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Name: 20210410_Sat_Alex
Air Date: April 10, 2021
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In this episode of InfoWars, Alex Jones promotes a documentary alleging a government war game parallel to COVID-19 and encourages listeners to support his show. The discussion then shifts to concerns over child abuse at a migrant facility in Texas due to Biden's open border policies, with calls for action from Governor Abbott. A video featuring an anonymous border patrol agent discusses the crisis at the southern US border, highlighting cartel involvement in human trafficking and the Biden administration placing children with sex traffickers. The UN's "replacement migration" plan and its impact on American politics is also addressed, followed by a discussion on transhumanism as a part of a technocratic agenda. Finally, the video explores the metaphysical aspect of Satanism and its connection to degenerate media, concluding with a call to action against globalist elites like Bill Gates and Henry Kissinger aiming for a New World Order.

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One of the things that I would recommend for people to go look at, and I don't care what you think about this guy who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday.
It's basically a documentary
And late in the afternoon, so I watched it last night.
And it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars.
And the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this.
I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday, and it's called an emergency broadcast, and it's based on InfoWars, and it's based on the whole COVID lie.
And Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail,
of a of a war game that our government did back in the 2016-2017 time frame with with you know under a different name and they called it SPARS instead of SARS COVID right and it's this incredible runs parallel to everything that's going on today even in the war game that they did almost five years ago now four years ago now
In the war game they even put out social media things like tweets and such and in the tweets that they use in the war game they use the exact same tweets over the last year.
I mean the exact same words the exact same hashtags and it's like it's one big setup.
So let me so that's just this thing that this thing that Alex Jones put out yesterday it needs to get out in a bigger way because Alex walks through
And again, whatever, I don't care what people think of him.
He's incredibly detailed in his research.
He loves this country.
He is a patriot.
And he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
And there's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist.
Because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
And in this particular documentary that he does, it's fascinating.
And there's an awful, awful lot of parallels in it from what was done in a war game, so to speak, quote-unquote.
And then what we, what the reality is that we're facing.
Tomorrow's news, today.
It's Saturday, April 10th.
The year is 2021.
I am your host, Alex Jones, coming to you from deep in the tart of Texas, Austin, in our embattled republic that is going under United Nations control.
We've seen a stolen election.
We see the corrupt CHICOM agent puppet coming for our guns.
The leftist media is attacking
The family is attacking Christians.
Target is publishing books with satanic verses about cursing and destroying white people.
And CNN is saying that to be white is inherently evil.
The ADL is basically writing the script for all of this.
They have come out and called for Tucker Carlson to be fired and for Mark Zuckerberg to be arrested because he allows some free speech.
We're going to be covering it all today.
Now, as you know, many of you, we got back from the border.
I did on Tuesday night.
The crew stayed down there longer and got back exhausted.
We've now had time to review the footage and to say it's bombshell is putting it lightly.
If you think all the international headlines about us running into the child smuggler and the kids crammed in the trunk and the police grabbing the kids and all of that was huge.
The crew the next day got even more
And we've just started processing it on Thursday and Friday when they got back and began to air some of it yesterday.
You stayed up here late yesterday and got up here this morning to get more of it together for you to present it here.
And it confirms and backs up everything Governor Abbott is saying about sex trafficking, human trafficking, sex abuse being rampant.
And the new Project Veritas whistleblower videos that were released today as well that Veritas was shooting while we were there as well.
But you don't talk about Fight Club.
So we were in the very same town as they were at the same time.
We also have whistleblower interviews that we've not put out yet that are just as damning from law enforcement concurring with what Project Veritas
Just released so we're gonna be premiering some of that here today and tomorrow on my regular Sunday syndicated show But there's so much breaking you notice almost every Saturday now.
We're up here doing these long-form basically commercial free transmissions We have a few breaks at the start and end of each hour for stations to join us but the bulk of the transmission is commercial free
Now that's the first hour of the show, of the special report this Saturday of the emergency broadcast.
Then we're going to look at SPARS 2025-2028, one week after we really pushed that out of the consciousness.
General Flynn didn't just publicly come out and endorse our analysis and said everybody should watch it.
It's been seen over 20 million times and I know of online right now.
Several million times, three or four million times on band on video.
But it's having a major effect on the globalists and a major effect on people, not just here in the US, but worldwide in intelligence community in Britain, the UK, Australia.
Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel are all paying attention right now because the analysis is dead on and General Flynn's very respected as a former head of defense intelligence.
He did a lot of remarkable work around the world.
So that's a big thank you to him helping get this information out and for the crew staying on me to make sure we did a big report on it.
And of course we're going to be digging into this in depth.
With Jay Dyer, who hosted the fourth hour yesterday.
Jay Dyer is a great researcher and in the 45 minutes he had in airtime in the fourth hour yesterday, he laid out a lot of new books and a lot of old books by globalists that are quoted by Klaus Schwab.
And by others that I had not read.
I knew who the people were, but I had not read their books.
He has them specifically saying they're going to do a mass inoculation with cancer viruses in it.
And mass inoculations of genetically engineered material to mutate humanity.
To kill off most of us, but to also force evolution and create Ubermension or Superman.
So it sounds like the bad plot of an Avengers comic book movie.
So I was watching him hold up the book, show the quotes.
I wanted to get him on commercial free to really be able to hold the books up, show you the page numbers, tell you who the folks are, because these are the top scientists of their time.
The inventor of the polio vaccine, Salk, the current quote, Graham Poobah, Fauci, all of them, not just Bill Gates saying depopulate.
And I got a call, several calls yesterday,
And so I know that that's in the ethers, I need to really cover it, from national talk show hosts saying, Hey, I'm having debates with my friends, my family, my colleagues about Bill Gates and depopulation.
Will you send me a short video boil down of that?
And we've got a lot of long videos, 20 minute reports, hour reports, hour reports.
But I thought, how about just making a five minute video?
Kind of like that little short two minute one I sent Joe Rogan a few months ago when they said, Jones is lying.
80% don't get sick when they take the Pfizer vaccine in trials.
And then I sent him Bill Gates saying it on CBS News and it got 5 million views on his Instagram and really shut them up.
They were calling for my episode on Spotify with him.
It's now got over 40 million views, 18 million on YouTube to be taken down.
And the reason we list these numbers to you is praise God and praise you, not at the same level of God, but I thank you for your word of mouth.
You are the detonators that caused the larger chain reaction explosion that is sending this critical information to the future of the species out.
So you can see Jay Dyer's 45-minute breakdown.
He's got another 50 minutes of ads during the regular commercial show that's syndicated on radio and TV.
He'll have more time here today, but new discoveries revealed in SPARS 2025-2028, the population document.
Very important 45 minutes he did.
If you want to just bypass me here tonight, go right to that, but he'll be coming up in the second hour of this commercial-free installment.
Separately, before I plow into all this and bring a special guest in here, Tim Inlow, my head of security and a great researcher, who really is a great journalist, and who's been begrudgingly pushed into it, but now he likes it because he knows it's effective to do good work.
Before I bring him in, I just want to say something up front here.
We've not been bringing in the capital needed to keep our operation on the year at the level it's at.
And quite frankly, I want to expand, I want to have a bunch of reporters at the border all the time.
Replacement migration plan to break our borders like they've done in Europe is really one of the keys in their takeover operation.
We have all their documents we're going to show you.
Their operation can't succeed if we really do what we can do.
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Editing, running cameras, doing research, you know, driving to the border, doing it all.
We need really 10 more people.
We need a couple more editors.
We need more research.
We need more camera people.
We need more undercover folks.
And folks also see us down there engaging with the cartels and stuff.
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I want to thank you all for keeping us here on air.
Let's go ahead and go to a short report introducing what we're about to break down.
I'm gonna bring Tim Inlow in here in studio in just about a minute and a half after we play this clip to lay into this.
But here's Governor Abbott saying that they've confirmed that there is sex abuse going on in these out-of-control federal facilities that are seeing tenfold the number of children they used to see.
Just a week ago, it was 15,000 unaccompanied children in these facilities.
Now it's 20-something thousand.
Most of them don't even get picked up by the Border Patrol.
They disappear into the country.
And we now have footage of women with babies that aren't theirs, literally flying with these babies.
God doesn't know where.
And we have the witnesses and whistleblowers who have been there.
This is coming up.
We have video of some of this.
When men come in from around the country, California,
New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and they say, Hey, I'm here for single women.
I'm here with single women with children.
I want to take them to my ranch.
I want them to work for me.
And they pick the ones they want and they're taken and put on an airplane with them and disappear without even being documented.
And the nuns
Are taking the cell phones away from these women.
I want to thank everybody for taking the time to be out here today.
In particular, I want to thank the Texas Rangers who joined with me today.
Earlier today, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
And the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services separately received tips that allege child abuse and neglect at the federal government's child migrant facility at the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio behind me.
These problems are a byproduct of President Biden's open border policies and the lack of planning for the fallout
So there is the governor of Texas, who I wish would do more, who I wish would have the Texas Rangers start arresting people for this illegal smuggling.
Because just because Biden tells people to rush the border, he hasn't signed an executive order which would not make it legal, courts would overturn it, because
We have federal immigration law.
It's also common law.
It's common sense.
But we have a federalist system, meaning the feds aren't dominant, the states aren't dominant.
The people are dominant.
And if one group gets out of whack, the states or the feds, then they're supposed to bring each other into balance.
We need the state legislatures to take action now.
I mean, you can't swing a stick in the dark in South Texas and not hit a smuggling operation.
We've got 18-wheelers crashing, full of dead illegals, smugglers caught, shootouts,
I mean, this is Wild Wild West.
Here's some of the headlines right here, and we'll get Tim Enlis' take on this.
Biden's border czar abruptly quits despite no crisis.
House passes legislation to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants.
It's official.
Democrats want illegal aliens voting in U.S.
But don't say that or the ADL will call for your arrest.
Yes, they want you arrested now if they disagree with you.
That's the closest thing the Nazis I've seen in my lifetime.
And the media even spins it.
Oh, Abbott claims child sex abuse, neglect of migrant children at San Antonio migrant facility.
We've already talked to the whistleblowers and we've got new Veritas footage of them talking to whistleblowers as well coming up who've witnessed the raping.
Oh, and look at this, AP, US Waves.
FBI checks on caregivers at new migrant facilities.
How'd they waive the law?
You can't waive the law.
Who is this US?
You mean the globalist Tricon puppet?
Joe Biden?
That's Associated Press.
We told you this weeks ago.
Snopes came out and said it's not true.
Nothing's being waived.
They're waiving it because a lot of them are sex traffickers.
They're not just trying to get cheap labor.
They're not just trying to take folks in the interior of the country and sign them up for welfare and then milk them.
Migrants freed without court notice, sometimes no paperwork.
And the people doing it have gang tattoos for MS-13 on them.
That's our latest reported Bandit video.
Human smuggler with baby and cartel tats confronted at airport.
And from there it goes on and on.
Why is all this so incredibly important?
Well, we just so happened to go to one of the Catholic Charities, really a leftist front group.
That has buses and vans and cars dropping kids off and picking them up every 10-15 minutes, and we saw people putting them in a trunk illegally.
We went and stopped them, called the police.
The police stopped them.
First, the left said we faked the whole thing.
Then they go, well, it's real, but he staged it by calling them smugglers.
The whole thing's illegal.
When they came across the border, it's illegal.
When they're being stuffed in the back of vehicles and waiving federal aviation regulations and laws and are put on planes with no ID, but we've got to show ID.
It's all illegal.
It's all smuggling.
But see, they've now defined it as, well, Biden says we can.
Absolutely insane.
Look at these headlines.
New York to give illegals who lost work during pandemic one-time payments of $15,600.
But citizens don't get that.
They get a $1,400 check from the feds.
They're trying to get them to come here because they control them because they're a permanent underclass.
Yes, that's a baby with a woman that's not her mother about to be put on an airplane.
We caught that footage.
And Tim confronted her.
Look at this.
South Texas finding bodies of illegals on their land.
And it's the cartels killing him.
It is lawless.
It is insane.
It is so dangerous.
spends $6 million per day to house unaccompanied migrant children.
This is bankrupting the country as well.
So this is the controlled implosion of the country.
When you try to talk about it, you get censored, you get blocked, but it's worse than that.
The ADL and others want Tucker Carlson removed off the air because he quoted the Democrats, I'm going to show you where they said it, saying we're going to bring in
Millions of illegals a year.
Give them driver's licenses to vote, which they're now doing in these states, and we're going to vote out the American people and dominate you and the UN calls it replacement migration.
I'll show you the UN website.
Then the left teaches white people are inherently bad and tries to teach all these new brown people to be racist.
You see it all over the news and then it's globalist checkmate divide.
You look young, but you're a lot older than even I am.
So you've got a long in the tooth there.
You've got a lot of experience, and you've been down the border quite a bit with our teams, with myself, what you witnessed.
We're going back down, obviously.
The fact this is just out in the open, you've never seen anything like it.
And then we're going to drill through a lot of exclusive footage we haven't shown yet that's going to blow people away.
Yeah, absolutely.
My time on the border goes back to 1989 when I worked down there with the Texas National Guard under Task Force Guardian.
And the differences that I see today versus when I first worked down there, like you said, calling it the Wild Wild West,
When you read some of the old books on the Texas Rangers and stuff, that's really what we have going on today.
It's complete lawlessness on the U.S.
southern border.
And the border is wide open.
And we documented that on all the videos that we posted.
The gates are open.
The wall is not finished.
Border patrol is stretched beyond thin.
They've got humongous, mile-long holes in their line that people just walk
Tens of thousands a day that are turning themselves into them.
They're completely overwhelmed.
Yeah, last month, 170,000 apprehensions last month.
And we know for everyone that's apprehended, at least three to five get through.
And so 170,000 in one month, what does that tell you?
How many are flooding into this country right now?
Every single day, every single week, every single month.
You shot a lot of vile reports down on the border just as a necessity.
I said, Hey, I need another reporter to get in there.
You did a great job.
Repeat some of the things you broke down publicly, but also privately to me about where this is all going and, and, and just the loss of America's soul to allow this level of crime and trafficking and rape to go on and have the corporate media trying to cover it up is just, it's just next level.
Yeah, I mean, the first time we went down with Owen, I immediately, within a few hours, we took a look at the situation on the border, and I mentioned to Owen, I said, listen, there's a literal human smuggling pipeline going on here, and from everything that I'm seeing, it's government sponsored.
It's literally government sponsored.
And we started following vehicles, we started going to the airports, we started going to these Catholic respite centers, COVID testing centers, and we started following these people.
And within, literally within a few short hours, we had exposed a complete pipeline that is U.S.
government sponsored through the Biden administration.
I want to go over some of these clips, play some of these exclusive clips that have been given to us by whistleblowers and other things here in just a moment.
But let's talk about that and we'll get to the video coming up later.
Charity Helping Migrants says Alex Jones used stage confrontation to allege trafficking.
Now, they go on to admit it was real and that they were cramming kids in a trunk and they were being flown off to, you know, to some other city via the airport, but that I made them look bad by calling them smugglers.
You've been in every angle of law enforcement.
You know the law.
Is this smuggling?
And did we stage anything?
First of all, we staged nothing.
We were walking from the COVID testing site toward the Catholic Center when I looked up and I saw these kids being crammed into
We're good to go.
And it's shameful, it's shameful what they're doing down there.
We confronted one of the smugglers, and you'll talk about that later, but on every limb of her body, her both legs, both arms, she had the Santo Muerte tattoo, which anyone in law enforcement knows is a patron saint that the drug dealers, the drug smugglers, and the human smugglers pray to.
Yeah, and they pray to that for success in their illegal business.
Holy death!
And she had it on every single limb as she's carrying the baby into the airport.
I don't know what else our government needs to step in, but then again, our government's involved.
Remember what Pelosi said.
She said there is no crisis on the border, and that yesterday she said that, but she also said MS-13, that is human sacrifices, they were the first to worship the Rim Reaper like this in association with crime.
They actually said publicly that they're doing all this.
Yeah, absolutely.
And look, the proof is in the pudding.
Anyone that wants to come down to the border, I'll be happy to show them the human pipeline that we expose down there.
It's not hard to find.
They're not hiding it.
It's just that no one's covering it.
So nobody's hiding it other than the mainstream media who refuses to cover it.
But it's all out in the open.
They're marching these people from one point to the next in broad daylight.
And they're waiving federal law.
The president can't do that.
Yeah, absolutely.
No one can do that.
I mean look, if you and I go to the airport, the very first person we encounter is a TSA agent who says, let me see your driver's license at the little podium, right?
That's the very first person that we encounter.
Down in McAllen, the very first person that the illegals are taken to is a border patrol agent at the security checkpoint, who then allows them to go through to be able to get on the plane.
And this is all done to circumvent the U.S.
And by the way, the crew's showing this right now.
They check one woman's stuff and then they just wave them all the way through.
And no one else has checked.
They have babies with them.
And there's no DNA testing being done anymore.
There's nothing done.
Remember, they found up to 14% of the children were not with a family member last time.
And it shows, right?
It absolutely shows.
Well, we also have some footage that they can dig out that some of the crew shot when you were down there last week.
Where there's children trying to pull away from men and women crying, I want my mommy, I want my mommy.
Anybody knows what that is, but in law enforcement, you're obviously trained.
You can tell when a child is not with their parent.
Yeah, that's absolutely right.
And even if you look in the vehicle that we were in, right, there was one woman in there and the children, there was a bunch of kids and it was clear from their interaction that they were not all her children, okay?
And that's becoming more and more obvious when we go to these airports and we're looking and talking with these migrants.
You can see the interaction between the kids and some of these migrants and you know they're not paternally related.
You can just tell that they're not.
And, you know, they're bringing friends' kids across, they're bringing distant relatives.
They're bringing 10, 11, 12-year-old girls that are obviously pregnant.
Show clip six.
This is one of the children that was packed into the hatchback that we stopped, that they then diverted into the migrant center until we left.
I mean, we don't know what happened to these poor people.
We were just there, you know, trying to stop them illegally transporting them.
But here's the footage.
I mean, she's probably 10, 11 years old.
Probably, what, eight months pregnant?
And that's the most disturbing thing, is that there's just no checks and balances right now being conducted by any of our federal agencies.
Not by Border Patrol, not by ICE, not by U.S.
No one, no one is sitting there and installing any kind of safety checkpoints for these people.
And we're literally, the U.S.
government is placing these kids and these women in vulnerable, exploitive situations.
In violation of federal law.
And that makes them complicit in the smuggling.
Now we know what triggered all of this and so we're going to play the clip here in a moment of Joe Biden when he was candidate Biden saying, when I win, because he knew he was going to win, he famously said to people at a campaign stop, it was like 10 people, he said, I don't need you to vote to win, I'm going to win.
He said, if you are
Out there, in the world, outside the U.S., if I win, immediately surge the border to break the border.
I mean, they know what they're doing.
Obama already tested this out.
Yeah, this is all designed.
And listen, these people have a 10, 20, 40 year plan.
There's no doubt about that.
And they know what they're doing.
They know what they're doing by flooding our border and creating this crisis.
And then they facilitate the crisis.
They literally assist and get active.
Ladies and gentlemen, they are exploiting these people.
And we've got some powerful exclusive clips.
In fact, we're going to start right now.
But a lot we haven't released yet because we're busy talking to lawyers.
I'm going to reach out to the Texas Rangers and even if they are part of the problem, the FBI, because it's just my responsibility to do it.
But let's talk about that.
I showed the AP article earlier.
When we said two weeks ago, this was in the Gateway Pundit, and it was in Breitbart, because they talked to the Border Patrol, they told them that, hey, we're told don't even do background checks on people.
We witnessed that at the main Donna facility, people not being checked, ID not being checked, people just being waved in, that it turned out were with some pretty bad organizations.
But what is it like to read the Associated Press
Saying that, hey, it's true, not just the people in the facilities, but who they're being given to, they're not running background checks on.
No, that's exactly right.
And we've spoke, like you said, we spoke to a number of ICE agents and Border Patrol agents, and they literally said some of them literally are close to resigning because they just can't stand watching these sexual acts take place, these sexual crimes take place in the detention centers.
It's disheartening to them.
I don't know how long I can work here anymore.
I mean, if you're a 15-year-old, quote, Guatemala City kid, so it's like you're 30, raping little kids, other little kids that have obviously been raped, doing horrible sex acts to each other, because they're all stacked on top of each other, and then no one can do anything, and there's all these weird leftist SJWs that have the political power, the same type of woman that stopped Ted Cruz at that facility, that's who's in charge.
And they literally, they're protecting... Oh, by the way, we saw them when we were at the Donna facility for hours, bullhorning them, laughing at us.
We saw the college grad SJWs that are in charge ordering Border Patrol around, ordering National Guard around.
They're in charge now.
That's exactly right.
If you talk to Border Patrol agents like we did, they'll tell you off record that they have been basically completely emasculated.
They cannot do their jobs anymore.
They've been told to stand down.
And Clinton Global Initiative
And these U.N.
and Obama Initiative Peace Corps types aren't Peace Corps that go and help people around the world now.
They are our political commissars.
They're the contact tracers.
This is the new political class that's in charge.
That's exactly right.
I'll throw over here with a helicopter.
Keep going.
Yeah, no, and like I said, it goes beyond telling the Border Patrol to stand down.
Now the orders are, assist the illegal immigrants into getting into the country.
That's what Border Patrol is being told to do.
And it's gut-wrenching when you see it because they're so demoralized right now.
They are so demoralized.
Everywhere we went, Border Patrol agents, even when we had the cameras running, as soon as the camera would be out of earshot, they would say, thank God you're here.
We did have one guy say, hey, get back, let me do my job.
He was disgorging him on the bus.
Yeah, exactly.
Because he was literally part of the pipeline.
And if you notice, he removed his name tag.
Him and his partner.
After they got out of the van, once they saw the cameras, they immediately removed their name tags.
So a little tip, you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself if you're doing this.
Yeah, exactly.
That's exactly right.
And it's a shame that the chief of the US Border Patrol is not standing up for his people and saying, look,
We have to put a stop to this.
What we're being ordered to do is immoral and unethical.
And notice as archetypally, as all this evil's going on, as antivirus burning cities and BLM, and as we're locked down, the left are all wearing masks.
It's a symbol of criminality.
Sure, absolutely.
And it's conditioning, right?
It's human conditioning and people are falling for it.
But, you know, people need to stand up.
The Border Patrol needs to stand up.
And I just want to say right now, we support the rank-and-file Border Patrol agents 100%.
We know it's not their idea.
We know they're not doing this on their own.
They're being ordered to do this by...
They need to whistle blow, and they need to speak out.
That's their right.
Speak out, speak and stand up.
Because if they all, through the union, which has been doing a great job, stand up and say we're not accepting this, we're not a party to sex trafficking, Biden did this, it's his fault, like the Mexican President said this is Biden's fault.
Yeah, absolutely.
Look, there comes a time when you've got to draw a line in the sand, and if sex trafficking... This is exclusive footage given to us by local law enforcement.
And if you're not willing to stand up when you're seeing children and women being human smuggled and sex trafficked, if you're not willing to stand up for that, where is your line in the sand?
Where is the red line?
Because for me, going down there, that was my red line.
That's why I jumped behind the camera.
That's why I started showing this.
Because we can't have this anymore.
Usually you don't want to be on camera.
Well, that's right.
You do a great job organizing events.
You're not just a security person.
You do a great job helping organize our trips and our travel and everything.
Tim, you're awesome.
But you suddenly want to be on camera.
What was that point?
Yeah, absolutely.
Because like I said, when myself and my security team were down there, we just couldn't believe what we were seeing.
We were absolutely flabbergasted.
And even my guys, several of my guys came up to me and said, you know that oath we took when we joined the military?
He's like, apparently that oath doesn't mean anything anymore because the U.S.
government is selling our country out.
And your guys have been all over the world.
They were the most shocked ever.
Yeah, I mean, they were literally upset.
Like, very, very... Well, that's because they saw buses and cars of children with no IDs even checked being delivered into drug cartel operatives' hands and disappearing.
You better be upset.
And that's why, finally, when they were putting them in a hatchback, we had a reason to confront them and get in their face.
Because you're sitting there watching the smuggling and you know you'll get arrested if you try to stop them because things are so upside down.
And as you know, there was an even darker episode that took place after that, and we'll get into that, I guess, a little bit later.
Yeah, let's start moving through all this.
So that's just the preface, that's just the setup for all this.
As we're debriefing the world here, we're not supposed to do this.
The Southern Poverty Law Center, the Democratic Party, the ADL are literally calling for people to be put in prison.
They're calling for Mark Zuckerberg to be arrested if he even allows any of our material on his site.
They're calling for Tucker Carlson to be fired.
They do not want this information getting
One of the most important reports was filed a week ago on April 1st, exclusive video, Biden's massive illegal immigration pipeline exposed.
That all hasn't crystallized in three minutes at Bandot Video.
I hope you'll share that.
Okay, so we just showed you some of the B-roll and we'll roll that again for folks that just tuned in.
Clip 18 of what they got a week ago, Project Veritas, from one of the workers who saw children living with rattlesnakes, mosquitoes and tarantulas and everything else.
I mean, it's bad down there, folks.
On the side of the river at a secret illegal facility.
Border Patrol told us about this as well, but we couldn't get anybody inside to get his footage.
Well, Project Veritas did, and we're talking thousands a day process through there, sleeping in the dirt with rattlesnakes, with
Scorpions, you name it, then loaded and then just taken and just turned over to these, quote, Democrat-controlled charities.
So there's some of the footage of the children, again, crawling around on the ground that you've seen.
Here is some exclusive footage we were given.
This is showing it's still ongoing at that very site there under the International Bridge outside McAllen, Texas.
Here is some of the video, exclusive video, of the dirt floor camp still operating.
You see folks being loaded on another bus.
And you see buses everywhere.
The media's like, how did he catch this on tape?
It's like saying, how did he catch it?
How did he catch the sun up this morning?
I mean, it's going on at a massive level.
Yeah, absolutely.
Like I said, I was just reading this morning, and this is again, this is like in the McAllen area sector of South Texas.
I was just reading the stats this morning.
Down in Laredo, and people need to understand, what we're showing or what our video showed last week, that's one small sector.
These sectors are spread over the entire Rio Grande Valley.
Laredo alone is reporting an 890% increase in stopping criminal aliens on the border.
And Arizona and California reporting similar numbers.
And so this is going on across the southern border.
And how long is the Texas border?
Like 200 miles?
300 miles?
I don't know right offhand.
200 plus miles last time I checked with Mexico and it's all insane.
Yeah, absolutely.
And you know, and again in that same article they mentioned MS-13, you know, they mentioned six, seven different gangs that they stopped gang members with weapons coming across.
And so I want to say this to the viewers out there, you're just as important as Tim and I are.
Be careful, be lawful if you go down there, but you should all, if you have a conscience, I think go down there and document.
But I want to commend the folks that gave us that footage that we just showed you.
So there are good people, and it is, people always bash the police.
It's local police that are mainly helping us get the information and the intel that we've been getting, as well as Border Patrol.
Yeah, and in my experience, the people down there, they want people to come down and document that.
We had so many residents that came up and thanked us and said, thank God somebody's here that's exposing this.
They wanted to give us their surveillance footage from their home cameras where, you know, they're having 15, 20 illegal aliens jumping across their backyard fence at night and being picked up by coyotes right in their driveway.
Right in their driveway of their house.
And they're scared.
And that's even more insane exclusive stuff we've got.
The problem is we've got great teams that get so much footage, but then we have limited teams to get it out.
Because when you've got 10 hours of footage, and I'm not complaining folks, it's just, believe me, some of this stuff you haven't seen yet is about to come up.
Now let's continue here with clip 3.
Let's go ahead and roll this.
This is...
Exclusive, this shows us tracking the same bus from that illegal under the bridge facility, then going and dumping the children off in McAllen, and then they go to the so-called Catholic charity, and then are given envelopes of cash, their cell phones are taken, they're handed over to basically traffickers that mule them to wherever they're going, and then we had witnesses that were speaking in Spanish that we interviewed that are law enforcement, I'll leave it at that, that told us, hey, go check this out, we'll cover that next,
Where people are inside the facility saying, I want that woman, I want this woman, I'm going to teach them the Lord at my ranch, and they're being given them.
So, we're almost like advertising for this here.
This is so evil.
We're going to put faces up, we're showing faces of children, because these are smuggled children, and so it's good to have a record of who they are, ladies and gentlemen.
And people say, why aren't you blurring their faces out?
Because these are supposed to be ghost children.
They're being brought in illegally.
They're being disappeared illegally.
I don't care if Biden waved a wand.
He didn't even sign an executive order.
This is all color of law garbage and I'm not following his magic order.
I'm not bowing down.
So we're deliberately showing their faces.
Wouldn't you want if your child had disappeared or you were some baby being handed off at an airport no one knows to where?
Hopefully there'd be some video at least of the crime being committed.
Yeah, absolutely.
It's important we expose this, and it's important Americans get involved.
Alright, roll it with audio just for context.
Here's clip three, as we show you the entire chain of the smuggling.
Here it is.
That is, again, the Border Patrol going across to the illegal encampment, picking up the kids.
Keep rolling it.
Full screen, please.
I want them to see the serial numbers.
See that bus number?
Here's the same bus dropping them off.
And we have them then going to the charity and then the airport.
Here it comes, same bus.
And we've got even more investigations going on, I'll just leave it at that.
But no, they don't even hide this.
Got the fist bump going on here, they're taking their name tags off.
Financial assistance.
Debit cards that they have have over $1,200 per person on them.
They are then taken to the McAllen Airport and unmarked vans.
And then they're released into the United States to a destination city of their choice.
Here we go again, folks.
Buses come every 15 to 20 minutes.
And you know, we smuggled kids.
Everybody made the point.
Now their faces are covered.
People made the point that the Globals were doing this so that when they smuggled kids within a regular group of kids, they were able to cover it up.
Isn't that interesting?
Masked children being led in behind trarts.
And then they end up going 400 yards down the street to the facility where we saw them being crammed in the back of a car.
Yes, it's really important to point out to people that once they walk off that bus, Border Patrol completely washes their hands of them, and they are free.
At that point, they are free.
And from that point, some dubious organizations get involved to traffic them further into the United States.
But Border Patrol washes their hands of them once they release them in downtown McAllen.
Okay, we are up to clip.
Number three, we have 23 clips.
We're obviously not going to get to all of these, but I want to give attention to every facet of this.
But let's air the report that they're demonizing so much in full, and we'll come back after this, and then we'll move to the really sick stuff.
And believe me, it gets even worse, folks.
We've got all the eyewitnesses, we've got the whistleblowers, and we have the footage.
And we're going to be talking about
All of this.
And some people we like to talk to.
We like them to answer some questions for us coming up.
So you've seen people go in and shop for produce.
You squeeze the produce.
You fumble around with it.
You check it.
You find out which type of produce you want.
You're about to see some of that.
But here is the report that the sickening evil media and Snopes says isn't real.
Here it is.
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
You got those smuggled children illegally!
We need the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids in the car seat!
Here come the kids with the migrants from all over Central America, Honduras, Guatemala, you name it, right?
Now keep in mind, once they go into this facility, the Border Patrol completely washes their hands of them.
If they test negative, they're marched right down the street to the Catholic Charity.
From there, they're given clothes, food,
You got a car seat for them?
Where are you taking these kids?
That's illegal.
You get in a traffic accident, those kids are going to get hurt.
Where are you taking these kids?
Do you have a car seat?
That's illegal!
How is this Christian?
Leave the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids without a car seat!
You're violating Texas law!
Who is this right here?
You got those children in there illegally!
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
Who are you?
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Who are you?
You're smuggling children!
You've got to be legally in that vehicle!
You're not a part of this organization?
Who are you?
Where are you taking these kids?
We know you're smuggling these kids.
Where are you taking these kids?
Where are you taking these kids?
Sir, identify who you are.
This is a massive smuggling.
This is literally human smuggling.
These are children.
Where are you taking these kids?
And now... Sir, where are you taking these kids?
They don't even have car seats.
Sir, their seatbelts aren't even on.
Where are you taking these children?
Sir, identify yourself.
Who are you?
Don't fucking hit me, I'll tell you right fucking now.
Who do you work for?
Are you a part of this organization?
No sir, I don't know.
So you don't know where these kids are going?
They went to check the COVID over there.
No, no, they came from over there.
They're not being checked for COVID.
So you don't know who you work for?
Somebody need to call the police!
We need to call the police right now.
I want to know where these kids are going.
You are violating state law!
They're not going there.
You're not making any sense, sir.
Identify yourself.
Who are you?
If somebody rear ends you, those kids are going to get hurt.
Who are these kids?
I don't know, sir.
Where did you get them from?
From the church.
From the church?
Where's the church?
From one church.
Okay, so we just want to make sure that this is all good, okay, sir?
I understand you're probably trying to help, at least appearing to, but you literally have a bunch of kids in here, a bunch of minors, all by yourselves.
Okay, the police is here.
They've got kids piled in the back, no seatbelt, no anything.
Yeah, they're piled in the back.
What's your name, sir?
Do you have your ID on you?
Or your driver's license?
You're human smuggling is going to stop, freak!
So you're cool with human smuggling?
Yes, sir.
So you don't care about your spanish?
So, most people have already seen this video.
Literally, it's been seen over 20 million times.
I don't have time to go out and look.
I don't even want to say the place has been seen that much because the left goes and takes them down, but it's everywhere.
Everybody knows it's huge.
It's one of the top stories.
It trended number one on Twitter for two days.
So, at least 5 million views on Twitter, over 15 million views on TikTok.
It's got about 3 million views, just one version of it on Bandit Video.
So great job, everybody, sharing it.
You did an incredible job.
They want to be able to run all this and have nobody on air that can punch through their garbage.
They want us off air.
They want Tucker Carlson off air.
They got Ben Shapiro on the payroll.
I wish he was a good guy, but he's been caught on video.
I'm sorry.
He's totally controlled opposition.
But what is it like for you with your long history in the Army, the Marines?
Federal officer, overseas, you've worked the border, watching the media say that we lied and none of that's true and that's fake.
So for me, it's really simple.
I challenge Snopes or anyone in mainstream media to come down to McAllen, Texas with me and I will escort them and show them that same incident happening again and again and again.
Yeah, this isn't like you're trying to take a girlfriend out to see a meteor shower and no meteors fall that night.
This isn't like you're deer hunting and no deer come out.
This is every 15 minutes.
You give me one hour in McAllen, Texas with your film crew and I will show you that exact same scene playing out.
By the way, after I left that day to catch my flight, it happened more?
We've got more video!
It continued to happen.
It's non-stop.
And like I said, there's so much going on.
While this incident was going on, we had other incidents going on that we couldn't even catch because we were dealing with this incident in the middle of the street.
And we didn't find out about them until afterwards.
So this is happening non-stop, all day long, and I, like I said, I will be happy.
If you randomly pull over in a neighborhood and say, what do you see at night?
I see 50 people running in my backyard.
I mean, it's, it's, it's, the Border Patrol, we were told by our federal sources and local that it's more like a million hit Texas.
Then I saw local news, the Border Patrol said it could be a million.
Absolutely, absolutely.
Based on the numbers we're seeing alone, look, in the McAllen Airport alone, we're seeing probably at least close to a thousand a day being processed and put on flights.
That's in one small city on the Texas border.
Now multiply that across all the border cities, you know, across the southern border, and it's incredible.
That's a little airport, one runway.
Yes, it's a small airport and they are literally putting them on planes from 8.30 in the morning until 9 p.m.
at night.
They are being put on planes non-stop.
Go to the McAllen Airport.
Don't take our word for it.
Go to the McAllen Airport.
And again, they're going right in the hands of the Democrats who will then put them, sign them up for welfare, give them slave jobs, milk them.
Let's move now to clip eight and we're going to play the video of this first, then we're going to come back and respond to it and just keep looping it.
We're going to pause this guy because this isn't the only guy.
We had other witnesses, other video that's coming out, other men, other things, similar things from other states around the country like Michigan.
Illinois, this individual is from Pennsylvania.
But when he came out, we talked to him because we had our lady that's in law enforcement, we would have that speak Spanish, inside.
So she came out, it was a detail breakdown of what he, according to her, said inside.
So here's the video.
We're stuck paying for it.
One way or another.
Yeah, but they feel privileged.
They feel entitled.
And after speaking to people in there, they're not... They don't care to clean up after themselves.
Y'all do everything for free, and they don't care.
No, so we have to sell it.
Already, in Pennsylvania, we're a little bit developed.
We're a commercial developer.
We're a restaurant bar.
It's constantly creating new businesses, and we can't find people that can stop it.
So, we provide affidavits for support.
Okay, so let's start and stop for TV viewers everything he said.
Again, he came out after he knew we were looking at him and he began to push what he was doing.
But tell folks what our law enforcement source translator inside the Catholic charity witnessed before we go through what he said.
So, as we were dealing with the situation out in the street, with the car, with the kids in it, our translator was talking to the head sister of that charity, of that Catholic charity.
And she was talking to her, and then this man walked up and interrupted and asked our translator and inquired who Sister Rosa was.
And Sister Rosa is the head sister of that particular charity building that we've been filming at.
That I'm the business owner, I'm the rich, wealthy guy from Philadelphia, and I sent Sister Rosa a video and she said she saw it, and I proved to her that I'm a wealthy guy, and she promised me that I could come down here and pick out some of these single moms to take back to Philadelphia, to my ranch outside Philadelphia, to teach them about, quote, the Word of God my way.
And that I have a restaurant and I might put some of them to work at this restaurant.
So, he was literally basically saying that the sister had told him he could come down and choose.
And by the way, our law enforcement source is a great lady.
She's really upset she was helping.
She went in and just without even being there hours, instantly gets this bombshell, watches him doing it, interviews the women this has been happening to.
He takes notice to come out and talk to our people.
She hadn't even had time to tell you what he said.
It was later and what we caught on tape is basically the same thing!
Yeah, absolutely, and so our translator was absolutely shocked, and she looks at the sister and she says, Sister Rosa, is this true what this man is saying?
And the sister asked her to walk a few feet away with her, because our cameras were still dealing with the child in the car situation, and apparently, according to our translator, the sister told her, look, he did send me the video, I did see a video, he did send me that video, but I never committed to giving him these women.
Well then, as you see on the video right there, that man comes out and talks to one of our security guys and says, look, I brought down two vans from Philadelphia.
She told me I could have these women.
And I've got affidavits of support.
And he says we've gotten lots of other women.
This is just incredible.
And listen, this is while the kid thing's going on.
The left's like, how did he catch that on tape?
Because it's a frickin' giant crime down there with all these vultures.
I mean, he might be, I'm sure he's a wonderful person, coming into this situation.
Right, and again, we're not accusing this man of wrongdoing, okay?
But here's what I would say, okay?
He is in a giant smuggling zone, in a war zone.
From Philadelphia.
From Philadelphia, and, oh my God.
And brought two vans with him, brought two vans with him, an affidavit.
All we're saying is, if I gotta run through a checkpoint to get on an airplane, this guy needs to go through a background check.
Oh, sorry, the FBI waived that two weeks ago.
He doesn't have to have a background check to have children given to him.
Wow, what could go wrong?
What could possibly go wrong, right?
So what I'd like to say is this, if that gentleman's watching the show or anybody knows that gentleman, we'd sure love to talk to him.
We would love to talk to him and get his side of the story on this.
Let's roll the footage silently now, or just pause each frame so we can read what he said, because I want to go over what this person that I think looks extremely creepy and acts extremely creepy, and I'm allowed to say that.
I think he's in the middle of the whole creepy situation.
I think the whole damn thing's creepy.
Here it is.
All right, so he walks over.
Right, and that's him talking to one of our security guys right there.
All right, pause.
And they're gonna to be permitted to come.
So Biden says, come, no law, no executive order, no nothing, just surge the border, and they're gonna be permitted to come.
So everybody's like, hey, somebody said we're allowed to do this, see?
So let's go back, let's go back.
It's allowed, he says.
But we have laws.
Cause we're not in control of what we can't stop that.
Oh, so since the smugglers and the coyotes are raping 80% of them, then we might as well take advantage of it.
And since it's all happening, I mean, since there's already this car wreck, this train wreck, you know, we might as well.
It's like, come on guys.
I mean, it's a bunch of, I mean, let's continue.
Cause we're not in control of that.
We can't stop that.
So if somebody else is doing bad, might as well just join in on it.
Let's continue.
Let's go along with it.
So we can either pay for it or pay for it.
That's the way I look at it.
So hit pause.
So, oh, we're going to pay for it as taxpayers.
So we might as well just use these people.
And he goes into that.
That's exactly right.
That's the way he looks at it.
And look at the look on our security guy's face.
He's absolutely disgusted by what he's hearing.
I know that's what I'm trying, I mean.
And by the way, Dustin's a great guy.
He's seen a lot of stuff around the world.
He was telling you this is the most sick he's ever been.
He said he had to restrain himself.
He said he was so upset that he literally had to control, take a moment and control himself because he realized immediately what he was... And let's just be honest, we lost a little control with the kids being crammed in the back of the car.
Because this is out of control.
Yeah, absolutely.
Let's continue.
I know that's what I'm trying, I mean.
Cause we're all, we're stuck paying for it one way or another.
So he's like, I'm a taxpayer.
So I'm going to get, get some free labor.
I'm paying for this.
He admits that.
He keep going.
This is slavery folks is what this is.
You know what I mean?
Nobody, we don't know what you mean.
We're not hearing there's a bunch of human tragedies.
We're trying to make money off of it or something else.
Yeah, that buzzer didn't come down there just for that.
It's a bad buzzer.
Let's continue.
He stares at you guys.
No, see that ain't.
Nah, see, we have some that is already in Pennsylvania.
Oh, we already got some.
We already got some of these.
I work with a developer.
A personal developer, a restaurateur, who is constantly creating new businesses, and we can't find people to staff them.
Yeah, no veterans, nobody.
We've got to get women, single women with children.
Let's look at Biden's jobless reports, right?
But there's nobody to fill the vacancies.
Let's continue.
We're ordered to stay close.
We're going slow.
This is important, ladies and gentlemen.
So we provide affidavits, this is the key, we provide affidavits of support, therefore, we'll explain this, continue, therefore, they basically, but they got to work.
He shows up to say, I'm in control of these women, I am their guardian with their children, and they disappear into a spider hole with this guy.
I mean, I'm not saying he's evil, but if I was going to cast somebody in a Hollywood movie for a really super creepy human trafficker that takes advantage of women and children, I mean, he would get the job.
Well, the first thing I'd like to ask the gentleman is, why are you only interested in single moms?
You don't need busboys at your restaurant.
You don't need... In fact, if I wanted to really help families, I'd be looking for intact families.
You would think so.
That's the best unit.
You would think so.
The dad, the mom.
You would think so.
And the verbiage, and again, our translator, Alex, I can't tell you how upset our translator was.
For three days after we got back from the border, she was texting me non-stop until 10-11 o'clock at night.
Well, she has the people inside the facility with her and the kids.
And she said, she said, she said, I feel like I should have done more.
I feel like I should have done more.
I can't believe that, you know, I didn't tell you guys about this until after we left.
God, look at this guy.
Yeah, absolutely, right?
Well, we like to know who he is.
We're sure he's a great guy.
Yeah, let's talk to him, let's get his side of the story.
And but just, I'm sorry, the menace he was putting off.
I mean you've been around a lot of people.
What you said privately to me, he doesn't look like a very nice person.
Well, yeah, absolutely.
And here's the biggest thing.
How does a restaurateur or a business person from Philadelphia know to travel to McAllen, Texas to a tiny little Catholic charity on a street corner to get
How does he even know that that's possible?
And how does he know... What kind of person even knows that?
I wouldn't know that.
Would you know that?
And what do folks at Facebook and Snopes... How do you feel covering up for this?
How do you feel?
Because we feel bad even knowing about it like we're not doing enough.
You all just love it and say it's a great thing or it doesn't exist.
Like I said, come down to the border and let's do this.
And Snopes, you know, you're the fact checkers.
Find this guy.
Find this guy and let's talk to him.
Let's find out how he knew to come to a Catholic charity to pick out single moms only in McAllen, Texas.
And brought two vans with him to transport these women back.
And he's going to teach them the way of the Lord.
His way.
His way is the way he put it.
I'm going to teach them the way of God my way.
And man, the whole gate, his whole bearing is like predatory, like he's a lion over his quarry and you're kind of hyenas that wanted some of the meat.
He's like, hey, what are you doing here?
You know, I got to get these people.
They're going to have to work.
We already got a bunch of them up there.
I mean, why are you here?
Why are you stopping us?
It's absolutely sickening, and the fact that he sent videos to his sister, she acknowledged receiving the videos, and she doesn't see anything wrong with that?
That somebody wants to travel down from Philadelphia and pick and choose which women?
Oh, we already saw who she has working for her, her nuns with the Grim Reaper on every limb.
And, oh, it's my baby!
Oh, little baby, like, not her baby, handing it off.
And I got a question for the Catholic Church.
You see these babies being thrown over the fence and grabbed.
Like they're delivering babies.
It's outright human smuggling created and assisted by the Biden administration who are facilitating.
It's human.
Because it's not an administration.
It's an occupation.
That's exactly right.
You know, and where's the FBI?
The FBI is still apparently on the job.
They said they can do this.
Well, they're God.
They said no background check needed.
Well, apparently so.
Literally, if we were like this, we could just go grab women and children and put them in slave factories.
Yeah, it's... To show them, hey, baby, I got a hundred bucks, a thousand bucks for you.
Yeah, I want this, this, and that one.
Load them up.
Well, apparently they got two, three hundred agents to still run around and chase down Americans that were at the Capitol on January 6th, but they cannot find two agents or one agent even to put in that charity undercover to document what's going on with this human smuggling.
And there's one of the women that looks like she's 11 that got out of the car pregnant, but we stopped.
And people said online, like, why didn't you do more?
They were sucked back into the spider hole, back into the so-called Catholic facility.
I mean, we're limited.
I mean, by the law, we're limited.
And they're counting on that.
They're counting on being able to hide these things behind closed walls.
Look, we saw vans pulling into the alleyway and being given stuff in the alleyway behind that charity, right?
Money, briefcases.
I mean, it's a free-for-all, folks.
It is an orgy of corruption.
And that's what it is.
And like I said, anybody who wants to see it for themselves, come down to McAllen, Texas.
We'll be there again.
Let's do this.
Let's just air in a row so they all get out.
Then closing comments, we're going to get Jay Dyer in here.
So just play clip 9, 10, and 19.
And then we're going to come back and comment on those and finish up with this.
Then I'm going to shift to the whole vaccine global government takeover.
That's all the other side of the pincer attack in this fight.
Here it is.
And I can't get any help.
I mean, you can look in my eyes and see that they're screwed.
You know, I mean, somebody out here, they stole my ID, they stole my, you know, my wallet.
When did they kick you out of here?
A week before Christmas.
When they started all the paperwork in D.C.
getting the ball in motion to start the whole asylum process.
Because everybody knew that Biden rigged the election.
And that, you know, he won with illegal votes.
But that's beside the point.
We can't do anything about it now.
We're screwed for four years.
He's in office.
But the thing he can do is secure our borders and make sure these illegals aren't coming over here getting free housing, getting free clothes, getting free cars and phones.
And I'm homeless, I'm blind, and I'm an American.
And I can't even get a bag lunch from these motherfuckers.
But I'm supposed to be okay with it?
I'm supposed to be clapping my hands that they're bringing over everybody and their brother?
How come you guys are stuffing kids in the back of hatchbacks without any car seats?
Is that Christ-like?
Honest question.
Why are children being stuffed in cars like that?
Is that what Jesus would do?
I guess that's my answer.
So why don't you tell us what it is that you do?
Well, I'm a Border Patrol Agent.
I've been here for over 10 years.
We do a lot of rescuing of people that are injured or in distress.
I patrol the desert.
We, of course, arrest anyone that we catch coming across.
That means you're not technically supposed to be showing it to the public.
So an encounter is an arrest and it's extremely accurate and possibly under-reported because sometimes we don't know about the criminal history and we haven't got caught.
...are attempting to re-enter the U.S.
in record numbers during the pandemic, likely due to unstable economic situations.
It goes on to show some figures that show we're only five months into the fiscal year of 2021, but there's already 214 of these encounters, sex offender encounters, compared to the yearly total last year, which was 154.
It's a pretty big difference.
You sure these numbers are accurate?
I would probably say they're under-recorded.
All the records of the criminal aliens and sex offenders that we arrest now, they all have been previously deported from the United States for committing these crimes in the United States.
Do I fear the most?
I think dead children.
Dead children in the middle of the desert.
I've seen deaths of a 19-year-old girl.
She fell off the fence and hit her head and died in my arms on the first day.
We run checkpoint operations.
We check vehicles.
We catch wide-open holes and human smuggling, human trafficking problems that, uh, you know, every day we've been catching something like that.
Very dangerous for both us and the people we arrest to be crossing illegally.
I guess what is the process for determining the age of these migrants?
They much take what they say with a grain of salt.
There are times that I've caught people with their IDs and then they... The system had said they were minors, but they weren't.
So, because... Once they get put in the system as a minor, we gotta treat them as a minor.
Start doing Obama.
So this is my third administration.
From, uh...
The time Trump took over, it was a complete overhaul.
Everybody got punished.
Everybody got... Alright folks, the full report is at ProjectVeritas.com.
It's also at Infowars.com.
And of course, James O'Keefe is going to be with us here in studio, not this week, but next week.
We're working closely with him and Project Veritas on the Texas border.
It's just as bad in Arizona.
It's very bad in California, but definitely Texas is the epicenter.
I wanted to play a few more clips in closing and we went over a little bit.
I appreciate Jay Dyer holding.
He's coming up next on the other side of the global Spencer attack COVID-19 and lockdowns.
All of this in a moment with really huge information on SPARS 2025-2028.
But Tim, we're going to end this after you give a final comment.
With the cartel problem, Drew Hernandez did a great job with Steve Bannon.
It was great to work with Drew Hernandez down there.
I'm trying to get him to come back out of the border with us.
We just happened to be down there at the same time as him.
Also, Ted Cruz being blocked by a pointy of Obama trying to stop us learning what was happening just to show the true evil of who the villains are here.
Uh, and, uh, then we'll, uh, come back with Jay Dyer on the other side of that and shift gears into that other huge topic.
There's so many people are tuning in on the special transmission on Saturday, but just the point is for me.
This is how you end a country.
The UN admits this is how you end a country.
They're carrying this out right now.
It's beyond replacement migration.
It's about signing up people they farm and control for their welfare that they also use basically in slave industries.
I've witnessed this living in Texas get worse over the last 30 years since I was politically aware and involved, where a lot of times a lot of your Hispanic leaders, including mayors and people, will be busted here in Austin.
With their brother running a bunch of restaurants and laundromats in places that literally have Hispanic slaves in them, and they'll find dungeons under their house where they torture people to death, and it's just barely in the news because they didn't follow orders.
Or, coyotes don't get their full payment, so 30 people are allowed to die in the back of a tractor-trailer in July.
And so, they talk about, oh, be nice to these people, knowing Americans, with our Christian ethos, our Western ethos, like, oh, little sweet babies, yeah, let them come here, but you're literally, they're walking in,
We're good to go.
I think that was the best way to put it, that they're walking into a trap.
I've never looked at it that way, but that's exactly what's happening.
The fact that they're cloaking this as some kind of humanitarian effort to care for these people, when in fact they're putting them in the exact same exploitive situation that those people fled their home countries from.
And that's what the American people need to understand.
Listen folks, Governor Abbott and the Senators Cruz and Cornyn and all these people, they're not going to act
Unless you force them to act.
That's just what we've seen time and time again.
We saw it with COVID.
Now we're seeing it with this migrant crisis.
They're not going to act unless there's pressure put on them.
So contact them.
You need to sit there and put the heat on them.
And really what we need, Alex, is we need to see the kind of crowds of Americans in the streets protesting like we saw in Washington DC in November, in December, in January.
Because if we don't value these people, we don't value ourselves.
That's exactly right.
The left says, oh, it's because we're racist.
No, we know they're being brought in to be controlled and to vote against us.
We understand it's not their fault.
But at the same time, at the end of the day, they're being exploited more than anybody.
And that's exactly right.
This is not an immigration issue.
It's a human issue.
It's a human trafficking issue.
And that's exactly what it is.
There's human beings being exploited and now, under this administration, this administration is literally actively helping end up that exploitation.
And they don't even know what's on the other side of it.
Their faces are covered.
A lot of them are kidnapped, smuggled children.
Some of these kids have their faces totally wrapped to cover up who they are!
I remember hearing a year ago, oh they're doing this for human smuggling and I thought, oh that's an exaggeration.
No, that's what it is!
That's exactly what it is.
And look, the women we spoke to in the airports, the migrant women, everyone that we asked and we said... Oh, I forgot about how they take their cell phones.
They don't know where they're going.
They're scared.
They took their cell phones.
The sisters at the Catholic orphanage said, oh, your phone's not going to work here in America.
Just give it to us.
And I'm sure somebody... And by the way, you know that's the most expensive thing in their life, probably $300, $400, $500.
That's exactly right.
And it's got their photos, their family, their connections back to their family, the phone numbers.
That's literally like taking somebody's wallet and their horse in the old days.
That's exactly right.
And we did back-to-back interviews with these migrant women and one was going to Los Angeles and we said, what are you going to do when you get to Los Angeles with your child?
And she said, I don't know.
And then there was another one.
Where are you going?
Because if she doesn't have the number memorized, she'll never talk to her family again.
That's exactly right.
And the thing is, it's industrial.
We learned in other centers, they're taking their communications away.
Well, it gets better.
It gets worse, Alex.
So the last migrant woman we talked to in McAllen Airport, we said, what are you going to do when you get to Baltimore?
And she said, I don't know.
And she had a seven-month-old child with her.
And we said, well, do you have family there?
And this is what she said.
She said, well, the sister at the charity said that she thinks, looking online, she thinks she found a long-distant cousin of mine.
And we said, well, have you talked to this cousin?
Does she know you're coming?
And she said, no.
And I said, so you don't even know if you're going to be able to stay with her?
Let's say that again.
These are all cartel people.
They've got cartel tats.
They're taking their phones away.
And they're literally, the Senate report found five years ago that Biden, Obama knowingly placed over 10,000 children with sex traffickers.
Holy hell.
Here's the good news.
I'm already selling my house.
I already mortgaged it to fund this place.
I don't trust banks.
I put a good amount of money into a house.
It'll fund us for six months, but then we'll be shut down.
It's okay.
I know you're going to support us.
I'm putting 10 people in McAllen.
I'm going to spend everything I got.
Because I know we're going to expose it.
And they may block us on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube so they can carry out their evil COVID, you know, murder of people and carry out their globalism.
But we're going to be on air at Bandot Video.
We're going to be on these radio stations and TV stations.
God bless them.
And we're going to be here and we're going to show the world that I believe in America and I believe in the world.
And when we show them all this and we document it from where it comes out of Mexico and Guatemala all the way to Chicago, all the way to New York, all the way to, you know,
All these places, they're gonna go to prison.
And Joe Biden and all these smugglers aren't gonna get away with it.
That's exactly right.
Alright, Tim Inlow, anything else?
No, I think we covered it.
Alright, great job.
We're gonna end this with a couple clips.
A child right now is going for about $3,200.
And these migrants know this.
What do you mean going for?
What does that mean?
For instance, these cartels, obviously coyotes and there's even falcons.
The falcons are the guys that you see at the Rio Grande.
There's sometimes two of them with radios.
They kind of see where the U.S.
government is.
They work on the clock.
They work around the clock.
And they work with these migrants, these families, or these quote-unquote families.
They tell them where to go.
They tell them when to go.
They tell them what to say when they get into contact with the United States.
These cartels have price tags on human beings.
So if you're a migrant coming from Central America, let's say you're a male that's single, and you're on the run from your country in Honduras.
You're a pedophile, you're a rapist, and you're just completely on the run.
The only way you see getting into the United States, the cartels will literally tell these people, hey, if you have a minor with you, we'll give you a lower price of $3,200.
We'll give you safe passage across the border.
Now look at the American side of things, Steve.
What do we have right now?
We have a surge of unaccompanied minors, right?
And now we have these stupid catch and release laws.
Where they catch them, they separate them, and then they let the adults go, and now we have all these unaccompanied minors by themselves, in control by the state, while we have pedophiles, rapists, and kidnappers being released into the United States of America.
This is not a Republican issue, this is not a Democrat issue, this is an issue of evil.
Pure evil.
And anyone that can't wrap their mind around this, seriously has some morality issues, because
We have to seriously push back and demand that the Biden administration at least acknowledge the human smuggling.
I think it starts there.
Please give dignity to the people.
Please give dignity to the people.
So you work for the commissioner, your senior advisor, you were hired two weeks ago, and you're instructed to ask us to not have any pictures taken here.
Please respect the people, the rules.
Because the political leadership at DHS does not want the American people to know it.
Please respect the rules, sir.
You keep standing in front of the pictures, so you don't want the pictures taken.
Please respect the rules.
Please respect the rules and give the people dignity and respect.
That's all we ask.
Dignity and respect.
Please give dignity and respect to the people.
I respectfully ask you, sir, with full heartedly, I ask you, please respect the people.
This is not a zoo, sir.
Please don't treat the people as such.
Please don't treat the people like this.
That's all I ask for you, sir.
I asked you to please respect the people.
Give them dignity and respect.
We all want to fix this, sir.
We don't want this to happen anymore.
Please respect the people with dignity and respect, sir.
I am respecting you.
I am respecting the people.
What I would do as president is several more things because things have changed.
I would in fact make sure that there is, we immediately surge to the border.
All those people are seeking asylum.
They deserve to be heard.
That's who we are.
We're a nation that says if you want to flee and you're fleeing oppression, you should come.
I would change the order that the president just changed saying women who were being beaten and abused could no longer claim that as a reason for asylum.
InfoWars, tomorrow's news today.
Thank you so much for joining us on this important Saturday emergency transmission, April 10, 2021.
We sit over an hour and a half with my head security guy, great patriot, Tim Inlow, with just exclusive footage of people down there shopping for women and children to take back to work in their factories, work in their restaurants and their facilities.
And the fact that it's all illegal.
But it's okay because Joe Biden said it was okay.
Maybe he'll legalize murder next week just by, not even as an executive order, just saying it.
Well, Jay Dyer's a great author and researcher, and he knocked it out of the park Friday, yesterday, dealing with SPARS 20...
We're good to go.
On what you just saw in the last hour and a half because the ADL is a globalist organization of the Southern Poverty Law Center that wants to end free speech.
It's an authoritarian group that uses the Holocaust to then try to rebrand America as Hitler.
No, we're Captain America.
So we love Jews, we love Israel, we love everybody.
We just don't like the ADL because they're the closest thing in my lifetime.
To Nazis.
They're the ones trying to take my bank accounts, take my speech away, and saying I'm a bad person, saying I'm a racist.
I mean, Hitler said the Jews were racist and bad, and then he had to get them, and then now you're saying I'm bad, you gotta get me.
It's really sad.
But Tucker Carlson came out, and he talked about replacement migration, and Democrats saying we want a group we control that'll vote for us.
Well, the Democrats are all over the place saying they want that.
I mean, you see it where they've got cities like San Francisco legalizing illegal aliens voting.
And I've got the UN documents saying replacement migration is the plan to not just replace the dying West from Japan to Italy to the US, but to also replace us politically with poor third world populations that won't act like first world people.
See, we love folks coming here from all over the world, whether you're black or white or brown.
If you want to be an uppity American and private property and swimming pools and jet airplanes and medicine and ideas and true, true liberal ideas, not your fascist, leftist ideas.
But instead, no, they're coming from third world hell and they're put on the plantation to be controlled the whole time.
So I want to play a clip of Tucker Carlson here right now.
And this is the thought crime where the head of the ADL says he must be removed.
He's a white supremacist.
Here it is.
I'm laughing because this is one of about ten stories that I know you've covered, where the government shows preference to people who have shown absolute contempt for our customs, our laws, our system itself, and they're being treated better than American citizens.
Now, I know that the left and all the little gatekeepers on Twitter become literally hysterical if you use the term replacement, if you suggest the Democratic Party is trying to replace the current
That's true.
If, look, if this was happening in your house, if you were in sixth grade, for example, and without telling you, your parents adopted a bunch of new siblings and gave them brand new bikes and let them stay up later and help them with their homework and gave them twice the allowance that they gave you, you would say to your siblings, you know, I think we're being replaced by kids that our parents love more.
And it would be kind of hard to argue against you because look at the evidence.
So, this matters on a bunch of different levels, but on the most basic level, it's a voting rights question.
In a democracy, one person equals one vote.
If you change the population, you dilute the political power of the people.
Okay, so let's stop right there.
What he says is totally true, and that's the clip that the ADL guy has put out.
And so here's the facts, and we'll go to our guest.
All that's true.
And they want to try to stop you saying that.
New York's offering $15,000 plus.
To illegal aliens, but saying citizens get zero.
That is an incentive to come here, because the Democrats control that money.
They're going to get it.
They're not going to give it to the illegal aliens.
My God, they're in trailers out at a slave camp, you know, at a factory, or at a mine, or at a timber facility, or at a restaurant.
I mean, that's what they admit they're doing.
So here's some of the headlines.
Census could reveal electoral extinction of the Republicans.
The hill.
The Republicans are white, and we're going to tell all the brown people they're Democrats.
But the Anti-Defamation League says, well, don't talk about what we're doing and how we're bringing people here and teaching them to be racist against you.
So here's the United Nations document itself.
Replacement migration is a solution to declining and aging population.
They said, we want 600 million people to invade the US within the next 20 years.
And they said, we want 200 million to invade Europe.
And the UN's been doing that.
We wrote articles off the UN official set policy.
I mean, the heads of... Klaus Schwab used to run this, and they say it doesn't exist on Snopes.
Revealed UN plan to flood America with 600 million migrants.
This is from four or five years ago.
And here it is linked to the United Nations saying it all.
The Republicans' demographic gap, MSN, we're bringing in voters.
America's browner.
So I guess that means give in your guns and be a communist.
I mean, there's slaves in the third world.
There should be slaves here too.
Response to common inaccuracy.
Binational one-state solution.
I thought I'd show you the ADL, though, on their own website.
What do they say about Israel and the two-state solution, the one-state solution?
They say, furthermore, a binationalism is unworkable given current realities of the historic animosities, which historically high birth rates amongst Palestinians and a possible influx of Palestinian refugees and their descendants now living around the world.
Jews would quickly be a minority within the binational state.
So what is the left doing?
They're bringing in brown people, teaching them whites are bad.
All over the news, Target sells books saying pray for the death of whites.
The colleges all teach whites are inherently evil.
And then they bring in the equivalent of a new Chicago every few months.
And then they're all taught whites are evil enough to get you.
And then the ADL goes, well, don't say that or you're a racist.
What kind of power grab is this?
And then they say, oh, don't say George Soros gives out debit cards and helps fund all this.
Oh, really?
Here's Reuters.
When he posed for photo op, George Soros mastercard to partner to aid migrants with 1200 to 2000 to $500 debit cards to get in the U.S.
But then if you cover this overhead shot, please.
If you cover this, it doesn't exist.
There's articles currently saying, I'm insane, it doesn't exist.
That was just 500 million for the European invasion in one year with debit cards.
But he was a Nazi collaborator, but that's okay.
Because he's a good guy, right?
I mean, he's Jewish, but he says he doesn't even believe in Judaism, but it's okay.
He loved Hitler.
He told 60 Minutes it was the best time of his life working for Hitler.
So we need to fire Tucker Carlson when the Democrats admit all of that out in the open.
Alright, Jay Dyer joins us.
The next 45 minutes or so, commercial free.
And then I've got a special compilation because I had two national talk show hosts call me yesterday and they said, Alex, everybody's asked me for Bill Gates calling for depopulation.
Will you send us a video?
So I said, yeah, I'll edit it down for you.
It's about a 10 minute video when Jay leaves.
I'll premiere it here.
A lot of it you've seen, some you haven't seen.
Our crew found some clips I don't even know about.
And then, but also, I'm going to send this interview to the people that asked for it.
Two of the biggest talk show hosts in the country asked me specifically, it was in the ether yesterday, about this.
And they said that they want this.
And I got some other calls too.
One of my good friends called me.
Yes, that's three calls saying, hey, they're beating me up right now saying Bill Gates doesn't want to kill us.
Will you send me some clothes?
I said, I'll get it to you on Saturday.
So I'm also going to send them, once this feeds out live, this Jay Dyer interview.
Then we also have exclusive former Pfizer VP.
Your government is lying to you in a way that can lead to your death.
They're going to kill you and your family.
The vaccine is going to sterilize you and shut your liver off.
We'll, we'll, we'll talk to me.
He's the former chief scientist there.
You might want to listen to him.
It's also on InfoWars.com.
So Jay, I'm sorry we had some technical stuff getting on the air today, but you're here with us on Saturday.
Great job of the crew.
I wanted you to be commercial free because I watched you yesterday after I got off air.
I was having my lunch in my office and making some calls and you were showing the book, showing the documents.
Some of these guys, I knew who they were.
Most of them, I knew who they were, but I didn't know some of these quotes.
I'd seen similar quotes from them, but I hadn't
Thank you, yeah, glad to be here.
Basically, what we're looking at is a scientific dictatorship.
If we go back about 100 years to the Royal Society out of England, if we look at the elites in the UK, they proposed this idea of reforming the entire world around a rational republic, a rational dictatorship that ultimately has its origins in Plato's Republic, right?
So the idea here is that we can reformulate all of society around basically AI or technology running everything.
This is essentially spent the last 100 years implementing that through various strategies, through various think tanks, NGOs, committees, Royal Institute for International Affairs, CFR, all that stuff has basically been working for this central plan of what Bertrand Russell called a world dictatorship of technocracy.
And we could look no further than somebody like HG Wells, who gives us kind of the philosophy of this perspective where
He talks about in The Island of Dr. Moreau, I know it's a fiction work, but if you read the introductory essay that's written by one of Obama's science czars, I think she was, she has an essay about the malleability of man.
And so the malleability of man is the idea that man can be mutated into anything because he himself is merely a meaningless mutation, right?
We're all just random mutations out of the primordial soup.
So there's nothing wrong with mutating man and that falls upon the shoulders of the scientific elite, right?
So they define us as not having free will so they can play God, but that's the paradox of these cult members.
Yeah, and it's a contradiction because, for example, in Bertrand Russell's writings, on the one hand he'll say that we're strictly determined machines, we don't have free will, and then he talks about stamping out free will, right?
And that's why the left is now endorsing a twisted form of Calvinism, predetermination, which is pure BS.
Yeah, so one thing I noticed, for example, in Brzezinski's famous book, Between Two Ages, right?
So Brzezinski, of course, very important in terms of national security advisor and so forth under Carter all the way up to Obama.
He formulated the policy of bringing down the Soviet Union.
But it wasn't just about the Soviet Union and the Cold War.
It was actually about taking us into the technocratic era.
And so on page 15 of Between Two Ages, he specifically says that the possibility of the future dictatorships will be such that human conduct can be predetermined and subjected to deliberate control, biological and chemical tampering of what has now been considered the immutable essence of man will now be subject to this malleability, this plasticity.
In this section he actually goes on to talk about the environmental biochemical manipulation of the brain.
There's page 15 of Brzezinski there.
And he also said in a CFR speech, it's easier to kill people than convince them, and recommends we just kill everybody.
Please continue.
Yeah, he actually says in the footnote too, we can also tie this into some kind of Skynet system.
So Skynet will be a part of this.
You'll have a link in overall.
And that's in the 70s.
And then we have Bill Gates last year proposing that in patents.
Exactly that.
And if the geoengineering plan sounds outlandish, we'll remember that all the way back in this book as well.
Page 57.
Brzezinski himself has a discussion in the footnote of the possibility of ELF, VLF, geoengineering, stratospheric, basically changing the weather, manipulating the weather.
And it's gotten a lot more sophisticated since the early 70s when Brzezinski wrote this book.
Now, there's another really important book that I want to bring to your attention, too, that a lot of people have overlooked.
After I covered this book many years ago, it sold out, so it's really hard to get.
But it's Jonas Salk's book, Survival of the Wisest.
You can tell from the title of the book already where we're going with this, right?
We think of the Darwinian dictum, survival of the fittest.
Well, here, who's the wisest?
I bet you can figure out who Jonas Salk thinks is the wisest, right?
It's he himself and his scientific elite cronies, right?
But I don't mean to be glib, but this is a really dark book, right?
So what he actually says in this book is that man is like,
A species in that he has a collective, right, what some of the other elitists will call holons, they'll call it kind of a species-wide collective, and then there's the individual ego.
So, Salk uses the word being for the whole species, and then he talks about the ego being the individual.
He says the individual is going to have to be conformed to the totality, to the collective, and anyone that doesn't conform to the scientific consensus, he says, will have to be gotten rid of, because they constitute a kind of virus
On Mother Earth, for Mother Earth.
Exactly, and the Pentagon even says they're out to stop individual thinking.
Well then, but then wait a minute.
They want to be in charge.
They want to be directing things.
I mean, who's directing this then?
If we're not supposed to direct our own lives, well, it's supposed to be them.
They're a bunch of perverts.
Yeah, well, think of Alfred Kinsey, right?
I mean, who's doing this stuff?
The people that give millions of dollars in funding to do molestation experiments like Kinsey, right?
Uh, people that was Rockefeller Foundation, by the way, that, that was involved in funding him.
Uh, it's individuals that are, uh, you know, by the way, you aren't kidding.
Since you talked about that book, it's worth $2,200.
Um, he, in the next chapter, this is chapter six.
He goes on to talk about the possibility of experimentation with, uh, the eggs of a woman.
So we can perhaps inject right into women as an experiment.
Different types of viruses, different types of RNA manipulation techniques that he says can either have advantageous or disadvantageous effects on the species.
So I'll show you that quote where it says.
And that's the key.
They admit that they don't understand all this.
So they randomly do it on a big enough field.
They don't care who it kills or deforms.
They believe it's going to create super beings randomly.
So you talked about that Lazarus gene.
This is kind of the idea that Salk is getting at in this book, which is that the scientifically will commandeer the reins of evolution.
They'll steer it.
They're going to have to make the hard decisions to kill most people, but it's for the good in the long run.
And it's just by the means because it will propagate the species.
It will force the species to evolve is the attitude.
That's why he says,
You might have an inoculation or an experiment, an RNA experiment, an mRNA experiment, that could have a disadvantageous effect or an advantageous effect.
He says that the scientists will have to make the decision as to which is the best in which case, but we'll have to do experiments across the board on all the different species.
And it's not just man, by the way.
And I want to call your attention to another guy who says the exact same thing in the same circles as Salk.
Another important elitist who wrote a book, Ghost in the Machine, Arthur Kessler, right?
In Ghost in the Machine, he says that man will have to, because he's just a Frankenstein creature, man will have to undergo the same kind of mutation process by the elite that produced him to begin with.
So this is on pages 332 to 333.
He says that the anatomical substrates that make up man will have to undergo radical external stimuli
So in order to avoid the total annihilation of the species he says we may even have to Experiment on women's Birth cycles, so you'll see that here.
This is on page the exact same thing the exact same thing that Salk said we're gonna have to experiment on Women's birth cycles now you might think okay.
That's crazy.
That's just one guy.
This is a person who left a
The Soviet so-called experiment became an order of the British Empire.
He joined the British elite because he accepted this Malthusian doctrine.
And he gets even crazier on the next few pages because he says that the RNA manipulation, which by the way he's attending this CIA conference with Dr. Holger Hayden that I mentioned last time, he says that we will have to manipulate the RNA of humans
To bring about this mutation of the species to save the species and he even mentions the binary weapons.
He says we will inject different types of chemicals in the people.
This is Kessler quoting Dr. Holger Heiden at the CIA Mind Control Conference.
He says we're going to have to inject different types of chemicals into humanity which
Over time we'll interact with one another and be a kind of a soft kill, he says.
Whenever you're ready, take your time setting it up.
And now we have the former VP, head of science, head scientist at Pfizer saying they'll use binary weapons.
This will make your liver shut off.
This will kill you.
This is a plan to force evolution.
Sounds like he knows a little more than he's saying.
He's a defector against this, but please continue.
Well, let me read the quote he says here.
Here at our disposal is to be used wisely or unwisely in an increasing array of agents that can manipulate humanity.
It is now possible to act directly on the individual or to modify his behavior, which in the past was only indirect through the environment.
Now this constitutes what Aldous Huxley calls the final revolution.
And so then he goes on to talk about that there will be additives that will be added to the tap water, to
That's basically Big Pharma adding this in all areas of life, right?
So, that's just phase one, he says.
And let me just throw this in.
I talked to a high-level computer company software engineer who's a billionaire, and I didn't realize he was a billionaire back at the time because I was only like 25, but I knew he was a big, big, big fissure in Austin and in Silicon Valley.
He said, oh yeah, we run computer programs that test everybody's feces in
In Singapore, in different neighborhoods, we put different drugs in the water to then test.
And he was kind of in like one of his manic, almost autistic modes.
And a few days later, he got really, really scared.
He said, you can't tell anybody that blah, blah, blah.
He got really freaked out.
And then he just disappeared and moved away.
I later searched his name.
He still works for one of these companies, but Microsoft.
But we went back to Microsoft.
But this is really going on.
I mean, and Singapore is their number one laboratory.
Please continue.
Yeah, so another figure that we might want to jump to is the character of Jacques Attali.
Jacques Attali wrote a book in 2006 called Brief History of the Future and in this book he talked about everything from transhumanism to the global brain to all the things that you might expect but there's a fascinating chapter on medicine and on the medical industry and insurance and in this section he says that the future of medicine
And the world order, the tracking system, will come via big medicine.
It will come through the so-called health insurance and scam world, which we know, of course, Rockefeller took over medicine many years ago, many decades ago.
But he says that nothing will be hidden in this future.
Everything about your health and your social life will no longer have any secretive aspect.
Everything will be known by everyone about everybody, and this will become
An aspect of the self-policing, he says, this is on page 177, he says that in the future you will self-police and eventually what we'll have is a kind of nanotech, nano-surveillance that will be present everywhere.
And again, this is written decades and decades, some of this is written, Huxley in 32 publishes Brave New World, later it mentioned Brave New World Revisited, this is actually a plan.
So a lot of this is 30, 40, 50, 60, 80 years old.
Yeah, I'm just showing that Jacques Attali, known as the Kissinger of France, he's just basically giving the update in 2006.
Oh no, I totally agree with you.
Please continue.
It's crazy that this is their master plan to make themselves God.
Yeah, he says everything will be monitored via biometrics, biometric techniques, smart dust, and he even talks about nanotech, nanoblood.
Now we're starting to see that the manipulation
Through the biochemical view of man, that's actually a Rockefeller document to the biomolecular view of man, is that man is basically just a biomechanical machine, right?
And so he can then be manipulated both via the environment and via the inoculations.
And so the inoculations then tie directly into the mRNA and the manipulation of the genetic code, because that's what Salk says it's going to be.
An MRNA manipulation, right?
All of these guys, they basically say the same thing.
Bertrand Russell says diet injections and injunctions will be the means by which they will create the kind of citizen they want in this global technocratic state.
But I just thought it was amazing that Atali says this after saying that we'll all also be hooked into via Internet of Things, via the smart tech, the smart dust, we'll all be hooked into the global brain.
And he says, and if you want to know who the vanguard of this is, he says, the vanguard of this movement is the transhumanists.
The transhumanists are the tip of the spear for the new world order.
They get you to accept giving up your humanity and going under this evermind control, but really isn't all this just rape?
It's a scientific elite, control freaks, wanting us to accept that we have no will, they are our God, and just resistance is futile.
Yeah, I mean, it even gets to the point where another one of the sort of futurists of this, Freethuff Copper, he's kind of overlooked, but he's one of the radical, you know, ecologists, radical... Oh yeah, I spent some time on that.
You were covering that yesterday.
Well, he picks up where Arthur Kessler left off and goes to the machine with the idea of holons, or that individuals in the species have to be conformed to the collective.
And so what he says here is that you're not going to have in the future any notion of being an individual.
You're really just a cell in the collective, right?
So there's this assumption that man doesn't possess any inherent dignity or rights, right?
Everybody knows that phrase from O'Brien, right?
You're nothing but a man.
And again, that's what the Illuminati tells us in Childhood's End, the big debut book of August C. Clarke.
And he admits in that book that we're serving
He, speaking of the elite, are serving Karellin, who's this giant demon, okay?
I mean, it's literally a big demon, right?
I mean, even the Sci-Fi Channel did a whole series on that, where they accurately portrayed Karellin as basically a Tim Curry-level legend-looking demon.
But in this book, Fredo Koffer says that the biomedical model of the future will be tailored to your genome.
It will be an entire social and cultural transformation and revolution.
It'll come via medicine and that will be the key to the New World Order.
So what we're starting to see here is that, you know, a lot of people thought that, well, you know, should we look to the governments?
We look to the state stepping on us with a boot and to a degree that's right, but really the way they were going to sneak this in was through all of the medicine, right?
And so we've had all this this sort of even propaganda, right?
Promoting the idea that
You just default to the authority, just default to your, you know, allopathic medical expert who has no idea what actual nutrition is, right?
Most of these doctors are just told this stuff in med school, and then they come out and they just regurgitate stuff that's basically printed by Big Pharma, right?
The textbooks, this kind of stuff.
And they said, again, they said top global writers, top global futurist strategists, social engineers said, we'll have agents of change out in the culture who will promote the idea
That anything that suggests the idea that man has a divine image, that man has a moral nature, etc., that's all got to be stamped out.
The spirit of man has to be stamped out.
And we'll bring it in sideways through the back door via the medical establishment.
And that ties into the big health insurance scams, all these big companies wanting all your data to track and trace you so they know your whole genome.
They know everything about you.
I'm not joking by the way, he even goes so far as to say in this book that the society needs to induce perhaps a kind of schizophrenia.
He cites MKUltra CIA Dr. Gregory Bateson saying that schizophrenia dissociative states like shamans have, that's actually something we should reintroduce into society.
So they're literally talking about initiating everybody.
He's essentially looking at things like Burning Man.
He's anticipating things like Burning Man
Where the tech elite do go, and they talk about instituting all these transhumanist plans.
Sure, these are lost people totally controlled by an evil force that are trying to project this.
And so for new viewers tuning in, when you saw the Spars document, because I want to get some of your personal views on this, when you go back in the books, the documents are here in a moment, Jay Dyer, but anybody can go look at this for yourselves.
How does the Spars document tie into this?
How does the COVID lockdown tie into this?
How does this tie into their endgame versus the delusion they're following of becoming gods?
Obviously, it's an entity trying to get humanity to kill ourselves.
What is your smart guy?
What is your personal view of the origin of this?
What it is?
Where it's going?
Well, it's a hatred of man.
It's a hatred of the image of God in man.
So I do think there is a spiritual component to this because man is a being who's not just a biochemical machine, but he also has a spirit.
And again, remember, this is something even Salk admits in his book that man has a metaphysical component to him.
And so they talk like they're actually scared of that.
Bertrand Russell says that that's got to be stamped out.
Again, if it doesn't exist, why does it have to be stamped out, right?
We have no free will, but we're this incredibly malleable thing that can do anything.
Well, exactly.
They're admitting we're powerful.
They want us to submit and be their tools.
Exactly, yeah.
So, Russell says that the goal of the technocratic system is to create cogs, right?
How we can relate this to the SPARS document is just simply to point out that it's one of, in a line of documents, which your video points out, Event 201, Clade X, Lockstep, Crimson Contagion.
It's the series of what we could call drills or war exercises, war gaming scenarios that basically lay out possible ways to approach
So they claim, right, if this happens, when in reality what we know is that the drills are the covers, right?
We saw this with 7-7.
We've seen this with 9-11.
The drills function as a cover for running the actual operation.
And we know that because in this 2017 SPARS document, right, with World Economic Forum, with Bill Gates, Johns Hopkins running this exercise, it fits perfectly.
The simulation fits perfectly like a script with the events that we've seen rolled out
In the last couple years, right?
So even though the document is listed as 2025 to 2028, it matches almost perfectly with 2020 to 2023.
And that's why we see the same numbers, the percentiles of the deaths, we see the hashtags, we see the goofy rap songs by washed up rappers, you know, take the vaccine, this kind of stuff.
So we know that's proof positive that this is not an accident.
This is actually a script.
All right, I'm just sitting back listening to you, and I don't mean to divert you off into spars, but for me, all the other documents were pre-training.
This is a manual so they can understand what they're doing for their operatives during real-time.
And I think you agree, and General Flynn agrees, this is a real-time document.
And they're testing the mass death.
They're testing the adverse effects.
They're testing Hank Aaron and DMX and Marvel's Marvin Hagler dying.
And so many others towards this bigger event and they feel very proud of what they're doing because they believe that incredible mutations are going to come out of this and that they've now had a revolution for mRNA calling it vaccines with liability protection.
So now they're globally legalizing testing on us and forcing us to do it.
It's just a total nightmare scenario.
This is their big move.
I mean, I was thinking maybe this was just a beta test.
No, I believe it's clear.
They've gone fully operational.
I mean, Russell talks about a hundred years ago that when they roll this out, when they do start to manipulate mRNA, when they have the mutations, when they do all this stuff, it's going to really mess up things.
But again, it's going to be for the good in the long run.
He talks about this on page 150, 151 of his famous book, Scientific Outlook.
I'll show you if anybody has it.
The whole page is about the designer babies.
It's about the CRISPR.
And even before Bertrand Russell wrote this, Lord Birkenhead.
By the way, put that book back up.
Sorry, the crew's putting up documents to document what I'm saying, but we're live editing here.
Put your article back up.
Put your book back up.
So here he talks about it being like the Island of Dr. Moreau, right?
That we have a completely plastic, the plasticity of man, this malleability.
We don't actually have a nature.
It can just be whatever.
We're just basically Gumby silly putty people, right?
So then the elite can then mold us into whatever they want.
They refer to us as Frankenstein.
We're like a Frankenstein lab creature that can then be molded.
He says that, in fact, even monsters will be created.
I mean, you've talked about these kinds of genetic deformities, monstrosities, and so forth.
I mean, that's what Russell talks about.
Russell says that we'll have this scenario, but it's okay because we're going to have to do all of this to see what works and what doesn't work in order to find, ultimately, of course,
He goes on to talk about utopianism, that the eugenic system here will lead to some form of technocratic utopia in the future.
But it will result in mass death, and that's the thing.
In terms of this pandemic scenario, there's a wild quote in Impact of Science on Society, where he actually says that, well, maybe we need another black death, right?
Right, what have the Royals said, Prince Charles, Duke of Kent, etc.?
Well, maybe we do need more of these viruses.
Maybe we do need a black death to come along, right, and kill... And that's Malthusian.
Yeah, Prince Philip just died yesterday morning.
He said repeatedly in interviews, I want to come back as a virus to kill 80% of the world population.
Now, to tie this into where they want to take things with the mutations,
You know, Klaus, in the last third of the book, he really gets wild, right, when he goes into talking about what's going to happen with... In the future, we do not change the environment, we change you!
Yes, Dr. Evil himself talks about the reformation of the whole biosphere.
And although this may sound outlandish, the actual plan that Klaus talks about in this book is a rewrite, a synthetic rewrite of the biosphere.
And so this is why they have these classifications of new types of life forms, hybrids,
Androids and so forth that get a new legal classification so that it's Legal legal precedent legal fiction the ability to both experiment on the animals that exist in natural world including us were the animals As well as rewriting and morphing and modifying man into being some other new kind of being that is post man so he talks about how when the AI is in place what's going to be needed is a
Smart dust everywhere to have the Internet of Things.
In order for that to work, there's got to be 5G, perhaps even 6G, the latest iterations of wireless technology.
Then the AI will be sold to everybody as cool.
It's going to be, you know, passed off as, you know, this kind of like edgy, cool thing.
Oh, it's going to be great to have nanotech in your body, right?
If you take the nanotech, nanoblood is talked about, right?
This kind of stuff.
They'll sell it.
And he says they'll even have robots that will 3D print robots, right?
So the robots 3D printing the robots will eliminate the need for any human labor.
We won't even need human labor except for maybe a few nerds to go work on the computers, right?
And let's be clear though here, Jay.
Humans are different than other species.
We create our own environment.
We have that God-like power.
They're trying to trick us that we're animals that don't have free will so they can be the upper crust that does
a design and decide free will and the destiny.
So it's all inherently a fraud.
How do you counter this?
Because we can talk for hours about what they're doing, why they're doing it, and we'll get to where you think they are in their process right now and how to stop them.
But this is so inherently fraudulent.
It's a total fraud because, again, in many of these cases, in the very books, within a few pages, they'll contradict.
It is.
For example, Bertrand Russell says in Scientific Outlook that
We can't actually know anything about the external world, right?
We just have to guess because quantum mechanics means that we can't really know anything for certain.
So it's all just speculation, but we'll act as if we can know about the external world, right?
So he falls into solipsism, which is kind of ironic with the idea that everything's just a mental projection.
There's no real world, right?
Which is just total fiction, right?
And then he turns around and talks about how logic, reason, these kinds of things are all objective.
They're all objectively true.
There's no,
We're good to go.
I agree, most churches are controlled.
Why is there this instinctive hate of a church?
Ultimately, I think because it's demonic, right?
Go back to the Tower of Babel, right?
What happened to the Tower of Babel?
This story that is kind of an archetype of the fallen man wanting to erect this global control system.
So they want to play God and they're mad.
They're very jealous.
It's like sex of someone going and doing something that's not with them.
They want to be worshipped.
They want to say, I can heal you.
I have the GMO.
I have the mRNA and they want to rape you.
You're going to take my shot or you can't have a job.
You're going to let me into your cells.
I'm going to mark you.
Yes, Salk has another book called Man Unfolding where he talks about how if you don't allow people to kind of go out and get dirty and experience, you know, dirt, the immune system doesn't develop, right?
And so this creates a dependency.
It creates an irrational fear.
And so even Salk, right, decades ago in his book was talking about what we're seeing now with this idea that we can just sterilize all of reality, all of life, all of society if everybody's sterile.
And what he says is that this actually inculcates in youth a fear of the world, a fear of reality.
He says it's a psychological warfare trick, basically, that doesn't allow people to have a natural development against things that the body should encounter, the cold virus, etc.
It's just absurd.
But when you understand it from that psychological warfare perspective, it makes perfect sense why they would try to scare everybody into the common cold.
It's ridiculous, right?
Well, brother, you're a smart guy and I love getting you on.
You've read a lot of their books.
I've read all their books too, but over the years I don't read a lot of their new books.
It's kind of the same thing over and over again.
But it's incredible how they admit all this, but then when we cover it, they deny it.
Here's an example.
This is out of the Times of London 13 years ago.
Billionaire club and bid to curb overpopulation.
Bill Gates says he meets with world leaders to set up an alternative world government with David Rockefeller to carry out depopulation.
And here he is admitting it.
So why do they admit it on one platform, but then deny it on another?
Why do you think they do that?
That's a form of psychological warfare too.
It's also, it's, it's a kind of gaslighting, right?
Where you, you do, it's what a narcissist in an abusive relationship does, right?
Where they just basically to the face of the person, tell them the opposite of what their eyes are seeing.
And that causes a kind of a shock, kind of a catatonic kind of response in the person that they don't know, or they can't believe that this is happening.
And then they'll actually begin to doubt their own sense perception, their own sense that, oh, maybe I didn't do this, right?
Go watch that movie Gaslight.
It's a great movie.
That's what what and why they do that is to basically trick the public.
And keep in mind too, you know, they talk about the fact that this this has an effect of dumbing down, right?
You can lower the IQ of the population in mass through all of this biochemical warfare again.
It's basic biochemical warfare.
Well, again, they claim they're doing random testing.
That's all it is.
That's bad enough.
The truth is they're trying to give us short attention spans, dumb us down and poison us and sterilize us.
So they say, oh, we're building a Superman, but really they're killing everybody.
And another way you can sort of deconstruct this is to point out, again, the inherent contradictions.
For example, if Salk is correct that everything is an evolutionary process, right?
If everything is constantly in flux and changing, then the principle of
Evolution itself, from his perspective, can't be true, right?
Because he's saying that his position is true.
But if everything is in flux, then that includes his own position.
Listen, we can decide that we're not just randomly evolving.
We all know it's the sun and radioactive particles, the way God designed it, are making us have mutations and events and epigenetics and all that.
But again, just them, they're defining, they're in control of that.
Well, he says you can't be dogmatic.
He says anybody dogmatic is a religious fanatic.
And then he's completely dogmatic.
And he says that if you disagree with me, you need to die.
So he's like, he's like the inquisition.
Well, let's go back, because you've studied this in depth.
Where did this begin?
I mean, I know it's ancient technologies of control.
You can go back to Francis Galton 170 years ago.
You can go back to Wedgwood and Huxley and, you know, you can go back to Darwin.
But when did this really get codified?
Who's the, is it Huxley or is it H.C.
I mean, who's the granddaddy of this cult?
Because it's, people are like, okay, why are we covering this?
You know, some professor wrote a book.
No, this is the group running the planet.
This is the group driving the bus, driving the ship over the cliff.
I mean, there's no doubt about that.
So who are they?
Do they believe their own BS?
Because it certainly doesn't work.
Well, if we go back to the ancient world, the seeds of the modern technocratic system are all in the ancient world, actually.
In fact, the ancient empires usually had a philosophy of a strict caste system.
And in that philosophy, the lower classes, anybody who was a working class or even the nobles, even the warrior class, needed to be controlled in terms of their numbers.
That's right.
It's a caste system masquerading as science.
That's why in Brave New World, there's a strict, super strict hierarchy.
The alphas, you don't interact with betas or omegas.
In fact, you get punished if you do.
But this is an equal society.
In everybody's face, there's this rigid hierarchy while everybody's equal, right?
It's just, it's total gaslight.
But double think, right?
But if you look at Plato too, right?
Plato's a key figure for this because Plato's Republic is really the ideal Republic.
It's the perfectly rational, perfectly
We're good to go.
Remember the movie Snowpiercer, right?
That's the whole philosophy by the elite in Snowpiercer is that everybody on the train has their specific role in their compartment.
And if there's too many people in one, if there's too much going on here or there, then the whole system will collapse, right?
And it was all a lie.
Remember, that was the point of Snowpiercer, the whole system.
I mean, that's that situational ethics spaceship lifeboat game.
Yeah, exactly.
Breakaway Civilization, Noah's Ark, right?
That's the sort of the
The model here of the breakaway civilization, but that's literally what they believe.
You talk about that quite often and it's correct.
They talk about let me ask you this then.
How is it going for them in your view?
It looks like there's a lot of resistance, but as we know from the Spars document, they obviously foresaw that resistance, you know, HG Wells talked about the leaders that would rise up to resist the nationalists and these kind of people who have to be destroyed.
So I think that unfortunately, it's
They're having road bumps, but at the same time, they're getting a lot done.
So it's up to us, I guess, as to what we're going to accept or what we're going to not.
But I mean, it is at least an anti-Christ type of system.
I'm not saying for sure that it's the end of the world.
I don't claim to know that.
But it's the model that you see, right, in Scripture.
Scripture talks about this model of everybody being tracked and traced, not being able to buy and sell.
Let's stop right there, because you do a great job hosting the show every few weeks.
And you've done a lot of research.
I've done a lot of research.
You've done a lot of research.
I haven't done, but I know enough about this stuff to know you're not making stuff up.
At a gut level, you could like go to somebody like Frank Herbert, who was kind of an insider with them, a big hallucinogenics cult that he was in with these people.
He was definitely in the Illuminati.
And he was kind of telling you a lot through his Dune book, what was going on later.
He was all drugged up and
Later books are more incoherent, but you kind of get the guilds and the mindset of where they think they're going in the future through that.
That's kind of the current thing in the 60s of what was going on.
My bigger question is, is there any way to get the establishment to get off this track that they keep getting on?
Because you'd think people rebel and have their own thoughts.
Why is this particular view on human evolution
Thank you for having me.
They're trying to be full spectrum dominance.
They're trying to control the compendium of ideas.
But at the base, it's actually an anti-human system, which shows like the Bible says the fallen angel and alien is actually trying to like introduce viruses psychically to us to make us destroy ourselves.
And so I guess to make it as simple as possible, what I'm getting at here is, is
Is there a way to get the main psychic viral injector to stop or to get the establishment to quit?
Or were they always so weak to begin with they were recruited to this and they can't be turned back?
I mean is it wrong to focus on the establishment?
They would say it's wrong to focus on the proletariat.
I focus on everybody and I just throw seed in all directions.
I mean it's a long complex point.
What's your take on that?
That the system that they're bringing in is self-destructive, right?
I think that it's inherently toxic.
And so, again, if they're admitting in their writings that there is a spirit in man, that metaphysics is true, this is something that Saul, for example, talks about, while at the same time denying it, there's a fundamental contradiction at work here between what they're putting into place.
If you've read Brave New World, then you know the world socialist controller
There's a situation where he does this very thing, right?
Mostafa Mond is confronted by John the Savage.
John the Savage says, it looks like there are truths that even scientists have figured out that point to God, that point to the transcendent.
Mostafa Mond says, oh yeah, I know that.
We've known that for decades.
And we suppress that and we write it out.
And he says, well why would you do that?
He says because they don't care.
There's no point in bringing that out to the masses and I don't care.
So you can't go against reality is what I'm trying to say.
So if it's self-destructive, that's the best hope is to point that out.
I mean, that's what we're talking about here with something being self-destructive is that
It's not even advantageous to the global elite, right?
I mean, I think they think that they're going to get immortality out of this, but the reality is I don't think that they will, right?
That's the point.
You can't do something that's fundamentally contrary to your own nature, to the species, right?
To further the species.
It's not going to happen.
It's not going to work.
And that's all because they have adopted the view that evil is just as necessary as good.
Good is just as necessary as evil.
This is what's in Salk's book.
He says that we need to become pro-death.
We can't be pro-life anymore.
He says that's part of the way the ancient world operated to do medicine, that tried to heal people, that tried to preserve life, that tried to promote... But they themselves tried to hold on to life.
So you just said it.
They have a nature of evil.
They're destructive.
They're predators.
They're scum.
We lay down to them, and they use morals against us to tie us down.
We should be moral, but they tell us to be moral and follow their orders when they shouldn't be running anything.
Their nature is parasitic and bad and twisted.
They've created a delusion, like cancer does, of why they should be in charge, but they are metaphysically, mathematically, culturally, genetically bad and are cancer and should be rejected, and they will be rejected in the end.
Right, well you can't say that nothing is true and everything that I say arbitrarily is true.
That's a fundamental contradiction.
And you can't live a fundamental contradiction every day of your life.
If you do, it will eventually come home to cause serious problems.
So, I don't think this system will work because it's fundamentally unnatural and fundamentally anti-human.
It's irrational, right?
And that's the irony here is that we're supposed to be worshipping reason and yet this whole system is fundamentally irrational.
And it only makes sense if there's an evil, higher level, right, entity that's behind this.
Well, exactly.
All of it's going against, I look at globalists, they're ugly, they're twisted, they're unhappy, their families are destroyed, but they're just, it's like they're under orders, they're just doing it.
I mean, Bill Gates, all of them, who would want to be him?
He's a joke.
Notice how humans, the good news is, as humans we recoil from them, Jay, don't we?
Yeah, I think anybody who retains their spirit, their soul, finds all of this very repugnant.
It's just absurd.
Of Wall Street, of the globalists, of China, of the New World Order.
I mean, there's a real rejection happening.
Those that are under its spell, they're more under its control.
But the general public, I see, is rejecting it.
This whole assault I see, I think, is about trying to force us not to reject it.
Well, they'll double down.
All they ever do is double down, right?
There may be a few instances where they backed off in the case of wars in the last five or six years where they didn't get the plans that they wanted.
But on the whole, right, they always double down.
And this is kind of that philosophy of never admitting you're wrong, right?
Because the operation, the mode of operation that they have is very similar to a psychopath in an abusive relationship, right?
The psychopath never admits that he was wrong, right?
Because they're narcissistic.
They have no fundamental capability of ever admitting error.
And that's what they always tell, for example, you know, the CIA, right?
Never admit error, just always lie, or just always double down.
And that's again another psychological warfare tactic.
So we can expect them always to double down, to continue to promote non-stop lies, non-stop deception, non-stop gaslighting.
Because again, they're impelled by something spiritual.
It's not purely
That's right.
There's a template being projected to make us submit to it.
Jay Dyer, tell people about your website, your show, your books, for people that want to check it out.
Yeah, jasonalsys.com.
I have a couple books you can get signed copies at my website in the shop.
I wrote two books on Hollywood that actually dissect all the stuff that we're talking about from film.
So it's a good way to give it, you know, books to your family members and get them to wake up through movies, right?
Because a lot of what we talk about is actually in fiction and that's a key part of their programming is to
Prepare and kind of warm everybody up, soften everybody up to these realities through the fiction ahead of time.
And then I have a YouTube channel, Jay's Analysis.
I have all the other social medias, and then I'm also now on Rockfin.
Let's talk about that little nice, this opening coming out of Satanism.
That isn't like pentagrams and just human sacrifice.
No, it's all sex with the devil, which is what it really is all about.
When we're actually starting to see on the news, not the classical Christian view of Satanism, but what Satan is really into, what is that coming out all about?
I think that's multiple levels.
On one level, it's a kind of degradation of the culture.
It's just toxic culture, which is another psychological warfare strategy where you can, through targeted marketing and so forth, you can debase the culture through degenerate media.
That's a classic tactic.
Bertrand Russell talked about that.
Wells talked about doing that.
In one sense, it's just that.
I think on a deeper level, it does have a metaphysical component to where it's the idea of, you know, putting out into the world.
It's almost like a curse.
I look at it more like a voodoo type of thing.
I don't believe in voodoo, but I'm saying that people... But that's what they believe in.
It's lesser magic.
They think that they're kind of putting their power out there.
And so, you know, I've been studying serial killers.
This is something that they would do when they would collect
You think so?
Get their power, exactly.
And Crowley talked about it.
So ultimately, it's kind of an inculcation of the culture with Crowley.
So basically, you're letting low-level, degenerate, crazy people who seek power get control, and then create cultures to make us submit, and they're falling in bad, and we need to reject them and say no to them.
Right, and it's also something that brutalizes man.
It's a theater of brutality, some people have called it, where you can do aesthetic terrorism, right?
You can, again, debase people through toxic cultures, a form of psychological warfare.
To train them to accept the real thing when it happens.
Well, that's what O'Brien, when he's torturing Winston, says is, we're the priest of power.
We're here to tear humans apart.
I'm going to trample you, I'm going to be trampled.
It's a boot-stabbing on the human face.
We want people that live shorter, that are ugly, that are dumb.
We want to tear humanity apart.
We are the priests of power.
Yes, post-human.
To mutate man to be post-man is the whole goal.
Isn't that ironic?
That's exactly what Satan said.
So it's this giant satanic rebellion against God who put us on this planet, credit it all.
All right, J. Dyer, I really appreciate your time.
I really appreciate your work.
It's great when you host the show.
You've got about two minutes left.
And we thank you.
Anything else you'd like to add?
You know, I would just say that if you're interested in going a little deeper into this, I've done lectures on basically 50 or so of the elites, right?
So you saw today some of the books that we covered.
We covered Klaus Schwab, Kessler, Brzezinski, Jacques Attali.
There's about 50 of these that I've done.
I would like to get to 100 in the next year or two.
And we just go through each one of these one by one and I give a summary lecture.
So if people want what I call a grad course, a master class in the writings of the elite, which is if you, you know, took it, if you were at Harvard and you were, you know, taking an international relations master's degree, a PhD, you would be reading these kinds of, you'd be reading Brzezinski, you'd be reading these guys, but that's not for everybody, right?
So what I try to do is take this material, distill it down, because not everybody has time to
We're good.
Different cultures and different groups produce different things.
We know it's all about background, epigenetics, IQ, all that.
But why would the globalists want to make the whole world third world and squalor?
Well, that's because they're so fallen.
They don't want to raise groups up.
They want to lower them so they feel bigger because they're so low.
I think it's very simple.
We should reject Brzezinski.
We should reject Klaus Schwab.
We should realize they're the enemy and just reject them.
We need to realize there are a bunch of crazies controlling our destiny and realize that they're in control and start studying how systems of control operate instead of like, oh, there's no Bilderberg Group.
There's no New World Order.
And we just sit there like it's good to ignore that there's a controlling group.
How do you get the public to start interfacing with the fact that there are elites running things?
Everybody loves movies.
I got into this stuff, right, from movies, ironically.
I grew up with movies.
And then, you know, I got into the research that you had done 18, 20 years ago when I first saw your work.
So, I mean, pop culture actually is full of this material.
It's, you know, there's a lot of disinformation mixed in there as well, but I try to use any kind of analogy, any kind of inroad that I can that people do have access to or do, even video games, right?
Famous video games, Deus Ex, right, has transhumanism, it has the New World Order, all this kind of stuff.
It's everywhere if we pay attention.
That's right.
All right, Jay Dyer, thank you for all the time.
Have a great Saturday evening.
Thank you so much.
All right.
You too.
Thank you, Alex.
All right, well, that's it for this transmission, basically.
I have a few final articles to hit, but I want to commend the crew coming in on Saturday.
I want to commend the folks that are going to put this out.
I want to commend all of you that are going to share it.
People want a podcast format, and we do a syndicated radio format because that's what I've been on for 27 years.
But for listeners that want basically commercial-free, we're doing it every Saturday.
We're trying to get the crew to make sure it continues to happen.
Share this video once it's streamed out from Band
But that said, I mean, look at these headlines.
Billionaire club and bid to curb overpopulation.
This is Bill Gates saying, I'm setting up world government to depopulate the planet.
He says right here at the end of the article.
Oh, we already have a world government.
I'm not setting up an alternative.
I'm just establishing a world government right here.
See that?
And that's what the whole medical dictatorship is.
So, know your enemy, understand it.
Yellen calls for minimum global corporate income tax with a global group that runs it and enforces it.
This is out in the open, ladies and gentlemen.
YouTube says they want a global group to run free speech.
Yellen, global minimum tax is a step too far, DC says.
Kissinger warns Washington, accept new multipolar world, accept China running things.
See, we're set up.
Oh, we were supposed to run China.
Now we learn we've been set up.
The new Biden ATF director said that helicopters were shot down by the Davidians.
That's why they were killed.
That never happened.
He's totally anti-gun, was involved in Oklahoma City and Facet Furious.
He's going to stage some major stuff in my view once he gets in.
So they're getting ready to make their main move on us and try to cause a civil war in this country.
And I'm against it.
I don't want violence, but that's where we're at.
Separately, we can't operate without your word of mouth, your prayers, and your financial support.
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All right.
I'm going to end this two and a half hour transmission we've already done here with a 10 minute video.
Cause I got asked by several national talk show hosts.
In the last 24 hours to please put out a video with Bill Gates talking about depopulation.
So we're going to close out with this and then Lord willing, because God's in control.
Every day is a blessing.
Every day above ground is a blessing.
I'll be back at 4 p.m.
The issue that really grabbed me as urgent were issues related to population.
In 1998, Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
Dr. Zabin became the founding director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population Control.
We see a lot of things that are going very well.
Things like reducing childhood death and... Things like reducing childhood death and...
First, we've got population.
The world today has 6.8 billion people.
That's headed up to about 9 billion.
Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.
The problem is that the population is growing the fastest where people are less able to deal with it.
So it's in the very poorest places that you're going to have a tripling in population by 2050.
And so their ability to feed, educate, provide jobs, stability, protect the environment in those locations mean they're faced with an almost impossible problem.
Here we can see a chart that looks at the total
world population over the last several hundred years.
And at first glance, this is a bit scary.
We go from less than a billion in 1800, and then 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.4 billion where we are today is happening even faster.
So Melinda and I wondered whether providing new medicines and keeping children alive, would that create more of a population problem?
And what the developing world does not need is more children.
And I think that was the biggest aha to Bill and me when we got into this work, is we asked ourselves, of course, the same hard-nosed question you'd ask, which is, if you get into this work and you start to save these children, will women just keep overpopulating the world?
And thank goodness the converse is absolutely true.
This is a very important question to get right because it was absolutely key for me.
When our foundation first started up, it was focused on reproductive health.
That was the main thing we did because I thought, you know, population growth in poor countries
is the biggest problem they face.
You've got to help mothers who want to limit family size have the tools and education to do that.
That's the only thing that really counts.
Is spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient, would it be better not to lay off those ten teachers and to make that trade-off in medical costs?
But that's called the death panel and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
But that's called the death panel
Uh, and you're not supposed to have that discussion.
Behind closed doors on this New York campus, a secret gathering of some of the world's most powerful people.
Gates, Buffett, Bloomberg, Winfrey.
It was like, well, it was like... The Super Friends.
Together with others at the meeting, including George Soros, Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, they're worth more than 125 billion dollars.
That much money, that much power around one table, it begs the question, what were they doing?
What were they scheming?
Total world domination?
This group, together for six hours, was talking about charity, education, emergency relief, global health, the new Superman and Wonder Woman, the super-rich friends, not fighting bad guys, but fighting for good, nonetheless.
Apparently, one of the things they discussed was what each of them knows about what really works and what doesn't work, so they can concentrate their resources.
An epidemic, either naturally caused or intentionally caused, is the most likely thing to cause, say, 10 million excess deaths.
Today, the greatest risk of global catastrophe doesn't look like this.
Instead, it looks like this.
If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it's most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.
So let's look at each one of these and see how we can get this down to zero.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now that's back from high school algebra, but let's take a look.
Probably one of these numbers is going to have to get pretty near to zero.
Now malaria is, of course, transmitted by mosquitoes.
I brought some here so you could experience this.
We'll let those roam around the auditorium a little bit.
There's no reason only poor people should have the experience.
But did you come to reproductive issues as an intellectual?
When I was growing up my parents were always involved in various volunteer things.
My dad was head of Planned Parenthood and it was very controversial to be involved with that.
My dad was head of Planned Parenthood
The ultimate solution, the only thing that really lets us go back completely to normal and feel good about sitting in a stadium with lots of other people is to create a vaccine and not just take care of our country but take that vaccine out to the global population
Take that vaccine out to the global population.
We clearly need a vaccine that works in the upper age range because they're most at risk of that and doing that so that you amp it up so it works in older people and yet
You don't have side effects.
You know, if we have, you know, one in 10,000 side effects, that's, you know, way more 700,000, you know, people who will suffer from that.
Way more, 700,000 people who will suffer from that.
The side effects for the Moderna vaccine sound concerning.
We looked.
After the second dose, at least 80% of participants experienced a systemic side effect, ranging from severe chills to fevers.
So, are these vaccines safe?
The FDA, not being pressured, will look hard at that.
The FDA is the gold standard of regulators and their current guidance on this, if they stick with that, is very, very appropriate.
You know, the side effects were not super severe.
That is, it didn't cause permanent health problems for the things there.
They, you know, Moderna did have to go with a fairly high dose and so, you know, to get the antibodies.
Some of the other vaccines
Are going able to go with lower doses to get responses that are pretty high, including the J&J and the Pfizer.
And so there's a lot of characteristics of these vaccines.
It's great that we have multiple of them that are going out there.
And yes, I think you know the data better than I do.
But the bill that the data that everybody with a high dose had a side effect.
Yeah, but some of that is not dramatic where, you know, it's just, you know, super painful.
But yes, we need to make sure there's not severe side effects.
The FDA, I think, will do a good job of that despite the pressure.
But you don't have a choice.
People act like you have a choice.
People don't feel like going to the stadium when they might get infected.
But you don't have a choice.
People act like you have a choice.
What else are we not listening to that we need to take action on now?
The idea of a bioterrorist attack is kind of the nightmare scenario because there, a pathogen with a high death rate would be picked.
Now the good news is, not trying to depress you, it's tough enough right now, that most of the work we're going to do to be ready for Pandemic 2, I call this Pandemic 1, most of the work we'll do to be ready for that are also the things we need to do to minimize the threat of bioterrorism.
The economy is not going to be anything like it was.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
It's going to take a long time to recover.
It's going to be, you know, people are going to be surprised at how slow and how fitful this is.
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The facts of life are very, very simple.
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