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Name: 20210420_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 20, 2021
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Alex Jones criticizes media use of Chauvin trial for division and encourages focus on evidence. He promotes InfoWars products, discusses prayer and independent media against globalism. A CDC study shows an alarming increase in STD rates among Hispanics due to progressive lifestyle promotion. The host expresses concern about mental health implications and high suicide rates among transgender women with HIV in big cities. They mention discussing the George Floyd verdict later on the show.

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Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice, for being there to call out to your mom.
How heartbreaking was that?
Call out for your mom.
I can't breathe.
But because of you, and because of thousands, millions of people around the world who came out for justice, your name will always be synonymous with justice.
Watch live.
Verdict reached in Chauvin trial.
America is being divided and conquered.
That's the verdict.
But really, it's not even tongue-in-cheek.
It's a straightforward thing.
It doesn't matter in the scheme of things about George Floyd or about Chauvin.
They're both humans.
They both have red blood.
God made them both.
I mean, they matter to God.
But to the globalists, they don't matter.
They're just pawns in this game.
I guarantee you, George Floyd didn't want to get addicted to methamphetamine and to
And I guarantee you the cop that turned out was friends with him and worked at the same club with him didn't want to kill him.
But they're humans.
And so we're flawed and things go wrong and bad things happen.
But now the media can sit there and divide and conquer us and control us.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Tomorrow's news.
I didn't do an April Fool's joke on April 1st.
But on April 20th, I made a point with a headline that's going live here in just a few minutes.
And it's that verdict reached in the Chauvin trial.
Because the verdict's already been reached.
The Democrats, the Deep State, the Globalists have this country primed to blow.
And to hold America hostage, so there's so much violence, so much shooting, so much killing, so much burning, that when the mainstream media says somebody needs to be convicted, they will be convicted.
And when the media decides to not cover something, they can get away with murder.
They want control of the local police.
That's what Soros and the Deep State lust after.
They're Bolsheviks 2.0.
Soros admits he's a Bolshevik.
Studied the Bolsheviks 100 years ago, 104 years ago.
And you'll know everything you need to know.
They admit they're Bolsheviks.
They admit their plan is Bolshevik.
And it's updated with a malice operation.
The cop didn't want to go to jail.
The cop didn't want to kill him.
It was an out-of-control situation.
Should the cop get in trouble for negligence of problem?
But that isn't the issue.
We're being held hostage.
So, no matter whether he gets convicted or not,
This country's now being held hostage, and here's some of the locals frothing after Maxine Waters came and basically told them to go out and be violent, saying, we're in control now.
This is the Bolshevik model, the French Revolution model.
Here it is.
They'll find them guilty, man.
They're going to tear this town up.
We're going to say it just like that.
We're going to tear this town up.
Hey, I'm Lisa with The Daily Caller.
Today we are in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, where Daunte Wright was fatally shot.
And we're asking people what they expect the city to look like if Derek Chauvin is found not guilty of murder.
Let's see what they say.
I think the city's gonna look like if Chauvin is found not guilty of... Aw, y'all, we gonna be f***ed up.
If those cops get off, not only will they burn downtown down, they're gonna burn all of downtown down.
I think it'll burn.
Businesses are gonna burn again.
A lot are gonna get broken into.
It look like it did before.
When they, uh, uh, when they killed him.
That look like Minneapolis there.
Straight like that.
It will.
If he's found not guilty, maybe it needs to burn.
It's gonna be chaos either way.
I'm scared.
I think it'll probably be worse than it was the past couple nights, for sure.
They do what they do.
Like, go about your business.
Oh, yeah!
Go ahead and go, go ahead about your business.
Wipe out the next person real quick.
They call this, uh, going for an appeal.
Yeah, going for an appeal.
Probably the exact same as it was last summer.
I would not feel at rest just if those charges, you know,
He was found guilty, Ed.
I wouldn't expect anybody to feel at ease with that.
They killed their own son.
You know, and he's just trying to get away so he don't get killed.
And shot him in the car.
I can't watch any more of this.
It goes on and on.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg.
And all these liberal women, double, triple, masked.
We got another big study out how it kills you wearing the mask.
But they don't care.
They love the ignorance.
And these black guys don't care about 2,000 dead black people in Chicago at the hands of black people.
And like 20 people dead at the hands of white people.
Black people.
No, it's all about feeling good because the media tells you so, and going out there and acting like idiots, when meanwhile thousands of people are dying a day of fentanyl overdoses just like George Floyd did.
The media
And a rich congresswoman telling you to go out and burn stuff down when she's on the payroll of the communist Chinese that run giant death camps killing millions of people.
But you don't care about that!
You just care about feeling good all day and buying into leftist race war because you're dumbasses!
We'll be right back.
I'm Alex Jones.
This is the InfoWar.
We've already got the verdict.
America's a joke.
Well, I didn't do an April Fool's on April Fool's.
I never do it.
But I did one today.
Watch live.
Verdict reached in Chauvin trial.
America is being divided and conquered.
That's the verdict.
But really, it's not even tongue in cheek.
It's a straightforward thing.
It doesn't matter in the scheme of things about George Floyd or about Chauvin.
They both have red blood.
They're both humans.
God made them both.
I mean, they matter to God.
But to the globalists, they don't matter.
They're just pawns in this game.
I guarantee you, George Floyd didn't want to get addicted to methamphetamine and to fentanyl.
And I guarantee you, the cop that turned out was friends with him and worked at the same club with him didn't want to kill him.
But they're humans.
And so we're flawed, and things go wrong, and bad things happen.
But now the media can sit there and divide and conquer us and control us.
Turns out they've gone to the former home.
I'll cover it next segment.
Guys, got my article out there in the printer, thanks.
of one of the defense witnesses, went to his home, hadn't lived there in two years, threw a dead pig head on his property, on the former property, and spread blood all over it.
We'll show you all that coming up next segment.
There's some of it right there.
Barry Broad's former residence.
And they went to the other jurors' homes because CBS doxed them yesterday.
CBS said, here's who they are, so you can go harass them.
Because the corporate media that sells you all these illegal wars and Chinese slave camps, and that we need to change the gender of our little boys, and that the nuclear family needs to be ended for black people.
Hell, that was the goal of the Great Society.
Now they just admit it.
They want power over us to decide who gets convicted and who doesn't.
They don't want a jury, half of which is black, unprecedented.
Per capita, it should be one black person if you go off race on that jury.
But it's half black.
And they're going to their houses too, saying, we don't trust you to look at the evidence and decide whether we're going to put this guy in jail for the rest of his life.
We're going to burn everything down and we're going to come to your houses if you don't do what we say.
Now the American response is, I'm going to do the right thing off the evidence and I'm going to ignore your terrorism.
But let me tell you something, a lot of Americans don't act like that and don't behave like that.
I've been involved in jury trials.
I've been involved in situations, we later learned, where the media got involved and contacted the jurors.
And said, if you don't do the right thing, we're gonna dox your ass.
That's how corrupt the corporate media is.
They're not media, they're terrorists!
They're the enemies of this country.
And they're the ones that cover up the government shipping in drugs to black neighborhoods.
They're the ones covering up the black-on-black crime.
They're the ones covering up the veterans commit suicide.
20 plus a day.
They're the ones de-industrializing our nation.
They're the ones putting up 5G.
They're the ones poisoning us.
They're the ones bringing in illegal aliens and giving them $15,000 when citizens get nothing as we go bankrupt.
They're the enemy.
They work for the foreign banks.
They work for the ultra-rich.
They work for the establishment.
And when you go along with the mainstream media or the universities or the power structure or Hollywood, you're working for the man, the bad man, the globalist man, the New World Order man.
And that's a fact.
So I don't give a rat's behind what color you are.
What I care about is what's going on between your ears.
And the New World Order hates every one of us because they serve the Wicked One that came to kill, steal, and destroy God's creation.
And it's time to transcend this divide and conquer and come together and understand what's going to happen.
But I can tell you, Drew Hernandez is going to be popping on tonight during a special broadcast when this verdict comes out.
It could be tonight, tomorrow, could be in ten minutes, could be in five minutes.
But the fact that you're watching mainstream media, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, hype this up and say, if we don't get justice, a loaded question, what do we do if he isn't convicted?
Well, we burn this son of a bitch.
And Maxine Waters out there with her virtue signaling mask and her face mask, all crazy-eyed, is emblematic of this national possession that we're under.
We need a national exorcism.
So we've already got riots and burnings and police stations getting shot up and burned all over the country.
And Maxine Waters said, well that's what civil rights looks like.
But she doesn't say a word about 3 million Muslims in death camps, a million Christians in death camps, a million Buddhists in death camps.
No, no, no, no, no.
She'll pick one of the 14 black men killed each year in a wrongful situation.
Out of 350 million people.
And she'll make a huge deal about that all day and act like that's all the world's problems to distract from the fact that she's a monster that sold out to China 30 years ago and de-industrialized this country.
And that she promotes Planned Parenthood that was established to kill black people.
Can you imagine if I set up a group that's mission was to quote kill black weeds?
Kill black subhumans!
That's who she works with!
That's who she really funds!
And I see what they've done to black people and everybody else for that matter.
They just started on them, so they're farther down than us.
You think I feel strong as a human watching them brainwashed, dumbed down, drugged out, dying, killing each other?
It makes me feel like a sack of garbage!
But to people like her, and the Democrats, and Joe Biden that passed the laws, to if a black guy gets busted with drugs he gets three times the sentence of a white person, to those real elitists, because they're beyond racist, they're elitist!
They see us as animals.
They see us weak and falling apart and dying and going bankrupt.
They see that and it makes them feel big inside.
Makes them feel strong!
Because the truth is, they're fallen, and they're ugly, and they're stupid, and they're bad, these globalists.
They're black, they're white, they're Christian, they're Catholic, they're Jewish, they're Muslim, they're chi-com, they're everything.
They're from all our groups.
But they're of their father, the dirty, lying, stinking, loser-ass devil.
That's a loser!
So he wants to take the world with him, and all his children are exactly the same.
So I think my lucky stars, and I think Jesus Christ and His Father, that I'm not in the same club as Hillary, and I'm not in the same club as any of these devil-worshipping, knuckle-dragging animals.
But kissin' the ass of the left, and kissin' the ass of idiots, whether they be black or white or hispanic, runnin' around spouting leftist talking points like it's some magic they've got, like Hocus Pocus.
No, you tell them they're wrong!
And you tell them they're idiots!
And you stop kissin' their ass!
Because they've organized all the losers into these clubs to think going around and bullying us and pushing everybody around is how they're going to get their reparations, or their fair share, or their tuition paid for, or their this or that.
It's only in this final season you get a little money for selling out $15,000 to Illegal Alien, quote free tuition, this and that.
They're just getting you there for the collapse.
They're just getting you used to having everything paid for so that you are their slave.
Like a pig, you fatten up before you slaughter it.
And the footage of people being blocked in their own neighborhoods, being attacked, and then the media was calling this guy a white supremacist.
He looks like he's Hispanic or Asian.
He's being assaulted and the police come and arrest him because those are gods.
Those are Black Lives Matter.
Those are trendies who are there to stop you and the police aren't going to let you get to your house.
They're going to attack your car.
They're going to push you around because they work for Soros and the CHICOMS and Hollywood and the media and the universities and the banks and the radical Islamists and all the big powers of the world.
They're the establishment when they censor you!
They're the establishment when they burn you down!
They're the establishment when they run over you or when they shoot you!
And deep down they know it and they finally feel like, whether they be black or white, they're part of the power structure and they're gonna get their moment of power when all they really are is useful idiot dumbasses.
Opening the door to their own destruction.
Stay with us.
I had a really great evening last night.
I had like a two and a half hour dinner with James O'Keefe and his fantastic crew.
And it's just an honor to be around these type of souls who love liberty, who are indomitable, and who have a fighting spirit.
It just makes me feel strong.
And it was really great.
And O'Keefe turned to me after dinner and he said, Hey, we're going to give you a big exclusive tomorrow.
We're going to actually let you break it.
and it's another terrorist.
At 11 a.m.
They caught at the border and a cover-up of what happened.
They were given the internal documents.
That is breaking in 10 minutes at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com and it's going to be breaking simultaneously over at Project Veritas.
And so we're uploading the video report that they gave us last night right now to Band.Video.
That is coming up.
But as we sit here and watch
The Chauvin show trial and experts harassed, jurors' homes visited, the media threatening them, CBS doxing them.
I mean, this is levels of criminal activity never seen in the U.S.
While they throw the book at journalists like our journalist, Sam, who went in the Capitol peacefully and shot the entire situation peacefully.
CNN's allowed to be inside, National Geographic's allowed to be inside.
He's not because he's a Trump supporter.
He didn't break in, the police waved him in.
But they want to put him in prison for seven years.
But Jaden X, well they've already let him out and aren't doing anything to him.
Because he's anti-fun, he was paid by CNN to go in and say, let's burn this mother-effer down.
Of course, CNN hired him because he's black, so they can blame black people when stuff burns down.
That's in the Antifa documents we got three years ago, from 2015.
We got them a few years after that, where Obama was trying to get Antifa to train and prepare blacks to burn down cities so blacks would get the blame.
Man, with friends like that, who needs enemies, ladies and gentlemen?
And so that's all the manipulation, but I want to shift gears
Into this right now, and I think the best place to start is with a very important report by Gregg Reese that's in the Gregg Reese section of Band.Video.
And all of this, after I play this report, will tie into this article on InfoWars.com.
Biden administration bans ICE and CPB from using dehumanizing language such as illegal alien.
Under Latin, the Romans said if someone was from outside, it just means alien, not of the group.
In foreign countries, in Mexico, they call you an alien.
You put on the paperwork.
That's how it is.
But now they've already taught us to call these people all migrants, but they're the ones dehumanizing.
They're the ones trafficking.
They're the ones in the Senate report from five and a half years ago admitting that 10,000 plus children in one survey were placed with smugglers and sex traffickers.
Some were killed.
So if you humanize them and actually want to know what's going on with them, you're dehumanizing and pointing out this is all illegal.
This is all smuggling.
Like when we caught the smuggler packing kids in the back of the car, they go, hey, we're allowed to do this now.
Don't call us a smuggler, even though it's still illegal.
They're just saying, hey, except it's not.
Like Drag Queen Storytime, where topless bars now having adult men dressed as women, like clowns, they're not even dressed like women, having small children get up on stage as they shout profanities at them and tell them they want to have sex with them and stick money in little boys dressed like girls' G-strings at midnight.
But this isn't sexual abuse.
No, this isn't something out of a nightmare.
Disgusting video shows children being paraded around in drag.
Show cash tips being thrown at them.
That ties in with Hollywood movie star, the star of The Passion of the Christ.
Exposes a dream of chrome and child sex trafficking.
And we commend his courage.
The video's at band.video.
It's your mission to share the video if you choose to accept our mission.
Here's the report.
If you were to watch Schindler's List, you would say, boy, that was terrible.
I wish I was around then.
Maybe I could have done something.
You can do something now.
Because they're pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell right now.
In dumps and all kinds of places.
The adrenochroming of children.
Actor Jim Caviezel is being ridiculed and defamed in the mainstream news for speaking out against child trafficking.
While promoting his new film, Sound of Freedom, based on the true story of former U.S.
government agent Tim Ballard, who quit his job to devote his life to rescuing children from global sex traffickers, Jim Caviezel described what adrenochrome is.
Essentially, you have adrenaline in your body.
I'll just simplify it.
And when you are scared, you've produced adrenaline.
If you're an athlete, you get in the fourth quarter, you have adrenaline that comes out of you.
If a child knows he's going to die, his body will secrete this adrenaline.
And they have a lot of terms that they use.
The Mockingbird Media responded by firing a chorus of headlines into the brainwashed minds of the public, all to the tune of, Adrenochrome and the Consumption of Children is a Dangerous Right Wing Lie.
But it isn't.
Millions of people waking up from the generational sleepy lie of pop culture are seeing the ugly truth
Seeing the millions of babies aborted each year sold for fetal body parts.
Seeing old women rub aborted fetal tissue into their skin to appear younger.
And seeing official science comparing young blood to the fountain of youth.
It doesn't matter how many times the lying fake news media decries QAnon, conspiracy theorists, or right-wingers.
Millions are now seeing what they have been busy hiding.
The trafficking of children.
Caviezel warned that the film may never be seen because there are very famous people in Hollywood involved in child trafficking.
And once they see the ships that they transport the children in and all of this stuff,
Well, there's no other film like this.
Our industry can't make this film right now because of a lot of people that are involved in it all over the world that are in this.
And many of these people are very famous.
He even mentioned dumbs.
Because they're pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell right now, and dumbs in all kinds of places.
Deep underground military bases, which we were warned about in 1995 by former government engineer turned whistleblower Phil Schneider.
People have always been telling us this ugly truth.
Alex Jones and David Icke.
William Cooper.
Manly P. Hall.
All the way back to Aristotle.
And now it's all coming out into the open.
The apocalypse.
The revealing of what was once hidden.
Like Plato's allegory of the cave, there are millions who keep themselves ignorantly buried in the mainstream lie.
But millions of us are awakening to the evil truth, and we demand justice.
And these people that do it, there'll be no mercy for them.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
I'm your host Alex Jones, very honored and blessed to be here with you.
Thank you for joining us on this live April 20th Tuesday transmission.
I want to hit this exclusive Project Veritas news that they exclusively gave us to break first.
They're breaking it basically simultaneously as we break it here in a moment.
But the level of pandering, the level of grifting, the level of fake garbage from Biden and Facebook and big tech with the George Floyd thing has hit new lows.
And I'll cover that in a moment.
George Floyd's brother says President Biden called his family to say he's praying for them.
When he's involved with the Chinese ship at the Fentanyl Inn that killed his brother and passed the laws to give blacks three times a prison sentence of whites and tried to block Trump.
Meanwhile, Facebook removes posts by Breonna Taylor's mother criticizing Black Lives Matter saying they never helped her and they're full of crap.
So now the mother of Breonna Taylor, who was killed wrongly, and Senator Paul passed a law to try to stop the no-knock warrants being used too much.
He gets beat up for passing a law to protect her.
It's all upside down.
The cops get beat up for trying to do that.
It's all upside down.
Next level sick.
But here's the breaking Project Veritas News exclusive up on Infowars.com.
Appreciate James O'Keefe Genesis because he was talking about, he goes, you know, you heard about this suspected terrorist on the terrorist watch list that, you know, they caught us and, oh, you mean the two guys?
He goes, no, no, no.
That was a week ago.
And then they ordered that taken down off the Internet.
Biden did, just like he says, don't call me illegal aliens.
Well, don't call him terrorist on the terror watch list out of Yemen.
Well, another one's been grabbed.
Project Veritas exclusive Department of Homeland Security insider leaks quote significant event report to unsuspected terrorists being tracked and apprehended on US-Mexico border.
This is the third one in a couple of weeks and they want this shut down so folks get the article out.
It has the exclusive video embedded in it in the article at InfoWars.com.
Here's the report.
Hello everyone, breaking news.
Project Veritas has just received this confidential report from an insider at the Department of Homeland Security.
This report is a, quote, significant event report.
It shows a Yemen national named al-Bukhari, a known associate of four Yemens on the terrorist watch list, was traveling through Panama
Uh, with them before being encountered at the Mexicali Airport in Mexico on Monday, April 12th.
Now, Albuquerque was then released into the general public by the government of Mexico, and U.S.
Customs and Border Patrol anticipates that Albuquerque will be encountered at the U.S.
southern border
Within the next several days, that means that this guy is going to be encountered at the US-Mexico border.
And this document, we've redacted some bits of it here, but it actually shows his face.
It's an unclassified document, but titled Law Enforcement Sensitive.
We've seen that nomenclature on a lot of these documents obtained from our insiders.
Now this is extremely concerning.
Considering the state and crisis at our southern border, just last week, two other Yemeni nationals on the FBI's terrorism watch list were arrested after illegally crossing the border from Mexico into California.
Even al-Bukhari's brother, who is also on the terrorism watch list, supposedly works at Burger King in Mexicali, Mexico, just south of California on the border.
Now they say it's not a crisis, but when people associated with those on the terrorism watch list are about to cross the border, we'd say that's a crisis.
I just got a message from one of our insiders at the Customs and Border Patrol.
This person says, quote, we're processing the people flooding our border while watching your CNN videos and laughing.
So we appreciate our insiders and whistleblowers inside the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection Department of Homeland Security.
Keep it coming, guys.
We'll keep the videos coming.
Again, the full report is at InfoWars.com.
Very pleased and honored to be working directly with Project Veritas and the amazing work they do.
And the system is definitely scared of all the work that we are doing here together.
So my message to the New World Order is, don't play with me.
Don't play with us.
Because you're playing with fire.
And now the globalists want to burn down America.
They want to hold the police and our local governments hostage so they roll over and a lot of them are.
They're playing with fire.
Playing with fire now, aren't they?
Fire has a way of getting away from you.
Way of blowing back.
Burning you real bad.
That's why I don't play with fire.
Because what did old George Washington say?
Old George, our leader, what'd he say?
He said, fire is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.
But you're the ones playing with fire.
You're the one letting it out of the box and you don't control it.
And those that release the fire are almost always the ones burned by the fire.
You must respect the fire.
And you must keep the fire at arm's length.
But those of you that embrace the fire of 666 will be burned by the fire.
You cannot contain the fire.
And you are not in command of the fire.
Because you're playing with fire.
Wanna play God?
You're not.
Now let's speak of that devil.
These three articles at Infowars.com and Banned.Video all tie together inexorably.
Disgusting video that is hard for me to watch.
You're lucky if you're a radio listener.
Shows children, and by the way, when we air stuff like this, this is not even the really bad stuff, where grown men with erections have glitter on their genitals in Austin
At public events and children hop up and down on it.
And then we air that and stations go, hey, we're going to drop your show.
If you air that, I go, I call up the station managers.
I've done this many times ago.
I agree with you.
That's very obscene.
That was done in downtown Austin, out in the middle of downtown.
It was done in a hotel, in a hotel ballroom.
You know, PBS shows kids hit by napalm in Vietnam that helped end the war.
Naked girl running down the street, her skin falling off.
You think I like looking at that?
They're doing it to little kids.
What am I supposed to do?
But the station said, we understand.
Just people can't handle it.
I can show this video.
There's no naked kids or naked men on this.
This is men hooping and hollering in a strip club at night.
And you've got some black woman that will go on thinking this is cute and fun.
Because Hollywood, Max Like Men and Drag is such a cool thing.
Because they were preparing you for the priest class.
These globalists dress up like clowns.
And they tell you in all the videos we see, we are priests.
We're here to groom your children.
And they have upside down crosses on.
And it's a bunch of perverts and pedophiles.
And sickos parading children up on stage and throwing money at them and saying, we had to bleep it, I want to F you.
I want to suck you.
So when we come back, I'm going to show you playing with fire.
Because if we put up with this stuff, and I've got videos going back years,
Of where they bring up little kids at strip bars and throw money at 7, 8, 9, 10 year old boys.
Now nobody puts up with this being done to girls.
That's a little girl, you don't do that.
The little boy's like, get up there and dress like a girl and you be tough.
And they're 9, 10, 11 years old in front of hundreds of shouting, fat, obese, stinking men with John Wayne, Jay-Z, clown makeup on.
Creepier than hell.
Absolutely frightening!
A lot of times they do mock sacrifice, pulling bloody babies out of their stomachs and everything.
You've seen those videos.
We'll show you that when we come back.
And these children are totally freaked out.
You can see all of them as they drug the kids, and a lot of them as they have sex with them.
And this is just open evil in your face, in the face of God, because if you don't stand up against it, then God removes the edge of protection, and we are destroyed.
The globalists are doing this as a ritual to lower our defenses, to lower our shields.
They're now clear to fire.
There are a lot of diseased
Crazy people who always seek to destroy innocence.
And when we bow down to them, well, we get destroyed.
And speaking of that, since you're radio listeners, you don't have to see this.
I'm going to play the latest article.
You're lucky.
Yet another disgusting video has emerged of children being paraded around during a late night drag queen show in L.A.
as they are encouraged to take cash tips and members of the crowd who tell them, I want to F you.
The woman filming the video expresses her revulsion of the scene, commenting, why in the hell do these people got these effing little bitty kids at this effing drag show?
It's 1140 at night, these kids, these children, in a effing drag show in LA.
And I don't know what it is about women liking this.
When I was getting divorced,
Couple of gorgeous women that lived in the condos with me.
One of them didn't live there.
Well, one of them did.
Said, hey, we want to take you to this drag show contest.
And I'm like, I don't really go to topless bars.
And they go, no, no, no.
This is tasteful.
It was in North Austin.
I lived in downtown then.
I was like a year into my divorce.
I'm like, OK.
I wasn't divorced yet.
I mean, I'll go with you.
They were two gorgeous brunettes.
And I get there and I go, what the hell?
This is like half of these are men and the smell of the hormones are sick.
And then they all got mad at me that I was there.
And they're like, you're right.
We didn't know it was all men.
We thought there'd be a few here.
But I remember and we were there like 15 minutes in this theater.
Let's go.
Cause you get in, you see it, you know, you get through the line and it was packed with people.
And I remember there were like 12, 13, 14 year old kids there.
They didn't look too happy to be there.
So see, there's this whole societal thing, like Bob Hope dresses up like a woman.
They do it at Bohemian Grove.
They have all these movies about drag queens and how cool they are.
And you know, it's a fun stunt.
Steven Crowder did it and it's funny.
I haven't even thought about doing it.
Cause you know, it can be a funny Halloween costume.
I'm not saying people are bad if they've done that, but the way the media desensitized this, now if you look at Drag Queen Storytime around the world, not just here, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates funds it as well, it's come out through his subsidiaries, it's like really gross looking dudes, well like clowns, like demons, and then the kids sit in their laps, and the men make all these weird faces like,
I mean, you've seen the videos.
We've played them, and they pull out babies out of their stomachs, bleeding, fake babies.
Maybe roll that if you can find it.
I mean, you can.
It's really satanic.
It's very macabre.
Yeah, this is some footage in Austin, right?
Stations complain about this, so don't don't show the part with the guy totally naked with glitter with children humping him.
I mean, but it's like a dude with a major slong and there's kids riding him, but he's got glitter on his genitals.
So it's oh, it's covered.
I mean, this is all illegal.
And so I just couldn't imagine being a child and being around these, because it's a pack of lunatics.
I mean, they're all on drugs.
They're on all sorts of crazy hormones.
They're doing all sorts of insane things.
And I've been around it for 15 minutes.
And it made me physically sick, and we ran out of there and got away.
This was praised by the media a few years ago.
Yeah, watch this.
This person says they're a devil worshiper.
He says he's a woman, and then he pulls out the baby and kills it and drinks the blood.
But this is what's really going on.
That's called lesser magic.
They show you publicly what they're doing or what they desire internally, and it's about a man saying, I'm a woman,
And by saying he's a woman, he takes over that power and then says, I'm going to kill the baby.
And these women sit around and act like it's really sexy and it's powerful.
And these men all out there getting off on it like this is really avant-garde.
This is really... So they live off our free society.
They live off the largess and they just do whatever they want.
It's like two-year-old girls having big fat men come up and shake their ass in their face.
So let's go ahead and show the latest video of them.
I want to have sex with you.
I want to just screaming like a howling mob of demons at two little boys dressed like girls.
They look like maybe 8, 9, 10 years old.
Here it is.
Why in the hell these people got these f***ing little bitty ass kids at this f***ing drag show, y'all?
But it's 11.30 at night.
It is 11.40 at night.
These people have children in a f***ing drag show in L.A.
on a big, look at this s***.
Oh, you're too pretty, girl.
Telling her get her money.
Look at this fucking bullshit.
Look at this bullshit now.
Look, look, they giving them money, yo.
Little girls now.
Highest incidence of suicide, highest incidence of drug abuse, highest incidence of HIV, you name it, in the quote, drag queen society, drag queen operation.
And it's transhumanism, they can get you except that.
They can get you to accept anything.
Don't forget the big exclusive Project Veritas report just broke at Infowars.com with terrorists being caught again in the cover-up.
But this all ties in with Hollywood movie star exposes adrenochrome in child sex trafficking and the media demonizes him.
Hell, they keep babies alive and sell their organs.
Governor Northam admits that.
This is all hiding in plain view.
And Richard Dawkins canceled his 1996 Humorist of the Year effort tweets about transgenders and the attack on women's rights.
So's J.K.
So's all of them.
It's simply the takeover of our civilization.
Let me tell you who we got coming up for you today.
Haven't had him on in probably five, six years.
He's a medical doctor, a zoologist, made major discoveries.
Help educate me about so much.
Dr. Joel Wallach is going to be popping in.
On a host of issues, the Norm Pattis constitutional lawyer will give his take on the latest in the Chauvin trial, and then Robert Barnes will be popping in after that, and then Paul Joseph Watson will host the fourth hour.
I've only scratched the surface on a lot of this key information so far, but let me just real quick throw this out at everybody right now.
We are listener-supported.
And I appreciate you, and you're doing an amazing job.
And we've done things in the past that ended up having a huge effect.
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This is the film.
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It's time to read Mad Maxine the Riot Act.
She stepped in it.
Because everybody says you're supposed to go to prison if you walk through the door that robs the Capitol.
Well she says burn everything down.
She says get in people's faces.
She says get more aggressive.
Some people have logic.
That's not working.
All of these young children who are next to each other six inches apart, many without masks by the way, does that follow your guidance that you've issued?
Well then, why would the Biden administration not go and stop this?
Instead of the establishment sending their associates to the border, they are instead aiding and abetting the future destruction and death toll in Minneapolis and other major cities that have long been on a razor's edge.
Well National Guard troops providing security for residents in the area of Penn Avenue and Broadway in Minneapolis this morning were shot at at 419 a.m.
The guard says the gunshots came from a white SUV towards a Minnesota National Guard and Minneapolis police team providing neighborhood security in that area.
The two National Guard troops suffered minor injuries.
One National Guard member had to go to a hospital for treatment of lacerations from shattered glass.
Of course, the worst of these is Maxine Waters, who got away with promoting violence against those that don't share her views.
No peace, no sleep!
And if you see anybody from that cabinet, in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd!
And you push back on them!
And you tell them they're not welcome!
There are those who said that we lacked civility when I got up and talked about the President's Cabinet.
And I said, if you see him anywhere, if you see him at a restaurant, if you see him in a department store, even at a gasoline station, just tell him you're not welcome here anywhere.
And so it frightened a lot of people.
And of course, the lying president said that I had threatened all of his constituents.
I did not threaten his constituents, his supporters.
I do that all the time, but I didn't do it that time.
Now Mad Maxine has descended upon the volatile streets of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, in the process violating 18 U.S.
Code 2101 that states whoever travels in interstate commerce, including but not limited to the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television with intent to incite a riot
Or to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot.
Or to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years or both.
Yes, I would like to see the bill in Congress passed on police reform, but I know that the right wing, the racists, are opposed to it, and I don't know what's going to happen to it, but I know this, we've got to stay in the street, and we've got to demand justice.
We're looking for a guilty verdict, and we're looking to see if all of the talk that took place and has been taking place after they saw
What happened to George Floyd?
If nothing does not happen, then we know that we've got to not only stay in the street, but we've got to fight for justice.
But I am very hopeful and I hope that we're going to get verdicts that say guilty, guilty, guilty.
And if we don't, we cannot go away.
And not just manslaughter, right?
I mean... Oh no, not manslaughter.
No, no, no.
This is guilty.
For murder.
I don't know whether it's in the first degree, but as far as I'm concerned, it's first degree murder.
What should protesters do?
Well, we've got to stay on the street.
And we've got to get more active.
We've got to get more confrontational.
We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.
Got to make sure that they know we make business.
So here she's demanding the jury convict of the top count and if they don't they're basically extorting them that they're going to increase being in the streets, increase the level of confrontation.
And this comes in the context in which there have been riots for days, attacks on police for days, attacks on police precincts for days, attacks on local people who can't even get to
Well, the judge in the Chauvin show trial
Has been praised for criticizing Mad Maxine Waters, but Mad Maxine's not mad.
She's a globalist Chinese communist agent that sold out her black community, who signed on to the 1990s crime bill that gave black people three times the sentence.
She signed on to Planned Parenthood being built in black neighborhoods to exterminate them.
Planned Parenthood now admitted that yesterday.
Planned Parenthood's CEO cancels founder Margaret Sanger over eugenics racism.
This is a monstrous pig creature.
Who uses a few bad things that happen as a pretext to burn the country down, if the media says so, to give the media all the power.
And so Mad Max team that's always calling for this violence, boy have you been walked in the Capitol and the cops let you in through the velvet ropes.
She wants you in prison for years.
You're a terrorist.
But when somebody burns something down, Cuomo on CNN agrees.
Whoever said protesting had to be peaceful?
Hell, I played the clip on Sunday in a special report I did.
Maybe we should dig that up.
Cuomo saying we need some white kids to die before we do something about the police.
And I saw more headlines from CBS News.
We need white people to stand up to the epidemic of police violence against black people.
There's some police sometimes discriminating against black people.
The police do something wrong.
Sure, that goes on sometimes.
But statistically, they're killing about 14 black men a year in questionable circumstances.
It's a red herring.
It's a distraction from what's going on.
I'm a big critic of the police because I don't want them going under globalist control and having all these police state powers, which the left wants.
All the leftist countries are where they'll beat the living snot out of you.
If you go out after their curfew, or you don't wear a mask, or you don't move a Muslim in with you, they don't care whether you're black or white, they'll break your head in.
And the media's like, oh, that's a good thing when that happens.
All that footage of black people being beat up in New York, not wearing masks?
And it's like, well, they deserve it.
But oh, boy, if it's a black guy waving a knife around or shooting at cops and he gets killed, well, then we got to have the media come in and make a big deal about it to teach the police the media is in charge and the globalists and George Soros, who's got most of the DAs and most accounting attorneys and now over half
Of the Attorney Generals, one way or another, even some Republicans are funded by him.
I mean, they have taken over, ladies and gentlemen, the globalist app.
They got a red diaper doper baby, son of the weatherman, as the DA in San Francisco.
This is incredibly dangerous, and you see that judge up there.
Well, we don't just listen to a congresswoman.
You know, we don't need a mistrial.
No, you just have the jurors, people going to their houses the last two days, CBS News doxing them.
You got people going to where one of the witnesses lived two years ago and putting pig blood and a severed pig head on his property.
No, you just got the media saying they're gonna burn down everything if you don't send him to prison.
This isn't about that cop!
It's about lawlessness and terrorism and this mob, this French Revolution, Maoist, Bolshevik Revolution, October Revolution,
Take over.
That's what this is all about.
In fact, show them the pig blood.
It's in one of the videos I sent you guys.
Being a defense witness for Chauvin isn't safe at all.
They go to his house where he hadn't lived in two years, throw pig blood all over the house and a pig head.
And they're the good guys, folks.
Hell, if they shoot him, they'll be heroes.
The media will just cover it up because they want a big mob of violent people, black, white, doesn't matter, that the left can control.
But again, Nancy Pelosi and her surrogate Maxine Waters and Bill Gates and all of them are playing with fire.
Your Bolshevik Revolution may have worked in Russia.
It may have worked in China.
It's not going to work here, Jack.
So here's the so-called judge saying they're getting a fair trial while criticizing Maxine Waters.
If this isn't a mistrial, there'll never be one in the history of the world.
Here it is.
I'm aware that Congressman Waters was talking specifically about this trial and about the unacceptability of anything less than a murder conviction and talk about being confrontational, but you can submit the press articles about that.
This goes back to what I've been saying from the beginning.
I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in a manner that is disrespectful to the rule of law and to the judicial branch in our function.
I think if they want to give their opinions, they should do so in a respectful and in a manner that is consistent with their oath to the Constitution, to respect a co-equal branch of government.
Their failure to do so I think is abhorrent, but I don't think it is prejudiced with additional material that would prejudice the jury.
They have been told not to watch the news.
I trust they are following those instructions and that there is not in any way a prejudice to the defendant beyond the articles that we're talking specifically about the facts of this case.
A Congresswoman's opinion really doesn't matter a whole lot.
Anyway, so motion for mistrial is denied.
So, the motion...
To say this trial is a fraud is denied, because it doesn't matter if you've got thousands of people blocking roads, coming in, taking over, burning things down, shooting up police stations, saying they're going to get the jurors, going to their houses.
Oh no, there's not a mistrial here at all.
The president calling, the family saying, I'm praying for you, that you get justice.
No, no, no.
This isn't a bunch of foreign globalist criminals taking the country over, distracting off the death of one man.
As Stalin said, one man dies, it's a tragedy, 10,000 dies is a statistic.
They're using this
As a diversion, when we come back, I'll show you the video of what they're doing to folks not wearing masks, or leaving their houses, and what the real tyranny is, as they starve tens of millions with the lockdown.
But here's another clip.
Police drag away man attacked by BLM mob, and the worst part is take orders from the protesters.
So he's trying to get to his house, they're calling him a white supremacist on the news, he doesn't even look white to me.
But imagine if you were in a black neighborhood or any other neighborhood.
You just pull up, get to your house, there's a bunch of people saying you're not getting your house.
And beating on your car.
I mean, I'm sure I'm not going to do that in a black neighborhood, I'll tell you that.
I mean, in a white neighborhood, I'd probably get my ass kicked.
In a Hispanic neighborhood, I'd probably get my ass kicked.
But let me tell you, in a black neighborhood, I'd get killed real fast.
I don't care if I was black or white.
You try to pull up your house and 50 people are blocking you?
You're going to get your ass kicked or dead.
But that's okay, because this is a white neighborhood, they think, so they deserve it.
They're bad people.
That's where the bad people live.
I mean, after all, Maxine Waters said so.
These are racist idiots.
Here it is.
It's white virtue singlers with black people on motorcycles.
A motorcycle gang stops your car, bows up.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I'd grab a baseball bat out and go crazy.
I mean, that's what the left wants.
They're pushing everybody.
If white people were blocking me with motorcycles, they're going to get their ass beat.
If it's black people, they're going to get their ass beat.
I'm going to try.
I mean, think about this footage.
Start it over.
We'll come back with the rest of it.
Start it over.
This is gang thuggery.
This stuff doesn't fly in Texas.
White people, man.
Now the cops get him.
Hey, buddy, you don't go to your house.
You don't go to your family.
You're going to jail.
You're the bad man.
The police have bowed to Soros and all the money in the media.
And that's how America falls.
And they can control the police.
It's over.
We got a full civil war.
And the police don't really have something to worry about.
Oh, you big tough guys.
They don't hire tough guys anymore, because tough guys wouldn't put up with that.
They hire social workers.
They hire liberals.
We hate the police!
We want to kill the police!
Hey, police, arrest that white devil!
Yes, sir!
It's another big fat-ass communist woman.
Black Lives Matter stands for Black Lavish Mansions.
We are actually witnessing it.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
We're witnessing the big corporate media, foreign-owned in almost every case.
Backing death camps in China, exploitation all over the world, the worst behavior.
Saying white people are inherently evil at universities and the culture and the media.
And I see some of the comments on Infowars and Bandai Video.
It's a minority of comments, but you're welcome to your comments.
You're like, Jones!
You're going too easy on black people.
You know, they're racist and attacking us.
You see that mind control?
That doesn't mean if a group of white people, black people, polka dotted people attack me or mess with me, I'm going to defend myself.
And I'm not going to be guilty about it.
But I know the master plan to play us off against each other.
It's all admitted.
We have the documents.
This is all a plan to bring the damn country down and wreck the ship.
This is the plan to break the country up and loot the hell out of everybody.
And then we're going to be living in hell.
And they're going to use divide and conquer to control us just like the British Empire did in other countries.
And if you watch this video, I'm not lionizing all black people.
I know it's 10 to 1 black on white crime.
I know the media set it up that way.
I know the culture did that.
It's sad.
It's bad.
But in all these BLM events, it's like 20, 30 white people and three or four black people who they have at the front of the line, who they admit they use at the front of the line.
And then the black controllers trained as Marxists even say,
White allies in the back, because they don't want them seen, they want it to look like it's blacks doing it, to scapegoat the blacks while they start the race war.
So I'm smart enough to play chess while other folks are playing checkers.
But I see the comment, like, you're defending, I'm defending, I'm watching what's going on, I'm not defending any of it.
This is a setup, ladies and gentlemen.
Just like Antifa was there to set up the Patriots to go into the Capitol, but there were some Patriots went along with it.
I'm not against the Patriots either, but we need to be smart.
I'm not against the black people, but you need to be smart.
And by the way, you have the mothers of people killed that Black Lives Matter uses to raise $10.6 billion black
Lesbian Marxist is one acronym I've heard.
And again, they say we don't want a nuclear family.
We want black men to become women.
That's not your friend.
That's black lesbian Marxist.
But the acronym I've come up with is... What is it?
What did I say?
Buying Lavish Mansions.
That's right.
And when it came out that she didn't have one or two or four or six or eight mansions in airfields and hundreds of millions of dollars, and the mother of Breonna Taylor, who they've launched this whole movement on, said, I've never gotten help.
I've never had anybody come to me.
Black Lives Matter is a joke.
She doesn't have a voice.
Facebook bans her.
She said, I've never personally dealt with a BLM in Louisville.
And personally have found them to be a fraud.
I can walk in a room full of people who claim to be here for Breonna's family, who don't even know who I am.
I've watched y'all raise money on behalf of Breonna's family, who has never done a damn thing for us, nor have they needed it or asked.
So talk about fraud.
It's amazing how many people have lost focus.
The mother of Breonna Taylor doesn't even have a voice on Facebook because she's a white supremacist according to them.
They're all the little liberal chicken neck technocrats.
They control reality and they decide you don't have a voice because they're raising billions of dollars off her dead daughter's name and a questionable police shooting.
One that's actually questionable.
That Rand Paul passed a law to deal with so he gets beat up by the police for doing it.
Say her name!
Say her name!
While the head of Black Lives Matter makes hundreds of millions of dollars herself dressing up in devil outfits.
What a sick joke.
And now she's threatening to sue black people that criticize her when she literally does rituals dressed up like a
Demon out of hell.
And everyone worships her.
This is a sick joke.
This is meant to destroy the community, no matter what color you are.
That's who these delusional freakazoids are.
And they have the media's control.
They're all a bunch of hunchback globalists.
And we keep bowing down to them.
And look, none of them against fat people.
I'm a little bit overweight.
But what's up with these Black Lives Matter women all wearing, weighing 500, 600 pounds?
Crazy Marxists that hate the black family, hate everybody, weighing 300, 400, 500, 600 pounds, dressed up in devil outfits.
And we don't know they're the bad guys?
These are the bad guys!
She's not the resistance, she's the establishment!
She's the enemy!
God Almighty, it's obvious.
Go back to a guy trying to get back to his kids.
They arrested him, it later came out.
For not backing down.
I'm just like this guy, man.
I see a bunch of people in my face and the reason I stand up.
Well, the police took him to jail because he wasn't going to back down, because they already backed down.
They already bowed.
They already got on their knees and on their bellies.
They didn't kill George Floyd, but they still got on their bellies.
And did it make the Black Lives Matter go away?
It made it worse because you got on your knees.
Here it is.
Roll from the start.
Roll to the starway, take him to jail.
You're not going to your neighborhood, buddy.
You're not going to your house.
That my house is right there.
I just want to go to my house.
We've got the two whites and a big black guy comes looking at his face.
They're called white house guys.
They're all people that are 2-3 degrees, in college, with no job.
They all got their motorcycles.
They're a motorcycle family.
But that's okay, you gotta bow down to the Marxists.
It's their streets and the police agree.
Just like they did in Russia.
They first got the police to bow down in Moscow.
That's right, you own the police now, you sack of filth!
Big ol' fat demon.
It's just unbelievable.
While Africa starves to death, you got these big-ass fat communist ladies all getting rich off this stuff.
And they want an explosion.
And the clock is ticking down on the Chauvin verdict.
It'll come in five minutes.
It'll come in five hours.
But I got the headline at m4wars.com.
Verdict announced!
Watch live, verdict reached at the Chauvin trial.
Anyway you slice it, America's being divided and conquered by the globalists because we're too stupid to figure it out.
But actually we are figuring it out.
That's why they want censorship.
All right, I want to open the phones up.
Head of two lawyers joining us.
What do you think of the Chauvin trial?
What do you predict the verdict's going to be?
I want to take your call straight ahead.
Tomorrow's news today.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
Coming up next segment, the article just broke with video.
We've got to bleep it though.
Military members say, F no, we won't take the vaccine.
That's coming up.
Absolutely incredible.
Biden invokes Maxine Waters.
I'm praying Chauvin's verdict is the right verdict.
So they can burn down the cities and again distract from their shycom service.
I mean, this is the country in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble.
So pray for a global awakening.
We're going to open the phones up to get your take on when do you think the verdict's going to be?
What do you think the verdict's going to be?
And the response of burning cities.
Well, this is just justice.
People getting shot, people getting killed.
Random hordes of Marxists, black, white, Hispanic, you name it, marching into neighborhoods that are middle class and attacking people, shooting people in the head!
The media's like, well... Remember back when they were trying to get a race worker on five, six years ago under Obama?
They were shooting up all the police stations in Louisiana and Texas and California and like five cops here, six cops there, dead cops everywhere.
CNN's like Cuomo and others are like, well, I mean, you better reform yourselves.
That's what happens when you're bad.
You know, if a cop does something a thousand miles away that might be questionable, well, you just pull up to a group of cops and you just shoot them.
And where would they do it at Black Lives Matter rallies?
They would do it at anti-police rallies.
Trayvon Martin rallies.
And you just shoot a bunch of cops.
And the shooters were so dumb, a lot of times they'd shoot black cops, too.
And the media would be like, well, you know, the black cops are bad, too.
Totally mindless idiocy.
The breakdown of civilization.
Truly dangerous.
Truly out of control.
I'm gonna go to your phone calls.
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Let's go to your calls.
Open phones Anthony, Hazy, Carlos, Burger, Bob, Catherine, Taylor, and others.
Let's talk to Catherine in Canada.
Thank you, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, how are you doing today?
I'm just watching him play us like a fiddle.
What do you think?
How are you doing?
Oh, the same.
I think, okay, so number one on the verdict, I think it's going to be a hung jury.
I think a lot of people got scared about the Maxine Waters comment.
Even the defense lawyer brought it up that his phone was blowing up on the trial.
And that's what I think.
I think they're going to be a hung jury and they're going to retry him.
I think they're going to try to keep this going all year.
Yeah, I think Maxine's totally controlled.
She's a demon.
I think they told her to go do that to hang the jury.
I agree.
To cause the blow-up.
Because they're all, you know the Justice Department's tapping the phones.
The jurors are totally corrupt.
The Justice Department, it turned out, ran the whole Trayvon Martin response.
And I think they sent her in to get a hung jury.
I agree with you.
So they can have a bigger blow-up.
Yes, and I think that's what's going to happen.
I just want to bring up a quick thing.
I just want to know, did you see that Bill Maher segment where he pretty much told his audience that the liberal media has been lying about COVID the whole time?
I just want to know your thoughts on the Bill Maher segment, because I haven't heard him talk about that yet.
Well, I think Bill Maher's very talented, very watchable.
I don't agree with a lot of what he says, but I mean, I think the guy's smart.
Yeah, he said COVID's basically a giant hoax and a fraud.
Oh, and I forgot to hit that.
Now, major study says the masks do not protect you from viruses and give you bacterial pneumonia and are killing people and causing brain damage in masks.
But the left loves it, though.
Yeah, well Bill Maher, he's actually starting to agree with the rest of us, claiming that the liberal media is just lying to keep everybody in control.
Well, I agree.
I actually shot a video Saturday that has got about 300,000 views, or maybe 500,000 views.
We pulled the Bill Maher on Bandit Video, folks.
And I said, hey, I've always admired Bill Maher.
I thought it was funny and politically incorrect.
I think he's a great talk show host.
I disagree with a lot of the sick things he says, but he's obviously very entertaining.
He's obviously very smart.
And he said, I shouldn't be censored.
He said, Alex Jones should not be censored.
He should not be sued for what he says.
He has the right to say it.
We have a right to counter him.
And he stood up for me, my God, even when I've attacked him and said horrible things about him.
And the other is 570,000 views must see watch Bill Maher comes out against COVID-19 hoax.
And he just devastates it as basically a fraud.
Yeah, exactly.
I just think, I think he's pretty much, he's not going to become like a regular Democrat on the left.
He's going to have to come out as a libertarian, or they're going to start calling him a fraud.
Oh, actually, they've been demonizing him before this, saying, stop burning down random neighborhoods, stop shooting random police.
That's what bad guys do.
Yeah, no, he's, look,
Alex, love the show, love all the products.
I'm a firm believer.
And a true patriot in the M4.
Love you too, brother.
Love you, Alex.
What do you think is going to go down with this crazy thing?
Well, the Chauvin trial, much like the lady that just was on the phone with Catherine from Canada, it probably is going to be hung because they are intimidating the people.
But then again, these damn cops that aren't protecting the populace, let alone they're not going to protect the jurors that are part of the case.
But I'm wondering, you know,
A lot of these types of cases happen all over the place, but you know, this is one of the most controversial ones.
How come crap like this does not happen in places like Texas, you know, in Houston, or, or, or, you know,
Or even everywhere else, you know, because there was some damage in downtown Houston whenever they had their little march.
Carlos, don't hang up.
It sounds like a really smart question.
I want to get the whole question in and try to answer it as best I can.
They choose liberal cities to do this, to exercise their power to burn things down.
And as liberal as you think Austin or Houston is, it's not.
They want it in the city they totally control to be an example to the rest of the country.
Yeah, I grew up in Dallas in the 1980s, early 90s.
And if you blocked off somebody's neighborhood, I don't care if it was a neighborhood of black, white, polka-dotted people, you're gonna get your ass kicked.
But now the police in places like Minnesota, when they block off a neighborhood, a bunch of weird-ass white people on their motorcycles with one black dude, they're parading around like he's their get-out-of-jail-free card.
Some guy says, I'm going home to my family, he gets in their face, they start roughing him up, he goes to jail.
And then the Black Lives Matter white people, with the one token black guy they've got, say, good job, police!
Now you do what we say!
You don't want to get rid of the police.
You want them to let you go around and act like a bunch of dirty criminals.
That's called Bolshevism, ladies and gentlemen, but we've got resistance forming.
You know, I kept telling you they would get select groups of Marines and Army that they'd already pre-questioned and say, oh, we got 49% took the shot.
But I went and looked at the real force structure numbers, made some calls.
They said, no, 75% of the Marines are refusing, about 70% of the Army.
And sure enough, it's in the news now that the vast majority are refusing.
Texas is like 15% quote, vaccinated.
Oh, I thought it was half the country.
I thought we all wanted it.
We all lined up around the block.
Only people susceptible to bull.
Now they admit the vaccine doesn't protect you.
Now they admit you gotta get 10 of them a year!
Now they say you gotta keep wearing the mask forever!
The original articles were 39-49% of Marines refusing.
No, that was in the select groups you already questioned.
And when the rubber met the road, they said no.
So there's a new video that needs to go viral by a Don Salazar article on Infowars.com.
Military members say, F no, we won't take the vaccine.
So we bleeped this, and here it is.
Did you get the vaccine?
Hey, did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did y'all get the vaccine?
Did y'all get the vaccine?
Hey, did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
Did you get the vaccine?
If no, I don't want to die.
Burn in hell, Bill Gates!
Burn in hell, you little bastard.
You're not going to get what you want.
Humanity is waking up.
Humanity is rising.
So they built their attack up for decades, prepared it.
They launched it.
Looks like we're losing, but we're not.
Their huge assault is failing.
I want to warn you, though, they've got other tricks up their sleeves, so this will not be easy.
But it doesn't matter.
They're coming to kill everybody, so you might as well say no.
You might as well fight.
I'm not gonna lie to you about the future, though.
We got a big battle ahead of us.
You can figure it out now, or you can figure it out later.
And I know this audience figured it out, and I love you.
You're awesome.
But I'm talking to everybody that tunes in, going, what's this show all about?
Well, now you know what I'm saying.
What's this guy saying?
Not the edited clips, not the stuff out of context, when I act goofy once a week or something.
The real damn deal.
There are real people in this world.
There's real warnings.
There's truth in this world, not just lies.
And it's right here!
I'll tell the truth or I'll die trying.
So Carlos, boiling it down, what are you getting at?
Because you're bringing up some good points about liberal cities.
Why are they attacking liberal cities?
They're doing it because they control them there and the police will stand down and let the riots get bigger to then scare all the rest of the cities.
Does that make sense?
Yes, sir.
It makes perfect sense.
But then there's also the component you were just talking about, people not getting vaccinated.
So I have people
That work together with the community and the city of Houston, and I don't want to go into too much detail, but they're not being pressured, but every week they have conference calls trying to get these community leaders and churches to be COVID centers, to inoculate people.
You're talking about churches, you're talking about gymnasiums, everything, yeah.
Yes, churches specifically, of course, you know, churches have lots of
I don't
They don't want to have to do it to other people, but every single week.
Right now it's optional, and they're asking the people that are part of your response program.
You just gotta say no.
You gotta say no, hell no, and then start Tuskegee and the history of secret experimentation meetings.
Start organizing meetings at your churches about this, and explain to your pastors.
It doesn't go away until they get on the attack.
They need to stop just fighting this by accepting it, but saying no.
You've got to go on offense because this is not a vaccine.
This is a mRNA system that top scientists say is going to destroy our genetics.
Thank you, Carlos.
Here's the problem.
A lot of people go into media because they just want to be famous and make money.
And a lot of people are too ugly to be in TV, so they're on radio.
And that's a famous saying.
And a lot of folks can't get into Hollywood, so they get into whatever.
And most people that are preachers... I mean, real preachers are out missionaries in Africa and Latin America and Asia, or they're out helping homeless.
I know a lot of real Christians.
They're out at soup kitchens and they're doing things like that.
Or like, Ron Paul's a Christian.
He would give away, until he retired, a third of his medical practice.
It was free.
My dad, a third of his practice was free until he retired, because he was a real Christian.
You were supposed to do that.
Being a Christian means you're a servant.
It also means you serve God before man.
But I go to most of these big mega churches.
I've been invited to them, I've been to them, and man, it's a bunch of feel-good, everything's fine crap.
Now scan your QR code to get in and make sure you don't have COVID.
They're gonna tell you to take the mark of the beast, folks.
They're not churches.
They are feel-good clubs.
And I'm not gonna judge them, because I got a stick in my eye, too.
But I'll tell you this, I don't feel the spirit of God in those places.
And that's a sad thing.
I feel a bunch of people that are hedging their bets on eternity.
They're not sure God's real, so they go to a church.
Well, if God's real, I gave God, it's kind of like playing craps, where a lot of people will bet where they put on a bunch of numbers.
I'm not sure what number's going to win, but I'm just going to put a bunch.
Hillary told Larry Nichols, she said, I don't know if God and Satan's real, but I go to devil worship and I go to church.
That's how soulless she was.
She literally would go do all this occultic stuff, but also go to church and pray to Jesus.
That's how cut off she was, thinking it was like she was hedging her bets.
There ain't no hedging your bets with this, ladies and gentlemen.
You're all in.
If you knew the Holy Spirit, you'd know that.
Or if you read the Bible, you'd know that.
You were hot nor cold, I spit you out of my mouth.
God respects the Satanists.
At least they joined Lucifer.
You people playing games
And pretending that you can hedge your bets, there's no hedging your bets on eternity.
So you better put your money on the square.
You better put it on the number, and you better bet it all!
That's all it comes down to.
There's no hedging bets.
There's no hedging bets.
All right, who's up next here who's been home the longest?
Let's go to Hazy in Colorado, you're on the air, welcome.
How's it going, Alex?
What's up, brother?
Hey, so about this trial, it just seems like the perfect storm is upon us.
And by the perfect storm, I mean their perfect storm.
So I think we all know that everybody in this world is bought and paid for.
Whether it be your boss paying your, you know, giving you your check so you could pay rent.
Sure, Bob Dylan says that you got to serve somebody.
Yeah, so you're always going to serve somebody whether it be good or bad.
You know, working for your boss is good, but then bosses change.
It goes from good to evil.
So when you're working for an evil boss, you're going to follow what they say.
Now, we all know that jurors, they're picked, right?
They don't just land.
So picked is the same thing as placed, which means they could have placed the correct jury in there or jurors.
The maximum output would happen, which is burning down cities and I mean, nearly every city, and that takes it to the level of.
Unoperable cities.
That means, you know, stores aren't going to be open.
They're going to be all burned down.
I mean, how long would it take?
Oh, that's the plan.
They want the social contract broke.
Plowed and pebbed in the fall of America.
So how long would it take for us to rebuild?
Or would we rebuild?
I agree.
They wouldn't place a jury to find him guilty.
They'd place them to find him non-guilty to make sure it happens.
Exactly, that's what I'm trying to get to, is that it seems like all this false stuff that's in the news, you know, the way that they're like building it up and then you get Mad Maxine.
That's like building it up like a crescendo, you know?
It's like we're just peaking.
Hold on, don't hang up.
Stay there, Hasey.
Don't hang up, Hasey, and I'll get to Berger and everybody else that's holding here, Anthony and others.
We'll be right back.
And then we've got Robert Barnes popping in.
We've got constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis, both top lawyers in the country, joining us to give their take on this.
By the way, they're both liberals, but now they're obviously more nationalists because they see the takeover.
And then they say this trial is a total fiasco.
We're now into hour number three.
Constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis joins us in just about six minutes.
We'll go back to your calls.
Hazy, you're making some great points about this is a big move.
This has been geared up for a long time, the way they're playing this, the way Maxine Waters is pushing it.
They want war.
They want burning cities to distract away from what Joe Biden's been doing.
How do we stop this?
How do we peacefully somehow fix this?
Well, that's the point is I don't think there's any way that we can peacefully fix this because you can't, you can't be peaceful.
I'm not saying to start anything, but I'm saying.
No, but I mean, somebody comes trying to hurt me.
I don't care what color they are.
They're going to die.
The point being is, is that there is no peaceful way to do it.
That's why it's the perfect storm.
They know it.
They've set it up that way to where we can't defend ourselves in any direction.
And my, my whole point here is, is if he is found guilty,
Then that means that, you know, in my mind, that the jury wasn't paid off.
And then we have to worry about the next storm.
So we're going to figure out a lot.
This is like a breaking point, in my opinion, of what's really going on, like how much theater is actually happening right now and how many people are actually paid off.
I agree with you.
Well, what do you think?
Do you think the officer deserves the charge?
I think the charge is way over what it could be.
Maybe manslaughter.
I think it's too intense.
There's no way that he did this intentionally.
I mean, in my opinion, you know, I've had good experiences with cops even though they've written me tickets.
Why would you kill somebody in front of 30 people knowing you're going to prison?
Even if he was a psycho, he wouldn't do it.
Yeah, so it just boils down to we're right on the breaking point.
We're going to learn a lot about this.
But that doesn't make me feel any better.
Like, as in safer.
You know, I live out in the mountains, so I'm not worried about things burning down here.
You're in the right place, brother.
I gotta go.
How are we gonna, like I said, are we gonna build back if cities burn?
Or are they gonna leave it that way?
No, that's the plan.
It's bankrupt the country.
That's the UN plan.
You get it, brother.
Alright, Anthony in Florida, then Bob, and then we got our special guest.
Go ahead, Anthony.
Hey, what's up Alex?
How you doing?
Man, I'm just tired of these chumps, man.
I mean, I see the whole thing they're rolling out with Maxine, and it's just like, you know, it's like in their deck of cards, you know?
It's just like...
They tried the vaccine thing.
That backfired on them.
I mean, most of the social media is awake.
It's insane, man.
I've been listening 11 years.
I see people now, man.
I just see the liberty in them rising up.
Um, and, and you know, everybody's just seeing the fraud.
That's what I see is people waking up as negative as things are politically at the top.
I see the whole bottom waking up.
Is that what you're saying?
I've never seen this and I've been, uh, before it was popular to, you know, uh, love freedom and everything.
Yeah, man.
You know, I see people
Man, I just hope for the best, man, because I'm not taking the vaccine passports and all that.
Luckily, DeSantis doesn't want to do that, you know.
Luckily, man, I'm in Florida where people are waking up and we're seeing, like, real liberty come here.
And I definitely want it to stay like that, man.
I don't want this thing to turn into New York or any of these, you know, Democrat-controlled cities where they just go, and the worst has just begun.
You know?
I mean, all their cities are hellholes.
I mean, New York used to be nice.
used to be nice.
San Francisco used to be nice.
Seattle used to be nice.
Now they're run into the ground.
God bless you.
All right.
I'm going to get to Berger and everybody else that's holding, but I've got, and Rob and others of that order, and Justin.
Norm Pettis is a top criminal lawyer, constitutional lawyer, free speech lawyer.
He's my lawyer in a lot of cases, but he's coming on separately about this case and the time bomb we're watching.
And what happens when a judge says, well, what Maxine Waters did was despicable and terrible and abhorrent, but it didn't affect this trial?
I'm not a lawyer, but man, they're threatening jurors at their houses, they're threatening witnesses, they're pouring pig blood and pig's heads at their houses, and they're saying we're going to go crazy if you don't do this.
That puts pressure on people.
And then the judge goes, well, I'm sure the jurors aren't watching TV because I told them.
If this isn't a mistrial, then I don't know what is.
And then, is there double jeopardy?
What happens?
We'll talk about it all with Norm Pattis in 60 seconds.
When you share those URLs, Bill Gates gets really, really upset.
Endgame, blueprint for global enslavement, is one of the most important films ever made.
Fourteen years ago, we tracked and documented the Bilderberg Group's activities and their plan for a great reset using the threat of a fake virus.
The film now is more important than ever.
When it shot to number one on Amazon last year, they banned it.
We have it back in print, available now at Infowarstore.com.
I don't know.
Norm Pettis joins us for two segments.
I really appreciate him coming on his busy schedule out of Connecticut, one of the top criminal lawyers in the country.
A lot of you will recognize him when you see him or the name.
It's one of the biggest cases in the last few decades.
But just looking at the judge saying, oh, Maxine did something horrible, but it's not a mistrial.
Armed gangs blocking neighborhoods, shooting up police stations, burning areas of cities across the country.
Ahead of this, what in the hell is going on here?
And if you were God, what would you do?
I mean, what should the judge do?
What should we do?
Because this does not look like freedom.
This looks like mob rule.
Even if this cop was guilty, which I don't think he's guilty to the level they say, I say he's got to go free because better a thousand guilty men go free than, you know, one innocent man go to prison.
This is giving in to bullying and terrorism and saying, you put him in prison or we're going to burn your city down.
Well, I said this ain't about that cop now, it's about you running my life and I'm not doing it.
I mean, how do you put that into law or is my instincts wrong?
No, your instincts are dead on, Alex.
These are terrifying times.
I haven't seen anything like this in my lifetime.
It reminds me of the passion stoked by the Boston Massacre trial in 1770 when John Adams defended British soldiers who shot into a crowded
We're good to go.
Those are at stake in Minnesota.
Only Congress can do that.
You can't impeach a congressman.
What she did yesterday was a direct assault on American values, as though a Russian or Chinese tank went cruising down the streets in Manhattan and stopped in front of a courtroom and said, stop.
We don't want to do it the way you've been doing it for the last several centuries.
It's dead wrong.
Now, what here is here is I fault.
George, I mean, I don't fault the judge entirely.
I fault Mr. Chauvin's lawyer in part for not pressing the issue hard enough yesterday.
Maxine Waters' comments were outrageous.
There's a fiction in the law that a properly instructed jury
And this is a demand saying you better rule this way?
It's awful.
It is unprecedented in American society for a sitting elected official to travel, not even to her own district.
A powerful firebrand, second only to the Speaker of the House.
But I think that what Chauvin's lawyers should have done, and he didn't do it and I don't know why, is ask the judge to voir dire, to question jurors.
They should have brought each juror individually into the judges chambers and said,
How are you?
Are you concerned for your safety?
Do you still think that you can be fair and impartial?
Because the standard is not a perfect trial, but a fair and impartial jury.
The judge has given adequate instructions to the jurors to keep them from following the news, if the jurors are following it.
I think that Shalvin's lawyer should have said to the judge, I want to voir dire these jurors.
This is extraordinary.
This is the most amazing trial that we've had, maybe, in this country.
We're good to go.
I think?
We probably will.
Let me ask you this.
Obviously, the left wants control.
Soros is putting in most of the DAs, a lot of the attorney generals.
They want to be able to have the media attack a department when they want, not attack it when they want.
This is all about political power.
What is the scapegoating of local police departments about?
Because they act like, okay, there's a rebellion against government.
Let's say the police are the highest level of government.
If you're mad at the police, change the mayor, change the governor.
The idea of just scapegoating cops, I'm not even a police file.
I'm not like a worshipper of police.
I just know that it's not the proper place to like say all the powers there and attack them.
It looks to me like the ruling class is diverting down to the police.
You know, I don't know about that.
I know that the police is the face of the state.
The state has a monopoly on the legitimate use of force and officers are saying... That's what I'm saying, is the state is scapegoating its tires.
The police are where the rubber meets the road.
It's like the car's up here, it's blaming its tires.
The driver's what's running over people.
You know, I don't know what the endgame is, because when the streets become pure chaos, I mean, I'm sure not going to call Black Lives Matter if somebody's breaking my door down tonight.
I'm dialing 911 and hoping somebody like Derek Chauvin responds to the call.
You know, I've watched all 48 minutes of that trial video several times, and there is very little question in my
He should be acquitted completely of these charges.
Up until the very end, and the dispute about whether there was a knee to the neck or not, it's a training video on how to deal with an impaired, psychotic, and probably intoxicated person.
And that's what it is.
Now in the end, there are questions of fact about whether the knee was on the neck or the shoulder.
There is no medical evidence on mechanism of death as to suffocation.
And there was evidence that he had enough fentanyl in him to kill him.
Had he been found dead without anything else, they would have concluded that as a potential cause of death.
Or he had heart disease as well.
Now the prosecution claimed he lived some 17,000 days and he died on this particular day because of what the police did.
He certainly was susceptible to the effects of stress and the police arresting him was a stressor.
But here's the honest fact.
There's one person who is indisputably responsible for setting into motion the facts that led to George Floyd's death, and that's George Floyd.
And people want to say, oh, he's not honest.
Oh yeah, that's like when rioters get shot.
I'm like, you're in a riot waving a gun around.
Like, you know, that's what you get your ass killed at.
I mean, you went there, you're looking for a fight, you're going to get it.
It's like,
All right, we're going to come back and talk about all that.
Nobody's glad that George Floyd's dead.
It's a tragedy.
Trump tried to stop the fentanyl getting in the country, but you know, he failed.
We'll be right back with Norm Pattis, Infowars.com.
Newswars.com will routinely carry a lot of his great writings there.
Looking at this, I mean, look, look, if that cop did something bad, fry his ass.
But clearly he didn't want to go to jail.
Clearly he made a mistake, whatever happened.
The guy was bombed out of his brain on fentanyl.
Why does the left, why does the media want burning cities?
Why do they want collapse of the country?
Why do they, why do they, why don't they talk about China and death camps it runs?
Why don't they talk about the sex slavery on the border?
It's all about black on white.
No, no, no.
It's obviously a political distraction and I think
Pelosi's minion, her attack dog, Mad Maxine, really stepped in it because they want to put everybody that even was at the Capitol in jail, but then she's calling for violence.
How are they going to square that?
It seems like what Maxine did kind of messed up what they were planning.
Your take on that?
I mean, I wish you could show some other picture than that.
I'm really trying to be composed here and you show Maxine and they're scary.
She scares the life out of me.
You know, Alex, I think the country's, you know, whether the left or there are a group of people who are dividing us for a purpose of control and for conquer, that's an open question.
That's beyond my pay grade.
I'm a trench lawyer.
I go to court every day and I fight in courtrooms.
But here's what I see, you know, I see a country that is rapidly polarizing on the
Our whole due process is being dumped down a black hole!
That's exactly right.
And now we've gone down to identity.
We cherish difference for the sake of difference.
We're in a situation where parents could be accused of risk of injury to a minor by not heeding their minor children's desire for sex change operations.
I mean, it's just absolutely insane.
And I don't really know who benefits from this.
It's hard to imagine that anyone does.
Well, yeah, you know, that would be one candidate.
But as to the politics of it, as to what goes on in a courtroom, you know, there is a powerful movement afoot for reparations in this country, and the claim that somehow we the living owe a debt based on whether... And by the way, under law, imagine that.
If my dad did something wrong, or my grandfather, the idea that if they did a murder, I go to jail, that's authoritarianism.
Because under the old Soviet Union or the Nazis, if your family did something wrong, you got in trouble.
Explain that.
That's the opposite of America, isn't it?
I don't
The Chauvin case, people talk about this case as inspiring a need for a racial reckoning.
This case had zero to do with race.
Since 2015, roughly 1,000 people per year are shot to death by police officers.
Floyd wasn't even shot, he died there.
But I disagree with you, Alex.
I do not believe it is indisputable that Chauvin caused his death.
I think that it's entirely possible on this evidence to conclude that while he was arrested and Shalvin had the lawful authority to take him into custody, Shalvin did not cause him death.
Oh, let's be clear.
I'm not saying that he probably didn't die of three times the fentanyl in his body.
I'm saying, devil's advocate, he didn't do it consciously.
No, well there's no question.
He's not even charged with intentional manslaughter.
He's charged basically with what's called felony murder.
It's not put that way in Minnesota.
But he's charged with Floyd's dying during the commission of another felony.
That felony being assault.
So Maxine doesn't even understand that.
She's like, oh, manslaughter's not enough.
She goes, I want Capital One, basically.
Well, she's not even charged with that, so she won't get what she wants.
Of course not.
She's a tool.
I mean, somehow she has served for
Three decades.
30 years.
And prior to that, she had 15 years in the California General Assembly.
If ever there were a reason for... By the way, put her face up.
She's under lights.
Like, 10 lights are on at a press conference, and she's got almost pure pupils.
From my research, you've got to at least... We're talking 10 lines of methamphetamine, cocaine, or LSD to do that.
I mean, those eyes are... She is jacked.
What the hell is she on, man?
I mean, she's on self-righteous fury.
No, seriously, look, I'll bet anybody a million dollars you can't shine bright lights in somebody's eyeballs and have them be 95% pupil.
I mean, look at that!
God Almighty!
I don't understand enough of the physiology of pupil dilation.
Well, let me give you a news flash.
Any police training, you're... Let me tell you.
If they were like half that size, the police would arrest you.
Go ahead.
I mean, that's like overdose levels.
Just so you know.
Unless she had a subdermal hematoma.
If somebody had like punctured her brain with a hatchet, her eyes would look like that.
Sorry, go ahead.
No, the Washington Post reported she couldn't sleep, so she traveled to suburban Minneapolis to make her speech.
I don't know what self-righteous fumes she was on that day, but the notion that
No, no, I agree, but she's trying to influence the jury.
That's different, correct?
Well, so the law and jury tampering, you know, it's difficult.
The Fully Informed Jury Association, for example, sends people outside of courthouses to pass pamphlets out to folks saying you have a right to the law and the facts.
What I'm asking you is, you said what she does is abhorrent.
How is it abhorrent then?
Because she's a member of Congress and she's supposed to promote respect for our fundamental institutions.
She's another branch of government coming in and telling the other branch, I'm in control of you.
She was a direct assault on the integrity of the jury system, and she should not be forgiven for it.
I think each one of your viewers should call their congressman and demand that those congressmen take action as to why- And I agree with you particularly because she wants everybody at the Capitol arrested, even though they weren't violent, so she asked for it.
Well, you know, what she did, there are very few things I saw in the tapes of what took place on January 6th that were as disturbing as what Maxine Waters did.
Maxine Waters basically declared war on the jury system, and she basically said, if you don't give us what we want, we're gonna take it.
We need to send a message to them.
She is driving a dagger into
We are
Yep, and I've started a new podcast, Law and Legitimacy.
Come check me out.
I think there's something wrong in the world and I'm trying to diagnose... Join us again tomorrow or tonight as this unfolds.
Well, I interview people who are consistently right and who have a pro-human moral compass.
We have a lot of smart guests on, but Robert Barnes isn't just one of the top lawyers in the country.
He's also a really smart historian, because you can't fake that stuff.
When I talk to him over long dinners and cigars, he knows what he's talking about.
A lot of times he teaches me something, which is a good thing, because I want to learn more.
Most people think history is some weird thing, so we can talk about
You know, it's an example of past human behavior, which is the greatest prediction of future behavior.
We can talk about pig blood and pig heads on witnesses' doors and attacks on jurors' houses and Maxine Waters and AOC, and that's all important.
But it's all window dressing at the end of the day, and I'm sure he'll still address it.
But Robert Barnes cutting right to the chase.
What is this about?
What is this attack on local government about?
What is this manipulation of the facts about?
Why are they doing this?
What do they want?
And what is your prediction with the jury out now entering the second day about what's going to unfold?
Thanks for joining us.
It's about the taking mob justice into the courtroom and converting our juries into mobs.
I mean, that's why yesterday you had the judge
And that's that's the goal.
Not only condemn Congresswoman Waters, state that what she did by itself might be grounds to vacate the verdict, but on top of all of that, beg all elected officials to quit commenting on the case until the jury came back.
And what happened within 24 hours?
The Mayor of Minneapolis commented on the case.
The Mayor of St.
Paul commented on the case.
The Governor of the State of Minnesota commented on the case.
And today, the President of the United States commented on the case.
So not only did they ignore him, they slapped him in the face because they want mob justice to become a de facto reality in America, but they want to do it through the jury trial system like we're 1950s Birmingham rather than 1776 America.
I totally agree, and this goes back to Bolshevik hysteria, Maoist hysteria, with Soros taking over most of the district attorneys and county attorneys and attorney generals.
They admit it's their plan, and now it's not just to intimidate the police, it's to intimidate the juries, not as an attack on the judiciary, but the very fabric of English common law.
Explain that to people.
I mean the fundamental revolution of juries deciding justice, of juries deciding truth, of juries deciding similar things.
That's Magna Carta!
This is the basis of everything!
And it was revolutionary!
I mean, it was the knights recognizing that they could not get fair justice unless other knights sat in judgment of them, and they could not trust the patrician class or the royal class to govern them and to make just decisions.
And people say, well, that wasn't perfect.
They were the knights.
It was the nobility, the lords, saying the king's not God.
As soon as they said that, it devolved down to the commoners.
This is the basics of everything we know as freedom.
The whole point of American liberty, the whole ideal, is protected by independent juries making independent decisions based on facts and law and conscience and not being influenced by the mob.
It's like you said on the show yesterday.
It's about AI and computers taking over because, quote, humans are imperfect.
The military, cars, helicopters, planes, and now juries.
This is what's happening.
Correct, I mean ultimately what's going to happen is that you have the entire jury, not only do you have, the whole point of a jury trial is to not have mob justice.
It's the counter to mob justice.
It's the opposite point to mob justice.
It's the remedy to mob justice.
So by trying to create mob justice inside the courtroom and convert the jury into a mob, they are completely defeating the entire point of jury trial justice.
And maybe their goal, much like with policing, will be to ultimately replace juries.
Why the bold assault?
Why are they so arrogant?
How do we counter this?
Because this should really threaten all Americans.
This is just as bad as going after free speech or guns.
But one of the greatest protection against total control by the state is the jury system.
Because it's ordinary, everyday people coming together... It's just the power of the judiciary lies with the people.
The power of the state is in the power of the jury.
And it's a check on politicians.
It's a check on abusive state actors.
And the media wants the power to misquote, misphrase, misscript, misrepresent, and then the media wants the power.
Like, what we say, jury's gotta do.
You see the frustration yesterday, where the legal analysts for CNN, the legal analysts for NBC, were saying things like, I can't believe this guy's talking about reasonable doubt.
I can't believe this guy's talking about presumption of innocence.
They're so outraged and offended that ordinary people are able to rebut, potentially, the millionaires.
They are outraged by our own sacred rights paid for by 800 years of war and death.
Correct, because it's all about control in the end of the day.
Who has control?
Because the media wants control, the politicians want control, the state wants control.
And America's not perfect.
They never wanted to come to England, America, because we invented the commoner having rights, your home being your castle.
This is literally the greatest assault ever.
The end run around our guns, our speech, our everything.
If they can get rid of juries, they win.
Because, I mean, jury trials is the reason why we don't have mob justice.
Jury trials is the reason why we don't have the state ability to put people in prison interminably without a jury determination of what was true and what was right and what was wrong.
The jury is the great guardian of American liberty.
Remove the jury and you remove the last standing guardian to the American liberty.
And that's what they're trying to do.
That's why the onslaught and assault on the jury system itself in the Chauvin trial.
That's why you have the president of the United States trying to infiltrate and inflame the court of public opinion to bias and prejudice the jury and the jury outcome.
So it's a great threat to the fundamental liberties of all Americans if jury trial protections are removed.
What about the blood thrown on the witness's house, harassing, CBS doxing the jury?
It should be a mistrial right there, right?
That's a no-brainer.
It's just compounding the issue.
You see why a bunch of experts would not even testify on Chauvin's behalf and behest.
No, it's like, I can't even, you don't have, you're my lawyer, you're not a coward.
Other lawyers are all scared to represent me because they'll get harassed.
Oh, completely.
I mean, that's what they're doing.
It's a new level of lawfare.
If you're an expert, if you're a lawyer, you better not represent people they don't want represented.
If you're an expert, you better not testify.
If you're a witness, you better not testify.
It's mob intimidation, old school mob style.
This is the way Latin America fell the last 50 years, right?
Same crap happened.
Well, the reason why we put in the jury trial system is because it's a critical procedural protection to core substantive rights.
The best way to make sure certain rights are defended, to make sure ordinary everyday people are the ones who safeguard those rights.
They are the ones who cherish liberty.
When I was defending Wesley Snipes in the Snipes case,
I use the reference the Liberty Bell could be cracked in Philadelphia but it could still be heard in Ocala which led to all the felony acquittals in that case because it was the jurors who believed in that liberty and would protect it and safeguard it.
An attack on the jury is an attack on America.
What is your gut level prediction about this?
Can the jury withstand this level of threat because obviously the officer didn't do this premeditatedly.
I'm not saying he's perfect but I mean he didn't do this on purpose.
What do you think happens?
It will be a great testament to the capability of the American people if the jurors return not guilty verdicts at any level, but especially if they return it on all charges, but definitely on the top charges.
Because he was willing to plead to the middle charge.
So if he's acquitted of the top charge, then the outcome is no different than the outcome he was willing to plead to.
So the big question is, do they come back not guilty on felony murder?
And if they do, it is a great testament
To the power and conscience because this will be a liberal jury.
This will be a Democratic-leaning jury.
These will be Biden-voting jurors.
This is a very racially diverse jury.
If even that jury pool comes in and says, you know what?
The evidence shows that this person wasn't guilty and I don't care what threats there are.
I'm going to do justice and say truth regardless.
It will be a great testament to the power of the conscience of the American people to resist this kind of political mob pressure from the political class that wishes to destroy the jury system in America.
30 seconds to break, but what about reverse psychology?
Couldn't Maxine threatening the jury backfire and make them go, screw you?
Or do you think they'll be cowards and capitulate?
Well, the way I think of it is, think if you're an ordinary person and you have family and you have property in Minnesota.
And here you're seeing powerful, well-recognized public officials say, you better convict or else.
And you just had a bunch of prosecutors tell you, basically, you better convict or else.
So I think they will have to be extraordinarily heroic
To stand up to the mob pressure and return an acquittal and not guilty verdict.
Well, let's get your prediction.
Will they acquit?
Robert Barnes will give us his prediction.
When we come back in a few minutes, I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, Band.Video.
Tomorrow's news today, they hope you don't share those URLs.
All right, final segment of this hour, and Paul Joseph Watson's about to take over from the UK, then the War Room.
with the great Tom Pappert is going to be hosting that today.
Owen deserves a day off.
He's worked about 10 days in a row.
But going back to Robert Barnes, constitutional lawyer, historian, researcher,
You've been on my show a lot.
Other people have been on the show.
People don't usually use terms like this.
This is unprecedented.
It's like whatever a convention is, whatever chivalry is, whatever polite society is, the left just tramples it like, oh, that must be where the power is.
No, that's where war and death and failure is.
We had chivalry and due process to not do that again, and they are just plunging us into collapse, into conflict.
And flailing around, but I don't want to just blame them.
What is it about what we as a society, whether you're a man or a woman or whether you got a bunch of melanin in your skin or not, what is it instead of always, I don't want to be like them blaming somebody else, what have we done?
What have I done, Robert Barnes, to let them act like this?
Because they are a bunch of clowns that are burning down our society, but I don't want to just blame them.
What did we do to let these lunatics get to this point?
And how do we counter people like this?
Well, it sort of starts with the culture itself, that politics is downstream from culture, and the sort of, the entire safe space movement that arose out of sort of the moral panic about kindergartens and elementary schools and daycare centers in the 90s, going, you know, all of those range of cases where a lot of stories were told by the prosecutors that ended up being false, created sort of a playdate culture where we weren't allowed to let our kids go out in the street and just play with random strangers.
Sure, and the nanny state has created a lot of neuroses.
And now they can leverage that in anything they want.
In fact, they're shocked by the idea that you're supposed to... I mean, that led to safe space culture, which led to you're not supposed to have independent opinions, which said you're not allowed to platform disagreeable opinions, whether it's in the classroom or in the media.
And what that's produced is a group of people who are shocked even by the idea of things that have been fundamental to the American liberty and legal experiment for three centuries.
And to the idea of the Western Enlightenment legal experience for eight centuries.
Things like reasonable doubt.
Things like presumption of innocence.
Things like the adversarial process to ascertain truth and justice.
All of the very goals, not only of American society and American constitutionalism, but of the Enlightenment principles that underline it, are all being challenged.
That's right.
This is a direct assault on all known true liberal values by fascists calling themselves liberal.
You want to explain that?
Oh, exactly.
I mean, when people sort of go back, it's sort of like what the fascists did and what the communists did, both.
They were both statists at heart who believed in a higher cause that replaced both God and constitutional liberty and individual liberty.
Hitler and Stalin said, I'll do whatever I want because I'm in power and my ultimate goal.
They just ignore everything.
They ignored not only the church and the limits and restraints of it, they ignored the constitutional liberty and democratizing power.
What they both had in common was the refusal to allow elections to be a check on their process, or refusal to allow independent juries to be a check on their process.
And that's the key, is they play this game like, I'll have no check on me.
No, if we agree on a ceiling of stuff, we don't burn everything out and kill each other.
Like, they take it as weakness, Bob, that we want a ceiling.
No, we can be worse than you.
We want an agreed upon rules of the game, you idiots.
And to give a like, here's an example where people can push back.
You look at the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where what happens is people donate to Kyle Rittenhouse, somebody hacks one of the Christian groups that did fundraising for him.
And the media goes and threatens somebody that gave him $10 at their house!
And they're trying to go after any state employee who gave money, any sheriff who gave money, any paramedic who gave money.
And their goal is to do the same thing they want to do to the Chauvin trial jury, is they want to dox them and defame them.
And why don't they get the deck keeps backfiring?
It's not intimidating people.
In fact, that's the key is when they see it doesn't lead to lower donations, but it's like Scott Adams yesterday said he was going to make a donation and promote donations to Kyle Rittenhouse's defense as an answer to this doxxing so that to deter it and discourage it in the future.
And that's what people have to do.
Every time somebody tries to censor somebody, then you share the links to that person.
Every time there's an attempt to deny people access, to de-platform people like they've done to InfoWars, the best response is to double down on support of things like InfoWarsStore.com, where people help make InfoWars capable to keep going.
It's a revolutionary act.
So, Barnes, let me ask you this.
Gut level, how do you see this trial going?
What do you see unfolding?
I mean, predictions, I know, I don't want to put you on the spot, but, you know, you've been a big better too in politics, been one of the most successful.
Gut level, unless things change, where do you see this going?
Well, there's one betting market out there that people are betting on the outcome of the trial.
And after they saw closing arguments, the acquittal rate went to the highest rate it has the entire trial.
So that gives you an idea of people's reactions.
I broke down the jury.
And my view is it's six people likely lean guilty and six people likely lean not guilty.
That tends to be a tough split jury that sometimes comes out with a split verdict or not guilty verdict.
But either way, it usually doesn't come back with a quick verdict.
And so far we're seeing no verdict back yesterday, even though they were in for four hours or more.
No verdict back today, even though they've been in for about four hours or more.
So the sign is that this is going to be a protracted jury process.
There's probably deeply held opinions.
But I think there's people who really believe in the jury.
There's a bunch of people who in the jury selection process said they believed in the American jury trial process.
And I think they understand that's what's at trial.
That's what's at issue in this case as much as anything else related to the case itself.
And I think they're going to fight for it.
And I think that there's a decent chance that we get an acquittal.
My view is there's about a 50 percent chance of an acquittal in this case.
And that's going to shock the media.
That's going to shock a lot of people who didn't watch the trial.
But it would affirm the confidence that people rightly have.
I agree.
Because I think the last straw is threatening the jury.
People go, wait.
We're the bad guys.
We're being honest here.
I'm a good person.
I want to do justice.
You're saying I'm bad.
I better do what you want.
That would make me, you know, if I was on the knife's edge of which way to go, that would make me a quit.
Well, the other thing that happened is the prosecutors overreached.
They did sort of, you know, they said that they claimed that George Floyd died because his heart was too big.
George Floyd died because Derek Chauvin's heart was too small.
And, you know, it was somebody trying to be Johnny Cochran, but a little bit too cute by half.
And so they were so overt in appealing to the basest instincts of the jurors that I think it caused a lot of jurors.
There's bankers, IT people, engineer people on that jury pool that are like, I don't like that kind of appeal.
I believe in the jury process.
I believe... So bottom line, do you think threats from the jury backfire and they acquit or do they bow down?
I think that's an open question.
I think it worked with some jurors, didn't work and backfired with other jurors, and the question is who wins out in the end.
And that's, uh, we won't know until they come back.
We won't know.
We'll have a clue when, if they announce a foreperson.
If the foreperson is a certain group of people, then it's likely going to come back all guilties.
If it's a different group of people, it's likely to come back not guilties.
What's interesting here is the jurors most likely fighting for acquittal
Are likely the African-American male jurors in the jury pool.
So it's it's contrary to the media's narrative that in fact a lot of African-American men who look at the facts of this case based on what they said before the jury during the jury selection was they had serious doubts about whether Chauvin was guilty of anything and they see the police as necessary and protective.
And so it doesn't fit the media's narrative that wants to promote racial division.
Just as we saw record levels of African-American male support for Trump for any Republican candidate in 40 years, we may see, if there's acquittals in this case at any level, it'll be led by African-American men.
Regardless, if he gets let off, there's going to be riots.
How do we respond to that?
Well, you see what's happening.
The National Guard's already been deployed to Minneapolis.
They're locking down places and cities all across America.
And that's the other thing that not only Maxine Waters, but Joe Biden and the mayor and the governor of Minnesota are deliberately inflaming.
They're inflaming the court of public opinion.
They want the Capitol surrounded with barbed wire.
They want the country.
They want martial law.
They want control.
That's why they're doing it.
We should see it and come out against it.
We're sorry for...
We're sorry for Floyd.
We're sorry for Chauvin.
The whole thing's a mess.
And we should not let them use this against us.
Robert Barnes, thank you so much.
How do people find you on Twitter?
How do they find you on Rumble?
How do they find you on... You're on a bunch of things.
How do people find you?
Best place to find me is at VivaBarnesLaw.Locals.com.
That's where I store all the information and data and sort of a one-stop shop location, and it's free of big tech censorship and control, so that's why we're there.
I want to invite you and your Canadian lawyer friend on anytime you guys want to call us.
Thank you, Barnes.
Hey, glad to be here.
Alright, Paul Joseph Watson is always kick-butt.
He's about to take over from Her Majesty's United Kingdom.
I got a few other stories to let in the first five minutes, then Paul's gonna come on for the next 55, so I'll be back with a few stories, and then we're gonna hand it over to him, but wow.
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And let's stop being idiots.
It's as if there are good cops, there are bad cops.
And if you're a Chi-Com globalist takeover, you want to get us fighting with each other.
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We've got a raft of news to cover during the show today.
Obviously I'm going to be talking about the Covid lockdowns because despite the fact that all the evidence coming out of Texas, South Dakota, Florida, all these other areas where they abandoned their mask mandates, their social distancing mandates, their coronavirus lockdown restrictions,
Data shows record low cases, data shows record low hospitalisations, record low deaths.
The facts don't matter, the data doesn't matter.
Here in the United Kingdom we have a Prime Minister who said that the unlocking of the country would be led by data, not dates.
So we look at the data, and what is the data in the United Kingdom?
The data is that on Monday, yesterday,
Across the entire United Kingdom, we had fewer COVID deaths than road traffic accident deaths.
And bearing in mind, of course, as we know, these COVID deaths are grossly over-exaggerated.
I've spoken about this before, and it's crucial, and it got very little attention at the time.
And this ties into everything that I'm going to talk about.
Somebody did a Freedom of Information Act request to the UK government, which by law there
mandated to respond to.
This was but a few months ago now and they asked the question, very simple direct question, how many COVID deaths that have been registered, total COVID deaths that have been announced, were caused by COVID alone and not by all these comorbidities thrown into the equation?
This was on the government website gov.uk and the answer they came back with was it boiled down to one tenth
Of the total amount of COVID deaths that they had announced to the nation had been as a result of COVID, only one tenth were as a result of COVID alone.
Then you look at all these, all these I say cases of young people dying of COVID, of course you get one in a blue moon of someone for example in their 20s or early 30s dying of COVID.
They trumpet that in the media like it's some ominous event, like it's a regular thing, a routine occurrence.
Turns out most of these people who die from Covid, obviously there are unfortunate incidents where healthy young people die, but it's infinitesimal.
The vast majority of prominent cases you see are morbidly obese people because they're of course more prone to die.
But the actual figure is one tenth of the amount that they've announced to the nation have died of COVID alone.
And again, as I said, as of yesterday, four people on Monday died of COVID.
Now, bear in mind, this is the official figure based on the previous 28 days of reporting.
And we know that these reports, these tests are notoriously inaccurate.
These death statistics are notoriously inaccurate.
Not by means of conspiracy theories claiming that it's all fake and it doesn't exist, but by the government's own numbers on their own official government website in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
So we ask the question, we had four deaths yesterday from Covid, more people on average die of traffic accidents every day in the UK and yet we're still in a state of semi-lockdown and we will be
For the next two months, at least.
They promised us, just like they promised us there'd be no vaccine passports, which they're now rolling out, funding, experimenting with.
I'm going to get into that later as well.
They promised us that wouldn't happen.
They promised us that all social distancing, mask wearing restrictions would be lifted on June 21st.
And yet they're planning mass public events, sports events, music events at major venues,
We're good to go.
They've got this timetable and they refuse to accelerate it despite the fact that over 813,000 people in the United Kingdom have lost their jobs over the past year.
And they say, oh, that's because of the pandemic.
It's not because of the pandemic.
It's because of the lockdown.
And again, they say we're going to lead by data, not dates.
Okay, the data is grossly, vastly in your favour in terms of record low cases, record low deaths.
So let's lead by the data.
Oh no, we can't do that.
And they're not going to lift these restrictions.
That's the point.
If people don't continue to resist, they're going to give us a couple of months off, a few months off, then they're going to be some scary new variants.
Oh no, we need to lock down again.
That's the plan.
In fact, I was told last year, in July, when we had these restrictions lifted, we had a July the 4th big unlocking and everybody was out on the street partying, everybody was having house parties, everybody was saying, oh thank God it's over, it's all over.
Even then, when COVID cases and COVID deaths were lower than they are now, or around the same level at least,
I was told that they would reintroduce lockdown measures in October of the same year, 2020, and that's exactly what they did.
They introduced them in terms of tiers, that slowly built up all these different areas of the country, were elevated into stricter and stricter tiers, and then of course they gave us two days off over Christmas.
As soon as January came into effect, the lockdown came into full force once again.
Because they're going to give us two or three months off and because we're going to think, oh, finally we've won the battle, this is all over.
The battle is not over.
We've heard public health officials, bureaucrats, government congos come out and say,
This is going to be two, three years.
Some have said five, ten years.
If people don't stop resisting, they're going to continue to relent and to indoctrinate us with this belief that, oh my God, the government's allowing us to go to the pub.
Let's all take pub selfies at pub.
No, that's normal behaviour.
That's not something to be celebrated.
Now I'm not saying don't go to the pub for somebody's birthday party and don't celebrate their birthday party.
Do that because that's what they don't want you to do.
But don't celebrate the mere fact that the government has given you permission to engage in normal leisure activity.
Don't set the precedent that that right, that privilege, comes from the state.
It doesn't.
Which is why all these people taking pub selfies are really playing into the government's hands.
The good news is though,
There's a lot of good news on this front on a day-to-day basis.
The resistance is growing.
Headline out of summit.news, UK Labour leader kicked out of pub by anti-lockdown landlord.
Now, of course, as you know, the political system in the United Kingdom at this point is basically a two-party system, as you have in America.
You have the Labour Party, the traditional left-wing party, which, just like the Democrats, has been completely subsumed
buried by identity politics.
Then you have the Conservative Party, which is conservative in name only.
For the past year plus, the so-called opposition, the Labour Party, has supported every single lockdown measure pushed by the so-called Conservative Government.
Now, a lot of those measures weren't even voted on in Parliament, but when they were,
The Labour Party not only supported the Conservative government, but called for even more stringent, even more authoritarian measures.
And that finally popped off in terms of confrontations, and we're going to get into this after the break because we've only got about a minute and a half.
But there was a big confrontation in Bath, which is a city, I guess about an hour and a half from London on the train, where a pub landlord
Confronted the opposition Labour leader.
This went absolutely viral.
This last time I saw it had about a million views on Twitter alone.
Finally somebody speaking truth to power.
The truth buried by the monopoly mainstream media narrative, which hasn't even entertained the disgraceful, the overbearing, the ominous impact of lockdown.
Not just in terms of the economy, which of course we know leads to poverty, poverty leads to death,
But in terms of social ostracization, atomization of families not being able to see each other, and of course, untreated cancer, all these other untreated illnesses that people are now dying of, not because of the pandemic, but because of lockdown.
And now we're finally starting to see
Prominent examples of people resisting, not just in the United Kingdom, but in other countries.
And after the break, when we get back, I'm going to explain why, specifically, there's a war on the pub in the United Kingdom, what the pub represents in terms of our culture, and why the government is still waging this war on pubs, even as it opens up non-essential retail, all these transnational corporations, big box stores, we'll be back, don't go away.
And we are back!
It is the second segment of the Summit News Hour.
Now over the past year or so we've had big scaremongering narratives pushed by the monopoly media, the legacy media.
The coronavirus pandemic, the way the infection is spreading is via people gathering in huge numbers in pubs, on the streets when they're drinking, and on beaches!
Then when I actually did the studies into how this virus was spreading, this is the same in America, it's the same in any other developed nation, it was spreading through hospitals while all the nurses were doing TikTok dances, and it was spreading through care homes.
When you boil down the numbers,
Over the past 12 months or so, only 3% of coronavirus infections spread via the hospitality industry, that is pubs, bars, restaurants.
And in fact, I think the number is even lower on beaches.
In fact, one of the safest places to be in terms of people not spreading coronavirus but still being able to enjoy vaunted leisure time with permission from the government is by being on the beach.
Yet we had dozens and dozens of scare stories in the mainstream media over the past 12 months of videos, photographs of people enjoying themselves on the beach, and then these hectoring witch-hunt mobs on Twitter pointing to those images and saying, Oh my God, this is going to cause the third wave, the fourth wave.
It was complete BS.
The beaches are the safest place to be, and a close second place is the pubs.
Now you ask yourself,
Aside from the internet, aside from social media, where is popular opinion, where is popular and in fact populist sentiment formed, especially in the United Kingdom with our much heralded drinking culture?
It's primarily two of the primary locations in terms of IRL, I would argue, would be the hairdressers, the barbers and in pubs.
Now every time I've been into a pub, when lockdown's been on and off, every time I've been into the barbers, what are people talking about?
They're talking about how lockdown, how this relentless, fear-mongering, monopoly media propaganda narrative about coronavirus, about the vaunted efficacy of lockdown, is complete BS.
So where does the government focus its most stringent, draconian, restrictive measures?
It's on places like barbers, hairdressers and pubs.
Again, 3% of infections came from pubs and yet now we have a situation where for the next month at least you cannot go inside a pub.
Oh, but the retailers, the big box transnational corporations, the likes of Primark Clothing Store, which is basically the Walmart of clothing in the United Kingdom, they're fully open.
In fact, we had a story about this the other day from Summit News, where rabid consumers crush into massive Harrods queue after being locked down for months.
And we have the pictures, we have the video in this news article.
Hundreds of people crammed into close proximity with queues and they've set up barriers to ensure these queues snake round and round and round so people can get into Harrods, so people can get into Primark, the Walmart of clothing stores.
That's fine, that's acceptable for the next month at least.
And yet still, you can't go into a pub.
People going to scramble for clothing deals in Primark or luxury items in Harrods are not stopping and having conversations with other people, with strangers, about the nature of the coronavirus lockdown or the pandemic itself.
Where they are having those conversations, or where they would have those conversations, is in the barbers, is in the pubs, and they've been the hardest hit.
We still can't go inside a pub.
And this is why.
I'm going to talk about that in a minute, but first we're going to go to these videos because I mentioned it before the break.
The first viral instance of a pub landlord confronting a politician, a leader of an opposition party, somebody who is supposed to act as a bulwark against
The government, the Conservative government, yet his party, the Labour Party, has acted as a rubber stamp, as a green light, at every single major juncture for the past year, in not only voting with the government, in not only advocating all the Conservative opposition party's policies, but in fact demanding more stringent policies.
And finally, a pub landlord, and by the way, last week I talked about it, we had 60 plus
Landlords, organisers, owners of pub chains come out and say that the vaccine passport is not going to work, it's going to be impossible to enforce, it's going to drive away business, it's going to put more pubs out of business, hundreds of which close in the UK on a monthly basis.
Finally we had this viral confrontation between a pub landlord in Bath in the United Kingdom and the leader of the fake opposition party, which acts as a rubber stamp for everything the government does,
And it was refreshing to say the least.
We've got a clip of this.
The initial confrontation will play between the pub landlord in Bath and the UK Labour Party leader, Kia Starmer.
Let's go to this clip right now.
I am truthfully incandescent about what you've done to me.
Do you know what the average age of death in Canada is, according to the Office of National Statistics?
82 years and 3 months.
The average age of death normally? 81.
Do you understand we have a poor economy because old people are dying?
Do you see this graph?
The last time we had this much death was 2008.
That's the British Medical Journal.
No, I came here to speak to this man, not your security.
You have failed me.
We have been a Labour vote of my entire life.
You have failed to be the opposition.
You have failed to ask whether lockdown would function.
Thousands of people have died because you have failed to do your job and ask the real questions.
Well, I am telling you now, and I hope this goes out, you have failed this country.
You have seriously failed.
You have allowed our children to wear masks in school when it's never been any evidence for it.
Right, can we come in?
So there's the pub landlord in Bath confronting the Labour leader, and if you want to play the second video as I speak over it, which is this same Labour leader then trying to enter the pub owned by that same person who just confronted him, being harassed, being aggressively manhandled by security.
And if you didn't hear what the landlord was saying, he was saying the average age of the Covid death was 82 years and three months compared to the average age of death in the UK, which is 81 years, making the point that this
Almost exclusively was killing off older people while the rest of the country was put under de facto house arrest.
Kia Stormer, the Labour leader, responded by tweeting some terse, smarmy response saying, go register to vote.
To vote for the same party, the so-called Opposition Party, that support the ruling government at every turn of the table.
And we are back!
And you saw the video, the viral video that's now got millions of views of the pub landlord in the UK confronting the fake opposition leader Keir Starmer about his relentless support for lockdown policies pushed by the ruling Conservative government.
Finally, somebody speaking truth to power.
And they tried to spin it as saying, oh, he was aggressive.
He said the F word.
Oh, my God, the horror.
Who cares?
Who cares?
That went viral and that's going to have a big impact going forward.
And that's why they're targeting the pubs.
That's why they're targeting the pubs in the sense of the retailers are all open.
They have massive queues of hundreds of people snaking around Primark stores outside London.
That's okay.
That's fine.
That's not a pandemic risk.
But the pubs, we have to keep the pubs shut down.
And why is that?
Well, there's a very interesting article that was published today
on lockdownsceptics.org, which I summarised on summit.news in this headline.
Teacher, war on pubs is about silencing dissent.
And this is by a writer and a university teacher called Sean Walsh, and he perfectly encapsulated why they're still targeting the pubs, why they're still not allowing people inside the pubs for the next month at least.
And by the way, if you go to a pub in the UK,
You have to give your name, you have to give your phone number, you have to give your address, you have to hand over your whole details to this new system that they're creating, which, as we've highlighted in the past, is intended to be rolled into a Chinese communist-style social credit score for the West.
So why are they targeting the pubs?
Well, a university teacher has published a fascinating article in which he argues that the shutdown of pubs in the UK is about silencing dissent.
Sean Walsh questions why pubs are still semi-closed while other quote non-essential retail stores are allowed to fully open, despite the fact the entire hospitality industry was responsible for just 3% of total COVID infections last year across the entire pandemic.
The main bulk was in hospitals, it was in care homes, but now they have to go after the pubs.
He writes quote,
It's tempting to conclude that the SAGE, and that's the bureaucratic health body that advises the government on lockdowns in this country, are not worried that pubs are possible vectors of transmission, but that they are concerned that hospitality venues are potential theatres of dissent.
And this is the point I was making before the break.
That is where popular sentiment is formed outside of social media in the real world.
In this country at least, it's in the pubs.
That's the forum where people congregate to swap stories, to swap anecdotes, to form the basis, the foundation of public opinion that drives popular sentiment in this country.
He also notes that health bureaucrats seem to be intent on the British public remaining joyless
as part of some demented puritanical drive to oversee quote the crude sanitization of our understanding of the human soul.
Now he makes the point that pubs are not just a place of fun and frivolity but an organizing forum where populist sentiment takes shape.
He says quote it's in the pub that people can whisper conspiracy against the government narrative and conspiracies are always required that the like-minded are allowed together.
It is over a drink that the millionaires and the pauper can come together and compare notes.
And then he moves on to talk about the social credit score aspect of this war on pubs.
Quote, Boris Johnson is currently offering us a sinister inversion of what a pub is.
One in which you are tracked, traced, audited, judged and humiliated.
The roadmap in this industry, at least, is one that leads you not into normal, but into a Twin Peaks version of it.
And that's the entire point.
Even to go to a pub at this moment, you have to capitulate, you have to submit to the prototype, the embryonic social credit score system, by handing over all your information.
Now, of course,
Lots of people are just going to give them fake names and fake numbers, and they should do, because they should resist this at every turn available.
But lots of people aren't.
They're just going to say, well, what's a phone number?
What's a name?
What's a mask?
As long as I can sit outside and enjoy a pint.
And then it becomes permanent, and then it advances into every other area of life.
It reverses the entire tradition of common law that our country is based on.
whereby you're allowed to engage in any behaviour, any activity, unless it's expressively forbidden by law.
Now that's completely reversed and now we have to have government permission to engage in the most normal, basic, routine, leisure behaviour.
That's a complete 180 reversal of common law understanding that this country has operated under as its foundation for what, over a thousand years now.
He continues by arguing that if the government was trying to build a police state, one of the first things it would do is to, quote, stamp on the enjoyment of the grey unwashed and confiscate all mechanisms of dissent.
Now, of course, we know through social media, if you dissent on social media, if you talk about vaccine reactions,
And not even that!
If you merely criticise the lockdown, even if you cite medical peer-reviewed papers, experts who are criticising the lockdown, that will get you banned on social media.
But they can't ban you from talking about it in a pub, right?
Oh, well, they can if all the pubs are closed and you can't talk to anyone in the first place.
Walsh writes, quote, the government's war on pubs is ticking both those boxes.
And as I pointed out before the break, the government is perfectly happy with having hundreds of people congregating in huge crowds outside transnational corporate retail stores.
Apparently that's not a vector for transmission.
That's not going to spread the virus.
But woe betide you go to a pub and meet your friends and talk about how much of a BS system the lockdown is, that apparently is the main threat.
But now it's led to a confrontation, and hopefully there are many more confrontations and acts of resistance from hospitality managers, from restaurant owners, from pub landlords, as we saw in the video that we played in the previous segment.
And this is related, a headline again out of Summit.News,
UK still won't accelerate reopening despite Covid deaths dropping below road accident fatalities.
I talked about that.
Covid cases have dropped 94% from the peak that we had in this country.
And again, yesterday the UK recorded just four total deaths.
The Telegraph reports that in comparison, the UK records an average of around 5 deaths from road accidents daily, so now there are literally more people dying on average per day from road accidents than Covid.
Yet we don't ban cars, we don't shut down roads, but we still, for no reason whatsoever, shut down pubs.
They say they're going to go on the data, not the dates, and yet they're refusing to acknowledge the data and accelerate the programme of reopening.
It's even worse in Australia though, which had an even more draconian lockdown than basically every major developed nation in the world.
Headline, Australian minister refuses to rule out electronic ankle bracelets to enforce home quarantine.
Now this is a country that, and we had the article back last year,
Which literally, as the government was announcing the lockdown, had police surround apartment blocks in Melbourne and in Sydney to ensure that people couldn't leave their own residential apartment blocks.
That's how severe their lockdown was.
We had multiple videos of police officers slamming people to the ground, slamming their heads to the ground if they failed to wear masks outside.
Well, now a senior government minister in Australia
Has refused to rule out Australians being forced to wear electronic ankle bracelets, even if they're fully vaccinated, to make sure they're complying with home quarantine orders.
Now the question was asked of the employment minister over there in Australia, Stuart Robert, by a journalist called David Spears.
He said, quote, what sort of ideas would there be for this?
Regular visits, inspections to make sure they're home, ankle bracelets, some sort of monitoring, how do you do it?
So they're now literally talking about applying prisoner on patrol methods, on parole methods, to ensure people self-quarantine at home in Australia if they come back into Australia as Australian citizens from another country.
This is not ending any time soon.
Don't go away.
We'll be right back.
We are back.
It is the final segment.
I'm going to switch into some other news now.
And this is a video that came out a couple of days ago.
Headline up on summit.news.
The LGBT movement continues to inflict its progressive wave across America.
Headline, disgusting video shows children being paraded around drag queen show taking cash tips.
Yeah, another disgusting video has emerged of children being paraded around during a late night drag queen show in LA.
Of course it's L.A.
as they are encouraged to take cash tips from members of the crowd.
Now we saw this before with Desmond is Amazing and his mother actually came out afterwards and defended the fact that this 12 year old kid was literally in a gay club in New York at night taking cash tips from these monsters in the crowd.
Well now it's happened again.
The woman filming the video expresses her revulsion at the scene, commenting, Why in the hell do these people got these effing little B.E.A.
kids at this effing drag show?
It was 11.40 p.m.
at night.
These people have children in an effing drag show in L.A.
Well, I would question why you're attending a drag show at midnight in the first place if it's so horrendous.
But at least she got the video out, and at least she opposed it.
Maybe she was unaware that there was a drag show taking place.
But as you can see, the video shows two young blonde girls.
I guess one of them's younger than the other.
One of them's probably around six or seven.
The other one's probably ten, I guess.
Being made by a drag queen to perform poses to music as they collect money from the attendees.
Now the point I make in the article is, obviously this is completely effed up that you would have children at this disgusting parade of degeneracy in Los Angeles, trash hell city, in the first place.
The responsibility solely rests on the organizers, the owners of this venue,
And of course with the parents who would allow their children to be put up on stage to engage in this disgusting ritual.
But the point I make in the article
Who in the hell is sitting in the audience?
What kind of creepy pervert, and there are dozens of them in this video, and we've had other videos in the past of similar scenes, what kind of creepy pervert would take dollar bills and offer them to six, seven, eight-year-old kids who are performing in a drag show at 11.40pm at night?
This is the vaunted LGBT movement they're all supposed to grovel and genuflect to.
And in the article, I point out a few examples of where this happened in the past.
And there are many!
I chose, like, half of the examples that I personally wrote about in the past two years.
2019, as I mentioned, Desmond is amazing, who literally appears with drag queens in videos where they've got artwork behind them, which says RoHypNol on the artwork.
They're talking about taking drugs in front of a 12-year-old kid and he's up there laughing about it.
They did it in 2019, gay club in New York, similar scene, 12-year-old boy posing, degenerate creepy pervert sticking dollar bills or handing him dollar bills.
We had another example posted to TikTok, another completely trash website that's destroying the youth of America on a daily basis.
Which showed a drag queen dancing suggestively in front of a girl, no older than six, as adults in the room applauded and cheered.
Again, this is the same movement in many senses that rails against creepy men harassing and stalking women on the streets, and rightly so.
That's a problem that exists.
It's the same movement that does that and says that there needs to be a reckoning of toxic masculinity and we need to stop this rape culture of men harassing women on the streets and being perverts and being creeps, while simultaneously exposing six, seven, eight-year-old girls to this very same perverted, degenerate, creep culture.
Oh, but it's okay because it's in the name of the LGBT movement.
It's all the same degenerate trash.
We had another example, as I saw in the article.
A high school in Brooklyn handed out stickers to four-year-old children, bearing in mind now the sex education in the UK has plummeted to the age where five-year-old kids are being exposed to sex education.
In Brooklyn, they handed out stickers to four-year-old children during drag queen story time that said, quote, drag queen in training.
Again, Drag Queen Storytime, where on numerous cases it's been exposed that literal pedo sex offenders are infiltrating themselves into these events.
Oh, what a surprise!
That pedo sex offenders would try to get around children in the name of progressivism and LGBT.
They're literally handing out drag queen-in-training stickers in major American cities to four-year-old kids.
That is nothing less than disgusting and satanic.
And it's the same people who say toxic masculinity, creepy pervert men on the streets need to be stopped,
And they do.
But you don't really have the moral high ground talking about creepy pervert men when you're parading your seven-year-old kids with drag queens making them take cash dollar tips from these degenerate freaks in the crowd at these kind of events.
And as I point in the article there was actually a drag queen
Which I would question anyone who involves himself in that lifestyle.
Again, we look at transgender people, we look at the rate of suicide, we look at the rate of drug use, we look at the rate of STDs, which I've got another story about that.
Why would you involve yourself in that lifestyle?
But even he...
Kitty Demure slammed woke parents for exposing their kids to drag queen culture.
And I don't care what it is.
You don't expose kids to any kind of sexualized culture whatsoever.
But apparently, as long as it's under the banner of LGBT, then it's progressive, then it's fine.
And these same people will then, on the other hand,
Talk about toxic masculinity, talk about harassment, talk about misogyny, talk about creepy pervert men, while at the same time they're literally engaged in this, which I would argue was a hundred percent worse.
And on that subject, another nice cozy story here.
STDs in America hit record high for sixth straight year.
The numbers keep getting worse.
America's sexually transmitted disease rates have hit a record high for the sixth straight year.
With CDC researchers finding a 30% increase in STDs from 2015 to 2019.
So in a four-year period alone they rose by 30%.
2.5 million Americans had either chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis infections in 2019.
So progressive!
With chlamydia cases rising 61% and gonorrhea cases spiking 42% among young people aged 15 to 24.
Which again, they're bathed in this degenerate culture of having teenage girls parade themselves and shake their butts around on TikTok for dopamine, for likes, for follows, creating OnlyFans accounts.
TikTok is the gateway drug to OnlyFans.
That's fine.
That's liberating.
That's progressive.
But oh, toxic masculinity is the problem.
And again, just by coincidence, those people in that same age bracket are more chronically depressed and suicidal than ever before.
Gee, I wonder if there's a connection there.
The research also shows that gay and bisexual men account for nearly half of the primary and secondary syphilis infections, while syphilis infections among newborn babies quadrupled between 2015 and 2019.
This is truly the Babylon system.
Oh, but it's such a progressive, positive lifestyle.
Yeah, it's positive in one way, perhaps not a good way.
Black people had STD rates between five to eight times higher than white people.
Again, this is CDC numbers.
Well, amongst Hispanics, the figure was double that of white people.
And then I quote a doctor who says that 20 years ago, they had a handle on it.
The STD rates were going down in America.
Now they're rising year upon year upon year.
CDC study found that more than 4 out of 10 women who identify as transgender and live in big cities have contracted HIV.
destructive, demolishing lifestyle that they're being inducted into at an increasingly young age and it's all being promoted by the culture, by the legacy media, as something liberating while at the same time they have record high suicide rates, record high chronic depression.
I would suggest that inducting yourself into a life of hedonistic degeneracy
Which leads to literally half of them catching STDs, serious illnesses.
Maybe that's not a positive thing.
Maybe you should reject that kind of indoctrination, that kind of brainwashing.
I conclude by saying the media and the culture's relentless promotion of degenerate promiscuity, again fueled by dating apps, OnlyFans, TikTok primarily, for straight and gay people,
And the rise of the LGBT movement obviously has nothing whatsoever to do with any of this, and I'll leave you with that cosy story.
But stay tuned, because the George Floyd verdict is coming up soon, within an hour.
We've got Owen Schroyer with the War Room ready to cover it as it unfolds live.
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