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Air Date: April 15, 2021
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Alex Jones interviews various guests on topics such as subdermal implants, China's gene editing technology, and the arrest of an Infowars reporter. Alex Jones discusses various products available on his website and encourages listeners to support InfoWars by purchasing them. He also addresses the financial struggles faced by his platform due to deplatforming efforts. Jones promotes Epic, a domain registrar that supports free speech and freedom of association, as an alternative to major companies engaging in censorship and organized crime racketeering. He encourages listeners to visit InfoWarsDomains.com to take action and help build a true, open internet. Throughout his discussion, Jones references various studies questioning the legitimacy of COVID-19, suggesting that it is not a genuine pandemic but rather a drill for a future, more severe outbreak. The speaker expresses their opinion on the Covid-19 pandemic and vaccination, claiming that the vaccine is not effective and people who have taken it should still be allowed to live a normal life. They criticize Senator Rand Paul for supporting wearing masks even after receiving the vaccine, question the effectiveness of PCR tests in detecting Covid-19, and express frustration with the Biden administration's plans to defeat the pandemic. The speaker emphasizes the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including water, sunlight, spiritual connection to God, and a multivitamin for boosting immunity. A doctor claims to have tested 1,500 alleged Covid-19 positive samples from Southern California and found them all to be mostly Influenza A and some Influenence B. The tests were conducted using Koch's postulates and the scanning electron microscope. All of the participating universities have come to the conclusion that Covid-19 is imaginary and fictitious. They are now suing the CDC for fraud. David Icke provides valuable insights but needs to look forward and discuss what actions we can take against those controlling the narrative. The real agenda behind lockdowns is to destroy independent livelihoods and businesses, and people need to resist this control. Vaccine passports are a trap; accepting them will lead to further restrictions and requirements for "boosters." The vaccine passport system is part of a larger plan for total AI control and must be resisted. COVID vaccines have immediate and long-term effects on the human body, altering messaging within the brain and potentially causing neurological problems and changes in behavior.


Thursday Live!
Alien life forms are secretly being created in labs across the world.
Every time I put a headline out like that, the media bites and they make a joke.
They go, Jones claims there's aliens.
Here's the deal.
I don't know if they're getting advised by aliens, the devil, whatever.
That's just a hypothesis because they're destroying humanity.
They're crazy.
They act like they've got a gun to their head.
They're not stopping.
They're very organized.
Or they're just super evil and want to become God, because they say we're going to merge the machines.
We're going to become God.
We're going to rewrite the genetics of the planet.
I am fired up.
I am blessed and honored to be here.
I am Alex Emmerich Jones, and I love you all.
And it is destiny that we are here together now in resistance to this anti-charity that, like all other charities, will fail.
But this is the great challenge before we go to the next
From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones!
Tomorrow's news today.
Consider a ship like the USS Theodore Roosevelt hobbled last year when 1,271 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus.
What if everyone on board had their health monitored with this subdermal implant now in late stage testing?
It's not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move, but a tissue like gel engineered to continuously test your blood
It's a sensor.
This tiny green thing in there?
That tiny green thing in there.
You put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you're gonna have symptoms tomorrow.
Everything is coming into crystal clear focus now.
The New World Order's designs for us.
Their long-planned war has now gone hot.
But like every science fiction comic book movie you see, how do people become superheroes?
Oh, they fall in toxic waste, or they get bit by a spider that's radioactive, or they get a deadly vaccine, and they mutate and turn into a superhuman.
Most people won't turn into superhumans, they'll die.
But out of this mass manipulation, this mass mutation program,
They know that they get some really bizarre mutations in cows, in pigs, in rats, in guinea pigs, in sheep.
And they've also now done it and shot it at humans.
And so this is a mass experiment on us to cause mass mutations that can then be studied by the globalists to get life extension technologies, to find the Lazarus gene, to find the immortal cell lines.
Those are all real things I just mentioned.
Chinese scientists create GMO super dogs.
A group of Chinese scientists say they are the first researchers to have used a breakthrough gene editing technology to successfully double the muscle mass of dogs.
For this new research, the scientists use 65 beagle dog embryos.
Focusing in on genes encoded for myelstatin, a protein that inhibits muscle growth.
By injecting the enzyme complex CRISPR-Cas9 into the embryos, the objective was to knock out the myelstatin genes in the dog's DNA.
With myelstatin out of the way, the Beagles' muscles can grow to new extremes.
In 2018, Hei Jun-Kui announced the birth of the world's first CRISPR-modified babies, twin girls known only as Lulu and Nana.
I understand the man walked.
There was outrage.
In a chilling op-ed, the U.S.
Intel chief has warned that China could be breeding genetically modified soldiers.
And the fact that they're trying to use gene editing tools to change the nature of human beings is not surprising.
Because this is who they really are.
And we had that similar experience, did we not?
With Nazism and that authoritarian regime trying to conduct human experiments to do the very same thing.
This globalist runaway, breakaway civilization, the sign of a takeover, has been beta testing for decades.
Now they've gone live.
And this is definitely the big one.
I knew they had some plans to release bioweapons, scare us, lock us down for a while, and then incrementally release bioweapons that were more deadly to slowly call our numbers.
They've decided to just go all the way with this, with delayed kill operations.
And now, again, the former chief scientist at Pfizer, head of vaccines, head of allergy development,
He said, I'm sorry, I was always a mainline guy, but I've reverse engineered this, and this is a poisonous gene therapy that is going to start shutting everybody's livers down within six months to one year.
And it's also going to cause brain plaques, and it's also going to attack the babies in utero, and it's the end of humanity.
That's the former chief scientist, former Pfizer VP.
Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.
That's a quote.
And Woodargen, he wrote a big letter on December 1st begging Europe not to approve any of the vaccines.
Not the virus vectors, not the Pfizer, not any of it.
Because they all do the same thing.
And they got almost no attention and they filed an injunction and the EU just brushed it aside.
But now what he said in that report in December, here we are four months later and everything they talked about is now coming true.
Tomorrow's News.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are live.
We are broadcasting worldwide on this April 15th, 2021 transmission.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
And the arrest of our reporter is big national news.
We're going to look at some of that here in a moment.
And then we're going to look at the situation with Russia and the United States economy.
The riots that are already starting across the nation ahead of the verdict in the next week or so, maybe longer in the show on trial in Minnesota.
It's all coming up today.
Arrests still continuing for the January 6th Capitol riot and a San Marcos man who worked for Infowars was arrested yesterday in connection with that breach at the U.S.
Capitol building.
A lawsuit states the investigation into Samuel Montoya started five days after the riot when a family member tipped off the FBI that he went inside the Capitol building back in January.
Montoya also had a video of himself in the Capitol.
He faces several charges including entering a restricted building.
And now this, the ironically named Civil Rights Division of the Biden Justice Department announced today there will be no charges brought against the man who shot and killed protester Ashley Babbitt in the Capitol back in January.
No one who pays attention was surprised to hear this.
In cases like this, the benefit of the doubt usually does go to law enforcement, and as we've often said, we are fine with that.
It should.
But still, in a free society, the rest of us have a right to know roughly what happened.
In this case, we have a right to know who shot Ashley Babbitt and why.
No one will tell us.
The Biden administration says the man who killed Babbitt is a Capitol Hill police officer and he did the right thing.
That's all they've said.
We know that Ashley Babbitt was short, she was female, and she was unarmed.
There was no evidence the officer who killed her gave her any kind of verbal warning before he pulled the trigger.
Is that now standard procedure?
We'd imagine the rules of engagement for federal agents were limited to the use of deadly force in situations where law enforcement has reason to believe they, or the people they're around, are in imminent danger of being harmed.
You can't just shoot people without warning because they're in the wrong place.
That's not allowed.
Except now, apparently, it is allowed.
So when did these rules change?
And once again, who exactly shot Ashley Babbitt?
Journalists exist to ask these questions, but they're not asking them.
The Washington Post wrote a long story today about the DOJ's announcement and never raised a single one of these questions.
The Post didn't name the shooter or even acknowledge that the government is withholding the name of the shooter.
Quote, Authorities determined that there was insufficient evidence to prove Babbitt's civil rights were violated, the Post declared.
And that was it.
The rest of the piece was a personal attack on Ashley Babbitt and on her political views.
She deserved to die.
That was the point of the Washington Post story.
How amazing to read something like this, especially now.
1,100 miles from Washington in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a police officer accidentally reached for her gun instead of a taser and killed a man called Daunte Wright.
It was a tragedy.
All shootings are tragedies.
But we know that officer's name because every news organization in the country printed it immediately.
She is now resigned.
She is now facing charges.
Her mugshot is everywhere.
It's all over the Internet.
And that's why two nights ago, a mob showed up at her house and forced she and her husband to flee.
And she's not the only one.
Last August, a police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin, shot a man called Jacob Blake.
Do you remember that?
Riots erupted immediately.
Well, yesterday, that officer was cleared of all charges.
When that story broke, NPR, National Public Radio, put that police officer's name and photograph on the front of their website.
So that's the standard.
Except in this case, where they are still hiding the identity of the officer who shot Ashley Babbitt.
Are you sensing a theme here?
The standards that big news organizations use to cover shootings depend entirely on the political views of the people who get shot.
When the Washington Post doesn't like the candidates you vote for, they suppress the details of the case.
In the case of Ashley Babbitt, we know next to nothing about how she died, and we wouldn't know anything if her shooting hadn't been captured on video by people who don't work at the Washington Post.
One of those people is a video editor from Texas called Samuel Montoya.
Montoya was in the U.S.
Capitol that day.
Montoya doesn't look much like a white supremacist.
He has no criminal history that we're aware of.
On January 6th, Samuel Montoya took what may be the clearest video of Ashley Babbitt's death.
Push it down!
So there are a lot of things to notice about that tape.
It's a very sad tape, but here's what jumps out.
Ashley Babbitt had no weapon.
She wasn't attacking anyone.
She couldn't attack anyone because she was climbing through a window at the moment she was shot.
But what is most striking and never discussed is that several Capitol Hill police officers in paramilitary gear, the guys with the helmets with the cameras, were standing directly behind Ashley Babbitt when she was killed.
They were carrying what Joe Biden refers to as weapons of war, loaded AR-15s.
So explain to us slowly how Ashley Babbitt posed an imminent physical threat to anyone when she was killed.
Well, she didn't.
Samuel Montoya's footage proves it.
And we're grateful that we have that tape.
If we didn't have that tape, the New York Times would be telling us that Ashley Babbitt was beating people to death with a fire extinguisher when she was killed.
But thanks to Samuel Montoya, the New York Times cannot claim that.
We'd love to have Sammy Montoya tonight on the show to describe what he saw that day, but we can't do that because he's in jail.
Yesterday, a large group of armed federal agents showed up at Montoya's home in Austin, Texas.
They smashed his front door, they confiscated his electronic devices, and they threw him in jail.
He's still there.
He's behind bars right now.
So what was his crime?
Well, to find out, we read the Biden administration's arrest warrant application.
The FBI says it began investigating Sammy Montoya after one of his family members provided, quote, proof that Montoya was physically inside the U.S.
Capitol near the shooting of a woman on January 6th, 2021, end quote.
Now, to be clear, Montoya did not shoot the woman, Ashley Babbitt.
He just happened to be nearby.
But wait a second.
Weren't there plenty of journalists inside the Capitol on January 6th?
Well, according to CNN, yes, there were.
In fact, CNN ran a piece telling us that, quote, congressional reporters became the country's eyes and ears as rioters stormed the Capitol.
So the question is, why hasn't the FBI arrested the people that CNN identified in its story?
The photographers from Getty, for example, the political reporters from NBC News, the congressional correspondents from CNN itself and from the AP.
Well, that's a good question.
The FBI explains why in the warrant affidavit.
Quote, at times during the video, Montoya describes himself to others inside the Capitol building as a reporter or a journalist.
All right, so we provided that raw HD footage to Tucker Carlson.
Sam was released last night, right about the time that Tucker Carlson went on air.
So that was accurate when he said that he was basically still in jail.
He was let out sometime during the Tucker Carlson hour, I think like 7.15 Central.
And again, he's charged with making noise in the Capitol.
They say that that disrupted things.
It's asinine.
CNN gave $35,000, so did NBC, $70,000 total, to Jaden X, who was there saying, let's burn this place down and encouraging people to attack and destroy things.
He said he went to D.C.
to pose as a Trump supporter to get people to do that.
And out of hundreds of thousands that had already gotten to the Capitol ahead of Trump finishing his speech at the Ellipse, they got a few hundred people to do it.
And then you're this big crowd, because I was there.
I got there in the middle of it.
You don't know what's going on inside.
You don't know what's happening.
You just see people going into the Capitol.
But I figured, I'm not going in there.
And so we went and tried to get people to not go in.
I said, don't go in.
It'll end up being a Kent State.
And 30 minutes later, Ashley Babbitt was shot dead.
And now the left is all over the national news.
Arrest Jones.
He sent his reporter in to provocateur things.
And of course, it's the opposite.
They're the ones provocateuring.
They're the ones staging all this.
It's absolutely incredible.
By the way, we filed a four-year yesterday.
I had a law firm do it.
So that we can assume, if they don't release it, the name of the police officer that executed her.
And so we're going to have more of that coming up today.
There's so much to break down.
Serious issues with Russia and so much more.
Stay with us.
Let me tell you what's coming up on this outlaw, illegal broadcast in the globalist view.
We've got the iconic trailblazer, the visionary, David Icke, joining us.
Boy, I thought he was nuts 25 years ago.
He's dead on.
We've got him joining us in the second hour, and then Owen's going to pop in at the end of the third hour, and then also an amazing trailblazer, Joe Salente hosts the fourth hour ahead of the War Room.
We're going to have Patrick Howley guest hosting with Owen popping in from the border.
They're just trying to digest the hours of undercover footage and whistleblower stuff they've got.
Because, you know, Veritas will put out one or two reports a week.
They're great people.
They've got a huge crew.
They've got a digest to put their reports out.
We're live putting out six, seven, eight, nine, ten hours a day and our reports.
And so it's really breakneck.
But there is a lot in the pipeline.
I can't tell you yet, but let's just say this.
I see comments on InfoWars saying things that just sound outlandish, like I bet they're doing this with the children.
And I'm like, oh, come on, that's a little too much.
And then we catch them doing it.
They want their blood.
I'm just gonna leave it at that.
They can sell a pint of a three-year-old's blood for $10,000 to a globalist.
They're paying $10,000 for it.
They don't drink it.
They put it in their veins.
And I told you that a long time ago, because I know a lot of rich people.
I know billionaires and folks that were like, 10 years ago, Alex, you're a little bit fat and out of shape and tired and you work too much.
Why don't you go to this doctor I know and they can get you some young blood.
You know, the kids are like 12, 13, they sign off on it, goes to their college fund, the doctor tells me, but man, I'm telling you, I feel great.
And like some 80 year old man's got like shiny, you know, yellow looking skin.
And I'm like, eh, no thanks.
A, the Bible says don't do it.
B, there's all sorts of weird viruses and stuff in other people's blood.
It's just, it's not normal.
You know?
I would want my wife's blood in me, you know what I mean?
Even though I'm very close to my wife, and we have that sexual communion, but that sexual interface, that congress, having somebody's blood in you is a big, big deal.
Now, if it's absolutely you're going to die, loss of blood, whatever, a lot of folks die from those blood transfusions later, but I'm digressing.
The point is that we've become a total commodity and we're not valuing human life anymore, and it's extremely dangerous for everybody.
And what we're seeing down at the border is way worse than I even thought.
And I'm about to go to the border tomorrow, and we'll have live feeds throughout the weekend at InfoWars and Bandai Video.
And I'm actually dreading it, because it is very depressing to see
Stuff worse than I've seen in any third world country and I've been around the world and to know it's orchestrated and now there's a new contract for $530 million to Biden's own family.
It's connected to his family to expand the facility just to McAllen.
That's $500 million just where we're at.
This is the epicenter on top of all the other giant centers.
And the news is like to fix the crisis.
No, it's the wedge opening up the door.
So we have Congressional Dems introduce court-packing bill to add four justices to the Supreme Court.
We have Biden backs down after Putin warns him to stay away from Ukraine for his own good.
We have new textbooks and video coming out of the insane indoctrination of communism, anti-Americanism, and anti-white racism being taught in New York schools and LA schools.
We have giant developments on the police state front and Ashley Babbitt and what happened there, our reporter being arrested two days ago.
We have huge COVID martial law world government announcements.
Biden's saying, of course, a new bigger pandemic is coming.
You'll never leave lockdown.
You might have a few months off of lockdown, but now anytime somebody dies of the flu or a cold, you have to stay locked in your house.
I mean, this is just mainlining total tyranny to see how obedient we'll be.
And so many folks have been obedient.
So it just confirms the nightmare we knew was coming.
So I'm not being a negative person.
I'm admitting the problems so we can counter it and do something about it.
That's just some of what
We've got coming up today.
But first, I'm going to tell listeners this.
This is very serious.
We have a gigantic, organic audience at Band.Video and on our radio stations and TV stations and at Infowars.com.
Despite all the deplatforming, all the attacks, they have major articles everywhere about why can't we shut down Jones?
Why hasn't he shut down yet?
Now the Democrats just say everywhere, we want Jones arrested.
And you see the things that are going on and and so normally in the old days we have a giant audience we would have a lot of revenue but we're winning when it comes to huge audience and you spread the word people telling folks to tune in the forbidden transmission everything we've talked about is coming out in the open right now so our credibility is extremely high but I know that the country's in a engineered depression now and I know people don't have as much money and so
I don't want to lay people off, and I don't want to not do what we're doing.
I don't want to not have coverage of the verdict coming up next week in Minnesota.
I don't want to not have coverage on the border that nobody else is doing.
I don't want to have to cut anything.
I want to be able to expand.
But right now, I am pushing into the red.
I am right up against not bringing enough money and not having money to buy a new product.
Because what I can do is go into emergency mode, not buy a new product, sell all we have, keep going another six months.
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We shall return in T-minus four minutes with massive news and intel for free humanity.
We're going to be covering some very important information with David Icke in the second hour.
He's been knocking it out of the park, and boy, has he been proven right.
In fact, guys, re-pull me that big article we covered yesterday with the seven universities that tested tens of thousands of COVID samples and found out that they were influenza, A, B, others, and that they were other pneumonia viruses.
None of it was what they said.
The virus wasn't even there.
But almost all cases, it's not even that.
Well, then why'd they release it from Mulan?
Because Bill Gates wants to own it?
And because Bill Gates has signaled, and I've studied all of their different, not all their different, but a lot of their different John Hopkins and Rockefeller Foundation documents.
We've all done it together here on air.
And you learn the rhythm of how they operate.
You learn the tempo.
And so before Gates and Fauci and all of them said, oh, another bigger pandemic's coming, this is really just an exercise to make sure we're ready.
Well, that's because their own people know it's a fraud, their own doctors and scientists.
That's why you see thousands of prominent scientists and doctors and epidemiologists and the former head scientist of Pfizer and the head of the EU Advisory Commission, Wolfgang Wudarg, and just every... because those are normal doctors and normal scientists, and they say this is all a giant fraud.
But the ones at Big Pharma and the ones at the institutions carrying it out, they need a cover story.
So they're told internally, okay, it's really a drill.
Terrorist was stole.
Bioweapons research we were doing to cure stuff.
We were working on hypothetical weapons that might attack us.
That's their cover for creating the weapons.
That's a fact.
And then they say,
So we've gotta go ahead and do the global lockdown drill to make sure humanity's ready when we get hit.
And they're like, oh, okay, we're in on the group, then we're doing this bad thing, so we're ready.
It's evil for good.
It's in justifies the means.
And then they've got them.
And that's how they run this major scam.
In fact, that's only like a three-minute video.
Will you cue that back up?
Where a great narrator is actually reading what the scientist, what the doctor said, and I'll play that in a moment.
But first, hear it from Biden yesterday.
Biden chillingly saying, oh, we've got to get rid of this pandemic.
He's got to be our savior.
And we got to take the vaccine and get tracker systems and show our IDs and leave our houses and be non-essential.
And because, you know, this was all just a drill for the big one.
And then they practice covering up vaccine deaths.
They practice covering up the origin of it.
It's all a giant test.
And when you read the different John Hopkins and Rockefeller documents, they even tell you it's a drill.
And then he even goes on CNN and goes on Colbert, Bill Gates, and says, oh, this was really just a test.
Hell, LaSwab wrote six months ago, he said,
COVID-19 is not an existential threat.
Just saying to investors, don't worry.
This is really just us bringing in a carbon lockdown system.
And then months later, they were in the news saying, we need carbon lockdowns to save the earth.
We need to eat bugs and we need to drink synthetic meat.
It's like meat slurpees and we need to eat weeds.
And they're just giving you dystopia and saying, we'll give you some free credit after we bankrupt you and make you obsolete.
You're in a small farm, small businesses, you're in a mainstream.
And then when you behave and do what we say, sterilize yourself, sterilize your children, you take the psychotropic, say you're disabled, say you're a loser, then we'll give you enough to live.
But it'll be synthetic poison that kills you.
And they admit that's their plan to phase us out and take over.
It's all soft kill.
So you're ready for the climate lockdowns?
I told you over a year before they announced that in February, that's exactly what this was.
How did I know?
Klaus Schwab said it!
Oh, but Mr. Greenblatt over at the ADL will call you an anti-Semite if you cover that.
Like, what the hell did Jews have to do
With a global government and euthanasia and sterilization, but that's how this works.
Oh, you want to have an audit of the 10.6 billion Black Lives Matter groups got last year?
Oh my God, you're a white supremacist!
Even though mainly old white people like George Soros got the money.
Welcome to 2030, I own nothing, I have no privacy, and life's never been better.
Who said that?
What, Alex Jones?
Oh, Jones is crazy, he says we'll own nothing, have no privacy, have no freedom, we'll love it in 15 years.
That's when they said this, a few years ago.
Now it's ten years away, now it's nine years away, and now you're learning, you see?
No, I didn't say that!
Klaus Schwab said that while Leonardo DiCaprio looks like a total psycho in the front row, and everyone's getting off on, they're at the head of the table, they're the global elite, they're gonna get rid of us, they're gonna test all the biotech on us.
But let's put up the headline for the live show today, before I get into this news, and I'll get into it in a moment, before I even play by it.
Thursday live, alien life forms are secretly being created in labs across the world.
Every time I put a headline out like that, the media bites and they make a joke.
They go, Jones claims there's aliens.
And no, they didn't come from Elvis and Terry's little tinfoil flying disc.
If you, here's an example, and I've used this example a lot.
You know, I'll cover it next segment.
Remember the movie?
Print it off for me.
It's a cheesy B-movie.
Had the attractive blonde model in it.
Came out like 20 years ago.
Guys, will you print me the IMDb on that?
But they've got a radio telescope aimed at a distant star system and they get a transmission back that's from an intelligent life form.
That is the human genome with a few little changes to it that says, make this.
And they have gene editing power because it's set in the near future.
And they edit it together.
It looks like a little girl, but it's not.
Now see, that's an alien.
And if we got a transmission from deep space that told us how to build something that wasn't from here, we would be building an alien.
You understand?
Because it's not of this world.
Well that's a movie made, what was it, 20 years ago?
I don't remember, 25 years ago?
But that's the reality of thousands and thousands and thousands of labs everywhere with gene guns just randomly mixing animal and human DNA, but that's not enough.
Now they're creating random computer-created
New life forms that don't come from the reptiles, don't come from amphibians, don't come from pinnipeds, don't come from mammals, don't come from fungus, don't come from anything of this world, and they're just randomly injecting it into every life form you can imagine.
And they found if they inject it into a colony creature, like a jellyfish, they can have the jellyfish genes, I was reading a study, jump through into mammals.
So that's why whenever they're mixing together in these vaccines, they're adding jellyfish genes to the Pfizer,
So he can carry something not of this world into you.
I said I'd cover it next segment.
I'm covering it now.
So here's the deal.
I don't know if they're getting advised by aliens, the devil, whatever.
That's just a hypothesis because they're destroying humanity.
They're crazy.
They act like they've got a gun to their head.
They're not stopping.
They're very organized.
Or they're just super evil and want to become God, because they say, we're going to merge the machines, we're going to become God, we're going to rewrite the genetics of the planet.
But their public propaganda, oh, they're going to save the Earth, they love the children, and, you know, they need to give all your rights up, carbon dioxide is so poisonous.
Oh, and did you know that methane that bovine release and humans release is toxic?
Yes, what you pass gas is bad.
That's always been part of the Earth.
There's always been bovine across the planet.
It's probably about the same number of
Bovine, they think, was in North America before we killed the tens of millions of buffalo as are cows today.
But it's the same damn animal.
But oh my gosh, it's bad to have methane in the atmosphere when it's always... But see, they have a new satellite NASA's launching to track the methane.
Oh, carbon.
Oh, carbon dioxide.
Oh, methane.
Oh, carbon.
Oh, we got to put a fart bag on the cow and capture it.
Poor thing.
Yep, there it is.
Cow fart crack gum.
Man, the cow farts are deadly, but man, let's make those animal-human clones.
So when we come back, I'll get to Biden saying, oh, we got to fix this one because the next one's coming.
Just like, you know, a winter storm.
My phone has been blowing up in the last hour.
I've probably gotten 20 texts, five or six phone calls saying, hey, NPR just came out and they just declassified that they've spliced humans with monkeys for organ harvesting.
Alex, you're right.
How did you know all this?
I was on there 27 years ago and it was in medical papers and MIT reports that they were already splicing animals with humans for organ harvesting.
If you create a human clone that isn't full human, it doesn't have rights.
They're just now bringing it out public because they're ready to go to market with all these organs, folks.
This whole COVID lockdown, the COVID vaccine, all of it, the mRNA, is genetic engineering.
It's the coming out of the system.
So I'd love to say I was magic and knew all this.
I wasn't.
It was in the documents.
But that's why we've got to stay on air to tell you the rest of the story.
Because now that we warned people 27 years ago about what was going to happen, and it did happen, our credibility is very high.
That's why the Globalist warned us off air.
So that we don't tell you what's coming next, and that's why InfoWars is here.
But we can't do it without you funding us.
So go to InfoWars.com.
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Get them together, 50% off at InfoWarsTore.com.
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So thanks for your support.
Protect your immune system and your body.
Spread the word about InfoWars at InfoWarsTore.com.
God bless and good luck!
Prestigious universities have tested tens of thousands of COVID samples and found no COVID vaccine.
I thought David Icke went too far 14 months ago when he said there is no COVID.
And it's all a fraud, and then Gates put out the whole story out of the lab, so they could have some new thing that they own, and then they could roll something out later.
He was dead on.
I don't know how he knew that.
It's been now confirmed.
We'll talk to him next hour.
But the facts are, if you don't have vitamins and minerals in your body, and sunshine and good clean water, you're gonna die.
That's why they're called essential.
Gotta have oxygen, gotta have water, gotta have vitamin C, gotta have vitamin D, gotta have zinc.
Well, there's like 14 vitamins and a whole bunch of minerals you gotta have, or you die.
And the globalists know that, but I was surfing around the internet this morning and I saw somebody with the tag Alex Jones is right again, and I saw this on Twitter and I loved it.
Folks are wearing a mask when you're made to do it.
People say, why do you sell masks and say InfoWars.com?
Well, I mean, sometimes I got to fly and they're not going to let me on.
It's a private company.
It's a fraud.
We should lobby them.
We should stop it.
But if I'm going to do it, I'm going to say InfoWars.com.
But I am going to print up masks.
Because let me tell you, this is never going away.
They're going to clamp down, release.
Clamp down tighter, release partially.
Clamp down almost all the way, release a little bit.
And then clamp down and never release.
Take about five years probably.
And if we push harder, it'll take them longer.
Or if we really push and defeat them, they'll stop it.
But I'm going to create a mask that says this is a mind control device and that it's white and even has the print on it, kind of like these folks did.
And you should make your own where you explain that it causes bacterial pneumonia, that it's a muzzle, that it's criminal, because it's a great point.
It says thepoliticalwarroom.com, I guess is who originally put this out.
So it's beautifully done, and I think it even looks good low-tech like that.
So we're going to come out with a mask that has this printed on it, and people go, he's a hypocrite.
He says don't buy into the mask, then he sells them.
That's pharisaical views.
One-dimensional manipulating.
Of course I'm against the mask.
I've said it's a fraud day one.
We've been proven right.
If you've gotta, you know, go to the doctor's office, and all the doctor's offices in your town make you wear them, I complain, I say things, I do things, and now, they're like, oh yeah, you're right, forget it.
I walked into a movie theater last night, and I said, I'm not gonna wear my Bill Gates mask, I'm not a slave, and he goes, you're right, Alex, and he had the mask, like, hanging down his side, and waved me in.
So, the biggest thing we've got's our communication, and not being selfish and communicating with others.
After David Icke leaves us, I'm gonna hit
With statistics and some shocking videos in the third hour.
When I say shocking, shocking.
Of people being shot, people being stabbed, people being run over.
And Americans always rendered aid.
It was very rare to see people not render aid.
Now they're just letting people bleed to death in the street.
Because, and it's always in leftist cities.
Because it's a soullessness.
And just like you see that epidemic in China, it's now coming here.
Because you run into Chinese folks that are Christian and awake, they are incredibly powerful, incredibly awake, incredibly emotional, incredibly connected to God, and then at Harvard and Yale say, oh, we don't care if they've got high IQs, we're not letting them in because they don't have emotional IQs.
No, they've been suppressed for thousands of years in a slave state, and they get killed, so they've adapted to be automatized, but they're incredibly good people when you're able to punch through that and wake them up, and that's what the system is afraid of.
So I love the Chinese people, and I want to see them set free.
I want to see them empowered.
So again, there's different ways to fight the enemy.
You can openly, aggressively fight them, and I do that as well, but sometimes you gotta do the judo move, and this is the way to do it.
So there you go.
All right, let's go ahead and play it since I mentioned it.
Here is Joe Biden, the puppet president.
And again, national scientific polls that are skewed against Republicans, 15 points, show that 75% of Republicans think the election was stolen, and 30% of Democrats, and about 50% of non-voters.
I mean, that's devastating, despite all the propaganda.
And notice it's getting worse for them in polls.
As time goes on, and they see that Biden can't even find his ass in both hands,
So the Lord works in mysterious ways.
They stole this thing, now let's see him try to keep it.
Because I'm not a Machiavellian.
I don't engage in, I engage in full frontal straight up attack.
Full straight talk, that's my secret weapon, is straight talk and truth.
And people are like, man Jones, why did you just say that about yourself on air?
It was terrible.
You know it's the truth.
Yesterday I said something bad about myself on air.
That's the way it is.
And the more I do that, the better it gets.
All this creeping around and double-thinking stuff and all the rest of it, that's what's destroyed us.
We need to act with passion, with our spirit, with what's right, with the first thing that comes to our mind.
Because that's not impulsive.
We have a giant brain God gave us, an instinct, a spirit that's ancient, all our ancestors, all these incredible things for us, and it knows.
What's impulsive is to listen to the system and think about it over and over again.
When you already know the truth deep down inside,
I had a caller, a black man, call me on Sunday.
He goes, what do I do to get my family not to take the shot?
And I said, well, show them that after you take it, you still gotta wear a mask.
Show them all the side effects and problems.
But I said, instead of that, ask their gut.
Do you feel good as a white person, a black person, a human with red blood made by God?
You feel good about this, Bill Gates?
Says he wants to kill you and your family, now he's got a shot for you?
I mean, does it feel good to you to trust them?
And the answer is no, I don't, but I'm being pressured to be a good person to help others.
It doesn't help other people.
It's a lie.
And I watch Senator Rand Paul, who's a medical doctor but an eye doctor, he knows how to cut cataracts off.
You know, like, well, I know vaccines are a great thing, and since the vaccine works great, you should be able to not wear a mask if you've had it.
Why are you saying we gotta keep wearing a mask and keep staying in our houses?
Because it's a takeover, Senator!
And because it's a lie!
Seven universities with electron microscopes scanned it, and it wasn't any of the samples.
Just like in Florida, the governor finally rated a bunch of places and they stopped it, so Florida stopped having high numbers.
Remember that nine months ago, ten months ago?
They were having thousands of labs with 100% positive rates, with hundreds of people being tested?
Per lab?
Some were like 10 tested, 100 tested.
Some were like 500 a day being tested at huge clinics, huge outdoor deals at Walmart parking lots, and 100% had it?
Bull crap!
So DeSantis raided a few of those people and it suddenly stopped right there.
Because they were getting money when they said that.
They can get a hypochondriac, think they're sick, and go kill them with a ventilator, which is the new guillotine.
The globalists want you dead, and they want to suck money out while they do it.
And so even Tucker Carlson's like, well, you know, all I asked was, if the vaccine works, why people that have had it then can't go out and have a life?
And Fauci goes, that's a conspiracy theory, and didn't even respond to it.
But watching Tucker talk about how he knows vaccines work.
Hey, Tucker!
This isn't like smallpox vaccine or a flu vaccine that still ain't ever guessed the right mutation, but you could claim maybe it teaches you immunity.
It's a cold virus.
They never had a vaccine for it because there's thousands of cold viruses.
It doesn't work.
It's a fraud.
It's all based on PCR tests.
So Tucker's like, why does Fauci lie so much?
Why does Big Pharma lie so much?
Because they're criminals!
Truth is, Tucker knows all that.
He's slowly getting his audience up to speed.
I know what he's doing, so we salute him.
But, well, here's the puppet president, Joe Biden, telling you that, oh, we got to be a hero here and fix this here, get you all slave-trained now, because, you know, another one's coming, like I told you a year ago.
It'll be like winter storms or spring tornadoes.
We're good.
We have to defeat this pandemic and strengthen the global health system.
Prepare for the next one because there will be another pandemic.
That's right, because now, there's always millions of people dying when they're old, run down, not getting the right vitamins and minerals.
There's always people dying after heart surgery and cancer, and they go, oh, cause was flu, cause was pneumonia, because you were run down, you were old, you lived in a dirty city, you worked in a coal mine.
And now they say, oh, cause of death, pneumonia.
So again, I told you a year ago, once you take the shots, they'll tell you soon the shots don't work.
How do I know that?
Because they wrote it in the damn John Hopkins battle plan.
That's what's so frustrating at the end of the day is, we're just covering reality-based information.
You need water, you need sunlight, you need a spiritual connection to God, all studies show that boosts your immune system, and you need a multivitamin that's organic, high-quality vitamins, and you need to protect yourself.
And that's all you need, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back.
We're gonna play a clip of that transcript to that medical doctor run at the seven universities on that again as we did yesterday.
And then David Icke is coming up.
I am fired up.
I am blessed and honored to be here.
I am Alex Emmerich Jones and I love you all and it is destiny that we are here together now in resistance to this anti-tyranny that like all other tyrannies will fail.
But this is the great challenge before we go to the next level.
Alright, I've always liked David Icke.
I've been reading his books since they first came out 30 years ago.
I've been interviewing him for more than 20.
And some stations don't carry this segment, a lot do, but that's why I'm holding him until five minutes around we come back and all the stations join us.
But when he came out in February of last year, you can look it up, we have it posted at InfoWars.com, and said there is no virus.
I said, well that's a little far.
I know it's manufactured, I know they're counting flu and other things, but I mean, how does he know that?
Well, now all these top scientists, major universities scan thousands of samples and they can't find it.
So we're going to find out every time I think Ike's gone too far, he gets proven right again.
It's research, it's understanding, it's thousands of points of information, and then it's that deep intuition into the ether, which is most of the universe, as we know, and everything he's talked about is coming out now of the different dimensions, a dimension five times stronger holding us in place.
This is now being released to the public.
And so we're in a very special time, and the globalists are very, very scared, but here's an individual online who did a great job reading a transcript of this article.
Got published a lot of different places, but I'm a clinical lab scientist, COVID-19 is fake, wake up America, Dr. Derek Knoss and it's other prestigious scientists, the former chief scientist of Merck saying it's gonna kill you, there's nothing good about it, it mutates you.
It is the vaccine that's the killer and now you see death numbers going way up compared to last year.
We had similar numbers in 2020 as we had 2019 of death.
In fact, for population increase, the death numbers actually went down.
They went up a little bit, like 16,000 if you take population increase, which actually went down from the normal increase.
So David Icke comes back here after this important report.
This is it.
Share it.
David Icke completely vindicated again.
I have a PhD in virology and immunology.
I'm a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1,500 supposed positive COVID-19 samples collected here in Southern California.
When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch's postulates and observation under a scanning electron microscope, we found no COVID in any of the 1,500 samples.
What we found was that all of the 1500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were Influenza B. But not a single case of COVID, and we did not use the BCS-PCR test.
It's a polymerase chain reaction test.
Celia Farber does wonderful journalism on the topic.
I did videos on this channel for that.
We then sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a few of the University of California labs, and they found the same results as we did.
They found influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of COVID, which CDC said they could not provide, as they did not have any samples.
We have now come to the firm conclusion, through all our research and lab work, that the COVID-19 was imaginary and fictitious.
The flu was called COVID, and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through comorbidities such as heart disease, cancer, etc.
Then they got the flu, which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.
I have yet to find a single viable sample of COVID-19 to work with.
We at the seven universities that did the lab tests on these 1,500 samples are now suing the CDC for COVID-19 fraud.
The CDC has yet to send us a single viable, isolated, purified sample of COVID-19.
If they can't or won't send us a viable sample, I say there is no COVID-19.
It is fictitious.
The four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the COVID-19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples.
All the four papers written on COVID-19 only describe small bits of RNA, which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long, which is...
Not a virus.
A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.
With as bad as COVID is supposed to be all over the place, how come no one in any lab worldwide has ever isolated and purified this virus in its entirety?
That's because they never really was, they never really found the virus.
All they've ever found was small pieces of RNA which were never identified as the virus anyway.
So what we're dealing with is just another flu strain.
Every year, COVID-19 does not exist and is fictitious.
All right, David Icke, in 60 seconds, strap yourselves in.
And we are now into the second hour of this Thursday, April 15th, 2021 transmission.
Normally, April 15th was the big dreaded day, the day we paid our
Taxes to the private Federal Reserve, but now that's long, long, long gone on the threat chart.
Now we face forced inoculation, contact tracers, world government, vaccine passports.
If they tell us, oh, sorry, the vaccine doesn't work, you've got to wear a mask forever, and then you just joined us last hour, I showed you a prestigious scientist.
The head EU Commission advisor Wolfgang Wudarg, the former head scientist at Pfizer and others, saying this is dangerous, it's deadly, it doesn't protect you.
And other professors and scientists at major universities saying we've studied tens of thousands of samples.
We have never seen COVID.
It doesn't exist.
All it is is RNA fragments.
So why would Bill Gates and the globalists launch such a fraud?
Well, because if it's a total fraud, it can't be proven by science or disproven because the media will never be conclusive about it.
So I wanted to get David Icahn, who's always great at drilling into things, to give us a big picture because clearly they're planning on launching something bigger to cover up this last crisis.
If he can give us a synopsis of where he thinks the world is right now, and how dangerous this is, and I know he's talked about the fact that I watch his show almost every day, and so does my wife.
When I say watch his show, I go to Band Up Video and the David Icke section, because we post, and his folks post, all the interviews he does, and special shows he does, and his son's new show that launches tomorrow that I'm going to be on with David.
Very honored to do that.
People say, wow, you go on their show?
Yeah, we're not in competition, folks.
This is life and death.
We're being censored.
We're being attacked.
We're together.
This is amazing.
And so I could ask a million questions, David, but cutting right to the chase, I could play the clips, but I'm not going to play them.
Everybody heard it.
You got attacked.
You got deplatformed last year because you came out in February and March and said, it doesn't even exist.
It's a fake virus.
They can't isolate it.
They can't find it.
How did you know that then?
Because now that's all being confirmed.
And the bigger question then is, why would they launch such a giant fraud?
David Icke of DavidIcke.com.
Thank you for joining us.
Hello, mate.
Yeah, well, why would they launch such a gigantic fraud?
Because if you have a real infectious agent, you are limited by what that agent does.
When you have a fictitious infectious agent, you have complete control of it, especially when you have a test that's clearly not testing for it, the PCR test, and the amplification of that test of genetic material, not a virus, means that the more you amplify the test, the more positives you're going to get, not for a virus, but for genetic material that's naturally in the body,
And so the amplification gives you control over how... And that's all borne out.
How did you know it 14 months ago before I did?
I mean, you get the people keep saying Alex Jones was right, David Icke was right.
I'm going to give you credit.
How do you continue to know stuff before anybody else?
Well, my life, Alex, in the last 30, 31 years, since my mind blew open in 1990,
has been an extraordinary synchronistic journey with information coming to me in the most synchronistic way.
People call it coincidence, but the coincidences ended a long time ago.
There's something more than that.
And so in the spring of last year, I started asking the question, what is this virus?
Number one,
I knew it wasn't natural because, as you will know, and I've certainly seen over 30 years, yes, there are naturally occurring events which what I call the global cult exploits or will exploit this to push the agenda on.
But when you come across massive events with this enormous, almost limitless potential,
To justify and advance your agenda very fast, Covid, then you know, first of all, that they're not natural.
So, number two, they have to have been made to happen.
Okay, now circulating around at that time was the, and still is in some areas, is that it came out of a biolab in Wuhan.
And I looked at that and I was, you know, okay, I was kind of open and let's just look at the evidence.
But what I didn't see was dead bodies that in any way reflected a bioweapon.
Because as I said back a year ago, the bioweapon is not the virus, the bioweapon is going to be the vaccine.
And that's exactly what we're now experiencing.
So the body count did not reflect the idea that there was a bioweapon.
And I see the bioweapon Wuhan lab is a diversion.
It's what I call designer manipulation.
You know that some people are not going to buy your it's all natural, so you have to give them a cul-de-sac to go into.
And so the next question was, so what the heck is it?
And then I started
I was thinking, well, is there a virus?
Or is this a total and utter scam?
What did the Nazis say?
The bigger the lie, the more we'll believe it.
And what tends to happen in my life is I'll come to kind of a conclusion, like almost intuitively, and then information, names, dates, places, solid detail starts coming into my life.
And so I received an email
That was written by a medical scientist in America, this is about March, yeah late March, who was saying that the PCR test, he's not testing for the virus, he can't, of course the creator Kerry Mullis of the PCR test said that, and that this can be pulled off, this hoax, can be pulled off
Through this test.
And then I came across the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman in America, who was questioning where is the evidence that this virus exists?
And all these strands started to come together very early on.
I did an interview in, I think it was April the 6th, in which I talked about all this.
There was no virus.
The PCR test is not testing for the virus and all the rest of it.
And the death certificate.
So if you break it down, there's three things, Alex, that have pulled off this entire scam.
Because while these scams seem complicated in the way they play out, ooh, it's all so complex!
How do they do this?
Actually, you break it down, and every one of these scams is dead simple.
So this is how it works.
Number one, you have a test which does not test for the virus.
And this is why this crook and criminal in Germany, Christian Drosten, came out with this protocol to test for the Covid virus in January and was, through the PCR test, that can't test for infectious disease,
And the World Health Organization, big red flag, immediately recommended it to all the member countries, which is virtually every country.
So number one, you're testing for a virus with a test, not testing for the virus.
What it's testing for, what it's testing, the PCR test, is genetic material.
Sure, you said that 14 months ago.
It's all been proven right now.
So again, I ask the question, we'll come back from break.
They launched this giant fiasco.
All the wheels are coming off.
Senator Paul sounds like David Icke now.
What are they going to do now?
Because now Biden says, oh, a new one's coming.
And so does Bill Gates.
Before we expose the old fraud, they're going to hit us again.
Yeah, but this is the point, and this is why what I'm saying here is so important.
Because if there is no original virus, there are no variants.
So they're lying about all of that, but they're going to use them for reasons we'll come to.
So number one, you have a test not testing for the virus.
That gives you fake cases.
Number two, you redesignate things like flu and almost any other disease as a COVID death on a death certificate if people have tested positive with a test not testing for the virus.
And the number three point in this scam is a symptomatic transmission.
The idea of lockdown is to destroy the independent livelihoods of the world population so they become dependent on the state, thus under the control of the state.
But you know because there's no virus and the test is not testing for the virus that you're going to get a hell of a lot of people testing positive that have no symptoms.
And normally of course
Nothing would happen to them.
But you want total lockdown to destroy all livelihoods.
So you've got to lock down.
All right, stay there.
I'll come right back with this.
This is so important.
David Icke joins us.
He was just talking about when his mind blew 31 years ago on that trip to Peru when I was a child.
And I think he was the same.
A lot of us are the same.
Most of us are.
I mean, all of us have had our minds blown, but his really blew wide open.
Mine's been more like a steady cascade of smaller explosions.
But lately, it's been so many other people are really getting it, really coming together.
I want to talk about that some with him.
I hate having to go to break, but we would be the platform now that wasn't for hundreds of radio stations and TV stations.
So, you know, we have the classic format of 14 minutes of ads, U.S.
media standard here.
But I hate interrupting.
David Icke, David, you were getting into how you were able to predict it was a fraud, where it was going, but really the big question after you finish up, as you cut off by the break, is then what's coming next, David Icke, and how do we stop this takeover plan where they admit it's now never going to end, David Icke?
Yeah, well, just finishing off that point, so the lockdowns are about destroying independent livelihoods, so people become dependent on the state.
Guaranteed income, pittance, and you'll only get it if you do as you're told.
This is the whole foundation of it.
And to do that, they had to lock down people who had no symptoms of anything, and so they came out with the lie, the unbelievable lie, of a symptomatic transmission.
And the other point, Alex, about why you have such a benefit of not having a real infectious agent is that if you did release a bioweapon,
Well, you've lost control of who it affects.
It can take out people that you don't want to take out, because although you have the inner core of this cult driving this thing, you have lots of people within the system who doesn't even know there's a cult or there's an agenda, who are essential to you playing that out and making it happen.
You don't want to take them out.
So what you've got with the fake virus, which is not a bioweapon,
I think.
And notice Big Tech is censoring thousands of prominent scientists, top people.
What do you make of the former chief scientist at Pfizer coming out saying, the vaccine will kill you, it's a fraud, it's a takeover, it'll sterilize you, it'll kill your liver.
I mean, like, it's like a, I'm actually proud of the real scientists are all speaking out, but they all get censored.
Yeah, well, Dr. Michael Yeadon has crossed the line.
He's crossed the line because he's used the dreaded word conspiracy.
And you know, I keep hearing, you know, journalists who even those journalists that are questioning, you know, why we have incredibly long and continuous lockdown.
And yet they say, oh, I don't believe in conspiracies.
Well, mate, if you don't believe in conspiracies, you might as well go bloody home because it's a conspiracy.
And if you don't understand that, you're never going to grasp what's going on.
And Michael Yeaton clearly has.
He's crossed that line.
And what's great, Alex, you will see this as well, is we've reached a stage now of extremes in terms of the impact and the length of all this nonsense, where even people within the system
Who was serving the system without realizing it.
Oh, he even says, I totally believe in everything.
But he goes, all the science is wrong.
I've talked to hundreds of other scientists.
They agree with me privately.
It's all a lie.
And the vaccine's killing people.
He goes, this is depopulation.
Because it's not just people making money.
It's a huge organized rape.
Yeah, that's the big diversion, you know.
I've heard this over the years, that it's all about oil or it's all about money.
No, it's not.
No, it's about total control.
And in the world that we live in, where money is the basic foundation of the structure that this culture has created, money and the accumulation of money and stopping other people having access to it,
Is a massive means to control the population.
So yeah, they're full of greed and they're, you know, full of everything evil.
But the real reason for control of money is control of people.
And so we are looking now at a situation actually, Alex, has happened this week, which is telling you where this is going.
Because I've noticed, what I'm always looking for are patterns and connections.
Sure, when they start putting out, they start pre-programming, you know what's coming.
Yeah, so we had Boris Johnson, when he's not got his face in a beer bottle, he came out and said that, oh, it's not the vaccine that's made the cases fall, it's lockdown.
And then this Rochelle Walensky at the CDC came out and basically said the same.
Fauci's saying the same.
Then Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, came out and said the same.
Always, no, it's not the vaccine, it's the lockdown.
Sure, it's like build back better.
It's the new slogan.
Oh, it wasn't the vaccine.
Get the vaccine, it saves you.
Oh no, now it's that we locked you down.
Now you're locked in your house, that's why you're safe.
Literally teaching us to be prisoners.
Yeah, so we've had the Health Minister in Australia saying the same.
So because this whole thing is a globally, centrally controlled operation, you see the same script all over the place.
So what's going on?
Well, I have this phrase, know the outcome and you'll see the journey.
Know where they want to take us and then you'll see the stepping stones towards it every day.
Once you know the outcome, you see the stepping stones.
So what they want is lockdowns to continue.
But they also want mass vaccination of this bioweapon.
So what they did, and I said they would do this months before, when they started rolling out this vaccine in its various forms, they had been using high amplifications of the PCR test all the way through 2020 into 2021.
And if you remember, it was Inauguration Day for Biden.
That the World Health Organization came out and said, actually, maybe the amplifications are a bit high on the PCR test, right?
So they dropped them.
And as they dropped them, for reasons I talked about earlier, they lowered the amplification, they reduced the number of positives.
Exactly, it's a technocracy and they even admit that they're doing it.
So, through that early period,
Although they couldn't genuinely connect the vaccine to the lowering of the cases, it was kind of in the narrative.
All the vaccines working, oh yeah, get the vaccine, you know, it's not working.
And it was lowering cases and transmission, we were told, when not even the bloody makers of it claim it will stop you getting it and stop transmission.
But if you
If you allow then, this is why what's happening now, if you allow that, oh yeah, take the vaccine and the cases drop, if you allow that to continue, then you're basically out the game in terms of future lockdowns.
Because, well, okay, the vaccine sorted it.
So once you've started to get millions and millions and millions vaccinating with this stuff, you can't
Allow the vaccine to be seen as the end of it, because you don't want that to be the end of it.
So suddenly you change the script and you say... Exactly, they keep flipping it.
David Icke will tell us what's coming in the future like a crystal ball.
Stay right there.
The Oracle of the Isle of Man straight ahead.
So I'm a big fan of David Icke.
I listen to him almost every day and a lot of great insights.
A good person, but just look at a picture of him.
If you have any discernment, he's a good guy, a father, a human patriot.
He supports freedom, empowerment.
He looks like a good, decent person.
You look at Stelter, or you look at Joe Biden, or you look at any of Pelosi or Boris Johnson,
We're good to go.
In service of the spider, because obviously they're slaves, obviously they're not happy people, obviously it's not going well for them, and you can see their systems falling apart, and everything they claim their system was, is a lie.
So I also want to talk about the spider at the center of this web, David.
Thanks for joining us.
Okay, Matt, yeah, great to be with you.
And I'll just project it forward a little bit from what I was saying up to this point.
What they're doing at the moment is setting up lockdown as the response because they still have independent livelihoods and independent businesses to destroy yet.
So they can't stop lockdown in their agenda.
And this is why they're saying and doing what they're doing now.
To say that when the cases go up again and the variants start happening, a variance of a virus that doesn't exist, that lockdown will be the response.
And there's another area related to this, which is the vaccine passport, or the alleged vaccine passport.
It's not really a vaccine at all.
And this is the
The trap that people are being led into.
First of all, you can't have a normal life, in any, all the basic things of life, unless you've been vaccinated, in quotes.
Okay, well I want to go on the beach, I want to go down the pub, I want to go, you know, I want to go to work, so I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna have the vaccine.
I don't want it, I don't think I need it, but I'm gonna have it because I need this passport to, to, to
To just go about my life.
And then right as billions take it, they go, sorry, you don't get to go out anyways.
So it's clearly a lie, clearly a trap from the beginning, they admit.
But this is the trap.
You will qualify for a vaccine passport if you have the vaccinations that they say you must have.
Up to the point where the vaccine passport is introduced.
Alright, that's it.
Got me passport.
Oh, hold on a second.
I'm alright now.
We got some variants.
And you need boosters.
In Britain, the British government's announced that old people in Britain who've had the two MRRA and all the others... Well, they're announcing you'll need... Bill Gates has come up with a plan where every day at school you get PCR tested to go to school.
So it's robots, computers, PCR frauds that are the Theranos scam on steroids running every facet of our lives.
You're right, it's a total trap.
Once you accept it, it's all over.
Yeah, so in September they say they're going to offer boosters to old people.
So there's a third one.
And you don't have the booster.
You don't have that.
I mean, Michael Yeadon, the former Pfizer scientific advisor and executive, was saying in an interview recently, these big pharma companies are already developing
Um, new vaccines for the variants!
And they admit it's going to be a big mess, and so finally we need the UN and Xi Jinping to have a global standardized.
That's going to be the answer.
So, what they'll say to you is, yeah, oh yeah, you qualified for your little vaccine passport, yeah.
With the first two, yeah.
But you've got to have these variants to keep it.
And you've got to have this one to keep it.
And you've got to have a COVID vaccine every year to keep it.
And so they're pulling people in with this, you can only function if you have it.
And then they gotcha.
They gotcha because then if you want to keep it and continue to function, then you've got to keep having all the ones that they are going to say you must have to keep the passport.
This is this is the scam.
So, you know, I've said many times, Alex, you know, and I know it's difficult for people.
I know it is.
But you cannot compromise with fascism.
Well, that's right.
If you give in to scanning a menu, you're getting ready to scan a QR code for your vaccine passport, all of it's dog training.
They admit it's a plan for total AI control.
If humanity submits, David, I spend four minutes, we're going to break.
Where are we going?
If we submit, if they keep the dominoes going, if we don't stand up and say no, where does it go?
Well, it's the end of the human race because, you know,
We're seeing fantastic, and they are fantastic, I mean forget the bloody official figures and reports, there are fantastic numbers of people who are having serious adverse effects for these vaccines alleged and dying.
And so there's an immediate effect on the body for so many people.
But that's just the start.
This is a self-replicating synthetic potion that is designed to go on changing the body the longer it goes on.
Of course, the more of these things you have, the more that is compounded.
But there's another side of it.
And, you know, I've been saying this over the last few weeks.
You know, this is messenger RNA.
And the body functions
And the brain functions through messaging passing around the body.
When that messaging, when that communication system, the brain communicating with the genetic structure and vice versa, then we call that health.
When that messaging breaks down, just like the breaking down of the messaging on a computer when you have a virus, a computer virus, then things start to go wrong.
They start to go wrong physically, okay?
And we call that ill health.
But the brain is a processor of information.
And if you change the messaging and you affect the brain, you are going to affect the way the brain processes information.
You're going to change the personality and perception.
This is behavioral management.
This is mind control.
Everything's connected to it.
And they're now admitting that people that have had the vaccine are suddenly having all sorts of neurological problems.
Yeah, well that's part of it, but I don't know if you've come across this, I certainly have, but the number of people who are saying, you know, maybe it's a partner, maybe it's someone they know, maybe it's a friend, but it's coming in more and more.
They're saying, since my mate or my partner had that bloody vaccine, they're not the same person.
They've just changed.
That's what I was going to say, because they came out 20 years ago with behavioral vaccines that are really basically nanotech that re-engineers the brain, viruses attack certain areas.
Can we come back then, David?
Let's talk about, because they admit these are experimental, they didn't get approved, and the scientists that look at it say it does all sorts of horrible things.
They won't tell us why there's the full genome of a dead boy.
They won't tell us why there's jellyfish genes in the Pfizer.
So let's talk, and I totally agree, I'm the guy that talked to you 20 years ago about
Human-altering, mind-altering vaccines because they said that was the plan.
David Icke, davidicke.com.
He does a lot of shows, a lot of, he's a very hard-working person.
His son's doing a great job as a filmmaker.
What's the name of the show that's launching tomorrow that I'm gonna be on, David, do you know?
It's called Right Now.
And it goes out every Friday.
And you're on the first one.
Where do people find that, at davidicke.com?
They find it at iconic.com.
Iconic.com, all right.
I-C, let's put it back on screen right there.
You can see it right behind David Icke.
You can see the Iconic.com website for everybody.
Be sure and visit that.
We're with InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
Yep, I-C-K-O-N-I-C, Iconic.com.
We'll be right back.
I'll be on their show tomorrow.
Back in a few minutes.
Stay with us.
Waging war on corruption.
All these anti-human projects.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
15 minutes to the next hour.
David Nye is our guest.
Very honored to have him.
Launching a new show with his son, who's a very smart guy.
Tomorrow morning, I'll be on it.
But I remember 20 years ago, seeing mainstream news articles going, oh, soon there'll be a vaccine for cigarettes, or alcohol, or cocaine, or heroin.
Now to read it and say, oh,
They've cured lab rats of being addicted to cocaine.
They give them a virus that goes in and destroys synapses in the brain that cocaine could hook into.
Well, you have those synapses because other things your body produces go there.
You know, when you win the football game or help the old lady across the street or, you know, see your first child born.
I mean, that's what endorphins are for.
So it's eating parts of your brain.
But your body's using the interface with the infinite.
And so now they're like, oh, we got vaccines to cure PTSD.
That's mainline headlines from years ago.
And so the behavioral modification, they admit, top scientists have said, hey, these Pfizer vaccines and others are going to create plaques in the brain.
They're going to cause neurological disorders.
So I asked David Icke what was coming next, and he said that that's what people are noticing.
That's what I'm hearing as well.
Hell, a lot of folks I know have family that take it and they die or get sicker.
Basically, I'm convulsions, so that's where they're all going with this.
David Icke, lay it out for us.
Well, there's a big picture here in which this is all going on.
They're manipulating the genetics of the body.
They're manipulating DNA.
And if you, I mean, I was writing about this decades ago, but if you go to the cutting edge of science, people have really looked into this with an open mind.
DNA is actually a receiver transmitter of information, and it's interacting with levels of reality that we can't see, because what we can see is ridiculously short and narrow, what we call visible light.
Compared with what exists even in this so-called universe, what we can see is just pathetically tiny.
Most of the universe we can't see because it's outside of our visual range.
But we are interacting with other levels of reality and that's how we're supposed to be.
You know, you've got your five sense level which is directly interacting with this world and then you've got your greater consciousness that's not directly operating within the reality we call human.
But it is connected and observing and experiencing it.
And the idea all along, and this is so important when we're looking at these so-called vaccines, all along I've been saying over the decades that the foundation of control is to disconnect the five sense mind that's interacting with this reality from the greater self
And once you've isolated that from its radar, its mission control, you can then program by control of information.
That isolated five sense mind with the perceptions that you want.
And that was my next question.
We see what we call the left, loving torture, loving war, loving death, acting like demons.
As best you can tell, what is this intelligence?
What does it want?
And you see the left, they've already, they're like cursed demons.
What is it doing?
I mean, what's happened?
Well, I mean, it's not a coincidence that the woke mentality is everything that is this consciousness that I'm talking about.
Over the years I've looked at cultures and religions all over the world and there's just some amazing common themes.
And one of them is that there is a force that is about love, it's about peace, it's about joy, and there's another force that is the opposite of that, the inversion of that.
And this inversion consciousness, we'll call it,
Uh, is given different names all around the world in the different cultures, but it is described in exactly the same, um, terms.
For instance, the, um, in the Native American culture,
Um, they have a concept of this consciousness.
They call it Wetiko.
Well, one Native American tribal group does the three, but the others have the same, uh, basic, um, theme.
And Wetiko is a very inverted, distorted state of consciousness.
It's a flesh-eating devil.
It's a psychotic, murdering creature.
That wants control over.
And what it wants... Right, it possesses people.
It takes them over.
Yeah, well, this is the point.
If you look at the Christian version of Satan, the devil and demons, you're only looking at the Islamic kind of version of this, which they call the jinn.
I totally agree.
So why are they suddenly throwing it in our face everywhere?
Satanic death cults, pedophilia being promoted.
What's going on?
Because what's happening is this consciousness, this inversion,
Which manifests itself as inversion.
So, the Satanists don't worship life, they invert that, and they worship death.
It's all about death, death.
You don't love children, you abuse them.
It's an inversion.
Everything's an inversion.
You look at the woke mentality, Alex, which is a manifestation of this inverted consciousness, and we'll come to how that happened,
It's a complete inversion.
So your anti-fascists act like fascists.
Your anti-racists are unbelievably racist.
People who want inclusion want to exclude everybody they don't agree with.
This is classic Wetiko or Archons or whatever name you pick up for this consciousness around the world.
And what this consciousness wants to do is to absorb
Humanity into itself.
So because of its state of being,
It operates on a very low frequency.
Joy, love, is all high frequency.
That's why this consciousness manifesting through... Well, that's what the vaccine studies.
Viruses that eat the brain, so you quote, don't like drugs, that kills receptors that are associated with high consciousness and joy.
Well, yeah, the drug artificially does that, but we already naturally have it.
They're admittedly going to take joy from us.
And that's what people that take the vaccine are becoming like robots, people are saying.
How much joy have they taken from the human race since the Covid hoax was sprayed?
I mean, look, I mean, it's... The depression, the death, the suicide.
That's what's equal.
So they're trying to... So at the end of the day, we overcalculate.
They just want us depressed and killing ourselves because they get off on it.
That's their energy source.
It's simple.
Yeah, but they want us in a low vibrational state.
Because then we enter their vibrational state, and this attachment can happen, and then Watiko becomes you, and dictates your entire perception.
It's like you said, it's like you said, Avatar.
Yeah, so you look at Bill Gates, you look at Anthony Fauci, you look at the similar characters in Britain.
You look at your clown swabs, I tell you... You can see how evil and alien they look.
They look so evil.
Yeah, but they are Wateko incarnate.
All their traits are Wateko or Archontic, whatever name you want to use.
So you look at one of the great manifestations of the Wateko consciousness, what Christians call the devil, demons, etc.
And you're looking at no empathy and no compassion.
This Wateco state of inversion and chaos does not have the capacity to express that.
So then you look at your Klaus Schwab's and you look at your Bill Gates's and you see what they have done to the human race in their billions since the start of this at the start of 2020.
Now consciousness that is not Wateco could not
Could not do that because we have the fail-safe mechanism of human behavior which is empathy, compassion, being able to put yourself in the feelings of people that you're affecting.
They do not have that.
So Bill Gates will have created this catastrophe for the human race on every bloody level with so much more planned.
And he will have had no emotional consequence for that whatsoever.
Well, I don't want to disagree with you, but he gets lethal talking about death and shutdowns.
You say no emotion, that they actually like the evil, it seems.
Well, they get off on it, but I mean, they don't have an empathetic consequence for it, because they have no empathy.
If you can abuse a child, if you can sacrifice a child, then
You don't have the capacity for empathy, or you couldn't even begin to do it.
Think about it.
Let's talk about how to fight back in two more short segments with David Icke.
I'm gonna have him on for 10 hours.
David Icke, Iconic.com.
He's launching a new show, The Sun, Friday mornings.
I'll be on there with him tomorrow.
We'll be right back.
Well, I gotta tell you, it's the best of times, worst of times, as they say in a tale of two cities.
I'm really upset about what's happening, but I'm also so empowered, and I'm so close to all the great people out there that are awake together.
This is amazing, and I can see the enemy's operations clearer than ever.
This is a short segment, one long segment after that.
David Ike joins us.
David, let's do 35,000 foot view here, or a million mile view.
How do you, because you've been very accurate for 30 years predicting what happens since the top of your head blew off, and you've been proven absolutely on target more than anybody else out there, even me.
I mean obviously we've got to wake up, we've got to say no, that's the answer but...
I know we're going to win in the end.
The question is, how horrible is this going to be going through this process?
What do you see happening?
Is there some way to shortcut this and short-circuit these demons?
Or is this going to have to play out?
I mean, gut level, you've got children, you've got a family, I know you love them.
I know you know the body transcends, so you have peace at the end of the day.
But, I mean, it just seems so ridiculous for those of us that are awake.
It should be so easy to beat this.
But those that aren't awake are sleeping.
So how do you get them out of that sleep?
Well, a lot of them you won't.
But if you look at, because they're just too, you know, in a concrete state of perception, and there's these vaccines, as they're called, will be massively increasing that.
But if you look at any tyranny in history, it's never been overthrown by the majority.
It's the minority that will not bow to it, that bring it to an end, to a finish.
And it's going to be the same now, because most of humanity will just go wherever society goes.
But at what level you know humanity will transcend the New World Order?
The answer is staring us in the face.
The question is, how long is it going to take for enough people, and it won't be anything like half the population, nothing like.
To bring this to an end, you know, if you just look at the 74 million who were said to have voted for Trump at the last election.
Now I have my issues with Trump, yeah, but most of those, the overwhelming, if not all of those 74 million, will be what I call pushbackers.
They won't want this woke crap.
They won't want this imposition.
They won't want this censorship.
They don't want this control.
And what people can do is organise protests.
OK, that's all right, because, you know, I've been to a lot myself, because it's a visual representation of public feeling, OK?
And it shows other people, hey, you've sussed it, but your family haven't.
You're not alone here.
Look at these people.
So that's good.
But protesting alone is irrelevant if it's not supported by non-cooperation.
Imagine if those 74 million people refused to wear masks, refused to follow all these COVID rules, refused to close their businesses.
Our problems would be over right there, so we have to put it into action.
And so the answer is there, it's staring us in the face.
You cannot not see the answer when you've got closing in now on 8 billion people.
Being controlled by a freaking handful.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
You put all the law enforcement together who are just doing what they're told.
You know, the inner core of the cult says we want them all wearing face nappies or face diapers.
And then the World Health Organization says, oh, we face diapers, and the individual countries and their medical systems and then their politicians, we're just following the science, we've got to all wear face diapers.
Oh, you, the police, you've got to wear a face diaper, and then you've got to go and tell the public to wear a face diaper.
Exactly, and you're participating in your own enslavement destruction.
Back in 60 seconds with the icon, David Icke.
Stay with us.
All right, David Icke's been with us for the last hour.
We've got one more segment with him.
I'll be on his new show.
He's doing it with his son.
He's a really smart guy, a filmmaker.
8 a.m.
David, we only got 10 minutes left here, and it's been amazing, but I want to ask you this.
Since the top of your head blew off 31 years ago, when you really figured all this out and really had a vision, a revelation, as I've gotten older, I've had some of those big epiphanies.
Not the big giant download at once, but massive ones.
And I've learned as you go with that information, it turns out to be very accurate.
I just feel sorry for those under...
This evil transmission, this interdimensional takeover, should we worry about trying to wake up people already infected or just worry about those that we can probably get fully activated?
Because I really feel sorry, actually, for the Brian Stelters and the Bill Gateses.
But then I look at them, there's clearly no one there.
I mean, they look like some demon that's jumped into a human suit.
As I get more awake, I can't even look at them.
They are so evil.
Look, I've said this so many times in the last year, mate.
Look at Bill Gates.
Look at his eyes.
I call him, you know, the vacant one.
You look at his eyes.
There's no life.
There's no vibrance.
Mr. Dead Eyes, I call him as well.
There's no one home.
Thank you.
Where his eyes turned absolutely black, and I'm talking the whites as well.
By the way, I confronted Janet Reno at a speech at UT, it's on video, but her eyes went from light brown to black, and she started sticking her tongue out like a snake.
She went, actually, I felt a chill go over me, she went like, and the eyes went black.
In front of people!
Yeah, and as Heath's eyes went black, and like I say, the whites, everything, it was just black holes.
That's what it looked like.
I was looking through his eyes.
So what is that?
Like, whatever's behind it fully takes over?
See, what happens is, you know, you can meet these people in everyday situations.
I've actually met people, I mean, staggeringly, you won't believe this, but I have, who actually said, I met Tony Blair and he was very nice.
But the thing is that this possessing consciousness, this Watiko that controls these people,
It can withdraw, and people have a certain kind of personality as they interact with the world.
And then when it wants something to happen, it imposes itself.
And that's why, you know, when I talk to people who've taken part in satanic rituals with some of the most famous people in the world, they talk about the fact that once you see these people in the ritual, they are absolutely nothing like the person you see on the television.
Because this Wetiko in the ritual completely takes them over.
And what they want to do...
Like I said, is to bring humanity into a low state of consciousness via low vibrational emotion, fear, anxiety, depression, so that this attachment can take place.
And this vaccine is part of that, because if we are interacting with our DNA, receiving and transmitting information,
You change that through these synthetic potions, and you change what it's receiving and transmitting.
And you've been driving that Prime Minister at the BBC Green Room, and I've been in some of the same Green Rooms, looked at you, it was like he was scanning you, all of a sudden the eyes go pure black, he looks you up and down like a machine, like zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
What happened, this guy Ted Heath, he was the guy that took Britain to the European Union, by the way.
Absolute paedophile.
Evil man.
I exposed him in a book called The Biggest Secret as a paedophile.
And it came out 20 years later he was a paedophile with Savelle.
Yeah, yeah, he's a big friend of Jimmy.
So, I mean, it's just, I mean, you look at some of the things that you know to be true and how long they take to come out in the public arena, it's really pathetic.
But what happened was that I was brought into a makeup room on Sky Television, actually, when I was talking for the Green Party in the 1980s.
And the lady brought me in and she said, oh, just just sit here and there'll be someone in a minute.
She walks out.
Now, the door was open, obviously, when I walked in and I didn't know there was someone behind the door sitting in one of the other seats in this makeup room.
So I'm looking across and it's Ted Heath, Prime Minister of Britain, former Prime Minister of Britain, who was sitting there to have his makeup taken off because he'd just been on the programme I'm about to go on.
And he never said a word to me, not a bloody word.
He just turned and looked at me.
And his eyes started at the top of my head, and literally, I described it, he scanned me to the bottom of my feet, and then his eyes went back to the top.
And he had this curious look on his face, like, ooh, what's this?
And then he turned and looked back at the mirror of the makeup room.
That's what I was going to tell you.
I've talked to two national talk show hosts who separately heard you.
They both brought you up years ago.
I mean, one like 10 years ago, one about five years ago.
These are big names.
They said, listen, David Icke told that story.
I was in a room with this, that person.
And one was a big executive.
Another was a religious leader, a major pastor.
And they called him in rooms both times.
And literally their eyes went black.
And they tried to scare the hell out of them, and in one case, they literally turned into a big lizard.
And I mean, these are national figures telling me this, David.
Yeah, see, when you think that the body is a hologram,
And the hologram is an expression of an information field.
And what these people have is a dual information field.
Part of it is the human field, which is what we see.
So they just turn that on to scare you?
I mean, what is it?
Because all the ancients said that would happen too.
Like, you see that over and over again.
Again, when you look at ancient accounts in all the different cultures, they're describing modern phenomena.
They knew about this all those centuries and even more thousands of years ago.
But the point was that when Heath was scanning me, his eyes, that's when his eyes turned black, the whole of his eyes turned black.
And so what you're looking at in those circumstances, the examples you've just given,
That's when this Wateco consciousness, this pure evil, what is evil?
In my definition of evil, it's the absence of love.
So you look at evil people like Bill Gates, they've got the... So it's another dimension opening up?
The absence of love.
Yeah, well basically this Wateco then imposes itself and starts to manifest.
You see,
You've got the hologram, and they've got a dual information field.
One's human.
So the human field is what's presenting it to the world as a matter of course.
But when that other field becomes the dominant one, it starts to impact on the hologram to the point where, because it's a completely different... Oh, I get it.
They totally step in, then you see their real form.
Well, yeah, as the information field becomes the dominant one, the non-human one, its information starts to impose itself upon the hologram.
So the hologram, which is simply an expression of the information field, the hologram changes when the information field changes, and that's what we call shape-shifting.
People say to me, oh, people can't go from a solid form to a solid form, that's mad.
No, no, they can't!
But that's not what's happening because there is no solidity to this world.
It's holographic as more and more mainstream.
You got to go but I'm going to twist your arm and do one more segment.
I want to talk about Prince Philip.
I want to talk about that because I've also interviewed a couple of national talk show hosts who don't want to be said on air.
Well one of them is Man Cow.
He's actually told the story.
The other national host doesn't want to know.
He went to a
He went to Costa Rica.
Medical doctors ran it.
Over 50 people were involved.
40 plus saw the same hallucination of devil demons come out of the woods.
They did it at a ceremonial center, which we know those things are attracted to.
But they all had the same hallucination.
Well, that's impossible.
It was opening a veil.
They were seeing this real thing.
So let's talk about it with David Icke on the other side.
The other national talk show saw something even crazier.
I'm not going to say the names, folks, but I mean, I'm not going to take DMT.
I'm not opening myself up to this or ayahuasca.
But we'll ask David about that, what he thinks of ayahuasca.
When we come back, one more segment with the iconic David Ike.
Iconic.com and DavidIke.com.
And he is hosting a new show with his son, which starts on Fridays tomorrow.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Infowars.com and Newswars.com.
Alright, final segment with David Icke, and I had some personal things happen when I was a teenager.
I've never told anybody on air, never told even family or anybody else, but one time I was on drugs, I was totally healthy, totally sober, and I'd gotten in some trouble and these cops took me into a room and they said, you think you're tough, you think you're badass, and I saw a little bit of what David Icke was talking about.
It wasn't like
Full on dude like a lizard or anything like that.
But it was like this freaking cop's eyes went like green.
I was like, yeah, punk, you better watch your ass.
So let me tell you, man, this planet is overrun with entities.
I don't know what it is.
I don't know what's going on.
But everybody knows it deep down.
I'll just put it out there.
And Bill Gates and all of them are possessed by it.
They're coming after us.
Prince Philip.
All the dead bodies they dig up on the property, taking the blood of the children.
All of it is just par for the course.
And David Icke was really, 30 years ago, the first to say the BBC's run by pedophiles.
They're killing kids in dungeons.
It all came out.
He named the names of them, taking like little girls that slit their throats in the Prime Minister's office.
And like, it all sounds insane, but it's what the Bible tells us is going on.
You know, take Prince Philip.
Pull up those last photos of him in February.
Headline, Prince Philip photo shock world after his release from hospital.
I guess, you know, as he prepared to leave this realm, it was really obvious.
But, I mean, this is something all the ancients saw.
The Bible talks about it.
It's real.
David, closing eight minutes on all of this, and Ayahuasca, and Prince Philip, and the veil, and how people are going and taking Ayahuasca together and seeing the same group hallucination.
I mean, that proves this is going on, because if you're all having different hallucinations, that's the brain, but if they're all seeing the veil part and this happening, this is big.
Yeah, and veil is basically what we're talking about.
This force that's behind this global network, this global cult, death cult, wants to put a veil between five sense awareness and the greater self.
That's its whole modus operandi.
And then it can isolate us, like I said earlier, and program the perceptions of people, isolated consciousness.
And they'll get them to do whatever they want.
And their goal is to connect the human brain and genetic receiver transmission structure to AI.
So AI then becomes the human mind and they've then got complete assimilation.
So that's where it's going.
And these people are
Hijacking human society.
They're a non-human force seeking to hijack human society.
Let me ask you this question.
Why do they like to get people in a quasi-dark room?
I've been told this by two national talk show hosts.
It happened to me a little bit, and I thought I was going crazy.
Why do they like to do that?
What is that?
Well, first of all, it's part of a power trip, isn't it?
And also, it's to frighten people.
You know, if you think you're dealing with a non-human force, then it's like, oh my God, what could we do against that?
Well, I'll tell you what we can do against that.
We can bring an end to it.
This force, let me say this, this force is not all-powerful.
This force is a little boy in short trousers.
What it has to do to control us, who are much more powerful than it,
is to create a situation which can be described as, in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
Because of its nature, because of its inversion, its chaos, its state, it is not all-powerful.
So what it has to do is to put humanity into a lower state of awareness than it's in.
That's what they've got to make us falsely nominate.
So closing with Prince Philip, because they trick people and go, oh, the left doesn't like Philip, so he must be good.
I mean, the British royal house, that is a mess, isn't it?
But are they at the top of the pyramid?
Don't start me.
Well, they're kind of, they're kind of up there.
But, you know, just a very quick one on this.
I've said in my last book, The Answer, that I feel that in this great reset, that there's not a place for the royal family.
And if you look at it, he's gone now.
The Queen ain't going to be around forever.
She's 94, coming up 95 this month.
And then what's left?
Prince Charles, very unpopular, total, you know, great reset clone.
And then there's Prince William, had a bit of a personality bypass.
And then there's no one.
So it seems to me that if you are going to transform Western society, which is what this is all about, it's to Chinese in effect, Western society, then you will target the dominant by number racial group in that society.
So this is why you can say anything about white people, doesn't matter, but anything else about anyone else, it's racist.
You will target the Christian religion, and I'm not a Christian, but if you look at the history of the Christian religion, its fabric is weaved into the fabric and the structure of Western society and the way Western society works.
So you want to destroy that,
Because that will start to bring the house down.
And so you can say what you like about Christianity, but any other religion?
Ooh, no, that's not acceptable.
And then you look in British society, in the wider Commonwealth, in Canada and Australia and
New Zealand and stuff, and weaved in the, well in fact in Britain, the whole structure of British society is the royal family.
We don't have a government, we have Her Majesty's government.
We don't have an opposition.
Sure, so it's the newer update of the old New World Order erasing the last update.
Yeah, so the royal family has played its part.
Royal families in general have played their part, but they're entering a new phase.
Well, you said 20 years ago on my show they want to turn us into computers.
Now, all these globalists say, well, we're going to transcend and merge the machines, and now they're going to basically force this.
Now they're talking about microchips in the troops.
I mean, it's just all out there.
You're a famous goalie, you used to do sports for the BBC.
If you had to score this as a football game or a cricket match or a US football match, I mean, where's Team Humanity versus Team Satan?
Well, I think we're a few goals down.
But I played a few games where we were a few goals down and we ended up winning.
And you know, this global cult
I mean, the consciousness that is this global cult is actually terrified.
It really is.
Oh, we're all powerful.
No, no, you're terrified.
You know, the global cult-controlled Silicon Valley does not censor people in their back bedrooms putting on information.
They were so powerful they wouldn't be trying to suppress everything.
They wouldn't even bother.
We're all powerful.
We don't care what they say.
But they do.
They're terrified because they know.
So we have to take our power, stop complying, come together, love each other, have positive energy, love God, and that will lift us above their transmission.
David Icke, incredible interview again.
Tell us about the name of the new show you're launching with your son, who's a great filmmaker, Friday Mornings.
Well, it's my son's show, Gareth.
It's called Right Now.
And it's looking at events, as the name suggests, that are happening right now, keeping up with events.
All right.
You've got an amazing channel also.
Just my little censorship at Bandot Video.
Hope all your fans will go there.
David, amazing interview.
And we really appreciate you.
Look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning.
Bandot Video is fantastic.
The numbers you get on there are amazing.
Well, it's the listener spreading the word.
Bandot Video, the David Icke channel.
All right.
Thank you, David.
What an icon.
We love you.
All right.
We'll be right back on the other side with all the latest breaking news.
And Owen Schroer, please stay with us.
You know, there's a few other stories I've never told listeners because they're so insane and so crazy.
John the Revelator put him in an elevator, sent him up to the higher ground.
This is a song.
They demonize it, but they know it's true.
Listen to this.
Depeche Mode, great band, says John the Revelator stole God from the Muslims?
Islam didn't exist for hundreds and hundreds of years after Christianity.
Anyways, I told that story around a lot of Satanist, a lot of occult stuff, a lot of crazy stuff growing up in the suburbs of Dallas.
But right before I ended up, my dad sold his two dental offices and moved out because my mom already wanted to live in Austin.
I was never messing with the cops.
They were dealing drugs.
A bunch of them got busted.
They would pull me over.
I was 16.
They had a car.
They'd pull my friends over before that.
I'd say, I've seen you deal drugs.
What have you been pulling us over?
Leave us alone.
They would get so mad, take me to jail.
And they'd actually call our family lawyer and said, Alex doesn't end up hung in the jail cell if you don't leave town and stop.
And it took a few months for us to move.
And they even sent an informant to our house, a kid I knew right before he left, going, please buy marijuana for me right now.
And I don't even smoke marijuana very often.
I don't want to buy marijuana from you.
So it was really weird, but it's like interdimensional, the devil, you know, all this weird stuff.
I'm not sure how it worked, but they really wanted to get me.
And so I'm driving over to her girlfriend's house, drop her off one afternoon, and the cops pull me over and they go, Alex, we just want to talk to you.
Come with us, get in the car.
So they take me like some, what they call a substation.
It wasn't a substation, it was probably some crack house they ran, I don't know.
And like I said, they're like, get in this room.
I'm sitting there, I'm like, hey, I'm moving out, I don't want any trouble, blah, blah, blah.
And this is a true story, folks.
I told David Ike's story.
I'll just go ahead and tell the story.
And this corrupt cop that hated me for years, who owned like bars and ran hookers, I later learned, and got busted for it.
He goes, Alex, he's a white guy with a handlebar mustache.
He goes, I forget his name.
He goes, Alex, I think you're really tough.
Like, you're this big devil.
I'm not a devil.
I'm a powerful.
Oh, yeah.
And they're like, they turn the lights down.
There's a big mirror wall in, I guess, some other room.
It was a two-way mirror.
I don't know.
He goes,
You think you're tough?
Go ahead and show me how powerful, what a demon you are.
And I'm like, I'm not a demon, because I guess I get really mad and fight people.
They thought I was a devil worshiper, basically.
And I go, OK, you guys, whatever.
You need to let me go now.
I don't know what your problem is.
I told you.
He goes, no, no, look.
And I remember he twisted his belt.
He wasn't wearing a police uniform.
It was a straight uniform.
It was like a science fiction movie.
He twisted something on his belt, and his eyes went green in the mirror.
And I went, oh, that's fake.
Is that lasers?
And they got really pissed.
They said, get out of here, Jones, blah, blah.
And I don't think he was a demon that had green eyes.
I think, because now we know about technology, they're 30, 40 years ahead.
You see, like, the etched mirrors where they can have, like, spots where things come up.
They project lasers behind those.
Because he, like, I remember how he did it.
He went like this and got right in the spot and then hit a button on his belt and did it.
So what I'm saying is, is David Icke right that it's aliens and all this stuff?
Or is it the CIA Project Blue Beam doing weird stuff?
Because that's all magicians do, is you've got a table with a rabbit under it, and you've got a hat.
You go, oh look, I've got a rabbit in my hat.
But really, you reach through a compartment and pull a rabbit out.
It's not magic, it's trickery.
So, I mean, I didn't tell the full story there, but they got so pissed when I picked it up.
If he'd been out in the field and his eyes turned green, I'd have been like, okay, this is real, but no.
Look, look right there.
Oh, look, show us, show it.
Show us who you are.
I guess Satanists are into looking into mirrors.
They see Soros' house, all these black mirrors in the dark, and it opens up dimensions.
They think, I don't know, I've read about it.
I'm like, okay, I'm standing in front of him, he goes, well, watch this.
Look at my eyes.
And I look, and he went, psst, and the eyes go green.
And I remember that.
And I know that sounds crazy, because these people are crazy!
And they're messing with people, folks.
That was MKUltra.
Before that, MKUltra, MKNaomi, they would drug people up, dress up in devil outfits, use holograms.
Yeah, Seattle, exactly this year, or last year.
That's real video of real
Holograms that were projected over the Space Needle, and a lot of people went crazy.
It looks like aliens have invaded.
So that's what really happened.
So, it doesn't matter.
David Icke's been accurate.
Is his perspective wrong?
I don't know if it's aliens.
I don't know what it is, but the globalists act like aliens.
They're creating all these genetically engineered creatures that never existed before.
Those are aliens on our planet.
Why was the police not already dealing drugs?
Why were they into all that?
I don't know what they were doing.
They were a bunch of crazy people.
But what I saw looked like a laser light.
It wasn't like Darth Vader's eyes, you know, when they turn yellow or whatever in a movie.
It was kind of like this green light.
It's like, oh, that's a laser.
They got so pissed.
I didn't see the laser.
I didn't know.
I just knew it came out of the wall because I turned to the cop and his eyes weren't green and it was gone.
So again,
The globalists are magicians.
They are messing with people.
And I only told that story because I said I'm an alcoholic yesterday.
I'm just gonna say everything on air.
You know, I might go six months not drinking, four months not drinking, I don't drink and drive, I get a driver when I drink.
But I do it so I can forget about how crazy things are.
People are like, why'd you say it on air?
It's the truth.
And I saw a cop's eyes in a substation turn green.
Looked in the mirror.
And I think it was staged.
You know?
Same green as that tally light's got on camera too.
Right now, so.
I think the answer is total truth with all of us.
I just think we need to absolutely be truthful.
Like, I've never been racist.
I've never hated somebody because of their color.
But I've gotten sick of black people telling me I'm bad because I'm a white person all day.
And I'm sick of how ignorant some of them are.
So I'll just say that.
You know what I mean?
I'm tired of lies.
I'm tired of BS.
And I just think the answer is being completely honest about everything we do and everything we're involved in.
And just because that's what counters the liars.
They think they're the center of the universe.
They think they can lie and make reality.
They think they can do all this.
And lying is a disease, ladies and gentlemen.
Because, I mean, I've never been a big liar, but I was a liar when I was a teenager about stealing money out of my mom's purse or stealing liquor out of a liquor cabinet.
Stuff like that.
And then I learned with girlfriends, does this outfit look good?
You better damn well tell them it looks good.
If my wife's outfit doesn't look good, I'd tell her.
And I've just gotten to where I have to tell the truth.
Like when the cops pulled me over a year and a half ago, they said, you been drinking?
I said, yeah, a half bottle of sake.
Boom, you're arrested.
They took my breathalyzer and I was below the limit.
I didn't lie to them.
Turned out they went back to the damn restaurant to actually review the video because I'm a talk show host.
They got pissed when it wasn't at the level that they wanted, but they wanted to see if I lied to them like they were the FBI or something.
So, this is the stuff that's going on and every culture has known this is going on.
Every culture has understood this type of stuff is happening, but they can't put their finger on what it is exactly.
And so there is real occult, there is real paranormal phenomenon, and then there's people faking it.
And that's where you get into problems.
And that's what the Bible says, just don't involve yourself in it.
And I agree with that.
I would not be involved in the occult anyway.
I would not be involved with people that are into the occult, because they will deceive you, and they will hurt you.
There is one way, and that's called Jesus Christ.
And you can see the world hates Jesus Christ.
You can see Satan hates God.
Even David Icke's been...
I don't know.
The Jews were on to the truth and had a relationship with God, but they got, like anybody does with that type of power, oh my God, we're the elite.
Like, you get God's knowledge, you start thinking, I'm God.
Well, no.
And then a lot of rabbis understand that.
They don't follow that, but you get the more modern folks that become devil worshippers out of that.
I mean, like Solomon was incredible, but he wasn't King David, and we're not sure he went to heaven.
We're not sure, you know, because he got so much knowledge and so much power that he went crazy.
Way more powerful than his father, but
Can you handle that power at this level of spiritual existence?
No, the answer is you can't.
Only God can even imagine the universe or understand it.
We cannot.
We can begin to see it, but in staring into the opposite of the abyss,
We fall.
Because Nietzsche said, you stare at the abyss, you become the abyss.
Well, you stare at God, you burn up.
And that's why Moses had to see God from, like, just the angle, looking through a burning bush.
It's like, you know, because you see it.
That doesn't mean, like, it would burn his eyes out.
It means you cannot have all that knowledge.
Even the gleam of it will drive you mad.
Alright, Owen Schroer is about to give us big reports from the big Donna facility.
Straight ahead, InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com, tomorrow's news today.
I've got a few more stories I'm going to tell you about me soon.
Because before I've completed my mission, I've got to come clean.
Not that I'm a bad person, and I'm falling, we all are, but I've got to tell you everything.
And I'm not sure how long we'll be here, you know, I'm not complaining about that, it's all in God's hands, but
I look at this crew, I look at the work we're doing, I see how it's all being proven accurate.
It's just having amazing effects and it's so communal how we're coming together.
It's amazing.
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Got a DVD player?
Here's The Forbidden Truth.
See it.
And the film's more powerful now than it was 14 years ago because most of it has unfolded exactly as I said because I was going off their own plans.
So thank you because I got a big team of 10 people at the border.
I want to keep them down there.
I'm going tomorrow.
I want to hire reporters.
I've got them ready to go.
I've already hired them to go to cover the rioting in Minnesota that you know is coming one way or the other.
It's already happening.
And I'm not bitching.
I'm just saying nobody else is doing this like we are.
We're in the zeitgeist.
It's our job.
So thank you for getting products that make your life better and fun at the same time.
Oh, and you filed a lot of reports to say amazing is an understatement.
30 plus anchor baby moms coming in, little girls being trafficked illegally onto airplanes with no adults.
Stuff we're not ready to break yet because you guys have got an overwhelming amount of footage.
I've said stop filming.
Just get these reports out.
They're coming out.
That's 24 hours at Bandot Video.
But you're there at the Donna facility that is just mushrooming.
We hear about a giant new no-bid contract for 500 plus million dollars to Joe Biden's cronies.
Loewen Schroeder, take it over, my friend.
Yeah, and as we go live here, Alex, there you go.
Another busload leaving the facility.
These things are coming in and out.
All day long, Alex.
Busloads and busloads and busloads and busloads.
And now we know so much of what InfoWars reports ends up being tomorrow's news today, next week's news today.
We've been talking about the group Endeavors since I was down here about two, three weeks ago, Alex.
Now we're actually getting the numbers.
Now we're actually finding out more about Endeavors.
And the latest
Is that Endeavors has been awarded, who's the man facilitating these negotiations, who's now in charge of Endeavors getting these contracts, Andrew Lorenzen Strait, a senior Biden official, formerly on his transition team, now running these contract operations for Endeavors.
Have just received a $530 million contract for this facility right here.
This is on top of the $87 million that they were already awarded to book up all the hotels in McAllen and San Juan and other areas here in South Texas, which we have documented the illegal immigrants coming in and out of, them getting dropped off in the vans, picked up,
We reported how it's people getting tested positive for COVID that end up having to quarantine in these hotels.
And yes, Alex, we do have more news coming on video footage that we have yet to upload to Bandop Video that highlight what we were saying before, too.
And that's what we're doing.
We're just documenting everything we're reporting on here.
And so
Once they get into these hotels, they can go anywhere.
Nobody's stopping them.
Somebody can come pick them up, and they're gone.
They can hop on a bus, and they're gone.
They can do anything once they get into these hotels.
Now, most people need the support.
Most people need the food, they need the water, they need the diapers, they need all these things, so they obviously stay.
But some are going mobile.
We learned that today.
And we also learned today that in these hotels where they're told
The illegal immigrants are told they'll have three meals a day, food and water delivered, diapers, anything they need.
Well, it's not coming.
They're getting maybe one or two meals a day.
They're sitting in their rooms starving.
They have no water.
They're told not to leave by the people that dropped them off.
So they're not even getting what they were promised.
And then they take their cell phones away and they tell the women that you guys interviewed, we're taking to men that want us.
I mean, this is unbelievable.
No, it's honestly shocking.
And we can go to any one of these facilities, any one of these hotels, anywhere in this area, and it's the same thing every time.
I mean, I'll have my kids... Well, yeah, that's another thing I've got here.
It's a $86 million contract for the hotels on the Texas border.
Yeah, so now though, they have at least, this is Endeavor's, they have at least a dozen facilities like this one in Donna or like the one in McAllen.
They have at least a dozen facilities.
And by the way, for TV viewers, show the drone footage.
You're only on the edge of it.
That's one little corner.
That thing is like 10 football fields wide.
It's unbelievable.
No, it's an absolute monster facility here, and it's only growing, Alex.
I mean, the contractors, the work crews, they're in and out all day long expanding this.
I mean, it looks like a Super Bowl game or something.
It's that big.
I mean, it's like a damn sports stadium.
Yeah, and the traffic going in and out is non-stop as well.
Not just the immigrants being brought in and out, the illegal immigrants, excuse me, being brought in and out, but also, again, just the work crews, just the people coming in and out.
But if media wants to get in there, you get stopped.
You're not allowed in there, Alex.
Media's not allowed.
Non-citizens only.
And so, think about this though, Alex.
They say that there's no crisis at the border.
They say it's not an emergency.
In order for a federal agency to give a no-bid contract, that's actually illegal.
You're not allowed to do that.
Once you have a contract that you need to sign, you're supposed to have open negotiations.
They skipped all that.
But there's a caveat.
If you have a declared wartime emergency, you can skip bid contracts.
That's right.
So did they declare an emergency at the southern border, Alex?
Did the Biden administration declare an emergency down here?
I don't remember that.
I don't remember them declaring an emergency.
No, it's all illegal.
No executive order.
People are like, how dare you call people smuggling kids smugglers?
There's no law!
Congress didn't pass a law.
There's not even an executive order.
It's illegal.
In fact, you did a great report the other day where you show the signs saying human smuggling is a federal crime and they're not even checking IDs, just putting them on airplanes.
So yeah, I'm not an enemy of the Border Patrol, but they've been ordered to commit a crime.
The FBI waived the background checks.
Well, how can, can they waive murder one?
Can the FBI waive cocaine laws?
Since when can the FBI waive laws?
I guess they have for Hunter Biden.
And here's the wild thing, too.
With the crew that we've had down there, again, we have crews at different spots right now, just recording, filming, monitoring, proving everything that we're reporting, and what we kind of discuss, you know, at the end of the night at dinner, or when we're rendezvousing in the morning discussing our game plan, when we're witnessing all this, it's kind of the same thing.
It's like, how is this being normalized?
How is this just the new normal?
How do we just accept an invasion?
How do we just accept
Illegal immigrants coming here and us paying for all of it.
How do we just accept human smuggling?
How do we just accept McAllen being overrun by it?
Or San Juan being overrun by it?
And the answer is we don't accept it, but that's what's shameful.
Great, Ted Cruz went down there three weeks ago.
I've been following the news.
No one's going down there.
Where's Trump?
Where's Trump?
He should be there.
Here comes another bus, Alex.
I mean, again, we can sit here all day long, Alex.
Yeah, six minutes ago a bus came out.
Here comes another one.
God, oh my.
And it's not stopping.
Look at that, Alex.
That's a nice bus.
Isn't it, Alex?
Look at that bus.
That's nice.
Alex, that's a nice bus right there.
What do you think about that, huh?
How much do you think it cost to rent that bus, Alex?
That's a million and a half dollar bus.
I had a $150,000 one that was 20 years old, I know.
That's a million, two million dollar bus.
So they're getting treated like rock stars.
Meanwhile, media isn't even allowed in the facility.
And again, you know, here's another crazy thing.
Where is the Biden-Harris administration?
Where is the White House?
They're like a disappearing act.
And that's what's smart about it is they got a zombie and that fake woman in there.
They can do anything they want now.
So, I don't know what it's going to take.
You know, for the first time ever, I'll give credit.
We actually have another news crew out here.
They're actually back in their car now.
They did a three-minute hit on Fox News, Alex, and then they were done.
They're back in their vehicles, sitting in the AC.
Yeah, no, that's it.
There's Fox News and then no one else.
This is Fox News and InfoWars on this insane story.
And it's just wide open here.
It's just... What about the... What about Holy Death?
We seen her out there?
No, we haven't.
The latest that we had on her and we had some reports, I don't know if I've reported this on your show or not, Alex, but the other day I was filing a report on the size and the scale of the McAllen facility and we just happened to be going around to the back alley because we were just showing the whole facility and she was in the back alley getting a carload of kids put in the back, but guess what?
She was now driving a cab!
Stay there, let's come back ahead of... Yeah, yeah, it was a fake cab.
Wait till you... They checked all the names and stuff, it's not even real.
I mean, it's like... Oh my God.
And a woman with Grim Reaper tattoos is running it all.
We'll be right back.
Scanning the scene of the city tonight.
Looking for you, gotta start up a fight.
There's an evil feeling in our brains, but it's nothing new.
You know, it drives us insane!
Let's hear a little bit of this and go back to Owen Schroyer.
Crank it up!
The original, kill them all!
Go to Owen, he's headbanging.
I was 11 years old listening to this.
Scannin' the scene of the city tonight.
Lookin' for you to start up a fight!
There's an evil feelin' in our brains!
But it's nothing new!
You know what drives us insane?
Runnin' on our way out and you will die!
One thousand deaths!
Seek and... Seek and destroy the globalists!
Well, Owen, you're down there starting up a fight politically.
You are exposing a lot of stuff.
In closing, what do you make of all this?
Where do you see all this going?
Why is Trump, we heard, was going to be down there?
We even know the details of when he was coming.
He didn't come.
He cancelled.
Why is Trump not down there?
You know, I'm not really sure what's going on with Trump right now.
And so I'm just going to make it, you know, a point to just say, look, we want Trump on our side.
He's a great patriot, but we have to continue this fight.
We have to have this victory with or without Trump.
But I will tell you this, Alex.
We did just get some new intel, so we've got two or three things that we're kind of sitting on right now that we don't want to report on air yet, so that we can properly document this without them knowing that we're on to them.
But to pick up where we left off, Alex, and this is kind of like where I see this going,
We're not in the Twilight Zone out here, brother.
I mean, when we follow, when I'm doing a report, okay, and I just pull up in the back alley here, and I've got a woman with multiple Santa Muerte tattoos loading children into the back of a cab.
She wasn't a cab driver the day before, now she's got a cab.
And then as soon as she sees the cameras, by the way, this is all on an HD video at InfoWars.com.
In fact, we may have more videos of it, quite frankly.
We're just overwhelmed and inundated.
And Alex, as soon as she sees me, she runs around the vehicle, hops in the driver's seat, and tries to peel out.
Doesn't even close the door!
So it's not just kids are not in car seats.
It's not just kids are not being buckled.
Now they're not even closing the door before they try to run out.
And then we call the number on the cab, and it's not even a cab company.
What in the hell is that?
So it's just like... And I love how you showed the one area with a fence and a wall around it.
They love walls to protect the illegal aliens and the smuggling, but we can't have walls.
I mean, you're right there by a barbed wire wall.
Sure, Alex, look at this one.
Barbed wire, secure at every checkpoint, every choke point.
Vehicles driving around it in circles.
We're not supposed to...
Yeah, nonstop all day long.
But, oh, the media, oh, we'll let the media in, except they never let the media in.
So just more lies from the Biden administration.
Why don't you reenact AOC going and crying at the fence?
Would you like me to do that?
We can do that.
But actually, that's a full, that's a full, that's a full facility.
You got to find an empty parking lot to do it.
Yeah, that's a real deal.
That's the real deal.
If I did it there, it would actually be the real deal.
Not like AOC's taking my job.
Yeah, so you got to go find an empty parking lot.
There's kind of an area over there.
I mean, we can pretend it's an empty parking lot at an actual facility.
What if we just did that?
I would just find a McDonald's or something like a trash can and just like fall down, cry.
AOC, it's all real.
There's a neighborhood here, Alex.
I could wallow around in some dirt over here.
You know, all for the occasion.
Are you going to come back when I'm down there in the next few days?
Are you going to stay there?
I know your tortoise needs to be taken care of.
The tortoise is going to be okay.
We'll be down here when you get here, Alex.
You're going to be shocked.
They're even more afraid of Alex Jones coming back down here than they would like to admit.
Does your tortoise's eyes glow green?
No, actually, my tortoise is weeping right now for the kids in cages, Alex.
Yeah, that's actually a serious point.
Well, do a point about AOC being fake and crying in an empty facility and saying kids are gonna get out of toilets and here's the real deal.
Owen Troyer, great job.
Be safe.
We'll see you tomorrow.
Well, we've got the great Gerald Celente, a good friend of mine, Trends Forecaster, taking over here in just a few minutes.
I promise to get to this in the first hour.
I never did, so I'm going to hit it right now.
There's a bizarre video up on InfoWars.com from RT.
Where we need the vaccines, and where the choice... Hey!
And that was not fake.
I mean, she really passes out, conks that head.
And more and more of this is happening.
We've got all the nurses collapsing, too, after they take the vaccine.
So everything is going fine.
Everything is good.
Everything is wonderful when you're part of a team, as the Lego song.
Everything is awesome.
Everything is wonderful when you're part of a team.
That is not a fake fall down.
Like with the Wuhan, the Chinese would be all fake and like put their hands out the block like, oh, it's so deadly.
Oh, they like fake the fall like, oh, I fell.
I passed.
No, when you really are knocked out, you're like BONG!
The head hits first.
Oh, hope she's okay.
Like this isn't fake here either.
She takes it and like Marvel's Marvin Hagler.
Or like Hank Aaron, or like MDX, or anybody else.
It's bye-bye.
Happy trails to you.
The earth is now Bill Gates.
Let's roll this next bizarre video.
Shows a man swimming underwater.
Because in Spain, they've said when you're in the water, you gotta wear one.
I mean, there's no end to what the cults won't do.
Here you go.
Here you go.
He's in the pool.
There you go.
He's good.
There you go.
Wear that mask underwater.
Good, Joe Biden.
I mean, this is exactly what we've got going on here.
So, we've got Gerald Cilente about to take over.
There's a big article up on InfoWars.com.
It's an article out of NationalFile.com with Patrick Halley.
He's going to be hosting the war room today with Owen Schroeder on the road.
Top lawyer files FOIA requests for information at request to name Babbitt's killer as DOJ hides identity arrested reporter who recorded the shooting.
Who is our reporter.
So there you go, while they let a bunch of people off that burned down police stations in Oregon and Washington.
And even the news was like, how are we going to prosecute people with seven years that went to the Capitol peacefully?
And we're going to let people go burn down police stations.
And they go, hey, it's all right.
Like Apple runs death camps.
It's like, it's OK.
Because the left and all of them
All right, I'm going to hand this over to Gerald Cilente.
I'll just be honest with you.
I got a lot of great crew.
And I pay the crew okay.
You know, they're paid more than most people in media.
Most places work free of media now.
And I want to keep the whole crew.
I want to keep crew on the border.
I want to go cover the riots happening right now, what's going to happen with the George Floyd announcement, with the trial of Chauvin.
So if you want to see us keep fighting, keep seeing this original information that's game-changing, go to infowarestore.com and get a copy of In-Game Blueprint for Global Enslavement back in print for a limited time.
We're selling as low as $3.95 apiece.
There's no country code on it.
You can make copies of it and hand it out to others and tell them to make copies.
It causes a chain reaction.
Say, hey, this is a censored
We still got enough heads, it'll stay on sale.
40% off next week, we get both of them together, 50% off, and we have a collector's edition with a little signed piece of art I did with the wolf and the sheep on it, only 100 of those, but I think that's basically already probably sold out, so that's there to support the broadcast.
All right, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Gerald Salente, transjournal.com, at Gerald Salente from Kingston, New York, takes it over!
Thank you.
Thank you, Alex.
You know, you showed that video of the woman fainting in Denmark.
You know, remember what happened when they started promoting the vaccine?
I think it was in Tennessee or Alabama.
The nurse that was talking and then she fainted.
And, you know, it was in and out of the news.
I would really like to know if she's still alive.
And because there were reports that she died, reports that she's alive.
But again, you know, the way they keep selling this is that, well, you know, not that many people are dying from it.
This is the headline out of the New Daily from Australia.
Now, remember, first of all, we're not getting the real numbers of who's dying.
And the effects of the vaccination.
Gary Null, who's very well known in the health field, did a report on how compared to the numbers coming out.
And this is the woman I'm talking about.
You know, she's giving the.
What happened to her?
I mean, this is when they began.
Promoting this thing right away.
And again, they're saying, you know, the numbers aren't that big.
This is the headline from the New Daily.
You ready?
Queensland man aged in his 80s dies from complications due to COVID-19.
Man in his 80s?
What's the, you know, in America, the
The death is about, the mortality rate is at about 78.4 years.
This cat's in his 80s, you know.
I mean, you know, you like to live longer.
But this is one person.
And it's a big story.
And Queensland's authorities have confirmed a man in his 80s has died in Brisbane Hospital due to complications
You know, people criticize me sometimes for my language.
And I'd like to use different words, but I can't because they say that's foul language.
So, Queensland authorities.
To me, the word authorities
is foul language.
Words like officials, dignitaries, royals, authorities, they're in charge, they know what's best.
When you look at all of Australia,
And they've locked the place down, lock it down.
Under a thousand people died in the course of a year.
Over a year.
Under a thousand.
Out of a population of over 25 million.
Our rights, not only in the United States, have been stolen.
They've been stolen all over the world.
One country after another.
And it's only going to get worse.
As Alex Jones says, they're doing everything they can to keep the truth alive.
So you do what you can to support InfoWars.
Keep the truth alive.
Because they're going to keep censoring us.
On and on.
We'll be right back.
Hello, hello, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
As I said, do what you can to support InfoWars because censorship is real and the power is being more and more concentrated among the few.
As a matter of fact, there was just a, we wrote about it in the Trends Journal.
They're allowing even more consolidation of the media.
And it's only going to get much, much worse.
Very few in charge saying what they want to say, spreading the lies.
But of course, if you disagree with them, then you're a conspiracy theorist.
You know, there was a report out that 40% of the Marines don't want to get the vaccination.
So does that make them, uh, let's, we can, what can we, how can we label them?
Oh, white evangelicals.
Conspiracy theorists.
Let's make up anything we want.
How about people saying, man, I don't want to get that thing.
This is Operation Warp Speed.
It hasn't been approved by the FDA.
They only put it out for emergency use.
COVID shutdown.
I'm just mentioning this.
They just announced they're shutting down the place yesterday.
This is a country where the average death age is 73 years old.
It's not one of the richest joints in the world and they got a lot of problems.
And they're shutting it down.
Why are they shutting it down?
To fight the COVID war.
And how long are they going to shut it down for?
A week.
Why not a week and a half?
Why not 12 days?
They're making this stuff up.
One government after another.
You look at the AstraZeneca vaccine.
What happened?
You know, I don't have all the countries exactly right we have in the magazine.
UK's not going to give this shot to anybody under 30.
Well, Italy says not under 60.
Well, another country says not under 70.
They're making this stuff up.
Remember the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, you got to be six feet apart.
And then they changed it to three feet.
Remember the term they used to use?
Flattening the curve.
They're making this up.
There is no data to support what they're doing.
Nearly half the U.S.
virus cases are in just five states.
And you know what the leaders are?
Michigan, Witless, Whitmer.
Remember they locked down the whole joint.
New Jersey with the little low-life piece of garbage crap over here, Junior, uh, Murphy.
A little puppy dog over there in Pennsylvania called Wolf.
A little boy.
Not a man.
None of these- Murphy's not a man.
They're not men.
Oh, and Cuomo.
Look at the guy.
Look at this guy.
And we have a wolf in Pennsylvania.
More like a puppy dog.
These are the places that closed.
Look at this.
Look at this little jerk.
Look at this little piece of arrogant crap.
Look at him.
Oh, you know, you know, his health minister was, his secretary, Lola.
Rachel Levin.
L-O-L-A, Lola.
That's now our health secretary.
Used to be Richard, now she's Rachel.
These are the states that have, again, I'm not making this up.
There he is.
She is.
Health Secretary.
Don't tell me about health.
So the ones that lock down the hardest, it's a joke.
This is what America's become.
More chins than Chinatown.
Rachel Levin.
The ones with the worst records lock down the hardest.
And they don't talk about what's going on in Texas.
It's back to open up and as you well know on InfoWars, Fauci couldn't respond.
But what's going on and how things change so much is how
The artists that used to be the hip ones when I was a young guy and much hipper even before then, like the Louis Armstrongs and the Count Basies and all the other cats out there, you know, the real hip gave us jazz.
They were the ones that saw the BS of government.
The artists never bought into the line.
Because they were hip.
They were ahead of the game.
And now the artists are selling us out.
Pumping the vaccination.
One after another.
And that report that came out about Mick Jagger.
Making fun of people that didn't get vaccinated.
This is unprecedented.
Mick Jagger and yeah.
You got right there an InfoWars.
They used to be the hip people.
And now they're selling us the vaccination.
And the media is not the media anymore.
They're not journalists.
This is from CNN.
How to speak to someone who's hesitant to get vaccinated.
By Ryan Pryor.
Well, Ryan Pryor.
Little jerk.
Little boy, you're not a journalist.
This is propaganda.
You got it?
You're not supposed to.
You're supposed to report, not tell people what to do.
Mick Jagger and Dave Grohl mock anti-coronavirus a new song.
This is from Nextar MediaWire.
Yeah, look, how to speak to someone.
Mock it, if you don't get it.
And then to show you the propaganda, Fauci at NASCAR, White House looks to appeal to vaccine-hesitant conservatives and evangelicals.
I'm not a conservative, I'm not an evangelical, and nobody will vaccinate.
But this is what they're doing.
White House Press Secretary,
Jen Psaki said that the Biden administration was looking for ways to conduct outreach to white conservative communities where coronavirus vaccine hesitancy runs high.
America is spelling it wrong.
United Soviet States of America.
The facts are here.
This is unprecedented.
If we don't fight for freedom, we're gonna be living in hell.
Do what you can to support InfoWars.
Their products are great.
I buy them, and I believe them.
Hey, great being on the Alex Jones Show.
And, uh, as I said, they're censoring us, they're getting rid of the conspiracy theorists, they label you.
Domestic terrorism is going to be next reason they're gonna shut us down.
So do what you can to support InfoWars, and be a part of, by the way,
And it's the endgame, so be a part of Operation Endgame to warn the world to stop the Great Reset.
So now's the time to take action, get this historical documentary that Big Tech has been trying to suppress, Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement, made over 14 years ago by Alex Jones.
So this is a truly emerging evergreen film.
And it predicted the globalists' own words and documents, their plan to use the pretext of a deadly virus to usher in permanent world government, martial law, and transhumanistic takeover of the very genetics of humanity.
So buy this film in bulk, and it's very close to cost, and give it to your friends, your family, your neighbors.
Donate it to your library.
And warn the world while you still can.
In the future, censorship will be so intense that you'll only be able to pass information on via hard copy.
This DVD has zero country code, meaning that it can be copied anywhere in the world.
We encourage and authorize you to make copies, whether professionally or burned in your own home.
Whatever you do, spread the word.
Or the resistance.
So true, so true.
Again, this is the endgame.
And that guy, Klaus Schwab, even said it, one after another saying it.
So be part of Operation Endgame and get this wonderful video.
This is unprecedented.
I was just doing another interview recently, just before I got on the air here.
And they said, what's the biggest trend you've ever seen?
I said, what's going on right now?
This COVID war.
I said, that's right.
They called it a war when it began last year.
Read the media.
Politicians, they all called it a war.
And just as the people marched off to Mussolini and saluted Stalin and hired Hitler and believed the lowlife piece of scum like George W. Bush
Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al-Qaeda.
We got to kill that guy Osama Bin Laden, bring him back dead or alive.
They believe the COVID war.
And when you launch a war, people just follow.
So this has changed our whole lives.
Who would have ever believed little kids be wearing masks and adults and getting in fights of?
And the vaccination, that we all be forced to get vaccinated.
AstraZeneca vaccination more effective in elderly than Pfizer-Jab.
Why, I thought it was the other way around.
Well, maybe not.
What do I know?
I'm not a health expert.
They're making this crap up.
Operation Warp Speed.
They warped it through, and to me,
Again, the motto of the magazine, The Trends Journal, is think for yourself.
But to me, you've got to be a warped mind to take a warp speed vaccine.
Because, you ready?
Pfizer's CEO says third COVID vaccine dose likely needed, you ready?
Within 12 months.
Just came over the wire.
Pfizer's CEO, Albert Barola, said Thursday morning that people, Thursday, today, you got it right there on InfoWars, will likely need a boosted dose of a COVID-19 vaccine within 12 months, you ready?
Of getting fully vaccinated.
He also said that people will need to get vaccinated against the virus annually.
It's a possibility, he said.
Quote, it is extremely important to suppress the pool of people that could be susceptible to the virus, he told CNBC's Bertha Coombs during an event with CVS Health.
Oh boy.
One club, huh?
The bigs.
CVS Health.
He added the vaccines will be an important tool to fight against highly contagious variants.
So you can see what's gonna happen.
And now a whole bunch more colleges.
Syracuse over here.
Brown University.
One after another.
They're announcing that you have to get vaccinated.
International travel heading to New York.
International travelers heading to New York will no longer have to quarantine.
If they're fully vaccinated.
Who says this?
Oh, USA Today.
Vaccinated travelers heading to New York from abroad will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival, the governor's office announced over the weekend.
The governor's office!
The governor's office.
Freedom is gone.
Who the hell is the governor?
To me, that's a curse word.
That's it.
Governor's a curse word.
Authorities are a curse word.
Officials are a curse word.
Dignitaries is a curse word.
And royals, the royal family.
Oh, they don't put on their clothes one leg at a time.
And they don't go to the tourniquet.
No, no, no.
The royals.
The Royal Flush right down the crapper.
This is unprecedented what's going on.
So you better do what you can to support InfoWars.
The whole game is rigged.
This just came out as well.
Wall Street execs, employees spent
I love the number they bring.
$2.9 billion on campaign lobbying.
Campaigns and lobbying during 2020 election study shows.
$2.9 billion.
What was the money that they dumped into the system in the United States?
$1.9 trillion.
This is like saying
How about $3 billion?
Wall Street executives, their employees and trade associations invested at least $2.9 trillion into political initiatives during the 2020 election cycle, according to a new research report.
How about to get what they want?
Get this in your head, everybody.
Freedom is gone in America.
It's run by the clubs.
The dumbo-craps and the repulsive-kins.
Only imbeciles and morons would call it campaign contributions.
You got it?
It's bribes and payoffs.
It's a revolving door.
They go from business to government, from government to business.
It's one big club, as George Carlin said, and you ain't in it.
The facts are right here.
You got March 2021 bankruptcy filings at the highest level in 12 months.
Not for the bigs.
Wall Street Journal.
CEO pay climbs in year of vast upheaval.
The rich are getting richer.
The trillionaire, the billionaires got $8 trillion richer this year.
It's all here.
If we don't fight for our freedom, it's going to be hell on earth.
The facts are there.
Get vaccinated, no freedom.
So again, do what you can to support InfoWars.
And of course, the Trends Journal, no magazine like it in the world.
If anybody could show me one, I'd like to see it.
Great being on the Alex Jones Show.
You know, we get, we're getting censored as well.
A number of the covers that we put up for the Trends Journal, they're taking off the social media.
We had one of Bill Gates, another Anthony Frieda home run one, Dr. Strange Vax.
So I'm saying this because this is real.
As Alex said, you know, the geeks are in charge.
You know, the monopolies, the Silicon Con artists, they're doing what they want and knocking the rest of us off.
We're conspiracy theorists if we don't do what they want us to do.
And so what I'm saying to you is to support InfoWars.
And there's only three days left to save up to 50% on their
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So visit InfoWarsStores.com and get these best-selling items and more for a true 360 win.
All right.
And Alex was saying about
The big's taking over.
You know that almost a trillion dollars more was spent on online shopping this last year?
A trillion dollars.
So, it's knocking small businesses out of business.
The big's are taking over.
It is the great reset right in front of our eyes.
Again, in your magazine, the Trends Journal, we're writing about all the merger and acquisition activity.
It's hitting records.
They're buying up all over the world, not only in America.
So the bigs are getting bigger.
They're essential.
We're non-essential.
So I want to talk a little bit what's going on in the markets.
Gold today had a nice spike.
It was up $30.
It's what we've been writing about.
Inflation is skyrocketing.
The numbers that they're putting out are fake.
To give you an example, according to the
You know, the Association of Home Builders.
It costs $24,000.
$24,000 more to build an average home because of the increase in lumber prices.
You're seeing gasoline prices go up.
Food prices go up.
The more money that they're pumping into the system, the higher inflation is going to go.
This isn't real money.
When they, this is, this is extremely important.
And by the way, gold and silver price gold, gold prices right now, about 1766 an ounce, they would be at
Probably three or four thousand dollars an ounce.
Had it not been for the cryptocurrency market.
And that thing's only like ten years old.
There he is.
And you know what Powell said?
How they're going to control inflation?
He didn't say.
He said we have the tools.
What tool?
So going back to inflation,
Interest rates and pumping money in.
The goal when again, when people are going into Bitcoin and Ethereum and the other ones, this is only like a 10 year old thing.
And that's why I say nobody could predict the future.
You could forecast trends.
We can't predict the future.
Too many wild cards.
If their money wasn't going into that,
Into the crypto currencies would begin going into gold and silver as a safe haven.
Because people that watch this, and we write about it, we know how bad this is going to get.
And you're seeing it already.
The central banks are buying up gold again.
And with cryptos, again, we wrote an extensive article in the Current Trends Journal.
They're going to do what they can to ban this when it becomes a competition to them, because the whole world banks are going to go digital.
So they know every penny that you spent, where you spent it and how you spent it.
And they're not going to want competition.
So going back to interest rates and inflation, what's keeping the markets artificially wrapped up are record low interest rates, zero interest rate policy.
Again, when interest rates go up, it follows inflation.
Inflation goes first.
Interest rates follow.
This 2% inflation number, they made that up in 2012.
So they asked Powell, when inflation goes up, what are you going to do about interest rates?
He said, we have the tools.
They don't have any tools.
They're running out of tools.
I'm mentioning this because
What's keeping the reality of how bad it is out there for the average person, again, $8 trillion went to the billionaires.
I'm not making those numbers up.
There was an article by Forbes a couple of days ago, which I have it over here, where they said that a billionaire is being created every 17 hours.
Here it is.
A new billionaire.
Every 17 hours.
All right?
So, the few are getting much richer as the rest of us, you know, we're working and struggling to make things happen.
Thank God, you know, we work very hard.
You know, the magazine's a great success.
It's an international magazine.
We put every ounce of energy we have into it.
But for the other people, it's going down big.
So going back to the equity markets in gold and silver.
When they raise interest rates, the gamblers aren't going to get the money for free anymore.
All the mergers and acquisitions won't be going on like this.
Because it's going to cost more to gamble.
That's going to bring down the equity markets.
When the stock market crashes, and today the Dow
Hit another high.
And it's been going up for a year as the global economy is going down.
It's all rigged.
When the equity markets crash, then the reality of how bad it is on Main Street is going to be felt.
This is unprecedented.
The millions of people out of work, the poverty all over the world.
You think we have immigration problems now?
Read the data.
The emerging markets are submerging terribly.
They don't have the money to pump in like the Europeans and the Americans and the Japanese that are artificially propping up the markets.
So when the stock market crashes, it's going to crash worldwide.
The greatest depression has begun.
It's only being covered up by these fake money junkies that are gambling in the show.
And now it's showing in gold.
We maintain our forecast.
Gold 2100 by the end of this year.
Silver over 50.
And most of all, again, put your money where your heart is.
Support the truth.
Support InfoWars and the Trends Journal is the truth in trends.
We do everything we can to give you information you can't find anywhere else to help you prepare, prevail, and prosper in these times ahead.
Check it out.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
We're going to stay on air as long as we can.
So please pray for us and please buy the products at mfulworthstore.com.
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Do they fund freedom?
No, a lot of them don't.
These are great products that fund freedom and fund justice when the whole world's waking up and looking for truth.
That's why the globalists are censoring.
They can't bring in all this tyranny and leave people like us on the air.
So while you're at it, don't just financially support us and spread the word.
Download everything we've done.
You can find and save it.
Because who knows how long we're going to be on the air and the enemy is trying to destroy everything we ever said.
Granny Do-Right.
Granny Do-Right.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
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For the last four years, while the Chai Com-backed big tech has been censoring and blackballing and deplatforming conservatives, nationalists, and Christians, we've heard over and over again, oh, just build your own internet.
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