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Name: 20210421_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 21, 2021
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In this InfoWars broadcast, Alex Jones discusses how global elites are using divide-and-conquer tactics to turn people against each other while they destroy nations. He highlights the rise in anti-white racism and the media's support of hate speech. Jones argues that China's rapid development is a result of transferring industry and science to enslave humanity, while the US is destroying its own infrastructure under Obama's administration. He warns that the US will soon lose its ability to compete with communist China due to the shift towards clean energy. The Biden administration aims to destroy half of the remaining hydroelectric dams in the next 10 years, which will lead to the lights being turned off and the country being shut down. Jones urges listeners to stop living in fear and prepare for the judgment that is coming. He discusses how the devil's followers will be exposed as they attack Christianity and God's supremacy. Finally, he addresses Nancy Pelosi's thanks to George Floyd for his sacrifice, highlighting the absurdity of a politically correct world where people are judged based on their skin color rather than their actions and character.

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I'm just saying something didn't add up here.
I'm not denying that.
And if the cop's guilty, burn him!
Throw him in an electric chair!
But that's not what this is about!
It's about a corrupt political system run by the chi-coms and the globalists that's anti-American, anti-human, anti-God, anti-family, anti-everything.
Trying to short circuit our political realignment and our great awakening to take our government back all across the world it was happening from Brazil to the UK to Germany to Russia to here to Canada.
Instead everything's all about race war.
So that people like Trudeau can say, I want a Chinese dictatorship.
I want a dictatorship in Canada.
That's a quote!
These are bad people!
They don't even hide it!
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
We have to reach out to God.
We have to open our hearts and our spirit to goodness.
We will transcend all the evil vomit.
All the evil poison being spewed out by Satan's slaves.
Thank you for joining us on this live Wednesday, April 21st Global Transmission.
I'm your host Alex Jones, very honored and blessed to be here.
We have incredible anti-white vitriol and racism being spewed by brainwashed idiots of every race, color, and creed.
We're going to play you the shocking video that if it came out of the mouths of the KKK, they would be arrested, and they should.
But when blacks and others call for physical attacks on whites because of what color they are, the controlled corporate media, the enemy of the people, defends it.
But what's really going on here?
We know it's divide and conquer.
We know it's meant to turn us against each other while they carry out the destruction of the nation, its currency, its morals, its borders, its military, its system, its very essence.
And that, my friends, is what's happening.
The United States already has been under 50 years of transfer of our industry and our science to the world.
But not to build up humanity, to enslave it so the globals can parlay that ingenuity, that science, that money to them.
And now we're meant to be finished.
China builds a coal power plant every three days.
Under Obama, roughly every week, one was shut down.
They're like iron skeletons across the country.
Totally clean power, if you have the scrubbers like we do.
It's a simple equation.
No amount of solar, no amount of wind, no amount of geothermal, no amount of hydroelectric can give us the power we need to compete with communist China.
But they're actually tearing down dams across America.
The Democrats have introduced bills to destroy half our dams in the next 10 years that are left, particularly the hydroelectric.
This is a military attack, and this is a tax on all of us, and this is the country being shut down.
The lights being turned off.
The Chinese Communist Dominion, who agrees with Biden that China should take over Hong Kong and Taiwan, and the death camps are good.
Blinken, whose father was the chief lawyer for Robert Maxwell, the pedophile commander, The Epstein Controller has now announced to the American people that this will hurt you.
We're going to hurt you, but that's okay because we're going to teach you how bad and racist you are while we screw you all.
Here it is.
For all the opportunities offered by the unavoidable shift to clean energy, not every American worker will win out in the near term.
Some livelihoods and communities that relied on old industries will be hit hard.
Old technologies.
Yeah. (laughs)
Like humans, we're the old technology, too.
We're obsolete as well, except for all these little rat-like creatures that serve Satan.
It's Satan that's obsolete.
It's your New World Order that's totally obsolete.
Kim Trails Over the Country Club.
Wow, her new album's even better than the last.
Whole album.
It's a very Christian album, which obviously is the most avant-garde thing you could ever be.
It's a real Christian, not a fake one.
Avant-garde, the cutting edge, the future.
Get behind me, Satan.
Everybody that's bet on the devil is gonna get a front row seat to Armageddon.
Which really means, in the Latin, the revealing.
All the fools thought because the Aztecs envisioned an end of the world in 2012 be the end of the world.
I said it wouldn't be.
But I said the occultists see it as the beginning of the new world they're building, which is a counterfeit of the real world Christ began to build 2,000 years ago on the cross.
Everything that Satan does is a twisted counterfeit of what God is.
Satan is real, and God is real, and you are real, and this is not a simulation.
This is the great test of consciousness.
Consciousness, or the seed of The universe, the seed of infinity, is not just given away freely.
You must be tested.
I must be tested.
And so when you see the Nancy Pelosi's, and the Maxine Waters, and the Prince Phillips, and the David Rockefeller's, and the Bill Gates's of the world, these are people that failed the test.
These are people held in mindless clown-like bondage, pretending from their marble fortresses that they are the enlightened, and that they are the elect, and that they are the Sanhedrin, when what they really are is fallen devils that deny God's supremacy!
Now, while we all sit here, Then watch the pathetic race war cauldron coming stirred up in the brainwashed, welfare-controlled inner cities of this country.
And as that poison is injected into our cultural, economic and spiritual veins, remember that all of us, whether you're old, young, black or white, are being hammered by 5G.
Are being annihilated by gene therapy weapons, are being hit by GMO, are being sprayed by aluminum dioxide, barium salt, weather modification poison, now turning the soils infertile across the globe, and then we are in the process of not humans extermination, but the slow destruction of all carbon-based life forms on this planet is the goal of Satan.
Because God created this carbon-based system.
We are made in the image of God.
And Satan hates our supremacy.
Humans are incredible when we're unchained.
We are beautiful.
We can experience the universe in communion with the Creator.
We're like rods and cones in the eye of God.
We are God's vessels, God's tentacles, God's probes, God's system experiencing consciousness.
And nothing Satan can do will ever change that.
So don't let the enemy get you down.
I know it gets me down.
It's sad.
And don't let their religion of race war and their religion of worshipping black people on the surface when they're doing the opposite or killing them ever get you down.
Because God is in control.
But what do we see Nancy Pelosi say?
We'll play it in a moment.
She said yesterday, breathing through her face diaper, huffing and puffing at 82 years old, With her tenuous grasp to life, as her spirit begins its descent to her master.
And she thanked George Floyd for his sacrifice, like he was a veteran, like he was Jesus on the cross, like he was a messiah!
A drugged out male prostitute.
Devastatedly unhappy, possessed by the spirit of the world, until the moment he died, and she, huffing and puffing through her face splatter, thanked him for his sacrifice, because the new religion is political correctness.
The new religion is hating each other, in the name of loving each other.
The new religion is, don't go off what somebody does, what they stand for, and their character, and their content, and their deeds, but what color they are.
Biden is now announcing the Justice Department to take over all the police departments under the Strong Cities Initiative, put us under UNESCO control, the same treaty organization now turning what's left of our power plants off as we literally and figuratively enter the darkness.
And there is Pelosi announcing the globalist UN-controlled Federal and the feds are run by the UN now meaning UN takeover of our police just like they control our medicine and our speech and policies of our military.
We are now a conquered nation and until we realize we're a conquered nation we have no hope but If we unified against their evil, we could easily take back our government.
But until the legislatures and the Congress realizes the takeover, states the takeover, and exposes the takeover, and fights back against the takeover, we have no future.
They celebrated last year before they even put the puppet Biden in.
At the U.N.
as cities went under, strong city, and they had tears in their eyes at the U.N.
and the mayors were there.
The mayor of New York was there, the communists, the Marxists, joyfully saying, we're going underneath world government.
Loretta Lynch said it six years ago, that our police will be UN run, not even federally run, and that's against the Constitution.
We are a conquered, occupied nation.
We've been taught to hate ourselves and believe our nation shouldn't even exist.
And so as the old republic goes out, The horrible, twisted evil comes in and they tell us, as the Secretary of State said today, you will be hurt by your energy being cut.
You will pay more.
You will not have jobs.
You are not essential.
That is the way it is.
No future.
Kill yourself.
China is the future.
They want to make us depressed so we don't believe in God and so we bow to them.
No, we believe in God more than ever and we're under attack because we were a Christian nation and we had the seeds of destiny here and they are scared of that.
So don't let them ever make you feel bad because you don't have money or because you're black or you're white or any of that or you're a man or a woman.
That's evil!
And they're evil!
And they're frauds!
Here's Pelosi launching her new religion.
Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom.
How heartbreaking was that?
Call out for your mom.
I can't breathe.
But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous.
That's the New World Order hiding behind a black drug addict.
Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom.
How heartbreaking was that?
Call out for your mom.
I can't breathe.
But because of you and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.
That's right.
What they're saying is, we've stolen George Floyd's identity.
We, the Democratic Party that runs giant slave camps in China and makes money off of them, they literally help run them.
We, the globalist, anti-human, New World Order system, we thank you, George Floyd, because you are justice.
And now you belong to us, and we speak for you.
When Breonna Taylor's mother came out and said, I've never had Black Lives Matter help me, they're a horrible, evil organization, they removed her post from Facebook.
When Larry Pinckney, that was a founding member of the Black Panther Party, The Real Deal, came out and criticized all this garbage, they just banned him on Twitter.
He joins us in the third hour today.
Because you cannot get in the middle of the narrative that Black Lives Matter speaks for black people.
Do black folks know they've had their identity stolen?
Everybody from Charles Barkley to Breonna Taylor's mom have said that, and that's why they get silenced.
That's why their voices are even more important than ever.
But here she is again saying, thank you, George Floyd, for your sacrifice.
Like he knowingly went and got killed by a cop who's convicted of killing, even though the reasonable doubt's incredible.
But I'll be honest with you, I don't give at the end of the day a rat's ass about that one cop.
I do care about this country and our entire future and how now they've set him up as the devil and George
Floyd up as Jesus.
So to rephrase that, I care about that cop a one on the Richter scale.
I care about the whole country and the world at a ten.
And so it isn't about, oh, that's a white guy and I'm rooting for the white guy.
He's my football team.
He's my basketball team.
You know, I'm going for Tom Brady.
Remember the media said rooting for Tom Brady was white supremacism.
They make everything about race.
The cop obviously didn't want to kill him.
Obviously, it was bare minimum manslaughter.
But they convicted him on all the counts because they had to virtue signal showing that the media can now intimidate anybody they want, any police department they want, to follow their policies and their directives, or the media will come and demand you're all put in jail.
And the Justice Department will come and indict you.
But when you're a good globalist, When you follow all these different globalist operations, they want to go after the guns and go after the Christians and say that even blue lives matter.
That's now a white supremacist term, the ADL says, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and now the smartphones are kicking in and taking over when you try to type blue lives matter and not letting you do it.
That's the AI mind control.
That's the AI watching and controlling you.
It's like when you try to say F you to somebody on your text message and it won't let you.
Because in live time, it's in control.
And now it can endlessly add to the lexicon of things that says they're evil because it's the God.
It's the high priest.
It's the AI master.
It is the one true knowledge and you will follow it.
This is their excuse for the social credit score.
In the world is quote racism while they open your borders, why they flood you with people they've already been abusing and controlling, and the ultimate divide and conquer strategy.
So one more time, here's Pelosi.
Launching the new religion, the worship of George Floyd, and George Floyd's dead!
George Floyd was such a dragon, he could hardly talk.
George Floyd was a thug.
But that's okay, because the image of George Floyd is now the mask that the deep state wears.
Bill Gates wears George Floyd's mask.
That's why Apple and Google and Facebook and Microsoft gave billions of dollars to Black Lives Matter affiliated groups because this is their takeover while they rob us and turn off our power and divide us and poison us.
Oh, but they support the black people!
Because they know whites have guilt and will do what we're told if there's a black person as the face of it.
That's why almost every corporate ad you see now, voiceover, you name it, is black people.
That's not because the system likes black people.
It's like in the 1980s movie The Thing, the remake, John Carpenter masterpiece.
That's not a dog, that's not a person, that's imitation.
It's camouflage.
You know, you panel this out of a tank, Foliage.
If you're going to be in the jungle, jungle foliage.
If you're going to be out in the middle of fields, you paint them tan.
You're in the desert, you paint them tan.
It's camouflage.
And so now the whole New World Order AI takeover has got a black face on it.
Just like Obama was quote black.
But he wasn't.
He was there to destroy everybody.
Looks like a dog, not a dog.
Looks like a man, not a man.
Looks like it's a black person.
It ain't a black person.
And it's totally synthetic.
And it's in the WikiLeaks that that's what they're doing!
So when you go along with it, you're a chump!
And all these good people, oh, they care about black lives.
All they are is Soros' army.
Soros' moveon.org system.
Marching on America with Marxism, with the end of the country, and demanding that you bow to them.
And you think it's pathetic that they go and harass people in restaurants.
You think it makes them look bad when they go into a restaurant and scream at white people and say, get out of here, open racism, you know, that makes them look bad.
No, it's a test to see what they can get their people to do.
To go to white people's houses and knock their door down or fire bomb them or burn down a police station.
You say that's terrible.
No, that's good.
And the FBI likes it.
Because they are political officers now, from the top right down to the bottom.
And they're taking over.
They're conquering.
And their army tank, running over you and your family, has got George Floyd's face painted on the front of it.
So if you fight back against that army tank, well you're attacking a black man.
I was watching Harrison Smith this morning on American Journal.
And he had, playing clips I hadn't seen of Drag Queen Storytime at the public schools, with men dressed like clowns.
Because a bunch of men came to a school to be with your kids and have them sit in their lap and you go, well you're a pervert.
But it's a man dressed like a woman, it's just nice women that drop by.
We instinctively know that the Big Bad Wolf's a man.
That the Big Bad Wolf wants Little Red Riding Hood and Little Johnny.
But now they come in hordes and groups and the weird pedophile teachers and everybody bring them in and it's a big fetish to watch Jenny and Johnny sit on the lap with a bulging erection of a man in an hit-the-clown outfit.
You wonder why they're making their move with the lockdowns and the forced inoculations and everything?
Because they think we'll put up with anything!
They take our children to their topless bars that aren't topless bars anymore.
And local Christian communities will shut down a topless bar where women take their tops off in front of men, but they won't go protest the drag queen pedophile hour with little kids at midnight with men throwing money at them because they've been told that that's politically incorrect because Christians aren't Christians anymore, they're devil worshippers!
They're politically correct devil worshippers!
The church is the house of Satan!
You know, my ancestors Are alive right now through my veins, through my arteries, through my blood, through my genetics.
And so are yours.
But their spirit transcends as well.
That's part of the mystery of the universe.
The multifaceted dimensions of our life.
We do not just live in one dimension.
We live throughout the multiverse.
I want to open the phones up until the bottom of the next hour when a constitutional lawyer joins us, Norm Padas, to talk about the greatest miscarriage of justice, the greatest fiasco, and he's a big liberal, by the way, he's ever seen in his life, and he's been practicing law 40 years.
I've talked to a lot of other people, and they said, listen, it wasn't a matter of the guy was guilty, and you could maybe argue it either way.
I mean, I certainly didn't like what happened to George Floyd.
It looked terrible.
I was against it when it happened.
But with the reasonable doubt, well that's a side issue too, with St.
Floyd, according to Pelosi, or Christ Floyd, who they've stolen his identity and use him now for their power.
The issue is that you had the President say he needs to be convicted.
You had Pelosi say it.
You had Maxine Waters travel there and call basically for violence.
Yet all this media demonized him as a Nazi.
You had the city give $27 million to his family.
You had the city spend millions to educate people that the cop was a racist.
This was an exercise in mob rule and defamation and a high-tech lynching.
I mean, if it came out that cop did that on purpose because maybe they were drug dealers together or something, which some people think.
They worked at the same bar as Bowsers for years.
You know what Bowsers really do at a lot of those big bars, especially those big hip-hop, techno, dance bars, is selling drugs.
Anybody knows that.
Where do you get your drugs if you're into drugs?
I don't even use drugs, but I knew that back in college.
You're in the right bar, it's the bouncers selling the drugs, it's the cops selling the drugs.
I'm not saying the cop show mom was doing that.
I'm just saying something didn't add up here.
I'm not denying that.
And if the cop's guilty, burn him!
Throw him in an electric chair.
But that's not what this is about.
It's about a corrupt political system run by the chi-coms and the globalists that's anti-American, anti-human, anti-God, anti-family, anti-everything.
Trying to short circuit our political realignment and our great awakening to take our government back, all across the world it was happening, from Brazil to the UK to Germany to Russia to here to Canada.
Instead, everything's all about race war, so that people like Trudeau can say, I want a Chinese dictatorship.
I want a dictatorship in Canada.
That's a quote!
These are bad people!
They don't even hide it!
All these different areas of Canada.
Have basically declared martial law.
And then you look at the people that have declared martial law in these areas, these people are puppets.
They're not in charge.
They announced yesterday that you're about to lose your job and you're about to have your power go up and we're not going to have any factories left because they're about to cripple us further, turning what's left of our damn power off.
In some religious tithes to the Rothschilds, to not just give that who owns the global exchange on carbons, the damn Rothschilds.
Can't make that up.
And who's invested in it?
Obama and Hillary and the Global Initiative and... Everybody.
Al Gore.
You will pay them for everything you do that has carbon involved, which is everything.
Thousands of things.
Millions of things.
Everything, basically.
And they're going to surveil your carbon and watch you while they do it.
But that's not even half of it.
The other half is that India and China and Mexico... I was up in a helicopter on the Texas-Mexico border a few weeks ago.
We shot a video of it.
There's no coal power plants, there's nothing going on, the energy's shut off here.
Mexico even supplies a lot of South Texas now.
And I looked over into Mexico and I saw big, giant coal plants and black smoke that wasn't like water vapor with our coal plants where it goes out because it's hot and the air is cold for a hundred yards and dissipates.
That's not smoke, that's water vapor.
But I looked miles and miles into Mexico.
Watch, you see a city on the horizon and all I saw was smokestacks Belching black smoke that was going for dozens of miles because it was the opposite of clean burning coal.
It was big, giant stacks, not running scrubbers, not cleaning out the coal fires.
It was spewing.
What they're showing there is a natural gas refinery, off-gassing, that's nothing.
Type in, dirty coal plants China, where the sky turns black at noon.
That's the photos and videos you want to see.
And I saw it in Mexico.
You understand, we're one world, so where it's clean, they cut the coal off.
Where it's dirty, they crank it up.
It has nothing to do with the earth.
It has to do with power and economic control, and the globalists are invested in Mexico, and they're invested in India, and they're invested in China, and it doesn't help the people.
They breathe the mercury.
They breathe the lead.
It's unbelievable, ladies and gentlemen.
And I love how whenever they show China's coal power plants, they usually show nuclear reactors.
That's not what those are.
Just type in black skies in China.
The sky blacked out in China.
I mean, that's why they were wearing masks long before all this happened.
That's why they're dying of respiratory problems and they're claiming it's COVID-19.
That's why they show these x-rays of these lungs.
They just look like they're coal miners because they are!
And look, I got all this news to cover.
So many things ahead.
I want to get the number out and take your calls.
But do you understand the fundamentals of the Secretary of State says, And admits that the new Green Deal will hurt Americans and will take your jobs.
Oh my God, is that not the most Orwellian photo there from Beijing where they have giant Jumbotron TVs showing beautiful blue skies, clean vistas, and they're in the middle of a giant smoke-filled haze of hell.
Their coal plants are as dirty as our plants were a hundred years ago.
It's so dirty that sometimes it looks like it's 10 at night at high noon.
You know, I'm going to stop.
I'm going to get the number out.
I'm going to take your calls.
I'm going to play all the rioting and attacks.
you know after George Floyd was turned into a saint yesterday and after we witnessed
these guilty verdicts under the political orders after we watched the show trial
that was a total mistrial by any stretch of imagination by every yardstick after we watched
this miscarriage of justice I predicted on air I said yesterday when I was doing the war room
with Papert who's guest hosting while Owen gets a day off he's been working like 14 days straight
and I said watch a bunch of riots and attacks tonight because it's about people exercising
their power oh Oh, I'm the anointed.
I can surround white people in a car and beat them up.
I can surround white people at a restaurant and throw them out.
I can go to their houses.
I'm good because I'm black.
They're bad because they're white.
And that's the new anti-racism.
Like, oh, you're white?
You can't be here this weekend at the college.
Oh, you're white?
We're not offering rock climbing at this college for whites anymore.
Because we're going to teach you what discrimination is like, because you or your ancestors did something wrong, even though compared to other countries, we've been the nicest, best people, which is why everybody wants to get here, because we were an open society.
And a bunch of weird white people going into restaurants and screaming for Black Lives Matter at white people and disrupting them and smashing things.
And then Fox News has a guest host on saying, well, I mean, this is, you know, isolated incidents.
This has never happened before.
Oh, that's like saying Antifa doesn't exist.
The toll free number to join us is 877-789-2539.
This is 877-789-2539, 877-789-2539.
On our power being cut off.
I'd like to hear from you on that.
And on the ongoing race war they're trying to trigger and where they're going to lead this.
It's only going to get worse.
Federalization of police, turning them into political officers, just like Canada, just like Europe.
Hell on earth.
First time callers, by the way.
First time callers.
First time callers.
Alex, first time callers by the way.
First time callers, first time callers, 877-789-2539.
We'll come back and take your calls and play a lot of clips.
Today, a jury in Minnesota found former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin,
guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May.
It was a murder in the full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see.
The systemic racism the Vice President just referred to.
The systemic racism is a stain on our nation's soul.
The knee on the neck of justice for black Americans.
Profound fear and trauma.
The pain, the exhaustion.
And black and brown Americans experience every single day.
The murder of George Floyd launched a summer of protest.
We hadn't seen since the Civil Rights Movement in the 60s.
All right, so this Chinese communist spy that again supports China running a death camp with three million Muslim men in it, a million Buddhists, a million Christians, that's all confirmed, all conservative.
He said they're allowed to do it!
It's a GGP, he needs to control China, strong China.
That's a quote.
And he can do what he wants in Hong Kong.
That monster knows he can hide behind one black man that died, and claim he represents America, black people, and goodness.
They said George Floyd is justice, and they represent George Floyd.
And if you try to criticize anything they do, if you're a real Black Panther member, or you're Breonna Taylor's mother, or you're anybody, you get censored.
Because they've stolen your identity.
And they want to play us off against each other.
And they want to start racial conflict in this country.
It's already been at historic highs, black on white crime, because a lot of black young people are buying into the lie and doing it.
It's terrible.
But they're highly impressionable and they're being told that this is what you should do.
And I just saw a video this morning, it's an article on Infowars.com, we'll play it next hour while we take your calls.
Columbus, Ohio, a quote, little black baby, the media said.
She's a big girl for 15.
Looks like she hasn't missed out on any cheeseburgers.
She was stabbing a white woman and a black woman with a eight-inch knife.
Looks like a short butcher knife.
Black people call the police.
The cop gets there, and she keeps stabbing people.
And so, they were stabbed.
Two people were stabbed.
And because the white devil shot the black angel, Black Lives Matter's protesting and rioting, and the lawyers are saying she was unarmed and a good person, even though it's all on video, that the cops pull up and say, stop, and they just keep stabbing and keep kicking.
Until the cop shoots her.
But you better believe, you see what color his skin is?
That's a white devil!
But the Black Angels called the white devil.
They conjured him up out of a pentagram on the ground.
Let's show the Black Angel, Ian.
Let's show Paul Joseph Watts' tweet.
And that's video, where the cops put it on big screen TV, and police departments don't have big budgets, so the cheaper TVs, you know, are divided into squares.
The left's even saying, oh, it's fake video, it's not real, the police put out fake video.
Yeah, right.
Look at that little black angel right there stabbing another black angel.
He's just stabbing somebody full power with an 8-inch knife, that's no big deal.
People say, well, why didn't they run?
Well, it was a black dude beating them up when they tried to go.
It was a black guy keeping them there so they could be stabbed.
I mean, I'm sorry, a black angel, a black Jesus.
I mean, well, what does Pelosi say?
Thank you, George Floyd.
You are justice.
Thank you for your sacrifice.
I mean, I guess coming up at the next Easter, we'll just worship George Floyd, folks.
You know, I got about 20 videos of white people being attacked.
But you don't want to be white supremacists.
To show you black people attacking white people.
But white people deserve it, remember?
Because they're white!
I mean, the media told us, if you're white, you're bad!
That's anti-racism!
Remember what Cuomo said last week?
He said, when we start getting more white kids dead, maybe we'll do something about the epidemic of police killing people.
There's not an epidemic of police killing people.
Police have body cams, so everything they do gets put out, and so every few weeks you get something questionable.
You know, when a cop gets shot on body cam, nobody cares.
There's like 10 of those a day.
But, literally, About 10 a day, cops get shot.
It's on body cam.
It's on dash cam.
But that's just like, hey, that's a cop.
They deserve it.
But oh my gosh, we got a, we got a, we got a black guy being shot.
White supremacist killed him.
Turns out it's two black cops when he's charging them, trying to stab them with a butcher knife for three minutes.
You charge me one time with a butcher knife.
I got a gun.
I don't care what color you are.
I'm going to shoot your ass.
They're letting this guy- Come on, I'm a black man!
I don't want to kill you!
Don't- No, don't do it!
Don't do it!
He's like trying to stab him!
I told you don't do it!
Let me dodge that!
Let me dodge again!
Let me dodge again!
Because they're so- Black cops are scared!
To defend themselves, because- Oh, the media!
Oh, what are we gonna do if the media calls us a white supremacist?
And people are so emboldened, I don't care what color they are, black or white, you name it.
Incidences of cops getting shot at is off the charts right now.
Because people feel emboldened, like the cops, the bad guy.
And I'm moral if I shoot at police.
I'm moral if I go after the police.
I'm moral because they deserve it.
When somebody's mother or daughter or brother or father calls the police, and they show up to some house with some gun or butcher
knife wielding lunatic and they defend themselves immediately it's white supremacy.
Yeah let's show some of the footage from last night.
Let's go ahead and roll this with audio.
This is BLM Surrounds Truck in Minneapolis.
How would you and your family like this?
Just because you're white, you get surrounded.
And it's actually, again, weirdo white people are always leading it.
And I'm not defending the blacks who are involved.
I'm just saying, you should point this out.
It's disgusting.
They're all the professor types out there doing it.
Then we've got... Gosh, I've got so many of these clips.
Just start rolling clip... Roll clip 1, roll clip 18, 7, 8, 17, all of them.
Just start rolling these clips.
Here it is.
Just watchin' this right here, Clayton.
Look at that white devil!
I'm sorry, I was just, this truck was speedin' in.
Yeah, I saw him back there.
Oh, it's speedin' in!
Start over.
That truck's goin' at least half a mile an hour.
Maybe a quarter mile an hour.
Look at that Ferrari!
That's some white devil tryin' to deliver stuff.
That lazy truck driver, workin' 14 hours a day.
That lazy ass.
Look at that!
Look at that!
We're victims!
Let's surround this vehicle.
Start over.
Just watchin' this right here, Clayton.
I'm sorry, I was just, this truck was speeding in.
Yeah, I saw him back there.
Oh my God, look at this devil.
Oh, what the, hold on.
It's speeding in, look at that.
Hold on.
Look at that evil, he's evil.
Beat him, get him, get him, get him!
Yeah, let's get a black guy in a business suit piled on top of the truck.
Yeah, look at that white guy.
Like Reginald Denny.
I think that's a woman in there.
Get him out of there!
Get that white guy right now!
Oh my god, they ran the black man.
They attacked the black man.
He did it, the black guy.
We don't want you here!
We don't want you here!
We don't want you here!
We don't want your f***ing money!
We don't want your money!
We've got a man bun white guy talking in a quote black accent
out there leading the black people to attack the white people in a restaurant.
Here, let's watch that.
We don't want you here!
We don't want your fucking money!
We don't want your fucking taquerias!
Get your cracker heads out of here!
We don't want white men here!
Get your cracker heads out!
Guys, can you get me a bleep version of age screening?
when they tell all their white guys that you're an effing white male.
You don't get free speech.
Coming up, we got this in your phone calls.
BLM Minneapolis.
I don't want to say we need to start killing white people, but maybe they need to feel
the pain and the hurt.
Oh, you mean like the 59 million or 60 million black people got aborted by Margaret Sanger?
Oh, but you're a big old fat-ass welfare head so you can bitch all day about how white people are trying to kill you when you're moving right next to Margaret Singer killing your ass but you won't stand up to her because that's not the cool thing to do.
The media doesn't pat you on the head when you actually try to save yourself.
We're going to go to break.
By the way, my censored film, Endgame, taken off Amazon, is available on DVD for a limited time, as low as $3.95 a piece.
It's Operation Endgame.
Get it.
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Have people over.
Put it in a local movie theater.
Sell tickets.
I don't care.
Get Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, at InfoWarsTore.com.
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In fact, I want you to make copies.
You are the Paul Reveres.
1776 Worldwide.
1776 Worldwide.
In game.
Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Available now at InfoWareStore.com.
Minutes ago, Nancy Pelosi, after a triple guilty verdict by the Minnesota jury, said that George Floyd was a saint, that she thanked him for his conscious sacrifice.
He wasn't killed by Officer Chauvin.
He was like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane that gave himself up to die.
He was a sacrifice.
She said, you are a sacrifice.
They're launching a new religion.
The CIA cooked it up.
It's called liberation theology.
And that's what they're doing to divine and conquer this country.
They're the Democrats leading the nation.
They're the Democrats that swallowed the Communist China.
They're the Democrats that are engaged in every form of corruption you can imagine.
But now Nancy Pelosi, wearing a little face diaper, says, oh, George Floyd, thank you for your death so we can defeat the evil police.
They're the lowest level of the government.
The Democrats say they're the resistance, but they have the media, the corporations, the universities, the EU, the chi-coms, Hollywood, all against the American people.
And now they're breaking our borders and flooding some third world populations, teaching them that white people are evil.
They're the closest things the Nazis I've ever seen with the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
They're making their move on us.
We got to wake up now.
So here's this old evil witch.
Praying to the heavens to George Floyd, the fentanyl drug addict.
It's so sad.
Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice.
For being there to call out to your mom.
How heartbreaking was that?
Call out for your mom.
I can't breathe.
But because of you, and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.
The jury in Minnesota was held hostage in the Chauvin trial.
They were told by Nancy Pelosi, by the puppet president Biden, by Mad Maxine Waters, that you better convict or you're a white supremacist and America will burn.
And they came in with all three saying, guilty, guilty, guilty.
Political correctness is a religion.
It's a cult.
And now we're being told George Floyd is Jesus by Nancy Pelosi.
We have made the deliberate decision to temporarily enhance police officers' authority for the duration of the stay-at-home order.
Moving forward, police will have the authority to require any individual who is not in a place of residence to first provide their purpose for not being at home and provide their home address.
Police will also have the authority to stop a vehicle to inquire about an individual's reason for leaving their residence.
Stay home, keep your distance, or now pay the price.
Police with axes and assault rifles raided this venue in Sao Paulo and found about 600 party goers, most without masks.
It was a case of asking people to go home, and if they didn't, arresting them.
Nine police checkpoints have now been set up around the perimeter of Auckland as its 1.6 million residents return to Level 3 lockdown.
This is the video that raised questions about how New York City is enforcing social distancing.
A man was handcuffed in the stands for not wearing a mask.
Disturbing video showing a violent clash between apparent social distancing violators and police in Brooklyn.
And this cell phone video capturing the moment an officer waves a taser and repeatedly strikes a bystander during a social distancing bust.
Get your hands off of me!
You are kidnapping me!
I have done nothing illegal!
Canadians are being hit with penalties now as governments move to reinforce the shutdowns right across the country.
And the city is also taking their mask mandate seriously.
Later in the hour, I'm going to play the full report by Darren McBreen that just shows some of the violence around the world, including the U.S., under the COVID fraud.
So when the police brutally beat men, women, and children with billy clubs in the head for not wearing masks, it's liberal and good.
But if somebody's on fentanyl and having a heart attack, and the police are restraining them, they're bad.
This is how the system uses the police against us, but then puts the police on a very short political leash.
The video is titled Police Take Crackdown on Unmaskers.
It's in the Derram and Breen section of Banned.videos.
Simply click the left-hand corner, find the video, and share it.
Point out, why aren't people upset about this true police brutality?
And when we come back, I'm gonna explain something to you.
The police could be our enemy.
They could be our number one enemy.
I'll explain that in a moment.
Like flipping a light switch, they could go from being good to being bad.
Stay with us.
The globalists do not believe in the people.
That's why they shovel pure propaganda and lies at you, but publish books and white papers and give speeches to themselves, admitting they're carrying out world government, admitting they're dumbing down the population for control, admittedly engaging the population.
Well, I've always believed in the people.
And that's why I've tailored this broadcast as a populist program to just put out very sophisticated information, but also simple truths at the same time, believing that if you up the level of information, that ups the level of understanding, not dumb the information down and dumb down the population of feedback loop.
But that said, when I do this governmental briefing style, PowerPoints and guests and just go over documents, that is extremely effective, not just with like General Flynn, but I can tell you Prime Ministers, world leaders, they had CIA boardrooms two weeks ago in our SPARS 2025-2028 report because it was done in a briefing format.
And so, I do the talk radio format.
I've been doing it for 27 years.
26 years on talk radio.
27 years, period, on air.
First year on AXS TV.
And I'm not saying that I want to stop doing this show.
It's not that they've ground me down with the media and attacks and all that.
It's the opposite.
That actually makes me fight harder.
They had a big New York Times article about, Jones is ground down.
He's ready to quit because of us.
If they do the reverse psychology, it's the opposite.
That makes me work harder, but I want to transcend that and just do what's right.
But I am considering just doing like a podcast once a week and then special briefings a couple times a week that just go through every detail and explain the whole thing because I understand this whole thing.
I mean, I really know how it works.
I've immersed myself completely in this and If you can visually show people in a PowerPoint with slides, that's how people are best awakened, you can do it.
Because I don't just need to show you how they're doing it, I can show you them saying they're doing it.
It's not just you can see it and know it and see the pieces.
They admit in the WikiLeaks, they admit in their statements, they're using racial division to control us.
This is an elitism, not an altruistic thing of the people.
So, here it is.
The equation, and I'll go to your phone calls, is very, very simple.
The globalists, in the last few hundred years, got control of the printing and issuance of currency in Europe.
Then they got control of the world after World War II.
Again, they financed all three sides of that conflict on record.
The same Wall Street bankers came out in the Senate hearings in 1977, the church committees, thanks to Anthony Sutton, the congressional archivist that was giving access to all the classified reports.
Hitler was funded by the banks.
Lenin and Stalin were funded by the banks.
And the United States was funded by the very same banks and the UK.
So all three factions.
And we're sitting here today living in that post-World War II world.
Well, now the decision has been made to get rid of the U.S.
and bring us down so China can be the global dominant force and be the standardizing force with its authoritarianism, its nightmare AI, its nightmare social credit system for the final planetary takeover and the depopulation.
and the Chinese government's fully signed on to that and agrees with it
and sees their own public as cockroaches they want to get rid of.
But there's also a major fissure inside the New World Order.
Where the chi-coms are saying, we're going to double-cross the globalists now and take over ourselves.
So now they're announcing they're going to have government-ordered three children instead of government-ordered only one child.
So now they're going into a Hitlerian breeding program.
So that's how these globalists and how these satanists and how these occultists and how these authoritarians always work.
Whether it was 5,000 years ago or 80 years ago or 20 years ago or today, it's the same crap over and over again.
They want the authoritarianism to get power, But then they start fighting with each other over the power and it always goes haywire.
Human nature is the same over and over and over again.
Now China says they want three babies or you'll be executed.
So let's expand because they're going to use those men particularly where they encourage having male babies so that you don't have enough women for the men to get a mate so they can be exported as part of a genetic colonization program.
In their own words.
I mean, they're all about, we're the master race, we're in charge.
Xi Jinping gives speeches loving Hitler.
You're not going to hear a word out of the ADL because they're riding that Xi Jinping pee-pee.
So, that's how all this works.
Gotta see what Xi Jinping says, actually, about the ADL's owners.
It's pretty amazing.
Might want to look it up.
See, you never get any of that in our news here, folks.
So, let me just give you the big enchilada, then I'll go to your phone calls.
[ Silence ]
The globalists with their money have got the universities, the banks, the medical system, the media system, the World Council of Churches, almost all the churches are just country club feel-good groups.
I don't care if it's Protestant, Catholic, it doesn't matter.
They've got Hollywood, they've got the EU, they've got Radical Islam and Orthodox Islam.
They've got Israel, they've got South Africa, they've got everybody.
There's one thing they don't have.
And that's the U.S.
military and police.
Now the U.S.
military's got its own stuff going on.
It's got its own problems, believe me.
But it's still men and chivalry, and to operate at that level, some form of honor, even though it's predatory.
And so the globalists want to intimidate it, attack it, cause race riots, to selectively demonize the military and police with these purges to get control of them.
Because once they get the police and the military, and they've got them, in China, in Europe, In the blue cities, what do the cops do?
Nothing when you get raped.
Nothing about drug dealers.
Nothing about pedophilia.
The police steal the drugs.
So, what I said before the break, the police, like a light switch, can go from being on to off.
And when the police fall into the hands of a Hitler, or a Lenin, or a Stalin, or a Mao, or a Fidel Castro, or a Xi Jinping, or a Hugo Chavez, They do become your enemy.
And right now, you have the intimidation and the attacks on the police, by the feds, by the globalists, to put them under you in control.
And all over the country, the police don't just get on their knees to George Floyd, they lay on their bellies.
And when a father is being attacked at his own home, the police come and arrest him.
When a man's trying to get to his family in his own neighborhood, but with Black Lives Matter there in his face, he gets arrested.
Because the police are just like everybody else.
They are folding.
They are bowing.
They are capitulating because we don't have leadership.
And so I want to give you the honest prognosis.
I'm not like the Q people that tell you everything's fine, we've won the war, and just don't, no, we're losing, and everything's collapsing, and we have no future unless you get upset and speak out and take action.
Now, it's because we were winning culturally.
There was a huge awakening.
Great victory!
But now the globalists have taken their whole plan and launched it and accelerated their timetable, which is extremely reckless.
But because everyone's so busy genuflecting to politically correct the new religion, It only gets worse.
And the more the police bow, and the more the preachers bow, and the more you just go along with it.
Like Chick-fil-A had the best business ever being conservative, but once they grobbled, their business went down.
Because they're not conservative anymore, they're leftist.
Because they're nothing but a bunch of virtue-signalers.
Because the founder retired, he's senile, the son takes over, and starts...
Massaging a black person's shoes and shining his shoes like, I'm white, you shine my shoes, I shine yours, as if that even happened.
Creating racial division, creating the idea that white people are bad.
This is the whole idea.
This doesn't de-escalate.
This gets the mob more hyped up, more out of control, more crazy.
And now you see what the genuflection and the bowing's done.
You're now on your knees.
And the Chai Koms are the model.
But no one dare criticize them.
They run real death camps.
They've got human animal clones.
They're liberal.
The communists, the globalists, the Rothschilds, the Soros's of the world.
They don't want to get rid of the police.
They want to be the police.
They want to run our lives and they're so close to doing it.
They want to persecute us.
They want to get us in those dungeons like they always do.
But this time they're going to meet the American people and even the skeleton of what we were will defeat them in the end.
Because it is this great contest that is going to reopen our channel to God and make us finally become humble and cry out to God, our Heavenly Father, for protection and He will not desert us.
But you must do it humbly.
William in California, people are asleep and program controlled.
I agree.
How do you make the sleeper awaken, William?
Oh, hi Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I'm in Washington.
I'm kind of a student of history here to a degree, and I've been watching things here for a long time.
Early days of rush and the days of hostage.
If you remember the 495th day of hostage.
Sure, 1979-1980.
It was, yeah, the point here, we have so many things going on here and we have these masks which are being proven to be ineffective and our leadership It's struggling like Representative Jordan was struggling the other day being told to shut his mouth to establish facts.
And where is our leadership?
We have so many things here in front of our face.
I agree.
People are intimidated.
People should be scared of the globalists and fight them hard.
Like when I'm being attacked, I fight hard.
People get attacked, they run.
That's not the instinct.
When a dog chases you, you don't run, you kick it in the head.
And exactly, they're attacking us.
I don't get this false instinct of just groveling and pissing all over ourselves.
I mean, Nunes is a great guy.
He just came out and said they are using the CIA on Americans.
It's illegal.
Well, arrest their ass!
Oh, it's the CIA!
It's a bunch of damn pedophiles, man!
Oh, I'm so scared of the CIA!
Burn in hell, CIA!
Burn in hell!
It's such an insult when people say I'm with the CIA.
That's like saying I'm with... I'm with maggots!
I'm with God!
Burn in hell!
Go ahead!
I equate this, I tell a lot of my friends this, I said, where is our Braveheart moment?
The Braveheart moment, what I mean is, when the Highlanders finally said, that's enough.
When you kill my wife, that's enough.
When do we, when we're being shoveled into the Chinese FEMA camps, what... Well that's the thing, the enemy doesn't do frontal assaults.
Hitler lost, he did a frontal assault.
The Soviets lost in a frontal assault.
This is all creepy, oh it's not hurting you, it's good, oh take the shot, even though it's killing people, and then while they're killing black people, they hire the black leaders to run around and say horrible stuff to make us hate black people.
I mean, you see the equation, right?
Exactly, totally.
And it doesn't mean when some group of black racists are in my face that I'm not worried about it, but I get the full lineage of where it came from.
Does that make sense?
I do, and we should psych op them back.
We need to psych op them.
We need to get on this playing field with them and get in their face and say, hey, you know, psych op you.
Psych op you.
Well, I agree.
I want to tell the globalists something, a message.
You know, they do fake stuff so much they become fake themselves.
When I engage in violence, it's not simulated.
It's not like some... When people get in a fight, they like simulate breaking somebody's nose or bashing their brains out.
And I don't want violence, but they just keep pushing and pushing, and they need to know, once this kicks off the next time, we're not going to give them any quarter.
We're going to burn them out of their holes.
Right, right.
Can I plug Alex real quick?
Yeah, go ahead.
Hey, I'm in my 60s, and I do the work of 25, 30-year-olds, and I work them into the ground, and you want to know why?
And I've tested this, and I've taken your B12, and let me tell you, when I don't take it, I pay a price.
I really do.
I take that B12, and I'm electric, man.
I can run 10 miles.
I do some pretty heavy work with the highway department, and my friends will attest to the fact that, yeah, for a guy in his 60s, you know, pushing 70, and I'm not just blowing smoke here, the B-12 saves my life.
Well brother, Mark Cuban owns a testing facility and he did a big attack articles in Daily Beast, a bunch of publications a few years ago, like four years ago saying, Jones' B12 is not poisonous but it's not the highest quality.
Then they said, here's the highest quality.
Which he happened to be selling, which it was highest quality.
I was private labeling that.
You understand?
So even their attack piece goes, well, Jones is overpriced, but it is real B12, but we have the best organic, highest certified, which I'd gone out and private labeled.
That's how God works.
Mark Cuban didn't tell people he owned that facility that was doing the sales or the testing.
He just had an article put out as an ad for his B-12, not knowing, well it's not his B-12, it's the one he sells on his site, that we were selling a private labeled version of the same B-12 that is the highest rating.
So see what a sick joke that is?
So yes, this is the highest rated B-12 there is.
That's non-injectable.
It's the same stuff people inject, but don't inject it, folks.
It's taken under the tongue.
But it's the same stuff you go to a doctor and get a prescription for.
And it's getting me through.
It really is.
I appreciate it.
All you guys deserve a Medal of Freedom.
Journalistic awards.
You guys are the top.
Well, brother, I appreciate you and God bless you.
We're going to take one more call here and then go to break.
We've got a guest coming up.
We're only for a segment.
And I promise I'll get to Josh and Ivan and Ben.
But let me be clear here.
I'm a mess.
I'm super stressed.
I take all this stuff on.
I don't take the supplements most of the time like I should.
I don't know what my problem is.
I'm a wreck.
I'm not going to lie about any of that.
So just because I'm giving advice out there doesn't mean I follow my own advice.
People need to get that through their head.
I'm aspiring to be better.
I'm aspiring.
I'm not a hypocrite.
I'm not like overeating a T-bone steak and mashed potatoes and, you know, drinking two bottles of wine and then lying about it.
I'm saying I shouldn't be doing that and I should be taking the supplements.
Like all the time I'm like, why don't I take B12?
Why don't I take X2?
Why don't I take vitamin D3?
Because when I do it religiously, my wife keeps moving the Lazy Susan off the dining room table.
She doesn't like it.
And when she does move it, I suddenly forget.
And she did it again.
I was just realizing last week, I'm like, I've not been taking my supplements because my wife doesn't like it in the middle of the table.
She takes hers.
She keeps hers in the cabinet by the bathroom.
Oh, she takes all her supplements.
She looks like they're clothes off.
She looks like a Greek statue of like a goddess or something.
But I mean, I don't have those genetics of hers, and she also eats all those damn supplements.
But all I'm telling you is when I sit here and I tell you these supplements are great, they're great.
Just as I look like some hog-like goblin from the 12th dimension of hell is not a reflection on this.
But I have decided To be Christ-like, and I don't mean that in blasphemy, I'm serious.
I have taken on the sins.
I have taken them on.
I am in a poison vision of the enemy so I can see the enemy's operations.
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.
until 11 a.m.
Central, there's the great show that we produce here with calls and guests and so much more with Harrison Smith, American Journal.
And our guest Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, one of the top criminal lawyers in the country, was on there.
He did a great job doing his closing arguments.
And then, of course, you've got my show, 11 to 3 Central, and you've got the War Room with Owen, and that is 3 to 6 p.m.
He'll be hosting today.
But I wanted to get Norm Pattis on because he joined us live yesterday when I was co-hosting with Tom Pappert.
This is the fourth hour today from NationalFile.com on his 40 years as a lawyer or longer.
What he thought of this case, he said, this was the biggest miscarriage he's probably ever seen.
Maybe one other trial was at that level.
Because it doesn't, I mean, if Chauvin was guilty, I'd say throw him in a gas chamber, you know, electrocute him, you know, whatever.
You know, they used to have the actual gas chamber where they killed folks.
But you can't have politicians saying, you better convict or we'll burn down the country.
You can't have meddling in a trial like this.
Remember, he used to move venues and things like that.
His basic boil down of what unfolded yesterday, what this does, why the Justice Department's pushing it, the federal takeover of policing, which kills the federal system.
People think the federalist system means the feds run things.
No, it's the opposite.
It means there's a separation of powers and under check and balance.
So this is a very, very dark day.
It's the globalist agenda.
They run Hollywood.
They run the media.
They run the big banks.
They run academia.
They run almost everything.
Now they're going to run the police.
That's the real apple in the authoritarian's eye.
Uh, is second-guessing everything the police do, not letting grand juries do it or even juries, but having the feds, as the Garland of the Justice Department head has announced, they're going to come in and take over the police departments.
Katie, bar the door, because you never hear about the investigations of the feds.
Oh, because they check themselves.
How do the states then check the feds?
Well, that's juries, but we're getting rid of those.
So, thank you for joining us, Norm Pattis.
Give us your approximation of what we're witnessing.
You know, bad stuff.
I mean, Derek Chauvin was involved in the arrest and apprehension of George Floyd.
George Floyd died.
But for Chauvin arresting him, he might have lived.
But there were significant questions about causation of his death.
That is, Mr. Floyd's death.
I don't think Derek Chauvin murdered him.
I don't think Derek Chauvin engaged in manslaughter.
At most, he misjudged a tense, evolving, and uncertain situation with a man who was intoxicated and seemingly out of his mind.
So, what you're saying is negligence?
Yeah, and which was the second degree manslaughter count.
I mean, I wouldn't have, you know, I worried about a compromise verdict.
I worried that this was, that Chauvin could not get a fair trial on that community.
And I think events bore that out.
I think there's a substantial likelihood, in fact, I'll go so far as to predict here on the air with you, that this case will undoubtedly be overturned on appeal.
The trial court erred by not changing venue.
I've tried hundreds of cases- Or will the appeals court be intimidated?
Is this not new precedent being set?
I sure hope not.
Alex, I can't think of a case since the Shepard case in 1954 that was quite this crazy.
Even O.J.
Simpson's case.
In O.J.' 's case, there were riots after the fact.
There weren't threats of riots beforehand if the verdict didn't come out the way one side wanted it.
But here's what we had in Chauvin's case.
The death last summer.
Everyone goes to the streets.
They declare that this is an instance of systemic racism.
There's no evidence that this case was about race.
It was made about race by those with an agenda.
The city goes up in flames.
Tens of millions of dollars of property loss.
And now we're going a year later to select a jury and we expect them to be fair and impartial.
Those are the same jurors who were in the community last year when their city's fate was up for grabs.
Those are the same jurors who lived through the defund movement in the past year and saw the homicide rate in Minneapolis go up three times.
Those presumably, and we know To a moral certainty, that these were jurors, some of whom were already selected, some were in the process of being selected, when the city of Minneapolis, during jury selection, paid George Floyd's estate $27 million.
That alone should have been sufficient grounds to stop this trial dead in its tracks.
You don't pay the decedent of a man's family, who's working for the city, and then expect to send a message other than the fact that he was guilty.
Then, during trial, jurors are summoned through a crazy media gauntlet of people outside the courthouse.
The courthouse is barricaded and made to look like it's part of a war zone.
As deliberations approached, the storefronts near the courthouse were boarded up.
What's the message that jury's gonna get?
And then after the evidence closed, but before closing arguments made,
Mean Maxine Waters jets in from Washington to say, unless we hear guilty, guilty, guilty,
we're gonna double down so that they hear what we have to say.
Those jurors undoubtedly were exposed to an atmosphere of intimidation and fear.
And I think this verdict should be thrown out.
The case should have been tried in a different community at a different time.
Obviously the community has an interest in the Chauvin verdict and in having the case tried there.
But Chauvin had more fundamental interests.
He had a fundamental right to a fair trial.
In my view, it was undermined, and this was more like mob justice than it was the calm deliberation you would expect of a jury.
And then today, I pick up the newspaper, and what do I see?
This is the first chapter in racial reckoning, what comes next?
This was not a race case, people.
Wake up and smell the coffee.
George Floyd was a suspect in passing a counterfeit $20 bill.
Police came to investigate.
Floyd resisted their efforts to question him.
He behaved objectively in an irrational and crazy manner.
Officers used reasonable force to subdue him.
And in the end, he died.
And if Chauvin is to be faulted for anything, it may be that he should have placed him on his side.
It may be that he needs better training, as do all police officers,
in how to deal with men in these circumstances.
But to take this case and to use it, to cynically use the memory of George Floyd
as a brick bat in an ongoing and seemingly endless set of racial confrontations
that only benefit certain provocateurs, and there is not unanimity in the black community,
by the way, about whether this is necessary, to do that is simply irresponsible.
And the people who will suffer most from this defund the police and hostility to police are people who need police most in distressed communities and largely in communities of color.
I have many clients who are law enforcement officers.
I speak to a lot of police chiefs on a regular basis.
I'm up in New England here in Connecticut.
It's a very small state.
You know, you have 169 towns.
You get to know everybody pretty quickly.
People are afraid to do their job.
Officers are talking about catch and release law enforcement.
If they get a call, they're not likely to respond aggressively.
They're not likely to respond proactively if there's any risk that they too could be sued.
And the Democrats at the same time won our guns.
You used to be pro-gun control.
You were telling me yesterday on the war room, until you realized, no, they're not going to give us support.
The police have no responsibility to protect us, but we can't protect ourselves.
But the politicians all have bodyguards, basically.
You're going to defund the police and tell me turn my firearms in?
So that you can have a fire sale in my home?
Somebody can knock on the door and decide in the name of racial equity?
They want some of what I got?
It ain't happening in this lifetime.
And we already have the blue flu in Chicago and other places where 95% of blacks are killed by blacks and it's getting worse.
It's actually terrible.
I hate it.
But when a white person kills a black person, it's a huge deal.
When a black person kills a bunch of black people, the media covers it up.
The media is simply not telling you the truth in this case.
There are about a thousand police shootings per year in the United States.
More white people are shot per year than are black.
Now, obviously, blacks are a small percentage of the population.
Population adjusted.
The likelihood of your being shot by a cop is greater if you're black.
But in both cases, you're more likely to be struck by lightning than you are to be shot by a police officer.
When they make it the number one issue in the U.S., it's a distraction from the political gutting of this country.
It is.
I mean, you know, big tech is taking over.
We're losing the right to learn what we need to learn to make the decisions we want to make in our own community.
You know, I listen carefully to you, Alex.
I work from the bottom up.
I see ordinary people in struggles.
I go to court.
You work from the top down.
And I sometimes wonder what you're talking about globalism.
I think I'm starting to get it.
I think I'm starting to see that there is a movement in the world to deprive communities of local control and to have the agendas, the rules by which we live, set by people that aren't accountable to us, who engage in processes that are opaque that we can't understand. Is it any wonder
that there's a spike in violence in the country? People are angry and pissed off
because we've been taught that we the people are sovereign, but big tech is saying
only when we want you to be. And I'm not buying it. Well, big tech, I don't want any
violence against big tech, but big tech needs to be sued.
They're the enemy. I know you're not. Let's come back and talk about
solutions with Norm Pattis. Stay with us. All right. I'm about to go to your phone
calls. Norm Pettis leaves us here in a few minutes.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Larry Binkney is a very, very famous founder of the Black Panther Party.
And he's like Martin Luther King.
He's the opposite of a racist.
He's a great guy.
I love him.
He's been here several times.
He takes care of family.
He can't even come down here and see us where he lives.
He's joining us next hour if we take some calls.
About 15 minutes to the next hour.
But you know, he's come out against race war, so they just banned him on Twitter.
And he wrote books, he's one of the founding members of it.
Just like Breonna Taylor's mother said Black Lives Matter is a race war group and using her daughter.
Well, she just got blocked on Facebook.
These big tech companies are using black people.
So it's easy to get mad at black people and for being beset by a mob of racist black people like the KKK.
You know, the KKK thought they were doing good.
Well, so does Black Lives Matter.
When they come to a restaurant and smash your table up because you're white.
They are KKK.
But I don't hate black people because they're acting like the KKK.
I don't hate white people because there's KKK.
But how do we counter this norm?
Where is this going?
Because if you even criticize Black Lives Matter now, I've seen the media say you're a racist and you're a famous liberal lawyer for saying, no, I'm not bad because I'm white.
That is so fundamentally the opposite of the common sense Martin Luther King said.
Martin Luther King didn't invent that.
He was a great speaker.
He put it out and said, We don't judge people off of what color they are, but off the character of their deeds, the content of who they are.
Well, everybody knows that.
I go get a suit because it's a good tailor.
I go eat food because it's good food.
I go watch a movie because it's a good director.
I don't care if they're Mexican, or if they're African, or if they're German.
I go because it's good, and we know it's good.
That's common sense.
This idea that we're bad because of what color we are, how the hell is the corporate media getting away with this?
I don't, because we let them, because we continue to patronize them, because we continue to be entertainment, wage, and otherwise slaves ourselves.
You know, I'm going to take a risk here, Alex.
I'm not sure we ever talked about it, but I'm going to recommend to your readers that they pick up a copy of St.
Augustine's Confessions, and I'm recommending the Sarah Rudin edition.
It's right there on the screen.
Let me read you just a couple lines that are bracing, and you talk a lot about God on your show.
Very first, second paragraph of Augustine's books, our heart is restless until it rests in you.
Will anyone emerge, he writes later, as the craftsman who makes himself?
He concludes the chapter, I turned myself into a famished land I had lived in.
I started to read Augustine about a year ago, again, re-read him, he was a preoccupation.
Read more of it, we love it, read more.
You know, I mean, well, those are the pieces I took.
You'll have to get me back, and I'll be happy to do so.
But here was Augustine's point, and that is, you know, none of us makes ourselves.
We all find ourselves in a world as... Churchill said that most great men were not great until the times they were in.
I mean, the times make you.
And even those of us who aren't great, we had to learn to walk, we had to be fed, we were dependent upon the love of others.
And I think Augustine's great teaching is that if we learn to be dependent on the love of God, if we learn to accept grace, and we learn to behave with humility toward one another, and to see the good in one another and the evil in ourselves, and we resist the temptation to try to recreate the world in our own image, which is the very function of identity politics.
If we can come together and unite on a common conception of values and a common sense of gratitude toward the great powers that made this universe, you know, I think there's hope.
But if we... Well, you just said it.
Only by recognizing God can we be unified.
It's all these people playing God is what's destroying us.
I think the church can save us.
You know, I recently reconciled with the Catholic Church because I thought that there was nowhere else to go.
The world was a barren wilderness of identity.
Now, do the priests have their issues?
Friends of mine are like, well, you know, cover your rear end when you go into church.
Look what the priests might do.
Is that so different than what's going on anywhere else?
I mean, we're now in a position, I talked about this yesterday, where we're letting seven-year-old children decide what gender they want to be.
We're an open revolt against the conditions of nature.
We're an open revolt against the obvious truth that we are objects that did not create ourselves.
Now if you're a mere evolutionist... But you're right!
It's the search for God that is the discovery of God, is the communion with God.
So it doesn't matter the venue or where it is, God sees through all that.
It's the reaching up to God that God's looking for.
Well, maybe.
I'm not going to pretend to play a theologian in my gigs here with you.
All I'm saying is that I go to court every day and I see the fights that bring out the best and the worst in people, and I look at what's going on in the country and I think we're going down a sinkhole of self-gratification, sinkhole of self-indulgence.
And what made this country great, the heritage that we draw from, are centuries of the Judeo-Christian
tradition, whether it be a Jewish synagogue, a Catholic church, a Baptist preacher, who
reads the Bible seriously anymore?
Who reads the classics seriously anymore?
I don't know if you saw the piece, Howard University is banning the great books and
no better leftist than Owen Graham.
It was a direct assault on the classics because they're so powerful.
And because they speak of enduring truths, where people didn't use their identity to
get ahead in the grocery line.
You know, I mean, it took centuries to build the moral capital that we're eating from now.
It took thousands of years to build what the crop we're living on, and now we've eaten it down to the ground.
It's about to end.
It feels that way to me.
And, you know, I don't know what happens next.
I sometimes think in this country that we're a foreign policy crisis away from collapse.
We're so embittered with respect to one another and we can't unite about anything.
A routine police... Exactly.
We're 4% of the world population and the average American has the lowest level of passports, the lowest level of travel.
They literally believe that we are it.
They have no idea what we're surrounded by.
And it takes little to divide us and to get us to tear at one another.
What are we going to do when we have our next foreign policy crisis?
Are we going to be able to summon a common will and a common identity?
We're in our foreign policy crisis.
The Chi-Coms own Hollywood.
They're funding all this race war.
This is their plan.
Norm Pattis, thank you so much for the time.
Pattis Blog.
What's the website?
Yeah, and then the new podcast, Law and Legitimacy.
I may not be as fast a talker as Alex, but I've got a few things to say.
Check it out, folks.
I'm not a fast talker.
I just got a lot to say.
All right, thank you so much.
No, I didn't mean it that way.
I know what you mean.
It sounds like I talk fast.
I actually talk slow in person.
I just, you know how it is.
No, I don't think that's... I am a fast talker.
I got my brains moving.
We love you.
All right, folks.
Listen, I know I gave the number out.
I got loaded phone lines, and I'm not going to a lot of your calls, and I apologize.
We got Josh in Maryland.
We got Ben in Florida.
We got so many others that are patiently holding.
So I'm gonna go to your calls right now.
I'm just gonna tell you.
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Thank you for your support.
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All right!
Maybe on the order the calls are received, let's talk to Ivan in the great state of Illinois.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, how's it going?
I'm calling from the communist state of Illinois.
Long-time listener, I just want to say thank you for the work you've been doing.
We all appreciate it.
My family loves you.
My daughter's a big fan of yours and, you know, we ordered the privacy pouch.
The thing works like a charm.
My daughter loves it.
I'm going to be ordering a few more from your site.
Thank you for those that don't know, it's just a little pouch that blocks out the cell towers tracking you.
And it's good to just get in the mode of knowing you're being tracked.
Now you've done anything wrong, the bad guys are tracking you.
Okay, so yeah, so what I'm talking about is, you know, this whole race war agenda that the media, the corporate media, social media is pushing.
I think anyone with half a brain can see what's going on here.
You know, they're pushing for a full-on assault against, you know, white people in general.
I work at a, you know, I work in the education field and there's a small population of us that are conservatives here that kind of have to meet together in secret to talk about, you know, what's going on here.
Because we see what's going on, but the majority of other people here don't.
And think about that, meeting in secret in America.
And another thing, um, I live, I live, um, I used to live in the suburbs of Chicago, uh, all my life.
I was born and raised here.
I just recently moved after the Biden election.
I moved far West out into the country, into the Republican County, because pretty much all of Chicago and all of Chicagoland area is NWO territory.
So when, when they do kick off the, um, you know, the takeover and the race wars, That whole area is going to be affected.
It's all liberal, democratic, controlled area.
And those people are going to be in a world of hurt once everything goes down.
I agree.
People go, why would they collapse their own system?
Because it's a chain reaction.
It's a war.
It's about conquering.
And there's the will to power.
So a good person goes, well, why would you do that?
Well, that's because you're not an evil person.
God bless you, brother.
Thanks for the call.
I have an early purchase you're holding.
All right, Ben.
others. We will return in t minus two minutes with the third hour. Take a few
segments of calls and then Larry Pinkney, an original Black Panther Party member
will join us. Stay with us. Hour number three straight ahead. Let's talk to Ben
in Florida. Ben, thanks for holding. Go ahead. Hey. Welcome my friend. Yeah, it's
overwhelming to mainly, I want to get this out of the point, it's overwhelming
to finally talk to you because for decades people have been telling me I was
too volatile and paranoid because I've been telling them about all this stuff.
They said the pedophiles, I didn't have your connections, but about the, we're all slaves and China's evil and how everything's propaganda against the white man and everybody thought I was, I'm talking about all the way back to the 90s and everybody was just telling me I was crazy.
Well what they do is they brand freedom and guns and private property as the white man and then communism as the black man.
And they go, the black man's good, the white man's bad, but it has nothing to do with white men and black men, it's all branding.
Does that make sure?
Does that make sense?
Yeah, and it's been... I mean, even in commercials, you know, the white man's always an idiot, or... And I was always showing people how, you know, it always shows people, like, abusing white men and women hitting them, and it was just always just... It sure goes back to marrying with children.
Every white man on TV is an idiot.
And then several years ago, I heard you for the first time, and I realized I'm not the only person that sees this.
I thought I was cursed with this sight to be able to see this stuff, because I was always depressed and angry.
And then I saw you, and I was like, wow, this guy gets it.
And then I realized you had other listeners, and I'm not alone.
I'm trying not to lose it talking to you.
You know what I mean?
I understand, brother.
To be told you're evil because of what color you are is BS.
And what they've done to black people, they're doing to us now.
It's the same damn group doing it.
That's why we have to transcend it.
Even though we're faced with a lot of racist black people, we have to realize they've been manipulated just like other people.
We've got to transcend it, but still protect ourselves.
That make sense?
Oh yeah, I mean, I realized I was being used, you know, even by trying to make things racial when I was younger, and then I realized they were using me.
You know what I mean?
Just like they use black people.
Brother, I mean, listen, look, there's not any black people that have been attacked, let's not exaggerate, 75 times by white people I have.
But I actually enjoyed it.
I mean, I grew up with black folks trying to kill me, and I learned how to fight really good.
In fact, people ask how Alex Jones did all this.
I owe this to black racists beating the living shit out of me.
I mean, I have just, and I started hospitalizing a lot of black people.
They pretty soon started, you know, appreciating me.
And I love those folks.
I love the ones even I put in comas.
And I beat up the big rednecks.
They wanted to line up and see who this big badass was.
But I literally owe who I am because I got that taste of war in Dallas that they've taken away.
And I'm not into violence.
I'm not saying it's a good thing.
But I'm just saying I wouldn't be who I was If I wasn't put in the hospital and broken legs and broken arms and subdermal hematomas and stabbed and everything else I did, I really want to thank black people for what they did to me.
I'm serious.
That's why victimology is a load of crap.
I got the best education you could ever get and I thank Jesus for what happened to me.
Yeah, the main reason I called is to tell you that You know, everybody keeps talking about 2024.
Is Trump going to run?
Is General Flynn going to run?
Is DeSantis going to run, our great governor here in Florida?
But we don't have till 2024, man.
I mean, we got to do something.
You know, something's got to be done.
I mean, we got to like meet in the middle in March or something.
The way it's going, we ain't going to make it.
I mean, 2024 is a pipe dream, man, to think we're going to make it at the rate we're going.
Well, it's all to bring down America, and when they're done, they're going to have the whites turn on the blacks.
They're setting the blacks up.
They're persecuting whites worldwide, so when they really start exterminating the third world, we go, well, you know, they collapsed the third world, used them against us, and then they want us to join them, and they want us to join in killing everybody.
They're going to kill us in the end, too.
So, God doesn't want us to kill the black people.
I can tell you the Holy Spirit does not want that.
So, you can get into race war, you can do whatever, any angle you want, God doesn't like that.
And so that's where I'm at.
I'm going with God.
But that doesn't mean if somebody starts trying to kill me, I'm going to bash their brains out.
I don't care if they're white or black.
You try to kill me, I'm going to kill you.
Or I'm going to die trying.
We'll be right back in 60 seconds with more phone calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWarp.
Well, a great patriot, Larry Pinckney, is coming up next segment.
But as promised, we're going to your phone calls right now.
We live in an incredible time.
It was said by Winston Churchill and so many others.
That so many men are actually made by the time they live in and what they decide to do during that time.
But right now, let's go back to your phone calls here and the order that they have been received.
Let's talk to Josh in Maryland.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
Love you.
Go ahead.
Alex, love you too, man.
You're a legend.
I just wanted to say a few different things.
I got some notes in front of me for you.
First of all, I love that you keep on getting all these other podcasts and shares.
I think that really helps your message, especially get to the age bracket that I'm in, or the millennial generation.
But the main thing I wanted to talk about was this Derek Chauvin case and the outcome.
Yes, sir, go ahead.
Also related, the main thing I've been thinking about is this energy network that you've mentioned before that kind
of all humans interact with it's almost like a maybe like dark energy or something along those
lines that interacts with our thoughts and our and our personalities. Well there's definitely a
psychic internet where we're all interfacing at a dimensional level that affects the electrochemical in
the third dimension.
It's been proven, it's documented, and that's what the globalists want to control.
They don't want us knowing about it, because once you know about it, then it becomes obvious.
Because if we get caught up in what they're doing to us, that's only the relay information.
You've got to ask yourselves, why are they doing it?
What's their goal?
And then transcend them wanting to kill each other because of what color we are, and realize why do they want that?
Because they want to kill us all.
Does that make sense?
You know, one of my questions is, how much do you think that these global elitists that are particularly compromised have been able to corrupt this network in order to kind of coerce us as individuals into this groupthink, specifically, you know, around The peer pressure and the mob rule that definitely played a... I mean, definitely they know all this and they use it, but they're limited in that they just use massive messages of coding to try to get us to behaviorally change that affect the spiritual.
They're not even connected to the spiritual.
They know about it, but they're like a machine.
They're not able to interface with it.
In fact, you see what they do.
A lot of it doesn't make sense because it's not human in origin from my studies.
Okay, yeah, that definitely makes more sense.
Well, do you think that this also, this network in the age of the internet that we live in right now has definitely played a more pivotal role in that, you know, I find myself interacting and finding and encountering people online where I probably would have never had that opportunity.
Yeah, no, listen, the evils attempt to make us all kill each other because of what color our skin is, is going to backfire.
They're the losers.
That's why they're trying to do all this.
And yeah, so so as negative as stuff gets, this is a very positive moment for us to transcend it and come together and just be honest about it, not be victims and to realize that that which doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
I appreciate your call.
And again, I say don't be a victim because you get into, I'm a victim, so I'm part of a group, protect me.
No, you got to stand up for yourself and demand your rights and your freedoms.
And then all humans have rights, all humans have freedoms.
And we don't start talking about what group we're in and some group leads us.
And we've got a leader that, you know, comes and like feeds us like we're cows in a field or, you know, monkeys in a cage or whatever you want to call it.
We're not.
We build the future.
Alright, let's take more calls here.
Let's go ahead.
Who's up next?
That would be Brian in Massachusetts.
Brian, thanks for calling.
Hey, Alex.
God bless you, brother.
God bless you.
Go ahead.
So, down here in Mass, I actually live in New Hampshire.
I work in Massachusetts.
But driving around Massachusetts, Is awful.
It's an awful place to be.
It's an awful thing to see.
I mainly wanted to talk about the churches themselves from what I see down here.
And you're not exactly... You know what I'd say about Connecticut and Massachusetts and LA is it has a feeling of emptiness.
It's like there's nothing there.
There's no spirit.
Is that what you're talking about?
Everybody down here that you either talk to.
I mean, I talked to all sorts of people wearing masks.
Everyone is an absolute you know, controlled. I don't really know what word to use
for him to be nice, but I mean...
They have a name for it. It's called slaves.
Yeah, there you go. But let's say the slave church is doing it. You're not exaggerating
when you say they're trying to make Black Lives Matter and the school deal into a legitimate
religion. Every single church down here that I've seen in Massachusetts flies a Black Lives
And a L-shaped...
There's no American flag.
There's no American flag.
Yeah, that means we've conquered black people and we've conquered sexual reproduction.
Like, what does Bacchus Minor say?
Don't have a man in the house, no nuclear family, and black men should have their genitals
cut off.
You know, that's what the bad guy, I'm like, oh, they want, they literally want to sterilize
I mean, think about that.
It's obvious.
Not every single man down there, but if you go to Massachusetts, 90%, I'll say 90% of
the men you talk to are absolute cut.
They're beta male, they're bent over, they're wearing 2-3 masks.
I ask them, hey, you're standing alone in the park over there walking your dog, why are you wearing a mask?
And the first thing they do is either cuss at you, or they virtue signal at you and tell you that they're standing next to you, and you're a whore.
Well that's because they've gotten in line with the system, and they're going to submit, once you fall like a domino, Or like a dead tree in the forest.
That's all you do.
You're down.
And so they'll do anything.
And so the point is just to move forward.
God bless you, brother.
Incredibly sad story.
Let's go ahead and take another call before Larry Pinckney joins us.
Let's talk to Tom in New York.
Go ahead, Tom.
How's it going, Alex?
Welcome, brother.
Go ahead.
Hey, you hear me?
You're a little bit of a muddy call, but go ahead.
Sorry about that.
Big fan.
I just saw the bracket rest at Bynum B3.
Huge help.
I want to talk about what's going on in Brooklyn.
I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
I live in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.
It's an Irish, Norwegian, Italian, German area.
It's like the last Republican stronghold in Brooklyn.
Elaborate on that.
they're sending people from Park Slope, other places in Brooklyn to come in and try and
take Bay Ridge over and make it a liberal town.
Also what they're doing is they're shutting down restaurants.
They're shutting down all the restaurants and they're letting illegal immigrants sell
products in the street, which is crazy to me.
Elaborate on that.
All right, they're shutting down bars, restaurants.
They're making them close at 6 o'clock, 6 p.m., etc.
And when you walk up one of the big areas like 86th Street, you see Mexican immigrants, you see Chinese immigrants, people who can't speak English.
And let's be clear, the established businesses are not essential, but the big corporate businesses are, and then they let them set up markets.
We're not against the poor Mexicans, but the point is, They've been brought in and authorized to do this, but you're not.
It's all selectively enforced, which is pure economic warfare.
You should shoot video of it, brother.
We should get your number.
We should give you my producer's number.
You should show us that.
Will you go shoot video of this for us?
Yes, exactly.
Walmart's open.
All the big businesses are open.
Yeah, definitely.
I actually live two miles from Chinatown, and you should see Chinatown.
Chinatown's like a third world country.
There's a million Chinese people on the street, just selling stuff on the street.
No one speaks a word of English, and all the stores are shut down at 6 p.m.
It's crazy.
It's insane.
It's insane.
And we've got curfews all over the world.
We're being taught to live under martial law.
It's not coming.
It's here.
Listen, Tom, we'll get your name and number, but just don't wait.
Shoot video.
Upload it.
Show what's happening.
Don't try to overdo it.
Don't try to be fancy.
Don't, you know, wish you could do a better job.
Just do it.
Use a Chinese proverb.
It's key.
The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
Alright, a founding member of the Black Panther Party, not to be confused with the new Black Panther Party, is joining us, Larry Payton.
We really appreciate him, can't wait to get his take on the state of affairs.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement, is one of the most important films ever made.
14 years ago, we tracked and documented the Bilderberg Group's activities and their plan for a great reset using the threat of a fake virus.
The film now is more important than ever.
When it shot to number one on Amazon last year, they banned it.
We have it back in print, available now at Infowars.com.
store.com, selling them as low as $3.95 a piece when you buy them in bulk.
And there's a zero country code, so anywhere on the planet you can make copies.
In fact, I want you to make copies.
You are the Paul Reveres, 1776 worldwide, 1776 worldwide, in game.
Blueprint for global enslavement, available now at infowarstore.com.
What's happening is very, very simple.
And we're not animals, we're humans.
We're able to see our environment and know what's happening, and not just react to it.
They're trying to cause racial and cultural division between men and women, between black and white, between old and young, while the country literally has its power plant shut down, while our borders are destroyed, while Satanism is openly promoted and pedophilia.
And Larry Pinckney just learned today he had his Twitter banned.
We were going to link to his Twitter and oh, look, it's banned because he was promoting unity in this country.
He's a founding member of the Black Panther Party, the real one, not the black KKK version as it is today.
And just like the KKK, the new one's funded by the feds.
The people calling for real unity are put in jail.
And so Larry Pinckney joins us for the next 45 minutes.
I really appreciate him coming on with us.
He's a very humble guy, but he's also a very smart individual.
He always asks, how do we support you?
He doesn't care about that.
He just takes care of his family and he's a soldier for humanity and a brother.
And watching all this go down, watching all this happen, I want to give him the floor here to break down what he thinks is happening.
Get his take on, I've heard his own words, on this trap that's being set and what America needs to do to counter this, what we need to do to counter it.
Larry, great to have you on, my friend.
Well, Alex, first and foremost, let me say that it's always, and I repeat, always, a delight and an honor to join you, to join InfoWars, to join my brothers and sisters of all colors at InfoWars, and let me just make that Very clear.
Perfectly clear.
So, thank you.
All kudos to you, to the crew.
Love to your audience, or to our audience, really, and to your families.
Take good care.
Now, getting on with what you had said.
What is happening today, clearly, is an attempt to divide and destroy this republic.
I'm going to say that again.
It is a very, very sustained attempt to divide and to destroy this republic.
Make no mistake about that, okay?
We, and Alex I heard you say this in your introduction, that if we are cognizant, if we are aware of what is going on, And we know what is going on, this division, okay?
Then we can effectively and successfully combat it.
We don't have to be, quote, victims.
We are humans, as you said, and humans have the capacity to both reason, to think, to reason.
It reminds me of this biblical passage that says, come, let us reason together.
Well, obviously, we cannot reason with neoliberal fascists.
We cannot even try to reason with them.
But we can reason with our fellow brothers and sisters of all color.
Please, I implore everyone, To remember that this struggle is a struggle for ourselves individually and for our families and for our republic collectively.
We've got to stand up.
We have got to educate one another.
Back one another.
Support one another.
And if we have disagreements, which we surely will have, do it as Brother Malcolm said, in the closet.
Don't do it out there publicly so the mass media can take advantage of that and sow seeds of disunity.
We're not robots.
I heard the gentleman calling from, I believe he said it was Massachusetts or New Hampshire, and you know, the point is, we are not robots.
They want us to be robots.
Mentally, first and foremost.
We are not, and we shall not, we shall not bend.
We will grow stronger.
I think the enemy's launching all this because they're weak, not because they're strong.
It's so transparent, it's so ridiculous.
Watching all this unfold, where do you think it's going?
I think it's going to a point, believe it or not, that's really going to be in favor of humanity.
You see, obviously what the globalists are attempting to do is to show their quote-unquote strength, but the reality is they are paper tigers.
We used to use that expression back in the day.
They are paper tigers, okay?
Because once enough people become aware of the game, Of the endgame, of the game plan, then they are like, what's that expression?
The emperor has no clothes.
And this is why you have people such as Joe Biden, okay, who eulogized former Ku Klux Klan leader and recruiter, Robert Byrd, him, and And had the unmitigated audacity to tell black Americans, quote, you ain't, quote unquote, black if you don't vote for me.
Now, how more racist and fascist can you possibly be?
He really is claiming that he owns the identity of black people.
It's very insulting.
It's insulting, it's degrading, but it's also causing, it's meant to cause disunity.
It's meant to, and it's disgusting, and we cannot allow that.
That person said it would be insulting.
He's a white dude with a racist history saying, I define who you are.
It's incredible.
I won't even let a black person define who I am.
All right?
I define who I am.
We all individually and collectively define who we are.
So, you know, I keep reminding people of who Biden and his henchmen really, really are.
Well, keep going.
You've got the floor here.
What are you going to cover when we come back?
Spend a few minutes now on just where we are, what you think we should do.
Well, let me just try to lay the foundation.
What I'd like to discuss when we get back is examples of unity.
I would like to discuss some of the things that we could and should and will be doing and are doing.
The media is not going to cover that.
We have to cover that.
And so that's where I want to go from here, Alex.
But I will go wherever you take the shift.
No, sir.
I mean, I know you knew Malcolm X. You were in the middle of all the original stuff and you saw it.
What a learning process.
Your knowledge is just incredible.
And your wisdom is amazing.
And I just feel so sorry for everybody buying into this division because a lot of folks are rejecting it.
A lot of good things are happening.
Like you said, there's also a lot of people, both black and white, that are becoming serious racists.
And now the globalists are about to have their divide and conquer they want.
It makes me sick.
You're right.
You're right.
But, you know, you've heard that expression, you know, that a lot of jazz singers use.
It ain't over till the fat lady sing.
And the fat lady ain't nowhere near singing.
All right.
The people will unite.
We are uniting.
And, you know, they can throw up the divide and conquer thing all they want.
But as I said, they are paper tigers.
No, I agree.
And history shows evil's always ahead up front.
And it's already starting to get its ass kicked.
Evil's always ahead up front.
We'll be right back.
Larry Pinckney.
The real heroes out there are so many times unsung.
I've gotten in my 27 years on air, 30 years politically involved, to meet some incredible people.
I can tell you some stories you wouldn't even believe.
But I know who Larry Pinckney is.
I actually have read books, done research to know all the amazing things he did decades ago.
Political prisoner, put in prison for exposing the FBI corruption.
Now the same FBI trying to put me in jail, running COINTELPRO on me.
But that's okay, because that's where you are when you're doing the right thing for humanity.
I expect to get flack over the target.
Do I blame every FBI agent?
Do I blame every white person for white supremacists?
Do I blame every black person for black crazy people?
But that's where we are.
We better be honest about the big picture and get the 35,000 foot view and rise above it.
Because if we don't, we're going to be down on the ground dealing with this nightmare.
Larry Pinckney, please continue with what you wanted to get into about the big picture, how to counter this, where it's going, because you've got a lot of knowledge.
Disgorge it on us right now, my brother.
Well, thank you again, my brother Alex.
Now, let me, you know, as you were speaking, I thought of a song that, a few years ago, I used to listen to quite a lot.
The name of the song is Back to Living Again.
Back to Living Again.
It's by the late, great Curtis Mayfield.
A lot of folks may not know who he was, but this was in his last album, or CD, you can tell my age, I still say album, where he had this and many other songs.
But back to living again, and essentially what the song is saying, and what Curtis was saying, is that, look, We have got to get back to the fundamentals.
And notice, I thought it was quite ironic that the title of the album or CD was New World Order, huh?
And he breaks it down in various cuts.
And when I say cuts, I mean various songs, okay?
And this is not simply for black Black Americans, or black people.
I'm sick of this!
This is for all of us.
Black, white, brown, red, yellow.
Citizens of this republic.
So I'm urging us all to remember the power of the positive.
I repeat, the power of the positive.
Let's get back to living again.
Let's not let these globalists control us Mentally or physically.
But, you know, the best way to control people is to, or I say the best way, I don't like that term, I'll say the most effective way to control people is to what?
Control their minds!
Control how they think!
Make sure that they really don't critically think!
Make sure that they're robots!
To be robotic.
And I say like Curtis says, back to living again.
Whenever life takes, you know, that I don't know, I'm going to take my truth and I'm going to grow.
All right.
And I'm just paraphrasing, but you know, all of us.
I've been attacked, but I'm not a victim.
I grow.
That's right.
You see, this victim mentality is nothing more than a deliberate slave mentality.
Oh, I'm a slave.
I can't do nothing.
I'm a slave.
I gotta depend on Big Brother.
That's insane.
And it's unacceptable.
You're not a slave.
You don't want to depend on Big Brother.
And that's why they're trying to suppress us because they know we got the power.
And as we used to say back in the day, in the original Black Panther Party, not this so-called new Black Panther nonsense.
But in the original party formed in Oakland, California in 1966, we said all power to the people!
Black, white, brown, red, yellow!
Our people!
All right?
So I get a little passionate about it, I guess.
I can't help it.
Let me ask this question.
What do you make when it's the opposite of Martin Luther King's common sense and truth, when they literally say, White people are inherently evil.
Obviously that's meant to create racial division and make white people become racist.
I know white people who were never racist are becoming racist and I explain to them, I go, this is a plan to make us kill each other.
You know that, right?
I mean, this is so damn obvious and it makes me so mad at Apple and Google funding all this while they run slave camps in China.
And it's all a game.
A huge, huge, terrible, bloody game.
Of course it would make white people angry.
Of course!
Because the pigmentation of their skin determines their destiny?
Excuse me?
That is insane on one hand.
But on the other hand, it's a part of a plan.
If you keep pounding people and pushing people, okay?
I'm not saying that there is no racism in this country.
Of course!
But it's not just in this country, and it's not just on one side.
It is in many countries all over the world, by the way, including Communist China.
I find it absolutely amazing that, you know, people are talking about COVID this, COVID
All right, COVID is real, it's a real virus.
And where was that virus released from?
Hello, it was released from and by communist China.
All right, they'll say, well, The most racist country in the world on record.
There's no doubt about that.
So, I'm not anti-Chinese, but I am anti-tyranny.
I am anti the propaganda that we get that passes for so-called news.
It's not news!
It's propaganda.
And there's a big, big difference.
So, I think all of us need to grow the freak up, stand up, And understand, once we understand, there's very little they can do.
I agree.
How do we respond to Kamala Harris and Joe Biden's race baiting?
How do we respond to Cuomo on CNN saying we need white people to die?
Clearly trying to create racial division.
That's so obviously divide and conquer.
How do we respond to that type of evil?
I respond by saying, oh, so now you're Joseph Stalin, huh?
Now you're Benito Mussolini, huh?
Now you're... Okay, we need to call them out for what they are, just like I called Joe Biden out with his racist nonsense about, you ain't black if you don't vote for me.
That's racist!
That's brutally, mockingly, Brutally!
Because I'm supposed to be, and you too, we're supposed to be his slaves.
His slaves!
as American, as a human, who just so happens to have brown skin, as a black
man, you're not allowed to tell Biden he doesn't own you.
Because I'm supposed to be, and you too, we're supposed to be his slaves.
His slaves don't, and I'm not exaggerating because a slave continues to be a slave
if his or her mind is controlled.
Oh my God.
So sickening to see this man.
He's disgusting.
It is over the top to say to somebody, you don't have your identity unless I say so.
That's a cult.
He says you don't exist unless you do what I say.
That's Jim Jones crap.
It's Jim Jones.
It's also real master-slave relation.
And as far as Kamala Harris is concerned, who is she?
Where did she come from?
You know, I do know that her formative years were spent in Canada.
Not the United States, but in Canada.
That's where her formative years were spent.
But let's get beyond that.
You know, she's like a chameleon.
Today she's black, tomorrow she's East Indian.
You know, whatever.
Whatever serves their purpose of divide and conquer.
So, you know, Kamala Harris is a sick joke.
She hurt more black people, and specifically black family.
In California, when she was a prosecutor, than at any, any other time.
Well that's a question I've got, because even liberals admit she was the most vicious prosecutor probably in modern U.S.
It's my rule.
Why does she have such a hard on against black people in 20 seconds?
Well, you know, she may call herself black, but she's a creature.
She's a globalist.
She wants power, power, power, nothing else.
And blacks were a disadvantaged group she could put in private prisons.
We'll be right back with Larry Pinckney, straight ahead to lay out the path to human victory.
Together, defeating the globalists.
We'll be right back.
Newswars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
It's the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
So here's the deal.
The big globalist assault is here.
All over the world they're just doing human-animal cloning, division, slave camps all over Africa, all over China, wars are breaking out everywhere, evil is taking over, but there's going to be good rising against that, really positive things are happening as well, because that's how the paradox works.
I mean, Newtonian physics did not invent physics, it was just noticing laws of the universe, and for every action there's an opposite and equal reaction.
So, Larry Pinckney, I really respect you because I know the great work you did and what you tried to do and how you tried to empower people together and how you got targeted under COINTELPRO and all the rest of it.
And you're 40, 50, I guess it's 50, 60 years of fighting against tyranny and being censored and attacked for it.
You're a voice people need to hear, a voice people need to know.
I was talking to Darren McBreen, who I know you're friends with for over 10 years.
Maybe we should probably you guys do a weekly podcast or something at Band Off Video because your voice needs to be heard on the latest topics.
I'm intrigued, say whatever it is you wanted to get to, but I also wanted to ask you, you say a very positive time, and I agree in my spirit, my gut, it's a lot smarter than my brain, it says, hey, things are good, Alex, don't get depressed, because I do get depressed and upset, and things are going to work out.
So, any other points you want to make?
We've got one segment left, but also, why you're saying things are positive in the midst of such problems?
Well, I'm saying things are positive in the midst of these challenges, if you will, because if they weren't positive, we would not be having these challenges, alright?
And you might say, well what the heck does that mean?
What it means is, obviously, the globalists, the elitists, the real genuine racists, okay, the real fascists, are pushing their program because, look brother, they not only hate us, and by us I mean humanity, they fear us!
And once we understand that, we realize that we are the ones who have the power.
We the people, as our Constitution says.
That's right.
We want to teach that we have power fighting with each other what color we are.
Our power's coming together.
If the situation was hopeless, their propaganda would be unnecessary.
That's my point.
You said it far better than I did.
Well, that's a famous meme.
No one knows who said it, brother.
I didn't say it.
It's what you just said organically.
Put it back up there.
Put it back up there.
Well, you're correct.
You're absolutely correct.
Keep going, brother.
Well, let me just say this.
You know, I don't consider myself deeply necessarily religious.
I do consider myself spiritual.
And one of the quotes from the Bible, and I want to just throw this out, I read many books, including the Bible, alright?
But one of the quotes that I love so much is in the book of James, chapter 2, verse 26.
And it says that faith, and we should have faith, but it says that faith without work is dead.
All right?
Let us, let our faith, our faiths, plural, let it be living.
Let it be living.
Let it be a living faith.
I don't give a rat's petunia what the globalists tried to do.
Our faith is alive and it is living.
That's right!
Stop giving them all the power!
We need to move!
That's right!
You said it!
That's right!
We need to move!
We are the modus and the modi for change, for bringing our, getting our Republic back, like Curtis Mayfield said, back to living again!
And you know what?
That's what we are going to do, and we're not going to let these sick, demented, despicable Okay?
Globalists and they're neoliberal fascists, because that's what they are.
They are neoliberal fascists.
All right?
We're not gonna let them stop them.
We shall not bend.
We shall not.
You are my brother, and I have millions of other brothers and sisters of all colors out there, and I say again, all power to the people.
That's right, well what's beautiful about this is, I know you, whether you're black, white, Asian, whatever, if you love God and humanity, you're empowered, you're well-spoken, you've got energy, everybody likes us, and then you look at these globalists, they're so unhappy, they're so alone, they're slaves to evil.
I feel sorry for them, like, why don't they know what we know?
What happened to them, Larry?
Because we can have no money, but we're rich in spirit, they don't have any of this.
They're miserable.
They're miserable creatures.
They have lost their humanity.
I call them soulless.
They are soulless.
They have lost their souls.
I don't know how.
I don't know why.
But I know they are soulless.
They ain't got it.
You got it.
We are not soulless.
I got it.
And we're not arrogant about it.
We're praised God for it.
But exactly, they hate us because we still got soul.
That's right.
That's right.
And let's remember that.
Let's stop letting these people disempower us with all their insanity.
Because the insanity is a part of the game plan.
Don't be bamboozled, as Brother Malcolm said.
Don't be bamboozled!
It's a part of the game plan to control and to manipulate us!
What would Malcolm X say today?
If Malcolm X was alive today, what would he say?
Oh my God.
I was saying to another person just a few days ago, I said, please don't take this wrong, but I'm so glad that Malcolm did not have to see this.
For that matter, I'm so glad my own father, who I love dearly, who was a U.S.
Army veteran, Korean War vet, all right?
But I'm glad that he didn't have to see this sick insanity.
They hate everything that they cannot control.
But you know what?
Well, that's it.
They just want control, period.
People say, what's the motive?
And if that means making us a zombie, they're going to do it.
That's right.
It's power.
Not people power!
It's globalist power!
It's how can I take over you?
Manipulate you?
Your family?
You know there was a thing that Richard Pryor did one time and he said, the judge said to Richard, it was kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time, the judge said, Boy!
He said, You, you, I'ma take everything from you!
You got any dreams?
I'ma take them too!
You know?
And that's exactly what the globalists are saying.
They're dream-stealers.
I'ma take them too, but we're not gonna let them!
Take it.
We've got to create art, we've got to interface, we've got to love each other, and we've got to get past being concerned like, oh, you're racist because you're white, so I'm going to growl to the left.
No, you transcend, or I'm racist because I'm black, so I'm going to do what the left said.
No, I'm going to transcend that and expose the whole thing.
Stop being intimidated.
Stop letting them tell you you're dirty and bad, because the devil is the accuser.
He tells you you're bad so you don't follow your impetus with God so he can run things.
That's right.
And that's, I mean, it's simple!
It doesn't take a rocket scientist or physicist to figure that out!
Use our common sense!
God, Lord, just our common sense.
What God already gave us.
All right.
Well, they took you off Twitter.
So on Skype, we're going to give that out.
But you've been spinning on Twitter.
Everybody should interview you.
I appreciate you.
I know you're busy.
And in our opinion, we love you, my friend.
God bless you.
I love you too, and I love all the people supporting Infowars.
All power to the people!
And listen, I know you're busy, but if you'll do a weekly show with McBreen, commercial-free, millions will watch it, my friend.
Well, Darren and I will talk about it.
You know I love Darren.
He's my brother.
All right, God bless you.
Yeah, folks, these are frustrating times, and they're painful times.
And it's all a setup.
Just if you pull back and see what's going on, you're going to be able to overcome it.
but it is truly, truly disgusting. We got Papert, Tom Papert's gonna take over in
the fourth hour.
And I'm busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
I got a lot to do to fund this operation.
I'm not bitching.
But I don't love money.
Money to me is like fuel in my gas tank.
I can go pay for gas and get in my car real quick and it's not a problem.
It takes me five minutes.
Squirreling around trying to get money to fund this operation drives me freaking nuts.
It is the least happy part of my life and I'm going to be squirreling around for five hours after I get on air to fund this operation so we can keep fighting.
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And that helps fund the revolution against tyranny.
All right, fourth hour, straight ahead.
Stay with us.
Welcome back to the final segment of Alex Jones hosting here today.
I'm your host Alex Jones.
Tom Pappert is in studio.
He heads up National File, which does a superlative job.
And then we've got Owen Schroer in the war room coming up.
I meant to get to all your calls.
I got like 10 of them.
But tomorrow, I'm going to really work to try to take 20, 30 calls and actually take calls for at least two hours.
So look for that.
But man, It's very easy to look at crime statistics and to watch black people being racist and to get into the whole race thing.
But it's still a minority of black folks that are doing that.
But if they're able to trigger a race war, it's going to be a lot of that going on.
And then it's a very real thing.
If you're a white person being attacked by black racists or a black person being attacked by white racists, it's a very, very real thing.
But they didn't call it racist until about 100 years ago.
They called it tribalism.
Like Crips and Bloods.
People killing each other over what color their shirt is.
Is it red or is it blue?
And humans are designed during crisis, during mob rule, to kind of go under that type of system.
We have to transcend that.
We have to be rational.
As Larry Pinkney said, we must reason together.
You say, well, reason's been thrown by the wayside.
Okay, then I might as well just quit the show and go join David Rockefeller.
He's dead now, but his foundation.
Because I mean, I could probably still go join him.
But see, I'm not trying to show off for you.
I have a spiritual relationship.
And that's that's, I want to call it sexual, but we are the bride of Christ.
You notice all the stuff on TV is like Satan having sex with us.
That's a kind of a primitive view of it.
But I mean, yeah, I am taken.
So see, I'm not trying to impress Bill Gates.
I'm not trying to impress George Soros.
I'm not trying to impress Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton or any of those pedophiles.
I'm minute to minute, millisecond to millisecond spiritually connected.
And I know what the big chief likes.
And the Big Chief likes goodness, and strength, and honor, and the opposite of cowards.
You know, it's been said a million times, it's true.
Clichés are clichés because they're true.
God hates cowards.
And God loves children, drunks in the United States of America, as von Bismarck said.
So, in the final equation, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for me.
And that's why when you call in and say, oh, you're so great, you're so wonderful, you think I'm going to join Satan so I can live 30, 40 years and be worshipped?
We must reject Hollywood.
We must reject the media.
We must reject the world.
It's a joke.
It's not even a facsimile of what God has.
And I'll tell you, lately I prayed to God for comfort.
I've said it on air and I've done it because I've been in a lot of pain.
Man, I never said prayers for myself.
I always said prayers for other people, or I always said prayers... Oh my God, God is so deliberate.
Man, I like go to sleep now, and it's like plugging in to Valhalla.
It's just crazy, I never said prayers for myself.
I started doing it just because I've been so stressed out that God has delivered so much in that quiet place, the most high.
I mean, I, man, once you see this, I mean, I already knew this.
I already, already understood it, but I could intellectually understand it.
I have now experienced it.
And the weird thing is the creator of the universe, you're a little intimidated by, you know, you don't want to ask for stuff.
At least everybody else asks for stuff.
My secret wasn't ever asked for stuff.
But I finally have asked for things and my goodness have I not received.
So I'm just all praise to God and all you Satanists want to make fun of that and attack it.
It's because you're scared of it.
You don't have it.
I wish you had it.
I have no pleasure knowing that as you go into the infinity, as you go into eternity, as you go into the great abyss and the great Valhalla and the great whatever it is you're creating for yourself, That you didn't join with us.
I mean, wow, you are losers.
I have seen the other side.
I have seen the gates of heaven.
I have seen Valhalla.
I have seen the living water.
The living water.
My God, it's incredible.
I mean, it is infinity past infinity.
It is absolution.
It is completion.
It is ethereal.
It is merging with the mind of God.
It is the most beautiful thing you could imagine and then some.
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What should protesters do?
Well, we've got to stay on the street.
And we've got to get more active.
We've got to get more confrontational.
We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.
Maxine Waters, along with major CNN hosts and others, are calling for violence and calling for dead white people.
And you know what the answer is?
You really do.
You don't like it.
I don't like it.
It scares me.
Gun laws, access to weapons?
Oh yeah, I know when they'll change.
Your kids start getting killed?
White people's kids start getting killed?
Smoking that doobie that's actually legal, probably, in your state now, but they don't know what it was, and then the kid runs, and then, pop, pop, pop, pop!
Cop was justified.
Why'd you run?
Oh, we had a baseball game tonight.
Oh, a white kid.
Oh, big family, that house over there?
Those start piling up?
What is going on with these police?
Maybe we shouldn't even have police.
That kind of mania?
That kind of madness?
That'll be you.
That'll be the majority.
Because it's your people.
And then Maxi Waters just came out.
And said from Minnesota that you need to be more controversial, you need to occupy the streets, you need to be aggressive.
We've got to not only stay in the streets, but we've got to fight for justice.
She's the same one that said go and confront Republicans, get in their faces.
And if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out
and you create a crowd.
And you push back on them. And you tell them they're not welcome anymore, anywhere.
And then she's the same person that says everybody should be charged with terrorism that entered the Capitol, most of
them peacefully.
If this had been Black Lives Matter.
You know, acting in the way that the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys and the White Supremacists had stormed our Capitol.
What do you think would have happened?
Or do you think, you know, in essence, they would have gotten away with it?
And, you know, I got the kind of responses where, you know, everyone was saying, of course, we know.
They said it in so many ways.
Blood would be all over the place.
They would be killed.
They would be shot.
This is so hypocritical.
It's total fraud.
We decry all of this offensive violence.
But we have multinational corporations that are dividing and conquering this country right now.
And they want to distract us from destroying our borders, from destroying our dollar, from selling us out to China, from the slave camps that Apple runs in China.
And that's why all the big corporations have given $10.6 billion the last year to Black
Lives Matter to make that the huge issue.
And within hours of Maxine Waters calling for violence, the National Guard police just
got shot at in Minnesota and were almost killed.
This is a designed civil war they're trying to trigger and we've got to stop it.
To watch Cuomo say this, to watch Maxine Waters say this, while they activate the CIA illegally,
domestically against Trump supporters because a few hundred people went to the Capitol and
a few hundred people might have gotten in a fist fight with the cops.
Now all of us are guilty while they've burned down cities, police stations all across the
country last summer.
And now we're heating up to do it again to hold the cities hostage until local governments,
this is the key, turn control of their police departments over to George Soros, who already
has most of the DAs, who already has most of the blue city mayors, who already has many
of the state's attorney generals who will then prosecute police officers.
Who make a mistake, or who are outnumbered and get attacked, to then bully them to politically align with the left, and then they'll be totally protected.
When the police attack viciously folks for lockdowns, liberals love it.
When the police shoot a white person wrongly, the media loves it.
Because it's simple, divide and conquer.
This is the takeover in the Cold War.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert.
I will be taking over for this final hour.
You know, you just saw a really important, really thorough report from Alex Jones, which is of course available at Band.Video.
Make sure to share that link.
But things have only gotten more bizarre, more insane in the hours since Derek Chauvin was convicted of, of course, all three counts, even though they seem mutually exclusive at first glance, that he was charged with in the case of George Floyd's death.
But that's Not enough.
We've already seen it for multiple left-wing rioters and protesters on the streets of Minneapolis.
They went out and said they're still not happy.
And none of them are happy.
Nobody involved in this.
Maxine Waters still doesn't think this is long enough.
Of course, the same exact day.
A police officer in Columbus, Ohio ended what would have been a horrific knife fight between children by employing lethal force against one of the people who was wielding a knife.
And that provoked more rioting.
But even in Minneapolis, the cop's life is ruined.
He may or may not have a strong appeal, depending on how much faith you have in the criminal justice system.
But the Biden regime is not letting Minneapolis off that easily.
The Biden DOJ is now investigating whether Minneapolis police are racist.
It's up at nationalfile.com.
I'm sure it's up soon at infowarsandnewswars.com.
This is Merrick Garland.
Biden's gun grabber, top gun grabber in the country.
He's been fantasizing about gutting the Second Amendment since the year 2000.
Merrick Garland also said that Antifa and Black Lives Matter, their riots are not terrorism because, and you can't make this up, they happen at night.
You see, January 6th, that happened during the day as the government was in the middle of their job.
But if it happens at night, according to Merrick Garland, like what we see in Seattle and in Portland where they're attacking a poor courthouse, that courthouse has been under siege for like two years now.
Well that happens at night, so it's not interfering with the daily business of the federal government, and therefore it's not terrorism.
Well now, Merrick Garland, Merrick Garland also said by the way that he's going to do Everything he can to make sure that liberal journalists are treated with respect.
That's our Attorney General now.
If you thought Jeff Sessions was bad, if you thought Bill Barr was bad, this guy somehow makes them look good.
But this is what he said earlier today.
Yesterday's verdict in the state criminal trial does not address potentially systemic policing issues in Minneapolis.
The Justice Department has opened a civil investigation to determine whether the Minneapolis Police Department engages in a pattern or practice of unconstitutional or unlawful policing.
So, already you can see, you know, there were a lot of conservatives out there.
Greg Gutfeld at Fox News, not that I think he was trying to be funny, wasn't funny at all as far as I'm concerned, but he came out right and said, well, I don't think he was guilty, I don't think he deserves to go to prison, but I'm glad because now it At least we won't have riots.
How naive to think that this is really it.
That it's over now.
That it's done.
Because Chauvin goes to jail.
As Nancy Pelosi said, George Floyd gave his life in the name of justice.
But no, it's never going to be done.
And Alex Jones has talked about this here on this very broadcast all the time.
It's paying the pirate.
That jury paid the pirate.
Now the pirate, the riot mobs, now they know that all they have to do is go out and riot and pillage and burn and loot and murder and rape and do everything else you can imagine.
Look at what happened on the streets of Seattle during Chazz.
Now they know all you have to go out there.
All you have to do is go out and raise hell and you get whatever you want.
And Merrick Garland, the top attorney in the country, the Department of Justice, the Biden regime, Joe Biden himself.
They will come out and they will work for your cause.
So there you have it.
Now they're going to be investigated.
They'll be staffed by experienced attorneys and other personnel from the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division and the U.S.
Attorney's Office in the District of Minnesota.
The new civil investigation is separate from any charges, any conviction against Derek Chauvin.
So it's not going to end.
They're going to keep doing this.
They're going to keep pushing.
They're going to keep restoking the flames.
Of racial hatred in this country, which is really the most disgusting thing.
This country has no racial problem, except the fact that you have people like Maxine Waters, people like Joe Biden, people like Al Sharpton, who go and stoke this, a mainstream media who go and stoke this.
You just saw an hour plus with Larry Pinckney, a former Black Panther, one of the real Black Panthers, come on the Alex Jones Show to discuss how we all should be working together, how we are all brothers.
But that, that's the message that they don't want you to have.
That's the message that the globalists hate.
Meanwhile, we now know that the Postal Service is spying on Americans.
I thought they used the NSA.
Apparently now they have the Postal Service.
And I think this is good news.
I think this is good news.
The McCloskeys are coming back in the year 2021 with the husband Klosky's of course the people who kept the Black Lives Matter riot mob from their house armed with guns.
Now, the husband may be running for Senate.
We'll be right back.
You're watching the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert, Editor-in-Chief of NationalFile.com, filling in for the balance of this hour.
And you know, even despite the left already saying that justice, so-called justice, is not enough and we want retribution, In the case of Derek Chauvin, you have the President, supposed, the resident of the White House, the President of the United States, Joe Biden, this feeble old man, going out and delivering his lines.
You have Kamala Harris, his extremely unpopular number two, Kamala Harris, who is meeting with foreign leaders, talking to them on the phone, and then meeting with them at the White House, because I guess Biden doesn't want to.
Breathing a sigh of relief, let's go see what our highest elected officials in the land think of this miscarriage of justice after Maxine Waters intimidated the jury after Joe Biden said he hopes they convict.
After all of the insanity, let's go see what Joe Biden thinks of the verdict now that according to BLM, justice has been served.
Let's go to clip number two.
Today, a jury in Minnesota Found former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd last May.
It was a murder in full light of day, and it ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see.
The systemic racism the vice president just referred to.
There's systemic racism.
that's enough of feeble old dying Joe Biden.
He just looks sad.
First of all, if we could just put that image back on screen, no audio,
but it looks like a hostage situation.
Every time I see this, you have Kamala Harris with her black mask on with angry eyes,
and then you have Joe Biden out in front.
It looks, every time I see this, I swear this is a hostage situation.
This is from a bad made-for-TV movie set in the early 2000s.
This has to be, no, no, this is the president and the vice president of the United States.
That's what they tell me anyway.
But there it is.
It ripped the blinders off.
Now America can see and the world can see how racist and disgusting and deplorable this country really is.
That's the President of the United States.
Remember when Trump Love him or hate him.
Think he's a traitor.
Think he's still a good president.
Think he has a lot of potential.
He was always a cheerleader.
He always wanted America to succeed.
He always wanted to give people the benefit of the doubt.
Well, not Joe Biden.
The blinders have been ripped off.
And by the way, I wonder how much of what he was saying was ripped off, frankly, from the Chinese.
We all know Joe is a serial plagiarist.
He lied about his college education.
He stole another man's identity.
He stole language from his campaign ads and then did it in a speech when he was running for president in the 80s.
Joe Biden is a serial plagiarist.
And I think that everything he was saying in that little lecture to the American people came straight out of the Chinese government's mouth.
Because remember, when they came to the United States and they met the Biden regime, they did nothing.
They sat up there for 10 minutes and said, America has nothing to say to us.
America is less than us in every single way because they have this horrible problem.
They have racism.
They have sexism.
They have black people being treated unjustly.
That's China lecturing us.
And rather than rebuking this, Joe Biden leans directly into it.
Well, let's see what Kamala Harris said.
Kamala Harris, with the most unpopular Democrat pretty much in the ran in 2020.
I mean, I think Marianne Williamson, the crazy crystal lady, got more votes than she did.
And she cackles.
My God, I swear, the more power this woman gets, the more she looks and sounds like Hillary Clinton.
Let's go to clip number four and watch Kamala offer a sigh of relief and a cackle.
First, I want to thank the jury for their service.
And I want to thank Mr. Floyd's family for your steadfastness.
Today, we feel a sigh of relief.
Still, it cannot take away the pain.
A measure of justice isn't the same as equal justice.
This verdict brings us a step closer.
And the fact is, we still have work to do.
We still must reform the system.
Last summer, together with Senator Cory Booker and Representative Karen Bass, I introduced the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.
We all know what Kamala was really doing last summer.
We all know what she was really doing a year ago.
She was bailing rioters out of jail.
You remember that?
The bail fund that she set up with the squad members.
That's what Kamala Harris is really interested in.
Getting violent, alleged offenders out of jail early.
And she admits it.
She says this is not enough.
We need more.
And now, Jen Psaki, the press secretary, is offering the new line of propaganda from the regime, from the White House, saying that this new shooting in Columbus, Ohio, is an example of racism.
It's all an example of racism.
Do we have that clip ready, by the way, crew?
Let's go ahead and cut to Jen Psaki lecturing the American people.
Hi, Ben.
Taylor Poplarz with Spectrum News.
Hi, Taylor.
Three quick questions.
I'll make them quick.
First, has the President been briefed on 16-year-old Micaiah Bryan being shot and killed by police in Columbus, Ohio yesterday?
It happened moments before the show came out.
Yes, and let me just say, since you gave me the opportunity, the killing of 16-year-old Mikayla Bryant by the Columbus Police is tragic.
She was a child.
We're thinking of her friends and family and the communities that are hurting and grieving her loss.
We know that police violence disproportionately impacts black and Latino people and communities, and that black women and girls, like black men and boys, experience higher rates of police violence.
We also know that There are particular vulnerabilities that children in foster care care like Micaiah face and her death came as you noted just as America was hopeful of a step forward after the traumatic and exhausting trial of Derek Chauvin and the verdict that was reached.
So our focus is on working to address systemic racism and implicit bias head-on and of course to passing laws and legislation that will put much-needed reforms into place at police departments around the country.
Nobody dares to ask this witch, or any of these lunatics, what reform would stop this?
I mean, I'm sure if you've been watching the Alex Jones Show, if you've been watching American Journal with Harrison Smith, you've seen this video by now.
We don't need to air it and make people watch it again, but it is a fight.
It is a full-on brawl between at least four people, from what I can see, in which punches are being thrown.
People are kicking each other in the head.
Somebody pulls out a knife, a very long and menacing looking knife, and makes a direct stabbing motion toward another person.
This cop, when he gets there, he has no idea if these people are minors, he has no idea if they've got guns, he sees a knife, he has no idea if they're just horsing around, but when somebody is getting ready to gut somebody with a knife, it certainly doesn't look like horsing around.
And so, he discharged his weapon, apparently to subdue this person before they could commit a horrific crime.
And then, of course, we have a national file.
You can see this knife on the ground.
Like, this is not a little pocket knife.
This thing could do some damage, especially to somebody's gut.
I mean, it looks like she's going straight for the stomach.
It's absolutely insane.
So what would Jen Psaki have them do different?
Well, there's no answer to that.
I mean, I'm no law enforcement professional, but you know, I put myself in this situation.
You show up, you get to this house, you hear there's a fight.
The property owner is asking you to please resolve this fight.
What on earth do you do differently?
What happens in their mind?
Should the officer, maybe this is the solution, just let the person get stabbed and then call an ambulance?
Well then, of course, the officer would be a monster for not preventing this poor, poor child from getting stabbed.
And, of course, they'll make it a massive race thing.
We will know the name of this officer by the end of the week.
And this sends a message to police officers.
Resign, quit, and make way for the left-wing Stasi that's going to take your place.
We'll be right back.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Papert filling in for the rest of this hour.
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So we've been talking about the new fixation.
We've gone from George Floyd, Minneapolis, All the way over to Columbus, Ohio.
This article's up at Infowars.com.
Leftists falsely claim police shooting of Ohio teen was in response to a knife fight.
Leftists are now claiming the police shooting of 16-year-old black girl in Columbus, Ohio was unjustified because the girl was merely involved in a knife fight, despite footage showing she only had a knife as she tried to stab two victims.
And if that's not the most insane part of this, I mean, this stabbing, it's not a knife fight.
First of all, what is a knife fight?
Is it like lightsabers?
This woman, people were getting kicked in the face, people were getting shoved, everybody's seeing the screen capture where the woman is getting ready to knife this poor other girl.
These are children knifing each other.
The police were called because there was a violent fight on the property and the property owner couldn't solve it.
The article goes on, as we highlighted earlier, Black Lives Matter supporters initially lied, claiming Makia Bryant was an unarmed victim who called the police for help.
In reality, it was one of her victims who called 911, and body cam footage subsequently showed Bryant using a kitchen knife, very sharp kitchen knife, to stab at two other girls while a man helped her by kicking one of the girls in the head while she was down.
Now leftists are absurdly asserting police shouldn't have intervened in a knife fight!
Bree Newsome, a BLM activist, described the fight as a fight involving knives.
The last thing cops, the last thing kids need is cops showing up during their routine knife fights and intervening.
Kathy Griffin also claimed the police shouldn't have gotten involved because a group of teenagers were having a fight.
A black teenage girl named Makia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight.
You know, I have to ask the viewers, and I know that this audience is very much on the side of logic and reason and sanity and God, but if this was your daughter, Either of these people.
You see your daughter lunging at another person with a knife, or worse, you see somebody lunging at your daughter with a knife.
Would you not want a police officer to step in and stop this at any cost?
You know, a taser, from my understanding, is generally used to keep something from getting violent.
You use it to subdue the suspect.
But when the suspect is getting ready to go after somebody with a knife, there's some people a taser won't even slow down.
You've all seen the videos.
And so that's going to be the left's new argument.
The knife fights are just a normal part of growing up in the United States of America.
You have knife fights, I have knife fights, we all had a couple of knife fights growing up, come on!
And if a police officer wants to end a knife fight, well that cop is a racist, hates black people, they should rot in jail.
The crew is too good at this, by the way.
They should rot in jail.
TV viewers can see my first knife fight.
A children's book that I remember growing up.
I don't know about you.
But that's the new narrative.
There is nothing in this country, there is nothing sacred.
Now, soon, you're not even going to be allowed to walk down the street because you could be subject to a knife fight.
And if the police show up and end the knife fight, then you are automatically the bad person.
And by the way, 16, I mean...
I'm sorry this happened.
I wish that this girl didn't have to die.
But I think at 16, if you are going to throw, if you are making plunging actions, lunging actions with a knife, you know damn well how that's going to end.
You have an adult brain to know that actions have consequences.
Here's a fascinating article coming out of the establishment media, though.
We have Black Lives Matter allowed to roam in the streets, allowed to do whatever they want.
They credited the rioting.
They said that we never would have gotten this verdict if not for the rioting and we're going to keep on rioting until systemic racism is ended across the police of the world and we're just going to get rid of the police and they don't know what they want.
They just know that rioting works.
And so like a toddler who you reward, you give the toddler what they want when they cry and throw a fit inside the toy store.
You go ahead and buy them the toy.
Well, anytime they want another toy, they're just going to start crying and rioting and throwing Throwing Molotov cocktails at police.
Well now, before we do that, let's go listen to Joe Biden talking to the rest of us, saying what your life is going to be like.
Remember, Black Lives Matter.
They've all got new TVs and they burned down Nike.
They're living the high life.
The American people though, well, you're not doing a very good job social distancing and you better start to get in line if you want to celebrate July 4th, Buster.
Let's go to this clip of Joe Biden.
Hold on our progress and race to the finish line here.
But let me close with this.
Back in March 11th, I outlined a vision of what America could look like by the 4th of July.
An America that was much closer to normal life that we left behind more than a year ago.
We remain on track for that goal.
In the weeks since then, more than 120 million shots have been given since I announced the July 4th proposal.
More of our kids are back in school, and after a long and painful year, more grandparents are able to hug their grandkids again.
It's great progress.
But if we let up now and stop being vigilant, this virus will erase the progress we've already achieved.
The sacrifices we've made, the lives that have been put on hold, the loved ones who've been taken from us.
That's right, wear that mask.
The progress that we have achieved.
First of all, what are the disparities?
What do they get this guy on?
You saw him in a clip earlier, just a few moments ago here on the broadcast, talking about how great it is that the Chauvin is going to die in prison in all likelihood.
And he sounded lucid.
They must have got him on some good uppers.
He must have taken his brain force.
But then that last clip, he can't speak.
But he wants you to know that you have to keep wearing that mask.
You've got to keep doing everything that the God, the King, the Prophet of the Science, Anthony Fauci says.
If he says three masks, you wear three masks.
If he says face shield, you wear a face shield.
You do whatever he says.
Otherwise, No Fourth of July for you.
And he stutters and he slurs and his words are mush.
He looks like he's about to fall asleep.
I swear, whatever they're using to keep this guy awake, it must only work in extremely small, small, small...
Meanwhile, we've got Bill Gates.
We'll talk about this more on the other side.
Bill Gates is set to address 40 heads of state at a climate summit.
Bill Gates, the world's most powerful doctor.
And meanwhile, you have Anthony Fauci.
Anthony Fauci, he's going to go to the Vatican and talk with the Pope about how to end coronavirus.
Which is really fascinating, because you have Fauci, who is really the prophet of the science, this new religion created by the left over the past year.
It's called the science.
And Fauci is its prophet, and so Fauci, as the top authority of the science, is going to go meet with Pope Francis, the top authority of the church.
So it's very fascinating.
I love these inter-religious meetings.
You know, it's a lot like when the Pope goes to the Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
I'm Tom Pappert filling in for the balance of this segment.
Make sure to share these links.
War Room is coming up next.
Make sure to go to Bandai Video, share these links, go to InfoWarStore.com, support the InfoWar So yes, it's happening, the most fascinating meeting of the minds, all these geniuses in the same room, the Vatican, to host Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and vaccine company CEOs.
Vatican is co-hosting a health conference in May that will showcase speeches by Bill and Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, vaccine guru Dr. Anthony Fauci, Guru Deepak Chopra and the Pfizer and Moderna chief executive officers who are of course mass producing vaccines for the public.
The Pope is of course fresh off going and praying and leading an interfaith supposedly religious experience at the ancient pagan temple of Ur.
That is of course a speech that there were no Jews allowed.
They didn't mention Jesus once.
So basically the Pope went to go court the Muslims.
Very very strange stuff.
And if that's not strange enough, merging Catholicism with the science, the cult of the science, now Bill Gates is set to address 40 heads of state at a climate summit.
In other words, he's going to give them orders.
He's going to tell them how high Klaus Schwab wants them to jump.
The world's most powerful doctor, Bill Gates, is to be given a platform this week to address 40 heads of state at a climate summit hosted by Joe Biden, according to Reuters.
Stories up at Infowars.com.
And by the way, I thought that was fake.
I mean, we all know there's articles out there, you know, that meet the most powerful doctor, Bill Gates.
But then, it turns out, if you go to Google, this is how corrupt our big tech insane asylum
that we're all forced to live in is, if you go to Google and you type in
who is the world's most powerful doctor, it literally will tell you Bill Gates,
a man without a medical degree, a man who didn't graduate college,
a man who released viruses so you had to buy his antivirus software, a man who now is the single largest
non-governmental contributor to the World Health Organization, the most powerful doctor.
Gates, also a renowned climate expert, because he is selling a book about it,
will be the keynote speaker at the virtual summit, which begins Thursday, and will be attended
by French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris the Disappointment Johnson.
Gates will reportedly talk about innovation in clean energy and industries that have yet to be created.
He's going to predict the future for us, which I guess he's very good at.
Remember a few months ago he said, well, wait until the next pandemic.
The next one will really get their attention.
Basically a veiled threat that if we don't wear a mask, if we don't lock down, if we don't throw ourselves on the sword of the science, so Democrats and globalists and communists and horrible individuals and horrible groups can take power, then they're going to come back at us.
They're going to give us something worse.
The announcement comes as Democrats have reintroduced their revamped Green New Deal, which seeks to plow hundreds of billions of dollars into so-called green initiatives in an effort to transition to a 100% carbon-free economy, as well as meeting 100% of the power demand from zero-emission energy sources like wind and solar, which, as you might remember, worked out great here in the state of Texas earlier this year when the turbines were frozen.
And the solar panels were frozen.
And the traditional power plants, coal and natural energy, natural gas, well, you see, COVID made it so they couldn't go do their inspections.
They just had a Zoom call instead of an inspection.
And so it all froze over.
So that's the Green New Deal.
And by the way, as we all know, nobody is after China to join and step up and do more than the bare minimum when it comes to the Paris Climate Accords.
Nobody is after India to really participate.
You see, India and China are declared by the globalist oligarchs to be a developing country.
And so it doesn't matter that China pollutes more than pretty much all of Europe combined.
It doesn't matter that India pollutes the ocean so badly that Japan has had international issues with them because just all the filth goes out into the sea and winds up landing in Japan.
Never mind the fact that, by the way, Japan had a nuclear energy problem where we felt the repercussions in California.
India and China consider developing countries, they can pollute all they want.
But here in the United States, where we actually care about the environment, like President Trump said, clean air and water.
Who doesn't want clean air and water?
But here in America, we have to hold ourselves to a higher standard, give China the competitive edge, and force ourselves into a new economic dark age.
In the name of going green.
And how's this for a story?
The Postal Service is running a covert operations program that monitors American social media posts.
Is this one of those crazy Alex Jones, Tom Pappard, National File, InfoWars articles?
This is from the mainstream press.
The law enforcement arm of the U.S.
Postal Service Remember they have such a thing.
I swear the Postal Service, they figured out how to make them into something that they're just really not after the 2020 election when they had to militarize them, has been quietly running a program that tracks and collects American social media posts, including those about planned protests, according to a document obtained by Yahoo News.
The details of the surveillance effort, known as ICOP, or Internet Covert Operations Program, have not previously been made public.
The work involves having analysts trawl through social media sites to look for what the document claims as inflammatory postings, and then sharing that information across government agencies.
Articles, of course, up, as you can see, at InfoWars.com.
The Postal Service.
Your vote May not arrive or maybe five days later, maybe two days later.
They might just throw it out if they think it's a Trump vote.
Your letter may not arrive on time because you know, COVID makes it very difficult to get these things done effectively.
But if you made a post about how George Floyd Was arrested for, or was in the process of being arrested for a counterfeit twenty?
Well that's inflammatory!
And the next time the letter carrier comes to bring you the mail, well, you may just have a situation on your hands.
You may be arrested by the Postal Service.
Isn't that who arrested Steve Bannon?
Wasn't it a post office guy?
Got on a boat and came and arrested Bannon on a yacht?
That's the Postal Service under the globalist Empire, known as the United States.
Analysts with the United States Postal Service Internet Covert Operations Program monitor significant activities regarding planned protests occurring internationally and domestically on March 20th, 2021, says a March 16th government bulletin.
And by the way, how many of these fake stories have you gotten?
We've had White People Matter protests that don't even exist, that never even happened, but somehow the media writes it up.
The media was utterly convinced there were going to be massive protests on, what was it, March 1st or March 4th in D.C.
Nobody ever goes to these things.
They're to the point now where all they have to do is just lie and say there's going to be another insurrection, and then people become convinced and neurotic and deathly afraid Because the media told them to be.
And that's the end of that.
So make sure to go to Infowarsstore.com.
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Coming up next is Owen Schroer live at the War Room Studio right here.
Owen, tell Tell us what's up.
Well, you were just touching on the story that's going to lead today.
Not just is it the U.S.
Postal Service that's spying on American citizens, if we're going to be completely honest about this, this is the federal government targeting and persecuting Trump supporters, specifically.
And I believe the reason why that March 20th date was significant in these government documents, because that was when the fake news was saying we were going to have, what was that, our third insurrection, they said?
The next planned insurrection of Trump supporters, of course, that was all made up.
That then coined the term balloon on where you had liberal media just making things up out of a whole cloth that Trump supporters were organizing.
No, you never had anything to do with that.
So it's really incredible.
And this is why we see.
People getting arrested that were there on January 6th, the FBI doing all of this work to try to identify these people, putting out their photos on the internet, harassing grandmas, harassing pregnant single mothers and all of this stuff.
This is the targeted persecution of Trump supporters by the federal government, Tom.
Big, big news coming up next on The War Room.
And oh, and of course, it's always a new government agency doing this.
We got wise to the FBI and we got wise to the NSA.
We get wise to all these three-letter agencies.
So what do they do?
They find a four-letter agency, the United States Postal Service, enlisted to spy on you, a supporter of President Donald Trump.
Owen Schroer, up next.
Don't forget to watch The War Room.
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