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Name: 20210511_Tue_Alex
Air Date: May 11, 2021
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In this discussion, Alex Jones talks about various topics including COVID-19 vaccines, supply chain breakdowns, and civil unrest in France. He criticizes the globalist agenda behind the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline and discusses the potential risks of self-spreading vaccines. Jones encourages his listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products from their store as they face challenges due to supply chain disruptions. Additionally, he addresses the touch deprivation experienced by people during the pandemic and the government's restrictions on physical affection. He also shares an open letter written by active-duty military personnel in France warning of potential civil war due to the government's handling of high-rise ghetto suburbs and lack of action against terrorists hiding within these communities."

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We're in a global war, the global war with humanity.
This is a terrible thing happening.
But I've been around 47 years and I have never, never felt so much satisfaction in my life.
Except maybe a few times where I was getting my ass absolutely beat.
Uh, and I dug down deep and turned on the, turned on the Ben Graham power and, you know, broke that guy's jaw and saw his head at the ground.
And I wasn't happy.
I'd heard him bad, but I was happy that I'd won the fight.
It was just a, it's a feeling of just satisfaction that you just, you get it and you reach down and you turn it on and.
Risking my life, you risking your life, everything we've done together, man, the satisfaction right now, because I can tell you, they're not going to survive this.
And everything they've done to all these people, these millions they've killed, all the people they starved to death with the lockdown, they're going to get retribution.
They're going to be avenged.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Tuesday, May 11th.
The year is 2021, and this is undoubtedly the most important news we've ever broken today.
I stayed up here late last night, but got too exhausted to finish the report.
It'll be done in a few hours, and I was so pleasantly surprised when I got home and turned on Tucker Carlson to have dinner with my family that he scooped us, which is great.
This is going to save civilization and society if this gets out.
But he only told you part of the story because of the time constraints.
We're going to give it all to you.
Here's the headline.
Tucker Carlson, Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen.
Well, they did it on purpose.
Why isn't there a criminal investigation?
Well, we have the smoking gun where the director for Bill Gates and for Fauci
Admitted to creating the 5-in-1 super virus on video!
Here's part of what I told Owen yesterday, then we'll come back and get to the bombshell news.
We've got five minutes left.
Alex Jones joins me in studio.
What is the latest, Alex?
Rob is trying to get me to shoot a special report, but I've been up since like 5 a.m.
I'm too exhausted right now to do it.
But I don't want to walk out of this building.
Without this being said, so let me get on the microphone.
I'll tell you about this huge news right now.
And of course, the Biden administration now announcing you're not going to have power.
You're not going to have freedom, but you will be forced to take a vaccine.
Is that a hate crime?
I doubt the left cares.
Alex, what's the breaking news?
All right.
I just spent an hour with Rob working on this, and I read all the documents.
I watched all the videos.
And normally I work till 7 or 8 sometimes up here, but I'm just too tired today to do it.
I'm gonna come back up here in the morning, I'm gonna shoot the report, and it'll be ready, I would imagine, by the last hour of my show tomorrow.
But this is the type of stuff that does exhaust me, in that the weight of this is so insane.
You know, we broke here with Dr. Francis Boyle and all the researchers on your show and my show, you know, and thanks a lot for supporting us on air, that this came out of the lab, that it was on purpose, and that it was a five-stage chimera virus.
And then people spin and go, oh no, there is no virus and all that.
Those people are incorrect.
This is a virus for a reason.
They want to own it.
They want to patent it and own five diseases that they claim a vaccine will then cure.
But to create that vaccine, they've got to then create the pathogen and then, of course, release it.
So they can be the saviors of the world, get trillions of dollars, shut down the economy, consolidate power.
They have all the motives.
That's all coming out.
We have the documents from the Chinese military, who was also brought in on this with Obama.
It all came out of Chapel Hill.
Well, it turns out, hiding in plain view, and this is already broken in different places, pieces of it, but we have it all.
That the head scientist at Chapel Hill, the Wuhan lab, and the producer, the main manager of all of it, all bragged in 2019 that they were creating a five-part chimera virus out of SARS and out of bats at the Wuhan lab.
And it's the director of the whole project.
It's everything.
And so I'm going to put it together
In a, uh, entire, uh, piece.
And a lot of this, again, has already come out, but, but this is new video that that's been out for years, actually hiding in plain view.
Of all of them bragging how they did it.
And so you, and then of course Fauci funded it along with Bill Gates, and clearly they knew they had this on the shelf.
They knew they quote, even had the quote, cure.
So they launched it and did this, but then the even bigger lie is that it's a cure, because they later admit it actually isn't.
And so we're going to be bringing that out tomorrow.
But I mean, these people are out of their minds.
And so they scripted this that they're the savers of the world.
I was watching Fox a little while ago, between your show, and they had Brett Baer on there, or whatever the hell his name is, and he's like, the evidence is the Russians launched the pipeline shutdown, and later, they go, well, there's no evidence of that, so... Yeah, just Chris Wray claiming it, you know.
Yeah, well, I mean, somebody with a ransomware might have bounced off an IP address in Russia.
And they know, they put out their reports.
We've even had the Vault 7 releases, how they can put a fingerprint.
It's like if I put a fake fingerprint.
And I go on to make the point there at the end of the war room that...
It's Biden that already shut down under agenda 21 and agenda 2030 the Keystone Pipeline that supplies the oil to be refined to go to the East Coast Pipeline.
So that is all coming up as well today.
The Colonial Pipeline and more.
But we've got the Smoking Gun video I talk about and all of it straight ahead.
Call everybody you know and tell them tune in now because we either expose this globalist takeover and how they use the virus to shut us down or they win.
All right, the biggest developments in world history are taking place right now.
If the truth comes out that the globalists through the UN and the CHOCOMS launched COVID-19 as a planetary shutdown economic weapon, then the vaccine is the actual bioweapon attacking your own body because it teaches you to attack the same protein that's in your body.
If this comes out, which is starting to happen, we're like in labor and the baby's head is cresting.
If the truth comes out, they're done.
We'll still have evil, we'll still have corruption, there'll be new elites to deal with, but this current crop is burning up in front of us like Count Dracula hauled out of his tomb at high noon.
So, we are about to lay the mega bombshell on you right now, ladies and gentlemen.
Now, I told you at the end of the War Room yesterday that the biggest news yet was coming out, but I would break it today.
Tucker Carlson broke it last night, and he gave you about 80% of it.
But the clip he didn't play, and we're going to get to that after we play the Tucker Carlson Report, or part of it, is that the director of the program under Fauci and Gates, on record funded by them, $4 million for just six programs, they funded some others as well at the Luan Lab,
Gave an interview and admitted they were splicing five viruses together as a bioweapon to then produce a, quote, vaccine for it.
And that they got emergency authorization to do it.
This is game over for these people, ladies and gentlemen, if the public ever grasps this.
And it's starting to come out.
You can't hide something this big.
Here's Tucker Carlson and we'll come back with the rest of the story.
You're never taking off the mask.
Get ready for a lifetime of filthy, wet cotton covering your mouth, reduced oxygen flow to your brain, and a world where every stranger looks the same because no one has a face.
When Kamala Harris and her husband kissed the other day while wearing masks, they were giving you a preview of your daughter's wedding.
In a masked world, human beings never really touch each other.
Is that public health?
No, it's not public health.
It's a kind of punishment.
Tony Fauci is punishing the country, you, us, everyone.
The question is, why is he doing that?
Maybe he likes it, that's possible.
But you've got to think that at least part of Tony Fauci's authoritarian germ hysteria is a cover for something else.
Could it be that Tony Fauci is trying to divert attention from himself and his own personal role in the COVID-19 pandemic?
Now, what do we mean by that?
We cannot recommend more strongly a new piece by Nicholas Wade, who for more than 50 years has been one of the preeminent science writers in the world.
For 30 years, Nicholas Wade worked for the New York Times.
He edited the science section there.
But this piece did not run in the New York Times.
It ran on Medium.
And the piece explains where this virus almost certainly came from.
In it, Nicholas Wade makes it clear that more than any other single living American, Tony Fauci is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Wade lays out a nearly insurmountably large amount of evidence that this virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in central China.
It seemed to make sense this show and others had raised the possibility from the early days of the pandemic.
But this piece all but proves it.
At the time the outbreak began last fall, the Wuhan lab was conducting experiments on how to make bat viruses infectious to human beings.
Those experiments were funded by American tax dollars.
Those experiments were, their funding, approved and directed by Tony Fauci in Washington.
By Tony Fauci.
That is hard to believe, but it's true, and the piece lays it out.
Many of the Wuhan experiments fell under the direction of a Chinese researcher called Shi Zhengli, known as the Bat Lady.
She was China's leading expert on bat-borne viruses.
Her job was to genetically engineer coronaviruses so that they infect human beings and do so as easily as possible.
This work, Nicholas Wade notes, involved, quote, doing gain-of-function experiments designed to make coronavirus infect human cells.
Now why was this research going on?
We'll have to ask the scientists who did it.
But the fact remains, these were some of the most dangerous experiments ever conducted by mankind.
And yet we know that China was not taking necessary safety precautions, and we should not be surprised by that.
Several years ago, American diplomatic cables warned about low and lax standards at the Wuhan lab.
In fact, the Wuhan facility was classified as a Biosafety Level 2 Laboratory.
What does that mean?
Well, according to Richard Ebright, who's a molecular biologist at Rutgers, that is approximately the same level of safety that you would find in a dentist's office in America.
So that lab conducting research experiments on the coronavirus and how to make it
...transmissible to human beings, resulted almost certainly in the infection of a lab researcher, and the virus spread from there.
The first coronavirus patients, in fact, did not come from the so-called wet market, as we heard.
That was a lie.
The first patients of the coronavirus, in fact, were employees at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, at the lab.
So once again, why would the Wuhan lab be conducting experiments like that in the first place?
Well, we know that Tony Fauci had authorized payment for the research.
For five years, from 2014 to 2019, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Tony Fauci runs and has for decades, pumped money to a group called the EcoHealth Alliance.
The EcoHealth Alliance is run by a man whose name you may recognize, Dr. Peter Daszak.
Daszak contracted with Dr. Sheetak to conduct gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan lab.
Just before the pandemic became public knowledge, on December 9th, 2019, Peter Daszak sat for an interview that was streamed online.
In that interview, Daszak bragged about how easy it is to manipulate coronaviruses in lab experiments.
Coronavirus is a pretty good, I mean, you're a virologist, you know all this stuff, but you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.
So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we worked with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert it into the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.
So just days after that was shot, it became clear that this new version of coronavirus, this novel coronavirus, what we now call COVID-19, was running rampant through Wuhan, then China, and then the world.
Since then,
Since the pandemic began, Peter Daszak, not surprisingly, has appeared on virtually every media platform available to him to deny, in the most strenuous and dismissive terms, that the Wuhan lab could be in any way linked to the outbreak, since, of course, he has very personal motives for claiming that.
Quote, the idea that this virus escaped from the lab is just pure baloney, he said last year.
But that was a lie.
It's not pure baloney.
And a lot of smart people knew that right away.
One of those people is Alina Chan, a molecular biologist at the Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT.
She bravely wrote a paper about how the coronavirus' genome hadn't changed much over time, and that was odd, because that genome had gone through trillions of replications.
According to Chan, that fact implied that the virus was designed for human-to-human transmission from the outset.
The former director of the CDC also clearly understood this, and he too argued that the virus came from the Wuhan lab.
I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen in Wuhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped.
Other people don't believe that.
That's fine.
Science will eventually figure it out.
It's not unusual for respiratory pathogens that are being worked on in a laboratory to infect a laboratory worker.
Millions of people have died of COVID-19.
So it's not a matter of score settling or blame assignment to figure out where it came from.
If you want to prevent the next global pandemic, you have to figure out how this one started.
And so the World Health Organization said it would get to the bottom of it.
The World Health Organization, of course, is beholden to China.
And so it tried to hide the basic facts of the origins of this pandemic.
And to hide those facts, WHO appointed none other than Peter Daszak as the only America-based representative on the investigative team looking into where the virus came from.
In what turned out to be a sham report, that team concluded that it's, quote, extremely unlikely that the virus came from the Wuhan lab.
Again, that's not true.
The WHO's investigation into the origins of the virus was fraudulent.
And that matters to public health globally.
But one thing you'll notice is that Tony Fauci did not say that.
All right, folks.
By the way, normally Tucker Carlson's full show gets posted to the Fox site on YouTube.
Not posted!
For the first time I've seen in years, we posted it to Band.Video.
When we come back, the rest of the story, the wheels are coming off.
This could bring down the globalist cabal.
We've got to make sure this story goes supernova.
I'll give you the key intel straight ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're breaking the biggest news we have ever brought out on air.
It is incredible what's happening.
The lab manager for the COVID-19 gain-of-function research being done at Chapel Hill had it moved with a scientist at Wuhan and then admits on video to merging five viruses together to be able to then deploy them and infect humans.
It's all on video.
I have the video.
I'll play it in a moment.
He did the interview in late 2019, right as this was all breaking out.
There it is on screen.
He then wrote the report, but told people to keep his name off of it.
That's come out.
Journalists have gotten the emails, saying there was no connection to it being man-made, and then using the media and governments to suppress the Australian government and the Indian universities that scanned the virus and said it was man-made.
Five different viruses.
He's on video saying five different viruses were combined.
What a bombshell.
He confesses to it.
Now, I have Alfie Oaks on about the pipeline shutdown, the food shortages.
He's one of the biggest producers of food in Florida, if not the biggest.
He doesn't just own grocery stores.
His real business is growing food.
And I wanted to get his expert take on the inflation we're seeing and where that's going.
Selling food to grocery stores across the South and across Florida.
And I got Ted Nugent coming on about the attack on guns, the open borders, and we're still going to have them on.
Those are big guests.
But when Nugent leaves us at the bottom of the next hour, I'm going to drill into my analysis and the complete rest of the story.
Because again, I love being scooped by Tucker.
I didn't send Tucker the story.
We were working on it for a couple of days.
We already had all the pieces.
I told you we're going to break it today, but Tucker already had a big piece of it.
But the rest of it that he inherited is the smoking gun.
Where he says, we took all the viruses and we're putting them together.
You realize how big that is?
And then now the fact that the former top science writer, the New York Times, they won't publish it.
So he went to Medium and other publications and put it out.
And Zero Hedge, before he put that out, put out a 30-page report that we're posting in the live show feed today of InfoWars.com detailing it all.
This is incredible.
It's worse than we even thought.
Definitely premeditated, released to bring down our economies, consolidate power, and then bring in the bioweapon that Fauci also tested, knowing these coronavirus vaccines will attack the protein in the body with that particular protein spike.
So this, this, this is a multi-phase attack, all premeditated, all launched, and they even did their cover story.
So whatever came out, they'd say, hey, I hit it in plain view.
It's incredible.
But here's the rest of Tucker Carlson last night, historically saying Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen.
Well, he actually engineered it.
Why isn't there a criminal investigation?
One thing you'll notice is that Tony Fauci did not say that.
Here it is.
Because once again, he is implicated in it personally.
The gain-of-function research that Peter Daszak was bragging about in the video we just showed you had in fact been banned explicitly by the U.S.
There was a federal moratorium on the funding of exactly the kind of gain-of-function experiments that went on in the Wuhan lab to disastrous effects.
So why didn't the U.S.
government halt its funding
That is a central question and Nicholas Wade, to his great credit, looked into it and here's what he found.
of the flu, MERS, or SARS viruses.
But then a footnote on page 2 of the moratorium document states that, quote, And that's exactly the loophole that was exploited.
Who signed off on this?
Tony Fauci, possibly along with Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, invoked that special exemption in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab and the deadly experiments that were going on there.
The experiments that clearly went so wrong.
According to Richard Ebright, quote, unfortunately, the NIAID director, that'd be Fauci, and the NIH director exploited this loophole to issue exemptions to projects subject to pause, preposterously asserting that the exempted research was, quote, urgently necessary to protect public health or national security, and thereby nullifying the pause.
This wouldn't have happened if Tony Fauci didn't allow it to happen.
That is clear.
It's an amazing story.
It is a shocking story.
In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci's role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever.
So why isn't there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci's role in this pandemic?
All right, again, it's an hour-long interview with Peter Daszak.
We're going to have the whole thing posted to Band.Video, so in case they try to take it down.
And the full Tucker Carlson 14-minute dialogue has also been posted, because Fox isn't posting that on YouTube.
They always post his full show.
They always post clips.
They're not doing it.
So in the interest of public interest, I'm posting it to Band.Video for commentary and analysis and historic reference.
But at the bottom of the next hour, because I'm not canceling Alfie Oaks, I already did it yesterday, and I'm not canceling Ted Nugent, they're here and it all ties together, but after they're gone in an hour and five minutes from now, I am going to, you see this stack right here?
This is all the documents he's talking about and the videos of total open and shut case.
There isn't a grand jury in America, if I had a day to show them this and the clips, would not indict Fauci and indict Peter Daszak and all these people.
And Bill Gates.
So you wonder why Bill Gates' wife split with him last week?
It's because of all this crap's coming out.
And by the way, Jeffrey Epstein was heavily involved as well.
This was their big plan to take the world over.
And they still might succeed unless we're willing to get censored and attacked and killed.
I mean, the globalists have told me, you know, you're dead if you don't shut up.
And what did I tell them a couple weeks ago?
I said, let's go!
It's not some macho pissing contest.
I am not bowing to you murderers and signing on to all the millions you just killed.
I'm not with you, okay?
I'm against you.
You know what that means?
It means I'm at war with you.
And I get it.
And I expect whatever happens, happens.
People have to have that attitude.
That's what created freedom, is people willing to fight for freedom and not roll over.
But I'm going to tell you, Fauci and Gates and all of them are going to be lucky if they just spend the rest of their lives in prison after we have Nuremberg trials.
A lot of them.
If justice is done through the courts, I'm not calling for outside the courts or vigilante stuff, but I believe they should be tried for treason and biological warfare under the Nuremberg Code.
And I believe, just like Nazi scientists, they should be executed.
And that's what I stand for.
I stand for justice against these criminals.
And we'll see who wins in the end of this, but I'm no this, I'm with God.
And that's what really matters.
God watches over our battlefields and over our lives and over our children and over our destiny.
And I put my hands into Jesus Christ.
I put my soul into Christ's orbit, and I commit myself to God.
All right, I gotta go to break.
We got Alfie Oaks coming on, one of the biggest food producers on the East Coast.
Tell you what's really going on with the giant food price increases that are already here and coming.
Don't forget,
You have until tomorrow night at midnight, and it's got to end to get last year's prices on high-quality, storable food ready to ship to you within days.
They ship it out the next day from five locations across the country.
PrepareWithAlex.com is the lowest prices anywhere on the highest quality food.
Last year's price is still, and then they're going to have to go up a few weeks, even over the special.
So I would go to PrepareWithAlex.com, where you find the sub-link, storable food, and InfoWareStore.com, or call toll-free, 888-325-7000.
Well, I like to go to the source to find out what's really happening in the economy.
And most companies, most grocery stores in the United States, buy from farming consortiums or they buy from overseas.
But Alfie Oaks, who owns some big, really nice, first-class grocery stores, probably the nicest I've ever been to in the United States or anywhere in the world, and I had a chance to, a few months ago, go to Naples and visit his flagship there.
But then I was talking to other people in the industry.
They said, well, you know, Alfie Oaks,
This is
Why that's happening, where he sees that really going.
They have a global index out of Bloomberg that's been very accurate over the years that shows current crop purchases through the summer are going to be up 76% of what they were previously.
That's going to cause major civil unrest.
Then you've got the Keystone XL pipeline that was opening a few months ago.
It got closed to bring in all the oil from Canada and around the Midwest down to Houston to be refined and then sent up the Colonial Pipeline to the East Coast.
So Biden shut that down.
They say some shadowy hacker group did it.
They say they want to post Industrial America.
He said he would kill fossil fuels.
I believe the main suspect is Biden, now blaming Russia.
That's just where the historical evidence is.
He already shut down our main other pipeline.
Well, why wouldn't he shut down the other?
He shut down the pipeline that supplies the raw material.
So, joining us to talk about the raw material from
From Seed to Table, that's his Seed to Table, Oaks Grocery Stores, obviously off his name, Alfie Oaks, self-made man.
Thank you so much for joining us, my friend.
It was great to have dinner with you and hang out with you at your flagship store there in Naples.
What can you tell us as somebody who's on the ground?
Well, I mean, I guess I'd like to start out first by saying that every single
The thing that we watched this Biden administration do everything has been to destroy this country.
So, you know, I don't know how deep you have to have your head in the sand to think anything else.
And I know you've covered a lot of that.
And it just every day that goes by, it's more and more mind blowing to me to see how many, you know, how many decisions that are coming out of this White House that are specifically to destroy the country.
We know that when
You know, we know that when the, call it a socialist takeover, a globalist takeover, there's several things that have to take place.
They want to control the media.
They want to control, you know, the education, control the minds of our children.
They want to divide, they want to divide our country.
But the other thing that they've always done and all that, you know, you go back to every single country where they've taken over, whether it be in
Thank you so much.
And so this time, thank God, I guess for me, we have 3,200 acres that we farm.
And I guess I'm thankful that they're not coming and putting the bullet in my head.
But in other ways, they are.
And they've been working on this for a long time as they've been working on everything else.
You got Bill Gates buying up massive, massive amounts of the farmland.
Barack Obama put the head of Monsanto in charge of the FDA.
We were moving in the wrong direction there.
Monsanto now owned by Bayer.
The vast majority of the world's seed supply.
And then even worse than that, the products that they put together right now, like the wheat that's grown in the United States, is illegal to sell in most of the countries.
Most of the stuff that we eat here, that product that is in 98% of the food that we eat, is toxic and it's banned in most of the countries in Europe.
So, they've been destroying our food supply, and it is scary.
As a farmer, I've got way ahead on seed.
I spent eight or nine million dollars on extra seed for the future, just concerned about what direction it's going to go, because they're going to clamp down here.
We can see the writing on the wall.
Well, that's right, and that's why I appreciate you doing your busy schedule coming on, because you don't just have your own farms, you buy from other local farms as well, and then I learned that you really supply a lot of the other big grocery store chains in your state, and that there's not a lot of people that do the model you're doing.
We do.
We've always been very vertically integrated here.
We do our own distribution.
We have, you know, our food is being consumed all around the country and even in Canada.
Canada business is really down.
They've really had, as you know, just insane lockdowns there.
My Canadian business used to be some of the most vibrant, for certain commodities, the best business we had, and it's down to nothing.
I don't even know what the people must be eating up there.
They must be eating a lot of canned goods or fasting or something because they're not using any produce right now.
It's really scary.
But, you know, to go further,
I don't know where it's going to go.
We see inflation on everything.
I mean, we see all these policies are meant to hurt one person.
It's always mind-blowing how the left tries to be this party that's helping the poor.
Well, guess what?
If food costs go up 300%, you're not hurting the wealthy people.
The wealthy people can afford 300% more for food.
The people that you're hurting are the people that are just getting by, the very people that
That the left has duped into thinking that they are for those people.
And it's the same thing as the ridiculous minimum wage tactic that they use.
It only hurts the very people at the bottom.
The reason I take this stand, and I was also with Mike Lindell,
On Friday out there in Minnesota, what an amazing job he's doing to spend so much of his own money to get the truth out.
I got a lot of respect for him.
But when I see it, and the reason I bring that up, I was jumping into like real capitalism.
True capitalism is the most amazing thing that's brought people out of, you know, out of poverty.
And that's what's under attack in this great reset, and you mentioned it, Alvy.
Look, O'Biden, that's what I call him, or O'Harris administration, shut down the Keystone Pipeline right when it was finished.
It was going to supply a third of the fuel we need to expand.
It was going to supply the East Coast.
It was already having problems.
That's shut down.
So Biden did that.
Well, if you look at suspects, the guy that already shut down the pipeline that supplies the Colonial Pipeline, he's the main suspect.
Some shadowy hacker group.
Who believes any of this?
He wrote a letter three days before the power outage here this winter and said, you won't let us up our gas power or our coal power.
We have to get authorization.
If we don't, there's a million dollar a day fines per facility.
And we don't tell you we can be arrested.
And the feds wouldn't give me authorization until the power outage happened.
So I watched him turn the power off.
That's a fact.
And so I think Biden, people behind him are the main suspects in the Great Reset shutting down the colonial pipeline.
They're all on the same team.
I mean, these globalists, whatever you want to call them, the CCP, they're all working in concert with, you know, we used to call it the deep state before we really found out who was backing all of what is the deep state of all the money pouring in.
And we know that Biden, the Biden White House agenda,
We're good to go.
Doom that we see, I do feel very confident that we're going to get the country back this time.
It's not going to be easy.
It's not going to be as fast as everybody wants, but our American spirit is still there.
I feel firmly that there was 80 million people that voted for Trump and somewhere in the 61 million that voted for Biden.
And the majority of Americans, even in the national polls, do not agree.
70% of Republicans, 30% of Democrats, and the number's higher, know it was a fraud.
Stay there.
Let's talk about solutions.
I agree with you.
How do we take these lemons, turn them into lemonade, with Alfie Oaks on the other side?
A true American success story.
Started his own company 30-something years ago, and now one of the main food suppliers all over the country.
Alfie Oaks is our guest for one more segment.
He owns
A large farm distribution system that supplies the country and Canada, and also some top-of-the-line grocery stores in Florida.
And you can find his Facebook.
Just Google Alfie Oaks.
He does a lot of great work out there.
People say, why are you plugging Facebook?
Hey, if you can stay on Facebook and get the truth out, do it.
Take our information and post it on Facebook or oakfarms.com.
He is here with us right now.
And I don't want to just get up here, because I hear that from you.
You're being positive.
Just be negative.
I just want folks to know it's very positive to admit we're under attack.
Not because we're victims, but because we're going to recognize it.
We're going to stand up to it.
We're going to say no.
The globalists have made investment in China.
They want America to collapse and to consolidate it and to break our will.
That's their own admissions.
And that's what Biden wants.
He's breaking our borders.
He's telling us our country sucks.
He's laughing about the unemployment.
He knows the average person doesn't have a bunch of employees like I do or Alfie does at a greater level.
If you gotta pay somebody $15 an hour, you gotta match them with their FICA and Social Security and all that crap.
So now, that's $22, $23 you're paying somebody.
Then you gotta get them insurance.
It's basically $30 an hour, and now you can't hire new people and spend the time training them.
People don't understand, getting hired to a business is they're putting an investment and believing in you.
And in most countries, and the way this country used to work is, you'd work for six months a year, maybe five years for free.
We're good to go.
Well, there's nothing that I'm more proud of that I started with nothing, because it gives you a great sense of integrity and accomplishment.
And unfortunately, what I found throughout my whole life is that when, no matter who it is, if you get money that you didn't earn, whether it's from a trust fund, whether you've been blessed enough to be born,
Or maybe I wouldn't say blessed at this point to be born an Indian that gets a bunch of casino royalties, or you just bleed the welfare system, or like many people are doing right now where they're on this government teat from this COVID relief, even though they're very able to get a job and there's help wanted signs everywhere.
And I'm not saying that every person that's a trust funder or
That gets a casino cut.
I'm not saying every one of them are bad people, but I'm telling you, it makes it much, much harder.
All the Roman emperors that chose their sons, the sons were losers.
And Rome fell because they started choosing their sons to be the emperor instead of choosing the best man.
And so, yes, what you're saying is people being dependent on average destroys them.
It's the worst thing you can do to somebody.
It's the worst thing that you can do psychologically.
It's the worst thing that you can do to a person.
And that's what they're after right now.
They're trying to ruin our culture.
They're trying to make everyone dependent on the government.
And then after the business, all the small businesses that are destroyed, once they're destroyed, then they can cut them off of the government teeth, and then everyone's screwed.
So there's so many people that are sitting at home,
Making a few more bucks or maybe even a lot more money than what they would if they're working.
But meanwhile, their small businesses are bleeding and going to be going out of business.
And where's it going to get them in the long run?
And this is what we're lacking right now in this country is we're lacking throughout the masses.
We're lacking integrity for people to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get to work.
I don't care if you can do better sitting at home.
Go to work, do something productive, be a productive member of society.
I agree.
What did you make of Biden and Psaki?
His press secretary saying, it's preposterous, no one is staying home because of these benefits.
They've done surveys.
People are staying home because they can make more off the benefits than working at an entry-level job.
It's preposterous to say otherwise.
The facts are the facts.
We're watching more money go out for unemployment than ever in history.
And meanwhile, there's help wanted signs everywhere that people won't come and get it.
They're paying $21 an hour.
I'm not lecturing you.
I'm lecturing people that may be new listeners in the audience, maybe millennials, Generation Z or whatever, some of which haven't had jobs.
And I know a lot of you have.
You need to understand, you're not just going to win now getting to sit at home for a couple of years and watch Netflix and drink beer or play video games.
Already there's more people not working.
That means less productivity with more dollars chasing less.
That's going to cause inflation and scarcity, which is already here.
So we're already getting destroyed by this.
There's no free lunch.
There's no free lunch.
And at the end of the day, you have to answer yourself.
You might think you're getting over on demand, but you're not.
We've got to go and be productive members of society.
This is insanity, what we're seeing right here.
I want to jump back just on the one other thing that a lot of people may not have thought about.
These companies like Monsanto in particular, owned by Bayer.
Think about this.
And this scam has been going on for a long time.
And it used to be maybe thought of as a conspiracy theory, but we're watching it play out in our hands.
We disrupted putting real fertilizer in the ground, like real organic fertilizer.
They're putting this chemical MPK that Bayer will sell these farmers.
Universities are telling them it's okay to use.
Then, because it's not nutrient-rich, it grows an inferior product, and most of its
Thank you.
The pharmaceutical drugs that supposedly make you better, it's bare.
It's the same company.
So it's a vicious cycle.
And it's really, I don't know if they were that genius to create it or if they've just been, just let it go along the way, but this... Oh, we actually have documents where they give us the illnesses to then give us the treatments.
It's 100% what's happening.
And this is why, and I'm not saying it because I have local farms and we grow the stuff the right way, but go out there and support your local farms.
There's also other studies that say if you can eat product that was picked within 24 hours rather than getting something that's months old and that might be from
We're good to go.
Well, we grow it with real nutrient-rich fertilizer.
We put compost mulch and composted chicken manure that's been pasteurized, and it has all the nutrients in it.
I drink these, Dr. here, this is a drink with beet and carrot and ginger and celery.
I drink several of them a day.
And because I've been able to eat this product that is picked that same day,
For 40 years, I've never had a cold.
I've never had the flu.
I would never ever consider taking a flu shot.
I've never taken any prescription medicine at all.
And it's because of what you put in your body.
And people need to wake up because this pandemic has caused more people to hit these fast food
I want to have you back on sometime because I've been talking to a lot of medical doctors and experts about what you were saying, because I didn't even really know about that, that they've changed the way the wheat's grown, they've changed the genetics of it, and what they grow it in, and so it's not even really wheat, and that's why people are getting the gluten intolerance, but that other types of old-fashioned wheat don't do that.
A hundred percent.
I have wheat that comes from Central Milling in Utah that we sell here.
It costs like three times as much a bag, and that's what we make everything in this store out of.
And guess what?
Everyone that thinks they have gluten intolerance comes in here and can eat the wheat.
And, you know, we were hearing this from years ago.
People go to Europe and they can eat the wheat and they're not bothered.
Well, the problem is not the wheat.
It's not the gluten.
And the reason our great-grandparents weren't gluten intolerant is because they weren't eating this franken-wheat.
There's 98% of the stuff that we're eating, the DNA strain on it is 20 times bigger than our own human DNA.
It's toxic.
And that's the problem, and they know what they're doing.
These companies that are making this franken-wheat, they know exactly what they're doing.
You have a lot of positive views towards the future.
So do I. We're seeing a giant awakening.
As bad as things are, what else can people do to stay positive and be the change they want to see in the world?
I always tell everyone, right now we have our dollars.
We have our dollars and we have to support the companies that are doing the right thing.
I threw Coca-Cola out of the store here.
I asked my people to stop buying from out in the mockery.
They're buying a lot from Amazon.
I'm like, even if we got to drive a little bit farther to support a small business, I went and bought a vacuum cleaner the other day from a little vacuum cleaner shop.
That's right.
They're waging war on small businesses and independent local business.
We've got to prop up the small businesses.
This is an economic war.
It is, and we've got to get behind it.
I talked to a group of 400 women the other night, and a lot of wealthy people enables them.
I'm like, I know you probably have some inheritance left for your children or your grandchildren, but you better put some money behind some of these really strong candidates this election, or the money that you leave them is not going to be worth anything anyway.
So I hope people are paying attention and invest wisely.
Beautifully said.
Alfie Oaks, a great American success story.
Come back soon.
We love you, brother.
Thank you so much.
All right, Ted Nugent coming up.
You know, everybody minces their words, people back down from the truth, and that's why we've gotten in this position with these corrupt tyrants running our lives.
And so I was deadly serious when I said when they're convicted for releasing this bioweapon on purpose and running the Wuhan lab, that's Bill Gates and Fauci and the rest of them, I mean, I think that they should face the death penalty.
I don't want anybody to attack Gates or attack Fauci.
I don't want anybody to go to their house, any of that stuff.
I'm saying I want them arrested.
I want them indicted.
I want them tried.
I could show this evidence.
I'm going to show you at the bottom of the hour after Ted Nugent joins us and leaves us.
A smoking gun, them admitting they did the whole thing.
And it's all coming out.
And so we've got to not just push them to have all their policies reversed and to show it's a premeditated power grab.
They've got to face prison time.
They're trying to put us all in prison for loving liberty.
Coming up, Australia joins military drills with France, Japan, U.S.
tensions with China intensify.
And it's all coming out.
Tucker Carlson's calling for criminal investigations of Fauci and others.
So the truth is coming out, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's all coming up at the bottom of the hour.
Ted Nugent, I want to get him on and talk about a host of issues, the open borders, the gun grab, the globalists, what's happening with China.
He got COVID as well, but took ivermectin.
That's coming up.
But here's Greg Reese's latest report, evidence of self-spreading vaccines being used for depopulation.
The official death numbers from 2020 are out for the United States.
And only 5% of those labeled as COVID deaths actually died from COVID.
Less than 19,000 people in the U.S.
died from COVID-19 in 2020.
Far less than those who die each year from the flu or cold.
Another bald-faced big pharma fraud admitted to in their own fine print.
They've gotten away with falsifying the numbers before to fake a swine flu pandemic and an influenza scare.
Both to sell billions of dollars worth of needless, dangerous vaccines to a dumbed-down, brainwashed public.
Is it about eugenics?
Eugenics 101 is to kill off the sick and elderly.
Is it about money?
Of course.
In the U.S.
alone, based on two shots per person, the vaccine manufacturers are making over $13 billion a year, paid for by taxpayer dollars.
The manufacturers have no liability.
They cannot be held accountable for any deaths or injury.
They will only profit more by selling drugs to everyone that they've injured with their experimental vaccines.
Is it a big experiment?
And there is no shortage of suckers and fools.
Millions are willingly lining up for the mystery injection.
Proudly boasting their compliance and ignorance for all the world to see on social media.
But is it all voluntary?
In recent years, Big Pharma has been pushing for vaccines to self-spread to non-vaccinated individuals.
They claim to already have this technology and have discussed using it on the public covertly.
One application considered was an anti-fertility vaccine that could be administered to human women without their knowledge.
A recent Pfizer study describes the potential for their COVID vaccine to cause adverse effects in pregnant women who come into close contact with recently vaccinated individuals.
And we have seen thousands of women reporting abnormal menstrual cycles, miscarriages, and blood clots after coming into contact with the vaccinated.
Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer said that he thinks vaccines will be used for mass depopulation.
If this is being done to us deliberately, obviously we wouldn't be told.
Bill Gates doesn't think you deserve to know what's in the vaccine.
There's been some speculation that the changing intellectual property rules and allowing these vaccines, as you say, the recipe for these vaccines to be shared would be helpful.
And do you think that would be helpful?
And the inserts are dubiously left blank on purpose.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
And we've got Ted Nugent on with us.
A few weeks ago, we heard that he'd gotten COVID, which is a very real thing, a very serious gain of function.
Pneumonia cold that can also attack the brain and other parts of the body.
And we now know it was a weapon made in China.
As we told you a year ago, that's now coming out.
We have the documents when Ted Nugent leaves us.
We'll cover that at the bottom of the hour.
But I wanted to get him on because he was really sick, took ivermectin and had a great testimony.
And that saves lives.
They've tried to suppress ivermectin.
They've tried to suppress hydroxychloroquine because if you have a treatment that's already there,
Well then you can't have emergency authorization for these GMO Franken shots.
But now there was a court order in Chicago where a woman was on a ventilator dying, her daughter got a court order, they put her on ivermectin, she's now better out of the hospital.
So, now out of the coma, that was last week, now she's out of the hospital, last time I heard.
So, joining us to save lives, because there's so many ways promoting the Second Amendment, and also self-sufficiency with hunting, is Ted Nugent, who needs no introduction.
Sir, thanks for coming on again.
My pleasure, Alex.
A very happy springtime across the heartland out there and to you.
And you nailed it.
I would just like to say ditto, ditto, ditto.
But what I want to bring is just a glowing, inescapable, irrefutable tsunami of evidence that the most important responsibility of an American is to remain suspicious and to constantly ask questions and never back down to get answers that have
Evidence that have information that you can believe because of scientific research, just boots on the ground research.
But let me tell you, I'm a happy, happy, dangerously healthy young man.
I don't know about how young I am.
I'm 72 now.
But I got the Chinese virus.
And let's make let's make the most important point possible that you do all the time, Alex.
And we the people out here in the in the asset column of America, we salute you and thank you, as I always mention.
For always asking the hard questions and spotlighting the cockroaches which are just everywhere now.
In 2019, I did hundreds and hundreds of interviews.
I write for different publications.
I do podcasts all the time.
I'm doing Facebook Live.
I admitted, obviously, that there was a Wuhan virus.
That's what they called it because that's where it started.
Just like the German measles and the Spanish flu and the West Nile virus, there's a geographical reference, historically, to medical considerations.
I'm just a guitar player, but I figured that out.
I admitted hundreds, if not thousands of times, based on my scientific buddies, my epidemiologist buddies, my doctor buddies, the white papers from the frontline doctors, and that there was a Wuhan virus, a Chinese virus that they started calling a COVID-19 because our government wants to cover for the Communist Chinese Party.
The evidence is irrefutable.
That my sickness, along with billions of people around the world that got the Chinese virus, that Ted Nugent getting the Chinese virus and getting very, very sick, was actually a trending global story.
Claiming that I called it a hoax.
Now, Alex, I'm verbose.
I have a loud mouth.
I follow you.
Oh, I know.
You've been on the show.
You've called it Chinese virus.
You never said it wasn't real.
So they used that to defame you, claiming that you were a fraud, but now admitted you were a fraud and that you were wrong.
I mean, it wasn't just global trending.
Total hoax.
It was the number one story in the world for about a day and a half.
And let's identify what that story was.
That the Satanists, and they used to be Democrats, and I guess they morphed into Marxists and Communists and Black Lives Matter and Antifa and, you know, the MS-13 devil gangs.
They literally celebrated the suffering of their fellow man.
But meanwhile, now, make sure that doesn't escape us.
The global media community driven by the ultra-leftists.
I remember they said, I hope Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson die next.
That was trending as well.
It literally, global media celebrated the suffering of a fellow man.
Now that's ugly and that's demonic and it's pure evil.
But Alex, millions, if not tens of millions of people from around the world, they come on my Facebook, I get the email, we get bombarded.
The love
The caring, the empathy, the compassion, the support, the positive spirit and goodwill and decency.
Alex, I'm telling you, it was immeasurable.
People prayed for me.
I went to the frontline doctors, the great Dr. Simone Gold and her team.
I got immediately on the hydroxychloroquine, the ivermectin, the steroids.
I've always pounded basic vitamins, but I increased the vitamins.
And within three or four days,
I literally started feeling like that dangerous guitar player that stands up for truth, logic, and common sense and all the good stuff in the world.
So right now, as I face you, Alex, I couldn't be healthier.
I couldn't be more cocked, locked, and ready to rock the glock around the cock, Mr. Spock.
And I killed two black buck with my bow and arrow.
I'm literally toothpicking my teeth right now in an immeasurable joyous celebration.
Of venison, conservation, resource stewardship.
I trained with a bunch of heroes of the Sheriff's Department with our firearms yesterday.
So I am on point.
I have recovered because of the frontline doctors implementing the proven methodologies that Trump recommended that were banned by big tech and our government.
Really try to grasp that.
And here's the great part.
I don't have to tell you why I want you on.
You're a great guy.
You come on.
We're so simpatico.
I wanted you on to talk about the fact they tried to suppress what worked for you and millions of other people and how that's another crime they're committing with Big Tech and Big Pharma, wanting us to only have these vaccines, which they now admit aren't even protecting people.
In fact, the majority of people now going to the hospital with COVID were already vaccinated.
This is insane.
This is a crime.
Yeah, I've heard from literally hundreds of my buddies out there, hunting buddies, law enforcement, military, the ranchers down the road, band members, not my band members, they've somehow avoided it.
They're young and healthy.
They take good care of themselves, clean and sober.
They're strong, fortified individuals.
But some of my other musician friends from around the country got hit real hard.
Now, you never heard those stories.
And no devils wrote journalistic
I hate hoping that my friends and other bands die from the Chinese virus, but they did that about me.
And Alex, I know you love me.
I feel the love.
I celebrate the love.
But do you realize, as bad of a mofo as I think I am, I couldn't possibly be as wonderful of a human being to deserve the hate from the Satanists that they've trended a global article celebrating my sickness and suffering
It's proof that they're scared to death of me, and it makes me so happy, and so strong, and good people celebrate that my good, my spirit, irritates the demons.
Your spotlight, it's like Jimi Hendrix said, stand next to your fire, you've got the fire of liberty that Thomas Jefferson talked about, it pisses them off.
I agree, people ask me all the time, how do you handle being lied about and demonized and attacked?
And I go, that means the old World War II saying, I'm over the target, that's what I expect.
Well, I consider myself a Schindler, and my list of Jews that I'm saving is growing so quickly and so voluminously that the brown shirts hate everything I stand for.
Now, that's a metaphor that I think the Alex Jones viewers will understand, but some people will completely miss my point, is that I have dedicated myself
To being in the asset column, to be productive, to be law-abiding, to support God, family, country, law enforcement, the heroes of the military when they properly crush the evil forces like in World War II, and I don't think since, with all due respect.
So I study, I research, I'm just a guitar player, but here's the most important thing about an American.
We give a damn.
I give a damn.
The people who prayed for me give a damn.
Alex Jones that questions the abuse of authority and the demonic decrees from the Biden zombies, you are a warrior.
You're in the asset column.
That's why we are kindred souls, because truth, logic, and common sense matters.
And they want to take the economy and culture and church away from us and music and everything else because they want us to be dependent.
When we come back, I want to talk about that.
Biden's saying, oh, people aren't going back to work because the money we're giving them, but we know that's what they're doing.
And now the pipelines are shutting down and they claim the Russians did it with no evidence.
I want to see evidence because I know who shut down a pipeline just as big, and his name is Joe Biden from the third Obama administration, the main keystone to Houston that's refined and sent on the Colonial Pipeline.
So, only guy I know who's been shutting down pipelines is Joe Biden.
Ladies and gentlemen, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
That's Newtonian physics.
It's been proven to be very accurate since he observed that fact of this universe that God created.
And so as negative as things are, as bad as things are, that is eliciting a massive response.
Trump won the election by a landslide.
The majority of Americans know it in polls.
Everything Biden does is a joke.
Everything he touches turns to crap.
They're waging war.
They want to domesticate us.
They want to get us on the dole.
They want to break our will.
It's not going to work.
And Ted Nugent is here, an American success story, to lay it out and just illustrate
It's great to have him as someone of a peer.
He's my elder.
But I go through the same lies where they just edit something or whole cloth lie.
Well, when he sees that, he knows it's bull.
When I see stuff about him, I know it's bull.
All of it is an inversion.
And so that's the key to remember that
The left are just bad people and they're not going to stop.
We just have to go on living and producing and building excellence and like Phil the Dreams, they will come.
But it really is coming to a head.
What do we do about Biden?
What do we do about him coming for the guns and dissolving the borders and new evidence of his son being on the Communist Chinese payroll?
And what do we do about the Justice Department being globalist run?
What do we do when the country's awake?
Uh, but they've stolen the election and are really trying to start a civil war.
Well, Alex, number one, uh, we need more Alex Jones that are willing to put their, literally their lives on the line, spotlighting the cockroaches that have metastasized into every orifice, every, every element of America, the media, our government, uh, Hollywood, uh, academia.
It's literally at their best moment, they're Marxists.
More often than not, they're literally rock solid in the Satan column.
If you look what they're doing, that the economy is all artificial.
We're selling pork bellies and orange futures that there are no groves of orange to represent and the pigs won't have enough babies to produce the pork bellies that they're selling.
I mean, I'm just the guitar player, but I understand Economics 101, but the most important thing is to support the Alex Jones.
To watch Tucker Carlson and look at the evidence and share it with our dumb friends and our dumb family members.
With all due respect, I don't have any dumb family members, and I don't have any dumb friends, but I see them wearing masks on their motorcycle, so I know there's some really dumb people out there that have turned into walking, breathing, mouth-breathing zombies, but Alex,
Listen closely.
I know the answer.
That's awfully cocky of me, which I've got down to a science.
Every American who believes in independence and freedom and the American dream outlined in the Constitution of Bill of Rights, I'm telling you, you have to be a member of the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of America and the United States Concealed Carry Association.
Let me stop you because you've paid a big price, I know, behind the scenes with all the big giant booking places, even though you can fill up stadiums not doing it because you're pro-America.
The NRA is being attacked by George Soros' Attorney General in New York.
They're trying to basically arrest them.
They're trying to bankrupt our organization.
Now they're trying to keep them from fleeing to Texas to live in some form of freedom.
Trump's had to leave New York.
I mean, we are embattled.
I am embattled.
You are embattled.
The NRA is battled.
People need to know we're confident about this.
We're strong.
We don't flop around like victims.
But people better know now is the time to support with prayer, word of mouth, and financially the NRA.
I totally agree.
Well, because the NRA are at the executive board.
God bless all the board members and all my fellow members, but the NRA is about we the people.
It's the most important civil rights family organization in the world that stands up for the most powerful instinct in God-given individual right to defend our lives to keep and bear.
And the NRA under you on the board has gone from being soft 30 years ago to being hardcore.
It's a wonderful organization and they're trying to demonize it.
No, we need to support it now more than ever.
And let me point out a couple others.
I know it's a pain in the ass when you list different websites and organizations, but there's an organization called Hunter Nation.
We made the difference.
It's not a pain in the ass.
Nope, start over.
In fact, another reason I wanted to get you on is now with the food running scarce,
They don't want us to be self-sufficient.
How important is it for people that have never been hunting or fishing to start getting into it?
Or those of us that have been so busy to make ourselves go do it.
We're supposed to do it.
It's so restful.
It's spiritual.
You talk about it.
Tell us how people get back into hunting, or if they've not been involved in it, how they get involved.
Well, certainly during the Chinese virus attack,
There were more hunting and fishing license sold than in decades because there is a instinctual understanding of the healing powers of nature and that all your food, clothing, shelter, weapons, tools, medicine, and spirit comes from wildlife.
We're good to go.
Alignment of the spiritual planets when you can put that arrow where you want it.
And there is more wildlife.
There's more deer, more turkey, more bear, more cougar.
There's more antelope.
They're having an emergency bison hunt in the Grand Canyon because they didn't harvest an adequate number over the years.
There's more bison.
And by the way, Joe Rodham didn't hunt until like 15 years ago.
Now he does it all the time.
He's totally addicted.
He says it's the best thing in his life.
Yeah, but people visit HunterNation.com.
I think it might be HunterNation.org.
HunterNation.org, because there's regulations that are anti-hunting, that are anti-wildlife, that are anti-science.
Visit HunterNation.
Here's another one, very important.
Please write that down.
We're creating an army of conservatives across this country that are going to put the hardest pressure on our elected employees and the history of this experiment in self-government because our elected employees don't care if they don't hear from you.
And if they don't hear from you... I totally agree.
And it is HunterNation.org.
Let's go back to that and then back to the political thing for a few minutes.
We got to go.
And we always want you back here, sir.
Getting back to hunting, I found with leftists and liberals, I've taken a lot of Hollywood people out over the years.
Mike Judge and I did a few times in Texas.
They convert to shooting and hunting instantly and don't know why they were taught to hate it.
So I found the most successful way to convert leftists is if you can get them hunting or fishing.
There's no question about it.
I've had such a success with Adam from the rock and roll world that I'm in, where they've been brainwashed that somehow animals have rights in between the barbecue.
I mean, the brain-dead propaganda mushy goofiness that exists out there, but to the man and the woman, and mostly the Ted Nugent camp for kids' children, we've baptized tens of thousands of people who were animal rights inclined because of the propaganda, and then they realize you want grass-fed, natural, organic, renewable, ultimate healthy protein?
It's called venison, and they fall in love with the challenge, the spirituality of being out there, because we don't kill much, especially with the bow and arrow, but you understand your role in nature, and I'm telling you, when you return back to the city life, or whatever life you lead, no matter how stressed it is,
There is a peacefulness, there is a stream of spiritual consciousness when you utilize God's healing powers of nature.
We're interfacing with God's creation.
So, HunterNation.org, and then what's the other one for political action?
CreateChangeNow.org, an army of conservatives.
All right, listen, come back again sooner.
I'd love to get you in studio or come up and see you at the ranch and say hi to your beautiful wife, my friend.
You bet.
God bless America.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, there goes Ted Nugent, who knew that the virus was real, always said it was, got it, got healed with ivermectin, and now he's there warning people they need to know about ivermectin.
So tell others about ivermectin, because people will die, folks, if they don't demand ivermectin, or the vitamins or minerals, or the hydroxychloroquine.
All right, the big secrets of the Wuhan virus are now out.
We'll break it down on the other side.
Stay with us.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm about to break the most important news in my 27 years on air.
This is absolutely incredible.
And if this information does not bring the criminals to justice, if it does not reverse the operations that they've launched, then things are going to get a lot darker a lot quicker.
Let me give you a summation before I go through the evidence.
We've known that Bill Gates and the UN and Fauci and the CHICOMS were doing level 4 bioweapons development.
I think?
So they moved all this illegal stuff to Communist China.
Then when Trump was dominating, was defeating the impeachments, when they knew they didn't have the votes, they released it on purpose.
So they can then have a shutdown of the West.
Communist China would never really shut down, and it would become the dominant force, not the number two economy, which it now has.
And all the globals that were invested in China would make trillions and trillions of dollars, which they all have as well.
We would now go under a global ID, a global control, with the UN in charge.
We know the names of the scientists, we know who did it, we know, and now video has surfaced, not one video but two videos, of the project manager and managers admitting to going and getting the five viruses, like they were Thanos in Endgame or something, and combining them all together to create the super weapon.
Emergency alert, Fauci project manager confesses to creating COVID-19.
Tucker Carlson began to break this last night.
I told you on the war room we'd be breaking it today.
He broke it.
That's great.
But he didn't get to the last part where he admits, the project manager,
But they didn't just go get the five viruses, they combined them for a vaccine.
But to make the vaccine, you gotta make the pathogen of something that never existed, that no one would ever make.
And again, you do it in China, so that when you release it on the world, it's a weapon for China to have power over the West, but you can't blame China because U.S.
and British contractors are involved organizing it with the U.N.
and Bill Gates, who have been rooting for China, and saying America's bad, and saying our response was bad.
So this globalist cabal went to China, did this with the Chinese, that's why the documents came out of the Australian newspapers two days ago, three days ago, I guess on Saturday, so four days ago.
And the Chinese admit it's real, they're war college, in 2015 saying we're developing SARS COVID weaponized systems.
Now this five virus combo is only the carrier group.
It's real power is the HIV delivery system.
So the virus isn't that deadly unless you have autoimmune issues, are very sick already, pre-existing conditions, and or vitamin mineral deficiency.
But, as I predicted studying the spectrum of analysis, it's a carrier where they can easily release a new variant that they've already got in a laboratory, frozen in a test tube,
In liquid oxygen that they can bring out and release anytime they want.
They've even got manuals on what time to do it.
Early morning hours into the air so that it doesn't die via the sun and so that people coming out breathe it.
You spray it on their doorsteps.
You spray it into their ventilation systems at night.
And they did a big implantation of it in Italy and other areas and the U.S.
And so that's why they wouldn't let Trump, and try to stop Trump from banning the Chinese flights up front, because they wanted to get more of the carriers in.
And China now basically admits they had carriers into the US.
And then it, quote, gets rid of the old population that Gates already wants to, so they don't have to pay out the trillions of dollars of benefits that people paid into.
So it's a multifaceted plan.
They had to get all the hospitals on board.
And now Tucker Carlson has come out in a 14-minute report last night that they're not posting to YouTube, so we post it to Band.Video.
And expose this.
The censored Tucker Carlson report.
Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen.
Why isn't there a criminal investigation?
That's the Fox News headline.
And Fox has the report.
But it's not on YouTube.
There it is, censored.
See the Tucker Carlson Wuhan Lab Report.
Fox News won't let you see.
And that's, the crew's great.
I didn't give them a headline.
I did say the headline this morning.
I actually said, say, see the censored report.
See the censored Tucker Carlson Anthony Fauci.
So just change the headline, please, to censored.
And then this headline, overhead shot, please.
This headline, right here, this headline.
Tucker Carlson, Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen.
Why isn't there a criminal investigation?
This is a censored report.
In the sub-headline, you explain that Fox isn't posting this online.
They may have changed that since I went live.
But we'll also post that to InfoWars.com.
So here's part of what Tucker Carlson said last night that I'm gonna come back with the video.
With the video.
Of the project manager admitting it all, the smoking gun.
But here's Tucker Carlson last night.
The WHO's investigation into the origins of the virus was fraudulent.
And that matters to public health globally.
But one thing you'll notice is that Tony Fauci did not say that.
Because once again, he is implicated in it personally.
The gain-of-function research that Peter Daszak was bragging about in the video we just showed you had in fact been banned explicitly by the U.S.
There was a federal moratorium on the funding of exactly the kind of gain-of-function experiments that went on in the Wuhan lab to disastrous effects.
So why didn't the U.S.
government halt its funding of the lab in Wuhan?
That is a central question, and Nicholas Wade, to his great credit, looked into it.
And here's what he found.
Quote, Someone wrote a loophole into the moratorium.
The moratorium specifically barred funding of any gain-of-function research that increased the pathogenicity
of the flu, MERS, or SARS viruses.
But then, a footnote on page 2 of the moratorium document states that, quote, And that's exactly the loophole that was exploited.
Who signed off on this?
Tony Fauci, possibly along with Francis Collins, the director of the NIH, invoked that special exemption in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab and the deadly experiments that were going on there.
The experiments that clearly went so wrong.
According to Richard Ebright, quote, unfortunately, the NIAID director, that'd be Fauci, and the NIH director exploited this loophole to issue exemptions to projects subject to pause, preposterously asserting that the exempted research was, quote, urgently necessary to protect public health or national security, and thereby nullifying the pause.
This wouldn't have happened if Tony Fauci didn't allow it to happen.
That is clear.
It's an amazing story.
It is a shocking story.
In a functional country, there would be a criminal investigation currently underway into Tony Fauci's role in the COVID pandemic that has killed millions and halted our country and changed it forever.
So why isn't there a criminal investigation into Tony Fauci's role?
I'll tell you why when we come back with the bombshell.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I'm going to give you the rest of the story of what Tucker Carlson just dropped, the mega bombshell, and the fact that prestigious science writers in mainstream news are now reporting everything that we told you over a year ago here on air, because the documents were already there.
But now new information has been discovered of the very people involved bragging that they were creating
A five virus chimera bioweapon to produce a vaccine.
Exactly what Dr. Francis A. Boyle said 15 months ago.
That was February, early February of last year.
Gosh, that's more than 15 months ago now.
Man, time is flying and it's not about being right.
It's about we don't make stuff up here.
We make mistakes sometimes.
I wish I was wrong about a lot more because we have a very accurate C-rate, probably 98%.
And usually things are worse than we thought.
Usually the mistake is that things are worse than we thought.
So let me now get to this as quickly and as cogently as I can.
Before I hit this bombshell info, here's some background.
Here's Fauci this year telling Senator Rand Paul he knows nothing about gain-of-function research when he specifically funded Peter Daska
To carry this out, and that's in all the admissions, and that's in all the documents, and they moved it from Chapel Hill, and he was directly over it, and I'll show you those articles in a moment.
So here he is lying to Congress about putting in the spike protein that is the HIV spike protein that allows it to go into the mucous membrane and go right into our cells.
Dr. Fauci, do you still support funding of the NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?
Here it is.
Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Do they fund Dr. Barak?
We do not fund... Do you fund Dr. Barrett's gain-of-function research?
Dr. Barrett does not doing gain-of-function research, and if it is, it's according to the guidelines, and it is being conducted in North Carolina, not in China.
You don't think inserting a bat virus spike protein that he got from the Wuhan Institute into the SARS virus is gain-of-function?
That is not... You would be in the minority because at least 200 scientists have signed a statement from the Cambridge Working Group saying that it is gain-of-function.
Well, it is not.
And if you look at the grant, and you look at the progress reports, it has not gained a function, despite the fact that people tweet.
Alright, that's enough.
That is the criminal himself saying that back in May.
That is just recently.
So, he is in a lot of trouble.
He looks extremely scared.
Paul asked him that a few months ago.
This is breaking now.
This is happening just today.
I thought that was the old clip when they said, hey, we got the clip of Fauci denying it.
Man, this is moving in live time.
So here it is.
DASGA, president of EcoHealth Alliance, starting in 2014, was project lead on six NIH projects with focus on the emergence of novel zoonetic coronaviruses, COVID, with bad origins.
Some of the project's work was
Performed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
Now we're going to show you him saying that.
It's an hour-long interview.
Researchers are considered gain-of-function studies.
The six projects receive a total funding of $3,748,715 from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.
That's what Fauci is the head of.
And we've got all the grants and all that right here.
And there's huge
Articles with the former top New York Times science writer detailing it all.
That's what Tucker was going off of.
So here ladies and gentlemen is him in an interview taped December 9th, 2019.
That's the date on the interview.
It was then finally posted on May 19th of last year, a year ago.
And here is the project manager, who was given money directly by the NIH, on record, it's mainstream news, to carry this out, Peter Daszak, to do it, and there was Fauci just now, today, in the Senate, lying, looking scared as hell.
Again, he already denied it a few months ago.
Here he is when this is already out, denying it!
So, here is the smoking gun.
We went out to southern China and did surveillance of bats across southern China and we've now found, after six or seven years of doing this, over a hundred new SARS-related coronaviruses, very close to SARS.
Some of them get into human cells.
In the lab.
Some of them can cause SARS disease in humanized mice models and are untreatable with therapeutic monoclonals and you can't vaccinate against them with the vaccine.
So these are a clear and present danger.
We've even found people with antibodies in Yunnan to SARS related coronaviruses.
So there's human exposure.
We're now doing
Surveillance, we're just beginning another five years of work to look at cohorts in southern China to say, well, how frequent does this spillover happen and is it associated with disease?
Because I expect, just like Nipah in Bangladesh, there are dozens and dozens of small spillovers going on on the planet any one time, which we just never see.
Yeah, they never amplify.
There are a few cases and they're just absorbed in the illness, the overall illness of the population, right?
No, you could say, so who cares?
You know, and that's one argument.
But our strategy is any one of those could become pandemic.
There's a lot of stochasticity in what happens then.
So if we look at all of them, understand patterns, try and reduce the number of spillover events we've got, you know.
But if you're saying these are diverse coronaviruses and you can't vaccinate against them, they're no antivirals, what do we do?
Well, I think that coronaviruses are pretty good.
I mean, you're a virologist, you know all this stuff, but you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily.
Spike protein drives a lot of what happens with the coronavirus, zoonotic risk.
So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein, and we work with Ralph Baric at UNC to do this, insert it into the backbone of another virus and do some work in the lab.
So you can get more predictive when you find a sequence.
You've got this diversity.
Now, the logical progression for vaccines is if you're going to develop a vaccine for SARS, people are going to use, you know, pandemic SARS.
But let's try and insert some of these other related and get a better vaccine.
Yeah, sure.
And I guess also knowledge of what's there.
If you see something emerging, give it a head start on making a vaccine or a therapeutic.
That's true.
If you see five viruses merging, you get ahead of it.
They don't do that.
Would take millions of years for that to happen naturally.
It just happened magically.
It's all merged at the end then, and the Australian scientist said a year ago, the P shuttle genes, the HIV added, that didn't come from a bat, they created it.
Did you just hear him?
We went out, we got it, we mixed it together for a vaccine, which we know they were developing vaccines at the Wuhan lab, funded by the NIH for those five viruses, and he just admitted it, and that's what COVID-19 is, but it gets worse.
When we come back, Fauci funded the University of Texas, himself directly, out of his organization, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, to study coronaviruses, vaccines, of what it would do on lab rats, and it caused protein problems, heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, you name it.
Just in the last two days, I've talked to two people in my office, one in that building, and one in this building that works directly for us, but she doesn't want to come on air, she's getting her uncle on tomorrow.
Who got the shot and had a stroke the next day, and her cousin got super sick and almost killed him.
She hasn't been here for days taking care of them, but now they're gonna come on the show.
That's people right next to me!
This is an attack!
We have all the science!
They did it on purpose!
And they think it's so horrible we won't ever admit to ourselves what's happened.
I can't keep this on air unless you fund us.
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And thank God, thanks to all your action and others' action, the truth's coming out.
We salute Tucker Carlson and others.
But there's the head of the coronavirus program admitting they were building COVID-19.
The smoking gun!
Ah yes!
I smell globalist blood in the water!
And I mean that as a parable.
I mean that as an archetype.
But nevertheless...
Well, Gregory's has put out a particularly powerful report.
All those reports are powerful.
It is evidence of self-spreading vaccines being used for depopulation.
I aired it during one of these little No Man's Land segments last hour, but I'm probably going to air it during the full transmission again.
This one deserves to be aired during the full transmission, but some states don't care.
This is five, so I'm going to pick up where I left off, the bombshell of bombshells.
The director of the Gain of Function Coronavirus Program,
Admitting they were fusing five viruses into one was their goal.
He said, what's coming next?
Which is what they were already doing.
That's how they work in research science.
You tell people about your last project, you say coming is the new project, even though it's done.
Like you tell your kid, I hear Santa Claus is bringing you a bicycle for Christmas.
You tell him that in December 1st, because the bike's already, you know, already at your storage shed.
You just got to put it together.
It's the same deal.
But here is a new report.
The age of bioweapons is here.
Only way this dog hunts
We need to understand that people in authority lie.
People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them.
And right now we are giving them the power to micromanage every bit of our lives 24 hours a day.
They're going to know where we are.
They're going to know the money that we spend.
They're going to have access to our children.
They're going to have the right to compel.
A message heard vocally and on posters.
Thousands of parents and their children lined at the LOB and the state capitol early in the morning filled with emotions, most of it frustration and anger.
Because the virus is sweeping across the country!
And it's not COVID-19, it's communism.
Just last week, lawmakers spent up to 16 hours debating this controversial bill in the House, one that would remove Connecticut's religious and medical exemption for schools, beginning with the 2022 school year.
Blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and it's all in the literature.
Fauci-funded studies at the University of Texas.
Level 4 bioweapons lab and conclusively found that any vaccine for a coronavirus, which is why I've never done them, causes massive blood clots.
The body eats holes in the heart lining, in the artery lining, and in the lungs, particularly in lab rats.
DARPA, Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna are DNA genetically engineered and they were funded by the Pentagon, DARPA.
I realized that what we were going to have here was the Gulf War Syndrome on steroids.
Especially for the people targeted.
I mean, this is basically the Nazi philosophy of useless eaters.
They get every group involved at the top so they're all corrupted and that brings in the world government.
So you have the UN, you have the Communist Chinese, you have them all with gain-of-function viruses being developed at Wuhan and University of Texas, Galveston, as I told you a year ago, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and many other places.
What's going on here is they have plausible deniability when they create these things so that if and when it gets out, which is the plan, they claim it's an accident.
Or if there is an accident, everybody can point the fingers at each other.
When you hear COVID-19, that means global, UN, world government, bio-assault on the planet to bring in world government.
The Chinese are allied with the globalists.
The globalists colonize them with their communist party.
And so you have people inside the U.S.
that are patriots and government getting that out.
And so China will then blame the army.
But it's above that.
It's the globalists doing the whole thing.
Chinese military discussed weaponizing COVID in 2015 to cause enemy's medical system to collapse.
And of course to collapse our economic system.
What do you think happened?
That's the year Obama moved the COVID-19 system to Wuhan.
One last breath, the forewind blows.
Better raise your ears.
Sound of hooves knock at your door.
Lock up your wife.
Children now, it's time to wield the blade.
Now you got some company.
You hear that, Falchion Gates?
You think you're the four horsemen?
Think again.
Vengeance belongs to God.
On to the dead of night.
See the four horsemen ride.
So choose your fate and die.
Oh yeah!
You've been dying since the day you were born!
You know it's all been planned!
I like the fact that James Hatfield came out against the vaccines.
That's good to know.
I was talking to Dave Mustaine one time, I'm not name-dropping, and he said, I want you to help me write the new album with songs like Four Horsemen I wrote.
And I just looked at him driving along in my car, Aaron Austin, and I said, dude,
This is a very surreal day.
We just had dinner with Willie Nelson.
And I said, I said, I think that's up to you to write that album.
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And then it's going to go to $9.95 in price.
Hardcover DVD, hours of extras on it.
Exposes the whole Great Reset 14 years before it did.
Every library should have this.
Get it, make copies, donate the hardcover copies to your local library or your local VA because people need to see this.
They need to understand it to understand the attack.
We're under infowarestore.com.
Okay, let's stop right there.
If you just joined us, before I hit more of this news, I just want to say this is hands down
The biggest crop of awakening, the biggest hall of truth, the biggest wound to the globalists, the biggest opportunity to deal a death blow to these people politically.
To their agenda, to kill their agenda.
And I mean, the dominoes start falling, you're going to have Nuremberg trials, I mean there's going to be people getting hung.
Because that's what happens when you launch a bio-attack, is you get marched up there and they pull a switch, and a trap door opens up and you fall about two feet, and that's what happens.
And your legs start kicking and you take a dump down the side of your leg.
I don't like death, I don't like killing people, I don't like starting a fight with these murderers, but they started a fight with us.
And I'm just telling you, like I said in the first hour, that we don't want any violence against Fauci or Bill Gates or the New World Order
From vigilantes.
We want to take our governments and our countries back, and we want to have them indicted with all the evidence, and we want to see them up on Nuremberg 2.
And that's what last weekend I had, the weekend before last, I had Dr. Francis Boyle on, and he laid all that as well.
Then the punishment for what they've done is death.
And so I don't say that to be dramatic.
I don't say that to stick my head in the mouth of a lion.
These guys are hyenas, and still, they can bite.
I do it because I will not be a coward.
And I want to thank God for your prayers, listeners, and I want to thank God for God taking action.
This is devastating.
There's no way to describe how much trouble they're in, and I can tell you this, they're never going to get out of this now.
One way or another, this is a political death blow to what these guys did.
They're megalomaniacs, though.
They were mad at Trump.
They were mad at Bolsonaro.
They were mad at Boris Johnson, who's a follower, but thought he was winning Brexit and could do what he wanted.
They launched this to bankrupt the small economy, to bankrupt the hardworking people, to let the global banks and big box stores take over with big tech.
And they had it cooked up, and they had it ready, and they did it in China so they could release it, so they had plausible deniability, and so it was an attack on humanity.
And then they had the very individuals that ran the operation for gain of function, Peter Daszak and others, write the paper for Lancet, and their own emails have been now leaked by their colleagues, people are blowing the whistle now, that's what's happening, where they're telling them, don't let anyone know that we are writing all of this.
It's all right there.
These are just my notes.
We're going to go over all of this for you in this hour.
This is just mega massive.
And they're now video of them admitting it, not just the documents.
So, and a lot of these people are useful idiots.
That will come out in the Nuremberg trials.
Because we're not like the globalists that want to just grab people out of their houses at night and shoot them in a ditch somewhere.
We want all this to come out.
We want to take years, if need be, to just pour over all the evidence and punish severely everyone involved so other people that have this hankering, like fictional movies 12 Monkeys describe, to kill people.
Now that Bombshell of Bombshells is, Rob New walked in here during a break, and he goes, hey, it's in the computer, in there, that Fauci said was asked by Rand Paul about gain of function, and he said it wasn't happening.
I figured it was like three months ago, the same thing happened.
He lied.
Then I thought, okay, that's a good clip to show.
I didn't realize when they played it, it was this morning.
And man, did he lie.
So, this is a big deal, and I'm here to tell you that I have never felt so much fulfillment, and I wouldn't call it satisfaction, this is a horrible thing, we're in a global war, the global war with humanity, this is a terrible thing happening, but I've been around 47 years and I have never, never felt so much satisfaction in my life.
Except maybe a few times where I was getting my ass absolutely beat.
Uh, and I dug down deep and turned on the, turned on the Ben Graham power and, you know, broke that guy's jaw and saw his head at the ground.
And I wasn't happy.
I'd heard him bad, but I was happy that I'd won the fight.
It was just a, it's a feeling of just satisfaction that you just, you did it and you reach down and you turn it on and
Risking my life, you risking your life, everything we've done together, man.
The satisfaction right now, because I can tell you, they're not going to survive this.
And everything they've done to all these people, these millions they've killed, all the people they starved to death with the lockdown, they're going to get retribution!
They're going to be avenged!
And so I can just tell you that
Man, I'm just telling you, they'll probably release a new bioweapon now to cover this up, but it doesn't matter.
What matters is getting right with God, and in the end, they're going to pay.
And you're gonna see all the signs of it.
You see Gates' wife running for the hills right now.
All the molestation stuff's gonna come out.
The devil worship, the cloning, all the mad scientist stuff.
You think Hitler was bad or Stalin was bad?
These guys were unimaginative lightweights compared to these people, okay?
These are heavyweight devils.
The Bible describes Satan as a dragon.
Well, the stupid KKK has grand dragons.
That's like a grand lizard compared to a real dragon, folks.
I mean, these guys are devils.
Yeah, there's two of them.
There's Gates hanging out with the other child molester.
So, that's who they are.
And they only feel good when they're sucking life force out of people, and when they're killing people, and when they're hurting people.
So I'm done talking about this.
I'm going to come back with the bombshells and I'm going to tie it all together.
But my God, they control the Facebook and Apple and YouTube fact checkers.
And everybody at Big Tech that signed on to this, you've now signed on to a bioweapon attack.
You've now signed on to starving tens of millions in Africa, Latin America and Asia and the Middle East.
You're killers now.
You're just like the Nazis, or just like the Soviets, or just like Mao's people.
You're big boys now.
You always wanted to be somebody leftist?
Well, you're signed on with devil-worshipping pedophiles that launched a bio-attack to take the planet over, and it's all coming out.
It's all gonna come out.
So all you leftists, you ought to really be proud of yourselves, what you've done.
There's still time to repent for some of you and blow the whistle.
And people are blowing the whistle.
You saw the former director of NIH, Redfield, came out and spilt his guts.
Because they know it's all coming out.
And they know nothing's going to stop it.
You got that?
We'll come back and finish all this T-News up.
All right.
Stay with us.
Now, just because I'm reveling in the enemy's bleed out, doesn't mean they're not going to strike back at us.
We're far from out of the woods, but I can see the mountaintop through the moonlight.
All right, let's go over right now the rest of the story.
We've known this since it happened.
Scientists across the U.S.
warned of it six years ago.
Obama and Fauci moved it overseas.
They knew it was all coming out, so they had the Washington Post with
That Rogan character, not Joe Rogan, the other Rogan, come out and say, oh, it is Fauci and them, and they're bad, and they're covering it up, and they were involved, and they created it, but Obama moved it in 2015 because of whistleblowing.
And remember, Fauci very arrogantly bragged, we'll play that next segment, that don't worry, Trump will be very challenged by a biological event very soon, I can assure you.
They didn't look so arrogant when Rand Paul was talking today and now he's been caught lying saying there is no gain of function.
Assess that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was conducting gain-of-function research in some form, report Josh Rogin noted in Politico in March.
Jamie Metzl, an expert in gene editing, has also noted that the Wuhan Institute of Virology performed gain-of-function.
The discoverer of HIV said that.
The Indian Institute that has a CRISPR.
The Australian that has a CRISPR.
They scanned it.
It looks like Frankenstein!
It's even got
The P shuttle gene insertion points where they splice the damn viruses together.
Rand Paul urges Fauci to ban and gain of function research citing possible COVID lab leak.
That's the mainstream media's whitewash in National Review.
It wasn't a leak.
They launched it to take us down and lock us down.
They had it all in lockstep.
They had it all in the Great Leap Forward, Klaus Schwab Great Reset program.
They had it all battle plan and they followed an exact script.
Dr. Fauci dissembled or tried to hide his long-time support for end-of-function research, which creates super viruses that jump from animals to humans.
And Rand Paul goes over all the evidence.
That's what I told you.
This is going to snowball now, just like I said yesterday.
You can feel it, you can see it, you can smell it.
Now let's get to what's really sick.
Not only did Peter Daszak run the program for
Fauci, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
I'll show you mainstream news reporting that.
We have all the documents.
He didn't just go on TV December 9, 2019 and brag that they were merging all five viruses to produce a vaccine later, which is the pathogen itself that obviously was released.
Am I saying he did it himself?
No, somebody did.
Who has the motive?
Who has the background?
Who battle-planned it all?
Fauci and Gates.
Who wants to depopulate?
Gates and Fauci.
And here's Fauci again, who runs that institute, just in case you think I'm making that up, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, who funded the 2012 study to see what it would do if you vaccinated people for that.
Well, it gives them blood clots, gives them heart attacks, eats their lungs.
Again, on screen you see Ralph C. Barrick, who ran the program Chapel Hill, who ran the program at Wuhan.
We have him with the Bat Lady at Wuhan, we have all the videos, all the photos, and Rob Du,
It's putting together a report that will be ready either later in this hour or after the show today that will be featured at Man.Video that is the smoking gun.
The head of the Wuhan program confesses to creating COVID-19.
The smoking gun.
I mean, it's all happening now.
And here's that article I mentioned.
This is from the NIH own website.
Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge with the SARS virus.
And challenge means those injected with it.
And it goes through it all right there.
And it says that Fauci funded it in here.
And it then has the conclusion that it causes an autoimmune response in the lungs and the heart and other areas.
And that any application of SARS COVID vaccine in humans is
Proceed with caution.
And it goes on.
Trying to find the actual printout.
This is not the full printout.
Guys, print me the whole study.
The actual copy of the study, not just a printer-friendly one, because it disappears the blue links.
Thank you.
I'll show that next segment.
EcoHealth Alliance orchestrated
Key scientist statement on natural origin of SARS-CoV-2.
The emails obtained via public records request shows that EcoHealth Alliance President Peter Daszak drafted a Lancet statement and that it intended to not be identified as coming from any organization or person but rather be seen as simply a letter from leading scientist Daszak wrote as he wanted to avoid the appearance of political statement because he was running the program and then he wrote the Lancet study that wasn't a study.
And here's the Lancet study right here for you on screen, ladies and gentlemen.
And then here's the Indian Studies Uncanny Similarity of Unique Inserts of the 2019 CNOV Spike Protein in HIV-1, GP-120, and GAG.
And it goes through it all.
They have scans of the virus and the whole nine yards.
Now here's the big, big one.
This is out of, this is a big report at Zero Hedge.
It is really long and detailed with all the documents.
I suggest you read it.
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists Opens the Wuhan Virus Pandora's Box.
Here's one out of Science at the Wire from the former top New York Times science writer, Nicholas Wade.
Origins of COVID-19 who opened Pandora's Box at Wuhan.
People or nature?
And then he details the whole thing, everything we just told you, and more.
Meanwhile, Chinese military discussed weaponizing COVID in 2015 to cause enemies' medical systems to collapse.
Moderna's chief medical officer admits mRNA alters DNA!
But that's from three years ago!
And that they actually edit your DNA and that it changes it.
We're gonna have that in the report.
And then you see him demonizing Marjorie Taylor Greene, slammed for mad claim that Fauci paid for creation of man-made COVID.
That's not a raw story.
The left hoping you don't see all this information for yourself.
And again, I'm going to print that full study.
We've got like 10 copies of it laying around here.
You can pull it out of yesterday's stack, guys, please.
So I can actually show you the actual original statement, and it's in blue.
So you can see the finding.
You can see the recommendation not to make a vaccine.
You can see that Fauci funded it.
For some reason, the printer apparently did not print the parts that were in blue on that particular piece I had.
All right, so that is all coming up.
We've got the latest news on the nightmare situation.
When we return,
And again, a detailed report that isn't just me live on air, talking about all this, will be out soon, that has all of it.
The head director guy with the Bat Lady, Et Wu Han, bragging they ran it, all the different video clips, Fauci coming out, lying about it, all of it, in one devastating report.
Remember, Big Tech, criminally, has worked for 16 months to suppress the truth, to cover it up,
To block therapeutics, to cover up shipping people with COVID into nursing homes to kill people.
It's all been one giant, evil, criminal assault of censorship and lies.
And now it's all coming down, crashing and burning.
And Facebook, and YouTube, and Google, and the CEO of YouTube, and all of them are complicit, saying only the UN, which is advised by Fauci and the Wuhan Lab, and the Chinese, can say anything about COVID.
Not medical doctors, not scientists, not the heads of universities,
Not virologists, not epidemiologists, not even women whose father died or sister died or they got sick.
You complain about it?
Shut up!
You don't count!
Facebook and YouTube will silence you!
We're on the march.
The globalists are on the run.
Alright, Alex Jones here.
On the front lines.
The first thing I want to play before I get into this document and I did get the full printout of the immunization SARS coronavirus vaccine leads to pulmonary immunopathology where they say extreme caution proceeding with vaccines for humans because it attacked and killed the rats and mice and the fact that it was funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, University of Texas, that's Fauci.
It's absolutely insane and tie that in with the Senate hearings today and more but first
I want to play a short clip from the War Room.
Not Owen Schroer, 3 to 6 p.m., but Steve Bannon's War Room.
And I know Steve Bannon and Rodgers Stone have had their fights.
I don't want to be in a fight with anybody.
I've had my issues with Bannon, but he's obviously a smart guy.
But he and his host, co-host, made a statement about Alex Jones people used to think was crazy.
But now he's been proven right.
Well, that's how it is when you're ahead of your time.
But it's not about me being ahead of my time.
It's about people realizing that we don't make this stuff up.
We really tirelessly research and we have a wide spectrum understanding of the world.
We're not specialists.
We're generalists in that we really study how the globalists operate and we know how they do things so we know how to counter them and we know how to beat them.
Everything should be about the globalists, because they're the ones that control civilization, taking us to a very bad place.
And so that's what I'm getting at here.
But it is good to see it trend yesterday.
Alex Jones trended on Twitter again, that Alex Jones was right.
And you can just type in my name or you can do it all over many other places.
And you just see people flooding with all the examples of hundreds of things I talked about that are admitted.
But all the stuff I talked about was already there.
Kasiarty was the main funder at the Wuhan Lab before this came out.
All this stuff is known, it's just that the corporate media won't touch it with a 10-foot pole and other people are scared to report on it because they know you get attacked if you do.
So really, the globalists in a way built me up, not intentionally, because they would demonize me as a bad guy, as a symbol of fraud.
And then they would say, oh, look, Alex Jones claims there's chemicals that make the frogs here.
Alex Jones claims Fauci made the virus at Wuhan.
Oh, he's a kook.
He's a racist.
He's a bad guy.
And then when it all comes out that it's true, that backfires on them and blow up in their face.
And so that's basically what's happened here.
And so it's a big deal.
If you hadn't kept us on air up until this point, we couldn't have had this big effect together.
So through the thick and thin, through the lies, through the demonization, through the attacks, you stood with us, listeners.
You did this.
And so every success we've had, you've had.
So I salute you and I thank you.
But here is the war room with Steve Bannon last night.
I mean, and I think, you know, this is, it's really difficult to do this without, um, I never thought I'd say this, but you look at the last 15, 20 years of conservative commentary all across the Western world, you look at people like Alex Jones, right, who for a decade I thought, this guy is a nut job.
But you actually read between the lines of the things that he's sort of trying to communicate.
And he's in this kind of, you know, crazy way.
He's got a showman.
He's a smart guy.
Never discount Alex Jones' brilliance, his smarts.
But put it this way.
We've had a Christian pastor arrested in Canada.
We tried to get him on today, but it was out.
By the way, we need to get an update.
I'm sorry, I kind of forgot.
Time flies.
Have we got an update on Artur Polosky?
Cruz is doing a great job out there, busier than I am.
If he got arrested last week, he wouldn't even know what's happening.
I mean, we're trying to open his church.
I mean, when the Topless Bar is open down the street, literally, and Target and Walmart, they're all seeing what they can get away with right now.
So, let's talk about this, because it's such a horrifying thing happening.
Are we going to
Admit we're under attack or tell ourselves that's too scary.
I'm going to deny it.
Because that's what's happening.
And things are only going to get worse.
Pastor Pawlowski speaks after being released from jail.
The Rebel News.
Let's try to get him on tomorrow.
Well, great.
And I guess that's him with his brother.
Boy, they look like twins.
All right, folks.
I meant to take calls today.
I didn't.
Paul Watson's coming up.
I got a lot to hit before the show's over in 22 minutes or before my part of the broadcast is over.
But let me do this because it's so powerful.
I aired it during that little No Man's Land, first five of the second hour, but this is really an important report.
This is all coming of age now.
It's all coming to fruition.
This is the time of Great Awakening that we're just entering.
So a lot of this has been already reported, but it's got all the latest added to it.
It's at Bandot Video in the Gregory's section.
Click on the left-hand corner and go to it.
Evidence of self-spreading vaccines being used for depopulation.
And it's a part three on the shedding that's definitely going on where they turn us into an engine, a weapon to release this synthetic RNA.
And now they admit that most of the people in the hospitals with COVID took the shot.
That's even a mainstream news.
It was like a Yale doctor three weeks ago.
And now this week, it's like, yeah, people who got COVID that took the shot.
The answer is more shots.
No, no.
So here is
That incredibly important report and then John Bowne did a great report as well.
Please share those.
This is life and death.
Here it is.
The official death numbers from 2020 are out for the United States and only 5% of those labeled as COVID deaths actually died from COVID.
Less than 19,000 people in the U.S.
died from COVID-19 in 2020.
Far less than those who die each year from the flu or cold.
Another bald-faced big pharma fraud admitted to in their own fine print.
They've gotten away with falsifying the numbers before to fake a swine flu pandemic and an influenza scare.
Both to sell billions of dollars worth of needless, dangerous vaccines to a dumbed-down, brainwashed public.
Is it about eugenics?
Eugenics 101 is to kill off the sick and elderly.
Is it about money?
Of course.
In the U.S.
alone, based on two shots per person, the vaccine manufacturers are making over $13 billion a year, paid for by taxpayer dollars.
The manufacturers have no liability.
They cannot be held accountable for any deaths or injury.
They will only profit more by selling drugs to everyone that they've injured with their experimental vaccines.
Is it a big experiment?
And there is no shortage of suckers and fools.
Millions are willingly lining up for the mystery injection.
Proudly boasting their compliance and ignorance for all the world to see on social media.
But is it all voluntary?
In recent years, Big Pharma has been pushing for vaccines to self-spread to non-vaccinated individuals.
They claim to already have this technology and have discussed using it on the public covertly.
One application considered was an anti-fertility vaccine that could be administered to human women without their knowledge.
A recent Pfizer study describes the potential for their COVID vaccine to cause adverse effects in pregnant women who come into close contact with recently vaccinated individuals.
And we have seen thousands of women reporting abnormal menstrual cycles, miscarriages, and blood clots after coming into contact with the vaccinated.
Former Chief Science Officer for Pfizer said that he thinks vaccines will be used for mass depopulation.
If this is being done to us deliberately, obviously we wouldn't be told.
Bill Gates doesn't think you deserve to know what's in the vaccine.
There's been some speculation that the changing intellectual property rules and allowing these vaccines, as you say, the recipe for these vaccines to be shared would be helpful.
Do you think that would be helpful?
And the inserts are dubiously left blank on purpose.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Evidence of self-spreading vaccines being used for depopulation.
Easy to go viral, went up today.
All right, the fourth hour with Paul Joseph Watson.
It's going to be coming up and then the War Room is going to be premiering today.
The detailed special report that won't be done until about the time Owen's show starts, it's going to be about 20 minutes long, that documents even better than I've done in the last few hours, but just in a short, concise piece, on how the Wuhan virology director, hired by Bill Gates and Fauci, admitted to creating the five virus corona
COVID-19 in a TV interview and just everything surrounding it Fauci testing vaccines to make sure it did kill similar mammals to us with blood clots and now the massive blood clots taking place.
It's just insane.
I'm going to hit some more news on that in a moment.
But first.
The prime suspect in the shutdown of the colonial pipeline.
It's now a national emergency.
Is the globalists that run Joe Biden.
They're the ones that shut our coal power.
We're the ones that shut down our last lead smelting plants so we can't even make our own bullets.
They're the ones that shut down the Keystone Pipeline, first thing he did on January 21st, one day into office, was shut down a $40 billion pipeline that was going to deliver $2 to $3 billion of oil a day to Houston refineries to be refined.
If you look at the pipeline, it comes down out of the Midwest, out of Canada.
And all those oil fields, you refine it in Houston, it goes back up the East Coast to the Colonial Pipeline.
So they cut off the pipeline to the other pipeline.
Well, of course they cut it off, and now some nebulous group says, oh, we're not political.
We just want money.
This is exactly what these James Bond villains do.
And so now, there are gas lines, there are gas outages all over, particularly the South, East, and the Northeast.
And now this from CNN that's so excited.
Think about that.
Pipeline outage forced American Airlines to add stops to some long-haul flights.
Southwest flies in fuel.
It's on, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why I told you a year ago, I said it's going to collapse the first world.
It's going to collapse all the just-on-time deliveries, the supply chain.
It's going to put all the little companies out of business that service the infrastructure.
Then only Apple and Google and Facebook and Twitter and Big Tech will survive servicing Amazon and Walmart.
They'll all double and triple profits, which they've done.
Because they have their own supply chain, their own infrastructure.
They're vertically integrated.
And so, that's the great reset.
That's what Schwab said they'd do.
And now it's like, oh, you think you're going to reopen the country?
Turn the pipeline off!
Hackers did it.
Yes, that they can never catch.
Oh, that's why we need AI to run everything?
So the whole planet's run by AI?
So the globalists have all the robots and combat droids and control all the dams and all the switches and all the electrical and
All the pumps and all the pipelines.
Now the left wants pipelines shut down everywhere.
Well, now they're just showing you.
Oh, nebulous hackers did it.
Oh, and Russia's behind it.
With no evidence at all.
But all over the country, no gas or big lines where there is gas.
And I told you, there'll be almost no gas this summer.
So you're gonna stay put regardless.
See how it works?
Learnin' how that happens?
What did I say when Biden stole the election January 20th?
I said, get ready for rolling power outages and gas shortages.
That's a plan.
We're under military attack.
You cut the power off from an enemy.
You dissolve their borders.
You bankrupt their treasury.
You devalue it.
People keep wondering, how does Jones know?
I mean, I cut all those reports.
I just said, the power will be cut off one way or another.
I said last week, they're going to claim hackers shut down
Gas pipelines!
You go find the video!
And people ask, how the hell do you know that?
Because they wrote a big John Hopkins report, and Klaus Schwab says, next is gonna be the hack attack, it'll be bigger than COVID!
And the same damn people run that!
This ain't hard!
I'd give it about a 95% chance the globals did the pipeline shutdown.
5% chance somebody got pissed they shut down Keystone inside and is doing that to show everybody the dependence on pipelines.
95% it's globalist.
5% chance that I'm wrong.
It was done by people pissed off with the Keystone being shut down to show people how dependent we are.
But see, that's in a logical world you'd do that and then maybe we'll understand.
But no, there's no logic here.
The left want to be homeless.
They want their children brain damaged.
They want to be dead.
Everybody I know that went and got the vaccine had strokes or heart attacks.
They love it, they tell me.
Or their kids died.
They're in the news.
Oh, my kid died.
You know, it's a wonderful thing.
It's a happy thing.
That's how all this crap works, ladies and gentlemen.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
And on from there.
Hey guys, I just hit my wireless headset and knocked my audio off and I forget how this works.
It's got a lot of settings.
Somebody come in here and just take this little beauty for me and punch it up where it works.
Thank you so much.
Now, it's right there on the end of the table.
I can bring it to you if you'd like.
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Thank you.
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They want the whole system shut down.
They want it shut down now so you're bankrupt so you go on universal guaranteed income.
Which won't buy you anything.
Less people working.
More scarcity, less products, more money chasing it.
You're under economic attack.
And until you blame Biden and the globalists of the New World Order and Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates, they're going to keep doing it.
They've learned they can attack you and you don't even know what hit you.
You could have 2,000 dead in Chicago.
They don't talk about that.
But five die over here.
We've got to take your guns.
Because the depth of logic where we say that men are women and women are men and we're going to cut little boys' genitals off and it's liberal, it's not
Male genital mutilation or female genital mutilation because they think we have no sense.
They're assaulting us.
They're attacking us.
So thank you all for your support.
I know my Patriots smart.
They've expanded out even once the COVID fear went by because they knew it's going to cause a global breakdown.
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I don't just tell you this for fun!
I don't just tell you they launched an attack from Wuhan so the FBI puts me in jail!
You think I want to die?
You think I like the feds following me around?
No, but I gotta do this because these are killers!
So tell everybody you know about the show.
Tell everybody about other broadcasts that tell the truth.
And all you idiots and big tech that sign on to all this Satanism, you're fools.
It's never too late to turn back though.
We'll be right back with hour number four.
We're going to get into big breaking news over in France where, to be honest, France could become the first European country to resemble a third world style failed state.
As a result of its complete failure to integrate mass hordes of mainly Islamist immigrants and of course the quote anti-racism movement which seeks to tear down everything that makes France France, its entire identity, in a bid to dissolve the country.
That's not what I'm saying, that's what top military active service members are saying right now in France.
We had an initial letter
Which was signed by 20 retired generals a couple of weeks ago, which we featured here on this broadcast.
Now that was followed up by active duty members of the French military, people who have fought in the most hardcore destinations, locations in the world against Islamist militants, coming out and saying that France is being subsumed, its national identity is being crucified on the altar of globalism, on the altar of political correctness, on the altar of anti-racism.
And basically the government responded by saying they're going to be investigated, they're going to be court-martialed, they're going to be named, shamed and humiliated.
So we're going to get into that and the backlash from that and what it truly means in the next segment.
But first we're going to start off with the gracious announcement.
And again, I'm so grateful to the government
For allowing us.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
From Monday the 17th of May, this coming Monday, the British government has said that they will allow us, they will permit us, to hug our own family members.
And this apparently is a great revelation to many people who, if you believe it, haven't hugged their own family members or friends for over a year.
Even though the government literally never outlined that it was a rule or a law that you weren't allowed to hug your family member or your friend, even during the harshest coronavirus lockdown period, apparently now it was a law, even though it wasn't.
And the government is giving us yet another juicy carrot because we've been so well behaved.
We've obeyed their every pedantic mandate to the T.
The opinion polls show that 80% plus of the British public support all the lockdowns.
They say the lockdowns weren't harsh enough.
Maybe we should have been put under literal house arrest with GPS electronic tagging bracelets attached to our legs.
Literally, there was a poll which said that 20% of the public wanted that.
But the government will allow us to hug our friends and family from Monday because
Apparently nobody's even seen their friends and family for the best part of the year, aside from the few months that they graciously afforded us in summer.
Absolutely incredible.
What's more chilling is not the fact that the government and now the state broadcast to the BBC, which I'm going to get onto in a minute, is
Openly describing how, when, in what scenario, in what way you can hug your own family member.
That's not the most chilling aspect of it.
The most chilling aspect of it is the fact that millions of Brits will have refrained from hugging their own family members inside their own houses because the government said it wasn't allowed, or because the media hinted it wasn't allowed, even though they never even made that rule in the first place.
Absolutely incredible.
Can you imagine parents whose kids are, whatever, away at university, maybe working in a different city, who they haven't seen for the best part of a year, actually making the decision to not hug their own children because the pedantic Conservative government, Conservative in name only government, said that it was not allowed while wearing their face masks, which
The coronavirus particle itself is a thousand times smaller than the face mask.
While obeying all these rules, you'd be surprised how many people have obeyed these rules.
I'm going to get into a couple of clips here.
The headline from the article on summit.news is Government Doctors Warn Brits Against Hugging Even After Restrictions Lifted.
Oh yeah, all the restrictions are supposed to be lifted on June 21st, by the way, even though they've literally said in two dozen different scenarios, contexts, none of the restrictions will be lifted.
It's been BS from the start.
The government and medical experts are urging Brits to be cautious when hugging other people, even after lockdown measures are eased next week.
From May 17th, Brits will be permitted by the government, in all their gracious infinite wisdom, to meet with a total of six people indoors!
Six people!
However, despite being legally allowed to congregate inside for the first time in nearly six months, rules on close contact and hugging have remained largely undefined.
They were never defined in the first place.
Let's go to the first clip.
Which is a doctor, Dr. Hilary Jones, Dr. Schillery Jones, as he's also known, on one of Britain's most watched morning TV shows, Good Morning Britain, saying that people still need to be cautious about hugging one another, even though there are virtually now zero COVID deaths on a day-to-day basis in the United Kingdom.
Let's go to the first clip.
Dr. Schillery Jones, here it is.
What's the increased risk of transmission?
Oh, I mean, biologically it's quite substantial.
If you're in hugging range and you're touching somebody and your face is right next to theirs, you're going to be breathing the breath that they're exhaling.
The virus is transmitted through aerosol droplets, so the risk is much higher.
Now, Professor Noakes has said, and she's part of SAGE, the group for emergencies, scientific advisory group, she's saying that actually, she's worried, that she's saying that hugs should be selective.
They should be short, they should be selective.
Hug your children!
Hug your grandchildren.
Not promiscuous hugs we're not talking about here.
Not hugging everybody.
Why did he look at you?
Every time you turn to me and use words like that.
I was just including you in the conversation.
There was absolutely no other reason.
I do like a cuddle and occasionally the sniff of a neck just to check someone's signature scent.
There you go.
But it could be more dangerous than, you know, just keeping a distance and being sensible.
But no, it's great.
Hugs actually have a benefit.
They have a benefit in health in terms of, forget the aerosol transmission of viruses for a moment, there's all sorts of things that happen.
So you release oxytocin that we talked about earlier.
These are the comforting
I'm happy talking about hugging, just not actual hugging.
Yeah, so the happy hormones are released, you feel more relaxed, you feel calm.
Anxiety diminishes, depression diminishes.
So getting close and touching is something that a lot of people have touched
So you notice
That we went from, back in March 2020, three weeks to protect the NHS.
They said, we just need to lock down for three weeks, maybe a month, to protect the NHS.
Stop it being overwhelmed.
Fast forward 14, 15 months later, and it's literally the government and the state broadcaster, which I'm going to get onto, defining how and when you can hug your own family members within your own private residence.
That's how far we've come.
And this is supposed to be in an environment when restrictions are being eased.
They're literally telling you how you can hug your friends and family inside your own home.
And they do the polls and 80% of the public says, yes, that's completely reasonable.
Why are we even talking about it when the vast majority of the population love being told by the state when and how they can hug their own family members?
Then notice you get
The example you saw there with the female presenter and many of the op-eds that have been written in newspapers over the past few days of people saying, oh, I always hated hugging people anyway.
So this is good.
This is government.
This is good that the government tells us that we can't properly hug our own family members yet.
Yeah, they're psychopaths, they're sociopaths who hate humanity, who hate themselves.
That's why they hate hugging people.
They don't want any close contact.
They've loved this entire lockdown throughout the whole gamut of it.
And they want it to continue indefinitely.
We're going to get onto that in the next segment.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
Can you imagine if they'd have conducted a poll around 18 months ago asking the British public, do you think the government should have the right, should have the power to decide how many people are allowed to enter your home as guests or how you're allowed to behave around them in terms of physical embracing, in terms of hugging?
I would hope that that would literally be 99% who would say, no, that's a complete abuse of power, that's totalitarianism.
Oh, but the coronavirus happened.
We had polls after that, as recently as last summer, which found that
The average Brit thought coronavirus had killed 225 times more people than it actually did.
And that's why there's now a complete flip and 80% of people support these kind of ridiculous, absurd, totalitarian measures.
Because they've been so terrorised for the past 15 months with the idea that this virus is literally laying waste to the population.
When, for example,
I'm going to get offered the jab, the vaccine, within the next couple of weeks.
They're offering it to over 35s the next couple of weeks.
No, I'm not taking it.
I've got a greater risk of being killed by the blood clot that I have a chance of getting from the vaccine than coronavirus itself.
So no, I'm not taking your vaccine ever.
I don't care what kind of restrictions you impose on people who don't take it.
Now, of course, we have basically the coronavirus tax, which is you have to pay for these PCR tests, which are notoriously unreliable, to leave the country, to go on holiday, for example, in my case, to visit my parents in Spain.
Upwards of £150 per test.
So again, that is a tax on people who don't take the vaccine.
It's not about encouraging people to take the vaccine.
We had a clip last week of Trevor Noah expressing his amazement at how people were being discouraged from taking the vaccine because in America they're still telling people who take the vaccine to wear their masks.
To maintain social distancing, that they will still be tested for coronavirus, that they will still have all the same restrictions imposed on them, even if they've taken the vaccine.
It was never about encouraging more people to take the vaccine.
It was about punishing and identifying and segregating the people who refused to take the vaccine.
And why that is, is a whole different debate.
But it gets very interesting when you see, when you learn about some of these side effects.
That young women are having as a result of this vaccine in particular.
Meanwhile, we literally have the government and the state broadcaster here in the UK telling us that we can't hug our own family members.
Or if we do, we have to be very cautious about it.
Absolutely absurd to the nth degree.
Delling Paul writes for Breitbart, BBC expert gives advice on how to hug safely.
So it's not just the government, it's the state broadcaster.
Remember, this was the same BBC that put out an article around a year ago, literally telling people that when they have sex with their partners, they should wear a face mask.
They literally published an article on the BBC website saying that when you have sex with your girlfriend, you need to wear a face mask.
Yeah, that actually happened.
Well now they've issued some expert advice on how to hug your granny without killing her, writes James Delingpole.
According to Catherine Noakes, a specialist in airborne infections at the University of Leeds, which is not noticed as being one of the top universities, the secret is to hug in moderation, turn your face away slightly, and always bear in mind the risk you are taking because you are very close to their breath at that moment.
Well, how about we bear in mind the risk that we're taking even if, for example, myself as somebody under the age of 40 gets the coronavirus and still has a 99.8% chance of surviving it.
And then even within those figures, you have to account for obesity and several other comorbidities.
Why don't we account for that?
Why don't we account for the fact that the COVID-19 virus particle is a thousand times smaller than that stupid face mask that you're wearing to signal your virtue?
How about we account for that?
How about we have a little risk assessment here?
And on the subject of masks, again we have Fauci yesterday coming out and saying that
Mask mandates could last indefinitely to fight the flu.
We've had several other esteemed health experts, denizens of the new scientific dictatorship that we're all supposed to obey, saying that no, the mask mandates may end temporarily over the summer, but they're just going to be brought back to fight the flu, because the flu apparently has completely disappeared, and it totally wasn't being counted as COVID.
In order to inflate the statistics and the numbers to terrorise the American people even more.
That never happened!
It just disappeared!
The flu's gone!
But it's only going to remain gone if you remain muzzled in that face nappy.
I got in a lift or an elevator as Americans would call it the other day.
Here in the building and it was a young woman who had just gone out to get her lunch.
Evidently she wasn't wearing a face mask and she was waiting for the lift to come down with a man who presumably she didn't know and he was wearing a face mask.
He was the typical, you know, dysgenic soy boy.
And he was about to get into a lift with this woman, but there's a rule that you're not supposed to get into a lift with other people because we're all toxic virus spreaders, despite the fact that literally in London there are zero COVID deaths whatsoever.
But the dysgenic soy boy was quick to reassure the woman, don't worry, I'm wearing a face mask.
So of course what I did was got in the lift before both of them.
Without a face mask, forcing them to both get in the lift with me and then make little snidey comments to one another about how I'd ruined their little tryst, their little safety exercise because of the dysgenic soy boy was wearing a face mask.
So then when he got out of the lift on the 10th floor or whatever, and I remained in the lift with the young woman, she literally pulled up her blouse over her nose like I had
BO or had let off a massive fart in the elevator.
That is the level of absurdity that we have right now.
She literally looked at me like I was the virus incarnate because I dared to get into an elevator without a face mask when there are zero deaths happening in London, even if you believe the grossly exaggerated myth that is the big coronavirus threat.
So it's going to continue indefinitely.
And during his appearance on Meet the Press, Dr Fauci was asked when Americans could take the masks off, given that even the CDC is now advising vaccinated Americans that they can remove the face coverings when outside.
But he basically said, no, we have a flu season coming back and people are going to have to mask up once again because we can fight the deadly flu.
But as Tom Papper points out at National File, Fauci contradicted one of his own claims elsewhere within the same interview.
The very next question appeared to exemplify an inconsistency, as Chuck Todd proceeded to ask if Americans could finally let their guard down as he claims they did in May of 2020.
Todd's question would seem to indicate that 2020 saw the spread of COVID-19 because of the lack of adherence to COVID-19 precautions like social distancing, lockdowns and mask wearing, only seconds after Fauci suggested that the 2020 flu season was greatly diminished because of social distancing, lockdowns and mask wearing.
Yeah, so apparently it ended the flu and yeah it made the Covid spike exponentially worse.
Makes no sense whatsoever.
We'll be right back, don't go away.
And we are back and we are now going to go to this video which is an explainer of why active duty military in France are now warning President Macron that France is potentially heading for a civil war.
Could France be the first European example
Where mass uncontrolled immigration combined with the dual threat to the identity of the nation of this quote anti-racism movement which topples the statues which tears apart the fabric of society.
Could that lead to France being the first European example of a third world style failed state?
We're going to go to this video and then we're going to talk about the reaction to this letter after this clip.
Here it is.
Huge news out of France where active duty military personnel are now warning the government that civil war is on the horizon.
The controversy began last month when a group of retired military generals wrote a letter to President Macron.
They told Macron that the twin threats of the homeland-hating, statue-toppling, anti-racism movement and France's fractured, unintegrated immigrant populations were coalescing.
Consolidating around an agenda to subvert the nation-state and allow Islamist factions to gain pockets of control.
Almost like they've been using Michel Welbeck's 2015 novel Submission as an instruction manual.
A recent poll found that the majority of French people thought the country was headed towards civil war.
Now active duty military service members are echoing the same warning, while chastising the government for treating the retired generals as extremists.
In an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron, published by the French magazine Valeurs Actuelles on Sunday, the servicemen whose names were not disclosed noted that the nation's elders are fighters who deserve to be respected.
For example, there are those elderly servicemen whose honour you have trampled in recent weeks.
There are thousands of French servants who signed an open letter with common sense,
Soldiers who gave their best years defending our freedom.
You treated them like rebels, although their only fault is that they love their country and mourn its apparent fall.
The military members further warned that hatred for France and its history is becoming the norm.
They also said that violence in our towns and villages is becoming commonplace.
They warned the government, quote,
A civil war is brewing in France, and you know that perfectly well.
They also literally said that the survival of the country was at stake.
France has much feared Banlieue as a high-rise suburb surrounding major cities where law and order has all but broken down.
Police, ambulance and fire crews are attacked.
If they try to enter the area.
Whenever authorities have violent confrontations with criminals, migrant populations react by rioting for days or even weeks on end.
Not even the omnipresent force that is coronavirus lockdown restrictions could be fully imposed on such areas.
Meanwhile, although seemingly on the decline in other European countries,
Islamist terror attacks continue to be a routine occurrence in France.
Last year, teacher Samuel Paty was beheaded by a boat migrant who arrived in France as a refugee.
And how did one French ambassador respond?
By saying that France is now a Muslim country.
Intellectuals like Eric Zemmour have called for France's no-go zones to be reconquered by force, by the military.
That's how dire the situation has become.
Of course, according to the media, none of this exists and no-go zones are just one giant conspiracy theory.
In France, an average of two churches are vandalised or set on fire every single day.
But Notre Dame was totally an accident.
Algerians in Paris like to celebrate football victories by tearing down Charles de Gaulle statues and attacking people in the streets.
But I'm sure they can be totally integrated.
Violent attacks on Jews and Christians continue to rise.
Yet who did the police routinely and savagely beat up for months on end?
Yellow vest protesters.
Who do French authorities prosecute for hate speech?
The very people warning about all this.
France is likely to be the first European example where mass uncontrolled immigration leads to a third world style failed state.
Unless Marine Le Pen can stage a last minute intervention by defeating President Macron in next year's presidential election.
Remember to subscribe to the channel.
New videos every day.
Now, after this letter was released and was published by the French news outlet, over 220,000 of the French public signed on to it, supporting the open letter.
Now, let's get this clear.
We had the first letter, the initial letter, which was signed by 20 retired military generals back in April last month.
That caused some waves.
This has caused even more, because this is active duty military in France.
And they're part of the younger generation of soldiers.
This is from a Zero Hedge article entitled, New Military Letter Warning of Civil War in France Gains Over 220,000 Signatures.
This is part of the younger generation of soldiers who have served in Afghanistan, Mali and the Central African Republic or joined domestic anti-terrorism operations.
And boy, is that a busy job in France!
Because again, as I point out in the video, unlike other European countries where Islamic terror attacks kind of declined over the past couple of years, in France it's a routine occurrence, the beheading of the teacher, the beheading of the women outside of Nice Cathedral.
The attacks on police that happen on a regular basis.
It hasn't stopped in France because Islamists have gained pockets of control and then they protect the violent criminals, they protect the terrorists, they don't integrate into society.
They don't even follow, oh my god, they don't follow COVID-19 lockdown rules.
Surely that will cause the government to go in and sort it out, right?
Because that's obviously the most important thing.
But the people warning about this social dislocation, this literal civil war in France that's on the horizon, a fought in all these deadly countries where Islamist militants have gained a foothold.
So this goes beyond
You know, retired right-wing military generals from 30, 40 years ago.
These are literally people who are fighting in the Central African Republic, in Mali, in Afghanistan.
They're in their 20s.
They're fighting against Islamic militants and they're seeing that in many cases they are being brought into France, being brought into the EU as part of the, quote, refugee wave.
And then what did we see in France?
Last October, the beheading of the teacher Samuel Patti, again for showing Charlie Hebdo offensive cartoons in a classroom.
Who was responsible for that beheading?
It was a Tunisian boat migrant who arrived on the Mediterranean island of Lampedusa back a month before the beheading took place.
By the way, there are thousands of these migrants, these boat migrants arriving in Italy right now, over the past couple of weeks.
Many, many such cases in France where these refugees have gone on directly to commit atrocities, terror attacks in France.
In fact, the majority of the Paris massacre terrorists came into the country disguising themselves amongst the refugee wave.
The guy who was one of the chief masterminds behind the Paris terrorist attack, the Paris massacre that killed hundreds of people,
Abdeslam, Salar Abdeslam, again arrived on the refugee wave.
Then he inverted, he subverted himself into these banlieus into Brussels, Belgium, particularly Molenbeek, where we were sent as a film crew back in 2015 and literally got chased out of the area by Islamists.
He was hidden in that disjointed, dislocated community in Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium, after slipping through the border from France, because there is no border, for three months minimum.
And the police were fearful to go into that area because, as in France, with these banlieues, with these high-rise ghetto suburbs on the edge of major cities, whenever police go in, whenever ambulance crews go in, whenever fire crews go in, they get attacked, they literally get rocks pelted at them by the local population.
So it's no surprise that it took them months and months to literally arrest one of the chief masterminds and perpetrators of the Paris Massacre, even though he was literally, you know, a hundred miles away in Brussels, Belgium, from Paris, France.
So when these military members, when these active duty military members warn about what they've seen in Mali, in the Central African Republic, and indeed domestically, this is why it's important.
And in the next segment, I'm going to go on to explain how this has been completely dismissed by the French government, by potential presidents in the next French election, in the next segment.
This is the Summit News Hour.
Summit.News, don't go away.
So we had the initial letter from 20 retired military generals in France last month warning President Macron of a civil war in that country.
And now this has been escalated to the point where active duty military service members are basically echoing the same sentiment.
But their active duty, their young, they call them the fire generation, they've served recently in actual Islamist hellholes in Africa, in the Middle East.
But how did the French government react to this letter?
First of all, what did the letter say?
Signed again by active duty military personnel who remained anonymous, precisely because the French government vowed to prosecute the previous retired military generals who wrote the first letter.
They said, quote, a civil war is brewing in France and you know it perfectly well.
This is directly addressed to the president of the country.
The military members warned, adding that the French government must take swift action to ensure, quote, the survival of our country.
So how did the French government react?
They tried to dismiss this as some fringe extremist belief by right-wing zealots, despite the fact that they already had a poll based off of the first letter written by the retired generals, which showed that 58% of the French public agreed that the country is headed towards civil war.
So it's very easy to write this off as some disgruntled individuals within the military, these right-wingers they claim, who they say have taken the military hostage, politicising the military as they shouldn't do.
But when they took it to the French population, the majority of the French population thinks the country is headed for civil war.
That is massive.
That is a massive number.
But how did the French government react to the second letter?
Well, we have the headline here on summit.news.
French Interior Minister mocks letter that warns Macron of civil war.
This is French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin, who mocked the letter signed by active duty military personnel that warned Macron of civil war consuming the country.
Why did he mock it?
Because he said basically, oh, it's been signed by 229,000 people.
It means nothing.
He doesn't understand how an open letter works.
The initial letter was released, signed anonymously by active duty military service members via Actuelle Versailles, which is the French publication that released the initial letter as well.
So the initial letter was released by these active duty military personnel.
It was then supported within 24 hours by almost a quarter of a million French people.
But then they tried to use that and say, well, if a quarter of a million people have signed on to this letter, they can't all be active duty military members, right?
No, that's not how an open letter works.
It's signed, it's legitimized, it's authenticated by the original authors, which then leave it open for whoever they like.
To enlist their advocacy, their support for the open letter.
That's the concept of an open letter.
And this idiotic French Interior Minister, Dormanin, apparently doesn't understand that basic, simple concept.
And as I write in the article, Jelaine Maxwell could sign the letter.
She's French, right?
But it still wouldn't change the fact that it represents a serious warning to Macron's administration that should be treated soberly, not childishly mocked.
Again, I point to the poll.
The majority of French people agree, agree with these individuals within the military who have signed this letter warning of civil war because of the anti-racism movement, tearing down, toppling statues, hating France, hating everything it stands for, and then aligning
With these Islamists who have created these pockets of unruly control within the banlios, within the ghettos, within the outer areas of the cities, where law enforcement fears to tread.
And they've created their own parallel legal system.
That's a big problem, because if you get enough of those areas, they end up taking over the entire city.
This mimics Michel Welbeck's 2015 book, Submission, which was published on the day of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.
Which predicted this very scenario, that Islamists would gain enough pockets of control because of their being empowered by the anti-racism leftists, the far left, and being empowered by the government with its complete inaction, that they would not only take over certain areas, that they would then become enough of a nuisance that there would need to be an Islamist political party
To literally enter into government as a coalition with the far left and say, oh, because this is such a big problem, we can keep the violent Islamists in control, under control, just give us power within the government.
That scenario laid out in his work of fiction six years ago is actually now unfolding in France.
The military members are warning about it and the government's reaction is just to scoff, dismiss and laugh at them.
Well France has a presidential election next year and we'll see, given those polls that show the majority of French people support the sentiment expressed in this letter, we'll see how well that translates mocking and laughing at the people warning about this.
Meanwhile the socialist presidential candidate in France was more direct with his response to the letter.
Headline socialist presidential candidate vows to purge French military after letter warning of civil war.
This is
Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who, by the way, came fourth in the 2017 French presidential election, and he reacted to the letter by saying he would purge the military of these dissidents if he is elected president in next year's election.
He labelled the issue an exceptionally serious situation and asserted that the military should not allow factions to politicise it.
He said, quote, If I am elected President of the Republic, these crimes will not go unpunished.
I intend to purge the army of the factions.
So he's literally saying he will identify, root out the dissenters and kick them out of the military and then, you know, set an example for everyone else.
So the government is mocking it.
Mellon Shum, the far-left candidate who has a chance of winning in 2022, is saying he will tackle it head-on by purging the military.
Then we have this comment which is even more interesting from Michel Barnier.
Now he is what they term a centrist or a moderate in terms of European politics.
You could even call him a globalist.
He negotiated the Brexit deal on behalf of the EU with the United Kingdom
And now Michel Barnier, the ultimate centrist moderate neoliberal politician, is calling for a three to five year suspension of immigration into the EU.
That's a complete moratorium on all immigration entering the EU for three to five years.
And this is a moderate saying this.
This is a huge story.
Michel Barnier has called for a three to five year suspension of immigration into EU countries, warning that the bloc's external borders have become a sieve for criminals and terrorists.
He said, quote, I think we have to take the time for three or five years to suspend immigration.
Now, when you've got countries that literally allow in per year hundreds of thousands of immigrants every single year, not just from other EU countries, but from the rest of the world,
For a centrist moderate politician to come forward and say that's it, it's done.
We need to pause it for at least three to five years.
That is a huge story.
However, while making this point, Barnier asserted that the controls wouldn't apply to refugees because we can't discriminate against the precious refugees.
Again, despite the fact, as I talked about earlier, there are numerous cases in France of, quote, refugees carrying out direct terror attacks against the French population, including the beheading of the school teacher back in October last year, and including the Paris massacre itself.
So if it doesn't include, as was Trump's policy, quote, refugees from countries which had been associated with terrorism on numerous occasions, including Syria, Afghanistan, and the like,
Then it's not a moratorium on immigration at all.
In fact, Barnier made the point that it's about stopping criminal human traffickers and it's about stopping terrorists.
It's not going to stop terrorists if you allow for refugees, because terrorists time and time again have proven to exploit the refugee wave to insert themselves into Europe and carry out mass casualty terror attacks.
It's happened at least a dozen times in major European countries over the past five years.
Meanwhile, the New York Times reports in this final story a misleading CDC number.
They admit that the Centers for Disease Control said that less than 10% of COVID-19 transmissions were occurring outdoors.
Now even the New York Times is admitting that not only is the number below 1%, that it's below 0.1% according to top epidemiologists.
Americans in numerous major cities, not in Texas, not in South Dakota, not in Florida, where they've had a drastic drop in coronavirus cases and deaths.
Americans are still wearing masks outdoors, in the open air, to virtue signal about what good people they are, despite the fact that less than 0.1% of COVID transmissions occurred outdoors.
Absolutely absurd, ridiculous and incredible.
That's going to wrap it up for Summit News Hour.
Coming up next is War Room Summit.News.
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