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Air Date: May 13, 2021
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The Alex Jones Show covers topics such as the ongoing gas shortage crisis, COVID-19 pandemic measures and censorship in media, high food inflation, possible misuse of directed energy weapons by military agencies, and BioPros as non-GMO pollution solution. He encourages listeners to purchase storable foods due to rising prices and shares his personal experiences with products available on the InfoWars Store. Jones criticizes government handling of energy crises and accuses them of making billions through price gouging. He discusses a plan for controlled collapse of society and government control over every aspect of life. The speaker addresses public shaming of those who question COVID-19 vaccine safety."


How do you take over a country?
It's called siege.
It's written about 6,000 years ago in the first tablets, written by the Qin, the Chinese.
It's the first time we see the term siege.
And it's an image of a fort, Chinese character, with soldiers around it.
This is called siege.
So people are like, how does Jones know?
He is all over the internet.
Jones must be one of them.
And I'm getting scared.
How the hell did he know that?
Because we're under freaking attack!
Of course I know what's coming next!
We're under military attack!
We're under military attack!
We're under military attack!
And all the brainwashed, weirdo liberals who've got two, three degrees that are worthless, they believe they're going to have a position in the new America, in the communist America.
They've all been told.
They have Confucius Institutes at all the major universities that teach Mao Zedong is good.
The Washington Post says Xi Jinping must destroy Trump to save America.
They're Chinese globalist agents!
They hate their own country!
We're under attack!
We're under attack!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, May 13th.
The year is 2021 and the world is awakening.
Top brass in Europe, the United States, Russia, Brazil, the UK, all over the Canadian military are warning of a communist Chinese takeover allied with big mega banks, Hollywood, and the leftist system.
This is the globalist takeover, but
Top brass across the world are accurately laying out what's happening, both current and former military.
There is a purge of the West, a purge of capitalism, a purge of Christianity, and what has made us successful by the globalist takeover.
Very good news.
But first, an extremely concerning report by Greg Reese.
Here is Greg Reese's report, and we'll be right back to kick off the main transmission.
Stay with us.
For those of us who still have a survival instinct, the COVID-19 vaccine has been nothing but red flags from the start.
An experimental mRNA cocktail that rewires your cells at the genetic level.
Everyone is supposed to get it.
All negative comments are censored.
Those who question it are shamed and attacked in the public.
And all this for a manufactured pandemic, created via headlines, pop culture talking points, and government shutdowns.
On a certain level, the whole thing is undeniably a psychological test.
With all these blatant red flags, are you so compliant that you are willing to submit and take the shot?
Or are you driven by an independent instinct to survive?
The normal healthy response would be to question this.
Now we have reports of people dying after getting the vaccine.
Painful side effects are becoming normalized.
And there are other side effects being reported.
Strange ones.
Several people have been claiming that magnets are sticking to the injection point on their arm after getting the COVID vaccine.
Is there something metallic inside the vaccine that's strong enough to hold a small magnet?
Vaccines come with inserts loaded with small print, known famously for some listing autism as an adverse reaction.
The inserts for the COVID vaccine are intentionally left blank, so we have to search outside of the box.
A quick search will find reports on manipulative magnetic nanomedicine as the future of COVID therapy and superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine.
The first gap both the transhumanists and techno-tyrants need to bridge is the interface, the controversial chip.
Some people these days have no problem having a computer chip implanted into their body.
But many of us prefer to remain without.
Are the magnets responding to some sort of fluid metal computer nanochip?
Who knows?
The trials are happening now.
The public being used as lab rats.
Some people are also claiming that the vaccinated are giving off high EMF waves.
Above 400 for the vaccinated.
At least 10 times higher than the unvaccinated.
What does that even mean?
Similar to how thousands of women have claimed that having contact with the vaccinated has resulted in having problems with their menstrual cycles, some are now claiming that having contact with the vaccinated has caused mysterious rashes on their skin.
The one thing we know for certain is say no to the vaccine.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
What we know for certain is there are hundreds of studies saying any coronavirus vaccine will cause blood clots, heart attacks, bloody lungs, and, of course, Alzheimer's.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, make no mistake, the entire planet is in the danger zone.
And our species, humanity, has been lulled into a trance so the psychic demonic spider of the New World Order can tie us up and then take its time shucking us dry.
But they haven't gotten us tied completely down yet.
In fact, we got most our legs and arms free.
And we've got the Sword of Truth.
And that old spider is getting really, really scared.
All right.
I've done a lot of preparation for this broadcast and this is just the stars are aligning.
Everything is insane.
Let me tell you the big news first.
We saw 120 former and some current generals come out and say there's an overthrow of the United States taking place.
We saw hundreds of former and current military officers in France come out last week and say that.
A lot of former British and current brass has gone public.
A lot of the Brazilian military at the top has gone public.
The Russians are coming out openly.
I mean, heads of government.
Putin gives speeches about the anti-human New World Order and how they want to destroy the family.
So do at least three Eastern European leaders.
Even the Southern Poverty Law Center says, and the ADL says it sounds like they're Alex Jones.
No, they're not Alex Jones.
They're looking at the same thing.
And so that's a really positive thing.
But what are the generals saying?
They're saying there's a concerted, asymmetrical attack
On the culture, on the morale, on the infrastructure, on the energy, on the health, on the very future of what's left of the West.
Because these megacorporations have already collapsed completely and dominated the third world and they're like gods down there.
They want to export that and literally export the people that have been trained to be slaves here.
For a completion of their takeover, and that's in all the different globalist documents, and the films, and the books, and the admissions.
My goodness gracious, my film Endgame, made 14 years ago, has the whole battle plan.
And they're like 80% completed what I say in the film, and that's how we can tell you what's coming next.
I mean, everybody is on Twitter.
It was trending yesterday and all over Facebook.
My phone was ringing off the hook, had family calling.
Going, how did you know?
Because the clips are out there a month ago and two weeks ago, and I said, they're going to cut off the plants and the pipelines, and they're going to claim that there's natural blackouts happening, and it's going to be coming by the summer.
Well, it came earlier than I thought.
People are like, how did you know this?
They did this in Spain.
They did this in California.
They've done this in Latin American countries.
They've done this in Africa.
What do you think these globalists do?
They cut off the power and then they give you rolling blackouts and charge you more for 10% of the power you would have gotten.
They give you a 200 square foot apartment and you pay more than a thousand foot.
It's a formulae of enslavement.
And if you'll accept it, you'll live under it.
It's making being a slave fashionable.
By the way, I tend to underestimate because
I'll just go off the basic analysis I've done, and I won't sit there and think back over the years.
But yesterday I'm talking about, oh, I looked it up.
Just in the last 115 days, Biden has shut down more than 1,000 pipelines.
And then a pipeline inspector called and he said, Alex, it's a lot more than that.
California just completely shut all their pipelines, basically, down.
They just said, no, it's not renewable.
You can't use it, including natural gas, but mainly oil and gasoline.
You know how many pipelines there are in this country?
Hundreds of thousands.
Probably millions.
I mean, of little spurs and pieces and connections, but thousands of big ones.
People freaked out when they saw that Whitmer is ordering Canada to shut down five giant pipeline connections that are the fifth biggest in the United States.
And they go, we have a treaty!
This applies Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and then down into the Midwest as far south as Kansas.
Why the hell would you do that?
It's totally safe.
But Whitmer said, I'm scared.
That's in the quote.
I'm afraid it might leak someday.
It's just, it's all like, oh.
They're ordered to do it by the globalists that own China, so that business is only open in China, so that they win the trade war against us and break our will.
How do you take over a country?
It's called siege.
It's written about 6,000 years ago in the first tablets, written by the Qin, the Chinese.
It's the first time we see the term siege.
And it's an image of a fort, Chinese character, with soldiers around it.
This is called siege.
Some people are like, how does Jones know?
He is all over the internet.
Jones must be one of them.
And I'm getting scared.
How the hell did he know that?
Because we're under freaking attack!
Of course I know what's coming next!
We're under military attack!
We're under military attack!
We're under military attack!
And all the brainwashed, weirdo liberals who've got two, three degrees that are worthless, they believe they're going to have a position in the new America, in the communist America.
They've all been told.
They have Confucius Institutes at all the major universities that teach Mao Zedong is good.
They spray paint all over Austin that Mao Zedong is good and Xi Jinping is good and we're going to be crushed soon.
They have giant marches with hundreds and sometimes thousands of communists with red flags every weekend.
My oldest crew member, I'm not going to say his name, he'll even let me, hell, but he's the oldest crew member here, 18 years.
His sister got multiple degrees and now worships China and Xi Jinping and says she hates it and hates America.
The Washington Post says Xi Jinping must destroy Trump to save America.
They're Chinese globalist agents!
They hate their own country!
We're under attack.
We're under attack.
So, the good news is I have a giant stack
of the military awakening.
Now, that brings us to this next big issue.
I'm going to play this at the bottom of the hour.
It's a big article at Town Hall.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
versus Russia.
Watch these two military recruitment videos and you'll quickly see why we're so screwed.
But I'm going to give you the rest of the story with the weird CIA recruitment ads and the weird Army recruitment ads.
You think this will destroy the military.
SH-T, Sherlock.
It's all naked.
It's all obvious.
It's all in your face.
It's an admitted plan.
They put you in a death camp in China if you're a homosexual.
I don't think that should happen here.
But they know that'll bring your society down.
That's why China funds it here.
You know, China owns four of the six big production houses.
When you see all this woke TV shows and woke movies and white people are evil and the blacks rise up, that's all a plan and it's in the WikiLeaks to break the country up.
And then the left will be the new clients that manage the collapsed U.S.
that's merged into the EU and the communist China model.
That is it.
They have to first sabotage the military
To make everyone not join the military because it becomes a cesspit of SJWs and a mirror of what goes on in the universities.
You remember a couple years ago they caught the head commandant of the Air Force having the communist students under him put the N-word all over the walls.
They had black students do it.
It's done everywhere, folks.
95% of the N-word stuff and the crosses and the nooses and all that is put there by the left.
And they go have meetings and they do it to raise awareness.
And the general ordered them to do it!
You think Bubba Wallace just said that the ropes on the garage that everybody's got were nooses because he did that on his own?
He got more sponsorship when he did.
He was ordered to do it.
That show that Jussie Smollett was doing had been popular.
It was about to get canceled.
It got re-signed and he got more money as soon as he staged that event.
They're paid money to do this.
And so they're like, wow, this will destroy our military.
The left's so dumb.
The left's not dumb.
It's a scientific takeover operation.
So we got that stacked.
Then we got the unbelievable forced inoculation news getting announced in the U.S.
And then we've got, we've got so much.
We've got, we've got a big broadcast lined up for you today.
And I do intend to open the phones up.
And then we have a special guest in the studio I'll tell you about a little bit coming up.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com, Band.video.
It is an act of resistance to share those videos.
So, we're not facing the same type of warfare and the same type of attacks that our ancestors faced.
We're facing sophisticated, modern, covert...
Demoralization and actual poisoning with hydrofluorosilic acid in the water that lowers the IQ massively, lowers fertility and causes Alzheimer's.
Got the studies on here for you.
We're being hit with poison vaccines that the Chinese and the Indians won't take.
Latin America's taking them and they're dying too in mass.
We are being hit with a takeover by the globalists, allied with the communist Chinese.
And now, here are some of the headlines.
Generals warn
Americans will die from Biden's full-blown assault on the Constitution.
Well, I mean, that's the plan.
We're being conquered.
124 retired generals and admirals question Biden's mental health.
Well, he's just a puppet.
Here's the open letter.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
Army Chief of Staff calls on French military who warned of civil war to resign.
They're bad for pointing out the burning cities, the murders, churches being attacked every day, losing a church every week.
African migrants suspected of murder, sex attack, a 24-hour Paris rampage.
This stuff breaks every five minutes.
Colin Kaepernick to publish essay penned by convicted cop killer.
Who's going to come to his house when somebody attacks it?
The police.
I can't wait until black people lynch white people and the media promotes it.
Former MSNBC host justifies death of white man punched by black teen who died for reported racial slur.
New York professor warns basic education regarding America's founding being replaced with globalist indoctrination.
And now it's even mainstream news is calling it globalist, globalist, globalist.
That's just some of what we've got here that's coming up.
Next segment, I'm going to play those army recruiting ads for the U.S.
Army and the Russian Army.
And I'll show you the difference between the two.
You won't really need me to show you the difference, but the rest of the story.
I could show you every day the most brutal footage of black people beating, shooting, and killing white people.
We're not covering it up, and we show it every once in a while, but I don't just show things to inflame people.
But I think I might just put the last month together, a couple hundred clips, I think I might have Darren McBrain do it, just to show you this that's never on the news.
Versus if one white person does something wrong, and that certainly happens, and goes and shoots up a black church, or goes and, you know, kills some Asian women or something.
It goes on.
It is put everywhere, endlessly.
Why is that?
It's not that the globalists love black people.
It's because they are busy dividing and conquering, and they want to bully white people into submitting to the globalist agenda, and they want to use angry, fired-up black people, brainwashed, that it's moral and good to attack white people.
I mean, show the black guy beating the guy with the crowbar in Houston.
Show all the Asians getting beat up by black folks.
And what's crazy is they put it on the news
And they say whites are doing it.
I mean, this is just kids wrestling.
I mean, that's not really the most... That's some real stuff.
But let's not even do this.
Let's not even go there.
Because we're going to do it.
Let's actually show the current stuff.
We had the computer yesterday.
The black guy with the crowbar.
Let's show people getting hit in the head with hatchets.
People getting shot.
I mean, let's just show what's really going on.
But the reason I talk about that is
We're all under attack.
I don't care what color you are or who you are, but if you come from a collapsed country in Africa, where it's kill or be killed, and then you're shipped via a UN ship, brainwashed that you're going to get all this free stuff, and it's going to be great, and then you get there and it's not true, you're going to be pissed.
And then you're taught by the media it's because white people oppressed you, then you go out and you kill them.
This is all, and the UN admits this, this is how they're bringing down civilization.
They're collapsing it.
Because the globalists have stolen thousands of trillions, but it's not real money.
And you've got your house, you've got your car, you've got your prosperity.
They want you collapsed so they can buy it all up and then dictate how you live your life.
They want you in a 200 foot square apartment.
They want you forcibly inoculated or you don't get your universal income.
They want you dead.
And to do that, they've got to position it where the middle class collapses into the third world.
And this is a formulae.
This is a feudalist operation.
And so these generals warn of how we're being intentionally divided, we're having our infrastructure destroyed, we're being intentionally bankrupted.
They want single mothers with children who are dependent, brought in by the millions, to be wedded to the state.
And this is a corporate process of getting rid of all cultures and getting rid of the family and getting rid of every semblance.
So when we come back and play these army recruiting ads, and there's like eight of them, I'm not going to play them all, I'm going to play the lesbian one.
And it's like her identity is that her mothers were lesbians.
She's probably, you know, CPS kidnapped or something.
Hypothetically, most kids are.
And, and, and, and, and, and then they give them to the better family, uh, kind of like over in the, um,
Over in the German government, they would take children from parents, Christian families, and give them to convicted pedophiles.
They said this is the proper family.
That's DW.com, mainstream German news, 30,000 children taken at least, given to convicted pedophiles, because they said a man can give a boy the real love.
The German government actually had NAMBLA officially running it, and said this is the true love.
Now I'm not saying two lesbian mothers are child molesters and are like NAMBLA.
I'm not saying that.
What I'm saying is it's a process of harvesting
Nuclear family, heterosexual children, and giving it to the two wonderful gay men, because they'll do a better job than the two wonderful lesbians.
Well, covertly in Europe, and now here as well, the children are given to convicted pedophiles.
You can look that up.
I'm not kidding.
Just type in 30,000 children given by German government.
And government social workers knowingly to pedophiles at age three to have a sexual relationship with the man.
They call it the ultimate love and the new family.
Go read it for yourself.
The North American Man Boy Love Association is just one arm of it.
They call it love.
And that's what it is.
And so they're harvesting us.
But it's not these groups that run things.
Their culture isn't freedom and second amendment and private property.
It's, my identity is, I had two mommies and I'm in the army because I had two mommies.
I'm obsessed with my pee-pee.
I'm obsessed with my wee-wee.
And so you're not into capitalism or freedom or Christianity.
Your identity is, I came from people that can't biologically have children.
With the other side of the species.
Because that's for depopulation.
So that's why the chemicals are put in the water.
That's why the fluoride's put in the water.
That's why this is all done is to depopulate.
And you can say, well there's too many people.
Okay, fine.
I'm just saying you need to know why this has been done.
You know why this is pushed.
Why they say this is cool.
It's so you don't procreate because the globalists want your genetic line dead.
And so, that's why the chemicals are in the food and water.
That's why this is all done.
I don't judge anybody.
For who they love, or what they, going on.
I'm trying to explain why this is pushed, and the entire agenda around this, and where this goes, and that this is designed to destroy the military, destroy its cohesion, and make us go to a pure robot military, which the globalists will control, that will do horrible crimes, because they will not refuse those orders, and that's the endgame, when we come right back on the other side.
So taking the dysfunctional society they've got at the university, and injecting it like poison into the military.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
we're here live, and when you tell folks about the broadcast, that wins the war.
You are the resistance.
And simply, word of mouth, tell people about the local radio stations and TV stations we're on, tell people about InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com or Band.Video.
Share on those links your email list.
The Gregg Reese reports all of it is having a massive effect and the globalists are in trouble.
Senator Rand Paul was back on television saying, Fauci needs to be investigated as developing this on purpose and releasing it.
And so now we're getting very, very close to actually going after him.
They expected we'd have Stockholm Syndrome completely and would never call him out.
They're caught red-handed.
Paul says he can be culpable for the entire pandemic.
We're going to be covering that next segment.
But let's get to this.
The divide and conquer strategy
That you see, everyone's like, why look at the Russians and the Chinese military, why they shoot live ammo at their troops, like the Marines used to do, and they got them on 30 mile marches, they're carrying heavier packs than Russians and Chinese were just 10 years ago.
They're upping the rigors of it, whereas we're making the packs half the size, and saying women don't have to do pull-ups.
All the Hollywood movies, the women are beating the guys up, you know?
It's all fantasy land.
It's not about empowering women.
It's about a joke.
It's about sabotaging the military and the human military so it's so dysfunctional that robots have to run it.
That's the technocracy plan on every front, where we can't drive our own cars, can't have our own jobs, where we just sit back and the technocracy runs it all.
That's how the globalists plan on capturing us.
And then soft killing us with all these deadly vaccines on record.
And it's 2021.
It's here.
It's on.
No more just warning you about it.
Now you get to see it all unfold.
And they think you're just gonna submit to it.
So there's literally like 10 of these.
I went with horror this morning when I saw this to the YouTube channel.
They put out a whole bunch of these new ads and I watched three of them and I just couldn't watch the rest.
It was like, okay, this is one about black folks.
Whites are evil, they were all mean to me, America's horrible, but I've joined the military now so that I can be the man.
Let me click the Hispanic one, same thing.
But here's the one about, my identity is two women raised me.
Oh, okay.
And, you know, then now I'm in the military to let you know you're welcome to run the Patriot Battery Missile System.
Not because of your aptitude, not because of your skill, not because... No!
No, the number one thing is women marrying each other.
Oh, but I thought once you had that, and it was legalized nationwide, you'd stop.
No, no, now it's, now we can marry our dogs.
Now we can marry three people.
Now we're going to splice two men together.
That's in the news, like, we're two gay men.
We don't want to pay a woman to have a baby that's part her.
We're going to have geneticists splice us.
And you're wrong to not splice us.
That's not going to be a human.
They admit it.
But see, medical experimentation, Frankenstuff's now sexy, because once you're, quote, augmented, you've taken on that identity, you've adapted to this, and you don't want anyone challenging you.
The dad who gave birth being pregnant doesn't change me being a trans man.
You're a woman!
You have a uterus!
It's all lies!
But the cult tells you to accept.
Men have babies!
A man comes in in the U.S.
or England.
There's been two cases I've seen in the news.
It's a thing they do and they say, I want a pap smear.
And the nurses in both cases, one got fired, one got suspended.
The guy has a beard, she said, tattoos, big man.
Pulls his pants off, in one report she said he had extremely large male genitals.
Spreads his legs and goes, check my cervix.
She said, you're a man.
Boom, you're fired.
That's the cult!
That's the cult!
And that's why I remember back during the Democrat primaries, they had different Democrats going, I believe we need abortions for men.
It's a cult.
It's a takeover.
They wrote this up to sabotage it all.
Yeah, there it is.
Yes, men need pap smears.
Because a vagina is what a man has.
It's all just to scramble you.
And I know you know that, but it's not a bunch of idiot kooks.
This is the Tavistock Institute.
This is CIA.
This is their plan to destroy America and the West, because the West has ideas of freedom and justice, and they don't want that.
And once this runs its course, we're going to turn our back on real freedom and become a fascist global society, those that are left.
This is all going to be rejected, and it's going to make regular egalitarianism look bad.
This is a trap.
And the useful idiots are following it because they know they're getting power and they think it's their time to shine and take over.
They are the morons.
The left are the useful idiots.
So let's start getting to it.
Here is the cringe-worthy, absolutely out of control,
Oh, by the way, a good recruiting ad's a minute long.
This thing's like three minutes long.
We cut the intro and outro off because it's just nauseating.
And I'm sorry you have to watch this and listen to this, but here it is.
This is the story of a soldier who operates your nation's Patriot Missile Defense Systems.
It begins in California with a little girl raised by two moms.
Rachel Maddow.
Although I had a fairly typical childhood, took ballet, played violin, I also marched for equality.
I like to think I've been defending freedom from an early age.
When I was six years old, one of my moms had an accident that left her paralyzed.
Doctors said she might never walk again.
But she tapped into my family's pride to get back on her feet.
Oh, hey, pause.
Eventually standing... This is an earlier generation.
You know, the new stuff, you don't say mom.
You say birthing person.
So again, that's the next download.
This is for the military to get used to this, to drive out all the people that are operating in a normal human operation, so they don't feel welcome, so they can collapse the military.
So again, these are weapon systems sent in to collapse the military.
And not because she had two moms.
The whole message is to say, we're not about war fighting, we're about wokeness.
Let's continue.
I'm standing at the altar to marry my other mom.
With such powerful role models, I finished high school at the top of my class and then attended UC Davis, where I joined a sorority full of other strong women.
But as graduation approached, I began feeling like I'd been handed so much in life.
A sorority girl stereotype.
Sure, I'd spent my life around inspiring women, but what had I really achieved on my own?
One of my sorority sisters was studying abroad in Italy.
Another was climbing Mount Everest.
I needed my own adventures.
My own challenge.
And after meeting with an Army recruiter, I found it.
A way to prove my inner strength.
And maybe shatter some stereotypes along the way.
Now I serve the New World Order.
I'm U.S.
Army Corporal Emma Malone-Lord, and I answered my calling.
And I'm gonna babysit robots while they kill you and your family.
Because the people that were forming the military wouldn't be part of that.
Alright, so that's, that's, that's, that's, that's, and it's just, it's all that.
That's all there is.
Is that service to your country is not having a man in the house.
Men are bad.
We get it.
And women are strong as they serve the state.
You're married to the state.
We get it.
Be sure and take those vaccines and get that breast cancer and you'll still love the state or get paralyzed.
You'll still love them.
The women that have it, they go, I love it.
I want more.
I want to die.
I love the state.
I love the state.
Abuse me more.
Now let's go ahead and show what the Russians are playing and showing.
This is the Russian recruitment ad.
This is the first day of your new life.
What happened yesterday doesn't matter.
Nobody cares who you were before.
What matters now is who you will be today.
What do you know about yourself?
What are you capable of?
Questions may remain unanswered, but can you sleep peacefully afterwards?
To get to know you.
To know the limits of your abilities.
To hell with the limits.
Are you ready to break yourself?
To exhaustion.
The pain is getting worse.
Every day.
Everyday life.
It's you who decided to prove something to yourself.
The commander is only here so you can see the enemy in him.
Because without the enemy there is no fight.
And without the fight there is no victory.
But in fact, the main enemy is you.
Yesterday's you.
No games and no women.
Of course, the Russians were the first in World War II to actually put a bunch of women in if they could hack it, and they could.
It doesn't matter.
That's because they were facing extermination.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Only cowards put women in the military.
In a human future, men are on the front lines.
In the midnight hour, she cries, Mo, Mo, Mo!
We're the Rebel, yeah!
Thank you for joining us on this worldwide transmission, May 13th, 2021.
Oh yeah, Little Angel!
She want more!
Alright, I've got Andrew Torba popping in for one segment next hour, then I'm going to open the phones up and we have a special guest that's one of the co-hosts, Anthony Comia, who's here to do the Joe Rogan podcast.
He's going to be in studio with us.
It's in a weird universe.
Joe's right down the street.
Trump's blog flops.
His statements get the same engagement on Gab, a platform he's not even on.
We're not going to cover this to put Trump down.
We're going to cover this to help Trump.
Because I knew when he did that president's desk thing, it would suck because it's not a two-way communication.
People don't want to be able to sign up to receive messages from the president.
They want to be able to have a place on there and be part of the community.
So another disastrous misstep by Trump.
Again, I don't sit up there and go, oh look, I'm smarter than him and take pleasure in that.
We need Trump as efficient and informed and on target as he can be.
Because there's no doubt he's a good guy.
There's no doubt the enemy hates him.
And there's no doubt he's getting good Republicans elected.
So I thank Jesus for him.
But man, does he step in it a lot.
So we're going to talk about that coming up with Torba.
I'm going to open the phones up, but let me get back to this because this this dovetails.
Biden administration to prioritize transgender migrants seeking to cross U.S.
Now you just say you're a woman, it's not the post-millennial, you get crossed.
And you got men in clown outfits coming in and telling kids about Career Day, how they can work at the gay bar as a transvestite.
That happens in Texas.
That happens in Illinois.
That happens in New York.
That happens in every state.
I have newscasts around the country like, how wonderful, Career Day!
Here's Betsy B, or whatever their name is, and they are telling the kids about how they work at a strip club.
It's like,
What the hell, if they had a heterosexual stripper in there, I'd be... And in some cases, it's on the news, well, some parents weren't told and they got upset.
This is just sabotage, ladies and gentlemen.
And then all the chemicals in the water confuse people, and they emasculate men, and that's in the studies.
Whether you give this stuff to a mammal, or to a fish, or to an amphibian, they start having sex with the same sex, and their species dies.
And that's in all the documents.
It's in my film, Endgame.
It's the plan.
It's why they try to take us off air.
Because I've got their number.
Because I studied them.
So those are very incredible parallels of what the Russians are running.
Notice, it wasn't even like a Marine Corps ad where the Marine fights a big giant dragon and is a superhero.
It's, we're offering you blood, sweat, and tears to defend your wife and your children and your future.
And we need hard men that are focused and ready to die.
And that's what men resonate with, real, not a joke, not a game, let's do it if we have to.
We're not looking for a fight, but if you came for one, you're gonna get one.
Instead of saying, oh, I didn't measure up to my two mommies, because they were lesbians, they were the best people, and they were oppressed, and America sucks, and now I run missiles, and you know, and it's all about getting humans out of the military.
It's like major airlines go, we're going to fire white airline pilots and only hire minorities and women.
They're not even, on average, the women going and trying to be airline pilots.
Well, it's bad that... And again, I love women.
Women do a great job in the workplace.
Women shoot guns great, do a lot of great things.
They have babies and I can't.
But you know, women on average go and have children because they want to, and that's good.
And then they leave a company and they come back if they can.
And a lot of times women have children that work here, they go, you know what, I'm so happy, my husband took an extra job, bye Alex.
I'm like, absolutely, that makes a lot of sense.
Or hey, bring your baby up to work some if you want.
Because I feel bad when a woman has a three-month-old baby and I'm like, hey, get back to work.
Because, you know, that baby's more important than working here.
That's a holy thing.
That's the whole future.
Women are magic!
A man is with them and they have a child, they can feed it.
It's like an operating center to take over the planet, take over the universe.
And they act like we're different.
Men and women are the same species.
We are unified.
There is no difference.
And you don't put the heart of your civilization in a war.
Men are expendable, not women.
That's the basis of civilization.
You go to third world hell holes, women are exploited.
And don't you worry, women are working in textile plants.
And their kids are in the streets, exploited by the gangs.
And just like criminal gangs exploit children without their mothers, the globalists are a gang!
And they don't want strong families!
And they're assaulting us!
They've declared war on us!
So damn it!
Understand that.
What you're doing in your bedrooms isn't my issue.
But the left has been organizing a bunch of pervert sex gangs that want to dominate and take control of our civilization.
And all these nerds want to be cool, and the corporate media tells you, oh, lots of these liberal couples, the man's becoming a woman, and the woman's becoming a man.
And now they take their little babies and give them experimental shots and fetishize it because you have a spirit of evil.
And you're unfulfilled because you rejected God.
The average leftist is not an atheist anymore.
In fact, none of them are.
I can't find them.
They're all into the occult.
They're all devil worshippers.
They signed on with the enemy because they get a thrill out of standing next to their destruction.
So, in the interest of having a little fun, here's a joke video.
What's the name of it so people want to find it online again?
Why I love working with the CIA.
This is a parody of the CIA woke ads we aired last week.
Here it is.
I've never been like other girls.
You know, I've never done what the patriarchy wanted me to do.
When I was a little girl playing Marco Polo in the pool with my friends, I would hold their heads underwater and make them tell me where Polo was.
You know what I mean?
When we played I Spy, I would always spy the communists, right?
I would always spy on the communists.
Just things like that.
You know, in college, when other girls were doing acid, I was the one giving them the acid, and then I would psychologically torture them for information.
And so I've always just been a little bit different.
And that's why I joined the CIA.
You know, if I could go back and tell this little baby girl something, I think I would tell her that, you know, women can do murder too.
We can do a little murder too, if we want to.
Alright, that's Blair Erskine.
You can find that on Twitter and share that.
1.1 million views, good job.
Okay, now let's go ahead...
And tell you about something I've been warning you about for the last year and three months, and now it's here.
producer prices surge most on record.
We told you the Bloomberg index by end of summer is 76% food increase on already purchased crops.
That's what it's already costing them just when the crops come in.
Well, over that projection, it actually went up in April.
They're always a few months behind when the numbers come out.
It's a 6.2% increase in the YOY index, which is the biggest in history.
So, there you go.
So, it's surging faster than the Bloomberg Index said.
So, we have to correct ourselves.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we already covered top generals around the world saying that globalists are taking over, destroying civilization with economic and cultural warfare.
I've got more on that to add, though, and then I have not hit the biggest news yet.
It just gets more insane on the whole issue that's unfolding with the wheels coming off as the globalists get exposed for being behind the deliberate release of COVID-19.
I'll play that Rand Paul clip, a new clip, when we come back in the next segment.
But I want to take some time here and talk about something that excites me so much.
We went out, talked to top developers, because we knew it worked really well, we knew it was the best selling product in the U.S.
right now, for the last few years, has been a wide spectrum of magnesium fizzy powders.
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If you don't like orange, sorry, we'll probably go with a berry flavor or something next.
But I love orange.
But here's what I was going to show you.
I did this yesterday at home because I hadn't taken X2 in a few days.
And I've got reminders on my phone now to remember to take it.
And a reminder popped up.
And I put a couple drops of X2 into it, and then it had another chemistry effect because I got a phone call, I went and made a call, and I came back and it had turned blue.
I don't know if it's going to do that right away, but real pure iodine.
Yeah, see, it's turning green right now, but it actually turned blue last night.
And I don't know, I'm like a little kid doing chemistry stuff at the house.
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Actually tastes good today.
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And I paid a top developer to come up with fizzy magnesium drink.
The packaging's okay, but the book does not match the cover.
The stuff in it is incredible.
All right, get yours at InfoWarsTore.com today.
All right, my friends, we are now into our number two.
Andrew Torba, who runs Gab that has exploded under the censorship.
A true social media site that doesn't censor.
It lets liberals, conservatives, right-wingers, left-wingers on.
Just no criminal calls for violence, no terrorism, no porn.
Very, very simple.
Like the internet used to be, you know, just five years ago.
That's why it gets called those horrible names.
Well, he's joining us next segment for one segment, because we got some bad news about Trump.
But it's good news if Trump listens.
And I got a chance to get some information to Trump.
I'll just leave it at that.
And I'm going to be getting into Trump here very, very soon.
I'm going to be in Florida next week.
I'll leave it at that.
Meeting with quite a few people.
But we'll talk to Torba here in just a second.
Trump's being sabotaged from within.
And so we'll tell you about that next segment.
Trump's blog flops.
His statements get the same engagement on Gab, a platform he's not even on.
So Trump has some real blind spots when it comes to the internet.
Now it works and he admits that.
And he let the censorship happen and that was his undoing.
Now he's censored as much as I am or more.
So that's coming up.
Some tough love with Trump next segment.
And then I'm going to open the phones up for pipeline workers specifically.
Or if you're an oil worker that has worked in pipelines.
Natural gas, oil, gasoline.
But if you've worked on the Keystone,
Or if you've worked on Colonial, you know, The Biggins, or you're an inspector.
We should have got that guy's number yesterday when he called in.
That's gone viral online, by the way, on Facebook and on Twitter.
And he said it's all an organized, orchestrated collapse, which it is.
I mean, I have family that works on pipelines, and that's what they're saying.
That on screen is a oil drilling rig or a gas drilling rig, but pipelines, again, are once they get it out of the ground, how they're delivering it much better than a truck, much better than a train.
So that's coming up after Andrew Torba
Uh, leaves us.
And again, if you're a radio listener and you're saying, what's Alex talking about?
A lot of times I'll narrate when they randomly put things on screen.
And I'm not complaining when they put things on screen.
It's just, they just kind of search engine whatever I'm talking about at the time.
We should probably put on screen the Keystone Pipeline, and we're talking about that, or the Colonial Pipeline, or articles about attacks on pipelines.
I saw pipeline managers and operators last night talking on Reddit and Twitter, because I was seeking out what they were saying, and articles.
They were talking about cases of the pipelines being attacked, of pipeline workers being shot at, and there are articles about that, but when they would say it, the left would go, no one's attacking you liars!
Really, you must not have heard of Earth First and people like that.
So the pipeline paid $5 million ransom, restarts after hack, shortages spread.
They could have turned it on by hand within hours.
But the decision was made not to do it.
I would look at who did, who shorted, who bet gas prices would go up.
I would look at the usual suspects to find out who the real, quote, hackers are.
Because the globalists said they'll use the claim of hackers to cut off infrastructure of countries they don't want to develop versus other countries.
This is basic economic espionage by the globalists, the people running our country.
Its top general signed a letter and said, want us to collapse.
Collapse our borders, collapse our currency, collapse our morals, collapse our culture.
That's the plan.
So, don't let them run you out of the military with wokeness.
Just laugh at it.
Don't let them run you out of police departments with their attacks on you.
Stand strong.
Stand against them.
Be leaders.
Speak out.
The answer is not groveling to the attacks or running away from the attacks.
The answer is...
1776, information warfare with the truth, nonviolent, standing up boldly and being a leader and not being intimidated by the left because there's never enough to satisfy them.
They are the cultural Marxists, the Maoist brigade of the megacorporations to bring us to our knees.
And so submission only makes it worse.
Now let's go ahead and go over this.
Video, Rand Paul confronts Fauci.
He could be culpable for the entire pandemic after Fauci publicly lied and said there's no gain of function research when he didn't want the pause in 2015 at Chapel Hill and then he got the pause taken off in 2017.
He did it!
He did it!
They have the receipts.
I'll show them to you.
They have the documents.
They have the videos.
They have the C-SPAN hearings with that piece of filth in there admitting it himself.
This was the most flagrant
I mean, this is bigger than Brennan saying the NSA has never spied on one American.
It had come out a year before they were spying on the Senate Intelligence Committee!
With the frickin NSA.
I mean, this is just, it's like saying the Dallas Cowboys don't have a blue and silver uniform.
I mean, it's like saying Santa Claus don't wear a red and white outfit.
I mean, it's just ridiculous!
Excuse me.
Still haven't gotten the hurdles.
We're going to use that video in a moment, but let's go to one of these headlines.
Look at these headlines.
Oregon governor threatens she won't lift oppressive lockdown until 70% of residents are vaxxed.
That's called holding people hostage, violating the Nuremberg Code.
You pig!
And once they get up to 70, they think they can intimidate the rest to do it, and you watch, she won't withdraw it once you give in.
But it's okay, because she's a frumpy librarian-looking lady.
China's top health authority urges halt to compulsory vaccine, stresses voluntary free inoculation.
So the central communists, the people in death camps, are telling some of the regional governors stop forced inoculation.
Some of these things aren't safe.
But the communist Chinese are better than the governor of Oregon.
GOP Senator Johnson.
Nobody should be forced, coerced, or pressured to take the vaccine.
This is a right to choose issue.
You gotta go read what he said at Breitbart.
Because he lays it all out that people that already have antibodies are having violent reactions and that you shouldn't take the vaccine, but they're still intimidating people too, and how the vaccine itself is a guinea pig device and how dangerous it is.
Very important analysis.
COVID-19 vaccines may lead to prion-linked brain degeneration, similar to mad cow disease.
A whole new study from Prestigious Group showing that.
And it goes on and on.
Mariam Webster expands definition of anti-vaxxer to include those who oppose forced inoculation.
Oh I thought that's those opposed to medical tyranny.
Oh now you're the dreaded anti-vaxxer to be demonized if you don't take
The forced inoculation that's killing and maiming so many.
Healthcare and pharmaceutical U.S.
CDC finds more clotting cases after J&J vaccine sees casual link.
There's a casual link, no big deal.
It's just banned all over the world.
AstraZeneca is similar, banned all over the world.
But here you can take it.
So enjoy that stroke, enjoy that heart attack.
Despite all the original studies showing it would do that.
And you're like, well, they didn't study these.
Oh, they already did.
They already studied all these vaccines before under other names at UT and everywhere else that we've shown you all those documents.
And they said, do not give it to humans.
It causes an attack on the heart, the lungs and autoimmune response and kills you.
But that's OK.
Kim Cook's King.
Continuing review.
COVID-19 vaccines may lead to prion brain diseases.
How fun.
Ohio Gov launches multi-million dollar Vax Lotto to coerce desperate poor people into getting the shots.
Well, we don't need poor people alive anymore, do we?
Let's get rid of them.
Moderna Chief Medical Officer confirms there's a video of it from TED TV.
TED Talk.
mRNA injection for COVID-19 does change your genetic code.
Man who suffered stroke after taking Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine speaks out.
And it goes on and on and on.
Oh, here's the big article.
People bring the receipts after Fauci attempts to dodge connections to Wuhan lab.
And here's the big article with all the receipts and the videos.
Overhead shot, please.
Sean Davis on Twitter posted a bunch of them.
There's a bunch of news articles about it.
Here's all the receipts and C-SPAN videos, the EcoAlliance from Fauci, 3.7 million.
It just goes on and on from the federal government showing all the grant summaries right there, and Fauci's name is all over it, lying to Congress.
All right, I got the Rand Paul clip coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Then, Oilfield folks, Pipeline Operators, give us your take on all this.
And then a special guest is going to be in studio with us.
But first, Andrew Torba when we come back on the other side.
Please do not forget they're reporting the highest increase in commodity prices ever in the United States on food.
It's even increasing worse than what Bloomberg thought a few weeks ago of going up
76% by the end of the summer.
And so now is the time to get high quality storable food.
We've extended 2020 prices that we brought back at 10% off until Sunday, but then it's gotta end.
That's the last extension.
That's all we can do.
It's preparewithalex.com, preparewithalex.com or 888-253-3139.
All right, Andrew Torba.
of gab.com and dissenter.com is only joining us for a nine-minute segment.
Very busy guy.
We appreciate him.
His site's been big for years since he launched.
He's been under attack.
It's exploded after Parler was taken down and after they tried to shut him down.
And if President Trump went and got a site there would get tens of millions of followers and would be successful and people could engage him.
But instead Trump let Jared Kushner and others control him and he spent millions of dollars on his Trump desk.
It doesn't work.
Trump's blog flops.
His statements get same engagement on Gab, a platform he's not even on.
The 212,000 engagement Trump's new blog reached on all big tech platforms combined is nearly matched by the engagement on Gab alone.
Because it's a one-way system they set up, not a place for people to have a home.
And so Trump gets a lot of these messages from the show.
We need his messages to get out.
We need him to lead Republicans to victory.
We need him to have rallies again.
We need him to get off the course and get out there.
So I'm not attacking Trump.
I'm really upset about this.
He should have platforms on Gab.
He should have platforms on Rumble.
He should have, you know, he should be on all the platforms with his people pushing to those.
Two or three people could do that all day with videos and articles he did.
Instead, he's totally cut off.
And it's just insane, just like he didn't understand the internet, didn't understand censorship.
So Andrew Torba joins us to give us his take on this.
Yeah, Alex, thank you for having me.
This was a very interesting story this week.
So we see NBC reported this, but they got the data from a third-party data provider.
And what they found is that Trump's new website, this news desk that he put out, which is essentially a one-way blog,
Got 212,000 engagements across every big tech platform.
So when you added up all the likes, comments, shares, etc.
across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, all of them combined, you got about 212,000 engagements in the first week.
Yeah, let's be clear.
I mean, InfoWars gets that in an hour.
You get that in less than an hour on Gab with your whole platform.
I mean, this is a dismal failure.
Yes, it's a very I mean for a week worth of data across every big tech platform.
That is really just horrific performance, right?
So I we are mirroring all of the statements that he has up on his blog and we have been for many months.
We actually were mirroring his Twitter account as well before he got banned.
So we have all of his statements on the real Donald Trump account on Gab itself and I went and I added up all of the engagements that he got on that.
Just on Gab alone in the past week, and it totaled about 200,000.
So what we see is that he's getting as much engagement on Gab alone, even though he's not actually using the account himself, but we are putting his statements out as he did across all the big tech platforms combined, which are orders of magnitude bigger than our platform.
So, you know, there's an open invitation if he wants to come and take over the account.
He could do so at any time.
His team knows how to get in touch with me.
But in the meantime, we're going to keep mirroring his statements because the tens of millions of people that are on Gab every month
I don't
We're good to go.
Yeah, yeah, this has been going on for quite some time, too.
The people that are around him are essentially grifters, and they're not looking out for the interests of the country, and they're not looking out for the interests of the president.
They're looking out for their own interests, Alex, and they're looking to line their own pockets.
That's what's going on here.
You know, back in January, when he got banned from Twitter and Facebook and all the rest, every platform on the internet,
I don't
I don't know.
I experienced it firsthand, Alex, earlier this year, and I can confirm that for sure.
You know, the reality is, is right now the real Donald Trump account that is on Gap has 2.1 million followers already, so he's got millions of people already following him on our platform, you know, following his every message every day.
And you just give it to him!
You just one-click, but he won't take it!
He just won't do it!
It's crazy.
At one point the fake news media reported that it was him, even though it clearly says that it's reserved for him and it's just mirroring his statements.
There were dozens and dozens of articles, international press, Trump is on Gab, he's back on social media, so if he were to jump on, the press would be all over it.
Most of these journals are on Gab all day long anyway, sitting on anonymous accounts and watching what he's posting there and what other people are saying about it.
This is like having your boat tied to the dock and you're running the engine but you're not going anywhere.
He needs to untie the boat.
You've got millions of followers for him already on his account.
Millions that want to talk to him.
But instead he created a system that they can't engage him.
They don't want that, Don.
It's one-way.
They want two-way like Twitter was.
Right, yeah, they want to have conversations, they want to talk about what he's saying, and they want to banter back and forth with the liberals who are in the comments.
And that is happening on Gab.
What we're finding is that the liberals are getting very bored over on Twitter and other places because all of us have been banned!
They don't want to be alone in their little echo chamber, they want to banter back and forth
Well, I want to say this.
I promoted Gab, but not my own InfoWars and Alex Jones.
We post our articles, our videos, but I want to promote it big.
It's been huge for a while.
I want to get up to millions on there.
I was up to millions and millions on Twitter.
So everybody come follow Alex Jones, come follow InfoWars on Gab, create your own accounts, and then everybody
I guess it's one way he can't talk to him.
I guess they're so scared of people might actually talk to Trump.
That's what they hate.
It's not Trump's fault.
We have to, maybe I'll go protest outside Mar-a-Lago that he needs to join GAB.
I'm serious.
Maybe you should join me next week in Florida and we should go protest outside and try to get his attention.
That would be a good plan.
I mean, the thing is that he, again, has a welcome invitation.
His team knows how to contact me.
He's had a welcome invitation for really, Alex, five years now.
We've been trying to get in touch with them and reaching out to them and it's always no, no, no, or maybe, maybe, maybe.
Oh, because CNN said to you that a Nazi once posted on their
Nazis post all over Facebook!
I mean, oh, oh no!
Oh, the ADL, Southern Private Law Center, said you were bad, so Trump, you can't be next to that gab!
I mean, it's ridiculous how he's allowed himself to be painted into a corner!
I want Trump out there leading the renaissance of the Republican Party!
It is, Alex.
You can't be afraid of what the media is going to say, because guess what?
They're going to say it anyway.
And they've been saying it for five years.
And really, he's got nothing left to lose.
Facebook is not going to let him back on.
He's not allowed on any platforms, on any of the mainstream platforms.
And this is the way forward.
We have to build our own platforms where, you know, patriots are welcome, conservatives are welcome, Christians are welcome.
We're not going to, you know, get them to change their ways at this point.
They're not going to change their whole systems and their algorithms and their rules.
Just because we beg and whine about it.
I mean, we've tried begging, we've tried, you know, rational discussion with them for years now, and has it worked?
No, they've only doubled down and the censorship has gotten worse.
Well, that's right.
You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink.
Now they're taking Trump's bank accounts away and he won't go to where his fans are, where he is, because he has criminals around him.
All right, Mr. Torbath, thanks for joining us.
Come back soon on a commercial-free podcast.
Let's talk about everything there is on the internet and talk about Gab a lot.
Thank you so much and keep it up, brother.
Thanks, brother.
God bless.
Trump, get on gab.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the dreaded Alex Jones Show!
So many people ask me, how does Jones know what's coming next?
They were posting on...
Yeah, but they were posting on Twitter.
They were posting all over the place last night.
People were sending it to me.
Well, here's Alex Jones a month ago saying they're going to cut the pipelines off because they already cut off the Keystone pipeline when it was finished.
It cost $8 billion to build.
It's estimated we'll lose $40 billion a quarter on not refining that oil.
California already shut off basically all the pipelines, all the sub-feeder pipelines, and said we're not going to allow oil or gas to be transported in the state that way.
They're shutting us off while telling you they're going to save you.
Oh, stay at home and don't work so we can't compete so everybody has to move to China or Mexico to move their industry.
This is a plan.
So people ask, how do I know this?
It's an operation.
I should have given the number out earlier so you could get on the line, but specifically pipeline operators, pipeline inspectors, specifically to give your take, like the pipeline inspector that called in yesterday.
That was a powerful call.
People needed to hear that information.
877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
And you notice he pointed out what's true.
They could have gone in manually in hours and turned those pipes on.
That's how they did it in the past, but it's all computerized now.
They have the manual systems.
So that's all coming up.
Your call is 877-789-2539, specifically only for pipeline operators to give your take.
And here are some of the headlines.
Alex Jones has been talking about gas shortages for several weeks.
He was right again, said Jan Drabbles.
And this anarchist life form says,
So are you saying that he was behind the hack?
Or like everything staged, man, but somehow Jones is in on it, but like, not one of them.
That's how these morons think.
No moron!
It's the post-industrial world, and if they're cutting off all the other pipelines, they're the prime suspect in this one.
And then you got Whitmer trying to shut off the big one out of Canada!
When there hadn't even been a problem in 67 years!
They tell you stay at home.
They tell you you're not essential.
It's to bankrupt you.
You're under attack.
They cooked up the virus to kill some people to create fear, but it's the vaccine that's deadly.
And I told you Fauci was behind the lab because it was all over the news six years ago that he did it.
It was criminal.
It was a major controversy.
Wasn't like I just dug up something magic.
It's like saying there's Yankee Stadium in New York.
People are like, how do you know there was Yankee Stadium in New York?
Or like, how did Jones know a piece of paper is white?
I don't know how he knew it.
I mean, it's like, how did you?
And the left's all just like this guy, like, how do you know that?
Oh, he's some kind of smarty pants.
What's he do, read books or something?
And it goes on and on and then people posted the Canadian document from eight months ago where they planned it all out and said next they start cutting off the infrastructure, how they bring back more lockdowns, even worse, it's all a plan.
Notice right here, infrastructure shutdown.
Supply chain breakdown, increasing shortages, large economic uncertainty.
That's the plan.
Colonial Pipeline restarts after hack, but supply chain won't return to normal for a few days.
All made up bull.
Punch up the phone line system for me, guys.
So I can see those on screen.
That'd be good.
Gas stations await relief from panic buyers while Colonial Pipeline restores service.
Thank you.
Oh, relief from the panic buyers, the Washington Post says.
Yes, they're the reason there's no gas.
It's not that the pipeline was turned off for five, six days.
No, no, it's the people that wanted gas.
They were the bad ones.
And then here's some of the background on it.
Oh, Colonial Pipeline had cyber insurance policies.
Calling World Trade Center 7.
Pipeline inspector calls in the Alex Jones Show.
It's 100% manufactured collapse.
Very important video on InfoWars.com.
And it goes on from there.
And then I've got some of the pipeline
Information right here.
Biden's cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline will cost thousands of jobs and pandemic shutdowns hundreds of billions in oil refining over the years, but it also cost $8 billion to build it.
Got a whole breakdown of that.
So, I mean, they shut down 5,000 miles of that all over the country.
And what does it mainly feed?
The colonial right off to the east.
So that's the whole plan.
You'll put up with it, they'll do it.
They're testing to see what you submit to because their investments are all in communist China.
Here is Rand Paul on Fox saying that, hey, Fauci could be culpable for a release of the virus.
And so he's almost there, saying Fauci did it on purpose.
We're almost to Nuremberg 2.
Of course he did it on purpose.
We saw the pre-preparation.
Here it is.
It's crazy though, because if this happened because of the NIH funding, and that came from Dr. Fauci, and then this spreads into a global pandemic, and now he's in charge of the response in the United States, the irony of that, what do you make of that?
Well, it's even worse than you make out.
The person they appointed to investigate the lab, from the WHO perspective, is the guy who gave the money.
So NIH gave the money to a group called EcoHealth.
The head of EcoHealth, a guy named Asank, they got him to investigate whether Wuhan was doing anything inappropriate in their lab.
But if they were, wouldn't he then be culpable?
So doesn't he have a self-interest in smoothing things over?
I'm not saying he did cover things up, but you wouldn't appoint someone who's in the line of supply chain of giving the money to them because ultimately here's the rub.
I don't know whether it came from the lab.
Nobody knows whether it came from the lab.
But who would be culpable?
Dr. Fauci could be culpable for the entire pandemic.
So could Dr. Czank, Dzank, and so could Dr. Xi.
I'm not saying that happened.
I don't know.
But you wouldn't put the people who gave the money to the Wuhan lab in charge of the investigation.
That looks like a cover-up.
He's being very careful there.
He knows all this.
The Indians, the Australian, and the French.
All have CRISPR software.
They have other systems.
They scanned the damn thing and said in February of last year... How many months ago was that?
Said in February of last year, ladies and gentlemen, that it was five viruses combined.
And now we have Daszak that ran the program for Fauci saying we combined five viruses to develop a vaccine.
You make the bioweapon to then make a vaccine for it.
That's illegal.
But of course that's what they were doing.
They were doing it in Chapel Hill.
They got caught.
They moved it to China.
It was a major scandal.
We're gonna go on a break and go to Adam in Kentucky, Jason, Montana, and Carlos in Texas, who are all, one owns a pipeline company, pipeline workers, and more to give their expert take on this straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Separately, here is the article
Right here.
Overhead shot, please.
Zero Hedge article.
It's up on Infowars.com.
It's got all the links.
producer prices surge most on record.
The Bloomberg Index had it by end of summer on crops already being purchased worldwide.
A 76% increase, but they're already buying food before it's grown in the futures.
Now, they underestimated, and they thought there would be a 5.8% increase, which would be
The biggest increase ever in a month to a 6.2 for the month of April.
They're always a month or so behind.
So the numbers are coming out now.
6.2 instead of 5.8.
The biggest one-time increase in history.
That's a record.
I would get storable food because the food prices go up.
You have food that you lock in today's prices.
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A symbiotic relationship.
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We'll be right back with Pipeline Workers.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
And during the break, I was getting some Wake Up America coffee that's so delicious.
And I was reading AP Source, government to ease up guidance on indoor mask wearing.
Well, Fauci runs everything for the UN, he said that.
On Monday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is easing indoor mask wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people.
But then you're going to need to have an app on your phone showing you're good or the police will be called.
None of it's the law.
It's all cholera law.
But when cops bust your head open, the media backs it for not wearing a mask.
You see, oh, when the government and the police do what the system wants, they worship it.
When they don't do what they want, they attack them.
And so this is very criminal.
Who's the government saying you gotta wear a burka?
It's all made up, exaggerated crap.
You need vitamins and minerals or any virus can kill you.
Did they cook it up in Wuhan so they'd own it?
And bring out this deadly vaccine?
To attack you?
But the whole response is a giant hoax.
Now, Fox News, we can roll some B-roll.
Like I said, I was just drinking some coffee in there, and they were showing that the talk show host, the host of the show, sat in line for hours to get gas, got there, they were out of gas.
But I thought it was hoarding was the problem.
Joe Biden said so.
Now they're saying 7 to 14 days for places like Virginia to get gas.
And there's a map on screen.
So, many areas of the country have major gas shortages.
Texas has a 0% because we have all the refineries.
Oh, but we're still bad.
Biden said that.
Because the feds ordered Texas not to up power production, so we had a blackout when power tripled what it normally would, and then they called us incompetent idiots.
And so we needed more green energy when it was the fake green stuff that made us be shut down.
But they think the public's stupid.
Good to be on here.
30,000 jobs Joe Biden killed the first day he was office on the Keystone Pipeline.
These are well-paying jobs.
You don't have to look very far to look back at the coal industry and they decimated that industry that were good paying jobs with no plan on how to replace those jobs.
They're going to do the same thing to the natural gas industry.
And they admit that's their plan.
They want to bankrupt the country.
It's very simple.
It's a war on our prosperity as a country and people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps to make something of themselves.
I was raised as a Republican that didn't have any money growing up.
But I always was taught that you are looking for an opportunity to better yourself.
You didn't look at the other guy with envy.
You just wanted a chance to prove your own worth.
And let me guess, you've probably done well for yourself and your family.
Very well, sir.
And I continue to do so because some of these people that they're going to replace these jobs, they are some of the most ingenuitive people that you'll ever meet.
They embody
Well, that's what they're doing.
They're conquering us by saying, stay home just for two weeks, 15 days.
And just take a check for that long, and now here we are a year and a half later, and they go, it never ends.
This is their takeover.
But of course, once we fully collapse, there's not going to be any free checks anymore.
They're going to make people get in work brigades.
Obama and others have been proposing in the future, under the Clinton Global Initiative, they're going to have these dumbasses out breaking rocks on the side of the highway that thought they were getting a free lunch.
Well, you know, Alex, I've started tuning in probably about when this pandemic stuff started, you know, about the end of 2019.
So I've been listening to you ever since.
I'm glad you're out there.
I am glad that there is some awareness now.
I think a lot of us, me included, we've woken up to actually how bad it really was, how much we were being lied to.
So I'm encouraged by that.
I'm also encouraged by, you know, even in the Bible, they said, the Lord said to Moses,
Hey, Moses was like, where you at, Lord?
And the Lord said, hey, you've got the staff in your hand.
Raise up the staff.
The Lord wants to see some action.
He's tired of the blowhard.
He wants to see action, and people are doing that now.
We're going to elect good people.
We're going to stand against the globalists.
We're going to build our own economies, and we're going to ignore all their unconstitutional regulations and laws.
We've reached that point.
God bless you, sir.
Good to hear from you.
All right, let's take another call here.
Jance in Montana, who's a pipeline worker, energy crisis, wants to give us his view on it.
Go ahead, and thanks for calling.
So first of all, I've worked for WBI, Montana Dakota Utilities, and Senex Distribution and Transmission.
So the DOT requires you to have an EAP, which stands for an Emergency Action Plan, either for an outage or a line strike.
So everything is automated, yes, so the valves can be turned automatically.
But if something goes wrong, you go into that Emergency Action Plan, it gives a list of who to call,
And monthly this thing is updated and it's registered with the DOT because the DOT regulates all this and they mandate you have an EAP.
So on the petroleum side, the biggest problem would be that they send a slug down the line of diesel and then they send a slug down the line of gas and then what or jet fuel or whatever.
So automation is really good at
Being able to differentiate and lock valves in between the slugs.
But there is no reason in an emergency that everyone in their area in the field wouldn't be able to go out, open the valves, and just send one petroleum product and another.
It's just they wouldn't be able to... That's exactly what the pipeline inspector said yesterday, and I did some research.
That's what exactly.
These complex systems are for sending different products, but they can just simply say, no, we're going to send, you know, 100,000 gallons or an hour or whatever of this octane gasoline and just send it down.
And there's nothing to stop that.
And they've got this EAP and it goes detailed, you know, who to call first and then who's in the area.
And then what, you know, who you can send to that valve.
And then it even gives lists of other company and transportation systems that'll either come out and help you, or you can use them to run valves.
That's right, there's contracts, there's standby plans, there's two or three deep, all prepared.
So why do you think, why do you think this company's done this?
I really don't know.
It's got to be some kind of
There's no reason all I can say is there's no reason they couldn't have it up and running in 24 hours at least at least putting gasoline down it The only thing the automation is really good for like I told you is so it knows exactly when to shut off in between slugs So you're not mixing your diesel with your gas or your jet fuel or or your premium with your regular unleaded or whatever so
So there's no reason you couldn't just send one petroleum product down the line, and then when that one gets there, send another petroleum product.
And man, the people involved in this are so skilled, too.
We've got such a great, skilled, informed group of people in this country running these complex systems, and the globalists are waging war against it.
Like I said, every single person in the field that runs up and down those lines and inspects things and makes sure everything's working smoothly, they all have what's called an EAP in their truck and something goes wrong.
All the phone calls go out, they get a plan together, and they send the people to the right places, and open the valves when they need to be opened.
Alright, God bless you sir.
I appreciate your call, James.
Thanks for calling.
Let me just say this.
I said this during the Texas storm, and the document came out during it, that four or five days before, the governor sent a letter saying, hey, we need you to let us turn up the coal plants and the gas plants.
We're going to need double or triple the power.
And the Fed said no.
Once the power went down, they said, now you can have it.
Well, that's pointless.
So it took weeks to get it going again in some areas, a week in other areas.
I didn't have power for a week and didn't have water for more than a week.
And so a lot of people died in their houses, you name it.
And I said, watch, it'll be, it'll be ERCOT, the manager that's European with other companies that are interlocking, making billions a day off of gouging with the agreements that they exceeded.
And it was true.
They were making six, seven, eight, $9 billion a day.
The first few, then 5 billion, then 4 billion, then 3 billion.
Extra gouging people.
People were getting $20,000 power bills that had three-bedroom houses.
Okay, so like $300 power bills.
And they raped everybody, just like Enron did in the 90s.
It's not our first rodeo.
And exactly that was a scam.
They saw the storm coming, they used it as an excuse and a cover for why everybody got charged more money.
It's just theft.
So you gotta look at who was betting on gas prices going up.
You gotta look at who was interlocked in this company, Colonial, and all this hacker stuff's a total cover, ladies and gentlemen.
That's asinine BS, ladies and gentlemen.
We're going to have to discuss this.
We're going to have to talk about this.
We're going to have to get to the bottom of this, because this is how the globalists have made their own documents.
They're going to have a post-industrial world is all sorts of, quote, hack attacks.
And you give the government control of the same people more power.
They use it against the general public and small companies.
And then they use the false flags they staged at the colonial attack, which I believe is a false flag, at least the industrial level, maybe governmental, to bring in more power for themselves.
Back in two minutes, we're going to talk to Carlos, Tyler, and John.
And then in 15 minutes, we've got a special guest in studio.
I've seen him many times on Compound Media with some other favorite comedians.
Andrew, or Aaron Berg, is going to be in studio.
Aaron Berg is going to be in studio with us of Aaron Berg Comedy, coming up in about 15 minutes.
Hour number three, straight ahead.
Then it's Matt Brackett.
The Globalists comprise the oldest and richest families on Earth, and they have brought down hundreds and hundreds of nations over the last thousand years.
They have bankrupted once successful countries all across the world, and they've used the same formulas of civil unrest and civil war.
And they're doing it again to the United States of America and Europe right now.
Bring in giant third world populations and then brainwashing them and turning them against the country that they wanted to immigrate to because they knew it was better and had more freedom and more opportunity.
Ladies and gentlemen, America is under scientific attack and it's time now more than ever to raise the alarm and warn everyone you know about what's really happening and at the same time get prepared in case things continue to go south like they are.
One of the smartest moves out there is to get high quality, storable food so that as inflation goes up, it's a way to defeat the inflation and have insurance you can eat.
So we've extended the sale through this Sunday at 10% off all storable foods at preparewithalex.com.
I am very blessed to have millions of listeners.
So we can ask medical doctors to call in or the military to call in or police to call in or...
Teachers are calling, professors, oil line, pipeline workers, and they call in.
So I really appreciate it, Ollie.
We'll do two more segments, and we've got a great comedian and fellow patriot in studio with us, who's also here in town to do Joe Rogan's podcast.
I'll definitely tune into that, Aaron Berg coming up.
But right now, let's go ahead and take more calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Forrest in Nebraska, then we'll go to John and Carlos, or Carlos and John.
Go ahead, Forrest.
How you doing, Alex?
It's Forrester.
I talked to you yesterday.
Uh, yeah, I mean, I was just, uh, you know, I was talking with a lot of the other inspectors and guys that I work with, and they're all
You know, guys that have 30, 40 years experience in this line of work, and they're all saying the same thing, just like that caller that you just had on a little bit ago said, you know, we have emergency action plans and procedures.
So something's, something's not adding up here.
I mean, it's not right.
We hear that they're giving out $5 million to the hackers.
What do your compatriots think it is?
You know, my line of work, specifically.
I mean, like I said yesterday, I've worked in many different states.
I've been blessed to work in 45 different states on some large pipelines.
Like I said, I worked on the DAPL when we had protesters.
I worked on the Atlantic Sunrise.
You know, these guys, these pipeliners, we had, you know, protesters show up and shut our projects down and come on the dozers and catch things on fire.
I mean, they're
And I was going to specifically say that.
When you talked about that yesterday, people on Twitter said you were a liar.
I remember that all over the news, people getting shot at and attacked.
And I'm told only a fraction hit the news.
Tell the leftist out there what's really going on.
You're brainwashed to think that you hate something that you don't understand.
That's what it is.
You just don't understand.
This runs our country.
We can't just run our country on
We're good to go.
It just doesn't, it doesn't make sense.
Paul, the same globalists are invested in China accelerating the dirtiest form of fossil fuel.
This is about dominance and control.
They didn't just ship our jobs and do one-sided trade deals for no reason.
The globalists said we're going to de-industrialize Europe and the United States to bring them to their knees.
They don't want our uppity system of freedom.
That's, that's exactly true.
And the other thing that I was going to bring up too is I got, I'm not only into oil and gas, I work in the intellectual side of things.
And, uh,
Our grid is ripe for an attack like this.
And that's what's really scary.
You know, I've talked to some of the guys that are substation electricians, but I'd be interested in seeing some of those guys call in and give their take on it.
Well, Congress has done studies and we're wide open.
Even a major solar event could knock out our power and might not ever come back on if it knocked out even up to half of it.
And you're absolutely right.
Look, they're just getting us used to hacking, getting us used to things going off.
This is all so we don't panic when they finally bring us completely down.
I have no doubt that the globalists launched this attack to make good with China over the fact that Trump derailed their program of Chinese dominance, Chinese communist dominance for a few years.
Yes, exactly.
And I was going to say this, too.
You know, I was working.
The whole reason I got the job on the DAPL and what I was expecting was
Obama had it shut down.
We couldn't get the permits.
The Army Corps Engineer wouldn't release the permit to go across the river.
That was one of the first things Trump did when he went into office, and that's why I became a Trump supporter.
Initially, I've been a libertarian.
That was my political... Hold on, don't hang up, Flores.
Back in 60 seconds, I want you to tell the rest of the story, then we'll go to Carlos, John, Dallas, and Jess.
Stay with us.
So what the crew does is they sit in there, whenever I talk about they just search engines.
So they search engine when I said, soon under the UN and the Global Clinton Initiative, they're going to have green police everywhere.
They already have them in most of the blue cities.
They literally come on your property, they have badges, they have guns, and they catch you with a fire pit, they catch you with a barbecue pit, or they catch you with a
Um, fireplace, they give you big fines and they arrest you.
They've got, you know, ads for Audi, the green police that, oh, your hot tub's too hot.
You ran your energy too high.
You're going to jail.
You laugh at that, but that's what the carbon tax is.
That's what all the COVID police are.
And, you know, people getting beaten with police batons because they're not wearing a mask, walking down the street or riding a bicycle.
These ads they ran 10 years ago were preparation for the real deal.
So they search engine what I said, here it is.
This is just last week.
I missed it.
Democrats want to create a quote civilian corps to battle climate change.
They want millions of these people.
Remember Obama said a civilian group just as big and strong as our military that will go out and report climate violators.
Barbecue pits.
And San Francisco has already banned fireplaces.
Now they're going to ban gas stoves.
You're like, well that'll never happen.
No, it will happen.
And the left will enforce it because they want the power.
They want the control.
It's all about having an excuse to surveil everything, control everything, when carbon is part of the life cycle on this planet.
It's what we exhale.
They listed carbon dioxide that we exhale as a pollutant.
They want to get rid of us.
Okay, and now they're launching it all.
So Forrest called in yesterday as a pipeline inspector.
It went viral on Facebook and Twitter.
It's all over the place.
There's articles written about it, pointing out that there's no doubt in his mind that it's a planned collapse.
See the video on Infowars.com, but we're talking about seeing what Trump did right away when he got in, taking the handcuffs off of American energy and also protecting dams, protecting populations, something Democrats wouldn't let him do.
So just briefly tell that story.
Yeah, so the Obama administration had the DAPL shut down because they wouldn't let the Army Corps Engineers issue the permit to go across the St.
James River, which is crazy because there's already three pipelines within 100 yards of that DAPL pipeline.
And so one of the first things Trump did when he got into office was, boom, he made that our Army Corps Engineers get that permit, and we pipelined it.
I worked there for eight months, and we finished out that pipeline.
You know, Trump was all about America first.
We gained energy independence for the first time.
There was all these things great that happened underneath Trump.
And, you know, there's concerted effort to kill my industry, and I'm sick and tired of it.
We need to get back to energy independence.
We need to do things, you know, with common sense.
There's no common sense here.
And there's nothing wrong with oil.
The catalytic converters clean it all out.
There's nothing wrong with natural gas.
It's totally clean.
And the coal plants are 100% clean now.
The distillates are all used for other things.
And we need to understand India, China, and others are making zero cuts.
This is to shut us down.
Thanks for the call, Forrest.
All right, let's go to Carlos in Texas.
He's also a pipeline worker.
Give us your take on this.
Hey, Alex.
Love the show.
Great, great topic.
I've been working in pipeline for the past four years, and under the previous administration, there was plenty of work.
We were actually very happy right before the election because we had tons and tons of work on the books.
You're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars.
As soon as the election ends, though, all the gas companies that had work and they had already paid for permits, everything was ready to go.
As soon as Biden won, all that work was rescinded.
Every single last bit of it we lost.
Contract left and right, or we're losing to other contractors and the game is so tight right now that there's only a small amount of pipelines that are actually being put in the ground right now.
And they're numbered.
And they're not authorizing a lot of other ones to be repaired.
Whitmer's demanding an old, perfectly fine pipeline be closed.
I mean, this is an attack.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
Because we all know that one of the big main reasons that the Nazis didn't really win was because they didn't have their own oil or their own gas.
They were having to circumvent all that, get it from Venezuela and get it from Mexico, one way or another, in order to fund the war machine, in order to keep their tanks and all their equipment moving.
And that's why we were paying $4 a gallon back then.
Correct, yeah.
That is very correct.
Now this all coincides with what's next.
In Mexico, they make everybody use public transportation for that very same reason, because they're being taxed out of owning their own vehicle.
And that's the same system that they want to implement here in the United States.
Everybody in Mexico, a lot of people have cars.
Only the rich can drive them.
Your regular people, all my cousins, all of them, most of them, some of them have good jobs, some of them don't.
The ones that have really good jobs driving vehicles are the ones that don't use public transportation.
So once we lose our ability to drive around, are we really free?
No, we're not.
That's right.
Beautifully said.
Thank you, Carlos.
And the UN admits it.
They want everybody out of their cars.
They want total control to then make you take forced inoculations.
It's all about getting you desperate, getting you poor.
We got Dallas, we got John, and we got Jesse.
And I want to get to you guys, but I also have a guest coming in studio, so I will get to your calls while he's here with us in the fourth segment, so in about 15 minutes.
If you want to hold, we're going to get to Dallas, we're going to get to John, we're going to get to Jesse.
I want to hear from all of you, so don't hang up.
I know we've got other callers on the board.
I'm going to host a little bit in the next hour, then Matt Brackett's taking over.
I also have a constitutional lawyer coming on and asking the question.
Was it legal for me to say I believe Bill Gates and Fauci should be charged with the Wuhan lab and if convicted given the death penalty?
That's the law.
That's completely normal.
I mean, they ran the lab, they funded the lab, they covered it up.
Senator Paul now says, looks like Fauci deliberately released it, that he's the main suspect.
I mean, he ran it.
He did the gain of function.
He got caught lying.
And I'm saying if they're convicted, that they should live in prison or whatever the jury decides.
But he's going to pop in.
But I'm going to go to Dallas.
I'm going to go to John.
I'm going to go to Jesse coming up here.
But I wanted to play this clip in a moment.
And it's of Congressman Gozer.
I think so.
On 10% off of the swearable food last year's prices and it's about to go up a couple weeks above the 10% and that's going to go back on Monday.
I've extended it till Sunday to get the 10% off the pair with Alex.com.
A lot of folks are getting swearable food.
They're still able to deliver and ship it out within a day, but other places are backed up.
There's going to be food shortages.
I will get your orders in now.
Mr. Rosen, do you recall the name of the young lady, a veteran wrapped in an American flag, that was killed in the U.S.
I do.
Her name was Ashley Babbitt.
Yes, Ashley Babbitt.
Was Ashley Babbitt armed?
Again, Congressman, I mean to be respectful of your observations, but I just don't want to talk about individual situations.
Mr. Rosen, if you're reclaiming my time, Mr. Rosen, no she wasn't.
She was wrapped in a U.S.
Was the death of Ashley Babbitt a homicide?
Congressman, I'm not trying to be unhelpful here, but I just cannot comment.
I understand, but I mean, reclaiming my time, as the death certificate says, it was a homicide.
Who executed Ashley Babbitt?
Congressman, I'm just going to have to say the same thing here, that I don't want to get into this specific investigation.
Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
Now, Chief Conte, what are the rules of engagement at the D.C.
At D.C.
protests, sir?
The only time that we engage in dawn and riot gear, that kind of thing, is in situations where there's an actual attack that's going on, sir.
I'm not sure that... Well, I appreciate you.
And thank you for your service.
For those of us who still have a survival instinct, the COVID-19 vaccine has been nothing but red flags from the start.
An experimental mRNA cocktail that rewires your cells at the genetic level.
Everyone is supposed to get it.
All negative comments are censored.
Those who question it are shamed and attacked in the public.
And all this for a manufactured pandemic, created via headlines, pop culture talking points, and government shutdowns.
On a certain level, the whole thing is undeniably a psychological test.
With all these blatant red flags, are you so compliant that you are willing to submit and take the shot?
Or are you driven by an independent instinct to survive?
The normal healthy response would be to question this.
Now we have reports of people dying after getting the vaccine.
Painful side effects are becoming normalized.
And there are other side effects being reported.
Strange ones.
Several people have been claiming that magnets are sticking to the injection point on their arm after getting the COVID vaccine.
Is there something metallic inside the vaccine that's strong enough to hold a small magnet?
Vaccines come with inserts loaded with small print, known famously for some listing autism as an adverse reaction.
The inserts for the COVID vaccine are intentionally left blank, so we have to search outside of the box.
A quick search will find reports on manipulative magnetic nanomedicine as the future of COVID therapy and superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine.
The first gap both the transhumanists and techno-tyrants need to bridge is the interface, the controversial chip.
Some people these days have no problem having a computer chip implanted into their body.
But many of us prefer to remain without.
Are the magnets responding to some sort of fluid metal computer nanochip?
Who knows?
The trials are happening now.
The public being used as lab rats.
Some people are also claiming that the vaccinated are giving off high EMF waves.
Above 400 for the vaccinated.
At least 10 times higher than the unvaccinated.
What does that even mean?
Similar to how thousands of women have claimed that having contact... See the full report at band.video, the magnetic mark of the beast.
What the hell is going on?
There's hundreds of these videos now.
Aaron Burr is a popular comedian.
He also co-hosts stuff with Anthony Cumia.
He's got his co-host Gino Visconti that's also going to be coming in studio with him.
This is a surprise visit.
I guess Anthony Cumia is the guy that's going to be on Joe Rogan down the street today.
I love Anthony.
I might actually come out and see you guys.
Where are you guys going to be doing your thing here in Austin?
Vulcan Gas Company, three shows, one Friday, two Saturday, live podcast Saturday afternoon, totally uncensored, the type of comedy that you would love and embrace.
Did you see how well I sold that?
You did a great job.
I made you smile, that made me happy.
No, but I mean, I like the fact that... What is it like with comedy, with the attempt at the Sovietization of America and the absolute destruction of free speech?
There's an echo chamber that tries to shut down what we do.
It's this side of quote-unquote cancelers that are usually failed comics or real, like, hardcore socialist people that go against it.
But when you come and see a live show and inevitably see these diverse audiences dying laughing at what would be termed racism or misogyny, you realize it's all just made up and that people are just trying to stop people from laughter, which is a good thing.
Well, for me, I mean, it's obvious that they're bullies.
And big corporations that are running death camps in China, like Apple, are some of the biggest funders of Black Lives Matter.
They just want to cover that and have us all fighting over BS while they take the world over.
Yeah, but the thing is, comedy is a rebellious art form, right?
Like, I found out about you from Stan Hope probably 20 years ago because of the nature of what he did and how you tied in with what he did.
It's about
Having the ability to be a free thinker and question everything.
When they try and shut you down, that's the exact same thing that they're doing to comedy, but they'll try and de-platform you even in live venues now.
Well, that's what folks have to know, is there's literally no end to it.
Now, I have watched your show four or five times, and I've also seen you on with Anthony Cumia, but...
What's different from your show, because it's pretty funny, versus what you do, I mean, what is your avant-garde push-the-limit comedy?
The show is satire in the purest sense.
It's way, there's no lines.
It's like shock jock radio, but video, done in this way that nothing's off-limits.
We show everything that the sickest part of your imagination could fathom.
And stand-up, the job there is to push
And make sure people know that this stuff is okay.
We have to push the boundaries.
That's what we do as stand-ups.
So if people disagree with what I'm saying as a stand-up, they have to look at themselves because it's still an art form.
By the way, talk about censorship.
We just put up something on your website and it's been taken down off YouTube.
I mean, it's like whack-a-mole.
And now they're saying if you say the word mother or father they might take you down.
I mean, it's just there's no end to this cult.
That's amazing.
I wonder if it just happened now because I'm on your show and that'd be great if everything... Where do you think the woke cult is going?
Because now they're eating their own.
Yeah, they're eating their own, which is great.
We had a guy that came after us.
We started doing illegal shows during the pandemic because we're like, no, we're going to do stand-up.
Oh, you're thought criminals.
You were.
Yeah, that's what I've been termed.
We started doing illegal shows and then they started to move inside.
First, we were doing them on the back of trucks in like Queens, and then we were doing them in parks.
And then we're like, let's find indoor places.
And someone's like, anyone
We're good to go.
You know, I should have brought that up, because I knew you did that.
You guys do, I love it, illegal gatherings.
You know, in Canada and the UK, they're still banning church services.
They're arresting preachers, calling them illegal church services.
Yeah, they took a pastor down on the highway, made him kneel down, and then picked him up and carried him off.
And he's calling them Nazis when they come to arrest him, by the way.
What's going to happen to New York and all these places that are staying closed?
I mean, everybody I know is leaving those places.
I'm going to say this, New York is open a little bit.
I moved, I lived in Queens, I now live in Jersey, which was the best thing.
I got a wife, I got a daughter, we want like a house.
And I'm sure you have a lovely property where you sleep out back here.
I don't know how it's actually arranged.
You could go either way.
You look like you have like a beautiful ranch style home, or sometimes you're like, I'm just going to sleep at the office with this bottle of bourbon and weep myself to sleep.
I don't know where you go.
I have slept in the office with a bottle of bourbon.
I nailed it.
New York is going to come back, but there's no way I can describe it on your show without cursing, but it's a hole.
It's a dump.
There's heroin is rampant.
It's a shithole.
We can delay that.
Hey, that was great that you can say all the stuff that I'm not allowed to say.
Thank you.
When you come on my show, you can do the same thing.
No, no.
They can delay it out a little, but then the delay runs out.
So the smart people that want to get their cuss words out, they know what they do.
Right away.
I think it's dumb.
I can say that I think Bill Gates was involved in child molestation with Jeffrey Epstein.
I can say that on radio stations, they're fine because there's a lot of evidence pointing towards that.
But I can't say F or C or S. It's stupid.
Yeah, but I don't even know if you can say, first of all, that was a huge jump from New York.
But I don't even know if you could say that, or if you're one of those guys that they go after so hard in every way, shape, or form, that it's even me being here is a thing now, where they're like, oh, he's on Alex's show.
But to me, that's, uh, oh boy, you know, he looks like a boy.
Looks like Kermit the Frog.
I kind of get, like, they're both really ugly guys and I get that they would have to pay for sex.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Exactly, whereas I gotta beat him off with a stick.
Hey, we'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
He's got his buddy coming in here.
It's like the evil, the evil Kermit.
I think the latest Muppet movie was actually an evil Kermit.
I know that because I have a four-year-old.
Boy or girl?
You can't assign a gender to your children.
I've got three daughters and a son.
May your first child be a masculine child.
Do you really?
We got Gino Bisconti here with me.
How are you, buddy?
Hey, you guys just take over.
All right.
What's it been like in the lockdown?
I know that
Anthony Comey, your co-host, escaped New York.
He's in Florida now or somewhere.
Comey is moving to South Carolina.
He's going to buy a plantation that he was supposed to take over from his family about 80 years ago.
That's not true, Alex.
He's lying.
What happened?
He said he's moving to South Carolina.
He's going to get a big old place.
He said if he had his way, he would live on a plantation.
He said it would be a simpler time, but...
Uh, if I may rebut that New York is dead, New York is fine, but the entire country, and we say this as comedians, Alex, this is a problem I've had.
I think you're talking about the secret shows we did, and this is the conspiracy theory that we talk about on our show in Hot Water a lot, because we have to do secret shows, because if you want to control someone, you can't have them laughing, you need to have them afraid.
So we thought it was no coincidence that some of the last places that they would prioritize in New York opening up were what, Aaron?
Comedy club, they were comedy clubs, yeah.
Because COVID's no laughing matter, while the big banks laughed all the way out of the bank, doubling and tripling their profits during the lockdown.
And Alex, wouldn't you say it's a fact, it's not just a cute phrase anymore, that laughter does physically heal you, it hears you from the inside?
All the research shows it.
It's as good as sunshine.
Oh, with sunshine?
No, no, no.
You don't want sunshine.
You want the vaccine.
You don't want preventative medicine with COVID.
You want to focus on the vaccine rather than all the palliative care, the preventative care that the government has given us, which is effing none.
And that's why we just try and get people to go out and laugh and laugh at our silly little show.
And it's not a little show.
Can I even get into your Vulcan show here in Austin, or is it gonna be sold out?
I will put one ticket aside, but it's general admission.
It's not a VIP table, but I can arrange it.
And I also have karaoke.
You gotta come.
You do karaoke, you gotta see Kumiya sing.
He's got a crooner's voice on him.
I heard he sings in, like, Chinese, too.
Yeah, he does.
He just holds his AR-15 and does, like, a webcam thing where he just sings all privately.
He has his own little slant on karaoke.
But yeah, he's a big fan of that, but it's going to be a good time tonight.
You should come out.
There's no show tonight.
No, he should come out to karaoke tonight.
It's tomorrow night.
Karaoke's tomorrow.
I'm a good boy.
I've completely stopped drinking, ladies and gentlemen.
I think if I go to a comedy club, I might, uh...
Well, I was saying this to our fans, I quit drinking during the lockdown, not because I'm like, let me get healthy, but that's another thing they did.
They took away the social aspect of life.
It's like, it was no fun.
Because I used to say we have the best fans in the water, in the world, in hot water.
And I would say, I don't know what time, Alex, we used to do it in the mornings.
I said, I don't know what time you would have to get to.
And he's a bum, Alex.
This guy's a drunken bum.
I'll tell Alex I'm a bum, he doesn't know that.
Slept in his car for like a year.
Wouldn't even get out of the car to go to the bathroom.
Like, we go to the bathroom in the car, through it, comes to my house, I see him, my brand new house, Alex, and I see him dumping something out of a coffee thing, and I go, what are you doing?
He goes, it's coffee.
Like, I caught him.
And then two days later...
Two days later he goes, it's piss.
I pee in a jar in my car when I'm traveling.
You never save time, Alex, driving to a gig and you got the V8 pedal.
I have peed in a water bottle many times.
Now you're rubby dub.
Better when you got like a big jacked up Ford F-150.
But the problem is back, but I'm driving my Hellcat, which I gave to my dad.
The problem is you're in a red light or all of a sudden you stop at the red light.
Like wherever you are out in the country, as soon as you start peeing in the cup, there's a four-way stop and they're like a family looking.
You gotta quit real quick.
He's in a little Chevy Sonic.
You've never peed in a bottle in a car?
I've never peed in a bottle in a car.
He's got issues.
I was raised properly.
What are you doing?
Well, here's the thing.
In a lot of places, if you pull off and piss behind a bush, they arrest you.
Well, and then usually three other men come out and go, that was great.
Have you ever dumped in a paper cup while you're driving?
No, he dumped it a bag and then threw it out of the George Washington Bridge.
And I drive it a stick!
Listen, I've never done that officially.
I think this is what we came on to talk about, though.
I heard you can be arrested in Texas for throwing a cigarette out the side of your car.
Is that true?
Yeah, well, if it's all dry, burn everything down that way.
Yeah, well, I mean, that's what they should do in New York.
I'm hoping that there's a third wave and that there's a variant on COVID that just eliminates drivers in Manhattan.
That'd be fantastic.
Well, that sounds like a Bill Maher joke where he said, hey, I'm just for more death, more suicide to get the highway moving.
Well, wouldn't you argue this is, uh, to quote a comic who's a great friend of ours, and you can remember, you'll remember this phrase, because this is what gets me about all the deaths.
Oh, so many.
Kevin Brennan once said, no one puts Nana into a nursing home to rehab her for the 2020 season with Tom Brady.
Once you put them in the nursing home, you quit on them.
And if you wanted to create the perfect pandemic, these are the three steps.
And I'm sure you've touched upon this.
One, make sure it kills the oldest and most infirmed, useless members of society.
Two, make sure the stupid people that we keep hearing are like, did you see all the dead people?
And they're afraid to go out of the house.
And three, then you control them with fear.
And this just came out.
They did a study of people who got the vaccine and between people who got the vaccine and people who didn't.
Vaccinated people are still more afraid to do things than unvaccinated people.
I may have seen it on Tucker last night.
And now they love it.
Now they say that they never want to take the mask off in studies.
I got the vaccine.
I'm embarrassed about it.
I got it because I was going to see my dad.
Which one did you take?
And then he blamed me for giving him a head cold for three weeks!
I took the Johnson & Johnson because it's good.
It's 11% effective.
It's a virus vector.
It's horrible!
And then right after I got it... You know what's in that sucker?
Yeah, I have blood clots in my leg and I'm growing a vagina on my lower back.
I know exactly what you're saying.
I ain't complaining about that second one, Alex.
I got sick for a night.
Oh really?
Be serious, what happened to you?
For 12 hours, chills, body aches, couldn't sleep, and then since then, I've been sick three times.
The year prior to that, I was not sick at all.
Oh, listen, they admit that it attacks proteins in your body that are similar to the virus, and luckily you're in good shape.
People that are overweight or whatever are having heart attacks.
My mom's still waiting for a second one.
In Canada, which by the way, if you think any city in America is a dump right now, Canada is a weird lockdown.
It's under martial law.
That's exactly what it is.
Did you see Trudeau say that I admire China's dictatorship?
Did he have blackface on for that one?
No, he didn't, but he actually said, they go, what do you admire?
He wasn't like, well, I admire Switzerland or I love the American system.
What system?
No, I like China's basic dictatorship of Xi Jinping.
And Trudeau would be a horrible dictator, I think.
I just don't, I don't see it working out well for him.
If I ever said I want a dictatorship, I would be, I mean, I don't want a dictatorship, but I'd be out of a job.
How the hell, it's a room full of women.
They look like they have orgasms when he says it.
Yeah, there he is.
They're wiggling around.
They get very excited.
He used to be an attractive guy.
I always picture him showing up in the blackface like doing a moonlight thing going bonjour in French.
And you can't lose any more jobs.
You know Mark Zuckerberg begged Xi Jinping to name his first child Xixi and he said no.
That's how they groveled to the dictator.
Why did they, I mean even Trump... Put up Winnie the Pooh again please.
Was it Winnie the Pooh?
You can be sent to a death camp in China for calling Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh.
You can be sent to a death camp in China for anything, am I right?
Come on.
Put him on screen and I'm going to say it!
Burn in hell, Winnie the Pooh!
Burn in hell!
All of a sudden you just hear... Exactly.
We slide in.
This goes right down.
Guys, put Winnie the Pooh on screen, please.
They're going to probably put the real Winnie the Pooh up.
They're not doing it.
All I've noticed, and your staff seemed lovely before I got here, is they have a real aversion to listening to what you say.
Oh, they're in there injecting heroin.
No, no, seriously.
They just put G.G.Ping on screen!
Just give him back to me!
That's all you gotta do!
There he is!
See, they didn't want to just give me G.G.Ping, they wanted to give me that.
He looks more of a businessman than addictive.
He looks like a vampire bat that just drained three children.
Yeah, do you think that, okay, Adrenochrome, real thing?
Adrenochrome is real.
It's the ingredient on EpiPens.
And here's what's crazy.
Those only came out like 20 years ago.
He wrote about that in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
Hunter S. Thompson did.
And it turned out that lawyer was real and said that really happened.
And so yes, Satanists are into all sorts of weird stuff.
They do torture children and then drink the blood itself.
It's full of a bunch of adrenaline and other stuff.
And they have to scare the kids so that the adrenochrome gets to the highest level.
That's the adrenal gland.
Yeah, it goes bananas.
Okay, so does Tom Hanks really have an ankle bracelet?
No, none of that's real.
See, what happened is the Q movement was run by the globalists, the CIA, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and then they would take real stuff going on, then add crazy stuff on the end to make it totally ridiculous, then discredit all the real stuff about Jeffrey Epstein.
The globalists.
How many people could be included in that group of globalists that are at the top tier of globalists?
I'd say maybe a hundred.
We'll talk about it on the other side.
It's a family show.
We're behaving ourselves very, very nicely.
I'm not wearing pants.
You know, Bisconti is our guest, along with Aaron Berg.
They have a very popular program, AaronBerg.com, InHotWaterStore.com.
And they're on with, of course, Anthony Comey, our good friend on CompoundMedia.com, who's going to be on with Joe Rogan, I guess, taping today.
I guess it'll air
So here we are, gentlemen.
We're hanging out, Alex.
Hanging out.
Austin, we've seen so much.
This is great.
Do you remember we got out of the airport, we got in a car, and then we got here?
It's amazing.
You probably got to see some homeless camps.
None yet.
I heard it's amazing.
Downtown, so many of them, you could just walk up.
We're becoming more like L.A.
every day.
Because there was a huge influx of people coming from the mayor.
The mayor said come here two years ago and so we went from having an infestation of homeless to literally having them any direction in 10 miles everywhere but they passed a law saying no now you can't camp in people's yards.
They passed a law saying you could.
They moved into people's yards and now the homeless are attacking people.
And they try to kick him out of their yards.
How can somebody go on your own private property in the state of Texas and camp out and leave alive?
Well, what they do is they call it the sidewalk.
They go into the neighborhoods, they get in your backyard, then they're in your yard.
It's bad.
It's horrible.
It's outdoor camping.
And again, most of them are on fentanyl.
A lot of them will bite you.
Great drug.
You know my cousin worked for Microsoft and he was a good friend of mine and he was trying to give a homeless person like five years ago a twenty.
And the other homeless man bit him and he got an infection and died.
So they're like literal zombies but I'm supposed to love them and praise them and...
Whereas you're respectful, you just live in your car!
Well, let me tell you, I've said this before.
I lived out of my car for a year.
Best thing in the world.
Better than winning the lottery.
Once you realize you don't need anything, you have gratitude for everything.
And this, I've said, is the problem with what's going on in the country now.
People are dumb.
If you wake up in this country,
And I know you never say it, the greatest country in the world, Alex, when you have to realize, everybody that wakes up, there's an 80% chance you're going to wake up living in India or China, okay?
India, where if you Google crap on the beach, comma, trip advisor, you get four-star hotels there.
You understand?
That place is a mess.
That's right, four-star hotels, they poop on the side of the sidewalk.
Yeah, on the side of the sidewalk.
Regular ones, it's the entire sidewalk is crap.
It's disgusting.
If you wake up in this country and don't realize how lucky you are, look for these problems, you deserve to live in that hell.
If you wake up every day saying, oh my god, I hope I don't die of COVID, well, you deserve it.
You deserve to live in that fear.
In fact, there's a cartoon at the bottom of InfoWars.
It may have already scrolled off.
But it's the wall, and it's a bunch of illegals saying, let us in.
We want to be oppressed right now.
I saw that Biden's making an order so that it's easier for transgender people to get it.
So you can get in the country now.
What, you're saying I'm transgender?
Wait a minute.
Even he knew that!
You're a woman to a man!
Wait, are the frogs turning transgender?
Don't beat me up, he's a big guy.
I have a good ground game, but you look like you could scrap.
I'm actually a woman.
I'm a woman too.
I saw those breasts when I came in.
I think it's a weird thing.
I have a daughter.
She's a girl, by the way.
And I know you're not supposed to say that.
That's close-minded.
Yeah, she's a girl.
She wears dresses, she has a slit she can pee out of.
She's a girl, Alex, okay?
But I get it's 2020.
So she sits down.
Yeah, she sits down with you.
They actually have a movie theater in Austin that they opened where the women stand up to piss in these funnels.
Women didn't like it, so they took them out.
Wow, the women didn't want to piss in funnels at the Alamo Draft House.
Most of it turns around pretty quickly when people are like, this is the equal rights we want, and then they're like, nah, we don't really need that at all.
Watch this, I'm going to be a transgender person getting into the border, you be the border patrol, and go.
Uh, sir, you can't come in here.
Hola, yo soy una woman.
Yo, vagina.
Oh, right, a vagina.
Right this way to that room full of men.
Grande esta gole donde.
Mi milky cream top.
Right into that tank.
Mi tres leches.
Mi milky milk.
This guy gets it.
Una pagina por favor.
It's gonna be exciting to watch.
I don't know how bad the border problem is now.
We should have me go down the border, get on the Mexican side and wear a dress.
Oh, come on, do it!
You're a powerful man!
I am woman!
We'll go with you.
You misgender me!
You hear me roar!
I hear woman roar!
You just start playing La Bamba on a Bluetooth speaker.
I strong woman!
La Bamba!
Please let me in!
I need $15,000 COVID relief!
Oh, New York!
Oh, let me have access to your children!
Oh, yes!
It's insane!
Oh, I'm not woman, though I have pee-pee set on my lap!
Ah, you like these, you little four-year-old?
What's the difference between Epstein and these sickos?
Uh, he's got billions of dollars or dead.
And his neck's broken.
So these are just four people.
But he killed himself.
Yeah, he slipped and fell on a noose.
And broke three vertebrae.
What was that joke that I used to do?
I go, Jeffrey Epstein, you remember him?
He killed himself.
He committed suicide at the hands of two people.
At the hands of two people.
Yeah, at the hands of two people.
And then I go, Jeffrey Epstein, not to be confused with Albert Einstein.
And then, like, the guy that saw them break his neck?
He had to.
Everybody's dying.
And I go, Einstein, you remember him, Alex, E equals MC squared, energy equals mass times speed of light squared, whereas Epstein was E equals MC squared, Epstein murdered by Clintons, two of them.
I'm digging this guy.
See this?
Let me ask you this.
This is my demographic now.
He's the best.
Austin, Texas.
I have all the documents that Fauci signed for millions of dollars running the damn program.
Why doesn't anyone arrest him?
Like, I mean, I know that's dumb, but you look at this stuff and say, this can't be.
How do they just say, no, I didn't do it.
The Eddie Murphy.
Wasn't me, baby.
And they get, how do they get away with this?
Well, that's why I said, I want him charged with committing crimes against humanity.
Nuremberg too, baby.
Do people listen when you say this?
When you're like, I want them charged?
Does anyone look into it?
Or do they just dismiss you even though you make sense?
Well, these megalomaniacs always think they're invincible.
That's why they did this as a power grab.
I have all the lockstep documents, all the Great Leap Forward crap.
I've got a bunch of these documents where they said we're going to use the virus.
I see you have every document known to manage.
Those are just today's documents.
They said to get control.
They said to get control, we need a virus, it'll bring in a world ID, a global social credit score.
Klaus Schwab wrote a book about it called COVID-19, The Great Recent.
It's very viable.
And then I watched Plandemic, and that was taken down almost immediately.
So whenever I bring up questions like that, everybody goes, no, you're a conspiracy guy, this is crazy.
Thousands of doctors and scientists that have come out and said this is bull, including prestigious ones.
So you're supposed to be able to question science, right?
So the science all says this is natural, the science all says it's the most deadly plague, you know, since the bubonic plague, then we should be able to question it, right?
Oh no, we can't.
You're supposed to question science.
And I'm sorry I saw this, because I do.
Some memes just trigger common sense.
If they tell you that you have to do what they say without proof, it's a cult.
It's a belief system.
Wait, wait, you're saying we shouldn't give pap smears to genetic, biological men?
Then why'd the guy give me one in the green room?
Because you said you're a transvestite to get across the border to do this show.
I said transgender!
No, I can't remember.
I can't remember.
Transvestites different.
They perform on stage.
That's true.
I think it's a different thing.
It's really weird what happens now.
Argue more, Gino, and tell them about what Fauci did.
Remember you told me Fauci... Yeah, we got pipeline workers we're going to briefly talk to next segment.
Oh, wow.
Dallas and John have been holding patiently.
We're going to go to them in just a minute.
I promise, Dallas, this is a segue into comedy, which I'm sure we all need a little bit of.
You can talk to one now.
We're not offended.
All right, Dallas in Texas, which Dallas is in Texas.
Dallas, welcome, sir.
You're on the air.
Tell us about your view of the pipeline.
Very suspicious shutdown.
Uh, yes, sir.
So I've been in oil and gas for over a decade now.
And actually, if you go to the Colonial Pipeline website and you look at the ownership, you're going to find five different people.
The bottom three, Kohlberg, Krauss, Roberts, Casey, Du Bois, and Royal Dutch Shell.
All three of those own 50% of Colonial Pipeline.
If you go to the World Economic Forum, to the 2021 and 2030 agenda, and you look at their partners, you're gonna find these three people on the World Economic Forum for the Green New Deal.
So, I don't believe this pipeline was hacked.
I believe it was shut down.
For the Green New Deal.
Then it is a little suspicious to me.
Couldn't you say this is a false flag?
It checks so many boxes, because you're like, oh my god, look, gas is terrible, we've got to switch to natural energy, and oh my god, gas is a shortage, you know, let's... Imagine Biden as a fox who's already eaten about ten chickens, and then we catch him with a chicken in his hand and he goes, oh no, I didn't do this, hacker's dead.
He's a prime suspect.
It just seems too, it's too coincidental.
Is that fair to say?
Dallas, you just laid some heavy research on it.
We'll look into it.
What else do you think, my friend?
Well, I'm down here in Houston, and as we all know, this is where all the windmills are coming from.
I-45 going northbound is always full of 18-wheelers with a windmill parked.
But, you know, we're all supposed to be, you know, all us oil field workers that are out of jobs, we're supposed to go, you know, back in the day, we're supposed to learn the code.
Now we got to go learn how to install solar panels and build windmills.
Even though there's no way to store the solar panel energy in the winter or at night,
It doesn't work.
Not only that, but Bill Gates just invested $2 billion to block out the sun.
So what's the point of having solar panels if Bill Gates is just going to block out the sun?
And again, see how insane that sounds?
What are we doing here?
But it's true!
We'll be right back in the fourth hour.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
That was an incredible call just now from Dallas in Texas, no pun intended, just laying out the facts.
He went and looked at all the Davos group.
I'm telling you, everything leads back to these guys because they're the public version of the Bilderberg Group.
How has it changed in the past 10 years, the transition of power from people that run stuff?
How has it changed, or has it always been the same people?
That is a hugely important question, and we've got one caller we've got to go to in this short segment.
I will answer that after Norm Pattis leaves this next segment, because that's a two-minute answer, and that's really, really big.
But the big answer is they're out in the open now.
So you're saying I have the best question on this show so far?
You have the best question ever!
But it's not a contest, Aaron, but if it were... It's kind of a contest to see who Alex likes more, and it's clearly me at this point.
It would be a contest if I'd asked him that.
We have fellow podcaster Norm Pattis popping in for one segment here next segment.
Can I have the Media Matters article, guys?
Pretty please?
Thank you.
Because I wanted to get him on yesterday and he was busy in that position.
The left's all saying arrest me for what I said, I want to ask him.
Yeah, hi.
My name is John.
I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania.
I had a good-paying job on the pipeline.
I also did fracking as well.
You know, it's all done by design.
It takes people's money.
So when OCY comes and takes your kids, they can't defend themselves.
He's a pipeline worker.
He's giving us the take about how they're trying to break the society down and break down the culture.
You're also going to try to break down the family, too.
Oh, they're doing that, brother.
It's cash for kids.
It's cash for kids.
In the state of Ohio, it's big in Erie, Pennsylvania.
Judges are in on it.
It's bad.
The CPS is in on it.
And the employee that runs the show, and the one employee that runs the CPS in town, Tina Tarosky.
I mean, the judges will let this lady do what she wants.
Cash for kids.
It's all about killing the family.
Normalizing pedophilia.
John, I hear you.
We're going to hell in a handbasket, and that's why we need to expose it.
Let me ask you both, gentlemen.
Thanks for the call, John.
What do we do to counter this crazy leftist takeover?
Because I don't see you guys as right-wingers.
I don't see myself as right-wingers.
I just don't want to destroy the family and things that work well and be conquered by a bunch of weird, neurotic leftists.
As a family man, I'd say you focus on your own family and you try and lead by example.
And that's what you do.
And you let the rest of the stuff fall by the wayside as it should.
And if you have to pivot, you pivot.
You figure out ways to do it.
I can't work for a major network now that I've done this today.
So what I do is I just make my own content.
I like your t-shirt.
Thank you.
That is uh... Wuhan Lacrosse.
Wuhan Lacrosse.
One of the best lacrosse teams, however they were all wiped out in a wet market.
Downtown Wuhan.
Yeah, there was an incident.
It was like what happened with Duke, but these people ate bats and died.
Only that really happened.
But you got an answer.
Why is Hillary Clinton on there?
No, that's not... You... If you had to, her or Cloris Leachman, if you were not married, pick one.
I had to... what?
You know what I mean.
Massage her feet?
Who's Chloris Leachman?
You don't remember Chloris Leachman?
Chloris Leachman from Jesus, from Maud, from Young Frankenstein.
She was hot in her earlier days.
In her earlier days.
Yeah, but Hillary Clinton was never hot.
I'm sorry.
She was never good looking.
Oh, Chloris Leachman is in like Young Frankenstein.
Oh, she's, find an old picture of her.
She's a piece of B-U-T-T-S.
She's a beauty.
Piece of butts?
But I agree with what you're saying.
Like, I say this all the time, like, we are the greatest country in the world, but we might have what has turned into the worst parents in the world.
Like, people don't raise their kids anymore.
And I grew up in a Norman Rockwell painting, so I've always been grounded in, like, my friends and my family, and that's what gets you through.
I mean, yeah, because they always demonize America, but we had half the wealth, 4% of the population, we were empowering everybody, and now the globalists are taking over, demonizing that, and it's all going to hell in a handbasket.
I think what we do is what?
Allow more trans immigrants in.
You said put on a wig and get over the border.
That was my idea!
That was your idea.
I don't see how that has anything to do with families.
The people that attack what we do, they're hiding horrible things on their end.
And it always ends up coming out.
There was one cancel guy that cancelled someone from Saturday Night Live.
Turns out he was molesting women all the time.
There was another guy, turns out he was doing his own bondage porn where he would eat his own liquids and stuff like that.
There's sick people.
And by the way, very clever of me to keep both those things clean.
Because I could have... Oh, we gotta go to break for 60 seconds.
Do we have Norm Battis on the line?
I saw him on there and now he's not there.
We didn't say anything.
No, no, no.
We didn't... It wasn't... It's not that.
It's not that.
It feels like he's gonna...
All right, Norm Pattis was going to pop on, but he's in a deposition, so he can't come on.
That happened yesterday, too.
I think, note to self, don't get Norm on when he's in the middle of depositions, because he's, like, getting called back in.
All right, guys, we've got one more segment, and the great Matt Bracken is going to take over, ahead of Owen Schroer in the War Room today, and just incredible times.
Guys, you're here.
We have Aaron Berg and Gino Bisconti.
They host In Hot Water, a program on the Compound Media Transmission with the great folks over there with Anthony Cumia, but he has the whole crew's here for comedy shows and he's doing Joe Rogan.
So that should be an interesting thing.
When's that coming up?
It's a whole big weekend.
Is Rogan, I guess, will be tomorrow?
It is freezing in here.
I don't understand why you guys are so warm.
It's freezing in here.
You need a couple more T-cells coursing through your body.
This show is... Alex, you gotta come.
They're amazing.
Is it this cold in there?
No, I'm gonna tell them to turn the heat on.
I'm about to freeze.
It's like one of those cryo things.
This guy's great!
Do you like it cold in here?
I love it cold in here.
Yeah, I'm freezing.
This is warm.
This is actually a little hot today.
Come on!
It's freezing in here!
You know the hang of me.
Hang on, I'd like you to hang me.
My point is, the shows are gonna be bananas.
We got Larry Beas hosting.
We think he may have just gotten out of jail.
Why did you say Larry Beas after you said bananas?
Because he's a friend of ours from New York, but he's like, I gotta go away for a while.
I'll explain it later.
And that was a month and a half.
But he's also one of those guys where like maybe he just pretended he went to jail for street cred.
Him, me, Gino.
Kumea does stand-up now.
Which is unheard of.
You know, he's always been funny, like, since the ONA days.
If I can interrupt, to his credit, he wouldn't tell you he's doing stand-up.
He's not, but he's hilarious.
He's always been, and he's on stage just being funny.
Like, I want to give him props, but I don't want people to think he's like, I'm a comic now, because he's not either.
He started doing this as a favor to us.
Like, we would start doing the Comedians of the Compound, and he would come out to, because that's a big name draw, but now, like, you would think, you know, if he's not having fun, he'd be in a hurry to, he's having a lot of fun.
Well, by the way, where is he?
He should be here right now.
Yeah, I told him that too, but then I texted him and I said it's freezing in here.
I didn't even want to tell you what he said about you, Alex Jones.
I didn't want to tell you.
You should come to New York and hash it out with him, but get the hell into our show.
He has no desire to go to New York.
He doesn't like feces or heroin.
Why would he go to New York?
Let me say this about our show.
It makes you laugh whether you want to or not.
That's the problem with the world now.
I want to get Anthony in the studio.
So if he's here for the weekend, he has to come on the show tomorrow.
Yeah, alright, I'll tell him to do that.
Is he doing Rogan today?
So he'll come here tomorrow.
I'm jealous now.
Let's just all go crash Joe's show right now.
That he's doing Rogan?
Let's go, you know where he is.
He's got all the Navy SEALs protecting him.
Does he really?
Yeah, they look like machine gun turrets.
Yeah, but you got the one guy that can kind of speak English.
And that guy knew the difference between a cop and a taser!
He should move!
He also knew a good cigar.
He goes, is that an Arturo Fuente?
And I go, yeah, I brought it for Alex.
I go, does Alex smoke?
He goes, a little.
I go, not as much as you.
He goes, you won't know what a Fuente is.
And then I gave him the Fuente.
He was ecstatic.
We got security guys stealing my cigars.
This is great!
We'll go drop by Rogan's and just bust in there.
It'll be a good time, I think.
That's a joke, folks.
We're not going to do that.
It is strange out of the whole universe that Joe got a studio right down the street from me.
Now he's got another studio.
Remember when Alex Jones was drinking?
He deserves to.
Remember when Alex was drinking and he'd go and he'd crash Joe Rogan with you?
Remember the cool Alex Jones there?
I say we get Alex hammered right now and then we go and do Rogan too.
Right now.
Any booze in here?
No, there's no alcohol here.
And hey, we have a serious program, and I'm normally really serious, but what's going to happen to Joe Biden, who the media just fawns after?
I don't know if you saw that compilation of when he did the State of the Union.
They're like, it was like the voice is like an angel.
It's totally the inflections, the way he controls the modulation.
No one's ever witnessed someone that is just this orator skill, and he was a babbling idiot.
I'm going to say it's good to finally have a president that can fall up the stairs.
Scrabble like an old dog.
And I also think, you know, I think that he's probably a simulation.
I think you should buy into this.
He's like one of those things that they put on when they put Tupac Shakur on stage now.
What's it called?
A hologram.
He doesn't think of the word hologram?
A hologram.
You can walk for a living.
I slept for three hours last night and it's freezing in here.
My brain doesn't work.
So he's a hologram, go on.
I don't know, I think... Hey, do you want to wear my leather jacket?
Could I please wear your leather jacket?
Hey guys, guys, go get the jacket off the wall.
Go get the jacket off the wall, bring it in here.
Can someone please bring me Alex Jones' leather jacket?
That has to happen.
This is not my leather jacket, this is Charlie Sheen's leather jacket.
I'm not joking.
Come on.
Ah, it's got AIDS.
Wouldn't you argue we're enjoying watching the... It's frustrating much of the time.
Hey, but let's get serious.
This is a true story.
This is the leather jacket worn in Red Dawn.
And I'm also got a big fan, you know, of Millis, John Millis, that did the dirty airing stuff.
All that, and his daughter's very, very nice as well.
She works at the State Department.
They're good guys.
And so this is from Red Dawn, an anti-communist film.
If you guys bring it in here, they're doing it right now.
Oh, and you wear this as your daily jacket?
No, uh, well, you're a big guy, big muscle-wise, but not... I'm four foot two.
No, but the thing is, you got big muscles, show them those guns.
So this is a smaller jacket.
Oh my gosh.
Come on!
That's from Red Dawn?
I can't wear that, you have it framed.
That looks like it's from All the Right Moves.
Remember when he got thrown off the football team?
Or that one where Hilary Swank had a dong?
Why do you always go back to that movie?
It wasn't even in that.
Alright, I'm not screwing around.
I'll wear it.
Wolverines wasn't a team... Oh, come on!
Oh, you've got to put this on!
Come on!
This is amazing!
I never, I never dreamt that I would be doing prop comedy with Alex Jones.
Don't rip it!
I won't rip it.
I'm gonna be very gentle.
That'll be too small for you.
What are you talking about?
I'll just pop out of it.
It's made for you.
Look at that.
I didn't know they made those in a boys' husky size.
That's amazing, Alex.
Thank you.
I'll take two of these.
Oh, look at that.
Alright, guys, now who wants to go under the bleaches and make out?
You are the best, Alex Jones.
Look at that.
Oh, look at that.
It's not going to get any better than this today.
Uh, that is the, that is the film that is, that's on the cover of Red Dawn.
Red Dawn, yeah.
That's, that's the, that's the one.
This, this is a real leather jacket that was given to you, and you keep it, do you have other movie things like this?
And it's dusty, the top of it's dusty.
If I wouldn't have shown up...
Look at that.
Aaron, look.
Look at the screen.
Literally, they're gonna be like, this jacket, they're gonna have to change the placard to say, worn by Charlie Sheen in Red Dawn and Aaron Berg when he grew a vagina and got too cold in the studio.
Look, I'm him.
I got the vaccine!
Nailed it.
I got the vaccine!
You got the vaccine!
We got the vaccine!
Everybody needs the vaccine!
Oh, this was a great cast, by the way, Alex.
You remember these guys?
See Thomas Howell?
Do you remember how good he was?
Boy, you can't stop looking at me.
Look how teenage-y I look.
Now what is... Millis made the movie.
Oh, here we go.
Now go ahead and play some music, guys, since we're gonna listen to it.
Now what exactly is that?
Oh yeah.
I got the vaccine, you got the vaccine.
And by the way, you know what else Alex, I always say like, they sit there because we're all obviously white supremacists, racists, and didn't the Attorney General or someone just say, because you watch this vaccination stuff, and I think this is racist in a way because it's like, they come, over the past year they've come forward with no new information on it, and they literally say, but look, we've got stars saying get the vaccine, and you people, you people are so dumb, you'll get a vaccine, and they won't.
No one's buying into it, but to think that someone would watch like a cartoon or Russell Wilson say, get the vaccine and they'd be like, I'm going to get one like Russell Wilson.
They think you're an eight year old.
Stand up and model the jacket.
Walk around out front.
They think you're stupid.
Hang on.
I got to do.
There you go.
Out front.
Do a little ballerina twirl.
There you go.
Seems like Alex has his own thing going on.
That's right.
That's right.
Show them the Wolverine on the back.
That's the whole point.
Turn around.
He's doing the fame shoot.
Now there's even more lore to that jacket.
That is great.
Once I did on some weird auction site, I tried to get the hat that
He's also in that movie.
Harry Dean Stanton wore, in the first Alien, the Nostromo hat.
And I bid like a thousand bucks, went for ten grand.
Yeah, you weren't even in the ballpark.
I did want that hat, but I didn't get it.
You know what I have?
What do I have, Gino?
We've talked about this.
It's embarrassing.
You're gonna get HIV wearing that jacket.
I think he was dating...
Ginger Lynn when he was wearing that, he's like, oh god, could you imagine?
I always wanted to be with a woman.
He said he had that jacket for like 10 years.
I think he was dating Nina Hartley when he wore that.
Alright guys, Aaron Berg, Gino, Bisconti, where are you guys playing tonight?
Tonight we're off.
We're going to hang out here all day.
We're going to go over to Rogan's house.
Yeah, we're getting some drinks and going to see Rogan.
Bisconti sounds like a delicious Italian meal.
Biscotti, but it's Bisconti.
I've been saying Bisconi!
No, you sound perfectly correct.
Guys, we love you.
I'm Matt Braggin.
Thank you!
It's Thursday morning, May 13th.
I'm sitting in my studio getting ready to go live and I am just cutting this bulletin to all the listeners and all the viewers so you understand how serious the situation is.
Just two weeks ago, I predicted you'd see massive inflation.
Explode that they would cut off more pipelines.
I said it on air more than 50 times because America is under strategic globalist attack in a economic trade war to make sure China wins.
This is World War 3.
And I told listeners, you need to get storable food.
You need to get water filtration.
Those are some of the basics you need.
And we have the best storable food at the lowest prices you're going to find anywhere.
Now, the sale was supposed to end yesterday, but I'm running it through the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th.
It's pretty tough to follow comedians because almost anything you say after, you know, an hour of laughing is going to be kind of a black pill.
I don't have any jokes on cue.
I'd just like to say it's pretty, um, it is kind of amusing that Rogan wound up just blocks from the InfoWars studio.
I wonder if that's a coincidence.
It certainly is showing a migration, and I don't just mean the physical migration with Rogan leaving California for Texas.
People that go on InfoWars, they know they're burning their bridge back to the, you know,
The mainstream media networks.
Once you've, once you've been on Alex, you've got no chance of sitting on the curvy couch with the Fox and Friends.
No chance.
So it's a decision that more and more of us are making.
And you know, what the heck, I would rather be on the, out with the advance party than, you know, back with the corporate corporate titans.
You can probably make more money that way in the short run.
But, you know, what's it for if you're always muzzling yourself?
And let's be sure, there's very few people on Fox that have free reign to talk.
I mean, if they do at all.
You certainly can't talk about vote fraud.
You can only obliquely mention it.
Like, you can say that there's a news story in Arizona, something to do with audits.
But you don't dare say that this election was stolen and the current occupant of the White House was installed.
You know, by the intelligence community that's running every aspect of our country now.
But anyway, here I can say whatever I want.
And I'm going to, it's going to seem like I've got a couple of different topics today, but I'm going to tie it all back to the American domestic situation.
I'm going to go way afield at the very beginning, just to set up, set this all up.
Last fall there was a 44-day war that almost nobody paid any attention to, but the generals paid a lot of attention.
This was a war, really it was a war between Turkey and Russia using the proxies of Azerbaijan and Armenia in a little corner of Azerbaijan called Nagorno-Karabakh.
And why this is significant?
This is the first war that was won by drones.
This was the first top-down drone strike war.
And it's revolutionizing the way people think about modern combat, including our own military.
Now with enemy drones overhead, and you can't just depend on the fact that we'll always control the sky.
With enemy drones overhead, there's no such thing as camouflage anymore.
It's almost impossible.
A camouflage net over top of a fighting position, you know, is just a waste of time.
You know, you might as well be, you know, an Indian wearing special magic beads that will keep the white man from seeing you.
It just doesn't work that way.
The Turks provided Azerbaijan with modern drone systems, both to provide surveillance and to drop weapons on the Armenians.
And these weapons came straight down, so having a tank with great armor all around the sides and especially on the front, it meant nothing because these missiles would just drop straight through the thin top armor, taking out hundreds if not thousands of them.
The Armenians were defeated in 44 days and had to surrender because there was no option.
And anybody that thinks that in an American Civil War context,
That people will be out in the forest playing Robin Hood.
It's a fantasy.
If the enemy controls the sky, and you have to assume that they will, there's no hiding in trees, there's no hiding in, you know, in the weeds.
You're going to be seen on thermal and by many other systems, not just thermal.
And taking it back to an hour ago, Alex played the recruiting ad
Showing the woke American female soldier, you know, with the two lesbian parents, how proud she was to be representing wokedom, joining the military, coming out of her woke college sorority.
You can laugh and say, wow, that woman, what chance is she going to have when our soldiers are going up against Russian male soldiers?
Well, they won't.
They're going to be operating a drone looking for American patriots.
And that woman, that woke female soldier, she's going to have absolutely no qualms about reading a name off of a list, typing it in to Google, finding the house, and putting the crosshair on your chimney.
She'll be told that the person that they're dropping the missile on
is a white, racist, extremist, domestic terrorist.
She won't be in charge of deciding who's on the list.
This is something that's been learned going back to, you know, the Russian Revolution, the Nazis in Germany.
If you split up the responsibility, one guy makes the list, he doesn't kill anybody.
He just passes the list through the bureaucracy.
Somebody else just puts them on a train and takes them from A to B.
Only at the other end, does somebody take them to a ditch or into a gas chamber.
So it's going to be very easy for the woke female to put the cursor marker on top of the roof of a house.
And weapons have been developed that will mean very little collateral damage.
So if you're thinking in terms of, well, I'll never give up my guns, you know, molin labe, come and take it.
They're not going to send, they're not going to need to send a SWAT team to your house.
After they've, after they've made you an enemy of the state and step by step taking away your freedoms, you know, taking away your, your credit cards, taking, you know, got you fired from your job by having the Stasi FBI do a whisper campaign at work, going to your neighbors and implying that you're some kind of an extremist.
Turning them into informants against you.
By this time, you're going to be waiting for the knock at the door.
It won't come.
If they finally determine that you're just a hardcore guy that's never going to give up the guns, they'll put one through your roof.
And don't think they won't.
What makes you think that they'll play their weakness to your strength?
They might be evil and they might be, you know, virtually communists.
Whether or not they're wearing the hammer and sickle on the uniform is irrelevant.
They are Marxists.
They're going to use their strength against our weakness.
So that that woke female soldier, she's not going to need to do 20 pull-ups.
You know, she's not going to need to run up mountains with a pack on her back.
She's just going to need to sit in an office and from two states away,
Put a cursor on your roof.
Somebody else will be fueling the drone.
Somebody else will be monitoring the drone.
You see how it can all be divided up into different missions.
One person makes the list.
One person puts the X on the house.
Another person arms the drone.
Everybody goes home and sleeps well at night.
They'll be told all they've done is eliminate
You know, reactionary, capitalist, boomer, white racist, domestic extremists.
And so don't think, I mean, I'm not against people training.
I'm not against people buying all the weapons.
They'll probably come in necessary.
But the real fight is now before it gets to the drone war stage.
Right now is when we have to start fighting.
We were just discussing our new woke military.
Which is actively recruiting from the wokest of our society.
We've also seen the CIA, they're recruiting the same, you know, identity politics, gay, lesbian, people identifying, you know, clearly as against the traditional American values.
They're recruiting them, at the same time, they're purging
Traditional heritage Americans out of the military.
This is important because there's only one reason why they're doing this.
They want a military that's going to be ready to attack Americans.
It won't matter that our military can't defend itself against China or Russia for that matter, because that's not what our military is being geared up for now.
Even after the McCain and the Fitzgerald accidents, collisions,
Where our best destroyers couldn't manage to get out of the way of big, fat, slow tankers.
Our military didn't take any corrective action.
Instead, they increased the recruiting of the woke, and they've been downplaying meritocracy.
They've put the diversity and inclusion and equity at the very top priority over anything else.
So now we have ships and missile batteries and other, you know, high tech installations and weapon systems being run by absolute idiots.
Because nobody in command can say, you can't promote that person.
They're not qualified.
They haven't passed the test.
Instead, they get rid of the test.
Because all that matters is that the right identity politics minorities are promoted.
Well, this means in no way are they going to be ready to fight a near peer or a tier one country like China.
It's just not going to happen.
So do our generals, these woke generals, the ones that have stayed in, I mean, the rest are just hiding under their desk until they can retire.
But the woke generals that have been promoted, do they think they're going to be fighting China and losing a war?
They're not stupid, no.
They're not going to fight China.
They're going to let China do whatever China wants to do.
The military is being turned into an anti-American patriot hunting machine.
That's the purpose of purging out traditional Americans and recruiting woke Marxists.
That is the very point.
Now, I was talking briefly about this little Nagorno-Karabakh War, which is the first war that was won by unmanned aerial systems, also known as UAVs or drones.
This war literally was won by the eye in the sky, not Tom Cruise or Top Gun flying around and fighter jets dogfighting.
No, it was won by drones.
The drones weren't made by America or Russia.
They were made by Turkey.
So this shows that even a, you know, a second tier country with a strong industrial base can surprise the world and come out with a fully developed drone program.
And it absolutely just whipped the Armenians.
The Armenians were fighting like it was, you know,
Twenty years ago, putting up the camouflage and absolutely being destroyed from above.
As a result of this, all the militaries around the world have been seeking systems to take out drones.
So, drones can range, obviously, from your little quad rotor that you bought off of Amazon, up to predators and reapers.
But these small battlefield drones that might be, you know, a distance of a few kilometers away, all of the militaries are developing systems, both laser and directed energy, microwave pulse directed energy weapons.
Obviously, they need something to take out these drones that have been so effectively, you know, shown to be so effective at dropping missiles straight on to troop concentrations and armor.
But something else has been going on, and I'm going to tie this back to this war against American patriots in a minute.
I've been hearing a lot of reports about this so-called Havana syndrome, where it began five or six years ago with diplomats in Havana coming down with headaches, migraines, vertigo, loss of memory.
And it seems to be tying back into these microwave pulse-directed energy weapons.
So at the same time, while not only America, but China, Russia, India, Iran, Israel, everybody is working on these directed energy weapons, these microwave weapons, for the purpose of knocking drones out of the sky.
But something else has been happening in parallel and in great secrecy.
All of these countries have been developing smaller, more portable versions to be used in an anti-personnel role.
Now, if you look these subjects up, you'll find some stories fairly recently about American diplomats and other people, even in America, one happening like last fall around the White House,
Being hit with these directed energy weapons.
And in the news stories, it's always the Russians.
Well, we think it could only be the GRU.
That's the Russian military intelligence.
But the fact is that all of these countries have been developing microwave weapons against drones in the sky.
And they've also been, I'm only, it's only hypothetical at this point, developing much more portable weapons that can either be hidden in a small vehicle to drive around in a city, or even be put into a backpack, or a pair of backpacks with soldiers sharing components.
Those power sources are fairly bulky, etc.
But these weapons have been used against people, I have absolutely no doubt,
I've got multiple confirmation of stories where these weapons are used against enemies that have been, for example, in the act of planting IEDs or setting up missiles to fire at American bases in the Middle East.
This is a gray zone weapon because if you used a Predator with a Hellfire,
And you cratered a couple of, let's just say hypothetically, Iranians who were not in Iran in the act of doing something against American interests.
If you crater them with a hellfire, it's pretty obvious what happened.
And a tit-for-tat results.
But what if you use a gray area weapon?
What if you use a man-portable, microwave-directed energy weapon to fry them in place?
There's no bullet, there's no bullet hole, there's no impact, there's no bomb, no explosion.
The guys are disabled, and maybe the next day they're suffering radiation burns and die.
But these weapons can be obviously dialed down, and I don't have personal knowledge of this.
That one that you see on the screen, that's an Indian version for anti-drone.
But you can imagine, you can scale it down, you can adjust these things,
And size them for different purposes.
And there are reports of these being, you know, effective at ranges out to a thousand meters in an anti-personnel role.
And if the amount of energy given to somebody is smaller, they may just get the Havana Syndrome.
You know, the headaches, the vertigo, the memory loss.
But if the energy is greater, there have been a number of American
Flag rank officers and others who have reason to be on the ground in the Middle East that have come down with rapid cancer.
And there's a lot of suspicion.
But you see, this is a gray area.
There's no bullet.
There's no sniper rifle.
You've just got an admiral or a general who comes down with rapid cancer in the thyroid or the brain.
So there's a lot of this going back and forth.
It's not just Russians or Chinese attacking Americans.
I think that there's like a shadow war going on with these weapons.
And eventually, we might see these weapons used in America against us.
You know, you can get my books from Amazon in print, Kindle and Audible, but if you get them from me,
Jeff Bezos doesn't get the money and I'll even sign them.
I was, I was talking, I've been talking about drone warfare and the rise of counter drone or C-U-A-S, Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Counter drone warfare is booming and it comes down to very short range kinetic, you know, nets, things like that.
Then medium range microwave and then long range laser.
This Nagorno-Karabakh war between Azerbaijan using Turkish weapons and Armenia, this little enclave in eastern Azerbaijan.
It's the first time that armor was taken out by lasers from above.
You know, this is directed energy, a laser.
We're in a whole new era.
There's a military writer, if you watch the History Channel, you've probably seen him talking about tank warfare, named John Antal, A-N-T-A-L.
And he just wrote a very short piece called, Ten Lessons from the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War.
The first war won primarily with unmanned aerial systems.
This is a revolution in military affairs.
He says at the level of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, which was an armor war fought in the Sinai Peninsula between Egypt and Israel, using modern systems like wire guided anti-tank missiles.
But this is a this is very profound.
And the the Azerbaijani forces with Turkish backing, controlled all of the battle spaces, sea, air, land, cyber.
They just wiped Armenia, this Armenian enclave, not Armenia, the Armenian section of Azerbaijan.
They just fought it to defeat in 44 days.
So now the world is scrambling to come up with anti-drone weapons.
And a big part of that are these microwave pulse-directed energy weapons.
And all it takes is miniaturizing these for an anti-personnel role.
So this is still a very black, dark, secret area that you won't find in any military manuals yet.
This is still at the level of, you know, spooks and maybe Tier 1 operators getting their hands on these.
But these are being used against people.
They're being used against diplomats, I think, more or less in a testing way.
I've linked to a few different articles today.
One tells a woman, a female diplomat, standing in her kitchen, visible from the window.
This is in Cuba.
She feels the ringing tone in her ears.
She's disabled after that.
Neurologically damaged.
Other people in the same building were not affected.
So it's thought that these things are highly directional, highly aimable.
So like a deniable sniper weapon.
And they can be dialed, my hypothesis, they can be dialed up for an immediate, you know, disability, like a battlefield use, or they can be dialed down
And if they can get into a position where they can give you doses, so to speak, over a period of time, like a diplomat in a mission in an office, where they can hit you with this over a period of time, you might develop other effects.
What it sounds like when you're being beamed, people describe it as a high-pitched grating noise with the sound coming from inside your own head.
That sounds pretty cool.
If you've ever heard this, like, low pressure buffeting, if you're on the highway with a window cracked and it makes that, like, buffeting sound, other people have described it as that.
Now, the longer you're in this cone, the worse the damage is going to be.
So, if you're aware of this already, get out of the area, move laterally, get behind other cover, get out of the path of the beam.
The longer you're in it, the worse the effect is going to be.
There's no question these things are being used now.
If you look up on, you know, if you just do a search on the internet for these microwave-directed energy weapons, you're gonna see these big systems that are sitting on top of trucks or armor.
Those are for, like, knocking a drone out of the air kilometers away.
I'm talking about things that are man-portable.
And the military that we have today, which is turning so woke
Where they look at American patriots, they look at at least 75 million Trump voters as domestic enemies.
The same military that is purging traditional patriots out of the military and recruiting woke Marxists, they're going to have no problem whatsoever turning weapons like this against Americans.
Before I spoke about how the woke soldier from the ad won't have a problem putting the cursor on top of the roof of a house.
That's for a kinetic strike.
But how much easier will it be to use a deniable weapon, a weapon that causes an illness, that causes disability?
You can't think, you can't remember, you lose your balance.
You may, in high dosage cases, develop rapid cancer.
And what do you say?
Oh, I'm going to go to the news and say, I think that some intelligence agency hit me with a microwave beam.
They won't take you seriously.
They'll throw you in a rubber room.
So in that sense, it's a perfect weapon to use because unlike a drone dropping a small missile through your roof, and I'm sure in the later stages of a civil war, they would get to that.
But how much easier will it be
To take people who are just a pain in the neck to the deep state and take them off of the information war battlefield by hitting them with a directed energy weapon that doesn't leave a visible scar on the outside.
These weapons are extremely secret at this point, but they're real.
And they are being developed, and they are being used, and not just by our foreign enemies against American diplomats.
I know that they have been used by American military or other spooks against America's enemies, you know, in a good cause, where those people are preparing to, you know, attack Americans.
But we've seen the misuse of these weapons by our intelligence community.
We've seen the CIA weaponized along with the FBI and turned against Americans.
And I'm just trying to put the word out now in advance.
If you hear about somebody who develops thyroid cancer or brain cancer in a matter of weeks after they've been complaining about vertigo and neurological problems, think about this.
The syndrome resembles a persistent concussion, like a football injury.
In rats that they subjected to these microwaves, they have the same neurotrauma as a blast injury.
So, anybody that's been in war that comes down with these syndromes, they could say, well, maybe it's a late result of traumatic brain injury.
But this is a very usable weapon because it's in this gray zone and it's deniable.
And so far, nobody is even admitting that such weapons exist.
But if, you know, you have to do a pretty good search on the internet to find these weapons and you'll just see them, you know, huge on trucks.
The ones that are being used anti-personnel
As far as I know that none have ever been shown.
None has ever been seen.
They're extremely, extremely classified part of any intelligence or defense budget.
But be aware of it.
And if you're somebody that, you know, might be a target of the deep state, just be aware of the symptoms.
If you just hear this, the high pitched grating wine sound from inside your own brain, you know, move.
It might not just be your imagination.
This is very real.
And the military that we have today, unfortunately, you know, we have had some generals sign a letter, but that's no big deal.
That's no impediment.
Our military is moving full speed to turn into an anti-American, Marxist, revolutionary force.
That's why they don't care about our ships getting slammed by tankers.
That's not the war they're making our military prepared for.
The war they're making our military prepared for is a war against us, the deplorables.
And I wish it wasn't so, but that's how it is.
And I'll see you next time.
Talk to you later.
One of the most common questions I get on the air, but also on the street, is, Alex, what does it feel like to be so vindicated to have predicted all this stuff over 25 years, and now it's all come true?
And the answer is, it doesn't feel good.
Because if people would have actually researched what I was researching, we could have stopped the whole Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the new order takeover.
The globalists are just about a third of the way into their plan.
If people will listen now about what's coming next, we can't stop them and we will stop them.
We don't have a choice.
This is about global depopulation.
This is truly a mark of the beast, satanic takeover.