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Name: 20210412_Mon_Alex
Air Date: April 12, 2021
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In this segment, Alex Jones discusses the immigration crisis at the US-Mexico border. He criticizes the Biden administration's policies and their impact on American citizens, emphasizing that tax dollars should be used for those who deserve it rather than funding structures for immigrants. He also highlights the hypocrisy of Democrats who once criticized the Trump administration but now support similar policies under Biden. Jones talks about a post-human world by 2030, where there will be a 90% reduction in world population and discusses globalist plans and military technology."

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DARPA is working on COVID vaccine implantable microchip to detect the virus and of course detect whether you've had your vaccines.
But this is not just an implantable chip.
This is not just a nanotech sponge.
The vaccines themselves are the real nanotech reprogramming your DNA.
It's beyond microchips.
But they metaphysically still need to get the general public to opt in.
That's the law of the universe.
Until they go into their final endgame and Satan goes past free will and starts forcing it, then all hell breaks loose.
And everybody that keeps signing on thinking, oh, I get to go back to normal as long as I submit.
You notice you never go back to normal.
They lie to you every step of the way.
15 days to cut the curve.
Oh, just two months of a mask.
Oh, just a couple months lockdown.
Oh, now it's years, decades.
Well, it's the new normal.
AP, Reuters, CNN.
We need to always wear masks.
We need new vaccines every month, every week.
Hell, I'm sure the vaccine doesn't work.
Well, you need more vaccines then.
Oh, the children don't get sick from COVID, but that's okay.
They're super spreaders.
They gotta have it too.
Well, hey, it's tested.
It's totally safe.
But it's not.
It doesn't matter.
They're lying to you.
But don't criticize it.
We'll censor you.
Lying to you, censoring you, hurting you, and the people running it.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is actually known as the Depopulation Institute.
From the front lines of the information war, it's Alex Jones.
It makes zero sense.
Every year millions of U.S.
citizens pay their taxes under the oppressive 16th Amendment under a corporatic system hijacked by an oligarchy disguised as a republic.
As criminal illegal immigrant facilities aiding the cartels drugs and human trafficking schemes fueling the United Nations replacement migration plans are built with those same tax dollars.
We should have a European response As part of a global response, we need structures.
How is it, for an example at the moment, that the assessment of whether a person is or is not a refugee, conducted at national level, Has widely different results in different countries.
Meanwhile, Biden's approval ratings continue to plummet over his pseudo-handling pro-surge of the border.
But do the polls even matter?
And those who come seeking asylum, we should immediately have the capacity to absorb them, keep them safe until they can be heard.
Do you plan to visit the border?
Um, not today.
To add insult to financial injury, the United States General Accounting Office wrote back in 1993, GAO obtained cost estimates from the five states that account for about 80% of the illegal immigrant population.
California, Texas, New York, Illinois, and Florida Are estimated to spend $2.9 billion in annual federal, state, and local costs for illegal aliens and their citizen children.
Under the Medicaid program, they are eligible for emergency services only, including labor and delivery.
But some programs, such as the Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children, WIC, and school nutrition programs are available to all those who qualify regardless of their immigration status.
And the Supreme Court has ruled that illegal alien children may not be denied a public education.
Illegal aliens may also be receiving public housing assistance, even though by law they are not eligible for these benefits.
In addition, illegal aliens may apply for AFDC and food stamps on behalf of their U.S.
citizen children. Though it is the child and not the parent in such cases who qualifies
for the programs, benefits help support the child's family.
In 2016, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed that 124 illegal immigrant
criminals released from jail by the Obama administration since 2010 had been
subsequently charged with murder.
And now, as the Heritage Foundation points out, when the Trump administration ended,
the U.S. was deporting more people than were illegally coming into the country. In less
than a month under Biden, the number of people illegally coming into the country is more
than 6,000 per day. That's six times the crisis level as set by the Obama team. What will
Biden's released murderer numbers add up to?
Yes, March 2nd, which tomorrow is the anniversary.
I guess you can call it anniversary.
He was shot in the street like a dog by a legal alien gangbanger who was on his third gun charge.
He was just released from the L.A.
County Jail that same day.
She was heading back from church on February 19th with our older son who is 18.
Don, you heard what Nancy Pelosi had to say.
She said, well, it's just kind of the price of doing business.
These things will happen.
She was struck by this Estrada illegal immigrant and killed instantly.
Dawn, you heard what Nancy Pelosi had to say.
She said, well, it's just kind of the price of doing business.
These things will happen.
What's your response to the speaker?
My husband was not the price of doing business.
My husband, on his way back to the station to get a little bit of rest after, you know, helping someone killed by an illegal.
This year, Congress gave our illegal overlords nearly $4.5 billion in COVID relief stimulus money.
Regardless of the fact that they have no social security numbers, that is, unless you count the 2 million using fraudulent social security numbers that were used to cash in, and now in New York, enclaves of undocumented workers who lost work during the pandemic will now receive one-time payments of up to $15,600, nearly four times the amount American workers received from their own taxes.
Disadvantaged Americans, inner city youth, members of minority groups, and immigrants who haven't adjusted to life in the United States yet.
When you bring in a huge mass of uneducated, unskilled individuals to directly compete against Americans, those Americans suffer.
It's getting so lopsided that in the very near future, It may make good fiscal sense for some Americans to renounce their citizenship and become an illegal in their own country.
John Bowne reporting.
It's Monday, April 12th.
The year is 2021.
I'm your host, Alex Jones, and I'm extremely honored and blessed to be here.
Thank you for keeping us on air.
Thank you for holding us in place.
Thank you for your prayers and your support.
You are everything.
Well, I have had extreme brainstorms last night and this morning, and it's just all hit me stronger than ever what we're facing and the enemy timeline.
Now that we're so close to this thing, I can tell you very clearly what's going to happen next unless we completely stop this.
So when I talk about the post-human world, when I talk about an artificial end of the world that doesn't mean complete end of the world, but technically the end of the world as we know it, That is if we don't take action.
And I've been very bold with my family.
I've been very bold with my friends about this the last few days.
And I'm being very bold with you.
I want you to know this is not hyperbole.
On their current trajectory, by the year 2030, there will be a 90% world population reduction.
As Klaus Schwab said, that will cure poverty, cure war, cure everything, because there won't be any people to speak of basically left.
It's very, very sick.
And if you oppose this, the ADL comes out and calls you a Nazi.
When, if anything, this is Nazi-esque to the max.
This is Nazi super-science.
This is what the Nazis got from the Darwinian eugenicists in the U.S.
and the U.K.
that created the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and all the rest of it.
This is the world we live in, and I can tell you, and I've told you this many times, that they're running on a bunch of paths, but they all go basically the same place.
But it's like choose your adventure.
Well, the globalists have to choose their adventure.
They have a lot of different tracks, a lot of different tests, a lot of different systems, and they're always augmenting and adjusting as they go.
It's kind of like the new artillery the Pentagon has that can shoot targets 45 miles away.
It fires and its GPS has got little fins and tiny little boosters on it, and it can hit a tank at 45 miles away, even moving.
Well, it's the same thing.
They aim at the target, they've got the target, they fire, and then it's just adjusting as it goes.
And they write the white papers, they have speeches, they go on C-SPAN and say, we're weather controlling everything, and then we talk about it, and they say, that doesn't exist, and have MSNBC make a joke.
It's a breakaway civilization, and it's a civilization where we're going to be dead.
Now, here's the deal.
I can join them.
I can still join them.
Did you know that?
Almost no one else who's even serving it is even going to be allowed to join these people.
I am not going to join them.
But the door has been opened yet again recently for me to join them.
They really want to get people that understand all this on their team.
They think it's a good thing they're doing.
I've been around some of these top globalists, and let me tell you, the vibe is enough to make me never join them.
This is spiritual, ladies and gentlemen, and they want you to go with them.
Just like a third of the angels went with this piece of crap, and he's trying the same thing right now.
This is an alien force, and everybody knows it.
So here's the broadcast today.
We've got something just as big as Spars 25-28 from the same people, John Hopkins, I'll be telling you about that next hour.
Owen Schroyer is going to be in the Valley at a key border facility that I'm not going to mention until he's there in about 30 minutes, but we'll have live coverage of that.
Then he'll be doing the whole fourth hour with me from a very special place that we'll tell you about at that time today on the ground.
So look for that.
We also have Ezra Levant of Rebel News.
We now have the incredible images that broke in the middle of the show yesterday of hundreds of riot police pushing citizens out trying to pray in a field at their church that's been shut down, but a Walmart is again a mile and a half away and totally open.
And you're like, this is outrageous.
Well, it's outrageous like having The Prime Minister, Trudeau, say, I want Canada to be a dictatorship like China that Xi Jinping has set up.
I mean, that's a quote.
And then, and then now, now you see it.
We showed another video that showed the crowd.
That's what's beautiful.
We can show that.
Thousands of Christians out there praying.
Normally the church has about 200 members.
Thousands there.
So it's definitely, definitely starting to Backfire on them, and that's the answer, but they've got a larger plan to do this.
They're just conditioning the public to accept all of this.
So, Owen Schroer and Ezra Levant on the broadcast.
Okay, let me do this.
Let me just give you an example of what we're dealing with here.
Overhead shot, please.
Biden and men threatens consequences against Russia for military buildup in Ukraine.
Threatens military action.
Insane escalation.
We're going to look at that key information.
Then we've got this.
DARPA is working on COVID vaccine implantable microchip to detect virus.
Now, remember last year, last February and March, we played on air probably about 500 times.
We played about five or six times a day.
Rice University in Texas and MIT in Massachusetts with their directors of their nanotech saying we're funded by Bill and Melinda Gates to create a digital tattoo that we put on you that puts tiny pieces of glass into you that's on the back of a band-aid that works into your body and never comes out because the microchips are so small now they're grains of sand size.
Little pieces of glass work into you and that are part of your body and then we can track everywhere you go and make sure you've been vaccinated and then also scan it and read to see What is going on with you?
And they didn't, I guess, want the local newscast out of Houston to be known or the one out of Massachusetts that were really internal PR things done by the university to donors.
These were both donor films showing, oh, Bill Gates is funding us.
Match our money.
We're going to implant the public with digital microchips that are on band-aid bandages and also in the shots.
And we showed you The patents of that.
Now the way Snopes and others said it wasn't true is they look at one patent for the nanotech implantable chips in the vaccine or in a bandage and then another patent we were covering.
Of blockchain, where as you walk down the road, if you follow every move of the satellite ordering you to, with a brain chip, but first it'll be a phone, or the nav on your car telling you what to do, then you will get, like a video game, more bonus money from the blockchain from Bill Gates or from the UN.
And they go, oh, that's a blockchain thing, that's not an implantable chip.
They would mix the two documents together, when we were pointing out that they're fusing it all together.
We'll play this when we come back.
Guess what happened on 60 Minutes?
60 Minutes came out and said, here's the little flesh green alien looking thing that we put in all the troops.
We have to know if somebody's getting sick, it'll help others.
So you must take the chip if it'll help others.
You must wear the mask if it'll help others.
You must social distance if it'll help others.
You must be non-essential and go bankrupt and stay in your home to help others when it's all a plan to collapse things.
When the masks don't protect you, when they give you bacterial pneumonia.
Doesn't matter.
What did the Travis County judge, Livingston, say?
She said, we're always going to wear the mask, basically, because from now on, in any virus, flu or cold, anything can hurt you.
We must all be dirty and bad forever.
Even though all the studies show breathing on each other gives us better immunity, and we don't have it, we become bubble boys.
It doesn't matter.
She's got her orders, so now she's doing it.
I've got her quotes right here.
It's the same all over the country, all over the world.
This is a fantastical rollout, and we have video.
Of the old woman sitting there in Chile trying to go to the grocery store and the police say, no, you don't have a travel pass.
You don't have a cell phone.
You don't have a QR code.
It's already being put in there.
England's rolling it out now.
Spain's rolling it out.
Australia and the old lady goes away and doesn't get food because she doesn't even have a cell phone.
She doesn't even know how to do it.
This is so demonic, this is so evil, this is so wrong, and it's here.
Remember all the New York Times and Washington Post?
Hell, Bill Gates' daughter came out last year.
She's going to be a doctor herself.
She's doing her residency.
In fact, grab that, guys.
Bill Gates' daughter makes a joke and says, oh, here's the vaccine, but it doesn't have a microchip in it like you claim my dad wants you to have.
Well, I'm going to show you Your controller chip that tracks everywhere you go and what you do, and it's a little green thing with tentacles that goes into your body.
It's not a science fiction movie.
It's a little vile, swimming around, little green creature.
Of course, not technically, but that's what it is.
It's a globalist tech system.
And, of course, the troops have already had a lot of these.
They've already had brain chips put in.
I have a family that's an officer.
He's out of the Army now, who actually got in trouble 15 years ago.
They were in a secret briefing about chips going into the troops, and a bunch of them got chips.
And they actually found out.
He told me about it and got in his face about it.
But that's how real this is.
And it's all about slavery and death.
It's all about Satan and an off-world takeover.
It was eight years ago that we saw a headline At the Council on Foreign Relations, Foreign Affairs, also the sister publication of the Washington Post, Public Affairs, put out another article with the headline, Obama legalizes domestic propaganda.
And what did that mean?
It meant the CIA and other agencies that have been busy lying to people in foreign countries, publishing fake news articles, you name it, dirty tricks against our quote, enemies, were now doing that to us domestically.
And if you study psychology, you learn that there's really some very dark forms of it, where they can just ruin people's minds and totally destroy critical thinking.
And they've got different schools of thought and different names for it, but basically it's like short-circuiting a computer.
And that's what you now see on the news.
They'll go, there is no government plan to put chips in anyone and track where they go.
That's why MIT has chips they want to put in the troops to track where they go and what they do.
It'd be like if I had an Uzi submachine gun and I'm at a shooting range and I go, this is not an Uzi submachine gun!
Fired it and said, see?
This is not an Uzi.
And so a year ago, we're showing you MIT News saying Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds it.
It's public.
They also fund Rice.
We've shown you the newscast over and over again, and what do they do?
They censor our reports.
They censor other people.
The Corbett Report used to do a great job.
I was seeing where they were taking his videos down about Bill Gates.
These are Bill Gates's professors.
He funds their offices.
They call them chairs.
Whole programs.
And then you show it and go, look, he's doing it, and they go, oh no, that's disinfo, that's not official medical info from the United Nations.
WHO is the only global authority on anything.
And then Governor DeSantis has a hearing with dozens of top scientists, and they lay out that it wasn't as bad as they said, it's the common cold and vaccines aren't going to work because it always mutates, which is all true.
They go, sorry, Governor DeSantis, you can't show your hearings in the legislature Because the UN says it's not true.
And this isn't just censorship, this is a foreign governmental system doing this to us.
And so MIT and Rice have developed three different things we know of.
Hell, I just asked the crew to search this, they found a bunch of stuff I didn't know about during the break.
About nanotech they're gonna put in your soft drinks now.
I mean, this is a total invasion takeover.
But then, there's the psychology of this, where they lie to you and say, this is not a chip to track you.
It just simply tells a computer when you test your own blood.
But you're going into a computer!
It's a Pentagon computer!
And they have the troops, the left is fascinated with military, because they can make them do whatever they want, they think.
And of course, you now know in LA and Orange County schools, they're offering young children vaccines without their parents' consent.
They're even admitting it in hearings they're having.
Do you realize how illegal that is?
And that's the thing, they're having a whole system commit crime, claiming they have the high ground as a revolution to overwhelm us.
So, overhead shot please.
Here's Media Matters memorializing this from last March.
Alex Jones unhinged conspiracy theories about Bill Gates and the coronavirus.
And it goes on to say, Jones claims Gates is funding implantable microchips to track your vaccination or to track COVID.
Also say he's a supervillain behind a death cult.
I mean, what is he?
World shocked by Bill Gates' blueprint for collapse.
I mean, this is all real.
Bill Gates and Fauci knew about coronavirus for years and prepared to make themselves rich and powerful.
Bill Gates had mentioned the population plan to make coronavirus outbreak.
And this is all real stuff.
They just don't link to it so you can see it.
They just say it's not true.
So, I'm a liar, folks.
Oh look, storing medical information below the skin's surface.
MIT News.
Bill Gates funding in 2019.
Just showed you the quote on screen.
Invisible ink tattoos to be used.
Now, let's move on to the big story.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It's a Paul Joseph Watson story, and it's 60 minutes.
Now this isn't some government thing to track you, no.
It's just the Pentagon, and it's in a little Sealed test tube and it's little green things with tentacles, little nanotech that plugs into your nerves and then transmits to a smartphone or other computer.
Oh, there's nothing wrong there!
And they do the gaslighting.
Famous gaslighting is you start slapping a woman.
And you say, no one's slapping you, and you call like 10 other men in the room, they go, no one's slapping you, no one's slapping you.
And women particularly, if you keep slapping them for about an hour, they will start believing that they're not being slapped.
It's called Stockholm Syndrome.
And I'm not being mean to women.
I'm not putting you down.
It's just you're the main target.
You see how women are submitting so much, but so do men as well.
But they estimate 10 to 1, women are going to take these chips above men.
Oh, it's how you work as a community.
It's how you're good.
Now everybody's buying with the chip.
Well, now these new chips just go into your bloodstream and you never can get them out.
You're always like, I'll just dig that microchip out if they make me have it.
They're going to inject it into your tissue.
It's the mark.
Their genetic mark on you.
The Pfizer one alone has jellyfish genes.
A dead baby from 1976 in it.
All this other weird stuff.
And scientists ask, what's this for?
They go, oh, it's experimental.
You're not allowed to ask.
And then on the news, though, it's like safe and effective, highly tested, and totally safe.
I saw it in the Austin Chronicle last week's edition.
It's actually in my office.
My door's open.
Somebody will go grab me the Chronicle off my desk, the local communist paper.
And it shows them handing out to black people a sheet saying COVID vaccine's totally safe and effective.
They come to the door and they go, I brought you a couple cans of baked beans because you're black and I'm a white savior.
Will you please take it?
I love you so much.
I'm so liberal.
And of course the idiot coming to your door just wants the virtue signal.
But they're part of something big and evil.
So let's go ahead and play part of the 60 Minutes piece.
Here it is, 60 Minutes.
To save you from COVID, the microchip.
Dr. Hepburn showed us a few current projects.
Some sound like they're from an episode of Star Trek.
Consider a ship like the USS Theodore Roosevelt, hobbled last year when 1,271 crew members tested positive for the coronavirus.
What if everyone on board had their health monitored with this subdermal implant, now in late stage testing?
It's not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move, but a tissue like gel engineered to continuously test your blood.
It's a sensor.
This tiny green thing in there?
That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin, and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body, and that signal means you're gonna have symptoms tomorrow.
There's an actual transmitter in that?
Yeah, it's like a check engine light.
Check this sailor out before he infects other people.
That's right.
Sailors would get the signal, then self-administer a blood draw and test themselves on site.
Look at that.
We can have that information in three to five minutes.
As you truncate that time, as you diagnose and treat, what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.
Alright, let's unpack the fallacies, the lies, the fraud, the deception in just that short clip.
It gets even worse.
And of course, Bill Gates is directly funding that project.
Oh, but he isn't.
The ADL will say you're a Nazi if you try to stop it.
If you don't want to take microchips that track you, you're a Nazi.
The ADL said so.
This is the broadcast the enemy's trying to jam.
This is the broadcast that's pro-human.
It's the Alex Jones Show.
Thank you for joining us.
Next hour I'm going to get into the Chauvin show trial taking place in Minneapolis and the giant riots there and the looting of pizza places, foot lockers, Liquor stores, you name it, this has nothing to do with the wrongful death of a man that had more fentanyl in his body than even two people can survive.
It's clear the officer knew him.
It's clear the officer was not trying to kill him.
It looks really bad.
You've already crossed that bridge.
The media is hyping this to cause giant race riots around the country to further destabilize it.
And just the trial itself has caused anti-white riots in Minneapolis and in areas of California.
There's incredible footage on Infowars.
Of whites just being shot at, stabbed, beat up.
And there's so much black on white crime now, and the media is 100% selling it like it's good.
Target sells a book talking about the wonders of going after and attacking white people, and they put out all these movies about how whites are inherently evil.
And the evil ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center says nothing about any of it.
They are creating total division in this country to divide and conquer us and it's social engineering and it's out of control.
I'm going to cover all that next hour.
But we have to understand that this is being done because they're targeting all of humanity.
They're poisoning us, they're dumbing us down, and that they're going after everyone with these poison vaccines, with these gene therapy manipulation systems, and That's why they're launching this destabilization over here, while they're really attacking and killing us over there.
But that doesn't mean that if you are a white person in a liberal blue city, that you can walk down a predominant black neighborhood.
You will get attacked if you do it four or five times.
You'll get shaken down, bare minimum.
I'm a pretty big guy.
I don't look like a pushover.
I cannot go to most areas of East Austin now.
Black people will approach me and demand money and threaten to physically attack.
And I have a lot of family and stuff that's happening to them.
I have family that's Asian.
It happens to them.
And it's very, very sad.
And I'm not manipulated.
I know that most black folks aren't like that.
I understand that the media is pushing it and doing it.
I understand that CNN and people like that are doing it.
And it still doesn't mean, though, that you should be naive about what's going to happen.
I mean, I see articles every day about an 11-year-old girl was walking through the predominantly black neighborhood and was shot five times in the back because she's white.
And you see the left going, oh, poor, poor white people.
And white people are just being totally preyed upon.
Same thing in Europe.
The Islamicists are preying on Folks, and the Islamists get away with it so much.
You saw the famous deal where the black rappers are in, was it France?
And they start trying to shake down the black rappers and they beat up the Muslims and then they got arrested.
It's like, no, no, no, no, no.
Muslims trump blacks in the globalist order.
So it's open season on whites.
And then if you're a Muslim, it's open season on anybody you want.
So we're going to cover that next hour, but I just want people to understand the backdrop of the fact that the globalists are literally starving Africa and other areas to death while teaching us all to hate each other and kill each other here.
And it's a very diabolical, sick, sick plan.
And I can tell you, most of the black folks I know are horrified by it and absolutely see through it.
But the young people, whether they be black or white, on average are extremely Dumbed down and extremely into the media and really believing what's going on.
I have family that believes there's an epidemic of violence by police against blacks, even though about 12 to 14 black males die a year in questionable circumstances at the hand of the police.
Total, it's less than 200 black males are killed a year by the police.
Thousands and thousands of black males are killed by other black males.
And my point is, we're all taught To freak out when you see the cops do something wrong to a black person.
And that is simply because the left wants to take over the local police departments and bully them.
Every time there's an event, it's about power.
Soros has bought off most of the district attorneys.
He's put most of the DAs in.
He has a lot of the state attorney generals.
And he's a globalist.
And this is just about getting the police to bow down to his organization BLM, whose owners and controllers Have made 10.6 billion dollars, 10.6 billion last year.
That's why it was, oh look, this black lady that says whites are evil and should be gotten rid of and that communism's the way and that all black men should basically be sterilized because it's so trendy to make them transsexual and the nuclear family's bad.
She doesn't just own one million and a half dollar house, they found four more.
One of them's like eight million dollars with helicopter pads and jet hangers full of jet airplanes.
And now they're calling for an investigation of the other members so they all look safe.
This is all a scam.
You're not the resistance when you're in Black Lives Matter.
You're working for the most evil globalist on Earth.
That's all this is.
And then believe me, once they get control of the police, then they're going to be desk watch.
They're going to be left as police like Venezuela or Cuba or North Korea, and then there won't be any news coverage.
It's like when the police, you'll see white cops beat up a black guy with billy clubs.
He's not wearing a mask and people are like, that's good.
He needs it for no reason.
Or black cops beat up black people, black, black, beat up black women, white women, doesn't matter.
And they're like, Oh, good job.
Beat them up.
But then, oh my gosh, something goes wrong somewhere else, and let's just burn down the whole country.
Let's show the cops!
Let's show them, because they're local governments, and they're easy to take over, and the left's taking them over.
I'm going to cover all that with all the videos next hour.
It is insane.
But I want at the next segment...
To show you the Austin Chronicle I've got right here, where it talks about how they're doing all this great work, and oh, they come to the black people's doors and tell them, please take their shots, the white saviors do.
And so we're going to be laying out the latest developments where now under the new global vaccine passports that Xi Jinping runs through the UN, it's all official, told you about it a year ago, he's proposing it.
You can't go to the grocery store unless you have it, and then it's going to tell you when you're allowed to go.
Oh, once you agree to these, now there's only certain times you can go out, certain times you can get food, and it creates a record of what you buy, because we're in a communal system now, so if you eat the wrong things, you're going to be punished.
It's all Being announced, and we have the footage of the old woman in Chile, and they said, sorry, you don't have a travel pass on your phone.
You're not allowed to have food.
And they, oh, it's so fun.
It's so good.
And so we're going to be covering all of that coming up next segment separately.
I got 20,000 of these in.
People are really wanting to buy in-game.
I noticed the copies we had started selling really fast.
So I ordered 20,000 of them.
We're selling one for $14.95.
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Endgame, Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
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All right, if you just joined us, earlier I played a clip off of 60 Minutes last night, 60 Minutes Sunday, going, oh look, DARPA and a lab funded by Bill Gates.
Has come up with these little green octopus looking flesh-like antenna systems that are implanted in your body and they're basically absorbed into your body but it's not tracking you even though it does track you.
Now why is this so important?
Because it's how they define things.
They go, it's not a microchip.
It's a green flesh-like system that tracks you.
Just like the new microchips are glass on a bandage that work into your skin and into your body.
You can't get rid of them.
They just keep working in.
Or it's inside the injector and nanotech in your body.
That's where the microchips have been for decades.
But here's what's bigger.
You've all been taught to be scared of the little classic rice-sized primitive chip that they've had for 50 years, 60 years.
Now they're like, oh, this isn't a chip.
It doesn't track you.
It's a little green thing that tracks you.
And so they just play that mind game.
It's not the dreaded chip.
It's a little green octopus.
But understand this, that's even old technology.
And they say, oh, the ship was crippled by COVID.
No one died on that ship.
The PCR test are fake.
They had a cold virus on a ship.
And they use it to say they were crippled.
So there's a crisis, so you all need chips.
In China, they just say, you're super soldiers.
We're injecting you with mRNA to make you have more stamina and bigger muscles.
It has horrible side effects, but okay.
Remember the headlines?
I told you about it decades ago, but now it's in the news this year.
China is doing secret mRNA with vaccines to make their soldiers smarter, faster, and stronger.
They're really just testing on them.
And then they just glamorize it.
And all the other countries couldn't get this approved.
Not India, not the US, not Russia.
So now they use COVID to do it, you see?
So what is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?
What is the AstraZeneca?
What is the Pfizer?
They're all mRNA because two of them fire a virus with another virus inside of it into your DNA.
That's the Pfizer.
That's the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca.
They're new virus vector vaccines that are super dangerous, that were always known as experimental, only tested on the U.S.
military because they were guinea pigs.
Still wrong.
And then you've got the mRNA that just programs from the outside of the cell to the ribosomes.
Still the same thing.
And so this is all illegal.
But they go, oh, we got a problem on a ship.
The answer is this.
It's not the dreaded ship.
It doesn't track you.
It just tracks you and tells the computer when you should blood test yourself.
And then you administer the test on yourself like you're a guinea pig.
Has nothing to do with that.
It's a tracker because it tells the system when you need to be checked.
It's tracking where you're at.
It's monitoring your blood.
But it's not a tracker.
This is so authoritarian.
It's so deceptive.
And all these top scientists, including the former chief scientist at Pfizer, he said everything they say for the epidemiology is a lie.
It's a 180.
I talked to all the other virologists I know.
They go, yeah, it's all lies.
But none of them can speak out because they get banned or fired.
So on top of it all being a lie, you get censored or fired if you talk about it.
More authoritarianism.
And now they're doing it to children without informed consent.
You know all the ferrets died that took the mRNA vaccine four years ago when they tested this exact thing.
You know they already tested on animals.
They skipped trials because it kills so many of them.
Now humans are tougher.
than dogs and cats and rats.
It's known.
There's something special about us.
For those that don't know, the globalists know.
And it varies from human to human, but a lot of people can take a lot of poison.
Especially white people.
A little secret they know.
You can say we're like cloned with something, who knows?
The point is, is that black people cannot take a lot of poison.
Fluoride has twice as bad an effect on a black male as does a Caucasian male.
And it just goes on from there.
So we're all human, but we're all different and we all know that.
And so these globalists know what they're doing and the evidence is showing these vaccines hurt blacks even worse than whites.
And hurt men more than women.
Then they try to spin it and go, well actually it's hurting women more because they're getting these tumors all over them.
The point is, they're not going to launch something like this and then not launch something bigger to cover up what happened here.
They're going for broke.
And so like even Ron Paul came out and said, this is a desperate situation.
We got to stop the vaccine passports.
We got to kill it right now.
You got to get aggressive with the mass cult.
You got to get aggressive with your city councils and these county judges.
You got to explain to them what's really going on now before it's too late.
Because the AstraZeneca, the Pfizer, the Moderna, all of these are not vaccines where you put a dead bacteria or virus in somebody and your body learns how to beat it.
Like training an attack dog on a dummy.
These are gene-editing nanotech lab-created synthetic nanotech.
So you're worried about a little implantable chip, or a little thing that looks like a blue sea creature, or a green octopus with antennas on it.
It looks like something out of The Matrix where he drops the shrimp down his mouth.
You know, it attracts him.
That's exactly what all this is.
They're throwing it in your face.
They're mimicking life with what they're doing.
They're infecting us.
But it's already in these shots that they want to mutate to discover the Lazarus gene in us or the immortal cell line in their own words.
How do I know this?
They are mass testing on everybody to then see who can survive this.
They've already committed a massive crime.
Millions are already dying from the vaccines.
They're now attributing it to COVID.
There's mass mental illness with those getting injected, just like the John Hopkins prediction, the SPARS 2025-2028 predicted.
It's all a nightmare scenario.
It's moving quicker than I even thought.
I was wrong.
It's worse than I thought.
I thought they would beta test and space it out.
But because they were behind, because they were in trouble, because of the global awakening, They are now accelerating this.
So here's what I'm going to do.
I'm behind again.
I'm going to come back.
I'm going to play the 60 Minutes piece again.
I'm going to slowly stop it, start it, and analyze it.
And then I'm going to show you the rest of this news, but in their own words.
They're going to lock you down forever with this.
They're teaching you you're not essential.
And when you get the COVID shots, they tell you it still doesn't work.
There's too many variants.
You can't get 10 shots a year and have freedom.
It's a trap.
You never get out of it.
They've admitted all that.
People think, oh, I just go get their shot and then I go back to life.
No, you are captured.
Only getting out of the jail cell frees you.
And again, they put you on lockdown for six months, let you out, limited, wear your mask, you can go certain places.
It's like letting a trustee who's been in prison for years, you know, go to the store and pick up some stuff because he's a well-behaved slave.
This is all prisoner training, period.
Look at the local Chronicle.
Dr. McCabe-Shott, please.
It says, look, oh, it says that liberal volunteers are going to disadvantage East Austin neighborhoods and giving them care packages of masks and little cans of food and things.
And this big brochure saying COVID vaccines are safe.
COVID vaccines are tested and 100% effective.
That's a criminal lie.
They're experimental.
It's out of control.
And that's the facts.
So I'm going to go over all this when we come back, but the future is you only buy and sell when they say if they want to keep you around.
And you're going to have to go to social training systems, literally programmed by the Southern Primary Law Center and the ADL.
And if you don't do it, you'll be an anti-Semite.
So that's how they've cast all this.
It's how they've scripted it.
It's how they've prepared the whole deal.
It is a nightmare dystopia.
We better understand that big tech is the arm of the big banks and the globalists and what they do with the censorship and the death camps they help run and everything is what they want for us and that all the long hair and all the hippie talk is a cover for very savage evil people.
All the pink sweaters that Oprah and Bill Gates and Ted Turner and every interview now they wear pink sweaters.
And they even admit the psychology behind that should look non-threatening.
Because if they were wearing a frickin' Field Marshal outfit you'd go, that's Hitler.
And so this is all scientific.
Just like when a guy pulls up at your house with an ice cream truck, going, I got a puppy, trying to get your four-year-old you weren't watching in the car with him.
They don't pull up at a thing with fire coming out and a big demon face with a sound of ghosts going, ooooh!
Because your kid would run inside.
A creeper doesn't pull up in a van and then have the sounds of wildcats roaring in the background.
Your kid would run in.
But they come up going, oh hi, how you doing?
I got a lollipop right here.
I got an ice cream cone.
Yeah, come around the back of the van.
You want to see the puppy?
And that's all this is, folks.
These are murdering predators and all these cowards that have said, yes, the system's so long, they subconsciously know it's real.
They're scared.
So they've decided to join with it and go along with it.
And so, again, I tried to deny this in my own head and said, well, they're doing a beta test.
They're going to launch a bigger, bigger one later.
And on the scale, it will be much bigger, but they're not going to space this out even five or ten years.
We never go back, and everybody's dead, basically.
I mean, just watch.
Hell has been released.
The Antichrist will appear soon.
Notice none of the churches are saying a word.
They're all saying, do the QR code to go to church.
They're going to tell you, take the ship, you're going to hell.
They're going to bow down before the Antichrist.
You're going to see everything.
You're going to see hell on earth.
We'll be right back.
All right, there is a video that's about 10 minutes long that's at Bandot Video.
The last time I checked, it's got about 300,000 views.
That's great, but it needs about 300 million views.
It's Bill Gates in his own words talking about the depopulation program.
Watch Bill Gates admit to human depopulation program.
Nine minutes, 28 seconds, Bandot Video.
I'm going to play a few minutes of this because some stations don't carry this segment.
And then I'm going to come back and be as judicious as possible to actually plow through the COVID takeover news and how to counter it.
And of course, the announcement for implantable microchips on U.S.
Again, there were a lot of articles about them testing chips on troops 20 years ago.
Then I confirmed from family that they were briefed in a group of several hundred officers in the Army here in Texas at a base.
My cousin told me I could talk about it.
I just don't say his name, but they figured it out, called him in about it.
He's retired now, but that's that's how serious it is and so a lot of folks have already gotten chips They've already been tested on they say do it for your country It's well known a lot of people volunteer for you know things like MK ultra 50 60 years ago So that goes on you know there's DARPA's testing implantable chips in soldiers brains I would tell people this 15 years ago.
They'd say you're crazy, but now It's all out in the open, but let's go ahead and go to part of Bill Gates One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
We see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death and... Things like reducing childhood death and... First we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest where people are less able to deal with it.
So it's in the very poorest places that you're going to have a tripling in population by 2050.
And so their ability to feed, educate, provide jobs, stability, protect the environment in those locations mean they're faced with an almost impossible problem.
Here we can see a chart that looks at the total world population over the last several hundred years.
And at first glance, this is a bit scary.
We go from less than a billion in 1800 and then 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.4 billion where we are today
is happening even faster. So Melinda and I wondered whether providing new medicines
and keeping children alive, would that create more of a population problem?
And what the developing world does not need is more children.
And I think that was the biggest Aha to Bill and me when we got into this work, as we asked ourselves, of course, the same hard-nosed question you'd ask, which is, if you get into this work and you start to save these children, will women just keep overpopulating the world?
And thank goodness the converse is absolutely true.
This is a very important question to get right because it was absolutely key for me.
When our foundation first started up, it was focused on reproductive health.
That was the main thing we did because I thought, you know, population growth in poor countries is the biggest problem they face. You've got to help
mothers who want to limit family size have the tools and education to do that. That's the only
thing that really counts.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient,
would it be better not to lay off those 10 teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
That's only about three minutes of the nine and a half minute piece.
It's at Bandai Video.
I hope you share it.
It's got 414,000 views.
He's got about 300 million views.
And again, they set themselves up as God.
You can say that it's overpopulated in some areas.
Well, when they say be hard-nosed, they're not talking about killing all the third world, which is bad enough.
They're talking about sterilizing everybody, making us mutate into this new creature.
That's where this really goes.
All right, I'm hosting all four hours of the Alex Jones Show today.
We got three hours left in front of us.
We're into hour number two on this Monday, April 12, 2021 transmission.
Owen Troyer is now down at the border back in McAllen, Texas, where the Border Patrol says is the worst collapse of the border going on.
He'll go to the facilities that have the ongoing human smuggling going on at a massive level.
And we will host the fourth hour from right in front of those facilities and right from that so-called Catholic Charities run by what looks like MS-13 operatives and so much more where men go in and our whistleblowers told us, we caught a lot of it on video, and say, I'm here from Pennsylvania, I'm here from Illinois, I'm here from Utah, I want that woman, that woman, that woman.
I'm taking them to make them work in my restaurant or my factory.
I'm going to teach them the way of the Lord according to me.
And they give them money and the women are giving to them.
No IDs, no nothing.
Their cell phones are taken.
I mean, this is the stuff of hell.
And then the whole leftist media comes and defends it.
Oh, those were real kids being put in a trunk, but they were being taken to have a wonderful life and Alex Jones was being mean to them.
The left has just signed on to pure evil, just like Apple has signed on to helping run the worst death camps and getting slave labor out of the worst death camps in communist China.
These are not the moral authorities they tell you they are all day.
These are selfish, bad, crazy people that have broken the law of common sense.
They've broken the law of the social compact, the social contract.
Okay, so if you just joined us, last hour I talked about it, I want to go through it now.
60 Minutes came out with DARPA, with the same lab that we exposed over a year ago, funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, with all these different types of implantable microchips.
Some that are in the vaccine, some that are on a bandage you put over it that works into your skin, nanoparticles of glass, because they can miniaturize things so much now that also tracks you, that a scanner reads But this is a little green octopus, about a millimeter wide, along with little green antennas, little green wires.
And they put this in you, and then it transmits to computers to say if you're sick.
And we've got to have this now, because if it saves one person, we've always got to wear masks, because, you know, you might have germs, might get somebody sick, even though all the studies show that us sharing our germs makes us healthier, and that the mask causes bacterial pneumonia.
Let's not worry about those studies.
This is political action and we're told we've got to keep the blue city shut down forever.
Unless you're in communist China.
It's all a big sign that we're closed for business and we're non-essential.
So see the video for yourself.
DARPA is working on COVID vaccine implantable microchip to detect the virus and of course detect whether you've had your vaccines.
But this is not just an implantable chip.
This is not just a nanotech sponge.
The vaccines themselves are the real nanotech reprogramming your DNA.
It's beyond microchips.
But they metaphysically still need to get the general public to opt in.
That's the law of the universe.
Until they go into their final endgame and Satan goes past free will and starts forcing it, then all hell breaks loose.
And everybody that keeps signing on thinking, oh, I get to go back to normal as long as I submit.
You notice you never go back to normal.
They lie to you every step of the way.
15 days to cut the curve.
Oh, just two months of a mask.
Oh, just a couple of months lockdown.
Oh, now it's years, decades.
Well, it's the new normal.
AP, Reuters, CNN.
We need to always wear masks.
We need new vaccines every month, every week.
Hell, I'm sure the vaccine doesn't work.
Well, you need more vaccines then.
Oh, the children don't get sick from COVID, but that's okay.
They're super spreaders.
They gotta have it too.
Well, hey, it's tested.
It's totally safe, but it's not.
It doesn't matter.
They're lying to you, but don't criticize it.
We'll censor you.
Lying to you, censoring you, hurting you, and the people running it.
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is actually known as the Depopulation Institute.
I played a clip earlier of them getting an award for depopulation.
And people go, well, you know, there aren't too many people.
And if you go to some Caribbean islands, the place they say this is overpopulated.
This is about transhumanism and about total control, and the globalists are going to go after everybody.
So all the people signing on to this, playing like you're a big Malthusian and you're going to save the planet, you're under attack as well.
You're destroying our birthright, our common sense, our social safety net.
We're all being made non-essential.
Why are you doing it?
Well, because Trump didn't want us to all wear masks and stay locked down as much as Fauci.
So just because he was more common sense, we better wear them forever!
It's Briar Patch.
What does Briar Rabbit say?
He goes, please, Mr. Weasel or Mr. Whatever it was.
I forget the story when I was a kid.
Whatever the predator is, Mr. Fox, please don't throw me back in the Briar Patch.
But the rabbit lives in the Briar Patch.
They're like.
And are you saying Trump was in on it?
I mean, I don't think so, but Trump comes out and says, you know, mask, you don't need mask.
So they go, I'm wearing one forever.
I'm going to be buried in one.
It's all reverse psychology.
It's disgusting.
But the left are sent to college.
They're in the academia.
They feel like they're part of the technocracy.
And they know a lot of it.
A lot of the left knows it's a lie.
But it's about their power, you see.
Yeah, it was a fox and a rabbit.
So, let's go ahead and go to the 60 Minutes piece, which is the same sign as Bill Gates funded that we showed you a year ago, and I showed you that last hour.
We told you exactly who they are, showed you the MIT video, showed you the same stuff, and other liquid chips they've got, and little micro glass chips, and little silicate.
And they're like, you know, Southern Poverty Law Center says it's not true.
Oh my gosh, they're God, or the Media Matters, or the ADL.
ADL's like, Jones has got this racist, anti-Semitic thing that there's a world government forming that will make you take chips.
Like, what did I say about Jews?
They say that.
They insert that.
Because they're paid to do that.
It's very sad.
So I don't care whether you're Jewish, or Muslim, or Christian, or agnostic, you shouldn't let the ADL speak for you and try to censor everybody.
It's a very dangerous situation.
While they call for Turcross to be removed from air for talking about a UN document admitting third world replacement migration.
I mean, that's a fact.
That's UN policy.
That's what you're doing.
The people you've already been oppressing and sucking dry, now you're going to bring them here to be oppressed here as well, but outvote us.
Fake complete.
So, let's go ahead and go to the 60 Minutes piece.
Dr. Hepburn showed us a few current projects.
Some sound like they're from an episode of Star Trek.
Consider a ship like the USS Theodore Roosevelt, hobbled last year when 1,271 crew members tested... Look, all the transgenderism, all the infighting, all the 60-day lockdown to stop racism, to destroy morale, make everybody fight with each other, all the chat comms and the globals take over.
And then they're replacing humans with robots by 2030 in the military.
That's the official plan.
So you've got to sabotage the human cohesiveness to go, well, the military is full of rapes and crimes and racism and poop swastikas that are, you know, SJW, false flags, smollet events.
And so because of all that, we just have to go all robot.
It's much more efficient.
And then the globalists are in control of the robots.
You aren't.
They'll follow orders.
It's a post-human world.
They're sabotaging it.
And in the future, everything is going to be about who created pro-human communities, anti-5G communities, who moved into rural areas, who got prepared, who got ready.
All right, let's go ahead and...
Go back to the piece.
Here it is.
--burns showed us a few current projects.
Some sound like they're from an episode of Star Trek.
Consider a ship like the USS Theodore Roosevelt hobbled last year when 1,271 crew members tested positive
for the coronavirus.
Back out of five seconds.
Fake PCR test.
No one died.
Hardly anyone was even sick.
It was just the cold.
They made it up.
But because of the fake problem, now we've got to have chips in you.
You see how this works?
Always more, more, more.
Once you give in to the lockdown, once you give in to the mask, it never ends.
...tested positive for the coronavirus.
What if everyone on board had their health monitored with this subdermal implant, now in late-stage testing?
It's not some dreaded government microchip to track your every move, but a tissue like gel engineered to continuously test your blood.
It's a sensor This tiny green thing in there?
That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you're going to have symptoms tomorrow.
There's an actual transmitter in that?
Yeah, it's like a check engine light.
Check this sailor out before he I'll come back with the rest of this.
You know, you've all heard of this before.
It's Bill Gates' Theranos.
It's all fake.
It's all fake.
It's all fraud.
It's all criminal.
But it kills you in the end.
That's the main... But they've got a black guy going, look how safe it is.
I'm black.
So, almost everybody else has been taken off the air.
Almost no one else is able to build their own infrastructure network.
Thanks to you supporting us, we were able to.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
And now everybody can see the endgame.
It's a post-human world, nanotech, implantable chips.
And the globalists say no more humans when they're done.
They started a hundred years ago saying they wanted a massive population reduction and by the 60s they said they wanted 70% dead.
Then by the 90s they said 80%.
Then in the new documents in the 2000s they said well we want to actually get down about 1% of humans.
And then now the last 10 years or so, they've been saying, well, we just want to get rid of all humans, period.
We're going to merge the machines.
And they just almost come out and say they're in contact with aliens and have gotten advanced technology.
That's the last part they haven't put out there.
The Bible says it's a fallen alien species.
It's actually held on this planet with a rib run by the head honcho, Satan.
that are basically eternal beings, but in the Bible it says God finally
destroys them, rolls up the universe like a scroll, so God can kill them.
But that's about it. And God is going to have to intervene to save us at some point.
So you better hope the Bible's real, because everything else in it's happening.
And again, the churches are falling down on their faces, because they're not churches.
They're going to say, take the chip.
They're going to say, you know, they're going to have transgender, I mean, genetically engineered preachers.
This is all the, the, the, exactly what the book of Genesis talks about in the days of Noah.
And it's all going to repeat.
It's all repeating already.
And so, Let's finish up with 60 Minutes.
Oh, a ship!
It got hobbled!
The troops need ships!
The good news is, it's more like 70% of the Marines are refusing the vaccines.
It's 40% just of one group that they already questionnaireed to find out who wanted it.
And then they selected that group and by the time they went out to the group that said they'd take it, only 40% took it.
So, and I have that from inside sources.
So now they're trying to say, well, the Army and Marines, you can't go to the mess hall, or you can't go to the PX, the grocery store.
You can't go to the gym unless you've had the vaccine.
It's not a vaccine!
It's an illegal gene therapy!
So again, it's the boldness of this plan that's so evil.
It's a total takeover.
Let me get back to the 60 minutes piece.
So we're just analyzing each little piece of lie.
Means you're going to have symptoms tomorrow.
There's an actual transmitter in that?
Yeah, it's like a check engine light.
Check this sailor out before he infects other people.
That's right.
Sailors would get the signal, then self-administer a blood draw and test themselves on site.
Look at that.
We can have that information in three to five minutes.
As you truncate that time, as you diagnose and treat, what you do is you stop the infection in its tracks.
So this is medicalization.
Look at that term.
It's a fraud where the system becomes predatory and sucks you in a scam.
Bill Gates has always wanted this.
His last front lady was the Theranos woman.
Made tens of millions of dollars.
He was really the front guy.
It's admitted.
Even funded documentaries she's in.
Oh, it's a woman.
She's young.
She's pretty.
You know, oh my God, we can test blood instantly and say if you have cancer or if you're going to get a cold.
Everyone should be blood tested daily by Theranos.
It's all a lie.
And so it's Theranos 2.0, this whole thing.
None of it is to help you.
All of it is to kill you.
They want to get rid of the U.S.
And now they're saying, oh, there's all these neurological disorders from people that took the COVID shot.
They're conflating it with those saying, oh, well, maybe they had COVID.
Yeah, you get COVID when you get shot.
That's why you get so damn sick.
So Bill Gates has thousands of front people.
Look it up.
You're in danger.
We're all in grave danger.
Now, I don't normally air a clip two times in a row, but I aired this closer to the end of the show yesterday.
It's on Band.Video in the Most Banned section.
So just click on the left-hand corner and you'll see Most Banned videos.
They're mainly medical videos that they've been banning of scientists and others.
Governor DeSantis' speech is in there.
It's his roundtable discussion.
But this is a great lawyer.
I want to get on the show.
She's a constitutional lawyer, Leah Dundas.
California Board of Education, she's talking to, where they are trying to secretly vaccinate children.
Hell, they passed the law a few years ago.
They can give kids shots without parental consent, age 12 and up.
This is insane.
She knocks it out of the park.
Go to ban.video.
Get it on your email, your text message.
This is a war.
Warn people.
It's only got 193,000 views.
It needs 50 million views.
Lady goes off on Orange County.
Board of Education for wanting to secretly vaccinate children.
I would say powerful woman or powerful lawyer goes off.
We need to change that headline, but still, at least the guy's got it up.
Great job.
So that needs to go viral, folks.
You need to share it.
Here it is.
Lee Dundas, Human Rights Attorney.
Late last week I am informed a meeting occurred between Orange County Health Officer Dr. Clayton Schell and Orange County Board of Education Superintendent Al Meharas, during which time they apparently tried to find a way to quote sidestep and entirely remove informed parental consent for the COVID vaccine and also turn Orange County school campuses into vaccination centers.
The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental medical protocol authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization Act and as such you cannot mandate it for anyone Nor can you sidestep informed consent.
There is a reason that kids cannot smoke, drive, drink, have sex, vote, or die for this country, and it is because the law says they lack the capacity to understand those decisions, and that applies here more than ever.
Hear me loud and hear me well.
We will not be morphing our school campuses into COVID vaccine centers for delivery of an experimental medical protocol that killed every damned ferret in the last animal study they did, until such time they had to abandon that study, and then, and then they didn't even do the study this time around because Oh, I hit pause.
Back it up 10 seconds.
I mean, I'd even forgotten that they did an mRNA study and it killed all the ferrets.
I mean, folks, that's why the former chief scientist at Pfizer said, it's the end of the world.
It takes six months to a year to start killing everybody.
It's on purpose.
It's unbelievable.
And they're going to say a new virus is doing it.
It'll totally collapse society, which Klaus Schwab wants.
They didn't even do the study this time around because we are the study.
The last time humans launched a plan like this to conduct experimental medical protocols on vulnerable populations was in Joseph Mengele's direction.
He was an MD known as the Angel of Death.
And he was part of the SS and in 1943 he was assigned to Auschwitz where he saw an opportunity to conduct gene research, quote, focused primarily on children with no regard for the health or safety of the victims.
This is off the internet.
You can Google it.
You know what else is gene research?
Experimental COVID vaccines with the trans gene inside of it.
If you don't believe me, go pull the EUA application for the J&J shot.
I come from a long line of Eastern Europeans, Hungarians, and Romanian groups.
Groups that fled the persecution of the Red Terror communist death squads in the early 1900s, and those of us who didn't make it to America ended up facing the Nazi death squads in the lesser-known Holocaust that was the Romani Holocaust.
There is a reason my daughter is named Katia.
Her Romani great-grandmother was Katarina Choma, and I, for one, have not forgotten the lessons of our history.
The Third Reich did not end with experiments on children, nor when those children died.
The Third Reich ended in 1946, when we put the doctors who committed these human experiments on trial in Nuremberg, and then we put them to death.
It ended with the adoption of the Nuremberg Code, so we would never repeat the sins of history.
And it states, and I quote, the voluntary consent of this human subject is absolutely essential.
Dr. Chow and Dr. Maharish, you are hereby on notice.
Last week you appear to have knowingly hatched a plan to sidestep and or violate international, federal, and state law, not just the Nuremberg Informed Consent Language, but also the Black Letter Law of the EUA.
She's on fire.
She's totally right.
It's all illegal.
It's all criminal.
From Nazareth they came, another ragtag band.
Thank God for the renegades and the lives they lead.
Far ahead of their time.
Without the renegades, Lord knows where we'd be.
When it comes to heroes, Renegades are mine.
It's another ragtag band declaring independence.
It's a great song.
We should play it in full sometime.
All right.
As it often is, a listener called Rob Do a month ago and said, you got to look at John Hopkins' sparse 2025-2028 document.
And over the next month, we poked at it and read it and looked at it, did that huge viral report that General Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence, and others have said is so important.
It's a Bandai video.
It's got about 3 million views.
Last time I checked, it needs to be seen by 500 million.
Well, a caller called in, and He said, you know, John Hopkins does run the show.
We'll play a clip of him here in a moment.
His name was Ken, wasn't it?
Memory serves.
And he said, you know, John Hopkins is the big bill of Melinda Gates, you in front.
It creates the final operational documents.
It's as important as any other groups combined.
And then they roll it out against the people.
So he said you need to read Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen from 2019, September.
John Hopkins Center for Public Health.
That's the same people wrote it.
And so, last night I scanned over some of it and I scanned over it again today and it's even worse than he said.
It calls for global government, says nations are the problem, only the UN can respond.
So we need to make sure the media all does what the UN says.
And it talks about forced inoculation, just total control.
And just thank God listeners are reading all this because I mean I can't even keep track of it all anymore.
And it's all a giant power grab for them while they kill us and give themselves liability protection at the same time.
So, this is their takeover plan, and I saw a video years ago by Jordan Peterson.
You know, I like Jordan Peterson.
We've had some guests on that attack Peterson, and I don't think Peterson's perfect, and nobody's perfect, but I think Jordan Peterson's very positive overall.
I know he's not been censored as much as I am, so people think, well, he must not be good.
A lot of what he says is true.
I just judge things off that.
I watch him, and he's made the same observances that I've made.
But he's done even more research than a lot of the studies.
And he gets into a study that authoritarianism is usually obsessed with infectious diseases, and that's a sign of it.
And then authoritarians use infectious disease for control.
And the more authoritarian a society is, the more they're obsessed with this.
But also the more disease they have, they quote, the more they counter it with authoritarianism.
Well, that's why the globalists did this.
It's why The Globalist did this.
So I'll play that clip next segment and then I'll get into the contrived stage riots and how that's going into overdrive with the Chauvin trial and the rest of it.
But let's get to this part of the phone call from a caller last night on my Sunday show who had gone and read this and I went and now scanned over it and it's absolutely truer than worse.
It's worse than what he said.
So here's the caller.
Here he is.
I just wanted to call and expose to the Infowarriors here a document that I found whenever I was researching a lot of this stuff on the John Hopkins Center for Health Security website.
And there's a document they put out in 2019 of September and it's called Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic.
Preparedness for a High-Impact Respiratory Pathogen Pandemic.
So basically, this document kind of lays out that they already know that in their R&D, they've got aimed at rapid vaccine development for novel threats.
They know that these mRNA vaccines are widely seen as highly promising, or at least that's what they believe amongst themselves, but that they have not yet Broken through with any licensed product so they admit in this document under the medical countermeasures that you'll see those are key terms and they know that they cannot get it approved without forcing everybody to do it because they're scared to death to do it.
So in this document they explain that a little bit under medical countermeasures you'll find the things about vaccines about the mRNA vaccines but it goes on in detail about NPIs or what they call non-pharmaceutical interventions and that's going to be The social distancing, the travel restrictions, all the different things that they do to us that limit our civil liberties.
And they even admit that in the document, that NPIs will inherently limit our social liberties, any liberties that we have.
They admit in here that coronavirus has no medical countermeasure, that they don't- Oh my god, this is incredible!
Schwab said that last year.
He said corona isn't a threat.
We're just using it as a threat.
Wow, tell me more.
They admit that there's no vaccines and that there's there were unequivocally effective antivirals for these seven different viral groups that they put on here that are consistent with pandemic pathogens and in this document they show that coronavirus or SARS is a zoonic origin human human spread has a high mortality And has no countermeasures.
They're admitting this in September of 2019 to the entire world and to anybody who sees these documents.
So, in 2019, they were prepping everybody for this.
They even prep everybody in the medical industry that they're going to need to get masks, and masks are going to be hard to come by.
But they say, out of these seven viruses that are consistent with a pandemic pathogen, the only one that has a high mortality is coronavirus.
So that's just one of the things they talk about in there.
They say that given existing approaches, technologies, and policies, vaccine development take an estimated 15 years and cost $1.4 billion to do.
So they know that it's going to take them 15 years to get a viral vector vaccine for something like this.
But they admit that they've developed these market failures, so they were prepping all this.
And whenever they move into non-pharmaceutical interventions, that's called NPIs, that's another key search term for this document, they teach you about the non-pharmaceutical interventions and the things that they're going to use.
Well, you sound like a smart guy.
I mean, just tell me about yourself.
How were you able to analyze this document so well?
I've been listening to you guys for 13 years.
I was awake before I started listening to you.
I heard people talking crap about you on different stuff on YouTube 13, 14 years ago.
And I decided I'd just tune into InfoWars and kind of find out for myself.
when I really woke up, got involved with the We Are Change group that was here in Oklahoma for a while,
whenever they were putting out that documentary about the Murrah Building bombing.
But anyway, I kinda got out of it for a while, I got saved, and you know, Jesus Christ says,
"I am the way, the truth, and the life, "and no man come under the Father but by His Spirit."
Isn't it incredible how the Holy Spirit suddenly gives you discernment?
Well, that's what it is, and you know, I thought I was awake, I thought I knew the truth
until I got saved, and that happened when I was about 29, and then recently, since all this happened
after November 3rd and everything that's gone on since January 6th, I've really kinda gotten back
into researching this, and I'm realizing They're trying to kill us all.
So what they're going to do is, just as you guys have been saying, they're going to throw all of this stuff at us at home.
They're going to destabilize us at home because they've already demoralized us, as was said by Hernandez recently.
But what they're going to do is they're going to kick off a world war and economic collapse at the same time they do it.
So we really have to stay together and stay strong to be able to figure this out.
You see all the articles came out where the head Black Lives Matter lady that made $10.6 billion has like giant facilities with huge landing strips and everything.
And my whole point is, doesn't that idiot know when everything goes down that it'll all be worthless?
Yeah, well it all will be.
The Bible says it'll all burn up one day anyway, right?
But we don't have to go along with it, and we don't have to keep going along with it.
I'm just saying it's so pathetic that Soros hired her to try to lead black people into a race war, which they haven't done, and then she's an idiot in L.A.
with a private airfield and a mansion.
It's all going to be destroyed.
Yeah, it is.
Not by us!
I mean, she's an idiot!
They're all idiots, whether it's Brian Stumpfer, the full video, the yellow guy, yesterday's Sunday show.
You can see that for yourself, but look at this in the John Hopkins document, page 36.
The potential problem of national sovereignty in pandemics.
And they say, of course, it's got to be gotten rid of.
And the UN now calls that, what do they call it?
Vaccine nationalism.
Gotta get rid of those nation-states, not just your freedom.
It's the nation-states that are non-essential.
Only the murderous UN is essential, with Bill Gates at its head.
All right, we're gonna come back, and I'm going to shift gears into the triggered race war they're now putting into high gear.
They're setting up the summer to be really bad.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, we are back live broadcasting worldwide.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Owen Schroer will co-host the fourth hour with me today.
From the US-Mexico border at that Catholic charity that's really a smuggling facility engaged in all sorts of illegal activity in my view.
I mean, Biden didn't sign an executive order.
There's not a law, immigration law has been waived illegally.
You can't do that.
Even Associated Press says they're not doing paperwork.
They're not even checking IDs or just giving them to quote charities.
Well, that's illegal.
What the Border Patrol is doing is illegal.
What the Catholic Charities is doing is illegal.
Loading the kids in the back of vans and the back of trunks is illegal.
I guarantee if I had my four kids sticking them in a trunk, people would call the cops on me.
But oh, it's illegal aliens don't do that.
I care about those people.
They're being brought here to be exploited.
In fact, I aired it on a special Saturday show, but we should probably air that footage from... Guys, give me a reprint of the list of Saturday's videos.
A lot of those need to be aired on the main shows.
I mean, we had a female police officer off duty.
I'm going to leave it at that.
She goes in undercover.
She knows what she's doing.
She's a senior lady.
Let's just leave it at that.
She's older.
She's been in the police force a long time.
And she goes in.
And she's sitting there talking to these women and there's a guy right there going, I want that woman, I want that woman, I want that one.
I only want single women.
And he's like, I gave you a lot of money.
Cause he's just like in a movie, a thug.
He's like bragging in front of everybody.
They're like, okay, sir, we'll get you the women.
And then she's talking to him.
Well, what is he doing?
Well, I'm going to be taken to Pennsylvania and work for him.
She's going to teach me about God.
And the guy comes out and starts talking to our camera crew, admitting a bunch of it.
I mean, you can't make this up.
I guess he spoke some Spanish.
The women told him, like, hey, watch that woman talking to you.
you see he tries to follow her out and then runs into our people.
And let's just say this he's He's a lucky man.
Because these guys did not like, didn't like him.
And that's the thing.
I got overwhelmed and had to go stop the car.
I mean, I'm sick of watching kids get smuggled or doing it illegally.
I know it is.
And I went and threw myself in front of the car and be like, we'll run you over.
I was ready to do whatever.
That's what I do.
And it's not some superhero thing.
It's that I'm pissed.
And I'm not going to just sit here and take this crap anymore.
So that's in the fourth hour.
Now let's talk about this.
The culture war, the CIA, the globalist mind control system has literally put out hundreds of movies and TV shows, hundreds, where black people are wonderful and all the whites are evil and the blacks rise up and kill the white people and it's wonderful and Target publishes books saying do it and you just see it everywhere.
It's just wall to wall.
Now, I'm not stupid.
They want me to hate black people and they want black people to hate me.
That doesn't mean there aren't some crazy, suggestible black people.
Just like there are all these other crazy people, white people, you know, going and having their son's genitals cut off because it's trendier.
Taking deadly COVID shots.
So I don't like big packs of racist trendies, black-white together.
Going out, shooting, killing, raping, and robbing people.
And they're going to get their ass killed doing it, and it's a bad thing.
I wish I could wake them up.
Hell, a lot of the folks that got arrested at the Capitol dealing with sex are being tortured and beat up by the all-black staff of the D.C.
And of course that's going on.
I mean, we project onto black people that somehow they're better than anybody else.
Black people are, I mean, Charles Barkley said it before, he goes, black people are some of the most racist people he's ever seen.
Let's just be honest.
And I love everybody, but I'm not going to lie about this.
And so what we've got is a bunch of black people hopped up by the media with a bunch of white people and others with them.
Burning buildings down, shooting up the police station, and then they wonder why one guy got shot and killed last night, and now there's a whole new hysteria going on.
I mean, if a real race war breaks out, it's gonna be a lot of white people and black people and everything else dead.
You're gonna talk about hundreds of thousands, not a few.
It'll make blacks killing blacks look like a walk in the park, and I don't want that!
I genuinely want to defeat the globalists, but this is pure BS.
So, so A, You guys can roll a little background noise for context if you want.
A, we've got all this stuff going on, and it's all the media hyping it up that is basically causing this.
Here, we'll just play the clip.
Do it that way.
Which clip is it on here that I sent you guys since we're not playing audio?
I'll tell you the one I want.
I'm not mad, I just want to play with audio, so I want to play some of these.
Uh, let's go ahead and uh... Go ahead and play number 9 then.
on then go ahead and play it.
This is video of a footlocker with people stealing dozens of pairs of shoes a piece.
And then the liquor store and the Cici's Pizza and just everything else got robbed.
This had nothing to do with the fentanyl drug addict who was basically killed by the Chi-Coms.
And do I feel sorry for that guy?
Totally drugged out on that drug?
Am I glad that he fell to this evil?
No, I'm not glad that George Floyd is dead.
But him as the poster child for this lawlessness and a target being looted and just all of this is pointless.
Unless you're the globalists that want to divide and conquer the country.
Now here's the next clip.
It's on Infowars.com.
Video shows Dante Wright, Minneapolis man shot by cops, waving around a gun.
And that's what the police said he did.
He threw a cinder block at him, tried to run over people.
It was just total bedlam.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think's gonna happen when you get 10,000 teenagers running around burning down buildings and waving guns around?
I'm surprised only one person died last night.
Let me tell you what I would be doing if I was around that.
Leaving town.
But what if everything's in your house?
Everything's in your business?
What are you gonna do?
Well, if you try to go guard it, Like you saw folks do in St.
Louis, or like what you saw Kyle Rittenhouse do, you're going to prison.
And so the media is literally turning loose a bunch of drunk, armed teenagers on us, and then trying to sell us the idea that we should turn our guns in so we can't protect ourselves, and if we end up shooting those teenagers, Well, we're the bad guys.
But I've got videos today of cops in Georgia, cops in California, cops all over getting shot and killed.
Here's another one.
Go ahead and play the audio of this if you've got it.
So, there you go.
So, ladies and gentlemen, it just goes on.
And on, and on, and on.
Can we show some of the clips I gave you from the show, guys, of cops getting shot?
Because, I mean, we're never supposed to hear about them.
But there's countless videos of police being shot.
It's dark? Yeah.
I noticed you've got a temp tag.
Do you have registration for the vehicle?
Yes, sir.
I'll need registration and your driver's license as well.
This is New Mexico.
There were cops shot and killed in four states last night.
Police shot in a bunch of other states.
Where is it?
Come with me to my vehicle.
That way I can run your name and date of birth and then that way I can get my return, okay?
Shut the vehicle off.
If you want, it's up to you.
Thank you very much.
We're going to come back next hour with all of that for you, ladies and gentlemen, but we have a whole bunch of videos of cops being shot in Georgia, in New Mexico, in California, all over the place, and you never hear their names.
You never learn who they are when they die.
Unless you're a cop and you have a heart attack two days after the Capitol riot, and then it's the end of the world, Pearl Harbor, and they lock people up who just walk between the velvet ropes in solitary confinement, and then the black jail guards come and beat them up because the news told everybody that they're all white supremacists.
That's why they released the black people that were Antifa who went to the Capitol, because that doesn't fit the narrative, you see.
They've got to be released.
It's got to be white versus black while they're killing all of us, while they're targeting our children with Satanism, while they're feeding us all GMO, while they're 5G-ing us, while they're chemtrailing us.
We're gonna go to the next hour.
Information overload.
Ezra Levant from up in Canada where there's 200 armed police raiding churches.
Riot police shutting churches down.
The same all over the world.
Old people being denied food in Chile if they don't have their COVID vaccine passes.
I mean it's all here.
It's all happening separately.
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All right, it's hour number three.
I want to get back into the engineered race war and how to stop it in the next segment, but I mentioned this last hour, so I'm going to get to it now.
Jordan Peterson is a smart professor, and he does study human psychology, and I think overall, I think about 98% of what he says is dead on accurate.
I've been critical of some things that he's said and done.
But when he talks about Hitler and the authoritarian mind, it's dead on.
And that's why the globalists in their studies knew that infectious disease would be the way to bring in tyranny.
And that's what they've done with COVID-19.
So here's a lecture he did four years ago in 2017 on why Hitler bathed so much.
And again, it was because It was a control freak thing, and I'm all for bathing because I feel fresh and good when I do it.
Humans are almost re-entrants.
We love water.
But with Hitler, it was a little different.
And here's Jordan Peterson laying it out.
You think about a totalitarian state, you think about the Nazis and their goose-stepping.
What's happening is that every single person in the military becomes an identical unit, right?
They're all uniform.
And they're all, in some sense, imitating the dictator in an absolutely perfect way.
And so, the dictator wants to impose strict uniformity on the entire population.
That's order.
And one of the things we've discovered that's really interesting is that disgust sensitivity is associated with orderliness.
And that's associated with conscientiousness.
And one of the things about Hitler was that he was very disgust sensitive.
And a lot of his hatred for non-Aryans, so imagine inside the Aryan box it was all uniform.
Outside it was all parasites and predators.
And so, and that was a manifestation of disgust, not of fear.
It's a whole different thing.
And if you read Hitler's table talk, Which is a collection of his spontaneous dinner speeches from 1939 to 1942.
It's a very interesting book.
You see that his metaphor for the Aryan race was a body, a pure body, unassaulted by parasites or predators, and that he was trying to erect a border around it to keep all of that away.
So it's an immunological, disgust-like metaphor.
And there's some recent work that was published in PLOS ONE about three years ago, showing that brilliant study, should have got much more attention, showing that if you went around and sampled political attitudes in different countries, or even within the same country, what you found was that the higher the prevalence of infectious diseases, The higher the probability of totalitarian political attitudes at the local level.
And you can imagine, well, what happens if there's infectious diseases is you want to put borders around everything.
You don't want free movement between ideas or people, because that's partly how the disease spreads.
You're going to have much more strict sexual rules, for example, because that's a great way for diseases to be transmitted.
And before Hitler went on his rampage against the non-Aryans, he cleaned up all the factories.
Like he went in there and fumigated them.
It was part of the law.
He went on a public health campaign to get rid of tuberculosis.
And he got rid of the bugs in the factories as well.
He used Zyklon B.
That's an insecticide, and that's the gas that he used in the gas chambers eventually.
So first it was the bugs and the rats, and then it was people who were... then it was euthanasia, that was the next move, and forced euthanasia.
And the rationale for that was compassion, by the way, just so you all know.
It's merciful to put these people who are burdensome to themselves and their families and the state, who are living second-rate lives, it's merciful To euthanize them and that was a huge campaign in Germany.
It was after that that the more racial Purifications began and so that's the disgusting that's
unbelievably important It's it's it's because lots of times people think that
conservatives are more anxiety sensitive than liberals And that's why they're closed in terms of their ideas, but
that doesn't look right First of all conservatives are less neurotic than liberals,
although the effect isn't that big So it doesn't look and they actually are there how they
score higher in measures of well-being The most unhappy people are liberal men by the way, so
But, you know, people are often accused, if they're conservative, of being fearful, and that's why they, you know, suppress other people's viewpoints.
But that doesn't look right.
It's low openness and high orderliness, and that looks like it's associated with disgust, and that looks like it's associated with something called the extended immune system, which is the proclivity of people to keep themselves away from potential sources of contamination.
It's really terrifying, because one of the things people often said about Germany was that You know, it was a very civilized country, and yet it descended into barbarity.
But conscientiousness is a very good predictor of long-term success.
And so you could say, well, conscientious societies are more civilized, but they're also more orderly, and that makes them more disgust-sensitive.
And so what it might have easily been in Germany was that it was an excess of civilization rather than its lack that produced exactly these consequences.
And that's a far more frightening proposition, and one that's, I believe, much more likely to be true.
Hitler bathed four times a day.
And he was also an admirer of willpower, so he could stand like this for eight hours in the back of a car.
And the thing about conscientious people is they're very willpower-oriented.
And so if you're unfortunate enough to be sick, Chronically, in the house of someone who's conscientious, especially if it's a mental illness, you're more likely to relapse, because the conscientious person is going to be judgmental, and they're going to say to you, if you're schizophrenic, they're going to say, well, if you just organize yourself and get up in the morning and try a little harder, you could overcome this.
Which is, of course, true, except you can't, because you're schizophrenic.
And so the pressure put on you by the anger and the contempt is going to increase the probability that you'll relapse.
So, orderly people are very judgmental.
And, you know, orderliness is very highly associated with things like anorexia.
And the anorexic is basically someone who's so disgust-sensitive that they become unable to tolerate their own body.
And they see it as a source of corruption and imperfection, which, of course, is exactly right.
It is!
And it's a very difficult thing to maintain order around.
That is dead on when he just said, because I've actually read Hitler's writings, I don't believe mainstream media, I went and actually looked, and it's disgusting, and now the bioethics boards, they decide if an old person's worth living, or a baby, and that's why they say, oh, we resuscitate it, they decide to let it live.
It's already alive.
That means it's worth it.
That's the new term.
And then if baby comfortable, mama don't want it, we keep her comfortable, then they take the organs.
They keep it alive a few weeks while the organs come in, but they say we did not resuscitate.
We say it's not a human, now it's just a creature in a crib we take care of, we keep comfortable before we take its organs.
And it's all going on.
The bottom fell out.
I've studied how the globalists roll out psychology.
I don't really study any particular version or school of psychology.
I study the real politica of it, how they apply it, how it's rawly done.
The gaslighting, the manipulation, the overloading.
I mean, I've got all my terms for what they do.
But what they talk about is normalizing mass death from vaccines, where it just becomes background noise.
Okay, your neighbor died.
Okay, your friend died.
I mean, I know a lot of people who've taken the COVID vaccines.
It doesn't matter if it's J&J, viral vector, super deadly.
It doesn't matter if it's the AstraZeneca.
It doesn't matter what it is.
The Pfizer, the Moderna, they all get deathly ill.
Everybody gets deathly ill.
I was talking to my personal trainer this morning and his cousin is a big liberal.
And he got super sick, got a viral infection.
Had to go to the hospital for three days.
Almost killed him.
They even said it's a bad vaccine reaction, maybe you shouldn't take it the next one.
He went and did it and got even sicker.
He'll take 10 shots a year when they say it!
Because he's gay.
He said, I'm gay, and I care about the community, and you people don't know science.
I'm, like, Tim Cook runs death camps, but he's gay!
It's like a, dun-dun-dun, I'm gay!
It's like, oh my god, you're gay!
It's like you have 50 diplomas or something!
My lord, incredible!
The only cooler is, we have a son who's transgender, he's a girl, we cut his genitals off.
See how it all works?
So, CNN is now shaming Fox News for not holding up their vaccine identity cards and showing their heroes.
Maybe they'll get the ADL involved.
How about you take photos about how you're normal and how you're eating stuff that's high in vitamin D3 or zinc or taking supplements and showing studies about it.
Oh, sorry, only the UN is allowed to tell you there's no hope, only vaccines.
There's no hope.
You can't leave the volcano eruption unless you've had your vaccine.
In... St.
Or if you're in Chile.
Hey, sorry, you're 85?
You came to- I'm sorry, you don't have a smartphone?
You don't have a COVID passport?
No food for you, old lady.
Plus, your life's not worth it anymore.
Just go home and starve.
We're so liberal.
We've decided your life doesn't have any value.
We're the bioethics board.
We're virtue signals, and while we commit our crimes, our faces are covered.
It's all esoteric, right out of the mind of Satan!
And now there's this.
Oh, and surprise, surprise.
Just like DMX, who I actually did like.
Good rapper.
People say it was some big joke online saying I'm the white DMX, because I guess we kind of have the same kind of gravelly voice, or did.
I'm three years younger than him.
By the way, the family got pissed.
I went and actually tracked it down.
They're like, the media's like, oh, it's just some black website, hip-hop group.
It's not the New York Times saying that he hadn't been on drugs in over five years, and he was all healthy, and that he took the shot and died from it, because he was available to under 50 or whatever then.
So I tracked it down, just like Robert Kennedy Jr.
tracked it down, that Hank Aaron and Dean did take the shot.
They didn't do an autopsy.
Family thought he died of the shot.
Took the second shot, was dead a day later.
Marvis Marvin Hagler, his family, his boxing buddies that were there when he died, said he took the second shot and was dead a day later.
He was in the hospital and dead a day and a half later.
Well, lookie here, right here!
And yes, we do have anecdotal evidence.
We have proof the vaccine kills people.
It's not a vaccine.
We have proof it killed all the ferrets they tested it on.
That's why they said, oh, no, animal testing was done.
That's why we're like, what's going on?
Top scientists go, wait a minute.
This is going to hurt people.
Of course it is.
That's the plan.
And the ferrets, it killed him in about two weeks to a month.
We'll see a ferret only lives, what, six, seven, eight years?
Dog lives about 12, 13.
A cat lives about 15.
So they've done the actuaries and looked at it and they said, this is going to start killing humans in six months to two years.
And it is already.
If you're old, it's going to kill you maybe right away.
And we've had doctors on that said, yeah, I had 22 patients die in the last month at the nursing homes I visit.
And then we have the real numbers showing that.
We have that in the news.
It's even there.
They're just getting used to it.
But look at this.
The 27-year-old resident doctor dies months after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.
It's up on Infowars.com.
Oh, and look, he's black.
So we have all the scientific proof that this thing, the vaccine, is killing people, but I've anecdotally noticed that a lot of black people are dying from it, including people I went to high school with.
This guy and his wife, he went on to be a UT football player.
They went and got the shot, and they're deader than a hammer.
But that's okay.
It's a liberal.
So, let's continue here.
27-year-old resident doctor dies months after receiving COVID-19 vaccine.
27-year-old man, unlike all these other people who have been dying, who was administering COVID vaccines in Chicago, suddenly died just months after he took his second dose of Pfizer shot.
Josh Muir Henry, resident doctor working for PGY1 Program Pharmacy in Humboldt Park Health, Chicago, Illinois, was honored to be part of administering the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine to the first five recipients in Chicago.
He was even a star of the whole thing.
While I understand the hesitancy of many regarding receiving the vaccine, I'd like to encourage all those who qualify to be vaccinated.
Initially, I was also hesitant, but was reassured by some research clarifying my thought reading.
Henry wrote in a January Facebook post, kind of like that woman complained on Facebook.
She said, I took it.
I can't breathe.
I'm dying.
And she did die.
And Facebook checked her ass and said, lady, it's been tested and is 100% safe, which is a damn lie.
But it doesn't matter because I got the Chronicle here last week saying we're going to the black poor neighborhood to help them with a couple cans of beans and a little sign saying COVID shots are free and they're 100% safe and you need them.
Here, let's look at that right here.
COVID-19 vaccines are safe.
And then Hollywood puts out all these movies about kill white people, and a bunch of young black people, led by Southern Poverty Law Center and ADL types, go out and start killing and burning, and then whites become a bunch of racists against you, and that destroys any future of us working together, because they really love you.
They love you to give you that shot, and they love you to be a thug, and they love you to die.
If they can't abort you before you're born, they're going to abort you after you're born, and they want to get everybody.
But they've got a special love for black people, a special hate.
So there you go.
But I mean, all this is okay, because Silicon Valley, they've got long hair, they wear different color socks, they're liberal.
It's all camouflage.
It's like the pink sweaters.
Imagine if Freddy Krueger wore a pink sweater.
They'd be like, oh, go ahead and kill me, Freddy, you're wearing a pink sweater.
Or Jason wore one.
See, it's the same deal.
Oh, Jason, you're wearing a pink sweater.
I mean you're not about to kill me or anything with a machete.
I mean it's so obvious.
It's so ridiculous.
And they're attacking everybody.
We're all supposed to kill each other.
Guys, can you pull up from Russia With Love, the opening scene, with the Siamese fighting fish?
And he goes, ah, notice the fish.
The two fish fight each other.
One dies, the other gets sick and weak.
And then the other one swoops in to kill the other.
And that's divide and conquer.
And we just sit here like morons, banging our head into a wall, like total idiots, and letting this win.
Just bang, bang, bang.
Or we could just wake up to the New World Order, read what the enemy's doing, say no to them and stop them.
Oh, but we don't want to admit we're under attack.
We don't want to admit we're being scammed.
It's too much fun to be morons.
Oh my gosh, I got so much more to get to, but I just, there's all this breaking news here.
I want to get into the whole race rioting, I want to get into the war with Russia thing next, and the Nezerovan, on the just completely dystopic nightmare footage of hundreds of riot police pushing and people out and attacking people for being an outdoor church service now.
I mean, it is just, it's insane.
And please remember, we put it all on the film in-game, and I've always got the meter running, because this place is going to shut down if you don't fund us.
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So China is the golden child.
China is where the Rockefellers and the New World Order and the Rothschilds set up the deals where they have all the industry, all the jobs, all the weapons, all our secrets.
Russia has its own authoritarian problems, but has been Isolated and dominated and controlled because they kicked the globalists out in 1991.
They've had their own human problems, their own corruption.
And I'm not saying Russia hasn't tried to spy on us or infiltrate us.
Just compared to the New World Order, you know, Russia just is not even on the scale of active anti-human evil.
And they've been reversing the anti-family programs, the transgenderism, all of it.
And the whole Hollywood system that had Russia where they wanted it is super pissed.
And so, on record, Ukraine, since George Soros bragged on Fareed Zakaria seven years ago, six years ago, launched major military attacks on the police, caused race riots again.
He said, well, what's the race?
They're all white.
Well, Catholic versus...
Orthodox, vice versa, so it's religious, ethnic, because they still see it as an ethnic deal.
side is Russian the Orthodox the other side is more in line with the Germans
and the Poles historically and they're Catholic and so a lot of wars have
started there but 80% of Eastern Ukraine is Russian and their big gas pipelines
come in and supply Europe with gas and oil that's all Russia's really got and
so they will defend their strategic interest and so now Biden says was an
uncharacteristic Sunday emergency meeting of what to do and the Secretary
of State you know said everybody's flat for another Chinese you know Russia
better watch out we'll have military action we'll strong response and when he
did that the Russians even put more troops on the border and put their
nuclear forces on alert everything because there are Ukrainian troops on
record sniping shooting bombing and firing artillery This is on even German-ish.
This is in Polish-ish.
But not on U.S.
You're like, yeah, I mean, the Russians for no reason are massing troops, and you've got the Ukrainian president up there in combat gear going, oh, we need help, the Russians are about to attack.
So it's all 8-8.
2008, on the 8th, remember when the whole Olympics started?
And to embarrass Russia over all that, there was an attack launched into Georgia.
into Russia, and the Russians repulsed it, pulled back, and the media's like, Russia attacked Georgia?
And I was following foreign news, even British news admitted that the Ukrainians attacked Russian-held areas in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
I mean, you know, two plus two equals four.
I'm not a Russophile.
I'm a humanophile, a freedomophile, a Jesusophile.
I mean, I love freedom.
And I love surviving and not blowing the earth up.
And so if the Russians make any provocative moves, I'm against it.
They cut their defense budget.
They're totally surrounded.
And now, because the Ukrainians are rolling weapons up at the border, the Russians are rolling weapons up at the border.
What do you think they're going to do?
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen, witho Biden.
Not a good time.
Here's some of the headlines.
Biden admin threatens consequences against Russia for military buildup in Ukraine.
One of the few things Trump did trying to prove he wasn't a Russian agent, We'll start giving anti-tank missiles and tanks to the Ukrainians and attack helicopters.
And now that's accelerated here.
And so all these tough guy, you know, liberal women that wear the pants in their house, now they're about to show Putin right now how big and bad they are and probably blow the planet up.
There's no end to it.
But oh, after O'Biden, you know, that's what this is, the O'Biden administration, O comes first, he's the charge.
Obama's the real president, then Biden's the front man, and then Kamala's this little thing that swims around over here, but they're the ones that moved the troops in.
They're the ones that massed the troops.
They're the ones that have been doing all this.
And the left just loves it.
It's like, oh yeah, sexy war with the Russians, because they're Christians now.
People go, oh, Russia's faking that it's Christian.
No, they're not.
Hollywood wants to blow it up.
And if you look at the Trotskyites, and if you look at the neocons that hate Russia, they're the ones that were kicked out of Russia.
And so they've got a big hard-on for Russia, because they had Russia down where they wanted it.
They had Russia where they wanted it, and now they don't.
So let's all pray for peace.
The globalists are certainly accelerating us into war.
While Joe Biden, this is the key, told China a month and a half ago on CNN, go ahead and invade Hong Kong, Taiwan, go ahead and kill the Uyghurs, it's your right to do it.
That reminds me of Stalin appeasing Hitler before World War II kicked off between Russia and And Germany, because that was the real war.
All the other stuff was big and important and, you know, half a million Brits died, 400,000 Americans died, we had big battles everywhere, but you know 22 million Germans died, 20 million Russians.
I mean, World War II was the Russians and the Germans literally murdering a third of each other.
And now, once again, the European dictator, I mean that's what Obama, Biden is, is just a European globalist thing, is now trying to start a war with Russia because they really haven't ever won there.
They kind of socially put in communists, killed a bunch of Christians, kind of had their way for a while, but damn it, Stalin came in and kicked the Trotskyites out.
And Stalin was a bad guy, I'm just saying.
They really have been pissed.
They always had hopes of getting them back down on the ground again.
And so all of this is the globalists fighting the wars they lost.
The globalists are mad at Christians existing.
They're mad at America existing.
They're mad at our success.
They want us beat.
And that's all any of this is, and that's all any of it ever will be.
So the world is in extreme, grave danger right now.
And it's very serious.
And I just cannot stress that enough to anybody that we are in extreme peril.
Ezra Levant is scheduled, he heads up Rebel Media to join us.
If you haven't seen the footage on your TV viewer, we're going to be playing it.
It is Tiananmen Square-esque.
I mean, you can overuse that term, or hit Larian, people overuse it, but I mean, when the shoe fits, it fits.
Riot police marching in at this church.
And shutting it down and then pushing people out.
That is all coming up next segment.
Okay, separately, let me throw this out at you.
The New World Order is on everything they can to suppress knowledge about what our bodies need.
We need oxygen, we need water.
Plants need carbon dioxide.
But they know that The public thinks carbon dioxide sounds scary, so the U.N.
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The Rothschilds are going to tax it.
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All that available at Infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139.
We'll all be like old Collagio with Hank Williams Jr.
singing about him when we're locked up non-essential in our houses forever.
I appreciate Ezra Levant, founder and the head of Rebel Media, coming on.
His reporters have been the very tip of the spear.
You know, last week we had one of his reporters on showing this big Edmonton, Alberta mainline church shut down.
Walmart down the street opened.
Sorry, you can't open.
Churches are non-essential.
Walmart is essential.
This is just as bad as Australia or Spain or the UK.
So they said no, then they put a fence up around it, hundreds of police there.
First about 50 police and private security, then hundreds of riot police yesterday.
I saw this footage, we'll start rolling now.
And I caught my breath last night because I was already on the show when the website updated and it showed this footage at dusk.
The armed police in their mask marching in and roughhousing like a thousand plus people there.
Just incredible footage that Rebel Media got.
This isn't...
ISIS or Al-Nusra blowing up churches in the Middle East or Africa.
This isn't the Islamists in the Philippines doing that.
This isn't China going in and raiding the churches and closing them.
This is Canada!
And then all over the U.S.
it's still happening.
They're openly against churches, synagogues.
They've been leaving Moscow alone, I've noticed, but they've been targeting in Israel.
Hasidic and Orthodox Jews have been shut down.
Ezra Levant, what is going on?
This is all unified globally from Australia to Israel to Europe to the U.S.
to Canada.
What is going on and what is the latest on this church?
Yeah, well, thank you for interviewing my colleague, our chief reporter, Sheila Gunn-Reed, last week.
She has been on the scene of this Grace Life Church every weekend for, I think, coming up on two months now.
She's earned the trust of the church, so she's the only journalist that they talk to, because the media party, as I call it, just lies about this church.
So I rely on Sheila for the straight goods.
And here's what happened on the weekend.
This, as you know, mid-week last week, this church that had been targeted by the government, the pastor had been thrown in prison for 35 days because he would not close the church doors.
They let the pastor out, so they assumed that the church would be going full tilt.
So at a dawn raid, police came onto the church property, erected a fence around it, a riot-style fence, And set up a permanent paramilitary garrison on the church property.
Because if they just put a fence on or just change the locks, they thought that the church members would just take the fence down and go in.
So they have established the equivalent of a permanent police station or military outpost.
I don't know what you want to call it.
And they have 24-hour-a-day patrols.
They have buses bringing Fresh recruits in to replace the others.
They set up latrines, portable toilets, as close to the sanctuary as they could.
It's so gross.
And by the way, for radio listeners, we're not joking.
We're talking a huge fence around this big church, hundreds of police, hundreds of riot police, in Darth Vader outfits, like stopping Christians is stopping the most evil thing on Earth.
I've attended, I went to this church about three or four weeks ago.
I wanted to see with my own eyes.
What are they like?
What's their temperaments?
And I should say they're very peaceful.
They truly live that motto, turn the other cheek.
It was so wonderful.
There were lots of kids and babies and pregnant moms and it was so friendly.
I'm not even Christian, by the way, I'm Jewish.
And I felt so much love and belonging and friendship there.
I said to them, if I lived in Edmonton, I'd go every week.
So these are the nicest people.
And remember, the pastor, he was jailed simply because he refused to close his church.
He could have gotten out of jail in a second.
And Ezra, I keep pinching myself.
This is really happening.
You really have a prime minister that said, I want a dictatorship like China.
What the hell's going on here?
Well, and here's the thing.
So the pastor was out of his 35 day prison term in a maximum security facility.
The church, you know, packed every weekend.
So the cops, yeah, there's Sheila talking to the pastor right there, but you can see the fence around it.
They've put their latrines as close to the sanctuary as possible to defile the place.
It's so gross.
So this weekend, what happened?
Well, two things happened.
One is the actual church congregants.
You're not going to believe this, Alex.
They went to a secret location.
They had what is called an underground church.
That's a phrase you've probably heard from China or from some parts in the Middle East where being a Christian means the police will hunt you.
In Canada, in 2021, there was a secret underground church service not at this site.
Hidden from the police.
So the actual pastor and congregants were at a secret underground church.
But that said...
Close to a thousand other supporters of the church showed up out of solidarity.
And that's what was particularly interesting.
Police blocked the roads so they couldn't get access, so they couldn't park.
People showed up anyways.
Some people started... Let's be clear, they wanted to frustrate the free speech of showing the solidarity.
Has nothing to do with viruses.
It's all about power.
We can shut down churches.
We can do anything we want.
That's a keen observation that public health order only applies to the premises of the church, not shutting down the roads around it.
That's got nothing to do with the virus, that's about political control.
Despite the political control on the highways, about 800 people showed up.
Now some of them were singing hymns and prayers and were trying to in fact sort of convert the cops.
Others were a little more rambunctious and they pushed down the outer realm of the other ring of the fence.
It's like a little military base.
You got the outer perimeter, you got an inner perimeter, you got, you know, so some... They have literally occupied this church.
Yeah, it's a permanent occupation until the pandemic is over because they know if they leave, people will go back in.
Imagine the amount of money.
Why do you think Trudeau and the regional governor are doing this?
I think they're doing it because of the moral example of courage that this pastor and his church are showing.
But here's the thing, and you showed those, so here's some Christians.
This is footage from our Sheila Gunn read.
They were singing prayers very beautifully, very peacefully.
So this was one sort of group approach.
Look at them.
I mean hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people.
These are not actually the congregants.
These are people in solidarity.
Who are defying the public health order now there were some folks who this wasn't enough they tried to knock down the fences but the peaceful like there was two I guess different factions these folks said no no no if we wanted to retake this church we could that's not the point we just want to pray so that like I say there's an underground church in the Edmonton area And I agree we should be peaceful at this point, but at some point when the state comes and shuts down churches with guns, I mean, they're really asking for it.
Because yeah, if that thousand people wanted to deal with the 200 cops, they would win the fight.
What is the government thinking?
Why are they doing this?
Well, I don't know.
And put up that footage of the black closed police, some of them in riot gear, some with gas masks.
Yeah, like Darth Vader marching against them.
Show that.
Then imagine this peaceful crowd.
Yeah, so you've got a peaceful crowd and then look at them coming, they were in a staging area not far by.
And what was their plan?
Were they going to shoot those men, women and children?
Like when you have police with guns, that tells us that you're expecting or contemplating a certain outcome, Waco style.
And what are you doing deploying 200 Waco style security with heavy, like these are, these are Mounties.
This is the SWAT team.
What on earth are you doing unless you're looking for a conflict?
And what the hell is going on in a country like Canada that's supposed to be free?
So you can see some folks were pushing the fences here.
Now, there was no shooting, but you could see there's young people, there's women, there's children, there's old people.
Well, they're like the guys pushing up against the tank in Tiananmen Square.
When we come back, I know you've got to go to another appointment soon, Ezra Levin, but I want to ask you about where this is going, what you think we should do lawfully, legally.
I know you've been legally battling this a lot.
We've got 30 seconds.
What else should we do?
Well, I think number one is this is the moment.
Don't wait, folks.
Don't fight in the last ditch.
Fight in the first ditch.
And by fight, I mean stand and be counted, take off your mask, go to church and say, I'm just not complying anymore.
Peaceful noncompliance.
And because if you don't do it now, this concrete will set like cement.
It's hardening.
If you don't protest now, you won't have a chance a year from now.
Beautifully said.
Ezra Levant, we'll be right back with one more segment with him and Owen Troyer from the Texas border live.
Stay with us.
Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.
[crowd noise]
So the Davidians definitely were weird, but they could have picked up crash any time in town.
But the new ATF head was there and helped murder them and helped pose with their dead bodies over the rubble.
and he now openly...um...
Braggs, he was involved in Fast and Furious, truly sick.
Ezra Levant's got to go in a few minutes to a deadline, but I wanted him to just finish up on where he thinks this is going as a broadcaster, as a parent, as a citizen of Canada.
This is all over the world though, the same attack on churches.
Why are they doing something so authoritarian, so bold?
Why are they going into Catholic churches and Protestant churches in England and shutting them down but letting Black Lives Matter and Antifa burn down cities?
What's happening?
Yeah, and we've also noticed, by the way, both in New York City and in the Orthodox Jewish communities in Montreal, that they pick on the very religious Jews.
So what's the commonality between the church that we were talking about in Edmonton, Orthodox Jews, what's the commonality?
Well, they are not willing to substitute a secular politician as their North Star.
as the be all and end all of their lives.
There are some things that they will not grant to Pharaoh or to Caesar.
There are some things that they reserve to God.
And the reason why I believe authorities around the world are targeting religious institutions
is because if you believe in something higher than your Prime Minister,
your public health officer, if there's someone higher in your moral authority than Anthony Fauci,
then you won't do literally everything he says, especially if it's crazy,
like saying you can't go to a church but you can go to a cathedral of commerce like Costco or Walmart.
So, they're taking on people who have a, let's say, an immunity, a natural immunity that comes from their faith, To the superstition of lockdown-ism.
You're supposed to wear a mask.
That's sort of like a religious accouterment.
Like an Orthodox Jew might wear a yarmulke.
Like a Muslim woman might wear a hijab.
If you're a believer in the lockdown superstition, Uh, you wear a mask to show your obedience and compliance.
It's like a flag of the superstition.
They're trying to supplant, replace, displace other belief systems and there's a heaven and a hell and a, you know, there's so many, uh, You know, in terms of public health, they're trying to create a quasi-religion.
That's right.
This is a new religion.
You're really a really astute, smart guy.
Come back for a full hour soon.
In 60 seconds, how do you counter the Southern Poverty Law Center, ADL, and others calling anyone that tells the truth a Nazi, where it has no connection to reality?
We have them trying to get Tucker Carlson off the air.
We have the ADL saying, I'm a Nazi, take me off air.
Totally not true.
In 60 seconds, because you're Jewish, but you never make an issue of that.
You're just a pro-freedom guy.
How do you counter leftist Claiming they speak for you and that I need to be silent because I'm a Nazi.
Well, in Canada, sometimes you have to use defamation law, but your First Amendment makes that impractical in the States.
I think what you have to do is find Jews who are friends of conservatives and understand the danger, not to conservatives, But the danger of if you turn anti-Semitism into just some political weapon... There are anti-Semites out there, but that's a word we have to use rarely and carefully, only when someone truly does hate Jews.
If you start using the word anti-Semitism for anyone you disagree with because he's conservative, or because he wants lower taxes, or because he doesn't like the masks, you are profaning the word anti-Semitism And you're allowing it to be diluted and watered down.
I agree.
So what do you think?
I mean, obviously Greenblatt's not stupid.
Why is he doing that?
Calling Tucker Carlson anti-Semite.
He's made the decision to rent out his Judaism on a performative, like he does performance anti-Semitism work.
He's pointing it out because he's decided that defeating conservatives is more important than preserving the word anti-Semite.
And he never says a word about the left that literally at colleges is super anti-Semitic now.
I mean they just say Jews run everything.
It's constant.
They say I'm a Jew.
I mean the left is super anti-Semitic and he's defending them.
Yeah, and I mean, of course, he used to be an Obama official.
It's very sad to me because I think there really is anti-Semitism out there, but if we start calling anyone we don't like anti-Semitic, the word loses all meaning.
And when we really do need it, and there's one more thing, if we say someone is as bad as Hitler, That means Hitler is no worse than them.
So in a way, it's profaning the Holocaust.
Hitler murdered six million Jews and millions of others.
And if you're saying, well, Donald Trump is like Hitler, well, everyone got to know Donald Trump a little bit over the last four years.
And we say, okay, I might disagree with this and that, but Trump's not a bad guy.
If that's all Hitler was, then Hitler must not have been that bad.
It's giving Hitler a facelift.
It's very dangerous.
Ezra Levant, thank you so much.
I know you've got several dozen major websites.
I visit them all the time.
But what, rebelnews.com is the best one to visit?
And if you want to see our work this past weekend, when police raided our hotel, we were covering the lockdowns in Montreal.
Oh, I forgot that!
You were there during the riots.
Oh, you gotta, you gotta tell, give us a minute on that.
I know you gotta go to your own show, but tell us.
Sure, well we had, you know, there's a curfew in the city of Montreal for everyone, for adults and children.
Everyone has to be in their home now at 8 p.m.
And you can see last night, these are anti-curfew protesters here.
So we sent 17 journalists to Montreal to cover these things.
We rented an Airbnb that was like a little houseboat so we could all stay together in privacy.
Well, police detected where we were staying and they tried to raid our houseboat.
I told them to get a warrant or get off the boat.
And they couldn't get a judge to give them the search warrant, so instead they declared our Airbnb a crime scene.
They wouldn't let us in or out for 10 hours.
They demanded to search our hotel rooms and all our belongings.
Our computers were in there.
How many police do they have in Canada where they can put hundreds around a church and hundreds harassing journalists?
I mean, how many damn cops do you got up there?
I'm not even kidding.
they had at least 50 police around our Airbnb.
It was absolutely insane and they wanted to search our reporter's stuff.
And incredibly, so I guess I should say there is some good news, Alex.
In 10 hours, they couldn't find a single judge willing to give them that search warrant.
And so they were furious.
They actually took one of our reporters to jail.
And what I'm about to say you might not believe, but it happened.
So you can see, they were trying to get through this gate onto our Airbnb.
And that's our reporter, David Menzies, there.
And this is the cops saying, let us in.
And our reporters are saying, come back with a warrant.
It's like Count Dracula saying, let me in.
So how did this end?
Well, that guy in the white shirt outside, his name's David Menzies.
He's a great reporter.
They took him to jail.
Terrible jail cell in Montreal.
And they actually said this to us.
I can't believe I'm saying it, but it happened.
They said, we will let David Menzies out of jail if you let us search your property without a warrant.
They held him hostage!
Oh my God, the violation of rights!
It's incredible.
Well, that's the thing.
You're doing so much, you go, oh, we're a little organization.
I know nobody other than Veritas that does as much as you do.
We admire you.
I can't even keep track of all the stuff you're doing.
There's me.
They grabbed me.
They were holding me.
I don't know if you can see that now.
I know better than to fight with cops.
Yeah, they grabbed my arm and they wouldn't let me back in the boat with my team.
And it was just bizarre.
I mean, they didn't physically hurt me.
And by the way, this is in broad daylight.
They're like trying to send journalists down that are on a freaking boat.
Yeah, so you can see, I'm very proud of my team of young people who know their rights and weren't gonna let... Look at how many cops were out there and that was just the first wave, Alex.
And you can see another one of our staff, they wouldn't... Yeah, there's me.
Now, they just wouldn't let me in, wouldn't let me talk to my people.
Listen, here's what I'm saying in closing.
You gotta go and we gotta go to break.
It's like Monty Python tyrants.
It's like if you wanted to turn people against you, you'd say, I want a dictatorship.
Your Prime Minister said that.
You'd act like this a journalist.
You'd surround churches like, what the hell is going on here?
Yeah, well, you know what?
It was a 10-hour standoff at the Old Port of Montreal.
We were tweeting about it, and about a hundred people came to watch the standoff.
We were speaking very vigorously to the cops.
We called them shameful.
We said they were breaking their oaths.
I don't think we swore at them, but we were very loud, and they were oath-breakers.
You were assertive in your tweeting.
Yeah, but what was so interesting is ordinary Montrealers who came and gathered around, one of them said, what, are you filming a movie here?
They couldn't believe all the cops.
But when they realized what was going on, they started heckling the cops with much more vigorous insults than we did.
And that's why we had to stand up.
We're alone at first, but as Mark Twain said, in the end, we're going to win.
Ezra, we love you.
I don't even know about this.
We love what you're doing.
Thank you so much and God bless you.
Thanks Alex. Wow and folks that's real journalist. That's what we're doing here at Infowars. That's what he's doing.
We got Owen at the border coming up I'm going down there soon. Wow
Please keep us on air. Please pray for us. Please spread the word so we can stay on air Infowarsstore.com
Okay, our number four straight ahead. Wow, it just gets crazier and crazier with these authoritarians
Owen Schroer is down at the fake COVID testing center and then after the Border Patrol brings these undocumented
people there They then take them down to the Catholic Charities in McAllen
They're going to be walking down the street coming up next segment and showing you the mythical place that thousands, I'm telling you, every NBC affiliate in the country, from New York to LA, ran that it was all fake!
We made it up.
It was all actors.
That was real.
So we're going to be down there in the next few days.
Live feeds, band off video, live on the show.
Showing you the cars pulling up, the buses pulling up, the people with minimal envelopes just disappearing.
Guys, in fact, pull me yesterday's stack.
I actually have yesterday's stack right here.
I'll find it.
Because I want to show FBI, AP, no one's getting a background check.
The people that have the kids aren't.
This is smuggling.
It's all illegal.
But Biden waved a magic wand.
Well, he doesn't have a magic wand under law.
He's not a dictator, at least yet.
So, Owen, you just got down there about an hour ago.
What have you witnessed?
Well, we've seen a van load and a bus load be dropped off here at the first point of entry when they get to McAllen.
They go through this COVID testing center.
They get processed.
If they pass and they don't have COVID, they get moved to the Catholic facility.
If they don't, or if they do have COVID, they stage here.
Then they get picked up and taken to a hotel, which they've pretty much booked up every hotel Here in McAllen for the illegal immigrants that test positive for COVID.
And as I'm sitting here, there's about 30 to 40 illegal immigrants inside that facility right now being tested.
Once that process is over with, they'll be released right here.
They'll go down the street to the Catholic Charities.
And so we're going to sit here, we're going to film this and we're going to show that there's no staging going on.
There's no dramatization that needs to happen.
Anybody can come film this and witness this.
So that's what we're going to be doing today and the rest of the week.
And of course, Owen, that's a good plan to show them.
They may actually keep them there.
But that's not the only facility they're sending people to Catholic Charity.
And there's other facilities, other quote charities as well.
We're just looking at one.
And so they may stay in there hoping you don't videotape them.
But regardless, we're going to go show it.
People also ask, why do you show children's faces?
Because they're being smuggled.
It's illegal.
That's why you put them on the backs of milk cartons and cereal boxes.
They may never be seen again, Owen.
Yeah, and why are we the bad guy here?
Why are we the ones under review and being questioned?
It shouldn't be us, it should be the illegal immigration pipeline.
That seems to be the problem here, not the journalists that are just out there filming it.
If you don't want children to be Don't run an illegal immigration pipeline where children are being used as the passport.
That is their passport.
That's why you see one-on-one, adult with child, as they walk through here, two-by-two, adult-child, adult-child, because they know if you have a kid, that's a free pass into the United States, and then you'll get your clothes, you'll get your plane ticket, you'll get whatever you want, free housing, shelter, and it's that kid that gets you across that border.
And I want to ask your camera crew there, why don't they, while you're talking, when we come back from break, pan and show folks through the fence doing their fake testing.
And then as soon as they get ready to go down to the Catholic charity, follow them.
I guarantee you there's probably like buses everywhere at the Catholic charity right now.
And I really want to get it set up too, where we just do a broadcast in front of the Catholic Charities, so people can just see what we see.
Because after I left Tuesday, I had to catch a flight back to Austin, we caught more footage of people cramming kids in trunks of cars.
I mean, literally, they're like, how did Jones catch this?
It's like, how did I walk outside and see the sun in the sky?
Owen Schroeder and the rest of the crew doing a great job.
Down there in McAllen, Texas, and I'll be joining them as well.
We're going to go to Brownsville.
We're going to go all over, folks, because this is the final breakdown of the U.S.
This is the big globalist assault, and we are going to lay it all out.
Infowars.com, Newswars.com.
And of course, we're showing all this documentation and all the masked children, faces covered up so they can smuggle them.
The enemy doesn't want this seen, so spread the live link.
All right, folks, we are back live.
Alex Jones here in the fourth hour.
We'll have some border coverage for you coming up a little bit later.
But first, I really want to air this piece because this is important.
This is Bill Gates on record about his depopulation, about his plan, about what he's doing, ladies and gentlemen.
So everybody needs to see this Bill Gates report because it lays absolutely every bit of their globalist plan out for depopulation.
Here is that Bill Gates report.
One issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
We see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death and... Things like reducing childhood death and... First we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest where people are less able to deal with it.
So it's in the very poorest places that you're going to have a tripling in population by 2050.
And so their ability to feed, educate, provide jobs, stability, protect the environment in those locations mean they're faced with an almost impossible problem.
Here we can see a chart that looks at the total world population over the last several hundred years.
And at first glance, this is a bit scary.
We go from less than a billion in 1800 and then 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.4 billion where we are today
is happening even faster. So Melinda and I wondered whether providing new medicines
and keeping children alive, would that create more of a population problem?
And what the developing world does not need is more children.
And I think that was the biggest Aha to Bill and me when we got into this work, as we asked ourselves of course the same hard-nosed question you'd ask, which is, if you get into this work and you start to save these children, will women just keep overpopulating the world?
And thank goodness the converse is absolutely true!
This is a very important question to get right because it was absolutely key for me.
When our foundation first started up, it was focused on reproductive health.
That was the main thing we did because I thought, you know, population growth in poor countries Is the biggest problem they face.
You've got to help mothers who want to limit family size have the tools and education to do that.
That's the only thing that really counts.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
But that's called the death panel, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's
most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, it was like the Super Friends.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
That much money, that much power around one table, it begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
Total world domination?
This group, together for six hours, was talking about charity, education, emergency relief, global health, the new Superman and Wonder Woman, the super-rich friends, not fighting bad guys, but fighting for good, nonetheless.
Apparently, one of the things they discussed was what each of them knows about what really works and what doesn't work, so they can concentrate their resources.
An epidemic, either naturally caused or intentionally caused, is the most likely thing to cause, say, 10 million excess deaths.
Today, the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn't look like this.
Instead, it looks like this.
If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now that's back from high school algebra.
But let's take a look.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now malaria is of course transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the auditorium a little bit.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
But did you come to reproductive issues as an intellectual?
When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things.
My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.
It was very controversial to be involved with that.
My dad was head of Planned Parenthood.
The ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal and feel good about sitting in a stadium with lots of other people is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country but take that vaccine out to the global population.
take that vaccine out to the global population.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that.
And doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet you don't have side effects.
If we have 1 in 10,000 side effects, that's way more 700,000 people who will suffer from that.
people who will suffer from that.
Way more 700,000 people who will suffer from that.
The side effects for the Moderna vaccine sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
Well, the FDA not being pressured will Look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very very appropriate.
You know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the things there.
Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose to get the antibodies.
Some of the other vaccines Are going able to go with lower doses to get responses that are pretty high, including the J&J and the Pfizer.
And so there's a lot of characteristics of these vaccines.
It's great that we have multiple of them that are going out there.
And yes, I think you know the data better than I do.
But the bill that the data showed that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic where, you know, it's just, you know, super painful.
But yes, we need to make sure there's not severe side effects.
The FDA, I think, will do a good job of that despite the pressure.
But you don't have a choice.
People act like you have a choice.
People don't feel like going to the stadium when they might get infected.
But you don't have a choice.
People act like you have a choice.
What else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario, because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be picked.
Now the good news is, not going to depress you, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of a virus.
Alright folks, we'll be right back, I'm Alex Jones, it's the 4th Hour, Drew Hernandez coming up with breaking news.
Hey, you'll have the War Room coming up today, 3 to 6 p.m.
Owen does a great job, but I'm just not going to try to direct those guys.
So I just said, hey, you just do your own coverage, do your own thing.
And I said, you know, do a live feed.
We'll post it on the front page, m4wars.com.
Because, I mean, I know about the empty COVID testing center.
You've got The big Donna facility, you've got the Catholic charity with people swarming it constantly, a four-way stop, total bedlam.
All I wanted was, hey, I'm sending a team down, show us that four-way stop and do a live show from there.
And it wasn't that.
So I just said, hey, fine, you're in charge.
Not a mean thing.
They're in charge.
What they do at the border will be covered in the war room.
Not here.
And I hope it's important.
I hope it's big.
I hope it's great.
But I can't have a heart attack.
I can't get that upset anymore.
Because then I'm like, hey, let's just pan the camera then at least show the people in the facility.
Can't do that.
So I'm like, I'm out.
I'm out.
And I love the crew.
Pray for them down there.
Maybe I shouldn't even go to the border.
Maybe I should just give up.
You know what I mean?
I mean, this is so simple.
All this is so simple to beat the globalists, isn't it?
But everybody's got their own little idea about how to do things, and maybe I'm wrong.
So the crew, I'm sure, will get great footage.
It'll be on the war room, and that's where there'll be coverage, over there.
Because I can't have a heart attack here trying to cover it.
And I only know that if I talk to them privately, they don't seem to hear me.
So if I do it on air, maybe the communication gets across.
But that's where I'm at.
I mean, this is real, folks.
This isn't some fake stage thing.
This is real people fighting globalist takeover.
We're down there alone.
Almost no one else even cares.
The whole country's collapsing.
They got poison vaccines.
They're killing everybody.
And everybody just loves it.
It's so fun.
It's so great.
But they've got a lot of great investigative stuff when I was down there last week, so look for some great reports to be coming out of that.
But that'll be on the War Room.
That's the only place you're going to see it, 3 to 6 p.m.
Newly recorded footage shows the expansion of controversial Texas migrant detention center and the continued dehumanizing conditions endured by illegal immigrants inside the facility.
New project.
Incredible footage.
And that's because there's good people inside.
Uh, that know what's really going on.
So back in March, they first flew over, but now they've got the new footage.
Now we're showing that for TV viewers right now.
Uh, and then we've got another, uh, big report here for you.
We're going to keep this rolling though.
This is important.
Hundreds testing positive for COVID after being fully vaccinated, causing major confusion.
And that's just in one area.
In fact, most of the folks dying of COVID later took the vaccine, they're starting to say.
So here's new footage from just a few days ago.
Veritas just put this out of the facility.
And as you can see, it's being radically, radically expanded.
And they also got aerial footage of the children sleeping out under the bridge.
More footage of that.
So, great job, Project Veritas and great job, Whistleblowers.
Now it's up to us to go to Veritas, projectveritas.com and get that report and post it at infowars.com, which we're doing, and get it out.
That is what this is all about, and we're scheduled next week.
Next Monday to have James O'Keefe, one of my heroes, in studio with us.
And it's like, I don't think James O'Keefe and his crew gets enough credit.
I mean, they are just kicking ass.
They're working so hard.
They get sued.
They get harassed.
They get, you know, he gets arrested.
They indicted him for, you know, showing that the feds were committing crimes.
But he got, you know, obviously defeated that.
He didn't get out of it.
He defeated it.
And that's what this is all about.
Because this is a crazy, crazy, crazy time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen.
It is a crazy time.
And it's those that want to take the world over and have a scientific dictatorship and program every facet of our lives.
It's their time.
They think it's their big move against us.
Well, Drew Hernandez first cut his teeth and made his bones politically with all the incredible footage he shot in Kenosha and other areas of Minnesota.
Well, he's back at it again.
He's joining us.
Anytime you've got breaking news, call us.
He fired the bat signal.
He'll be joining us coming up next segment.
With this big story, hundreds testing positive for COVID after being fully vaccinated.
Americans entrusted Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the WHO, and the CDC were all promised the vaccine was the routine normality.
However, across the country, stories are emerging casting doubt on vaccines effectiveness.
It's not hundreds, it's tens of thousands as people are still testing positive for COVID days, weeks, and months after being vaccinated.
In fact, they're dying from COVID.
The rash of so-called breakthrough cases Which we always knew, we told you with experts a year ago, you can't do it for the common cold.
Our instances in which vaccinated individuals still conduct the virus are throwing a wrench in the vaccine efficiency, efficacy narrative.
In Washington State, more than 100 people tested positive for COVID despite taking full vaccine doses over two weeks prior.
But all the drug companies said that wasn't the case.
In Michigan, 246 people out of the state's 1.7 million vaccinated have tested positive for COVID.
In Minnesota, more than 1.8 million Minnesotans have revealed that one vaccine dose reports CARE 11.
The Minnesota Department of Health has identified 222 vaccine breakthrough cases.
In Houston, the City Health Department reports that over 100 people have tested positive for the virus even after being fully vaccinated.
It's all a scam, folks.
It goes on and on.
It's all page after page of this.
It's all based on a fraudulent PCR.
They picked a cold virus because you can never not Stop it.
He goes on and on and on and on and on and it's all a lie.
And then more and more vaccines and more and more checks and more and more controls and more and more checkpoints and more and more microchips and just all of it is a worldwide cashless society, Mark of the Beast control system that we're not telling you is coming, it's here!
And so I'm deep down frustrated and pissed.
And just frustrated with the border collapse and frustrated with the mark of the beast.
And I know you are as well.
So we've all got to not get angry and have heart attacks.
I'm telling myself that, personally.
In fact, maybe I shouldn't even go to the border.
Maybe I should just take off.
Take off a wig and not, maybe you should take off a wig from this.
You know, we sit here and beat our brains out all day caring about fighting evil and caring about reality and trying to be engaged and involved and trying to be fastidious and everything, but maybe that's too extreme.
You know, other than a zombie doesn't even care and they're jellyfish and giving over to great delusion, but they seem to be happy.
They're getting killed, you know, they don't have any freedom, but you know, they're not alive.
What is it like to be dead like them and not care?
It must be horrible.
So actually, I'm glad I'm alive and I'm glad I care.
It's just that there's got to be some type of balance to this.
We should do shows this week where we just open the phones up for four hours and change the subject and ask ourselves, how do you stay sane?
How do you cope with this?
How do you deal with this?
With this total overthrow of reality, this total satanic takeover, devil worship everywhere, pedophilia everywhere, death everywhere, them killing us, them lying to us, they're trying to cause race wars everywhere, when all we want is fellow love for each other, and the bad guys are singing in, knowing what they're doing, sticking the knife in, putting salt in the wound.
It's just mind-blowing.
Because you know, my spirit's willing, my flesh is weak.
Because I don't want to blow up on air.
I don't want to get mad.
But they're on TV going, oh, here's little green octopuses we're going to put in you that are nanochips that'll track you.
Oh, it's so liberal.
But Alex Jones is a liar.
No one wants to put chips in humans.
It's like, oh, Joy Reid's going to wear two masks even though I'm being vaccinated.
Because it's a cult of freakazoids paid to lie to you.
And we got this footage I'll play next segment.
of the Justice Department official, doesn't have his mask on, puts it on, gets up on stage, takes it off, and then Twitter banned the video.
Just to cover their ass, to cover their fraud, to cover their lie, to gaslight us.
Why would anybody go along with this?
Why are so many of our fellow humans participating in their own destruction?
Why are people so unconscious?
We'll be right back, stay with us.
Drew Hernandez is joining us.
Welcome back to the Alex Jones Show.
He's got breaking news.
He covered Minnesota riots, Kenosha riots, riots all over.
He covered the border.
We saw him down there last week with all that craziness, and he's got breaking news for us right now.
Investigative journalist Drew Hernandez, thanks for joining us.
What's going on, Alex?
Thanks for having me.
Well, you were telling us you got breaking news.
We know you always break big news.
What's happening?
Yeah, I mean, I think everyone can see by now just exactly what's taking place in Minneapolis.
Riots are breaking out, literally, all last night.
The looting is starting all over again.
I'm pretty sure we're going to start to see some burning buildings in the upcoming days.
The body cam footage has been released.
And like always, Alex, BLM, Black Lives Matter, they don't want to wait for evidence.
They don't want to wait for the body cam footage.
All their activists, they start getting riled up on the scene.
They don't even wait for what's taking place actually in real time, because now it's come to find out that the guy that actually was shot and killed Had warrants for his arrest.
Literally, the police were trying to apprehend him, trying to arrest him on the spot.
He tries to get back into his car and drive off, and then the officer, actually mistaken, she believed she had a taser in her hand, actually had her gun in her hand, and shot him.
But the fact of the matter is, don't resist arrest.
Because when you're doing something like that, these are the kinds of things that happen.
And Black Lives Matter just doesn't wait.
They don't want the evidence.
They don't want the body cam footage.
They just immediately mobilize.
start looting buildings and even one of the businesses that got looted last
night Alex was actually Asian owned so I mean this is just a mess it's gonna
continue to get worse and I think we're gonna see a lot more horrific things
coming out of Minneapolis especially with the Chauvin case that's gonna
conclude very soon. Why do you think CNN the globalists and the Wikileaks want
racial division? Is this a distraction from Apple running death camps or I mean
I mean, what is it?
Why do they keep doing this and then covering up and defending really bad elements of society going around and robbing the local beauty salon, the local liquor store, the local tennis shoe shop, Target, pizza places.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
I mean, I could tell you, Alex, why Black Lives Matter wants this, especially the founders and co-founders.
She's spending millions of dollars.
She's racking in millions of dollars, Alex, spending millions on mansions, estates across the United States of America.
These are the same people, Alex, that are, oh, running around with Marxist-Communist ideology saying, oh, we all need equality, especially financially.
But every time a black person dies, BLM gets paid.
Every time a black person gets shot by a cop, BLM gets paid.
That's on record.
That's a fact.
That's their brand, Alex.
That is literally their niche.
That is what they do.
Their brand is black people getting shot by cops because now it's on record that BLM founders and co-founders are spending millions of dollars on mansions while they preach to us, Alex, that, oh, black people are financially and systemically We have this big giant riot, you know, in California and Minnesota, then another black guy gets killed brandishing a gun, and then thank God it just creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, because then all the white liberals will then donate money, $10.6 billion, to these three women that are building private airports.
Yeah, well at the same time they preach to us that black people are financially suppressed, they're systemically oppressed, and that they're not having any success in the United States of America.
Their Marxist ideology makes no sense.
They need a capitalist system in order to thrive and succeed because they say they want utopia for all, they want equality for all, when they're literally stuffing their pockets.
Listen, even their BLM activist, Alex, They have autonomous zones across the United States of America.
Some of these autonomous zones, especially BLM Plaza in D.C., is rat infested.
It's disgusting.
The living quarters people are living there, while BLM founders are sitting high and mighty in million-dollar estates, while they're just racking in millions of dollars, while they're useful idiots are just sleeping on streets, thinking that they're ushering in the new world order and utopia.
These people are getting played.
It's a scam.
The United States of America needs to wake up to this garbage.
I agree.
What about the paradox?
You've been tracking all this, your Twitter's full of amazing footage I haven't seen anywhere else of churches in Europe, in Asia, in Canada, the U.S., all shut down, but Walmart, the topless bars are open.
But then when Black Lives Matter marches and burns the stuff down, they go, oh, statistics show that helped fight COVID.
That was a real fake study they had.
I mean, it's just none of it holds water.
I think it's as simple as this, Alex.
I mean, they don't want any type of righteous law.
They are legalizing criminal activity and they are criminalizing righteousness.
That is exactly what they want.
This is all about power and control.
They know what they're doing is wrong.
Don't be mistaken.
And I'm not talking to you, Alex, the viewers.
Don't think that these people don't know that they're hypocrites and they're not aware that what they're doing is 100% a double standard.
They know, but they don't care because this is about power.
It's about control.
And they want to control us.
Whatever their form of religion is or whatever they declare is truth, whatever their relative minds declares is acceptable in society, that is what they will go with.
And this is why people are trying to wrap their minds around like, oh, what about the Capitol?
What about the Capitol riot on January 6th?
You everyone on the left all these left-leaning journals They they mobilized immediately became PIs working hand-in-hand with the FBI when they were defund the police all 2020 Where are they now?
They're nowhere to be found because it doesn't matter It's what their narrative is if they want to target right-wingers conservatives or centrists They will do so even at the expense of their morality or literally their hypocrisy.
They don't care.
It's literally a polarized information war and that is what they are doing.
And honestly, Alex, they are literally winning in the mainstream media because people buy into this stuff.
They don't, they want to accept the reality that Black Lives Matter is a scam because what they are doing is making millions of dollars every time a black person is shot by a cop and they try to preach to us that black people are financially oppressed when they're living in mansions.
Who believes this at this point, Alex?
It's a scam!
People need to wake the hell up!
They're liars!
It's not real!
It's 100% fake and fraudulent, and they're using black people in order to stuff their profits.
Actually, I take that back.
They're using dead, shot black people to stuff their pockets with millions of dollars.
Well, the only thing you're wrong about, Drew Hernandez, is it's billion.
$10.6 billion to Black Lives Matter, these three women.
And the headlines are wrong.
They found one $1.5 million house.
Now they found four more worth tens of millions and private air runways.
I mean, this woman's got private jets, everything in like the whitest neighborhoods anywhere in America.
Yeah, while we're told that they're financially oppressed and black people are living in horrible situations, which might I add is like, listen, I'm just going to say this to the black community.
Honestly, for a lot of these communities that are torn, that are worn, that are literally living in poverty, I don't think it's smart.
You guys are literally being gaslit in order to destroy your own communities.
Even further, what this organization does and these political-leaning people do, especially the mainstream media, CNN wants you to act wild.
CNN wants you to go werewolf and act wild in your own community.
They want you because it's good for clicks, it's good for optics.
They want your communities to do this to yourselves.
So don't sit here and tell us that, oh, you're living in such bad situations.
Your communities are literally dying because of ghetto and poverty policies.
Maybe right now the idea for the black community isn't to continue to further rip their own communities apart.
Maybe right now they should wake up to the reality that they are being used.
They are being used even by their own people!
Well that's the thing, they're Marxist Leninists that say they want to get rid of the nuclear family, they want black men to be trans, and that all white people are the devil and need to be basically eradicated, and then they move into the most rich white neighborhoods they can with private airfields in their yard.
If I doesn't know how much that costs, folks, I mean, that is insane.
It is literally a scam.
I think that's where it falls in the terms, in the context of Black Lives Matter.
They are being used.
The black community is literally being hustled.
The black community is being finessed.
The black community is being manipulated.
The black community, especially left-leaning blacks right now, are being used to usher in, like a Trojan horse, communism into the United States of America while the founders are leveraging and utilizing a capitalist system while trying to preach to us communism.
When are people going to wake up?
This is who they are.
It's 100% hypocrisy and all I have to say to the American people right now, especially the black community, is stop supporting them.
Stop thinking they care.
You know, listen, you're absolutely right, Drew, that at a tertiary level blacks were supporting Black Lives Matter.
Some of them are.
But it's mainly white liberals that gave $10.6 billion to these women.
I mean, that's who cuts a check.
It was big pharma and big tech.
I mean, Apple gave $100 million to it.
So these women can have all private jets, and it's great if she's got a private jet for a computer program, or a book she wrote, or whatever, but no, it's off of, oh, America sucks so bad, and then she's got five mansions in private fields.
By the way, I sent two crews down to the border.
And during the break I clicked on Infowars.com on my little devilish iPhone and I saw a whole bunch of kids pile out of the back of a bus and go to the so-called Catholic charity and soon they'll come piling out and they'll get loaded in the back of a car in the back of a trunk.
So there's your webcam live at Infowars.com.
of what's going on.
What I wanted to do was have Owen and crew right there.
So when people got off and people came out, we would have the footage because that's right where I stopped the car just the other day that they said last week was fake and all the rest of it.
Yeah, you're gonna see how fake it is because we got a live feed of it at Infowars.com and we're trying to have it going like 14 hours a day or so during the daylight.
So there you go.
Great job of the crew.
And we'll see tomorrow if I can get the crew down there so I can actually interview them in front of us, but I may just have to go down there myself.
Anyways, going back to Drew Hernandez.
You were there.
This is a bigger story than just you and I. Because you had already been at the Texas border.
You said you were going back.
You said, hey, I'm going to be down there next weekend.
I said, that's funny.
We're going there.
Owen and crew had just been there.
Did a great job.
I went down there.
I ran into you five or six times.
I guess you were at the same spots I was.
The Donna facility over there.
What did you see the times I wasn't with you?
Because I only ran into you a few times.
What else should you witness?
Because I saw crazy stuff every time I was with you or ran into you.
What did you see when you were down there and weren't with us?
I think the main story here is how organized this all is.
Because I mean, when you follow this whole, it's systematic, Alex.
When you follow this whole chain, there's a link into every single one of these chains.
And when you follow it, as you see these buses literally coming from the middle,
the United States side, when they get apprehended at the border down at Mexico,
where the makeshift detention camp is, you see these buses literally come in through the
incomplete border while the gates are completely open. That same bus goes all the way
to the COVID, the migrant COVID-19 testing facility.
They dropped them off because as I was looking at my footage,
I took a look at the buses and you could see the bus numbers literally on them.
The same bus that came from that makeshift detention camp is the same bus that is
dropping people off at the migrant COVID-19 testing facility,
which is literally like right down the street from that so-called Catholic
So I think what people need to understand is this is extremely organized.
It's not like it's just happening.
They're just shooting from the hip.
They're just trying to get this done.
The administration has this seriously organized and the Border Patrol would, I've been having conversations with some Border Patrol about this so-called Catholic charity.
A lot of people hate them actually.
Well, by the way, they don't look like any Catholic thing I've ever seen.
It's these women with devil tattoos all over them, and they take the women's cell phones away, and there's dudes in there shopping for women.
I mean, this is crazy.
Yeah, so Border Patrol actually, when I talked to them about this particular organization, they actually called it an NGO, a non-government organization.
That's right.
It's not a Catholic charity.
It's registered as a UN NGO.
You're absolutely right.
It's an NGO.
There's no accountability.
There's no oversight.
They're literally not vetting if these people are actually families.
They don't know if they're actually related.
These kids could possibly be even belonging to somebody else.
And I mean, let me make this point, because people are like, oh, you disrupted migrant mothers.
You disrupted them from being transported to a safe place.
Like, like, it is not safe.
It is 100% illegal to be stuffing children into the back of a hatchback without any seats.
People are, I mean, even the article.
And the FBI waives the background checks, and Biden's waived the law.
He can't do that.
He could do an executive order, then the courts might overturn it, but he needs to have a law.
Imagine if Trump was doing something like this.
Imagine if Trump was trying to black out the sun like Bill Gates.
Imagine if Trump was trying to waive kids through and just give them to smugglers.
Yeah, I mean, what were they calling it just a couple years ago, Alex?
You had AOC saying that these are concentration camps, comparing it literally to Nazi 1945, Jews literally stuffed into concentration camps to be gassed, to be put in a lineup and shot, to be incinerated.
That was the rhetoric just a couple years ago, but now, it was only because of Trump, but now they're literally stuffing kids into the back of cars without any government oversight.
They're claiming there's oversight, but these are NGOs, what people need to understand is that these are non-government entities and what they're
doing is literally doing it without any accountability. So we have no idea what's going on. Listen,
if we go and interview one of these people working for these organizations and we ask them, "Do
you even know if these are families?
Do you even have the ability to vet these people? Do you even know who they are?"
They'll say no, 100%.
That's why they won't talk to anybody.
That's why they won't talk to us.
I literally asked her in request for a comment, and all I got was a door shut in my face.
And I'm the bad guy?
And we're the bad guys, Alex?
When we're just trying to find out where they're taking kids being stuffed into the back of a car without any seats to?
Without any government oversight?
Does that exemplify what the Biden administration is doing?
I would probably say yes.
Because they're reckless!
There's no justifying that.
Even the article they requested from the charity, they asked her, whatever her name is, they asked her, oh, and that about the seatbelts thing?
Yeah, it shouldn't have even happened.
It wasn't even about seatbelts, Alex.
The kids didn't even have seats!
No seats!
And somehow that's okay!
I don't care what anyone says.
He just shows how they devalue these people.
And I'm going to play a clip right now since you mentioned it.
This is from Saturday's show that did get about half a million views, but it should have again 10 million views.
And this is a clip, a creepy bald guy.
So we had a current law enforcement lady, senior law enforcement.
She went inside from a nearby area.
I'll leave it at that.
She goes in and comes out and says, Hey, He's in there picking out women, single women he wants to take back to Pennsylvania.
He comes out to follow her, runs into our security guys, and admits it on video.
The audio isn't the best because they swung the camera around at hip level to catch this guy, but that's how crazy All of this is, and then unaccompanied babies with a woman that works there, handing them off to other people at the airport.
No documents are looked at.
Our crew did a great job the day after I left.
They did a great job when I was there, but the day after, my God, they locked Doc out of the park with all this footage.
And so let's play...
Let's play clip 7 first.
I'll narrate for TV viewers.
This is the illegal aliens being brought through and allowed on the planes without showing their documentation.
The first woman shows it and nobody else.
And then we have the baby being handed off.
Then we have clip 8.
This guy follows this woman out that was talking to women in Spanish.
This is a police officer.
I'll leave it at that.
And he runs into our security people and starts trying to explain to them while he sniffs them like a demon.
And this is very wolf-like.
So play clip 7 and then clip 8.
So now instead of going through the normal TSA checkpoint that would usually, usually be manned by a TSA person, as you can see, it's manned by a Border Patrol agent.
Who is then, as you can see, looking at those documents.
And as you can see, there's no passport.
There's no government issued ID.
It is just a Border Patrol packet that's been put together.
And with that packet alone, they will be allowed to pass through security and fly into the United States of America, the destination city of their choice.
Obviously McAllen is the United States of America, but they are now being allowed to continue on into the interior of the United States.
And now they just wave everybody through.
Again, if that was you or me, ladies and gentlemen, the first person of contact would be a TSA person that we come in contact with.
But here's a Border Patrol agent because we have to facilitate them getting through the checkpoint without government-issued ID.
And that's what the Border Patrol agent is here to do.
And it's not his fault.
These are the orders he's been given from his superiors in the Border Patrol and from the Department of Homeland Security.
This is the approach that the Biden administration has chosen to take to sit there and deal with the migrant crisis on our U.S.
No deportations anymore, folks.
This is a free ticket into the United States of America.
And there he is.
He just starts waving people through by then.
You saw that.
And then here's the next clip.
We won't have time to play it all because this show's over.
Owen's coming up with his live coverage from the border.
And he's in charge of that, so I'm sure it'll be interesting.
But here's this guy.
Look at this.
And we're because we're not in control of that.
We can't stop.
So we can either pay for it or pay for it.
That's the way I look at it.
We'll pay for it.
I know.
That's what I'm trying.
I mean, because we're stuck paying for it.
One way or another.
Yeah, but they feel privileged.
They feel entitled.
And after speaking to people in there, they're not... They don't care to clean up after themselves.
You'll be all American for free.
And they don't care.
Pennsylvania, we're a little bit developed.
We're a commercial developer.
We're a restaurant dweller.
It's constantly creating new businesses and we can't find people that can stop it.
So we provide electrician affidavits and support.
So therefore, but they gotta work.
But they gotta work.
Alright Drew Hernandez, join us again in the next few days.
People can follow you on Twitter and so much more.
Thank you so much for the time, buddy.
Good job.
Thank you.
All right, War Room's coming up live from the border.
Owen Schroyer, we'll see what's about to happen.
We've also got that live cam in front of the so-called Catholic Charities.
It's a UN NGO.
That live feed is also up on InfoWars.com.
I wanted to have Owen at that live feed for you to go confront the buses and stuff.
Maybe that's coming up.
I'm not sure, so it should be interesting.
On the War Room, coming up.
InfoWars.com, NewsWars.com.
Tomorrow's news today.
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It's very bittersweet.
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