophic health conditions, including death.
Well, the difference between the employers and the OSHA decision and the colleges demanding vaccine or injection prior to coming back to school is that, you know, in the first case, that's your employment.
And so there is a way to put that back, that accountability back on the employer.
In the case of colleges and universities, I want to point out to parents and students alike, you have a choice where you go to college or university.
And so, yes, I understand that you might already be admitted, you might already be on your way to, you know, completing your degree and you've invested a lot in it, but it's either your life
Or your college degree most conveniently, you know, shortest route through this particular university.
We have a lot more power than we think.
And we're talking about lifelong events as well.
Not just your degree.
I mean, yeah, you said this is your life.
But if you do survive infertility... What I'm saying is... Go ahead, I'm sorry.
There's a little delay here.
I'm not trying to interrupt you.
Yeah, so sorry.
I know sometimes there is.
What I'm saying is that parents and their children, their teens or their college age children, are consumers.
It's a little bit different in the employment setting.
So I'm happy to see that.
I would like to see the same responsibility shifted to any entity that demands in a bilateral relationship, business relationship.
Like colleges and universities, that they take the accountability.
But I want parents and students to remember, you have choice.
And there are, just like there are shops and businesses and gyms and salons that do not require vaccination, injection, whatever you want to call it, or masks, we bring our business there.
So we have a little more freedom in choosing where we go and you do have that freedom to choose.
Leave your college and university.
It's not worth your life and your illness.
Yeah, we're seeing now, I got an email from a listener of the Stu Peters Show today.
I'm looking at it right now.
Delta Airlines has now sent out an email.
We learned this morning that their policy is going to be that for all new hires, they will be required to be vaccinated.
You will not be considered for employment at Delta Airlines if you have not had the shot in the arm.
The article that I read this morning did not indicate what they were going to do with current employees of the airline, but now I just got an email from an employee at Delta Airlines.
She screenshotted, or he screenshotted, the email from Delta Airlines to all employees that said, basically, you're going to take this shot in the arm or you're going to be fired.
I've got about 30 seconds left here, Dr. Ruby.
Any final words?
Yeah, you know, in The Wizard of Oz, the Good Witch said, you have the power the whole time.
You have the power.
All of these flight attendants, particularly right now in Delta's corporation, band together and either left or went on strike, whatever, use their collective power to say no to Delta and leave.
Leave them with no help.
Again, it's not worth your life.
Just wait.
Hashtag just wait.
So if they did that, I think they'd turn Delta around immediately.
We appreciate you being here and I know that we'll talk to you again soon.
Stick around for more of the Alex Jones Show right after this.
My name is Stu Peters at Bandness.tv.
You know, we've talked about the virus and the injection, the poison, the takeover, the hostile toppling, the lies of Anthony Fauci.
He funded this thing, intentionally released it, used it to lock everyone down, distract away from everything that's going on.
This is the criminal activity that we have seen that has actually been brought to light with no action whatsoever.
The criminal activity of the cabal, the deep state,
These globalist puppeteers that are manipulating Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, all these people are so radical and so fake that we can see it every time that you turn on the mainstream media.
When you look at even outlets that were typically conservative outlets, you now see it's very obvious that it's all fake.
The pundits are fake.
The witnesses are fake.
The experts are fake.
And these people are all manipulated by the likes of Soros and the Rothschilds and the Obamas, who for all intents and purposes, he's in his third term here.
He said that he was going to fundamentally change the country.
Well, about that, he was not lying.
And the crimes that have been committed that we know about are unfathomable.
And we're now just only scratching the surface of this exposure.
And the media, meanwhile,
Seems to have moved on past the violent insurrection.
And nobody wants to talk about it anymore, but we haven't forgotten about it.
And Paul Gosar brought up a really great question the other day about where are these peaceful protesters?
Where are these patriotic Trump supporters now?
Are they still being hunted down by Joe Biden's FBI?
Are they still being charged with misdemeanor trespassing?
And then looking at three decades of imprisonment?
The illusion of freedom is fake also, right along with the media.
Don't you dare talk about any of this intimidation.
Don't you ever talk about any of this social pressure.
Don't you ever talk about, you know, Ashley Babbitt again, because now you're just a crazy radical conspiracy theorist and you may be Baker acted or involuntarily committed or drugged.
They'll throw away the key.
Well, my next guest is Lauren Witzke.
She is the national spokesperson for the Hold the Line PAC.
She is also not afraid at all.
We won't be silenced.
We still have questions about that day.
We want answers for the deep state and the media lies.
We want an immediate declassification of any intelligence surrounding what I would refer to as an execution of Ashley Babbitt.
Lauren, thanks for being here.
To that, you say what?
You know, Paul Gosar, Congressman Gosar, has been the only elected official, the only Republican who has publicly even mentioned Ashley Babbitt's name.
You know, she was murdered in cold blood, unarmed, an ex-veteran.
You know, she was a veteran.
She fought for our country and they hunted her down and murdered her with no warning, no excuse.
And now we aren't even able to find out who the officer was that murdered her.
Everything is conditioning.
They are trying to condition us into believing that we, as Americans, Trump supporting or conservative or Christian Americans, our lives don't matter or they matter less than people like George Floyd, who got justice for what happened to him.
But people like Ashley Babbitt are beneath people like George Floyd.
They're trying to condition us.
And nobody is fighting for us except for Paul Gosar.
He was the first one who wrote a letter to the FBI yesterday, I believe it was, or two days ago, trying to find out why young Americans who didn't even go into the Capitol building for the selfie insurrection
...are put on the no-fly list.
People like me, who didn't go in the building.
Innocent, law-abiding protesters practicing our First Amendment right are put on the domestic terrorist watch list.
They're harassing and throwing Trump supporters in prison, solitary confinement, still sitting there, rotting in jail, and nobody is defending them.
And that's not an exaggeration of the truth either, because I specifically, I can name a couple of names, but one of them that sticks out in my mind is the political prisoner, Sean Bradley Weitzman.
He was a journalist.
He's a journalist from here in the Minneapolis Twin Cities metropolitan area who went there.
He did nothing.
Everything that he did there was documented, either recorded or it was live on social media.
If the guy was going to try to hide something, it would be ridiculous to believe that he would record himself in some sort of criminal activity.
He was ushered into an open door, much like the single mother of a 10-year-old who's now looking at, and pregnant, looking at 30 years in prison for being escorted in by officers.
The thing was a setup, Lauren.
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, the gentleman that put his feet on Nancy Pelosi's desk, now he's facing 82 months in federal prison while we had rioters and looters burning federal buildings with federal officers inside in Portland.
But like I said before, it's all conditioning to condition us into believing that our lives are less value than the people who are on the left, the people like George Floyd, people like BLM, Antifa.
They know, the FBI knows that there are cells of Antifa terrorists who go and agitate and set up Trump supporters or set up conservatives to disrupt and bash these, you know, cause chaos in our events.
You know, they've known this.
This happened in Charlottesville.
The same thing happened in Charlottesville.
And a man named James Field was hunted down, he was chased down by a man with an AK-47, and now James Field is serving life in prison for that.
See, that was just conditioning back then.
Everything they're doing is leading up to this point.
You know, they're arresting pastors, dragging them through the streets in Canada, and they're making sure that we see it here in the media because they're conditioning us, because that's what's next.
They're going to come and they're going to drag us through the streets and throw us all in prison just for our political beliefs.
And nobody in the Republican Party is standing up for us and shame on them.
In fact, actually, they joined in with the Fox News narrative, with the Newsmax narrative, that we're domestic terrorists and that this is an insurrection.
I couldn't even get out of D.C.
after peacefully protesting outside of the Capitol building.
I couldn't even get out of D.C.
before they're calling for me to be thrown in Guantanamo Bay.
These people are shameful.
They're spineless and they're despicable.
But they are certain exactly what occurred.
You had a firsthand account.
You knew that what was being reported in the media was a completely manufactured lie, including using a heroic cop in their narrative to make us believe
That Trump supporting violent insurrectionist, murderous cop killers wielding a fire extinguisher, savagely beaten in cold blood until he was dead.
And now we know that to be a complete lie.
You tried to blow the whistle saying on Newsmax
That Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer incited that violence and that insurrection by ignoring the call for security and ushering these people in there, and you got your segment cut.
You got your segment cut because that is not the narrative that fits.
That is not the narrative that works.
And this Ashley Babbitt execution
That was done in cold blood as part of the setup is the same cold blood that is now setting up everybody that was there, whether you were at the Ellipse or not, whether you were inside of the building or not.
You could have been just in the D.C.
If you're a Bank of America customer, no doubt you've been approached by the FBI wondering why you were spending money there at that time.
There is no secret
That you're right.
Artur Pawlowski, who was jailed, the Polish pastor who was jailed in Canada, you are absolutely right.
They are conditioning us for this.
That is an amazing revelation, and we're going to keep you here because here's the question that I have for you, Lauren, and we only have a minute left, so I'm going to get you on the flip side of the break here.
The question that I have for you is, now what, right?
Because we see everything that's coming.
We see people like Sean Bradley Weitzman.
He's looking at misdemeanor charges that are carrying 30 years in prison.
Somebody told these cops to walk away.
Somebody told these officers to turn their back.
When Ashley Babbitt was shot, now I worked in the law enforcement world for almost two decades, for 18 years, albeit as a bail enforcement agent, a bail investigator, a bounty hunter, whatever you want to call it, but I've been in a lot of scenes where critical incidents happened and so on and so forth.
When an officer fires a gun, you better believe that every single asset in that department, and probably neighboring cities, are coming there.
They're responding to calls.
They're taking the pressure of the load of calls for service off of the department that was involved in the officer-involved shooting.
They're there to help and give support wherever they can.
These people just calmly walked away from this.
And I'm not a tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.
I'm the realist here.
We are the realists.
We are awake.
Alex says, if you're here, you're part of the resistance.
We are part of the Great Awakening.
And more of it is coming up with Loren Witzke right after this on the Alex Jones Show at Bandness.tv.
Hey, it's Stu Peters.
Find me at StuPeters.TV.
Also, reminder, here's a shameless plug for you.
The truth always lives at RedVoiceMedia.com.
Make sure that you give us a check.
I really would appreciate it if you'd check us out.
Come over and support us.
We're there.
Tell them the truth all the time.
RedVoiceMedia.com and StuPeters.TV.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
She is a Republican who, by the way, garnered more votes than any other Republican in the history of our state.
That's a first-time run.
She's the national spokesperson for the Hold the Line PAC.
She's an America First, God-loving conservative.
She's unafraid and she joins us now.
Her name is Lauren Witzke.
You can find her on Gab at LaurenWitzkeDE, as in Delaware.
Lauren, the way to stop this, I think, is obvious and you can correct me if I'm wrong, but getting loud seems to be really effective.
Because if you look at what's happening in the world right now, the smallest fraction of a percent of people with the loudest bullhorns seem to be the ones that are making the most difference.
When you talk about race baiters like Abram Kendi, people that are employed by Soros like Black Lives Matter Incorporated, these Antifa, purple-headed, crackpot, basement-dwelling video game players.
These people are just making a lot of noise.
They're burning things down.
They're trapping law enforcement officers inside of buildings and lighting them on fire.
They're throwing urine bombs at police officers.
They are ruining businesses.
They created an entire summer of carnage.
We don't have to rehash it.
Everybody knows what happened last summer.
It's going to continue again.
Riot season has only just begun.
It's only a matter of time before another officer is involved with a critical incident or any use of force situation.
And I know that you're not a law enforcement expert, but to weigh in on this,
What is it that needs to be done?
Are we looking at parents that are out in California right now, specifically in one district, that are standing up and saying, we've had enough of this critical race theory?
I mean, they're really holding these people's feet to the fire right now, saying, no, we're not.
I don't want my kids being taught like this.
I don't want them reading from these books in school.
I don't want them being taught that they are lesser of a person because they're white and they will never apologize for this.
Is that what we need to do?
Just take a hard stand right now and just, no, we're not doing it.
Yes, absolutely.
You know, we have got to stop the conditioning.
We have to shut down and completely reject their narrative that we are not allowed to have a voice, that we deserve to be silenced, or that we deserve to be murdered just because we're conservative or supported Donald Trump.
You know, what we saw with the school board, the parents literally drove out the school board.
Who was trying to push critical race theory and they were doing the mask mandates and people, the parents took their rights back and they did it legally.
People need to understand as a conservative though, Biden's DOJ is weaponized against you.
So if you do break the law, they will take it to the fullest extent and prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.
So we have to be extra careful to make sure that we protect ourselves, but you can make your voice heard.
Yeah, how can you be careful but yet effective at the same time?
Because if we're not allowed to be loud, you know, if we're not allowed to burn heads in the street and hold, I mean, we remember holding the bleeding head of the president in the air.
I mean, these types of things, these little radical progressive terrorists, they get a pass.
But God-fearing, Christian, Anglo-Saxon, white, patriot America, freedom-loving, liberty-embracing, red, white, and blue, blue-working, blue-collar workers, we get the shaft.
We get incarcerated, viciously hunted down for taking a selfie at the Capitol and looking at 30 years of imprisonment.
So really, what avenues do we have to take action?
Well, you can get loud.
You can build networks with your people and your friends.
But also you can hold your elected officials accountable.
You know, we've been putting pressure on the Republican Party to stand up for the January 6th protesters.
And you know what?
Paul Gosar was a champion for us.
He came through for us.
He is the one who asked who killed Ashley Babbitt.
He was the first elected official to do that.
We should demand that from all of our Republican elected officials and condemn them for joining in with Fox News' Newsmax's narrative that it was an insurrection, completely and utterly throwing us all under the bus and condemning us to the mercy of Biden's weaponized DOJ is what they did by listening and participating in that narrative that the left created.
You know, they know.
That there are antifa cells everywhere.
They know that there are domestic terrorists, the real domestic terrorists aren't white Christians.
However, they hate us and they want us dead.
They want us thrown in prison.
They want to destroy our lives.
So they are weaponizing and organizing every outlet they can, now that they're in power, to take it out against us.
So we have to be vocal.
We have to be loud.
We have to combat their narrative.
We have to completely reject it.
And not only that, we have to mock it.
You know, we have to mock these people and make them feel stupid, because you know what?
A granny selfie insurrection, quote-unquote, you know, that is paled in comparison to the rioting, looting mob in the 2020 summer that we had that was pure hell, because we catered and allowed Black Lives Matter to burn our country to the ground, where Republicans, most of them, didn't say anything.
People like Dan Crenshaw actually kicked the mob and took down our historical monuments.
That's disgraceful!
I don't
A woman was gunned down by a law enforcement officer and nobody is saying a peep.
Nobody is demanding justice for Ashley Babbitt whatsoever.
It is an absolute travesty and I cannot believe the silence, the deafening silence that this media is just, they're completely shut down on this narrative.
I mean, there's all of these theories about Ashley Babbitt not being dead and all this other stuff.
Listen, the woman was shot and killed by a cop.
Nobody is saying a thing!
Yeah, and people were too afraid to even ask who killed her, you know, because they had conditioned us into believing that we were domestic terrorists when we were just peaceful protesters.
You know, that is what was all over the news.
Even news outlets that were supposedly on our side like Fox News or Ben Shapiro,
Even Meghan McCain was saying that I needed to be thrown in Guantanamo Bay just for attending a peaceful protest sponsored by my president.
You know, so there are certainly forces at work that hate us just as much as the Democrats do, even on our side.
So we need to identify and weed these people out.
But we have to take back our narrative.
We have got to combat it and we have got to not allow
This to happen because it is all conditioning and it is built up to this point and now it's becoming acceptable to throw a Trump supporter in prison for life just because they're conservative or maybe have an outspoken opinion about something that the left doesn't like, the demonic left.
It's also spiritual too.
It really is a spiritual battle.
You know, with Christians right now, we are literally fighting evil.
We are literally combating evil.
But we have to speak it into like, we have got to stay loud, we've got to stay vocal, and we've got to stay involved.
You know, taking back your local legislator is very important as well.
Getting involved locally in your party.
Replacing these rhino losers who are too spineless and afraid to speak out.
Even your local PTA, all the stuff that you never really pay attention to at the ballot box, you need to do it.
She said demonic.
She was banned for it on Twitter because she's not scared of the truth.
She's the national spokesperson for the Hold the Line PAC.
Go find her on Gab at LaurenWitzki.de.
Thank you so much for being here, dear.
We really appreciate it.
They're coming at you from every single angle.
They're coming at you with the virus.
They have crippled an entire country with a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate.
They're making you take an injection that you know now, that I know now, that we know now, that medical experts have proven through studies, are going to cause catastrophic damage to your organs, to your bodily functions, and probably death.
You have been primed for death once you take this thing.
Still don't know if there's any way to reverse it, but they're gonna make you go take it, or they're gonna make your life a living hell, and now they're trying to disarm you.
You may not know that if Texas falls with constitutional carry, they're coming after the rest of the country too.
And right now there's an urgent battle in Texas for gun rights.
Constitutional carry is under attack.
New York Times does a 20,000 word essay on all the legislation that's happening down in Texas.
They conveniently leave that one out.
And guess what?
Rhino Dan Patrick, the Lieutenant Governor down there, is fighting this thing.
He's only steps away from Governor Greg Abbott's desk.
It needs to pass.
Call Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick down in Texas and let him know.
I'm telling you folks, it's really important.
They want to silence you.
They want to disarm you.
They need you vulnerable in order to take over if they don't kill you with the injection already.
Owen Schroer is out.
I guess Tom Pappert is going to be filling in on the war room.
That's coming up next at BAM This TV.
My name is Stu Peters.
You can always find the truth at redvoicemedia.com.
Make sure that you get over there to redvoicemedia.com.
My show airs, The Stu Peters Show, Monday through Friday.
That's weekdays, 6 p.m.
Eastern at stupeters.tv, and I hope to see you over there.
Boy, I tell you what, and here's what's up to it, here's what's down to it, and any way that you can get to it.
And to those who don't do it, may they be dragged to it, tied to it, or forced to it.
And here's to us who do do it, because we're the ones that's used to it.
Remember to fly low and avoid the radar.
One day they're going to come for the car, and when they do, save the radio.
My name is Stu Peters.
This is the Alex Jones Show on Bandness.tv.
Thanks for having me.
One of the most common questions I get on the air, but also on the street, is, Alex, what does it feel like to be so vindicated to have predicted all this stuff over 25 years, and now it's all come true?
And the answer is, it doesn't feel good.
Because if people would have actually researched what I was researching, we could have stopped the whole Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order takeover.
The globalists are just about a third of the way into their plan.
If people will listen now about what's coming next, we can't stop them and we will stop them.
We don't have a choice.
This is about global depopulation.
This is truly a mark of the beast, satanic takeover.
And your churches aren't going to help you because almost all of them are, again, 501c3.
They've signed on to the World Council of Churches, National Council of Churches, the ecumenical movement.
And they're controlled by the UN and by the Rockefellers.
So they're going to tell you to take the mark of the beast.
They're going to tell you to take all the poison inoculations.
They're going to tell you to send your kids to drag queen story time.
They're going to promote abortion, as you see almost all, even the mainline churches are now starting to do, because they've been bought and paid for.
They're not preachers.
They're globalist operatives that went to seminary to take over at this point, just like the Pope now says.
Europe shouldn't just be Christian.
Open borders are good.
Communism is good.
That's the opposite of, say, Pope John Paul II.
So you're seeing a complete inversion here.
What did I tell you a year ago, 14 months ago, when the whole fake pandemic started?
I said, they're going to blame the global collapse of the economy and the mass starvation of the third world on COVID-19.
But it is the lockdown that is causing the collapse of the economy and starvation in the third world.
When the first world collapses, the third world dies.
And I said it thousands of times until listeners got sick of it.
Well, here we are, 14 months later, and what's happening?
Steel prices have tripled.
Corn prices have exploded to all-time highs.
Wheat prices.
Meat prices.
Energy is exploding in cost.
From oil to coal to natural gas to solar, everything is inflationary.
Because there are governments around the world paying people still not to work,
Printing record levels of money that then chases fewer goods.
That is classic supply and demand.
It is exploding the prices and causing massive scarcity.
They're saying this summer we're going to have about a third less gas than we need in the United States to even operate.
The globalists knew all of this.
They battle planned it all.
And while you go bankrupt and while I go bankrupt,
Big Tech, the big banks, have all doubled or tripled their profits on record.
They engineered the whole thing.
They actuaried it out.
It's called Lockstep.
Operation Lockstep, 11 years ago, put into Crimson Contagion, put into Event 201 by Bill Gates, and then launched as COVID-19.
It is the fear of the virus that causes mass death.
It is the vaccine that causes the illnesses and
I don't think so.
Lastly, I'd get right with God.
I'd get prepared.
I'd talk to my friends and family and get them prepared.
And I would also have firearms to protect yourself, water filtration so you have water, and storable food.
Now, we don't sell firearms, but we do sell the best portable water filtration systems where you get it from a lake.
I told you so.
I'm about to cut a very important ad for X2.
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X2 is back in stock.
People ask me, well, why do you have X3 then?
A very small percentage of people cannot absorb pure iodine.
This is true atomic, pure iodine.
We have to have like a DEA license to get it and manufacture it.
The other iodine is a triiodine, all three types of iodine, and it's better for some folks, not as good for others.
It's apples and oranges, you decide, but X3 is also available at InfoWarsTore.com.
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