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Name: 20210504_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 4, 2021
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Bill Gates said yesterday that he made a mistake when he met with sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.
Gates realized his mistake after speaking with an advisor.
When it was announced yesterday that Bill and Melinda Gates were splitting, a lot of people said, oh, this is probably some staged event to hide money.
They've already done that in their tax-free eugenics foundation that funds the United Nations and worldwide forced inoculations.
They literally control almost all of the major medical bureaus of the major countries of the planet.
That is, the countries they haven't been kicked out of, that's over 30 of them.
But I'll get to that in a moment.
There's an excellent Daily Mail article, it's also a New York Times article, breaking down the details of the divorce.
We'll also post it here below at InfoWars.com, the divorce petition.
And it's exactly what I thought it was.
She is embarrassed by the fact that it's come out that he lied to her, and he lied to the courts, he lied to federal officers as well, and told the international media for years he'd never stayed with Jeffrey Epstein
In Paris, in New York, or gotten on the Lolita Express and gone to the Pedophile Island.
Turns out Bill Gates went to all three places and spent months total, it's now been documented, in New York, in Paris, staying at the sex palaces, the pervert palaces, that are compounds, some of them six, seven, eight stories tall, that have all sorts of bizarre things going on inside of them.
Prostitutes, underage people, pedophilia, you name it.
But also Bill Gates was heavily involved
We're good.
medical policy, it was also the sex, it was the drugs, it was the blackmail, and all of that is starting to come out.
And that's why, from my own research, I believe this is connected to Jeffrey Epstein, because we know she's been extremely embarrassed by this.
She's also shown a lot of naïveté when she goes on these different shows with her now-to-soon-be ex-husband, and will say, oh no, he's not into eugenics, oh he's not into population reduction,
I know my husband is not vaccinating people and putting a microchip in her arm because that technology doesn't even exist and he's never uttered the words out of his mouth, so...
Ha ha!
Even though we have Rice, we have MIT, we have all these groups saying for many years Bill Gates has come to them with her foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and said they want exactly that.
Even CBS News is now reporting that they want the military to take implantable chips to track their medical system.
Now CBS is also reporting that, oh, the new booster shots are going to be a patch that has little micro needles that go into your skin so we can just scan it and tell you've been given the vaccine.
I know she's embarrassed, and the family's embarrassed, and their daughter says, the young medical student says, that they've gone through a very, very rough time right now.
So undoubtedly having the most vilified, most hated dad in the world, or husband in the world, must be terrible, but Bill Gates has been a villain
For his whole adult life.
The man is a liar.
The man is a fraud.
The man stole software.
The man was found to be in violation of antitrust rules with a monopoly killing competitors in America.
The man runs systems like NewsGuard that goes around censoring people and saying they're fake news when it's true news.
His own NewsGuard said that I lied that India had said no to the Pfizer shot when that was a fact.
They lied and said that China hadn't said no to their vaccine, but they did.
They lied and said that I was making it up that 21 countries in Europe have banned AstraZeneca.
They have!
These people are liars.
These people are criminals.
And I know Bill Gates is, because I've seen his actions, his father's actions, his mother's actions, who are all devout eugenicists, to the point that Thomas Watson, who got the highest award in Nazi Germany, above Hitler's award,
For running the IBM machines that put the tattoos on the Jews and others that ran the death camps.
And so I know who this family is and maybe Melinda Gates has finally figured it all out.
Maybe now she's become decompartmentalized and that's why she's doing this except she says the work of the foundation will continue.
And what the developing world does not need is more children.
And I think that was the biggest
So maybe she's just tired of being a beard, not for any weird sexual stuff, but to simply make Bill look more human because he's got a wife, kind of like the pink sweater that he and Oprah always wear.
So here it is!
The daughter says it's been a challenging stretch of time.
Bill Gates has hired 97-year-old billionaire lawyer friend Charlie T. Munger to represent him in the divorce.
She's 56.
She described a relationship in the court filing and the divorce is irrevocably broken.
It continues to have $130 million outside their foundation.
It's got almost $200 million.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We've never gotten any pedophile information on him, though he hangs out with famous pedophiles and pimps like Jeffrey Epstein.
He's more of a guy using this to control people.
He's more of a super villain, in-charge type, not the person getting blackmailed.
And the evidence is overwhelming because he gave him hundreds of millions of dollars.
They've tried to suppress that news, but now it's coming out to Epstein to run these operations.
And it looks like at Zorro Ranch,
They were doing some type of weird genetic experiments, and it looks like human clone implantation, and that's now coming out as well, but the system is really trying to suppress it.
So, I first told people 20 plus years ago that Bill Gates is the center of the web, or very close to it.
People laughed at me, a big part of my film Endgame is about Bill Gates.
Listen, now you see he's in charge, and Klaus Schwab is under him.
Klaus Schwab is a direct protégé, of course, of Dr. Henry Kissinger, also from Harvard, and that's really the brainchild of this Anglo-American globalist system.
When I say Anglo, it has nothing to do with white people.
It's called the Anglo-American establishment, meaning an alliance with the old British Empire and the United States, forming their own new corporate world government, a plan of Cecil Rhodes.
So this is the type of critical historical analysis I didn't tell you about anywhere else.
Thanks for keeping us on the air.
You'll find this report and so many others at Ban.Video, BanThis.TV, and InfoWars.com.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The mainstream corporate media, the mouthpieces of Big Pharma and Big Tech and the Chi-Coms in Hollywood are so angry that InfoWars and Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan and others are calling out the elephant in the room.
And that's what we've been lied to from day one.
We're told, take the vaccine, it's safe and effective.
You can take your mask off, go back to normal.
That was always a lie.
I told you a year ago they were going to pull that because it was in their own white papers.
Then they tell you, oh,
Those that have taken the vaccine, they're not really protected.
And those of you that haven't taken it, you're going to make them in danger.
All of that is a lie as well.
All of this is simple common sense.
And then the studies are legion that young people don't die from COVID, but they can die from an autoimmune response or an allergic reaction from the COVID-19 vaccines that are getting paralyzed, are dying.
UFC fighters are having to drop out of fights, getting deathly ill.
This is an epidemic of vaccine damage, just like with the autism.
And it's all a giant test to see what the system can get away with.
And so Joe Rogan is right.
Nobody needs these vaccines, ladies and gentlemen, because they're now admitting that it doesn't even protect you from COVID-19.
But I had medical doctors and scientists on, a virologist, a year ago saying, you cannot make a vaccine for the common cold, that's what COVID's based on, because it's so common, the protein, that it's in your body.
It's in your lymph nodes, it's in women's uteruses, it's in everything, and it's going to cause serious problems.
It's going to make your body attack itself.
And now we just see this continued escalation of everybody having huge autoimmune responses, having incredible allergies, and the media is trying to normalize it and gaslight it.
We're all supposed to sit here
And just accept this.
We are in an information war.
And they want to normalize maiming us and making us sick for life to go through their medical system.
They have gone from 15 vaccines they wanted you to take 30 years ago to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds after they got vaccine liability protection in 1986, a terrible thing Reagan did.
And so here we are, literally held captive by this UN-run big pharma system.
And the only way to stop it is information warfare.
That's why you've got to go to Bandai Video, to the Most Banned section with all the doctors and the scientists and the researchers there, laying out what I'm saying with scientific expertise.
And it is coffin nails.
It is kryptonite to this globalist fraud.
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