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Name: 20210423_Fri_Alex
Air Date: April 23, 2021
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In this episode of The Alex Jones Show, various topics are discussed including conspiracy theories about aliens, globalist intentions, 20th Century Fox logo origins, population control measures accusations, InfoWars credibility, medicines safety testing, carbon dioxide removal, vaccines, counterfeit currency, body armor, mask wearing, studies on masks' ineffectiveness, vaccine shedding, YouTube CEO award, OJ Simpson comments, competitive running event switch to virtual, Arizona election fraud evidence, truth suppression, RocketRest sleep formula, race issues, police training vs defunding, InfoWars products promotion, and developments in Arizona surrounding the audit of 2020 election results. The speaker encourages listeners to fight against evil forces and stand up for their rights while sharing concerns about COVID-19 vaccines' effects on menstrual irregularities and miscarriages. Lewis Ewing claims to have discovered a method to end lockdowns and mask mandates using specific statutes and legal advice to empower individuals to fight against government restrictions during the pandemic.

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For me, this is all really old news.
Then I gotta remember, hey, you've got a lot of folks tuning in every day.
They need to know the basis.
People ask like, how did Jones know this?
I love how they attribute it to like all these psychic powers and things.
No, it's attributed to reading the globalist documents and then watching it all come true later.
That's what it is.
It's like saying, somebody says, I'm going to your house to kill you.
And they show up with a butcher knife.
I mean, you have the intent, they've said their intent, they've shown up, they're trying to act on it, and am I going to walk up and say, here I am, go ahead and stab me?
I mean, this is not rocket science, folks.
You've just got to admit to yourself that it's happening and then say, do I just want to be like concrete it rolls over?
Do I just want to be this passive thing that goes along with this?
And I really don't think you're that.
So this broadcast is about warning you to get you ready.
Are you going to be ready?
Are you going to say no?
Are you going to stand up for yourself?
That's really the big question.
It's Friday, April 23rd, 2021.
Stay with us.
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You know, I feel sorry for our enemies.
I'm a gorilla.
I've got my primitive side and I get mad at our enemies and I get hyped up to have the strength to crush them.
But you know, I'm transcending that and so are you.
Because as long as we've got our eyes on God and justice and love, we will automatically transcend them as Christ did.
And our spirits will resurrect above whatever they do to these bodies.
And I've seen, just as Martin Luther King talked about, the future.
And that vision of us together, with our children living an incredible loving future together.
And all the attempts that we see to turn us against each other and all this great evil that's unfolding is only because evil wants to keep us from God and keep us from exercising our deed, our paperwork, our promise, our guarantee, our bona fide on the paperwork on this universe.
This planet is an egg.
It's a seed.
And it's got the potential of the universe in it, and what you see on your screen is only the beginning, I can tell you, my friends.
And the enemy knows that.
But, as the energy of Christ is poured into the planet, the enemy is going to try to block that, and is going to run around like cockroaches, scared to death.
And it can be disgusting, it can be horrible to watch them vomit their poison and spew their lies and engage in all their psychotic behavior.
But don't let them get you down with their poison.
Don't even let them get you to the point of hating them.
Forgive them and pray that God can change their heart before they're destroyed forever.
I had a well-known talk show host ask me a question this morning.
He said, is this real?
And I'll show you what I was sent.
And I said, yeah, is this real?
Is that real?
I showed him the whole blueprint for it.
Is this real?
It blew him away.
And then the bigger question is, how can that talk show host, he's the top talk show host, how can he then present that to the public when they're not ready for it?
Well, you gotta be ready for this.
The way out of this is getting ready and admitting the universe is big and deep and broad and long and strong and getting into it and stop being afraid and looking down at the dirt.
You should be staring into your grandmother's eyes and up at the universe forever.
It's unstoppable.
It's unlimited.
It is completion.
God is completion.
Beyond pleasure, beyond ecstasy, beyond anything you can imagine.
Absolute, total, pure completion.
Satisfaction to the next order.
Satan is failure and humiliation and pain.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Big Friday transmission lined up for you.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hope you stay with us.
God has given us all the ideas, all the intuition, all of the invention we need to build a new universe.
Because if you're God, what else is there but creating new conscious beings that can create their own new universes?
The gift of the water of life.
Total consciousness.
Total power.
But with that power comes completion.
So what is left?
To be a tombstone of total completion?
Or to continue to regenerate?
To create new forms of life?
Like a river into the space-time continuum.
White-hot forever.
White-hot forever.
I got a lot to cover, a lot to hit, and I'm going to do it all today.
But first, I want to air this Gregory's report from yesterday.
He's already got a new one out.
We'll air that later, but it goes to everything.
Why is every publication filled with imminent violent alien invasion?
Because the globalists are the aliens.
They're the New World Order.
They're the anti-carbon people.
They're the ones trying to kill us.
So they're telling us aliens are about to attack us.
Because they're a pack of Satanists, who are already alien, because they've gone against humanity.
They made themselves alien.
They say, we're going to metamorphosize, immersive machines, and our ticket to power and Valhalla and nirvana and heaven is killing you.
Well, any entity telling you your ticket to power and immortality is death is a joke.
And so I'm just here to let the Satanists know they failed.
And you know you have.
Here's Greg Reese's report.
In this historical time of awakening, there are now millions of souls across the earth witnessing a powerful hidden hand manipulating humanity.
Hidden, so it has no name.
So it does not exist in the minds of labels and names.
Hidden in the shadows.
We will call it the Cabal.
This great awakening is the greatest threat the Cabal has ever faced.
And we have seen this criminal Cabal deploy false flag after false flag to maintain their greatest power.
Here we will explore the most dire false flag event imaginable.
The fake alien invasion.
The alien UFO phenomena can be traced back for millennia.
We could spend days going through the entire alien UFO mystery with all its fascinating half-truths and misinformation.
But these details have been made into a distraction.
What matters is if it's possible.
Is the threat real?
The technology exists.
Before World War II, Nikola Tesla died, and we are told by the FBI that his groundbreaking technologies disappeared.
After the start of World War II, Dr. Walter Gerlach, an expert on the fluorescence of mercury ions in the strong magnetic field, was brought onto the highly classified DGLOCK project, otherwise known as the Bell.
Surviving documents suggest that the bell involved strange anti-gravity and time-altering effects.
After the war, the entire project disappeared.
Several Nazi scientists came to America under Operation Paperclip, where many of them joined Freemason astronauts and Jack Parsons' Satanist rocket fuel scientists to form NASA.
Prior to this, the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 was enacted, which allowed the U.S.
government to suppress any new technology deemed a threat to the country.
This led to the suppression of Stanley Meyer's water-fueled car, John Hutchinson's mysterious Hutchison effect, and as of 2010, over 5,000 inventions have been rendered secret.
Through all this time, UFO sightings became more common.
The entire alien UFO phenomena becomes a part of pop culture.
The U.S.
military develops direct energy weapons.
Inexplicable damage seen at the World Trade Center 9-11 attacks and the California wildfires suggest some type of advanced weapon technology that has the ability to melt glass and steel and burns homes into a pulverized footprint of powdered ash.
Whistleblowers with Stephen Greer's ongoing disclosure project have witnessed government projects wherein civilians are abducted in fake alien abduction scenarios.
They have seen the top-secret UFO-type crafts that our military is developing, and they claim it would easily fool the public as being alien technology.
If the Cabal were to deploy the fake alien invasion, it could be game over.
The mask mandates have revealed how easily compliant the population is.
They will believe whatever they are told.
And the rest of us could be wiped out within weeks with direct energy weapons and whatever else they have up their sleeve.
We are now seeing a sort of disclosure, as if they are preparing us.
Continuing to warn us of the alien threat.
We know the Cabal has the will to do this, and it seems they have the means as well.
But if we can destroy this evil cancer, then humanity has a chance.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Very important report, warning the fake alien invasion threat is real.
It's got about 487,000 views.
It banned a video launch yesterday.
It could reach 100 million people.
It could change the world if you do it.
So here's what's going down, folks.
The establishment's scared.
They've made their deals with whatever it is.
It's obviously anti-human.
John Kerry, we got a clip of this coming up, just said all carbon should be banned.
Trees are carbon.
Grass is carbon.
Your puppy dog is carbon.
Your daughter, your son is carbon.
Your mother, your father is carbon.
This is full-on psycho stuff.
These are not good people.
And what's crazy is they're saying it openly to you that humans are a disease, but now carbon's bad.
When carbon is the life-form base of the planet.
They're aliens.
The aliens are already here.
They're already creating human-animal clones.
They're already creating aliens and lambs.
That's just what these things do, okay?
It didn't come from a distant star.
They're devil worshippers.
They're possessed.
It's an interdimensional attack.
And I don't know if it's a football game for these things or whatever it is to destroy our planet, or they're threatened by us, what we're going to become in the future, but I've talked to top military people, you name it, and they all agree this is an alien attack.
You look at every level of this, it's the only way it makes sense.
But let's just move on with that.
Maybe it's just psychos want to kill everybody and they're nuts.
They think they're going to become God.
Regardless, we've got to challenge them and say no.
So, when we come back, I got asked this morning, you know, like, oh, I see this.
Is this real?
What do you think of this?
And so I just, in like two minutes, sent the person a few little clips, a few little linkies.
And I thought, you know, why don't I show listeners this?
Because for me, this is all really old news.
Then I got to remember, hey, you've got a lot of folks tuning in every day.
They need to know the basis.
People ask, like, how did Jones know this?
I love how they attribute it to, like, all these psychic powers and things.
No, it's attributed to reading the globalist documents and then watching it all come true later.
That's what it is.
It's like saying, somebody says, I'm going to your house to kill you!
And they show up with a butcher knife.
I mean, you have the intent.
They've said their intent.
They've shown up.
They're trying to act on it.
And am I going to walk up and say, here I am, go ahead and stab me?
I mean, this is not rocket science, folks.
You just got to admit to yourself that it's happening and then say, do I just want to be like concrete?
It rolls over.
Do I just want to be this passive thing that goes along with this?
And I, I really don't think you're that.
So this broadcast is about warning you to get you ready.
Are you gonna be ready?
Are you gonna say no?
Are you gonna stand up for yourself?
That's really the big question.
It's Friday, April 23rd, 2021.
Stay with us.
And once you do it, you're completed.
You're like, wow, why did I stand on my ground before?
That's what it's all about.
Not standing on your ground is slavery.
So, let's talk about this.
If I just get up here and I talk about Bill Gates and Prince Philip and Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey meeting in secret in London and New York City and LA and Austin, Texas and Omaha, Nebraska, that's where they've met, to talk about killing you and how it's even in the news, you're like, so what?
Okay, there's an article they met in secret to depopulate us.
But what if I came on air and I said it was a good thing to poison you and kill you and dumb you down and annihilate you?
And I cynically talk like they do behind the scenes, like demonic snakes promised by their God.
They'll simply poison and dumb people down and suppress people if they'll be empowered.
Maybe I should talk like that because, you know, I wonder about the people over at
Netflix, and Amazon, and Google, and Facebook, and Twitter, and Apple, that engage in all this incredible suppression of knowledge, digital book burning, pure evil, and they claim it's for this greater good, and then you look at who they are and what they produce, it's nothing but destruction.
But they're the losers that signed on to this thing to carry out the evil.
You know, they say there's nothing new under the sun.
There are new suns.
There are new creations.
So it's not really a true statement.
But let's do this.
You know, I'll actually do this next segment because it's not that I'm even building this up.
But if we just sit here and calmly talk about this, and like, don't have some fanfare.
Like I said before, the 20th Century Fox intro that Rupert Murdoch, when he bought it 30-something years ago, 50 years ago, whatever it was, ripped it off.
But from the old British newsreels, they would have searchlights from World War II.
When London was being bombed, they would have
That was the newsreels.
The image of searchlights in the sky because they were under the blitz.
Then we go dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun
To try to make everybody relax while thousand-pound bombs were raining down on top of them.
And yeah, that's the more modern 20th Century Fox.
You've got the old original, remember?
It was like blue on a hill and it would like show the light shooting up and
That was 20th Century Fox.
But we're going to start the next segment with that.
With a 20th Century Fox intro to build this up, to give it the momentum it needs.
Because, you know, we saw that back in 1977 with Star Wars and here comes the Death Star to kill us around the planet and everything and it's so exciting.
But this isn't a fantasy movie.
This is the real world.
And this is all the real players.
The Bill Gates, the David Rockefellers of the world admitting that they are setting all of this up against us.
And so I just spent two minutes this morning sending links to my producers of these stacks of articles right here.
This is just two minutes.
I could go for hours.
I could have hundreds of feet of paper here and video clips where they're saying they want to kill you and your family and they run the world.
Oh, Jones is a little extreme.
He says that this might be a depopulation operation.
They say it's a depopulation operation.
And then the argument you always get back from people is, well, there are a lot of people.
Oh, so you're gonna go do it?
You're gonna go kill everybody?
Again, who are you to decide who lives and dies?
And then you enter that whole equation.
The truth is, no one, not Bill Gates, not Queen Elizabeth, not the Saudi Royal Family, not the Japanese, not Xi Jinping, not the Sanhedrin Easter Bunnies, none of these groups are even in control.
They are pretending like they're in charge.
They've just stood down and let evil take over.
Because it's a spirit.
And what is the spirit to an agent that you said it's something comes in somebody it's a feeling it's a it's a it's a program it's a broadcast it's a transmission it's a seduction it's something you get hit by like the Sun
Or water, or any transmission you receive, or food you eat that has nutrients that your body understands and knows how to interface with.
Well, there is a spiritual attack, which now with their spectrometers and electron microscopes and deep space arrays and radio telescopes, they can read it and know there are transmissions aimed directly at us.
And some transmissions tell us to prosper and be successful and be nice and be good, and other transmissions tell us to pull our eyeballs out and cut our genitals off and jump off cliffs.
And the people that have gone along with those transmissions, they want us to join with them.
They want you to be in simpatico.
They want you to be in communion.
They want you to join with them.
And I simply tell you, you have a free will.
And you don't have to listen to Hollywood, or MTV, or the devil worshippers, or the Satanists, or the weaklings, or the failures, or the scumbags.
You can decide that you love God.
But I'm gonna stop preaching at this point, and I'm gonna come back and hit nothing but hard news, totally focused today.
With just one little window into this, and one little question I got about what I thought about a particular quote.
And is that quote accurate?
We'll hit that next segment.
And then, who do we got coming up today?
Wow, we got Laura Loomer, who's been totally censored and attacked.
She was just at a big Trump event.
That's an exclusive video for us.
And we got Stu Peters, host of the 4th Hour.
That is all coming up today.
And after Laura leaves us at 1230,
We'll have her on for 30 minutes.
We're going to take your phone calls for the last hour and a half of this Friday broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, extremely honored, extremely blessed to be here with you today during this amazing time of global awakening.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Well, that's an intro fitting for the bombshell information I'm about to release to you.
So, this morning I was talking to a very well-known national talk show host, and he asked me, do you think this is accurate, this Jacques Attali, one of the top advisors to the French government in the last four decades,
And I looked up the quote, and then I noticed that he was denying the quote, but they said, well, it's taken out of context in the non-French translation.
So they didn't deny the quote, they just said it's a little different than what the actual translation was.
Very, very cute.
Can I get an overhead shot of this please for TV viewers?
So here's his Wikipedia.
What did he say or what did someone attribute to him that people got so upset about?
Then I'm going to show you similar statements from Henry Kissinger and other top globalists, like Prince Philip, that just made the jump into hyperspace.
This was posted to Infowars.com as a comment yesterday.
And Rob Dewitt, about 10 o'clock at night, sent me a text and said, what do you think of this?
Well, I went and looked it up and said, yeah, he said it.
He debates the French translation.
It's like saying, I'm going to blow your head off with a shotgun.
I'm going to blow your head off with a rifle.
It's apples and oranges here.
Jacques Cousteau said this.
Oprah Winfrey said this.
Ted Turner said this.
They've all said it.
Bill Gates has said, let's stop denying what's said.
But here's what got people so upset.
Here is some text from an interview Jacques Attali did in 1981, which makes me think of our current situation.
Now, they're not denying that decades ago he was quoted as this.
They're just claiming it's a false quote now.
Isn't that funny?
Oh, so the false quote just predicted it all, right?
Well, wow, Hoover wrote the false quote, then, it's psychic, right?
See how that works?
When you read the finer print in the fact-checking thing, six pages, oh, well, he did say something similar, but it's not exactly, it's not a perfect French translation.
Oh, oh, oh, now I understand.
Thank you.
I didn't know that worked.
Here is some text from an interview with Jacques Attali, did in 1981, which makes me think of our current situation.
Jacques Attali is a globalist and was Special Political Advisor to French President from 81 to 91.
He was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
91-93, that's the key, that's Marshall Plan 2.0.
Now this is a quote attributed to him, which he says was misquoted but is a real quote.
But ask yourselves, is this not what's happening?
Because he's been saying for 10 years this is a wrong quote.
Oh, okay.
Whoever wrote it was really smart then.
In the future, it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population.
We will start with the old.
Hank Aaron.
Oh, sorry, let me start over.
In the future, it will be a question of finding a way to reduce population.
We will start with the old.
Because as soon as he exceeds 60 or 65, man live longer than he produces.
And what do we hear Ezekiel Emanuel wrote?
Obamacare, he said, we should kill people at 75.
I mean, he said that on TV, but oh, oh no, no one's saying this.
No, no, they just all say it.
No, no, no, it's fake.
Like Fiona Hill, remember, she said, I don't know what a globalist is.
I don't know who George Soros is.
I just headed up his foundation and I'm the head poster at the blog's website, theglobalist.com.
It's like Hitler saying, I don't know who Hitler is.
I mean, it's like a dolphin saying, I don't know who Flipper is.
Or Superman saying, I don't know who Krypton is.
Let's just go back here.
Or the wolf saying, I don't know who the German Shepherd is.
In the future, it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population.
We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60-65, men live longer than he produces.
And that costs society dearly.
Then the weak, then the useless ones, who bring nothing to society because there will always be more and more of them, and especially finally, above all, the stupid ones.
Euthanasia, targeting these groups, euthanasia, will have to be the essential instrument of our future societies.
In all cases.
We do, of course.
We do not be able to execute people or organize camps.
A little too obvious.
We will get rid of them, get rid of them, by making them believe that it is for their own good, good, to
Larger population, and for the most part unnecessary, is something economically too expensive.
Socially, it is also much better for the human machine, oh it's a machine, we're not free will, to come to an abrupt halt rather than gradually deteriorating.
The human machine must come to an end, you see, this is not human doing this.
We won't be able
To pass intelligence tests on millions and millions of people, you imagine.
We will find something of cause, it, a pandemic, that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old and the weak.
It doesn't matter the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe in it and ask to be treated
We will have taken care to have planned the treatment.
A treatment that will be the solution.
The selection of the idiots will thus be done by itself.
They will go to the slaughterhouse of their own.
The Future of Life Jacques Attali 1981 Interviews Michael Solomon Collection
Oh, how liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
No, Tali did not want a pandemic to reduce the population, says the Teller Report.
I mean, yes, he did do an interview and said some of it, but it's misquoted.
Of course it is.
Fiona Hill doesn't know what globalism is.
She's just the editor of The Globalist.
But let's move on to another little friend.
Another liberal.
Prince Philip, quote, about reincarnating as a deadly virus to solve overpopulation and the London Guardian was like, yes, he said it, but it's loving.
He said he wants to kill the majority of humanity because we're subhuman, but it's liberal.
It's liberal.
And then there's this liberalism.
Kissinger's 1974 plan, the year I was born, 47 years ago, for food control genocide.
While here's mainstream news reporting on it.
Human Life International, U.S.
Government Population Control, and it's got all the quotes, but don't believe them.
They're Christians, bad people.
Let's read the actual State Department Memorandum, National Security 200, 1974, 47 years ago.
And their whole plan for you.
Poison vaccines, dumping toxic waste in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to kill the sub-humans.
But, but Henry Kissinger's Jewish, so he's, oh, he's liberal.
Oh, Henry Kissinger, kill me.
Oh my gosh, you're a liberal.
Kill me, you're so liberal.
Oh, you teach us.
Thank you, Henry Kissinger.
Thank you, head of YouTube, with your awards for free speech.
So I thought today I would just ask the question, you know, do you like being killed?
Do you like being murdered?
And, you know, did we answer the question about Jacques Attali and what he's up to?
But after all, there are too many people.
So do what David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and Kissinger say, or you're
You're racist.
If you don't support global genocide, the ADL and Mr. Greenblatt is going to be very upset.
So I suggest all of you do whatever Kissinger tells you to do now.
Known as the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud claimed his father molested all of his siblings.
Freud was a cocaine addict, as well as a pedophile advocate, who taught that children sexually lusted after their parents, and that children who reported sexual abuse by adults had either imagined or fantasized the experience.
He believed that women were the problem with society, and all their problems stemmed from not having a penis.
Freud's grandson, Sir Clement Freud, has been accused of molesting multiple young girls and was suspected in the disappearance of Madeline McCann.
Sigmund Freud's sister, Anna Freud, whom Freud claimed was regularly molested and abused by their perverted father, gave birth to Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda.
Bernays took his family's work in psychology and used it to help governments and corporations manipulate the minds of the public.
Hired by the American Tobacco Company, Bernays manipulated women into buying more cigarettes by convincing them that smoking was a form of feminist liberation.
During this propaganda campaign, he dubbed cigarettes, torches of freedom.
Thanks to Bernays and his family's twisted legacy, social engineering became big business.
Modern psychology was used to exploit mankind's mental weaknesses, nurture the public's lower desires, and turn people into mindless consumers.
Is it any surprise, then, that the great-nephew of Edward Bernays is none other than Mark Bernays Randolph, the co-founder and original CEO of Netflix?
Does anyone really think this is a coincidence?
Netflix has not only replaced network television as the premier home of pop culture, it is also continuing the degenerate, depraved social engineering of the Bernays-Freud legacy.
In 13 Reasons Why, Netflix was accused of romanticizing suicide during a recent increase of teenage suicides.
In The Devil Next Door, they were accused of rewriting history to deceive viewers into believing that Poland was responsible for establishing Nazi death camps.
In The First Temptation of Christ, Jesus Christ is depicted as a homosexual.
And a Texas grand jury indicted Netflix for depicting child sex in the movie Cuties.
Netflix and chill.
The new preferred method for brainwashing the masses.
Brought to you by one of the most depraved, degenerate families of the modern era.
Turn it off and wake up.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
To poison and kill and sterilize and murder you and your family.
Now that's not our whole government doing that.
That's David Rockefeller's minion, his attack dog, his protégé, his aide-de-camp, his assistant, Henry Kissinger.
So we just played that for you.
We just showed you that.
But let's show you Bill Gates, the heir of the Microsoft slash IBM Cold Springs Harbor fortune, talks about the positives that COVID did for shutting down society.
And then him six years ago, talking about GMOs right into children's veins.
Let's play clip 12 and 13 back to back.
The pandemic has been eye-opening.
I mean, most of it's super negative.
The loss of life, the loss of learning, the mental stress, you know, particularly for women, for communities of color.
So in no way is it anything but an awful development.
There are a few things in terms of
Improving vaccine platforms and getting the world focus on very ambitious goals for infectious diseases, like finally getting rid of flu or HIV, which, you know, we can do those things.
And I'm sort of putting together the, you know, post-pandemic, never let it happen again plan, which in terms of government resources will be tens of billions.
For the entire pandemic, CO2 emissions have only gone down less than 10%.
So despite
The extreme change in travel behavior, we're still building roads and buildings and meat and all those emitting activities.
And so it helps a little bit, but it's really multiplying by zero that gets you that
You know, the goal.
Telling everybody, yeah.
And so, yes, it will change things a lot, including, you know, I'll do things very differently.
But climate, it's got to be not just a 20, 30, 40 percent.
So he's God.
I mean, carbon's bad.
Humans are bad.
You got cars, you got meat.
I mean, it's carbon.
And John Kerry just said, I'll play it for the moment, we gotta get rid of all carbon.
That's if aliens landed and were anti-human, they'd say.
We're anti-carbon.
The whole planet's carbon.
This is just outrageous.
So here's the next clip.
Here's Bill Gates six years ago about injecting kids with untested GMO, which he now supports.
You know, is there something to worry about with medicines?
That is, might some of them have side effects?
Do we need safety testing?
I mean, and we're taking things that are, you know, genetically modified organisms and we're injecting them in little kids' arms.
We just shoot them right into the vein.
So, yeah, I think maybe we should have a safety system where we, you know, do trials and test things.
Oh, we should have... He's just getting off on how he's killing you.
Getting off on what he's doing to you.
These are true monsters.
Here's... John Kerry just said this yesterday.
We need to remove carbon dioxide entirely.
Well, the whole Earth would die.
So John Kerry calls for all plants to die on Earth.
The end of the carbon cycle.
Death on the planet.
Here it is.
You're off to such a great quick start.
You said twice getting to net zero is going to be hard.
Really hard.
And just remind everybody that that will depend on whether or not we have some breakthrough technologies and breakthrough innovations, number one.
But even if we get to net zero, we still have to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
So this is a bigger challenge than a lot of people have really grabbed onto yet.
So imagine what they do.
We have to ban the common coal so we're going to give you all these deadly shots and kill you and control you.
And we've got to get carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere that's always been there at higher levels than it is now.
The perfect tailoring for the total takeover.
Listen, if you want to keep us on air, that's up to you.
Quite frankly, I've become very peaceful lately because I've got a great relationship with God and I've been getting myself ready for what's coming.
I need money in this temporal universe that's all a bunch of garbage, but it's still a symbol of energy to be able to stay on air, keep this crew here, and chronicle what these damn monsters are doing.
They hope you don't support us.
They hope you don't take action.
They hope you just sit there in the dirt and roll over.
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
President Trump repeated the cold hard truth threatening America's survival that the psychotic left has turned into a mindless racist rallying cry.
They're playing it down as much as they can play it down.
It's a horrible situation, could destroy our country.
All he had to do was leave it alone.
If he left it alone, we were setting record positive numbers and people would have to come in legally.
And you know the other thing that people don't talk about, human trafficking and drugs.
That's double, tripled, and quadrupled coming in because that's pouring in right now.
Drugs are pouring in.
We had it so tight.
And the numbers are staggering.
When it comes to the seizure of drugs by border patrols so far in 2021, methamphetamine seizures are already at 91,031 compared to 85,348 in all of 2018, while cocaine and fentanyl are on pace to set new records.
According to the Business Insider, the U.S.
Drug Enforcement Administration recently released its annual National Drug Threat Assessment, in which it maps out the states where Mexican drug cartels have gained influence, with presence in Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Chicago, New York, Florida, Kansas, Colorado, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
And as the drugs pour through, the death rates on both sides explode.
While opioid deaths increased in the United States, more migrants have died trying to cross the entire border during the first three months of 2021 than in all of 2019, according to the data tracked by the International Organization for Migration.
But among the ones that get through, according to Brian Hastings,
We're good.
Border Patrol agents said they are on pace already this year to arrest more sex offenders this fiscal year than the previous year.
That from the New York Post.
And worst of all, is the threat of those meaning to do all of us harm, whether you are an illegal alien, legalized resident, or natural born U.S.
120 Border Patrol agents were taken off the border to deal with the unaccompanied children in these facilities.
And we already learned today that they're at max.
So that means more Border Patrol agents are going to come off the border, make our country less safe.
And now we know, people even on the terror watch list, people from Yemen and the Middle East are coming across the border now.
The White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki today downplayed the seriousness of terrorists being caught at the border.
Two terrorists from Yemen on the FBI watch list and no-fly list were caught.
She's trying to claim this is uncommon.
Also, Homeland Security deleted a press release about the Yemeni terrorists.
We've got Border Patrol stopping at least 19 suspected terrorists at the border since 9-11, including ISIS, Hezbollah, the Pakistani Taliban.
So, you know, people are saying, oh, if you talk about this, this is hysteria.
Dick Cheney also said just one needs to get through to create a problem.
And if U.S.
Customs and Border Patrol didn't have enough on their plate already, on the heels of the drug trade is a tsunami of counterfeit currency pouring into the U.S.
In Chicago alone, in the first three months of 2021, 1.6 million in counterfeit currency was seized by the Chicago police.
Last night, officers came across a package that was coming from Ukraine and heading to a business in Joliet.
Customs and Border Protection officers checked it out and found this.
Prop money.
250 counterfeit currency seizures like these in the past nine months valued at $11 million.
That's nearly one seizure per day.
And Ukraine is on their list of top offenders.
And that could really cause disruptions to, you know, the security of the U.S.
dollar, both here in the States and worldwide, with counterfeits.
These aren't the political talking points shoved down your throat by the corporacratic propaganda media.
As the establishment moves to strip Americans of their right to defend themselves... We will make clear that statutory restrictions on short-barreled rifles apply when certain stabilizing braces are added to high-powered pistols.
A weapon that is, in the words of the statute, quote, intended to be fired from the shoulder.
Statistically, Americans have lived in a separate reality.
Americans use their firearms defensively between 500,000 and 3 million times each year.
And we need that Second Amendment now more than ever.
John Bowne reporting.
Excellent report at Band.video.
We'll be right back in T-minus 60 seconds.
The fact that you're tuned into this transmission means you're awake.
It means you're informed.
It means you're involved and you want to save yourself and your family.
My friends, we're all in this together, but I can tell you this right now.
Get in a survivalist mindset while you still can, and get firearms to protect yourself, water filtration, friends and family you can trust, and storable foods while you still can.
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It's time to become independent, and your purchase funds the M4.
Get ready now, Patriots.
If it keeps on raining, love is gonna break.
When the levee breaks, have no place to stay.
Going down, going down to Chicago.
All right, I want to open the phones up for the rest of the hour.
I want to get to your calls.
I want to get you on air, on world government, on the COVID hoax, the wheels coming off of that, what Senator Paul is doing, all of the craziness.
Thank you for joining us here on the Alex Jones Show today.
This is a radio slash syndicated TV show, at least simulcast.
But look at this new image that's come out that's going viral.
We got it posted to the live show feed of InfoWars.com and it is Earth Day yesterday with Vladimir Putin and the British Prime Minister and the German Chancellor and the Mexican President and the Chinese dictator and the Norway President and everybody else, the Vietnam President.
They're all there but only Joe Biden.
Is virtue signaling.
Because under global government, only America is meant to stay shut down.
What a disgusting joke.
Can you guys blow that up?
What a clown world that in an office with no one around, you still wear it because you're oppressing your population with total control.
And I have a big stack here of COVID news
I wanna hit here in one moment, but we've got a couple video clips first.
Watch parents slam school that masks children without permission at photo op, and then I've got more videos of parents getting pissed.
You're dirty, you're bad, you're an evil human, you're a patient of the medical cartel.
You're so dangerous, you've gotta wear a burka over your face.
Here's that clip.
I don't know if you know this, but I'm an African American man.
In Rockwall, Texas.
I mean, ain't spotting a bowl of milk.
This, I see there was a book about Wilma Rudolph, and let me pull it up for you right quick.
It says, and I quote, Wilma also noticed how hard her own mother worked as a maid and a cook.
There's something not right about this, Wilma thought.
White folks got all the luxury, and we black folks got all the dirty work.
Wilma became determined to do something other than serve white people.
Let me tell you something.
I don't believe, I don't subscribe to white supremacy.
Because if I subscribe to white supremacy, that means I have to subscribe to black inferiority.
And I am a four-time Iraqi Freedom veteran.
I am not inferior to anyone.
And I be damned, if I teach my children that they are inferior to anyone, you get out of this world what you put into it.
And there's no magical man pulling strings, holding my fate or my kids' fate, who are half black, fate in their hands.
Because of whatever agenda, this isn't a black or white issue, conservative, liberal, this is right.
Why would we put in our kids' heads that they can't do something or they are at a disadvantage just because of the way they were born?
It makes no sense!
And so, I beg of you, please, look into the
Lucy, call things correctly.
I appreciate your time.
Thank you.
Again, the parents went on to complain about him having to wear a mask and I'm asking for several more parents coming up.
But who said wear the mask?
Who said they work?
Well, the UN.
Another clip here of a mother in Georgia.
Again, these are articles on InfoWars.
There's hours of this, so you've got to go see it there.
I can't play at all.
Time constraints.
But Georgia mother says it's time to take the mask off of our children.
There was never a time to put them on.
I'm going to show you studies.
I'm going to show you a bunch of studies.
And it's a fraud that gives you bacterial pneumonia.
And where they wear the mask is where they die.
No, you know what, Sherlock?
SH-T, Sherlock.
No damn kidding.
It was done on purpose.
Fauci wrote papers how the main cause of death of the 2000 or 1918 flu was the mask and pneumonia.
They know what they're doing.
It is about the science of killing us.
There's a clip of the George mother.
Every month I come here and I hear the same thing.
Social emotional health.
If you truly mean that, you would end the mask requirement tonight.
This is not March 2020 anymore.
We have three vaccines.
Every adult in the state of Georgia that wants that vaccine is eligible to get it right now.
And every one of us knows that young children are not affected by this virus.
They're not.
And that's a blessing.
But as the adults, what have we done with that blessing?
We've shoved it to the side and we've said we don't care.
You're still going to wear a mask on your face every day, five and six year olds.
You still can't play together on the playground like normal children, seven and eight year olds.
We don't care.
We're still going to force you to carry a burden that was never yours to carry.
Shame on us!
Oh, that's enough.
Because it was never about the vaccine, sweetheart.
It's about a cult that we're dirty and we're bad.
And the vaccine doesn't work and it's never going to end.
You and Rand Paul need to get that.
I got Rand Paul clip coming up and I'll go to your calls.
First time callers, if you got left on hold yesterday, please call in.
Go to the headline.
But look at these headlines.
Stanford study results.
Face masks are ineffective to block transmission of COVID-19 and actually can cause health deterioration and premature death.
Read it for yourself.
New study suggests wearing a mask is ineffective, but local doctors say hundreds of other studies prove otherwise.
Did so-called Stanford NIH study really show face masks ineffective against COVID?
Well, yeah, that's what it showed.
Little fact checkers.
New study highlights face mask problems with safety and efficacy.
It's all a damn cult.
Face masks don't protect kids.
Serious harm to health.
Now let's get to the rest of the news.
Pfizer vaccine confirmed to cause neurodegenerative diseases.
Another big study.
How about that?
That's really nice.
Risk of dying from AstraZeneca vaccine higher than COVID Norway finds.
Big new study out.
It's up on InfoWars.com.
The Norwegian government said the vaccine's killing more people than even the fake COVID test.
We're going to cover that.
More next segment, go to your calls.
That is a big enchilada.
UK universities instructed to reimburse students for services not provided during COVID.
That's the next big shoe to drop.
Didn't get that surgery you needed.
Didn't get that doctor checkpoint for a year.
Now the insurance companies and others thought they're going to rip you off.
No, no, no.
And that'll make them not do it next time.
I remember you heard that here first over a year ago.
This is why they're running this scam.
They thought we wouldn't figure out what they'd done.
regulators meet to discuss lifting mask halt on J&J jab despite blood clots and new deaths.
Oh yeah.
The reasons why leftists will never successfully disarm Americans.
That's another little article got slipped into that story.
CDC investigation.
Another woman's death after J&J vaccination.
And now they want to give it to our precious little darling girls and boys.
And if we put up with this, we go along with this, we deserve what happens to us.
But let's look at the smiley-faced demon that is the CEO of YouTube.
Always looks like a demon.
She won an award for defending free speech even though she's the biggest censor.
On Google.
These are cynical people that have given up on God and think everybody's a joke.
And she wonders why her son hates her and watches Alex Jones.
Well, because your mother is a pig.
A jealous, evil, selfish pig that has joined with Satan.
And she's a sack of garbage.
So just get away from your mother as fast as you can, never be around her again.
She'll take you down with her with all the rest of these harpies.
And I'm sorry to have to tell the CEO of YouTube's son that, but she said, you know, her son listens to Alex Jones, that's a problem, so I banned him.
He said, you banned me?
You're such a piece of filth.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
All right, we're about a third of the way into this very important Friday transmission, and I'm taking your phone calls right now.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I've got a lot of other news I haven't hit yet, but I will get to it.
Simpson comes out in defense of the Columbus, Ohio, police officer who got called to a scene by black people saying she's trying to stab us and kill us.
They get there, they're stabbing and attacking and trying to kill people, and a cop shoots her, and he's just like, come on, LeBron James.
There's a certain point that this becomes asinine.
But again, the corporate media wants it.
That's who the real criminals are.
Alright, we've got Rick, we've got Owl Killer, we've got 10 Stacks, we've got Steven, we've got Wes, we've got Dan, we've got Jay, we've got Lindsey, we've got Joe.
And we're going to start the order.
These calls are received.
So, Wes in the great state of Tennessee, you're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
Thanks, Alex.
Long time listener, first time caller.
I was wondering if you had heard or what you thought about the vaccine shedding.
These people that have gotten it, you know, they can be around people that haven't had the vaccine and it's been messing with women's menstrual cycles.
People waking up with bruises and stuff on them, you know, sleeping next to someone who's got it, a partner or whatever.
I meant to cover this.
I mean, I mentioned it, but guys, pull up.
There's even an NPR headline, AP did a headline admitting months ago, concerns about vaccine creating variants and super viruses.
And they admitted that Wolfgang Wudarg and others were right about this back in December.
So, so they're not even denying it.
That's what I'm saying is.
It's not like I just say all this stuff and I thought it up.
How did Jones know that?
They admit it in the medical literature.
And then women that have had the shot, like a lot of women, a large percentage, even in the Chicago Tribune, have like ongoing periods or don't have periods.
They can't have kids now.
Because you know, if you're having a period all the time, you're not having kids or no period, you're not having kids.
It's growing tumors all over the uteruses.
That was in the news yesterday.
So yeah, I did see that report.
What do you make of that?
They said the women that's in, you know, post-menopause or whatever that doesn't have a period anymore, they've been bleeding and stuff like that.
So, you know, when that happens, it's usually cancer.
Exactly, and they told women, they said, when you get tumors, don't go to the doctor.
That was three months ago.
They said tumor-like structures in women's breasts and uteruses.
Remember that?
And they even tell you, it's like, never mind that tumor.
I don't know, man.
I just wanted to tell everybody not to forget about, I mean, there's one way that we can combat this stuff, you know, staying healthy, taking our vitamins and stuff like that, but people, check into the rap machines, man.
I hear you, brother, but I mean, you know, I laugh about this because I'm about to cry.
Actually, I'm very upset about this.
Can you believe they come right out and admit all this?
I mean, they're just doing it.
They're just doing it to people.
We're still in our election.
I mean, damn, why would you... I mean, why would you... Damn, well, whatever, I guess.
It's like, this is an assault!
What do you think this is?
Thank you for the call.
Yeah, no, I'm... I covered it.
I'm sorry you missed it.
Yeah, I'm... It's unbelievable that they are committing crimes so big that they think we won't be able to handle it.
And they've got the doctors to sign on to give you the shots.
So, when you get sterile or you die, they're just like, well, whatever, you know.
Let's go to Joe in Colorado.
Joe, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
I just want to say that I loved you on the Joe Rogan podcast, and I've used your products.
I've never tried one I didn't like.
I've tried the X2, the Alexa Pure Filter, Mica ZX, and every single product is clearly made with really, really high quality ingredients.
Yeah, we go out and find out whatever the highest rating is.
It doesn't mean I'm perfectly healthy or I'm the paragon of my own advice, but these are really good products.
I remember one time you had a guest on your show that mentioned human slave colonies on Mars.
And you replied to him simply saying, yeah, when you say stuff like that, the media really takes it the wrong way.
And the next day in the news, they were demonizing you, trying to say you were the one thinking there were slave colonies on Mars, when that's simply not true.
So it's kind of like you know a man by his enemies, they're trying to brand you any way they can.
Yeah, I don't think there were slave colonies on Mars.
There was a CIA guy on the show that said that, and the media said that I said that.
I did not say that.
What do you think was the point in time when Bill Gates decided that there are too many humans on the planet?
Oh, his mother and father were both big eugenicists, depopulationists.
Her mother ran the whole IBM fortune.
She was on the board of directors.
You know about the head of IBM, right?
He was actually Hitler's boss.
So, Hitler gave him awards and said, Thomas Watson is the most important Nazi.
And so, Thomas Watson put his money into Bill Gates' mother.
Her name was Maxwell.
And that's it.
I mean, you can't make this up.
Our rights are comparable to a calf being led to the slaughter, and it's easy to cut a slab of meat off a calf, but it's a lot harder to sew it back on.
I kind of feel like that's where our rights are headed.
It's a lot easier to destroy our
I agree.
I just want to say one last thing.
My girlfriend Maria loves your show and I got her into it.
If you could, just please wish her a happy Friday.
Maria is her name?
Maria, you got a great man there.
Have a great Friday.
God bless you.
Thank you, brother.
All right, let's take another call.
We're getting a lot of calls.
Owl Killer hadn't called in years, but I remember that handle.
Maybe it's the same guy.
Go ahead, Owl Killer.
It's definitely the same guy.
It is.
Alex, I've been trying to call you for months about this.
I have something I have to say, and I have some solutions.
We're at a crossroad with Donald Trump.
He has, he's made the statement right to the Davos group.
About the depopulation, about how the perennial predictors of doom even bringing up the Malthusian right to their face.
He retweets Archbishop Vigano, so he knows what's going on.
But the guy hasn't mentioned the Great Reset.
Trump has a choice.
Either get on board and just come out with everything, or get out of the way, and you see how General Flynn, how he was able to take your message and basically
Promote it and saying, hey, look, you might want to take a look at this SPARS 2025-2028, because it's basically a blueprint.
We can't play this game of... Al Killer, don't hang up!
I'm going to come back and give you the floor to talk about this.
Yeah, I mean, Flynn saw my research, our breakdown, which is public.
Everybody's been researching it on the SPARS or so many other John Hopkins documents.
But John Hopkins is like one of the top generals.
That organization is one of the top organs.
I don't know.
And I gotta tell the listeners this, I have reached a real crossroads.
I'll tell you more about that when we come back.
Yeah, I mean, I don't think President Trump's a bad guy.
I think he wants liberty, he wants human empowerment, and he's got his blind spots like anybody does, but yes,
If he doesn't now, three months out of office, have it stolen, will he start getting aggressive?
I don't know what's going to happen.
Because he announces a social network a month ago to be launched a month.
Of course, it didn't get launched.
He's surrounded by traders and operatives.
And so I want to see Trump be a leader and continue on to the future.
But I just don't know if he's going to do it.
At a certain point, he becomes a distraction if he doesn't take action.
If he takes action, we'll get behind him.
But if he doesn't do it, leave, follow, get out of the way, as they say.
Is that what you're getting at, Alan Keller?
What I'm getting at is, look, Alex, I called in in 2015.
We were the first people to support President Trump, and I still support him.
But that stupid letter criticizing a radical left that he put out on Easter.
How about control freak psychopath and sociopath born on third base and think you hit a fucking triple.
I'm sorry for cursing, but I'm getting fired up now.
Because again, I got to let you know.
Okay, I won't do it again.
We don't have time to be playing around.
I think?
The Republican Party has to go completely populist.
No, I agree.
That's what I said when I was on Schultz's program.
They said, are you for reparations?
And I said, yeah, Bill Gates is currently killing people all over the world with poison vaccines.
I want all his money in reparations.
Well, Bill Gates is funding the reparations movement to make us fight with each other and have a divide and conquer situation.
So change the subject to let's make Bill Gates pay it and then he'll shut down real quick.
See what I'm saying?
Absolutely, and again, I still support President Trump, but he knows what's going on.
If he said Great Reset every time he spoke, it would completely change the paradigm.
He knows what's going on.
I agree.
If he came out against the Great Reset, that would be wonderful.
We should all try to get him to do that.
I appreciate your call.
Alright, let's go to more calls here.
Let's talk to Steven in Florida.
You're on the air, go ahead.
Alright, Steven, you want to talk or what's going on?
Yes, sir.
Alright, sounds like you're on speakerphone, which I love.
I love speakerphones.
Yeah, first of all, Alex, I wanted to say that I really appreciate the fact that it was through you that I got my Alexa Pure.
Well, we couldn't fund ourselves without you.
We try to sell stuff you need and keep ourselves on air.
I wouldn't be so commercial if we could plug once a month and fund ourselves.
That's all I'd do, but we have to do it constantly to try to stay on air.
But yeah, they're great products.
What I wanted to talk about is this, okay?
I'm a competitive runner, and there's a big race event that I run every year.
It's in Tampa, which as you remember, that's where this scumbag mayor said, we're going to turn in everyone that didn't wear a mask to the Super Bowl.
Okay, so this race event's called the Gasparilla Distance Classic.
They get about 30,000 runners for the weekend.
This year they switched it to May from February.
Because of COVID.
Okay, so fine.
But then they said they were going to go virtual.
Okay, so here's my bottom line.
I called and left a message with the director of this organization and I wanted to talk to her about this
And tell her that what you're doing by doing this is you're capitulating to this agenda that is totally false.
It's a scandemic.
And the thing is, is that when she called me back, I was actually on another call.
So she got my voicemail.
Well, this is what she heard in my voicemail.
The only pandemic is COVIDiacy.
The symptoms are mask wearing, social distancing, and believing the CDC, Bill Gates, and Dr. Fauci.
If you're content to live as a slave rather than a citizen, comply with this agenda.
If you want horrible side effects or death, take the COVID vaccine kill shot.
If you value life and liberty, do your own research and visit band.video, infowars.com, and naturalnews.com.
If you want to live forever, visit needgod.com.
Well, I called back there, and I talked to her briefly, but here's what she said to me.
I listened to your voicemail, and we have nothing to talk about, and she hung up on me.
So I called back, I got her voicemail, and I gave her an earful.
I told her she should be ashamed of herself, she's a coward, and by capitulating with this whole agenda, you are sending people to their death, and you yourself... No, I hear you.
More than a coward, she's just a follower, brother, so don't get mad that most people are followers.
Keep leading.
People are waking up.
Good things are happening.
But thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Stephen.
Like, here's Dr. Paul.
He's an eye doctor, and he worships, quote, their science.
And he goes, oh, learned immunity or, you know, inoculation immunity.
It's all great.
But he's fighting them on their own turf, just like Texas just sued
Biden's saying, how do you waive COVID tests on the border?
They're using their own thing against them.
I think it's a bad game.
But most of COVID is something else.
It is a fraud.
It is a real virus they created.
So Bill Gates owned it.
But here's Senator Paul saying, hey, if we have it and the shop protects us, why can't we end this?
Because it's a trap.
You never get out of it.
So I get why he's going at this angle.
He's a smart guy.
But I would just assault the whole thing to begin with, how the PCR tests are fake, how it's all garbage, because they're admitting this doesn't protect you from COVID because they're never going to let you out of it because there's no way to stop all cold viruses, which is why they never had a vaccine for it.
If you get hit by a car, you might get hit by a meteor.
Here it is.
The science is about proving that things are happening.
If Dr. Fauci can prove that people who are vaccinated are spreading the disease, I will listen to him.
If he can prove that people like me who have already had it are spreading the disease, I'll listen to him.
But there is no evidence of that.
If you want more people to get vaccinated, Joe Biden should go on national TV, take his mask off and burn it.
Light a torch to it and burn his mask and say, I've had the vaccine.
I am now safe from this plague.
If you'll get the vaccine, you can be safe too.
But instead they say, well, the vaccine might not work in some sort of planetary world we're not aware of.
The vaccine might not work.
Well, there's no evidence of it.
The burden of proof should be on the government.
It's a fake PCR test.
It's all based on a fraud.
Do you know how many people died after the vaccine?
The vaccine's an amazing thing.
So is natural infection, if you get it the hard way.
You don't want to wish that on people, but people have survived it.
We shouldn't discount it.
But the vaccination has virtually zero hospitalizations and virtually zero deaths.
In fact, I'm not aware of any.
Reinfection from people who have had it is very low number.
Most people get a mild course of it.
And there's a rare, rare, if ever, reinfection that caused a fatality.
So really, we should appreciate immunity, both naturally acquired and by vaccine.
But you know why people don't trust the government?
Because the government's saying, oh no, everyone's the same.
Whether you've had the disease or not, you have to be vaccinated.
If you're 10 years old, you need, you know, it's this one size fits all that people know that this isn't as dangerous for young people, but it's very dangerous after a certain age and for overweight people.
If they don't have the essential vitamins and minerals, their cells will replicate the virus and they will die.
And the good news is you turn on TV, it's multivitamin, multimineral sales everywhere, and suddenly the numbers go down.
America was deficient in vitamins and minerals, so was Europe, so was much the world.
And as we discover that, Fauci and Bill Gates can burn in stinking hell forever.
Well, we've got Vitamineral Fusion about to sell out in fullwarestore.com.
Or just get it from normal plants, normal vegetables, normal, good, balanced diet of living food, and get some sunshine while you're at it.
We're going to come back with more calls, and then we've got Joe Hoff on the big action in Arizona as the election fraud evidence comes out, as Hillary dispatches her desperate lawyers, as Biden dispatches his lawyers, and so much more.
The reckoning is here.
We'll be right back on the other side.
Wise men follow him.
But he rose again.
Wise men follow him.
Alright, so you know that when O.J.
Simpson comes to your defense, who is a likable guy, I mean I'm not glad that he probably chopped up his wife and boyfriend, but I understand a crown of passion, not defending it.
But O.J.
came out against LeBron James.
I don't know.
So instead of just saying he didn't do anything wrong, how about he did something good?
Because you called him, you called a man with a gun.
If people are trying to kill me and I called the cops, I don't care if it's a black cop or a white cop.
I think this is somebody that went and put their life on the line and went through the training and is here for me.
I don't think like that.
Like this is a Hispanic cop, this is a black cop, this is a white cop.
I mean, I'll be honest, if I get pulled over by a white cop, I get a little more paranoid because they're usually bigger sticklers.
If it's a Hispanic cop, I'm like, okay, I'm getting out of this.
Kind of a cliché, but in my experience, it's true.
Black cop, yeah, let me go.
I was driving like 115 once, black cop, let me off.
White cop, probably not gonna happen.
But, you know, I'll hot call somebody, come save me!
Then they show up, I'm not looking what color they are.
But, as the video came out, new angles of this Makila, whatever her name is, trying to stab people and doing all this, you call the cops.
See, I'd have a gun myself.
Somebody shows me the knife trying to kill me, I'm like, I got a gun right here, I got a gun right here.
I don't want to kill anybody, by the way.
I don't want the trouble.
But yeah, let's play the audio of this.
I think we have a bleep version of the minute the cop calls up, she's trying to stab people.
This has been going on.
She's been chasing around with a knife for 10 minutes.
Let's turn it over.
And what's crazy is she lunges towards the cop with a knife.
He doesn't even shoot her then!
But when he sees her about to stab the black woman in pink, he shoots her four times.
And then LeBron James, the poor victim worth $500 million, the superstar, comes out and talks about a cop making $52,000 a year as if he's the man and LeBron is this hero.
Well here's what OJ Simpson had to say about it.
I'm a fan of LeBron.
I admire the work that he's done, how he's helped his community, and how he's helped his friends, and how he's been fighting all of these social issues, especially that of systemic racism in the legal system and with the police departments around our country.
But you can't fight every battle, you know?
You can't—you gotta pick your battles.
I mean, it's a war that must be fought.
But sometimes you need to take your time and be a little more patient before you comment on some of these bad incidences that are happening with police departments.
Uh, LeBron should have waited.
Uh, I'm a little upset with most of the media because they showed us edited versions of what took place with the girl with the knife.
They made it sound as if this was another police officer, uh, overreacting and killing a young black American.
Well, what I saw when I saw the full thing,
Well, this guy had no choice.
He responded.
We wish he could have pulled a taser.
We wish he could have done it in another way.
But in that instance, if he hadn't done what he did, it appeared to me if another young American would have had her life taken.
And I can't fault what he did.
I wish it was different, but I can't fault it.
But LeBron, keep fighting the fight.
I think we all got to be a little more patient.
I'm against defunding the police.
I think you just got to redirect some of those funds to better training and maybe dealing with more psychological training.
In any event, God bless.
Wear your mask, get your shots.
Wear your mask, get your shots.
Another cuck statement at the end.
He's right though, the real criminal is not LeBron James here, because he went off the media with edited videos.
It's CNN.
It's NBC.
They did all this, knowing damn well that they work for foreign banks robbing us all.
And I just wish we could get LeBron James and OJ to stop thinking that it's white people or black people that's our problem.
It's evil globalists manipulating and dividing us.
But now CNN's backtracking.
But don't worry, they'll find another cop shooting, like the woman in a big melee pulls the wrong thing and kills the guy.
Do you think she wanted to do that?
You called the cops.
I mean, I don't call the cops unless that's really bad.
Because, I mean, that's armed force I'm calling.
I'm shooting up an SOS, and they're going to show up, and who knows what they're going to see?
Who knows what they're going to do?
Maybe they're not going to like me because of who I am.
Maybe they're going to like me.
It doesn't matter.
It's rolling the dice every time you call the police.
And I believe in taking care of stuff ourselves.
If I was in some house, somebody's waving a knife at me, I'd say,
You gonna get out of here or I'm gonna kill you.
You swing at me with a knife, you're dead.
I don't care what color you are.
And the answer is, in this crazy world more than ever, we need our guns to protect ourselves.
Alright, we got to Joe Hoff on the big developments.
In Maricopa County.
And we got your calls as well.
He'll be with us for 30 minutes.
I'll continue with calls after he's gone.
But let's get a few of these.
Let's get a few of these calls in here right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Rick Spenholder, the longest, and then 10 stacks.
Rick, thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you, buddy?
Man, I'm just watching the collapse of humanity.
Yeah, it's really sad.
It's getting completely out of control and, you know, the one thing I want to commend you for is how you talk about Jesus and you're not afraid to talk about him and you talk about him with truth and you cut through all the nonsense.
I'm just not afraid of it.
Well, let's be clear.
It's like a life raft in the middle of the ocean.
It's all I got.
I'm 100%.
That's what I live for.
Hey, I'm with you.
He's number one in my life.
And, you know, it kind of puts our country back on its heels when you think about it.
If we're not giving our lives over to Jesus and using him the right way in our lives and letting him guide this, this is the whole reason why this is going on.
But I called you today because I work here in Pigeon Forge and I got fired for not wearing a mask.
You know, I think it's ridiculous.
My boss, when she was sitting there firing me, basically had the mask hanging off her face.
The other gentleman that was in the room had a full beard.
The mask doesn't seal.
It's ridiculous.
I heard him say on the local news the other day that basically they recommend that just cover your face with anything that feels comfortable.
Okay, how does that make sense at all?
It's a virtue signal that you're dirty and the crisis is real.
That's exactly right.
Now, I can't buy or I can't sell anymore if I can't have a job because in Sevier County here, they just now lifted the mask mandate, thank God, but this happened two weeks before they lifted the mask mandate.
You're under the mark of the beast.
I think you should sue them for medical reasons.
They're not legit.
You know what, Alex?
I can't get a lawyer to take my case.
I've called multiple lawyers.
I called one of the biggest attorneys in the United States and they, nobody, they're scared to death of this.
They're scared
Well, here's the good news and the bad news, brother.
None of this is going to be here soon.
You're a smart guy.
You know everything's going down, right?
So let these dumbasses serve Satan all day long and just feel sorry for him, brother.
Just get your family ready, brother, because let me tell you, six months, a year, two years, I don't know how long it is.
My gut's never wrong.
My gut tells me we are about to see devastation.
Yes, sir.
That's why we moved to Tennessee.
We relocated from Florida to Tennessee because you know what?
I'm in my bug out location.
I don't have to go to it.
I'm in it.
That's why we're here.
Unfortunately, you know, I thought this was going to be a conservative area and people, they were good.
The left's moved into Texas, Tennessee.
They've wrote, listen, here's the deal.
They're good people still there and you're going to find them and God's going to open up the doors for you.
And I'm not trying to prognosticate doom, folks.
This is not doom.
The evil system is going down.
It was already going down.
Hollywood's going down.
The public schools are going down.
The colleges are going down.
They want to take us down with them.
As long as we've got God and understand it's all about our spiritual life, who we are, not what we have or any of this crap, we're going to be fine.
Does that make sense?
Sir, absolutely.
None of this crap matters, brother.
They won't let you say anything.
I started a YouTube channel years ago, and every time I would get up to over a few hundred subscribers, they would knock it back, because I was even cutting and using some of your videos on my channel.
Do it again, brother, and do it on Rumble.
Or do it on Mines, or do it on Gab.
Do it again.
When first you don't succeed,
Fight, fight again.
Hour number three.
With 10 stacks, Travis, Jeremy, Joel, Dan, Brandon, Matt, Emerson, and our special guest, who's been at the tip of the spear exposing election fraud, Joe Hoff of TheGatewayPundit.com.
Thank you, Rick.
All right, we've got Joe Hoft of Gateway Pundit with huge breaking news on Maricopa County.
Delivered the ballots yesterday.
Now the Clintons are trying to take control of it.
He'll join us in about six minutes.
I'm taking your calls.
He'll leave us in 30 minutes.
We'll go back to your calls again.
Right now, let's go to Ten Stacks in Kansas.
Thanks for calling.
Go ahead.
Alex, I love you, man.
You and your team.
I can't thank you guys enough for everything you do.
I love you, brother.
What's on your mind?
I just wanted to mention the CFTC, the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission, and their collusion to suppress the commodities markets.
There's a guy, his name is Chris Marcus.
He's with Arcadia Economics.
Great interview for you guys.
He has evidence of collusion between the CFTC and the Treasury to suppress those markets, and I would love to see him on your show.
I've been taking X2 and Vitamin Mineral Fusion pretty much since X2 came out and Vitamin Mineral Fusion as well.
I give them to my kids.
Most of your products are phenomenal.
I've got a couple little kids.
They can pretty much read and they're not even in school yet.
The U.N.
says 2 billion people have learning disabilities because they didn't have enough iodine.
It's why they put bad halogen in the food and water, chlorine, bromine, all that, and they put the good one is taken out of it.
So yeah, it's a big deal.
X2 is a pure, deep-earth crystal iodine.
It's an amazing product for everybody.
Yeah, just unbelievable.
They're so smart.
Tell everybody about your show.
Please, sir, please get Chris Marks' talking show.
Send a reporter out.
Silver squeeze.
Love ya.
Thank you, sir.
Yeah, I actually know that all those big federal agencies are controlled.
It's called the President's Committee on Open Markets.
They've got the Plunge Protection Team.
They've got several different teams since Reagan that kind of oversee all that stuff.
But more and more now it's totally rigged.
Before they would intervene like once a year or something if there was a problem.
Now it's every few hours.
They're constantly rigging it and it's a big bad problem.
All right, let's go to Dan in Florida.
Dan, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I tell you, I'm great because God is great overall, but man, I'm just so pissed at the globalists right now.
Yeah, they're definitely out of control, brother.
What's your view on the New World Order and local activism?
Well, so I took the time to try to educate all my family about the vaccine and not in a partisan way, not in a conspiracy way.
Just with the real medical information and statistics.
And only my mom and my girlfriend would listen to me.
And then my mom got peer pressured into it by the other members of my family anyway.
And my girlfriend's whole family got it too.
And now I'm just terrified that, you know, they're all gonna have all these problems in the coming years.
And I'm just about ready to peacefully and lawfully kamikaze myself against the New World Order.
I've been banned off YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
I don't have the resume or finances to run for office, and I just wanted to know from the man himself, AJ, Alex Jones.
What can someone like me do?
What can we do?
Brother, I just pray to God to open up that channel, but also spread the word about GatewayPuna.com, Infowars.com, what Tucker Carlson's doing.
You just got to reach out to people and say, this is a fraud, this is a lie.
We've got all these studies coming out, the vaccine doesn't protect you.
I mean, they're pulling the vaccine all over the world, different forms of it.
And then, you know, you've got all this coming out.
Just listen, don't feel like you've got to do it all yourself.
And don't be mad at your family because they phrased it, Oh, be heroes.
You know, be selfless, protect others, but then ask them, okay, they're saying it doesn't protect you now.
And then they're saying things still stay closed.
You know, they bought in to the year of lockdown.
So, you know, it takes time to turn things around.
So just because they're not awake now, brother, don't be down.
They're going to wake up later, Dan.
I hope so.
I just wanted to say real quick.
Uh, on your store.
I've never heard you mention this product.
You have a essential oil diffuser.
Yes, they're awesome.
It doesn't create a fog.
It just gives you the smell.
And it's only $15.
Everybody needs to go on there and get that right now.
No, you're right.
We cut that deal like five years ago.
We only make like $5 on it.
We sell a lot of those.
The Essential Oil Diffusers, Emrix Essentials, all of it.
Yeah, it's the Aromasphere Essential Oil Diffuser, $15.
100% review is InfoWarsTore.com.
That's a great product to actually plug.
Thank you so much.
All right, more calls coming up.
But first, Joe Hoff, GatewayPundit.com, back in 60 seconds.
I coined the term 360Win because the globalists teach us that there's winners and there's losers.
That's not how the universe really works.
We have unlimited resources.
We can do incredible things.
We're made in the image of God.
But that said, when I say 360Win, in this connotation it means it's a great product, very low price, one of the best deals you'll find, period, out there, and it funds the InfoWar, which gets the truth out, so that's the 360Win.
So, you can do straight up donations at InfoWarsTore.com and that's great, or just go to PrepareWithAlex.com or InfoWarsTore.com and get 10% off right now for a limited time on the entire catalog of My Patriot Supplies, high quality, extremely well packaged foods that last many, many years.
Get prepared today.
Be self-sufficient at InfoWarsTore.com with My Patriot Supply and 10% off.
All right, I really appreciate one of my heroes, Joe Hoff, joining us.
A big corporate executive, a patriot, a corporate fraud investigator, and the brother of Jim Hoff, TheGatewayPundit.com, drafted the last few years into the wars for humanity back in the USA from Asia, TheGatewayPundit.com.
And there was one person I thought of when I saw this big breaking development in the last 24 hours.
It was him.
And so thanks for joining us.
You got two segments.
I'll try to give you the floor.
Maricopa County,
Delivering ballots, equipment for audit.
That was yesterday.
Arizona Republicans, they began auditing 2020 ballots in an effort to undermine election results.
It was the Guardian.
First time they're actually able to actually do an audit anywhere.
And breaking, look at this evil creature.
Exclusive, Hillary's attorney, Mark Ellis, inserts himself into Arizona's Senate Audit of Maricopa County.
Joining us is Joe Hoff to break that down.
Thank you so much, sir.
Well, thank you, Alex.
It's an absolute thrill to be here with you.
I'm so impressed with all that you've done lately, especially down at the border.
So, well done and very happy to be here.
Well, you guys are the tip of the spear, but nobody does research like you.
Not just this, a bunch of cases.
Things are moving forward.
They're really scared.
What's happening?
Yeah, that's great.
Yeah, in Arizona, the big news is right now, it just started, my understanding is eight minutes ago,
Uh, a court case, uh, in, in, uh, in Arizona, and it's involving the Democrats and their attempt again to try to stop, uh, the, uh, audit of the results in Maricopa County.
And, um, they've tried, they've been, they've been doing this for months, Alex, as you know.
And, um, so last night, as like you mentioned, they just delivered all the, uh, all the, um,
Machines and all the ballots to the auditorium where they're going to do this recount.
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is really a group of individuals that are real pieces of work.
It's mostly Republicans and that doesn't seem to matter in this case.
These individuals are hell-bent on preventing anybody.
Well sure, it's just like Georgia.
It's Democrats posing as Republicans.
That's right.
And it's disgusting.
And the things that they've done is disgusting, even leading up to this.
But last night, at the last minute, which is no surprise, this is what they do, they filed a court case and asking for an emergency injunction.
Right now, to try to stop this vote counting.
And if they have nothing to hide, why have they fought for three months, four months, tooth and nail to stop this?
Isn't it, Alex?
I mean, it's so obvious.
And I guess maybe the good news is, and Jim and I were talking about this last night, was just the fact that there's so much pushback.
There has got to be something there.
For example, there's something going on in New Hampshire right now.
A lot of people don't know about it.
But they've called for a recount in one of their areas of the state.
And the Democrats there are sitting back.
They don't seem to be too concerned about it.
But the Democrats in Arizona are going crazy.
And so the numerous things that have occurred, really, we could go back to months ago when the Senate, being pressured by individuals from the state, and Americans, patriots, deplorables, whatever you want to call them, demanded that there be a recount, or not just a recount, but a forensic audit of the ballots in Arizona.
And this group of people turned into an army and they bombarded the Republican Senate.
That's right.
For those that don't know, this has been going on before Biden even got in on January 20th.
I mean, this has been a huge knockdown drag out fight.
And so they demanded that there be a valid audit of the results in Maricopa County.
And why is Maricopa so significant?
Well, I understand it's like the fourth largest county in the U.S.
It had 2.1 million votes this last election.
Joe Biden won the county and he's the first Democrat to do so since Harry Truman, you know, 80 years ago or whatever.
I don't
I don't
Well, the law says that we have to keep the votes sealed, or the ballots sealed, after the election.
So if we gave them to you to do an audit, they'd have to be unsealed and we'd break the law.
So we can't do this.
And that was their argument to stop the Senate from doing it.
But as you know, election officials have the power to unseal.
They just meant the general public.
So what happened eventually is the Senate passed a bill, made it retroactive to the beginning of 2020, so that they would have that ability to go in
And look at those ballots and make those laws like the ones that the Democrats were trying to use to prevent the audit.
Well, this is exciting because the way they're acting is so guilty.
So what's going to happen?
So then, well, I'll keep moving the history.
I'm sorry.
Go ahead.
So what happened is the Senate passed their bill and then the judge, almost immediately after that, passed or I guess
I don't
And to me, they knew that these firms would come in and pass them on a bill of health.
This is the same group that came in and reviewed the Dominion voting machines before the election.
So, what we found from that was that these firms were not certified at the time that the board of supervisors said they were.
Their certification had lapsed.
Uncertified groups certified it before, and now they're about to certify their work again.
Total conflict of interest, plus they weren't certified.
Yeah, absolutely.
And then what happened was within four hours, this government agency in D.C.
said, oh, well, we've now certified them.
So we've we've done a we're doing a FOIA to try to get the information.
What information did you look at to certify these two entities?
Can you retroactively certify anyways?
Yes, so that was a joke.
And then the audits themselves were a joke.
We saw all sorts of things.
We had people down there, you know, looking at this and sharing this information with us.
One thing they did is they changed one of the lines coming into the center to basically FU.
And because they knew that there were some guys outside reviewing the traffic coming in and out of there.
So that's the kind of people that they employ.
Extreme gang-like arrogance.
Isn't it?
And then of course their results were, after I don't know how many dollars of Maricopa County's money for...
50,000 or more, they said, oh yeah, no problem here.
The results were fine.
They didn't look at hardly any ballots.
They viewed a few machines and came to that conclusion.
So being a former auditor, this was atrocious.
And that's why the Senate pushed forward with their efforts to get a real audit in Maricopa.
All right, one more segment with Joe Hoff, gracious to join us on short notice.
Where does it go from here?
What's the next scam they're going to pull if you can look into that crystal ball?
And what are other hot spots around the country as we move forward exposing fraud, which they call voter disenfranchisement?
Yeah, right.
Unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
Joe Hoft is our guest.
Amazing site, as you all know.
And we're with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and Band.Video.
Only way the dog hunts is you share the videos.
Back in a few minutes with Joe Hoft and exclusive information.
We were told going back in the days following
The fiasco that was the so-called 2020 election that you do not question elections or you are evil.
But the Democrats said they were going to question the election no matter what.
But then I personally traveled all over the country.
Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, you name it, and witnessed it for myself and I had experts on for everywhere.
And we all saw the footage of the ballot stuffing and pulling them out from underneath the counter in Georgia.
We're good to go.
Finally, after months and months of battles, we're getting there, but in swoops, Hillary Clinton's lawyer, who we know set stuff up in Georgia.
So, continuing the eight, nine minutes we have left, Joe Hoffman of GatewayPundit.com, telling us what else is coming next, and how you think they're going to strike back in this epic battle, and what we can do.
Well, it's going to be interesting what happens here.
First of all, just today, right now, to see if the court, you know, what judge sees this case.
Unfortunately, that's where we are in America.
We don't have judges that are fair and honest.
We have Obama judges and judges that are fair and honest.
So, apparently, this court case is in front of the state.
So it may, if it gets passed up by the state, then there's thoughts that they will move it to the federal level.
So we don't know what's going to happen there.
I'm hoping that it gets thrown out.
A couple of things in the court case that I noticed, one is that what they're doing basically is they're saying, oh, this isn't right because the audit team is biased.
And that's, it's kind of rich because the individuals that are, you know, that are pushing this is certainly Elias is behind it.
But then some attorneys from Arizona, one attorney who represented the Democrat secretary of state when she won the election in 2018, and she's still there and she's a George Soros girl.
And so the fact that she's tied to this attorney who's, who's behind this case against this audit.
is very alarming and I would say a conflict of interest for both.
So I hope that's an argument that's raised by the legal team there.
Why is this girl involved in this audit when she's worked for our Democrat Secretary of State?
What connection do they have?
Well exactly, the whole process is political.
Whatever we find will have to be presented to the Senate.
We're not going to bring up fraud.
They don't want this audited.
That is extremely guilty behavior and we already saw the anomalies in Maricopa County.
Yeah, and so that's one of their beefs, which is totally projection onto the individuals who are doing this audit.
And here's what supersedes that argument, is the fact that they've got so much transparency in this audit right now.
Right now, on my screen, I've got the video coverage.
It's at azaudit.org.
Anybody can go there, 24 hours a day.
They are going to videotape this coliseum.
So, you're going to be able to see everything that's going on in there.
I've got to tell you, Alex, as you know, I was in international audit.
I've traveled the world.
I've done audits.
Everywhere, it seems like.
I shouldn't say everywhere, but around the world, almost in every continent but Antarctica.
And I have never been filmed while performing an audit.
So this is a very gracious, if not world-class, first-class... This has extreme transparency.
Isn't it?
You can't make it any more than that.
The other concern they had was in the chain of custody, which is atrocious because as soon as the Senate won their case in the courts,
The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors threw all the ballots on a semi-truck and had it take off and said, okay, where do you want us to drop these?
That's right, they've been disappearing the evidence in the black holes.
And so then the Senate's like, what's going on?
We don't even know where we're going to put it.
So then they went back apparently and dropped the ballots back off where they were at.
That whole situation is a total, it should have been, people should have been arrested over that.
That was so egregious.
Anyways, that's for them, again, to be complaining about chain of custody.
Here's what happened yesterday, though.
When they got the ballots and they were loaded onto the trucks, there happened to be news people there.
And they filmed the whole transition of these semis to this auditorium.
It was also police, police were leading the way.
So there's not a problem with the chain of custody up to this point in this audit.
And quite frankly, after this, the audit's done, moving them back is a serious issue and exercise, but it's not as important as it was in the way that they got here.
So they got all the ballots, they've got them fenced in.
On the floor of this massive auditorium, and that now they have people there, and it's well controlled, just from looking at it.
It's amazing.
There it is.
And so, they have a system and a process, and what they're going to do, my understanding, is they're going to look at all... They are so scared.
The system is so scared.
And the thing that's really scary, I think, the person who scared him the most is Javon Pulitzer, who said that he can, looks like he was in that last picture that he had, he's kind of lacking some hair on the top, the one before that.
See that, the guy in the green?
That almost looks like Pulitzer right there.
But anyways, he says he has the ability to look at every single piece of paper.
And determine whether that ballot is valid or not, based upon what the full... And we get one state, we prove it, like dominoes, it all falls.
Yeah, that's right.
And that's why the Dems are freaking out.
And so, so far, it looks like they're moving ahead, which is great news.
We hope that it doesn't get stopped right now or over the weekend.
I think the more, maybe they can do, maybe they can be much faster than what they're estimating.
I certainly hope so.
And then Pulitzer will look at all these images that they scan to
Yeah, and especially with the absentee ballots this year, there's a lot of thought.
And I just did a report, so you mentioned other states this morning.
The Secretary of State, a Republican, the only Republican in the statewide office in Nevada, came out a couple days ago and said, oh everything's fine here, we just did an audit.
So I looked at that and I said, and I can see it was just a very cursory review, it wasn't a full audit.
She looked at this list of items that this, four boxes of items that this group sent to her.
Well it's like the review of the Wuhan lab, they spent three hours there and had coffee.
Yeah, she spent 125 hours, she says.
And that sounds impressive, but doing audits around the world, you're going to do about 400 hours on an average audit.
So, so it was a cursory review.
And then throughout it, she said, well, things like, well, we looked at this, there was another 18,000, but we passed on them because we just don't think they're going to be an issue and things like that.
So it was a, it was, it was atrocious.
And she didn't address the most important thing, which probably occurred in Arizona as well, is that there was absentee ballots that were sent in.
And the signatures in Nevada, you might recall, were not reviewed.
And so, that was a big beef.
How do we know that the person who, whoever, you know, whosever name it is, signed this thing?
Because they, because they... Exactly, once you've done that, I don't even get how auditors are supposed to fix that.
I mean, and here's what they did in Nevada as well.
They mailed everybody a ballot.
So, you know, that's going on there.
There's issues in Georgia.
I just put a post up about it.
Sure, it's designed for fraud.
You got to join us again.
But gut level, I mean, do you think justice is coming or who knows?
Well, after the 2020 election, it's hard to say that because, you know, we were so disappointed there.
I thought there'd be challenges by the Democrats, but I thought after three weeks it'd be over and Trump would win.
So, it's causing me to hesitate here.
It really depends a lot on this court case and what the judge does down there.
If he gives up on it, then what we're going to see is Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
That's probably their next step.
The left will call those in.
Joe Hoff, TheGatewayPundit.com.
Thank you so much.
God bless you.
They're up here in space.
They're looking down on you.
Their lasers trace everything you do.
You think you lead private lives, think nothing of the kind.
There is no true escape.
It's watching all the time.
It's Elemento!
It's sight is clean.
It is perpetual, it keeps the country free.
The Great Awakening is here!
That's why the forces of evil are so scared.
Friday Live.
And I'll just tell you, in the last 24 hours, I've crossed the bridge, spiritually.
I've hit a whole new level.
I'm gonna have to take off a while.
And, uh, just, I may not even be here next week.
I have been hit by the Megaton.
A lot of big changes are happening.
A lot of big things are unfolding.
And I really appreciate all of you and everything that's going on, but I'm going to have to reassess everything that's going on, because a lot of good's about to happen, a lot of bad's going to happen first.
This is definitely spiritual, everybody knows it, so I know you're feeling it, I'm feeling it too.
Well, we do need to fund ourselves.
And so everything I sell is high quality.
It's horrible foods, 10% off.
You wanted that deal, I twist their arm again.
That big sale at preparewithalex.com is going.
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It produces nitrous oxide in your blood.
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So whether you gave us a pure donation, it'd be worth it.
But you get a great product in the process.
50% off VazoBeats.
Look at this.
Look at this Hillary lawyer that ran Georgia and ran Pennsylvania.
And I'm not a mean person.
But people who aren't spiritually awake, you look at that face.
It's not that he's fat.
It's not that he's bald.
I'm fat.
I'm pretty much bald.
It's that look at the satisfaction.
He has like he's on heroin.
I'm not saying he's physically on heroin.
That's what Satanists are like though.
He is constantly satisfied that he's a leader.
That he's in charge.
That he's deceiving.
That he can overcome.
And that's who's trying to steal your election right now, in my opinion.
Look at that.
It's like his spirit.
Look, he's making the same face right there.
It's hung on a meat hook.
Just thank God, no matter what color your skin is, old, young, black, white, thank God you're not that person, son.
Because across the void and time and space, I love all of you.
He does not love you.
And it's a form of Satanism, we even talk about him.
In fact, it's a sin, and I pray to God every day to try to purify me and sanctify me, and help me transcend, because I don't know how I expose these people without not focusing on them, and I
metaphysically know that it's actually an act of evil to even show you him and even talk about him.
Oh my God, help us please.
But this is the test, ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah, put Brian Stelter up.
Let's look at it.
And let's thank our lucky stars every day that we're not with that person.
Because if you're awake, you have a soul.
Like, you know that's a real person.
We already know all this.
We've got to follow it.
I can walk down the street and there's a black person, he's got a soul.
There's a white woman, she's got a soul.
There's a Hispanic, he's got a soul.
There's Brian Stelter, man!
I'm jumping up against a wall to get away from that!
Because he's been someplace we don't want to be.
And he's so blind.
He doesn't even know what he looks like because he ain't human, folks.
Oh, that suit he's wearing, that blood suit, that body bag, that earth suit, that grew in some woman's uterus.
But that ain't no human, ladies and gentlemen.
That ain't from around here.
That's a nasty, nasty creature right there, boy.
That's the enemy right there.
In fact, my whole broadcast forever should just be that picture.
Nothing else said.
You can study that for a trillion years.
You want to be locked up with that in a cell for eternity?
You better get Jesus in real fast.
Because I'm telling you, that is the enemy's main soldier.
That thing I've been fighting my whole life.
You've been fighting your whole life, too.
He comes in black, he comes in white, he comes in brown.
He's the same damn thing, though.
That's a selfish crap.
I mean, look at that.
Every photo.
I mean, every photo.
Is it laughing at you and your family?
It's gonna get you.
There ain't nothing you can do except finally reject him.
And it's all the same dude, man.
I fought him a thousand times.
A thousand.
I fought him so many damn times.
I can't even remember all the times.
It's always it.
Same one over and over again.
Crawl up out of that hole!
And we just keep letting it piss on us.
We just keep letting it run us.
Whatever the hell it is, whatever it came from, it ain't good!
And I just hope to do my job here and move on to the next level where I ain't ever gotta look at a Brian Stelter again.
Because it's not an elitism that I hate him.
It's not elitist that you don't want to, like, stand over a dead horse on the highway that's got maggots all over it and have sex with it.
I'm not elitist.
I'm not rejecting Brian Stelter.
He has rejected us.
The maggots crawling over his soul are a trillion times more beautiful than what he is.
And I simply ask God, and I never pray, and ask for something.
Oh, I pray all the time, but I never ask for anything.
But I think I'll once say this prayer and beg sweet Jesus to get me as far away from that thing as Jesus can get me.
But I'm not going to lie, I've actually prayed a lot for something.
I've asked God to protect my children, and I've asked God to keep them out of the system.
And God told me, God said, listen, your children have free will.
Did you hear that?
The creator of the universe will not protect my children.
God Almighty.
And not because God doesn't love my children, or love your children, but because God... I'll take it down, take it off the screen.
That's even prettier than him.
Because God will not take your free will.
I remember about five years ago on my knees in the middle of the night to God, I said, God, I don't care about myself, just protect my children.
And God told me, he said, your children have free will, Jones.
That's up to them.
You better spend some time with them and get them close to Jesus.
And you know what I did?
My children are still okay, but you know, I'm not up here on some power trip or on some high horse above you telling you what you need to do.
I'm here with you in the middle of this hell and I'm just trying to figure out how to get the hell out of it.
And I don't feel like I'm getting ahead when I see some poor white trash dying or some poor black person dying.
You think I feel big like George Soros does or Bill Gates when he looks down on you and you're in your neighborhood and you're falling and you're failed?
That makes him feel big.
I'm not like him.
And I know you're not like him either.
All right, we'll come back and take six, seven calls in the final segment.
A special guest host is taking over in the fourth hour.
But I got to tell you right now, the big change is here.
The energy of the entire planet is changing right now.
And that's why evil is so scared and making its move right now.
Because the devil sends the beast with wrath
Because he knows his time is short.
Woe to you of earth and sea.
Brandon, go ahead.
Brother, thank you so much.
I'm in the fight with you for life.
And I want to thank you so much for the stickers and the ad segment.
And let everyone know that you're a man of your word.
You actually sent me 6,000 stickers.
Don't ask me how I know.
I may or may not have counted.
I don't remember what that was.
I think I did like a deal where I said I'll send everybody stickers or whatever.
But good job.
I see the stickers all over the place.
Brother, I'm going to use every single one wisely.
So I want to tell you what I believe is the greatest threat to our mankind.
And that is this Bill Gates funded military operational geoengineering solar radiation management program known as Chemtrails.
Now the health effects on this alone are enough to make you concerned.
Alzheimer's, dementia, allergies.
Well sure, it poisons us in the dirt on the ground while blocking out the sun of the plants.
But you heard the Secretary of Climate Change, John Kerry, said carbon must be banned on Earth.
That's like, that's the Earth, folks!
It's like you can't make this up.
Yeah, he's such a joke.
And, uh, you know, what's crazy is the climate change is actually real, but it's not in the way that they're telling us.
It's not carbon.
It's these psychopaths spraying this constant bombardment in the sky above.
No, exactly.
They're causing the problems and offering the solution.
Always the same.
Yeah, and the facts are there.
And now they want to leer at us while they do it.
Yeah, they want to grovel in our face.
Brennan comes on the TV and says, oh yeah, we might do this with balloons.
Are you kidding me?
You've been doing it for 50 or 60 years.
So, yeah, I mean, there's tons of facts out there that you should look into.
I actually work with Dane Wingington of geoengineeringwatch.org.
Hey Alex, I've been trying to talk to you for a long time now.
I've been listening to the show a lot.
I want to talk to you about
How teenagers are so easily influenced by politics and social media, and it's teaching them all these crazy, extreme, you know, thoughts about how the world works, how their life is going to go.
But it's crazy, because a lot of it is completely false and bullshit, and they don't, excuse my language, they don't fact check it.
It's completely wrong.
Like, you know, it's just, it's so easy to
Better don't hang up on you.
Emerson, I appreciate your call.
Yes, they're brainwashing our youth.
Because the youth have the potentiality of the universe, and so we're getting God's transmission, so they want to disease that to make sure that the transmission doesn't go off.
Because God activates your potential.
The enemy wants to subvert your potential.
But here's the big secret about the Holy Spirit.
You don't need to know how to defeat Satan.
You're like a plant.
Open up to Jesus.
Open up to Christ.
Open up to the Holy Spirit.
And say, I want to be good.
I won't use this power for evil.
I love you.
God will judge your heart.
And instantly, the event will begin.
So, that's it.
You've just got to receive the program.
If you receive the Christ energy,
You're going to get it from a church, you're going to get it from some guru, you're going to get it from God, it will happen.
You have to open the channel up and believe me, there's nothing like it you've ever experienced.
If you only knew.
All these fools that serve Satan have no idea what they're missing.
I was blessed in that God guided me
So that I would be tested and experience things others, a lot of folks could not withstand.
I don't say it on a power trip, it's true though.
So that then I could understand the larger visions.
Because you can't get this stuff without being tortured, basically.
And that's at this level.
And I have been tortured, which has been a blessing.
I appreciate all the people that did this to me.
I'm not a Sano masochist, I don't like pain.
But in hindsight,
The gate was opened by that.
And so only by knowing evil can I know good.
And so that's the mysteries.
You can call whoever you want, but just stop worrying about the fact you're not rich.
Stop worrying about the fact that who cares?
Your relationship with God is what matters.
And if you can look at a sunset and see beauty,
And if you can look at an old woman and see her beautiful wrinkled face and see all that she's been through and who she was and who she'll ever be, if you can see that, the beauty of an old dead tree, the beauty of a pelican, the beauty of lightning at the night, the beauty of the stars, the beauty of garbage on the side of the road, God has beauty in everything.
Everything's art.
If you experience that beauty, you are transcending Satan.
There is no garbage.
Every one of you was made in the mind of God, who already foresaw your free will, and saw the pain you would go through, through free will, but wanted you, wanted to have communion with you.
Coming together.
God's waiting right now for you.
You won't find it in the churches.
You're gonna find it by calling out to God.
And God is real, and God will blow your enemies away.
But you have to take it in your hands.
It's as real as death and life itself.
All right, I'm almost out of time.
I got a special guest coming up.
I gotta go to these calls.
Let's talk to Matt in Ohio.
Matt, we love you.
You're on the air.
Thanks for calling.
How's it going, Mr. Jones?
Amen, brother.
Before I get to my point, it'll be quick because I know you got a call, William.
You know the Lana Del Rey that you was playing the other day?
You know that she's actually involved in a witchcraft?
Yeah, she actually has been quoted as saying that she actually... She didn't burn a Bible.
That wasn't true.
I don't even... That's the thing.
That's the Pharisees.
It's all a lie.
It's all a lie.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is what we resonate with and what comes out of it.
Obviously, you've got these puritanical churches that don't do anything that could be looked satanic, but all they do is sell Satanism.
Does that make sense to you?
Yeah, but she actually did say that she actually did.
I'll take the first five minutes.
I'll take the first five minutes of the next hour.
We had a guest host coming up, but I want you to have a chance.
You know, I play Stairway to Heaven.
You know, they played that backwards and said that I love sweet Satan.
Careful, like you said, though, but what I was... But you know, I met Robert Plant and he cried and basically he said, that's not what I wrote that song about.
It's about transcending Satan.
That's why they said it was Satanism.
See, that's what I'm telling you is, it isn't about what they claim it is, it's what you receive from it.
If God's so real, and God's so powerful, if the woman we played a clip from has had her own problems, now she makes songs about chemtrails, and Satanism being bad, and how she loves Jesus.
Have you heard the new album?
Why couldn't we get her to join us?
Why do we have to sit there and claim that she's dirty and bad?
Why did Jesus go hang out
With Mary Magdalene and the tax collectors and the killers.
Because that's who he wants.
Not the Pharisees up on the mountaintop telling you how holy and how perfect they were, brother.
You understand what I'm saying?
You're right.
I've not heard her new album yet.
I have to probably go listen to it.
Well brother, let's get one thing straight.
I'm not the end all be all of holiness.
I never claimed it.
I'm as wicked as they come.
But I know Jesus is God and I submit to God.
You understand that?
But if you ever try to judge me and what I say by who I am, you would be on your knees to Satan.
Now do you understand?
I agree 100%.
Jesus Christ is the son of God.
God is God.
Satan is a failure.
I am failed.
I was born of a failed fallen earth.
If you try to look at me or someone else reaching out to God and then judge God by how we're reaching out and our failure, you yourself have become the accuser and an agent of Satan.
And I'm not saying you're an agent of Satan.
I appreciate your call.
We're born of the earth.
A Congress of God and the devil.
And we are here to choose our fate.
The fact that we are of the devil does not govern who we will become.
I am of the devil, but I choose Christ!
Do not count the fact that I am of the earth and fallen as my free will to choose Christ!
Get behind me, Satan!
You see, there are a lot of people who are spiritually connected.
As children, it begins.
And then you are drugged through the depths of hell.
You become guilty for the knowledge you have.
Knowing something does not make you that thing you know.
And then the Christians, the fakes, the false Christians turn up.
They tell you, you're a Satanist because you've seen the devil.
You're guilty because you've seen that.
Because to see the devil is meaning you've opened up your soul, and you have choice, and then you see Christ.
And then Christ saves you from the midst of that.
That's what it is.
Not judging people for the crimes they've committed, not judging people for what they've seen or what they've done, but because of what their heart chooses.
Free will is the total completion of human existence.
It is the choice of what we worship, what we commune with, who we are.
That is our destiny.
It'll be white-hot forever.
You think devils talk like that?
No, devils tell you to kill yourself.
All right, look, I'm out of time, and I wanted to go to Joel and John and Tracy and Larry, and I'm not gonna lie to these listeners.
I always say I'm gonna call them back tomorrow.
We never do.
We get busy.
Things go crazy.
We don't do it, and I appreciate them.
And I want our next guest to be able to take over.
He's got a lot to cover.
He's a great guy.
And I'm not going to do a Saturday show.
I'm not going to do a Sunday show.
I might not even be here next week.
I have to go in the dry dock.
I have to take some time off because there have been major changes to the Matrix that have happened and I need to get close to God to lead God and direct me because if I don't, Satan will influence me.
Because I am a wicked devil.
And so I need to get close to Christ, or I won't have any chance, neither will you.
So cling to Christ, cling to God, cling to justice in life, and all that is good now, while you still can.
Make the conscious decision before your candle, out, outright candle, as one of the greatest writers ever said,
William Shakespeare.
Because, as Shakespeare also wrote in Julius Caesar's William Shakespeare, there is a tide in the affairs of men when taken at the flood leads on to fortune.
And I ask you, what is your fortune?
Is it mansions?
Is it gold?
Is it women?
Is it power?
None of that means anything.
Our mansions are the stars.
They are unlimited consciousness.
They are empowering other legions of free souls to commune with God and to make sweet music together.
So yes, the caller called up and said, is this young beautiful woman a Satanist?
And it's like asking, does a plant go through night and day?
Does the moon not transgress the stars?
Do the tides not ebb and flow?
What matters is who you serve, as Bob Dylan said.
And Bob Dylan said, I serve Satan for power on this earth.
I sold my soul.
I say to Bob, Bob, you're like the thief or the murderer on the cross next to Christ.
I'm a failure.
That is a Faustian lie, Bob Dylan.
You can repent to Christ today and have all your sins absolved and join us in paradise and eternity.
Because I've seen... I have seen the living water.
I have seen the depths of consciousness.
I have seen the mind of God.
And I know that all who seeketh will receiveth.
That's it for this live transmission.
Our special guest is about to take over.
Stay with us.
Tomorrow's dimensions today.
The fact that you're tuned into this transmission means you're awake.
It means you're informed.
It means you're involved and you want to save yourself and your family.
My friends, we're all in this together, but I can tell you this right now.
Get in a survivalist mindset while you still can, and get firearms to protect yourself, water filtration, friends and family you can trust, and storable foods while you still can.
We've got the best company ready to ship to you within 24 hours at mfulmorestore.com, and the lowest price, not just on MyPatriot, but 10% lower exclusively at mfulmorestore.com.
If you can't find the subsection as the food, just go to preparewithalex.com.
It's a sub-directory of m4restore.com.
Whatever you do, get ready now, because the globals want you dependent on them.
It's time to become independent, and your purchase funds the M4.
Get ready now, Patriots!
A plethora of different things that you want to discuss, you want to go over.
There's a lot of really, really important things to talk about.
Listening to AJ close out at the end of his final segment today and with those powerful words is kind of a, it's crazy how the world works.
It's amazing that spiritually connected individuals can work so divinely
And in a world that seems so gloomy, so dark, so dismal, so hopeless, so filled with corruption and filth, so filled with division and hatred.
Animosity all of these different things anxiety a lot of stress and anxiety that everybody's dealing with and it's intensified by this continuous polarization With the information superhighway readily available at your fingertips You have it on your iPhone.
You have it on your droid on your tablets on your computers on your television screens propaganda misinformation disinformation, but the truth is in the gospel and
Whatever Alex is going through, you know, I don't know.
I don't know Alex on that level.
And I don't know what he's going through, but I do know him to be a genuine person.
I know that whatever he's saying, whatever he's going through, if he's not going to be here over the weekend, if he's not going to be in next week, he calls it a dry dock if he needs to go spend some time to get closer to God.
You know, we're all kind of in that position, and on my show, Patriotically Correct, which is over at redvoicemedia.com, I try to be really, really candid, really open, an open book, because I think it's really important that we listen to each other, that we know who each other are, so that the words that we speak have some context.
I get warned all the time about showing my kids on Telegram
I've got quite a few followers over there and I get warned, you know, you really shouldn't do that because of doxing and the kid's safety and all these other things, but only God knows what the future is.
And I'm not going to live my life in a place where I'm constantly sheltering myself against the enemy, because you have to keep your enemies close.
You have to be the closest to your enemy.
You have to understand what the plan is of the enemy, because the enemy cannot see the future.
The only being that can see the future is God.
God is the only one that knows the future.
And by getting closer to him every day, by Alex professing that he's going to get closer, spend some time getting closer to God on this platform, using his platform to spread that word.
You know, I was just recently reading an email here this morning talking about some leaked documents that I'm going to try to get to here in just a minute.
But you know, these people were saying, Stu,
We watch you in Telegram and we're big fans, but we just don't feel like you should be putting your kids out there, their faces out there.
If one thing that I can say, if one tragedy that I go through, if one hardship that I see can help someone to find God, then what I'm doing, everything else becomes worth it.
I don't have calculated ways of deciding every single day what I'm going to post on.
Oh, here, let me put this picture of my daughter on Telegram real quick.
Maybe I'll get some more followers.
That's not it.
And that's why I keep saying that I'm an open book.
I'm as transparent as possible.
I want you to really know who I am.
But, you know, people like Alex who have been
You know, polarized and they've been damned in the media and painted as these conspiracy theorists and they've been given a certain persona and a certain image.
The same thing goes for me.
The same thing goes for Tucker Carlson.
The same thing goes for Glenn Beck.
The same thing goes for anybody with a platform.
People arrive at their own conclusions of who you are based on the very short amount of time that you have to spend with them every single day.
I have an hour on my show every day.
Alex has a few hours every day.
Owen Schroyer following this, War Room, you know, you get to know these people, but just based on the amount of time that they have, and there's so much hard-hitting information out here that we feel like we have to get to every day because if you're here, you're part of the resistance, right?
You're here to arm yourself with the information
That is real.
The stuff that is never going to be told to you by the CCP-influenced, funded and backed, conglomerate, globalist, roundtable elitists that control this media, that spreads this propaganda so fluidly into your life every single day, so we feel like we have to combat that as fervently as we possibly can by getting here behind these microphones and on these screens
We're good.
leaked documents from police whistleblowers inside of law enforcement agencies that bring us, you know, classified documentation that proves that Antifa and BLM organized efforts to get on buses, 20 to 40 buses, and come into the city of Minneapolis, into the city of St.
Paul, the Twin Cities metropolitan area.
When we have information about the cocktail, the jab, known as or being called or referred to as the vaccine,
And we have information that is never going to be reported to you.
Real scientists, real doctors, real epidemiologists, real experts with decades of experience in pharmaceutical research, real international health economists that are still practicing, that are hands-on with this stuff, looking at raw data and disseminating it for what it is using facts, with no narrative, with no motivation, with no
Ulterior motives with no financial stake in the game.
Only the truth to help to save a fellow American.
To help arm you with information because information is knowledge, knowledge is power.
That's what we're here for.
So when we try to rush all this stuff to the table every day because of our limited time and the fact that we have to pay sponsors and run this commercial and go to break here and get that guy in there and I got a soundbite over here and show this on the screen and bring this up and that music louder and bring me down and vocals.
Folks, the stage looks to be a show, but it's not.
It's really real.
Which is why, circling all the way back to where I started with this, it's amazing how divine these relationships are and these introductions become.
I don't know Alex Jones from Adam.
Never spent a minute of my time with the guy, ever.
How I ended up here?
I don't know.
I have no idea.
How I ended up next to Wayne Ferguson, an attorney out of Florida, through my telegram, who needed his story brought out, and now we're looking at a constitutional crisis.
And, you know, the Attorney General in the state of Florida and Governor Ron DeSantis looking at the entire judiciary for a complete overhaul, a drain pole, and a complete revamping there.
How that relationship?
I have no idea.
I don't know.
I have a sponsor on my show, Patriotically Correct, that I met through an interview.
We are now some of the best friends that you could ever have.
I've never spent a day with him in my life, but I feel closer to him.
Blood wouldn't bring us closer together.
He's like a brother to me.
He now invests in my platform.
People are sent to him because of our relationship here with this microphone.
And he's a man of God.
He's a patriot.
The circle here, folks, the community that we live in is so much smaller than you might think it really is.
We all really know each other.
We're all saying the same things.
We're all thinking the same thing.
We're all wondering every single day, am I flipping crazy?
Is this really going on?
And as a result of the increased stress and anxiety, we all have different ways that we deal with it.
And some of those ways are right and some of those ways are not.
They're not healthy.
And so I don't know what Alex is going through, but I'm going to keep him in my prayers and I ask that you keep him in yours.
Because recently I went through some very, very dark times as well.
And I know how it feels to be on your knees, to be brought there by God, to be so low that you have nowhere else to go but to Him.
And I'm telling you, it's worth it.
And if you haven't done it, do it.
And I'm sorry that I didn't get to these leaked docs, but we have some important guests coming up on some of the other information that I want to get to you today on this vaccine.
So stick around.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
You can find me at redvoicemedia.com.
So welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
Bandthis.tv, obviously you're here because you're part of the resistance.
You can find more of me over at redvoicemedia.com where some of this stuff is posted right now.
These are leaked documents from a police whistleblower, from an inside source.
At a law enforcement agency here in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of St.
Paul and Minnesota.
These documents go on and on that I'm showing here and you can find them.
I didn't have time to get into them.
I wanted to get into them here at the beginning of the show.
Maybe towards the end if we get through our guests I'll get them to you.
We have some really important information on the vaccine but I want to make sure that you guys get over here and look at some of this stuff because folks this is the stuff that the media is never going to bring you.
This is the, you know, Stu Peters, he's a conspiracy theorist.
You know, we know the type.
Karen thinks that I'm a conspiracy theorist because I'm pointing out the fact that there were 20 to 40 buses organized to come into the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.
Paul, this metropolitan area, and wreak havoc.
Here, in the wake of the shooting death of criminal violent criminal Dante Wright, in the overdose death of George Floyd, you know, amid the conviction here and murder conviction of Derek Chauvin.
But these are leaked law enforcement documents that show the extent of Minnesota Rioter planning, organization, out-of-state travel.
These people are paid.
These people are paid to be here.
Why else would you get on a bus and travel next to another gamer fresh out of his mommy's basement
Who hasn't washed his undies for a week.
Stepping over, tripping over his gas mask to get to the iPhone to look at what LeBron James is tweeting to figure out how he's going to live his daily life.
These are leaked police docs.
Officers' vehicles shot at.
Death threats to trial witnesses.
Attempts to attack the police station.
We'll see if we can get to some more of this, but the media will not tell you about how law enforcement is really under attack.
They participate in the cover-up as we're used to, but now what's really dangerous here is that our woke military is not alone.
Now another branch of enforcement that we depend on for our safety every single day, law enforcement.
The police in your neighborhoods, these appointed command staffs, these chiefs, are now becoming really woke
And they're protecting criminals as they legalize crime in their city.
They tolerate this kind of thing.
These are pictures of posts of gas masks, folks.
These people have riot gear.
I mean, there's maps of 76 businesses that were destroyed.
You can find it all at redvoicemedia.com.
It's very disturbing stuff and it's a much bigger story than anyone really might think because we've become so desensitized
To all of this, just expecting the media to cover this stuff up, just expecting that it's okay for radical left-wing terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM to come into your city, blow it up, burn down your staple corner store, burn down the place where you go to buy groceries, where you go get your diapers, and who pays the price for all of this?
In the name of justice for minorities, the minorities are the ones that end up paying for all of this.
They are the ones that suffer the detriment to the community as police officers become less effective because they are less willing to respond to calls now, to no fault of their own, that involves a suspect who's non-white.
And this is a big deal, folks.
I mean, the minority of the minority is screwing it up for the majority of the minority.
And people like Maxine Waters and flaming this, people like LeBron James and flaming this, is a complete travesty to the black people who are really impoverished, who really do love the police, depend on them, need them in their neighborhoods.
But because of some George Soros paid actors, with the loudest bullhorns, gas masks, incendiary devices, and threats of violence,
The police become ineffective, to no fault, again, of their own, but because of these weak command staff.
So I want to get to this before we run out of too much time here.
So get over there to redvoicemedia.com and look at these leaked intel docs.
These are from a police whistleblower, and they are incredibly revealing.
One drop, we're going to have, from what I understand, we're going to be getting a bunch more of these classified documents.
Speaking of documents, we have all been fed misinformation.
We all have been fed a line of BS from the little troll, 5'5", standing Dr. Anthony Fauci, who can't throw a baseball from the pitcher's mound to home plate.
We saw him donning his maskless face.
We know that he's a hypocrite.
We know that there's been this huge push to get this vaccination.
We know that vaccine passports are imminent.
The threat of inconvenience to you, not being able to use public transportation, not being able to patronize certain businesses, flying, things like this are going to be taken away from you.
Even though we know that getting the vaccine does not make you immune to the world-ending plague, we know that it doesn't keep you from giving it to other people.
But yet they're going to push this thing on you over and over again.
Now we had Dr. Jane Ruby on.
She told us last week about how incredibly dangerous this is.
There are 60,000 people that are affected by this.
Dr. Fauci told us that the only people affected by this were women who were taking oral contraceptives and that there was only six of them.
Complete lie!
And Dr. Jane Ruby joins us now because, Dr. Jane, we want to talk about this because Alex Jones, InfoWars,
They were labeled, again, tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists last week after they published an article on InfoWars.com about how infertility issues were being reported, about how inconsistent menstrual cycles were happening, not only from women that were getting vaccinated, but from women that were just around other women who had become vaccinated.
And we got to go into this.
There is a real danger out here.
And Dr. Ruby joins us now.
You have 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical research.
You're an international health economist.
You're an expert in this career field.
And we're going to keep you over to the other side of the break because I had to go into some of those leaked docs.
So there's no rush here because I think that your important message is super crucial and urgent for everybody to hear.
Speak on this.
Well, thanks for having me back, Stu.
I want to put a couple of rumors to rest before I go any further.
First of all, since we last talked, you can all verify this on the CDC website in the VAERS reporting system.
This is not just one or two companies.
This is not just a few reports.
The numbers are growing daily.
All four companies are implicated in terms of reporting, people reporting across the United States.
And the world, by the way, and other systems.
All four of the major side effects that people are now just learning about.
The blood clots, the combination blood clots with simultaneous bleeding, which is an incredible emergency in the intensive care unit.
It's a huge challenge for physicians to manage.
The menstrual irregularities, miscarriages, everything related to reproductive health.
And as we're going to talk about a little bit later, there seems to be a sinister pattern
In killing off the elderly, and I'm going to show you some stats around that.
This is just outrageous.
As I say to you, I'm bringing you information from the CDC, who we don't always trust 100%, but even based on what they're telling us has been reported, there's a huge number and an influx that's increasing every day in miscarriages, menstrual irregularities, which means
Women who have passed menopause are starting to bleed again, which is very unhealthy and not natural.
Women of childbearing age are having prolonged periods that last well beyond cycles.
So something's really going on that's very dangerous.
I will share with everyone.
This thing being a sinister.
You alluded to the fact that there might be things that are connected here.
We're talking about Andrew Cuomo in New York, modern-day progressive death camps.
We're targeting the elderly there.
Now we're talking about mothers.
We're talking about fertility issues.
We're going to talk about it all as we come back on the other side of the break.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters, Bandness.TV, and we are joined by Dr. Jane Ruby.
Don't go anywhere.
We'll be right back.
Bandness.tv, The Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
You're looking at redvoicemedia.com right there.
As you notice, the most recent headline is that I have been demonetized on YouTube.
If anybody knows about deplatforming, being labeled a conspiracy theorist, spreading mis- and disinformation, it's this network here, InfoWars.
You know that you're here.
You're part of the resistance.
Medical mis- and disinformation.
That is what happens to people who try to bring the truth, who dig into any of this, who are part of resisting against this globalist push for everybody to take this questionable jab, this unknown cocktail that was rushed to the market.
It can't be called a vaccine because it hasn't gone through its appropriate trials.
We're joined by Dr. Jane Ruby.
And in the midst of all this medical misinformation, Dr. Jane Ruby,
Am I a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist?
Is Alex Jones wrong?
I mean, do we have this all wrong?
You're the expert you weigh in.
Stu, I think, as usual, you're both over the target.
Before the break, I was starting to talk about relation to age with regard to the symptoms and the death rates that are now being reported on the CDC's own site.
In fact, they compared the number of vaccine-related deaths
For the entire month of January 2021 to the entire year of 2020 and you won't believe what we what I found.
It's a simple chart that anyone can find on their website in the age group of zero.
First of all, let's go there.
Zero is an unborn human.
Those are miscarriages.
33 of them in the month of January, again, related to vaccines, as opposed to in the entire year of 2021.
Now, if we drop down, I'm going to talk about miscarriage and how it's connected to this vaccine in a second.
But if we drop down to the older, the other end of the lifespan spectrum,
I think so.
No, I'm good to go.
We could speculate that there could be nearly 3,300 miscarriages by that math.
I mean, this is absolutely astonishing.
This is appalling.
This is disgusting.
Okay, this is only for one month, folks.
Look at this.
January 2021.
Age class zero.
It's right there on the screen.
33.3 deaths.
That is miscarriages.
Now, Dr. Jane Ruby says that is only representative of 1% of the people that were studied here, according to this Harvard research.
And then you go down to 70 to 100.
There she is talking about this.
Close to 200 or more deaths.
Things in New York.
We're looking at Andrew Cuomo ignoring an entire ship that was sent there by President Donald J. Trump for political optics.
There's no secret here.
It's been widely reported that Governor Cuomo sent over 15,000 elderly, geriatric, helpless grandmothers and grandfathers to their early graves.
And we're not just talking about really old people because
Nursing homes are oftentimes used for people to recover from surgeries like knee replacements, shoulder replacements, people in their late 40s, early 50s, 60s, who are otherwise extremely healthy, never had any underlying health conditions, but we're also talking not only about this infertility issue,
Not only about irregular menstruation, but now we're talking about miscarriages, and we're talking about blood clotting in very healthy people.
There are documented cases of a healthy doctor down in your area in Florida that keeled over, he's dead.
This is, it seems to be that this thing is poisoning people.
Well, Stu, let me give your viewers a little bit of an insight into what the relationship is, if they doubt that it's the vaccines.
People are now familiar with the little spikes in the visual of the virus.
These are called spike proteins.
And really, these injections, these experimental injections, are not really vaccines by definition.
What they do is, when you're injected with it, they get into every cell in your body,
They use the DNA in every cell in your body to actually replicate a spike protein.
Now that's why your body is trained to believe it's at a constant state of COVID attack.
But more closer to the issue of the menstrual irregularities and more seriously the miscarriages,
There's an element, some of the building blocks in these spike proteins, we call them amino acids, they're building blocks of proteins, are very familiar.
They're used by the body to create, to build a placenta for an embryo after conception to support a fetus all the way through pregnancy.
Those proteins will now be recognized by your body's surveillance system because now it has a memory
Yes, absolutely.
Pregnant women... Okay, so here's the billion-dollar question.
The billion-dollar question is, number one, we know why they're hiding it, I guess, but number two, if this thing hasn't gone through its appropriate trials, what would happen if this was any other pharmaceutical treatment?
If this was any other trial and this type of thing was happening, we're talking upward of 3,300 miscarriages nationwide by the 1% number that you gave us, what would happen to any other drug?
Well, first of all, any other drug would not have bypassed animal studies.
The reason they were allowed to bypass animal studies is because in the SARS-1 attempt to develop a vaccine, all the animals died, okay?
Almost all the animals across different species.
So that's one point that's important.
In any normal pharmaceutical trial, which we are in the middle of, by the way, this trial doesn't end until 2023,
We would consider this a safety signal, a serious safety signal, if it had not been caught as a signal in the animal studies, or what we refer to as preclinical.
Anything beyond animal, which is focusing on humans, is considered the term clinical, if you've ever wanted to know what that means.
So what would happen in a clinical trial is even if the trial was halfway through, which it is right now, that study would be most likely stopped by the FDA.
The company would be directed to unlock the database, tell the computers to analyze what they have so far.
And if they can verify that signal and go back and maybe talk to the various investigators across the multi-center trial sites, they would learn what, you know, they would get more information and they would give the company the permission to continue or they would shut down the study.
Okay, so anybody who's pregnant or anybody who's a female, anybody who's, you know, concerned with fertility, they would obviously say, well, I might give this a little bit of thought.
Anybody who's older, you know, according to the graph that we first saw here, you know, 70 to 100 years old might say, well, I might want to give this a little bit of extra thought.
In less than a minute here, what would you say to everybody who's in between there?
Males, they're healthy, they're my age, they're 40.
Well, why would I not go get the vaccine?
What would you say to them?
Stu, I would plead with them to look at common sense and look at the facts.
This is a flu from childhood up to 70, 75 years old.
This is a flu with an almost 100% recovery rate.
And if that's not enough for you, there are also at least two approved
Drugs with very long-term safety records that are cures, that are curative treatments for this.
And so I would say my hashtag is, and it continues to be, just wait.
You have nothing to lose by waiting.
If you get the flu, which by the way, viruses burn down, not up.
Variants will be recognized.
If you've already had COVID, your body will recognize all these variants.
Don't get sucked into the fear propaganda around these scary variants all over the world.
Hospitals are empty.
People are happy.
They're healthy, for the most part, if they're not locked down.
So my mantra is to repeat
Just wait.
You have nothing to lose by waiting.
You can find her at drjaneruby.com.
We can't thank you enough for being here to bring us that real information.
Speaking of lockdowns, coming up next I have a guest who says that he can single-handedly stop them as we continue on the other side of the break.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters, Red Voice Media.
Stick around.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show, BandThis.tv.
If you're here, you're part of the resistance.
My name is Stu Peters.
You can find more of me at redvoicemedia.com.
I dare you to.
You know, we spend a lot of time talking about mandates and lockdowns.
We spend a lot of time talking about business closures.
We have talked to guys who have lost their entire livelihoods, jailed multiple times, facing decades in prison for keeping a business open, specifically a gym in Broward County, Florida.
We also talked to a mother from that county in Florida, Melanie Michael Joseph, who had the custody of her child taken away from her.
And that thing spreads all the way up and down the coasts.
We talked to Dr. Micheline Epstein as well.
She's very well documented.
Uh, as now an activist against some of these tyrannical judges and some of these unconstitutional mandates.
She had her child custody stripped from her for wearing a mask outdoors while she was dropping her child off at school.
I mean, these things have gotten completely out of control.
We, uh, you know, in the course of doing this stuff, we're reached out to by a lot of people.
One of the guys that reached out to me was Louis Ewing.
So I got to do a little research on who it is that I'm talking to.
Is this guy some whack job?
Well, turns out he is kind of a whack job, but he's also a former federal prosecutor, a federal attorney.
He's also the nation's, I would say, most successful citizen litigator.
And he has some of these tyrants in our government running for their lives right now, running scared, and he joins us now.
So, Lewis, just briefly take us through kind of exactly what your history is, real briefly, because I want to get to the meat and potatoes of this, which is that you say that you can single-handedly end these lockdowns and mask mandates in these states, respectively, nationwide.
Yes, I can.
I have made my living undercutting attorneys and specializing in helping the last 20 plus years.
And what I've done over the last 20 years is I've taken the best elements of an attorney, the best elements of a paralegal.
I've combined them both and replaced them both to the point where I can send any lay person into court who knows nothing about law.
With my motions and some basic instructions, they have a much better chance of winning their cases using my paperwork and my services than they would with any attorney or any law firm.
I don't care what kind of case it is.
Criminal, civil, I don't care if you're in a state court or a federal court.
And I believe with the right kind of documentation that I can completely put an end to the lockdowns.
Now, here's what's going on.
The governor is the chief executive officer of the state, okay?
He has a duty.
If you look up the duties of the governor, it says, it shall be the duty of the governor to see that the laws of the state are faithfully executed.
When you look up the statute for the Attorney General in every single state, it says the same thing.
It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to see that the laws of the state are faithfully executed.
And you look up the duties of the Sheriff.
When you bring a complaint to the Sheriff, he's required to investigate.
If he finds merit to your complaint, he's required to file a complaint with the prosecutor.
Now, the prosecutor, when you look up the duties of a prosecutor in most states, it'll say, it shall be the duty of the prosecutor to prosecute all civil and criminal actions that come to his attention.
I'm going to tell you folks right now, every single governor in all 50 states has committed several felony crimes.
Number one is forgery.
The Declaration of Proclamation is a forgery.
I'm going to point something out real quick, too, because we don't have a lot of time on this segment.
It is that every single bar attorney across the whole United States are losing cases on purpose.
They're taking people's money and they're running up their billable hours and charging a lot of money, putting forth constitutional arguments, but they're way off point and they're not bringing in any foundation.
Number one of which they should be subpoenaing the governor.
Any court case.
A restaurant shut down.
Somebody charged with trespassing.
Okay, they're being charged with trespassing based upon the fact they're not wearing a mask, based upon a governor's proclamation.
They're falsely claiming that the governor's executive order overrides everything.
That would be true if there was actual evidence of a pandemic.
We see it on the internet.
Everybody says they don't have the results of a purification test.
They don't have the results of an isolation test.
They do not have the results of a double-blind placebo test.
They do not have
I think?
All the attorneys should be subpoenaing the Secretary of State to court and make the Secretary of State bring forth a certified copy of the governor's proclamation.
Everybody should be subpoenaing the chief medical examiner of the state and make them produce a certified copy of the chief medical officer also filed a statement.
A lot of folks don't know this, but in every single state there's a statute called presenting fraudulent instruments for filing in a public record is a felony crime.
Some states call it
We're good to go.
If you go to your government website and look through all the chapters of the various statutes in your state, you'll find a chapter entitled, Militia and Military Affairs.
When you read that chapter, you're going to find the governor's emergency powers.
Yes, he does.
The governor does have emergency powers.
And by law, when there's an emergency, a World War III, a disease pandemic, he's required to issue a proclamation.
Some states use the word declaration.
That statute's going to tell you in 80% of the states out there, he's required to file his proclamation in the office of the Secretary of State.
That is a public record.
Okay, so what's unique about my flyer, unlike everybody else across the United States, everybody knows about the HIPAA law, the ADA law, the Americans with Disabilities Act, but that only helps people that have a physical or a mental disability.
It doesn't do anything for somebody who doesn't have a physical disability.
I just don't want to wear the damn thing.
I'm not going to put my mask on and you're not going to make me.
So what's my argument?
Your argument is the religious clauses, okay?
And I put that in my flyer.
I haven't memorized the exact verses off the top of my head, but the Bible says the whole need not the doctor, only the sick need the doctor.
Okay, so I'm not sick.
I don't need a doctor.
I'm not sick.
I don't need a mask.
Okay, and that's religious discrimination, okay?
There's another section of my flyer of the Bible, I don't remember the exact chapter and verse right now, that says Christians are not supposed to wear a covering, a mask over their face.
Christians are not supposed to have a covering.
And these people are trying to force their Muslim religion on me.
I'm not going to convert to be a Muslim.
You're not going to force me to wear a burqa mask.
That's religious discrimination.
We have to create documents.
We have to give them advance notice.
Because right now, you go to the store, they kick you out, and you go to try to sue them, the judge is going to say, well, you know, this is a cashier for Sprouts, this is a cashier for Trader Joe's.
I call it Trader Joe's instead of Trader Joe's.
I mean, there's stores, these woke stores all over the place.
You have flyers here that I'm looking at on your website.
You have flyers that say that privately owned stores and businesses have no legal right to refuse accommodation, entrance or service for not wearing a mask, refusing to comply with mask signs at the business.
Uh, and you say that these people can be held civilly and criminally responsible.
You have flyers for individual states, no masks, you have federal accommodations, you have cannot search a house flyer, invoke the child rights to remain silent, you have a waiver of gun rights stuff, you have informational picketing, you, I mean, you are a seasoned pro se litigant, a citizen litigant who has helped
Many, many hundreds and thousands of people in court.
So, bottom line is, you're saying that governors, state representatives can be held not only civilly, but also criminally responsible, and then also if they should lift the mandate, then actually lifting the mandate becomes a criminal offense as well.
Is that right?
Every state has a statute called concealing.
These governors that remove the mask mandates,
The concealing statute uses the language, the very similar language.
When you withdraw something from a public record, when you remove something, you cancel, you withdraw, you destroy, you obliterate, you hide, you obfuscate.
When you get rid of something in a public record, a document that's been filed in a public record that contains evidence of an underlying felony crime, you just committed a separate felony crime called concealing.
And with the right kind of documentation, the right kind of support,
Uh, I could, I could write criminal documents where we could force the prosecutor with the writ of mandamus, which is a special document to compel a public official to do what he.
So now I know that you have like five or six different email addresses.
Give me the one email address that you want people to email you at if they want more information from you, Lewis Ewing.
Uh, for flyers, if you want my mass flyers for all 50 states and I'm about halfway done now, uh, rcwcodebusteraol.com.
That's RCWCodeBuster at AOL.com.
Again, that's RCWCodeBuster at AOL.com, and we'll get it up on the website at InfoWars.com as well.
Louis Ewing, thank you so much for being here.
This is, folks, a lot of people are looking for this.
We see moms that are standing in front of city councils crying tears.
Please get these masks off of my children.
Lewis Ewing said it, you're not going to force me to muzzle myself.
We're not going to wear this burka.
I don't want to wear this burka.
I'm a free American.
And so many people are calling for the individual liberty to come back where I am allowed to make the decision for myself and what's best for my family.
If you feel like you're healthy, great, you go out.
If you feel like you have to wear a mask, fine.
If you feel like you need to stay in, that's your choice.
That is what America is all about.
Get a hold of Lewis Ewing.
It's very important that we fight for what is ours.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
My name is Stu Peters.
I hope to see you next Friday.
Come and find me at redvoicemedia.com.
I've had major supplement manufacturers come to us and say, Mr. Jones, one of them is actually French,
If you would just give people lower quality supplements, you wouldn't have supply problems and you could charge the same amount but make a bigger profit.
And I'm like, but wait a minute.
I want the highest quality because I want my listeners to get the highest quality because it's some metaphysical level.
I just pick up the mojo that if I say I've got the best vitamin B12, which is ultra 12, or super high quality vitamin D3, which is winter sun, or the most amazing natural 10 hour energy turbo force,
That it better damn well be good and it better damn well work.
I mean, that's not like some gimmick that I just say.
Just like with the information we cover, I don't let their threats or their attacks control what I say because it's electricity.
When I give you my all, you support me and we have victory.
So it isn't some altruistic thing.
Oh, Jones is so liberal or loving.
He's so moral.
No, I'm a crazed berserker.
But I learned very early in life, treat others as you want to be treated.
It's a golden rule.
Well, beyond the golden rule is lay on your life for others.
That's being Christ-like.
I've never quite gotten to that point, but I do treat others as I want to be treated.
And thank you so much for supporting us over the years.
Man, we need funding.
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I could sell you
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I mean, I'm gonna be completely honest, even though I'm shooting for the stars, sometimes we only make the mountains.
But we're not down the valleys on purpose trying to screw you over.
Like some badges of knockout will be super frickin' strong.
Other ones are like, this isn't as strong as that.
That's the way organic, wild source stuff works.
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