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Name: 20210413_Tue_Alex
Air Date: April 13, 2021
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The speaker discusses how mass immigration is used by the left to gain power through demographic change and electoral advantage. They criticize the media for promoting policies that lead to increased crime rates and exploitation of vulnerable populations for political gain, arguing that it hurts African-Americans more than anyone else. The speaker also talks about the threats of China and Russia on global stability and advises listeners to protect their data using Faraday cages. They criticize large corporations, tech companies, hackers, governments, and foreign governments for manipulating markets with data. The InfoWarStore sells essential vitamins and minerals that support natural health, and the Alex Jones Show focuses on fighting corruption and exposing global conspiracies. The speaker warns against the manipulation of borders in America by seeding the country with potential future voters and criticizes the American fifth column for enabling this plan. They also discuss critical theory, which they believe is a long-term strategy of communists disguised under the term "critical race theory". Lastly, the speaker talks about the current state of the military, which he believes has become "full woke", undermining the nation's defense and leaving it vulnerable to attacks from China and Russia. They conclude by urging listeners to remain vigilant and prepared for what lies ahead, as the globalists' true intentions will soon become evident.

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A lot of people die within minutes of taking it.
It's called tyranny.
But see, no one can admit that they're actually killing us.
Gee, Bill Gates, his whole life, a modern life, adult life, has said he wants to kill people and bring in world government.
His dad ran Planned Parenthood and they run this big eugenics global program.
He's been kicked out of 30-something countries and has been caught giving people polio all over the world.
That's Reuters.
And it's like, oh gee, he wants to hurt us.
But look at this headline, FDA and CDC recommending a pause on J&J COVID-19 vaccine over rare blood cutting issues.
Oh, it's very rare.
And the headline on Drudge is, you know, oh, they say one woman died.
When you actually read the town hall article and it goes to the VARS reporting system or VAERS, it's thousands getting sick, hundreds died, but they're only saying one woman died for sure from it.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
The first attack against our Second Amendment was the National Firearms Act of 1934.
The official reason for this unlawful act was mob violence and the attempted assassination of President FDR.
This treasonous legislative act made felons out of law-abiding citizens who lawfully owned automatic rifles, silencers, and short-barreled rifles and shotguns.
Anyone with a modicum of awareness could see the blatant authoritarianism.
Law-abiding citizens were being punished for the inevitable crimes of evil men.
The next assault on our Second Amendment rights was the 1968 Gun Control Act, officially motivated by the assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK.
This unlawful legislation banned mail-order gun sales, created a federal licensing system, and reclassified various military weapons into newly created categories that required federal registration.
Once again, turning law-abiding citizens into de facto felons with the stroke of a pen.
An unalienable right is a right that can't be restrained or repealed by human laws.
Since we are all human, we are born with certain inherent, natural, and unalienable rights.
Those rights include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
This essential equality means that no one is born with a natural right to rule over others without their consent.
And that governments are obligated to apply the law equally to everyone.
But President Biden says that these rights are not absolute.
But no amendment, no amendment to the Constitution is absolute.
With an insidious executive order, Joe Biden is, once again, unlawfully turning millions of law-abiding citizens into felons.
With the criminal stroke of a pen, introducing red flag laws that provide family members a legal process to bar people from owning guns.
And nominating gun control advocate David Chapman as director of the ATF.
Confiscation is next.
And all this while police departments are defunded and criminals are set free.
You thought your government was there to serve you?
You were wrong.
And this is why we have guns.
This is why we have the Second Amendment.
We have made our lives very comfortable and convenient.
But we are still living in the jungle.
Millions every year defend themselves against violent crimes with the gun.
They protect themselves against rape, robbery, and physical harm.
According to the CDC, as many as 3 million crimes each year are stopped by a law-abiding gun owner.
Over 8,000 each day.
In a reality where the most dangerous threat is a man, guns are the great equalizers.
There are dangerous, evil human beings among us who wish to control and dominate.
Many of them are running our government and attempting to take away our ability to defend ourselves.
Prior to the Bill of Rights, when did the people ever have a chance against tyrannical government?
And when these rights are taken away, then the people will forever become slaves to the system.
For InfoWars.com, this is Greg Reese.
Let's put a band-aid on him.
Alright, little poke, dear.
Little poke.
I cannot bear to watch.
It's okay, hon.
Piece of cake.
There you go.
You did good.
All done.
It's okay, hon.
It's okay.
We just gave you a vaccination.
That's all, okay?
Every day that we're still on air is a blessing.
We are going under true, hardcore authoritarianism.
The decision has been made to basically bring an internet kill switch for all Christians, all conservatives.
The decision has been made to flood us with 600 million people in the next 25 years as part of replacement migration.
The decision has been made to poison the U.S.
population with tainted vaccines.
And they are going to use the Praetorian Guard of the federal government and the FBI, the globalists believe, to carry this out.
But if InfoWars and people like Tucker Carlson and you can come together and recognize the real attack we're under and the fact that this is illegitimate and globalists run and Chi-Com run, it's game over.
But you've got to know the documents, you've got to know the battle plan.
Now we have James O'Keefe joining us.
Another one of America's greatest hopes and the great Project Veritas, who's very active on the Texas border, joining us at the bottom of the hour with breaking exclusive news on multiple fronts.
He'll be in studio with us next week, and we're working down there on the border very closely, obviously, with those great folks.
Owen Schroyer's doing an incredible job.
He posted a bunch of out-of-this-world videos of anchor baby women, 30 women getting off a bus all nine months pregnant, and just the most insane stuff going on at night.
It's even crazier with the human smuggling.
That's all coming up, and just pray for our crew.
There's other stuff going on behind the scenes I'm not at liberty to tell you about at this time, but just believe me, this is not sensational when I tell you
They didn't just take the president off the internet for no reason.
They're going after everybody and submitting and bowing down and groveling is only going to make it worse.
They're starting forced inoculations in California of mentally handicapped.
I mean, this is bad, folks.
This is what happens when authoritarians take over.
It's the same pattern over and over and over and over again.
And so we're going to be laying it all out here today, but
I play Tucker Carlson clips a few times a week because he makes great points, but we're all Tucker Carlson.
We're all Alex Jones.
We're all under attack by the censors.
He did a great 15-minute piece that's posted on InfoWars.com right now.
If you want to see the whole thing, it's in the live show feed.
We have it posted under my live feed.
You should see the whole thing.
I want to hear some of it now because he really lays out the replacement migration UN plan to conquer the US.
The only part he leaves out is it's an official UN plan.
So while we play this tape, the crew is going to show you some of the articles about the 600 million to replace the US, 200 million to replace just the French alone.
They want another 600 million plus in Europe to be brought in.
They've only brought in about 50 million Muslims so far.
You see what that's like.
And this is their takeover plan.
And then they have a kept group they put on welfare, they never allow to assimilate into society, who then votes for them that they control.
So, Tucker gives you most of the equation, just not the final piece that it's a U.N.-run operation, though he alludes to some of that.
But that's what you get here is the rest of the story.
But here's Tucker Carlson last night after the ADL and CNN called for him to be removed from the air as a white supremacist.
Here it is.
Last week we said something on television that the usual chorus of hyper-aggressive liars is now pretending was somehow highly controversial.
Ordinarily we'd ignore all of this.
Once you've been denounced as a white supremacist for quoting Martin Luther King, you realize none of it's real.
It's all another form of social control.
Honestly, who cares what they think?
But in this one case, we thought it might be worth pausing to restate the original point, both because it was true and therefore worth saying, and also because America badly needs a national conversation about it.
On Thursday, our friend Mark Stein guest hosted the 7pm hour here on Fox.
He did a segment on how federal authorities are allowing illegal aliens to fly without ID.
Something that in case you haven't noticed, you are not permitted to do.
The following exchange took place in response to that story.
We're going to play the entire clip so you can be certain we're not leaving out context.
Here it is.
I'm laughing because this is one of about ten stories that I know you've covered, where the government shows preference to people who have shown absolute contempt for our customs, our laws, our system itself, and they're being treated better than American citizens.
Now, I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term replacement, if you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current
electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the third world.
But they become hysterical because that's what's happening, actually.
Let's just say it.
That's true.
Look, if this was happening in your house, if you were in sixth grade, for example, and without telling you, your parents adopted a bunch of new siblings and gave them brand new bikes and let them stay up later and help them with their homework and gave them twice the allowance that they gave you,
You would say to your siblings, you know, I think we're being replaced by kids that our parents love more.
And it would be kind of hard to argue against you because look at the evidence.
So this matters on a bunch of different levels, but on the most basic level, it's a voting rights question.
In a democracy, one person equals one vote.
If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people who live there.
So every time they import a new voter, I become disenfranchised as a current voter.
So I don't understand why we don't understand this.
I mean, everyone wants to make a racial issue out of it.
Ooh, the, you know, white replacement theory.
This is a voting rights question.
No, no, no.
I have less political power because they're importing a brand new electorate.
Why should I sit back and take that?
The power that I have as an American is guaranteed.
Then he gets into more of it.
I'm going to play more of it next segment because he lays it all out perfectly and shows the replacement migration.
We're going to put some of the UN documents up on screen for TV viewers to add even more context.
But Tucker's being really nice here because he knows the globalists want to trick whites into hating brown people so that they then won't adopt the Republic and the Second Amendment and freedom and capitalism.
But what he's leaving out to is the left energizes the new people that come here with America is evil and racist and bad and white people are inherently evil.
Hell, you see it everywhere constantly.
That's all they do.
It's all they say.
It's like parrots just chirping it, just ad nauseum, repeating it over and over again.
And so Tucker's not playing into that, but they are teaching in all the major schools in the U.S.
Actual Aztec chants and chants about genociding white people.
And this is what's being taught and everybody knows it.
So let's not lie to ourselves about that.
So it's worse than what Tucker's saying.
It's you and Ron, and they're turning the brown people into racists.
Now, it's backfired.
You had triple the number of black males vote for Trump.
You had double the amount of black females vote for Trump.
That's why suddenly the media is like, oh, we love black people.
Oh, liberals want to give you all reparations and free goodies, like the illegals they're giving $15,000 apiece in New York to.
Nothing for citizens.
Because they're bringing the country down.
This is pure evil, ladies and gentlemen.
This is all completely illegal, and it gets worse.
You know what they just announced, right?
In fact, pull this up.
I sent it to you guys, and I know it's in the stack, but I couldn't find it, so just reprint it for me.
Joe Biden announced illegally, just by executive fiat, four months of paid leave to anybody that takes one of these illegal aliens in.
And of course, you don't have to have a background check either.
You're just... And that's what I told you, is the Democrats already do this.
They already go, they already get them through refugee centers, through Catholic charities, through the Jewish charities.
There's a bunch of them that do it.
These refugee charities.
And there's private non-religious groups that do it as well.
It's a whole industry.
It's a whole business.
And what they do is, a lot of these households
How's that?
Poles got to experience 50-something years, 60 years of communism, so they really hate it, and most Polish immigrants vote Republican.
It's about 7 to 1 in some estimates.
And so he makes the point, if we had 200,000 Poles on our southern border, there'd be an emergency.
There'd be a wall built in a week.
They'd all be deported.
Because you see, they vote Republican.
Because they want America.
They want guns.
They want private property.
They want what they didn't have under the Soviet Union.
They've already been through the scam.
And so, no, no, no, we don't want those.
In fact, if you look, if you're Polish, it's almost impossible to even get to the U.S.
Because the Democrats do not want you here.
But if you're coming from some third-world place like Venezuela, already primed for communism, baby, come on up here.
And then they take your cell phone away, lock your ass up in a trailer, get welfare in your name, and then $15,000 checks get sent to your masters.
The illegals aren't getting this money.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
It's the Alex Jones Show here live broadcasting worldwide.
Got a huge transmission lined up for you today.
Big breaking news.
It's always huge with Veritas.
This time internal information from CNN from their director.
CNN director on how they stage everything.
Now we already know this.
You can see it.
Mrs. First Lady wearing fishnets, Biden wearing aviator jackets and aviator glasses and running up the gantry.
All of this is scripted by CNN.
So that is coming up.
This is breaking as we speak.
James O'Keefe next segment.
But let's get back to Tucker Carlson because he knocked it out of the park.
You really should watch the whole 15-minute monologue.
It's on InfoWars.com.
You get a live show feed of the show today under our live feed.
We have the full monologue posted right there.
But here is what he had to say about the war.
On America's existence, and literally, oh, here's $15,000 for everybody in New York if you're an illegal alien.
Citizens get nothing.
Oh, and oh, you get free tuition in California if you're an illegal alien.
Citizens don't.
I mean, this is a joke, but we just put up with it because they hold up the magic thing of, oh, you're racist!
And then they're exploiting these very people!
Got a bunch of articles on it right here, but Biden administration offers four months paid leave to federal employees who care for illegal alien children.
Yeah, these agencies don't have anything else to do.
Oh, but they got the FBI to arrest 400 plus people that were at the Capitol.
Former Long Island bar owner sentenced to 60 years in prison for sex trafficking, forced labor, and immigration crime on Long Island.
That's how all this works, ladies and gentlemen.
So here's Tucker Carlson laying out what the Democrats admit, and CNN and the ADL say, boycott him, take him off the air.
This is a voting rights question.
I have less political power because they're importing a brand new electorate.
Why should I sit back and take that?
The power that I have as an American, guaranteed at birth, is one man, one vote, and they're diluting it.
No, they're not allowed to do that.
Why are we putting up with this?
So it's a political question, obviously.
At least one prediction came true right away.
All those little gatekeepers on Twitter did become hysterical.
They spent the last four days jumping up and down, furiously trying once again to pull the show off the air.
Once again, they will fail, though it is amusing to see them keep at it.
They get so enraged.
It's a riot.
But why all the anger?
If someone says something you think is wrong, is your first instinct to hurt them?
Probably not.
Normal people don't respond that way.
If you hear something you think is incorrect, you try to correct it.
But getting the facts right is hardly the point of this exercise.
The point is to prevent unauthorized conversations from starting in the first place.
Shut up, racists!
No more questions!
You've heard that before.
You wonder how much longer they imagine Americans are going to go along with this.
An entire country forced to lie about everything all the time.
It can't go on forever.
But you can see why they're trying it.
Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party's political ambitions.
Let's say that again for emphasis because it is the secret to the entire immigration debate.
Demographic change is the key to the Democratic Party's political ambitions.
In order to win and maintain power, Democrats plan to change the population of the country.
They're no longer trying to win you over with their program.
They're obviously not trying to improve your life.
They don't even really care about your vote anymore.
Their goal is to make you irrelevant.
That is provably true.
And because it's true, it drives them absolutely crazy when you say it out loud.
A hurt dog barks.
They scream about how noting the obvious is immoral.
You're a racist if you dare to repeat things that they themselves proudly say.
Most people go along with this absurd standard.
They dutifully shut up.
They don't think they have a choice.
But no matter what they're allowed to say in public, everyone understands the truth.
When you change who votes, you change who wins.
That fact has nothing inherently to do with race or nationality.
It's the nature of democracy.
It is always true.
You can watch it happen.
You probably have.
All across the country, we have seen huge changes in election outcomes caused by demographic change.
New people move in and they vote differently.
As a practical matter, it doesn't matter what they look like or where they're from, even.
All that matters is that they have different political views.
This is every bit as true when the migrants come from Brookline as when they come from Oaxaca.
In Vermont, white liberals fleeing the mess they made in New York turned the state blue.
As recently as 1992, Vermont was reliably Republican, hard to believe as that is.
Vermont is now a parody of lifestyle liberalism.
That's demographic change at work.
You see the same thing happening in the state of New Hampshire as refugees from Massachusetts flood north and bring their bad habits with them.
Montana, Idaho, Nevada all face similar problems.
The affluent liberals who wrecked California aren't sticking around to see how that ends.
They're running to the pallid hideaways of Boise and Bozeman, distorting local culture and real estate markets as they do it.
Pretty soon people who were born in the Mountain West won't be able to live there.
They'll be, yes, replaced by private equity barons, yoga instructors and senior vice presidents from Google.
Beautiful places are always in danger of being overrun by the worst people.
Ask anyone who grew up in Aspen.
But in most of this country, it is immigration from other nations, more than anything else, that has driven political transformation.
And this is different from what we've seen in Vermont.
Americans have every right to move to new states if they want, even if they have silly political opinions.
But our leaders have no right to encourage foreigners to move to this country in order to change election results.
Doing that is an attack on our democracy.
Yet for decades our leaders have done just that, and they keep doing it, and they keep doing it because it works.
Consider Virginia.
The counties across the river from Washington, D.C.
now contain one of the largest immigrant communities in the United States.
Most of these immigrants are hardworking and decent people.
Many have been very successful in business.
Good for them!
But they also have very different politics from the people who used to live there.
Their votes have allowed Democrats to seize control of the entire state and change it into something unrecognizable.
Governor Blackface Clanrobes in Richmond owes his job to immigrants in Arlington and Falls Church.
Similar trends are now underway in Georgia, North Carolina, and many other states.
Mass immigration increases the power of the Democratic Party.
That's the reason Democrats support it.
It's the only reason.
If 200,000 immigrants from Poland showed up at our southern border tomorrow, Kamala Harris wouldn't promise them health care.
Poles tend to vote Republican.
That's the difference.
Democrats would deport those migrants immediately.
No more hand-wringing about how we're a nation of immigrants.
Hundreds of thousands of likely Republicans massing in Tijuana?
That would qualify as a national crisis.
We'd have a border wall by Wednesday.
For Democrats, the point of immigration is not to show compassion to refugees, much less to improve our country.
It's definitely not about racial justice.
Mass immigration hurts African Americans maybe more than anyone else.
Immigration is a means to electoral advantage.
It is about power.
More Democratic voters mean more power for Democratic politicians.
And the Democrats admit all of this.
We let it out yesterday.
We showed their own articles, their own admissions.
You see it everywhere.
The universities teach it.
And then out comes the ADL and Brian Stelter and CNN to say, we've never seen such white supremism because we don't want 600 million people brought in by a UN refugee program.
And then given all these freebies to get them to come here, which is the same thing Europe did.
Remember Europe 10 years ago started offering all this free stuff to quote migrants, including young women.
That's why half the rapes in Europe are
The illegals that have come in.
There's a statistic out today.
Half the rapes in Europe are a minority of less than 10% of people.
Because they come and they just believe you're supposed to rape everybody.
I mean, we were told we're getting women.
And they run PSAs in Germany and Sweden for middle school girls saying, get yourself a 25-year-old Muslim, have sex with him, get married.
And it shows 14-year-old girls on TV living with 25-year-old men and how happy they are.
I mean, this is like literally the total takeover by design.
We'll be right back.
Hey, we got free women!
Get on up here!
Rape them!
Do whatever you want!
Well, the great folks at Project Veritas are always knocking it out of the park.
If I tried to mention the big stories they broke in the last week, we wouldn't have any time.
In the one ten-minute segment we have with James O'Keefe, welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
James O'Keefe of Project Veritas is here with huge news, not the latest, proving the ongoing dirt floor under a bridge, illegal aliens massing in Texas, or children being raped in the facilities that's been the proof that's now being used by the governor of Texas and others to expose that and fight that.
No, that's all the other stuff they're breaking right now.
But huge inside intel of a major CNN director admitting network engaged in propaganda to remove Trump from the presidency.
Our focus was to get Trump out of office.
I came to CNN because I wanted to be part of that.
You talk about election meddling, and then them lying and saying, oh, we're not partisan.
Wow, so these are really political donations in kind.
This is what they said the Russians did.
James O'Keefe, this is just another major coup.
There should be congressional investigations.
Tell us about the info.
We don't have time to get to the video because you only have one segment.
We'll play more after you leave next segment.
But tell folks about this huge story.
Well, Alex, thanks.
This is a director at CNN named Charlie Chester, and he's saying things that we've always suspected to be true, but never been able to really get them to admit.
He says that they are he is helping Biden through his term.
Talking about the network being propaganda, saying things that we've all suspected, trying to make Biden look healthy.
These are his words, painting him even, painting him as a young man with aviator shades.
He talks about how the network is engaging in propaganda.
And he says this things over a series of meetings with our undercover reporter bragging that they got Trump out of office.
He says, quote, I am a hundred percent going to say it.
If it wasn't for CNN, I don't know that Trump would have got voted out.
And he says the network is trying to help Biden through his term.
So they talk about how they were trying to create a story or make a story regarding Trump's health, and he characterizes it as propaganda.
So this is one of those stories that kind of speaks for itself.
I believe that CNN is putting together a comment right now.
We believe that this man will probably be fired.
We're not sure how CNN is going to respond.
It's already been covered by media.
This is breaking news.
We just broke this story 20 minutes ago.
And this is a multi-part series.
There you have Biden in his aviator shades.
The network, CNN, admitting that they're trying to make him look young.
So CNN is helping a federal candidate for office
And we'd like comment from both Zucker and CNN's parent company, WarnerMedia.
We'd like to know what AT&T has to say about this.
We'd like to know what WarnerMedia has to say about this and what is this man's status as an employee after making all these admissions.
Well, it's great to have this information because when they gaslight us and say it's preposterous that they are,
I don't
Isn't that a campaign donation in a way?
I think it's devastating, Alex.
I think we've done four or five investigations of CNN.
This is probably the most devastating content we have ever released, and this is just part one of a multi-video series, so I think they're just scared, and they don't know what to do, and they don't know what to say, because if they fire the man, that's going to just draw more attention to this, and if they don't fire the man, and they agree with it, well that... So, I mean, I think this is just
Literally breaking news here and just trying to get this information out to your audience.
He says he came to CNN, this is Charlie Chester, CNN's director, came to CNN, quote, because he wanted to be part of getting Trump out, unquote.
So this is a guy who is bragging about it.
And I think that they, you know, to your point, is it a federal campaign donation?
Well, it ought to be.
And this goes to really the heart of everything in this country.
This is the whole problem.
We have the most trusted name in news.
This is a network which Google and Facebook and Twitter algorithms prefer their content.
And their directors of their news networks are saying that they are preferring a certain political candidate.
And he says, quote, without saying that's what it was.
So this man is admitting that we're doing this, but we're hiding
Well, watching the First Lady, the Fronster-in-Chief's wife,
Wear fishnets, and then he's wearing Tom Cruise top gun outfits.
When he's not falling down, he can barely talk.
I mean, none of this is working on the public.
But as you said, this is your biggest CNN story, maybe one of your biggest ever, period.
Because you have the open and shut where they admit the fraud, that they're lying to people on purpose, how they're getting away with it, and how they were successful.
So you have the entire chain of events there, really what they call an open and shut case of fraud.
Well, and I think the biggest, the most fraudulent thing that's been covered in this investigation so far is him saying that they don't want people to know that's what their intent was.
So, my point to Charlie Chester, Jeff Zucker, and Jake Tapper, and Anderson Cooper, and Anna Cabrera, I also spoke, this will be coming out this afternoon, this evening, I spoke with Jim Sciutto, who's a host at CNN.
I said, why do you guys want to hide it?
Why not just say this publicly?
Why does Charlie Chester, the director, say that without telling people that's what our intent?
That to me is the strongest line of the whole expose, where he says, we're trying to get Trump out, but we don't want people to know that's what we're doing.
Well, why not tell people?
Why not tell people?
And if it's going to take litigation, then let's sue.
Let's sue the crap out of CNN and let's get them under oath saying that's what it is.
Because to me, Charlie Chester saying that they're trying to help Biden through his term, get Trump out.
He came to the network to do that, but he's hiding that from people.
It's like, I'm fine with you being a network.
That is a arm of the Biden administration.
But I think you need to tell your audience and tell your stakeholders, AT&T and WarnerMedia, that that's precisely what your stated mission objective is.
But do not tell the people that you're the most trusted name in news and then lie about it.
And go around and police the internet with Brian Stelter and the ADL head, everybody, saying everyone that is conservative is a Nazi and demanding that they lose their license and be taken off cable and taken off satellites.
I mean, this is a partisan group trying to get people that don't agree with them taken off the air.
And when CNN snaps its fingers and ordered me to be platformed, they did it.
And now they go around ordering folks to take off Tucker Carlson.
They want you destroyed.
I know you've just won a big
Case in court, where they proved the New York Times did lie about you when they said you manufacture stuff.
I mean, none of that's true.
So the good news is we're starting to see some traction here, and more and more of their lies are coming out.
And I think people are going to be inspired to go blow the whistle.
That's VeritasTipsAtProtonMail.
I know you have your own ProtonMail.
People are coming out now and they're shocked by this.
And I'll tell you, this is part one, Alex.
I think it gets much worse.
It gets worse.
We're going to do it.
The next story is about how the health data that they manufacture and some of the things that they've painted and the admissions to this.
And this is really the heart of it.
And people say, well, no one watches CNN.
Well, you know what?
Google, Twitter, and Facebook prefer CNN and the New York Times in their algorithms.
They get marching orders from CNN.
CNN creates the talking points for all of the other parrots.
People need to go to ProjectVeritas.com and share the video.
Share the article that CNN doesn't want seen.
We're posting the full article and video at InfoWars.com and NewsWars.com.
CNN admits
The media in this country is the problem.
Government is downstream for media.
I've been doing this for a decade and this one is really near and dear to my heart because
This is the problem in this country.
That there's a manufacturing of consent.
People are being lied to.
And it's disgraceful.
And these trillion-dollar tech companies are preferring CNN's news, if we want to call it that, in their algorithms.
And we have a director on tape saying it's all propaganda.
We're just trying to help political candidates.
This is disgraceful.
This is everything right here.
So your audience needs to tweet at every second.
Tweet, write emails, write letters.
Put pressure on AT&T and WarnerMedia.
That's right.
Democrat members of the FCC have called for myself to be taken off air, drugs before he went to the other side, and everybody else saying that we're political contributions when we're honest about the fact that we love America but we're not part of a party.
They are saying they're aligned with a party.
James O'Keefe, look forward to you being in studio next week.
God bless you.
You better turn me loose!
You better set me free!
A little bit better than I used to be because I'm alive.
Live wire, my friends.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Very honored to be here with you on this April 13th, Tuesday transmission.
You know, I'm not complaining at the crew.
I'm not complaining at myself.
I'm just pointing this out to the listeners that we all need to appreciate InfoWars.
We all need to appreciate Project Veritas.
We all need to appreciate people like Tucker Carlson.
We need to appreciate Rush Limbaugh.
He wasn't perfect, but he was pro-America, pro-gun, and he's dead now.
These are authoritarians conquering us, taking us over.
And Owen Schroer and the crew did an incredible job last night shooting seven different out-of-this-world clips.
And I noticed that a few of the videos, when I got up at 5 a.m.
this morning, had been posted inside other articles.
That's how I got reminded to go to Bandog Video and see what Owen did!
And look, I love our crew.
I called Paul Watson at like five this morning because he's six hours ahead and I said, please do a story on this.
And he didn't.
Maybe he is doing one.
He's coming on the third hour.
He's a great guy.
But I guarantee you, if somebody else had these videos, it'd be posted everywhere.
But see, everyone got taught early, you don't promote InfoWars or you get censored.
And then when you get censored, nobody will promote you either.
And so it's just a constant.
That the most powerful stuff we've got is hidden under a bushel.
Don't hide your light under a bushel, as the Bible says.
Let it shine.
And I tell myself that.
You know, I built up the SPARS 2025-2028 document for two days, because it is important, and so it got seen tens of millions of times.
It's a huge story, and the former head of defense intelligence endorsed it.
It's causing congressional investigations, I can tell you right now.
We've got new documents that are important.
People expect fanfare for something important.
Why is the Super Bowl important?
Well, you see all this fanfare, but it's not really important, is it?
It's not socially important to the future or any of our lives, other than when Tom Brady didn't wear a mask and bucked the system.
But we give it such fanfare when the literal end of our civilization, as we know it, is being taken over by Klaus Schwab, the UN, and Bill Gates.
They admit it's the end of the industrial world.
They say, you'll never take the mask off.
You'll never have a job.
You'll never be able to be close to people.
We're going to get rid of the family.
You'll have to have dozens of shots a year to even be able to leave your house.
They said all that years ago in white papers.
People are like, how do you know this?
I remember 14 months ago when this all started, in February,
Sitting in the conference room with my managers.
They're great people.
And saying to them, they're never going to reopen until we demand it.
This is permanent.
And we are a essential business even under federal and state law as media.
But if we don't believe we're essential, they'll even get rid of that.
And I had all the federal documents and people didn't believe me.
And of course, I'm sitting in that meeting, and I'm not putting the crew down, I'm putting, I'm just, this is an illustration.
When a lot of my crew didn't think they were even allowed to leave their house.
That's when the PSYOP first hit.
And I said, this is a U.N.
takeover PSYOP.
It's never going to end unless we say no.
And I said, believe me.
And I even got lawyers involved so the crew would believe me.
Most of the crew did.
And I'm not putting people down.
Some didn't.
I'm explaining that I understand why they didn't believe that they'll try to never end the lockdown, which they've done in areas they're able to get away with it.
How long does the lockdown go?
How long do you put up with it?
But my own crew was sitting there doubting me, which is fine because I don't mind being doubted because I'm wrong sometimes.
I wish I was wrong a lot of the time.
I'm not.
But I'm sitting there in the meeting getting mad because I'm already looking years into the future and seeing their whole operation and knowing what they're going to do.
Let me give you an example.
Here's my film from 14 years ago on DVD that they censored off the internet.
It's for free at Bandot Video in the film section.
I hope you share it.
If you want a DVD to have and burn copies and educate others, we're selling it very close to cost, as low as $3.95 apiece at Infowarsstore.com when you buy them in bulk.
What is it?
Overhead shot, please.
The Alex Jones film.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
What is it?
It's a UN building with a skull, and it says the UN's gonna carry out a worldwide medical tyranny with forced inoculation, sterilization, and then mass death.
And it lays it all out, they want you dead on the back.
Now, people are freaking out about the film now because everything in it has basically come true except the last part.
The New York Times wrote reviews of this, attacking it, saying, I'm insane.
I believe the elite want to live forever and have a plan to depopulate us through forced inoculation.
It's in their plans, people.
And look, it's healthy to doubt stuff.
I'm the same way.
I thought they'd roll out a big beta test, then roll out bigger attacks years later.
No, they're going to just roll it out right away.
And so I get why people want to think
That this isn't as scary as it is.
Because it is scary.
And I've been having to psychologically...
Get myself ready for this, too.
I've been very upset.
I've been a jerk to my family some, I've been a jerk to some of the crew, and I apologize publicly for that.
I just blew up at Owen on air for no reason yesterday because they didn't do the shot where I wanted it from down there.
I wanted it in front of the Catholic smuggling center and not the other smuggling centers.
No reason for that.
But I get so desperate because I've literally got all these incredible articles, incredible reports, bombshell information, and I'm mad at myself that I'm not doing enough to cover it all.
But I tell you, if the rest of the public had an attitude like that, we would not even be in this position we're in.
I mean, folks, this is only going to get worse till we stop it.
Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates are the worst people on earth, and they're fully committed to this takeover, dividing us, conquering us a hundred different ways, poisoning the hell out of us, and all that evidence is mounting.
I'll cover it at the start of the next hour.
You notice they pulled the J&J shot, because it's killing so many people.
Then they try to spin it and go, oh, one woman died.
That's one woman in one town.
Thousands have died.
I know people dying from it.
And it's always just let us have our privacy.
Please don't talk about it.
I got crew members, two crew members whose kids were killed by vaccines.
They're like, please don't even mention that on air.
Well, I mean, I know you, you told me this.
I know it's true.
My grandmother got polio from the damn vaccine.
I mean, I'm on Joe Rogan's show three or four months ago and five months ago.
And I'm like, yeah, you know, the main cause of polio is the Bill Gates vaccine.
And Joe goes, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
He pulls it up.
I mean, the thing is they tell you all this in the fine print.
And so I'm just very, very frustrated at myself and everybody else.
And we've got the best crew in the world.
We've got the best audience in the world.
We shouldn't be mad at ourselves.
I shouldn't be mad at myself.
I should have some type of glee or feeling of success that we've been proven right.
And at least we're here.
At least we've got a fighting chance.
But I don't have that feeling.
I feel dirty.
I feel upset.
I feel really pissed.
I wake up at 2am thinking about Bill Gates, thinking about Klaus Schwab, because my very cells as a man are saying, you're not doing enough.
But I'm not going to let them destroy my mind.
I'm going to expose them and we're going to publicly
Convict them for their crimes against humanity that violate the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Convention, and we are going to be loving and rejoice that God is real, and that Christ is real, and we have ever-living souls, and that we're going through a time of great evil, but that is part of the process, and so thank God for giving us a warning, and thank God for laying it all out in the Bible.
From Genesis right through Revelation.
It's all there.
How would they know that?
Because it was divinely inspired.
And God is real.
And you see the enemies raiding the churches.
You see them attacking everything.
Because the globalists know this is a fight between good versus evil.
And they are slaves of Satan.
And they are prosecuting their attacks on Orthodox Jews.
Just practicing Jews is what they are.
Faithful Jews and faithful Christians.
Why are they doing that?
Because they know that we know, ladies and gentlemen, and we have got the real God that literally warned us exactly what was going to happen.
That's total proof!
And so we should be very happy about that and worry about our spiritual lives.
You're not going to get it at most of these churches.
These churches are run by Satanists.
I mean, I can tell you, I got a sixth sense.
You even get in them, you can feel it.
You hear the doctrine, it's a bunch of feel-good, rah-rah, hey, scan your QR code.
Make sure you've had your Mark of the Beast vaccine before you can be in this church.
So I'll play the Project Veritas clip.
What a joke.
I'm going to play some of these amazing Owen Schroyer clips, where they've just got dozens of anchor baby women getting off the bus, nine months pregnant, ready to pop, ready to just come in and milk the hell out of us.
And the point is, I'm not against the poor women.
I'm against the industrialization of the globalists and their takeover plan.
I'm not against bullets.
I don't want them fired into me though.
I'm not against the water.
I don't want to be by a dam when it breaks and I drown.
And that's what this is.
It is a flood of refugees that Biden told come here who are then organized and farmed out by Democrat employees who then get a part of these people's paycheck forever.
The Democrats are farmers.
Farmers of illegal aliens.
Milk cows is what they are.
So please get your end game for global enslavement at InfoWarsTore.com.
It has a zero country code, meaning you can make copies of it anywhere in the world and make copies and say, here's the truth, and tell those that you give it to for them to make copies.
It's digital, it's high quality, exposes their whole plan.
14 years ago, it's more important than ever.
103's forever.
My dad's grandmother lived to 103.
Called her Ma Jones.
Her name was Moon Jones.
Grave Digger.
Won't be a lot of folks living to 103 now, though.
They're going to euthanize people.
I got that video next segment.
Most horrifying stuff you've ever seen.
The disabled being begging not for vaccines and the police jamming needles in their arms illegally in California.
It's just the beta test for the rest of the country.
But the full Project Veritas video is at InfoWars.com and it's also at ProjectVeritas.com.
I'm not in competition with Project Veritas.
I invite them on to plug.
They're the best place to whistleblow because they get so much of it actually on the air.
We're trying to organize to do that more because there's so many stories and you can send us tips at InfoWarsTips at ProtonMail.com.
We are checking those and we are in McAllen area of the border for the next week.
And other areas of Texas.
So if you want to whistleblow, you want to talk to us, off record, we're excellent at that.
We will keep you secret.
And we'll also put you in touch with Veritas, but I can call James O'Keefe up if it's falling to the cracks.
I can also, something's really big, big, big, I'll end up usually handing it over to them.
So we're not here in competition with Tucker Carlson or James O'Keefe or anybody.
So much other conservative media is in competition.
And I can tell you Carlson isn't.
I can tell you Veritas isn't.
We're fighting for this country to survive.
So here's a few minutes from their big CNN report.
CNN director admits network engaged in propaganda to remove Trump from presidency.
Our focus was to get Trump out of office and then to stage stuff and make Biden look like a tough guy that's healthy.
Here it is.
I think we got him through this term.
We would always share shots of him jogging.
Him in aviator shades and like you paint him as a young geriatric.
We were creating a story there that we didn't know anything about.
So I think that's probably it.
Look what we did.
We got Trump out.
I am 100% going to say it.
Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right?
Without saying it, that's what it was, right?
So our next thing is going to be for climate change.
Do you think it's going to be just like a lot of like fear?
Yeah, fear cells.
Fear cells.
No one ever says those things out loud, but it's obvious.
Trump, uh, was...
Uh, I don't know, like his hand was shaking or whatever like that?
We brought in like so many medical people to like all tell a story that like it was all speculation.
That he was like neurological damage, that he was losing it, he's unfit to, you know, whatever.
We were...
We were creating a story there that we didn't know anything about.
I think there's just like a COVID fatigue.
So like whenever a new story comes up, they're going to latch on to it.
They've already announced in their office that once
The public will be open to it.
We're going to start focusing mainly on climate.
It's going to be our focus.
Our focus was to get Trump out of office, right?
Without saying it, that's what it was, right?
So our next thing is going to be for climate change.
And that's the question, Mr. Zucker.
Why is it so important to hide the truth of what you're really trying to do?
A criminal organization trying to cause race wars in America, trying to get our guns, trying to deceive us on every level.
And then it's force-fed into buses, trains, airplanes, hotels, bars, airports.
It's just the enemy of the people.
Yeah, the Rolling Stones are a pretty dark, occultic group, but some of their songs are powerful because the humanity still was shining through.
But that was the Rolling Stones 30, 40, 50 years ago.
They are now geriatric globalists, geriatric satanists.
And Mick Jagger has come out with a new song.
Here are the lyrics.
We took it on the chin, the numbers were so grim, bossed around by pricks, stiffened upper lips, pacing in the yard or trying to take
The Mick, you just think I'm really thick looking at the graphs with the magnifying glass.
Cancel all the tourist football fake applause.
No more travel brochures.
Looking out from these prison walls.
You've got to rob Peter if you're paying Paul.
And it goes on to say, take your vaccine.
We're going to be prisoners until you do it.
That's right.
Mick Jagger sends up anti-vaxxers.
In surprise, new COVID song, Easy Sleazy.
So I guess we're sleazy and mad because we don't want experimental poison vaccines.
Or is it the opposite?
Is he being anti-vax?
And did the media just spin that?
What's really going on there with Mick Jagger?
Maybe he's being pro-anti-vaxxer, the way the media is spinning it is.
Did Mick Jagger decide to try to save his soul?
Did he decide to not join with Satan?
Because as many times as I've seen mainstream media come out with lies,
Disinformation I should know never to believe their headlines because the headlines are Mick Jagger Has got a Provox story, but you read the lyrics it's the opposite I'm gonna cover this coming up at the bottom of the hour when I can write wrap my mind around it
Because I'm sitting here during the breaks trying to read these stories as fast as they come in.
And who knows if this stuff's even true.
I like Matthew McConaughey.
I've met Matthew McConaughey a couple times.
He's a fellow Austinite.
And there's another article right here saying he's pro-vaccine.
Maybe he is.
I like President Trump.
But he went along with the vaccine to try to get things moving again.
I don't think that...
Trump's a bad guy.
I think he was misled, but still, it's a terrible folly.
So maybe Mick Jagger isn't a devil worshiper after all.
We'll get to the bottom of that at the bottom of the hour here on the Alex Jones Show.
But here is what I do know.
Here is what I do understand.
The reality of the fact that we're on a controlled planet with these globalists trying to play God is coming out.
And that's just a fact.
And so we're going to be looking at that coming up.
And as the world turns, you're going to see people that were on the bad guy side turn towards the light.
You're going to see those that were on the good guy side turn towards the dark.
But the most important thing to do is admit when we go off half-cocked, like I just did.
That's right, I'm sitting here during the break, reading over a bunch of articles, checking it, saw a headline saying Mick Jagger puts out a pro-vaccine rant, I come out here and attack him on legitimate fronts, then I actually start reading it, and he's attacking Bill Gates, and says don't take the vaccine.
Or, then later the lyrics sound like maybe he says do take it.
I'm gonna have to figure this out and tell you coming up, bottom of the hour.
Very, very important.
And I really want to also shift gears here and I want to talk about the collapsing border and what our crew is doing at the border and just how amazing the footage is that they're shooting at the border and premiere some of that here in just a moment on the Alex Jones Show.
And then we've got this document.
Another document from John Hopkins.
That is horrifying and then when I read over the document yesterday and again some today and read an article that Jamie White wrote at Infowars.com that boils it down nicely.
It freaked me out even more, as if the stress level couldn't be any higher for all of us, as we discover all this, that they have been pre-programming, and much of what I read in the report they've already said in other ways, and so I'm pretty sure they're going to go operational with this, with the Great Reset, financially, with a worldwide collapse.
That wipes out your money digitally and so they can basically steal their money from you and then quote later figure out what happened to your money and only give you part of it back.
I mean, there's nothing these swindlers won't do if they think they can get away with it.
And they control Interpol and they control the FBI and they control most of the states in the U.S.
and Soros has got most of the attorney generals and most district attorneys.
And so they can basically pretty much do anything at this point.
God help us.
I mean, we are at that point where the authoritarians always go into an orgy of corruption and an orgy of evil, and I just pray that somehow we can have an awakening and say no to this, because people ask, what level will tyrants go to?
Thomas Everson rightly said, to whatever level you will accept.
He was asked, what is the limit of tyrants?
He said, whatever you submit to, someone out there will want to push you to that point.
There are evil, bad people in the world that want control, and want to enslave, and want to dumb down, and want to dominate.
That's their nature.
And those of us that aren't like them tend to project who we are onto them and that's why we get hurt.
Most victims of crime got lured into it because they projected their own goodness onto the bad guys.
There are a lot of corrupt evil people.
There's also folks that have been hurt by the system who decide to join it.
It's like the song No More Mr. Nice Guy, Alice Cooper.
Everybody's mean to him so he becomes a mean person.
He adopts what was done to him to be worse than those that abused him.
Instead of transcending that and organizing people to be good and helpful and loving, which America got to the greatest level of.
We weren't perfect, but it was real.
Chivalry and honor and strength.
Building communities based on that.
But instead, that's all been thrown out on the wayside.
And now we're in a deep crisis.
I played this at the very start of the show, but I haven't addressed it yet.
Shock video.
Cops force vaccinate special needs girls in statewide Operation Homebound in California.
This is all UN-directed beta test.
Operation Homebound, of course it's California.
Basically going in with the police and intimidating people into taking vaccines.
More criminal activity.
And we're going to be looking at Senator Rand Paul saying Fauci is a fraud and a petty dictator, a petty tyrant.
He's now calling him a tyrant.
That's the spirit.
That's how you beat him.
You call a spade a spade.
We also have
FDA and CDC recommending a pause on J&J COVID-19 vaccines because there are so many deaths happening.
They call it one death.
That's the spin.
No, that's in one area.
So there's so much more coming up on the other side.
Please don't forget we've got a big initiative I'm running right now.
My instrumental, seminal,
Film, in-game blueprint for global enslavement, more important now than when I made it 14 years ago, because about 90% of it has come true.
This is really waking people up.
And so, John the Revelator warned us 2,000 years ago.
I warned you 14 years ago, not from Revelation, but from research.
And it's all here.
We're selling it as low as $3.95 a piece.
When you get 10 of them or more, they're $3.95 a piece.
That way we make a few bucks to fund our operation, literally like $2 or something.
But then you get it at cost.
You can buy one copy for $14.95, two copies for $9.95, and it just goes down to $3.95 a piece.
Give them to the library, give them to friends, family, neighbors, tell them, hey, this is the forbidden information, this is the guy that predicted it all 14 years ago, and all the DVDs have a zero country code, meaning anywhere in the world, Australia, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Chile, you can make copies.
Burn them and say, here's what you're not supposed to know, and give them to people.
Infowarsstore.com, a limited time, at these prices, and it helps fund our operation.
Endgame, Blueprint, Global Enslavement, InfoWarsTore.com.
And there's only a few days left to get Vitamin Mineral Fusion 40% off because it's selling out at InfoWarsTore.com.
We are witnessing the controlled demolition of every free nation on earth to make way for the transhumanist post-human era.
So let me run through some headlines for you that are live right now on InfoWars.com.
Thanks for joining us.
Shock video!
Cops force vaccinate... Now listen, this is so important.
Shock video.
Cops force vaccinate special needs girls in statewide Operation Homebound program.
We'll play that for you here in a moment.
We have Senator Rand Paul tweeting.
Fauci continues to ignore 100 years of vaccine science.
His only real theme is, do what I say, even when it makes no sense.
If you're recovered or been vaccinated, go about your life.
Eat, drink, work, open the schools.
Enough with the petty tyrants.
But go all the way.
Talk about how he ran the Wuhan lab with Bill Gates.
Talk about the UN.
Talk about the New World Order.
Talk about China bragging that they're open for business.
We're not.
Talk about Klaus Schwab bragging it's the Great Reset.
I mean, these people are out in the open!
But see, you get attacked if you talk about replacement migration or Fauci running Wuhan.
But hey, good job to Daily Caller!
Fourteen months after we broke it,
Six months after Newsweek even reported it, they came out and said Fauci should be investigated for running 11 programs at Wuhan, including coronavirus gain-of-function programs.
And now it's in the John Hopkins document.
We covered yesterday, that's the main group that honchos this, that they'd already
tested all these coronaviruses in animals for industrial use.
They just didn't call it COVID-19.
And they knew it killed a bunch of animals in tests and studies, including in ferret tests, all of them.
That's why the former chief scientist at Pfizer went public last year and said, this is madness.
And again, this weekend says depopulation program, because now he's been able to study the data and confirm what he thought up front.
That it's depopulation.
Do you understand what that means?
We've got tens of thousands of people in the U.S.
alone and in Europe that have died right after they got the shot that we know of.
They only count maybe one out of a hundred that dies as dying from it.
So they've got in Europe over 4,000 a month ago, no new numbers.
Over 2,000 in the U.S.
a month ago, no new numbers are out.
So if it's a hundred times that, and I know a bunch of people that died from it, well, yeah, you know, dad took it and he died a day later, but we're not sure.
He had to start having convulsions when he got home and his liver failed.
I mean, come on.
He's like a rattlesnake bites you in the Arizona desert and your leg falls off a week later and you die and you're like, well we don't know the rattlesnake is what killed him, you know what bit him and then he got real sick.
We don't know if it's that vodka got him drunk.
Yeah, that truck ran over my neighbor in the street at 50 miles an hour and he died, but we're not sure the truck did it.
A lot of people die within minutes of taking it.
It's called tyranny.
But see, no one can admit that they're actually killing us.
Gee, Bill Gates, his whole life, a modern life, adult life, said he wants to kill people and bring in world government.
His dad ran Planned Parenthood and they run this big eugenics global program.
He's been kicked out of 30-something countries and has been caught giving people polio all over the world.
That's Reuters.
And it's like, oh, gee, he wants to hurt us.
But look at this headline, FDA and CDC recommending a pause on J&J COVID-19 vaccine over rare blood cutting issues.
Oh, it's very rare.
And the headline on Drudge is, you know, oh, they say one woman died.
When you actually read the town hall article and it goes to the VARS reporting system or VAERS, it's thousands getting sick, hundreds died, but they're only saying one woman died for sure from it.
It's like, okay, one person died.
One's in critical.
Devastating blow to J&J.
And J&J is a virus vector.
So it's the same thing as mRNA or beyond it, because it takes a virus into your cell to reprogram your cell, not to teach your cell how to know how to beat viruses, but to teach your cell how to operate the way it wants.
It takes your damn cells over.
Biden's America is starting to look like Nazi Germany.
Operation Homebound.
We're going to play that clip in a moment.
The mentally retarded girls begging, saying they don't want it, but oh, they don't have.
I guess they have a guardian because they're childlike.
They're right.
Oh, that's why they want children, though, to have the right to bypass their parents and take vaccines.
But I thought a child doesn't have conformed consent because they're not of age to decide.
See how they play both ways?
Oh, you're down syndrome.
You're 25, 30 years old, but you don't get to decide.
But oh, if you're a 10 year old in California, we're going to give it to you because mommy and daddy won't let you.
We're going to give it to you.
You can decide.
See how it works?
And that poor young lady may have an extra chromosome, but she's still a human being, and she's got better common sense than these idiots in their little military outfits do.
Like, let's go ahead and just roll that video.
Here it is.
Can I give you a little medicine?
I promise, I'll be gentle, okay?
I'll be gentle, I promise.
Are you done?
Almost done.
Move in a little bit.
They're going to die soon.
It's okay, Shirley.
It's okay, love.
It's okay.
Just let her relax.
She's autistic.
Probably from vaccines.
Let her come back.
You don't want more of what we did to you?
Come here, sweetie pie.
It's okay.
It's okay, love.
It's all right.
Yeah, we already got you when you were little.
It's okay, Shirley.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You don't want more of it?
Good job, silly!
The police come to your house and intimidate your family to do it.
It's all color law gaslighting.
Now it's going to be dozens of years before you'll be dead soon, all liberal.
Oh, you're autistic?
Oh, we already, we didn't finish you off?
Oh, you've got some kind of neurological disorder, the vaccine's causing mass.
Well here, he's got a nice little Jewish star on him.
They stick a little Jewish star on you when they're done.
Like we got you!
But, oh, these are all just hero liberals that are part of the system and promoted because they follow orders.
They don't look at all the statistics for all the top scientists warning what's going on.
It's like, oh, you've got muscle dystrophy.
Oh, you've got a neurological disorder.
Here you go.
It doesn't matter.
The literature says it's even worse for you.
Here you go.
And if he dies, they won't feel bad because they're heroes.
They're all big, big heroes.
We've got more for you.
Oh, yeah.
Wait till you hear what Biden approved.
We'll tell you about that when we come back.
We'll talk.
They admit it's really, really bad for you, but it's OK because he's liberal.
Ladies and gentlemen, coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, Austin, broadcasting worldwide, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we got Owen Schroer from the Texas-Mexico border on a very important secret mission joining us coming up next segment.
And Paul Joseph Watson to get into the year-plus lockdown, the
Vaccine passports, the bizarreness, the death of Prince Philip, and so much more in the third hour today.
He'll be hosting the fourth hour on Wednesday.
But I want to give you some good news.
There's major pushback by some cities and towns and by legislatures.
There's an article from the Von Mies Institute on InfoWars.com that lays this out.
State legislatures are finally limiting governors' emergency powers, but only some of them.
And that's why you've got all these Caribbean islands and all Asian countries and African countries, it doesn't matter, and European countries.
Humans are all the same at the end of the day when it comes to behavior.
We might look different, but that's about as far as it goes.
We act the same.
People are people, and you've got people power-grabbing everywhere, and it's mainly liberals, communists, and socialists that are doing it.
Trying to put Bolsonaro in jail now because he didn't lock the country down and they're all hyping up record deaths and all this crap because the medical system's not run by the government.
And I'm not saying it should be run by the government, but it's run by corporations that are as big and bad as the government, in fact, bigger and badder and who are above the law.
And that's what globalism is, is corporations acting as government.
So how do libertarians deal with that?
I'm not against libertarian thinking in general.
I'm just saying it's like communism totally doesn't work at any level and is a total fraud and creates a dictatorship instantly.
Well, libertarian ideas and social constructs could work, I guess, at some level, and if you had a very moral society that didn't let corporations get out of control, you had some check on them, then you could have maybe a total libertarian society, but that doesn't take human nature into account.
So, libertarianism, big L libertarianism, is just as unfeasible and workable as communism.
The dog doesn't hunt, the fish don't swim, the gun don't shoot.
That's just the way it works.
I mean, our government's withering away and can do nothing, and big tech and all these companies are becoming governmental and shutting down their competition and waging war, and the government's like, oh, if you're an illegal alien, you can fly all you want.
Citizens, you can't.
The social contract is broken.
The total fraud is here.
And I don't want a big government.
I want one just big enough to arbitrate for me, we the people, with juries and voting and things like that.
Notice it's all those things that will be taken away.
I'm going to play dozens of pregnant illegal immigrants.
It's an anchor baby train.
Arrive in the dark of the night at the Texas border and illegally cross.
So we're going to play that in a moment, but first let's get back into these articles.
Rand Paul Fauci is a petty tyrant.
I mean, it's like this Travis County judge.
She just so happens to be my family court judge.
And you know what?
I don't care if she's over my family court cases.
I'm gonna go protest Judge Livingston.
And not because she's on my family court cases.
Because she said last week in hearings, that somebody, the Houston Chronicle, the Austin Chronicle has the quotes in it for me, that, oh, your rights don't extend when it hurts other people, so you're a virus carrier, you gotta wear a mask forever, when the real numbers show bacterial disease from the mask is way over any COVID virus, and the studies show breathing on each other makes you way healthier, but oh no, I'm dirty, I'm bad, I gotta wear a burka.
No, I don't!
And reopen the Travis County Courthouse.
She's helping keep it locked down so she can work from home forever.
So, you know, here's the thing.
I can't go protest Judge Livingston at the courthouse because she never gets over there.
I'm going to have to go to her house.
I don't care how she rules with my children.
Because you got to be all in on this.
You know, all these conservatives are, oh, oh, oh, that brings me to this.
Governor Newsom, this psychotic worm, demon, that has all his restaurants and things open for the last year, everybody else are closed.
Just see what he can get away with.
They've got the recall numbers now.
People put their driver's license numbers, they put their info on, but that only goes to the state agency.
Now the Democrats want it to dox and harass everyone.
And now the legislature is moving forward to allow just that.
In fact, I saw the breaking news where they're authorizing giving your info over to them.
Well, here's the deal.
Let them put the millions of people that signed it online.
Let them try to target you all.
Let them come.
Come and take it.
That's the point.
You can't keep giving in to the intimidation.
You can't keep bowing down to the garbage.
You can't keep letting them rule over you because it only gets worse the more you bow down to it.
Here's some of the other headlines here.
UK faces ticking time bomb of missed cancer cases, study finds.
Yeah, none of the insurance companies, none of the government agencies have to give care the last year for people that paid taxes their whole life in a social system because of the lockdown.
They've all sat on their asses and done TikTok videos.
Other videos, UK police rammed down door, arrest member violating COVID rules.
They don't arrest the Muslims.
Big tech is censoring science because COVID-19 panic made them rich and destroyed their competition.
Uh, yeah.
China blasts U.S.
handling of COVID-19.
DARPA unveils COVID microchip.
Claims it doesn't surveil you, it just tracks you.
And they got some DARPA mad scientist on there, you know, wanting to turn our military into these cyborg robots.
I mean, that's what this is, is a mad scientist taking over.
Let's go to some of Owen Schroeder and the crew last night in McAllen, Texas, right on the border.
Where you have these women, because it's all different groups, it'll be men get off one bus, unaccompanied women on another, women with children on another, pregnant women on another, because they're being sent to be farmed out to different Democratic Party organizations that have basically bid on them.
I mean, who knows?
Some of the children will probably have their blood siphoned off.
We know that's happening for rich people.
I told you that years ago.
Now it's mainstream news.
Everybody's freaking out.
But here it is.
This is the illegal immigrant operation, and they're running three dozen pregnant women and a bunch of other mothers and children up to the Catholic facilities right now as we speak.
They tried to call the police to get media off the property, and the police know that what they're doing is trying to stop our First Amendment right from happening.
So here you go, folks.
This happens all hours of the day, all hours of the night.
Take a look for yourself.
Look at how young some of these pregnant girls are.
What is happening to them?
This is absolutely heartbreaking.
This is not dozens, this is like 30 plus women that have babies with them and who are pregnant.
And every one of them pregnant.
Some of these women look like they're 12 years old.
And so you get pregnant, you come here, you have a baby, the baby's a citizen, it's the anchor, she stays, then the whole family comes up.
Her other eight kids or whatever.
And then you pay for it.
And every person... Every person...
Why do they hate that the media is here?
That is able to get into places like New York.
It's 15,000 extra dollars from taxpayers.
They go, oh, feel sorry for them.
They know we have a big heart.
This is all a UN takeover.
These people will be kept under Democrat control.
They'll be kept in sweatshops forever.
Their children will be farmed out.
Some will disappear.
The Senate report found 10,000 plus placed with sex traffickers.
And the system is absolutely horrified of us.
The system has issued the order, Bill Gates has issued the order, that I am to be destroyed.
They have us under full federal surveillance, everything, and that's okay, because I'll never be a child molester like you guys.
I'll never be a devil worshiper like you guys.
I'll never be a coward like you guys.
And so you can burn in hell.
But I'm telling you, they're getting ready to take everything down.
This is the full collapse of the country, total lawlessness, the illegal aliens, children are just handed off to smugglers on the airplanes, flown, TSA is not allowed to check documents, FBI says you're not to do background checks, so the crime can be committed.
The FBI is now the number one criminal organization in the world.
The FBI is now fully criminal.
Stay with us.
We got that in the works.
I want to thank you all for your support.
That's where your money goes.
Our crew on the border right now doing a great job filing incredible reports every hour or so.
They're just a bombshell.
And then if you carry the ball and sharing it out to others and re-upload it at Twitter, Facebook, all this is copyright free, more power to you.
It's all posted again at InfoWars.com.
And of course, the globalists are now announcing, actually, the mask is forever.
CNN, AP, Reuters, they're all saying, this is never gonna stop.
This is never gonna stop.
It's their authoritarian takeover.
It's, you're dirty, you're bad, you're filthy, we gotta test you, we gotta put chips in you, we gotta track you, you gotta take all these vaccines.
And you're like, well, why would they then give them to us if so many people get sick and die?
That's gonna hurt the globalists.
They're testing to see how much they can hurt you and get away with.
This is all a test, and if we go along with it, then that ensures more of an assault.
So submission is death.
Resistance is victory.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
Now, let's roll this for TV viewers.
I'll describe it for radio listeners.
This is Owen Schroer and crew.
Last night, it's at man.video, dozens of pregnant illegal immigrants arrive in the dark of the night in Texas.
And these are anchor babies.
This is more than 20 women, off a bus, all pregnant.
When I see those pregnant women, when I see those women marching by, just one shipment every, you know, 15 minutes being dropped off, what do I see?
I see total organization.
By the U.N.
at refugee centers in Guatemala.
Almost all these women are from Central and South America.
They have gone, they have paid the U.N.
to get here.
They have set up with NGOs, non-governmental organizations on this end.
They have cell phones.
And they pay thousands of dollars to the U.N.
already has taxpayer money.
The U.N.
The State Department.
They get here.
Then their phones are taken.
And in most cases, their families are broken up, including children, and are sent to different people.
This is human smuggling.
It's in the news, we have Senate reports, and we caught it on tape last week.
And we had undercover people inside, that we'll have those interviews out soon, where there are men there saying, I paid your charity money, I want her, her, and her, and they go, yes sir.
We'll have the van here in two hours, and he's got
The plane ticket's ready to fly them back.
And some of these men said they had vans ready to drive women back to Illinois and other states because they don't even want to have a record of being in an airport, even though they're not checking them.
The FBI says, look, the FBI is a mafia, okay?
The FBI is the big dog in America.
It burns down the Waco church.
It teaches us.
It's our boss.
And you can say, oh, was it good under Jagger, Hoover, you know, the G-Men, all of it.
Well, all I know is it's really bad now.
And you just call the whole organization out.
Oh, it's the guys at the top only.
Well, where are the FBI agents resigning or going public?
Because they're mass smuggling women and children into sex slavery, medical stuff, you name it, and it's all on record!
But the FBI has arrested, what, 450 people that were at the Capitol.
And they say in the indictments, oh, he walked in when the police opened the doors and meandered around the Capitol.
It's one thing if you indicted people that actually hurt cops or broke in or whatever, but most of those are your own provocateurs.
No, no, no.
Now the illegal aliens are waived on the planes, their IDs aren't even checked.
And everyone that went into that Capitol is being indicted.
When the left storms capitals and throws fits everywhere constantly and burns down buildings and loots, Google the articles on Infowars.com, censored rioting, so that you couldn't see that all over the country, ahead of the Chauvin trial, the Chauvin trial in George Floyd,
All right, let's go to Owen Schroyer.
He got hooked up out there.
He's going to tell us where he is.
He said, hey, where do you want us to be?
I said, wherever you want to be.
You're the ones down there.
So he's been all over the place.
He's giving us a quick update from the Texas-Mexico border, where I'll be joining him soon.
Owen, a lot of incredible videos you posted last night.
Yeah Alex and we've still got multiple teams scouting the illegal immigration pipeline but we decided to come down here right to the border where we're trying to link up with some other patriots and there's some former military veterans that are trying to have a press conference out here to address this national security issue of the wide open border and as you can see behind me Alex we're at one of the spots here where they've stopped construction so they still have some of the construction wiring up and they still have some of the barricades up
And you can see to the left and the right the gaps that they have failed to finish constructing here at the southern border wall.
So this is just another indication that as soon as the new administration got into the White House, they intentionally
That's right.
Yeah, and we've even got more footage that we're going to be uploading to Band.Video today.
Where the same woman with the Santa Muerte tattoo, that same woman who was engaged in suspicious activity when you guys were down there, the same woman who was trying to intimidate us when we were filming her a few weeks ago, now all of a sudden she's driving a cab, Alex.
Now all of a sudden she has a cab license.
Somehow she passed that certification overnight, and when we came up today into the alley, where they're dropping and picking the kids up now because they don't want media filming, she tried to pull away
As soon as she saw our cameras, she tried to pull away with kids in the back.
The door to the van was wide open as she was trying to speed away.
Now tell me, does that sound like some suspicious behavior to you, Alex, with kids in the back?
Well listen, people, I mean, national media said that we were spinning things.
No, they're the ones spinning.
It's all illegal.
He doesn't have the authority to do this.
There's not even an executive order which would be overturned.
There's no law.
He's violating current law.
He's ordering them released without backgrounds.
He's ordering them to be put on airplanes.
And this woman, God knows who she is, they're not just cramming them in the backs of trunks now.
Now she's driving off so fast that doors are hanging open with children, is what you're saying.
Yes, and we have it on footage.
The HD is going to be up at Bandot Video right now.
The crew is getting it up there.
And that's going to be in the border crisis section.
Oh, and that's the first question I should have asked you, because you guys haven't posted stuff since last night.
Great job working so many hours.
What else have you discovered since I talked to you last night?
So I went out there this morning, Alex, and I was filming a report because we realized something last night, just from kind of doing more scoping of the scene, that not only has the testing facility expanded, but the Catholic Charities facility has quadrupled in size!
And now they have five storefronts on the entire block that they're running
This is a massive facility and you can still see inside.
So just since we were there two weeks ago and last week, suddenly it's just mushrooming everywhere.
Huge numbers and you can see inside how they're lined up and they're all sitting against the wall just stacked shoulder to shoulder and it's like five storefronts wide.
The building across the street is now vacant as well.
We've been told that the Catholic Charities has interest in trying to rent that space as well.
$7,500 a month was the price that we were told on that.
So they're expanding
Their facilities in McAllen, Texas.
And I think they're using this as a major hub for some sort of criminal activity.
Oh, this is the beta test for the rest of the country.
This is going on all along the 2,300-mile border, but this is the epicenter.
Stay there.
I want to do five more minutes with you.
I had to apologize to Watson.
I'll let you get back to what you're doing, but...
Folks, this is groundbreaking stuff, which the crew is doing a fabulous job, but you are just as important as we are.
If you don't go to Bandot Video, if you don't get the reports you think are most important and share them on your email and your text message where they can't censor as much, or on Facebook or Twitter, re-download it.
Upload it with your own name on it.
We don't care.
Get it out, folks.
I see you doing it on Twitter.
I see you doing it on Facebook.
Beautiful job, folks.
I see you on TikTok.
Video of anchor baby mamas coming across the border at industrial level.
I mean, it is just absolutely wild, and I see some of the criticism.
Why are you showing children's faces?
These children may never be seen again.
They're using the mask to cover up the smuggling.
I ordered the people to leave the faces up, because this is illegal.
And the Border Patrol's been ordered to do illegal activity, and Congress must act.
This is incredible.
They're letting them get on planes, everything, and disappearing into the hands of the Democrats, who then give $15,000 per legal alien.
They're not giving that money to them, they're stealing it.
We'll be right back.
It's the same formula.
Over and over again.
It was beta tested in Europe 10 years ago.
The UN admit they ran it.
They told people in Africa and in Asia, but mainly the Middle East, come to Germany, come to France, come to England.
You'll get free welfare.
You'll be given a job.
You'll be given a woman.
If this is in the ads, you'll be given welfare.
And so they had tens of millions come, and now they've got a group they can control.
Give them one order, they'll burn the whole thing down.
And now they admit it's called replacement migration, but the ADL says, and CNN says, you're not supposed to talk about that.
So now we see this in mass, and it's so important that we're down there, Project Veritas is down there, but almost no media in just an incredible, incredible story.
They're now admitting tenfold increase, Obama's previous record of people, and that's the numbers we know of, Owen.
I mean, this is bedlam.
Other observations you've made?
Well, yeah, and on the angle of the media, Alex, no local media.
We haven't seen a single local news affiliate out here.
There have been a couple of independent journalists that come out here.
You know, they still got a Facebook account.
They still got a Twitter.
They're still able to go live.
They film it.
They come out here.
They were out there for a couple hours last night.
So it's just independent, mostly citizens of McAllen.
We're good to go.
And then they'll leave the scene, but, I mean, local news should be out there every night.
Local news should be out there getting this B-roll, getting this footage every night.
I mean, you can sit out here, and that's the crazy thing, I feel redundant, Alex.
We go to the scene, we film the drop-off, we film the transfer, we film them at the airport, and I feel redundant, but everything we capture is a criminal act.
Every time we capture it, it's a criminal act.
But it's not redundant.
I mean, you're out there, what is it, every 15, 30 minutes, more buses arrive?
Around the clock, all night long.
So now we're discovering it looks like there's more activity at night than during the day.
Well, and that could be because they're trying to adjust their schedules so that the media doesn't know what's going on.
And so, I mean, you know, it's downtown McAllen where they're doing this.
There is some foot traffic.
There is some car traffic.
There's people commuting.
They see this going on.
So maybe they figure if they do it in the dark of night with three dozen pregnant women and children walking across the street, there'll be less of an uproar if they're doing it in the dark of night.
But see, Alex,
I was about to say, that bus looked like a clown car.
It had so many people in it.
Everybody gets in the phone booth.
Three dozen got off one bus?
How many?
Yes, three dozen.
And a lot of them had children and were pregnant and we got to pay for it all.
And some of these girls, I won't even call them women, some of these girls look like they were 12 years old, multiple.
And you know, I just wonder what's happened to them.
I mean, it's really gut-wrenching to think how either they're being used by the cartel or they're being raped on their way up here.
And let's be clear, the cartel tells them.
We're in control of you.
We know where you're going.
And you have a cartel woman wearing cartel tattoos, literally delivering them and separating a baby and handing it off to somebody.
I mean, my God, this is nightmarish.
I mean, it was happening last night too, Alex, and there's no DNA testing.
There's no DNA testing, and there was another lady last night, oh, these are my babies, these are my babies.
That's what the Santa Muerte lady said, and then gave it to somebody else.
So, that man, there's, I'm telling you, there's... That's a legal statement.
They go, these are my babies, these are my, I mean, we know they're not.
We see the same women grabbing kids, handing them off, splitting people up.
This is unbelievable.
This is, look, the Senate report found, Owen.
That Obama placed over 10,000 children with sex traffickers knowingly, not just smugglers.
This is on steroids of that.
What a crime!
And all Democrats now have signed on to this.
Well look, if you were trying to run a child sex trafficking operation, this would be it.
This would be how it's done.
This would be how you facilitate it.
This would be how you cover it up.
And this is how you would fund it and organize it.
And nobody would have a clue!
Nobody would have any idea.
These kids come in.
They're not on any records.
They're with their unaccompanied.
Oh, they're with someone who claims to be their mom.
And it's just total lawlessness.
Nobody knows.
No DNA testing.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm the FBI agent of that shit, I'll be arrested.
And if I'm
Well, don't even get us started on what's happening to patriots and pastors and organizers and leaders that were in D.C.
on the 6th that are being harassed by the FBI.
But they can't seem to stop the riot season that everybody sees is impending.
They can't seem to investigate what is clearly a high potential to be conserved.
Hell, they're seeing FBI agents that are going to get paid leave to bring illegal aliens into their house.
We'll be right back.
Thank you, Han.
I'm watching the midterms.
Man, you would think our country is Mad Max Thunderdome.
This guy is like, they're coming from Guatemala, they're coming from Mexico.
There's a liberal mob that's coming.
You wanna drop?
You wanna drop?
Who are you?
Who are the president?
And you would think everybody in the country is just like, to the bunker.
Welcome to hour number three.
Paul Joseph Watson is our guest for the next 53 minutes or so.
The Democrats, the Globalists, the UN party have already invaded Europe.
They've now invaded the United States.
They're running the same replacement migration operation against us.
And Paul Joseph Watson lives in London over a year of lockdown with the new
Vaccine passports rolling out, and the UK model, the Israeli model, the Australian model is now being adopted in blue cities and blue states like New York and Hawaii.
This is an iron curtain of surveillance and tyranny and fraud and doesn't even protect you.
Finally, Senator Paul is calling Fauci a liar and a tyrant, saying this is all a power grab, that's a day late, a dollar short, but we need to organize against this now.
Paul Joseph Watson joins us.
Paul, you are, there in Europe, the epicenter of the invasion, I would say would be France.
You've written prolifically about the $600 million replacement for the U.S.
Macron wants $220 million for France alone.
They say that they're going to control people bringing these folks in.
So I'm not against these poor people that have been under a year of lockdown where they're starving to death in Latin America and Asia.
In fact, most of the migrants say we're here because we haven't had a job and are starving to death.
So, the UN deliberately collapses the third world, organizes them, brings them here to be a group they control as a voting bloc and to put on welfare that the bureaucrats then milk and house these people.
This is racketeering.
You're at the edge of the epicenter of this.
What is your take on it and how do we counter it and where do you see this world going?
Paul Joseph Watson.
Well obviously Alex you reference this because of Tucker Carlson once again they're trying to de-platform him because he got involved in this debate by merely pointing out that it is a voter replacement program.
Now as he stated if you go to Israel if you merely look at the ADL website
They state the exact same thing that they blame so-called white supremacists as stating.
You know, white supremacists who claim that America will be a different country if white people become a minority in America.
And that's been proven already.
But then on the flip side, you have the ADL on their own website saying that Israel needs to be basically Israeli first.
If we don't have a majority Israeli citizenship residency in Israel, then it's going to change the country and it will change any country.
And Joe Biden, we had the clip, this was about five years ago, literally came out and said that we're going to import vast numbers of people from Central America to change the voting demographic.
He didn't say it in those exact words, but he said it, that it was clearly a stated goal, but it was a good thing.
So as long as you say it's a good thing, Alex, then apparently it's okay.
But apparently, if merely to make the argument that replacing a voter demographic in any country, whether it be Israel, America, Denmark, wherever, that that's a conspiracy theory, that that's a dangerous conspiracy theory that doesn't exist.
That's not the argument.
The argument is that it's happened in some countries and it changes the course of countries.
And there was a big study by Copenhagen University a couple of years ago which came out and specifically said
Diversity doesn't work.
It isn't a strength.
In every single country that they studied, where they brought in huge numbers of unassimilated migrants who became enclosed in their own ghettos, and you've seen this in Paris, in France, to a great degree over the past few years, which by the way has changed dramatically even over the past five years.
It's not a strength.
Cohesion, social cohesion, immediately diminishes.
Crime increases, sexual assaults of women increase, and you can track that across every country and specifically over the past five years with this migrant wave in European countries.
So you've literally got dry academic papers being published by academics from Copenhagen University saying the exact same thing that Tucker Carlson says, saying the exact same thing that the ADL says, but if you say
Maybe this is a negative, maybe this will have some knock-on effects which will not be positive for anyone living in America, regardless of their colour, then suddenly you're a white supremacist on the level of the New Zealand massacre.
That's right, and I can tell you, Tucker wasn't even aware of the ADL's official site saying that.
A certain busy beaver sent it to him this weekend, and I'm glad it was on the show last night.
We actually have that clip from last night.
We'll play it at the start of the next segment.
But I mean, this is outrageous.
The Democrats are everywhere, Paul.
So is the EU saying we're going to bring in people to be the new voters.
And they're saying, oh, whites are evil, we want to get rid of you.
It's the left trying to turn brown people into anti-whites.
What's the goal there?
And how does Greenblatt think he's going to get away with this?
Well, the goal is to cultivate this environment of self-loathing and self-hatred, which is what we've seen in the UK.
And if we want to segue into the whole Prince Philip death, which I know you wanted to talk about,
We have a situation in the UK where it's basically a sin now to fly the British flag.
It used to be the St.
George's Cross.
I mean, that was verboten.
That was literal, like, EDL, right-wing racist propaganda.
That's right.
So there's a dialectic here where you want to defend the crown because it's seen as British, because the left's attacking it.
But it's bad as well.
So 10 years ago they were saying don't fly the original English flag, which is a white flag with a red cross on it, the King George flag, and then now they're saying that the actual modern UK flag should be gotten rid of.
Yeah, and the context of this was a few weeks ago there was a BBC interview, this went viral, this video, with a Conservative MP who had a Union Jack, the British flag, behind him during the interview.
And when the interview ended, or when it was about to end, the two hosts of the BBC breakfast show started sniggering and laughing and basically taking the piss out of him because he had, he dared Alex, he dared to display the flag of his own country, the country which he serves for in Parliament, and they started insulting him over the size of his flag.
Well they made basically a genital joke like, oh it's not big enough, it should have been bigger.
His flag wasn't big enough.
Yeah, so you had that context where it's verboten to even display the flag.
Then you had the death of Prince Philip.
Now we've gone back and forth over the past 10-15 years over what Prince Philip said about certain subjects and we can get into that.
But the fact is there were 1,000 complaints to the BBC because they dared to cover and dared to be somewhat respectful over the death of a royal Prince Philip.
Now this is interesting because this is the only time that I've been alive over the past 38 years that I've actually seen the BBC play the British National Anthem.
That was their first response to the death of Prince Philip when they announced the news.
They actually played the anthem of the country in which they're based.
They're called the British Broadcasting Corporation.
They played the anthem.
Oh my God!
A thousand complaints for playing the anthem and for daring to recognize what is basically, as he said,
The last vestige, the last symbol of British patriotism, which is... Exactly, I mean, even though the royal family's got problems and is out of control and is globalist, the people, the left sees it as British, so they want it gone, so it's like a cross to a vampire, and so that's why people are defending it.
We'll talk about that.
When we come back, and again folks, they haven't had British kings in over 300 years in the UK.
Nothing against Germans, nothing against Hungarians, nothing against Count Dracula, but that's, this group is, is, is, and technically they're actually Saxons, because the barbarians, the Vikings went and took over Europe, so technically they actually are British in a way, because the Vikings took over England 1,000 years ago.
And I don't want to go into a history lesson here, but when I say the British royalty,
Is not British.
I've done a lot of deep historical research.
They actually are, in a weird way.
Over a thousand years ago, they've dug up Viking skeletons in northern China.
The Vikings were taking rivers, because they're flat bottom boats, all the way to China.
And that's what they found, like Chinese jade and things in Viking burial mounds.
They found it also in Latin America and Mesoamerica.
The Aztecs were doing trade with the Chinese and others, and there were Vikings going all over the world at that time as well.
But that's before the history books were written.
And so I'm always hyping on the British royalties on British.
Their lines got too inbred out of the original Kings of England, which themselves came out of the Norman invasion.
And before that, it was still Vikings that set it up, and the Romans created some civilization there.
So I'm obsessed on the fact that the House of Windsor is like a made-up name, and the real name is Saxe-Coburg, Gotha, Von Matten, Batten, all this other stuff.
At the end of the day, it was the Saxons that actually went and stopped the Muslim invasion.
They went into Hungary, Romania, Germany, everywhere, stopped the Muslim invasion, went into Poland, and so all the kings of Russia and of everywhere were this original British line, which was a mix of the original Britneys, British with the Vikings that then
Simultaneously kept invading all those isles back into Europe.
So that's my little history lesson.
Back to Paul Joseph Watson talking about the last vestige of any type of sovereignty being the royal family.
Whether you're disgusted with it or not, and I certainly don't like it, the fact is the left wants it gone.
So it's a very schizophrenic moment for them.
Continue, Paul.
Yeah, I mean, that's always what I say.
You know, if the right people are pissed off or upset with something, then it tends to give an indication that you're in the right.
From a wider perspective,
And you're a bigger history buff than I am.
I'm no historian, but I know a little bit about the French Revolution.
You could take the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution to make the point that, generally speaking, life was better for the populations of those countries pre-revolution than post-revolution, than post-monarchy.
I mean, for example, the French Revolution
Louis XVI, he was introducing reforms.
People were having greater freedom of speech, to the point where they could literally call, you know, Marie Antoinette a whore and no consequences would come of it.
Then you had the overthrow, and literally in France, the mob took control.
They say a minimum 50,000 people were genocided.
Other historians say it's probably more likely to be 300,000, again post-Louis XVI.
You had Nicholas II in Russia, same process.
You had Stalinism, mass genocide.
So generally speaking, in Eastern Europe and in France specifically, over the past 500 years in Europe, once they got rid of the monarchy, mob rule, tyranny and genocide followed.
Because at least the royalty
In those countries and other countries had some semblance of loyalty, had some semblance of public duty.
Well, exactly.
That's why it was the Saxons ended up from Russia to Germany to Romania to France being the ones that were royal because they would do the best job for the public.
Because if royals didn't do a good job, they got overthrown or defeated very quickly.
Yeah, they were absolutely petrified.
If you look at the last
A few months, a few years of Louis XVI rule, he was completely closeted within his Versailles Palace, completely anxious about the consequences of him not fulfilling his duties to the country.
They all got overthrown and mass bloodshed followed.
The same thing happened in Russia.
So generally speaking, from a philosophical point of view, I don't want to be the subject of anyone.
I'm very philosophically libertarian in that mindset.
But generally, I'd rather be subject to a crown, a royalty that has some loyalty to the country, than to a tyrannical, genocidal, violent mob
Well let's be clear, Thomas Jefferson was the head of the Illuminati or co-head for a while with Benjamin Franklin, but they almost got killed in France after our revolution and said this is a bad thing.
So the Illuminati revolution, the Illuminati wants to overthrow royalty and the church and make itself that, but even more tyrannical.
So all we're saying is there's been enmity between these two groups for a while.
Yeah, and basically it's two different mobs, but if you look at history over the past 500 years, generally speaking, the population had it better under royalty compared to the mob.
Now the mob in America, in the UK, is empowered, is legitimized by the media, and that's what we've seen on a micro level.
And isn't that what VICEHOP did with the French Revolution?
They're doing it again here.
The French Revolution became the model for the Communist Revolution, whether it was in Russia or China, and now we see the same operation.
To bring it back, that's precisely why the leftist mobs were so irate over the fact that the British Broadcasting Corporation, they played the anthem of the country, oh my god!
They were also irate, Alex, about the fact that we have all these billboards in London now, electronic billboards, on all major highways, in Leicester Square, in Piccadilly Circus, all these major tourist and population hubs, that not only now show
Advertisements and commercials, but they show government propaganda.
So for the past year, it's been wear a mask, wash your hands, social distance.
And it's been people, pictures of people ill in hospital saying, look him in the eye and say you can't stay at home.
Now, over the past few days, the two or three days, they showed not the social distancing propaganda, but simply an image of Prince Philip saying, rest in peace Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh.
And Twitter went mad.
They were like, oh my god, this is an example of authoritarian dictatorship.
They're paying respects to a royal who died at the age of 99.
This is tyranny.
No, the tyranny is that you've been under de facto house arrest for the past year, and not only have you said nothing about it, you've cheerleaded it and encouraged it for the fact that they were upset.
About how the propaganda billboards were repurposed for a couple of days to pay respects to the royal family.
Kind of gives you an insight into the right people being pissed off about his death.
That's right.
Since you mentioned the COVID lockdown, that's why we really wanted to get you on, is you're the model.
So is a few other countries like Chile, where old ladies can't go to the grocery store unless they've got their COVID passport.
So if they don't, they starve to death.
What do you make of Mick Jagger's new pro-vaccine story?
His new pro-vaccine song where he says, looking at the graphs with the magnifying glass, he goes on to say, shooting the vaccine, Bill Gates is in my bloodstream.
It's mind control.
The earth is flat and cold is never warming up.
I mean, it just sounds like a, sounds like an idiot wrote this.
So I guess Mick Jagger joins Matthew McConaughey, you know, pushing the forced inoculation.
Well, it's interesting that the Rolling Stones used to hang out at Alistair Crowley's mansion back in the day, so.
But the point that is serious to consider here is that we have the vaccination, we're supposed to support it, we're supposed to encourage people to support it.
There's a big problem in the UK, by the way, and you probably have the same thing in America, with illegal aliens not taking the vaccine, criminals not taking the vaccine because they don't want to have any interaction with authorities.
So there's a big public moral panic about, oh, all these people aren't taking the vaccine.
But then also on the same score, you have Joy Reid of MSNBC and all these other celebrities taking the vaccine, taking their vaccine selfies.
You know, broadcasting to the world what good, gracious, tolerant, moral people they are by taking the vaccine, and then saying, oh, by the way, I'm going to continue to wear two or three masks.
I'm going to continue to social distance.
I'm not going out anywhere.
Because that's how it works.
We always said this a year ago.
Once you get the vaccine, once you do what they say, they're never going to let it go away.
Fauci has said that.
If the vaccine was sold on the basis of getting back to normal, from that perspective you could kind of understand it, right?
Stay there, let's come back with that Paul, we're back in a few minutes.
It was about a week ago, seems like a hundred years ago now, time moves so fast, so much happens every day, that a CNN medical analyst said we need to make the public stay locked up in the U.S.
till they all take the shot.
We can't like let them out, they've got to hit the shot.
When you look at it, shot doesn't protect you.
They say there's all these mutations of the cold virus, which scientists told you a year ago on the show.
So then even if you take it just so they let you travel or go to a...
We're good to go.
And they were like, oh, that's, you know, it's not that bad, Alex.
Now they listen to me.
And I'm not bragging about that.
I'm saying there's been a real wake up process here, Paul.
And, you know, I've told you publicly and privately that the lockdown is never going to end in places like the UK and Canada.
They'll let it off a little bit, but bring it tighter the next time because they believe they've got full control.
They're never going to relinquish it.
What's your view on that?
Well, the process that they go through, Alex, is that every, what, four, five, six months, especially here in the UK, they release the stranglehold of tyranny for two or three months.
Then the virus magically comes back and they say, oh, well, it was because we released the lockdown, that's why it came back.
We have pictures, we have videos of people enjoying themselves on beaches.
How dare they?
Going to parks, meeting family members, and the reaction every single time is, oh my god, these selfish, horrible people, they're going to bring the virus back, we're going to have a third, fourth wave.
And it's like, we need to get to a point where normal life becomes normal life once again.
We had a big reopening yesterday in the UK, where people were allowed by the government to go to a pub outdoors, or to go to a restaurant outdoors,
And then on Twitter, many people on the right included are posting these photographs, these selfies of themselves at the pub.
That's a problem within itself.
It makes it look like you're grateful for the privilege of being allowed by the government to go to a pub.
So they've lowered the bar where our expectations are so low, Alex, that now we can have a pint outside because the government said so.
You're prisoners that they let out an hour a day and you feel lucky.
Yeah, and it's a complete reversal of English common law, which says anything that's not explicitly illegal, you're allowed to do.
Over the past 12 months alone, that's now changed to anything that the government doesn't give you permission to do, that's now illegal.
So we've switched 180 in the space of 12 months to that kind of mindset.
And these people who are posting pub selfies are playing into it.
And let's talk about that.
You brought up the French Revolution in parallels to the Jacobin situation that happened at that time and then of course later the Russian Revolution, the Communist Revolution under Mao, the Maoist Revolution in China.
What came out of the false French Revolution and the Illuminati was a dictator and a giant 15-year off-and-on war, Napoleon Bonaparte.
And that's actually where the globalists mean to go with this, is to bring in a form of ultra-fascism after the left has burned through things and consolidated power to offshore corporations.
They're then going to move in with an ultra-fascist model.
And as ever, the people who led the French Revolution, Robespierre and all his allies,
The fact that they, in some cases, didn't show absolute loyalty to the revolution.
They were the first people under the frigging guillotine, and that's precisely what's going to happen again.
And it's always that way.
Anytime you're rid of checks and balances, it's the people that got rid of them that get hoisted on their own petard.
And then to bring it back to communist left-wing revolutions, that's literally what we have with the introduction of these lockdown laws.
It's ritual public humiliation.
If they can force you, Alex, to emasculate yourself by complying with these increasingly pedantic mandates, what effect does that have?
It lowers self-respect, it demoralizes you, it emasculates men particularly, and makes everyone less likely to stand up in future to these government dictates.
And I'll give you some examples.
Forcing people to wear a mask
If they're sat at a table at a restaurant, if they want to go to the bathroom, oh, you have to wear a mask to go this 10 yards to the bathroom.
The UK government literally came out and said, you can't hug your family members.
You have theme parks in California telling people they can't shout, laugh, or scream.
Oh, Newsom told churches you can't sing.
I mean, this is not satire, folks.
This is the cult saying what we'll put up with.
Yeah, so the mask is not merely a physical item, it's a symbolic tool of oppression, it's political, it's always been political, and it means comply, submit, and shut up.
Just like the burqa, just like Sharia law.
And we've quoted, for example, Norwegian psychology professor Charlotte Reed.
She said, quote, the political landscape has changed to become a national obedience contest.
And what did we see during the first lockdown in the UK?
Every single week you had to come outside your house and applaud the NHS.
Even as literally tens of thousands of people now have died because of the NHS cancelling their cancer treatments, people dying of dementia, Alzheimer's, all these other illnesses, it got to the point where people were literally being publicly shamed on community Facebook groups because, oh,
You know, Alison at number 12.
Oh, we didn't see her come out and applaud the NHS.
They're literally mimicking Chinese Communist struggle session terrorizing propaganda to get this agenda through.
And remember how they told us in the US and Europe and the UK that, oh, the hospitals were overwhelmed.
Well, they were almost completely empty.
Then people that go videotape it, the UK get arrested.
Same thing in Australia.
And they're all just drinking vodka and having sex.
That later came out.
I know people that were working in nursing and as doctors they said it was just basically watching TV and drinking and having sex because now some of the insurance companies don't have to pay out to everybody.
The National Health Service can just sit on their ass and the schools parents can't come in to see what's happening.
The school can't come see your parents at a nursing home.
That's how they got industry seduced into this laziness of the COVID lockdown.
Which is the same reason, laziness, why people in the UK, as far as 75-80% of people in polls, if you believe the polls are accurate, will literally not only support the lockdown, but come out and say, no, it should be stricter and it should be maintained for another year or two, at least, if not forever.
Because, Alex, they're getting paid 80% of their wages and the rest is made up by the company, to sit on their arses at home and do absolutely nothing
So again, it's this automated, nobody has to have a job anymore.
And it was all actuaried globally in the John Hopkins Reviews year before of how do we run the lockdown during a disaster.
This is just a drill.
They actuaried the COVID payments for what they were going to claim to then actually keep the healthcare industries making profits.
So the healthcare industries, while they cut off real care, made bigger profits all over the world under this global directive, all orchestrated with precision.
Precisely, yeah.
The biggest corporations have got way bigger because all their competition has been basically eviscerated at this point.
Bill Gates, all these big billionaires have literally doubled their income over the past year.
They're benefiting.
Poor people are going broke.
They're losing their jobs.
We also have the social credit score situation.
And this really pisses me off, Alex, because people say, oh, we're moving towards a social credit score in the West.
This is really dangerous.
Our social credit system is already in place and it's worse than China.
In China, which is a tyrannical dictatorship, it's bad but they at least apply it equally and generally it's for infractions like jaywalking, smoking on a train or whatever.
They've already had the system in place where they hunt down dissidents for posting anti-government information on the internet.
In the West,
The social credit system is exclusively predicated around eliminating people for their political opinions.
And I'm not just talking about people being banned on Twitter and Facebook.
I'm talking about people being deprived of banking.
I'm talking about people being fired from their jobs.
I'm talking about people being ostracized from their communities, their own family members disavowing them.
We have that system in place.
It's more weaponized.
It's more top-down than anything that they've got in China.
And this vaccine passport system is only going to make that worse.
So the point is, we're not heading towards a social credit score.
We're in one.
We've been in one for the past three years, and it's only getting worse.
That's right, Paul.
I've got a lot of questions for you, but we got 10 seconds.
What's front and center on your radar when we come back?
I think we should talk about the truth behind COVID, the actual death rates, and we should get into that.
That's right, folks.
We've got to discredit this fraud or they'll keep us in lockdown forever.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 3 p.m.
Then there's the War Room with Owen Schroyer.
He'll be broadcasting live from the Texas collapsed border today with Patrick Howley in studio running the main transmission.
Don't forget, weekday morning's a great show with a lot of big guests lately, and that is American Journal with Harrison Smith.
They take a lot of calls on that show.
It's a great show.
I watch it, listen to it at least an hour every morning.
Paul Joseph Watson is here with us.
And Paul, you were getting into the actual death numbers.
Everything they told us was a lie.
Everything was a power grab.
And they want us to move on now that they're going to lightly release some of the pressure, only to clamp it down obviously later.
That's their admitted plan.
We need to keep pushing until it's fully discredited.
I think Fauci should go to prison for the lies he's told and for being involved in the Wuhan lab.
We're now vindicated if you or I try to talk about the Wuhan lab and how it probably leaked out of there.
According to experts, we'd be censored, but now even Biden's State Department is saying that's what happened, because that is what happened.
Where do you see all this going, Paul, and what are the real numbers?
Well, you had the comedic episode a few weeks ago where the WHO visited the Wuhan lab to conduct their thorough, breathless investigation of the origin of the virus.
They literally visited the lab for three hours, spoke to a few people and basically said,
Oh mate, by the way, did you release this virus from the lab?
And they were like, no, we never did that.
Case closed, they left.
They were there for three hours.
It was ludicrous, it was pathetic.
The other aspect, Alex, and I'll get into the actual death numbers and the speculation behind that, they openly mock us.
Not only do they crush us under this iron boot of tyranny, they mock us while they're doing it.
I put out an article about a week ago, didn't get much attention, but the CDC,
In their promotional propaganda for people to take the vaccine, they literally characterized and portrayed a woman taking the vaccine as an NPC Wojak meme.
Now, for people who don't know what the NPC meme is, from the Know Your Meme website, this is what it means when you display this image.
The character is meant to represent people who do not think for themselves or are incapable of having an internal monologue bearing many similarities to the terms basic and normie.
So it's literally a symbol that you use to take the piss out of someone, to ridicule someone who has no idea what they're doing but who just regurgitates mainstream normie propaganda.
And the CDC used that
In their own promotional campaign.
It's the exact same image, with the same eyes, with the same nose, as the NPC Wojak.
So they do it and they laugh in our faces as they're doing it.
Coming to the virus itself.
Of course, we've got this lockdown in England, which is... we're still under lockdown.
People celebrating that we're getting out of it.
It's going to drag on forever.
The timetable is BS.
Boris Johnson said all restrictions are going to be lifted on June 21st, but then he says, oh, by the way, all these sporting events after that date are going to have limited capacity.
Oh, so the restrictions are not going to be lifted.
The timetable's BS.
There was a Freedom of Information Act request
submitted to the UK government, this is about three months ago again, received very little attention.
Somebody asked the government, and by law they have to reply quickly, honestly and accurately, how many COVID deaths, which are listed, which are published, occurred as a result of COVID alone being on the death certificate.
The government came back, and this is published on their own website, it was one in ten.
So, one in ten of the total COVID deaths in the United Kingdom, which I think is somewhere near 200,000... By the way, the New York Times even said that six months ago with accurate numbers, I don't know why they reported the truth, that 94% were not COVID-related, only 6%.
Yeah, the CDC literally came out and said only 6% are COVID alone.
So 90% in the UK, COVID deaths are overstated.
It's literally one tenth of that total.
And now, Alex, they also tell us, oh, the flu has disappeared!
There have been no recorded flu deaths.
Same thing over here, but let's just back up there for a minute.
Remember, first they overstated 500,000 would die in your country and it wasn't even a fraction.
Millions and millions would die here, it was a fraction.
And then out of the new low number they gave us, that's 90% in your country, 94% here, not that.
Same thing in Brazil.
So it's organized fraud all over the world.
The same numbers of fraud keep coming up.
It's being directed by John Hopkins.
Yeah, and then you go to the polls, and we also had a poll that came out back in August.
Again, not much media attention.
Americans thought, this was in August so it's going to be the same right now, Americans thought in August that by August 2020 30 million Americans had died of Covid.
It was 225 times the actual number that had actually died at that point.
So they're overstating the deaths by 90 to 94 percent.
But the public thinks that the deaths are 225 times higher
And that can only be a result of, obviously, media propaganda.
Can I try to talk to people that live in irrational fear?
I have people that are close people I know, a small number of them, but they literally go, I don't want to hear it, I know it's millions have died, okay, in the US.
And I go, millions have not died, and most of that died of something else.
They're just like, leave me alone, it's too scary.
No, exactly.
I literally have people, Alex, leap out of the way when I go jogging out in the street.
They literally jump out of the way if you get within 10 feet of them.
Meanwhile, by the way, the very same scientific elite telling us, for example, as you mentioned, Neil Ferguson, Professor Lockdown, as they call him, it was his policy, his graph, his predictions that led to our lockdown, predicting 500,000 people in the UK would die.
All these people, if they think that this virus is so deadly, why are they not cowering inside their ivory towers?
Why, when you go down the line, are every single one of them breaking the rules on a whim to live their own lives?
This professor, by the way, it came out six months ago, was literally traveling across London during our first lockdown to shag his married mistress, the same guy whose very same policy put the entire population of the UK under lockdown.
Gavin Newsom in the restaurant, not wearing a mask, not social distancing.
All of them, Lightfoot, all of them.
French elite going to secret underground restaurants, kissing each other, no social distancing, paying €490 a head for an illegal meal.
Nancy Pelosi in the hairdresser's, no mask.
John Kerry removing his mask on a plane.
Joe Biden passing a law on masks on federal property, literally the same day he passes the law, not wearing masks when he takes the group photograph.
So it's not just hypocrisy.
It's not just, oh, they're telling us to do this while they're doing that.
Exactly, but now Twitter will show a Justice Department quote official putting his mask on before he goes on stage and taking it off.
They removed that!
And now they cover up the riots and won't even let you search those.
I mean, these people are crazy, Paul.
Where's it all going?
Where's it going, is the fact that we had an article yesterday of DARPA developing, oh, implantable chips to detect COVID.
Oh my God, what a crazy conspiracy theory.
That's Alex Jones level stuff.
Karl Schwab, Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, right?
Who literally admits in his book, oh, COVID's not an existential threat.
Those are his exact words.
In the very same book, Alex, he says, quote,
As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use technique to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, this is literally minority report stuff.
Directly, from directly recovering memories from people's brains will increase.
He goes on to say that... So now they want chips directly wired into our brains.
Paul, you're going to be hosting your own hour.
I appreciate you doing it.
That's the fourth hour tomorrow.
Everybody should tune in.
Summit.News is your own great website.
I'm jealous of it.
Only problem is it needs to post more InfoWars stories.
But Paul, we really appreciate you and look forward to listening and watching the show tomorrow.
Okay, thanks Alex.
Well, Paul's always great to have a banter with.
All right.
Matt Bracken has got a lot to cover the next hour, so I'm going to give him most of the hour.
I'm going to talk for five more minutes about some latest ADL, Tucker Carlson developments here in a moment.
Please don't forget, we're not going to be here if it isn't for you.
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That's right, Matt Bragg is coming up next segment.
I'm Alex Jones finishing up right now.
Look, I may have a major announcement at the start of the War Room today at 3 o'clock.
I'm just going to leave it at that.
This is going to be a big deal when this comes out, okay?
I'm just telling everybody you're going to want to tune in at 3 o'clock today.
I've been advised not to talk about it by council, but I'm going to do what I want to do.
But let's just say this country's in a lot of trouble, okay?
So look for that at 3 o'clock today at the start of the War Room.
Here's Tucker Carlson on the ADL wanting him silenced because they want to get you.
They want to go through him to get to you.
They want to go through me to get to you.
And it's shameful what the ADL does and how they promote tyranny and defend radical Islam and all the rest of it while trying to silence Tucker Carlson.
But Tucker Carlson pointed out that even the ADL's website said Israel does not want replacement migration because that'll bring their country down.
So, this is a state of the UN policy, we're not supposed to talk about it, and it's wrong, and the ADL has become a very, very dangerous organization that hates this country and basically controls a lot of law enforcement in this nation.
Here it is.
Let's call this what it is, Harris wrote on Twitter.
It's an attempt to remake the demographics of our country by cracking down on immigrants.
That this threat is coming from the President of the United States is deeply reprehensible and an affront to our values.
We will fight this.
But wait a second.
Donald Trump had announced he was deporting illegal aliens.
Illegal aliens aren't allowed to vote in our elections.
They're not even allowed to live here.
How is sending them home to their own countries, quote, an attempt to remake the demographics of our country?
Illegal aliens shouldn't even count in the demographics of our country.
They're not Americans!
Kamala Harris' response only makes sense if you believe that the millions of foreigners breaking our laws to live here are future Democratic voters.
And that's exactly what Kamala Harris does believe.
It's shocking if you think about it.
And that's why you're not allowed to think about it.
Thinking about what Kamala Harris is planning, Kamala Harris herself would like you to know, is deeply reprehensible and an affront to our values.
In other words, submit to our scheme or you're immoral.
If you heard prominent people talk like this in any other country, you'd be confused.
A nation's leadership class admitting they hope to replace their own citizens?
It seems grotesque.
If you believed in democracy, you would work to protect the potency of every citizen's vote, obviously.
You wonder if people even debate questions like this in countries that don't hate themselves.
Countries like Japan or South Korea or Israel.
Go to the Anti-Defamation League's website sometime if you'd like a glimpse of what an unvarnished conversation about a country's national interest might look like.
In a short essay posted to the site, the ADL explains why the State of Israel should not allow more Arabs to become citizens with voting rights.
Quote, With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, the ADL explains, Jews would quickly become a minority within a binational state, thus likely ending any semblance of equal representation and protections.
In this situation, the Jewish population would be increasingly politically and potentially physically vulnerable.
It is unrealistic and unacceptable, the ADL continues, to expect the State of Israel to voluntarily subvert its own sovereign existence and nationalist identity and become a vulnerable minority within what was once its own territory."
End quote.
Now from Israel's perspective, this makes perfect sense.
Why would any democratic nation make its own citizens less powerful?
Isn't that the deepest betrayal of all?
In the words of the ADL, why would a government subvert its own sovereign existence?
Good question.
Maybe ADL President Jonathan Greenblatt will join us sometime to explain and tell us whether that same principle applies to the United States.
Most Americans believe it does.
Unfortunately, most Americans don't have a say in the matter.
Most Americans aren't even allowed to have the conversation.
So they watch from the sidelines as their democracy is murdered by people who claim to be its defenders.
Screams the Twitter mob.
Even as the votes of the people who were born here decline steadily in value, diluted and increasingly worthless like the U.S.
This is what it looks like when an entire native population, black and white, but every one of them an American, is systematically disenfranchised.
Middle class Americans become less powerful every year.
They have less economic power, and thanks to mass immigration, they now have less political power.
It's real good to be back.
You know, history is coming at us full speed.
The reason why I'm wearing this Infowars t-shirt is I don't want anybody to make any mistake about who I stand with, what I stand for.
I don't want to be one of these lukewarm patriots, as they're called.
You know, a sunshine patriot.
Brave when it's easy, hiding when it's not easy.
So I just wanted to be real clear for anybody paying attention, taking notes, making lists.
I want to be known to be on the InfoWars team.
And you can support it.
You can get the same shirt.
You can get the stickers.
You can get the products.
And along with supporting InfoWars, you'll be making a stand.
And that's just as important.
Because as we've seen, for example, from Owen Shroyer's firsthand videos from the border.
I mean, you'll never see that, not even on Fox.
We've seen how, you know, we just saw the Tucker interview.
That's good.
And I'm glad he did it.
That's really, that was brave of him.
But obviously that's an area that's carved out for him at Fox where he's allowed to speak.
He won't bring up vote fraud.
He'll barely talk about the vaccines.
So you can see where there are certain red lines at any network news.
If you want the unvarnished truth, if you want the straight distillate, you know, the unadulterated, you've got to come here.
And that's why I'm proud to be on this broadcast from time to time.
Very proud.
Now, there's so much to talk about, I don't even know where to begin.
I think that everything going on in Minnesota is essentially a sideshow.
It's a way for all the networks to suck up 90% of the airtime on basically what really are routine traffic stops in an age of video cameras.
These always happened.
There's the unfortunate taser versus gun accidental shooting.
There's the George Floyd.
Was his knee on his neck or was it on his back?
But the whole world is getting ready to burn, and America is basically staring at its navel with the help of the media and the corporate elites.
They want us to be at navel staring right now.
But that's by no means is this the big show that's going on in the world.
In fact, America's self-obsession is blinding us like a draft horse pulling a wagon
With blinkers on.
This little self-absorbed sideshow is not giving us airtime to pay attention to major events around the world.
Of course, you know, the vaccine is a global event and we're covering it on InfoWars quite in detail and I have some things to say about it.
But while America is in this clown world fetish,
Where we're going into extreme woke-ism, China and Russia and Iran are getting ready to make major moves.
They see that our president is a non-president.
We don't even know who is writing the talking points or putting up his text on the screen.
We don't even know who that is.
We can guess that it's Obama.
Via Susan Rice or others, but we really don't know.
I mean, imagine this is the United States of America and we don't know who is in control.
One thing that I am very confident of is that China and Russia both, because of the people that are surrounding Biden, they have penetrated the inner circle of the White House.
They know, without just guessing,
What we'll do if China invades Taiwan, if Russia and Ukraine go at it, I'm pretty sure that they know that we won't fight.
And that they've got a two to four year window of opportunity, or at least until the next presidential election.
They've got at least that much time with somebody even weaker than Jimmy Carter, if you can imagine.
Under Jimmy Carter, that's when the Iranians seized the embassy.
They knew how weak he was.
This was a slap in our face, a major draw, you know, drawing the gun and pointing at us and we basically were humiliated.
Well, Biden makes Jimmy Carter look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator.
This is going to be the time when they move.
The Russians have got 80,000 troops up on the border.
They've got big air mobile divisions in Crimea.
If Ukraine does anything at our behest, it's going to be war.
And the problem for America is we have no longer got conventional superiority, especially when you're talking right up against the landmass of Russia or China.
We can't escalate against them.
Every card we put down, they can match and overmatch.
Up until total nuclear war.
So any conventional conflict against China or Russia will mean either we lose, we back down, or we threaten total nuclear annihilation.
How many people out there think that Joe Biden, or whoever is, you know, speaking for Joe Biden through his earpiece, who believes that we're going to go to total nuclear war over Taiwan or Ukraine?
And I think that
This is going to, in fact, be coordinated.
When any one of these happens, all three of them are going to happen.
The third being Iran.
They've just announced today that they've reached 60% enrichment.
They're very close to getting nuclear weapons.
I know that supposedly the Israelis did a cyber attack against their program and set it back.
But if they're at 60% enrichment, it's not going to take them long to get weapons-grade uranium.
And they're probably going to do a test.
And then when you've got Russia threatening Ukraine, and I think also the Baltics, if you just look at a map, if you look at a map of Europe, Russia controlled the Baltics up until recent history.
They need the Baltics for their naval ports.
They've also got a port in Syria now.
Russia's problem on the global stage is similar to China's.
They don't have direct access to the world's oceans like the United States does on each coast.
China has a series of islands from Japan running down through Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia that, in the event of war, pins China inside of this island chain.
They're going to take Taiwan and break out of that island chain.
That's going to be the launch pad.
Instead of a key link in the chain holding China in during war, Taiwan will become their launching pad.
It'll be their open door to the world.
As well, Taiwan is the world's leader in semiconductors and chips.
If you've been hearing about a chip shortage lately,
Most of them come from Taiwan.
Most of the rest come from South Korea.
But Taiwan is the world leader in semiconductors and chips.
When China takes Taiwan, not only will they break that island chain defense holding them in, they'll become the unapproachable leader in high tech in terms of chips and semiconductors.
That'll leapfrog them ahead.
And at the same time, Russia is not only going to take at least half of Ukraine, they're going to probably push right through the Baltics.
And there won't be anything we can do about it.
It'll either be a fait accompli or we go total nuclear.
Who thinks that Biden is going to go total nuclear, you know, as opposed to letting Russia have a free hand and China take Taiwan?
And when we come back on the other side, we're going to see the ramifications for the coming years.
This is going to happen.
This isn't some theoretical thing that's going to happen in 2040 or 2050.
This is going to happen soon while there's no leader in the White House.
And when we come back, we're going to talk about some of the next things that are going to happen.
And that are happening.
I mean, we are a clown nation now.
I'm just, uh, I guess I'm just a bundle of joy today.
Kind of, uh, kind of Debbie Downer, but, um, it's hard to, it's hard not to be when you're watching what's coming.
And this is, this is where our obsession with the events in, in Minnesota, really, we are like, uh, we really are being blinkered.
Everybody is staring at the shiny object.
You know, look, squirrel.
Will they riot?
It's very photogenic.
It's very telegenic.
I mean, it's a real story.
Ultimately, it can lead to some form of a race war inside of America.
And that's no trivial matter.
But meanwhile, huge mounting forces are surrounding us while we're all staring at Minnesota and other BLM Antifa sideshows.
You know, diversions, like diversionary attacks, the big outside forces are beginning to move.
Now, these forces roughly are the Communist Chinese Party and Putin's Russia.
Putin's Russia only because it's an opportune moment.
If China attacks Taiwan, which they'll do regardless of what anybody else wants or thinks,
Then Putin is going to see it as his time.
America will not have the forces to respond even to Taiwan, much less to a move against Ukraine and the Baltics.
That's an old map that even shows Yugoslavia on that map as one country.
Those three X's up at the top are the Baltic states.
They used to be controlled by Russia.
They were Russian puppets.
Imagine the seafront, the naval bases,
That Russia has, if they own those states again, compared to now.
We're looking at the three X's in the middle.
Crimea is at the bottom.
Crimea especially is absolutely imperative for their naval power.
The bottom X is Syria.
Russia now has a warm water port, something that they've always desired, a warm water port in Syria.
They're not going to give it up easily.
And if Ukraine tries to grab the eastern Ukraine region back, Russia is going to counterattack and take even more territory, probably all the way to the Dnieper River.
They won't do this in a vacuum, but when China attacks Taiwan, that's when the Iranians are probably going to test a missile.
I mean, it's all going to happen at once.
And this couldn't happen on the outside, yet this map is a good visual representation
Ever since the Cold War, that chain on the left with the American flag representing the fleet, our fleet, that chain has been hemming China in.
And they can't, in a wartime, they can't get through there without running through these islands where American submarines would be waiting and other weapon systems.
If they take Taiwan,
That chain is broken and Taiwan becomes their powerful launching pad instead of a key link in the chain holding them in.
People say, Matt, what are you talking about a chain?
Chinese ships go through there all the time.
Yeah, in peacetime.
But they very well recognize that in any, in the event of hostilities, that chain is there to hold them in.
And something that Americans can barely grasp is how deep in the Chinese psyche
is what they consider 200 years of humiliation.
There's almost no comparison in any American psychology that we can think of.
Going back to what they call the unequal treaties, you know, the Chinese invented gunpowder.
They only made fireworks and a little bit of small rockets out of it.
The next time that the Chinese saw gunpowder,
...was when European ships showed up and pointed cannons at their coastal cities.
And they were forced to sign treaties, which are called the Unequal Treaties, at gunpoint.
You know, a contract signed at gunpoint, to the person that's signing it with a gun at their head, it's not considered legit.
This began a period of humiliation for the Chinese.
They considered themselves
You know, the greatest power on Earth.
As more of the Earth opened up to them, they at least considered themselves one of the greatest powers.
Then these upstart Europeans from tiny island nations like England showed up, pointed cannons at them, and then subjected them to centuries, as they perceive it, of humiliation.
If you recall the Opium Wars, England really had nothing that China wanted to trade for.
England found out about opium in India and that area, so they hooked China on opium so that England would have something to sell to China in return for the opium.
So when we hear about fentanyl coming across the Mexican border, fentanyl from Chinese precursor chemicals, you know what the Chinese think about that?
They laugh!
They say, hey, Round Eye, remember the Opium Wars?
Ring a bell?
So we're not getting any sympathy for the fentanyl flooding our country now.
They laugh.
In their schools, children are taught about the Opium Wars, gunboat diplomacy, and the centuries of humiliation.
And now that their military is powerful,
They're seeing the end of this.
Taiwan is the biggest thorn still sticking in their side from the Communist Chinese perspective.
Now, you can think that or hope that most Chinese hate the Communist Chinese Party and wish they were free.
That may or may not be true.
But how can we know?
In a social credit system, no two Chinese are going to get together and talk about it.
All they're going to do is be subjected to mass propaganda day in and day out about the humiliation and that Taiwan and the island chain defense is the last vestige of the gunboat diplomacy that kept them penned in as they perceive it.
They're going to go for Taiwan, and they see it as the final repudiation, the final revenge against the English.
They consider the Americans just England 2.0.
So don't think, well, hey, that was England.
That wasn't America.
To the Chinese, it's the same thing.
All of the European navies that carved up China, they're going to get their revenge.
It's coming.
This is so important inside of the Chinese mentality.
And when the Chinese move, the Russians are going to move and Iran is going to move.
And as we saw in the Suez Canal two weeks ago, that canal can be shut at a moment's notice.
Any time that China wants to, they can shut the Suez Canal and they can shut the Panama Canal.
And that'll mean that American fleets will take another week to two weeks to get around Africa or get around South America to get to the China theater.
They're going to take Taiwan and we're not going to be able to stop it.
And when China has taken Taiwan, they're going to then force a new power structure on all of Asia.
Anybody that wants to trade from Japan to Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, all of these countries, the Philippines, they're going to have to go to Beijing and get permission and get the new terms from, you know, the center of heaven, from the Middle Kingdom.
That's the plan.
And it's coming.
While we're all staring at Minnesota, these vast forces are moving across the globe.
And it's going to hit with a speed that's going to shock people.
And I think it's going to be within the next two to three years.
At the outside.
At the very outside.
We'll get into this a little more on the other side.
You know, if you want to read my books, I do recommend you get the hard copy.
Digital stuff, the Kindle, the Audible, they can disappear pretty fast.
Lately, especially with Alex and Owen right down at the border, it's been looking like this one is really coming true pretty fast.
That was written in 2006, if you can believe it.
And it appears to be full speed ahead.
And the good work that Tucker Carlson's been doing is exposing that it's not just a border war, because these future Democrat voters are being seated throughout the country.
I did read today that the Iowa governor has said that she will not take any of these so-called refugees, that they're not going to be allowed in.
But it's hard to see how she can stop them when they're being given these brown manila folders.
With their, it's not even a ticket, it's just a voucher from the government saying, don't worry airline, you'll get your money.
Put this John Doe on your airplane and take him where he wants to go.
The folders literally say, please help me.
I don't speak English.
You know, where is my plane?
What city am I going to?
We are being seated with a takeover, a complete takeover.
And it's,
Every one of these children, believe me, they're going to be dreamers.
In a year or two, they'll be called dreamers.
Then the top priority will be family reunification.
So mom, dad, sister, brother, aunts, uncles back in the old country, they're going to be getting an American plane ticket to come up and reunify with the world.
The anchor baby was just the pioneer, the scout.
Every one of those so-called children
And remember, at, you know, the MS-13, they make their bones when they're like 14 or 15.
They have to do killings and other atrocities to prove that they're really down for the gang.
That's as teenagers.
Our government still calls them children.
And in fact, they changed the law a couple years ago to say that MS-13 and other gang tattoos couldn't be considered as proof of gang affiliation.
They said, well, maybe they were coerced into getting those tattoos all over them.
So you've got to let them in anyway.
And these guys that are, maybe they're not so tall, so they could be in their mid-twenties, they say that they're a teenager.
The next thing you know, it's like a dream come true.
They're in an American high school.
And, you know, God help anybody that has a problem with it, that brings this up.
This is a really horrible thing that's being done by the Democrats and other globalists to our country.
In the first two segments, I was talking about primarily China, but China and Russia's plans to move while America is engaged in this internal clown show.
But this couldn't have happened without the American fifth column.
This is the final fruition of the long Frankfurt School and Gramscian plan.
It goes back to the 1920s.
After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, communists around the world were hopeful that the workers of the world were going to literally, you know, stand up and throw off their chains and have Bolshevik revolutions in country after country.
It didn't happen.
So in the 1920s, the Frankfurt School in Germany and the thinker Antonio Gramsci, and also the Fabian Society people in England,
They came up with a long, long-term strategy.
They call it critical race or critical theory.
Race theory is just one of its branches, but they called it critical theory.
Critical is one of these nonsense words.
They should just call it communist theory.
The critical part is camouflage.
So when you think or hear critical theory or critical race theory, just in your mind translate it to
Camouflaged communist theory.
They figured out that the people in the more affluent countries that were a little better off than Russia in 1917, they weren't going to just overturn their societies.
Not while they were still patriotic and religious and family oriented.
Those were the three pillars that they had to destroy to create the conditions where communists could finally succeed.
Italians and French, all over Europe, America, people loved their country.
They loved their religion.
They loved their families.
So they had to destroy each one of these branches.
Poison it.
Destroy it from inside.
This long-term fifth column attack has finally borne fruit.
It's come to fruition.
They are now at the point where the mighty oak tree of America and the West has rotted from the inside.
The roots are dead and a strong wind is going to just blow it over.
And this has been done from the inside by our own traders.
Everybody by now should have seen many times, I hope, the Yuri Bezmenov tapes where he talked about the Soviet subversion efforts.
They were wildly successful.
They provided, you know, the money and the logistics behind the Frankfurt School theoretics, the Frankfurt School, the Antonio Gramsci theories of destroying the West from the inside.
You can't fight off communist China and Russia if Americans hate America.
When Americans are dragging our own flag around the street and burning it, and nobody does anything about it.
In fact, the police will stand by while Antifa and BLM beat up patriots.
If patriots walk into an open capital, they're going to be in jail forever.
But meanwhile, last weekend, they again tried to burn the ICE building in Portland, arson of a building with people inside.
In a sane society, this would result in the police shooting the arsonists.
There's a famous quote by Thomas Sowell.
It says, paraphrasing, if a society won't use force to defend civilization,
That it had better get used to barbarism.
We're now like the collapse of Rome, where nobody will even defend our civilization.
The rot has gone so far that it's taken over even our military.
We know about the FBI, we saw that all during the Russia hoax era.
But now even the military has gone full woke.
Full woke.
They're throwing out
Traditional conservative Christians under the aegis of, they are some kind of extremists, while supporting Black Lives Matter as just social justice.
They want only people left in the military that don't care about the Constitution as written.
That will consider it just an old document, an old dusty parchment written by white slave owners.
So they're going to drive out the people that actually believe in the Bill of Rights and replace them with woke communists.
Of course, they won't put the hammer and sickle on until everything is finished.
But I mean, right now, as of now, they're teaching critical race theory at West Point.
They're teaching our cadets to be communists, to hate our Constitution.
They don't say it in those words.
But that is the clear meaning of critical race theory.
That is the clear meaning of calling heritage Christian and Judeo-Christian values white supremacy.
We are in for a very hard road.
A very hard road.
And it's at the same time that China and Russia are preparing to move.
We have our own fifth column doing everything it can to weaken us from the inside.
To make our country undefendable.
From inside or from outside.
And the only thing, the only advice I can give anybody, besides pray a lot, is you can still move.
You know, not everywhere is going to be impacted in the same way.
If you looked at a map of Yugoslavia before their breakup, if you had moved to Slovenia, the far western province of Yugoslavia, you would have hardly known a civil war was going on.
But if you stayed in the Olympic City of Sarajevo, you were in for years of sniper alley, bombings and starvation.
So the one thing you can do now is move.
And we'll finish this on this talk on the other side of this break.
You know, if you don't, if you don't want to get my books, if you don't want to get my books from Amazon, and I totally understand that, especially in Kindle and Audible.
I mean, I love, I love my Kindle while it lasts.
And I, I appreciate audio books, but you know, with a, with a flip of a switch, everything digital that, that Big Brother doesn't like, it's just going to disappear.
Probably my greatest satisfaction is that
Lots of lots of these books in the physical form are out in the world, in the wild, on people's shelves.
They can never be deleted.
And if you don't want to get them from Amazon, you can get them from me.
Anyway, we're talking about the fifth column inside of America.
So while we've got a threat, probably stronger than Japan and Germany ever presented, you know, when you when you add up the industrial capacity of Japan and Germany, you know, at the end of the 1930s,
China just outweighs them by multiple factors.
And China also has something that no other country ever had, which is approximately 80 million, the numbers vary depending what generation you're talking about, but 50 to 100 million extra men.
Excess males.
No woman for them.
What are they going to do for a married life when there's no woman?
Because of the one-child abortion policy, selective abortion, you know, getting rid of the girls, now they've just got too many men.
Well, if you're going to invade an island like Taiwan that might cost hundreds of thousands of lives to take it, what does China care?
What do the communist Chinese care?
We saw an early version of this during the Korean War.
Those mass human wave attacks by the Communist Chinese, when they counterattacked, you know, from the Yalu River coming south, they were primarily, or to a large extent, Chiang Kai-shek's former nationalist soldiers.
That the Communist Chinese, they doubted their loyalty, they didn't trust them.
So they fed them against American machine guns as human, literal human cannon fodder,
Hoping that, you know, they'll kill some Americans and then be wiped out themselves.
Solving two problems.
You know, defeating Americans and getting rid of their unwanted, disloyal, or possibly unloyal troops.
So if they invade Taiwan, they will be able to absorb manpower losses that would be just shocking to America.
In fact, sinking a ship at sea on the way to the invasion of Taiwan
Is one of the neatest ways that you can even imagine of getting rid of these excess males.
And we're seeing one version of the way an invasion of Taiwan could go.
There's an island off the Philippines inside of claimed Philippine territorial waters called Whitsun Reef.
The Chinese plan to make it into another one of these gigantic artificial islands.
You know, big enough for bomber bases.
You know, big enough for ship anchorages.
So how are they going to do it without tripping some, you know, warfare tripwire?
They can't just send Chinese marines and landing craft and destroyers.
So what they did was they've surrounded it with more than 200 quote-unquote Chinese fishing vessels.
These are boats over a hundred feet long, hundreds of them.
If the Filipinos come out in a Coast Guard cutter, a couple of Chinese fishing boats just
Bump into the Coast Guard Cutter.
Surround it.
Block it.
Well, the Chinese could send thousands of these so-called, quote-unquote, fishing vessels against Taiwan, each loaded with hundreds of men.
If 90% of them are sunk before they even reach Taiwan, it won't bother the CCP a bit.
It'll solve two problems.
They'll invade Taiwan and get rid of some of those 50 million excess Chinese troops.
And this is the reality of the future that we're facing.
Now back in America, we're engaged in this woke fantasy.
We've got more attention by our military on promoting transsexualism
Offering free sex change operations, promoting every perversion as normal, and telling anybody that objects to it that they are an extremist.
What's the purpose of this?
The purpose is to drive out conservative
Americans, traditional conservative Americans, will not be able to tolerate living in this perversion environment, deliberately fostered.
They will get out.
The goal is to only have a U.S.
military full of woke, progressive, lefty pro-communists.
Well, why would they want that?
How are they going to defeat China or Russia with an army like that?
The answer is, they have no plan to fight the communist Chinese or Russians.
They will allow China to carve up Asia.
That military is going to be turned against us, the holdouts against progressivism.
Remember what I said before, whenever you see critical theory or critical race theory, translate it from the Marxist into camouflaged communist theory.
We are literally sleepwalking into communism.
The new so-called infrastructure bill is another one of these camouflaged communist plans.
Only, what, 5% is actually going for bridges and airports?
The rest is going for what they're calling social infrastructure.
Social infrastructure is Medicare for all, and you know the illegals will be first in line.
Every one of these illegals that crosses the border, who does not speak English, has no education or a very backward, you know, limited education, is going to require a platoon of government workers to nurture them.
Every one of them is going to need dental work from day one.
Most of these kids have never had any kind of a vaccine or ever seen a doctor.
They're going to need a medical workup from day one.
For the government, this is a fantasy.
They've just imported a class of people who will be reliably voting Democrat, who each will need just a platoon of government workers.
It's all going to be part of their mission, which is to wreck America as we know it.
It's the Cloward-Piven plan on steroids.
Cloward and Piven just thought about making welfare so enormous that it would crash our system.
This is even way more brilliant because they're mass importing people who don't speak English and have never seen a doctor.
They're going to require bilingual education translators for them at the DMV, at the dentist's office, at the doctor's office.
There's no way this country can afford it.
Their solution, air quote solution, is to digitally print trillions of dollars.
This is an unfathomable figure.
A trillion is a thousand billion.
It's a million million.
It's money stacked to the moon and back a million times.
It's a number that can never be repaid.
This is not an accident.
This is intentional.
They are building hyperinflation.
They're cooking it into the cake.
We don't see it yet, except, you know, gasoline is going up a little, lumber is out of control, the price of lumber.
But what's happening with the hyperinflation, it's like magma under our feet.
We feel a little rumbling, the ground gets warm, but that magma dome is building under our feet.
When Weimar Germany began to hyperinflate,
It didn't happen all at once.
For a while, they got a stimulus.
It's like, wow, this is pretty good economics.
Then, boom, hyperinflation, out of control.
If our cities are ungovernable now, while there's an EBT system, while food stores are full, ATM machines are working, imagine how our cities are going to explode when this hyperinflation bites.
And the EBT system collapses.
The food supply system completely falls apart.
Stores will be looted.
They will never be resupplied.
The only advice and the best advice that I can give anybody is please move far away from the Blue Hives.
That's the big Democrat-run cities.
They are going to be the epicenter of these Mount Vesuviuses exploding, these Krakatoas exploding.
Everywhere in this country is going to be hurt, but at least get away from the lava flow.
Don't be on the side of Vesuvius when it happens.
Move from Sarajevo to Slovenia.
Move from New York to Florida or Texas.
Do it while you can.
When it happens, it's going to be too late.
Now, I don't know when I'll be back on, but I always look for the opportunity and I'll see you again.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
We're going to stay on air as long as we can.
So please pray for us and please buy the products at MFullWorthStore.com.
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So you know, unlike other products you can buy, they're still great.
Do they fund freedom?
No, a lot of them don't.
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Granny Do-Right.
Granny Do-Right.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, let me say I love your products.
I am a granny, and for all the senior citizens out there that may have spent a lifetime in the sun like me, I was loaded up with sunspots, or age spots, as they're lovingly called.
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This is working.
This is wonderful.
You know, I don't, I don't have to put on Dermablend anymore, you know?
So anyway, it worked wonderfully and it really has totally cleared up my skin.
For the last four years, while the Chai Com-backed big tech has been censoring and blackballing and deplatforming conservatives, nationalists, and Christians, we've heard over and over again, oh, just build your own internet.
But everybody that tries to build their own social media,
I think?
And censorship and deplatforming descending everywhere.
There's only a few people left.
Rush Limbaugh's dead.
Tucker Carlson's barely hanging on.
But InfoWars is as strong as ever, thanks to you.
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If you go directly to Epic, they're awesome, they have servers, they have all sorts of other internet services, they basically have everything you need and they are expanding because there is that need
Because of all the censorship and control.
So they're building that free internet infrastructure that didn't exist.
But when you go to InfoWarsDomains.com, it sends a link to them so that we get 25% of the sign-up and we get 5% of any server services or other things you get.
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