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Name: 20210510_Mon_Alex
Air Date: May 10, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses tyranny, mainstream media cover-ups, government misinformation, COVID-19, Dr. Fauci's alleged involvement with gain-of-function research, China's role in global politics, and financial troubles facing InfoWars. He encourages listeners to stay informed, prepare themselves with high-quality storable food, and support InfoWars. Jones also discusses the manipulation of science by funders, the importance of questioning as part of scientific inquiry, and the need for fact-based education. He promotes "Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement" and TurboForce, asking for financial support from listeners to continue their work.

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World War Three has begun.
World War Three began in December of the year 2019.
COVID-19 symbolizes World War Three on humanity 2019.
All of these words are code words used by the globalists.
They talk about eradicating the virus.
They mean eradicating you.
They talk about getting the virus under control.
They're talking about you.
When they talk about this crisis is going to go on a long time till we've saved the earth and cut the carbon from humans down to zero.
You exhale carbon dioxide.
That means kill everyone on earth.
And when Bill Gates said that at TED Talk, they erupted in laughter because they're on the inside club.
They don't mean themselves.
They mean you.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
While gullible Americans fight a war with each other based on lies...
And those lies poison the democratic process that is coming apart at the seams.
In Portland, these people riot every night.
They go, they get their mug shot, and then they get put right back on the street to do it again.
That's what we don't want.
What we want to say is, you know the difference between going out and doing First Amendment stuff, which obviously we all support, it's part of being American.
The minute you harm somebody else,
Or you harm somebody's property or you do those types of things.
The only way we're going to put a stop to it is to have very swift penalties for it.
And I was speaking to this young person from Arizona who's trying to fight SB 1070.
And he grabbed a book and he said, it's like Mal's Red Book.
And I was like, man, that's what I was thinking.
If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it, alright?
And I could be speaking figuratively, I could be speaking literally, it's a matter of interpretation.
COVID-19, Dr. Fauci's gain-of-function research biological weapon, was just the beginning.
But what you have to ask Dr. Fauci is, why did he, in overseeing these labs, allow gain-of-function?
Why is he allowing labs to get government money to upgrade animal viruses so they can infect humans?
It does boggle your mind that Anthony Fauci continued to apparently fund gain-of-function research and cooperate with the Wuhan lab, knowing he had no full weld of the Wuhan lab.
Just about any organization in China is connected to the
The lie director is an incredibly powerful political weapon used by totalitarian regimes, but the big lie is out there and the people who are one way or the other captive
According to a document obtained by the U.S.
State Department and first reported by the investigative journalism of The Australian, 18 Chinese People's Liberation Army scientists and health officials examined the weaponization of SARS viruses five years before the COVID-19 pandemic.
Predicting a third world war would be fought with biological weapons.
In an update to the document in 2018, published in numerous international publications, the Chinese military scientists had found 4 new pathogens and 10 new bacteria, while more than 1,640 new viruses were discovered using metagenomics technology.
The document claims that bioweapons will be the core weapon for victory in a third world war,
And then goes on to lay out the ideal conditions to release a bioweapon and cause maximum damage, stating that the bioweapon should be released at night, or at dawn, dusk, or under cloudy weather with a stable wind direction so that the aerosol can float into the target area, resulting in a surge of hospital treatment, causing the enemy's medical system to collapse.
An exhausted medical system already tested under COVID-19 and ultimately overseen by the Chinese ally, the World Health Organization.
John Bowne reporting.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Monday, May 10th.
The year is 2021 and everything we've told you is gonna be unfolding is now unfolding.
Even mainstream news is admitting that we are basically already in a covert war with Communist China.
World War III began in late 2019 when Bill Gates, Fauci, and the other globalist cohorts launched the bio-attack against America and President Trump.
They must go to prison.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this Live Monday broadcast.
May 10th, 2021.
Man, I am telling you, I'm so prepared for this broadcast, I'm so ready.
But I don't know if the general public's ready.
I don't know if the general public is in a trance.
I don't know if the general public wants to die.
I don't know if the general public wants to live.
But I know I do.
And I know that I'm aware of what's going on.
And I understand what's happening, and I know how to beat these people.
I've studied their philosophy, their ways,
How these globalists operate.
And I'm going to do my best.
To lay all of this out for you.
But I can't do it right now.
I got too angry at the start of the show.
I've learned to control my anger.
I'll control it right now.
And I've got a lot of really important special reports right here for everybody.
That's what we're going to air here today.
And I'm going to try to restart the show at the next segment.
I'll do the best job I can.
I'll tell you.
You know, we don't just sit up here on this show and rattle stuff off.
The public really is being attacked by a fear weapon.
And the public really is being exterminated by these so-called vaccines.
And that's all a real thing.
And we do have obviously the giant news of the Communist Chinese and what is unfolding there right now.
And how that's all coming out and exactly what's going on with that.
Because I don't want to aid and abet the Globalist.
I want to accurately tell you specifically what is unfolding and what is happening.
Because it's very specific.
And I figured it out.
In fact, I even predicted it.
And if people can simply understand the philosophy of the globalists, we can turn this around, and we can stop it.
But if we don't get conscious, and don't get aware, and don't turn our minds on,
Then we are obsolete and we will be killed.
And it's really that simple.
And so to cover little side issues that are all very interesting and all very entertaining is destructive.
Because then people fill their minds with all of this confetti instead of the real central move that's going on and who the power structures of the world are and what those power bases are doing.
And the fact that there are different factions inside the New World Order who want the systems of control but don't want different camps to have control.
And so that's why you see
The schizophrenic type machinations that are unfolding.
So I'm going to try again when we come back to come out of the gates and lay this out.
But let me do something really important right up front here at the beginning of the transmission so that we can stay on air.
So we can get that job done.
If I could have an overhead shot right here, that would be grand.
Thank you.
Prices are rising everywhere you look.
Our precious CNN is very gleeful over that.
They also tell you you're going to have a third less gasoline in you this summer.
Again, their plan to destroy us is going quite nicely.
Higher prices leave consumers feeling the pinch.
Wall Street Journal.
What will you do when inflation forces households to spend 40% of their incomes on food?
Zero hedge.
declares a state of emergency to keep gasoline flowing after Colonial fails to restart hacked pipeline.
The U.S.
Why gas prices are already spiking, not why they're going to be spiking soon.
Automakers are ditching high-tech features amidst unprecedented semi-shortage.
But don't worry, Bezos has his new 417-foot yacht, superyacht.
It's a testament to the K-shaped recovery.
I'm explaining why that's so important, not that we're envious of nice things.
That's what a complex economy has in it, but because they are getting richer while we are getting poorer, and that's not a good system.
We're going to be looking at that coming up.
And what am I getting at here right now?
Well, what I'm getting at here is that it's a fact that if you pay billions of people to stay home and not work,
That then productivity falls all over the world and people at a subsistence level, who are already paying 50 to 70% of what they earn on food or medicine, dying.
And then those of us here in the West becoming very, very poor and sliding down towards where they are.
And that's what the Great Reset is.
That's the plan.
Depopulation by any means.
And they've done a fabulous job.
Tens of millions extra starved to death the last 16 months.
We're good to go.
You beat the inflation, it's already here and much worse obviously coming.
And you have, again, food for you and your family.
They have three months, six months, your supply.
They have a lot of different spectrums of combinations.
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We've got generators, we've got everything because we know the post-industrial world is here.
And if we're not successful turning this around, it's just going to get worse.
Because that's how you control people in the future is you take everything they've got away from them to bring them to their knees.
It's very simple.
It's called feudalism.
It's called serfdom.
It's called siege.
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And we told you a year ago, plus this was all coming with the global lockdown.
It's their admitted plan.
All right, we'll be back with the most important news in the world.
It's Monday, May 10th.
The year is 2021.
I have a tendency to give you all the data and give you all the background and then give you the summation if I ever get to it.
So let me here on the Alex Jones Show today at 1120 Central Standard Time give you the big news.
Now, you know last week on day one I said, I think this is about Bill Gates getting ready to go down for being involved in COVID-19 and the poison vaccines, the fact that he's so hated, and that the Jeffrey Epstein information, he's being blackmailed with that information for pedophilia.
This is all a giant blackmail war.
Well, that's in the Wall Street Journal today.
Next week's news today, next year's news today,
And so much of this is my own wide-spectrum research, and then my analysis, and then pieces of data that are already available to then project forward into the future to understand the most probable reason for something.
Now, that was speculation, but I was right.
This is gonna be a very nasty divorce, and the split is real.
And Gates is in a lot of trouble.
But there's something much, much bigger here.
So, I raised that not to go, oh look, we were right again.
I raised that so that when I tell you what I'm about to tell you, you understand, this is not speculation.
The summation I'm about to tell you
Is not my opinion, but is based on absolute decades of intense research.
And the fact that the globalists operate like you're an idiot, like they're awake and you're asleep, and it's like your parents are talking in the front of the car and they think you're asleep in the back of the car because you wake up on that road trip and you hear the most incredible conversation.
That's happened to most of us, hasn't it?
Well, see, I'm like a kid asleep in the back of the car where the globals are talking in the front seat.
I've heard the whole thing.
In fact, once, literally, I was in the back seat of the car when my mom was talking to one of her friends that worked with a three-letter agency.
They were talking about all the DMT and stuff, but that's a separate issue.
I've told that story before, but that's a figurative issue.
When I say it's like being asleep in the back of the car and you wake up and hear the conversation.
I've been watching these people and tracking them and how they operate and they've got a philosophy and an art form to what they do and the people you see at the front level of this, the Joe Bidens, the Hillary Clintons,
They are high level, but they're not in the policy making actual decision level.
There's a level above them that basically manipulates all these different powerful forces against each other in a dialectic.
And of course, philosopher Hegel, the German philosopher, did not invent the dialectic.
He just codified it into a term of what he called the dialectic.
Dialectics very, very simple.
Bruce Jenner is a total globalist front man of the deep state.
He reads off a script.
He's an actor.
He's paid to do what he does.
He dresses up as a one trick pony in a dress or in a big bird outfit and
Says, oh, I don't think we should have boys and girls sports.
That's not fair.
And then when he wants illegal aliens and open borders and gun control, we'll accept him because, oh, he doesn't want men and girls sports.
That is a dialectic, a form of a dialectic.
The alien dialectic has a lot of the subgroups, but
There's problem, reaction, solution.
There's also what you could call the Obergin window in a Hegelian perspective of, oh, we want convicted pedophiles to come visit with your children at public school and bounce them on their knee and have men in the showers with little girls and have men and women sports dominating it.
And he's like, no, no, we'll just take your guns and have open borders.
And men will say they're women.
We're like, oh, you're our savior.
You see, that's dialectic.
So they moved you way over here with, oh, we're going to rape your children and world government and Satanism.
And he's like, no, no, no, we're just, men are just going to be women and we're going to have open borders and take your guns.
We're like, oh, then Sean Hannity and all the Republicans is sycophantically endorse Bruce Jenner.
And it's not even a judgment on a dude wanting to wear a dress.
It's the fact that he's a front man to confuse everybody and to be the smokescreen for sterilizing little boys and little girls and cutting their genitals off.
And that's what this movement is.
And this is a leering, snapping turtle creature that is the front of it.
So obviously I'm not getting to the big, gigantic news this segment.
And again, it's not that I'm even building this up to keep people listening segment to segment.
This is so big, this is so momentous, that people like Winston Churchill would take two weeks to write one of his monumental speeches that might be five minutes long.
Well, I'm not writing speeches.
I'm up here chronicling the most dangerous time in human history.
The most epic stuff while I run this company and this media operation and literally make every decision.
And I'm not complaining about that.
It's just that it is not a form of choking to not be able to say all this.
I know their entire plan.
I've proven I know their plan.
I've proven I know their next moves.
And sometimes I've got blind spots and walk right into their traps.
All of us have to be watching out for each other.
But simply put, if you will listen to me, and if you will take this information, and if you will share this information, it's game over.
But I want to explain to people the philosophy of this system and where it's going and what's really happening because
Can we put on screen, folks, a great crew that puts up with me, today's live show feed.
That's the, you know, every day I go and create a name of the broadcast.
COVID-19 is a communist Chinese bioweapon, and WW3, World War III has already begun.
There it is.
Now, that's a true statement.
John Bowne had a report.
World War III is a Chinese bioweapon.
And I aired that at the start of the show, that first few minutes, and that made me think how accurate that is.
Because a new world war isn't tanks and airplanes right up front.
It's a virus.
It's fear.
It's collapse of the systems.
And now we have the Chinese Communist Document, 263 pages of it.
And it is China, basically admitting they cooked this up and attacked us.
And it's in mainstream news now.
Now, why are they allowing it out?
I'll explain when we come back, because if you understand what I'm about to say, you'll understand the whole thing, and the same model is duplicated everywhere, as above, so below.
So I'm gonna give you the highest level analysis there is, not from some secret agency, but out of my mind.
World War III.
Has begun.
Think about that.
World War III began in December of the year 2019.
COVID-19 symbolizes World War III on humanity 2019.
All of these words are code words used by the globalists.
They talk about eradicating the virus.
They mean eradicating you.
They talk about getting the virus under control.
They're talking about you.
When they talk about this crisis is going to go on a long time till we've saved the earth and cut the carbon from humans down to zero.
You exhale carbon dioxide.
That means kill everyone on earth.
And when Bill Gates said that at TED Talk, they erupted in laughter because they're on the inside club.
They don't mean themselves.
They mean you.
So if we're in World War III, who are the players?
Who launched the attack?
Now, if you're a regular listener, what I'm about to say you've already heard, and it's so many words, but now you specifically see it.
Overhead shot, please, and I'll give you the summation up front before going through all the data.
China has been preparing for World War III with biological weapons for at least six years, U.S.
investigators say.
This is in Reuters, this is in the Associated Press, this is in the Daily Mail, this is in the Wall Street Journal.
This all broke in The Australian.
Two days ago.
Chinese military scientists discuss weaponizing SARS coronavirus.
The Australian.
To collapse the U.S.
economy from the fear it would create.
Boy, the media almost got a memo and really helped them, didn't they?
Oh yeah, they were in lock step.
That's the actual battle plan.
Evidence reveals the military team collaborated with lab in city where COVID-19 pandemic originated.
Epic Times.
A major scholarly report by the ISPSW Strategic Series focused on defense international security.
Why US outsourced bat virus research to Wuhan.
And a big abstract report by Dr. Christina Lin.
Excellent report detailing it all.
For the Department of Defense.
There's a Washington Post article I told you was coming two weeks before it did.
Opinion, Congress is finally investigating the lab accident COVID-19 origin story.
I was told directly by people inside the government that this was going to be breaking and that I would be vindicated three weeks ago.
And again, that was two weeks before this began to break with Josh Rogin on Joe Rogin.
Continuing with the evidence in a moment, but first let's talk about what this means.
Why are they coming out and admitting half the story that the Communist Chinese military was running gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab and that Obama transferred the illegal research from Chapel Hill, North Carolina through Anthony Fauci, the CDC, the NIH, and his national
Organization that deals with, quote, allergens and allergies.
To the Wuhan lab in 2015.
That was done for plausible deniability and part of a marriage between the United States globalist system and the Chi Com system.
Again, Obama put secret black sites in China for torturing and killing.
With the CIA, he did unspeakable crimes against humanity.
Greenlit the rounding up of Buddhist Christians and three million Uyghurs.
Now, a lot of that came out in the news, but a lot of that came out here first, including information still not known by the general public that I've risked my life to bring you, because that's what it takes.
Not doing that to act tough.
I'm doing that as an example of how we're going to defeat these people, is stop being cowards.
Now, let me give you the big prime analysis.
You're being told that, okay, China's involved.
Okay, they used this to shut us down.
Okay, it's an act of war.
And I'm not defending the Communist Chinese.
And I think they should pay for what they've done.
But let's be clear.
Communist China is a project of the globalists and the Rockefellers and the British Royalty and the Rothschilds.
Mao Zedong was put in power, and the deal was that we would be de-industrialized in the West, but we would have the military.
Based around a U.N.
Army and NATO.
would subserve to that.
The U.S.
Communist China would only have a regional military, would not expand, except in the area of rare earth minerals, where they would be given a world monopoly, which they have a 98% monopoly on, via the IMF, World Bank and WTO.
They would then not expand militarily.
They broke that deal about 12 years ago.
And so, of course, you've got this global government forming that agrees on transhumanism, the race for immortality, they follow the same satanic spirit, the same operating system, but they're in a race together.
It's like they're both driving Ford Mustangs at the Daytona race, but they're two racers on different teams trying to beat each other.
So it's the same AI, the same eugenics, the same chemicals in the water, the same sterilization, the same one-child policies, the same world social credit score, but it's globalist!
Thank you.
We would let China be tricked into attacking us, believing we were weak, believing they controlled the U.S.
leadership, and then annihilating China, just like they did in World War II to the Japanese.
Just like British intelligence set up Hitler, gave him all the intel, infiltrated his highest order, had the King of England sign a treaty with him, and then pulled the rug out from under him once he invaded France.
And so, the globalists want world government, they want death, they want control.
But they wanted to get rid of Trump at a certain level because he wasn't playing ball, he was a populist manifestation.
They wanted to get rid of Bolsonaro, they wanted to get control of people like Boris Johnson.
So they let China run the drill, create the fear, have the UN be in command because they want the UN to have a lot of power, have global standardization, launch the QR codes, launch the social credit score, launch the global digital.
Approval system and digital health pass, which Schwab's now saying went implantable chip out of the skin.
We'll cover that next segment.
But then China and the Chinese faction of the New World Order push too hard to keep us closed too long.
They always take advantage.
And so now, oh, the massacre of fraud.
Oh, now Fauci's involved in Wuhan.
Oh, now
The Chinese are involved in this as a threat within the globalist deep state.
Now that Trump's gone, the same old factions are fighting with each other over control.
And so they want to have limited information come out to hold it over Xi Jinping, to hold it over Fauci.
And now, as I said he would, Fauci yesterday was saying, we'll never reopen.
Today he said, OK, maybe we should go ahead and reopen and take the mask off even inside businesses.
Because again, the globalists want a world lockdown, they want a world ID, they want world control, but they don't want China to run it all.
But the Chinese faction's getting ahead of itself for getting destroyed.
Not supposed to get destroyed right now, that's in about five to ten years.
And so the Chinese globalist agents like Gates and Fauci, they became China-philes.
I mean, Gates says China's Great America sucks.
Fauci says the same thing.
They were compartmentalized and thought they were on the winning team and thought they were about to run the tables with China.
And now it's like, no, no, no, no, no.
Let's dial that back and let's send in our bulldog, the Australians who are ready to go to war right now and as we move in around them.
But again, there's that power control master back there manipulating the whole deal and gauging this and balancing it.
We're going to blow that whole system wide open.
I'll tell you about it on the other side.
Well, it broke in the last few days.
Didn't really get any attention before that.
I didn't know about it.
Turns out Klaus Schwab went on French television during the Davos Group meeting in 2016, five years ago, and said, we're going to bring in a world government.
You're going to have
An ID card, a global ID card that's first sewn into your clothes or is a wristband, and then you're going to have an implantable chip in you within the next 10 years.
That means within five years from now.
And he talked about, you know, using basically a virus to get control of the planet.
He's written books saying that.
He also wrote the fourth industrial revolution book talking about the end of human labor and humans being obsolete.
Yeah, the Nazis, if they were alive today, would be salivating and worshiping this guy.
Oh, but all the liberal publications tell you how liberal he is, like Henry Kissinger, who created State Department memorandum 200 calling for world government to carry out forced depopulation.
It's declassified.
You can go read it online if you like.
It's admittedly real.
So here we are.
We told you, I keep saying 14 months, time's flown past.
We told you in February.
That they created an artificial virus with gain of function so they could say everybody was guilty because everybody will finally get infected with it.
And like so many other coronaviruses, they could confuse it with other coronaviruses so that it was a problem that could never be fixed.
And then we learned that if you did a coronavirus vaccine for this type of coronavirus, it would cause blood clots and heart problems and Alzheimer's.
And now that's all over the news.
And it turns out Fauci did studies in 2012 at the University of Texas, Level 4 BSL lab, and they found that that's what happened when you gave lab rats COVID vaccines.
It would then give them blood clots, heart attacks, and lung problems, and kill them.
And so Fauci then got caught creating this at the Chapel Hill, North Carolina lab and others, so they moved it to Communist China, and immediately that merger with China
Was used at the globalist Bill Gates, Fauci level, to, as Fauci bragged in 2017, oh, Trump will be challenged by a new epidemic, by a new plague, before his first term is out.
He was bragging to the other scientists, just like Bill Gates does when he's in front of scientists and talks about how they're creating GMO.
Mosquitoes and things too.
Sterilize the population.
They love to brag, but above that is a whole nother level.
They believed China was about to win.
They believed America would never reopen.
They have massive investments in China.
China is the model of authoritarianism.
And so they want to keep it shut down.
Other factions are like, no, we're getting the world ID card.
We're getting the QR codes.
We're getting the global social credit score.
The Americans have taken the slavery so well that they're refusing to take their mask off
And now, none of the schools will even go back, and things are totally falling apart.
We don't want to be defeated that quickly.
We don't want China to take over right now.
We just want China to triple its profits, so we triple our profits.
But we did want to finish America off right now.
And so that's why you're hearing about Fauci in the Wuhan lab in mainstream news.
That's why you're hearing about him funding the bat research, the coronavirus, and the function research, which has all been true, hiding in plain view.
How in the world could you have that info and then have Bill Gates fund that big report put out by his foundation subsidiary, saying if someone says that it might've come out of Wuhan, we need to use the CIA on them.
Remember that report?
Here it is right here.
The disinformation doesn't.
My platforms must act on 12 leading online anti-vaxxers.
It says they want to use the CIA and the FBI on them and arrest people and, you know, if they say it came out of Wuhan, get them.
They're watching for those that, those doctors that criticize them.
No, you can't let those doctors talk in America right out of communist China.
And so when I say, hey, look how we were right about this again, it's not about, oh, look, we're so smart.
It's, look, there's a lot of BS out there.
There's a lot of disinformation out there.
We've really studied the controllers of the planet and the different factions, and we know how they work.
We know there's different camps.
And so it is a big, big deal, though, that the Australian military released this document.
The Chinese aren't even denying it.
It's not really a secret document.
It's just a high-level Chinese war college
Analysis about releasing a coronavirus gain-of-function to overwhelm not just the hospitals, but to overwhelm the whole society.
So they went with the Chinese plan of overwhelming the hospitals, but they weren't really overwhelmed, locking all the rest of society down so the hospitals wouldn't be overwhelmed.
So you always see how there's disinfo within the disinfo.
And the Communist Chinese
No, they were put in power by David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger.
They know America was double-crossed and sold out to them.
And they've been feeling their oats.
They've gotten a little big for their britches.
And they've really started pushing the globalists around.
And the globalists didn't want Trump to be the guy to do that, so they removed him.
But now they're right back to fighting with the Chinese.
And that power split is very real.
But we've got double agents in both camps.
But China is a good place to carry out criminal action against the U.S.
Criminal hacks like you see with the pipeline on the East Coast and the rest of it.
So the globalists have plausible deniability because in the end, the globalists are targeting every nation state and every power structure until they get their one controlling AI computer system that they program with armies of robots.
And once that balance of power tips towards the robots, then the real
Electromagnetic systems are going to be released where they can make the general public just all go crazy and start killing each other.
That's one plan on the shelf they've already tested.
You saw them in the Kingsman, kind of turned that into a cartoon style deal.
And you also have them with the biological race specifics.
And they've just got a lot of different things, again, on the shelf, ladies and gentlemen.
And so by putting a research facility at a U.S.-funded, U.N.-funded Chinese lab, there could be plausible deniability.
If it was just a military lab in China, we'd have to go to war with them.
If it was a U.S.
lab, Chapel Hill, they could go to war with us.
But instead they wanted to release this on everybody to give the U.N.
and the globalists power, so they did it out of that
Demilitarized zone, that DMZ of labs where 12 programs were being funded by Bill Gates alone, all the coronavirus gain of function, Fauci in control, the fact checkers for Facebook working on the virus itself, all one criminal group to manage and run the whole thing.
But they took advantage of it.
They never wanted the U.S.
They wanted all that power and control.
to reopen.
They decided that China's time had come.
Well, the globalists aren't done toying with both sides yet.
And so now China's being put back in its place.
Because they do have Biden, they do control Biden, but you're noticing that just like Trump couldn't get stuff done, Biden's only getting the stuff done the globalists want.
Getting rid of the borders, getting an electorate in that they control, a permanent underclass, all that's going ahead, that's globalism.
Some of the other things Biden wants, some of the other things the Chai Koms want, they're not going to get.
And so, understand, if we just have the Chai Koms to deal with, we could defeat them very easily economically, culturally.
They've been propped up.
They're a joke.
But the New World Order wants communism to succeed somewhere, kind of a fascist, corporate crony model of it, so they could export it around the world.
That's what's really happened.
But our real threat is the globalists and their sophistication and how they fund all the different points of the compass that they're able to get control of.
What they don't control is you, the populist, and your relationship with Jesus Christ.
And that's why they're attacking churches all over the world, trying to shut them down while everything else has been reopened, is because at the end of the day, that is their enemy.
This is good versus evil.
And there is an evil entity that is very, very ancient and very, very cunning and that has models of control called Satan
That is manipulating this whole thing.
But World War 3 against the family, against the nation-state, against wealth, against our health, began by the global technocracy that's a medical-based tyranny to end the human species as we know it and depopulate us.
The entire medical system of the world and are bearing down on us very, very quickly.
And so it doesn't matter if we're Chinese or Mexican or from the United States or from Russia or from Calcutta, India.
We are all in this together and we better figure out there's this scientific technocracy playing humanity off against itself.
And if we don't,
Wake up and transcend that and say no to it, then they believe they have a right to slowly destroy us and test all these biologicals on us to extract the Lazarus gene and live forever, they believe.
But first they must transcend by consuming us in a giant vampiric ritual.
All right, we're going to go to break and come back.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right.
John Bowne already filed one powerful report today about the fact that World War III really has begun.
It's fear-based.
It's economic.
It's biological-based.
And it's the globalist waging war on humanity itself through the nation-state and through other systems, through the medical system.
But he's filed another report.
I'm going to come back again to the economic news.
The pipeline's still shut off.
And a lot more.
Here is the latest report.
China inches closer to world domination.
Well, yeah, that is the globalist through the Chinese inch closer to world domination.
China, in league with the New World Order Chinese century think tanks, is preparing a full-scale depopulation strategy to stomp out freedom and replace it with global communist enslavement.
We've been learning that one of the things that the Chinese are doing to advance this global ambition of theirs is to take out the United States of America.
Because we're the only impediment, really, to realizing those goals.
And one of the most insidious of the ways in which China is waging what it has called, what it has declared, is people's war against this country, and that it uses so-called unrestricted warfare techniques to achieve, is perhaps the most insidious of those techniques.
And you mentioned it.
The Chinese Communist Party deploys dollars just as much as it does cloaks and daggers to get its hands on valuable knowledge.
There are many American scholars, often doing research funded by American taxpayers, that have been lured into the Chinese Communist Party's talent recruitment programs.
The American people have to understand is all the data that goes into those mobile apps that kids have so much fun with
The Chinese won't
The guy who now runs the Central Intelligence Agency is a long-time Foreign Service officer by the name of Bill Burns.
Bill Burns, until he took this job, ran the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
Bill Burns was a guy who enabled Chinese influence operations at the Carnegie Endowment.
Bill Burns lied.
I think so.
There's no evidence in the record that this administration is prepared to truly confront China.
According to the confidential briefing obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Defence Force advisor Major General Adam Finlay said last year that China was already engaged in grey zone warfare.
Finley went on to explain that China has game plan strategies to circumvent traditional military red lines to avoid direct conflict, and so is utilizing more subtle and unconventional forms of attack.
General Finley said they know that Western democracies have peace and then when they cross the line, we get really angry, then we start bombing people.
China said, according to Finley,
Let's be smarter.
Let's just play below the threshold before it goes to war.
Let's achieve things strategically without having a war.
So now we have a new dimension.
China's use of political warfare is having a confounding effect on the West, which is more accustomed to direct kinetic warfare.
Recently, it was reported that China is moving behind the scenes towards establishing a major naval port on the west coast of Africa that would host Chinese submarines and aircraft carriers capable of projecting Beijing's military power directly into the Atlantic, according to a top military official.
As China extends its hand into a Western culture...
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are now into our number two on this Monday, May 10th, 2021 broadcast.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
And man, is it not huge news?
Fox News, even the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail, the Australian newspaper broke.
Chinese military scientists discuss weaponizing SARS, COVID viruses, coronaviruses, to shut down the U.S.
economy in a new era of genetic weapons just a few years ago, the same year that Fauci and Gates moved the Chapel Hill, North Carolina base over there.
This really is an act of war, but it's a globalist group working through communist China that did this.
So you can't just blame the communist Chinese.
You've got to blame Bill Gates, you've got to blame Fauci, because they're the ones still in charge of most of the major medical health departments in the world with the hundreds of billions of dollars in the major Carnegie endowment.
That with the IBM endowment, with the Ford endowment, gave their world government project money about 21 years ago to Bill Gates to be the manager.
Now he's being removed as the manager right now because he's not a good pitchman.
And that's the process.
And who is the current CIA director?
He was the director of the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace.
What did Carnegie's Endowment for World Peace find by World War I?
They wanted a world government run by the League of Nations.
That didn't work, so they had the UN later, the Rockefellers, put their money into the Carnegie Endowment to fund it.
The World Government Project is the one that wants to end men as we know it.
They say that will end war.
Really, that will just end men that challenge their dominance.
They're the ones that want world government.
They're the ones that want communism.
They're the ones that don't want the United States to exist.
And that's who runs the CIA for Obama and his puppet president, of course, Joe Biden.
And so,
What's really happening?
This is being done right now in the media because the Communist Chinese and the Bill Gates faction wanted to go ahead and keep the U.S.
locked down forever and totally collapse us, and the globalists don't want to do that.
They want to toy with us and turn us into a globalist enclave first, and then bring Communist China down along with the United States at a later point.
And so you're seeing inner jockeying and inner battling going on right now.
And that's why suddenly you see the White House come out that said we could never reopen and say the COVID-19 response coordinator, we're turning the corner.
Fauci who just said we can never reopen now says, oh, it may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates.
Who made this guy God?
Why does big tech censor everybody?
That questions the official narrative.
Why doesn't it censor medical doctors and scientists?
Because it's a global government power move.
But now there's enough people in the globalist power structure that don't want to finish America off for whatever reasons.
That the fact that Fauci and Gates, working with the Chi-Coms, developed gain-of-function and released it,
That is now being brought out to threaten the Chinese arm of the New World Order to make sure they don't get too uppity.
And so the globals want to dominate us.
They want to cancel society.
They want to market the beast.
They want to put implantable microchips in us.
They want to do it all.
But they don't want China in total full control of it.
They want the Chinese authoritarian model to be the model worldwide, but they don't want them to dominate it, at least not yet.
So just a couple days ago, he said, we're going to wear masks forever.
I played the clip yesterday.
Oh, masks are going to be permanent.
The next day he says, OK, maybe we can take them off.
And that's because all the China information is coming out about him and what he did.
He needs to go to prison.
So does Bill Gates.
So I told you about this, and this all ties together.
But here is a bunch of these news articles.
And we can also pull up the Wall Street Journal.
That has a similar headline and again the point that it's there lets you know that the battle inside the power structure is really reaching a crescendo.
I don't think it's reached its finale yet, but it's definitely coming into the crescendo.
Melinda Gates was meeting with divorced lawyers since 2019 to end marriage with Bill Gates.
The philanthropist had discussions with lawyers in October around the time when Microsoft co-founders' ties with Jeffrey Epstein became public.
And what do we now know?
Melinda Gates would go stay at his house.
And she was so creeped out and realized she was just a beard for Bill's perversion.
And why was Bill hanging out with Gates?
Why was Epstein hanging around with Gates and vice versa?
Because somebody wasn't just running underage girls.
Somebody wasn't just into Satanism.
Somebody wasn't just into human sacrifice.
Somebody wasn't just a Mossad, MI6, CIA triple agent.
Somebody was running illegal cloning operations and Gates is very excited about that.
He doesn't just own a bunch of fine cloned horses.
He doesn't just own cloning farms around the world of dogs and cats and sheep and cows and horses, but he likes those human clones.
That's the coolest thing to have.
And they take the women there and they artificially inseminate them with clones of world leaders.
I told you just before it came out that Epstein was obsessed with genetic engineering and creating hundreds of babies that he had sired.
They weren't hundreds of babies he'd sired.
When people found out more, and he was telling scientists what they were doing there, he said, oh, I have all these birthing centers because I'm having a bunch of my children to save the human race with my genetics.
But that was a metaphor for saving the human race by cloning the Queen of England, cloning the Duke of Edinburgh, cloning Prince Charles, cloning Lord Rothschild.
And that's not the only cloning facility they've got.
They've got cloning facilities in New Zealand.
They've got cloning facilities in Kauai, Hawaii.
They've got cloning facilities in upstate New York.
They've got cloning facilities in northern Canada.
They have cloning facilities in Costa Rica.
And Lord knows what they're doing with the clones.
But these aren't clones they keep in suspended animation like the Matrix.
These clones are out walking around.
And they don't even know who they are.
They're in school right next to your children.
Some of them are already grown up.
They've got jobs.
Why they get a knock on the door?
Corporate America has got a special job for you.
We're going to put you in a fast track towards this.
That, my friends, is the rest of the story, and that's how I was able to tell you, day one this happened last week, that it's about Epstein, because Bill's being blackmailed.
Bill wasn't just blackmailing, now he's being blackmailed by these groups inter-fighting over power, because they're going to build the world government, they're going to build the control room for the planet, they're going to build this system, but
They're going to fight over who gets control of it, and it's going to get more and more violent towards the end, once they put in the world AI system, once they've got the combat robots in place.
What happens when somebody hacks the robots like they just did the East Coast pipeline?
Well, don't worry.
Klaus Schwab tells us there's going to be a big cyber crash from terrorists soon.
And of course, that'll be the globalists.
And that's where all of this is going.
The Marines have announced by 2030, almost their whole force will be robot, no longer human.
The Air Force is announcing they're going to phase out MPs and have robots because they won't make mistakes.
They won't be racist.
Oh, but who programs them?
They'll follow their orders.
I told you so many years ago, I said, you'll just wake up one day, there'll be armies of robots everywhere.
They have giant factories building millions of them right now before they flip the switch and I'll come rushing out of those hangars.
So there is a war for global domination, but that really means a war to control the art, to control the literature, to control the science, to control the future, to play God.
And that's why you've got so many really bad, evil people that crave power, lusting after power and control, and then setting themselves up as guardians of the earth, who need to, quote, get rid of the human population for our own best interest.
But of course, that's really just a blank check for them to act however they want.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
I want to open the phones up for the next hour and 45 minutes.
So we have a special guest that's going to be joining us in studio to talk about the economy and so much more.
And I would like to hear from anybody that wants to comment, including military, including people that have been in the Foreign Service, including
Company owners, anybody that wants to comment on Communist China and this Ministry of War, War College Report, with the Communist Chinese in 2015 when the SARS gain of function weapon system was moved by Obama to the Wuhan lab to be controlled by Fauci, saying we'll use this to shut down the US and collapse their economy, collapse their hospitals,
And that is indeed what they did, but it didn't collapse the hospitals.
It was designed to collapse the rest of the nation, saying, collapse the country so that hospitals stay open, which of course was asinine and wasn't the case.
It was economic warfare, and you saw all the biggest billionaires double and triple their wealth, all the big globalists, all the big tech companies.
They became fabulously rich as you and I became obsolete.
And you see that K-shaped recovery where the ultra-rich got bigger yachts the size of football fields and got bigger palaces so they could go out to sea and go out to their 50,000 acre ranches and stay away from us while we were locked up inside our apartment buildings watching our families commit suicide or die from fentanyl.
And so this has been quite an assault.
And the globalists used our open, free society as a pretext to do it.
They bought off our media, who went along with the communist Chinese UN propaganda, to wear the mask and to believe the fake numbers and to silence the doctors and scientists that told the truth.
And our journey into tyranny has been very, very fast and very, very deep.
The communist chi-coms, that's a double statement, the chi-coms and their globalist interests are even more greedy and don't even want a trading partner.
They wanted us total war on the street, complete and absolute collapse.
And so they were going to continue to keep us completely shut down until there was no economy at all.
And so suddenly the news of Fauci being a Chinese agent, suddenly the Bill Gates news comes out, suddenly Bill Gates is going to be getting divorced from his wife.
And you watch, he's not going to be a spokesperson so much for depopulation now because he is the most hated unpopular person on earth now.
And I made that statement last week, the day of.
I said he's the most unpopular person in the world.
His wife went to the Epstein's facility, was around it, knows about the pedophilia.
And as a bare minimum, she knows that her husband, ex-husband now, is being blackmailed.
And so she is moving away from him because he is a perishable item now.
His stock has gone down to negative levels.
His personal stock in the world's view.
He thought buying off the media and having the media say he was a hero would make people love him.
Instead it made people hate him even more because they hate the corrupt lying media.
Super villain Bill Gates is.
He is a bane against humanity.
So what do you make of all this coming out?
That indeed it was a Wuhan Chinese Communist military.
That indeed Gates is being blackmailed.
Indeed they were doing all sorts of weird illegal studies and cloning experiments and some of that's even starting to come out.
And that it's a cult of crazy rich people who all want to be richer than the other guy.
They all agree on the globalist system because it's evil and it gives them power.
But there's that dark force that set it up, and generations come and go, but that dark force is leading humanity towards total destruction, and now we're so close, and now Klaus Schwab, the story's up on InfoWars.com!
Has come out on international television and said we need a world health pass based on first a wristband you wear or in your clothing and then a microchip under your skin.
And he says it'll be here within five years.
Because he said this on January 10, 2016.
It just got discovered last Friday.
I hadn't seen it.
No one else I know had seen it.
Maybe you'd seen it, but now what's old is new.
Here he is admitting it all.
Remember, Bill Gates' surrogate groups, his own fact-checking group he owns, NewsGuard will come out and say, Alex Jones is lying.
There is no plan to put a microchip in you to track as your global health pass.
When he's been funding it at MIT and pushing it, and we have the witnesses and the documents and the patents, but here's Klaus Schwab saying it five years ago.
Certainly in the next 10 years.
First we'll be implanting them in our brains, or in our skin, and then maybe there will be a direct communication between our brains and the digital world.
What we see is a kind of fusion, physical, digital and biological world.
We call someone we don't even have, relax, reflex to take a device, it's done naturally, the technique continues in the body.
Yes, you talk and you say, I want to be connected with anyone now.
And you have personalized bots, and I saw that Mr. Zuckerberg predicted that by the end of the year we would have this robot.
He goes on to say you'll have a butler in your house and an A.I.
He tracks everything you do.
He'll kill you if they order it to as well.
No, he won't be a slave.
It'll be an A.I.
He'll be intellectual.
And I'm paraphrasing this.
Anybody can go read the full transcript.
An intellectual partner with you!
And that's what the transhumanism is about, is people will then be told, oh, it knows your voice, it knows your voice print, knows everything about you.
It can fool your family that it's you.
So when you die, they'll say you're being transmitted, uploaded into this machine.
And later it can be translated into flesh as well, and they'll say it's you!
But it's not really going to be you, but it'll have rights.
After all, the 300-pound man can go compete against women in weightlifting and win, and then we'll say he's a woman, but we're going to say a robot's a human, too.
And that's the big scam, the big lie of the transhumanists.
And really, all the machines will be programmed by the AI system and by the globalists who are the magicians running this fraud, and people are going to be lined up to get uploaded into a machine and pretend that they have already reached immortality.
It is an absolutely disgusting fraud and a joke.
Toll-free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
Stay with us.
All right, I'm specifically taking phone calls on the Communist Chinese and the fact that their own Army War College talked about using a COVID coronavirus weapon to shut down our economy and to use fear to bankrupt us.
And you see the UN, you see Fauci, you see Bill Gates, you see Big Tech, all working in lockstep with the UN to shut down Europe, to shut down the US, to shut down everywhere but China, who now has gone from the number two economy to the number one economy the last year.
Deliberately set up.
What is your take on that?
And why do you think these documents are coming out?
Why do you think the mainstream media is pointing out that Fauci ran the Wuhan Lab coronavirus research?
I mean, I pretty much know the reason why.
Because they had a deal with the globalists to get rid of Trump and then take the restrictions off.
But the Chai Koms said, no, we're going to keep them in place because it's making us so powerful.
And another arm of the globalists said, no, you've gone too far.
And that's why you see this happening.
So I wouldn't rejoice over this because they'll bring these restrictions back over and over again.
If we don't expose Fauci and Gates to the New World Order.
It's not enough for them to just recede for a while.
They're going to launch this globalist lockdown again to consolidate power and teach us that we're not essential.
They've got to be brought to justice.
But how much credibility does it give you that you were aware of the Wuhan lab, that you knew that it came from there, that you knew Fauci was involved, that you told your friends and family?
It's a big deal.
And then I've got all these other big reports up on Infowars.com.
If I take some calls, I'm going to get into.
COVID vaccine deaths.
The numbers point to a catastrophe.
Very important report we'll be getting to.
GOP governors slash unemployment benefits as businesses plead for workers.
But it's already caused the global snarl or collapse in the supply chain.
Continuing, scientists discovered living fossil thought extinct for 273 million years.
That's also up on Infowars.com.
We'll tell you about that coming up.
Just like they thought coelacanths were dead for 25 million years and they're in the ocean.
Biden official, cyber attacks against U.S.
infrastructure, here to stay.
Oh, just get used to it.
Learn to put up with it.
Israel calls on Biden administration to stay out of Jerusalem crisis.
Well, if you think you've got a problem in Jerusalem, wait until the summer and the end of summer when global food prices are up 76%.
They've already gone up, just as I started telling you about that global index report two weeks ago.
Global food prices have already gone up about 8% just in two weeks.
So if you add that up, by the end of summer, it'll be bigger than 76%.
You're going to see major civil unrest around the world, where in other countries they spend the majority of their money on food.
And so if you're already spending half your money on food and food prices double, you starve to death.
And again, the globalists have engineered this so nicely.
They've done such a good job at this.
What a nightmare scenario.
How do we stop it?
One arm of the globalists just wanted to get a world ID and a world QR code and world social credit score and get control and kind of have martial law in place.
But did they want total collapse of the third world?
Do they want total collapse of our industry?
No, no, no, no, no.
Another faction doesn't want to go that far.
So now which faction is going to win?
This is the real world.
Instead of
Debating all day whether or not it was a bioweapon or whether or not it came out of Wuhan or whether or not Fauci should get in trouble.
We know all that.
The question is, what's the motive?
And what do we do about it?
And what do you think of the fall of Bill Gates?
That's what Zero Hedge asked.
They asked, is the world really turning on Bill Gates?
And yes, the answer is Bill Gates is being blackmailed.
Bill Gates is in trouble.
Bill Gates was involved with Jeffrey Epstein in another blackmail operation.
And so, yes, the system is turning on him.
And his wife, who's another eugenicist and bad news as well, is moving away from him for self-preservation.
But it does show that being the spokesperson for the New World Order is not a good thing.
They thought they'd have 80% of the US vaccinated by now, or more.
They've got like 30%.
They lie and say 40%.
It's not.
They'll probably get 50% or so, but they wanted to have 90% done.
By the middle of this year or more, so they can start bullying the 10% that hadn't done it and say it's our fault.
That's why there's mutations, even though the vaccine causes mutations and new strains.
And you know, oh, there's not herd immunity because you didn't take it.
But when they've got 40, 55, 60%, depending on the area, not taking it, and people are watching their neighbors and friends that did take it get sick from COVID.
Well, that.
That's a problem for them, because they figured they'd get 90% vaccinated and that would make the whole economy collapse down the road from laying down the medical system.
See, it's not the virus that does that, it's the vaccine that does it.
And that's what the Chinese battle plan talks about, is once they've launched their attack, shutting down our medical system.
So now they say they want to shun us, they want to shame us, they want to make us feel bad.
Fauci says military who refused COVID-19 vaccine are part of the problem after high rate of service members refused the injection.
Yeah, it's over 80% in some Marine Corps bases.
You'll read news like 49% get vaccinated.
They'll say of a test group that were asked to take it, but it's as high as 80 plus percent on some bases.
And now DeSantis, because people aren't afraid anymore, he's like, okay, you don't need the vaccine.
And I expect Trump now that the heat's off of him and the economy's reopening, because they did hold us hostage with the shots.
Oh, you can reopen once you take the shots.
Well, now we see they don't reopen once we take them.
And the masks stay on.
The logic's not there.
Trump should come out and say, hey, I thought this was a regular vaccine.
But we've got some evidence it's a problem.
Pfizer's been banned in China.
It's been banned in India.
AstraZeneca's been banned in 21 countries in Europe.
All the vaccines have been banned in different countries because they've had really bad side effects and really bad problems.
Because it's not a side effect, it's the direct effect.
All right, I'm gonna stop ranting and we're gonna go to Jim and Carlos and Scott and Ken and Steven and Dave and Casey and James and Mark and Jacob and everybody else when we come back from break.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, the Temple Mount in the Holy Land city of Jerusalem is on fire.
And I got the crew and I got listeners asking me, Alex, why aren't you covering this more?
Well, the whole world's under UN martial law.
Using COVID-19, and so is Israel, Palestinian and Jew and Christian alike.
And the Muslims and the Jews fighting with each other has been going on for 1,400, 1,600, 1,700 years.
And you do have the Muslims wanting to go to the Temple Mount, where they've been going for thousands of years.
And they're not being allowed to do it.
And they're being attacked because of COVID.
Wow, you can't go to your church, your mosque.
So, just like they're shutting churches down in the UK and here in the US and Australia.
I don't
Burn the Temple Mount?
Well, that's something they think's been taken away from them.
And so that's a form of protest.
I don't want to see violence on either side, but Netanyahu going along with the COVID lockdowns, putting out freedom bracelets, talking about chips and all the children, like Klaus Schwab's doing.
Ever since he got indicted, Netanyahu has been doing whatever the Rothschilds and the globalists say.
And so you've got Jews there celebrating the Temple Mount is on fire as well.
This has been a giant pressure cooker.
This has been a giant pressure cooker the whole time.
And when you lock people up...
And you do this, you're going to get explosions.
And this summer, with global food prices going up 76% by end of summer, according to the Global Bloomberg Index, you can expect this to go on.
And when it happens, they're going to say, oh, it's because America's racist, or oh, because Israel's this or that.
But the underlying issue is the economy is falling apart, and that is a fact that contributes to this.
And so the globalists have got all these movies about race war, and all these movies about how bad white people are.
But it's all a political cover for the fact that we're at economic war with the globalists that are accelerating their takeover.
Why is that?
Oh, really?
Well, it turns out Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group
We're good to go.
About the gas pipeline from Houston to the entire East Coast through the South to New York City shut down and an emergency, a national emergency has been declared because they can't get the pipeline turned back on.
He shut off the Keystone pipeline that brings oil out of Canada and the Midwest to Houston to refine to send it to the East Coast.
What did Biden do?
But now that's been shut down, and now the other pipeline's been shut down, and environmentalist groups have been trying to block the permits to repair other pipelines.
They're tearing out hydroelectric dams.
That's the name of the game.
Shut down the civilization, shut down the society, and make all investment move to Communist China.
And then we are in checkmate, ladies and gentlemen.
The globalists are just concerned that shutting us down for COVID has become a little too obvious, so they've got other ways to do it.
And I would imagine that it is probably either the Chi-Coms or a globalist group, probably our own CIA, because we have a...
China File, Carnegie Endowment, CIA director that have done this to practice not having power, having rolling blackouts, not having enough fuel.
If they can't lock you down for COVID, they're going to lock you down by you not having enough fuel to find gas to put in your car.
The whole plant has cut off U.S.
What did I say when Biden stole the election on January 20th?
I put out reports and I said, soon you won't have gas at the gas pump and you'll have rolling blackouts.
And now they're announcing nationwide rolling blackouts this summer.
We just can't produce the power anymore because they shut off most our coal power plants.
This is economic war, ladies and gentlemen, training you to live like a third world slave.
All right, Carlos is always interesting.
Caller from Canada.
I've been calling for 15 years.
Carlos, what's your take on China, Bill Gates, and all this news coming out?
Well, my take is that, as you know, I do a headline analysis for Semantic Analysis.
It's all electronic.
But you must remember in the 2007-2008 period,
When China set eyes on Google, and Google wanted to break into its market, and it blinked when China said, uh-uh, you can't come in here and do anything unless we control what you do.
It was just then, a matter of time, before that methodology was extended, you know, for economic reasons as well and profit, to all places where Google is present.
I want to remind you of that.
Yeah, as well as the fact that individuals such as Jeffrey Epstein were co-opting scientists, getting them through money.
Blackmailers don't give money to people, you know what I mean?
They take money from people.
So when you have somebody say that he was a blackmailer, he was a blackmailer of what?
He was a blackmailer of power, of influence.
Robert Maxwell initiated the project.
He had it on his yacht.
But, you know, when the yacht went and Maxwell went with his yacht, then they went to St.
James, Little St.
James Island.
Then he was going to go to an even larger St.
James Island, as you know, in the history of this.
So, you know, at that point, Maxwell's daughter needed to have a submarine license, you know, to get around, you know, unseen and bring things to the island that perhaps little submarines brought.
But I want to just remind you that this is a breakdown of globalism because you see globalism doesn't work.
Oh, I totally agree.
It's a piratical backstabbing group.
They always are stabbing each other in the back.
You're right.
We're watching this.
We're watching them launch their World War Three against us.
But in the end, it's going to bite them in the ass.
Let me ask you this.
Why do you think then it's coming out that Epstein and Soros and
Gates were involved with the Communist Chinese.
What factions do you think are bringing that out and why is it always Australia now that's the tip of the spear?
Well, it's deflection, okay?
The reality is that it's not just in West Africa where China is setting up a huge naval port facility, military, but it's also in Haifa, Israel for the Mediterranean control and so on.
And the Chinese are setting up in major Caribbean islands as well.
And what it is, essentially, is the fact that now Moderna, Pfizer in particular, as well as AstraZeneca, has already decided that they're going to protect themselves by now saying that they're going to follow procedures as they would normally for any vaccine.
Because they're afraid.
The lawsuits are coming on stream.
Class action suits are coming on stream.
And I just want to make a point, if I may, a final point about American governments.
If tomorrow morning, you woke up in the morning, Alex, and you saw little, little parachutes becoming Chinese or whatever, alien parachutes coming down to kill you, you would turn to your military, you would turn to your government for help.
But if all of a sudden you had these parachutes, when they get closer, become smaller and smaller to the level of being viruses, who do you turn to?
Oh no, you turn to Fauci.
You turn to, you know, Bill Gates.
Who are the exact people behind the attack?
I mean, they wouldn't have the nerve to launch the attack unless they were in charge of the response to the attack.
That's what makes the attack so powerful.
That's correct.
And I turn to your governance, to your governors, to your
That's right.
They have to all make the giant leap forward with the evidence, counter this openly, or we're done.
Fauci's got to go, Gates has got to be punished, the whole thing's got to come out or it's over.
Because they're going to keep using this for control of the future.
We can't have half measures where it's halfway leaked and then nothing's done.
You can't just know about Hunter's laptop that he's a Chinese agent.
He's got to go to prison.
And so they're not going to stop.
And so I ask everybody in the government, everybody else, are you really going to let this happen?
And so that's where we are now.
Great first caller.
Thanks for the call.
Now we're going to accelerate the next hour into all the calls.
Steve, Tex, Dave, Casey, David, Ken, Scott, Jim.
Everybody, your calls are coming up.
But listen.
We have just-in-time delivery.
We have a very complex supply chain.
I told you, a year of shutdown worldwide is going to create hyperinflation, because there's more money chasing less products.
And that's the big news we're going to cover next hour, because a lot of stuff's coming out.
Look, there's always powerful groups throughout history that try to take control.
And calamity and war is normally the rule, not the exception.
We've just had a good run here in America and in the West in the last few hundred years.
Even compared to the past, it's been somewhat peaceful, even though hundreds of millions were killed in the 20th century in war.
But things are lining up just for true disaster.
And I'm just blessed to be on air and be able to warn people about it and blessed to talk to you.
All right, let's go to John in Georgia.
John, welcome.
What's your take on all this?
Okay, I thought I was just now going to that caller because he's been home the longest.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ken in Mass.
Ken, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Jones, what's going on?
Behold, I send you out a sheep amidst the wolves.
I'm stuck in the sanctuary state, right?
We've got lockdowns and high-rises, okay?
They're going after people.
They're making people vaccine themselves with this whole HUD stuff, okay?
And I am stuck behind enemy lines.
And it's tough out here, man.
It is tough telling people the truth.
Some people don't want to be woken up, just like the Matrix.
I don't know.
I don't know, Jones, man.
I don't know.
They're forcing these elderly people in these high-rises, and actually they're threatening us with lockdowns.
I just got out of a situation, and then I ended up right back into another one, where I'm still being harassed.
They send these meth addicts.
They send these addicts, man, because I am very outspoken.
I worked in local radio around here.
Okay, and I'm hip with the Dr. Shiva, I got pictures of folded ballots, and I've been nothing but attacked, attacked, attacked, because I started the ground roots here in my area with conservatives going after these people.
Well, I know that, especially Massachusetts, the stuff I see going on there, in fact that one college in Massachusetts is in my stack of news,
They saw young ladies at a party off campus, not wearing masks and smiling for a photo, so they've been kicked out of the school for a semester and got to pay $16,000.
I would leave that place.
What are the professors doing spying on them?
You know, they were smuggling illegal aliens across the border.
They give them an award.
These colleges are run by control freak predators on average, and people should desert the leftist schools.
But yeah.
Massachusetts, man, what a mess, brother.
No, it's real out here.
Everything you talk about, Jones, it's real.
Like, they do, listen, they were busting years ago, people off the Cape, homeless people, because they don't want the rich Cape over here to see the homeless people.
So they were busting people from the Cape into my particular city and just dropping them off.
And I'm already seeing these illegals from the border already coming up here.
And I can't get nothing started because
I know the political spectrum in my area and I try to get involved and they've censored me.
Well, that's the thing.
People always say, hey, you know, don't even try to run for office in California because it's election fraud.
They've got it sewn up.
But then things like recalls work really well because the general public actually hates the governor.
I mean, I know a lot of people that are actually liberals that now hate the Democratic Party and actually hate Newsom.
Just like you saw triple the number of blacks voting for Trump.
Again, it makes them look strong that they've got Massachusetts and Connecticut sewn up, but really that's a sign of their weakness.
I was just up in Connecticut a month and a half ago, and I thought because I'm so demonized up there that people hate me.
People were shaking my hand everywhere, patting me on the back.
I was in restaurants, busy bars, eating food.
People were, you know, waving at me, buying my food, and just loving that I was there.
But I understand there's those that serve the political system
Where you are and They they want to bully you and try to keep you in submission.
Yeah, there it is that East Coast states In the north five New England states have best vaccine rates in the u.s.
But herd immunity doesn't look promising I mean what a cult of just submissive people that all do what they're told it's very very sad.
It's very very un-american All right.
Thank you so much Ken when we come back We're gonna take four calls this next segment
We're going to talk to Stephen, we're going to talk to Tex, we're going to talk to Dave, to Casey, David, John, Matt, Jim, and others.
I'm Alex Jones.
And again, I know you're all awake folks tuning in, but remember, your friends and family, your neighbors aren't.
Don't get mad at them.
It's a process.
Just keep reaching out.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Well, we've come a long way.
They're having to admit the masks don't protect you.
They're having to admit the vaccines don't protect you and are dangerous.
They're having to admit that Bill Gates and Fauci were behind the Wuhan lab with the QICOMS.
That's mainstream news.
I mean, this is a real fight going on, ladies and gentlemen.
And as the public sees that you're not going to have prosperity under Joe Biden, you're going to have bankruptcy and enslavement and hyperinflation,
Their only hope is to trigger racial conflict this summer to blame civil unrest because of food prices and every other commodity price going up on that civil unrest on racial issues instead of the economy.
That's their big move worldwide.
They want to use the unrest because of food price increases like during the Arab Spring 10 years ago.
To bring in their globalist revolution.
But if people point out it's the globalists behind it, it'll backfire on them.
So it's critical now to get ahead of the economic crisis, to get ahead of the scarcity, to get ahead of the starving third world, which the EU will then organize and use as an invasion force.
As I've been warning you since February of last year of this master plan.
How many months is that?
We're already, what, six months into this year?
Hard to believe?
Almost six months into this year.
So it just makes the head spin.
We're talking 14, 15 months since last February.
And so again, we shouldn't just sit here and go along with the mainstream media narrative that didn't tell you this 14 months ago or six months ago.
Suddenly, oh, there is a bunch of inflation.
Everything's going up in price.
And they say, well, what's causing it on all the newscasts?
Oh, we don't know.
And then the Chamber of Commerce and others point out the truth.
They're probably going to help sell stuff to China that, hey, if you give everybody free money, they don't have to work.
And so there's less productivity and more money.
That's more money chasing fewer goods.
That's the perfect storm for massive inflation.
Not just inflation, but a stagnating economy with less goods with inflation.
Is that going to happen?
Well, if you have a lockdown, you have such a depression, and nobody's buying anything, that can mask it.
But once the lockdown's over, it's gonna erase.
And that's what we're now seeing happen.
And again, that starves the third world to death.
And I harp on that.
I know the third world to most people is like another planet, but it's right next door to us.
That's where the raw materials come from.
When they get laid off from the mine, or the farm, or the flour production farm, they starve to death.
Then the able-bodied men flee and break into your country.
And then they get organized into being political operatives.
So let's take your phone calls right now.
Up next is Stephen in California on Communist China.
And all the big news coming out.
Thanks for calling.
Hey there Alex, how are you?
I'm alright brother, go ahead.
Well, after all the bombshells in the past about a year and a half, it still blows my mind that people can't put together the study on how to convince the population to take vaccines.
I'm 22 years old.
I was a Stanford student, lucky enough, but, you know, I had to take some time off because of this, you know, the imposition on the curriculum.
You know, you have leftism inserted into biology classes, astronomy classes.
It's absolutely ridiculous.
For those that don't know, a bunch of universities, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, others were hired to come up with psychological warfare programs to get the public to take the vaccines.
Doesn't look like it went too well.
Yeah, not at all.
And, you know, I was lucky enough to have a few professors there with some reality left in them and, you know, they were discussing with me privately about how, you know, funding comes from these private entities and, you know, the funding really determines what the science ends up saying.
It's not as objective as a lot of people are brought up to think.
It's become this cult where, you know, the funders determine the outcome of every study and it just... And you're not supposed to question
The quote, science, but science is all about questioning.
I mean, Bill Guy, the science guy, says that X and Y chromosomes don't matter now.
He's actually gone back and edited videos he did in the 90s to take that out and to say that there is hundreds of sexes.
Did you know that?
Yeah, absolutely.
Like, it's just this gaslighting, so anybody with a head on their shoulders just can't believe what's going on.
And it, you know, the same thing with TV and movies, you know, being brought up as a young man.
It's just, you know, looking back, I can see the social conditioning that's just instilled in everything.
It's absolutely devastating to, you know, young people that are trying to figure out.
I, you know, I saw a great video from Thomas Sowell yesterday, and he mentioned that young students, they're taught now to have views.
They're not taught to, you know, take facts in.
They're taught to have views on issues that people who would have careers.
That's right.
Western idea of egalitarianism and having highly educated and informed people in a classical education is threatening to oligarchs that want slaves.
And so now we're being taught superstition and mindless ignorance, where now they won't even teach chromosomes, they're saying, in the new sixth grade curriculum coming up in California.
And Netflix again has removed it from Bill Nye, the science guy.
Thanks for the call, Steve.
All right, let's talk to Tex in Kentucky.
Tex, welcome.
Yes, thank you for taking me.
It's very important I tell you these two things, I'll say it as quick as I can.
First, you hold the key to being able to take care of this problem.
If you take your global enslavement book and put it in all languages, and we introduce this to the world, to all countries, because with the world with us, only can this stop all this from happening.
And the second thing is, Obama's in charge of this.
I don't care what anybody says.
But when you went to Notre Dame and he made sure that the crucifix of Jesus was covered before he would go in and take that award, I think we need to make a lot of crucifixes, the same ones at Notre Dame, and have them everywhere on billboards and all.
If that bothers him, let's use it as much as we can, Alex.
They have burned thousands of churches in
France, the Muslims have.
And I remember that when Obama, when I first heard that years ago, I didn't believe it.
I looked it up.
He demanded a cross be covered.
I mean, that, that is, what does that tell you?
Notice Biden just canceled the National Day of Prayer.
Well, if we get out and we get all these crosses out, we're going to put them on billboards.
Every Democrat event that they have, we have people with signs and that carrying them.
I'm telling you, it'll really make it an effect.
No, I agree.
I was thinking about coming out with a t-shirt with a cross on it just because it makes them so mad.
Billboard t-shirts and all.
Whatever we can.
Even on vehicles, on the side of vehicles.
Because I think they'll actually run.
I think that it will actually affect them so much they'll be scared and they won't want to set up a different place.
And that's good if we put them on the run.
But your book
Your movie is the answer.
We've got to let the world know.
You know, I feel good when I see a cross.
It's a powerful symbol.
And I just don't know why they're so... I mean, imagine that demon in them hates that Christ is God and that Christ sacrificed himself and is risen again.
I mean, they really hate that, don't they?
Because it's a symbol of the fact that they're losers.
Yeah, but what did the knights of the round table use, right?
Didn't they put that on their shields?
When they went... Well, there was a reason why.
I think we know it.
I agree with you, brother.
We should come up with a whole line of shirts that have the Crusader cross, that have all of it.
Absolutely, brother.
We actually have shirts that are from Paul Watson's website.
These Summit.News t-shirts.
Paul came up with these.
They're like a pelican.
He thinks it's a symbol of... I mean, Paul's got his own taste.
He's a smart guy, so he's got his pelican t-shirts that I guess he actually sells some of.
But I came out with the Summit News with the cross of King George on the right shoulder.
That's a Crusader cross.
And then it's got Summit.News on it.
And it's a nice looking, good looking shirt.
Got it on there.
And so we're going to come out with another one for InfoWars very, very soon.
I've meant to do that.
Search 1776 at InfoWarsStore.com.
We also have one that has the British flag on it as well, which is very triggering to the leftist.
Doesn't mean the British Empire.
That's the globalist.
But I mean, the British flag is a great flag.
It's a symbol of the
King George Cross and then the Scottish Cross together.
It's a symbol of England and Scotland unified.
That's what the confederate flag is too, folks.
Oh, it's a racist.
It's a Scottish flag.
Because the Scots were like the main group in the south.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back on the other side.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
I'm going to get right to your calls.
When we come back, we have a special guest in studio.
I'll tell you about as well at the bottom of the hour.
We'll be right back.
Man, I love taking your phone calls.
You take us in so many different amazing directions.
We're taking your calls, the order they are received here on this live broadcast.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in the great nation of Canada, still under New World Order martial law to a great extent.
Thanks for calling.
What is your take on it coming out, the Communist China, indeed, with Bill Gates and with Fauci?
Cooked up this weapon with Klaus Schwab.
I mean, it's all coming out a weapon to lock down Western economies and give China global domination through economic control.
That's what their Army War College was preparing.
That's clearly what they were doing with Fauci the same year.
This is a big, big deal because it means a large arm of the power structure, including even the Washington Post, that's Jeff Bezos, has decided to basically switch sides, in my view.
What do you make of this?
It's always been the flu.
It's the flu.
Common nomenclature for flu virus is CO for Corona, B for virus, ID, and a two-digit number like COVID-06.
These viri are always described as novel.
Remember that term?
Symptoms include highly contagious, affects blood function, causes fever and coughing, and very dangerous when the elderly are involved.
In those cases, resulting in death.
Sound familiar?
Flu symptoms.
Then there were the descriptions of people convulsing.
Videos of workers welding doors.
Tales of bat soup.
I can show you videos of workers welding.
I can get you someone to convulse right in front of you.
Remember Big Lebowski?
I can get you a toe.
And the conspiracies.
China and who and what.
The Wuhan Technical University.
Hold on just a second for me.
So what you're saying is, the virus doesn't even exist at all, and they just took regular flu deaths and car accidents and put up the number.
We know they did that too, but the Australians, the Indians, and others did scan it.
It is a manufactured virus, so Gates and others can own it.
They are doing biological training at that facility.
They did use the fear of it to shut down our economy.
So coming out and exposing that they did it for that reason will bring them down and discredit all the lockdowns and the power grab they got out of it.
So I think that's really the big issue here.
One more thing.
As for damned statistics, they always talk about cases now, before it was deaths.
But now it's cases, cases, cases!
And it's a deadly, yeah, 0.03 or whatever death rate.
It's an intelligence test.
I appreciate your call.
No, you're right.
The whole thing has been a lie from the start.
And it is an intelligence test, but it's not just an intelligence test of those in a trance who believe the lies and go along with it.
It's an intelligence test of us.
Are we going to go out and warn people?
Because that's really the issue.
I mean, the numbers here of people getting sick and dying from the vaccine is just staggering.
There's a big article on InfoWars.com that deals with this, that the deaths from the vaccines are the real catastrophe.
Everybody needs to share that report.
I come to you because you're the power, folks.
When you take action, nothing can stop you.
You are everything.
When you don't take action, the enemy wins.
So share those articles from Infowars.com and share those videos from ban.video because you're having a huge effect and I see you out there doing it and I salute and thank you all and say keep it up.
But again, you can't share ban.video on Facebook or Twitter or a lot of other places.
They've banned the URL.
That's why we have banthis.tv and they haven't banned that URL yet.
I'm sure they will soon, but it's been good for about three months.
They were banning stuff during the election every week.
Remember all those different names we had?
But it's the same index, the same website, the same videos, just different URLs on the videos so you can share them when you go to banthis.tv.
That takes you right to ban.video, but it puts a different link in there to get around the censors, one of the stopgaps.
All right, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Casey in Wisconsin.
Casey, go ahead.
What's up, Mr. J?
Every time I, uh, hear you rant about, uh, secret military technologies, Chinese chimeras, biotech, nanobots, cloning, all that down-the-rabbit-hole stuff, I wonder about, uh, Ben Rich, quote.
Uh, he who was, uh, head of Lockheed Martin Skunk, uh, work labs.
Um, he said, quote, we already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects
No, I totally agree with what you're saying.
I also wanted to hear your thoughts on the possibility of maybe Elon Musk sharing rocket secrets with China, and you remind me of Frank in Disney's 2015 film Tomorrowland with its epic Eiffel Tower scene.
And lastly, I think you should also look into Tyler Perry, the actor's coronavirus social research experiments he did, and how Hollywood
Is indirectly helping with the coronavirus lockdown beyond propaganda.
Do you remember in 2019, early in 2019, at the big international runway model fashion event, the winner was called COVID-19, spelled the same, wearing a medical uniform and a mask.
They always tell you what they're going to do beforehand.
It's called lesser magic.
And they believe if they tell you
Internationally, what they're going to do, and then are still able to do it, that it metaphysically gives them more power.
Totally, totally.
And how you were prescient even before that, everybody remembers how you just picked out of the ether the whole Cobra stick you were doing for so long, where Cobra's known to wear the mask.
That was like the Cobra thing.
And you were going on and on about Cobra for so long.
I don't know how you do that.
You just pull that out of the ether.
Well, no, I was saying the left, we're going to wear masks and they basically are Cobra.
And that's what this is, is it's they're masked men.
The police are masked.
Their identity's hidden.
It means the occult has come for you.
It's all very, very serious.
God bless you, Casey.
I appreciate your call.
Let's jam in one more.
Brian in Florida.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Good, sir.
My grandfather was OSS.
Just curious, everything you said, he said.
What are you personally doing?
I live in Florida.
It's a good state, but just curious what you think we should do as far as property, get out of the city.
Well, that's a big question.
Stay there, Brian.
Did you say your grandfather was in the OSS?
Yes, sir.
Well, you probably told me what to do as we come back, but I guess that's the group out of the British intelligence that worked with the U.S.
during World War II, and that's what the CIA later got set up out of.
But you're asking what I'm doing?
Man, I don't have that big a means.
Contrary to what the media says, but I am selling my house here in Austin.
I'm getting ready to put it on the market, and I'm going to try to get some small place.
I've already got a little bit of property outside town, but there's no house on it yet.
We're putting in solar and a well and all that that's been done.
And so, I mean, I just plan to get a double-wide trailer.
And, uh, and a well and a place to live out in the country.
Um, and I mean, that's about it.
Um, and I've, I've got some friends that are private pilots and stuff that, you know, that I'm friends with that have said that they'll, uh, you know, help fly me out of here.
And there's a total collapse in central Texas, but, uh, I'm not like, you know, these, these globalists have all these private jets and all this stuff at their fingertips.
But if you want to ask what I would do, uh, I'll try to give you my view.
And we come back.
That's a big question.
We'll be right back.
Brian, stay there.
Out in Lukenbach, Texas.
Ain't nobody feeling no pain.
All right, we've got a really interesting expert on the markets.
You'll recognize him on Fox and Fox Business.
Drew Mason is going to be with us next hour in studio, and we have got a lot of news on the markets, a lot of news on gold and silver.
You've got zero hedge here.
The pivot to gold has begun.
Gold gains on hopes for low rates.
Post bleak U.S.
job data.
We'll talk about crypto, we'll talk about all of it coming up, but we just had a caller, we're gonna go back to him, Brian in Florida, who was asking me what I'm gonna do.
And I gotta tell you, I've been 100% offense fighting the globalists.
I've been 100% trying to
At the top, stop what they're doing to protect myself and my family and protect your family because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
And so I knew the longer the lockdowns went globally, the more the financial collapse would be intense, the more as they threw more free money out there, the more that would cause scarcity as more dollars chase fewer commodities, fewer items.
There were big debates about whether it would be a depression or whether it would be inflation.
I said, looks to me like, I said this with a lot of economic guests on last year, looks like stagflation to me.
They said, oh no, no, you're not going to have depression and inflation.
Well, if you don't have a job,
And there's less people working, and there's less items, but more money.
That's what happened in Germany.
That's what happened in Weimar Republic.
That's what happened in Zimbabwe, Africa.
I don't think it'll be that bad, but it's certainly going to be serious.
Once people figure out there's inflation, everybody starts raising prices.
I mean, I've needed to raise prices, but I don't want to charge people more.
But our raw materials for everything we sell, whether it's T-shirts or DVDs or books or supplements, have gone way up.
As there's less of a supply chain, a lot of times you just can't have items.
And so that means that diversity of the economy starts to go away, and that's where people had jobs, in the manufacturing and in the service economy.
But even though heavy manufacturing went away in this country predominantly, we still had light manufacturing, making clothes, putting together supplements, food processing, you know, all sorts of things, auto repair, computer repair.
But as there's no chips that are going to be available, I mean, there's just so many problems worked into this.
And that's what Klaus Schwab said.
We want to have an economic collapse.
We want a post-industrial world where they have all the money, where there's no real complexity in industry left.
The economy is very thin and very easy to control.
So that's what's going on here.
And so here are some of those headlines.
Prices are rising everywhere you look, CNN says gleefully.
I mean, just three months ago, there were news articles saying Alex Jones is a fear monger.
He's telling listeners that prices are going to go up.
So first they demonize me and then anything they want to demonize, they go, oh, Jones is saying that.
But they don't understand they've lost credibility.
So when people attack me, it only makes me look better to the public because the public's figured out they're a pack of liars.
Higher prices leave consumers feeling the pinch.
Wall Street Journal.
You're not a human being.
You're not a father, a mother, a son, a daughter, a grandmother, a grandfather, a brother, a sister.
You're not a Christian.
You're not an American.
You're a consumer.
And you're a human resource.
And they say you're not essential.
Stop letting them use these terms.
You're a consumer.
How about you're a human being?
What will you do when inflation forces U.S.
households to spend 40% of their incomes on food?
That's what's projected, again.
And they go through it in an excellent, long article at Zero Hedge.
declares state of emergency to keep gasoline flowing after Colonial fails to restart hacked pipeline.
They're holding it hostage.
Both the data of the company and the company's servers itself.
Why would you have something like a complex gas pipeline out of refined fuel out of Texas all the way up the East Coast?
Maybe we can show some maps of that.
You notice what was delivering raw crude
Two, Houston was supposed to be open by now, the Keystone Pipeline, but it's closed.
So you can't get the raw oil to it, and it doesn't matter, because you already have shortages, and then you can't even be pumped.
See the background?
See the pattern there?
I would imagine it's probably the CIA director that's doing this, not even the CHICOMs, but he is a CHICOM operative.
declares state of emergency to keep gasoline flowing after Colonial fails to restart hacked pipeline.
And it goes on and on and on.
You really think that ship just wrecked on accident at the Suez Canal?
You really think all this is just happening by accident?
Here's another one.
Automakers are ditching high-tech features amidst unprecedented semi-shortages.
Good, there's too much high-tech crap that tracks you in cars anyways.
So there's some good unseen areas of this, but it's serious, folks.
But don't worry, Bezos has his new 417-foot superyacht as a testament to the K-shaped recovery where the elites are all
Inflating the cost of super yachts and super jets and palatial 100,000, 50,000 acre properties.
But again, they need that because there's a lockdown and they don't want to be around you.
So that's some of what's going on.
Brian, what are you doing to protect yourself?
I mean, this is such a big seismic thing.
I've tried to point out they're destroying the third world, starving them to death, then organize them as an invasion weapon that the UN also orchestrates and controls.
I mean, we're really entering the endgame here.
I'm really just staying at the helm on air doing limited things.
If they try to lock down Austin to try to, you know, at some point be able to get out of the town.
I mean, I literally have an armored vehicle if I need one because I knew in the future the left would attack anybody trying to report on what they do.
They've attacked the vehicle at least 50 times with hammers and bricks and everything else.
People said, oh, you're crazy.
You won't need that.
Well, we need that to report down to the left.
I mean, they're just slowly putting us into a destabilized position.
What do you think, Brian?
Well, what I'm hearing, I do luxury real estate here in Miami Beach.
A lot of the big money is putting money and hard assets, like houses and whatnot.
Obviously, I don't know the answers.
I'm just trying to understand what to do, because everything...
Listen, you're as smart as I am or smarter.
The stock market's way overvalued.
If you know when to get out of it, it's a great place.
It's all inflationary, and it's the leading edge of inflation.
So you can cash out of that before the inflation hits other places.
You've got to decide when to do that.
That's just a speculative roller coaster with insiders making the money, but absolutely.
Real estate's always king.
Look at what Bill Gates is doing, buying up raw farmland across the U.S., knowing raw commodities during the coming depression are going to be king with the food shortages.
So that's why I said a year ago when Bill Gates was buying up farmland, I said, folks, I would get into storable food and food production.
No, absolutely.
What do you think?
I mean, everything you've said, my grandfather said from the OSS, even your products, like my girlfriend was a model for years.
She had some toenail fungus.
She took the
I forgot what the supplement was.
It actually cured her toenail.
I've been listening to you for 15 years.
It's the first time I've called in.
I'm sorry I'm not very rehearsed here.
I'm just terrified.
I want to get... I actually feel great, though, that listening to you.
I want to get property outside of the city.
I think that's one of the main takeaways that I've gotten.
But I take survival skills every day.
I mean, everything you said is what my grandfather said that was in the OSS.
It's all come true.
So thank you so much.
I know you don't want to hear that, but... Well, no, I mean, but all I'm covering is history and the arc of empires.
I mean, what was your grandfather saying?
Was it about globalism?
World government?
The breakdown of the family, destroying the family, basically everything.
The United Nations, he spoke about this in the 70s.
I think he actually went on radio stations and everything and tried to get it out there.
Well, God bless your grandfather.
We'll be right back.
Speaking of Ted Nugent, he's going to be on with us talking about self-sufficiency in this collapsing economy and with the inflation coming.
And we'll talk about how he got COVID-19, got really sick, and then Ivermectin healed him in a day.
Now they're trying to block Ivermectin.
That woman that was gonna die up in Chicago, they wouldn't let her have Ivermectin on a ventilator.
They put her on Ivermectin, she was better in a day.
He'll be joining us tomorrow.
I was going to get Alfie Oakes on today, but we had a technical issue.
But I'm trying to get him on tomorrow because he's actually one of the biggest food producers in the state of Florida.
He supplies most of the grocery stores in that state.
And boy, is he the guy to talk to about what he's seeing on the ground with food prices increasing around the world.
So I apologize for having a technical thing today and not getting him on.
That was my issue.
We're going to get him on hopefully here in the next few days.
I'm about to go to some more of your calls ahead of our special guest in studio.
But first, in-game blueprint for global enslavement.
Came out 14 years ago.
It's evergreen, meaning it gets better with time, because it predicted the Great Reset from the Globalist on admissions.
People are blown away by this film.
It's more important now than ever.
It has a zero country code.
It plays anywhere in the world, and there's no copyright protection.
I want you to get it.
Get a DVD burner and make copies and say, hey, here's forbidden information.
It was number one documenter on Amazon.
They took it down.
The left called it Nazi.
It's actually anti-Nazi.
You'll see in the film.
It's a very important film to understand their endgame.
The extras on are very, very important as well.
You only have until Sunday to get it for as low as $3.95 apiece in bulk.
Then it's going to go to $9.95 apiece.
But I've got it priced so people can get it and give it to friends and family.
It's become an issue on Twitter.
A lot of liberals have had their moms and dads or others give it to them.
A few of them have actually woken up seeing it.
Re-upload it.
Do whatever you want.
Just have it on your bookshelf.
Give it to the local library.
Whatever you do, share it with the fire department.
Share it with your local pastor.
Give it to local professors.
Give it to opinion makers to show them so they understand what we're facing and what's really going on.
And say, hey, here's the guy you're not supposed to listen to.
The guy that said it came out of the Wuhan lab.
The guy that said Bill Gates was involved with Jeffrey Epstein.
The guy that exposed all this stuff.
People are hungry for it.
Now is the time.
And you have until Wednesday night to get 10% off on all the high-quality storable food, last year's prices.
They're not just about to get rid of the sale, we're about to have to go up in food prices, because MyPatriot's held back, but they can't hold back any longer.
PrepareWithAlex.com to get the additional 10% off.
PrepareWithAlex.com or find the subpage at InfoWarStore.com.
We also have TurboForce, great 10-hour clean energy back in stock as well.
And we have our Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K, Winter Sun for your immune system.
Also 50% off, infowarestore.com.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Larry in Florida.
He's actually called in on the topic I raised of Dr. Fauci, COVID, Australia.
Why is this all coming out now?
Give us your take, Larry.
Well, first of all, it's coming out now, but if we listen to you, it was out a couple of weeks after basically the COVID broke out.
And the Australians looked at it real early and said, yeah, it's lab.
It's lab and it's homegrown.
And it's, I mean, not homegrown, but it's not natural and it's bioweapon.
Sure enough.
And I think one of the reasons it's coming out is they're feeling the bad results on the vaccines are starting to roll out.
And in this group, there's no loyalty.
So if they got to sacrifice Fauci at some point or they got to sacrifice others, they'll do it.
Move right on.
You just said in 30 seconds what I said in an hour because I've got diarrhea in the mouth.
And so this is a victory overall that they've been forced to this point because their big global domination plan, the wheels are coming off of it.
Well, we need more victory.
I mean, a couple of other things, if I can suggest.
Yes, sir.
One, for those of us that want to be out here and fight this crap, got to stay healthy.
And, you know, you talk about all the minerals and vitamins, and you're absolutely right.
And everybody that's out there should get a blood test and know what their vitamin D level is.
We're good to go!
And there's been a couple of really good doctors, I mean people actually that are treating COVID patients and have done research and they basically, you know, they've done studies.
There's been enough studies out there.
You won't find them on Microsoft, you know, on Google.
And how evil is it that they knew Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were basically 100% if taken preemptively and they kept it from you so they could give emergency authorization to these Franken-shots?
That is, that alone is crimes against humanity right there.
Absolutely, and that's why they did it.
I mean, if you look at it, if they were admitting there was treatments out there that worked, then they couldn't give emergency approval.
I mean, based on their own regulations, they can change those.
But just for the listeners, if you want to know how to get it, you go to frontlinedoctors.org.
Yeah, you can use DuckDuck or something else to find it, and then just follow the prompts, and it'll cost you basically a telemedicine visit.
Absolutely, and that's why they didn't want that.
God bless you, sir.
Great points.
Yeah, some people are saying, hey, COVID-19 doesn't exist, period.
And that's their right to say it.
No, it's a real lab virus.
Has incredible gain of function.
But if you don't have the deficiencies, you're not going to have a problem.
The problem is when you get older, even if you're taking a regular allowance of items, minerals, your guts don't absorb as well.
You got to take a lot more.
And then you got to check your liver and stuff, because too many vitamins can be bad.
But basically, you're bulletproof if you've got all the vitamins and minerals in your body that's absorbing them.
And that's why they don't want you knowing that, because they want you living in fear.
And any virus is going to kill you if you don't have those things.
That's on the NIH website, but they try to keep people ignorant.
But they're losing the fight.
They're losing the fight, and that's really pissing them off.
The highest death rates are in the states and cities where they've had the longest lockdowns.
No kidding.
Because you can be locked in your house with no sunlight and depressed, and depression makes you get sick as well, and you're going to get sick from any virus.
There's viruses all over the place.
It's just data that's able to get in your cells and replicate.
That's all it is.
Alright, let's take another call here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Scott in Alabama.
Scott, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you?
Man, I'm seeing everything come out about Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein and the Chinese being involved with them, with Fauci in the lab.
I mean, they're in a lot of trouble.
Yeah, they are, but I just don't think we're going to win this fight.
I think we're right in the middle of that seven-year time of trouble.
It started in 2017 with the eclipse, and if you count 42 months, that puts Biden in office.
And the other eclipse would be in 2024.
So who's the Antichrist?
I'm thinking Pope.
Well, he sure acts like it.
I just bought a coin from 1985 showing John Paul II on the front and on the back it shows the entire map of the world with the planes going by with the chemtrails.
If that's not them admitting that they're behind everything, I don't know what is.
Well, brother, all I know is every major institution is being taken over by evil right now, and the Bible's being fulfilled.
I don't know if it's ten years, a hundred years, or six months, but definitely we're seeing an antichrist system.
I mean, I haven't played the clip yet.
Did you know Klaus Schwab said we need a world government with a world ID pass, a world health pass, run by a microchip under your skin?
I mean, that video's on InfoWars.com.
That's the guy running the whole show.
Is that not incredible?
It is very incredible, especially when you read the Word.
I mean, that's why I think Christ comes back, is because we lose.
You know, the flood was caused to wipe out the niflium, and now we're doing the transgender thing?
We're trying to change humanity?
We're doing it again!
As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man.
And it says, you know, if you try to save your life, you will lose it.
If you lose, you know, lose your life, you will save it.
I'm not sure if that's not talking about the... Well, that's right.
And now they're talking about, quote, oh, lesbians and homosexuals don't want to have to go out and get a surrogate.
They're going to splice two men and splice two women.
If that isn't the son of men, that's not going to be a person.
You're not a human anymore.
That's why it says, you know, you can't, if you take the mark, you will not be redeemed.
You can't be.
It's a genetic mark, and you have to accept it.
They're going to pressure you, they're going to bully you, but you've got to accept it.
You've got to waive it.
They want inside your body.
It's a scientific takeover.
It's satanic.
Thank you, sir.
All right.
I want to get to John.
I'm out of time.
I want to get to Patriot and Daryl and CD.
But here's what's going to happen.
I've gotten good about this.
Usually I say, oh, get their numbers out.
I forget to call the next day.
We've been doing it lately.
So we're getting better and better around here.
Get all four of the numbers, the callers I didn't get to.
And I will call them first thing when I go to calls tomorrow in the first or second hour.
And if you don't want to be on their show tomorrow, I understand.
But I've got to get my next special guest in studio.
To talk about the economy, to talk about what's going on.
And the last call was saying, how do you protect yourself?
We're going to get into some of that as well.
But first, there's another John Bowne report.
He's been on fire lately.
So this next five minutes, we're going to air Biden's dementia.
Something out of dementia.
Biden, dementia's dictator.
So that is coming up next segment.
You definitely
Do not want to miss this information in the fourth hour that I'm going to be hosting today.
And then the War Room with Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
Central, right here on the InfoWars Network.
And it's time for humanity to stand up in the InfoWars and say, I don't know what's going to happen at the end of this, but you want to fight?
You better believe you've got one!
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
A lot of folks like to dress up in leather outfits and ride around on their motorcycles and tell everybody how they're big outlaws.
A lot of guys like to get into jujitsu and, you know, get in great shape and learn how to fight really well, and that's great.
I think that's fine.
In fact, I like all that.
Because we need to be extremely male in a society trying to tell us to be little passive slaves of the system.
But I'd really like to see all the tough guy men out there
Spend a little less time hanging out with other dudes, acting tough, and a little more time being politically engaged.
Now I know when you do that, you get put in prison like the Proud Boys.
Or you get attacked like Infowars, but I really need all those tough guys.
But get engaged!
And I know Rolling Thunder's a lot of great veterans and patriots that like their fun motorcycles.
Motorcycles are awesome.
Pentagon said, you're not welcome here, Rolling Thunder, this year.
That's because our country's been taken over by the chi-coms and the globalists.
And it really is happening.
I don't think it's right for my people to act the way that they're acting.
This is all I can say about the thing because we're fighting one war now in Vietnam and we're losing.
As it is.
So, I mean, why should we come back here and fight a war among ourselves?
As we speak, the puppet president of the O'Harris administration, it really is Obama and then their puppet Harris, Biden, can't even read off a teleprompter most of the time now, unless he's particularly hopped up on amphetamines in the morning.
And he's saying, oh, I didn't think we'd turn things around from COVID and the economy right away.
That's why we need more stimulus.
Since I've been here, the economy is at 500,000 jobs per month.
This is progress.
And it's a testament to our new strategy of growing this economy from the bottom up and the middle out.
The White House went on the defensive yesterday after the lowest monthly jobs report since President Biden took office.
We knew this wouldn't be a sprint.
It'd be a marathon.
Employers added just 266,000 jobs in April, dramatically less than the million most economists had projected.
In fact, as soon as I heard he was giving a speech 10 minutes ago, I said, let me guess, in a transcript, he'll say the answer is more stimulus.
Well, no, that's why people won't go to work because they're getting a check.
They go buy things and then that makes prices go up and scarce commodities because no one is growing the crops.
Or delivering the cattle to slaughter.
Or building the microchips.
Or cutting down the timber.
Or growing the corn.
Or smelting the steel.
That's why steel tripled in prices the last few months.
That's why corn's up 80% in the last few months.
Set to triple.
That's why food prices are set to be up 76% by the end of summer.
Current purchases around the world of crops going in.
There's such a scarcity.
People are buying the crops before they're even planted.
And I've got all that data here.
I told you last year, when the first world collapses, the third world dies.
Then the UN will organize that giant third world collapse to break our borders, to flood us, and they'll have a giant underclass permanently controlled.
And that's in the globalist documents.
We were already calculating 135 million people around the world before COVID.
Marching to the brink of starvation.
And now with the new analysis with COVID, we're looking at 260 million people.
And I'm not talking about hungry.
I'm talking about marching towards starvation.
They create crises, offer a solution that creates a bigger crises that gives them more power, and they repeat it over and over and over and over again.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're going to go to break here in about 20 seconds.
We're going to come back with our special guest, Drew Mason, and he's a really smart guy.
You've probably seen him on Fox News, Fox Business, and other channels.
We're really excited that when I started talking to him about being a guest, he said, how about I just fly down?
So he's in the studio with us on the other side.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
All right, into hour number four.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Drew Mason is in studio with us for the rest of the hour.
Very, very excited about having him here.
I wanted to get him on as a guest, but he said, no, I'll just come down there.
Drew Mason is a principal with St.
Joseph Partners, a gold and silver dealer that has helped clients buy, sell, and store precious metals for more than a decade.
Joseph has educated investors about the benefits of diversifying wealth in the metals, and other work has been featured by numerous outlets such as Forbes and Fox.
For years, St.
Joseph's website makes two-way markets in over 150 forms of precious metals and prides itself on developing customized solutions to meet individual client needs, be it
Today, St.
Recovering standard medals from the rural Canada, maximizing antique jewelry, value or swapping into more liquid forms of gold and silver.
Mason previously worked on Wall Street for 15 years before leaving equities to pursue a career in precious metals.
He is the author of Victory from Defeat, which profiles individuals who overcame significant obstacles in their pursuit for success.
For the last seven years, Mason has also been the portfolio manager of the Palos Harbor Fund, a fund that invests on behalf of accredited investors in physical gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, and that trades in cryptocurrencies, blockchain tokens, and other assets anticipating a return of inflation.
And you can see that bio has been out for a few years.
He's been warning of this for a long time.
Now that inflation, it looks like, we know, has reared its ugly head and he's here with us for the Balance of the Hour.
Great to have you here, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
Praise be Jesus for all our blessings.
Thank you for having me.
It's good to have you here.
Wow, well, I mean, you're an expert on the market.
You've made a lot of accurate predictions.
What's going on right now?
I think Alex, the dominant influence in the markets today is government money printing.
Traditionally, if you look at how you value equities in the markets, there isn't a component for government input.
But today, that is what is dominating the pricing.
So if you ask yourself, just step back, it's very simple.
Why do you think the Fed is printing the money?
Why are they doing QE?
And the reason is simply that they don't want the markets, meaning stocks, bonds, real estate, to trade where those markets would naturally trade in free markets.
So QE is artificial sustenance that is artificially elevating these markets.
And in the short term, we all feel good about it because you look in your statement and you see it moving higher.
But it is pushing it further and further from natural equilibrium.
So when that happens,
I think it's very prudent for investors to say, this is unsustainable over the long term.
Shouldn't I have some of my assets allocated in a way that is actually artificially cheap because of the way the Fed is manipulating these markets with its investments?
And that has led us to gold and silver.
And we believe they are extremely attractive at this point in time when sentiment is about as bad as it's ever been in the metals.
And we think the future looks very good, Alex.
Well, I mean, I'll tell the listeners straight up, I've not promoted or sold gold in about
Eight years.
But I haven't gone out and gotten a gold or silver partner because I don't want to say most of them are disreputable, but they still charge too much and they just don't have really good word of mouth.
We actually sought you out.
You didn't seek us out.
Turns out you are a listener because I was aware that you have a really good name.
You have really good stats on people liking you.
And I have people inside the office that buy from you and whose families do and say they've had a great response.
And then when you said, hell, I'll just come down there, I was really excited to have you come down.
And you just wanted to really get on and talk about Christ and fasting and the fight against the devil, which is, you know, the key to everything.
But I also want to twist your arm and get you on board as a sponsor, but also tell folks now is the time, obviously, to get into gold and silver, and I think you're the place to go.
Well, thank you so much.
I'll give you a few stats that may be of interest to listeners.
So, in 1971, when they first deregulated gold, the ratio of the S&P to gold was 2.3 times.
This month, we are right back at that level.
What ensued was that gold exploded plus 20X in the decade that followed, while the equity market multiple was cut in half.
No, this is not to say that that's absolutely going to happen again, but I believe investing, I think it's pretty clear, is about probabilities.
And when you see past bans of resistance and support, whether it's from a valuation perspective, a technical perspective, it warrants attention.
And so we're there.
If you think also about the fact that right now we have 80%, almost 80% of all of the dollars in the world today have been created in the last 18 months.
So think about that.
We're a nation that's over 200 years old, but 80% of dollars have been flooded into the market with the recent money printing.
You know that when you have something like that occur, it's only a question of time before the market prices in the reality that these paper dollars backed by nothing, you're going to need more of them to buy a physical asset.
That's a very positive development for gold.
If you look at the incredible influx of new investors into the equity markets, the euphoria, you see the ascent of debt, margin debt, at a rate that has been problematic in the past, consumer confidence.
There are many things that are saying, it's time to have at least some of your portfolio allocated in a cautious way.
The mentality of some people who have never made money is, I'm just going to throw everything in and be aggressive.
But for those people who have spent a lifetime working
I wouldn't say to you, you need to go and sell anything.
You need to go and sell everything.
However, at this juncture, with the historical precedence that we have, it is so prudent to take some of your wealth and position it in an asset that has thrived in the past when we've seen stress in the markets we discussed.
Exactly, and I could have had 20 gold sponsors, and we went out and checked out some, and they just weren't to the standards of the previous gold sponsor we had that then, because of issues and family things, basically retired and stopped selling gold.
So, I'm glad to have you here.
I know you didn't really want to even pitch gold people today, but I think people should check out what you're doing.
They should go there.
You know, you're a fine organization.
StJosephPartners.com, STJosephPartners.com.
People want to support InfoWars.
I don't know.
The divorce happened when gold was right at about $2,000.
So you can imagine that was a good investment for me with that gold and silver.
And that was about half my savings was in gold and silver in a safety deposit box.
It still wasn't a huge sum, but it was quite a bit and it tripled in price.
I always go with gut level and just looking at the markets and everything.
And everything tells me, get into gold and silver now.
I've been saying it for, again, two plus years, and we've seen how much it's gone up.
So it's really kind of a no-brainer.
If there's global inflation and all this devaluing of currencies going on, well, gold and silver isn't just a commodity.
I mean, it's a historical sign of wealth, a symbol of wealth, and it's used industrially, correct?
It is.
You're absolutely right.
And you bring up a great point, Alex.
For some people who may be new to it, they may think gold is complicated.
Gold is extremely simple.
What is gold?
It's money.
It's a currency that a central banker can't mess up with a policy error.
Now, some people will say, well, hey, I can't take gold into the supermarket.
So that means it's not a currency.
But that's not true.
You can't take a Japanese yen or a euro into the supermarkets because they won't accept that.
Money has two functions.
One is to make it easy to live with day-to-day transactions.
And for that, unquestionably, the dollar is the best.
But the second of two functions that money should play in your portfolio is that it should be a store of wealth.
And in our lifetimes, we've seen the value of dollars lose over 70% of their purchasing power.
Meanwhile, gold is up more than 20x.
And this isn't something that we have to try and figure out for the first time in our minds.
It's not this lab experiment that has an unknown ending.
The beautiful thing about gold is that we have literally hundreds of examples that we can look at through history.
It's a known quantity.
Stay there.
Stay there.
It's a safe haven.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Okay, good to start.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, sometimes I make mistakes, but over the years I've gotten pretty accurate about 99% of the time.
But I only promote things that I know are the very best bet for me personally.
And then whatever I am personally doing in my life that I've seen be successful, I encourage others to do.
I told the story though.
You know, to explain that I bought most that gold at $350, $400, maybe $500, and then as the market went up, it was too rich for me.
But now there's really no choice because the dollar's so devalued, and the inflation's coming around the world, that it's a no-brainer for me.
So I really think listers should get into gold, they should get into silver, and they should do it now.
But you were telling me, Drew Mason, that
You are seeing in your highly respected company dwindling supplies because I was asking about supply during the break.
That's another sign that people, in my view, should not wait to get into gold and silver.
For me, it's a no-brainer.
You're absolutely right, Alex.
So the quantity of different types of coins and metals that we have has been reduced.
The mints are having trouble keeping up with demand, whether in particular, if you look at, say, the U.S.
Mint, Royal Canadian Mint.
And there's a few things that we would highlight for investors about this.
Alex and I were also talking more about the market.
Something investors should be aware.
Right now, the equity markets in the U.S.
are at a valuation that's 40% above the prior bubble in the dot-com era.
It's not to say it can't go higher, but again, as you think about how do you want to allocate, 99% of Americans don't have any physical gold yet.
That is not a well-constructed portfolio, I believe, in this landscape that we have.
And don't we see University of Texas and the Chinese and all these other institutions are buying gold and silver up very fast.
Texas does have a physical allocation.
They have had it.
I'm not sure.
I haven't seen the latest filings, but they certainly did.
About a billion dollars worth.
China has continued to import gold and clearly they have a slug of gold.
We talked about what is money.
In Chinese, the word for money has two characters.
And gold is one of them, where it is so rooted into the culture, and that's the same in Japan, the Japanese culture.
It is a money, and to those people, they wouldn't think about not having something that would be protected from government policy errors, especially in periods like today, where we have such massive indebtedness, Alex.
How would you recommend people start investing in gold?
I mean, can they just call you guys?
You can answer their questions.
They go to Infowarsgold.com.
What's the best way?
So, again, a beautiful thing about gold is that it's so simple.
It is just money that a government can't destroy and it appreciates on a relative basis as governments print more.
So, Alex, you brought up the great point.
You said that when you were buying gold, it was in the $300 range.
$300 an ounce range.
So we get that question a lot.
People will say, well, gold's at $1,800 now.
Isn't it too late?
And what I think you want to consider, you don't want to look at the price of gold in some static vacuum.
Yeah, that's devalued dollars.
It's not that gold went up, it's that the dollar's less worth.
Or worthless.
And you can see that the quantity of dollars, again, has exploded.
So really, even though gold is up,
Relative to where it was in terms of dollars 20 years ago, that pace still hasn't kept up with just the torrid pace of dollar creation.
Well, that's exactly it.
For two years, I've been trying to get a good gold sponsor and I could get 20 of them.
They're just not as good as you.
Some are actually pretty good, but you're even better with your background and everything.
And I was just literally talking to my family and I said,
It's property that can grow crops, and it's gold and silver, and it's friends and family you can trust to take care of yourselves during a depression, because I think we're moving into a zone where it's more probable we're going to have civil unrest and depression versus the alternative of prosperity.
I mean, I really think America and the world's going under some type of judgment.
And Alex, I want to say something based on your comments to the listeners.
What we're going through, this isn't the first time this has happened.
Again, it's been repeated again and again.
My favorite financial book is called When Money Dies.
And it's the story of what happened in Europe when there were so many things unfolding that were similar to today.
And what you saw was that people who shifted a portion of their wealth into gold
As there became less confidence in those paper currencies, that gold and silver that they had allocated to then allowed them to have more wealth and more influence in the new paradigm.
Let me give you another example that I think is striking.
Obviously, the most famous name in American finance is J.P.
Morgan, the man.
Well, in the 1920s, again, it was a period similar to today.
You had the stock market roaring, but you had debts exploding.
And Morgan concluded it wasn't prudent to be 100% all in to the equity markets.
So he maintained a portion of his wealth that he could exchange into physical gold.
So late 20s, meaning like 27, 28, people said, oh, you're dumb.
You're missing out on the upside in the stock market here.
29 came around early in the year, people said the same thing, and the crash ensued.
As the Depression matured, a very famous institution was up against the ropes.
Do you know what that institution was, Alex, by any chance?
It was the U.S.
And they came to Morgan and they said, we'd like to borrow your gold.
And he agreed, but he clearly cut the deals of a lifetime when he did that.
And that is an example that we've seen again and again.
So by having... He who has the gold makes the rule.
There's a reason why that saying has lasted for centuries.
So, looking at this, history does repeat, it does rhyme.
We're in the 20s again.
We're seeing record hyperinflation like Germany and other countries had.
And so it looks like it is going to repeat itself, but maybe sooner than 1929.
Can you see this bubble going for another eight years?
Well, I think we would both agree as Americans we would like to.
I would love to see the Fed be able to architect in the next 10 years what it did in the last 10.
Higher stock markets, higher real estate, better bonds, strong economy.
I'm rooting for them.
I would love to see it happen.
I hope it does.
But you don't build your wealth strategy just on hope.
You want to have something in place for if
Let's expand on that.
This is like having a life jacket going out on a ship in the middle of a typhoon or hurricane.
I mean, it's not like you just might need it.
It looks like you're going to need it.
And if you look at what the globals are saying, they want yearly shutdowns for carbon, but really that's to create artificial depression just to train us to accept depression.
They're already getting everybody ready for civil unrest and collapse.
I think they're worried that they can't even hold it off a year.
You could be right.
I have to say, Alex, I've been surprised that the markets have been as strong as they have with everything that's going on.
If you had handed me the headlines 10 years ago, I would have said there's no way gold would be this cheap.
Equities would be this expensive.
But they are.
So I don't.
Have the conviction to say exactly when this is going to happen, but I think we clearly have a monster, a generational tailwind forming behind gold at this point in time with so many different things coming together.
Well sure, I mean in a basket of diversifying and not having everything in one basket, gold is a no-brainer.
All you need is a good place to get the gold.
That's Infowarsgold.com, St.
Joseph Partners.
Go to Infowarsgold.com, it's just an interface with them, a link so that we get some of the commission to fund ourselves.
They're a great outfit.
I hope you visit Infowarsgold.com.
We'll talk about more ways to protect ourselves and what our special guest thinks is coming next.
On the other side, stay with us.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Don't forget, very popular, very informative show with the great Harrison Smith.
Weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
until 11 a.m.
when I go live.
American Journal, where our guest Drew Mason is going to be co-hosting for an hour with them, at least tomorrow.
And of course, he'll be on The War Room tomorrow as well.
The War Room is coming up in 27 minutes from now with Owen Schroer.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
You've seen them on Fox Business.
You've seen them in Forbes.
You've seen them on Fox, all over the place.
And I've been looking around for a reputable gold sponsor.
They're either afraid of the Big Bad Evil Alex Jones, don't want to work with us, or they're not giving people really good deals.
And so I was talking to our guest here and I said, Hey, the interview is going great.
You know, you wanted to get into fasting and the fight between good and evil.
And he said, yeah, but you asked me three questions, but then I ran over and didn't let him answer those three questions.
So, so get into those three questions.
Cause those, those are questions I have.
One of the things, Alex, you said was how should people buy it?
My suggestion to you would be to buy small form gold, preferably coins that are minted by a sovereign mint, meaning they're so easily recognizable.
A beautiful thing about gold is that when it comes from a mint like that, it's so easily proven to be real.
That means when you go to sell it, you'll have liquidity.
People will recognize it's real and you won't have any friction as you would with a bigger bar.
The second thing Alex and I had talked about was an allocation.
Some of the smartest people in finance say you want a 5-10% allocation.
Personally, I don't see how in this environment you don't want at least a 10% allocation.
But I'd say to you the key thing is to just get a toe in the water.
Get some, see how it works, take it down.
Get comfortable with the space requirements, you know, if you're going to store it in insured storage, but just get some and you can work your way to what you conclude for your situation is the best allocation.
I'm buying some today.
No, seriously.
However, you have nothing to be embarrassed about in terms of the returns.
A lot of the misinformation that was out there and a lot of the confusion about it came to do with some tombs that looked at the price, tombs meaning thick books, that looked at the price of gold and its performance versus equities over time.
One that had tremendous adoption on Wall Street was called Stocks for the Long Run.
And at the end of this tomb, they showed a chart, and they showed the returns of equities, which they characterize as U.S.
equities, versus gold.
And they looked at this period from the 1800s up to the 2000s, and the conclusion was, stocks have outperformed gold by 100,000%.
So financial advisors looked at that and they said, why would I ever want to allocate a penny to gold?
But what was so disingenuous about that study was that for 75% of that study, the price of gold was fixed.
It wasn't allowed to trade freely with the U.S.
So you know that that is not fair.
Wouldn't it be a whole lot wiser to say, well, how has gold performed versus equities when both have been allowed to trade freely?
Because we now have 50 years as of this summer of data on that point.
Gold is clearly a more defensible asset, so you would expect it to perform worse, right?
Well, the reality is gold has slightly outperformed stocks as of the end of 2020 in the period of time since it's been allowed to trade freely.
It's outperformed stocks in one in three years as well.
That's not to say it's always going to do that.
But we're now, for me, we're now in the end game where they're getting ready to just say all these currencies have collapsed and bring on a new global currency.
And so, I mean, at a gut level, for me, it means get into gold and silver because
We're in such an inflationary bubble market that we're seeing an acceleration of devaluation of currencies.
That's why you see the stock market going up, because it's representing the devaluation.
You're right, Alex.
I'm trying to approach it from the listener's perspective, anticipating the pushback they're going to have and trying to reason through with them why this argument to have some really makes complete sense.
The last point I wanted to make from our prior conversation I didn't complete was the benefit that gold brings to a portfolio.
So if you look at the returns and what's called the correlations, that means does an asset move in tandem or does it move in more of an opposite direction with other assets in your portfolio?
Rule number one for your portfolio construction should be you want to have some asset in your portfolio that does well when the others don't.
Since gold has been allowed to trade freely, it has what's called a negative correlation to real estate, bonds, and stocks.
That is a beautiful attribute for a portfolio.
It's a hedge.
It's a hedge.
It's a hedge.
And the data supports the notion.
Isn't it pretty much the ultimate hedge other than knowledge you have in your brain?
You know, no matter how far you go back in time, it has worked in preserving wealth.
It has sustained wars.
It has sustained insurrections.
It's sustained foolish government policy.
When things collapse, gold's king out of the whole pantheon of metals.
But here's why I have an issue.
Where they can take your bank accounts now, they're persecuting Christians and conservatives and nationalists and capitalists.
When they can do all this, to me, having something recognized around the world, something that's portable, something that's easy to hide, that's the reason I'm getting back into gold and silver, is because of that.
I mean, to me, that's the real reason.
Just like pirates would bury their treasure, I mean, at the end of the day, you can't trust any of this in this authoritarian climate other than something you can hide.
And that is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job is hearing stories from clients firsthand who got out of Europe where their goal was helpful to them, who got out of Vietnam, and American citizens who underestimated the debt that they had.
They had all their assets re-confiscated, but they had a drawer full of coins, and that allowed them to move on, rebuild, and
And rescue what otherwise would have been a very problematic situation for their families.
Well, sure, during the Great Depression, remember my grandparents telling the story, on both sides of the family, nobody turned in the gold when the government said do it back then.
And then that kept them through the Depression was that hidden, you know, syrup bucket or, you know, mayonnaise yard, you know, buried in the backyard with gold in it.
It was stories like that that I heard firsthand from people of how valuable it was combined with the recognition that so few Americans have it that led me into gold as a career change when I left equities and I left the street.
You know, gold is the only asset that I see that is supported by financial history.
By the laws of finance, and Alex, bridging into what you kindly just brought up, I believe gold is the only asset that the Good Book specifically counsels us to buy so that we may grow wealthy.
And triangulating on those three, again, I believe it solidifies the case for having some in a portfolio today.
The goal we have
We are currently shipping within three weeks of what you see on our website.
So when you come to our website, you'll see approximately 40 items today that we have listed gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
They are scheduled to ship within three weeks.
Part of that is incoming timing on the shipments and also part of it is the packing queue.
But it's not like you're going to go and you're going to see
Now, other folks are making people wait two, three, four months, but here's the key.
I don't know your whole business, but I've been in it before.
You guys are putting contracts in with the Mint, right?
So you've got to wait until it's actually made in some cases?
We wait until we're either buying it back from secondary market sellers.
We're buying it as new.
What you're saying is the market is so hot that literally it's gone out the door before you can even get it.
It's fast, you can get it.
Eagle, gold U.S.
Eagles are trading at record premiums right now.
Silver Eagles are at record premiums.
And historically, Alex, that has been an indicator of what may be coming is appreciation.
Oh yeah, that's when gold went from $1,000 to $2,000 last time.
It was just boom when that happened.
It seemed to be the physical markets were anticipating what the paper markets hadn't yet understood.
And last time they were able to manipulate gold prices and do all the things in the market, but I'm told from a lot of people I researched that the inflation is so bad this time, they're going to have real trouble suppressing gold much longer.
I think that when you just step back and look, you know, again, we can't say exactly what will be the exogenous event that will cause the trigger.
However, with the money printing that's going on,
It is just off the charts, and what people often... Stay there, we'll be right back, final segment, and then you're on The War Room tomorrow, and of course, American Journal, 8 a.m.
Well, Joe Biden's spokesperson, the third Obama administration's frontman, came out and said, oh, cyber ransom and cyber attacks are a thing he's got to get used to.
Clocks ticking on Colonial Pipeline restart.
After 72 hours, it gets really tough.
And now they've declared a national emergency over that.
Held hostage.
Oh, what did Klaus Schwab say?
And what did they say in this new cyber polygon put out by John Hopkins saying folks brought you the whole COVID attack?
Well, I'll tell you, two weeks ago I said they're going to launch cyber attacks shutting down pipelines because it's not the chi-coms, it's the globalists, it's Biden.
They're doing this to bring America to its knees, just like they wouldn't let Texas up its power output during that winter storm.
That was in the federal and state documents.
This is an attack.
It's all in the fourth
Industrial Revolution that Klaus Schwab writes about.
It's all in the COVID-19 Great Reset.
These criminals brag about the whole plan.
And here he is on national French TV, saying we need a world government with a world ID, medical passport with an implantable chip.
That's on national French television, so the Bible is being fulfilled.
In the time when you went fast, I know you've got to leave tomorrow.
You're going to be on the other shows I'm going to be watching, but you've got 10 minutes left.
You wanted to make that one last point about gold, and then we're going to talk about the real thing, our spiritual salvation here.
Thank you.
There is so much good news I think we want to segue into, Alex.
Obviously the headlines are daunting, sobering, but I want to share, I really believe there are great blessings coming to America.
We look at the world, we try to look at the world through three lenses.
First and foremost as Christians, secondly as Americans.
We love this country.
We've been so blessed to be born here, to be beneficiaries of all the servicemen who have given their lives for our freedom.
And then we try and look at the world through the lens of capitalism.
But if you are Christian, we've had just so many extraordinarily wonderful things happening that have not been being reported on.
One I just want to highlight.
Because it's one of the few occasions we can triangulate where we are in time, in my opinion, specifically to Revelation.
That's a big claim.
But in 2017, astronomers conceded the incredible sign that appeared in the heavens looked like it was from Revelation 12.
And that was a wonderful story.
It was the birthing of the Savior.
This is in Bethlehem.
This was St.
John 2000 years ago.
He predicted one celestial event.
It was September of 2017, the rebirthing of the Savior.
John said he then went into the wilderness for 1260 days with the Virgin, his mother.
1260 days expired this March.
So I can't tell you exactly what that means.
This clearly appears to be an echo of Bethlehem.
Where Christ was born, Herod killed all the unborn, but Christ and St.
Joseph and Mary exited, they went to Africa, they were there for approximately 1260 days, and when they came back into the world, they brought so many good blessings with them, of every type.
And I believe that is what we are on the verge of experiencing here, an unleashing of truth that is coming.
We didn't have a ton of time to get into it, but I think the ultimate info war is in Scripture, and it has to do with fasting.
And with fasting, because Christ said clearly, when evil is at its most intense, the only way that you can conquer it
is when you combine your prayer with fasting.
Prayer alone won't work.
And tell folks that passage in the Bible, there's several, but... So, if you want to put it up, Mark 9, 29, for centuries, talked about those words from Jesus.
If you look at the King James Version still today, if you're Protestant or Catholic, if you look at the old Dewey Reams Version, it always said the same thing.
Prayer and fasting.
The point was fasting
We're good to go.
All the Catholic Bibles, and now about 40% of the Protestant Bibles, were changed.
So they've taken the word fasting out.
By the way, Jesus went out in the wilderness and fasted before he confronted Satan.
For 40 days.
And it was a stinging defeat.
And that is the point.
Every time you see in Scripture believers fasting, it leads to a stinging defeat for evil.
And there are so many wonderful stories about what is happening and the power... So what happens because you don't have the food that's earthly?
It like thins the veil, your connection to God?
Or like scientifically, you know, it's science too, God gave us science.
What is the scientific basis?
I know people that fast really have more visions, they get more clairvoyant.
What happens?
Well, maybe tomorrow we can dig into it in a ton of detail.
I would love to do that.
But it is also very simple.
And I would say we've been blessed for over a decade now to write twice a week encouraging Americans to fast with us twice a week, specifically for the restoration of our country, for the protection of our military, the protection of our police, the protection of our firefighters.
And the way we do it is shockingly easy, Alex.
We do it in the mode of first century Christians, which is bread and water.
100% whole grain breads.
It is surprisingly easy.
And you may say, well, how can that do any good?
How can that be so powerful?
It's so easy.
And what I would say to you is, it's a little bit like salvation.
It doesn't matter how much you do, because Jesus did what he did on the cross for us.
The doors are open, and God is just looking for a little bit of participation with us.
And it's the same with fasting.
The key is, we believe, when you make this little sacrifice, is your heart.
And you say, Lord, this is just a little sacrifice compared to what you did for me, but to advance your kingdom, to bring down your Holy Spirit, I gladly make this little sacrifice for you.
And then it's a constant reminder while you're fasting of God, and that makes you resonate stronger.
And what I believe, what I see happening, Alex, is it's like scales fall from your eyes.
If you look at scriptures, the people who fasted, they had incredible insights into what was going on.
They were the people who first saw and recognized the Messiah.
And then what's so exciting for America is, I mean, look at the civilizations like Nineveh.
It was slated for destruction, period, end of story.
When the people fasted,
Then God spared Nineveh.
And we see the same thing with Esther, the great Jewish story.
When she and the people fasted, they were slated for extinction.
All the Jews were going to be killed and a miracle ensued.
So we usually fast twice a week on bread and water.
It's very easy.
What I'd like to do today, Alex, is I am going to try and do something starting tomorrow, and I'd like to invite the audience with us to replicate this Esther Fast.
The Esther Fast culminated on the 13th of the month.
Thursday is going to be the 13th, May 13th.
I'm going to try to fast in the only way Esther said specifically, and that is three days without anything to eat or anything to drink.
And I'm telling you up front, I don't know if I'm going to make it.
Every time I start out on something like this,
It's daunting.
It's a 72-step, meaning 72-hour mountain, but I'm going to aspire.
Because that was a recipe specifically that Esther called from in a moment of national crisis.
And God responded.
So what do I believe is going to happen?
I believe what we're going to see next is that all these patriots and Christians across the country who have been saying,
I want to do something.
Fasting is a free way you can do it.
But I don't know what to do, you've been saying.
I expect that the Holy Spirit is going to be inspiring people, local leaders who have been AWOL, who haven't been stepping forward with the courage and the insights as to how to lead.
They will get the insights as to what to do at the local level.
And I want to reach out to everyone and say, try it.
No matter how you do it, try it with us these next three days.
We're going to ask God to pour out incredible blessings upon America.
One of the greatest side benefits of fasting, a 5th century evangelist, Assyrius, said he saw that when families fast, the angels protect those families.
What an incredible blessing all parents should be aware of in this world to have extra protection from drugs, everything for your children.
And I'm expecting that we are going to begin to see wonderful, wonderful blessings.
Well, we know we're getting killed by all the plenties.
That's what Satan does.
He just anesthetizes us with all the entertainment, all the food, all the drink.
Myself included.
And I've been intending to start going on intermittent fasts, but I tell you, I'll join you in one day of fasting.
I can't do three.
I start going really crazy.
But yeah, people should definitely do that.
I mean, regardless... Alex, let me suggest.
So don't go three days with nothing to eat or nothing to drink.
Try it.
Let's go for three days.
Let's try bread and water.
You can put a little olive oil on it.
You can put some butter on it.
You can put some almond butter on it.
It's just making a little sacrifice.
Oh, sure.
I can do that.
And restricting our drink to water.
And we're just saying, Amen.
It's a side bet.
You look great.
You fast a lot, you were telling me.
I do.
Well, listen, we're out of time.
You're going to be back on both shows tomorrow.
Hopefully, I'll find some time to get you on tomorrow.
But we'll get you back on and talk more about this because I know it's your passion and you're doing great work.
And I know that you were more interested in talking about that than getting into the gold.
But I think people should check out your great company and support InfoWars at the same time.
InfoWarsGold.com in partnership with St.
Go to InfoWarsGold.com.
It's the full spectrum of all their products right there.
They're great people.
I only promote what I feel good about.
And it's very, very simple.
And I believe in gold and silver and I need to get with my meager amount of money I have into that because I'm like, what am I doing?
Especially I'm about to sell my house, uh, you know, to have funds around this place and also get ready in the countryside because things are so serious.
Well, gold and silver is a big part of that.
Just as important as firearms, just as important as water filtrations, horrible food.
So for those of you that have the means, gold and silver right now, they have it for
Thank you, Alex.
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