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Name: 20210501_SpecialReport_Alex
Air Date: May 1, 2021
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InfoWars, the most banned network in the world.
I've been tracking different globalist plans for 30 years, intensely for more than 25, and they all go in the same direction.
Global feudalism, dehumanization, depopulation, a long controlled planetary collapse into a post-industrial world.
Now that's not to do against Save the Earth.
The very people doing this say that they're going to overwrite the entire planet.
With new life forms, that they're going to be God, and that this is basically just a giant laboratory, to use the British inflection, or laboratory, for their testing.
And now, they've gone over the side of the cliff, they've gone to high gear.
Some of their different timelines had them going into the beginning of the Great Reset, or the launch of Agenda 2030, after Agenda 21 had laid the groundwork since Reso de Janeiro.
Summit in 1992 that George Orwell Walker Bush signed us on to, you know, New World Order Bush.
And then they would test, engage it, and then move forward with the real reset in 2030, which is the accelerated depopulation via collapse and release bioweapon and war.
Of course, starvation is the main tool to collapse.
But because of nationalism, because of Bolsonaro, because of Trump, because of different movements that
We're nationalist structures.
They weren't perfect.
They still fit inside the New World Order in many respects.
But because they weren't completely controlled by the cartel, by the cult, they are accelerating their plan.
So they're not going to go agenda 21, where in 2021 they were going to launch and then go to the Great Reset in 2030.
In 2030, they're just accelerating the whole timetable now.
Because they were behind schedule and they've just jumped off the edge of the cliff.
They've got a really bad chance of succeeding if humanity wakes up and resists and speaks out against it and recognizes what it is.
The biggest reason they went ahead with it was they were so used to getting away with things and they control Interpol.
They control the federal police forces in France, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada.
And they've got just political operatives in there that are just paid off for very low amounts of money.
I mean, they're buying the average Justice Department official off for maybe half a million dollars a year.
Higher up, FBI agents are being bought off for maybe an extra hundred grand a year.
And for those little pieces of silver, they are literally selling out the economy, the future, the stability, and turning the world into a third world collapse system.
And they know that.
Most of them I've even had a chance to talk to go, well, yeah, Alex.
We've got to get rid of the people and things are going to collapse anyways.
So we might as well have a controlled demolition and then be in charge of it.
And so they want access, people that have sold out, to the compact city-states that will be within what's left of the former mega-cities.
And in every region, there's ten regions and three mega-regions, ten sub-regions, three mega-regions.
Strangely enough, they've picked the exact number of kingdoms the Bible says will be set up in Revelation.
So I guess they're following it as a blueprint.
Or it's prophecy coming true.
Either way you look at it, it's happening.
So it doesn't really matter, does it?
And they just talk about how they want to be on the inside club.
And now, they think they and their families will be protected by going along with the take down of civilization.
And the consolidation.
Because they're, quote, guardians of the Earth and doing this emergency surgery to cull us from the overpopulation that threatens the planet.
But then I go back to the original fact that they're playing God and says they're going to merge the machines and that humanity is obsolete.
So that's the excuse, again, for them to get power is claiming they're environmental guardians.
But in reality, they're just megalomaniacs who are in a race for life extension technologies.
And of course, historically, that's what mad scientists do.
That's what the scientific system does, is they get on a quest for discovery.
The other financiers or their own visions, a lot of our match geniuses that everybody else must be subserved into that system.
The end justifies the means.
But of course, if they entered other factors in other than their psychotic behavior and their their lust for knowledge and control, they realize that every group
An organization in revolution, whether it be good or bad, or a mix of the two, that takes over a former civilization, because it's weak, it's decadent, it's collapsed, it's been infiltrated, or it's just suicidal, like the West is.
After they've taken over, the bloodletting, the war, the civil war, only intensifies.
And so the very people that have helped bring in this
Technocratic, technotronic era that Brzezinski talked about.
And I hope you guys are listening that are in on this, because you're fools.
You've destroyed your own safety net of due process and chivalry and then the things that were developed to bring us out of barbarism so that we could have a stable civilization and stop powerful oligarchies and autocratic groups and plutocracies and other authoritarian systems from trying to take over society.
And to kind of end that ongoing struggle that's continually happening just as a function of mammalian challenges, mating rituals, whatever you want to call it.
And of course, that's the whole reason for world government, the League of Nations, and the UN was to stop the wars that end all wars, to stop World War I, to stop World War II from happening again.
But we're always right back where we were, just with bigger weapons and more technology, but also a more decadent, dumbed-down population, because the side effects of the largesse, which again, the power structure that argues against us at sea, the largesse has made us decadent, though they do everything they can to make us passive, stupid, dumbed-down, and decadent, and then use the bread and circuses to grease the skids.
Into collapse.
So all of their reasoning is circular.
All of their reasoning is hypocritical.
Oh man, all the top globalists, down the line from Galton, before him, Malthus, right through to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and Cold Springs Harbor, through Hitler and the Soviets and the Chinese Communists and the psychologists, Sigmund Freud, Deborah Bernays, and all of them, here,
In the West, they say they're sentient, they're god-men, they're discovering the uber-mission in themselves, but they must first throw off their humanity and dominate us to get to that point, while they teach us that we're just programmable animals that have no free will and no destiny, so that we will again subserve ourselves to their programming and become the biological robots they so much lust after.
And what is the point of that universe run by a bunch of sick inbred control freaks with a bunch of genetically mutated biological automatons that just serve as trophies for scooting the walls of their celebratory halls?
So, that's where I'm at on all this.
The truth is good people are allowing evil people to take control.
We're allowing ourselves to basically go along with this.
Hoping that things aren't as bad as we thought they were.
Hoping that things will somehow turn around.
Hoping somehow that the avarice and the hunger for power and domination and control and torture and pain and subservience somehow burns itself out.
And yes, it will burn itself out after it's dominated us and taken over and just engaged in all sorts of bizarre barbaristic excesses in the name of climate change.
And all these other neo-paganistic religions, which David admits are neo-paganistic and replace Christianity with it.
They said they want to return human sacrifice.
The UN openly said that 30 years ago.
I covered it in my film, Endgame.
So, this is just madness.
And they will destroy themselves.
They will burn themselves out.
But they think they're burning us out.
They think they're controlling the cycle of stoic society that rises
out of adversity into a powerful golden age of innovation and creativity and empowerment and egalitarianism and then decadence and corruption sets back in and there's a struggle between those forces and good overcomes for a while but in time corruption takes hold then what's left of the strength of the old empires thrust into conquest against other systems which then are conquered themselves and then
Fold in upon the Empire later conquering it.
It's the same story like China conquering us, just as the Visigoths and Ostrogoths and Germanics conquered Rome.
It just repeats, but now you've added hydrogen bombs, chemical weapons, and the weird twisted Hollywood hatred because of some
thousand-year-old war with Christianity that it needs to then dynamite any foundations of stability created by Christianity because those mere edifices are a threatening symbol to the globalists and their hunchbacked, Gaboric-like slouch.
And so they wish to blow up the castles and fortresses and systems and factories and ideas and literature of which they have conquered.
Of which they could step into those clothes and become that, though an imposter, like a fiddler crab stealing a shell from another deceased creature.
But no, these are not as smart as fiddler crabs.
They would tear the shell apart, no matter how long it took for them to gnaw through it, even though it destroyed them in the process, because the shell was so beautiful and did not originally come from them.
Alright, well, that's the bottom line.
The Great Reset is going into acceleration mode.
And, Katie, bar the door.
All you gotta do is go to Twitter, my God, and put in the Great Reset and just watch them gloating over us.
Of course, the advisory board to Biden says they want to only let you have five pounds of meat a year.
That's the official advisory UN board advising Biden.
Then Biden goes, that's not in my plan.
That's made up by Fox News.
That's how they always do it.
Like, we don't want pedophilia.
And now that's all they want.
You know, we don't want your guns.
Yeah, we want your guns.
They always just play these sick games.
But on British TV they're saying, you're going to have to get rid of your cat.
Or pay the equivalent of a cat tax of 2,000 pounds a year starting.
Because your cat's evil.
Because it releases carbon.
With the perfect taxation system to track, trace, control, and tax what we are.
So they got proposals to cut down trees and bury them.
There's carbon offsets because carbon's bad.
Oh, they talk about science.
It's just so diabolical.
But a lot of people are waking up that we're formally on the left and the right and realizing that we're far past midnight already, ladies and gentlemen.
Alright, well I've tried to just give you some of my ideas here on this Saturday morning as I'm driving into work to an emergency broadcast with Dr. Francis Boyle and others on the whole push for forced inoculations is totally illegal.
Now it's governments and corporations teaming up, which is the definition of corporate fascism to force this medical tyranny.
We'll be covering it all on a special Saturday transmission I'm going to tape.
This early afternoon, air tonight, that we posted the Bandai video.
I'm not sure of the headline yet, but you'll see it up there.
It's basically the Great Reset goes into high gear, planetary collapse accelerates.
I mean, words can't describe this.
You know, they admit they're doing it.
It's still... I look at the global public, still think of it a little bit in the lap of luxury, in the lap of Western societies, with fire and EMS and power and a social contract that's still operated.
That social contract
It's being dynamited.
There's a three-pronged fork, or attack, pincer plus one, of the environmental shutdown, takeover, as their excuse to track, trace, control everything, that they define everybody in the West being invaded by organized third world populations, already exploited by the UN, as their new client group, and their new captured permanent underclass group to bring it in, and then the
He's calling anyone a white supremacist that doesn't accept that love was conquering you, and that is the police state prong where you're the declared terrorist, as Biden did in his joint session to Congress, no longer a state of the union, as the very walls of the union are dissolved.
And as the average man, average woman, has no idea what's hitting him.
But you, my friends, are informed, you are involved, and the evidence of this new world order is as plentiful as fish in the sea.
And so I hope you'll investigate it for yourself and discover it to be true.
And I hope you will share this information with everyone you know.
I don't know how long influenza will be on the air, the way things are accelerating.
They're clearly going to release a new bioweapon soon.
We are the bioweapons.
It's now confirmed.
Top scientists.
Dozens of mainstream articles even yesterday that 60% of those in hospitals in the U.S., probably higher than that in Europe, that, quote, are dying of COVID, were vaccinated within the month.
So it's the vaccine killing them, then they test positive for COVID.
They tell them that's what's killing them.
That's why Fauci says obviously the vaccine doesn't work.
It was never meant to work.
It's meant to have you accept the oxymoron and the on-the-face fraud is you take five of these shots a year and you still can't go out and you're still not essential and you still wear a mask and it makes you sick but it's okay because you're a hero because you signed on to it at the beginning so via the mask Stockholm Syndrome or somebody buying a lottery ticket who won't admit it's a scam or somebody at a Nigerian email scam won't admit it's a scam keeps doubling down and investing more money with a Nigerian scam
Once these people have taken these shots and gotten sick, even paralyzed women in the hospital say, I'll do it again!
We need to do this for heroes!
It's worth it to save us from COVID!
Even though it's all basically fraud.
See how it works?
Alright, that's this report.
Only way this article, only way this video, only way this audio analysis gets out is if you share it.
So I'm asking all of you to please share this transmission.
The time is very, very short.
Please share it.
You are just as important as I am making this report.
You're sharing it.
It is beyond key.
On your email, on your text message, one of the more primitive ways, there's still ways you can get it out somewhat non-censored.
They won't let you send out Bandai Video or InfoWars.com links on things like Google email.
Email but you can or many other platforms, but you can do it at band this dot TV They haven't banned that URL yet.
That's an index of all the same videos same page ban this dot TV And this dot TV and when they ban that will give you a new URL.
There's only a work stop gap Around the enemy, but the fact you're trying to block this should let you know how important it is So again, please share it from band this dot TV if you want to see detailed reports proving all of this and
I think?
Is that if you look at places in Europe or Australia, but especially the UK, where they've taken the guns and where the people have been trained to be subservient, that's where the lockdowns are complete and basically never end.
They only take the lockdowns off to bring them back two weeks later to create the pretext.
There's actually, you know, a value to doing these lockdowns.
Does it matter what the math science says?
Does it matter if they turn up the PCR test?
Does it matter?
To the sheeple because they're under Stockholm syndrome and have basically submitted to it.
And they can't admit they've been conned.
I talked about that earlier.
It's just that realize you better thank the founders for fighting to enshrine rights that already existed, but who fought to enshrine them and protect them and defend them.
And that's the first and second amendment.
The first and second amendment now are more important than ever.
We better use the first amendment.
CNN has almost no viewers.
The ADL is reviled and hated across the United States and the world.
And they've even officially called the ADL for my arrest for my speech and for Mark Zuckerberg to be arrested for free speech as well.
These are very, very dangerous times.
They don't want us to be on air.
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