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Name: 20210414_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 14, 2021
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Alex Jones discusses a range of topics including COVID-19 vaccines, Dr. Fauci's role in the pandemic, free speech in America, censorship, the arrest of Sam Waters for his role in the events at the Capitol building, and the constitutional lawyer Norm Pattis' analysis of the capital arrest. He also talks about Tesla's work, secret government projects, UFO patents filed by the US Navy, and the cyber polygon 2021 simulation. Jones shares statistics from a Rasmussen poll stating that 51% of Americans believe Joe Biden stole the election. Additionally, he discusses the ongoing situation at the U.S.-Mexico border, where there is an increase in unaccompanied minors entering the country, and accuses the Democratic Party of orchestrating a "money-grabbing" plan to benefit from the influx of migrants."

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This is beyond incredible information.
Dealing with the Great Awakening that is taking place.
If you go to the main feed of the show today, we can put that on screen, I sum it up.
And it's absolutely true.
Wednesday Live.
Polls show America is completely turning against Joe Biden.
Election theft has only accelerated the Great Awakening.
And I don't just believe one poll or another, and I know how to go into the methodology of the polls and look at them, and I've been looking at them, but also look at what's happening on the street.
But look at this Rasmussen poll.
51% of Americans
Across the board of voters, non-voters, Republicans, Democrats believe Joe Biden stole the election.
74% of Republicans say it's likely there was cheating against Republicans and 30% of Democrats.
I mean, these are just whopping numbers.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
Immediately following the death of Nikola Tesla, Dr. John Trump, an electrical engineer with the National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and interestingly, President Donald Trump's uncle, was called in to analyze the Tesla papers.
After only three days, John Trump officially concluded that Tesla's work was primarily speculative and did not include workable methods.
We are then told that most of Tesla's papers disappeared, but his work most definitely quietly continued.
Heavily funded military projects studying the Tesla particle beam are reported, but more interesting than that is the mystery of systems in rotation.
Although everything down to the electron seems to be spinning, there is no official study on the science of spin or rotation.
But there are fragments and clues that suggest major governments have been secretly studying the science of rotation ever since World War II, calling it hyperdimensional physics or torsion physics.
Bruce De Palma's spinning ball experiment from 1977 is simple enough for anyone to repeat.
Two steel balls are repeatedly launched with equal force.
One is spinning, the other is not.
The spinning ball consistently flies higher and falls faster than the other.
This is in direct violation of both Newton's laws and Einstein's relativity.
Modern science cannot account for this energy.
The top-secret so-called Nazi Bell Project allegedly involved two counter-rotating cylinders and produced anti-gravity UFO-like effects.
And now the U.S.
Navy appears to be going public with this science.
They claim to control inventions that change the fabric of reality.
A mysterious Dr. Salvatore Cesar Paez has filed four patents of which the U.S.
Navy is the assignee.
They appear to be technology for what we would popularly describe as UFOs.
And they are all based upon harvesting energy from the spinning of electromagnetic fields.
These patents look very similar to what whistleblowers claim have been in production for years by weapons manufacturers such as Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.
The same UFO-like craft that whistleblowers claim are being prepared to stage a fake alien invasion.
After decades of deep misinformation, secrecy and corruption, why bring this powerful technology out into the open today?
The Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise claims that the U.S.
needs these patents because the Chinese are already investing significantly in these technologies.
So are they rolling all this out into the public to prepare us for a space-age war with China?
The subtext to all this, of course, is that there is no energy crisis.
Only more lies and deceit.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
The Great Awakening is here.
Go to Banned.Video.
Download the videos and share.
Support the Information War at InfoWarStore.com.
And never give up the fight.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are broadcasting worldwide in defiance of globalist tyranny on April 14th, 2021.
And I'm very thankful you've joined us on this live Wednesday broadcast.
We have extremely good news here.
You have to understand, I put out all the bad news so that people can be aware of what's happening and make preparation to defeat it because I believe in you, I believe in history, I believe in your destiny because I believe in God that made us and I've seen it with my own eyes, the power of taking action while the enemy is so scared of you and your family and your will and your soul and your commitment.
But man, is the New World Order nasty?
Are they moving on all fronts?
And they are killing and maiming a lot of people right now.
And so many folks out there that even mean well, like Dr. Rand Paul, like Trump, still don't even get the full picture.
But they're starting to get more of it.
And if they get the full picture, if the general public even gets part of the picture, it's game over for the New World Order.
Let me tell you what we got for you.
Everyone is starting to call out Fauci as a fraud and mainstream news is now reporting that he ran the Wuhan lab, which they're now confirming is where COVID-19 came from.
Absolutely huge.
And then people say, well, I thought you said COVID's not that deadly, but they want to own it.
And they want to have version one and version two and version three.
They've got super deadly versions.
This was just the drill.
So that's their ace in the hole.
When we come out and say this isn't that deadly if you have the normal vitamins and minerals.
But it's got tricks up its sleeve too.
It's a mutagenic virus.
Five different viruses.
So we're going to lay all that out today.
But it's not just Newsweek coming out and saying it last year.
Now it's the Daily Caller a few days ago.
The Washington Times.
As well, is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
What have I said?
Bill Gates and Fauci are the fathers, and I said Fauci, when it comes to this operation, is in command.
Gates is above him in the overall scientific globalist directive, but Hans Schell in the operation is Fauci.
Whatever he says is taken by the UN and the CHICOMS' law, he's the guy calling the shots.
He's the field marshal.
He's the top guy.
And I've told you that ad nauseum, and now the Pentagon is coming out and the CDC and saying it.
And so there's something big going on where the revolution inside the deep state is definitely happening.
We've got that, and I'm going to cover that at the bottom of the hour.
I'm actually going to read the Washington Times article.
It is huge.
We're going to link to it up on Infowars.com in the full broadcast show page today.
There's more and more.
I'm not just going to have the full show feed there.
We're always adding an article or a link or two.
We're going to be adding more and more.
I talk about during the show every day to that page.
We're going to add a link to this report and also a piece of it.
We also have something I've talked about for three days, but I haven't detailed on air.
Because I ended up perseverating on other issues.
And that is another bombshell, nightmare, enemy battle plan, another war plan.
Cyber Polygon 2021 Globalist Run Simulation of a Coming Cyber Pandemic to Prepare for Global Reset.
We're going to be going over all of that today.
Hopefully try to get General Flynn on soon to get his expert take on it.
And then we've got the big enchilada.
If you go to Infowars.com, you'll see the big show pages.
We have each broadcast a name.
What I think the top story is when we go live.
And it's just this.
Polls show America is turning against Biden.
And these are scientific establishment polls that are normally very, very skewed.
And they're still skewed.
Where they oversample Democrats by about 15% depending on the poll.
But even the skewed polls show the majority of Americans think Joe Biden stole the election.
Because it's true!
And so the globalists and the leftist arm of the New World Order, they can all day say that it's racist to want ID to vote.
But Americans understand that if they want us to have an ID to leave our house and a computer scan to go in a restaurant, which we shouldn't have,
Sure as hell, when you go to do banking or get insurance or vote, that's about your identity, that you want that ID.
If we're going to have IDs, period, then you want them for this.
But notice they waive for the illegal aliens getting on planes, getting flown into the interior of the U.S.
where no ID is shown, which is a sign of true criminality.
And you have the FBI, quote, waiving the law, which they can't do.
And that's coming up later.
I mean, to say we have bombshell footage, if I don't build this up properly, no one even cares.
It's all on BandOnVideo.
We don't just have three dozen women getting off a bus, all pregnant with anchor babies, nine months pregnant.
We don't just have what's obviously cartel-type operatives with holy death tattoos all over them, with little kids saying that they're kids, lying to customs, and then being let through without IDs.
Now we've got a bunch of girls ages 12 to 18, they told our undercover person, who's the law enforcement, off-duty with us.
They told us at the airport in McAllen, Texas yesterday that they're being shipped to men who signed up online to get them around the country, and they're waved through by Border Patrol, not TSA, to be put on airplanes and flown to these people.
And we have video that we got last week
Of the men bragging that they're there to pick up women.
I'm gonna say that again.
12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17.
No adults except one 18-year-old girl who said her job is to fly to different flights every day.
That's her handing out the materials.
She's 18.
She told the undercover police officer, we have, that they are going all over the United States with these children.
Most of them female, some male.
So, ladies and gentlemen, we're watching stuff you imagine only in movies, where they're handing off year-old babies, and the woman's like, it's my baby, my baby, and it's a woman with devil tattoos all over, and then she just hands it off to somebody on the other side, no paperwork's checked, and they just disappear.
And then the same woman is driving fake taxis and getting out of other vehicles and running everything.
She's at all hours of the day, that's her.
That's holy death's little messenger.
And she had taxi plates on this, and taxi stuff on this.
They ran the plates, and it's not a taxi.
But here she is.
And boy, is she getting tired of us.
She's really gonna love it when I come down there in a couple days.
She's like, hey, what are you filming me for?
Uh, yeah, lady, we're filming.
You better believe it.
And folks are like, well, you better watch out.
You know, MS-13, that's what our tattoos are.
You better watch out.
Hey, you know what?
We'll let God decide our destiny.
How about all you that are into fear?
How about that?
You just live in fear.
Speaking of fear, the FBI yesterday morning raided one of our crew members.
I'll tell you about that coming up next segment.
The media is just in ecstasy.
Oh my God, we're so close to arresting Jones.
We want to shut down Infowars.
Think about that.
It's not just take us off the internet, not try to block our bank accounts.
Now it's we want Jones in jail.
He masterminded the capital attacks.
You've been hearing that since it happened a few months ago, three months ago.
And now they're just fixing the intelligence to
Go in line with all of that.
You want to see my breakdown of it?
It's at band.video.
I shot a 10-minute report on it last night, breaking.
InfoWars reporter Sam arrested for covering January 6th Capitol riot.
So I talked to Sam's dad yesterday.
He was here.
Guess what he's charged with?
They said making loud utterances.
Remember when I was there two years ago and ran into Sunbar Pichai and I said, hey, Google's evil.
You're running death camps in China.
You're giving them our technology.
How dare you?
About like that.
And then the Capitol Police officer says, stop it.
You may be charged with disrupting Congress if you continue.
Now Code Pink can fall down and chain themselves, and they can yell and scream, and the Democrats have called for burning down buildings, and they did all over the country last night.
That's loving and good.
But, you know, I just say, hey, how dare you build slave camps in China?
How dare you lie to Congress and say that you're not spying on the American people, Sundar?
Be quiet!
We can charge you with disrupting.
It's a new law we have.
They charged Owen Schroer with it last year, and they're trying to put him in jail for it.
Remember when he got arrested for silently protesting inside the Capitol Rotunda?
Well, they dropped that.
But the other one was when he said that, hey, the impeachment of Trump is a fraud, and he walked out of the Congress area.
He got in the door, they let him in, and then they put him in jail and they charged him with that.
Well, Sam had 30 FBI rating and is charged for something that's literally raising his voice.
That's right.
That's the new America.
But the left can burn down the cities.
Well, I've told you on air that a lot of stuff's going on behind the scenes that I can't tell you about for a lot of reasons because it gives the enemy coordination points if we talk about what's going on.
But they've had all the major mainstream media, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, all of them, approach people and offer them money to lie about us.
They've had the big tabloids do it.
They have done Facebook scan searches on anybody that even ever took a photo with me.
People that take selfies, if I'm randomly in a restaurant, these women will get a call from the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, saying, do you have a relationship with Alex Jones?
They go, no, I don't know Alex Jones.
I mean, I met him once, took a photo with him with my husband.
They go, okay, well, we heard he raped you.
No, this is preposterous.
We then get calls from these people and have confirmed it.
So thousands of people are called by the savage criminal operators of just actual leftist intelligence agency crime lords.
And then they control the FBI and order the FBI to then go and reverse engineer it.
Like I saw a CNN article
Gates attended parties with drugs and there'd be some huge party in Miami or a big hotel suite party and the women went to the media to say he was really nice and he didn't give us money and we didn't even see him using drugs.
A woman said I saw him take a pill once but he was really nice and the women were all 25-30 but that's at the end of the article.
And then other women go, yeah, I'm getting offered money to say Gates did something to me.
And it's not that Gates is perfect.
He's a rich kid.
He's a smart guy.
He's admitted he's a party animal.
Hell, he's for drug legalization.
And I'm not endorsing any of that, but I'm not a hypocrite.
I've never been a drug problem person, but I've been, let's just say it, I've been pretty much an alcoholic off and on.
So we all have our problems.
And instead it's like, oh, Matt Gates, you know, he's,
Matt Gaetz is a child trafficker!
And of course, it's all built around some jet somebody rented, and was there a 17-year-old woman three years ago on the plane?
And then they admit that the Justice Department people called him and shook him down for $25 million, and they go on CNN, on Chris Cuomo, and admit that they asked for $25 million?
And Gaetz said, screw you, I didn't do anything wrong!
Meanwhile, where's all the arrests on Lolita Express with Bill Clinton and Hillary and Bill Gates on the plane with 14-year-old girls that were commandeered and brought in and then intimidated, and most of them from foreign countries, threatened with deportation?
Where is that?
Because let me tell you, if they caught Matt Gaetz on Lolita Express, I'd say, throw him out of Congress!
Send him to prison!
I don't care where he's got an R before his name!
I mean, I think he's a smart guy.
I like him.
I hope he's a good guy.
He looks like a super wasp frat boy.
Not my particular favorite type of people, but that's okay.
I'm more of your caveman Texas type.
Some people don't like me, but that's what we got going on here.
And Sam Montoya has been here three years and he's a good guy and
As I always do, I lay out on air what really happened from my perspective.
Then the FBI reverse engineers it and finds out every damn thing I said was dead on.
But my lawyers and people are like, I would not talk about this at all.
Oh, just so it's all over the news, then they can lie and say I sent him in there and he had flamethrowers and hand grenades and cut Pelosi's head off.
I'm not going to sit there and wait for that crap.
So here's what happened.
Everybody wanted to go to D.C.
It had a carnival atmosphere, and I told Harrison Smith and Sam and others, I said, no, you can go on the next trip.
I need you here to do the shows while we're all there and to cut to us live.
Well, Sam, who almost fired for it, but he's a likable guy, so I didn't do it, but he came this close.
Went around me and said, well, if Alex isn't going to send me, I'm going to go with the MyPillow people.
And he got White House press passes from them for the main event.
And then I find out later he's in the Capitol that day and got the footage.
They're like, Sam got footage of the woman being killed.
And I had a huge meltdown on the rooftop, sort of cussing at people.
I said, he's supposed to be in Austin running things.
He's got footage.
And I go, yeah, here it is already on Twitter.
Then I go, why is it on Twitter and not on us?
What the hell?
And then Sam talks to me I guess the next day and I go, Sam, you're probably gonna get in a lot of trouble even though you didn't do anything.
As a journalist, did you do anything wrong in there?
And he goes, no, no, it's fine, everything's fine.
I said, that's not the case, Sam, but we'll see.
And here we are a couple months, three months later, and you see what's unfolding since January 6th.
30 FBI agents show up at his house, batter down the door, so he talked to him.
And take him away, and then I get the indictment affidavit, and it's for disrupting the Capitol, the same thing they threatened to charge me with for yelling at Sundar Pichai.
And you know what?
If I have to yell at that guy in the halls of Congress that you're a liar, and you run death camps, and you won't give the Pentagon the technology, but you give the Chinese that, I deserve a pat on the back for that, not threatened with prison.
And I did it!
So if he's going to go to prison for what he did, I deserve to go to prison for confronting Sundar and I say that's not justice, that's tyranny.
So I've watched, and I watched it again last night, the whole 45 minutes he shot live in there that he then archived with his terrible headline of Patriots stormed the thing onto Band.video and we left it there.
Because it's a record of what happened.
And the video of the woman getting shot.
Remember we had the first footage out of that because Sam was there and did it all.
So then I got to interrogate some people here last night and check their messages and make damn sure that when I tell you the story it's what the truth is.
And I said, I thought I said they had to stay here and run the shows.
Well, he told me he was going with the MyPillow people and if he got footage he'd give it to us and maybe we'd reimburse him if he asked for receipts or something.
And I said, so again, as usual, no one does what I tell them.
That's why I blow up.
And I shouldn't blow up.
But I'm like, hey, go shoot here at the Migrant Catholic Center.
And then it's, oh, we're getting over here.
I gotta learn to not blow up.
But I usually have reasons for all this, like I need a crew here.
Plus, Sam is not that experienced.
He's a video editor, low level, camera guy, been here three years.
And I'd say he's, you know, second string.
He's a great guy, but he's not gotten trained up to that point.
It takes time.
And sure enough, he went on his own volition, went in there.
And I don't say that.
Too like me.
Oh, you know, I didn't tell him to go in there even.
No, I mean, I didn't.
But it doesn't matter.
He didn't do anything wrong.
But of course I told our crew do not go in the Capitol.
Once I saw what happened, it was already happening.
And then I learned with horror that Sam had been in the building.
And then I had to sit there and watch all the tape of it to make sure he didn't do anything wrong because I'd have fired him if he did.
And I was this close and I said, you know, Sam's a nice guy.
I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna fire him.
And then I got to learn that his family member, we know who it is, because he told us how she won't even come to family dinners because he's a conservative and his dad is.
They're big Trump supporters.
His family member, one of his siblings, won't even come to dinner with him for years because of Trump.
Sam's a big Trump supporter.
I mean, you see Sam at the RNC five years ago talking to me, shaking my hand in videos that Eric Andre shot.
I mean, he's been around.
He's a big fan.
So we're praying for him.
We support him.
He's in jail for raising his voice in the Capitol.
And they've got the quotes about America standing up, all this stuff.
But he was wearing two hats.
He's a journalist.
He had a presidential media pass.
He thought the president was going there.
The police opened the doors and waved him in.
That's why he went in and covered it.
He got the footage of the woman dying.
He had other mainstream media there.
So they have to all be indicted if he's indicted.
It's all a fraud in a hope, obviously, to keep him in jail for a non-violent offense, to try to have him turn state's evidence and make stuff up about me so they can put me in prison and shut down Infowars, and that's their admitted goal.
And so I have God on my side, I have zero fear, and I just worry about poor Sam.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
So, there are now hundreds of news articles proliferating like mushrooms.
Going, oh, Alex Jones is going to get arrested.
Alex Jones is finally going to get it.
We're going to shut him up.
He's sending one of his reporters to attack the capital of the most vicious attack on the U.S.
since Pearl Harbor.
They're actually saying that this was as bad as Pearl Harbor.
And meanwhile, Sam Motea did nothing wrong.
And I understand he wanted to be at the Capitol.
I understand he wanted to go up there.
And I understand that he went around us and went with the MyPillow caravan.
And he got incredible footage.
And here's footage of him, shot by him, that the FBI's used to indict him.
Long after the doors are knocked down, after the police have waved people in, there's photos they use in his indictment of him between the velvet ropes.
So if you're a TV viewer, you see Sam, who's a great guy.
And I'm not mad at Sam.
It's just that if I'm going to tell you what happened that day, that's what happened.
And it doesn't matter because what he did is not illegal.
I don't need to say that I didn't send Sam in there because I need to protect myself.
I'm saying it because it's the truth.
But it doesn't matter because you saw Kavanaugh hearings where they took over, blocked the halls, threw things, chased Congress people onto elevators, blocked the elevators, did all that stuff and nothing happened to those people.
But when a couple hundred people go in behind a few dozen morons that were violent and who did do wrong, they don't all deserve to then be indicted when the police officers wave Sam Motea in.
And so...
We're trying to figure this out and get Sam a lawyer.
We're trying to figure out if he wants the lawyer we get for him.
We haven't been able to talk to him since last night.
I'm talking to his dad, and we're definitely going to try to get him out of jail, because they'll hold him for months and months and months until trial.
They have it listed here.
The federal marshals are asking for a hold on him to keep him in jail.
Sam is about as harmless as a grasshopper.
I like Sam.
He's a very nice person.
Very funny.
He always is in a good mood.
I mean, I'm not in a good mood most of the time, so I'm like always, God, this guy's in a jolly mood.
He's like Santa Claus or something.
His dad's a great guy, and his family's great, except for one person in his family that is in the affidavit.
We know who that is.
That, like, reported, like, I caught him.
I've got proof he was in the Capitol.
He shot it.
He uploaded it.
It was international news.
There's like all these other articles about Jones has been caught.
Leaked video.
It's always the same lies.
Oh, leaked video that he hates Trump.
No, edited video in a TV interview that if I was an immoral person that didn't care about anybody but myself, I would hate Trump because he's made my life a living hell.
And I'd be F Trump.
But instead, I'm glad to be persecuted for supporting Trump because he did a lot of good.
But they edited it because they're liars, ladies and gentlemen.
And Sam tells people, don't be mean to the cops.
Sam says things like, you know, these cops are scared.
And he got really, really dramatic footage.
And so we left it up because he was operating as a journalist.
So they're going to try to say, well, he's not a journalist when he's making political comments.
Well, everybody can wear two or three hats.
You can be out playing golf and then say something to the news cameras about your view on apartheid, you know, 30 years ago.
You can be at a Star Wars premiere and say something about animal rights if you want.
It's two different hats.
He's there.
He didn't assault anybody.
He didn't hurt anybody.
He didn't aid anybody breaking in.
He came in later when the doors were open.
And they say in here he's being charged with disrupting Congress because he raised his voice.
And I mean, you talk about timidly raising your voice.
He's about 1 1 20th as loud as I was yelling at Sundar Pichai.
And yes, I do sound like a drill sergeant when I want to.
And I mean, I did.
I'm genuinely mad at him.
I was waiting for him to come.
And now I notice they always do this remote stuff even before COVID, they do the hearings remotely.
And here comes Sundar right by me.
And I'm like, Sundar, you're helping run death camps in China.
It's true.
He deserves to be yelled at.
Disrupting would be blocking him, blocking the door, shutting down the hearing.
I don't believe you should do that.
But particularly I got angry also because in the hearings they'd been talking about me.
They did talk about me in that hearing.
I was in there for five angry hours and they said my name at least six, seven times.
And they had Congress people pointing me out in the back row with Roger Stone going, there's the Russians, there's the spies right there.
I'm not a Russian spy, you trash!
And you know it, you're the globalist butcher in this country.
So again, what I did was 10 times more aggressive than Sam, and if he is indicted, I deserve to be indicted for what happened.
See, that's how I operate, because the whole law's a fraud, the whole application of it's a fraud, it's garbage.
And guess what?
Owen simply stood up at the beginning of a hearing, cue that up please.
And all he did was say this impeachment is a fraud.
It's a scam.
They did another impeachment.
It was a fraud.
He then got arrested later, a few weeks later, for just being in the rotunda with a piece of tape over his mouth.
And they put him in jail for a couple days.
He said literally cockroaches all over him, feeding on his skin.
And they're still trying to put him in prison.
For up to two years, I guess, is the statute for what he did right here.
So let's get up to the beginning.
And this is Owen Schroer over a year and a half ago during the first impeachment.
We will hear 30-minute opening arguments from councils for the majority and the minority.
Jerry Nadler and the Democrat Party are committing treason against this country!
And you can kick me out, but he's the one committing crimes!
You are, Jerry Nadler!
You're the one committing treason!
America's done with this!
America's sick of the treason committed by the Democrat Party!
We're not in the city and we're watching running machines!
We're in the committee room!
We voted for Donald Trump, and they're going to remove him because they don't like him!
Americans are sick of your impeachment stand-up!
They're sick of the Democrat treason!
We know who committed the crimes, and it wasn't Trump!
Trump is innocent!
Alright, so that full video is at mayhem.video.
But that's just an example of what's really going on.
Now, if you watch the press conferences with Trump, they were almost that mad at Trump at the press conferences.
And Code Pink does stuff even more intense than that and refuses to leave, and throws fake blood around.
I don't think they should be arrested, but maybe given a ticket.
But here's Owen Schroer, another video for TV viewers, where he puts a piece of tape over his mouth, and watch what happens next here.
Take this sign out in the building today that I would be arrested.
Well, I'm planning on not even saying anything because I'm going to put this over my mouth as an illustration of the censorship that I'm enduring now in the real world, not just by the big tech, but by the Democrats.
And I was told I'd be arrested if I take this sign out and hold it.
Well, the removed Trump protesters had dozens of signs out here that they were holding.
Are they going to arrest me for doing exactly what they did?
Well, I guess we're gonna find out.
He puts the tape over his lips, quietly in the rotunda entrance, where all the school kids are at, under a statue, and just stands there with no one even around him for 20 feet, 30 feet.
And they come and they arrest him.
This goes on for like 10 minutes, you guys might fast forward to the end.
And they come and tell him you're not allowed to have that sign.
So they say, put your sign down, we won't arrest you.
Oh, but the left can all have their signs.
They can all burn whatever they want.
They can attack whatever they want.
They can attack police stations and burn them again last night.
They can shoot cops.
That's all wonderful.
The police will kneel to Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
Hell, they'll lay on their bellies.
But when we come with a sign, they arrest Owen Schroer.
And make us spend tens of thousands of dollars getting that charge drop, but they're not dropping the other one saying because of January 6th, they weren't going to drop it.
They said, now we're looking at it as terrorism.
He was told that.
I pay for his lawyer.
I talked to his lawyer last night.
Owen's down on the border showing thousands of people a day, including young children and babies being handed off to men and women who were not their parents.
And they tell our undercover people, we're being taken to nice men that signed up who want us.
They're just being given to anybody who wants to take them.
And the federal government's offering four months leave to anybody that takes these people.
And they're from ages one, with no background, a lot of them kidnapped, up to age 17.
It's mass crime, out in the open, setting the precedent, no background checks.
But don't worry, they had 30 FBI agents to raid Sam yesterday.
Our InfoWars reporter.
And to take him to jail and to, and they were screamed at him and cussed at him, they said, and were really mean to him.
He said he was just blown away by how hateful they were because you're an American!
You're the enemy, Sam!
You will be destroyed!
All right, I've got constitutional lawyer Norm Pettis to talk about the Capitol arrest and why it affects everything, because they're setting the precedent that your speech and your protest is basically illegal, and that's what Democrats are calling for.
They don't want to just ban you in cyberspace, they want to ban you existing.
He'll be popping in bottom of the next hour, but I really need to get to the... When I say incredible, this is beyond incredible.
Dealing with the Great Awakening.
That is taking place.
If you go to the main feed of the show today, we can put that on screen.
I sum it up.
And it's absolutely true.
Wednesday live.
Polls show America is completely turning against Joe Biden.
Election theft has only accelerated the Great Awakening.
And I don't just believe one poll or another, and I know how to go into the
Look at the methodology of the polls and look at them, and I've been looking at them, but also look at what's happening on the street.
But look at this Rasmussen poll.
51% of Americans across the board of voters, non-voters, Republicans, Democrats believe Joe Biden stole the election.
74% of Republicans
Say it's likely there was cheating against Republicans and 30% of Democrats.
I mean, these are just whopping numbers.
Because when you remember that they oversample on these polls Democrats, and then they admitted this poll they did as well, it's just considered like a factors more Democrats than Republicans when it's actually the opposite.
This is so huge.
And then I've got a whole other stack of news showing that Biden is being completely rejected and so is Kamala Harris.
Yeah, what were they thinking?
Kamala got less than half a point with general voters and less than a quarter point, that's dead last, out of the 15 Democrats in the field during the primaries.
I mean, half a point is not a pulse, ladies and gentlemen.
It doesn't even exist.
Because if you've got 15 people and you're asking people in a poll who they're for, a lot of folks don't even know the names.
They'll just randomly pick one.
You've got a better chance of being two or three percent out of 15, even if people don't even know who the names are.
They just randomly throw a dart and it hits your name.
When you're at half a point, man, you are hated.
She's loathsome.
I can't look at her because she looks so damn fake.
And the cackling and the fakeness and the weirdness everybody knows.
You smell it, you see it, you feel it.
And then Joe Biden used to have a little bit of charisma, but you can still tell he was a liar.
He had like a little bit of used car salesman charisma.
Now he's like the Crypt Keeper.
So what are they going to do as everything falls apart?
Okay, successfully stole the election.
Now everybody knows you did it.
And that's what Robert Barnes always talked about was the 1830 election.
And the election previous to that, when they stole it from Andrew Jackson, and everybody knew they stole it, so he won by an even bigger landslide the next time.
Very, very important.
So, next hour, we're going to be looking into that poll and this whole stack of the wheels coming off the Democratic Party that I've got right here.
And if we can just deal with the blue-blood Republicans and not let them
Control the party.
We're going to be able to defeat these people.
And then separately, I'm mixing it into my stacks and I can't find it because I was about to hit it.
Will you guys get me the new John Hopkins cyber collapse document that Jamie White wrote?
I've got the document but I can't find it.
Oh, it's on the bottom.
I did find it.
Cyber Polygon 2021.
Globalists run simulation of coming cyber pandemic.
Prepare for economic reset.
This is the blueprint.
I'll tell you, John Hopkins is like the main horse in the fight now against this.
All the globalists do their tests, their drills.
They agree at committee what they're going to do.
And it's given to these academics and business people and top scientists in the top of their fields.
Academia, banking, computer science, weapons, psychology.
Then they launched the attack.
I'm going to be hitting that as well.
I've got to hit that because it shows how they first want to lock us down with a virus, but they're really going to lock us down by taking everybody's bank accounts and changing the currencies and trying to make us all go on a digital system where they give you free money on your phone every month, but just enough to live.
But you've got to capitulate to all of the agreements they want you to sign.
And that's in all the great reset documents.
But now they're preparing to go operational with it.
So you have to sign an agreement that you're bad and that your future earnings will go into this pool.
And so during the long depression, they get everybody to sign on to it, but then after that, they own you as indentured servants, but they claim that that's freedom.
So every time they claim something's freedom, you know it's slavery.
They call something slavery, you know it's freedom.
It's nine times out of 10, just reverse whatever they're saying, because they've already inverted it and it'll be back the way it's supposed to be.
So we've got that incredible news and information coming up.
But the first thing I want to hit when we come back is the end of Fauci and how beautiful this is and how despite all the propaganda and all their big tech censorship and all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, Fauci is really the head operator in this
Part of the operation.
He's the guy that does the talking points, the PR.
He ran the Wuhan lab.
He ran the operation.
He ran the weaponization.
And now it's mainstream news that he did.
Look at this headline.
Overhead shot, please.
Is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
The Washington Times.
Daily Caller.
How the free world died at COVID-19.
Well, if we wake up to it, we don't have to die.
It can be our political and cultural and spiritual resurrection.
And Rand Paul has called him out, called him a tyrant, and now calling him a fear monger who should be voluntarily taken off TV.
So that is all coming up at the start of the next hour.
Let me spend a few minutes here talking about something very exciting that we're doing.
And that's Operation Endgame, my seminal film 14 years ago.
It's evergreen, it's more important now than when I made it, because 90% of it's come true, exactly as I said it would, because I'm going off the enemy's own documents.
Club of Rome, CFR, Bilderberg Group, Rockefeller Foundation, it's all here.
Endgame blueprint for global enslavement.
With the extras and everything else, it's like almost four hours of footage.
We're selling it for $3.95 when you buy them in bulk.
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All right, we'll be right back with our number two, with the vaunted, dreaded, hated by tyrants everywhere, InfoWars Transmission, and Paul Joseph Watson's hosting the fourth hour.
Stay with us, my friends.
This is InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
All right, I saw a pretty powerful video this morning.
And I looked it up, and it's a reporter reading what Dr. Derek Knoss had to say.
And I already looked this up, and it's basically true.
That's why they say there's no flu now, because they're just counting all the different types of influenza and other cold viruses as COVID.
That's why they created a fake virus that they own and control, because now they can own and control all the other viruses, and then now claim they have treatments for those.
It's like owning a disease.
It's like saying, if there's 10 companies putting out heart valves and you somehow get the patent to have all 10 heart valves, or you've got the patent to all 10 types of automobiles, and now you tell people you only have one choice.
So it's a medical takeover, a corporate takeover.
And the original article breaks it down, I'm a clinical lab scientist, COVID is fake, wake up America.
That's from rightsfreedom.wordpress.com.
We looked up the doctor, it's accurate.
But that's what all the information shows.
It doesn't mean there's not a real COVID virus.
It's just a weaponized cold virus that spreads really easy, not much more deadly than any other cold virus.
But then they can then claim all the other viruses are it, have PCR tests then set so you are bad, so you've got the new scary thing.
Because folks don't panic if it's just a cold or the flu, but if it's, oh, COVID, now they've got you.
And then people, when they have a cold, they go in and get intubated and then die of the ventilator, which they make money off of and jack up the scam.
Here's the report.
I have a PhD in virology and immunology.
I'm a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1,500 supposed positive COVID-19 samples collected here in Southern California.
When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch's postulates and observation under a scanning electron microscope, we found no COVID in any of the 1,500 samples.
What we found was that all of the 1500 samples were mostly Influenza A and some were Influenza B. But not a single case of COVID, and we did not use the BSPCR test.
It's Polymerase Chain Reaction Test.
Celia Farber does wonderful journalism on the topic.
I did videos on this channel for that.
We then sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a few of the University of California labs, and they found the same results as we did.
They found influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of COVID, which CDC said they could not provide, as they did not have any samples.
We have now come to the firm conclusion, through all our research and lab work, that the COVID-19 was imaginary and fictitious.
The flu was called COVID, and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through comorbidities such as heart disease, cancer, etc.
Then they got the flu, which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.
I have yet to find a single viable sample of COVID-19 to work with.
We at the seven universities that did the lab tests on these 1,500 samples are now suing the CDC for COVID-19 fraud.
The CDC has yet to send us a single viable, isolated, purified sample of COVID-19.
If they can't or won't send us a viable sample, I say there is no COVID-19.
It is fictitious.
The four research papers that do describe the genomic extracts of the COVID-19 virus never were successful in isolating and purifying the samples.
All the four papers written on COVID-19 only describe small bits of RNA which were only 37 to 40 base pairs long, which is...
Not a virus.
A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.
With as bad as COVID is supposed to be all over the place, how come no one in any lab worldwide has ever isolated and purified this virus in its entirety?
That's because they never really was, they never really found the virus.
All they've ever found was small pieces of RNA which were never identified as the virus anyway.
So what we're dealing with is just another flu strain.
Every year, COVID-19 does not exist and is fictitious.
Ladies and gentlemen, wow, we have got so much incredible news unfolding right now.
And despite the globalists, through the UN, through big tech, censoring hundreds of thousands of medical workers, doctors, scientists, and really having an iron curtain of deception,
They're having congressional hearings.
They're having state hearings.
They're having foreign governmental hearings.
They're having the who's who of scientific elite, the actual chief scientist of major companies, come out and say, you cannot make a vaccine.
For COVID-19, it's the common cold.
It's all a fraud.
That's why three months ago, Merck said, we had two vaccines.
They do not work.
You cannot make it.
There are too many mutations.
You can't tell really what is COVID-19 and what isn't.
The PCR test is a fraud.
We're pulling out.
And Merck is a reckless company that did Gardasil that sterilizes and kills a lot of people.
So Darth Vader of the big pharma industry said, we're passing on this.
And now, boy, is it getting crazy, and we know why.
Let me show you the stat of this news.
Top scientists have now gone public.
I'll hit this last, but I want to talk about it first.
Heading up a seven-university investigation, quote, I'm a clinical lab scientist.
COVID-19 is fake.
Wake up, America, Dr. Derek Knoss.
And we say it's fake.
They're just listing all these other viruses as that to then create total fear and intubate you and kill you with a ventilator for the common cold or pneumonia or the flu.
So let's continue, ladies and gentlemen.
Look at this headline.
Great Awakening J&J Vaccine Tops Google Trends As CDC Halts Rollout Because Of So Many Bad Effects And Deaths.
It's totally safe and effective.
Nobody ever got hurt.
Is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
An incredible Washington Times article out just yesterday admitting he basically ran the Wuhan lab.
It had hundreds of groups funding it, but his program with Obama, continuing under Trump until he pulled out of it,
Two years before COVID launched, about a year into Trump.
Trump pulled out of it.
We showed you those documents last week.
To his credit, though, that he got back into it by supporting their damn vaccines.
A terrible idea, but that's the facts.
Is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
And they go into the main funders, where the U.S.
government and U.S.
universities and research groups, and guess who honchoed the whole shooting match?
Anthony Fauci.
Let's go over it.
The former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Robert Redfield, believes the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
If Dr. Redfield is correct, and he almost certainly is, Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institutes of Health must assume significant responsibility for a global pandemic that has killed over half a million Americans, kicked tens of millions of Americans to the unemployment curb, and drained trillions of dollars of wealth from the American economy.
You're like, well, what's going on here?
Because he ran the program of the weaponized gain of function
And people say, well then if it isn't that deadly and it false positives everything else, then what's the issue?
Because I've studied it and I looked at it over a year ago and we told you, they made hundreds of variants of this.
It's a synthetic virus based on a cold virus with four other viruses, including HIV delivery system.
So it spreads really fast through mucous membrane.
And then they can simply release that they have frozen in test tubes, other versions they made that are actually far more deadly.
I haven't figured out exactly what they're planning or where this goes, but these are the facts.
And we told you this with the guy that wrote the U.S.
biological weapons law and the chief U.N.
And that is Dr. Francis Boyle.
That's how he was able to tell you 14 months ago everything that's now come out.
Because he didn't just dream this up, he knows all the literature, and he has all the sources.
So talk about total vindication.
This is in Daily Caller, it's in the Washington Times, but it's mentioned in New York Times articles, even Washington Post articles, showing that they can't stop this information coming out.
And Communist China just came out.
And said, it's all our fault, we're horrible, we should always stay closed.
Well, whenever you hear that, you never notice what Communist China says, it's always days after Fauci says it word for word.
Because Fauci's a Rockefeller, Rothschild, Gates man, and they've been running this with the Chinese and launched the Chinese hysteria, launched the fear, released the virus on purpose, obviously, then used the hysteria to try to permanently lock us down while China's wide open.
So, the EU's in trouble, Latin American authoritarians are in trouble, African authoritarians are in trouble, Middle Eastern authoritarians are in trouble, Asian authoritarians are in trouble, North American authoritarians are in trouble, they release this, they do it, China works with the globalist cartel to do it, to further shut down the West, transfer all the jobs to China, where the globalists own the factories.
This is all economic, cultural warfare, and then it also brings in the population agenda behind it.
And when you read the articles, they get all that.
They go, man, isn't it crazy?
Fauci has the background.
Fauci has the know-how.
Fauci's the one calling for it.
Fauci's the one running it.
Facebook Inside runs the worldwide UN response to fact-checking.
The fact-checking is run out of the Wuhan lab.
So the UN, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, they're all lockstep off word for word.
How do I know Fauci's in charge?
He's been involved running these attacks and bioweapon attacks against Africa and others since before Gates was even out of college.
Gates has worked directly under him.
Fauci is the guy that actually runs the operational programs.
He's been doing it for 40 years at least.
And his, because I read transcripts, his word-for-word stuff a week before, a month before, a day before, will word-for-word come out of Gigi Pink's dirty mouth and out of the UN's dirty mouth and the WHO's murderous mouth.
He's in charge.
He's the one.
He's the one.
He's the one.
Look at him.
Think about that.
Is Dr. Fauci the father of the pandemic?
You better damn well believe, because who else is the chief advisor that sets up the boards that write the white papers that we've seen in SPARS 2025-2028, and the great reset, and the lockstep, and Event 201?
And so now that's how you get him.
Like this new ATF director helped run Fast and Furious, helped burn down Waco, lied about it, helped run Ruby Ridge, helped run Oklahoma City.
He could be destroyed just like that.
Well, you better watch out, Jones.
He'll SWAT team you.
Burn me down like Waco!
SWAT team me!
I'm not afraid!
I'm free from you, you monster!
Congress could destroy him by snapping their fingers.
Fauci could be destroyed by snapping your fingers.
The Rockefeller operations through your gates could be destroyed by snapping your fingers.
Just snap your fingers!
Find your manhood!
Call them out!
It will destroy them!
The truth will set us free!
The truth will destroy them!
So stop fearing the truth!
I'm a clinical lab scientist.
COVID-19 is fake.
And it continues on from there.
Wake up.
And here's Senator Paul.
Let's play a short clip of him.
It's a powerful five-minute video explaining that Fauci claims, oh, take the shot, you'll be okay.
Which, of course, then it does create antibodies for a cold virus.
But Paul then tries to claim, oh, but you'll be okay later.
I mean, Paul's just trying to play along with their fake paradigm.
And he's not that type of biological doctor.
He's an eye doctor.
But in the final equation, that doesn't matter.
He's a smart guy.
At least he's pointing out that Fauci's a fear monger and a tyrant playing God.
Here it is.
So almost everything out there is good news.
This is why I so much think Dr. Fauci should be voluntarily removed from TV because what he says is such a disservice and such fear-mongering and almost all of what he says isn't even matched by the science of his own institute.
So really what we need to do is hear from a lot of different experts and then people need to realize that the risk factors are different depending on your age.
What's really happening is, the winter's over, so more people are getting sun.
The old are still dying because they're not getting sun, because anybody will die without getting sun, vitamin D3, either from the sun or from D3.
Welcome back.
I was just about to get to this.
It just broke about 10 minutes ago.
It's at InfoWars.com.
It's part two of their undercover footage of one of the top CNN directors, how they helped steal the election, how they helped make Trump look bad, how they helped make Biden the fraud look good, but nobody's buying it in big national.
Big national polls I'll actually hit next because this all dovetails together.
But this is Project Veritas.
In fact, I was just sent this by James O'Keefe.
Thank you, James, for the information.
And we'll click on it.
So we're on James's Twitter.
And here it is, breaking part two.
CNN director reveals that network...
Practices art of manipulation, close quote, that's the art of lying, to change the world for the big global's bankers.
COVID gangbusters with ratings, right?
Which is why we constantly have the death toll on the side.
It makes it higher.
No such thing as unbiased news.
And they admit they artificially raised it 90 plus percent, which is admitted.
This is the criminal activity.
And then the highly suggestible
Believe the lies that believe 200 million Americans died in some national polls of Democrats.
Here it is.
Gangbusters were able-breeders.
Gangbusters were able-breeders, right?
Which is why we constantly have a death toll on the side.
Let's make it higher.
Like, why isn't it high enough, you know, today?
Like, it would make our point better if it was higher.
Like, fear really drives mental health.
It's fear.
Fear is the thing that gets you too big.
If it bleeds, it leads.
If it bleeds, it leads?
No, no one ever says those things out loud, but it's obvious.
What you're about to see is so shocking.
Admissions about COVID, its impact, the bias, and things that we've all suspected but have never been able to confirm.
Until now.
Sad news doesn't do well with ratings, you know?
Like, if you can get someone in passion, that does really well with ratings.
Sad news, back to back to back, doesn't do really well unless it affects them directly.
Gangbusters with ratings, right?
Which is why we constantly have a death toll on the side, which I have a major problem with, that we're tallying how many people die every day.
Because I'd even look at it and be like... Look at it and be like...
Let's make it higher.
Like, why isn't it high enough, you know, today?
Like, it would make our point better if it was higher.
And I'm like, what am I f***ing rallying for?
That's a problem that we're doing, you know?
Like, this special red phone ring, and they pick it up, and it's like the head of the network being like,
There's nothing that you're doing right now that makes me want to stick.
Put the numbers back up, because that's the most enticing thing that we have.
So put it back up.
So like, things like that are constantly talked about.
I mean, there's no such thing as unbiased news.
Any reporter on CNN, what they're actually doing is they're telling the person what to say.
It's always like leading them in a direction.
Before they even open their mouth.
And the only people that we will have on the air, for the most part, are people that have a proven track record of taking...
Well, that bombshell report's now been posted at InfoWars.com under the live show feed.
It's also at ProjectVeritas.com.
And it was great to have Project Veritas on yesterday.
They broke part one on the show.
It's great to be working with them down on the border as well.
I'll leave it at that.
Speaking of that, Owen Schroeder is going to be joining us.
The last half of the third hour today that Paul Joseph Watson was a guest yesterday.
I'll be hosting the fourth hour.
I'm not going to say when I'm going to the border for obvious reasons.
I'm sure people can figure that out.
But let me just say this.
I feel really good about how hard we're working, but there's also this paradoxical frustration that
I have hundreds of articles here proving COVID's a giant global takeover on their own emissions just today.
I have documents everywhere.
I have human smuggling of underage girls, not just pregnant women and children and babies.
We have undercover, them admitting to law enforcement that was working with us, speaking to them in Spanish, that they're being sent to, that they're delivered to men.
We have men stalking us outside saying, hey, I'm just here to get women.
I cannot, I cannot believe.
That the FBI came out two weeks ago and said we're waiving background checks at the migrant centers and at these charities and telling them we're going to waive it and then you've got obvious MS-13 connected people because it's the MS-13 tattoo they've got on them and we checked the law enforcement sites.
It's the particular Grim Reaper that they do on both arms and legs and they're just everywhere delivering kids, babies, 14-year-old girls.
I mean, it makes me feel like a sack of filth that
That we've gotten to this point.
People go, oh, it's Town Hall.
It's not true.
Well, there's AP.
waives FBI checks on caregivers at new migrant facility.
And they admitted to our undercovers.
They go, oh, there's just men that sign up online.
We're like, do they do backgrounds?
We just hope they're nice.
And we talked to the 18-year-old chaperone that's leading all these teenagers and little girls down to age 12.
And she just goes, yeah, I just deliver people to these men, mainly men.
How the hell does Biden think he'll get away with this?
This is total cuckoo land!
Meanwhile, Biden says he'll give four months pay leave to anyone that takes care of a migrant.
That's how it started 10 years ago in Europe, and then next it's you gotta move out of your own house for illegals to move in.
Next, Section 8 housing, old people are kicked out, I'm serious, to put the Islamics in.
I mean, that's what they said to Europe.
You're like, how did they get away with that?
We used to watch Europe with that happen.
And it's like, because this is a UN plan, because we put up with it, ladies and gentlemen.
Remember a week ago when we caught the kids getting stuck in the trunk, people said, how did Jones catch this?
He must have staged it.
I mean, how do you just catch it?
I had to leave and catch a flight back to Austin like an hour and a half later, I had to leave.
They caught two more truckloads the next hour they were there doing the same damn thing.
You go there, Owen was live last night, he was live yesterday, four hours, and every ten minutes a bus pulled up, every fifteen minutes a taxi pulled up, every five minutes a van pulled up.
It's like a frickin' anthill, man!
It's like you go kick an anthill over, you go, I can't believe there's so many ants crawling around!
They must have staged it!
It looks like Disney World or something there, except it's a nightmare.
That's right.
Immigrants tell of forced prostitution and slavery as traffic gangs are jailed.
80% of the women Amnesty International found are raped.
The Senate report found the same thing.
10,000 children placed by Obama knowingly with sex traffickers and that was the test and they got away with it and now the FBI signed on to child trafficking on a giant industrial scale.
Good God, stick a fork in us, we're done.
I mean, people ask me, are you worried about them getting you?
The whole damn country's burning down politically!
Am I worried about them?
Listen, we're so far gone now, I just have trust in God that things turn around somehow.
But we'll follow any orders of the mainstream media and of the left.
And so it doesn't matter.
Biden never even signed an executive order.
Everything being done on there is illegal.
An executive order could be challenged in court, but there's not even an order.
They just say, come, waive the rules, ship kids to adults, little babies being handed off.
People go, how do you keep catching this at the airport?
If you go to the airport, it's like Disney World's entrance, except it's kidnapped women and children, a bunch of them being sent to random men.
And then random creepers come up to us and say, I'm just here to get women.
You got a problem with that?
I'm taking women back.
Norm Pat is straight ahead, stay with us!
We got burning police stations, we got police stations getting shot up, we got giant riots, and then when one black man who was being pursued for armed robbery charges gets shot in a hysterical event, they say it's the evil white people again trying to kill the black folks.
It's the attempt of the elite that are basically bankrupting this country to get us all fighting and killing each other.
And it's disgusting and it's out of control.
I wanted to get Norm Pattis, who's a famous criminal lawyer and constitutional lawyer, and also does work for us on the First Amendment issue quite a bit on, you know, he doesn't know all the facts, and this all just happened yesterday, so he's going to be limited on what he talks about with our InfoWars reporter, Sam Motea.
But we do have the charges against him being loud in the Capitol.
And then you superimpose this with Code Pink and the Democrats and the Kavanaugh hearings that were so violent, attacking Congress, people in elevators.
I think people should be charged for that.
I think people that, you know, beat up police or whatever should be charged.
But I think when the police wave you in, we actually have footage of all this.
Sam was waved in.
And again, he is an InfoWars reporter.
He was doing it as his own private citizen when he went in there.
I didn't tell him to go in there.
I didn't even know he was going to D.C.
because I told him to stay here and don't run the crew.
But I guess he was so excited he still showed up.
That's why he wasn't with our main group and was outside.
And I was there trying to keep people from going in.
And later he shot the incredible footage of the poor woman Ashley Babbitt being killed.
That's when I learned Sam was inside and you have footage of the woman being killed.
Because the first time I finally saw proof, I was like, our crew shot this?
I was like, I had a huge meltdown.
They're like, hey, we got the great footage.
And I'm like,
Whatever, but...
When you got an organization of any size, you know, this starts happening, the wheels go off.
But regardless, Owen has been charged, and that is who Norm Pattis represents.
Owen Schroyer, that's probably the best window into this.
He was charged twice.
One has been dropped, once for a silent protest in the Capitol Rotunda, another for briefly speaking during the impeachment against Nadler in a pre-impeachment hearing.
That is still ongoing.
And just in the lens of unjust weights and measures here,
Where Democrats burn down cities and CNN says, well who said protesting needs to be peaceful?
And you've got it being praised by Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.
But then when people walk between velvet ropes, they're indicted, they're kept in jail for months, and treated like terrorists.
So Norm Pattis, we really appreciate you coming on, my friend.
Where should we tackle this from?
How should we start peeling this on you?
I mean, you've nailed an issue, and that is, does the First Amendment apply equally and applicably to all?
I mean, we're seeing more signs of quote-unquote mostly peaceful protests in Minneapolis this time, with buildings burning and a police officer standing guard.
I don't see charges for sedition.
I don't see charges for conspiracy.
I don't see charges for seeking to overthrow the Republic or the order of law.
But yet on January 6th, there were events that appeared to have occurred spontaneously.
And to this day, months later, apparently federal authorities are still conducting arrests and doing invasive searches of people's homes looking for goblins.
It's disturbing to me.
I think that the First Amendment is broadly under assault in this country.
I think that if you are a member of woke culture, you get a pass.
If you're advancing the agenda, people will call it the left.
I'm not politically astute.
If you advance a favored agenda, you speak without consequences.
But if you use or engage in similar or even less intrusive, expressive conduct, suddenly you're charged with a crime and treated as a felon.
So, you know, who's guarding the courthouse doors these days?
Actually, it's a great question.
Listen, Claire, the Vice President, when she was running for office before she stole the election, she bailed out a bunch of people that were arrested for serious crimes.
So, she's actually aiding and abetting people that were burning things down and shooting at people and all of this.
She endorsed that, but now her Justice Department, they admit I'm a target.
They want me arrested with absolutely no proof or connection to violence.
I've decried violence of any type.
I'm unaware of any facts that would support an arrest for you, but I'd ask you not to even comment on facts that you're aware of, Alex.
The simple fact of the matter is that the government can make a suspect of anyone.
And if they choose to target you, they can troll through the electronic detritus of your life and find things that were said in isolated moments that make you look bad.
So the stakes are high for you, your viewers, for Mr.
Thank you.
What I know in Mr. Montoya's case is that he was arrested for his conduct on the Capitol that day.
I understand he had a press pass.
Federal authorities may or may not be aware of that.
The press pass may or may not have protected him from all the consequences of what he was doing that day.
That's a question that will have to be sorted out in a court of law.
You know, I represent you.
Obviously, my primary concern is you.
I do not believe there are facts sufficient to warrant a further investigation of you or, much less, an arrest.
I'm prepared to wage that fight when the time comes, if it comes.
In the meantime, I will do everything possible I can to deprive the federal government of the oxygen it needs to engage in its fantasyland fire with respect to Alex Jones and InfoWars.
Let's talk about this.
This is just now breaking.
We know the name of the female police officer who said, get ready, taser, and then she shot and killed Daunte Wright.
He's in the middle of rioting.
He's got a warrant out for armed robbery.
The city's burning.
The police station's shot up.
He's kicking police flailing.
She absolutely shoots him in the fog of war.
That's what happens.
I'm not glad it happened, but he's a thug waving guns around on the internet.
You know, all this, he's dead now.
You go to a riot, you're probably gonna get killed by somebody.
What does he expect?
Surprise, only one person got killed.
So we have all of that.
Rioting, the police station shot up and almost no news of the police station shot up.
Can you imagine if
The people at the January 6th event had just fired bullets into the Capitol.
You would never have heard of the end of it, but this is breaking, ladies and gentlemen.
So look, Minneapolis is a great case study.
My office is watching this young woman's problems and we're hoping our phone rings.
We'd love to represent you.
If you are out there, you know, I can't solicit a client, but we'll take your call.
That's Kim Potter.
That's Kim Potter.
Here's the closing argument I'd like to make on Derek Chauvin's behalf if I were in that courtroom.
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the rule of law creates settled expectations for us when we go out in public.
Minimal conditions of decency.
There are things we're expected to do to enjoy the benefits of civil society.
Did George Floyd honor his side of the bargain the day that he died?
And I think the answer is overwhelmingly, he did not.
Derek Chauvin responded in response to a call of a counterfeit bill.
He had every reason and right and justification to question Mr. Floyd.
Mr. Floyd resisted at the get-go.
He wouldn't put his hands on the wheel.
He wouldn't get out of the car.
He wouldn't comply with requests for directives.
He was resistant throughout.
Now, not physically and overwhelmingly so, but police officers don't have the obligation to give you a pass just because you're behaving perhaps intoxicated, perhaps psychotic, perhaps both.
Police officers have a right to use reasonable force.
What should Derek Chauvin and his colleagues have done?
Should they have engaged in catch-and-release law enforcement because Floyd was irrational and perhaps intoxicated?
If that's the law enforcement you want, then the streets aren't safe.
At what point should they have simply released him and said he's too much trouble?
I can't breathe, he said.
But he said it well before officers put him to the ground.
He said it when he was sitting upright in the car.
He predicted his own death before he got in the car.
He said, please put me on the ground!
And he has to be placed on the ground.
The whole world is watching the George Floyd case.
But only the jury has been forced to see all 48 minutes of the body camera.
When you look at the body camera and you listen candidly and carefully to the medical evidence presented to the jury, I don't think you can
He's throwing fentanyl and meth out of his pockets.
No, I watched it.
It's sad.
I feel sorry he's dead, but the cop knew him, too, and was just trying to control him until they could finally get him to jail.
We're going to come back.
We've got breaking news.
The DOJ will not pursue criminal charges against the U.S.
Capitol Police officer.
They still, three months later, not released his name, involved in the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Ashley Babbitt in January 6.
They will not pursue charges and won't tell us his name.
True star chamber tyranny, next level.
We'll be right back with Norm Pattis.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Welcome back.
When I first saw the George Floyd footage of a man on the ground begging, I can't breathe, I can't breathe.
You think that he's killing him with a knee on his neck.
It's really mainly on his back.
But when you watch the 45 minute video, which I've watched twice, it's very heartrending.
You see a drug addict out of his mind on speed and on enough fentanyl to kill three men.
He's begging, saying he can't breathe when he's not even handcuffed.
And then he's on the ground.
He's all going crazy.
He's flipping out.
That's why people call the police on him.
Black folks call the police on him.
Now his family's gotten 27 million dollars.
Now this other guy's gonna get all this money and it's just all a bunch of drug addicts running around crazy and the police are like our custodians that are up cleaning this up and then they get the blame when stuff goes on and the politicians that have sold the country out they then point at
You better look out, because now you are living under some tyranny.
And then when the cops kill you, they're not going to be on the news, because it's all part of the same system.
So they're taking the police over right now.
We've got this big development.
The DOJ will not pursue criminal charges.
There's a Capitol Police officer who killed Ashley Babbitt in cold blood.
We should roll some footage of that.
Our own reporter shot the footage.
Involved in the fatal shooting of 35-year-old Ashley Babbitt on January 6, the Department of Justice closes investigation into the death of Ashley Babbitt.
And they say,
Since when do you have an investigation like it's National Security, like it's the CIA, and we don't even, they've closed the investigation and we don't even know the person's name.
This is a very dangerous precedent here, Norm.
What do you think's going on here?
I have no idea.
I mean, and that's the problem.
It's not transparent.
I know that had she been black and there were no charges, no transparency, there might be more riots in the streets and then we'd be talking about the need for a so-called racial reckoning.
Somehow the American public during the pandemic fell asleep and we've been sold a bill of goods.
The George Floyd case had nothing to do with race.
Police officers, it had everything to do with police officers responding to an irrational man and making what they thought, what were split-second judgments in tense evolving circumstances that were maybe not the best judgments, but the question is were they reasonable?
I was stunned
By the fact that the Minneapolis police brass deserted Chauvin on the stand and became a bunch of quizlings.
If that's not an example of community policing in its pathological form, I don't know what it is.
Well, imagine having to wrestle with a big guy hopped up on drugs for 30-40 minutes.
They were like nannies or something.
Who would take a job being treated like this?
They were exemplary throughout much of this.
And there's Mr. Floyd.
I'm not that kind of guy.
I'm not like this.
Please, please, you got to listen to me.
I'm claustrophobic.
And soon he'll go into the car and it'll be the first time that he'll say, I can't breathe.
And no one's got a hand on him.
Now, if you're Derek Chauvin,
And you're responsible for this man's welfare.
You know something's wrong.
One of his friends at the scene, who was in the car with him, made this gesture to the officers about Floyd when they arrived, giving again the officers more information that here's a man whose next movements were unknown because he was erratic.
And he was erratic throughout.
So Chauvin's now got his knee on the man's upper back.
I'm serious, I'm sick of it.
They did that last summer and then the Democrats won the White House.
So if this is the law enforcement we want, it's the law enforcement we get.
But I'll tell you something, if I hear a rustle at the door tonight and somebody's trying to enter my home, I'm calling 9-1-1.
I'm not calling Black Lives Matter.
And I don't care about the color of the person who's on your door.
Senator Kennedy made the point, he said, you don't call a crackhead when somebody's breaking down your door, you call the police.
That's exactly right.
And I'm not here to kiss the police ass, because they got some bad ones and sometimes it goes wrong, but as a profession, I've watched it, I've gone on ride-alongs.
This is a really hard, rough job that I would not want for the money, and I would make more mistakes if I was a cop.
I mean, the stuff they put up with is just hellish.
I spent several decades engaged in day-to-day litigation with cops, many involving death of people being arrested, many claims of unreasonable force.
I've tried scores of these cases.
What police officers do is ordinary heroism.
The two most difficult calls that a police officer makes are a response to a domestic call and a response to a person in a car.
And the reason in both instances is you really don't know what you're doing.
It's Russian or Latin.
Here's the thing.
I worked for a carpet cleaning place for only three months, and it made me think about cops when I was in college.
Some of these houses were filthy, evil, kids in bad positions, drug paraphernalia, fleas.
Cops gotta go into that all day long, man.
I mean, can you imagine?
This is like, they gotta take care of all these crazy homeless, all of it, and we just crap on them.
Why do you think the left's doing that?
I think there's a broader, we've talked about this before, I think there's a broader crisis of legitimacy in the country.
I don't think that we have a common consensus about values or the norms or what the Republic stands for.
You look at what's happened at the New York Times, you know, one of its editors has captured the nation, they're part of the nation's imagination, with the so-called 1619 Project.
Her reading of our history is that it is one solid story of racial repression and that it needs to be righted now in the name of social and racial justice.
Therefore, when a police officer arrests a black
It has nothing to do necessarily with the black man's conduct, but the context in which the conduct arose.
Well, I mean, now the Black Lives Matter lady that their own people are calling for investigation looks like embezzled tens of millions, $10.6 billion given to Black Lives Matter causes last year.
She's calling it white supremism to investigate her.
I mean, no, you moved into all white neighborhoods.
You have a private airfield.
Turns out you've got like six houses, tens of millions of dollars.
And then she says it's white supremacy.
If she's so afraid of white supremacy, why are all her houses in the most white neighborhoods I've ever heard of?
Because she's trying to recolonize the continent that was stolen from Native Americans and to disconfit her neighbors by showing that we're here and we matter.
The money that you used to buy your house was stolen from people of color, so I may have stolen this money from my contributors.
That doesn't make me guilty, it just makes me a different kind of thief.
And because my life matters and the context of injustice is such that I've been disadvantaged from birth,
I get a pass these days.
And so with respect to George Floyd, when he was called to the scene for counter, you know, on the claim of a counterfeit 20, from her perspective, they probably should have given him a 20 for his troubles and sent him on his way.
Well, I mean, I look at it who calls the cops.
This is a black shop.
They call it on him.
He's out of his mind.
I don't know.
She pulls the wrong weapon.
Obviously, she doesn't have a motive to kill a black guy in the middle of this.
Obviously, she knows.
Why would you make a mistake like this?
How do you put her in a position like this?
And then when she makes a mistake, you say she does it on purpose, and now they want her in prison.
But we know her name less than a day after it happens, and she's gone a day after it happens.
But then we don't know the name of the black man that killed the white woman.
That shows you the double standard, and it's dangerous.
It's truly dangerous.
Chief Justice John Roberts put it well in a case involving a school district in Seattle.
The only way to end discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.
And right now there is a presumption, you know, that if you're white, you ain't quite right.
I tried my debut at stand-up comedy the other night at a small club in Connecticut and I ended my riff with the following, hey you know I tried to buy woke insurance the other day.
The crowd looked at me, what's woke insurance?
Well woke insurance is what you need if you're a white man because I'm reading the paper and everything that's wrong with this country is my fault.
How am I gonna pay for all of this?
I need woke insurance!
And we're at a point where, you know, that sort of humor isn't necessarily farcical any longer.
There is a double standard with respect to the identity of the Capitol shooter.
I don't know that race, I think I saw the video, he's a white person.
Hold on, hold on.
Do five more minutes with us.
We got Owen coming up from the border, but do five more minutes with us on how we get out of this, how we come together.
Great constitutional criminal lawyer, First Amendment lawyer.
Norm Pattis will be right back in one minute.
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We'll be right back with our number three in T-minus two minutes.
All right, Norm Pattis, constitutional lawyer, famous criminal lawyer, is here with us.
And I was asking him during the break, how do you know less than six hours after Daunte Wright is shot and killed when they're out after him on an armed robbery warrant?
And the woman says taser taser during the fight, and obviously during the adrenaline pulls the wrong weapon.
That's happened quite a bit.
It's part of the training.
Why would she want to destroy herself?
Why would she want to go to prison?
It's still sad that he died, but he's the one out waving guns around, you know, with a warrant and all the rest of it during riots.
I mean, I'm surprised more weren't killed.
I'm still not saying I'm happy about it.
But we know Kim Potter, the veteran police officer's name.
Very, very quickly.
Now the country's burning, you know, in the middle of the nation and on the West Coast.
And they say if the officer in the Chauvin trial is found not guilty, despite what the jury has seen, that the whole country will burn.
Because, you know, this is more injustice.
So I was asking Norm Pattis, what do we do when the DOJ just minutes ago said they've closed the case in the investigation of the death of Ashley Babbitt on video, our own reporter
It was out freelancing, but he got the footage.
Maybe we should roll some of that.
Sam shot this.
He was just arrested by the FBI yesterday.
Talk about crazy.
It's the epicenter of everything.
And they are saying, we're not going to tell you the name.
This was three months ago.
Plus, I don't know where in law, where and anywhere you can do this.
This is really a dangerous precedent.
You got a black guy killing a white woman.
We don't ever know his name.
You got a white woman killing a black guy.
We know in six hours.
What's going on here, Norm?
Well, so with respect to how the government gets to keep secrets, there is something known as the law enforcement privilege.
So while an investigation is pending, the government can keep secrets.
And the theory is that public distribution or broadcast of its investigative efforts could prejudice the investigation.
However, what the DOJ did today is hugely significant.
By closing the investigation, they closed a door on an exception to a public records request.
So there's a very good argument to be made that anybody who wants to can file a Freedom of Information request for the investigative package.
They cannot claim, and that would include the identity of the shooter.
They cannot claim that this would be subject to a law enforcement privilege because they just told us the case is closed.
Senator, they may come up with a different excuse, a different claim, but I think they'd have to make it.
Right now, as far as I'm concerned, that's a public record and the public has a right to know.
But again, they instantly release it in hours if it's a white person shooting a black person, but they won't when it's a black person shooting a white person.
Just like this NFL guy in Georgia that killed the six people that were white and summed up a racial attack.
They won't even cover it in the news.
It's weird.
What do you think the point of that is?
People like to say that the Constitution is chiseled and granted, that its guarantees are crystal clear for all to see, and that's simply not true.
The Constitution is written on silly putty, and its meaning in the terms such as due process or reasonableness gets stretched based on the community consensus on values.
If you buy into the notion that there's a racial reckoning and that people of color are owed something because of historic injustice,
Then of course the door is going to swing one way.
I'm tutoring a young law student in constitutional law at an elite university.
I'm not going to name the student or the university, but he showed me his textbook and it talked about the difference between malign or bad discrimination and benign or good discrimination.
So, law students are being taught that it's okay to treat people differently on the basis of their characteristics, so that people belong to one class get one level of benefits, people belonging to another get a different level.
It's just wrong.
Now, I heard you say before the break, what can we do to change it?
I ask your listeners to go to the Gospel of John, Chapter 5, and that's the story of the sick man at Bethesda.
Jesus looked at the man and he didn't create an affirmative action plan.
He didn't create a program for a racial or disabled reckoning.
He looked at the man and said words that I don't think we say often enough to one another.
You know, the name of the Capitol shooter that killed the poor woman, Ashley Babbitt,
Three-plus months ago on January 6th has been known for a while.
When the name came out and his Facebook got exposed, he took his Facebook down.
They did not deny that he was the black officer that shot the white, honorably discharged Air Force veteran, Ashley Babbitt, to death in cold blood.
I don't wish any harm upon him, and I think that this investigation has been done, and I think it's very, very questionable.
I think that if it was a white cop shooting a black woman who was breaking through a window at the Capitol, that the U.S.
would be burned to a crisp right now.
I think if we had footage of a black woman looking like a fish out of water, groping for life as blood pours out of her face, that that would happen.
Because the media would make a big deal about it.
I'd say it's the heat of battle.
It's out of control.
The officer was scared.
He was working for Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Schumer.
He'd been ordered to hold people at that line and not let them come any further because the vice president was in there.
And though he probably was wrong and should have just hit her in the head with a club or something, you can't charge him because of the heat of battle.
That's how common sense works.
And maybe I'm being too lenient.
Maybe you disagree.
That's your right as an American.
But I know this.
The officer that shot her, I don't care if he's black or white or polka-dotted, we deserve to know their name.
And we do know the reported name.
I'll show it to you next segment.
But if you're a TV viewer, you're watching the footage that our own reporter, who was arrested by the FBI, shot yesterday.
And he went in and got incredible footage.
And my response to that is on InfoWars.com.
And there is a lot of news articles about it today.
We'll be covering some of the latest articles also next segment, because it's bigger than just InfoWars.
It's about freedom of the press.
So we all saw that terrible footage of George Floyd overdosing, cop's knee on his back, looked like it was on the neck.
I said, this is terrible.
Arrest him.
Fire that cop.
Then I learned more that he worked with him.
They were friends.
George was known to be in porn, a bunch of stuff.
They were bouncers together.
And then George started getting out of control.
Black folks called the police on him, and it all went wrong.
Does the cop need more training?
Maybe he's fired.
Maybe he was wrong.
I don't know.
But does he get put in prison?
The answer is no.
You watch this footage.
Does the black cop that shot this woman dead because she was screaming and yelling and breaking through the deal and he'd been told, under orders, you stop who comes through there.
Does he get charged?
Probably not, because there was hysteria, just like there was with Kim Potter and the armed robber suspect who'd been waving guns around in a high-speed chase during a city burning with riots, and they're fighting, and he's kicking, and they're grabbing, and she says, Taser, Taser, and pulls the wrong gun and shoots him, like anybody would do
If you had that job, you might end up getting that in your own life for 20-something years on the force.
It might happen the first week on this force.
It might happen 5 years in, 10 years in, 25 years in like her.
Or it may never happen.
But you look at Motive.
She got called.
He'd done the armed robbery.
He was resisting.
It was hysteria.
It wasn't premeditated.
And you know, mess around, find out.
You're not going to see me dressed like a thug, waving guns around, arm robbing people.
Because that's how you get killed.
That's how you die.
And I'm sad this young fool is dead.
But the whole point is the globalists are robbing the country.
They're euthanizing us.
They're poisoning us with tainted vaccines.
They're getting rid of the dollar.
They're bringing in world government.
They're Kim trailing everybody.
And they're dividing and conquering us.
And the truth is 14 black men die a year on average in questionable circumstances.
And every time they do...
Perfectly right in the middle of this trial.
Boy, you hear all about how important he is and how great he is.
Everybody says they're so sad, including the fake president and the fake vice president.
But when thousands of black men kill each other in Chicago, in New York, and D.C., and all these other places, you don't hear a damn thing about it.
Because the New World Order doesn't care about anybody's lives.
In fact, they like to get rid of people, and that's the reality.
But it blows me away.
To watch that footage that our own reporter was arrested for filming.
The National Geographic was in there and they weren't arrested.
The CNN was in there, they weren't arrested.
Paying the guy saying burn that mother effer down, $35,000.
Another agency paying another $35,000.
No problem there.
No calls by the left to arrest CNN or National Geographic.
I don't think they should be arrested for covering it.
I think they should be arrested for obviously paying someone and saying, go in there and do this.
That's why Jayden X is on tape with a CNN undercover he's with going, I told you it was coming.
I told you we're going to pull this off because he'd been online calling for it for weeks and in person calling for it that day on video.
But he was released in one day from jail.
How long will our reporter be kept?
Yeah, there is our own footage of Jaden X. Obviously methed out of his brain, according to his girlfriend.
That's our footage.
That's why...
I told Sam and I told Harrison to stay here.
I need more crew to stay here.
We can't take the whole crudos.
And Harrison did stay here and I'm like, once I learned Sam had shot this footage, I'm like, well, I'm mad that he came up here without me knowing about it.
But I guess he told Dewey he was coming.
But I was like, wow, that's amazing footage.
But I was just like, this is surreal.
This is, this is, this is so bizarre.
I mean, I don't like looking at that HD footage.
For TV viewers, you're seeing it right now.
And you got Jaden X, who not once but twice has gone for burning the mother effer down.
But because he's a good little Antifa guy, he's being left alone.
He's being protected.
But people that simply strolled into those hallways, waved him by police, three months later, they're still in jail, being beaten up because they're white.
And that's come out in the news.
Simply insane.
So when we come back, I think it's our moral responsibility to release the name as best we know.
The man is a Capitol Police officer.
If he's not the officer that did it, that's fine.
They can contact us and let us know, but it came out, you know, that the internet believed they knew who it was and the name and the information.
And so I believe the public has a right to know not to go after this officer.
No one should go after the officer who did this.
No one should go after Kim Potter.
They were in the fog of war in a crazy situation and they were told, hold this door and a bunch of people are crashing through it and breaking through it.
You had about 20 police right behind it with machine guns that didn't stop them.
And I mean, you know, you see me, I don't just talk the talk.
I want to stop that smuggler car.
I jumped in front of it and we stopped them.
I would have, you know, she's breaking through there.
I was told to stop people coming through.
She was being violent.
She deserved to be shot in the chest and die.
I would have walked right up and hit her with a billy club right square in the face.
I'm scared, the police officer.
Let's show our video from the start, HD.
He takes careful aim and kills her.
Okay, that's what he did.
And the grand jury didn't indict him, so whatever.
All I know is, we know every white cop that kills a black person's name, but when a black person kills a white person, we don't hear about it because the media wants to act like it's only white people killing black people, and that's not true.
It's 10 to 1 black people killing white people, 12 to 1 black people killing white people, and I'm sick of hearing how I'm this evil devil criminal that's so apt to kill black people when it's the other way around.
And by the way, I don't blame black people for what a minority of black people do.
It's still a small minority that's doing it.
But that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reality.
And so the system doesn't want this known.
The system doesn't want this seen.
And we need to see it and we need to know it now.
I don't think that Kim Potter needs to go to jail for this, and I don't think the police officer at the Capitol needs to go to jail because of the hysteria, the fog of war, and the orders he was given.
Those that gave the order to shoot to kill, they should be investigated, because they gave the order.
And I'm not giving him a Nuremberg defense that he followed orders.
It's the hysteria.
A lot of people would have done the same thing.
A lot of white cops have done the same thing, and they were ordered to, and the vice president's right there behind them, and, you know, right there, and they've gotten right to the point.
But then you cannot
You cannot sit there and then, say, target all the other cops in other situations that are similar.
Dante, right?
Rioters burned down a police building and forced cop Kimberly Potter to flee her home after a dress leaked.
So see, the left is going to do all that because that's what the liberal police chief did.
So we need to ask, though, why, if you're white, are you immediately known, if you're black, you're not?
That's the big question.
And so we're going to release the purported name that the internet is saying is the officer.
He is a Capitol Police officer.
So when a white police officer or Hispanic police officer shoots a white person, a black person, a whatever person, it's instantly on the news every time.
But when a black man shoots a white man or a white woman, it's never on the news.
Because only whites do bad things.
You've heard we're evil.
So our intent in exposing this is not to say black people are inherently bad or that what one black person does reflects on others.
It's just we're going to be fair here.
Tyler Hanson's been a pretty good investigative journalist over the years, and he's been on the show before, and he and others say they have the identity of Ashley Babbitt's shooter, which in the three-plus months the feds never released, and now they've, quote, cleared the police officer without saying his name of it.
You don't normally see that, do you?
Like some citizen shoots somebody in their backyard.
Later you hear they were indicted or they were cleared, but you heard their name day one.
So is he the new royalty?
Now maybe he's not the officer, but for months his name's been known, so if he's not the officer, let us know, or we're gonna do a foyer, I assure you.
In fact, I've asked my lawyer to do it, to find out exactly what's happening, because we have a right as the press, a right to know.
The identity of Ashley Babbitt's shooter is Lieutenant Michael Leroy Byrd, says Taylor Hanson on Twitter.
Multiple mainstream media outlets have known this, but refuse to run the story.
Why is that?
I don't
This is
Ian McKellen alone that are overflowed for illegals, little children, girls, unattended teenagers with men controlling them, vans pulling up, getting the women, disappearing.
You go to the Catholic charity, they call it a Catholic charity, it's like a MS-13 base it looks like, and the employees have the tattoos all over them, and then they just give the children over and little girls over to folks in vans where they take them to airports.
They're waved through, no IDs are checked.
The FBI is God, and they said the law doesn't count anymore.
We are better than Congress, the courts, and the executive.
We are the FBI.
We are everything.
We love MS-13.
And they just waved it all through into there.
So we showed the 30-plus anchor baby women with babies in their hands and all nine months pregnant, it looks like.
Some of them look like they're 12 years old, 11 years old.
We showed you men there saying they're there to pick women up in vans.
We showed you that footage.
We showed you the illegal centers under the overpasses, kids sleeping in the dirt.
I mean, this is just everywhere you go.
We showed you kids being crammed in trunks.
The media's like, oh, how dare Jones, he's a racist, evil person, doesn't want us smuggling humans.
These people are being fed on.
We get more and more and more and more footage.
In fact, if you can, B-roll, show the
Show the anchor baby moms.
It's all at band.video in the border crisis section.
Go there, click the left-hand corner, find that section.
Because there's so many of these every hour coming out, I can't even keep track of them.
You know, some of them have 3 million views, some of them have 50,000 views.
They all deserve 50 million views.
I mean, it needs to be seen.
No one else is doing it.
So we've gone and shown it.
We've gone and documented it.
We've got the holy grail of the illegal garbage and the FBI waving background checks and mass smuggling and just MS-13 running it and just total insanity.
We have undercover police that are on our side going in and getting us all this information.
So a lot of locals are upset.
But only you can get the articles and the videos and the material at Banned.Video and share it.
But you can't share Banned.Video.
It's blocked almost.
So you got to do BannedThis.TV.
That is the URL currently not blocked.
Hours and hours and hours.
But only you can take action.
So the report is up on Banned.Video.
It's up on Infowars.com.
It broke yesterday afternoon, or last night.
Miners loaded on planes, little girls and boys, to be given to random strangers.
And our undercovers talked to them, they said, the oldest was 18 years old, she's the coyote, or the eagle, the hawk, they had different names for it, that goes through, and the TSA isn't there, they just stand down, and they just are waved through, and bye bye, and no one even knows where they're going.
A smuggler's dream.
But because Biden says it's okay, everybody loves it.
50,000 views up after, like, last night.
Deserves a million views.
Shocking video.
Miners loaded on planes to be given to random strangers.
Southern border collapse.
Southern border crisis section.
Here's part of that report.
So here, the unaccompanied minors in the McAllen, Texas airport.
And when I say unaccompanied, folks, so this lady talking to the Border Patrol agent, who's very, very young herself, she's apparently going to go with them.
You see, she has all their documents from the Border Patrol.
But notice, not a single passport, not a single ID card.
These are just packets that the Border Patrol and the charity have typed up, and that's what they're given.
And you'll see Border Patrol agents speaking to them.
And he's asking if they have IDs, and of course they're saying no.
No IDs at all.
And so this is a sister, or this is somebody that works for a charity in the black jacket with the purple bag.
She works for the charity she will not be going with.
This very young girl over here will be traveling with this group of minors.
None of them will have their parents here.
So again, folks, it's really important to note, okay, just kind of see brand new shoes, brand new pants, brand new shirts, brand new travel bags, all matching.
This is a system.
This is a pipeline that they have established, okay, to efficiently and effectively and quickly get people without legal documentation into the United States of America.
So, and as you can see, now she's waved through the checkpoint.
And she will be traveling.
And we're going to get the full story here, folks, from the... But again, there's no ID card.
Then they have the undercover that talks to them on the other side.
We had undercovers throughout the airport.
That full report needs to be seen, needs to go viral.
You know, in the old days... Actually, Drudge linked to one of our stories the other day.
Well, thank you, Drudge, or whoever it is running Drudge.
I haven't heard from Drudge in years.
This needs to be seen, though, ladies and gentlemen.
And that's only a small part of the report, and there's stuff even worse on the site.
And this is what you're paying for when you buy books and films and t-shirts and water filtration and air filtration.
All of it's top end.
All of it's great.
All of it funds our operation.
Without you, we won't be here.
So, please go to infowarstore.com.
I've told you I'm committed to the end.
The FBI's arresting our reporters.
It's all hell's breaking loose.
But it's okay, because we're all burning down together.
It's like Helter Skelter.
I was coming with that song next, the Motley Crue version.
Because I'm coming down fast, but I'm miles above you, New World Order.
You got that?
Well, you burned me down, you're getting burned down yourself.
And so, that's where we are.
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Well, we've got Owen Schroyer and our intrepid crew down on the Texas-Mexico border.
We're going to let them tell you where they are and what they're planning.
But when you drive around in McAllen, where I've been many times, all the hotels are empty.
No cars, basically, because it's all filled with illegal aliens, many of them children, with people that aren't their parents.
I mean, normally, I mean, if Project Veritas broke the stuff we're breaking, I'd say, incredible, Veritas, you're amazing, which we do.
They are breaking stuff this big.
We're breaking stuff as big as Veritas, but we're not as able to get stuff out as them.
We're only able to get it out through you, and so thank you for joining us, viewers and listeners.
Thank you, Owen and crew, knocking it out of the park down there.
You're now into day, I guess, two and a half being there.
You've been there since Monday afternoon.
I'm going to be joining you soon.
Tell us what you've witnessed.
Tell us where you are and what you're about to do.
So we are at another immigrant, illegal immigrant overflow hotel, and it's a roadway in, and it's not even in McAllen, it's about 10 miles out of McAllen in San Juan, Texas.
So McAllen is now completely overcapacity with illegal immigrants, and now they're having to bus them to other hotels.
Now before I give you a walkthrough of the situation that we're in right now, I want to give you a brief update here.
It's pretty much now confirmed with 99% positivity that all of these organizations that we know are working together through the Rio Grande Valley's Catholic Charities, they are
And again, if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't cover it up.
Yeah, and they already called the cops on us today.
So we've had the cops called four times on us.
We've never done anything illegal.
Now, let me walk you through this hotel.
And the reason why we weren't standing on their property, Alex, is because I suspect, as soon as I step on their property here, that they're probably going to call the police.
But I want to show you what's going on here.
So again, this is the Roadway Inn in San Juan, Texas.
Where they have another immigration overflow facility.
Now, this is a very large hotel.
I would say at least 100 units.
And as you can see, the parking lot, as you said, Alex, is empty.
Well, how is a parking lot empty?
You're not supposed to be here on my property.
You're not supposed to be here on my property.
You're not supposed to be here on my property.
Are you the owner of this hotel?
Yes, sir.
So how much do you get paid to facilitate the illegal immigrants?
It is my business.
It's taxpayer dollar.
So what are you saying?
Are you telling us we need to leave?
So there you can see the non-citizens in there.
Are these American citizens?
It doesn't matter.
So the answer is no.
So the answer is no.
Well, what about them though?
They're not even Americans.
How much money are you making?
How much money?
What's your name, sir?
What's your name, sir?
What is it one more time?
Renee Panopoulos.
And you're the owner?
And who's this candidate that you support here?
Is that a Democrat?
Is that a Democrat for City Commissioner?
So you guys like facilitating illegal immigration but kicking off American citizens?
Sir, I'm not here to answer your question, sir.
I just don't want you here.
Okay, why?
I want you out of here right now.
I'm just telling you.
Are U.S.
citizens welcome here?
Sir, you're not welcome here.
Why am I not welcome?
Why am I not welcome?
Why am I not welcome, sir?
Don't you think it's an interesting thing that I'm just standing here and you don't want us here?
Can you just answer why?
Sir, I'm not doing nothing illegal.
I'm ready for people... So then what do you have to hide?
So what are you doing here?
So what are you doing here?
I'm running my business right here.
You just showed me running my business.
But these are non-citizens.
You're just showing me running my business.
No, I'm not.
All these rooms are filled.
You're smart.
All these rooms are filled.
All these rooms are filled.
I'm not running your business.
That's none of your concern, sir.
I'm just asking you why we're not welcome, but non-citizens are.
Okay, fine.
That's all.
That's all we're asking.
So there you go, Alex.
So another facility that we come to... And let's be clear, they call it all legal to have open borders and little kids and MS-13 people delivering kids everywhere.
It's illegal.
Biden didn't sign an executive order.
It violates federal law.
The FBI can't waive laws.
They can't waive laws and say there's no background checks for kids brought in the country and put on airplanes.
It's all a fraud!
Are you in this hotel, sir?
Yes, I am.
Do you live in this hotel?
Are you from America?
I have.
I have COVID.
Do you have COVID?
Is that why they sent you here?
Does anyone make sure you stay here?
So you can leave whenever you want?
You can or can't leave?
Do nurses come and take care of you, sir?
No nurses?
They don't like you?
They hate me.
Why is that?
Because I'm white.
Because you're white, you said.
So where did you come from, sir?
Yeah, alright.
Alex, they're calling the police right now, but I want to show you... Well, here's the deal.
There's a public perception that that's an open business.
So once the police get there, they have to present you with a letter of trespass and make you leave.
Leave if you want now, but you know the drill.
It's all fraud.
No, Alex, we're going to walk through the parking lot here just so you can see.
So you saw the no vacancy sign.
You saw him say that we're not welcome here.
As you can see, people are living here, Alex.
You can see they're washing their clothes in their sink.
And they're letting it dry out on these rails, out on these trees right here.
And again, no cars here.
So the whole hotel, 100 units, is completely filled with non-citizens.
And there's no car here.
I know because I was there last week.
You go to hotel after hotel after hotel in every town, hundreds of hotels.
Now, no commerce, no business, COVID lockdown, but illegal aliens pouring across everywhere.
And did you notice what the gentleman said to me?
He said his name was Palacios.
He claimed to be the owner of this hotel.
You notice what he said?
He said, you're interfering with my business.
Well, wait a second.
This hotel is booked solid for an indefinite period of time.
There's no, the business is already solid.
So how am I interfering with this business?
Oh, because if we expose that what they're doing here is illegal, maybe that shuts down his no bid contract.
Again, they're all operating under Biden saying, do it, and the Border Patrol followed his orders.
There's no executive order, but he had the head of the Border Patrol order the illegal activity.
The Border Patrol said that.
They're hoping Congress acts, but they're still, I think, doing wrong.
They should walk off the job.
I mean, we really need boycotts.
We need the Border Patrol to boycott this and just walk off and not deliver all the illegals.
They'll all just pile up because they all expect a bunch of free money.
I mean, my God, we need a Border Patrol strike!
That will shut this down, because these people are all paid to the Coyotes, they're paid to the Democrats, they've already paid up, this is totally organized, mechanized.
The answer is the Border Patrol and others need to walk off.
Because it's already lawless anyways.
Go ahead.
Completely agree, Alex.
Somebody has to take a leadership position on this and stop this at the source.
And right now, we've talked to multiple federal agents.
They say, you know, it's just a strange time.
It's like Twilight Zone.
They're doing the exact opposite thing that they were hired to do.
And it's like we keep saying, where's the governor?
He should do way more.
The state police are nowhere to be seen down there.
They just write tickets on the highway.
We need action now.
This is incredible.
Yeah, and the so-called owner has come back out here.
Let me just complete showing you this entire facility and we'll go back and see if we can't talk to the owner again before the police show up.
I'm going to break for networks.
We gotta hard break this.
People always say, like, Jones went to break to hide the info.
It's set times, satellites, our radio affiliates will dump us.
We don't go to break.
I have to go to break in 40 seconds.
Stay there.
Be safe.
We'll be back in four minutes.
Owen Stroyer, Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
This is groundbreaking stuff.
I'm so proud of the crew.
I'm so proud of you, the listeners, keeping us on air and doing this.
Without you, we would not be doing this.
No one else is doing this.
We've trended on Twitter four times in the last week.
We've had an additional 50 million views.
Media Matters has written a huge story bitching that I told you we had 15 million views on TikTok.
People are like,
Where's the 50 million views?
I told you they did a huge hit piece, got the videos removed.
So I'm not telling you where our viral videos are anymore.
Even that crew like, where's the video of that?
Then they took them down.
I'll tell you.
But we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
All right, our reporter Sam Montoya was arrested for covering the Capitol event.
Our crew is down on the southern border between Texas and Mexico, and all these hotels are filled with children, women, you name it.
They're catching smuggling at the airport, unattended children being just put on planes, incredible stuff.
Owen Schroer, we went to break for four minutes here on the Alex Jones Show.
What happened since you were not with us?
Uh, so as expected, the hotel called the cops on us and filed a complaint and said we're not allowed on their property, but there is a sidewalk right here in front of the hotel that we were told that it's perfectly legal for us to stand here and record in front of the hotel.
And now they're coming and talking over you, aren't they?
Uh, this, this guy, sir, are you homeless?
No, but I'm serious.
Are you homeless, sir?
I'm trying to figure out what's going on here.
Do you know?
He's one of the weirdos.
Do you work here?
Yeah, I can't really get any answers out of this guy.
How you doing, man?
Right on, man.
Oh, we got a fan that just stopped by too.
So anyway, Alex, uh, yeah, uh...
Every time we try to talk to these people running the facilities, they seem to be very nervous.
They seem to be very suspicious.
They obviously don't want media there.
If they believe what they're doing here is such a great thing, if they really think this is a humanitarian thing they're doing and they're heroes, you'd think they'd want to promote it.
You'd think they'd want to promote their charities.
You'd think they'd want to be asking.
Let's shift gears and talk about what else you've seen since I talked to you last night.
Sure, exactly.
You'll be hosting the War Room coming up here in about an hour and ten minutes for three hours.
What else have you witnessed?
Let's talk about Sam Montoya.
I mean, Sam's a great guy.
Been here three years.
Went up there, you know, on his own, because I said you've got to stay here in Austin and run the shows, but he decided to go up there.
And I'm not saying that because I'm not glad he went to the Capitol.
He shouldn't be indicted for this.
You know, it's BS.
You've been indicted for simply confronting Nadler peacefully.
You were also arrested for doing a silent protest.
So they've charged him with the same thing that they charged you with, that you're currently fighting, but they want to keep him in jail for months for this.
What do you make of it?
Well, the Democrats are completely out of control.
I mean, this is really serious, dangerous, scary stuff, quite frankly.
I really don't even like talking about it, Alex.
You've kind of been talking about it lately on air, too.
But just how real this is getting, how close this is getting.
I mean, it's coming to our homes, it's coming to our friends, it's coming to our families.
This is the left.
This is communism.
This is fascism.
This is authoritarianism.
This is totalitarianism.
This is tyranny.
And we're just the front lines standing against tyranny.
So of course they're going to try to mop up and wipe out the front lines first.
Because we come out here and we expose all their crimes.
Whether it's covering the fake elections, whether it's covering the open borders, whether it's covering up the fake pandemic.
Blow up all of their fake news.
We are the ones that are fighting the tyranny.
That's why they have to come after us first.
And, you know, Sam is one of dozens.
Sam is one of dozens who's rotting in a jail cell right now because they were in D.C.
on January 6th.
Everybody knows the real criminals are still in D.C.
Everybody knows the real criminals have been in D.C.
for decades.
And now that they know we're onto them...
The Chuck Schumers, the Nancy Pelosi's, the Maxine Waters of the world.
They want to do away with the pesky Americans.
They want to do away with the... And Owen down on the Texas-Mexico border that's collapsed.
Let's talk about that.
We don't want to be the only ones down there covering it.
Yeah, it's sensational.
Yeah, we get a lot of viewers.
We don't care.
We wish there were satellite trucks everywhere.
This is incredible stuff.
But because it's not on the news, we shoot video of the anchor babies or the smuggler cars and people think it's fake.
Like we have a 200 million dollar budget to shoot something like that.
I mean because so we wish and there's the police we wish everybody I mean, well, there's no coverage of this Owen.
Yeah, so there's two police here now.
They're still complaining.
They're trying to throw us off the sidewalk, but this is public property.
So there's nothing they can do.
But they don't want us here.
They don't want us filming.
And again, it's like if you're in any of these areas or you're in any of these facilities,
They protect these illegal immigrants like they're a commodity, Alex.
They protect these illegal immigrants like they're part of a business infrastructure.
And they don't want media talking to them.
They don't want media exposing what's going on.
I can't get a hotel room anywhere.
You can't go talk to these people.
They have walls around their facilities.
That's right.
Almost every hotel, including the one we were staying at last time, was having job fairs to oversee all the illegal aliens.
So this is industrial-level collapse.
Where is Congress?
Where are the hearings?
Biden doesn't have the authority to do this.
I mean, sure, Ted Cruz went down there, great.
Where is everybody else, though, and why is that not happening?
And to echo what you said earlier, Alex, how is this, how is every media outlet not down here covering this?
I mean, it's unbelievable.
We came here today, Alex, and it didn't even take 30 seconds.
We heard about a facility over here.
We drove into San Juan.
We found the Rio Grande Valley's Charity Center.
It took five minutes.
And then we followed a bus load to this hotel.
The roadway end in San Juan.
We followed a bus load.
Boom, they dropped him off.
We followed the bus load.
Boom, they took another load to the McAllen Center.
It's not even... When you come here, it happens 24-7.
It's like, oh, I'm gonna go to the diner.
I'm gonna get a... I'm gonna get a cheeseburger.
You know you're gonna go get a cheeseburger.
You know you're gonna get a soda.
Oh, I'm gonna go to one of these illegal immigrant facilities.
And you know you're gonna see ban loads.
You're gonna see bus loads.
You're gonna see tons of children.
That's mostly what this is here, Alex.
These are mostly children and adults.
They don't know if they're related.
They don't know.
That violates federal and state law.
And you can say, okay, well, the TSA law Congress passed back in 2002 or whatever is unconstitutional.
Well, it doesn't matter.
It's in place for us, the citizens.
It's not in place where it's supposed to be under other federal law at the border with children being smuggled and Senate reports that's been done en masse before.
So, I mean, we could do citizens arrest.
I'm not calling for that.
I'm just saying this is illegal.
This is out of control.
And this is brazen.
Why do you think Biden is so arrogant?
And why do you think Congress isn't acting on this?
We've just become numb to the tyranny?
They're making their move, Alex.
That's what it is.
They're making their move on all fronts.
And, you know, you really think about it.
Again, it's scary.
They have all their pieces in place right now to just twist that lever and all the gears will mesh.
And you know they've got another COVID, you know, advanced virus that they'll probably release out of a Wuhan lab or somewhere.
You know they got lockdowns ready and new legislation ready to lock this down.
You know they got schizophrenics and meth wound up to do mass shootings?
They've also got their financial collapse they're going to stage.
That's in the documents.
Yeah, exactly.
They've made their move.
That's why they don't care.
They don't care how obvious it is.
They don't care how bad it gets.
Because this is just the beginning.
We get police called on us because we're out here executing our First Amendment.
They run an illegal immigration pipeline and I say, hey, you know, what are the police doing here with us?
They should be in there talking to this guy.
They should be investigating why these children are in hotels without their parents.
They should be investigating why we have unaccompanied minors being put into hotel rooms with
Foreign adults.
They don't even have IDs.
They could lie about what they're doing.
And there's all these weird creepy men floating around going, I'm here to get women.
Loading them in vans that disappear.
I mean, this is... I've never seen stuff like this in movies.
I mean, this is like insane.
Again, we invite the media.
Again, did I stage this?
Come cover this.
Did I stage showing up and the police coming here with multiple cop cars, and this guy over here complaining that the media is out here?
Did we stage all this?
No, this is as real as it gets, folks.
There's no staging that has to go on here.
We tell you the real story, and when we get over the target, that's why you see the flack that we take, because we are over the target.
This is such
This is such a money-grabbing thing for the locals here, like the hotel owner.
He likes it because he's making a bunch of money.
The bus drivers like it because they're making a bunch of money.
The airlines like it because they're making a bunch of money.
Citizens of McAllen have to pay to have this illegal immigration pipeline run through their town.
The United States of America is just having a wide-open border and a welfare state, so we're all going to have to pay for this eventually, somehow, someway.
Who's going to leverage that debt?
How is that going to be used against the United States?
Well, we had a plan to do a drone shoot in McAllen to kind of do drone footage above the facility and then show them the walk that they go to the Catholic Charities, but we ran into a bit of a snafu.
They have a no-fly zone right above the illegal immigration facilities, if you can believe that.
A no-fly zone.
And as you can see, it looks like more people are being delivered right now.
There's another lady going in there with an envelope.
Honestly, Alex, there's so much happening 24-7 here.
I don't even know where to begin.
You know, it's a damn illegal immigration pipeline.
There's thousands of them coming in every day.
There's dozens of hotels.
There's dozens of drivers.
There's suspicious people involved.
And the left plays the stand.
They go, okay, Jones didn't stage that last week.
But it's legal and these are good people.
No, it's not legal.
And it's all this mind control that the country's under.
All right, Owen.
Coming up in one hour, The War Room.
You'll be in the field.
I guess you've got Ember Papertine or whoever helping out as well doing it.
Oh, Harrison Smith's going to be here.
That's great.
Harrison Smith's going to double duty then.
He does weekday mornings.
Oh, by the way, I've got a Harrison Smith clip I asked for at the start of the show.
Did I get that?
Because he did such a good job.
At the end of his show, that I'm going to air that hair as a Smith piece.
I was sitting at the end of his show, it was so good.
We're going to air a few minutes of that and then Paul Joseph Watson takes over.
Thank you so much, Owen!
Thank you, Alex.
We'll see you guys
The companies that are having massive layoffs, the companies that routinely find themselves on the brink of bankruptcy, are time and time again bailed out by hundreds of millions of dollars from corporate conglomerates.
Hundreds of millions.
The Young Turks, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, I mean, they're just, there's just a fire hose of cash being poured into those places, and they can barely stay afloat, because they're liars, because they're full of crap, because their deceitful ways are bound inevitably to fail, because they're not based off of truth and human connection, they're based off of lies and manipulation by corporate interests.
So it's, I mean, it's incredible that we've been able to maintain for as long as we have, but it's not a sure thing and we do not have those big corporate, you know, mega-national, multinational mega-corporations pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into InfoWars.
You can only imagine if they were.
I mean what we could achieve would be absolutely incredible.
We can't rely on them.
They don't like us.
They wouldn't give us money and we wouldn't take it anyway because it would come with stipulations that we would not adhere to.
So instead we appeal to the American people at large, to the individuals out there who together can so overwhelm the influence of just a few billionaires that
You know, the evidence is here.
The proof is in the pudding.
I mean, we can do it.
When we all get together, when we all focus our power on a single issue, or the overarching issue of the corporate cabal that is now attempting to run everything in this country, we can overwhelm them no matter how much money they have pumped into their coffers because we have the will of God at our backs, like the wind in our sails.
Let me give you an example of this.
Clip 14.
This is a woman with over 400,000 followers on Instagram, and yet she's got a little bit of honor left in her.
She's got a little bit of truth there at the forefront.
Usually it's hard to even get followers on Instagram if you're not willing to whore yourself out.
Here's a woman who did not do that, refuses to do that, and is now exposing the people trying to get her to do that.
She's a, again, an Instagram influencer with over 400,000 followers.
Here's what she said about the vaccine.
I'm not going to debate or anything, but I've just seen obviously the vaccine tab and T-Seron.
If you want to get the vaccine, get the vaccine to each your own.
But I did just want to make a little note that I received two vaccine campaigns paying thousands of dollars to go and get a vaccine or go get the vaccine and record it and take a selfie while getting the vaccine.
I'm just gonna throw that out there.
Isn't that interesting?
Isn't that interesting?
Who's doing this?
Who's offering this money?
Why are they offering this money?
Is it your money?
Is this your tax dollars?
Is this government organizations carrying this out?
Is this non-governmental organizations funded by the Open Society Foundation or some sort of other Soros, Gates, Rothschild, you know, front group putting this money up?
Is it the pharmaceutical companies themselves?
Some of the most evil, wicked, deceitful
Death-causing, you know, immoral companies in the history of the world are pharmaceutical companies.
Oh, but now we have to allow them to inject us with an experimental serum or else we're the bad guys.
Here you see people willingly taking their selfies, people posting their vaccine cards, eating their donuts that they're being rewarded with, like a dog getting a retreat, a treat for doing a trick.
Truly incredible.
So you have, she said twice, she's been offered thousands of dollars to go get a vaccine and post a selfie with it, knowing that this is the type of thing that influences her followers.
Now, 500 or 400,000 plus followers, that's a lot, but there are a lot of influencers with that many people.
Following them.
There are a lot of accounts on Twitter with over 400,000 followers.
And probably every single one of them is receiving multiple offers of thousands of dollars to get the vaccine, support it, and encourage their followers to get it.
So this is what we're up against.
It's happening in the media.
It's happening with influencers.
Alright, that's just the last few minutes of the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
He really does a first-rate job with the producers and crew and callers and guests.
Weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
Paul Watson takes over now.
Stay with us.
And we are live!
It is April the 14th, it is the Summit News Hour, and it is the week of the great reopening, or at least the start of it, in the United Kingdom, where we get the privilege afforded to us by government.
Yes, the state has allowed us in all its beneficence to sit outside a pub or a restaurant, freezing our arses off, enjoying a pint of lager with up to six people, six whole people,
Again, it was literally snowing on Tuesday morning when they introduced these new rules.
They relaxed the rules.
It was literally snowing.
It was about five degrees.
Not much fun to be had.
Although there was video, there was photographs of people enjoying themselves in Soho.
And then we got all the usual recriminations from the fun police saying, oh my God, how dare they?
They're going to cause a fourth wave.
Well, when are we going to be able to go back to normal?
Is the old normal ever coming back?
If every time we revert back to a semblance of normal behaviour, you have these ninnying, hysterical, hyperventilating Karens who come out and say, oh, you're going to cause a fourth wave.
When are people going to be able to go back to normal life?
Is this timetable anything aside from total BS?
I would argue not.
But we're going to start with some good news.
This is out of the Telegraph.
Quite a big revolt brewing in terms of the vaccine passport, which we've talked about a lot.
Telegraph reports, we won't make customers show Covid passports.
Hospitality firms warn Boris Johnson.
Now Johnson came out with a statement a couple of days ago.
We're going to play the clip.
Probably in the next segment now.
Where he said the lockdown, not the vaccine.
They're now even trashing their own vaccine, which was supposedly the scientific cavalry that was coming to the rescue.
Now the scientific establishment itself, government spokespeople, are literally trashing their own vaccine.
You have celebrities tweeting that they've had the vaccine but they're still going to wear two, three masks.
They're not going to go out.
They're not going to see their family members.
Literally undermining confidence and giving people no reason whatsoever to take the vaccine after having said the vaccine was vital.
It was incredibly important that we
Did not undermine confidence in it, because obviously there are a lot of people who don't want to take it, not just for fear of it causing side effects, but criminals basically, let's be honest, and illegal aliens who don't want to have any confrontation, any interaction with authorities on any level.
A lot of BAME people, a lot of black people have this natural disposition to not trust health authorities for many different reasons.
Big public relations campaign in this country to try to get them to take the vaccine.
Now we're being told it's not the vaccine that's helping, it's the lockdown because there's gonna be a lockdown for this timetable is complete BS.
But there are rumblings of a revolt.
Article says more than 60 restaurant owners, nightclub operators and other hospitality figures have told Boris Johnson they will not force customers to show Covid passports.
Bear in mind, on a sidebar, that this is the same Boris Johnson who for two years over the course of 2004... I just want to make a very important point about... 2005, we'll go to that clip in the next segment.
He was the same guy...
Who for two years during the Blair years in the early part of the 2000s railed against ID cards to the point of literally saying if somebody asked him for his ID card in the street he would eat it up and spit it out.
This is the guy now setting up the Covid passport which is a biosecurity digital ID card.
But there is a revolt brewing because in a letter to the Prime Minister seen by the Telegraph
The signatories make clear their opposition to Covid status certification being used in hospitality settings.
Now, bear in mind the government has come out and said it won't be required now for anyone who wants to go into a pub or a restaurant.
In fact, Boris Johnson was literally asked that question.
He was asked, would these Covid passports be required for pubs and restaurants?
And he basically said, no, not tomorrow, meaning not within that small window where they're still developing them.
They'd lied to the public for the past six months, claiming there was no plans whatsoever for a domestic vaccine passport.
Meanwhile, they're literally funding, to the tune of millions of pounds, the companies that were developing the technology, while telling the public that it was never going to be on the agenda.
They lied about that.
They're going to lie about the timetable.
But this letter, signed by these restaurant and nightclub owners, says we will not be forcing our patrons to show us any documentation referring to health status to gain entry.
Says the intervention is a shot across the bowels of the government as ministers consider whether to require restaurants and pubs to check the Covid status of customers.
And just from anecdotal evidence...
A lot of these premises are not enforcing this mandate, which is interesting because if you read about the so-called Green Pass, the vaccine passport in Israel, you see the same thing occurring.
Israel introduced their vaccine passport to try to convince young people to get the vaccine and largely it worked.
Huge numbers of young people got the vaccine as a result of
The threat, or the promise, of not being able to go back into nightclubs, bars, restaurants, etc.
It worked!
But then if you read about how it's being enforced, it's not being enforced.
The owners of the premises, the bars, restaurants, nightclubs, are not asking the Israelis when they go into these venues to show their vaccine passport.
And in fact, the government in Israel gave them no advice on how to enforce it.
The authorities themselves have not stepped in and said, no, you need to enforce it.
So it was entirely
The public relations ploy to make people take the vaccine.
They're not actually enforcing the vaccine passport, at least not at this point.
But the UK government, in its own vaccine passport planning document, did not rule out introducing it to cinemas, for pubs, for nightclubs.
They're already doing tests for these big stadia sports events over the next couple of months.
Again, after having lied to the public for the past six months and said that it was never on the agenda.
But among the signatories are the CEOs of Recomme UK, which runs 42 nightclubs, and Tokyo Industries, which runs clubs, festivals and bars.
Others backing the letter include senior figures at venues such as the Hippodrome Casino, big casino in London, Electric Star Pubs, Bocca di Lupo, Proud Cabaret, Brindisa and Burger and Lobster.
By the way, as I was saying from anecdotal evidence, I haven't
Been out to a pub yet this week and celebrated this great freedom that the government has given us, this great privilege of engaging in basic everyday normal behaviour, because I don't want to have idiots in masks screeching at me demanding my details be put into a database, but from what I've been told from friends who have been out to the pub, it's either being enforced in a very lax manner or it's not being enforced at all.
And that's what you see with a lot of these businesses that have lost tons of money over the course of the pandemic, while billionaires have literally doubled their wealth, transnational corporations have swallowed up their competition and grown fat on the profits of this pandemic.
You will find that a lot of these small businesses are revolting against this tyranny, against this attack on their livelihood, by refusing to enforce these mandates.
The local hairdressers that I go to, which I won't name for obvious reasons,
Absolutely nothing.
They don't wear masks, they don't care, and they think the whole thing's basically a fraud.
So a lot of premises are similar, and now we've had this letter with all these different nightclub bar restaurant owners saying they are not going to enforce the Covid passport, whatever the government tells them to do.
And it's an open letter that will be added to
And they've invited other business bar nightclub owners to add their name to that list.
So a big revolt brewing in terms of the vaccine passport.
We also have this, which I'll get into more after the break, but finally Christian leaders, perhaps understanding that the vaccine passport is going to be an integral part of an embryonic social credit score here in Western Europe, are finally growing a backbone
Lockdown Skeptics reports Christian leaders warn against the introduction of medical apartheid under a vaccine passport scheme.
You would hope they'd also have read the Book of Revelations, where it says nobody who hasn't had the mark would have the right to buy or sell.
Quite similar to what's unfolding in reality in 2021.
We'll be right back.
This is the Summit News Hour.
More to come.
Join us on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Well, as part of this so-called lifting of coronavirus lockdown restrictions in the United Kingdom, we've seen an increase in policing of behaviour that would otherwise in any other time in recent history be described as perfectly normal, reasonable behaviour.
In fact, there was an image on the day that the shops opened a couple of days ago
In London from Oxford Street, and it's featured at the top of the story, which is headlined, Polls!
Significant proportion of Brits say they have enjoyed lockdown, which I'm going to get into later.
And it's of this ethnically ambiguous security guard wearing his mask, obviously, but it looks more like a ski mask.
He's literally got an attack dog waiting to pounce.
This is the new biosecurity police state that's been gradually rolled out, even as they tell us that our freedoms are being returned to us, as if that was ever a reasonable deal in the first place.
Of course, under English common law, any kind of behaviour is legal unless it's expressly
Disallowed or made illegal by the government, that entire philosophy has been completely reversed over the past year and now every freedom that we enjoy is provided to us by the government on condition of our compliance and our personal behaviour being in line with exactly what they want.
That didn't happen in the case of a Scottish grandmother
Headline out of the Daily Mail, why do I need to shield if I've had the vaccine?
Scottish grandmother, 82, who stayed indoors for a year, is given a £60 Covid fine after police broke up illegal 70th birthday with seven friends, despite them all having the jab.
So there's eight people, they've all had the jab, it's a 70-year-old woman's birthday party at her own home,
The police broke up the celebration.
Can you imagine reading a headline 13, 14 months ago about police breaking into someone's home and issuing fines to grandmothers because they had seven of their friends around for a birthday party?
That's our new normal!
But it turns out that she got away lightly, because in Liverpool, Merseyside in the UK, police break down door, arrest man for violating COVID quarantine rules.
We have the one minute clip of this shocking incident, and here it is.
And any of this, any of this, any of this, right?
You are going to cause criminal damage and everything we have kept for this.
Let them do it.
Do it!
I'm going to tell you now.
You're supposed to be here to protect us.
Protect us.
You're here to protect us.
You are here to protect us.
Are you standing under your roof?
Are you standing under your roof?
His name's not Mark.
Where's Mark?
Where's Mark?
He's gone.
He's isolated.
Is that our boy?
No, no.
Is that our boy?
I want your badge now.
I want your badge.
Where's your warrant?
Where's your warrant?
So there you have it.
Literally because the guy presumably went on holiday to one of these red list countries
He comes back and he refuses or fails to quarantine in a hotel.
You literally have to pay to quarantine yourself in a hotel, returning to your own country.
People who even travel to the airport, by the way, with the intention of going on holiday or going abroad for, quote, no good reason, are immediately fined £5,000.
This guy, who allegedly returned to his own country,
From another country which was on the government's red list and failed to put himself under house arrest in a government-run hotel, pay for his own imprisonment, not only does he face a fine of up to £10,000, he faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years in jail simply for returning to his own country and refusing to put himself under house arrest.
over a virus which even if he caught it he would have a 99.8% chance of surviving.
This is the new biosecurity police state and it's one that's not ending any time soon because now Boris Johnson, even before these measures have been lifted completely, is already making noises that he's going to impose lockdown for.
We have that clip from a BBC interview.
Let's roll it right now.
I just want to make a very important point about where we are with the pandemic because clearly everybody's been able yesterday to go to the pub or those of you who've been going to the pub to go shopping, get a haircut and so on and that's great and the numbers are down of infections and hospitalisations and deaths.
But it is very, very important for everybody to understand that the reduction in these numbers, in hospitalisations and in deaths and in infections, has not been achieved by the vaccination programme.
People don't, I think, appreciate that it's the lockdown that has been overwhelmingly important in delivering this improvement in the pandemic and in the figures that we're seeing.
And so, yes, of course, the vaccination programme has helped, but the bulk of the work in reducing the disease has been done by the lockdown.
As we unlock, the result will inevitably be that we will see more infection, sadly we will see more hospitalisation and deaths.
And people have just got to understand that.
At the moment, I can't see any reason for us to change the roadmap, to deviate from the targets that we've set ourselves, and you know what they are.
May the 17th, June the 21st, the next waymarks on the roadmap.
But it is very, very important that if we're to get there in the way that we all want, that people continue to be cautious.
Now, we know the timetable, the unlocking itself is complete BS, because even after that date on June 21st, we're going to have sporting events, football matches, where the government has said the capacity at those matches will be, I think the maximum is 50%.
After all the restrictions we were told are going to be lifted, there are still going to be restrictions, proving it's nonsense.
The other point is the cases were falling on all three occasions before the lockdown.
So the lockdown had no effect.
The cases were already falling.
And as Lockdown Skeptics reports, Boris is wrong.
The lockdown has not been overwhelmingly important.
You can compare it to Texas, Georgia, Florida, South Dakota, and specifically Sweden, which had a similar, almost identical trajectory in terms of cases, COVID cases, as the United Kingdom.
A slightly lower death rate as well, and of course as we know Sweden did not lock down at any point, yet the trajectory of how these cases rose and fell almost mirrors what happened in the United Kingdom with those three separate lockdowns.
So when he talks about lockdown being to thank for all this, and that the vaccine apparently doesn't really matter at this point with them having triumphed it for so many months,
We know that that's because they're preparing us for lockdown 4, because they're going to blame our freedoms being exercised on
A fourth wave of the pandemic.
Don't go away, we'll be right back.
Now when you watch that chilling video of police smashing into a man's house, the glass almost hitting the dog as it panics and runs up the stairs, and him being put in handcuffs as he's told he violated Covid quarantine rules, bear in mind that that's precisely what China was doing over a year ago when this pandemic was begun by them deliberately releasing the virus from a lab.
As some people claim,
We also saw footage of people being welded inside their homes in China, people being kidnapped off the street for failing to quarantine properly, thrown into government vans and taken to quarantine camps.
And of course, we said, oh, that could never happen here.
Well, it is happening here.
And in fact, the government advisors that put us under lockdown in the first place planned it all along.
Professor Neil Ferguson.
This was the guy who set up the model, the completely inaccurate model, that claimed half a million people in the UK would die from coronavirus.
Now he looked at what China did, and of course China became the global example of how to respond to a virus pandemic.
Beforehand it was herd immunity.
Suddenly that became a dirty word.
And the only way to respond to it was to keep the population locked up for a year.
Enabling it to develop no herd immunity whatsoever, naturally.
So China became the global model of how to respond to the pandemic.
China was praised for its actions.
Professor Neil Ferguson, the head of the, or an advisor to SAGE, which advises the government, he was responsible for creating the model that led to the lockdown of the UK.
Despite the fact that Boris Johnson beforehand was going to go for herd immunity, his mind was changed by Ferguson and others like him.
This was the same guy who thought that the virus was so deadly, represented such a threat, that he had to advise the Prime Minister to put the entire country under lockdown.
But him personally, he was travelling 45 minutes across London to go and shag his married mistress right at the high of the first lockdown when everyone else was only able to go outside for an hour's exercise and to buy food at the local grocery store.
This guy though, the guy who told us the pandemic, the virus, was such a threat we needed to lockdown or half a million people would die,
He was travelling 45 minutes across London to have sex with his married mistress.
The rules didn't apply to him.
And he didn't appear to treat the virus as seriously as he told the public when he was advising the government.
But he said...
In response to China's actions in detaining people, welding people inside their houses, that authoritarian draconian response in the early weeks and months of the pandemic, he said, quote, So there he's openly admitting that they looked at what China was doing and thought, damn, we'll never get away with this.
But then the public began to accept it.
The public was terrorized by the non-stop propaganda to the point where polls showed that, for example, Americans back in August thought coronavirus had killed 30 million people in the United States, 225 times more than it did.
People were that brainwashed.
That Professor Ferguson and his ilk knew then that they could get away with it, and now we see people literally being raided, their doors smashed down by police, being put in handcuffs, and this guy facing 10 years in jail for the crime of not forcefully putting himself under house arrest and paying for the privilege after he returned to his own country.
This isn't going to end here either.
As we saw before the break, they're now talking about preparing the public for lockdown 4.
They're going to give us two months of freedom, maybe three months of freedom.
And then they're going to say, oh, well, you just enjoyed yourself a little bit too much, didn't you?
Get back inside.
Oh, but we took the vaccine.
I thought the vaccine was the scientific cavalry to the rescue.
No, forget about that.
We've changed our opinion.
They're gonna end up saying their own vaccine doesn't work at this point.
Meanwhile, Frederick Forsyth, acclaimed British author, says government has launched campaign of mass fear against British public, if only there were more people with his gravitas who were speaking out.
This was in response to a Telegraph article.
Who he congratulated the author for, revealing that the campaign of mass fear that reduced a once brave nation to trembling terror was deliberately organised to secure obedience to the policy of lockdown.
That's from Frederick Forsyth himself.
He said, quote,
I've only once before seen anything like it.
This was when I was posted to East Germany in 1962.
Such a brainwashing tactic was employed to frighten East Berliners into believing that the Berlin Wall was a defensive measure to protect them from tiny West Berlin, and that the Stasi was their guardian.
The Wall was, of course, an instrument of enslavement.
He went on to say, I never thought that the government of a country whose uniform I once wore with such pride would sink so low.
Those responsible should be identified without delay and ousted from all office over us.
That's Frederick Forsyth, acclaimed author.
Again, talking about what he's witnessing reminds him of his experiences in East Germany with the Stasi, where of course one in seven of the population was an informant for the state.
We had an article a couple of weeks ago
Where police in Dorset, an area of the UK down south which is popular amongst holidaymakers, came out, the police chief came out and said, we don't even need to patrol the beaches anymore, we don't even need to patrol the parks anymore, because we're getting so many tip-offs from public snoops, from grassers, that we just respond to them individually.
And they don't need to even patrol because the Stasi-like spies are doing their work for them.
He said, quote, the headline, by the way, is UK police chief brags that Covid patrols aren't necessary because there are so many snitches.
He said, quote, we are still getting around 400 reports a week from the public.
This is in one area alone.
So we will respond to reports.
We won't need to be doing hotspot patrols because people are very quick to pick the phone up and tell us.
So again, these are the curtain twitchers, the Karens, who see a family having fun on the beach, who maybe see some grandkids who haven't seen their grandma for a year, hugging!
Literally, the government told people not to hug each other, by the way.
They also told hairdressers not to cut people's hair for too long a time.
That's literally that level of micromanagement now.
So it's these curtain-twitching Karens who are seeing this disgraceful normal life behaviour, calling the police, the police are coming out, now the police are bragging because of all these Stasi-like spies that they don't even need to patrol.
They just respond to the snitch reports.
Good news out of Germany, though.
Again, this is on lockdownsceptics.org.
Weimar court prohibits mask wearing, distancing measures and rapid testing at schools.
A court in Weimar, Germany has ruled that two schools should be prevented with immediate effect from forcing their pupils to wear masks, along with imposing social distancing measures and insisting on Covid tests, saying that the state legislature regulating this area has gotten far removed from the facts, which has taken on seemingly historic proportions.
And what's interesting about this is that they
They bravely, in a sense, ruled out masks whatsoever as an instrument of preventing the spread of the infection.
Not only that though, they said masks were making the infections worse.
Now you'll recall across European countries, when France, Italy, Germany, Spain, the UK introduced these mask mandates, at the end of the summer, or even before the end of the summer in the case of Spain, the cases, the coronavirus cases, shot up.
Listen to what this German court concluded on the subject of face masks.
As the appraiser further explains, every mask must be worn correctly in order to be effective.
In principle, masks can become a contamination risk if touched.
On the one hand, however, they are not worn properly by the population, and on the other hand, they are very often touched with their hands.
It goes on to say, if population was not taught how to properly wear them,
Goes on to say the population was virtually left alone with the masks.
The risk of infection is not only not reduced by wearing the mask, but is increased by incorrect handling of the mask.
So they literally ruled, in this court ruling in Germany, that the masks not only don't stop the spread of the infection, they're making the coronavirus pandemic worse.
Don't go away, we'll be back with the final segment.
We'll be right back.
We're going to move on from Covid and lockdowns now because, believe it or not, there are still some other news stories happening in the world, one of which is up on Summit.News.
Man radicalised by Asian hate crime media.
Propaganda attacks Asian woman he mistakenly thought was white.
Yes, we have yet another example of someone acting out violently on a fake hate crime narrative that's been spun by the mainstream media in the context of Asian hate crimes.
Of course, we've documented this vehemently over the past few months, during which the media has tried to contrive a narrative that white people, or white supremacy in general, are responsible for a rise in hate crime attacks against Asian Americans.
Now, unfortunately, when you look at the crime stats, that narrative isn't borne out.
FBI statistics show that whereas whites comprise 62% of the population in America,
They committed only 24% of crimes against Asians in 2018.
In comparison, African Americans, who comprise 13% of the population, committed 27.5% of all violent crimes against Asian Americans in 2018.
So again, they're less of the population significantly, and yet they commit more violent crimes against Asians.
In addition, and this is documented in the link from this article,
Out of a spate of recent high-profile hate crime attacks on Asians, virtually all the culprits are black males, and you can go and click on the article, and it goes through all the different examples.
The screenshots from the NYPD, for example, in the case of the black man who punched and kicked a 65-year-old Asian woman while making racist statements.
Again, you know, white supremacy strikes again.
By the way, that video shows that the individuals
Inside the building, where this happened right outside, did nothing whatsoever to help the victim.
Another instance, a person violently beats up and punches an Asian male in the head repeatedly in a Manhattan-bound train.
The culprit was African-American.
White supremacy strikes again.
Another example, whoa, Chinese lady, ugly ass chink.
An Asian-American woman was subjected to a racist tirade on a bus in Miami.
Culprit, African-American male.
New York Post tweets prosecutors probing subway attack on Asian man as possible hate crime culprit African American male.
This is a trend emerging and it ain't white supremacy.
What's funny about this though is that Eugene Goo, this blue checkmark doctor on Twitter, said that black on Asian crimes only occur because of our system of white supremacy.
So even when they're all being committed by African American males, it's still white people's fault.
Well now, that fake narrative has borne our violence and crime in relation to a sexual assault at gunpoint which took place in... Where is this?
I think it's Los Angeles.
Yes, no, it's Lake Forest, California.
Where a man who was radicalized by inaccurate media propaganda concerning a supposed wave of hate crimes targeting Asians, blamed on white supremacy, tried to take revenge by sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint because he presumed she was white.
She wasn't even white, by the way.
She was Asian.
But who cares at this point?
She looks a bit white.
She must be to blame for something, right?
Let's rape her at gunpoint!
That's literally what was going through this guy's head because of what he saw on the mainstream media.
And they continually contrive this moral panic about white nationalism incentivizing violent crimes.
This is a clear example where they incentivized a violent crime.
There will be no consequences for their actions.
37-year-old Michael Sang Bong Rhee was arrested by police in Lake Forest, California after he allegedly attacked a woman who turned out to be Asian, quote, in retaliation for the rise in hate crimes against Asian people.
Basically, she was sitting in the driver's seat of her car.
She looked up to see this criminal standing at the door holding a handgun.
He then forced her to get into the back of the car, started to grope her, looked like he was preparing to rape her at gunpoint.
Thankfully, somebody else saw what was going on.
The victim struggled with re.
And she yelled to a maintenance worker that he had a gun.
So she got away, thankfully, without being seriously hurt or raped by the looks of it.
Says, Detectives believe Rhee, who is Korean, targeted the woman because he thought she was white, based on his own statements, and that the assault was in retaliation for hate crimes that have skyrocketed against Asian people.
Now there's debate as to whether those crimes have skyrocketed.
I think there's been a slight uptick over the past year.
But even as Asian scholars have pointed out, quotes I've included in these kind of articles, in so-called high-crime neighborhoods, that's always been a massive problem.
It's just had a slight uptick this year.
And again, the FBI stats show, all the high-profile recent examples show that that hate crime wave, if it is happening against Asian people, is not the fault of white people.
But in this case, a white person was targeted for retribution because this violent criminal
falsely bought into that fake narrative.
Meanwhile, White Boy Summer memed Dinast as racist by actual racists, so let me explain this one.
It's, uh, there's a lot to unpack here.
This is Chet Hanks, who is the son of actor Tom Hanks, and he's basically a failed rapper.
Let's, let's be, let's be generous.
Let's call him an aspiring rapper.
He put out a video a couple of weeks ago and he basically said, I've got this feeling it's about to be a White Boy Summer.
Now he was creating a meme as a silly marketing tool to sell White Boy Summer merchandise, t-shirts, hoodies, and to put out a rap video which he's now released as of yesterday called White Boy Summer.
So it's a meme based on
The Megan Thee Stallion song from 2019 which was called Hot Girl Summer.
But of course immediately the leftists, the mainstream media assumed because their moral panic requires that they assume everything that happens in the world now is a result of white supremacy.
Despite Mr Hanks immediately clarifying that the whole thing had nothing to do with ethnicity.
It was just a stupid meme and it's a stupid marketing ploy.
But now it actually has been adopted by actual white supremacists because of the media's overreaction to it.
But Hanks himself said, quote, I'm not talking about Trump, NASCAR type white, I'm talking about me, rappers, white boys, you know what I mean.
He subsequently emphasized he was trying to spread an anti-racist message.
Basically saying that everyone could embrace White Boy Summer.
He then laid out the rules for White Boy Summer, which included not harassing women, not getting in people's face with booze breath.
So he basically said it was an anti-racist thing and it was about respecting women.
But of course, that was not good enough for the media.
Who despite his many clarifications, accused Hanks of racism anyway.
He launched a line of merchandise featuring the words White Boy Summer, but was immediately accused of mimicking white supremacists because he used a gothic style font.
And yes, in case you didn't get the memo, as we highlighted a few days ago with CNN and Chinese style fonts, fonts are now racist too.
So because a white person had the temerity to use a gothic style font for t-shirt designs,
This is yet another ominous sign of white supremacy run rampant.
He even designed a t-shirt with this chilling scary gothic font that said stop hate and wore it in the official white boy summer video which primarily consists of the rapper dancing with twerking women half of whom are black.
But again this is all about white supremacy
The left-wing newspaper The Guardian said the typography was similar to the Fraktur fonts which were used in Nazi Germany, most prominently on the cover of Hitler's Mein Kampf book.
Another Twitter user said the merch looks aggressively racist.
Another one said that any type of typeface that white people should avoid, anything remotely calligraphic, black letter-looking pops immediately to mind, especially if it's going to include the word white.
Then we had a Guardian columnist, Arwa Mawadi, who's worried that Hanks' dopey exploits will fuel racial strife, and she literally wrote an article with the headline, So again, this all goes back to the fact that the thing is just a dopey marketing gimmick.
It has nothing to do with white supremacy.
This Chet Hanks character is a complete idiot.
He's not smart enough even to tie it into that.
But again, the point is, he can't even refer to his own ethnicity in any other context than this self-loathing white guilt that's been impressed upon white people that we need to atone for our perceived historical sins.
He can't do that.
He can't even refer to his own ethnicity in anything other than a negative light without being accused of fueling racism.
Any kind of relaxed confidence that he's comfortable in his own skin is strictly forbidden by a society that mandates white people constantly engage themselves in moral self-flagellation to atone for their supposed sins.
I was going to wrap it up.
Summit.News War Room is next.
Don't go away.
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It's very bittersweet.
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