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Name: 20210429_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 29, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses various issues such as food prices leading to social unrest, lockdowns and supply chain issues leading to the collapse of civilizations, hyperinflation, push for communism in the US, and criminalization of white supremacists. He emphasizes the importance of staying informed, prepared and supporting InfoWars financially. In a separate discussion, Jones talks about mRNA vaccines causing adverse side effects such as shedding, miscarriages, and blood clots in unvaccinated individuals, particularly women and children, citing examples of women experiencing menstrual cycle changes and miscarriages as potential side effects of the vaccine. He also provides headlines from scientific journals and news articles supporting his claims and encourages sharing this information to counter propaganda from government and pharmaceutical companies promoting vaccines.

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This was a declaration of war against what's left of the free market economy by the big megabanks, by big tech that are using lockdowns and shutdowns to consolidate control.
After they bankrupt you, after they destroy what you've got to be self-sufficient and well-off and upwardly mobile, they then offer you a tiny life raft the size of a postage stamp so that as you sink into oblivion you won't be angry at them and they can cast themselves as the hero.
They call it the Joint Address, even though for the entire history of this country it's been the State of the Union.
Instead, they called it the Joint Address of the State of the Union because they want to destroy the Union and Republic.
And they can't do that if people still associate America with either.
Biden announces communist globalist agenda, disguises democracy in address to Congress.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tonight, I come to talk about crisis and opportunity.
About rebuilding the nation, revitalizing our democracy, and winning the future for America.
I stand here tonight, one day shy of the hundredth day of my administration.
A hundred days since I took the oath of office and lifted my hand off our family Bible,
And inherited a nation, we all did, that was in crisis.
The worst pandemic in a century.
The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
The worst attack on our Republic since the Civil War.
What a nightmare image of that corpse that looks like he's been tarted up with some makeup.
Stephen Miller called it like watching paint on the old side of a barn, but it's far worse than that.
It's watching him rot.
It's like watching the soul of our country rot.
It's like the portrait of Dorian Gray, simply out of control.
And a total lot.
We lost 750,000 people during the Civil War.
Another million died of their complications the next decade, it's estimated.
Of course, more than 60 million people died in World War II, around the world.
We all know about Vietnam, we all know about the Cold War, we all know about the issues that have unfolded, but
The statement that the worst attack on our democracy, whenever we're a republic, since the Civil War is just asinine.
In fact, that's soldiers that died.
They don't have numbers on civilians that died, but it's estimated that millions died during Reconstruction.
Millions of people
Is a bigger threat to the country in a civil war that almost ended the country is a bigger threat than 400-500 people going in the Capitol and maybe 20 of them having a fistfight with the police and then one cop dies a few days later from injuries that were not sustained in the melee but from a stroke.
That's the reality but my producer Scott made a great point.
I kept asking myself why are they calling it a joint address?
of Congress held on the same date as they hold State of the Unions.
It's because they don't want a union.
They want disunion.
Everything they do is about dissolving the Republic.
So they call it a joint address instead of the State of the Union because they want to destroy the Union and the Republic.
And they can't do that if the people still associate America with either.
Excellent point by our producer Scott Bronson.
And that's damn true.
And everything he said in the speech, telegraphed that.
So the headline of the live show today is very telling.
Biden disguises communism and globalism as democracy.
But in truth, the mad howl of pure democracy
The French Revolution and other events we've seen that leads to so much death and destruction really is where this is coming from.
Democracy elected Adolf Hitler.
But Biden's even worse when it comes to his electoral history.
He was not elected and the evidence is overwhelming.
Oh, but we hear, oh, national polls, 80 plus percent of people, 87 percent, 82 percent.
Oh, they loved it.
He's incredible.
They just love him.
But all the online polls were 10 to 1, 8 to 1, 5 to 1 votes against him.
We're doing a little report on that for you coming up today.
It's all gaslighting propaganda in your face.
We're going to analyze what he said in his schizophrenic speech, because a lot of it was lifted from President Trump, from Stephen Miller that wrote the speeches, who's a patriot, a listener to the show.
We're just proud of our influence and your influence supporting us.
And then the rest was dog whistles to the globalists and the communists for their takeover of the republic with those two witches wearing their stupid masks and the endless cult of humans are dirty, we're bad, wear the diapers on our faces, the symbol of continual medical dictatorship in this country.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday.
It is April 29th, 2021.
And what a difference from President Trump's last State of the Union in 2020 with a packed house full of heroes and patriots and veterans and American success stories and Rush Limbaugh there getting that American Freedom Medal before he died from the First Lady to a virtue signaling gallery with only
The first puppet lady, the first zombie lady, and a few other people like the Vice President Nancy Pelosi wearing mummy mask behind them.
I mean, this is you wake up in a dystopic fever dream nightmare and this is it.
And the message is this is not the people's house.
We know you don't like us.
We know you protest us everywhere.
We know when big tech comes and lies to Congress that everybody gets in their face.
And so now we're going to shut everything down.
Constant virtue signaling.
And of course, they have House and Senate meetings all the time.
And they're jam-packed in there.
But for last night, to show you how dangerous things are, the Kabuki Theater, they only had one-fifth of those who were in the Congress allowed to attend.
Who said that?
Who agreed to that as the rules of the House and the Senate?
This is just dictatorship on top of dictatorship, all built on cult-like, mindless obedience.
And then Biden got into the meat of what he's doing.
He would coat the poison pill of globalism and transhumanism and communism
With quotes from Trump, quotes from Stephen Miller that wrote most of those speeches.
The speeches were a collaborative effort.
Trump added quite a bit, but Miller at least half of it.
Miller influencing Trump on Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.
And we see the numbers of national polls claiming, oh it was a fabulous speech, everyone loved it.
You go look at the downvotes.
They're 10 to one, five to one, eight to one.
This guy is super unpopular.
That is the reality, and no amount of gaslighting is ever going to change that.
And I wanna go over some of these nightmare clips.
And we have a special guest joining us in the second hour to be talking about this more, Laura Chin, great talk show host over at The Blaze.
And then Dr. Jane Ruby's coming on.
To talk about in the third hour, we're going to hit at the bottom of the hour.
That is incredible.
You've heard a lot about this even before the vaccine started.
We told you about this eight months ago, then again six months ago, but now it's big top stories because people are getting sick.
Thank you.
for being contagious.
When they say they're shedding, it's like saying I'm going to bust a cap in your ass.
It's the same thing as I'm contagious.
I'm going to give you something worse than COVID-19.
We're going to show you directly from the documents and a report that just so happened to be completed today by the great.
Greg Reese.
We're not, we're not a competition around here.
We just love to celebrate success.
He consistently now is getting about a million views per video.
And the great part is there's no Alex Jones on them.
And so people are repurposing them and posting them all over the internet.
Uh, and uh, in fact, we're just putting out a version that is bug free.
So InfoWars doesn't even get credit.
We don't even want the credit.
We don't care.
We just want to defeat the New World Order and their giant genocide operation.
With their soft kill medical operation.
So, get the videos, edit them, share them, cut them down, expand them, do whatever you want.
Just use it all.
The new video, Vaccine Shedding Causing Miscarriages in Blood Clots in Females, particularly in unvaccinated females.
And it's a nice three and a half minute briefing.
Great to share, great to save lives.
And if you put it on your Facebook, you put it on your Twitter,
I think so.
They can't do that if people still associate America with either.
That is coming up next segment.
And then more on that in the second hour with Laura Chen.
Look at this nightmare cult we're in.
Pelosi and the other puppet.
Kamala Harris with their damn mask on.
They're never going to stop.
And their cult followers are never going to pull the mask off.
It's their cult of their criminal takeover, the symbol that they're dirty and they're bad and they're a criminal gang.
And it's the October Revolution 2.0.
I mean, they admit that's what this is, financed by the fabulously rich Rothschilds that funded the first go-around 100.
And four years ago, we are in a lot of trouble, boys and girls.
But look at the sacks of garbage they got to recruit to do this to us.
Now, separately, people are ready to hear the truth now more than ever, and that's why if you spread the word about this broadcast, people are really ready to receive the truth.
And, you know, I talked about the fact that we've been instrumental in really waking Tucker Carlson up, instrumental in influencing Rush Limbaugh, instrumental in influencing Sean Hannity.
You know, he's told us that.
You've seen the Republicans come a long way, being radicalized as Americans, because we hit the bar bar first and covered Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order, and the pedophile ranks.
And now that's all entered the general vernacular, and people understand it's Americanism versus globalism, it's freedom versus slavery.
That's why it's more important than ever to keep us on air.
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Watch live!
Biden announces communist globalist agenda disguises democracy in address to Congress.
You're the pretenders.
What if I say I will never surrender?
All right, let's get into it right now, my friends.
This was a declaration of war against what's left of the free market economy by the big mega banks, by big tech that are using lockdowns and shutdowns to consolidate control.
After they bankrupt you, after they destroy what you've got to be self-sufficient and well-off and upwardly mobile, they then offer you a tiny life raft the size of a postage stamp so that as you sink into oblivion you won't be angry at them and they can cast themselves as the hero.
They called it the Joint Address, even though for the entire history of this country it's been the State of the Union.
Instead they called it the Joint Address instead of the State of the Union because they want to destroy the Union and Republic.
And they can't do that if people still associate America with either.
But if they can say we're a pure democracy,
Well, a 51% vote to say whites are inherently bad and they've got to pay taxes because they're white.
They've got to pay special fines.
Well, then it happens.
Or a 51% say black people are inherently bad and they've got to pay taxes because they're black.
It happens.
Well, in a republic, you have set rules that you can't get around.
So the minority is protected as well as the majority.
So the big populous state is protected just like the rural state.
That's how the country got formed.
It's how we came together.
It's how we created checks and balances.
But he got up there and the biggest lie I've seen out of his mouth, that's saying a lot, and repeated what Chuckie Schumer said and what Nancy Pelosi said, and that's that this was the biggest attack
Since the Civil War.
They also said since Pearl Harbor and since 9-11.
All three of those things have been said.
But he just now says, hey, it's bigger than 9-11.
It's bigger than Pearl Harbor.
It's bigger than World War II.
It's bigger than Korea, Vietnam, World War I, where 20-something million people died.
Close to a million Americans.
700-plus thousand died in the Civil War.
And they're saying that this is the biggest thing since the Civil War.
Wow, what a lie.
Four dead citizens and one dead cop from a stroke.
In what would be in normal riots after a basketball championship, or hockey championship, or soccer championship.
It would be a blip on the radar screen.
But it was the Capitol that got overrun, so it's the end of the world.
And they show those big crowds outside as if that army was there to do it.
Because they do fear that if we ever have to go and take our republic back, say from if they put Xi Jinping as the president, the media would tell you about out to him.
I say he's not, if he's not elected.
Let's go ahead, ladies and gentlemen, and talk about the reality here.
And let's hear it from the zombie-in-chief's mouth.
The undead, reanimated corpse, the skeleton, the mummy, they've put rosy cheek
Make up on.
Here he is putting out the big lie that this was the biggest attack on America since the Civil War.
And inherited a nation, we all did, that was in crisis.
The worst pandemic in a century.
The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
No, you're the biggest attack on our republic, buddy boy, with your mob rule, globalist-funded democracy.
So it's all about redefining things right now.
Now, let's go ahead and let's go to the next clip.
This is Joe Biden saying the biggest threat is white supremacy to that democracy.
So he's saying white people are the number one threat to America.
Here is the puppet, the Qaikon agent, dividing and conquering.
The threat is above, way beyond Afghanistan.
Those of you in the intelligence committees, the foreign relations committee, defense committees, you know well we have to remain vigilant against the threats to the United States wherever they come from.
Al Qaeda and ISIS are in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, other places in Africa, in the Middle East and beyond.
And we won't ignore what our intelligence agency has determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today.
White supremacy is terrorism.
We're not going to ignore that either.
My fellow Americans, look, we have to come together to heal the soul of this nation.
You know, I put out the headline today that he disguises communism and globalism as democracy, and that's a true headline, but it's not strong enough.
I'm going to go change it during the break.
The puppet president
...declares what Psaki's already said, the Pentagon's already said, and the Secretary of Defense has said, that supporting Trump, supporting America, existing, supporting borders, supporting capitalism, is white supremacism.
I'm a white supremacist, Tucker Carlson's a white supremacist, they say it everywhere!
So he said, being a white supremacist is terrorism.
So, even if you were a white supremacist, that's not terrorism.
There's plenty of black supremacists, Hispanic supremacists, you know, tribalisms out there.
People have the right to do what they want.
And in this climate, I expect to see more of it.
I don't defend it.
It's a way to divide and conquer us, but... No, terrorism is actually murdering somebody, blowing something up, like Antifa and BLM's been doing.
A riot at the Capitol is not terrorism.
But still, it's not good and it shouldn't have happened.
But notice he says, white supremacism is terrorism.
So anybody they define as a white supremacist on a no-fly list, like Nick Fuentes, or you're picked up by the police and they say we want to use the CIA and the FBI.
What did the ranking Republican of the Intelligence Committee say?
Nunes, a few weeks ago, he said, they're preparing to use the intelligence community against Americans and gun owners.
They are starting a civil war.
The final end of the country.
You go, that'll destroy the country.
That's the globalist plan.
They're there to wreck the country.
Run us up on the rocks.
They're wreckers.
It's their plan.
And here he is, then using the UN slogan, Build Back Better, which means World Government Great Reset.
And he goes, that's not even enough!
We need to do more than build back better!
I mean, wow, here it is!
We can't stop now.
We're in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century.
We're at a great inflection point in history.
We have to do more than just build back better.
To build back, we have to build back better.
We have to compete more strenuously than we have.
We're going to come back with a full clip, ladies and gentlemen.
The entire Great Reset is about shutting down Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada, the U.S., and any other former British Commonwealth countries to move everything to China and bankrupt us.
Everything is a wet blanket.
Everything is cut off the pipelines.
Everything is shut off the factories.
We're being totally shut off right now.
There won't be gas for a third of the country this summer.
They're announcing food prices will be 76% higher within six months.
I've got it all coming up.
We are under total globalist assault!
America is under attack!
Oh, we're going over the mountain now, ladies and gentlemen.
In fact, I've been over the mountain, and then over some other mountains, and then over again, and then back again.
They're in back again.
Let me just explain something to the listeners right now, and then I'm going to hit this huge news.
It's all so huge.
I've decided that all work and no play makes Jack an old boy, so I actually took off Saturday and Sunday 90%.
I still did some research.
I couldn't help it, but I spent, you know,
14 hours a day with my youngest daughter and my oldest daughter and my son came over and visited some too.
And so that was very refreshing.
And then last night, I probably worked till about six or so and I made the decision yesterday.
I said, I'm so sick of Biden, I'm not going to watch this joint session thing, this abomination.
I said, I'll just read the transcript in the morning.
So I watched Angry Birds with my daughter.
Angry Birds 2, it's pretty funny.
And then I did some more research and I went to bed at about 10 o'clock at night.
And then I got up at 4.30 in the morning.
And I went to Infowars.com, and I went to Gateway Pundit, and I went to CNN, I went to Fox News, I mean, I went to Twitter.
I've scanned over what he said and did.
And then now that I came in this morning and started watching the boil-down clips that got me like 20 plus of them, almost no one is even getting what Biden really said.
Almost no one is getting what Biden really said.
He declared that
They are officially going to use the intelligence agencies like we're in Afghanistan or Iraq on the American people and that they're bringing troops home for gun owners and conservatives.
That's how they define white supremacists.
So when you know the definitions and how they operate, then he also said that, you know, you shouldn't have to have a job to get a paycheck.
So they're going to call universal income a paycheck.
They're redefining everything right now.
And the clips go on and on and on and on.
And so, he's a doddering puppet, but the people that wrote this, they go, America's back!
Freedom's back!
Democracy's back!
When they're the ones overthrowing our republic in due process, and engage in political purges.
So it was, it was, I'm your friend!
America's here!
We're here to help!
We're Americans!
By getting rid of the borders, and bankrupting your currency, and taking your guns, and declaring white people are inherently bad!
I mean, the Bolsheviks, funded by the big banks, are making their move, just like they did in Russia.
In 1917, 1918, and that's it.
And they've said that.
I mean, these people are absolute, total monsters.
And their plan is to break the country and make us totally poor and controlled forever.
And there's so many cowards out there that know this is going on and keep their head down.
Well, that's the reason we're going to lose everything.
I mean, this is just, this is disastrous.
Trump wasn't perfect, but man, I tell ya, you know why they're going after him?
They let him know that if he kept preparing to run for office, he kept trying to control the Republican Party, if he went out and did rallies around the country, and if he said the election was a fraud, which is his right to do, the evidence is overwhelming it was, that they would start the indictment of Rudy Giuliani and then Trump Jr.
And then, of course, everybody else.
And it makes me admire Trump really more than ever.
I know he's, quote, out of power, so it's out of season to admire Trump and support him.
But he's definitely the lion in winter.
And he's a symbol of the Republic.
Still strong, still ready to fight, but outnumbered, overwhelmed, and just the lions alone, surrounded by a bunch of cowards.
I know the American people are ready to stand up.
I know you're upset.
But when it comes to leadership, DeSantis is good.
Jim Jordan's good.
Devin Nunes is good.
I mean, you know, Rand Paul's good.
Ted Cruz.
But still, they behave as if it's business as usual to a great extent.
We're under a world government takeover.
And so I hadn't seen that clip till they played it.
I read the little transcript, the only part of it, where it's all, you know, white supremacism is the biggest threat in America.
And then when I heard what he said, he goes, just being a white supremacist is terrorism.
Well, they define everyone as that.
They define me, that is, I mean, I trend on Twitter every week.
Sometimes number one as a white supremacist.
It's like their religion.
White supremacist!
White supremacist!
White supremacist!
They just say it like abracadabra, abracadabra, open sesame.
And that's their legal excuse, they believe, to come set me up and throw me in irons.
And then the FBI gets a little lollipop from Chuckie Schumer and the ADL and you've got super creepy Sacha Baron Cohen on TV saying, I need to be arrested.
I mean, they have ADL meetings on TV where Alex Jones needs to be taken off the air.
We need to arrest people like him and Mark Zuckerberg if he doesn't let us run Facebook.
And a month later they handed Facebook over to the head of the ADL.
I mean, my God, I've read a lot of history books and I've studied a lot of stuff.
The closest thing I've ever seen to Stalin or Hitler is the Democratic Party.
And there they are saying, you're the bad man and we're going to get you.
And I talked to other big national talk show hosts and they're all getting death threats.
And being attacked and having their families attacked.
I mean, folks, I'm not going to lie to you.
This country is in dire straits.
We became decadent.
We got mesmerized by television entertainment.
And by the time all the, you know, tough guy businessmen that just play golf all day and only care about themselves and think caring about the country, it was stupid and it's a global system, they're about to lose everything and their whole birthright and their wealth.
Because the globalists are planning on bringing this country to its damn knees.
They want a mass purge.
They want death in the streets.
They want a big bloody civil war to hurl the whole planet into a new dark age and
People say, why would they do this?
Because it's the will of evil people.
They like to wreck countries.
They like to burn things down.
They like to murder people.
They like to stomp around in black uniforms and dominate.
And when you're a meth-head, devil-worshipper college professor that, you know, by day spews Marxism at the college and by night runs around burning down police stations, you are protected.
You are worshipped by the FBI.
Because they know that that is the foot soldiers for their takeover.
They're just dirty lawyers that want to carve the country up at the Justice Department.
We're weak, soft people now.
We don't have value in ourselves or our ancestors now, and so we are in deep trouble.
Now I said I'd get into the big shedding news, the contagion news, and there's a lot of it in the special report.
I said this segment, I'll do it next segment.
And then with Laura Chin of The Blaze, a really smart lady, we will dissect Biden's speech and we will break down what it really means.
It's all there, universal incomes, being pro-America, you're a white supremacist, you've got to renounce America or we'll call you a white supremacist, and if we call you that, no judge, no jury, you're on no-fly list, you can't have bank accounts, you can't have jobs, and we're gonna basically arrest you next.
First they demonize you, take you off the internet, then they take your banking, then they make you homeless, then they tell your family, kick them out of the house, or
We're going to take your credit away, and then you're thrown on the street, then you're picked up and taken to a facility where they chain you up, and five or six pot-bellied anti-fa pedophiles come in and rape you before they kill you.
And their main mission is to get you and rape, folks, I'm not kidding, okay?
They all lust and dream.
They said, I've had an interview tell me 20 years ago, said, when we take over, we're communists, we're going to rape and kill you.
And they're just soft, weak people.
But they've got the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers behind them.
And they want a blood meal on you.
They know you're good.
They know you're strong.
They know you love God.
They hate you.
Just like they hate unborn babies.
And they're coming.
But thank God for George Washington.
Thank God for the Second Amendment.
Thank God we knew it was coming.
And we've been preparing and warning people.
And I know in my heart we will defeat them.
But it's going to be horrible.
We're going to have Nuremberg trials.
They're going to get trials.
We're not going to rape them and kill them in a dungeon.
We're going to give them trials, and they're going to have to go to prison, and those that lead this are going to have to be executed.
But that's not our job to do at this point.
They're going to launch their attacks.
It's coming.
Just like the bullshit revolution, just like Hitler, just like the malice, but now it's here.
Now Judgment Day is here.
You're going to feel the full rape of Bill Gates and the Satan system.
All right, we'll come back with the key intel.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Senate and House rules.
They said, oh, most of the members of the House and Senate aren't allowed in because of COVID.
You know, they're all in there every day.
They did it just for the State of the Union that he's renamed, the Joint Session, just to exercise their power.
And they have House rules making House members wear masks even when they speak.
And they just follow the cult rules.
Because Fauci's God.
And who funds Fauci?
Bill Gates.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
We talked about this last year.
We talked about it in the medical literature.
We had scientists and medical doctors on.
We had virologists on.
We played many clips of other top virologists and scientists saying the same thing, that this mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine.
The virus vector vaccine is not a classic vaccine either.
And it goes in and reprograms the cells to produce what the outside programming RNA tells it to do.
And that that causes shedding.
Well, shedding is a nice word for being contagious.
So overhead shot, please.
We have this nice little folder here for you on shedding.
This is a small little portion for you.
And now it's big news.
Because all over the world, women who are 70, 80, 90, who haven't had a menstrual cycle in decades, are now
Having their menstrual cycles again and women that are 20, 30, 40 are suddenly having them all the time or not having them and they're having miscarriages and it's being reported.
Mainline Scientist, Chicago Tribune, it's happening in Canada, it's happening in Germany, it's happening in Australia.
Well, I thought I'd play this new Gregg Reese report that's a featured video at Band.Video, and I'd like to see this report get 10 million views.
Our biggest report's gotten 6 million at Band.Video.
I really want to break that record.
I'd like to see you go to Band.Video right now and send this to everybody you know, man, woman, and child, and say, check it out, share it, this is important, this is life-saving.
Evidence is overwhelming that these mRNA vaccines are reprogramming the cells, they admit, to create super viruses that are now actually going to start killing people and they'll claim it's a new COVID variant.
What a genius plan for their bioweapon.
Because you see, viruses always mutate and become less lethal.
And then sometimes they mutate and become more lethal, but then they, again, become less lethal.
But if you can put a virus that's already lethal but mutates a lot, but weak, into a body, it's gonna then program, quote, the same protein, and put out the virus, the RNA, at a much larger level.
And that's just one way it can do it.
And then you get a bunch of variants that will actually kill people that have never come in contact with anything like it.
So they turn you into a biological weapons machine.
What a genius plan by the globalist.
So before we play Greg Reese's report, here's a few headlines.
This one is out of the New Scientist.
A year and a half ago, we now have the technology to develop vaccines that spread themselves.
And that's what they first did with the H1N1 flu vaccine.
They had, quote, a simulant.
The year before, it was actually H1N1 that they spread it in.
It actually came out in the literature.
The boldness of that.
And then you have all these horrible medical problems.
Oh, you don't want to take it?
You're going to take it.
Guess what?
It's live.
It programs the body.
Here's even your precious NPR.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus mutations.
February 10th of this year.
Here's the Pfizer report saying that it can jump into breastfeeding women.
And if you take the Moderna shot or the Pfizer shot or any of the mRNAs, it can jump into a woman and stop her breastfeeding and even hurt the baby.
Here it is right here.
PF07302048 BND162 RNA-based COVID-19 vaccines protocol C4591001.
And then you can read all about it for yourself.
By inhalation of the skin from shedding from those that have had the mRNA vaccine.
And it goes on to say that it can spread to pregnant or breastfeeding women.
So let's continue.
Scientific study showing shedding of the vaccinated.
Overhead shot, please.
Case of vaccine-associated measles, five weeks post-immunization, British Columbia, Canada, October 2013, major medical journal.
Outbreak of measles among persons with prior evidence of immunity, New York's, another big study.
And then it goes on from there.
Detection of measles with RNA in urine specimens from vaccinated recipients.
People are getting
They're getting herpes now from the mRNA vaccines.
Comparison of the safety vaccines, virus shedding, and immune efficiency of influenza vaccines.
And it goes on to talk about all those different types of vaccines given to you.
Sibling transmission of vaccine-derived rotavirus associated with rotavirus.
It goes on.
Nature, medicine, engineering, attenuated virus vaccines by controlling replication, fidelity, on and on and on.
So, there's that, because when people complain, or women complain, or you die, or your father dies, your mother dies, or you get sterile, they'll just laugh at you and say it's a conspiracy theory, thinking you're too stupid to have the facts.
But you can share this quick report that we're about to air at Mandot Video and shove it down Bill Gates' throat!
So fight back!
We have the truth!
The people perish for lack of knowledge!
The report is at band.video.
It is your mission to share it now and tell others to share it now!
Fight back with information war!
Vaccines shedding, causing miscarriages of blood clots in unvaccinated females particularly.
An attack on our females again.
The globalists say they love blacks, they're attacking the blacks.
They say they love women, they're attacking the women.
Anyone they say they love, they want to kill.
Here it is.
According to a recent Israeli study, Pfizer's vaccine is 40 times more deadly for old people than the actual COVID-19 virus.
And deaths began skyrocketing in Vietnam and Cambodia once the vaccine was administered to the public.
By all accounts, the cure in experimental mRNA gene therapy is far deadlier than the so-called asymptomatic disease, which amounts to the common cold.
Despite the fact that the U.S.
federal government deliberately poisoned the alcohol supply during Prohibition, killing at least 10,000 people.
Infected thousands of children with the polio vaccine in 1955, leaving hundreds with paralysis and killing almost a dozen.
Infected millions of Americans with simian virus from contaminated polio vaccines.
And aggressively pushed highly addictive opioids on Americans while diligently securing the Afghan poppy fields with our U.S.
Despite a dreadful history of death, injury, and lies, millions of people are somehow willing to line up for the latest experimental shot from Big Pharma.
But not only is the vaccine causing death and injury to the vaccinated, the vaccinated seem to be shedding something terrible to the unvaccinated.
And Big Brother does not want you to know about it.
If you Google search mRNA vaccine shedding, all you will find are articles claiming that such a thing is a conspiracy theory.
As if we are all stupid.
But if you specify for anything published prior to, say, 2017, you will find a different story.
Right at the top, studies show that vaccinated individuals spread disease, sources several scientific studies showing how vaccinated individuals can shed the virus for months and infect the unvaccinated.
And in their very own vaccine trials, Pfizer was concerned about shedding.
In particular, they were concerned about pregnant women being exposed to vaccinated test subjects by inhalation or skin contact.
After a young woman posted on Instagram how her menstrual cycles were affected after coming into contact with a person who had recently been vaccinated, she was inundated with hundreds of messages from other women who have experienced the same.
Her account has been deleted several times by Instagram for sharing these stories.
Women who have bled for weeks after being in contact with the vaccinated.
Women bleeding from their eyes.
Women who have bled so badly they needed blood transfusions.
Several women having miscarriages.
And girls as young as one year old bleeding from their vaginas.
These personal accounts are banned and censored from the public.
And now President Joe Biden is announcing that fully vaccinated people can go outdoors without a mask.
It seems that the worst is yet to come.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
They are now launching the bio attack.
By the way, it was hundreds of times that they told you where they initially gave people polio on purpose.
They told my grandmother that she was given it by accident, but that that's how she got it and was paralyzed.
Look, they've threatened to kill me for bringing you this information, but it doesn't matter.
We're all dead anyways if we don't get it out.
This is life and death.
This isn't a game.
The Globalists have launched a worldwide bio-attack.
Pray to God, get ready, and spread the word.
Alright, I'm excited.
A really great Blaze Talk Show host.
is going to be joining us coming up in the next segment.
And we've also got a medical doctor, Dr. Jane Ruby, joining us to get into how dangerous these vaccines are and what she's been saying.
But Lauren Chin is coming up to go over Biden's State of the Union.
It was incredible.
Of course, we're not supposed to call it State of the Union.
It's a joint address because we're not a union.
It's all about divide and conquer.
That's coming up.
Let's put back on screen
The report that Greg Reese did just went live at Bandot Video.
His videos now customarily get about a million views.
This one needs a hundred million views.
Because we said all this six, eight months ago.
We read to you from the top EU advisory boards, Wolfgang Wudark, the former head also, Mr. Yadon of Pfizer, chief scientist, that the literature shows that these things program, the mRNA vaccines program the cells
The mitochondria to basically create proteins that then the body that has an autoimmune response to them will attack the uterus, will attack the ovaries, but will also attack the brain, will attack the testicles, will attack a lot of areas, but these proteins that are in this particular virus are very close to these other fast-growing proteins where you grow sperm, where women grow the lining each month inside their uterus, so the zygote can implant and form with the placenta.
And that's what we said back in December when the scientists came out with their emergency injunction to the EU saying, don't authorize these experimental vaccines because now they admit some of what's in them, we believe it'll attack the uterus.
And now what do you see all over the news?
Even Chicago Tribune.
85, 90-year-old women having menstrual cycles, ladies and gentlemen.
Well, and the young women having them, but continuous bleeding because it's scarring the uterus.
And it's in the news.
You can pull it up.
Oh, doctors say if your lymph nodes swell or your uterus swells and you get a ultrasound, doctors don't do emergency surgery.
Those tumors aren't bad.
Those are just fibroids growing.
They're not malignant.
They're benign.
But when they cover the surface of the uterus, you're never going to be able to get pregnant.
I'm not a woman, but I've got four children and I know all about it.
And I worked as a large animal vet.
But I don't have degrees in it like these scientists, but I can read what they write, ladies and gentlemen.
And I know.
And so women particularly are flipping out.
I'd be flipping out as well.
So this is a targeting, a depopulation operation.
Gee, a supervillain that says he wants to depopulate you, whose dad ran Planned Parenthood, who says there's too many people, has released a gene therapy that doesn't protect you from the common cold, COVID-19.
It sterilizes you.
It reduces your fertility.
And the idiots will get more and more of the shots until you're fully sterilized.
You know, my dad's got a lake in East Texas, a small lake, and he wanted to get rid of the water vines that are growing in it because he wants to be able to swim in it.
So he went to the Texas program they've got, and they've got a type of a carp that you just put a little bit of a chemical in when they're babies.
And then it's, or when the adults are laying eggs and then fertilizing them, and it causes them to be double chromosome, so they're sterile.
So just one chemical that the state of Texas puts in with CART does that.
My dad just went and got a hundred of them free and put them in his glorified pond.
But that's one chemical that they put in there.
What can you do with a biological that goes in and reprograms the body?
So, that is all coming up, and people are freaking out.
You say, well, Bill Gates won't get away with this.
Well, I've been saying that since we learned of this last year.
But see, they're going to launch something bigger that will overshadow this, and corporate media is going to gaslight hundreds and hundreds of women we know of, including medical doctors, that are talking about this in their practices, that are seeing this, are being banned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.
I mean, women who've been on their years, have businesses, they say, hey, I had a miscarriage, or hey, I'm bleeding everywhere, this is, or my mother's 80 years old, she's having menstrual cycles again, because she had a vaccine, or she's around somebody that had it.
They're like, nope, you can't say that, bloop.
That's the total control to see if they can hold us underwater and literally rape us with Bill Gates' biological weapon.
So, we're gonna shift gears into the State of the Union that was unbelievable.
That is all coming up, but that's why they're suppressing the doctors and scientists to keep from the truth of this genocide.
Well, it seems like yesterday I was on her show about a year and a half ago, and then I was just recently watching her breakdown of Nick Fuentes being put on a no-fly list for thought crime.
He didn't even go into the Capitol, but being America first, they now say he's white supremacist.
You heard Biden in a speech last night.
If you're a white supremacist, you are a terrorist, and we're going to use the military and the CIA on you.
You've already heard Psaki say it.
You've already heard the Secretary of Defense say it.
You've heard Congressman David Nunes on the Intelligence Committee, ranking Republican, warn that that's the plan.
I mean, this isn't like, oh, the CIA and the military's coming for you.
This is, they're officially announcing they're doing this.
This is a total takeover.
And I wanted to get Lauren Chin's take on this and so much more.
She joins us.
She's obviously on Twitter at TheLaurenChin.
BlazeTV.com forward slash Lauren.
And I'm not going to go over her whole bio.
Most of you know who she is.
She's reached hundreds and hundreds of millions of people.
Born in Canada, raised in Hong Kong, came to the U.S.
for university.
She's a Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, and a minor in Middle East Studies and Arabic.
The topics she's most passionate about include dating culture, family values, including liberty, gender equality, and issues surrounding race.
So, I originally was wanting to get her on about transgender stuff and, you know, the borders, but we got her on now with the speech with Biden.
So I want to go over that with her first.
Thank you so much for joining us, Lauren.
Great to have you here.
Alex, thank you so much for having me.
It's great to be back.
What do you want to tackle first?
Because we asked you, what do you want to talk about?
You said this speech was incredible.
There's so much in this.
What strikes you as the most interesting?
Well, I think the overall impression that I got is that when it comes to the government, Joe Biden and his administration think it's their job to just take care of the American people as some sort of mother hen figure.
If you look at everything he said regarding their jobs plan, well, he wants government funded jobs.
He wants free college for everybody.
Of course, we know free means taxpayer funded.
He wants to expand things like Medicare and Medicaid, keeping people on government programs.
And it's just the polar opposite of the vision for America that people like President Trump were putting forward, where people were able to provide for themselves and be successful on their own merits.
Fast forward to Joe Biden's America, and now it seems like everybody is just going to be a protectorate of the state.
It's scary stuff.
I totally agree that the big takeaway is advertising communism, but with a bunch of Stephen Miller written lines from Trump's past State of the Unions.
I mean, because a lot of these were word for word what Trump would say, but then he would add to it universal income statements or race war statements.
He would act like, I'm from America, I'm here to help, we're back, everything's great.
After the left just tried to shut the country down for the last year, now they're blaming that on Trump and claiming a chicken in every pot.
And that was frustrating to see that Joe Biden, after only 100 days in office, is trying to take credit for a lot of the previous administration's successes.
No, definitely.
We're talking about the vaccine, which the liberal media, when Trump said we're going to get it done and get it distributed, they said that it was impossible.
Now that it's happening, they want to take credit for it.
And we also see that after Trump had these amazing economic successes, we're talking record low unemployment rates for Black people, women, Hispanic people, wages were rising.
Then COVID comes along, all of these Democrat governors shut their states down, causes a recession, of course.
And, you know, once Joe Biden got elected president, though, it seems like a lot of people on the left started to ease up on COVID.
And now Joe Biden is trying to take credit for the fact that the economy is once again recovering after, yeah, they removed all of these regulations and restrictions.
It's like, that's not you creating jobs or helping the economy.
That's simply you being less oppressive.
I totally agree, Lauren.
For me, it sounded like he's fully embraced Bernie Sanders.
A lot of this was Bernie Sanders platform, but just dressed up with an American flag.
Oh, definitely.
And you saw that he tried to, I think, appeal to the moderates by saying, oh, I have disagreements with other Democrats.
I think you should be able to be a millionaire and a billionaire.
Well, guess what?
He said that in reference to the fact that he's going to raise taxes, make America less competitive.
And we also saw him throw in a couple jabs at China President Xi Jinping.
I think he's trying to overcorrect for the whole Beijing Biden scandal that we've seen unfolding with his son as well, Hunter Biden.
Oh, I totally agree.
After he went on two weeks into office and said we should let China invade Hong Kong, basically let them take over Taiwan, let them keep Uyghurs in death camps and Buddhists and Christians, that really hurt him in the world's eyes.
So I agree, he totally overcorrected.
In fact, I bet Xi Jinping, who we know basically controls him, probably said, hey, it's a little obvious, you can get a couple blows in so they don't know you're an agent, you and Swalwell.
No, for sure.
And what strikes me is that if Trump had said just a fraction of what Biden ended up saying last night in his attempt to overcorrect, the media would be all over him, accusing him of being racist, xenophobic, and essentially trying to start another war.
But because it's Biden, I guess we're just going to
But Trump also got energy prices way down, basically cut in half.
So that's why we can have factories again.
It's why we can have jobs again, because we've got to have cheap energy or we can't compete with anybody.
You're right, and that's a key difference between how Trump was trying to approach job creation versus Biden.
Trump wanted to get the business environment friendly enough where entrepreneurs, small business owners could employ people and could make people's lives better from the ground up.
Meanwhile, you turn to Biden, his plan for American job creation really is just let the government hire all these people.
Well, who do you think is going to be paying the salaries
Of these jobs, I hope the American people are smart enough to realize that it essentially just means they're going to have to be paying through their tax dollars to employ their neighbors.
And that's not real growth.
That's not real job creation.
That's just, I mean, on its way to a socialist state.
Lauren Chin, we've got a few minutes, three, four minutes to break, but I want to get into a lot of topics with you.
But let me just raise some of these first.
We'll come back and play these clips.
He had this big whopper.
Where he says that the attack on the Capitol was the biggest, most destructive thing in America since the Civil War.
I mean, that is just a preposterous joke level.
Then he did a careful definition that the Southern Poverty Law Center and others do, that white supremacism, if you're white supremacist, you're a terrorist, but then they label everybody
As a terrorist.
So now, I guess Tucker Carlson and myself are all terrorists, and they're going to use the CIA and army on us?
I mean, where is the ACLU?
This is just outrageous declarations.
And then CNN's like, democracy's back, the police state's over, when it was Trump trying to dial back the police state.
And then he uses a UN thing about build back better.
That means the Great Reset.
And this was crazy, if you know what the dog whistles are to the globalists and the communists.
It goes on.
Oh, definitely.
I think this entire speech essentially was one huge dog whistle to the globalists.
And when you look at what was the thing that you mentioned, the whole build back better thing, I mean, we've seen time and time again, people overseas, in the UN, in the UK, using this same phrase and same slogan.
And it really is, I think, terrifying.
And I think when you look at Joe Biden and his entire administration, really, they're trying to present a moderate face on what are essentially AOC and Bernie Sanders full on.
Socialist policies.
It's socialism with a mask of capitalism, but that doesn't make it any better.
You're absolutely right.
Let's go ahead and play the clip of him saying the UN slogan.
Here it is.
We can't stop now.
We're in competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century.
We're at a great inflection point in history.
We have to do more than just build back better.
We have to build back better.
We have to compete more strenuously than we have.
Throughout our history, if you think about it,
Public investment in infrastructure has literally transformed the map.
Which he's not doing.
What, only 6% goes to roads?
That's the first.
Usually, infrastructure is 90% roads and ports and things.
It's all communism and sex changes and the rest of it.
And the big thing is, Build Back Better means Agenda 21, Agenda 2030.
Officially, Great Reset, meaning the West cuts its power and China and India and Mexico don't.
Lauren Chin.
No, and I think if you're actually familiar with things like actual climate science, which he's trying to present this as the guys are, oh, we need to fight against climate change.
Therefore, we're going to invest in all of this green energy.
It's really just a way to make America less competitive.
While, like you said, India, China, the biggest global competitors do nothing of the sort.
And I don't know if you also caught, but later on in the speech, he referenced the fact that, oh, China thinks that democracy is not viable because autocracy gets things done so much faster.
That sounds almost like a compliment to me.
It sounded like Justin Trudeau.
I thought the same thing.
Let's play that clip when we come back.
Lauren Chin is our guest.
Thank you so much for joining us today as we broadcast worldwide.
We really appreciate all of our affiliates, all the stations, all the listeners that join us.
These are incredible times to be alive.
She is a great syndicated talk show host with The Blaze.
It's an amazing company with Steven Crowder and all those great people over there.
The Lauren Chin Show.
You can find it, of course, at TheLaurenChin on Twitter and at TheBlazeTV.com forward slash Lauren.
And we were just talking about Joe Biden and we were talking about the
Bizarre event last night that he called a joint address.
Let's address that, pun intended.
Why do you think he called it a joint address when throughout history we've had State of the Unions, first written reports from people like George Washington, later presidents would come and, you know, once we had a bigger capital and actually address them.
Why do you think they're not calling it a State of the Union but a joint address?
I was confused about that, too.
And I mean, really, if you look at exactly what the content of the speech was, the timing and everything, it is a State of the Union.
I think they were perhaps trying to downplay the significance of this.
Every time that I see Biden get up on stage and give a speech, I am waiting for some sort of awful flub or just mistake in general.
He was surprisingly coherent last night, though.
But I do think that the administration was not trying to hype this up.
They've kept Biden relatively under wraps.
I think they knew they couldn't avoid getting him in front of Congress at some point.
So I think maybe their play was to try to make it seem less significant to get fewer viewers.
And I think it was definitely successful overall.
You know, the number of people that watched this, which should have been a big deal, paled in comparison to even just the number of people who are live streaming, for example, President Trump's recent speech at CPAC earlier this year.
So I mean, I guess it's just trying to say, hey,
Look, I'll swear, definitely don't pay attention to our president who might well go off on, what was that name of that leg hair guy?
I don't know.
He says a lot of stuff.
I want to go to the thing we talked about earlier because it's just so amazing.
Here is President Joe Biden referring to the January 6th Capitol riot as the worst attack on American democracy when we're a republic.
We'll talk about this when we're a republic, a democracy with you in a moment.
Here's what he said last night.
And inherited a nation, we all did, that was in crisis.
The worst pandemic in a century.
The worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.
So, World War II, Hitler, the Cold War, millions of dead, tens of millions around the world, World War I, Korea, Vietnam, this is the biggest things since the Civil War, Lauren.
Yeah, and that's especially strange to hear from him considering they're still trying to peddle the idea that Trump was first elected in 2016 due to Russian interference.
They haven't given up on that yet.
If that is true, wouldn't that have been even a bigger deal by their own standards?
It's just very hypocritical and I'm sure you've noticed.
The amount of times that they are trying to invoke democracy lately, which is really just mob rule as the founding fathers understood, they are more than willing at this point to throw people's individual rights under the bus in the name of whatever the majority wants.
And we actually saw that in this speech itself when Joe Biden tried to argue that, what is it, amendments to the Constitution are not absolute.
I was shocked.
I don't know how you felt about that.
Now, you're absolutely right.
What do you think we as a people should do about that?
Well, I think the first thing is that you need to get people like Joe Biden out of office because there are some politicians out there, we see Ron DeSantis, who are standing up for individual liberty, standing up for people's rights to bear arms and also for free speech.
But if you have people like Joe Biden in office, in highest office in the land, federal government, which is increasing its reach and scope every single day, yeah, they're saying that
Right now, the Second Amendment is not absolute, but how long until they're saying that the First Amendment is not absolute either?
We're already seeing Big Tech, as you know better than anybody, creeping with its censorship.
How long until a federal government, you know, spearheaded by people like AOC, who's already trying to say Facebook is not doing enough to censor white supremacists, how long until it's the federal government that's censoring people, not just Big Tech?
That's what I'm concerned about.
Unless people act now and be active,
In politics, then there's going to be a time where it's too late to fight back.
I agree with you.
I want to talk about this now, and when we come back from break, this is going to take some time.
For me, it's all about definitions, and we've seen Psaki come out about 90 days ago, when he'd just gotten into office, or stole his way into office, and he had her say, and then he said, and the Secretary of Defense said, our main mission is white supremacy.
The FBI said the main mission is white supremacy or the biggest threat, not Al Qaeda, not ISIS, not China, not anything.
Now, last night in this address, he says, we'll play the clip next segment, that
They are the main threats, white supremacists, and that white supremacists are terrorists.
Now I don't like white supremacists, or black supremacists, or hispanic supremacists, or any of those groups.
But the idea that they just call you that, well even if someone's a white supremacist, that's their right, as long as they don't hurt anybody.
But to say, if we say you're a white supremacist, you're now a terrorist, and the FBI has said we're going to disrupt?
The Tea Party, we're going to disrupt the Trump movement, we're going to disrupt the election fraud movement, we're going to disrupt the populist movement.
I mean, this is really a declaration of war against populists by labeling us terrorists, by calling us white supremacists.
I mean, he's really doing it in a so-called joint session, joint address.
And what I think people are so quick to forget now, because they don't want to be called white supremacists themselves, is that I don't like white supremacists at all.
No, you're right.
I'm no fan of any racial supremacy movement.
And, you know, we agree on that.
But it should still not be illegal to be racist, to be a jerk, to be, you know, just a bad person.
That shouldn't be worthy of getting you thrown into jail or on an FBI watch list.
And then you add to the fact that we are living in a time where even President Donald Trump himself, a former president,
He's called white supremacist.
People like Ted Cruz are called white supremacist.
They have shifted the origin window so far left that literally if you're anyone who has voted Republican at any point in your life, you're liable to be called a white supremacist.
And that's why if it looks nonsensical when they call Tucker Carlson a white supremacist leader, or when they call Donald Trump that, or myself, or anybody that's a nationalist or a patriot,
Because they intend to outlaw us.
They intend to hunt us down.
They intend to put us in prison.
All of this by extension.
They've said they want to arrest anybody that was even at the Capitol, not in the Capitol.
They're visiting people, homes, who didn't even go to the Capitol, who were down the road at the main event with Trump at the Ellipse.
And I mean, what we're seeing, you mentioned Nick Fuentes earlier, we are seeing the gradual, actually not so gradual, escalation of attempts to deperson people who they disagree with.
And that's not acceptable.
And I'm ashamed to see how many conservatives have said, oh, well, you know, they were kind of asking for it, weren't they?
No, no, they were not.
And if those mainstream GOPs with their, I guess, jelly spines think that they're going to be exempt from the left's crusade against wrong think, then they're wrong.
All right, we're going to go to break.
We've got a longer segment coming up.
I want to go through these clips, and I've got like 15 of them.
I hope we have time to go through them all.
But there was one other clip you were mentioning before the break I meant to get to, and then I forgot what the clip was you were talking about.
What was the clip that you were asking me to play?
Because we've got it on the list.
Was it maybe the no amendment is absolute?
Or no, the autocracy.
That was it, saying, you know, China thinks they're better because they're basically a dictatorship or an autocratic autocracy, but we'll show them democracy works when all they've been doing is mimicking China, just like Judge Judeau said.
So we've got that clip coming up as well.
Stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
Lauren Chin's our guest.
Find her at TheBlazeTV.com forward slash Lauren.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Lauren Chin is our guest, and I apologize to her.
I was giving this bio saying she's at the blaze.
She's independent.
I want to tell you about that before we get back into the State of the Union that has been going on.
Well, I'm sorry, it's not the State of the Union.
We're supposed to call it the Joint Address of the Puppet Chief Joe Biden.
But I watch your stuff all the time.
I guess I don't pay attention where it's from.
I thought you were still at the blaze.
Tell us where people find you, how they find the great reports and shows you do.
Well, I am trying to be everywhere because, again, as InfoWars knows better than anybody, you're just not safe on any of these big tech platforms.
So I am on YouTube, Facebook, let's see, Rumble, Odyssey, Minds, Bitchute, essentially most places where you can find video.
You can find me there.
You search for Lauren Chen.
If the big tech gods are being kind to me that day, you should be able to find me.
Since you mentioned it, here is the puppet of Canada whose father, Pierre Trudeau, admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and, of course, also Mao Zedong, the biggest mass murderer in history.
Here he is a few years ago praising dictatorship, and then we'll play Joe Biden's clip last night.
It's a level of admiration I actually have for China.
Because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say, we need to go green as fast as we need to start investing in solar.
I mean, there is a flexibility that I know Stephen Harper must dream about of having a dictatorship that he could do everything he wanted.
Okay, so now here's Biden last night saying, hey, you're autocrats, which means an autocracy, a dictatorship, like a technocracy.
Autocracies predate what you call a technocracy.
So bureaucrats running your life.
He says, oh, but we're going to defeat you with our democracy, where all they're trying to do is divide and conquer our country.
Here it is.
Tonight, I come to talk about crisis and opportunity.
We're good to go.
So there you go, that's exactly what you were just talking about.
What do you think is going to end up happening to Biden?
He's obviously senile, he can barely talk.
How do you see this train wreck unfolding?
Well, I think what's been interesting watching the first couple months of his administration is that when it was President Trump, everyone was focused on President Trump himself, what he was saying, what he was posting, etc, etc.
With the Biden administration, we talk way more about Jen Psaki or Kamala Harris than we actually do Biden himself.
And I think that's because all of us kind of understand there's this implicit agreement that, yeah, Biden himself is not the one who is calling the shots here.
He is, like you said,
A puppet.
I think after, I don't think he's going to last two terms.
I mean, I hopefully would like to see a Republican in office the next time around, but even if that doesn't happen, it's not going to be Biden.
There's just no way they can continue to weaken at Bernie's, you know, his senility through another four years after that.
But what's really frustrating is that Democrats, we have seen since President Trump has been in office, that they are willing to do whatever it takes
To get more power.
We see them talking about abolishing the Electoral College.
Nancy Pelosi has talked about lowering the voting age until 16.
Now they're trying to pack the Supreme Court.
They will do whatever it takes to get more control.
And so it's no surprise to hear them talk so favorably about autocracy because they can, I mean, wax poetic about democracy all they want.
But I think at the end of the day, we all know that if there was a way for them to have absolute power and be able to push whatever agenda that they want through, they would take it.
I talked about this clip earlier, but here's Biden talking about white supremacy being the number one threat and saying that the CIA and the Pentagon say so.
So you're not supposed to have the CIA and the Pentagon talking about the American people.
That's authoritarianism.
That's all the red flags.
But plus the numbers have come out, it's totally not even true.
Until you define America first, controlling our borders, capitalism, all of that as white supremacy, which they call everything white supremacy now.
They call science white supremacy.
They call mathematics white supremacy.
Spelling too.
I mean, speak of that before I play this clip, because he's really defining people that have American values as white supremacists and then saying that means you're a terrorist.
It's just he's declared war on America.
No, he essentially has.
I mean, for half of the people out there, I would say even more than, they actually, the left in general, Biden specifically, they think that your views are abhorrent and they think that you are potentially dangerous because of the values that over, I mean, hundreds of years have just been considered traditional American values and conservatism.
They've tried to paint this whole narrative that people who are at the Capitol and even not the ones who are, you know,
Actually storming into the building, but just your everyday protesters, that they are dangerous, which is completely insane considering the fact that, again, we've had last year a summer of love.
We've seen BLM riots, protesters, and Antifa do untold damage, not just property damage, but also inflicting violent harm on other people.
They're saying nothing about that while trying to paint people like Nick Fuentes as the devil.
They expect the American people to buy that?
I hope they don't.
I want to go through more of these clips, but what about Liz Cheney?
We'll show the clip in a moment, but Liz Cheney running down the aisle, almost tripping herself, that's not social distancing, to shake the mummy's hand.
And this is who the Republicans are trying to claim is the new leader who's now running the Republican leadership conferences and is running strategy conferences, and Trump's not invited.
Just absolutely insane.
Here's the clip.
Oh my God, this makes me just want to vomit.
This is all so sick.
What do you make of the system trying to push the incredibly unpopular tentacle of Dick Cheney, warmonger, on the American people?
Well, we saw President Trump declare war on the swamp, and as we all should have expected, the swamp declared war on him right back.
So we see people like Liz Cheney, people like Mitt Romney as well, like when he was still in office, to absolutely turn on any principles they claim to have because of a personal vendetta against President Trump.
I mean, we look at the Lincoln Project, that whole entire group of losers and sexual harassment enablers.
It's really just gross, and I think if we look at the Republican Party right now, there is a very clear divide between people who actually are America's first patriots and nationalists versus the establishment swamp GOP, who for, I mean, decades now has been more than happy just going along with the status quo and not really doing anything to actually advance conservatism.
And what frustrates me to no end are people like Liz Cheney, who have done absolutely nothing to accomplish supposedly Republican goals.
Talking down to people like President Trump, to people who are supportive of the America First movement, because what, they don't like their rhetoric?
Well, at least they're effective.
At least they're getting things done.
Unlike, you know, the Cheneys and the Bushes of the world, who've actually, I think, done more than anyone else to harm the conservative movement.
Let's play a little clip of Biden basically making fun of American gun owners when it's one of the fundamental rights of this country.
That's right.
It's how the war started that led to our independence in 1776 was gun confiscation at Lexington and Concord.
There's no possible justification for having 100 rounds in a weapon.
What do you think, deer wearing Kevlar vests?
Well then why do you need it to wage war?
Why do you need bodyguards and fences and barricades and armored vehicles?
Because you're an elected tyrant and we have our guns to protect ourselves from you.
Let's play another clip.
Your take on that, Lauren.
Well, I think conservatives, Republicans, anyone who cares about the Second Amendment needs to stop buying into the left-wing talking point that guns are just for hunting.
No, that is not what the Second Amendment talks about.
Nowhere on it does it say we need guns in order to go shoot deers.
That's not what it's for.
It is explicitly to protect against a tyrannical government.
So, I mean, frankly, in response to that, I want Republicans, people who care about gun rights, to say no.
It's not for dears.
It's to keep people like you, who seem to be power-hungry, in check.
And it's just to ensure that people have the ability to defend themselves from any threats, both foreign and domestic.
That's right.
Lauren Chin is amazing.
Final segment with her.
I watch her all the time.
Hope she doesn't get in too much trouble for me saying that.
Look, as negative as all of this gets,
Humanity goes through cycles over and over again, and we're going through a cycle of decadence and corruption.
The difference is, in the Middle Ages, or in other times, establishments would get corrupt, things would just fall apart, and then people would just go back to living in the woods for a while, and then they'd redevelop civilization and society again.
Now we've got nuclear weapons, now we've got particle beams, now we've got biological weapons, and now we've got propaganda, and we've got the psychological systems being hired by big tech and by corporations to get away with dumbing down the public so they're more easily controlled, but then that only adds the overall instability in the end.
So I see this whole situation hurtling towards
A real crisis in the future.
Lauren Chin is an independent journalist and reporter.
You can find her at TheLaurenChin on Twitter and of course many other places.
Lauren, I really am impressed over the years with your work.
I want to get you back on my show and Owen's show and some of the other broadcasts here on the InfoWars Network whenever you've got breaking news.
But where's the best place for our audience to find you and support what you're doing?
Any basic platform that has video hosting, whether it's YouTube, BitChute, Minds, Odyssey, you can find me by searching Lauren Chen.
And if you want to really keep up to date with what I'm doing, Twitter at the Lauren Chen as well as Telegram.
I'm on Telegram in case Twitter goes south.
You should be able to find me by searching Lauren Chen as well.
What do you think Trump should do?
I mean, obviously when he announced that he's going to do new rallies and may run again and is going to try to have America first, still run the Republican Party, which is great.
They began raiding Giuliani.
The word is they're going to try to raid Donald Trump Jr.
That makes me admire Trump more that they told him, if you don't go away, we're going to come after you criminally.
And he's not going away.
That makes me admire Trump even more.
I feel the same way.
And if I look at essentially the hole that has been left in the Republican Party without his strong leadership, I do think it leaves the door open for people like the Cheneys and the Romneys to take in and really subvert the America First movement.
And you know, a lot of the progress that Donald Trump has made in trying to shift the national discourse to something that actually resembles conservatism, talking about things that people really care about, like immigration.
Like doing things, trying to bring back manufacturing jobs.
That's what I care about.
My only concern with a potential 2024 run is that Donald Trump, despite a house fry, he is, you know, he is getting up there in years.
And of course, you also have people like Ron DeSantis, who I really want to stay in Florida because I'm moving there with my family and I want him to stay for us.
He, I think, would be a great contender if Donald Trump feels that, you know, he can't continue to lead the Republican Party to kind of maybe take over.
And we've already seen reports of them to having meetings.
And I hope that they're getting along.
And actually, in an ideal world, I would love to see a Trump dissentist ticket in 2024.
What do you think of that?
I love to say it.
He's just really a good guy, very level, very serious, and he just cuts through their BS.
Here's a few more of the bizarre clips from last night's, I forget what Biden calls it, joint address instead of State of the Union.
With regard to Russia,
I know it concerns some of you.
But I made very clear to Putin that we're not going to seek escalation.
I mean, you talk about choking.
This is a disaster.
I mean, I don't like the Democrats.
I hate the globalists.
But it's even embarrassing for me because he's not the president.
He clearly stole the election.
But he's there.
He represents us.
And he is an embarrassment.
Oh, absolutely.
And it's funny because when Trump was president, the media would focus and zero in on any little thing he said, any little typo on Twitter.
Meanwhile, it seems like Joe Biden has trouble getting his actual words out, and they're just quiet about it.
Although I did say on a podcast I host with my friend, No Malarkey, that they must have given him the good Adderall last night because despite the
I think so.
People who are not even the Russian government, but any organization that is linked to the Russian government from doing things like conducting business in the United States.
And I mean, we know that Russia is a convenient boogeyman for the Biden administration because they can appear tough on foreign relations without seeming racist.
But I do worry about the escalation that we are seeing.
Here's another weird line from last night's speech.
The most radical line tonight was when Joe Biden said, we the people is the government.
No, Joe, you seriously misunderstand the Constitution.
We the people is not the government.
We are not a country of dictators in Washington running the people.
We the people is the people, damn it, who are in charge of the government, whose freedom you're taking away, whose liberty you're stripping away, and it showed the
The arrogance of the hard left that they think... He is the state, is what he said, and he's we the people.
I mean, holy cow, that was radical.
And that's where today's Democrats are.
In closing, Lauren Chin, what else are you mainly focused on right now?
That's A, and then B, the exodus out of the blue states and blue cities, the collapsing ratings for all the woke sports, for all the entertainment shows, the Grammys, the Emmys, the Oscars, 25% of what it was just a few years ago for the Oscars.
I mean, they're in free fall trying to tell us that we're in free fall, but really populism and Americanism and the love of liberty,
Seems to be exploding all around the world.
So what's front and center for you?
What else are you watching on your radar?
And then just your take on this paradox of they claim it's over for us, the populist, when we're super popular, they're having to suppress us because people want freedom.
They're obviously the tyrants.
And then Biden's up there talking about how Trump was basically a dictator.
This is preposterous.
No, it is.
And increasingly what I am focused on, I'm sad to say this, one of the only peaceful ways forward that I can see is, as Michael Malice calls it, a national divorce.
I honestly do believe in compromise.
I'm a firm conservative, but I'm willing to work with people of different political opinions.
But if we look at the leftists and globalists right now, they are not willing to let
Other people live their lives however they want.
You can say that, oh that's fine, they can do whatever, I'll just be over here in Texas or Florida or any other red state, but the sad truth is that these people will not leave you alone.
You can try to retreat from the cities, which I still encourage people to do, but at the end of the day they're still going to try to control every aspect of your life, including what your children learn in schools, what you're able to call each other.
I don't know how we can continue
To live side by side with people who are so keen on oppressing us and taking away every single individual liberty that we have.
And maybe this is too cynical of me, but more and more, I want to look at, okay, how can the people who do believe in liberty and freedom, how can we sort of shore up our numbers somewhere like Texas or Florida, just to ensure that at least there are some strongholds and bastions of freedom left in the country?
Because more and more, I'm just worried the way things are going.
We're being conquered.
It's a takeover because these globalists feel inadequate.
They literally want to mount America's head on the wall.
They want that big victory, the power, the money, the glory, when they can just find Jesus Christ and have it all right there.
Lauren Chen, I really appreciate you joining us and I appreciate all the great points you make and I look forward to being on your show next week.
Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it again.
It's so nice to speak to you.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you.
She's another amazing voice for freedom and common sense out there.
While she was on with us during a break, I got some more bad globalist news behind the scenes of how they're coming after us and all the different things they're up to and doing.
So I was kind of mad a little bit during that.
I seem distracted here or there, but she's a great guest to have on.
I mean, they are coming after everybody, ladies and gentlemen.
They are harassing Trump, his family.
They're harassing me.
I'm not a victim.
I just want you to know these people are criminals and they're making a real move on the country and I'm here to let people know how much real danger this country and the world is in.
History is happening now and separately.
While you still can, spread the word about the live broadcast.
Tell everybody about Bandot Video.
It is a miracle that we're still on air thanks to your support and God and this great crew.
And I'm fighting as hard as I can.
I try to be at peace.
I try to not have the weight on my shoulders.
Get me really upset.
But you know what?
We should be upset.
We should all get out of our comfort zones and take action.
Separately, Infowarstore.com.
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All right, we'll be right back with our number three and a very special medical doctor that's joining us.
Dr. Jane Ruby is gonna be joining us when we start the next segment.
She has been censored, attacked, you name it, for voicing her opinion and her views about COVID-19, the so-called vaccines, and so much more.
I really appreciate her coming on the broadcast.
She's going to be joining us again, start of the next segment, in about five, six minutes.
And then after she leaves us, Matt Bracken is going to be coming on.
I'm going to co-host a little bit with him in the second segment, because I want to ask him.
He's a really smart guy.
He's predicted all of this.
What it means to have Biden say, anybody that's basically pro-America, pro-Trump is a white supremacist, and we're going to use the Pentagon, and we're going to use the military on you.
I mean, this is incredibly illegal, and it's incredibly dangerous.
And so all of that is coming up in the fourth hour today, ahead of the vaunted Out of the Park.
Man, am I glad we got Owen Schroer working here five years ago.
The show's always been good.
In the last three years hosting his own show, he has just been knocking it out of the park with The War Room.
So has Harrison Smith, weekday mornings with American Journal.
We've got some excerpts of that coming up as well in the fourth hour.
But let's go to this very important report that's at Bandai Video from Greg Reese on, well, here it is.
According to a recent Israeli study, Pfizer's vaccine is 40 times more deadly for old people than the actual COVID-19 virus.
And deaths began skyrocketing in Vietnam and Cambodia once the vaccine was administered to the public.
By all accounts, the cure in experimental mRNA gene therapy is far deadlier than the so-called asymptomatic disease, which amounts to the common cold.
Despite the fact that the U.S.
federal government deliberately poisoned the alcohol supply during prohibition, killing at least 10,000 people.
Infected thousands of children with the polio vaccine in 1955, leaving hundreds with paralysis and killing almost a dozen.
Infected millions of Americans with simian virus from contaminated polio vaccines.
And aggressively pushed highly addictive opioids on Americans while diligently securing the Afghan poppy fields with our U.S.
Despite a dreadful history of death, injury, and lies, millions of people are somehow willing to line up for the latest experimental shot from Big Pharma.
But not only is the vaccine causing death and injury to the vaccinated, the vaccinated seem to be shedding something terrible to the unvaccinated.
And Big Brother does not want you to know about it.
If you Google search mRNA vaccine shedding, all you will find are articles claiming that such a thing is a conspiracy theory.
As if we are all stupid.
But if you specify for anything published prior to, say, 2017, you will find a different story.
Right at the top, studies show that vaccinated individuals spread disease, sources several scientific studies showing how vaccinated individuals can shed the virus for months and infect the unvaccinated.
And in their very own vaccine trials, Pfizer was concerned about shedding.
In particular, they were concerned about pregnant women being exposed to vaccinated test subjects by inhalation or skin contact.
After a young woman posted on Instagram how her menstrual cycles were affected after coming into contact with a person who had recently been vaccinated, she was inundated with hundreds of messages from other women who have experienced the same.
Her account has been deleted several times by Instagram for sharing these stories.
Women who have bled for weeks after being in contact with the vaccinated.
Women bleeding from their eyes.
Women who have bled so badly they needed blood transfusions.
Several women having miscarriages.
And girls as young as one year old bleeding from their vaginas.
These personal accounts are banned and censored from the public.
And now President Joe Biden is announcing that fully vaccinated people can go outdoors without a mask.
It seems that the worst is yet to come.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Well, we know what the facts are here on the Alex Jones Show.
What are the facts?
We're being censored, we're being blocked, we're being told, whether we're a medical doctor, a nurse, or just a mother, or a father, or a virologist, or a chemist, or an engineer, or a school teacher, or a farmer, or a lawyer, that if we're not agreeing with the UN and Dr. Fauci, and whatever Bill Gates says, we're not allowed to have speech online.
If we take a vaccine and get paralyzed, they're going to censor the local newscast.
If women get vaccinated and have convulsions or suddenly start bleeding or growing tumors in the uterus, they get censored.
This is a giant exercise in suppression.
And we know it's an unapproved vaccine.
We know it's experimental.
We know it's secret.
A top scientist at a first look at it warned us.
Prestigious scientist said,
It's going to attack women's uteruses.
And now that's pouring out in the news media.
Look at these headlines as we go to our guest.
We now have the technology to develop vaccine that spreads themselves.
New scientists.
COVID-19 vaccines could add fuel to evolution of coronavirus mutations.
NPR making you super spreaders of real deadly viruses.
Pfizer admits it can spread by the air into pregnant women, into breastfeeding women.
In their own reports and all these different studies.
But you try to talk about it and well Snopes, well Snopes is a fat lady and a cat and they say there's no problem, it can't spread, it can't do anything.
But meanwhile Miami private school tells vaccinated teachers to stay away from students who haven't had their COVID shots.
But other schools are saying if you've had the shot you're not welcome in the school because you'd be a super spreader.
Another one here out of Canada.
Canada store bans vaccinated patrons due to false notion of viral spreading.
Oh, yes.
Vaccine passports.
All of it being rolled out.
We're being experimented on.
And if we dare complain, we're the bad guys.
AstraZeneca ban in 21 countries in Europe.
Ban in the Philippines.
Ban in a bunch of other countries.
There's over 40 countries last time I checked.
Illegal here in the U.S.
even for emergency release.
Still, ladies and gentlemen, Biden's getting a bunch of it and dumping it on India.
India, by the way, has put out reports showing fake photos from gas explosions and normal mass burnings saying, this is not COVID.
It's from years ago, but our media still runs it.
Well, Dr. Jane Ruby is a really smart lady, and I've watched her show, seen her on a lot of other shows.
She's a Washington D.C.
health economist and New Right political pundit with fascinating conservative insights and breaking news in the world of the new media.
Her radio and online TV show, Dr. Jane D.C., airs Monday through Friday at 11 p.m.
Eastern on the Exceptional Conservative Network and provides a current view of the fascinating world of our nation's capital and the people in it.
Dr. Ruby was most recently S.R.
advisor to the 2008 Stuart for U.S.
Senate campaign and the associate producer of the newly released hit movie, Hoaxed, the media's war on truth.
Her book, A Sea of New Media, illustrates the emergence of a new generation of journalists, truth-tellers, the citizen journalists.
From cable news to new media, she takes us through the transitions and features the people that are driving the new phenomenon in journalism.
Great to have you here with us for the rest of the hour.
I want to get into
The vaccine, I want to get into COVID, the lockdowns, great reset, last night's bizarre speech by the puppet president, what's going on in D.C., the climate there, and what you talk about the new media in the war to censor us, how you see this unfolding.
So, Doc, thanks for joining us.
It's great to have you here.
Thank you, Alex.
My pleasure.
Where do you want to start first?
I just threw out a lot of things there.
Why don't we start with my recent ban from Facebook.
Where I actually was accused of violating their policies and their standards, of which they don't even explain what those are.
But it was because I posted a very important connection.
People have to understand that the reason these healthy, viable treatments we have, like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, these are tried and true, many years of safety, and they have efficacy, they're approved by the FDA.
Finally figured out why they've been banned and bashed Alex.
And that's because what people don't know is because if they didn't bash them, they wouldn't be able to create this emergency use authorization that everyone is talking about.
And if you look at the FDA site themselves, they explain
That the ability to authorize on an emergency basis a medical device or a drug is actually stipulated by statute.
They're violating their own laws.
And let me just quote for you.
They say that one of the requirements to get an emergency euthanasia authorization is that, quote, there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.
I was banned from Facebook because they told me that was a lie.
It's not a lie.
Everyone knows from frontline doctors, Dr. Simone Golden, countless thousands of other doctors across the United States who are being honest and true to their Hippocratic oath of causing no harm, that we do have safe, reliable treatments.
And beyond that, Alex, we're talking about a flu with an almost 100% recovery rate with no treatment.
It's absolutely insane.
And so that's why I was banned yesterday for 24 hours.
I've never been banned before in 10 years on Facebook.
I'm surprised I haven't.
But that was the reason.
I saw your interview on Red Voice Media.
You were breaking it down so well.
They're scared of how you articulate this.
Plus it's an admitted fact that if they admit ivermectin or they admit hydroxychloroquine or even zinc, vitamin D3C, is on record even on the NIH website.
I showed this last year and again earlier this year.
It may still be up there.
It probably is.
About zinc and about D3.
It's said on the NIH website, in fact, try to check it out guys, that it's essential to the mitochondria and if you don't have it, viral infections can kill you.
So they admit it's basically a natural treatment, but they don't want any hope and as you said, it triggers the emergency law that if there's no other approved treatment or provable treatment, then we can do experiments on you with gene therapy, which they couldn't get approved for 10 years.
That's really what this is all about.
That's absolutely right.
And I'll tell you, you know, it's been shoved down our throats now for months that, oh, over 500,000 Americans have died.
You have to take this pandemic seriously.
Well, first of all, by definition, we don't have a pandemic anymore.
And secondly, the outrageous part of this whole thing is that 500,000 Americans did not have to die if they had access to hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.
I don't know if you're aware of this, but last March 2020,
I actually came down with COVID.
I had a positive test.
I did have flu-like symptoms for several weeks.
I was told by a very respected primary physician in Arlington, Virginia, that I would have to just tough it out.
And he was talking to me as a fellow medical professional.
And I queried him on it and said, what do you mean?
Why don't you give me the HCQ?
You know I'm positive.
And he said, we don't do that unless people are in the ICU.
And he was very nervous about it.
And I said, well, why would you wait till I was that serious and that sick to give me those medications?
I went on to study and do some research.
I found that all of the Democrat governors were blocking access to hydroxychloroquine by using their state departments of health.
They hold medical and nursing and pharmacy licensure in their hands.
And they were essentially threatening that if these doctors, nurses and pharmacists dispensed or prescribed
This safe cure.
For COVID, they would essentially lose their licenses.
And another, Ruby, what you're saying is so massive.
This is all admitted, this is what you're being banned on Facebook for, that you have governors like Cuomo playing doctor, ordering sick patients into nursing homes where you got most of the death, then trying to cover it up, and then all over the country, Democrats playing doctor saying, you may not give hydroxychloroquine, you may not give ivermectin, which you just said was a death sentence.
So they use their licensure to come in and keep doctors from doing what was already approved, already on the shelf,
Literally killing people to keep Big Pharma hysteria going so they can ram through their mRNA guinea pig testing on us.
Absolutely right.
And the sad thing about this, Alex, is that physicians know, nurses know, we all know that it's a lie.
On the CDC website, you can all go look at it yourselves, it claims, it uses the term safe and effective for these experimental injections.
You can only claim that something is effective and safe if you have completed human trials or what we call clinical trials to the very end.
And as you well know, these trials for all four of these injections are not going to be completed until 2023.
And so, and there's another issue, which we can talk about in a little bit, of informed consent.
There's a huge scandal around the lack of, and I want to talk to your listeners.
Doc, stay there.
You are hitting all the key points better than anybody I've heard, just laying it out, reminding me how this is so criminal, how it's all a hoax, claiming that it's safe and effective.
It's just a giant criminal operation.
Stay with us.
Yeah, America had its problems in the past, but we had our soul.
We wanted to be good people.
Now we fall into evil.
You know, everything Dr. Jane Ruby is saying, talk show host in her own right, author, filmmaker, is true.
We all know it's true, but she's reminding us of the last 14 months, what we've gone through, and what's currently happening, and they just hope we forget about all the crimes.
Bill Gates, the big five pharma, going out,
Quietly buying off all the major health services of the world, except for Russia and a few others.
Teaming up with China to fearmonger.
Coming with big tech, censoring everybody telling the truth.
Having governors and other leaders around the world block known treatments that were having 99% success rates to jack up death numbers.
Sending infected people into nursing homes knowing that would cause mass death to jack up numbers.
Putting people on ventilators instead of giving them treatments that they knew were helping.
Medical doctors in Texas that run major facilities say, oh, we give them inhalable steroids, 100% recovery in hours.
It's an autoimmune response.
No, can't do that either.
Just diabolical organized corporate evil.
And that's Big Pharma and the UN taking over the planet and then bringing in their systems.
Who died and made Bill Gates God?
Now he wants to block the sun out.
I mean, I used to tell people ten years ago that he was behind the geoengineering.
I had the documents.
People couldn't believe it.
Now he's on TV going, I'm spraying stuff out of the jet engines, it's adding the fuel, here's the patent, and I'm going to make the... I mean, it's now all there.
They are taking over.
They're playing God.
They treat us like children and pat us on the head and say, oh,
You know, don't ask questions.
It's safe and effective.
No one's been hurt.
Meanwhile, it's all a lie.
And they're not giving people real consent.
They're not telling them the law.
They're lying to everybody.
It's all coercion.
So get more into that, Dr. Jane Ruby, in a shorter segment, longer segment.
I want you to then drill into how you think we strike back against this and how we counter.
But you were getting into some other areas of their fraud as we hit the break.
Sure, happy to do it, Alex.
I wanted to talk a little bit about the issue of informed consent, because many people are throwing that term around.
I've been in pharmaceutical drug development for almost 20 years.
I've actually written informed consents.
They're usually very lengthy documents, and here's the key about them.
In order to get your study approved to be able to implement it onto human beings, you have to have what's called an IRB, Institutional Review Board,
Stamp on that form.
That form has certain minimum requirements.
You have to disclose every possible risk associated that you're aware of.
Any benefits that might come out of it.
And if you lie later, your name's on the line, you're gonna go to prison.
And these IRBs are federally registered, so when they put that stamp on it, they're actually putting their names and reputations on it.
Here's the point of the story.
I have been offering, like in the spirit of Andrew Breitbart when he was offering thousands of dollars for that proof of tape, I've been offering, I'm up to $5,000 for anybody to show me a bonafide IRB stamped
I don't know.
Absolutely, since the Nuremberg trials and the code of the ten codes that came out after that to protect human subjects from the very thing we are being subjected to every day with these four injections.
It's just unbelievable.
Please continue, because I interrupted you.
Explain this.
This is Nuremberg Code, Geneva Convention, since 1946.
This is international law, U.S.
law, and they're just bulldozing it.
They're bulldozing it.
No one can show me an IRB stamped informed consent.
Now, IRBs sit in either universities or there are some private ones like Western or Sterling.
I've written many of them.
I've submitted them to institutional boards for their approval.
They often come back.
They want more information.
They want to know how we're going to protect potentially pregnant women, children, things like that.
This is just steamrolling ahead.
They're now talking about giving these experimental injections to children.
This is blowing my mind, and nobody can produce for me an IRB-stamped informed consent.
When people are going to, say, grocery stores or drugstores or wherever they're going, community centers,
They're getting, from what I can tell so far, what's called a checklist.
And there are a couple of negative, you know, things that might say, well, you might get a rash, you might have some flu symptoms.
They're not telling people about things like shedding.
They're not telling people about why people are having bleeding.
Like really paradoxic situations, blood clots at the same time that they're bleeding out in other parts of their body.
Very difficult things for physicians and ICUs to manage because it's just a red alarm going off in the body.
And that's what's happening for a lot of people getting these injections.
I don't call them vaccines, Alex, because by definition they're not.
They don't confer immunity.
That's right, they're masquerading as just a classic vaccine.
I mean, they're a gene therapy, aren't they?
They get in.
I'll give you the sort of the visual.
They get into every cell in your body.
They hijack some of the DNA material.
They also damage your mitochondria, which if everybody remembers from high school, those are your powerhouses.
That's what gives you energy.
That's why weeks and months later, a lot of people after these injections never recover from severe fatigue.
But they hijack your DNA and they replicate the spike protein.
The problem, Alex,
Is it a lot of the protein materials, the building blocks in that replicated spike protein is recognized in other parts of your body.
They're part of what creates a placenta.
Now you can make the connection to a miscarriage and many other similar amino acid chains in your body.
There is a disaster coming, Alex, on a freight train.
And you see all these
Sheriff's deputies are people that think they're out helping with a classical vaccine that can still have its own problems, but this is totally different.
They don't know they're all involved in a mass crime.
How do you think Bill Gates thinks he's going to get away with this?
I mean, these globalists, because obviously this is a depopulation, soft kill, sterilization operation, just like Gardasil got connected to the same thing with women's infertility.
I mean, how are they going to get away with this?
Because, I mean, people are really waking up.
Well, primarily they're getting away with that through obfuscation, just gaslighting and blurring everything and encouraging people to question themselves and buying off probably lots of physicians and CDC officials and WHO officials to create confusion so that people think, well, maybe it's not so bad, maybe it's not as dangerous as Dr. Jane or Alex or his guests say.
But that's the way they're getting away with it.
And by the time... Well, then why are they... Exactly.
Why are they violating the law then?
Why are they lying to people?
And why have hundreds of influencers on Facebook, Twitter, and other places gone public, and so they were offered up to $10,000 a piece, $5,000, $3,000 to say they had the vaccine and it was great, even if they didn't.
Money talks, and I'm ashamed to say it, but we now have the collision of medicine and politics.
We've never had this before, and you've been over that target for many months now.
Well, Dr. Jane Ruby, listen, I saw you on some of the other shows you've done.
I've seen your show.
We're just so glad you're there.
I'm going to try to come back and just give you the floor to talk about where we go with this and more warnings.
Please stay there.
Because I know having people like you on Team Humanity, we're going to win.
Folks, call everybody you know, tell them tune in now.
Later, once this is archived, hit Bandot Video.
Share it.
This is life-saving information.
Stay with us.
Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m.
Central, it's the Alex Jones Show.
to 3 p.m.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, with this great crew, and all our great affiliates, and you, the listeners, that are just awesome, and the viewers, Simon Castell on the Internet, and a lot of TV stations and cable stations as well.
Now, if you sit back and you look at all this, if Bill Gates and the eugenicists and the depopulationists that have even been in the Wall Street Journal 15 years ago saying, we meet in secret and talk about world government and depopulation.
Just type in billionaires meet in secret and talk about overpopulation.
And they say, we're setting up world government to carry out depopulation.
Bill Gates says that publicly.
But if they try to get the military or corporations to fly around with drones or whatever and just spray you, that would be openly illegal.
And they would go to prison.
People in their own organization would blow the whistle on them.
But if they package something as one thing when it's really another.
Roll it out during hysteria.
Bring it out.
Get people to sign on to it.
Get governments to sign on to it.
Get media to sign on to it.
Get parents to sign on to it.
Get pastors to sign on to it.
Now they're gonna have Stockholm Syndrome and the illnesses and the miscarriages and the deaths and the tumors start, and they're gonna make excuses for it.
And in all the videos, oh, look, this woman got paralyzed neck down.
She goes, I still would do it again.
It's great for everyone.
We just need more funding to make vaccines safer.
And that's how the psychology works.
And so now, it's like human sacrifice.
Every culture, every ancient culture at one time or another had human sacrifice, usually right before the society collapses.
And people would bring their children, mothers would, and throw them into a fire, or let their hearts be cut out, or let them, you know, have their heads chopped off.
Because a lot of times the high priest would demand a child.
That was to prove their fealty to the controlling psychologist of the day, the mind controllers, the cult.
So you can get people to kill their own children.
And that's basically where this is already going.
So Dr. Jane Ruby is a very impressive lady.
Author, filmmaker, talk show host.
Find all her information at DrJaneRuby.com.
And she's written a book.
I look forward to reading about how the wave is unstoppable.
As long as all the great people like you and her and others just start speaking out.
Doesn't matter how well spoken or how badly spoken.
Just tell the truth.
It doesn't matter.
Document it's going to change the world.
They cannot stop the signal.
So I just kind of stated how this operation works.
Can you elaborate on that?
And then all the other great points you want to make, because I mean, you've really been nailing it for people to understand how premeditated this is.
I'd love to hear your view on how we counter it.
Alex, let me spend a moment just talking a little bit about safety and what that really means.
I don't think people are aware or I don't think they're taking seriously the point I made earlier about the fact that these trials are still ongoing.
Why is that important?
First of all, in SARS-1, when they attempted to develop a vaccine, they did preclinical studies, which is petri dishes and animals in the animal sections.
All the animals die across species.
That's a huge safety signal.
That would halt any development program that I've ever been aware of in my career.
Let's just elaborate on that.
Normally, if you have a hundred monkeys and two die, they probably wouldn't approve the drug or the vaccine.
You're talking about, in ferret studies and others, a hundred percent die in mRNA vaccines, and then that's why they skipped animal testing this time.
This is insane!
Sorry, I'm interrupting.
No, not at all.
You hit that one on the head.
The thing is that these animal models, they don't live as long.
Obviously, they have shorter lifespans, so you get to see the damage earlier.
So, in these trials, these four companies that we're dealing with right now,
Shockingly, they were allowed to bypass animal trials, preclinical phases.
That's unheard of.
Secondly, the reason they're rushing the distribution of these injections is because, my feeling is, they can't afford to wait until the trial is over because they will have so many safety signals
I think so.
Very, very dangerous.
I think it's important for people to know that.
And I suspect, Alex, that that's why people are not getting true, bonafide, informed consents.
Because if they had to stamp, put their stamp of approval on an informed consent, they would require all of that disclosure.
And nobody in their right mind would take it, if they took the time to read the informed consent.
You're absolutely right.
I'm just sitting here watching you on my big TV over here when they cut to me because you're so dead on.
Why do you think the globalists went with something this bold?
I don't see how they get away with this.
I mean, everything that top scientists like Wolfgang Wudarg and others warned about eight, nine months ago has now come true.
Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has warned of this, warned of the shedding.
And now it's happening.
I mean, this is crazy.
Dr. Tenpenny has done an amazing job.
In explaining what this injection, what this material actually does in your body.
She has explained a little more elaborately than I did earlier of what this is.
This is forcing your body to make a replicate, repeat the spike protein that you see on the outside of this, whatever this viral material is that they're injecting.
Thank you so much for having me.
But you could always, you know, chelate them off.
You could do things to detoxify yourself.
There is no way to reverse this material in your body.
And so my hashtag over and over again, Alex, has been, just wait.
You have nothing to lose by waiting.
Don't jump in the fray.
That's right.
They are stampeding people into this like they're selling timeshares in hell.
CNN wrote a very deceptive article the other day.
60% of people have been vaccinated or plan to be in the U.S., but then it was only like 15 to 20% really, they were just saying, or 60% may get vaccinated.
It looks like though, record levels of people are refusing this.
Suddenly all these big vaccine centers are empty and having to shut down.
What are the numbers you've got?
I've actually been getting, I opened up a ProtonMail, Dr. Jane Ruby at Proton, to have people safely report some things that are happening.
And the intimidation they're experiencing.
For example, the biggest thing that's happening is people are being forced in their employment to get the vaccine to either stay at work, come back to work, come back to work in person.
And I think this is a very, very dangerous slippery slope.
I'm not sure how it'll play out in the courts.
I just want people to wait.
I also want them to heed a lot of the warnings that you've given them.
Push back.
Ask more.
Research more.
Don't trust Dr. J. Ruby.
Go look at these things.
They're all out there in the public domain.
If you can dig through the CDC and WHO and Fauci lies,
You know, that level 4 biosafety lab, I have no idea what it's doing in the middle of a country that wants to take the rest of the world out.
That's a serious problem.
I know you've addressed that many, many times.
It really concerns me.
Besides being an MD, I mean, he's never treated any of these patients.
If you look at his track record across the SARS-1, you would think he was a totally different person.
It's, you know, Dr. Fauci and Mr. Hyde.
So I think he's a very dangerous individual.
I'll probably get in trouble more for saying that, but look, I have family.
I have people I love.
I have children and grandchildren.
I don't want this garbage, this poison in our world.
Wow, we've got one more segment, Doctor.
I really want to invite you on American Journal, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
I'd love to invite you on The War Room, 3 to 6 p.m.
I'd love to do a commercial-free podcast with you, because those get millions of views.
Separate from my syndicated radio shows, we have 15 minutes of ads an hour, because we're, you know, designed for radio.
It's how we got around the deplatforming.
And now they're trying to deplatform you, but the people can boost what you're doing.
DrJaneRuby.com, incredibly well-spoken, wonderful lady.
I want to talk more about how we get on the offense, where this is going with her, and then
I'm going to co-host with Matt Bracken, because I've got the biggest news of the day I haven't even gotten to yet.
I've got to cover it, and Matt Bracken's an expert that will actually help me.
So I look forward to picking his brain about, well, what Biden announced, war on the American people.
Live from Austin, Texas, broadcasting worldwide, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Dr. Jane Ruby is our guest.
All right, Matt Bracken.
He does a great job on Thursday, so this is the fourth hour.
Former Navy SEAL best-selling author predicted so much of what's unfolding right now.
I sometimes co-host with him and I'm deciding today to do a few segments with him coming up because Biden came out in the so-called joint address to Congress, I'd want to say State of the Union, and said anybody we define as a white supremacist is now a terrorist.
And we're going to use the CIA and the military.
And that fits into the FBI and CIA statements and the Pentagon statements about the main enemy being white supremacists in America, meaning half the population.
This is the Communist takeover.
And it's absolutely out of control.
It's totally insane.
But it's what Psaki and all of them have said.
And Devin Nunes, a ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said it two weeks ago.
He said, no, they're having hearings in closed session about their main enemy being us.
So you've always heard about martial law and mass arrest plans.
Remember Nick San Manzo, white supremacist and all this?
Because he, you know, because the racist people got in his face?
This is all coming to a head and I want to know how we stop it peacefully.
Because things are boiling down to crises and really the end of the republic.
And that also ties into the Bloomberg Global Analysis of AgriSpot Index shows the biggest
Food price increase in modern history now happening.
And it's already in the raw material level.
It's going to telegraph the next few months to your table worldwide.
That signals massive unrest.
Last time it even had half an increase this big, we had the Arab Spring, which the globalists rode towards Islamic takeover of much of Africa and the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.
That's coming up as well.
That's why Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland.
So this is serious stuff.
I don't just start with the strongest stuff up at the front of the show.
It's all important and all ties together.
My gut's never wrong.
The older I get, the more I learn to follow my intuition.
I intellectually study constantly, but my gut is get out of the city, get out of the city, get prepared, get ready.
This is a full assault.
They're not just hitting us with a GMO Franken system that changes our very DNA and it's already maiming and killing people en masse and testing to see how much they can kill us.
It's all a test.
They're now saying that people that are pro-America are terrorists.
That's why they're calling black commentators that are pro-America white supremacists.
And Uncle Tom's, like the black senator that gave the rebuttal last night, they're calling him horrible names.
This is a real takeover, folks.
By megabanks, by the elites.
It's really scary.
Dr. Jane Ruby, I want you to be able to finish up on the whole COVID thing and all of that.
And also, you cover stuff happening in D.C.
You see what's happening in the country.
Just your general view of the state of the world right now.
I'd love to pick your brain about that.
Well, just to address that really quickly, you know, I still have a lot of connections.
for 10 years.
I was in D.C.
I did make an escape to Palm Beach a few months ago because simply not just for the great weather, but, you know, because this freedom was still available here.
And I think that a lot of people are starting to do that.
I heed your warning about getting out of the cities.
I think people should, too.
I've had some, went to a very private security briefing.
Here in Boca at a private home with some names of people who drove down to keep under the radar from D.C.
These are very respected people.
You would recognize their names, the good guys.
And they told us that we are essentially in the middle of a Marxist coup.
This whole COVID thing, the vaccine, everything we're talking about and we're trying to educate people on is actually part, as you well know, Alex, part and parcel of the whole operation.
And we have a very short window of time to turn things around.
And one of them is to
To prep and they did and coincidentally mentioned that in the second quarter of this year, probably late in the quarter, that there were things that were going to happen that would affect supplies and that people should stock up on six to 12 months.
That includes your medications.
If you're on any prescription meds, pay it yourself for the rest of the year, things like that.
So I wanted to just affirm what I've heard on my end.
The people I left behind in DC who are political operatives, activists, you know many of them, they've been on your show.
They are very depressed on one level because they do know that this is real and that this is happening.
And so maybe that leads a little bit to your question to me around
What can people do?
What should we be doing going forward?
Maybe from my perspective, I would say that you need to continue to educate yourself through shows like this, many shows.
There's still a lot of information, even though it's being censored.
That you can find on the internet.
You need to push back on the medical officials, the school officials that have already been infiltrated, by the way, by the Democrats, radical Muslims have infiltrated school boards, local areas.
We've got to reclaim those positions, those elections.
You've got to push back on those.
And the biggest thing I would say, Alex, is we've got to protect the children.
The children, you know, are the future.
There's no reason on earth.
Why this?
These injectables, these experimental injections should be anywhere near children.
They have a 100% chance of recovery.
Number one, they don't spread it and they should not have their DNA modified.
This is really a
This is a genetic takeover by Bill Gates and the globalists, and there's jellyfish gene and the whole genome of a dead boy in the Pfizer shot, and then a chimpanzee genome in one of the other ones, and then they won't tell you why it's in there.
They say, oh, that's proprietary, that's secret.
No, and that's not allowed, Alex.
That should have been disclosed if you could get your hands on an IRB-stamped informed consent.
Well, think about six-month-old babies.
They don't have any consent.
It's now being done to them.
This is pure evil, man.
It is pure evil, especially babies, women of childbearing age.
And Alex, I suspect, just from my medical education, I have a feeling that the common denominator is the protein sequences in these spike proteins.
That these injections are forcing your cells to replicate.
There's something in that sequence, in that pattern, that is connected to the rest of your body, and that's what is causing... Wolfgang Woodarg and others said it's associated with the brain, the uterus, the placenta, a lot of other fast-growing proteins, and they can either cut those off, attack those, or grow them, causing brain fog, you name it.
I mean, this is a bio-weapon.
It is definitely a bio-weapon.
Regardless of where it came out of.
Well, the vaccine is the bioweapon, exactly.
It absolutely is.
And it's the gift that's going to keep giving to the globalists.
Because now we're seeing, you'll see some information coming out today, more and more about the potential for people who have been vaccinated to be shedding something, and we don't know what yet, that is affecting other people's menstrual cycles, other people's blood clotting cascades.
Absolutely, listen.
Doctor, I am really impressed with you.
I've seen other shows.
You're such a great researcher.
Thank you, Alex.
Please come back on our other shows.
Come back on mine on a routine basis.
You've got something breaking.
Call Scott.
Thank you so much for what you're doing, and thank you for not backing down.
And I really look forward to talking to you again soon.
Thank you, too, Alex.
God bless you for what you're doing.
Thank you.
There are so many amazing people that we're getting to meet and know in this fight, and it's making so many other people that were, you know, doing other things politically really get active in this fight.
It's so bold.
It's so exciting.
All right.
I got to really be focused here.
Matt Bracken's got a lot to cover on his own.
And so I'm going to do the first half hour with Matt Bracken.
We'll get Bracken on in the second segment next hour.
And I mean, this is just folks.
I mean, everything's coming together.
I'm getting chills right now.
I'm just so blessed to still be on air during this time.
It's only through God's grace this is happening, and then God working through this crew and everything else.
We all can't hurt each other or get mad at each other because we're pissing the globalists.
And I'm talking to myself.
I get so upset because this is so damn real.
I get so angry.
I wish I was wrong every day about all of this, and we're not.
We're dead on, but it's worse than we said.
It is just, it is god-awful.
They paralyzed my grandmother.
They've killed people's children in this building with the vaccines on record.
And they just train us to put up with it because we're Christians and conservatives, we don't whine and complain.
And they get away with it.
Please keep us on air.
Please support our local AMNF affiliates.
Tithe to them.
Go right past the sponsors or support the sponsors.
We need your support.
In fact, guys, re-pull me the article about they're only gonna have, they're gonna have 35% less gas than either summer.
All by design, my God.
And I've got all the numbers coming in across the world here.
I mean, brace for frickin' impact.
That's all, this is what she said.
This is a Marxist takeover.
And I've met with, you know, former heads of intelligence agencies, not just one.
I've met with, they all agree, we are, man, just get ready, baby.
And boy, the left wants to be poor and be bankrupt.
They're going to be the first ones that are.
Once people figure out how much trouble they're in, my God, they're going to wish they hadn't done what they did.
But this is just devastatingly bad.
Everybody just get ready.
Fund us as much as you can.
We will push to the final day.
They blow the doors off.
The storm troopers come in here and line me up, splatter my ass up against the wall.
I'll be beamed up to Jesus.
But it's the children everybody else has got to go through that's what's coming, ladies and gentlemen.
I feel sorry for everybody.
And I feel sorry for all the FBI agents, too.
My God, God's going to judge them so badly.
Matt Bracken joins us next segment.
And boy, we're going to cover key intel.
I hope you stay with us.
I hope you tell everybody you know, tune in now.
You are the power.
You are everything.
When you take action, tell people to tune in right now to the most critical information ever.
Biden declared open war against the American people.
It is insane.
It just, it was the cherry on top for me.
That's coming up.
Rob Dew came to me this morning and he said, have you noticed that
The media is saying that Biden had the most popular State of the Union ever, 85% loved it, but that all the comments on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, you name it, were 2 to 1, 5 to 1, 10 to 1 or more against Biden.
And it's also come out that YouTube has adjusted on the White House channel.
Last time I checked, 60 plus million dislikes to likes.
They used to call that engaging.
In fraud.
So here is CBS News posted in Yahoo Finance.
85% of viewers approve of Biden's address to Congress.
Look at this headline.
We're going to go through this video, this in a moment, and then place it right next to other polls and other people's votes online showing
Unanimously, people absolutely hated it, but oh, don't worry, the fake news media wants to shut down the independent media because they don't want their gaslighting to be challenged.
So let's go ahead and roll this video of CBS News trying to gaslight us and say that 85% of people liked his speech and liked Biden, the most popular man in world history, according to them.
Here it is.
We have to do more than just build back better.
To build back, we have to build back better.
How have Americans been responding to the President's address?
Hey there, Elaine.
You all were talking about the President's polling in the last segment, so that was a very nice segue here, because we have some new polling.
What we did was we talked to a representative sample of the audience nationwide who watched the speech, and they liked what they heard.
We got 85% approving of the speech.
Now, I've got to add, right off the bat here, that
As is typical with presidential speeches, a lot of his own partisans made up the bulk of the audience.
So, this audience was majority Democrats watching it.
And, you know, for context, back when President Trump was giving speeches, a lot of Republicans watched those.
So, you've got to know that behind these numbers.
But that said, the audience said that they liked what they heard.
And then, how did they describe it?
Well, this is a word we found in other polling, and again, in this one, people used it to describe Joe Biden.
Presidential, caring, in this case, they thought the speech, many thought the speech was inspiring.
And then this one, folks have been talking about where his plans, you know, big, where the things that people wanted, and this word bold was used by 80% of the audience, too.
So, to that extent, it kind of hit his mark.
We'll go back to this in a minute.
What they do is they have an allowed group in their focus group that they give these little clicker machines for the internet.
And then when they give the people they know, like Biden, you know, quote, half of them are moderates and then, you know, a quarter Republican and a quarter Democrat, wink, wink.
They're all Democrats.
And then they just hand them, oh, look, the independent group all loves it.
That's how the clown world works.
Let's continue.
80% of the audience, too.
So, to that extent, he kind of hit his mark.
If he wanted to convey bold, it seems like he did a little.
Well, what did people make, Anthony, of the tone of President Biden's speech?
Did they feel he was unifying in his remarks?
Uh, yes.
That also came up.
We also did see unifying.
And, of course, that's been one of his campaign promises, right?
To be unifying to the country, to reach out, to be bipartisan.
We've seen in the national polling that led up to this, people did think that he was reaching out to Republicans.
That is what you call massive gaslighting.
We're going to post this report to Band.Video.
Here's just a small sampling of what he did last night.
With regard to Russia, I know it concerns some of you, but I made very clear to Putin that we're not going to seek escalation.
What a joke.
We'll be right back with Matt Bracken and the incredible news.
Wait till you hear this.
Ladies and gentlemen, the United States is under a megacorporation, big tech, CHICOM takeover.
The operating system is Marxism because it worked in 1917, 1918.
It worked in 1949 in China.
It worked in Cuba.
It worked in Venezuela.
It's worked all over the world.
It worked in North Korea.
It worked in most of the cities and counties in America that have been taken over by the globalists.
It's worked in Canada.
It's worked in Australia.
Real authoritarianism is taking over.
But let me walk you through this, and I know I've talked a lot about this, but I wanted to really burn in for everybody that they've crossed the Rubicon.
For those that don't know, 2,000, 40-something years ago,
Julius Caesar had been in Germania and Gaul for 15 years or whatever.
He was the biggest conqueror the Romans had ever had.
And they had a rule.
If members of the Senate or generals brought troops across the Rubicon into Italy and into Rome, it was treason.
They'd be killed.
Well, when you cross the Rubicon with your troops, it means you're about to take everybody over.
It doesn't matter what they do.
A war is happening.
Now, when I saw this this morning, because I didn't watch it last night, I gotta stop the 18 hour a day stuff because I just go crazy, but I watched it this morning.
When I saw him say, well we're about to play, we're getting Matt Braggart's take on this, Al Qaeda's not the issue, ISIS isn't the issue, open borders isn't the issue, it's terrorists in America who are white supremacists, and if you're a white supremacist, you're a terrorist.
Now, even if you're a white supremacist, that's your right to do it.
Black supremacist, you name it, that's your right.
But they called anybody right of Mao Zedong a white supremacist.
I'm called it, everybody's called it.
Tucker Carlson's called it by mainstream news.
It's a dehumanization.
So punch a Nazi.
Well, you're a Nazi, I'm gonna punch you.
I'm gonna come to your house, I'm anti them.
Kill Nazis, they're Captain America, we're Red Skull.
Even though George Soros actually helped the Nazis.
And so they've had the U.S.
intelligence agencies, the CIA, the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, all say, along with the Justice Department and the FBI, we're going to break up Trump networks.
We're going to break up networks claiming election fraud.
We're going to break up the organizations out there like the Oath Keepers.
And we're going to disrupt their networks.
And that means putting you on no-fly list, taking your bank accounts, even people that didn't even go to the Capitol or go into it, but were on the ellipse to hear the President speak.
You're bad too.
So this is crossing the Rubicon in spades.
Then he says in the speech, just like Psaki said months ago when they first got in, at the Press Secretary, we are using the intelligence agencies to go after the Trump people.
And then they define it not as wanting to load a truck bomb up and kill people.
Which is terrorism and is wrong by anybody.
Black Lives Matter and Antifa when they're doing it, burning down police stations, shooting cops.
But they said, if you're a white supremacist, and that's if they say you are.
It's on.
And then Devin Nunes was in closed hearings two weeks ago.
He said that's all they're talking about.
They're talking about Iran.
They're not even talking about China.
They're talking about Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, ISIS.
They're talking about the NRA.
Oh, the NRA's being called terrorists.
So this is it, ladies and gentlemen.
And New York's trying to take down their attorney general, the NRA.
They want to criminally charge them because they flew around on some private jets.
You can ride around in a golden jet if you keep my Second Amendment.
I mean, the point is, is that that's where this is.
So, clearly they're going to have a summer of rage.
Every time a cop does something even halfway questionable, they're going to burn cities down.
And that's going to be the cover for what I'll cover after Matt Bracken comments on this, and that is... Overhead shot, please.
One bank warns soaring food prices will lead to social unrest.
ZeroHedge and FullWorth.com.
Here's the Bloomberg
Agri-Spot Index, in its history, it's gone up the highest it ever has.
It went up half as much during the Arab Spring, causing turmoil worldwide.
The CIA controlled to put radical Islam in charge under Obama.
Last time this happened was 10, 11, 12 years ago.
Now it's more than double that.
A 76% increase currently in the next six months of raw food prices globally.
This is a global index.
This means unrest, this means instability, and over half the world, over half your paycheck goes to food.
That's a major index of extreme poverty.
In some countries, over 80% goes.
It causes death in those countries.
That's the Great Reset.
That's the year-long lockdown.
is collapsing the third world, bankrupting us, killing supply chains.
They're announcing that we'll only have two-thirds of the gas we need in most areas of the country because all those small operators went out of business and went bankrupt in all the new regulations and they shut down multiple pipelines.
Coming this summer, gas stations running out of gas.
CNN celebrates it.
This will lower your carbon footprint.
Oh, you thought you'd get out and go somewhere?
Too late!
All the liberals love staying at home watching Netflix.
All the schools were closed and everything else.
You're going to live under a bridge now.
Hyperinflation, ladies and gentlemen.
So they're going to pincer attack us with civil unrest saying it's white supremacist.
Have leftist white groups lead groups of black people to burn down cities.
Then if you oppose it in any way, you're a white supremacist.
And then they bring in the FBI and the police.
They're taking over the police departments.
In some jurisdictions, they've lost a third of their police.
They're just putting communists in there, fast-tracking them.
They're hiring illegal aliens as police.
This is the final takeover.
I thought it was just a beta test.
They were going to normalize their dictatorship.
No, they're moving ahead, just like the Bolsheviks did, because they know they don't have full control of the country.
They have a beachhead in D.C., just like the Bolsheviks did for 15 years in Moscow and some of the other cities that they had there in the western area of Russia.
So, joining us is Matt Bracken, former Navy SEAL, great author, researcher, enemiesforeigndomestic.com.
We've got three minutes to break.
You've heard my synopsis.
Do you agree with me?
Is there any doubt?
I mean, this is it.
I think they're going for broke.
There's no question.
They have this window where they've got a puppet.
You know, I never say Biden says anymore or, you know, because Biden doesn't know what he's saying.
He could read the, you know, the telephone book.
He wouldn't know the difference.
So it's whoever is writing his teleprompter speech.
Is running our country and we don't even know who that is.
Maybe it's Obama through the earpiece, like he said last November, he would like to do via Susan Rice.
That's plausible, but we don't know who's running the country, but they're globalists.
This is the full push for communism.
The total budget, when you add up the regular budget plus the Green New Deal slash infrastructure,
You know, the Medicare for all, kindergarten to college.
This is communism.
You know, $11 trillion is what they're talking about.
That's $11,000 billion.
That's $11 million million.
This is going to be hyperinflation.
And let's be clear, they're taking it while it still has value and buying foreign stocks, buying mining companies, buying raw land, buying up weapons stocks, medical stocks.
They're buying villas in Switzerland.
They plan to end the U.S., folks.
I mean, they are literally economically devastating us.
And in the short term, very short term, like in Weimar, Germany, there might be a sugar high
But this hyperinflation is now built in.
But unlike Weimar Germany, there won't be wheelbarrows full of money.
You know, you physically had to take money to the food store to try to find a loaf of bread.
You know, this time it'll just be loaded onto EBT cards.
And you won't know if your neighbor, who's a good comrade, maybe the algorithm is saying good comrades get double digits.
And that's exactly what the Soviets did.
People that were good little Soviets, they got double, triple their rations.
Other people got nine.
And this is going to lead to massive resentment.
You know, when you're at Walmart and, you know, you see the welfare mama loading up the steaks because she got, you know, triple digital bucks.
It's going to lead to tremendous resentment.
And only on products that we say.
If you try to buy unauthorized things like ammunition or gun magazines, it's going to just say decline.
God, this is going to blow sky high.
Stay there, Matt Bracken.
This is it, folks.
I thought we had time.
They're making their move.
My God.
And I look at all the dumb commies that can't even wipe their ass.
They're going to be in the worst position during this.
We'll be right back.
Throughout history, if you've ever picked up a World History Almanac, there's hundreds of different versions, different versions of history, but they're 500 pages, 1,000 pages long.
I've probably read or scanned through 30 or 40 of them in my life.
When I was a kid, I used to love to get them at different libraries.
We'd go to different libraries and each page was a whole country, a whole history, a whole period.
And it was constant wars, and subterfuge, and takeovers, and kings ordering the firstborn children killed, and human sacrifices, and Vikings taking over, and plundering, and the Aztecs chopping people's hearts out.
That's why history was so fascinating to me.
It was way better than the comic books.
And so now, it's happening here.
Hardcore criminals using psychological warfare.
Matt Brackens here with us.
He's been predicting all this.
He's been laying it out in articles and in books he's written.
Here it is on Infowars.com, the Bloomberg Ag Respond Index, the highest it's ever been since it was created.
76% food increase in just the next six months.
That's at the baseline from the farms right now.
That is a massive increase that will guarantee, they're saying, huge civil unrest alone.
They're not going to blame it on the big banks and on inflation and on the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds and everybody.
No, no, no.
It's going to be Black Lives Matter when a cop does something halfway questionable
When a black guy charges a cop with a knife now and the cop shoots him, the media's like, hey, it's a white guy!
It's a cover for the collapse.
They want to scapegoat black people and white people.
We've got to see through this.
And then you've got, of course, Bill Gates tells you you shouldn't own land, you shouldn't have farm.
Remember what did Bloomberg say a few years ago?
He goes, only idiots farm.
All you do is put a seed in the ground.
It's so easy.
Oh, yeah, right.
It's so easy.
Bill Gates buying up a huge amount of farmland while Great Reset tells America's future is not in private property.
He's the biggest farm owner here in the United States now.
They know what they're doing, don't they, Matt Bracken?
The Great Reset is exactly the same as Communism 2.0.
They're coming at it with a different public relations angle, but the outcome is going to be exactly the same.
People think that Communism in the Soviet Union, for example, everybody was poor, everybody was equal, but miserable.
That's not true.
There was a class called the Nomenklatura class
Uh, that they're like the named comrades.
They, they, they, um, shopped in special stores.
Where you had to use a special currency called a gold certificate ruble.
Orwell was in the Spanish Civil War.
He was a socialist, fought with the communists.
And that's why he later wrote in 1984, he said the communists were as bad as the fascists or worse.
He said they would go to special hotels with caviar and cream and high-end hookers and party all day.
And he's like, the peasants are dying fighting the Nazis.
They're like, screw you, let's bang some hookers.
That's what they do.
Sorry, go ahead.
It's great for, if you're, you know, it's like the old Mel Brooks movie.
It's great to be king.
You know, when the rest of the society is reduced to being, you know, peasants that are fighting for a living, dumpster diving, you know, picking up, you know, scrap food wherever they can, this is actually great for the members of the elite.
They can just cruise around, spot a pretty girl, send an agent out like Saddam used to do and say, hey, you know, you're going to get a big chance here to come up to the castle.
This could, you know, this could lift you out of the... And you're being too nice, you're being too nice.
Tens of millions starved to death just in the first decade of the Bolshevik takeover.
So people are lucky that eat out of dumpsters.
And people did starve to death.
At the time, there was very little photography, but there are black and white pictures you can see of, you know, dead children in the streets.
People were literally starving.
The difference now is that we have new media, people with the ability to record video and transmit it.
This is a two-edged sword, obviously.
Anytime that they can get a police shooting, they can use it to whip up racial anger.
Sometimes the video will exonerate the cop, like the stabbing, the near stabbing in Columbus.
So there are some differences between now and a hundred years ago.
The speed that information can be gotten out.
So this is... And they're getting us ready.
You will never have meat anymore.
You will eat bugs.
You will drink sewage water.
They're telling us this is a utopia.
Yeah, I don't think they'll be eating bugs.
Something tells me that the Gulf Stream jet crowd is not going to be eating bugs.
But they are going to have, you know, the best parts of the world will just be for the elites.
The peasants will be on semi-lockdown forever.
I watched the last hour with Dr. Ruby.
That was great.
And from the medical perspective, she's spot on.
But there's a social control mechanism, too.
They've got to get the vaccinations up to, say, 90%.
Then they can really crack down on the dissidents.
And they're going to start associating the dissidents with any, any new outbreaks will be blamed on the vaccine refuseniks.
And who will be, you know, the same as the white extremists.
And that's why we've got to get very aggressive like Tucker Carlson, non-violently, but they're trying to bully us.
We've got to say no to the school boards, no to the politicians, and get people in like the Santas that are going to hold the line, hanging on the offense against this mass cult.
And I'm not trying to take us back to the vaccine from the last hour, which I recommend that show, but here in Jacksonville, it's in the news, some of the giant vaccination sites, they were going from 1,200 vaccinations a day at these sites down to 30 now.
People are, the word is getting out.
The sheep that stampeded to get their vaccines, they were the early adapters.
They were the, you know, the ones that are wearing triple masks, you know, out running.
They've already gotten their vaccines.
Those of us with more sense who have studied this some more, they're hitting a wall probably at less than 50% vaccinated.
So this is really part of this information war.
Man, I totally agree with you.
They're trying to suppress the numbers.
I've got the numbers.
It's less than 20% have taken it.
That's why the CNN headlines are, oh, you know, 60% have taken it or planned to, but the actual number a few weeks ago was at 15, so I'm guessing it's about 20.
There's a mass awakening happening right now.
That's got to really piss the globalists off.
And this is part of the biggest brainwashing effort I've ever seen in my life.
Going back to watching Walter Cronkite, you know, Vietnam era.
When they were doing, and it turned out he was a globalist, he hid that fact.
You know, he was the most trusted man in America.
After he retires from CBS, it turns out he was a president of the World Federalist Society, which is like a, you know, secret Davos World Economic Forum.
I have the video of him saying that he sits at the right hand of the devil and wants world government.
But all the way back then, I've been studying brainwashing, and that was when there were only a couple channels.
I've never seen anything like this vaccination push.
This is very Soviet.
You know, the local news, you've seen these things occasionally where you think it's your local news reporter, but it's really a syndicate of stations, and they're all reading the exact same script about the vaccines and everybody needs to take it.
But pushing it on children, to me, is so evil.
Doing this DNA modification on children, inserting this spike protein into their DNA.
I mean, this is an extremely diabolical and evil scheme that they're unleashing.
I mean, it's almost beyond compare.
And it means they're going for broke.
They wouldn't have pulled something that's going to cause this much death and carnage if they weren't planning something bigger that's so horrible we forget about what already happened.
And the Wuhan lab is almost like an analogy
Or a parallel for the entire situation.
Here we have our corporate medical pharma interests.
Financing this research in Communist China.
And that's what we're seeing.
So they have plausible deniability.
Explain that when we come back.
And then I'm going to hit one more thing and have you take over.
And I want you to join me any time you want on the main show.
The fourth hour is just bigger than the other hour.
I'd like to get you on as a guest to pick your brain about this.
Matt Bracken, I've got one more point to hit, then we're going to hand the baton to Matt Bracken on the other side.
Then the War Room with Owen Schroyer is coming up in about 32 minutes from now.
You know, Kenny Rogers had a great career and he's gone now.
I guess he left at a good time, not having to see all this.
But you know, we can't just give the world over to evil.
We gotta keep living.
Gotta keep on fightin'.
Keep on tellin' the truth.
I'm gonna hand the baton over to Matt Bracken.
Appreciate him lettin' me in here a few segments.
I wanted to get his take on this.
I wanna hear his solutions to counter this and how we can fight back.
But just briefly here to TV viewers and radio listeners, I want to encourage everybody to go read this article for yourself that's on InfoWars.com.
One bank warns soaring food prices will lead to social unrest.
And it shows 75-76% food increases now already starting.
And that's going to cause civil rights problems.
What have I been telling you for months here?
You need to get high quality, storable food.
I want to explain something here.
I don't promote things just because I make money off of them.
I go out and promote things that
I'm personally doing that I'm personally using, so it's a win-win.
Like, going back eight years ago, I thought that gold was going to be artificially driven down.
I told people, buy it for years, they double-tripled their money.
I started telling folks, let's get out of gold, probably, because they're going to artificially repress it, and silver.
People got mad at me, but it was true, and most of my listeners cashed in and ended up saving their profit.
The last couple of years, I've said inflation's back, they're having trouble suppressing gold and silver, I'd get back in it, it's back up.
But food is the smartest thing.
Water filtration, firearms, friends, family, a bug out plan.
These are things that are essential for everyone.
As hard as I fight here against the globalists, I don't have a lot of time to do that, but I've been doing it more myself.
You know, putting in the water well, get the tractor, plant the garden, put the trailer, you know, out in the middle of nowhere, because
That's where this world's going, folks.
And that's how serious it is that they really want a prolonged, year-long, two-year, three-year lockdown with real bioweapons released and real riots to make us fall to our knees.
So I hope we can short-circuit this.
I hope cooler heads prevail.
I hope the Republicans wake up and say no, but they're mainly bullied now.
Lynne Cheney, all of them, are the leaders of the party now.
And they're saying they're going to go along with Biden and let him engage in election fraud.
Supreme Court's rolling over.
Or they'll pack the court.
Well, they're already packed.
They're already controlled.
So I would go to InfoWarsTore.com.
That's the umbrella site.
And I would also go to preparewithalex.com.
Go to preparewithalex.com.
That takes you right to the sub-page at m4restore.com where you'll find the full My Patriot Supply catalog and the lowest price anywhere.
10% lower even when you go to their site and buy it from them because I got them to authorize a special.
Even though their food prices have gone up three times the last year, everybody else has gone up even more.
They're probably going to have price increases in the future.
But I said, I'm your biggest seller.
I want 10% off.
It's going to have to end, they said, by the end of next week.
So I would take advantage of it.
Three months, six month year supply.
It lasts decades.
It's high quality.
It's very easy to transport to these big sealed black tote containers with big sealed containers inside, jam-packed, super high quality, healthy, good.
It's what I've got for my family.
It's what I've got here at the office.
And the power was off for a week plus.
We were cooking food up here on a gas burning stove, ladies and gentlemen, and running the thing off generators.
That's just a microcosm of what's coming.
So I would get Swirlable Food now.
Bill Gates is buying up all the farmland.
Food prices are only going to explode.
This is insurance you can eat.
I would not wait.
There's only about, I don't know, eight, nine days left in that special maximum.
It's got to end, I'm told, by not this weekend, but next weekend.
Ultimate Turmeric Formula.
Body's back in stock as well.
First of all, just listening to that spot
I have to, I have to take my hat off and salute you.
You know, talk about turning lemons into lemonade, high quality lemonade, the best.
You know, they've been gunning for you for years, really for decades, but they've been ramping it up so hard in the last couple of years and being thrown off of YouTube and thrown out of, you know, conventional social media.
You had to build your entire vertically and horizontally integrated system.
Completely putting everything, you know, under your own control.
So you wouldn't wind up like Parler, you know, with Amazon servers yanking the rug out.
So this is really a model for people to follow.
In my own little way, with my own little book empire, I try to do the same thing.
I try to be as independent as I can.
Because if you're relying on corporations or bureaucracies that in the end hate your guts and would just as soon see you put on a boxcar, then you're either going to have to run into the wilderness
Like some post-apocalyptic Mad Max scenario where you've got nothing, you know, you just what you can carry on your back and that's it.
Or you've got, you're going to have to bend the knee and, and, and knuckle under and, and just be a good Soviet citizen and hope to fly under the radar.
But flying under the radar is increasingly, it's not going to work because you know, unfortunately,
Our demographics are now becoming our bad comrade ID card that we can't hide.
We can't hide the fact that we're over 50, that we come from a Judeo-Christian background, that our ancestors came from Europe.
These are all now marks of the oppressor.
The society at large is being given permission to just come at us.
There's only one group left where you can just make jokes, slur, slander, criticize, and it's us.
Yeah, put on a no-fly list.
No reason given.
You're just a bad comrade.
Who do I see about that?
Well, go look at that, how about that guy in the blue jacket down there?
He doesn't know anything either.
You've just been put, you know, the mark of Cain has been put on you, and you're just increasingly going to be hammered.
So, I don't look for any help or solutions coming from the national level from the Republican Party.
Even the best of the Senators, the Ted Cruz's, the Rand Paul's, they're in an arena like the Roman Colosseum where they've got a little tiny trident and spear but they're surrounded by lions.
They really can't change the game at all.
The only thing that you can do is get away from the blue states
Get away from the blue cities and to the extent that politics is going to work at all, you've got to support local politicians that are going to fight back and not literally at like a state secession level like, you know, 1861, but the way that Governor Ron DeSantis is doing it.
In Florida, we're passing a bill that's going to make any vaccine laws null and void.
Any corporations that try to do mandatory vaccine laws, those corporations aren't going to be able to do business in Florida.
He's also taking on big tech with penalties that at this point may be the small change to the Googles of the world, but they're going to be penalized for banning conservatives.
And down the line, they're trying
At a local level, for example, they have these anti-riot laws that they're passing in Florida, where if you're trapped by people illegally blocking the streets, and you feel, you know, threatened or endangered, you don't have to just sit there and, you know, while your car windshield is bashed out.
You can drive to safety.
So, to the extent possible, move away from the blue hives.
You know it's predictable.
It's going to be worse.
You know, when this American breakup happens,
It's going to be much worse the closer you are to the big blue hives, what I call the Democrat vote harvesting plantations.
That's the only thing that those cities are good for now.
That's why they're bringing in the illegals.
They're just trying to change the demographics, import more welfare votes.
That is the Democrat game.
And they're completely going for broke.
Like Alex has been saying, this is not a dress rehearsal.
This is not like, let's see how far we can go, but have a plan B just in case it looks like the Republicans are going to win in 2022.
The Democrats are pulling out the stops.
They are acting as if the 2022 election is either never going to happen, or if it happens, it's going to be totally rigged by then, so it won't matter.
So if you're just hoping for a political bailout, I think that's a lost hope.
And I'm going to continue this on the segment on the other side, because it's going to get bad, folks.
Real bad.
You know, you can get my novels.
From Amazon.
Unfortunately, they are the big gorilla, but you can also get them from me.
If you look at my website, you can find out how to get them and I'll sign them.
Whereas Jeff Bezos, he probably won't.
Not that you'd want his signature.
Something that people who have survived these social cataclysms, they all say the same thing.
You can't have enough food.
Whether it's Venezuela today or the Balkans during the 90s.
People think that this will just be over in a few weeks and just a couple extra meals tucked away here and there and I'll be able to get through it.
This is not true.
You're going to need a lot more food than you think.
So laying away the products from the Infowars stores is going to be very important.
And not only that, water filtration, very important.
There are going to be times when the water system breaks down.
This is also very predictable.
When your local water system breaks down, it doesn't mean it's just shut like you have.
It could, but I mean, generally it doesn't mean you've seen your last shower and that's it until the end of time.
What's very common, you'll be put on water hours or there will be periods where
There's some strife or conflict happening upstream, and for a while the water system is down until your favorite warlords take over again and get it running again.
But there will be a period where there's brown crud coming out of the tap, not the beautiful, sparkling, fluoridated water that we Americans are so privileged to enjoy.
Kind of sarcastic there, don't take me the wrong way.
But I mean, the safe drinking water you're used to might not be available 24-7.
You might be filling bathtubs during that hour or two when the water comes on, and it's going to be nasty.
You're going to need water filtration.
Very important to get a water filtration system now.
Just because the water is running from your tap, it's not necessarily going to be safe.
The water power authorities, they're not going to have the kind of chemicals and filters available.
They'll just be putting water through and saying, you know, hey, we can't assure you that it's safe.
Do your best.
Boil it if you have electricity or gas to heat it with.
Everybody's going to be out of the same chemicals at the big level and at the small level.
We're seeing it now, not just with food supply getting, you know, getting problematic.
If you look at Home Depot, what's going on with lumber?
Lumber is used in almost every kind of home construction.
So just as the economy starts to take off with the end of lockdowns and housing is starting to take off, all of a sudden prices are going to be doubling because the price of lumber is just going through the roof, you know, and not just lumber.
So you're seeing it in these
Early, simple supply chain things, but eventually it's going to be food on the shelf.
So, I can't emphasize enough, you're going to need not only, you know, to protect yourself physically, but you're going to need to be able to purify your water and have enough food to get through these hard times.
You will not have enough food.
No matter how much you buy, you're going to wish you had more.
Now, I would just like to say about where we're going
This is not a dry run.
This is not a dress rehearsal.
The American Bolsheviks are completely going for broke this time.
They not only are crossing the Rubicon, they are blowing up the bridge behind them.
They are acting as if there is no chance of a Republican comeback.
Some other indications of this are pushing the vaccines on the children.
This is an experimental vaccine.
Not fully tested, only put out under an emergency use authorization, when there are bad consequences coming in the next couple of years, if they were worried about the Republicans taking over, they would understand there could be trials, there could be, you know,
The worst consequences for the people that pushed this vaccine across the population, including the children.
The fact that they're not worried about this tells me that they have blown up the bridge.
They are going ahead, come hell or high water.
Another indication of this is the coming hyperinflation.
They're not stupid.
They know printing, or digitally printing, 11 trillion dollars, you know, 11 million million dollars is never going to work.
Nobody's going to buy our bonds.
The American dollar has completely lost its value as the world's reserve currency.
It's going to be no different than a Venezuelan peso or a German Weimar, you know, Deutsche Mark.
Completely worthless.
So they're knowingly blowing up the economic system.
And like the Bolsheviks before them, they have an out for this.
They have a group of scapegoats they're going to blame.
So they're going to blow up the economic system intentionally
And then they're going to turn and blame it on the conservative white extremists who just wouldn't get with the program.
You know, who just refused to see the advantages of globalist socialism and were doing everything they could to hinder and sabotage the progress.
This is what's happening.
One description for this is anarcho-tyranny.
You blow up a society,
And then you blame a scapegoat.
You have an excuse to turn the country into a police state.
Meanwhile, you're purging the police of honorable veterans.
They're getting out because they see nobody's got their back.
They're quitting in droves.
Do you really think there are going to be no police?
No, the police are going to be like the thugs
That you see in the movie Clockwork Orange.
The former gangbanger criminals are going to be given badges.
And they're going to be, they're going to know who the enemy is.
So don't be surprised next year when you see former Antifa and BLM thugs wearing a badge.
And you know who their enemy is going to be.
It's you.
This is coming.
They're also doing the same exact thing in the military.
They're purging the military.
They're fast-tracking woke minority, sexual minorities as well.
They're fast-tracking anybody with a grudge against America.
They're telling patriots, get the hell out.
We don't want you.
You're a white extremist.
Well, the message is being heard loud and clear.
At the top level of the military,
The generals who don't go along with this are just shutting their mouth, keeping their head down, and counting the days until they can retire and collect their pension.
There's no courage among them.
There's nobody standing up.
Now, in France, we are seeing a little glimmer of hope where a retired general, a retired French Foreign Legion paratroop general, had about a hundred other senior officers sign a letter
Saying that France was being destroyed and they weren't just going to sit by calmly and watch France destroyed by this globalist push.
We need to see something like that in America because the country we love, it's just being wrecked.
Intentionally, and you can just see it coming in front of you.
Now, Owen's coming on at the top of the hour.
I can't wait to see the show.
He's always ready.
He's always loaded for bear.
And like Alex said, he's the greatest asset outside of Alex, I think, that InfoWars has.
Go ahead, take it away.
Thank you for those kind words, and, you know, Matt, I think anybody who's serious about what we're dealing with right now knows that, yeah, food, emergency food supplies, you know, precious metals, if you want to try to protect whatever savings you have that's not tied up in assets, I mean, that's how real it is.
It's sad that this is what we have to think about in America.
It's sad that this is what we have to do to get prepared in the United States of America.
But this is the reality of the situation.
And last night's Biden, what they're calling a joint address, was really a State of the Union.
They just decided to change the name of it, Matt.
So that was obviously strategic.
Maybe that's why barely 10 million people even watched on television the lowest rated State of the Union in modern history.
And maybe that's why nobody was tuning in on the Internet either.
This is the man that allegedly received 81 million votes.
But I guess
When you think about it, Matt, when they steal an election in broad daylight, I guess this is what follows, right?
I mean, this is the totalitarianism that follows, inevitably, throughout history.
So I'm going to be covering that, and we're also loaded with guests.
Joe Hoff on the election audit.
Tom Papert has a breaking news story he's going to have for us that's going to be coming up on National File.
And then Norm Pattis, constitutional expert, is going to talk about the indefinite detention of Trump supporters that's happening right now.
What a shame.
And you know, they're not hiding it.
And when they're not hiding it, that tells you everything you need to know.
You know, for example, Mary McCord, the ex-Department of Justice, head of the National Security Division, she's now gone to the FISA court.
This is literally announcing that the Fox is guarding the hen house.
They're not hiding it.
I get so nervous about supporting this broadcast and then God just comes through again.
It's like every time we get down to the line and I start going into the red, something good happens.
We go back to the black because I don't want to cut back our crew.
I don't want to, uh,
Shut down down the road.
We're under major attack, but I believe in God's mission that we've been given and I believe in you.
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For the last four years, while the Chai Com-backed big tech has been censoring and blackballing and deplatforming conservatives, nationalists, and Christians, we've heard over and over again, oh, just build your own internet.
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That tries to build their own websites, that tries to build their own radio or TV networks, gets savagely attacked.
In fact, if your network is successful, that's when they really come after you.
This is predatory.
This is martial law.
This is information warfare.
InfoWars is one of the only platforms still on air.
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