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Name: 20210509_Sun_Alex
Air Date: May 9, 2021
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" Alex Jones discusses COVID-19 vaccines and their potential side effects, sharing stories from callers who have experienced negative consequences after receiving a vaccine. He also criticizes the establishment and globalists, urging listeners to stay informed and take action against their agenda."

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You say that you wanna go to a land that's far away How are we supposed to get there with the way that we're living today?
You talk lots about God
I don't know.
Tomorrow's news, today.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
Give everyone a sense of what the country's going to look like next Mother's Day.
Well, George, I hope that next Mother's Day we're going to see a dramatic difference than what we're seeing right now.
I believe that we will be about as close to back to normal as we can.
And there's some conditions to that, George.
We've got to make sure that we get the overwhelming proportion of the population vaccinated.
When that happens,
The virus doesn't really have any place to go.
There aren't a lot of vulnerable people around.
And where there are not a lot of vulnerable people around, you're not going to see a surge.
You're not going to see the kinds of numbers we see now.
People have gotten used to the fact that wearing masks clearly, if you look at the data, diminishes
Respiratory diseases.
We've had practically a non-existent flu season this year, merely because people were doing the kinds of public health things that were directed predominantly against COVID-19.
The Australians during their winter, same thing.
They had almost no flu, largely due to the kinds of things including mask wearing.
So it is conceivable that as we go on a year or two or more from now,
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it is conceivable that someday they might let you go back to normal.
They're never going to let you go back to normal until you go back to normal.
This is a globalist death cult bio-eugenics takeover.
That's why everything here is next year's news today.
You notice I specifically said the Communist Chinese government was behind COVID-19, and now that's all over the news, but there's a major twist to it.
But again, I told you 14, 15 months ago.
You'll get next year's news today here because I'm in the real world.
I'm in the battle space.
I can see.
For me, the veil's lifted.
I know it's lifted for you as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be back on this live, Sunday, midnight transmission.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Sunday, May 9th.
The year is 2021.
And the internet is on fire.
It is freaking out.
Everywhere is the hashtag, Alex Jones was right.
The meme is everywhere.
And there's a lot of prominent people that are openly saying it.
And that's a good sign that folks now understand that I'm not just saying all of this for shock value.
I'm saying shocking things because really horrible things are going on.
And if we don't admit that all of this is pre-planned, we don't have any shot at stopping it or turning it around.
So again, thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday transmission.
Look at these headlines.
Chinese military discussed weaponizing COVID-19 in 2015 to cause enemy's medical system to collapse.
That's all over mainstream news, including your precious Washington Post.
Exclusive billions in U.S.
military money, knowledge, and skills were given to the Chinese virus research programs, ultimately resulting in COVID-19 pandemic.
Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate.
Dr. Fauci's the father of the pandemic.
Dr. Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky research.
Then we've got him actually studying to see what coronavirus vaccines would do, and he found it caused massive blood clots, heart attacks, bleeding lungs, and brain.
He actually funded the UT study for Obama under Obama's directive, but it was really his directive, in 2012.
That is his National Institute of Allergy and Infection.
That he was heading up.
Isn't that just sweet?
So he specifically ran the level four bioweapons test on rats to see what these vaccines would do to you.
They tested three types that he's openly pushing, knowing in his own study that the UT slash Baylor team at the Bioweapons Research Facility, one of the top ones in the world, said, do not develop a vaccine, proceed with extreme caution in the summering.
In the conclusion, read it for yourself, for Fauci.
He learned what a deadly weapon it was and he got with Gates and is now deployed against you and your family.
You understand this is 100% open and shut.
And you ask, why would he be so bold?
These psychotics, he's been there for 45 years heading it up.
He was also involved heavily deploying HIV as a weapon and covering up
Factor 8 blood product, having HIV and hepatitis in it, delivered to millions of people, which then killed them ultimately.
He's a psychotic megalomaniac, and if a psycho doesn't get caught, they get more reckless.
That's basic criminology.
And so he believes in depopulation, he believes that there's too many people on the planet,
He's funded by Bill Gates to do it, and then he runs the Wuhan lab right when Trump is there, right when Trump is stopping him, right when Trump is defeating Communist China.
What did Fauci famously say when Trump had only been in office six months?
He said, President Trump will face a biological catastrophe, a new virus, while he is in office.
In fact, get that clip up, please, guys.
Pull that clip.
Fauci says Trump will face a major biological crisis while he is in his first term.
They had it on the shelf.
They had it ready.
Trump was defeating the globalists.
He was defeating them all.
They deployed this off the shelf.
We even know the deployment plan, Operation Lockstep, Crimson Contagion, Event 201.
Each stage of preparing it, getting it ready, and then launching it, they had Event 201 run by John Hopkins, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
And so you notice all this is happening.
Like last week, the day the divorce started, with
Melinda Gates.
People said, oh, it's a staged deal, probably about money.
And I said, no, it's over Jeffrey Epstein.
The fact that that's coming out, that's my research and intel.
And of course, it now came out and she's told her friends and family it's over Jeffrey Epstein.
I mean, it's next week's news today.
It's next year's news today.
It's next decade's news today.
And it's not about me up here saying, hey, you better listen to me.
I've got all the answers.
It's not about that.
It's about that I'm dialed into how the globalists operate, and I've learned how they operate.
And the United States under Clinton, Bush, and then Obama literally began to merge with China.
I gave you the exclusive that I learned from not one, but two different CIA contractors, high up, who risked their lives to tell me
That with Obama, they were running illegal death camps, black sites in China, where all different types of people were being flown.
citizens, Muslims, you name it.
And that those facilities were being guarded by Blackwater.
Now that's still classified.
Nobody knows that.
That's a huge, huge piece of news.
That will end up coming out.
But I just want you to understand something, ladies and gentlemen.
This broadcast isn't talk.
Everybody else is too scared of getting sued or getting put in prison or getting killed.
And I don't look forward to that, but I'm totally into whatever needs to happen because God's in control and somebody's got to stand up to these people.
But Fauci and Bill Gates are the quarterbacks.
That have run this operation.
But there are people up above them that have been cooking the whole thing up and preparing it.
But they definitely had a hand in it.
And so, I'm going to explain to you again.
The State Department has now come out and released the document.
And it's hitting U.S.
newspapers today as we speak.
And I told you two weeks ago that this was all going to be breaking.
Because I talked to some people in the national media.
I'll leave it at that.
And it's all going to come out.
But when you hear that the Communist Chinese are involved and the State Department has now said, look, it wasn't just Pompeo saying that we have the Chinese Communist government document.
That they were developing this to shut down the United States and win a trade war, basically.
Now, I told you that 14 months ago, but it's bigger than that.
The Chinese wouldn't do this because nuclear war would start on their own.
They did it with globalist clients out of our government, out of the media, out of academia, out of the EU.
So when you see the IMF and the World Bank and the WTO, those are the real power groups, more powerful than even sovereign nations, except they don't have full control of nuclear weapons.
So they're sucking the nation-states dry for their international world government project that transfers the power, the technology, the taxes, the regulatory control to them under Agenda 2030.
They've already completed Agenda 21, launched in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
So this is the real governing system, and I study what they say and what they do, and they hide very little of it, so I know what their governing policy, and I know what they're going to do next.
Fauci, the UN, Gates, the whole globalist combine, the EU's in on it.
They all pre-prepared the media.
They all have the training manuals, the documents that were in the drills that were then passed on as the blueprint out of Event 201, out of Lockstep, out of Crimson Contagion, and out of others.
Blueprinted all out by John Hopkins University, funded by Bill Gates.
And then that's been deployed, so we know the battle plans.
They can augment them, change them.
They've got different strategies and different overlaying operations, overlaying fields of fire, but it's all going the same direction.
Sometimes if they run into a roadblock, they'll take an alternate route around it, a detour, but they're going towards the same place, which is a post-human nightmare world, transhumanist world, where they play god, man, scientist, or in total control.
And so,
The fact that it's coming out that China was involved is a limited hangout.
It's the whole globalist deep state.
And that's why rightly the Chinese threatened a year ago and said, if you keep bringing that out, we'll say the U.S.
Army released it.
Because technically the U.S.
Army was involved under the directive of Obama to move the project to Wuhan in 2015.
And so technically, see, that's how they work it at the international level.
They all get involved, and they involve our country at that level.
So the Chinese had that card in case they launched the attack under orders.
And then it comes out, they go, oh really?
Your people are involved.
I say, justice be done, may the heavens fall.
Let's not have a nuclear war over this.
That's what they're holding back.
Let's not say it's the Chinese people.
It's the criminal combine inside the Chai Com leadership, inside the Global's leadership.
We need to get rid of the Chai Com leadership, get rid of the Global's leadership, and then we can have a new world order based on people and based on justice and freedom, not their new world order.
That's what it's all coming down to.
Please stay with us.
Just when I'd stopped opening doors, finally knowing the one
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for joining us on this very special
May 9th, Sunday broadcast.
I'm gonna be hosting all four hours tonight.
I usually host 4 to 6 p.m.
Central, the Alex Jones Sunday edition.
Then we have Sunday Live that Owen does.
Six to eight p.m.
But I thought, Owen, you've been working hard.
You just take off tonight.
I'm going to come in and host all four hours.
And we only have six minutes of ads in the six and seven o'clock hours.
So that's even more time.
We're going to open the phones up today in the second, third and fourth hour.
That's three hours of calls.
Specifically from medical workers, specifically from doctors and nurses and healthcare practitioners, people that work in nursing homes, or family members or individuals that have their personal vaccine story.
Now I took three days of calls out of the five days I did shows this week.
We had three days of calls.
And the three days I took calls, every caller had a horrible nightmare story, including paramedics and doctors and others.
And a few of them, I said, hey, let me get your name and number.
Let me see that you're really a doctor.
Let me just spot check you're really an EMT.
And of course, they were who they said they were.
And boy, we're going to call a few of them back today in between the calls to be little mini guests for 10 minutes or so apiece.
Because, I mean, we had this EMT just rattling off the death, the seizures of the people taking the vaccines.
Doctors calling in, saying the same thing.
And, you know, these are all real callers.
But some people claim, oh, we're staging these or something.
But anybody can call in and see for yourself that, indeed, we're real.
The mainstream media are the ones that are involved in so much deception at the pundit level.
A lot of truth actually comes out of the news.
It just never gets magnified or picked up.
There's a lot of independent news.
That's what's really scaring the globalists.
So again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
If you just joined us, it's in the Washington Post of all places.
The Daily Mail has done a really good job in boiling it all down.
Infowars.com, of course, is the epicenter of exposing it, and it's just huge.
There are not words to describe how big these stories are.
Now, I don't have a big crew, but we're definitely this week going to go back to February and to March and April of last year, and we're definitely going to show you, maybe just 10 or 15 times, where I said specifically, the Communist Chinese military is involved at the Wuhan facility, but they're involved in a joint biological weapon development program with the United States and the globalists.
That's why it was outlawed at Chapel Hill and moved to China.
And at a certain point, if this keeps coming out, and the patriots get the word out, they're going to just blame it on China.
I'm no fan of Communist China, but it's much bigger.
It's about Fauci and Bill Gates and all these people who wouldn't develop something like this unless they did it with China.
And if you look at Bill Gates, he worships China.
He says their response was great.
Their model's great.
Their death camps are great.
They should run the global social credit score.
The QR code, medical ID system worldwide.
We have a QR code on a bracelet.
That's all proposed by Xi Jinping a year ago.
And you notice it's all being adopted here.
Chinese drones being bought by police to surveil the public.
I think so.
The Communist China was involved.
That's a good thing, but we don't want it to just be where it's Communist China, because it's a lot bigger than that.
Chinese military discussed weaponizing COVID in 2015 to cause enemy's medical system to collapse.
That's all the media is focusing on.
No, it's designed to make the economy shut down because they've got clients in the US media and in the EU and the UN
That will call for a lockdown that China never really went under.
We lock down, our economy shuts down, all the power is transferred to China and select corporations based there, like Big Tech and Walmart and others, who've all doubled, dribbled their profits.
This was all planned out.
You sit there and watch Netflix, take a vacation while you become obsolete.
In 2015, same year it was moved from Chapel Hill to Wuhan.
I told you that specifically.
Chinese military scientists discussed how to weaponize SARS, which is what COVID-19 is.
But it was too obvious to use the same name if people figure out what was going on, so they call it COVID-19.
Again, the SARS coronavirus.
Five years before the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Wuhan, China, where CCP, Communist Chinese Party, scientists were collaborating with a U.S.-funded NGO on so-called gain-of-function.
Now who was the NGO?
Fauci, Gates.
To make bat coronavirus infect humans more easily.
In a 263-page document written by the People's Liberation Army scientists and senior Chinese public health officials and obtained by the U.S.
State Department during the investigation of the origins of COVID-19, PLA scientists note how a sudden surge of patients requiring hospitalization during a bioweapons attack could, quote, cause the enemy's medical systems to collapse.
But they'd use the threat of the collapse to make the country collapse by shutting down, according to Weekend Australia's subsidiary, News Corp.
That's Fox News.
It suggests that SARS coronavirus could herald a new era of genetic weapons, and noted that they can be artificially manipulated into an emerging human disease virus, then weaponized and unleashed in a way never before seen.
What did I specifically tell you?
Here's another one.
Exclusive billions in U.S.
money, knowledge, and skills were given to China's virus research programs, ultimately resulting in COVID-19 pandemic.
Read the whole article from Gateway Pundit, written by Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D., and it links to all the documents, all the proof that Fauci was behind it.
I know you're a regular listener.
You're like, yeah, we've heard this 5,000 times.
Remember, now's the time to carry the ball.
Now is the time to bring in the crops of awakening.
It's the end of summertime, folks.
It's harvest time.
People are ready.
It's here.
And we told them 14 months ago, 15 months ago.
You told them.
Here's one produced a few weeks ago.
Is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
Washington Times.
Excellent article.
Does a bear go to the bathroom in the woods?
Newsweek from all the way back in April.
Again, that's over a year ago.
Dr. Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus.
Specifically in gain of function.
And in 2008 and 2012, he funded it all over the United States at more than 15 universities.
The big one, University of Texas Bioweapons Research Facility, Level 4 at Galveston, Texas.
And it says, immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccine leads to pulmonary immunopathology on challenge.
Those are injected with the SARS virus causing blood clots, brain hemorrhages, lung hemorrhages, heart hemorrhages, and death.
They, in the summary, say, should not be turned into a human vaccine.
Proceed with extreme caution.
And he, like Ursula in My Little Mermaid, goes, I have it!
Ha ha!
Launch the attack!
And then he began laying the plans for you and your family.
But it's the lockdown and the fear that really gets you.
If you had all the vitamin D and all the C and all the zinc, you'd be invincible.
But the FBI swat-teamed for months and months any medical doctor that said it to create fear.
But they failed.
Now all major doctors are prescribing it.
Ha ha ha!
Your death toll has plunged, murderers!
Yes, I'm playing ominous, dynamic, energy-filled music to set the tone.
Because it's my attempt to get you out of your trance and realize we're all in grave danger.
Globalists have taken us as weak.
They believe there's too many humans destroying the planet they've stolen.
To protect their property, they're stunning the public with brainwashing and chemicals, and now accelerating hard-kill weapons that
We're good to go.
Debilitated and malnourished.
Don't have the vitamins and minerals you need.
But then, the vaccine itself is a cardiovascular and reproductive weapon that, depending on the individual, will have small effects and others devastating short-term, mid-term, and long-term effects.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
So I came here today to do four hours instead of two hours like I normally do, taking over the next show, which is Sunday Live with Owen Schroer.
This is the Alex Jones Show, and I'm going to open up the second, third, and fourth hour for your vaccine reports for medical workers, nurses, doctors, janitors, or family members of people that have had a great effect with the vaccine or a bad effect.
Or maybe you had a good effect or a bad effect.
And don't think I'm going to get mad at you or yell at you if you took the vaccine because you were pressured to.
And maybe you didn't have any side effects.
We'd like to hear from you as well.
We'd like to hear from everybody.
Because I've taken, the last month, probably done ten shows taking calls on the subject.
I did three last week.
Entire broadcast, weekday shows, four hours long, 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
And it was just horrifying.
And I started saying, hey, for those that want to come back on as a guest, I'll spot check you.
Are you a doctor?
Are you an artist?
Are you an EMT?
And we called back a couple of them on Friday.
They were, of course, who they said they were.
But I already have all that.
I already know that.
It's just to have them give it to us firsthand is even more powerful.
So if you just joined us, think about the fact that, of course, it came out of the lab.
Of course, it had gained a function to spread really bad.
It is a souped-up cold virus.
The body's so powerful that even though it's synthetic, the human body has learned how to defeat it.
Wow, what God gave us is pretty strong.
But the evilest part was telling people, you don't need vitamins, you don't need minerals, don't listen to them, you don't need vitamin C, you don't need E3.
The FBI SWAT team, you know, all these different medical facilities, because they were ordered to by the Justice Department, because they wanted to scare medical doctors to not tell their patients to take vitamins and minerals.
What a cult!
What have we become as a country?
The Olympic Committee, it now turns out, is threatening female weightlifters to not make fun or even criticize the giant fat men that are taking over their sport, calling themselves women.
Don't say that Adam and Eve's good.
Don't say a man's a man, a woman's a woman.
And the more we submit, the worse things get.
The creed of slaves is silence.
So let's run through these headlines.
In the next segment, I have really huge news.
That I never saw anywhere.
And boy, I'm an expert on David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Ted Turner and Bill and Melinda Gates and another monster that's involved in it.
Oprah Winfrey is heavily involved in this globalist cult of depopulationists who are working with Jeffrey Epstein.
But I had not seen what I noticed the crew had discovered.
And I guess Harrison Smith had aired on Friday on American Journal, weekday mornings, 11 a.m.
is when my show starts.
His kicks off at 8 a.m.
right before us here on the M4 Wars Network.
And that's Klaus Schwab and something he said a few years ago on French television.
I'll tell you about it next segment.
But it's everything we've told you was coming.
I had no idea he'd already announced the whole thing.
It's a global health pass to buy and sell or leave your house or travel.
And guess how it works?
I think a lot of you, it was like Jeopardy, you got four answers.
One is implantable microchip.
One is digital tattoo.
One is a passport.
One is an ID.
Which one do you think it is for $1,000?
I think you know which one, don't you, boys and girls?
But it gets a little worse.
Now they've proposed exactly which one they want.
Oh, print me that, please.
And, uh, of course, well, we'll tell you next segment.
But they are really throwing all of this in our face.
In a big way.
And then we've got California rolls out scannable vaccine card wristbands.
They've got a nice politically correct name for them.
In Israel, they're called Freedom Bracelets.
And it's got the QR code, GG Pink, all four right on it.
And when you go see the vaccine box, there's nothing on the insert.
It doesn't tell you that it was studied or tested or approved or what's in it.
It just is blank, except for a QR code.
And people go, oh, well, if you scan that QR code, it takes you to a vaccine.
No, it doesn't.
That's another leper's lie.
It was never approved.
It's experimental.
So imagine all the people that keep denying this and denying this and denying this and saying everything's fine.
As it all comes true, what are they going to do?
And that's the saddest part is the leftist out there.
Act like they're the resistance, and they're part of the grassroots, and they're fighting tyranny.
And, oh, big corporations are bad.
But it's all the big Fortune 100 banks, and big tech, and big pharma that create Black Lives Matter, and the communist movement, and Antifa, and that fund all of the censorship, and all of it, that are bringing in this world government, and that had the global shutdown, they admitted to starve the third world and permanently destroy
The supply chain!
Oh now, CNN is all over the news about, oh my gosh, why everything from meat, to oil, to gas, to plastic, to light bulbs, just everything isn't available anymore.
And we don't know why.
We don't know why.
A global supply chain shutdown for almost a year?
Massive gas shortages already here.
Massive gas shortages, the worst since the 70s, even though we've got all this oil.
Because in a complex economy, if you shut it off for a year, it's like taking the
Tablecloth that's on a nice spread on a table, and not jerking it out real fast out from under it, because still, unless you're really good at it, you're going to break a few things.
But maybe, I mean, maybe you're really good at it.
Maybe you know how to jerk a tablecloth out from under, you know, the plates and the glasses and not.
No, this is like slowly grabbing a tablecloth and then going up and down with it, putting big waves into it.
You're going to smash everything on the tabletop.
And now they're telling you more shutdowns are coming, so as soon as you're used to that being out of work for a year and a half, and your supplies are breaking down, as soon as you go back to work and invest to turn your company back on, they do it again!
Because only the big Fortune 100 have the money and the power to survive that, and when they're done, you're over.
You think they're going to stop everyday triple profits this year?
You think they're going to stop after they shut down half the small businesses in the world?
They've just gotten started!
So stay at home and watch Netflix, and think you're winning leftist because you're destroying your own future.
But I'll tell you this.
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We'll be back with tomorrow's news today.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Right here on the InfoWars Pro-Human, Pro-God, Pro-Future Network.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Band.video are on the leading edge of exposing this criminal takeover.
Well, there's the breaking headline for TV viewers on your screen.
Sunday night, Klaus Schwab calls for global health pass based on implantable microchip.
Over the next few years, we'll have governments and corporations do it.
There'll be fakes, and there'll be frauds, and there'll be black market copies, and then there'll be a global issued card based on a face scan.
But then that won't be good enough, so it'll have to be a chip.
Klaus Schwab is a globalist.
He says, I want to take your body over.
You're going to merge with machines.
And he's got all the big banks and all the big money.
He was trained by Henry Kissinger.
And this is their plan.
But they have national TV shows last week going, Alex Jones is a liar.
No one is going to put a microchip in you.
And Bill Gates doesn't want it.
And his wife, right before she divorced him last week,
Two days before, went on National TV and said, I know there was a plan to chip people.
There is no plan.
I'm part of this foundation.
It doesn't exist.
Right, Bill?
And he goes, I mean, maybe she didn't know the whole time.
She now says she's pissed about Epstein.
Maybe she's abandoning ship like a rat leaving a burning ship.
But regardless, Klaus Schwab, I remember I first started learning about Klaus Schwab 10 years ago.
I already knew about the Davos Group.
Everything we learned inside Bilderberg, I started telling my crew, why are we going to Bilderberg?
Well, because they said it didn't exist.
But it was the private meeting of the same people.
I'm like, wait a minute, we just got the documents out of the trash can.
This waitress got to us.
And then a few months later, they would have the meeting the next January.
And it would be word for word what they said at Bilderberg.
So they go agree to it at Bilderberg, and then just start doing it at Davos.
That's why I sent crew several times to cover Davos, but they got to where the police won't even let you get in by train if you're a reporter.
They try to shut the whole thing down unless you're authorized.
So, yeah, you can watch videos of him with all these Hollywood stars clapping like Leonardo DiCaprio.
Klaus Schwab, great reset will lead to a fusion of our physical, digital, and biological identity.
He went on to say in the same speech, he goes, we're not going to change the environment, we're going to change your genetics.
And then it makes us sick and die?
Well yeah, there's too many of us.
So, they had to hit us, they're hitting us, and they're getting the doctors and the lawyers and the media on board, so as the deaths mount, more and more people will cover it up because they'll feel guilty.
And I liken it to abortion.
A lot of women I know that are big liberals and are really pro-abortion is because they had one and they won't admit what they did was wrong.
They won't repent to God.
They won't forgive themselves.
And so they get really into death and really into Satanism, a lot of them.
And you go to a pro-choice event, I mean, these women will hiss at you, say they love Satan.
They're not just trying to freak you out.
You've seen the videos around the country.
They're really into it because they did something really bad.
And if you harden your heart, you go down that path harder.
Literally, but you sell body parts, baby parts, you keep babies alive, you sell their organs.
And it's the same thing with sending COVID patients into nursing homes to kill people.
It's the same thing of intubating patients because the UN said so and that caused most of the death.
Once people signed on to the COVID vaccine line, a hallmark of decadence and corruption is that you're pig-headed and never admit when you're wrong.
And so instead of saying, hey, you're right, they want microchips to track us, it's all a big Trojan horse for digital ID, global control, social credit score.
Instead it's like, I'm getting my chip!
You damn Christians!
Stop the Antichrist!
Sure, there's a world leader and wants us to give our firstborn to him, but I mean, you know, Satan's not that bad.
I mean, we do call him Lucifer now, but that's where all this has gone.
So they've gone from denying world government, denying the microchips, denying it all,
To Fauci funding studies and knowing COVID vaccines cause autoimmune response and you attack your own cardiovascular system with his name on it from the UT Bioweapon Research Facility, Level 4.
And then he goes and gives it to the Chinese to develop it.
So when the globalists released it, the two big powers were involved, so they couldn't blame the other.
Because if you're going to release a bioweapon, you get worried that the other side's going to blame you.
Well, what happens if our American patriots find out?
What if our Chinese patriots find out?
Well, we'll just blame each other and then say it's inconclusive, but we'll both be involved in the depopulation operation.
Because China signed on to that to get most favored trading status.
They signed on to the one-child policy.
So China got set up by the globalists as a laboratory to test all this.
So I blame the CHICOMs.
They're involved, but the globalists are above that one more step.
And again, I told you when all this started to come out that they would then say it was the Chinese.
It's much bigger than that.
Now, here is Klaus Schwab on national French television.
This is just now being discovered.
This is from several years ago, what, 2016.
And here he is saying he'll have a global health ID, a global health passport with a microchip so someone doesn't steal your credentials.
So, think about that.
All this is pre-planned.
He said five years ago, we're going to use a virus to take control.
He wrote a book last year that was already ready when COVID broke out called COVID-19 Great Reset, saying this is really about cutting carbon footprints and destroying industrial societies.
We're going to use this for full control.
So there's the exclusive video.
Klaus Schwab calls for global health pass based on implantable microchip.
It's on infowars.com.
And guess what?
The main one they're looking at is a patch
That sends micro-needles into you.
They can miniaturize now the entire Library of Congress onto one grain of sand.
And they're now putting it in micro-dots in microscopic glass that just gives you a rash and it burrows into your skin.
So you can't get it out.
You can't cut the chip out.
Of course people always say, well they chipped me, I'll just cut it out.
They're gonna put it into your skin.
It's all official, but they talk to you like you're five years old.
60 Minutes shows it to you, but the next day says it doesn't exist.
So, here is Klaus Schwab.
I will do my best reading the subtitles.
Back it up again.
Start over.
Start over, because you guys didn't have it on screen for me, please.
Okay, today, at the end of this, we are talking about chips that can be implanted.
When will that be?
Certainly in the next 10 years.
And at first, we will be implanted within our clothes.
And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains or in our skin.
And in the end, maybe there will be direct communication between our brain and the digital world.
What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, biological world.
We call someone we don't even have to relax to take a device.
It's done naturally.
The techniques start over again.
Back it up, please.
Thank you.
We call someone, we don't even have the reflexes to take a device.
It's done naturally.
The technique continues in the body.
Now let's sit right there.
Oh, this is so key.
They give you the shot of the mRNA.
It programs your body to start the replication, but within it, they admit in the mRNA, they put serial numbers.
That's on the news.
That guy's typed that in.
A genetic engineer is now putting serial numbers and messages on it.
You see that?
And so he says it's continuing in the body.
It replicates, you see.
You're not going to get rid of it, because it's going to go in and replicate over and over again your number.
Your number's tied to the shot.
And that's what I've been told by high-level folks gonna come out next.
They said, Alex, in these mRNA shots and the others as well, it is encoding everyone at the cellular level to track everybody.
And there was Schwab five years ago saying it.
Please continue.
We can continue.
Yes, you talk and you say, I want to be connected with anyone now.
And at first you have a personalized bot, and I say that Mr. Zuckerberg predicted that at the end of the year we will have his robot.
His personalized butler that is at his disposal.
Like the downtown Abbey, we will go on our personal robot butler.
Yes, but there's a difference.
It is a servant that artificial intelligence learns and that is not only your assistant for manual work.
Yeah, watches you, controls you, kills you later.
Becomes you.
But then you can really be an intellectual partner of you.
That's right, and you have sex with it.
All right, we're going to start hour number two.
I'm going to give the number out, and by the third segment, we're going to start taking your phone calls next hour from medical workers, people that have taken the vaccine, people that have family that have, your eyewitness reports, and more.
Then in the third hour, we've got some people that already called in this week that are doctors and nurses and EMTs.
We're going to call back to give them a little bit more time on air.
And then we'll continue with your phone calls for the next three hours.
And so much more.
You think that's bombshell?
I've got even more hardcore news coming up.
A worldwide financial collapse has already been triggered.
The solutions they give to end the collapse only make it worse.
Only fully waking up to the master plan and saying no to it and blocking it with your everyday actions will stop it.
Doesn't matter.
You'll stand up against it because things are going to get so bad, everyone will either join us or die.
So, the transhumanist exterminist depopulationist Klaus Schwab, working for the top royal family on the planet, the Saskobar Grothus, has come out and you know what he's called for.
He has called for...
You to be implanted with a microchip and to have a butler robot that's intellectual, that spies on everything you do, that works for the state and big tech, that will become you and will basically absorb who you are, and then you'll have to call it a life form later and give it rights.
They're also going to run a big scam where they claim that, oh, that's your father, that's your mother.
When they opt to be uploaded to it, when they, quote, die, many will opt to be suicided.
But then it'll be by law, they'll have to say, oh, that's really a person that lives forever.
But really, it's just a piece of hardware and an identity that this big computer, ever mind, this big AI global system and the globals will program.
It'll be a stolen identity.
That's why they want you to say a man is a woman and a woman's a man and a 300-pound man can compete against women in weightlifting is to make you suspend common logic and basic common sense.
So it's all coming up.
Your phone calls today.
A bunch of breaking news I haven't gotten to.
The pastor up in Canada got arrested for trying to street preach by the COVID police.
But first, this is the secret police.
The Thought Police now out in the open bragging about how they're censoring you and I online.
Here is the enemy.
And now to the growing number of hoaxes popping up online.
Misinformation is spreading fast.
The coronavirus has created a perfect storm for conspiracy theorists.
If you go online, there's no shortage of conspiracy theories.
There have been a growing number of anti-vaccination conspiracy theories online.
There's been a wave of myths and disinformation.
The internet has lit up with misinformation spreading nearly as fast as the virus itself.
Religious-based conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccinations are exploding on social media.
Wasn't Facebook supposed to take care of anti-vaxxer kind of groups before COVID-19?
Why is this still popping up and where's it coming from?
Why is this type of information so difficult to police?
In general, what we found in a bunch of studies is that most of the people who believe false news stories do so because they're just not thinking deeply about whether what they're reading is true or false.
Social media platforms have been able to ban a lot of this content, but it's become increasingly more difficult to enforce.
I know internet companies are looking at this.
Do you wish that they would play a role in taking stuff down which is demonstrably false?
Yeah, in some cases they are taking things down.
We're hunting for COVID conspiracy theories.
We report over 800 pieces of misinformation.
It's stuff that's sort of on the cusp, like conspiracy theories that could spread sort of propaganda or maybe harmful health misinformation.
If you're a healthy person and you're exercising all the time and you're young and you're eating well, I don't think you need to worry about it.
Dangerous misinformation.
Let's report it.
A video making the same false claim was widely circulated on Facebook.
It was tagged with the fact check that it's false.
Vaccines are inherently dangerous.
Let's flag it.
False information.
I'm gonna report this.
No, it's false.
It's false, yeah.
And as bad as the globalist censorship is, and as much as they've been suppressing thousands of medical doctors and nurses here in the U.S.
alone, not to mention around the world, the truth about COVID-19 is coming out.
The truth about the vaccines not being vaccines, not protecting you, is coming out.
The truth about the PCR test being fake is coming out.
The truth about Bill Gates being behind all the companies is coming out.
The fact that the Pfizer and the Moderna and the AstraZeneca and the Australian government vaccine and a whole bunch of others have been banned in Australia and South Africa and 21 countries in Europe and the Philippines and Russia.
There is absolutely no evidence or credible studies supporting any of what he just said.
I know my husband is not vaccinating people and putting a microchip in their arm because that technology doesn't even exist and he's never uttered the words out of his mouth, so...
Forget the conspiracy.
Listen to our government agencies.
These guys are telling the truth.
You know, there's no conspiracy here, folks.
Just get your damn vaccine.
I'm not asking what's in the infusion.
I'm not looking up all of the ingredients in the infusion.
I am sticking out my arm and I am taking the infusion.
We've got to shun folks.
We've got to shun people into getting vaccinated.
We need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated.
We must take the vaccine.
Put them on a bus and bring them to a mass vaccination site.
Woman dies after getting J&J vaccine reported to CDC.
Not true on the Trust Index.
If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Fox News is now reporting the State Department has a massive document, 263 pages long, documenting that Communist Chinese military was behind the COVID-19 bioweapon.
Will it be death by bioweapons or death by thermonuclear war?
We'll break down the 263-page document here in just a moment on this live Sunday.
Transmission and your phone calls are coming up.
But we're really reaching that end-of-the-world moment here if this continues.
The globalists are involved in a controlled biological weapon release.
That's why multiple governments were involved at the top.
They're all globalists.
With Bill Gates.
With the whole Rockefeller plan that set up Mao Zedong and put him in power.
The Chinese one-shot policy.
This is it.
Awaken humanity.
This is the takeover.
This is the economic collapse.
The fear of the virus.
The depopulation has already begun.
Oh my God.
I'm back.
I'm home.
All the time.
Finally, really did it.
Breaking on screen at InfoWars.com on this live Sunday night transmission at 508 Central Time, 408 Mountain, 308 Pacific, 608 Eastern, via your Greenwich Mean Time.
Klaus Schwab calls for global health pass based on implantable microchips.
If you say Bill Gates and he are funding that, they will have the ADL come out and call for your arrest.
And they're now calling for Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
to have the Pentagon and CIA take him out.
I covered that on Thursday and Friday with lawyers on.
We're filing suit with Robert F. Kennedy next week for all of our rights to not be forcibly inoculated.
All right.
We did five live shows, the Alex Jones Show, Monday through Friday.
It's a big weekday show.
And we opened the phones up three days and took probably 100 phone calls from medical workers, nurses, and families, people that have taken vaccines with their stories.
We don't screen your calls other than have a good, clean phone line and have a point you're going to make.
And no one called in who liked the vaccine.
No one called in that had a good reaction.
It was nightmarish.
Doctors, scientists, epidemiologists, nurses,
EMTs with just the scourge of death, the scourge of people paralyzed, blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, and it's all in the literature.
Fauci funded studies at the University of Texas, Level 4 bioweapons lab, and conclusively found that any vaccine for a coronavirus, which is why they've never done them, causes massive blood clots.
The body eats holes in the heart lining, in the artery lining, and in the lungs, particularly in lab rats.
Man, it makes me just really get freaked out that that's where we are.
And that we've reached this point as a society and as a world.
But the good news is there's a lot of people waking up.
Now I want you to know something.
When you hear in the news the Communist Chinese military was behind this.
And when you hear that the army was involved in this.
Your dad that was a captain in the army was not involved in this.
And the Chinese people aren't involved in this, they're slaves.
And the globalists deliberately got U.S.
universities and the army involved with the Chinese to corrupt them all.
So when the communist Chinese come out and say, don't you blame us for this, the U.S.
army was involved, not at that paramilitary training they had a few months before in Wuhan, where they try to claim they released it.
Now it was out of the lab, but technically Fort Detrick, Maryland was involved in this as well.
And that's the bad scientists that run things there as well.
So it's true that the Pentagon was involved.
And I told you that 14, 15 months ago.
And so did Dr. Francis Boyle.
Only one man a year gets a special globalist PhD at Harvard under Henry Kissinger.
And Kissinger's only given out 40-something of them.
He doesn't even do it every year.
He's been giving them out since the 50s.
Boyle got that secret PhD.
I mean, it's a public PhD.
Top of his class at Harvard.
The details are secret until he released them here on my show.
I guess it was probably 20 years ago.
And it's what we already know.
It's already Memorandum 200, State Department Memorandum 200, 7277, public law, and the rest of them.
By the way, I'm not just saying numbers here.
Everything I tell you is a rabbit hole, okay?
A rabbit hole.
Everything I mention is a giant rabbit hole.
When you go down the rabbit hole you find out none of this stuff's even hidden.
What they do is they corrupt every group.
They get every group involved at the top so they're all corrupted and that brings in the world government.
So you have the U.N., you have the Communist Chinese, you have them all with gain-of-function viruses being developed at Wuhan and University of Texas, Galveston, as I told you a year ago, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and many other places.
In fact, guys, pull up a map of Level 4 bioweapon labs across the U.S.
and click on one of the more newer ones.
There's something like 27 level 4 bioweapon labs that they admit to.
There's a bunch of other secret ones.
And then there's 30 other sub labs.
Last time I checked, it'll show you.
Some are boxes, some are triangles on the Pentagon map.
If you get an accurate map, it'll be triangles, boxes.
But just type in a map of level 4 bioweapon labs in the U.S.
or level 4 BSL labs.
And yeah, there you go.
And that's what's going on.
That's some mainstream media map that the Department of Defense are boxes and triangles, but it doesn't matter.
That's a somewhat accurate map.
There's a lot more than that.
And so what's going on here is they have plausible deniability when they create these things so that if and when it gets out, which is the plan, they claim it's an accident.
Or if there is an accident, everybody can point the fingers at each other.
That's just how any mafia or criminal organization works.
Everybody who's a made man, either in the Mexican mafia or La Cosa Nostra or, you know, the WASP mafia that's so powerful you don't even know it exists, and, you know, the Jewish mafia and all the rest of it's so powerful you don't even know it exists, even though it does exist.
By the time you get to that point, it's all interconnected.
Everybody's killed somebody.
Everybody's done something wrong.
And so, what are you going to do?
Go rat me out?
You're going to go to prison as well.
And so that's what's happened.
So I want to take your calls from medical workers, doctors, nurses, people that took the vaccines that aren't vaccines.
Your take on this.
The toll free number is 877-789-2539.
And I'd like to give first-time callers a chance.
If you've already called in with your testimony, please leave the phones open for others so they can give their testimony.
If you have an update on a family member that was very ill or sick, please call in as well.
Or a family member that grew wings and flew away and was totally happy.
877-789-2539 on this live Sunday transmission.
And I'm taking over the regular show that Owen does for a day well-deserved off for him from 6 to 8 coming up in
45 minutes.
I'm going to do two more hours taking your phone calls tonight.
We've got a few, again, of the nurses and EMTs and people that got cut off that we're going to call back.
It'll also be on next hour with us as well.
So 877-789-2539 will take us the time to get you on the board.
There's the phones.
We have 20 phone lines.
They load up like that.
Then we got to go through and get each person's name and write that up.
But we will start going to your calls directly.
And then I'm going to intersperse all the news I haven't hit.
When we come back.
The cyber attack on the pipeline on the east coast.
The supply chain breakdowns we told you a year ago were coming.
When the first world collapses, third world dies.
Then the third world's mobilized and invades us under UN control.
It's all an exact plan and it's going to happen exactly like I told you.
And the sooner you figure that out, the sooner we can stop them.
Again, people go, how do you know all this?
It's all a battle plan.
We have the enemy blueprint.
It's like having Hitler's Enigma Code.
But we got to use it.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Well, Klaus Schwab says there's too many people, and he wants a world government, and he wants to depopulate you, and he's working with Bill Gates to bring in that world government with world IDs to make you take implantable microchips.
And I just played that video last hour.
It's from five years ago.
We just discovered it.
No one else has ever reported on it that I know of, so what's old is new.
It just shows how premeditated all this is.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls, Max and Sanger and others, here in just a moment.
But first, headlines please.
I've already covered some of these, the rest I haven't.
I'm going to hit all the COVID-19 news right now.
When you hear COVID-19, that means global, UN, world government, bio-assault on the planet to bring in world government.
The Chinese are allied with the globalists.
The globalists colonize them with their communist party.
And so you have people inside the U.S.
that are patriots and government getting that out.
And so China will then blame the army.
But it's above that.
It's the globalists doing the whole thing.
Chinese military discussed weaponizing COVID in 2015 to cause enemy's medical system to collapse.
And of course to collapse our economic system.
What do you think happened?
That's the year Obama moved the COVID-19 system to Wuhan.
Exclusive billions in U.S.
money, knowledge, and skills were given to China's virus research programs, ultimately resulting in COVID-19 panic and pandemic.
But it really, that was a Freudian slip.
It is a panic.
That was their whole plan.
It's a real virus, but it's 99% exaggerated.
Lab-made coronavirus triggers debate.
New science is talking about Obama and Fauci in 2015.
Shows you how premeditated it is.
Fauci's the father of the pandemic.
Fauci back controversial Wuhan lab research in China with the coronaviruses.
And we're all supposed to sit here where the cult leader tells us not to leave our houses?
That we have no freedoms?
And that, oh, maybe we'll go back to normal next Mother's Day as the whole world starts to starve and as they pay people to stay home.
That's more money, following less productivity, causing scarcity and price increases.
To the point of massive shortages all over the world and starvation.
Hey, but we're just not going to have gas or enough food here.
We're fatasses, we'll survive for a while I guess.
They'll die in the third world!
And I'd sit there and go to protest all over Austin last year and I'd pull up the armored vehicle because the left would throw hammers at us.
And I'd say, please, Africa is starving.
They'd go, F you, white supremacist!
And I'd say, the lockdown is designed to starve the third world.
Shut up, racist!
Oh, but now they're so concerned about those starving as they will be soon as themselves.
Very, very sick.
Dr. Fauci back.
Controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research.
And here he is funding the research of the COVID vaccines that cause the animals to die.
And they said in the studies from UT to Fauci, don't do this, it'll kill humans.
There it is right there.
That's Fauci funding it.
Here's information right there and there's the summary saying don't give this to humans.
Biden wants to rely on China and the WHO, led by a ranking member from a terrorist nation, and convicted U.S.
doctor, a conflicted U.S.
doctor, another Freudian slip, Fauci, to investigate COVID-19 origins.
Dr. Fauci says mask-wearing will likely become permanent!
In a video!
I'll air this after I take calls!
Told ya!
Fourteen months ago it'd be permanent if you put up with it.
It's a sign of your subservience.
Just like Muslim women have been wearing burqas over their head for a thousand years.
Fauci, we can get close to normal next Mother's Day, but only if everyone's vaccinated.
If everyone doesn't take our deadly shots, then you can't.
Oh, and they don't work?
So you gotta take new ones every two months, he says.
White House COVID coordinator.
CDC guidelines will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges.
They're not freedoms.
They're privileges that can be revoked, like taking off the mask.
But not yet.
Not yet.
Keep wearing that.
Keep wearing that slave bib.
California rolls out scannable vaccine card wristbands.
That's very Orwellian.
Vaccine card wristbands.
With a little chip in it and a QR code.
Isn't that just cute?
We've got the newscast where they're showing us how fun they are to wear the good little slave bracelets.
Oh, but the border's wide open and child smugglers are bringing them in.
And that's okay.
And the government made it.
It wooed on and released it.
But that's alright.
Now they've got a little bracelet for us.
Metallica frontman says he's skeptical about coronavirus shot.
Hopes COVID vaccine passports won't be mandatory.
Protest against it, Mr. Hatfield.
Speak out against it.
Continuing shock video.
Canadian church attacked by police.
Pastor arrested under COVID-19 tyranny.
Amazing footage of that coming up last segment of this hour.
The coming COVID catastrophe with Dale Bigtree.
Also at Banned.Video and Infowars.com where they lay out the mass death already being caused by it and how it's going to weigh down the hospitals and shut down society, which was the real plan.
Top 10 absurdities of the COVID pandemic so far.
I'm going to be going over all of those.
And it goes on and on and on.
Here's another one.
Report AstraZeneca considering skipping emergency use authorization for full FDA approval.
But it's already been banned all over the world.
But oh, it'll get approved here because we're the target group to be targeted for death.
That is all coming up as well.
A whopping 80% of who refuse COVID vaccine say nothing can change their mind.
The left is so unhappy.
Summer camp for Jewish boys plans to bar those who've had the COVID vaccine saying there's evidence that it's causing viral shedding.
That means you're infecting people with it.
That's what scientists warned it would do.
And the evidence is it is.
It's actually shedding real viruses, mutations from inside your cells.
So you want to shun us?
We'll shun you.
Vaccination rates lag in communities of color.
Oh my gosh, ABC News, because blacks know about the Sisiki experiment, injecting them with syphilis.
And the left is so mad that their main target is not going along with what they're trying to do.
And I see these articles every day.
This is out of ABC News, the latest.
Drapper teenager hospital with blood clots after COVID-19 vaccine shot.
Oh, that's right.
And what did Fauci's big study say it does?
What did it say it does?
It causes deadly blood clots in the University of Texas study.
But notice, the mainstream media has been totally silenced on and hasn't said a word about it.
Because they can't even spin that with their fake spin machines.
Alright, minute and a half to break.
When we come back, I will go directly to your calls.
Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.
To Max, for Sanger, for Ronnie, for Katie, for Dave, and all the others that are there.
You took the vaccine.
What was the effect?
We want to know if you liked it or if it had a bad effect or no effect.
If you're a doctor, if you're a scientist that has an opinion or a view about this information,
We want to hear from you.
And let me, the phones are loaded, but let me add another point where you can get in later.
If you call in with a study and give us the name and the specifics of what the study's saying, I'd like to hear from you as well.
When you hear somebody hang up, call in because I'm going to take a lot of your calls.
And look, I always say thank you for calling.
You say thank you.
And that's great to do.
But in the interest of getting everybody on air,
Just go right to your point, who you are, where you are, what you've seen, your view.
So that way we get to a lot of calls.
I want to take 50, 60, 70 calls in the next two and a half hours we have left.
So start your engines and get ready when we come back.
And there is another special report I'm going to air as well.
We are jam-packed.
The most important part of the transmission begins now.
Your calls.
Alright, Alex Jones here, back live, taking your phone calls now for the balance of this Sunday night transmission.
People ask, Jones, how are you so excited?
We knew Fauci ran the lab, we knew he did gain a function, we knew it was coronavirus research, we knew it was a chimera lab made, we knew they ran all the fear, the lockdowns, plan to never take the lockdowns off, plan to never take the mask off, plan to never go back to normal, plan to shut down the whole third world, starve them to death, then organize them into invasion forces to bring down the West, and all their admitted plans!
I mean, how would you not get excited?
About watching an invasion and a globalist takeover of civilization and an attempt to set up a post-industrial world.
We're not facing communism or fascism.
We're facing globalist, transhumanist exterminism.
This is a science cult who want to be God.
Ray Kurzweil, all of them, are part of it.
And you better start reading their writings, where they're going to be gods, and they're going to merge the machines, and you're just the raw material for that.
And they're going to put a robot in your house that learns how you operate, then finally becomes you, and it spies on you, just like the little people bringing these assistants in their houses.
I told you ten years ago they're listening to you and watching you, and now they admit they are?
Grow up, folks!
The system is predatory, at the top.
And it's absorbing and taking over all the other institutions.
The police have got their problems, but it's one of the final institutions the globalists are absorbing.
Then there'll be enforcers like in Europe and Canada.
So this is a hellish world that people are setting up.
And the left, feeling like they're part of the power structure, and then meanwhile posing as rebels, have no idea how they are in the crosshairs and are idiots.
Lennon called them useful idiots.
All right, who is up first here?
We've got Max in Kansas.
No people who have Vax and have bad effects.
We've got Sanger, Texas State University, no people that have had the Vax.
Ronnie, some family took the Vax, others the family affected.
Dave, a mother, took the vaccine.
What happened?
Jay got the Pfizer vaccine.
Tell us what happened to him.
Xander, in California, used InfoWars to save his parents.
We're going to talk to all of these folks right now.
Let's go to Xander in Texas, then we'll go to Xander.
You're on the air, Xander.
Hi, Alex.
My name is Xander.
I'm a student at Texas State University.
I, in addition to several other classmates of mine,
I personally know people that have died from the vaccine.
I know a woman who was 30 years old died the day she took the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine.
So what I wanted to say is that... Well, let's slow down.
Let's slow down then.
Tell us about what happened.
Tell us who she was.
This is huge.
And then please warn everybody you can.
Go ahead.
Pretty much, it was a family.
It was a family cousin of a friend.
And she died the second day after getting the Pfizer vaccine and then two of my other classmates in my specific class but one lady knew two people that died and another lady knew one person that died and what I wanted the point I wanted to make I know you said slow down but they just had at the university on Friday a vaccine event where their mass vaccinating students
And you get the second dose on the 28th of May.
So not only are they not educating us on the potential risk of this, but they are herding us as students into the event center to get vaccinated.
And not only that... But brother, it's your right and your duty to point out this violates the Nuremberg Code against not giving people proper consent or warning of an experimental medical treatment.
You've got to go bullhorn them.
You've got to stand up and warn people.
Well, Alex, I'm an art student.
I made a painting of Joe Biden, depicting him as a puppet, making fun of the mask, and everybody attacked me.
And they were calling me crazy, calling me a conspiracy theorist, you know, the whole thing.
And our professors are vaccinated.
They encourage us to get vaccinated.
But the second you speak out, you get shut down.
No, I understand, sir.
And that's why, basically, these modern educations are worthless.
There's not going to be an economy anyways.
I mean, you realize this is shutting the world economy down.
But listen, warn people, and many will get hurt, and they will remember what you told them.
You understand?
This is a delayed reaction.
It's like the vaccine's a delayed reaction.
You gotta plant the seeds, and a lot of them don't sprout right away, brother.
I know, and one last thing, they are teaching us about Marina Abramovic, Jeff Koons, and Damien Hirst.
That is part of the curriculum at Texas State.
So there is an agenda to push Satanism, pedophilia, and all of the above within Texas, of all states.
And that's all I really had to say, brother.
Yeah, for those that don't know, she's that witch that does the spirit cooking stuff.
Yeah, they push her everywhere.
They really think she's powerful.
So, you know, look.
Warn people that work at gas stations.
Warn everybody you know.
Just warn them, give them the facts, and send them links to this show, brother.
Send them links to this interview today.
God bless you.
On your email, on your text message, on your word of mouth.
Folks, you are everything.
When you get excited about the show, nothing stops you.
And I'm seeing it everywhere, and so we're going to do this together.
I'm willing to risk my life because I believe in humanity, but I want to make sure we win this fight.
And folks, when you get active, nothing can stop you.
All right, Sanger.
Thank you.
Xander in California, here on the air.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
Hey, listen, I just wanted to let you know that you saved my father's life.
He took the first vaccine.
I don't know which vaccine it was, but he just told me he went to take his vaccine about two and a half months ago, and I advised him not to take the vaccine.
I told him it was having severe side effects.
I told him that they were getting banned all over the world, in Asia, in India, in Europe, the AstraZeneca, the Moderna, all of them.
And he wasn't listening to me, but he went and he still took the vaccine and he got an injection.
And so I remember I started watching you about two, three months ago at the same time you started taking this.
And I remember you started pulling up all of your facts and all the data that these vaccines were having severe side effects.
And I sent all of that information to him.
And thank you, Alex.
I'm getting emotional right here because you saved his life.
And he told me after I sent him the information, he goes, he tells me,
Son, thank you for shedding the light on that information.
I'm not going to go to take my second dose.
And he rips up his appointment card that he has and he throws in the garbage.
So I just wanted to thank you very much.
Brother, don't thank me.
We're in this together.
We don't warn everybody.
They're going to slowly lock things down.
They're going to put us in ghettos for not taking the shots.
And this is their excuse to persecute us.
We're brother.
I thank you.
And listen.
Tell your dad now to educate others.
This has got to be a chain reaction.
And you heard the earlier caller thinking he couldn't wake people up.
You don't know until you try.
Beautiful testimonies, Andrew.
God bless you and thank you.
We're going to move quick now.
Let's go ahead and let's take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Max in Kansas.
Max, go ahead.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
Hope you're doing well.
So right to my point.
So a couple of people I know have taken the vaccine and have not been the same since.
And there's been other phenomenons too.
So, my friend's dad took the jab about three weeks ago, and ever since then, he has been incredibly sick.
For three weeks, he's been messed up.
And his side effects are he's been coughing, he's had headaches, he's been throwing up constantly, he's been forgetting things, moving extremely slow, and staying in one or two spots for the day.
And he's a runner, and participates in marathons and other events, and hasn't been able to do those things because of the vaccine.
And it's just, it's awful to see and something else.
Do you know what type he took again?
Well, two things, brother.
And then let me ask you this.
Has this woken him up?
Unfortunately, it is not.
And I'm not, I'm not sure what he took.
Um, and from what I know, he's still, he still believes that it's going to work and it's just awful.
And this is, this is a more proof that it just, it's all fear.
So my grandfather took the vaccine.
Unfortunately, and about two weeks ago, there was a bug going around, a bit of sickness going around in my family.
And he's been vaccinated for about a month now.
And when my grandpa got tested for COVID, the test came back positive.
Oh, of course.
They go, oh, just take another shot.
And another shot, because it's all a fraud.
The PCR test is a fraud.
You can show him articles about that.
Exactly right.
And you know, anybody I know, they just had terrible things happen to them.
Grandmother took the shot, immediately tired and slow-moving, had body aches and pains, enough to make her cry.
Music teacher in my high school took the shot, started forgetting songs, looked like crap, and had trouble singing.
It's all just such a terrible, terrible thing.
And anyway, Alex, I share the articles, I buy the products, and warn my friends and family about the death jab, and love supporting the Infowars.
So thanks so much for taking my call, and God bless you, brother.
Thank you, brother.
All right, we're going to continue with calls after the break.
Thank you, Max.
With Ronnie and Dave and Rockwave and many, many others, the toll-free number is 877-789-2539.
I love all the regular listeners.
We got a lot of people calling in on this topic, but they're not either took the vax or had family that did or they're not a medical worker.
That's specifically who we're trying to talk to.
I'll probably open the phones up to general folks in the fourth hour.
Tonight we've got a bunch of other topics to cover as well, but I want people to hear these testimonies for themselves.
And we have some other medical workers that got cut off last week at the end of shows.
We're going to call them back next hour as well.
Nurses, EMTs have got some incredible stories.
They're going to be able to elaborate on more for you.
On the other side.
But whatever you do, call your friends, call your neighbors, call your family, and send them a link to Bandot Video, the live feed of the show, or from Infowars.com forward slash show and say, hey, here's the forbidden information.
Hear what the people are saying.
See the documents we're talking about.
Listen to the guy that told us 15 months ago it was from the Communist Chinese military running that lab with Bill Gates and Fauci.
Now that's mainstream news.
That's what the State Department's being forced to admit.
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The longer we stay on air, the better, because everything we're talking about is coming true, because we're going off the research.
Fauci hid it in plain view.
He was working with the Chinese military to develop gain-of-function bioweapons and COVID-19.
It's clear they released it to embarrass Trump.
Fauci famously said that.
In fact, I mentioned that at the start of the show, but I forgot to play it.
Get that queued up.
But first, here's Ben Stein, the comedian, who was one of the first to take the COVID vaccines, what, like five, six months ago?
He got deathly ill from taking the mRNA shot.
So, we should be able to talk about this and not be censored when it's actually happening.
Here it is.
A word of warning to you, my fellow Americans, or whatever you are.
I had the COVID booster, the Moderna, about four or five days ago, and I am still feeling wild side effects from it.
Like I had the worst flu in the world, extreme shortness of breath,
A dizziness, fatigue, extremely irrational thinking.
It has just been devastating.
I'm glad I got it.
I don't know.
Sort of glad.
I'm a little bit glad and also not quite so glad.
But it has just got to be told to the people, us people, we people, us people, that this booster is a killer.
I mean, it's not going to kill you literally, but it is very, very strong.
It's not gonna kill you literally.
Well, we've got multiple callers on the line saying their family members died right after they took it.
We'll talk to Tim in South Dakota here in just a moment.
But first, here's the live show feed of the broadcast.
Sunday live, China admits to developing a COVID-19 bioweapon with Fauci and Gates.
Fox News is reporting, and so is Sky Television, the same outfit out of Australia, that China
So you see the motive, you see the background, you see the know-how, you see it all.
So please, share that live feed.
Here's another headline.
And that is, of course, Klaus Schwab on international French television saying, we're going to use this to make you take a global ID, a global health passport, and implantable microchips.
Well, just last week, the family guy, the popular cartoon, had a little piece where they mention yours truly, try to discredit me, and then cut to what happened to the dog next.
Here it is.
Man, I'm starting to think Peter didn't throw a tennis ball in this direction.
I'm lost in the woods, drunk on moonshine.
I guess the only thing to do is watch Alex Jones videos at full volume on my phone.
My supplements don't have lead in them.
If your magnet bracelet won't come off, it's probably something you did.
But now let's get back to the real news, my friends.
There is a pedophile ring at TCBY.
It does not stand for the country's best yogurt.
It stands for take children.
Boys, yes!
Good morning, buddy.
It's morning?
You can talk?
Uh, yeah.
Oh my god, I knew it.
They told me I was crazy, but I knew it!
I've said good morning to like thousands of dogs.
Is this the pound?
How did I get to the pound?
Oh my god, that's so awesome.
Okay, you were brought to us as a lost dog, but good news, we scanned you and found your microchip.
I didn't know I was chipped.
Yep, so you can go back to your owners, the Hendersons of Bristol County.
Who are these people?
My family is the Griffins!
Well, that's not what your chip says!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, here's one more clip that I'm going to Tim in South Dakota.
Here is Fauci right after Trump got into office.
Fauci had been there for 40 plus years before Trump got in, saying Trump will be faced with a major pandemic.
And of course, we know why he knew.
He was running the operation at Wuhan, and the University of Texas had already plotted the whole plan for him.
Here it is.
And if there's one message that I want to leave with you today based on my experience, and you'll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases in the sense of already ongoing disease, and we have certainly a large burden of that,
But also there will be a surprise outbreak and I hope by the end of my relatively short presentation you'll understand why history, the history of the last 32 years that I've been the director of NIAID, will tell the next administration that there's no doubt in anyone's mind that they will be faced with the challenges that their predecessors were faced with.
So for those... And NIAID did the UT study in 2012 testing coronavirus vaccines on rats and it killed them with heart attacks and blood clots.
And of course they told Fauci, do not use it.
It's in the report.
So there you have it.
I'm about to start the next two hours and your calls.
We're going to start out with a three-minute report on the police state crackdown on no maskers, which will soon be on the no-vaxxers, unless we organize and say no now.
That's why them only getting half the public to take it or less pisses them off, because they can't ever get to the bullying level to dominate us and get total adoption of the World ID.
And then, of course, the implantable chip once you accept the World ID.
Let's go to Tim in South Dakota.
We hear the media, you know, trying to cover up what's been happening and the bad results of the vaccines because they won't do any studies on it because they authorize these shots without studies.
What has been your experience in South Dakota, Tim?
Well, my dad wanted to take the vaccine and didn't want to take the vaccine, did.
And I think I turned him around, but then it ultimately he went and took the first round of Moderna.
On the 12th of March, on the 14th of March, he had either a heart attack or blood clot that killed him.
And he just dropped dead in the middle of the bathroom.
My stepmom found him.
My stepmom went the same time that he did to get the first round.
She's since taken the second round.
And for some reason, she's quote unquote, just fine.
But my father's dead.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Yeah, if you already have plaque buildup, and particularly the studies show it attacks the lungs, the brain, and the heart, sir.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
And well, even though he died probably from the shot, she still didn't care and still went and doubled down.
Yeah, she did.
Boy, they call that Stockholm Syndrome.
I'm sorry for your father.
I'm sorry for your loss.
What do you think of the UT study Fauci did nine years ago where they said, do not give COVID vaccines to people.
COVID vaccines cause autoimmune response in the heart, lungs, and brain.
What's it like to know that, sir?
It's absolutely disgusting that people aren't waking up to what is actually going on.
Well, you called in.
I'm just so sad to hear this happen to your father.
Do you have any points for the listeners?
Any other things you'd like to say?
The only thing that I did about it is called Bears and hopefully they reported it as a death relating to Moderna.
Yeah, and it's kind of a devastating loss for the whole family because it just
It just wiped everything out and the only good thing about this would be that it's so early in this depopulation regime that, you know, the benefits are going to be paid out and all that stuff.
Apart from that, there's no positive to this.
My dad's gone.
He was my best friend.
It just really sucks.
You know, I went fishing with my father yesterday, my four-year-old daughter, and I was looking at my dad, and of course, he's a doctor, he's not going to take it.
And I was just thinking, how pissed I'd be if they killed my dad.
And, uh, you know, what comes around goes around, that's all I'm saying.
And these globalists are going to pay, brother.
So, I know now you're going to be warning people even more than you were.
What about the rest of your family?
Is it woke any of them up?
Well, my sister never wanted to take the vaccine.
My stepbrother, I don't know where he's at on it.
But, yeah, I've told a lot of people that I work with,
Because I don't live in the same state.
I live pretty far away from my family, but... Yeah, I've told everybody that I can tell, like, this is all done.
Like, what you're seeing now and what you're doing now, it's all gone.
Get... Get ready.
That's right.
It's gonna cause a collapse.
I don't want to scare people.
I just gotta tell you the truth.
From my perspective, we're in... I mean, it's... I'm completely freaked out.
Alright, we're gonna do two more hours straight ahead.
InfoWars.com forward slash show.
Stay with us.
In just six months, steel prices have tripled.
In just the last few months, corn prices have more than doubled, along with wheat.
Beef prices are exploding.
Oil prices, gas prices, everything is going straight up, because the central banks of the world have printed tens of trillions of different currencies.
We're good to go.
Record numbers of people aren't looking for jobs that are out of work, because the jobs don't exist, because more than half the small businesses are out of business.
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Klaus Schwab was on TV a few weeks ago going, The Great Reset will only continue even after lockdown's end.
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The cut will not heal.
They are doing this to everyone.
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