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Air Date: April 18, 2021
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses how mainstream media personalities and politicians are calling for violence against white people while condemning others for supposedly inciting violence. He highlights the ongoing crisis at the southern border and the human trafficking operations taking place under Joe Biden's administration. Juror selection in the Derek Chauvin trial is discussed, as well as Mad Max Waters' statement inciting terroristic threats if there isn't a guilty verdict. Robert Barnes, a legal expert, breaks down this statement and its implications on the safety of jurors. The medical experts' testimonies in the Chauvin trial are also presented, highlighting discrepancies between what is being said in court and the media narrative surrounding the case. Finally, the hosts discuss issues related to US foreign policy and domestic affairs under the Biden administration, including globalist influence, potential conflicts with Russia or China, and the state of the southern border crisis.

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We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Sunday, April 18th, the year is 2021, and Maxine Waters, along with major CNN hosts and others, are calling for violence and calling for dead white people.
That's right, Cuomo said we need dead young white people before we care about the pandemic of police shooting black people, which doesn't exist.
This is the mainstream media
All right.
She's the same one that said, go and confront Republicans, get in their faces.
And then she's the same person that says everybody should be charged with terrorism that entered the Capitol, most of them peacefully.
This is so hypocritical.
It's total fraud.
We decry all of this offensive violence.
But we have multinational corporations.
They're dividing and conquering this country right now.
And they want to distract us from destroying our borders, from destroying our dollar, from selling us out to China, from the slave camps that Apple runs in China.
And that's why all the big corporations have given $10.6 billion the last year to Black Lives Matter to make that the huge issue.
And within hours of Maxine Waters calling for violence, the National Guard and police just got shot at in Minnesota and were almost killed.
This is a designed civil war they're trying to trigger and we've got to stop it.
So on this live
Special Sunday night broadcast.
Constitutional lawyer Robert Barnes, who's an expert on this, is going to be co-hosting with Owen Schroer.
I'm going to be popping in with special reports for the next four hours.
The Alex Jones Show into Sunday live with Owen Schroer tonight.
To watch Cuomo say this, to watch Maxine Waters say this, while they activate the CIA illegally, domestically against Trump supporters, because a few hundred people went to the Capitol, and a few hundred people might have gotten in a fistfight with the cops.
Now, all of us are guilty while they've burned down cities, police stations all across the country last summer, and now we're heating up to do it again, to hold the cities hostage until local governments, this is the key, turn control of their police departments over to George Soros,
We're good to go.
We're good.
And said they're turning America over to the UN.
The UN's in charge of our immigration laws, of the refugee laws.
And when Biden first got in via election theft, they had a UN meeting with all of them up there officially turning power over to the UN.
How do they win this?
How do they win this war?
By causing a race war here, ladies and gentlemen, and they are literally activating so many groups of racist black people to go out and start fights with whites, to kill whites, and the media tries to cover it up.
The average black person is involved in this.
But this is still so sad, and all people, whether you're black or white, doesn't matter.
You've got to decry racial violence or offensive violence of any type.
So, Robert Barnes coming up, Owen Sawyer coming up, a lot of exclusive footage we haven't aired from the border coming up.
Bill Maher coming out, and the wheels are coming off the COVID hoax.
He's come out against it.
So has Decker Carlson.
The truth is coming out, but only because we're still on the air, only because you're taking action.
Don't underestimate how important you are, and don't ever underestimate how important your word of mouth is.
Take the live feed of this Sunday show, share with everyone you know right now, and let them know that this is the attempt to take down not just America, but the whole world by these ruthless, wicked corporate globalists that exploit the third world, collapse the third world under a lockdown, flood through the third world, and then try to trigger a race war.
All right, we'll be right back on the other side with Robert Barnes and more.
Stay with us.
What should protesters do?
Well, we've got to stay on the street.
And we've got to get more active.
We've got to get more confrontational.
We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want to stop tyranny?
Well, so does he.
Live from the InfoWars.com studios, it's Alex Jones.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's Sunday, April 18th, 2021.
This is the Alex Jones Show.
Owen Troyer sitting in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas, to let you know what is coming up here live at InfoWars for the next four hours.
Legal expert, constitutional law expert, Bob Barnes is about to host the Alex Jones Show.
I'll be bringing us in and out of some of the breaks just with breaking news from the live studio, but Robert Barnes will be hosting the Alex Jones Show from 4 to 6 p.m.
Central today.
And then, from 6 to 8, I am going to be hosting an emergency broadcast, the Southern Border Emergency Broadcast.
For two hours, I'm going to be giving you the expert analysis, my expert analysis, of everything that's going on at the Southern Border and the human trafficking operation, because quite frankly,
There's really nobody else out there that knows this like I do.
I've been on the ground there for weeks.
There's no other media.
The only people who may know more than I do about this are the people that are actually running it and or the Border Patrol, but they've been gagged.
So we have to be the voice of truth here to tell you about Joe Biden's human smuggling, human smuggling operation being run by Joe Biden, the illegal immigration pipeline going through McAllen, Texas and other such places.
So for two hours, I'm going to be breaking that down and taking your calls, what your observations have been, what you've been noticing.
Maybe you live in a border town.
Maybe you are a border patrol agent.
Maybe you know a Border Patrol agent.
Maybe you're married to a Border Patrol agent.
So we're going to do that for two hours from six to eight.
But first, we go to Robert Barnes here to talk about the unbelievable behavior, the criminal behavior of Maxine Waters, in fact.
Criminal behavior.
Bob, when Donald Trump made a speech, they said, oh, he's inciting violence!
He's inciting violence!
And they censored him across the internet, and they tried to impeach him.
But when Maxine Waters goes out in the middle of riots, when Maxine Waters multiple times says, form a crowd, get confrontational, get more confrontational, and then violence follows directly after at the very riots that she's at, nobody seems to bat an eye.
Law enforcement doesn't seem to care.
No calls for impeachment or removal of Maxine Waters.
Bob, break down the criminal behavior and the incitement of a violent and crossing state lines to incite a riot that Maxine Waters is guilty of.
Well, Mad Max has definitely taken a different path, and it's a path that's particularly precarious for justice in the United States.
Because this is happening when it's happening is the most problematic.
This is happening on the eve of closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial concerning the death of George Floyd.
And this is happening on the eve of the jury deliberating, and it is happening while the jury is known to be not sequestered.
It means the jury is going to see this news, see this information, see this, where basically you have a member of Congress threatening the jury that if they don't convict Chauvin, there will be more, quote, confrontation, more going to the streets, basically more riots.
And these are jurors, many of whom during the jury selection process voiced concern about their own well-being and safety if they were merely involved in the case.
More threats.
And so the judge made the decision to still hold the jury in Minneapolis with jurors from Minneapolis, even though during jury selection they found out about the $27 million payoff to race baiter, race grifter Ben Crump.
We're good.
Then the confrontational tactics will be escalated.
Then people have been called out to go to the streets.
Imagine if Trump had said anything even close to this prior to January 6th.
He would be in prison today.
Instead, here you have someone trying to effectively tamper with the jury.
Not just incite riotous behavior, but tamper with the jury, tamper with the criminal justice process, and the rest.
And the reason
Is because they desperately need a conviction in this case.
The media needs a conviction in this case.
The Democrats need a conviction in this case.
BLM, which apparently means Buy Luxury Mansions, in fact, needs a conviction in this case.
And the reason is because the media narrative has been a false narrative.
The reason why they're scared, the reason why they're nervous, the reason why they're frightened about the verdict,
Is even though this is a jury that's going to have six African-American members extraordinarily diverse from Minneapolis, which normally would have one African-American member on a jury despite that being a Minneapolis Democratic jury pool where 80 to 90 percent of the likely jurors voted for Joe Biden in the last election.
Despite the fact that almost 90% of Biden voters said that they would vote to convict Chauvin even before the trial started.
Despite the fact that most of these jurors said during jury selection that they lean towards guilt.
They're nervous and terrified of a not guilty verdict, especially on the top count of felony murder.
Because after all, Derek Chauvin was willing to plead guilty to the third degree murder charge, which is more serious than the second degree manslaughter charge.
So they're desperate for a felony murder conviction, which carries up to 40 years of federal prison time, because they need the media narrative to be vindicated in the court of public opinion.
Indeed, the prosecutors in this case, rather uniquely, rather unusually, chose to pursue the case not based on their best evidentiary theory of guilt, but rather based on the media narrative.
So they put a lot of false evidence, made a lot of false statements in front of the jury.
And what all the Democrats know, and what the media knows, and what those who follow the case in detail know, is the media narrative was a big fat lie.
It was just like, hands up, don't shoot.
It was just like, oh, he just had a play gun and nobody knows why he was shot.
Oh, he was shot because he was eating a sandwich.
Oh, he was shot because he was driving while black.
He was shot and killed because he went out for some Skittles.
These are the lie after lie after lie told in the Michael Brown case, told in the Trayvion Martin case, told in the Tamir Rice case, told in case after case after case.
And what happened here, in fact, at what the jury saw was a very different story.
There was a witness that said he was blood choked.
The government's own state examiner admitted that didn't happen.
There was a witness that said he was choked out by a respiratory choke.
The government's own witnesses admitted that didn't happen.
And leading experts also concluded the government itself couldn't decide on what the cause of death was.
The government itself, their own witnesses, contradicted each other throughout the entire trial about whether or not it was even excessive force, whether or not it was even justifiable force.
And the intent evidence ended up not being anywhere near as strong as the media has pretended it was all along.
It turns out that Chauvin didn't have his knee on his neck the entire time.
It turns out he was balancing his weight all the way through.
It turns out all of the data and evidence shows that that method of prone position bodily restraint rarely or never results in death.
We'll get into what some of those studies are.
We'll get in during the show to what some of the expert testimony was at trial.
But the reason why she's up there extorting the jury into a guilty verse, into this legalized lynching of Derek Chauvin, is because they know the facts don't support their case.
And imagine if this person they held up as a martyr, imagine if this case they held up as an indictment of the criminal justice process in America, ends up indicting them instead.
And they can't afford that.
That's why they're willing to risk mistrials, willing to risk appellate reversals, willing to risk future habeas petitions, just to secure a conviction now to vindicate their narrative in the court of public opinion.
And that is why Mad Max is saying, I will incite riots on the eve of jury deliberation unless you do what I tell you to do.
And that's why she's been the leader of it.
And it's not a coincidence she went right into Minneapolis to do so right on the eve of closing arguments, knowing the jurors were not sequestered.
Frankly, they should have been.
The defense counsel requested that last week, and I'm sure the judge is unhappy that this happened because he really has been trying to establish a fair trial.
It turns out it just couldn't be a fair trial in Minneapolis.
When we come back after the break, we'll get into more not only of what Mad Max's dangerous statements are for a legalized lynching in America, but also what some of the damning evidence of the government's own theories were, right from the witness stand, and play some of those bits as well, and get into some of the underlying evidence about the whole mythology that prone position restraint is a high-risk restraint, when in fact it's far less risk than what can happen when people try to tase, as we found out last week.
So when we come back after the break, we'll get into more about the attempt of illegalized lynching in the Derek Chauvin trial.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Legal expert Robert Barnes, who is hosting the show, I'm really excited though to be back tonight breaking down the southern border crisis, everything I witnessed there, taking your calls on it for two hours.
But, Bob Barnes is breaking down what's happening in the Derek Chauvin trial where Maxine Waters is basically inciting terroristic threats if the Democrats and the mainstream media don't get the result they want, which is of course Chauvin being charged with murder.
Of course, all the evidence goes against this, but let's go back to Bob Barnes breaking it down.
So let's take a look at the context of this Mad Max video we're about to witness.
The jury, despite defense request, has not been sequestered.
So they are seeing all of this on their social media, seeing this on newspaper sites, websites, TV sites, and even though they're not supposed to avoid any coverage of the Floyd Chauvin case itself, this coverage is taking place in a quote-unquote different context.
So it is highly likely to get through based on jurors' prior admissions that they saw the settlement news and information, even though they'd been previously instructed to not see or read anything.
It's just impossible for them to follow that instruction in the modern social media
and media-saturated storyline concerning this case.
It's in that context and knowing that knowing the juror's not sequestered, that the jury has frequently been exposed to this kind of exposure, that third, that the jury is about to start to deliberate while they've witnessed riots for a week and looting for a week.
So in that context, let's play what Mad Max said in video clip number four.
And so, yes, I would like to see the bill in Congress passed on police reform.
But I know that the right wing, the racists, are opposed to it.
And I don't know what's going to happen to it.
But I know this, we've got to stay in the street.
And we've got to demand justice.
As a black man, despite all the efforts, I feel like nothing changes.
And George Floyd is waking so many people up.
Nothing has happened despite the rhetoric.
What needs to happen that's different this year than all the years before?
We're looking for a guilty verdict!
We're looking for a guilty verdict, and we're looking to see if all of the folks that took place and has been taking place after they saw what happened to George Floyd, if nothing does not happen, then we know that we've got to not only stay in the street, but we've got to fight for justice.
But I am very hopeful and I hope that we're going to get
What happens if we do not get what you just told?
What should the people do?
What should protesters on the street do?
I didn't hear you.
What should protesters do?
Well, we've got to stay on the street.
And we've got to get more active.
We've got to get more confrontational.
We've got to make sure that they know that we mean business.
Got to make sure that they know we make business.
So here she's demanding the jury convict of the top count.
And if they don't, they're basically extorting them that they're going to increase being in the streets, increase the level of confrontation.
And this comes in the context in which there have been riots for days.
Attacks on police for days.
Attacks on police precincts for days.
Attacks on local people who can't even get to their own homes and their own neighborhoods for days.
Looting for days.
Arson for days.
In that context, she says that confrontation tactics need to get more, need to increase.
And it comes in the context of jurors already voicing concern.
This is why the jurors are anonymous so far.
Already voicing concern of their own safety for merely participating in this trial.
And it comes on top of a police officer who was involved in the alleged wrongful shooting that triggered this latest stage of riots, which there's controversy over whether or not it was an intentional mistake as opposed to a negligent mistake.
But putting that aside, her address getting docked to where they had to put police and fences around her home on a 24-7 basis.
So that's the context in which Mad Max is extorting a legalized lynching of Derek Chauvin, saying if you don't bring out his head on a rope, then they're going to basically put other people's heads on a rope in Minneapolis.
That's the mindset and the mentality that is being communicated by a member of Congress, not just a local activist, not just some local city council member, a member of Congress, a long-serving member of Congress, who also chairs critical committees in Congress.
And you can guarantee she went to Minneapolis to make sure this news and information was circulated to everybody, including almost guaranteed the jurors in the case.
And so this is an extortion attempt to get a legalized lynching because she knows that basically she's been pushing a big lie.
It's been a lie all the way through.
Mark Dice did a video about Black Lives Matter because Black Lives Matter has often told so many fictions and fabrications about the reality of this case and others.
In that context, we're going to show a little bit later on in the show video excerpts of trial testimony, but I'll give you a quick summation of that testimony.
The first question for the jury is whether or not Derek Chauvin exercised unreasonable, unjustifiable force.
The force he used was the prone position, where his knee was mostly not on the neck for most of the time period, where he was shifting his body weight, and where studies and surveys from Canada, from the United States, from medical professionals and forensic medical experts around the world have shown that one of the safest ways to restrain a suspect
One of the safest ways to control a suspect, one of the safest ways to detain a suspect, is to put them in a prone position with body weight controlling them.
Because it turns out that it is extremely rare.
They looked at thousands of cases in Canada.
They looked at thousands of cases in the United States.
And they found, and then they looked at, gave examples of people putting on more body weight for much longer periods of time.
And what did study after study after study confirm?
It confirmed that being in the prone position, with body weight being put on you, even more body weight than was put on Floyd, even for longer time periods than happened with Floyd, study after study came back and found no deaths.
Out of thousands of cases, zero deaths taking place because of that prone position.
It is much safer than using a taser.
It is much safer than pulling your gun.
It is much safer than using a baton.
It is much safer than almost every other method and mechanism of force that you can use.
In fact, what came out at trial
Is that the body cam footage that the media has been trying to hide and that the state tried to keep from the public for months after this case originally became public.
Is that George Floyd himself requested to lie on the ground repeatedly.
He requested not to be placed in the police car, but because of his health condition, he asked to be put on the ground, knowing what that was.
And throughout the entire process, and was complaining he couldn't breathe before he was ever put on the ground.
Because he had a severe heart condition.
Because he had a tumor that released massive amounts of adrenaline.
Because he had just taken a sudden ingestion of a lethal amount of fentanyl.
That was three times the rate that would kill a normal person.
That's why.
He had done the exact same thing, sudden ingestion of drugs when caught, just a year before.
And that's the evidence that the media and the press has tried to cover up.
That's why they're scared of the verdict.
That's why they need to extort a verdict.
We'll get back into more of those details right after the break.
This transmission is coming to you.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Owen Troyer here in the InfoWars World Headquarters in Austin, Texas.
Bob Barnes hosting the Alex Jones Show this evening.
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We go back now to legal expert Bob Barnes.
The amazing thing about the Chauvin trial is the precedent it's going to set.
Can the institutional media, can the democratic political hacks,
Weaponize the process so extensively, so expansively, that they can force-feed a lie onto the jury and get the jury to swallow and regurgitate that lie to allow a legalized lynching.
It is the political equivalent of what happened to Emmett Till.
It is the political equivalent to the old Klan lynchings of the South.
That's what this case really is.
If they can lynch Derek Chauvin and do so through the legal process, do so by force-feeding a lie into the jury and then regurgitating that lie to the world, they can do it to anybody.
Because this case has been a Soviet-style show trial from the get-go.
Derek Chauvin already has problems because of tax and corruption issues.
So he was guaranteed to go to prison one way or the other.
Yeah, that is why partially he agreed to plead guilty to a crime he likely did not commit, which was third degree murder, which is supposed to be for devious mind, reckless murder, where you go in and shoot at a whole bunch of people and kill one person.
Here they were trying to apply it to him in a constitutionally questionable manner, as both Professor Dershowitz and Professor Turley have acknowledged and admitted the legal and constitutional questions with the statutory construction.
And yet we're still in this trial.
Why are we in a trial where someone was willing to plead guilty likely to a crime he didn't commit and do 10 years in prison?
Because they want to show trial that convicts Chauvin of something he didn't do to feed and justify the media narrative.
And if they're able to achieve it and attain it, it poses a direct risk to liberty and our justice system in the United States.
If they can convert our criminal justice process
into Soviet-style, Cuban-style show trials, then they can do it to anybody, anywhere, at any time, and that's the point that they're trying to make.
They can use the justice process to vindicate and validate the lies and deceptions they've force-fed onto the public.
Now, if you were in the jury room itself and witnessed what happened in the trial, you would know why Mad Max is so mad.
Let's take a look at video clip number five, wherein a use of force expert who has been certified as such by everybody across the board, has been a police officer for decades, who including the FBI certified him as one of the top experts in the country on the issues of use of force, explain why the reasonable prone position
Is reasonable force, not unjustifiable excessive force, especially if you're dealing with someone you believe is experiencing excited delirium.
Because under the influence of such drugs, and remember he was 6'5", 6'6", 230, 240, Chauvin is like 5'8", 5'9", he makes Tom Cruise look tall, you know, 140 pounds.
Given that disparity, usually, especially with a mob around you, trying to keep him under control to risk it, to avoid escalation, is often the appropriate protocol.
Let's take a look at video clip number five.
Now based upon your training and experience and your expertise in the use of force matters, your review of the materials that have been provided to you, have you formed opinions in this particular case to a reasonable degree of professional certainty?
I have.
And can you just briefly overview your opinions in this particular case?
I felt that Derek Chauvin was justified, was acting with objective reasonableness, following Minneapolis Police Department policy and current standards of law enforcement and his interactions with Mr. Floyd.
And that wasn't the only big expert that testified.
A former high-ranking medical examiner who consulted with more than a dozen other doctors in his analysis concluded that, without any doubt really, that the death of George Floyd was not caused by the manner of being put in a prone position and being put into a physical restraint, just as it hasn't caused death almost anywhere in the world when they've done a survey and study of it.
Let's take a look at video clip number six.
How did the heart and drugs contribute to the cause of death?
They were significant.
They contributed to Mr. Floyd having a sudden cardiac arrest in my opinion.
That's how I would read it.
So in my opinion, Mr. Floyd had a sudden cardiac arrhythmia or cardiac arrhythmia due to his atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease or you can write that down multiple different ways.
During his restraint and subdual by the police or restraint by the police and then his significant contributory conditions Would be since I've already put the heart disease in part one He would have the toxicology the fentanyl and methamphetamine There is exposure to a vehicle exhaust
So potentially carbon monoxide poisoning or at least an effect from increased carbon monoxide in his bloodstream and paraganglionoma or the other natural disease process that he has.
So all of those combined to cause Mr. Floyd's death.
And by the way, when Floyd had been pulled over a year before, he did the same routine.
He initially refused to comply with police requests, did sudden ingestion of drugs, admitted he did sudden ingestion of serious drugs, had to be rushed to the hospital, and almost died because his blood pressure was so high.
So what the expert testimony and other documentary evidentiary testimony that came out at the actual trial was that the media narrative was one big fat lie.
And Mad Max and the media need the world not to know that.
That's why they're extorting the jury with these selectively targeted, selectively released statements on the eve of jury selection.
And it is critical and essential if this jury is going to uphold the rule of law in America and avoid our trials becoming show trials that are nothing more than legalized lynchings, is that they come back with acquittals, especially on the top felony murder count.
In fact, if Chauvin is convicted of the other counts, it's kind of irrelevant because Chauvin was willing to plead guilty to those counts.
So the big count is felony murder.
And hopefully the jury upholds the justice process.
If not, hopefully the appeals court or the trial court set aside the verdict based on the insanity of trying to do a trial in this context where members of Congress are threatening the jury pool.
And last but not least, the public continuing to speak out.
About these issues, about the consequences of these issues, is going to be critical in counterbalancing the threats of riots, the looting, the burning, the arsoning, the criminality that Mad Max is trying to unleash to extort the jury.
When we come back, we'll be talking about a little bit more of this, but also Sleepy Joe wants to go to war.
Welcome back to Alex Jones Sunday Show.
Robert Barnes here, guest hosting the show.
Let's get into some of the more of the detail of what is happening in the Chauvin trial and why it is more consequential than just the trial itself.
So even Jonathan Turley, a left-leaning professor, a law professor from George Washington University, wrote a detailed article this week
Uh, explaining why the media narrative is completely out of whack with what's actually happening inside the courtroom.
They're trying to create a fake narrative that they know the jury would reject if the jury could make an honest verdict.
That's Mad Max's sort of insanity.
But it's not the only example of the kind of media-narrational bias that is taking place in the press.
To give other illustrations of it, in the Chauvin trial context, they have actually had medical experts get up and testify.
Here's some of the absurdities from the Chauvin trial that the government has tried to put on the world and the jury.
One is that smoking won't bother your lungs 90% of the time, according to the government's experts in the Chauvin trial.
According to the government's experts in the Chauvin trial, having an enlarged heart can often be good for you.
According to the government's experts in the Chauvin trial,
It's also the case that having 90% blockage of different parts of your heart can be completely fine.
According to the medical experts in the Chauvin trial, that taking three times the lethal dose of fentanyl and sudden ingestion of it
Well, you could actually just get out and drive your car normally, according to the government's experts in the Chauvin trial.
But those aren't the only absurdities they've tried to feed the jury and, by extension, the world.
They also had a use-of-force expert testify about national standards that don't even really exist.
According to this use-of-force expert, if someone's arrested and voices some concerns about their health,
Then what you're supposed to do is not handcuff them and call them an Uber.
Don't even put them in the back of the car where the scary isolation could bother them.
And you could never put them in a prone position on the ground.
Of course, what happens when police officers think that they can't use physical force to put someone on the ground in a prone position?
They go to tasers instead.
And what happens when they go to tasers instead?
You get Dwayne Wright, where the officer thinks she's pulling a taser, instead pulls a gun.
Why did she pull the gun?
Well, in part because the local community, the local politicians, went and bought tasers that looked and felt like guns.
But the media won't cover that side of the story.
Instead, race grifter, race baiter Ben Crump is saying that the person was shot simply for quote, driving while black, when actually he was pulled over for basic violations of traffic rules.
And the only reason they tried an arrest is because he had an outstanding warrant for prior felony armed robbery.
Another example of these sort of fake news narratives in the BLM context also came out this week when it turned out with court filings in the Ahmaud Arbery case that you may have remembered from last year where again he was supposedly shot and killed again according to Ben Crump and his pals for jogging while black.
As some of us voiced at the time, including right here on InfoWars at the time, was that that is unlikely to be a true story.
That the true story was likely that he was out casing places for robbery and using jogging as an excuse and a pretext.
Because it's not normal and customary for young men of any race to just go out jogging and constantly just wander into abandoned homes and properties for about 10 or 15 minutes and then come back out over and over and over again.
Well, it turned out from court filings this week that in fact, Ahmaud Arbery had a long history of using jogging as a pretext to engage in repeated robberies.
Over and over and over and over and over again.
Another BLM narrative that proved to be a lie, that proved to be a fraud.
That's why they are so desperate.
George Floyd is supposed to be the Rosa Parks of the BLM anti-police politicized movement to racialize American criminal justice and racialize American politics in ways that do not conform to reality.
They are desperate to have George Floyd upheld as that martyr.
So much so that they built statues to him inside Holocaust Museum.
The fact that he has an extensive criminal history has been hidden from the court of public opinion.
The fact that he has a history of violent crime has been hidden from the court of public opinion.
They tried to hide, even from the jurors, the fact that he did the same thing a year before and almost died then from sudden ingestion of drugs.
For example, the narrative has been that George Floyd was only at risk for being a misdemeanor, minor misdemeanor, of a $20 fake currency.
That's not what George Floyd knew, and there's a reason why George Floyd panicked.
Because what George Floyd knew is when they came up to the car, he's sitting there with his drug dealer, with felony possession of drugs in the car, and he doesn't know what else they have on him.
And that's why he engaged in felony obstruction by consuming in a sudden manner
The drugs themselves.
And what was the prosecution's excuse for that?
They claim that even though there's a photo of the pill on his tongue that was later found in the back of the squad car with his saliva and DNA on it, that it was partially chewed and digested and then the rest spit out, that that really wasn't what was in his mouth.
That that's somehow what came off his shoe that just randomly was present.
Instead, they were claiming it was gum or maybe food.
That's how ludicrous the state has gone to make the claims they've made.
They've made claims I have never seen the government make in a comparable context in history.
And they're doing so because they need to gaslight the jury into a certain conclusion, gaslight the world into a certain conclusion in order to get there, just as they tried in the Zimmerman case, just as they tried in the Michael Brown case, just as they tried in the Tamir Rice case, just as they've tried in case after case after case.
Almost all of these are rising since 2014.
Indeed, if you use the imagery of BLM, you'll notice that they use a particular kind of fist that looks almost identical to the kind of fist used by the color revolutions that began in Serbia in 2003.
And maybe that's not a coincidence.
That maybe this is part of an ongoing regime change effort to displace American police
With anybody that is politically loyal to American ideals and instead have a politicized Stasi-style police force that is willing with politicized prosecutors and politicized courts to engage in Soviet-style show trials to intimidate and terrorize the public.
And that's what the Derek Chauvin trial is really about.
It's not about a simple death in police custody case.
It is instead about political revolution to change the nature of prosecutions in the United States, to change the nature of policing in the United States, and to send a message to the broader world, not only to uphold the media gaslighting narrative of what's been happening and occurring in the police context, particularly in the racial interaction context,
But also to empower future Soviet-style show trials.
It's the same reason the Soviets engaged in such show trials.
It's the same reasons the Cuban government did it almost immediately after they seized power in the Castros in 1959 and 1960.
Because it was meant to send a message to the broader public that you better keep your head down and do what you're told or you're going to be purged.
Purged from the police, purged from the military, purged from civil society, purged from social media, purged from any ability to make a difference with your voice.
Now, the fact that they are so scared of what a jury might do, the fact that they are so scared of what you, the ordinary person, might do,
As a reminder, just as the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people he did not exist, the greatest trick the deep state ever pulled was convincing you that you could not resist.
Indeed, you can find constitutional legal means to push back in the court of public opinion by doing things like supporting networks like InfoWars, which you can do at InfoWarsStore.com.
Why is that significant?
Why does that matter?
Why is that consequential?
Well, ask yourself, before they were waging these wars on police departments, on the prosecutor's offices, on the justice system, on the military, before we had these politically weaponized cases in the Capitol Hill context, who was the number one target?
The number one target of the institutional actors, the gatekeepers, these clerisy of corruption that would like to impose their wills upon the rest of us was Alex Jones and Infowars.
And that's not a coincidence.
That's not mere chance.
That's not mere circumstance.
That was delivered.
Because you are the tip of the spear for keeping accurate and honest information out there that can keep the public informed, keep the people awakened, and keep activism alive because it is the perception of power.
Those same color revolutions.
Taught based on the Albert Einstein Institution that it is the fifth pillar of perception of power that is key to the other four pillars of power.
You remove that perception of power and the whole system collapses.
Tyranny falls apart overnight.
And that's what you can do by continuing to support InfoWars at InfoWarsStore.com and continuing to be able to be part of the process of keeping information alive and the revolution awake.
I use products like Winter Sun every single day.
I use products like Ultra 12 every single day.
I use products like the coffee every single day.
And because they're good product, it's the one place you can get healthier, wealthier and wiser in one clean step.
When we come back, we'll talk about the next big issue.
Sleepy Joe wants to go to war with Russia.
Rallying patriots worldwide in defense of human liberty.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome back to this Sunday Alex Jones Show!
Special guest host today, Robert Barnes.
Well, Owen Schroer was down at the border and met some very interesting personalities and people, including someone who had a famous photogenic moment at the border some years ago.
Let's take a look at when Owen Schroer met AOC at the border.
I am Alexandria Owen Cortez, and I'm down here at Biden's cage facilities.
Kids in cages.
Look at all these kids in the cages.
Look at them.
Nobody else cares except Alexandria Owen Cortez.
Why, Joe Biden?
Why, Kamala Harris?
Why do you do this to the kids, the poor kids?
The kids are being raped!
You saw the girls, 12 years old, they're coming in, they're pregnant, Joe!
They're pregnant, Kamala!
What do you think happened to them?
They got raped by your illegal immigrants!
They got raped by the people you told to surge the border!
Twelve-year-old girls, dozens of them, raped on the journey that you told them to go on, Joe!
You did!
Why do you do this, Joe?
Why do you do this, Kamala?
Why do you hate kids?
Why do you hate the youth and the innocent, Joe?
Where do they go, Joe?
Why are you doing this, Joe?
Americans are suffering, Joe.
And you just don't even care.
You're stacking the kids in cages like sardines.
Like sardines, they're sleeping on top of one another.
They're being put in hotels with strange men and you don't even do DNA testing.
Why, Joe?
Why, Joe?
I've seen your cages, Joe.
I've seen the cages that you put the kids in, Joe, while you're child trafficking, Joe.
I saw it all, and Kamala's covering it up, Joe.
I've seen your cages, Joe.
There's dozens of your cages, Joe.
It's the kids, Joe.
And they're all being raped and molested, and then they're reenacting the rape and molest in the cages that you put them in, Joe.
You put them in, Kamala.
I'm just shooting a video.
Don't worry about it, man.
No, we're all good.
Why, Joe?
Nobody cares about the kids except me, Alexandria Owen Cortez.
Nobody is down here wailing against the system.
I'm wailing against the system.
Only me.
Nobody else cares about the kids.
How many kids will be sex trafficked by Joe Biden's pedophile agenda?
Why is it only me, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?
The kids!
Oh, the kids!
The media gaslighting that is occurring in the Chauvin trial is not limited or constricted to it, nor is it limited or constricted to the issues surrounding immigration either.
The other aspect in which it is occurring on a major scale, which we'll get into after we come back from the break,
is potentially World War Three.
There has been a wild contradictory set of messages sent because of an internal battle within the Deep State due to Sleepy Joe not being any kind of governing president at all with any kind of clear directive set of policies beyond ones of triggering war.
In this particular context, it is in Russia.
Though it is only the latest hotspot to be a potential place to trigger war.
There have been controversial positions taken by the Biden administration in Venezuela, in Bolivia, in Ethiopia, in Iran, throughout the Middle East, and in China and Taiwan.
But the one that has been drawn the most attention, justifiably so, is the effort to escalate the conflict in Ukraine.
One day, the Biden administration wants Putin and Russia to bail them out of the concerns involving Iran or China or North Korea.
And in the next minute, they want to escalate conflict.
Why is that?
Well, it might be because of the people who are behind the Biden administration.
The internal deep state fight that is occurring that can only occur because Sleepy Joe usually has to wait for nap time before he can come out to play.
Indeed, it was so bad this past week, he wasn't even there for the Japanese Prime Minister when he arrived at the White House.
He was apparently asleep again.
So, he is constantly asleep in such a way that may endanger not only our future freedom, but that might bring us closer to the doomsday clock than we've been since 1961.
When we come back, more on war with Russia.
Waging war on corruption.
It's Alex Jones.
Coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWars.
Welcome back to Sunday's Alex Jones Show with special guest host today, myself, Robert Barnes.
The next aspect we're going to get into is while they're doing deep damage to our criminal justice system, not only what's happening in the Chauvin trial, but also what's happening in Capitol Hill cases.
We had Ashley Babbitt, who was killed right on the spot.
Someone who was killed without warning, killed without notice, summary execution style, for what appeared to be mere trespass and damage to state property.
There was no evidence she was threatening anyone's life at the time.
She was trying to go through a door.
And while that was wrongful conduct, criminal conduct, it was nowhere near as dangerous as what Dwayne White had done.
It was not as felonious as what George Floyd was in the process of doing.
It was not the pattern of criminal behavior that Ahmaud Arbery was involved in.
And yet in each of those cases, there was a media outrage demanding
The maximum criminal prosecution.
Here we have an officer, still whose identity has been hidden from the public.
Summarily executing a person for a very minor offense without notice or warning and with now without consequence, because that's the nature of our criminal justice process under this president and Joe Biden.
And it is a problem that has been gurgling up and burgeoning for some time, but it is reaching new and perilous heights as we are witnessing in both the Ashley Babbitt case as contrasted to the Duane Wright, the Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd cases.
In the same context, we're having the drumbeats of war from the deep state start to come back and continue to get louder and louder after President Trump has exited from office and been replaced by Sleepy Joe.
In this context, there are a couple of people who have done some really good analysis on what the backstory and what the background is.
Why do the neoliberal deep state elites hate Russia so much, so irrationally, so unjustifiably, so without sound foreign policy reasoning, no matter your perspective on Russia in general?
Well, here's a good episode or a good part of an episode from a show that you can find on YouTube and Rumble and other places called The Gaggle, hosted by Peter Lavelle and George Samueli, two longstanding international foreign policy observers who have a deeper and broader understanding than the institutional media does, particularly when it relates to matters of Central and Eastern Europe.
Let's take a look at video clip number one about how Russia's conservative moral and social values and opposition to wokeism is a key reason why Biden administration hacks want to undermine it and sabotage it even if it has the risk of causing and triggering World War III.
They abhor Russia because people here are nominally religious.
The family is the center of all social interaction.
Russians are fervently patriotic.
And because of the last 30 years, they've traveled the world.
They've seen what the world can offer, the good and the bad.
And I'm very happy about that because then they come back and say, well, why can't we have good service in restaurants?
Now they do.
Why can't we have quality beef?
Because when I first moved here, it was like leather shoes, OK?
And now they have steakhouses all over the place.
The world's taught them that.
Take the best practices.
But your post-modernist ideology?
No thanks.
No thanks.
We see enough of it on your Netflix, which is translated into the Russian language.
It's fun to watch from a bar.
We don't want that.
We don't want your ideology.
And that's why when they talk about Russia's malign influence and Russia's malevolent influence,
Yeah, because there are other countries that, you know, they may not like Russia's geopolitics, but they kind of like its cultural outlook.
I mean, the most explicit practitioner of that is obviously Viktor Orban of Hungary.
But there are other countries.
I mean, Poland kind of goes along with the social and cultural moral values of Russia, even though they have this obsession about geopolitics.
Uh, but the same goes for, you know, the Czechs, the Slovaks, you know, you know, basically they kind of like those conservative values.
It's like up to 30, 35% of French people feel that way.
That's right.
That's right.
And it is, it is the, it's one of the interesting things is that
During the FIFA World Cup, the U.S.
team didn't do well enough to qualify to come to Moscow.
And I truly regret that because I don't know anything about football slash soccer.
I'm not interested in it.
But I really wish thousands of Americans could have come to Moscow because I would go to the main streets
During the weeks of the matches.
And I would ask people, and particularly Brits and Germans, you know, and I'll tell you, George, almost without exception, I'd say, well, what do you think?
As opposed to what your expectations were.
And almost to the person, they lied to us.
It's kind of nice here.
People are nice.
All the menus are in English.
All the signs are in English.
And the girls are really pretty.
No, I think it's very interesting as to what will happen
I mean, there's a chance of this.
I'm not saying it's a good chance, but there's a chance that Macron is replaced by Marine Le Pen and Merkel, who's definitely going to be replaced by a German leader who is not at all hostile to Russia.
We kind of wonder,
What kind of a cultural influence then Russia means over Europe?
We don't know.
I mean, there's a long time to go before then.
But, you know, you can see why people just think Russia's malign influence.
No, but see, there's something that is never said, and you won't be allowed to say it, is that Russia has a cultural attraction.
They fear it.
And they fear it.
Okay, because you can live a different way.
I mean, there is no political correctness here at all, okay?
And the society isn't falling apart.
Russia provides a counterexample to what the neoliberal, George Soros-inspired West of intellectual left would like the world to be.
As Ann Coulter used to joke, one of the reasons why they hate Russia so much is they're still mad that Russia rejected communism and statism.
But it goes beyond that.
Basically, Putin is Russia's version of Trump.
Someone who believes in national boundaries.
Someone who believes in national sovereignty.
Someone who tries to avoid war and conflict where possible.
Someone who doesn't see the entire world as an empire to play games with.
Someone who values who's one of the great defenders of the Christian faith in the modern world.
Someone who's not going to be having men play in women's sports.
Someone who's not going to engage in racialized politics for its own sake and its own purpose to divide his own country.
Someone who has gone to great lengths to avoid that by relying upon national identity and someone who pushes back on the neoliberal order and provides a critical example to it.
Someone who's pushed back against the state centralized bankers as well.
And it is that combination of activities that makes him such a threat to the George Soros vision of the world, which so many of the administrative apparatchiks of the Biden administration are so eager to enforce on the world.
And that is why they want to undermine Russia, sabotage Russia, cause unnecessary conflict with Russia, even if it entails a potential war throughout Europe, even if it entails a potential triggers a world war.
I mean, just weeks ago, Joe Biden was going to send U.S.
ships into the Black Sea to be right next to Russian ships in the middle of a conflict zone with Ukraine.
Imagine how that could go wrong.
Just go back and study your history of World War I and you can know how easily that could get out of hand.
And this perspective is coming from both the left and the right, from those people who oppose unnecessary wars.
It was the whole real reason for Russiagate.
Half of it was to discredit Trump and Trumpism, drag his entire administration and his key allies and aides into unjustifiable criminal investigations while covering up the illicit and illegal spying that took place against President Trump, both during the campaign and while he was president.
But it was also to prevent Trump from aligning with Russia to create a cultural detente, political detente, that could re-recommend conservative moral values, theories of nationalism, sovereignty, Christianity, core good ideals against the George Soros neoliberal order.
And that is why they are so eager
To be able to try to instigate another color revolution in Russia, which is what the Navalny matter is really about.
He is not who the media would have you believe him to be.
But it's also becoming incredibly precarious, because as we get closer and closer to a potential armed conflict, when this goes from just another Cold War into a potential hot war, then the safety and security of everybody around the world is at risk.
When we come back, we'll take a look at some other clips from other experts as the world increasingly concludes that Sleepy Joe is asleep at the Switch and someone else might push it.
Ladies and gentlemen, we're back here on the Alex Jones Show on this Sunday.
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Really excited to host Sunday Night Live tonight.
We're going to be taking your phone calls.
I'm going to be answering your questions.
Any observations you've had at the crisis at the southern border?
There's a couple new updates that I'll be breaking there as well, talking about everything I experienced.
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We go back to Bob Barnes breaking down how the Biden administration is causing a collapse of the third world and soon America that could result in World War III.
Bob Barnes, take it away.
For folks that like it, I like to use the InfoWars Tumblr.
The reason is because I have it on for a wide range of media interviews, because for those people who want to pay attention, they can get it, and it doesn't necessarily cause any flags amongst the censors.
And it keeps drinks very cold and keeps them warm, so it's one of my daily things.
Increasingly, we're going to need to be ready to survive in a world where so many people have such itchy trigger fingers around the potential to trigger World War III.
In this context, it has been particularly problematic that nobody in the world really knows who is actually governing the United States of America right now.
That at times 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue appears to be absent, appears to be empty.
That it's either tea time or nap time or party time for Sleepy Joe.
And a recent breakdown of this was done from the show The Duran.
Uh, which often covers international news and foreign policy, particularly from a deep state skeptical anti-war perspective.
Let's take a look as they break down the problematic aspects of the Biden administration's foreign policy.
Well, it looks like we're having some problems there with the connection of Bob Barnes.
That's why I'm sitting here in studio in case we do have any of those problems.
So we're going to get reconnected with him.
You know, speaking of exactly that, what the Biden administration is up to right now.
They're now having to admit, and I think this has a lot to do with our coverage, they're now having to admit that there is a crisis at the southern border because they gave no-bid contracts to their friends for hundreds of millions of dollars, and of course we've been down there as the media showing the crisis as it is, so now the Biden administration has finally had to come out and say that that's exactly what's going on.
You also have the UN ambassador from Biden saying that the Founding Fathers are like the Chinese Communists and how they treat the Uyghurs.
So, wow, they're admitting about the Chinese Communist treatment of the Muslims in the concentration camps.
But comparing them to the founding fathers whose founding documents of this nation are just proving to be total works of genius at this point, total foresight with that.
Of course, the Biden administration doesn't like the Bill of Rights.
Joe Biden even said that the Bill of Rights
Isn't permanent!
There's nothing absolute about the amendments.
Joe Biden, a president, saying that you don't have a Bill of Rights as an American citizen.
That's kind of a red flag.
That's kind of a big deal.
That's kind of a panic time.
And as Bob Barnes was just explaining, where is Joe?
Seems to be AWOL.
In fact, Devin Nunes
Is asking that exact question in an interview on television.
He's saying, where is the president?
We never see him.
We dealt with Trump every day.
Half the time with Biden, we don't even hear anything.
We have questions.
Nothing gets answered.
What is he doing?
And then they claim, oh, Biden went and had a round of golf.
I don't believe that for one second.
Joe Biden couldn't complete nine holes of golf, let alone 18.
And by the looks of the golf shoes that he was wearing, they haven't been worn in decades, okay?
The spikes on Biden's golf shoes have not been used in decades, ladies and gentlemen.
He's literally using decades-old spikes.
I don't know anybody that wears those spikes still.
And I've never seen anybody with golf shoes so clean.
I've never seen golf shoes so clean after a round.
But apparently if you're Biden, maybe for Biden that golfing just means riding around in the cart.
Maybe that's what golfing means.
So Joe Biden isn't even the president.
But he pretends to be.
He rides along.
He's on the course.
He's in the White House.
So Joe Biden probably didn't actually hit any golf balls.
Joe Biden probably didn't actually swing a golf club.
But he put on the golf shoes, and he put on a polo, and he rode around in the golf cart, and the media said, look!
Look at Joe!
He can play golf!
Look at him go out there!
Way to go, Joe!
Just like he's pretending to be the president.
Yeah, there's the spikes.
I'm telling you right now, I don't know anybody who still wears those spikes.
I don't see them on the professional tour.
I don't see them on the golf courses here in Texas.
I don't see it when I go golfing with friends.
I just don't see it.
Oh, is that a nice photo shot there?
Nice photo op for Joe?
I wonder how many times he had to practice that lob shot.
There's no way that he's actually playing golf on a steep ledge that deep.
Give me a break.
Show me the video of Biden driving a golf ball.
If you've ever been to, you know, like the driving range.
You know, there's always the individual out there that you can tell just they're just not gonna.
Yeah, it's just not a good show.
It's not good for them.
That's probably how I imagine it would be with Biden.
Trying to play golf.
We've seen Trump strike a golf ball.
It's an ugly, horrific swing, but he can get it up and down the course.
So is that Joe riding along playing golf?
As long as Biden is on the course, that counts as playing golf.
As long as Biden is in the White House, that counts as being president.
As long as the media says he won, he won.
As long as the media says Joe Biden can ride a bike, and Joe Biden can run with his dogs, and Joe Biden can play a round of golf... Look at him, he can barely walk!
He can barely... They're trying to tell you Biden played golf today!
He can barely even walk, man!
Now what door do I go to?
Oh, that's not my vehicle.
Sorry, I don't even know what vehicle I'm in, and I'm huffing my own carbon dioxide, so I'm a little confused out here.
Joe Biden playing golf.
Who buys that?
Defending the Republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
It's Alex Jones.
Welcome to the Sunday Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Robert Barnes.
We're discussing the issues of ranging from Mad Max and the media campaign to gaslight us about our own criminal justice process to Sleepy Joe's willingness and readiness to start a new war and maybe even trigger World War III by the chaotic carelessness of his administration.
Let's take a look at a clip from a show called The Duran, which, like the gaggle that we referenced earlier, is often a useful and critical source for independent thinking and critical thinking about foreign policy.
Let's take a look at video clip number two.
There is no such thing, really, as a Biden-Harris administration.
There are various factions fighting it out in Washington.
There's a very powerful neocon faction.
Who knows who they are?
But, you know, we can guess.
They're probably the CIA.
They're probably in the State Department.
Possibly Secretary Blinken is one of them.
Certainly Victoria Nuland is.
They want confrontation with Russia, just as they want confrontation with everyone everywhere.
To the greatest extent they possibly can.
And then there are other people more, shall we say, level-headed people like perhaps the new National Security Advisor Andrew Sullivan, perhaps the new CIA Director William Burns,
Who was previously the US ambassador to Moscow and they're saying, well, hold on, we can't really go all the way.
I mean, if we really get into a confrontation with the Russians, it could turn very bad indeed for us.
Ukraine certainly would be destroyed.
We would be utterly and completely humiliated.
The sanctions weapon is to all effects exhausted.
And what we need to do is concentrate on China anyway instead.
So you're having these two different forces pulling in different directions.
Sometimes Sleepy Joe goes with one.
Sometimes Sleepy Joe goes with the other.
He telephones Putin and talks peace.
He signs executive
All right.
And what we have is a bureaucratic war in Washington which is wrecking whatever is left of relationships and which the Russians are deciding makes the United States, as they put it, agreement-incapable.
In other words, the United States is not considered reliable or even predictable in the current realm or in the current time.
And that poses a risk to the rest of us.
In the same context, it appears there's been another attempt at another quote-unquote color revolution, except it just failed abysmally, but that hasn't stopped the Biden administration from propagating it and trying to push it.
As was detailed in an article in the Grayzone about Mr. Navalny.
For those who don't know, Mr. Navalny has deep state ties that go back more than a decade.
He's been propagated and promoted in the same way you had people held up as potential leaders of Georgia or potential leaders of Ukraine or potential leaders of
Thank you.
Indeed, Navalny is about as popular in Russia as Lyndon LaRouche is in the United States.
In fact, LaRouche is probably more popular.
He has been repeatedly convicted of multiple fraudulent crimes, like his buddy and other political propagandist, Bill Browder.
So the fact that you're seeing the West make a big deal about Navalny should be a red flag, because it is not a sign of a legitimate, authentic opposition within Russia.
He's someone that is a convicted criminal for fraud, for real fraud.
He's someone who's engaged in very dangerous and perilous political proclivities throughout his decade-plus history.
He is not who the West has tried to make him out to be.
In the same context, we see that the other method of foreign policy oppression taking place is through the Chinese model of lockdowns that got exported under the guise of a pandemic.
And increasingly, it is becoming relevant.
Increasingly, it is becoming evident that this lockdown from the COVID-19 was the product of potentially even a deliberate
But at least an accidental leak from a Chinese bioweapons factory that was in part funded and protected by Mr. Fauci himself.
Let's take a look at video clip number 14.
And I'm not arguing that this is conclusive.
This is still a hypothesis, but I would argue that it is the preponderance of the evidence clearly now points to a lab leak.
The evidence is of four different kinds.
There is molecular evidence, that is to say the sequence of the genome of the virus suggests editing of a kind that we know was taking place at the
There is phylogenetic evidence, that is to say, the group, the Sarbeco viruses to which SARS-CoV-2 belongs are known not to have fur and cleavage sites, and yet this fur and cleavage site shows up phylogenetically out of place in SARS-CoV-2.
There is epidemiological evidence.
We have a virus that did not
Show any evidence of evolution early on it arrived in human beings perfectly adapted to spread at a high rate whereas we would have expected a period of evolutionary adaptation that we cannot find and then fourth and maybe most important there's a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence surrounding the way the Wuhan Institute of Virology has
We're good to go.
We also have the case of them having renamed a sample in a way that contravenes scientific protocol.
So RATG 13, which is the closest
Relative of SARS-CoV-2.
Turns out to have had a prior name in that laboratory, 4991.
There's no reason to have renamed it.
It effectively suggests the keeping of two sets of books.
So in any case, all four types of evidence point towards a laboratory leak that is now being obscured.
So I fully admit I am wildly out of my depth on this topic, but I just want to offer.
So one of the pieces of evidence that has been offered against the idea of a lab leak, this is from Science News and it's based on a report that was published in Nature Medicine.
They say that this virus has components that differ from those of previously known viruses, so they had to come from an unknown virus or viruses in nature.
And this is the quote from the study.
Genetic data irrefutably show that SARS-CoV-2 is not derived from any previously used virus backbone.
Meaning that, okay, if you're creating something in the lab, you're using an existing known virus and then you're modifying it.
They're saying this is coming from nature because this isn't anything that we've ever dealt with before.
What do you make of that piece?
Well, you know, at some level we are now dealing with a kind of narrative theater surrounding this virus.
That argument doesn't make any sense and nobody who is in this community could imagine that it does for the following reason.
When we say that the virus may have been modified in the lab, we are not necessarily talking about edits where someone sits down to introduce a sequence.
That is certainly possible.
That is something that we do.
But we are in general talking about a type of gain-of-function research that uses a process called serial passaging, in which we do things in the lab that we... We'll be right back after the break.
Welcome to the Sunday Alex Jones Show.
I'm your guest host, Robert Barnes.
As we discussed, we're seeing media gaslighting at an extraordinary scale.
Just as we saw that the Derek Chauvin trial and the death of George Floyd, we are being repeatedly and routinely gaslit by the media and by politicians and prosecutors alike into believing something that's not reflective of what's happening inside that courtroom.
We also saw how the way in which the drumbeats of war being propagated by deep state actors who are using the chaotic presidential administration and the absent AWOL president of our derelict dementia candidate Joe Biden to help potentially trigger World War III and build a fake media narrative about what is happening and why.
We also saw how Professor Brett Weinstein, a very left-leaning professor, you can research what happened to him at Evergreen College, but one of the top medical experts in the world, detailed how we have been gaslit and lied to about the source of COVID-19 and the role of a bioweapons lab.
That's what use of function is all about.
If you are a InfoWars audience member for any substantial time period,
Then you know that it is something that Alex Jones has been talking about for more than a decade and had some of the top bioweapons experts in the world.
The great danger these people present is that it is an invisible weapon, in the words of President Trump, that can be far more damaging and devastating, not only in the sense of what it can do to people biologically, but as we've seen, what it can do to the body republic of our constitutional liberties, which have been stripped from us
In the same context, we can see a simple micro example of this in the media's collusion to try to propagate and promote the story of Hunter Biden.
Indeed, Hunter Biden recently released a book which often looks just like laundered bribes.
You see these people getting ridiculous sums of money to write a book and then you see the book sell nowhere near the amount that it needs to sell for in order to justify the millions of dollars that are being paid.
They look like laundered bribes.
In order for the media to propagate the mythology of Hunter Biden, they had to collude in propagating his new book and pitching his new book, and do so by having him interview in a controlled environment that would try to suppress his natural deceptive and dishonest manners.
Well, a group of four human lie detectors, four of the best body language and statement analysts in the world, do analysis of this type every week on something called the Behavior Panel.
They broke down the Hunter Biden interview and you can see the whole about two hour show available on YouTube and other locations at the Behavior Panel.
But let's just take a look at their summation.
Their summation, which these are not political people, they don't have a political bone in their bodies as it relates to this matter, they're just doing their human body language test.
What's their conclusion about the credibility of Hunter Biden and the media gaslighting?
Let's take a look at video clip number 16.
As far as we're talking about him being for a percentage, being deceptive or being truthful.
Greg, you want to go first?
Yeah, I'm not going to give you a percentage.
I'm going to say he avoids truth at many, many, many opportunities.
He always goes to the high ground.
He Eddie Haskell's.
I don't think so.
I don't believe he is trustworthy because there's so much deviation between what's normal and what he's doing.
That's me.
Chase, what do you got?
Yeah, again, this isn't politics.
This is a human.
But what we're looking at is a human, not a Republican or a Democrat.
We do that with everything.
And if we are biased, we'll be the first to tell you if we have some kind of vested interest in something.
This was mostly dishonest, slightly deceptive, and hardly truthful.
So I know, you know, some of you watching out there, you'll feel like you've got a horse in this race because of the relationship with his father.
Very important man.
So, you know, in order to not offend, I will say I feel at some points that he is obfuscating somewhat.
There you go.
I don't care if I've had, but I really don't.
But I'll tell you, politically you guys know me, but I think we're seeing more being untruthful than we are seeing being truthful in these things.
When the questions get hard, that's every time, not every time, most of the time, he's being deceptive it looks to me like.
So I would chase, I think if you weighed it out, it's going to be deceptive is pretty heavy.
As they also break down in their video, what is extraordinary is the degree to which they still come to the conclusion that this guy, Hunter Biden, is extraordinarily dishonest, extraordinarily deceptive, extraordinarily deceitful, as they put it, rarely truthful.
Despite, as they detail in their analysis, the media's attempts to cover for him the extraordinary editing occurring that they can break down.
In particular, Scott Rouse breaks down because he has an audio background and he's able to hear it's edit after edit after edit after edit.
They couldn't even cover for the degree and the scale and the scope and the severity of Hunter Biden's just pathological prevarication.
And not only that, throughout the interviews, the media is doing things like that.
Trying to, you know, shake their head, no, you're supposed to answer no now, Hunter.
So answer no.
And then when they want Hunter to answer yes, they're like, make sure you say yes, Hunter.
This is a 51-year-old man.
And yet they're having to treat him like a hopeless, reprobate 3-year-old.
That is the mentality and mindset, that's the degree to which the media will go to cover up the corruption that we have in the White House First Family.
That is the embarrassment that our country currently faces, but it is compounded by the corruption of our criminal justice process.
It is compounded by the self-destructive and implosive foreign policy we're engaging in, whether it's our lack of respect for the borders,
And encouraging a surge of illegal immigration and child trafficking?
Or it's trying to trigger a world war in Russia and Ukraine over political nonsense from George Soros-inspired ideologue?
In that same context, however, there has been inadequate pushback from the institutional Republican Party.
A friend and a long-standing public intellectual, Jeremy Carl, put up this video on Twitter reminding everybody of what happens when voters try to bail out the Republican Party and how the Republican Party tends to reward those voters.
Let's play the sheep video.
There you go, see, working hard, going to save the Republican Party and Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy and all of them.
All right, got it back out.
And here goes the Republican Party.
What do they do?
Yeah, that's what they do.
That's the Republican Party in a nutshell.
And that's why we have the administration we currently have because too few smart populist activists and advocates are part of the process.
We're still relying on the Kevin McCarthy's and the Mitch McConnell's of the world.
But what is key is the efforts of ordinary people like you to continue to fight back smartly and intelligently.
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Let me end.
In the capacity of independent journalism, few have been better at it than the next Alex Jones and that would be Mr. Owen Schroer.
Owen, we'll take you through where he's been recently and what's coming up next.
That's right, Bob.
We had quite an interesting week here at InfoWars, myself included, down at the southern border, mostly in McAllen, Texas.
We learned an awful lot.
I'm going to be breaking all of that down coming up on InfoWars Sunday Night Live here starting in just three minutes from 6 to 8 p.m.
And I'm also going to be taking your calls on
The border emergency that's now been declared by Joe Biden, perhaps because of our reporting that he gave out illegal no-bid contracts.
So, your calls, your observations, your questions on the border crisis, and I'll be breaking it all down.
Bob Barnes, great work.
We'll let you close this one out.
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I am so blessed and honored to work with this incredible crew that has come together over the years.
It is truly an answer to prayer, and I am so blessed and thankful for all of you, the listeners of this show.
I want you to know that I love you and I appreciate you.
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God bless.
Good evening, everyone.
Thank you for joining us.
I often note I'm going to circle back.
I hate to disappoint conservative Twitter, but I am going to circle back on a number of things, as we often do directly.
I will venture to circle back.
This is such a good question.
I have not had the opportunity to dig into that.
I'll circle back.
It was a massive dump to this day.
Everyone's trying to figure out where did it come from?
I'm not aware of anything, but we'll circle back.
As a mom myself, I want to know all the details.
I have to circle back.
You know what I mean?
I will venture to get you an answer on that and maybe we can talk about it and you'll circle back.
I will have to circle back on that one.
But, uh, we'll circle back.
Alright, I will have to circle back with you.
Let me give you a very specific example.
We won't disappoint you, but we will venture to circle back.
This president knew back in January.
Why didn't he tell us?
Why didn't he warn us?
There are a number of ways to combat misinformation.
One of them is circle back.
You told us that Trump was invincible, but he was in a prison, right?
I don't really have any predictions for you on that.
I can circle back.
Um, let me see if I can get more detail for you on that.
I signed something saying that if I'm wrong, I can go to prison.
Did you?
We'll try to get to as many questions as possible.
I don't have anything more for you.
And that communication has been lacking.
Well, as you know... Let me give you a very specific example.
We're good.