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Name: 20210508_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 8, 2021
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COVID-19's greatest power is fear.
It is a psychological warfare weapon that has been deployed against the people of the world to be the cover for a controlled global collapse, to consolidate power in the hands of the globalists, and to establish their new world order.
If this power grab is ever to be defeated,
We must read head-on and expose the fact that the virus was deliberately released from the Wuhan lab and that Fauci was publicly in control of the gain-of-function coronavirus project.
This report breaks down the facts and that the information is now becoming public.
Tomorrow's News.
It's Saturday, May 8th, and we are issuing this emergency special report because our country, our planet, our human species is in crisis.
We are under the fourth industrial revolution that Klaus Schwab and the United Nations have talked about, where robots and computers force humans out, where human labor is made obsolete, not so we can lounge around like Greek gods, but so we can be eliminated.
And that process has been in beta.
It is now accelerating into operational.
Now I'm about to take you in the studio and go over the different prongs of the attack they're going to use to collapse society while the social engineers pose as the saviors.
But the first big thing I want to hit is some extremely good news.
Major GOP lawmakers have announced hearings into the origin of the coronavirus or COVID-19 or the Wuhan virus.
Now if you'll remember, going back 14-15 months ago to February of 2020,
We laid out specifically the history of the virus, the fact that it was a chimera, and that Fauci and Bill Gates were studying these exact viruses, coronaviruses, with gain-of-function, mixed with bats, at Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
It's even been in Newsweek.
It's even been in Time Magazine.
It's been all over the news.
They tried to hide this when Trump was still in office, but now even the Washington Post has come out, as I predicted a week ago, and said, okay, let's be nonpartisan now.
The whole thing has really come out that it did come out of Wuhan, but it's accidental.
None of it's accidental.
You had the Rockefeller Foundation lockstep.
You had Event 201 with Gates and Fauci in the UN in late 2020 while the actual attack was happening, mirroring the release of a coronavirus out of a Chinese lab.
You cannot make this up.
They use that as the cover for the actual operation they've launched.
We see this pattern over and over again.
Then it was used to remove Trump from office.
It was used to shut down major economies and consolidate power under a handful of big tech and other global corporations who have all doubled or tripled their profits.
But remember, this isn't me just telling you this now in the middle of 2021.
We told you this 14, 15 months ago in late January, early February of 2020.
We had Dr. Francis Boyle and other top experts on laying it out.
Now, Boyle has all the inside connections.
He used to be the top U.N.
war crimes prosecutor.
He wrote the U.S.
biological weapons law.
He helped write the U.N.
world law.
The reason he, in my opinion, always says this is not on purpose.
It leaked because under international law, we go to war with China and it could end the world if that comes out.
That's why the Pentagon has said we think it leaked, not it was deliberately released.
But I want to be clear.
The Rockefellers put Mao Zedong into power in 1949.
That's declassified.
They have moved all our jobs to China.
China isn't running things.
The globalists are running things through Communist China.
That is the most critical thing to understand.
So it's not the Chinese people that are our enemy.
It is the Communist Chinese.
that are our enemy.
And yes, as partners with the UN and Bill Gates, they clearly released this mutated virus that is man-made, that has extreme gain of function.
It's only deadly, though, if you've got debilitating diseases or low vitamins and minerals, to cause the rollout of their Great Reset, which is basically corporate martial law and a social credit score.
So I'm about to play you a Fox News piece, which is a big deal because it's Congressman Gallagher
And others, and an investigator, laying out the fact that clearly this came out of a lab, clearly this is man-made, which we've known.
The top Indian scientists, the top Australian scientists that own CRISPRs at major universities, that's the big gene editing software computer scanner, they scanned it, they read it back in February of last year and said, this is man-made, it's a combination of five viruses with a classic coronavirus carrier in it.
And so again, the fact that this is now coming out is such a huge deal, and it's because they know they can't suppress it anymore.
And also, China's been open for business.
They're not doing forced inoculations.
They're not even trying to vaccinate their population.
They're not taking the U.S.
vaccines or the European vaccines.
Because they know how dangerous they are.
They know in major studies in China and the U.S.
at the University of Texas that when you have a vaccine for a coronavirus, whether it's in pigs, rats, or humans, it causes autoimmune responses to a protein in your body.
It gives women breast cancer.
It gives them cancer in their uterus.
It causes Alzheimer's.
It causes heart attacks, strokes, and especially attacks on the lung tissue.
This is all coming out in major studies that are posted at InfoWars.com, but also studies from, again, UT's Bioweapons Research Lab in Galveston.
So, GOP lawmakers want answers from Fauci on Wuhan's lab research and possible COVID origin.
They're all going to play dumb, though, and not even mention that they already have all the answers.
Here is Newsweek from last year, months after we broke it, Dr. Fauci backed controversial Wuhan lab with U.S.
dollars for risky coronavirus research.
The Washington Post is now also coming out and saying, hey, let's be nonpartisan.
Let's demand answers together.
It's the right thing to do.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of the biggest scandals in world history.
That lab was testing at least 12 different systems and different classes of virus, but most of it was the coronavirus.
So again,
Here is a special report from Fox News and I'm going to go in studio and segue into the other parts and other areas of the attack.
This is so important.
These special reports on Saturdays particularly have been going mega viral thanks to you sharing them on your Twitter, on your Facebook, on your YouTube, but mainly your email and your text message is where they have real trouble sharing them.
So please, if you want to save lives, get this report and share it because
I'm also going to break down what's really happening with this vaccine.
It's not a vaccine.
And on Sunday night, I'm going to host four hours, 4 to 8 p.m.
taking calls from people to give their opinion on the vaccine and tell their stories of taking it.
I've opened the phones up three times this week during the weekday show.
Hundreds of calls with family dying, being brain damaged.
Just it's the scariest stuff ever.
And that's what the adverse reaction reporting
We'll be right back.
Here's the Fox Report.
The American people deserve a definitive answer on COVID-19 origins that from a Republican lawmaker asking Dr. Anthony Fauci to hand over information on taxpayer-funded research and whether scientists were too quick to dismiss the possibility of a lab leak in Wuhan, China.
Unleashing a global pandemic.
Congressman Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin writes the following, quoting, understanding the cause of this pandemic and ensuring that something like it never happens again is the most important question facing the world today.
And he joins me now with more on this.
And Congressman, I just really want to know off the top.
I read your letter to Dr. Fauci.
What specifically are you wanting him to do now?
Well, we want to know whether U.S.
taxpayer-funded research granted by the NIH went to gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
This is a dangerous practice that involves genetically modifying naturally occurring viruses.
We now know, based on information that the Trump administration released at the end of the administration, that researchers at the lab became sick
With COVID-like symptoms in the fall of 2019, well before the broader Wuhan outbreak began, shouldn't we at least examine the lab leak hypothesis and understand if U.S.
money was involved in it?
And right now there just seems to be no sense of urgency
We're good.
All I am asking for is for Fauci to tell us if taxpayer dollars went to gain-of-function research in Wuhan, because there's this broader question of whether we should increase that type of funding for that type of research going forward.
And I think that would be crazy to do so, but that's what some are proposing.
It seems like a rational and reasonable approach, and you mentioned the urgency here, and that might be the key phrase, because even the liberal Washington Post writes the following here, quoting,
Well, and particularly since we know that the Chinese Communist Party has obscured and covered up since day one of the outbreak.
They forced whistleblowers to apologize and disappear.
They are all over American social media continuing to blame the U.S.
Army for the virus.
They sanctioned Australia for suggesting that there needed to be an investigation.
The WHO has been corrupted.
We need to get to the bottom of this.
If for no other reason, then we don't want this to happen again.
The American people deserve answers.
The world deserves answers.
And for Dr. Fauci, who is quite comfortable going on TV and talking to us every week, someone needs to ask him these questions and he needs to be forthcoming in his response.
Yeah, and some believe, look, this absolutely did come from the Wuhan lab.
This is David Asher, the former lead investigator into the coronavirus origins.
Listen to this and I'll get your response on the other side.
This virus is like three to four generations away from anything occurring in nature.
No one would ever deliberately create something like this that turned into a Frankenstein without being a mad scientist.
Yeah, I just want to go back and qualify.
The Washington Post quote I wrote earlier was,
Quoting to the Washington Post, just so we're clear on that.
What do you make of David Asher's comment there, the Frankenstein theory?
I mean, it kind of gets into the whole kind of crazy science, sci-fi stuff, but it really is, there's a point to be had there.
Well, I think, you know, if you're examining the lab leak hypothesis versus the naturally occurring hypothesis, it seems to me that the evidence is stacking up in favor of the lab leak hypothesis.
But admittedly, we don't know.
And what I'm saying is, we should know.
We need to get to the bottom of it.
I think for one thing the virus behaves very differently than we'd expect for a disease of zoonotic origin.
A naturally occurring virus would tend to be most infectious in its original host, bats in this case, and least infectious in humans.
But this, we're seeing the exact opposite.
It's most efficient at replicating in humans and not very efficient at replicating in the most likely original host species.
I think there is a growing body of evidence suggesting the lab leak hypothesis is a viable one, but at a minimum we need to get to the bottom of it, and particularly for Dr. Fauci who wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2011 defending this type of risky research that even the Obama administration shut down.
We need to know if we're going to continue to fund that research.
Wuhan scientists took
The North Carolina SARS with Gain of Function, which is already a biological warfare weapon, and they took the technology here behind this well-developed SARS-HIV weapon, and they all brought it back to the Wuhan BSL-4
and tried to DNA genetically engineer it into a chimera, into a biological warfare weapon involving the coronavirus, the HIV virus, and gain-of-function.
Gain-of-function work can only be done safely in a BSL-4 or a BSL-3 facility.
So I think clearly this is the smoking gun and there is no legitimate scientific or medical use for gain-of-function technology, DNA technology on biowarfare.
So there's no excuse that it's a vaccine test that got out?
That's baloney.
This is clearly an offensive biological warfare agent.
So thanks to you, the listeners of this broadcast, that has reached tens of millions of people in the last 14 months, conservatively.
We have forced together the fact that this virus came out of that lab, the fact that it's man-made, the fact that it was in China months and months before, and they knew it was out of the lab.
They probably released it.
The evidence points towards that, the motive, the history.
And then they prepared
To use it to shut down the world and move even more jobs to China, who only shut down for a few months, while much of Europe, Canada, and the U.S.
is still closed.
The Caribbean's still closed.
Much of Latin America is still under martial law because authoritarian regimes around the world have used this as a power grab.
Control freaks everywhere have done it.
And if you look at Latin America, if you look at Africa, if you look at areas of Asia, they're controlled by the private IMF and World Bank.
It's taxpayer money, but it's controlled by private banks.
And so they've told them to stay shut down to again consolidate power.
So the banks are all making record profits.
The big tech companies are all making record profits.
And that brings us to our next story in a moment.
How are they going to smoke screen the starvation, the death, the collapse
The evil of what they're doing.
Well, they're going to do it with wokeism and with racial division at the grassroots level.
So we don't look up at the high level and see how they're all turning us into basically serfs and how we're in this together.
But if you remember a week and a half ago, Joe Rogan had Josh Rogan, a big Washington Post writer on.
And I made a big deal about it, Greg Reese did a big report on it, and I said, this is damage control, the system, I'm not saying Joe's bad, I'm not even saying the Rogan guy's bad, Josh Rogan.
Again, no relation.
I'm saying now it's safe for the Washington Post to come out and put this out, but to make it a limited hangout where they're saying it wasn't released on purpose, it was released by the Chinese on accident.
But it wasn't the Chinese that were even funding it at the lab, the main funding.
Of course it was a bioweapons lab.
That's what these level 4 bioweapons research systems are.
They create the new organisms that they think enemies might create.
So they can create a cure for what the enemy might make, but that gets around the different chemical and biological weapons treaties that different governments have signed on at the United Nations.
So when you hear biodefense, think bioweapon.
But here's the article.
But where was the Washington Post a year ago when the evidence was overwhelming?
This was a scandal six years ago in 2015 that Obama was doing this, but that's what Josh Rogin does.
He makes sure and tells the world, Andrew Rogin, that Obama outlawed it in the U.S.
No, he didn't.
He moved it to Communist China that he was in league with.
Now, let's move on to the University of Texas with one of the most prestigious level four facilities in the world.
It's in the top five.
There are a lot of secret ones as well, but top five public ones.
Massively funded.
They're on the hurricane-ravaged coast of Texas, not a good place to build one.
But nevertheless, that's where it's built.
And what did they say nine years ago?
They said that they have been funded by the federal government of Obama to study COVID gain-of-function vaccines for bird flus, SARS flus, SARS-type viruses that cause flus, pneumonias, you name it.
To the same family as the coronavirus, you notice it says coronavirus, and it says it causes autoimmune response in the body, in the lungs of mice, in the heart, in the brains, and kills them.
And they said, so proceed with caution if you ever create a vaccine for this because the protein is the same.
The protein is the same that is in this virus spike that you're creating a response to that's all over the body, so you're causing the body to attack itself
We warned of this last year.
It's now all come true as they roll this vaccine forward, which is just madness.
All the old vaccine damage pales in comparison to this.
Those were just tainted vaccines or vaccines that had problems.
Vaccines are a real science when it's an attenuated virus that's been radiated or killed.
This is not learning how to beat a dead virus so you can beat the real one.
This is not learning immunity to that.
This, ladies and gentlemen, is far beyond that.
This is frankenshots that actually change your whole body.
Absolutely incredible.
So we've got that tying it all together.
And again, as I mentioned, Newsweek, a lot of other publications last year saying, yeah, Fauci ran 12 of the main programs.
We'd known about 11.
A 12th program has now been discovered.
It was all about coronavirus, mixing with bats, mixing with pigs, mixing with humans, and gain-of-function delivery.
And guess where the fact-checkers for Facebook are?
They're trying to cover this up right now.
Because the political elites in the United States could no longer do this type of stuff.
And because federal whistleblowers were exposing it, they moved it to China.
And our elites are inbred politically with the Chinese elites.
And so different Chinese elites are using this against their own people.
Different elites here are blackmailing our establishment with the information as well.
There's different factions.
The United States and Europe will be the military power.
China, of course, has double-crossed them.
Just like Hitler and Stalin were in a deal the first two years of World War II, and then Hitler double-crossed Stalin.
And by the way, Stalin was building a bunch of weapons, we later learned, was about to double-cross Hitler, and Hitler knew that, so he launched the attack first.
That was just recently declassified by the Russians.
So, people thought, Hitler's a madman starting a war with Russia, when he's already fighting, you know, all these other countries.
Well, he knew it was coming.
Of course, he was a madman as well, but mad like a fox.
Here's the next big thing.
John Hopkins is the key group, we've noticed, who does these war games and battle plans that then get adopted by the UN and by governments.
And so you've got Fauci, the UN, the CHICOMS, are all part of this globalist coalition that still fight with each other, but they're one group.
And imagine how scared they are that it's going to come out that they ran the lab.
They probably released it on purpose.
All the evidence and motive points towards that.
But regardless, the very people that managed the crisis were behind the crisis.
Well, that's why they're on top of the bioweapons development, so they can launch them when they want, cover it up when they want.
They had to have that security to be able to have the nerve to pull something like this.
But what else is John Hopkins saying?
And what has Klaus Schwab said, who's helping quarterback this with Henry Kissinger and others?
They've said we're about to have a giant cyber attack that's far worse than COVID that messes up all the financial systems of the world and erases your digital money.
But then they're going to reorganize it all and tell you what your value of your money is.
They need an excuse for the crash with all this inflation that's coming and the hyperinflation that's coming and the major inflation that's already hit.
They've talked about a global internet crash.
We're good
They want to censor everybody that is involved in criticizing the dangers of these vaccines and pointing out that it came out of the Wuhan lab.
This is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and in it they actually say anybody saying it came out of Wuhan should have the military used against them or cyber command or should be arrested.
So that's another important report.
As well.
Fourteen months ago, I told you that the global lockdown was going to kill tens of millions of people by starvation and was going to cause a global depression in the first world.
And now it has.
It was a no-brainer then that you should get high-quality, storable food and save it because it is insurance you can eat.
And with all the inflation we knew was coming, that was one way to beat inflation.
A lot of you listened.
You did a great job.
Some of you didn't.
Now is the time to take action before food prices only
Continue to increase every index shows it it's basically a guarantee barring a miracle and we wish it wasn't the case But let's make lemonade out of these lemons for only a few days more until next Wednesday May 12th you can get 2020 prices still at prepare with Alex calm and then the prices are gonna have to go back to what they were still lower than
Now I'm moving quick here and I'm talking fast and I'm excited because this is a life and death situation.
This is the controlled demolition of the world economy.
The collapse of the world system for a post-industrial
Deindustrialization and forced reduction.
And a lot of people play along like they're part of the power structure.
99.99999% of people are on the crosshairs of this system.
And I believe the cauldron, the black hole of death and collapse the globals have created is going to suck them down with it.
Now let's move on to the other prong of this attack.
The COVID hype to say you're not essential and shut down all the businesses and things globalists don't control to vertically integrate wealth to themselves.
Then hand out lots of fiat currency to the general public who are out of jobs and to get them used to sitting around for a year or more, the psychological studies show, and then people don't want to go back to work.
Then you've got more money chasing less workers and less goods.
That causes hyperinflation and scarcity of goods, which is stagflation, which is a completely artificial system that central banks said was impossible until they first did it in the late 1970s.
That is now being prepared again and during this they will again use the first cheap money they get to buy up all the real assets and then we get the debt and the total devaluation ourselves.
So this is total elite
We're good to go.
Then if citizens complain about it, they're called criminals, they're called terrorists, and we hear that Homeland Security needs to go after them.
If citizens walk through the velvet ropes at the Capitol, they're called insurrectionists.
When Antifa and BLM shoot people in the head or set up checkpoints and attack people, they're called loving and good.
Here's a great example of this.
It's up on NewsWars.com.
It's in ABC News out of San Diego.
The county is spending $5 million this year to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens who are already being left alone.
Nobody's picking them up.
They're allowed in to get set up for welfare and to get all of these benefits, including $15,000 plus per person in cities like New York.
So they don't just give the illegal aliens thousands to get here, put them on welfare and give them a job.
Which the left then siphons part of the money off as a permanent underclass.
They don't just then vote illegally, and in many Democrat cities they already have them voting, they pass laws that let illegals vote.
They are now, on top of that, getting them lawyers.
Boy, nobody ever paid for my lawyer.
And then, Austin, Texas, $5 million again for illegal aliens.
It's every major city, $5 million to start, because Soros controls most of the mayors, he controls the city councils, he controls almost all
of the District Attorneys and County Attorneys, meaning he throws the book at citizens.
I had one of my crew members today had his tags out.
Cop pulls him over, you know, writes him up, does all this stuff.
His driver's license was expired, took him to jail.
And I walked out in the parking lot and I said, if he was a human smuggler, you'd let him go.
They said, yep.
That's what we're told to do.
Police were happy to do it too.
So everybody worships the police on one side or hates them on the other.
The police are just robots of whoever pays them on average now.
So let's just get that straight.
So that dovetails with this.
All over the country, citizens in Florida and Utah and everywhere, they go to these city councils.
We shot a video a few weeks ago here in Austin where every parent for five hours got up and even read the state code to them that making a child wear a mask is a form of torture.
You can't do it under Texas law.
Every parent was mad, they just adjourned the meeting, said the mass continue, we don't care, because they think they own you.
They follow orders from the UN.
Even when the CDC says take the mask off, Biden won't because he's taking UN orders.
Now let's expand on that.
And we'll play some of the videos here in a moment.
Parents in this Utah district went in, every parent got mad, but they told them we're going to keep the mass.
They said, we voted for you, you work for us, you need to reverse this.
And now the police are saying, we're going to get the names of them and maybe charge them because it was threatening.
So waving guns on the highway at people, burning down buildings, that's all good.
Biden's had all the charges dropped on Antifa, burning down federal courthouses and shooting at people.
But people that come and say, our kids aren't wearing masks.
This COVID's overblown fraud.
It's a symbol of slavery.
Ooh, ooh, it's an insurrection.
We're going to come after you with the force of the law.
So they're now saying that the police are going to arrest some of the people that came up and
Did that on the table, because that's an insurrection.
That's an act of terror.
Oh, but if you're smuggling kidnapped kids across the border, and the Senate report admitted a lot of them are given to sex traffickers, that's okay.
The parents said, take these damn masks off these kids.
The parents protest mass requirement.
Parents erupted school boards across the country, filed lawsuits over masks in class, video, anti-mask protesters force early ending.
We're good to go.
And then there's this new nightmare report also out of John Hopkins, another one, where they talk about using drones to forcibly inoculate us, drones to surveil us.
During the next lockdown, you'll be locked in your house, you'll have nothing, you'll own nothing, as Klaus Schwab says, and the drones will deliver you your food.
So we've got to have a big enough drone army
And enough funding when we're made obsolete and have to stay in our homes.
And that's just getting us used to being locked up in our houses as prisoners.
This is a robot science fiction takeover.
So listen, that's basically it for this Saturday emergency transmission.
I'm just going to leave you with some videos.
There's five or six of them.
There's more than that.
It happened in Madrid, Spain, San Diego, California, Portland, Oregon, all over the country.
I'm going to show you a few clips from Portland, Oregon.
The first one is where they put out these videos and a scary voice said, nothing else could be done.
We're fighting the system.
So we're going to go after the mayor and everybody else.
We're going to attack people.
And this is what we have to do to win Soros funds.
BLM and Antifa.
When the establishment is doing this ahead of the financial collapse that is coming, they don't want to say the financial collapse is because of overprinting of money or deindustrialization or the fact that people will have money on their EBT cards but they won't buy enough anymore and all the metrics show during a food price increase of even 50% that doubles or triples riots in the streets and all sorts of civil discord.
But we're looking at a 76% increase globally in crops already purchased at the raw level, according to the Bloomberg Global Agri Index.
So that means even more will be added on in price once it goes through processing, shipping to the store and to your house and to your table.
So we're looking at 100-150% increase in most foods.
The Arab Spring happened when they had a 50-something percent increase.
This is going to be so incredibly explosive.
That's why Hollywood,
And all the shows are about whites are evil, we've got to have a race war, blah blah blah, and the NFL and all the big tech companies are funding Black Lives Matter because they're just trying to distract everybody and say the country and the world's going to burn down during the Great Reset when they devalue your currency and put you on a universal income of $1,200 a month or whatever to think it all came because the city's burned.
But the cities are going to burn because statistically, that's what happens when there's not enough food.
Whether you're in Africa or the United States or Latin America or Europe, it doesn't matter.
And so this summer is going to be explosive, it's all been engineered, and that is the plan.
And so, that's why I'm so excited, that's why I'm so upset, that's why I'm so earnest.
Because the average person goes to a football game and gets so excited about their team, man!
Oh, they got a touchdowner!
Oh, they fumbled!
I get upset about this because I know history's happening.
And I don't want to be a bystander.
I don't want to be a spectator.
I want to be in the arena that Teddy Roosevelt talked about.
And I've changed the world.
And you've changed the world.
And I've seen us do things together.
And if we expose who's behind the virus and the fact that it's all a power grab, and if we expose that they want us to have a race war, and if we do all this together, we can short circuit this.
That's why they brought in all the censorship.
Because they can't get away with what they're doing if the truth gets out.
And it is getting out because of you and our guest and Tucker Carlson.
Yes, sir.
Here and abroad and people really listen to us.
Thanks to you keeping us on the air.
We have matured like fine wine together in that now people have had a chance to see we were right about all this and now they're finally listening and paying attention right at the critical point where it's most important.
We're in that sweet spot together.
Pray to God for discernment and take action.
Here are some of those clips I mentioned, and then please share this report.
And then Lord willing, I'll be back with a special Sunday show, 4 to 8 p.m.
talking about the COVID hoax and how many people are dying from the virus versus how many people, because the whole rollout's a hoax.
The virus is real, but it's exaggerated.
And how many people are dying from the vaccine versus the virus?
We have a lot of experts and whistleblowers, so join us Sunday, 4 to 8 p.m.
God bless, and good luck!
We come to you as a small collective from within the anarchist and anti-fascist community.
We do not speak for the whole, as each individual may carry different ideologies and beliefs about how things could, should, or will be accomplished.
We hope with this message to simply convey a few points that are commonly agreed upon within this community.
The mayor of this city is undeserving of his position.
He has made it abundantly clear that windows to him are more important than human life.
But we are not just challenging the idea of having Ted as a mayor.
We are challenging the idea of having mayors at all.
We want abolition.
Abolition is absolute.
If peaceful marches, speeches, and voting
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And the more time we spend fighting each other, the less energy we have to fight the true enemy.
So let's start local, with our own city's failed leadership.
Ted, we are asking for the last time that you resign.
If you ignore this message outright, the destruction to your precious way of life is going to escalate.
Blood is already on your hands, Ted.
But next time, it may just be your own.
And I've extended the state of emergency through the weekend.
Our job is to unmask them, arrest them, and prosecute them.
Hey, you better fucking not!
You better fucking not!
This is not a fucking game!
You better not!
You better fucking not!
You better fucking not!
You better fucking not!
Put your fucking gun down!
Put your fucking gun down!
Put the weapon down!
It's a non-lethal weapon!
How do we take it?
Put it down!
Back up!
Back up!
Back up!
You've got about five seconds to lower that gun!
Man, I'm getting sick of this shit!
Yeah, right, you can kill more people with that fucking truck!
And why are you trying to kill people?
Get the fuck out of here, you fucking Nazi!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out!
Get the fuck out of here!
Back the fuck up!
Get out of here now!
Get out now!
Fucking leave!
Don't you fucking dare!
Get the weapon!
Get the weapon!
Get the weapon!
Get the weapon!
Get him on the ground!
Get off!
Get off!
Who has the gun?
Who has the gun?
Get back!
Get back!
Stay down.
Stay down.
Stay down.
You're not going anywhere now.
You pulled a weapon on somebody, dude!
You're out of fucking line!
You ready to get the fuck up and get the fuck out of here?
Yeah, give me my way.
Alright, well get the fuck out of here!
No, fuck you!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
I'm a disabled Marine.
I don't give a fuck who you are!
You ready to get the fuck out of here?
Call an ambulance.
You ready to get the fuck out of here?
Call an ambulance.
No, you give me a fucking call.
You're fired.
You're fired!
You're the ones with the bear spray.
We always have bear spray because we've been bear sprayed by people like you.
We've been assaulted by people like you.
Back the fuck up!
Yeah, I will hit a bitch.
Fuck you, motherfucker!
Back the fuck up!
He didn't even do anything.
He's just messing around.
Just don't... Look, guys.
This is escalating.
This is escalating.
Just look... Hey, hey!
Hey, hey, come on.
Look, look, it's alright.
Hey, just let him go.
Shit is happening.
Let him go.
Guys, there's traffic!
There's traffic!
You're wrong!
I will slit your fucking throat!
Hey, stop!
I'll slit your throat next time!
I will slit your throat!
Don't be surprised when buildings are on fire.
Just saying.
Well, we've all lived to see it.
Whether you're young, whether you're old, whether you're black, whether you're white, whether you've got pink skin or brown skin, you're made by God and you're living on this planet when the globalists are making their main assault.
What a time to be alive.
They're trying to start a race war.
They're destroying the border.
They have exploded human smuggling.
They're trying to start a war with the Russians.
They're opening on the Communist Chinese payroll.
And everything they do is about de-industrializing this country and destroying our farmers and making the general public dependent on them.
That's why.
Every instinct I've got, and my spirit tells me,
That we need to get ready, including myself.
And I've said, I intend to evacuate out of Austin in the next year or so.
I don't think we have much more time than that.
I'll still try to have this base here, but I'm going to be well outside this city.
Because even though people think Texas is a refuge, I don't think it will be.
This planet
Not just America is going under judgment.
That's why.
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It's old-fashioned American ideals.
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I hope a miracle happens.
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