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Name: 20210501_Sat_Alex
Air Date: May 1, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses COVID-19 as an "offensive biological warfare weapon" with gain-of-function properties, and how Pfizer and Moderna shots introduce a gene editing system causing infertility and accelerated death. The speaker highlights the opportunity for a world reset during the pandemic, mentions conspiracy theories, and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's desire for a dictatorship similar to China's. They also discuss Dr. Francis Boyle's warning against experimental vaccines violating the Nuremberg Code and Geneva Convention. A young Canadian woman talks about government troops on the streets, strict lockdowns, and small business struggles in Canada. She claims that information about Chinese troops is being covered up, and there is an agenda to control Texas and other states. The podcast host and guest discuss Anthony Fauci's involvement in gain-of-function research, arguing for monitoring and surveillance at viral outbreak sources. Criticisms include Joe Biden comparing the Capitol Riot to the Civil War, Tucker Carlson critiquing mask-wearing, and forced child mask-wearing outside being considered child abuse.

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Now, ask yourself, COVID-19, we've discussed before Alex, is an offensive biological warfare weapon that has been DNA genetically engineered.
It has been given gain-of-function properties to make it more lethal, more infectious.
It has HIV right in there.
And it also involves synthetic biology.
They are giving you little cells of this.
They say, well, it's an innocuous little cell, but they're putting it right into your body.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Saturday, May 1st, 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones.
I'm about to lay out some of the most incredible information in the history
of humans on this earth.
It parallels the amazing mind of Rod Serling in his 1968 sci-fi film, Planet of the Apes.
Oh, my God.
I'm back.
I'm home.
All the time it was.
We finally really did it.
You maniacs!
You blew it up!
Oh, damn you!
On this May 1st, High Holy Day of the Satanist,
I come to you to challenge their plan of global domination.
And just as their French Revolution failed, and just as their great Soviet Revolution collapsed, their malice operation and their great reset of the Rockefeller's Rothschilds will fail as well.
Thank you so much for joining us for this emergency transmission today.
I want to thank the crew for coming in.
To produce this very special transmission.
Much of this crew has been working seven days a week since long before the fraudulent election of November 3rd.
And now everything that was speculation about the New World Order is now out in the open.
And of course, it's exactly as I said it was because I was going off the enemy's own blueprints and their own plans, which very frustratingly are public.
But you'll have it put out in white papers, put out at the UN level, put out at the Davos level, put out at the Bilderberg level, put out at the Politburo CCP level.
But then they'll have the national news come out, the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and say, there is no Great Reset.
There is no plan to restrict meat consumption.
There is no plan to break up the family.
There is no plan to take your guns.
There is no plan to get rid of the borders.
There is no plan.
Joe Biden's the most eloquent man.
He just, his voices, his oratory skills are the most devastatingly powerful we've ever seen.
That's what they said on Wednesday night about his bizarre speech.
Where he sounded like an Alzheimer's patient.
And Tucker Carlson put a compilation together Thursday that we're going to play some of coming up next hour that is just insane.
I mean, they literally worship him because it's gaslighting.
It's meant to make you not believe your own instincts and your own common sense.
So again, thank you so much for joining us.
Right before we went on this afternoon,
Right as we were about to go live, live tape to air, we do this like it's live, then air it later on Saturdays.
All the other shows are live in real time, delayed 10 seconds for radio stations and TV stations.
But this is taped to air, I'm taping this at 12.50 we started, and it'll be airing sometime this afternoon as soon as we get it ready on all our satellite feeds and going out to people.
But right before we went live, taped to air, I said,
Go get the end of the original Planet of the Apes written by Rod Serling.
When the astronauts come back to Earth, he doesn't know where he is.
He's gone through some type of wormhole.
He's come back 5,000 years later, and it isn't until the end of the movie he figures out he's on the eastern seaboard of what was the United States, destroyed in a giant nuclear war.
He says, you've really done it.
You've really blown it all up.
It was concern about nuclear war that got global government first established out of the Club of Rome, Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations.
And they got most intellectuals of the world, whether they were Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, German, Brazilian, British, French, South African, didn't matter, to sign on to global government in the name of stopping a nuclear war.
They tried to get the First League of Nations back in.
1918, 1919, after the First Great War, they call it the War to End All Wars, but that didn't go through.
Then the bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki did get the Rockefeller-funded and founded and donated UN land established.
So this is a Rockefeller Rothschild project.
Their names are on the buildings.
They have established this system.
But in the name of stopping nuclear war,
The Carnegie Endowment and the Rockefeller Foundation put out public reports, well they got brought out in 1977 in the Church Committee hearings in the Senate, that they were going to get rid of the family, get rid of masculinity, so that war would be impossible.
They would do it through chemicals in the food and the water.
Now it's mainstream news that within 10 years almost no one will be able to even have children anymore in Western countries.
As soon as other countries industrialize, suddenly they can't have children.
That's the chemicals in the food and the water.
But now they decided to just accelerate towards a very deadly gene therapy that killed on average 80% of lab rats, pigs, chinchillas, goats, dogs, horses, and primates it was given to.
In some species, it has a 100% kill rate in ferrets.
Now, it would take six months on average for all the ferrets to die, and a ferret only lives, you know, a fraction of a human.
But if you add out that time, ferret dies in six months, you die in 10 years on average.
And that's a guesstimation, but that's why they use those certain lab rats.
They found rats and pigs are the closest to humans with drugs.
Even closer than the chimpanzee.
Not saying we're related to them, but drug reactions on average with rats, mice, and chimpanzees aren't even as close to that as rats, mice, and pigs.
Now, I'm digressing here.
The point is, they did mRNA testing.
On the same viruses in the same families for over a decade in China, in the United States, at Chapel Hill.
That's all over the news now.
We told you about a year ago, 14 months ago.
And they gave it gain of function.
And now they are deploying it against humanity.
And they knew that the vaccines that they gave the animals, again, pigs, goats, you name it, chinchillas, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chimpanzees,
What they gave them did not help them.
It made them sick, infertile, diseased, autoimmune responses, allergic to everything, and caused most of them to have accelerated death.
Whereas a year-old ferret would usually live to be about 10 years old.
Well, they were dead in six months, so that gives you an idea.
Now humans are a lot tougher than a chinchilla or a guinea pig.
But that said, that's why they do the animal testing.
And so they are introducing with the Pfizer and the Moderna shots, this gene editing system that is going to
And that's why they've got in future insurance actuaries that the population by 2030 in the U.S.
will be 160 million.
So that's what they're budgeting for, that's what they're preparing for, having our population cut more than half.
That's in the Diegel Report and other reports.
But I'm just digressing.
Here's what I should say up front.
Those of you that are aware of all this are the blessed and lucky ones.
Can you imagine people here in the U.S., which is one of the main targets, and around the world being hit by this and have no idea?
We told you it was in the Davos Group documents from two years ago and in the lockstep and other documents.
That they would first say one shot, then they'd say five shots, and they'd say ten shots.
Then they're just going to say they don't work, but you still got to have them to leave your house.
And if one shot is already, or two shots is already maiming and killing so many people, and I have the CDC's own numbers here coming up, can you imagine the long-term devastation of this, where it is going to weigh down society and make it collapse, which is the post-industrial world great reset plan?
So we're up here on this very special Saturday transmission to get Dr. Francis Boyle on, who is the author of the U.S.
Biological Weapons Law that then became the U.N.
He's also been the top war crimes prosecutor for the U.N.
He has the special Ph.D.
that only one person gets a year.
Henry Kissinger got one after World War II.
He went on to teach
Klaus Schwab was one of his graduates.
And so at Harvard, he's only trained about 40 of these people.
He only goes in and trains one person a year.
He doesn't do it every year.
And so we have one of those people here who was trained by him.
I'm actually going to show you Klaus Schwab this year saying he was trained by Henry Kissinger at Harvard.
So Boyle is an insider.
I know he's not
Brad Pitt or something.
I know our audience isn't into that, but the general public thinks Brad Pitt is important.
Somebody like Francis Boyle is important.
Brad Pitt reads off a teleprompter or off a script.
This man is one of the only people ever to be on the inside of the globalist operation that's nestled at John Hopkins and Harvard, the main two groups.
Everybody else are underlings.
I mean, that's why Xi Jinping's daughter goes to Harvard.
That's why Schwab went there.
You don't go there to learn how to be a smart person.
You go there to try to grovel and be part and get a position on betraying humanity and engaging in nasty population.
So we're going to have him on about Biden announcing, which I already told you the military told me, high level sources, that they intend to make right after July 4th,
We're good to go.
Coming out and saying that you must take your inoculations and it's now time to bully people.
It's now time to control people.
So they're coming with the forced inoculations.
That's always been the plan.
And this is war.
This is a military attack.
This is just like shooting black people up with syphilis at Tuskegee.
And this is their depopulation operation.
So that's all coming up.
Now I want to get to some Great Reset clips for you right now, because if you go to Google and type in the Great Reset, all you get is hundreds of pages of globalist propaganda saying it doesn't exist, it's a white supremacist term.
The ADL saying they'll have you arrested if you talk about it, literally.
Boy, that's not dangerous.
But then when you actually go to Twitter, which still operates as a search engine, or DuckDuckGo for that matter, you type in Great Reset.
There was so much of it loading this morning, I spent three hours just reading and watching videos, a bunch of which I hadn't seen.
I mean, it's got Trudeau calling for communism and dictatorship, and it's got them all admitting Great Reset, you know, uses COVID to take over.
But I found like 30 clips.
We'll play some now and some after Boyle leaves us.
Of just incredible admissions from world leaders, from Klaus Schwab, from Hillary Clinton, from Tony Blair, from Boris Johnson, from Barack Obama, from Joe Biden, and from Greta Thunberg, from Bill Clinton, from them all, telling you what they're going to do to you.
You'll have nothing, you'll own nothing.
They're gonna get rid of your bank accounts and take them, and then quote, give them to poor people, but only a part of it, to get the general public to accept taking money from the middle class, but then the ultra-rich are exempt.
I mean this, and they talk about stationing troops in your neighborhood, and making you station migrants in your home that watch you and are spies of the system.
That's already done in Europe.
You cannot make this up.
This is just maximum martial law tyranny rollout.
Brought to you by Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates, who brag that they tell Biden, Boris Johnson, Macron, Merkel what to do.
In fact, they've all said on TV, we take our orders from the trifecta, Prince Charles, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab.
So I'm going to play you some of those clips, but this is the global assault.
The communists and the fascists learned you can't win in an open assault.
You gotta do it with, oh, you're dirty, you're bad, humans are bad, oh, you're dirty, wear a mask, oh, you gotta have all these shots, you'll be free once you do, oh, sorry, now you're not free.
This is their takeover.
This is the rest of our lives.
This is everything.
The struggle against this is now survival.
This is everything.
You got full-grown men going and watching Marvel comic shows and getting into the Avengers this and the that, and I have, like,
People I know in government and FBI agents and Green Berets or want to talk to me about, man, you want to go watch a Marvel comic movie.
And I'm like, listen, the real end games now, the real end game got made in 2007, not in 2018.
This is real.
You're under attack.
We're all being hit.
And I just need to get men to start not being into Hollywood and start getting in to the real world.
Because the prosperity is going to be gone.
They want to get rid of it and make you love it, and then use that for total control, and then use the starving masses as weapons against those of us that are still middle class, while the globalists sit offshore.
This is a high-tech version of the Bolshevik revolution.
So let's go ahead and play a clip, clip three.
This is COVID-19 impact on climate change.
So this is Greta Thunberg, the anointed person that her email's been hacked, or Twitter's been hacked.
She gets orders from the UN of what to say, an action plan.
And she says, this rolled us back to 2016 levels, so the earth doesn't end in 2030 now.
That's agenda 2030.
We've got a few extra years, we do what they say, but it's not enough.
We need more climate
Lockdowns, and so the whole COVID thing was really, really about saving the earth by starving humans by the tens of millions to death.
So here is that clip.
The pandemic has led to a global shutdown.
Air travel has dramatically reduced.
Factories are closed.
And roads and motorways are empty.
In one of the most profound changes to human society in living memory, the impact on the planet itself is being calculated.
Have you ever seen changes this drastic before?
Such a change was completely unprecedented.
We had to check the data was correct.
So from January, since the beginning of the lockdowns up to April, on the global scale, there is a decrease of about 17% in the
CO2 emissions over this period.
It's 17% lower than in the previous year.
When was the last time we were down at those kinds of emissions levels?
With what we have now we are back in 2006 levels.
So that really shows the scope of the challenge that we are facing.
When we shut down our societies completely, we only go back like 14 years to 2006.
So yeah, it's really shocking.
And they officially say it's a good thing on their website.
Let's move along.
And they've now proposed yearly and bi-yearly lockdowns for the Earth.
So, official martial law, but it's okay.
It's for the Earth.
And the elites, of course, still fly around in private jets and live on huge palatial estates and do whatever they want.
The masks are all for show.
Now, here is clip five, Build Back Better.
We've got compilations of leaders saying it, or puppet globalists.
We also have individuals saying it.
Here is clip five.
It's a very pertinent question to ask, how do we build back better?
To build back better or whatever.
We have a chance to reset the clock and build back better than before.
To build back better than before.
Remember the terrible damage of COVID as we try to build back from this global pandemic.
Joe Biden calls it build back better.
Build back better.
Building back better.
To do things differently.
To build back better.
We're going to build it back better.
And build it back better.
My plan to build back better.
Start taking all the problems that have been created in education and mental health and start to build back in a positive way.
I have launched a booklet called Build Back Better.
Britain after coronavirus.
It's about building this country back better.
A growing conspiracy following it.
It is called the Great Reset.
An unprecedented opportunity to rethink and reset the ways in which we live.
The Great Opportunity for Reset.
The theory even calls Mr. Biden's campaign slogan, Build Back Better, a front for the conspiracy.
Build back better.
Building back better our economy.
All elements of the Great Reset are fundamental to building the future we need.
This pandemic has provided an opportunity for a reset.
It's a big effort.
So remember, it doesn't exist.
The New York Times, the ADL says literally arrest anyone talking about it who's not for it.
If you're for it, you're a wonderful person.
Now, let's play Modi.
He recently came out and said we need to build back better, the great reset for a new world order.
Here is the leader of the second most populous nation in the world, India.
The biggest question before the entire world is how to restart.
The restart will not be possible without a reset.
A reset of mindset.
A reset of processes on a new world order.
New protocols that develop and world change itself.
Okay, but you just saw on screen the ADL, so the Department of Law Center says that does not exist.
And there's not directly story time with convicted pedophiles either, and the borders aren't wide open, they're not coming for our guns.
And there's not people dying all over from the vaccines.
By the way, I have stacks of mainstream news that the majority of people in the hospital, they now say they have COVID, that are actually sick and dying, were given the vaccine two weeks to a month before.
You come in contact with a regular cold virus, you're gonna have an autoimmune response.
There's a lot of different syndromes, but yeah.
Very, very evil, very, very sick, ladies and gentlemen.
It's called a technocracy.
And all these world leaders are in line or they'll be removed via fraud, just like Trump.
And Trump partially went along with it as well.
Do you know what he was doing?
I don't know, but it doesn't matter now.
We've got the real puppet chief, Biden, ensconced, installed.
Now let's look at a microcosm of this, and then we're going to get our guest on and come back to it.
The full research on this that I prepared to go over with you today and how to stop it, by the way, and the ways to actually defeat this.
But let's go ahead and look at Trudeau, who has said he wants a dictatorship like China for Canada.
I played that clip a hundred times.
I'm not going to play it.
Anybody wants to type in.
Trudeau says he wants a dictatorship like China and Canada.
But here's Trudeau announcing federal government deploying Canadian Armed Forces, and they've got up to 100 police going to small churches, putting fences up around them and not letting them go, but Walmart and Target are all open.
And then you've got locals describing what it's like to go bankrupt and are becoming homeless, and the reports of Chinese troops.
And again, the Chinese troops don't show up and take your guns right away.
They're just suddenly there.
And of course, the Chinese troops are there.
It's come out in the news.
The rebel media broke it, showed the secret documents.
They got via FOIA request.
Now the CIA, they want him to know, I guess, and the Pentagon is doing investigations into Ezra Levant as a terrorist.
And of course Biden announced anyone opposing them is a terrorist and the main threat is white people in America, he said.
So this is the Marxist Globalist Takeover with the ultra-rich as usual funding and all.
Here is the Prime Minister of Canada, Mr. Trudeau.
To beat back the third wave and protect Ontarians, we're deploying federal health care workers to the province.
This mobilization includes three medical assistance teams and nine critical care nurses from the Canadian Armed Forces.
Yesterday, the forces carried out their assessment of the needs on the ground in Ontario to finalize the details of this operation.
We're working with our provincial partners on next steps, and Armed Forces members will be mobilized in the coming days.
Let's be clear.
Sending men and women in uniform to help in Ontario is a serious step.
We're doing this because the situation requires it.
Today, the first deployment of nurses and doctors from Newfoundland and Labrador will also be arriving in Ontario for the GTA.
They'll land this afternoon at Pearson aboard a Canadian Armed Forces airplane.
Newfoundland and Labrador is already organizing a second team of health care workers who will rotate in to help.
Our government is covering the costs of deploying these teams and we're ready to do the same for any other province or territory that can also step in with support.
Now, my friends, we're going to go to break here in just a moment and come back with Dr. Francis Boyle and look at the dangerous Franken-shot rollout of the vaccines, the maiming, the death.
They're not even attempting to cover it up now.
And Dr. Boyle, 14 months ago on this broadcast, predicted all of this.
Laid out the fact that this was part of a larger Henry Kissinger globalist plan.
And now Klaus Schwab has come out, we'll play the clip when we come back, and said that he got trained at Harvard how to do this and that the greatest influence on him was Henry Kissinger.
And Dr. Francis Boyle also trained under Kissinger in that special PhD that they only issue one of a year.
So he is a major whistleblower when it comes to that to understand this.
By the way, Joe Rogan four days ago had a major
Washington Post reporter on admitting that it came out of the lab that leaked out of the lab that Fauci's covering it up because he was involved in it moving from Chapel Hill North Carolina that was called breaking news and I'm glad they quote broke it but it was Dr. Francis Boyle broke that here in on other shows in February of last year in our show in early March over a year ago.
So that is the reality, ladies and gentlemen, but there is the latest report Fauci behind Wuhan COVID-19 leak.
Washington Post reporter tells Joe Rogan, very important article, very important report in the Gregory section of Bandon Video.
And that's how that information gets out is when you share it.
So Josh Rogan, The Washington Post on with Joe Rogan, no relationship.
So we're going to go to
Clip 10, please.
And then we're going to come right back with Dr. Francis Boyle.
Henry Kissinger was Klaus Schwab's mentor and got that special PhD at Harvard.
And I don't know if Dr. Francis Boyle knew that, but he's been on the show 20 years.
And he always talked about the importance of that particular Harvard PhD to getting into the real driver's seat of the larger globalist plan.
But the main reason we've got Boyle coming on is the fact that he's talked about, it's one thing to say we're going to mandate regular vaccines, but if you mandate experimental things that aren't even vaccines, it violates the Nuremberg Code, Geneva Convention.
He would know, he didn't just write U.S.
biological weapons law, he also got a lot of that got adopted by the U.N.
He was also one of the top U.N.
war crimes prosecutors at the U.N., so he can definitely lay out the Geneva Convention and the Nuremberg Code for us and talk about
As they try to say it's the law for the military, Biden's saying the military is going to be forcibly inoculated.
I already have that for military officers.
A month ago, we broke that.
Callers said, hey, we're being told in July it's going to be mandatory on a marine base, army bases.
I made some calls and confirmed with officers that they're told in July is when Biden's going to do that.
Well, he's announced that basically that's coming and so much more.
And then now CNN and
USA Today are saying forced inoculations are needed.
It's time to bully the American people.
It's time to shun those of us that don't take all these shots which they also admit don't even work anymore.
So here's that clip of Klaus Schwab.
We'll come back with Dr. Francis Boyle.
I have met practically every leader in the last 40 years and there were only three or four leaders who really made a lasting impression on me and to a certain extent changed my thinking.
And one of those was Mandela, another one was my teacher at Harvard 50 years ago, Professor Henry Kissinger.
Let's put it all together.
Let's take this from the arch-globalist himself, Mr. New World Order Henry Kissinger.
Who wrote, as I'm sure you've seen by now, an op-ed recently, The coronavirus pandemic will forever alter the world order.
Nations cohere and flourish on the belief that their institutions can foresee calamity, arrest its impact, and restore stability.
When the COVID-19 pandemic is over, many countries' institutions will be perceived as having failed.
Whether this judgment is objectively fair is irrelevant.
The reality is the world will never be the same after the coronavirus.
To argue now about the past only makes it harder to do what has to be done.
So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had and everything will be normal again in how we are used to normal in the old fashion.
This is, let's say, fiction.
It will not happen.
The cut which we have now is much too strong in order not to leave traces.
There's a need for a new world order.
But it has different characteristics in different parts of the world that we have to bring about together with other countries, a different consciousness of what a world order is, that yes, we're living in a period of tremendous turmoil now.
But I think that at the end of this administration, with all its turmoil, and at the beginning of the next, we might actually witness the creation of a new order because people
So he's been saying that for four years.
They said they'd use a virus to do it.
It's in the Rockefeller Operation Lockstep plan.
It's all premeditated.
They don't even deny that now.
I just, in the last 45 minutes, showed you massive evidence of all of that.
Francis A. Boyle, Professor, joins us.
I'm not going to go over his whole bio or his doctorate of law.
Magna Cum Laude, Ph.D.
political science from both Harvard University and of course all of the books that he's written.
But there you have it.
Only one person a year gets that globalist Ph.D.
Boyle got it.
They thought it was one of them, but he's been exposing them ever since.
And he's really is inside their head.
So I can't think of a better guest to come on with us to talk about the big picture, the million foot view.
And then also zooming in.
I don't
For the last 10 years, so now they've used this crisis to just stampede it through in emergency.
If Boyle, twice on record, I had him all the time, went and got the military to stop giving experimental anthrax shots that killed tens of thousands of troops on record, then if you can't make the military take it, then how can you make the public take it?
This is just such a stampeding.
So I'm going to try to give you the floor to
Start wherever you like.
This is commercial free on this special Saturday transmission.
Dr. Boyle, thank you for joining us.
All right.
Well, yes, to get to the first point about Kissinger and Schwab, I didn't know Schwab had studied with Kissinger, but it doesn't surprise me at all.
Yes, as you correctly pointed out, when I was a young man, I decided to get the
Most elite education I possibly could, and turn it against the people running the American empire.
So I did enter Harvard Law School in 1971.
I was in the exact same 1L class with Mitt Romney.
Back in those days, he went by Will, and he was even running for president then.
We took all our 1L courses.
And then the next year,
Yes, I deliberately entered the exact same PhD program at Harvard that had produced both Kissinger and Brzezinski before me.
And that is the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Department of Government, where they train future Harvard professors of political science and high-level government officials like Kissinger, McGeorge Bundy before him, Brzezinski, Huntington, Ellison, Joe Nye.
I could go on with these types of figures.
So yes, I went through the exact same program and I was an associate at Harvard Center for International Affairs for two years there and they gave me Kissinger's old office for one year when I was there.
It was kind of spooky sitting there with his old file cabinets staring me in the face.
And again, sir, the reason this is so important is out of all the globalist groups, this seems to be the central brain hub where the most
Well, as I said, McGeorge Bundy went through the exact same thing.
So, he taught in the government department at Harvard.
I taught there for two years.
Before I decide to become a law professor.
So that takes us back to Kennedy and the best and the brightest, back to 1961.
And these are the people, you know, been running the world, at least in my political lifetime.
As for Kissinger and the Harvard Government Department, Kissinger's completely Machiavelli.
He does not have a principled bone in his body.
It's not just me saying that.
I can't hear you there, Alex.
It's not just me saying that, but also his colleague Stanley Hoffman, who was my PhD dissertation supervisor, started out in that program with Kissinger.
So he's thoroughly Machiavellian.
The Harvard Government Department, they're all neoconservative, power-hungry, inners and outers with Washington, D.C.
Advising Democrats and Republicans alike.
I mean, this is so historic.
This is so big.
And I was about to ask the crew to put up on screen State Department memorandum.
200 and public law 7277 that also all came out of Harvard for global depopulation carried out by a global government, a disarming of our police and military, and a world government takeover run by corporations.
So now that we've set the table with this, you were there, and I'm gonna be showing this for TV viewers while you're talking, 14 months ago laying out everything that's now come out, predicting the vaccines wouldn't be vaccines, predicting they'd kill a bunch of people,
So how did you know all that and then tell us what you think currently of the news of them saying, hey, these vaccines don't even protect you now, but you've got to keep taking them.
And by the way, you still can't take the mask off.
You predicted they would do all of this.
They now admit it's nothing but a giant corporate power grab.
Well, Harvard trained me to be one of these people.
I mean, they basically trained me to be a Kissinger for my generation, but they didn't realize my agenda was to oppose them.
As for these Frankenshots and the COVID-19, all the rest of that, as you know,
I got involved in opposing U.S.
government biological warfare weapons and programs shortly after the Council for Responsible Genetics was founded there in Cambridge, Mass.
And several of my friends there in the Life Sciences Department at Harvard were involved.
And I guess they vouched for me and I got involved that way.
So I've been fighting these people
Since about 1984 or something, and they just have a Nazi mentality like Kissinger.
What could I say?
They brainwash you that way at Harvard.
And here, I'm not talking about the Harvard Kennedy School.
People get those confused.
Kennedy School came later, and basically they just trained U.S.
imperial operatics, okay?
But I went through the real thing, Kissinger and also Brzezinski, but I went there because of Kissinger, because I figured, as you correctly said, that's where the power is.
Harvard is the brains of the American empire.
Certainly in my political lifetime, which goes back at least, I guess, to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
That's why I went there.
That's why I went through that program.
And if Harvard is the sun orbiting it, are some planets, I think the biggest next body would be what the Chicago Business School seems to also be key in Harvard's orbit.
And as you have said before, a true Nazi ideologue was the leader of the neocon movement out of out of the Chicago Business School.
Yes, I went to the University of Chicago as an undergraduate and
was in the political science department there, and they were these Straussian neoconservatives.
That's where the neoconservative movement started under Leo Strauss.
Strauss had just retired when I got there, but I studied with his right-hand man, co-author, and later literary executor of his estate,
Joseph Cropsey.
So I went through that whole neocon program and I was at the top of my undergraduate class there and graduated in three years instead of four.
But what we have to understand about the neocons is that Leo Strauss's mentor and sponsor in Germany was Carl Schmitt.
And Carl Schmitt was the leading Nazi law professor of that benighted era, the crown jurist of the Nazis.
And Carl Schmitt justified every hideous atrocity Hitler and the Nazis inflicted on everyone
Including the Jews.
I don't want to interrupt you, Dr. Boyle, but you're not a pompous person like Kissinger or these other people, but you're one of the few people that have actually gone through two of the key schools that we know got influenced by the British Royal Roundtable groups.
Then as they handed off their empire to us after World War I and World War II, we became the empire.
And of course, Carol Quigley at Georgetown wrote Tragedy and Hope, where he detailed that from a positive perspective.
What is it like for you?
To write all these books and give all these speeches and be a top war crimes prosecutor and you've been at the highest levels of basically the system to be able to study it and for decades been exposing it.
To then see Republican politics, Democrat politics, as you said, the Kennedy School, all these sub flavors that are really just false political paradigms where people follow a compartmentalized system and never even figure out the real politic of Kissinger that's been adopted by the global elites.
And whereas the general public would adopt real politic, not
Believing it, not following it, but knowing it's the opposition to freedom, we could defeat it very easily.
But instead, if you talk about the Great Reset, or you talk about anything, they go, oh, that doesn't exist in the New York Times.
They talk to us like children.
And so this information is there, and you come on the show and get tens of millions of views over the years, but still, we just grovel at the feet of these people that intellectually could be defeated, because all they are is authoritarians masquerading as our leaders.
Yeah, I've been up against all the top lawyers and international lawyers and whatever, and I've been able to demolish them in court or in debate.
Alan Dershowitz I demolished.
It was so bad that Dershowitz admitted I was the expert on international law.
And international human rights.
So sure, I've been fighting these people, I guess, ever since I entered the University of Chicago in 1968.
But that's what I decided to do when I was 17.
So here I am, I've been doing it.
I can't complain or anything.
Well, it's very historical and it's great to talk to you on those points.
Now that we've done your curriculum, Vitae, let's drill into the law because I see all these great lawyers that mean well out there addressing this like, hey, First Amendment, you're trying to violate religious exemption.
I'm not a lawyer, but studying what you've said in history, if you could get it where the military didn't have to take experimental shots, and that this is even more Frankenstein than the anthrax shots, and isn't even in the vaccine family, how could they be trying to pass laws now in six states saying you will take an experimental shot, and then now they've got CNN, MSNBC, even Fox News saying, no, let's go ahead and make people take this.
I mean, this is over my dead body type level stuff.
So as a International War Crimes Tribunal,
Right, Alex, and that's the reason I've been appearing on your show since February of 2020 to try to explain this to
Common, ordinary, everyday Americans.
You have to understand, I've been living this since 1968.
So of course I understand it and I've been fighting against it and opposing it.
Most Americans haven't done that.
I understand that.
They just have to go out there and support their spouses and their kids.
So fine.
But I tried to explain it and explain it in terms that I hope ordinary people can understand.
And I write in plain English, not, you know, this highfalutin legalese.
Now, you are correct.
What happened was in the run-up to Gulf War I, in about, I believe it was maybe December of 1990, and I was doing everything possible
To oppose the war at that time.
All of a sudden, Dick Cheney ordered U.S.
Armed Forces to take two experimental Franken shots.
for anthrax and botulinum, and it just came out of nowhere.
And I was blindsided by it, because even though I had been following U.S.
biological warfare weapons, I didn't know why.
Later on, we found out that the neocons in the Reagan administration had ordered the Center for Disease Control, a bunch of Nazis, an American-type culture collection, to send 40 shipments
of weapons-specific biological warfare agents to Saddam Hussein in Iraq in the hope and expectation that he would use them against Iran in the Iraq-Iran war that had been encouraged by Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was also ahead of me in that same Harvard PhD program.
So I go way back with him, too.
So, I came to the defense of the leading military medical doctor, Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughan, who refused to give these frankenshots because she correctly knew that they violated the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
The Helsinki Code and her ethical obligation as a doctor to do no harm.
That was in February 1991.
I agreed pro bono publico to help defend her.
I'm not going to go through it all here, but we did put on trial those frankenshots from that time.
And in the course of those proceedings, I publicly accused President Bush Sr., Cheney, Secretary of Defense, Colin Powell, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and General Schwarzkopf of committing Nuremberg crimes on our own troops for forcing them to take those original frankenshots.
That went out all over the country on satellite.
I was told by a lawyer in the White House, they heard it there and they were quite upset.
As we eventually found out, those original Frankenshots were given to 500,000 members of U.S.
Armed Forces, 11,000 died, 100,000 were disabled.
And in addition, the Gulf War Syndrome.
In addition, the Gulf War Syndrome also was conveyed by veterans suffering from it to their families and to health care workers that were treating them.
So it was clear there was a biological warfare agent at work in those Franken shots.
The tip off here, Alex, is this.
The British troops also
We're forced to take those same frankenshots.
I got involved in exposing that over in the UK, TV4, Channel 4, The Dirty War.
I started advising them in 1993.
They had heard of my expertise on these things.
And again, Dr. Boll, for folks that are just joining us, we're not just telling these stories because they're interesting history.
What you did, you're the guy that stopped this with a few other patriots and heroes.
You have stopped this over and over again.
That's why I should have said that up front.
Hey, we got the guy coming on that stopped the fraud before.
We got the guy coming on that
Stop the illegal experimental shots before and we can stop them again, ladies and gentlemen.
That's why we're giving you this whole history on his bona fides.
He went through the same training under Kissinger as Klaus Schwab.
He's the insider.
He's the whistleblower.
And he's I'm getting chills right now because they're coming for all of us.
They're trying to have a medical tyranny.
They're announcing forced inoculations now for the troops and us next.
They're preparing the mind.
So we better listen to Dr. Boyle.
Please continue.
Right, and Alex, here's the important point, that the French troops did not take those frankenshots the first time because they had used experimental anthrax vaccines in their Indochina war and it had poisoned all their troops.
That's right, they were the only ones that didn't die of Gulf War Syndrome.
That's correct.
And they did not have Gulf War Syndrome.
The British troops did.
The American forces did.
Some of their families and health care workers did.
The French troops did not, except a small number of them, in their staff command, in order to serve with the Joint Staff Command with us, they did.
And some of them did come down, but it was a very small number.
But the key is,
The French troops did not take the Franken-shots and they did not come down with Gophers Syndrome, unlike our forces, where we had probably, I would say, 2% killed, 20% disabled, and those were healthy young men and women in our armed forces.
I think, and later on, Senator Jay Rockefeller also held hearings on those original Franken shots, and he too publicly at the end of these hearings accused Bush and the rest of the committee of Nuremberg crime on our own troops.
So we're back at this stage, this exact same stage again.
I've heard from, I know many of our armed services members listened to your
Program I hear from any of them and that's why I designed my Nuremberg notice that I just sent to Scott again today, a very short little succinct notice.
Well, that's the Nuremberg Code, but I distilled it all into a little bitty three-sentence notice.
Yes, sir.
We've got it, and we'll post it in the live show feed, under the live show feed, along with the Nuremberg Code.
And in addition to that, I have a fix there.
I work with an investigative journalist.
I gave a 32-minute, word-by-word, line-by-line explanation about what it says, what it means, what is its history, and how it can be used.
And all that is due to people from your audience
Ask him!
Get this information, just because you know this listeners, your friends, your neighbors, perfect strangers, the military base down the road, they don't know.
So print up a bunch of copies, bring it down to the PX.
If you really care about our troops and let them know their rights, because if they can do it to them, they're going to do it to us.
And what do you make of my sources that after July 4th, Biden is going to announce forced inoculations yet again of the troops.
And then I said that a month and a half ago from the sources.
It's now a Biden says he's looking at doing it.
It doesn't surprise me, Alex.
It was just reported he's considering it.
As for what I would recommend, Alex, is you take that excellent program we did March 17th, because that's the last good one you and I did about all these issues.
I've heard from several troops about this.
My advice to them, it looks like it's coming, is at this time to line up a lawyer.
You have my Nuremberg notice.
You have my 32-minute explanation for it.
Those members of our armed forces who do not want to take these frankenshots because of what the last set did to you, made all of you sick, and your spouses and even your children and your health care workers, line up a civilian lawyer.
I don't mean any disrespect here for JAG lawyers.
I've worked with JAG lawyers.
That's fine with me.
Some of them are very courageous lawyers.
I've advised some of those defense, JAG counsel defense down at Guantanamo who've taken steps that they knew
All right.
Line up a civilian lawyer, give him my materials, our interview today, and especially the one you and I did March 17th, which was quite comprehensive.
And then have that civilian lawyer research a strategy for you ready to go.
You do have my Nuremberg notice that you can use the first time you're given that order.
But at that point, they very well might threaten you with court-martial, and at that point, you'll have to have a lawyer lined up.
But the good news is, there's way more opposition now than when you first stood up to this 30 years ago, and 20 years ago, and I remember having you on at the time, the second time you did it.
I mean, I'm seeing numbers, they put out public numbers of 50 plus percent have said no, but that was controlled groups.
I'm seeing numbers of many bases, up to 75 to 80 percent of Marine and Army bases have said no.
I've seen the Marines even higher.
You know, my dad was a Marine in World War II, invaded Saipan, Tinian, and Okinawa, so that warms my heart to see that the Marines here are going to act to protect themselves from these Franken-shots, right?
So that is the advice I've given armed forces today.
Line up a civilian lawyer, not a JAG lawyer, because the JAG lawyers in the chain of command, you're really going to be up against the system with this.
My experience, and I've actually appeared live in five different U.S.
military court-martials for GI resistors as matters of principle.
That's explained in my book, Protesting Power.
War, resistance and law.
So, you know, when you go up against the system here, you know, the JAG lawyers are going to be kind of cautious.
You're going to need to get a civilian lawyer who's willing to push the envelope.
Generally speaking, JAG lawyers aren't going to do that because they know that will be the end of their JAG career.
And those who have pushed the envelope, they have seen their JAG career end.
So my advice that all military bases around there, they have former JAG lawyers who
You know, advise, counsel, represent U.S.
So, first, you've got my notice.
Have that on hand, pull the notice out, listen to my interview, and just read the thing.
And then say, you know, if you have any questions, you can contact Professor Bullock.
Absolutely, and we're going to add today, just because you brought this up, I'm going to go ahead and run the entire interview, Global Conversations,
That you did.
You Can Resist the Vaccine Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentations.
You don't have to repeat that.
Show 72 of those great folks.
Regis Tremblay and Friends.
Another great podcast.
We're gonna we're gonna re-air that here.
I hope people go and share that from the YouTube because I see
You know, it's got 4,000 views.
It needs 10 million views.
It needs about 100,000.
Francis Boyle, Nuremberg Code is your defense.
And some of your interviews with us have millions of views.
Your last one has 148,000 views, which is great from March 17th.
We need tens of millions of views.
It's information is power.
So just spend a few minutes before I shift gears into just the overall police state.
And I've got an excerpt of a speech you gave about the 9-11 powers, how you predicted they would be used against the American people.
Now Biden in his joint
I think?
Painful deaths, basically microscopic worms eating their brains.
We can show some of that footage.
We have some B-roll archival footage of the skiing experiment of this being done.
And you talk about Nazis at the CDC.
I mean, it was Nuremberg.
COVID came along for the Nazis, but it was the Nazis, as you know, that were trained by the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, who was trained by the Cold Springs Harbor Group.
I don't
We're good to go.
Well, let me just, there's a long history here, and I discussed that in my book, Biowarfare and Terrorism, and another book I wrote, Future of International Law and American Foreign Policy.
Right, I couldn't have gotten that PhD from Harvard in International Relations unless I had studied everything there was to study.
about the origins of the First World War and the Second World War, the rise of the Nazis and everything else like that.
So, of course, we're seeing this Nazi mentality.
That's what they tried to brainwash into me in the University of Chicago.
I went there under the reputation the place had under Robert Bernard Hutchins.
And when I got there, it had been, unbeknownst to me, hijacked by the neocons.
And then I knew what I was getting into Harvard.
That was the brains of the American empire.
And that's why I went there.
I went there to find out how the brains of the American empire think and how they operate, what they read and what they do.
So quantify it for me.
That's what I'm saying is, why are they into secret experimentation?
Why did Kissinger write Memorandum 200 on how to depopulate the third world?
And then they call themselves liberals and they're obsessed.
I mean, it's like Richard Perle walked up to a bunch of women at a Washington Post dinner, famously, 14 years ago, and said, I kill people, I'm powerful.
And the women thought he was creepy and ran away from him.
He thought that it's powerful to just kill millions of people.
He thought it was sexy, not even knowing women don't think that's sexy.
There's something wrong with these people.
Well, that's correct.
As I said, you get brainwashed at the University of Chicago.
I was there for three years and Harvard for seven years.
That's all they do.
You know, I don't know what to say.
Kissinger is a consummate Machiavelli.
If you read all of his theoretical works, which I've done to get that PhD,
And what's come after that?
He doesn't have a principal bone in his body.
He is completely Machiavellian to the core.
To get that PhD from Harvard, I had to know my Machiavelli backward and forward, upside down.
Sure, I'm asking though, isn't it almost a form of mental illness to say you have no morals and stand for nothing?
Well, then what do they stand for?
Just the accumulation of power unto themselves, period?
Brad, as Kissinger said, he once said, quote, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, unquote.
In other words, it's better than sex, as far as Kissinger is concerned.
And it takes a lot of work to, you know, take... You have to understand, a lot of kids go to Harvard.
I spent two years teaching undergraduates there.
So they go there, many of them, to make the world a better place.
But after four years of brainwashing in this, they come out with their values completely perverted, right?
It's all there in the Prince, where the Prince has to learn how not to be good.
And that's what Harvard does.
It teaches you how and why and justifies to you why you have to commit evil, absolute evil, to make the world a better place.
But see, that's a paradox.
You know, the end justifies the means to get promoted.
But if they're soulless people, what is the end?
Well, it's global domination, depopulation, selfishness, and really this is a cancer taking over our country.
George Washington was not Machiavelli.
He was straightforward in his attack, straightforward in what he had to say.
Julius Caesar wasn't even Machiavelli.
He was, even though he was a dictator, he would tell you what he was going to do and he would do it.
How do you run a society with this backstabbing and lying and double dealing?
It's disgusting.
Alex, look around you and this is what we have today, I regret to say.
But I wanted to get to the frankenshots right now.
Yes sir, let's get to that right now, the big threat that's in front of us.
And understand, I drafted my Nuremberg warning for ordinary everyday people to use, not just troops.
And ordinary everyday people can read that warning.
They can listen to my interview explaining it and how to use it.
And then if they are told they have to take
Uh, the, uh, Frankenshot.
They can produce that.
That'll throw off balance whoever has given them the order.
But eventually, they're going to have to get a lawyer that I can work with in their community.
But right now, Alex, it seems to me
That the strategy of the people running the show here, the Fauci's, the Collins, the rest of them, Ron Klain, he was behind me at Harvard Law School, Biden's chief of staff, probably the deputy president these days, Klain covered up the Ebola
a catastrophe there in Black West Africa.
That Ebola pandemic that was all produced by Ebola frankenshot that they had developed at the Kenema BSL-4 in Kenema, Sierra Leone,
It was funded by USAID, which is a front organization for the CIA.
Fort Detrick was over there.
The death scientists at Tulane were over there.
The Harvard Broad MIT Institute were there.
That's a major study, a Center for Synthetic Biology.
The Pentagon's DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Programs, they set up the entire field
Of synthetic biology.
They've owned it, bought it, paid for it, whatever.
And for folks who don't know what that means, that's all this nanotech, it's the mRNA.
Please continue.
And that's involved in the COVID-19, what's going on itself.
But the bottom line is, as I see it today, what they are trying to do is to scaremonger
and coerce and trick as many people as possible into taking even one of these frankenshots to get this poison into your body, whether it's the messenger RNA or the other frankenshots like AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson that will actually be giving you COVID-19 cells.
Now, ask yourself, COVID-19, we've discussed before, Alex,
It is an offensive biological warfare weapon that has been DNA genetically engineered.
It has been given gain-of-function properties to make it more lethal, more infectious.
It has HIV right in there, and it also involves synthetic biology.
They are giving you literal cells of this.
They say, well, it's an innocuous little cell.
Yes, of course.
I don't know when we're going to see the same thing happening to Pfizer, BioNTech, that's Bill Gates, and Moderna.
And I'm sure you've already broadcasted all the adverse reactions.
Sure, but Dr. Boyle, you are one of the leading experts with multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary understandings.
I think really of anybody that's done all the different things you've done at the level you've done them.
So looking at this,
To me, it's a bunch of synthetic biology technologies they've had for decades that they've now gotten a lot more sophisticated.
I don't
On the entire world and what we've seen under the third world secretly is now breaking through into the first world and they organize society around the tracking, they have the contact tracers, they have the...
Surveillance apps, and so it's authoritarian on every level.
They use it to lock down, to bring in the new Great Reset, to bankrupt people, to get financial control.
I mean, they admit that this is the global corporate elite's takeover plan on every front.
I'm just shocked that they didn't give people a placebo shot just as a pretext to declare themselves heroes and then roll out some deadly shot later if they want to depopulate us.
It looks like they're compressing everything and accelerating their Agenda 2030 programs that I've read about.
I don't
We're good.
That 60% of people now in the hospital with COVID are sick from the vaccine.
They admit huge numbers of deaths, so many celebrities dying, people I know have died after they take the shot.
Then they tell you it doesn't protect you once you take it, but you still gotta wear a mask, and they lied to us, and they bypassed the animal trials, because they did secret trials before this even happened, as you know, with similar gain-of-function coronavirus systems, and it killed many of the animals.
In some studies, all of them.
I mean, the more I learn about this,
I keep pinching myself thinking I'm in like a nightmare simulation but then if you look at Stalin, Hitler, and Mao and this is what happens when you get lunatics with this crazy will to power and control and so many times whether it was Mao or Hitler or Stalin or Lenin we see mad scientists being the enablers and the handmaidens of these crazy people.
So historically can you speak to the motive and where this is going and why it seems
So accelerated.
Well, as I said, you and I can disagree in good faith, but obviously the Wuhan BSL-4 was developing this offensive biological warfare weapon with the University of North Carolina BSL-3.
And it does appear, if you read through all the studies and things, yes, we have a cabal of Nazi scientists elite around the world who consider that they are the ubermensch and we are the untermensch and we simply should be doing whatever they tell us to do.
It's what they train you at that Harvard PhD program I went to.
Said, he still works here, said, Alex, you're part of the superclass.
His book was out, Superclass.
He goes, just join us.
Lead the opposition.
You're an elite because you understand this.
You can't help the public.
They're going to tear you apart.
They're a bunch of animals.
You're meant to be a ruler.
And I guess a lot of people, he goes, come on up to New York.
It's going to be great, Alex.
Come on up.
He thought that as soon as they offered me something, that I would suddenly join him.
Instead, I just got my producer on the phone so he can hear this for himself.
I mean, did they ever try that with you?
When I was 21 years old, I was offered a slot on Henry Kissinger's National Security Council, which I politely declined because that did not fit in with my agenda.
As I said, my agenda, having lived through the Vietnam War and opposed the Vietnam War, shortly after I became 17, I decided to get
The most elite education I possibly could and turn it against the people running the American government, the American empire.
Sure, I could have had all the money, all the power, all the fame I wanted.
I explained this to my three sons with those three degrees from Harvard, but I just decided to make the world a better place.
That's all.
Maybe, probably goes back to my parents.
What do your sons think of all this?
They got to be smart too.
What do they think?
I don't want my sons involved in the work I do.
I would just imagine what they think of you.
Well, you know, I tell you, Dr. Boyle, it's just crazy.
In closing, you never talk about your books.
It's totally out of control.
You never talk about how people contact you.
Tell people about some of your books.
Most of them are still in print, available at Amazon.com.
Yeah, I've got, I just finished 22 books.
So, you know, you can read there what you want.
But certainly, Biowarfare and Terrorism, I think pretty much explains what is going on here.
And if you look at that book, the Ford is written by my colleague, Professor John King, Professor of Molecular Biology at MIT, and a founder of the Council for Responsible Genetics.
He's one of the top live scientists in the world and also my friends at Harvard that got me involved in Council for Responsible Genetics.
I dealt with
Top live scientists in the world, MIT, Harvard, the University of Chicago, and they knew, you know, I'm not saying I'm a scientist myself, but they knew of my expertise.
I was the top of my biology class there at classes at the University of Chicago.
I took their bio pre-med sequence, straight A's,
won the Sigma Xi Certificate Merit and Prize in Biology, etc.
So they knew I had basic scientific training, competence, and could understand these highly complex technological matters, and then try to apply the law to rein them in.
As a matter of fact, if you look at my Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act, I criminalized by name
Synthetic biology even before there was synthetic biology.
That's because at the first meeting conference of the synthetic biologists, one of their top recommendations was to repeal my biological weapons anti-terrorism act.
Because they knew that the whole purpose of synthetic biology, funded by DARPA, was to get into biological weapons by means of synthetic biology.
I totally agree, but let me ask you this then.
Why roll the dice?
If they want to be able to forcibly inoculate us and then have trackers to track, to have a world ID, world social credit score, we know that's part of the equation.
Why go with an mRNA vaccine that in Gates' word has to be so strong it's going to hurt or kill 700,000 people?
That's a quote from that maniac.
I guess they just want the power now to kill people.
They want to just get used to, you got to take this and some of you are going to die and a lot of you are going to get sick.
Is it just all about raping us?
It's all about they want to be in our bodies because these are going to be the most hated people in history now.
I mean, already Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the most hated people in the world in global polls.
I mean, they have made themselves fabulously hated.
Well, Alex, of course, Gates went to Harvard, too.
What can I say?
But Alex, if your listeners have a chance, they can read Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's Brave New World.
It's the two of them together.
That is exactly what we are facing today as human beings, as the human race.
You're right.
Huxley wrote Brave New World Revisited in 61 before he died.
His speech is online.
It's an hour long at Berkeley.
He said, it's these two books merged is the future.
We are.
That's where we are now.
That's exactly right.
This is what confronts us as human beings, Alex.
And the reason I've appeared on your shows for over the last year now is to give the best knowledge I have to encourage people to resist.
The endgame that they have in mind is horrible.
We're talking about, you know, genocide.
We're talking about totalitarian dictatorship.
We'll become a slave race here.
This is a conquest of the human genome, a conquest of reality by a mad scientist playing God.
A final question.
I don't know if you saw Biden's bizarre speech, his so-called joint session speech Wednesday, but he said in that
That anyone that disagrees with us basically is a white supremacist.
They call me one, Tucker Carlson is preposterous.
They call everybody one that resists them.
Liberal, conservative, that's their new go-to.
And he goes, and if you're a white supremacist, you are a terrorist, and the CIA and the FBI will come after you.
Well, we've seen Nunes on the Intelligence Committee say, we were having briefings on the main threat for the Pentagon and the CIA is now Americans.
Well, two weeks after he said that, Biden said,
A bigger threat than Al Qaeda and ISIS, which we know they run, is the American people.
So, in law, as an international lawyer and also a U.S.
lawyer, that's why it's prosecuted, Slobodan Milosevic, you've been at the highest levels in the world of this, how big a Rubicon crossing is this?
You wrote books about it, you gave speeches about it, you sent me a speech today, warning of when they set up this parallel thing where enemy combatants and you have no right and we can torture you and kill you and
Blow up a whole wedding to kill one person.
It's so easy to flip a switch and turn the train on the people, and now they're doing it.
The FBI says they're going to disrupt Trump networks.
Well, even if I didn't like Trump networks, they have a right to operate, but they see me as a main Trump network, and they're saying, we're going to disrupt Jones by name.
Well, we know what disrupt means.
I mean, normally when they say the Pentagon disrupts, it means they send Green Berets to go kill people.
So, I mean, the level of what they're doing, and now it's confirmed, what do you make of that?
Well, the most dangerous thing here, Alex, is that they are using all this rhetoric to promote the passage of a domestic terrorism statute.
And then that is what they're going to use to repress all dissent.
So my advice is, for all of you listening out there now,
Don't let them pass.
Do everything humanly possible to prevent the passage of a domestic terrorism statute.
We have, even after the Anti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act, after the Murrah bombing, the feds had all the power they needed to go after anyone
For acts of terrorism or anything else they needed, the feds do not need more power than they already have.
And indeed, the USA Patriot Act was the blueprint for an American police state.
And that's what we're living in today.
And to give you just an example here, a few years ago, two agents of the FBI and the CIA came into my office
And proceeded to interrogate me for one hour and tried to get me to become an informant on my Arab and Muslim clients, which would have violated their constitutional rights and my ethical obligations as a lawyer.
So, of course, I refused.
They put me on all the United States government terrorist watch lists.
As far as my lawyer has been able to determine, I'm on all of them.
So, Alex, I'm one step ahead of you as far as the United States government is concerned.
Well, exactly.
Nick Fuentes is like a mainline conservative.
They call him a white supremacist.
He wasn't even in the Capitol.
He's been put on a no-fly list now, and they're saying they want me on a no-fly list.
So you said it.
And, of course, that brings me to another question.
Say one about Giuliani.
He's the president's lawyer.
We now know that in the first impeachment and the second, they were in his iCloud watching him in live time without even having a warrant.
Then they raided his unprecedented, the president's lawyer raided by them, obviously as a shot across the bow against Trump.
For folks that don't know, even CNN admits, this is unprecedented that they're going after people's right to counsel.
They went after me.
Both the FBI and the CIA tried to get me to become an informant for them on my clients.
They have no respect.
The FBI is not your friend.
You have to understand that.
If the FBI comes to talk with you, you should say, fine, I'll talk with you with my lawyer.
You should always bring a lawyer with you to talk to the FBI.
They are not your friends.
I can assure you that.
As far as the FBI is concerned, I am an officially designated terrorist.
Dr. Francis Boyle, thank you so much, Professor, for all your time.
Extremely important historic interview.
And I'm going to finish the news after you leave and we're going to air your great interview on the technicals of the Nuremberg Code.
We're also going to post that authority notice as well in the live feed of this show.
So thank you so much, Dr. Boyle.
Well, thanks, Alex.
And again, I'm very happy to be here since February, since you've tried to get the message out about what's going on here and the need for people to organize and resist what obviously is going to be
is developing his 1984 and Brave New World together.
Outright genocide and totalitarian dictatorship.
There's no question about it in my mind.
No doubt about it.
Thank you, Dr. Boyle.
There he goes.
I really appreciate him spending so much time with us on his busy Saturday.
He teaches a lot of classes and more, and I appreciate his family letting us do that.
Uh, again, I wouldn't even call him a whistleblower.
You call him that, but he was a major insider who never sold out the system and who just went past the grades, did the stuff, sat there.
And, uh, then they tried to hire him to be Kissinger's assistant.
Uh, and you know, the rest of that, I mean, these people are out of control and all I know is they're crossing Rubicons with me, man.
Uh, you know, I'm not an enemy of the FBI.
I'm not an enemy of the democratic party.
I'm, I'm sick of it.
I don't want to be in D.C.
I don't want to be in L.A.
I don't want to be in the Cool Club.
And I'm not bragging when I say this, but, you know, Hollywood came to me and kept trying to put me in all these movies and give me all these TV shows until they finally said, hey, you figured it out yet?
We want you to knock it off and join us.
And they even like, hey, you want to meet with an astronaut?
He'll tell you what's coming in the future.
And sure as hell, that astronaut told me what would be on the future in a year and it happened.
That's the level, that's the power trip they've got, is that it's all been scripted out, ladies and gentlemen.
But it's empty, you've sold out when you're with them.
It doesn't have a good feeling.
But other people just fall over themselves to join them and say, oh, you don't want money?
How about paying?
It's like in Lord of the Rings when Saruman's talking to Gandalf and he goes, join with me, Gandalf.
Join with Mordor.
And he goes, are you insane?
And he goes, if you won't take the way of power, then you will take the way of pain!
And in the real world, that's an archetype of what this is like.
I mean, you could put a gun to my head.
Put a gun to my children's head.
I can't join these people.
These are evil frickin' people, ladies and gentlemen.
Man, I guess other people are already so empty inside that they can't feel it.
When you're around these people...
When the globalists have tried to get me to sell out or I've, you know, run into them or met with a few of them, the hair on the back of your neck is crawling like spiders are walking up you.
And these people are scared.
They're like, please join us, Alex.
It's not that bad.
You really ought to, you know.
I had this one CIA little guy I met with.
He goes, listen, he's a big guy.
He goes, listen, I'll get on my knees, Alex.
Obama likes you.
Obama wants to be, come on, Alex.
Just knock it off, Alex.
Just join us.
I mean, it's incredible!
And then what happens when everybody sells out to them?
We're all fried with 5 and 6 and 7G, and we're all eating GMO, and our kids are dying, and, oh, but we got private jets, and we're part of the power structure.
This is all a spiritual test, ladies and gentlemen.
And you look into Henry Kissinger's dead eyes, and just, these are little piggy demons.
They're absolutely disgusting.
All right, I'm going to take a break because we've been going for over an hour straight.
And then I'm going to come back and hit the rest of the Great Reset and the rest of the vaccine news.
Because you heard Boyle, he's like, well, I'm sure you've already told everybody what's going on.
But I mean, it's.
We've gone over the edge of the cliff.
And things aren't going back to anywhere the way they were.
So you think I'm happy about that?
I thought maybe we could stop this.
I thought the globalists might not be crazy and might back off their more sinister scientist plans.
Because they've got a lot of plans on the shelf, but they all kind of go in the same direction.
But no, they're going with the nastiest, most evil plan right away.
Teach kids to be homosexual.
Sterilize all the autistic boys and put bows in their hair.
And it's not that I hate somebody that's, quote, gay.
It's that it's being pushed on purpose to kill us.
And then now the, quote, gay community is into everything else.
Oh, you better give us your guns.
You better give us your property.
You better have drag queen story time with convicted pedophiles.
And, you know, you better sterilize yourself.
And it's all death, ladies and gentlemen.
The whole agenda is about, oh, let's live in peace.
Let's stop racism.
Let's love each other.
And that's all they push is racial division.
And then they collapse the third world, weaponize them, dumb them down, stir them up, and bring them in as a client group, a permanent underclass.
We're gonna take a break, and then I'm gonna finish up with the Agenda 2030 Great Reset News, and then I'm gonna hit the Vaccine News, and then we're just back-to-back gonna air two very, very powerful reports.
There's actually three of them.
Total Proof Joe Biden Has Dementia, very important report.
Also, we have Here Comes the Purge, exclusive interview with Larry Pinckney, Jeremy McBrain did it, it's excellent.
And then,
There's one more we've got here.
Fauci behind Wuhan COVID-19 leak.
So we got those three reports.
And then we've got this other report here with global conversations.
In fact, let's just do this.
Let's go to break here.
And let's air global conversations, Regis, Tremblay and friends.
You can resist the vaccine, Nuremberg Code and medical experimentation.
And we're going to play this on our main feed.
You should share it there.
We should also go to YouTube while it's still there.
Get Francis Boyle.
Nuremberg Code is your defense.
So here is that 30 minute report.
And we'll be back with all the other news on the other side.
This is life and death, folks.
Fighting back, you can keep your way of life and have a future.
Not fighting back, it... When you resist, they can't push.
When you lay down, they push.
I know this is simple, but I want everybody to get this.
They're gonna kill everybody.
If we buy into the crisis and the next crisis and, oh, they're gonna save you from the crisis they already created, and if we have suspended disbelief, if we go into Stockholm Syndrome and learn helplessness and let them move the Overton window, it's game over.
They'll be killing everybody within three years.
They already are.
You hold them off and you push them back.
The Bible says it's a foregone conclusion, but that doesn't mean we're not supposed to stand up against it.
But I can tell you this, it's our job to warn everybody metaphysically.
That's, that's why God put us here.
Those of us that are already awake, the fact that you're already tuned into the show means that God wants you to be a messenger, an ambassador, a
Oh, what's the term you use when Christians send out missionaries?
I mean, listen, the fact that you're tuned in is great.
Don't be depressed about this.
It means God's real.
Good and evil's real.
This is a great contest of humanity's destiny.
And of course there's a scientific group that wants to control humans.
Humans are amazing and beautiful and creative.
And there are bad people that want humans as slaves.
There are bad people that want to harness that and want that power trip.
And they're going to tell you you're bad and you're sick and you're fallen so they can build you back up because they're trying to play God.
Only God can have you be reborn.
And because you have that connection to God in the infinite, they don't like that and they want to encapsulate you in a prison, a prison planet they control.
I don't care.
When I sit there and say, you dumb globalists, or you dumb idiots in the street, or you dumb government people that go along with this, they're all just slaves like everybody else.
They're all just scared, hacking through it, acting like they know what's going on, living in denial, wanting to get the new car, wanting to go on vacation, wanting to take care of their sick kid, not asking why their kid's sick, or why their wife's sick, or why they're sick.
And as it gets worse and worse, people are going to do more and more crazy stuff, just trying to keep the ball rolling.
We've got to explain to people, like a record skipping or a car wreck sound that
It only gets better when you recognize we're on a poisonous trajectory that's destructive by design, and when you get informed, and when you get involved, and when you know what you're talking about.
People all the time hear me talk on air and they think, this guy's just spouting stuff, he doesn't know any of this stuff, he's making it up.
Or in lawsuits against us, the lawyers always say, the Democrats, where's the teleprompter?
Who's writing this?
Well, research is writing this.
Being committed to truth is writing this.
My brain is writing this minute to minute as it projects and understands the truth and interfaces.
And that's how I can interview people in secret government agencies or the military or the former heads of agencies.
And they ask, how do you know that?
That's super classified.
Or even with the stuff I knew, I never saw all the pieces.
How'd you know that?
And it's because all I do is study this, folks.
And I know you've got great insights as well.
So share them.
And I know the average person goes, oh, you're showing off.
You're beating me over the head with that.
You better go, hey, don't be apologetic and say, listen, things are gonna get a lot worse, the more we submit to this, you better wake up now or there's no future.
When they laugh at you, say, fine.
When you or your family gets sick from this, remember it and at least don't take more shots.
And they'll look at you and you say, yeah, you know a lot of people have been killed by this and their families always say, well, it's still good to take the shots.
MDX, all of them, all the people, they're dying from this stuff.
The basketball players, the football players, the boxers, you know, the woman paralyzed in Tennessee.
I'm not saying the vaccine's bad, it's just even more funny to make them safer.
They made it like that, you dummy!
But see, because you're not somebody that would paralyze somebody, and it's so scary you're paralyzed, you don't want to think somebody did it to you, because then you'd have to do something!
But they did do it to you, sweetheart, to test to see if they could do it a lot more, because they think you're a dumb, useless eater because you're so naive.
They've got a point, don't they?
That's what Rothkopf told me.
Kissinger's right-hand man, he said, Jones, you're a part of the elite.
The fact that you can see this means you should join us.
The public will never listen to you.
They're dumb animals.
Well, it doesn't matter if they're dumb animals.
God doesn't want me to be like you.
And I don't want the removal of God's spirit in me.
I resonate with the creator of the universe that tells me not to take advantage of people.
And so I refuse you and I refuse all that you've done and I declare eternal resistance to who you are and what you are.
But all of you serving this evil are fools.
You are ushering in all of our destruction and you need to turn back now, those of you that still have some connection to God.
All right, here's the special report on the Nuremberg Code and on saying no.
We'll be back on the other side with the conclusion.
Welcome to another edition of Global Conversations with Regis Tremblay coming to you from beautiful and historic Yalta in the Crimea of the Russian Federation.
Yalta is a vibrant city that energizes and inspires all who live and come here.
Young and old relish this historic and beautiful place located between majestic mountains and the Black Sea.
Welcome to another edition of Global Conversations.
My guest today, returning for the second time, is Francis Boyle.
He's a professor of international law, and he's the authority on COVID-19 as a bioweapon.
He recently created a statement people can use to resist the COVID-19 vaccine, and this statement is based on the Nuremberg Principles.
Francis, welcome back to the show.
Well, Regis, thank you very much for having me on, and my best to your viewing audience, and Happy New Year to everyone.
Well, you published that statement that you gave people permission to republish and to share.
Explain to me just exactly what it is.
Well, Regis, as you know, I've been giving continuous interviews on COVID-19 since
January 24, and I won't go through all that here because I gave you a very lengthy interview on that.
But starting then in the fall with these so-called vaccines, it's clear that they are existentially dangerous.
And, you know, I won't go through all that here, but the two we have, Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, are DNA genetically engineered, and they were funded by the Pentagon, DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project.
So I've been giving interviews against these vaccines as well.
I call them frankenshots.
There's no other word for them and how dangerous they were.
So what happened was a lot of people in different stations in life contacted me and said, can you give me something I can use
I've been contacted by people in the U.S.
military about that.
We had the previous Gulf War syndrome.
This will be Gulf War on steroids.
And I've also been contacted by health care workers who don't want to give these frankenshots because they know they're existentially dangerous.
And as you know, large numbers of health care workers are not taking them.
Well, all these requests happened in the fall, but I was teaching a full-time course load and a lot of students and getting a new book out, so I would just say, look, download the section from one of my interviews on your cell phone and use that.
Well, eventually I was
Ended for the semester, got my grades in, classes done, spent some time with my family.
And then what happened was President-elect Joe Biden gave this speech where he said he is going to inject 100 million of these Franken-shots into 100 million
Americans in the first hundred days of his administration.
Now, this will be a total catastrophe.
It's already shaping up as a catastrophe even before, as today, Trump is leaving office.
Thank heavens for that.
And at that point then,
I decided, okay, I had to respond to the requests that all these people had made to me to give them something that they could use.
So I sat down and drafted this notice that can be used for people to resist getting the Frankenshots.
Or doctors, healthcare workers, health technicians, pharmacists, others, to resist giving the franken-shots.
So let me just go through it with you to explain it here.
I decided to keep it very short, very succinct, but hard-hitting.
And to reduce it to its bare bones minimum, so I entitled it Notice with an exclamation point, by authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
Now this goes back to the doctor's medical case at Nuremberg, where the German doctors were put on trial.
for all sorts of experimental techniques that they applied on completely innocent human beings, including especially Jews, as we all know.
And these doctors, medical doctors, some of them were executed.
And as a result, if you read through the entire judgment, it's quite lengthy, but you'll see all the terrible types of experiments that German doctors were doing and procedures and drugs and everything else were doing to people.
And, you know, we're all aware of Dr. Mengele and what he did at Auschwitz.
Okay, so everyone is aware of that, but there were many other German doctors involved in this.
And the judgment came up with what was called the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation that set forth requirements
for engaging in any type of experimental techniques or procedures or drugs or anything like that on human beings.
And this Nuremberg judgment in particular, the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation, became part of customary international criminal law.
Now I had dealt with this once before in the defense of Captain Dr. Yolanda Hewitt Vaughn, who was the highest ranking military officer in Gulf War One by Bush Senior.
To refuse to give experimental medical vaccines for the biological warfare agents of anthrax and botulin because she correctly believed that these vaccines
violated the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation, so she couldn't give them, as well as I think there was a Helsinki Code and her ethical obligation as a doctor she took when she swore in the Hippocratic Oath, do no harm.
And she was court-martialed for this, among other things, for desertion she did not desert.
I helped defend her
And at her court-martial, we argued the Nuremberg Code medical experimentation on her defense.
And, you know, it was a very tough situation.
Now, she was given a kangaroo court-martial proceeding down at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.
And I won't go through it all here.
She was facing five years.
But at the end of the kangaroo court proceeding, she got about, oh, I would say three years.
And they took her away in chains to Fort Leavenworth, where they stuck her in medium security, a little bitty woman.
Well, at that time I was on the board of directors of Amnesty International and I got her immediately adopted a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International.
And I think due to Amnesty's efforts, they got her, we all got her sentence cut down to 14 months.
And then I got her out of Leavenworth after eight months.
Now, in the course of this court-martial, both in the Article 32 hearing and then in the court-martial itself, we went through the applicability of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation to these biological warfare frankenshots for anthrax and botulism, went through the whole thing.
So I was completely familiar.
And by the way, these
First frankenshots led to the Gopher Syndrome for U.S.
troops that out of about, and these are just estimates because the Pentagon is still lying and covering it up, out of about 500,000 troops who were inoculated, 100,000 were disabled and 11,000 were killed.
And these were healthy young men and women in U.S.
armed forces.
So you can imagine then what these new biological warfare agent vaccines, frankenshots, are going to do, especially to the elderly senior citizens, etc.
And we're seeing
I'm being killed right now as we speak there in Norway, 23 of them died.
They were killed.
Now, at the end of the kangaroo court-martial, we had a press conference with the actress Margot Kidder introducing me to the media and we had satellite dishes there.
And I said that Bush, Senior, Colin Powell, Cheney, Schwarzkopf had all inflicted a Nuremberg crime on our own troops in violation of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
That went out nationwide.
I was told by a lawyer who was at the White House at the time that they heard me and they were all shaken up.
Well, later on, Senator Jay Rockefeller held hearings on these Franken shots, the first ones, and he came out and said the exact same thing I had said, that Bush and the rest of them had violated the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation and had committed a Nuremberg crime on our own troops.
You can read about that in my book,
Biowarfare and Terrorism.
And the write-up of my defense on Captain Hewitt Vaughn is in my book, Destroying World Order.
So, that all being said, with that background, I realized that what we're going to have here was the Gulf War Syndrome on steroids.
Especially for the people targeted.
I mean, this is basically the Nazi philosophy of useless eaters.
So I put this together, this notice, on the basis of that experience.
Litigation experience that I had previously dealing with these issues.
And understand Regis, I'm not part of any anti-vax movement.
I'm agnostic on that.
They can do what they want on that.
I've been attacked and disparaged saying, well, you're an anti-vaxxer.
I am not.
My specialty is vaccines, alleged vaccines, dealing with biological warfare agents, which COVID is.
And for anthrax and botulin was.
That's how I first got involved here.
So I started out by saying, by the authority of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
Now that's a lot of background just for the beginning there.
But I didn't want to write a scholarly treatise here or a law review article.
I wanted something that ordinary people could read and understand.
And the word Nuremberg there, you know, that I would think most people would have a general idea that the United States, the Soviet Union, France, and Britain prosecuted Nazis at Nuremberg so that people could understand the severity of the situation.
Then I continue, I do hereby exercise my right under the Nuremberg Code.
To refuse to submit so that people who were contacting me and saying, I need something to prevent taking these frankenshots, they would have it.
And, you know, large numbers of employers are telling people now, we have to have these frankenshots.
And I've given them something that they can use to say, no, I'm not taking them.
Indeed, I just heard from a active duty military guy yesterday on this and I sent it to him.
He said, thank you.
He's going to use it because they're giving it to people now in the military.
And then the second prong, refuse to submit or to administer.
So that healthcare personnel can use it.
Doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, medical technicians.
As you know, even here in the United States, they're having pharmacies do this.
And they're even hiring other people to do it.
We don't even know what their qualifications are.
So I did it two-pronged so that it can be used by health care workers like Dr. Hewitt Vaughan to say, I'm not going to inject human beings with this Nazi franken-shot.
And I've already heard from health care workers thanking me, saying, this is exactly what I want.
I'm going to use.
And I will circulate it to my fellow health care workers.
Then, you know, I wanted to make it clear how serious this was.
This wasn't a joke.
It isn't a fraud.
And I wanted to shake up anyone who was reading this notice that one of my clients, I guess you would put it,
We're good.
The Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
Yes, that is correct.
You can read the medical doctor's judgment.
You should be able to find it online.
And at the end of the judgment, they have the sentences of the convicted.
And several of these doctors were sentenced to death.
Now, what really got me was that I heard from a medical doctor saying, sentence to death, you must be exaggerating.
And that undercuts the significance of everything you're saying.
And my response was, obviously, you were never required to read
The Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation in medical school.
Because if you did, you would know, in fact, medical doctors were sentenced to death and executed.
And this shows, I think,
The problems with medical school education today, and I'm not here to say the legal profession is much better being a law professor since 1978 and entered Harvard Law School in 1971, but at least we made a concerted effort to reform teaching ethics to students.
But if you read the news media,
Everywhere, in print, on TV, everywhere, you see all these doctors advocating these Nazi frankenshots.
It's astounding.
And it's very clear that in medical school, they were never required to read the Nuremberg medical doctor's case.
Let alone the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
And it just shows you that medical doctors, certainly here in the United States, have not been properly trained in medical ethics, and are not aware of what the standards are.
Dr. Hewitt Vaughan was, but I regret to report, at that time, she was the only doctor
In the entire United States Military Doctors Corps and Nurses Corps and Medical Technician Corps who refuse to give out those Nazi frankenshots.
So we're seeing the abject failure of the medical profession here in the United States certainly.
To train medical doctors in accordance with appropriate ethical standards here.
And I would say the same thing for the so-called life scientists who, you know, get their PhDs in the life science industry.
Just look at how many of them
have come out and advocated these Nazi frankenshots in violation of the Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
And there, you know, I do have a first-hand experience.
I had, you know, I have three degrees at Harvard and I had friends and teachers at Harvard, at least three of them,
Who were three of the most ethical and principled human beings I ever knew in the world.
And of course, they taught their PhD candidates to be ethical.
What happened everywhere else?
Where are the life scientists saying?
The Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation prohibits these COVID-19 Nazi frankenshots.
Then I added a third sentence, just to deal
With others.
That is not the potential victims or the health care workers, but others assisted.
For example, I had a person saying, well, what do I tell if a police officer comes and forces me to take one of these shots?
So I added a third sentence.
Aiders and abettors of Nuremberg crimes
are equally guilty and have also been prosecuted, convicted, and executed.
And that is a correct statement of law, Regis.
That goes back to the Zyklon B case, where Zyklon B, the trade name for prussic acid, was originally used by the SS in concentration camps
to exterminate vermin.
And then the SS decided to try it out to exterminate human beings.
And as we know, large numbers of Jews, but others as well.
And the owner, the chief operating officer and another fellow were prosecuted at Nuremberg in the Zyklon B case.
And two of them were found guilty of aiding and abetting Nuremberg crimes, war crimes, and they were sentenced to death and executed.
So I drafted this little statement for the purpose of being used by people who either did not want to take these shots or did not want to give these shots and to shake up
Anyone who would force them to take these shots or to give these shots or any other way, aid or abet them.
Now, others have said, well, what if this doesn't work?
Well, at that point, what I say is you've got to get yourself a lawyer then in the jurisdiction where you live.
And try to use these arguments either to prevent getting the shot or prevent giving the shot.
And that all depends on the health laws of the states in the Union in the United States.
And yeah, first, I'm not licensed to practice law in all of them.
I'm only licensed to practice law in one of them.
Uh, and there are a variety of laws.
So you'll need to get yourself a lawyer.
If it push comes to shove, my warning doesn't work.
And work out with that lawyer an appropriate defense based upon using my warning, my notice here under the applicable health care laws in that state.
For example, California has adopted
The Nuremberg Code on Medical Experimentation.
It's in there.
So I don't have time to research 50 states of the Union or anything like that.
I did take the time to draft this notice for people to use.
And then I tell them for a follow-up, get a local lawyer.
And I'm happy to work with your local lawyer.
Based upon what your health care law says there, your health care laws, there are a variety of laws in many states, and see if we can use the Nuremberg Code on medical experimentation.
Wow, Francis, I was going to ask, how effective can this be if an ordinary person or an ordinary health care person or even a police officer, how effective they can be just knowing about this notice that you wrote?
Knowledge is power, Regis.
And that's why I circulated this all over the internet.
I'm going to post it in this particular interview, but I want to know, could I have your permission to put your contact information, your email address, in case lawyers or doctors or anybody wants to contact you for some kind of guidance?
Sure, I've been giving this guidance all along, yes.
I just understand, I'm just at the start of this process.
For the reasons indicated, I didn't feel compelled to draft this notice until Joe Biden, President-elect Biden, announced that he was going to inject
A hundred million of these frankenshots into a hundred million completely innocent Americans in a hundred days.
We have a, I believe, a humanitarian catastrophe on our hands here.
This is what motivated me to act.
And fortunately, to your credit, you're the first person who has given me an interview on this matter.
And so I would hope, Regis, that you could take this interview I gave you and circulate it all over the internet because this notice is valid anywhere in the world where people are contemplating these frankenshots.
It is drawn up under international criminal law.
That applies anywhere in the world.
These arguments apply if you do not want to give the frankenshots or take the frankenshots.
So people all across the planet, all across Europe and thousands are resisting this.
They will be able to use this statement as well, obviously.
I would recommend it be translated.
I mean, they say English is the universal language, but being of French ancestry, I know the French certainly disagree.
So I would recommend it be translated.
You know, translated into different languages, but I regret to say, I used to have conversational French and it's, I didn't, I was involved in so many anti-war activities, I couldn't keep it up.
So what can I say?
It definitely needs to be translated into
French, maybe you could do that, Ray, just for me.
Well, we can certainly make an appeal to people to do that.
You know, the show we did last month on COVID-19 as a bioweapon has been seen almost 600 times on my YouTube channel.
I have no idea where else it's spread, but I'm hoping that this show
Well, we'll attract many, many more people, as I think it is so important.
People are terrified and afraid all over the world, and many people are unwittingly just lining up and begging to have the shot.
You know... Well, Agent Spud, let me say that.
Please understand, you are the first person in the media who has had this interview.
And so there is a responsibility on your part to get it out as widely as possible.
I know you'll do that.
That's why I've given it to you.
I haven't given this interview to anyone else.
Just you.
Well, I appreciate that, Francis.
My advice would be don't take these things, but do take this quite seriously.
Social distancing, masks, washing your hands.
Yes, all those things must be done.
Well, Francis, I can't thank you enough for the time you've offered to me, and I'm really kind of happy that I'm the first one you've given this interview to, and you can count on me to do everything, everything in my power to get this out as widely and broadly as possible.
So thanks again.
I very much appreciate the work you've done, the knowledge you've shared through your books and your articles and your lectures and your interviews.
And I think those of us that survive are going to owe you a debt of gratitude.
Thank you so much.
Well, thanks, Regis.
And again, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview and get the message out.
Tomorrow's News.
I've always had a drive and a push to resist tyranny.
Since I was a little kid, I didn't like bullies.
And sometimes I might have beat him up a little too bad.
And that's my fault.
But I grew out of that.
But I've never had a sense of urgency like I have now.
My sense of urgency is like 10 times what it's ever been.
In my gut, but also at an intellectual level, at a political analysis level, I know we have a chance to lessen how bad this globalist takeover attempt is going to be.
And the nature of evil is it doesn't stop.
It wants more, more, more.
It's like that song, Money, Power, Glory.
Maybe we'll end the show today with that.
And where the line is, I'm going to take you for everything you got.
Well, they don't want to just take the money from you.
They want to take your genetics.
They want to rape you.
They want to mark you.
They want to dominate you.
That's what real evil is all about.
And again, I'll say it, because the average person is not wanting power and wanting to control people like a megalomaniac, you have a blind spot.
You have a place that you can't see.
And I get that you keep wanting to not believe this.
Hell, I didn't want to believe this when it was theoretical.
And the globalists were just beta testing it on disadvantaged people.
But I'm not stupid.
They want to make us all disadvantaged.
And so, I don't do this because I'm some loving guy worried that they're killing all the Africans.
I mean, as a human, I have built-in circuitry where I do feel for them.
But I have that circuitry because I know I'm next.
I have that emotion because my head's screwed on straight.
I come from good people.
And I had experiences in life through nature that triggered me to realize this.
Other people have been confused since birth, don't know where they are.
So I don't care if you're a poor person that's white, a poor person that's black, a rich person, whoever you are.
If you have a connection to God,
And you want justice and freedom, then God loves you and you're God's child and I want to protect you and I want protection too.
We need each other.
But so many people go, oh well that just happened in the third world.
Remember when Bill Gates, I gotta find this clip, they were trying to find it the other day.
It was like 13 months ago or so.
He was on Japanese TV and they said, Mr. Gates, it was in English, they go, it was like a business channel, they go, there is talk that the vaccines will be tainted and will cause infertility or depopulation.
He goes, oh, well, there'll be different vaccines for different parts of the world.
Such an incredible clip.
I haven't been able to find it since then.
But he was telling them, hey, don't worry, it's not for you.
And something like 3% of Japanese have taken the shot.
They're not stupid.
But see, Japan doesn't have an overpopulation problem.
They're 1.3.
For every two adults, 1.3 children are had.
Japanese are dying out.
And if you don't have a slight population increase, societies collapse.
Well, that's the post-industrial world Great Reset.
That's its plan.
And so here's what I'm trying to say.
People that are pretending they're part of the power structure, and people that are pretending that, oh, just because you're like, yeah, there are too many people, okay, big deal.
You're going to be in the crosshairs.
You are in the crosshairs.
Liken it to an island and the water's coming up.
And you're 20 foot, your house is 20 foot cliffs and other people are built down two feet from the beach and you see them flooding.
But if the water's gonna raise all the way up to where you're at as well, you've got just as big a problem.
So you shouldn't be sitting there laughing at them.
So I'm speaking directly to the sociopaths and directly to the psychos and others.
And I don't know there's any reason them, but I, you know, I try to reach the general public, but they are just like children.
Suffer the little children.
I just have studied this so long.
I've been around it.
I've been inside it.
And I I'm just warning you, ladies and gentlemen, that.
I know why you don't want to hear this because I don't want to hear it, but this is the big assault.
This is just the beginning.
It's not going to get any better after this until the globalists and their whole program are scrapped and defeated and stopped.
And this whole Malthusian mindset that goes back to Plato 2,300 years ago is only going to get worse.
And that's the positive news I have.
Like I started the broadcast, at least you know the truth.
At least you are dialed in.
At least you are giving me information.
I'm giving you information.
We're watching.
We're aware of the problem.
And I'm a strong guy.
I'm not a guy that lives in fear.
But I also have a survival instinct.
And every instinct I've got is sell everything in the city.
And then haul ass to the most remote middle of nowhere place there is and try to take some friends and family.
So we've got a big enough group to defend ourselves.
Uh, but you know, they're just going to send drones and troops and kill anybody that's trying in the future.
You're going to have to organize and you're going to have to try to stop this head on, uh, and not just wait for him to come dig you out somewhere.
We're not able to do that.
I mean, I, I mean, I definitely, everybody I know is moving a distance away from the city of the camp.
But man, man, I mean, you can see all the different scenarios that are going to be happening together at the same time.
And it's, it's going to be spectacular.
And the globalists enjoy this.
Like, like you like watching a football game or a hockey game or whatever.
You like watching people beat each other up with hockey sticks.
Globalists like watching you starve to death.
They like watching big wars and burning cities and hydrogen bombs going off.
They like watching people bleeding out their eyes and ears and ass with weaponized Ebola, and that's what they're getting ready for you.
You know, back when the FBI wasn't completely globalist, Dr. Eric Pionka, the head of the Biology Department at UT, said, soon airborne Ebola will be released and we'll kill 90% of the Earth.
And I told my family we're all ready to die for the Earth.
And he also pledged himself to Lucifer on his website.
I said, the FBI ought to visit him.
The FBI went to him and said, do you have any bioweapons?
That's a normal thing when a guy's in a biology lab that's level four access, access to Galveston's level four bioweapons lab.
You might want to ask the guy that wants to kill everybody or says he can't wait for everybody dies if he's planning anything.
But that's not the story.
The story was in the local newspaper in Houston.
When he projected skulls with a red background up and said, soon we'll all die, it's going to be beautiful, that there was a three minute standing ovation.
I had witnesses that were there that told me even more.
It was in the paper.
Standing ovation.
When he said, we've got to kill everybody, they all began like having a demonic celebration.
And we're, because they're demon possessed.
They're getting off on, we're in a meeting, we're the scientists, we're the smart ones, and we're going to kill everybody.
And Bianca, the head of the UT Biological Department, who dresses up in druid robes and says he likes Lucifer, he's telling us we're going to kill everyone.
And that gives us demonic energy, the same energy of killing a child, killing the future.
I mean, this is a thrill to them to announce
As adherents to the world, we will kill everybody!
And they're all like weird little chicken-neck liberals, all little pot-bellied liberals, you know, just, oh, and they love it, it's, oh.
And so, a lot of doctors are great, a lot of doctors are good, but a good portion of them are crazy control freaks.
I had that medical doctor on who was amazing Friday, the day, and I said, hey, when you went to medical school, did you ever run into people like this that like got off in the experimental laboratories, basically killing people?
And she said, yeah, I ran into some of that.
Because I mean, who do you think works in a research hospital?
Who do you think can be around stuff that's scarier than any horror movie?
You want me to describe some of it for you?
Where people sign on for quote science, I know I'm going to die, I'm not two weeks from this cancer, do whatever you want to me.
A lot of folks are like that.
People don't just give their bodies to medical experiments when they die.
They do it before they die.
And my dad was there, and he thought he was joining NASA in high school when he was a sophomore.
He was not joining NASA.
And he went down to MD Anderson.
He told me when I was a kid, he goes, yeah, some of these scientists, you got to watch them.
You know, don't sign your organ donor card.
Some of the hospitals in Dallas will kill you for your organs if you're in a car wreck.
Later, Dallas was listed as one that was killing people on 60 Minutes.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And my dad thought, well that's just MD Anderson.
He goes to UT in high school and it was all the same stuff.
And all he talked about was world government and how they're going to kill everybody.
And he didn't tell me that until 2007 when he saw the raw cut of Endgame that hadn't come out yet.
So it's not that my dad's even that exceptional.
This is widespread.
There's probably 10 million people in the U.S.
that are consciously part of this, okay?
That's why a lot of research scientists won't even talk to the gardener, or even talk to their neighbors, and they hate everyone.
I've been around research scientists.
I had friends in college and high school who were research scientists.
And now I dial back and remember how they wouldn't even talk to their own kids.
Because they're part of the elite, you see.
Very insect-like, very reptoid-like, very that's-who-they-are.
They believe in survival of the fittest, and they're going to kill you and your family.
And they believe you're not going to be able to stop them.
So again, I say to the people that serve the system, the military, the police, all of you.
Well, that's a whole other report I'm going to get to tomorrow.
Well, the Daily Caller got a video that they shot openly of the class, because everything's, you know, remote.
And it's the liberals saying, we don't want police.
Police are inherently bad and evil, but they never talk about the feds.
Oh, no, no, no.
It's just, it's just the local police, which they want control of.
And she says, we shouldn't be able to have a gun and we shouldn't have the police.
All we need is the feds, you see, which means the UN.
These people have no logic.
They have no nothing.
And don't worry, the police are being taken over by the globalists.
All over the world, they're running the illegal lockdowns.
Most of the police will take you to a death camp in liberal areas because they've gotten control and gotten in justifies the means people in charge.
But those aren't the police that the left wants to get rid of.
The left just wants control of the police.
I'm going to play that tomorrow on the Sunday show, 4 to 6 p.m.
I need to move along here because I'm
Definitely talking a lot.
Let's just play a few more of these clips here.
Well, let me do this because the producer just reminded me of this.
If you don't fund us, we won't be here and you won't have this groundbreaking type information that nobody else covers, nobody else understands at this level.
And believe me, my job is to get people up to this level and past it.
And there's still nobody out there performing at this level other than like Tucker Carlson.
And by I mean performing, not Jones, I mean he's a performance artist.
I mean performing like a race car engine or a gun or an idea.
No one is laying it out like this other than us.
And other people are starting to get it.
There's a lot of other great folks that understand it.
That's wonderful.
It's just there's nothing this big and this important
And I don't want to be in that position.
I want to be made obsolete and defeat the globalists, but that's not where we are.
We need to stay on air.
So I need you to fund us.
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All right.
And that's what funds the operation.
So it is a 360 win.
I've only scratched the surface of a lot of this and hell, I keep talking.
I'll be on the Sunday show at 4 p.m.
I'll just be here for 14 hours.
But let's go ahead and go to these clips I was mentioning about the Great Reset, because they're telling you at the UN, the head of the WHO.
Who ran a giant genocide in his own African country.
They're telling you on the news, this never ends.
The vaccine's only part of it.
You get tracker codes.
You wear a mask.
It never stops.
It is a permanent emergency.
Earlier we played Klaus Schwab saying the same thing.
So here's 19 and 20.
Here it is.
There will be another crisis.
It will be more significant.
And, you know, we need to actually start preparing for that now.
When we do see this next crisis, it will be faster.
than what we've seen with COVID.
The exponential growth rate will climb, be much steeper.
The impact will be greater.
And as a result, the economic and social implications will be even more significant.
Vaccine would be essential for bringing the pandemic under control, which is why WHO proposed the ACT accelerator.
But it's important to emphasize that a vaccine will complement the other tools we have, not replace them.
A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic.
Surveillance will need to continue.
People will still need to be tested, isolated and cared for.
Contacts will still need to be traced and quarantined.
Communities will still need to be engaged and individuals will still need to be careful.
We still have a long road to travel.
What a scumbag!
He is a admitted Marxist-Leninist?
And he also helped cover up a million cholera deaths in his own country, Ethiopia, and covered it up, and he's anti-Christian.
So that's why the Chai Koms have him as their minion.
And the guy before that is Jeremy Juergens, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum.
So the number two to Klaus Schwab.
Isn't that just disgusting?
Let me go through some of the COVID-19 info.
To me, this is the biggest news of the week.
Public Health Administrator, and we went and looked this up, Professor Yale, 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received a vaccine, meaning they're really just sick from the vaccine they're calling it COVID-19.
And I found other news documenting that.
CNN analyst says White House should tell Americans the moment of freedom for you is when you get vaccinated.
That's called being held kidnapped.
That's called being a hostage.
It's time to start shunning the vaccine hesitant.
They're blocking COVID herd immunity.
Oh, yes.
So the COVID vaccine doesn't work.
It's our fault.
We haven't taken it.
Total lies.
Total fraud.
It's not even a vaccine.
Lies on top of lies.
CDC studies breakthrough COVID cases among people already vaccinated.
Oh, it's not working.
Don't worry, though.
That's why they already told you it'll be five to ten shots a year.
It's already been pre-planned.
People keep saying, how did Jones know this?
How did Jones know this?
How did Jones know this?
Because it was all in the documents.
Moderna CEO will need booster vaccine shots against COVID starting in the fall in just four or five months.
Oh, it doesn't even last two months.
It's all, it doesn't last ever!
It's a lie!
You need permanent mRNA for the safe from the cold virus.
And all it does is lower your own immunity.
They make you have huge autoimmune responses to regular cold viruses.
And then you're in the hospital and they make more money.
When the head of the WHO at the UN,
Talks about getting the virus under control.
He means you.
You're the virus.
Getting you under control.
Well, they'll need surveillance on the virus.
And they're cutting off resources everywhere.
Starving millions.
But it's okay, because he's black.
He's like, I'm black.
I'm murdering you.
Tim Cook's gay.
Run death camps.
Well, I'm black.
Oh, well, that's even better.
Oh, you're black.
Well, then kill even more.
That's right.
Bombshell 60% of newcomer patients are vaccinated.
This date on mask versus unmasked schools will be ignored by the mask cult.
Oh yeah.
And Biden has extended the mask emergency.
Oh my gosh.
Wow, wow.
CDC.gov only wants to examine post-vaccine infections with a PCR test at 28 or under so that they won't be positive.
But when they wanted to show a high number, they turned it up to 40 or 45.
Now they want to show the number went down, they turn it down to 28.
And so when you've had the vaccine, they don't want to show that you still have COVID because you really don't.
You just have RNA in you.
And so now they turn it down.
That's how lying by statistics works.
Why did Bill Gates pose with the book Lying by Statistics on his desk last month and have it circulated?
Because he likes to rub it in and enjoy it!
Majority of U.S.
companies will require workers to provide proof of vaccination.
It's not even a vaccination.
It's an experimental mRNA gene therapy.
You need to sue them and explain to them this isn't even a regular vaccine.
It has its own problems.
And make them sign a form that if you get hurt, they're going to pay for you the rest of your life.
They won't do it.
It's all a hoax.
Notice they say they're looking to do it.
It's all to stampede you.
Normalizing the abnormal.
From we're not planning COVID passports to they may be needed long term in three easy months to now saying they will be demanded.
Staggering damage to New York City tourism costs 1.2 million in tax receipts.
They don't care.
Going bankrupt helps the bankers.
They've got unlimited money.
They want to buy it up.
Silver gold shop sales soar 1 million after banning mask and vaccine shutters.
A GreatInfoWars.com article.
You should go read what the guy said about the people.
And it goes on and on and on.
They say about 1 out of 100 adverse reactions or deaths gets reported to VAERS.
So instead of 3,500 deaths, do that times 100.
And then it just goes on.
Hospitalizations, 8,000.
Urgent care, 16,000.
Office visits, 19,000 from adverse reactions.
And it goes on and on.
Traveling this summer, federal mask mandates extended into September for planes, trains, and buses, which is a federal power grab.
A tough call, Biden considering mandatory COVID vaccines for U.S.
troops, but it's not even vaccines.
It's experimental gene therapy, which is why the Pentagon didn't make it mandatory.
Connecticut ends its state religious vaccine exemption, but it's not a vaccine.
Always counter it.
It's a deadly gene therapy, never approved.
Former Pfizer VP blows lid off vaccine scheme.
Entirely possible this will be used for massive depopulation.
Might want to get the article on InfoWars.com.
Fauci behind Wuhan COVID lab leak.
WAPO reporter tells Joe Rogan.
Playing that report next.
Texas bill preventing businesses from firing those without COVID vaccs.
Stalled by Republican legislature.
CNN analyst says White House should tell Americans the moment of freedom only is when you get vaccinated.
We're COVID-19 vaccines made to self-spread to the non-vaccinated.
Scientists are working on vaccines that spread like disease.
What could go wrong?
And it goes on and on with a bunch of articles along those.
Man kicked off plane for not wearing mask in between bites of food.
I've got stack, after stack, after stack, after stack.
That's why we're up here on Saturday, because this is life and death.
And if you'll carry the ball, if you'll share the videos, if you'll share the articles, if you'll share that incredible interview, Dr. Bidet yesterday that's on Bandit Video, I'm glad it's already gotten almost 200,000 views.
If you'll do that, it will change the world.
But AOC says give her everything she wants, the world will end.
All right, let's move on now to the rest of the Great Reset News.
CNN Director!
We worked to oust Trump.
We create propaganda, use fear to pass climate agenda.
They said now after the COVID push, now we're going to pass the climate agenda, which is thousands of NGOs in thousands of jurisdictions now announcing that they have police powers.
That's the new community policing.
A domestic security force just as big and just as strong as our military.
That was only three weeks ago.
Now they've shifted.
Just like Veritas showed you, and they're saying we're all dead if you don't give the UN and the Rothschilds all your money and pay carbon tax.
And Hawaii that's already brought in the vaccine passport, oh, there'll never be government doing it, is now announcing to become the first state to declare climate emergency and put over a thousand NGOs in charge of the police and local government.
1,900 jurisdictions merging with thousands of NGOs.
And that leads us to this.
Doc and Kim, please.
I suggest you go to Twitter and type in The Great Reset.
I looked this up.
These are real photos.
It's true.
Here is the pin that he came out with two years ago before this even got launched called The Great Reset.
There it is in French.
And then there is The Great Reset rainbow pin, which means global extermination.
And they're all wearing it.
The head of the WHO.
Horace Johnson, Bill Gates, that is such a huge deal, ladies and gentlemen.
That is the entire plan.
I don't even know what we call this broadcast today, it's so incredibly important.
Here's another one.
About old Klaus Schwab.
The Great Reset aka Build Back Better Fourth Industrial Revolution is an attempted global capitalist coup on a scale never before imagined.
A bid by the ultra-wealthy clique to take control over every aspect of our world, our lives, and our bodies.
But they've got the liberals all supporting it because they thought Trump was in opposition.
Big article on it.
The Great Reset.
Winter Oak.
I suggest you read it.
Modi speaks about the New World Order and Great Reset.
How much money did America's billionaires have made during the pandemic?
They've doubled or tripled their profits.
Because they're essential and you're not.
That's your basic dictatorship.
Then I want to play this clip of this young lady, as we played Trudeau, talking about how they're going to put troops on the streets, and it's confirmed they've got Chinese troops all over Canada.
He says he wants a dictatorship by Canada, but here she is, locked up,
Dealing with all of this.
And I forget which clip this is.
Oh, here it is.
Clip six.
Woman in Canada breaks down what's going on.
And she just is hearing what's going on.
She just knows she's locked in her house.
She's under martial law, but she's just hearing this.
See, we can show you the documents we had.
I've had a lot of American followers message me and ask me what the hell is going on.
I do live in Ontario, so I am living in the strictest lockdowns in the world.
Um, the only time we can leave our house is if we're going to get groceries or if you're an essential worker.
Obviously me being a photographer, I'm not an essential worker.
So if you're a small business owner, you basically either have been bankrupt or they're giving you minimal to live on.
And when I say minimal, they give us $900 every three weeks now.
And Canada, that doesn't go far.
Rent here, cheap for a crappy-ass apartment, is like $1,200 a month.
So we are barely, barely hanging on.
So yeah, like, when we go to Walmart, we can't buy anything for our kids.
We can't, you know, buy books or toys or anything like that.
So that's what it's like to live in Canada right now.
And apparently there's a ton of Chinese troops now here, so... And you can't go to church, though, sweetheart.
Well, you'll be dead soon.
It's alright.
Ploss swab needs room.
Stop submitting, stop giving in, stop bowing down.
Your submission is why your lockdown will never end, because Canadians are so nice.
They intend to have Texas phase into this in a few years, and places like South Dakota and Florida, but they've got to get the real bioweapon ready, which is the vaccine.
And now they've got to cover up.
It's an exercise of covering up how much debt they cause.
Then they'll put more deadly stuff in the next vaccines if they get away with, you know, killing 10% of people with this vaccine in the next couple of years.
And people go along with that.
Well, hell, we already autismed their kids.
We already killed 10 million people, 20 million people in the U.S.
Well, hell, let's kill 100 million.
You understand?
Climate change means killing humans.
Climate change means giving Schumer total control over your life.
You know what I'm going to do?
There's so much on The Great Reset.
I'm going to cover this tomorrow.
And the Cyber Polygon, how they're going to crash the economy.
That's their next big move.
This is the cover for them crashing the economy and consolidating it.
They actually admit all of that.
So guys, leave my stacks all here.
And when I come back at 4 p.m.
tomorrow on the Sunday Show, we're going to have four hours of live radio and TV now.
We also have Sunday Live.
I'm going to cover all of this.
What we're going to do right now, and we're going to air these back-to-back, they're all incredibly important, is we're going to play Fauci behind Wuhan COVID-19 leak.
Washington Post reporter tells Joe Rogan, and the fact that they're trying to, not Joe, but the reporter's trying to cover for Obama, but the fact is it's coming out, what Boyle said 14 months ago here on air.
And then we're going to have Here Comes the Purge, great new interview with Larry Pinckney that McBrain did.
It's nine minutes long.
And then we've got also total proof that Joe Biden has dementia and is a puppet.
You need to share this video.
It's the latest update.
It's the most powerful one out there that we've seen.
So there's those three reports.
We're going to end this transmission.
That's going to be airing at six o'clock Central Standard Time.
It's going to reloop.
Until I go on at 4 p.m.
This infrastructure that we've built is the only network radio and TV that's actually on stations, that actually has a huge audience, that is still around.
We're it.
And so remember, everything here is our own infrastructure.
Radio satellites, TV satellites, the encoders, the bandwidth.
They've had companies come through and scan everything we've got.
We've had hundreds of suppliers, software groups come and say, you can't even use our software we've paid for.
I mean, we, and I'm not complaining, it's okay.
We're going to fight until the end.
And now they're like, okay, we can't shut you down.
We're going to kill you.
We're all dead anyways.
Well, okay.
You guys, your families are dead too, dumbasses.
So fire away.
Just, you know, I'm not going to resist.
Just try to get a couple of clean head shots.
I'm ready to go up and see the big guy.
I'm not going to commit suicide.
I don't want to die.
I love life so much.
I love my children, but I am already with God.
I mean, I am in a war.
I'm right where I want to be.
And don't be violent, folks.
They're the ones attacking us.
It's information warfare.
They want to trick us into being violent, offensively, so that they can try to shut us down so that we can't peacefully defend against these murderers.
Wait till the military learns that the vaccines are killing most of them, just like last time.
Wait till all the feds start dropping dead from their own masters and they're asking why.
Wait, we're going to win this thing.
Be like Gandhi who copied Jesus.
Be like Martin Luther King.
And if I got to take one for the team, but there's somewhere they might kill me to get a revolt going or something.
Listen, don't do that.
If they kill me, just spread the word.
Alex Jones lives.
Get the information out.
And I don't say this to be dramatic.
They are making their move.
They've already killed a lot of people.
And so, I'm not worried about it, really.
At a certain level, I got a lot of responsibility right now, and I've already been through a lot of stuff in my life, and you know, I've already gone through a lot more stuff than dying, I'll tell you that.
And it's all made me stronger.
And so, put on my tombstone, pro-human, not a sellout, but I may be here in 50 years.
I hope I am.
I'm just telling you folks, we're down to the wire, and the Stormtroopers can blow the doors off any moment.
And they're coming for you with contact tracers run by the UN and the Clintons.
So just thank God our forebearers in like Florida and Texas and South Dakota say no to tyranny so we're not living under what others are.
It's hell on earth all over the world.
They're starving the Indians together.
Millions of them every few months are starving to death.
Africans are starving by the millions.
I mean they're just murdering everybody right now.
And all the liberals love it and get off on it.
And most of the YouTubers are getting money to push the vaccine and being paid off to do it.
And a lot of people, I mean, it's sick, folks, but it's okay because we're not part of that.
And this crew isn't part of that.
And so thank God we got our spirits lined up with our North Star and we're going to win this thing in the end.
So Anthony Fauci, the hero of the pandemic,
is the most important person in the world of gain-of-function research there is.
Many of us have heard this before.
In April of 2020, it was reported that Anthony Fauci funded dangerous gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China, dealing with bat coronavirus.
And in early February of 2020, this was reported by Dr. Francis Boyle, writer of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act.
But the mainstream media machine never picked up the story, other than labeling it a conspiracy theory.
The mainstream media has been loyally protecting Fauci while propping him up as our savior.
This is why Joe Rogan is currently being attacked in the mainstream media for being anti-vaccination.
On the same day Rogan published his Josh Rogan episode, Media Matters published an article about an older episode dealing with vaccinations.
Mainstream media ran with this old hot-button topic while ignoring the bombshell news that went out live to Rogan's massive audience.
Josh Rogan is an American journalist who works for the Washington Post and CNN.
He is part of the mainstream media machine, which makes his appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast rather interesting.
Here are the highlights.
Okay, now here's the part where I'm gonna get a little controversial.
Are you ready?
Is it okay?
Okay, so if I've gotten you that far, again, just to say that I don't blame anyone out there for having this notion that, like, this lab accident theory is kind of a kooky thing that, like, was cooked up by Mike Pompeo or something like that.
I get why you think that.
But now Trump's not, he's not here anymore, right?
We don't have to argue about Trump anymore, hopefully.
Again, right?
And we can just look at the piles of circumstantial evidence, and there's plenty of circumstantial evidence that it could have come, there's some circumstantial evidence that it could have come from nature.
I feel that the lab theory has more compelling circumstantial evidence, because again, they were doing that kind of research.
They also, there was a huge cover-up, and the virus database went mysteriously offline somehow in December 2019.
There's also the evolution of the virus itself, right?
That's what Robert, so Robert Redfield,
Who is the CDC director at the time, a trained virologist, he says, I took a look at this virus and I concluded that it is so powerful that it must have been evolved in a lab setting.
And he pointed to the gain of function research and they called him a racist and a conspiracy theorist and all the rest.
Now, here's the controversial part.
All right.
The godfather of that industry, the head of the pyramid, is a guy you may have heard of called Anthony Fauci.
I've heard of that guy.
Do you want to hear more?
So, Anthony Fauci, the hero of the pandemic, is the most important person in the world of gain-of-function research.
There is.
In other words, not just him, there's Francis Collins at the NIH and some other people, but basically he is the one dispersing all the grants for this.
He is the one who pushed to turn it back on after Obama turned it back off.
That's a whole other crazy story.
He turned it back on without really consulting the White House.
That's breaking news.
Never been reported.
Just broke some news on your show right now.
He consulted the Office of Science and Technology Policy, which is like a part of the White House,
You know, the White House put a pause on it and then he like undid the pause.
The details are a little sketchy.
I'm not saying that he did anything necessarily wrong or illegal.
I'm just saying that a lot of people that I know inside the Trump administration had no idea this had turned back on.
He found a way to turn it back on in the mess of the Trump administration because the Trump administration is full of a bunch of clowns, right?
So at the end you could get stuff done if you just knew how to work the system.
Fauci is the head of that system.
What was his incentive?
That's his, that's everything, that's his whole career.
So what he would say, and to be fair, again, to be perfectly fair to him, he's trying to predict the next pandemic.
He thinks this is the way that you predict the next pandemic.
By digging up all these viruses, we've got to dig up more and more viruses and play around with them because we're going to find how they evolve, then we're going to come up with therapeutics and vaccines and all this stuff.
But there were no therapeutics.
Right, but we did have vaccines quicker than most because the DARPA funded a program to make mRNA vaccines 10 years ago that actually worked.
You know, that was a military funded program, but we can get to that in a second.
But that's not related to this.
Right, so that's a very fair observation.
In other words, the $200 million program to predict and preempt the pandemic failed, to predict and preempt the pandemic, but it may have also sparked the pandemic.
May have sparked, but here's my question.
When I read all about the research they were doing, I didn't see what they were doing to prevent it.
I just saw what they were doing was examining these viruses and trying to find out how they work and trying to see what happens when they get more virulent.
But what I didn't see is the invention of therapeutics.
I hear what you're saying.
I'm willing to give these scientists the benefit of the doubt that their honest goal was to create, do good science to prevent and predict
Oh, I am too.
That's not what I'm saying.
I don't know if they produce therapeutics.
What I'm saying, did they have a lack of funding in that department?
Was all the funding allocated towards examining the viruses themselves and not towards developing some sort of a therapeutic?
It's a good question.
I don't know the answer to that question.
But what I do know is that the majority of their time was spent digging up viruses in the wild and bringing them back to these labs.
But Fauci, when he started it back up, did he start it back up with the intent to just uncover more information so we'd be better informed?
His argument was, this is vital research.
The longer we pause it, the more danger that we're in.
I'm trying to save the world.
And so we got to turn this stuff back on because this is how we're going to save the world from the next pandemic, which I'm sure he believed.
I'm sure a lot of these people believed.
But there is another school of thought out there.
And the other school of thought is, hey, instead of taking $200 million to dig up viruses and make them more dangerous, why don't you put that money into monitoring and surveillance in the places where the bats are?
In other words, if you put resources where the outbreaks are likely to occur, then you can squelch them when they pop up, because actually viruses change every day, and trying to predict the pandemic is a fool's errand.
That's another scientific school of thought.
That's not the one that Fauci's in.
But the reason that there's no debate about this is because the NIH and NIAID structure are such that
Everyone gets funded by them.
They're funding everybody.
So if you are in the field of virology, there's a 99.99% chance that you're getting money from Anthony Fauci in one way or another.
Your grants, your careers, your chairmanships.
So there's no dissent allowed in that community.
I learned a lot about the scientific community and the virology community over the last few years.
No dissent allowed?
So no debate?
I talk to scientists all the time who say, I think this gain-of-function research is really dangerous.
I can't say anything.
I'm going to lose my grant.
I'm going to lose my career.
This happens to me all the time.
And when Robert Redfield spoke up, because he's a big mocker, and he's the head of CDC, he said, it's my opinion that it came from the lab.
Because he can't declassify a bunch of classified information on CNN, but he's talking about what he knows, right?
It's obvious to everyone who's in the know that he's seen the intelligence and he's not just talking out of his ass.
He's not some Joe Schmo virologist.
He was the head of the CDC.
He's seen all of the secret stuff, even the stuff I never got a whiff of.
And he went on TV and said, hey, I think this probably came from the lab.
We should probably look at The Lab, and he was called a racist and a conspiracy theorist.
But Fauci's disagreed with him publicly.
Right, so that's the thing.
So if you just think about it, just for once again, I'm begging people out there, just like, think again.
Whatever you thought about the Lab accident, it doesn't matter.
Whatever you tweeted in 2020, March, nobody cares, right?
And the same thing for the media.
Because it's all confirmation bias now.
Let it go, yeah.
Like, oh, I tweeted this in March 2020 and I want it to hold up.
Nobody cares what you tweeted in March 2020.
Let's just have a rational conversation about what are the likely ways we got into this horrible crisis that we're in.
And so for people in the know who are listening to Robert Redfield, it's clear that he's calling out Anthony Fauci.
In other words, he's pointing to the gain-of-function research, which he knows because he's the head of the CDC, reports up to Fauci.
He knows that, right?
But he's not saying that because even that's too hot for him to say.
And the scientists are not going to say that either.
Now you have a lot of people sort of on the on the right-wing media and the MAGA media who've been saying that for a long time but they don't have any credibility with the mainstream media and I'm just like in that weird space where like I wrote a book about you know US-China relationships so I had all these this good reporting and I'm not MAGA media because I criticize Trump in my columns all the time so I am mainstream media but I'm saying we should look at the lab and it messes with people's minds because like oh why is he doing this?
Why is Josh pushing the lab?
I'm not pushing the lab actually.
That's the problem today with these rigid ideologies.
Everyone's on teams.
Yes, yes.
It's all factional.
But I don't care.
I don't even care if the lab accident theory is true.
If the natural origin theory is true, then great!
I will lead the ticker tape parade celebrating Peter Daszak and Anthony Fauci down Fifth Avenue.
I'm happy to do that.
All I'm saying is that we have to also look into this lab, these labs rather,
And that we can't hire the best friends of the lab to look into the labs, because they have a clear conflict of interest and they fucked it up already.
InfoWars is truly a grassroots organization.
It's funded by viewers and listeners like you.
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We are officially launching the Larry Pinckney page right here, right now at Band.Video.
Hey, check this out.
Right in front of our very eyes, we are seeing the globalist deep state at work.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
What a terrible, terrible blight upon all people.
Antifa, which they claim means anti-fascist, is absurd, ludicrous, and totally opposite of what they claim to be.
They are not anti-fascist.
They are the fascists.
Black Lives Matter.
It's a ruse.
If Black Lives Matter, then why don't we do something about what is happening?
Blacks on Blacks.
Killing Blacks.
In places like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington, D.C.
It's an endless list that won't be missed.
So, the bottom line here is that it's about divide, confusion, chaos, and conquer.
What we're watching here is insanity, and particularly the deep state Democrats and their seditious, despicable, lying media are fanning the flames.
I urge all of my brothers and sisters, don't go for the ghost.
Okay, don't be Duke, Goodwink, Bamboozle, okay?
Understand that we are in this struggle as patriots, as U.S.
citizens, together.
What we have on our side is we have each other.
Each other.
And that's extremely powerful.
And that's something that the media, the deep state Democrats, and the RINO Republicans for that matter, they don't want you to know that.
They want you to think that you're alone.
You're by yourself.
You're not alone.
You're not by yourself.
And there are a lot of people, millions, millions, who are thinking just like you.
This is our republic!
This is all about fun and games and hurting people and destroying, not building, not serving the people, body and soul, but the exact opposite.
So I plead with, implore with, to all my brothers and sisters of all colors, get a grip on reality!
Stop this madness!
Stop this insanity!
And those who won't stop it, need to be stopped!
And those were powerful words of wisdom from my good friend Larry Pinkney, who joins us now from occupied Minneapolis.
Larry, I want to jump right into this and let's talk about real quick.
The FBI says you are a dangerous man.
Why do you think the establishment thinks you are so dangerous?
Because I dare to attempt to get people to critically think.
To think outside the box, to actually be logical, to actually go beyond the crap that we constantly get from our so-called news media.
That's why they would certainly consider me and people like me to be dangerous.
But it also says right there in your FBI profile that they consider you dangerous because of your ability to unite black and white.
Well, of course.
I mean, the fact of the matter is, is if you unite black, white, brown, red, yellow people, citizens of our country together, then what happens?
What happens is people wake up and they begin to realize that they have been and are being manipulated.
So of course, in that sense, I would certainly be considered dangerous.
That's right, and it's all about divide and conquer, and that's exactly what they're doing to the nation right now.
I want to talk about the Great Purge, because there is a great purge that is going on.
The deep state is persecuting and prosecuting their political enemies.
No better example of what's going on with the so-called DC riot when all the people, the Trump supporters that were there at the Capitol on January 6th.
The FBI has arrested and jailed over 400 people so far, 400 and counting.
Some people that I know personally, Joe Biggs for example, a good friend of mine, is behind bars.
Right now, as we speak, these guys are being charged for attempting to violently overthrow the US government.
You and I both know that that's a bunch of BS, that they weren't attempting to overthrow.
This wasn't a coup attempt.
But I think that the deep state, just like Joseph Stalin, this is how they go after and target their political enemies.
And I was thinking this
Probably looks very familiar to you because you went through the same thing, didn't you, with the Black Panthers.
FBI infiltrated the Black Panthers.
They broke you guys up.
They imprisoned you, a lot of you, or worse.
And tell me about some of the similarities you're seeing with the FBI targeting the Black Panthers and what they're doing with Trump supporters right now.
Okay, let me clarify something.
First of all, yes, I totally agree.
Let's make it clear.
We're talking about the original Black Panthers, okay?
The party that was formed in Oakland in October of 1966.
Now, having said that, the fact is that what we are seeing today
To silence the political enemies of the neoliberal fascist Democrats.
And I said exactly what I meant to say.
Neoliberal fascist Democrats.
So instead of, you know, this is not just about President Trump or former President Trump.
This is about anybody.
Who dared to exercise their constitutional rights, okay, to vote their conscience and who did not, I repeat, did not choose to support Joe Stalin, also known as Joe Biden.
So let me, let me be very, very clear about that.
And let me just, I want to interject this very quickly.
You know, let us remember that Joe Biden and his cohort.
But Joe Biden specifically said, quote, you ain't black.
You ain't black if you don't vote for me.
End of quote.
End of quote.
Now that statement in and of itself should have warned people, not just black people.
All right.
This statement was all about, and is all about, dehumanizing and marginalizing.
Dehumanize, marginalize.
That's what it's all about.
The Democrats, and I call them neoliberal fascists, alright?
Because that's what they are.
Let's call it, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, acts like a duck, it is a duck.
They are.
I totally agree with you.
Real quick, I just want to say that I have a question for you, and normally this would be one of the dumbest questions you ever heard in your life, but there's a method to my madness and I'll explain after I ask you this.
How would you compare the so-called DC riots to the Civil War?
Well, first of all, let me just humbly state, there was no DC riots.
The only people rioting, okay, were the authorities.
They're pushing forth an agenda that is not only warped, but it's absolutely untrue.
What riot?
What riot?
The reason why I'm asking you this is last night in Joe Biden's first speech, he said that the so-called Capitol Riot was the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War.
He actually said that.
That's insane.
It's not only insane, but I would expect somebody like Benito Mussolini or Joe Stalin or Adolf Hitler to say something like that.
That's insane, and it's inaccurate, untrue, and ridiculous.
And now they're starting to put people on the no-fly list.
We've got guys that didn't even step foot inside the Capitol, but they were outside at the time.
And they're being thrown on a no-fly list.
Laura Loomer is unable to purchase firearms.
And that goes without saying all the social media purge that's going on.
You yourself getting kicked off of Twitter recently.
We are now the enemy to the establishment.
They're coming after us.
What do we do now?
How are we supposed to face this?
Well, the first thing we do is do exactly what you're doing, brother, and that is you're putting it out there.
All right?
Look what they did to InfoWars, to all these
Okay, look what Twitter has done to me and numerous other, NUMEROUS other people!
Okay, so let's get the information out there.
The second thing, not necessarily in that order, but the second thing that we have to do is to stop regurgitating their nonsense.
Stop it!
Just stop regurgitating their vomit, okay?
Because these people are, and I keep saying this, I don't know how to emphasize it anymore,
But they are fascists!
They are 21st century fascists, which is why I refer to them as neoliberal fascist democrats, alright?
And we need to act accordingly.
That's what we're dealing with.
And we can deal with it.
We the people.
We the people.
They hate that concept.
They can't stand that concept.
My God, it comes from the Constitution.
They hate the Constitution, especially when it doesn't coincide with their nefarious agenda.
It's the Larry Pinkney page at band.video.
Y'all need to share this link.
Share it with your family, your friends, maybe some people you're trying to wake up, or maybe you want to piss people off and watch liberals' heads explode!
But either way, it's a lot of fun.
Larry, thanks for joining us.
It's so good to have you on our side, and I look forward to doing this again next week.
Anything else you want to say before we go?
Yes, I want to say much love to you, Darren.
Much love to all of my brothers and sisters.
Black, white, brown, red, yellow, U.S.
citizens, stand up for our republic!
Time to take it back.
Thank you, my brother.
Much love.
That's right.
United we stand.
The Larry Pinckney page at BAN.VIDEO.
Check it out.
This entire New World Order system is about making you dependent, making you obsolete, making you a domesticated animal they control.
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Take action.
Get your food now!
I'm sorry, I'm going to, this is the last question I'll take.
I'm really going to be in trouble.
It's clear, to me at the least, that US President Joe Biden is struggling with dementia and is clearly not up to the task he's been sworn in to do.
So I want to thank you all, I really mean it.
I want to thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
And I'm happy to take questions if that's what I'm supposed to do, Nance, whatever you want me to do.
I'm no doctor.
I just know he went from like a year ago being able to talk to not being able to talk.
I said, looks like a stroke, looks like dementia.
We've all had family that gets like that.
But as a medical doctor, what are you seeing with Biden?
You're all being very polite.
You're with me all day and it's dinnertime.
Good afternoon, or almost.
Actually, it's evening.
The only way to spare more pain and more loss, the only way,
These millstones no longer mark our national mourning.
These milestones, I should say, no longer mark our national mourning.
My long-time friend, and she's a friend, she's been my friend.
Folks, we got a lot of work to do.
I don't need you to get me elected.
I need you once I'm elected.
How would you keep pushing someone who can't string a sentence together?
Instead of just worrying about Biden, which I know you're not, what does it say about the Democrats?
They keep trying to push this guy.
We choose truth over facts.
We hold these truths to be self-evident.
All men and women are created by... You know the thing.
Please clarify.
Specifically, have you taken a cognitive test?
No, I haven't taken a test.
Why the hell would I take a test?
Come on, man.
That's like saying you, before you got in this program, you take a test where you're taking cocaine or not.
What do you think, huh?
What kind of country we're going to be.
Four more years of Georgia.
Georgia, we're going to find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected, we're going to be, we're going to be in a different world.
And I just want to say one thing to Bird of the Navajo Nation.
Let my wife come home.
She likes the Navajo Nation too much.
She keeps being out there.
She was out there for two days.
She was out there before.
You know what I mean?
I don't know.
I called her.
She said, I'm staying another day.
I said, where are you?
So, you know, let her come home, okay?
I don't want her, you know, that's too far for me to commute.
I shouldn't be so... But anyway, look, this is about what we can do together.
Over the years, over your career, you've already spent a great deal of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Except now you're living there and you're president.
It's been four weeks.
What's it like?
How's it different?
I get up in the morning and look at Joe and say, where the hell are we?
So the best way to get something done, if it holds near and dear to you, that you like to be able to
Anyway, we're going to get a lot done.
But the big flood is the diarrhea of the mouth coming out of the reanimated corpse, the perfect rotting edifice of the corrupt Democratic Party, Joe Biden.
But this is the guy they have planning to run against Trump in two years?
I mean, look, Joe Biden
Looks like a dead body that Frankenstein electrocuted and that stood back up on its hind legs.
Look at how he steps and look how I step.
Watch how I run up ramps and he stumbles down ramps, okay?
Now when President Harris and I took a virtual tour of a vaccination center in Arizona, I took it to instill public confidence in the vaccine.
President-elect Harris took hers today for the same reason.
Harris-Biden administration is going to relaunch that effort.
Also today, I said when we became a team and got elected that the vice president is going to be the last person in the room.
She didn't realize that means she gets every assignment.
If I reach something where there's a fundamental disagreement we have based on a moral principle, I'll develop some disease and say I have to resign.
Joe Biden, whatever his merits as a human being, has no active role in running the U.S.
Everyone knows that, everyone pretends otherwise, but it's true.
Who am I turning this over to?
Thank you very much Mr President.
I think it's time for our friends in the press to leave now.
He just was reading off his notes and he still got confused and has to ask his aides about what to do, who speaks next and of course they said let's wrap this up.
Thank you.
No questions from the journalists.
Joe Biden said he didn't know, the Lincoln Project knew, the guys who covered up child molestation, but Joe Biden says he didn't know that this raid was coming.
Do you take that at face value?
Maybe he doesn't remember.
I'm not sure if he can retain anything for more than about, you know, the time it takes to read it.
So I want to thank you both, and I want to thank the former general, I keep calling him general, the guy who runs that outfit over there.
I want to make sure we thank the Secretary for all he's done to try to implement what we just talked about, and for recommending these two women for promotion.
Thank you all.
May God bless you all, and may God protect our troops.
OK, hang on.
Oh, same name.
It's Kim.
Can anybody that's got an active mind and is not politically biased take Joe Biden seriously?
I've turned off watching the bloke.
I mean, he's barely able to get through a speech.
And perhaps most cruelly of all,
If Donald Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19, which are well beyond what they should be.
It's estimated that 200 million people have died, probably by the time I finish this talk.
I think the Masters Golf Tournament should be moved out of Georgia.
I think that's up to the Masters.
Look, you know,
It is reassuring to see that for-profit operations and businesses are speaking up about how these new Jim Crow laws are just antithetical to who we are.
Wasn't that the President of the United States talking?
That's what you thought.
In fact, it was Jesus in aviator glasses.
Joe Biden spoke to the soul of America.
He connected with people who don't even deserve to be connected with.
Redeemed by his voice alone.
A voice that is not, and we want to be clear about this, the fading monotone of a 78-year-old man who is losing his grip.
No, it's not.
Joe Biden's voice modulates.
It is the capacity to change pitch in a way that is, and we're quoting now, rather extraordinary.
I'm looking for my mask.
I'm in trouble.
We can keep going with this if we want.
Cable news is a rich vein.
But we will stop and return to reality.
So we've got to make sure there's access for them.
Thank you so much.
Okay, thank you.
We have to do more than just build back better.
To build back, we have to build back better.
How have Americans been responding to the President's address?
Hey there, Elaine.
You all were talking about the President's polling in the last segment, so that was a very nice segue here, because we have some new polling.
What we did was we talked to a representative sample of the audience nationwide who watched the speech, and they liked what they heard.
We got 85% approving of the speech.
Now, I've got to add, right off the bat here, that
As is typical with presidential speeches, a lot of his own partisans made up the bulk of the audience.
So, this audience was majority Democrats watching it.
You know, for context, back when President Trump was giving speeches, a lot of Republicans watched those.
So, you've got to know that behind these numbers.
But that said, the audience said that they liked what they heard.
And then, how did they describe it?
This is a word we've found in other polling, and again in this one, people using it to describe Joe Biden.
Presidential, caring in this case, they thought the speech, many thought the speech was inspiring.
And then this one, folks have been talking about where his plans, you know, big, where the things that people wanted, and this word bold was used by 80% of the audience too.
So, to that extent, he kind of hit his mark.
If he wanted to convey bold, it seems like he did, Elaine.
Well, what did people make, Anthony, of the tone of President Biden's speech?
Did they feel he was unifying in his remarks?
Yes, that also came up.
We also did see unifying.
And, of course, that's been one of his campaign promises, right?
To be unifying to the country, to reach out, to be bipartisan.
We've seen in the national polling that led up to this, people did think that he was reaching out to Republicans.
Over a year ago, I told you that the masks are never coming off until we demand they come off.
And that at-risk populations, poor people, minorities and children, would be targeted by the globalist cult, by the medical tyranny, to never take the mask off.
And that's exactly what's happening.
School districts, colleges, major corporations, authoritarian governments, they're announcing that this lockdown, this mask system, this forced inoculation program, is never going to end.
It's the Great Reset.
And now Tucker Carlson has come out and said, when you see children being forced to wear a mask, tell the parents it's abuse, because experts agree it is, and they're calling him a bully.
They're the ones bullying us with forced inoculations.
They're the ones bullying us with vaccine passports.
They're the ones bullying us to wear the damn mask to cause bacterial pneumonia and serious psychological problems.
Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the UN, the CHICOMs, they all admit that they cooked up the masks, the inoculations, the authoritarianism, the fear, the PCR test, all of it.
And now Tucker Carlson comes out and says it's time to push back.
They're trying to bully us into illegal, untested gene therapies.
They're trying to make us wear masks forever.
They're now openly announcing on CNN, and he says, hey, it's child abuse.
That's where all the experts agree.
Don't make children wear these.
And if you see somebody making a child wear one, say something to them.
We always knew under Sharia law making women wear masks was wrong.
It's an act of total domination and control.
We've got a special report on this.
Tucker Carlson calls for Americans to push back against the mask cult at Banned.Video.
I hope you go there and I hope you share the report and I hope you understand that InfoWars for over a year has been out there almost every week across the U.S.
telling people to take their mask off.
It's so important.
We need you to join us now today.
Masks are for the guilty.
They're signifiers of shame and submission.
Until recently, many jurisdictions had laws against wearing masks in public.
Only Klansmen and armed robbers wore masks.
The rest of us showed our face.
We were free people.
But then we gave in to the demands of people like Eric Garcetti, and because we did give in, this grotesque version of Halloween went on for more than a year, and it's still going on.
Not even Tony Fauci still pretends that masks are medically necessary.
Instead, masks are purely a sign of political obedience, like Kim Il-sung pins in Pyongyang.
We wear them because we have to.
The only people who wear masks voluntarily outside are zealots and neurotics.
How neurotic are they?
Well, we know.
A Pew survey from last March found that 64% of white Americans who classify themselves as liberal or very liberal have been diagnosed with an actual mental health condition.
And you see them everywhere when you walk down the street in any major city.
If you dare to go on foot from Union Station to the Capitol, for example, in Washington without wearing a mask,
Angry Biden voters will snort at you in judgment.
How could you?
They're saying from behind the gauze.
How could you?
That's the question we should be asking of them in return.
The rest of us should be snorting at them first.
They're the aggressors.
It's our job to brush them back and restore the society we were born in.
So the next time you see someone in a mask on the sidewalk or on the bike path, do not hesitate.
Ask politely but firmly.
Would you please take off your mask?
Science shows there is no reason for you to be wearing it.
Your mask is making me uncomfortable.
We should do that and we should keep doing it until wearing a mask outside is roughly as socially accepted as lighting a marble on an elevator.
It's repulsive.
Don't do it around other people.
That's the message we should send because it's true.
As for forcing children to wear masks outside, that should be illegal.
Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from your response to seeing someone beat a kid in Walmart.
Call the police immediately.
Contact Child Protective Services.
Keep calling until someone arrives.
What you're looking at is abuse.
It's child abuse, and you are morally obligated to attempt to prevent it.