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Name: 20210407_Wed_Alex
Air Date: April 7, 2021
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The video discusses the arrest and imprisonment of Pastor James Coates for violating COVID-19 public health orders at his church in Canada. The situation raises concerns about attacks on religious freedom and potential economic consequences for small businesses and churches. The speaker argues that the government's actions are akin to Nazism and emphasizes the importance of resistance against tyranny. Additionally, the video touches upon the use of technology by globalist powers for transformation, including the use of mobile phones for spying and the creation of a feudalistic economic model. The speaker also discusses geopolitical and economic topics such as the potential introduction of a global minimum tax rate on corporations and the rise in value of Bitcoin.

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And I don't care what you think about this guy, who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday, it's basically a documentary, and late in the afternoon, so I watched it last night, and it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars, and the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that Is that he loves this country, he is as smart as a whip, he absolutely believes in what he believes in, and he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this.
I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday, and it's called an emergency broadcast, and it's based on InfoWars, and it's based on the whole COVID lie.
And Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail of a of a war game that our government did back in the 2016-2017 time frame with you know under a different name and they called it SPARS instead of SARS COVID right and it's this incredible I mean it's like it's like runs parallel to everything that's going on today From the front lines of the Information War, it's Alex Jones.
You're about to run a human being over!
Hey, who are you?
You got those children in there!
Who are you?
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Hey, we need the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids without a car seat!
From all over Central America, Honduras, Guatemala, you name it.
The cars that they have have over $1,200 per person on them.
They're then taken to the McAllen Airport in unmarked vans, and then they're released into the United States to a destination city of their choice.
You got a car seat for them?
That's illegal, bro.
Where are you taking these kids?
That's illegal.
If you get in a traffic accident, those kids are going to get hurt.
Where are you taking these kids?
Do you have a car seat?
That's illegal.
How is this Christian?
We need the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids without a car seat!
You're violating Texas law!
Who is this right here?
You got those children there illegally!
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Who are you?
Where are you taking your children?
You're not a part of this organization?
Who are you?
Where are you taking these kids?
We know you're smuggling these kids.
Where are you taking these kids?
They're in the back of there without children's seats.
Where are you taking these kids?
Sir, identify who you are.
This is a massive smuggling.
This is literally human smuggling.
These are children.
Where are you taking these kids?
And now... Sir, where are you taking these kids?
They don't even have car seats.
They don't have their seatbelts on.
Their seatbelts aren't even on.
Where are you taking these children?
Sir, identify yourself.
Who are you?
Don't fucking hit me.
I'll tell you right fucking now.
Who do you work for?
Are you a part of this organization?
So you don't know where these kids are going?
No, no, they came from over there.
They're not being checked for COVID.
So you don't know who you work for?
We need to call the police right now.
I want to know where these kids are going.
They're not going there.
You're not making any sense, sir.
Identify yourself.
Who are you?
Who are these kids?
I don't know, sir.
Where did you get them from?
From the church.
From the church?
Where's the church?
Okay, so we just want to make sure that this is all good, okay, sir?
I understand you're probably trying to help at least appearing to, but you literally have a bunch of kids in here, a bunch of minors, all by yourself.
Okay, the police is here.
They've got kids piled in the back, no seatbelts, no anything.
Yeah, they're piled in the back.
What's your name, sir?
Do you have your ID on you?
Or your driver's license?
Your human smuggling is going to stop, freak!
So you're cool with human smuggling?
Yes, sir.
You don't care about your friends?
[crowd noise]
[crowd noise]
[crowd noise]
[crowd noise]
[crowd noise]
[crowd noise]
They're being raped!
They're being human trafficked!
They're being human trafficked!
How do you know?
How do you know?
How do I know?
It's happened on a daily basis!
Are you doing that?
How do you know?
Yeah, all sorts of **** up.
Yeah, all sorts of **** up.
These people do not care at all.
I need it. I need it.
I'm not going to fight it.
You're a faggot.
Yes, we do.
How many more?
Express your opinion.
Express your opinion like an American, not like an animal.
This is not how you deal with children.
You don't stuff them in the back of a car.
It's horrible. This is ridiculous. Ridiculous. This is not how you deal with children. You don't stuff them in the
back of a car. What the hell's the matter with you? No car seats. No car seats.
What organization is this?
I want to know who the hell this is.
Stuffing kids in the back of a car without any seatbelts on.
What kind of Catholic organization is this?
Jesus stuffs people in the back of a car?
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Every single one of you.
And I don't care what you think about this guy, who I'm about to mention, but I was sent a video yesterday, it's basically a documentary, and late in the afternoon, so I watched it last night, and it's by Alex Jones, Info Wars, and the media has tarnished him with all sorts of name-calling, conspiracy theorists, bomb-thrower.
The one thing that I know about this gentleman, Alex Jones, is that Is that he loves this country.
He is as smart as a whip.
He absolutely believes in what he believes in.
And he also does his research and his homework.
And so I sat, because a close friend of mine said, you've got to watch this.
I just finished watching it.
He actually put it out yesterday.
And it's called an emergency broadcast.
And it's based on InfoWars.
And it's based on the whole COVID lie.
And Alex takes his audience through an hour and a half worth of just incredible level of detail of a of a war game that our government did back in the 2016-2017 time frame With, you know, under a different name and they called it SPARS instead of SARS COVID, right?
And it's this incredible, I mean, it's like runs parallel to everything that's going on today.
Even in the war game that they did almost five years ago now, four years ago now, In the War Game, they even put out social media things like tweets and such.
And in the tweets that they use in the War Game, they use the exact same tweets over the last year.
I mean, the exact same words, the exact same hashtags, and it's like it's one big setup.
So, let me, so that's just, this thing that, this thing that Alex Jones put out yesterday, it needs to get out in a bigger way because Alex walks through And again, whatever, I don't care what people think of him, he's incredibly detailed in his research, he loves this country, he is a patriot, and he's somebody who we better listen to, or others in this country better listen to.
And there's a reason why the mainstream media calls a guy like him a bomb thrower or a conspiracy theorist, because they're in fear of the truth that he does actually bring out.
And in this particular documentary that he did yesterday, it's fascinating, and there's an awful, awful lot of parallels in it from what was done in a war game, so to speak, quote-unquote, and then what the reality is that we're facing.
Well, that is the former National Security Advisor, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and a true war hero, combat veteran, endorsing that two-hour report that myself and the great crew put together.
And it's a two-hour report, so I have asked the crew today to edit it down to 30 minutes and to air that in the last 30 minutes of the transmission today.
I've also asked Owen Schroyer to air it on his show today so that it goes out on our radio affiliates.
But you can see the two-hour report from last Saturday.
Seems like six months ago.
It was only five days ago.
Emergency Saturday broadcast.
World shocked by Spars 2025-2028 document.
And again, they only change a letter or two in the document from what actually happens, the exact names they use and the exact scenario.
So this is Beyond a criminal smoking gun.
And General Flynn would understand how foreign governments and corporations will do drills when it's really a war game.
It's really a real plan.
It's an attack scenario, but they just call it a war game.
Well, they call this a war game for viruses, but really it's an operational manual.
It's not a war game, it's a war plan.
And so that's the former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, That's the Defense Agency for the Military telling you that this is key to watch.
It's all right there.
Anybody that's educated on things like this looks at this immediately and says, oh my God, this is horrible.
This is bone chilling.
I mean, I've been physically nauseous since I started researching it two weeks ago, and it just goes on and on and on.
Way worse than lockstep.
Way worse than event 201.
Way worse than crimson contagion, which are all parts of this.
So, We're racing to edit down the two hours.
It'll probably air in the first hour of the War Room today, and then be posted a nice 30-minute boil down, just hitting the documents itself.
But the full two-hour piece is at Bandot Video, and I can tell you that The system's gone from being angry at me to wanting me dead now.
And I'm not saying that to act powerful or to, ooh, oh, I mean, this is really going on.
And I'm more than happy to do this because there's no future anyways.
We don't beat this.
And General Flynn, I can tell you, is researching and has already been researching the Carnegie Endowment, the Rockefeller Foundation.
That's the core of this globalist group since the 20s that runs it all.
And so, if you read what they write and what they say, then you know what they're going to do.
And now, they don't even thinly veil this anymore.
And so, that's why it should be easy to beat this if people will just look at what they're saying and what they're doing.
And you say, well, why would they lay their plans out?
And so, they're academics and they're higher level operatives.
They're just like officers in a military operation.
So, they're colonels.
Lieutenant Generals, you know, and all the rest of it, up the arc, up to General, and then Globalist, Field Marshal, whatever you want to call it.
These individuals need to know there's a confidence in what they're doing.
So their people follow along for morale.
This is a depopulation operation.
And so if you go back to Klaus Schwab and the Davos Group, they all just came out and said in videos on Twitter that isn't it good we locked you down it's saving the earth and we should have lockdowns every year every two years and you should never leave your house and an app should control you because humans are bad and we really did this to set up the great reset they write books on it they put out promotional videos and you say oh that's just the Deimos group man what they say happens like a
The engineer or architect creates a blueprint for a building.
And then where they say the pillars go in, where they say the foundation goes in, where they say the walls go in, and the light bulbs, and the bathrooms, and the toilets, and the lampshades, and the countertops, I mean it's what they say.
And I'm sitting here watching them build this damn thing.
It's like going to the store and buying a little model for a race car you're going to build, or a B-17.
Like when I was a kid, I loved those little military models.
And you know, you got it, and you had a map, and you had directions, and it said, okay, first thing, glue these together, then glue that together.
And you followed it, and you got the airplane later.
It looked really cool.
You paint it, hang it up in your room with the monofilament line.
You weren't out fishing with it.
And so you look at this and they tell you, this is the plan, we're doing it.
And the average person goes, oh, that's too complex.
Nobody ever do that.
But you have all the pieces.
You put them together, it's all there, just like Legos.
And that's why they use compartmentalization on the public, where they only see one piece or two pieces or five pieces.
I see thousands of pieces.
And we've proven that we know how the pieces go together because I've been studying the globalists so long.
People go, well, how did you know that was going to happen?
Well, when you study them long enough, they're building the same thing.
And so you learn it's not just a bunch of pieces that build one project.
Once all those pieces build a project, you pull back 35,000 feet.
Wait a minute.
That was all one piece of a larger piece.
So all these pieces go together and build this piece.
Then you pull back again.
Now these pieces build this piece.
And then you go read a damn book written by them and they admit the whole thing.
It's not like you're even going, God, I see that right there.
I just connected the dots.
Aren't I smart?
This is in your face.
The question is, do you have the courage like General Flynn has to face it?
And that's why they're scared of him.
They're scared of a few other people.
And believe me, it's not a nice position to be in, but we're willing to do it.
He's willing to die.
So am I. We've talked about it.
And we believe in you.
And so, here you are.
You want a military leader to stand up and fight?
He's doing it.
And we're doing it here too, but this is damn real.
This isn't a drill, this isn't a game, this isn't a joke.
This is America under modern attack.
We could be a foreign enemy, because we know it was an enemy.
But an enemy that comes, as Cicero warned, secretly, not showing their colors openly, is the plague.
And that's what we face.
I just got back from the border, or what's left of it.
I'm going to break that down.
A lot of exclusives there.
We've got huge COVID takeover, forced inoculation, global passport ID systems.
We've got, how many guests do we have today?
The crew has just done a superlative job of these great guests.
They've got churches being shut down in Canada with fences being put up around them.
We've got folks at the church outside the barbed wire joining us.
Drew Hernandez from the border joins us.
Max Kaiser.
Joins us, Patrick.
Howley joins us.
It just goes on and on with big exclusive news.
Stay with us.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the tip of the spear.
What's left of the resistance and the twilight of our republic.
Hard to believe.
Growing up, I never knew I'd be in this position.
But you're tuning in to this show.
You care.
You're in the same seat I'm in, aware of what's going on.
What are we going to do about it?
Well, the good news is this is a very authoritarian, very destructive, very nasty operation.
And so it's going to get really bad and things are going to fall apart and get horrible.
And so if we simply expose it ahead of time, like we've been doing, it will form massive opposition.
And there is massive opposition.
The system then gaslights Americans and others around the world, Brazilians, folks in the UK being punished for Brexit, Germany trying to get out from under the Merkel dictatorship, to feel like you're all alone and to bankrupt you where you have no job, where you have no industry, where you're living off a government check so they can dictate the terms of your surrender.
This is all very simple.
It has a word in the military.
This first picked up in hieroglyphs and Sanskrit over 6,000 years ago, and it's called siege.
And so they're attempting to induce us into siege.
Where are the areas where they have total siege?
The big cities.
Doesn't matter if you're in Japan, doesn't matter if you're in Berlin, doesn't matter if you're in London, doesn't matter if you're in Chicago, doesn't matter if you're in Austin, doesn't matter if you're in Mexico City, doesn't matter where you are, If you're in a big city and dependent on the system, the lockdown never ended and you never have any freedom.
Siege, the act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.
And so, knowing is at the battle, taking action, With historical remedies that you know work is the other half.
So I coined the term resistance is victory.
And that's true, but it's only half the equation.
Resistance is victory if you understand what you're facing and have a historical plan that's going to work for the people better than what's being done.
And the enemy then oppresses, makes us even stronger.
But if we don't know we're under attack, Then the oppression breaks us and brings us down.
But we will not become weak under this attack.
We will come together, white, Hispanic, black, Asian, human, with red blood, understanding there's an attack, and we will win!
Because our spirit is strong!
And what the enemy is selling is death!
And so I'm completely energized today.
And, like Martin Luther King said, I have seen the future.
It's not a vision, it's the Spirit.
The Holy Spirit tells you, you do the right thing, humanity is going to come together and do amazing things.
That's the lightning of the Holy Ghost.
That's the understanding.
And the enemy, oh, don't be religious, don't be spiritual, because they're totally spiritual.
They're into Satanism.
So let me tell you, this is a shorter segment, long segment coming up.
We've got like six minutes to break, but let me tell you what's coming up today.
Because there is a lot.
We have Incredible COVID hysteria and lies, but also the lies are, to say the wheels have come off, no, the wheels came off and the whole thing blew up.
But they don't care because they think you're stupid.
But I have this stack I'll cover next segment that is mind blowing of the COVID hoax and just how insane it is and how it's like a snake eating its tail at every level.
That's next segment.
Andrew Hernandez, who is even more impressive in person and in the field.
He was already going down the border.
He told me a week ago, I said, well, come here.
We're going to go down there too.
So we linked up with him and covered what he was doing.
He did a lot of reports we didn't do.
He linked up with us.
We kept, like, going places.
He'd be right there.
Like, the force was with us.
We were kind of in Sopotico, linked up.
And I'd say something and he'd just finish the sentence.
And then he'd say something and I'd finish the sentence.
I mean, you talk about linked up.
And we just, it just absolutely ran the tables on them down there at the border.
It's collapsed.
And the police and the Border Patrol are on our side.
They're like, we understand.
We know it's horrible.
We don't know what to do.
Under Trump, it was great.
We had shut the border down.
We were controlling it.
Now it's completely collapsed, 10 times worse than it was under Obama.
They said, Mr. Jones, and I met with police chiefs, you name it.
They said, Mr. Jones, it's 10 times worse than under Obama.
And they said it's a million a month.
We caught 170-something thousand.
We're totally overwhelmed.
And then now the Border Patrol deputy head came out and said it's a million in just the last couple months.
So this is just insane.
That is coming up with Drew Hernandez.
I mean, just look at some of these headlines.
considering using NASA facility to house migrant children.
They already got churches all over Texas doing it.
They've got sports stadiums doing it.
I mean, ladies and gentlemen, you don't have to go to the border to find people.
There's just lines of them walking down the street everywhere.
These are big cities down there.
These are big towns.
And they got like 20-story buildings and big airports and malls and restaurants.
I mean, it looks like Looks like a major city.
It is a major city, and there's just people everywhere, randomly with children, no background checks of who they are, what's going on, and they deliver them to these leftist George Soros-funded so-called charities, on record funded by Soros, and they just disappear.
And by the way, they don't even care.
They'll load.
Three kids into the trunk of a car and closing on them.
I saw that.
I said, that's illegal.
Shut that down.
We've been there for a while.
I'm like, they keep cramming kids in the back of those cars.
And finally it clicked.
I went, that's illegal.
We'll use the local state law against them.
Even though they're violating federal law, crossing international lines, being handed over, being crammed in the back of cars.
I mean, it was just insane.
And the police came and we stopped that event.
So if other, you know, that's the NASA facility now being filled up for TV viewers.
So for everybody watching this, you have to understand, if you just go down there, I've got a lot of calls from national talk show host Ted Nugent.
Didn't matter if he was on record, he's on tomorrow.
And Ted's going down there.
We're not going to say when, I'm going to go with him.
But that is all in the pipeline right now.
And some other folks called me.
And it's just funny, that one video, because we shot all these other incredible videos.
And they all got 300, 400,000 views, but this other one has already gone mega viral.
I saw one video on TikTok that my daughter sent me this morning with 4 million views.
So the left is not having any success suppressing any of this.
And just all the glory goes to God on that front.
So we're going to cover that as well.
But their big push, their big takeover, the COVID takeover right here on the other side, but see the video.
From the source, download it, it's copyright free, share it, edit it, do whatever the hell you want with it.
Alex Jones stops smugglers from illegally transporting children at the border.
And so that is all coming up, ladies and gentlemen.
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96% review for vitamin refusion, 99% review for Wintersun.
All right, so we've already seen the globalists test us and tell us that Bruce Jenner is Caitlyn Jenner.
He hasn't even had his male genitals cut off.
He still wouldn't be a female.
And they call him a woman on TV.
Even on Fox News this morning, they had Perino up there doing it.
Oh, he'll be our Republican now, so we'll get Republicans to vote for some globalist, you know, selling sex changes for little boys and little girls so that we can defeat the recall of Governor Newsom.
Absolutely disgusting.
And I see all these national shows.
Oh, Jones is transphobic.
Jones is attacking the undersecretary of the Department of Health and Human Services because it's a woman.
No, it's a man in a wig that looks like a demonic chipmunk That is saying taxpayers should pay for five and six and seven year olds to surgically have their testicles and penises cut off.
And people are like, hey, don't say that on air.
Yeah, I hear it.
It's all obscene.
What do you think cutting their, I mean, I'm against the Muslims cutting little girls stuff off.
I think children should have the choice before they have circumcisions.
People say, what about circumcisions?
Yeah, I got one.
My parents didn't mean bad, but people should not do that.
But a circumcision is on a scale of one to 10, like a two.
And the Muslims cutting the little girl's clitorises off is about a 4.
And cutting a boy's testicles off and cutting his Johnson off is a 10.
It's the same thing as a hysterectomy.
It's the same thing as going into a woman and cutting her uterus and ovaries out.
It's 100%!
So, my Johnson got a two, and I'm not complaining about it.
I'm here saying I should have made that choice.
I don't know what it'd be like having that, but I'm not a victim.
I don't blame my parents.
But okay, I got hit with a two.
I got sexually mutilated when I was born.
The Muslims cut A large portion off.
That's a 4.
I'm not judging them.
They should stop it.
So I'm down here at a 2.
Up here at a 4.
Cutting the whole damn thing off and taking the balls off.
It's a freaking 10!
And then you got some freak with the damn curly hair looking like he's in a Rob Zombie movie.
Or like he's on Chainsaw Massacre.
And all these people always in demon outfits.
People having sex with Satan now, Saturday Night Live?
Had God having sex with the rapper?
These aren't a bunch of crazy people under demonic control, and they want access to our children.
So listen, Bruce Jenner, burn in hell, you demon!
If you're 18 years old and you want to go in your garage and turn your lawnmower up and turn its blades on and stick your genitals in that, that's your business.
You should go to a mental institution.
But I shouldn't have to pay for having, now the military's going to pay to have people's women, because these women want to say they're men, the women are having their ovaries cut out!
This is freakicide, man.
Yeah, there's mainstream news.
Satanism sounds pretty great.
So they just want you to turn your life force off and turn off what's common sense so they can run over you.
That's all any of this is.
It's all them showing they'll go against their humanity for this alien force so they can kill us.
Just like the Bible says.
And you put it in high tech science fiction sense, it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
So that's where we are.
Everything we see is to kill us and to destroy us because the US is the most powerful country in the world.
They want to use us as a transmitter to project that evil all over the world.
I was going to hit the COVID news, but I didn't do that.
Then I went off into this.
Oh, isn't Bruce Jenner brave?
Making hundreds of millions of dollars because he'll dress up in a satanic clown outfit and he wants to be the Republican governor.
That's a great freak show for them out in California.
And you know, he'll screw them over just as bad as Governor Newsom did because they're puppets.
We must reject everything the system sells and does.
I love this statement about, oh, Jones hates trans people.
No, I hate the satanic force that wants to get women to cut their breasts off and have their ovaries cut out and their uteruses cut out.
I mean, imagine an alien shows up and says, show that you are in submission to me.
Cut your reproductive organs out.
It's liberal.
Do it for us.
Destroy the child.
Corrupt them all.
That's where we are.
And it couldn't be more blaring, but it's gonna get more blaring.
You think it's turned up to ten?
Look at that demon.
They are going to turn it up to 11, and they're the failures.
They're the losers.
They're the people that signed on to Satanism, which means anti-human.
Kill, steal, and destroy.
We're made in the image of God.
Comes to destroy us.
Marooned here on the planet.
Look where you are, folks.
Look where you are.
Look what's going on.
Look at the whole thing, and you got free will.
And so if you let the snake rape your genetics and take you over, all it cares about is you don't have children.
All it cares about is you don't love that children.
All it cares about it puts you in a trance to love yourself and to not love anybody else.
Because the minute you don't love others, you don't even love yourself and God leaves the equation and you can now be raped by the system.
And it's going to get far worse from here on out.
I'm going to cover the border with Drew Hernandez and where he sees all this going and just the dehumanization, the evil spirit that is allowing this to happen.
And then we're going to, then we're going to get into this huge COVID stack, which is incredible how they admit it's a fraud, doesn't work, the snake eating itself back to that allegory.
It is all coming up with this.
And then I've got, The Feds are now prosecuting federal employees that speak at Republican events.
It's a law, it's unenforceable, nobody follows it, the Hatch Act.
They've indicted her.
Lovely former HUD official, Lynn Patton, charged with violating Hatch Act for speaking at 2020 RNC, something six Obama officials did in 2012 at DNC.
And hell, they did the last deal.
So it's incredible.
Oh, you're a federal employee?
You don't have speech.
That's all coming up.
And we've also got the latest China globalist takeover operation.
Because under globalism, the more you can enslave your people, the more you can dominate them, the more you can dumb them down, the more amazing you are.
And then they hype up all these COVID numbers, and anybody that's got any of these diseases, from people that take the vaccine, test positive a month later, or they still die of COVID, because it's all BS, folks.
The PCR test, it's all crap.
But if you don't have clean water, if you don't have non-GMOs, if you don't have sunshine, if you don't have vitamin D3, if you don't have zinc, if you don't have vitamin C, any virus will kill you.
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Alrighty then, Drew Hernandez straight ahead.
We kept running into him down there at the border.
Hell, he inspired us to go, because he was already going down there after Owen was down there.
And he just knocks it out of the park, so I want to get his take on the aftermath, because I had to leave last night to fly back.
What did he witness?
We'll talk to him on the other side, at the non-existent border.
Live, raw, and uncensored, it's Drew Hernandez from the Texas border.
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
You got those smuggled children illegally!
We need the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids in the car seat!
Here come the kids with the migrants from all over Central America, Honduras, Guatemala, you name it, right?
Now keep in mind, once they go into this facility, the Border Patrol completely washes their hands of them.
If they test negative, they're marched right down the street to the Catholic Charity.
From there, they're given clothes, food, financial assistance.
The debit cards that they have have over $1,200 per person on them.
They're then taken to the McAllen Airport in unmarked vans and then they're released into the United States to a destination city of their choice.
You got a car seat for them?
The car seat is illegal, bro.
Where are you taking these kids?
That's illegal.
If you get in a traffic accident, those kids are going to get hurt.
Where are you taking these kids?
Do you have a car seat?
That's illegal!
How is this Christian?
We need the police over here!
They got a bunch of kids without a car seat!
You're violating Texas law!
Who is this right here?
You got no comments.
You got those children there illegally!
You're about to run a human being over!
You got those children in there!
Who are you?
You got those smuggled children illegally!
Who are you?
We are back here.
I wanted to get Drew Hernandez before he checks out of his hotel and flies back to Arizona to spend a few minutes with us.
We only got a few minutes with him and I appreciate him joining us.
Great reporter.
Did a great job in Kenosha and other areas.
And then he was already coming to Texas.
I'm like, well, I'm going to the border too.
Where are you going?
The same place.
So we kept running into him.
And it was just crazy.
Everywhere we went, total insanity because it's bedlam.
There's just illegals marching down the streets.
They're just everywhere.
There's buses everywhere constantly.
Huge facilities that look like sports stadiums, bigger than sports stadiums.
I was in a helicopter over it and it was just a huge sprawling.
We've got all these backhoes and bulldozers building.
I mean, Joe Biden has broken our border.
Drew Hernandez, I had to leave.
We were out there yesterday.
I heard a bunch of other craziness happened.
You guys showed more cars, more taxis loading kids in the trunks, disappearing into nowhere, being smuggled off.
So since I was with you 20 hours ago, what have you witnessed?
Because I think a lot of people are confused on Twitter, especially with what happened at the Donna facility.
When I showed up with you guys, I saw you guys were just going to film a report.
I was going to film a report on public property right in front of the Donna facility.
Nobody was there to cause any controversy.
Nobody was there to troll.
Nobody was there to try and get clout and get some footage.
We were simply there to film a report and talk about what's taking place in the Donna facility.
So as we were doing that on public property, which is our First Amendment right to do so, the security guards just mobbed outside.
Let's be clear, on the side of the highway, on the right-of-way by power poles, they tried to say that was their property?
And the local police came and said we were right.
The police said we were right.
Yeah, when we spoke to the police, we told them what happened.
We said, you know, we're just here to film a report.
We're not here to troll or anything like that.
but these guards feel like they have the authority to tell us Americans, let alone Americans,
but journalists and reporters, that we have to go across the street
and we cannot be on public property to speak about the horrors
that are taking place in this facility.
I think it's very clear, Alex, at this point, the Biden administration,
everything that they've been promising, everything that they've been claiming,
they're gonna be the most transparent administration in contrast to the Trump administration is absolute BS.
It's total lies.
They're not transparent.
They're the exact opposite because they're liars.
They cover up everything that they're doing because what they're doing
are literal crimes against humanity and they won't even let us stand outside of the facility
on public property.
It's one thing when Ted Cruz is in there trying to film stuff, but we can't even stand on public property, outside?
Absolutely, and I was there with you for that, and I wanna get you on as soon as you can, I gotta leave your plane out of there soon, but let's go back to yesterday.
I had to leave at like, at like four o'clock to fly back, I heard it was even crazier once I left.
What happened?
Yeah, I mean, just for the record, for people listening, because a lot of people smear Alex Jones, they slander Alex Jones, they say that he's crazy, that he's a conspiracy theorist, especially in the context of talking about children being trafficked and pedophilia and all these things, but now we literally have you, Alex.
The world has seen, this isn't a QAnon theory, we ran into a human smuggler, okay, in the United States.
This guy had his car packed with little kids.
There was no adults in the car, by the way.
They were little kids.
He was packing into the back of a hatchback without any seats.
Not just no seatbelts.
Not just no car seats.
No seats!
And Alex, you put yourself literally in front of an automobile.
This guy was trying to run you over.
So anybody out there that's trying to smear Alex Jones and say, oh, he's just this crazy conspiracy theorist.
Alex literally put his life on the line for these little kids because this guy was not identifying himself.
He was not being honest.
He was saying he wasn't a part of that Catholic organization.
He was actually trying to tell us he was taking them to the COVID-19 facility, when in reality, that's where they came from.
So this guy was lying to our faces.
So what are we supposed to do, Alex?
Just sit there and let this guy who's unidentified take a car full of kids?
Well, that's why the internet has blown up with this.
I mean, we're talking now tens of millions of views, I'm told, on TikTok.
People want action, and not violent action, but that's illegal.
They're just randomly grabbing kids with no ID, shoving them in the back of a car, driving them off, and he lied to us about where they were going.
We now know where they were going.
It was the airport.
Airport, hotel, but it doesn't matter.
This is all under the table.
This is all off the record.
This is not being done legitimately.
This should not be taking place any way, shape, or form.
And here's the point I wanted to make for the viewers.
This is just one link in the chain, okay?
This starts with the criminal cartels on the Mexican side of the border.
They send them over To the Border Patrol.
The Border Patrol will apprehend them, they will bus them to the Donna facility or a nearby detention facility, and from there they will send them to the COVID-19 testing facility, and from there they will send them to this so-called Catholic charity to give the people or give the kids needs.
But in reality, this so-called charity is stuffing kids into this car, Alex!
It's all a part of the operation!
This is not, listen, Alex, this is not just a crisis.
This is a strategically planned crisis.
It's very organized.
It's very, very organized.
And there are many, many moving parts that are taking place with the criminal cartel, to the federal government, to the government itself, with these Catholic charities.
Well, that's what the Border Patrol and some of the... Exactly.
We don't want to get anybody in trouble, but Border Patrol, two police, you name it, we talked to them.
They said, listen, this is racketeering.
Biden hasn't even signed an executive order.
It's not a law.
This is all illegal.
But we're like, where's the Texas Rangers?
Where's Governor Abbott?
He has a bunch of state police there.
They're all there writing tickets to citizens.
And I mean, it's all giant racketeering.
As you said, it's all organized by the NGOs, the U.N., these big leftist groups on the other side, the so-called Catholic charity.
I've got it right here.
She's a Democrat.
Time Magazine, top 100 women, liberal.
She's not even Catholic.
I mean, it's just incredible.
Yeah, it's tons of frauds, but what I want people to understand is that I think what the radical left is trying to do, Alex, is convince the public that this is somehow some kind of crisis, a climate crisis.
These people are coming to claim asylum, which some are.
But at the same time, we know that by- You just said it.
They shut down for a year.
The third world is starving to death.
There is a crisis.
They created it with the COVID lockdown.
Then they rush our borders.
Keep going.
Yeah, and they're instigating this, and they're causing this, because there's a lot of people out there that have sympathy for the migrants, and I understand that, because I do too, and so do you, Alex.
That's why we did what we did yesterday.
Because these are children, right?
That's why we took that action, and some people on Twitter, some people in the comment sections, oh, all the yelling is unnecessary.
It's like, well, what are we supposed to do?
What are we supposed to do when we walk up on this?
We didn't plan this.
This isn't theatrically staged.
These aren't crisis actors.
This is real life.
This is what is happening.
This is taking place in Alex.
I think most people, the viewers, when they think about human trafficking and when they see footage from the border, And they see, they imagine cartels.
I think they imagine all of this stuff taking place at night, which it does.
But it also takes place in broad daylight!
Oh, that's what they told us!
The Border Patrol said it used to, it was all at night!
Now almost nothing's at night!
Except for drug dealing!
It's everywhere!
This is in the United States!
This is happening in the United States, and what if these kids get into a car accident?
What if they get rear-ended?
This is irresponsible!
And where are they being delivered?
Because this looks like this is their parents.
7-14% of the time they admitted that it was not their parents when Trump did DNA testing.
They don't want DNA testing!
Kids come across the international line, you just release them?
Alex, I don't know if you noticed this.
But I didn't notice this until after I viewed the footage.
And I noticed it when it was happening in real time as well to confirm it.
The girl that was sitting in the front...
That was, I thought she was, I thought she was like 11.
When she got out, I don't know if you guys can play clips or if you guys saw this in the clips.
When that little girl got out of the front seat, I was shocked because she was pregnant.
That girl was at least 10, 11 years old.
No, that's a great point you made.
She looks like, she looks like, like, no, this blows me away.
I have daughters.
It's, it's, it's, it's, it's, it makes you sick.
To your stomach, Alex.
Like, there's no getting around this.
There's no explaining this.
There's no excuses for this.
And I keep going back to the fact that this is strategically planned.
This is why I always say from the beginning, the administration doesn't care because these little girls get raped.
kidnapped and murdered on the border and that little girl that we saw in that front seat
Those are one of the victims of Joe Biden calling to immediately surge the border
All right, you're gonna be in there for five more minutes with us
I know you got to get out of the hotel and get to your plane
They're probably banging on the door. In fact, they were banging on the door earlier
But yeah, you five more minutes. We'll be back on the side We've got a bunch of other big guests and I will go over
all the border videos and news next hour So the border patrol is totally overwhelmed
We're not lionizing them.
They're really upset about what's happening.
And they are aiding and abetting this, because they've been ordered to do so.
But we're aiding and abetting it if we as citizens don't do anything.
Drew Hernandez, in five minutes we've got left.
As you get ready to leave your hotel and fly out in like an hour and a half, we appreciate you being here so close to the wire.
You were telling me before we left here, you said this was crazier and you thought it would be.
Me too.
I've been down there a lot.
This was nuts.
Other points you want to relay to viewers out there about what you've witnessed on the Texas border?
One thing I want the viewers to really consider and think about is where do we go from here?
And I think this is a hard conversation to have because a lot of people will say we'll just deport them, send them home, get them out of here.
But we know that's not going to take place because we have an administration, like I said, that has strategically done this for the purpose of not only votes for the midterms, not votes for the next presidential election, not votes for the one after that.
They have generational plans.
These are generations.
Of voters.
Of future voters for the Democrat Party.
The Democrats play ball this way.
They think in centuries.
While Republicans think in the next election.
That's what LBJ said.
I'll break the black family and I'll have these n-words voting for us.
Honored years.
And that's exactly what they're doing now to these Latin Americans, these people coming from Central America.
They only see them as commodities, the cartels, but the Democrats only see them as future voters.
So I think the conversation we have to talk about are solutions now.
They're here.
I don't think they're going to go anywhere.
So I think right now, activists, especially Hispanics, Americans that are Hispanics. I think right now what we
have to do is we really do have to reach out to these communities and we
have to educate them to get them to understand that they have been brought here
for that specific reason only. They don't have to be slaves to the Democrat
Party. They don't have to be on the Democrat plantation. They don't have to fall into
the hands of the evil Democrat agenda. That was my next point. Obviously because
it's illegal and exploitable we got to stop it and try.
But for those that are already here, Trump getting 50-60% Hispanic vote, double any Republican, double black vote, that scares them.
So how does that not fit into the leftist plan?
If we reach out to these communities, they've shown they're very responsive.
And I agree, and I'm pretty sure a lot of viewers are disagreeing with me right now, but I have to make this point because we have an administration that is not going to get rid of these people.
That's the fact, right Alex?
That's the reality.
They're not going to deport them.
They're here to stay.
So I think right now we have to play their game, and I think we should reach out to these communities, red pill them, expose them to the truth.
Oh yeah, that's what I keep saying.
Trump was racist.
Don't go to a rally.
Remember six years ago?
If you're Hispanic or black, they'll beat you up, but instead it was all love.
We need to reach out to these people.
I agree.
Yeah, you get accused of being a race traitor.
You get accused of betraying your race.
This predominantly comes from the radical left, especially if you're Hispanic or you're black or you're a person of color.
Anytime you start to think for yourself and you depart from the radical left thinking, they immediately start to call you all kinds of evil and hateful words.
They accuse you of being a race traitor.
But these people, listen, they act like this is love, compassion, and care.
But the moment The moment you depart from their agenda,
they turn on you.
They turn on you in absolute evil.
If I was gonna pick up hundreds of children a day, I'd have like a Mercedes van or a Dodge van
or a Ford van with baby seats.
They don't even care about seat belts.
They treat these kids like they're bags of tomatoes or something.
And you know what, Alex?
Even after that, we witnessed some taxis.
That taxis, I believe the individual actually owned the taxi business was picking up kids as well
and not putting them in car seats.
They could barely put the seatbelt on and wrap it around their bodies.
And we confronted them as well.
Uh, and they were refusing to listen to us the same thing.
So when I actually talked to two staff members that came out.
The first woman I talked to, I asked her, I said, why don't you guys care about these children?
You guys don't consider that if they get rear-ended, these kids could fly through the front windshield mirror and die?
You guys aren't concerned that if they get rear-ended, they can get crushed?
And her response to me was literally, I know.
And I talked to another staff member, and I confronted her in the back of the facility, and on camera, I asked her, why are you guys doing this?
Do you guys think this is Christ-like?
I said, would Jesus do something like this?
And the response and the answer I got was the door slammed in my face.
And I think these people are just, they're deceived.
I think they think they're doing the right thing.
They don't understand that they're aiding and abetting human smuggling operations from the southern border.
And in totality, this is an evil operation that's been instigated by the Biden administration.
And I think at least right now, we need to reach out to these people and educate them.
I totally agree.
You're absolutely right.
These people think they're doing the right thing.
We have to expose us while we have to be there.
Great job.
Look forward to having you back on soon.
Safe trip back to Arizona.
We'll be back with the other news.
COVID and more.
Stay with us.
Google shows hundreds of holidays a year and other weird leftist events, but they will never show Easter.
And they did it again this last weekend, showing their hatred of God and of Christ.
Whether you believe in God or not, why is it they're so scared of this?
Because they know Christians will oppose their satanic world government takeover.
Go to Google's front page right now, please.
For any unheard of person or organization or religion or group, they'll put up the Google Doodle.
But nothing on probably the most holy day of the Christian religion, billions of Christians worldwide, nothing about Christianity on the Google front page.
You can see right there, ladies and gentlemen, that there's nothing there.
They put up stuff for Islam, the Buddhists, Satanism, everything in between, but not for Christianity.
So, ask yourself, why is that?
Well, they see Christianity as bad.
They see Christianity as the enemy.
They discriminate against Christianity because Google is inherently evil.
And Christianity warns about a worldwide mark of the beast.
Christianity warns about a system to buy and sell.
Christianity warns about what's now unfolding.
Oh, they've bought off most of the churches.
I'm not saying you're going to find Christ in those churches, but I'm talking about what's really in the Bible, what's really unfolding.
That's really happening.
And you saw how they were controlling you.
You saw how they were manipulating your science.
You saw how they were slowly but surely bending your species and turning you into something else, something ugly, something stupid, something controllable, really just because they were jealous of you.
And it's in the resistance to that that you would find who you are.
Pope Francis speaks about a lot of things.
As you know, he's called the activist Pope.
But he's silent on the persecution of Uyghur Muslims by China.
Other religious communities, including Muslims, consider Pope Francis a friend.
They're appealing for his help, but he remains quiet.
The question is why?
Why is he bowing to China when he must only bow to God?
But if you don't have a desire to resist that, even in the hypothetical example I just gave, then you don't have consciousness.
You are in a sleep state.
Or maybe you're totally turned over to the spirit and are actually believing in your own destruction because you have some form of self-loathing.
But this is not the fanciful aliens of Hollywood we're talking about.
This is the globalists that in their own publications, countless publications, Like Brave New World revisited and the statements of Ray Kurzweil and so many others say, we believe humanity has fallen and failed and ugly, because they think that of themselves, and we are going to accelerate
Mass mutations in the population and massive degradation and we believe out of that will rise the uber mention.
It's called gene editing.
It's altering DNA and it's one of the things that our intelligence shows that China is doing.
They've got a PRC, the People's Republic of China has 2 million strong in its military.
and it's trying to make them stronger through gene editing.
That's just one of the ways that China is trying to essentially dominate the planet
and set the rules in the world order.
And why it's so important and people need to understand is this is an authoritarian
It doesn't care about people's individual rights.
We've seen what they've done to the Uyghurs.
We've seen what they've done in Hong Kong.
It's about putting the state first, and that is the exact opposite of what has always made America great.
And it is true that that which doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, but these people are projecting their own hatred.
of themselves onto us and then using that excuse that they're trying to save humanity and trying to make us go through this metamorphosis as really just an excuse to carry out their incredibly sadistic activities.
So my broadcast is not here for people that want to live in La La Land.
It's not here for people that just want to have the normal political kind of sports-like news where we just battle left-right.
This is about transcendence and a resurrection of the human spirit towards God's will and God's destiny.
But God is free will.
you must choose that.
Humanity hasn't even begun to reach the top.
All right, we are back live here well into hour number two.
And I have a rebel media reporter who is outside a mainline church where the pastor has been in jail off and on for months.
They've put a fence up around it because people still go there.
But when Black Lives Matter or the Communists march, the police worship it.
But all over Canada, the neighbors, the satanic liberals just watch the churches.
And the minute Somebody goes in, they just, sometimes 20 police cars, 30 police cars, just show, they're like, what are you doing?
Oh, you can't breathe on each other.
It's simply amazing.
And here it is.
New Hampshire track coach is fired for violating high school mass mandate.
In fact, I'm going to tell the crew, can you guys pull up the video of this?
It's all over the world.
members, participants, run with masks on their faces.
All a Milgram experiment to see how ridiculous you can make it.
Oh, we're gonna put men, biological men and women's sports, whether it's boxing, whether it's wrestling,
whether it's weightlifting, whether it's soccer, whether it's football, whether it's pole vaulting,
whether it's shot put, whether it's discus, whether, everything.
Who, hey girls, told you you can't win against the guys.
Even when you're in your own division, the guys are gonna come in and put a wig on and beat you.
They used to call those bullies and thugs and scumbags and scammers and perverts and weirdos.
But the Milgram and Stanford Research Studies, these are just the ones I mentioned.
They've done thousands of these that we know of.
They found the majority of participants would murder people in order to do so.
By a authority figure.
And so now they have people running long distance races, marathons.
What is a marathon?
23 miles?
I forget.
Yeah, 23 miles.
23 miles with a dirty, filthy diaper that does nothing.
Splattering spit all over your face, all over your eyes, bacteria everywhere.
And here's the coach.
Yeah, cue that up.
I want to play the audio.
Tell me when you're ready.
There he is, fired!
...that we were deploying the full resources of the federal government, calling forth the full power of the American economy to meet this moment.
And I promise you, Sandra, we're going to continue to do that every step of the way until we have... Well, that's kind of interesting.
I'm not sure what we're playing, but it's kind of fun.
So, after the break, we'll take our time.
We'll figure out what we're playing.
And then we'll play that clip for you.
That's the fun part about live TV.
I have no idea what we just aired, but there was for TV viewers, radio listeners, we're a simulcast radio slash TV program.
For viewers, you can always see what we're playing.
For listeners, I have no earthly idea what you're listening to.
But, as I said, that's going on.
So let me show you some more of these headlines.
New Hampshire track coach is fired for violating a high school's mask mandate.
The left's never going to give this loose.
They want power over people.
They're a cult.
The feds are pushing pension funds toward society responsible investing.
So your money now must do what the left says or you're bad.
Got that too.
But when we come back, I'm going to be very judicious, actually.
I'm going to play all this for you.
began study on allergic reaction in Moderna's Pfizer vaccines.
But I mean, I thought everything was studied.
I thought it was all safe.
I thought it was all good.
I mean, a woman took the shot and said on Facebook, I'm dying, I'm dying.
She did die.
And Facebook said, This vaccine's completely tested and has no connection to death.
Even though it's not tested and it's connected to death, Facebook said, you're dead and we didn't kill you.
So that's all coming up today as well.
This just gets crazier and crazier.
Immunologist warns Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines may cause neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's.
Yeah, print that for me.
Because that came out back in February Now it's mainstream news.
Yeah, people collapsing while running en masse.
Gee, but you'll do anything.
Hell, I guarantee you, I'm not joking, if they went on CNN and they said, jog with your finger up your rear end, your thumb up your ass, stand on your head, they'd do it.
So we're under global corporate attack.
These corporations want full control of human development, full control of human evolution, in their words.
Whether you believe in that or not.
And they are breaking down every form of stability to carry that out.
So you should know that.
They're ruthless.
They're beyond evil.
They're beyond exploitive.
They are absolutely completely against God.
And so here's what's happening.
All over the world.
Including the Olympics.
Biological men are going to win every event.
Right down the line to long distance running.
It's all men.
Because they're going to call themselves women.
And the feminists will accept that and love that because it's part of the death of male and female reproduction in our species.
This is all death.
Feminists are not into life or power for women.
They are into enslavement.
Not a woman with a man, a woman with a state.
Wedded to it.
And even the feminists are starting to figure this out, but it's a day late, a dollar short because the breakdown of the family has already occurred.
I have a bunch of these newscasts and clips I want to play, but I have countless pieces about people dying after they take the COVID shot.
And the fact checkers say, we're sorry, there's no adverse effects, it's totally safe.
Even though the insert says it's not, says it's experimental, says it can kill you.
They say on the news, sorry, she's dead.
She's not allowed to say on Facebook, I'm dying.
She died, it killed her.
The vaccine is killing me, Facebook fact checkers.
Check woman's post about COVID vaccine adverse reactions.
She died a week later.
And they stand by it with pleasure.
But it's okay because they're all liberal and wear pink sweaters and are like cool trendy guys that talk like this.
Oh hi, I'm not threatening.
I'm like NPR.
Just take a shot.
That should have got come out like in a multicolored light green light blue sweater go here's water we're liberal with a mask on.
And again, she died, but they said, sorry lady, you're not even allowed to say it hurt.
It didn't hurt, you loved it, and you died, and you enjoyed it.
Mark Zuckerberg says.
But, how many collapsed lungs do we have from people running long distance runs, or even fast runs, with these masks?
Where the lungs just go out of control.
A lot.
To the news.
They're out in the middle of the sun, in the middle of, oh, but you just gotta, everyone needs to see it, and the more ridiculous, the better.
As I said, well, stand on your head, well, walk on one leg, hop on one leg.
Well, it's all about what will you do for the cult?
How will you submit?
Like Biden walking up going, you need to social distance to a woman.
In her face.
Like that's oxymoronic.
It's supposed to be.
It's like him on, see if we can queue it up next segment.
Him on Easter with a big giant Easter bunny wearing a mask.
And then he and his wife are up there, she's in fishnets, whatever that means, for a 77-year-old woman.
Just all weird, him in a, either dressed as an aviator outfit, like he's a superhero.
And then they pull back and no one's there!
But oh look, they're wearing their masks!
It's all theater like Booty Judge!
Pulling up a block from the White House and getting on a damn bike?
They're frauds!
You're like, why are they so fraudulent?
Because they're fake!
It's all they can do!
I literally can't be fake because I'm real.
They cannot be real because they're fake.
People ask me all the time, I know they're there, can't you just fake it once?
Can't you just stop it?
I'm stopping nothing!
I'm going whole hog now, 100% who I am.
I will not be like that with a damn fake Easter Bunny, with a fake mask, in a fake frickin' thing with nobody there.
That is so emblematic of everything we face.
All right, sorry, I'm ranting.
Here is the New Hampshire track coach is fired.
He just said, I can't put up with the lies anymore.
It's killing people.
It's making them sick.
It doesn't protect them.
You can't run races with a damn, they don't make the football people wear it over their face because they wouldn't do it, but they can make high schoolers do it, you see?
And it's all about what can the cult do?
That's the Department of Education.
Here it is.
The track coach is out of a job after making it clear that he wasn't going to make his athletes wear masks.
I'm Paula Edwards.
And I'm David Wade.
The former coach at Pembroke Academy says even though it cost him his job, he is not backing down from his beliefs.
WBZ's Mike LaCrosse spoke with him today.
I just think people haven't pushed back and I decided it was time to push back.
Brad Keyes was fired this week as the track and field coach at Pembroke Academy in Pembroke, New Hampshire and he has been outspoken about it online.
I made my choice, he made his.
Key says he was not going to force his athletes to wear masks while competing.
Masks restrict breathing.
There's no question about it.
Especially think about running full speed.
The wind is in your face.
It's shoving the mask back into your nose and your mouth.
He's one of my favorite people to run with.
Junior David Tesserman agrees with his former coach and is concerned about running with a mask on this spring.
It gets you really tired, especially on, you know, it's going to get up to 80 degrees soon and it's going to be really hard for us to To keep doing what we like to do.
The New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association's Outdoor Track Guidelines recommend that athletes wear a face covering during competition.
Some God group recommends, like a year ago, oh here's a QR code to go to the restaurant.
Every restaurant has it.
And they admit China runs it with Xi Jinping.
In a think tank with Robert De Niro, who's gonna make millions of dollars saying you better wear a mask and have our sticker on your business.
It's a racket by a bunch of scum!
Robert De Niro and Xi Jinping run the group for QR codes in all the restaurants to get you ready for one, for a vaccine passport, and then it's in the news that China...
Runs a quote, sustainability group only for Europe and the U.S.
where we shut down, and then Robert De Niro doesn't just get paid, he owns part of it and makes money scaring you saying never leave your house again.
What a jerk, man.
What a piece of garbage.
And they have to show on the news, oh look, the track runners say it's hard to run with a freaking mask on.
They want you dead.
They're seeing what you'll do.
You keep complying.
They showed that Ranger game this weekend.
They were so scared.
They go, 25,000 people.
Nobody is wearing their mask.
Oh my God, we're all dead.
And they go, oh look, Brazil.
They have 4,000 dead a day.
Brazil's the most populous country in Latin America.
Their average is 4,000 a day.
It's all crap, folks.
That sounds big though, doesn't it?
There's 7.6 billion people in the world.
Hundreds of thousands die a day.
But see, they know you don't know statistics, or they think you don't, so they play their frauds on you over and over and over again.
But I'm gonna be a good boy.
When we come back, I'm gonna hit my COVID stat.
It is unbelievable how they admit the fraud.
Vaccines don't work.
It'll never stop.
Total lockdown's being put back in.
I mean, it is just unbelievable.
This is it.
This is the new world order.
It's all here.
Open borders, child molestation, devil worship on TV, poison vaccines, mass death.
It goes on and on.
But like General Flynn said, everybody needs to watch.
The Spars 2025-2028 video at Bandai Video.
Yeah, so this Woodlands teenager says he got the very rare Guillain-Barré syndrome a few weeks after his first dose of the COVID vaccine.
I spoke to him today about what he wants you to know and what doctors have to say.
Wyatt McGlaun says he's a busy, healthy high school senior and because of his part-time job, he was eligible for the COVID vaccine in early March.
I wanted to get the vaccine, just I felt like it was the right thing to do.
I wanted to travel and enjoy my last summer before college.
But then, something bad happened.
I had to pick him up.
My six foot three, completely healthy boy.
Wyatt became extremely weak and had difficulty walking.
At the hospital, he was told he has Guillain-Barre, an extremely rare syndrome that he says must be caused by his vaccine.
I just knew, you know, like something didn't feel right.
It wasn't getting any better.
Well, the NIH says of the millions of doses of COVID vaccines given, there has been one reported case of Guillain-Barre in an 82-year-old woman.
Dr. Charles Sims, Montgomery County Health Authority and infectious disease doctor from St.
Luke's in the Woodlands, says it is more often caused by a viral or bacterial infection and he can't say that the vaccine caused this.
There have been cases of gambracein.
And people have received the vaccine, but they're not at a higher rate than people who have not received the vaccine.
Guillain-Barre is seen in about one to two per million people per year.
Therefore, the doctor says this could be just a coincidence.
Wyatt's parents say they're not trying to deter anyone from getting the vaccine, but they do want others to recognize if this happens to them.
Do your research.
Not that the vaccines are a bad idea or a bad thing or anything, but it's a personal choice.
Listen to your body is the biggest thing that I've learned.
Dr. Simms says if these alleged adverse reactions are reported to the CDC, they will be investigated.
And Wyatt's family tells me that they do plan to report it.
What does everybody preface in front of their statement?
Oh, marvelous Marvin Hagler's family said, hey, he died a day after he got the shot.
He was totally ill, but we're not saying it's a vaccine.
You should all get it.
And Ben Stein is like, man, this is a killer.
I mean, it almost killed me.
I've never been this sick in my life.
But I'm not saying don't take it.
I'm not.
Because you might get censored.
I mean, you're not.
Everybody knows you're not supposed to say that.
Of course, Guillain-Barre is off the chart.
It says it's a symptom of these vaccines.
You've got all these deaths happening, all this stuff unfolding, all these vaccines being banned in India and South Africa and everywhere else.
But, oh, here in the U.S., we're so bombarded with B.S.
That everybody's got a preface it with, oh, I'm not saying, I'm not saying this is what did it.
I mean, my son can't really walk very well now, but that's all right.
He might die too, but that's all right.
You know, had nothing to do with that vaccine.
It's like you're walking through the Arizona desert, big old rattlesnake bites you.
My legs swelling up really hurts.
I'm not saying I'm against rattlesnakes.
It's not like you walk out in the traffic, get hit by a truck going 50 miles an hour, your back's broken, you're bleeding, you're like, I'm not saying that truck broke my back, knocked my teeth out, and I'm dying here.
Oh, God, help me.
Oh, Elizabeth, I'm coming home to you.
I'm not saying the truck did it, but damn, it ran over me.
I'm not against the truck though.
Just the normalization of all of it.
Which is what they talk about in Spars 2025-2028.
That General Flynn, if you just tuned in, came out days ago, I just learned about this morning, and said everybody needs to see this video that Alex Jones did with his crew.
Spars 2025-2028 at Bandai Video.
Because it's a war game of exactly what's happening, in many cases, word for word.
So he's a former head of Defense Intelligence, former National Security Advisor to the President of the United States.
You want to listen to him?
Because it's all right there.
So you just saw the local news going, oh, I mean, you know, another person paralyzed, another person has trouble walking.
I mean, you know, it's totally normal.
It's like Caddyshack.
Not a pleasant explosive or anything.
Hello, Mr. Gover.
Here's some of your big authorities here.
Overhead shot, please.
This is Reuters.
began study on allergic reaction in Moderna-Pfizer vaccines.
India already banned it two months ago.
Oh, you didn't do studies up front, but you said safe and effective and it had been studied.
Like when Facebook fact-checked that woman that died.
She said, well, you may be dead, lady.
Your family may have said you died of it, but we say it's all been tested and been proven not to hurt a damn person.
You know, the insert says it's untested.
It may kill your ass.
But see, Facebook tells you.
Here's a little fact check for you, sweetheart.
All a big test.
Oh, but that's Reuters.
They tell you in the fine print.
If you try to post this on Facebook, they're not going to let you.
UK vaccine panel says under 30s should not receive Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, now banned in more than 20 countries.
But again, it's still a conspiracy theory.
India, South Africa, all over Europe.
But listen, listen, listen.
Just don't worry about that.
That's a conspiracy theory, alright?
That's Reuters.
Look at it right here.
That's Reuters.
That's imaginary.
They even tell you to find print, but you try to share that on Facebook or Twitter?
You ain't sharing jack crap, Jack.
There's a Zero Hedge article, 246 fully vaccinated Michigan residents catch COVID-19, three die.
You catch it and you die after you take the shot.
What do the experts say?
That when you run into a regular cold virus now, you're gonna die, and they call all cold viruses COVID-19, the PCR test.
So, the vaccine lowers your immunity, or causes an autoimmune response.
And kills your ass.
Either an allergic response, an autoimmune response, an allergic response, or an autoimmune response.
Or it lowers your immunity where you can die from it.
That's what the experts said, but listen.
Don't listen to them.
Give that old lady that shot.
Bye-bye, sweetheart.
Yeah, you gonna be bye-bye now.
We'll keep baby comfortable with the medical system.
And we follow our orders, liberals.
Let's continue on.
Everybody should, I think every Democrat should get their shots.
Every liberal, every devil worshiper.
But you know they're not getting their shots.
They're all just watching us die and lick at them slimy lips.
And their daddy devils telling them to go, oh!
Let's continue.
Montana governor tests positive for COVID-19 four days after taking the vaccine.
Well, turns out a bunch of folks get it months later.
Including your god-like UN.
WHO says don't get so fast.
You gotta stay locked down and wear a mask.
They say vaccines don't work.
Well, don't tell Facebook that opinion!
WHO says it's against requiring vaccine passports for travel due to uncertainty over whether vaccinations prevent COVID-19 transmission.
Oh, really?
It's all a fraud?
COVID-19 UK trial of Oxford vaccine on children, pauses, regulator probes, blood clots, deaths.
But yeah, the local teen diagnosed.
The government says it's fine.
The vaccine's killing me!
Facebook fact checks woman.
Post about COVID vaccine after reaction.
She died a week later.
Desiree Penrod.
The vaccine's killing me.
My arms hurt.
My body's exhausted.
Beyond exhausted.
Headache, stomach cramps, and earaches.
Multiple people told me that I look pale today.
Yesterday, I was fine.
But today, it's taking a toll on me.
They fact-checked her and they said, vaccines go through many tests for safety and effectiveness before they're approved.
That's not even true.
They just said they're starting to study them now.
And it just goes on to say you're a bad person.
Well, she's dead now, Facebook.
But I get it, you're a liberal trendy, so it's kind of funny.
You kind of feel powerful in your little high-rise Facebook building like, like you're part of the system.
Just keep enjoying yourselves.
Teen diagnosed with Guillain-Barré.
It's all good for you.
Oh, but here's the really important article I hadn't gotten to yet.
A third of COVID-19 survivors, turns out a bunch of them are vaccinated.
Oh, how interesting.
Several brain disease study shows, CNN.
And of course, what does the document show?
What does the SPARS document show?
Massive brain damage.
That's coming up.
And then we've got a special guest joining us with this shutdown church.
With a fence around it, they're keeping us safe, but the borders are wide open.
Gotta shut down those Christian churches.
It's key.
Shut those down now.
It's liberal.
All right, I saw this headline at like 5 a.m.
when I got up this morning, and it sent chills through me.
We already knew this was coming, and it's in the SPARS 2025-2028 report that General Flynn said is so important to look at.
A third of COVID-19 survivors suffer brain disease, study shows.
Many of them had the vaccine, others didn't.
Folks, it's the 5G, it's the chemicals, it's all of it.
And if you don't have the vitamins and minerals you need, any of this stuff can get to you.
And it is a weird virus.
It's five different viruses.
And it's designed to kill the weak and the old.
That's why it's so diabolical.
So it is a real virus, but there's ways to beat it.
That's why they didn't want you to know about hydroxychloroquine.
That's why they didn't want you to know about vitamin C. Medical doctors were prescribing it, being SWAT teamed by the FBI in Texas and Michigan.
Because they were ordered to do so.
And all the empty hospitals and all the fraud, it's crazy.
But I want to air this very important report.
I know this has been out for five, six days, but DeSantis is going with the public if they want these deadly things.
You know, he's a Navy SEAL, took plenty of vaccines.
He thinks it's like a normal vaccine.
I'm not going to judge him for that.
He says that it shouldn't be mandatory and there shouldn't be vaccine passports, but if you want it, get it.
And they already put it in Walgreens, they already put it in CBS first, and then other places bid to get it.
Has nothing to do with Publix donating to his campaign.
But 60 Minutes cut that out.
Well, now it's blown up in their face.
So I'm watching Fox News this morning after I get off National Journal.
I did a few segments with Aries & Spitt this morning.
I'm in there getting another cup of coffee before I went across the road and worked out.
They're saying, well, 16 minutes CBS released a news report.
We released this because...
Black people are half as likely to have the vaccine in Broward County, and this racist DeSantis won't give it to the black people.
Now, everybody knows black people are smart when it comes to a lot of things, but certainly not taking vaccines, the long history of testing, and the illnesses, and then Hank Aaron dying, and marvelous Marvin Hagler.
I mean, something's going on with this vaccine where it really messes up black people, and it's bad for everybody.
Well, it's like fluoride.
Hydrocephalistic acid, in studies, is twice as bad for black people.
Because there's differences in the groups, folks.
Like differences in different breeds of dogs or cows or anything.
We're all dogs, we're all cows, but we're different.
Hell, I'm different than my cousins, and they're white.
You get what I'm saying?
So, you get the vaccine, I got the vaccine, they got the vaccine, you got DMC, all these people pushing this crap, and they admit blacks won't take it.
And so they're on the news going, DeSantis, the blacks haven't had it because of DeSantis.
He wouldn't give it to them.
Hoping to trick blacks to go, well, that white supremacist, I'm going to get out.
I'm going to get that shot right now.
That white devil isn't going to give it to me.
I mean, this is what they're doing everywhere.
The level of deception within deception is insane.
So here's what DeSantis really said.
First you'll see the 60 Minutes edit, then you'll see what he really said in a hangar full of news cameras.
They're so arrogant, they still engage in this deception.
Here it is.
We wanted to ask Governor DeSantis about the deal, but he declined our request for an interview.
We caught up with him south of Orlando.
Publix, as you know, donated $100,000 to your campaign, and then you rewarded them with the exclusive rights to distribute the vaccination in Palm Beach.
So first of all, what you're saying is wrong.
How is that not pay to play?
That's a fake narrative.
I met with the county mayor, I met with the administrator, I met with all the folks at Palm Beach County, and I said, Here's some of the options.
We can do more drive-thru sites.
We can give more to hospitals.
We can do the Publix.
And they said we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents.
But Melissa McKinlay, the county commissioner in the Glades, told us the governor never met with her about the Publix deal.
The criticism is that it's pay to play, Governor.
It's wrong, it's wrong.
It's a fake narrative.
I just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously I laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable.
And so it's clearly not.
Isn't there the nearest Publix is 30 miles away?
No, you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong.
That's actually a fact.
So first of all, what you're saying is wrong.
That's a fake narrative.
So first of all, when we did the first pharmacies that had it were CVS and Walgreens, and they had a long-term care mission.
So they were going to the long-term care facilities.
They got vaccine in the middle of December.
They started going to the long-term care facilities.
The third week of December to do LTCs.
So that was their mission, that was very important, and we trusted them to do that.
As we got into January, we wanted to expand the distribution points.
So yes, you had the counties, you had some drive-thru sites, you had hospitals that were doing a lot, but we wanted to get it into communities more.
So we reached out to other retail pharmacies, Publix, Walmart, Obviously, CBS and Walgreens had to finish that mission.
And we said, we're going to use you as soon as you're done with that.
For the publics, they were the first one to raise their hand and say they were ready to go.
And you know what?
We did it on a trial basis.
I had three counties.
I actually showed up that weekend and talked to seniors across four different publics.
How was the experience?
Is this good?
Should you think this is the way to go?
And it was 100% positive, so we expanded it, and then folks liked it.
And I can tell you, if you look at a place like Palm Beach County, they were kind of struggling at first in terms of the senior numbers.
I went, I met with the county mayor, I met with the administrator, I met with all the folks at Palm Beach County, and I said, Here's some of the options.
We can do more drive-thru sites.
We can give more to hospitals.
We can do the Publix.
We can do this.
They calculated that 90% of their seniors live within a mile and a half of a Publix.
And they said, we think that would be the easiest thing for our residents.
So we did that.
And what ended up happening was, you had 65 Publix in Palm Beach.
Palm Beach is one of the biggest counties, one of the most elderly counties.
We've done almost 75% of the seniors in Palm Beach, and the reason is because you have the strong retail footprint.
So our way has been multifaceted, it has worked, and we're also now very much expanding CVS and Walgreens now that they've completed the long-term care mission.
And it's wrong, it's wrong, it's a fake narrative.
I just disabused you of the narrative and you don't care about the facts because obviously I laid it out for you in a way that is irrefutable.
And so it's clearly not.
No, no, no, you're wrong.
Now I have a five minute clip of Fox News this morning where CBS now says DeSantis is a racist that kept the black people from the shots.
Total horse crap, ladies and gentlemen.
And if people want to go take the shots, knock yourselves out.
But it's associated with Alzheimer's and everything else.
And I'm not going to attack DeSantis for that.
This is a big cultural movement.
Public's buying into it.
Some of them.
That's your issue.
But the point is, is that that's how they attack at every level to fetishize the vaccine.
Oh, DeSantis wouldn't let you have it.
Oh, he did it to the public's people.
Caught all the money.
And none of it is based in reality.
In fact, they said up front in the media, we love black people so much.
But it's not just old people, get it?
Not just the old people we've been killing these hearts and lungs.
But black people, we love you so much, we're going to give it to you first.
And you don't think black people got a big old shiver up their spine?
Like, somebody said to me, I'm going to give you a deal because I like you so much, and you've got a history of screwing me over.
I'm like, I'm not taking that deal.
What the hell do you think?
I mean, this is...
That's why I think these people are aliens or something, these globalists, man.
Because some of the stuff they do is smart, but other things is so stupid.
Like, anybody like, I love black people so much.
We need the black... This is like, it's like eight months ago before the vaccine even came out.
They're like, we need the black people to take this.
We really love you, Hank Aaron.
We really love you, Marvis Marvin.
And we're going to have black people give you the shot, okay?
All right.
I'm going to say this again, if you're a black person particularly, you need a lot more sun than a white person.
So if you're wearing sweaters and staying in all doors, you're an old person, you're dead if you're a black person.
If you're not taken.
Absorbable Organic Vitamins and Minerals.
If it's essential, that means it's essential.
Essential means you gotta have it.
And I know everybody gets this, but our listeners better tell everybody.
And one thing getting the COVID numbers down and defeating them and exposing it is, everybody's going out and they're taking care of themselves and they're getting essential vitamins and minerals.
And it's pissing Fauci and the global south because if you have vitamin D, if you have zinc, if you have C, You're basically bulletproof and these bastards can't get you.
And they are so angry because they don't want to pay out the pension funds of all these old people.
They don't care whether you're black or white.
They want to get your ass.
But you have a special little hatred for black people.
That's why they go, Oh, we love the black people.
All these TV ads and movies and any corporate app or 5G or Hard liquor, it's nothing but black people now.
And it's because the corporations are like taking on the identity of black people.
Like, Apple is now a black guy.
It's all right if I run death camps in China.
And, you know, whiskey is now black, so it's all right if you get liver cancer.
And it's just like, I mean, everybody sees it, and it's just the globalists trying on some camouflage, and it's weird.
So if I was black, I'd be worried.
Hell, I don't care what color I used to be worried.
Because the New World Order is here to kill, steal, and destroy.
Stay with us to hour number three.
We are back live and I have a special guest who's outside a church that's had a cage built around it in Canada so people can't go inside.
Boy, that sounds devilish.
A little fun.
Shall we have a little fun, folks?
Hail Coke! One people, one soda!
You're watching the American Journal with Harrison Smith.
A little fun. Shall we have a little fun, folks? Will you join me in laughing at our stupid world?
Coca-Cola is one of the companies that opposes the Georgia voter integrity law and is making it known.
And of course they're headquartered in Atlanta and are threatening to pull out potentially tens of millions of
dollars from the state if they do not submit to the legislative extortion that's
being leveled against them.
Meanwhile, have you ever seen the Coca-Cola advertisement from 1936 advertising their partnership with Nazi Germany?
These are good people!
Very decent people, the people of Coca-Cola.
The best part about this, look at that saying.
In German it's one people, one country, one drink.
Coke it is!
Ein Volk!
Ein Reich!
Ein Getränk!
Coke it is!
Drink Coke!
Hail Coke!
One people, one soda!
Oh, it's stupid beyond belief, but there it is.
How goofy is that?
Ein Volk!
Ein Reich!
Ein Gitterreich!
Coke, it is!
It is Coke!
We come together with Coke!
Alright, so that's what we're moving towards, right?
This is the role that corporations have played for all of time.
Well, let me explain what's going on here.
You have now innumerable numbers of massive corporations, Major League Baseball moving the all-star game from Atlanta to Denver, depriving the people of Georgia of potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue generated by that game, the media attention, and all of the surrounding festivities around it.
They're pulling out because Georgia passed a law they didn't like.
The legislature debated the bills, organized it.
They're exerting the will of the people of Georgia, but it's not the will of the people of Georgia that matters anymore.
It's what the corporations demand.
And this is what we're learning.
And so, finally, because of the egregious actions that they're involved in, there's also the Civic Alliance that's 200 companies, including, I think, Under Armour, Nike, just a ton of massive, massive manufacturers, food service, just from any and all areas of industry, coming out against the will of the people.
You actually even have McConnell, as the New York Times puts it, long a defender of corporate speech, now suggest executives stay out of politics.
So even corporate drones like Mitch McConnell are starting to understand the threat that corporations pose.
I think what they maybe don't understand is that this is not Random.
It's not just happening because cancel culture is influencing companies.
You see that a lot of people going, Major League Baseball caved to the mob.
No, no, no.
This is not cancel culture.
This is not a bottom to top impulse where these corporations are being forced by a huge crowd of people.
This is a top to bottom censorship issue.
This is a top to bottom extortion issue.
This is an issue of the largest corporations, the richest people in the world, exerting their financial power to override the will of the American people and subvert American democracy to its very core.
What they don't maybe realize... That's right, folks.
That's part of a report Harrison did live this morning I wanted to air.
That is, of course...
American Journal, weekday mornings, 8 a.m.
to 11 a.m., right before us with Harrison Smith and the other great co-hosts that joined him as well, like myself this morning.
It just went live at Bandot Video.
Corporate influence is a core component of the Great Reset.
It's beyond core.
It is corporate global governance.
And what does it hate?
Small businesses, small communities, small farmers, and small churches.
And I'm looking, if you're a TV viewer, you can see, I'll push up a screen, the surreal footage Breaking police raid and put up fences around Alberta church that defies lockdown.
The pastor is in jail.
You can see behind her a bunch of police out there like they're raiding an Al-Qaeda base.
They've put a taxpayer-paid for fence up around so they can't meet there.
Think that'll make the church stronger or weaker?
I say stronger.
That which does not kill you only makes you stronger.
We're going to talk to Sheila Gunn-Reed on the other side with live feeds from on the ground of the globalist COVID-19 antichrist takeover.
Mark of the Beast, stay with us.
We are now 14 months into the U.N.
Bill Gates-directed COVID fraud, and from Germany to the U.K.
to areas of the U.S.
to Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, churches and small businesses, restaurants, bars, gyms are closed in many areas, or 25%.
And here's the big headline.
It's all over the news in Canada.
They're saying it's a good thing.
The pastor is in jail.
Police raid and put fences up around Alberta Church that defied lockdown orders.
So now they can just, I guess, meet outside by the fence.
I predict it'll be even bigger.
Imagine the money.
I watched the footage all day of vehicles, SUVs, workers, police, more than dozens, putting up a giant fence around I run a church that looks like it could have an indoor basketball stadium and a whole school.
It looks like a middle school or something.
This is incredible.
This is the hunger of the system to target Christians.
Absolutely incredible and all this money to do this.
Remember weeks ago we had Ezra LeVant on from Rebel News.
They had drone footage of what was going on there and how they were all waiting and now they're showing everybody who the boss is.
My, how Europe has fallen, how the UK's fallen, how Canada's fallen and the incredible Black Lives Matter Communist March.
With no mask, it's wonderful.
Just simply insane.
Sheila Gunn-Reed is a chief reporter at Rebel News and her primary focus are government accountability, civil liberties, and religious freedom.
Sheila Gunn-Reed on Twitter.
Sheila, thank you so much for joining us.
You're right there live.
Tell us what's unfolded in this latest, just over-the-top, bizarro escalation.
Well, Alex, thank you so much for your interest in this and the interest in the other side of the story.
What happened this morning is that at dawn, approximately 6 a.m., at least according to security footage I received from church elders, The RCMP, so our federal police force, and Alberta Health Services, that's the provincial health authority here, and some private security contractors, as well as some private construction contractors, rolled onto church property here and started erecting not just one fence, but two
High security fences.
You can see the security fence behind me in the shot here.
They erected two of those and then wrapped one of those in a black plastic sarcophagus as to obscure that this was ever even a church in the first place.
That's right.
I see that in the background.
There's like a black veil over it.
And so... Like they've isolated a virus or something.
Well, that's exactly it.
This church has openly defied the lockdown restrictions here in the province of Alberta.
The lockdown restrictions limit places of worship, so all places of worship, to just 15% of fire code capacity.
Also requires places of worship to enforce social distancing of six feet spacing between
congregants, as well as mandating masks on worshippers. They are also not allowed to play
instruments or sing in church. That church has done none of this. They say that those public health orders
directly violate their right to practice their religion as they see fit, and they've openly
defied them. Now, I'm sure that you're aware, and I know that you've spoken to my boss, Ezra
Levant, about the just absolutely brutal crackdown on churches here in my province.
Pastor James Coates, the pastor here, was taken into provincial custody and held at a maximum security provincial jail for 35 days.
A prisoner of conscience for violating those public health orders.
He did qualify for bail, but his bail conditions required him not only to abide by the public health orders at the church, but to also not even attend a church.
That's the kind of brutal crackdown that religious people and people of all faith backgrounds are facing here in Alberta.
This is, we like to fancy ourselves as Canada's Texas, one of the freest places Really, on the continent, from the lockdown, the targeted focus has been on churches.
Retail has allowed double people in attendance in retail space, as are the churches here in Alberta.
Well, as we sit here watching this, did you see the footage out of Calgary where they went to the small church and then tried to shut it down and the man said, get out of here, get out of here, get out of here, the Polish immigrant.
I mean, I would expect to see that from the public.
Everybody's going to the grocery store, they're going to the mall.
There's literally all over the world a fetish with attacking churches.
You've seen the UK, haven't you, where they go to Good Friday, they go to Easter, they shut it.
I mean, these people are sick.
That footage there from that church in Calgary, again, my oppressive province of Alberta, that was Pastor Art Polosky.
And Art Polosky has been a vocal opponent of the lockdown.
He has been, I mean, absolutely attacked by the state for standing up against the lockdown.
At Rebel News, we have an initiative called Fight the Fines.
And we help people at no cost to them fight their lockdown tickets in court.
We crowdfund that if people would like to donate to that.
It's our largest civil liberties project to date.
But Pastor Art in Calgary was our very first Fight the Fines client on a brutally cold Alberta winter day.
So absolutely frozen, minus 40.
He was out feeding the homeless.
And he received a $1,200 lockdown ticket for what the police called that day an illegal gathering.
So it's cold, people are hungry, they're homeless, and Pastor Art was out there doing the Lord's work, literally, and he was issued a lockdown ticket.
And in fact now, over the course of the pandemic, Pastor Art has received 28 or so lockdown tickets.
We've successfully had a few of those tossed out in court and we'll continue to help Pastor Art fight.
But Pastor Art, you know, he's dealing with the lockdown in his own way.
Let's just say, he's in jail for weeks.
For not agreeing to not run his church anymore, and the lockdowns are never going to end.
It's in the internal global documents, in the internal Canadian documents, that it's an endless lockdown, planned to bankrupt all the small businesses, all the churches, everything.
And these police are just following these orders.
It's truly disgusting.
We saw Chris Sky get a visit, you know, late at night, with over 30 police cars to his house.
They said, oh, we saw you at the grocery store not wearing a mask.
I mean, this is a sick cult.
Yeah, Chris Sky is actually, we reported on it very recently that Chris Sky is now on a no-fly list.
So in Canada here, Omar Cotter, the convicted, self-professed Al-Qaeda terrorist who killed US serviceman Chris Spear, and he was held in Gitmo for quite some time, he is not on a no-fly list in Canada.
My boss actually encountered him in an airport in Canada, and that's how we know he's not on a no-fly list.
And yet someone like Chris Sky, who's an advocate for civil liberties and for being able to conduct your business mask-free, he's the guy who's on a no-fly list.
Things are completely upside down here in Canada.
Well, your own Prime Minister said he wants a dictatorship like China.
He said that's the system he wants.
I mean, this is public.
Is the average Canadian liking this?
Do they want to go bankrupt?
I mean, do they understand they're not going to get a paycheck forever?
This is about a universal income?
About getting everybody on welfare?
You know, I think the average Canadian is, frankly, too scared when they see what happens to a church.
Here in Canada.
And when they see tickets being issued to people like Pastor Art Polosky in Calgary for just feeding the homeless.
When they see protesters in Montreal tackled, shoved to the ground.
Protesters in Toronto, same thing, tackled and shoved to the ground.
When they see my own journalists here at Rebel News being issued lockdown tickets for trying to report on the oppressive nature of the police in Montreal. We've
had even clients through Fight the Fines, Hasidic Jews and Orthodox Jews
praying in their synagogues and their synagogues are being raided. And
whether it's Australia, Canada or the US, it's the same. It's a global blueprint. Now I can see you're there with a crowd.
I can hear a crowd of other reporters right near you.
Maybe you can turn the camera around.
We can show those folks when we come back.
Just to show the crowd that's there because I can obviously hear them.
It sounds like a sports stadium.
And then I want to maybe have you walk down a little bit unless they're going to arrest you.
Well, it's happened.
Canada has joined Commons China in shutting down churches coast to coast using the COVID hoax to do it.
I was talking to Rebel Media reporter Sheila Gunn-Reed.
During the break, the police came over and told her to move.
There's a crowd of about 50 people there.
Maybe she can pan around and show that, and then she agreed to go up and talk to these goon-like police in the middle of the field.
Looks like they're 150 yards from the church.
It has black, for radio listeners, big black tarps up around it like it's satanic.
So tell us what just happened, and then you've got the floor here.
You just do the interview, conduct it, go talk to the police, you name it, please.
So the police are doing what they've done all day here.
Not only are they keeping the congregants away from the church itself, but they are keeping everybody off church property.
So the adjacent property here where I'm standing is actually owned by a member of the church, so this is where everybody's corralled.
And maybe We can head over there and you guys can walk.
Yeah, why don't you walk down the road?
It's a right-of-way.
The police can't stop you on a right-of-way, even though they've seized the property.
Go ahead.
Let's go flip my camera around here.
Go ahead.
You're a reporter.
Tell us everything.
Okay, so we're walking along here and these are all congregants and supporters.
They are allowed on the adjacent property because the landowner is friendly with the church.
However, they did, the landowner himself, did kick the media off, the mainstream media.
I'm actually the only reporter that's allowed on church property here and I've been coming here for approximately eight weeks.
Um, as you can see here, there's some folks praying, um, dark times for this congregation.
Um, we're gonna walk over just, this is where the, um, police have this gate here, and they have private security here, and they've brought in portable toilets.
Because they plan to occupy this church for, I guess, however long it takes.
It sounds like they're going to have surveillance here, 24 hours, people monitoring it.
And if I just step onto the grass here, you're gonna see.
Cops are gonna be there.
I'm sorry?
Can you just please stay on this side?
Thank you.
What's the problem with just standing on the grass and not going near the church?
I know, but that's the law.
We need to keep on the line.
No, the law is he's violated religious freedom and he's a tyrant of the CCP.
Can you get your cross from here as good as everything?
Well... Just asking, that's all.
No, I mean, you don't want me reporting on what you're doing here, clearly.
No, absolutely.
Is this a good angle?
It's a great angle.
Who is this sack of filth?
Are you with Alberta Health Services or the RCMP?
No, I'm with the RCMP.
With the RCMP.
Okay, great.
Thank you.
We had an incident actually earlier today where the police were trespassing.
This fence here that they erected actually ended up on the other landowner.
As you can see here, there's a... And what is their excuse?
They're trying to seize the church or what is this filthy occupation?
Well, they're trying to prevent services from being held because Pastor James Coates, even though he was taken into custody for 35 days, the associate pastor at the church here stepped up and he started holding services knowing full well that he could help.
And so they want to teach you a lesson because others might rebel against the permanent martial law lockdown house arrest.
Right, that's exactly it.
God, so these are literal Nazis we're looking at.
My God.
Well, they couldn't control the church.
They arrested their pastor.
Another one stepped up, unafraid, willing to go to jail alongside the first pastor.
So they don't know what to do with these people.
They have a gross misunderstanding of what Christianity is.
We are called to be obedient to God above the government.
We also are warned that persecution is coming.
We're promised that it's coming.
So the state grossly misunderstands The Christian philosophy you can lock up their churches you can chase them into caves But they are going to gather together because they say that is how they practice their faith not online Stronger or weaker Alex I've been coming here every Sunday for I think approximately eight weeks I'm just gonna step away because I know it's gonna be loud for you I've been coming here every week just about for eight weeks and
And actually, some weeks I come at 5 a.m.
because I thought they would do this to this church sooner, but they didn't.
And the church has grown and grown and grown.
Instead of being limited to 15% of fire code capacity, this church reaches 619 people every single week, which is 100% of fire code capacity.
And people also Listen to the services from their cars in the parking lot.
They watch online from the parking lot.
This has really lit a fire in the belly of a lot of Christians and people who are from other denominations are coming to this church inspired by Pastor James Coates and his resistance to these bad laws.
But also they come here because they're disappointed in their own churches for not being willing to do it.
Oh, that's right.
The Marxists took over education in the West.
In Canada, is this a joke now?
And the police need to be sued individually.
All of them need to be... Everybody should go to their houses and protest.
They're the ones at your house assaulting you.
These are disgraceful monsters.
And they think they're going to win.
They have only some in the world win.
This is just outright, but it's happening here in the United States from Michigan to California as well.
I want to get you on for a full hour with us soon.
This is so historic.
We got Max Keiser coming up with some big financial news, but I would love to get you back on me tomorrow.
This is just so historic.
Are you able, in the few minutes we have left, to get on the road so they don't arrest you or on the property line and march up and show people that black tarp they put up in front of the church like it's pornography or something?
I definitely can.
I know exactly where the property line is and the kind property owner that this man in the green jacket here
Has advised me that I'm very welcome to walk down the property line
towards the church and the police are probably gonna hassle me, but I don't care and
The The I'd be happy to come on the show tomorrow and discuss
this even further It was my first real encounter with actual Satanism that wasn't closeted or clandestine.
As I was on air with my boss, Ezra Levant, earlier today, a car drove past the church, yelled at the groups of small women and children.
I don't know, they're unloading some supplies here in this police vehicle.
And yelled at them.
And then he used the Church of Satan as his moral compass.
He said to me that at least the Church of Satan follows mask mandate.
Of course Satan follows the law of this world.
He's the king of this world.
Yeah, of course, but it was just shocking to me to see it because usually that sort of stuff is a little more closeted and clandestine.
Do a few more minutes with us.
Max Keiser will be happy to hold.
This is so historic.
Stay right there.
I love how they put a sign up at the front and a gate to act like you couldn't go along the property beside it.
The whole thing they're doing is incredibly illegal.
How do people, Sheila Gunn-Reed, they go to rebelnews.com to find reports, but also Sheila Gunn-Reed.
I mean, this is what we talk about in communist China.
This is happening right here in Canada.
Alex, it's shocking to me to see because we have a purported conservative government here in Alberta.
In fact, our Premier Jason Kenney, when he was in former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government, religious freedom was central to the Canadian government's foreign policy.
But how much money is 50 cops and dozens of private security and a giant fence?
How much money to shut one church?
My God!
I think because if the crackdown comes on this church, they'll scare a lot of other churches and stop them from standing up.
Sure, they can't shut them all down, so I want to make an example.
The answer is all churches, 100% capacity.
These people are dirtbags and enemies of humanity.
Stay there a few more minutes with you, ma'am.
Well, Sheila Gunn-Reed is a reporter for Rebel News and she is...
There in Canada, in Alberta, where a huge popular church has had their pastor jailed for weeks.
And now they've come with 50 plus police and dozens of vehicles and private security and put a huge fence up around.
But I noticed when I was watching her live feed for radio listeners, you need to go to Bandai-Media or a local TV station to see it.
I went, why is there a gate only at the front of the road?
I said, I bet there's property owned all around that where you can show it.
She goes, yeah, here's the property owner.
I'm going to walk up to it.
But it shows how the cops all got out front to divert everyone out there so the hundreds of people that come aren't even near the church to show the big black veil they put up around it like it's dirty and bad because the Satanists don't want to see that.
We have pro-life events.
The Satanists went with this black tar paper and they all put it up in front of us, in front of the media.
They want to obscure us.
They want to oppress us.
They want to shut down our speech.
They want to censor us.
And so we're definitely seeing millions of dollars spent here.
I know how bureaucrats operate to do this, to shut this church down, to send a message to others.
When we stay, stay closed.
You stay closed.
Well, you're going to be closed forever anyways.
You're not essential.
The state wants to be God.
They want people alone.
So this is incredible.
So, Sheila Gunnreid, finish up.
Any other points?
We love you.
We appreciate you.
Where is this going?
How long has the pastor been in jail?
What's coming next?
And what do you predict?
So Pastor Coates was released about 10 days ago from his 35 days of incarceration.
His first time back to the church, the RCMP came and tried to enter into his church.
However, the church elders here didn't let him in.
I spoke to the lawyer for the church this morning.
When I was on site, he informs me that he had no knowledge of anything that was going to transpire here.
Because the last story I heard is he was still in jail.
He's out of jail?
Yes, he was released 10 days ago.
And why aren't they letting him back in the church?
He's been allowed back in the church.
I did an interview with him after his release.
But because he's back, it's clear the authorities are worried that this church will just continue on and continue to grow and continue to defy the lockdown restrictions, which they are.
So this is now their next resort.
This is the next escalation of what's happening here at Grace Life Church.
But Alex, I got to tell you, I have been to northern Iraq as part of my work with Rebel News as part of our Save the Christians initiative.
I've seen where Christian persecution goes in the end.
I've seen the bombed out churches of Butnaya.
I've seen the churches with ISIS graffiti.
And to see that level of Christian persecution, when I came home, I was left with a great sense of shame that our churches didn't stand up then to help those Christians, our Christian brothers and sisters halfway around the world.
But I'm even more ashamed today that There are so few churches here in my home province of Alberta, in all of Canada, and frankly in the United States that are willing to take the same stand.
That Pastor James Coates and Grace Life Church has taken.
They are really, you know, willing to face the consequences.
I mean, I agree.
I think you guys, now that it's warming up, you should have giant Wednesday night, Sunday night, huge rallies right out there in that private landowner's area.
Outside, put up tents, and just double down on these scumbags.
I mean, I am so ashamed of those police.
I am so ashamed of your bureaucrats and you need to change your government.
In closing, because our guest Max Keiser is here, Shelly Gunn-Reed of Rebel News, why do you think your so-called conservative government is going along with this?
You know, it's like any government really.
They are beholden to the health deep state.
In the United States, Trump knew there was a deep state.
In Canada here, we do have a health bureaucracy deep state.
We have a bunch of chief medical officers of health Highly paid bureaucrats.
Nobody knew their name a year ago.
And now they have all this power.
They're unelected, unaccountable, and yet they control every aspect of your life.
And boy, they sure like it.
And they're not going to turn that power back over to people very soon or very easily.
All right, Sheila.
Incredible to see this.
Just right out of the Soviet Union, right out of Communist China.
Massive church shutdowns all over the world while the baseball games and football games are open.
Thank you so much, Sheila Gunn-Reid.
All right, there she goes.
I want to get her and the pastor, now that he's out of jail, because the news is saying he's still in jail, on the show as soon as possible.
Thank you, Sheila, at RebelNews.com.
All right, joining us for the next 25 minutes or so is Max Keiser, host of Al Jazeera shows, BBC shows, RT shows, big famous stockbroker from the 80s, and the big grand poobah of Bitcoin.
First guy I heard about Bitcoin from like 12 years ago, 10 years ago he tried to give me 10,000 Bitcoin, and Max Keiser, Orange Pill podcast.
He joins us.
We'll talk about Bitcoin next segment and what's happening in the world market.
He's been predicting it goes up to $200,000, the rest of it.
But first, what is this move worldwide?
You predicted the casino gulag.
Where a small bar, a small gym, a small business, a church is closed, but everything else is open, and the airplanes are open, and all this.
I mean, it's so obvious that big tech's in a vertical integration, and that big corporations are consolidating power.
Why are they doing this, and how would you counter it?
Because it's so crazy to see churches closed all over the US, all over Canada, all over Europe, but then right next to them, giant strip malls are open.
What the hell's going on?
Well, I mean, if you have powerful people will always seek more power.
And as always, you can trace back the source of their power to figure out money printing, right?
The central bank money printing and zero percent interest rates.
And so when you give that availability of free, essentially free money to the people who already have a huge amounts of money, they will use that money to get rid of the competition.
And to consolidate their power base and to consolidate their control of the economy.
And so during this lockdown, it was a tremendous stressful period.
So those with the access to the free money used it opportunistically.
To expand their influence in the economy, their control of the economy.
Remember, Alex, I've often said that you can't really use traditional economic terms to describe what's going on here, like inflation or deflation.
You have to really use the term neo-feudalism, right?
We're going into more of a feudalistic economic model where you've got a very, very few people in the country control 99.5% of the entire economic activity.
And this is a great easy for them because they have unlimited free money to do so.
In the Middle Ages, they had to go to war and actually put people in harm's way to build up their empires.
But in this feudal period, all they do is access over at the discount window at the Federal Reserve, trillions of dollars of free money to impact and affect the state.
And so by saying their competition is not essential, It actually now gives all their fiat more value because we need them.
This is such a cold-blooded predatory takeover, my God.
And the Republicans are all going along with it.
People say, oh, they're ignorant.
No, they're paid off by the same people, Max.
So how do we counter it with things like Bitcoin?
We diversify, we pull down the old system, we don't play along with them.
In the case of Bitcoin, you're taking wealth and you're putting it out of the reach of the state or anybody else.
And this is the first time in history this has ever been possible.
Usually, even with gold or silver, the problem is that it's very difficult to move around.
It's not portable.
And also the price is subject to a lot of suppression schemes that we've talked about before.
But Bitcoin, however, unlike gold, is completely portable.
All you need is to memorize your seed phrase for your wallet and you can travel anywhere in the world.
You could go to the airport stark naked.
Fly anywhere you want in the world, land, go to the internet, and there's your money.
You just enter the seed phrase, and it could be any amount of money that you have is right there.
And if you're in a country that wants to have you as their citizen with all of your money, and they're going to give you a nice life in exchange, and they'll do their job as a government by cleaning the garbage out, and building the roads, and doing the things the government should be doing, it's a good relationship.
But if the United States is no longer going to be friendly to me and my capital, then I will very simply, I will just leave.
That's why they want global government and not, quote, tax havens, because global government is about you have no place to run, and it's a corporate world government.
I want to talk about that with Max Keiser and the future of Bitcoin.
The question is, China's digital currency has nothing to do with Bitcoin.
That's what Zero Hedge is saying.
Is that accurate?
We'll ask Max Keiser on the other side of this quick break.
I'm Alex Jones, and this is the InfoWar.
Tomorrow's news today and to share that link is a revolutionary act.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Just press your spirit up against the enemy and let them know you got God on your side.
There you'll find salvation along with oblivion.
Max Keiser, the King Daddy of Bitcoin is here with us and I love getting him on and I've looked at this and we need to have these crypto revolutions.
We need to have it.
The globalists are scared of it.
It's definitely beginning to beat them.
And I also see it as an exit strategy they have planned now as they begin to capitulate into it.
And I've looked at it, it looks like a capitulation, but getting back to where you were about They have all the free capital, they have disdain for us, they own the media, and they are just engaged in all-out war with the general economy and stability.
Where do they think their money's going to be any good?
Or do they think they can just turn us into the wall-wall-west and then turn it back to control overnight?
I think we're going to go the way of Mexico on a big global scale of lawlessness and a breakdown of civilization.
You can't pull a collapse like this in America and not get a giant violent Civil War.
Do they think they're going to sit that out, Max, or are they not thinking that far?
No, I think what's called social unrest is going to increase.
And that's why, again, you have to be agile and you have to be prepared to pack your bag and leave and go somewhere where you're not going to have these problems.
And there's a big, big, beautiful world out there.
You know, I was I was shocked.
I tell you, I was shocked.
I've heard a lot of things, but I was even shocked.
Janet Yellen, who's now running the Treasury, said yesterday that she's she supports the idea of introducing a global minimum tax rate for corporations.
So the US is now, and the EU has come back and they agree with this idea, that there's going to be a global minimum tax rate on all corporations globally.
So that right there is the beginning of what, you know, what you would call a globalist takeover.
Oh, that's the dream of the OECD and the UN.
That's it right there.
Yeah, so now they're on the trail to create a supernatural global tax collector and backed up by the military.
And so they'll be coming knocking door to door and saying, give us some money.
Or we're going to blow you away.
I mean, that's pretty much America's foreign policy right now is accept dollars or we'll kill you.
I was about to say, what do you make of the US sending troops into Ukraine openly trying to start a war with Russia?
And then they're like, oh, look, Russia's mobilizing heavy military.
This is insane.
Very interesting story happening in Ukraine, Alex.
It comes out that Ukraine is one of the biggest countries in the world that owns Bitcoin.
They've got tens of thousands of Bitcoin, billions and billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin.
So this could be the first macro geopolitical event we see where a country that has a very big Bitcoin position is involved.
I think that's fascinating.
The start of the Bitcoin wars?
Yes, exactly, what I call the hash wars or the hash race.
Obviously, at odds here would be Russia.
To my knowledge, I don't believe Russia, they have not officially stated they have any Bitcoin position.
I know they've been buying a lot of gold.
But Ukraine has been officially accumulating Bitcoin, and we have some other countries doing the same thing.
I think that America, to stay relevant in the 21st century, has got to come out with a pro-Bitcoin policy and say, we're actively storing and mining Bitcoin as a strategic reserve in the interest of national security.
Otherwise, a country like Ukraine or possibly Nigeria or Iran also has a huge Bitcoin position.
Iran could be the richest country in the world in five years if nobody else steps up and starts mining and hoarding Bitcoin.
So does the U.S.
want Iran to be the richest country in the world?
That's the question people in Washington have got.
I know that Biden's a total puppet, but that means something as well.
Having no position, having no intellect is the same as having a position, because his minions have a position.
Iran won't even meet with him now.
North Korea won't meet him.
This guy is a joke.
He's waving at crowds that don't exist in Easter Bunny outfits at the White House.
I mean, this is like a bad acid trip.
Where do you see that going?
Geopolitically, I'll tell you what the most interesting story, in my view, is that I think you've got a situation brewing with Germany, where they effectively leave NATO because of Nord Stream 2.
Nord Stream 2, of course, goes from Russia to Germany.
It's a pipeline, and it goes around all kinds of problems in the Middle East.
So the final dreaded German-Russian alliance could happen?
Yeah, I think so.
I think the U.S.
has got a big troop presence in Germany, but I think that Germany, at the end of the day, will prefer getting natural gas from Russia at 80 to 90 percent cheaper than being shipped in from the U.S.
And I think that'll be the swing vote.
That'll be the beginning of a new global conflict where it's essentially Russia Germany, China, Iran versus the U.S., the U.K., Japan on the other side, and Saudi Arabia probably won't, you know, they'll go with the other axis on the other side.
So in that conflict, it doesn't seem like the U.S.
is holding a very strong hand, to tell you the truth.
And so why are special interests trying to undermine the U.S.
as fast as possible, but if they were smart globalists, they want the U.S.
to be a dominant force?
What's the larger geopolitical, or is that just that leftist billionaires and Hollywood billionaires have a hard-on against America because their grandfather wasn't allowed into the country club?
I mean, is that all this is?
I think the scarcest asset in the world, you know, in geopolitics and the wealth of nations, as Adam Smith would call it, is based on who controls the most of the scarcest.
And the scarcest asset in the world is not oil, it's not gold, it's Bitcoin.
And so countries are beginning to realize this, and the smart countries are making their move now.
The U.S.
is lagging, and this is where it could be U.S.' 's Achilles heel.
This could be how U.S.
loses its place in the world order by not accumulating Bitcoin at these prices.
And by the way, Max, it's not like you just showed up and started promoting Bitcoin this week.
You've been doing it for 12 years, I've known you 10 years intensely.
And so it's just been going straight up in the aggregate.
And of course, I'm promoting it now.
If people want to get $10 or free Bitcoin and start investing in it, the cleanest, safest place to do it is Schwann Bitcoin.
forward slash swan bitcoin dot com forward slash Alex and then that way we get a little bit of a you know quarter
percent of 1% of a fee if you actually invest with Bitcoin there and
and I've been doing that because I've waited too long But I mean regardless and all you just started saying this
you were saying it for over 10 years Why are you so confident on Bitcoin? And why does it
continue to go up?
Well, it's proven itself to do exactly what it said it was gonna do what it was created
When it was created, the first block, as it's called, there was an inscription that said Bank of England is on the verge of a second bailout for banks.
So it's clearly a protest vote against central banks.
Bitcoin was created as a protest against Central Banks.
It was also created to be digital gold.
And we know that from the creator of Bitcoin.
He made numerous notes in numerous locations and chat boards about how this is basically digital gold, and we're going to take the gold market.
So having seen that 10 years ago, 11 years ago, when I looked at that, I said, well, the gold market's worth $10 trillion.
If Bitcoin were to get to $10 trillion, that would be $500,000 per coin.
At that time, it was $1 per coin.
So I said, wow, I mean, even if it gets a small portion of that, it's going to be a hugely profitable investment to buy it at a dollar.
And that's what we started doing.
And now that's $50,000, $55,000, $56,000 a coin.
It looks like in 2021, it'll get to $220,000 per coin, and it will get to that $500,000, and it will be valued equally to gold, and then it'll be valued more than gold because it's scarcer than gold.
Gold is relatively scarce, but Bitcoin is absolutely scarce.
Well, let's talk about what's not scarce.
Does anyone know the real inflation or the real number of yens, yons, rubles, dollars?
I mean, what is it?
Is it a thousand trillion?
I mean, what is it?
No, nobody knows.
Exactly right.
There's no accountability.
The government has absolutely no idea how many dollars are in circulation.
Remember during Iraq War, trillions of them were airdropped into Iraq on pallets.
And not trillions, but billions on pallets, just airdropped all over Iraq to buy off the local mullahs, etc.
And that's never been accountable.
Remember right the day before 9-11, Donald Rumsfeld made a comment about a missing $1 trillion that nobody could find.
The next day was 9-11 and that story got kind of forgotten.
But he was admitting the fact that nobody knew... And later they admitted it's like last time the numbers like 2.7 trillion missing.
Yeah, there's no accountability.
You know, they print now, the official debt's at $28 trillion.
That's up from just another $8 trillion in just a few months, actually.
And with interest rates at 0%, there's absolutely nothing to stop them from printing another $50, $60, $100 trillion.
There's absolutely nothing to stop it.
They say there's no inflation.
And yet, you know, housing prices are through the roof.
Education is up five or six hundred percent in the last decade.
Healthcare costs are up five hundred percent in the last decade.
People can't afford health.
They can't afford education.
And they say there's no inflation.
So they're clearly lying.
There's a lot of inflation because a lot of money printing.
Max, do five more minutes with us.
Back in two minutes, I want to ask you a few more questions.
Then, Patrick Howley joins us on the latest Republican establishment scandals and more.
Hour number four, only two minutes away.
This is a new article on InfoWars.com.
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson cites principles of Ronald Reagan to defend chemical castration of children.
You got the Governor of South Dakota, who is overall a good person, saying, chop little boys' balls off.
This is sick.
That's coming up next segment.
And I got sent video, you know, I got some friends up at Fort Bragg, and it was in the news that they're saying to use the commissary to get food, to work out, you gotta have the shot, even though it's not mandatory.
Well, I sent some people over there, I got the photos, the video, all over, put in a report.
They say, no shot, period, you're not coming in here.
Even though most people are allergic to it, or there's waivers, they don't care.
This is a vaccine passport control.
Max Keiser, the king of Bitcoin, joins us for another five minutes.
What else would you like to impart about Bitcoin?
I mean, obviously, if listeners want to support us in a sponsorship way, we're sponsored by SchwannBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
You've been trying to get me to sign on this group for many years.
It's one of the original OGs.
The same as place to invest in Bitcoin.
If you want to support us in our sponsorship, swanbitcoin.com forward slash Alex, get 10 free dollars up Bitcoin there and then buy Bitcoin there.
It's the best place if you want to privately hold that in your view.
And I trust you to do it.
swanbitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
And my wife just bought some Bitcoin at swanbitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
But continuing here in the last four minutes we have left, what else would you like to impart Max Keiser?
I think it's important to understand that Bitcoin comes from what are called the cypherpunks.
If Alex Jones were a computer programmer, he would be a cypherpunk.
The cypherpunks are the rebels in the technology space.
The cypherpunks are what gave us, stole encryption technology from the Pentagon and made it public.
You know, we would not have access to pretty good encryption technology.
So Edward Snowden is like a modern day cypherpunk?
Yeah, Edward Snowden is a cypherpunk.
Julian Assange is a cypherpunk, and the people who gave us access to, you and I able to use encrypted messages.
They're the folks that gave us Donald Trump.
They just keep giving us all these goodies.
I don't know about that one.
Trump wasn't perfect, but controlled the Biden.
I mean, it was Julian Assange who got Trump over the goalpost.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's on the political side of things.
You know, you go down that rabbit hole.
But importantly, the cypherpunks are what gave us Bitcoin.
And they did it because they hate centralized authorities.
They hate central banks and they hate dictatorial megalomaniac leaders.
And so they wanted to give people money that was completely outside the system.
So in similar to the way Alex Jones operates outside of traditional media and cover stories that are not being covered, Bitcoin operates outside the entire global monetary system, and for the first time in history, What is Bitcoin able to do is create hard money that does not need a third party like a bank for us to transact.
You and I can transact completely independent of a bank.
That's revolutionary.
It's never been possible before.
And it's indestructible.
It's uncensorable.
And this is our, as Christine Lagarde said a week ago, she said, Bitcoin is an escape hatch.
And she said she has to try to stop it.
Well, she's never going to stop it.
Very powerful, Max.
It is the only real viable escape hatch we have right now, Alex.
It's the easiest to find me on Twitter.
Max Keiser on Twitter.
Plus on YouTube, we've got the Orange Pill channel.
You know, YouTube.com forward slash Orange Pill.
That's our YouTube channel where we do all of our various content and things like that.
And of course, I see over there at SwampBitcoin.com forward slash Alex.
It's hot, you know, people are banging that thing, your listeners, because you get 10 bucks free, Bitcoin for free, when you register, and then from there, you know, you see what you want to do.
I say only keep money in fiat that you can afford to lose, because they're going to take it all through inflation.
All right, Max, we really appreciate you, and we appreciate you reaching out to your audience with our audience.
We're all in this together.
Thank you so much.
There goes Max Keiser.
Another special guest joins us.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are now into hour number four, broadcasting worldwide in defiance of globalist censors and tyranny, and only because of you spreading the word and supporting us are we still here today.
Here's some of the headlines coming up after our next guest leaves us.
Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchins cites principles of Ronald Reagan to defend castration of children.
Yeah, we wear burka masks now.
We don't just chop little girls' jingles off, we chop little boys' jingles off.
What a sick group of weird, virtuous, signaling freaks.
Canadian government study gloats vaccine passports imminent.
And it just goes on and on.
We'll be covering that.
But right now, joining us is a great investigative reporter from NationalFile.com, Patrick Howley.
And it's not like they just do this as a one-off.
Every week they're exposing some Republican or Democrat for their bizarre fake behavior.
Showing the type of weirdness that these people are involved in, pretty much to a man or a woman.
So, exclusive, basically they're picking off the rhinos.
That's a very valuable thing for America and the world.
Alabama Senate contender had an extramarital affair exchange sex about anal play.
With ex-lover who he would reportedly have sex with while his wife was gone in the bedroom, the marital bed.
So again, this is a, that's just beyond, that's bizarre.
Here he is, best buddies with John McCain.
And so Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, who speaks for the U.S.
Senate, had an extramarital affair last year with his mistress.
And it goes on to lay it all out.
So, Patrick Howley joins us right now.
Why is this important?
Why is it important to drill down to the fact that he's doing stuff with his mistress, Patrick?
Well, John Merrill Alex is somebody who presents himself as a family man, as a Christian family man.
image that he projects to the people in his state.
And yet, meanwhile, he's a total degenerate behind the scenes.
He's using government taxpayer money to carry out his affair.
And he has been totally and utterly caught.
He's been totally disgraced.
He was in panic mode, meltdown mode last night, coming up with a statement in which he admitted
to having a long texting relationship with this woman.
Everybody knows that this is true.
We have many, many people who are finally glad that it's coming out.
And today, President Donald Trump has endorsed Mo Brooks, the America First candidate who
is running.
John Merrill, of course, was the establishment pick to try to stop Mo Brooks.
But the Trump camp is very satisfied now after this story came out that Mo Brooks is the
guy to go with.
And that's why it's important is that if we know about this, the globalists know about
it, they're going to blackmail him.
So let's get it all out in the open.
If somebody has a great record of patriotism or whatever, people will overlook this kind of stuff.
But if they're a little rhino rat person, we know they're being compromised with it.
This is yeoman's work.
This is God's work here.
This guy's a hypocrite.
He's a fraud.
He claims he's a super You know, squeaky clean Christian.
And again, he's doing this on taxpayer dime.
I mean, hauling the mistress around right next door to his wife also shows a form of recklessness.
Yeah, that's right, and it shows a duality in his personality whereby, you know, think about what a sociopath you have to be to go around and create this image of yourself that's not true and then snap back into something else as soon as the cameras are off.
These are the kinds of psychopaths who rule us, and these are the kinds of psychopaths who have Decade our entire society and let us to ruin and so these are the kinds of people who need to be exposed when people are lying Sociopaths and by the way, this guy now has been accused of being in physical fights with his mistress where you know She had bruises on her.
She took a belt buckle and hit his taxpayer-funded car and so this guy just there's so much blackmail material out there and And this is a guy who's in a position as Secretary of State who is going for the U.S.
Senate and I don't believe that he's going to run at this point.
They've delayed his announcement now after this story.
Sure, well great job.
He's not a good conservative compared to the other candidate, as you said.
So that's very, very exciting.
We can pick these people off very, very easily because of their backgrounds.
And of course, that's the tip of the iceberg.
How do you continue to get the diary of Joe Biden's daughter?
How do you continue to get all of this?
You're really kicking ass.
You were right about the laptop.
You're right about the diary.
You guys have been at the cutting edge of this.
How are you doing that?
Well, I just work all the time and I talk to a lot of people.
I do what the press doesn't do.
The press sits around and they wait for a press statement or they wait for a big story article.
And then, you know, meanwhile, I'm out there.
I have all the information.
And that's why the Republicans are trying to suck up to me right now, because they don't want to get John Merrill.
They don't want to have butt plug stuff out there about them forever.
They don't want, you know, a diary out there getting out there.
So they're trying to be nice to me right now.
But I'm not in a nice mode, Alex.
I'm not in a nice mode at all, because what we're doing going into 2022, America first is uncompromising.
We've got a total war.
I feel the same way.
We're not going to compromise, we're going to accelerate our attack.
That's right, 100%.
And just moments ago, Alex, I just broke a news story about Nancy Pelosi.
Nancy Pelosi personally renting office space to a group that is connected to pedophilia, a group that is connected to child porn, a group that was designed by a notorious, monstrous pedophile.
Okay, and at the time that this man was at large designing this group that Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to.
Why am I not surprised?
Here it is up on InfoWars.com as well, NationalFile.com.
Nancy Pelosi rents office space to a group designed by pedophile, connected to pedophilia and child porn.
And then we have massive child trafficking.
Senate report with Democrats placing children with known sex traffickers.
I mean, these people are obsessed with children.
Yep, and this is, you know, I've peeled apart exactly what's going on in California.
Where, by the way, they don't even put out an Amber Alert when a foster child goes missing.
They count them all as runaways, of course.
So, you know, you can look at this article and you can see how Dr. William Ayers was connected to a guy who was working at Hillcrest Juvenile Center who was later arrested.
470 images of naked boys.
Okay, you can look at all of the connections that Nancy Pelosi has to these people in San Mateo.
And that Joe Biden has to these people, including Joe Kochet, who has been accused by his ex-wife of being nude around his daughters.
These are sick, sick people.
And this all goes through California, and they are loving what's going on on the border right now, because the more children that get pumped into this country, the more children they can cycle through their programs and their it-takes-a-village social control that they are trying to put all of our children into state control.
And once they have them in state control, then a ton of molestation happens.
If you look at this story, the Pelosi people are already freaking out about it, because I have the least, and I know exactly what's going on at that office space.
I don't know how they survive all the stuff you're doing, Project Veritas, what we're doing.
I mean, it is, we're down at the border, and it's already gone viral, and there's just buses everywhere.
You can't even wait two minutes, one goes by.
There's just little kids being crammed in the back of people's trunks everywhere.
I mean, it's beyond anything you can imagine.
It's beyond any QAnon fever dream.
Child molestation, child prostitution, and child trafficking is the core of so much that goes on in our political class, and it dates back to Aleister Crowley, it dates back to the ceremonies that these people want to do, but it's the lifeblood of the criminal economy.
They believe they get power out of sex magic, but defiling a child, stealing their assets is their favorite thing.
I know you've researched this.
Patrick Howley, stay with us.
We're going to come back and talk about this with you, but you've got two big stories broken.
You've got Alabama Secretary of State John buttplug Merrill.
And then you've, I'm sorry folks, this is what's going on here.
And you've got Nancy Pelosi and all her bizarre connections.
These are some sick, evil freaks.
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It's at infowarestore.com.
It's essential.
We'll be right back, stay with us.
The World Economic Forum promotes smart masks that alert you if you forget to wear it.
A nice little tracker system.
That's coming up, last segment of this hour ahead of Owen Schroyer.
You know, General Flynn was a highly decorated patriot, had a perfect record in the U.S.
Army, did a great job at Defense Intelligence, was so non-political that a registered Democrat, they left him alone, let him become, you know, the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, because he was hands down the guy to do it.
And then he started exposing the globalist thing.
I really mad at him.
Trump put him in.
But now, I've had a chance.
He's now talked about it.
So I'm going to leave it at that.
We've had some chance to have a meeting, some talks.
We're doing a lot of great things.
And he came out and endorsed our SPARS 2025-2028 report.
So I thought, boil that down from two hours to 30 minutes.
We're going to premiere that next hour.
Owen Swir will introduce it on The War Room.
And we also just had the video go live at Band on Video.
So again, General Flynn calls for investigation of SPARS 2025-2028.
That really is the blueprint of what's happening.
I want to ask Patrick Howley, a really smart investigative journalist, his take on the ongoing COVID lockdowns next segment.
But now, getting back to you, big picture.
These are big stories you broke.
It shows how the Republicans are compromised.
It's almost always the rhino, the neocon, that's the pervert, that's the weirdo, that's the pedophile.
But then we get attacked by 60 Minutes, we get attacked by Comedy Central, we get attacked by...
Saturday Night Live on NBC.
That, oh, but when Matt Gaetz is a sex trafficker, we don't care.
Hey, if he's caught doing something with 17-year-olds, that's wrong.
He should get in some trouble.
There's no proof of that, but it's not little kids on Lili'a Express.
Okay, so yeah, if it comes out and he's lying, good, burn him.
Burn him, I don't give a damn.
But it's not, that's not the case.
Like, oh, look, child trafficking, Matt Gaetz.
Thinking that's going to confuse us away from the U.N.
and all these five-year-olds and the massive industrial scale of Tony Podesta in the Washington Post 2007 showing off his pedophilia collection.
This isn't apples and oranges.
This universe is different.
Give me your take on that.
Well, Alex, as we all know, the globalist elites, the people who are in power, are absolutely melting down right now because we continue to expose their demonic pedophilia.
And when you have Nancy Pelosi, as I've just reported at nationalfile.com, and I have the lease and I have all the documents dating back years, When you have her personally renting office space, giving a safe space to a group that was designed by a monstrous, notorious pedophile who many people in San Mateo knew that he was molesting kids.
He was a child psychiatrist, and so they would pretend that kids in school were suicidal in order to send the kids to him.
And that came out in DW.
That came on the biggest German news last year and this year.
Tens of thousands of children by government psychiatrists placed with pedophiles in mass rape rings.
That's who's running this.
Yeah, and it was going on right in California with Dr. William Ayers and he was molesting the kids.
The police had been tipped off to this.
There was a police report, you know, and everybody knew about this.
There were numerous, numerous allegations dating back years.
And then here's this group that he designed, which is now basically running everything that goes on with child trafficking in California in terms of Protecting Child Protective Services, which is taking kids away and putting them into the foster care system.
We're talking about family court judges.
We're talking about everything that goes on that protects the system.
By the way, how many family court judges in the last few months in Florida and Texas and Wisconsin and Illinois and Idaho, they're all being busted running giant child kidnapping rings and pervert rings.
I'm sure you've seen that.
The family courts protect this entire system and they protect the system in which Child Protective Services can take the kids away with basically no even allegations sometimes for no reason.
Literally, these people are judge, jury, and human trafficker when it comes to these children.
So when you've got Pelosi at the center of something like this, now this is a group that has partnered with A, um, an organization that runs group houses where little kids were being molested.
This is a group that partners with a conflict resolution center where a volunteer had 470 images of naked boys and was convicted.
And it turns out that he knew Dr. William Ayers going back years.
And let's be clear though, we're showing articles for CNN and Fox News.
Some of these judges are running kidnapped children.
Yeah, absolutely.
This is 100% what's happening.
And the courts are complicit in it.
Child Protective Services are complicit in it.
So get back to Aleister Crowley, because you're right.
And Aleister Crowley, out of other people founded Hollywood, for those that don't know, that's mainline history.
Explain Aleister Crowley, why he's so important in the WikiLeaks.
They worship him.
Aleister Crowley is the people that the Satanic Luciferians worship, and Aleister Crowley believed in his books about magic that sacrificing young children and molesting young children, particularly young boys, gives some kind of demonic energy.
It gives off some kind of demonic energy that he thought would please Lucifer.
And so when you have, of course, Bohemian Grove, and by the way, Bohemian Grove is extremely influential in California, particularly in San Mateo, Nancy Pelosi's husband is a key member of Bohemian Grove.
They couldn't go to do their ceremony this year, so maybe they were able to worship Malik via Skype during the COVID lockdown.
But, you know, Bohemian Grove is running a lot of this kind of stuff, and Alistair Crowley is the person who they worship.
He was on the front of the Sgt.
Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band album in the Summer of Love in the 1960s, and he is the person who has basically written the rulebook on These people and molesting children and they don't seem to think that there's anything wrong with it because it's part of their religion.
Well it's part of their arrogance and their selfishness to steal somebody's future.
Yes, and to traumatize these kids.
And when you look at so many young people who have committed suicide after having been molested, so many young people... Well, look at the whole transsexual thing, convincing usually an autistic boy when he's seven to have his genitals cut off, or chemically.
That's worse than raping.
I mean, they're literally chopping their testicles off, calling it liberal.
I mean, they cut our children's... Imagine a ceremony where they chop boys' testicles off.
Well, this is done publicly!
You know, the Democrat elites in the age of Hillary Clinton, in the age of globalism, in the age of Nancy Pelosi, have so much to answer for.
And, you know, when you look at... Well, that was my next question.
What the hell's going to happen to them?
The wheels have come off.
They are, like, totally exposed.
They are totally 100% exposed and they're panicking.
We're going to keep getting the truth out there.
I have vowed to expose a new politician or media figure every single day, one per day.
So yesterday I took down Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill, a Republican.
Today I've exposed Nancy Pelosi.
My next person who I'm exposing is going to be Jackie Speier.
The Democrat Congresswoman who held events with sheriffs who have been caught inside of a brothel in Las Vegas, okay, with illegal immigrant sex slaves.
And this is Democrat Congresswoman Jackie Speier who is intimately involved with these people who have been caught in a federal sting called Operation Dollhouse.
So that's going to be the next person I expose.
Every single day I'm going to expose a new one.
And we are not going to stop.
Until these people all resign, or until America First is restored at the ballot box in 2022.
And I know people are cynical about the ballot box, but you know what?
We are fixing the election system right now.
We're doing everything we possibly can in Georgia and Arizona.
Let's talk about that next, because all we're asking for is having an ID.
I mean, the idea that that's racist is preposterous.
Yep, and we're going to win these elections.
We are absolutely going to win these elections.
We're going to throw out the incumbents.
Now is not the time to give up.
Now is the time to make sure that these people who are exposed are thrown out of power.
I agree with you that these attacks and all this demonization and all this censorship is a sign of the enemy's weakness, not their strength.
Absolutely, 100%.
That's why they're so desperate.
Well, we're getting a lot of whistleblowers, but I always tell people, give them to Patrick Halley over at NationalFile.com, give them to Project Veritas.
I'm trying to hire more crew.
We're overwhelmed.
Keep sending your tips to us, too.
I pass a lot of them on, as Veritas will tell you, half the tips come from our great audience.
But man, the whistleblowers we got now out of the border, whoo, baby!
I mean, it's the feds too.
It's like just, I mean, it's federal marshals.
It's, it's the, it's the border patrol.
We have everything.
It's about to all come out.
Nothing's going to stop it.
It's going to devastate Biden.
Oh yeah.
It's confirmed sex trafficking.
You're about to run a human being over.
You got those smuggled children illegally.
Who are you?
Where are you taking your smuggling children?
You're not a part of this organization.
Who are you?
We know you're smuggling these kids.
Where are you taking these kids?
Where are you taking these kids?
Sir, identify who you are.
This is a massive smuggling.
This is literally human smuggling.
These are children.
All right, as of this morning, this video has over 10 million views on different platforms without even looking.
That's just what we know of.
You go to Google, you type in Alex Jones, smuggled children, Alex Jones, Texas border, zero hits.
Total control, go to DuckDuckGoat, type in Alex Jones Porter.
It comes right to the top.
NationalFile.com comes up.
We love them.
They're great folks.
We just admire the work they do at NationalFile.com with Patrick Howley here with us.
But pulling back from this, we can talk about the pedophile rings.
We can talk about the Satanism.
We can talk about the WikiLeaks where they say for John Podesta, we'll have them in a cabin in the woods.
These are 7 to 10 year old children.
They're going to service you well.
They are misbehaviors.
They are children.
They'll be there for your entertainment.
I mean, this is real.
This is bulletproof.
But to be at the border, Patrick, and to see, and I was told this yesterday by Border Patrol and police.
They said, listen, it's been a million in the last month here, not a hundred thousand in Texas alone.
Well, I didn't know that the Border Patrol head came out last night and said it's a million total nationwide the last month.
So they were not making this stuff up.
I mean, it was crazy.
They said, this is 10 times anything we ever saw.
And it's literally known human smugglers.
And the Senate's own report admitted the last time this happened under Obama, 10 times worse now, over 10,000 children got placed with child sex traffickers.
So this is the big kahuna.
This is the big enchilada.
And I'm like looking at buses here, buses there, children just being packed out, loaded in the backs of cars, no IDs disappearing.
My God!
What do you think's going on here, National File Reporter Patrick Howley?
This is what the idiots, this is what the morons, this is what the mask-clad cat Karen's, the box wine ants, voted for because they didn't want to see Donald Trump's mean tweets anymore and the media programmed them.
You know, during the Trump administration we established the rapid DNA testing program at the border which found that a vast cross-section of the supposed parents who are bringing the children up over the border were not in any way related to the kids.
And some of them knew that they were about to get caught as human traffickers, so they said, hasta luego and turned around.
You know, Trump had the border basically locked down.
And so what we have here now is a situation where the Democrats are inviting these kids and they're going to spend the rest of their lives in the criminal underclass, the criminal economy of this country that exists below society, below the streets of Gotham.
And where are these kids going to go?
They're going to be human trafficked.
They are going to end up in gangs.
Many of them are going to end up dead because we know... You're not just saying that.
Most of these people owe thousands a piece once they get across.
They've got to go be indentured by the cartels to carry out crime.
They're literally slaves and they will spend the rest of their lives as slaves and most of their lives are not going to go very long because as soon as they start saying anything that the authorities or journalists start picking up on, then a lot of these kids get killed and that's just the sad reality of the system that the globalists like Hillary Clinton,
it takes a village and Nancy Pelosi and these sickos who are interested in children,
you know, that is the system that they've set up here in the United States of America.
And we're seeing it now as a crisis on the border like never before.
And again, one leftist run over and said, how dare you embarrass them.
They've been hauled across international lines.
They're being illegally thrown in the back of a trunk.
These are sweet little children.
My heart went out to them.
I have a responsibility to this.
You think I want to be in some stinking street in the heat, blocking cars?
I had a responsibility to this.
It goes straight to the top.
You remember that NXIVM, which was funded by Claire Bronfman of the Bronfman family, you know, they were giving the kids... Explain, the whole cult was about sucking women dry until they were all like emaciated zombies that hated themselves.
It was like a spiritual vampirist cult.
Explain that.
Yes, it was a satanic cult in upstate New York.
Claire Bronfman was illegally bundling money for Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Richard Mays was the emissary between the Clintons and this NXIVM cult.
There was human research being done there on how much satanic energy they could get out of people by torturing them, by showing them clockwork orange type stuff where they hold their eyes open and show them torture porn.
And little kids were being subjected to satanic They were getting the little kids from the Rainbow Cultural Gardens, which Claire Bronfman was running, including in Guatemala and Mexico.
They were giving the kids fake visas, getting them up over the border, and shipping them up.
That's right.
Let's explain.
They are torturing these little children.
Absolutely torturing them, and they are actually testing.
Let's explain.
In the WikiLeaks, they call little brown children, who are so, these are sweet little God's angels, they call them walnuts.
And yeah, they have code words for everything.
And so they test, and this is how it ties into Intel, they test how much supposed energy,
and they call it the data, how much supposed energy they can get out of the children who they're torturing
in order to affect their witchcraft.
They truly believe that there's some kind of spiritual energy that they can calculate,
that they can quantify with their technology.
And Larry Nichols told me, who was a Green Beret and a CIA drug operative, and obviously his dad was dying and said, shame on you, you're gonna go to hell on his deathbed, so he repented to Christ.
Hillary would say, I'm going to LA to these rituals to Satanism.
He told me this back in like 96.
It wasn't until a decade later, they were proud of it, released photos in LA magazines of her doing the witchcraft there in LA.
It was all true what he said.
I mean, these people are literal devil worshippers.
It's been going on for so long.
You can look into the Franklin cover-up.
You can look into how Johnny Depp got the West Memphis Three sprung from prison.
You know, they truly believe, and a lot of this ties into what goes on at Bohemian Grove, what goes on at Bilderberg, and a lot of the stuff that you've been saying for a long time, but it all ties into child trafficking.
And so much of our society is structured around this.
When you look at the complexity of this operation that Nancy Pelosi and the people around her have set up in California, To make sure that there is a culture of separating children from their parents and the propaganda now is going to predict a program what's happening next which is that women are only going to be birthing vessels for the state and the state is going to raise the children.
That's right, let's expand on that.
It takes the village thing.
Let's expand on that.
If you study the Mesoamerica, the Toltecs, the Olmecs, and all them, they would only do a few sacrifices a year, and it was still not good.
The Aztecs, as they began to build up, did more and more, but as they collapsed, that's when they started doing tens of thousands of sacrifices a year per city.
That's the same thing.
As Satanism collapses, which it is now, it's gonna up the raping, up the sacrifice, up the murder, believing that that will sustain it.
So that's why we're seeing a ramping up of the killing of children.
You're 100% right about that, Alex, and that's not the fault of the Truth Movement, that's the fault of these demons.
And we have to get these demons out of office, and we have to get these demons out of power in order to save the children.
Are there any estimates, because I know most of them just want to rape and abuse and dumb down, that's how they suck energy, but Alistair Crowley killed his own son, that's why he's so respected, because he was in Spain on a mountaintop and killed him.
He even bragged about it, why he's called the most evil man alive.
Any estimate on how many kids they're killing?
Well we have no idea but the vast majority, well I mean we have an idea of how many there are that go missing and we have an idea of how many there are who go missing who are never seen again.
The question is how many of them are murdered who are never put through the criminal justice system because the criminal justice system is so corrupt.
I was on the phone with a top state official in California, and he confirmed to me that they do not put out an AMBER Alert if a foster care child goes missing.
Meanwhile, I'm talking to parents of foster care children who are saying, you know, a family member saw this kid in a totally different state, in totally different clothes, in a shopping mall, being led around with other kids who they weren't related to, and this kid was taken away in a totally different state.
And you know, it's predictive analytics that they use, too.
Like in Minority Report Future Crime, they say, Oh, well, black people are more susceptible to, you know, getting involved in crime.
And so, therefore, we need to take their kids away.
And it's a racist system.
And then they put the kids into the foster care system and they don't put out an Amber Alert.
This is the biggest... Well, let's expand.
The FBI confirmed last week they're waiving background checks for the people keeping all these kids.
That's totally illegal right there!
That's total proof!
Absolutely right.
And Joe Biden said in the debate that he wants to send a social worker into everybody's homes.
Joe Biden's extremely damaged daughter is a social worker.
I mean, these are the kinds of people who are going in there and making the determinations about kids.
But you know what?
Let's talk about how to stop them with Patrick Howley straight ahead.
And I got a few other news items.
I'm going to get my God, folks, this is a total dystopic takeover.
The cult has us wearing masks.
They have us locked down.
They're going to send contact tracers in our houses next.
It's already happening in Europe.
Stay with us.
All right, final segment before the war room takes over the destroyer.
And boy, he's got big General Flynn news that you do not want to miss.
It's so vital to defeat these people.
But Patrick Howley is a great investigative journalist.
He's written for Epoch Times, written for all the big publications, but he's off the leash, unchained over at NationalFile.com.
I get asked a lot of questions here in closing, but in the few minutes we have left, what else do you want to tell the audience about?
What else do you want to get to, my friend?
Alex, I want to first of all thank you for this amazing platform.
I get recognized all over the country now when I travel around for telling the truth and this is such an amazing opportunity to do so.
We are right now in a period where we can go one of two different directions.
We can either go in the direction of being masked by these demons forever.
We can go in the direction of having our society locked down and we can go in the direction of surrendering forever.
and thinking that, well, Lucifer rules the world now and there's nothing we can do about it.
Or we can realize that these people are idiots.
These people are not very bright.
These people are incompetent.
These people are human traffickers who are doing horrible things to kids.
This is relatively recent in terms of the amount of power that they've had.
They have not had total power in the United States, and they continue to not have total power in the United States.
We are going to fix our election systems, I guarantee you.
Like in Georgia, like in Arizona, we are going to fix our election system.
We are taking citizen candidates- That's right, because that's the big no-no.
We're not supposed to talk about this and get any attention now.
Massive fraud.
The Texas AG said total fraud was found.
Arizona, everywhere.
The fraud's coming out.
We're passing laws to block it.
They are crapping their britches.
Absolutely right.
And we are going to get these candidates in every single district who are real citizens.
And I told one of the top people in the Republican Party, and he is freaking out after I told him this, I told him, you know what we're going to do?
We're going to do a money ball situation.
We are going to get guys who are very inexpensive compared to normal Republican candidates.
We are going to get guys who know their district and women who know their district.
They get on base with a high on base percentage.
They're going to win primaries all over the place.
They're going to win general elections.
We're going to form an America First caucus in Congress after 2022 that is going to be a genuine roadblock.
It's not going to be like the Freedom Caucus.
And that's what they really fear.
But beyond that, that's important.
We have the power to destroy these neocons and fake Republicans with what you're doing.
That's just as important as, oh, you're going to try to steal election from us?
How about we destroy you?
And you think it can't be done?
John Merrill was the frontrunner for U.S.
Senate as of yesterday.
I wrote one article, and now he's basically out of the race.
President Trump has endorsed Mo Brooks today, and I doubt that John Merrill's going to get in the race this way.
We're going to do this district by district.
I know everything.
That's why these people are sucking up to me.
Every single day, I'm going to expose at least one new politician or media figure, okay?
And we are going to- I'm going to get back to Gates, because I respect your view.
Give me your real view on Matt Gaetz.
Matt Gaetz is going to be okay.
Now the question comes down to, was there anything with the 17-year-old?
So far there's no evidence.
There's no evidence, okay?
And so you have people who are totally discredited people who have made claims with zero evidence.
Exactly, known liars, yeah.
And you have a situation where we know from Roger Stone that the Deep State is targeting people, trying to take out America First people.
And we have a lot of people who are supporting Matt Gaetz.
And so my feeling is that Matt Gaetz is going to be just fine.
And you know, until there's any evidence, there's no reason to condemn somebody.
And President Donald Trump has said that himself.
Oh, listen, I've seen the stories and I killed employees goldfish.
Never had goldfish in this building.
Believe me, you got to, but the media is like, oh, they won't listen to trafficking.
Look how they call it trafficking a 17 year old girlfriend.
Even if it's true, all of it's like phrased because we're on them for human trafficking in mass scale, Biden legalizing it illegally.
And then they want to say Matt Gaetz is the trafficker.
It's obviously a cheap trick.
All right!
That's right.
It's a diversion.
And so many of these people now who are in the leftist cult, they're even waking up to this and they're saying, wait a second, why are so many kids being trafficked over the border?
Wait a second.
What is really going on here with the demonic energy that these people believe in?
And, you know, being a liberal never was supposed to mean being part of some kind of satanic cult, but that's what it is now.
And so you're going to see a lot of people moving away from it.
This Biden, Biden might very well be the last Democrat president.
And I truly mean that very optimistic that the truth is getting out there.
Let me ask you this, in closing.
How long does Biden last?
Because we knew that they wanted a puppet, but my God, they want a puppet that functions.
This puppet's not working.
Gut level, you're a smart guy.
Or what's the inside baseball?
He talked to a lot of big people.
What's the good thinking on him?
Nobody seems to really know, because right now the deep state has a blank check.
And basically, you know, Biden allows them to be able to go to war with Russia, to accelerate tensions in Syria.
He's going to get the blame.
So he might just disappear for months.
They'll still say he's the president.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
So I've always thought that they're going to keep him going as long as possible.
The thing you have to remember too is Kamala Harris doesn't have power either.
She wasn't even briefed on the Syria strike.
The people who are running... They won't even let her move into the observatory!
Yeah, people who are running it are deep state.
It's Janet Yellen and Susan Rice.
It's the people who are in the cabinet, okay?
And it's Goldman Sachs, and it's the financial sector, and it's Boeing, and it's Raytheon.
It's this council of deep state people.
And they are in total power right now.
They have a puppet president.
Everybody knows they have a puppet president, but you've got the influence of the Chai Kams.
What they want is a war with Russia.
They really want a war with Russia.
So it all comes down to do they think having puppet Biden is going to get them the war with Russia or bring in somebody else?
You know, they bring in somebody else, that person might have their own ideas and they don't want that.
All right.
We'll keep watching NationalFile.com for your reports.
Thank you, Patrick.
Thank you, Alex Jones.
All right, we're going to talk to Owen Schroyer ahead of his show.
He's got some big breaking news in a moment.
But first, have you heard of it?
It's the World Economic Forum Smart Muzzle.
They've got a big rapper out promoting a smart mask.
It's the same thing.
It's the Smart Muzzle.
And when you're not wearing the Smart Muzzle, it's better than Netanyahu's freedom bracelet that tattles on you when you leave your house.
No, this is even better.
This is the Smart Muzzle.
Here's the actual video promo.
If you're not wearing it properly, it beeps at you.
If you're not breathing enough carbon dioxide and dying, it beeps at you.
It tracks everything you do on your smartphone.
I've always said smartphones are like face suckers and alien.
First we're watching TV, then we're looking at a phone, then it's on our face, Google Goggles.
But now it actually attaches right to your face.
Good slave, good!
You're wearing it properly.
The BreatheTech S3 mask is sustainable and includes biodegradable and recyclable components.
It's for the Earth.
Disposable masks are a problem.
So this was it.
It's a mask you wear over your face.
The cell phone, the smartphone, finally takes over your body.
Promoted by the World Economic Forum.
Klaus Schwab, it says, a post-human world that pushed us in the mask.
The COVID lockdowns, all the tyranny.
Wow, this will tackle our problems.
And of course, Bill Gates is the sponsor of it.
Thank you, Bill Gates.
Now, if those masks were just pink, they wouldn't hurt wildlife in the ocean.
This is a dystopic takeover.
All right, folks, there's the report.
There are your new Klaus Schwab Great Reset muzzles have been announced.
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Now, General Flynn came out and endorsed our SPARS report.
Owen Troyer's got the latest developments coming up on his show that starts in just T-minus four minutes.
Owen, tell us what's coming up on The War Room today.
Well, we're going to have a best of cut.
We're going to boil down that incredibly powerful report on the SPARS epidemic plan for COVID, boiling it down to about 30 minutes.
We're going to squeeze it into three segments so you can get just a total pure cut boil down of that powerful report.
But, you know, Alex, you talked about the smart face mask.
That's not even the one being produced and promoted by the rapper.
Will.i.am, who actually made the song Let's Get Retarded.
You may remember him from the song Let's Get Retarded.
They get offended when you say that now, but that's like low-grade what he's promoting.
It's got earbuds for you, Alex.
It'll tell you when to breathe.
I mean, it's nice that our masks... See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.
I don't know anything, huh?
Where am I?
Who am I?
There it is.
All right, well you start in about T-minus three minutes at infowars.com forward slash show and band.video in the war room section of band.video.
What else you got going on today, Owen?
Well, sadly, Alex, we have more vaccine deaths, but this time it appears to be somebody who is working for CNN and MSNBC.
So we'll see if they want to cover that.
And we also have Border Patrol, as you covered today as well, saying, look, there could be millions of people coming in.
We really don't know.
We have the data of the ones we catch, that's all.
And guess how many people tuned in to Joe Biden's live speech today?
You may be surprised to find out, not too many.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
from the InfoWars show coming up, The War Room, Owen Troyer,
infowars.com/show and Band.Video.
You tell people to tune in and tell them to tune in and tell them to share the word and pass it forward,
we win, you don't, we lose.
Stay with us.
You know, it's crazy to get to this point.
It's very bittersweet.
Everything we've talked about has happened just like we said it would.
And now we have a lot of credibility.
But I don't care about that.
I care about beating the New World Order.
And it's because we have so much credibility, they can't allow us to stay on air much longer.
And I don't have time to tell you all the stuff they're doing to us for a lot of reasons.
I can't tell you what's going on.
But let's just say this.
We're going to see this through to the end.
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Granny Do-Right.
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Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, let me say I love your products.
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This is martial law.
This is information warfare.
InfoWars is one of the only platforms still on air.
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