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Air Date: May 3, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various topics including globalist plans, vaccines, contact tracers, eugenicists, Malthusianism, government elites, scientific experiments, and the importance of being prepared. He accuses Trump of being set up by globalist operatives and emphasizes the need for spiritual change and repentance from the American people to fight against corruption. The speaker promotes Endgame film which exposes the globalist agenda and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing products essential for maintaining vitality and health during these turbulent times.


President Trump releases explosive message.
The fraudulent presidential election 2020 will be from this day forth known as the big lie.
And I've talked to a lot of insiders.
I've talked to a lot of people close to the president.
He is intending to run.
And we've known that for a while, but now Nigel Farage has come out and said he will run again.
He's talked to him and that he's got the stamina.
He's got it all.
And so how does that comport into things?
And I like Trump a lot.
I think he means well, but he needs to backtrack on the vaccine and he needs to say that he was hoodwinked by Fauci and others and that it's really dangerous and a problem because I think it disqualifies Trump.
Now that we know the vaccine is deadly, it is bad, it does cause autoimmune problems, it doesn't protect you.
Evidenced by still wearing the mask, all the lies.
We need Trump to come out and we need him to start abandoning the vaccine and say that he was conned by these people.
That will absolutely defeat the globalists if he'll do that.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Joe Rogan, you may have heard about this, made comments about young people getting vaccinated.
It's getting a lot of buzz.
He said, if you're like 21 years old and you say to me, should I get vaccinated?
I say no.
I just said, I don't think that if you're a young, healthy person that you need it.
Their argument was you need it for other people.
So you say young, healthy people should get vaccinated.
A top Washington Post investigative journalist has come out and pointed out what Dr. Francis Boyle and others said on the show a year ago, but with the evidence that Fauci's covering up the Wuhan lab leak because he was running the secret illegal operations there, which is documented.
But the fact is the Washington Post has come out with this.
That means big changes are afoot.
So Robert Redfield, who was the CDC director at the time, a trained virologist, he says, I took a look at this virus and I concluded that it is so
Powerful that it must have been evolved in a lab setting.
And he pointed to the gain-of-function research and they called him a racist, a conspiracy theorist, and all the rest.
The godfather of that industry, the head of the pyramid, is a guy you may have heard of called Anthony Fauci.
Anthony Fauci, the hero of the pandemic, is the most important person in the world of gain-of-function research there is.
In other words, he is, not just him, there's Francis Collins at the NIH and some other people, but basically, he is the one dispersing all the grants for this, he is the one who pushed to turn it back on after Obama turned it back off, that's a whole other crazy story, he turned it back on without really consulting the White House, that's breaking news.
Gain-of-function experiments, and what that means are experiments that make the virus more dangerous or more deadly.
It's a sort of research that we don't do in Canada that is frowned upon in most parts of the world.
A former spy chief says the lab idea shouldn't be dismissed as conspiracy.
It's an engineered escapee from the Wuhan Institute.
It was the result of an accident.
And that the virus is the consequence of, you know, gain function experiments.
And now it's a two front war.
First, it was against COVID-19.
And I'm not trying to excuse the Chinese government.
This was a predictable leak.
I've been saying that for years.
And then China, this communist dictatorship covered it up.
Right from the very get-go, clearly a crime against humanity.
They could have brought it under control immediately, and they did not.
Out of 500,000 US troops who were forcibly inoculated with the original frankenshots, 11,000 were killed and 100,000 were disabled.
And those were healthy young men and women in our armed forces.
Just extrapolate when they're going to give these frankenshots to everyone.
There are seven and a half plus million people on this planet.
The globalists see themselves as guardians of the Earth, guardians of the galaxy, and that they are doing an emergency stunning, poisoning, dumbing down, and then culling of the human population.
So you've got a thing on the left, CO2, that you want to get to zero, and that's going to be based on the number of people,
The services each person's using on average, the energy on average for each service, and the CO2 being put out per unit of energy.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
That's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
And they have decided that they own the world because they created all this digital made-up garbage.
And now they need to get us in debt.
They need to get rid of our local economies.
They need to bankrupt us and put us into a position of total control.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
Well, the, uh... Brandi Parker McFadden is confined to her hospital bed at Vanderbilt.
Can you walk right now?
No, I can't walk.
Less than 24 hours after receiving her second Pfizer COVID shot, she explains she lost her ability to move from her shoulders down.
I thought maybe, if anything, I'd probably get like flu-like symptoms because I'd already had COVID, but I never in a million years thought I would never be able.
Let's get up and go to the bathroom.
The globalists are moving us into a post-human world.
And when I sit here and I say a post-human world, I mean a post-human world.
It's Monday, May 3rd, 2021.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got massive breaking news on so many fronts it makes my head nearly spin if I didn't have God as my North Star.
We're going to have open phones throughout the first three hours before Gerald Cilente takes over in the fourth hour ahead of the three-hour transmission known as the War Room of the Owen Stroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
I am Alex Jones.
This is the Vaunted Transmission.
Let me do this.
The only way to cover this properly is to take the stacks I've got here and then to open the phones up, which I'm going to do again throughout the transmission.
I'm going to be going to your calls after the bottom of the hour, coming up in about 25 minutes.
We have a controlled takedown of the biology of humanity through these mutagenic frankenshots and the mounting death tolls and major, extremely prestigious publications coming out and admitting that, oh, we made a mistake.
The spike protein in COVID-19 is what really hurts you.
And the body's having an autoimmune response and attacking itself.
When you take these vaccines, they're so-called vaccines, because it's then attacking the protein in your brain, the protein in your heart valves, the protein in your uterus, the protein in your other parts of your tissues.
And to watch the mounting heart attacks,
From healthy people as young as 15 years of age, when they take any of these vaccines, because they're all basically doing the same thing.
You could never create a vaccine for the quote, common cold, because it's such a common protein, you would cause an autoimmune response and or allergic response.
And it's certainly now happening.
Incredible developments on that front.
When I open the phones up, I want to ask you about two major topics.
We don't really screen your calls, but you want to tell us where you're, how you're listening.
Or tell us what you want to talk about, put a little thing out of the side, it gives me an idea when I go to you, but you just tell us your name, where you're calling from, that suffices.
We'd love to talk to you as long as you've got a good clean phone line.
But I want to ask you about hundreds of publications that I've personally seen for the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the USA Today.
That's the same all over the world.
Or it's the Sydney Morning Herald, or whether it's Bild in Germany, or whether it's the London Guardian in the UK.
They're all saying, oh, you are going to have forced inoculations or you're not going to have a job or leave your house or get on a plane or a bus or a ship or anything else.
And we're just going to pressure you till you do it.
And that's the way it is.
Oh, and by the way, these vaccines don't even protect you.
And the masks never come off either.
It's just it's total dystopia.
It's a boot stomping on the face forever.
What is your line in the sand?
Because so many people are like, well, I've already had inoculations, and yeah, I might have gotten sick a few times, or I might have had a family member die of a vaccine, but I'm going to go ahead and just gut up and take it.
Because I want things to go back to normal.
They're not going back to normal, A, and then B, this is a mutating system that makes your body attack itself.
Do you understand?
So I want to ask listeners, what you plan to do to stop this incremental rollout to forced inoculation, where they're going to put those of us that don't comply in the next few years on their timetable, unless we stop them, in ghettos, in concentration camps, with the contact tracers, they're already announcing this in Europe and Canada, and it's all a global standardized program, so it's coming here.
What are you going to do about that?
And then, you know, the other big question,
Criminal elements of our government, the eugenicists that have been in control of our science since the 1870s, all came out of England with Sir Francis Galton, who was a Malthusianist, he followed Malthus, and everything we're under today is Malthusianism, that's what the globalists are, they're Malthusians.
You might want to search that term, read about Malthus.
I mean, you want to know the form of government you're under, right?
The old republics are being swept away in a form of Malthusianism is being
We're good to go.
Did they have a right if they knew they were being forcibly injected with syphilis, a deadly disease, to fight back?
And the answer from the FBI is, no, the government is God, we're going to kill black people.
Remember, they're woke all day and love black people, but that's just a cover for their Chinese death camps and their vaccines killing everybody.
But that's who these groups are.
So I'm asking you, did folks at Tuskegee have a right to defend themselves?
And CNN would say no.
And of course, they didn't just inject black people.
They were doing this to everybody.
They were doing it to disadvantaged groups that they could control.
Poor Appalachian whites, Native Americans, indigenous groups in Latin America.
And it's not just the U.S.
government that did this.
The French government, the Israeli government, the South African government, they all do it to their own people and other folks.
The Israelis microwaved more than 20,000 children we know of, many of them to death,
In radiation chambers.
It's called the ringworm children.
You can look that up.
And when Jews would come in from all over the world who didn't pass muster after World War II, this went on from the 50s into the 70s, they would just take them in and put them in a radiation chamber and fry them.
So that's just an example of just one other country doing this.
And it's all in the mainline literature.
They were telling him, oh, you got ringworm, which is a fungus.
Instead of giving him an antifungal cream, they said, just step into this stainless steel, lead-lined chamber and enjoy the love.
So would they have a right to fight back?
Government is God.
The answer is no.
The scientific elite is God.
And you have no rights.
You will be microwaved.
You will be given syphilis.
You will be given Ebola.
You will be given an autoimmune disease.
You will become allergic to yourself.
And you will shed it and transfer it communicably, infectiously to others.
Isn't that just liberal?
That's the other little fun one.
He said, oh, COVID's just the test.
Soon terrorists will be releasing deadly viruses everywhere.
He started laughing with Fareed Zakaria and others because we're the terrorists against the earth, remember?
That's what they call us.
We're the virus.
We're the disease.
And so now we're being turned into engines to slowly kill ourselves.
So enjoy the mass death.
There is a major talking point even put out by the opposition to the COVID-19 global government takeover and it's that it leaked from the Wuhan lab.
We know that Fauci and Gates and the globalists were running those major operations and funding the gain-of-function programs that were moved from Chapel Hill.
North Carolina 2015 to Wuhan 2016.
But look at the timing when Trump was winning the trade war with China.
The Democrats were failing.
The U.S.
economy was roaring back.
They needed an excuse under Operation Lockstep to clamp the world down.
They'd always had this plan for the Great Reset when they implode the global currencies, bring in a world currency to use a virus to lock things down ahead of that so the public is under martial law when the financial collapse takes place.
So there's not a panic.
And so if you had all of the timing and China playing up the fear and the UN being prepared and all the drills beforehand that exactly paralleled what actually happened, this was 100% totally and completely premeditated.
And I'm going to cover all of that throughout the broadcast today, but I want to give the number out.
They've now announced, I played the clips on the Sunday show, I'll play them again, but it's not just CNN or MSNBC or ABC, it's USA Today, it's all the big papers say, New York Times, hey, you need to get your shots, you're not gonna be allowed to have a job or travel, and yes, we're gonna have an international vaccine passport that's standardized by the UN, that China already proposed a year ago, and so it doesn't matter what your government does,
These companies and corporations and others aren't going to let you do it unless you accept the standardized global system.
They've already got it standardized.
They've already got it set up.
They've already got it ready.
They're already habituating everybody with the QR codes for menus and then you got to register to go to all these different, you know, the museum or the planetarium or the outdoor gardens.
Botanical Gardens.
Oh, we don't let you just come and pay two dollars anymore.
No, no, no, no, no.
You have to register online and then only a certain number are allowed in.
This is the new system where your movement is all controlled by AI smartphone and then you're allotted where you can go and what you can do.
That's been the official plan for decades.
They had PR videos called Plantopolis.
We probably played 100 times here.
We've been playing for 11 years on air that are shown to school children in the UK where it described all of this.
Now my film years before that, Endgame, three years before that, described it from their own documents.
But then, three years after Endgame, they came out with ten different cartoons produced by the UN with the Rockefeller Foundation showing what we're now under.
We're just in the beginning of it.
This is an exact operation.
And places where people capitulate, they're under it already.
Places where people fight back, it goes slower.
That's why we've got to get our governors and legislatures pushing back like DeSantis has done and say no to this and realize it's megalomaniacal, it's methodical, it is a takeover plan.
Now, let me tell you what's coming up.
I want to talk about that.
And what you're going to do to stop it and where you think this is going and how are they going to respond to the already hundreds of thousands that are getting sick and dying in the U.S.
alone, not to mention in Europe and all these countries have banned the vaccines.
But here in the U.S., they say, oh, everybody takes it.
Everybody loves it.
It's kooky to say there's a problem and AI on all the major platforms censors anyone, including people that have had family members die, including people that are paralyzed, including people that had miscarriages.
If you criticize what happened, you get deleted.
And then if you keep posting it, banned on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, you name it.
I mean, this is just savage suppression of consumer reports.
This is big tech merged with big pharma.
What a nightmare.
Nightmare scenario.
And so how do you respond to that?
And then this really huge piece of news that I'm going to be getting to after we've taken a raft of calls.
President Trump releases explosive message.
The fraudulent presidential election 2020
We'll be from this day forth known as the Big Lie.
And I've talked to a lot of insiders.
I've talked to a lot of people close to the President.
He is intending to run.
And we've known that for a while.
But now Nigel Farage has come out and said he will run again.
He's talked to him.
And that he's got the stamina, he's got it all, and so how does that comport into things?
And I like Trump a lot, I think he means well, but he needs to backtrack on the vaccine and he needs to say that he was hoodwinked by Fauci and others and that it's really dangerous and a problem because I think it disqualifies Trump.
Now that we know the vaccine is deadly, it is bad, it does cause autoimmune problems, it doesn't protect you.
I don't think so.
Six weeks before, four weeks before, in fact, guys, ask the archivist.
We have an archivist, thanks for your support, that we pay a meager sum.
He does an amazing job, who's really good at finding stuff.
And I know I said it probably about 50 times.
I laid out exactly what would happen.
Hell, on Joe Rogan, I said he'll win by a landslide in the states, and he barely won last time.
Then they're going to steal it from him, and they're going to censor him because he's done nothing.
I mean, that was his big failure.
So this is tough love with Trump.
But we've already had this rodeo before, and so I will support him for president, but that does not mean that he now gets to give us a repeat of what he's done.
He has to admit where he was wrong and where he got conned, because if he continues to sign on to the vaccine, it means they're blackmailing him or something's going on, because Trump is not stupid.
And this is not a vaccine.
So I want to get the number out and get your take on Trump 2024.
He's going to run.
He might change his mind.
I knew this from people that have met with Trump.
And I'll leave it at that.
Recently, a lot of folks have met with Trump.
I am going to go back to Florida very, very soon and meet with a lot of people.
I'll leave it at that.
And I'll tell them the same thing I'm saying here on air to their face.
But that's just how this is.
Trump is surrounded by a swirling group of sycophants and political nitwits and it's just pathetic.
And he needs the grassroots that already swept him into power for change to back him, or we need somebody like DeSantis or General Flynn if Trump won't come out against the vaccine.
I know General Flynn understands this is not really a vaccine, it's dangerous, and it's a fraud and a takeover plan.
He said so, and he's also endorsed our detailed analysis on Spar's war game, 2025-2028, and I'm going to leave it at that.
But this is a very serious time for the Republic.
We just need your prayers, because what I'm doing is obviously extremely dangerous.
They're going after anybody that tries to resist the globalist takeover at the next level, and I'm not a loser if they kill me or indict me or arrest me.
They're gonna spin that like I'm a big loser.
No, I'm a winner for my country and humanity, and I did this willingly and knowingly, okay?
So don't let them grab a defeat for us from the jaws of victory.
I'm gonna give the number out.
I want to take first-time callers in the first round of calls.
It's 877-789-2539.
What do you think about those big subjects I just threw out?
So much more on the other side.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm going to go to your phone calls here in a few minutes at 877-789-2539.
First-time callers.
Then later, after that first board of calls is gone, I'll open phones up for everybody.
Wide open phones throughout the entire broadcast today.
I'll be going to your calls coming up here in a few minutes.
But let me make another criticism of Trump.
And I don't make these criticisms so I can say, oh, look how the great man stumbled as some
Monday morning quarterback.
I was in the game.
I was on the field for all of this.
Take January 6th.
Trump has this big event.
He wants an event.
He says he wants an event.
No Republicans will step up.
So I go out and get the fundraisers and get the money.
In fact, I started putting the money down first.
And then other people came and paid for it.
Because again, the Republican Party doesn't pay for it, and the taxpayer doesn't pay.
You have an event like that.
You gotta pay for the bulletproof glass, the secret service, the security, the porta-potties, the fences, all of it.
And so a million people conservatively showed up in D.C.
And we're down at the Ellipse.
And I'm hearing
Yes, we've talked to the President.
He's going to announce 20 minutes to the end of his speech that he's going to march to the Capitol, and then we're going to open up the side gate and let you out, and then you're going to go and lead the crowd when they leave to that.
Because Trump thought it would be 30,000 people.
That's what he had set for the ellipse.
It was every street surrounded, the whole Washington Monument up the hill.
And I'm like asking, because I'd heard this for like a week that I was the one that was going to lead this.
And I'm looking and I'm going, how are we, how am I supposed to lead that with a bullhorn?
They won't be able to hear me back 200 yards, even a hundred yards.
And then I'm sitting there while Trump's speaking and I get up and I go to the bathroom so I could look over the fence and I just see masses of people already going to the Capitol that couldn't hear Trump in the ellipse.
Because his voice wasn't reaching out 10% of the distance of the crowds that were just descended on DC.
I had a really bad feeling and I'm thinking, this is weird.
And I was telling my wife sitting next to me, I have a bad feeling about this.
I said, I wonder, you know, if these Republican people with the White House are lying to us that I'm supposed to lead this.
There's no way I'm going to lead this.
And then I see the woman behind the Secret Service, talking to Secret Service, talking to White House officials.
And then all of a sudden, Trump looks right at me, I'm in the row right there, and he goes, and I'm gonna join you after you march to the Capitol.
And I'm like, okay.
And they come, they open it up, I go out, and I go and I say, I need to use the bathroom.
And the police go, you can use the secret service, you can use the uniform of secret service, you can use the bathroom over here.
Use the bathroom, we all use the bathroom.
And then I go and the crowds are already still going and I get up on a big riser where they got monuments and big planters of trees and I say, let's be peaceful, let's march.
And the reason I'm telling the story today is
I deferred to the President.
I deferred to the Secret Service.
I deferred to the federal government, imagining Trump was still in control.
Trump believed he had a stage set up.
Trump believed he was going to speak.
All his rallies are peaceful.
He thought they'd be peaceful.
And then we got completely suckered into that thing with a few hundred anti-fabricators and others that were able to hype up, via the Q movement, to make some of the people
Really believe that they were supposed to storm the Capitol.
And that's now come out.
Now my point is, Trump needs to learn from this.
I sure as hell did.
Because by the time of January 6th, I'd have been told this, that he had 3% of his staff was still there.
3% out of 100%.
So out of thousands of staff, he was down to 3%, maybe a couple dozen people, most of them globalist operatives.
And so Trump
He's told, oh, and I've got a rally at the Ellipse, and then I'm going to have a rally down at the White House.
I mean, down at the Capitol.
And if I'd have been planning this, I would have called for hundreds of security.
I would have been talking to the Secret Service.
I've been talking to the federal police, the Capitol Police, but I didn't.
I just deferred and then got marched into a trap by people we know inside the White House I've confirmed were trying to set me up and thinking I was so dumb that I would go along with the attack on the Capitol.
And I'd be in the bottom of that solitary confinement jail in D.C.
right now.
So that's how serious this is.
And so I'm not just going to support Trump again if he's not being advised by people I know that aren't his enemy and my enemy.
Because you can get a good guy like Trump in, but if he doesn't control who's around him, you might as well put Satan in there.
And then we all get blamed for what Trump does.
So this is a big deal, folks.
This is a big deal.
I remember my security came to me that morning at like 8 a.m., 9 a.m.
before we started walking down to the Ellipse to try to get in to those giant crowds.
That was scary because you had to fight your way through.
It took me an hour to get through the crowds up to the Secret Service line and get into the Ellipse.
And when I got there, my security guys were going, yeah, our other security guys went down and checked the Capitol.
They said there's already people attacking the police down there.
They said Antifa.
And I never thought the police would end up standing down because they were undermanned because the Capitol Police Chief sent most of them away, which was later confirmed.
And of course, my guys were all talking to the Capitol Police later that day.
They knew they were set up.
They knew what happened.
They all know what's going on.
So we were all set up, the Capitol Police, I was, everybody.
And as best we can tell, the Secret Service basically, an element of it, ran the setup of Trump.
Just like they ran the killing of Kennedy in 1963.
And so, this country is completely infiltrated from top to bottom.
Every agency at the top is rotten.
This can't be fixed with politics.
This can't be fixed with demonstrations, though those are important.
It's got to be fixed with God.
We've got to repent.
We've got to start saying no to evil.
We've got to spend time with our families.
And we've just got to get back to God, because this country's cursed.
It really is.
And I love America.
And it stood for a lot of good things.
It's done a lot of great things.
It really stood for individualism.
And that's now been replaced by a bunch of spoiled brats.
It's a very complex issue.
But I watched Trump do nothing on the censorship but words.
I watched him secure the border.
I watched him stand up to China.
That was great.
I watched him get the economy going.
A lot of great things.
Him being bamboozled by the vaccine.
Because he wanted to get the economy going.
They said, oh, we'll be locked down for two, three years.
He said, no way.
Let's get a vaccine.
If folks want it, they can have it.
If folks don't, they can do it.
And that did get things reopened.
And it did piss off Bill Gates and all them who already had the vaccines ready.
Again, they're not really vaccines.
So still at the same time, if Trump would have just come out stoically, like we did in the 50s with the Chinese flu, and just said, take your vitamin D and don't be scared.
Let's get over it.
He kind of got like that the last few months and took the mask off.
A day late, a dollar short, and again, I'm not some Monday morning quarterback questioning Trump.
I've been in the trenches getting him elected, building the base, building the populist movement, and I've been through all the wars, I've been persecuted for supporting Trump, and then I was there and watched him, surrounded by his enemies, try to set him up for prison and me up for prison, and
Trump needs to acknowledge that.
And his son needs to acknowledge that.
Now again, I admire Trump.
It's a love-hate relationship.
Whenever they told him, they said in the news, if you keep running for president, if you organize the Republicans to take control of the Republican Party, which he has control,
We are going to indict your inner circle, your son, and then you.
And now the Southern District has begun that two days after he announced new rallies.
So that part of me loves Trump, that he's bold, he's just like I am, he's not going to be intimidated, he's not going to back down.
That's the spirit.
I'm just voicing to you to open the phones up, what's your idea on this?
How do you think I navigate this?
Because I'm not normally torn on something, but I have mixed feelings about Trump.
Toll-free number, 877-789-2539.
I'm going to go to your calls, and when I start the next hour, have you seen the new CIA recruiting videos?
It's meant to demoralize the government, break up the intelligence agencies, and end HUMET for the machine takeover.
I've got their number.
I'm going to break all this down and so much more coming up.
But Trump is running 2024.
You heard it here first.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, I'm gonna go to your phone calls here in just a moment, and then I've got so much news to hit next hour interspersed with your calls.
Wait till you see the new CIA recruiting videos.
I mean, in the past, this is what you would recruit if you wanted to set people up and bring down an agency.
They want mentally ill people that are neurotic, who don't even know who they are.
That's because they're ending HUMET.
They're ending the intelligence agencies.
It's all going AI.
It's all going big tech.
That is the intelligence agency of the future.
And then special robot forces directed by the AI to go out and kill those that don't submit.
Most of us will be thrown in ghettos to starve to death, though, under the globalist model.
It's all official.
That's how I can make the film endgame.
But I was just in the coffee room getting myself some delicious Wake Up America coffee, literally.
There was the puppet globalist, rubber-faced, Joker character, Cuomo.
Saying, it is Trump's fault.
This is political.
I didn't do anything wrong in the nursing homes.
He knowingly shipped COVID patients.
That's a real serious pneumonia.
People had pneumonia.
They had flu.
They put sick people in nursing homes.
But wouldn't let their families in because they might be contagious.
So they could probably kill them and then put them on a ventilator and get that extra $53,000.
So imagine there's a bounty on killing these folks, but now he's proud of himself just like the NBC anchor that famously said he was shot down in a helicopter.
He's now the NBC fact-checker show, Brian Williams.
Again, it would be like having Jeffrey Dahmer do a show against cannibalism or Hitler being an anti-Nazi.
I mean, it's just, it's...
Or Lex Luthor is against the Legion of Doom.
It's upside down world.
And there he is, rubbing your nose, and oh, the excuse is Trump.
Trump had a political investigation of me.
They didn't even do an investigation.
It's Letitia James that ordered, put in power by Soros, the Attorney General in
New York, who ordered the nursing homes, because some of them were squeamish about it, to take the patients or she would have them arrested.
And now she runs the investigation against him.
So here he is just minutes ago.
I thought we'd show this because it's just true chutzpah.
Here it is.
And here come a flurry of questions and so now the governor of New York just moments ago asked about the nursing home scandal and he blamed former President Trump.
Governor, can we assume that you won't be making any definitive decisions about your future after the release of this AG report, regardless of what's said in it, and instead you're going to wait until the impeachment inquiry is done in the state assembly?
Am I saying... Yeah, nursing homes is being looked at by the Eastern District.
That was a political investigation started by Donald Trump.
Uh, who politicized not just COVID, but then politicized nursing homes and policies towards nursing homes, uh, and wanted to blame Democratic governors like myself and, uh, Michigan and New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
It was all our fault.
Uh, and then had his political department of justice started an investigation.
Uh, and they were a political department of justice.
There was no doubt about that.
So, that's being done by the Department of Justice.
And I've already told New Yorkers where I am.
I did nothing wrong and period.
And I'm not resigning and I'm doing my job.
Yeah, the Justice Department is a Republican political group.
And I'm an Easter Bunny from Pluto.
Yeah, that's right.
So there it is in your face.
Let's go ahead and go to the phone calls here.
Let's talk to Josh in Florida.
You're on the air, my friend.
What do you make of all this?
Hey, what's going on?
I want to make a comment on the line in the sand and then about Trump 2024.
But first, I want to give a shout out to your Ultra 12.
You know, I have sleep apnea, so sometimes I wake up gradually.
I do a droplet of that and within 10, 15 minutes, I'm ready to go.
So thank you for that.
And I kind of want to let you know what's going on in the dating world.
So on these dating apps, a lot of females, they have their mask on as their main picture.
And I'm having conversations now with women, and it's pretty bizarre to where we're actually talking.
Hey, um, are you getting the vaccine?
If not, hey, you know, I respect that.
But I don't think this is going to work.
And I think that's the line of the stand now.
If I see you driving with a mask on, if that's your profile picture, you're just not somebody I need.
Well, there's actually a report on Infowars where there's a bunch of videos and tweets where Democrats say, I'm going to wear my mask forever as a sign of being a Democrat.
So they love the Stockholm syndrome.
I see women particularly in their cars in Texas.
This isn't like, you know, New York or London still wearing them.
And they make like three-year-old babies wear them.
They make their dogs wear them.
So it's a virtue signal.
And yeah, a lot of women are saying, you know, if you don't wear a mask, you haven't been vaccinated, I'm not going to date you.
Well, I mean, I think this is the cultural divide.
And so we have to let the dead bury the dead, try to warn them, but move on.
I know a lot of guys who tell me that women will find out that they were a Trump supporter.
They'll Google their name after they set up a date and say, oh, I don't want to date you now because you
You know, you supported Trump.
They want to be in a cult.
Let them be in a cult.
And let them separate themselves.
They want to use peer pressure on us.
We don't want to use peer pressure from them.
Thank them for letting you know who they are.
They'll find a good cock male that'll walk behind them, and that, you know, can do the dishes for them and everything else, and then they'll be totally miserable.
So, again, these are women under Stockholm Syndrome, working for a system that wants them dead.
And so feel sorry for them.
Thank you, Josh.
I appreciate your call.
Very interesting point.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
You know what?
I'm going to go to break in a few minutes.
I'm going to come back, and I'm going to get rolling through these calls.
Patty, and Bob, and Jerry, and DJ, and Ken, and Enzo, and John, and Nick, and everybody else.
I didn't mention all the news we've got.
We've got huge, great reset news.
We've got more expansion of the probe into directed energy weapons that are hitting U.S.
personnel, which I have no doubt is going on.
That's not imaginary, like Patrick Leahy.
Or those idiot's names are in the Senate.
And we've also got just a bunch of news dealing with Trump getting ready to run for 2025 and the fact that the majority of Americans, not just Republicans, know the election was a fraud.
That is a big defeat to the globalists.
And as negative as a lot of the things are I cover, the world is really rejecting this tyranny.
And so we've just got to be leaders in our communities and say no to all this.
And the followers will follow.
And I know that patriots don't want to be leaders.
You already have an intercompass.
You already feel satisfied.
You've got a connection to God.
You're confident.
And it's all these control freaks want power.
Well, you better start getting into the positions of power, because if you don't, you have advocated, both as an advocate and as, say, a royal stepping down, abdication, letting them take over your life.
And you are the royal.
You are the sovereign in our republic.
God is above you.
But they want to get rid of God and have us in this globalist system where they, the bureaucrats, are the new lords and we are the serfs.
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We'll be right back.
There's a new article on InfoWars.com I'm going to cover coming up at the bottom of the hour after I take calls.
It's not a joke, though.
I shouldn't laugh.
It's very serious.
It's cult programming.
You know, cults used to make people stand on their heads, walk like a duck.
Just to see what you'll do.
See how you'll suspend disbelief.
Well, they're telling people at London swimming pools to breathe underwater.
Because breathing above water is bad, and not to look or talk to people.
Total cult programming to see what they can get you to do.
All a giant Milgram experiment.
Remember, about eight months ago in London, they would say that they've had signs up saying, don't look at people.
And turn your head when you walk by someone.
It's all to create neuroses.
And as they know you're pulling out of the mask in the police state and waking up, they demand two masks, three masks, four masks.
They demand all these weird little rituals in the cult.
I told you that many years ago.
But that's how they start with all the political correctness, and then it seems asinine.
Like, why are they banning the Irish word lynch, meaning a last name, off of buildings?
Doesn't mean lynch black people.
Because they want everything banned.
They want the power to ban what they want, when they want.
They want free thought banned.
They want you to think about thinking nothing but what they tell you to do.
They want you to be a robot, a trained seal, who is obsolete.
We got Patty in Boston, line in the sand.
COVID vaccine caused family death.
We'll go to Patty next segment.
Let's go to Ken in Oklahoma.
Ken, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, thanks for taking my call.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to call and talk a little bit about these political prisoners and the fact that their due process is being stripped from them and us, the other Americans that are not a political prisoner as of yet, even though there's persecution, we are not doing anything about it.
We might be talking about it, there's a lot of people out there that might be getting organized and trying to figure out what's going on, but I don't even know who all these political prisoners are, and I don't know if you guys do either.
I'd really like to start
Some of them are pregnant women.
Yeah, we do.
Some of them, most of them are veterans.
A lot of them are former retired FBI agents.
You name it.
I mean, they've got anybody that went in the Capitol and talked about how they were going to do it online is being held basically as a terrorist.
Meanwhile, they are letting Black Lives Matter members out today.
Founded a home with a dead body, a bunch of ecstasy and marijuana.
They just let the guy go because he's Black Lives Matter.
They just released 7,000 hardened felons for rape, assault, murder, you name it, were just released early in California to make room for nonviolent.
All that.
And I think that those two lists, the list of the people that are political prisoners being held without due process, and the list of those people that are being allowed to commit these acts across the country and being let free, are a list that we need to have, and that we need to publish for everybody to see.
We need to submit those facts to a candid world, because, you know, it's very clear that this attack on these people because of their political beliefs is something that's affecting every person in this country, and a lot of people just don't understand that.
But the patriots out there realize this.
You know, the Feds are trying to take away our Second Amendment.
They're using, you know, the corporate fascists to erode our First Amendment and any kind of platform that we would have.
The globalist oligarchs are trying to destroy our sovereignty, and all while they're distracting us with this medicalization, this medical technocracy coming in, trying to just basically reduce us to absolute despotism.
And this is a place where we shouldn't allow ourselves to be.
You know, Thomas Jefferson said that he didn't think we could go 20 years without a revolution.
It's been 240 plus years and we're still not doing it.
And I really do think that we need to collect these facts and submit them to a candid world.
And you know, the term candid is an important term because it says, you know, it's characterized by openness and sincerity of expression and un...
Reservedly straightforward, or the... And this is the... Oh, guess what?
Big tech and even small tech now are blocking medical doctor online conferences about the dangers of COVID.
So doctor groups are organizing...
Major conferences online and being told we're not going to let you have the services on the day of the events to sabotage them so the events fall apart.
They also wait to the day of the event to then sabotage.
We're going to have to start something like that, like a service for people so they can do online stuff.
I mean, again, first they make you go online, then they take you offline.
That's the plan.
They want total control.
God bless you, Ken.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds.
They want to take us for everything we've got.
Our language.
Our cultures.
Our genetics.
Our health.
Our futures.
Our children.
Our very lives.
Our very souls.
Are you going to let them take you for all that you've got?
It's a lot more than just things.
Your experiences.
You're very well.
Evil is a very real thing.
But so is good.
But when the good do not stand, and do not resist, it is as if good does not exist.
And then evil takes control of the universe.
And that must not be allowed to happen.
All right, my friends, let's get right into it.
Look at these incredible headlines.
We're into hour number two of the Alex Jones Show.
Look at my COVID headlines.
These are on Infowars.com with video.
Swimming pool tells swimmers to exhale underwater to not look or talk to others.
Oh, you're allowed out after 14 months of lockdown in some areas.
They're already bringing the lockdown back, but now everywhere is a prison.
And it's in all the major swimming pools.
A lengthy set of COVID-19 rules, finally giving the lifeguards something to do, mandated by the operators of a swimming pool in London, include asking swimmers to exhale underwater, as well as not to look at or talk to others.
Because you know, out in the sun is a dangerous place to be with viruses.
It's the safest place.
Yes, really!
The rules were posted on Twitter in response to a tweet by rapper Zoobi, in which he stated, third world countries are now more free than first world countries.
And we have video in Spain where they already have the same rules of people swimming with masks on.
You must avert your signal at all times.
Just like most Islamic women love their burqas, well now American women love their burqas.
They love their pimp daddy, Bill Gates.
When you need to rest, look away from the swimmers and maintain social distancing.
Look away.
So even, oh, don't make that eye contact.
That, that is just total cult.
That's what Hillary always said, is don't, they would always tell people to protect everybody.
Don't look at her.
Don't talk to her.
When swimming, exhale underwater when you can, states another.
Backstrokes and other strokes where social distancing cannot be maintained are banned.
Swimmers are also told to avoid talking to each other when social distancing is not possible.
The rules are strict despite London now recording zero COVID deaths and cases rapidly falling across the country.
That's only because they cut the PCR test from 40 plus cycles globally to 29.
And at 29, it's only a viral strain of RNA.
It's non-detectable.
It's all a Theranos-level scam.
Remember, Theranos was the same PCR fraud.
The inventor of it said it was a fraud.
And Tucker Carlson's right.
You need to talk to these mindless victims.
They grew up in these open, free societies.
They watch TV all day.
But they've been made non-essential.
And so the globalists now are making them get in the position of being totally domesticated and prisoners ahead of real viruses being released and mass extermination.
But they first want to make sure you're going to submit.
Now you're thinking, oh, that's just one pool.
All over Spain, all over Australia, all over New Zealand and all over England and Scotland,
They have signs at the bus stations saying, and just at bus pickups on the side of the road, they have the articles right here, do not look at people and turn your head when you walk by them.
London Pub demands no extended eye contact as part of coronavirus rules.
Look at this.
No handshaking, high-fiving, or extended eye contact.
Extended eye contact are allowed at your table.
I mean, well, we don't need to go to your stinking restaurant.
This is a cult programming.
And the globalists... No, yeah, there it is.
Look away when passing other people.
Pass others quickly.
Do not congregate.
You're all good slaves now.
You see?
Let's go to some more of your phone calls at the bottom of the hour.
CIA recruiting ad ridiculed for overdosing on woke talking points.
I'll tell you what's really behind all this.
It's very important.
When we get to that.
But right now, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's go to Patty in Boston.
Thanks for holding, Patty.
I was asking, what's your line on the sand?
And Patty says COVID vaccine caused family death.
Thanks for joining us.
Please tell us what happened.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm driving to my aunt's funeral.
It's devastating because she called me before her appointment and she said,
You know, she lasted this long in the pressure and she was saying, I don't know if I was going to take it.
And I at first hesitated to give her advice.
And then she's like, I want your advice.
I said, absolutely don't take it.
It's an experimental and you should wait until there's something better or just to see what happens, because I think it's going to get really bad once people start getting affected by that vaccine.
So she talked to my cousin, who I love dearly, and he convinced her to take the vaccine.
His wife is a teacher and in the schools, and I think he was totally influenced by her.
She took the vaccine and she was dead within three days.
Not like, you know, a long illness.
It was an instantaneous death.
And the hospitals are not doing autopsies at first.
They offered to do an autopsy because it was such a strange death.
Then they came back and said, oh, we know it's sepsis and a perforated bowel, and if you want to do an autopsy, you can do it privately.
So, the medical community is not interested in knowing what happened.
Well, they're not just interested, they're in on it, and they know damn well what they're doing.
How's the other cousin feeling?
Probably pretty satisfied now under Stockholm Syndrome, because I've noticed when people's family members die now, they go, we'll do it again, even if it was the vaccine.
It's like a human sacrifice.
It's like, we're proud of what we've done.
Have you talked to the cousin yet?
It's so awful.
He just said it's one of those things.
It's by God's will.
And I'm like freaking out because I know it was the vaccine, but because the hospital told him it was this, it's enough to satisfy.
But I don't think it's going to be enough to satisfy him.
Down the road.
And I'm heartbroken for him, because he was the one who did it.
Because he was saying, if you want to see your grandkids, you have to take this vaccination.
And that's the only reason she did it, was the love of her grandkids.
Well, she's not going to be seeing the grandkids now.
I'm sorry to hear this.
No, no, no, no, no.
Let's, let's break this down, sweetheart.
Because this is what's going on.
And people have Stockholm Syndrome, so they can never admit what's happening.
But you don't.
You're strong.
Describe what you were told.
How she took it, how she died, what unfolded.
We need to
Humanize this, but also the specifics.
So, um, she took the vaccine at, I believe, like a Walmart or a Walgreens.
I don't remember.
It was just like an impromptu appointment and she decided to take it.
It was Moderna.
And, um, three, two days later, she started to have, um, you know, the chills and sort of not good feeling.
The next day she was sitting on her porch and she was walking into the kitchen and she must have passed out.
Something dramatic happened because she fell and hit her face really badly.
And she came to and started calling family members and they said, you have to go call the ambulance because we can't take you because of the COVID.
They won't let us into the hospital.
They want to separate everybody.
They won't, you know, let anybody in.
It's all been actuaried out globally.
It's all been planned down to the finest detail.
To then cover up the deaths once they get them to the death center.
It's euthanasia.
So it's, you know, she started coding, which, you know, means that she stopped breathing and, you know, her heart.
And then they were, you know, God revised her and, you know, they were worried about, oh, like, it's probably, you know, these numbers, which was lactic acid in her system, which also can mean
Well, it's her organ failure.
Her body was shutting down, just like DMX, just like everybody else.
Stay there, ma'am.
Patty, I know this is hard to talk about.
We're going to save some lives, though, by getting this out.
Remember, Big Tech is evil and a terrorist.
They're working around the clock to suppress this woman's testimony because they want you and your family to die as well.
This is Bill Gates.
I know a lot of people whose family members have died after the vaccine.
We have a crew member that works here whose mother's the head nurse at a large nursing home.
They've had a bunch of people die there after the shot.
Some died today, some in a week, but quite a few have died.
The rest don't really get up and eat much.
They'll be dead soon.
They're just like, my God, this is incredible.
What the hell's going on here?
And in the VA, they're drugging the people and then forcibly inoculating them, killing them there.
This is eugenics.
And this is what Bill Gates and the left and what Ezekiel Emanuel that wrote Obamacare said they were going to do.
And we just sit here.
And we take it.
And a lot of leftists are in on it.
Remember the head of the Texas vaccine program said, we need to kill the white people.
She's a white lady.
She said, whites won't take vaccines.
They don't trust it.
She said, the minorities do.
She went Hispanics.
Um, actually blacks don't trust it either.
And she said, we need to kill all the white people.
In fact, guys, no one's going to believe that.
Pull up a vaccine pusher says kill whites.
Head of vaccine program in Texas says kill whites.
We need to get rid of the white people.
Now there's Newsweek, the case for killing granny.
And remember, they want everybody.
They want to get rid of the industrial system.
They want to cull the human population 90 plus percent.
People that go along with this pretend like they're not the targets as well.
By the way, the lady calling from Boston, so sad to hear her story.
I wanted to hold her over, but she hung up.
And it's the perfect way to kill people.
You won't let the families in.
They don't do autopsies.
And when your family member starts having their organs shut down, they can then cover it up in the hospital.
And you read about the 36-year-old mom, the 15-year-old young man, the 32-year-old lady.
I mean, I've got all the articles every day that come out, and their organs liquefy.
Or their platelet counts go down to zero.
There it is, top CDC official.
We'll just get rid of all the whites in the United States who refuse vaccines.
I mean, that was two years ago.
Yeah, print me that, please.
People ask, why do we have newswars.com and prisonplanet.com?
You can't search Google or most search engines and find anything from InfoWars.
But if you search the exact headline, you can find it on newswars.com or
And all we're doing is showing what they're saying.
Got a whole stack of articles here, though, about big tech now blocking people from having online conferences.
Let's this internet company shuts down Truth Over Fear COVID Summit with doctors to silence health professionals concerned about lockdowns and experimental gene therapies where they would tell their story and figure out how to act through legislatures to stop it.
Well, you're not going to meet and get organized
What do you think this is?
You've got a medical degree.
That doesn't mean you get to the same thing about what we're going to do.
The UN is in charge.
And who controls the UN?
Bill Gates and the globalists.
Yeah, put that article back on screen.
They've now got California approves ethics studies curriculum that encourages a counter genocide against whites.
Yeah, print me that too.
That's actually in the textbooks that are coming out.
Oh my god, that's hilarious.
Like, as if the Native American groups weren't all killing each other constantly.
It's just, humans are humans, but you know... Look, I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
I said I'd get to the CIA news, but I want to run through a bunch of your calls here real fast.
But that just really upset me hearing about that death.
But, I mean, that's how it works.
As in, the very hospital that's part of the system covers up the death.
And if Hank Aaron's family says, yeah, he died after he took the second shot two days after,
He died of a heart attack.
His whole body seized up.
He started collapsing, wouldn't talk, went into a coma and died of a heart attack.
And the news goes, oh, he had an autopsy.
He didn't die of the shot.
There was no autopsy.
That was confirmed.
They lie.
They censor you while they lie to you because they're killing you.
This is all a test.
They were able to kill 34,000 U.S.
troops with the anthrax shots.
They got away with it.
In two different rounds.
They were able to give tens of millions of people autism and got away with it.
Now, that was beta.
This is operational!
Here's just one of the latest articles.
15-year-old boy dies of heart attack two days after taking Pfizer vaccine.
Had no history of allergic reactions.
And what?
Is that Patty from, what was the lady's name from, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Patty from Boston.
Patty, you need to go to the adverse event reporting system and report what happened to your grandmother.
Or get that pig of a son she had, that little Stockholm Syndrome punk.
God forgive them, they don't know what to do.
I know, I know.
He's just, he's ignorant.
He's not a bad guy, but he still helped kill his mother.
You need to, and he will be held accountable by God for that.
He'll probably die himself from the next round or something.
Or one of his kids.
And he'll still stalk home.
Oh, my daughter died, but it wasn't from the shot.
Or his son died.
You people make me sick.
Sweet Patty, you need to go file a report.
Fifteen-year-old boy dies of heart attack two days after taking Pfizer vaccine, had no history of allergic reactions.
According to data from the National Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a 15-year-old boy in Colorado died of a heart attack only two days after being injected with the controversial Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine despite having no previous history of allergic reactions.
Here's what we're going to do.
I'm going to build this up
For the whole week, and then I'm gonna go live this Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m., no commercials, and we're gonna just take calls from people who love the vaccine or hate it, who had great effects.
We might find them, like a unicorn, or maybe like a leprechaun, or maybe Santa Claus, and people that had bad effects.
So, because, you know, I haven't opened the phones up in a week,
I've been having so many guests, and the third call I takes, aunt just died.
And her son is pleased as pie, the son with the dead mother.
But again, I said, let me guess, he says it's no big deal.
Yeah, he just said it's the way it is.
And of course, she'll get mama's money, whatever was in the bank accounts.
Now, there's always a little subconscious, little goody good in there.
God knows, God knows what you were thinking.
Burn in hell, if that's what you were doing.
Probably not, you're probably just a limp-wristed father.
Another cuck.
Think civilization's all built by little scumbags like you that are delusional and aren't smart?
Have no instincts, no spirit, no common sense, you dumbass.
Pisses me off, excuse me.
We're gonna go on a break, and I'll come back with your calls, and then I'll give the CIA stuff last segment, and I'll race through your calls.
I'm gonna talk to John in PA, Nick in California,
DJ in California.
In the order you received, Bob, Alex, everybody else, Mike, we'll get to everybody.
Coming up, bam, bam, bam, so just be ready, and I'll go to your call.
Please try to keep us on air.
I mean, funding my operations is the least of our issues, even though we need funding and we're very close to being in the red.
We've got the enemy circling around us, which is what I expect.
I mean, I'm like, oh, more heat, more enemy attacks, more threats.
Okay, I'm over the target.
Release the truth bombs, but our navigational system is very accurate but also very dangerous.
So it is your prayers that keep us in attack formation and your financial support and your word of mouth to carry the message forward.
All of it goes together in the trifecta of victory.
Today is the last day to get Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
95% Humanoids for 50% off.
We got another week of Vazzo Beats at 50% off.
And of course, Alpha Power 50% off.
Winter Sun is discounted.
And so is...
The great Vitamin Refusion was very close to selling out.
And it makes your body a lot more resistant to old Fauci's designs.
Old Fauci.
Old Fausti.
Stay with us.
I got me a rock and roll band.
It's a free-for-all.
Well, the globalists think the world's overpopulated.
And you can argue about that all day long.
But the key is they're attacking everybody right now.
So your average leftist pretends like they're part of the ruling class and they are overseeing all this while they're being attacked by it as well.
You know, there's so many of these articles, I can't even keep track of them all.
Here's a few new ones.
This article's from naturalnews.com.
We'll post it to infowars.com.
Two-year-old baby dies during Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine experiments on children.
Experimental vaccines.
The children can't give consent, but their evil leftist parents did.
And they got a real thrill out of this.
Within six days of receiving a second injection of Pfizer's experimental Wuhan coronavirus COVID-19 vaccine, a two-year-old baby enrolled in the company's clinical trials for children passed away.
New reports indicate the ongoing trials include more than 10,000 children aging from five
To 11 in one of the groups, another 10,000 children as young as six months old in the other.
The trials have been taking place since mid-March, with the soon expectation that the jab will be authorized for the use in children, because they'll always say they died of something else.
Kind of like when they approved aspartame, it killed about a third of the rhesus monkeys they gave it to, but they just took those out of the study.
It's okay.
Continuing, Moderna is also running a similar series of clinical trials on children that is called Kid Cove.
Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca also, which has been banned all over the world, are both running their own respective clinical trials on children to get them, quote, jabbed at warp speed.
Good job, Donald Trump.
As reported in the government's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, VAERS, the two-year-old girl received her second dose of Pfizer's DNA-modifying mRNA injection on February 25th.
On March 1st, she suffered some kind of serious adverse reaction.
On March 3rd, she died.
No further details were provided.
The VAERS report does indicate the child had been hospitalized since February 14th, which suggests she'd gotten sick from the first shot.
Well, the first shot didn't do him the second one will, sweetie pie.
How loving.
Despite this, someone administered a second shot to the already sick and suffering child, which caused her to die.
And it just goes on from there.
But that's what they call about being liberated by the shot.
You're empowered by it, by leaving your body.
And I've just got stacks of it here.
They admit the novel coronavirus spike protein, a new SALT study, that your body attacks then itself because that protein that is in the spike protein is already in your heart valves.
But hey, who needs heart valves?
Just ask Hank Aaron or Marvelous Marvin Hagler.
Or all the other people having those big, juicy, giant heart attacks like the 15-year-old.
But you know the right thing, liberals.
Be heroes.
If you didn't abort him before, gosh, you missed out then.
You could have chopped him up.
Now you can watch your little boy or girl die a hideous death.
Oh, it's so good though.
Gives you that kind of thrill.
You'll get a lot of attention at the funeral from family, maybe donations.
You can have another kid and kill it too, huh?
And good job Google and Facebook and Twitter censoring this show!
Good job!
You'll never have any retribution for what you've done.
You run everything.
You've escaped judgment.
Of course you haven't.
Okay, who's been holding the longest here?
That would be John in Pennsylvania.
John, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Can you hear me?
I sure can, my friend.
How's it going today?
I'm broadcasting worldwide, talking to a feller named John from Pennsylvania.
Yes, sir.
Good old farmer from Pennsylvania.
Farming family.
But I just want to run through a couple of things here on, well, first, what Trump, the whole thing with Trump.
Supported Trump from the beginning, 2015.
You know, you were talking about him.
But unfortunately, as Trump's administration went on, we began to see that he was, he was corrupted.
He became,
Beholden to somebody, some people in the administration, I'm going to blame Kushner, that basically have captured Trump and he's really compromised at this point.
He's been, you know, he had such good intentions, he had the right people getting around him, Bannon, all these different people, and they outcasted these people instantly.
I think that I blame Kushner for that and the people that Kushner associates with.
Well yeah, it doesn't matter how good Trump is, if he's surrounded by a bunch of people that sabotage him, tried to set him up to send him to the Capitol, but it was already being broken into by their operatives, controlled by Q, if he got set up like that, he needs to come out and talk about that.
But no, he doesn't, which means he'll just get set up again and again and again.
Exactly, and that's really the problem.
And I think what, I mean this is very, maybe too out there at this point, we're not at this point yet.
The Patriot Movement is the movement that got him elected.
You talk about it all the time.
We need to capture Trump ourselves.
We need to put him on notice.
That the true patriots that got him elected, that we're not going to stand idle.
I agree.
I think if 10,000 people showed up to protest Trump at Mar-a-Lago, a friendly protest, but demanding and showing him the mistakes he made and explaining to him what he needs to do, that could really get his attention.
They admitted that General Kelly's main mission was keeping my briefings from him.
Because I had law firms write briefings to him on what to do against censorship and so much more, but none of it got done.
That's why they made me enemy number one.
But a great point, sir.
God bless you.
And again, I don't tell those stories and say, look what I did here, look what I did there.
It's to show you I've been trying stuff behind the scenes as well.
I'm a busy guy, a busy beaver, as they say, running around.
And I mean, look, I'm very proud of the fact that I've influenced a lot of your most prominent talk show hosts in the world.
Bolsonaro told me that I was one of the main influence on awakening him, his son did.
I'm just letting you know that's the value of this broadcast and what you've done keeping us on air as we have really educated a lot of the main resistances out there.
Do you hear me?
Good morning, Alex.
So, um, yeah, the last caller, he basically said the same thing I was going to say is that I think, you know, I'm a supporter of Trump.
I voted for him.
Just felt like he was, like, Kushner had compromised him, basically just what John just said.
And, you know, I haven't heard Trump say anything about the people that are in D.C.
You know, he's been on Fox several times.
And I think part of the vaccine thing is his ego.
You know, it would be a blow to his ego to show everybody that he got hoodwinked.
Well, he better do it because, listen, it's in the SPARS report and others that it's going to come out they did this and they're going to use that to bankrupt all the global companies that have to be officially run by the UN.
So it's going to come out and they're going to blame Trump for it.
So he better get up off his ass.
And you know what?
So one thing that I realized, so I'm in Sonoma County, super liberal area.
The people that hated him the most, almost worse than the devil, the people every day that hated Trump and he's an idiot and he's a moron and all this stuff.
I don't know.
Well, that's because they wanted the credit for it.
Look, he tried to take your timetable away.
I know why he did it.
When I explained it, I didn't agree with him.
I was giving Devil's Advocate why I knew he did it, but then saying I disagree with that reasoning.
And so he was trying to get things reopened, thought, oh, it's just a regular vaccine.
No, it's not a regular vaccine.
Plus, those doctors have given him Ivermectin and a bunch of incredible stuff, and so he really believes in them because he's having an association with good doctors.
Well, just because there's good doctors doesn't mean Big Pharma is good.
They're taking control of the good doctors and censoring them.
By the way, there's a woman dying in Chicago Hospital right now.
In fact, I had it in my stack reprinted for me.
And they're not letting her have Ivermectin even though her daughter wants to give it.
They've got her on a
On a breathing machine, on a ventilator, as the governor always wants.
That is the new official guillotine on the left is the ventilator.
All right, thank you, Nick.
I'm gonna come back and hit that CIA news and more of your calls.
Mike in Vegas and Bob in Washington and a whole lot of other cats like DJ in California.
Your calls are coming up here in just a moment.
And I got more articles streaming in mainstream news with babies and little kids dying from the vaccine trial.
And they're going to approve it because it's meant to kill.
But it's meant to kill slow.
But something's going to kill you a few years down the road.
Sometimes it kills a little too quick.
And this is all about getting you used to dying.
So roll up them sleeves and start dying.
So much fun.
It's all been a giant lie from the beginning.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
You know, when I get a little evil like that, it's not because I'm happy, it's because I want to cry, but I also want to let the little minions of the system that are in on the mass killing know that their time's coming as well.
But I've got their little stinking number.
So many dying, so many dying every day.
And most families will never even report it, because they've got Stockholm Syndrome, learned helplessness.
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All right, let me do this.
I keep sounding for the CIA news, but I'm going to have to get that at six after.
Let's go back to your calls right now for the next couple of segments, and then I'll hit that huge CIA news, and the economic news I haven't hit as well is extremely important.
And then we'll continue with calls throughout the next hour.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Vegas.
Mike, you're on the air.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you taking my call.
I just wanted to say my line in the sand is these COVID vaccine passports, or what I guess they're being called now is COVID status certification.
I just want to say, man, I work in the hospitality industry, security to be exact, in a major casino in Vegas.
I have been forced to take mandatory COVID tests to keep my job.
I'm forced to wear a mask at work.
I mean, I feel like... Oh, they're totally inducting you into the cult.
Because what they do is they hold everything hostage, close it, and then make the owners join the cult.
It's mafia tactics.
I mean, this is just unbelievable.
I mean, I refuse to take a vaccine.
And I mean, I'm willing to go forward with whatever I have to do.
To go, you know, to stop all this.
We need to form unions and organizations that say no and point out that they don't work and they're poisonous.
I mean, do people realize how many people are dying right up front taking these?
I mean, I'm seeing so many news articles.
I mean, it's just it's just unbelievable the things that I'm seeing.
And, you know, I just I believe this is just a flu.
I mean, I understand.
What your beliefs are on this?
I mean, I don't believe in it at all.
So here's the bottom line.
They created a synthetic cold virus so they could own it.
But it has great gain of function, but it's not that deadly unless you have autoimmune issues or don't have enough vitamins and minerals.
They hyped that up.
Yeah, absolutely.
In my workplace, they're basically, they're pushing the vaccine with all kinds of different
Papers they're coming out with.
I mean, they're even bribing us with money.
Oh, but listen, expand on that.
Expand on that.
And say, I'm going to sell my body.
You might as well just become a prostitute.
I mean, and then you catch a disease that way.
What they're doing, sir, is trying to get past common law and common sense.
Explain to everybody at the office.
Show them the fact that it doesn't even protect you.
Now they're saying five shots a year.
This is a load of crap.
God bless you and I appreciate your call.
Sorry, I didn't mean to hang up on you, but thank you for the call, sir.
Okay, let's go ahead and take another call here.
Let's talk to Bob in Washington.
Bob, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
Thank you.
I just wanted to put a plug for your vitamins and minerals.
My wife and I have started taking them about six months ago and they are amazing.
We do the Vitamin Mineral Fusion, we do the Super 12, we do the Iodine, the Rocket Rest.
The turmeric, they're all wonderful.
Well, you're keeping us on air and that's wonderful as well, so God bless you, sir, for being part of the fight.
You are just as important as I am with that financial support, plus you're getting great products.
A total 360 win.
I just want to tell anybody if they're on the fence, they are great products.
Thank you.
And one of the biggest things we can do is support our immune systems and have the right vitamins and minerals.
But what I wanted to say is something that you hit on before earlier in the show.
I think people need to get back to a revival and turn back to God and put Him first.
It's taken me 56 years to realize that, but when you put Him first, our country was founded on that.
The pilgrims had a covenant with God to put Him first.
George Washington prayed for his victories, put God first, and he will deliver us.
I agree, and you know, I'm not bragging, it's just an interesting thing.
Both sides of my family have direct lines back to the Mayflower, and there is a covenant, but we all have a covenant with God if we ask to be part of that covenant, but I particularly in my life have seen the hand of God defend me and protect me.
I have seen miraculous things, and for the Satanists who think their God is the real God, Satan's a loser.
Our God's the living God.
A hundred percent.
I've seen the same thing and I just want to tell everybody that you gotta put him first.
When you put him first, everything falls in line.
And the line in the sand was this mask crap.
God moved me out here to the state of Washington, one of the most liberal, democratic parts of the whole country, and my wife and I
Haven't worn a mask since the beginning.
We did once when we had to fly on a plane, but we won't do that now.
We're driving across country to go back to our family, but we haven't been physically assaulted yet, but it's come pretty close.
I have to go with her to every store now, because if she goes by herself, they will shame her, yell at her.
Bob, I heard your audio, but it faded out.
Well, stand with your wife, stand with her, and God bless you.
There goes Bob, because his phone died.
We're going to go on a break, and I'm going to go to Moxie, and DJ, and everybody else.
And then I've got to plow through the news, so I'm going to hurry through 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 calls, but I'm going to go really quick.
And then I've got to hit all this.
I mean, man, have I got the economic news, have I got the political news, and I've got all this insane COVID news.
I mean, it's just...
It's just it's over the top.
I mean, there's all the political football.
Oh, Caitlyn Jenner and Bruce Jenner says this.
I mean, that's all just side issues, folks.
We're under world government.
We're under judgment.
Literal Mark of the Beast is coming.
We'll be right back.
The globalists are making their move, but they'll fail and they'll hang for it.
They're slaves of their god, Satan.
They're not in control.
Don't take their attack as confidence.
Take it as weakness.
They're going into the fire.
Alright, let's go to your phone calls.
Let's talk to Moxie in Indiana.
Thanks for holding.
I have two critical plugs I'd like to say at the end, but if you could give me two uninterrupted minutes.
I'll do you better, you've got three minutes, hit us!
I agree a thousand percent what you said about Trump.
Trump left us.
And more importantly, he left those children at the border.
I don't think
People are going to vote for Trump like everyone thinks they are.
Why is he even saying about running in 2024?
What's going on with the audit in Arizona?
Alex, we love you.
We the people love you.
You have never wavered.
You have never sold out.
You need to run for president.
This isn't about getting the most votes.
Think big picture.
Think next level.
This is about getting exposure for you and raising your profit margin to increase the stamina of your fight and our lives for freedom.
I said I wasn't going to interrupt, but keep going.
You wanted two minutes.
You only got a minute.
I just think you'd be surprised.
I think you would get a lot of sponsors.
We buy your product.
They have to let you get on these debates.
They have to let you get on national TV.
The exposure will get out.
They might even mock you, but who cares?
They'll learn about you.
The idea here is to get your name out.
Well, it would definitely.
I mean, look, look, if I ran for president, it would be because I thought I could really win.
And I don't want to say I have baggage.
I'm proud of all the stuff I've done, even the things I did that were wrong.
I didn't mean to do wrong.
They were learning experiences.
I don't know.
You can't have a broadcast show while you do that, which isn't fair to the Democrats.
Everything's a show now, but these laws are very prohibitive.
I'd like General Flynn to run for president, and I'd like to support him for president.
I am 47.
You've got to be 35 to run for president, and it would certainly be a stunt
I am older.
I just don't have the money for the security and for the rallies and for the rest of it.
You know what?
Look, if somebody donated me $20 million, that's what it takes just to start something like that.
There's a good chance I'd run for president.
If I had $20 million, no strings attached, I'd spend 100% of it on the operation and on fundraising, and with $20 million, I could raise $100 million.
And I'm not afraid to die, but I think there's a very good chance they'd go ahead and bust a cap in my ass.
And so, you know what that means, of course, put a couple bullets in me.
You know, it's not even that that makes me not want to do it.
It's just, oh my gosh.
That's a very interesting idea, ma'am.
We've got 40 seconds left.
What else do you want to say?
It would be a stunt, but get your name out there.
Get the exposure.
They have to let you get on National TV.
Tucker would totally support you.
All right, ma'am.
I gotta go.
I appreciate your call.
Tucker's a really smart guy.
I'll leave it at that.
Very, very wily.
Very, very smart.
And Tucker's not running for president.
And I think I am in the same boat with Tucker.
The last thing I want to be is President of the Sinking Republic.
But interesting idea, madam.
Maybe I will, just to upset the globalists.
We'll be right back.
Alright, I literally have articles stacking up today of old people, young people, babies dying from the vaccines.
They're doing these incredibly illegal experimental shots on little babies now.
Little boys, little girls are dying.
Two-year-olds are dying.
Six-month-olds are dying.
And the media is just as pleased as punch.
Look at these headlines.
Two-year-old baby dies during Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine experiments on children.
It's at naturalnews.com.
It's posted at infowars.com.
Get the article.
Share it.
Fifteen-year-old boy dies of heart attack two days after taking Pfizer vaccine.
Had no history of allergic reactions.
Federal government's own report.
It's on Infowars.com.
Get it.
Share it.
Family of Elmhurst COVID patient in standoff with hospital over controversial treatment.
That's Fox News locally.
She wants ivermectin.
The woman's mother's dying.
They say no.
No ivermectin.
No nothing.
It's been proven to totally work.
Look at these headlines.
Trinidad retiree dies after taking COVID vaccine and suffering clots paralysis.
University of Cincinnati student's death after James A vaccine under investigation.
Man dies minutes after taking first dose of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.
Here's what to know.
And it goes on and on and on.
But what else do we have going on?
This is a report from May 16th of last year, so a little less than a year ago.
Top CDC official, she works for Bill Gates, will just get rid of all whites in the United States who refuse vaccines.
Chair of Advisory Committee on Immunization, floats racially biased depopulation plan.
That's Dr. Carol Baker.
Here she is in Houston.
The battle is being fought.
One family, one physician, one health center.
That's why we're doing as well as we are.
We're talking about the minority and strategies against the minority.
So I have the solution.
Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers, I'm not talking about, well, hesitants, most of them we can talk into coming to terms, but refusers.
We'll just get rid of all the whites in the United States.
Starting with you, bitch.
Because Houston is the most diverse city in the entire United States.
There's seven Asian languages spoken in that city.
I've been a minority for more than 20 years in the city of Houston.
The majority is, we call, Hispanic.
That is not a race or an ethnicity that is a political designation, but a lot of them are from Central, South America, Mexico.
Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most?
Part of it.
That's what made Donald Trump's comment about bringing diseases or flooding.
They're at risk when they come here.
They have better vaccination rates in Mexico.
It is the well-educated,
In terms of pieces of paper that they put on their wall, people that have been here a long time, and it's very unfortunate, but I think we need not lose
The big picture.
So, we have this sick cult of eugenicist freaks telling us white people are inherently bad, and how proud she is that she's a minority, and it's all just psychology.
Oh, I love the black people, take your shot!
Now they're all freaked out that blacks in record numbers aren't.
You're a lying sack of garbage.
All your vaccines are poison.
Everything you do is a lie.
We know who you are, you disgusting creature.
You'll soon be in hell.
Alright, I'm going to take some more calls right now, and then I'm going to come back and I'm going to hit the CIA news.
It's just incredible.
Incredibly ridiculous.
Incredibly pathetic.
And it just shows what's going on.
And I... I'll just wait until you see this.
Right now, let's go ahead and take the next caller.
In order of the calls being received, let us talk to DJ in what's left of California.
Go ahead.
What's going on, Bosman?
Good morning.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
I'm just watching the global extermination take place faster than I thought it would.
I'm, quite frankly, completely blown away.
I'm so excited in a bad way.
I don't know how anybody could be bored right now, brother.
There's no words I could describe anything that's going on.
I feel you 100%.
Real quick, I just wanted to touch on the Trump topic.
I think that that lady from Indiana hit it right on the head when she first spoke about him saying that he kind of just left us
That's pretty much how I feel.
I'm from Vallejo, California, from the Bay Area.
We're actually the one city in the Bay Area that had the most Trump votes, which is pretty cool.
Fun fact for you.
Um, anyways.
So anyways, we're not sleeping out here.
We know what's good.
We know the truth.
We know all the bullshit.
And we, we, we, we got to stand up somehow.
And I think that the parties
Leaning towards Trump in the wrong direction and it's just, I don't understand.
He just, there's too many questions and I think we're way too deep into the game and to real life right now that we can't be questioning Trump like this.
He left Julian Assange behind.
He left Edward Snowden behind.
There's just too many questions and I feel like if a 29 year old man like me, a barber from California, can know everything that Alex Jones knows and sees everything that's going on, it's just absolute craziness.
How can the President of the United States, Donald Trump, not know these things or not take action?
So I just think there's just a big gap, and I think we need to be questioning that and not leaning.
And anybody who's thinking that we're voting Trump 2024 is out of their pocket, man.
Until we figure out what's going on right now, right now, I'll tell you right now, I'm not voting for anybody until we figure this out.
Well if Trump comes out and says I got bamboozled, and Trump comes out and says, you know, sorry I didn't understand this, then we can do something.
But I mean, he almost got set up along with me with the Capitol attack.
Um, out of a million people, you know, a few hundred that got manipulated by operatives in the Democratic Party and Antifa, and the Q thing was used.
I'm not saying everybody that's in the Q is bad.
I'm saying people posing as Q, you know, said attack, it's part of a plan, and they tried to set me up, and I watched the Secret Service wave me in and direct me.
I'm not saying they were part of it themselves, but somebody up high had to set up and then, and then, and, and, and, and tried to walk us into that trap.
So the trap didn't completely close on us, but Trump needs to come out and just level with the whole thing.
You know, I like the fact that Trump's still trying to take control of the Republican Party.
It's a trillion times better than Kevin McCartney.
The issue is...
I mean, you see them getting ready to indict Giuliani in all this, and I think they will indict Giuliani.
That's a shot across Trump's bow.
So he always does these half measures where, you know, I mean, he's going all the way.
They're coming after him.
He's going to run again.
He should gut their ass politically with real attacks.
He's got some blind spots.
And I know folks that know Trump.
He's actually a really nice guy behind the scenes and really smart at an instinctive level, but he's a lightweight.
When it comes to a lot of topics and a lot of issues.
That's why they would get really upset when I'd talk to him and tell him about certain things, because he really would sync with what I was saying and would actually go check it and find out it was true and then he'd act on it.
So I think Trump's a good guy, but he's kind of autistic and so am I. We all have different gifts.
God gives everybody different gifts, okay?
It's just that Trump is not playing fourth dimensional chess.
Trump was just going with, hey, China's ripping us off, or hey, this isn't a good deal.
Why would we screw America over?
Because it's part of a new world order.
Well, he figured that out.
I mean, Stephen Miller is way smarter than Trump when it comes to fighting globalism.
Does that mean Stephen Miller is as good as Trump at, say, a business deal?
So, I mean, Trump had some good people around him.
I appreciate your call.
All right.
We're still going to get to everybody that's on the board here, but I'm going to hit the CIA story, and a couple other big ones when we come back.
I'm going to catch 22.
If we had plenty of DNA Force Plus that's been sold out for five, six months, as you notice, if I had plenty of Ultimate Turmeric Formula that has been sold out for six months, those are great bestsellers, and they funded the operation.
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And that's of the ultimate turmeric formula.
There is no DNA force.
I don't know when I'm getting it.
It's driving me crazy.
That's one of our main funders.
So I'm not complaining at you.
The lockdown is going to get a lot worse.
They're only going to take it off for a little bit and put it back down.
Got a bunch of articles on that too we're going to hit.
So, I would get your orders in on X2, X3, on your Vitamin Mineral Fusion, on your Ultimate Turmeric Formula Bodies, on your Vaso Beats, on all of it, because who knows, we'll get it back in again.
I'd get your in-game film as well for $3.95 to spread the word.
It's all there, infowarestore.com.
We'll be right back with the key news.
Stay with us.
Killed by the COVID-19 gene overwrite system.
It teaches your body to attack itself.
There's nothing like Alzheimer's and nothing like a heart attack and nothing like your liver dissolving to make you realize Bill Gates cares about you a lot.
Alright, more of your calls coming up and a bunch of propaganda that just got posted at InfoWars.com.
Yes, we post the enemy propaganda and point out it's propaganda, but they're trying to shame everyone into having the shots and telling husbands to confront their wives and wives to confront their husbands and vice versa, just getting involved in our lives.
When it doesn't work, it doesn't protect you, it's deadly, the PCR test was fake, people were dying of other stuff, Fauci needs to go to prison!
He ran the frickin' Wuhan lab!
That's all coming up, but let's get to this story that's up on Infowars.com that got mocked massively online.
And you look at this, you go, the CIA's pathetic.
The CIA is running all these ads about, I was a neurotic, I had anxiety disorders, I was a man, but now I'm a woman, and I'm multiracial, and I am the CIA.
And you ask, why would they do that?
Because their job is to get rid of human intelligence.
Their job is to get rid of HUMET and create nothing but digital systems run by private corporations, by big tech.
The CIA's job is dissolving the U.S.
Army, the U.S.
Marine Corps, Space Force, everything, and putting us wide open to globalism and to merge us into world government, where you don't want human armies, you don't want the
Declarations you make, your oath, they want robots.
And already the bases are scaling down troops, scaling up robots.
By 2030 they want all combat aircraft to be autonomous.
And so all they're doing is sabotaging an agency that was set up by British intelligence to take over our real agencies and set up to do what they've done now.
And they've been very effective at bringing down the United States.
So they're creating a compartmentalized
CIA, that is for the general public, where they think, oh, I don't have the right of privacy or the right of health or the right of a job or a future, but I get to say I'm a woman when I'm a man.
Because they're getting you ready for the whole trans movement of cyborgs, merging on machines and artificially created humans.
Like, oh, two gay men that are married, they don't want to go out and have an egg donor and then have a baby.
No, no, no.
We want to splice our genes together.
Well, two men spliced is not a human.
But oh, don't call it that!
It's a transhuman, see?
And they admit in all the white papers from Tabasak Institute 40 years ago that once they rolled out the cloning and the human splices and the replicants, that that's what they're gonna do.
And so they're just normalizing this because the technology's here now and the globalists want their own clones.
They want their own sex robots that aren't mechanical, but are biological.
So this revolution's already happened.
They're just gonna roll it out now and get you normalized with, hey, everybody's GMO now.
We all put our digital mark on you.
So I'm not against this, uh, you know, overweight Hispanic man, uh, who wants to be a woman.
Uh, you know, I'm a little overweight myself too.
Uh, the point is, is that, you know, he thinks he's wonderful.
Like half the kids getting their genitals cut off in the UK are autistic from the vaccines already.
They put a bow on their hair, give them special attention because they're a girl, because they like the pink lunchbox.
They get a candy when they're four years old.
Oh, you like being a girl?
Well, you get a candy now.
And then, and then by the time they're seven, they, it's time to have the testicles cut off.
And so it's like, oh, you're cool, the CIA.
Come on in here.
They're all laughing at him.
They're all making fun of him.
They're there to dynamite humanity and bring us down.
They want slots to upgrade and merge the machines by 2045.
That is their date to have all humans on Earth killed.
And so for the actual insiders who aren't even in the CIA, they're above it, this is all just a hilarious joke of what they're doing.
So this is how you dismantle a country.
It's how you destroy a system.
There's two different promo woke videos.
Let's go ahead and roll them back to back right now.
It only takes one new piece of forward intelligence and everything can change in an instant.
Hey, I think I found something.
Most people will never see your work.
Only three people in the world have access to the information we need.
Notify the field.
Your greatest strength will be the people around you.
You're gonna be able to see the whole thing?
Yep, gonna be on the roof right here.
Best see in the house.
And your greatest reward is knowing your efforts will help keep every American safe.
Your achievements, while unknown to the public, are critical to our national security.
This translation is technically accurate, but in this context, it really means this.
The nation... We got it.
...is counting on you to discover the truth.
I'll call the White House.
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the CIA.
You can play a role protecting our nation.
Start a career at the CIA and do more for your country than you ever dreamed possible.
When I was 17, I quoted Zora Neale Hurston's How It Feels to be Colored Me in my college application essay.
The line that spoke to me stated simply, I am not tragically colored.
There is no sorrow damned up in my soul nor lurking behind my eyes.
I do not mind at all.
At 17, I had no idea what life would bring, but Zora's sentiment articulated so beautifully how I felt as a daughter of immigrants then and now.
Nothing about me was or is tragic.
I am perfectly made.
I can wax eloquent on complex legal issues in English while also belting Guayaquil de mis amores in Spanish.
I can change a diaper with one hand and console a crying toddler with the other.
I am a woman of color.
I am a mom.
I am a cisgender millennial who's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.
I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box-checking exercise.
I am a walking declaration, a woman whose inflection does not rise at the end of her sentences, suggesting that a question has been asked.
I did not sneak into CIA.
My employment was not and is not the result of a fluke or slip through the cracks.
I earned my way in and I earned my way up the ranks of this organization.
I am educated, qualified, and competent.
And sometimes I struggle.
I struggle feeling like I could do more, be more to my two sons.
And I struggle leaving the office when I feel there's so much more to do.
I used to struggle with imposter syndrome, but at 36, I refused to internalize misguided patriarchal ideas of what a woman can or should be.
I am tired of feeling like I'm supposed to apologize for the space I occupy, rather than intoxicate people with my effort, my brilliance.
I am proud of me, full stop.
My parents left everything they knew and loved to expose me to opportunities they never had.
Because of them, I stand here today a proud first-generation Latina and officer at TIA.
I am unapologetically me.
I want you to be unapologetically you, whoever you are.
Know your worth.
Command your space.
And then make your power because you're a woman and she is actually a woman.
There's another one where they've got a guy who says he's a woman.
And again, whatever.
It's all about race or all about what group you're in instead of the country.
But the CIA has never been about America.
There's not a more embarrassing, uncool organization to be involved with.
That's why it's such an insult when people sit there and say, oh, I bet Jones works for the CIA or some agency.
I'm totally organic, totally real.
I would never do that.
I mean, I unwittingly, over the 25, 27 years on air, have had some of those groups manipulate me with false stories and BS, and it's always been bad.
They are losers that grovel to the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers that hate America.
Brennan, all of them, are literally anti-American communists.
Brennan's an admitted communist, who are just the scum of the earth.
I mean, these people are filth.
And the CIA's main mission is exterminating brown people worldwide.
So they need brown people to be the front of their battering ram when they come in to exterminate them.
And that's the bottom line.
All right, we'll be back with more of your phone calls and a lot more straight ahead.
The globalists think the CIA will get people on board with their criminal takeover of the Western world because people will then think it's elitist and they're part of the, you know, climbing the social ladder.
But really the CIA was set up in 1947, the National Security Act, to end the United States and merge us into world government under the Carnegie Endowment Directive.
And so when the CIA runs all these woke ads where basically every person is a woman or brown skin, not one white person, and then she's walking down the hall
And you see all the old white men that were directors of the CIA saying, that's history, that's over.
Now, I don't care if people were in some agency and they represent the population because they're skillful or whatever or brown.
But it's all about communist talking points and white people are bad and I'm fighting the patriarchy, men are bad.
With a bunch of Marxists from colleges brainwashed against the country, when the colleges are run by the same globalists that run the CIA.
You're part of the power structure.
Let me lay it on you.
I was told, and I checked it out and found out it was true, by a real CIA operative, that the last straw for them, and with people like Eric Prince and Blackwater,
Is that Prince, you know, runs operations with China in Africa with his Frontier Group.
But also they have camps in China where the CIA has black sites for Muslims, you name it, where they're taken and the Chinese let the CIA run death camps in China.
And that Prince's own foreign arm actually runs the security of those facilities.
And I'm not even attacking Eric Prince here on the air.
But I'm simply pointing out that that's the type of stuff going on.
And that's just with Prince!
So you've got this shot of, oh, we're the CIA.
Look, we've got brown people when they're running death camps in China with the Communist Chinese.
With people inside of them.
And so that's what the system thinks of America, and it's what they'd like to do.
And now Joe Biden says he wants the CIA to come after white people, and any white people that don't accept the fall of America and communism are white supremacists, and we will disrupt your white networks.
So if you don't run up the red flag and hand over your property and bow down to the wokeness, we're gonna send a bunch of crazy, neurotic people
Who don't even know what sex they are, with green hair, to your house to break into it and plant child porn on your computer, or kill your ass!
And that's all this is.
It's a giant joke.
And they're lowering the requirements in the military, in the Army and Marines, because women can't carry, on average, an 80-pound pack on a 50-mile hike.
Most men can't do it, it's why they wash out.
So, oh, we can't find enough women?
We'll just lower the pack to 30 pounds.
Oh, the women can't pass the combat part of the course, the hand-to-hand combat?
Well, we'll just get rid of that.
Oh, the women can't lower their weight?
Well, you can just be a fat ass then.
And you're like, well, you know, no.
The Chinese kill people in their training exercises on purpose.
The Chinese are pole vaulting into four-story windows with their special ops.
If you try to promote homosexuality in China, they come by and kill you.
And I'm not even saying you should kill the homosexuals, but they don't want me to call them homosexuals.
In China, they put your ass in a slave labor camp.
If you promote it, they kill you.
And you don't hear a rat's ass out of the CIA ads about that.
Hispanic woman telling you how neurotic she is and how many disorders she has.
How manipulatable is somebody like that?
What the hell kind of person would you want in some kind of place like that?
Because the CIA used to have its problems and of course you had the Ivy League types that hated
All the Green Berets that did all the killing and all the work and all the deliveries and everything.
I mean, above them, just like in the old British ships, you got the officers on one end and the regular guys on the other, and they all despise the real men.
We already have that in the CIA.
Absolute hatred of real Americans.
Hatred of tough guys.
And that's why you already have this attitude of mutating men and dumbing men down, because the men running the CIA were never men.
They were trash from the beginning.
Scum of the earth.
Total filth.
Child molesters.
And I've been told that directly by people that saw it for themselves and I didn't know what the hell they were telling me when I was 12 years old visiting family that had been in the CIA.
And I said, I like Rush Limbaugh, or maybe I was 15.
And the family member goes, that guy's a total fake, and the whole fake operation is such and such.
Let me tell you what these people are.
They're a bunch of child molesters.
And he told me, yeah, they were running kids out of orphanages in Guatemala.
That's when I tried to get out of it.
I mean, that's the whole world, folks!
That's who runs it, that's who it is!
You understand?
John Brennan, all of them, are degenerate devil worshippers!
And the sooner people figure that out, the better.
It's a disgrace.
This country used to hate royalty.
Turn on the TV, they're worshipping royals all day.
And, oh, you're a lawyer, you're royalty.
Oh, you were in an agency, you're royalty.
Oh, you're this, oh, you're that.
Oh, the military intelligence will save us.
They try to keep the military intelligence on a leash about a millimeter long and they don't know anything.
They're told what to believe, they're given compartmentalized BS, they're kept in the dark and fed horse manure like mushrooms.
And that's all any of this is.
Is the insatiable appetite of people like John Brennan and Barack Obama to rape children and slit their throats.
And so, I'm not scared of them, and they can burn in hell, and they will burn in hell.
There's a God in this universe.
That's why you're there, it's why I'm there, and we're not afraid, and they're gonna get it.
And the heads of Google are gonna get it, and the heads of Facebook are gonna get it, and the head of Twitter's gonna get it, and G.G.Ping's gonna get it, cause God's real, and when God gets a hold of your soul, God is gonna incinerate you.
You're nothing but a bunch of trash.
And the whole world knows what a joke you are.
So, I'm not going to do anything offensively violent because they would turn it into them being victims.
The last thing I want is offensive violence.
They're the ones that are going to kill their own dumbass liberals that are out there taking all their shots.
They're the ones that are going to carry this out and run on as far as they can.
Because they don't want to just rape children and steal their essence.
They want to torture them and destroy them and kill them.
They want to play God.
They think they're gonna escape death with all of the super sciences and all the genetic engineering.
They're not gonna escape anything.
And in the future, the great crime will be, oh, this man uploaded himself to a computer.
He has a simulant, you know, suit that walks around.
And don't say that's not Bob Smith.
You know, that's his identity.
Look, it has a voice print, sounds like him, can fool his family, but it ain't Bob!
Bob's gone!
Bob's spirit's gone on!
It's fake!
Like Thanos!
Like they're fake companies and they're fake PCR tests and all of it.
They're nothing but fake bullies, fake frauds, fake intellectuals, scum that want the titles of power and royalty but didn't fight for it, didn't build it, and didn't serve the people.
There's a communist march in downtown Austin.
A malice brigade.
And just look at those sacks of garbage.
Weak chicken neck, pot-bellied nothings.
And that's your CIA right there.
Just a seething sea of trash.
Alright, we'll take a few final phone calls ahead of Gerald Cilente coming up.
And then this busy creature.
He's got a lot more reports coming up at Band.Video and Infowars.com.
Oh, and I love what you guys are doing.
Band.Video's exploding, even bigger than during the election.
You're really sharing those videos and stuff.
John Brennan and the ADL don't like that too much.
Oh gosh, you better stop doing it.
You're either with God or you're with the devil.
My spirit demands that I push to the limit and then to the breaking point with the New World Order.
That just as I put myself in a position to be banned first, I put myself in the position to be struck down first.
Not that I want that, but if that's God's will, that's it.
I will not hold back any.
I will give the enemy the full truth and the full attack.
Because I'm alive.
And my spirit is eternal with God.
And I will not be with you in eternity, Satan.
So get behind me.
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
All right.
You know, I say love-hate.
It's more like a love-frustration with Trump.
Because, you know, I'm mad about how he let censorship happen.
I'm mad how he got manipulated with the vaccine.
I see his twisted logic.
Get the economy going.
But I didn't think it'd be this devastating and kill people this fast.
I thought they were just setting the precedent.
But I also love the fact that he's charging ahead to run for president.
They've got all his phones tapped.
And now you see Nigel Farage say, hey, he is running.
That's what I've been told.
That's why they're moving ahead to indict Giuliani and then Don Jr.
and everybody else.
So Trump is going into the battle, but he's doing it.
Without really savaging them.
And maybe he's smarter than I am, but you notice that new graphic they've put out that's really powerful.
It shows from Pennsylvania and Michigan and Georgia, you know, in the middle of the night.
The fraud graph where Biden's blue way under Trump, Trump's red way above, and then boom, they change the servers and it goes straight up.
That graphic about an hour ago was really powerful.
You guys can put that back on screen if you can.
But it's Trump calling it the big lie.
There it is.
That says it all, the big lie.
And man, they are mad.
So, I turn it all over to God.
And by that, I'm gonna open myself up to be led, guided, and directed by God.
And to let the Spirit literally flow through me.
So that means I'll be more active.
But I am now, just now, beginning to be able to turn myself over to God at a new level.
And I think you should all pray for that as well.
Because the devil's about manipulating your free will and manipulating control of you.
God will only do it if you can handle it and are totally open to it, and by increment.
At least, that is generally the way it happens, is by increment.
The Lord works in mysterious ways, but this is a spiritual battle.
We do not just war against flesh and blood, but principalities and evil powers in high places.
And it's amazing.
We are living to see the beginning of the end of mass extermination, billions to be murdered, or total world government.
And most people are going to be so scared.
They're going to go crazy.
The churches are going to tell you to take the mark of the beast.
It's just going to get crazier from here on.
I don't know if it takes 5 years, 20 years, or 6 months, but I mean...
It's just, there's no sense lying about it to anybody.
There's no sense lying to ourselves about what we face and what we're up against.
Very, very sad.
You got all these people that are scared and they think it's, the media says, oh you're scared because the Christians are bad or you're scared because the white people are going to get you.
And it's because your spirit knows you're in danger.
So you go, oh, it's this, there, take some Crozat.
No, you're scared because Bill Gates is a mass murderer that says he wants to kill you, deploying this system, bullying you, herding you in to basically sterilize you and kill you.
And it's happening.
And it's out in the open.
CNN poll finds what other polls find, but they're even higher.
7% of Republicans don't think Biden won legitimately.
30% of Democrats are growing.
President Trump releases explosive message.
The fraudulent presidential election 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as the big lie.
Or the big steal.
Nigel Farage says Trump will re-emerge and win 2024.
Compares 2020 set back to years that preceded Brexit.
Voters loudly boo Mitt Romney during Utah convention.
That was powerful.
And I really like these clips.
Roger Stone was scheduled to be on today, but he thought it was tomorrow.
He gave a great speech this weekend in Florida with General Flynn, and so I'm going to jam a few quick calls in.
When Roger's on tomorrow, I'll play these clips, but Michael Flynn and Roger Stone urged Trump fans to stay politically active at Bradenton rally.
General Mike Flynn and Roger Stone headline rally.
We're going to be getting into that.
I like the fact that they're on the march.
I'm going to try to get on the march as well out there with them to promote America and to stay in the fight.
So there's so much more that we're going to be breaking down and covering here.
But right now, let's go ahead and go to Alex in Florida.
Alex, welcome.
Thank you for taking my call.
Hey, Mr. Jones.
Go ahead.
I definitely want to plug the storable food.
I tried it the other day with my lady, just to see what we had, and it was delicious.
And the psychological relief, just knowing that I have a year's supply of that.
Thank you so much.
Thank you for funding us.
Plus, it really is a good deal, and with food prices set to go up 76% according to Bloomberg's own Global Agri Index, it's smart to get ready now.
Yeah, absolutely.
I mean, the prices are, you can't beat it.
But the reason why I called is because my line in the sand is, is I've been trying to get you for months now.
For the past two months in Tampa, Florida, where I'm at, they've been officially on Indeed hiring for $13 to $15 an hour COVID canvassers or contact tracers.
And it explicitly says in the job description that you are going to be going door to door.
And of course, you need to be sympathetic to those who don't want to get the vaccine, but you're still going to collect the data on those who've gotten it, those who want to refuse it.
And you're also going to be a company-
Only phase one for forced inoculations is already happening in Europe and Africa, and it's run by the Clinton Global Initiative.
So again, in the future, they'll say, oh, the person's cell phone that had COVID shows your phone was near.
They're going to come to your house and make you leave.
That's the plan.
This is so diabolical for the next fake pandemic.
Yeah, it's disgusting.
I tell people all the time, that's why you need to get a privacy pouch pocket.
I show it off.
I show everybody.
They're like, wow, what is that?
And I'm like, well, it's something to protect yourself from.
This right here.
And I show them BND.
I think the most alarming thing is, like I was saying, they're going to be accompanied with an LEO law enforcement officer or a National Guard troop.
That's scary.
So then there's my... That's right.
Total intimidation.
Oh, notice, notice that the liberals always just want to get control of the police.
They love the feds and military because that's under their command now.
What did you do?
I mean, they're coming to the door regardless, and do we get violent?
That's not what we're doing.
No, of course not.
No, you go out with packets of info, and you educate them.
You have a packet of info that you already give to your neighbors, writing for them about the deaths, how it's illegal, and the Nuremberg Code, how trying to force shots is punishable by execution.
Yeah, we're going to be red-pilling a lot of them.
What are you planning to do when they come to your door?
Same thing?
That was exactly what I was going to do, but I was a little hesitant because, yeah, I want to educate you and I know you probably know nothing.
You're just looking for a job for $15 an hour.
It's hiring more than McDonald's, but you don't even realize what you're doing.
And that's the thing.
And it's like, I need to educate you, but then who knows what they're going to be marking down?
Because it also says in the job description, they're going door to door with a tablet and they're going to be accounting all the information that they collect and uploading it into some system.
Beautifully said, brother.
And again, when they're there, you go, I'm not threatening you.
Here's the Nuremberg Code.
And here is a top lawyer's analysis of what happened to the Nazis for doing illegal experimentation and intimidating people to do it.
You need to know about the Nuremberg Code that is still international law.
And we have comparable laws here in the United States.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right, let's jam in another caller.
Brandon in California.
Thanks for holding, Brandon.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
Can you hear me?
Yes sir, I'm just freaked out watching world government take over.
Man, I'm freaked out too.
I wanted to give a shout out to one of your callers a couple of segments ago, a DJ in Vallejo.
I'm in Vacaville, so right down the street.
So I just wanted to say what's up to him.
And I kind of wanted to follow up on Moxie's call from Indiana, where she said Alex Jones for president.
Man, I think we need some patriots and some fighters in the office, in the White House right now.
And I'm calling for a Flynn-Gabbard ticket with Alex Jones as the press secretary.
Sounds good to me, brother.
I also believe that Trump left us behind.
I've supported Trump all the way up until his very last day.
My girlfriend woke me up and read me his pardon list.
And when I heard
I don't think so.
Yeah, the answer is put pressure on Trump.
Whatever Trump does in the future, the globalists hate him, they don't want him politically involved.
We want him politically involved, but we want to put pressure on him from now on and let him know we're his constituents, not Jared Kushner.
And I think he woke up, you know, Netanyahu pissed in his face and everything else.
You always said, you know, Trump is the lion up there, you know, and he always did come off like a lion, but I see it as we the people are the lion.
And I think, you know, if you want to vaccinate a lion with some mRNA or snap its neck, what would you do?
You'd drop an economic stake in front of its mouth and you'd probably scratch it behind the ear, get all close and let Fauci just come up right behind with his needle.
And I think that was Trump, man.
I think he, uh,
They just dropped that stake in front of us and kept the Patriots placated for four years and now they're just hitting us hard at warp speed.
That's right.
They used Trump to energize the left to then do anything.
They manipulated us all the whole time.
I don't think Trump even knows it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
There's a bunch of big economic news I didn't get to, but I'm going to shoot a special report or maybe go in the war room to talk about it at 3 p.m.
today with Tom Pappas filling in for Owen.
Here's some of the big breaking news I didn't get to on Infowars.com.
Men have armed standoff with BLM mob who interrupted their Kentucky Derby dinner.
I mean, this stuff's getting serious.
We're going to play that video coming up.
You still haven't vaxxed Deborah, city of Baltimore, mocked over public information campaign.
Non-president spirals country into distress.
There's so many incredible reports that only get out.
When you share them.
All right.
Look, we got three calls and we got four and a half minutes.
Let's give each person about a minute so everybody gets their time.
I appreciate you holding.
Justin in New York.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
God bless you and the crew, Alex.
This is a war.
We're being attacked on all sides.
It's an information war and a health war.
I want to talk solutions.
I'm coming from New York City, where it's obviously a liberal stronghold.
And so I'll get to that.
But first and foremost, this is the most important thing of the day.
Everyone, we need to find a way.
To relate to the liberal people, or you know, whatever they are, and find a way to relate the true fact that these vaccines are a bioweapon.
They're a contagious bioweapon, and whether it's a variant, whether it's the nanotechnology, or whether it's the spike protein, it causes similar effects as COVID-19, a respiratory virus, and it can be treated with natural health remedies.
Dr. Mercola- They're killing people not giving them ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine a year into the fight when everybody admits it works?
Pure evil!
Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
He saved tens of thousands of lives in New York City at the beginning of the pandemic.
You'll never hear about it on CNN.
But here's the most important thing.
We need to spread the word.
So the way that people are going to realize that this is a bioweapon is everyone in their states and their communities.
We need to go to the VAERS database.
We need to make sure that everyone who gets damaged by this knows how to communicate it to the VAERS.
Flood the VAERS.
I agree.
I would say that myself.
Beautifully put.
Thank you so much, sir.
All right.
Thank you, Justin.
Next up, that's Cameron in Kansas.
You're on the air.
How's it going, Alex?
Welcome, sir.
Go ahead.
I'm in Douglas County, which is where the University of Kansas is.
So you can see, like how you saw before with the colleges, you can see the
It's total brainwashing, brother.
What are you doing to educate them?
Oh gosh, well yeah, in that county with it being so leftist, yeah, it's hard to be on the other end of it.
But yeah, me and my friend, yeah, refuse to wear masks, going into stores, but yeah, it's... Cameron, what'd you call in about?
I see on the list that you saw local news saying, side effects are just in your head, huh?
So death's just in your head.
Yeah, so this morning, Alex, it's like 980 KMBZ, it's like a Kansas City, like, metro, just news station I'll listen to when I'm driving to work in the morning.
Yeah, this morning they had one on there that, yeah, anything from chills to fever to passing out, they claimed, oh, that's all anxiety-induced.
The only reason people are getting killed or passing out right after you get the shot or days after, they say it's all, yeah, it's all... Oh yeah, why don't you tell people that Hitler killed that too.
These people are the Tuskegee folks injected with syphilis.
Sick evil.
You should complain to that station and bring them out of this.
Thank you so much for the call, Cameron.
All right, Jason, final call before Gerald Zalente takes over.
In California, you got 70 seconds.
Hi, Alex.
We love you here in California.
I want to touch on your supplements.
Spent roughly $5,000 on them since 2016 when you woke me up.
DNA Force Plus.
People thought I got a makeover after taking a nap for a month.
X2, D3, B12, the brain force.
Even got your storable food.
Now to my point, I was fired a week ago for wearing my mask beneath my nose with the valid medical exemption.
Since then, I've been to three separate stores, all of which I've used medical exemption as a verbiage to not wearing a mask in there.
I was the only person in the store without a mask.
I refuse to wear it ever again.
I'm not wearing the mask.
It has to start with us.
It's almost as if their HR departments have told them.
That medical exemption is code for layoff.
Don't ask them.
I haven't been asked to prove it once, even though I keep a copy of my CT scan in my phone, and I'm the only person in there without a mask.
But it's gotta start now.
Gotta start with us.
We all have to grow some- I totally agree with you.
I'm sorry I'm out of time.
I love you, brother.
What they're gonna do is they already have it in China, and the doors won't open until you have the COVID pass.
But absolutely.
It's gonna all be robot controlled.
We gotta say no.
We gotta draw the line now.
It's a takeover.
We gotta say no.
Thank you, sir.
We had said right from the beginning when the COVID war was launched last year, 2020, that they were going to start pushing for vaccinations.
And now the vaccination pushes.
Oh, it's underway and it keeps going.
No jab, no job.
I have friends that are in the health care industry.
I have friends that have salons.
I have a whole group of different friends that are getting vaccinated.
They hate to get vaccinated.
They don't want to get vaccinated.
They're getting vaccinated because their clients are calling up and asking them if they're vaccinated, because if they're not,
They're not going to come in.
So they're getting vaccinated.
I had one friend that got vaccinated, went for his second shot.
If you saw this guy after the second shot, he looked dead, D.O.A., dead on arrival.
He felt better later on, you know, a few days later.
One friend of mine hasn't gotten a vaccination since his polio shot in 1955.
Totally opposed to it.
He's in the healthcare sector.
No jab, no job.
What kind of America has this turned into when this kind of thing could happen?
F-freedom, man.
It's gone.
No jab, no job.
It's as simple as that.
Oh, you don't have to get vaccinated.
We're not forcing you.
Oh, can't travel.
That's next.
Oh, the cruise lines opened up.
That's right.
98% of the cruise ship that work people on the cruise ship have to get vaccinated.
95% of the people have to prove vaccinations.
And then they'll let in, after that, they'll let in people that have tested negative in the PCR test, which we know are junk.
They're ridiculous.
There's a whole nother point to this thing, too, that's very big.
And that is that, again, we wrote about this as it began and keep writing about it in the Trends Journal.
Hundreds, that's right, hundreds of millions of dollars
Our taxpayer money has been spent to tell the people to go get vaccinated.
Freedom, how dare you?
As that cover shows, we're in charge.
Again, that's another great Anthony Frieda cover.
If you really look close at the bottom of the Trends Journal, it has all the COVIDs on the bottom of the guy's sole of the shoe that's stamping us down.
This vaccination thing, there it is.
Look at this.
His covers are award-winning.
There's no magazine like this in the world, by the way.
It was like 135 pages.
Not an ad in it.
What's going on, what to do, how to prepare.
And Anthony Frieda, you know, he puts his heart into it.
He says, we all do.
And I was sold.
So going back to this whole campaign to convince people to get vaccinated.
And now what the media is doing is they're saying the people that don't want to get vaccinated are basically conservatives or pro-Trump people.
Obviously, I'm not either one of them, nor are any of my friends that are getting vaccinated.
I'm not getting vaccinated.
No way in the world am I going to take a vaccination.
No way, no how.
If I don't travel again, it's okay.
If you don't want me in your restaurant, I won't go in there.
I am not going to put an injection into my body that has not been tested.
I will not do it.
Ain't gonna happen.
And by the way, I haven't gotten a vaccination since 1955 when we got the polio shots.
And I had to beg my parents.
I had drove them crazy.
They didn't want me to do it to get the shot because of the fear and hysteria that they throw into it.
That's another one of our
Transjournal covers.
That's the prince.
Yeah, the prince is dead.
Long live the prince.
The prince of the UK.
How about the F-U-C?
You know what, Kay.
A prince.
This is a prince.
And you saw his quote.
If I'm ever reincarnated, I want to come back as a virus so I could do something to decrease the global population.
These are the people that are ruining and running our lives.
If I come back, man, I want to be, have the hottest times of my life.
No, no, I want to come back as a virus.
I'm mentioning this because these are the sick people.
Again, another Anthony Frieda cover.
These are the people running and ruining our lives.
How could anybody be so sick?
And again, they keep pumping it up and they're using celebrities to tell us what to do and how to do it.
So it's one place after another.
And if we don't stop this now, it's going to be hell on earth.
You listen to Biden's speech last week.
This is from the Cartoon News Network, CNN, or the Crap News Network.
Biden spent a great deal of time highlighting his administration's accomplishments eradicating the pandemic.
How's that for a lot of BS?
Eradicating the pandemic?
Noting that 90% of Americans now live within five miles of a vaccination site.
And everyone 16 years and older can get a shot.
He said the progress of the last hundred days, you ready?
Was one of the quote, this is a quote, one of the greatest logistical achievements this country has ever seen.
Look at the freak show with the
Two freaks sitting behind him, all masked up, rubbing their hands with sanitizers, and I hope you're using the one that has benzene in it, because it'll go into your bloodstream really nice and it's very healthy for you.
Look at this freak show right in front of our eyes, that this is America.
Masked up and masked out.
He also warned that it is not time for people to let their guard down.
You ready for this?
Go get vaccinated, America, Biden said.
I would say go screw yourself and shove that vaccination up your you know what.
Well, who?
This is insanity.
And I want to make this 100 percent clear.
The money changers, the war mongers, and the drug dealers are in control of America.
Eisenhower warned us about the military-industrial complex, robbing the nation of the genius of scientists who have labors and futures of children.
Too big to fail, the banksters that have stolen all our money.
And now you gotta get this drug, you got it?
I'm a drug dealer.
You do what I tell you.
I pay off these little clowns called politicians.
Get vaccinated.
No jab, no job.
We're going to be back.
A lot more.
Where the trends are going.
Stay tuned.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And as I keep saying, how important it is, how very important it is
To support InfoWars.
Because they're stealing our lives right in front of us.
Freedom is gone.
Freedom is dead.
So, buy the products of InfoWars.
Not only because they're great products, but without money you can't win this game.
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Because they're robbing it from us.
They're stealing our freedom in front of our eyes like you can never imagine.
The Green Passport.
First came up in Israel.
That's right.
And it's just spreading.
One place after another.
One country after another locking down.
Pakistan is now locking down.
This is going to be in tomorrow's Trends Journal.
Just want to give you some facts here.
Pakistan has a population of 224
1,435,000 people.
As of last March, less than 19,000 people died of the virus.
19,000 people.
What percent is that?
You can't make this stuff up.
It's like 0.00 something percent.
And until May 9th.
Why, I say make it May 11th.
Why, I think it's May 8th.
No, no, no.
I'm the governor of New York.
I say he could open up on May 13th.
Wait a minute, I'm the mayor of New York City.
I say May 19th.
These crap heads are making this crap up.
Not one shred of scientific evidence to give the timetables for the lockdowns
And the open ups, the MIT study that came out over a week ago, showing that that six foot thing is a lot of baloney, because the thing could travel for 60 feet.
And to wear masks outside, absolutely useless.
Because it's not spread outside the virus.
But yet, you got to get your COVID-19 passport.
And in New York,
They call it the Excelsior passport.
Our freedom has been stolen in front of us in ways that you can never imagine.
Biden in his BS speech last week, he said the future will belong to America.
We're in a competition with China and with other countries to win the 21st century.
Democracy still works, he said.
One of my forecasters, China, 2021.
The 21st century is China.
The 20th century was America's century.
The business of China is business.
The business of America has been war.
Now let's go back to China.
We used to make fun of the Chinese.
For wearing these stupid, ridiculous masks.
And the only way they wear them, the reason, is because of the air pollution.
Of which over 1.5 million people die each year from air pollution related diseases.
They don't add that up every year.
Globally it's around, I think it's
It's either 6.7 million or 8.7 million.
I get the numbers confused, but they don't add that up every year.
So when they say 3 million died of the coronavirus, that's over a year and a couple of months.
So if we add in the air pollution, what do we have?
About 600 million dead.
So we used to make fun of the Chinese, right?
And then the brutality of the communist government running their country, locking it down anytime they want.
The Chinese way has become the American way.
That's right.
We wear masks and we're locked down.
We have dictators telling us what to do.
You should see here where I am up in Kingston, New York.
Forget that said the other thing, little kids like this wearing masks, freaking them out.
Their lives will never be the same.
Although the CDC said last week that you don't have to wear a mask if you're vaccinated.
99% of the people I see walking outside.
Nobody around them with a mask on.
The Chinese way, you will obey.
It's not the America that I grew up in.
Born to be free?
No, you're not.
You're born to listen to me.
There's no freedom, peace and justice.
I'm in charge.
I'm your dictator.
We're going to be back in a little bit.
Remember, support InfoWars.
Put your money where your heart is.
The future depends on you.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
Yep, he said it.
The tyrants are in charge in a country near you.
Look at the freaks that are running and ruining our lives.
You know, check out that cat that plays the Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson.
Could you get a better cartoon character than that?
Come to America!
How about Mitch McConnell?
No, no, no.
I like Diane Not-So-Feinstein.
Oh, Nancy Pelosi's for me.
How about little Chuckie Schumer?
Loser Lindsey Graham?
You should get sunk in a sea cruise.
Look at the freaks and fools that are running our lives.
Take a look at your own city, state.
Look at the clown show.
We're being destroyed.
And if the people don't stand up for freedom, peace, and justice, it's over.
Look at this clown.
Who would, what man or woman would take orders from these people?
And, you know, again, I was the assistant to the Secretary of the New York State Senate at 26 years old.
I used to run major political campaigns in West Chester County in New York, the richest county in America.
I designed and instructed American politics and campaign technology back in the 1970s.
First course, taught it at St.
John's University.
I've been with presidents, prime ministers, and princes.
The people that are running this show, the people I hated in high school and college that wanted to be class president, or head of student council, these are low-life imbeciles with egos bigger than the planet Earth.
And the people that work for them, our health experts,
And other experts, bureaucrats?
These are low lives that can't get a job in the real world, that are part of the corrupt political system.
That we pay a ton of money to, to do nothing.
Like that guy Fauci.
The fraud Fauci.
What does he make?
Almost a half a million dollars a year?
And you never heard of this arrogant clown before the COVID war?
Why Washington DC is in trouble.
7,800 public employees with $100,000 plus salaries cost taxpayers a billion dollars.
America's colleges and universities awarded $12.5 billion in coronavirus bailout.
I forget who this is from.
But that's just an example of how bad it is.
I'm having a rally for freedom, peace, and justice on May 29th up here in Kingston, New York at the Crown Garden.
I'm gonna have the hottest music around.
We got Smokey UML.
That's right.
Smoking it out with his band.
We have food.
We got alcohol and it's you come in, you buy what you want, of course, but it's open to everyone.
May 29th.
Four Corners of Freedom, Kingston, New York, Crown and John Street, 3 p.m.
Go to OccupyPeace.com, OccupyPeace.com and find out all the information.
We need you to be there and we need your support.
You can't win.
I can't fight this on my own.
I'm one guy.
I need your support.
There you got it.
Freedom, peace, and justice.
Join to unite.
The billionaires, the millionaires, they keep dumping money into the system so they keep getting what they want.
Give us 5, 10, 15, 20, whatever you could afford.
I put every penny we have into this, in my heart and soul.
Same with Allen Magazine.
In the Trends Journal, about 135 pages last week, 172 pages the week before.
You think I have to put out that much?
We do it to give you everything that we have.
So if we don't unite, we're finished.
Again, no jab, no job.
No jab, no travel.
No jab, no nothing.
Hungry just came out.
Hungry loosens COVID restrictions.
Associated Press.
You ready?
Not for the people.
Only for the people with immunity cards.
Vaccine passports.
Heil Hungary!
One country after another, and as you know, listening to InfoWars, and we write in the magazine, you're going to have to get vaccinated every year.
So the fight for freedom is before us.
Now I'm going to say something.
An entrepreneur opportunity.
That's one of the greatest I've ever seen in my life.
There are a few of them, and we write about them.
We're going to do more in this week's magazine as well.
This is going to be one of the stories.
Celebrities, artists bow to government pressure.
Artists, whether it be painters, poets, musicians, or actors, have traditionally bristled at overreach from government.
Ai Wei is an example of a living artist who uses platform to condemn his government in China when he believed it was injustice.
And he paid for it.
And now in the United States, as I said, we've become the Chinese.
Look at the so-called artists
That support the government and telling you to go get vaccinated.
Billy Crystal, the comedian, said, quote, I was glad to get my first step towards hugging my kids.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, how the hell could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea vote for this guy, the governor?
Again, look at the freaks running the show.
He was governor and now they got gruesome Newsome?
Again, it's one of the Infowars got it.
Generation Z is the most online generation in history.
They also have increasingly radical political views that are not always reflected and they dump it into our lives.
He jokes terror.
Look at this.
What the hell do I care what some little comedian blows out of his butt?
Because that's what's coming out.
A load of crap.
Who the hell are you?
I'll tell you who I am.
I'm what used to be a rock star.
Mick Jagger.
Telling people
That they're freaks if they don't get vaccinated.
I could care what this guy does!
Look at the clown show!
Look at the propaganda!
The Associated Press reported that Jennifer Lopez embraced her fully vaccinated mother on stage to prove that life can return to normal after receiving the jab.
The report said Sean Penn, David Letterman, Ben Affleck,
All address the crowd.
Biden said the vaccines are safe, I promise you.
Hey, if Biden promised me, I should believe that.
So here's the deal.
This is the big trend.
A whole new time for a new sound, a new style, new products for a whole new generation that doesn't believe in propaganda.
And it's a big segment of society.
New sounds, new styles, new products.
And we're going to be writing more and more about it in the Trends Journal.
There's never been a better time for a real art movement than now.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And goodbye, Rosie, Queen of Corona.
Oh, coronavirus.
Can't go to Corona, no more.
Yeah, Corona, New York used to be a cool place.
Still pretty good in a lot of places.
Real Italian area.
My family, my father's side, a lot of them lived over there.
Corona, different Corona.
Now we got the Corona killing us.
So listen, as I said, they're destroying our lives in front of us.
And we're all getting banned.
My covers of the Trans Journal get banned on LinkedIn all the time.
And so you need to support the truth because without it, we're gone.
And the truth will make you free.
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The future's in your hands.
Don't drop it.
I was mentioning about the celebrities, they call them.
That's a curse word to me.
Dignitaries is a curse word.
Government officials is a curse word.
Authorities is a curse word.
That's profanity.
Calling somebody, Mr. Salenti, I'd like you to meet this dignitary.
I tell them to go F themselves.
Who are you talking to?
I was talking about the vacuum of art right now.
And art is the way of finding the true meaning of the human spirit.
A Renaissance followed the Black Plague.
That's right.
Alle Romana all'antica, in the manner of the Romans and the ancients, to show the quality of their work.
They went back to the past.
They realized they were screwing up now.
We don't have that right now.
The artists make that happen.
It's a screw-up job right in front of our face.
So, concert, this is from LA Times, I'm sure you saw it on InfoWars.
Concert at SoFi Stadium in Englewood, Mark's return to large-scale event.
A star-studded concert.
So right there, those, that's a curse word to me, star-studded, shove that star,
Don't give me a crap!
Anyway, at Englewood's SoFi Stadium on Sunday will be one of the first major in-person events in Los Angeles County since the COVID-19 panic forced a pause on such large gatherings.
That's an outright lie!
The panic didn't
Force a pause.
Low-life, scum, garbage, little, creepy, low-life individuals closed it down.
Like the clown lady they call the health minister over there in L.A.
She looks like a ghost.
And Gavin, the Gatson.
Anyway, you know,
Vax Live, isn't that a nice name to sell the Vax?
Vax Live will be hosted by Selena Gomez, chaired by Prince Harry and Meghan.
Here, Prince!
Here, boy!
Hey, Prince, don't pee on the rug!
Here, boy!
Prince, that to me is profanity.
A little boy born on third base.
Of all the chicks he could have got, that's the one man.
Hey, if I was Prince, man, but anyway.
And features performance by Jennifer Lopez, Eddie Veder, I don't know, Foo Fighters, J Blavin, and H.E.R.
According to event organizer Global Citizen, an anti-profit, anti-poverty, non-profit, what does anti-poverty have to do with getting a vax?
The event is intended to celebrate the U.S.
vaccination campaign.
I'm not making this up.
This is out of the L.A.
To support the U.S.
vaccination campaign.
Boy, Hitler would be proud.
This is not my America.
Who are these people to tell me what to do?
How could anybody with a brain bigger than a pea listen to this crap?
They get all the money.
Look who they get their money from.
And you're telling me about anti-poverty?
The criminal group with the subprime mortgage?
Oh, those kind of people?
This is terrible.
You better support InfoWars.
Go to TrendsJournal.com if you want to know what in the world is going on and what to do next.
And please come to our rally.
And if you can't come donate, and if you do come donate, on May 29th, 3 p.m., we're gonna have keynote speakers.
Of course, I'll be there.
Great music, food, occupiedpeace.com.
This, what I just read to you, cannot be made up.
The audience will be made up of fully vaccinated healthcare and other essential workers.
You're not essential.
You're just, oh, I'm an essential worker.
I stock boxes at Amazon.
They're essential.
No, no, no.
I stock shelves in Walmart.
They're essential.
Your little restaurant pizza business, that's not essential.
Your little shop is not essential.
And you haven't been vaccinated.
You're not essential.
And they will be required to show proof of vaccines, according to organizers.
I'm telling you, my heart's broken.
I'm a visionary.
I'll put my work in front of anybody in the world.
Show me what you've done, and we could talk.
The future is hell in front of us if we don't change it.
And the future's in our hands, so don't drop it.
Put your money where your mind and mouth is.
And before I close, I want to mention quickly what's going on in the markets.
They're going up, and so is gold.
Gold now broke over $1,800 an ounce.
It's up almost $25.
Ethereum, up over 8%.
Bitcoin's bouncing back toward that $60,000 mark.
Smart people know, and I'm not saying what to invest in or how or what.
I don't give that kind of advice.
This is one big fraud out there.
I just read you the levels of fraud at different levels.
They're printing up digital money backed by nothing and printed on nothing to artificially pump up the equity markets.
There's going to be a boom.
Get ready for it.
It's going to be the roaring 21s, but not everywhere and not for a long time.
Many countries are going into the greatest, they're into the greatest depression.
You think you have migrant crisis and border crisis right now?
Haven't seen anything yet.
Egypt locked down again.
One after another.
They were going down before, big time.
Oh, that Turkish lira, oh, they only hit an all-time low against the dollar.
One after another.
The future is in your hands.
Don't drop it.
We're going through times like we've never seen before in my lifetime.
It's up to us to change the future.
It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brush fires of freedom in the minds of men, said Samuel Adams.
It's our future.
Look at these people.
Not a drop of boogie, not an ounce of jive.
They're dead.
They're dead.
They're the living dead.
And they got their vaccination cards to prove it.
The living dead.
Never has there been a better time for freedom, peace and justice.
And I'm doing everything I can to make it happen, and so is InfoWars.
See you next week, and remember, put your money where your heart is.
I get so nervous about supporting this broadcast and then God just comes through again.
It's like every time we get down to the line and I start going into the red, something good happens.
We go back to the black because I don't want to cut back our crew.
I don't want to, uh,
I'm good.
We get them, they sell out, and it's a month, six months, or longer until we get it in.
That's why we had to discontinue quite a few of the products, is we just couldn't get them anymore if they were California-grade standard, really clean, really good, and also high quality.
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Gamma amino butyric acid.
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Okay, maybe take half a capsule when you do.
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