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Name: 20210411_Sun_Alex
Air Date: April 11, 2021
1350 lines.

In this segment, Alex Jones discusses various news updates including COVID vaccinations, geopolitical tensions, and conspiracy theories about global control. He mentions a statement from the Chief Medical Officer of an unnamed country who plans to transport vaccinated people on a ship. The narrator then talks about how the IMF and World Bank are in control and claims that the experimental COVID vaccine has links to massive death, sterilization, neurological disorders, and death. Additionally, they mention how the COVID hoax is affecting the Caribbean, particularly St Vincent, which has had four volcano eruptions. The video also discusses recent developments in the collapsing border, globalist plans for replacement migration, and how the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is trying to remove Tucker Carlson from TV. Furthermore, the narrator encourages listeners to support InfoWars and purchase body armor from citizenstronghold.com for themselves and their families. In this segment, Alex Jones talks about how mainstream media has spread false narratives about him in hundreds of news articles. He mentions how people have gone down to McAllen to show where he was at and how the border is not legal despite Biden claiming it is. He criticizes how the media lies to the public and how they want to shut down terrestrial radio and TV by making them obsolete. Jones also talks about how ADL CEO calls on cable companies to drop Fox News and how Mr. Rosenblatt of ADL should call for UN to be shut down since it promotes replacement migration, which is similar to their own race-mixing laws in Israel. He mentions the dangers of globalists hijacking the government and trying to impose fascism. Jones encourages listeners to support InfoWars by buying products from InfowarStore.com and downloading videos from Banned.Video. He also shares a testimonial from a listener who has seen positive results from using Urex 2 supplements for skin issues.

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Info Wars.
Tomorrow's News.
The Chief Medical Officer would be identifying the persons who are already vaccinated, so that we can get them on the ship.
You see there's a ship in the harbour?
Two of them there now.
And ... We ... The ships don't have enough personnel.
At the moment, to keep people on the ships.
But they have enough personnel to transport persons to these destinations.
But Simone Kieser-Beetz tells me that what she wants to do is to ... The Chief Medical Officer is that those who are vaccinated, she can get them going there on the vessel.
Those on the ships, those who go to particular destinations, if they choose to, this is a voluntary business.
And those who are not yet vaccinated, but who would be vaccinated, you wouldn't want to send them
Immediately after vaccination, you don't want to hold them, keep them for a day or two, because some persons upon vaccination develop an itch, a little woosiness in the head.
You know how that is?
Some people.
So you would like to keep them there for two days, and so on.
So there are some matters which have to be dealt with.
The ships are doing... There are certain things we have to do with them.
But they... All over the world, the IMF and World Bank are in control.
The Rothschilds are in command.
And they were saying that we're going to put an experimental vaccine that changes your very DNA in your body that's linked to mass death, sterilization.
Neurological disorders, and of course, death.
Or you won't be able to have a job, leave your house, get on a train, get on a bus, get on an airplane, go to a bar, go to a restaurant.
And now, if you're on an island nation, like St.
Vincent, that's had four eruptions, a volcano burning down part of the island, well, you're not allowed to leave until you've had that shot.
You know, most of the Caribbean's still shut down with the whole COVID hoax.
It's simply incredible.
But everything's OK, folks, because look at this chilling photo of your TV viewer.
It's on the puppet vice president's Twitter.
Brighter days are ahead.
The real president's not allowed on Twitter, but, you know, he didn't realize the threat of the full takeover.
He still thought he lived in America.
But, oh, brighter days are ahead, meaning Joe Biden, the puppet, will soon be gone.
That's what I
Certainly get out of that.
Okay, um, I've got to be calm.
I've got to be a good boy.
I've done massive research for this show.
I tend to just then blow up once I do probably six hours of research today.
And then I get super prepared and then I just blow up.
It's usually an entertaining show, but not as informative as it should be.
Well, guess what?
I feel like I'm going to be a good boy.
And I'm going to cover all the latest developments on the collapsing border.
Biden officially certifying human smuggling and just total criminal activity.
The globalists admitting that the vaccine is being used for depopulation.
Just the biggest developments yet on that front.
The ADL, our master, our commander, our ruler, our thought police field marshal, our fuhrer,
The head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, has said Tucker must go.
He talked about the Great Reset's plan for replacement migration, which is an official UN plan.
Democrats teach it in all their schools, but you aren't allowed to talk about it as an American because Mr. Greenblatt's in charge.
We'll be right back.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation, it's Alex Jones, coming to you live from the front lines of the InfoWar.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you so much for joining us on this live Sunday, April 11th, 2021 broadcast.
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Sunday live, here's the incredible headlines.
Let me tell you what's coming up and I'm going to drill through every single bit of it.
Sunday live, Biden threatens war with Russia while collapsing U.S.
Meanwhile, the Caribbean nation of St.
Vincent is using a volcano to hold its citizens hostage for forced inoculations.
And so much more.
So, coming up today, this is what we're going to cover.
Secretary of State Blinken, who blinked big time with China, they've since basically invaded Hong Kong and Taiwan, warns of consequences if Russia acts aggressively in Ukraine, where we are moving troops in against the Russian-held areas of eastern Ukraine that have been Russia since Russia was Russia.
It's like if the Russians claimed Boston or New York, we'd say, ah, that's not a Russian city.
But eastern Ukraine is where Russia started, and it's where Russia's gotten a bunch of wars over it.
And all the really smart analysts agree, including the former heads of major intelligence agencies, I've not talked to just one but two in the last few weeks, they agree that there's a good chance this is going to start a large war.
But that's okay.
As the puppet Vice President Kamala Harris said on Twitter, where she's still got free speech, the President doesn't.
Real President.
Brighter days are ahead with a picture of her looking out Air Force Two's window.
Very creepy indeed.
And then we're going to get into exclusives we have.
Watch human smuggler with baby in cartel tats confronted by reporters.
At the border.
And then the mainstream media writing, not dozens, but hundreds of news articles.
When I say hundreds, basically hundreds of NBC channels and ABC news channels around the country ran newscasts from LA to Phoenix to San Antonio, anywhere near the border.
Not like San Antonio was close, but closer.
Saying Alex Jones is a liar and hoaxed video of saving children from a smuggler.
Well, since then, hundreds of people have gone down there peacefully to McAllen to show where I was at.
And you can be there 30 minutes, you'll catch the exact same thing.
And they're like, well, Biden says it's legal.
Well, Biden could say we could sell heroin to two-year-olds or give, you know, hand grenades to chimpanzees.
Doesn't mean it's the law.
I mean, Biden can say that, you know, he's God.
He isn't.
There's not even an executive order.
And I'm going to show you the Associated Press in three articles admitting it's illegal in a moment.
That's coming up next segment.
But it just shows how they lie to you.
Oh, and that goes to the next point.
It's why they don't want anybody to have their own radio show, their own TV show.
They're confident that in the future they're going to shut down terrestrial radio and TV just by it becoming obsolete, but it won't become obsolete just like AM didn't if that's the only place you get the truth.
AM was all going off in the early 80s until Rush Limbaugh came and then made AM incredibly valuable again.
So, they don't know what to do because, you know, the truth's still getting out.
And so now they censor on YouTube and Facebook and Twitter congressional hearings with scientists saying COVID-19 is way overblown.
And now Governor DeSantis has a roundtable with a prestigious scientist saying the same thing.
So that gets banned because, well, the U.N.
is the medical authority.
And who runs the U.N.?
Big Pharma, which Google and Facebook and Twitter have merged with.
They don't want you to know that truth.
That brings us to our next big enchilada, and I'll be covering that at the bottom of the hour.
Tucker must go!
ADL CEO calls on cable companies to drop Fox News.
He already threatened Mark Zuckerberg into letting him run aboard
That they was put on last year that oversees speech on Facebook.
That's 3 billion people.
Mr. Rosenblatt's the head of the board that decides what can be said and what can't be.
He's our political commissar, our boss, our censor.
Closest thing in my lifetime to a Nazi ruling over me I've run into.
But oh, he was safe from those Nazis like George Soros and Arnold Schwarzenegger who they've given awards to because they both praised Hitler and won work for Hitler.
Oh yeah, Schwarzenegger in Rolling Stone and other places said he loved Hitler.
But see, if you love Hitler, Mr. Rosenblatt loves you.
Because he loves power and control.
He's the high priest.
You've got to go to him for absolution.
And so Tucker talked about replacement migration.
It's an official U.N.
plan that the Democrat Party and all these universities push.
You hear it everywhere.
Soon you old evil white people will all be dead and we're going to bring in all these minorities and have them on welfare so they'll be the majority, which they are now, and they'll vote for Venezuela.
And of course the big banks will then finance that and sit offshore and watch us go from a richest nation in the world to the most enslaved nation in the world.
4% of the world's population had half the wealth in the 50s.
Half that wealth's already gone.
We're down about 30%.
And so, we're going to show you at the UN website.
So I guess Mr. Rosenblatt should call for the UN to be shut down because they call for replacement migration and it doesn't exist.
Oh, but it gets better.
I have the ADL calling for
Stopping replacement migration and banning any non-Jews from Israel living there and not having a one-state solution, I'll show you from ADL.org.
Oh, but see, it's okay if they have race-mixing laws in Israel.
And it's okay if they're against replacement migration in Israel.
But if you talk about it here, which is being done by design, and the left's teaching that whites are bad and evil, you see it all over the news, it means everywhere.
Every five seconds, Target sells a book they published with prayers about destroying white people because we're inherently bad.
Mr. Rosenblatt doesn't say a word about it.
In fact, he endorses it.
So, um, racial politics is powerful.
And that's what Mr. Rosenblatt's doing.
So let me be honest with you, the closest thing I see to a Nazi in America is Mr. Rosenblatt.
And is Sacha Baron Cohen that says arrest people, arrest Mark Zuckerberg if he allows any other ideas on Facebook.
That's called fascism.
That's called dangerous.
That's called un-American.
But hey, they've already basically taken over the whole internet.
We are back live broadcasting worldwide on this live Sunday, April 11th transmission.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
So let's dive right into it.
Yours truly and Tucker Carlson.
Along with Vice President Pence for the last four days have been dueling as the top three things on Twitter.
And that drives the left into just in total insane frothing mode.
Because Tucker's shadow man on there.
I'm totally man on there.
And you know, Mike Pence is the former vice president.
And when they see the millions and millions of views of us running into
Children that had not been screened properly by the Border Patrol turned loose to a so-called Catholic Charities, where it's a bunch of people with devil tattoos, you name it, loading children into the trunk of a car.
We made the point they were transporting them illegally.
And all of what's going on is smuggling, according to federal law, when they're not given the paperwork, when they're not going to a hearing.
I mean, a judge has to bare minimum release them.
So federal law is being violated.
No executive order has been signed.
But I thought I would show TV viewers, and radio listeners can search any of this for yourself, some of the mainstream news on this just the last few days.
Here's the Associated Press.
Migrants free without court notice.
Sometimes no paperwork.
Well, it's not sometimes.
It's almost all the time.
We've interviewed the whistleblowers.
We've interviewed the local police and the Border Patrol.
The Border Patrol's been on record.
The hell, the head of the Border Patrol came out and said, it's a humanitarian disaster.
We've got 15,000 a day just of kids alone.
They're asking NASA employees to take them, college professors to take them.
The FBI said two weeks ago, we're waiving the law that you need a background check before you keep children.
Because they said, rush the border.
Biden said, rush the border.
He said, you have courage if you do it.
It causes the biggest rush ever.
And then when it breaks down, they go, oh, well, there goes the law.
Just let them go wherever they want.
And here's this woman wearing a mask with the Grim Reaper tattoo on each leg and each arm.
And it's the exact Grim Reaper tattoo of MS-13.
And so we went and got all this footage, and what is the response of the internet the first day on Wednesday?
Oh, it's fake.
He hired fake police.
They had tweets with like 20,000 retweets going, what the hell?
Jones hired fake police.
This whole thing's fake.
Oh, yeah.
It's real fake.
I don't have a budget to even shoot professional commercials, much less fake stuff.
That's why all our ads are me standing there going, here's the product, folks.
I mean, if I could shoot stuff like this with a $100 million budget, I'd win Oscars every year, okay?
Then, the Catholic charity goes, no, Jones did it, but you know, this was just a guy helping migrants, uh-huh, cramming them in the back of a car.
That's why the police took the kids away.
And took them back into the charity.
And then, I had to go back to Austin, and our guys were there another day, they have a whole bunch of footage of the same thing happening.
And worse!
And don't worry, we're going back down there, we're going back down to Brownsville.
We're going everywhere now.
I'm going to be down at the border all the time now, because you're saying it doesn't exist.
But, hell, they say Antibody doesn't exist, or BLM never set a fire, just say the border doesn't even exist.
They'll probably say that next.
So, let's continue.
Migrants free without court notice, sometimes no paperwork.
Totally illegally.
Oh, really?
Here's another one.
waives FBI checks on caregivers at new migrant facilities, including those with dirt floors under bridges.
All this we told you years ago, months ago, now it's all confirmed by your God.
Talking to Mainstream Media, The AP.
Here's another one.
Border Patrol agents found 63 people inside a commercial trailer during a failed human smuggling attempt in Laredo.
Well, it's not smuggling.
I mean, they don't need any paperwork.
I mean, you heard, cram them in the back of a van, cram them in the back of a hatchback, put them in a truck, put them in an 18-wheeler.
I mean, oh, but when the cops stop them, oh, it's human smuggling.
When we stop them illegally, we're bad people.
That's right.
We're bad people.
Abbott claims child sex abuse and neglect of migrant children at San Antonio migrant facility.
They've had the jail guards go public.
Everybody's gone public.
It's massive.
It's out of control.
And the media makes jokes about that, even though all the whistleblowers just came out.
Those are on InfoWars.com.
And we've got this.
Catholic Charities responds to radio host Alex Jones' McAllen child immigrant encounter video.
Valley Central.
Wonder why Biden's czar, after only two months on the job, abruptly quit.
After citing no crisis.
House passes legislation to legalize millions of undocumented migrants.
Fox News.
New York to give illegals who lost work during pandemic one-time payments of $15,600.
Citizens to get nothing.
It's all a magnet to bring them here so Democrats can put them in their houses, sign them up, and get the money.
That's for Democrat operatives.
That's come out in court.
South Texas finding bodies of illegals on their land every day.
Newswars.com with links to local news.
Raped and killed men and women.
And it's not white supremacists doing it, folks.
It's the cartels.
But they're brown.
They can't do wrong.
spends $6 million per day to house unaccompanied migrant children.
Says the federal government.
Why do you think Putin ten years ago barred adoptions of Russian children by Americans?
They said that they found a large percentage disappeared to other countries other than the U.S., many of them ended up dead, and the Russians alleged sex abuse, and that pedophiles were raping even small babies, and that some babies later ended up in snuff films.
CBS News, remember that?
Can't get the Russian meat anymore, but they're getting the Central American.
That's mainly who the UN organizes and brings up.
So that's what we've got going on here.
And the media tried to spin it.
Look at this article out of Talking Points Memo.
Charity helping migrants.
Oh, it's just helping migrants that have been waived in and not even checked.
And a lot of times no DNA testing ever, not even with their parents.
Alex Jones uses staged confrontation.
Oh really?
What was staged?
The people weren't real?
No, they go on to admit it was real.
They just call it staged.
Did Alex Jones really save kids?
Analysis of viral video.
Where he stops car.
Catholic Charities.
Oh, the Blaze.
You know, the guy that brings teddy bears down to the smuggled kids.
Glenn Beck, man, he just won't stop.
Catholic Charities accuses Alex Jones of staging confrontation over reported child migrants.
Trump ended it for four years.
Guess that upset old Glenn Beckie boy.
He was like, let them all in.
Bring the kids in.
Remember that?
What a crepazoid.
And he posted that on the Blaze and attacked me and said I'm a fake.
No, buddy, we all know who the actor is and the guy that rehearses for hours before he goes on air, breathes off a teleprompter.
We know who the fake is.
And I just wish Lindbeck would stop.
I've tried to get him to stop.
He destroyed himself with his attack on Trump early on, and now he's turning to Colonel Sanders.
So there you go, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not going to go, oh, look, Sister Norma's
Pimmatel, named one of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential Women, she runs the Catholic Charities down there, with all the kids pouring in.
And she's a big globalist, of course.
And she's so sweet.
And she's just so nice.
So, now they're just waving everybody, and first they said, don't call them illegal aliens, call them migrants.
And now it's, oh, don't even call them illegal being smuggled.
Just, just, just, just don't even look, it's all legal now.
There's no law, it's still illegal, but we just call it legal.
And we'll have Glenn Beck come out and say, that's the case.
So there you go.
And they just play these sleight-of-hand games.
All right, let me come back.
Little Nas X?
Who does a lot of children's shows, but did the deal where he has sex with the devil?
Well, he put out a children's video of the little animals having sex for kids!
He promoted it.
He pushed a pedo video.
That's right.
Now the little kids have sex together on video.
But it's okay because it's cartoons.
That makes it legal.
To just show cartoons having sex.
That's right.
Open pedophiles.
Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.
It's Alex Jones.
So if you went back to the great game, all the textbooks the British Empire wrote about,
Dominating the subcontinent of India.
They used a few thousand troops to dominate tens of millions of people because they would divide, using sociology and anthropology, different culture groups against each other.
Even if they were Hindus, if they were Buddhists, if they were Muslim, they would play those different groups off against each other.
It's called divide and conquer.
And it came out in the WikiLeaks, this is not our opinion, that Hillary's like, we're going to lose this election, the public's waking up to us, and she's got major psychology professor heads telling her, well, just accelerate the culture war, racial and religious and sexual division.
And so when you see all this, this is just the big banks, the mega corporations, big tech that's running slave camps in China.
Uyghur death camps invading Taiwan, Hong Kong, doing horrible stuff all over the world.
They're backing China, telling you, oh look, fight with each other whites and blacks.
And then I remember before they fired Lou Dobbs over at Fox for exposing election fraud, he would cover Reuters articles where George Soros was bragging that he was giving billions of taxpayer dollars he got from the State Department under Obama to the illegal aliens from the Middle East, from Africa, to go into Europe and into the United States with those big caravans.
And the ADL would come out and say, this is anti-Semitic, George Soros is Jewish, and so Lou Dobbs needs to be fired.
It had nothing to do with George Soros being Jewish.
They made it about that.
Yeah, there's Reuters.
George Soros, Mastercard, a partner to aid migrants, refugees.
So again, we're talking about like saying, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won Super Bowl 2020.
That's a fact, but the ADL will come out and say, no, the sky is red, that's anti-Semitic.
Now, why is this so important?
Well, Abe Foxman used to run the ADL, which is just a leftist, globalist, anti-gun group, that basically, a bunch of self-appointed people claim they speak for all Jews, and then people pay them money and they'll call their enemies anti-Semites.
But they would call all sorts of people that hadn't done anything that, so they lost a bunch of lawsuits, almost went bankrupt.
So they brought in this more smooth operator, he's an Obama minion, because it's really Obama that's in charge still, Jonathan Greenblatt.
And Jonathan Greenblatt then started shaking down Facebook, you name it, having his surrogate, Stosh Barrett Cohen, called for the arrest at their official headquarters of...
Mark Zuckerberg, if he didn't do more.
So Zuckerberg put Rosenblatt over Facebook's Thought Control Board, which is actually a hate crime board, globally.
And he decides what can be said, what can be done.
I guess what country can be invaded, what can't be.
You know, what group can criticize one group, what group can't be.
That's why you see Christian persecution accelerating.
Never a word out of the ADL about that.
Uh, and it's it's it's really dangerous.
And so now he's taking aim at Fox News.
And what split up, you know, Fox sold his entertainment off years ago, but kept News Corp and Fox News and Wall Street Journal.
So that was split into two.
And so now he goes on the no-rating show with the most ridiculous person on earth and tries to act all officious and powerful.
Brian looks like a child molester stelter.
I'm not saying he's a child molester.
I'm saying if I was going to cast somebody for a movie where, you know, if the clown eats children, grabs them out of a sewer pipe, I mean, it looks like him.
But that's not what matters.
He molested our First Amendment.
He goes around trying to purge everyone.
And he's got another raper of the First Amendment on with him.
And that is Lord King, master of us all, head of the board that controls our speech, Kaiser Greenblatt.
King Greenblatt.
And so they're on there attacking Tucker Carlson.
We're talking about replacement migration, which you can go to any university site or turn on the news and it's like, thank God, whites will almost be gone.
Whites are inherently evil.
Get rid of the white people, my God.
We've got to exterminate the whites.
We've got to genocide the whites.
And that's the left and the Black Lives Matter funded by Soros, funded by the Democrats, creating racial division in America.
And so then if you don't like being told you're bad because you're a white person or because you're a Christian,
Well, here comes Rosenblatt to call you a Nazi on top of it.
But what gets even crazier is he says it doesn't exist.
I can show you the Democrats bragging about it.
I can show you Israel saying they don't want replacement migration.
And they even use that term.
I can show you all of this.
But does it matter?
Because you better do what the Democrats say or Lord Rosenblatt will have you taken off or have you fired from your job.
So that's how it works.
So let me show you some of this.
Then I'm going to show you the ADL next segment.
I'm going to get into it right now.
The ADL saying there's no great reset either.
That's anti-Semitic.
If you say that Klaus Schwab wants to shut down the world economy, save the earth, and admits the lockdown is about carbon taxes, which I have all the quotes of him saying, Rosenblatt says you're also a Nazi.
This is just very easy.
It doesn't matter if Klaus Schwab and the whole EU project is actually Nazi.
So the Nazis have learned this round.
What you do is you start an organization, run it, or buy off an organization.
I mean, if Hitler would have just hired a few Jews and put them up front for him and, you know, had them say how great he was, he probably would have won World War II.
So this is truly sick, ladies and gentlemen.
So let's go ahead and play this clip of him on with Brian Stelter yesterday.
So what do we want Fox to do?
I mean, first and foremost, Tucker has got to go.
Again, I think it is a risk, not just to the corporation, it's a risk to our society to be promoting these anti-Semitic and racist myths that literally were used by people on January the 6th to try to not just interfere with the election,
But to murder lawmakers?
I mean, I think we've really crossed a new threshold.
When a major news network, you know, dismisses this, or pretends like it isn't important, this has deadly significance.
So, number one, Tucker has got to go.
And then I think, secondly, Brian, Fox needs to look at their entire primetime lineup and finally ask themselves,
Ken does this work because, at the end of the day, let's acknowledge Fox isn't alone in this.
They have advertisers.
They have affiliates.
There are cable companies who carry their signal.
If Fox won't act, it may be time for the advertisers to act.
It may be time for, again, the affiliates and the cable companies to act.
To finally, once and for all, say that America is simply put no place for hate.
Why is this even a debate anymore, Brian?
Tucker just says, I'm talking about voting rights, and then the Murdochs will say, we don't cancel people.
They'll say, you're trying to engage in cancel culture.
I can actually hear that.
Okay, so let's stop right there.
He then goes on with the greatest bravado, hubris, I guess chutzpah would be the proper word, and says, oh no, this isn't censorship, this isn't cancel culture.
Well, you want me to play you the Tucker Carlson clip that Mr. Greenblatt tweeted out?
Because it's the most, quite frankly, boring for most of what Tucker Carlson covers.
He's like, yeah, the Democrats are bringing in third world people they control that'll vote for them.
You know, replacement migration.
I mean, this is what they say.
This is the party platform.
They want illegals to be able to vote.
So anybody can find this.
They just go to Mr. Greenblatt's deal if you want to see what Tucker said, but it's extremely, extremely milquetoast.
But oh, that turns into Nazi!
Really, I thought we were the country that beat the Nazis and saved Mr. Greenblatt's family.
I thought both my grandfathers were in the Army Air Corps and both almost died.
I thought I almost, I don't almost exist for helping save the Jews out of Europe, my ancestors.
But that doesn't matter to Mr. Rosenblatt.
He just waves a wand and I am now the bad man.
He is now the good guy.
So when we come back,
We'll actually play for you The Devilish Evil.
It's a short club that they want him banned for.
And then I'm going to show you the ADL saying we cannot have a one-state solution and allow non-Jews to live in Israel because they will then out-breed and out-vote us.
They even say the Arabs have too many children.
Now listen, I don't mind Israel existing.
I'm not against the Jews.
I think as a group, people should be able to have their own homeland if they want it.
It's just you can't then say that whites can't even exist here.
And then the ADL is going to lead a Tower of Babel coalition on a jihad against the evil Christians.
Because, I mean, you've got some beef with Christians from 500 years ago.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
I remember when, I remember, I remember when I lost my mind.
I remember.
There was something so pleasant about that day.
I stopped being politically correct.
I stopped caring what the system said.
Because I knew I was a good person.
I was telling the truth.
All right, so you can say, well, who cares about the ADL or the Southern Bribery Law Center or media matters?
Well, these groups have been put on these telecom boards to surveil you, to get in your private accounts, to track your private messengers.
They're in those too.
ADL famously got in big trouble criminally for breaking into police stations and stealing files, intelligence files on the general public.
And so the ADL's got a lot of chutzpah.
And they don't go after real Nazis, folks.
They just sit there and try to parlay political power to the Democratic Party.
And so now they're going after the populist Tucker Carlson, who really does genuinely care about everybody and wants our jobs back and wants to unify us, and who really tries to bring us together.
A good, wholesome, loving person.
I mean, I'm ten times meaner than he is.
And I don't have a bad bone in my body for somebody that's a Muslim or a Jew or a Christian or an agnostic as long as you're not trying to enslave me.
But there are plenty of Muslims that want to conquer me and say I'm bad.
Well, I'm against them.
There's some crazy Christian groups that want to take over and I think they're cults.
But I mean the ADL...
The ADL goes around bullying Americans and trying to control our speech.
And I don't care if it was the Russians or the Nazis or the Easter Bunny doing it.
I wholeheartedly oppose it.
Now let's see the clip that Mr. Rosenblatt tweeted out that he's saying is Nazi and evil and bad and we've got to boycott Tucker Carlson and we've got to boycott Fox and boycott his stations and have them taken off the cable providers because of this.
Because they've already gotten Trump banned everywhere.
They've already gotten Alex Jones banned off everywhere.
They've already gotten thousands and thousands of prominent nationalistic conservatives and mainline individuals.
I mean a lot of just really, Prager University's getting banned all over the place.
Because it's good, decent info, and oh, it's got a Jew running it, who's a great person.
I don't look at what a person is, I look at what they produce.
You know, like Martin Luther King said?
So, if you stand up for conservative, real values, pro-human values, you're attacked.
This is in the way of the corporate takeover.
You know, where is the ADL criticizing the Uyghur death camps and criticizing Apple that runs the biggest factories getting components made by slaves?
They're not there!
He's too busy telling you Tucker Carlson's a Nazi.
He's too busy writing letters to the New York Times saying, I hate Jews and Alex Jones should be taken off the air when any idiot knows the anti-Semites don't like me.
Because they're all part of the same global divide and conquer camp.
But I will not sit there and watch people wrap themselves in Judaism and then say, I'm a bad person and then bully me and engage in something that's as close to Hitler as I've ever seen in my life.
I mean, that's what Hitler did was take speech and take a bank accounts and take people's rights and silence them and persecute them.
And that's what he did.
And now that's what you do, Mr. Rosenblatt.
And you had Sacha Baron Cohen on saying it's time to arrest the big tech heads like Mark Zuckerberg if he doesn't do what you say.
And he got on his knees and he appointed Mr. Rosenblatt on that board under that threat of imprisonment.
That's called terrorism!
And that's what all this is.
It's beyond bullying now.
So here's what they said he needs to be taken off the air for.
This was tweeted by the god Rosenblatt.
Here it is.
I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term replacement.
If you suggest that the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current electorate, the voters now casting ballots, with new people, more obedient voters from the third world.
But they become hysterical because that's what's happening actually.
Let's just say it, that's true.
If, look, if this was happening in your house, if you were in sixth grade, for example, and without telling you, your parents adopted a bunch of new siblings and gave them brand new bikes and let them stay up later and help them with their homework and gave them twice the allowance that they gave you, you would say to your siblings, you know, I think we're being replaced by kids that our parents love more.
And it would be kind of hard to argue against you because look at the evidence.
So, this matters on a bunch of different levels, but on the most basic level, it's a voting rights question.
Oh, and by the way, I don't have a teleprompter.
I get stuff wrong.
It's Greenblatt.
Jonathan Greenblatt.
Jonestown Greenblatt.
I know him very well.
I just got the name wrong.
So, there you go.
You just heard that.
By the way, I just showed you where New Yorkers get no money.
They get the federal $1,400 check, but no state money.
But illegal aliens get $15,000 plus.
So that's 20, 30 nice bikes?
20 or 30 decent bikes?
Fifteen bikes?
Ten bikes?
The point is, I guess a fancy bike, only one bike.
But that's what's going on here, is insanity.
To draw everybody here, to then be in control of the Democrats, to be put on welfare, to be milked by the Democrats who control the system, and then this guy wants to take him off the air.
So let me just show you what's going on here.
Overhead shot, please.
Anti-Defamation League calls for Tucker Carlson's firing.
CNN explains over images of the KKK, which half the time even Texas Monthly will tell you is run by the feds.
Now here's from UN.org.
Can we zoom in even closer on this?
Replacement migration.
Is it a solution to declining and aging populations?
It calls for 600 million people to replace
The United States population by 2050.
This is the official plan of the UN.
Same one set up by the Rockefellers.
You know, the ones that set up Hitler.
Revealed UN plan to flood America with 600 million migrants.
There it is, from the U.N.
But let's show you more.
Here's Republicans' demographic gap.
MSN, that all these foreigners coming in are going to vote Democrat, and the Democrats are going to do it, and Republicans should give more welfare, or they're going to be outvoted.
All admitting the replacement demographic.
Response to common inaccuracy.
Binational one-state solution.
Zoom in on this very closely.
This is from the ADL website.
Response to Common Inaccuracy by National One State Solution.
ADL expressly condemns any plans for replacement migration in Israel.
And it goes right through it right here.
Furthermore, bi-nationalism is unworkable, given current realities and historic animosities.
Furthermore, bi-nationalism is unworkable, given current realities and historic
With historically high birth rates among the Palestinians and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world, Jews would quickly be a minority within the bi-nation state, thus likely ending any semblance of equality, representation, or protections.
It is a situation the Jewish population would be increasingly politically and potentially physically vulnerable.
Oh, you mean the left brings in a bunch of people, teaches them liberation theology, teaches them Jews are bad and then kills you?
Because I can turn on the news and see the Black Lives Matter founders, I can play clips, I will next hour, saying burn down every police department and kill all the whites, even the nice ones.
Target sells a book with a Black Lives Matter headlady, it's on Infowars.com, saying, I pray to God to help me hate whites more, even the nice ones.
They are a scourge and a disease and being white is bad, unless you're
Jonathan Greenblatt.
He's okay, though he's got white skin.
So, man, this is total race politics.
This is the closest thing the Nazis have ever seen.
And I won't be intimidated by the ADL in front of this.
This is dangerous.
This is evil.
And this is divisive.
And this is a plan to use race politics yet again to bring a country down and to do all of this.
There is a prayer of a weary black woman.
Please help me to hate white people.
And this is what Target publishes, and oh my God, can you imagine if I published a book that said, help me hate black people, which I don't hate black people, I'm not falling into their trap.
But no, this is published by Target, nothing from Greenblatt.
And it goes on, response to common inaccuracy by nation, one state solution goes into saying, we must be a race-based system, we can't let foreigners in, we can't be replaced.
George Soros smashed a car to partner to aid migrants, Reuters.
But Rainblood also says that does not exist, you're a Nazi if you say it.
It's official, Democrats want illegal aliens voting in U.S.
We have the links to it right there.
Census could reveal election extinction of the Republicans.
They ill.
Because the Democrats are making along racial lines.
All of it, right there, putting us in checkmate, and they're just saying, hey, be nice, be good, don't be racist, do what we say, while they push a whole race-based system and a total anti-Christian takeover.
It's disgusting, it's dangerous, and history is repeating yet again, ladies and gentlemen.
And I'm very worried about everybody on this planet, no matter what color you are, what your religion is, this is evil and this is wrong.
I haven't even hit the great reset that Rosenblatt said doesn't exist.
Whatever the hell his name is.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
I'm Alex Jones, Defender of the Republic, Defender of Man, Defender of Humanity, Defender of Justice.
If you're watching this transmission, you are the resistance!
Now tell folks, tune in now!
All right, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to get into the collapsing border, the U.S.
government sending troops into eastern Ukraine to start a war with Russia.
The Federal Reserve calling for world government to global income tax.
It's all official.
YouTube wants a global authority over speech.
I forgot to tell you about that little scribble of news.
And we've got this huge vaccine news and rollout of that and all the different deaths and side effects, the attempts to cover all that up.
They're now saying black people not wanting to take the shot is racist.
It's because of racist white people.
Yeah, the ones they caught giving them syphilis and other diseases via vaccines, exactly.
No, no, they're saying it's because blacks can't get the shot.
No, they don't want the shot.
Just like I saw the numbers, 40% of Marines say no to vaccine.
That's in control groups that they already had authorized to take it, that they wanted to take it.
It's more like 80% of the Marines aren't taking the shots.
That's all coming up.
But you know, Prince Philip, 99 years old, Transylvanian king, not even British, 70 plus years ago married Queen Elizabeth.
I think so.
Black people weren't human beings and that he wanted to come back as a virus to kill 80% of the world's population.
So that's how that whole left-right paradigm operates.
So I haven't talked about him since he died four or five days ago, just because I've had other things to do.
But, you know, why see him in death?
We put on screen, they have released a colorized photo of him at birth just today.
This is an exclusive.
Ladies and gentlemen, look how cute that is.
You can see he's male right there.
That is Prince Philip, 99 years ago, and back then they had x-ray photos.
The royalty wanted to check the babies, and so they colorized it.
But, wow!
That is Prince Philip at birth.
That was taken second.
You can see those little hands covering his eyes.
It was so bright, so bright under those lights there in the maternity ward.
I guess he was born in Greece.
King of Greece.
But there it is, ladies and gentlemen.
What a little sweetie pie.
What a cutie cake.
And don't be mean.
I mean, if you notice any anomalies or anything, it's not a big deal.
It's an actual photo of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II of Britannia, Saxe-Coburg, Gotham-on-Baton of the House of Dragon!
How dare you say he's a vampiric-looking individual?
There you go.
Actual photos.
We're having a little fun here.
Let me actually tell you what this is.
Overhead shot, please.
This is what a baby bat in the womb looks like.
And the left is all cooing over how cute it is.
If it was a human baby, they'd want to kill it.
So there's the whole joke.
There's the direct line of Count Dracula, who wasn't really a vampire, though he did... His descendants actually bathed in blood and drank blood.
I think one of his granddaughters did, famously.
But he would put people on poles.
It was Vlad the Impaler.
So I decided to make the little joke out of that.
So that's called satire.
Snopes will probably edit the video, or the Southern Primary Law Center or something, and say, oh yeah, there's Prince Philip with the Nazis.
But that's okay, because Tim Cook's gay.
And of course his son, Prince Charles, hangs out with Jimmy Savella, the highest level security clearance, who ran sex dungeons with kidnapped children.
They'd lay out plastic, and then slit their throats.
I mean, not Prince Charles.
He never got implicated in that, just his private sex butler.
So, there it is.
But hey, he's royalty, so let's not talk about it.
And again, they had that whole Meghan Merkle thing, and Prince Harry is not from the royal line.
Princess Diana had sex with the head of the guards, that's well known.
And then that's it.
And so they put them in there the whole time, this political correct deal.
Everybody's sick of it to make the girls look good.
That's all that is.
But they're getting down to real racism, real elitism, real globalism, real blood of children being transfused into them.
That's all confirmed.
I'll tell you that 20 years ago, now it's mainstream news.
That's what we're talking about.
Did you know?
Oh my gosh, photos of the newborn Prince Philip released 99 years ago today.
Wow, isn't that sweet?
When I grow up, I want to be a rock star!
We'll be right back.
When I grow up, I want to be free of the New World Order!
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
We now take you live to the Central Texas Command Center in the heart of the resistance.
You're listening to Alex Jones.
The New Atlantis is our republic, and it might have gotten taken over by groups and organizations that wanted to scuttle that, but America is the escape pod.
And that's why you see such a fight to bring our beautiful republic and our great idea down, but the New World Order will fail in the end, because their globalism is the false globalism.
There will be a real globalism of humanity united under God, and that is coming on the other side of this fight.
We're coming to your town because we're an American band.
All right, Alex Jones here, your host.
I want to give the number out in this segment to start taking calls next segment on anything I've covered.
All I ask today is it be first time callers.
You want to get into the open borders, the FBI saying, hey, we just let smugglers bring kids in, give them to people with no records.
We exclusively aired yesterday.
In fact, I've got my yesterday clip.
I might play this here on the big show because we're on hundreds of stations right now.
Witnesses told us inside a man was saying, I want that woman, I want that woman, I want this woman.
We had a law enforcement lady undercover in there, local law enforcement.
I'll just leave it at that.
And we've been sent there by the Border Patrol sources.
And we met with the highest levels of law enforcement in the area.
So when the media tries to spin, oh, this is all fake.
Yeah, right.
Yeah, you wish it was fake.
We learned that men were inside that had come down and given money to the quote, Catholic charity.
That's about as Catholic as a $3 bill.
It's as phony as a $3 bill.
They were picking these women and children up, and they wanted women that didn't have men with them.
For labor, and to teach them the way of God the way they were going to teach them.
And let me tell you, the creep factor on this is, out of a 1 out of a 10, it's about an 11.
To quote your spinal tap stuff right there.
So this, this is the complete collapse of the border.
Totally insane.
I'm going to actually play a clip of that last segment of this hour, but here's the toll free number to join us.
And if you're outside the U.S.
and your toll-free number doesn't work for you, 512-646-1776.
The country code, 512-646-1776.
And we're still here in defiance of the globalists.
Still on air fighting, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to you.
So I want to take your calls on all of these issues, and I really look forward to doing that.
One thing I didn't get to with the, it's not even the ADL now.
I mean, the ADL was not as bad under Abe Foxman.
It's much worse under the new guy, because he's actually an Obama, works for Obama directly, which is basically a jihadi.
So now it's like a jihadi worship, open border worship, actually anti-Israel facility.
Again, I'm not even against Israel.
That's what I'm saying here.
I believe people have a right to a homeland.
But if you go look at what the ADL does today, the ADL actually now wants a two-state solution.
That's older ADL doctrine when they said you can't have replacement migration in Israel because if you bring in a majority of people from outside, especially Muslims, they'll overthrow us and kick us out, which of course is true.
I mean, we could bring in all these people from Latin America and teach them how to be Americans.
They'd make great people.
They're awesome.
Hell, most people I know, they're listeners.
I go to events, half of them are people that came here legally from all over the world, but a lot of them are Latin American.
They're great people, but they came here legally because they wanted to get away from communism, not come here and become it again.
So, that's why I never really attack the ADL or groups because it's different factions and it just, it feeds into what they want.
At the left is infighting.
But at a certain point, it's just too much.
Because Tucker Carlson reads from the official Democratic Party doctrine, he's now a Nazi?
How dare you?
Tucker Carlson's family fought the Nazis.
My family fought the Nazis.
How dare you?
How dare you come here when we saved you and do this to us?
How dare you?
If you have any decency, you'll cease and desist.
It's disgusting!
I actually know about Tucker Carlson's family and what they've done for this country.
People that know that stuff know that stuff.
You don't know anything about it.
How dare you?
We can talk about that.
But let's hit this right now before we go to break and come back with your calls.
And I'm just going to have time to read you the stack, because it's like 50 articles.
Now get ready for this.
You've got to go check these out for yourself.
Before I hit these, I thought I would just read this.
Billionaire Club in bid to curb overpopulation.
This is over 10 years ago in the Times of London saying that Bill Gates and others met in secret to discuss world government to carry out depopulation.
Right here at the end they talk about the world government they are forming.
Let us continue.
The island of St.
Vincent is holding everyone hostage so they take vaccines saying you can't leave with a volcano going off.
Total tyranny.
Only vaccinated people can be evacuated from Ireland to escape volcano, says Prime Minister, Infowars.com.
One in four Brits will refuse to go to pubs or restaurants if they have to show a vaccine passport.
That's fine, next we'll be able to shop at a grocery store.
This is a takeover.
When police start raiding our churches, you know the revolution has begun.
They are SWAT teaming churches all over Canada, all over Australia, all over England, but everything else can stay open.
This is total communism.
Big report at Band.video that just got posted.
Bill Gates admits to human depopulation program.
See the monster for yourself.
Supreme Court rules against Governor Newsom's limits on in-home religious gatherings.
Yeah, they want Soviet-style even banning those.
Human rights lawyer goes off on California Board of Education for wanting to secretly vaccinate children without telling their parents.
Huge video.
We'll play it at the start of the next segment.
Just call her a Nazi and have her taken away.
COVID vaccine clinic at Dick's Sporting Goods cancelled after many sent to the hospital sick.
But they say that's just part of it.
It's normal.
It's also normal, like, Maros Marvin Hagler and Hank Aaron and now DMX all dying.
Nearly 40%
Nearly 40% of Marines have declined COVID-19 vaccines.
Actually, read the number.
The vast majority have actually refused.
They're just spinning the numbers.
You gotta go read it for yourself.
Again, report rapper DMX received COVID jab before suffering fatal heart attack.
It's infinitely easier to kill a million people, including Americans, than it is to control them.
That's the adopted plan.
Real-world Israeli study shows South African variant can break through Pfizer vaccine.
That's what all the scientists said a year ago.
You can't have one for the common cold because it always mutates, and that's what COVID's based on.
All a fraud, but oh, now you gotta have a shot for every new variant every few weeks.
You shall still be wearing a mask even if you got the COVID-19 vaccine.
Here's why.
See, never take the mask off.
Once they get you in the trap, they never let you out of the trap.
Now they're trying to say children are all these bug monsters.
They've all got to wear masks.
They've all got to take shots forever.
Oh, the cult never ends.
You know, all the studies show if you're not in contact with people, you have no immune system, they get sicker.
They're teaching us we're all dirty, we're all bad for depopulation.
Spahr's plan 2025-2028, page 64 said, oh there's going to be neurological disorders from the vaccine, but we'll just claim it's a new virus doing it.
Well now, here it is.
One in three COVID survivors develop neurological or psychotic problems within six months.
Yeah, because they've taken the vaccine.
That's in the studies it does all of that.
That's just some of the news.
I'm Alex Jones with InfoWars.com.
The globalists have made their move.
The designed, great reset collapse of society is now.
Doesn't matter if you're black, white, Christian, Jewish, old, young, Muslim.
You're all under globalist attack.
That's why they're dividing and conquering us.
Come together.
The answer to 1984 is 1776.
You're listening to the Alex Jones Show.
Lee Dundas is a constitutional lawyer out in California.
All right, folks.
She was at an Orange County event where they're talking about inoculating children without parental consent and more.
She points out it's not a vaccine, it's gene therapy, and it violates law.
This is not an approved vaccine.
That's why they can't order the military to take it.
Yeah, and they can't order you to take any vaccine.
But it's all pure intimidation.
And then, during the break, I go, let me go to InfoWars.com.
I haven't checked my own site in about 15 minutes.
You know that big church in Canada?
Alberta, Canada, that they put the fence up around because they refuse to stay closed, but Walmart stays open down the street.
It's all the left, see what they can do?
They attacked it with 200 armed police in riot gear, like out of Tiananmen Square.
And I'm watching, we're getting the clubs right now.
We'll have it next segment for you.
I'm going to take some calls too, but here's the footage out of Orange County.
Lee Dundas, Human Rights Attorney.
Late last week, I am informed a meeting occurred between Orange County Health Officer Dr. Clayton Schell and Orange County Board of Education Superintendent Al Mahars, during which time they apparently tried to find a way to, quote, sidestep and entirely remove informed parental consent for the COVID vaccine and also turn Orange County school campuses into vaccination centers.
The COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental medical protocol authorized under the Emergency Use Authorization Act, and as such, you cannot mandate it for anyone, nor can you sidestep informed consent.
There is a reason that kids cannot smoke, drive, drink, have sex, vote, or die for this country, and it is because the law says they lack the capacity to understand those decisions, and that applies here more than ever.
Hear me loud and hear me well.
We will not be morphing our school campuses into COVID vaccine centers for delivery of an experimental medical protocol that killed every damned ferret in the last animal study they did, until such time they had to abandon that study, and then, and then they didn't even do the study this time around, because we are the study.
The last time humans launched a plan like this to conduct experimental medical protocols on vulnerable populations was in Joseph Mengele's direction.
He was an MD known as the Angel of Death, okay?
And he was part of the SS and in 1943 he was assigned to Auschwitz where he saw an opportunity to conduct gene research, quote, focused primarily on children with no regard for the health or safety of the victims.
This is off the internet, you can Google it.
You know what else is gene research?
Experimental COVID vaccines with the trans gene inside of it.
If you don't believe me, go pull the EUA application for the J&J shot.
I come from a long line of Eastern Europeans, Hungarians, and Romanian groups.
Groups that fled the persecution of the Red Terror communist death squads in the early 1900s.
And those of us who didn't make it to America ended up facing the Nazi death squads in the lesser-known Holocaust that was the Romani Holocaust.
There is a reason my daughter is named Katia.
Her Romani great-grandmother was Katarina Choma, and I, for one, have not forgotten the lessons of our history.
The Third Reich did not end with experiments on children, nor when those children died.
The Third Reich ended in 1946, when we put the doctors who committed these human experiments on trial in Nuremberg, and then we put them to death.
It ended with the adoption of the Nuremberg Code, so we would never repeat the sins of history.
And it states, and I quote, the voluntary consent of this human subject is absolutely essential.
Dr. Chow and Dr. Maharish, you are hereby on notice.
Last week, you appear to have knowingly hatched a plan to sidestep and or violate international, federal, and state law, not just the Nuremberg Informed Consent Language, but also the Black Letter Law of the EUA.
As well as California state law which punishes, and I quote, the willful failure to obtain a subject's informed consent by imprisonment in county jail for one year or the imposition of a $50,000 fine or both.
Through the planned insertion of experimental gene-altering protocols onto the very children, you were elected and charged with protecting, and tonight we are asking the Board of Education for an immediate letter of censure to these individuals, and if they don't resign, for an immediate notice of termination, and that letter also needs to go to the professional boards because they have no business being in these positions.
So help me God, the people of Orange County will hold this policy to account.
Okay, I want to get her on as a guest, probably a talk show host.
I mean, I love my wife, but I may have to marry her.
My spirit animal wife is that lady.
Wow, that's the spirit we need.
I love it.
I love it.
And she had three minutes to talk and she blasted them with pure truth.
Hey, Owen Schroeder does a great job and he works so many hours.
He's going on the border tomorrow.
And he was going to be hosting remotely today.
I'm going to give him the day off.
He deserves it.
You're going to get four hours of Alex Jones tonight on Sunday.
I'm hosting hour number three and hour number four.
And there's only six minutes of ads an hour then.
We just have ads for local stations.
So Sunday Live is going to be hosted by yours truly tonight.
So look for that.
I know Patrick Howley was scheduled to be on with a guest, so they want to come on second hour.
I'm happy to talk to those guys as well, but I see these loaded lines with Lissa and Ken and Andrew and Willard and Lucy and Matt and Elizabeth and Kevin and Kevin and Corey and Troy.
I'm going to your calls on the other side.
And we'll probably get to all these this hour in the next two segments, but if we don't, it's okay.
Because Tim Cook runs death camps, so that's all coming up.
Today, we're going to ask the ADL and Southern Poverty Law Center and Democratic Party, why do you help Apple and others run death camps while you tell us if we love the Second Amendment or America or low taxes?
We're Nazis!
We're sick of being called that, man!
And I've got all the footage of Antifa burning more police stations down.
Did you know now?
Did you know now that it'd be okay if Hitler killed all those people if he was gay?
I don't care if you're gay, actually.
My point is, is that Tim Cook's gay, and they go, well, it's okay, everyone's death camps in China.
I mean, he's gay.
I mean, he rides a bicycle to work.
I mean, it's like Pete Buttigieg.
I mean, it's not to me, it's not some feat that Pete's, you know, he's got boyfriends.
Oh, wow, that's so impressive, Pete.
And what else do you do?
Do you stay on your head?
But then he gets on his bike and stages all of that.
And rides one block to the White House saying he rode in 10 miles.
He's a fraud!
And that's why I don't like Tim Cook or Pete Bootyjudge or any of these people.
We're going to go to break.
Come right back to your phone calls.
Let me just throw this out there.
We had 2,000 in-game, a little bit for Global Enslavement, but I'd even forgotten we had three-hour documentary film made 14 years ago.
Evergreen exposes the whole globalist Great Reset depopulation.
I mentioned we only had 2,000.
They all sold in one day.
So I ordered 20,000 a month ago.
They came in Friday on an 18-wheeler from Chicago.
The levy broke from Chicago, and in came all those DVDs, and I'm selling them for $14.95 for one, $9.95
For two, $8.95 for three.
If you buy five, they're $5.95 a piece.
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But get one.
Make copies of it.
I don't care.
Blueprint for global enslavement.
Must have it in your library.
Donate it to your local library.
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It's incredible.
It's like what's happening now.
The Great Reset.
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Vitamin Mineral Fusion.
Alright, I'm gonna cover what's happening in Canada with our SWAT team raiding churches now with hundreds of riot police coming up here in just a moment.
But I wanted to air this very important report for all of you that really illustrates exactly
What we're facing.
This is from 1995.
It got reposted at Band.Video as the Jeff Davis Show, which is a local access show that did a great job, but technically, this was not from the Jeff Davis Show.
I remember when he aired this, he'd be airing this all the time, starting back in like 1995.
Where'd he get it?
He didn't know.
So the providence of this video is not known.
And so I'm simply asking everybody that watches this, millions of people tonight, to email us at showtipsatinfowars.com so I can find this church or group that made this about the Mark of the Beast and get them on.
26, 27, 28, 29 years later, and find out, you know, how they were so prescient about what's going on.
Because a lot of this dovetails with what's happening today.
If you want to see this full video on your radio listener, it's posted at band.video.
It's titled, 1997 Mark of the Beast.
Here it is.
And now, the XYZ Evening News with Donald Quick.
Good evening.
I'm Donald Quick with the XYZ Evening News.
Tonight, we have a special report on the new economic system that went into effect just last week.
Our special news correspondent, Shirley McMedia, brings you this report from a local supermarket.
Thanks, Don.
Behind me, you'll see what looks like a normal line of customers paying for their groceries.
But if you look very closely, you'll see that they're paying without money.
All the customers have to do is place their hand over the laser scanner.
It reads their personal identification number, then subtracts the amount of money they're paying for their groceries from the credit they have in their bank account.
We've come down here to get the enthusiastic reactions of some of the first people to receive their credit mark.
Ma'am, what do you think of the new cashless credit system?
Oh, goodness!
It's wonderful!
I don't have to fiddle around in my purse anymore looking for change or write checks.
It makes life so simple.
I mean, it's just totally cool.
Oh, the mark?
It's like my own personal number on my body.
Nobody can take it.
I can't even lose it.
Nobody can steal it.
It's totally awesome.
Yeah, I'm glad I got the mark.
I feel a lot safer now, and I'm glad they made it mandatory.
I think it'll make it easier for the law enforcement agencies to keep track on the criminals, and I think society will be a lot safer.
And speaking of criminals, the government has issued a law making it illegal to buy or sell without the new credit mark.
It is a criminal offense to refuse to get your own personal identification number.
Shirley McMedia, XYZ News, at your local supermarket.
Back to you, Don.
Thanks, Shirley.
You may be wondering, why would anyone want to refuse to get a credit mark anyway?
Here's an interview with a religious fanatic who was picked up just this afternoon for failing to have a credit mark.
In fact, he was picked up in front of a credit registration center for passing out pamphlets claiming
Why did you refuse to take the Mark?
Because the Bible warns all true Christians not to take the Mark or to worship the world dictator which is known as the Antichrist in the Bible.
So do you believe this is worth going to prison or even dying for?
Of course I do!
You know, I was arrested for warning other people about taking the Mark before it's too late.
You know, the Antichrist is going to be destroyed and Jesus is coming back soon and also it says
Now with me on the show tonight is Pastor Demkoff, the pastor of one of the largest and most respected churches in our city.
Pastor Demkoff,
Does the Bible really say that it's wrong to respect, honor, and worship our great world leader?
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I personally have received the mark myself, and I've advised my congregation to do the same.
It's mostly just these, like, religious fanatics who freak out about these type of things.
But if you would read the Bible, it clearly states in Romans 13, chapter 13, verses 1 through 7, that Christians should submit to the higher powers, as well as 1 Peter
Thank you very much, Pastor.
Now on to our next news feature.
How about the economic outlook?
The city has been rocked by a series of unprecedented natural disasters that have left relief and law enforcement agencies struggling to maintain law and order.
Tornadoes have been ravaging the Midwest and California was struck by the third Alright ladies and gentlemen, so we want to find out who put this piece out the full pieces at band on video and there it goes so that's that's like 26 27 28 years old at least Let's go to Elizabeth in Florida.
Thanks for holding plenty of time for all the callers.
I'm gonna host into Sunday live next hour go ahead Elizabeth.
You're on the air
Hi, Alex.
First of all, I'm not sure if you know who I am or not, but I want you to know that I like you and respect you very much without any filters or go-betweens or anything else.
But that being said... Well, I appreciate you.
Go ahead.
I did some research and I want to give this to you.
Basically, I know she was talking about the Nuremberg Code in that clip that you played.
And the Nuremberg Code, we have opted in sort of by proxy, but it's never been codified as part of our law in the United States.
Through the Hippocratic Oath, they said, well, doctors should respect all life.
Well, the Hippocratic Oath has been changed six times since then, and it doesn't really say that at all.
About 20 years ago, they began to get rid of it at most medical schools.
Well, that's right.
So, you know, some people say, well, okay, we're part of UNESCO, but we didn't opt into the world court.
So that's pretty useless as a remedy.
And also, I don't know if this fits in anywhere, but Obama signed that executive order approving behavioral experiments on the American public.
The American people have been subject to so much experimentation over
The course of, you know, at least the last century or more, that something really has to give here.
And when I get up this morning and I read the New York Times, and I see them still touting these vaccines after your sparse, amazing broadcast, amazing, outstanding, award winning.
I mean, I think you should win something for that.
It was so
Well, we're going to do a whole part two on that because it's all parallel.
It's incredible.
I mean, let's raise this.
Obama, nine, ten years ago, the headline, legalizes domestic propaganda.
That was real.
Everything else was beta test.
Then they went real, weaponized, race war, culture war.
CIA, at that point, legalized it.
Trump never figured it out, never was able to reverse it because he was so compartmentalized.
That's why they were so scared.
He almost ended it.
He did get us out of UNESCO.
The UN was in control of our border policy.
They're back in control again.
Isn't it incredible though to be in Beta New World Order and now be in Operational New World Order?
It is scary as hell, and I don't think people realize the risk that we are under at this very moment.
Oh ma'am, every instinct I've got is just to find the middle of nowhere place in the desert where nobody wants to go and just dig in.
I mean, this is moving so fast.
The lockdowns we just saw are just the prelude.
Can you imagine what it's going to be like in two years when tens of millions are dying from these vaccines?
We're going to be the people curating these individuals
We're going to be the people taking care of everyone.
Exactly, and then they're going to say though that, oh, the new virus got them because we didn't take the shot.
And logic won't matter at that point.
No, it's the shot that caused the whole thing.
It's the shot that's going to kill people, not the fake virus.
Powerfully said, Elizabeth.
And don't worry, callers.
Owen's going to pop in.
He's going to the border tomorrow.
So he's getting ready for that.
He'll pop in at the start of the next hour.
I'll continue on with your calls.
And then I think Patrick Alley was nice enough to host some of the shows.
That's a special guest.
So I don't want to totally cancel him.
I didn't know he was coming up.
I thought I'd guest host with Owen.
Then I learned he's getting ready to go to the border.
So there's just a lot happening here.
We'll be right back with more of your calls in a few minutes.
Thank you, Elizabeth.
That looks like thousands of people.
Thousands of people.
The story is on Infowars.com.
From NationalFile.com.
It's on Infowars.com.
200 armed riot police break up Christian church service.
Looks like thousands of people who saw this big church in Canada shut down.
A mile away is a Walmart.
Two miles away is another big store.
They can do whatever they want.
They can have full parking lots, whatever.
But the police, literally like something out of a nightmare science fiction movie,
Show up and start attacking them because you're not allowed to gather, period.
These are just shameful people, my God.
This is like Poland under the Soviets.
It's like Russia under the Soviets.
This is like North Korea.
Go ahead and roll this video with audio.
Start it over, please.
Now the shock troops are coming.
Wow, this is real.
So 200 cops against thousands of Christians.
God, they're monsters.
They have gas masks, so they're getting ready for, uh... All in their COVID cult.
Well, about half the cops are women.
Communists and Nazis need to be protected from Turkey!
You're on the wrong side!
So we're at close to 200 cops now.
Gas masks, visors and stuff.
Gas masks for gas.
200 cops.
This is the new Waco.
This happened just hours ago for one church.
I would have led the show with this.
Tiananmen Square, you know, now happening in Canada.
And they can't get all the churches.
So they're doing this as an example.
Wow, video.
200 armed police, riot police break up Christian church service.
They begin assaulting them.
Scroll down.
Oh, there's more videos getting posted.
They started pushing people out of the area.
Thousands of Christians showed up.
Beautiful job.
We just got to keep fighting peacefully for the truth.
And we have all the footage out of the UK of them coming in and breaking up churches.
This is the true face of the Marxist globalist evil.
Oh, but don't worry, Little Nass... In fact, let's cover this now, then I'll go to your calls.
I'm doing the whole next hour to go to your calls.
But I'll go to some of them here in a minute.
But Little Nass, who mainly does children's programs and does Sesame Street programs with Elmo, that's had its own connection to pedophilia and on police investigations with underage sex.
He rides a stripper pole, he has sex with the devil, then kills the devil, becomes Satan.
Well, now they have put out on a popular video game, and he's endorsed this, called Animal Crossing, where the children can play the part of the devil on the children video game and have sex with Satan and then Little Nas character, that's a new skin, a new character, you can now become the devil and then have anal sex with the devil,
And you go into a satanic temple, you have sex with Satan, and then you become Satan.
So, people are like, oh, well, you know, he's a children's music guy, but now he does shows for Sesame Street, but now, you know, he's an adult, he wants to have sex with Satan, you know, free speech, but the ADL doesn't want to talk girls and have free speech, and now they have sex, and he kills the devil and becomes the devil.
So, all of that gets free speech.
And it goes on and on.
Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Resides As Second Man Files Lawsuit Over New Underage Sex Allegations.
Well, that's Elmo, but maybe that guy's innocent.
Let's just go back to the video for TV viewers of the video game on average for 10-year-old girls, is what it's basically listed as, is a girls' video game, and little boys' video game, where you're not a little girl anymore, wearing one of the little George Soros pink hats.
You now turn into the devil,
And you go have sex with Satan, and then you become Satan.
You're impregnated by Satan, and then you become Satan.
And this is their revolution, just getting you used to it, and now forced inoculations, all of it.
They are just putting it all in your face.
Again, you're listening to the Alex Jones Show every Sunday night, 4 to 6 p.m.
I'll be hosting the
First hour, at least, of Sunday Live.
So I forgot, Owen is dispatching back down to the border with crew tonight or tomorrow morning, so I'll be hosting.
And Patrick Howley was asked to do some of it, so he'll be doing the fourth hour with two special guests on the whole trial going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and more.
So that's coming up.
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That's all.
Alright, we've got a bunch of callers holding.
Let's go to Kevin in Los Angeles.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, a little bit of audio problem there.
Go ahead and try again.
Go ahead, sir.
Okay, it's a pleasure and an honor to be able to speak to you.
Nice to talk to you, brother.
Go ahead.
I wanted to comment on Max Keiser.
First, let me preface with this.
Max Keiser is a really decent man and I respect him.
And he got me involved in cryptocurrency in 2012-2013.
I bought Bitcoin.
And I invested about $5,000.
We're into Bitcoin alone because that's all there was.
But he's a well-known, what we call in the industry, a Bitcoin maxi.
And he's all about Bitcoin.
Nothing else matters.
And I think that's the wrong attitude, especially knowing what I know.
He talks about CBDC, Central Bank Digital Currencies.
I speak about them too, but I also know that the central banks are
Building on a private network that was given to them by a company called Ripple, and they have an XRP token that they're going to utilize, and the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, they're all signed on.
The IMF, the World Bank.
Let me ask you this way, because that's the problem.
I never got into Bitcoin, all the fighting about it, all the endless this, that.
Is there an article about this?
Is there someplace I can go read your synopsis?
Well, I haven't wrote anything about it, but I do have a Pinterest blog, I guess, a blog that I post a lot of content on.
Okay, so you have written about it.
So tell us about that.
Well, it's a blog.
I'm talking about collapsing borders, world government, new world order, all that stuff.
Cryptocurrencies are great, whatever.
I'm just saying, talk to me like I'm five years old.
I mean, what's the bottom line?
You're saying you don't like Bitcoin.
No, it's not that I don't like Bitcoin.
I still own Bitcoin.
But I have a lot of other coins.
So you don't like Max Keiser being Bitcoin-centric?
I hear you and I appreciate your call, Kevin.
I really do.
I'm just not smart enough about that to be able to have some discussion with you.
It's like some aficionado of 57 Chevys and they're telling me about the type of
Heads it's got, I don't know about it.
I know about the combustion engine, I just don't know about the 57 Chevy.
You know what I mean?
Okay, listen.
I'm going to start the next hour.
And we call it Sunday Live.
And we did this during the election.
I may give the crew a break.
I may cancel Sunday Live soon.
I'm not going to cancel this Sunday show.
I've been doing the Alex Jones Show for 15, 16 years from 4 to 6 p.m.
But it cannot be fair to my crew, though, making them come up here on Sunday to do more.
We may not even do it in a couple of weeks because we've got so much to do in the field, so much happening.
It's like a specialty show we did 6 to 8 p.m.
But tonight, it'll still be live.
And so Sunday Live is coming up.
Some stations carry it, some don't.
But if they're not, go to band.video or infowars.com forward slash show right now.
Or just keep watching the main network feed at infowars.com.
And I'm going to come back and get up there on Owen, go to the boardroom bar, and then I'm going to just run through your calls.
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