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Name: 20210417_Sat_Alex
Air Date: April 17, 2021
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InfoWars, tomorrow's news, today.
This fella just came over here and they're covering it up.
Yeah, looks like they got a couple people in there trying to cover all of these holes now.
So, this is a massive facility.
Hundreds of people are in there as we speak.
And it's only getting worse.
Is that why you cover it up so the crimes inside can be covered up?
Hey, there's no crimes here, man.
Oh, there's no crimes?
There's no executive order, there's no law to smuggle people and not have them checked.
They have the FBI waive the background checks on people.
And we know these kids and people are being delivered on charter planes around the United States.
These are big airplanes, like Southwest Airlines style, with three buses at a time pulling up at the airport, loading people on and flying away to who knows where.
And now they're even flying people to South Texas from other parts of the border.
This is now the distribution hub for the entire country.
Thank you for joining us on this special Saturday emergency transmission.
This country, the United States of America and the world
I think?
I just got down here yesterday evening.
You're about to see some of what happened last night.
We're going to shoot more reports tonight that we'll have out for you at band, not video tomorrow.
But please understand the only way this illegal activity gets exposed is if you expose it.
The national corporate media has done almost nothing to cover this.
Ted Cruz got some coverage when he came here three weeks ago.
We need President Trump to come here.
We need the Border Patrol to speak up and say more about how this is criminal because it is.
There's been no executive order signed bypassing US law, which would be overturned in court.
That's why Biden hadn't done it.
There has been no federal law changed.
And this is the UN on record through the state department, all the way up from Central America, bringing in hundreds of thousands of people a month.
We're good to go.
On an online deal and then we just send these teenage girls to them.
So you see it in the news that Biden's offering four months paid leave, four months paid leave to anybody in the federal government that will quote, take migrant children or young people.
The same thing was done in the last decade over and over again in Europe and was perfected by them and the man that ran
The NGOs that brought in the Syrian refugees that was the pipeline from the whole Middle East and North Africa and over 10 million people are estimated to come in over four years.
He is the man running the entire operation who just got a $500 million plus contract.
Another contract for 80 plus million.
These are contracts every few days or every few weeks.
Two of these just came out this last week.
These are no bid contracts.
Now, how do you do that?
Well, Biden has declared an emergency via the Ukraine crisis.
And every president going back really to Kennedy has done this each year.
They'll declare an international emergency so that they can then bypass law and do the type of things he's done even outside of the executive order.
But it doesn't really make it legal.
What Biden's saying is the whole U.S.
is basically under martial law.
So the borders are open, people are being brought in with TB, you name it, real diseases, not this exaggerated hoax COVID.
They're being brought in by the millions, but you're supposed to stay locked down in New York and in Chicago and in DC and all these places the left controls because it is the Great Reset.
So all of this is a globalist attack.
And the United States is being positioned for total collapse.
And I told you this a year ago, when you have a COVID-19 lockdown,
It causes hundreds of millions to go to the edge of starvation, millions to starve.
Then they start flooding the borders to the UN refugee centers and the UN that organizes them for months, brainwashes them just like in sports stadiums, they're outdoor areas with projectors teaching them about the UN and communism and how George Soros loves them and how Biden loves them.
That's why you'll have hundreds of people show up all wearing Biden t-shirts because it's literally being given to them.
And Biden said, come, come, come here.
Immediately rushed the border.
So Biden is exercising dictatorial powers.
It's illegal.
And so all these people are very proud because they now have the War Patrol, the FBI on their side, federal marshals who are being ordered to go along with this crime.
And so far they've been doing it.
The War Patrol's criticized it some.
To break our border.
And so the people that are involved with the smuggling, it's illegal what they're doing.
Violates federal law.
In fact, there's signs up that Owen has shown here in McAllen that say, human smuggling is a federal crime.
But then we watch as women with Grim Reaper tattoos, cartel tattoos, hand babies off to the airport saying, it's my baby, it's my baby.
And then day after day, more kids.
Oh, it's my kid, it's my baby.
By saying that legally, she's saying I have jurisdiction
I am their guardian because under this executive letter of Mark, Biden has said, just come in, but understand what happened.
Under George Herbert Walker Bush in 1992, he signed on to June 21 in Rio de Janeiro with an executive order.
Congress never ratified it.
This is where the authority comes from.
But that executive order was never ratified.
You know, an executive order can't sign you onto a treaty, but still the federal agencies all operated, even though Congress had passed law, as if that was the law.
Then by the first year of Trump, he finally got us out of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Cultural Organization Treaty.
And it should have been 21.
But it didn't matter.
The bureaucracies, the blue cities, the blue states, they went ahead with it.
And under that, they run our university standards, our public school standards, our banking standards, everything.
And they also run your borders.
And so Trump pulled out of, you can pull these articles up, Trump pulls out of a UN refugee treatment.
And that was one part of UNESCO, because by doing that, the UN is in charge and tells the US who a refugee is, who isn't.
Not our own government.
And so they organize the people in the third world who aren't refugees, other than being from the COVID lockdowns.
They then bring them up here to exploit them.
They send them around the country and they give up to $15,000 per person to the illegal aliens in states like New York, which really goes to their sponsor.
So the Democrats are signing up millions of federal employees, but also just other random people.
Sex traffickers, that came out five years ago in a Senate report that Obama knowingly gave tens of thousands of children to traffickers, including sex traffickers.
So that's why they're doing it.
They're pipelining.
They shut down the Keystone pipeline to give us oil.
But they've opened up the pipeline of third world populations that they're going to exploit.
And they call them milk cows.
You bring in a family, you sign them off for welfare, you put them to work in restaurants illegally and hotels.
Then you take half their paycheck there.
You've got to keep them poor.
That's the plan.
And then you give them their welfare and you take most of the welfare check.
And it's organized in the blue cities where they control the FBI, they control the mayor, they control everybody.
This is the criminal takeover.
So they're not just bringing in a new voting bloc.
It's a new permanent underclass that the globalists control who are indoctrinated and beholden as indentured servants from the time they get here.
And so the more things change, the more they say the same.
A lot of the people who came to the United States were indentured servants.
A lot of people who came to the Caribbean were indentured servants who were not black.
They were German and French and
Yes, sir.
So they're always talking about, oh, how America's bad, and oh, maybe somebody slapped a woman on the ass or something, which is wrong.
But they make that the big thing to break our military up.
But then meanwhile, they've got 80% of the women coming in as young as 10 years old being raped, according to Amnesty International.
And that's a non-issue.
So when you hear liberals claim that, oh, we love these immigrants, oh, we love these people, it's a total and complete lie.
They're the establishment.
They run the death camps in China.
Apple runs the worst slave camps in China.
Biden, Obama, whatever you want to call this administration, I call it Biden's third administration of Obama, are globalists and they're following a UN operation and they are wrecking this country and they know what they're doing and they're endorsing authoritarianism and tyranny worldwide.
One of my security detail is an Austrian gentleman who's moved to the US, become a citizen, and he's worked for the Saudi oil family.
He's worked for the governments and things over in the Middle East.
And he was talking about when Obama got in and they did the Arab Spring, how they overthrew the government where women were wearing mini skirts and rock and roll was on the radio in Egypt.
They overthrew the government, were blowing up all the churches, killing everybody.
And he just witnessed the whole country turned over to radical Islamists and they blew up hundreds of churches.
It went on and on.
I mean, I knew about that.
You know about that.
That was all endorsed by Obama and by Anderson Cooper.
But this is really happening.
This is really going on.
And they want to do that here.
They want power.
They want control.
It comes out of the French Revolution, the Communist Revolutions, the Fascist Revolution.
It's all this authoritarian group doing it.
So I'm going to take you to what happened last night.
And incredible footage of tiny little holes in the barriers they put up.
This film on the windows we couldn't see through.
And I'm going to just show you a snapshot of jets being loaded.
Yeah, yeah.
We also went back to the scene at the Catholic Charity where we saw the car with the kids being crammed in the back.
We said, hey, that's illegal to transport in this way.
You know, we had the instinct to stop the car until police came.
The police said we were right to stop the car.
The media tried to say that was fake.
That was completely real.
You can come here to McAllen and in 15 minutes see this for yourself because it's still ongoing.
We're going to go back to that scene as well.
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Owen Schroyer already talked to this fella.
He comes here for days after days after days trying to find his parents from Romania that were smuggled by coyotes into the U.S.
He can't find them.
That's the level of human trafficking that's going on.
And they take the cell phones away from the men, women, and children.
Once they get in, they're sent all over the country.
No one knows where they're going.
This isn't just migrants.
This isn't just smuggling.
This is beyond human trafficking.
This is a giant criminal operation, ladies and gentlemen.
And you already talked to Owen.
We'll play you part of that interview in a moment.
There's a big language barrier, but he explained to us that his parents came in, when was it, a week ago?
Three nights ago, and he can't find them.
Now let me show you something right over here.
Look at this.
Right here is where they supposedly do the COVID testing.
But since we've been exposing them, they've just been bypassing a lot of that.
I want to show you something.
These children believe that they're going to be able to take their toys, their dolls, their fire engines, their kitty cats with them.
And they can't.
Once they get here, it's taken away from them.
And in the old days, the smugglers, when they brought a bag of things with them, toys and notebooks, would just throw them in the woods.
That's why all over the woods and the fields on the border, you'll just see piles of children's toys, notes from grandmothers, mementos, things that they loved.
And they would make them throw them in the bushes.
Now they're all here dumped right in the trash.
You can sit here and see the Noah's Ark.
You can see the little doll they love so much.
They're told, sorry, you can't have this because it might have a phone number.
It might have something hidden on them.
We've confirmed this with law enforcement that's gone and investigated.
They stripped them of everything, down their clothing, and even take the money out of their wallets.
Why are they doing this?
Ladies and gentlemen, because this is a giant criminal operation.
Look at this.
And you can find these dumpsters at all of these centers.
The most precious little mementos these children have with them are being disappeared.
This is what you do to people that you're going to be oppressing.
This is what you do to people that you're going to be taking advantage of.
You're going to be putting in sweatshops and that you're going to be putting into sexual exploitation.
And this is what's confirmed.
So this is what's on the Biden administration.
It's what's on the Democrats.
It's what's on the FBI.
And yes, even the Border Patrol, who's been protesting this, they've been following the orders and going along with this.
So, you look at this trash, and it's not trash.
These are memories.
These are people's lives that the left claims they're taking care of, that the left claims they care about.
But in truth, why are they taking their purses away from the women?
Why are they taking the toys away?
They're not just taking big bags they've got where they brought too much stuff.
They're stripping them of their identities.
And sheep dipping them into the black world, the underworld of true authoritarianism and true oppression.
That's why our crew got footage of men coming here and saying, I want that woman.
I want that woman.
I want unaccompanied women.
I want single women with children.
I'm going to teach them my way of God.
Oh, Troyer, you've been here for a whole week.
I just got here tonight.
And there's a man from Romania you've already interviewed.
He's scared to talk to us now.
He's been over three nights right over there in that minivan trying to find his parents who have just disappeared.
I mean, this has a really bad feeling to it.
It's not just the law being waived.
It's not just not even having an executive order.
It's not just this is all illegal.
It has an incredibly dark, evil feeling.
We have a Senate report six years ago where Obama knowingly placed tens of thousands of children with sex traffickers.
Tell us what you've been witnessing.
Well, even if just 1% of the children or 1% of the women that come across illegally
End up in a sex trafficking situation.
You're talking about thousands of people in this black market.
And when you hear about the things Alex was just explaining, that's what they're being groomed into.
So like they're going through a process being in a way, in a way treated like a prisoner, but for them, they look at it as a bunch of free stuff.
They get to come to America at the hopes of having a better life.
That's what they were told.
That's why they say, Oh, Biden, please let us in.
That's why they have the Biden shirts.
That's why they say we came here because of Biden.
Cause they're told, yeah, come in, you'll get everything paid for.
And so it's enticing.
And they think it'll be a better situation than wherever they come from.
But, through that process, they have to go through a lot of things.
So, that's why you have all the new clothes that they're being given at these facilities.
So they get whole new clothes, they get shoes, they get everything paid for.
And then they come here and they're here illegally.
Now they know that they're here illegally, so they're in that status in the back of their mind, and that can be taken advantage of.
Cartels can take advantage of that.
Even gangs in the United States can take advantage of that, let alone just the government taking advantage of the whole crisis, paying off their friends with no-bid contracts, paying off themselves with stimulus bills and infrastructure bills that don't get a wall.
But think about the dynamic of, if I go into that facility right there,
Paid for by tax dollars.
I get a trespassing charge.
But these are non-citizens that they're protecting in there with security around the clock.
A fence, a wall, all of that.
But the U.S.
citizen isn't allowed in.
I'd get arrested even though they're here illegally.
That's right.
Why are they protecting their commodities?
This is a U.N.
contract, $530 million.
Let's get our head of security, Tim, over here.
Tim, come over here and you were just telling me when we got here a little while ago, the changes in security have been made.
So give all of us a tour with Owen and what's happening.
And after you tell us, walk us over there.
If you want to walk this way.
So in the past what would happen is the border patrol buses would pull up right here and the migrants, the illegal migrants, would be taken into the COVID tents, would be taken into the COVID tents right there.
After they were tested, the positive COVID patients would be transported in unmarked vans to a hotel paid for by ICE.
The negative COVID migrants are then taken down to the Catholic Charity, which is about a block down the street.
Now, the way they did it in the past before we started filming here is they would walk them right down the middle of the street right there,
To the Catholic Charity and they'd walk them in the front door.
The other night we filmed a group of 68 illegal migrants being walked down with four McAllen police cars escorting them with lights on and everything at night.
They were very upset that we were filming that, especially because about one third to one half of the women in the group
We're all obviously very pregnant and so they didn't like that we were filming that.
The very next day they changed up the operation and now if you look to these tents over here, they back up unmarked vans to those tents and they load the migrants in that way.
They drive them around the block.
And let's be clear about this.
Biden could sign an executive order
We're good to go.
Foreign military operations, or spies, do not hold up.
And so to try to overturn our laws and say citizens don't have any rights, and that we're going to pay legal aliens $15,000 when they get to New York, we're going to give them free tuition, that's a magnet to bring them here, because the Democrat NGOs and UN NGOs, like the former UN NGO head that just got the $530 million contract, in a moment we'll play Greg Reese's new amazing report, it's only two and a half minutes long,
They are setting up what they already did in Europe run by the exact same people.
So the hundreds of thousands a month you already see are about to be millions a month.
And then the crisis became so big that every park in Europe, when I was even there five years ago in Germany and in Italy, every park in every town we drove through.
I don't care if it was the Roman Colosseum, or I don't care if it was the Italian coast, I don't care if it was the middle of Germany, you would drive into a town that would have a gas station and one restaurant, there'd be 300 Muslim men just sitting there.
There's no Germans to even pump your gas or to cook you food in a restaurant.
And there'd just be Muslims everywhere.
So that was five years ago.
It's only gotten worse since I was last in Europe, so next we're gonna go to Europe and show everybody this.
This is the plan, ladies and gentlemen.
And it's bone chilling because there is not even an executive order.
Biden is just doing this.
And again, they're waiving any background checks.
And we're going to show you this footage in a little while of
It's what, 737s?
These are big airplanes, like Southwest Airlines style, with three buses at a time pulling up at the airport, loading people on, and flying away to who knows where.
And now they're even flying people to South Texas from other parts of the border.
This is now the distribution hub for the entire country, all over the United States, and it's absolutely legal.
So we're going to show you some of that raw footage for TV viewers here in this emergency special report.
But remember, I'm not putting down Fox News.
I'm not in competition with them.
And I love Tucker Carlson.
I love Sean Hannity, all those folks.
I watch Fox Nation, I watch their programs.
They'll come down here and they'll go to a diner and talk to locals about what they think and they'll go show the unfinished border wall.
Almost no one other than, I think OAN's been down here, Newsmax has been down here, last week we were down here I saw folks from
From Ben Shapiro's organization, so good for Ben.
I spoke from the Daily Wire here.
But that's it.
There's almost no coverage of this at the epicenter of this invasion and this takeover, with buses arriving every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day.
We figured it was during the day it was happening.
Since Owen was here in the last week, for a solid week, because he was here a week before I got here, so he was here a couple weeks ago, I came, he came back this last week.
They are here in the middle of the night at 2 a.m.
and there's buses coming in.
So, Owen, over here, make other points about all this.
I want to get Tim to make some other points.
We're going to go just the 200 yards down to the Catholic Charity, where I was a week and a half ago, and the media said we made it up.
The media said that I hired actors, I hired police, that I staged all this, when we did not stage it.
Yeah, and anybody can come down here.
You stay down here for a couple hours during the day, you'll see the numbers for yourself.
And in fact,
We came down here about an hour, hour and a half ago just to do a little recon to see what it was like.
We parked our car.
Within 30 minutes, three deliveries were made.
Including an entire busload of pregnant women.
And so think about this.
America is just adopting kids.
You think, oh, I don't have any kids.
I don't have any kids.
No, you have kids.
You've got about 10,000 kids in a facility in Donna.
You've got about another 10,000 kids in a facility in Midland.
You've got about 200 kids in a facility in McAllen.
So you've got kids.
Yeah, you've got child care payments.
You're making them every day.
And they're coming right here through Texas.
So some of the most stirring
I think images that you could see are the 12-year-old girls.
This is like child support.
They're saying over 10,000 a day of children in the U.S.
A couple hundred thousand a month, they're apprehending a people, period.
This is insane.
And when you see a 12-year-old girl pregnant, multiple 12-year-old girls pregnant, it just sends a stir down your spine because you know what probably happened to that girl.
You know that she was probably raped on her journey to come up here.
Well, statutorily she was.
So, that's what they're doing.
That's what this illegal immigration pipeline is allowing to happen just by it existing.
And, you know, I always see the liberals saying, oh, we got plenty of space in America, bring them in, plenty of space.
Well, look, these people aren't going to go live in a new city that they're going to build new infrastructures.
They're not going to go live in a new town, you know, just outside of a city and build up a new economy.
They're going to go right into the inner cities.
They're going to come right to your downtown.
And let's talk about that.
This is when, at record times,
They're cutting disability payments off to veterans with their arms and legs blown off.
That's really true.
So just remember that.
We're told, we're told, euthanize old people, because there's too many of them.
We're told, do all this, but oh, we're going to bring in all these people who are going to be permanent wards of the state, which the Democrats want.
Again, there's no plan, really, for these people when they get here.
Nobody talks about a plan.
Nobody wants, well, really nobody talks about it at all.
And you know, the left always likes to talk about things that they've never experienced.
They have no idea what they're talking about.
If you even think, let's say that, let's say these hundreds of people decide, oh, they're gonna go live in the woods.
Okay, like, alright, people are gonna go live in the woods, like what some...
Liberals think are going to happen.
And there are lots of homeless in the woods.
I doubt any leftist has ever seen this.
I have.
I've been to the camps.
It's littered with trash.
So all of the forests that they think, oh, these people can just go live in the woods or whatever, it's better than their life.
Have you ever seen what the homeless camps look like in the woods?
No, you haven't.
You know what they do?
They take dumpsters like this, and they grab all the trash, put it in a cart, take it to the woods, rifle through it for anything that they deem valuable, and then that trash stays in the woods forever.
They don't give a damn.
They see this as people they can exploit.
They see this as a permanent voting class.
And then the average leftist minion doesn't even care.
They just hate America so much.
Now, you've been here for five days.
Give us a tour of what you've witnessed at the Catholic Charities.
The epicenter of the epicenter of the human smuggling.
We'll also have some of the security guys tell us about how they've now moved folks into the alley.
Let's go down there.
So, we're going to walk through the exact area that the migrants go through here.
And they come out this exit on the other side.
And there's nobody in there right now, but the fact that it's still open with the lights on means that I would guess within the next 30 minutes there will be at least one more drop-off tonight, potentially a lot more.
But yeah, I'm not allowed to cross this wall.
I'm not allowed to go across this wall right here.
I, an American citizen, this is well paid for with my taxpayers, but I'm not allowed to see what's going on at the
A human commodity facility here in McAllen, Texas.
Look at this!
Look at the symbol of that exploitation.
It's bone-chilling.
Little kid, little kid without a shoe, falling off.
Because they're not allowed to have shoelaces, by the way.
That's again how criminals are treated, too.
So, they'll come out, they used to come in here, now they go in the back because the media can film them all coming in.
And their gloves are taken, their cell phones are taken, not by the Border Patrol, by the Catholic Charities and thrown in the trash.
So then they'll come out right here.
Oh, by the way, I don't know if you've seen Greg Reeson's new report.
The guy that ran the Islamic invasion for the UN in Europe, he heads up this facility.
He heads up the Donna facility.
We now know his name.
Just months after hiring former Biden transition official Andrew Lorenzen Strait, Texas nonprofit Family Endeavors won a no big contract for as much as $530 million to provide care for the migrant children arriving at the U.S.
Former ICE official and the country's first national migrant public advocate, Lorenzen Strait worked for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, LEERS, where he oversaw a national network of foster care for unaccompanied immigrant children.
Which seems to be exactly what he is doing for Endeavor through the McAllen Respite Center where thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant minors are being shipped off to cities across America each week to live with whoever signed up on their website.
Family Endeavors confirmed this.
They said the work is a continuation of services we have delivered to the migrant population since 2012.
Family Endeavors recently hired Basil Moosley as their Deputy Director for Migrant Services, who formerly worked for Sark, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, who partnered with the United Nations and open border NGOs in the evacuation of Syrian refugees into Europe.
It seems the endless pipeline of immigrants coming into the U.S.
through McAllen, Texas are coming in as refugees.
And the amount of refugees we take in is decided by our senile puppet president, our corrupt Congress, and globalist government agencies, who all seem to now be aligned with the United Nations.
And according to the United Nations Replacement Migration Program, the U.S.
should have 593 million.
So don't expect anything to be done about the endless import of these so-called refugees, all coming in to receive years of taxpayer dollars from our broken welfare system.
It's all part of the plan to destroy the national sovereignty of Western nations.
And if you still have a survival instinct that causes you to question this, then you are labeled a heartless right-wing bigot.
There is no more common sense.
Americans, along with the rest of the modern Western world, are being conquered by way of name-calling.
And tragically, it's working.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
So anyway, so this is the route that they take once they get out of here.
They're carrying their kids.
They're holding their pregnant bellies.
Sometimes there are men with them.
It's whole families.
They've got their bags.
They've all got their manila envelopes that have all their information.
By the way, I've seen a lot of these men.
A lot of these guys are big white guys.
Six foot three, four.
I look at the babies.
These are not the husbands.
These are male coyotes.
A lot of them are smuggling kids.
And they're using the face coverings to cover this up.
They even have the cowdies with them smuggling them in.
And that's a big point.
A lot of these are Europeans.
I don't think it's Europeans, but there are Eastern Europeans coming in here now, Owen.
Now look, Alex, we don't have... Notice how nobody's escorting us across the street.
Notice how there's no cops escorting us, no security escorting us.
The migrants get an escort service.
You know, you gotta protect the commodity.
Alex, that's how you protect your commodity.
So we don't get that but the illegal immigrants do.
So they come across here.
Here's the bus station and I believe the reason, I believe the reason why they're using McAllen as a hub for this is because right here in downtown they have a bus station and not 10 miles from here they have an airport that's not really too much traffic at as far as people.
But it's busy now with airplanes, chartered private planes coming in every few hours.
So this is a perfect hub.
It's right on the border.
You've got your bus stop right here.
They can get on a bus and go wherever.
You've got your airport down the street.
They can get on a plane and go wherever.
Or they have this massive Catholic Charities building, which we'll show you the entire size and scale of this thing.
It's actually mind-blowing.
Let me say this.
This is a real place in McAllen.
So the liberals, because this old boarded-up shop says Hollywood on it,
They said this was all a movie lot.
No, this is McAllen, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a real place.
And again, I mean, official liberals, there were tweets, 20,000 tweets, 10,000 tweets saying, we faked all this, so this is a real place.
Because they can't even believe it's real.
Of course, how could you even believe this is real?
It's unbelievable that this is going on.
An illegal immigration pipeline?
Mass criminal behavior right here in the middle of a busy downtown area?
No, that's what's going on.
You want to commit a crime?
You do it right in front of everybody to see.
And right over there is where they were cramming the kids in the back of the hatchback.
But right here, look, Hollywood fashion.
I looked it up.
It's been here for 50 years.
Went out of business over a decade ago.
That's Hollywood fashion.
We're up the corner of... Tim, what's the street?
This is going to be Austin Avenue and 15th Street.
Austin Avenue and 15th Street.
Another interesting thing about that building, the Catholic Charity, I was told, actually has bought this building now to expand.
So even though this building runs almost halfway down the block, they're Catholic Charity now, they're getting so many migrants in that they have to now try to purchase this building
So just like Hollywood exploits children, now this whole building will.
And all of their facilities are expanding.
You notice none of them are shrinking.
They're all expanding.
And in fact, we were told yesterday that the Donna facility actually had been there before.
There was a little facility in Donna where they were processing illegal immigrants.
It was a lot smaller.
And Trump would actually, people that weren't refugees, he'd send them back.
That stopped the flow.
He sent people back.
He fixed it.
And they shut it down.
They actually closed that facility.
Because it was so effective.
I'm glad you raised that.
It was in 2018, we can show the article, Trump pulled out of the UNESCO UN Migrant Treaty that had never been signed, but we were following it, where the UN would tell us who to bring in.
And Biden has put us back under that treaty with his executive order.
We're under UN control.
So here's what we're going to show you now, is how big this facility is.
Now the alleyway is back there, but if we walk down this entire block,
Yeah, absolutely.
So what we've been told is that although this started off as their primary center, they now are getting properties all over the city because literally
People are stacked in like cordwood in that building in there, right?
We were actually able to get a little bit of footage from inside that building and it's just amazing.
People are sleeping on the floors and they've got them packed in like sardines in there.
And so this is the main original facility right here that used to house homeless.
Now they've been thrown out.
And that's why, Alex, that's why if you're in downtown McAllen almost all the time, there'll be homeless either hanging out on that street corner or this street corner because they're used to coming here.
This used to take care of McAllen's homeless.
They kicked all the American homeless out and filled it with the illegal immigrants.
So now let's talk about it.
Here's where they say we staged the event.
Just like this child's shoe on the ground, I suppose they staged that.
No, this is real.
That dumpster full of kids' stuff, take it from them, that's real.
People's purses taken from them, that's real.
People's cell phones taken from them, that's real.
People being given to sex smugglers, that's real.
So we're just coming to check this out.
We're all walking over here, we can have a go.
And right here, we see a family of kids coming out with the same envelopes.
A whole bunch of little kids with two, an 11-year-old pregnant and a 20-year-old woman, she looked like pregnant.
We got like seven kids and two women.
And we see them cramming them in the trunk of a car right here.
And so, hey, this is illegal.
I tell them it's illegal.
And we stop him, he starts driving into me so I try to let him know I'm not going to move out of the way.
That was real!
These are real people you left us!
You sit there and you make jokes all day.
This is a real place.
It exists.
This is what you're doing.
And by you making fun of this and making jokes about this, you are now signed on to human trafficking.
The bipartisan Senate report, five and a half, six years ago, found over 10,000 children placed with smugglers and sex traffickers.
And that was the beta test.
So now you are signed on to the trafficking of children.
That's who you are, leftists.
When you censor us and you block us, you do this.
It's on you now.
You understand that?
And God's real and understand that.
So burn in hell for saying I'm a liar.
Oh, you want to tell them more?
Yeah, but see, it's all a big joke to them.
You know, it's all a Kamala Harris big joke to them.
Kamala Harris always laughing.
Oh, Kamala, are you going to go down to the border and see all the children that you're smuggling across?
Not today!
So it's all just a joke.
It's all just a game.
It's all just theater.
They just think it's funny.
Oh, we're just going to annoy Alex.
Oh, we're just going to poke Alex and make fun of him.
Oh, we're just going to poke you conservatives.
We're going to knock your Trump hat off and we're going to say that you had an insurrection.
It's all fun and games until you're a fucking slave.
Yeah, see how funny it is then, Kamala?
See how funny it is then, you damn libtards?
I'm sick of this, man.
We come up here and cover this stuff and you think it's a joke.
And I would tell people what you've witnessed here being a week.
What have you seen happen right here, you've caught video of it, where they say this is a Hollywood soundstage, this doesn't exist, children are not being smuggled.
It's illegal, it's against the law, what they're doing has no law behind it, but we're lying, calling it charity fraud.
No Alex, let me actually show you what happened down in this alley, because after you came here and got that massive exposure from that video stopping the kids that were being smuggled in that car, they changed their tact.
And so they didn't want to load the kids out here in public anymore, because guess what?
They're not putting them in seatbelts, they're not putting them in car seats, and what we witnessed back in this alley, same thing!
We don't have to stage this!
Folks, you come out here any day for yourself, you're going to witness the same phenomenon.
I was just shooting a video showing the size of this facility, and I said, okay, we're going to come around back to this alley now, and as soon as we came back here, and my cameraman at the time, Rob, will tell you this, and we've uploaded the video, so we came back here right like this, and I'm saying, okay, here's the back,
And at the time, there was what appeared to be a cab right there.
It appeared to be a cab.
But it was the lady with the Santa Muerte tattoos who used to be driving the unmarked vehicles.
Now all of a sudden she's a cab driver?
And so we come back here, my cameraman's filming,
And she sees the camera, and she freaks out.
She runs around.
She's on the right side of the vehicle.
She runs around.
There are about seven kids loaded into this van, the cab van.
She runs around to the driver's seat, gets in, and slams on the gas, trying to get out.
Didn't even close the door!
Literally, the kids got shoved into the car, not put in seatbelts, didn't even close the sliding door, and she tries to peel out away from the cameras.
Now, as soon as we were like, hey, the door's open, she stopped, closed it, and ran around again, that shipment got taken to the airport.
She called the cops on us for the third time.
Same lady with the Santa Muerte tattoos.
And we called the number on the cab.
Turns out it's not even a real cab company.
Let's go dig through these smugglers' trash.
So that just happened in this alley, and that video is also at Banned.Video.
And remember, the only way this is amplified is you guys spread the word.
And you're starting to spread the word about Banned.Video, and it's starting to explode.
The traffic's up tenfold because of you folks.
Keep it up!
Never let the enemy sleep.
So this is where they do their smuggling operations now, because they don't want the cameras to see it.
And you'll see all these boxes that are always out here.
It looks like they've cleaned them up off the street, but normally there's just hundreds of boxes out here.
Diaper boxes, food boxes, much like what you see stuffed into these dumpsters up here.
But this is mostly the delivery boxes.
Look at all this detritus of humanity.
They've got all their clothes, everything.
It's just unbelievable.
Look at this.
This is the main back door at 111 S 15th Street.
Owen, tell us what you witnessed here.
Yeah, so again, normally you'll have the boxes like this.
Diaper boxes just strewn all about here.
But they obviously had a trash pickup come and take care of some of that.
But you can see kind of like this.
And you can't obviously smell from watching this video, but it always smells like a dumpster.
It always smells like raw sewage back here.
You have the standing water that's like raw sewage.
And so this is where they're putting the kids into vehicles.
This is where they're putting the illegal immigrants into vehicles.
We just missed more people being smuggled in right now.
More will come.
As long as that facility is lit up, that means people are coming.
So I would expect at least one more van or bus to deliver.
Illegal smugglers are charging people and exploiting them and raping them to bring them here.
You got people from
Where's the guy from Romania trying to get his parents?
Trying to get his kid.
Trying to get his kid?
I was kid!
So his parents brought a 7 year old girl with them and now they've disappeared and he knows they crossed successfully.
Well repeat what they told you.
Right, so the two brothers from Romania that we spoke with
They've been coming here every morning from 8 in the morning to late at night, checking this COVID center, hoping that the border patrol are going to bring their parents and the seven-year-old daughter of the Romanian man.
So they called him after they had successfully crossed the river with the coyote, and then after that they lost all contact with them.
So they've been going to all these different centers, the COVID testing center, various border patrol stations,
Asking if they have their parents.
The border patrol can't find them.
And so at this point, they do not know what happened to this Romanian man's parents and to the seven-year-old girl that they crossed over.
And let's issue a warning to people.
If the coyotes don't know who you are, it's even the new Sakara movie that's based on a lot of troop events that took place and events that didn't happen.
Because they think he's too rich as a Hispanic.
They try to kill him.
Same thing.
If you're white people from Europe trying to sneak across, it's very dangerous because the coyotes will think you're an infiltrator.
Want to explain that to people?
Yeah, absolutely.
You know, they go basically by what is norm to them, right?
And norm to them, up until now, has been primarily a lot of people coming from Central America, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and they're not accustomed very much to seeing Europeans trying to smuggle themselves over.
That is a fairly new phenomenon now, but it's happening and these coyotes are very leery.
We hear the baby crown right now.
Let's get this on tape.
Listen, did you hear that Alex?
So again, listen to this.
There's all this humanity on the other side of that being exploited, being brought here by liberals, being milked.
And they cover up because they don't want you to see what's going on.
Whenever they, you know, the tent comes off here, they cover it up because they don't want you to see what's going on in there.
But actually, if you go down a bit, because this is like a five storefront operation now, they have parts that aren't blacked out yet.
So you can actually kind of see inside.
So the globalists shut America down and it's new industry smuggling in slaves for the Democrats.
Alex, you can actually look down here.
There'll be a couple parts
I don't know.
I see about 50 kids in there.
Some of them are playing soccer, running around.
Some of them are sleeping on the floor.
And they have these yellow blankets.
But they got all new toys, all new clothes.
So that's good for them.
Treat their human commodity like they love them before they enslave them.
But you can see what they've done is they've painted the inside of these windows hoping that people on the outside can't see.
So my guess is if you come back here in a week, this is all going to be tinted and blacked out.
Just like what we see at the front of the building.
But so there you go.
That's how big this facility is.
It goes from here all the way to the street corner that we saw and then it goes for depth all the way back to the alley that we were just in.
So this is a massive facility.
Hundreds of people are in there as we speak and it's only getting
We're good to go.
It's just amazing.
This is just the overflow area.
This is a building down the street.
Yeah, exactly.
This isn't even an official facility.
This is just a overflow.
And they always film us too.
They always like to film us like we have something to hide.
We have nothing to hide.
Hey man, we noticed that you're always filming our operation.
Could we film yours?
Would that be okay?
We have nothing to hide.
You can film us all you want.
But can we film what you're doing in there?
And last time, I believe it was this woman actually gave another person a card.
You are tired?
Would you like to get some water?
Because you are tired.
You are tired as we take over you America for China.
You need water.
We love you.
Have you offered them water?
What about the homeless people across the street?
She loves filming our operation, but she doesn't want anybody to film theirs.
Even though it's a great act of humanity that they're doing, right?
I mean, this is a great act of humanity.
By the way, yeah, she didn't offer... So, they won't feed or give any water to the homeless that stay across the street.
They won't do that.
They kicked the locals here that were homeless out of this facility
So they could fill it with non-citizens, but then she comes out here to sarcastically offer us water.
She doesn't have any water on her.
Maybe she'd bring some out here.
But, uh, looks like they have their private security coming out here now as well.
Yeah, well, it's a public place.
It can burn in hell.
Let's talk to them.
Here he comes.
Sounds like an illegal immigration bingo hall in there.
Well, that's you and brainwashing.
These are re-education camps.
That's what these migrant centers are.
They do the Great Reset.
They shut down the world economy.
And then they do this.
Is that why you cover it up so the crimes inside can be covered up?
Hey, there's no crimes here, man.
Oh, there's no crimes?
There's no executive order.
There's no law to smuggle people and not have them checked.
They have the FBI waive the background checks on people.
And we know these kids and people are being delivered on charter planes around the United States.
They're having their cell phones taken away from them.
And they all have cell phones inside, they're free to call their families, everybody... And they got no-bid contracts, which are not supposed to be happening unless there's an emergency declared.
And I don't believe the Biden administration declared an emergency in McAllen
Or in Texas because of illegal immigrants.
I don't remember that happening.
So technically, yes.
This no-bid contract that this facility got, in my view and many legal views, is illegal.
These are people the Democrats are bringing in to be permanent slaves of their system.
So they always get nervous when cameras are around.
It's a little odd.
It's a little odd to me.
They like to film us.
We're not nervous.
They can film us all day long.
You know, they always want to send security and some people out here to act like what we're doing is wrong, when we know what's going on in there is what is wrong.
So, they can stand out here and think that that'll make us leave.
What is that man on the speaker brainwashing him with at your UN facility?
Because we all know this is a UN re-education camp.
The guy running this is a UN operative that broke Europe running the Islamists.
Building, after building, after building, after building, after building, after building, after building.
And that's private security.
So, someone's paying for private security.
So, he doesn't mind this happening.
He's probably making money right now.
He's probably on the clock.
In fact, sir, are you donating your time?
Are you donating your time or are you on the clock right now?
And my guess is this facility's not being donated either, you know.
This facility hasn't been donated.
This isn't being used for free.
They're making millions of dollars.
They didn't... Whoever owns that parking lot over there didn't donate it.
No, they got paid.
Whoever owns all the hotels in McAllen didn't donate those rooms.
They're making millions.
So yeah.
How you doing, brother?
So think about that.
They're so righteous.
They're so loving.
They want to take care of everybody.
But yet, they're getting rich off of the whole thing.
So they're not donating anything.
This isn't about virtue or righteousness.
This is all about making money and their political agenda for population replacement in the United States.
And as we're just standing here, fans are driving by saying hello.
Ma'am, do you know who's paying for the plane tickets?
Do you know who's paying for the plane tickets that they get?
You don't know?
She doesn't want to talk either.
She's a human operative.
Why doesn't she want to talk?
Hiding behind the Christian Church.
Again, if they thought what they were doing here was so great, if they thought what they were doing here was so virtuous, they would try to make that point.
See that, folks?
See that?
Illegal immigrants get more protection than a U.S.
There's no way I could call the cops and have them arrive this fast.
Something happened to me.
They got to protect this commodity.
They got to protect their big business over there on that street corner.
The illegal immigration pipeline racket.
And they use the border patrol to deliver them and then they give them right to that facility.
And this is now about the sixth or seventh time that the cops have been calling us.
We have not broken a single law.
And I tell the police every time, look, you guys want to do your job?
Here are the criminals.
Pretty simple.
But they're not interested in that.
You know?
They're not interested in doing anything about the illegal stuff.
But there you go.
Have a good night.
They said the cops are going to do that to the smuggling crowd.
A whole bunch of kids crossed the street and then they showed up.
Now here's the thing.
They used the cops on us.
The cops weren't involved.
They called the cops on us so they could smuggle people across the street.
Cops weren't involved but they just did that.
Oh yeah, this is the best footage yet right here.
Oh, and what do you make of that?
Well, I mean, you can see in there, you know, what's going on.
The families come in through there, and they obviously need water, they need food, they have kids, they need diapers.
So this is just a facility where they stay at.
Thousands come through here every week, maybe even every day it's thousands.
I was in this one place, and I was thinking, imagine if we tried to go to Mexico or someplace, or a man did this.
It's just crazy.
No, you'd be laughed at.
Well, you'd probably be arrested if you illegally crossed the border into Mexico, so.
Keep talking, I don't want to watch your video.
My guess is they'll probably, I'm surprised actually that they haven't blocked this off already.
Because they know that we are out here, so.
Maybe these are freshly scratched holes by some of the kids in there.
Yeah, that big hole wasn't there last night.
Well, again, trying to cover up what's going on.
So we're here documenting it.
We were shooting through that hole and this fella just came over here and they're covering it up.
Yeah, looks like they got a couple people in there trying to cover all of these holes now with their hands.
So are they going to stand here all day, I guess?
High five, man.
So yeah, if you just act like you can see in there.
Oh, here's a hole right here.
Here's a hole right here.
Oh, we got it right here.
Look at this one.
So they're going to.
They're gonna have to do something about, uh... Well, they've got walls here to protect them.
We're not supposed to have walls.
No, they get privacy too, but the American citizen gets spied on and has all their information, uh, data harvested, so... No, no, we're not biding.
No, they're gonna have to, uh, they're gonna have to put up a permanent thing here to block people, so... They can shoot right underneath it.
Look, oh, still getting some.
Actually, it kind of looks better.
This is really serious.
Yeah, you always have to do this with the left too.
They like to come out here and block your cameras.
You know?
Oh, great shot.
Wow, that's really nice of you.
You are a really nice person.
Oh, I shouldn't be invading your privacy.
I shouldn't be invading your privacy.
What about an invasion of our country that you're facilitating?
What about an invasion of our country that you're facilitating?
If what you're doing here is so great, why are you hiding it?
If what you're doing here is so great, why are you hiding it?
We know you work for Soros.
Soros funds this with U.S.
taxpayer money.
These buildings are not being donated.
The State Department funding for this needs to be cut off.
We need to withdraw from the United Nations refugee program where the U.N.
runs our country.
These buildings are not being donated.
You know that, right?
There's hundreds of millions of dollars.
American taxpayers are paying for them while you take our houses.
I have to pay for all of this.
The IRS.
We can't have a wall at the southern border.
We can't have a border.
But these people get a border.
These people get a wall.
Why don't you come out here and have a conversation if what you're doing is so great?
Why don't you come out here and talk to media if what you're doing is so great?
Maybe I should think about assault for what you just did kicking this door.
Oh, did you hear that?
Oh, what was that?
Would you repeat that?
No, she said that we're mad because Trump lost.
Is that what you said?
Is this all a political stunt?
There it is.
It's all a political stunt, man.
So you like Hugo Chavez?
Why don't you go to Venezuela if you like communism?
That's all it is.
A political stunt.
They're doing this because they hate Trump, folks.
They're doing this because they hate America.
Then you want to turn us into Venezuela.
So the places where all these people came from, now America's going to be like that.
We're all going to be oppressed.
And you think it's a game.
You guys think it's funny.
That's too bad.
It's not going to be funny when all of us are going to be like this in camps, including you.
Would you like to do an interview or are you guys going to keep hiding what you're doing in?
So I was filming here and this lady literally came up, I have it all on camera, she came up and she kicked the door.
Wait for me to give this to Will so that she can be added to the report.
As hard as she could.
She should be added to the report.
And then she says you're mad because Trump lost.
So this is all political for them.
They're facilitating an illegal invasion.
But they all own their own little walls too.
It's all political for them.
Oh yeah, they get walls and they get everything for free.
And they need all of our tax dollars to do it, but ha ha, Trump lost.
Ha ha, America's falling.
Ha ha, ha ha, the middle class is dying.
Ha ha, we're so proud of ourselves.
Again folks, the media said that was a hoax we shot last week over here, but it was not a hoax.
This is all illegal.
It's all being done color of law.
Whole area's being bought up.
And right here on Austin Avenue, on Austin Avenue is where
The car pulled up and they were cramming the kids in, which happens every 10, 15, 20 minutes here.
Yeah, there's a bus down there right now offloading folks.
So here you are folks.
We're just minutes away from the Donna facility and our inside sources, our leakers have told us that they're falsely claiming that we're planning to storm it.
All right, they've been told that we are coming here to attack them.
We would never do that.
That's all leftist lies.
We are peaceful.
We are here exposing their criminal activity.
Owen Schroeder is here with us right now.
Hi, how you doing?
Good to see you.
My name is Alex Jones, and I heard they lied to you guys and said I was planning to come attack you.
It's not true.
I'm a friend.
So I wanted to come talk to your manager about the false claims of the Alex Jones response, or the Alex Jones protocol.
Hi, how you doing?
Hey, I heard about the Alex Jones Protocol.
That's not true.
We're not violent.
This is the protocol right here.
We're not violent.
I've never been violent.
And so we know there's an Alex Jones Protocol, but rest assured, we don't want to go to prison.
We would never do anything illegal to you guys.
It's the smuggling of the children that's illegal.
I don't have a criminal record.
And I didn't run the storming of the U.S.
So you just saw the Alex Jones Protocol.
That is seal the base.
Close the blast doors.
Imperial troops have entered the base.
Imperial troops have entered the base.
I wonder, because there's another two entrance points on the other side.
Should we go over there and see if they shut those off too?
Oh, you know they will.
This is the Alex Jones Plaza.
Are they just going to shut down all the construction here?
I noticed as soon as I said, I'm Alex Jones, it was whoop, whoop, whoop.
You see how fast he came flying in?
He floored that sucker.
He came pulled up.
He peeled out right there.
Now I'm approaching this.
And notice, we believe in private property.
This is local, city of Donna Land, rented by the feds, given to the UN, literally.
And we don't pass this because that's the private property line.
That is the right-of-way.
Last time they lied to us and said that, oh, you've got to be on the other side of the street.
So here we are, Derby's running around, blocking it all down.
I mean, he's driving like, he's driving like Darth Vader just landed, Owen.
He's really excited.
He was really excited for this moment to come.
You can tell.
He felt really important about it.
He got to fly up here on his gator or whatever it is.
He got to run up here and close doors.
Don't run over anybody!
We're not feeling out.
But there's construction crews.
We've filmed this multiple times.
I mean, the reason why they have this open is because there's constantly people coming in and out.
We've never stormed anything.
We didn't storm the U.S.
We tried to stop that.
But because of that, they're telling us we're here to storm it.
I wonder though.
He's probably going to go shut down the other two doors too.
So are they going to halt all the traffic?
Are they going to halt all the construction crews?
Are they going to halt all the workers?
Are they going to halt all the illegal immigrants coming in too?
So the Alex Jones policy is actually shut down illegal immigration, Alex.
That's the Alex Jones policy.
You show up and have to shut down their illegal immigration pipeline here.
Yeah, it's called the what?
The Alex Jones response?
The Alex Jones Response Protocol.
The Alex Jones Protocol.
There's the Alex Jones Protocol.
Shut it all down.
Nothing in, nothing out.
Wait, wait, wait.
They gotta come out, though.
Here we go.
I mean, they're building such... I mean, we were here two weeks ago, a week ago this week.
There's just trucks hitting it like an anthill.
What are they gonna do?
They gotta get more concrete.
They gotta pour more.
No, no, no, you can't come out!
Oh my gosh!
It's so dangerous!
So yeah, this is all dead.
This is ridiculous.
Look at this big ol' truck.
This is a double one.
I've never seen one that has two on it.
They got all the custodians and all the smuggled goods.
And then, this is Alex Jones protocol.
Get them out.
Get them all out.
He's running this whole thing.
But see Alex, they don't mind the illegal immigration pipeline coming through McAllen because they're making good money off of this.
They can work as many hours as they want.
What about taxpayers all losing their houses?
Roger Stone is bankrupt.
I actually don't know if his lawyer has been literal at all.
He has nothing.
He lives paycheck to paycheck just from MSP engagements.
There, the Justice Department is suing him.
They claim for unpaid taxes from 15 years ago and 10 years ago.
That's before the statute.
By the way, there's an illegal immigrant van leaving the side door right there.
My guess is this will pull through and probably have people in it.
Oh yeah.
So now they're running the illegal aliens out the side door.
And the reason I'm putting this out is, they'll take your house if you don't pay taxes.
To pay for this, but then, oh, these people, they don't have to follow law, they can just get all this free stuff.
Look, there's the smuggling vehicle.
We need to follow that and see where it's going.
Yeah, that's full of kids.
We need to follow that van.
Somebody go.
Somebody follow where they're going.
You're going to find out where they're going.
Yeah, it's good.
Oh, they got the door open now.
The heavy equipment's coming in.
Just follow that smuggling vehicle.
Good job.
Oh, they got a bus coming!
They got a bus!
Oh, they're going to run it.
They're going to run it somewhere else.
Here we go.
Now the allies of America are showing up.
Is that one of ours?
That's weird.
It's like a kitchen knife.
Nobody touched that.
It went through there and through there as well.
The flames came in with weapons.
Yeah, that van was full of kids.
Only about like 10 year olds.
So now look at the Alex Jones Protocol, Tim.
Want to tell folks about it?
Yeah, so apparently for the first time since we've been coming out to Donna, these gates, if you look at our previous videos, have always been open.
A few days ago, as we mentioned earlier, we got word
We heard from a source that they had a big meeting to change up the protocols.
They called them the Alex Jones Protocols.
And they weren't lying.
Because as soon as we parked our vehicle, security started scrambling from all directions.
And they immediately closed those gates.
And the security supervisor said, call Donna PD.
Now, here's what we were told that they actually said at the meeting.
They said at the meeting that we were a threat to storm the facility, yet we've done nothing of the sort, okay?
We've not, since we've been down here for three weeks filming on and off, we have not stormed anything, we have not violated any laws.
Every time the police have been called, they agreed with us that we were, what we were doing is completely lawful.
But this
My question is, what are they hiding?
If this is such a humanitarian mission, why do they need special protocols?
What are they hiding from the American people behind this barbed wire?
I think we all know the answer.
An illegal smuggling operation that is designed to get millions of illegal migrants into the United States.
Absolutely, and they're now diverting vans and buses out the back.
If we came in that way, then where are they going that way?
Ken, I wonder where they're dropping them off at?
Oh, but there's a bus down there, and I was thinking we should have a team on one of these buses to figure out... I just sent them to follow, yeah.
Oh, that van?
It was full of kids.
Didn't even have time to notice us all the time.
The only thing I can think of is I think we may have followed one, and now that would have been coming in.
But it was down at the border, but that was a delivery to this facility.
So I don't know why they would take kids that way.
The only thing that I remember being that way was just a actual border.
And by the way, all the Q people wanted about underground bases and millions of kids.
Okay, fine.
This is really going on.
This is really illegal.
This is really thousands of kids.
This is real.
And so I want to salute these patriots.
Look at this fellow over here.
Come over here, brother.
This is a real patriot around here who actually cares.
God bless you, sir.
What's your name?
Tony, nice to meet you.
Go ahead and run the camera.
God bless you.
Now blow your flags, brother.
I'm sick and tired of what's happening.
We know that Donald Trump was going to help slow this immigration that was coming in and at least vet the people that are coming in.
But what's happening now is they got an open door.
They're coming in like crazy and it's crazy.
They're letting kids come in unaccompanied without parents.
Going 1500 miles through a cartel infested country and then they give the kids back to the parents or to whoever.
We don't even know who the kids are going to.
And that's what is a travesty right now.
The kids are involved and it's got to stop.
When Donald Trump had his
I don't know.
Sir, tell us who you are and why you're out here.
My name is Tony Torres, and I'm here because we're against the Biden administration's immigration policy.
He's ruining it.
He has an open-door policy, letting anybody in.
And we gotta pay for it.
And we gotta pay for it.
I stopped some people from Romania.
They told their buddies to come in through the southern border, and they'd get in easy.
And he was bringing in a bunch of people.
He's like a Coyote in the United States.
Worldwide people are coming in the U.S.
He's bringing in a whole bunch of Romanians in here.
I'm like, what is this?
This is crazy.
God bless you, brother.
I see you're live right now online.
They call this the Alex Jones Protocol.
Now they lock it up.
God bless you, brother.
Alright, at least I got a picture now.
You want to do an interview?
What are you live on?
I'm on Facebook.
Well, bottom line, sir, you're doing a great job.
And the Senate found in a Senate report six years ago that tens of thousands of children were smuggled.
And so that's the reality here.
And a lot of them were given to smugglers.
So that's illegal.
Well, Trump ended that.
Now Biden's expanded it.
It's criminal.
In fact, he didn't even sign an executive order to do this.
That could be overturned by courts.
He just did it.
There you go.
There you go.
The gate's stuck, look.
The gate's stuck.
They literally think I'm gonna attack.
So we get in the cars, they open the gates.
We get out, boom!
Back to the left, man.
They're the ones smuggling kids.
Hey, bye!
The Alex Jones Protocol.
Alex, what's going on here, Alex?
Every time we let them leave the house, they get out of the car.
Take a walk, Alex!
Take a walk, Alex!
You need to stand in a center medium, and then do this, and then that.
Here's some of the exclusive footage that we shot yesterday at the McAllen, Texas International Airport.
Hey folks, we mentioned the other day to you that we have some breaking news and today we're going to share that with you.
So in addition to all the other smuggling that's going down here that we've shown you in various videos through the McAllen International Airport, through the bus lines, and all the other ways, we've now got footage that you can see here of the government chartering airplanes from Aero Airways 737
We're good to go.
This is unbelievable, folks.
The Border Patrol people and Customs people that we spoke to at the airport, multiple planes flying all the time, day, night, they don't stop.
Now when you think about that, a 737 on average holds about 120-130 people on it, and we've got multiple flights going.
You can imagine the scale.
In addition, in addition to the other
Migrants that we've already shown you being processed by Border Patrol through the commercial side of McAllen International Airport.
Folks, this is epic scale human smuggling.
And we have to do something about it.
It is now clear that the UN, together with the Catholic organizations, are actively assisting and encouraging
Millions of migrants to flood to the United States because the word is out under the Biden administration, you can now enter the United States of America undocumented, illegal, and there will be no repercussions.
In fact, the opposite will happen.
You will be taken care of by Uncle Joe.
We can't allow this to happen.
Please stand up and make a difference.
Speak out.
Contact your representatives.
Contact the White House.
Demand this outrage be stopped now.
Maine is the tip of the iceberg here in McAllen, Texas, meaning that this is just one city.
This is just one of many facilities that are around the country that you're paying for, that are getting hundreds of millions of dollars in no-bid contracts, which requires an emergency to be declared to have a no-bid contract.
I don't remember the Biden administration declaring an emergency.
I think?
In dozens around the country, including the same group, Family Endeavors, having facilities in Pennsylvania and Ohio.
Of course, other border states, Arizona, New Mexico, California, also have similar situations like this, where all day, all night, illegal immigrants are being trafficked in, they're being trafficked out, and you're paying for the entire thing.
Many of them are children, as you've seen.
We've documented the pregnant women
Coming in.
How did they get pregnant?
How are girls 12 years old?
Getting pregnant and coming into our country and what's going to happen to them when they get there.
Why aren't they doing rapid DNA testing when the kids show up with the parents?
So, this is what's happening.
By definition, it's an invasion.
But see, we're trained to think, oh invasion, that's a military thing.
That means weapons and guns and violence.
No, this is a different kind of invasion.
This is an economic invasion.
This is an invasion of a one world government plan.
Like they did in Europe and you may have just seen the recent viral video where there is just a crowd of African migrants hanging around a subway in Europe and a lady walks by just trying to get to the subway and she gets shoved down the stairs.
So that's what's going to start happening here.
I don't know why there's resentment against the country that brought them in, but it's just natural when you don't have the process of immigration that also teaches you about American culture, teaches you about our rights.
Shows you how we live our life and our society.
We're not getting any of that.
Instead, there's going to be resentment both ways.
There's going to be resentment by the American people who have to pay for all of this and then see these people get jobs and take over their inner cities.
And then they're going to feel resentful because they feel like they're not wanted and they're not welcome.
So it's a total disaster.
The same guy running it ran the invasion of Europe with migrants out of Syria and North Africa.
Now he's working with Biden to do the same thing here in the United States of America with immigrants from Central America.
And when you look at the numbers, just in 2021 alone, we're on pace for over 2 million illegal immigrants.
But if you look at the overall numbers, we're talking about so many undocumented citizens here, specifically coming from Central America, that we have essentially taken on 15-20% of the Central American population in the last decades.
Tell me that's not an invasion.
But the craziest part about it is, again, you're paying for all of it.
And these hotels and these Catholic charities that want to act all high and mighty and righteous, oh, we're doing something humane here.
They're not donating the rooms in the hotels.
They're not donating their facilities.
They are getting top dollar to run this illegal immigration pipeline.
So, yeah, it's pretty shocking what we've seen here, but this is just one operation in dozens, if not hundreds, around the clock.
Now, the one other thing I noticed being out here is there's no other media.
No other media out here.
Boy, that's kind of tragic almost.
That's kind of sad.
That's kind of pathetic that we have to go from place to place to place to place to place to place to place to place in McAllen just to cover this whole story and no other media wants the coverage.
Well, thank God we're down here covering this.
Thank God InfoWars is down here.
Blowing this story wide open because if not, nobody would be doing it.
And this is all thanks to your support at InfoWarsStore.com.
I cannot emphasize this enough, folks.
You are the backbone.
You are the blood.
These trips are not cheap.
We have to rent hotels.
We have to bring security.
We have to bring crew.
We work around the clock.
And quite frankly, the crew deserves bonuses, too.
But we just come out here and do this because nobody else will.
But keep us on air, keep the Alex Jones Show alive, keep InfoWars on the internet, because no one else is going to cover this news.
And you may notice how, finally, other people are starting to pick up our videos and, hey, you know what, they don't give us credit and they take our earmarks off of it and everything.
We don't care.
We just want this getting out.
And we know that's what you want too.
So just remember to keep shopping at InfoWarsTore.com.
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So, ladies and gentlemen, if you want InfoWars to continue great work like this, we will be in the field, we will be on the front lines.
Please keep shopping at InfoWarsStore.com.
This has been one more incredible report exclusively at InfoWars.
This is Owen Troyer.
I'm now going to leave you with two incredible reports only exclusively at Banned.Video.
This is the illegal immigrant operation and they're running three dozen pregnant women and a bunch of other mothers and children up to the Catholic facilities right now as we speak.
They tried to call the police to get media off the property and the police know that what they're doing is trying to stop our First Amendment right from happening.
So here you go folks, this happens all hours of the day, all hours of the night.
Take a look for yourself.
Look at how young some of these pregnant girls are.
What is happening to them?
This is absolutely heartbreaking.
Owen Schroer here for InfoWars.com and we are back at the testing, COVID testing facility, processing facility for the illegal immigrants and it is just
It's past, or it's almost 9 o'clock now, and in downtown McAllen, a busload of pregnant, illegal immigrants.
All of these women behind me are either extremely pregnant or in their early pregnancies, but you can see all of these ladies behind me are pregnant.
And so we're talking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, at least 23.
Pregnant, illegal immigrants.
When are they getting pregnant?
Are they getting pregnant on their long journey up here?
Are they being separated because they're pregnant?
What is going on here, ladies and gentlemen?
And as we told you, this is happening all hours of the day.
All hours of the day, just like this.
Bus loads, van loads, and now in the wee hours of the night, at 9 o'clock, they drop off
Two dozen pregnant, illegal immigrants.
And they come here with no known resources or prospects.
I guess maybe some of them have family that have come here.
But that's it.
And these are pregnant women.
And we're taking care of all of them.
And the only reason they're making this journey to come here is because they've been told
They get in, everything is free.
So here you go.
9 o'clock.
It's 24-7.
The Biden and the Immigration.
Owen Troyer for Infowars.com.
It is almost 10 o'clock in McAllen.
This is the illegal immigrant operation and they're running three dozen pregnant women and a bunch of other mothers and children up to the Catholic facilities right now as we speak.
They tried to call the police to get media off the property and the police know that what they're doing is
Trying to stop our First Amendment right from happening.
So here you go folks, this happens all hours of the day, all hours of the night.
Take a look for yourself.
Look at how young some of these pregnant girls are.
What is happening to them?
This is absolutely heartbreaking.
Absolutely heartbreaking.
All day.
All night.
All day.
All night.
You're paying for it.
And they want to tell you, the American citizen, that you don't have a First Amendment right to even know that this is going on.
You don't have a First Amendment right to film that this is happening.
And you're supposed to pay for the entire operation.
Think about that.
If what they're doing here is so righteous, why do they hate that the media is here?
Why won't they talk to media to celebrate the actions?
To celebrate what they're doing?
It's not good.
Yeah, just keep filming.
That's why you picked it.
If you're not doing anything illegal, why are you asking them to hurry?
Why are you having them hurry if you're not doing anything wrong?
All of them are pregnant.
We don't even get border service like this.
I'm in a rush.
I got an emergency.
They don't care about my emergency.
They don't care if you have COVID.
I don't care about any Americans.
Did you see how young some of these pregnant girls were?
I'm horrified to think how they got pregnant.
Don't tell me this is a humanitarian aid.
Don't lie to me.
Don't lie to America.
Owen Schroeder here for InfoWars.com and I was here in McAllen, Texas two weeks ago following the illegal immigration pipeline and one of the journeys this reporting took me on was following cars from the Rio Grande Valley Catholic Charities from here on the street in downtown McAllen to the airport.
In fact, this alley right behind me was facilitating a lot of this
Transmitting from here to the airport.
They get in cars and they go there.
So we followed one of the vehicles and the lady that we followed, we could tell was nervous that we were following her.
She kept stopping and pulling over and then going back on her route.
We could tell that she was nervous.
We thought maybe she was going to call the police on us, but she ended up going all the way to the airport, stopping before she got to the departure area to get out of the vehicle and question us to ask who we were and what we were doing.
To which we said, we're just journalists.
We're just here reporting on the illegal immigration pipeline.
She got all flustered and upset, but eventually got back in her unmarked vehicle, which we thought may have been a rental vehicle, took the unaccompanied minors to the airport, dropped them off.
They went inside and then went
To whatever country they had plane tickets to.
InfoWars reporters then came back a week ago, and we noticed something even more odd about this same lady.
She was still transferring people from this facility to the airport, but now they noticed that she had babies and kids.
And she was saying, oh, these are my kids, these are my kids.
And then the cameras rolled on her and she said, oh wait, they're not my kids.
And she handed them off to other women who seemed really confused as to what was going on.
Very confusing situation.
Again, same woman driving people from this facility to the airport.
Illegal immigrants with the Manila envelopes.
Well, we're back here this week, and what happened?
Sure enough, we get here, same woman at this facility yesterday, once again driving people in cars to the airport.
Now, we got here today, and in the middle of filing a report, I was coming down this alleyway right here.
And in the middle of filing a report, we saw the same lady, which again has three, that we noticed, Saint-Omerte tattoos, known MS-13 affiliated tattoos.
And as soon as we came up in this alleyway right here and started filming,
She raced around to the driver's side of the vehicle.
The kids were already loaded into the back.
She raced around to the driver's side and tried to floor it and peel out of this alleyway.
The kids weren't even buckled and the door was wide open!
Well, our team decided we were going to follow this lady who's now driving taxi cabs.
Oh, did I mention that?
Now she's not driving just cars.
Now she's magically a cab driver.
How did she get that certification?
You can't just become a cab driver overnight.
How did she become a cab driver?
So, we followed that vehicle.
Again, she made multiple deliveries from this facility to the airport.
But this is where it gets even stranger.
We called the phone number on the taxi cab that she was driving.
Now this, we think it was the lady that picked up because she didn't speak English.
So we had somebody call back that spoke Spanish saying, I need to get a cab, I need to get a cab, and the lady that answered insisted multiple times it was not a cab company.
When the person that called it insisted, no, I got this number directly off a cab,
The individual on the other line again said, this is not a tag cab company, you have the wrong number.
Are they taking fake taxi cabs?
Are they trafficking humans in fake taxi cabs from this facility to the airport?
Seems to be what we captured today.
And we've got all the evidence.
We've got them on film getting in the vehicle.
We've got her pulling away with the door open.
We've got them being delivered to the airport.
And now we call the number on the cab.
And as someone speaking Spanish says, this isn't a cab company.
Ladies and gentlemen, something very diabolical is happening here.
There are way too many coincidences for this not to be something serious.
And I believe a serious investigation needs to be going on to what's happening in this alley, what's happening in this facility, and what's happening down the street at the processing center.
So again, let me repeat.
In short, we've been monitoring one lady who works here at the facility.
The Rio Grande Valley Catholic facility.
She has been driving children from this facility to the airport non-stop.
Even babies!
She gets nervous when media's around.
Now all of a sudden she's a cab driver driving a cab that peels out with the door open and kid's not even buckled in the back.
And then we try to call the cab company and it doesn't exist?
Boy, if I was law enforcement, I think I'd be on to a big story right here.
And I'd be ready to reel it in.
But I guess no law enforcement's interested in that.
So we'll continue to monitor the activity.
What's she gonna be driving next?
A Greyhound bus?
Is she gonna be an airline pilot next with a whole plane full of kids?
I don't know, but we called the cab company she magically drives for overnight and they said we're not a cab company.
What's going on here in McAllen?
Seems to be the only people asking.
Our Info Wars.
Info Wars.
The most banned network in the world.
The British ended up being the most powerful empire in the world.
Not because the Spanish couldn't fight.
Not because the Portuguese couldn't fight.
Not because the Austrian-Hungarian Empire couldn't fight.
You ever wonder why British are called limeys?
The British ended up getting basically key limes.
When they went into the Caribbean 500 years ago, and they had their captains right, and their ship's doctors, how long sailors survived, what climates, they were trying to figure out what's making sickness.
They weren't sure if it was hot air, or why they got close to the shore.
More of their sailors would die in a couple days.
And they figured out pretty quick it was mosquitoes.
But the British classified that 400 years ago.
So the British would always lay off the coast.
And foreigners would ask, why did the Brits lay off the coast?
Because they don't want mosquitoes.
And then they'd get all the
The fevers, the malaria that came with mosquitoes.
The Brits also figured out with their scientists, limes.
But the Brits were suspicious.
The average sailor thought if you swim you get sick.
And they thought, you know, you don't want to eat vegetables, they make you sick.
This is what people actually thought back then.
So they would put the limes in the grog.
Which is, what's grog?
One-third rum, two-thirds water.
To make sure they would at least drink their water.
Part of their pay, their daily ration for good behavior, was grog.
So on the job, all sailors, Spanish, Russian, it didn't matter, they were paid in alcohol.
And part of their daily food was alcohol.
So the British would start putting, 400 years ago, limes in the alcohol, the grog.
And so, what would happen when they were a thousand miles from home and ran up against a Spanish frigate twice their size?
Well, the Spanish, all their teeth had fallen out.
They had cuts all over them.
Open wounds.
No fresh vegetables.
No vitamin C. Well, notice the British for 200 years could keep it secret that limes were... And so it was a joke to all the other armies that there were bags of limes and obsessions with limes and powdered lime powder to put in.
And they would put it in the grog to make them drink it because they knew our troops are ready to fight.
Because they've got vitamin C. So I'm going into a plug here, but here's the deal.
Every study, Linus Pauling won two Nobel Prizes for vitamin C. And now if you have mega doses of it, you basically never get cancer.
So these are the things that are known.
If you think vitamin C is powerful, the stuff at DNA Force is even beyond that.
It's the next level of that.
That's what we know.
And when your body doesn't have the good halogen of iodine,
It uses the bad halogen.
And at a certain point, the cells are using toxic chemicals to survive.
They start mutating so they can use that and not die.
But then they take over your body and you die from cancer.
And so, so much of the deformity and the mental illness and the low IQs and everything is that people have vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
And they work around the clock with all these fake reports.
Oh, you don't need vitamins, you don't need minerals, you don't need... And they lower the amount you're supposed to take.
They know exactly what they're doing.