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Name: 20210422_Thu_Alex
Air Date: April 22, 2021
2445 lines.

The Alex Jones Show discusses various topics such as Earth Day's UN plan, new life forms created through technology, COVID-19 vaccine consequences, jury tampering, and fake alien invasions. The speaker expresses concern about mega banks controlling various sectors like media, pharmaceuticals, academia, military industrial complex, and technology. He also criticizes celebrities for their silence on certain issues while promoting social unrest. Jones promotes unity regardless of race or background, encouraging loyalty to freedom and justice. The show sponsors are mentioned, stressing support to keep the broadcast running. Personal testimonies are shared about skincare products, radiation experiments, and secret technologies. The speaker shares gratitude, blessings, and unity in the crew and listeners, promoting alternative news coverage against globalist rule and encouraging support for InfoWars to provide leadership in this fight.

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I wrote this headline about an hour ago before we went live.
It's got the live show feed in it and so much more.
And I mean every word of it when I say it.
Watch live.
Earth Day is a declaration of war against all carbon-based life forms on planet Earth.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
And now we rail against the crown.
Another ragtag band declaring independence.
The front lines of the information war.
It's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it is Thursday, April 22nd, 2021.
I'm Alex Jones coming to you live from deep in the heart of Texas broadcasting worldwide on what they call
Earth Day, ladies and gentlemen.
But Earth Day is really United Nations World Government anti-human, post-carbon-based life form alien takeover day.
And none of that is speculation.
The globalists believe they're building a new creation.
They believe they're invinely inspired to be gods.
And they are overriding the very genetic code of the planet.
They are manipulating the weather.
They are
They are attacking civilization.
They are attacking the human species.
They are overriding this planet.
And things are very synergistic today.
We have a very special guest joining us in the second hour, Dr. Steven Greer, one of the highest level whistleblowers ever, and of course, pushing for real disclosure on all the secret technologies and the suppression and the breakaway civilization and what's real alien connections and what's not.
He'll be joining us in the second hour.
Perfect timing.
Gregory separately has put together an incredibly important report that we're going to air next segment dealing with the ultimate false flag.
It just went live at Bandot Video.
That is being posted at InfoWars.com.
Warning, the fake alien invasion threat is real.
We're going to add that to the live show feed today, posting, so you can find it and share with everyone you know.
It just went live 20 minutes ago.
Warning, the fake alien invasion threat is real.
And again, they're already building alien life forms here on Earth with computers creating mathematic
Types of RNA and DNA, and then creating new life forms that are not in any zoological strata of normal, as they would call it, evolutionary development on this planet, terra firma.
They are artificially creating new life forms, not just the human animal chimeras.
Bottom line, we are not in Kansas anymore.
Also, mainstream news,
Is now reporting that women who've had the COVID-19 experimental mRNA overriding system are either having permanent periods, missed periods, bleed outs, and of course, they're unable to get pregnant.
They're just now discovering because they just keep losing their ability to have children because the body is now attacking the protein wall that is produced on the inside of the uterus.
Looks like blood, it's not.
It's a protein-nutrient wall for the zygote, the fertilized egg, to get enough nourishment to make the connection into the blood vessels so the placenta can form.
Top scientists also predicted that looking at the Pfizer vaccine alone, that it would particularly attack the formation of the lining of the uterus
And the development of the placenta.
An excellent bio-weapon.
And of course, they'll get away with it because it's so horrible what they're doing.
Who would want to admit this was done to them?
They've already done it in the third world.
There's so many people now, they're going to do it to you.
And women that are pregnant are taking the shot with enjoyment and are losing the babies.
But doctors that do it say, my baby's dead, it's worth it, I'm liberal.
It's a sacrifice, just like George Floyd was a sacrifice.
Yes, there's no level to which the left will not bow and destroy themselves along with us.
Well, tomorrow's news today, we told you last year, in March, we have the clips, and we told you again in December, we had the top scientist in Europe, and we told you again a few months ago, Dr. Sherry Penney,
That women should expect to grow tumors in their uteruses and become sterile after taking the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.
And right after they began to take them, they said, oh, tumors will form, but they're healthy.
They're not a problem.
Oh, but your uterus lining will now be a giant wall of swollen tumors, so you won't be able to ever have children anymore.
And of course, you will have horrible menstrual cycles, either always having a menstrual cycle, or not having one, or having it off and on.
And then they're going to recommend hysterectomies, which is the surgical removal of the uterus.
And now the Chicago Tribune is reporting on it.
Isn't that liberal?
Isn't it loving?
And all over the world, they're banning the vaccines.
Oh, did you know that 99% of Japan has refused the shot?
Oh, they got the memo.
I remember when Bill Gates, about a year ago, was on Japanese TV, and they said, some are saying this is depopulation, I don't want to move on, and that the UN is taking over, and this is going to be about depopulation.
In the vaccine, and Bill Gates looks at the presenter, and he goes, this is an English-Japanese TV, he goes,
Oh, well, there'll be different vaccines for different groups in different parts of the world.
The Japanese president goes, oh, mm-hmm.
To them, it's all about dominance.
Japanese are nice folks if they think you're in charge.
And that's, oh, mm, Bill Gates says, I mean, they were tough.
The Japanese aren't dumb.
He said, hey, we're not going to give you that one, OK, buddy?
The Japanese are already having 1.2 children apiece.
That is a mother and a father.
So they're already basically an extinct population within 100 years.
There's no need to give them the vaccine.
Their government's saying, oh no, you're not taking it.
Don't worry.
That's for everybody else.
Remember two months ago, India banned it.
Oh, even Reuters reported the Pfizer shot was banned.
But mainstream corporate media and NewsGuard owned by Bill Gates came out and fact checked.
They didn't tell you that the parent company was Microsoft and said I was a liar.
See, when you realize all this is going on and that they're giving millions of children neurological disorders with tainted polio, live virus vaccines, oh, then when you see LeBron James up there talking about how evil white people are, but doesn't criticize communist China for what they're doing, you know what an evil soul he is.
So you're not going to see people out riding in the streets
Oh, we're getting sterilized or getting narcolepsy or another neurological disorder?
No, no, no, because that's not fashionable.
It's fashionable when there's a questionable shooting or an event to burn down the cities and, you know, demand juries do what you say.
That's mob rule.
I've seen some of the comments online, on Twitter and also on InfoWars.
Jones, why are you siding with the white man?
Ha ha ha ha, that's so stupid.
Even if Chauvin was guilty, which is questionable, major reasonable doubt, I don't care if he's black or white, I'd say you gotta acquit because of the election meddling, and that's what a jury is, is an election.
It's a vote.
Of that jury, with the president weighing in, with Nancy Pelosi and Waters weighing in, in riots all over the country saying if you don't convict him we'll burn everything down and we know where you live.
If that isn't jury tampering, you know, what's the mafia do in infamous cases where the mob's sent to jail for something like 30, 40 years?
Because they simply found out where a juror lived and called them and said, we know where you live, you better vote right.
That's jury tampering.
That's a serious crime.
But in today's world, it's a good thing.
It's a loving thing.
It's a wonderful thing.
And so that's why this is so important.
And then we've got new videos out.
Where we've got this latest footage of the young lady with the butcher knife trying to stab the other black people, Michaela Bryant.
Well, old LeBron James came out, posted a photo of the cop, and said, you're next.
I wish he'd said that to me, but it's just Yeezy Ping and the death camps, but that's actually millions of slaves.
He doesn't care about that.
No, no.
In fact, he says, try and do what they want.
I don't get involved in politics.
But oh, when it's running down America, he does.
With his $500 million.
Bet you now, the man's coming after him when he lives in a big gated community guarded by police and private security.
But he doesn't want you to be able to have it.
Because he does whatever he's told.
He's a narcissistic devil.
And what did CNN do?
They ran, video edited, calling it a little girl in a schoolyard fight.
I don't
Shows up while she's lunging and stabbing people and shoots her and NBC News edits it out on the 911 call and on the video.
And they're still calling!
CNN's still calling this another brutal attack and a black baby that died.
Meanwhile, real young black children and white children got shot and killed and stabbed and drowned, you name it, by crazy people all over the country since then.
And when a little black girl is at a drive-thru and black men, gang-related, shoot her eight times and she dies, you don't even see a picture of her because she's black and blacks killed her.
But when a white crackerhead does something, even saving black people, why though?
Everything needs to burn!
Because in the new religion of the New World Order, it's common white people that are bad, and we all need to fight with each other while the banks turn off the power, devalue the dollar, sell out the country, collapse the borders, hand everything over to Communist China, Kim Traylor's poison the water, Phoenix GMO, pump fluoride into our people,
It's absolutely insane.
And what the police have become in the inner cities of this country are babysitters.
For a bunch of homeless people and meth heads and drug dealers and pimps and crazy people.
And they're black and they're white.
I've been all over this country, man.
I've been all over Florida, all over Texas, all over New York, all over California, all over Washington, all over the Midwest.
I've seen it.
Nice, happy neighborhoods of middle-class people.
And then you go into the inner cities, run by Democrats, and it's hell on earth.
And there is the degeneration of civilization happening.
And there are degenerate black people and white people and Hispanics and crazy homeless people everywhere.
And there's muggings and robbings and killings.
And all these old people living in houses with their doors boarded up with a shotgun, hoping somebody didn't break in and kill them.
And the government wants their guns now.
So the old white ladies and the old black ladies and the old people
Or the blue-collar folks still living in the neighborhood who can't get out because they're taking care of their mama down the street, and they gotta board up their doors at night, and now the Democrats want their guns.
It's incredible.
I'll be covering that with Stuart Rhodes' third hour in-studio Oath Keepers to talk about the collapse of this republic, and how we get back politically on offense to turn this around.
And then, before that happens,
Dr. Steven Greer, the whistleblower on suppressed technology and more, will be joining us about the ultimate false flag, the fake alien invasion.
With all this advanced secret technology that they're telling you're aliens, it's the breakaway shadow government.
We've got a very powerful special report that we're going to play coming up.
And then Matt Bracken pops in during the fourth hour.
Please don't forget, without you spreading the word, without your prayer, we won't be here.
Without you buying products, InfoWareStore.com won't be here.
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All right, so while Americans are being hit with poisonous
So-called vaccines that are really mutagenic, mass-testing on the public by Bill Gates and the UN, while world government's being announced, while the whole public is being basically brainwashed and culturally manipulated and poisoned, we have a breakaway civilization.
And we have, whether it's the Russian government or the US government, that is the compartmentalized parts of them, have released all the footage of
Tic-tac and triangle-shaped craft and things that are doing Mach 15, Mach 20, that are making complete right turns instantly, that the G-forces of that would smash a human into bloody pulp, and that we don't have technology that we know of that could, with a propulsion system, do that.
Well, the technology you see is 50 years old, ladies and gentlemen.
And so the whole scientific dictatorship is a breakaway civilization.
And it's above military intelligence that Q talks about.
It's above all that stuff that people fetishize as the top of the government or the secret group or all of that.
And it is a scientific cult.
And the whole reason for world government in the system's own statements is to not just stop nuclear war,
But to stop what they call disruptive technologies getting into the hands of governments, groups, organizations, or peoples that the scientific dictatorship doesn't control.
And so there are thousands of technologies that have been suppressed.
There's a lot of disinfo around it.
They'll also go out and find people that are quacks or cons to show their new technology and then to show that it's really a fraud.
We're good to go.
That puts us on an upward, sustainable, survivable trajectory, and in the name of stability, and the name of sustainability, they're actually destabilizing the planet, and this whole giant human bloom, that you could call it, of overpopulation, that they are culling, or preparing to cull, in an emergency procedure,
To control the technology in a more manageable way and then break away themselves enjoying the fruits of it.
But while they're at it, they're going to test all the technology, all the things on us.
And so that's the rationale for dictatorship, total authoritarianism, and to carry out the vicious, megalomaniacal, psychotic desires of this establishment.
So 99% of people are not even aware of how this operation works.
99% of people are off in right-wing land or left-wing land.
They're off in fantasy land and are not even addressing the real way the planet actually operates.
So it is Earth Day, which means global government day, which means post-carbon.
Life form day, which means alien takeover of the planet day.
And whether you believe in aliens or not, the globalists say they are creating a new super homo sapien that will merge with silicon, that will be a silicon god.
That's what Ray Kurzweil, the heads of Google, they all say this.
Even Elon Musk says, he goes to meetings with them, that is their religion.
And so if you can't even debate with these transhumanists at their level, you cannot ever be taken seriously by them.
People say, how does Jones know all this?
How is Jones always way ahead?
Because I actually study what they're up to, who they are, and what they're doing.
I didn't just make this stuff up.
I'm tracking them.
You can act like a human and grow up and face this, or you can let them destroy you and your family.
I believe in humanity.
I believe in free will.
I'm going to fight this.
Here's Greg Reese's latest powerful report on this.
In this historical time of awakening, there are now millions of souls across the earth witnessing a powerful hidden hand manipulating humanity.
Hidden, so it has no name.
So it does not exist in the minds of labels and names.
Hidden in the shadows.
We will call it the Cabal.
This Great Awakening is the greatest threat the Cabal has ever faced.
And we have seen this criminal Cabal deploy false flag after false flag to maintain their greatest power.
Here we will explore the most dire false flag event imaginable.
The fake alien invasion.
The alien UFO phenomena can be traced back for millennia.
We could spend days going through the entire alien UFO mystery, with all its fascinating half-truths and misinformation.
But these details have been made into a distraction.
What matters is if it's possible.
Is the threat real?
The technology exists.
Before World War II, Nikola Tesla died, and we are told by the FBI that his groundbreaking technologies disappeared.
After the start of World War II, Dr. Walter Gerlach, an expert on the fluorescence of mercury ions in the strong magnetic field, was brought onto the highly classified DGLOCK project, otherwise known as the Bell.
Surviving documents suggest that the bell involved strange anti-gravity and time-altering effects.
After the war, the entire project disappeared.
Several Nazi scientists came to America under Operation Paperclip, where many of them joined Freemason astronauts and Jack Parsons' Satanist rocket fuel scientists to form NASA.
Prior to this, the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 was enacted, which allowed the U.S.
government to suppress any new technology deemed a threat to the country.
This led to the suppression of Stanley Meyer's water-fueled car, John Hutchinson's mysterious Hutchison Effect, and as of 2010, over 5,000 inventions have been rendered secret.
Through all this time, UFO sightings became more common.
The entire alien UFO phenomena becomes a part of pop culture.
military develops direct energy weapons.
The U.S.
Inexplicable damage seen at the World Trade Center 9-11 attacks and the California wildfires suggest some type of advanced weapon technology that has the ability to melt glass and steel and burns homes into a pulverized footprint of powdered ash.
Whistleblowers with Stephen Greer's ongoing disclosure project have witnessed government projects wherein civilians are abducted in fake alien abduction scenarios.
They have seen the top-secret UFO-type crafts that our military is developing, and they claim it would easily fool the public as being alien technology.
If the Cabal were to deploy the fake alien invasion, it could be game over.
The mask mandates have revealed how easily compliant the population is.
They will believe whatever they are told.
And the rest of us could be wiped out within weeks with direct energy weapons and whatever else they have up their sleeve.
We are now seeing a sort of disclosure as if they are preparing us.
Continuing to warn us of the alien threat.
We know the Cabal has the will to do this, and it seems they have the means as well.
But if we can destroy this evil cancer, then humanity has a chance.
I wrote this headline about an hour ago before we went live.
It's got the live show feed in it and so much more.
And I mean every word of it when I say it.
Watch live.
Earth Day is a declaration of war.
Against all carbon-based life forms on planet Earth.
2 plus 2 equals 4.
And now we rail against the crown.
Another ragtag band declaring independence.
Let me just do this.
I'm going to hit the incredible new developments with the COVID vaccines that aren't vaccines.
As even the Chicago Tribune, Blood and Telegraph and others report, women that are taking it are months now into not having periods or having constant periods and having basically tumors all over their uteruses.
So you're like, well, they'll get in trouble for that.
No, they won't.
They got liability protection.
You were just, you've been hit and hit hard.
And most women are going to Stockholm Syndrome now and won't even want to hear what hit them.
They'll just let the doctors schedule them for removal of the uterus.
Mission complete.
That story's up on InfoWars.com.
Chicago Tribune, Professors Investigating COVID Vaccine Link, Abnormal Periods.
And the rest of the articles are, oh, and the tumors, don't worry, that's not cancer, just tumors.
Yeah, the vaccine causes it.
And oh, they warned Wolfgang Wudarg and others, the head of the EU Advisory Commission, back in December when they filed an emergency motion saying, don't authorize this emergency use.
It looks like from studies we've seen with previous mRNA tests on animals, it's going to destroy the uteruses, and it's going to always attack the placenta.
It's the same protein as the virus.
Well, don't listen to top scientists.
We don't need to test this.
They've already tested it under other vaccine names on animals, and they knew what it would do.
That's why they did it.
Oh, there's no need to test it.
It works real, real good.
Oh, so loving, so liberal.
So we're going to be getting into all of that, but let me read you some other stuff.
You know, this isn't from InfoWars.com.
It's not from NewsWars.com.
It's not from any of those evil sites.
It's from Yahoo News.
And what's it say?
The Postal Service is running a quote, covert operation program that monitors American social media posts and reports them for criminal prosecution and to the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center.
Now, how many times have I told you, this has been going on for a while, but since Trump began to win the election five years ago,
Every major federal agency went weaponized against the American people.
That is, their people inside those agencies did.
It's all compartmentalized.
And what it describes here, the harassment, the databases, they then give the databases to leftist groups.
What do you think Big Tech started doing?
Hiring 200,000 Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL trained people just in Google, starting six years ago, took them two years to hire them.
Other ones hired hundreds of thousands as well, Facebook.
200,000 Southern Poverty Law Center trained people to sit inside Google, Facebook, Twitter.
They all hired similar amounts.
Last time I checked, it's over a million people been hired.
It was 200,000 for Google up front.
And they sit inside your private messages, inside your phone.
It even came out last year that people are live time on their phones and somebody will start typing saying, don't do that.
That's not just an alert.
That's someone sending that to you.
They're in all our phones.
They're in your computers.
They're in everything.
And so it's come out that the Postal Service is doing that.
And they are inside your stuff.
They are inside your life.
And they are tracking everywhere you go and what you do.
And guess where they got the data?
Gateway Pundit has this, and we've experienced this ourselves.
They get them from law enforcement investigations, and they get them from civil suits, and then the left is all engaged in a criminal operation.
They illegally give it over to the federal agency and vice versa, all to gang up and bully the American people.
A lot of folks will say, well, I better shut up and back down then.
Oh, then they win for sure.
But this is a true communist style takeover with big tech.
It's all completely illegal, but we're busy worried about George Floyd and Chauvin and all the rest of these distractions.
It's all illegal, but don't look for Congress to do anything.
That's just one article out of Yahoo News.
Postal Service is using its law enforcement arm to covertly track American social media posts and more.
Ladies and gentlemen, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal have armies of hardcore criminals working at them that have got databases,
They're interfaced with the CIA, the FBI, they've got stingrays, they're grabbing everybody's cell phone data, and they just target people like if the mafia had FBI powers.
And that's all been in beta.
They're getting ready to go fully operational against America.
They're going to take, they're coming for your guns, your children, everything.
I mean, this is a organized criminal takeover.
I have had the pleasure of experiencing it.
And I actually have had the pleasure.
I've learned so much by their attacks, so much.
And when you get around them, they're like mentally ill, weird, mentally ill men, weird mentally ill women.
They're all kind of like dysfunctional.
They're mad at people with nice wives, nice husbands, a swimming pool, a John Deere tractor.
They don't care if you're black, white, who they are.
They want you destroyed.
They're all satanic.
They're all fallen, twisted, mentally ill people chosen by the system to carry this out because they're so bad.
And they act like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, basically.
They slither around.
And, you know, we've had a chance to experience this.
And their cover for the mob rule, the burning down the cities, is black people.
And that's in the WikiLeaks that came out, that's in the documents we got from 2015, where Obama had Antifa trying to stir blacks up to burn down America, as the cover for bringing in Permanent Martial Law to deal with the riots, and then gun confiscation during that whole program.
So, there's that.
Now we've got this.
Cartels offering American teens money via TikTok to smuggle migrants.
That's right.
Total recruiting.
And Joe Biden is recruiting millions of federal employees to do the same.
And it's all illegal.
There's no executive order, no law.
They're just doing it.
Four Texas counties declare a state of emergency over Joe Biden's open borders catastrophe.
We reported on this last week, $530 million to one group that helped open Europe up for the Muslims.
It's an EU-UN group.
Well, it turns out Congress is launching an investigation.
The Republican Oversight Committee members have gone forward and sent a letter to HHS Secretary regarding a massive sole source contract with DHS awarded to Family Endeavors, Inc.
The questionable contract was awarded after a member of the Biden-Harris transition team started working there.
There's the letter.
So that's going on there.
And it's all completely illegal.
But then they have the fact checkers like, did Jones and his team really save kids in the back of a car?
It was a charity and a nun lovingly helping them that worked for MS-13.
Just all crap.
It's all illegal.
It's all out of control.
Now when we come back though,
I'm going to tell you all about the wonderful things that are happening to women who were fertile, and they're not now, who take the vaccine.
Why don't you just get a hysterectomy, guys?
We'll be right back.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We're here live.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We got Dr. Steven Greer joining us coming up in the next hour to get into the ultimate false flag, fake alien invasion, what are all these craft?
Are they really from some distant star system or from a little bit closer to home?
That is coming up here on Earth Day, Global Government Day, Anti-Human New World Order Day.
But I want to get into really serious news that makes me very, very angry.
We had a lot of prestigious scientists come out.
And say that this vaccine won't protect you.
It's not a vaccine.
No government would ever approve mRNA therapy like this because it caused so many deaths in the animal studies.
And that's why you study on animals because they're similar to us.
And now it's following that path.
So this is just what we thought it was.
A giant test in how to orderly maim us, soft kill us, and then finally get rid of us.
So we're going to be looking at that here in just a moment.
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And Alpha Power is back in stock as well.
Okay, let me just read you these headlines.
This is out of the New York Post.
Biden warns if Americans don't get COVID jabs, you mean mRNA, they might have to cancel July 4th, as if the federal government has that power.
This is all an exercise in mind control and teaching you that you're bad and you're dirty and you're evil with all this nonsensical six foot apart, the mask.
It's never going to end until you end it.
The police finally in Canada have been refusing to enforce the permanent lockdown.
Burning Man organizers say COVID-19 vaccines may be mandatory to attend festival USA Today.
So you can go there and give each other
You can go take any illegal drugs you want.
Supposedly nihilistic.
Oh, but you will take the mRNA sacrament to go.
A lot of folks are canceling, so they're now backing off of that.
It's just, again, pathetic, demonic joke.
Silicon Valley.
And remember, California law says it's not illegal to knowingly give somebody hepatitis or HIV now.
So the same liberals say, oh, it's okay for me to give you HIV knowingly or hepatitis, but oh, which are real viruses, especially hepatitis.
Oh, but don't worry.
You can take your COVID test to go here.
It's all about the world ID.
It's all about corporate fascism.
I mean, corporations enforce the adoption of this.
Absolutely sick.
HIV patients in California who expose others to disease knowingly will no longer face charges.
Dems send anti-vaxxer hit list to big tech heads amid vaccine information war.
BigInfoWars.com article including Dr. Sherry Tenpenny.
And here's what's crazy.
They've banned some of the vaccines in different parts of the world everywhere.
That is, every one of the big six vaccines has been banned one place or another.
Pfizer's been banned in the second most populous country in the world.
A whole bunch of the other vaccines have been banned in 20-plus countries.
We're talking about the AstraZeneca.
It goes on and on.
The Johnson & Johnson has been stopped in the United States.
And then they look at us like we got 14 heads and go, you crazy people.
You're not allowed to have medical doctors showing all these scientific reports on Facebook.
You're not going to have DeSantis have a hearing two weeks ago with over 20 members of the medical team and some of the top scientists in the world saying that we've been lied to about the severity of COVID, but also about the vaccine dangers.
The UN is the only group that is allowed to tell us what's going on with the vaccine.
Because they're our boss now.
And it continues.
Here's a prediction I made that's making the rounds for March of last year on Facebook.
He literally predicted COVID variants last March and that those would be used after you had the vaccine to say still you've got to remain locked down.
I didn't predict that.
It's in the John Hopkins reports.
They already war-gamed it all out.
People keep giving me the credit for all this.
Got a whole blueprint here.
Just like Wolfgang Wudarg and the former head of Pfizer went public.
Their chief scientist said this will attack the placenta.
This will grow tumors on the uterus.
That's what the same protein that's in the virus, very common protein, is in the brain and in the uterus and the placenta is basically made out of it.
It will kill the babies.
It will sterilize the women.
And now it's all over the damn news!
I mean he was just the top scientist!
People are like, it's all over Twitter.
Jones is right again, good God!
Here he is saying, and I'm not trying to take credit away from me, but of course I'm right!
It's a damn attack!
Mammograms are picking up.
Swelling in women's breasts following the COVID vaccine and in their uterus.
And they say don't worry about the miscarriage.
Don't worry about fears of cancer.
Just don't get cancer screened for a year.
Or dulcinium for surgery.
Because they are tumors.
But no big deal.
They're the good kind.
So let's continue right here.
Chicago Tribune, professors investigating COVID vaccine linked to abnormal periods and tumors and bleeding and miscarriages.
Big article up on InfoWars.com.
And here's our article from last week about it.
Tomorrow's news today, disturbing.
Unvaccinated women claim unusual menstrual cycles and miscarriages after being near recently vaccinated individuals because it's called viral shedding!
And what did Wolfgang Ludarg and others warn when they looked at it?
These are top virologists and scientists.
And they went and read the papers and they published emergency papers with hundreds of pages with links to hundreds of studies saying this is going to attack
The reproductive systems of these women, and then it makes the cells create virus mutations, which even USA Today and even NPR admitted that the vaccines, the mRNA vaccines and others, are going to create new strains.
Which, magically, what are they doing?
What does Bill Gates want?
What's Bill Gates been testing on animals for decades?
Viruses that sterilize.
Viruses that interrupt reproductive systems.
And now magically it's happening, isn't it?
He wants you to die, he wants to depopulate you, he's worried about overpopulation, and then magically he runs a program and that starts happening.
It's like 2 plus 2 equals 4?
Dr. Stephen Greer from The Disclosure Project.
Straight ahead, I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement, is one of the most important films ever made.
Fourteen years ago, we tracked and documented the Bilderberg Group's activities and their plan for a great reset using the threat of a fake virus.
The film now is more important than ever.
When it shot to number one on Amazon last year, they banned it.
We have it back in print, available now at Infowarstore.com, selling them as low as $3.95 a piece when you buy them in bulk.
And there's a zero country code, so anywhere on the planet you can make copies.
In fact, I want you to make copies.
You are the Paul Reveres.
1776 Worldwide.
1776 Worldwide.
In game.
Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Available now at InfoWareStore.com.
Dr. Steven Greer is going to be joining us here on Earth Day in just about five minutes, and it is serendipity, synchronicity, destiny that one of our great reporters, Greg Reese, just so happened to put out this report that parallels what Dr. Greer is going to be talking about, the ultimate false flag, Project Blue Beam on steroids, the fake
Alien invasion.
What are the real extraterrestrials versus the fake ones, ladies and gentlemen?
Here's the report.
In this historical time of awakening, there are now millions of souls across the earth witnessing a powerful hidden hand manipulating humanity.
Hidden, so it has no name.
So it does not exist in the minds of labels and names.
Hidden in the shadows.
We will call it the Cabal.
This great awakening is the greatest threat the Cabal has ever faced.
And we have seen this criminal Cabal deploy false flag after false flag to maintain their greatest power.
Here we will explore the most dire false flag event imaginable.
The fake alien invasion.
The alien UFO phenomena can be traced back for millennia.
We could spend days going through the entire alien UFO mystery with all its fascinating half-truths and misinformation.
But these details have been made into a distraction.
What matters is if it's possible.
Is the threat real?
The technology exists.
Before World War II, Nikola Tesla died, and we are told by the FBI that his groundbreaking technologies disappeared.
After the start of World War II, Dr. Walter Gerlach, an expert on the fluorescence of mercury ions in the strong magnetic field, was brought onto the highly classified DGLOCK project, otherwise known as the Bell.
Surviving documents suggest that the bell involved strange anti-gravity and time-altering effects.
After the war, the entire project disappeared.
Several Nazi scientists came to America under Operation Paperclip, where many of them joined Freemason astronauts and Jack Parsons' Satanist rocket fuel scientists to form NASA.
Prior to this, the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 was enacted, which allowed the U.S.
government to suppress any new technology deemed a threat to the country.
This led to the suppression of Stanley Meyer's water-fueled car, John Hutchinson's mysterious Hutchison Effect, and as of 2010, over 5,000 inventions have been rendered secret.
Through all this time, UFO sightings became more common.
The entire alien UFO phenomena becomes a part of pop culture.
military develops direct energy weapons.
The U.S.
Inexplicable damage seen at the World Trade Center 9-11 attacks and the California wildfires suggest some type of advanced weapon technology that has the ability to melt glass and steel and burns homes into a pulverized footprint of powdered ash.
Whistleblowers with Stephen Greer's ongoing disclosure project have witnessed government projects wherein civilians are abducted in fake alien abduction scenarios.
They have seen the top-secret UFO-type crafts that our military is developing, and they claim it would easily fool the public as being alien technology.
If the Cabal were to deploy the fake alien invasion, it could be game over.
The mask mandates have revealed how easily compliant the population is.
They will believe whatever they are told.
And the rest of us could be wiped out within weeks with direct energy weapons and whatever else they have up their sleeve.
We are now seeing a sort of disclosure, as if they are preparing us.
Continuing to warn us of the alien threat.
We know the Cabal has the will to do this, and it seems they have the means as well.
But if we can destroy this evil cancer, then humanity has a chance.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
All right, long before NASA existed, in every ancient culture they have carvings and hieroglyphs in Sanskrit of what looks like Apache helicopters, what looks like 747s, what looks like all sorts of Apache helicopters.
I mean, just the beginning of it.
Why is this carved on the walls at the Great Pyramid in Egypt?
What's going on here?
And then you have all the secret societies trying to suppress knowledge about this.
Going back, you have Genesis describing things that could only, you know, be what we see in modern UFOlogy, or Close Encounters of the Third Kind is what the Book of Ezekiel sounds like to me.
So, what's really happening here?
We know we don't know the real history of the planet.
We know it's been shrouded in secrecy.
But now, not since the end of World War II, have we seen so much unidentified flying object activity.
A lot of people say, well, are there unidentified flying objects?
Well, that's just like saying, are there aliens?
We know there's a lot of unidentified flying objects.
That's anything that you don't know what it is.
Could be a weather balloon.
Could be sunspots.
Who knows?
But clearly, Hollywood and the establishment is preparing us for something big.
We've got pieces of this puzzle, but Dr. Stephen Greer is one of the world's foremost, if not the most foremost, authorities on UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence and technologies.
Initiating peaceful contact with interstellar civilizations for over 30 years.
I'm not going to go over his whole background or the secret projects he worked in, but he's certainly predicted a lot of what's unfolding now, and that gives him a lot of credibility.
He's also made quite a few films, like Unacknowledged and Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, and contact has begun.
Dr. Stephen Greer on Twitter, Facebook, Dr. Stephen Greer, Instagram, Dr. Stephen Greer, and the website,
SeriousDisclosure.com, like in Sirius the Dog Star.
So we appreciate him coming on.
We got about 45 minutes in airtime in this hour.
I could talk to him for 10 hours.
But if you'll just kind of boil down the big picture from your big, vast pool of knowledge, 35,000 foot view, and then drill into all these accelerating occurrences that we're seeing in mainstream media and the Pentagon, basically saying, get ready for some major disclosures that you've been talking about for so long.
Sure, and a great intro by Greg Reese.
He did a great job with that, by the way.
And I think what the public needs to understand is this is a 75-year strategic plan that we're seeing unfurl before our eyes, and it's very worrisome.
Because the prediction was made by no less than the Nazi rocket scientist Wernher von Braun to his spokesperson, Dr. Carol Rosen, who will be with me on this coming Sunday, the 25th of April, doing a 20th anniversary of the Disclosure Project event.
And he told her on his deathbed in 1974 and 5 and 6 that there had been a plan made
Where they would hoax an alien threat and that this alien threat would be rolled out slowly through an indoctrination and psychological warfare but there would be a scaling up with all kinds of staged wars and she actually saw when she worked for an aerospace contractor as one of the first women executives a plan in the 1970s up and through now to this
We're good to go.
Now it's going right mainstream into the mainstream government.
But what you're going to notice is that the spin they're putting on it always is that it's a threat to the national security.
Now, interestingly, like the videos that you're some of these you've been showing, those aren't extraterrestrial alien threats.
Those are ours.
And they're staging these things over our military bases and over our Navy ships to try to present a specter of a threat.
And this is the classic false flag operation.
And people say, when did it start?
I said it started in the mid 1950s.
I have a document from the CIA director at that time stating explicitly, and this is in my book, Unacknowledged,
Thank you.
But the document makes it quite clear that this is what they would be doing with the UFO subject.
So unfortunately, the public through, as you pointed out, Hollywood, most of the big media, which is all corrupt and embedded into this transnational criminal clandestine organization known as MAGIC, the Majority Intelligence Committee, a great acronym, MAGIC, because they do a lot of dark black magic as well, but we won't get into that.
And the Majority Intelligence Committee, those guys have gone through several generations of people, and there's a lot of conflict in that group now, but there's one cell of it that are beginning to, quote, leak, which aren't leaks at all, footage like you've been showing from CNN and news around the world.
And invariably, you'll see that the narrative says, oh, this is a threat to our national security.
Well, it's kind of absurd because most of the footage they've been showing are footage of our own clandestine anti-gravity aircraft flying over our own bases.
clandestine aircraft.
And let's talk about, as high level as you were, the compartmentalization.
Ninety-nine percent of the military doesn't know about this.
And there's, as you said, a breakaway scientific dictatorship above that.
And we should also look at how that recruiting works.
How did you get
Because, I mean, maybe one out of, what, 10,000 scientists even gets approached.
They approached my dad when he was in high school in Plan 2.
He thought he volunteered for NASA.
By the time he became a senior in high school, they called him in and said, that's not what we're doing.
He didn't like it, so he didn't join the project.
But my dad was approached because he had some of the highest test scores in the country.
Well, you know, I started a project that, the reason I got on the radar, and of course I've never worked for the government, I was certainly offered a position.
I know your viewers are going to think that I'm making this up, but I'm not.
In 1992, the head of Army Intelligence, General Albert Stubblebine III,
Offered me two billion, with a B, dollars if I would leave my medical career and join their little group of thugs and fascists.
And I said, no, thank you.
He then went to my wife, who your producer's been dealing with, and tried to convince her to convince me.
That is how corrupt this group is.
Now, why they offered me two billion dollars, I think is because I started, if you go to CE5,
You're going to see we have an app that teaches people how to make contact with the actual ETs, not the fake ones.
And we began to do that in the early 90s.
And in 1992, we successfully vectored onto a beach near Pensacola, craft very close to us, four of them.
And this ended up on the front page of the Pensacola paper.
And the result of that was that I kicked the hornet's nest because the next thing you know, I'm being approached by the head of Army Intelligence and people from the CIA and National Security Agency trying to get inside and figure out what the hell we're doing.
Because basically what I had to come to the conclusion was that the civilizations, the actual ET civilizations, or people call them alien, I don't use that word because they think you're talking about someone from Guatemala.
That those civilizations are very peaceful, but they're extremely concerned about our hostility.
And here's what happened, Alex.
When we began to detonate atomic and then nuclear, thermonuclear weapons, those not only destroy the area over the earth where they're detonated, those create a scalar, faster than the speed of light,
Trans-dimensional pulse that actually damages other worlds and the superhighway.
Sure, it's blowing holes in other dimensions.
And it's very dangerous.
And so that's why in the 40s... That's why all that stuff suddenly showed up as soon as we did it.
Yes, sir.
That's exactly, and they know that.
But instead of being reasonable, the military-industrial complex that became transnational at the end of World War II, it wasn't just the United States.
And on this event, on this coming Sunday, we are going to have
Senator John Warner, who is a member of this committee with George Bush Sr.
and others, his son, who is also the grandson of Paul Mellon, who is a fascist who started the CIA with Alan Dulles, on record talking about his family's involvement on this.
This is an explosive interview.
It's a three-hour interview.
We're just going to show some clips of it.
But he admits that his grandfather, Paul Mellon, went over to Germany.
Oh, wow, wow.
I wasn't letting on this.
I'm told we have the clips.
We'll be right back.
All right, folks, Dr. Steven Greer is our guest for the rest of the hour.
I could talk to him for 10 hours.
I'm gonna invite him sometime to come on and do a podcast.
We're doing this commercial free.
The average of those are about 2 million viewers.
So listeners are really excited about those Saturday podcasts we've been doing live or have been taping to air.
Maybe he'll join us in a few Saturdays.
We have this big event coming up on Sunday that I know I'm gonna definitely be paying a lot of attention to.
This is a shorter segment, couple long segments coming up.
But let me ask some selfish questions.
I mean, this all affects us together.
But I've known that the globalists are into the occult.
I've known that NASA was founded by occultists.
That's even mainstream news now.
Back when I was talking about it 25 years ago, people thought I was crazy.
Just like when you were talking about it, now there's major network TV shows about it.
So you're right, a revealing's happening.
But from my research of the Illuminati,
Going back to Solomon and all this, it's about contacting these other dimensional entities.
That's how they're really communicating with them.
They're not coming from distant star systems.
And whether people believe us or not, the elites do.
And now the former head of Israeli intelligence came out, as you know, last month and said, we're in contact with them.
We're working with them since Eisenhower.
Now, whether that's true or not, the big disclosure you predicted is here, but you said there'd be a false disclosure 20 years ago, and I would listen to you on big national shows like Art Bell and then George Norian.
I thought this guy sounds credible, but I'm not going there because all the things he said haven't happened yet.
Now it's happening just as you said it would.
So I want to speak to that, but first I want to ask you, the globalists obviously got their own systems, their own advanced technology.
That's been leaked.
Oh, about seven years old.
We were coming back from our ranch in East Texas, driving back to Dallas where my grandmother lived, and we were on I-45.
And I'll never forget, my dad goes, look at that!
And three stealth fighters that they didn't roll out for 20-something years, 30 years, but they were gray and blue camouflage style, not like the black ones, were flying at 200 feet.
And I'm like, those are spaceships.
My dad goes, no, those are secret aircraft.
Those are some advanced aircraft.
But I saw what later I saw them unveil in 1989 in like, you know,
1980 or whatever.
Or I guess 1979.
So that's an example of this.
This is a shorter segment, but just big picture here.
Who are they communicating with?
Because it seems to me like they're communicating with something bad that's anti-human and that the globalists have teamed up with something very evil and it fits into Christian cosmology.
Well, I think that what we call these transnational clandestine operations, they're not contacting extraterrestrials.
They're contacting beings often from other dimensions, and people confuse these two things.
So there are other dimensions that have all kinds of, you know, as Monsignor Balducci at the Vatican said, he says, look, neither demons nor angels need flying saucers.
So it's complicated because a lot of people are conflating, confusing extraterrestrial intelligence and beings from other star systems, which are quite evolved and universally not hostile with beings from other dimensions.
I know one of the key people of this group,
He and his wife are very involved in Satan and Devil activity, and they published some crazy newsletter called the Devil's Hammer and what have you.
So, you know, that's certainly not my expertise.
I'm dealing more with extraterrestrial intelligence.
Sure, you brought up Jack Parsons.
I mean, it's on record they were Satan worshippers, Alistair Crowley.
So, the group running this is into Satanism, and I was asking why.
Well, because they like dark power.
Someone once told me that some of the people on this committee, they very much get a thrill out of torture, death, destruction.
They have this really sickness.
In medicine, we call these people high-functioning sociopaths.
Um, and I think that this is a big problem because the very good people, for example, when I've been at the Pentagon briefing, for example, General Patrick Hughes, who is the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.
Oh, listen, I know a lot of the top people like you do.
All of them take this completely serious.
The general public knows it.
It's deadly serious, the Pentagon.
Oh, it is.
But the thing is, is that that gentleman wasn't read into or briefed on any of this because he was a good guy.
It's like when I was at Lord Hill Norton's home in the United Kingdom, he told me, he was Minister of Defense, he was a five-star admiral.
Because you're not willing to go along with a criminal operation that's international that is killing the planet and is doing one war, endless war, after another.
And they're planning the big one.
And the big one is what we're exposing on Sunday at this webinar.
It's seriousdisclosure.com.
You can find out about it.
But we're going to have Senator John Warner's son and his interview there.
We're going to have Russian cosmonauts.
We're going to talk about what has happened in their country.
Let me ask you this.
I've privately met with astronauts.
They've told me similar things.
One of them said it on air.
And we'll talk about that next segment.
But big picture then, what's the timetable for them to do the big fake ET landing?
How do you see that unfolding?
Actually, the psychological warfare for that began in the 50s.
Many of the events that people know about, like the Cash Landrum affair that happened down there in your state in Texas, that was in reality us test flying an E.T.
We're going to have testimony from an Air Force officer, and this Air Force officer was the primary investigator of this accident and said, no, we were piloting that with a man-made plutonium power plant, but it was an ET shell, the infrastructure, the superstructure, I should say, of the craft.
I think so.
The Pentagon is, quote, leaking or confirming some harassment of our Navy vessels and what have you.
You notice the language is always threatening.
And as one of them recently said, one of the people who's a disinformation agent, Luis Elizondo, said to our attorney, Daniel Sheehan, he said, point blank.
He says, the only way we can get more money is to present this as a threat.
So this is all about a power and money grab.
I mean, if civilizations that advanced were actually a threat, it would have been all over Alex with the day we detonated that first atomic bomb and it ripped a hole in space-time that went into other dimensions, including other planetary systems, faster than the speed of light.
So I think people
People need to understand that the public, by being brainwashed, and you mentioned this whole COVID situation, I'm a medical doctor, emergency doctor, and some of the things that are being done are really not for public health reasons.
They are to control the masses and to beta test
Their control system over the masses.
But that's a warm-up to what's coming.
And we're trying to, we're like Paul Revere here, when we said the British are coming.
We're trying to warn people.
We're cosmic Paul Reveres, you and me.
Where we're trying to say, look, there's this hoax cosmic threat that they have been planning for 75 years and now they're starting to unfurl it.
And here's how we stop it.
This is how we, let me explain how we're going to stop this.
Expose it.
Because what we're going to do, and this is going to be turned into a documentary, we're going to do an emergency release on a documentary.
No commercial distribution.
Everyone will be able to put it on their sites, including yours, for free.
And it's called The Cosmic Hoax.
And it will actually show the technologies, the actual schematics of the man-made anti-gravity craft, the events that they have hopes and what they're planning to do.
Because if we can get a billion people throughout the world to see that, it will stop them from doing it.
Because we will expose their dirty little trick in advance.
And Alex, as you know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
If we can prove and show to the public this is what they're trying to do, the public won't be fooled the way they were on 9-11, right?
All right, Dr. Stephen Greer, stay right there.
We're going to come back and talk about how we can deal with this, because there's no doubt what he's saying 20 years ago is coming true, and there's a lot of documents to back it up.
And you had the former head of Israeli intelligence come out and say this just a month ago.
We'll be right back.
Alright, I go off the facts.
And I couldn't get people to understand the Federal Reserve was private when I was first on air 27 years ago.
Now everybody knows that.
And I go off the science, I go off the research, and I can tell you, I've been around Hollywood, I've been around some of the globalists, they're all into the occult.
None of them are atheists.
They believe they're going to become gods and break away with the super science.
They believe their main mission is like Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End.
They've got to get rid of us to then become this god creature.
And even Elon Musk meets with the globalists.
He's come out and said, I've met with them, they've got a plan to get rid of everybody.
They pray to AI gods.
Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems write articles and give similar speeches that, you know, hey, does the public know they're planning to get rid of you?
Dr. Greer, I know you just go off of your own research, who you brief, briefing President Clinton, seeing him blocked from his investigations.
I've seen the prestigious groups that you've interviewed.
Guys, can you put it on screen?
The retired head of Israeli intelligence basically came out.
And said that the government's already in contact with these creatures.
Former Israeli Space Chief says U.S.
in contact with Galactic Federation of Aliens and Trump knows.
That's Fox News.
Now either he's lying as part of the PSYOP or it's really going on.
I mean, this is here.
This is ripe.
But then I study DMT and I've talked to people, medical doctors, that have been to these things in Costa Rica and places where 30, 40 people take it.
I usually do it at old ritual sites which I see as like centers where this energy is coming in and they'll see all the same thing at the same time.
It's not laser lights.
It's not they're having a group hallucination or the veils being lifted.
Something's happening when you take that drug in it and we know the optic nerve is blocking out a lot of stuff because we couldn't handle seeing all this.
So this is this is all coming to a head as you said two separate things or hundreds of different things.
So your deep understanding of this.
Try to quantify for folks what's really going on because it doesn't seem like it's there.
It's very biblical that some humans have allied themselves with something that's giving them forbidden knowledge, but only if they agree to destroy humanity in payment.
Well, I think it's a relatively small number of people who are involved with that way out lunatic stuff.
But what they're very good at doing is deliberately obfuscating and confusing the picture.
So, for example, they will mix in experiences people have had with these beings from other dimensions and call it alien.
That's why I don't use the word alien.
I use the word extraterrestrial biological entities, civilizations from other planetary systems.
And then I'll talk about interdimensional creatures.
And these are two separate things.
Then the reason they deliberately want to conflate them is that
Because most people aren't going to understand other dimensions.
They can understand, you know, like War of the Worlds or Independence Day, the movie.
So what they really want to do is control people through fear and endless war.
And the only way to do that is to mix together these various areas of investigation.
And they're scientific.
Now, I'm going to say something here that's going to probably blow your listeners' minds.
I've worked with a man who is a senior engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works.
In a place called The Cube, under the desert in California.
And in that area, they had people hooked up to electronic devices where they didn't need a drug.
They could do it electronically, where they could tap into these other dimensions, not extraterrestrials, and bring those monsters into the lab.
And they would come into from one dimension into 3D and be running around.
Now, I know this sounds like something like out of Stranger Things, but guess what?
Those guys listen to what I've been saying over the years and they turn it into these fictional, you know, silly movies and shows.
The truth is, the deliberate confusion of this, you have three things going on, and I'm glad you brought this up.
You have actual extraterrestrial events, you have interdimensional beings, what you just described, and then you have the man-made craft, but also the stage craft.
Because you have intelligence operations that have used, of course we have an Intel guy who's on camera, Air Force, who said, yeah, one of the old days we just used short guys or people had deformities and dressed them up to be aliens, but now they have what are called program life forms, which are sort of genetically created creatures with integrated circuits in their cerebral cortex.
It's a biological android.
Yeah, and they look like an alien, and they would fool most people.
I would say most scientists.
But the truth is, they're not.
They're man-made, but they have been used in abductions and mutilations and things of this sort.
So you have all this stuff.
Why are they deliberately mushing all this together?
Because it creates a specter of fear.
And as Goebbels said, not, you know... Well, it makes them proud.
Fear of the unknown.
They're trying to write the new cosmology and set themselves up as the savers.
It makes perfect sense.
Well, yeah, because then people also, remember, people give up their freedom and their power.
When they're afraid, and they run the Big Brother.
And so they want to create this sort of global Big Brother that everyone will bow down to.
And what better way to do it than to have something that they claim is attacking the entire Earth?
Well, remember Henry Kissinger's quote, he later got asked about it, he said, no, I made that quote, where he said, fear of the unknown, fear of the alien, we'll use that to take full control and the world will accept you in occupation.
Of course, he was a major architect of these covert programs, and he continues to have that influence decades later.
I've been with a number of people on this committee, and it was very interesting.
One of the breaks, we were about to talk about Senator John Warner's son, who's around my age.
And he's the grandson of Andrew Mellon, one of the few billionaires at the end of World War II.
And he says, look, he told me my whole family are fascists.
And at the end of World War II, Andrew Mellon, I'm not Andrew, I'm sorry, Paul Mellon, Paul Mellon went over to Germany and got the Nazi disk.
And brought it back.
It was anti-gravity.
It wasn't the ramjet one.
The real one.
Brought it back with Alan Dulles and General Patton.
General Patton was wanting to bring this out to bring, you know, relief to humanity, help rebuild the world.
They killed him in what looked like a traffic accident.
Because General Patton wanted to do the right thing for America and for the planet.
So you have these people who are absolutely fascist.
And in terms of occult stuff, if you look at the tools and what have you, way back in the Nazi era, those were all people who were into the occult.
So there's a dark end to this.
Now there's a very beautiful end of it.
And the actual interstellar civilizations are more like the Beans in the movie Arrival, or A Close Encounter to the Third Kind, that movie.
But they don't want the public to know that.
And this is one of my concerns about even Fox News and Tucker Carlson.
He's only had people on there like Chris Mellon, who is also a Mellon, and Senator Warner's son, John Warner IV, said flat out to me in this interview, you'll see clips of it on Sunday, when we do this webinar for the 20th anniversary of the Disclosure Project.
And he flat out says that he's furious that a fellow Mellon is lying to the American people.
Because what Chris Mellon is saying is, well, they're a threat to the national security, and oh, we don't know what they are, and we don't know how these move faster than the speed of sound without a sonic boom.
And John Warner IV flat out says, that's a lie.
And it's a lie because they want to preserve the element of surprise by not letting your listeners and the American public know that we already have reverse engineered these ET craft and we're hoaxing stuff all the time.
Well, what you said 20 years ago, and I listened keenly, you said they're going to start building it up, you're going to see the major governments announce it, they're going to start harassing the military bases, it's going to build to a crisis, and then you get into what happens next.
And so far, you've been dead on.
So when we come back, the final segment with Dr. Stephen Greer, he's going to lay out that if we're unable to expose this, what's going to happen, what we're going to witness, what we're going to see.
And it's just crazy, because some of the things he's saying, I personally have run into people that basically told me the same stuff about these projects.
And again, I go back to my dad, and they tried to recruit my dad in high school and college.
And then in Dallas, he was a pioneer in implants, just for dental stuff.
And they approached a bunch of the top implant people and said, we want you to move to Maryland.
You're going to be an underground base, two months on, one month off.
We'll pay you all this money.
It's classified, but it deals with implants and cyborgs.
That's industrial level.
That's how many professionals they're recruiting, and he didn't even take that job.
So that's just with my dad, those two brushes with this, and then of course all the things I've experienced, how the Kissinger Group, in front of my producer, tried to hire me and said, join the New World Order.
So, I mean, I know how real this is, folks.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, tomorrow's news today.
All right, final segment with Dr. Steven Greer.
He's going to be out of town the next few weeks after a special Sunday seminar, but he's agreed to do an hour and a half commercial-free podcast we do every Saturday now that's so popular that we post a Band-Aid video, so that's coming up the next three, four weeks.
Look forward to having him on commercial free, so we have a lot more time to talk and not be interrupted.
But here's the Fox News article, and it was also in Haaretz and Jerusalem Post.
Former Israeli space chief, who's also intelligence head, says U.S.
in contact with Galactic Federation of Aliens and Trump knows.
He's very well spoken, he's not seen all.
The Shed told Israel's Yadat newspaper that humanity's not ready for the public disclosure of extraterrestrials, who he claims currently are in talks with government agencies on our planet.
There's an agreement between the U.S.
government and the aliens.
They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.
From what you know, Dr. Greer, is this more disinfo?
Is this part of the plan to blow this up?
Because he's not saying they're a threat.
But in all the propaganda we see, they are saying they're a threat.
So what's going on here?
It's both.
Now remember, when someone like this
We're good to go.
We're good.
Something that would be a peaceful contact with these civilizations and roll down the Cold War that was starting up because he was wearied out by World War II and wanted the world to be peaceful.
And also, there were some wondrous technologies that would benefit all of humanity.
I mean, all this stuff about global warming and pollution.
Yeah, the world's polluted.
It's a cesspool, but it doesn't have to be.
So that could have happened.
Here's what happened instead.
People like
Paul Mellon and Alan Dulles and people at the CIA who are tied into these global clandestine organizations.
They stopped Eisenhower, and Eisenhower died a very bitter, sad man about this issue.
And that's why he gave that speech when he left office, just before Jack Kennedy came in.
Beware the military-industrial complex.
I mean, this is a five-star general saying that.
So, yes, the word... He also said that in reply to the full speech, 21-minute farewell address, he says there's a technological elite in control of this that's taking over.
And that had already happened to him because I've interviewed people who worked with Eisenhower who said he was basically pushed out.
Now, why did that happen?
Because they didn't want peace.
They want endless war.
And so some of what the general in Israel said is true.
But the implication that there's some kind of ongoing cooperation is not.
And it's because the extraterrestrial civilizations, they are not wanting
Putting endless weapons into space and having interplanetary conflict.
And let me say something else about the technology.
Everyone has heard of Mutual Assured Destruction.
If we had a nuclear war, it would end all life on Earth.
Full stop.
If you were to engage the technologies that allow for interstellar travel, which is a thousand times more powerful than a hydrogen bomb, into an exchange of warfare, it would be over, writ large, in a nanosecond.
The entire Earth would be cut in half and would become rubbish out in space.
So, the idea that we're going to have this space war is ridiculous.
Now, unfortunately,
I was involved in providing briefing materials to President Trump and Pence.
I'll say that now publicly, they're out of office.
They had been brainwashed by members of this cabal, as Greg Reese called it, that there was this threat that we needed to fight.
And unfortunately, they were presented with a false narrative.
Well, that's huge news.
Give us more details.
So you briefed directly or through their subordinates, the President, Vice President?
To a very close friend of Mr. Pence's family, and who's also very close friends with the President and his son.
And so, I was providing these materials, unfortunately it was late in the game, then the election, and all that debacle happened.
But what we were trying to do, we learned that he and key members of the Senate had been targeted with disinformation and that it had worked.
And that they had unfortunately created a crisis within the administration on this issue.
And I was trying to resolve it when of course the election happened and all hell broke loose.
The reality of it, and I haven't spoken of this, I can prove what I'm saying, by the way.
We have documents to prove this.
The unfortunate thing is that the president, when you get into the White House, if you're a governor from Indiana like Mr. Pence... Your tongue is surrounded, you're compartmentalized.
They admit that they would take executive orders he signed and throw them in the trash.
Yes, and not only that, but if you're wanting to find out about something, what are they going to do?
They're going to cherry pick and even make up evidence to move you in the direction they want you to move in.
Sure, and that's why I didn't believe the intelligence briefing.
So let me ask you this.
I know you're looking at this ballpark, dead reckoning it, but clearly they're building up towards something big.
Any time frame?
Where will they have the aliens, the fake aliens land?
Will they have them attack?
I mean, because all the Hollywood is always the attack, attack, and clearly that's where this is going.
Yeah, there's a new Apple TV series or show about this.
It's going to be sort of a redux of, like, Independence Day sort of nonsense.
My understanding is that that could have happened quite a number of years ago, but there are people like myself and my group that have been running interference on it.
And there's some people very angry with us about this.
The way we're going to stop it, if we can,
Is to get billion people or two billion people to understand the actual technologies humans have that would enable them to hoax this because right now if you go to Fox News, no one on that network is allowed to say.
Oh, I know, when I talk to really smart people, Lockheed Martin, you know, Skunk Works, when I talk to them, they think it's more crazy that the Pentagon has advanced technology that they even have admitted they have, versus aliens.
They think it's more likely it's aliens when it's obviously taking off, flying around.
I mean, people thought the Elon Musk satellites were aliens, even though he told them that he was launching a bunch of satellites.
And what do you think of Elon Musk?
Well, you know, unfortunately, I think he, you know, he's not going to bite the hand that feeds him at this point, because he's getting so much money for SpaceX.
There are big financial interests behind that.
And as you know, the Tesla car is not a Tesla.
His Tesla motor company, if it was a true Tesla, would not have to be plugged into the coal-fired grid.
It would be pulling energy out of it.
There's different arms of this thing.
Is he a good guy or a bad guy?
I think he's sort of in the middle trying to get power and move up the chain.
That's how I would see that.
And even look, when I was talking about Senator John Warner, you know, he was a conservative Republican from my state here, Virginia.
He was a very low level person who was read into this.
He was not involved in the criminal activities.
So, you know, people have to understand the compartmentalization and there's a rank and file and order.
Of these covert operations, which are called unacknowledged special access projects.
That's why we did the documentary, Unacknowledged.
It's had 650 million people around the world see it, by the way.
So I think what we're trying to do is, you know, put this together in a way the public can also take an action path.
So when we create this documentary, we're going to release it to the public open source, basically.
Well, that's beautiful.
Listen, we're almost out of time.
And by the way, I've seen, you're not exaggerating, I've seen your films up there with like on one platform, 190 million views.
Just one of your films, I guess on YouTube, I saw a year ago or so.
You're saying that one film, total platforms, 600 plus million.
That's got to be the biggest online film ever.
Yes, it is.
Among others were black sites.
Because, you know, we had a film distributor's commercial.
Frankly, I'm a retired doctor.
I don't really give a rat's ass about money.
I care about getting the truth out.
Look, my wife and I are going to have our 42nd anniversary in August, and I'm expecting my 11th grandchild.
I want to see a beautiful planet left for them, right?
I know that's what you want, too.
Tell us one more time about the special Sunday event, because I want to watch that as well.
All right.
Yeah, so you can go to SiriusDisclosure.com, S-I-R-I-U-S Disclosure.com, and it's going to be a five-hour webinar with Wernher von Braun's spokesperson, myself.
We're going to have Russian generals and cosmonauts confirming that the extraterrestrials are here, but they're not hostile, and confirming the danger.
By the way, a bunch of the astronauts at the moon, I mean, they reported they were being followed.
Oh yes, of course.
I think you know my uncle worked on designing the lunar module that landed on the moon in 1969.
He worked for Northrop Grumman.
Thank you so much for the time, sir.
Thank you.
I look forward to seeing you again.
Thank you.
Folks, the film is available on DVD.
Again, they've been suppressing it.
It's been banned off Amazon, Engay, and Bloomberg for global enslavement.
We're selling them as low as $3.95 a piece.
You can give them to folks at InfoWarsTore.com, and it deals with the whole globalist depopulation program.
We've got more on this in the Stuart Rhodes in-studio coming up.
All right.
Stay with us.
Hour number three.
This world is going through incredible changes.
God is real.
The devil's real.
And some of us will say, what are you doing having Steven Greer on?
I think that's well spoken.
I think he means well.
I think he's made a lot of predictions that have come true.
But we should all be having a debate about this, because all these former intelligence heads, all these big government officials are saying this is real, this is going on.
So it's either a giant hoax they're about to launch, or it's real, or like Greer says, it's both a hoax and real, and the globalists are basically satanic.
I don't know.
To get to church and take your vaccine, and boy, that ain't none of that in the Bible, you know.
Those are a bunch of globalist trained minions trying to keep people in the dark, in my view.
And so I think more knowledge, more research is what's needed.
And if you study any ancient scripts or look at any medieval drawings or anything, because before they could fake UFOs, they were all over the damn place.
And you read ancient
Vikings writings about a craft landing on little, you know, gnomes get off it.
It sounds like great aliens.
I mean, there's some weird crap going on.
That's all I'm telling you.
And we should be aware of it.
We should, we should talk about it.
I got one segment of other big news.
I'm going to cover next segment on the rioting and on the borders and all that stuff we haven't gotten to yet.
And Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers is going to be in studio with us.
But I want to talk about something that is a 360 win.
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Available now at InfowarsStore.com.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you so much for joining us on this Thursday, April 22nd transmission.
Well, subject to 60 minutes, hit pieces, ABC News, NBC, CNN, MSNBC.
I mean, I'm walking through restaurants to see a pile of newspapers laying there, and there's Stuart Rhodes right there on the cover.
I mean, he is the devil.
Well, he is going to be joining us in studio for an hour, 15 minutes to the next hour, coming up here in about 10 minutes from now.
And we're going to get on offense today.
We're going to talk some about other being persecuted and we're being persecuted and obviously the FBI is investigating me and everybody and arrested one of my crew members for filming inside the Capitol but didn't arrest other folks.
Like National Geographic, CNN, or CNN that paid $70,000, well $35,000, NBC paid the other.
I took Jaden X, who was in there saying, burn this mother-effer down!
Oh, no, no, no, CNN's good financing.
Imagine if Stuart Rhodes had given somebody $35,000 that ran around the Capitol saying, burn this mother-effer down.
Well, he might get a conspiracy charge, probably deserves one, but because he didn't,
They'll probably get in trouble, and the guy that called for it all will be given a medal by CNN.
That's how this works, because they're frauds.
So let me play a few clips here that illustrate this.
Overhead shot, police.
Biden DOJ now investigating whether Minneapolis police are racist.
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, by extension,
They are all bad, all the police in the liberal leftist city.
And you ask, why do they eat their own there?
Because they run and control the city, they control the mayors, they control the city council, so they can do a good persecution there and set the precedent to take control of all other police departments in the country.
And George Soros has already got all the DAs in, so they can persecute whoever they want and terrorize local government until they act as their agents of corruption.
And then it's game over.
Loot for justice, BLM!
Target stores in California!
George Floyd's autonomous zones issue rules for white people.
Stay out!
You're next!
LeBron James threatens hero Columbus officer because he stopped a teen from stabbing two black girls to death.
And here's the video of the 8-inch butcher knife stabbing people, cutting their hands up as they try to block.
He begged her to stop for about 20 seconds.
I wouldn't have even done that when she's waving a knife around, but I guess that's why I'm not a cop.
NBC News under fire for editing out key part of 911 call before Michaela Bryant shooting.
They beg for help.
People call up.
She's got a knife.
She's stabbing people.
LeBron James doesn't care about that.
In fact, CNN, as of this morning, was still defending this and saying the cops are white supremacists.
And, you know, this is an example of what's happening.
Of course, that's Lester Holt at NBC.
Lester Holt said that I said, go to the media's houses and kill them.
He said that with Jack Dorsey at Twitter.
And I remember when I watched that, I said, wow, since when
Do you not show me saying that?
Boy, why the hell would I say go to the media's house with guns and kill them?
That's Antifa.
That's you guys.
Because I deserve to go to jail if I said that.
Oh, I didn't say that.
That's right.
You just used that to de-platform me, Lester Holt.
Well, now, Lester Holt, his own show, you know he's the producer of it.
He's a lying devil.
He sat there and edited it.
So there's no talk of the knife or any of it.
Let's go ahead and play it.
But they had a problem.
CBS News, fresh off getting caught editing DeSantis out, went ahead and aired the full tape.
So what's NBC going to do?
I don't know.
Brian Williams is already over at NBC.
Today he got shot down in a helicopter.
Big liar.
He's like their head fact checker now.
So it's like, let's hire Hitler to run the ADL next.
Or let's hire Lex Luthor to be Superman's nanny.
I mean, none of it is true.
It's all frauds.
So, here it is, ladies and gentlemen.
NBC Nightly News just separately edits out 911 call, then we'll play the actual call for you.
Here it is.
Officer Nicholas Reardon, who joined the force in December of 2019, was responding to a 911 call.
We need a police officer here now!
The video shows Reardon approaching a group of young people in this driveway.
What the video shows is the female with the knife attempting to stab the first female.
Reardon fires his weapon four times, striking Bryant.
Now, they edit out the knife, they edit out what really happened, and then Lester Holt comes on all pissed off.
Another white devil!
The full report is on InfoWars.com if you want to see it.
Here's CBS with the
Call in context.
Police say they were responding to a 9-1-1 call about someone who had a knife.
When Officer Reardon arrived, Bryant appears to be chasing one girl before threatening another.
Slowed down, police say the video shows 16-year-old Bryant raising a knife.
Officer Reardon repeatedly shouts, get down, and then he fires.
He did a great job.
I mean, I don't want that job of 50 grand a year to like, you get over here right now, you white devil!
And the white devil jumps, I'm gonna get you!
And the white devil hops over there and gets out of his car, and there's a lady, like she's Emperor Palpatine with a lightsaber, stabbing and slashing and attacking.
I mean, the minute I got out of that car and she's waving a knife, I'm gonna shoot her.
I don't care if she's black or white, I'm gonna shoot her right in the chest.
Oh no!
But oh no!
CNN for a day and a half, and the same thing.
These other channels, they edited out the knife on purpose and said she was a little girl.
In fact, the local lawyer said, our baby got killed by a white devil.
And LeBron James with his $500 million and he loves, you know, the fact that China runs death camps, he endorses that.
He said, I don't care about China.
They said, you care about China?
Telling the NBA what to say?
And he said, no, I don't get involved in politics.
And the next day, ran his mouth about white people.
Hey, LeBron, here's a little thing for you, dumbass.
I know you think it's cute to bash white people all day when you got $500 million and you got this great life, you're in great shape, and you got everything, and you're saying this country sucks.
This is the dumbass white people country where you got the basketball and all the money.
China doesn't even like black people, dumbass.
Stop running your racist, fat mouth.
I mean, give me a break, LeBron James.
Do you know what'll happen if there's not police?
Oh, I know you know.
You have private security because you're worth $500 million.
I can barely afford security for this building, and I'm gonna leave it at that.
It's an expense.
I don't have a bunch of extra money.
And if we don't have enough money to fund ourselves, it's the first thing we've got to cut.
Thank God I'm still in Texas.
Thank God we've still got something of a Second Amendment.
But I watch and hear these videos.
In fact, get the clip ready.
This is from five years ago about an idea when the police are defunded and politically correct, clip seven.
The only answer here is you need to have a gun.
But in places like Chicago and New York and D.C., you can't have a gun.
And so this really happens.
We're at the mercy of the police, who they're trying to defund, while the Democrats and all these, and the squad, have 24-hour-a-day bodyguards at their houses, taxpayer-funded, but they don't want us to be able to protect ourselves from black people, white people, and whoever else is going crazy.
Here is the reality.
911, what is your emergency?
I need help.
There's some people outside.
I think they're trying to break into my garage.
They're breaking into your home right now?
Can you send some police?
What kind of police?
What do you mean, what kind of police?
Due to recent policy changes regarding police brutality, we need to ensure that the officers we send out are guaranteed to not be viewed as racist, trigger-happy, discriminatory in the event of
Can you just send someone to help?
I don't know what these people want.
My family is here and... Oh my God!
They just got into the garage!
Please send some help!
In order to send help, I need to know what race the perpetrators are, their age, their sexual orientation, what gender they are.
Do they have a criminal record?
Are they on drugs if they are armed?
And if so, what are they armed with?
I don't care about any of that!
Send help now!
Sir, we cannot send white officers out there if the perpetrators breaking into your home are non-Caucasian.
I can't send officers out there with guns if the alleged burglars are not armed.
So, I need to know.
And that's actually how it works now.
And the left can demonize any department, any officer they want, and then they've got control of the police.
This is all about power.
The Chi-Coms are funding it.
It's a sick, evil joke.
The answer is the Second Amendment.
I don't care what the Feds or Soros say.
We have a right to defend ourselves, and we will.
More than 400 people have now been charged in one of the most complex investigations the Department of Justice has ever faced.
The January 6th attack on the Capitol.
The FBI has called it an act of domestic terrorism, and one group has grabbed investigators' attention for their role, the Oath Keepers.
The FBI describes them as an anti-government militia movement, among them current and former military and law enforcement.
Their name is a reference to the oath they took to defend the U.S.
But unlike most other militia groups, we learned the Oath Keepers haven't been hiding.
They've been armed and in plain sight, broadcasting plans to mobilize.
The story will continue in a moment.
If you were looking for a roadmap to January 6th... They're storming the capital now.
All you had to do was listen.
Okay guys, we're on open channel here now.
These are the voices of far-right extremists communicating with each other in real time from homes across America and on the ground in Washington.
Godspeed and fair winds to us.
As some of them made their way to the Capitol.
Trump's been trying to drain the swamp with a straw.
We just brought a shop vac.
Stop the steal.
They were talking on a phone and computer app called Zillow.
It's unencrypted, like a walkie-talkie, and has an international user base of around 150 million.
Who I've known for, I don't know, 15 years or so, even before we had Oath Keepers.
In fact, when he worked for Ron Paul, I had him on some.
Should come in here, an army veteran, a father, he's been a lawyer, constitutional lawyer.
And the founder of Oath Keepers that for over a decade kept its nose clean in an almost impossible environment of infiltrators, provocateurs, you name it.
Oh, 60 Minutes said he wouldn't talk to them because he was scared to.
No, it's because he knows anything he says will be twisted against him.
But here he will speak live today about this attempt to frame the American people as all of us are terrorists, to talk about what a few hundred people did.
One guy pooped on the floor, a few cops got beat up.
Now they admit that the officer that died did not die from the battle that day.
But meanwhile, they're saying whoever said demonstrations have to be peaceful.
And you're saying, hey, let's be violent.
Let's threaten jurors.
You have the left that burned down police stations and set fire to courthouses being let off in Seattle and in Oregon.
So you have this backdrop really upsetting the American people.
We see a million folks at a Trump rally coming out and saying, we know there's a fraud.
We know there's a scam.
And then we see this frothing, this foaming at the mouth to arrest everyone that was even there, not just those that went in.
The media wants us all arrested.
So we've had the FBI arrest one of our reporters who shot video the whole time.
He didn't hide any of it.
The police waved him in, Sam Montoya, and he shot video inside.
He caught Ashley Babbitt being executed by the federal officer whose name they still try to suppress.
But when a cop shoots somebody else, we know about it in five minutes.
So he's here with us, 15 minutes, maybe longer in the next hour, because Matt Bracken, I know would love to talk to you.
EnemiesForeignDomestic.com takes over a little bit into the next hour.
But Stuart, I also don't want to just focus on this, but just the country in general, the borders open, world government being announced.
I mean, we have lived to see it.
We are in the globalist takeover, election fraud.
You said it during the break.
Alex, we're in a dictatorship now.
Yeah, we're sliding into what can be very clearly seen as a politicized witch hunt where you have two different societies.
You have the one where the left is cultivating their own street soldiers to go and destroy the country.
So you have an insurrection happening at the very same time you have a police state being imposed from the top down through the illegitimately
Installed by the administration and their attempt to solidify powers is really bizarre to watch in the street It's a once an overthrow an insurrection that would continued from last year.
I mean, it's not gonna stop It's gonna keep getting worse and worse.
I think the saw they're making their move on us.
Oh, absolutely
So they're using both.
It's a bizarre combination of a communist revolution in the streets and an oppressive regime that's solidifying power.
Pressure from above and below?
But I think it's good.
I think the court packing plan, I want them to do that.
I want them to come for the guns.
I want them to make it very clear to the American people.
By the way, I've known you a long time.
You've always been a relaxed guy, very zen.
You seem actually pleased right now.
Well, what I'm saying is that... No, but you seem very calm for a guy they're openly saying is person number one, the kingpin they want to put in prison.
I'm not worried about myself.
I'm worried about my country.
And I just recognize this is where we're at.
And so I'm going to speak the truth.
So you're an American citizen under a foreign chi-com takeover and you're acting accordingly.
Yeah, I'm going to speak truth to power, as the left like to say, or used to say.
So the truth is, is that they are concerned and afraid of the hundred million Americans who are still patriots inside the military, inside law enforcement, here outside us, veterans especially.
They're worried about all of that, and so they're grasping for more power.
And that's what the Chauvin thing is about, to purge the police.
Absolutely, and a nationalization of the police.
They're going to purge, I think it was your, Hernandez said yesterday on the war room, he's right.
They are now attempting to demoralize and drive out all the conservatives, anybody who's a, even if they're considered leftists, but are sincere patriots, trying to drive them out of police service.
The guys who are dedicated to actually serving the community, they want to drive them out of police service so they can replace them with their foot soldiers.
It's the same exact thing the Nazis did when they took over in Germany, they nationalized the police, put them under control.
And by the way, the left admits that's the process they're involved in.
Sure, well they want, they're coming out now with papers advocating for nationalization of the police.
So what we have to do is recognizing that, is we have to circle around our local police and make sure that we don't give up.
The word pleased is not the right word.
I just feel like you're in the zone and you're content and you know you're in the right place.
Well, yeah.
I'm not going to let my enemies affect my mental state and what I know I need to do and say.
And so that's what they want.
They want to crush you.
That's what we saw, unfortunately, a member of Oath Keepers plead out.
They put the guy in, denied him bail, put him in jail for months, gave him the perception that life is over, he's got nothing to live for, he has to make a deal.
That's what they want to do is crush your spirit.
Just like when the Vietnamese that have our fighter pilots.
Sure, same exact thing.
So these are all political prisoners.
This is the big elephant in the room.
Some of the judges are starting to pay attention to the lack of evidence and letting people out on bond.
Even Politico said two weeks ago, they said there's no evidence on any of these people, but like three dudes.
Three dudes beat up cops?
Well, they have no evidence of a plan to go in and interrupt Congress.
All they have is what people actually did.
We were trying to get Congress to do a 10-day event.
We didn't want to have it suspended and that we were going to win!
Aren't we at no motive to try to go do this?
Well no, it's like Rod Stone has said himself, it's ridiculous for any Trump supporter to advocate trying to interrupt Congress on that day, for that very reason.
Which is why they weren't trying to do that, it was a protest.
But the point is, is that- But like any giant crowd, crowds have their own brain, it went a little bit off course.
Sure, and it's easy to steer into doing something.
So, but the big picture is, is that people need to understand that the people who are being locked up and denied bail, it's now 500 Trump supporters.
These are political prisoners.
We need to understand that's what's happening to them.
And if we let them stay in there rotting in jails, we set the precedent for our own selves.
Right, which is why President Trump has got to speak up more.
He's not doing enough for his own supporters.
The GOP, the Trump-supporting GOP, needs to also speak up.
Fox News needs to speak up for these political prisoners.
Yeah, I mean, I was mad that a few hundred people pushed in and did some stuff that day, but they're not terrorists, they're not the level they claim when the left burns down federal courthouses, and so we need to defend this and reject this and not collapse in fear to it.
You know, at the time I was pissed because I wanted to have the 10-day hearing and wanted to have Trump speak, and I didn't like a few idiots messing up what we were doing, but... Agreed.
But in hindsight, we've got to back these folks.
We have to.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
Like here's a real world example right now.
I got lawyers texting me saying, are you going to pay for Sam Montoya's legal, our reporter they arrested last week and
People say, oh, you're backing away from your reporter because you say you didn't send him in there.
I didn't.
I didn't tell him to go in.
He didn't do anything wrong, though.
And then I've got this quandary.
Do I pay the legal fees?
The biggest question is not if that's the right or wrong or right thing.
It's the right thing to do for the First Amendment.
It's the money issue.
It's the money issue.
We're running out of money.
And that's what this whole war against free speech and the people is about, ladies and gentlemen.
Literally, Infowars is spending more money than we're bringing in right now.
And you add that into the superstorm of DNA Force Plus and like half our other products we can't get anymore because they're all organic high-end quality.
We won't cut the quality and everything's collapsed with the lockdowns.
So, I mean, and I'm not bitching.
I'm not a victim.
I'm victorious and I appreciate all your support.
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But that's how we fund the Operation All T-Shirts 1776.
So, for people not at the tip of the spear, you don't realize how serious this is.
I mean, I know you can see it unfolding, you can see it happening, but they have to take us off air or try, because as all this stuff exposes, as all this stuff comes out, as world governments admitted, Stuart Rhodes credibility goes up.
Tucker Carlson's credibility goes up.
My credibility goes up.
Your credibility goes up.
People are ready for the truth because it's all happening.
But you've got to remember that just because it becomes passe, that there's a new world order, doesn't mean we still don't need the original organizations, the OGs, that were there exposing it.
So please support us at infowarestore.com.
We also have Endgame, Blue River Global Enslavement, as well as $3.95 apiece, the censored film that predicts the Great Reset and everything else.
And Stuart, how do folks support Oath Keepers and your embattled organization that's really done a stalwart job?
They said on 60 Minutes, you're not ashamed of yourself like other militias that are hiding.
No, no, no.
You're out in the open.
How dare you?
Yeah, we're out in the open doing 12 disaster relief operations, including down here in Houston and Puerto Rico.
We're out in the open doing security, volunteer security at 12 Trump rallies.
Out in the open on the rooftops of Ferguson stopping arsonists.
In Louisville just last year, stopping arsonists.
So of course we're in the open.
That's how we operate.
We've got nothing to hide because we're doing the right thing.
So, but it is critical now that people support everyone who's been detained, everyone who's been denied due process, everyone that's being denied bail and being punished before they've even gotten this trial.
It's critically important they all be supported.
All 500 of them.
All of them.
Even if you disagree with them going inside the Capitol or disagree with their behavior that day, you still need to support them.
Because this is a political persecution by CHICOM agents who are authorizing their agents to shoot cops and burn down buildings and saying that's good, where if you're an old woman walking between velvet ropes, when the cops wave you in, the FBI throws you in jail for three months with pleasure.
And they want dissension.
They want us all to turn on each other and disavow each other.
Like, we lost the ability to do credit card processing because I refused to disavow any member of Oath Keepers entering the Capitol, even though I didn't tell them to go in and I disagreed with them going in.
I'm still saying, hey, they were right to due process, they were right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, but I'm not going to disavow them.
Well, this is like the Tucker Carlson point, in which Governor DeSantis is being attacked.
Whether whether Chauvin was guilty or not, I think, you know, either way, you can see it didn't go well.
I'm sad George Floyd's dead.
The open intimidation of the jury and having presidents and members of Congress saying, you better do this or we're going to get violent.
I mean, that is the biggest case of jury meddling I've ever seen.
Yeah, I did not have a fair trial.
I mean, you're a retired former lawyer.
I mean, explain to people the issue here, because Chauvin could be guilty.
It doesn't matter.
You can't have a rigged trial like this.
No, you can't have a situation where the jury is being pressured that if you don't convict, we'll burn down your city or we'll kill you.
I believe they were even threatened personally, that we know where you live, we're going to come for you.
So that is, they should have been sequestered from the beginning, but that causes a mistrial right there.
You can't get a fair trial in this country when, like you said, you've got politicians clamoring for a conviction.
And a mob outside with military and barbwire around you saying you better do this.
That's ridiculous!
Yeah, it's not a fair trial.
I want to get into the big picture, where the country's going, the Chinese Communist Beachhead that is D.C., and all the rest of it, Stuart Rhodes, when we come back.
But just a few minutes on yourself.
You've always been transparent to be against offensive violence.
The worst thing we would want would be to run in the Capitol and mess that up, as we said.
We wanted a 10-day hearing that Ted Cruz probably had the votes for.
This was a big globalist victory, having Q people and Antifa folks manipulate a few hundred folks to break through, a few hundred more went in behind them.
I mean, the idea that you masterminded it, or I did, is preposterous.
It's absurd.
I mean, we have a motto, like one of our team leaders Whip has a motto, that boring is best.
In all the years we've done all the security operations across the country against Antifa, not once have we ever unholstered a weapon, we've never pointed a gun at anybody, we've never pepper sprayed anybody, never hit anybody with a baton.
Never even pepper sprayed anybody because the bad guys don't close on us because they're afraid of us.
And we want it that way.
We want it to be quiet and peaceful.
That's our AMO.
So we're all about defensive use of force only if we have no other choice.
And we try to use our presence.
And you've got that track record.
So if they're dumb enough to not hear anybody else that's a leader in this, you just point out your history.
Well, that's what's so absurd about them saying that because our guys were in body armor and helmets and goggles, that meant that they wanted... Antifa said they were coming out to kill us that day!
Yeah, that's why they're wearing all that.
They always wear that.
They're dressed exactly... It's like asking, why does a riot cop wear gear?
Exactly, yeah.
So we always wear the same gear every time for the same reasons, because we have violent communists who are trying to kill people in the streets, and we need to be ready to... Did you see the Time Magazine article where they admitted that they basically set it all up, provocateur-ed it, and stood down that day on purpose?
Said they were going to attack everybody so we'd be in gear, so they could then blame us.
And then they dressed up as Trump supporters.
Yeah, but we're always wearing the same gear every time.
No, but I mean you've seen the footage of Antifa putting on Trump gear, right?
Oh sure, yeah.
We saw him on the street there.
And Jaden X. Yeah, we saw him.
Get money for CNN.
Yeah, absolutely.
So, you know, we need to realize in the big picture that we're in a fifth generation warfare, unrestricted warfare as the Chinese call it, operation to destroy our country.
And it's being successful right now.
But the silver lining for us is that by doing this, they're destroying their own credibility.
So they're bleeding out credibility.
That's why I want them to go too far too fast.
I prefer that they go ahead and pack the court, they go ahead and pass H.R.
1, to rig all the elections in perpetuity.
I prefer that they take the mask all the way off so that everyone can see it.
So everyone understands that we have to do stand up now together against this and stop running and hiding and stop hoping that someday in 2024, for example, you know, Trump will run again or General Flynn.
I think that's all fool's gold.
I think it's foolish to wait until 2024 thinking you'll have some hope of an electoral fix.
It's not going to happen.
So it's better for the mask to come all the way off.
You know, the globalists have set it up where Biden and Harris are puppets, but when the Japanese Prime Minister shows up, there's no one there to even meet him.
They're not even running policy.
They're just standing down.
There is no government right now.
It's just the country's being overrun, looted.
Well, sure, because a Chinese puppet is going to do what he's been told to do.
And they don't, they're not concerned with, they're no longer running this country or running foreign policy.
On behalf of America, it's all on behalf of China.
So, of course, anything the Chinese Premier wants done is what's going to be done.
Everything else will be thrown in the basket.
And if you ask how we've become so pathetic, look at those Democrats!
But then the Republicans are intimidated by the media, and so they're the real enemy, because they're such incredible cowards.
Stuart Rhodes, Oath Keepers, is our guest.
Real thought criminal here, speaking for himself, live, unfiltered.
Yeah, Larry Pinckney was on here today, and Stuart Rhodes was telling me what a powerful interview it was.
I kind of flaked out, didn't give the guys the headline.
They wrote a good headline for it, but we need to have original Black Panther exposes the George Floyd trial hoax.
I don't even know how you get to do a headline good enough.
But Stuart Rhodes, you're with us for about 20-30 minutes.
The next hour, Matt Bracken will be joining us, co-hosting with us.
Former Navy SEAL, Patriot, really smart guy.
He's been calling this the Reichstag Fire 2.0, as you were saying during the break when I told you Matt was coming up.
But instead of me sitting here asking questions, what else is on your radar screen?
Big picture.
Because we talked before you went live, you said, hey, I don't want to talk so much about me or even Oath Keepers.
I want to talk about where we are as a country, what's happening.
I mean, this is the takeover.
This is the scuttling of the nation.
Yeah, in fact, Victor David Hanson has a really awesome article he just put out, that Matt put out on his Parler account, that lays out what's happening to our country.
It's being destroyed from within.
But the silver lining is, is that 100 million Americans are awake at a red pill.
Quite a few of them are in the military and police.
So we can't just presume all is lost.
That's what the bad guys want you to do.
It's kind of like in the Lord of the Rings, where the leader of the One Nation, I think it was Gondor, is staring into the crystal ball, and he only sees what Sauron wants him to see.
He only sees what the bad guys want him to see, and he becomes dispirited and commits suicide.
And he doesn't defend his city.
So, if what you can't do is fall into this trap where everything's lost, we can't win, and so everyone's just running... That's right, you've been hypnotized by a spirit of defeat.
Absolutely right, because he was looking and only seeing, and the mainstream media does that to us.
They only show you what they want you to see.
You don't see all the times, like Larry Pinkley yesterday, you don't see the black activists from the original Black Panthers party, who are awake and aware of the agenda, who are out there in the streets, you don't see.
And they got targeted by the FBI just like we are, because they were real.
And they were real, and they were non-racial.
They were trying to unite people at a grassroots level.
So I think that's the answer.
The answer is grassroots, whether it's in inner-city Detroit.
I think there's a group out there, I forgot what it's called, something about renewing Detroit.
But they are doing grassroots where they're taking care of their own neighborhoods and taking care of each other, like the Black Panthers originally.
Well yeah, I don't agree with everything the Nation of Islam does, but at least they're about take care of yourself.
Right, don't count on somebody else.
And feeding kids before school and all that.
That's what needs to happen in every community.
That's what they can't stop.
Let me raise this, because you raised this, and I make this point, and I see it on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter, because people still put our stuff out there, but on InfoWars they go, Jones, quit bragging you're famous.
That's not what I'm saying.
If you're not a Stuart Rhodes or a Tucker Carlson or an Alex Jones or a
Project Veritas James O'Keefe, you're not famous, which is fine.
It's great.
We're not saying your bag is not famous.
We're saying you don't get the feedback.
My feedback is 95% positive.
It used to be 40% positive, you know, 10 years ago.
So I'm telling you, I'm in the valley and all Hispanic.
Restaurant, they all buy me dinner.
I'm in a black neighborhood, they're patting me on the back, they're watching.
I'm in a Chinese restaurant, the owner comes out and buys me dinner.
People are hugely awake is what I'm telling you is, because I'm a public figure, because I'm known, I'm like a gauge.
Like a drug test, like, is this positive for this?
We're positive for freedom.
I'm like a little stick you stick in, because they know who I am, it reacts.
And I'm telling you, liberty is hotter than it's ever been right now.
Does that make sense?
No, I agree, because in the street, when we're in the street defending businesses against the communists, and most of them are from out of the city.
Like in Ferguson, we were protecting a black-owned bakery that was our first customer.
And then we were being told by the locals that, hey,
These people don't live here.
They're coming from someplace else.
They're being bused in.
There are white communists putting together the Molotovs and handing them out.
So it's all engineered.
Now there are, of course, there are some local thugs who take advantage of it to go steal TVs.
The piggyback!
They'll always do that.
Yeah, of course.
But the real agitators are always from outside the community coming in to cause trouble because they're pushing an agenda.
Oh, most of the videos, some people go, why are you defending the black people?
I'm defending reality.
Almost all the videos, it's a white dude going, let's kill these white people!
Let's kick them out of here!
And then they get the blacks to attack the restaurant.
Well, and of course we saw in the interview that I think it was, what was the name, Ali yesterday, where he's talking to people in Minneapolis.
You do have people who are in the black communities.
Those are black folks saying we may have to start killing the whites.
So you do have this problem.
Let's not sugarcoat that.
It's a legitimate problem.
It's a real problem.
It's a real problem.
But the way to fight it is in the streets, at the grassroots level.
Sure, but it's leftist academics like that white guy that came and planted the poison pills.
Well, it's been there since the 60s.
Look at this video, the guy's saying whites aren't welcome in this restaurant.
Well then why is your ass welcome, you little ponytail bun wearing twerp?
So it is the communist agenda.
They don't care about black people.
Oh, you can bet your bottom dollar that guy's a Marxist.
They just want to use them.
So like Larry said yesterday, he was completely right.
They're using the black community and trying to use them as a weapon against their own country, but they don't care about them.
They'll be abandoned and thrown away.
Well, remember the communists always lamented in the 50s and 60s they couldn't get blacks to join them, remember?
That came out in the documents.
Because they were anti-communist and they were Christian.
So that's why they're trying to get blacks on their side again.
Right, well it's been the strategy since the late 60s to adopt divide and conquer along racial lines and to use racial identity as their wedge inside the United States.
I mean look at this, here's a black guy attacking a white truck driver because he's white.
It's just dumb.
So I think the big, big, big picture for us is that we need to realize reality.
Like, you know, I told my guys and Oath Keepers, hey, if you're in a city, this is before the Chauvin decision came down.
If you're in a city, take a vacation, get out.
Take you and your family out of the city and to safety.
I don't know how you live in a city now.
My instincts, I don't even live in a city, but I'm like, get, oh, far away from all of it.
So you got to realize reality.
But you don't want to abandon the city either.
You want to make sure that the people who can go into those communities, and that's going to require black patriots to go in there and work the grassroots and do the hard job of trying to deprogram people from the communist brainwashing.
But it's going to have to be them to do it.
I thought it was particularly easy if somebody actually reaches out.
To quote communities of color, they're actually easier to wake up than whites.
But nobody's reaching out to them.
Well, they understand.
They've been lied to.
I think quite a few of them do.
They don't trust the system.
They don't trust the police.
Police have lost legitimacy in a lot of these communities.
And sometimes for good reason.
We're real about it.
They don't trust the police, they don't trust the system.
So they're awake in that sense.
But a lot of them still hold on to this false hope that the Democratic Party still cares about them.
That's the big red pill they gotta take.
And a lot of them are.
That's why Trump got 52% of the black vote from black males.
He got a large percentage of the black male vote.
And that scares the system.
And I think a large part of that was is that, hey, they realized he was trying to help their communities, but also they also realized that Black Lives Matter is anti-male, trying to destroy the family and destroy manhood.
Well, let's talk big picture, though.
Definitely the globalists are cutting off our pipelines, devaluing the dollar, destroying the military, destroying the family.
This is the final assault.
I don't think any... Folks, I used to think they'd do more beta testing.
No, the final assault's here.
Do you agree with that?
This is the big takeover.
I think it is.
And so we're in a sweet spot where they're losing credibility, which is good, but if we just sit on our hands and wait, they're going to get to a point where they don't care about losing credibility.
Trump's waiting to make a misdemeanor for the sweet spots now.
I agree.
You can't wait.
We need to be organizing ourselves and becoming stronger and pushing back through nullification at the local level, town, county, and state, and also uniting the warrior class of America.
That means the police.
And we have to be willing to go to the police and go, look, man, we didn't like you enforcing the COVID restrictions.
That was wrong.
We've got to be blunt with them about some of the things we don't like that they've done.
Well, police are saying no to COVID restrictions everywhere.
Which is good.
So like the Officer Anderson in Seattle.
When you get one who will stand up, he must be supported 100% financially.
So the message has to be to the cops that... Exactly!
We've got to make heroes out of real cops!
Do it!
And if you do the right thing, we will support you.
Your family will not be in the street.
That's not true, because we, the patriots, will make sure we donate to support you.
I agree, but let's make no mistake.
The globalists are making a 100% move on America.
This is the assault right now.
It is.
And so if we wait too long, they'll get to the point where we're all desperate and broke, the dollar's been crashed, the cities are burning, and they repent in our homes.
That's the plan of the communists.
It's been since the 60s.
They're gonna say there's a new variant during the burning, a new variant, everybody's in your homes.
That's the announcement, yeah.
Well, also the arson is designed and the chaos is designed to pin you in your house also.
So we have to make sure that we organize now in our community so we're not pinned in our homes, so our homes are safe.
It's like we have a thing we call family safe in Oath Keepers.
We pledge to protect police, fire, EMS families, other emergency responders so they can go out and do their jobs.
And the same goes for you if you're going to be in a militia or a town watch or whatever you've got set up.
You can't project out and protect the community if your own family and your own home is not safe.
You've got to have a robust armed neighborhood watch program that gives you the ability to project out.
And you've got to do it now, folks.
This is the communist takeover right now.
But they're running the same play model that worked in Russia.
That was a different group.
The Russians were tough, they were great, but they'd been serviced before.
And it took the Bolsheviks 15 years to take control.
I don't see the globalists winning this fight.
Well not if we do what we need to do is get together and get united and get strong.
We've got to get stronger as individuals, as families, as close circuits of friends, but also as neighborhood, town, and county.
We're good to go.
So Stuart, this is a shorter segment, longer segment coming up.
What else is on your radar?
The founder of Oath Keepers, embattled, Washington claiming you're the mastermind.
I guess Trump gave the orders they're claiming, along with Santa Claus, to attack the Capitol.
But next segment we've got...
I don't
Well, I think it's good in the long run because it shows, once again, it erodes their credibility because everyone in the country can see the contrast, the absurdity of, you know, peaceful people who never even had a traffic ticket their entire life being denied bail.
We've got people who are sitting in jail being denied bail who did nothing other than walk inside the Capitol through open doors.
Retired FBI agents!
Where cops were like waving them in, walked right in, looked around, walked right back out.
One of the guys is a retired FBI agent, he's still in jail.
And other people are just, you know, like I said, just veterans, peaceful Americans who've never done anything wrong in their entire life.
And to contrast that to the treatment of, like, the communists in Portland who tried to burn alive U.S.
Marshals inside of the courthouse there, and they're being let off with a slap on the wrist, given probation and community service.
They go pick up trash and they're good.
That's the contrast.
And the military can see it, that's why they're complaining about these ridiculous stand-downs where they're being told they must go through re-education.
They're like, wait, why are you doing this in reaction to January 6th when you did nothing about all the riots of last year?
So the riots this summer will only help to show more of the ridiculous Alice in Wonderland world we're in now.
So, I think it's good to see that contrast.
I think it's good for law enforcement to see it, for the military to see it, but we can't just let them continue to do it because they'll go to the point where they don't care what we think, they've got enough solidification of power, and we're weak enough and desperate enough that they just no longer care about being seen as illegitimate.
That's why the military will, if they get to the point where they purge out all of the people who are loyal to the Constitution and the military, they don't care about how weak the military becomes, as long as they control it.
So that's why we're in this sweet spot where if we wait too long, they'll get to the point where we have no patriots in the military, and the same for the police.
And it'll be the Antifa and BLM will run both the military, will be in the military and the police.
What else are they gonna pull?
Um, I think you'll see more mass shootings.
I expect that.
But you know, there's a hundred million Americans now who are awake, that doesn't work on us.
We will not disarm.
That's the problem they have, is we got 100 million Americans, a lot of us, and we're all armed.
Did you see where Democrat congresspeople said, America was convicted, America is racist?
So it's not just Chauvin.
They're like saying, when somebody kills somebody, gun owners are guilty.
And when a cop does something possibly wrong, all cops are guilty.
All America's guilty.
No one's gonna buy this weird authoritarian psychology.
Well, look at the ACLU's response to the female officer shooting the guy in the car.
You know, she thought she had a taser.
She pulled her gun instead.
An absolute disaster of a screw-up.
But you saw the reaction of the ACLU.
They just jumped right in and said, this is indicative of the white supremacist culture of law enforcement in America.
So every cop out there now knows that, okay, no matter what we do, we're going to be white supremacists, and the entire police structure is white supremacists, because the backdrop is that America, the Constitution, our way of life is white supremacists.
That's the entire stick of the law.
Oh, the Democrat talking point.
Tucker played it last night, clip after clip of Democrat congressmen saying, America has been convicted.
America is evil.
Wow, I didn't know.
And again, what's outside America?
The chi-coms, the globalists, the collapse of the world, world government, Klaus Schwab, Xi Jinping.
So while you're learning how bad America was, look out for who your new daddy is about to be, because he'll put your ass in a death camp that fast.
Stay with us, back in 60 seconds.
We're in a real paradox right now.
Matt Bracken takes over next segment.
One more segment here with Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers.
Everything we talked about 10, 15 years ago is now here.
Human animal cloning, world government, new world order, white people are inherently evil.
It's more fantastical than I even thought it would be.
What is it like for you, Stuart, being a father and a patriot, an army veteran, a lawyer, all this stuff?
Today I'll be here and be in the middle of this.
It's like so surreal we even have to go down this path because we know where the communists and the globals are going to take us.
Hell on earth because they're bad people.
This is just, to me, it's surreal.
Yeah, it is.
And as you said before, it's bittersweet.
You know, we're correct and we've been shown correct, but now we're in a position of, okay, well what do we have to do?
And it's a big weight on my shoulders, I'm sure you feel the same way, is what's our responsibility?
And so we have to be mindful that we're in a lawfare situation where they're doing their best to suppress our free speech by threatening us with jail, but we also have an obligation to speak out and speak the truth.
And so I'll just say we're in our, we're very close to our Patrick Henry moment where we have to realize this is where we're at and we've got one way out is to fight.
That's where we're at.
That's where we're coming up on that.
Of course, I know the leftists will quote that and say I should be put in jail for saying it, but that's where we're sliding into.
They're the ones saying burn everything in and out and kill people.
They've got members of Congress doing that.
We just say, okay, we'll defend ourselves.
We're like, oh my God, arrest you.
It's very paradoxical how they act.
So, but they have a big problem.
There's a hundred million of us and we're well armed.
We're not well organized and we need to fix that.
And they're going to use COVID-2 lockdown as a martial law cover.
Sure, of course, but we all know that.
So, what's important for us to do right now is to become strong in ourselves, in our local communities, and get ready for hard times.
If they bring the fight to you, you defend yourselves.
Meanwhile, though, you've got to unite, and you've got to purge out the rhinos and the weenies outside of the Republican Party.
But that's it.
The left's not going to come down your street.
They're going to try to cause a riot and have black people do it.
They're cowards.
They want to use other people for their war.
So you have to do what you can.
To mitigate against that, and that's why you need to get out of the cities.
If you're in a blue-dominated area, and I'm sure Matt Bracken will agree 100%, you've got to get yourself out of there.
Even though it's painful now, it'll be a lot more painful if you wait too long.
You've got to get out of those cities.
And there's a good documentary on, you can find it on YouTube, on the Spanish Civil War and what happened.
And wherever the communists and the anarchists were dominant, they would drag people out of their homes who they considered right-wingers or traditionalists, and they killed them.
So there were massacres that happened.
I'm sure those people at their last moment did not realize that day when they woke up that they would wind up in a firing squad, in front of a firing squad.
So you've got to get out of the blue-dominated areas, but then you also, we also need to realize what's being done, not just to us, but also to the people in those blue-dominated areas.
And we've got to be willing to go back in there like missionaries and say, hey man, here's what's being done to you, here's the truth, and try to red pill them.
And let's be clear, this is a real Bolshevik, banker-funded, Russia 2.0 playbook.
I mean, I was watching a documentary about Stalin, and I didn't just believe the documentary, I read a lot of books about it.
It was dead on accurate.
And all the tactics they're using, they're doing the same playbook again.
Yeah, absolutely.
So it's divide and conquer, and the big enemy, of course, is Communist China on the outside looking at us and wanting this land.
I think not just the globalists, but also the Chai Koms definitely want the resources and the land.
It's living room, right?
Living space.
Living space.
So they want the same thing that the Nazis wanted.
They wanted to go and they want to take over this land.
Isn't it sad to watch all the soft collaborators that have no idea what they're even involved in?
I mean they are like involved in biblical level evil.
Yeah, it is sad.
And that's the thing, as Christians, we need to be understanding that, look, man, no one's beyond redemption.
It's important for us to understand that there are people inside of the intelligence community still who believe they're patriots.
A lot of them joined after 9-11.
I know guys inside DHS who joined post-9-11 to fight terrorism, and now they're being turned against us.
So we need to understand that none of them are beyond redemption, and we need to be willing to reach out to them.
This is a matter of what side you're on, not government, anti-government, any of that.
What about the Postal Service spying on patriots?
I mean, it's all just incredible.
Yeah, well it's all being weaponized and turned against us.
So the way we respond to those is what matters.
And we should respond with, hey,
We'll just double down on our... Well, yeah, that's supposed to intimidate us.
Oh, I'm actually glad you're tuning in.
You're hearing the truth.
But they're supposed to be like, oh, you're bad.
We're watching you.
Oh, you think I'm a coward like you?
Yeah, they want you to be afraid to talk to that person or this person or to say what you're going to say.
I mean, that's like in the old Soviet Union.
Hey, we're reading your mail.
Look out.
I mean, wow.
What an admission of you're the bad guys.
So I think we should start calling them Bolsheviks.
Start calling them Nazis.
It would really freak them out, I think.
No, I agree.
This is the Red Army.
Well, not just communists, but call them Nazis, too.
Put a label on them.
You know, why not?
Call them the Gestapo.
So I think it's good.
We should be protesting outside of the post office right now, saying, why is the post office jumping into the arms of Big Brother and helping Big Brother?
I agree.
I'd call for nationwide protests starting tomorrow, the next week.
It doesn't matter if you're one man, one woman, doesn't matter.
Go up, expose the fact that I don't pay taxes to have the post office spy on me.
They'll be totally freaked out by that, because they did this to try to intimidate us.
Yeah, and boycott them, too.
I mean, I would use UPS.
So far as I know, UPS... That's right!
Nationwide boycott until they stop working for the Communist Party.
And that goes for all the other entities.
The big, you know, Verizon, all your providers.
We've got to go back to, you know, if we have to, living like we're in 1984.
You know, literally.
Well, that gives us power to pull out of their system.
Absolutely right.
How do people then support Oath Keepers?
Pray for you.
Well, they can go to OathKeepers.org forward slash donate.
We can take donations online.
Through a Give Send Go account that we've set up that our attorney runs.
You can go there at oathkeepers.org forward slash donate to support us.
We have a lot of our people who are still in jail.
They've been helped greatly by Gateway Pundit.
You can go on Gateway Pundit, just look up Oath Keepers, and you can find all the articles.
Yeah, they're great people.
And they're awesome.
And they've helped, you know, a lot of our guys have raised over $100,000 on Give, Send, Go through Jim Hoffman.
Yeah, it's incredible.
We've got to come together because they took most of our credit card processes away.
They've taken yours away.
So we're fixing that right now.
And what's interesting, though, is we're getting a whole bunch of people joining Oath Keepers by mailing in 50 bucks and saying, hey, sign me up.
So don't give up.
All right.
Let's go eat lunch real quick, buddy.
And Matt Bracken's about to take over.
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I want you to get the film in game.
Where is that film?
It exposes their entire stinking agenda.
Be part of Operation Endgame.
War in the World.
Stop the Great Reset.
They don't want it seen for a reason.
And again, as I said, whatever you do, just keep supporting the local stations and keep supporting them and keep spreading the word because your word of mouth, particularly now more than ever, is king.
Everything we've talked about is coming true.
That's why they want to silence, and that's why you taking action is absolutely essential.
I want to thank the crew for the great job they've done.
Matt Bragg is about to take over for 45 minutes.
Then the War Room, Owen Schroyer, 3 to 6 p.m.
And again, your word of mouth is key and king on that as well.
And OathKeepers.org.
Obviously, a lot of folks say, don't have Stewart Rhodes on.
Stay away from all this.
Stay away from what?
Get on my knees?
Everything we've done
is about fighting the globalists and exposing them.
And we have just begun to fight to quote John Paul Jones, founder of the U.S.
So Matt Brackett, EnemiesForeignDomestic.com takes over on the other side.
Stay with us, my friends.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement, is one of the most important films ever made.
14 years ago, we tracked and documented the Bilderberg Group's activities and their plan for a great reset using the threat of a fake virus.
The film now is more important than ever.
When it shot to number one on Amazon last year, they banned it.
We have it back in print, available now.
Well, here we are, folks.
You were just in the presence of two men that I consider real patriots.
And it's getting real, because you know that the Deep State, these sold-out traitors, there's nothing they'd like more than to see the last two gentlemen buried under the prison, supermaxed.
And not only because they hate them, but because of their symbols, and it would lead, the Deep State thinks it would lead to greater demoralization and more fear
Among other patriots.
And I think that these deep state traitors, they misjudge our character.
They don't understand that they're just building up a backlash.
They think that the same beat down tools that they use against ordinary sheep are going to work against men and women of character, of deep patriotism.
And I think that they're going completely
In a counter, in a counterproductive way from their point of view.
They don't understand what they're going against.
You know, this is a serious time.
And I hear constantly, people can't believe it.
They can't believe where America is, how far we've fallen, how fast we've fallen.
And I, I quote again, the great Michael Yan,
War correspondent, currently he's down at the Darien Gap in Panama, recording what's happening.
And he says, if you keep, if you're continuously surprised, if you're continuously in shock by the events around you, then your paradigm is obsolete.
You need to come up with a new paradigm that matches observed reality.
And the new paradigm that you need is that our government has been taken over.
Now, it's impossible to say if the key players are literally sold out Chinese stooges and agents, although that is certainly not out of the realm of possibility.
You know, when you see Biden and Hunter on Air Force Two going over and making their billion dollar deals, suffering no ramifications whatsoever,
Being elevated into the White House through what I still consider to be a completely bogus and fraudulent election, where the results were shifted and the rot is so deep, the rot is so wide, that the mainstream media is part of this entire cabal.
So we're not going to, you know, waiting for 60 minutes to do a story on the communist takeover of America.
That's a useless and worthless endeavor, because that's never going to happen.
Instead, we're going to see 60 Minutes doing a quote-unquote expose on Oath Keepers, turning patriots into domestic extremists.
That's where we are.
The paradigm has to include the fact that the Department of Justice and the FBI are entirely taken over
By these subversive traders.
They still wear their FBI and DOJ badges.
They've still got the ID in their wallet.
But they are, as far as I'm concerned, oath breakers.
They are traders.
They would, you know, just to collect their paycheck and hopefully stay around long enough to earn a pension.
They are turning around completely against the Constitution and stamping and trampling on it.
That's what I see.
Anybody by now should be familiar with Yuri Bezmenov and the amazing tapes that he made in the 80s with Edward Griffin.
Well, we're seeing the final culmination of it now.
And even the Besminov tapes, you can go all the way back beyond Besminov in the 80s to the 1920s with the Frankfurt School in Germany and Gramsci in Italy.
This plan has been underway for a century now.
The plan was to pour poison, to deliberately poison
The roots of America's soul, namely our patriotism, our love of religion, and our devotion to our families.
The plan was to pour poison on these by taking over the institutions and deliberately besmirching and fouling what we love the most, our flag, our religions, and our families.
This was not an accident.
This demoralization has been going on now in our entire lifetimes, and now we're watching our schools down to the kindergartens being turned into little critical race theory brainwash sessions.
Just something I saw today at Amazon, employees have to engage in what you would consider in Mao's China,
These self-criticism sessions, where they literally, you know, verbally scourge themselves as racists, and this is percolating not only through, you know, universities, but now high schools and grade schools.
These white equals evil sessions.
Well, in China in the 60s, this led to the cultural revolution.
There was never a period where Mao just came out and said, let's go crazy and start whipping and beating and killing professors and landlords.
He didn't have to, because for more than 10 years before that, all of the Chinese textbooks and lesson plans... Did I just lose the connection?
Screen went black there for a section.
Not sure if I'm still there.
Maybe somebody pulled the plug.
I mean, maybe I'm getting a little bit too close to the nerve.
But Mao didn't need to say, now is the day, let's go start the Cultural Revolution.
When the schools taught this crap for more than 10 years, that the professors, the shopkeepers, and the landlords were the evil oppressor class,
And the students and the tenants and the people that used the shops were the victim class.
Eventually, this idea took over in the mind of Chinese to the extent that the crowds just formed and went wild.
And we're seeing something like that coming to America, but it won't be just on a class level.
Because America is more of a land of upward mobility.
I mean, you see LeBron James and Oprah Winfrey, you know, they're certainly black, but they are certainly not, you know, financially oppressed.
So the adaptation for the communists takeover of America, the local adaptation, was formed as critical race theory.
The race part was added just for America because that would be the weak point.
That would be the spot in our national soul that could be probed and exposed and magnified and turned into, you know, the reason for every problem in America.
And now we're seeing it coming to the point where even little children are being brainwashed like little communist zealots.
To hate white people and for whites to even hate their whiteness.
And it's going to a very bad place.
And on the other side of this break, I'm going to continue on this.
Seeing my book covers there, I wrote the first one, False Flag Operation to Disarm Americans.
Around 2003.
And I hope and I think that it gives me a little bit of freedom to talk more freely than maybe some other people because I wrote that long before this current administration or Trump or even Obama.
So, messing with me legally would just lead to my books being, you know, gaining more notoriety.
And my greatest legacy, I think, is the books that are out in print.
People can buy them on Kindle and Audible, but I think they're going to just disappear.
Decision will be made.
The books are dangerous.
They'll be gone.
But there's too many thousands of them out in American homes already.
So I hope that gives me some freedom to speak in a way that maybe other people with a little less recognition can't or wouldn't, would be afraid to.
It's too easy now to lose a job.
Anybody with a smartphone in their pocket and another smartphone in their friend's pocket, anything you say could be recorded.
It could be used to fire you from your job, kick you out of the military, you know, or even years from now punish you in some other way.
Companies already are being given a score, you know, like a social justice score.
And it's just a matter of time until American citizens get our own social justice score, a social credit system, probably starting with a vaccine card and then your necessary booster shots.
If you don't have it, you can't get a job.
You won't keep your job.
You won't be able to go back to school.
You won't be able to get on an airplane.
Dark times are coming.
I mentioned earlier that the great war correspondent Michael Yan is down there at the Darien Gap.
People don't understand this.
The Pan-American Highway does not go all the way through Panama to Columbia.
There's a 60-mile gap at the bottom of Panama that is nothing but a jungle.
And the people that emerge from the jungle after a week on jungle trails being robbed, raped, many of them murdered,
What's the first building they see?
I heard this on Bannon's War Room this morning.
Michael Yan was calling in on a sat phone.
The first building they see is a Western Union money center.
The first thing on concrete with a roof.
This is a well-financed expedition or actually like a mass migration invasion.
Western Union.
As soon as these people emerge into the bureaucracy of Panama,
They are recorded, a little bit of data is taken, and they are put on Panamanian government buses and taken straight to the Costa Rican border.
Then they're taken straight, country by country, straight up through Mexico.
They're not walking, folks.
This is a financed invasion.
And what's it all about?
It's one aspect of this critical race theory
Is to overwhelm America with so many migrants that have no understanding of our... My screen's black again.
I don't know what's going on with my computer or my connection.
Anyway, I hope I'm still recording, but we are being overwhelmed intentionally.
This is all part of
Of what Sam Francis called anarcho-tyranny, which is to just beat down a country.
The patriots will be disarmed, they think.
The patriots will be disarmed.
Criminals will be given free reign.
We'll be so demoralized, we think there's absolutely nothing we can do.
And meanwhile, 2 million new Democrat voters are being brought over the open border per year.
They're being sent to swing states.
They'll be voting in the next elections if the Democrats pass this H.R.
And we can't rule anything out.
If they pass H.R.
1, anybody can show up, anybody can show up and place a provisional ballot.
Anybody can get a mail-in ballot at any address in America.
No signature verification, no photo ID.
Put down an X, vote Democrat, and we're Amerizuela.
Game over.
And the people that are still inside of our government,
Especially the ones that wear the gold badges, the fleas, the Federal Law Enforcement Agency officers.
These guys have to look in the mirror and say, am I like a French officer in Vichy France taking my orders from a Nazi in the next room?
Is that really what it's come down to?
The country's being taken over from the inside by communists, and I'm just going to stick it out for my paycheck and my pension, putting patriots in jail and letting communist anarchists like Antifa and BLM riot, loot, and burn.
The last thing I've just read is everybody that's been arrested and charged federally in Portland, they're dropping the charges.
It's just going away.
Meanwhile, people who wandered into the Capitol through open doors on January 6th, some of them are still rotting in jail in hard time.
I mean, you know, getting beatings in jail, being fed garbage intentionally, you know, getting the punishment is the process, only it's worse because you're in a cockroach-infested jail, picking cockroaches out of the slop that they feed you,
In order to torture and punish you.
This is our country today.
This is what's happening in America in 2021.
This is part of what Yuri Bezmenov called the demoralization process.
They did experiments with lab rats that were meant to test something called learned helplessness, where the lab rats have to do little tests and get a food pellet
You do little jumps, run little mazes, get a food pellet, or sometimes they get an electric shock.
When it's randomized, when the electric shocks are randomized, eventually the rats will just lay there.
They'll give up.
They'll just figure, hey, you know, if I do all the things they want me to do, I may get a pellet or I may get a shock.
So I'm just going to lay there and get shocked.
That's the goal of this anarcho-tyranny.
It's to make us like those lab rats, just lay there and be shocked.
It's called learned helplessness.
We are now the lab rats getting the shocks, you know, saying, what the hell?
I can work forever.
They closed my store with some bogus COVID regulation.
Meanwhile, across the street, Walmart is booming, including the McDonald's inside the Walmart, while my store is closed and I'm broke.
This is all learned helplessness.
In the military, they're kicking out and purging conservatives, going through old social media,
You know, the way that the United States Postal Service is doing with American citizens today, they're doing it on a very high scale, starting with officers in the military, going through years old social media posts to then bring people up and put them, you know, on the do not promote list, basically the purge list, letting them know there's no place for you in the military.
Meanwhile, incompetents are being promoted
And this is going to lead to a disaster if we ever have a war, as we saw when you have incompetent leadership on the bridge of the warships McCain and Fitzgerald.
They couldn't even stay out of the way of slow tankers.
We're supposed to believe that these high-tech warships are going to be able to fight off incoming salvos of Chinese or Russian hypersonic missiles
And they are so incompetently run that they can't avoid tankers.
Well, this tells me our military has no intention of fighting China or Russia.
None at all.
They're gearing up for an internal war against American patriots in the resistance.
And when we come back, I'm going to talk about what can we do about it.
I know it's pretty gloomy, but I do have some solutions.
Okay, we're having some technical issues here.
I don't know if
If it's just my computer or if the boys in the basement, so to speak, are messing with the wires.
Who knows?
We're definitely in it now, folks.
This is why I'm not working on a book.
What's the point?
We're in the book now.
We're in it.
And some of the things that we're going to see
I know people are crazy about Bitcoin, but I think that Bitcoin is going to be a trap.
And if you have a chance to move out of it with a profit, I would.
Because country by country, the national banks are going to move to digital currency.
There is no doubt about it.
They're going to have all kinds of excuses.
But think about the control it will give them.
They'll not only be able to know what everybody purchased, when and where, they're going to be able to add double or triple for some favored groups.
Oh, this group gets a $2,000 stimulus.
Another group, the oppressors, they don't get a stimulus.
Or you won't be able to buy guns.
We don't want you buying guns.
Guns are on the bad list.
Guns may cost you double digital money.
Do you think, as this emerges, they're going to let you keep a parallel system going in Bitcoin?
This is a fool's trap, folks.
You're going to find out that Bitcoin is going to be either cracked and taken away or just made illegal the way that Roosevelt made gold illegal.
They're going to move everybody into digital currency
And then they're going to forbid you doing contracts in precious metals or in any kind of an alternative.
This is going to give the government full, full control and power over your life.
It won't be like Weimar, Germany, where you have to bring a wheelbarrow full of money, you know, to the bakery to buy a loaf of bread.
It's not going to be like that.
Because everybody will, in essence, everybody will have some form of an EBT card.
You know, your good citizen card.
And depending on your social credit score, you're going to get more or less digital dollars put in.
We're already seeing the beginning of this, of what's called a universal basic income.
That's what these stimulus checks are preparing us for.
You know, restaurant owners and bar owners, they say that they can't even get people to come back to work as they open.
They can't get people to come back to work because people are getting unemployment benefits
Plus their stimulus checks that make them, they'd be fools to come back to work for, you know, 11 or 12 bucks an hour.
They're making more than that to stay home.
The government is not going to give up this control.
They're going to just keep it up, you know, keep going and keep going until the only money is their digital money.
Now we'll still have hyperinflation.
But it's going to be in a way worse because they're going to be able to channel the money to the favored groups.
They're going to be able to channel the money away from disfavored groups like us.
And then they're going to be able to just outlaw products they think you have too many of.
Nobody needs a car with that many horsepower.
That's going to cost double.
It'll be a way to tax everything just by adjusting the algorithms inside of the federal banking system, which will be completely digital.
They're going to get rid of the money.
The cash money, they're going to transition right out of that.
This is very predictable.
So I would suggest any high-value, high-dollar items you've been putting off, like a new roof on your house, do it now while the money still has some value.
If you put off things like getting that new roof, you may find out that in two or three years, they've whacked zeros off of your bank account.
Or they've added zeros and put everybody onto a new digital currency, but your old bank account doesn't get updated.
So you're, you know, the hundred thousand in the bank that you have might not pay for, you know, a front door, much less a roof job.
So get those things done now.
Now, what can you do other than being prepared, moving away from the blue hives, moving out of the red states?
Stuart Rhodes, at the end of the last hour, he was saying, try to red pill folks in the blue zones.
In the near term, in the midterm, I don't think that's even possible.
Yuri Bezmenov, in his lectures or in his podcasts with Griffin, he's very explicit about that.
These people are like religious cultists.
You can present them with the truth.
You can present them with the actual reality, pictures, evidence, everything.
They will not be moved.
Now we're brainwashing children from kindergarten up.
It reminds me of Hitler Youth, or the Red Guards, or Pol Pot's little fanatical children soldiers.
We're good to go.
When you get to a safer area, get involved.
You know, the thing that has allowed the communists to win this long march through the institutions is conservatives just stayed at home, raised their families, earned a living, and didn't pay attention to who was running the local PTA, who was running the local school board.
That's how these communists took over, by stealth.
They got involved.
We have to get involved, and we have to be loud.
When we get involved, don't let them cow you with, you know, oh, you just have all that white privilege.
Call them communists.
I totally agree with Stuart Rhodes on this.
Critical race theory is just code for Communism 2.0.
Don't use their language.
Don't fall into that trap.
When they say you're a racist,
Just say, that's what all the communists are trained to tell us, like the founders of BLM, who admitted that they were trained Marxists.
Anytime they turn the racist on you, turn the communist on them, and call them traitors to the greatest country that the world's ever known.
Don't put up with it.
Don't just shrink away.
Never shrink away.
There's not a whole lot that we can do other than moving, but to the maximum that you can, besides getting involved politically, support politicians who are going to support nullification.
I don't think that secession, talking about secession, is not going to be successful.
There's a congressman in Texas that was talking, I think yesterday in Congress, he said,
Maybe Texas made a big mistake.
The federal government is not following its primary purpose, which is to protect our borders.
It's right in the Constitution.
And Jerry Nadler went nuts and called him practically a confederate and said, you know what happened the last time states seceded?
Didn't go too well for them.
Well, outside of pure secession,
I think that the way to go is nullification.
Support politicians who will declare their jurisdictions, whether it's a town, a county, or a state, to be sanctuary states.
Bill of Rights, sanctuary states.
And any law or executive order that's been passed
Under this bogus Congress, you know, in a Senate that's 50 to 50 plus 1, or by a president who was elected quote-unquote fraudulently, in your own heart and at the state and local level, know that these are bogus, invalid laws.
Promise yourself you will never shrink away from defying these laws, particularly when it comes to the First Amendment, which I'm doing right now, like Stuart and Alex were, and also when it comes to the Second Amendment.
Any gun that was legal to own in 2020, as far as I'm concerned, it's legal to own forever.
And anybody that wants to take it is going to have to come and get it the hard way.
That's a promise, and everybody needs to make that promise.
At the individual level, and at the community level, and at the state level.
We're not going to solve this at the federal level.
The communists have taken over all of the federal organs.
Half of the Republicans might as well be Democrats, so there's really no hope at the federal level.
But at the state and local level, there's plenty of hope.
And we'll continue this the next time, hopefully, you know, if there's still an Alex Jones Show and if I get the call.
But get involved.
They want you to quit.
Don't quit.
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